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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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;^ .'*"
b t, -

.I -.


. Abwm-6..., ----r--

.* INO' Fjf

.l0 --

IA LSOM,,korea, Nov. 6 (UP) Amue
.wr proo?% 06o refuse to retwi home held tw hW
officer_ s s" today uitil the Neutral NoatI
patrtiotq. C *bio n greed to hear POW coi
thg fe Ibtrs .t them from the United States oeli
ed thref .
T A,*i wti- repqtriates charged tbi
ni NWoffti h .tt -to "coerce, slandbr.

22 Americ

I to .tusm le
MW_ ,1U d mt,

LaIr ee i



AW 7), and
1. m Weeka (
ey Bre scheduled tq
K.sarlyv Monday metu*
*.Ih ot the Altenn BS
41 feet. The cou
WIit of tbaU e do-
Moelorsa sd 1,236
wIl bh crt-
~r Rodman.

ft Casino

'fteu'wUIHiuL B

i On


a~s *
-rhrdy se Co"e

iift Pie To sSe

's pS,. working for them,, potSt-.
priaon- ed soul searchln I theb
ve the the Indian repatriation
deutral could do no harm.
I over

1 w. .. ,

in ap-
e pro. MORBHIAD CITY, N. ., C .
S6 (UP) -A 40-foot trawler
Sfoak an undetermined number t
fdy- men aboard was reported m-
+d n m" today In windlaMp POO-
iUeo Bound.
The trwlo r "Norma"n
Vandemere N. C., early
nAtd day and hqs not been mp ia
snee, the Fifth Coast
district at Norfolk, Va..
The Coast Guard r'eede
Et that the mi
Cherry Point. IL
asked to aid In the aefth
the trawler.
S The vemel wsa carry 4
driving equipment and 2
and was bound lor sedawtl,
C., 35 miles emt of hem.
S conditions were rough g u
craftwarnings were up
the Carolina coat.

E from the dres- La anpis to mne& terYs aS?3-B
re 3 mre f& Itself aft"
I JTolmn," he said. "He Ol*e .., rs e t at
+aktlklace. 80 did LI- M e A & O tOee t UOUhe*4ine te
face. So did Ed- ta M inst The tug NMa Oft
.A Lauder workld em-i$ne-~W oml an urent m i
Satwlsted cane. 4o hIeCf he w it
k a. Clark and McCul- I79wi mmly pounded a V,art.
m Howa rd-the *esM U I a d JOE.
akeup .was as Id- Ssato eS pA why theTail
jgkes. They were bhed is vmanishig in the Slates

#il a few around,
ft-*ey are dying

jmae an
Beal te Js
BiBergere t
pesrace last
4.0* me th-

,~ -

tier David Veltiant
court judge y
became n* M
he saw a
the exit qf
tall bet
discoveaNr, *W*-,
cost. 7he ?.
Myers, was
bond. reqi

' Ih


-. -,

S .i +-,- ,i y ? ;




on Insitrance

~he B Caia

.for Mi c
mittee. o
-rate *
ied to'b

is exo.?



U.. Nwf 61
99 Ceoe
lar so


!, .j^
A'; *_. II* I ul^

:~E.r iJ '

L r *-

,T "


* t
.-/ *^,, i-



-- -_ 4'

w "1 Pmu" Dl yNI D AuIAUNA AoMnCAN P 'g, INC.
t N DmI R O 13I. PANAMAA. M. P.
eA e fib. I't" CrNT7Ai AVINUcP ge r eeit4 M, rITH e*ilt
"POR-lIGN itWPlIBiNTAIve I1014N11A U OW ra INC
34B Man&Ies Ave NrW VOnm lNl, N Y.
LOR- L ST tSan
..i11TM4. IN ADVAINC- C 1.70 a St
*p5t MO,, NvIM. IN ADVANCE -0. Os OC
kPW .N, vin A invaeC_.. a t4O r


0 --
The Mail lex u an open forum for reeders of The Peqaim Amer
i ., eLet.*rs are. received g stefully end are hridled Is 6 wWholly ell-
deanail manner.
It you caefribute a letter dea' be impatient it it doMe t appear thl
seat day. Letersn re published in the order recJved.
Please try so keep the letters limited to nen pag length
IdeatMy of letter writers a hold in stricest ceflidenm.
This newspaper essumes as responsibility for iaeMlu t e opinion
apseMsed In letters fm resesn



"Bouquets for the Commissary Division" In your Saturday
night's Mail Box is a nice article and "Satisfied should be com-
plimented. It is my frank opinion that the Commissary Division
in the past would have been on the correct side of the ledger if
they had adopted this apparently new program ot carrying an
adequate supply of current merchandise to 'atisfy the purchasers.
Imagine my consternation, at regular periods tn the recent
past, travelling from Gatun to Cristobal to purchase a pair of
thoes this travelling vas necessary because in our store no shoes
,,ere carried for myself and daughter ano upon asking the clerk
lor a certain number that was prominently displayed in the show-
cue (and in my opinion there should be an abundance) being
told "out of stock."
My neighbors lost confidence in this poor practice of the
Commissary authorities in not providing complete ranges in their
stock. Once I was compelled to buy a shoe too large for myself
*.nd one too small for my daughter. Today she is still suffering
irom these conglomeration of Commissary errors and poor man-
Somehow something must have happened to the Commissary
Division, because this week I went in there and shopped and took
S my family along, and I was pleasantly shocked to see that we
S c(tuld all get shoes and the Important thing they had our size,
b-elieve it or not and in different patterns and the price was cor-
rect. The kids will certainly feel dressy during these holidays. I
S "The clerks were able to dispatch me in nothing flat.
I seriously hope that this Improved method of providing us
with our needs will continue, for if they don't, we shall go to
town, and when we say go to town, we go to town to do our I
*hopping. Remember Christmas is coming.
Watching And Waiting.

It's been 33 years since I left my home In the States and
came down here to live. During all that time I've rarely seen the
Zonites get together and back one cause without any folderol and
Its;.ands or buts. But this year looks like I may see one of those
I a, sights. I'm referring to this Community Chest Drive.
1 lr of all the petty differences, scandals and bitch-
i hich see!jto be so much around these days. it shows home-
t of the IO unity Is still there when everyone and his brother
S i vhTs to go out and get his red feather.
It's good. too, to see the Panamanians and Canal Zoners back
the same thing. In spite of all that's said about the other, some-
times, here we all are agreeing that this community is a good
thing and worth backing in more than word. o
-From what I've been reading, all the churches have managed w
to nite this year. too. probably for the first time.. i
Now all this may be due to "more efficient orgaitzatin and I
better means of collection." It may be. But as for ime, rm for t
1i simply because of Its'straight record and sensible' distribution p
So. no matter how mean anyone feels about some things, It l
looks like everyone thinks this is still a community worth sup- o
rating. t:
"Old-Timer" e




SHOWS: 1:15 2:52 4:5 6:58 9;:1 P.M.
'OTE-New equipment with new system in the
projection of 3-DI

. :bewy girl

in the arms


ADMISSION 0.60-- EYEjA5. aB54.5 _

S| FREE at 5:00 and #:' P. lt.
Srl .1 1 1 1 U' T Tf.-

D-nauP IK,

- rLUO:

Brian Gonlevy, in


Only C


~%7; '':


tfhe hullabaloo
one fact now .o
Congress and no
ing to write whal
program is adop
ing out of town t
IS being put on
hower and Se t
ture Ezra Taff
These two office to be
counting heavily i; il
semisecret Agricult .Vwy
commission to produn. agta
farm formula to Ov ery-
thing. This group, undet Dean
W. I. Myers of Gornel t eme
conducting a .trtely
ber operation', It 'hei.helMd'i
public hearilgs.' A
Whatever farm
group of 16--O" tt -
prominent ad. Sie
farmers. fasm-p.
sore and edocaeori -
with will be Its *Ow, n .
proach idea. Net e bi fterm
organizations arq -ebdy
represented on tIej g
It Is doubtful t e-
ment plnlalg iMb smet
years has tried 'to a
program with sueh u te
public contacts.
By contrast, the HoBse Agrl-
ceiltuirlp Committee under Chair-
mnn Clifford R. Hope of Kansxu
will soon be on the last lap of a
congressionpl-recess lavestiga-
tion taking It to every section of
the country. Here Is the real, pu-
litlcpl grass-roots approach.
Whatever these congres-menr
decide the farm program shouirl
or shouldd not be is more than
likely what will be adopted, evol
if it reverses some of the best
Ideas of Benson and the AAC,
One other important point
not clearly undesteed is that
Congress doesn't -have tp write
any new farm program if it
doesn't want to, or if 1 geta
Involved in a faWnt-pellUes
fight and does nothing. The
only farm legislatlom that ex-
pires at the end eof 1 8 s the
mandatory req recent that
prices on the s : bals efpe
must be supported af -0 per
cent of parity. These etob are
wheat, earn, cotton, rieo, -pea.
nuts and tobaces.
When this provis' a dies, the
original Hope-Alkei farm law
wUl again come automatically
nto effect. It provides for a abll-
Ing scale that permits the IBere-
ary of Agriculture to set sup.
ort prices between 75 and 90
ler cent of parity, at whatever
level he thinks best to pr teC
r discourage productioU Tls is
he American i'm Burtu Ped-
ratl6n-endored program
It now Includea mnaKddtA

