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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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Kremlin Suport

Highly Unweoom

in Trieste air

BELGRADE, Oct. 14 (UP) Paesident Tito was r
ported concerned today bo0 prospect of a pis
quarrel oveTuests in which ir&os ia would beuTJC J
ad with tbhsCommnunist nathns against her Wes
Russia's move to put tfe issue before the limit
'1 dmb bi a e ae ncui -n on .I Nations undermnild Tito's attempts to settle the
Wsete. Th a been mu r unrst in lm quietly in eafour-wy inference among Yug sF
eone and tur nthe rt in aton Italy, the Ulnit States and Britain, an auth
President Tito of Yugoalavi source sid.
d send tros ito Zee "A' Thepotc f o ,Cse too he governmAnt Sr
sends occupying Zorcw into -
1n te ds Russito 'dae rieste in the Security Cor4
ha"'efFv eq halted Tito's overtures for a mee
aIIrBngthe fgui.nations concerned.
ear o-t ,unwelnwme Russian IBg the eveniat and they
port anmd casequent damage not molested&urther
rlt rena with th West have TT h embay building
doe = -.el legars. .ttl ditae a-y have beem n

SD.M MrBTORi-.II neht shows zones "A" and
mt e tritory whicKl is cui unrest between Italy
r- sad Y lav a. The VU.Sa BsA z b- have announced that
St.hey i4. n the adminIstratlon p their mone' over to the

Hee's Loca.A-News
3' *" SoO C ifi

"(Tha Tre Sortf Is)
'* cl..SILY --

=there Tic driver
S t Be is Fran
i., -mai g 1, of Sao Pau-r
a,arred saturday on the
i.ftA I eco Polo, land
ai sa' Paelific coast.
I arewam he has car-
t Mat since he we
mold.rancois left S0,
,with his parrt
their approve
a friend (w
'. a of nerves
rtumred home). J
typewriter ,A
boy's h
co 014e. .".Nl

i Meal Te
b bi who speaks
,l 3 tobe -
'*-bs -t" *f .* 'is !
'e BgbPa r~~*
*Ui at-nori 1&cffi

toa-mft turning over an Andean
cuRtgi Zt also carries a corn-
uppl of spare parts, mud-
r and Jeep gas tanks.
ys he's had plenty of
ut they haven't cured
S Oace, Just outside of
SBol1via, the car turned
etely, in spite of the
SHe and his friend
bt underneath where
d for twelve hours,
the view. Finally, a
truck from the fa-
mines of Bolivia, came
-nd turned the car right
SM int
S'i*~r t'&'j, m.* _^>< flrt >1

1 developed nervous shock
nt home.
mu's family doesn't worry
hb4,. much. They're all
iVlle. His brother is in
I Paris, his mother and
otherr are always off ex-
g s$sl and his father, a
at trance, and engineer-
r of a construction com-
A il. was a major in
irm V y in Europe during
i 'war.
h people he has met
tviels, Moreau has little.
l the landscapes that
H claims that be-
SntuAnd olombia
kind of scenery In
uding the UGA's
at Humaauca,
^i l Way was yesterday
s tecar tto the
the fmt time.
to tfe.beaeh
it U )n

They said to r that
nbU te of the aBe plus
the unwe~dd agllanop. ih the
Soviet' bi might provoke new
and unpredictable pubie pro-
tests throughout Yugoslavia.
Some of the largest esowds
ever seen in Belgrade streets
roared. thrquRh the sLth day of
protest nionatratlons yesterday
against th Anglo-Ameilcan de-

The government threatened
to ctew the Ameriean and
Britllh information centers on
greods the preventionn" of
thlhem br nsow hietins made
it impemable o protect them.
Ameloan official told Yugo-
slav eatlb of the U.S. Inor-
mation ,Erlce to stay home un-
til further notice after seven of
them were beaten up. American
citing were warned to avoid
trouble by keeping away from
demonaaatlons and police.
Yugniavla charged Italy yes-
terday ri "acts of provocation"
along the powder keg frontier,
and ) ita popped up in the
Be~gq r press as a backer of
Sfo~r the first time
sInce broke with the Soviet
bloc flW years agu.
ugoselavia ve te embassies
there alternatives regarding the
informs6e n offices-voluntary
temporary closing, police sta-
tioned inside the buildings, or
police crdons closing off the
whole wa around the buildings,
AnglO-Aerilcan sources said.
If none of these proved ac-
ceptkble the Yugoslav govern-
ment "would have to consider
the possibility of closing the two
serviees." the sources said they
were told.
More than 100,000 persons
massed in downtown squares
last night for noley but orderly
protest meetings daring which
they shouted anti-Italian, anti-
American and anti-British slo-
gain. im.Aar demonstrations
were reported elsewhere n Yu-
Riavia,. It was 'the sixth
sti4 6ay of anti-Western
axtra police ortards were plac-
ed around the American and
WBitish Information Centers dur-

Berber's Son To
Mar7 Into Royal
Family Of Japan
WINTROP, Mass., Oct. 14 -
(UP) The Af of an Mat Bos-
ton barber wil marry lnto the
ruyal atm of Jaanu .
Afr I teBL 1r De Stefa-
D0% ISk, *mwa5pri Miehico.
Mef '4pKt f ihrohlto, in
Nor. "It t as disclosed
~..a", World War IT
ApoW sttltned in Na-
aIm parents, to-
R a uncle and an
lovq Jd the Orent
8U assd the d-

$k&^i. 5.I+ **!'.

Soe after T' at tl
to Tugdavr Oewtrfah110
and aneaueed they
march into Zeae A the i
an Italian soldier did e
A morning crowd of about 100'
angry Yugoslavs besieged theV,
8. and British Information Cat'
ten for three hours and t
crashed through the dotoore *
Britsh reading room and tti
It into a shambles
The mob et upon an Ae
can student and chased bhne
the U.. IOanto
whose dinet ULm a. M
attached Mt5 P0;e
apartment, w M ai~aday
Otner Webt4 b ugs
protected anL Iesternera ally were not moesd ~rae
when connected with or
ent at the tnftrm=aMi eemt4
Truckloads of polled reinfieu
ments moved Into the emnaat
quarters at udwn. ,
There was no offcia or
comment on Mondy' fti
United States of !Olat. ta
note accusing ant
Italian peace treat or the
clalon on Trieste itaief. But.
official newspte printed
summaries o the h t nat..

The Soviet Ambaspadar 1Ws
Valkov called yesterday 4 V4
President Xdward KardelL.who
Is Yugoslavia's priznolpa policy
maker. Officite wftused to re.
lease any detils other than that
It was a courtesy visit.

Moving Target
NEW YORK, Oca 14 (UP)-
Two robbers invaded a home
here yesterday only to learn th
their intended victims had mo .
ed four months
Mrs. Charles $0. OGie% m pmsea
owner of the hoAe, offespd to
to a nearby st6"Jo cash a eheek
when the thlsi found only $10
In her purse.
"Don't bothU," they said. "We
made a mtitaae. We intended to
rob the Parbr'."

(UP) a'. SW h
has be urn, I mw

gas fk"a r ra Uew
elp" emSSSutufSS
ga tf*dLI -rBy(t-t


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wj.L amUaI
r,.& .ar

(UP)- g
Stei m
rt-^lo e

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fio(55*L~ lrCII

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- I

E NAMiA AME ii Ir -
v cTHS PsiML cIn 94 wl a bors s
0 N` msT P o 0ox Bo 4. Pahx. e And
fTLr.PHNO4 PANAMA No 2-0740 i 1 "go" Andd
341 MAnISON AVE. NEW YORK.n (17i N Y. "Co ment W

O__ A_. Wn 4nOvan o oo By Victor Riesel
IS IS YOUR PORUM THE READERS OWN UMN Harry Bridges, listed in many
government files as an agent of 4
the Communist International
ndkwork, has just told his follow.
T H er that the national crime syn-
M A IL 0 dicate's longshoremen's oufIt "Is
SMl open absolutely right" in fighting the
The Mail Ban is an open forum for readers of the Panama Amr* AFL and the government's anti-
a. Letters are rcd t y ad receivedlgr I a or handled is a wholly conl- Acrime commissions.
aiol manner. This moral backing from the i i
If you contribute a letter don't be Impatient it It doesn't appear the man who for a while as'' the
at day. LOters are published in the order received. head of Russia's world marltie
Plmse try to keep the letters limited to one page lenath.( federation, organized to p ze
Identity of. letter writers is held in strictest confidenul Western shipping when Mdocow
his newspaper assumes responsibility fot statements as opinion gave the word, is part of a n w
1 L gave the woletesspaec tly ofr t
1n lett1ri from retwer. East-West Coast Co al nit let
-IUM REPAIRS Propaganda push in behalf of
STADIUM REPAIRS ., e terrorist locals ousted from
|I see that they :re repairing Balboa State. while M4p ith re c rently.
pe park continues to fall apart. h uco
Just another example of the step-child ide he pro-Comm have ee n
*tiry~i WiU h. the crooks h av e A s o..
qe ofry t the new Fed
ork o..l Now'York"
whom it may concern and to those .. Au urateik od p l. ot
Since the bulletin came out concern... the uses tb ergs ou a N
tra 0hZ Iut ,zadugdw'im d a[w .
wrlt b e Crim un. l ad *
ng on Iaturday morning to traipott chid aldr 1, wi be. un
Cocoli clubhouse for tne purpose of a en t eom the do s o
tholic catechism classes, there hag been;in .
terness concerning this order. Ndlturall, 1onw lth their
ple of other religious groups. "i th, h leftists
From the conversations I have heard ey-laden agents -
en requested and' piave 'been firmly ie i7NewI York and Nil
vice.Why? rfrontAieas,trye
Showing favoritism- to a religious is -s. with those 10
ild up prejudice against that group thaterrorist hands the asi *
As an example and the-most recent h enickn ed the d
urch in Cocoli requested bus service for4 Il locals. A grou t
pal families living in Fort Kobbe, Far iend n from I o .at
t at those children might'attend their' o cD, lun uetly at
ring. This bus service was denied to.ti chu h Rest 147
to be'a reason. What s-it? e F
With communists spreading throughout th th all th: -Sovieteers now
uld stand in the way .f bringing religious t every around the explovls wa-
and girl, regardless of their faith, as we are go front Harry Bridges has been
church in Christ'Univesial And it will have to the -most out-spo~rka for he is,
t parents are more neglectful in performing these duties a after all, the labor boss of the
y other in the raising of their children. If the child has a way powerful Communist-line unfil0ns
go and come, they will take advantage of it. in the country. O
I think this matter should be attended to immediately be-
e more is said and more bitterness is built up among us. As recently- as Oct. Bridge
-A member of Christ's Church Universa. told all his followers, through hisa B, RURK
0b o West Coast Lo n g s horemen's
EDITOR'S NOTE: Asked to comment on the contents of Union newspaper, The Dispatch-
habove letter, a Navy spokesman stayed that an Sunday er, that: rn o Inan a h
hob but is run from Farfan and Rodman to Cocfli for "No member of the IU iLn- CAL N FrenchCr Morc-ImaAe mm.
restant children. Similarly, a bus is e sn on Saturday for te atf al onl oremenl andl surprde to run into Mr. James smith, cras O- dic`tl
athole chlidrcn to attend the Catechism class, e hichs Warehouse Union, i deendenat) er, lgte. of the citf Of New Orleans, a ale. pale mg, ~th hha mllt addn
Ill IsoNona i teyoungrcman with'sa gambler's cld eyes aseri
F adered in the nature of a Sunday School. is an take comfort from what's an u a gamblsamoth and as lefar as Iknow, aeyes eger tro
r Catholic children on Sunday. m'happenin t I longsre-i( se of whoiy
rea) The spokesman added that the N e his fi en.l Tamters Uni u don the restrt an ols t Con

