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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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'. t ,- he aesr ofh
,.Yt adne U7IS- --m WASHINGTON, Dec. 2 (UP) -Cbqtimtn Joseph
Ss u! h S a J-McCarthbclined to say today whether is committee ae
. ofea whamoicuse government operations in planning to pe on invest*'
oeerded to me my tion into possible subversive activies in the Canal Z.e
dit to er Questioned. about a report to thar effect upon
Oary ?has b ta EM retrto the, MC earthy relied, "no coM
St ettable eleSh (Balboa H e(S today reported so knowledge n
quot- to .v b". way or the otherof a McCarthy visit),
u'e*s. at the F- Earlier Francis P. Carr, staff doctor of the .uwpit'
", m fat whsk ew tee, declined similarly to corn t on the subject.
"EIUiabdetb ". Informed source said however, that it is very dou6
Meanwhile aawi John S. 'ef- ful that the Se tor onning to look into the
bold and. his entire staff ha re- Zone situation in the neir future.
celved a message e of ebataml-
tiths for the "gte- ," of President lenhower lid to- dio broadcast McCarthy m
Queen Elbet 's vW t e day he is in "fa. _cord" fth last week during the furoreoT
S Zone from n- Secretary of State John Fosrr the Harry Dexter White
Sa the Army arl Dlle' awer yesterday to Me- McCarth's speech was bil
sOb, chalrmn qt tb .of, s tack on ad 4minltr- a reply to former Preident$Tr
the P Lam a C al C iay. tMo ftan ocy. man ut, be also eritlclal -2
Sd ge to Mr. E r ao ftly Elsenloer administration.
.the igerqor, reS d t uted at a i.eolerence e It wah the first reply by 'at'
"an t o Woa Repabl s state- adminis ration official to
orn,.. 4 oonra, .am to meant that communsm-iln-ov- Carthy' criticism of009 foet
Sad., yopr tu emient ll e a had ue Io next eign .
ow year's co wenal cpain. Dul es not mention
b re"st WWrtvo y ex- thy by harme .but heA
oy2 e prf vream lop thin fear of douti as to whom
hJ s I Comman uiN.iiily ft- ref a

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t& will con- his we bea
canvai m$amto "4a s
Slto and wa n wants the S
; tion toW ear Sat rr to "thres
area of Od 01 w am to reswib Its
Htq to "do, per bid "
ubbt t mg any- w bo ap Mr.
eaavass they "Ie sot piepLne" to
I lona at the medtbols
af. r (No. 3823 on' Dules made an unusual news
Su oad. conference rxeply to the TInra-
'.* 'y ^' ...', qP I I i
lcf}Telephone Ne

SI Europe In 19

a n Britih The cable wI not be powpftul
dby3 radio- enough tO tlahnmit television
Th comnn-.prograpu,.bt tt. able to
Srlles on the carry t4o Ideats from btne
iotia s. Du-coe to .theI other, th
m prt of sn- O .
a t out Pr A radlo-teleh
at enables strwteth facmllits, whbch s-out
wr of the Amantmio 75,000 w
,*Ort* A ne raU.S. to l -*Mmmt m
oetlUmta, but main Idarsil
whdenr iWS! the 3aM *y
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t them 'perfumed'
ie d of x threat
aldation to compel them to do
out bidding.
* 9. welcome constructive coltl-
it," he sa, "but the crtlman ,
ofUeer to attacks the very eart
of Ua. foreign. policy."
DeMes maM ae plMey 8Mt.
Carthy -edMMt tdMt shta
amougng ust m Sat S
u. &r-iMiu1trto-uw rai|
The gflryuar 3th ci
would MuWde op to N
attack- wtthou "well-
U.S. base and
maFntained in Aed flug'es.
Without them, h ce
would be nothing
Dtles said the do h
*dministrateon deMr
to "throw away" the atmal
react and of
*temineerinc smteassd
We also said the
doe pot want to "
lsea nor make them a KM.

ed by Atty. Gen. Herbert Brown-
ell. Jr. of being a Red spy.
"I thought we were g to
have a change of policy," Malone
Humphrey said he was pleased
that Dulles and Eisenhower had
"re-paserted their leadership."
Mansfield said Dulles showed
that he "understood the respon-
stiltlas of office and Amer-
cla's reos the lead-
er of the free nations of the
Senate majority leader WUlias
. Knowland tR-Cal., refused %
be drawn Into the foreign polr
"I have no coaiment tOm
on tatm matter," nows"7.
However, Know and
Ifarhy as "a very ael
dlyvted American who -Il
to clean out a mess."
Knowlan durtax a
question and answer
Angleas aied etlUef ea
an Democratic Preea tJ
Trmnnan with remSeM -
Nomn Deter Whblt*'
*There have been a
naive people aIn the
la the pah w a reguaaqqli
pauntn abroad, but q
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'A" ,~ -~
FA~4iIA AMIBIcAW, 'b A~ W~

yT. H nas e P 0 BOX 134. PAANMA. r P.
r'gtPN4O'f PANAMA NO 2-0740 IB LoINCal
C0oNL OpPlCs. 7 I ProMrIlam MR*NaN TIv 0IrE ,omIIlA POWER. INC
48 MAniaOl Avg NEW YORno tt71 N V.

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Just One af. 0^4a^

aa& tell Shg
redl truth.