inr quotas were put into effect.
Congress then failed to author-
ize the marketing quotas.
The Secretary of Agriculture Is
also authorlted, at his own dis-
pretlon, to s port prices of oth-
er crops like the small grains,
soy-beans and rain sorghum.
Theu fat A h'W administration
Benson has kept 90o per cent
supports on oats, rye. barley
gra5'm ghut and dairy prod
acts He ah reduced support
from 90 to 7T per cent of parity
an etto seed and from 80 to 70
per. cent on flux seed.
lThe p]l to keep In mind
0 111 U g C xgeas no now
farm leaula.tlon next year, a
falDble eo uapprt program
PaoM t wIll re.mao i In ef-
fea wfta further redutione
in suppt levels n surplus
_e _impmltanl r likely.
As. JJeeit Eisenhower told
sla pre s stererce, the easy
way but Is to guarantee everv-
1l e lo, o everybody who re-
tOa peiaela treatment. Ameri-
.an are traditionally
the cuomplainers IO the
aoRMO. U paeep suit them. trn1
wathir don't, or credit cond;-
att ni lact peits are bad.
nB e sanitation can yell
twe ase lofud as the organized-
SPolwu .-aM get more a*.
bm o v .tg ans. This in
Bptf S tI aMt that the organ-
Sluos ttps Tepresent
a Me etmeb e votes while ythe
tatm a ldBtUons can speak
ror only ix million families, be-
cause tU's all the farms there
o'd_..tor' uip againA t1,,
farm lo4Mw I no, v oucan't
bay 9Maranteed. Thjv
0 Denson have
;90! ,,e and
o be In this
they b I ldy dim
that I farm
Iant ass as itloedk
Vhey waen political Fmu,.
n Oka etion ain
hat a& jut about a


sen .jl ; .

I(- rl-.;
. I' ,;



"-'p ~


No matter how often we hear of a k. lor the atrqmn ey rwerved more strenau-
we can never become -stled against the' u tortures.
always a great kshck when they are A Often bayonets were used tatruments of
anew. I death. We hav. e iototap'showing a
We ought to ktow by now that atQciJ -i be'b igAubjet ,to iuhU' torture with a
second nature 0o CoMmuMIto,. as tbK'.qdW Q n g qo_ there beat-
Naxis, and wIzhaps Sn degree to 11e! "Z1WP S "p
The Army sayp 64l- ", ss. serv e4 CO" thecc nris-
myrdered, tortured i o ath, aarvedG oOf at I at the b
ad to ter bly the yw e
fte rea. r de dMia
11.69 rtlIta crimes rtoet
civilians, mos Gouth Kor .- alt a wao ya$
MUny oathe'-,Mineswe r
who wery-gr lj"I a
Astatics. BDoman
eviYenO oatt 1b.
niste 1d*thei tanot 1O
To the iatma.ttered. o

, and d ,l

lomse Haywrd and.
what. '- t0he iare..,E
at Hikw wae Jk Heinz,
fidentlM il iu Is fi
mt 2ikra

)r who

i t ffor
Se.A In thr
bb the actor (an
I"k d probers that a
t Jotna front, outfit
S page 23 (sol. 6)

S tomorrow (at the

Oen. Me
years wI
after see
jr. next
eOvers f
for J"n
- ~mwan. .

cnm. unae vice s, MA 'W
went to the Ch ia


%"at lk, iowlJan~ift- io Mewlca l '
w noI 4 1 J 71. ..j
W.i. 46 1: t., -
.. .- S. .a Al, .. .- f,

, i



S. ~ -. -.-


" r

.k 4



41e m

'I A,

altering Philip -

~.~ae .me ruas be -eS.
m.w .ea. e bM bowe like arm.
Wlig dsi. M Im he rtiet elue!



4 U -.'
.: .',"

* r*.~;~-i

- 5

* ~~, V.'

a., .. .L .

-- --

I~ ~l~ir


P7 ^

,, ,. .' .
* .<*-*. .-


B., Nov.

t' ,- .. -


I c.' v &

intrnl ms


the uto
L drove i
lew un b

2 limfbL t
i bo;-lkeo
=nn ear
-eeft for
about 1*

p e wi'a a

m to zero u.
o then .a_

Welsh fire
"Ares" from
imnur nft.-r t


o A ndo

S..b'. oee gal
entIe~t the d a montuno"

-UVi.teAndmwad M 'Ila1'
7 shop In this 8ocmi -
younuser seems quite
MI to the problem eof buBy-M

dreamed Oi hild Of HerOwn,

hnocent On Kidnaping Charge


A -*

TrPA, Fla., Nov. (UP) A to correct a foot ty.
fdtlury dellbea 35 an- Defense .ou w"'O oron
mrhe and hear Oclstaw eom- free Mra. .lel .he
panion innocent .en e ,e of said she wa ,-tf'" f ont
kidnapping a nine-month-old St. having no Cn~al ot f nr
oIBbaby had been living ti a "dream
rs. Joane trick- world."
i 2d 2. Itd tile the verdict N~bron asked te jury to re-
.-Aomncd, the lease her a"t her'ompani be-
Srmso ha S had they Uad .no ntxt oft
elarer ht.wahe nted. ing the chd
Sof her own s-badly that wish of the parent e H e
Shad Ilvited ittaaginary the ca. a "6 dram In
onu. ohldh mother stnct and
I chargedwith kidnap- mother love Dlyb a leading
S h at
Jr. irt."
5M.t I*t. S A. a.last ,.t iiLd, the cout
ae was M db e in er t that she had
ltr d O the longed t a of her own
g 'hfther ant had 'letters
he b about her wth her
.mMri, ilm a I& low*eMte"d 11k5 Sfa'trickland flhetnieaaat~selttteaV read

LieuTeMs KauwT Murder

Life Tertm Cut To l Yew

-'.. -.,I
- .*


What makes

a Rolex

1 dioited i&a thgi, ofi a inMch b
mu. A.~a~nie~ al.BimUrlMct-d, wi
.ch' ti.kt4 imm. k ,

dose api apgih e- yed iupenah;
he Am tIN atm i A B, ca hmOu. di
AIed b ched ,y es thde H1it. Him
mta drweei m m 'kept wal raeimd, himc

Hfo pop- 1m oIig hit


0 m *M A oN parw= -f
op- da..a.t a o n M Maid"
Cy sir w.. m eaiU e.i emup
W Damsm .e e mI epeatm

Om or o r mdI. mianif
- bIr ,i emul aei hie Lqs
Vudd 4mu bsum apmIh.



on i wak u
Wtle atei and

um thfeingt-
L lrs. Batrck-
ed a deadf to
her hubndd.
was staying

- -I A i 1*. .. .

i Mvin fori.C

< ~.f2~-i' ~*'-* ~

~~wo#na4s ~rfo.~saest
F -



~ ~vs~ 1W.

1~iL 0.t

-~ ~i ~

a-~~T .C


,'; ;


71 i,-- r
N /j 4_

We oe* unpacking
* CO K POT OLDS ......................... tJS
*m ,jMs crOTH............................... s.
.* ,~ .. CLOTH ................ O.N
'4< -* -*ta'E3! 7^' '~

Bathroom towel sets
In colors ............
Bathroom towel ....
Towel sets In M simses
4.50 and ............
Bathroom paper case

* Chcm d shoe holders ....
* Co*ftoi NIfagetr for skirts
* Chatmed haAgers for doors
- r rr hand



Pslatic bread boxes ...... 5J
Chomed metal sieves .. URI
Chromed metal sieves with .............
SPour plastic box.a for .
kitchen ............:...

>* ~ ~ '?-* 5* .*W^d

I y~wmr~
'1** *~

.' .* "l ''

* I -

"* ; .^

. .. -



-' i.a .v, awfiad a bv.tte,.d ,

I-K .

*C. CVA, S
. :^ .; f "***** M~y

& ,

4 L.*



. _., _


. I 1, .'-. .

TOKYO, NOv., (UP) An
Army lieutenant, convicted of
murdering a Korean national,
today had t reduced
from life umt to five
years at h]tdF ,.
Lt. 0. 5th
revlewo n.tto d L.
I.. and ordered the reduced
i ctrebSler wua"ea ww ad in
'Seop AOg1. 'ly otr' med4tated
murder and conspiracy to com-
-mit murder" of a Kbrfen chdl-
Ian who was shot on suspicion of
theft at a Pwpan air Uutallation
In September IM2.
Two others wure charged with
Schreiber. Airman I-C Thomas
L Kinder, Cleveland, Tenn., was
found guilty and sentenced to
life but his sentence was later
reduced to two year,
lat. Robert Tdth at Pittsburgh,
Pa., wja arrested after hib du-
charge roin the Air Force and
was given a tay' of military
,oQurt martial peding his appeal
to the U.8. SUpreme Court.
' Toth challenged the right of
military authorities to arrest him
after his release from service.
K I n d e r made a confesalon
which Implicated Schrelber and
Kinder said he apprehended
a Korean civilian approaching
the base bomb dum. He claim-
ed ch.elber and Toth 'pistol
whipped, flk. Korean:
The eof ep also claimed
that Schrelber and Toth decid-
ed the Korean aiould be killed
to cover up.. the pistol whipping.
Kinder adgtted he ahot the
Andalsop, In ordripg Schrelb-
er'a, te.Nc.u rd fe, upheld
the rt of _the amnlEe calling
for dUmMWsl from the service
and, fdrftltuf, of pay.

UA. Lw om- M I itM MM
that a ral court m M
poe a mBnimum senten"e-i

reduced after review.
Sehrelber is eurrentlym l
hld in an Army s*toekadb .