i after o: l the laso.hew Awleens m 1nd
tm Ft., Kobbe also. However, the Navy lre not thizd Seafarers' n cie, Pul and laterrrk me to th wmcale of on e-eel h
operate church bu for the convenience of personnel of Hall who is leading th Ln- that n was sin l. He had nade e t
oUCerU P tm tle wayter a i l asta.e. qagdi was ohewt rr aotace t
Ft. bbe is an Army go# beyond the 'a c y who is l t lint around a cguple- f 71
tea). The spokesman theaed that It e isI on the reir ctlo t o

aneertn sent g t oteiided to bhld som& Mr
Valactive Pror thteant Suh weekday school ist,f y6ur str at b *e" es, Barieok ne Ld "ht to the, d 1h oednr i tho et
n ro d"Wcln the u.LWU haVe'alrezll eMarlbCooksady 1db1t hhr i intended
had somter ad the nmWUth L ths- thI inalH d Americans to -be
C'IO U P M1 3 Or I R

ame Club No same gang of labor faikra have them. Mr. S .h nbler's nose pitched. is c
f l...... ...........u..o... excused the use of gangsters and "It asmeled llkh moey," said Mr. Smith. and a.
Adgoon squads by claim that proceeded, tn~esti a h mmy trdni ulu do
h ienat thetti the.Ito..* .
on .Nona.eIne t eIteddlp foi Casblaea. He culture.
a e tactics. aains i .Cmokth's aprlmd e of e I tosee Mr. Snith lv f
4climinSl de theyer% Aidn to come atin grilm tm et o
..stergsm." ylo he t-em.M. ffin ith easily have been arran At tt
lu N .. .. W while throwing phra nes like lk s.M m t t 1.8
Valid only for Clubs sub- 'phony clea-u campaign" at But he get a job at the airfield I e
cribed at EALMAN, S.A., te new drive and charging that oeDet onastiff, in on r lt.
before December 24, 1953. it is nothingn but a cohver-up for sM. Of
Exchange this coupon for a politickn-alef racketeer ma- for Ce Uni ~.qt. a
your offical receipt, neverr" Bridges say that the =' Mr. nim th Ino eMn.ent. a#. e
saCoast dockers (the old chc0 es v-ny an -er, or ,; l
r d hthe support of me han o ito srl n

kitties, t aok thetiug-run-
locals on the Easte docks.

C.'LI Ier Winchdl in M YoA
sKpro-Soviet Iai network. Last
wit tleJ a ew East,
bfrDeebrPresents: "2,193, w Yorki o to

S tate Crie Ct mission and r* -
It Asked tb be n t a the stand sory
he could testify against the BROA WrOP ckltr, "and I'm ..a. Nati dt Iem t
yurfii.rei..mobs. Now he reverse himself. Now fM* r stalg fals-to nme Iimt.o*iane it -'.

CENTRAL -*- A P~M. Why are the ones y*- ba- ** Mi of F
SocGREAT STAGE SHOW SRE by "ockera Ne on the water- eh ea it iI through. ,l td-

front, now agitating in this pub- Fot La ast, .year-qld is cou ",
~J''Id"THE INTER-AMERICA CLU aon that he supper sign g

&I .- VAA hneho
.the requestI An s "hsMers oalrt'e "l r rtmnow
asthedo ta onemr e, w we wemrn the shw. r oI ntver
ThYppeOUAT 0 edA:0A.r i tsuch ldsd th h r
ohemsaion, whic I in od a cut M et., she
n date the mscle-ocaon i m t a "Wh" este
-PLUS:Y-thiska? swituci byhha

"RAW DEAL_ Iao h d'.sth the Dockers News and '.. ..,emor 5 *s0 ," w
Dennis O'Keefe, in "RAW DE L" Harry Bridges have been back- Rehei. vi ned l at the a "that ,c cauot remuw
ins UP thbe old ILs strike ando mw Vd .3 n y ooa

George Rft,in D LGH T" G HT"feg tihatIt continue to para- "
m icas fear that their network will Joe 4ud q WuI lie
Abe smashed, and ogce morethethe yaN i ad wet h',edo

"-terrorists on both sides, has ws I. M1
happened its so many lands, find the .5YI ro .
themselves in a common e 4ont two U
mb.. agi no s t ev "Wee," wc- t."o th

MA3j:1FRFIn bar: "hl

. WBI:


,.1U.!hNAV 3~r rgr~ t~r1CAN-

& House
few son It Om .w J.
;io*- u Nell I t C st ft "t,
Ad in Ow *m Pes
called. ',e

m' buyig, e.dll.. veeteig 4

you're onl gp o._

tesy, and

Um E W, .o
ty 0-W

Hoo@er* YIwe-U

dent Herbert HoOO
1 years agl6 can1i
88t~EUlonsand w
fi fewCoiaiUta



~HtS '

1. `YI

.lrCL ~
'' ''

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- :-- --- ~----r- YI---lr-r.-lrl-U~- YY-((-~~ ---'"- -'i-- -~--- -----II ---~-------

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-a nous' F'
97. "9 9d? v "l
f 1 l. IT r ,

, i .. i...,,. i ', w -'. ir ', ,, % L 0. :'
', .* .- ..go t ,1 bit r ^'
srr r .,

-;r;,.;p "i.,ir h *ll ,iru <. iws^rr+ ;o,.: n
,'< "+2: +;.tl '.la.ib i .'*Tiw- i s' ''l -Z i ,ft .. ;.*'
,.p ,' \.t *y .+- -.. J

: '" s
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I f-. 4
tv. j

ekg. ..."t;;+. -' 'l z
F*1By-l*r t&.A :t .-.d:,'.; a'..' ,'! \i., jrm KL)'
i nr-: ; .. i)-, "<;* ;* T J~ .* n A rir
", .'A.Ir 'UP?
* .'.* 1j .:4 .ln7-4
' .. r

1y -, 1 -,.'-- i
At 'r. 'l 1 ..',U r L

-lq ? i} ;*';" ,4; .g pl,
-*" : 'S L>r, ..-*. .,dA A

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'4Ft I~) ;

An' *~

-A;1 ..

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-- -' ~~
A;? Q

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~U 1 m. A:lhi A


sno. **^ I'* Sw *STOR E

**:n atrustv ur r
S- -r* ,., ,_ _. T. 111



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I' .' ..
** *11T
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t 't-od

+ T .iI

-A4~. ~



5c aAJ, .. Iv."-
LfP i~ i :

:' .AV Ir


'A. 'A



AT o. 48

at.30 a.m.

.... display (

A. : ..

'RAL A ,

ng the whe family

shoes ever seen

Ston he Is
$ .4





' Aw

T .,i 48 CAL

,.Ptt 48 CiPTRAL

S iF...,
'A AA ,+


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- T l t \ -7

~I~~ \r

' i %" .-

I~CL;,~~, t
: -~(r:3.
. Y~


u. "s,

r~lri ~dl
~- 5i



T- ;

r .
* r.
i~~,. '

L; L:' .P~F. *

~;;n~llL~7- -

Sl. AI N NL A Smmm

Written for NEA Service

Shipping &

i Li. NAeW,

Cristobal Late
The Cristobal of the Panama
Line will arrive in Cr.:tobal at
9 tomorrow morniirg with 119

passengers on boatu, accoraling
N'ORTT (D) Ls to a radio received yesterday
6 8 4 from the ship.
A J 7 3 Delayed in New York by the,
4 4 -ent strike. the Cristobal did
A EAST p't sqil for Pansma until last
A .Q109 4A 7 6 2 F -ldav. there" r'a' s behind sched-
S9 87 63 9K4 vlc She m -" the regular stop
i K 6 52 at Port-au-Prince.
SOUTl 4 3 The ship expected to leave,
S-r-'obal for the return trip to;
SK3 N'V\ vork Saturdpv at noon.
SQ 1 Under the usual schedule the
4%AKJ $ Pfnama Line ships dock In Cris-
North-South vul tobal in the early afternoons.
North Euat South Iuest
Pass .,1 Pass Rapitllki NZ-Bound
Pass Pass The 17 000-ton liner Raneltlkl
Pin 0. P. a o-'ned bv the New. Zealand Ship-
ian I?,g-' Comoany, Ltd.. is due at
inglA I -t'ristobal 8 a.m. Friday, en route
from London to Wellington. and
Swill dock at Balboa after tran-
discuss the failure of 'itlng the Canal.
ense on toe .ciompiany-
i" re ueots a i ..nany- Passengers on board the vea-
dent. We woula aiie --1. which is filled, include T. M.
whether an expelL reward one of the pasutanAt
K d mne r.gait utieiin~ -'-nagers of The New Zealand
so, wnal nis reasoning -hilping Company in London.
nd Mrs Steward.
the hand was actually Embarking at the Canal for
est opened the nine of'New Zealand are Mr. and Mrs.
4ummy played low, and G. D. McKay. who are arriving
n witn the king. East by air from Los Angeles Wednes-
for a while aoout re- day evening. Mr. McKPv is cop)-
a cluo, but finally de- nected with the British Tobacoo
favor of the deuce of Company IAustrallai Ltd.
~nd West won with the;
ow shifted to the eight PAA CONFERENCE
nds, but declare put up Key personnel of Pan Am.'l -
ace, cashed three high icar World Airwavs from Met-
.and then ran the five ic., Centra America 'od Pan-
s to make his contract. ar.'n are meeting th'i vreek hi
d West had a lone d.s- piinsmrn 'wth top-level offtle& *

ic over this hand. and quite from Latin Amerlcrn Division
a other matters got dragged headquarters In Miami.
tI, e discussialon.
S,. Seeking first-hand progress
and Wqat are hbuband r-norts on the program for im-d
S#yfe. and any married nrovement in all phases of Pah
player can easily imagine A'eerican's operations. which he
Conversation went. Now instituted rt a series of fLld
tl he discussion Is over. how- conferenee-, last Spring, is dl-
e .we'd like. to know the vilon manager Edwin Dreacher.
ri k.And wrongs of the matter Durlng the .hree-day which be-
S from a bridge point of pan yesterrav station ermonnel
vi 'P-,-O is bell asked for further
ert would find the ror- r ., ommendations for bettering
r se i 1e h. noened to i~senRgr service and handling.
b B,-r'- i-nres do-e
o ~t1 ey slrrld be aw ke.. A imllar enclaveve for person-
B Vtrege r',v.," rav for- ,.. 1ised ir the West Indies
gi self. or an occasion] co nd'ted last month by
rj trecher In Pnrt.-an-Prinpp

