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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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SFIRST CLA $1. 0 "Lethe people t the t the country is #6e" Abraham Lincoln.


Brownell Says All Reds Off US Rolls

o oy RedsShift Tacticsui McCarthy Replies

: "i sNot Poliy, Dullesc i P

refuses Mothers Plea Tells NATO Security Probe
hD MI*h Co to lyoue by cit. I personal Te DtUefense Depart- t -U

th tae min"They have probably tola wbar priwelr camps. wt branottxs.o -es-An nlis-aultnahd:
haswdedicatedoordtwo d da o nmto Iti e"-
tyn *t um i yedthatnIwamlnor tdWi-d, Mrs weapotoedfandl g tempt to get thA western al- "The continent of EUrope
ecatdhis m 7oier there as n mois f hn r s ta n dgfn people liIke happe l m told a secret session of the North conciliation (with Germany) to General Herbert Brownell said last night he thinks per-
man.,Ivo ls e h ttee icher wl orei te ms- Council of that their s -lives is firmly established."
S Howe e pade in this situa D Mrs. Portia Howe build strength. ean European isolation, Bid- Brownell's remarks brought a prompt response from
h her Minnesota farm Tenesolld he sti loved Hise lttr was in answer to beig r d ermon to Force, he said, Is the only so risky that "many would be Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy (R-Wis.), who said at Washing-
he h abo nhis faitl, "my people and my one she ant him In the neutral enter iea to try and per- means of convjnelng the s- tempted to seek shelter" In the ton that the job of eliminating "security risks" was not
shee u ved r to country," but that "it is impo- zone of lrea suade hr POW son to return ians to negotiate for peace on old system of alliances, finished
e thope per, WetId cosme able for me to live in the United The government's "highest s ome. M. Howe traveled from a realistic basis. z
e soe ay States because I want to live as levesncludng the Whte her omat Alden, Minn., ony e n a Republican sponsored government now," Bronell said.
wieh'." House, drew up the policy which to have ten. John E. Hull tell He re hi s frifion tf t statewide radio broadcast last The attorney general promt-
o o' e* el id^rl TH ah dved the le m he a o Am rihde tchr eedtatM rs .oHow a ahda tmhet y h oU ohiarriage, wrotee to er. oMri- th-a fo oo roect by which 500,000 erman lV nv ua governmentn.onet w
Swo like tk to you. she has waited for a chance ton e o i offial was nowedge" A r nron government now. But the Prs- Brownel said he brought u enlt was de -ided not mm orn w Prdentenhowers observed notice, he In both the oming year nhowe will have cently because he thought it w

day.--NTtoO e mmee tgo -o o cop el u a t r n completed the employee security an important development In
bo ewoerstcareopeninathreeo d met-
Behind the "blcowr tho w astien In ck e ag"re a France wil require The tu "Resce" is speeding program so the people can be the life of our nation.

'thdcduddiKmloe B thing whsiih wihok Rern lnt. n m nsbt ht pe op le fBth soufn tlry esd
on e might be humiliated lived this overnment would States and Great Britain as the Cdads tdeBo a w ear s rano B enet. "t ple o sy are

soultheir snalls drewec thirone res te -ra of its rate tothf mnts ouside theioovern- rtreprceou u
ould rther lsos r ehf c th e nol uiot n abll o un in o thepr r mdault, addre oing the 600 with a 50-ton cargo of coffee. At Washing ton Brownell dd entited to know what goes on
future rhzof theoofhitsrf cat onsst temoday n ea oSrianco Bn k
toto Korea. On that date, the gates aed into the d p- According to the shi agent, not say all "security risks" were in their government. And that
Hsedepgotiatens Delicate t he ate sos all wntteir ons e Paeace d hinlot, aol & McSya is not believed removed from goverr- fthres
eree th st oer ouldbe on welcomed resident Eisenhower's known yet whether the shi will ment.
plnCoforlsnny atom!ieterltrrpomoo l ntbe towed nto o Critobas or In both the Eisenhower and Brownell said the fedorat

he we totsAA -"Mr ne iedn not th gver nMenterwroud be rETk pn fo and Cateomi exerl-Ta nb mlet
shesanteTyot aW the mothers tor go to in o completely undeirabe as offering newty hope to a strife- whether she is in condition to preceding Democratic adminis- employee erity program
se-ntel e' on to her destination rationss, "security risk" has been onaeoft e b ndoingd m d o
1e* Ofzliay the Defensel De the offrlal said, the on y hor wo n used to mean both persons wi--- If--.----n------------ -. '. W

R e d s D e m a n d R e s u mpwatio ted fr a- ,"hnfcNATOafrm es' LroverS P e e r Fnce S J u d g e -me
1' P lik sriiio mBea lon. not te ton and tumilation" whiwu en New torn w rls. Lsobr Stormy weather hit the northernB
W"explasnctrd asi t tat te e o mn i tshe 2 rne retrmhbeenha Inland snow and sleet fell as
e n n ice agreement hll tho are under athe control e five athre ay T e e colsecur and that anybody who is a se-d down
n North Kre deand- r to r e the talks." trite hae epted Cmani lan ronnel director 14 UP)A court clerk demand- at Lord Montagus beach chalet toned up for snow plac the north,
S that the U Den announcement that To oe American moth- comandn smlar r g h or te t powerful means of eth Republican administration to federal payro," rowne said.
Stn aahe t f ti po ths to fn tof a*rltici n i a ahip of theirs a few years ao- a oeparte drive against Cam- "I am glade to say when the
tsadtMhhrre sall wre apsothers lere the o Ws a tn and that A check with the Canalo s munsnn o e tatAhter goi Brnirt reap amoutd aon ut
o fatally wahs a t ers m tea h rsa r ur t Aids to Navigation Division s. mentst. me hs ar ot were eas t o1,45

t5eos? Ie !in 'hsthetm *ronIneCo e rlcH psit oner thatoheir lD urin ab s i-nflc th ey, Tved thatyon an AntrMeweadb, Repubi n tNaemf c r mas th eovern amen so u ios-
Thoeaf lread wih- wTh wole is bounreh og welom pr touderel theseuwly averge t sowanr wathe the cplear the ael Chmm o ru t ernd act wsenhol wentooe kice. m
s repTetthio ends on Jan. 2uldb one. evey t three months, rot Houston on the Republican
mont.he0stagotot o -o th th e staunte ybsfeoxecutie om Iamitteebe opoid nt 0m. ht se..,o,_,,,e a. Cn oyscIwa hee
fnt etrae ih tA of the arstitce agre L ein ons the locations, and tathe e vecurti e ma it 'sb n
b t pacae sithe watint;n ofdirth Gur eekly transcribed Reportno to
Sc to antan. thtahed nitAc o I n s the information Texas;u" over the Texas state ne-d w tin
n thes rhore.-the at thut Uhas rcitvf, ter or
Thoft emilarie tosee heprson, been interoaed b lnt thamy C. Theee MtCehaman bre comple fectd the it n thedoing So s
firmed policy at prisoners r prisoners should be gin dwin ume arrived. ume without regard to the fact that on rain-slicked highways. At
zne c envoy Howe..flew to Japan In an att- freedom, even though they may r- Candal Zone se-Thipationa, a oewaht emplbe security. pogam ntin

e h d the bty ta e may reurn w bY se contrbutns fro fate dealt with by a political bard werermong tne passengersaetin ni ith cirntofneeaa
f $1 cofernce arrivibdn nkng ndy ftenon npaeshon-theirsactedwbytheaBogota'esuspetedofCommuni i stiCot-"Im-
fhaerenc woul be ad 400 In badtsybought with money the Panars liner Cristpbal from agen to offer acsistance to the denies. ,sg e stenp
R smerican-positionm-esuato nithetaOrt theadDefense nDe-t bthe offiialh a id the ven They hae spenti am vacaten in
l l r hondegeboycs.e daloorttentes ae under that the moJarster I would nwe- Lombard parents reside. They

e Meet PrraO t -- .... endson Jao 22 tny FxAdev srythr'eemotsdtie -
atrait. 30 om admission not t re ton and rmistice Yfr. Mrsa. Lobr ha ied Pon Fceo Ju Stormy weather hit the northern
bYnited"pat ibnsa teysawofdttot" been in ettes for several Asatlanicceabordcodaytslwin
th, t'stoc rAil andtair traffioand oausloing
aciTh re, the department t theyatewtheir olsln months omdleft for the antc oura n
-----"--toapaPnrnt-rheombeenac sipngndnooneashurt. oInland, snow and sleet fell as
tnthe tams" iaitedem he i mton ar nter the onr Dtheirecutiven beretary,d'srabsencetugwhichdoessmIagPrortihabeen.actingias cold air masj pushed down
TOKYO, Dec. 14 (UP) Idtd omunts ho' a "serious do- seven for each 1000 non-repa- "ringleaders" who apparently aWINCHESTR, England, Dec. The alleged offenses occurred from Canada. New England but-
land North Oreta deiotmand ksi Kreaeae, trsatef, have accepted Comunismn E.gA. Oian, personnel director 14 (UP)nA court clerk demand- at Lord Montagu's beach chalet toned up for snow in the north,
dt ,retunw United Nation trobpb would or to dsbg with her son, the If individual soldiers yhoweid over the rast weekend by plane rington DoufferaScott-Montagu in which the peer announced One storm, whipping uD gusts
Tdepart-dest .held, would open any tendency to listen to their ii ad one of Britain's lead- plans to marry pretty 21-year-old of gale force that drove a heavy
Defennse Du- dowoatherofipleadthe said, .TheirhtoeWspent&vaandd oal s tmhalt
a to convene Asxp c1nersio whathe th ensothouandsh ofdhers'oids, be ary hei oWsRimoNanwerersng peers went on trial for an Ann Gage, daughter of a British rain along horizontally, whirler
S Demandt.Rlu pin of fRemtoso en ndangered"ptouro onmpent'stfareturn to the Isth- veignia atln heour
Red, eeorth o- 22, bape 10te tWsi Jan. parents o .lqd parents their fellow prisoners. mus late this week. 14 year old oy Scout.VPeertacessJn
D 0 22, the date set In, the ariitice non, repatilat mmuostR He said, however, that of all During Doolan's absence. Leo- !Lord Montagu of Beaulieu, In magistrate's c o u r t last Another moved south from
arni agreement for the end of their lAOWS." the prisoners. Tenneson "seens nard M. Srockman will act as once considered one of his na- month, Lord Montagu denied the West Virginia, bringing sleet and
etlwht cestwltr osn toe'yowmntstlgbelern.baehei" A wet snow to sections inland from

Ut m. e tie of Britain's leading regiment, ly attached. heavy rain at mid-day, and high
thodayeren.ta ,e in historic Winchester Castle. A is "very serious and sordid" but heavy rainstorm. Two 14-year-
en*.Peo th e ehd'inlsa.arge crowd watched the peer the jurors should try it "with- old schoolgirs were killed. ive

-e 1n nth Edwin Hume arrived. Hume withoutt regard to the fact that on rain-slicked highways. At

l~ited~g sute" tomorro,.a Tlt inrepid-W wOmen most o4.- sdUent-- erBuny Al lead thadoe sair nakebi tei rhemedies." trre afr.I wshr is vsttoNwneYorkncn. rmr CyityAuew au.(otnudo Pg o.1

