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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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Seag rasYO.
IIALtdiM i


coMl bI *fas Lincoln.

34 K

VM cmi


I 1I^iI

. .' \'0 -

Swhb-la a te of m-
Hsft for the tl.taens a-

bebkxIVA uss
fe btedEXund Wntr
Svedto far at
df _. .ee tytt

and he said he would try to ud
and assist the VCA members as
much as possible,
He is expeoted'to remain on
the achihua between ten days
and two

ar y

CZ Tax Case


Due January

Notification has been received
from tht.United States Court of
Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.
sitting in New Orleans, that a
decision may be expected in Jan-
uay On tme aeal contesthipI
U* dsmlsaa 01 the income tax
case in the lIc I comUts.
Attorney Donald 7. McNevin,
representing Ray B. Wells and
some I O other iecidents of the
CaA&l Zone who employed him
to iftt the ImjMiition of US in-
e, tax on fede-ra; employes in
th# Zone. bas received no-
7p of the approximate
dsf the decJsalon.
A .. 4me time, received
St of the which
.ns. and
1ynof re-
The origi-
uwart Z14

r .


Panama Bay Sharks Circle

As Quc Changes Ships

(UP) --Queen Eleabethll .iag-
Od ak yesterday in a four-kokt
. p well while sharks circded
4Taeen transferred by ad-
miral's barge from this Royal
liner to the Royal Navy cruiser
Shbeffield in order to meet the
sAilors escorting her across the
Pacific on her Commonwealth
tour .
Crew members of the Gothic
sighted the fins of two small
sharim circling underneath a
consanomway lowered from- the
side of the liner as'the QueenJ

Frmr Jap POWs
Inng Home
FroM Red Prisons

- B

td Alien ad Hamls.a k
petewd.adin the ha3ds
PanaMa Canal Co., fIt
no for the report was

vy, 'p g Ah b'to ,ld
r conditions In aW .
INwas dered bi -.
a- 1 .

stood on It waiting to step into
*the admiral's barge.
A four-foot swell sent the
barge up .an:d own against the
companionway. The Queen hesi-
tated several times before step-
But with the Duke of Edin-
burg holding one hand, and
Vice-Admiral E. M. Abel-Smith,
commander of the Royal yacht.
holdhig the other, she crossed
the three-foot gap at the fourth
The Gothic and the Sheffield
hove to for the transfer with the
mountains of PanamA still In

The Duke of Edinburgh and
members of the Queen's staff
preceded her into the barge fol-
lowing Naval tradition which de-
crees that the senior officer shall
always bring up the rear.

IBURU. Japan, Dec. 1 (UP) D
S -. war pris- Chauffeur
OM to- U eir home-
today I rdeals in
and res / E-
tves still Iirove ueen,
573 who

first group, 811repatriates, $fll Elated
pent from eight to 14 years
stun stockades. They com-.
t.eir list of the llvting aD ---
lad while retun1in homet Oovernmen chauffeur Jose
Ia od Sl ia iae ^ L~OPez was still modst#t re-


--o0 -


To Accept

The Case Of

The Pea-Green


The sad and tangled story of
a pea-green 4b rotuuac conver-
tiuJe o auoious ownerasmp wnich
was "sol to a man wnu claims
he never received it was aired in
U District court tuus morning.
After neanng me evioenLe,
Juage OuLnre iF. Urowe note
tna&L ne nau iearnea ufolrmdlu)
tnaL oLner sulis against .onianS
Involving auto sAMes conLracti
execuLeu in Lne Repuolic Lt ran-
aA4 i u C cukiianf up iur
une suct action was heard last
AI today's trial, the same
plaintilt wno appeared In tne
iurt, suit, Lmie euerai bervL.eVe
rinanc: Cu.poxauon, was uie
piainiit.seeig to cuilec STE7o.-
us Lnarnes arAi*iu sooner O L u-
"ouner claims that he palo
SenLcitt ougnt on LneO lOt u LnL'
now exinc, .pohuaon AutO com-
pany U L UomoOLie ntow" in
'ranama Ciy. ne aLso admAii
LinLA uLI alSI t .A Ul4nautingC tuL.
Lract WILLI t4e piainiuL 10o le--
unance 266,b,remaining due lor
cost and imance charge&.
AUW.U iajI' n.Oy ,johnson.
who has sakce been in litigation
over venica le as an ranara,
promseeu W e a ndant, me iaL-
,er tesie, .p ne wod
nedveA L *p



Russian Offer


WASHINGTON, Dec. 1 (UP) At his news coni
ference today, Secretary of State John Foster Dulles soid
that the United States is anxious to.have a meeting witt
Russia, particularly to seek a settlement of the Germoa
and Austrian questions, but this government is studying
the latest Russian bid for such a meeting very carefully
before accepting it.
The Secretady said that the Russian note of Nov
25, proposing a Big Four meeting in Berlin, looks to bt
promising. But he declined to predict whether a confei~
ence of the great powers will take place as a result ef it
Dulles said that the whole subject will be discuswec
at Bermuda and meanwhile the point of view of West
German Chancellor Adenauer will be sought.
Until the various points 6f viei have been thorough.
ly discussed at Bermuda, he said, he prefers not to make
a statement of the United States position on the swr-
prise Soviet note.

The United States wants a long
and frank talk with British and
French leaders at Bermuda be-
fore accepting Russia's plan for
a Big Four meeting, informed
sources reported tod,

The prime minister haa been
trying for months to promote a
meeting of the chief leadM of
East ad West which he hopes
ay khelp to"put the wU on

e. rar rwat roman, w
kA. ,plming two pubtc,
eIN ach sMe of the
A d6fte date has not
t, but It la expected to
tae plaM.e toward the end at
prYeWs d a ho A Prehi-
dent, MEL. ,jtc.ongmrv!'
andrb la olr E,..M o rgan-
otfWeM& ft barid. For the
reftoNWiS Or M tbwee the group
wilU work on the agenda to be
preunted at the open meetings.
D. lIwdr. o rmk ely ran his
own d tueon waeoration r.
Green ,- Wcona said he
W uIaI "Interested in
aIttoome private homes
W O.9 aralt' .the type of
Solfered government em-
iuftikg a attorneyy sald he
wsatod hep group which has
hvt6d 1-A'mt feel that when "we
finsh tr work I' will be fully
coghapta of all of the problems,"

S t be necessary or
Qevernment, employes wm o
ZMOd& 14 Panama to obtain ve-
rd e rds for the pur.
line at Commisuary
e stations during
ea' aerti plates, lUstet'
the -mlhc ..f Panama, 'ithi
e pr "Z" v"lU be sufficient
r tbhe reh4 of gsolneMPr,-
I resent their
5 vldep cards.

.~ be neo rTo

1- be' nee-ary to
reci.r -sd
wr of2lip.

not be m adevble to the
public e

of.w t Rys
DURHAM. A C., Dec. 1 (UP)-
In 9: cwlentist has disclosed
thath tye efforts beMt made
to unlock the ezets eof cosmic
rays have brought finding that
are already being aiplied-to nu-
clear enesgy.
SDr. H. -A. Bethe, former direc-
tor of theoretical physics at the
Alamno atomic bomb project,
added that tudy of the myste-
leual zua from outer space may
ist a a ledge man needs to
armesS atomic energy.

- Dr. BoMhe, a pioneer In thd'new
field of research, tdkl an Inter-
national Cosmic Ray conference
lat night that research tech-
niques aAd apparatus developed
In the cosmei. stdles "already
are being Applid 'to atomic en-

"What cosmic ray research
contributes to the standing
of the 4f ic nud*e Jtauelf won't
have muph practice application
directly," he said, "'t the new
techbnues and ap rtus used
can applied 4 Attmic ener-

To 61i Ar Show

- A t ofa 15 lited States
Ajr Fore* lef will- ke a goIdL
,p .. t of an America be-
gil Jan&DUjr 16. 9Sf. it was
sa w "Talbott, '
An ite tged at
majr ettn vis-

In rtply to a queptlms. MeNeva
stated that no committeee" wa
organized ta pro=tite the ac-
tton. The plaintiff Wells, and a-
bout 10. others first decided to
sue, and after that the ethei
lijatiffi came into. the salt ua
individuals, he said.

PyAs.YouSee TV

From Major Stbs
PALM. SPRINGS, Cal. Dec. 1
(UP) Hollywood's major mo-
tiOh picture studios, .with one
exception today planned to rfe-
lease all future fil m to Teleme-
ter, a new asstem of pay-us-
you-mee television.
Barney Balaban, president of
Paramount Studios, stated flar-
ly he believes Telemeter, in
which Paramount owns more
than a half interest, will be
"the economic answer to our

His comment followed Satui-
day's Iaunchinr of the new coin
box system with the first tele-
vising of a first-run motion pic -
ture. "Ferever Female," to 71
subscribers here.
He said Paramount doqtn't ex-
pect to make a profit at Trst 'Iut
thtt if Telemeter sareads to the
other 220 closed circuit TV a-
reas of the country, it "will be
out of the red by the end of next
Balaran sald his studio would
release all of Its future products
to Telemeter as well as to thea-
ters and that all malor studios
except 20th Century-Fox had a-
greed to follow suit..

Some top insiders in the Eisen-
hower administration obviously

The. MAr Force tour will be beeve tmt Sen. JOSeph R. Mc--I
headed by MJk. 0euben CCprt king a bid for the
RODe t, "A S 1n'0 t .an preside n tial
%be aribeaH d sad 50*tinac.
aAmo.e lith. But the evidence indicates the
os5 W1be U, IA tA- advolfttration a not ready for
S l. einht have#AB break with the contro-
'*Weld& lawe 112 for jet Junior mabtor tres .
S/" .. .. ,-White Ra e mom to feel
'" ."t, '" AB -- ,haktf, g op .. McCar.

-a t 5 "