E* rt F a would rpali7r .,L. .t.
t- Podih hrs a strong
"ie si't. A n1''r" r o-i or'" their d.vilion officials at-
1 rve r"'> .bol., a rr Lendin e Panama meeting'
l t, but lten he is ready are Mario M.rtlne. traffic
*aia major suit later on and sales nmPnager; Capt. Oliver
h failed to bid spades 8tudem-n. operations man-
rraie hearts, he couldn't have ager; Fred r Jensen reserva-
een bidding on a short club tlons superintendent, and Ar-
sit; South surely had at least thur S. Best. superintendent
"' dUctel., robablv more. Stations.
'ie expect ro 'd reason also
- South -I rnC th Pe, PAA offlclalr from Houston
pades since Ie d teen unable Bro ll Texas: N
Sbid the suit t any time. The and BrownLville." Texas N.2w
Sid the suit t anv time. The ean, Mcxico City, Ouatema-
ngleton heart would be clear. Cty. San Salvador Teguc
S there was otherwise no galpa. Managua, San Jose an-
!e"on for South to drop the n
"e-n of hearts at the first trick. Panama alsj are attending.
'outh held nine cards in the Host for the session LS Elton
ilnor suits, he clearly had five Td
ubs and four diamonds since D. Todd, Pan American's direc-
e had bid the clubs. tor for PIaIama
In-short, an expert East would'
ienally reconstruct the South lthe second trick. And that card
and at the very first trick. He would settle South's hash by
orld see the danger of nine giving the defenders four spade
at tricks, and he would there- tricks to add to the king of
ore lead the jack of spades at hearts.



1 Confederate
4 Eve's husband
8 American
Nathan -
12 Every one
13 Nostril
14 War god of
15 Pastry
16 Sandiest
18 Parcels
20 Cheer
21 Hill
22 Hearing
*24 Postal
26 English
27 Expire
30 Commission
S32 Moral
34 Inclined
35 Nerve cell
136 Old cloth
S measure
1 37 Heroic deed
39 Pronoun
40 Libretto
Moss ---
41 Tooth of
a wheel
42 Attack
45 United States
49 Begged
51 Marsh
52 Touched with
the foot
53 Withered
54 Falsehood
55 Vipers


56 Fruit drinks I
57 Finish
1 Finnc person
2 Pen name of
Charles Lamb
3 Kind of
4 Rage
5 Missile 23 Coneerning
6 Ascended 24 Remove
7 Encountered 25 Soviet city
8 Salutes 26 Snake
9 Region 27 Aifrdp
10 For fearthat 28 S d image
I Italian city 2 Hiimling
17 Cylindrical 31 Voalt
19 Mohammedan 33 Mood
bible 38 Assrted


Great White Fleet

*S S. "YAQUF" ......... .........................O t. 16
s.S. "SANTO E , 23
S.S. "SA O CEr
S.S. "MATAURA" ... .................,. iO. 25
S.S. "LEMPA" .... .............. ....
*S.S. "H rIBrERAS' ,... ... 3........3....... 'L
*1 **** *** *** ***

nadllal rrlW apl. Chille and Gmnl Cift


S... ...LLA"
a .8 "..P14 v ...... oct. 1
'.S.. I 4.... ....... ........Oct

O r 4
11 :?wfi


Sped Aend trip frpm- Critobal to. New .
Sp ma a ieu

To Nop fork ..............................
To aI ngele andS Ba PFranelsee ......... W3
To ... ... ".. ..............$,




40 Droves
41 Grants
42 Greek letter
43 Seth's son
44 Pace
40 Simple
47 Money plece
48 Old
60 Biblical name

J^ 5B^ f

' ," W .'

I1-% Uor


SV.. .f.-

'wJ I InC ~

. It

-% RtSa oT grti-i n meO.
-* ,-w lv i n'i

. .'1..



n ,I

f,. i- PL

" ,i U ,I '.'- ? '*nr l U
... : '*':. .-*ftr TAtn1 41* I uil"''


A Real Problem


;I I

T14 M^

-00 S AVE LIV@ \
A T A I .E- BEZa O,

Ajl ... **r0tAyI *

The Double-Decker

Amwdir tio P



lf a


L 4
I '*



W t45.

I '1~'

* R'~4
14 i~


Ar I,. '~

ak" m
-e* -
^ .;<>c<-^ -u .*

00 i.<- -.

t -










.; -.^

--;----- -
IY~Y~ 'yyu


rl ~C~


r ~rr


;; 6

and irs. Geoi
lout 0nroe. \
at born
kjtSLo o

a If w uaqr

*fc' a'
ifTA 'oo x

U rtb

at he hme

, n

in 1


tam an

t .,jey Iet ayend W

5. ^^44

?(^S3 to Pan-
if C
pat'as" (Qpen 'of Ci )cptestp which
PanamA Oi *date be uhaluiws -
dies n CadaO wherd she answered i
me of "Lsr seecUt4 et the Qen aof
popular aSi*eah enianwct tckaount-
wim to tbe4ve A..p.rSmB
adral rwholpiul attenKtoaeseca-

Oct. ,, ,m, ., l .a
ea bh a d T e "4ooleo ll w-n.41.
d bye lUex. Mexican film company.



*' .ie"
\1 I* f I

*I I


-i .- I
'* "


Ton a 3iy sW



v* 4,**

,-/ 4 :.

.' 4


ichling, Self-ventilating

Jde m sale


. _.p~r -

..ot buy AY toB ruylbbi pillow -
inl, t im ~NLOPILLO ..

glDaiBUN os: ,:

""' Avg


*4 ,- .

For 'the of un 1 age
wIo .wManM6 lont ag well
with men, .4, -what woman
doesn't, : W fo lew Impor-
tant 8UldepP'.':
Don't be tali .to show that
you li .i 0f their com-
pany, and m their ideas.
The womau4 is a trying to
prove tha are just as
smart or arter than
men doen' to like men.
Should bLe ex""t them to like
Don't let yolurstf grow cynical
about people or lilf in general.
Cv.ncl in l a waopan repels and
frlghtena men.
Be happy-b*ated not long-
taced. At the ig ty you go
to watch a Moaneak a-
way from W W who wears
a disconotea '1
Don't ld, I .tilat you
nfedn't mar 2 lry most of
your looks. I le6 Will bother
to find wh4her or not a care-
leb~ly dresd, ry groomed
wrnan has a to offer.
'Watch 7oi0w vo loud-talk-
inX women mn .. Impressed
wilth heti, tt shM e doesn't
make a Ly impression on
the men 8sh m
Don't tryto a$ the best of a
man in a What it
yoy do prove th of his pet
idtas is at l? YoU prove at the
salie time y0ft a woman he
calnt M.l -q
Remember you dan't have to
e. wtty clever. You an
laug r t ,anm's wit
nd be u to appreeate his
cle,,eme~ ".
Be rwiUtd to be impressed,
*;atherT m n*ak qaImprea-
MOn. The woman who turns on
timh caarm's-eat time a man
apprcachea is offl ridiculous,
but the woman who s plee
to mse hlR ~ ling to It!
him. jmpr holds rel|
cbaAn for *lja.
-Crime stories are not confine
to books In the Hockanum Libr-
ry. Two boys. aged 11 and 1.,
were seized for taking $11 fro*1
the lUbraigan dap

II -3 ,

Ire ne;llate molfel glm-
.PIaoqiluf tr'4r eitu4M, ,aI ,0 e. -




NO yb4uRJs e60ifWM



.m -- ..

w oo-.r h *

Fbtr -r fpr'a enchantmeat witb any ,

Um1 pyou wear.


F: a Fik-.lrdley's new masterpiec

Flail the perfume that cannot be


.. .. .A iiOTH STO

No. 21 Central Ave.


:. Isn
.1'- '1'

i. in

URO, S. .
No. 6 T voel Av .'

4~k. ,'1




1.95 -HUDSON
. I i
S"} r- -

?II ~;'i ;

1 F

J ,14' ,'
*24 *i


'. ,~



v .. .

.r I

i r



r 1

F fr t.r

rt; u~ ;


+..k :.%a +aC-,- ,-.,A
. .. .. ... -.,tt .n.* p -.-.

"= = L


SiYou Sell' em..

.;hi'You Tell' ettHrfP. A:

Leave your Ad itb oue of our Agenlt or our offices in No. 57 -"H" Street Panama
No. 12,1.79 Cemtral.A Colon
~ .-ALA


No. 4 rivoli Ave.-

S.... .'.. V li ,3, ---
Phone 1-19 a .''+ ll l ~

Fourth of JUiv Ave Phone 2 0441-

No. 1 Lottery Pa *. .-Phbna, 41W

H Iosehold A4 ".-ft "l--llil ns A WILLIAM u Santa Clara
SA-E -Holpoint e'et.ic range, FOR SALE:- 2 los- t .... near b. each. Balboa
90 odl, with depwel couk- lop coupe Ikew new. dio,, ny'ch ___kd. "
0, i new See at Qtrs. R4-B s edt coer. Tel. -47l WENS HAKE. Medical Crn Gmlich- Sto C
R: ssau. nrAt $10000 takes it. FOR SALE:.-.t9. Willyten Z379 Pa Electrsecut ', oe
'F -eo rph.nro1 Z-3479: PanamiB t'! ^,

--S'E-7Rergeraor Coldspot .. SALE 946 Roddmoslte, nleu. er .- ele yu hv Panama $-1877, Cr7,B *' M ,. ; '
*25 cycle 5.00. Excellnr condi- Sedonell. iSetdi bst jCall ? ate ipP tCIVILe CIv E iri Houw on beoch, Santa
SSt 7 O-D. Phone 2- -4'-1 Pedro _ive l ime level is tiC Phone SHIRI IL. Beai.
El Le.ingroo-i" .a- andl FOR ALE --. v 4lr, s~W e. of the NFI. h It or s cartaor thyrl'k i
Stchig c ,lP c ar,.e- Rea o-- lor. rtiv cc.. ti- i, p ,sCe, *' .e- Foster Ctg. Bn
---- -......-- .... :- I hone Panarmiw.2-. leave we co Jde h I *i4 In linea Ph~re Biplhao 2-,6 :"
Kant t mottress in excellent con- ------- --- At help FO DIlr
2.00. Tel. 6-234 FOR SALE 1947 Ford. De Luxe. n A tend e help mi-u FOR
[ di.i 0 ....- Tudor Sedan. Goad condition MIlToIfg TOMOROW NIGT' a
* S -Westinohout refriger- 2170-D, MItIIU, TOMOjkOW NcIOH _." -' I '
aor, 0 cycle. Jose Domrino Espi- -55 NAToAL .I
tinor et No 7 r6mn0. 8:00 p mI OP NATIDNAL IMPL@YuI. FOR RENT: Chalet. .. ..
^iiS't.E: 4 burner gas range _111 Westni 2thc

