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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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$137.30 |

"La the peopU know do eiTI4g and country is a et" AbrahAm Lincoln.
< ".A .'

ii_ in n

Of Like's Hand Go OPI Old Guard

*i. .', IL I I

oRma lows N co)NFSIONS TheI are clips from a Department of Defense film
explaining the mntal aIiS p*lY-leatorturesused by the Comuieto on so
of eem warfare -in Korea from V.8. flier while they were eld ca ippt. hoto on t asdhows
In)t. M,. Floyd B.- OieAl, of QI'IrfZX, B.C. in I& confessionIti a'.oTMniunlt film nd the
leb oLt right ,l -el In the Defeens rtment film denying theconfessloo" The bot-
,uht 0 on the l h E'ie 1t. Lt, JbhnS. Qtrin of Altadenm, Calif, confessing tothe Cam-
f wN the l ~d he right showhfm in the Defense Department fillenyng the
"+o~onn- .ma;d-e undr the strain of CbmMunist torture.

Ruthle Oo.mun itun stalling
tactIms slowed prisoner "expla-
nations" to a snail's pace today
and bitter arguments over length
of th Ite ws widened the
rift between Red and United Na-
tions neutral commission mem-
berse e n_
Only- 6 t*oA, 13# .'Cinese i-
terviewed ted5T chbse to return
to CommunnsZ .
Lt. OenX K. ThiulByya. chair-
man of the neutral nations com-
mission, who peranpUy, inter-
vned to break up the prolonged
explanations, W itt Vogt ""-
9,- Cqn^ n3J^t

arged that the high pressure
nterviewing violated armistice
Sprovsions. They said It was a
problem for the commission sup-
ervising the explanations.
Many of yesterday's Interviews.
lasted more than two hours, and
some dragged on as long as four
hours and 20 minutes. The pro-
gram went so slowly that only
205 men were interviewed and
198 were left over.
The Communists asked that
the same 198 be produced again
today, with fresh lots.
The Indians had no accurate
list of names, and Thimayya ad-
mitted it would be hard to tell
which Of the prisoners had not
beM interviewed.
Onlyt of the 205 men in-
tervleweyuaterday chose to re-
tutn to the Communists, and one
of tem wAS found mentally un-
souwa'und lodged in a hospital,
Moelaering aalG he witnessed

WO Camnon Used

To RtOl
TiS IfoRv. (UP) Police
used ig preBSUa water -oRa-
non today to break up a riot by
store-throwg Italian stuents.
The youths fled as the Water-
canInon were put to use for the
first time in e current seres
Sof riots over the future of this
Adtlatic port area which tI btt-
.Several studies were th-1
quh soaked. wbQe some
age nm taion. the dMe. Oa -
tra ted In tears

'ciT ions
one'Intevlew whiph lasted two
priionet shouted "back to Tai-
wan, (FOrmoa)" 14 timesduring
the interview, but was not al-
lowed to leave
Anothiper American, Maj, John
M. Dernan of Ozark, Al, said
the Indlan supervisors aprent-
ly were willing tor the Als go
on indefinitely If the prisoners
did not resort to violence.
Meanwhile Allied negotiators
tackled a deadlock in planning
the Korean peace conference
with a proposal that ubc lt-
tee tke up at the same time
the knotty problem of neutral
plahe of the meeting.
Arthur H. Dean. speg al U. B.
eno rereeete the United
thaWpopsaI tonnmlnly at a mlow
sesoM of his talks with the
Comma4lsts ,on arrangements
for the pferene later today.-
The talk were stalled from
the beginning byI a Red demand
for admitting Aldan neutrals tO
the conference.
Pred ent Byngman Rhee. of
South Korea violently attacked
a British-sponsored suggestion
that India be granted limited
representation at the peace eon.
"Let Inrdila come to the con-
ference a- a Communist gtate,
but as a Zeutral .- never," R ee
Said in a written answer to quel-
tions by the press.

Open Verdict
ROBWEL. G S.~:, (.e -
Fxrmer W. (ra.I, D1i& mrt
handed out sw1"t to e
thief who stt It c.
talmi i .
., F ,'l u is .
h Om a. ee hisL

Wte ftolha at one hei ttutd
sOrtrptbll ..W~OE"eflake .'

Canal Attorneys

4 P9p damage suit agadst
-wukd. Dooela, personal f.-
eter of the Panami Canal
WiM be defended by tW Gen-
SCraDF l '. Offtle'. I
The soA d k Whleh abttly be
fore f asU yesterday ina the t
O ent saod Anean
V M a. nfed from ai ,e 4
jS 1 being brought yr
JI-M F. -ledmond, an ad*
ae4el employed by the Ca-
At anti S t.
Mnowa b has ton aps to
her the ialt. whlt een-
Se4 e was responsive for
Be dismissti tnM ca
al inviee an June jfh,
saA with dsamaging the la-
ltation. .
who is :eI*-g
b petby attorney ld
was subseqa tly
instatd by the Canl on
ordens fom the UT.S. Civil Ser
ice onimjssion in Washing-

W-th VIombun

A-Bomb Securhy

t-a for naught."
%.-- btt was quoted in Madri
Wnay as sayh the U. 8.
paned to stockpile atomic:
in Spain provided that
eosntry agreed. Later, ti
Athens, TalbotU denied making
the remark.
Secretary of State John m ter
_*W and Defn!" reftry
Charles ., W*lon have denied
the United Ste has a h


For Platypus?
1,WSW TORZm Not. 5 (UP) -
the Bronx zoo began digging to-
day nto a bank earth in Its
outdoor playtpus the hope
of unearthin a bUced event of
International lmpqr"
Zoo officials- and keepers
delved by hand and trowel into
the underground heat ot Pene-
lone. the duck-blHed ulatypts.
What they hdoef to find was
proof that Penelope sl a mama.
If they find one or more baby
Diaty.psem, the eyenb-wll] shake
the mammal world and prob-
9bly 4rt. ta tat of talk amon4
the bM~r and re.ttles. .
For thhs would be the frA
Te a.f platypus ever pxqduced
youna on any continent other
than Its native Australia.-
And it would be the second
*te the queer creature has re-
produced in captivity. One platy-
pus a bloke named Chrrie -
was born In captivity in Austra-
lia in 1943. Its papa Pn' mama
were named Jack and Jill.

DENVER. Nov. 5 (UP) -Mrs.
rMi R. G'.ntle, 27, won an in-
teflocutorv divorce decree yes-
terday when she told the judge
that her husband, 29, and in-
Burance salesman, exercised so
diligently with bar bells he was
too exhausted to do anything

Tasty Job
DENVR, Nov. 5 (UP) Pa-
tr.ns of bran in Colorado soon
may be more certain of the "lon-
tents of the stuff they order,
.enmtarv of State Bome Brue
announced yesterday that atee
ltuor lanspctors wa1l be *11-
pec. with peaket ttigs to
determine If whisky sold over
the bar ras bewa watered or
diluted with cheaper. weater

Ike Take

In ARaic

-An imagtary atomic bomb
attack today sent President and
rs. Eisenhower scurrying to
their a*r-coadltioned shelter qut
oft harm's way deep in the earth
uader the White House.
- At the same time, the na-
tion's top defense leaders herd-
ed together in an apparently
less safe shelter two floors be-
11Mr.street letel at the Penta-
In all some 500,000 govern-
ment workers and school chil-
Sn participated In the ciri
enaetest. It was the first
3iu) test at the, White House
since World War IL
For the first time reporters
were permitted to see and de-
scribe n limited detail, the re-
novated $750,000 shelter dug in
the bowels of the earth under
the White House and encaseed
Srfoced concrete nine-feet
The shelter Is big, with sever-
al rooms. Today it aoconink-
a some 200 persons com-
0 wiIth ts light green
la. ts aIf-condltlone as as
precaution against poison gas
or. radioactive atomic dust. It
possesses an elaborate commiu-
nications plant which permitted
the White House to establish
teletype contact with the West-
ern Uhnion office In New York
toay In Just one second.
yY's test started with a
"Rl alert". at 9:10 a. m. In-
rmy-panes were
h fer e "red alert'

the ldles oeald mare up tneir
minds an he could throw a'party
for them.
B He hasn't been able to hold
one yet because the lades can't
decide who should be invited.
And the President apparently
has no intention of inviting
trouble by making the decision
The subject came up at Mr.
Elsenhower's news conference
Doris Fleeson Bell Syndicate
columnist, noted that the Prov-
ideft has had several stag din-
nersaat the White House.
"None, o those 115 guests
have been women," Miss Flee-
son observed, "How do you

might be described as a belliger-
etarle of inured Innocence.
He: sid he had tried to give
two or three dinners for women
lede only to be told he'd bet-
ter watch out because the wo-
men couldn't decide who should
come. The male reporters chort-

CZ Moorist Seeks

Seldr Who Saw

Acckit 9a Fdai
A etiedok Metcan Canal em-
ploye. who was ordered ld for
trial In the Distrit Court on a
charge of hit-and-run driving,
today was looking for a young
soldier whom he believed was a
wttue~ u to the accident.
Howard L. Clarke. 69. who
waived preliminary hearing in
the Balboa Magistrate'sCourt.
said he was anxious to locate the
soldier who saw Clarke's car hit
a pedestrian Helen Evans last
Friday in front of the Balboa
Ulion Church.
The woman, a Costa Rican.
was admitted to Gorgas Hospital
where she was suffering from a
possible ruptured kidney and
abrasidons on the arm.
Clarke posted $250 bail. He said
he could be contacted by the
witness at the B a I b o a YMCA
where he resides.

