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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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... "".




Cri' 6
OCT 26 t


"Le t if peoie hmu os h. g ldh Si A country- isafe"


Now. .. 6 Yrs Oldl

'I I. *

'~ ~ ..
I p.

. : .. II

I.fease Kidnap-Killers

P. Another Mu rdr Quiz

ST. LOMS, 'o., Oct. 24 (UP)
-Carl Sall and Bonnie Heady,
kldnap-Slayers of Bobby Grean-
bae, will be questioned about
the t' halved murder' of a 71-
yr- old woman, it was an-
noc today.
.dIw County prosecutor Al-
d i -said at Savannah,
fhat he had received per-
i*-f from the FBI to quiz the
na at Kansas COty-about
th e y of Miss IWW Jane
lNS "tthe next, few day."
It NHester, who was known
to carry large sums of money,
wa found dead in the Missouri
'SEIrJ It. Joseph, Mo.q on Aug.
27. had been beaten on the
face- a head.
WMi HIeady had a home at St.
4 M, and it was t her e
a and Hall burled Oix&

S"WV e havee
Sto Hall and
Nester mur-
t wint to
lead. -t

Were or-
ra. 6.. r,
t weMe-or

I .. -

SUPREME COURT OKAYS EL-Mrs. R. Belladonna Vilines
Coenen relift InS her home at Arlington, Va., after being ad-
mitted to prgce before the SBuppeft Court. She caused quite
a stir when alt Iked into the court wearing a tight-fitting
knit dress. le and court employes rushed to see what
would happefd whm shie aDpeared:Afore the court. She took
the oath, paid her fee and won er*d why she attracted all
the attention."

ChMa Wayne Feels Insecure;.

Left Wi
; ,"'. .' )

,t Jot Or Career


Army Post

Liquor Sale

Ban Sought

Rep. W. Sterling Cole, who once
figured in a political hassle over
the capital's cocktail circuit, said
today he will offer legislation
next year to ban liquor sales on
Army and Air Force posts.
The New York Republican
sponsored an amendment to the
1951 Universal Training Act giv-
lnI the., defense secretary au-
thority to impose uniform regu-
lations governing the sale of al-
coholic beverages on military
posts. Blit he said he never ex-
pected it to be used to author-
on-post liquor sales.

"It is both wrong and un-
neeassary for the federal gov-
ernment to be in the business
of trafficking in bottled liq-
uor," Cole said in a statement
issued through his office here."
The decision to permit liquor
sales on Army and Air Force
sts touched off an angry con-
troversy involving Asst. Defense
Secretary John A. Hannah, the
natlSn's retail liquor dealers and
temperance organizations.
When temperance groups pro-
tested the decision; Hannan
charged they were being "used"
by retail liquor Interests who
feared on-bst sales woulk cut
into tr .
SS'r*if saw.-fnfi

.I 1


Seek To Break

Soviet Spy Ring

In West Germany

FRANKFURT, Germany, Oct. 24 (UP) Americqm.
intelligence agents questioned an alleged Soviet spy W
a former Red Army captain who concentrated his espig
nage against the United States today in a reported to
tempt to break a major Russian spy network in Westem
The arrest of the Russian was disclosed yesterday in
a brief US. Hih Commission announcement which said:
"Georgii Vladimirovitch Korumshii, alias Geeg
Mueller, is under investigation in connection with charge
that he conducted espionage directed mainly agaioW
American personnel and installations.

Korumahil was arrested Sept.
11 under a Ftankfurt U.S. court
warrant and charged with es-
pionage on behalf of the Soviets,
the announcement said.
"He later was transferred to
special security investigative
custody where investigations are

0. s-"W- 5 *Q*'. -.

continuing," the High Comualo*
slon announced. -
Jud e de Witt White, ofj
U.S. district court in Fran
said today that Korumnshil
arraigned before him on
on a geneltal charge of
age and poemeuguaau5

auch tod b b prn roup qer a TOll r eA:
I., .1 fil0sU -d seai a ote wsontoberunnin

accent is even a that a "fiery Mexican acNe fearme for the qurWarpGTON, Oct. 24 (UP) o he lease and im
n a as omh o actio th would beun w ce the price supportthe initeln b contain
Snt a ea matter oef Meabtime the congress, Bn wo as bencritciz- The former Rusaan capta

-e^w w d e e e ."ot h a v e b e e n t hen s a-t t m k d t h e d e i s o t hh o a wt
GtCr S Jii WI ae recei d assurance -reik thue pSerent proa. Aenedpost today pblishe a

g -M:3 ar -- tr i i er to wfnte d la d- 2 he wanted was, Th lssue of the capitalnce coc- ers auransaid to the Future the Kurumshi case.

B~61s aft d svett w the hobof tlA daro ea reeP the party nomination afterre the new administration epropos- U. occupation sources Eiid
'. r feel h at Ls their districts were uhamerged irnn a te rrt were rrd tcr et al
owe. .t, h beehn b rt M "tst. fie y ,ae d eicap n t tltDepartment'. He said the National Advisyorw thy wereleasial corroett.
*1 loveacen, 'Atoevitn ob t posiMexibeanInc wl e. tras and pos-

Swlk at I ou, re at necess ry" to Congress and questioned prbly two. other sessions here be- TODAY'S TDES
Sl grand pulledd" a Washington expected to have made its re- 5:15 a.m. l 3
s ...c kout Ofe a=i parties. arin to th e Den th r os. 5:46 p.m.
". .. .Xs er'w et Du w to ae *e it ." -
ttethat my views will be given con-

li-e mufi t t
'~~~~nl to __ M I P :

WCK Irrom


evous-eyed by her
back in de. Ar
I, s ..MOO a
m o- v* tng11


er, Mrs. Meoro K.
esn, cqq to

ontMi "Miss Universe" contest appear 4ivde sal-Int.rnatio0.
eawai 'Itshts." Bnto Aromemena. M "Fneanami. speimk~
relied here. Show to riht,) wre Chtltiane Martel ofrrano
Van ren Pnky Lee dancer).
S(.a Ihte (Miss Urugua).
SMtB Emita Arosemena s(MiI
i u B Ito tMisa Japan).

Sj .- .P4
.. ....... .... s w,- ,

;. .
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i l ^r .-^ ..7 -.
,', n :_" *"*, :. "'; "--' -.-,-' -
^ *,. ,- ... ?. ,- .., .;
i i ".a'; .._i.' ,; ...j _. .- ... ^,-,. .= :- '

li-h :::


- C '* 'A


Cost Runs To Billions As


- o -

fleet are planned for the also was ma&e up by that cotton and 'other raw mate-
future. year..- r l 60used textile mills.
Ct# toGms n dut t Inin

S mall, War-Trn

. Land Struggls

B ack Tots Feet
WASHINGTON, Oct. 24- The U.S. Army is spend-
ing hundreds of millions of dollars to put war-ravaged
South Korean back on its feet.
The Army was authorized to spend more than $700i-
. 000,000 during the past three years for Korean relief and
economic 'rehabilitation. An additional.$170,000,000 wcts
' appropriated to other agencies to provide economic aid
- the war-stricken country.
Contributions from other, sources amounted, to $381-
813,000. These came from United Notions members ando
other free nations and. from U.N. agencies, private cit-
izens and relief agencies.
Major General W. F. Marquat, chief of Army Civil
Affairs, Military Government, said that despite huge
sums spent by the Army in its wartime economic aid pro-
gram for South Korea, it will take $1,000,000,000 more
over the next three years to stabilize the country's econ-

Korean Civil Assistance Com-
mand is the Army Civil Af-
fairs agency now assisting
South Korea's' recovery. Func-
tions af this agency, a
'organization, were handled
duri4i th*e war by Ufnited
Nations Civil Assistance Com-
pmiaal,; oieea. -. "
Despite" its U. N. title, this
was an Army 'agency. Its re-
lief program was financed
exclusively wi t h American
dollars. It was established
early i n the Korean war to
prevent starvation; di s e ase
and.uarest in the Republic
of Korea.
"Most of the Army's funds
appropriated during the past
thr(n years for Korean re-
lief and economic aid alrea-
dy have been spent, M4rquat
said. "The remainder is' ear-
arvked for more items so

THE U.S. ARMY provided mil-
lions of Items of clothing for
South -Korean refugees.


Show: 1:00 -2:51 -4

. 4 11

* *

speed reconstruction of South
Marquat said the estimated
value of foodstuffs -a 10one
delivered to Korea during the
paot three years was $136j-
000,000. Of this amount, th'.
United States Government
provides $125;000,000 worth of
items. U. S. tax dollars also.
paid for an estimated $70;-
300,000 worth of clothing,
shoes and textiles.
Other Items-purchased ex-
clusively with Army funds-
include 760,006 tons of coal
and other solid fuels worth
petroleuib and petroleum pro-
ducts worth $15,081,000; 948,-
000 tons of fertilizer and
other agricultural supplies
valued at- S37,600,00M; 294,000
- tons of raw" ottoe and wool
valued at $33,20,000, and a-
bout 9,300 tois of medical
and sanitation supplies worth
"In addition," Marquat said,
"the Army furnished more
ocean transportation for re-
lief supplies purchased with
U. S. funds and those don-
'i-oj f^j Amith kn*roaij h T7_

Power shortages have been
another great hindrance to
B~uth Iorea's economic re-
1 The shortage dates back ft
May, 1.48, when the politi-
l division of Korea at the
38th parallel cute off most :of
the electric power needed to
operate Industry in South
Korea. -
Stepped up power out-
put below the 3Sth parallel
made up part of the short-
age, but this was to a large
extent'- offset by millions of
dollars worth otf 'war dam-
ages to power facilities in
South Korea. .

mc UV.s. ARMY dusted aimoas
It South. Korens with louse- '
Ai. DDT. j

materials and finished goods
to help rehabilitate the ROK
economy and to check infla-
'All this is only a imO11
part of the tremendous Po.-
tributibn made by. the Arn
and other U. S. organizations
to pull South Korea out of4
economic 4in,' Marquat 'em-
phasized. r. u
"In addito'o 'relief sup-
plies ian ;dequlment and di-
.rect econ .aid, Unltde
Nations CvU Auitance Com-
mard, Koreaxgave valuable
advice and gudce to the
ROK it' its efforts towards
economic recovery."
The U. S. Army is gain-
ing ground in its battle for a
stable economy in South Ko-
Victory, however, is years
away and..achieving it prom-
ises to be a staggering task.

factors retailing economic
c very is Is rt 'of trans-
pornation faciltiei.
The Army agency battling
fi ft econhibc recohstructlo -
ly-established 'Korean Civ'il
Assistance Command. Its. pr, '
decessor, also operated with
U. S. Arnny.fudp was uhit-

To help relieve the situa-
tion, the Army helped the
Republic of Korea gove r,
meant repair. power plants.
U.S. powr barge also were
brought in a&4 by war's end
they. were supplying about
30 per cent of the ROK's
normal power needs. When
the war was over power sup-
ply was adequate in most

ecase ied for coal
in producing electric power,
rehabilitation of war-damag-
ed anthwcite oW mines re-
ceived special ttenton from
The VUS. = aupp Iie d
nearly f ,ti worth of
mining a pumet miners'
capS and laMM shovels and
picks, iySunaand.aad other
items-to gltt lodution roll.
.ing agaiMn. Muh more equip-
ment was prevtided as coal
mine recostretlon progress-

The Army wont even furth-
er in rehabilitating damaged
telephone and telegraph lines.
By the end'of tb.sacond year
of theM warx .the country's
communications were better
than those that existed before
the Invasion. -
The Army ias started an
ori-the-Job raining. -program
to teach Koreans how to
maintain compin fications
lines. During -the next 1ew
years, commuiciationa facil-
ties are upected to.-be ex-
panded and Imprpoved to meet
increased demands arising as
the country'a. reconstruct io n
Future plans also call for
a power boost for th.t rxadt
statlo'n jn Seoul qp thZt
can corer -both North" ad
South Korea"