AE: 4 d ureer rnget n eil t FOR SALE aly Amerlcn. For Inos '
$65. Wolff & Company, 5th St. WANTED TO iUY -' tire < Mil.ela Paonama. ,r
o. 2 Cathedral Plaza. suitable fori condition' RE iFORRENT-Two edO .
SAE:-Mahogany diningrom A"r SALE :--lnd new gos stoves compltly fmrnlshed,
,set, ew c onsist of table, OF-0 only i 1 0 y u raod. ,on El C. ..F
S stroai t hairs, Chino-cloet, .mola I r burners, oven, broiler, stortge No. 77, opposite J p
It bl $50.0r. Livingroo st, 3 c, porceloin f nish. FIRESTONE Racetrack. Ce 2-043 a -
S Isofa 2 orma chals), just Automoblll Rgw Ave Jo Fco. R RENT: Clhalet. s,
S uph istered, plastic motrlea. 'e l3-T 563. mod's room andboth
ivory :or, $125.00. No.. 18, O5th L SALE --4aby stroler, good as and yard. Telephone 3- or
_.wt dowrstair_. SALE: a iw. I0 0QO. Cll Sgt. Robinson. see it Ot No. 9. 16tiG_ 'n E
tSL:-60 cycle Kenor ou- to Clara n duty hours. 82-5180. Francasco. I
tomratjc asher, almost new. $200, cheap. ~ ~ SALE.-Hollicrfter nmodel SX- FOR KE :
Fcrt mador 82-4196. 28-A communications receiver, ex- rE R RC
S to LE' -5 woode ~ vention A. PhanL" e Colon 103- "Ot" artmfeerif i A R
Squartr, Gavlon orea. Electric a ATTINTION 6. 1. Just '
cock .00. House 1 582-C,. Co nrl Wanted Posiion furnished aortn.
t* Tel, 2-2358. blNrooms, hot, cold
N. -----. P a Gruo', 27. e. cx oc.othl.tdc PEan.m 3 j
ector, Payroll Office Supervisor.
A TED o* nY prann wo k.. Wi ,o TOR RENT--Aurtmc
e rooe anywhere, oxr e Clnori. S gentina. Congrejo 2
Sv o CROSLEY, Cl at i i j Osition Offered n,
ve ida Nacional," near Tivotl this ye ~ A TED: BInguoel youn3 mart ton please crll
ing" ak^ett i;h expe rience in accounting to
T CAl accounting rk In public Write -
ouh, Dodg Chevrolt ji ing give ine "Contador," opotrado 3233 Poan- FOR RENT.
ir or, 0od 18, 50hevrota, 4o? an elea noorn ear. I onelepr
N dut id 44 door De irellEl :ery FOR1
ot olon (Pq.nama). Teleihohe ment. Milat l.
7 c Mt. Fonseca.C. raod th ro8 -5y:O
Two to fdau hecteres ln ixtelMPat Dlii ba f (I FOR RENT:
lend 5 to 20 miles dclos i ) UIIentary cou e "
Panrigt. Ne"Trnsthni t -Urn
*i lI-wtions consn.ed. Wreel hth'. K ihU'.e e )ITI -.APNe rOct. 14 FOR RENT
eto box 13a 0. 3,i, a: B41lto N 2 .Panma Cl 4 Pa r
T $".00 .o1 t FOR RENT -FsurtnlW apartment, Sednihadfaipr i
OUND Shep ar Clark, the regular he brlt i ther mooum os tovs rfrilO. Via l- Rlooltew
y3unior Colege ci untm m" i h tod;day teued the] l' Theatre, Iruqke etoue in reor. d sty pl.
for return of prescription ltruetor7..t leas a ll'three tcls-i o l Q.
lost Thursday. October 8 s-. CiArk ioierlv taught ela- e of De ..
lenses, fancy tortoise shell Oes cfducted by the National 1.' '
S Mrsi. Mosher. Panma 3- City ank o New Yrk Cilt for Le by AlMm RicLrd Byrd Roo m
Weroulmnt of stuTO BU t- t
el .Ip W it9ed A3,Coloerets the .* ri., en ti '9
ycuuraee reveled telo'oaowni b
.. D-A good cook. Excelltant I.. Many eeenty Ste Srt FOR R l furnihed 19 Fl 2 o Sed.
SEl Cangrejo C" street No. were taklnr the course rex- ,brot b. I oIger the n-a ERC-an. Meal i f desire. A I y for
ploratory r.rposes, i. e., to ee k rtl aft g til mDil Hill Call 3-1789 Ir 21693.
S Hokeeper k they had a interest or ap- s.aot meett'g old WANMTED
D -- Hou ep e rigeei experi-g.
in. PAD Tel, 2126. "ren. Otr'eeunt tdens ig ~ni etpertaln- iO R. f
W* r plasfued for a i
i Ntran rri. to 4o~r.yer ol- WA". 2 one
leges L a tha., Uatt tat.t after rThe a warm
graduatits, ftrom Etjc, .-Ie. up for t e here Dec. e ec
PIC TOPICS tang it because It was requir- 17 of thJ fliht fIa atdo S edP,
atet''lnty (Pqm m)t Telph nhtha Mont.
Ktleid of engineering hotel 1gb., r- a'ma->1. 3-5 1|(4
K your mew Car St management, and business mang. e t8. Um- .. I
=m=ont wnll~t othe..rre pre .'5h .
TROPICAL r .to become accou ntapt, ,. the|
CPA atp, ultli~lte i ga4 l. 3 0-4or 1

OTORS," INC. dets, som we r oyedd T 'l erby
Ibookkeepr or general 9t an Nitaeo I I r D.(- .R .
.'aM Panam.i, ".r i.iworkers and wanted .to inrce Dc '3
ETo their accmi n Owledhe d k o -FORorq N
Smake `r ipedite quality thg ilves r N.ta--atLuet tit S met C i
Sidliverie". tlou, whlle otfere owr sd their as 8 "ow wPr i
t oown business and wanted to ac- $, who l'0 fire CtM h the a
co:mting to enable them to Tat whqe tte as lived rinep cohntiue to de*
S Ipmet chtck th1l own accounts more while p r tory- l. a re-
,. erFetive! ,r I apartment,
T 1ASE.R th en thtebe Ibeda, thlr hW bln
tl b x HacLett states tat eaic o r cptit twere' A. W. epor t part,
R i .on omcal big cix thLe thre., CZJC Accotuntin Drikwt a the telo th draft
S 115 H.P. courses now lein given will be lapher tenew .
continued- i the second erpes-. ot mo th eworl, Th i
IE N R4 N J te ajld t ^ it' also 'tanned Hlbra stli th
6 iito ofter at t pit tp .e to. roper- lrport#erO wi a u ory last .
Spr 6.cylilrnlr.. ly oualllfle student a course inllthat the Wrleid eto diI +o I r-
,au it g. It 8a expected that thi believe, Mfler( of t th tt
ui the opportunity to cse wil be taught by a met City, ch*irma of t bi rd ofl ... ..
d4mronstrate it. ber o the trof the Comp- the Ki r IB laroal 80- rNe riad
^ latroller's olfl of' the Canal ettyid ljllf an, noted mwteost. ,i l
SZone Government. f peead a.d -flieVr to met thelp
---- ..- i1. .t.ned .
g the n ct th ag o
S :BUIICK J so 6 O /d ,, .0 1
flia Korean war la .
Mfter wo "..

l C Dri he C/, u he ALWA Y5 t h^eH :

iftj, h$8 h0. 00 Dw and $77.00t pero $7n0

SCo., in aind t ; J BUICK1 0%


4LET -I*- O'-- ILE- -I L."
t#LEa T .-*-h *E-CB ~ht 31L -e-f~ f~

ra p
& us


It COits 40 o i
to protect
concrete uM9 .


Aa' htde3i

I -"' Tr I-
,. M..lkt i .gl< ;
*i.!,!. -1 <* 1. f t.'



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:rm~ ~A#ulirlrrarerft u
----- -- ---.I~- -' "'


-- I ----- -'

_ ~_____

~III~LICIC_ --I------ -

- ~I~I m Il


_ ___~_


.^* *"


~Si~g~ ;
;' 1
rr; I~



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A. 4,~ M4.

.-;E Y ? -. -.'

S qt r r .BL
i-. *. r E -S.'t

<'L.'...4C~n a ,- .

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b P49

r;LIJ Clr i I V

9.4 eII .,4t5
* ; (c ba.


6 .4'-

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4 +", '* ;'. -

1007 .;1: lam..
,,.p-,, -- t --- ?** ,a.t' *

r, -. :To' ;.- ,.*r .

S.-. ;'
V:,, -,: k ... _. ,
. ... .. ;t. a

erl it. sn a-
- -. _- ,- .. i
"' m l>'.'.l. "* *..' ., ,r

; 'S*a w::^

,- is .; ." .. (
'+.m*X b ,.-" .- .' 'L/ -


yr '~i~

AA-)~r~r n.

,p, *i tA I


L. c

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.f:i a ,J t gs t x. ,. 04o 9 "' .

*S '"l al.* a 4&,js !4 6A r V
w ja it .
-. ... .. *., ,' .,: t : j.i
<* v-w '' 1'4 .: T ~-1 Val
:g.. ,. s.o, : j.. 'r
, ; 1; -~*4i en, .n*I i m i ,r

*... "b, t"; ... urlo arisp +.,
^i .A.. i t\ *Jl,,iE bI":uv an '",
&l oilt ed"la llcj^ (. i
+0.40", l; w ',q;

'FI" ;, :A, I .,; b ;'., d ",+ .
S riht +" "lr'-- T.
& 'Mti* A-tt ** i~i-"i ..j
a1 Ti"a~ifMf f'

-.9,II Atr A44c: Ir.

4.4 Ap ,; 7~~~C1
jtr~-- ~M rd~d L
1a juCt ~
~ulPm S;" r-j4

W ,-W. 4 A


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:i I -",. ,<.... ,:ij!# 3"7 .'-..
: r*" ). ,

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zj F .r I-
laalt + Iff[ I-g :;lV* Id *f. ,Ijfl,,s

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'.+ _,. ; +' _,, ,

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I S4 4 A I .4 9.
I l F


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Au. & e, .A ,,

JMM-1 rnrl ij .'^.i v'9t ri9w *.A ii r ai **
- W ..irol l .,Wf J" 1T..-q.I ....
;qJ!W .+.L ,,,.++.-

IP. Ap

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99~ c.
.',I Th
.5, -. F

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~9,A' *.5~
~P ~

9~~ At
4. A.