Plenty Of Nothing
POWRIA. IM., Nov. 5 (UP) -
The burglar who ranscked Au-
lust DevO' home left the follow-
Im note of explanation:
"I Ibrke Into your boome to see
If I oU d get some money. I
Ifoe (tootl call the cops be-
cau I was hungry and I had no
Devos told police nothing was

,.. I to

| l l .. ...^ ^ ^


.j + + + : -* ,-

"+ :, +' + "- a



_ __ __

: r ~r

. -f:

s Cover Lost Elections

]Alert Prompt 'No Back

came at 10 a. m., sounded by
the city's 38 air raid alarms and
70 police and fire sirens,
An agent of the White House
secret service detail, rushed in-
to the President's office.
He led the Chief Executive
past the rose garden, into the
White House, and down into the
complex shelter.
Mrs. Eisenhower, escorted by -
seret service agents, joined her
husband a few moments later. WASHINGTON, Nov. 5 (UP) The Republican Old
The imaginary bombs explod- Guard had the back of President Eisenhower's hand to-
dohoruy aterwarng- one osever day and the administration appeared to be seeking to
blocks from the white House consolidate its position with independent voters and mod.
and another about 2,500 feet rates of both parties.
south of the Pentagon.
The all-clear was sounded at That was the construction placed here on the Pref
10:18 a. m. ident's somewhat involved comment on Tuesday's eleca
At the Pentagon, Defense see- tions in which the Republican Party and its leader 1lo
retary Charles E. Wilson and a lot of political glitter.
and uniformed, took shelter "I've lost skirmishes before," Mr. Eisenhower toll

other in a Pentagon sub- yesterday's news conference when asked about political
cial observers, agreed,, was far reverses which centered in New Jersey where Democrats
less secure than the President'swon the governor's office and a House seat from Eiseun
bse proof against any possitle hower-endorsed Republican candidates.
outside explosion. A reporter reminded Mr. Eisen- The President and former ft
The Pentagon's other 27,000 shower that in Wisconsin last star commander of U.S. foraW
eoccupantsaweroherdedntoco- month and in New Jersey Tues- overseas then permitted dirt
riders and other inside areas day, Congressional seats w e r e quotation of his foremost ream-
which presumably would otter vacated by liberal Republicans tion to the election results:
some protecuon al ildnst the and that the conservative Re- In elaboration, he said he was
bomb's tlast, heat. and rada- publican successor candidates not completely pleased by elec-
bombs fast, ete, an rad. were swamped by the Democrats. tion results in some spots. He
on ______ Mr. Elsenhower popped back thought his administration feed
4 that he did not believe the the task of developinga forward
United States wanted. to re- looking legs e1pp .
adminisattaba w ats a new nee progrB tha
type of candidate in contrast efit all 160 million Amerhat
L to recent RItubliean losers. When these program i are saI
I WHe reinforced t h is warning before the people, he said,
IW Vf f lV5 later in' the news conference by administration will receive nit
saying that the only way the tionwide support. '
V1lIan C. Hushing, cotalder- Republicans could possibly win Rep. Clarence J. Brown (R-OA
e' the "dean" among nsaonal elections was to win the support who favored the late Sen. R .
leIslative representative in of independents and like-minded ert A. Taft for the 1952
Washingtn was feted this week Democrats with a dynamic and presidential nomination,
on his 70t birthday. forward-looking Drogram. yesterday "the people voted
Eisenhower declined to go into 1952) for a change and they 41
Hushing is the brother of John & detailed analysis of specific not feel that they got it."
Hushing, now retired who for factors in the GOOP setbacks. But Reporters asked Eisenhower .-
many yeass was U. S. Marthal he agreed with party National bout that.
for the Canal Zone. Chairman Leonard W. Hall that He replied that he thought the
The following item was carried the political climate would kind of change the American
in the current issue of the change before the 1954 Congres- people wanted was an orderly
Washington publication "La- s onal elections. and progressive process. He add.
br." In Tuesday's balloting, the ed that the people would get it.
Democrats swept the Republi- Eisenhower s h r u g g e d his
"For more than half those 70 cans from power in New Jersey shoulders when asked if he
years Hushing has been the by capturing the state House thought the Tuesday elections
AL's top bat tler, before on- and a traditionally Republican were a test of his personal pol
A u ommatierittbes e xon- seat r eom.ieo
greia committees aindxe- They also elected the mayor Republican Paul Troast was
cutt agencies, for the inter- of New York, the governor of roundly defeated by Democrat
S y wakers, and for the pair t Virginia and t e ppl t d GOP Robert B. Meyner forgovernor
it a the h atibeen comi ianmayors In several other cities in New Jersey. Democrat Hari-
f the legislative committee. Democrats a d the results son A. WilliamswontheSixth
edaon OffIcl and taff Iforeshtdoved Democratic victo- District seat over RepubUcan
Fedeation officials and staff ries in next year's Congressional George F. Hetfield.
asocla"tehaobserved the occasion races and the 1956 presidential
with a "happy birthday" party election. Republicans admitted The Republican Party made its
at AFLheadquaters -and they "we're in trouble" but said the best showing n traditionally.
proitdabig birthday cake tide would swing back to them Democratic. VD la when tho
with a.e trimmings, when. Eisenhower presents his Byrd organization worked ard
ylyknown on "Capitol program to Congress. to elect Thomas B. Stanley to
wn on "Capitol the governorship over Republi.
Hill," Hushing through the years The President agreed with this can Ted Dalton.
hB worked Labor Organizations sentiment. He said the admin- While Republicans generally
O legislation of concern to all tstratton's job now is to produce conceded they are in trouble.
labor. He hails from the Pattern a program that will convince the they felt they can mend their
'Makers' union, which he joined public of the Republicans' desire political fences b e 1 o r e next
back In 1910. to work for the common good. year's all out struggle for control
..- -.. ,. ... .. .-- of Congress.
I. -, The House line-up now Is 218
Republicans, 215 Democrats.I
inRepubliendent and one vacancy.

Sa s The vacancy in Calinforni a
I 24th District will be filled next
STuesday. A Democratic victory
S D riwould leave the GOP the min-
SAtne.mum maorit of utlookne in the
In Kansas City. former Presi-
had a little understanding and t never cae off.dent Truman said he Is a happy
maman wasn. He said e returns show
the people still believe In the
New Deal and Fair Deal policies
of the last 20 years.
Adlal E. Stevenson, 1952 Dem-
ocratic presidential candidate.

