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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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omwaitM 6'l I

"'Let the people know sie utruah e a u ft sy .adf" -- Abraham Lincoln.

P w hes Reparr .ol Tea

SS; R Says UH PW

ui ely e Had hoce

ar-did son of Rev. and Mrs. d a
B9. IF .eIt A Cl _re o a

uTe UwSZnt occurred at tf hen tar i %0.Ke, rpn a sq n o
B ae w userto adwei, 10e %. ,a--0Atn,-n .

the n'persior a
atlo Mr-d' a" toutB; Y r o df thatYu lk deo
was euwinthe head at cloe (Uo5 F'uljthe Communlst" rc

Saother S i brathera tha s tau-

holding Ir. In som ,anner t*ea ha. S. Arm circles th e newr t
th wa discharge Is be nd tal- ti. tg, their stc parent as as childKo-

S itas rE iMred- to Gor. ato- It Ie au rdl th A ni ena da trt e '

oP ev.t wawina fome r 'rvep t Kqree w uld not be materfallyr.
Epfop a, prwas 40 a felo affected" by the new order.
pe w oatre& or at t~e ert Menwt "donsderable tme"

Ss t at hmie t the ,~t the se due for reurn to
tla i In t e prsc1'. i a a a.. _i Unie tatres to other unlts,
eBruce looted down e, soldiers frI oer units who
did,. o pei ahanetorlae a arn due for rotaion will be shift N.WV
br cHhXn l me t )o the two divisions goin Chrstd

ree c e. thome death
he matr thtude of the prisoners Army cles tbe
w dchared cctdeatal- T ha ipprend Ra as o e- acti

a large at said t .'s wo d, wol
ti o lai rwhul t to I or.gas It IS InA n.. esjadt.o itot d wfhether N .

at Drn a o- n would not bennew-i onedilaely In A

In_^_^.^n^^ s me ;andr tehds e .rA ro will be tthit- NBa
Sto ed to the two dRvsaions goin chrlt


Judge Clark


His Pasport

(IWA ITlephotol
LY DIES IN RWgBC- Beven members of the sGlle iamlly
after this car w Ia'hlt by a tjin at. latllne. I. tl~Hed.In
ccldent were: Fred Qalle, 37: his wile, Vioalt., s; and their
ren: Audrey, 12; Elaine, 4; John, 8; bvelyn, 10; and Carol
1. Audrey died waterr beiU taken to Resurrection Hospital
in Des Plales, II., *qpr the accident scene.

Iristmas Tmac Deaths

ear A[lfTime US Record

W YORK, Dec. 3 (UP) Iowa and northern Illinois and
mas weekend. tT affic f Indlna.
Passed the 500 Ak to- Aither worry, ws the armnt-
nd began to app the ingWae df fire deaths, isost of
me record for a la In hoU tires. itte.'ofthe
tri.-ltled in. '.;* *im_ bnaomem-.
United Pres atleln the weatr eent, hl
@A a louet Til aimlM dedZ =" cri mrC

MADRID, Dec. 28 (UP)-Judge
William Cark, w ho rejected a
State Department order firing
him from his post in Germany.
has surrendered his diplomatic
passport to an American Consul
General in the Canary Islands.
well Informed sourcessaid today.
Clark was ivtn an ordinary
passport which requires him to
return to the United states by
Jan. 26.
Robert Hale, the Consul Gen-
eral. flew on Christmas Day to
Las Palmas, where Clark, ousted
U.S. Chief Justice in Germany,
was vacationing.
Hale was reported traveling
under express Instructions
from Washington to "get"
Clark's diplomaim pamport.
The Consul Geferal telephon-
ed the Madrid embassy yester-
day and said Clark had surren-
dered It.
In return, the sources said,
Male handed Clark an ordinary
passport with the proviso that
the holder must return to the
United States on or before Jan.
Thus the United States gov-
ernment appeared to have solv-
ed the problem of getting the de-
fiant Clark off the bench he re-
Idfl to vacate on the ground
that the U.S. State Department.
.declared hm "surplus,"
o right to give orders to a



Rebel Divisions

Bid To Outspe

French Airlift

SAIGON, Indochina, Dec. 28 (UP) Rebel fit
commander Gen. Vo Nguyen Giap hurled "innumerable?
colahynt of Commlunists south from Indochina's f
paraUelrtodgy in a bid to capture the Savannakhet'gplt
way to Saigon d 1ambodia before French forces m~.
ed there can be re-equipped by air.
Vo struck south with regular and guerrilla troops, at
the French airlift of military transports and civil air-
liners requisitioned throughout Indochina dumped toat
of supplies into the big Seno airfield which the French
recently expanded at Savannakhet.
Today's lighting Red attack broke a two-day lull
which followed Vo's victorious four-day drive from the
coast to the Thailand border which chopped Indochina
in two along the 16th parallel at Thokhek.
Battlefront reports said rebel kong River also posed a there
spearhe ds had now reached the l the rest of sotheast Asia, ae
ekong river border between Laos Thailand, already under : rsat
and Thailand at several points of alert, canceled treep mab
north of Thakhek as the .French nation plans, ordered p at r el
high command disclosed Laotian along the er and rushed rel.
guerrillas still held grisly to isol- forcements into Kaumea Paml
ated strongpoints in the encircled across the river from the Reds,
river city
Te ribatted dd4ein raport- The ra +tO do
r A*0 moewed tw ^f ik

spun' n -j- ""
sog Rode north
Total Was to sur- .
F7 .. .N.Cos-
S .i 'ezxeCod for a .tte-day
his Oheatamas holiday was.40tabl n-
woundm 'do-d 1950 with 915 trafflo itAi
he .Ie aliae," Dua- LSt year 58' were kIll' over a m
Seidetcant .11RueemI can say that foar-day holiday perl., an all- A S- r-*old Army sergeant.
e di( co. amll In w for ewxt Christmas Is time record for any Ohristmas. Wtllam St, 8rbird, was be
.. e, tltl,.l' t" A now Alrd Qred the beld by "
StratIO piact esjy ytlmli a 'a
,e Ti. to f.D ,o was.
wselyf mild Chrift c IN ,ii
S4ow flurries e Wded fromU r li a I tat.i'look,
the northern. r across The the 31)to e
border state northern Fi ql PaLmi in an
Ialue.. A Canalg&sl d front cdlent this year,
pushed Into the l brt -g aPIlnt"e6. .26, wb
Ing anew flurries. consmin rpturedOtlver and r
Michigan eatfifT lnnesota, Ac cor to Psan4~m po.
lice, iave SM fo ar anowa
Remons To n the acWli&e was Causedt'by W"e--
lessness on bothth the t of the
driver and the ,saniby-
Pr PI d ever, queetionrri &, H17 o .
1 ,'i A ppa rej tly tblt re f sig the y en '.e'U h i er
P with two other ~ople, ba alk.
Arals celebrate nor noof ed wa the oI e t l .the% a
his ucpiliency the ent : He was the o oa hit;he
Pon a a. Colonel RemoG Cah t t AU
his wife, CecUit' 2C 1tAU
R emon, e place
sday at-Y 7 in the
t Theater.i.
hvehlp 's ament,
w thl W q lnilud ma, is
Sd laythe bfah
Plrnd ip betw ,Amer-
ea. i u d.te Car
At the local foreign
sta. the dane musie
who Coopertsi ~ake the
event. a success plan-
af irs. Clementine iandm
the cd*ree team of ;Ika Jlme-
ncs and Julo Fenrapdo.
Thepublice of Panama and ct
the Canal Zone Is hivited andI
tiketL.- can be obtained at
Stobe'a book store No. 126 Cen-
tral Avoue, teleDhoSe 2,1343.

yGaros Has Four
Polio Coses;
Al Are Mild
'T lh foo rib polio victim this
month, a Unne-year-oldbY froan
Curundu wuas adtt d* to GOr-
ga Hpi;tal over the weex-
," w camn Wa ais a
mil ai one b he f of-
Selaie. tIq 4aUer ia eivlian
oe Aeofthe ay.,,
re ot ~_r a i dm't
b.,b a in .
d C a. a f, ..
I U Is d *re t.-