*". .. .. nv 'r '
FIG a t *

Ee Artl -theWt to .sam auSg -P ian d
i Jap n 'a afIsti~nus. stances L e unancg dea4 1 d come up with a a eld acceptance have accepted the Russian ang
da to hit- LopeM who Is the official not go throaun. of negotiations on European gestion that the foreign minis
6 tee in w Jap- chatffeur of Minister of Gov- However, ne said, about seven problems. ters meet sometime soon In So
Snese U1 wt lasin Chi- enmenta and Justice Cesar moniia Aker,* &ien ne was Dulles will accompany Presi- viet-surrounded Berlin, an,
Sense or-Boviet territory of last Arrocha Oraell, thinks he was threatened by the Army Civilian dent Eisenhower on his trip to Churchill and Laniel are expect
SAug. 1 and at least 56 were chosen for the job of chauffer- personnel Oiicer wian o1ss 01 Lis Bermuda Friday to open Big ed to urge Eisenhower to fall i
known to have been alive t that Inug Elizabeth because of his OD with Army Engineers ir ne Three talks with British prime line.
r tmne. perfect record of punctuality E11 no, comply with me sales minister Winston Churchill and
and reliability, contract, ne o maKe two 1O ne French premier Joseph Laniel. Muu C l ,
"Naturall I felt elated when moninly payments to wnicn he The State Department has OUlaw sIevedIVl
I was told the job was mine." the nau originally agreed. lbed a hard time warming up
Sbig, burly 26-year-old Panaman- .ounr u e court e court he did at all to the Soviet note. It la- jic t Mw UHMm
e Come 5dan1' said. of-a n p e contract m the bed it right off ao "disap-r acivl on herd
,what mW ro ob om -c"When the Minister told me I presence ol the notary wno no- pointing." The note was re- fth Nw
would be the Queen's chauffeur. iz It. He also said mlat ,L gardeda as n deceptive shift In a ~ amt ft
Crea ar r C rn a for a moment I thought he wa ie anmeozie o u sign, in m ne kA. -procedure by t he Soviets whoe" ei s r w
joking. I couldn't believe it." nance Company's oice, Daniel dropped their previous de W YOK, De 1 (UP) -
SLopez formerly worked as a Pagenta insisted that Marion mands ith hat a recvde a Omeet-aw longshoremen. set u
SA FRANCISCO. Dec. 1 (UP) palnter-foreman for the U. S. Harley. described as a salesman lug withRed China precede a picket longsh New Yoremeks eu
The House Un-Amercan Ac- Army on the Canal Zone, but n for Jonmon, who might have our-power parley. sft cket lind e s toy n cripple's wes
ti v i t ie s C o m m i t t e e t o d a y b e g a n h e w T h e f i r s t ia f, ,p.. .
toas appointed as o had a power o attorney roman on was given dock activity on the first day o
what promss to be a stormy a 1- cial chauffeur for former Pres- the true owner of the car, he eruesin a ormal operation of the New .York-Ng
dA in q ur y BIe nen t ostra te g iC r o at i vy D u lleso h W e d o o npe r a tionoo-th w a ter N wc ontr b ga l
ae an the ibay dent Alciblades Arosemena. Mr. man in Panama named Velas-staent before a House corn-e Jsey Waterfrdnt Control Coin
area and northern alifornia. Aroemena was so satisfied wtn quez, sign the contract as seller. mittee investiatin Russia's 1940 m ion .
In the face of criticism from Lopez' sevlce that before he cnft Defendant later learned that- seizure of Lithuania. Latvia and The longshoremen who set u,
six organization and the anta- office he gave him such a go.i Velasquez title also was nebulousiEstonla. icket lines were refused jol
gonism of witn a one Corn- recommendation, that the n- since the car was still under a: "We approach a possible Imnet -elgibility cards by the Comm l
ernoresmembern7. re4 ded thCoreso, sion because of criminal record
mle membwae iht as asur- comlnc Graell decided he 'wouid finance contract with another Ing with e representatives of Arove dock-wa loaders o ru
ance the congresnal body ha take him for his regular chau firm the Soviet Union." Dulles sa"d.ed to cross the picket lines.
no wish to Impose "thoughtcon- eur. d t r Booher was represented by At- adding that this government lice pickets appeared a
trol." Lopez did not drive Elizabeth torney D. J. McNevin. welcomes a chance to settle spe- P u iers ad 4pnid street to Untd
_thro_." _hr n oo when she used an open car. the Pagenta told the court that he cifla disputes. street ot 8 a m he c
A o, inin boarded his car at 8abant had withdrawn from the Federal' "But let me also assure you of reading We are locked out. W
ondros, Bimini when President Remon took,services Finance Corporation this. We do not look on the con- nt w Later pickets oect
leave of her. It was in this vej some weeks before the date of ference table as a place where to march at an Erie Railroad
New Street Names hicle that the Queen rode he contract because the Canalwe surrender our principles, but power Manhattan e oa
through Balboa. while Zoniards Zone had informed him that no! rather as a place for making our The dis runtled longshorme
n Rainbow Cit braved the rain to see her go auto financing cocen c ol principles prevail. That our ie- barred from the Commissce ront
tR eainow and to the luncheon at the Go'd- operate in the Canal Zone. Pa-J ole-a resolve wh ich I a mcon-hiring centers because of thel
Five new soeetin re ernor's residence. penta said he was present mere-Fa- c"de.d t sbace" by congress criminal records, made their firs
itv have been given Rainbow He waited and drove her bak helping out Mrs. Robinson and bvthe American people." itch to disrupt loadng on th
names ofotoetch to disrup tloadin on th
st I to Miraflores and then to tne ho had taken over the bui-'n told the Brit- luxury line pier area only ai
Gothic at Pedro Miguel. He io ness. h hour after the onpaint-freshen
One of the two longest streets drove her to and from the stqte Attorney Woodrow De Castro. thadt tve en-ted Stes n lid I rs opened for businests. Und
which makes a semi- circle dinner and the reception wh:cr appearing for the plantlff, read' a-ree to a conference with :I e ne system, all worker
c ir cl enbn o l h Ierm he a f or th l ai n ti em gbth et e o NOstem a ll
throughthenorthern elation of followed at the Union lub. the court excerpts from th e sales toace
the town, beginning and endin Lopez. like everyone else w 'o10 contract, described as standard: ChurchLll leaves London with- mil otssin .
PTriideato Tbeii ands remlna c a-m ncontact withher.C rh-e "Lo w. O eoterst liner. arrt
on Trindad Street. ws named came In contact with he. ws in Panama. which recites on ims in 24 hours for Bermuda to at-, the0 .1n .e
Andros. The second which, orig- deeply Impressed by the unaf- face that delivery had been ef-, tend the Big Three meetlne.
inatea on Trinidad Stret, cir- fected grace of Queen Elzaber fected. A British cabinet meeting to- sperliner United States which
ces through the town, crosses He worked yesterday at the Noting that the situation day o uts final touches on plansla left without baga han
Trinidad again and ends at Mon- Minlst, of Government ano i seemed a highly complicated one' for Churchill's talks with Preos- no trouble at the United Sate
teeo Street. was named Bimini. Justice. but he has taken todiv Involving Panama law. Judgc Ident Eisenhower and Lantel pr o t
The-three shorter streets in off to rest up and probably el- Crowe continued the case Fil-the men Churchill hope w Lines piers or at anof the othe
that area were named Inaqua, ebrate his unforgettable expe- Ing of brief by attorneys Is the loin him In a joint Approach to ieted o ks n
Turks, and Calcos. rience. next action scheduled. Soviet premier Georlg Malenkov Ne Jerssv lnngshoremen re
,ported peaceably at the hirin
Mc*rb *oc e | e iinbenrcrs when they opened at
a mI. silencing 1ne o.d ape-u

y Believed Bidding For Presidencylinehe
Y lhly. and then %alted for jo
The Idea that McCarthy has Republican National Chairman the campaign spotlight to center campaign will establish McCar- :hrLugh the centLer.
his eye on the White House ILeonard W. Hall said very much on such other urgent problemsIthv as a GOP leader with enough ___. .. .
.' after the senator's tele- the same thing previously about ; as taxes. farm programs and theprestige to warrant a voice inn I t
vised reply last week to former the White case. general welfare, top party councils. pr LiCense Urrice
President Truman's remarks a- .u. t i e
bout "McCsarthylm" in connec- Questioned about the matter Meantime. McCarthy's perma- They alo0 predict he will have TO m in n n
tlon with the Harry Dexter White at a subsequent news conference, ent Senate investigating st- to ration his time next year be-To Remain Open
case. Mr. Elsenhower made these committee. the House Un-Amner- cause of the demand for hLs ver- ily F.rom 8 to 3
__t aid"..a ir o r p ei_ pointa: lIcan Activities Committee and bal support from Republican- UIly rom 80 to 3
MAwcCarty said President El- en William E Jenner's Senate. candidates for governor, con-
Seho.wer hi.d not done IU he I. He hoped and believed firm internal security subcommittee gressman and senator. The Panama Municipal Tree
pOM to rid the of action by the Execuuve D -epart-e presainX their inquiries into urv announced yesterday all it
subWerstvee. And he challnaled ment will take care of Conmu- subversion. If that happens-and If the offices will remain open from
the Chief ExecMutive's hop tgat nists in government before the candidates he supports are elect- am. to 3 pm starting today, i
Commuldnm in govTnt next campaign.b They will continue to do so ed-McCarthy will return to order to facilitate the owners c
would be matter o to a- right to the campaign Congress in a vastly stronger po-I private and commercial vehicle
ther tha controversy b the 2. He does not challenge the r u o capigston than he now occupies. n obtaining their 1964 llcen
te the..9!4 1 ~reono JB-c right of Congpm to investiate McCarthy may prove his own If his candidates make a poor plates
u s roll aroun.. but he obvious feels the Exe- unO1t & as some administration or indifferent showing, McCar- The Treasury started issuin
"The raw, harsh, unm,_I It cutfve D1e1artment should do its adviseM are believed to hope and' thv's influence will slip accord- 1954 Lags on Nov 15. Dec. 31 hi
JSact' MCcarthy .tld, '. a own housecJaenlng. expect, but the senator's friends Ingly. been fixed as the deadline t<
mtmu~nsm s an iu 3. He boped the chore will be do not agree. As the senator himself put It. present vehicle owners total
An an lsue i. 1 ,4', i done qu *do eugh to permit They are convinced the 1954 the decision is up to the voters, their Panama tigs.

,& ... *. '.._. -a-.-
-, ^i H i ia H ',% ""., .. ^ .;.' ,

h. es6, 2 ,0




" -- .. ..... .... i m= -

.. ... ql -=iwonI"


~* I

- I
~ :1





, i .




r -Awi
A ^y

IL ~ lpM. Ic


.t4 '~e4i:.



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ProantN NtIfatErtATTIVs| JOSHUA a powaNe. INC
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The Mail Box *an ope.n orum or readers of The Panama Amer-
icM. Letters an received g*f fully and are handled In a wholly contl-
deatile meaMer.
If ye n eatrikbte a letter don't be im matlt it it doesn't appe the
seat day. Lt*ersar e published in the order receive*
Please tery to keep the letters limited to one page length.
Identity ef letter writers Is held in strictest rcatidenes.
This newspaper assumes no r.spqnsibility for statements as opinion
expressed in letters from reeaers.
Balboa, C.Z.
Dear Friends:
The blessed season of Christmas is fast approaching and once
Again our thoughts turn to our dear friends at Palo Seco who
will be looking to us to help make their .Christmas a happy one
6oth in a spiritual and in a material way.
"In case it might have slipped your mind, Palo Seco is a Leper
Colony where about bAundred and thirty patients, both men and
wo=66. separated fro*t families and friends .live In a.Worldof
their own, a word where in the designs ot the good God Who
doel alolthings well, they have been chosen and set apart for a
Wte of suffering. ,

Magic Formula

Not Expeted

From BermOud

cables from abroad are led,
these days, with dispatches tt=
what's going to happen at the Big-
Three Bermuda conference Dee. 4-
8. Some of these dispatches, ap-
parently .inspired by people who
want certain things to happeA a
certain way, go so far as to pre,
dict what the outcome of the Ber-
muda conference will be. Some of
these predictions come from
spokesmen for countries that won't
even be represented at the meet-
All this is in marked contrast to
official statements being made In
Washington about whet will go on
at Bermuda. If anything, the posi-
tive accomplishments to be ex -
pected from the conference are
being played down here. It is, in
short, not expected toAettle sAy -
thing. If it produces any new mas-
ter plan or grand strategy to cure
any of the world's numerous aches
and pains, no one wil be more
pleased and sutprised.than thl
heads of the American, British and
French governments and their for-
eign ministers involved.

an oys of the spirit iwbich we in our busy Washington officials point out
e a certain joys that it is the heads of te gov-
live4 eldom take time to total, much leap evaluate. I w sat ernments who are meeting --Pres-
down nd listed ,the times we.experienced sueh happens top- ident Eisenhower, Prime Minister
li,1ng the list w*old probably be the occasions when we were unit- si Winston Churchill and Prqmier
ed with our families, sharing each other's company. We can take Joseph Laniel. .Their fdra-ign'min-
time out to realize this t'rith but it's not so easy to analyze our sisters are being taken along just
emqoton,9 at least not In worfs., We just know there is feeling as advisers.
of belonging, of unity,' of family ties. That is the way it ought
tq be because that's the way God wants it to be. For this reason, U. S. Secretary
of State John Foster Du'les doesn't
S However. God has' designed otherwise for the group of pa- even want to talk about what will
tiejat. at Balo-eco. They will ot be making plans to Join fam- happen at Bermuda. He will be
i,.1at 0 usa They-canont. It is up to us to supply ,.aub- there with a staff of his top ex-
atitute. WMI j.our help t' will be impossible to bring joy to perts on all world problems. But
the hearts of at good people at Christmas-time. they will be there to speak only
when spoken to.
SEach year we ag. through your generosity been able to'shop
L-rgifta tot& f-U thBatlents. Playing Santa to eaoh' Individual President Eisenhower, for his
take some time Ihut 4t worth it to see the lift of qptirtd a they part, emphasizes that the Ber -
gravely atate,alne.aod'folor or shyly present their e uU .a A joy- muda conference will not have a
om spirit of .ant1ialpatn seems to "travel with lilgti peed formal agenda. As he told his Nov.
through tn1 :len and pervades the air. It d Iee'S long 18 press conference, nobody was
fb aclt Id fcolations are taken out p1 storage lm p pans going to Bermuda with any pro-
ndnrweoobeauttirfy the oI ony n. I gram of things to discuss or settle.
Sto beautfyThe conference is to be simply an
There are three children to surprise this year, two IfJ e girls informal talk among the individ-
and a boy." It will be the fflmt Christ.mns at.the colony t'-one uals present.
l the little girls aid,'though fhe will be. briefed on all the ur-
prises in store for th e b- other two children, all three wil T be The President did say that the
waiting with bated breath for brand new surprises while huahinglungs they would talk about were
Sheir littla.heartr the haI kilowledge 'tat old or e i e obvious North Atlantic Treaty
besurpraes alore to help to make Ch _.m th .. e~t Orga ization, Asia, Korea, Inds.-
e yealor e to h. lp ake CChina, and other problems. If co*-
e yversations among the. Big Three
-We kiow that many demands amilar io thDt .hiiogo de e i natotaues r tion,
o ye generoaity but you.rkindrne to. u, t I lt tres at would be all to e goo
'.us to hope that you U11 want to cot a a'good work. Ubw- There will of ottre be *1 .V-
In .that whatever you'd40for these t afflicted of God's facial communtque at the end of
children, you will din for God. H the conferees which willsay tle
ee1 Pandanty whih Wl. a
-el"be O U Lord, "; SSI I t

Rv. i mph F. Konen, viM. lsagreemant are usually soft -
Pease send youth contributions to pedaled with an announcement that
St. Mary's Mision they we beig iven further study.
Box 2020 The American emphasized in-
Balboa, Canal Znme formality of the Bermuda talks,
a. Cn a without' any fixed' agenda, is In
-' "' '. "' marked contrast to the pronasals


ichhav been made for a Big-
Ir conference to Include the Rus-
s is.
tb S. point of view aH along
bee that if there is a con-
e ;th the CommunIsts, an
tmeent must be ade In ad-
a s to what will be talked

R u f lia approach to a Big-
id ce has been just the
the remUlin wants
irnce/without an agelds,
w Id tensions. The Bar-
usi thn minor tensions
tWetw the three
powers.' American
Aled ties to be.
at Bermuda, rater

%l*Mal character w1idh
qsenhower has speeli. d
a conference doer
j u t the Avaerican e Ble-
Sattend without j'rlp.r
has been mucl bba-
~idnight olO in the StatB
to get ready for
I -
S. Nmy ane. nine
of State John Fostar
Ithyek to go nt A.
a e e.; a ,advance.
tcomaauque he w
ta ba dat s end.
conaIe diplomati p
ties. Br ana d French dle-

a-. ,.:"

'd~ ~%,.

. ....jail

t W





Ii ~I~ve~r

* I .