- Indautrys

i tcu t ooutl organs u u, eg Nations 'V Assisance .
SS. church, groups antt other Command; Kora. Industry in South Kar ea
organizations." I' on the road back.
Army surplus clothing and, -UNCACKB Bombed-out fapt oles are-
relief supplies worth $31,394,-- .. recovery eing d rebuilt. Saw materials
.000 also were donated Throu t the recovery id farm equipment Import-
needy South K jreans during .r.gramt, pOrta ton and ed by the United States Ar-
the past three 'years, Mar- en.igh te priority list my are. arriving in increas-.
quata said. because ustry can- ing quantities.
"." a npt, os- dwitout them. Slow but certain recovery
SEconomics, 't pr are not began t show itself As early
cono. nouIgh rIn' South aa 1952 when output of some
in the field of .economic M f M prompt commodities already had sur-
affairsn the field of econiml- distribu a m ouy re- passed the 190-1050 level.
ued, "the U. S. Army helped re t as w Mi o p ondl on, htw owe ve r,
the Republic of Korea gov- tenrs wll nw .i onl two-thlrds of ie
ernm ent c o n t r o l inflation. e ne e Yh e "n x-first Indus -
With the help of-huge dollar thre- ysaS Ou.ncrea.- South Kerea' first Indus-
payments-made by the Unit. -t I Vene, fonrthe try and e the melo t ea
ed States I for advances o9f 'sIn ra' -- poerta f element ofi her *e -
Korean currency- the .n. a .ddtt, ,to cars, more nomy is aeiulture. Nearly
built up its foreign exchahg. engines Ca, coal. repair e- 75 per ent of h 2W1,500,000
Foreign exc ange," Maruat- quipmet "dand re- people either earn their liv-
explained, "Aade it possible pa t k and ln :t- n or are. to-
for South Korea to buy raw ~, tl heAr. .pe* f fja n hy upon a-
Ip rtmissing 4lrnki min To help rehabilitate war
......... network .must be dev .sttqd farm areas durig
7 lii r t ; -t'p.pst three yeas, the r-.
II [' .i -' ..... my sipd plows ;6d othbi
TDuring the war, UNCACK farm lplements to farmers
[SB^^r d u t ,m~l~ed, millions o f dollars in those sections.
So ils tes, bridges, UNQACK also supplied seed
ENTRAI eUn ear, coal, repari e- gr and seed potatoes to
EHIKAL q u e.'and other items. ImAtue the .qualIty f o arm
nt addition, the U S. Ar- prodlaee -asd furnshed huh-
rlDrlInMT ni ld approximately $I,- dreg.of. thousands of top
| llKIUII I ,0 0 i month to the Ko- of fertilir to boost the size
IeDn N*.loa IRailway for of the crops.
Presents ron and paid nat- The agency also fuimshbed
Sresens borers for rebuilding irrigation equipment and peS-
i railroads in forward areas. ticldes, promoted duck ra ing
Th. e Army Also ent mil- and helped prevent hog ehol-
___. _. _lions more dollars Wr bitum- erR and other livestock dl-
Inms coa whl c hd to be' ,,Muesby large-scale vaccbWa -pep trins roll- aiab
:HNICOLOR RELEASE! .h -SA. slo .,. Columnist t.h o
-' ., -. soa':lne 1 180, Boath Koreafas
toghway construction, im- engagl in man slaughtering
Sprp ent and repair and to insure that they and not
:52 6:53 8:54 p.m. aid% eth.., water tLansporta- the enemy would get the
m were among oth- benefit of their cattle and
"k3 "& e0 p ro rj e'h er cts'u.N- poultry. Subsequent edicts a-.
1WQ aniug'the U. S. Na- gajnut th act vity -And lo-
S.. A N TO IS tran shi* p operat- cal breeding resulted in a
a trp o w c l st oWs M ea -&men. Additions to suA baTetalincrease in ca&t
ie tn d mtCuhle atIbul 'e n.cact marine byl u iThe a, plwtrf

V AuDM: DRO nRK i [ __________________

F a rming
: With tese and other aids,
farming n began to bounce
back more quickly thalin oth
er parts of South Korean e-
conomy a"
The 1.8. Army's rehabilita-
tion program for production
plants was "based on maxi-
muMp Koea self-help with
UNCACK f~rplng aw ma-
terlals and -lnled pro-
dUtl rttW than flnished
goods Army also helped
repair elr rebuild eXtoing
factories and plants rather
than build new ones.
VNCAK gave special at-
tqnfl0h to m9 tlon of the
fishMel go ad cotton textile
"nd utrol.e shuirta are South
KOa's eMind Industry and
tztxtUWmeaBfaetaring is the
counS*h' m s p ortant
light'An war, UNCACK
W8boats at
than $4 worth of. fish
hoo nets and other sup
Army aid also helped re-
air and enlarge Ice plants
provide efor preserv-
_ufn t war nine out
of 13 dlaged cotton textile
p lant w6re red, nely
with NVA09 and e-
*idwth salvag-
ed eijlpitci,.
The Army also import ed
millions of poUnds of- raw

V n VadprU T MUue T, 1 0 ]p
has trebled since the out-
break of hostilities, put It.'
still has not reached pre-
war levels. Cotton yarn and
cloth production have increas-
ed as plants have been reha-
bilitated. Further- increases.
are planned for the future.
Other ihdistries undergoing
reconstruction include. metal,
mineral, cement, hem ical,
paper, rubber, briq u e t. i n g,
sh building, printing and
Education and South Ko-
rea's public Works' system also
have received substantial fi-
nancial oosts from UNCACK.
U.S. aid will be ontinuedR '
during the next few years
when a civilian agency plans
to build more classrooms and
improve general, vocational
and profMesiOnl training.
Plans also include rehabilita-
tion of flood control, water-
works harbor develo p m e n t,
city pilaning, gove rnment
buildings an relate projects,

Eradication of plague and
cholera is one of the most
outstanding achievements of
the U.S. Army's relief program
in South Korea.
The UNCACK medical and
sanitation p r g ram-estlab-
lished early In the Korean war
-has met with considerable
sueoems despite the fact that
an estimated I,*e,000 to 10,-
000,000 South Koreans still are

THE U.S. ARMY'S permanent hoiunsnig ,rogzm pelac
as many as possible of the 600,000 bombed (it Korea
S, dwellings.

dependent upon a public health
care program.
EhclI yker dtsteiA 1 the Re-
public of Kurea takes a tremen-
dous toll sapping the country
of valuable manpower sad
creating great numbers of
needy which hinder economic.
Before the Communist inva-
silon, ,284 hdqpltal beds--about
3.2 for eacti-100,000 people-.
were avalale The country
had more. han 3,200 hospitals
and dlspensriles but as the
war spread almost half of them
were damaged or destroyed.
Of the Republic of Korea's






4,800 doctors, abou.t wen
in military service Ong thi
war. The redt-Iot 6 Of whon
were graduate medical
echools-were semg abod
21,0,.000 people. .
Medical supplep also wer
.To met the mst prassinm
needs, UNC1ACK ali n4di eme
gcy optal-iappltefron
J- -n .P frog
A base medlunt and i
b hospital twe estab
Uh In arem w1 n medical
car wa badx, Id. Th
4 C. 6)

S- T.

The The, asurcelnd will present
Daphne du Miurieo's drama "Re-
becca" thls ..week T u esday
through Saturday, at the Guild
workshop, behindthe Ancon
with the addition o f Don orff-
lithl and r0ge ee. .
Otriffitls, plaWt part of
Jack Favell, a c&iun of Rebecca.
After a taste of dramatics at the
University of Wisconsin, Don
hs k ept at it o idta ly,.though
actually slightlyin Tevers of
the regular cyce. H e d out

era Isfc Tie to tinue
pronfeuslon iaP ) slowed Don
down beca ehoieost antly
lent hiso t had to Lit-
tl61Theater gk'oPsub6th as actor
and makeup expe rt.
George Rel hasbe applaud-
ed from coast to e ast on the
Isthmus. H aWheto the Cristo-
bal little Theate from Califor-
nia. After tteadst the Univer-
sity of Califforn~, Geage had
his own radio, p am.. While -
workln forC.Bs-. i n Holwood e
he kg his pr.ooi re ance
warm witt) commni=y theater,
Ceorge was last, seen as Max in
t Cirelce Theater's "DetA 1 i:"
Por the lead role tof Maxim de
Wanted, the Theater O*uld has
rbctulited WNirt Millwar from. .-- .,. .
the Na,*: Ensign IMillAr comes TAgi. the shipwrlgjt sports e tat himnspe aon of the sunken vessel indaes foul play.
efr' Oilbrt ka-- -- ,es- (Walter )T W .. L bown), 'rank Crawley (Kenneth .irg).
slo0l actor and lireci with. .
the C si n ti, 0W. 'Theater was#. the. belle tof Crlatob"l High steered her group Into first of people and eui thdh in
minsel b ha sp- choo dramatics. In recent e in statew*Me competition a amIta

we fn o n wll-ple been Colorado State the Theater Cttil. She lat nette ohy at
Sm + r. e t oe Va-y. The heatr Dm" Uoker me
a nuq atecotlkimtqnts Iawshsdbena-In art ey"w Rebcca"iens I ofr, h a
er nA. e England, wDore pa .ib Tm eOf-

aater ulid, although 1 lo.ooa, lye potw- thew. *Is

baktn t ohe theepr Guild r -tworrs e h re on detNn. One1 of races the b r e
open arms. A Colon girl, rUp M teW Tee"t her ta t arge p"rp.n,,

IP<1 lI11 lw- Wlt

a ,* A cooereos sten as m Pete,'


Prom H. G. Wells' book
"War of The Worlds",

Also: Bob Hope B3ag
Crosby Dorothy L I

Wof war-dam
Mt heUIt4

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1*~*.. w -~"e &$vwa
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Sr. ;, .
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; -, M '"' Lij' A 1 ?11'

, St-t:A2" a-

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I 24t44 1
A' e W,..
All ,o .L




: .''r"^



S" -wM be B loR'ii ._'_^ Thos o Ifpw1
haem a,, of Mm (UP) -w-A s,.I oem .',,
M .,older, the vered .by
corato or r o anic daeb they
Jtiltat a- .atonal Oosgphe asot-
t.,*ii ur 11 .0 W.t -.
"SlQnU Prto. to Jt mu 1

afl'J" trdency iem% n t t
., .. *rHSwr l* aiM"), n IrgC ategasr cl-
r ,a o, the ille-quaze Artp -ho
A r Th fttelabt ji nr age In ice sheet, ai the water reservoir
YOND fLAC*o-A. J lots wesao. aM* rot b city ol Bouler, which
HmIPHALAOIe i rg *v1 a sa41 abOut aS emolu r.i i*ght. to the

*$fgb t r' 6 to .""
S .lush".,n, In he.d. ,in
AoN B e art- lt, a crtaket
Cli bat Ijmot -n thew, midlen- or

... ....U Lin,'S t.. *J.o. ,,|
An b tuSifwe il di Vaiey have yield-
S ott fl- t We AWees a-,de In
aa-- .emams- te

ME ,INT'H ,a bridge.

^ cS o Th a rim e l i ft I'v

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Ilt Delimery.. ..... 18 1990
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..Siat a f, 4 what you wapt the maptl-

Cmiml in V aid o make sure that pat-
, .1.W .f rith .a, Ao we cam r a-

S Thp'l propd to give this fine Solid wr:
eIrving pieces from $400 and teaspoons from
.08. They can ive you a six-piece place setting
for as Uttle as 4.79.
An& we'll ahow them TOWLE'S famous Steling
holloware, lovely pieces that anybody would be
proud to own.

alanade Pierced Jr ia. Richard Chases
TONr n, ffIO, 1 Serving Knife ft 7M

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ky Ai to.. r v i t -m "Symbol of Lyo"
aslihutillll*wi orfiv lono. g 'co0 today for detailed.
.. .a. n t b .P a-'l o-D i _
tp a Of, fpt of Cana atilloh now.
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Super Wasp


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uritioui (4W Jiao We/pl

ItH vetive. J~alloweenf'arluy


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S SD DELICIOUS APPLES and themese *a e a rinWe iaw l ,I,
prWide arishanmeat and good eatlng. Apples make go@t acnhbm-