..,. -. -.,
..J--,, -
-7 -

retur nrw a a" *
will retur ,said theie robel drive Ttappear:d the nW
te ty ore going appeared ahied etiag new which followed Ho's prp
tO to the ndted tbaaes. hlt wih d loyal negotiate an e9d to the
ly, a M Clark told Vfiatam troop at Savan- were designed to strengtea
t drewAl.l s was deter- naklet for re-rsh by airlift. bargaining position for a
.d to rW= .lpa'l post In He declined to say whether loyal ment that would divide Indo
artf.-bt vacation in soldier had met the advancing into a north and south like Xe
.4idlari-. Communist columns. However Ho's oder. of the
itk ;*o panied by his Freqch officiadls e reports poirtedly omitted amy referee
1Wa. Tamara, a well from Bangkok In ThaLn that the his recent peace feelers.
kVln foreign correspondent. Communists had completely seized
e reported that Clark sur- Thakhek and had been napalmed The two o iotoious divisions,
reandr ils diplolmatc passport by counter-a t ta e k i n I Freach aeling some 30,eo men were
der command of battle-wiseI
Sefme he left Germany, Clark They said te smoke and roar of Nguyen Gia T"hey were
had retmed a State Department explosions heard across the Me- re in to strike : area ofw
lter' return to Washington kone in T'allmd came from am- cady to strike north to ward
fgt. ronttatOn, had conducted mumition dois and a 5-ton gas 'ctal o Vientane to crush
,o iut Il.l10 after United depot bla tedby departing French or co-th Ltian forces in a
tatea BtlS onmilssloner James Unior troops to keep supplies from amb owda. the nd
1C oanplated him, and as- the advancing Reds. ambodia.
artd W wald never yield in Some 20 Europeans evacuated A round-the-clo ei airlift poutdl
t that an executive from.Thakhek arrived in Saigon French supplies i ao vannakl h
Government could and said that before leaving, they 50 miles below Thakhe, were
Sludge about. destroyed the electric plant and Franco-Laot n troops were bra
S.... the iron mine where they had been for further attacks, and commit
r I'tO Fashion Viet Genl Her Ho Gen. Henry Navarr
rtStol FQrashlon ^Cqomtims t VAet. leader Ho ..a. necessary precautions"
Chi Mtnh yeslrdasry ordered his being taken to counter the
SBRISTOL, England. Dec. 28 120,000 massoa and lvily armed drive.
(UPY- kJval Lt. Gordon Cyril ie eld to 'des t-io y the ene
Roberts, 30, was fined $5.60 today pm'" in a bld'to win Ub Indochina Another three Communist di .
for cl'lalpg Bristol's 30-foot war with a series of knockout sions of some 40, men
muntcpal C hrlstmas tree and blows against the Fraenh Union seed Indechlna'a "riee he
fallian fra its top. forces the lh iaoi Delta
Ch a oess against Roberts Ho broadcast a victorious order by Freanch ste and
was iPCa constable R. Taylor of'the day after two divisions of forts. There wete predledasr
who mia he chased Roberts to his rebels knifed anl~ the 16th division would try t drive -
the top and held him danglinglparallel and chopped Indochina in ward to the sea nort e H o
upside Own until the lieutenant lto in a lightning drive that left
broke ft and fell from branch thousands of other Communist Inside the Hanoi Delta itself the
to bralM. to the ground where troops ready for new strikes. Communists have an estimate
be was captured. Two ed.ivislsts the Me- 60,000 soldiers totigh reg
--- barefoot partisans and untraib
but willing Communist rebel s l
I l addition the Communists h ~
had time to build a divi
which was badly mauled by
French at Phu Nho Quan *
nlonths ago.
A spokesman for Navarre said
isolated Laotian auxiliary una
were sniping at the strong Red
forces along the 16th Parallel to
give loyal troops at Savannakhet
more time to regroup.
|Top Thai defense officials visitQi
'the Thai border town of N
Panom where the government
clearedd a state of erlergency.
,en Phao Sryanonda,
chief and deputy minister of
.ganm, head of the air force.
other high army officers arrived
rin Naknrn Pancm Friday night
Survey the situation.
Phan said the government .*
planning to take all possible a
~... ;,,.; *. to make Nakorn Panom a
..-sanctuary for "our brethenl
the river as well as stepping
The gov. rnment would not
ment on the report of troop
ments already under way
Ito say "these are things we
been practicing and over a
t .. aof years. There is nothing
excited about." .
n tirie to dlve out of the reach of Balboa Poors 1ll guard Edgar Hwever the overament -
he'sa ot. her hook ed. Both water pritas, students at 3alboa High Itroops scheduled r 3m
kht L gasa water carnival strtlag 7:30 at the lFrt Kabbe swim- in IJanuarv would b.IASt at
(.. Aiar pho St. q.. redso until April.

9. A d-
beeof both
been eon- 8

tabbed tself Whl rudee
aile elllht. n the abdo,
wn before ctwte.w epuid top
i good physical condition
so la .w) ~daer), doctors
was raespf ib formhi rap-


today. Aa -
SIlr's. .t


rl* .C* P~

-- 0 qw .

.@;. ,-.^! Y:, ,
.r .' _'i.l .+' -"--'c ,'

/ .


. 4wt-


L -4 A'h


poun ee my noSwn nmU .av 1 a sw
/ T, T T *a P 0. Box 34. PAll*. t. ,P P.
TaLpNfI PANAMA NO. .-0740 48 LINSe
Ln Orie, 12.179 CENTRAL AVENUs mTWNHl2w AIMlW lI3T 9TMI
Vm NmUm. nm ADANCE- '--
0 ONE VEAN. IN AOVA -"..2 4 3


Thie Mail BOe li e a e n r" hm aeede r o Th '.3 hw Am-
am. Letters are reeivqd grdefully and ere handed i a whal cea -
dentlel manmmer.
S If y ea arAte a leer dneat be imnatat it dees'*t appear th
Snet day. Ltersm ore published ia the erde r emeled
S PleaseI r to keep the lete limited to** pa p ktb
S Ideaity of leter writes hied in srided ealt mee.
This newlpper areum eso reuesp ibiliy e otatemea ea sapil
e pemUed in letters afr res mea

Panama, R. P.
If I could afford a helicopter I'd buy myself ii-lot and build
a home in one of thb most beautiful places ea thLBcontlnent I
refer to Coronado" Beach, which is less than 5m*se sfrom Pan.
ama on an excellent highway, but, the two mles ftom the high'
way to the beach Is a nightmare for any driver.
I'd need the helicopter just to cover those two miles, beca
my 1952 car Is not equipped with four-wheel traction or tractor
wheels, or floats.
I, for one, would buy a lot this minute if I were assured that
the road would be repaired, and I'm not the only one who Is ear
and anxious to build a small home there.
Kidding aside, if I could get enough friends together to chip
in and buy a helicopter. I'd be the first to come across with my
* share. because I'm definitely sold on Coronado Beach and would
do anything to own a lot there except use that road In the con-
dition it s in
Panama is a beautiful country. And Panama Is a hospitable
country. But if its beauty and charm is to be locked up and
isolated by such fantastically lousy then something bould be

San Antonio, Texas

SAmong the many cards arving this week fro Panama there
are a few campltants that I am no writing often enough. I
m ms to da better as lg as my eyes bold oat bt b they an
SKtM dimer day b day. I may inherit the ack oat mygra
Smother who was almost blnd. bun who at 95 years a age got her
Sit back ard-rnd wttout glaes unt her death at 10 yeaa.
a Vter M In th state with a cod Mat hfm Canada
that dpped the tepematuW a rom 5 to beeopr free .n a
s eew manu, caing to earn for tue tuLa,
Dm Beoete ces the news that mc e pit i
s etch of hard ttme. That's time e to get buy and get soa
m*w enterprise going! Too much water going to waste! Put B
to wor
W. I. thp) WEit

Labor Ne.wi



By VICTOeR iu'.
Two portly, white maiged getle-
men mad e th trdUea l las b
by giving awy presents. OOc
jingles bells. The other John
Llewellyn Lewis, jingles Wa r-
as he always does when he's about
to launch a major war Oat eas.
In the east week, John L. gave
the latest in an 18-yearold seles
of contributions to other labor lead-
ers, bringing the total o some
thing close to w Tbq mat
recent was a the
first idstaimeat on tbfipseat
of $250,000 to the old lousmb

man's outfit ousted om. Hbi AFL
on charges, ,O ,
Then, behindthe-scenes
hrd his hih-powrd public re-
lations people drop around
that this was really the beginning
of a new third labor federal
to co.-pet, with ie AFL aMd CT
Steelworkers Unan, the A 1' L
Teamsters unlr, the AFL T1Mq1
Workers Union (to which he re-
cently gave SMO,E) and now the
be inninof a powerful wa
federaioi built am und k1 owa
District 50 and the todu.old In-
ternational Logahoerem A's
Since you can break your
In this bukiresa by at
conclu.'io- over Iw
n.aneuver, let me trace ts last
one ;or as it developed back'
stage. Tn we baltk on. g~ s.
Sor months now.Lewis-has been
investigation the ambs the Ne
York watermtL Wb hea leanew
that the oclal Bl-Sta Commim
Smn ---. h nw "ceamswte
that worbLer, had thld pe
aits froa eoly la thPs, he
moved in. I a New Yo t
ad Park Ae', Lewis .hadld
SMo to Cap Wmali B na
Ike man w'mo'sumee ad M JO
Ryan as head theIpeahum.