! ...: o 7.- '"

t.ry tare" that hherTwelte intrepid women, oost doi dvnnturer wir lead the safa, "Snake bite remeriess York City. C-
w m vnry. resume the g r em houisewives were signed up and he hai ,promised the adver- The women coming from Wono- Also on the trip will be Helen
lginary taP t convene a for the first all-female safari turesse th won't be anywhere lulu are Mrsi. A. K. B. Lyman, B..sberg, Hawthorne, N, J., a
korean" -eo*teence. r t o -estAfficar and they admit. near the ee M au Mau tribes widow of Gen. A. K. B. Lyman, cateress who wants to shoot a
a.taomi lla- ordered to ey wore worried about~ men o KeI. one of the first Hawaiians grad- leopard, and Mrs. Charlotte John-
"eat frL ., omrd.
t in to Amtn t by President a snakes than the fierust "We are t goingnear the Mau ate from West Point; Mrs. son, Syosset, L. I., a former debu-
igt 1senhowOr but will e J Maus "-WMi Putnam said. "Bunny Peaches Guerrero, once known as tant, dancer and architect.
to ore1 #0. o as t b Putnam, 31, Who org woulidt uik such a thing." Peaches Jackson, child movie ae- Her bulb--d, Air Force Capt. 1.
the safr so she could hive Afriena stives will wait on the tress; Mrs. Dee Norflteet, a Hneo- D. John, agreed to take care
e t ma jungle vacation. oid bemulne ljmiters hand andfoot. lu)u model; Mrs. Clar Ehmorett of their eht-year-old daughter,
*be ]*= n o tlle at a fllnda They will carry their vais eon. and Almee Baron and Lou Shil- Joy, while his wife is trapping
a1o their women with $5 each tainlg lilMtlk and sun-tan oil, cheetahs in Africa.
to spend on. adventur*--or wt te gms and amorasthrm e entire family of Mrs. Mar-
husbands foot the bill.t e W al t h a h alaroe Katain, Winnetka, Ill., held Mrs. Helen Balliwell, an Ard-
Six. of the would-be big game aand cekt L eonerence before giving her ley-on-Rudson, N. Y., wid o w,
lumtreesu win travel m aa reg
pem wool1 toa8ele the s permission to venture into the plans to leave on a world tour the
SHonoluluI tol" on the safir. The adv es will slep on African wilds. She wrote Miss Put- minute she gets back from the
oasis fro adelgha, anoth- Inner mriat'nattresses, arise to sam her three teen-.ged s*as safari.
er from W netia m. Irest ae hunt t dt a. aqd dine on suee- really were quite taken with the The 12th member of the party
fMP the New York area. l nt omts ot whatever they-or whole idea. will be Hepe Beavers, a New York
Ite group is scheduled to leave Mrs. Mairy Whalen, Philadel. City artist who wants to sketch
by ane Jan. 8 on a I&bhdIa, will e the Y& member jungle scenes.
thap t will include two e- onlmy Cone is snaes.,' r the saft Se also wir l be the
b% e bus" y "compIg In the Kenya Ju)- Mi Pinas saelt. lMam. keis a abastest-- feet tall. The mother Miss Putnam, who works for the
OILed" aabo Mane Mn. or of children 10 and 11 years d, Scandinavian Airlines system here
W &nwill, w visit MNo I Ielse. .ue all Winr Mrs. Whalen has traveled widely said she's also learning a few A NFUKD PICKET LINE It was the teachers who staRyed home fromschool atNewark
Sand 1 sin St da. and lived for a ime a South A- words of Swahili, so she can tell NJ., after they went on strike for higher wages. The teachers, members of the AFL. march in
and. ca. But who she eame here the Aflcanm on the safari when front of a school building but they do not caty placards in their pickeung because they co-
1 -- 'A -, nM a ian 0-- ..- e .I- -- -... a I, ,e wants a eam ~.o~f ted 5 ",m ndI"algm.' --

mpl Tiwo

Labor Nw,


"eo mns vwA. ,- NaVAnCE am s0o as o00 By VICTOR RUS8EL
YUEEven as Dwight D..-
SrlK YTOUltR ORUM THE READERS OWI COUMN spoke at the JiIted&:- s
East 42nd Street in MeV .hs
|ilE lH AT man who soon will rip i ye
A IL off the foreign front m* t
S H 1101 of the Hotel Barclay o- gagi
0 48th Street. And he., was ua. I
S- o -- strategy which the PreidtW
CANAL ZONE MOTORCYCLING discover is as for ble a
he has faced on an. frA"t.
For the man I tbh. htel"om
in and out of which dpehi
The other day, while minding my own business (an unusual a week, was the master maneuver.
occupation in the Canal Zone) an acquaintance posed an Interest- er of them all John Lewellyn
ig question. "Just why." asked this individual, "do you ride a ewis. Though some of callers
otorclc c?" were from areas ,ar removed in.
Ma ing his position in the forthcoming argument clear, he deed from the mine pats there
added: "Why lose your head when those about you are keeping white.maned, 75-yeat-old coal dig.
theirss" I mumbled some inane remark about transportation.,ger,' chief was thinking, and, tal.
however the question persisted I my mind until at last I decided ing of a coal strike soUeN tite
o set it down. Here then for your elucidation are the facts. next year-in late spring or early
I ride a Mnotorcycle for fun. I like the feel of the wind, even summer.
he rain. My super ego is satisfied in that I am the master of my President Elsenhower will need
teed. all his tactical genius to handle It.
If I want speed I have it Should I want power, it Is as far John L. knows that around about
s my fingertips. I am satisfied in knowing that I have these that time 1,000,000' railroad yard
things. ready to do my bidding. and maintenance workers may
I do not consider a motorcycle as being dangerous. I do not strike and halt the trains. John L.
ear my motorcycle I respect it. It can kill or maim at my bid-,knows that just aboltt that time,
ing so can your car, your bicycle. too, strikes mia y. be ripping
I take care of my motorcycle. Perhaps the paint isn't what through our gargasttaa aircra
rt should be, but the engine is perfect. I have good tires. My plants. Coal knows that t
brakes are excellent, the clutch smooth. I do my own work. I Old King Coal knows thatiAbou
now It is right because I did it. What do you know about your Donhat time, May t194, Davi ed
ar? Steelworkers of America will serve
I am not an ignorant filthy motorcyclist. I realize we are 60-day notice of the expiration of
pictured that way in the Zone, but ioin us in a conversation some- the basic steel contract covering
time. 6(k,000 mil hands eypl6eyd by
Find out bow little you know about motors. I have a college the blue chip companies.
degree and try to dress neat. At times some fault may occur In John L. knows because he
ny machine 1 remedy it. I get dirty. Better a dirty motor- has been talking regularly with
yclist alive than a clean one dead. David Mcbonald. As recently as
I am not a wild, careless, harebrained idiot as we are so often two weeks ago the leader of the
pictured. I am married, have a tamlly and have been arrested nation's miners and the new chide
rnly once. A parking violation with a car. of the nation's steel workers met
My record with motorcycles Is not actually perfect, but it is quietly in Washington'p Hdlel Carl.
good. The reason I look behind me 40% of the time I am rid- ton. It is an informed guess to re-
Ing. If I get hurt it will be because I hit something in front while port that they talked of joint strat-
looking behind. This is of necessity an the Canal Zone. egy in their campaigns against tbt
Watch the Police Officer on the corner. He will observe or- steel and coal industries. Aleoady
Wnary traffic balefully, but watch his eyes when a motorcycle MDonald has displayed his old
causes. He knows motorcyclists bear watching. He was told this UnJted Mine workers trainin
his first day on the force. Later on though, when he gets to know (pickeMurray in the Thirties) by divide
'us, he'll treat us the same as any other motorist. Murray in the oosities), by dvdon
Curundu is a bad town. I have a lot of friends there. If I McDonald and U. S. Steel have
want to enter or leave the post on my motorcycle, it has to be become close. And Lewis has tav .
before 10 p.m. This was explained to me by a Military Policeman ed approvingly of this tactic, for
vin duty one night. Regulation. I wonder how the motorcyclists it leaves the rest of the steel ani
,Who live there manage? dustry without the powerful sup'
I think sincerely, that conditions the Zone port of U. S. Steel.
S I think sincerely, that conditions n the Zone for the motor- John L. also is aware tha. the ,
cyclist will improve soon. The answer is not in persecution of the spring and summer aeonthl wil
iany, but in correction of the few. see CIO Auto Union chief Walter
4 I think motorcycles should be inspected yearly, particularly Reuther step up his campaign
ms regards brakes and mufflers. I think the military should ease against the giant auto corpora.
ip a little. They are pushing too hard and people resent being tions, for those basic contracts will
UBatI. I think with the elimination of a few "town limit cow;- then have less than a year to run.
b"es the gentleman rider may emerge. And just at the time the indus-
I o think that the Canal Zone Police or some community tr-al front will be flaring With the
tion should organize sporting events in the Zone such as political and propaganda barrages
4 races," "hare & hounds" etc. These are all perfectly safe laid down against the White Houle
t he i as proven by participants in the U.S. nd big business, the Conress
SI think I'llU keep right on riding a motorcycle, come hell or campaign John ll eiode,
Igh water, and I think I'm going to enjoy it. HA nd John dL., siJest a
"" .B. warring on the nerves ofp *
at. cloQKdg
iTRAiJ ." rATZONE POST OFFICES ent a a m re
Ir r subjeclto change than the wett.
or, theminers'chief wl serve-
This for the Director of Posts at Balboa Heights. on' arch 1-40-day notice ot z
Last year on Dec. 26 I received a package which had arrived airation of the nation's coal con-
the previous Monday via boat mall. On Dec. 29 several cards were tracts. '
town location. In both cases the postmarks Indicated a much shut down te aro
lier arrival date than the time they were delivered. Each time the land by May Lti
asked the clerk why they had not received a more prompt dent Eisenhower. is r
handling. from all sides.. T iri
On both occasions they stated: President's first major, la
"I'm sorry, we do the best we can under .the circumstances." sis. Lewis knows that oag
U Upon Inquiry I learned that but one or two extra hands were Ing advantage oth C
ed to handle the ttmendous volume of mail that comes to the these brra ges the
ZQh e n for his coaldl1r. his th/.
Millions of dollars are spent In postal fees by the public at FThe coa indurstiryI eA
this time of year on Christmas gifts or messages. It ls the duty Foame a rep 100-fat.-t i
of the post ottice to get this mall out as quickly as possible. A tormat at Roosevet ia e
Chrlatmas rush creates a volume about ten times the normal. It t Pennylvania Ave a
do impossible for the regular force of personnel to handle this ctio the nation's coal
volWme as It should be.handled. ti non-union. Some ex-.
lthe Statem tha"ands of extra clerks are hired for a three ets i non-union production
wek period to handle this ext volume. Is this locality any ex- pt 30. a et of the tot. Scores
eeptien, that the Praelit fotMe 0 f postal employes on the Canal if union mines are closing in l e .
Eone must handle.thais Pntic task without sufficient help? outh -ae figure places this 'at
Lot's treat our mail bays fairly and give them a 50% increase B diW ceiling 14,00 dilgers
I pelionnel fat the 2Xhisa rush. The public is paying for It Mr. In WISt VglNr a, Tennessee anad
r; It is not coming out of your pocket. Merry Xmasl KentUcky.
By st ng just before the oth*
major unions hit their employers
for higher pensions, longer vaca-
tions 10 still higher pay Lewis
will Spg leading the po-
iads. Actually,
warM either hard t
Wei stockpile, his
E al winelves on a two or
r r-we ek schedule a u 7-y
kUUie wilT be most Own
a him. For whatever
wls, will pick up too.
with coal fields para1 l.,
Presents: awsd d be strengthblingO
band f, vid McDonald's L

CENTRAL GREATT DOUBLE PROGRAM aiyi? spot. The Presidt b -
OF CHRISTMAS! dustrial -iit. To menp the U-
before he ,crcial 1954 Congress. Ii