NO N dOAN. EIN &DVANCA n-c '9,2 g
00 UP VA DN .. 2 ,8 a "o 5 2O By VICTOR RIESEL

THIS IS YOUR FORUM THE READERS OWN COLUMN First they try to scare you off.
But you don't scare. Then they try I3
Ito buy you off. But you don't sell
TM 1 Then there afe those who appeal
Ito your conscience. Exposures,
o they say, will hurt all labor. That
The Mail Son s an opn torum fotar readers If rho Paname Ama 3ou don't want to do. You don't
ken. Letter are received gratefully end are handled in a wholly conli- want to hurt the little guy, the
detaiea mamuer. decent union officials, taouiands
If you eaftl bnte a letter don't be imeatleat.- it doesn't appear the of them who've never taken a dir-
seat day. Letters rm published in the order r cee s e, t'y dollar.
Ploeeo try ts kep the letters limited to one page length. B1' y. don't pause long. No,
Identity of lhttr writers as held in strictest Aonidencee after a few hours in Detroit, for
This newspaper essuml s no respotsibilit for statemeasn as opinioep example. You know in your heart
expressed in letters from reaaers that failure to expose te hoods,
Sa land_ ailuri to alert the country .
to those who make labor a bi-
"ALCOHOLICS ANONYMOUS career, is thle greatest eds. -
IAoir: d service to the decent labor mowe-
Eight years ago this month there appeared in this now fa- ment.
miliar Mailbox the first of a series of letters signed, "A.A." Moti- Go to Detroilt where the year's
vated by a desire to perform genuine public service the Editor mop sensational labor scandlIs ,
published the letter and hielpe us to start the first chapter of Al. have broken virtually unnoticed by
coholics Anonymous on the Isthmus. the nation. See the record. Read J
Staying with us, sometimes in the face of ridicule and out- where one Ray Carroll, once lead- L'.
right skepticism the Editor published each subsequent letter.- In er of Race Track and Building W.
a few months AA was firmly established here followed by remark- Service Unions, rveals that some
a lerlabor officials are part bf the mobs
This letter is wltten by the original writer and is intended trying to get a bigger cut -- big-
not only as an orchid to The Panama American but as a simple ger, mind you-of the $1, ,oond
review of what has happened insofar as AA is concerned in the at racing tracks across the coun-
flat racing tracks across then oun-
past 8 ye4rs. try.
We regret that we cannot report 100 per cent success. How- Go to Detroit and read the ree-
ever, we are humbly proud of the fact that over 80 per cent o ord of William E. Bufalino, a law-
the problem drinkers who came to us have remained dry. Ap- yer turned labor leader 'the man
proximately 15 per cent )of the remainder have had one or Inqre who left a $1,000,000 a year juke
relapses and about 5 per cent are just about hopeless. box distribution company because
This, we feel is a pretty fair average in human salvage when he thought it just wasn't s fficient-
or.e considers that nearly all who came were considered chronic ly "prosperous". I'
(r hopeless) alcoholics by the hidical profession. So Bufalino became a labor lead- A
In order to ully appreciate the foregoing statistics one must or. Now this poor proletarian lives
realize the number of men and women returned to sanity an terrific squander". He is press .
health together with the fact that they were returned ,to their ident of the, Detroit Teamsters s ;a
families as thoughtful and dutiful husbands, wives, mothers, fa- Juke Box Local 9M5. And testimo- a
tSers, nsof daughters. Iy at an extortion examination in
To this we must add the tremendous total of hours and. days Racorders Court shows that this a
saved to the com unity, nation and employers formerly charge- BLold dnas B1t se og throwbac t
able to Lost Weekends.- and longer. th. old days. But-he discovered
As in the past, 4A has no axes to grind or opinion to state tI t. think bombs are slightly out i
Sn politics, religion rthe H quor industry. We firmly believe in piseasoL and hade to. p ay 100r i
i.ayint clearof any controversy a piece for six of tha m to help hI e 1taen
Ours s a fellowship and. we are dedicated solely to helping w don'tt install his, or is friends tera
sne alcoholic out of.his (or her)i dilemma. All members of AA ki boxes,
are alcoholics and anonymity is the watchword.: Tles timy sas tt when ony en
We are self-supporting and desire no outside financing. We owner "got mad", e talino said
1e allied with no sect, creed or cult. tMat "stench bombs and briks ..
We approach alcoholism from the standpoint of the alcoholic wero arguments to take care of.
thout tiresome, lectures, boring speeches and a barrier of sehlproblems". Bricks are cheap- WASHINGTON -(NMA)- Amer. the average number of patients in Th: policy Is b.aed on the t-
don'ts." We have nothing to offer those who simply wish to "cut er, y0u see. They'realways in sea- ican Medical Assoclfaim hat laun- VA hospitals a given day is lie that the veteran who suffe 4
4own" on their drinking. In AA we cut it out completely. sen You can have them thrown ched a campalgn lt am grass roots around 106 Of iese, 96,000 or pa disability tInevile deaerv es
Elsewhere in the PA is our address and telephone number, a a heave. Cheaper by the to conyvA! gresaai that the 64 per- et, are bob servee- sparal consldelle.ism" says
It has appeared there in every issue of the PA for the past several dozen, if you're a friend of Bufa- laws which now per the Vet- connected dia lll -'The cost dis. AMA p1ort. "Paiet legislation
Sara as a gift from the publisher and a belief by the Editor in our lino. t erans' Administratio' to give free tributi p 6e a1 Dl aha yea n for. ad iUts a lPrge abUlp wide
principles. wHe also unionizedl" the auth- medical care to ex servicemen fo the service 8ar41 l eases, $32d does not deserve Am pitalish-
Sincerely, wi.s industry in what my friends injuries or illness t resulting million& year for im service ai, g-. pto M
AA who are so conscieneaonselous rinm their duty in fom must connected cases. bI,the taxp4 Y ..
us be awmust dmit is a slightly unortho- be saned. These a wn as Using a diN.rol b!is ~or calc- .i l i ~resletlegll was. pass.- t
NAVY MAN WANTS THE DECK SCRUBBED dox fashion. Under BufalIne's sys- non servlcq onaeete4 disabil- nation, AMA doctors fld that titr',ed 4 llg -ae g-
S'ir: tern, t e boss pays a flat sum ity cass." number of VA hospit admissi _
So "Disgusted" and "Hears All" from Margarita think their down apd a flat sum per worker Tis is somet of anold fight and disehasres is graoid 50,0 wav
communities are an ordeal to live Inl They should try living in plus the workers' dues e a et In t past, the A iha taken on year,'aud that 85 per eat of ex Mi
Coco Solito. We've got their troubles and more. We hAve dirt month. Incidentally he boss is the Veterans' A tion and are non service oietied
tand untwines. galore b I've aherC that once they had monthly bid nwtnso bother asking the work- Congress, the Aero na wgaue, ability cases. On this i Ig
a.nadelteson Butrthat I'eeme ard i tk s to n ef otrt fhod earthgl ly eAifthey. want to Jlan thp union. Veteraeseof foreign Wars. -a m aue s c 6e oost
rsThions, butg atdhaot isersdowike a an reforldIbea~prettyie pll.ust payk their fees and dues., other service rgnjatims., Wif- t.rans whose i
This bult sand, Galoters down hefecoul d be =pretty nice pl De --o to 'Detroit for theCongrn- out result. todoIlt M
to live in if a few rules a u i were isued every other siona i-committee hearing to The digqi -to rgv c Vts 4wthet
'month or so as the a C It seems judt 20 or 2o si nsuale field. un plin a y 'i- t4e
Regulations posted in thee building in all the Canal Zone l ,9t00o- tat hereI er e C.n d r
,towns would ma4e life mowvpleasant wt ere our shelter type lg e co-f e at the al ws a at the a
houses have screen an d not gaiss in thee widows. i* oh. V'Ao ncernedi wit wh a closed on-t e Ieal 'we e' aoAMA.I
When will the official'larn tlt, terd are.certain tybe of-. mof -iade-lad ethics. medical, -lcalte, an Chi o l eace -inkWh that in.wnro- AMi iitteNAde I
people who only abide by the law an Who only consider the ruits 1 ted as a toade, la- Seteber. A cop f a eo service ear u suggested D se It
of proper living when they see it in print. bo lea should live like crusa- n th..t leetig, now bei l-e years na e was ex.evt a
If the .Navy and their civilians IIrwd on two or threat of the ders.Ther is o reason why any aIod to all.members of AMA for VAItbtA I a
streets and we had a monthly inspection on Just those streets in labor-leadr, or those wh service their local tion, decla res: were .
Coco Solito, we could teel proud about living here. How many him. *u t live well. No msa- " arh b iticdans, The rie set lOt
times doh't we hear said to us, "You live in Coco Solito? That Ion leader is a second class elti- l nd any believe h atb opeslg sl' .
must be awful!" zen. He is most certainly entitled veterans' beIM ts i pol, itial 11 1 i I
Why shouldn't it be awful? You never argue the polnt, in. to liiilivestmientt so long as ide. We aupat rtofdic othemn o a t al
stead you feel helpless about such a remark and you wonder why they do noa spring from his power ac. ... The ugram mot by Are..
shoUld our government deliberately enjoys maintaining a alum. ass un inl officiaL lim befre it becOmea ar- al aid. Tubercu. owa E
Just drive down any street and you see dirty screen doors, dirty. away. neuropsychlatr c cases con te
stair wells. uncovered garbage ns, naked children and the smell Whbn, s, in the case of on A st ho much ela "ruaw n" ara consied eligible for fed- sent 7 i.y
of garlic. Brother, you don't lia to season your food with garlic eh1Dorfm n, his labor friends in the iitserviet -onn tdls. whether service con- legi tion it a
here. Just cook when your neighbor does and fan it in. Detroit and Chicago enable him to Ism--tal tym a ornot, because state and program n o
Live there long enough ad the wife won't have much wash 'the Union Insurance Agency pot ten Aes re nc t Aate tu to
to do. Your kiddles eventually strip when they see their pliyy" ch made four per- -and1A. A0 a 1e this care. All otb obloes use thei+
mates sun-tanning their little'rear. on .000,000 in premiums, by a. General i(e ld be handled by private mod- at the al
In a short while I'm mov )a- ta the base but I sure feel sorrY Dorfman and his friends aerve, the igover uent n t le practice. session s
, for the second and third clasa Inlisted man and his family. 80m examine their own co-
of them come from pretty swell homes in the States from famillI lP That comes to $720,000 In
that for generations back learned how to live in a house. ~, a years. This take is now run- g ,
,*an be said for a good many a ateside Army men and tqeir tn. l o the millions. / II g a In
miles. too. It's unnecessary throw us in with people who o- young D rfman takes the
day know nothing about decen living. h Pirie fth Amendmet in t
Come on Nalyl Lets scru half of It up! n na c khesBruiSvei. U
Sailor w t 0 a wd his friends should ex .
_ain teirc onsciences. This mom- .
p e ather by 400 employers oThe first rti thi presidential ca-- But as things #ta W today, Ste "
avew sn a e 70,000 teamsters and pal* has.1 14 on Persona of com man di ..dlinteidM
.h rs. If there is such Alabama. en of Illinois to our
business, it should be for the DemoC$tst t-J7 o l uf i, t." beoti
into better Insuranc Stevenpon, w laa made none t a oi te
the working people who give ha public as whe felt What
heir. U-at o those who lead them. bout it.. But It would have l nif lu ti'ng I p," I t
gY41 1 figure It. this profit catnme The o fee li ns ervea rs on the
y0CIRCUIT $M 0 a week. What mat-' 4h or .at.-thVe eveptaam 13tdia, (g o
if this is legal? Why abou tasfh His l .l qidth- decision new.i ,
era get the bite for as U- it K re-. If the
Presents: a million a year? Whr ig 1 IM
such an operation opena h .e.
labor' criticism eT
y p1ed Chit19a ndble to his theta'
leaders with whom they fratern- dentlo l0st fce.., would i ,
C E NT RAIC nstead oTheHidn Ii 11dte dr n on sufered in not easy t a

ey boys, thi rickets and those whT~umen new sa61eent and Btvenaosm 1121
have ecnefled their crusade. 18 O a 0el e
NH re.Ra d Rad Seetb"abeslj0 to a evs elelp- Ij
w 9 Kalus& Slsmnjower,4t would have been" i- r bi' "

.) ACTION SOUND I L -Ci.p O t A l -e
tlon this :lyoa m the und that, ,as ) e
otat. prodmi ,h-to the Nlorth and .
IMP1OTANT: This picture will be shown In TWO .. -A d. (.. Dee. 2 (UP)
DIMENSIONS, that means regular manner. crA m c'm ) rtfrle n ."
aut .n'l"yidhy crap game ina a ______________'"
"--l hheis here and get ..
Richard TODD Eva BARTOK in away -4' o_ etatakes, It




,^ ^^

thy or wViIH*I '3 ""5"?
5 LOV$ WOW ..W
mot aV'K a'n.. -I t' -W.


i ~--- ,,. "AND BANKI $100.00 CASH!

W- ,
+.-*; : i. -" .
, r '- fi ^' -' '. ''
. '. : ..d-; .e %s -

* ;**ae !. ^ '
d* A. / ^ ? 7 ? '

-I, '.

Labor News


ram l"rWe. .... '



- J.


ctr:..: +' i;+: ,-. OL K -. .... ,-+?,.,,
,y ^ *W ^^. ". .. +,,'' ,* r. ** ,'-" -' J
2 7' '-' .. -?,* .. .. .. '-" -"-'; ,- '
g .S: ?,+::.-. :: :.:" -_ r .--

i0 inrmationi
.1 '- I

U*PdM tyem odifo tth I of of Adm. Erel
t ntlpNild basy information t
'I --wnrCr et *nwmf.v fum.
uielfo of novel operations during Won
led spy, was ientified only as"X" but HI
I dqclb e4him as a native-born American citize
4klisa..tiaized in the field of zoology.
r irhq-SeteleventKtots sud they knew his identil
4 dyuad queptio1ed him.

a oSaur ityn Monthe Ofwhfice of Btel
tIAeM.. garty .Cset upst, who is assigned as m_

b eptl consultant to thel. Robe
iiiiie~ .5 s- uMorrits Uid thie m of the
.~a Tat Montreal man w4# deleted to
d ay em. Navy Departrasment wi
MII Canada.
..Dis T tehe fid "Xttaws" a b
2"' i a- I Canaid was P contact o pa
bmom- tespiongf the agents in. C b
fIic l anyU of' meko'lo

S i Morri said the snabo mll
voigd cy embarrad ,mrcint wi
3 grWh awlh 13 Canada t W

Dr.. *. mtD insathofrom: ouh Ottawa .t
t m. pa- Canoma a p
Sbeto question Gousenko, Mo
*d a floaay of t.amgk's 3m

idthe. Moat waid beubconfairtt
*,r .m,,, "'n tlg In Mew York Oa.t.S awh
j let bom- nation tom e ot I
uLphS f however,
Lesjeu m e remsaand Devel
natubcoftfe- a' Sot hatU a
E mtBwi sat ay f- group mbes toda ayto dect
o there to prems for an inteW

.. .6 am w aee wtloyed at McG
y. MoUnversalty until he obtained
CambfpAgd o let ubcom- lsition with the U.S.kOffce
rve met with entific Rearch and Devell
Sbut, tt4mtoWul. a meng the r Bl mild.
j-t 7*4 Pse xeetse* include
S head effelate e had am
,. wh+a iklag-f.l wasoiwa .shMoi

horSad l the t etm wU
S sa morr tt -inommil6
$%, a to whd tui4 lks to ur- wosad1

*4idualj hS b the s idfbtti oSrm

5 ". 4o
l p t: te spy O c a A.ft

BlviduaL kt. Bd !w atodoit_ bomb InfQMWst

ru Aer

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L -, ," +:, ,,,+:; %,.?-,, ;+.+-- :. ,,-l t..,-.-. .7i .
A M. '7
I ', ; r- V .
A.i AIR L, 40 : .
iha 4115CM loU uiSS.f OT
,.. 1 1 i i -iii +.+,.. + .+:,+:- .;:, r i i i ir i|iy:.,. [ i- ..