IO- ce e. raL satt
witL Lewis. Te id master I
PATION SATS GOO qmedy abot the lab or eM
Ancon, C.Z. rti at a tM d la bor
r: t~ism am the-sl I at brade
I read In ylor paper that "they' are olmg to dsrn the An- the eadrems cad
Son Clubhouse. Goodie...Hooray! Now theythe an aryhllhelbrg cm. JenI L. a
t that their building and I can go and read books there and get by Jst haw e reb
Smart like "they." Goody. t bing L at 1 I '*
*: --A PNeP %.AMmM led an mi' L
'Tuesday and WdeeVg.
-nadey D sMm. bow Of
OUL I =md emu I AU
bring buss and SO

TOw V",

Slfrbrmr has h wf


CENTRAL Week-End Release 00 & 0.30
Shows.- 12:55 2:37 4:44 -- 6:51 9:0 p.m.

"S 0 Bt f "
Your Best Christmas Present fqr Only O M


Richrd Todd, in "THE ASSASSIN"


Co- ~Ae To, ell.
a House Thi aWav !
Yoe asn h' g.. e get ea. 0
pris- m- Ma I*, t Im to
yoe ume E mar Hole WeM
Ad b I fme Amearimcw

l Wiren A
:T '

At th eine of M~d ie I
for sUh &-L aib'ent
1. ft. The 7 kerwvs e
sm wme he smmaei -
eft he ImN JA t -ma um
usan Wt r e.mnor

b en = dba 49 hi -
Ira.Bem Bed l acn e a
Who had e %nmnid lie keMan

final e am a waBerhoi.*a-
it makes ttbie rl. U
Bradle a mis nl
lt the p-er of ped
A tw~trL emtry wll my
Scthat e was %e atWoesw
anine wh b! back the er-

If Brakts.ym w Le lwiso wl- n
that the wrt i pretty ae.
on atndEtf ars roaMed
But win evor s siwahave
puoed all of 1ws pre-ens
tce mas eeiia lhe coab w
be tatin h Ae Lis egat ti
"capture l the ra m's waa-
i onts, from w her could "te-

of uaplumbel. th lb
t, i asi aI be will aMf
the cal S i. elie a0t11
Skiller to make best aas
he canfor b de i a Bi
S industry.
And all afor to _
Tne old master is sill thew

Peron Envy Says
US.Can't Buy

Argentind Friends
sANTIAGO, Cale, De.
(UP) Argentne Foretgn ain-
later Jeronimo Ramenao said to-
day that his gpvreptmet Is ai-.
ther asking nor paying a prim
for close relatnas with IWe
United Rattes.
8tating, that "there is s
price for friendship." Remmtno

I-' *
-*** ,

v .. a'.. '. .



' -.

* a'
I a

~o U I

a a,..-


I ..

j '..- i
* .'

Dra ; n oy

"* ,, '


* I'

. I

.9rli~ri i'

Imt a.

u.w -
-- a-
3 hat that e
easr a

- --


e4,.hmae whet!

-. .hdl 4I-;l *

3I ,.-b






" s '