A**$- C.

9 A4 F
eY, *T



? "'. b. *' 'A ; ^ --- H
'.M ,'- -.
+ -
+: .'I
.':';-" .. ., : .


. -,. '.4
<1 j ; :-

, -.. A /.
64, '* .

.4 ~: A'

a- 3
tJ A

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9*i g

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',1 pr'-.
S 1



A52 CREV9Be..
: .. i...

! S CI
:5a R

.9 i
., 4.

* I SE -I **

Trade 1 1950 1000.,

o Driw.a.lfr51j anly 2500

50 CH ,Jt .

* ,Tr~ ;br'1949

d u _xe
4 ,.

*t '* i^ *



2 8."00



IA 4

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1 A.

'.~m I.
9, ~

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' '* v 4 ..

- d


Trade .;i ,r

..Ch..f ugd't e
'.S "

$ ss155

12503 '


$125 a





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~I_I W _


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ss~i~::: 5$



. ~ii~ir
r,.. Arv


"iUi' 'H c i

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.... ,*r^




I -


1 1111

--I ftUBG

a tlaSnti .... Sci
19"5 ."*-1*95.*po,- t. .78

SEVENTH ANNIVERSARY MEETING OF I.A.W.C. mus, who are Interested in the
e religious work carried on by
i. The General Assembly of the Colon Unit of the Inter- the various women' group on t O Chic
American Women's Club which was held Monday, celebrated the Isthmus are cord aly nvit- A
S the seventh anniversary of the founding of the Unit. ed to attend the im ing.
r *w Preceding the meeting the president, Mrs. Hip6lto Fer-
r aindes, and the Spanish officers of the Club had attended Cristobal Star Club ik a i land
mass and Joined in the ceremonies at the Columbus menu- Announcement Bs Gal M4
ment In the celebration of Columbus Day. The Cristobal Star. Club will -
j During.the meeting, plans for ing of the Monday Musicale at meet Thursday, at 7:30 p.m. at
A the Anniversary dinner, to be the home of Mrs. Alvin Rankin te Crobal asople.
S held October 16, from 6:30 to in Margarita.
8:30 p.. were announce ed. Mrs. Harry Egolf gave a tlak Pre-Dancer entetald waitht o
S Tickets are a dollar each and on "A Study of Modern Mu-a diner at the home of his
fifty cents for children twelve sic" which was followed by the a dinner at the home of his
years of age and under. They following selections: "Card Par-nd Mrs. Jameents Lieutenant Commander
may be secured from members ty Ballet in' Three Deals" by and Mrs. James Facer, of Coco
S may be secured from members ty Ballet in Three Deals" byolo, for a group of teen-age
or at the Club. Igor Stravinsky; Ravel's "Piano fi pa group te Home-e
Mrs. Mainert Peterson an- Concerto for the Left Hand;" preceding the Bore-
nounced that there will be a Shoenbergs "Concerto For P ia-coming Dance.
program of dancing during and no, Op. 42"; and Dohnanye Mr. and M Clifford Maduro
,, following the dinner. Variations,ord Madue
Musical selections closed the Hostesses for the evening gg Mr. and Mrs. Clord Madu-
meeting. were Mrs. James acer ando of Colon returned saturday
., Several offices were filled by Mrs. David Kaplan. rom C returne ur
from their trip to Europe.
the members. Mrs. Milton
Cookson was'elected English Washington Cotillion e
Secretary; Mrs. -Dan Miller and Plans Hallowe'en Costume Ia I
Mrs. John Kernick were elect- Dance Royal w English speaking alter- The "shirtsleeve" dance of
nates to the Board, and Mrs. the Washington Cotillion Club f ambha ll
:Yvonne Lemn and Mrs. Adela Saturday night brought out a VI uge u ae I I hs
.6bly as Spanish vocales. large number of members. At
The members of the Board this time it was announced uce
S were in charge of the tea which that a costume dance will be "W g g
...'-Tbllowed the meeting. Mrs. L. held on October 24 with Mrs.
troupe and Mps. Marcel Be- Roger Orvis ua chairman. Wholehearted support of the
121, br were chaifnen. Mrs. H. Prtaft W 'IffT a* arded for members of St. Simon's church THREE SBABOARD oGIRL have mi
SF. Taylor presided at the cof- the best costumes. In Gamboa resulted in the suc- cookery. Anne, Nancy and Susa DeI
tee service and Mrs. Ernesto Es- cess of a king and queen con- -
tenoz served punch. Panama Federation Fro test, which was sponsored in aid
i The other members of the Christian Service Meeting of the building fund of the NEA Food and Markets Editor ega,
committee were: Mrs. Sidney The Panama Federation for church. Anne, 17. Nancy, 16, and Su-quet,
r Ferro, Mrs. Lee Nash, Mrs.Fa- Christln Service will hold Its At the final count. of votes, san, 12, blond andpretty daugh- suce
blan Pinto, Mrs. W. A. Thorn, 79th Annual meeting at the Emerson Cooper emerged winner ters of Mr. and Me. B. C. Dep-
S Mrs. Olga Roe, Miss Thelma Cristobal Union Church tomor- as king with 5.482. Trailing be- uty of Salisbury, Maryland, were tabM
S Godwin, Mrs. Mainert Peterson, row with coffee at 8:20 p.m. hind were Randall Richards, taught to cook and keep hoeu e
*~ 1 Ut. Stanley Hamilton, Mrs. Mrs. W. K. Reltz of the Ins- 5,001; Errol Butcher, 873; Ken- as soon as they were big enough re
Gunther Hirschfeld, Mrs. Hum- tituto Pan-Aericano will be neth Sealey. 681: Winston Pres- to hold a pan. They live on the st.
berto Leignadier, Mrs. Marcel the guest speaker. Mrs. R. H. cott, 446: James Joshua. 113. Delmarva Peninsula, great poul-hik
Gxgoire, Mrs. Alberga, Mrs. Greene will call the meeting Queenly honors went to Thel- try growing area, ana each en- u e
S ulia Emillani, Mrs. J. Correa, together a't '9 m-. ma Wade. who amassed a total tered her recipe In the recent de
i 'Raquel Castillo, Mrs. H. Rivas, Lunch will be served at 11:30 of 5,186 votes. Her rivals ran in National Chicken Cooking Con-
Mrs, Isaac Osorio, and Mrs. 0. a.m. at a cost of fifty cents, the following order: Adriana test. .
T" Jan, All newcomers to the Isth- Scott. 4,435: Agnes Blades, 3,856; Here are their own recipes la,
,";, Myrna Wade, 2,185; Donna that will win a pris at your al
Bon Voyage Luncheon M W Burnes. 1.109; Sandra Brath- dinner table:
At Hotel Washington AfA A waite. 1,058.
Mrs. Henry Bigelow, Jr. was Coronation of the elected sov- Susan's Savory, Chieken filig
i' hostess for an informal lunch- r ereigns will take place on the h
Seon given Monday at the Ho- church lawn Friday at 6 o'clock Prepare chi baking
Steel Washington to compliment as a climax to the contest. Sprinkle chick savor
Mrs. &I B. Turner, who is leav- | l .hr In connection with the func- sauce, general in-
ing to make her home in the UDSlIIJh vI` tion, refreshments consisting of *le wth .
States, and Mrs. Robert Neely, cakes, sandwiches and soft tate. Rub C
"'who is going on vacation in the WASHINTlON. Oct. 14 (UP) drinks will be placed on sale, Mazola oil. Fill
i. i a future. Indepe bSen. Wayne while those attending will be en- with small onions and
-'jh^ Earl d, r was alsb pies- MorTe IWWWI 1 I give tertained with various types of. -Truss and t. i n- d
t folowine of
Sthe luncheon. before he votes to upset Repub- or 1 hour, 15
lic a control of the Senate. fI Ile Cha d frequently.
Monthly Coffee Club If the OOP ails to increase garnish and serve. (Rec la Nb
Or antred at Coco Solo its Senate membership in 1954 L ndgi- Gr l L ...
rs W. A. Thorn was host- elect~lts, Morse d he will Pled
Sess for the meeting of a group then tote with U Democrats """ Na J B~![
of ladies at Quarters A on the to organic the Senate. But he A, | '
S9lo Naval Station, Mon- said it "unethical" for AS Lo CU yOne chfc
I ormor coffee. hi M td e voters
w the on and MIAMr, Pla.. Oct. 14 (UP$ -
Se rom t onand at be- Policq charged today that a mid- .
from ae. all calad a ques mak )n Ben- dle-aged~amily took a 1.2-year-
ced w cUiity on a &20Q loan
.ied prostltut4 d i
ayte'-- "t~icear-old s0 lo. ~adl

StJustle Edwin Lee Ma-
S and .tho a A. f. son said the girl was pawned to
iwo fetoS befoi T a nate Mr. o Mr. Fred Anderso as
N. pedided at ocrat d or b t ere s oan ptis. He aid
Se Apr eaye t uac or absenee, the gi admitted having sex re-
coffee a .Ov fifty te publiuans would need lations-with the Andersons' son
were present. Mouse's vot~ and he tie-break- after e g l to live with them.
SManlK l da or t sdin Rrch- AndeMho,. however however,
pbicnrnt- ard r.. o se sa Isai'oid thtre was nw monetary ..s"."' w
I May Alumnae ersip they won lat year. transaction made for the rl.
native dinner is b"eng XMoe, whi bolted the Repub- -What's the use of be
by the Alumnae of St. lian party; during the 1952 Good Samaritan anymore," he
'" "Academy for Sund-a rh D, Ha"iw d the GOP said. am

Attend. The cost of the 83rd ngrets. after leaping that she received
r is a dollar per person, "If I .ook advantage of the "terrible treatment" from the
years of age and young- the' Democrats before the peo- he and ls wife admitted lend-
he and his wife admitted lend-
1;;l ^ ^ have A-ehnne ms, in l J -t




,d to a
two qar
At come
there 1

~ ,on .
oday afi
Ix other
gal .for
id Berkol
for the i
U toy

9 4.
l... .f^,: i
[ ., *. ~.. .
1 1 *.S I-P

art e chicken
I t* chicken.