* A :A**.

r 4 ,
______' _____________r 8 -g i~t

f i Air Secretary' Benefit Cord Party
ift In t fftrice.. Commends Civil At Amodor Friday
S..,.Patrol A benefit card party and
SO WASHINGTON. dance to aid the tubercular -
7 .Vl "9 p ero !* o S4^* ____i_____ Air Secretary Harold falbot tie nts of Panama will be hel at
-'W fl f rl today paid tribute to the Civtl. Am.ador Fridtay night by the
1"';- E1 ,a Se."ike Air Patr.. on Its 12th birthday PNo. en1 g .so aa
a' AM. 4NT E He said the Air Force civilin T kets are being sold by
W 4 I4auxiliary made 3,499 Individual members of the Legion and Its
- -. S. '. t .l nroi flight searchingfthormiasing auxiliary.
-Scuqom Non ru .742 I aircraft during the first aix
0 w.eigt .a t 48 months of 1953. It flew thou- old aircraft wrecks for the Air
o g 0AST (D) sands of toher hours supporting Rescue Service, helping local
Ilow l i T the Ground Observer Corps and civil defense organizations, the
S pi DOWN A Q 7 K J 84 Air Defense Command, marking Red Crosm and local agencies.
ld 4 1'" "" #AJT o
143040 605 up S 4 9 4 KJ732
3e a, -stl wind4SO
In 46baa9 andD oVb0e9 4
yn 3- Seation F Wind 4" eit Nelther""d bSN S A T IO

t, I_ ,. I- at aiu SALE

h a^ deepl sassExst ftoalh aNde. He thought he
r s"' i d at r hearts i" f. r his part-
" "'" r" 3 'o e de d- 4$ PP A b o v eTP a

2h 45 aggs Ia-Ithe wrong w to play his
S ? l tool am daonys a P of Sour spades.
1G id0's Faleit -4tersia nI iP bete to stay i
be SSaae. bam M..L
S. West o ed the e f heart seorne
.- 3 Arlummy to runeV. South5A

SF L IF4 um heatsking of diamonds to
e n$ l. ace and won the doub return
Ia- 4 -a ddamono but be was wre and Fhe
h 1 om the wronm w iy to play his
d o We: over-ru ed with the e ay it's better to stay inTUESDAY WEDN T
r" 9it I Ia Wdest opeashed the ace of heartclubs,
r- WMWIel .a the dummy to ruff. South
a .... *:m ds king of diamonds to
i" 'hin1p- "Is rWt Lace and won the club retu
pe aGIR DRI.L K F HOME- I 1n 1imtht v1t e Dce of clubs. He next led CO N r E
r- a I. a e ond toh dummy's queen ad FO DAYS O

Lee *whiser mad ig wten e sabLuAYa
ee We: overruffed with the ten of TU DAY WAY T
R T K H E RrAdes, cashed the queen of clubs, OU
lto $3 0 and then shrewdly led a heart to
Swl ea bls before YOU read dummy rut once more. If 1
at KE-w f*r out in ding We had r led a third club. South .DECEMBER 1 --
ka r W alu *ow, take tde two tosc
N ue |def e ande then win the rest
*e O. i Whe ricks with dummy's last trumul uNBELIEVAB x LOW
te ."m and &as Westablshed diamonds. A TRULY EXCEPTI
o 5 ; play prevented Southatu from
T-2 ewabUlsg the dummy. South
can11 W is gotr to his hand by ruffa hearlub
il MS d a heart in dummy, and to hried OPPORTUN
Sp return by ruffing a diamond
of | .i GREATEST VALUE EVER OFFERED Wthe Jack of spades. West over-

essTropicalized Motor guaranteed oa need

iby enjoy Where did South go rongg she exhibition of grea
,m Only $26.30 rueld he have played the handuu un pn Icu

reses you get ou ca pick the best line etessary ingrdie ts,
cg for yo and yor family befeyouexciemen read on.,
IP Lj BOwa made h mistake when he
sense and shock, anruffed the third she rospnd of diamond
of Rhd Todd. h with the eight of padres. He should
ika e Smwddver have discarded his losing club. AA
ter l J1'ne defenders then -ave two
G1, B ^ ,,...,,.,..., +,, e .ack of oUNBELIEVABLY LOW
*SS i. ts- Bo.! anT West discards a club, hoping SEEM
I : ^ .,_ rto tn ova-rff In that suit.
,, .... .. --'polisher, Ift. n-. th n. a" tr 'a "

ad 'l^^^^^^^^^^^^^^t^^^^^^^^^-' imnt~p du wthiy. adumgetb last A I hT___

ad ..o. South m ake

es + .tion ',md p u rf'osa Ashist t hna d. *i a a d
/ o r Apt








f !



. IA




ITw e ?

We gOrantee pr pt divery
uI amw U

maw "
beter uIn

m w te li'S

i;. -
.- : :.'

I-, 'WW*tU-
LA r
'-, uSe
~, %Y~LrJi5'WL
-* 4'4 ~
1W. '*' -4.. p


dOn't sell Rolex

A thimbMhl. st of a dot,
but of 25,009 of the His
- -- -

'a r.a aJI, .l L .r mows we d in a RoswnL
Consider the inmai kdefALt
I and periece of themn wbh
-.... T MAN who is chosen as an authorized agent by Rolex h-as a Eto MW o di thuB
has to be one of the best watch exports in his city. For Rolex It a Rlmal doda I
and Tudor watches must only be handled and serviced by a
of all your Mn woknowshis job.
He has to be a man with a pride in his craft; a eman who
rMout, ImL Content with second bet.L For Polex *tcb must
have the best treatment possible.
And he is backed by all the help Rolex can give him. His
1i4e of watches is kept up to date and selective. His stock of
original spare parts is always complete and comprehenmiv.
thim e of the finest watches in the world. You ar buying
S e possible service for that watch. R 0 L E X.

acidTHE 'h
War gtI three pe .mi it. '>JS ulqpr^ .. .0
.,.- -.CASA FASTI CHS ... t to its diEM.
S % : J^:^'^ .-'.r^:.-..+"/X .... i /_.^.-^ A A, >, .: *... ... .. -'*.'-" ___

'.~, z4ttSt*r -0 -
-- ...L..ZS a ~ a tr...% '7 ii,:



FL. UI1f



a 4"i j ,
" b '. ..

tL '--'/ J../






IfilaMlrir i A SLit kAw4-AriI




.RI. ..


rAG rOrl

S .- -. .. *. .' -
WM .

Explorer In Legal Tang'e


ilA .\lnrv of intrigue, romance.
I /Will he presented at



Faltering Philip!
Philip's life Is filled with bruise.
Well-worn steps and raug he uses
Repairs would laoe his home like new
r. A. Classified.. It the right ef ...


After Finding Amazon 'Source'
T IMA Peru. Dec 2 (UP) -- recklessly jeopardized his daugh-
I' o] rPrril. 41 year old ter's life. This is a crime pun-
,r,> r ;,lorer and adventurr:llshab!e under Peruvian law.
o to have discover Perrin came to Peru claimilng
i a i source" of the Amazn,.spons3rship of several French
ir ,s unpbl? to day to find scientific institutions to try to
v, .vut of P Peruvian ler.l discover some of the secrets of
il c "iCLch grew out of his ex- the Amazon.
'- ions.
He %as reported slowly win- He said he discovered the rewa
aing his way back to health aft- source of the Amazon was In the
r a hunger strike, staged Ir snow-led streams which conme
irotezt against delays in an Jr.- down from the Andes rather
E:ietion of the clrcumstan.:cs than the generally accepted
of the downing of his 28-year- theory a ot the Maranon River.
old woman companion in one zo This. he said. makes the Ama-
the Amazon's swift and urichart- zon even. longer than, the com-
ed tributaries. bined Missouri and Misslssippi
Perrin said he is anxious for rivers-
an end to the investigation and
the necessary clearances to leave Alnnu|I Xmas Fund
Peru for a new adventure. He-AnnuoI Mt s Fund
hopes next to find the source of D; To RA B
India's sacred River Ganges. iUOflCe I 0 Dd 11 10
He has been -unable to leave A
Peru since Oct. 12.when the gov- AtC Lrisfobal-
ernment ordered an investiga- '
tion of tne death of Teresa Gu- The annual "ligtt the candle"
tierrez, whose body he recovered dance will be held at the Cris-
and buried on the banks of the tobal YMCA-USO on Saturday.
little-known Apurimac River The dance Is sponsored each
Aug. 15. year by numbers of Girl Serv- I
Perrin protested that he must icc Organization and the social
return to Paris speedily to see activities committee of the Cris-
his dying 70-year-old mother tobal "Y" for the purpose of f
and resume his post as professor raising money for the Atlantic '
of superior technical education side .ChrlstlUas ba'kett And for
in a French private school be- needy family. .--
fore organizing another adven-
turous exploration., Servicemen attending these
He began a fast, which he dances in recent years have
hopes will force Peru to complete responded generously to this
its investigation, Nov. 14. He worthy cause. In 1952 a total of
protested that the Peruvian in- $77.42 wpas contributed by those
vestigation was a, pointless jum- attending the dance.
ble of official red tape. No admisalozi charge will be
Teresa's father demanded an required at the' dance. All con-
investigation, charging Perrin tributions are puritely voluntary.

Setting the Stage


"TA *

TOOR ,TPy/J-,-l




A M 'r I

I.R .A*
. i; ';'"egs|


'I-p. 7.. ~
-a-- 3!Y1T~UMp~it~ c~


Away We G04 .

r. P.



CHMUIV$MiEIN. Fianeteer
-. *

Not Good News


Perils of Parenthood


Uita BOARODI aElla .5 i4o0




-. J

.*~ *. -

-. _;.. ,. ; ,. ;<

... .. ..St ', **'.



II -

* "~rn *mi i n in 1 i rii n 111.' u. WN --- T "I '




*'r~L' "'"".cc



'C"- *
* '


e.departn Ior OJ

_ -...

I Padfy 10ba

Sin the pWt
lithrer tA
ZIys 's. d

tr PUr .co-.N.
-,.,^ af W *lt-W 1 -W .'

i fly dur,

' F.

e -a

-I. -
LI -


-"it-e iF q tday for saying he w anre
. t money for rsoil eonseat1oa ater
it cutting Democratic budget .pro-
, gwd award Us posals for the program.
iua ItWCeoled ot, -I nv aparkman said he was "glad
Po VOam to read" the President's remarks.
4 t. r made Monday. that he. would
like to see the "whole anppa-
fao rund ..Is priation go up" for soil coner-
C o vatMon wrk,
a a "I hope he will be Able to con-
S leave m to be the eeretar of aRrieul-
d thea4 r ture mid other Rhm'ipuNICanf of
iter Ifilmted gow is ivews," 8parksmama$d.
r .nri ,He. quoted figures Iu by
Stht"#hebap the Demoratic Natial m-
a sowsi team to: e- Mnittee Monday show the Ni-
local television atlf s shower dt t mo-
an the, maJor e to estate far the 801 Con-
awards included: ervation and their aglhtural
aFeS eovrage- programs affOttcsllg canser-
m by the wrt an ln also were cut. Slbarkmaz
stin Co mid, including flood preventloi'
idUg panel ahk:and a terhed-plannil.


This iWThe. ass" wth WcUhard To".


S '- -.' RSDA'.3

..j-,:. *

& a

-.., ,.