What would a Halloween( Spicy Peam -
party be without ducking or (YIeld: 6 pined)
appless? Well, right now, in Five pounds ripe Barett
tune for the witches, Wash- pears (about 15 pears), 3 cups
igton State has a large crop water, 2 e ugs atgar, 1 tea-
S Jonathansand Red Dell-'spoon ground ginger, 1 tea-
'^l, s apples ready-the Jona- spoon ground nutmneb. 114"- tsa-
t ans for making caramel ap- spoon whole, cloves, 3 2-nch
pies for Halloween and the De- !sticks cinnamon, 1:4 cup. white
Slicious for nibbling while watch- t
W your friends duck. .Heat sugar and water to
boiling. Add spices and-vlne-
^: c re and more, men a n d gar and cook for 5 minutes.
women who are avoiding ex- Remove cloves and cinnamon
.-oees weight, are cutting down sticks. Peel, halve and core
on rich desserts in favor of pears. Pack in pint jars and
apples and other fresh fruit, cover, with hot spaie sy y .. .
cheese and crackers. Remove air bubbles front Jn, Them ee1th eev'e_ a14vdy, 7 ie the cp
Swipe rims clean. sd seal, a p in the a es aa
As a snack, apples provide roceas in boiling-water bath t- goles I. Stik tra e
. i stamns aTd minerals i a nd tAr 20 minuteS. Keep lever of a (W ka be U made Is elthtr imee d
few co rles-anothet boon water at least one1. st fei 01~nwith it ea onb abe e mad. Ve
-W!.walstlin~ watchers. Bartlett tops of jars. Remove. u .bea- O e lae. IS trims the r with uld. at ea e bW
pears from Washington Statel noer and cool. ,
are good eating, too. Try them rl 4 'And away rjmayAL AT ter for it are -Three pitca.-of ather area ed to ~,s nd en s. Blick
spi. ..So cNIA BaOgty4 o tor mde-from lem i.- cut needed to t1ak b a waaitcinher. silk fringe fn .ay s idth trim,
SFor A really tab town, I aFrot s ta i0 ftauatedto lower edges 'of .thb Ah
-&A yaV e you been. kp tedtor line the bolero in taffeta, fo toin as fTwo lep A at daes
Sbuidget-busting after Youg the sew narrow. silkng &. the when U iWUe- to ends You.a- atn mlke the pop-
layvn leather it argthat are border and eapu ut & small ot the beck'e nt SeW teath ular in leth
-no being featured on the squares or. 41i brad er bone Ind, t dgeuand er.a of t
a-ion pages? You- cankeep t the front and the at side l th ea .d t
S d o ut n and hve back-. The do I ngles cIAc In bi t Or taffjIs. talbeta. a a st
Here'y s usinda Ostif r ane e gf ando rand jet Sew braid afo border andor .
you know your wyround'a A vry effect ac- a ter braid C a .ever the Yar or
needle or: swIng machine. cessory would g so t ar.ent. 61 a a
Hubby And Wife Are friendOn engma e o made in sue.o 4pc n f ., P to g h chs from
ny has just introduced a nofrse- match or Istead odbaf.. A wimap of- letter dy u or te rrcle's edp
-oless machine that. Is designed You'll nqee a, Inches cakn c bel u to aerin rI I
o to sew everything from ctpe long an" 7 112 dIms ide. Ct a old. Pihf lgbseth- -bi .
Are You ani your husband good friends? Don't answer until paper to leather without -any enads on a ,p for otntqd er over fak 1o' om- "f- a
l'e considered a few important points listed below. adjustments or astacln hment s. intl an a Twi fv t- i i-d me-- sfo and- sew
e. .D6 you dire tell him emaetly how much you paid for Said to be jamproOt, t st t4 ats .iegt18h ends their eds 'together. ,~t:
Iu t? efhlne features a set of te for tired effect w" bl alid gl d W nd, rdltos Note: A b kl
..k so ethng for' nmself that Y~t fedl is an windoWs 8htl show tl e \t th braid8A Vn o o t a
*eit glad for-hiar t have sometdhing'he wants, of stitch ,aote you sth a A t Pac r can beadsas or 1 otai od
you tiwy c pdek ltT. mhkeavJ,,9b, 0th-ta at ai
Sa lentg y decide to g) sblurgmng on something Ing, be mi 'froim a ptec .inia -
worrierhi. .. the his relative ? One Qf the lovyeiest, leather lug 10 y11 Inchee& rn To make a san.a
,c a.Yq tell hmn your .e is coming for a week's that can be made in ,either LAnt wit.,l1k or, tetoa lI tionis. Two s by .. l
teto a fdrfif the aznoEment i s going to bring sutede or capes kn. You cn e matchip or Coan colors mk the sa Ip shot
-hy mIood? a regular sleeveless bolro pat- ranid edge Ith br er edges of- sas ens ar ew- ,obtaied.
v 3,o you dare to differ with him occasionally on an im-
t ter. Instead of always feeling that you have to pre- I
ee Iujerder to keep peace. ?X l/1a 12 I
a pleasant evening at home without feel-O n 0 ?l J *,9
your husband is enjoying an evening out i.A
trust him? I0 By OAILU DUGAS
UE= A PAT pN IS9E 3ACKE. .N SAZJe jO Iy 0 ,, "
lcussin him with others o0 yQu give him a build- .
dragging out all of hlbsmall faults and irritating The housewife who eta riht ,NEW YO i -(NA)-
Can you talk things over with him?i to work in the morning with- furniture on I W
TOen. DO you enjoy having him around the house. instead of out bothering to dq more than ing at a .lt
be se..cretly reliev#Aw *the preek end-is over, and you can whisk a comb through her hair aw.ay fro
ge. h hous backy t.~ y -yu.. ,and slip into a tired-looking red people g ItLINUS
ust thehose fewba o anWEed honestly. will give you an h e dress is dealing-her m- apartment d wlthbMl
Insight into.the questo h er not you.and, your husband rale a death blow. What e als and ere a
-ee a-arr parently does not realize is er with te* HINTS .r as a kind of mental vita- home where cairs ad l#
HELIKWUL HINTS ilp pill. and drapem. es ca Wld e.d..
r Starting put dlsgrintled and No
dscot, ageW, she ends up dis- youn
thefo n colIar in Our hnds it has been taken from freezer. e udgei of housekeeptng thusbo-
avoid puckers and am rt s-.. tte lnc -b er fallure xto put herself in a are
age along the seam lnine When dyeing or tinting well- mood for aCion, that l
worn sheets' It may be diffl- Few grooms cm r to sit around
Party dinners can be less a'lL to get an even coloring, If she would take a little waiting fo their
-work for the hostess I e Worn pac m the sheet on tlme to se lecta neat and at- weave ,
uses paper plates for as much absoab theta same amount of tracive dress, to arrange her
4food preparation as possible- dye as the lI worn aseas.~|lhair become ly and to dab on 'In dW
flouring fish, chopping nuts ory.tou p to n upte heet ae-up. she should Oey is 0o 1
.salad greens, slicing potatoes, for use as ruffing or sabort find tat her attitude would makes .s
-and so on. Eliminates some pot ai g rough unstreaked ma- dergo a sudden chapge. money
washing, which is a real help I tenla for narrow or s or r aI geonge to
when the kitchen is crowded. lengths. These effrt will help her' These will alo
to feel Jfres hea and capableyo Y heed nM .-1
When young sons and daugh- If Ifou'ha an autoq I ptzc411I ds y
ters become the family's expe- dryer for eloes. many e %r Io-helI
mentall cooks. a wise mother ecpnomletIs Advie buying, A tMAL
*ves herself work by keeping ton knit socks, tmde oear'_t hmex.i .# sak _.sdme-r ee
the bottom of the oven lined sHirts a size larger than as wear a r y sports buy AA .n 9t
wth a sheet of aluminum foil. to allow for shrinkage. nd wepl eGo the out it njel t.I. .....
$pillovers don't char the oven b bh .t-. em Aott-t r K .
hdmefruny 'failure lsoeasier, msM4,4art -
o a runny facolur ids easere Fine bubble bath for a f.', r
clean up. child isi made by adding e''a .;'1'' 'aPMuphos '
small amount .of a dan n n d
k 'theti detergent Isuch as I s
Ver part of the lunch-box a- t the bath atb e. Tlsha
*bors now that school days 'are the added a vantag a on ,, the
in 'advance in quantity and. .oo 4
,o en. It's advisable to use up When you do the wee k ly del a l '
frozen sandwiches In a two to cleaning, gake it a habit to --1
-.#three week period. Most sand- run the vateaum cleaner's small
which fillings freeze well except brush attachment over then -w
h ad-cooked egg whites, lettuce sides of reflector table -lamps
celery, tomatoes, carrots. Bet-. This scoops. up the bugs and M__.
4ar,to add finger salads, such dust and Alsuzes better llht- .. ,
as a whole tomato or carrot ing.


1090 Kcs. 123' Kcs.

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".m dM i." ', x. I.',CW ".

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SStaff Writer
Let'-be senamble about paat c3.
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Cwa't Tt! Wlts k Wfng"
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$.M. C. ... 2 4t '

VABHM0ttQti. .ila- aith er ne, with
l id Is becabbe -arlois wings a ff w ift e tut thi r f ight-
vary widely n their m do- lIng o Uaterparts
Sw p ea t roop carried wing has
ar i iak d Iner ither C-I4's-
OAA au.t the onuy v o of the famt-
I" u ldr i a -t4 trtp or t, r C-1a
beb o.q p ,ra)O1 Glovemae, and 1,500 M t 1,7'
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mu m. 1 mA, mug%.

Iof theTwu JO nf t'-- the "
LdULBOI *W0"'W g'mT~ aJHIM lat5 gdi'


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r. V Tkwe Pr.aa Canal NatU
ral Higstr, Solety. was orgs
ns, I|- PSI to mean a. needM t U
C. eon'ie o thse Cont tone a
1Pr"-ita for a bettor im'=4
-at on of th. i nat*ralh i
" try t JoAltv. In part
tea i.."ift oL 2 enre *
j~ft~t~ted4i of a AREa

ustn are Invited to attend,
sen dom" g meeting.
Cuuie 0mb TNptlee
CuOMO. CIb of the a
Church Il.-ma
'dav, evenlzs at f:30 p.-
for a oe dish Zupper
MV&. Un4'lev Noble *a selte
w l addrem thegro
a- -lrltk m...4I Mln

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471i's Get New
Lease On Life

Wi a nip 41, A
Kiih. eTCc0,s Ariz., Oct.
(iv.2eii ftKm. bit. SO. Wi. .
S2L% "fadS -graf ta M., here for
tar6idr amdrv ave.
#Add RecosI a -

*a3 i and.BD 8-pal (iani
raeulo It. has 3,00to
A light bombardmentyna 1
41 jt e-45' drWar wdord W
00 men.
A fighter-bomber witn bo

14 _------ *- -
d e d a being delivered to the A
S r. One of theme, the ~
.lAir- 47B. ia converted her. adW
Ib mablb either for uhotoeveI




There la a Tasco Battey WfOW
car, Truck, Bui or .
"They reepe nd

Delfhtb your ehil emn lth these songs and stories
n tiy, sunp eakable records:
9 Abd I the. tt Am.eer"
"lfl, mb UM" ..
S"A C hi for an Oemn Ta'
Mad ma *.theS WroItM snly *M eeh.


S. *.." "~' r~

MrF the origlal I aircraLt. -

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The mattress ybu will.

event uay. .buy, because

it'. cheaper, will last

a lifetime, is supremely

comfort& and is

I.....1 I...

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,. ,
., .~t .-r t ^S
.' .,; "-* '* -*

.-:S.,'k '-- "'*
. I I. o ,_ ,. ,.

UN 0 .0
,e original Latex Foam Mattress and Pillows

in, Scot


* I:

I.. .1 V

/ -

On Sale at

14 Cetral Avenue TeL 2.2-2

Also Availa e at:

Phlpples Ratta Furitre -
NHesMh E Bchaqe
MeeMrisa B Elmahl

Cm USrwa

A.:AADIAYA.Y C A.1-i -ki

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litt, "fc -',',,b
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Nov. 7th


* .' ., ,

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.':. "' .'" '





You Sell' em...

When You Tell'em thru.P.A. ClI

Leave your Ad ldi ?'," ,f our Agents or our offices in No. 57 "H" Street Panamn

No. 12,179 Central Ave. Colon

Via Espah No 34 Panama. R. P.
(Bella VWta Thmn. 3Ms.)

Fourth of Julv Ave Phode 2-0441

10,059 Mel6ndes. Ave.-Phone 258. Colft

Agenda, Iternaconal de Pubfciacones
No. 3 Lottery Plam Phone 1-419

3c. =.