----- ---



'. t

" :"j~

" ~+~?Cu

ire qe
rl aeta a aL.
pwat co

-~ 1' ~

;, 1 1 ---

r i

~~~iA-- *r
-.--'-. L

'e'k dawle i '.

tymies US, Mexico

Re "S Pl. =.
leS ICae O

--.-. dr

.140', *. e _.

*n ,. "h .'

* .,-'
: M

TO' birt6 M CONCtN:
Notice is heiby given &ut I have no con-s
noetien whatever with the CpMtioa knowne.
iasn-Aierican Contria ct, fc., having re.
signed my position an Officer of said Coa-
poration, and having sold my interests therm'
Ralph FrankliU.' -
December 18, 1953.

CUI P)- A lDmit
sm Cea om
li ,en ot -,- to .m adrlbed

gt y s. ^g "
yjsssss- is'Sls

e; -i, s ad" n

a lte,aw caud by Wi

I ao C1

We Are



Both Happy


vasion a-thrst to UAL
rity and a a uame for an
rease in .mrtm
The current talk repor
have been slowed 4wn a
loan inaltB neo on Ian
luzurie s hamsltallfah



MINBAPOLI a, M n ,D. 28
(UP) Marcti M at l Tabu-
teau, 80-year-old Frencbman
who aMy he haa "S years to lve
t.".wed h l -,a.-olds wet-
na In a smple wswon In
rech today at Our Lady of
Iaurde Qatholue Chburh.
There w cnlimid a 25.
S bS begin
w-leabuteu manam ed MNLo
Marnoe Curm. thebride an
t iIn. m a concert piano
Ajbe wvre 4da two yar

ftw o Pr tta'and asM he wa
ir. pt mred, buy a
boue andtti down. He
"I i't mow I well have any
&hldrnm but wen mue try.-
O. n mpBen of the Immedl-
MUMi wrre pnt athe
-tr a u and MissM
lue dire.
As ths left the church, rela-
1 f a m honeymoon. A-
n the e 'were three
Jlt 'p 4Mse rabe doesn't know
h^touook Ip French,'he ald.

We Are Happy -

because the owner of
sales receipt No. 40338 is


our cas
the Luckyr

Winner of the third prize.

We Are Strongly

I .,

tw priut were not select ed

We Are Planning To Do

Somtiling About It -


.. stUnaced fo' 1 954

eaustifud DR ISSE

for all occasions...

. ',.. .., '

S ~L

.FA 05


* ''

Sales Receipts

because ou may still wip eith
the I carat or the YV carat "
diamond rng.






8 .,to Coc
1. .. ..


Uw1~qr 1W I





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[~~~ ~ j .' n

r; ~`~ '

:y';~ .13. p~'~;: I'b~;7~~rT '.:~5.

- -.

gi~_i~i~~I t~lii1

- ,
FrIr: ;-'. : .,

I -,

lmerm ,

-S I

l ,. "'' ,r

i mblokwWWOM

, ,. ,.I -i ,.*

-:r t-~ -~ ~
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.`xlrr "- C-L".~- c

- .*''* if^ a A- .a^-.rAla Ulm ,**

34 Seamen Rescued 1 By 1 SIDE GLANCES

Vi' 1''~

* :~~jft~M1...

As Icy Winds Lash,

* -.

QN, Dec. 28 (UP )- A Wi alWs. a 1
val ship and .. Fiani1h hauled -ooard e
~were pounded by mout- by 3:2 tx. I. ,:
tl .Atlant seag, for 10 Thre minut.~1rsf
ypeterday, their crews boats wete rsighede.Ti
felines to rescue-one at rescued the seven occupy
--34 rew members who one and the Bhfe Jacket
fip-'in. lifeboats after 11 in the other boat..
freighter snapped In twJ Naval officers in New
ciou storm. said Larun reported the
the crew members of the members were, n. good coi
S lah freighter Oklah o n a after "food, hot'coffee ant
rescued as near gale-for:e ical whisky. Np shock we
lashed the ice cold Atlan dlent."
t p m!'es northeast of Arger.-; Reporta from.enembers,
oundland. Oklahoma elkew, as-'relfy
captain.of the stricken Carson,-sald that after th
messaged that it was sel cracked "the crew me
ren two parts" and pro:)- assrmbleu on the after e
,ans." Messages were serit!the ship. When the engine
6L the crew's next of kin n started to take water, the;
ur&pe stating "everyone we:l." to the liirboats.'
'ri dating rescue was carried| Larson a veteran of 15
out by the United States naval in government service an
ship' Blue Jacket. a refrigerator years at sea, commanded
veasel, ard the Finniph freight- hospital ship Comfort I
or Orion. Within 12 hours.after World Wur n.
the Oklahoma had been mashed P.; participated In a I
bV the sea. all-bands had been mission more than three
saved. 29 taken aboard the Bl'je ago off the Virginia coas
Jakeet and seven aboard the on another occasion picked
Oron. *Dutch bo.xwhb had fallen
board in the Indian Ocean.
The crew Included one wor- Capt. k. F. Kutschbach
an, 29-ypar-old Margarita Peri- thenburg Sweden, who wa
son, a stewardess. Officials had cued by the Blue Jacket, s
not determined which ship res- message to the owners, s
cued her the ship probably sank.
In a message to U8NS head- The Blue Jacket was
quarters in New York, the cap- equipped for rescue work,
tain of tl e Blue Jacket reported its quarters included hoe
that his vessel got into trouble facilities
of :ts own after the rescue war The rescue ended a-lopg a
complete mare for Kutschach and
He sailI the seas last night crew. who were due In B
were so i igh and the storm so this weelh loaded with pulp
severe hi- ship was making no and a general cargo.
progress on its course towaTd First indication the freli
SDenmark was In distress came at
During the tortuous hours be- p.m. Friday. The Coast C
fore their rescue, the survivor% said the Canadian Rescue,
rode huge swells and huddled in trol Cen*(r at Halifax. N.8
Their liftiboats in the buffeting ceived a message at that
winds. They sent up flares, in saying, 'In distress. Hull ci
the hope a passing ship would ed. Encountering heavy seas
see them and the captain leit A Lancaster bomber was
Sthe Oklahoma's radio set on an from Halifax to try to find
automatic-SOS signal. Oklahoma. but bad weather
I he luxury liner Ile de France vented it from completing
M sailed through the area, but was mission.
Stood far away to-help. But the Then late Saturday the (
SBlue JacKet and the Orion wore Guard received word the C
not far away, and they "homed homa had "broken in two pa
In" on the Oklahoma's S08. was sinking nd that the
Capt. Dunward J. Larson, Has- was 'golng into boats." The
brouck HIights, N.J., captain of tars Castle Rock and Cam;
the Blue Jacket, sent a message and a commercial tug from
to his New York headquarters at ifax were dispatched to
4 p.m. today, reporting he sight- scene. Then an appeal for
ed the fi;st lifeboat at 5:33 p.m. was radioed to all ships in
EST Saturday. But it was not vicinity.
until 1:50 a.m. today that he wi.s
able to pull any survivors a-
"We encountered many diffi-
culties in maneuvering to res-
cue position," he messaged. .AKE fRIENI
SOffiler. at the New York
headquarters said they preau^.-
Sd Larson's difficulty was ca eed
bydangetous seap.
As winds of up to 45 miles an
hour lashed through the dark
i ght, thp Blie Jacket pulled a-
longslde first one lifeboat and
Then another, until all had been
hauled aboard.
The modest captain sent only
ai brief secount of what had -
Shappene.. but hip superior ofrI- Theres nothing 'wng
eers in New York said the rescue saying I'm sorry I didfnt ci
was perilous. your nae," when you're In
S'There must be a lot of tirel duced? aap person and ai
1 seamen today." one officer sa'd. sure Iflrthe olame Is Gablor
I h the Blue Jacket and th, Gable.
S in headed for Scandinavia You'l seem much brighter
I thq trylvors. you ask to bave the name
i son said the first 14 sur- peatel and a tRrht th
r were taken aboard indi- you Bd 'of
y by lifelines at 1:50 nlngjbp eo ng _t
i :55 am., the second boat mon's ae, -


"Now we're going to I
P ha be ure to.

, .
.,* .f : .....
*** '*^t ^. 'i

The ftw Pl a
affected to the
first thpe at (
December 2lth,

S.S. fANMDRE- fs to")
senger serve e, will es for the
Sheer. first winter -els on
E. will la'lE agM t. Critobal
26th, 1954.


Fast F~tht to Cdalblani TPrt
A- Tumaeo Bauenavetw, Cartagesa, Barmuniqla

M/V G NADA" .:. -
AiLLY: '

Wilford 6McKy I

....., C Z.
ies a s

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Toeuh One


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' .. ,"... r" .'-

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:,' .:.*

-. CHRIS WFLK1N. Plameteer

Big, Bold Pirate


,,". l IRs
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X Buss8



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.- ;* -*, .... -

1 ~f

December Song


,L-, : "L A k --



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I' __ s.. Irr_~~y~ ~ "-I ''..JL~'~S`s. .---~il~iLI.-~~
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*,44** 3: '

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Wed befe
tIn Mon
B de San
m;4id c>T~


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i4^joh .aeuf.
$.m gaa
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I:iL'' L, ,:, .


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4. .. .
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I, .



. -* "" '.:.
, .| P -

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k.'*.. '