"TIGER SHARK" q .." i k sp outt.L
t5, ____,
M~s.. -- er

- .. -____ _.__._.,__ ,._ -. -

Peter Edson With

WASHINGOX tA The cef 6s 4 iat Ay .e1- v eIdtt betma
fight over reo .of the ort t C
Soil Conserva tich j bih the 4vIU iS ilcly s-&frmq
U. S. Departme ture Of.ij
has new become.. tw ved in h e that three
farm .or aizat~oa .its that big iS uM led t
few d mirfIamen ap "a.e of all oI bo w tc aRto Iu
Its ramif cations. prp-
se ms to be AmAy =f ,
Agriculture E~rr and Ste
the Natfional As Adirft. got
Conservation DiW newest I8o0 ODO
of thi farm I just ib to was f
beg ln to cha. services
Its protd% W W- vir,
Jr., a LeaNpOwr 1 1 eattle. b t
man accuses Secrety rBon t are
ploKIng tAsdltwar.nMthe a. Uting I
sonl coaervation districtss s amet m a
Be l -demles it, .but his re

AgsiaTsntt SeeWaqry 31 I. t$ admflteht.thM IM Ne- i5 i

any reganlsailm of this d is. t a
that milw wonsemtism is thft new it w
sacred cow St a"r;I- lt e.! this work

hnder t a ofnt! It.. 11 ..Aeltf niu h 16r. "='A'

r aais d i a o fth i }ws kin dhIs -om aSIt W
m. H t-Bennet, am rt itr ae satI

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,r,i... .. .fel

-- ALSO: -

w. N er ie UP 0NO 584. 'PAMAA, R. W P.
I IeL"sePe PANAMA No. *-v040A 4 L-MIS-,.
p4n MAnioAvN AVI NeW YOR1 917T1 N V.
'I MONTH .IN atgVANC 0 '.70 8 S.BO
0Pi SIX MONTuH. IN ADVANCE _0 _o 1*.00J


.4 ..

w*allem< 'n


~hrn i~rninn

I. can

S ,

'~; ..1


- 4
I -,

"S Xi

* .-4


a;*.rt.1!%~ *-
a '. La
urn .u..

'I' -

UUAIl Eli A" i. llE iR" iaaW 1a a 1 A -




muA sweem aMM
M" t r 1 w ere
and car taor

oa #n'AA t ka net.w

I 'near a
or nutting 1

r "7 F ..-.

r It.SfitA eas ~ -.hcast.,
g ~ttt"'^e artebl o keep after
.. a n" Jo .w

SBAL mv Pn A '


~1 ,
4 -LN A
11wy hm-**

9 "'Jgl.

c!, .' -I
/ bmaiu m t

I .
,* '*(, .-i -. *. .* ,... iS!
" .

j c '. -L{J

u I .t'- .
-,'v O i ll


[ -,.,-^ ,-%,';, .: ,...,
i r .- i

p .. ^ *.,
i+ .- .. -. "' .. ,. l!
,, *-. ;, ,- .-fl
*K *-.. .. -,.
jii p ,$' "

n --- ---^ I
4,. .



- .4 .-. -


f i.". '~- -*.n ..

,, '-
t .

,',.,1.. -
a ...


AJW. 4.
iA 9


'- -^ f*.***

,, ,' ,: -
,. .

ltat r .....I.from
.......... 4... .......
.......... .. ......
S4.. ..... ......

4. ..... .......
BW 1 e. *5 **. ... .

.... ............ ..
i w I T i ..... 'Sh...:.;.

i I I .... ..... .
m......... ......... "

...'"' '..". ,.nf..
-, .,.' : i-

m~im i-










*o ,A '

UNDE $ 5w
S Paiker Pena ...............................from S 5,i
God PlatedWa Braeelet man's type ... 1.95
Mdtbey ea u a ...................... 1.
Cuff bunke, M .................. 1.9
Key and wattSehai. ldflled ......... .0
ar ane see. llrplatdn ........... 1.
arette nra, daWl lver .............. 4J.
garette H m sterlg silver ......... 3s

UNDER $ 10.oo.

Parker Pea "ll" ....................
Swi Calendar Wris Wath .............

e watah sao, gldfilled ..5.....

UNDER $15.oo


(^ .P, e....:.

wrist watch ............
ho gelfilled ...........
rs .................... ....





for HER

. solders, sterlian g r ...... M
I leather eveac bag .....,

F red pe S. eao ...
.erer ....... b *;.... ."




Wl ame Band hooke r (.s ). frm S 9.3
r adle tck ............ 5.75
S ar and tray, piver o ...... 7.50
cmmPMu"tt plate ...I....... 7.75
slar serving e ............ .
=aO c.uDu. D.ap o n#m.. .95

la Af..... ...."........ 14.

Msi.t.WMi: : ............... 7. 11A
umER $

/ Mail ,.la dom ....................... SM
i _nf l sl ssia.k .... .... .... I.U s 0
F............ .. ...12.56



for SIS

UNDER $ 5oo
Mother of Pearl Medals ....................from
Coin necklace or bracelet ................
Child's spoon .. ...... ...............
Goldfilled Pin ............ ..........
Leather diaries with "Cror" pencils ......
Silver "bu" .........................
Genuine Oriental idd-a-pearl ...........
Hair barrets oMfied ...................
Rbhinetone earrings ..................
Place setting Tudor Plate .................


UNDER $ 10oo
Cultured Pearls. fine sttrins................ from $ 3.A
Goldfiled Wateh ................... -. a
Lockets, goldfllied ......................... 15
Girl's ring,. oid old........................" 5.9
SwiIs alarm clocks ........................ .75
Braeelets. sterling silver .................... 5.
Place setting Community plate ........... 8*j
Necklaces, terling silver ................... T .m
Pins with stones, goldfllfed............... e
Gold earrings .............................. Lm

tifi gr.u *m

Blsihstone rins (European style) ..........from
SoHid old earring ...................... if
Swlke Msdans Wgteh ....................
* Pin a earriv rt"a. tdfleub, d ........... "
Leckets, Mewd m ........................
remse ad e ............
Rhestone welry set ................. n
Neeklaces ................................
Gold earrin s ........................... "
Compate sterling ....................... "





UNDER $ 5-o

2aT Plus a e
etiftl e. ..........................
kat e g tldfilled ...................
Picture fr sterling ...................
Cuff ltank set .............................
Sheaffer pemus ............................

UDER $ 10oo

a a
' tt fi

Swiss Calendar wrist Watch .............f.. ee I
Parker p .*..... .............. .......... s
Kfniftie ad tdsha U, Mfd ...S., ,,US
Tie s% i d ................ ...... a 0m
Bottle e se etg SUTer .... ........ 5.73

"Cae. m ml................ 7


.... ...., 4

i. ,^-".l-^" __" B B P '1

-. j <" **
-iin r'n'" ^-- *qp bY! Plin

* rqnz~ -
\V; ~.
- ~ -.
.Arc*v $~*:


U 4'-
r,.," -.


'0 Vie

ha,. ah


LI "* ..



it t'1-

* '- .,,' .
I *Aj k te tEa *

4 ;4
.. ; Aug.--


4 *4


*:. -

**S- a
L:; --






i A


SMrs.Pnr i y Be

NSiif going To Kentucky
ACO Ater 22 Years
RUSSEL VILLh.. Ky., Dec. ;41
By OSWAI.D JACOBY UP) Mrs. Toomas Palmir.
Written for NEA Service who along with Thomas Buntiii
iPalmer) left a life .t ,wealth
here 22 years ago for love an1'
was discovered last Thankaghv-
SD) I Ing Day in Orange Tex., may hc
NORTH (D) en route to her home here, It
4 AK was disclosed today.
V A Q 9 6 Her steo-motner, Mrs. Robert
A K Q.' F. McCuddy of RUssellvlle, sai,
A6 A 8 Mrs. Palmer has left Orange ov
S rT EA a trip, but declined to Qa3
6 8 7 4 6 whether she was en route her-
V j 8 4 V Mrs. Palmer's 76-year-old fath(.
07 0 106 5432 is alive, but her mother died
4 49 42 during her absence.
,'THU Mrs. McCuddy refuted repor.-
J 10952 that Mrs. Palmer is en route tU
V 73 Nashville. Buntin's home, uind
*86 said "** can definitely say bhhc
K JS won't be it. Nashville."
'orth.South vul. Mrs. Palmer, daughter of a
Sorm ft prominent local banker, and
1MI Buntin, son of a wealthy Nash-
6 Pas ville family, disappeared togeth-
44 4~1 pa er 22 yearn ago and both later,
S Pl Past Pa were declared legally dead by
Opening leAd---3 the courts. i
OThey were discovered living in:
SOrange, where MrsT Palmer
Have' you ever seen the sort of worked as a court reporter and
player who will play the first card Buntin. as a television salesman
from the dummy before the entire after Buntin's insurance compa.
dummy has been put down? This ny brought action to halt pay-
speedy play sometimes saves him nent of his insurance to his for-
as mubh as two or three seconds, mar family.
but he gives it back Immediately BunLin'r first family already
by going into a huddle over the had received part of a 50 thou-
second trick. sand dollar Insurance policy.
Before I go into the bloodcurd- Buntin and Mrs. Palmer were
ling tale of what happened to such married under the name of
a player in today's, hand, let me Pailer and raised six children.
give you a bit of advice on han-
dling partners of thIs kind. When ai E
you're putting down the. dtmfit 11nn
notice the oenng eade istrucid pns

pIn today's hand, North bid beau-A Brw cu
tifully to reach a laydown grand
slam. but he neglected the pre. FORT HOOD, Tex. (UP) Fort
caution just described. When West Hood seht a team of demolition
opened the three of clubs, North experts to Brown County in cen-
carelessly put his clubs down first. trial Texas to instruct citizens and
Before the rest of the dummy students .on what to do ,when ,and
could be put on the table, declar- if unexploded ammunition Is dis-
er had already played, the low club covered.
from the dummy. He wanted that Bro w nwoo d, county seat of
first trick to ride around to his Brown County, is located near old
king-jack for a free finesse. Camp Bowie, no longer in use.
'. *:th got his free finesse In Often unexploded ammunition is
clubs, but it cost him his grand discovered on its range.
slam. He couldn't get back to his The demolition experts gave a
ha*'L to draw trumps. At the-sec, two-weqk course of Instruetion in
qnd. and third trickt-he, drew action be 6 4.01 when td- if
trups with dummy'4 ce and dud am oiaor'. ioamd.
kin* but then he had to trt eash. Fifteen4ehools Were visited by
Ing two diamponds in the hope of the team and five-eveogng demon-
get4ng to his hane by 'rufing a stations anr talks were fivn. to
third diamond. He never made it Parent-Teacher organizations.
because West .ruffed the second Capt. Robert F. Sill, command-
diamond. ing officer of the 47th Explosivei
If South had waited to see the Ordnance Disposal Squad, said 5,-
whole dummy before making his 283 residents of the Brown County:
first play, he would have counted area heard the talks on -safety
13 easy tricks six trumps, a measures.
heart, four diamonds and two
clubs. The correct play, obviously of clubs to draw the rest of the
is to win with dumny's ace trunk .
,lubs, take two top a, an caiaminly cked t hard
enter the South hand e king wayIo lear his lesson.