Cast-Encased Man
Sentenced To.J#
For Slaying Man,.
NNW YORK, Nov. 6" (VPl -
Raymon Cos e, 30, e MaSed
a east from he cchst down.Bn
able only to nod his headt
move his eyes, was rolled t
court on a stretcher today Ihe
sentenmea for the slaying of &id
Judge Carmine J.
saying "I'm not looking
pound of flesh. but I haye \-m
to perform," sentenced O tN
10 to 15 years.
Come suffered a
spine when he leaped
fifth floor apartment
after stabbing his wife to
in the home of her sister D7e. &
1950. He claimed his wle
walked out on him, taking
two children with her. '
Coast to Coast
The first m- to drive a nals u
bile from eoast to coast is
alive. Dr. Horatio N. Jacksn
Burlington, nwr 81, turad l'e
trick between May 93, 1903. batm
he left San Francisco, and Jel 0
of the same year when he arrived
in New York City.

triO~rr eftberA i
FS.Mrs t,,

r ,
j^take action
'ftrev44ence is
16 opay e subooi*
ar bgin
SW Mc-



1 ,

Jp lf !*<".".T
ra im 4,^

;'.. ,ip, ,j
,- ,' .; .c ;.,^ .

^ r : .- ""/ l'.

-7-. .;-L-*..*. ;-...*^^

.-5y Al

' ,*


for NEA Service

S87 '
_- *AK5
4 *AQJ 103
4 1063 4:7f9
AJ5 VKX10f3 e
S 10 9742 +J6
S49 5 Kso 62
Y Q4Z'
North-South vuL
e4 Nerth EaSt em- WA
*H' I 1 9 | 26
3i.t Paw 3N.T. Pass
S 44 6 Pa Pass Pass.
Opening lead-4 3

"You might like this hand,"
writes Paul M. Hummel, of Uni-
i versity, Ala.
At all the tables except one.
north or South played at three
0-trump-down two. At one ta-1
le, however, the bidding was an
given in the accompanying hand.
"West made the excellent lead
f a small spade. This was taken
y the king, and the closed hand
as entered with the queen of
lamonds. South finessed the ten
f clubs, and East held off.
south wasn't biting.He followed
ith the ace and a low club, put-
Ing East In with the king of
"West discarded the jack of
hearts on the third round C,
-1bs, so East'shlfted-to a heart
West took the ace and returned
'Ite~Art to the ltng. Now the do
fAlers had three tricks, and
EMst led a third round of hearts.
w-. "South naturally played the
/ ueen of heartland West ruffecd
W-th the ten of spades. Dummvy
r-ruffed with the quean, and
i was south's turn to be a
"He led t eleht of anades
dummvi -ast played low.
'th fln' led the nine of 0
like a man. The rest was

:"The East-West pair moaned
"ahort 1hrin, fixed because all the
other" North-vorth olnvers were
ddW at thre- "-o-trump. Thev
were fi--ed. 911 ''l+!ht. hi't don't
voun tlink thle" brought it P-
j ,,er.0 r,1~,4h'- hadn'tt "t- '-
f b-.- r m. bidte t r',.r o v'o- .r-.
r-- i r --rid ri" 'I th-" '
unite right. .East didn't have
values or' n nvercall of on"
f. d t didn't have the
l"^H ftibid of two dal.
"'Pbe5hey made th '
eTenvae bW'i they ka'*
A the efte- "'-r- '-he to n.'!"'
l "" h or Soi'it h'n ,., itnlsi:al

r. "*''1 rtwlnatP1'- 'nr Fast pn
S ':-'. th"v oDisert Sol'th wny
i ,nn an unrnr'tari' oontr.ct t,-I
0 "-ptbat he c-"''1 make
cidentalh'. Povh wps ve"?v
C el"'or to avoid *h-' trnp In prln
Tr I-"' is',mr th't the fires'pe i'
wr '-'np hp will dr'rw two rq -r'
r7-.." "r trl r-s *-nr repeat *tl I
fi n i'sa 'Tl-e -"l*oryon i 0a
,flkCP th- kin- o' r'lih f l'l i
.- heart to rab three hesrt


Girl Scintk ews

The members of the C'Oa n a I
7one Girl Scout Councnl an-i
nounce that Mary Sle.-i. Senior,
Girl Scout, won the apnc .itment
as delegate to the Juliette Low
Session at the Chalet in Adelbo-
den, Switzerland, during the:
summer of 1954.
The first alternate is Mariner
Scout Shelia McNamee: second
alternate Mariner Scout Ann
Maccubbin; third alternate Mar-
iner Scout Julia Brinkley.
The applic tionr of the above
named girls shall be sent to Re-
gion 2 and from there forward-
ed to the International Selection
Committee for final approval.
Interested Senior Girls Scouts
have been competing during the
past months for this coveted
Chalet Award. This is the first
time that the Canal Zone Coun-
cil has had tLe privilege of send-
ing a g (the international
Session, which is named for
Juliette Low, the founder of Girl
Scouting iLt the United States. At
this gathering the girls exchange
scouting knowledge and customs.
--- \ -

ACROSS ve won
I Citrus fruit 10obr
7 Tropical fruit B o art
13 Gloss over 12 I't drinks
14 Idolized 19 Wlght (sb.)
15 Click-beetle 21O u=W.
16 Heed 22QMup
17 Railways (ab.)23U@i '
18 Grain beard 24 M
20 Docks (ab.) 23 ] ftl
21 Chaffs 264 AUMrNIan
25 Arid region aoihlse
28 Kind of plum 2?7SOud (comb.
32 Violin-maker Srnm)
33 Meaning 29T0 eCut
34 African lake 30hXrIp
35 Supplications 31 Pinto(ery
36 Stage whispers37 PFti4mei
38 Lamprey-
39 Those who
41 Prohibit
44 Rowing
45 Conducted
48 Lessener '
51 Form a
54 Occupant
55 Dyestuff
56 Looks fixedly
57 Snare again
1 Above
2 Depend
3 Genus of
4 Seine
5 Driving I r r
6 Wandering
7 Prohibited
8 Bustle

,P.;'" .A"

A ', "-V-,.
S: 9 W .

38 Weirder 46 VoluM ina
40 Medical suffix Siclip
41 Sticks used 47 Proelad
in baseball 49 Pav
42 Encourage *
43 Genus of SO C point
amphibians 53 rabbit
45 Low hunt 83 B3t (r.)

aUwt o@i

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la h of
SnUmfag dutt of
and: plr to love the
w mn the nea tare.
is8 were ina I M "
of the 0 bnt

3- eelebratIo of
olic day. wf a

m a, -**gr4I .

of Lar#ot y
I., are tI I liiI

SdRW1 of the

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for e ne
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t woan amreI tr-a i

A. M., n W
f,; then W.
,r.aay of 2a
*GedA PknazH B

of 01

Mr. A. Wel
late N. I
Itintg h6r

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*3r. Rob

bbea hzi Elib

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.7 AM


A .

SWants Room For First Bornm

STWASHINGTON, Nov, S (UP) to see Smith. They were mar.
S' Robert L. Smith, first qadruple tried one month after his dli-
amputee of the a war, is charge 'from the hospital In Ju-
looking for a bigger apartment ly 1952.
SHe fat father of an eight- "I guess I'm the proudest I-
Anowt pound son and the boy, he said. other in the world," Smith said
"should have.a room of his own."' today after a trip to see his son.
a d aaalMteor sturting by nto ok- Smith has been to the Wash- "I've prayed a lot for this mo-
f lf ew e. Do ita M-a ngton sanitarium twice daOy ment. He's just what we wanted&"
abat cups o ghfor ar since thl e I infant Don Eugene. Smith still Is not able to hold
was born there T y. The a job% He is not able to wear him
I" out f this next two days he in- artificial legs "too many days n'
.. ng tiAU ttional A- ishing touches onhtabout the a row.' And he has soawnie trouble
ey can happiest week at Us Me. manipulating the wrists, making
t. --- Tomorrow the. famer Army it difficult to write.
MRO" ) Mrs. a d cu (5- D "raw tuffi private will welcome la wife and But he owns his own car and
t l predfreat oeC cTrice; am*1Wpy ikca& bread son home to their one-bedroom drives it with skill.
1%. cu wal or tmapoOn at1W03apartment in aub- Tqkomt-
her tas d3to i diew cd a I3tai 00 -a M g 1A nwlo park, Md. He ebrat his
a b p .c, 2 tap par- 23rd birthday Saturday.
Ilt r2caan CM 2nuts, Having a son is thrill Smith
1 acp drained, canned., I cup It. IM E never thought he would expert-
fr9hi-a piwaPer, .tw % ence. Wounded on a froen Ko
qnub, 'watersatandW up 9 rean battlefield In 150, he la WATrD
Cal Ue Wz Jsted t l -U p t In ix jut linear death for three days. Whe.i A T ERP R
era wiof l o boa Wae R Ml Itn finally rescued he was froot't-

e on "Vocatio gh. Pau nr t y aeen: add hospltalizatlon he was told lihe
h nse a -ui probably never could have chil-

Pana m a.d "o b P-en. took a kioderu S OCK At
in t a1 Sp.11 M Ad, Nd fork tor Smith when well SHouCK Al
in hOnr of &-we S B tI lntp bird 1 a high schoo! girl who 4e-
S.'aril:n Dipuls P -. h many, began visiting W alter
tSirfA hoaue eAwith a college B;lope may e c it in m had come here from Ore
to f r der write: "I was Opa- btfor a I-pound chicken. Reed hospital with books andl
MmHied thepe maothed wifh stonIshment .,-----.- magazines for the patients." w i S ^ jyuo Annual Harvest Soon she was going oer.___,,
.nta", si To Be Held Sunday clw. Finds Ways