--as of today we are in trouble

tequads are alive and reported do~in well (Csmtinued em Page 6, C'L I)

I)PAINAMA MiIsC*H .-4 t fll

r.',A!.!A AMERtCAN
N'a Ne' s qtih "FD ev THE PANAMA AMEICD4 1 RC4 a. INC
su, *UN>, N ES. NELON ItqOUNsRVOLL m ,Ws
l 7 NM ar3 0 *O 34 **PANAMAN P
I- rae-s i 1 XPA%*M* NO I 0740o'5 -IL&I
* .OCAIkI Aanevs. PANAM"inICAN. PrN s "
OppS r Q:lt 7** C1 74ONT AI u *VrINUI a vTi- ahlbe. IhO Stalm
34 MaDnsoN AvE. NNW VoRK 1I o7 V.
090 MONTH IN OV4t a *I If0
ff ; MONTHS. IN ADVANCE e Ma 1301
Jl lf virgi ,M *DVANCs <* g0 S4 0


By Victor Rlesel

YOUR PORUM THE READERS OWN COLUMN Dr. Kunsey now haa some col-
petition iin the business of ex-
ploring feminine foill,p. Re-
bbA PA l searchers from labor's political
SIL 8 leagues have analyzed the voting
habits of the Americah fIemile
r r : o and haie discovered that the
hand which once merely rocked
I Thse Mail lox is an open forum for readers of The Panimn Ae- the cradle now la swinging local
Leto. Lters are received grae*fully and are handled in a wholly meof- and national elections.
ldK, tf meanor. The labor strategist, who this
:., t you catribt a letter don't be impatient t it doesn't appeer the week, ran through a rehearsal
sxt day. Letters e.m published Me the order received. for next year's country wfdu
Plse.ry to kep the letters limited to one page l.gifth. Congressional campaign knrw
S l' Ideltity *o letter writers held in strictest conddeince. they must win over iZlllon of
This newspaper asumes as responsibility for eratements as opinions women in '54 before they can
impressed in letters from r'eOers. win the Congress for the Demo-
o crats. And millions of theie
LOCAL RATE WAGE HIKES women are union members 3.-
ir: 500.000, in fact and wives ef
About two years ago the Panama Canal Company Govern union members. The -belief is
ment organization released to the local newspapers what It stat- most of them voted Republican
ed was to be a new policy governing periodic wage Increases to last year.
its Local Rate employes. Labor's researchers and poll-
According to the publication these wage Increases would be tical organizers, including an it-
granted administratively for steps "B," "C" and "D" of trade on tractive lady from Califoa'nia
a yearly basis. Steps "E" and "F" would be awarded only on re- named Father Murray, now re'-
commendation from heads of departments. alize that they lost thpli own
This policy, then. established automatic within-grade in- "working class" wives to MrI. El.-
ereases up to and including step "D" for all employes rated as enhower last time, and so lost
satisfactory after serving one year in a grade. the vast prestige they had in the
Following the tenor of the circular and the official press re- White House for 20 years.
lease from Balboa Heights, these administrative within-grade in- Esther Murray, whoha*l been a
creases would become effective on the first day of the quarter sort of rovlne India Edwards ior
following that in which the anniversary date of employment the CIO Political Action Con-
and/or upgrading occurred. mittee. has discovered that.
This new policy was hailed by the Local Raters and many of "There is no speech on record
t i M regressive supervisors and department heads, because it was given by General Eisenhower
considered an ,improvement on the outmoded "merit Increase" that doe3 not have some place in
thatwas undoubtedly without merit, in this day and age. it a specific appeal to women..,"
The system was expected to banish a host of inequities sur- Analysis of the Elsenbower
unding thew very vital function of granting periodic wage in- vote by experts reveals that
to deserving Local Rate employes of the United States more than half the total vote
government. for Ike was cast by women.
Since that policy was adopted, the Local Rate workers have And that 4.000,004 of his 5,0.-
seen looking forward to this administrative action, but it appears 000 vote majority were thrown
hat a snag has developed between the publication of this new him by nomen The distaff
policyy and the practice, side has had its say i local
... .elections, too. In New York,
S usi* of this snag there are'perhaps a a thind of. angered by dirty streets. crim-
hesfployes who are asking if the Pani 1a-aJ company Inal violence and unlit awe-
h d u Government .have forgotten about"ti p y4,d0pted; nues and a creaking school
SR.lch aniouflts to a contract both de fact and de jure -a with system, the women came out
he group of workers covered by It. In droves to vote in on other'
There is now; as is to be expected, considerable dissatisfac- wise very quiet primary day
SIon, grumbling, sulking and a general lowering of morale on balloting. They east the ma-
very activity where increases have become due under the terms Jority of votes. It was unheaud
if the published policy, of. I
There another factor that is contributing to -the general a
ad feeling..crehted by this peculiar situation. Some of-the super- Result of the Republican a- t
,VIsors are "rubbing it in" by telling the workers that e Gov- awarenesss of this feminine Influ- r
nor has pledged himself as their "friend," and that .f he did ence has been the unprecedented Z
ot ke heAhword It was "just their hard luck." .. number of appointments o
S,. women by Prident Elsenhower
;A to this; the persistent rumor that tllih' have He nahed one tilos cabinet, tWd
ladge4vup and killed the new system, becaut1st"t- ake too as ambassadotsSveral to vital u
uch their "power" away from them; and r. *I clearly Internattloalpeosts and 20 others
len wly the Local Raters are down in the mouth. to high Washington jobs. Th
The' ntive workers are not just a pack of morons; they know Now the labor leagues' strat- gs
ht the U. S. citizen wor:"-- hp.s betn getting his wage increases exists a' trying to eat i i on
jight alonn, ard tt'ey ,ntl to k ion, what has ha2pened to theirs. the 14t -eToes. To win, they. ,(
They are suffering from every economic evil, maze so than must t#.pi within a year.
the US citizen. For them there is no argument convince enough There ar least 1,50,ft:- gqt
to j t ky the cruel sl)ence which has descended on tim after more w v ilde t*o- vete hc
1 glowing talk of good neighborliness and democracy. Let's thRn n. And the, ei
IA trative action nowl b a a

ST" e- bil
i I i_ _* objectt S ar

Purthe rA t the 3,O0OQ, r
women who union members 'a
(ranging all t. way from steel. ar
TworArs tG'dpra stars, make U'al

AL UI memhibft. And they 'M

trad s tihe cliy centers. min
Presents: male voters in every major Ill.
dustrial center, in America.


Wm. ,A '




Labor News



- .pr


na r1 hooter -

By 805" RUARK

Having recently writn I book about Africa fo
Horn of the Huter." Yn "sx bmo d e
ilijng nicely, ~ad yL p I .
rally been undulW t u
actions, and havYW "' by ,.
enc6 of some of the
. th Of in
V Uting ." -%.
Altogh we wo country with ,.e, 1
A' the a for t ,
s91,0r pconoy b t, d. a INrkey for
baakbyving dinner; an are nation of shot4
u~l and fishermen, there s nothing,
My. ron% abeqo a'a who t

ook. It is an r14ht to trap , ad bern
ipehasve arc Aft out men r to rise
tti fr the ie er. ha nam ~t, orb 4th
But .ed a main. oV Afc .r ia.nI .wo
g-gms hunt and h- -ae ft sm
Id and vicious kilp, out to "slaughter God'a
eatures,"As thyi8illv 00-S.
A mink l on of C'a ad
a fish, and so is a man and a mltO
rattlesnake. oI sk'~' ..

ud k~ a noi `
~is 'the

. z-

* M

I. a.

or one prime ap cen of outaast male,
to be fniedth
hunter llk I

the s. api. L sta
M : *.
= A W mar

N an
Is wa

1 .4(j-*~.i~.' ~C I
b~l" mu:.. *


u~ ~



equipment with new system in the
projection of 3-D!

every girl
S min.theonams



TIVOLI Edward G. R,


obinson, in


erdng Philip!

ias the sta else!

,But reaching them and con-
Vincins them is not automati-
cally whe same. 'The lady may
prove stubborn. First, she has d
been Ignored until recently by
labor's political strategists Th-re
SOno women on the high corn-m
boards of- the AFL and
Cl There kers Unly one mpo
tant female vice-proufdem In Allh
a 175 major national and fp-
tdrntIonal Onions of the U.&
She's Gladys Dickson, vice-presi a
dent of the CIO's Amalgamated ;
Clothing Workers Union.
And even If there were more -
wome IIn high labor places,
they might have had little in-.
MlOee an working women andal
j' wives. The CIO
s e Must ladies "are
eMusrnaye by temperament
and wAl women vote, the'
n atral toaf ey is to support
the status un.'
=Dur this past national cam- M
palgn, CIQ's Bather Murray V
telephone scores of CIO mem- r
hers' wives on a Saturday morn- 1

Mrs. Murray congratulated
IIm for agistering to vote. She
0t1 them that the CIO recom- x
mended AdaI Stevenson. But a
a. 1Murra reported not so b
l 1ao, "Over and over i got
a: 'SteWveasn? Yes. I know S
my husband lkes Stevenson, but d

And one woaWan said to me:
ensVOMep Who is Stevenson?
! 1 te oer candidate for
president?' I
"Thisb was a CIO wife.",
And MEL. Mrray concluded,
p b Im &B p body otf o-
PiP 0g f lsto Amerca with
sfgfilaewa111-mhip and su(l-
dent-flnaaeig~ to go after the -


k mt bthik now*- 401
A redly aboot- tmen
h mouth, and taPs
I Itso 'nQobe tt ."t
riMi X 6 L iW a
aboutt "I only arme
%0&- camera" is a in th
t smttt'eomt to feed I
Uafeedo a ehoot- mertl
.i_ A animals epo
iM t e a are -t in
iftr g, .taor week& row,

?'Im ;-~


5, ~. --

* I' i

Town"') The ol
Kovae nesses t I
be ehbal ther car. U Lt
'kidnap- mL lar.. Ij
I'm .umt' trest~j f


usw~)he~W II


* A .. .
.~* :''

~r- CI~~

- :,

, .;'-'- ."