100% Pure Instant Cefio
Better Flavor
Cup after Cup!

cHRIS -WUSIN.~ Pluranee

WITh iP Ar.,T EA-- I
PLATFoeM-r Ti*-

*Ian Bit


Anwrr toP jLa
W iS L-

ACROR8 4 Dma
I Monetary unit-4 C carved -
of Belgium is in roar
the I Aequk
6 Belgian knowledge
province 7 Interest (ia
11 Reiterate 8 Paradise
13Dispatcher IHeredltwry
14 Revokes, as unit
a legacy l0 Forpetrip
15 Communior 12 Fora 23 Stretched out 41 hdlitates
plates Rusian ruler s24 Small island 42 Jumps
16 Affrmative 13 Rate of 27 Withered 43 High crds
17 Diner motion 28Sea eagles 44 TissUe
19 Seine 18 Pewter coin 29 The dill 458 8liet sea
20 Violent stream of Malays 31 Electrical unit 47 Demigod
22 Hodgepodge SOCarrier 32 Symbol for 48 Nandle
25 Sorrowful (col.) samarium 43 LIi It stand
26 On the ocean 21 Turkle 36 Command 1i Follower
30 Flavor tribmen 37 River (Sp.) 53 Make iM
32 Harsh 32 German king 38 Noblemen edging
33 Baked pieces
34 Frtnch river
35 Heavy blow t
36 Mineral rock
39 Pause P
40 Continued
43 Indonesian of -
46 Idolize
47Belgiu ---m q rj
an interesting --- _
history .
50 Color
52 Dormant
54 Click beetle
55 Scaty i. -
56 Bargain
57 Eropean R" ~ ~
ermine '
1 Wear into
shreds -
2 Interpret ~ -

a amatic acievement..,.

SThe RCA Victor
Model 0641


Miern.Tmdlg Is exehselve
with RCA Victor and w as
never before available ..
is a table r&i




* .
* .5,9
- U

I t l l 0 11,A~ t
,- ^|R twl sfP^ l UCA tmIP

1* i Uh -e Mkr

*i ..dism ead
CEwiEI @d


7110 Bolivar a Col6n 40

Nobody Home

I THT E! ____

...Vyl... < HOLW.^ 7Nt -- V !j sII




' 4'1a11 3UNNI[

Ode to a Drumstick

I'm thankful tor
.My little doI.
lAnd even for
My Brother.)

Take It Easy, Elmer






I ~T

, "- .

'- Y. .1 m "


i ^ iWSYWII6



The Ari


., j .
. ., o,.i '."' rA
,. .$,::.!,-... ;-,.,


^ ^ ... -. l4 j^ -'1


It's Awful




~1 m~-t

V 5 ^ -- s ^ i I I I i ?
-. .. .- K. .
.. :..'.. ,*' .- .'"
. ', : :* ; I **' *:....

* '* *l< -;
--* ^ ? .


0,'F1 $

* .- .b p



ia .

-. *
* Y ; s & ; *- '

WAv u*..J,

^^^ .?F


it -SA-91
h-,o ,.w o "-

* *';'"l ..... '- '. ..* -- '. _


fa ~-

____ ___ _I

-- -------- d


^ '



i --


" *..


.... -. ,, *--.*- .. ;
.* m &St
., .i' T f' ii ^ '~ -'.
: *.1 ._ :


r~d.~-iR~lrY .4

1% r~



",. E ,,. -. ..
" -/, -. ,:' "J.-?>.'
E '" "n ; ,W' 4 '.

*l ~-'~

l... ,c w AVON*

'S. i F


4 4
-- S F

Y ~ *.
4. 4.~
~ i 4~. .414
~ ~'

'*-.'*** r ., *'

*. --
;.4n-' .


--:r. --:

,,,]V u m im

, am

4 ,. ... .

aske, and beauti.-
-..-N' "- 4,* .>t o

,.Jc %' ep,-_tf 2 cups

1 package prepared
2 teaspnda richhp

; stir flourmtml
duad dt oi k alkd

i.'kt to the fli Drg .-
Te about 15 to aX

i .I .
Our vaiff -


,. mistati,

...... s.4 a pp ). .,

usine, 1
os) ca i' 1U3 t-
mb' B e titd. 1 ttou N
,-a y ..d ..&-ld, o i aMe o
. Ap jkurd, 1 cup O*-
ba be cump Sated
yelo e 'heeie.
Kett n .1Ue .s e butter or
mt *or ad to tm a w-
mplrn .aUX. eAdd s
fI. --dr .the i gm o ;
" f4&RA the ashchda to
brbmu Al". 9W.'. 4WT h, -A
and musbroom liquid ad cook '
til goth and dni. Stir 1
rich nrepaered no ad two
of a 6 1:9,
thp tice. our the and
ein a iui U eP nWB5
F. forarinBteo. -a?-
erwi parslery

Now Hear Bettw
with .couomc.d
Hifuwrof R A
p* to 20OpjOMbiwi*

No. 18 J Strnt


bw e Do Te Rate o U.i

eofa ek.or-. ..
you h.ave alwoea aled a
Cad=lac and yW a,%WtUi S ,

uwld you buy?
It yor wife came home ith a
a d, wtAd your ft re rokW
"Thark -goodeu so te
hurt," or, "hov I e o M did
you manage to do tlltt"..
U you came home to Jd., orM
wife had spent the day' aft .
ian the ivin-roo,--a xnUws, ..
was obvio uy pleated
ruta, would you Se her m
it, or say, "I was just kiu
to get used to it the way It waIr
seemed to want o tak, would y
hide behind the evening psapfl.
try to get by with a ccaq
mn.mbled world in the IoptU t
she would finally leave you alone,
or woold-you give her yodr undi-
ded attention?
De You Comphlsl Aboit
Going Out to Dimnrt

When your wife remin you
that the two of you are z oi out
to dinner, do -9 tak the newt
cod-naturedly or start compit,,-
ihabout what a hard day you
hae had, how tired you are, and
how yeu qish you could stay
When your wife tells you her
mother is conusfe for a vit, do
yOU say "Good!" or "HoW laM Is
t :oing to tay this tm "b
If you d u are lat to be
late to ,dnn, do you .tta- the
trouble to call and taB your wito
or do you skip the phone cal ani
acuse. her of na ig whem she
greets you with, 'T-oked a good
dinner but I've held it 80 to8
I'm afraid it's ruined?"
Any woman knows how a "per-
fect" husband would answer those
qutations, so maybe you'd better
chck your answers with your f
before deciding you scored a Ba-
dred on the perfect-hMaband, tt.

S 1 ,I h' I
It may be iwconistt, but it's
usually the Squore who u
ormund in circles. o*.0

Get your..
| ~(Oppemiso *edu 1s Bl*tbe) 1 '*-

|cAey re Wy(ere! I.

.Lte4y Oresses or the (oming-



All steel


Open from 8 a.m.
,to 9 P..

o s48.



* BO

0.NN 0V ID

-IN EC~t
&m.Aftk a inh~hhm

' 1

- 4


-l I




i -'F^



I A;


4 4 .~ j$P)~)g. ~



1 6 o
_. .r
t ,* -# "T.








Below tihas ett#ped .e of our larggvariety of the most out-
sklnding a.d. .mal Toys EVER TO ARRIVE IN PANAMA.

Movie Projetorso I t.. .................... .. .0........................ .....
Touring Cars. C4a-b~- e mlapart, and easily put together ......................... 5.5
Cars with all geart, including reverse. Also with horn and radio which is automatically
controlled ...... .................................... 2.95
Cars controlled by betbt .Eoh battery lasts 30 htour. iNkrbagtterl-ean'be purchased at
ten cents eaoh.:TrJd t and signs included. No doubt thVimeet outstanding oar'f
its kind, ever to arriveIPanami ............... ,,......................... 12.
Boats with automt tr ................. .....................,,,, 2.75
Amphibious Tanks. A great novelty which operates in winter as- on land ,...... 2.95
The famous 8 M~ ftl nrOboys from 5 to 12 years of a$.. Stirdy in conatructin,. hand
breako ad uOhir d -ree for smoother riding. Attrautve in appearance and lon lasting 35.00

Toy .kr Uts. ltmedling Infantry, Air Force, Salore. Indiman, Cowboys and many
others, afl I1 atimln In their battlefields ...............................



sw, wed dol furntufe, two arm sdirdu taM. nd divan. CormphtT. 1.7 to 2.I

Humnrl s fvm f QsWany. All rubber And so sft
to the ah real-and iMeW r .Itimn.
Ru. ...

4 *-.- ,

- Opp- te T

x. ..
V o. .,

S r ''. ... .j -




II ~ ~-- ~ --Wow.~

I -- --1:






Jet Platm the y' --. i........ ...............a ... 2.'.9

E -

1 '-4


-t. A

,. ; -. 1

"- '.*. -; '' ;
.N,^ lj.
<|6'^-A j^t

PA! b*s_

~WWaMA AN3SU~,~'

It 12 words

7 Street No. 13

Justo A'osemona Ave. and 33 St.
B Street No. 26


CASA ZALDO 'Almersial de Publleaelei
Central Ave. 14 n Central Ave.u e
No. 3 Lotterv Plaza T Letee 7 3 t
Fourth of Julv Ave. t rie C _leal Ave. __

H Stret Nio 57

. N ..

i 8t-
S:-= =

n 0 WOM V106 QPJ.

Household Antop TRY oaur delc gntion WILLIAMS' SofClam b
FOiSAl: 25 cycles Frigidqire, FOR SALE:-Mercury 1951 Tudor, Pizza Pirep,d by Napolitan -k In V e a a05 ea p
F Prepared by a Neapoliton k in nara Sb=ib us '.-
vry good condition. 795-B, La overdrive, radio, heater and tail- our spotless kitchen before. your wee*ends.

dr aer. cin h Sc 5 .H C ,. Ca Bo 4
Bece Rooak Tel. 2-1003, Bolboa. ored plastic covers, .JuLst mrived e ;es. The price for Ore order I iU|H-l Oceanside itentL
.1 ,*from U. S. In exctllent condition. .5 Cts. HANCOCK IdAR, antnrl Clro B 435. ISoll0 lhl
t 4ALE:---Governor Winthrop Sac- Ahlet- fmw- tBess3fety tires, .'.venue No. 145, Tel2.36.L2, next pi tlaoae t .1a.S7, CrtoA o .
etary, $60. 6 mohogaoony dinnette gi. with no.time-limit gua- to Centrol Theitre. LQme side of.
.ehirs, $40, 4 drawer chest of p Co Solo, phone' 79 or street, private entrQnc f rs. H.ou sot Obn
drawers, walnut, $20. Electrolux P. O. Box 19X; tourant. c in COOLCs4o*s 1
with attpchments.--Call Ft. Clay- F__ _________l IPhon_ $_ _A_ _g erme .
ton 87. 4243.y FQ SALE:-Morris Minor. rConert- DR. WENDEHAKE. Medical Clinic p or, sieaos r" |
Do .Metal Ie, new condition, 4,000 miles. Centr l Avenue "K" Street, c .
SDR SALE: Double bed. Mtal rters 9-B Fort. Clayp Phone ner. Telephone 2-3479,r Prama Gralh Santa Clarg .
'table. Ice box, 2 chairs. No. 29 .. electric refrigeration, p A toves, G
S 16th street, San Francisco. r moderate rates. Pherne 6441
*n -ivi---- -- FOR SALE:-Leaving country. Priced n 4-567
OR SALE:--Mahoogoy vingroom rfr quick sole. 1952 Mercury 4 -------
suits. Sette, 4 choirs, 2 ccktoil Door Sdan, 8,000 miles, 60 cycle MISC1MU 4 MI Foster' Cotag t 4 t
tables, 2 end table, llass topped, refrigerator, boy's bicycle, living- Santo Ca6 P h your
$325,00. Phone ftilboa 5,67. room furniture. House 2306, con- OR SALE: Good price piano, Phone alba Z '
lOR SALE: Electrolux Vacuum tractrs area, Curundu. Phone $10. 00. nt, e Flexbi FOR Ri
S ; cleaner, llqitochmentis good ton- 4128. blinds, light green, 2 re 54 x 72.
cleaner, all ns. gB ia- b L 113 x 45, 108 x 45, 75 x 45.
Sditon, r nble. 5964-B, Dia- p 2 Pone Curundi 6143. House
Silia. "_ ."' .A_ 2015-D. Curundu. B V"_______
5Are r444-0,-4l 5; r rotor, --B, FOR R T:-I elle Vll i rll
R 5A 5 te retrigrator. MERRY XMAS FOR SALE:-Girl' biyL op l OR RENT:-In Bel Vis,furnish-
excellet i 904 Hou& de la Oss. Hous ed residence, comfortable. Inquire
404 ......on d IsOsa Hue 2 'I telephone 3-1920.'
S404? ,1 ,H'. Hud'n Hapy New Year FORALE telephone 3-920
Lane. Co Hrnett & Dunn heap. No. 26 45th Stree. FOR RENT:-Completely furnished