S. ...f.. fff W:

S Most versatile tnla
aMe o or. variety performer: Donald '- -
r Mostr.outstandlag new .mrire:
'Person to Person, Edward I
.S s I .Murrow, producer mod rtor,.
Outstanding law enforcement
t f documentary serfi: "DrWet,"
showf a ack Webb.
Outtandn c. ttibufrlit to em
tMthe advancement of creative TV
technique: TV-radio wprlaUIep Of What you wear to a party isn't;
S. e lord FoundIUdd, cktbr Of nearly as important as the frame
y- the "Omnibus" and Warpion" of mind you're In when you
,., programs. start out. Go feeling sure that,
"the e the evening is going to be a dud
SSolon Chid,; Ic,,e and you wish you" could have
40 Qstayed at home-and your hoat-'
rtl & nntMno sev hasn't tuch of a chance to
For Asking. o0110 make you have a good time. But
r with your mind made up to
0For Soil Saving A have a good time-and you
t probably will.
Son. John 8parkman (P-Al.) Expect boredom and that is
irea w chided President anhower to- usBlly what you get. 1

- a ,- -" I



. ."

Se bow

to give ., o .w
beauty and utility of
Sterling made by the
finest mauuaturers .
bsw it Case Jas
** WB^*!"^'^$^^^^.se ^". ^

, .

* ... UU ,. f H K ;l .'.
t r .yu. sru pf. y,
tat..r then. .- wi .
am nwztwWu -


Win the three "Symbol of Love" Diuond Rits,
Cas Fat.ici's Chritmas Gift to its clients.

L ,#

I ... -

i. -.' II

Sl It tlllFORT,

W Mlirf U. softr Nir-bunth
a Minia nand. i>em#Int .




*r.,:.^aSP^aAMiLY .
S, .r ., ...utr
:jii\ "r

.... -..

a,. 1

S~. 'Tj'
S g1.Ustel
6 *

S -, ',, ,. V f -I

444. **
:1 I* .-

- ,t;.'t 'F d -"


1. '
< *.- ,.*

ft /


rrr -~
-J 4~

. I 7 ._

-art. *
a.. a.

, .i

-l Healthful

Home Style

Srasta lamk



T~me ^

,. -.'k-

1 ,

V i


-:'l, *i

,- AL

for 12 words


7 Street No 13
Justo Aroeemena Ave and 33 St
B Street No 26



Cmtmll Ave. 141
No. a LOttery Plaza
Fourth of July Ave.

H Street No. 57



L ... ... '

on. WBW ptfchM

tow ca I 1
#epri-e and dirable

Asmes intemL do Publeaem ARMAA U NIDOS wabrprtof coatings

V4MACIA LUX VARMADJaU f In iven pound packages

IN Central Ave. .t4i
..v N&? I -colors.
ia IR ZW3iAe. TAe.-i. 2%

Household Automobiles
FR SALE.-Bargain, six piece bed- FOR SALE.-1952 Oldsmobile Hy-
room set. San Francisco de la Co- dramatic, radio. 8,000 miles, fully
teta road No. 60 insured, can be financed. Call Navy
S A 3932. 7 to 3, or apply 2529-C,
OR SALE'-Mahogany bed. com- Cocoi, after 4.
plete. almoIt new. Call- Panama
2-5133. 5. Fourth of July Ave. 'FOR SALE.-1951, duty free Chrys-
S ler New Yorker, four door and
FOR SALE: Mahogany bedstead and 1950 Plymouth four door.
single and modern chiffonier, both 95 Plymoth four door. Ad
:are new. Call 2 541* dres bids to Texas Petroleum Co..
St. Cristobol. Right is reserved to re-
ject any or all bids.
FOR SALE:-Elock w.icker soto .woh
leather seats. Excellent condition FOR SALE:-1947 Nash 4 Door Se-
$20.00. Balboa 6384. dan. To highest bidder. May be
seen Union Oil Coompany, Lo Boca
FOR SALE--One steel Q M. Buf- Road. 7 to 4-30. Tel. Balboa 1256.
e42. ke nsteew. Co M -2.3 .House FOR SALE-1940 Buick, solid body,
742-D. Enterprise Place Balboa. excellent condition. Leaving Isth-
-rus and must sacrifice at $225.-
FOR SALE- Must sell practically 00. Duty paid. Call 2-2441. 7:15
new. diningroom hall. drawrg -4:1$. See at 0777-E, William-
room, complete guest room. indi son Pidce, hlboao.
dual. Easy chairs airfoarn cushon-.
ad. Beautiful rus Swedish Ch ina. FOR SALE:--19 Hillman convert-
Glassware floor and table. Lamps. ibid. Phery gd. 14,000 mi A les.
must be seen to be appreciated. Clean. Phone Tucker, Navy. 2295
Phone 2-2798. Office hours. FOR SALE:-1949 Crosley. In per-
.OR SALE--/ illt sell separately or fact running condition. Selling
complete bamboo six Iran dtwo cheaply. Phone Navy 3136. .
arm chairs. 2 1./o arms, rourd FOR SALE;-1950 Nash Statesman '
glass topped coffee table, double 895. 1953 Harley Davidson Mod-
decker corner table over $600.0U e' "K" Custom" 1947 Harey
value for $295.00 GE Deep Freeze Davidson "45".$375. All 3 in. A-
3 yrs old S 3 cu ft S295.00 I shape and cqn be financed.
Chro-re Trinmed Din rg Table &' Kells, Curundu Fire Station.
4 Chairs Grey $199.00. valueT EL FO C STMAS
$95 00 Mahogany Piano Bench TRAT yOURSELF FOR CHRISTMAS
$25 00. ond Misc other effects, to a big "Yeller" Super Sedanette
Office 2-2386 Panama or'see at wlith dynoflow. Still tJick's sleek-
house 29 Las Cumbres est model 49. Down payment only
Z $440.00. PAD 2126
S- couch and FOR SALE.-1950 Dc Soto, radio.
SALE. .Livingr no t W- tires. 4 door. Very good shape F
15 months old Germ.n Shephero ..900Phone 83-7187.
(police dog' 2614-B. Co:oli. FOR SALE:-1949 Ford 8 Custom
ALE:-Leing country, mut lu Coupe. Good condition Duty
ges heter, bed. two cribs, paid. Bet offr. Te 86-3272.
Adredser and wardrobe, bar. FOR SALE:- C dilloc 4do r
table and lamps. Tel- rr model 62. PuF.. equipped. Pri.ed
3-0925. 44th street No. to sell Qtr 5-B,..Albrook AFB.
upstairs _____ Tel 86-22C0.

SSALE -3 piece 1..rgroom set.WANTED TO BUY
davenport, may be bought sepa- rfieto--
rately; '51 Smith Corona script WANTED your refrigerator as a
portable typewriter. Call 76-6283. trade-an o. -a new Crosley Shelva-
e- adcr. Cyrnos, Tivoli Crossing. 2-
SALE.-Dining table and four
"ch irs. mahoiao good ce ta WA ED
jrMiNelht eouu
VteneTlan blinds for new house type' .. e .
332, Ancon. Call at house 547 orWANTED Unfurnished house. 3
telephone 2-1540 bedrooms Grif Heights. Reliable
party. Willing to pay ample rent.
R pc. ov e Call 2-1794 during office hours.
#OR SALE-3 pc. overstuffed set ES- O N -5
25 cycle, refrigerator. u uhcl-e ed'_ L ECSS N

oaf floor lamp. One 9 x 12 rug, one ----- ____
folding bed. All in good condition ATTENTION TEENAGERS Classes are
*mft end reasonably priced Tel. Pan- still open for bollroom dancing.
ama 3-2664 or see at 50th St Registration Dec 5. at I p m.
,,, No. 30 upstair, Balboa 'Y' $10.00 for a three
--- rronrh, course. Class will start
STuesday at 5 p m. Harnest and
FOR SALE E, by crb. like new bunn.
.Plovy-ien Telephone Pcnoma 2- ---_____ _-



D. mh a F i1orwe. e Cttrege. Onu mile pst
Wi-e Ala eAMf Santa Cliam. PIle brl yer
2081 Ame-- es. Phone omwi boa 2.1 '
TrY our delicious genuine Italian WILLIA SWsie Cla B mch Cot-
Pizza Pie, Ravloli, Sphgepttl toes.Lr. ee firt modern,
prepared by a Neapolitan cook In nearby kIlcme 3050 Mcwt
our spotless kitchen .before your wmkendL.
eyes. The price for one ordr is Gramlich Senta Clare Iech cottages,
75 Cts. HANCOCK BAR, Central electric refrigeratlim, gas staves.
Avenue No. 143 next to Central moderate altes. Phone 6-441 or
Theatre, some side of atret, private ,4-567. I
entrance for restaurant,0 d '
DR. WENDEHAKE. MWiai Clinic Ci w 45!, SeeN Pher
Central Avenue "K' Street, cor- Pan rTo. 1877., C*1aA8.16183.
ner. Telephone 2-3479, Paonma-. i d 'l

Sponsored by Hotel El Panama
3 Full days. Leave Filday, Dec. 4th.
return late Sunday afternoon Dec.
61h. Fishing through Pearl Islands,
visit the primitive Choeo Indians,
spear crocodiles, cruise up the Sam-
bu River, aboard El Panama's Pes-,
Bring old clothes, comfortable
shoes, and DON'T FORGET YOUR
For reservation phone Jungle Jim at
Panama 3-I$0,, or see your Travel

FOR SALE-&uw'Pee, AKC reg-
iserd, I' w 1Leek & Excellent
wi hI eMb.r, see them at La Cho-
z,. 5007 Via AranA, 500 feet
paW poed to Panama Viela, tel-
ephenef Panama r-5371 or Bal-
boa 1674.
OR SALE: Like new, automatic
RolifEflex, rrony Rollie accessories.
Guaranteed. '.Call Afrook 4128.
.LOI--On the night of- November
29th between Presldencia and
Union Ckui. diamond. studioi
brooch. Finder will be rewarded.
1011 Panama 3-0087.
-OST..-Silver bracelet. Canal stone
set. Return to Tivoli Hotel. No.
333. Reward.

iony. ne ut lrot ir G6lf
Height4 one bSftk from the ocean
at very reasornble price. Terms if
desired. Call Elenr. Panama 2-
FOR SALE-- C halet 2 bedrooms.
Son Fracco. Thornmps Real Estate
Agencies. Ave. Central 259. Tel.