CoIMtth' a a t. a haers Old Catholic A W l
rJt oal vantage a Church will be he on Sunday. CHICAGO, NOv. 6 (UP) -
IMn f real a T Member the church will Modern aiee The fndng wa ri
Shave t off of fruits of beating e problem of alo-
nnd vegetables s urch, holim, two fe York doctors,
Soe wadC o ted nWest 1-t.e, h e to- tdealoitiate
: midr eveilg.r _ofe rings brAi. c aniy eldmano and ti a--

-W= astonishment 4 maoih nge alzi nesfortheients .-
AlfIVW-law *flg Eoor sfh in e wa goithe
Naat mbet tI A

S'tm ak e, WtBefed Sn cundea added F this reality Ways
.doa pricea the h a aplafthe m'. 0a r. Smj drn1 psyh
fplanb. U .ua t.a M... heipotoeto amu

Pre t perfume they Initial treatments

Sgolf cl to Vice President Ric h o rblems varyin a on-oho
l.I rd ronially, the doctors
s-b T. W the afa dte alcoholic state, wie
ne 5C om b hoOS. the drInker can o longer tune.
$Inm. ay, Lenymm who casthed bad e mcellent opportunity for orlen
toftenust-atav t1 "1 Or..att8prbem
it.iw pd ,ege to b ens years tr- Docht.orsmhtve earned to us
4oad'ebt al steroid hormones to

.o h 1 y tM nu1,r a u d.t. th e d p tor u ga,. I.

wading to tlWf* provids theoe-

lfgol bentlpSoVsaelcoh cheks 'noadded"this reali.ty

Irogichanyge .t..o.impulse...h.e

11M 1 ton ffetivlyals "ofer



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M "l T I
l'AwS U

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rren*-- w a



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g.. ,i ..S. k:
-.... 0 SI-


!W ,r^ '- .i
f ? .f .- **- 4 ..,
' ..t -
!' !
'- .* *. ._, .
,'i ** 1
-r JL |fe|i 'M.
tCa Sl.iw- *'l


* 4-




I ,:'. .

I;.1? 7:. ",,'.;.

aeicate nuances of color like.
Lifted sunshine in fashions and
Bcessories to sparkle, now
Sr every occasion.

--.~~ mpC~-- int..- -'`.~---- --- .-.- ~ jjyr- 1


- -.7
~ &4'cs2

C; *a.~. -
* A t~i.

.. ..



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11 .+,;


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.i 3-w^




~ ___~~___~~_




r Ga .me
U swAm-ge Men.... Sib


I ^,






RiAI N, i ,9


ck o-ui.. BUT Wd

Stem... When You T

No. i rivoll Ave.-Phone I ...,. 4qp


Fourth of July ~ve.-L~TOh 2-0441

o Husehold Aitonmoblis
SALE:-General Electric refrig- FOR SALE 1V951 Mercury with
t purchased -new May $300, radio, very good cenl ion. Original
icting at $220. Phone Albrook owner. Huse li*,dQ *a. Tel-
inspection at Calle Darien ephonqe eI39. '. .;- J .
Act. 3, Panama. FOR SALA%:-l947 4,oor Oldsmo-

: Vey clean mattress
ble bed. Zenith shortwave
radio. 168 Via Porros

bile Sea' d dr ive, leav-
ing Isthihut.uat Irfice, $350
cash. PhinW Albrook 291 or 3166.

-.i I. FOR SALE:-1951 Ford Custom two
/E-:-Westinghouse refriger- door sedan Fordamotic drive. Good
cu. ft 25 cycle. Good con- condition. 1426-C, Car-St, Balboa,
.$125.00. 2517-.0, Sag. o Te. 2.3583.
-' Avenue, Cocoli. FOR SALE;-1952 Chevrolet 4 Door
FOR SALE:--25 cycle Westinghouse Sedan. DeOLuxe model for $1,550.
refrigerator, 9 cu. ft. $100.00, Con be financed if you have one
mahogany dining table, six chairs, third cash. Phone Gomboa 274.
$60.00. Must sell. 1550-C, Govi- FOR SALE:-1941 Ojds4obile Club
Ion, anytime. Robinson. Coupe. Good condition. Radio
FOR SALE:-25 cycle G. E. wash- Phone 4-355 or 203-C, Pedro Mi-
ing-machine. Good condition. Apt., guel.
l mmit Radio Station. FOR SALE TO HIGHEST bIlD R:-
E:--Electric stove, 4 burn- One r946 Itoke bod" Chevrolet
'refrigerator, mahogany dining- truck, I V ton. O"ne 946 stake
i ab. and bedroom set, fine custom body Chevrolet truck, 2 ton. One
liuilt furniture, all practically new, 1948 stake body Clevrolet truck.
? cheao. Arrangement con be 2 ton. One 1946 panel Chevrolet
de to ent apartment also. San truck. 1 tn. T*o forlifts, Clark,
ncisco 3rd. St. 25-A. Apt. 2 35.00 lb. capacity. ne portable
2-3518. light plant. 5 KW. Sever) go!
pumps, W,,yna. One goasline stor-
S ALE: Quartermoster twn age tank, 3500 Ogl capacity
: s, springs, mattresses. Law" Items listed may be inspected at
airs, concrete slabs. 2-2937 the Central Exchange Warehouse.
to-C. Post of Corozal. Bids will be open-
|lJLE:.-Furniture. lamps, cobi- ed at 10:00 A. M, I December
p-W-" pictures. turkey rooster, 1953, at the Ceritrol Exchange
evene, skillet, etc., silver- Office. Corozol.
*bplted c vsrsi set, six pairs doer FOR SALE- 1442. pd Custom
bibo pusn-plotes, tennis rqckels. Built 4 Door. Newly painted, con-
square aquarium, misc, 570, An- dition good. 'Cash, make'offer.
.con (San Juan Area I. Phone Ft, Kobbe 5209.

Young soldier who saw auto acci-
dent in front of Union Church, Bal-
boa, when my cdr struck woman in
crdoswalk Friday evening about 6 15.
Ctact me, H. L Clarke at Balboa
aII^. ..I -- ----

FOR SALE:--'47 Ford Tudor Sedan.
Perfect ,condition. Must sell. Best
offer.buys. Qtrs. 375-B, Fort Kob-
be. .,ne 2176.

Boat & Mooiwr
FOR SALE:--Outboard mentor, 2 !2
HI. P.-Johnson. Operated onl9y 50
hours and never in salt water.
$100.-Phone Garnobe 274.

W P'eat- coast last night, the sorw mm o e yay an
U.S. Navy announced today. automobile plant.
A'search by Navy planes had
disclosed no survivors at 8 a.m. Exhausted by the feverish
A small oil slick was sighted five pace she hes followed since the
Smile of t-shore north of Pusan. royal couple landed in the
The N-vy said the first ship United Otates last week, the
wastliscovered taire about 8 p.m. Queen was ordered to rest.
4 .1 JSdiy by &ntrol aircraft 12 Her personal physician Dr.
I ^ Bnortheas5Tf PangodOag on Thomas Doxiadis, said the gra-
Vth east coast 35 miles north of lious little Queen. who has cap-
P tured the hearts of everyone she
T'he patrol .plane reported has met, Is suffering with "a
hearing no explosion. "feverish cold."
Three hours later a second "However, she is in no danger,
ship was reported burning three the Doctor added.
ifIles from the location of the
.-," marine plane joined the pa-
iJ1-MtIaircraft torkeep k a. wat '- i
Over the burning vessels until il |li l. UMD
crash boats could reach thetW (lIawslfII Roils
S The burning ships disappeared Wa 1. r k
C during the vigil. WIa! i 4 onlabi
*i The planes were unable to dis- s
i h the size and type of for Propaganda Talk
f Bllaft from. a carrier in task
S77 joined the search at 2 UNITED ; a.m. and reported both ships 6 iUPi Britain today blamed
,'wtmMk. They dropped flares to aid Russia's "cynical. discouraging
the search for survivors. anm. aiaiing" attitude for
Two destroyers, the US PFub- the failure of United Nations
bard and the USS O'Br ie n, dis.,ramam. nt eliorts and called
reached the scene at 4:20 a.m. fb- a new start to work out
and were joined by fishing boats '-practical arrangements" for
and South Korean navv craft. disarming
All ships engaged in the search
Were ordered to remain In the British Minitter of Stte sel-
e* lvicinty until all hope of find- wyn Lloyd told the U. N. main
ing survivors .was exhausted, political committee that no use-
ful purpose would be r?.rved in
W |ap Wo far s accepting Russia's proposal for
a DBi Power disarmament con-
ST oferEnce before agreement had
1 M a ilrfT~ O Ioe-'n reached on preliminary
Vf-. S IkT1 omorvII 'w ste-s in the! world organization's
S_ dilmrmament commission.
'AryIV lia Such a conference, he said,"-= i"w p*'wu i"could only provide a platform
SO Nov. 6 (UP) Three for more 1,ropaganda speech-
anfd Japanese workers aie:es."
to strtfketomorrow a-' AlthoiTgh he felt that pros-
nat the Tokyo Ordnance De- pects foQr war now were less than
protest p layoffs in they wer.' last spring, L yd
hanrmy counct plants, an warned the committee:
lI smma sai d tonight.I "Uncontr.lled expansion and
rlke Ii jpected to stst de' elopment of natlolal arma-
Sa.m., Spokesman fr, ments and weapons of mas
Army teeea Far Zas "destruction have made the pros-
PB) said. Ics Of a not only reputa-
Wra3 the strike 7ny nt but aupalling and va kaow
as minv r.i P"01 v)'- o,'.knu.v thrt If It came It might
o'-t of. v?'k *n e.nell vl- e 'lie off the surface of
m' r--obably liU nc-, the globe.
'I Neverthelss, he said, "It b
thr--r wSaloUt w.3 .not a quesmDqn of alogans and
.a."Xp .bl thakn by "ph!r-e or of pro.nulgating o0
)ay rr tat-,rwe #w V i.: :-r ansu ecn th!- or that.
S444 *a om" -l it. 1' cr s /will or'7 feel secret .
i ci..CtMan Ja,.or I ** here 1a an adequate
-sa., .* ,3 o'om tn and, where
It t n ee. co rol operating
Japl t "'0 .A" I ud eLficiency, and
'0 ie+ X a.. A a-h saequate powers ,
B al-poB 0 has flid.i-