FOR SALE- r'Behave human male, $8.50. Be- llo V 45t s 9.
WANTED:-Stronog ractical nurse to Boat i MotOF have human female, $9.00. Libre- FOR REN r
take care of semi.invalid, must 0,___ & Mtors r-o Men6ndez. Plaza Lri NO. 3, R

nterir establihment. References early new, with sand and tanK Blbo 324 5616 Ddbl furnished
Phone 3-0208 between eleven and $275.0. *oo motor nd o $ -00. bedreos. h, bl T
'two. 00. Tel.phoe Panama 3-0010, PRlI GIFT OF A 'ADIO or mixer ephone Panamq t.44t,
Ext. 25 or aPrisan 3-3335. C. with each trade-in r t rotor. i. '
watish W g- VAIOUSr.FOR REN I- ,, 2i.8 V
Position Offered Follensbe h na. s. Fom aa REN t, 4ceI
hauffeur-Expertonced Sactender WANTED Pa FOR RE 'd-
chauffeur for Interior establish- IL.L L PANAMA CANAL C FOR RENT--Aiin .l O tobd-
nent. RcerIt refenmiLd. Phone 3n-tVRO ITIA roomsi, Pi gopt pch,
0208 between eleven and JOB WANTED:-re ays work aled bids. for opening in i, d
sweek as lDre iuse december 17, 1953, In the office Tel. 3-3434.
Sran fr, w of Su ntepdent of 5torehogss,

adooer a nm 6 0A
Y, To Bake 'r"i, Bl -... ,"

ootal Staor..houes telephone 3 FOR RET
SF4r rew^ t -and t steel tank located at th fu. N
S...8hee andoxygen Gambo. tel. 14, 32nd .-
Psor, land leelerwe!ding machin.R Vat-.LeHamq
Pcnamo Americap. Concrete mixer. 4iaplhrgmn pumps BNo.yd 3...h t eps..,
and road roller locdted at the Crls B d iaMt h i p.

tobo Sorehoues.. Telephone 3-1 265N FOR REN
STrpdgsngsDivis aaiosnGarmboa, tel. 4, 32nd432
The, .mo m.mlittee o s. blt
iscont s W O,;&, ,
cohurck "tipsi;Wiv 226Ts: 4i .01108 0p' In Ctu

an.a s lmerican,.iason Judge e poWilliam oL. C ,tlr ul 9 -". Canal.C ampod h T
E 41xzlary, Embasles 1:64 a-. breathing defiance at his suspen- eit, Canal Zone, until I0:00 on
women's groups and clubs to SaIn chief justice'in Germany,r a..muorne27.95io4 and te0 Io by tr
nt a c made his "swan ." s appearance." pw c oe ,d 'f -ec fihin <
..entipr. ll Bh Ae a lawyers. and materials, and for per- today WA l
o. Ir 1or c tAe, have been hostile re cguisld e hil n it i authority. alr
1r0mise. Pv'o d from -e The 62.year-old Iark "presided" forming all work -for construction of iSn t tonn c wit- *
lto be held Saturday from 2 alone te on the usual hre3l-ustel of pavements. utt. houses nd i li
i 'ppurtena ne es at PE-Ibe a. C 2 o.
I"op.m., Will .plane enter-o 1ai a "
for th e ci? 2e w ,rinw t r r ellion to w hat he ca!ls his "Pt Fc rm* of p rp os l sp ecfic olo n-,
waditM whe ey w' legal" ouster. -and .full p aoulr s mayal o
stras Week when they l oer tAned from the office of the Con-
be vifitiUn Balboa. Officially, the U. S. Cowut of Ap tct and Inspection Division, Room U.S.-Distrjlt bo l hey 1" r
The Program Commttee have peals did not meet today. The ses- I343.d Balboa Heights. telephone 2- L. cheuler Indlated of *

SSn o w S lo r 2 -2 6 9 8 1 s p e c ifi c a ti o n s* t h e
ose foba. lsp Lue.anal Cht ali; sion had been post'-oned until Jan. 3739 2-2698. Specifatilomie theftg, 9 r "1
S. tio ,atnd y "ury by Clark's successor, "act- and drawn will be Isued on a tla0' a
.... If. SS.l ,. tlg chief justice" Carl W. Fulg.- eOsit of $40.00 per set. Depot Ai ll by
ste. an f lmSf -- hu 1 be m forfeited ;f specifications r_
veriunlr of Plimla for bu- nd drawings are not returned n ial
i.mbr. .n orw.em to u!. But Judge Clark sulemnlv enter within 40 calendar days after and i M
LnIct she wives of th led the tiny courtroom precisely Opnlg of bids. fnn
httle of Manageme .tare 10 am. while a 1loy algrl secet ire p l alir s .
is o. December 19 from 2 to court is in session" and photg ra- r
Sarrnmg for transporta O cord the momnr. e. n. .
~ tIdlrwl d 'a n Lra ~ uar diat i r-m f A m.rhr ,o r d t f e l o v eromn t.W hes- -a""M p "e : S T I AC T I

briskly. ;,-.1-SQvtte-cotroled. Contuiimup i ii"-. the a. we repre rt.,
rCO lqei e g 1s u. Ar t e o on1 P ,d a lnkln. contnui
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missing thelinerProfort aelto'e or ,thool

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Sno w, N ret bra o uiiara .nid tIn Pleonnitng A Said emergency1t.
sThe Bufo. N.Y., ea w~ mitte Cnit entrh V -erme -t a reg r
IArm ;hot;rplli' felaftJ ref". go aim9" rli
Scthe is.No-onER tar canir witha k dhate g clalntovent p oR
ncsdtoue d. .ody me t o. asiuns teir athiea ot-i .. pi. --
withintheoal ofecn-Nemlpnerh elestat Drtmet n eml -, the rCla kt.heCrisoa, sawl.."
reuat sthr.eed s '-o n w to as free attd i9 hong. l are teReds "t )- & io o.turned AF B T

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...evelo ..therb.'.ifll'an 2, l e------- "omml lteuuljry1ta eiyuavtier a nditmoee tw I d, d1 i
a rioanlowtemaqrsthoes bee W stoobey the tate De-byinte. u ntc ry e Me
Lo, trains partment's ilegAl )sdws and have "of the51 mmbeu o1

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orets nd Ncew ed 1iUdlay a ir- t)es ra-.b W ntotfolt qe1 tras I a ea twse POr Rdb. Dnoj l eSA.ISA.TIO"

irdepet, wntdde soueld e aeSittiI sgavlss acu&ig lDiiso .
SI---t- l dnr and de-ar- ithersidSeioi s-!e s sei
heavy,th hour... i.S *5ms pule. --od. hIBIt l lwer..e int, 'Touc.i selec tra
nOw ben falling early toda have beerin to trky over im- .M .e___a c ool Itow-xlslrWf
e h, WASHINGTON Dee. 14 (V_ D'tlt ln m

ani dhur.. ...,s p.e...
!-t Il.w slid Lua ia .o _, air- I u i.-Official ,.

--....,f.iL,,-, TAe-,ienaower and tallk by top mill. ly Inltrate the army and itate p-- -;R.-" JW
ECB C lANGERS ta|ry and civilian defense officials PoOUhhceh OMt*
Ir .__-3- '---iomalit wl acb-duled a"r .oday and to- .DmlIdea their activitis In Oul-. sM" ie-t :
mrrow in the State Dtet tema the report said, the CornC CL
witMl _&lqll l o netic IIntrigues agalimt e'n (o1- p Wether y lone -- I.
S f n eay.1 aho urference, iihar to bref, emret In hodua. if. l i
' de." ....` 6 ing idistti V la a C a ingo
lea. Newl ef u-'"s-.and np' hg ""--"'"a nd .

hei q.a. W I O e4I PA3TON Uati s am tf t "n UK 'RW 7
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MOQ'HLY'. 15.00
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IlBeautiv preparations. gaily wrapped and often dlisgUtb a&Yute bottles of toilet water 'and bath ol (lower left center) tower u0 e the T-43 begyrtank. "I a) relly know 12 to
tidsymbols are tp contender fr s to the n vralon side box o dusti wd Coor her ce
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acon perfume French prse eenin (uppe) tin in a sapphire blue o lower rih n In
comes in blue and whte bounds tooh heck sparked with gold ludes body lotion, l d ai ecolorne. All set fo ba PT.teh
wMo rl ,o,'rNh

crBeautypred compact and s availy wrapped and ior without lp k. ottlesi can be worlet later a a nd bath oil (lower. left tenter) towe t S the T rtlly know
titde hms,, areatOp contenders for feta. to the womea in evear- onr side box ofst, dtia- c o Frel h pcerfme i g hlhrmainder d

y _____. .T ......... _a._rnat_ wil-- -_ bvad ey -- wh -- ie. Set of matehiuau wder and eolo me (pv IL oude .- d..t'..

hikes A-Program Would Disclose Carl Hall A paonnaie iea 'rlt w CentraI.Niaa
e e, Unimportant Sac power, et n as ie an Hane agaNos oft bh-e g' Ronredl, EleInntly bdred hhtme
WASHINGTON Dec. r 14 (UP i.c aiiiht puttrse evening tk o (upreat tru ) A tin in. sapphire blue ,ropng (lower riht center) In- *i .

aon Dean, rainier tal eta .Tat reh r Christm tr tear-rpe uo oia nrnha pough ali t. walw .ere
encrusted compact and is available ith or without lipstick. Tt'n can be worn later as or tetne, t a. av a it

Sg aue o.. dtheot-4 te .n dI nd e w

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Beal t reparai s gad to ly er Co pedanof with ten owsrul s" pua b ot until a few e solnutf ti eta an for fe aer ied o r ph i better Evinrud ad-fcnr J'
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ASdtOi Dec pl a bu Pein oh r Inmates aoo the Missoura tr. t aref pe t i..Wwi te. al
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kable t se oer proo mi not ig the Rusi cov when the pch air were ar- Hall apparent had t out gra number p-
rican U ercheona x osf ea carep in a new catteL pt t nd wn rsnble or my going le
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Sreen i a d t- b U. wsntr ard a reaed. sthe lmifeIn aos arneter ige.tan t i at ( righ k ."L ,I
r oa thme tl step towah eb o ctre sirtland his lepdti or elte4 rld. dat d spirn eitA the b d w ash nr
hic n tsreyneeawd. n e to ahepurefdeatur a pweap -lon the ie of emvlly onaler r Iobert o tend. copeorae -tio(rgh .
th at th e wadrwi o im- ot ma.d e ct be wo r o tr asI- a 9061l. ,'a ,la' .-ea
an e ,nte sn the Censa. teri--dn- h w a record $ m600,000 raan-N Teare e
Ik d P rbes "oficu o ner W 'u Hsaa heis d de arl al Nkoiter ion Hered" 'iTl
Shalt the ransom re-

reanU Fimporaadtant'S- ecaloratosDe than rested in St. Lou Rd. roe
Aide rsie m*a aA federal grad ury will open as e wed the
HbtoOiaveNo Ahfrends To Q111t

te He ar a w aitu h le d for heasn rin n hiansrs City ater k nOW ahis I.o
r 'ana tori. M infr n Eyr a new atctedmpt t fnh eway
: Si h heiDes .a M ita)iseminet e c what h ppenedg to e to the rast b
reionD the onre -te n ull ins at ake S TheEr AOly. car. T rchei l tto Soere ri-r'I
o ndto the iet sto lse 1 teo'. sr e tveryo'"ver d e wuldser said he axperted the grand h aul-eed a IrTyL e, ~se. wit e ,9,1I.
s r iaren inre frto or three da'ye. He Indic "Inard a ver a