V .7







I 0.

w**bqw-"ftw __




- ,V

4' .


'. .
i T;

* ,-
** "

:- A

,-- -.

.0ou5z ,. cw, '

4i --. ..
4. MP) -j

. ". "'. I

-' \, re?

.ll.gB, SparT e aeno-.

*r Carnival ge&les later onr
-0 .


Canal Zone :iaW-B dance
natructors n t at td, _,
who are enjoyng a two-m
vacatlon in bthe ae ept-
ed to- return to the WlMUS on
Nov. 11 with a amsalr mar ball-
room dance reu iu l aba vria-
lons, according 'to iftiatoa
received here to-I. **
The new daneo routhm will
Include the "bump hop," which
was Introduced In the Untted
Sfitea about thrae months
anj hs proved y ptr.
Tie dance i nethgthe
drazillan congA In whch a line
Is termed aslowlng everybody to
get into the act.
During her stay in New Yorkg
vy. /arnett made a specs
study of the mambo under k
Cuban instructor. Repo. t sam
she will the Canal
Zone with a number of interest-
log variations ad the latest
know-how on the new double
S triple rmaabo
'The dance instuetors' apres-
'ons after visiting ballrooms In
New York Chicago and Michi-
Mn, is it Latin American
cea hax Increaned in 0
WPlarity, with the mombo as the
most popular.

Davis Sexton,
Dies At Corgas
Military ser*a.s"W be held
at Corozal Cemeter t0 o'clock
tor orrow morh -va Sex
thn; of Chorrera, d Tueo-
day mornine at.etBaptal.
He was a retired Amly bfat-
geant. Sgt. e ton ,ar
Ih the th33rd-ihn rvy aTr ort
Cloyton when. he was retired
frum Army services Jnuary
1941. He hai mad howr on
A- Iathaius sinceln.l retire-
He had been ill for a long time
and iad nen nt Pas capital al ce rly In Jul: .



. ._ .rf

44 -.

4 -
* ,~,
7.. *Y.. -~ -.








5Js~l Ad~



f. .ML.. 'u -.B
;_ ,, Tflt



36:30 P. M.

66 rti


,sACI %. 0

--ni W r

thon effort to
Into early Four-Power td ea M
Germany n An r offlo
sources ua tu
This possibility w being dl-
cussed b diplmac quartt*a
In view of a nww pote fran
the KremBn Ibdlcingd that
has no intention of agreelnK
to the allied call for a Iyt
Feur meear la LugAo, S l
zerland, next M~ iuas.
The United States, Britaki
and France propwedW the CeO-,
ference on Germany..ahn Aou-
,tria in a note Od. 18. after
. Reds had spu ed a prey-
lou, similar proposal.
Some high-level authorities
said they were disapolated at
the negative of Rtuusaa' new
note yesterday. In It they could
see no basis for bhoe that Mos-
cow will be willing for months
to come to enter any Impor-
tant negotiations to eae world
tensions. Tyu
These authorities think the recel

'U. -

is- o _oaser assaiated
with the ShelMd Steel

tl &aIs' ewi. maMoM

;I- 7

I- ..__ __._.


.ng.. .. w UN DA.n

n ..L

--Buy A 1953 PONTIAC Now

It wmi lfor you.! .


SYou will )Ifiod a better da




l.; f.

.-.-#: : :..._:,..:,
A.., J -

f *," .
., ^ *' 4
i?^.^-4 p*^iS^ --

i'. my

.. w41

L w

I -e

.ALIbI ~



I --- --



_ L j. **< .-.

m ,,


'k r.-v



. "I'
* ,y-

.[Writtem far NSA Service

4 J 7t
'44 47
4KQ1to5 417(2

mothaM"hL %
Wagt Seb WesWe Nds
aw 1 DoeuMbe 3
O Paime sad-m
peeiaa t6.. 4 K


Fight Wi- Sal ety

In Wesd e

Amerlc today
three Cecha who t Ieouht their
way throu Mlrs Goany
fromb11 Ceclo ato Test
Berlin In a -28 day fun battle
in which two of heir com-
rades were beMav, killed or
captured will be given political
The Czech4 armed only with
three revolvers and a total of
52 bullets, kUe at leant
four Comnunu l police in five
gun battle. O -f them ar-
rived In W t.^rln wiUhbul-
lets in his st-j;c; jnd hand.

Only three of the five
C zacha who set out from
Oct. 3. E 6t to West
Berlin Sunday. Oae -was last
seen bleeding lrmp bullet
wounds after. 1 g~f* ht with
part of the 15,905-man Com-
munist force ordered to round
them up.

* -Some of the patients at the Another diaASppaed after a
Army's Let:erman General Hos- gun fight at a railway station
": btak.-have evinced a lively in- near Cottbus in which four
'' erest In learning to play con- Communist police we klldi.
"" tratt bridge," writes Robert P.
Wilson, of Ean Francisco. "Un- The Ceechs are Zcirad Masin
der the auspices of the American 23, and his brother J0oef, 21,
Rd Cross, 1 have volunteered who identlfied. theMselves as
San am now engaged in giving the sons -of Cxech 0 e n e r a l
them one icsson a week. Masin, executed by- the. Nazis
',The accompanying hand as a resistknce leadr.
Sdea* and ,.ayed by four young
.w4. ded oidcers, while perldapaThe thrit C~ s I loslav
i, aiy.of routine interest, does Baumer, '.Emiter waA hos-
ahOW that they are progressing Ditallzed .~In dWeht Berlin hos-
either well for beginners. pital in snerous condition with
"Litotnamit Webb, playing bullet wounds in his stomach
.... the south lr.nd won the opening and righb band.
a, d of tho .king of clubs. with
le ae and drew two rounds of CL Af LM
trumps. Then he out West In by L I ASKS
leading his remaining club. This
#s!-ured the contract.
.. IfWest Ierd a major suit, Pai TO
S. declare would make the king of *
As i, tat suit And could afford to H ahh U Ji
-a*we up two tricks in the mejor y WW N W
S- S West led a third club, dummy
o*,. euld ruff while declared got rid LONDON, Vyov. .$Y-'-ueen
of a heart 'or South could ruff Ellubetb ask W rlta riint yes-
wbhle dummy threw a spade'. In terday to naqn the Duke of E-
san case, South was sure to dinburgh, her husband, regent in
mrikes his rmtract." 'lace of her sister Princss Mar-
g aret.
%'eiy Interesting indeed My In a message to Pllament
ct'ngratulaions to Lieutenant Ithe Queen re nded a1
Webb for ai l-fine play. Also to hat t consider a dc g her m-
Lieutenant Brown, tbe North their. Queen Elizabeth. a mem-:
*- player, for a well-timed jump to her of the council of tate.
th,'ee diamonds. me
Ta' i soft u jumn bid, over the If the Duke is made Regent.
i t-akout. double, -does. not show as is expected, he would rule,,
*tebk 8stengn., as all experienced for five-yearid 4Prnce Charles,,
iro tdayers know. A player who has heir to the thro0. n the event
a u lood hand can aliord to that the Queen diel or became
tredoubie .'t. and await dev- otherwise incapacitated.
*' lopments. Any bid. other than a'
redouble ins herelore an admis- The council of state, to which
a10on hat ce e-hand Is not good the Queen wants her mother
enough for a redouble. named, carries out Royal fune-
tions while a soverelt Is out-
S'Ten th( ugh ast and West side the country.

bth -ow -that the raise to
that. 4 .mlOq aIs pre-emptive,
neither cn Quit.. afford to step
into the kucion. East can hardly
raovia With onlv one queen and!
only moderately good distribu-
tloji. West cannot quite afford a
Wsqond takeout double, largely
bcaue j& apade response might;
g' im IWto a bad contract.
.'. a -.J1 East anld Wst had been al-
. lww ed to explore th-ir values
** w : tr value,. (ih might have
fdand their cluh lit: They can I
A- make four clubs quite easily,
winch is much better ,t42n al-
Slo.:-ng ad.South to make
*. t:ree diamond '


Nov. 7th


--- -----

W, w*

---------- ~_~


Grat Wite Flet




I IWath VndS:
4 Clock jart 4I M9tua-
I lThneoatb he @
year "1) 1u-y _U
12 Hour after US "m wside
twelve *%m*& ,
13 Century plant WNWd
'14 Persian cola VUft
15ShoshodesmJ SRtaWt,
Indian oveKU
IIildaces Iiamw. I-see
Within agae
18 Turns ho
20 Out of date IT?
21PoIva -Ae efi
D pronoun' i3
22 KindofIcheeMmesur 4
24 Sacred image Mien
26 Revise
27 Three e(pefx
JO Nine day -
32 Swerved
34 Believe
35 Landed -
3s Chickeb r
37 Birds' beaks
39 Handle
40 Good (pteSf)
41 HarvsL
goddess. .
42 Apportion
45 Unknit
49 Child's story.
51 Hail!
52 So be It!
53 Roman road '
54 Beverage*
55 Destroy
56 Birds home -
57 Sea eagle -
flower r--

... :. W
".*'* ^ ; ", ," ",.. .'
., ___., .. ..