10.059 Melod e Ave.-Phaso U. Colma
t ,

Aplcia ltevnucioual de Pdibllones
me.- lttUy Pas Phnr 11--M


Wl -" am ,* A* me- e r e
20A1 -


DR. WENDEHAKE. Medicalf Clic.
Central Avenue "K" st=et..
Corner telephone 2-3479. Panome.
REPAIR refinish bamboo furniture,
guaranteed work, in front of Bal-
boa Beer Garden. "Jir7ty."
Seaoed bids, in triplicate, will te rt-
ceived in the office of the Engineer-
ing and Construction rector, Pan-
ama Canal Company, Balboa
Heights, Canal Zone, until 10:00
a. m. November 17,d 193, and
then publicly opened, for furnish-
ing all plan, tools equipment, la-
bar, services, and rrtotlls, (scK-
eept certain Government furnished
materials listed in the specifica-
tions and tor pwerfeting ell work
for preparation of holes for future
plants, placing topsoil and grasping
at Corozal. Forms of propaspis.
specifications, and full particulars
may be obtained fromn the office
of the Contract and Inspection
Division. Room 343, Balboa Heights
ITelephoe 2-3739 or 2-26981.
Specificatons end drawing; will
be Issued cn a deposit of $20.00
per set Deposit will be forfeited if
specificalions and drawings are
nor returned within 40 calendar
days after opening of bids.

FOR SALE ;-ThorLouqh dChs-
hund puppies. Telephone 2-4#16,
or house 5723-B, Nie Plqce Die-

FOR SALE: Doachund puppies.
Phones 3-1816, Panemo.

FOR SALE: Coldspot refrlgiqtor,
25 cycles, large, $75; 1941 Olds-
mobile. $20Q. Both in exqIlent
conditoM BWboa 6384.
FOR SALE; "- Boxer puppies,'$60
-$80.. Telephone 3-0717.
zFOR SALE.--1950 Ford. nation Wa-
gon, mahogany Rattan furniture.
Set of Golf Clubs including rag.
Phone "lrq 3201 office 5150, Al-

05. Murerers

W1I N er Serve

Te n In taly
NOVARA, Italy. Nov. 6 (UP) -
Former American Lt. Aldo Icar.
dl. of Pittsburgh, Pa., was sen-
teed n absentia to life m-
prifsonment today by an Italian
"cI"t the warUme murder of
ids W" chief, Major William
Former Sgt. Carlo Lodolce, of
Rochester, N.Y.. was sentenced
ase.Wta to 17 years imprison-
mint by he Novara court of As.
l ee forWM1r ItaliAn partlsana
S af Migliari. OualtierQ
T04fat and Oluseppe Mannii4
-, wlre all found innocent ana
Irer! released Immediately.
t&..-two Americans will not
hav e serve their sentences for
the Ja94 shooting of New Yorker
rHolhanb, ed of the "Shryaler
Misaon" Wph operated with
the Italian UMpground behind
the a 1 11 IN in northern Italy.
They werq released from the
Army b1gig Holohans body was
fished if ro Lake Orta In 1948
ad Matht-ed states refused to
,abbLth i for the trial
ftem Oct. 19 and
e afterhoon.

USSt reusidium

%.Nor (Up) -Ma:-
aVotosh lo, prea-
det ef the Preidum of a v-
pr egwla t, declared in a me-
a toprlnht or hth
fai wJ ticanijot be "A
account of Oot.


Foster c es. Octen e put

I toe edern,

..weakmjl -

I 11i

ftfIt, OceensIde hiof aruta
Clara, Bof 435
wPnema 6.187. bstbeaeI)1(573.

mou. bm .,Sotn c Alo
PAne -NRA WIll t 1491
or M* 4ee io
_____BMCT' I

FOR RENT:-Furnishedt 3 bedroom
chalet, corner of I Ith Street and
7th Avenue, San Franciso lone
block 50th street). Cot be seen
from 9 to 12 noon 6 2 tq 7 p.
m. Telephone 3 .2958.'

FOR RENT.-rM m chi 2 bad-
rooms, midi room, hot, water
installation, good ylW. "Pendma
Golf Club, L& Carcasquijpi, Miguel
Hive. Phore 3-4 44. ,

FOR RENT:--Chalet, porch, living-
room, diningO e edrooms,
furnished. No.,.rth Averite, San
Francisco. .3-497":

AlTINTON IL. V ) *-bilt modfe
furnished opfnl*l wie, twoe
bedrooms, hot, lwrl Tel-
ephm Panoanm 'MI.
bedrems. li48th f r St.nlnar
and porch, two b th ist.
00. 48th St. :27. A Is Vista.
grejo, 2 bsdroh living, dining-
room, porch,' lot kIq gi, laun-
dry-room, Ya i n d
bath. hot watel. For further refer-
ences please sail Tl .-4968, 3-
FOR RENT--Furnjhed apartment
" for 2 couples. -Bst jddential sec-
tion. Electric refrigeratom. Ne. 13
43nd street. .4 -

FOR RENT:-FPurnished .room Ff
aired. No. 7. 4th of July. At
FOR RENT:--BItifjflly. fumi
room for couple, kitchen privil
Bella Vista, Mexico Avenue
69. Phone 3-0553. "
FOR RENT: Furnished io
refrigeraor, teolphane l- eto
litles. Pernr HlMA, It.. i
apartment 6.





the U
to a
Air 0

| Alak erW '


Leave your Ad with one of our Agenls or our. .lalin

No. 12,179 Central Ave. -

' .' 11 .' .

I .E'

i *1.....

i ',, -A. .. '"

e. A

A '1




I *____

.., *A V -I

'L .


. T. in




:'' *
., a .


S .,
1 -

. 'or

S Via ESpailo 34 Pnam .
(selals e W ai nb e.w l <




,~. k~

I ~

fi R4&oNvey,

l^-btel -Tel^. M
^.. *?J tIA h at *


I.'ljt OW bi~ ft~ichu

.. .: .*

rr. -

- ..



rr5 li '





4 -










I--- I -P Is


I ,



. f.



I. ''le


v ,- 'ter ,_j' :""
ri. 'r' t 'a wK e M '' .

... -
:,.fs. .s ,. .i) .. h. --

1 ., ,.,/.. ?.. ,,; .. : .-*;.,....-."_



^'*N;f12 No


: -r^


Mh a Um~~

Iry W ..




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ait l .w ',

l i s'A "' ,

. as


I.: wZii


*^ 1 '- I

*~u A.~
'I I
~ 'a.
* Ak.~/fl. ~

Sr rS .-rwlv-fl-en fi.

verstes ot *O*ahoalk"
'The Cru Aeal
ui*a..1 .li. nasm td Taz M

a a et.
u -lf IT *- ^*D ^HH^H ~ ^ W U

l N -TV bfr 4wicItemt.
Si. l hoie. All
Whio.1e*S t r nt him.

as be are at crow; ss\
S's 4w alltaona .

;' .,:
the to the jamouii

day eU t f her cahe da

re R y lds il. e satee o
Wy Belle Ba A,,u t o d

-,, .- :Jud

CR a Of

.oew I
Wf 1S

tan o hto ftm the
The.poll: A young

-f ^
Coleotor iltem: ea record
of tl Werman aad MaMy Mar.
tl tfteti di Pord

Norma Cald.rothe "Happy
Talk" beauty In road corw-
l, .ol "8o1cPc" ', test-
Sthe role othu age iarld
'oEarn OB"h rM DelHtd-
Sl-oerry Sherman film ograt
Or of Gauguh.
'*iFry IiT the trmere
film moppet who's ao a hand-
W1ei t ,e new i ,ly
.vmerilon of "Sihrloc Hblmea" 1
not hi first stint with BaB
at FIfteen years ago
T~rr played a tiny tot In a
rft Holme. "oi starrlNg

Wa Og's" was
Uillliifit v otao pa-ed Up


.uMAK1&o PM

prabe f3e fi,, i frot-tll
VGA". bY'hys grafp o0
PatfIIEM&ba numlistkas for toe
InWJ wOW Hotel
tion eoDrI held here
cently, n ieen received by Lt
Ascarrag~, taff organist of i
tel I Panama.
4 a letter from IABA presW-
4ent S Moore. AsIarra&a
was for the "fitting
t In wt, in every way, was
the =bes tl convention I ever
aT letter red ua follows:
"My Dear JMus:
O tee i gao to hotel eon-
a to o years in
Of cana-


will 9 nks B e s-b t ae books
of WmetecrbeillvmAtion atilable
to scholars In the Western hem-
ispbare. It was antned today.
Pope Pua agreed to
I~le his laum to what he ceh
"a spacious temple of learning'
I projected M
library At i

It will mi olefim cop-
te of Mnu i ia t tro.n
the earliest wireued his-
tory to the 4edwit of We prt.-
Ia pres..
The Pope's f the
hitory- akn a an-
nounced ee in a id J tstte-
ment by the Mpt eJJeeph E..
Writer, arohi" o St. LoUIs,
and the Very B. Ja-
sensi, father Meneral of the so-
clety of Jesu.
It will be the at complete re-
produCtion of the Vatican Ubra-
Ir manuscripts in te'world ana
tbe only w of A e for
potery should hap-
pen to he Viati .
Work on tbhe t s ex-
pected to begi lain 1954.
The i ein

tth aelh. Is be-
Mng tfrayel X t of
Colmbus. of man-
usloipt are v3Wi ll fm for
me at at. Laft

chairman of
Idemorial library o tee, a
9 eto funds for the







) HTS.