F etBj S .th He fna rermrlndictme t might "nown b eor .
Idt t edeA .e dttwu f from the proe edngu ha. s kt o
'haeo e.rak ;&isenHall and Ms. Heady have beenr fsa t totTel
eretsw o tulpetisolated sinen they enter t aI ssi
4 d terestO" t Rlf t heswr ldaidete ison No. 2t0e. thre dao at h re s w
Wo-rderic i elo...... we's ... 'b federal jaytudgelbr ordered them t&U
0which awe >A oable to die. Tran
atomecs reacntomr -uOn aridayt nrsht. they I .h
removed [rpm their cells
at .... ,---,Inm tesoware, Mssryis pan usoere. .. ne .cal Is, nd hiliquor "n""u. .....

very at.H c d driven through the darirc proivldA
eresn of Coingere yar d to be ehecu o f oien d l
:l *m n a t hen Roms a nea on after i dnaeht. a ewg di a l .
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,e TeTcornIe s sar enoun ai- ufflsa i zestoorsmotvery si b- 0ADc "to
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,;*I. icthe Scveredwasnthelson of a rwerer- H p o Au r Toolde t 6p-

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.Army oth ier hais wife, Masi
a TI5, Smath CecliaFnept "Teirtxwing
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KLYIUU'U. .og. ram Friday. ..

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can Legion Au.il0ary Unit Nofr

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"There's nothing lovelier than
E ,-dI tebV she pih

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shiae n asm tuChse
f nhe 'al fvd prosthem
ndthew r ebe-om ns
itobeasa alseedlhenhe

sh/e 4 -at the tools she had
Me-p slaves admialstered
the- pmree. She died or
,B] g a. .w-
~the riedrma which

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dt ther
BcAW Vo) ain prao e who mr
t*M- At ofut.tlf and peemI

lamur6mus Dosus, who
*(*en fr. t e_ .
VA MW lovd Urbeymio all rear
History retards thadtiswere
gently -a.the SIheA died or
ar-ka csia. 'heir r"e bel.
uion lhel as o eiv l-cAbodiene




MOVi eS TV a '. I
byfrakme Jelhm.

IOLLYWOOD -(NEA)- E terature. It's part of Pox's blue-
Cudvery Yours: Gag writers w -o 'kints to improve her acting.
itt. but Ray Bolger sees -- -
aWalag on the wall for i l There was a weefr's hassle about
shows in which the chief eomn t, -but Zsa Zee Gebor finally out-
flir a barrage of Jokes designed talked sisters Eva and Md a.
to etqble up Mr. and Mrs. -Paro. Jris Double Z will get first bflia,
Viewer, e equal-size letters, when the Ga-
Some of the-early TV elowns, o.' sisters open in a Las Vegas
who trie4lmhe, na neq okc4 (gr .
teelque, are't a nd ta and W-
theurviy~'ays Ray'are, learn. Shrley Booth, not accustomed to
Sto take it easy with bey- th glamor treatment, pulled this
So the set of "About Mrs. Leslie."
W r W iht IMdgldiBXlW' fMt Ready to make an entrance Shir-
IWhere's Rapyeod?' shows were- ley was p ed upon by the fa-
n't funny enough" the limber- ial'- make -'up woman, the hair-
legged star says. "We tried to stay dresser, the body make-up expert
way from the Md f at mor tha a the wardrobe woma all at the
M people f tfhir seats It ae time,

DeaPnned the bsear w& uer:
'there's ie cholpractr?"

Joan Fontaine's telling it that
she didn't do th sta role in "The
Biga& I'joit eiuse bher hus
band, Co-eF Young, wa the pr
ducer. She has rnb hunk of the
picture and _nd' to,x~a a tidy
R um i Its bor h e winner.

To Iut"- As*

, To The Resam:

-A R dLhere s iUer
b datd
uarym. LONDON, Dec. 14 (UP) -The
It PlBritish tug Turmail of 'lying
Enterprise fame fell in Jlonadle
the 1b S -tn 8tavangerlord
to a today to e1Uort the ruderlem
liner wt-erly 1,00
t4 ht aboard fu t he Aut A-
wfoA terse A t ao rom, the tug
Wtam. UtB tma the gallant but fu-

:t Carlen- alnking American
, freighter to shore aMid: Tug
STumriAl Medevoused with the
Steamer sagerfold at 8 a. m.
rte. and s now eMorting."
try The orwelan-Americam lin-
Sh two er'was a" eng toward Norway
e ay at abut 38 kot-her usual speed
Le be Is 17.5-som 600 miles north-
west of the Britsh Males.
- She lost her rudder Wednem-
day in a l off ewlouadland.
Capt. CfBJoernatad was ter-
byW alternate use of his

S Bjoernesad radioed the ship's
owners tlat he planned to pro-
S oed dietly to Oslo with the
tug as eaeor. He aMid the stan-
vsagerflar was riding out a
e "amua gsle."
Aboard were M0 crewmen and
644 passengers, many of them
.. American ctimens born in Nor-
way and Denmark who. were
I. bound for their native lands to
celebrate th Chriltman hol-
Hans Chritlan HenrthMIL




tor's new sew Time series of top
tunes from 14 great American mu-
sicals la one oifthe most ambitious
recording ventures of the year.
Through the marvel of the long
.recor the four leading num-
erm each musical were
pressed on one side of each 10-inch
dis. ere are eight such long-
plays in tbh series.
The music range from Vic-
tor HeDurtrs "Mademoiselle Mo-
dis," with ts classic "Kiss Me
Again," to "Kiss Me, Kate." In
between 'e uch favorites as
"Oklahoma, "Showboat," "Porgy
and ae.,"
Here a t review of each

al r numbers aby
.Morrow and Mix

'"Nau Marletta"-Again we
itse Motrmw and Knight
u *WLifyte.r of
Ken." IlMO' ln reminds you
atof Ja t eM DconMald in the
"Nalnf Siall ag."
'gowbet!"'.CAVictor select-
ed aemblr *p- road show eo a
Yer Y n &o to record this one.
S ?C. Smith gives a rich,
baro m lamprasson at "Old Man
*ts Cat and the Fiddle"-Pa-
tril raml. Stephen Doug-
1s star. Mort familiar numbers:
TilIHg Made for Love"
i.Sa Y es.
iTo s 0s
'Tm Jat WI About rry
l i l"-1-ca Cal-
IWI wne with "I Can't
hf =I. t AuytUg But Love."
-"- B ad Wagon" Harold
&JIm '- DBritton and Edith
Ades h rBms. Best song:
D"D sl the Dark."
"'Te ttb Show"-Carol Bruce
takes lad. Remember "When
Yhe Plays the Rumba on the
"hBo a-d Bess"-Cab Callo-
weyeS Thgpen, Leslie Scott
do h ae em i f
de the dLel "It Ain't Necessarily
." "ameutimne," "I Get Plan-
lte Nutl '" and "Bess, You bs
2 Arms"-'IThe haunting
W B Whea" comes hEm this
a H t of at .


ley Me-Agad," a ner t 1 ia 1FW 0ken
Il as -the ext t straUon af^^lK MtraI'hb tre.
$ ... fDlr*-Ff adBl~l^w^tf~l'K ali 4^i^


knewn in mabt y
tertlae ent M eOljr m beobre
landed ofh O te S' York tMd
morm r les r by~ac~M.q
Fortunately, sl tan ef-
fort has been T a
musical comedy iCi -
has been a b to it
solid lyi tIn .talitC wt any
waste motion.
Conried, lo ng, l W d da11;
looks like a somewMdaytroos
tragedian but caries theadln
comedy role in ae mudes l show
with the ease ao an exuparled
comedian, which Le Is.
Radio, movies and ate ln eon-
stituted the Conried creer mll
he came East for the "qow last
winter. He was Schults a radio's
"Life of Lulg" for five yeon and
Professor Kropothln on "My rind
Irma" for six. 'Te names of just
those two characters wfll give you
the clue that he' an expert n
dialects. He has played many oth-
er nationalities.
The movies gave him a lot of
villain work before World War Ii,
but then he switched to comedy
and has stayed in that greoe more
or less ever slace. o V, his
tatet picture, "TheSgWg Fage of
r. T.," released earBer this year,
had him playing a Smmn Lgree
sort of music teacher.
Conried got into television while
in Hollywood and was one of the
original group that did the "Pan-
tomime Quiz" program, a char-
ades type of show on which he was
rarely stamped.
The casting of the actor in "Can-
Can" had one of those fortunate
twists. Abe Burrows, the author
of the show, was having trouble
finding just the right actor for
the Bulgarian sculptor, Boris Ad.
inldzinadze, when he ran across
d ofis own work that
had been several years earl-
ier when he wu commitng
his comedy pianologues at Holly-
wood parties. One of the sides was
a piece Burrows had done with
Conried. He played it and decided
that the actor was the answer to
his need.
Another big movie "nape'" will
be coming back to the state in
January when the new Phn-
ix Theater repertory group revives
Shakepeare's "Coriolanus." Robert
Ryan is the star who will return
for the leading role. His last stage
work before Hollywood got him
was in Clifford Odets' "Clash By
Night" in 1941.