.,'..- *, "

rr handish
No. 56-.Won b '1 IO1NOUWINTERO, Call. 46
." b. Pn-amnL
'... a'e.... on g~a+r-" can.*~ ,
44 .
V. W. MOBMNR, BX .2015,

,cA .

N. N W-Wan
".,ii m

'- ~
.. -
u Merchondisoe
ITOR ALAS, La Ofilen

birm lnrma aner s bga eI b -
-,.v--.i ....'''''

Y a-ad :a

Elmiro A~.d Eski 'dsen

Amita4ir riguez

z a

Sally Forbes

A. Kalinos

Luis T. Moreno


Jos6 Bu

L. Staggs

Muriel B. Lp ..

Winners r
.- -.. '-

R. A. Whitaker 1

Cciliaegro S' ,-
,. 44a 4..:
Bienvenido Moren- -
Muriel B. Lpez "

Clemente Be mol ,
w'.' -1 'a '.

.U I ml ll l .
Spa cI r%: 1 1 1.

M. T. Wolhick


.;Rosade Wilson

Vicente Alvwedo

g .,- iorioRoma roM ,




.. .- r 1. .
,- -

44. ;


'u- '.' -t 4
r Tw w- w-It 'T. 0 I

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.44 '4I:~_`t~'

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SaComitis ineslhw mithi ee
-- -.... r w w. I

....O mw.hs
.r... 0*1i '
,r --, _.^ iY S^1i -

L*&a *.4 i
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S.-. I--. ',. ,,.





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_ 1J '7 .,.

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4-,' r


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i : .4.E* 4s
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* L~C- ~ -.

:rw~ iCki ,1

or-~j~ao~ 190)


SI I, -. A

''C';;~'' ~P



' F^ : .~1-0: .


a~c.i.;' '~Dl~i

- I


I +.. ,

m m--m t



for 12 woerd

YOO. tCAo 4 ,OUR .,AT 14

I. *

.....__ ,--- l .; i6--_ .,.,.,


1 S~waM No. 13
Juime Aroemea Ave., an d Ut
a Swevt N R I

0pl A Ho ta
v A w mo

PJed&XfFEC *

__ ut"1


JOR SALE:-1.erge refrigerator. 60 FOR SALE.-1947 Chevrolet
i 1 50 00 44 Vi a line ood tran :

DR. WENDEHAK? Medical Clinic
Cmentl Avenue "K" Stre, car.
nor. Telephone 2-3479. Panama.

cycle price31 W5 11 viol i, go Iomprmi pi e
Porros. Son Froncisco. 62, Mexco Avenue, Beli Vista Beginning Jarumy I. 1954, K
Tel. 87-2250 during office hurs. PANAMA, LTD. wll e fl
MUST SACRIFICE new G. E., **8 :00 A. M. to 1:00 PM.
etar 7 ft. 60 cycle. MahoganylFOR SALE:-1950 Buick, Super, 4 SATURDAYS.
livingroom set and double bed like Door Dynaflow. Excellent condi-
new. Gas stove. Albrook 2247. ton. Ca at house 5459. Endicot FOR SAL
Coll Darnn 5. Apt. 3 St.. Dioblo. Phone 2-3411. Man- SAL
FOR SALE:-G. E. Refrigerator. good '.dov f er 4 p.m m. r
.7... nn 1 A V FOR SALE:-194 1 Plmo jth e_ -

... A mMlelb

Patl 34 '

r *

a ^m~Ei

nuiion, o05 1 r. 5 0. i- --- 'yumi i on.
boa. Phone 2-1538 25 cycle in good condition. Price $1~0.- INVITATION FOR AL
t 00 Phone Panama 2-3907. Cpl. OR URMISNIIN N1ATIVM r1
FOR SALE-Bedroom future, dn- John L. Leischner. U
ingroom furniture, sota, coIHee' Panama Canal Compt ny Invites pro-
table, end tables and other furnmi-FOR SALE: 1949 Cadillalc can- wpols for frnishin 50.0000 B5FT
ture. Colombia Stret No. 6. vertible, many extra. B.4,000. 1" Maria Lumbr under sealed bidse
Phone 83-5112. Curundu C. for opemin in public at 10:30 A. o
WANTED FM.. =, n o 30, 1953. in of-...
LOST FOUND fce of SupenrtenidHnt of Storehouses,
MiSCellanetol Balboo. Invitation No. 42 may
REWARD.-Fer theM a efta9l tl f obtained from the above office, tel-
WANTED. Imnmedmely, urumshedl d mter pepe emaimed in a phone 2-1815.
house, tnree bedrooms, servant' pag .me aCa Chlta t a
quarters. garage. Call 3-4219. 40h Ste eMet Va. lit a' FOR SALE
WANTD -Old quartermaster Mar-.I Nbe Ippeeletd. A m a S m
r chairs without cushions. Tel. le 'Me. P --a .M R-M fte
cohore Balboo 3542 LOST:--Gloss, bifocel, heavy rim FOR SALE--Ch- t ad lan
---- aread e.1 and land,
Scae, re Tel. b frontage, 40 lenth, fenced $
3542. 50C. No. 5 street, Lefvme
iPer L ell's Position Offered -. '

FIrM d al SerWANEDC-Ept a technician. PERSONALS
Wre P. O. Box 3122 Pnma E whowaked r
T Islotug our qualficat~rons and Posey in New Crit bol p .or 1.
Thi recommendations write to Am 781.1 Ancon.

Funeral services for Olier W U
iSndell. a c:viian emploje Wl aDeVoreo Pr
the 15th NavalDiskt, will be Pawr*
held tomorrow afternoon at aSt
Luke's CalhedJal, Ancon. He wz I
56 years o:d. I i
An eletrilcian employed by the n. 4L
P; t W, ris Deartmet a- Ji! h U Ui III ,
attached to Hecdquarters It .
Rcdman since 1951, Linder] diedl Mrs .'uj& B. DeVore, wAwis of ROLYO, Ma., De. 2 -" ri
at Gorges Hospital, Christa el6 iDeVor. ormer a e fo to No 14. 45th S,
Eve. after a short llness. A -lo tommlssary Account In parental perished and 35 0 FOR RENTo:- ImtI
tlve of Chicago. he was first em- bramnh and aawe known rei- persons were Fi uredT in Ao i, p I
played bv the Navy in. 195- ent o the Canal Zone, died which raged out .control 2 h porh.
He is urvived by his widow, .'ddenl, i her home in Wam- four hours in a dowInton bud- $125. 45th Street No 5
S Mrs. Lee Lindell, of.hos!I boa SSueay night. She 6 ness 1r 0- $S25. 45Nth trwe Nob..54.
1343 Fort Amadcr. and r-daugh- ears old w today. 67ri FQR RNT:-Furnishd o bedroom
tar. MIrs 0,A "lion. pre=et- .auaay
tar. Mrst G..A Olson, prelt. A4- eitri*nPp*itray re at. Missing in the ire and belley- apartment, very cool elevator,
on the .Ithmus A son. Cliffora Mrr. DeVore came to the tbh- ed dead were Mr. and Mrs. corer Federico Boyd, 47th St. FI'T r w
A. of the Marine Corps tr st. mIs attee t4 of-ar B rritae Henry Nlsh. hitty Salaies a- $1 0.
toned in Australia. n, l1lt -ad is livd in-the C-Ibout 14 persbng fled downFOR RENT:-Apdrnmt 2 Idrodm1 n -Jid wod
The r.mily have requested nal Zone continuously since that smoke-choked airways or were d ORr dPi rpdWn r-
that no flowers be qat. biut that 't im rescued o hr J ddiFO. RENT *^'16 l .
dontions be mdI Itel to After he hUand retired Children were teao ed
thf atMoupl Cancer Fund m. te m nad window n to the b ri b of flr WAt ,,
1111110'& ... m O en outi the ric buldi wld
n R eLs orin asra of -dramati r 2 bdS-
SH. DOeVonT: .Anedato jobn only minor cuts. bruldes or t- FOR RENT:--Small aoprtm l, .
H DeVore at fered from smoke inhalation RMe
Former Balboa s e.t ,W .,reld at 6.rhospital a. .. .
Carolina: and a .Cari Were released afoo trhok4 .l. -.. I .
SBotlki of Oakland, ra. Avenu. o. 18 P,1anea. Ro-
Pasor, Dies u____ B134 atW" a_ __ in" a&._ n m6eSC)t
P stor, .Dis r1 I ths 6 fen sta occupied e n Conte. c
erteet floor area of the our story FOR RENT: -f40e badrodm Meeut cuiltiCN N
,l Rv. Robert H.ves Roo! ',Cr ,bu ga l Chief.; apartment. Light. phone
19 -.D. pastor of the E-bo~x a iHe greed ,rYe pa. Mar
I C urch from 1944 to 19 I annou I"d g r r11 rIf e d ui l ch ld renM p or r I
f u o ea 1of thousands fr sure." I. Carrasqilll ontrlw VA
Wicha.-. KEnsas, list Wednes- 7iremeItIrom Sprlngfeald, ? as. 2
da.i.k dds on the Isthimus B ~t baiitosPd ChieopBee joi-.
have bee% informed. Di Rolof- edl Holyoke leftte a bat- FOR RENT:-For e
I..wa &t. V lsg the flan Va li laiart"" 'i"i
Vaualln fitCFloridaB. .. -.wv1!;.
It was during his pastorate in lorda L .
onlyse. -2 -(UP)-Vieand spreadoai%. !. .'Weo-
Obe Can.- Zone that the Un1on IAMI I.e. 28 *- Church. history, 'Christian M-Presidd RlebsI*d Nixon, here o of the build r
.peatli. at the Worlas CroA.-j a eek df welLion, swimmiam "P- bly i t some ..P..- s .
oads"' was written an ublb an golf. a tPy uth oaly da ? ," thagfbe F M dam00ti
d Ison he pieks Floida i ad oahi ot eknow t." e o
4A. At the time bf-hU death. ne aatlve aliDrnia .for, tripsis FOR REIFT S,
flihe iCnaas Regional Direc- Flori4ads s closer." funmid
+" "- Charrivnsd a Jewsr .ta B i
of the National Conference! No arrived mnutounced by .So
He is survived by his widon; im at a hotel on Keiy.3seayne. He directly et
H"e is r.... e r h s L. d. said he hoped to the N ew Vd l
6woaaa. m beert H l Yo(Lf LsAe.y ii
les, Callt.rnia. and William XM. '.. D -.d2798.Pn
4vt ) w York City, and throeel1? t FO4WRE b
a ices will n Wi e md cle.r that he t or tio
"hat, IKnsas. want to taid: about "starious b. CAMP Ie. Germany, O
sett. Dec. 28 t-) Ru.a repatr.. directly
Zspretty wife, Pat,. two rted today Jm 220 German V 0tecion .
laughters remained in Wai tol piotr as slave labor. 2798 .
L e because the girls are remove tiag ai the ion since World tI
#1 niti since World d C ,
S. tasted frbmn attacks of iafluena. War U.
o Durin Niro's1 visit to MI. Without' notice, Te ve. te for
S lt y i-inNavemr -e cut i turness m ,the .Soviet Zone f f7 etr It "
foot on a sea sheB and had to use -at Iotf. Wartha r tn se
Scrutehs lor a ~'or two. But bt tis who sh to for bacor. N
sad that would' t keep him &hm e ina ny will cross tud teno Set. wI
S- v) win this '.c.. L Iron urous pnvh