Wanted Position
Bilingual Accountant.Secretary Ciii-
nese Pnamoanian, excellent refer-
ences, sound experience, deares
IoeBtion Pacific Side. Address JW
Bo 267 Chleni
Relidble mature West Indian ornman
withw coo daais,- -

---o---,,. -u ..r rierences desires
.0-._____________ 5 ist ,d work ,a laundress & house-
BAR6AIN! I.v,ngroom set consisting Chanukah Lights worker. F aorMr employer at Pan-
of 2 chairs. I sofa. with spiin ona 2-3907 will take messages.
cushions and plastic .coie-.s Center --T iSlliIll arwrite Box S. S. Core of Panama
table $95 00. pl th street Son 0 oBe Kindledi ca.n __
Francisco Ne. 29. Tel 3-5565. --
Tribald Nightly At PWB Flordd U.
FOR SALE -Washing machine, Easy aU
r God condition. Albrod6t Chanurth, also known -as t
86-2102 Priced55.00. -Peast of Lights..which nv .l $9 S0 TO Pay
being celebrated by Jet T
FOR RENT as he successful atrugnle For Wm Int bails
R nfor rl?Ugous lbrty carried on Rm_ by a small band of Israellte. (UP) -. Mrs. Alba Rjab, l.. De. -
oR RENT-T. bedroom apartment led by the brave Maccabees r- l n SS Altba RIJab. a Mirth t
furniture for sole. Hou:e 11th lgas, the vast army ofthhiteir usdwoSa.e brtweeks t
Apt. 2. 48th St Bello Vta yrn oppressors, under tle ?back in*lam at the Un vrsY,
"EN j,- -- --- "t [leadershlo of AntUochus whi-'h ?.a ., .. *o Florida today Uvery
fOR .ENT .mall furnished culminated In the recapture ni T he drs y
rooms. ith kilchen and private .Jerusalem and the The Gar,-eyed 3s-yean-.ld.
baotr. Re-nti 65 CO Call from 4 of the Holy Temale (165 B.C.E.i woman, within ; eh band. Wars-
Sm. to 6 m. phone 3-0093. Thecelebretion of Chanukah al8 bi ofW under a el.w
FOR RENT -Furn:hec. room wi,h In the Het'n-,w calendar beg'n It I not ertan how long year.
-k.tchen pr.vilege facing bus ,tap on the 25th day of Kislev. urn- will be able t how keep gon hto
4th of July Avenue. Telephone 2- down, yesterday the day on il.hool ,. quadP oe l g to
5075. 'which the Temple was con.fT- hou. .ul u ir e %"eb nI
..--- rated anew to the Pervice e the .h oMtal but willbe released
.. ....edaewt the '-:-- another month or so if they
Always Olpe God, and lasts for eight davsa h month or so m they.
(until next Tuesday. because the onthue to make aqtisfatftry
CA N, O. (U P.)- n ceremony of rededication and P rO"N .
,Mam Pumo ("o. Ate e festivities are continued for that 'The_*"-M!t4l plans to woith
16 7M- recently with a contnu- leneth of time. tare d ad b tomtIonr
iMd at production since l8I= Chanukah lights will be kin- Tow t M _are still ettlug
a pped for any reason dled at the Balboa USO-JWB IL tora w l jiue
it laPy s only 1 Armed Forces 8ervi-e Cent.d. on their wowl.
dila production each night of the fe tival by drive to hel t
team pumep. Rabbi Nathan Witkin. -dr e to thei tin

l n w ye uek ou a b.g ar-or?
pis._ p l gat any time our dependable service as
.L*G a e pou rou d, won't you tell three of your
w Wesa shut U I nd what we accomplished for
1s vwe So young company of only 10
in ast LS we acN't spend au the money needed to
'Aind Wte is no better advertising than an
W. ..ti.r rp vme WWndation to his Iriends.
r" ha. 1

"k Sotw

Tc o ak ccelerate.
0 ere than ($O mad
tI ontaot win not no. a
Itl bUNs even thous
a 'nt id threb full-tia 3
hav he doaated their g-rt-
rt coat, the Rijapk about "
dI far Incubatlore atid i

_gg.'-B u be Jut.Y11
.- to te

N" .
484W ILi

in COL a.mountaim.
Phone me.Im 1389 I
or Asee tB I

FOR RENT: -. Comr1toly furnished
concrete chalet, 2. bedrooms, road||
facing Paltilla Airtl4d No. 109. I
Cell -9553.
FOR RENT:-Fumidied tIb bedroom.
House at Westweod Farrt Suitable
two couples. Tel. "l!w 2756

FOR RENT:--ouse 29. in cool Los
Cumbrea. 3 bedroom, ,eaple land
fenced in. Unfurnished or with
stove, refrigerator, hbater. Avail-
able imrnediet; phete 2262 Las
Cumbrs or Pe lan 23a dur-
ing days. .


ATTENTION Q I. Just Zit mod.n
furnished apartment. one, t w c
bedrooms. hot. cold pWr. Tel-
ephone Panama 3.49421.
Modern 2, ond 5 fooms, furnished
or unfurnished. Alhda mP's Office
806,1. Idth Street. Colon. Tel-
iphone 1386. .I
'FOR RENT- Three' brooms, din-
ingrodm, livingroom and kitchen.
12th St. Rio Aboco, No. 171 Phone

FOR RENT: Very toof furomih
re.INvw w"th am tMve. Frigal-.
re. Via E6"fa house before Juan
FOR RENT:-Two bedroom aphrt.
ment. Hot water heater. Avenido
Cubq 58. Telephone 2-1227.
FOR RENTA-.par1 2biictom
dinjngroom and sitting room, ot
13th "St.. Son Francisco. Phone
Balbqa 1464.
FOR RENT--2 bedrean opqriment
in Belle Vista,. Cell Panama 2-
2601. ,
FOR RENT .--ne .W two bedroom
dpartpmnts, furnished or unfumnish.
ed. No. 1 second street, Perejit.
Telephone 3-2694.'
FOR RENT.Mod cool clear un-
fumrn~M~I .edboin, living-din-
l J.rO.0;: Ja*re mcq. s room, Gar-
a, hN. y.." connection, best
residents .1 elgn Bella Vista.
FOR RENT- Cht.b- mem apartment
unfurnma ejptof Iy furnished.
a garage,. 16. Vft nsario Porros.'

TaM r6. am M.AJ

lotitutop 011
f tr ip-
House o

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Panama Line

;.-'--' .e* ;*.. ,. W W V


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.p- w P' .., Mile..
i, =-* W.. ,,-,. .. -
fcber t -ia~ih-*" .*,M


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When y, ,a w. cmi e.
from nu i tm B Sa ood dna. You get a car
f,,m coo really trust to be
a we reptesetm it.

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eppeepep ee, "eD
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beue elbck of excell entu st
can fully bkad'bv
ce qt -- Iqa w i V
earnd a d.m: t* :-



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up, Uainuemer I
mners re urged
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was au

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one f t he mff pictures n d spE ly fo


;B. CoUllins ar-

o. Couin broth-

-I; M .
V .

are reminded to

Swin meet at
netafilt eV. Meab-
n;..' All American CableI

ow eveng at

te aW be will ow
* t ? 'IPat ...M i "l c e nts

be a syelul "Charles
,B, at thrf-a. Chi. to .
The rer m"eeng Will MOW
at 7i390p.m..
w wP tr night

*| ~ ts w e hd a. D em emb er

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^'^* ti~ii~i WtlIWlU U.ATIJ
WiT. W ''' H' SVj 'lW S

fM~t~ns f L"144.I.*'

.t h are Mau hs-
11 MA
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ed I&I a Sm
wr Irar clot wbh
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MIrgrale hlB for M
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ilfn*t Colon 439 for

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IOWA. M. Y, U. De,t ,)
A ck ded
~troAin todoey buth

S nthe hone -t
reet Bridge
ty vel heating and hydre-
btr power plant.
SMike olan, 32, Fremont, web.,
ve r for the' atwafts

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b Ihway patrolmen turned outto
Offissfela -eve ". hundred feet
1aety hospital and treated for
dIhek. fi vua released a sort
ftme lsate. ,.

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4pw dn rt waot s aulepe to

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"The.little.arOMUns wantmy cl.
tite intam1t horbl ea A. M,-h
Auddered nB "The
p aunny part about t that
Wtrners never took
graplu of me in that mak Is he
were afraid that the. s would
be printed ore the movie wa
fIeas' and spol the honor."
I It's horror the kids lhey'tl
swallow their bbbl over
"The ad Maleian." i ee re-
tumn to the man a 0and
acesA typo f ht ror populatedd
by Lou Chaney for .leker goose.
,arth.S.cott plaimi her hus-.
The same. noble, mnanad& cg Mar-
ha Scott wheo lar u ea mye-
Ies as '"Our Twn" .and "Cheers
Tr Miss Bishop"?
Yes, the IsaIMMartha and she's
happy about emoting for the last
two years O TV' at robe Holly-
wbod denied her.
"It's like having jhe iacklUes ta-
ea off," she told me. "I always
asr tpe in.jk ywod-asa noble
me Who had to uer. TMey said
dithave MC m daaL But TV
me murder and even
Mrs. Bb 1t M *is Me
eue mIn the aist of Cheater Er-
sezts, "Readera
gt 'V. ft the "MyMmost
gid fieith AMartha, but
H 0ie.JaV because:
"thes a ae for the per-
teM to a- ustaio sethin and
tl .huodieaM there's a'this-Is-
the-mionest' fooling."
"I'p Waiting for the 4ay whia

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~7 rri

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people ill stopas very close, but we never dimms
uana Ambw'. s epur aeprate careen. Itiarfl
getting sr "renmilye resemble, either."

JACK POT CHmISTMAS PRIZE .......8,500.00
Regular Priaes .... .............. 50.00
with Brlan fnlevy Claire Trevor
"ot FLAME"
with John Carroll Vera Ralston Broderick Crawford
for the' HeSIwgeht Champlonship of the World l
.-- .PICR: *.5 -


JUsTix R iC i.
Give a new a
your house t
Use our colors,
Use our large uaetig4
ralnt. We bave I
Phone M e

*_. iftiMJ

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IU elksIenSWaumes-eiIWWss xAe

II. I_____________________


w.~ w as
4:20. 6:20




M' -




- Produced by JOHN HOUSEMAN





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'"AMU AMNA' o .1

International League


4 Other Leagues Stand

Oy Awaiting Big Decision
-o -
ATLANTA Ga., Dec. 2 (UP) The Interna-
tional League was "holding up the works" today at
"the minor league meetings as four other leagues
-stood by awaiting its decision on whether to admil
.Tavan8.. Cuba.
Despite the fact that Havana! Second the Richmond, Va.
has made a "substantial offer' franchise which has been oper-
for. one of the vacarnt Interna- ated in the Piedmont League
tional League franchises, the may not be transferred to thi
club owners could not decide on International, even if Spring
whether to accept it. field stays out of the League
Roberto Maduro, president of Richmond was regarded as an
the Havana club in the Florioa ideal 'stop-over" franchise foi
International League, said that teams on their way to Havana
he would guarantee the increas- but the owners of the other
6d cost of transportation from clubs in the Piedmont have be-
as far as New York City to Ha- come upset over the possible
vana from each club which;loss of their best town.
would make the trip. three or
four times a season. But other The chain-reaction goes on
complications arose and it ap- from there. Should Havana be
peared unlikely that the Hava-I accepted, the structure of the
na situation would be settled Florida International and Flort-
even later today when the club da State Leagues would be
owners again convene., changed. Orlando would be
Firat Sspringfield, Mass., whkh moved up from the Florida State
was in the League last year and League to the higher class Flor-
which was abandoned by the ida International with sanction
Chicago Cubs as a farrh club now of the Washington Senators
is considered coming b a c k. who operate the franchise. Aud
Should the club get sufficient Palatka, which was out of base-
backing it would have prior ball atter relinquishing its fran-
rights because it still holds the' chtse to Lakeland, would return
franchise. Ito th* Florida State.