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SOME TREE AOtWNMEti'--More than a i- ib *
Canadian mink hang from this 14-foot Christmas te ol a M
floor of a San Francisco, Calif., department store. M t ,l '
tiny brilliant put sparkle into the furry decorations, v elMt
more than $50,000. Jane Winter and Evelyn Hakali ad rt .4 I i
expensive- "dream tree." t


SPanama Canal cheaters, I

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Af.cmms...t "GIVE A GIRL A BREAK"
1its a I:1 Tu' ndr "Dmar IL On"
IABLs HTS. "Triple Cross" and "Rebel City'

Pedro Miguel rm L. LAM~JU DANEl
e "m "Rainbow 'Round My Shoulder"

G A M B O A T, WUUGH ?, *'D) d CAM

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s:1sa &I' "JACK McCALL, D ESRADO",
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P AGE T. I ', M O M ;

rlndiana. Kentulekv. Di

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Basketball Teams Live Up Patterson Seeks Carding Sc Easy
To Up Pre-Season Ratings Ninth Straight. Win As R Isque lines sC
NEW YORK. Dec. 14 (UP) Indiana, Ken. Victory To0ht ,quis 'teadl 1 .
tucky ar Duquesne have estaAlished themselves as n g by w
K he three top clubs in collegiate basketball. NEW YORK. Doe. 14 ( UP)1 ,lr gC l
The United Press board of20 were Oklahoma A As M. NorthLight heavyweight F"oyd atter- Vo an S mpre
coachs Di-ked thooe t h r e e Carolina State. Il!lnris St. Louis 'son, ust named rookiee of the -o"eat redi et
choolon top in its pr-sesonHol Cross. Oregon State and year," will tackle to h Dick ...ur
ratings. So far. they've lived up Dayton. Idle teaMS among thenWa retu rpen ash to- .h c frlg e d .
to that billion Duoune hs'leaders were Minnesota, Notre n tun g t- d tcp race trac lb
television bout .at the astern t n, third cha a
nIT-hts four r aame b. Indin its Dame an d Ul i.UCLA. Parka Ae a. t 1e. re -tur-ned a o. ,
first three, Kentucky Its firstkw y Arena. Thefour-ye r- .
two. aI nPatterson of Br. oklyn,'0of alrey I.- 40 .1 .to ,
this'week. playing W a k e' picmiddleweight championIn o mofir.n
Saturday. Wake Forest uoset t consecutive victory a" a pro- h a sie In
eighth-ranked North Carolinat e l ,,fessional. .mNhicksfs la
State last week. and St. Louis is, Wo. .ha ve tiven Cal

r ledo on Saturday. Dec. 14 (Special) Panami fight on Aprl 13. Patterson-B la "
Indiana had an easy ti eeme a to have the Inside wound up with a split decision. W r,=.Lin' i. n dulft .
bInain l Sat urday i hmig track for getting the Illnternba-- ,n*.df turday, tsquewon
5at7n Btle .. astu w ip sprda vni tional onSailfish Tournament At 19 Patterson Is o young bee fourr to give him his bast
Eof Ohio. 81-66s DuqKesne trounc- next year wth an invitation is not yet e rm fitted to fght I- B' wef' le ohe started id-
ed Pathio. -. Di n re 1 being extended h A. L. Bau- round bou o Nevertheless, he is uin. -tr les r. wn

o l monoled the ba ea l 63 bi to co me to Pittsburgh. RE a ni bbe^ a bu to 7. a rd ptssthe main en gaB
ts oI thet at l.sB oerth. to was named president of the light-heavy. contends A d her 0 boe o ,ing fae os la tota f
S, ev- t o t he t op 20.te a.. ,wasfavored at 11-5 today tobea t broke. .MI.setah poI
Seventeen os. theWom ingtn.emo mB mat'nB andehs two team- Was ner adu n, dapFtedDl uon e k's|le a t IedB whors a1n h aVaddss tw t ,_--C. pace
play ed Sa t -urday.Fo ur l ste t m ateswor W yom ier F in ,ou e o and m m uch greater exl amnee in 4d1 |h t 1. ^ .W t r ".. ', .-
-Lasa .l~le^.^ Ka nsas Barn *t
S Santa Clara. Unran .i ed Louisia- am Moody, wound u In bouts and an advantage f at a d i S M
na State beat fourth-ranked eighh place In the ninthan- least 10 pounds. o o l
ed 27 poInts Kansas State- today. Both Forgeson and Bau- ht "h 'F o te st rt
ranked 12th-downed 17th e a -rank-ie hf I oc .. -.--. manwe-rc ithea sPlayv nd
med Wyomiln 76-69 Tenth rankt fish catches during the event.y, D ., ie ace w.rtlS c hmpth oiebwln u,, ofX 1 d _O. .m
Sora aa m 1 heassociation took Ban- -NdoIno noohed a wid ga
a ed California won fr om 18th- TheI; & uA n.. 5 wid hItre
m as an 's ar to o mertobPal ar, ewindeupaet of e Isleling tuuo e
Coi ranked Clara Clars. 63-50. us tcm toh PsaRECEIVING oE h- pi .r -Dibblenmaabouto i hw d ui, t
lt o blotherh w winners ronq he topI n e 4 lnd r adv semen t, UI' I fw Trom Bobby i TiheL S0ions' on', gi ngaof 1,'. ho 1 b .. ,' in'F

lbo nd th J unor Colle aool dn hcluhe !Qun molt t B Ton ihtndlen adtr pBri, t ion 3eassa I Ch
a s t to#beawll o i w to oisll ilor erHegll b t he Sc oo.!basketbad Lo l ayerDlel w.s N g t as t he --, a,
S bkt h anoe o t h Thd sel wa m be ep l o' "'- i
S ho terest In theo sport from wan- t fA.s Do .ldel' *'1 e him.' a1as8i
asiri,_ -. ._-_ I -o J1- e -.
It wUll be a do or de efort orIn order to do tghoui o rhoweveorthe Dvistron g ote fel d cgoals and o' .r.e .toket-W....
the Balboa Bulldogs cTuesdayhCoach Walter.Mikullb J htllandveeballteam LaCdi who have r"er e JhY S e --a. .
night. at the Balb.oaG .ymwento come upwith cioghai played the egame from junorr-e bro T* jHeE ."tod r i* .oef 21-oldnT .u4er.l- ., .I11
tey tangle wt th the l o hn, ot a u o high bao agnoe tondk o their ven whih befoagande- Ih thehavlIn-Petei tnrse $ iImi-
trstohebal basket aolftuteam. n hbestgame on the floor at the-Bove Wt t rom -wtamC .wh... .e. alG t ei- D; I ( ___.
i t wl be aldo o ffort f 83in oder t hsh owevfroiun g From ithatdesiears m BSL nd i-
l still aB mathbo ucaldocag ne Stu s oachti Wa t heir MrI a wi haepiethe rogAthleticclubba ets B llh in ..
the title, the Bulld oas wil have n o c e up ain.n e am e mbin oat Poion b all .A team.Ls, who. h a..... .. e ..
toe to ne d out allh the h wayIfg y ffivey e n b ose winh a n th the i ne r ser ou r nt ortd- ; _[okTday. I.wwdneBilMrti, -adte e P bap a "1
or Desputn teorht unirao tst....bplayed t ueeae fgom n io e in riat t, fu L- t
thy Iari hseymre t on Tusdhay w i h s t hey kho t-l.T E TuesAal nlo lethey s The Pa cioT C ole pblhaheno B a m th ,a-oa a narro w 32 sO Vr
rihter b ask thble eam.t Trs h nt ome toe upbest. gameron oor a t, thern hh n m aMndy e su e d hTeaM iee et e., .
age who Stogtf
e-wUti a ma 'thematical chancerat sameow- te.t of.1 eatwthathe s ,.etthe Carslcon-ep B L d ', '
tohe oun td l o u ale way ot e ry eeto ie t en nin g t toth netereutere o a e d l -
1 the unoa r-sre tea sm.ns fonm T oie--ngn nteyIat e Cae nlZne Junior Colleg e qin teeri atwtac-..."
the two schoolsuwillustarBbhyn s.ta1m t te a re n
ly after 6 p.m. an the vaTsyhave tod be up to. or above, their boa Gymnasium Monda y ethe lue d eilr sweep to I .
o hme wir btakenthecourtt ePen p t o f-, t hen eqason.eorue- atrtbinedg q Wn.. -
foz o l besto f e sD id ame c. 14, game tain championpe byr ie tog a 4, 3goi'
Ing this relminary contest. Cristobal will be counting time, 7 o'clock. t lma n

Doors at the Balboa Gym will hear. vily on their veterans t all- T to eson tIe n. n
S at 6p.m. and the fns canaround basketball player, Gene The on Rams pose 2net-shotd, o t es ot th
be assured ot good seats -In Dider. Thus far this s eason he point m .akers I n the small evening heR the two Juni o .g
Ie sout o yh i r. has proven to bee all they said he shifty .Kr bi t heawu to h fdor f r ,

Specrs Rob an oh vee"sBob' area dn 0ter l ...d
d a at t1:0 alm..iVA. i sn1
i s.a th w ins: overbopou ld. be. A clever.bahnel bs+_ a ndt t tI yT7|7 .Csta wtw'.y u ilEhepliiay.e t eL
Balboa and the Junior College a cool head In theclutches,r and mt han nethe prm, c tio n w I Nte r ti--._

em to be B well on the way to a consistent scorer. a illh rbetes ea s w ashiosha sI- tog the o a-. e1.n-

tehe e n askeru tranaL ooej l w as hzys'as he.aler.was4A 16
S another basketball champion- the backbone of the Tigers ball wi Eda P cArth ure mal y be x- f low l rw d at lb. tal ". ., 1
ship. The Tigersbl have co-mpplnee- i cltulpamcte--"tehote-""w all uafi.efl coul feltat.a N
ly reon .lized thebaketball.ati-egamnecep ton, t ho a lpe, tuoo rlf e1 -n ,gh w.utL
i 1 .e nge siwitnce to Derr mad e .2t orhappenb he fte at- ..
i n t ,- .past several years. G n sd ao id- The Green Devi n of the Col- tivities were otei U tP
The Bulldogs forced them Into- ThJer will be John Hatgi and Dud- loge have noJoutstanding point The Tiger J.V- learnwho had

playoff game for the tlJe two: ley Smith. a couple of speed mer- men but will re ly on teamwork their strin of victories bro*f
years ago. but that is the cloa-.hants. who get around sToo f as t

So ...f asdtarb.l.- atsthmen sato n athei.d o'_ we bon re y he ...1 + 4 t '..
ed out of the picture In recentbe more than one of them. Bill f e. h t ns ht. aed th ei
Y Cears.N Roberson and John H ay giv e rt r s o ba! 1I f Cdt ..ah*. a.. w-
In the first meeting between the needed height to the team. WioIo a wam r- 4 o t. N cll e bSgt t 4t
the two teams.ctheTio ern pource dm and both b oysl hve obee attinar- thee jai, W :'on .

daughter. oStill smarting under Still looking for their first win epe oioorfs m f the r i .9 ., ..
io t Il -pct he campaign. the Budos Pacificn trall-,star. team, whichllamwii en bw J.V.- wr 1 BM
S e with their best: will be giving It all they have e s ano r 'ra n gf dnlocked at 2 each. Pace.. by "J.C.
game of the season Tuesday. I this one. Even though the Tigers-visit of the Jamaicans, I lo' t Wa1e o tarOflleIIor I'. ,11.I "'"
Belboa has shown Improve-lare jrohibitive favoritesabefore ..1 ry rmp ressi e i a wic "n th'eer yto w "p b" seI
I t are onTesd nietthaey the game starts no game is over match played Sunday,- on the I& Igo t th roietf ,.-' y*e
memorable night, and If all their until the final whistle, and Lea- Boca Ball Park. 2n o1 It a n w .
aketbali games are no exceptions, Thaaifcrow32Cor skipperse d by,.,.
might upset the touted Tigers. Ihen it comes to upsets. Hhe. Kerr me s agalnst L.p hd o e "". .
s. the stiff b i of th P iclifted ,ro"gameInt hep .. .. .....
All Stars. The Colts were hand- -folkh, "uaitr because of a ed 4...
capped by the absence of t t h o..
I I AugustussDennis. M1 0 thn wereeoin t *m,,.. ,V
erts, 15 were top scorers for the Si .. of his to. l
Stars Alfoansao Luke maintained h'a '.--e the C.,te-t: ;otl sbe.t., "
his spectacular form by caKtur- .hilLA'man wo2.;..
II Wemes and Edgar "Red" dou n rt .l i ur thRill ingl.V1 1 Man,".... ,. '-4 1 ,.
St St ar s t o 49r unort tO t rend era w ickcar me-P ti~ef-t t s1t a_. wh_-,, :. .'. 3 I3 b

.Schocht Skeptical -WN. ...
Of No-Talent Typec R
Stars In Baseball '9A
Faltering Philip! NEW YORK, Dec. 1 4(NEA-I c
WIPtplr e lt s UMWLb oruse LdPrince. Shhai own Ideas on the
irege- d "aie gs he m e u-se tnt", particular tal- W".dln"
Ihll-wm IIIII 4111 nip le --. lt' J ent" type of player., l+ '
b me le nw. "Show me." says Al. a lcond
baseman who csn't field, can't
4" Chafmf t m e ribst cluel n't run and can't make the
doub e tlay. i1x they said about .
Stanky. Then you know what I'1
show You?
b""I'll show you a boa-fidm.
..... -bum,.*


.'...r -.

a&71i I

rl~~ i


Be Best. I

I.C. State Has

R a ."al,." .-it;..