,- BiW lea-h-f Wa hi ton.'e later in the & id travel to this FOR RENT n bllo.- U
t le his fa(8er,' F oak Nizon, western camp. funmhd room r -4
I i rwr I w as ove." at a Phoenix, Ari e.tur l M group brought p'ivilees. Iexico
hospit wherp the eer Nixon ws to about number 4
I I takeI." s' Ilwth a G ans ai;w the Russians FOR
"" e" ISept. .
0i .. p,%m 6is, ofm5o 11l 'iTe sfilling vice prlident posed P
m rv hKnrfot Mayiaeh l.for pk'abeii rs. Another guest Tihe Soi.: admitted last
I C I ON fro, s l4 l j at the h fumbled with a camera simmer as g 13,537 Ger-
a remienr rem d .J trying to get he hacband in the man prisoner promised to re- WMAI
package of rms anue picture with Nixo. He glad- ease all vho nWot convicted, ,
S at cups boiin water. ly waved the strange closer to a jor wr l U. West Ger
.,. ... m him for the photoagr uth "ories. "more than
Sjmm for th hoora 101,000 1erman Var veterans i The Carts N o
hl ind.b4 viIn Russia. f ished
ched r I cop ra w iTwo New Stores ai Iap
slid I 0#14" JanuaryeJ s. Plese be-
'ac"d I da'a
eul.,"'r Offer Furniture G .Gl tpp u0
i ,ko --*-*. I From Philippines Rk(ORD C4GERS 7
,-* .*" a. eIf *" r i lf *, 1peeds ,
,., I induatras namerican. r .bno W .'
111r Flat d ,, A h asar n --oed the opm.jg -1p.5
f tw nqa vPhilIppin steic In
ep, ommm. o: o al time akhl Is locat-
11110~ adeeN ore1so usi i 9d4143ll"'AftielmeM R"
j Mai dms bJsjat 0ou g P w
S10Kr' a*N I& a am tI2

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CAA Pay ~" In t"
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A'^Fy*^-^Lb~: ?

a' !-- ai=-l WOi'- ,"hs Glua sFord and s d herid Rdl Caa r'- hurt
W Stan In cs rd a S "DAM Of 'JI him n o adodturdered 3ij
C6b Hb, o d gave it& a new uke e Neeating, o&rv
PA "OAll o te Sounsd Stage." Gle m or owerXitaeL
ee Be f *- aS d s' dawlng and dialog, not
ele Sam ni te Ot, provided the year's SMrS MIBklrAl V
tax low I which tieyla but ia d.
winginag alu e Sr- --D, inai h amd Alnd Y eln ,'
001 in rtrem d A arnm sUck Ieoi
ima FreemaU ma the Sig N Creek," whil ih A" .1
Deaal about a romance with Blag be office. played l :
Mu lARoy, the dietor, Crosby, but she's e the girl on" *wan a ay oe
d laBrfi Ite aw Am flu hi arm for the last rix months. sad F rl Se a of R
see, He satd: "F' lke t f ad a -.
camera lees tit e gisi m Ip a good
t." bachelor Charies Watts (.c Carm eplag to'I -
a.jroaheold a movie atarit with: 1.-ar gold rush to lJm
t was Geort (lass who said: m t- a e old ruFh to lw .'
*a.t woased stCee i *ee ay I havei
a gueo n IUM a ar. Y phae Maer?" "There are tree wafifog";
row scre -P and ND-No D t
.- Van Johnson scored hit as a -
song-nd-dance man in. Las Vegas Te Errol FlyrnPatt
Harry S. Truma turned pie at and then Stanley Krnmer ave marriar p r
tse idea tar-d dWr shOO him the biggest dramatic role a t l tidr i hu
an aoaSholwMhis career as Lieutepant Maryk In everyone by eir
" "vth a :rti and Jawy law. 'The Cale Mutiny." p Mr. aad Mrs. a
* i. Jerry agqresnd aegel: pri sesparatim a
i J Irme eel EBxplaaed Krar: "he rokl e Pwell's f.
. "H'ar, arbd ti iw ill mlke Va vn a tl ari tael than
u yearo i t1h emr."1 A wishing wll was
W-ua.. -Statler Hotel ith
BRest ad Ib howl of the ear donated howl otiM
Avi dirdner and Frank SInatra w.5 ChMl "an- Hes 'r
.c"paroted again buat S 0.2a0ee0 LAS G to 1 e BieTswo," as the with ^oot -
ed to care. voice of the mdle, CI eommet- will go away.
ed oyer 4 ene at of W reet:
"A ef sJerel s had their 'lie diwuer testima y
TelevIsiaons sw rea6l Sor- tlAl. 4 IM8L." Johan Waym leads a
abSW TWuI a Ynd'a' 9 "l 4ingwt o htS.wL ma
SOU FW'AY on,? ti. it out,
WADWS TP with: *ioAg Pc ea seleft m bot rA=
raied her the town'. etra h shepro
." Dape Are Here A idn.he wil e er ny
With the camra oye spreading a yew Ire nw e." ...

Wag Croaby ied to' at I ., A
iFras M DbrB Hope1 I LI. hi*IiL


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YM *w

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.. ..... ....



1:a, 3: M, 6:35, 64
Th.e 'oteert atety

ilSI $ 'LOVE"
'. In
Tachnicolor I
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Stn Vawe : -:n 6* : 14- a

No -um. o-aa Him....


KHBi nmm

u-,-o. pre.ant, BALLANTI
fM BADO11 O In
.tfA ,A '" Technicolor'

SPlus: I
'*Tig Syt NM t Yer I
e et Fh Year "PLUNDER or I
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Drake Basketball Sht,

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Businessman Tries To Fix

U.S., Aussies

Gane With Iowa State Swap.Davis Cup

SIS MOINES. la.. Dec. 28 (IP) Ben Brumby,
r! University baske'hall siar told police that a Sin(les Matche
b~ipnessman offered him $1 000 to "fix" the Drake-
]*a.State game, officers said today. MELBOURNE. Australa, Dec.
I.etectivp chief R E OBrien foot 6-inch Drake center. Buti 8 (UP)-Amerieaand Austra-
sa the businessmani. described police said no direct offer was lia swapped strafiht-se vie-
as "prominent admitted talK- made to Cerf. tries n the first day of pay
ie .to-s Drake player adDoot ihe Both O'Brien and Jack Mc- in the Davis cupn cllaene
csnltdiln of the team oi bt de- Clelland. Drake athletic direc- round today with lAwist id
ntec offering a bribe tor and basketball coach, whipping Vic Semas of the U.S.
'(0rien said there L- not praised Bumbry for reporting and Tony T abert downing
e4otigh evidence so far to file the alleged offer promptly and Ken Rosewall f Australia
charges against the businessmdn. for playing his best against Trabert turned back hi Aun-
posetIdentity was withheld But Iowa State. tralian |fe -3, -4, 6-4 and
hesaid he is continuing his in- O'Brlen said he hopes to fin- Hoad stunned Seies 6-4, 6-2,
vsstigition and Is questioning ish his investigation "in a few; -*3.
"weveial people." days' and may turn the matter: The double wil be played
.Thle detective confirmed over to the county attorney on tomorrow.
t .iil.ed reports that Bum- the crand jury
a the player to whom I Bumbrv told police he was ap-: IA A Baal /
e allegedly was offer- preached by the businessman lull Ag.l Bel
gid disclosed that the a- when lie went to a grocery store
mont was $1.90. ,one night. He said the man waslevela am
,O'Bi'den said Bumbry. 6-foot 2-,seated in a parked car and call- lev lg i&
itch Negro star, promptly told'ed to him to get in.
hfi coach about the bribe at-' He said the man drove him a-
tempt before the game last round the block, commented UI ri Wi IH
Tuesday night. that Iowa State was favored. andi
Bumbry told O'Brien that the asked. -Suppose they should win! By LLOYD NORTHARD
I1tsinessman wanted him to by eight points, or by 10 points.",
'shave points" to make sure that Bumbry said he answered that' DETROIT. Dec. 28 (UP)- 41m
D r a k e lost by 8 or 10 points he had nothing to do with that. Doran scored only one touch-
Drake lost. 69 to 59. but Bumbry and that he figured Drake would down all season, and the letrolt
starred and scored 17 points. one win. Lions were basking in the glory
telow his per same average. Bumbry said the man men- of a second straight National
. O'Brien said Bumbrv told him tioned figures of $300. $500 and Football League championship
that the man, about 27 or 28 1s.000. He said he told the man,:today because of that score.
years of age. approached him '-No dice" I Dorari. usually confined to De-
several days before the game He said the man then aug- troit's defense platoon, haul-
about Dec. 17. Bumbry said the tested that he reconsider. handed down a 3-yard touchdown
man "mentioned figures as high offered to meet him behind thefrom, quarterback Bobby Laynei
as 1.000 Drake Stadium the night before, yesterday to give the Lions a 17
Bumbrv said the man asked the wame. to 16 title victory over the Cleve-
him about the advisability of of-. Instead. Bumbry notified his land Browns.
fering a bribe tor Willie Cerf. 6- coach h c
------ "It couldn't have come at a
better time," Doran beamed. "I
SA was beginning to think I would-
acific All-Stars nt get my touchdown this year.
You know. this Is my third sea-
son with the Llons and I scored

surprise Jahdoaicans-imad an
o0-yard drive aid came with on-
S- ly two minutes'and eight sec-
Sonds remalhing. It tied the sore.
Doak Walker added the extra
point which enabled the Lions to
turn back the Browns for the
second straight year in the title
game. Detroit won, 17 to 7, last
season. t
Q quarterback Otto Graham, the

i ,' -..

I .f .r. 2.r 9,,d 5 i
i TBH PACIFIC ALL STARS who defeated the touring Jamalcans
in the first match of the international cricket series. L. to r.:
S Flbert Belgrave. Wilbert Brathwalte, Chester Mike, Alfonso Luke,
Samuel Campbell. Clyde Lashley, Leonard Roberts. Oscar Rollox,

league's top passer during the
regular campaign with a re-
markable completion average of
64.7. blamed himself for Cleve-
land's loss. "I was lust lousy,
that's all," he said.
He completed only two of 15
passes during the contest.
The Lions. who earned $2,424.-
10 apiece for the victory, joined.
the Bears and the Philadelphia
Bears as the only teams to win
two straight championships. Thd
Bears did it in 1940 and 1941 and
the Eagles in 1948 and 1949.
The Browns, who piced up
$1.654.26 each. I la -.b aM
the first team inM.4 b.
lose three.ttratlght title a *.

Juan Franco

Clement Edwards Roy Best Icaptain', Wilton Forde. I Dividends.
Captain Roy Best's Pacific All Stars sBof a magnificent Iuelt lUl ef
surprise victory over Errol Alberga's Nalht Jamaicans in the
first match of the international cricket series.
Underrating the ability of the local lads, the Jamaican cap-I FIRST RACE
tain declared his second innings closed at 145 runs for 3 wickets j1-Golden Bound $9.60, $9.20,
which gave him a margin of 179 over the Panamanians. 2--Daniel $3.60. $2.80. ($5.20.
Captain Roy Best opened with Samuel Campbell and set the, 3-Volador $3.40.
pattern of courageous play that resulted in a glorious victory SECOND RACE
when the local cricketers chalked up 181 runs for the loss of eight I-Riomar $@6 8$.40. $2.40.
wickets. 2-Malaya $2.3, $2.40.
Defeated but not out-classed, the JAmaicans were Inspiring 3-Manolqte $150.
p their display of sportsmanship and by-their very miscalcula- First D bea l (t lden Bound-
Sof the fighting qualities and ability of the local cricketers Rlomar) $57.I,
have injected new spirit in the grand old game, T HIB RACE
In chalking up 145 runs for 3 wickets In their second Innings., I-Don rau $11 $2.20.
the Jamaicans were paced by Colin Bonitto who contributed 52 2-Valaria $2.20..
not out. Keats Hall scored 47 runs and brought the large crowd One-Two: (Deo Grau-Valarla)
to Its feet when he smashed a towering six into Roosevelt Avenue. 512.80. FOI.UT)ACE
Leonard Roberts spear-headed the brillla*t attack of the Pa- FOA 20 CE220
clfic All Stars with a whirlwind 39 which won for him the Wal- 2-Ael 20, $2.20.
lace Brothers trophy for thb local batsmaaCnn the highest score 3--Sncerdad $
of the match. Qilela: WI0 Case-
The results: la CaMe-
FirstInnings ...... 115 runs 1-Oolden an $3.40.
SECOND INNINGS 2-Dalida P. $5.
Bowler S THis'ACE
Colln Bonitto not out ...... ... 52 i-New Look $6, $3.60.
Popsle Priestley ct. Forde Belgrave ....... 16 2-Hurlecano $3 5J0.
Keats Hall Ib.w. Belgrave ............ ... 47 3--Carmels I i IWO.
R. L. Fuller bowled Belgrave ........ ......17 SEVENTH RACE
Extras .................. 11 1-Double In $6,60,$2.80.
-- 2-Sweet Windsor 2.80.
TOTAL.... 145 Second Double: (New Look-
BOWLING Double In) $31.0.
Overs Overs Wkts. Runs I-Scotch Chum $5.80, $6.40,
L. Roberts .............. 0 9 0 22 $3.20.
8. Campbell ............ 0 8 0 28 2-Amelican Maid P8, $22.80.
L. Belgrave ........... 0 6 3 31 3-Toletazo $12.40.
A. Luke ................ 0 3 0 22 Quinlela: (Scotch Cium-Amer-
W. Brathwalte .......... 0 3 0 26 lean Maid) $6.
W. Forde. ........ 0 1 0 5 NINTH RACE
PACIFIC ALL STARS 1-Lujoso $33.80, $9 9.00.
First Innings... ...... 81 runs 2-Discovery $10.g 0.
SECOND INNINGS 3-Vain Darling $5.40.
Bowler One-Two: (Luoe-oiscovery)
8. Campbell b w. McDonald ................ 20 2 TENT4
Roy Beat ct. Alberga -- Fuller ................ 4 *--Amorlo $5.60, $2.,0.
E. Belgrave ct. Foote Fuller .................. 30 2-King's Prize $3.
W Brathwaite ct. Hendricks Young ........... 15 ELEVINV't AQ
C. Mike bowled Fuller .................... 30 -Vampireas $*f 0, $2.,
RIoberts at. Alberga Young ................. 39 2- oko $3
'flox I out. ...........:. ...... ... ....26 3-Cambit 1
orde at. subst. --,onulg ....................... 4
ards- ot out ......... ..............2 : S orts Se

TOTAL1...... 181
WICKMB : 1-2t;,"2;.349 4-; 5-12;6-14L7-10., tro ES
M4aM 1M ed $1330
Owers MOw Wkts, Rans 'RdWings ho
Uer................ W
ra d. .............. 0 o 2 "a" '
A"'"-*;**S94 .. .. o [ I! ;-

return to ha bbet towm, awept thr tgh
all the way to acoe esed Pb by thrte lentsPrlis an
s$1,000 aen-m oug CI c A" raae. (ot t .eci t i as.
.1q4tI Bmacnt upe victory bf the weekend. Liiid
both ridden by Chilean jockey Victor rdofl gave Or-lat
the day.

Yan'kees Face C-!-rk

In ft. Hope -Stu
-"-,-4: ,,-,..'tjhis l .0..
1 aaMA.^wL Atlantt e41ri Th1hlt
'IThe no get th ir- I t
TRA't- .tWon Lot Pet. slonal ub tUf the
S4 3 .711 Panama Pro a kee
4 .- M and Droi t Hope -. P l9y
Bae..... 4 .44I4 Std .
i. 1'Pu will -
GONIG M GAn ( 74:) o 1m^ OnnIf
Mt. aa o" the mound ee,

Thl her? Chi Chi-Ik -O-t- l
of-3 matel sounds better all the
time -He s syp. it don't
want's play against etother,
they could chloen ane y other
two latinal rp ere nd-bewuld i
give 7 to 5. ,
Or maybe better "t hUn- I
dicap tournament and VX have.
to be a president, kh dtator I
or sultan to enter. I'll there
would be more tn rlght-
ened out on the1 of this
tournament than has ever been
brought lp I-" tbe United Na.
tlonr .-, .. i
Reeklon wM ill h ve to have
regionaelt eiatiods.
RanWPaedes aays he 1f gola
to pu out four spec ia t
prize durln the amboa .
nament, and Bob Glenn a s the
winner of one of them specl
prizes will probably be riding a- -
round In a new car a short time -
oter, I can't quite figure it out.
S says It's easy-Cerveceria
tournament, much cervtea Spot
prizes; Smoot-Paredes much
Chevrolet prizes--I dunno,
A fellow was ayin'. f we could
get rid of Johnnie MacMurray,
we'could have a Calcutta fOr tbl
Smoot-Paredes fracas, but they
don't allow ,that In the Canl
But man, that would throwthe
field wide- open. The R&lr
brothers, Herb Mitten, Charlie
MacMurray, Mike Kullkowdld,
Por Oraham, st.i Goodma.
nA ha manm more we eoa)l




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Written. f or NZA
Question: What is a e
mistake iade b most 0
just starting. ou 1



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; 1-~ i ,

15 ~ ~ b

* 4 Fi -.

I.,. .eg*emO Sb U

& g

22 Ichoo Iba etaI

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': .*'i i-.jite' : *^ .

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3: _- "''.... "
, *.-*, *- *'.. 4"
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b i I

flo aim
fly *

f'l the mean
:cbw"ift that aPPa

Ita^6*!"'*'a-^ &*

b.t fl.fl

rua~lnq fl DU J74a~l5rWOS b ESE
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use wpisupym m swsr

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mniamnw rn'
athdaiatb bamass in. bruhlbS h

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# be WToo igo You can't stay
S only' the little
6049a ptand-

aho a p TaO ,a
But herwe g6t aoaB -,
agg ** ~M

sr'.".~* ~ --Cr
'^^ *-L t.: '<*^ y :'"" ".l

Two Siies Tq. Bowl Games,

k had Take Your Pik
-ofl -rank-ng te nt- .Ob.-
sues mow

OGRAYSON-What could be the
SUCIA Ulne best college material in th
Stoo- or It country la gathered at West i-
S pimla ina. The Mountaineers w1II
'ea~xMS_ i tg drive the little Georgi Tbch
'cm otI off talr boys bat 'to their alide rules.
eapwt kig t.hem o t The Engineers are weak wo the
IOpy down ,the mde, the Brains W-ll middle, where Freddie Wynt
It ex alume D metro, ev and Company w-il move behind
.sh in.U Itrlan'wim, b rders. Wt est Virginis -,
@.*e t5ite'* Vtlatia Georgal Teeb Is.

II, Michisga Staes 6.
ORATSON-4iryland'u Terra-
pin merit 1o4& 1 ranking i the
eemntry, If agy beoamu there's
that mammoth tAcle tan Jones
tm I% e ithI' o th ofn-
silit-T bl the Toerpe are

deacy to oerloo the gam'by-
ngae prove t of the Son-
era. BOVd JRk At gpW toBr
getti b's iiiSngnAtewri
on Maryiand, 4U& ry
cal Incentti* to u.itM a-


OLDERMAN Bobby Dodd's
Rambling Wreck moves in a
faster league, and the class will
tell. Georgia Tech extended No-
tre Dame. The Montalneer
won't be able to cope Ilth that
fast attack, parked by iarde-
man, Teas and Turner. West
Virginia Is liaggtUh on offense,
too. Georgia Tee West Vir-
gi ao s
ORAY80N 'Bama Is an old
Bowl eterat with a team that's
Just gOne through a ousheast-
ern Caonurece shedule unde-
tea,. er can be no better
t. e Tie deep
i hUd-runnl back. Ala-
OLD&MAN The toughest
line nl the Southest will dis-
courage 'Baa'& ball-carrers.
Koas Johnson will be on the
field, pick Moegle a breakaway
threat. Rice could handle any-
one. Mlee 27, Alabama 7.