Teams Chosen For Norine E. Dillman

Cigar Bowl Game Earns Distinguished

1 Tampa Jan. 1 Rif lean Medal
TAMPA, Fla., Dec. 2 (UP) -- WASINGTOe D. C., Dee. 2
Missouri Valley College of Mar--- Norine Evelyn D l 18oan, 18,
shall, Mo., winner in seven oUt of 818s-X-B Croton St.,.alboa, (-
eight gaies this season, rasf na! Zone-e- ne a tp .u ito_
chosen today as the opponent for riflsrin it waa aounce.r
La Crosse, Wis. State in the Cigar today b thie ita. .
Bowl football game hert New sociation as the ws-. widetl
Year's Day. the Distinguished' an
Medal, highest Juniot Jmig
Re parrior, chairman of thP (award. ,
C~,~~1 Selection Committee,,
L g. w 'roup debated for two Miss Di fU. tooQk Up
hou before arriving at a deci- shooting fiv S'a.s1g0 when she
taon. William Jewell College, became a ainamber of the 8l"oa
Whi defeated Missouri Valley, un Club, Junior Division. Sinee
16-14,to win the Missouri Col- tha time. under the Instruotton
lege Athletic Union Conference of N. E. Dllman the new 4~1-
title. and Peru (Neb-) State, tinguished shot. has clim1 ed
which Is unbeaten and untied, through 14 lower qtalificat.ft
also were considered. ratings. L'
Norine Evelyn Dillman is the
This will be Missouri Valley daughtert o Mr. and Mrs. Noe
College's third trip to the C rett Dillnn and a fresh.
owl. In 1949, Mssourt V.L I student at Canal Zonet
a tf ated We tchester '+PI 'r, College
Teaer 27- and in 1949 tied unr College.
ft. Thomas of Minnesota, 13-13. .
La Crosse, which compiled a Pacific Twilight
perfect record during its nine-
Iame regular season schedulee, lolo g t Hold /.
was chosen last week. In.its only 0-== I 0 T H
revliOUa Cigar Bowl venture, La k l T a:
Crosse defeated Valparalso Unil- Veeltingl I Onighnti
vealty, 47-14. This year's will be f
the eighth Cigar Bowl game. Tonight there will be a,
In----------- g of the Pacific Twilightl,-e -
ball League at the Bal boa
The meeting is ,clled 7;W,
LNUf LliariX' and all team .et plan to enter
S the 1954 league are urg l't
represented at this meeting ,*
" DlOH A N OAt present there are three
teams that have indicated a de-
sire to play ball this season. Ba-
lul a TonUrneyV boa Higl seems to be the only
holdover Jrom last year thdt wll
lhav h co UaT+OS

enty-four members of the son's Gibraltar nine and the
amA Women's Golf Assocla- iBrewers will be in the league,
turned out over the last two but with new sponsors.
jtok-ends to qualify for the 1953 There are many item, that
tGA Handicap Championship must be discussed ant ated at
g held at the Panama Golf this meeting, including the eleeA
bb and when all had complet- trton of officers,. the playlaft
their 18 holes Barbara Clark s c h d ule, financial arraitge-
ti Fort Amador held a one-1 ments, number of teams in the
e win over little Margaret league, and several other. .
h of Brazos Brook. Barbara le ,n rl
ed excellent golf on the back
ae shooting a 48 to go with a Ft rk n ril P
Son the front nine and a net Ft JaV, UIGI|Ull |r
7e Margaret, using a 14 handi- i ,
. ha an excellent 44-46 tor a n 0l rVC

Sthe twenty-four cards turn- Colege T ms
in only seven player were
Sto turn in net scores of 80 or.
or. Ellen Kenna as usually 1T. IAC198ON, S.C., IDee. 2
-ed in the best gross score' (UP)-TheFrtJackson Gold-
a. 88 followed by Margaret en Arrows#e wwi claim the all.
h with a 90. Last year's Army feetbWlt ehamplll,
Spon, Margaret Leigh, has today iemed a bWanket p.-
ento be by far the most im-1 lenge to "any service *r coleg
golfer on the Isthmus. team" to play a bowl game
t year she won the champion- here Dec. 13 or 20.
using a handicap in the: The Arrows, under civilian
twenties, and this year her Coach Beattle Feathers, this
cap has been lowered to 14.' season won eight games, a-
yet reaching 17 eyars of age, galnst one loss inda tie. The
is certain to be one of the less was to Boiling Air Force
l omen golfers in the his- Base, and the tie was with the
of the PWGA. Camp Lejeune Marines.
the convenience of the
going to Barranquilla the
Sound matches need not be
pairing are:
a Clark vs. Melva Spag-
Lincoln vs. Bye.
SJones vs. Helen Miller.
nson vs. Bye.
S amilton vs. Ruth Dan-!
Olickenhaus vs. Bye.
Perantle vs. Wilma
Ware vs. Bye.
LOWEDan s Dilemma .

rot Leigh vs. Thelma
Si, v Bye.
euna va. Connie Ocr-
I La Croix vs. Bye.
va Wilma lUiley.
e vs. Bye.
Carpenter vs. Betty
levan yT& Bye.

ts'ls peekets hi ade siea

fPet gee money be rw "lu! z
thea A. Wat"' A m

IIt a --... Imew ah I l igt

Ten Gridiron


In '53 Season

t LOS ANGELES,. Dec. 2 (UP)-
The gridiron season now draw-
ing to a close has seen 10 fatali-
, ties directly attributed to the
- sport, the football fatality corn-
, mittee of the American. Football
e Coaches Assn., disclosed today in
- a preliminary report.
With figures complete to Nov.
r425 it compared with six fatalities
r reported by Nov. 25 of last year,
, announced committee chairman
r Dr. Floyd R. Eastwood. -But the
11953 total will be below the aver-
,age for the last 20 years during
which statistics have been kept,
he said.
Dr. Eastwood said he did not
believe the current figures indi-
e cated any trend toward an in-
crease in fatalities.
" High school and sandlot fatal-I
cities were the same as duringi
e 1952, five ,high school and onel
sandlot. He also reported there
-were two college and two athiet- I



FAI .ng r rney.r

Satur Ay.t Ft. Kobbe,
e boan finals of the Panama
Anrea 'Forc Doing Tour.-
na w be .t Fort Kob,
wiath the first fight,
S l ..tart at 7:30 p.m. in

undmatwf ende wSAR-
CA4I obampa: featherweight Cp..
F a emaez Robles and
Ugh 4 .ht.Pv Ricarde Rivera-
Torr ohfrom the 504th F. A.
BTh. a!f l

.Frata-MRamos of the
33r .sh.mpi Ramonpa

The lanwelght title will go to
the Wm" f Plc. Juan Gonzales-
U% two defen. andg
ht. -F guroa.Fuente of
-t a 'rgos.Ruse of the
ina t pMendez.Robles to win
Ug h E, A. RicardoRibvsdera

the i eglght crown, and Pvt.
Loreaso Tosar-o-Villegas of the
45th Rc o. Bn. will have to take
idcfg n, .hamuh div.e .Tn'rato s if