By. JAHRK. *

.'. $' -* .... .
The Brownell-Trun.p-bexter White:-B''nto g g in the poUtl ehn. -H
that's been burning )la hotly in recent aW.1 stoo hafunchly b Y'. andI
apt to smolder for M -time. I hew ao ,ertunists, E
piece when It, was efl e4 in the fUel.. amto jail an Ye 0 a
was no way to b, as every WQ ( lawk with pe on the rest. ,
newspaperman. wil S L.dmit.. *. ..,,' ta.chd 4 intlI .t Com.-
Who I don't reaU'y lieve la-anybedy,,41 l1et
current mess. Ida4t Wve Brownell a fot ore ou o t
than Truman. or tha&tiuffoon. Harry. Vat I th of f w "
I think the only complete honest Joe n white a
is John Edgar HoOval o( te lBI, no v pn d
ably laid b wanl, 1, WA. Xq
then went back to theraesles at. Tvut d i behe.t Q,.
erybodf eit-"hl
think Hary wruman.ia i tft,

an's tactics1*0

faag.hamemT a. a t. ,.l ... .D.Iy
I don't ttik IUe seame out WO *0

of a mustache. '.. "r *. o ela; "oqy H
as merely fan1. a 'th aecap *nelA paomly a

bues.for the Lords o up.+sre they In? I Ta.eartn p1. al0'..

,re t"f? 'M Wudl la. real, t ue
In the last election. pruman called Ike eve ry, t Vaghan carrisd.thg

I .

Tariff Bottles

By Bruce Bimatt
p .

As the Randall Commisten
po nt inquiry into TV. f-ore
oughtful propeals are -b
hopper for a- balanced* i
In the view of y oe
tar i how to prevet
s Jro tal tsael ,am

* 4. ..''?~y,''b.

us its Ian- and
trade, policy, le-
ed nto the mar
, problem. T
crux. of the t
I coialdera- mu


.- In -
Sara GARCIA Gustavo ROJO Isbaela CORONA, in

__" --I I Ill|I .6 -

5 It Pays to


In T; '

* '^WWM~ A-Wp^iMIpw^

A'- *
w2.~. 5~A.-



NIUaU w. e- Ixpectedo w W o

But few 'If any American e i
partt. _p the four w dayBr
M 10 R a Hai
"hAt Ash" a G aete
out ena9n t IIar facw
opUismas on vhat may e -
pedted Otim Bermuda Is onsider-
qd Mo bet harmful to American
bot inknrat.



~~Tr fr. LAJ~Wir~

- .4 ""*

~. ~

'.whes '.f

I I -

pus. -T n

-eAir PlS


* I' '4',
- 1-


4" 1 ~41 I
d '~' 4,

* I",

.i- mi M

r- .i

- ^
rl *

" =


esp @MP vtAR tSI -





* -r:, vt ~rr-~z~a~;: ~:~*
* 3.

f, .- ?

pm I



ssl,~a *

WIrw raTvtite
4 of Ameria
v-'. o i .

a- L.a

.... .. a' ,.
;, I^ ,JJII;U^ "" l ..1
*" ^** Wsa ^ 1 .MW


-. .--- -
* 'at ~.~t.*1i -

* ,=

"~ C,


-BM urn auxapa
il ,il~ ix!* s .
aget.M -BBC

tot tOk e



-uaIL a I-year. od man bneliev eOs s I )The
-, I hg ftS -e 17 tons of gold worth more
'16b 61d est = I lHl& = on dollars, to Lon-
bbla bU octor of do today by plane.
vim. I theceimcticS Of the Couple The l -g dd ,lpaent
I& j L ear, hailed the find am one I The loldty-gureded shipatent
M dftE imar.ant t decoincided wv= reports thatRus.
ac t most Important In de- ala is short at foreign exchange,
CMWthe especially sterling.
tiIM t Hen e reserved decision on the Two plane loads of gold ar-
adu y M section theory al- rived from Moscow
O8g: o iad it was .ndicatd via Pn the last arrived
by the shaved skull of the girl. today a Leden airport where
According to the Roman writer a otn as soonlice was thrown
Tacitus, "girls of the tribes in around
rai m thiar at that time who corn- l nd.&
m Wted ultery had their hair T. ots 6 were top se-
out," shlabmw sa. lost plane arrived
The bodies were discovered Caeeh rims flew the con-
with the l's eyes still blind- signments from Moscow to
folded Ad the man with a Prage, where they were picked
noose about his neck which ap- up by Dutch KLM airliners and
parently was used to strangle flown on to London.
him. Officials, bullion traders
in LBd .Mod that Dussia
Both bodies had been preserv- is abort oft .Ung. Last month'
ed for cMenterl by a peculiar Russistan ver and some plati-
acid in the wamp waters which nuft began appearing in Eu-
Soo i frlann.edb" )he skins a reddish ropean a= u ets. There were re-
brow Ilkk leather. But. at the ports of gold sales.
SUme oddly, the acid prac- KLM refused to re-
SU......ted the bone veal to the gold was be-
P" sktuturef .1 I lg sh ipo.

,/ll *- 4.


a. .- .
... -. ....

-' 4r& -Is'

V. 4IL

. i aToo Po efii &

W abMggig'eek Whis.t.g 4-eVo

Precious jewels for someone very:
special. If you are choosing her'
engagement or wedding ring or'
a Christmas- or Anniversary gift,;
Vn coame WpCASA FASTLICH .andt
our experts show you the finest
." ; fashions and a most beautiful gems

there are. '

ml helps :


hit 3s^ jn ^ '4'^'IT^ I

,.. "

w- *.* ^

;^ ; ..

* A :.-

sts Wash ing

l f.P) porting that Benon' tr es
0an are subsiding, at leastfora
While. One GOP senator said the
are best thing that has happened to
..rt Benson has been rain
ika- relief trom drought and attend-
k&i ant unrest in the Southwest.
O... Others said Beason is getting
bait to- sympathy from farmers tor
the standing his ground'in the face
And of blasts of criticism.
o neur So- n ome profess tosee an m-
el 'Bbvgnw-ln- crease in farmer sentiment for
*Ted Belief flexible farm prioe support,
be hurt by a which Benson has advocated.
192 its own on that
as read thRLRev. .H.S ood
.m m-ternal
do y brod-
r*,el--a Conduct S vice
.[ t lp Ion. Jotp R.
wasop" On Board hit
L '0. ab p wA ih for-
Tn f' defaend- Using the relevance of Chris-
Il tion's hanu- tian faith as the subject of his
t.hCo ealat -apAes sermon, the Rt. Rev. R. Hebar
t au he 0o- Gooden conducted an evening
tents .. -very service Sunday aboard the
S'- iOWr. ad- Gothic for Queen Elizabeth and
members. of the royal party.
r and at least some The collect for- the first Bun-
blicans interpreted those day In Advent was read and the
oCarthy remarks as a direct congregation joined In the
lenge to President Elsen- singing of several Advent hymns
Bishop GOoden took as hu text
Wisconsin senator also a line from the Book of revelp-
entitled the work of his Sen- tion by St. John, "Alleluia, for
| ea t1)V atlcommrittee with the Lord God Omnipotent
epul v la the 1954 reigneth."
eongresslonal eeSte -He said
Meq eqald c e l l. ke only He explained how his text
"'f the c seno- came from a time which was no
teMoal cad' de *nj .1 4the le6s perplexing or dangerous
Republicans In cotr'* the than our own, when "Every sol-
Spnate. dier of Christ know that he wat
As one Democratic leader put faced with the possibUlity of
it, McCarthy thereby invited any torture and martyrdom."
SaOti-McCarthy Repubileans to Their, he recalled, was an
. pte next year for Democratic exultant faith, and we. follow
4 natorial nominees. Ig n their footsteps tody,.
W A follow-up question, stiff Un-m ust seek to understand he
#Xwered, involves whether Me- significance and relevance of
Zuthy's speech foreshadows a that belief.
S aonal row between hs ad- Sunday's meeting with the
nts and the administrators. Queen was the .Bishop's third.
Before Atty.- Gen. Herbert In the summer of 1948, while
wnell Jr. charged Truman she was still Princess Elftabeth
oI laxity towpd espionage, She addressed delegates to a
e hottest political fue ewas Youth Congress of the Church
policy. Many Democrats of England. Bishop Gooden,
some Republicans were cry- who was in London to attend
that Secretary of Agriculture the Lambeth Conference of
aS T. Benson seidul be re- Anglican Bishops, recalled yes-
. tried terday that in her talk at that-
Now some Republicans are e- time she emphasized that we
-should not think In terms of the
"B- -challenge oi the world to Chris-
Stianity but of the challenge of
a Christianity to the world.
,, 'm

who w.



IX for the IQ

only girl

in the worM ^
50? '


I ri

t 1K
3 -

4' L~N
-~.. ~. tBMW



* iF1'
* \ ,-


* f

- ,



'I -

S ,.




)(3 *

" q

Ti'he uw


-.-~ ~
..' ~\

w. A!3!AC~_ IN!


Children, Neighbors Defend Buntin

Romance in Stillbirth Of Grandchild

ORANGE, Tex.. Dec. 1 CUP i But the physicians announce:
-A physician denied today that through a friend of the famnil
the stillbirth of pretty MI s. today that the baby 'died before
Elizabeth Burton'S first baoy birtlA because of a hemorrhage.
wvs caused by the shock vtfHe said it was a very rare case.
learning that her father Is' "This resulted from a separi'-
Thomas C. Buntin. who aban-Jtion of the placenta. between toe
doned a fortune and anotnur mother and child," he saWid
family in Nashville, Tenn., 22 "There is no reason to believe.
years ago to run off with his that the circumstances of the
secretary. past few days had anything tc
ido.with the baby's death."
Buntin for the last 22 yearsi But Mrs. Palmer was griel
has called d himself Thomas D. stricken,. as was her daughter.
Palmer. The secretary, tif'e f'- ',Ihe Red Cross cabled the newa
mer Betty McCuddy of Russell- to Mrs. Burton's husband. Cpl.
vill.e, Ky., is Mrs. Burton's William Burton of the Air Fore,
mother and the mother of fi'e who is in Korea\ The family
other children. doctor also requested that Buc-
ton be sent home *"for the moth-
When the real identity of the er's welfare."
Palmers was disclosed Thursday, Mrs. Palmer spent last nl..;,t
Mrs. Palmer's first thought was with her 21-year-old daughter in
of her daughter, who was ex- the hospital Palmer went home
pecting a baby. She was afraid to stay with the other children.
the shock would kill the ba.y. The loss of the baby solidified
The baby was stillborn Iat the support of Orange for the
night. Palmers.
... JScores of messages of sympa-
thy-and wreaths poured into the
US AlIrd AFuest white frame house where the
oJ IVUilI 1tt ,1 Palmers live. Nobody followed
the Palmers or questioned them.
Blonde FrauleinThey came and went as they
A m H W A hospital attendant who
Sn OrK stayed with Mrs. Palmer all last
VI 1a Wok night said she never did hear
NTBRNBERO, Germany. Dec. hearsay she thought the baby's
1 (U?) -United States o- being stillborn had anything to
cn trr edta oar-do with the uproar over her and
1lcials arraigned. 24-year-old her husband.
befrulethi argarethen Preier "Mrs. Palmer would be the !ast.
before the American district'person on earth to hold such a
court today on charges of ex- hin in her heart," the attend-
changing carese with .I.s for Bant said.
s2crets she passed on the Corn-
mrunist Czechoslovaki. The Palmers have let it be
boy. snapped a simple "nicht" known that they do not intend
ented a plea of not guilty to the to change their names, move
charges which United States from Orange or tell more than
agents said were drawn after already is known about then.
ahi confessed to working Mata They both could have been
Hart fashicn in Western Ger- rich.
many for the Czech's Red army But because of their rve, thev
inteligence. ran away and their t entities
Kept secret for 22 years. palmer ,
uSMW Pfeiffer, an attractive now 52, sells television sets, and
blo de mother of a two-year-old she works as a court reporter to
boy, snapped a simple "night support the family.
Ssecldig" (not guilty)- when The children defended their
charged at a U. S. 'tgh ComIt parents. Pvt. Dave Palmer, 1i,
minilon district oourt arraign- said at Pert Bliss, near El Paso,
meat here with "intending un- Tex., that his father is a-"won-
lawfully and felonously to ob- derful guv" and learning about
tali information concerning tU. his father's and mother's past
8. ,Army) training and weap- has "boosted my admiration for
en;' my parents, if that is s- oasdbi
The court set her trial for
Dec. 8. She faces a one to t.?n- -
yearttrison penalty if convict-

._ ,..

UNITED i Wf he




"FIADOI~ KNOT" ...........
"LEMPA'" ..................
"SANTO CRRO" ..........
"HIBUERAS" ..............
"::YAQUE" ....................
"LEVRS BEND" 1.... ,....
"CHIRIQITI" ..............
ainthts Rifrtengftd. Chulled




Fle: t

.......... ...... ee. 11
O.. eq. 11
..........De .20
................. Dec. 27
"ad GaniWal CWn.
Afriv= ,
Clm A arl

S.S. "METAPAN" '.............................. Dee. 7
S.S. "MABELLA' .................................Dec. 11
S.S. "JUNIOR" .............................. .. 14
S.S.,"MAJORtA" .................................Dee.., I8
S.S. "ESPARTA" .. ................ ........... 21

Weekly sailinagi dl twi e pa'senmger ships to New oek6, flew
Orleans. Los Anxeles. San FranuIsco and Seattle.