a'. 0'


i' '1 '*an ,l ` .i

Sproceedn from th. din- Wt e great mistake they connetn with er tangthe
go to Catholic Charitlee. m&ad~h 1952 I would be guilty child.
df an unethical political act," he The Andersons were charged
l m a t said. with contributing to the delin-
w.-', r Mitok Ow.ay RBut he said i would view a quency of a minor, and their son,
,.A Halow, edMaquesat de Ball Republican izlaltre to win more Harvey.. with tatutory rape, Ma-
be given the. blt. Home, Beats n 1Ii aM a "reoudlation" son said.
ber 24 from to 1 a.m., of GOP Senate control Jo5n Der tis qud Dominiet
a farewell to Mr. and Mrs. 'As I si even before thq DeSantis a compnlon not her
S O'Hayer, who are leaving tragic los of Bob Taft. when husli&ad psr s arrested on
make their home in Los there wenrt a rs that he might char of ~ altution and con-
gelai. resign, I li" continue to vote to the delinquency of
Alt friends of te honoree, with the Re*0S on proce- a or, if said.
t ag e .Lkff. and their dare until H$.!? Morsesaid. The child was taken into cus-
me cordialty invited to 'The ren s of the 1052 elec tody by ju< The priceper cuple tio made it r the Mason s they are attemptln
clan. pD e d, itred Republic to deenml the identity and
control of the Snate.' whereouts of the girl's real
monday Musicale Meeting forse ll b plans to seek parents.
DMrs.William ClUt, president, reelection Ma an independed in Mason said the Andersons and
ided at t monthly meet- 199.6. the DeSantis couple "entered
into an unlawful agreement
whereby the child was pledged,
i pwned or, chattled for an un-
S'OR SALEEA determined sum of money ...
F OrUR SALE "As a result of the agreement.
unlawful though it was, the child
W1 FORD Deluxe, Prder, .8, was transform from the De-
verne Gray, P lte set Santis to the Andersons and
Covets. Excellent Meehandal while It th the Andersons.
Conditin. Trade Term... the Ande4o boy, Harvey, had
sexul LrLu with the girl,"
McMILLAN 6& ACAN _san___

No mlliv e idr

Atlantic Side Used Car Headquarters


Bedroom, Dining-Room, Living-Room
Onl finest elected dried nmaheany used.
Choose your own style and colors

14 o*har AV e is
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Give new appearance to
your huse with bright
tMe owr a1 ;eleetlon of
_liJe & a ve received a
.te.. from 2J5
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kap ~

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kid like that, thoh. t
... t. p.. ... .- u--. slike money-grab Int m
eS""e. S cIreta St y 14-Year-OId Twin Bobbyaoxers Herna. i t
their ages as 18 The two
wives admitted they ~jd ed
HOG 840 Red H-Bomb Guess:3 tars Wed High School Sweethearts ere s wa
MOVS T. AI Your i ion ., The--re is no waiting p ri
by-gwp 100i000 hMo .W.ASHIN0''OlN Oct. 14 (UP)- dollar over in fiEal MPHIS Tenn., Oct. 14 (P)like his wife; he has agreed to for a liense n
Defen S eharles 195 -- The parent of 14-year-old let the couples "make a go of sippi and towns on the itate li.
,y W B Pm Csents arles E. 155 compa ie2.10 twin daughters, who sipped into it. enjoy a good ma tiage buinel
Wibsn yhitedatyi s to h lldly ,,4 slenodiIistln mate for the Mississippi for a double wedding "I don't see hbw anybody could from Tennessee and Alaba;
-. -"behind his e l t iwill filca year. Military with their high- school sweet issue a license to 14-year-old couples.
HOLLYWOOD (NEA)F--.aI- ggfi'ABrg wishes he'd done be perhaps there years before spen Ing this year Is running a- hearts, said today the marriages s
lv Yours: Here we go a- the same. Today, Wednesday, Oct. 14 Russa a able to launch an ef- bout 42% billion dollars. would be permanent.
gain Ul ..-oOo-- testive H-bomb-att.ack an the The a eorscary said he w d
Just likc inW the 3-DI batt~ A newcomer to.the HollywdutI Pj. U ted States. "wou~ hot- alk about fig- "They're good little old boys,"
caller this year, Hollywood's songbird tree, named Stilit :l--he Little Show Wilson refused to back down urea addlnh that he said Mrs. O. 8. Smith of her new I IMITED EN AGEMENT-
studios are squaring off a just about makes it to S:;-Mualc for Wednesday t a news conference Ne4 short- had- *trl hand at talking teen-aged sons-in-law, "and
Snew chaical race. i t p branch at the Crescend 4:00- si Without Wo ly after he attended a tpicret abt energy business"- none us would want the mar-
a pfecwt, widea-sreen pcturt, with lhia rich vice. He's a gr 4:i-Sepia Parde White House meeting a the de- a reference MMis previous news riages annulled now." IT
'with -#r AtUd c timing ue of $ 0a90ke Oleason's V 4:30-What's Your Favorite tense budeet for the fiscal year conference t ament and Els- o uI w uld nwar
process tb"l bt. h.. The yellow who pl 5:30-News 1 startnr ti ulY whe nlbeWer's order. Joyce and Janice Smith, pre-
la eS i e cht. la at h ) en to held the Witeres at 5:3l6-What's Your Faoori tltary sftpected to .Wio said humorously he tending to attend a slumber par-
isgro: llrItP malS ivuorl gla's ,newly relt eI (contd.) betwe bllon andA
ti n ulrtl tb apeW as Veriegla's. newly rebilt .l(contd.) between 3 bmlon and &a l t have AMC Obalrman Lew- ty, slipped away Friday after- hilarious music & Comedy T
fIM~- riL iaeu 1 Marquwa the other night :I 0-To be announced on dollar is ,aacM:eona to one of his noon and married Freddie Ray eam
Sfee tteraaeSB- *deo *a AlJ i HaleIJr., TV' Bitf Ba r. :15-BL RIU lBBON 8POR Iso present at President El- a sI can get Jr, 17 and Frak Phllips, 16, in See their amusing acts t
Now it's Pamount with Cutomers gave hm pt e wha- u enhower's weekly meeting with Bd pRI.mptly." a quicklye" double ceremony at /
wide-screen GMoca I~ w- c hav e-I-len-you-before. look. 6:3O--To be announced the National Security Council Wt h too td to the Hernando Misa. just across the
Bing Crosby. lin y a~eE- --0r- :il-The Jo Stafford 8hqW, were the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Whn-broad es- Tennessee-Mississi ppi state line BALBOA ROOM 9 & 11:30 p.m.
Mary looneby and Vera-llen George Sanders is weep in (VOA) Staff. who last week gave WU- timates W dcfeWi costs In the Joyce became Mrs. Ray. and
wi l cavort n "Whi ." his stout oyer Zsa Zia 0 IB' .':30--Tbe announced son their "new look" preview of next :j Iyar' L prepared by Janice Mrs. Phillips. BALBOA BAR 10 p.m.
This flm, says 1 P61tll COjealdidtart. The desi e 8:00-heVning salon UV.. strategic plans. and thb his off These are "I could choke that clerk who
have complete rt on l t allt hotel where she Iltves 44-Coiunentary on World seeretaris of Army, Navy and hlukT irt've pwever, and sold them the :licenses," said
aides as well a toal Ottota O eepsgvinr him the "I- ret- News Air Force. will .W.ubject:. t revision as Mrs. Smith when shefirst learn-
and more square footatef Miss-Gabor-ia-not-in" miage. MOD-4ducating Archie (BBC) Wilson was.ased at the news further White Houie talks are ed of the wedding eSunday, but
screen tBn.Cinelma8o pe.n t --oO- 0:3-The Haunting Hour conference If he wanted to between now and the end sine, then thteFoher has cooled
"The Robe" sold mA on colos- Maureen O'Hara hsa finally 10:00-The Bing Crosby Show chsane his statep"ent last W9k 0f- ya off a bit.
sal wide-creen epic and' big- ed to star in "Port of SdainL' (VOA) the Rualsan.H-bomb tlet. "b daad by the Se-
Stim mutal as a t~f e a don ald c arey. Thee pic- 10:3--The Reit Lectures (BBC appeared to be in oonflc with eurtt a President Menwhtll tlg".ewlyweds
tertainnaUlt you'll nWve d ai tt be fllted in piin .and 11:00-The Owl's Neat erous other statements by at the weekly eeng usually turned in their school books and A Kirkeby Bel.
home on TV. Ireland. Barbara Ru plays 12:00-8ign Off high officials and contributed to are not iade' b. but White started looking for jobs. Phillips
but just like the arwly *- 'the 'rpo that Betty utrness --- resident Eisenhower's decision House press secretary James C. was In the 10th grade Ray in
strain aw -4 ZV, lg 4;rSE iportr d. Abe re- to order all officials to clear such Hagerty repotted the budget the 9th and the two grls were
piatures ea ber sy and at m e of "The lnt Ob- Tomorrow, Thursday, Oct. 15 statements with the Atomic En- study began and would be con- in junior high.
of fem. wBl r.t t Ro- aessaon." And one of rbara's orgy Commlslon. tinued at later meetings. The bridegrbos said the
lyweet 'wlna I furI R- atf in tlhetft 4llm calls "I aeeno reason why I should," Hagerty also said any figures woTld look fo daytime work and ana
the a l th lab for her to open an Icebox. 6:--8n n The Alarm Wilson replied. on appropriatl6s. manpower tr to finish high school in the IT'SSHOWTIME TONIGHT!
S .-ClNock Club The degree of the Soviet threat and personnel reported before evenings.
7:007-News will go a long wav in determin- the administration's "final" de-
4l .. tB un '7:05.-The Alarm Clock- Club ing the sie of mflltary spending cislon would be "premature and The young wives, both still BA L 0 A Rex HARRISON C LU PALMER
Sah t n (con net year. In turn,-the amount undoubtedly inaccurate." wearing bobby-sox, said they al- Air-on doned THE FOUR POSTER"
Saah t er Iliciz- 7:30-Morin BSalon of money set aside for the armed However, budget requests are so plan to find work. _eC,,:,1g:20 ALSO SHOWING TUSDAye
hx .d th hr *8;S-Mo-lsi8ViVakleties services will have a big effect on one of the worst kept secrets in "However, we're prepared r HT rone PO Per
coaitlo t.Pamelat- 8:30-M a kers the administration's tax plans. the capital and usually are diS- housekeeping," said Joyce. re eIABLO H TS. "MISSISSPPI GAMBLER
Sith st. 8:45err Sears Presents Wilson said it Is "too early" to closed before the official request can make skirts, podal-pushers, 0 nMISSISSIPPI GAMBLER
D' 9:PNew ay now whether next year's goes to Congress. dresses, and we can cook, mostly echnicolor! Tury
la," 0s r O' 4 dl Sid- 9:SaSred Heart Pr6girm. military budget will be more or cakes and cookies, though ." .
V40 e -460r,000 e week d aapar- :S-As I See It Rless than spending this year. He JACKSON, Miss. (UP)-James The couples are now livin t at ERO MiUEL (TM edy)
twweeks. e moo taxK fng enter foTrn en- 10:00--News had previously indicated he ex- Cook, 13 nd his nine-year-old the home of the husbands but "MEET ME AT THE FAIR
not Dean or Jerry w gi 10:05--Oi the Record pected actual defense spending brother Billy, think they are the they hope to rent a house as soo
loot. wi who has role :-- he Recor (contd.) R have ir world's youngest magicians. They as everyone finds work. Ray has GA M B 0 A Gilbert ROLAND Glena FA LL
l oe.. bre u who has a role 11:05-Off the Record (contd.) Reporti have -circulated In have been performing the tricks a part-time job with a seat-coy- "APACHE AR SMOKE" .
ean's three-month b tnlay nmer's Colambia 1:30-Meet the Band Congress that the administra- taught them by their father on erin firm, but Frank is unem- F y T AR M E
in ro tIts, iby ctt on The COna Mu- 12:00 -News tion- is aiming at a 65 billion and off stage since each was six. ployedrm, rank is unem- day BIG ..."
Wqlu to ,po pt his Jeul 0dry's rival stage P .lo .', rb a T ,,
the ltl ofod, a ot n signed a board 12:05-Luncheon Musl "We hope to get some sort of a MARl i BarbaraS YCK e Barry
i~s1t would. nce te r aTeCaine Mutiny 1 pular Music S neo gt ome ta a n:: 7:1 *
Isle nee twouldi I~te n:0-- pa r duplex together soon," said Ray, a Thursday "THE FGHTING 5IA3U" "
ba d layve *never be Court-Martal ." :00--News "because the girls wear the same -
htluaer ..; --- --. "yeo 1ts :1t5--Personality Parade clothes and we want to keep CR15 A '. ) Jeff CHAND~R u
,..t ....aOr 'd:m V". il v this at I:4--Lum and bner peace in the family." air-.on4i~io.4 "YANKEE- BUCCANEER"
DIFFZRMT, IIkO IO*3 ce table. 2:00-A Call from Lea Paul The elder Smith is still a bit 6:Is 1 5I Technicolor .Thunisy i '.
Ah to is wIfe 2:15-A Date forDancing 'perplexed o*r the situation, bul
MGM is tin ,lok eainy over an the men- 2:3-Afternoo Melodies perplexed er te situation, but
maturising one of i mna 4fnt e- I '6 to give me?" 2:465-attle of the Bands
TV show, but the Bid Caesar- o- 300-All tar Concert Hall
Imogede Coca hlrl~esi: i ot .tsa U~ saddles next 3:15--The Little 8how
"ha"e" -4hey alle t 3 ar. Producer' Hal 3:30-Musc for Thursday OIN AT TH
-l tWthe tfm'rp ake- est~him in a wes- 4:00-Pomenade Concert
duce or, eorqe 5teva, erm,;. 1, 4:1-aDob Ebtorly -
be- 4:30-What's Your Favorite ToW CN T
"pnWl a 4Sh tlaftn, e& .4i 1,t .program, got 5:35-What's Your Falorite
e vphone M1 e a re- (contd.)
sa e., ranch. 6:0O-- Wrench in the Air A(RDF