LOTS OF -PULL. Grnt ooaftllow, Aa lBpi'j
garage owner, demotrate bhow his w kId modd
threhing engine wil ull almost 0 tims w t as t i
a 4750-pound automobile. The enibe 0weI I0n pounds a
complete down to the nvHU detaiL


LU X (Strte at

Your eyes will
see the glory!I

| i x: 4:e40-6:4* f: P..
1M-O-M'Is big spectdculat

a lE 1 *1 C ,
TODAY at 5 1* 9 p.m.

-f Tb& Scrmee: -
A 'Lase iCTU, E...I
Owo m a



3 .0 p.)' I

A m n ,t,9,e event at


CharUe' LAUGfON ,
A i Cast of TboueqW

Ske 03M!:, 0:10, 10:3 ~

i '" PMlDE OF

I. ~A&A NTO'
i.*a4 DOUNLI,

"Y50* -AMAU A
&Lrwii 1 0-
GRIMWr Afla~iDW *


A New Sitkomette for.X .I!

Exercl CIassme


ma 1

usinm women ... 5 30 to6:30 p.m



f. t L. -'
..++ ., .
[ ... 7..' ,+


ioU 1-
r mm-


Home in ip s ..... 9-00, to 10:00 .

Diblo Clubhowu.

.4D"* ca .* tN

1 MOat 1' *^ M

h1^sIss11^ Fss^~~~

-Sb. J'llai'SrI'.

' ,


svp~ oog

'~c'. ~


am iW

Gultek- -6.

fMr, Mp
had ift
heir MI .



. I _


....a ,
r w

Iter i

1~41L~rn~ --


m ..n Ram

lwanmeQ Mra '

. --Ab-
--F _TJ

)- -- .....

sAvailable T E p Chrysler-Plymouth T 'l

,* ee Complete Tfdia Qualifying Ro T

SConsiderable interest is being hown in the for-, The eighteen hole qnafyinr i ore.. t termen- t
on of a league to provide teen -agers, between Chrvsler-Plyvmo u t h Torna- a wid an 0 a il wi f:. i'aB '.
age ages of 16 through 19 years, the chance to play met. open to all gefes on men I flights and two 0me .'S Nr
the Atlantic Side of the Ilth- women on deck. Playe" 1
four more years of competitive basehal. accordingg mus, gets under way tomorrow quality in flights of si Is i
to John .E. Winklosky. chairman of the Fastlich morning at the Bra sos Bnek Sterling_ siver prizes have a
CTee A country Club. Players wCll o donated by L A. PoweUi, SL IIe vw
Teen-Age Baseball League.l have until sundown Sunday t Colon, dealers n a| eatsi ,-ai

Whether there will be such a tral Fire Station In care of
I Iague now, depends entirely on Captain W. E. Jones and his
S ,te boys themselves. Money hasi associates.
,' n made available to buy all These applications must bei
| z necessary equipment and filled out and left with Captain,
i fllorms for three teams. Lead- Jones by Nov. 12.
,grbhip 4n the form of good man- All boys who will be sixteen,
gers, coaches and umpires has years of age before next Aug.
been promised, as well as play-; 1. or will not be 20 years of age
Ing fields. C. F. Magee will be before next Aug. 1 and who go'
Liupiness agent and Roy D. Reece,; to the U. S. Rate schools on the
layer agent. ; Pacific Side are eligible and are
S In order to get the League Invited to fill out one of the
Carted Reece has placed appll-! application forms and leave It
i'tion forms in the Rnlbna Cen-. at the Fire Station.

Florera Post-To-'fs.t I

In Featured $W Hfi
< >i-f

J' junior College Favorite

To Defeat CHS Tonight
0 --
JCcoriess in three attempts in are to break out of their sustain-
ikular: inter-scholastic play, ed slump they will have to do
4 p illl staggering from telling so through the efforts of more
injuries to their first-string than a few second s ...--
i pforfners, the' Tigers from Kaiser Bazan will be back In the
tobal High will take to the line-up after a long lay-off witi
9Ldiron as underdogs tonight.1 a broken finger. Bazan has been
and the wise boys will allow the cause of much optimism I
them. only, a distant outside when coach Palumbo looks to- .
chance of defeating Junior Col-1 wards the future and his 19541 PoST-TO-POST llorera soeeds over the finish 1_> three lengths ahead t" Chil%~ lnr
legei, and shattering their now squad. Only a sophomore, 15 after leading all the way under a good ride by AlfIode "Chlnito" VasquM ""Colon
bright hopes of a 1953 cham- years old and 155 potinds, this rnanuicap' a6 Juan Franco. Bias Aguirre rode CblngrL.
plonship. lad can- hit hard with the best Veteran horseman Don Julio
Like Cristobal, Junlor College of them and recently his rapid VMtero added another sU er
too has had.more than their improvement has pushed him trophytohi alred large T
share of ailments. As a matter into the line-up as starting full- election yesterday sl te r o o l f I
of fact, so serious were the many back. When Jody Roberson came letion yehis speedy and sy lite ooafon 'ln laia Un
Wzurivs to coach Wolf's sman luon ith a fractured knee before Iwhenhisspeedy and classy little D A .
I 1-in squad that. It was neccs- the opening of the season. Pa ce to an eas ps-o oa n flu M1W I I fil
t .r him to call off all exht-I lumbo was all set to rush Bazan raced to an easy p 0t-to-d 5 f i s
btoi,.games scheduled against i in to fill the deposed Roberson's "ict in the hatred $750 Gal i A' '
te. powerful Atletic Club eleven spot when the string of conse- Handicap 1udad d Coonrl n a ,h, rDOf f Ac00mitl
.order to keep hip team well cutive injuries hit this youngverseven fuiongs at the Jual At A U
sted for each of their chain- hopefully and he, like so many Franco Rac Track. At
nhip quets. fthe Tigers of this year, fell off P. ( )
Two weeks have now elapsed into the ranks of the taped and Just like on nine previous oc- _A 2-
Snce the College eleven has bandaged. casions this year, Florqera Lote to I versity -tudt ul uinuraa
"eA in action and despite The rest of the backfield re- the front right after then rget, este4.iad
eosiwmon knowledge that mains untouched by th t. dnx. opened a gap and ana 8am Pieelrd Jimmy Plai ran .tu*0
nyofttheir injuries are not of Bob Oonnard and& .Carl Tuttle tainted aC n g margin tb tal dhar. d frD t lUhr hna ora sn.the after he Iu S tr d i frt -
;tpe that comes back into will hold down their regulate finish" Chigrl was in olfat 'ma Day Tournni sponored plniof1urt
perfect shape in a mere 14 days halfback spots while Tommy prut of the winter 4hroug. by Anibal Oalindo at the Brasr ba with b he t
they should be in about the besl Hughes and BRl Price alternate out and got close up on the Brook Country Clb on.Tulday;
teandition. one can expect frqm at quarterback. Price is return- turn but *was not 7Flr e'a November 3rd, In honor of Pap- AmlstaBlt reTmed ~h a
te, gallant Junior College team. ing from a forced leave of ab- matoh. Alkonsa wound up a sma's Ciacuertenarlo celebra- while the hegrt wasilat
eta, is no doubt that Rhy sence due to an ailing knee and poor third. 'tion. BOth Plles and Plata 4r
ikt er Is the most accom- should be ready to take up part 8 reached the Cei on ithe elhtetI sil9 $0V ti. *..
oe ad .quarterback now per- time dtuUl cang thea ognalse lorers ,.20 -" o 7'0iV., 1 .
,Ia. g on the Isthmus, but a tonight,. 3. Her Adiry wel. small .Seeoalt ht h mgspNwmbbo A ,
dilous ankle injury has curtail- Topper Didler. Richy Smaso compared o Vais' wn odds FwtV H W i i i..
etand will continue to limit and Danny George will share tle of $42.60 ia the seventh race and tihe eight en ad had e .
file amount of running this big 2 end posituns. but after that, the double combination of Van- remainln lnw the :'rul -ol.IL
115 pounder can do. Bob Rowlevy the rest of the line is filled with piresa-Quo Vadia which return- Parks winner in the..thir4 .
and Bob Morris have provided a series of question marks. John ed $281.00.reached the further dita
the Jun9Vr College eleven with a Hayes came around nicely two Ait .. inches fomn, the cp .,
i a ot hard rtuniMg backfield weeks ago and should be doing Al.fredo riYde who rde No.,. :,.
S there is no reason to full time duty at one tackle Luisorer l.a mbian rider The winners all received pries
'that theso two will hot spot. while Stan Smith, who had Luis Giraldo re saddle hon- In sterling silver dontedL by A
in the pink of condition for been filling in at full-back. re- ors with two v itortes each. nibal Glaindo, but Sot-Puger ',
t6fnight's fray. and gay's broth- turns to the line to help bolster The dividen s: and JIanmy Plala wIlleither hae
et, Bill Nickisher rounds out a la front line of attack weakened I RACEu- to play off or toss a coin fort
Odd and effective J.. C. back- by damages. I6-Petil $10, 60. 3.80 first flight prize or they ma .
nd, i / U2-Fru ru$, 2.40 share it. This pru w a a ir
Tonight's contest Is expected But whatever the odds may be 3-Mutfico 0. of candelabra.
1 attract a big following from against them, Cristobal has CS ACE
t Pacific Side, for a Cristobal served fair warning to the J. C. Il-Curaca iA 6.40
would place the Balboa Bull- eleven that tonight's fray will bel --Interlude $4.80. S
4ogs in a Rommanding position no push-over and if they are to First Doue: (Petite-Cura- I L m
for a repeat of their '62 pennant win their second championship e ., R eommends
victory. But the big names from since the start of tackle football ,iD RA.CE *_SO iiit p m --
te Cristobal line-up will be Junior College will have to fight l-I iOli $3, Z.20, 2.20 RCoIm lnds Bowl-
watching from the stands and with every ounce of their ex- 2-Valarla. $3.20; 20 fl li *0
en the bench arid if the Tigers perienced might. 3-Arranquhi $20. P .
."- On=e-Twe (Xftaola-Valarla) ..
Soii RACE ROANO Va., Nov. 6 (UP
1-Vol 17-20-4 A special committee of
2-Deniel Southern Conference eoesm- .
Quaalela: (Volador-Danlel) mended yesterday that the lIop
44. approve participation in a
FIrFPT RACE recognized by the NQAA, which
1-Rii SL.60. would include the Sugar Bowli
SIXTH RACE whose promoters ar6 teestse~
# In unbeaten West Vir.inia-