. .. -
; k '

.S. AQU ......................... .

*s.s. TAW ...... .:.... .......... .. .
.S. P ......... ..........

ue*am Mamt a.c.l'.e' a a

* r~A~~( ~
5Uaq~.z. ~:* *rj -,


.. ARTA" ................... .... ..
To f ie wk ........ ... ..,.

C4 ,* --

.... *. i .'

*-p",L 21 P._S~


smu.min~.. h:a% Li. ii. ~

I* ,i" :.

OI F WAd_. rwAT F .
im1 WOB .F.gai BCICA* so

JABCAl9 6pO'


* .. ,-

I^BB~iifi.j^^^ ~ttj2

"OT. OM~
"A. =me

fe AsiN


- "



~'~LsVIb. -


sr 'as, Af r PI


L ;

25 Frech artist 40
26 Consumed 43
27 Interpret 43 luhist
2N Soaks.lax prigmt
20 Notion 44Jol odl
31 our score 4
and t years
33 Warehouse 47 Always
38 Scold U e4
4 0 Carried soU



- .


- -- ,I



M -? -*(.;.ik -, .A;'' r

"'y k AND M
.... .l .

.1'2 j1^

S* .

: ~-:"~ '-b~-

a.- '


I nr r

r 't a b

a Into the ravy. sluaer a-
F hot. tAFAMUt.

tr to

i-F, <.

I -PQ~

164^ y.l fWlu i-said I of
01Ut e n 'sw 1VowB they .ve-

ext fat f
jrM fi

thu e rv-e4 ov "fthe betwco
Smore than se m im c n -

e and bottom mal production-ana n Ohio.

.~ -.


*, r

- ''



O ICIA IM Mta a t o
5oM mi* t< ii a u t th m gm to T N bomber a
themusad gia.# at a meaA st taeOOstmp Tea M
T he hgueg fi ses ffUim sa Canal Zralled Mer- ]
2ugt hgas" Isw.a& o".

Lulpiakar I Tn fe
The traditional stag Bedtsteak
Dinner which was held at the
Strangers Club Maes evening
on the eve at
mary of the of
PanDtna. was fi .-
bntthin for the at b
with IC memn
Mr., cs-
chairman of thaW chibm
praeded In the ameane et Mr.
WVlani M AdeZai.e aa. Mr.
Manuel 3. Ca Ml. CoaneIl of
UMlti, served tast-madLer.



Solo Offlenr Chib Sunday eve-
and Mrs. O'llayer will
leave Sunday for CalMtera,
where they will realsde.
Min Gtaham Aiera ler TM t
Miss Ja&mt *nmu arrived
Tuesday m Wamtetmn, D.C.,
for an eteo d vbi&t with her
parents, ter. and nrs. J. W. L.
Graham atof Gatun.
r. and Mm. Delam
To Reslde is New York
Air. and Mrs. A G. Deiis. *
Brao Beite, ane leaving an
member 17 to reside In Mow
York City.
Mr. Deias has been stationed
In Cristobal ans aager of Pan-
ama Agencie Co. Be Is being
arfjrerreod o the New Yark of-

Teei-Age DaMSe at
The BIkm Club Is oiame
another of the pipOlar Teen-
Danies at their C0 at B
o0 the fob oa
Teea-agers are o rdhy bW
to attend.
Parents of the seto
also invited to attend Ud a
as 'chaperons, with W a
members and eomnmtte chi

Liat. and Mrs. Beekeat, Jr.
Annoutee IIit Wl em
Lt. and Mns. BertrsX. B
out, Jr. anuh-uner bte arr vd
their firt child, fa aon at
Colon Hospltal ON INovember
The baby asbee b .an Id JI
Mrs. Bookout is the fori
MUI Nany Glider, daughter
Dr. and
andparents are Mr. an
rta r4 Bookeout, ar.,of Qa4
Costa Riem.
, Lt. Bookout le at pro-nt
Installatie Mer Datet at
StAnagars CIlub
The Fort Davi N.0.. WI
Club held their semi-ann
dinner dance for lthe ntallat
of officers at th x taea C
with aSgt. de C. Quy IM
tar of caenuuimle. After pale
tlu *a ineMlu and r=t.
officers with oagem garge,
Ouy praeated corsage- to
other muubta and boutonilW
to the sntamen.
The incoming officers w
president. Mrs. Guy; vice-pro
dent, Mrs Lastinger; Treasu
Mrs. St. Jon apd secret
Mrs. FpfaMn.

Lt. Cauanander and 3
James eWr fat"Pmel4I
mad ra& W. X. ayp%;
a *iuforttala t uni at thE p


'l t *" r, "




.3 WI~


S' l m -* -c "

S ,ttiae k8ialb ., adnd ~.d
SIagilway t wlike -
,'rblded wit. '

-, ,'- *._'- .


I -.

* .1~
,~ I

*- i#-
V -^ A "

!"j~ ~

rj ,i t^B
am.- r ^r

,, *. ..W .Y *.,

Lmseles green pep eao o 014 eemm1e3
r..' --- 1 j h me s *. weedsild .

: *q; -I. -I s -*
, '^._, M W I ~ t M' Z J ^ & ..
,!': *,,+,... ,i i.+ ^ -..: t^ T-"Bi Ui1


I= -- MAIL MUfadaa sam pe er YlRftW
Annessee birth at Danghter theS n .
are Lt. and Mrs. MltoWn Wll n _____
Skannounce the birth of a daugh-
S teor on October 31 in Cohimusj.
r. Georgia. The baby has beenRU
named Gayle laa .
Mrs. Wflti b the former Miss
Gloriaor Bafeld. The material If ye mot Jane I tesi
rept k ae nMr. and Mrs. never haove I bte 1oUIlan
JuUmp sonelehd, formerly of her a Ile tlee, torl
ok. Gatun. Me.
l of Lt. Wilson I stationed at Fort JAas OR 1iw
the 3ennlmn, Georla. yu1'a*.y0 i J
. o3. .,.a
ahn Mr. and UM. from
Retaa wrem Vattmd toS I O M
r of mend, oft rftas Heighlfts, rI- orf2,* -
p( turned Tuedey lm vacation ," WIUF^q Ii
Mal et with relativeaa **_ is o 87

The Literature G ouf ot th l *
Caribbean College l met at p s Ep
the home of Mrs. Wa& Rui=- *- S-
MB inr, Monday evening li title more $b" m-
jal "The Pleasl" the Pualltse pria the a" iv.
ion play by Robert Ine Was dinscu t t
e d. Ms. Vtio an Mr d Mr. me"tr i .ow

After the busteirt e tgr e darn .sh m
mfrerhmentshe wrvedW by tie onri Mb*T

e.- Private amd M. George F-
rer r*es announce the birth of a
Daughter at the Cp Polk
ember T'Le bAt, has bee ano euwan -'
naialWW Maria

left bypt today far a latt a yo"
with hBr thter and sea-Li- kbO hat ,r.
law, Is t Mrs. Jamaes Per a fto a wu 'a
nande of la, Texas, who wa to
eiepft a for er ahsel than i
SN h.te ar and a Ase -
lchfw, Mrs. iatherine Thi'sp nee for a
ii lTuTeday tato go go
h uis agned hi fsv3 to
palta the Canal zone yto 'A.ia bra
-- --------) ---90








IF w'"


,I^^l il "?_ _^^^^ -WM^^i -^^^^ ."^^^^ '+ +^^ I ^^^ -^^^
...j .' .,


hn, all iaii.

st a

,- ..*..,

% :~_3


-A. A -3


q-.t a Jr..,.



* I

' "' .>
'^ ," -_..-

,. a, .