"g'is -cmae. -dl a .- etw ork. rO4se st La se ctB hn Sr...,w...
hi.s part 5. 1. 5-oLU -lth BUW"^ ^ ,e U X

.Qewe Acce o, w .re

ChallenQe mtf. Gov. 0:00."L8, Io,+.
9:30--Londn Studio RecItals
S 10:00--Jorge fazola and his Or- OtUTTng elASE
ALBANY, N. Y. Oct. 14 (UP) A vote to retain Wicks would chetra T" h erLicI
,- Oov. Thomas E. Dewey todal be one of the greatest rebuffs 10:15-The Latin American Ser- a" 4v~s q lme
s pq.the legIluatlre to Dwt e has met In four terms enplae .
Schalleng The allof yy (VOA) HIT WITCH
tin the OO 11:00--.The Qwl'e Nest, fR" "SKY L. OF MOON"
prso.itn en 4 12:0-8gOtt COLORiO B IR
esn. sioawch will open VOA--Voice of America ..' I
No.r 17, wll pora..i"n S SBe .- a ...... .o,- The picture that bares every
Leader of the Repucan Im e qu re R9-3 adlean P*raDlsac harl e8tioU i
3arty In Now York soiltd.R aopr e
He odrdrd the showdown Tless o
than Y24 hur after sOtate en. .W.P A rIn W.ick"T
Arthur .b W icks, pr e~ent r0 e wIIrI 4f'in r B Starring
tern of the Seate ad since -e '
Ot. 1i a I t gov- "I Pi"HI.b,).W.F Mrs. Susan Robert CLIFTON WEBB
it-"ntd1t. .roleS1widow
thbut tI -IND ARD
etachy s ~ kh r Seems DRIVEraIN CECILIA Dem!
reitshe c~n't find the rab- Shows: 7:00 9:15 p.m. "PRESIDENT'S LADY"
t bc wob't i .~w en TODAY Popular Day! wth
Ipe- t gB e .d. Susan
---- $1.10 per CAR! HAYWARD
mollpls ll un AN ICRoEDIrL STORY! CharltE n

any a-plter in the o pn to "BARON of ARIZONA" al EO.
bly ah writers In the ofp -with- "THE GIRL NEXT DOOR" PAULETTE
le Theho will be up .INPT PRICE [ 'Technicolor0
who to ,000 for awhlch with DAN DAIrLEY +
must deal so oN of
t l per contest
do it Wil l close J 4, A story that'll make you
the 6 The coporato said it as in-.. lgc h he TROPICAL
Se teriad only sn encouraging the dowES REEN.
a;+, the writing ofam ,,not Iseeiga ?OD&' '-At 9:00 P.I+.
partiular script that could be LGtVT WEONESDAY!
h mt 1 produced at its Matoaka Lake
I.r. test of a itn rJ- On The Screen: -
StaMte. rOaI leed Gorcey and-1
for bem- WfoA b aMy~A$ ebwery Nion

rafr hanl8^|ftek qacattims. of-lcai naaly came wiith itNiaur CIL Ir Y | Qlnr w r% w U
ks iee itcalled on in Uhe w b billed OTTO PtREMINGER | it Ccmmalo iT
Pay, form rvie prudent otf l | : b Wed T EiU.YWN R T T' STRIKE IT RICH"
Union, to "get evidence" on as "Mary r Great
settg labor dlptteu. sin," and W ti K.T. STEen
DqweI ree the xpl*a- setas woets nla itaftn she
tion ande'm "I ijd s N C A N eT 0' PT L i K.T. STEVENS
disaWpO -to pay publk, Un Un s tte BE3BES James Stewart, in Rex Harrison, in
.., .,oUL Dn@ tes, o PORTER HALL
cauB a 6 "4 f-- 'Iftl may eaompete advertse- "NAKD SPUR" "THB *FOUR POSTER" PORTR HA
torttuoist ee1pta b rCamucmi ln aouts a bit ut other nd- and -
bha offiact im". t- t he problem h baeen olv Panai President "THJ OGIL WHO HAD "RAINBOW 'ROUND MY lliam rRI
Their maor. ert|e-dgeaed Mi Oruen hoper to get thoea VERTHING" SHOULDER"
GOh p-W, a ttO de s s ale Letton Visits Esenower a a. d
ms we ofthe mosta ob.t..
o ,,s*powe I"M Podwd by JULES V. LEW ARTHUR GARDNER
m t ier a a smet ofI wfW m IDEAL VICTORIA .e RW N.ER
pr taof tte mat we L Uar at the death af her fa- "TE FORMER TAKE SS m. LAWRENCE ROMAN
Sfift, eA WIb.- t -o" u t "OUTOST f M ALAYA" ," ihru t'U. UNITED wRTISTS
J. ON- and -and -
RA T Jamaeaown Corbhastleas "3ea Deform Dawb" "CANINON CITI7
SIbr Ilemi liar Paul l9ei "T'he
dan- "Te 7


... .-.. .... .... .... ..... ...... ....... ..-... -..-..-.. .......-
.xr- ^~

~ IAl~rr~gCL~a~R



Fleischer PredictsNew

53- *- r 0 0ky : ,

'53 Has 17 As Compared 'Brooklyn Club

T I Tn. I .. Of 1Q ( Ia a 11i "

a" X. p pITial ll. /L 7 aI "J-*

United Press Sports Writer

NEW YORK, Oct. 14 A new record of world-
wide fatalities probably will be set this year, editor
Nat Fleischer of the Ring magazine said today.
"Thus far in 1953 there have lack the punching, explosiveness
been 17 deaths among amateurs and accuracy of seasoned pros.
and professional due to boxing Fleischer a smallish, be-
injuries," he explained. "That spectacled chap with .wisps of
-equals last year's total and Is grizzled gray hair onhis noggin
'only two less than the record of said there were several rea-
S9. set in 1949." sons for the longer death list a-
SAs usual the amateur toll ex- among non-commercial clouters.
_eeds the professional; he em- In the first place, there are
phasized. World wide, there have many more amateurs than
been 10 fatalities among the si- professionals competing in
Inon pures and seven among the this country and in all others,"
pros. Five amateurs died in the he amplified. "And the aver-
'United States and only two pro- age amateur, because of his
Teslionals, lack of experience, is usually a
"It is increasingly signifi- much readier target for a solid
eant that we again have no punch than the more elusive
professional fatalities in New pro.
ek State. the so-called hub "But of the greatest impor-
of the sport," Fleicher stressed. tance is the fact that amateurs
"One professional died at Mia- generally do not receive the
ml, Fla.. ad another at Wor- thorough physical examinations
e-ter, Mass." given professionals. There are
Why are there mere amateur usually so many entries in any.
fatalities than professional. par- bid amateur tourney, that the
Vieularly in the United States? boys are examined in large
After all, the simon nures box batches."
only three rounds of two min-
utes each, instead of the orofes-
sional four to 15 rounds of three
minutes each. And the amateursY nks

Sports Briefs irt Negroes

HOT SPRINGS, Ark., Oct. 14.
(UP) Heavyweight Champion-
Rocky Marciano arrives at Hot
Srlings, Arkansas, today. Mar-
ciand Will take mineral baths
and plans to stay: at the resort
town at least six days.
LEXINGON, Kenticky. The
geeneland Race Track opens a
10-day meeting today at Lexing-
top, Kentucky. Two-year-old
ea4iplons "Hasty Road" and
*Queen Hopeful"' will fun during
the meeting.
LAPAYETTr, Indiana. Tac-
lkle Iay Pacer leaves Purdue
hJnivrsity today for induction
Into the Army. Purdue badly
urt by Ingluies Is' preparinl
for 8atutday't game against

ENA#OIJ..- -"alfbcek
Bo' N amar s ben tak-
ssPA fe X-rayL
who Pu.t recov-
kne operation -
Ui ,