GRAYON--Auburn has 22 top
men, led by versatile spllt-T field
generals Vince Dooley and Bob-

-- ...e.ran :. "r "A....*
C'& mm .14. '1".

A l .' _..

.. .* f'*** J
Y~ ~ B[EST BE i

-' AC rst
,._ .. P te. ..:,.. .I~ .,
- "" "4: ,' "..

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'f '^ -

t I tiltot

Wihitfcdi has bn graduate
N20 uaPlot -' 6 m..g 1o 1'
I-lMMJhSWAq.thelmwtp at the .*id..h^-an



, WSSSWW un, U 9
.O,- b-" a ,...

*si $1a,
ale aito han
jjj- w-,- *'Ct 1**


e ta *1u
s. straI e
Ehat wrNo
satee. n
a't been
from Bil

'2 fear' an amtaulo. ysnm
ach a" tea p 'up in
'sh' c'sou.".nucuewent

ire ri i" rr b to be
Lk- ..r~ -^i~ k

ld over

io' 6v%
No bi

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S. i oON,:AMBILE WITH FATE..... i might cost we mhen you th. VYoul bi
dIh S *fJlfl .HE RETREADS ore buif to whiaed weven se rough roamed eF
d obl Try NEW FIRESTOMN RETiEADING TODAY.Jo- 0 t thel i o
,, yourr y r .E..

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:4~. S
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Z l "'-^Hi

A_~~ *.I


"Leg the people know the truth ald the

i .

Gouzenko: Hundreds

Still Operating n US, Canada

IWASHINGTON, Dec. 28 (UP)- other agents. They operate In- Gouzenko, 14, at present eut M 1i
igor Gouzenko, former Russian dependently and have direct ra- In an undisclosed, mall Can- It W h
Embassy code clerk in Ottawa dio contact with Moscow. dian towing with bls wife %nd two Ma W Feinted
who uncovered a Red espionage children. He has an umedn s upiprt 4
network, said today he believes Gouzenko said some of these name and his identity-l~: A te-
"hundreds" of Soviet spies are agents are probably still broad- ly-guarded secret to firestall | L
still operating in the United casting American and Canadian any Red attempts at revege. .Va IM
States'and Canada, secrets to RuI1A 11
"As some indication, they (the The best wa to re UFa
Russian embassies spend sever- he said, is ie i wort a .
al million dollars a year in tele- while for some: em to quit WEB'T OEO D, Calif.,
grams alone," he said, and come out wI their docu- y Aft De. 28 (U)--A '.i who or-
"The fact that some of them ments." WW anied letter-writg cah that
have been apprehended doesn't brought mat to thousands of
mean that others will stop work- He thought that many of these IOulf ouAmeican servicemen through-
ing," Gouzenko said in a copy- agents, as well as other Russian v Vout the world aid tod y his ef-
righted interview in U.S. News & and Iron Curtain Reds, have forts had ruined him fancially
World Report, a weekly news come to like the democratic way CAIRO, Dec. 28 magazine. "Fear is not some- of life and would .break with the mer Queen Narriman's layer home tomorrow.
thing that will compel them to Reds if they had guarantees. of proposed today.that eea.tingl a
stop.' safety and friendly treatment. rouk divore.her lt ecoui 'in "Uncl Larry" Perkitts. said
order to. avoid d alyiing Intthe he has until tomorrow to meet
Gouzenko said the Kremlin Gouzenko said this has been scandals surrounding" the exl!, the $50 iontr I Af i on his
has infiltrated the United States one of his. most tnpertant rec- ed monarch. home or he wouf ea ted.
and Canada with "agents resi- ommendations to U.S and Can- "Because of the pum. lcty I've
dent" who make no contact with adian officials. The hearing which opened his receled for y .. people
Morning was adjourned until think I'm tre "ously
Jan. 19 after ParoUk!s lawyer, wealthy," aid Pe t who or-
Mustafa 1E Oamal, said he would ganis ed l projectt relay"
consult rae owrliving in 1940 to pm vi ilemen
Italy. with letters. 'Bt Tv 'a brain
j "- hemorrhage.
Narrimani't tt Nh r- ittiat" a-
ram Fahim, demanded that 014,- ''ve 16afmy cr;my4epoe
a P000,000 mon _d out oU and now pan belng ted .
Farouk's hold I gyp to do n't even have entv money
cover the prid frof m Marh left to buy stamps to ep my
last year when Narriman wlk- letter-writing work gefW.1
ed out on him until Octoberu
when the ex-King's property was perkins aet up a rela systm
confiscated. by contacting \\ a,7s r
lay mail ageor
i But after the .ourtseulon; F- in muitary its e rp 1
him insisted that "a. divorce is him for the agent's name, P r-
more important to us than all- ks .said. The agm t, m ca-
maony because Narriman suffer- tacted, u plied names a
ed lot of harm at the h ds in his unit desiring mal l.

*He som? e s o w ulId bet otmsaid d3 we ; u Whr a, _
her," Pabdi a#l "Hq-rs, thaston '10 Kg -r
of man who a do y anymge M ad wA 'hd TRIB..
How sI sa going to prove this In d*"i. .0 Jet
cour pe y e.t hi my aa, but a e nd t- a
turally there was no ewitae to my sewer, he
the beratlnp. thi 'nkl 'm r "t h as ke ev
ery-edime I have.,

mm* vsiad his. Thegdeer oncSda and holum bi t C r two cairjstyn fo e div orpcd re 3i n is !in
a ve"l, so he put up placards anl be a p the house. renely ofi tbd nae. **e"*at sa ts It
do pce is safp Chae. Not even t "A mr were lu, the.
,lft] u ref o4'1 e nW be a good 0..weay MA
we ..ors.a Rether Crt.- m'-nV husband he said. ci furia Pum

tending on you r gown property Aourt UCde bmr of aa t bat men a "my n
*u~iajilsttg h to daugter on Sund tis that It in tuou bmuty mai be divpforcated a who them B

at a sof spri deayhe found adrin n:on g. t of l

S din the beauties. of nature. You're a h a t urp t A
liable to get bopped with upn ear oNtwed r bign a -7 j F.
at ko acdhe put up placards ane d b t a ie t Bu. nd repltql thiba. "at m t

ria onu onr of n ghasly felt ofbft. t e d bpr
19. 53 S Tm S e F ...

an;asofL spring day, hinking wa7 trpeers Bud sd
U nLtQ-beruties. of nature. You're 11" m I the sots in t
e to et bopped with n rn ear New wlbfew

thib of a tree. Lghtfoot a- andedon She suffered a

i'e precision-bombing squir ha a nor Injurie,
lgroupatp accident ha-b pene sand it and
tot, JC. Lightfoot, of Memphi + was

nalhat e was conmunin g wlon of thetvolved a ar
mWture, and his c mp s track of se Pn a re., winte dd-
nda ~interupted when a squir- t some He wasn't

tells all thewifew gory detailswa
thIItsb unal tree. Light heot su mo- ended onhe suffered a
Jrieatl deep gasihon his head. lump on 11a bruso
s U :preclsion-bombing squir- hand and
.oriimi only one.of a ghas.,1o
pM1 accident-bearing anl- Perha'L
Ma-.that warred on man during eollhdon Hf It
erich keeps track d mower gged him in the te. road.
st shot tells allnimalthe gory deta lt Ad a awn rake had it s ar. cra this one
beside it. The nudel report on the d Johnwer that did Robert Hein- occurred foun windriver e
a.i f strange accidents. baugh dirt in Painesville, 0. He ed the bret ad& o Lake.....
was mowing along and mowed gan and tfii *into the ,_.oof
' v2tn..ykon, Utah, it was a right over a bullet. The lawn- a car parked+ lar g kotpw
dghW.unter Shirl Kelsey had mower plugged him in the toe. road. An
just hot the animal, and knelt And a lawn rake had it In fo" Another ragiL this one Witheun iL *m
rely, struck the trigger Calif. He raked up a shotgun Washingtm bUspplng Into driv- her webidy. Mll
y'gun and shot him in shell, raked it along with the len Benam Franklin. B hn .
rest of tic a bonfire. George and BeO were driving '
ol, Nb., it was a dog. BangI trucks, and thl Imet in Rica-
M".. Je*wll Norman left her ct: mend, Va.
with the motor running and her: Another unexploded bit of a'n- Nature played Strange tricks,
S h sitting in the back munition that blew its top in -53 all right, but made p for it all-
bdo decided to go for a was a peaceful relic of the Civil in Grand Ral ideh. A bolt of
l, mbed up front, pawed War. A shell from a nearby bat- lightning his a ture pi lt
shift and backed up tlefield had. long resided on the and started a Ti''ltben a eeaf
int other car. mantel o! the Ishmael Lyncn ond bolt hit the1-fi alarm, set
home in Port Gibson, Miss. it it off, and bfO ~bt four ea&e
t slaals weren't the only fell off, and exploded, blasting companies to Patdin the bleas. .
i of '. ItM was a lawn holes in the floot, wails and r.
ceiling. No casualties.
For Joan Williams, of Texar-
fg kana, Ark it was a kitchen sink
that caused the troulse.. Misi
Williams, aged four,, arrived at'
the hosp itwa h ukhe nlnk dang.
11a m her fthar. She'd stuck
a fner in the 'drain, and
coedl't set unstuck. Daddy un-
botted the sink and tqok apptl-
Spand child to the hospital.

luckiest unlucky accident
of '5S wais Day Ray, e.
Mims ela. u11 e lee wh!e
was smoking on his front
When he woke up, uts
was a( im e. Ray
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