Sll' em... When You Telf- thru P.A, Cla.
Leave your Ad with one of our Agents or our office hie No. 57 "H" Stri-- Pana

. No. 4 TitoU AT .-Phoe 1-3291. and

No. 12,179 Central Avm. Colon
Via spaa N o. 34 m .. '
(DlaVb" b Iow

Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441


iin~ Ip~~.

l ~e *.'m. '.
,~~~ ~~ ...i *,*

10,069 MeIlnds Lye hine I ..
'd + "-- .. ". rf* "-
il de Pub-cacio s. ,,
.. 9 -,. ,.. .
,- : a ..1

I* _______________________ I

SHousehold Antomobai
F 'SALE:---Gen.ra Electric refrio- FOR SALE :-) 947 4 Door Oldsmo-
ior purchase new May $300, bile Sedon, Hydramotic drive, olev-
kacrfiing dit -$220. Phone Albrook I ng Isthmus, must sacrifice, $350
2247. inspection at Calle Darien cash. Phone Albrook 6291 or 3166.
No. 5, Apt. 3, Panama. 1FOR SALE:--1951 Ford Custom two
FOR .SALE: Very clean mattress door sedon. Fordomotic drive. Good
lfr double bed. Zenith shortwave condition. 1426-C, Carr St. Balboa,
portable radio. 168 Via Porros Tel. 2-3583.
Apt. FOR SALE:-1952 Chevrolet 4 Door
FOR, SALE--Westinghouse refrioer- Sedon. De Luxe niodel for $1,550.
#tor 9 cu ft. 25 cycle. Good con- Can be financed iW you have one
"ion. $125.00. 2517-B, Sago third cash. Phone 74. '
A1.i.eru, Cocol. r FOR SALE:-1941 Oldsmobile Club
FO ALE--25 tcle Westinghouse Coupe. Good condition. Radio.
rij4jgwotor, 9'cu. ft. $100.00. Phone 4-355 or 203-C, Pedro Mi-
roIeoorigy dining table, six chairs. guel,
$ic0.0. Mutt sell. 1550-C.,Govi- FRD A EI
lon,.anytimf, Robinson. FO A
FOR" SALE:-25, cycle G. E. wash- .
i E machine. Good condition. Apt. Boats & m tor
*7 3.Lumrit Rddio Station.- FOR SALE:-0tboord motor, 2 1/2
"* ^ im ^i=I 1H. P.. Johnson. Operated only 50
S PER USONALS hours and never It solt water,
S N' ----.- $100. Phone Gomboo 274.
YOAi der who saw auto acL- W ANTED
; *4A, dS fWlhit of Union Church, B 0I-
S cwhehm ny Wq struck 'wmn-'d MiSCellaneo
; cra isWlkra. y er enoingbou't 6:15.
Cr mie; H- L" Clorke at Bel oo WANTED: Hoame for kittens. 7
Y. A. weeks pld. Tel. 3-1648, Panama.
GbOEE1-. BARS, JR.. H. E. Human,
Mr n Hinlth Service. Cor- BackI Of Ike's
S EehAJtustpneit- ef Body Strac- e --o ..
Europeqn Techniques, 75 (CoDtRIned from PA 3,)

t~i! siomee I W,-1 T I elephone ae.--,.. m..Syp-

S '' d "Waer,"
t LWk. wbte. Pon. on. the C"n.pa0a
m" gheay. Telephone 3-20W. Re-
Le .r retain oa ;
f watith tlict dark silvew.ef. y, fur

'w-, ,:" *- ..

tg Hsband

' T|D Olen0e',. depOxiit
Act h IVt;.R
walked out on hio d. i-
'.eymoon.. a.ttempte

t arges oni_ ut .thl

5A rinf' or asn-
i.. hqr y marriage
a normal

Euf tgess telephoned
*iu zsl ig and left
jib he could "not sta,4d
"of MIss RAnd9W
whto o ur
ement of an ap q~0

I Randall, 26, Xnr ugeB
to Las Vegat, Ne.. Se'..
Sa quick courtshp. He.
+. ythe a itres for hS0,-
.l'dlmages and, a* u ait fr

A: Mitchell said election rosulte
clearly showed "the. tried back
to the Democratic party which
was, evidence last Amo n th In
Republicans scored ftr upset
victory over the powerful Ck.
County -(Chicago) lDemocratic
machine in a judicial election' to
give the GOP one of Its f'.w bil-
lot-day bright spots.-, .
Retrnm from record tde,-of
votes.gave RepublicansM' -seven ot
S13 contested seats on -the co u-
ty's SqperCor uourt benb, to aWx
for the Democrat& .: ,
in ;addition, the P won
sngle contted seat in the Oir-
cuit Court,
incumbent candidates for 1
other' Superior Court eaten won
handily: The included 11, Dem-
ocratl and five Republians..
It was the first time, i yars
that the judicial election was

as At aow to), the Democ rati
county rnacy b o
s* tboand taL temaemrl.e a, 4
isPB Cler, id .the OT.
nemd will'
oraso. In the e rc
poltiol pulaeetakln before e
dea hio thatn
eek, giving particular attention

Re Norr opison, Wo 3,
eltd mayor ot the city earned

heisiiand h.'is convinced as
result that Arnold has a "very
go9d choince" IJZ Poulan's for-
er district irk Tu'sday's four-
manR race The Republicans "are
Arnold Is the son of Thurmn
Arnold. former chief of the Jua.
Moe Department's anUt-monopov
division and Is the son-in-law of
columnist Drew Pearso".
the other candidates are two,
Republican state assemblyman,
Olennard Lipscomb and John L,
iB Collier, and 'another Demd-
Meanwhile, e a Republican Con-
gressman toldil ls omustltuents
today the t ey way to get rid
ofA (nlecety fo1, cItefUture Ju.
cra T e) e Presidet
wats h;i cInto. etrid of tof
Republican state mlyn."

North Dak0orta fa ea s xould not

worry about Boq.o.'a "'et
des beciaui ha can't carry out'
lroposl wlthput the consent

B urdick Wrote that Benson is
Only an adviser to President Eta-
-enhower and 'so far there is no
roof that Beos0n is saying any-,
1 an pveyt ved by the Presa
I Bvi The preu ,ina ritabin aso
e)IeaW h- PrpmFrce read into Tueilday'sa Dem-
4o help solve boundary ocratic election victories in tne
iMe along the Ieu bor-* Uni Stea;t -a decline in Pres-
Mrl try den%.t we s opularlty.
Switch 't,d-'e' eb letom tetck for JsLsen-
n 4 6 ai1e iate a"r a e twr," s t .the' banner head-
0 sin to the tibl 4 Mid- line in the mase-cIlculation Par-
die East. Is France-folr.
The Ldon Evening StandardI
S decrlbd the- votes as "an un-'
pleasant anniversary for Preen-
eartlal Paytisadent ilsembower,"
PIance-SoIr. In a dispatch
SSfrom itst. ew York corrspon-
a U t. dni l iaLd "the ounm t shows that
Slot Akm two th voters state of mind nas
tf esNJamii p. chaZMWt a- lot since the victory
said he of th Republicsna under Elsen-
S e a laut year."
ll Te conservative aftermism
i FPM. i a *1=u said: -After only 10
S of Republisa goveras
-ii i, m Mlgnhower's party ta,
ll j g1 d -1artgW to low the position con- d
Mig P"t *f gtb personal populaU-


Wr201 AelO Aa, lei
2011 L- A .

DR. WENOEHAKE. Medlci Clinic
Central Avenue "K'V 'tret.;
Corner telephone 2-3479, ParIown.

REPAIR refinish bomboo fur lt
guaranteed work, in front. 1
boa Beer Garden. "Jhit0;..'
ENJOY 2 Weeks in JAMAKt
Including Christme *ed New
Leave Panama Dic. 3 -. RN
JE. 6.
4-Ein9h. Do Luxe AMe"It"
Assistance given i ieaiMIeg
travel d4*umeMs
(Sponsored by It4l0mie Pie
Tours Assn., which men f A
cursion to Jamaica lat Mlay."
Contact: Cecil ("Csio") Wg
'Pkones, Panaman OHie: 2.4
Res. 3-2093 P. 0. 1401

Miscelnaeeu '

FOR SALE:-Thoroughbrit dasks
hund puppies. Telephone 2-441 ;
or house 5723-B, Noble Placm.Dloa
Position Offered
WANTED-Competent EngiBeh-po,.
ish secretary. Must take dictation,.
Apply 10- al a. m. Nov. 6'PEM+
CO,' S. A. Central AvetA 12. Ri.
ferences required. .