The conference's special post-
season events committee recom-
mended that a full dress meet-
ing of the 10-member conference
be called immediately to .coa.
sider the question of bowl part.-
The sWtai old BSeoutherm C
fetse8 bae lsa been meeaw
dered bowl by mand that at-
tltnde gi. Cm oe of the
reSons ,for hbe, brmsaway at
soeW large inmberms wheki
formed the Mew AMlatie Cmea


1-Vampiresa $11.40, 5.20. 3
2-Comp O.f0, 2.80
3--Bedulno $2A40.
.1-Q--uo Vada $42.60, 9.20
2--Hurleeano $.20.
Sse.idJDible: (Vampiresa-
Quo Vadls) $I1.60.
1--State Barge $5. 4. 3.40
2-C. Qreen $4.80, 3.20
3-- 0.20
ate Ba rge-Car-
1-PlorIsa $11.20, 4.40. 3
2-ChAngri $4.40. 3.20
Onfl .l 4ln era-Chingri)

-Mall40, 6 20.5
3--Mallln $3.

24/2a &

- i


*..B M '. ,"-d-t-u^ 1^_

Sthe N., 1manige


.roe nJanow tha',
Reeft s r that h
dPto4g b prisient

sa s ancoesor to
ah i, easily be
t Ano er post In'
the arm Prbably tQ
run whenand
if g accept eh:
mfuunA bile or two
yi L -. I".
m. ie Nia- the type
the chalt, f.el, Mmiut. have to
m.anMe a I~*'ef g9tabllshed
S3. Ap a- a o ito resent .
post, he ll!btoi knowl-
t. gr i aa the or-
e a gatned the
4 oti. ,t -t kirp and
w t y M 'would be a
:ff 7- Ad"ield" of the
fts. `bfeel Brooklyn UN"

fu6miIt. nI .

1'NO* '21ptWk Il_ t--'$ A (up


ft. _i' f d-

IL jp.- 47 1 ..i17

i.*' w3e .. ..

..-Ix'l~, r
r ..Haiql. ,li, .7' ':,,,' ,. !' ., -

t'b~~!qWF 'V.

1 -




V t-

nia L~g!

hington is the center ot attention
ir .o r yo l The

-. --t ot

* I ** /
., "..... .. .



v.- i-


PA 4

L t.~-.

M T1 een -A e



Iwo t 1 4l,





. qk


IF"7 1A


. "- "



'.t i ". .
-r 'raw 4

- "g i">:

r. 4i : '

the *

I Oai

Ifr cshagme mt refI

'die -oo=t %ptemy w
I WIaI I the os&
aml us ta lsrtGnt: D

&ni SiAm

Coaeh Tmt e Wun- ING ,o amU W U WIK T, lt I i .
der-inanned, bA cty oaded --- Handicap M 96 M ,,,
Junior Collee G ,UM evll f Ver EPBA tool three points frbm
to Mt. Rope thts eve. e-ACME PANS after dripp .I T0t4. 1"0 T .44 I .l7-
,ags wift.. a ., Cri^ the ,ira nm. --"PS"fitA came b .
tobal.C JeO in T n to ake he next ad tot Team No I vs Auto
order to etayg W IIiJtf pins. d Huakel,rolled a Vry 1
Balboe .fThWj (a- tercholastic nice 588 to lead PSA this Is the TBAM No. S.
"Cha tmt. oI.i- high sereas for the lea ue this .,
U e r e- year. Seyboad had a nice 522 sa- Utfnely 148 108 M
vlls by one e a les ris for BP8A also. Huddlestoc nuewe 145 157s
sbal llah war high for ACME with M6. Stahl 16 121 1
oo4, WALLY'S BA took the rt. Walker 120 137
Lack Bob E s, U game from IBTHMIAN CON- ]Umdleap 132 132
Nicklaher and Rowley to B1RUCTORIJ then lost the next
handle the t w Uheir run- two and total pint. IBTHMIAN ,fols. 7W8 757 1 f
ning att t NMickisher with three points stayed In a -
anBo b the thee way ;)e for semnd place. ApUTDO CINE '
brunt of tb.dr Battack Cain was high for ITHMXiAN .
with Ray NMklSbr Slg canre with 470, followed by Tortan La Valle 148 I5 15 A
of the pasg est game. with 469. Stanek was high for Balutk. 172 111' .1
College has qu good Mutchlis 173 1568
tHemen to tb Cza WALLYS BAR With 447. 7eha.r n5 136 9
among ~ -t ,e4101man, AUTO CINE took three points Cmindghum
Jergry ro, Iru ianda from Team No. 5 to-also stag n 147 147 14N "
Joe Oliver. '. .". a tie for second place. Hutehls ad lep p 94 f
11l a %iMl l ,l(.t t was higl ior AUTOQ C it w t
wcass to thr despite the (40
ny really put up.p tRight to AQlpMSW# Jane
t L notclose to s s tooi"esit ethe I Meat, a 08 L
flkled a T S- _they hve beep bowlint w
girs ,'butfft t .'-[l only four men for several weeks COWPAN FORD
CO W o AN FRDD moved into MUIok 174 -162 SIW.
St Use tie lor aconad place vqrra cks lT 152 1440,
beas as thy reatW a gift mof oriaes 164 170 136
ie, tour point frm JAMN OUAR- Orfltbs (B)
i)uI l.-ha DIA b fort elt hrpe of their 143 143 ,Ift .
n a Tierme. ae to work al Thursday Dusiy 139 132 1
O" l .l,-doe night ao tufli dMa ~%Nd e'- lcad1c7A 117 117
in the r two. noufh men to bowk Dick
The Tige bat n threat rolled nice 514 fr COLPAN TotaS mI 87N
has been t lu Tut- FORiD and 4 Murdock hud a
tIe, but TUtt Ja bee able 401. JAM UAR ADIA Mx '
to.sarry the l W hinelf. ThM high men on: SA PWOD
t---Or.5U---7- te1-Kunke. 17-30 .
Ah -, T Ei, -2-Cain 104 ro "1' ,,."
Along The airways 3-Huddle.ton *111i .___ *'
...._.., 4-Krajmei 1]- ,,
5-Cunniqgham 157-5 MAJOR BOWING lim
GAMBOA G .10U t t,-Lee- 11-3 BDe VWAlsamnd ax
COAMPJIoN f ,--Schaefr 16-1 dons celebrated
8-Barry 158-8 Clncuenenarlw"
There 1 ly the tiBt" 111 --Fielder i. 1-2 3 victories over L: lM i
for next wel, aptd th Cl b 1-Hutcbings 16-2 and anowcrop. elliae
Champlonlp wmu be la te rec- the other tw ate M
3rd book. Won Oamena Iftal Mnnag Seymeur A
in. the r fit ht, Ray lupef'. o."W L P Pits NMfl Local i
played aMaa s4an 2ima 220 7 21o wl q"et rerua LU pad
ame do V.Q Auto Cine 7 14 13 13 Bammep .
a p. RimA 5 XWk defmeatAed stmia eore We i
11Bill lardle up another glWe Coastructora Cowf, td
match. 2 1 13 19 2104 1C. 1L Cain
ed A od c; for ACM PainU l'
the C rnlmns gin B. 4 12 l 17 isS
ThiW Ores. Team NM 5. 13 14172
ot tI4u 1k, J. Guard* a;I itt1 a

Cm deb ShMi Wqer 4 rr*SeA l 4
ea Xe WiSMebtM b."kie I y 1 o 13 1 A
s5l le at -t Wms Sr '174 1wro m -ea d
o 0. W h ae es1ad1 kflW 4M7 222 u S*
Pam 6 4ad 8. '5hp o ll I '2 10 11
ptsom b M W 4 i as a

in OV

at wltothe he.. .
ey M viona .Pit? 12t 11U 157 441 SB, t WJ S m
.li htV DickO0ran-Cheadh IM, 1391 1 O ~ a416 mr. 8 -was ?h
d 2 and Dibo 17 139s a 1W I.: Smats1.
15 eats, but what Lee 188 11 -4 7 The t Mattalna S aM
Lr ives strain HNuddlS-te 18 u 1 1 5 te; -
f and three HEandlesp O fI, N f 2Ot Df Vil iss 22
i de eSted Phi rt Ibta M R11 M 2682 S ims, .M
1. #Aney had o1al.s6m014 5m M
stUng started (n 3's &aV Vs Ishmnisn Banowroep Fods 1
n most eve- Caustrutorm. hn 7 Los
or 1s. AWALL8I MJ NfM Loca 1I s.
ih va Dick Johns H. I. up Co. 1 i
tt Honqrs. ThUi Hatiton I2 141 129W --- 3
wea match. Johns Le4n1 AW SU The high dlldua
nihrSh Iwinninz RtuS 1M SW -l Uwen Are: 7

tp 'tirnowbut te Wm mfrl
Shim down. 8 & 2
Snatches must be ae
Epy. 8. :00 p.m ..-2'
l the Gulf Stream is
h .-eftauat for the MI
Mus fruits grow at
* Hafttras, N. C., Nev. LyN 2.
SUe s, north of the 14
b. .... M .. 0 ..