Special round trip lare from Crlttobal to Nu ,foLk,.
Lo< Angeles. San Franciaeo and Seattle.
To New York .. ........ ..............
To Los Angeles and San Francisco ........ $2T0.96
To Seatile .................... ............ 003 .


The Pacific Steam Navigallon Company

Royal Mall Lines Ltd.


M.V. "SALAVERRY" ..............................D. e. 12
M.V. "REINA DEL PACIICO" (18,000 Tpan) ....... ee. 4
M.V. "SALAMANCA" ..............................Dee, I
M.V. "SAMANCO" ..................... .......... ee.


I- '' *-' r



-.. '"-n. -~ .: -
Tough Gemt -

SW 47'


? ^

RBiht Worit



i n R BCUDDI ,

ILI w '. ... ...u................

S S.S. LOCH GARTH" ............... ......... 1
2N Am rm All Sailingp SubJect to CA Wtt l
Sstl FOD co. iwc. S -ee ORD CO.INC. PA. TAMAA -i
mwa k ik dT,|m "


5~ ~vw
- .1

'I. ft

I *

... o ." -
.. _..T /sI





One Man Out of ne
One 1Man Oat" of Line


*, *nm

*' .

- ir


I .M

t .1 "


,'. ,?,:

66F 6006 E -

OUR so8asmQ in

'^ ...



.aer. Po p tinu

---- ~Cable Addren: THETAFT

Lif. -1_ -
dla w 0"kkB lM~f'~ ik *-------

M A^ jl^ ^ e^^^^Wr L^M ^^^^^^^^^^*

^ -^^j|n?
aSst '' r *'
MR-r^ ..
Trtf f
u'T^'-i.- .--*Ififia
t .1


*' ."
* ;.< ** '

- 14

-- -

S ;, .


"- -

!r L
Mr.. 4.J",

i't.vited to attend a
y tlmerow evenlg at
e Port Clayton N.C.O.
r H rinoblap f the

, from
*..a i q ,.
ior Branh of theI
isat Amerian Peoo

l6:wy" In ttu 1l-

t~ ~ ~ ~~a d w-;k',


IN rth

avs lAnces for.
L -a wll be hold
4y at the umO
A a Service Cea
fLaL Xd. alblm. upder
S d t f Captaka Lale To-
reeettheir f
Hes 84,, of the
Soe aat or Repubtlc oPafc

'-it '~
I' ~ *



SgY at R"i ZiV, An- An"avIt.
At THE GOVZRHOR'U Meceptlon In the Canal Zone Sunday afternoon are Queen Elisabeth,
NsoCre Mr. Th sf and the Duke of Bdlinbug. Also in the picture are: the British Ambassador. Eric Cleugh;
O, b rirernor Seybold et the Zone; MsA. iBybold. Lady Pamela Mountbatte and Colonet

S i b lleB M- : mrso e after the e)tt.. toere Sunday aftfn. the asollet, n tu da of fyounl
Sdeflts 10 -t -d In kw with U4 BfgaasateL W having 30 yrs service with the j taf
ftm!WdA$ n o tn t T ; Panamaa Canal Co., tel t 12
aror etmn ve acu to of whch he pent withtIon
dts- Efiu yes ldion. Mr. andi. Ma'et Z air
S .- i tepd tol vento Gorona, R.P. LA O
be CAStar Cicl iirs Although louder was firsts' e
B'FO = em, De A ,_t+ o 1 T played by theJPanama.Calnal2
y.4-. 1 0. he s aea-ond geneation
Sle up m M in the t bet iore cin to' us With 14 father flm i Mar
rMarh r to botn a &P tDwtaith0b^ M N.J., 16 1911 and Sot7
Served A f, s 11 s d or vg A th 1 with S Motor tansportation b i- h fi job as a foreman w tn
Sbe p. the sboa 8 torehouse supply
r. A Rked two years .r't a mithb apprentice In the
S l'met Ln-ineert at CorW- Mechanical Dililon. BAlboa ,o
AD. .t o tlntengineer with the a knR
o ,s., u ..Raroad Co mpany,l and na- When he finished his appren- .I
.- Celn1eiof a Agency until0-osw-an the States and worked for the
=xmgtor foremrn eattUans- Santa Fe Ralroa4 until 190Mh
,.whenheretur e to > to the eDr '- s whnw he returned to the t_ h-
e .to .hoe lr uawith his WIeh and two chi- -__ h_
apel, 5 clerty- where hp wag t tim dren. He moved to the Atlantic
Sea dit t. t~d!! h2 dl~d a nd ha tsdai a eeon ae tng In. Mira
"_.fl R"nlv ths mmd a *
to H ortn o f ., oe r-o e r wasborn in Sam Juan, mended by Govy. Pranel A.
Sb S ho-0 maintenance a on 17 Rqo d.went to sq Newcomer on the pert tmto qt
I.lnts man wirth the iin- record maintained by e ea-
i8.a theage of 16, i s in7aflU thl uKE
sa in "' J the Mehlal.I- ,without a b1Wt time sed-
1d, lSLSAVIn.a .ar nir saMder are plan- '* ina
-Thek ,r bl.retirement.
n-abie te. -AD a
a.w.. to tl.- RED
mug In I18a s a na i t th W

VW1iTs2WA now kind aorCbabley, Who Is retiring from beamM
uCA=fti contap trends em- the Panse mcaw.u.Of i
*4h e1 10ho tows o-tgedra Pern-
d-1Islomt'' afIu tlmeut



t i

I-~~ '., ".r

-<" -" N-'" T '' '


0 of i
De -
-IASh tmi

' at;
= iama

Ir". ."'
1,. )

"U1e mi71r^,
.- I ,.


. ?.

' *i,.<
' .**'s '







I Lamps



DECEMBER- T'- 2- 3

* F.,

t -.




. E udI.itle

.lGd.m e c tampd



AN'-.. .'" t ." '"

U w'W Wr-w.
fgerflIT rut. a

bK;,..: .- 4".- -.1
p L. ; ... 1: .T ~
.- ,s :. + ^.: -

.' -f



*, -. .;_ .. _; +;: : ;r;
ROE SS- -a.J


^ ^W a 7)Z^ -, V. .,
I .--_ ,"/ ). .'" "jBt ". -^^ ^f '^ .' H m~
^. i *'^f' +..,-* l~ ."g ^^^ 1 *
5-0,A; ^A~ ft-M %^ St
iiiii' ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~ 7fS. z;f.. f-iit iW ^ rtiii.m .1< *-

of Uunrlt

* .




. I.

ts.:-' -


I, I ~*

for 12 words



7 Street No. 13
Justo Arosemena Ave and 33 St
B Street No 26

Central Ave. 149
No. 3 Lottery Plaza
Fourth of July Ave.

H Street No. 57

Agnelsa lateul. de Publeaeleae VAT.IA RIs 1S00
4 Cansb AVT I. PiM I;
Parqu leftvre T St eet
I- Central Ave. J. e. a it

vi NPU No.aNi

deoeRi~and durable
WPrIoof coatings
in lan pound packages
,ln'alf colors.

TOL a 'g,3-401

Household Automobiles
Irly one male, one female left ot FOR SALE:-1952 Oldsmobile Hy-
exceptionally large thoroughbred dramatic, radio, 8,000 miles, fully
GERMAN SHEPHERD puppies insured. can be financed. Call Navy
Phone SHRAPNEL, Balboa 1389. 3932. 7 to 3, or apply 2529-C.
No. 150 Prospect street, Balboo Cocoli after 4.
Heights. FOR SALE:-1951, duty free Chrys-
bR SALE--9 ft. 60 cy 'e regr.ger- ler New Yorker, four door and
aror in good condition. Call Clay- and 1950 Plymouth four door.
ton 7193. and 1950 Plymouth four door. Ad-
dress, bids to Texas Petroleum Co.,
OR SALE.-Furniture. li .ngroom. Cristobal. Right is reserved to re-
bedroom, diningroom. porch. Fr.g- ject any or all bids.
dare and stose. Excellent condi-
tion. Bargain prices. Leaving, ur. FOR SALE -1947 Nash 4 Door Se-
gent trip. No. 114 Via Eipona I dan To highest bidder. May be
At. 3. seen Union Oil Company, La Boca
O.R..L..-arain si pe Road. 7 to 4:30. Tel. Balboa 1256.
room set, Sn Franciscoa d lea Co FOR SALE-1940 Buick, solid body,
Iota road No. 60. excellent condition. Leaving Isth-
. mus and must sacrifice at $225.-
RN SALE:-Living. dining and bed- 00. Duty paid. Call 2-2441. 7:15
room set. Also refrigerator, stove -4:15. See at 0777-E, William.
and typewriter. Justo Arosemena son Place. Balboa.
Avenue 97 apartment one. FOR SALE:-1951 Hillman convert-
OR SALE:-.-Bedroom air condition- able. Very good. 14,000 miles.
ing unit, mahogany desk. book- Clean. Phone Tucker, Navy 2295

case dresser, chairs. etc. Barga-n
prices. Inquire at 14. de
la Guardia Street, Bella V. la or
phone Panama 3-2025.

FOR SALE -1949 Crosley. In per-
fect running condition. Selling
cheaply. Phone Navy 3136.

OR SALE:-Mohogony bed. corn- WANTED TO BUY
plete. almost new. Coll: PanamaT B
2-5133. 5. Fourth of July Ave. 1WANTED your refrigerator as a
OR SALE: Mahogany bedstead trade-in o- a new Crosley Shelva-
single and modern chiffonier, bolh! dor Cyrnos. Tivoli Crossing. 2-
dre new. Call 2-1541 5, Firs '1793
St ________ A
VR SALE:-Black wicker sofa. w with WANTED
f leather seat,. Excellent condrtion
S20 00. Balboa 6384. Miscellaneous
OR SALE:-One steel Q M. But- WANTED Unfurnished house. 3
fet and I steel Q0 M table, 42 I bedrooms. Golf Heights. Reliable
42. like new. Call 2-2683. House party Willing to pay ample rent
742-D. Enterprise Place. Balboa. Call 2-1794 during office hours.
'OR SALE: Must sell practically L E S S 0 N S
new. dinlngroom hall. drawing L E S J J I N J
rcom, complete guest room. indivi- PIANO PLAYING TAUGHT! Popu-
dual. Easy chaur oairfoam cu.hion- lar or classical, also orchestra for
ed. Beautiful ,ugs Swedish China. dancing furnished. Bennett's Piano
Glaisware floor and table. Lamps Studio Tel. 2-1282
must be seen to be appreciated
Phone 2-2798 Oflfie hours. i FOR SALE

'OR SALE'-Will sell separotely or Real Estate
complete bamboo six tron dtwo
arm chairs. 2 w/o arms, round We hod first choice of Panama's
glass topped coffee table, double beautiful Cerro Campana mountain
decker corner table. over $600 00 too lands. Your Qpportunity to buy
value for $295.00. GE Deep Freeze completely furnished home for lIv-
i.---3 yrs. old 8.3 cu. ft. $295 00. ing or for steady income. Relln-
Chrome Trimmed Dining Table & ouished ONLY because of retiring.
Ai- 4' Chairs Grey $199.00. value Telephone SHRAPNEL. Belboa
4 S95.00. Mahogany Piano Bench 1389.
$25 00, and Misc. other effects.
Office 2-2386 Panama or see at
house 29 Los Cumbres g ManagementServes
SALE:-Liingroor- couch and Ih m n
car, mahogany diningroom set. champagne; Shows
15 months old. German Sheoherd iS B B T
c.olice dogl. 2614-B. Cocoli. SO Big' T Guests

Wanted Position
lil.nqual "Accountant-Secretary Chi-
S- ese Panamanian, excellent refer-
SJ. ences. so-nd experience, desires
o- /. "Lsiion Pacific Side. Address JW
bx 267 Colon .

Sunday Desinnated

A As Canvass Day.
I At St. Luke's
i Sunday has been designated
a Everv Member Canvass Day
W by the board of the Cathedral
of St. Luke. Ancon, Canal Zone.
a- This Is the occasion on which
2P i"all church members who have
i '-not pledged their financial sun-
s"port for the next church year
3 '_.will have an opportunity to do

A grouo of soeelallv selected
epnvasser ore meeting In Bishoo
Morris Hall tomorrow, at 7:30
p.m. to P"range final plans for
the canvass.

I -erp( N^l*i'*
4 1I C.a l ZI .
S Diviio of .Balbol
Py a..Pletut
T vi


-A li Case Ne. 39
01Ci Docket 1*
Ta T te asove-amed dtadant;
Toem ar hereby required to appear and
SswerW the- emplah fed ihN the above.
trduna wtho asety days after
R.B^ ate of Ie *f ptltleU.
S c of your failure to s a apear
god o u"r. tudemaut will be tabkn
jiimet you by default for the relief
t t INthe caI t ompliait.
S4.4TSS the Ha emon ale mGutrie r.
8llmww. Jdgee. Unltedt States D strict
S ewt folerA S Ditrit if thOe Canal Zone,
1 *emhser I,. le13.
C. T. McCormick. Jr.
B Dy Lesl Harris"
-I rDo"Clar
I 1 -Is serve-,_ d .,e,.
.rpoerso' t to the wrder
't l* llUia Godwis F. Crew,
*I,.hire 1f I Mel~t C..t fee
,*l d o dot kZ eu. dteowd
s1_ie_ fDi cte

,4- .A f T.. e "

1 1. j

The management of the Cein-
tral Theater ad Wanrner Broth-
ers 'held a private screening of
the Jaen Wyman starring vehl-.
cle "So Big" for a select audi-
ence last night.
After the show guests joined
the management In a chaut-.
pagne' toast.
Miss Wyman is said to rend.rf
an Inimitable performance in
the film in which she plays'the
role of a woman of self sacplflee
,nd nobility. Her portrayal ol
the role Ia cornered with that
of "Johnny Belinda." although
the store ia entirel different.