.1. --

HouseholdI Auto 1 D* o *. ... d.f Ph ,. Il Caoensi de cotia ges, nta
OWr A lsgesm Aemysmm. Sm Clcaro. US's 435. Balboa. Phone
FOR tALE:-Two brand new 6 cu. FOR SALE P(m(duth '53 utility 202z Asi.e. C. Z. Panama -.1877. Cristobol .=-1673.
ft. electric Servel refrigerators, Station Wagon.0500 miles. Perfect
$22.00ec..W... Duty Paid. Like New. Phone DR. WENOEHAKE. Medical Clinic. Grarlich Sita Clews Beach cottages,
2.0 ach. Roeer t o Dialo furni- 3 2 17. 9 a 5 m. 3-2097 Central Avenue "K" 'street.. electric efrgeration, gas stoves,
ture'store. Control Avenue No. 86 5 p. m. 8 p. m Corner telephone 2-3479, Panama moderate rotes. Phone 6-441 or
Phone 2-2404. FOR SALE--1947 Ford Tudor Se- BONEHEADS Don' red DEMOCRA-
SFOR SALE:25 cycle Coldspot re- dan Very clean. Mechanically TIC DIGEST you wouldn't understand Hous s a S t
frigarator, $100. Phone Balboa good Will sell equity. Phone 84- at all newsstands. In AOO i.
4472.. 2176 Ft. Kobbe. PLEASE, don't wait 'til the last day. or see. cor, at r r
BARGAIN; For sole, new refrigerator, FOR SALE: 1946 Buick Stetion Have your feet fixed up now. We
Frigidaire, gas range, diningroom Wae., rum good. Aslu is for only remom corns. collauses, ingrown'r'po
set, livingroom set. Kitchen uten- $299.00. Smert y Hunnicutt S. A. toe nails. Call 3-2217 iScholl's Santao
il. with rights to apartment. Tel. 6t S. Cnrl Ave. Telepho Servces Justo Arosemeno No. 58. i ,
3-1467 210 Central Avenue, 800. Colon. To MIAMI & NEW YORK a AEREA WILUAMS' Sant CCot-
apartment No. 35. FOR SALE:-1951 Buck Super Ri- Boe-ng 4-engine plane. On-woy toges. Large, comfrtarn.
FOR SALE-Westinghouse Refrigero- ver ClubCoupe. $1,750 2230- to Mmi; $000 Round Tri near beachBalboa 0 except
fotr 25 cycle 9 cubic feet, good C. Curundu 83-4146 $126.00. One-way to New York: $214eekends.
condition with automatir defrosted FOR SALE 1952 Buick Riviera PANAMA DISPATCH SERVICE FOR RENT
$150.00. Venetian blinds, metal Duiv Poad. Can be financed. Phont telephone 2.1655.
and wood assorted sizes, $2.00 3-4' ___________
each. .Te 2-2494. FOR SALE-1947 Packard 4-door FOR SALE FOR RENT-Fumished chalet, two
FOR SALE:-VWestinghouse refriger- sedan 6"' a title Very good con- SA bedroom, livn o arden re
oor, 9 cu. ft. 25 cycle, good con- diton Fully equipped. Price $750 Mielal bedrooms. plivin om, garden Fr-
dition. $125.00, 2117-B. Sago 00. Coll Mortimer, Navy 25-2220 -------- frigerator. Apply 18 St. Son Frn-
Avenue, Cocoli. after 3-30 p. m. FOR SA.LE Female Boxer Puppy Cisco No. 8.
.-. --- ---- r-e--" g o ,Excellent Breeding. Reasonable FOR RENT: Clhalt 3 bedroom
FOR SALE:-Kelvinator refrigerator FOR SALE-1947 Studebaker Chan- Call 2-4021. __ w ter unm quire
Topp;- De Luxe gas stove, Apex pion with iado and heater $395.- .----w-o-- ... or ter, und m Inquire
rutc ic washing machine. a- 00. Call orstobal 3-127 FOR SALE:-.-One motor H.P. and Colle 41 and Ave. Nico No. 19
boo set. Couch daybed.' Leaving motors 1-6 H. P. all 25 cycle from 9.00-11 :00 e.rm -4:00-
town Everything cheap. 9076, FOR SALE --Custom 49 Lincoln Cos- house 1 537 Mngo St., Balboa 6.00 p m.
10th St. Apt. 4, Colon. mopclitan convertible. back W.5 Phone 2-1461.
'-f---- -------i--- d W., 0. D. tonneou cover, duals, de RENT
FOR SALE:-Refrigerator. Frigidaire, chromed. House 121 -A, Gambo. FOR SALE:-Viohn for boys, almost.
9 cu. it., 25 cycle, $t0. House 6-107. new. See it at, No. 4, Apt. 2. Do- Apart
1537, Mango St,. Balboa. Phone -mingo riaz street. Panama.A _______ __i__mi
2- 561 FOR SALE -1952 Morris Minor. less m z stret ATTENTION & 1. Just built modern
-" then_"7,503, miles, in perfect con-
FOR AL--Must sell beautifulliv, ditio. Ca alboa 35 con- FOR SALE ished op t to
mgc dining room set*. Swedish,----- -bedrooms, hot, cold water. Tel.
c glassware, c ete stFOR SALE---1948 Packard,4 Door Real Estate phone Panama .-494.
airribt new, very low priced. Phone tires, radio, seat covers. See Balboo FOR SALE-House 3 bedroom, Modern 2. 4 and 5 room, furnished
22748 office hours. Fire Station any time. ingroom, dningroom, 2 bathroom, or unfurnished. Alhambra's Office
F -"- .of{- ------- maid's room, gardgq, large garden 8061, 10th Street, Colon Tel
SFORSAE -8u.ft. Refrigerator G. FOR SALE--Automobiles. easy terms. J ist sted. L.umb, Los phone 1 t 86.
E I ,c e $50.00. Aluminum Low priced. Call telephone 3-1942. Ande"s Su". Byac FSt. ask r Bar.- $5.0Frn
b. i.l new for 4 family in 12:00 1.30 p. m. 6 00 8:00 rancos. FOR RENT--Furnishe'one bedroom
S cc kitchen louvers. Phone m FORSALE-No dealer. 2866 meters Bella Vsta.Tel. 3-
-=--;OR) SALE -1939 Buick IS 500 0 of lend. Very convenient, Pueblo
WEDas. is. Runni order Balboa 2- Nuevo No. 4120 Via Crdoba. FOR RENT: Apartment upstairs.
-i- 1577, 5-7 p m. Duty paid PANAMA CANAL C Y 3 bedrooms, p rJlar. din ingroom.
WE BUY vour used refrigerator and FOR SALE:-Ford Station Wagon 52. OffERS BUILIDIINGSI.FOlSALE No. 92. Via
gie iou a CROSLEY. Call us at like new. excellent tires and rodio Sealed bids, for opening in public, N 9
CIA. CYRNOS. Telephone 2-1793 Phone Farfan 3707. w1ll be receded until 10:30 A. M FOR RENT:-Furnishd apartment, 2
"*Aenida Nacionar," near Tivoli November 4. 1953, in the office of bedrooms, ivlngroom, dinlngroom
Cr --", g Superintendent of Storehouses. Bol- and porch, two bathrooms, $150.
SFOR SALE:-1947 Oldsmobile Tudor boa. for sale and demolition of 00. 48th St. No..27 Bellt Vista.
ANED-To buy small cabin Six Hdomoc, radio $55000- Buildings and Garages located in Bl-
type boat, diesel or gasoline oper- 1952 Morrns convertible new top boo. Invtation No. 32, with full FOR RENT
sated, 28 to 32 foot preferred, in $650:00. Call Blboa 4171. particulars may be secured in the of.-
good operating condition, for per- f'i-e o Superntendent of Store- __i_ ._
sonal use. Price should be in .the houses, telephone 2-1815 or'Housing
vicinity of $1,500.00, cash and WANTED Manger, Balboa. FOR RENT: Furnished 4
Immediate purchase if offer is apartent. Apply Balin DeAbote
acceptable. Please contact Roy "re inploo 6029 Blbo A ue Cl T
-Hmr_ phone_ 2-_612 Perm_ 4475 or 517-J. after 6 p. m.
Sor write max 597, Panlama, R. P. '-e N-ti Nel
S ,AV E 6 -- Sl Read DEMOCRATIC DI- New. Product FOR ENT:-tprtIy.Small
Lale atO local newstands --fursnished apa r o upl.
TR American neighbors.
Motorcyces EW YORE Oct. 24 (UP) -
The "install-lt-yoursielf" entlpi- ".
:-ORc lian motorcycle, corn- sts seem tobe Io a bane St. M r p
gart$ .ll 2-5426. Radio Seek Cure For winter. lSyh s D onel'ov..
2A r a..'Juan B. Soso Note. a o
2., .. 1nn.-0 tJua B. os o. A special telephone systems has Sets D.nNo v 1.
*1 n2.oof 2 o 1.30- 600 'Kiss Of Death' been tailored for oue Inde the 'tho, aft 1rb 'teenke
_P-._____ .4me. The man of the house can Boosters Club IMd. ts e
-ANTA BARBARA, Calif. (UP) rig up the system with ease, meetiiR at St. Mary's Pa
Bul iag Exoi t n F-Sclentists at Santa Barbara Th .'Du Oom" tlU s two all. Thi club was rece
Ru Exposition I a ia desk 6rmed todt social. SO
S,.-..' Expo"" sta CoUlege/of the University of Ca- small dek-y l formed to. i a la
-l,,A l D nmi tiforta are InventleatlhB An a Ir- vftde staant.oariji Wa gram for thr&. 01 ortW. ',
r llaUned in lPonom6 jo ug th ecks the a en u worla kitchen and ry's Hgh School Dlstalon
; ... t cycle df the parasite that trans- other parts of the-houae, and actv the
An position, covering the mit the fatal Chagas' disease The system op tel. itot w be p i h St. -
eof housing, city planning Brazilian sleeping sickness. ry need for ali sW*-. ry Dia i .
ed activities n the board or pressat-talk key. In orr to ar funds for
.. S field, is being organized Despitvefi years of research. Versatile enough for farm entertainment Cat e gal
erss d Architects, as part of before the drug-called prodiglo- powered by a single six-volt bat. Rummage Sale wl be a-
the iond Panama Congress of sin-can be used as a cure be- ry (RCA Victor.) ed later
Xng eerinR and Architecture. ca0 e 1 is considered toxic All teeafgers a ivto ed t- .
Sexposition, which w b b human use at pre t. Wood pile eathetrrpint tend the firt danes to t e
fu exposition, which w fzy te r on the evening of Nov. 1,i;at
"Beriito the general publl, wl h eeglw8 tI kil
el.iatP e the generpos Wi t hoped by the -ci-entists eg
beppee^0-f r Jb tits e study will aUmulste ina- r I o I t W 6v
re field of architecture meIf t l
e lre field of architecturey eventually be modified The soft pile Iattached to function on the irft Satur
ma including recent d. tafhem alyy to a musefl orm." plastic.strips to sipl hand-
ts, a historical se ling. It canbe ct with a pairof .
sd Tal exhibit of building T nosoma Cruf is the ml- scissors and eld -down with .The off
cparraso l h*ft causes tacks. Tit cauei
reat-of P ild thetz y devilae: Te organism A. allf'the wool- own' lii. :
this ,,,,rdiall whicve tle heart, muscle, us~aily re- seal, -yet allows windows to slide W. 3. Re;,
il oca it d ult l buil aIn death. easly (chlegel Manufacturil R steiner and .
S the Panama UniversitY, -C..,o
AwIk the week of NOY. Thedisease Is prevalent in
.tte wek N' South America and is transmit- opu soon maybe able to wl* j
AI _.. ted by the "klssing bug" that up to machitne *`sert
bites' humans around the mouth '
Si Grade _____" -'
'T Star [- "" "IS
SStar Too Many Baths ran
I09 70N. Tex. Oct 24 ,get-w ...
at day of school Is ney- TI Tkk Abou.
Kf bSWLS T;iTo Think About )j,|
tao.easy for -teacher but f--e ..oth

e* teacher caught him bathtubs. b ftben latel
#.ed him to clas. That was reputed by the ol.q ointoI iWh
if happened-four timesWods Hol Om aephc In- "'.
-en let the"d mo nth study of the traits a- w ne egh.t ,is 1
B1.. ,' The stud, o-owed that vol- wiatch uae Ef pon" lighter
il.ifw i "me of the Pihid current aver- per 100 et thn. the conven- S E- u- a
Uinfia 1 I^'T^l 0 cbi atos.-"

S-Thle plw iftd that wotics

au I.. -.,. -
.-ork of no. Inst

l ptl 3jiu40 latr
T. .






Packers, Sb'pes,. Rno..
F. a. iWNMrI.
Taller Tea*wnt bwaxter
Expert M"eIenles In itra-
matie and Hydramdtte Trans.
mission. offer their pofes-
alonal serylcea.
R=alrs. tan of -o
sayM. water beaters ete.
SIu8M= MORBL ..,



Army Rebuilds
(Ountinued fromns'Pan 3)
drug and medical and surgi-
cal supplia to meet the nor-
mal unedlcal needs of a popu-
lationL of 190,000 persons for
one mo0th.
The bao loapltkosal unit was
furn1hed with-enough medical
a2ld sutl supple" and

ces Prieto (center) wa v e.i.-,-
d nFriday night 2 ,M IoatUtW'

o i te "in Soulth Xerea we"s a.inp- t
e height. some 3,I o erphatM_)eaddls-
Sr ent saw placed children. MMa* vf the.
40 detitt per a ons aphanagUs were sapportd by
Spoon U. S. Army units. nt.W the
past year, the aU aof .a-
We f re wept phaps rose to the
a f out of anvu of orpaum t 350.
ftom Cofmattwjspe flatoaobmbldll
Kotea reelvesl bb : hif t.
eLstab- food, eleothing ai otlier-.
am, sitiq.
i %. m' of g5atet Tle number 'ot' lpes of,,
4 09i !eo. pew- welfare nt 'p 3iZOBi
MfO for tripled du e an war.'
r en. ex- In Twe.,.. Utw3"
4--'4 'V mothers cared for a8.
St.hose re- By the epi of -Q ar 411'In-
,,ah 1 they atltutnons.W more ta,.
Other needy 49,000 n r .
Also at the end of'the wat"
"t.lts helped lessen 3,500.00D refuge 81 .n4. owr
r -In4 malnutrition, es- destitute person dVUl'ad to
ky adn" destitute chl- be provdled with food, ti
Ing and. shelter..hlW t
.to food, .one out of sNen souti IE
qgrjvlde, shelter reans lacks bl tI
-f or re0e0f. UhoiuslnK.ezG CI Ofni i{1Ii
is provided Ine- lhtR idl
i lter nd a permaw luring'
.nRa ogrm Wan U.S. ArMv
replace .00,000 to provId
beitber completely or wth lie
W-hstroyed during the reams, % S
t project' UNCACI t
jnembers of the W1ited to ,
aa provided millopa o 0
I worth of bildln ngi.
i nd- paid labor U w
11"A AA. W---I ZT 1.41,




- l

.# "
0 01
~0v?. ~
'I. I
ii ti~J9~ .1

m. an m"t-"7. .
Sw pr-et one. which heaas .
are trucks snery O m e&M Base .

t~ ~~~~mii gt^^B ff ima&'it AwLL^j~ic

,. ~ ..



. rI




~1. i -. -- ~----~~

No. 4 TivoiU Ave.-Phune 1-229) and



% I

i m .

I I.,

b 1

in l

. *"'I
Jf, *J.



.... I", ... ";. '
.. ,.:. .A.. -. .

A new tal
20 ,r,.niar


1 .

SM lW PCr"OunS dn

' U
,! ,

he oIt fro eris
Grtoub ,w)-pregau
s lnlacmqe ut
: .. :S

W30 e*u a -. _t'

' .- '. t Oct,. ,

d w ,16, when hi ftib.,f
ti'i"_ Ms s w a' ,ound' "oni
5i.16t the Kimmlah tw-
a a w aked nrb
D-4 er-old son and

r late .,

2 his sard

d:od m ld s
,r !.