ile club direct football fatalities heb o to win the lightweight
, this season. -cm ..
He said two direct fatalities" Cl 0Olo-angualof the
Were the result of touch football .I0.4h F .ani and Pfe. Felix Bo-
and not of regulation football ac- .. -. nillUa; i, Also of the 504th F.
tivities, although both 'involved (NEA Telephote) A. Ba.-Iittle it out for the light
college students. There also were IID-AIR MIDDlE. ti-desperately to get back lato the ball wea t title, while SN Jubus L
four indirect football fatalities, game, Navy' lbackr e C tt.s passes to end p Ullan (821. Ja of Navy meets Lee
the same as last year,with heart Bu Army-back Pat Ue and another Arsnaynyer bat thie Wl 's -
aIlmenTsthe pricpa cause.. Ipgskin down. The gama was the traditional Army-Savy match wqlt-w- g- t .'...w ....
Dr. Eastwood said, will bepre- at PhiladelphasMun l Stadium. The ad won orsit's a McCoy of the
sented to the coaches association _' 65th AAA and SN Benjamin
at its annual meeting In Cin-I 4I Ii Thomp Mon of Navy Battling for|
cinnati. inl January, [un Mub alhf f. hums; as t. ay Shaw faces ,
Q3 Vauha affina of Navy for
t-hie-- the ddttle. i --
p BS efS FRED WELLS PISTOL WINNER; similar to tUhe match. Indivil- eA dith
. y ,, BIG BORE INTERNATIONAL dual entries will be dollar et MAAA etPvL Mathew Wil- The
(By UNITED PRES) TYPE RIFLE MATCR UINDAY each to all hooters wi er team llamw for the chumgionsbip, and ble
--- members qr not. Teams of four in the heavyweight class, St. Wil- UM
l 4 -.... --- iFred Wells, ex marine and each wil be chart*d and ad- tam Byrd of the 33rdl n. trades U
FOTALL teran pistol competitor od the Bal- ditional fqtr dlars(at total of leather with Cpl. Donald Renahack B
All-American halfback Johnny boa Gun Club fired a very neat eight dollars pr four- zqn team) of the 549th MP's for the crown.
Latter of Notre Dame was a- 287 with the .22 pistol ovi Na- to defray the. addition cost of as the.
Watded two trophies yesterday as tional Match course to to'et Mau- team aWards. .Tl. ci"-
the outstanding football played rtce Belisle of the 33Bd:Mantry. Teams from-.SAhCA,. School AfOnlg The O w aWOyS w ,
of 1953, Lattner will receive th1 Belisle's 284 wa. clone, behind the Mait e B t '7ristobal
Hesman Trophy on, Dec. 8 in Wells to put him in saCI plce.r'and possibly 0'4mhlWU7, organ- cC
New York and the Maxwell Tro- rv Krapfl, another Balboa Gun izations afec to.Uke part GOLFING. GOR8P RO to
t phy in Philadelphia on Jan. 1;. Club old timer, took third with in addition to I-lal "teams THE AMADOR .
-- 82. frobit be "tba. Q y.w.. b. The back, niae at thew. ot 'Amt- tn n
i BOXING Other awards were for f4Mh, seo- BaIsoa bif iltrA o ah still d G CoursAe wa t ev.
Editor Ngt Fleischer. of Ring enth and seventeenth, and were ou- to prove t4 t A0 *ta NeWt e pt me of ,- A- I
Magazine has been re-elected won as follows: Nelson Lute, 269, ont all comers Ween i a er t W sa 140a '5
president of the New York Box- fifth; Wayne Lucas, 258, seventh; to hang on to their trbW a m- weeago T. Th iw
InK Writers Association. Earlier and Abey Anderson with 232, sev- pire. Sunday will tael tt'to. MWekan to be lefi.
yesterday Ring Magazine rated enteenth. Shooting will start at -;.'3.chanoes ae the e
Nino Valdes of Cuba top rank- In the team competiUotl M-Sgt sharp In this match 'the be interested in
ing heavyweight-the first for- Mike Wolchick led the qaytan course of fire will in i the ladies wo.
eign fi hter to hold that berth Soldiers to, a 1052 tea e s, ten ttithe
since Max Shieling in 1938. the win. Thl is air exce1ULt scor IS i. that oHderia Th
I..- I-. this vicinity, and the average# e ldts, at 2f yanrs. Hole aI a
/ I.. ... S0 Ireached has not been often sur Last Sunday's pistol core ol. was in de. .t
The U.S Olymptc Association passed here. It didn't beat Balboo low ing off
has name Minnesota Coach by much, however, as the Gda Pt. Clayte n- on top
James Kelly chairman of the Club's first team, topped by hot Wolohlok ....97 95 9 :2378 loot, ot etion pu ge five gar
1956 Olympic men's track and performances by Wells and Krapfl Lute ......... 89- 7 OS 269 instead Wl10-21, 22
field committee. Tug Wilson, totalled 1051 to lose by only oie Srtley ....... 2 96 8 1 6 folded, L- rr'. cte a
who replaced Avery Brundage rint Sul.van .....71 86 o on hor hole using a finalgl
yesterday as president of the The Ft. Kobbe aggregation head- -- o wtee to cup. ;' lheI
Olympic group, was elected pres- ed by Belisle ha to be content Team total ................ ..10 Everyoe *greed nia ole* e he l
dent of the Olyinpic executive with third place as they totalled Balboa No. 1- crasy get f enough for oeAlap,', as he:e
bord 1022 using. one comparatively new Wells ........b2 99 S 23 but also more fu than any 18 b0 t maainit
shooter.' Twenty-t three shooters Krapfl. ......89 97 96 28 sensible totmimeat. -- ame m
OWIE Maryland.- Owner W. made thi a good turn out and Ioss .........78 94 1 2S3 Prlezs were nusmamsU |mew of
.. Browna Bank Coal got up a with good weather, scores were Manning ....84 63 82 2 keeping with the theme of 1e da]P1riodma
full he.a o. steam in the stretch consistently pretty good. -- First low AMt M I1,
yeas to win the Crisfleld Or the Balboa Gun Club's Team total .............10. 1 low net, 3. m U m
a p Bowle. gram for next Sunday Is the Ft. Kobbe-- low net was, .n 1A% withlW
0 I^. at the start rifle match in which scores _l lisle .......89 99 96 '284 utso, H
f 'nd ofet sixteenth count for the Club's .1953 Ca.pp ........ 73 87 97 2 '7 'Trmman, Bl1 h. al* mate fr
Maryland' settled back into championship. Dick Dimman is Wilson ......73 92 80 264 Abarr; 4th Low n wounds
fifth I p Turning into the the lead at this writing and stands Esoalante ....79 60 88 127 ted udy CoatellnU a 1 over P '
tlloekey Joe Culmone a far better than average chance -- elly; th low nt,. re Rob- 10, i-\1
iird ise room on the out- of winning. This match covers 40 Team total .............0. .10 6;: 6th low net, _4_ a a Trop
.sde and- ent the brown four- possible points, and a bad day Balboa No. 2- tie, Doris Hailton, Mary.----
!. l ong drive. Bank hurt any of the competitors. Lucas .......1 91 -86 2N8 Barbara Clark and Frae es
thColWle d midway down Jaffray, Hank Ross, Archie TLturner ......85 91 80 2M mey; 7th lowmnet, 48, Daea- reis,
he ^ t hun 1"o nfor a and Dude Lucas are all still Anderaon, P. .85 80 76 2iman; tlr 16w net, 44, athie da .
nowee w River Jordan at the running, but will have to mam Jackson ......48 55 73 17 Be,. Ll Davl.on ti t
the 1,~" ft 8. came up be- a big ga l to atch Dick. p -lw e etm Sth .lw at,. 4f,. t .l
tw.ft m the straightaway Sunday's mtow be i th Team total .............. 93 Ks ,
to 3:"6 rifle with to at. livUals- -. o e tournament. th.e t
Sk l covered the fast yards. The giue that t Reynolds ....77 90 "91 laees h ww e na free2la6hat
o la'e minute, 45 and targets to beuad ar the almond ....80 87 90 8 7 te* Ai vy Cl b.Th The a
on LSids to pay $29.40. =atal tympe targets ed ai n JaLfr ......83 85 88 .. i
a Olymopics. ese are might 4e AB. 79 81b I
--*. -- r-- targets for this diStance anda enhedy ....8a 6 wit. __ ,
HATTElIBBURO, Mississippi.- 'chot can hurt. Ksltt .......62 65 75 O Was wv receivedd.

Of seaon-has votD- ,n

second straight,
College of the Pa-

W2l6 T e opponent
Missisppl Southern won nine
games. Including victories over,
Alabamia ad Georgia. The team3
suffered oss-to Memphis

N dp W, Texas.-Rice foot-

C ar A"IVl auaem s ..*h av
been e&W off this morning to

NW DORLEANS Football ,
coaches obby Dodd of Georgia
Tech Lewis of West Vir-
gln is gtI today in New "* V
Orup us.details .

for 'tw eo or college
this The find South-
ern M at Notre Dame
and TeWuasem at ouston.
1 iP.) --k wn.

aetine in
nii i..rii.-w -* ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^**************B~ilobHiii

.how._ ger eha .
let the 275-pound ow
a match with Vernemsm.

i\ ^ *.-, W' ,. ...."-,' '.'.

u t e I. e talik l b ; ai t ',*
am mt.are quW.ttl
Ipr tt at a
a WWI La b
tointhte witt1se li 9thfdw~e^S I%

J Uab

Imass -e ayww
, =-1 15.-
1 Du rham t 0
*i t t f njb..

, "".r .'
_ -. .
_ +, ,..


S,. / '
,'* *" ,*,

-awgr .,'iT-...'
r ;e
halo 'j -i

h r. 6j

'.- *< *- --

thl geg'w I

, -- ; ..-
,, ,.,..s ,

*q *~


Sn y I

i. a 10th roun
OmellQ Agramn

S r more.vic-
Itured an upnz


~ ?2 z1J~

~ q.(.~-


'. p..imsand'--

and 300 ofr a MB u t to.
th Soea gang. "Ma&' V 1-
iboer had a starki Mo aem
an Damian tad M46t, ."JM"
out. Schults, was hh.A or t Pa-
nama with a 578 ,eria, he was
felloed by nest, Rta1.nW -
~ whohad A U H d
Team standings:
Tean- W L Aver
orge es .34 WON

Top Ten Bowlers:
Cowes ................1i .
Melanson ..............107
Balcer ................195
Colbert ..............'.1:
Wilber ................1-
Beat ........e........
Waggoner ............190
Van WI ........ .I
Sebark .....157 2123 16 53L
Rudy ......' 1 10 145 494
Rogers ....... 17 1 145 41
Janowski ....181 -18 192 U
Colbers ......2. 2 29 191,
4- 93J A#

~alseasdo l bi*-
CLub in cwait

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S S-l -shot -S e all-aound ball pi.

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in We b A~ ?WriN-pOt of the A. C.
tea fi t h eurany twins. Edgar
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this date:. Thursday Dec. 10, a
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, Nads wO Sv
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Nash-Willys took command of
second place for the second time
year as they rolled ver the
eymor Agsenm s igob ar a M
point victory. ash ha an ea4 I
time of tt, Seymour eMmt to _nre

ie7rour Agencs-
Wllber .......130 149 170 449
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aner ...,20 155 205

1m M' 7 M61

Bai .... ;...Sn 17 197 05

Cadr .19 305 11 31
Bet ... 167 197 52
Beak~ M ...... 2 tOU2893.41





On Display

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J4At Sm Wasp

o r i4 h l I.ry....5I8M 1954 $2311
^, B stax achde),
i bdelvry:......I 19t 2390

.. ..o. A, show ,W ro4, wi b am.
-- Bi w. k .


Super Wasp Hornet

$2466 $2769



to 10:00 p.m.

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Orange Bowl Tieup Calle

'Slickest Trick Of Ye'6

ty o2 p 6re.tL groped oarn a good, "
NW YOR Terange caa *nd plenty of o
Bowl rates a bow for -the suek"- l e arthe
est promotion tritk of the 1953 The Far West conference .
football season. been supplying half the ta J
By engineering a bowl tie-up for years. UCLA, plched to
with the old Big Seven and brand resent the West after the
-new Atlantic Coast Conference, senaso, drew Illinois In the
thi outfit n erha "cdosed bowl." was a
tb of the ew ear's Day and cry for the Ten to .
Sfootbel1 games Maryland vs. Army's great team Instea (l
'Oklahoma. of its own but Illinors wen
Maryland ranks first in the way; and walloped the Uclsow
nation and Oklahoma fifth. Thereafter, the only er
1I.e RTIt BowL of com e. lams wl oirel at he coa
l (r behind with third-ranked t e for fa ,
f JCmA aalst. fifth anke t t Big i hm l
SMichigan State. or strategy. It wasn't unt
Furthermore, the Rose Bowl year the PCC returned a
an4 Orange Bowl promoters, ner with Southern Calif
with their teams determined by lcklig .Wiseuin.
toematcl conference agreement tlie BI Seven already f d
can afford a chuckle or two a ddes it'll eilt no repei% I
their harassed "rivals" in th* the Orlte owl on M
Sugar Bowl and Cotton Bowl, year and the Atlantic C
who had to select three of their Conference may put in a
four contesting teams at random. clause at its next meettin$.
The Orange Bowl coup may Bowl teams already are Doum
lead to two additial develop- by a similarrule.
ments in 1964: more bowl tie-ups The Atlantic Coast nfere
and the formation of at least one was formed last winter i nj
new conference, breakup of the unwieldy So=
At present, the Cotton Bowl ernm Conference.
draws the toD Southwest Con- The biggest powers deer
ference team as host and an op- the smaller Ones. That'put Ma_-
ponent Iks piked at rad The land. Du ke, North Ca
Sugar Bowl plck& both its t laws South Carllna, Wake
from the available list and would Clemson and North Car8
up this year with a criticized State In the ACC with 10 athoud
Smatch bp e% Georgia Tech headed by Wet Virginia remalfi
'and West Virginla. IngIn the southern. a'
Mene often than t the The mete of suacha
Susar Bwl has been sa toare obvious even without a
I eese u with a classic feature tie-ap. Strong conference rivS-
em JMa. I aid maybe the ries are tue gigest att
Ormage Bewls eterwrise is a boosters 0po and moan"
little ar. to take. more vit ever in
Maryland, for instance, might of high football expenses.
have lanoped toward New Orleans There's safety in numibeq& .
Sugar rather than Miami If it a new conference mWly
weren't for the Orange Bowl with Penn State, Syracuse!
pact Cross, Fordhbaa, V nlaova.
The Ron Bowl. pact between ton College Ad Boston V.
the Pacific Coast and Big Ten among several reported Intera"
conferences proved the aoli ed. *


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rd.. acw
; hL'um

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" thba
qfoob l


"Let the people know te truth ad ethe country is safe" Abraham Lincoln.