Help Wanted
WANTED;--Sood cook, houkeep-
er, child care, live in. 2712-A' Co*
coli, after 5 pI~ m

WE BUY Our ud arjglmtoW and
give you a CROSLEY. Coul .. ot
CIA. CYRNOS. Telephone a-173
"Avenrda Nactinal/,' nor Tivoli,
WANTED T BUY: Meat. Bond
sow. Coil telephone 3-4755. '

Horacio McLeon,
Vetero ., Firem -o,
Dies Sud enly ,
Horaclo 1. Itceah, a veter
Panama City frean witan w

foh y-estday afternoon
follow a ar t ck. He was
45 y ars old0, a e
A f*rpnaW burJal has been
i r arrow, "at. the

p. .station,
wh al'-rvce will be
S a4 -Thefunierl
w t e fire sta-

'1 C "11t s'wrvived by his
daaughters. Olatt afi Delfina; his
somn, Horgelo Jr,. Eduardo, Gil-
bIrto, Xaerman and Carlos; his
.brothliakeuskand Edward Mc-
L'aana h itst er, Lucetta.

Ca6 LBe s ent

t0 us
Oftsl w1hi 4. do rnot exceed
$10.00 i, 4 ald can now be ie-
VW':aperson in ith e
A ftltllM at A a person in a
foegn county ree of duty an-
ootdl o aM amendment to the
Simpltflcat4on Act of
Became effective
4petf 1953,.
Christnas lfts or any bona
fide gl* tro person in a for-
at1h unt. be affected by
.this .which stipulates that
'te total value; of such articles
reeved by ane person on on2
ay does not exceed $10.00.
P'o Andlag gifts will still
eO *.Md'udto attach the usual
SDecAration tag or
l Seem'p 1ft Certificate to
Is 4Wpt to the United
I R i the mails re-

'Thwe ameAdment was publish-
ed In the 'F*ederal Register" of
r 9 ad states In full:
li tepass free of
.k 1 revenue tax.
preparation of
an any artle.sent as a
bea it a person in
a b.. et ntry to a person In
d tates provided the
~acflfrvsu T such articles
rec Ed =y o fe person on one
JA._ ..- d.. i-hj.i ---A~ OIA AA U


Gramlich Santo Clara BeQch
eIctric refriatipn, ,
.moderate rof1 Phone & r
,456", ,
Hor on b.ocKt. 'Senwo *,+

or eW.arctakw the**. i '

.~ -,,.

1 .4'.

- Sate Clarem. ose b
A l Ph one S
. 6a' 3-SS O I *b
near 0 e lbo 3=5 a


Pt RENT:--Cholst, i '
be room wn -0
bathr : l' Oe: ..1. ,,

frencodn,low a r nqavnnd
'bus slop. Prire $ da^ly j-
Beisario Ports. Avenue N. 1'

ATTINTION 6 I. Ju.t b"i a,$6trn
furnished r-40 1t0 :' "' w h*.
*edrooms, 4hot.. eeld Fefr II
ephon. Paner ,r..4S,. 4!-:'

F&R RENTi--Furnli;W -. 2
bedroom6. livid. m o
and porch tvo HON4 '.
0flt 2a. Alt


FOft -RENT:-Apostmt' a-a
orefo, 23 bifronu, I
roo .. porch, I. i m
dry-riiorm, maoid's'. .b ..1 "
both. hot water. a'For 6,rt,' "
FO. RNTr,-Tw. o *...
apartment with p I.A' '
* co"pleO. ** *" -
end Mel .

St. W et.-.P : ."P .I" .-. ,

FO!C REND r" a

Tei pho ne 84 'i.. ..
4FO3 RENT. u e t

FOr i ea**
**rtelt't ; MJ~iiM M-^

FOR 'RENW.-Aie room piv qf#
entroar ie privet o bath. 44ti
StL 3-1648. .,

FOR~RENT:-Pwtnih room FPrlid'|
ore N L7.,.4th of July A'nue.]I

Tritity M th dIt
Church To Vbwpr'
RP JuIPe Sundi y

night comilBtceg e
Participateng in -
will be 'olon Gov..
Go.alOW WeOd D,

tiunlty are expected to proep
ent. -
The an atin?
series w coaduel 9:ort
by C. O e, w It
School at -3,
At B 1 "Is bly, .*.

of ComNa13At '*

- -

-" '." I. : '-", +- .* .S ^S

*1. /~ .t

I <','i I II['" i :: f +'+' *'^ 'r tt

*p I, .I I I ** H

;., *-.: t.. .: ,.-.. '; H,

', lo+. ? ,.+

: *.. ." l
'. ,. : ,: *.

, _; ,



lv.. '.5
5., I



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;. ',.'!*


W JwnS,


~~bts Sukid.

a4 -

+44' .

_ ,.,; T ,

a a
'.- -'P
A. ~


." ;, + .. i r =, ., |



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.1 I I I

' I`




- i -- 4 Ymi 1! ;. At q 1,01 i A




, -,. .-r C .-_



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* ~-


9I c -


It iNS' &

.: s. ...

,- *
T ~ ~ ~ ~ .. a ..'... 0 ***



rq~; 0


n I ( -.... ..> .... ..

? uigz BaseblilR
+ean in l + "l i1
f& mijre fly- RU For

theI& LBued ith

P-ses LuckiW Moi

,^bS S R-tO* Chu*m tofWC eker D
JAbl w tee W hav 1'oa

4*; P


4R1scOn 0.54

a ]wr 4WU 1
not recelt
.t virgin
IL -.

-'!, lA,
. +..<'fB'


,11 9F

Iwt m



If pm wahsup wiha
'ache sad a
doe's IeN k ga
Aita-Ugltmeru iM
able er ewelI
ON a a
ehu* eah ea
ada a
my~ Ke W .
A -kimhe
Turn dlsead


. .-
p ., -1

- ",*


# at.
~ ~Is
S a1~,,., ~




:'.,.* ," t / I
-. -. ,.


Ii .

NY Woman Drops Bulldogs Cho.., .

Assault Chirge Unbeaten StrBo..

Against Tur Di With th olocal footbAll seAson th.e -, .
I. into home stretch, to- ea-
nighn footan game betweenI u ed. *
--- the Buld and the A. C. Rams Each te h .Ua
NEW YORK, Nov. 5 (UP) will give fans the last look at alina n
A 24-year-old_ wean who the Ram on the Pacific Side, and
S omplain d that and the alti feIal look see at d m tr
wlht boxer the Bulldogs. Kickoff is 7 m.
punched and kicked her s89- laO the bor office and g tAt f a
eral occasions durtg the past the Stadium will be open at 4 bMat gns or
few weeks withdrew a assault .- m. fr-
cre st ers- Balboa will be favored to win 0P e'ttil
terday. this game and, thus extend their
Immediately ftr the ha undefeated string to 13 1stht _
edi*as dr d b e a gaae Jimmy May, perhaps the o avidson 1
asail for me bead le M r1est 0oot allplayer to be pro- It Ti sae 170
Turpla rushed fro eourt to duced locally, will spearhead TO 2Ib
Queen Mary. the high school attack, with able I r,
Miss Daniels, who had charged aaslstants from Bruce Orvis, Jack 0 B
Turpin cuffed her btound while Corigan, Larry Keene, Bill 75 4l T tn 1? ;
training for his. reent ln-fated Oruae, and 1 MartIl. Martin 4 Cpt Q i 180
o encounter with Amsrla boer who bad been WWA almost ex. 73akzlB 14
B obo Olson, withIdw thedo- dz I vely on oefenu this Ar, Nil
S plaint during a two-bour closed looked very effective offeinvYe 1 l rtw 161 *tvm'
session in the chamber of Ma- against Crl3tobal, and ls probI n L WBe5W 158
gistrate Louis Fueo. aoly a cinch tom adre tall .
carrying actionin thi ame. .a -
The Rams will counter' this P
iku Mi _grcup of backs with a setof boy A 150
Mickey that hve to take a back seat to 17 rdIr 16
none at all. Headed by Bernice 1
SHe-ring at ullback, and flanked 3 0
Knee Operation ,.bys,, ,, I Y
**blred -1y-itolefboyslikN o %
h tlJ c Th a group can be e I 4 M in ,
--__ e; t Cnol t',, y. ,aiS iS 110 ..+m r :
Said Successful a: jn
8111 UoCIs f ar will. t.,w+,l nilf? ...,M

stores -" l

Victory, r- kne e lder la anhS
S Mantle was hurt deN the 11 uM ork 1 aI .Al .1.
w1954 i and 1g.M NeImt gCr. This m-ll
t S^troublel To a qo. m a T .
the operating tae whisas to ya-

ate. kn rMtekee. aancey- wi be amtle womanet Wg 'tosgrN
will reud n operation in 'br s g~s-hi
M Ick "ean thro14h It fine." il ayl Do i "..-
kal was. Td tke o Mffi i aMltd fora 1W, h .- IdaI. o
e pect he'll be cp ,ete, b. The h edmegt. lm, n ~ A-. -

e w recovered thee time erlnge Tlimen the a .clh," saa pies #
.old MTe w me a* I WA

recovered y. Nori s. 2% e *;e tbe0mMA

*A: ., ',


n **--,, .', d.