., P.

* I., -


,F WOOD. Oct, 4
t th m 4mpO t
"roles" un "Blowing Wild" iI
played by singr Frankle i nie'

ble tiPt- Gary Cooper.
ra 4ta wx tth Ros
Antony Quoa by= Bnto
background jtbae melody, .-
"Mucl at 1the right time-=sa
place an:. epss.caUy a fine' tune
I the w0t Wqd' "
el an scomw
dnd -.ndfteX drama tie
mood," linedM ILaine.
Is the most Iva-

diaiii sI,. ,6

filelxeo *v.'ilt
at" PMMU

iW.Wi.e m Sr

kin, m.
ll** *&tr Fat]

- I- p'

.- Y
mi production of'h ila-
for the came*ran os. use
be Pacific-side Armed FPorea
Philip Berry thre-act play

I||-4 -W^L,^^

*p^i^ 0-^i^KiB

iAbeen mlai*aee-.I t
.' 4 ailn ia ', t ELEINE
a *I:owa-es s new Ralph -
b CiFables" on.t A t are aLast y tarr, .Wthe Wa
label, abe's ruo ne b oa y atuall recorded sometMe. ago,
f lel, A lelaI thfu a n has a vocal by athen-unknown
"of "i f itliter. B His dame is Rusty nrap -
h*ue. t...Savannah Churhi F r a n
"w "- Bernice P--MY
l 'donegood Jobs 'wit
yw. jouknt btal I 6y noelty. "Shake a 51;t
Sau i iry e your pick. "
are .
easRve yone W-
But Allen fans, o whb chthere ^ A
wi nonbelever in your n lyT
l si him (or her) out on IA's
gS9 "Classical Music for Poo-
c Wt- ho Hte Classical Music."
d C. so h an LP with some -ct the
ed -Cool Yule"nd thiksla tuneful laal s
Itberwe Ia Wide-,v Asid for' n t tunefitul5class music,
S id S o e and. anplsm ye...Claude
lftbd01 o mtiol. y dodes aisa job, reading

plenty o'DV

SUs hokl thing bap in POP SINOLESI "Ebb Tide"
,.C nwaB -a -t for (We Damonas Mercuvry; "Kla
abeu a I nS lor mu- Me B31" ITenmssee r nile.
idii of citof); 'MoanhUht (Rich-
4k.,iA(d dt 4 aard Hayes, Mercury); "Ohe wm Edj them Moment .More" (Beryl Davis,
owtb r. sgead lines MOM); "ey, Mlter" (Fran-
lke 1 snd t I toLi- t es raye; Capitola); toIe
tle RdiRldin3 oW3quer*- Telling Cards- (Billy fDkutne,
b a e Ng w evh, are't MOM): "Wasted Tearsl(Qaeor--
ti ali. 0 .ll y soe- f Carr, CapiO); "eai' -
people V'That Way" (Geot~ga
toi f "fcl, ipro- Mibbs, Mercury).
ba Wadeae for a
'pe u sli o Soo t s," POP ALBUMS: RCA' tiw
ay. bw sadts.f
Ira6n each of 18 of tha7t
4.' 6 other, time great musicals, coen
^1106. ha on b Sth KP (one show. eVr-
acordY pr (two Ib1.
restYi ", *eoa). Shoaa "C an l
1: 7 r:: qi V ia b o vo at," "C a rie
White, Wagon" sId "Gil Cra ,
08 Tvoelt e
P13: Thel .a Edo Wt Adam. -
ilnltt bpa C A se I
'A trin CLACAL: Jose Iturb-f I
..bothiis and conduct

WAROAiB. has annouea ed.
. However the new contet has
& vrrde i pur s, where-
*the "S dwaH was some-
What of 1 "pot model" or test
Io see how such an affair would
go oyer here.
SCrossroade Cara v an," Lo
Wbch finals are scheduled to be
held at the Fort Clayton Thea-
ter'on NOV. 18. will help to e..-
tabliah a reservoir of talent with
Which to pu on a *oM er show
to tout poste of ,USARCARIS.
New camtes.ralf also allow cl-
ilian smployc and their de-
pendentr te enter, as well as
service personnel and their de-
Bach'Service Club in the Pan-
ama Area will conduct a prelim-
Iahry co k*st on the' flowing
dates at 8:30 n .. t. Amador,
Nov. ;IFt. 'Davl, lItv. 10; Ft
ClaytMl, Slo. 11; Ft. Ouliek,
Nov.. 23 obbe Nov. 14.
Military and civilian personnel
and thit dependents at Corosal
n Q M elghts may enter
Jaog t n
1 wll enter at Ft.1 Davii.
Informatiqu and en-
trre now aalable at
aR't41w ubs cross the Ith-
ms f ted persons an urg-
DIK61r r.
ed Cule their post Service Club

hr 'winners will represent
eah pt in. the finals. Prizes-
a_.yet unannounced-will be
awarded d

AIb Travel News
A family of four should plan
on spending about $40 a daV
while traveling on the road,
the Autqmnobile Club of New
York advises .Of this aMount,
$5 is for operating the car, 20
a day for meals, $10 to $12 for
lodgings and $3 for tolls, te-
freshments and misaellan eou s
There are now abheet 45,000
motor courts to be fond alibng
the nation's hlghwiay. as comr-
rthe Auto obie Clue
Syork. the a.e a IncB A
it the rate of"lat" A y.1rn
gross more .than aip billion dOl-
lars la ,tourlat trade anaB Iy.
'! '

7, Lewis Taent

.oAbady tha bupsblI
e" of Dean rt
ry Lewis had. the rafters
well as thq audience tremll
In its opening day r
yesterday at the alboa
water. It is called "The Caddy;'
lad this reviewer calls It oh.I
Whale of a Show.

.W jean andt Jery ve (Kq in'
the past, but thL s Parg pomnt
production gives the -*satwbu_
twosome more renunlyo
situations than they havop
er had before. W at they 1
with them is in the bet tr i
tion of lay-'em-in-the-asle
-keep--'em there comedy. .
Without a shadow of a ;
"The Caddy" is the best of
best. The story tells the '
tertaining tale of two UY
who would rather ply
than work. Because Jerry,
better. golfer of the two,
to pieces when sboothng ,
S.: fore crowds, he teachesD
what he nowss of the
..and becomes his caddy,
m staking credit for hisvitaloin,4.t
tributlen. In no tithe at
Dean become a top golfer
Jerty Lewis Is ded down at the same time acquires
with patne* Dea rtan swell head. This leads to t"
gtf e 'ab in rWi ffallin g out between Dean ',
smeae front the "Tte Caddy," Jerry which Is not resolved.
ParmeuimVs brand new qw until the final fade. .
edy Senmatfn t4da at the
Babmo Theter. Whiter itbe Interspersed throughout 'th, :
the flirt nihe or the back Onte. ftastpaed story line of
on the ntrways or' at thO Caddy" are a veritable c
water hole. p be mr- cade of new song hits w
ed that w e 'N i ug lltll from one hearing this re
plore when d6an Mantt aiud rates as odds on *
JeLrr lewis ie th patll- become tomorrow's best. L v
pants. Highlighting th mit
mirth and melody Is 'i jl
----------_ Lewis's side-splUtting renD .
of "The Gay -Conotital"
Better HouseleepBing "comer" if ever there wa
Beuer iiUBeakeepina Supporting -Dean and'
May Reduce Sneezews in the uproarious pr
S Ot2 are Donna Drake and 1
CAR n I. Oct. 24- Bates with Joseph Callela
(UP)-Ey evtr victims would Fred Clark, who head up a
suffer l. If they were better featured cast. They all a4d
housekeeper according to an the overall entertainment
.linol .ts t. ,ues so liberally saprlir K
throughout "The Caddy.'
Dr. Leo Kaplan of, Southen the flm has a golf b a6 -
Jlliois UniVerslty said hay fev- ground, many of gIoirflfil
er is caused principally by rag- most famo)as h ,en
w 4 0d other plants but it the picture. Ben ,
alqo: edh be caused by molds ead, Jimmy Th .
that float in the air. Juius Borrnds play r
'Kaplan said such molds grow "The a "W .S
and reproduce In dampclosets by Paul Jones and was
and. basements, behind wood- cd b y orman Ta n .t
work and in overstuffed fur- unfolding the umb
niture. foonery of FAX una
Dan"ny Arnold 'and
Hg said danger of mold lund'& Ut". a c"'-.'
caused snnfl be red- vltb abr Ade o o a
Jeed by keecMX lst! V A ,del. ._I .,t
c ui ,Md#., J ;, ,he aa- sri out many :,.
should be daat t rugs ci 4= .om t ,.
acuumed freue ly." me-nre

SPanama Canal ieatares Showing

Diable Hta. 2:30, 6:15, 3:28


Noun". bSe m-
" M o t- ^ U k I a ~f t -


GA4MBO& ":60k
*a Tomy 'UR'Is
SJanat IEiGhi
"HOUD Technicolor !
*V~ts. *?& 'coMJe

-S. ..", ,
-" AL ACondtid | Ad CA




^ ;..,, .;. -,. .

; ,M '" "
*B ,p. ,:,8,


'TToniL spp,. .,

glctre of A The ,

|,6 r--W2.iw "

geofy gothmt
win oh laughing cui,

-- **^ ...

s. ""

- .-~ S..


*. A -



- r


.1..7. 7 1

at~!:~ t,~q



p AGCE 'IGor .-

Sop Contenders For .