Foreign Excess
Property Bids

Open At Corozal

Sealed bids were asked toda
on one lot of foreign excess
property located at Corozal. C.Z.
Bids mrst be submitted to the
Property Disposal Officer, Build-
ing 630, Corozal General Depot.
by 9 a.m. December 10 ant they
will be opened at that time.
The property is open for In-
spection daily except Satur-
days, Sundays and holidays.

Give a new appearance to
your house with bright
U-s our large selection of
paFnts We have received a
large shipment from 12.35
the Rauon.

Phone 527


, \!-- -


2031 Ami..t
TRY our dellclous genuine Italian
Pizza Pie, RavioliI, SpV ttl -
prepared by a Neapolitan cook In
our spotless kitchen before your
eyes. The price for one order is
75 Cts. HANCOCK BAR, Central
Avenue No. 143 next to Central
Theatre, same side of street, private
entrance for restaurant.

DR. WENDEHAKE. Medical Clinic
Central Avenue "K" Stret, cor-
ner. Telephone 2-3479, Ponrsqmo.

Sponsored by Hotel El Panama
3 Full days. Leave Friday, Dec. 4th,
return late Sunday afternoon Dec.
6th. Fishing through Pearl Islands,
visit the primitive Choco Indians,
spear crocodiles, cruise, up the Sor-
bu River, aboard El Phnoma's Peas-
Bring old clothes, comfortable
shoes, and DON'T FORGET YOUR
For. reservation phone Jungle Jim at
Panama 3-1660, or am your Travel
All readers are interested in Mc.
Grow Hill books. Consult your regu-
lar bookdealer's catalog for the latest
Me. Graw Hill publications. For more
information on Mc. Grow Hill books
write Agencias REM, Box 3088 .Pan-


FOR SALE:-Bicycles, girls onr boys.
Ukulele, electric train. Pony. 2
years old with saddle. Small dia-
mond earrings. House 754-9, Bal-.
boa Road. Telephone 2406, Bal-
FOR SALE:-Boxer Pups, AKC reg-
istered, 11 weeks old. Excellent
with children, see them at La Cho-
za, 5007 Via Arango, 500 feet
past road to Panama Viejo, "4pl-
ephone Panama 3-5371 or B3l=
boa 1674.

Nai'l Lawyrs 1W"

IThe National Lawyers Guild tor
day sought an injuhetlon to preh
vent Atty Gen. Herbert Brown-
ell Jr. from placing the oqiw,
nation On Mis stbversive list
A hearing examiner is sched..
uled to hear Guild argumenis dit
why it should not be listed asR
subversive The Injunction .bati
fWd In district court, aoug-ut to
oto@ that hearing and to proven.
Brownell from, adding the Qult
tp thq list, as he first pro
in August.
The Injunction suit charged
Brownell in several public
lleIias after taking the fIrt
ap alnt th- Guild, referr-ad
Wto Ut "the legal mouthpiece"
for the Communist Party and
said it Is "Communist-dominat-
ed." .The Guild denied all the
accusation and said It could not
get a fair hearing in the Justice
I .

Canal RZe.
Vlited States District Court Far Tha
District Of The Canal Znee
Dimlel. of Balboa
Vincent IL Walls.
Bdava M. Wolfe,.

Dolodamt. I

Case Na 3780
Toe I .aboe-mned dIfeIndautt
Yes birehr olp -d to appear mad
V ea sleoit Bled I. thu above-
e .tftU et wisthi alty da after
the d id t fint pesAbnee.
In c om ew f lhw toe appear
an -sma J, lSmet vWll be taka
adai t y deft fo tr e relief
as%= tme c. reer o
the Hn'ah C Gutbris. F.
Crow, Judo, Uited States Dilritel
Co ttothe Ditetrt of tHi Caua Ze.s
ts [Nevmade 13, lof.
C. P. Mecamiek., J


ft Iu UE.

Deputy Clerk
Ti Tm. wl ,

|a^- *ilSIe h ia- J-I--A er I-fMqA
?***t-es &^ptrict Court

. ,r Cleck L.
cm"h wt
.',. ,. ;;;_:1 '* B W ;i


HoIes .n Santa Clara. Also
in COOL C mountain.
Phone IHRAi eboa 1389
or w owetakelw

Foster's Cotta One mile past
Santo Claem. Pae bring your
linens. Phoe lei@N 2-1866; .
WILLIAMS, Sante Clar Bech Cot-
toages. Lre cmfterbl, modern.
near Be lb a 1050 except
Gramlich Santa Clar Beech cottages, .
electric refrigeration, a staves,
moderate rates. Phone 6-441 or
4-567. I

Panoma 3-1877. C., bl 8.1673.



Pkn. Ahppes, Movem.
r. 8. MsDwAxuI

bAIuI i Ultra-

FOR RENT: S lu sidence.
furnished In Bella Vista, all mod-
em conveniences. For Information
telephone Panama 3-09$7.
FOR RENT:-Thtee bedrooms, din-
ingroom, livingroom dnd kitchen.
12th St. Rio Abojo, No. 17. Phone
3-2189.. I
FOR RENT.--Fumished dihale, No.
9 East 43rd street: porch, dining-
room, 2 bedrooms, etc. No. 130.
Telephone 3-0622. .-.
CHALET FOR RENT: -- *Nicely fur-
nished concrete chalet -including
electric refrigerator, 2-b erooms,
porch, diningroom, 'prlor,: kitchen
$11000. suitable allo f r two
couples. 112 Via eli rib Porras.
FOR RENT: Completely furnished
concrete chalet, 2 bedrooms, rood
facing Paitilla Aiffiel No. 109.
Call 3-0553.
OR RENT:-Furnishedl~bedr6orn
House at Westwood Frm*. Suitable
two couples. Tel. 5 ii 2756.
FOR RENT:-Housa 90Jr Iqol Las
Cumbres. 3 bed me, mpl landd
fenced in. Unf114 1pr with
tove, refrlito Avail.
able Immediately, ph6ne 2262 Los
CumbIes or Panama 32*880 du-
Ing dd '

ATINTlIWIf WL" uJt bi_ modern
futnlebhd opan u ine, twe
*bn11 4algd water. Tel.
phi i a 3.-4941.;

Moderm 2, 4 nd rooms, furnished

S s v .. ...i

R RCRT- -1,6111
,.;.rtmnt gas
S.Re occupneff DMp r m
ror nm 3-5024.

R RENT:-Modem apartment). 2-
Livin-din ioos4 asee.
tI .i m.'Porah. g 4oe. 4h St.
3, Belo Vista. Call T&.. 3-
S333.! -
FOR RI Me^Camfortoble apautrreht:
U Mao f

PFOR tNT:.-2. bTepom 3wn-iet.
furnad. Second stret i. 11,
Perry H"i. Teleahon- 3-2i 4. -

FOR RENT:-.Miags aaeitment,
e c N. I, iaroque Lefew"I ca-
lls lie I)tyVia Emo. -
FOR RENT.-2. bedroom apedment,
SFedle Soyd Aveta NM. 4,
lswalfn. Tefe ". 2-
1466 4 3396

aiutlon of fi
&WB-wrli8 1

Our L


>* i


Al gqq



When yW m v ud ee
from us., get mre hn
a good deal. You get a .r
you can really trust tl
oa we represent it.

**l*o .-s l -. if

FOR RMW. fi u .ppeaeaee peefemi-
Iedepoms- rtment, in Betl Visto Ime end ueep.


large aerth tan *- b r1n D 0gi'lee.
age, hot wtfer, linen, Ca. gt- '
elusive midntlol section. llae
Vista, $175.00. Telephone klbO CUOM
y,4e..-0-. -3. cupow ',
FUj.". .,- .S le ,ATIOACTIO.
p2 ptment. W V -N S
904 Choi~,% 4Fae

L* r 6fori p

FOR RERN44t.r. -6 finish.
M.-V iaf Jua
7fepCbi .1

FOR R E1 itF ^7 ar

Cubae53. a -


d You cai ilect from dur
-. ore stock of pellntet
carm iU%

.t and im mmW ,


Sauer, omT o ,e! UB,
ilve deoda i l' mmt

had beea htq.
I No% aas '
I F latmolR
iof the b
. service

I tb I 0

ay 1950 -,,:
to Cno'rtW* T ". .t

%j M|~~. ;.j<

H-i W "Y'4^^'

mi, ~1951



MEk iS

~[ S

I, ~1

- ~mqmm

a* PAE aX


t.. ~t.


I J// P 'VA I ~f a 3fldecm. vehiras

o | e th hn
| wh"MJw dl s for

a -

*. 00B6i.M

P .

,M r "W w "flr rWak.

ro R Thomas.

m= =/iiilim

m l -- -I 1



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! I --- -- --- -.. 1,


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llllm .

a OF



- IL

l1 1
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v im

*..'I- .....

F3 'Gem "t '"l A "' "-: J -

fth a nor a ) 80UIhow.I 't think It wouia wo* to leark--'m 6u
4100 LYWOODONTV: aem with hetn. There isn't too much d I
& .~ta^M~r&I Amid -.,, Md C h .- 'B o f _l = lY .,..- .H b
movie suIF s in CM aaonaapAt ,urnael. ThepBrit.eoour. I tN s seDrove
hag kgtheSound Bar- like it"
SN a nd M aac ss o DeO t o o. c ri.,' was the same style of act.- Abo .ties at a.
i .i m hatto ed r ea sue. lng. It's my favorite l.I, but son.eti es
....a" storm, s ad' h, e "I admit some of the early tl with a bark
S. at with palms. shows were much too nat. I had people jumpa
roma My name is Johbson. I'm a eel,
.dh, Clo ub No change names to p ITS SOWTIME TONIGHT
: f a the da who doos all the ianama eanal ater

r.. A atp. a- Churchil ffi Nt T h SW F

ra' 3 fld Jaek his sas vhs0
S cott, C O andThe D. of r al"ed ar ce, working : a auript. S
ada ri Japms B ad a y a, Nre 2i0w He's w ein a brown ad whit
.Mr. ,,rv:d ndGa wdAltor oeVia. d Aawie aFJe e .*

.Mr.hd7a. U '1. oi thgreetns a So-I CRY OF THE UNTE
.s,... ..-612 It s ua .A0 ..

anItAA wh form o as ebelf Ip Avo. GAMUQA Hw
.. U S Yed.d ., ...._r 'e Owir o ~,i et m .1 Re I;IIw

'Is gM jre .Sc 31: oe lhe o ance bewthe =.a .m s. A A TU N Webai 00 S yy W
('-" R a w w nnt, a "e-.n, obe prm o.,l --Ii ey, wer is4 f. t a 4H E E___
.. .. ..nt .U bMer

?TAERN~AIQLCMIuAN heh C amable at this time. f! his seat inwesa the& Ueast ta- net a lrIastOA .
.Saturd at -blfr. C rW," m. red him am Webb "We don't d itto- R Y OF T
.. 8.*0 ni ....i-s---n -. the co"0ratula, s ad god wish- e d ceredt, asi oms a. r pA Me thiO A-. .ae .m

'. eate g U gi ths whelp ie It's a form .f uno laaswd that's
SGInrao l di- ts Churchl rebped somewhat halt- g reat for a n "CY-type
_. .. ", st7e memboers. .f he tI.t Maiy'soine 2:0to h. .a r

.... .,-I. 1119 ibroke to ..brge F 0 ans orchestra
'S~2.AT CL :. ... .. ..' "
oive n T. e. 0 SRI,.gins.Unlkeh ,F ,.Jack

lNobe t in te-

SD" -h-s to hi 0 Dee. : only-

'ERNT "E A N.ttueC red lea0" reb s.e
r.~k..~a*~payableathsdoe. .p pee -
Chuago herlhrsb_ aaotlptplopeat*for,*a *

1011aofs .u"11"e
in theA. IN.MYthank 0WAtI0e
Ninarets a..hari ou, Hn ISOianzni w hichyl

8 feWGt 7 Isl Thehasa
It0andid aas Wi TOl
mecIstmrsU a.

-rm am ",,.. -..."--- ..-.a oorch es0r

'" :he,-e" '
A. .., ~ ~f
-./ :...:.. : -; : ... .. ..... ; ...._,... U NIONSin
W lip iM AY"
l ll =._ --

. ViM,



'- ---".

...1 .o.P,1
i 4'


The Bank No te"

YThat Cauaht :

S Are you the lucky holder of the vbd
* "$100,000 Bank Nbte"-offered by
I. t ASSASSIN to the only man w-.
S could stop him? Check the numbw:r
S. abive as directed. You may win
eadimtioo se THE ASSASSIN--


- I

:~ ~L

, *.'-I. _-"V-

~.5*1*26* WA3 -* AN ZNDU.~..