* *

* *


lower c

b. Oeorge Is in semi-
I.. where in thei
his turkqa;
It f his time tend as
makes better than
a fear playing it
-ei, fairly so.
V of the villain th In
p wrestling fan"--'5
u tkeza tWaonn-go for
m,. hubadome hero.
on Lou The and
tlUat Oane are a
prime examples.
! Iltherr bie men in


age- oIL

on Id l ,. I

to DK "". .4J'W1""

I., .'teat mean can look
RSI a jum to the Oreco-Ro-

. *

4am o .f 'smp* f1 itw
:' '. :. ... I I

:| Ir

extricated Carls a ea from a c
lightweight dfrop a uu imoM dea



" *ti4w four* st
la M neapolls jab-

SwroUeid M8
I IMs hVa un-
o* wta -he'


qboMr: What makes a pam
B all so hardtor an


-. -. amp -,... .. -.



age m folly eonvi-

safgeabsmy itdiotT

.Why dontM

I i -! ..:'- iI



..:t.A' ~A

ot for yourtef?
Ds : tenl -""- -.
ad ee how thsir progtp
filter traps the a ooti
so it cManot itate .

j inyp r i.Mllds.Ia i

w Y.r M.

''a^ '

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This Ish r new
which Aelavew
ywor hebbI

A. .%,
:--- .L.

*i- -- ,

u1, **, will be cseviime

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.;. '.,.

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PUlM thM
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Ik ... -* ';S

Bro .-

I -:

French Ask NATO

To Counterweigh

furopean Army


ht Lw mu m Pim nAL=
lc= .. h. h.. "L ... L e.St_ Ab-L "

PARIS. Dec. 14 (UP) I ,m p .e opIP uvw m eTU arM, country s -- Urf
France called today for closer -7, 7 7i.
unity of tnar North Atlantic Al- TWENTY-NINTH YEAR PANAMA, R P., MONDAY, DECEMBER 14, 1 .... CENT
lbpce as a -counterweight" toPANAMA,_R._P.,_MONDAY,__ __________1_,_1__1
the European Army, which It
The French Minister of For-
possible to achieve.
timed c would otherwise be nm-
gfaAffairs George Bidault ol- S
vo served notice that the United OS BlankCheck.Sp
States and Britain would be '
asked to guarantee the new J
community through NATO as a
condition to Ita success as the II
2thNATO Council of ministers urng Travels Under Probe
Bidault unveiled this new
French policy in his opening [ O4 n
a cchn as airmlan forp the e WASHINGTON, Dec. 14 (UP)- counting from each returning tray- tion, which goes over House mem- think Congressmen should subject -
spech RS Lhairman for the year Rep. Clare E. Hoffman (R-Mich.) eler. bers' ordinary expense, accounts themselvesto-rteu mptation. NI B i g
of the North Atlantic Treaty today opened an inquiry into re-lIn other committees no ques- (covering dollars) with a gimlet He wondered Wy y shouldn't s
riranization which opened a ported "blank check" spending by tions are asked. eye, rejecting such itm as lie- have to mneake ie tM account S-
in ree-day meeting of foreign, his fellow Congressmen in their The State Department, w h i c h quor and entertainmntmt ing of what they sped- even in o"aOtL i
defense and finance ministers travels abroad. hands out the money on request, It is a tradition that no member counterpart funds -- a is requir- turn t o.i n taxes
Vt the Palrals de Chaillot here. Hoffman is the peppery Ch-ir- does not inquire into its disposal. o0 Congress questions mother's in- ed of other officals traveling on thrk-Ne v les y e:
General t mep hasis d f thi mothe man of the House Committee on Nor is any accounting made to the tegrity. All Hoffman would say on government business. Other pat are: Ell
General emphasis of the meet- Government Operations. In this House Committee on Adminlstra. this point Was that be doesn't "----
9 was expected to center a- capacity he frequently has tangled .
und two political topics the with other members of the House
ropean Defense Community and of his own committee. ,i A
DCi and the projected west- He went into action after hear.
n-power meeting with Russia. ing that House and Senate mem- a
Military considerations were bears, in the near-record, around- A l-
Ihoved into second place tern- the-world travel'se"son just end-
perarily by the press of polical ed have been seeing teh sight at a T
irs. n m um expense to themselves o n s
S wi oui w andl with little or no accounting to '.
Itdault. while outlining what thitaxpayers.
ance expects from the confer- Rep. Daflel A. Reed, Chair-
ce also promised wholeheart- The system is to pay the bills man of the eouse, Ways and
Support for President Elsen- with foreign currency, put up to Means Comd itt ., and Isidore .WNC Dec
were's recent request for a match dollar aid from the United Dollinger, member of the Bank- Millioni Or persons
aceful pool of nuclear energy States. This money is known Iffi- ing and Currency Committee, come brsekete wl .
h Russia. caily as "counterpart." o me were scheduled to arrive here taxes pext year despi
In the. meantime it was re- portedtopreflawmakertheterm, "n today on the .. Cristobal for that Income tes w
rted the United States will er mo e erm wa a three-day visit to the Isth- bout 10 per cent stbit
i its European allies this week mus. BIb we'e aceompanled by official figur- g a9
at unless the European army Under a 1951 law which came in- their wles. Th6e. reason that
an is put into effect by spring to widespread use for the first ed Both Congreaamen have viosit- ft>itty cailnd
rican military and will be time this year, a properly accred- ed the Canal Zone on previous .ffoive at sJam
t drastically. ited member of Congress abroad occaslons and have many friends Tha figure, t 0
plomitic negotiations lead- can draw as much of thil money and acqualntaknces on the Is*h- .UabLeo Pre.ra %
up to the three-day meet- as he wants, and spend it for what mus.
indicated Washington had he pleases. Reed. of Dunkirk. New York, of h reWel
nned a supreme effort to put Frequently he doesn't have to is a veteran member of the c iouples wlt 0 W
Iross the European Defense report to anybody on what he did 'House, having served continu- Eolr e .J.ufrla
Cbmunity scheme for unity on with it. ously as Republican member in ft
,lor else bas or ny on Presumably he spends it only for since 1918. In addlaan to being ad ot'
SInformed sources close to the essential items like food lodging, Chairman of the Wayv s .an coe tax c. .
VATO conference said that nev- and transportation. In some eases ^ Meua CoMmlttaeihe Is'lAlOa &-
before bad an implicit threat committee chairmen are-reported ternatolb an t e t an
v the United States to cut .off to have made this presumption Jo lt h
L been made lainer than it stick, and to have required at ac- D na, ri- ald and M
uld be rfow. clairntan of the Jol Commit-

anamm Red VRieemi hsb
U.S.nU overnin
d M this Canal Zone for
EIGdT YEARS A RUSSIAN PRIONIR British Pvt. 'rank retroactite income 1 "
nhi O e W. Kelly, Ill and emaciated after eight years lib the dark tAbs Ineomet
Thid O f of Soviet Russia, sits in a wheel-chair at Hannover, Gerdnay, 'alt
U ti ng and condemns the Reds for their brutal treatments of prisO the. Income tax aMI*....
m- Kelly, who several times appeared near collapse, said ."I eve.n eut beginning In J~luaTyy La- h,* .0
A $600 fine was imposed on i- LONDON, Dec. 14 (UP) In- my arm open-here look," he cried. He showed the long, Jagged ter the effbecve d was lbw
eed Panamanian communist LODONDec4 mm t urple scar which testified to his attempt to cape Ru changed to Jan. 1,1b a bll
OJrlos F. Chang Marin'by Gov. dochina's Vietminh Communist c captivity through suicide., n ntrodced by Reed. It was es- r
Ajerto Aleman of Panama on a rebels offered lst night for the timated taht the ellm atlon of
trge of carrying a gun wiut- third time to negotiate with the retroactive festt of the
a license. France on an end to the Indo- ineonm t ISV 55 = P3I-i0 "
Chang Marn wa arrested cinese war. The new offer was Dulles May Ask Molotov .-oy h
Friday night at the start of a relayed by Radio Moscow.D
meeting called b the Pro-Peace As in previous offers, Com- s-'a-gea is aho oe r
Committee (classified as comr' 'munist leader Ho Chi Mlnhaid :I YorkStale. a UIs a DMead Too F eai
must by the Panama Secret he was wing to discuss a truce ree US C vilians membe1of the House i9the -
P lice) to observe he sixth an- "if the French government real- 23d District. His hoo in t*he IIe a
5versary of Panama's rejection ly respects the independence i oBronx and he h Mt4 m- withe PO
of a bases agreement with the of Viet :Nam and Is ready to -rme usl c November 2MS. HeI g 1si o1nem s a
United States start negotiations. WASHINGTON, Dec. 14 (UP)- land prevented a m leaving that hasr the Canat l maP e on w g Py Par
Secret Police efforts to arrest Secretary of State John Foster country. Thirty are In jail and Mae two iocus O0q taxasad
Cbang Marin also resulted In He made the first Vietminh ll may urge Soviet Foreign ider hou aest Bh Congr e their
IfSe arrest of the communlt offer of peace Nov 29 in an in. Mitnistr V. M. Molotov faee-to- Tlw hlast three Americaa e.I wives have made Tese to
Partido del Pueblo president Hu- terview with the Swedish news- face to help free American civi- laa to come u the Red C- return .on the 8.8. toa, ft
Victor. and two other young paper Expressen when he offer- Bans heM on the Chinese main- haAd ~r fd he erua1 which saio one day only on Its eJW
es of Chinese extraction. A ed to negotiate the end of the land, It was learned today. h ma q' g g. urbou YOM thi- WeeL, o A.
t ee were sentenced to 40 days fitt theU States previously has Tis a
Sting" the police. The second offer came last ith Red Chin n be. e eSm oke rm
Detectives also made two Thursday in a Vietminh radohalfh e U. S. citizens held be- Preo"-ter-a --w
more arrests Saturday, follow- broadcast monitored nagon.hi n tgo n e Ricahard Applegate and nt as~ aleed d m e -onir
Ii an announcement by a gov- That offer said the Vietminl n DoiM oiandhrd ipCapt. le 4int d m he alU ma aN.
moment spokesman that tae was;'determined to keep p its)..Kraner, the latest "to7 aa- mhokedoetIAer'
tmon admInlirstaion intended resistance until final victory." reeZ.peated ho v to as L nelghboh e
td crack down on all known The latest offer was even W ny renew that request.=ath!s he wd to the cc Usl%% -A-
....... n.a.-aand thai. #M-, ^. moren roundabout than hbfore..--- --1.n a---.. .,,,a .
CUI~iflUZII" M1 ----------- -- aN WUCU E. IC sga 111 hO190egme

c mmunistis an thei rront or- .;-- .,-. v "MC""*** sversonally when he meets with The CouUt 10 e has
ganizations. Moscow Radio broadcast a dia- Noetogv at the coming Big Four fgd a strict galiue h
Ruben Darlo Sousa, secretary patch by the official Soviet news foreign ministers meeting next U.S. officials are not re
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*hop on West 26th St., detectives '. se been assused dajlq
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S paganda, including doc'- ..S*hoR u
which identified him with .matter upat the
Pro-Peace Committee. ........


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the year caught this motorist, Harry Rhoa.l, 73.,
Huddled at the side of the road, new
the unpleasant task of braving the Iulia in.

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