.-King's Prize, Main RoadUp

Arnorio Clash In Sprint

S Six of the ten scheduled starters in the Nov. 3 J
S'Golden Jubilee Classic, which carries a purse of
P,$20.000 added, will match strides today in the fea- P.P. Hone
turnedd $1,000 Class "A" seven furlong dash F
S Included in this select field of the scheduled starters will
&rethe three topweighted horses continue running after passing -Diana
'", t Amorio, King's Prize and the finish line in a conditioning 2-Filon
ain Road which will be rid- test for the big 'race. 23-T eco
SLden respectively by starring Yesterday the Antonio Angul- 4-Voliador
06keys Blas Aguirre, Jose Bravo zola stable suffered a double set- 4--Vrru r
,"and Oscar Mazuera. back when Don Antonio's Scy- 5-llaru Fr
4"- C'oqAu Vin (Alfredo Vasquez), thia raced to victory in the fea- 7 Hul s
Mirzatoats (Luis Giraldo) and turned tenth race six-and-one- 8--Kontk l
.'G"oyonder (Guillermo Sanchez) half furlong $600 Class "D" 8-iKo
'll complete the six-horse field, sprint only to be disqualified 9--tLady Moc
"j 1raldo is a top-notch Colom- after the track's stewards upheld
San rider brought here by the a foul claim by Newbridge's.
owners of Mirzatoats especially trainer Alberto Pereira. 2nd Race "G
for the Nov. 3 race.
Main Road has been the most The stewards awarded the I
impressive of group in training rac to Newbridge on the grounds 1 -Tilin Tllin
thus far and is expected to, go that Scythia, ridden by Colom-I 2-Con Valor
off',a slight mutuels favorite. blan jockey Oscar Mazuera, had 3-D. de Mayc
However, he will be closely push- fouled Newbridge in the final 4--L. Lulu,
Sed by King's Prize and Mirza- stages of the races. Scythia was i 5-Co3a Lindi
ots in the betting. Amorio has moved back to second place. I ---(rena
Iheen unusually sluggish during The disqualification means 7-Romantic
i 's training sessions. an automatic suspension for
C'oq Au.VIn rates an excellent Masuera who had been sched-
6hace in the track comes up uled to ride Golden Jubilee 3rd Race 'Non-
udldy or sloppy while Goyonder Classic favorite Main Road.
Wilremain an outsider regard- Mazuera will ride the Road t-
Sless of track condition, day but in all probability he 1-Roly
S This race should give the fans will-not be given-a chance to 2-La Chula
a good "line" on the chances of be atop the Anguizola colo- 3-D. Malone
wipingg the "big one" that these bearer in the "big race",; 4-Sonia D
Six.horses may have. At least two Yesterday's feature was thril- 5-Chillbrilln
7 ling from start to finish. Follow
Me II and Quo Vadis alternated'
A 8mal8 -wriVi-r in setting tl* early pace with
."Argentn WeIMWy s Scythia rated a close third. 4th Race "H"
Nearing the mile post Mazuera'
J Ev eialeAlne In gave Scythia the gun and the
S rW f lly shot to the front and kept 1-Avivato
." ax d n Ithe inside. 2-Pir6po
Am ri-Eletro Racn
*-AmedI can Race Pin Pon came up fast almost 4-Coran
Simultaneously on the outside 5-Collrio
9E=XICO, Oct. 24 (UP) Ar- while Newbridge gained rapidly --Plola
gentine auto sports drivers have on the inside in the homestretch. 7-Pedestal
,"-tired in the fourth annual In the run to the wire, cagy, Jo-
Mexico-Pan American road race se Bravo, up on Newbridge, in-
"chiefly for the experience," vet- slte on trying to pass Scythia 5th Race "C"
.erm-n driver Domingo Marimen near the inner rail. He couldn't
Ssaid. get through and Mazuera was -Po rich
Maritmon said that the major- accused of fouling which was 2-ChIng
Ity of the Argentine drivers are upheld by the stewards. 4 --Anear
coming to Mexico with "the Newbridge paid $8.40 4.80, y Da
firm ideaqof leartiing" the 1912 $2.20. The vlct&y gave Bravo 5-Propo II
milt long' course. The race will there wins for the afternoon to
be run from Nov. 19 to 23, from make him the day's leading
Tuta GOutierrez, in southeast- jockey. 6th Race "F"
Sern Mexico, to Citdad Juarez, on
the U.S.-Mexico border. The dividends:
Although Juan Manuel Fanglo, FIRST RACE -Albeit
one of the most-widely known of 1-Biscaya (e) $3.40, 2.80, 6.20 2-M. Princess
,Argentine racing drivers will 2-Arranquit $12.20. 12.80 3-Mr. Foot
drive aa Italian Lancia, in the 3-Moon Goddess (e) $3.20. 4-Apretador
big m;_ey (150,000 pesos) inter- SECOND RACE 5-Delhla
naV Il sports class, the major- 1-Yoslkito ".20 5.80, 3.60 f--Toletao
I tof the fifty-two Argentine 2-Golden -Pi 7.40, 3.40
tries f o far are in the humble, 3-Maolte th ae "F"
341000se upeclal tourism class. Fh*, Double: Iaya-Toeal-
Mtr~lm0, who with Oscar Ca- i)' pl.
b9' i4 ario David Ramob- TI tD RACE 1-Nehuinco.
dai ,w*' the first Argentine 1-AApne N $8.60, 3 2-C. Green
drivers t"rrive in Mexico for 2-Maliya *2.20. 3-8. Barge
the dffuei.t, five-day speed test. One-Two: (Annie N-Malaya) 4-R. Chum
wl mdw 4L td V-8. as will $15.3. 5--Canajag&a
t of other Argentines FOURTH RACE 6-Forzado
S Zwo l v 6d1ared the make of 1-0. Wonder $3.30. 2.20, 3.20
ear tf'.er,'0i pilot. 2-Brisa II $2.20, 2.20
m TIttfe y' driver told the 3-Don Rafael $.2.20. Re ""
Alu ia 1f that nit year he Qnea (Golden Wonder- hth Race "I" Is
a to move up into the in- Brist I) $5.
,,. 3 tourism class in FIFTH RACE 1-Our Fancy
'w ro ]aw* stock cars will run 1-Riqui $4.40, 3 2-8. Grey
VI Os 2-Don Temi $3.80. -Tom Collins
'. special tourism class is SIXTH RACE 4-Jepperin
itwtfo cars with engines rat- -IPqtobelQ $9.40. 6, 3.20 5--La Chata
d at IMS than 115 horsepower. 2-Miino $7.20, 4.60 a--BartoloI
,He said that he probably will 3-In Time $7. 7-(lnterSle
4iv.e a Lincoln or a Chrysler in SEVENTH RACE 8-(NewtShtW
S 1955 race. .1-Verticordia $10.0, 5.60, 4.20 -
SIt son. Onotre, who. Is under 2-Tllama $7, 7
ct with the Maserati Corn- 3-Golden Tap $4.40.
of.Italy, may enter one o Second Double: (Portobelo- .' th Ia*s 1
a 'year from no Ver,@cordla m$7.. ''
or"" d. EIGHTH RtACE T I
tie exUries amount .to l1-Compo $5.80, 4.60 4.40 I-LeA 61k
~e-third of the total of. --Invernal $13. 5.40 ". e.
drivers signed pp for. the 3-ISweet Windsor 84. 8.
so. far. Quiniela: (Compo-lavernal) *
.The next, largest national S 2.60.
P will be that from the NINTH RACE Vr-
States. There were thir- I 1-Florero $3.40. 2.80. 2.20 .
seven Americans entered up 12-2-Porter's Star $4.60, 2.80
n i ht 3-.9otch Chum $3.40. Ith Raw "A*
tres in the international One-Two: (Florera-Porter's
event close in a week, on Star) 512.0. (-Amloe I
at mlnlWht. TENTH RACE ,d
addition to the two tourism, 1--Newbrldge $8.40. 4 80. 2.20
k r classes, and the in'- 2-Scythla $4.40 2.20 .
^ISsPJ^a sportA. unlimitedi '_Pin Pon 12.20.
ttere ila a fourth category -
i. So far .here is only one entry.
tgrando Segura, in the sports
clis, for ca tf uo to 1.600 cubic FrancO 5 ... ,.
c,,timeine te s lacement. The R r U
-tass p letse to be a test of By.CONUADO
diving skill as the majority of -
th crs entered are speedy. 1-Diana r Fr -
nted German-b u i l t 2--TIUn Tiln Romant. (e) .:
S _ches, I -a Chula Duke Maloe .e
Xr.Kllng, the defending Pan, 4--Avivato Bi S W
Amnricsa champion. who aver- S--Chingri ny
l more. than 102 miles an --Mr. Foot -leta g v
I for the entire race in a ble 7-State Barge Regal Chut '* "-
wo;den, en- in 1952. will drive N--Interlude (c ,a 08
1 or-,nte u d Porsche in the 1--enry Lee Cai sS"-i
clas this year. l-Main Raed CE4 t '

sefs Abounm

Franco Graded Entries

Jockey Wit. COMIke ODS
Native 6% Fs.P tPr' $ Pool closes: 1:45
First Race of tbe'6 *4



B. Agulrre 113 -4od'rider this time 5-1
R. VIa. 118 a l Wkouts 3-1
M.Ycan 13--N.d_ ettat rider 15-1
J. Gongo. 105xlO- -oeh.andlcw p 15-1
0. Oasti. 112 N contender 5-1
E. Solve. 118 -CoI10 a 0f price 8-1
E. Orte. 103x --M ue favorite 2-1
R. Guerra 109x -Rates eNtsider cha ce 3-1
J. Bravo 112 -Imptoving stiadtll 3-1

Native 7 Fgs.Puialr: 875.00 Fool clmes: 1:15
Second Race of the DeMble
A. Vas. 117 --8ems sur thin aen
Mena R. 10x to l&te
L. Giraldo 112 imptavee '.
0. Ordo. 104 -Begging for rider 8-1
J. Cado. 11 -Needs plenty ind 5-1
F. Hidal. 105 -Rates good chance 2-1
V. Castle. 115 -Rates better choice 2-1

Winners' 414 FP.Purse: IS. tftPaoielloee: 1:45
J. Cado. 113 -Good race lat oat 3-1
A. Vas. 114 --Best early speed even
A. Ubidla 111 -Also Improved 3-1
C. Ruil 112 --Hashown nothln 10-1
A Yeasa 103x -Mult impr ve-mo 5-I
-Btll fractout 5-1.

Native 4 P nsPunre 575.0 Po".t elasi: t:20
P. Hidal. 111 -Should beat the 2, -I
Mena R. x-t-R leg w eUof la 3-1
R Va 110 -Distance to IUdf 3-1
C. Ruiz 112 --arly speed alore. 10-1
A. Vas. 118 -Rates first chance 3-1
A. Gonza. 00x-Has good early sped 8-1
0. Graell 118 -Hasn'tshown enough 15-1

Imported 7 Fgs. Punfw .00 Pool eleses: 2:51
A. Vas, 116 -Returns from laf f 10-1
0. Casti. 114 -Sh-ouldAwre p even
R. L. Gil 108 -Rates T ir ch2ee 4-1
R. Vas. 110 -Horse to beat even
F. Hidal. 108 -Nothlifg recently 10-1

Imported 7 Fis. Purse: *BW.M 4i Vloies: 3S:3
First Race of the Double -
R. Vas. 112 -S-8eedy newcomex. 10-1
L. Olraldo 112 -Has good workouts 10-1
F. Rose 118 -Distance to liking 3-1
F. Rose 108 -The one to be1t; 54
R. Guerra 103x--Outside chantd 5A-1
J. Phil. 106 -Mutuels f wrte even

Imported 7 F. Parse: *8M .06 pool elem: 4
Second Rae aof the Double "
J. Bravo 110 -Class seems strong 10-1
0. Casti. 113 -Mutuels chole even
V. Casti. 116 -Returns in top. ,Mn 3-
B. Aguirre 110 -Will fight it out' 3-i
H. Ruizs 112x-Not In this field 10-1
A. Vas. 115 -Rates outside hane 1
sported 4 Frs.Pas'e: $375.0 Peel closes: 4:4
J. Cado. 106 -Longshot pousnftBI i-
M. Aroe. 104 -Quarter horse, 5
a A. VOW. 115 -Rates good i
F. HidAL 107 -First chance t i 1f
0 O. Catl. 109 -Improved this we -.1
A. UbIdla 106 -Nothinwr tA inM% tat SUtLl

R. L. Gil 118 -Will help r t O."v
m: R. Vs. 113 -Looks like winr evtv

Impeted 7 Pi.Purse: $41M.86. PF
TO TWO .. .
O.0c tl. i -Returns from '. ,f '
B.Ag 11 -Can beat thui
* D. D, ,n117 -Is long .
.O Quera 102x-Poor rece -
LO. Rz 110 -Could score e 4_
l. R llx-Seems fae al

kporte( 7 Fgs.Purse: $1,60.M Fp dig 4i
B. Aguirre 110 -Serious effort "
A. Vas. 110 -Good t
.L. Giraldo 112 -Could I
J. apo 118 --nS4
0. MaMe. 118 -Has bs J .

-ECtlUA !






NOTICE ;.n .. ....

All interested parties are hereby adTl lsa ...
on the 3rd of November. 1953, at M~lI ", .. ea
drAethe "INDEPENDENCE CLASS 4" i.. "iS
e anM all Courteav Cards will be vtow*

SSpedal Invitations will be ism~*ei aMd .
! be presented at the entrance

STH. 11t.ANA6.EENT. .




44: '
SAue '.W4S


av'e You Got. Yurs ?
f o-
A of the J Ffio Race Track
sid tdo .admission to
,.dqy *-- *' wiill be by

lip owd, which
m patrons
Mbv it6*n$4y. fpf* r quiet*

V peqIM V flem track, prior to
e. ,- .. t |

S- ere

i are's F-ish

S .


~B thg;A0.

on t sAtantic ide, but definitely. play'bo(
Sto o. far as the Spillway. .
4own tUlftw last week. One weigh- It
DQund A Lw1s .caught himself a nice gamn*
onm beIt" Upillway last week. which
.at .haf to thoee eqoumnd. .. t
uig tiona'-
W #Pole cuht 18 9 ee Snook t01
bk smA qJ, a4 pa n. heMAIW

neut rew. yet ip U bo wot a1one's time to- fMh that area. b
Io th wae liae cght *eif B
Wie^Lokuithe Am .1One W ed I Pounds and the
otherI. 4h, nset f Sirtt iMGa nook from the
SDWis rW I Bftt a Sgt. fXom Pt. i
Davis tooki" ae the met tthey weighed 6,

Borbe_ _below the Spllway from the bank.
O Sught" ?11 001,abdut2 Po llds. Three of these
#ph* fsth-fih start to hit they will take
Jo "' or what h e you.
.ungWi, 's ..' hoea de either last sintday.
hund ." 0e wmaso wa fl4ll down the river
and hie N, sevenn p unds.
--o-.- *.
: bl b h o a Reood Tarpon dow4 the river last Bun-
dray.. l~a tl as W t out a home-nMai feather and weighed
slaty4wo 0 o US'o-feathers th .Atantic side.flmo
make saem to be the Va n for Tarpon. How about a fewsamole

t a lis been. ti small Tarnon sound ath
on a fly rod. He reports ta are JuMpnl all vf.
just before dark. They can be taken othea
Sit a 1g10paiOdat on A*I the o Wbqr -
yo zt a Uii ho e oT thee smAl T on a 3

Lee timer 12. habeen 4Gloo a new method to eatih
Group. rattheAut iritr it
can be Ca aa suet. do _5 teU
you what lbp as m Buday.dr *- e
M took h.l ilte'f to the rivrlt am the moon
he dped the aoihor ad. bifke oft tsli g.r B
abooaut.ue't-hedkh-a a .ie JAd k.j
Jack a same seioi mannnr he atea 'std a.Grodt -o

ThiN Gomave po ed to awallow-41e Jack in U 1a.
U~ri so -d tb"he ent haywire
--aso s prievas- .a e l tt or a_-
Of Cotm. vow d aws90 IonIa
eve w kPOw tUWTkhwl m er1na .E
lol l ao In we will mubI oh'ama.. .$Or us s.. D M.
i l '* ..-th -u-t-w fname l .&A-inUin .l.k.. -._ -


,, e O -- *
, I -
.**] Y a.p ,,

,1'. SI^ ^.

.. 0 _. t. tI C

r~ a"Iw

n Te1 l erld ve

hs^1 -^^l th Pai
at to o fou

ag th

to..- pt
anI'Jmmy mm
NM Ilj-lhk -Sl tf- -T

- --. -- -

4. ,

'..1 ~. -.~ I

".' -- '.
9BT D I '
[r ............0 .... .. .

, .00 ". ., ".

e, .. *. ,. .

S-. .

- "~' -. F
~.. ~..

- a


- i.~I.e -

a. .. -

t. C.
5. the


L l





I r







It^ .