Major League clubs Draft 1 3'

pL. ..~ ~
'. %. -


Big Leaguers Pay Total Pacific Little

Of $137,000 For Rookies League Holds 1st

ATLANTA. Dec. I (UP)- Major League base. Iryout Saturday
ball clubs reached into the minors for 13 players yes- I
terday at the annual draft opened at Atlanta. Trh Pacic Little League will
The big leaguers paid $137.000 American Association last sea- hold thefirst of twotryoutsr
for the 13 players The total Is players Saturday morng
two more than weie drafted at ,at the Diablo Heights Ball Park.
last yeai s meeting in Phoenix. The Detroit Tigers drafted vet- Registration of the players will
Ari7nna eran first baseman Charleylbegln at 8:30 am. and at 9:00
Little Vmicio Garcia a sec- Kress from Rochester In the In-.a m. The managers and coaches
end baseman 11ith Shreveport in ternational League. Cincinnatl of the Pacific Little League we'll
the Texag Leatue was the first picked pitcher Jim Melton from put the aspirants through bal-
plaver chosen Mobile In the Southern Assocla- tine and fieldinR drills.
Garcia. who hit 30O In 1.55 tlon. The New York Giants and| The tryout is open to all boys
games., as drafted bv the Balti- Boston Red Sox waived theirattending U.S rate schools on
more OrloleF The Orioles inmher- draft rights. but the St. Louis the Pacific Side and who meet
ited first choice at the Atlanta Cardinals picked pitcher Rogerithe age requirements. The min-
-baseball rreetinpe when thev Lint of Portland In the Pacificiimum age requirement Is tnhat
Dpurehaied the I.-t place St Louis Coast loop. the boy must be eight years of
1Browns affer the 1953 season age before Aug 1. 1954 and the
-ended. Pitcher Al Sima who had tern- maximum age before Aug 1. 1954 and the
r.s...... maximumm age requirement is
,norary success with the Wash- .,tha he ill not have attained
The Pittsburgh Pirates-last ineton club, was picked by the lh 13th birthday before Au t1
in the National League-had Chago white Sox Sima was 3 rtay ore ug.
second choice and drafted out- ,with Chattanooga In the South- 19eitration blanks have been
fielder Jerry l.ynch from Kan- ern Association last season ratio n blanks have been
sas City in the American As- placed In the Principal's Office
%selation. The Philadelphia A's The Philadelphia Phils pass- of Ancon, Balboa Diablo Heights,
had third choice and drafted ed up their first choice and Pedro Miguel and Gamboa grade
second baseman Fo r rest ihe Cleveland Indians followed schools and the Balboa Jr. High
"Spook" Jacobs of Fort Worth by calling up the Texas School Parents are requested to
in the Texas League. League's most valuable player, fill out the form giving the name
'(Editor's Note: JacobsIs a pitcher Don Fracchia of Beau- of player, birth date and ad-
former star player with the mont. The Milwaukee Braves, dress. The completed form should I
rarta Vie.ia team of the Pan- New York Yankees and Brook- be turned in by the boy at the
ainA Pro League.) Ivn Dodgers, all waived their registration desk at the Diablo
The Chicago Cubs made their first chance at a draft. Heights baseball park on Satur-
first draft choice former Mil- day. Dec. 5 at 8:30 a.m.
wa'ikee outfielder Luis Marquez The Orioles-on their second PJayers who were on the roa.m.
who played with Toledo in the chance-drafted former Giants ters of teams at the end of last
Sand Cardinals outfielder Chuck season are not to report to the
'Diering from San Francisco of tryouts. They will be contacted
C is ba Hithe Coast League. by their managers when "spring
C istobaU I High, l The Tigers made second base- t rn n" e xis.c
man Harry Wright of Charles-
I I r ton. West Virginia in the Ameri-
en can Association their second iu mu I A exa e Isec
draft choice The White Box then
Thompson who was with the Named For Jan. I'
Baltimore team in the Interna-Galr Bow
l tional Learue before it was
pen r Frid y bought by the new Oriole club.
The Cleveland Indians wound up
Sthe draft by picking shortstop By LOWRY BOWMAN
Friday night at 7 o'clock, Cris- Tom Korczowski from Minneapo- United Press Sports Writer
obal Blue and old will open: n the American Association.
their 1953 basketball season a- JACKSONVILLE, Fla., Dec. 1
mainst Balboa High School at the, (UP.-Auburn and Texas Tech,
Cristobal Gymnasium high-scoring elevens from the
Turning from football to the s0elb a plains of Alabama and the plains
coming basketball season. no. of Texas were matched yester-
'aajor rule changes have occur- day for the 1954 Gator Bowl to
red and the usual scoring aver-i Alu|rnK 0Tn BApod complete the lUneup for the ma-
a e should still orevail CristobalR I poIr JorNew Year's Day struggles.
.Hih School will floor one of its' T The selections by the Gator
,smallest teams In many years, Bowl Committee climaxed a
Plus a reserve bench of the same iSvC This Week weekend of Intense discuSsions
-apacity. With three returning! during which the Kentucky
lettermien forming the bulk of; NEW YORK, Dec. 1 (UP) Wildcats figured proarilneitly sI
thes tp .1he Blue and Gold will College basketball returns .n a well as the teams finally etosen.
have copper" Didler. Dudley big way this week with all three But It was believed Auburn
Smith and Jody Roberson to car- of the pre-season favoritea-In- would be more popular here than
-7 the scoring load. diana, Kentucky and aialle- Kentucky because it comes from
Other possible starters are ready to play. a neighboring state and Texas
,Johib Hayes, John Hatgl, and. Tech was chosen to give Inter-
Charled Leasard. Rounding out: Indiana-the defending NCAA sectional color.
;the entire squad are Sammy champion--opens its season a- Texas Tech Coach Dewitt
lMorris, an aggressive sophomore: I ainst visiting Cincinnati on Weaver, native of Jacksonville,
Tagaropulos and Quesada., two!Saturday. Coach Branch Mc- was here for the signing. He said
players from the undefeated Cracken admits his prospects are he was "very happy" to bring his
J.V.'s of last year's team. Perez.'good. team from Lubbock, Tax., here
Don Smith, and Eddie Smith and "we don't know of -any team
compose the twelve-man squad. "We have all our players back in the country we would rather
Balboa High School will have! fro mlast year." says McCracken. play than Auburn."
sevsnal returning lettermen in land while you can't tell for sure,
Jim May, Martin. Davidson and, I've got to say our prospects are "Our scouts say Auburn
Buick. In addition to several new- pretty fair." shouM have beaten Alabama
cons and Bill Bingham, who Saturday sad we believe they
traferred to Balboa last school Lasalle one of last season's have one of the best teams in
yeapf With the experience andl top teams lost key players the ntlen," he said.
heiplt Balboa Bulldogs will be al Norm rekin and Fred leble, but Texas Tech leads the nation In
top t tenderr for the basketball the Philadelphia school sill has scoring with an average of al-
crow, Tom Gola. Te Explorers play most 40 points a game and lost
With Friday rolling oraund two games this week...against only to Texas AM, while win-
fastr than expected, both clubs Mllersville State Wednesday and ning 10. The- Red Badders won
wil.only have had two weeks to Westchester State on Friday. the Border Conference title Sat-
get their squads in the best pos- urday by whipping Hardin-Sim-
Isib shape This is not very The dark-horse of the season monrs 4e-12. Star of the team is
pm2 time to out a sound bas- -Kentucky University-returns 190-pound halfback Bobby Cava-
etll squad on the floor, but from a one-year suspension to zosa, who sozed 80 points this
wi its keen competition, and play Temple Saturday. Most ob- season for a school record.
t b high schools opening the servers pick the Wildcats as Auburn lost to Georgia Tech
t wl r season, it should be an strong contenders for national and Alabama and was tied by
tex lent game honors. Mississippi State, but the Plains-
A laslson will be charged at men won seven other games for
te a( follows: Adults, 75c.:h But Coach Adolph Rupp is their best showing in 10 years.
St ats, 25c.. and S.A. cards will cautious. Rupp says only: We'll Auburn features interchangeable
1 %e ored at the door. have a representative team." "X" and "Y" elevens, led resaec-
tively by quarterbacks V nce
S ... Dooley and Bdbby Freeman.
S The Auburn players gathered
t --In the field house at the lyo

,horbaefrt h te n e ther
ctl8 through. They
each Jorda nithe r

v-, s -MoAar of- its a pre
lived eu e Bon a t wavn.-
TeI a Toes ehp wueld be.
:Ue. at this Texas team
a m.ine dwl this year," Jordan

SA Ihtont tied Villaova 7- the short-
lived Rhumba Bowl at Havana.

Beach Jordn dicated Auburn
would of its practice at
hton'& Parsons h De s 7.

/Infnts' Powders

'ae Joe Kueter
s fudul andfeverish when gums re achingsd ina e t 46.e that the
I' udas~~di O o- Ps s CWalGua Club will hold its
is them for Ashton & Prsoem likts' Pomders. They annual Colondl Rice trophy shoot
soothe baby i-t reasl slepi tbey cee an Sgunly 0aeinu. Dec.
She blood sal reduce h-k a sWO l' m.s...
I3 Mother cam be sure had thee 5os gp targetS aId

Iow ,, .s ., ni ... e overall wi-
they.. m-e .. b e.. ... ,.- .l in Ahis nam e a d t
tVr AD alutely sfe, r vy a m. te g the Coloul
anies and mey, very gentde.

Panama Pro ige To operate

With Three Clubs This Season

Twenty-Two BHS Lads Get

Auburn, Texas Tech Named

ball Dance Twelve of these are credit.
seniors, leaving the Bulldogs Cdtita Jeti ms the hiding
with ten returning lettermen punter. pultyarg eyr f e by
for the 1954 ampaheirgn. for an average of cott. Ma nd Jerry per
In addition to the letters kick.J IM g pWtpa t4i Res
presented, LWO members of the a*r.N2ed Yards ped
sqletuad were honored with special ott had the hiht erage h
awll rd. Jance TwSelbyve o threserve end, perca to thee
was slecavedinga the hardeogst times Jetotat.of B51 ts and
work player on the team, and an average of 19 a ar-
hIn ad his nameon grated on the ry. May t poweetMy L these ,
Whittler-e horingall Trophy in oig gun inae hi eptmentrae
honor of his selection. Jimreerve ey running th ball 137 times for a
who was chosen by his team- net gain of 848 yards, and an
mates as the honorteam, captain average of 6.2 yardp. p r carry.
for 1953, was presentgraved with the Bruce Orvy. Ma. was next bigh
traditional Captain's Trophy gainer for the Buldogs with 198
which goes to the honorary yards in 51 attempt$ for 3.9
captain every year. nards per effort. May ws the
May was also given his game leading scorer with 48 points.
jersey for having earned his With the end of the 1963 sea-
letter for three or more years. son the Bulldog's yea. r record
In Jim's case, he Is thd.first shows 21 Wias,- i.W ., two
fo'ir year ictterman In the his- ties for a percentage of .758.
tory of Balboa football. It was Two of tht six losses cae at
also announced that the ath- the hands of the powerful Miami
letic depattmeat of thle high Jackson OMheraUl while" means
school plans to retire jersey the Bulldogs' hvp only lost
number 76, which May wore in four games to loWl competition
his four year of football, and in five years.
carried to heights and ame
hitherto unachieved by a Bulldog 1953 letterman' by positions
athlete. follows:
Individual and team stattcs Ends: To- Davson (Sr,, 2
for the 195. season for the Bull- yrs) Curtis Jeffrles (8r., 1 yr).
dops show some Inter ating Don Hut: (Jr., 2 yin), Jerry
facts. The Bulldogs won tour, Robnett (fo, I yr).
lost one, and tied one for a sea- TAckles: Jim. Fulton (Br., 2
sons percentage of .790, They yr.i, Bob DBngnam (Sr. 1 yri,
scored 78 points and had 20 Bill CampbellU 4r., 1 4P.1 Tom
scored against them wlt an Haie (Jr., ',yrl?
average Of 13 points per gme. Guards: bob Glud Or. a yr.),
The Bulldogs racked UD t "6rat Kirk. Tibbett (8Sr., I yi). Har-
downs during the-season, old Sorrell ( 9 1 yr)
May dominated the Individual Centers: Di GrMosang (Br, 1
statistics of the team. Hb made yri, Charlie Himmer (Jr. 1 yr)
the longest run from acrlmnlge Quarterbacks: JAok Corrilan
69 yards against the A ad (Sr. 1 yr)
longest punt return, 855 as a- HalfbackA; Ji May (Bir, 4
gailst Criptobal, and, the lug-i yrsap,, Brue Or ts (Or., 2" ),
est run bick with an intercept. il Kr e (Jr. I yf 1
ed pes, 28 yard also against FibAck. B 1a martin (,r. 1
the A. C. Larry eene had the Yri. Lar Pen1 (80,1 yr Al
longest kieotff return. 40 yards BlackaU t.
against OrIstobaL May wasa th ,oura (xt. 1 yr. -3rUM
receiver of, .the longest, forward gris (So. 1 )

Minor Leagues To Propose

T.V. 'Game.Of-The-Week'