S..- : '

I: -L *.". _. --.r.

.* ** ",

"~~ ~ .
1.:l -.*,.,


. ', y r,-, .. .

:~tt g~
M~E 4e



- -t

-s .. : us..,1. at u' es r- ates
-s IA.

." hTALp at

t 4<*.r I m Iw

I_78 4,

Pd' -
J T'4Ar
-, ~
&~ A




'.- Ii!
r; *,* 1

- ', .

$kw \

Tiger Victory

I 1 yard
The try.

wm~ at a

i .





.v. -i r

57 .a
9 .

.~~ ~ ~ --

f, '1{ .'* "

t t i

J AJf od

. a I.

* 8t &

1.. '


., n" 3

m alrow



~i~i~i ~e ~


) "


- V ,



' s%.' .

** -* ,,j,


;E '"; I
> '" '

At .I*I .' ,

:%en For 1

Amdscaping At .

MNw Towrisite

'Paama contractors and land-
rderting firms are being "Let Ow -people know tvi is INN '-f.A' -
sars to submit bids to do i u o1.. j .
Te preparatory work for land- NINTr WAR PAN r
scpaQig of nearly 15 acres of E;NMTl'PiNWT WAR I A a4jjy Y pW,1 -i.-_ -l
land in the new Corozal Town-
The contractors will be asked
to place the topsoil, which is
bein furnished by the govern-
men from a stockpile near the "S-H .
site of the work. The government
also will furnish the 3,000 sacks -
of Java grass cuttings necessary 0 "p
for the grassing work. Sod re- _
quired on certain slope areas is I .
o be furnished by the contrac- A .
The ivork under this invitation .
for bids is to be coordinated WASHINGTON. Nov. 6 (UP)- ments that new onzv ere a J th t .
with the progress of the present The United States is believed to cards. .. bAu
construction work. be getting set to test-fire a new In the year MI.aPWb &M
Sealed bids will be received In super bomb. "sank" the ear a .
.the office of the Engineering It will be a thermonuclear of which it was-
and Construction Director of the fusion weapon, as was the AEC's eape
Panama Canal Company in Bal- shack-stized hydrogen device ex- striving two mi
boa Heights until 10 a.m. Nov. ploded at Eniwetok a.year ago. derous version which sald be be6.he d vie on oi.
17 when they will be opened. But it may incorporate (1) launched against a tarfet. M oreal
Forms of proposals, specifica- New materials, (2) The same As far as Is known, eno nation c to to 4I
tions and fullo pathic materials in different propor- ever has exploded an H-bomb a. TheS a
be obtained frt etioni tions, or (3) The same mate- that could be delivered :on an ir
vision at Balboa Heights. rials In the same proportions enemy target. 'A
TrhedInsp he tno B 5 rlaledi Mth ppoo"' em- ,r...
tbut rigged more compactly to The United States test a --
.. --------- *make a deliverable combat atomic "trigger" for E-^.t ,'4"' .'+ ....
weapon. Eniwetok in 1951 aIn. th#* Iu-
k iHn NeaMwsmien Informed sources here have land group as B1kikd. at fll
(UU1 N wmien indicated that the new tests will the Atomic Energy _omi .... ;
S As be conducted at Bikini in the followed this up. a .genuo "
uHire AS usl spring by Atomic Task Foree hydrogen test explo .
Seven, headed by Maj. Gen; Per- ."
cyW. Clarkson. But the 1952 R- "device
O t FruitNeither the AEC nor the mill- was too big to b veor be ,
tary would confirm the time ani plane to an enniy i
t n place. of the next tests or dis- Russia exl I ,-- a '
Eleven prominent U ited close the nature of the weapons bomb last Autfc It, ..7
States newsmen arrivedIn Pan- to betested. A ssu med tha ti Generalhplans f e1B"a; Co
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iA tour as guests of the United weapn. re ta Defe t o nri
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Daniel Kidney, foreign editor e country for 'Nll Ig three chotative 0
of Scripps-Howard Newspapers, t years.m" e.t A r
WaShington SM D.C. Doy'l'"*"*Mut Chairman W.' 04rli localrate tt a t nlc
i brt Lund, industrial news Thursday., Nov. 12, hs been Cole of the Jont nAmerican Red the
It and managing director of designated as VisitorsDay i the Atomic Comittee l e two principal ,
al of CoMmerce." and Fritlay, Nov. 1I, as Visitors The", T ria1o VOl e
liam raeditor of ife Day in the elementary schools, D,' first Iti ,
tea Grional, New Yditork. of Lifeaccording to an ann ounicement what It is to 1 be ne -
Gaynor Maddox, food and by the Division 1'" Schools...-- *' O
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New York. *the annual obsrvce of Anta ni sn a eo e 9er- "UIUSte S o
apdr Cellers, foreign editor of Teana o e Aan rd. r et S
t4fiider,"Wahington. D. C. i oan Edtucation Week in Canal or # ... A
St rn l, of Timhema a-Zone schools durn a the coming r. w appo an
g week. "ThIb'hatioflhl celebration ,
ewd E Esser, Superintendent ad of threrican gicalEducation Week is

,harnd .ien's group la stay- l Schools requested principal earlier thl year shortly afterA 4
eat Lino the visiting Vsto under the sponsorship of tdy at the Membrial Cancer o
lardDyer, director of pblic National Education Assobleciation aro on, anChin, Shir,- It "

ald of the Company' t ha- m henoorhol kov recehvedtea early educatied r ogion, olow:. t U .
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eleditor of Inte to Miratlor fie of enthen theon,gress of Pathme graduat e ot Uilvens of rloal for rCi
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; t Sund, "telegraph 'editor T sh e Acel e.anor rd of SurgorY, aDC- 1A'l Io
newmYk "flailee cbrand ws." t he p cordinghto word.received ire. min
0 a hro Vnepe Sigurd -E t e seret Supeorintendent head of the Surgical' ctonfensel- ,
"The amrrean of the scihole s, f lr. S -. ,iaoll d bi 1tI,
The. nwsen's grou stuay- Schools, requested principals earlier this year ,shortly aftere
athe HotlEl Panama. to arrange suitable programs for he had completed a year Of. 1L te
A nforpan Joeng the visiting sitors Day. He also urged pa- c study at the. MemOrial C r W orm

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lk uen are Jphn McClintock, Tents to 'visit the schools. Hospital, in .oew York Ci~tyand '-
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T mndtime to eviewtheprobl6adems Cihnd i ,-linh 1 C ll v o re

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ardDyer, of e United Fruit accomplishments of our schools; ko eved his arly e ucatll .
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The program for the vi ators needs and problems; and to rancic Callf a0 Hei o teo ld ho
for a vis, tho Mirafors strengthen the bonds of home, graduate of t Uivers i of"
ipr yesterday afternoon. In the school, and community coopera- Caforni 4 e"cal School and th e .'"ocftutler Pa.;.

-nte the vatora In Puerto _,__- ws anjinginythegnlvfttMM..g I
' oening, they attended the re- w-" an intern inthe Universityi i

Na----- oon-Wide TV
tidz tendere by visiting for a The central theme for this of California, Hospital.1-D....ion,- .oe'
SNt i nes honor ofPresd year's observance is addressed to e served a year in "Jol
the individual citizen:, 'GoodlHefeed ,, er I,, To" ,.
Win(Ind Mrs. Remofi' at t th e r Hidkdial cit n d H p ns asap h-sician In'- the

.. .. ...gested by the sponsoring com ,i, ittg i 6n Ptvid'nce, -, R1.hode ANA D.,I' n,
E. es conference awilth a es-pects of the modern school andc -- --I.
to urgent educational needs. TheIn 1948,. Br__. v wa call- I Osa
ht' Reofll be ~7t ofn Vereker Tdaily topics this year are: 'Moral d fr active au wit te
hywill be ests of Vereker T. and Spiritual Foundationsl -and assign 'to Gorg.esp' ..
Srepresend tve of -the Chi- 'Learning the Fundamentals"' where he 'placed: on" t th, 'f.Il Atffar
r U ioCl. ,'Preparing for Loyal Citizen'-year/,he pileted his i"i. ,O .
SThe group leaves Saturday ship'; 'The School Board in Ac-Wi the Ary and acee h
shatying for Sal Jose, CoatZ PI_ tion'; 'Your Child's Teachers'; emr, oynIIenV ..on t.e os tal ; we, .
a,-,Where the newsmen will at-!nd Parent and TeaCher Team- Staff. .

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