) gkw

I -,- .. ',,- "- ,* .- ... ""* .. .... -- --.. ** -

t. 'c Despit e coring P

L l lu tM lt iBBI l. ekas Men Sees Unbeaten Ivy Seas..i
-9-=*p : -AVEN, Conn. Oct. 24 "Our best baanc .' Ol
I YOa$ l lW ko 3l! L.w -- I Bnmuch ... -(NEA)-Yale can now see Its now would be Jim Lopes a
Sn ye, t 24, Maon Is inasmuch ears waythrough to an all-victori- quarter, Phil Maths at ll
I p..k bt wm t lfopmulf. (MA)-MlMon ag as be demand ag Wtten for NA Serivce oun season in an Ivy League bach, ShelWi Piut~ .M
DeloaRdil thl compared only lth -a nuear a U t h t de. championship. Shears at haltlaC" l -
It 15 Oo alvable t 6t flU'AbB*t gjw4et.n juat does not hve r o ad tion: There's one out But no one there sla bragging var, Jerry Jones th big
teicftt be 2 ma. ie sAt i, T .Oltd ap. o 5n first base as yet and Old Blue bloodpre- back, concuou by
S a Doa the atet woan gt d and ie e- Perhaps the reason that there keep 22 men In aetto an4
mf ter ft I all A f1 This ai wom tavels od bunn mas the play is not mch excitement over everyone gets to play. a lot.
.e I ".ba.c Wm -- ,than ml a year is Dot ruled an Infeld thI" Blues ma because thel. Itea After Cornell came C theat
AUm sp 4 W*S4 *' 8as, tasm 4ff 6t*Uu p Pion Ct v a na -d Ftwag exbl l buthe r believes is, is hardly spectacuJar and stays Following the Red Rade w
S" ...i. ds ad nted ". "She a' i himself ouLt ut or the losing column strict- be Darouth, Temp, e
a t Tn irnt reo y; ts Despite es Sl turns end tM nch. e y by way of its defense. ton and Harvard. ale certat-
as Navy w asmpt 1 ta nd Onl Homer Smith, the pre- M. nd bman dros the bal Ya e gave up only one touch- ly will be favored In each ca.
Sour as, belonaWhthe n the men ater e to aSge prti y d throws to the down in tsirst four games, the are till
Sat t ea rt h? to trlo -do than clear dl. e gnertrieeman, who steps n less than yon else. If the are till unbe
But V. -=a sks their throat W en to bowl aon, .onentrt n th touches the run- y the te the Prin et
.e tff sid., admit' u and Works on wa .o i the ba Is it a It nIs odd for Jordan ie comes around f.

304. of-onmeW. rSIt's a good tfag the se aesdons,"p sonexplald. weoul have tme H a double play, the first scoreless deadlock he 1d Mollowy, the star tfase
for te tath's a an When home, Mr. Lade e t t had ever exp edn 15 years nured all year, is now
and e oot in mp' tour- shoot. five night a week In moved the or, th s making of coaching. s pected back for the Prin
Snaments" five different Fran-d R pid the b net standing on ther The Ell defense is rckribbed game primary target on*e m.

tr0c 3 1 ewgil lte a 0eae' averaglag.. nioro thuaIn e h ae from putoat. Up front the starting men av- hedule.
13 a titm noon il t aur- .Q. wht is the baseball deul eral e 07 pounds and all have
o, i.. a sii -, y C g ast five* .1t. of an appep? -Ben had de sive experience underiR I ic .
S8erated 204 brmh to hAr POUnds, Mrs. L adewig but t Here is how it goes:PInT

eld Sem t^b 1 rlo of the pal down thq y v Te in ca ae t0 ne 1 nhdr1 NEW YORKl Oct. 24a-(NgA
a l.t-of 255 and alrat ohe on a rt oIn e team. 203, recently Injured. The ta k Stengel remembers
beow n two-game record of e Kl a the 13 e a bak on the pitch. les are Bi Prentses, 20; and when g e took over the
.-.rt 9a pocket, picks UP ,parei totally er in any way affect the Harris A-hton, 205. Two-hun- In 1949 he was warned
of27 d center, tatus of the batter?- Wallace dred-pound Thorne Sh ~t t shortstop would be a
'he se I^fI1, B gIdrn. Forbes. aIn dwllae 180-pound JDick Pol..the "They were .
o t an a endeavoring g t 0 A. Ne To. The calling of a balk bet and fastet lineman, are ut was ."
a.V ad the" o.a ver took m its)in only aff ets basern -ers at guard The center la Jm the New York manage r
i ., "~bcleAakl. only Q. How many WorAld Series Doug, 19 should have had more 1 Anch
Stame un belie va bl e,. adf a better' pmape po dA did Lou DoIdres u play inH Cornell had 14 shots at this problems -and more -
ed2 Day, oe o the out of hera but Frank Tenne. grou inside the 11-yard line ups" players. He beats b a
rat.At the ea One, 19, when against in e first half and got domen ways, can do
-gazueat amto adia rowln i aose r n7 ed the Braves the Indians' man- actly nowhere. an else ever did 4
.thW o re rk a naleague her ager Usd o.l Se0,een. r -- a s"aw- .
S n s. ^ 1f wlt was sta e appearance a tb irord for gh fielding aver-saaa "After that, I knew they "Inadoubleplafor
pa n t abookSe se alt slace strting the 1-use, ace b a lhortetop i L tOh were never gong to score on pe. h ,mrder; and
. tf ow auler pot p banck u a totaml y iat Is the National Leagu us." Oltvar said later. "In tact. side. In always
p ; si now ao to. be.M m o competing 1 record for number of consecu- It will be tough for anyone to runner. At bat he"ll
r do a's ere was a tlme, u re te games a second baseman move on us unless we make be for .
IN, ad7a61- hen women g a.A. without making an lkistaskes." He hits to af fields.
w '. 'sdol nf s aJ timid question, Mrs. aboW err robe een Because there is little speed a better bunter. Ho
-a*', n C.J.'.. ... 'd--- ,a.ewig re 114 readily that Maron Ladew a s-ed A.' ad Schoendleat of tha In the backfleld. Yale has to ne was a better
rphtathr WofI a few to H Tl a I old yanas did not make ane grindout lts yardagethe hard but I've seventh
S. -".z 't m. bei.g a. + edict a llQ applied. r.e i. 57. a way.,, plays Wagner nev d
..,.. ..-Of .eeC rm.leha.14 hots stlhisome ...
There art goals reestalnag time hidLoaB udea payIn
.Wfive t 4. Ivy ga s int sa

Oriional Ma-l IMotlB
W,. ; /'.I a l. .l"' "1r R ,Y writtenn Lor NaA nasrivei e -.
,is 2 ot o hriutri Ql YV onneo.ovepomnimmer
g, taecId... io i Pe r ldwht h ed e f t h e n'
5% ]teIVe" isne" -fave fIero msacarw. haete Nw .o" _ay_________________iathafeInrexkdw
t.the pton w ee ues-9.othe_ _o rav esthe In atonsea nao .

gameali. a totaltofIOn U M it .erwrmr 10 InFl age hron eainat ifeth/e occasion by joining CrS^ '\\
X (a the v ew^ oi^^ ^^^^ ^^^^^^^i^^H wml Softerbk fe AM U.In arourfo Dfrigesn tiA ere fert ,I e kewthey "Ins
30V.^ r04 lo .IW5 t seI5oler W h a nth ai

Wkd nt )e Write forn m era Nor brifb t xTg -.a ron Ao ru nr

p1~ ableW no*^^^^^ It here was a tr 0) re- games a se---co nl danm a bad Cspaltneo"umov fw) C jrbalem1C
eQuestion a point after
ftco -henwome welaskI nT ePAthoutkma8n 0pm. Er1
USeSades a so$r-0 in(anormrhc iesof Grethee. ldca uset.i31ea.

visa C a'.ke' al5*.i% o Melardi V lt S lo froan 7 p*m. e. no coverueat rno minimum w
fiveoat FaokesOhnestaup.

5 17eME 0*4 eV94 the &L
,. SUNDAY, Nov. 1 A Panam6 Sunday Fiesta
I1 SUN"DAY",--ov. I a'
_' --frost 12 moonI n Ihe air-conditioned Balboa Room
mod ;Aw(the perfect plsoe to spend a cool noon he*')
'.." IrWith Lueho A-earraga's Meirry Musioianm... J ,
.Wa.drinks only 35c.... .

.-": -- limax to the busy Thirdl Come help our
..-, Psubselan friends celebrate this big date in a glit. ,
dm ",. a wing avamn.. two orchestras, noisnakors,

a'~&4~ 'V


W doo' pri Entrance $2.-


Sl .. CiT Maitre d'-boa W -- "%14

" z.


.. --- --~-- ----- --- --


i q I -- II

~' 2


4 -V

' a

This is Rusty Ray Hackett's
passport photo-for 16 coun-

6 Penn

0 Navy .


9 Cornell...... 26 Minnesota..... 22 OMoState'... 20 Northwestern. 27 Alabama..... 7 Florda...... 21

6 Princeton.... 19 Michigan..... 0 Wisconsin.... 19 Pittsburgh...21 Miss.State... 7 L S. U.


"Let thfe peoplee know the truth and the country is safe" Abraham Lincoln.


Two-Wheel Serenade

'Gals, Scenery Don't Mix

It was gals like this whose smile caused Hackett many a spill
on his motorcycle.
0 -

By Dortla Lamonte
There was a time when a
troubador travelled a-foot, or in
his better days, la-horse. But
Russell Ray Hackett, who
bounded into Panama a week
ago, sings his songs from the
back of a motorcycle. A fine
young bronzed American of 27,
Rusty is on his way down that
Pan American Highway, taking
motion pictures and making up
songs to go with them for an
unusual travelogue of Central
and South America.
Rusty is a modern troubador
who, like everyone else, uses
pltures to help out the imagi-
nation of the public. He's also ga
poet-philosopher. This goes with
troubadoring like turkey dinner
with trimmings.
Rusty figures the war must
have something to do with so
many Amer:cans travelling down
the Pan American Highway.
While he was stationed in the
Phillipines, he and his buddies
decided it'd be a good thing to
take a motorcycle over the Pan
American Highway. But his
buddies all got married and be-
came "solid citizens." Rusty Is
slightly opposed to being a
"solid citizen." No "satisfaction
of mind" in that says he.
So, in September, 1951, he
quit his job in Flint, Michigan
lelt his harm to lie fallow, bid
his Mom and sister farewell and
set out to see the world.
IR was up the Alcan Highway
first, on his Harley 74 Cycle,
carrying his movie camera and
lots of film but not much else.
Alaska was the right place to
head for. Right off, he got in-
volved with taking photos for
an expedition that was set on
dropping a pole at the North
Pole. That sort of set the tone
for life in Alaska. So, when he
went to work near Fairbanks as
a power-house oiler at $1,000 a
month, It naturally didn't give
him much of that "satisfaction
of mind." There was plenty of

No Relief in Sight

For Bone-Pry NY,
Maw IMamW ArAla


The Roads'

French Fight

Out Of Ambush

In Indochina

HANOI, Oct. 24 (UP) A
French armored column, threat-
ened with entrapment, fought
its way out of a Communist am-
bush today anedled 150 Reds
in sharp fighting along the An-
nam-Tonking border.
Two battalions of Communists
tried to spring a trap on the
Franco-Vietnam troops part
of a 3,000-man force that has
spent 11 d a y s trying to bring
three crack Communist divisions
into open combat. -
Today's clash, the second since
the French offensive started, oc-
curred in the border area some
60 miles south of here.
A French- spokesman -a I d
"hundreds" of Communist weap-
ons were captured as the Reds
retreated into a densely wooded

On the political front, France
was given its second endorse-
ment in 24 hours by Vietnam
premier Nguyen Van Tam, in ap
attempt to counter anti-French
national agitation before Emper-
Or Bao Dal returns here from
France on Tuesday.
"France has given us Increas-
ing independence and the fin-
est flower of her youth in or-
der to protect us from Commu-
nist assault," the premier said.
'Nationalist extremists, how-
ever, were reported starting a
campaign today to oust the pro-
French regime and win total in-
dependence from France. Bao
Dal may oust Van Tam on hia
return here, to win greater na-
tional support for a moderate

US Tries To Keep

Below Ceiling

On National Debt

- The government is taking
unprecedented steps to keep
from bumping into the $275,-
000,000,000 ceiling on the nation-
al debt.

In the last maneuver, the
TrWasury last night suspended
sales its tax savings notes for
th'e first time to guard against
the chance they might push the
debt "through the ceiling by ac-
Tax savings notes are bought
mostly by corporations with
cash they keep reserved for tax
payments. Like defense bonds,
they are on sale continuously.
They money the Treasury takes
in from sales of both is charg-
ed up to the national debt.
The amount of Uncle Sam's
debt which is subjected to the
limit prescribed by Congress
now stands at $272,500,000,000
-lust $2,500,000,000 short of the
The treasury will have to
borrow right up to the limit In
th.i near future to pay its bills.
It prefers to do this by selling
a fixed amount of government
bonds, rather than counting on
the unpredictable sales of tax
notes, which have been going
unusually well in recent weeks
-somCtimea as much as $60,-
000,000 in a single day.
The debt limit total stems
from Congress' refusal to raise
the ceiling, to $290,000,000,000.
President Eisenhower made an
urgent appeal for 'a boost in
the closing days of this year's
session but the lawmakers balk-
ed, advised the administration
to economize.
The Treasury Is trying hard
and hopes Congress will not
have to be called into special
season to lift the limit. The
present crisis is expected to last
until January when tax pay-
ments starts coming in.
The present system of limit-
ing the national debt was set up
by Congress in 1941 when the
debt was about $65,000,000,000.