ATLANTA, Dec. 1 (UP)-A gl- 'The fact that the Natolpal
gantic "NCAA type" game-of- CVllegiate Athleti AAAn, hu had
.he-week television deal Involv- a si llar telev iba irazi~~nant
Ing all 16 major league clubs as for college foftb games in- ef.
the answer to invasion of minor feet for two seasons has given
league territory probably will bo baIball a green Ig to proesed
proposed t the baseball meet- in tht same direeton
ings this week, it was learned t6.% Trautman also smid Sunday he
day... was much encouraged over the
The plan would provide bg- recent federal court ruling in
time sponsorship at a total a- Piladelphia on profess ions 1
mount of more than 2 million football telecasts which
dollars and a large portion of the legal a "reasonable blackout~ n
fund would go into treasuries pt areas where attendance Would be
the minor league as an indeA_ expected to suffer because of TV
nity for attendance losses which competition. -
might be suffered.
One big league .me" wo -"We all recognize the right of
be televise eah Satrday a- people who want to see a big
teraoon during the regular league ballgame on TV once &
major league season o a while an! we'd like to find a
coast-to-coast network bais. wiy to make that happen," he
All other clubs would be proe said. "But not at the expense o
vented from making any sort. putting ourselves out of buil-
of network broadcasts via tele- ness.
vision into minor league terr- __
story at any time.
Although neither Commlasslohn- i .
er Ford Frick nor George Traut- il ,trnflaionll
man, minor league president,
would comment directly on the
they indicated they had e a
Ceen approached on It and that ICOgue Ue O eS
some sort of a resolution may be
presented to the assembled club
owners in their executive NO .-L t J mf,
slons Wednesday or Thursday. rieei 0U0moffow
Since there is little or no ml-
nor league baseball ,played on
Saturday afternoon, there would ATLANTA, Dee. I (UP) -
be no direct competition because The ltenationa Lea
of telecast.d not owners met yert
However, the plan Weoild not owners to a delston ea
affect existing network radio orml to a deiHavan s,
contracts on m= "r l. a.ue Piese b Havaa, Va. or
and 'trautman e00 Sla. I n the -
edy they do more dama pIngffield,M .. t -
thenll hedteleyad tswb(u ft W ,
filter iato tlnor.lOag6 se in ot* Fesk.

the idea to tae 1*aueagett ofu
meat hl W a* ~ lf .sebs
restraint of td NO


The Pan.u Prof Ieusional
Baseball LiWtse officials last
night vqtd to operate this sea-
son with only three clubs, sut.
pending he ervceria franchiSe g
for one se uon..
ackt U Will play 36 games
with 21 oftal b games sched-
uled for Uount Hope Stadium.
The other 38 games will be t1w
played a the -an-ama Olympic I
stadlu.Tbnere will be no dou.U'

The eoas opening gan
will be mamt Ydy at tl
O tadwaM with R.
P"et t les Anbiole Rem<
thritlarg e the first balL
ThIe, otMas decided on 1
three-team ioOpafter every pi
sible .xql oi was thorough
discussed. 1 vas fially decil
to suped the Owvecerla 'sf
chise tat seOsOn because
the lack of i IAmedlate sp
The laes 'off. th eqvece
team wt hte amc
the tOee o teams with I
Chesterd club getting .C0
Parris,.e CW- p.,Vleja nine
warded "Cookie" Stempel- at
the othet pray-e wOe assigni
to the Spur = Oa contngent,
T.e -p will p the sp
Col tea tM ageln Cheste
betwn Cart Iea 4 and Cleb

The complete club roe:
Cara VieJIa s

Infielder Charles "Sir
Wilhel (Philladgiola 4b
can Majo4 0j9
Cl AA), Al Rubt .(Labbo
W .et Texas-New Mlco Leag
C c aCBd lA Q ( i
cOp Clasoatud .)

QOtflelders; RauaUke fn
t ,.,atern LeaSue.0 4 A

*Dan Porter (WashIngton- AIm
=ean League, Majors), ,oe*
smith (sdcahtty

Wili a Hei Patnick (C
lumbus, 'MfrtI ai, .s Itlat
labs AAA Ldd SS

League Class LAe, Joe.
man (Albuquerque, West IN"
hew Moeico League,
WUliau Blsekenbu7ry
Cook Stem ('A (v h,
ly League. Cls A) tom Xagi
ChestrfiM (pmme)
Mantger Staf Graba
Inflelders Frank Austin (PO
land,. Paciflo CoastLeague, Q
Classification), Pablo B1r1
(Billngs, Plo, ee ,t.
C), Joe Thunfth ,,d
Lee, Wisonsin A
Class D). P*pe Oeo (OaM
Loasborn League, Cl
Clyde Parris (M ,
ternattonal ).
Catchers: CrM Bre
du Lac, Wisconsin iat S LeA
Class D). Marco o As ,R;
Big State Ltgue, du J
Pitchers Albert O
ver, Western La
Be coast

liamapoet t I
Le .*ua Ws-Ra .& Mk .

the esQrH
or -for

a ISittl two t
ea. It wetald
ferent stair it
wasn't in a sk
Sapker l fo.f
53 for his tfic
team. The Out w
behind the Ar

L :

uirona r V;.

their mliteR


it, y.

*T' -


~ ~%t'4iw~

,. .. 4-, *

5Sf1 ^' M **** :*,',





, a N

*m nor

'' ^. '"'*


-I ***. -. .


r.~ k~1A





try a


*44~*'~* -.
I' I..,'



at n l, 'M -

*AA -- *. Ne.. *~~--4



IlqMTw JIM A".* ,* *uum
tfop ui teams thuq
Bouipein bowl games, Jan.
-suwith atnth ranked

&Y I~k Ol M
bokMrNv ~ l


w -. p

4 t,~.91..

* lo0 a new triM ago*, mI
i tftha e Ybr' I' ce1 w~r Io.
S* 4,'; i i -

.4- -


*'".... ( ft "lephoto)
Op NEWS Al n, OuyebUnd Indians thie bmatan
,-wilfe feel very el a;s eceive the news on the tle-
iM, in their Clereeiot gaht. bhe was named- the mh c
lnble player In 'U s i League4 Itosei.t i the first
sue to revtve A 'aUnf lce the M wVP ard was

bama ahck Bobby Luna

itay's Toa4t Of Grid W'wd

SUAlterP' WM~ta Writer
-" ---.
SOHAM, Ala., Dee. -. It was a S|l560 bet frt
I Alabatma hdalfbbe Alabams the Mb4ps1 it wKll
a 170-pound i reeve for iti tvt the Cat-
f ttel, was the tw Nwl af the TiWe
1U world today after SEC titl .
fthe ld the until Saturday, qb' .4led
Co0 the e i U te4s muddled conferen me but
c A.t was ti a ig
who. tied tva. When Uwa m. Were

W ftStyard$ a f0,, t2Maesmpe It sMe. a
i to4s gay tu l sesm record o ga *tvietodea,
in.a7 n' twoefda t nd poea.
arthiiyartlr. ~ ~*UN ow felt tp breag point

m &m- -M. #%.. t


S"of court e I dild
he AS".

._& better. _. ,
^^ AMt. M~hw t"," AwfiS&


iI on:. of thi


Wapr VsVmecovet-
tI IhaftideIW, Lu-

0m L3 Nut as ane
Paf oly an tean maaes

an ed Luna. w athe
oDustI at4 p1Cr on the field,

B f De. ut .I- -

teMof aaMl. magwne-

routsuarMe a oe bofietod
aof lad o fIrat rrarto
0 W. m.hoeh by
Wriatw DAm *lm Catp Aerca.)
The 1Sn st* larmeas araKen
Buck of- ollfte of PaMific, John

Miadhalipl ad J. D. Reberta of
=S [ *U t A s on

wo ceu noe
I Calfernia and
of lw.
k are Alan A-
dta, Paul Cam-
CI Carolbae i
t. ofs*4ftek

r f MIJ

triela Mc.-Cormnck, swimmer Ga8ll
Peters and hurdler Napey Phil-
The AA.U. has talnet Ford
ganna and Die$ Cleveland of
hio State to seven-p0ition On
the All- Americn mpn's swim-
ming team.
Konno was .named for three
Individual free-style evfts--440
and 0-yards amid 1,50 meters
-as well as thp M-yard relay
team. Cleveland was picked for
the 100-yard free-style, 440-yard
relay team and 300-yard medley
relay team.
Other selection:
50-yards-Don Hill of the Uni-
yersity of Michigan.
220-yards-Jimmy McLane of
Backstroke--Yoshi Oyakawa of
Ohio State.
Breat-s4troe ,Jerr Bolas Of
Ohib State.
Individual medley Bump*
Jones of the University of Mich-
Springboard dvitg-Bob Clot-
wortby of pO! 8tfte,
Platform ding-Jerry Harri-
son of Ohio State.
Long distance 14 year-old
Eugene Adler of the Brooklyn
440-yard free-style relay. -
Army Lieutenant aCl q r eta ,
Held Pattersoh of tile UnveipIty
of Georgia and .ndy Oldeonse
of Yale.
880-yard free-style relay -Me
Lane and Wayne Moore of Yale
and Ron Oora of the University
of lMidhigan.
Medley relay Oyakawa and
Long-distance-team Prank
Matter, Marl Morris and Bob
1Prry of the leveland Elks.

Baltimore Orioles

Release .heduile

.~e .Uwe Oriles. hr-
Lu*s Browns -
haTy Ni ld Ue2 ex hItte.
O Mt m- I u In 3ft3 bys.

own d Indians
Sbee head-
b. I .1k zre opens
Its pljrokaB League sea-

O :.n.s.- x .

6DB Dackm

1. WWfter
*i' L.w. I (eUP r


NOW... th
ftftto se^

aUMNiI -W HMWA waft
mk-a- ime fas amA
.mS, .Mw--,
a Isa.Ue N .datt9,


4 -%

* I"aw,

I: .441w

.sn .1 mAISf IS NIIAPifeO

I' S

I. .- 4

114 .

Ft ~. ..
', hw~~ -
1./ S
5-. 4,

,. e .' *' .
." 4 .eaa AUl .
Ii ...., _

-4 ,.i .. ,. ..-'4 .-" t 46
^ f..A .'. -. ,..' .. : ,* "* ^ : h. .a' S -K.....:; ... : ,. + i. .

Balboa High Basketbal

5 Prepares For Oponer (

With their first game of the power in the basketball
stasoh less than a week away, and although little Is know'
the Balboa High basketball team their team this year, ftIs '
has been undergoing intensive rest assured that they will ha
drilling. Scheduled to come up a good ball club. College,
against the always dangerous several of last year's O W
Criatobal team this Friday, the on their roster, looks to have
Bulldogs are fully aware that of Its strongest teams in
they have their work cut out for years. As for the Bulldogs,
them. Just to add to their prob- basketball fortunes seem to be
lems is the fact that this game thAe upswing for sure, and
will be played in the unfamiliar their most experienced squad t
surroundings of the Cristobal the past three. years, they
gym. counted to be right nla the
Although Coach Walt Mikulleh of the fight throughout the -
has been reluctant to give out son.
with a starting five, it appears The 1953-54 Bulldog bpokeb
from the practice sessions that It schedule follows:
will be a veteran team to take Dec. 4-Cristobal at Cristo
the floor Friday. Two returning Dec. 8-Junior College at
lettermen from last year s team boa.
will head the team. Tbm David- Dec. 10-Athletic Club at
son will take over the pivot spot, boa.
and Jim May of football fame, Dec. 15-Cristobal at Balbo-
will be one of the forwards. Dec. 18-Junior College at B*P
Rounding out the first five boa.
with these two, will probably be Dec. 29-Athletlc Club at
Bill Martin, also from the 1952 boa.
team, at one guard, Jack Peran- Jan. 5-Cristobal at Crlstobf.-
tie, sophomore flash, the other Jan. 8-Junior College at
guard, and, newcomer Bob Bing- boa.
ham at the other forward posi- Jan. 11-Athletic Club at
tion. Peraptle is the only under- boa.
classman to rate a starting posi-
tion, with all the other lads be- Jan. 14, 15 16---Junior Co
in senio't Invitational Tournament.
the Interscholastic League All games will have a pre
race Is expected to be a wide ary game featuring the
open -affair this yeah. Anyone of J.V. which will start at 8:3
the three teams eaems capable Varsity rame will follow I
of winning oP a given night over lately. All games at Balboa
Ct other teams, played I nthe Balboa N
Cristobal has long been the =am. t



4 .

' .- : ti
:' -'.'