DeFend I

41" -. ,.

"IU "Let the people know thi truth ai the country Is safe AbrahM

'McCarthy Extracts Confel

(NEA Telephoib)
NOT NOW- Queen Frederika f Plf rm
ot rc,!ce ;ooks as though she's
t a" e..Of Stoien'Sky Platfo Ml r
ab,,ut to take a drihk of the. ..
chocolate soda that she was WASHINGTON, Nov. 5 (VP) early study stage a. are still Soenst Subeomlttee. ofud b."
! series during a luncheon given Defense department officials years away from dee ent to answer quetlose abett
by Weahlnsion .*wsm"n.. Ho1 said today that man-made earth They made the comunnt on eommund n 4 e3 eaplege.
ev..r, the Queen aidn t drink it satellites the lowest form of the heels of a report that con- "eladiml *At sch seb rawa.
She explained, Ilt's better to space ships remain In the evicted spy David reOtnla had might tendae ilnrimIndte Bl
dri,; private." discussed before the efiate Per- MeCartliy'i s,.
*. .,\ manent Investigating abcom. The profear adde4 that Har
mittee the theft ofa14-d. ad "sky vardl'snew peidentd Nthan A.
platform plans't by. the R' n- Puse, had-'vr asked whether
berg spy ring. Chal tR J a I I was a om*uet.' Heo refused
R. McCarthy (R-WI.b out to say whether he had Indotrin- he ha
the report on the O a' ated his tudentsa with Co mmun- Tech t
testimony in the New York yes. ita ideas, McCartmy asd. N.Y.,
terday. Thle.senptr sad wprofes- pi so
The "sky platform" involved sor tedtifle heIs et a Con- Re
was said to be an earth sattite unist now, but he woualdnot be
vehicle intended to be suspended say whetber;be was one before pan
In space as part of Amebrlea'sde..Mareh 1, 319. w
Ltense system. Another witnas was Abraham a-
The first, and l Ut, of fl a Brottman, revealed t have ob- ducti) h
evidence of evidemee of d1 e i tained a job with a .zonpany mont.
department conddt .....ern l
vebliles came from a Lert of
the late Secret&hMy James. V.
Forestal in 1948.
H said "the earth satellite ve-
hicle program" had been as-
signed to the department's guld
ed misales committee.
A defense official sajd that,
with today's rocket ftelp, if a
vehicle were to be the. le iof a
man's finger by the tunie it.ot
into the earth's orbit, It; Would
have to be launched by a boostbr
rocket the size of a ral oa e.
Meanwhile McCarthy t=
said it is inconceivablen" that
Canada would not i.,
slonal investigators to qutin
.. ,., Igor GOdaenko former Rtlia
*O ,I&PRI pm iuy Fretderika bbws to ArohbI1bop U~ 4dur- embassy employee In Ottawa wlho
Ian a cha i h service at the Hellenic Cathedral it the Holy eri- uncovered a SBoviet apy ring'in
win NeW York. King Paul of. Greece and his p.the 1940.
United States on a vist Inform sources, aid the
.., government Ife-
,maroy rejected the idea o
gorunds Mat Gousenle had n
new evidence:.
Formed soured s et
Stale D partnent lntere bdd 4WAuuz.uMM 2
with the Canadian government AI9
in an effort to clear the way forthh%, -
the congressional investIgatoms
rejection was expected withineanIL

-'s i
* *,_J

;; ,.i-, ,.^ -r -' ,":""
,-. '.. ,*.fj .S "-

t. l **.'

1 ~ .~,


r l

douszeko walked out of his
job as a cipher clerk In the Sb-
viet' EmbEassy in Ottawa in 1946'
mnd gave Canadian officials full
detailss of a Soviet spy ring oper-
ating in the United States, Brit ,
id 'and Canada. A- n
Since then he has been living N NO. (I
a secluded life in Canada. The an1 or .
information supplied by Gousen- called, G Qf erge C. V I
k led to the conviction of Dr. on of le d st and anuta.
at Nunn May, British scientist. dleIt9 iervts of..
for disclosing atomic secrets, and tl-,e.
eventually fU.S. atomic spies Mr. i er made the r
Julis and thel Rosenberg. mark at- hli news cou" au
MeCarthy also reported a yelswjXy.
_avrd University prefe-ssor On...e..(
w"4 once engaiedin radar re- said:Cen that his m
Ssealirch e the government re-. astwwl th
fused to tell Senate invegtlg- M hO rUed a a lont xor.
'- LTltors today whether he slpped ltoRt whie. etarTO dn ate h,
OR K 0O RO.IA TY -- Paul waves as Freerika U. S. radar secrets to the Clm. notl~. aged.."
s n-e up at watcher' fromoffice windows in lower New York munlsts. lk was.a'com n
lCjt. The city held A:gala. tcker-tape parade in honor ofthe McCarthy said the professor, M haBl. who .wa ti N
S6yal couple. whom he did not 14entily, work- 1'i11t fre d
.'' -' ed on radar research e oi th .
gfa Wanl government a th ua lent at the Mach t.tTter d A h

Never Heard Of Italian Haircut car y said, thmploe re ofe r rh4HS IE
,y the Signal. Corps. Puze l".r
- 1.,
,, e a The witness, questioned the MN
.NOV. 5 (P- Per 'The R ll who are born when w.0. eatv ho eafort
ore. Hollywoo Iak^e-up the style is a certain 1 ay rTaach er a 'iYld
t ret orldth'. age when they want to Locaneidit v t fr
rty feminine beauty. change the existing Iashion back Jalle4
,d satisfaction t od av to what it was 'when mother wer e
ere isnt a Wtan in was a girl," he said. "Done ; as h c h h
t ne of tho.thgs" me wh 3s Tat's ust the want .te IWN1
"eHl.y.awolth. w jn in is, nk*h From ike
andape og in Rel ugee Poles thASiaNT k Lo.ner I Nov. 5 (UP.
t0'ni ng.80h.or_. w t.heexovsting-fashionbak
sad wtith a cmiontodatwaiws'emwer'edCPrcsident Mie.nhower Xd .
,resaid. e sued aih eheutive rdra .,.
I e t.'e.I te .I h ~ht to way ] a New Y bork i
SWhic loin Otit in building the
SWHh Reds, Sovels t. Lreno' r power roj-
ered t NURNBER, Germany, Nov. Mr. shower designated
'tsae the style including a 0-year old woman, thort rt t in on-
.be tged .lian." who fled to freedom Irom C struOl on f the on-delayed
ome siUalld.U im1talr- munist PoYand to West Ger- pr!4cI
l in the Sat just many, claimed today that "about po lr prect will be 1
S in on- well- 35.000 Poles are fighting the the In tl Rapid sec-
reput Westmore Communists and Russians In tion"'f t Lawrence near
A ,thxpered I the Polish resistance. M smorv- e s
'Italn about it. It's 'ment." 9 the ot ate share
't aR ab t th s The three asked fr pomngi the soa 0wt- hai been a-
ta oBurope ~d a asylum and w e turned ov '0.
eoe and .pl are by West Germad pollee to Ame- secretary t.1
... ilcan authorities. JIala a sad
aret They said they lost two coma sie
cash n arerades on their flight through -. the I
ee Czechoslovakia one was shot .
roeb Communist pole and thtihe
er other was killed while try in to is the exoiltA sn,
hop on a moving freight train. ia 0 ahead wit
o": that ha' rby West German police .lid th d.
t ttme and te gi tol them
t aethey had travelled ubheyostwonm.h
btrough P oland and CndechelO-
qd5Dll ar for thrW e weeks derM.the
S" ed'lonts they eacned West Ciermai b.oll 1 tml90 ahadw.
Yesterday. p- ochuI
r.. V ,..told .' t
.- e...., a.. ",.. '.f
thetrnd,:ht..- ndc ",io : ,

* -1
, A




1 -


:4 '


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