Sa .. 21


HAPPIER TIMES-Ex-Queen Alexandra of Yugoslavia (shown
here with her husband, ex-King Peter during happier times,
as they visited a New York night club) slashed her wrists in a
suicide attempt after failing to persuade-her husband to drop
his divorce plans.

Draft-Dodging Choir Singer

Takes 5-Story Suicide Leap

NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 24 (UP) He told friends he "Just
A young choir singer who so couldn't make It" in the Nation-
feared the draft he forged a al Guard and the Guard turned
doctor's report saying he was him into the draft board when
unfit for service, leaped five he failed to come to drill.
stories to his death today after After' his release on bail
his trick wps exposed. Thursday, TIaylor drew some
mcney from the bank and
Richdrd Taylor, 25, son of a bought travelers' checks, a
Tulane University accounting friend said. But he left his
professor and himself part'- home Thuisday night without
time business student at the taking the checks.
college, was found dead in an During the night, he climbed
alley behind the Volkert Cotton up the fire escape to the top of
Building where he worked. the cotton building and stepped
"He was a good boy who led off. A janitor found his broken
a lonely life," a friend said to- body in, the alley.
day. ."I was afraid something like
"He had one of the finest this would happen," sWid his
tenor voices In the city and father, Dr. Paul Taylor, "His
sang at many church services. spirits were too far down and
His only real outlet was his he had been brooding In his
singing." room."

Taylor was charged Thursday
with federal draft evasion and
refused under $5,000 bail.
FBI agents said the youth
forged the name of a neighbor-
hood doctor in a report to his
draft board saying he was "sick
and unfit for servipe."
It was the second such for-
gery, agents said. Some months
ago h' sent In the fAaked med-
ical report without arousing
suspicion but when, in sawer to
a subsequent induction notice,
he reft another letter purpor-
tedly signed by the same doctor
the draft board checked the
doctor. He said he did not know
the youth.

It was disclosed Taylor had
been deferred for three years
because he belonged to the Na-
tloral Guard but last summer
he suffered heat prostration In
112-degree weather dur in g
Guard drills.

Conant Claims Red
Zone Germans Still,
Love Their Freedom
BERLIN, Oct. 24 (UP) -
United States High Commission-
er James B. Conant said today
that Soviet Zone Germans have
preserved their love for freedom
n spite of a Communist dicta-
torship "that was neither elect-
ed nor wanted." *
Connant spoke at a ceremony
here marking United Nations
Day and the third anniversary
of the installation of the Amer-
ican-donated "Freedom Bell," in
West Berlin's city hall tower.
"Each day at noon, when the
freedom bell rings, this call goes
out from the free city of Berlin
to the surrounding, distressed
countryside and comforts the
distomesed people: 'Hold out;
freedom cannot be denied you
forever.' ".

6e. lark Looking

Forward To Working

WilhYoung Peope
CHARLOTTE, N. C., Oct. 24 --
(UP) Gen. Mark Wayne
Clark, his long military career
nearing a close, today looked
forward to becoming an. educa-
tor and "working with young
people" as president of The Ci-
The former United Nations
Far East Commander announced
yesterday through Gov. James F.
Byrnes of South Carolina that
he would accept the presidency
of the famed military college
effective next March 1.
Clark. -visiting here prior to
his reitrment from the Army
next,week, said he was "very
happy to be associated with a
school with such fine traditions
and to live in such an excellent
part of the country.
Clark, with Byrnes, earlier
this week Inspected the 1ll-
year-old moss-draped campus
in the heart of the old port of
Charleston and reviewed its
sprvce cadet corps.
Byrnes late yesterday an-
nounced from Columbia, S. C.,
that Clark had told him he had
decided to accept the offer of
The Citadel's presidency after
giving it long consideration.
"The idea of doing some-
thing in the field of education
and working with young people
appealed to me," Clark said.
He also said he had been "im-
pressed" by the smart appear-
ance of the campus and the
cadet corps.
Clark, 57, said he planned to
rest here for awhile and then
go to the West Coast to work on
memoirs of his Far Bt ex4
periences befrte returning to
the state-supported Colijge.

satisfaction of wallet, though,
so he decided to stay awhile
anci enrolled at the University
of Alaska, taking all kinds of
courses such as radio and his-
tory and sports.
After 13 months of this he
decided he'd have to get on with
his travels. So he up and quit
and headed south on his Hartley
74 with his movie camera and
$5,COO to boot.

Archaeology and Mayan Culture
he'd ride out to the ruins and
take pa look at what was left of
the colorful civilizations. He
say he's learned a lot and in
the same breath he claims he
doesn't known i darn thing.
"But he will in abdut 80 years."
"I can't put my finger on it,
Rusty told us, "but I like Pan-
ama better than any place. "The
girls here as so bold- they're
crazy but I like them."

ovw ju VIDVl MUIVUlD By May he was in Mexico. It -A .
was coming around a. 9,000 foot He gets %a lot of Inspiration
BOSTON, Oct. 24 (UP) The high mountain outside of Mex* for his songs from the colored
weatherman forecast no relief ico City that he took a real people, Rusty said. "But I write
today for the New England-New spill. "There wvas a pretty girl," fuany stuff I figure people
York-New Jersey area caught in he tells us, "walking along on need cheering up, and he sang
the worst drought since 1947. the outer edge of the road a couple of songs for us, beat-
Light scattered showers were When I passed her she smiled inh time to a claypso rhythm
forecast but were expected to and I turned hy head and with his fet. They did cheer us
have littleeffect on the water- smiled back. I -uess her shin- up, a lbt too.
starved area already stricken in'g white teeth dazzled me, he He's spent about $3,000 of his
threatened with ertou wires and laughed, cause the next I savings to date. But it doesn't
threatened with serous water kew I was going head over really bother him. Money, he
shortages, heels down the mountain with says doesn't Interest him, never
Tinder-dry woodlands were the cycle still under me. ha* very much. He figures he'll
closed to hunters and campers That was one of many spills be here for a couple of weeks
in Massachusetts, Connecticut he took -too many to count. then on down to the Straits of
and three southern New Hamp- "It's not that he's a bad driver JaLeiro and a boat home.
shire counties. A similar ban for he explained -just that the
New York, excluding Long Is- gals and the scenery don't mix "Well, are you' happy?" he
land, takes effect at 6 p.m. to- with the roads. asked himself for us.
day. In Guatemala, which In spite "Well, yes he answer e d
of its political difficulties is thoughtfully.
Rhode Island was considering sti'l a favorite' spot for tourists "Well, was it as great as you
a ban on forest usage and Maine once they get there. Rusty stay- thought it'd be?"
and Vermont were taking steps ed three months, attending the "I don't know but I'm really
to prevent outbreak of new for- University and touring the getting "satisfaction of mind."
est fires, countryside. Between classes in Antd that's what interests me."

Joe Zonian---As Seen By Christian Science Monitor

Guatemalan housewives use their heads when they go to (Reprinted from The Christian Science Monitor)
market. Baby sleeps comfortably on back. -
(Pictures by R. R. Hackett.) Workers are bewildered, frus-
Sf Balboa, Canal Zone treated, and bitterly resentful.
ew Loyalty Check really ec e Several years ago a man go-
New Loy8ai Check K9W EI iling to work for the Panama Ca-
__-_ nal had several attractions to Benefits Melt Away
o- induce him to leave friends and
WASHINGTON. Oct. 24 (UP) would comment on their signifi- family in the United States. They complain that these
Government officials said to- chance. But other officials cited Rents were low ($36' a month changes are in effect a "breach
day that President Eisenhower's the figures as proof that the ad- was not unusual.) He paid no of contract" because they were
tough new security program is ministration is carrying out its federal Income taxes. Food costs lured here by promises of such
proving "really effective" in rid- promise to rid the government of were somewhat comparable tc benefits
ding the government of security actual or potential subversives. stateside. He got a 25 per cent
iseks. increment over his civil service The advantages began to melt
They cited the White House "The size of the total is proof pay rating in the States. Free away a couple of, years.-ago. In-
disclosure that 1,456 government that security risks will not be hospitalization was provided, come taxes were imposed on
employes have been ousted as se- tolerated in the government," Canal Zone workers,F although a
curlty risks in the four months one official said. Today this man pays full in- United States cilten working a-
from May 27 when the pro- come taxes. His rent has been cross the line in Panama still
gram went into effect until In Ann Arbor, Mich., Defense raised to $80 a month. Food and does not pay them.
Sept. 30. Secretary Charles E. Wilson other living costs have jumped. And the canal waq set up by
summed up administration opin- Free hospitalization will be tak- Congress as a government cor-
Of this total, 863 were fired ion in commenting on one se- en away Jan. 1 and his 25 per portion like TVA and'required
outright and 593 resigned when curity case. "There will be no cent increment has been threaz- to pay its own way. Formerly It
unfavorable reports were made more" security risks on the fed- ened by Congress. had paid toll releipts into the
about 07em All but five. said the eral payroll," he said. As a result morale of United United States Treasury'and re-
White F- e. 'came from previ- States 'workers on the vital life celved appropriations from Con-
ous a, : cns." The new security program was line between the Atlantic and gress.
a substitute for the old loyalty Pacific is at an all-time low. Res- Now, for example, housing, ac-
Neilher the White House nor program of the Truman admin- Ignations are high and many cording to congressional edict,
the Civil Service Commission, istration which had been in op- others plan to leave if Congress has to be self-supporting. Hence
Which compiled the statistics, eration since Oct. 1947. cuts the 25 per cent differential. the jump In rents.


"The only reason to come down
here, or to remain here, if they
take away the differential, will
be thee climate," one employee
caustically remarmcl.
$32 Million In Tolls
There are some 30 United
states Ctifens worLing on the
canal or in' -admistrative or
allied services, In ~$~tIon, jome
12,006 non-United taus work-
ers, mostly Panamaslans and
British West Indians, are em-
The total of Unitid States efh-
ployes dropped from 4,100 last
year. Worfters attribute the drop
to the lss of benefits. Canal of-
ficials, however, say they were
not replaced because of "more
efficient methods of operation."
In a way Canal Zone officials
are caught in the middle in this
dispute. Most difficulties are
caused by congressional action
and they have to make the best
of these mandates.
They point out. however, that
employes were in a relatively
privileged position here enjoying
low living costs, tax relief and

other benefits for many years
and that, compared to the States
ay, their situation is "not so
Employes complain that the
additional costs to make the ca-
nal operation self-sufficient are
thrown on them and not on ca-
nal users. They point out that
tolls have never been raised in
the history of the canal (and in
fact were slightly dropped in
1936 when there was a revision
in the =a#Uod of levying tolls.)
Canal administrators point

provided for by long vacation
periods (over a month) are very
expensive. Few families can af-
ford tp go more often than once
every four or five years. They
say, therefore, they lose contact
with families and friends.
Cost of educating children.
Schools in the zone are excellent
and go through junior college
but families must set aside large
suuas to send their children to
the Uisited tes to finsh col-
lege*. / *

out, however, that anal use has
risen steadily over the years with In to buy Iome. -Al-
a proportionate Increae 4i rev.- t ou i afterr having e
enue. Ending June 30, the 30 rent jusa-
canal had the greater a t va for a lse, you
of revenue in ahito 1e, -e take It withpl
000,000. And presentbusine ed a*M em o. r cannot
about paralleng last year'a. retire and stay here. no hatter
how much they felt like it.
RTht-But Ca ag al tone ant ord
to build euoau just fa ratedd
Employes feel they make many persons to rent, even if they
personal sacrifices to work Tor caid remain here. Residence in
the Canal Zone which justify the sanal Zone is specifically
added money and benefits. They I t Sed t w theme clnneeted with
also point to the following fac- th "petlpn and mainten-
tors: iac, eM d "PWe of the Pana-
Vacations in the United states, mn QBal.a ..- .

So perhaps alter 25 or 30 years,
of service, workers ahd their
families have to move out with-
in SO days (with possible short
extensions) of the time they re-
tWre. Therefore, they have to go.
bapk to the States and start over
P"aT is basically due to the
fact.that the United States doei
not own the Canal Zone areq
outright and therefore cannot
as property rights to any in-

impOyes also oOmplain thai
the canal is run by absentee
owner rhp. The board of direc-
tors, they say, comes down onig
for a short perod each year and
thm~mnever gets to know thE
problems of the workers. Like*-\
wise, they say. Junketing co
gresm en get only a topside ad
mnlstrsative view of conditions.
If tie dfferental is taken
way workers forecast chaos .'
M al -zone operations. Whi
this may net result, it Ild
the intensity of eeling .n
cone which was once
have the highest morale u
government operation. -VM

/... ^

Aiurdue ..

Sich. St......

Rusty's trusty steed framed #n the doorway of a rulfl In An-
tigua, the ancient capital of Guatemala.

f `""' I i -

-- -- --







uI 2/664

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