- ---




* siL-^.ai-' *tia'fcaiHi*^^^^
jflUR J^MKM9
^r^^^-T^^^ ^^^*^^^*^^^^^^P ^^^^^^^^f

Bl^HlWBWBB5WPlffy .i Tym
IBPsOTTT- -*f'- w->-

-~ ~ :'V



S.ew York City

IStill Without

Newspapers l

-NEW YORK. Dec. 1 UP "Let the ople, knowtC i tmtf i f iK
Wgotiations were to resume to-, I .
il"y in an effort: to end a striKe) TWENTY-NINTH TEAR PANAMA, ., T
of 400 AFL photo-engravers th it
has idled 20.000 persons an I
halted publication of New York
City's seven major newspapers.
-A union spokesman said that
!ven it a settlement were e a loe
Teached during the afternoon
it would be impossible for the
three strike-affected after-
Aboon newspapers to publish

me the seventh newspaper M O e G ouzI e
suspended publication last niht WASHINGTON, Dec. 1.-(UP)- U. S. and Canadian authorities In
ftntil further notice." It wis Senate investigators today prepar- 1946.
3' 'involved in the strike be- ed to make public hitherto secret The FBI included some of Gou-
cosme its photo-engraving" js data on Communist infiltration zenko's data in its now famous
Ai t out to a commercial firm. supplied by Igor Gouzenko, former report on "Soviet espionage in the
-the strike against the other Russian code clerk in Canada United States" whioh was c rcu.
newspapers-the afternoon whose disclosures broke an atomic lated to high officials in the Tru-
rldTelegram nd Sun. Jou spyqg. man administration beginning late
Id-A erLcanm and Post and t The Senate Internal Security in 1945.
Aercan and Post and the subcommittee, it was learned, was The subcommittee has subse-
armnng Times News and Mirror !readying a summary of informa- quently made public some parts of
-aegtan at 7 am. Saturd-iy tion obtained by the FBI from dtat document.
lhen picket lines were estaib- Gouzerko when the former Rus- The subcommittee yesterday sub-
Miled. sian embassy code clerk talked to poenaed former Treasury. official
Some 26,000 other employee, --
ancluding mechanical and edi-
-orlal, refused to cross the | |
-.'he publishers had ofer ldnKi/o
Pulshr. nad .et Vishmsky Replies Today
phaoto-engravers a $37i5
Z kly "package" increase. Their
'Aon' had demanded a $15 1 1
V kly package, including wag,-. 1 A /hIs ri
r slon and welfare changes in US MA roity Charg
;The photo-engravers no w --
he $120 to $131 for a 36-1,4-
siur week. UNITED NATIONS, N. Y. ,Dec. ence that no U.N. Inquiry group
SI (iUP'-Andrel Y .Vishinsky goes would be allowed behind the
Tany radio stations were In- before the U.N .General Assembly "Bamboo Curtain."
asking the length and fre- today to reply to documented The five-power Western reso-
of their news broadcasts. United States charges of Comn- lution 14 virtually certain to re-
also were attemptin to munist atrocities in Korea. ceive overwhelming support de-
alo were attempting to The Russlan diplomat was ex- spite the vehement opposition
ie r tests for ommerl ected to issue a counter charge anticipated from the Soviet blood.
t from mer chants who at hat Americans were responasble The American delegate accus-
e of year increase thin for many atrocities during the ed Red Chinese military units of
ertlan in anticipation of Korean war. responsibility for some 27 per
Christmas buying rush. He was prepared to use his full cent of "battle atrocities" com-I
power of persuasion in the same mitted against 11,600 victim.
Mmft. method that won him fame as a
9XEnvoy Nomura prosecutor in the bloody Krem- Lodge's figures on atrocity vie-
ln purge trials of 1938 to refute times were considerably higher
A the United States charge. than those claimed in a 12-page
An indication of the tack Vish- U.S. report made public Satuto
kAnInsky would take was laid down day-a report from which Lodge
US Corporation yesterday by Polish deputy for- drew heavily in citing blood-
US Corp ratlon eign minister Marian Naszkow- chilling new evidence of mas
slki. He said the United States murder ahd torture.
"WASHINGTON, Dec. 1 (UP) Air Force killed many prisoners

irlHarbo'l, recently paid Lorge, Jr., told it e mbly together the tentatively estlmat-
call o former secretary terday that close to 38,0 sol- ed totals for each type, we arrive
arteCordell Hull, it was dig- diers and civilians were victim at a figure close to 38,000.
.W day. of Communist atrocities in Ko- "Of these, some 19 700 were
mura is the envoy who went rea. military victims-nearly 9000 of
m. State Department on the He said further evidence was the 'Republic of Korea army and
ccn of Dec. 7. 1941 for being obtained in Korea. about 17,700 from U.N. ccntin-
e talks" with Hull at the "It is my personal conviction." gents, principally those of the
hour that Japanese planes he said. "that over 35,000 of those U.S."
raining death and destruc- (atrocity victims) are dead."
on the American naval base About 10,000 of the atrocity "OQetti?*Ad tocases from
the Pacimerican victims were believed to be A- the doct ents released Satur-
WhenaLodgeday, Lod
formed sources said that No- When Lodge made the charge 1. now north Korean poll-
i fow in private business, before the Assembly. Britain, tic ^ oic ledmaySot
e Hull for approximately 30 Turkey and Canada lipmediate- ra"nlandowners, pouleeand
ates on Nov. 18 at the for- ly supported him in demandlivg governs me" t emG oves in uehon
secretary of state's residence that the member nations con- on. 1950. "by the samle
Is .e Park Sheraton Hotel. No demn "murder, mutilation, tor- and Lorie m pthod of burning
were available on the ex- ture and other atrocious acts a- down the jail with the prisoners
nature of their talk. but Jap- against captured military person- Inl it ,
officials said N o m u r a nel or civilian populations" and 2. Told how 5009 South Korean
"la0ited to say hello and pay his. express its grave concern at the cI were killed at Taejon
OO l Darrocitiems: before the city's fall. with
ts. mass evidence of Red atrocities; ut e e citys fal wit
former Japanese diplomat Poland's answer to the solid OPS treche "used as both exe-
_wM e to the United States a support of the United states res- cu rotind and burfalo,~
Sth ago as a businessman solution was that it was a "pro- td atJoh at u mwO e
,resenting an American cor- pagand ltic maneuver to strainA St in a two-wl t
pfettion in Japan. even further international rela- faWnIcmpthatcam
tion." be known as "Death Valley"
Lodge assailed the Chineseand o tel men died from
North Korean ComnTurkey forces lUTO1O&, dsenter d
Haver To S or acts whichc h inspire horro
and revulsio ron in ayc iviied
Movie ComebakPmind' and directly Impicated,
End O Weeks "The leading men of the North
End Of Week"oftth emurr thnl, Ldch $2
SKorean regime and North Ko-
OLLYWOOD.Calif., Dec. 1I rean army were for the most leettoh -for the -eerebral.
-June Haver former film prt Soviet citizenshe ai. d rive which started o'
S-Kansas convent may sin tIh prio ca ms w in t eN o mad1byt t.... iv dano rot 1on of

of i we0"by '10 of the atrocities we comn- nige btoy tordate.wa
StudiosaId he hopes to the GO-natien assembly t was followed1, b, do
Mi'wss Haver's signature be- "these facts indicate a aort 'of the". w" flod ta r hl~ o. o-
week is out and that it common dedication to whol"Se C 1oiW t
aetlcally certain" she will rtit which it is utterIy -ls-: aat a ^ ^ J.

Jud,"These terrible kct," he -St I of mta an
danci ng sta' ir "were taken by an au o iberiawCo neln.
nn starsch irst having an unhappily close. s
V -frante ainer, herane- necton with the soviet URIC '" n4 Zone Credit
Swas at the screen d w r iorand are In hu1bma .- "'- tS d in anon-

Lodge urged the abc to, tae S ne in.

Prereditated trali. and Turkey. -

.te *ranulation death of The uronosaL tu addition to I

I Susa Rothschild, voicing "grave cO cern'" at Kx- i n
auesa~aed today. rean atrocities, would ea I I'
Canonsburg, Pal, con- "atrocious acts" commit a-
y, the Army said. against any captured soldier mor
tie daughter of Col. civilian populations.
IL Rothe mild It would also draw sttafgtMei
their home the to the Geneva eots f 193a
saea. e No. 199 calling f
meant" of war
i e had no The resol
r rapn a IP.N. nInves-A

A* Eountry i sale" Araam LUncoln.'

William Ull\iffor questioning in
the politically-explos ve .Harry
Dexter White -'spy' case.
Subcommittee. counsel Robert
Morris said Ullman a former Ar-
my Air Force major and long-
tir..e intimate of accused Soviet
spy Nathan Gregory Silvermaster,
has been subpoenaed for a public
hearing tomorrow.
The subcommittee headed by
Sen. T.'iliam E. Jenner (R-Ind.)
will' meet tomorrow to decide
whether to accept Canadian terms
for interviewing Gouzqnko.
Gouezi.ko, in a copyrighd story
in the St. Louis Pot-Dipate,
however, said he would not testify
before the Jenner subcommittee
ui.der any terms. That apparently
would make. the group's decision
Gouzenko said in a signed story
he had nothing to offer the sub-
committee but "advice" and de-
cided against testifying to protect
himself and his family.
In Ottawa, a spokesman for the
Canadian government said the
statement "appears to mean that
the incident is now definitely clos-
Jenner has objected to a Can-
adian stipulation that it have the
final decLion over what part of
Oo enko's testimony sh d be
made public.
Secretary of State Jolm Foter
Dulles has refused to ask the Can-
adian government to back down
en its terms.
Gouzenko, who exposed a war-
tim. espionage rng in Canada,
now is living In a lttleknown Can-
adian town under an assumed

PaLnama Car

Employes of the Canal organ-
Izatto living in thli Republic of
Panaim must attah mnimu
o1 Ichesof Sct80 lte on the.
reaT tenders of their can betor
t wil be passd, b the Pah;-
C f eart~p ent lnMpec-
t ,UnnounCe;
&W aot t t be Winpe o
mptj damage tesu-
AW In fuu ffo the en-
te lur"a m
li a censeI -
sany :m the RIpub-
Ias r earukd by the


381001- ,

AL.! a
^ O'pi diklhe IH 11

a mei.' er of a spy ring headed by
Silvermaster. W hi to allegedly
worked ..4ih the group.
Ullm. n refused on Aug. 10, 1948,
to tIl the lonse Un-American Ac-
tivities Committee about his al-
leged Communist .connections or
espionage activities. Confronted by
Miss Bentley, he also refused to
say whether- he knew her.
An FBI resort in IS aor early in
1946 said Ullman was "responsi-
ble for obtaining and photograph-
ing classified information regard-
ing U.S. goverameid war plans
and also reportsif. the Federal
Bu. au of InvesWat iton..."
J. Edgar Hoover, FBI director,
in a Feb. 4,. 196 letter to the
White House said "Information
and document originating in the
Treasury Department were either
passed on in substance -or photo-
graphed by Ulman in a well-
equipped t. almy In the base-
ment of the. Svermnaster home."
The letter jid the material then
was taken New' York City and
delivered to i known Sqvilt agent.
Ullman jo(n -the government in
1935 with th'iaUotnal' Recovery
During the_ p as t major in
the Army Air' Te, he was sta-
tioned Ii the ena.P
The suba B Teald UllMoan
joined the Yqnaef dilvon of the
Treasury D artDt Bepdtd by
White, ia u n1 to
White at the Bre oo ter-
national monetary coafreee.
U lvl d ae S .yer stern
home in Washington. d.r# the
Sincm h. lt the'i, te-es -In
147, h # h5 t tte
the Ar*tue -1 d o reas n de
rtme ts, in Harvey eda, N.
where they af aesocnteof a f

So Bnod ogp

Hi Starls Fre -

To CoolIOf
NEiW YOm C Dec. 1 (UP)
When the excitment of a hot
argument with his wife died
l Own Domingo Gonzalez,. ft
ou"nd things pretty cool atoupd
a em ty apartment-so be set
it on fire.
SAccording to police Gonzalds
brooded for several bouts after
ha wife, Andrea, wald oi t on
him with their .throe-yea-old
#on Raphacl.
At 11:15 last night he knk-
ed on the door of his neighbor,
Mrs. Belen de] Gordo, apd-Mt
"You are a friend of mn eQt
out. I'm going to set the o
of tire."
ira. Del Gardo told polk'
ie thought Oonzales wM a
JIU41 eccentric and paid no atw
tlon to him until she'
Naoke and fire coming up of
Qohzales apartment window.
She notified firemen wh6o
quicklv extinguished the bVln.,
Gonzales, still hot under the
cbor was charged with tint
degree arson.

To Korea a"
PAM_ J4 wo, ,kDee.' -
(UP) -Aled sourcerearded
prospects for holding a Korean
political conference as "fairly
dlsappolan Wtt today because the
Reds MIn t Is g aUog Russia as
..made no
a= o f tht a detailed
proposal subrl by, the Co*M4
mntt yesterday was only a
very Mall tep toward ree-
Main obstacles in the Commu-
nist blueprint for the conference
were 6th .ectlops which would
bringep I ussia as a neutral
whicl Wotld not be bound .b
any agreements reached, and the
naingof N Delhi, India as
S uthe g ioorea 'atons General
AMCse &ui u York defeated -
a resolution which would allow
neutrals to attend the confer-
ence and the Allies have aln
made tt lear tkcy would never
accept Russia as a Korean war
New Delhi was ruled out a'
the conference site tode
South Korean foreign
Pyun Yung Te, whd e gove -
ment odidpers Indlia a pro-
Communist ation.L
The Allie were pbrid r
to permit R i to attend t
Korean peae conference wla
full voting rights butt net a
representative of either rit. on -
Arthu p. Dipn Allied neg-'.
tiator, told the eds ther pl n .
was a "joke" and he would re-
port a "complete lack of prog-
The 5-point Uan nted by
the CommunISts yes 7 made
two major conieOns: ...4
1. They agreed tat neutral M
nations attending the peace con-
fpen should 1" 4 .
of 35i |si e
I ;W ,4. -. .-

the AUliedc
I as a neutri
the wvletsao
gulpment Uel


fofr-ladial, Bdo a,
and ButanaE


Rsa t
t.thre, .emak Wbg a

la-ge defmns apod a

Southerners Argue

Didn't Mean N in$

WASHINGTON, Dec. 1 (I ..-
outh Carolina told the u
Court yesterday that
War framers of the $.
aent were concernS

For that reason, the
ued, the nMlment

The state advanad-

m:~ 'i.

V -

* 1

1. .

i.i ,-,

g.,, .

''~~ '.
lr,,~ .1

i~ti ._ .. ..,, .. ... O-


r t

47ifnttfff~ .

.' ". .' T-




M. ,
Lit -hb aot

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