Ridgway Leadoff Witness

In Korean Atrocity Heartng
WASHINGTON, Dec. 2 (UP)- atrocities, the United States will American charge that RBasia, speech that hql .bed tm. Ces
Gen. Matthew B. Ridgway was ofter an amendment to this officers and other eitlmes hold of Which he WIMS 4ee4 U 1 th
called before Senate investigat- (Western) resolution, providing top posts in North eorM tad U.S. a.dd-rbm ot igvillan
ers today to give a field corn- for such a commission." that Russia therefore provided population, I.oar fp. i of rn ..
wander's account of "beast-li1ke" There was no immediate reac- major leadership in the aptroe- era, as sm a of Prer and f Joh
Communist atrocities committed tion from Vishinsky or other ty campaign. "tens of thouapsd Wit* b)uegr se onVice at the
against United Nations troops in Russian quarters. tal treatment of POW pulson t eea c thurt)rvs t Mthe
aorea. Observers considered It certao1 The onetime p u rg.e-tr"'l camps. iA. u rat,,eftfa' Mrs. sen-
Chairman Charles E. Potter Lodge's offer would be turned prosecutor said 'the whole story.. .
Af-Mich.) said the former down, Just as was the Americap of alleged atrocetids .acribt to
Bghth Army commander, now proposal for an on-the-spot 1ii- North Korea and CooimmuUi t A A "o / ir t
Army chief of staff, would be partial inquiry into Soviet China is an unprecedetitly VtW- IT S D OfK
(he first witness before his task charges that American forces cal and cowardly maneuver to Sa A
lorce of the Senate Permanent used germ weapons in Korea, cover up the most revou
Investigating subcommittee- f 'Flying Saucrimescer Caneras
signed to further spotlight 110-minute diatribe that Aua. It was only at the end of his a ... C.
American charges that the tralan Ambassador Sir Per-___ __
Chinese and North Koreans coy Spender replied immedi--
I faoed' fantastic" brutality lately In desperatlin: "GAd WASHINO. De. 2(WUP)- aircraft developlhy thq United m Me., Dec. 2 (UP)
Against prisoners in Korea, help the cause of peace." S I j The Air Force anneoted today States." all ..t t oa werethe*
be broadcast and tele- Spender called the Soviet at.-. t has Installed "flying saucer It also authentic or o -day today hon-
,wouldbeboadc ndt a ahunstalld ther/t e t also it autbentre- oroday Inon-
yised. But he said "it is not tack "as irresponsible and evil U cameras" around tbI"godtry to physical been re of Ba do, a cob-
in to be very pleasant to as any speech ever made to help explain yteriq, radar- ceived h Ie existence b1er'11 -1 who became the first
thi General Aembl.". ... confirmed obj eti t'eported oter plan- eleo go7enor of the new
Five repatriated prisoners of Lodge, ho expressed belief r the e i n or cameras ; Baa Califor-
J were scheduled to follow Monday that more than 35,000 Anoth er'' 'or -71; e, cameras, ', a ArOne or. tf
gay to give first-hand &c- of the atrocity victims are dead, Force bases in 33-0 ar de- have been i at the follow- -Mdoado 4 who served 22
eounts of the barbarism they issued his challenge to the WASHINGTON,,Dec. a P)- signed to lights ing Air Force in the South- yea In the Melican senate as
Mea United SBritaintes awr Glaited a evidence. deploringC t se executive order today p it a able insubtanti f e AlabamrrUsworn
Mbea rn e si aisr t e i ns it qaroctties (Vishnsky)hat1 made for the continued emplOiymetIn te from Idenfia~ material well: a, Zglinoeoriainyprd
Stoday to. Russiafs allee a feeble attemptMtoe-mbt silleteh And admindrs oHes a"e.est rlu.

td ss ia' srmlCharlpes;M"issi ssini ere
p oon that American charges ot on evidence the. Unftd KSes trativ Job in ote Pan heAir Force's of rel a o ncern iKeeser;Hoi )illna. Pope; t r ofben, men and-
trocitshin Koread towered thpack has submitted, and Ch Lnad directly e oti tr ti'ver "a smt. i unex- Soute t aSna a C aol ina. pe; i ft eg tare yan,
haIhatlned of the pequacy o- ththt en Lo c oPanamaneans. the reposMt .n ane l t ey a i a ef land or .every fa

Sand e paymegot r sr- stara* o neg5, D ,o S..
the United States awaited s a ices eA ere on the which Itc.a hs abeaso aranteoS
;&1 from Russia's Andrel Y. e A Pan~e x cupsi ti.
1r, ey to th e challenge ltd He then issued hsl c'ep '*i m said' todayhOal c tle, i, S ;1'& offf either e e ff sa
ef puts.shis'y arltUPtire orsearer,.w4" acte1ue ps- igshe hve@to dve lap
l, Cabot Lodge. Jr., to permit squarely to test. awAte1 of the .a. ..tak e.Tighiganemy t
impartial commission to in answer, Lodge concluded s Just a "routin in" takp b pl on ialy andbYc
te the aes full The Western resolution, to ry year sine no. s ra veo T e re
p to t ravel n lhKorea aw d now stand, merely tcall O h The section which r i0ies to rahave benitrt
theCanal PZoene tatei: ... are,"diffractiono gn t

Stotavh P .reaier now st andss melcti: el a S ^
assembly to express 2"raveeorn-e.ulne s Which- mso rea ,e .h b
Lodge Issued the challenge aemlcern" aotNOparoany rpabout .hivdence sefarte i toaei '
statement to the press atrocities and to 'aondetm, a!'tall ptaioe an MR-UH-ia t hem tone part reite r 1 ,y
t s h t atrocities wherever commHii- wo ed'iS Cths 0u t eoten
isinsky had told the niy. used directly, or indirectly,v 11a lsath a D
e l asse i that Amr en o ad bee n "botl cept fqri temi e lor4rY oym Aon e the i ra t los

w wbarrgcncy, ,arac r" f or th e Catt al 8e to 114i0T0900 -th be
a charges 'that 390"h U.N. speechdA4 he try to deny theIn case of em e, clorte onat t ofare .a
AC" ns ad ivili"an" 2 chrhdc s era mophOfs bl 1 nd M". tl
IsrmG .' Mhadnsuter Mo- o d nored h r eque sta o B ry~ P, term dmiuT r o.y be, .-( t of- fplay es a bmFr
lowitawn modernn" hSnotThecal, 1"eivThe coa

repMiesad Indirac to Inda hat P ass Rt ordrt the rfece wa t SoIAlS r, wt S
at dreesaid.b

In thdrecy to Rean l and ot wCnt- d lor queitonSin. They mnae bie 'whl member of th tllrt a Of d L. li li *wS r H
kst Cnimunisnts were iore tr tivg, executive or *'pealee dIn6Int the Au 1 t s
I tro bsnh ro 4h" r is adwe'lyihe ling saucers have been re- d Fer
Wootl sy ntIsfiieseniance
a blnetdfalsifi8 hchoes-asuJuOr portedd-'0a apdodl axesince,. 9e7, e
S a snah or of the United r eta ge ipldiSo wln ft ti
t could do as furt wished e tn, her hl
light on war atrocities,Is" unesponsrootheCtil FuAtioirFoandreeh6 teele l111
G Appropriation Laws andaitrTiteraedticor
SI --e said, "D offer him this sopen ndodefen teCrivilctionne aondl rth o wtlr P eioomira e n DalkWia ll,.
lW le:today in Britaofall's
suspended certa le in. Amalg amted i o -- --

* eThe Cofeeration of Ship-o fUnion pushed th:
M erT Y building and Engwneering Unions ail th the oned. t.
ISHewill agree to support an LOS ANGEo U dea n wi-th em y
rLal commission of inquiry Police today searched n for 7 AWhite Houseespokesman W c raft, bhlloonsior other sch b Web lived n that areadi
eto ravel all of Korea missing young secretary. whee todede Aded visions of the JO1r t e .p g ol ftor

Kaeneral trend toward mbore leftst Amalgamated En-lneering
nu. China, freeis go wherever sister said she had been wowed arpatOn law did not &ffeet et I, e :d ow ya, ahdtore did a

Temperature oer mot Union, wo 800000 members by hun

hte nation, made up mt of the 1,000000 dd ard In othg e 9 .
t 'rl ela teatssr t with the etrkrwk*. The remainder quit mIsfn top lev l uoloa AFT
tH under tlan aermsa cots latons sympathy. c harace ac ctzonvinanial1nttcedna Iii6V ". M tfthe'IHe v. o.tShe
s certain, the facts on these withngifts of yogurt. employed In the Canal Zone. ~ o Dhl-UIZct1 wes. the '"Iih., C d In uie as
old Kathleen Mary Higginsi whol Z-sTr.C ut-s' to* which Weai buaft iat .

uuprevaild r omerh var hed- t ifter leaving a down- CZ iot nrict Cour-
SlBu rreu town ... t of buildings at the end t s tric t oR e...i-B-^ g ao ,' cam.
of her day work last Friday. a. hristmos .te. \ f" "g u<
The only lead offered by herI 18"recentyears, ttes.o
skater, Sall-24, with whom shei cation Dec. 18tuon around the Iadd e l nl
has dwinded to *ad fow ."o
Kahleen iad been "botlhred" Churtm2s recess for the USa i of the bydrograpeic iWL 0
Jo emiitryIndia by "a real creepy character"t.aath c.loseof 3ne
0:.1Alandservednunotice'_.-.- Uca-e
go Prime go and ignored her mrequest- s1andyte
and n today t order:to this effect was Sov4et S.. W ov e-
will "not .yield to any police, who had not yet iden-ismc'.wnWbFto.I
in the conduct of its tified the admirer, described as F.aCrowe tiLsu morning during t!. "oder man," said he was not the -call. of the civil docked. '7 WO when "ud m vami were b.L.
..jqIl replied directly to India listed, as dlsuspect but was Retluest for the recess was, r ulei o..eSpe...
air protests over reports be,,( he apV:arently worked for a Canal thebariw asurn a f.Pm l ,II"
y*kistan is negotiating for Unit- food concern and had sent the Judge Ckowe announced thart So No.
SA states Air Force bases In this gil other food gifts in addition he woulj be available if iis arrigeb-an ordered .e TAlt qdl F uneral|I
.ntry. t to yogurt. ser" lv. ,wre needed in am
Investigators saad the' girl had ergenN' and that the clerks se Dec.r2 (1UP),
tan repudiate reports that wearing w'.*h hr When she di': tnpecific govern- e.t* S-M w/th.-,wl

if I-' 4'


-. .


litf "'Wt


k ";.

nt '


'. >^ *

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