At Spring Camp

NEW YORK, Oct. 14 (UP)
The New New York Yankeek
have brought up eight minor
league players including two
Negroes, the first in-Yankee his-
They are flnt baseaaia Vie
Power and outfielder Elstotn
Howard, both from Kansas i-
ty. The Yanks say Power and
Howard will be given the same
ensidenatlon as otheraroeekie
at spring training i St. Pet-
ersburg, Florida. The Yankees
say no deal is in the works, put
It's possible both Power and
Howar& Ibe Ibtrft.
major licV ue teams, inclaiU
Cneinnafl, are interested in
'thIs ..
Power led the American Asso-
-ciation wfth a MS average, in
hits with 211 and total bases
with 324. Howard, another long
MOf1 .iM auor Iatted 98II asI

In-dias. n ex
fo 3-tirt-strini|gO
*Ue# for saturdaysdrij
10 with Wchir ad
sttIrc a ruisd

uen i

ailed right-
an ArtilEt.t
^ r (!,&-

tn-- Md'L"uotheA wr,- of II in -A Satur-
-The eaSil o

fie Mtsfrthe it Foorl as i
ises -hrd A B' a four-th sesaads.
Is W-e- Medio d eea ea He'sre asr pointed
est tr teoir. .l anrlico Spe-
OhlA ou .
AMf Reynolds eb
bk R.A Mield!
lot of trouble hls CU .. A hilds
enold tha 11 % d lolt^ '-runn Satur-
eynoldt day i?: 5,000 Hawthorne
;he can play in charity Gold Cup. Last year's handicap
l ldayon. champion "Crafty Admiral"
York -'is top-weighted at 128 pounds.
TOttK. The New York-000--
iuints have bought right-hand- HRSHEWY, Pennsylvania. -
r Pete Modica from Nashvle. Former La Salle College player
he 30-year-old Modica had a Jack George has joined the
..nd-5 record in the Southern Philadelphia Warriors of the
fteclation. National Basketball Association.
SGeorge was released from the
'NILADELPHIA. The Phil- Army during the weekend.

A new delivery of


IT. 'Mt"ii W Awven MMii' Col

10 nave.)

Manager *

NEW YORK, Oct. 14 (OP) :
Charley Dressen who directed
the Brooklyn Dodgers to to
straight pennants was fired ir.
day by President Walter F. O';
Malley in a disagreement #atye
the length of a new contract.
"The Brooklyn Dodgers s lt
have, a new manager nex
O'Malley said in a b
announcement. "Charley
and I have different Xdea k i
the length of a contrt. $Uy
appreciate CharleyO
view, especially since rla
seem to be hiring their er
for two or three year,
there is-something abtke-'
ing up with the ,onel ,,i
"However, the ei~W
will not deviate i~~
eumstances fIai.
*ne-par contract i Is
abdolfuely the only reason
Dressed is not being rehired,"
It had been report that
Dressen had been seeking a two-
year contract at 50,000 a year.
There was no mm t ndl-PRIZES AN PRIZ WINNE
patlon who. the Dod~ had i ment. (Lef to rith ob Co
mind to suceedDr ray, Jean Ware, .4 l
It marked the first time' since 'man, Jim
1926 that the manager of a
penpant-winninlgr aam had ben
fired. Branch HIc#t i" r. le aP1-
eOal manager of the Cardinals,
ousted Rogers Hornsby that sea-
so0 after he won the National I
League pennant and the World
Series from the New York Yank- 19 3
ees. h h a.
Dressed had managed -he m aj
Dodgers since 1951. They were
beaten out of the pennant that .
year in a three-game play-off by One of the thought tourna-
the New York Giants. mtnts in the Cihy litatory, the
He had succeeded Burt Shot- 1953 Fort Amador fltW Clup
ton, whose club had lost the Championsbib TournfaeUats for
pennant on the final day of the male and female nAtWXpy came
1950 season to the Philadelphia toia close Sunday, Og-. U. over
PDreille it pe t in- the Pacific ocean-view course,
Dressen's first pent win- brinR the past 5 weeks, 21 e-
nor with the Dodger n 1952 male and 4G male CW mem-
lost the World Seri :to. the her .lve played a to t 101
'Yankees in seven games, while hobas o gof tt deer gte
this year the Dodgers los tohe t wtinea* a.teh Cl u
Yankees In six. Champ onL 3 were Q-r
Dressen found It dlitfltut to q td for qull 7
conceal his bitterness. hoaloa In W
"I felt this time that I cer- 7 op et is orb
tainly deserved a longer term tl in
contract," he said. "My friends The I
keep- meeting me on the' street the male etr
and they say 'What's thq mateier Maurn
with you EdiAP 8t4nky h a os. erog toolk,
three-year contract. Leoi 'u- whe needed. IL 1
ret tinlaheth ^i*% the W 11 01
cohtrit. Wat about ou?' Po Grahain, a Sandy Hinkle.
"I felt that in my frt ear He cored 1-g2 pb6ttsover 0j
wheb we were 13 games frontt Alexander, 2 over V. R. LO-,
and blew the pennant th wa bo!a, and spilt even with Capt. get the job agak. Bit Heehstedler and Sgt .Bean.
en when .lwe won te pe t Charlie started winning trophies
a"_goingt 4b In 1037 b become the
dnwa ht I York) Country'
tlme I Z i Wlcd have to
haiM on Iyear con
taVei bor.

c-s]Pe e I fCharley aiwan
0 4i6 t et f"e year the
te -it, right n v .w Bo

Drosen demurred.
"My first consideration right
ow is the fiaess of my wife,
w Dith;" Dr I- .
4Soie h Inl g Island College
Hospital with an Intestinal dis-,
order and I w6n't feel right a-
ibut anyth* I until she is fully
S"4ter a, were In this thing
o~gether. Bome time after the
pennant was clinched, we sat
down and. wrote a long letter to
Mr. O'Malley explaining our
O'Malley, idieating that the
tone of the letter was bitter,
interposed to *3 that "We
have given the letter back to
Charley. There Is no eopy in
this office."
O'Malley said as long as he
was head of the organization
there never would be any change
from the policy of one-year con-
"The whole thing Is fimnda-
mentally wrong," O'Malley said.
"The Brooklyn club has paid
more managers more money for
not managing than any other
team in major league history.
"Charley knows he could re-
main here indefinitely. He never
has been second guessed by the
front office."

NBA Ordr Moore

To DhfdN THIe

A0amam imson

WASHINGON, Oct. 14 (UP) -
The National Boxing Associa-
tion has ordered Light-Heavy-
weight Chaapio Archie Moore
to defend an4ist HarQld John-
son of Phla
In the NA uarerly ratings,
Johnson uo ree tly.outpoint-
ed' EaMnIbard.jia replaces
Joe Ma di7_ the top light-
An A tatle spokesman
says: e UA was directly
resp l Moore's getting
his title Btb Now we want
him to de inAt against our sole
logical cobteder."
The ftngs show no lo-
gical in the heavy-
weight or ght ranks. Dan
BuccEroA ed tops among
"ou obrs" in theo i
he B. Bud Smith i
of i the number one





l2. '

S ..

S t the Men h Ten's Amador t .
iirsLtt er o"..
[or, ParerO Motap, V16rk-
Siakl, Fran an. and Lt. W b; -. :r, :

.a".'. ,, *' MI

ilt Char Mac

dor 6a ubCh(3ons |

through on iMrst extra hole ln dbod. the Thlid Flilht run-
to o~ the aw ner-up Id. 1.
At rArce sg L. W*mlagn te inl 'a flight, the 2.
scred ounds 70-71-74 dur- F lght, I Collins pov 3.
ini" ; first wees ClL the d ,y"waY.' Col. L. 4,
tournment a ost to an rh t
ASun to vic- to 'thp R i o h
in .he Jim B t to points
l a ed the
I... Ut l his I ..


IC=naments azHelit '' I ,
-a nt4 and llbtb should have .

MeiR s:


' -E;1 a'.i

to stteno difiulty ii scoring, high In
or$. 0Io future touinadient.
to the A newer thei~ks, Ptana
st-ro a n&e -Wra ,' t e w OnMes's

H to th e dl i t r h e first
Cl t wad, et ran
an deted ever prtleipant a isispitatiet to all these f
Si !Csamppleship fight. t.ebtaraw set who are soe-
This edd Men si~e, eing. o takbg up the m
lulit av. Lu ros for eha, I p yling in the
Woa "*r Mlite llload, alter Jlee tli 1 year of fel.
heil 'Feraatle, and barb lqwaI the fte whie bat L
Clatrh. .The Air FdtYi produce an-
'The wotnen'. rutner-u prism other flight winner when Lt
in, the Obaplpoeship Fil t was Willie May zoomed In to take
decided un extaO holes play- the top awaiM In the third
off between Elena Kenna and flight. Blinglnl' Sammy Oartiel
Pi4llne Kle'ian. Al even after 72 was forced IW an extra hole
holes of match play, llUen came affair by T. A. Jacks before ty-

Curly Lamlieau Optimistic

Despite Redskins

Pre-Season Ex iil
By United

Coach Curly Lambeau of the .
Washington Redskins is optimis-p
tic for a fellow whose team lost
six out of seven pre-eason ex-
hibitions. -
Since then, the. Redskins have
played three games in -the Na-
tional Football League. They,
played a tie with Philadelphia
and beat the Chicago Cardinals
and New York Giants. And all l
that With six key players side-
lined with Injuries, may
Now Latbeau Is pointing for
Sunday's s ae with the unbeat- atArm"
en Clevelasm a U....a "make debu
or break" U, ~ceas it. Lam- dali
beau say i *W ns an great. just r
"Their t :b1e. Iprfection It- er cor M
self," Washinagtor *r 4
coach. o tt Ora- r
am is oe I t.But they
an be l ke W.iwill do it If
re don't go.l* asd
lay ap to plt I know
we have. .-

enm -a

ptO- *iS. *
tiions -

WP*bbly will be ]
StedaI best etbe

ay'icouldU tme
r~i -


an H*.


a*? ila, .


~"-- -~~li-' ~Qly

- ~

~ P'*

!L#~~ ~.,

:i~.r w. 9

4 I *-w
**n~fcU^^ .

.. S-
-~h .m i

L7L17712 ~

~hI~I- 1'

ball Tam ByUP Boa

Big 7, A.C.C. BowLTiI-

Believed To Be Agreed On
By Ualied Preom

Brto.Sok last
of the 35 lead-
make up th
ag board wtu\
SCoach Vts
mstb a

I S;.' '4 C "fl '' 4S
'* .I e 4l sL it f -.
, f:. ') .S S .
.n Pi. .f i ra fl W '.'

tolel -waac bad auP, l"iMo
W "* T &t%' P "
I UEVO w-M7 L ..f s" vn *rWar "
O'- w WIs4;W t--~ hII 00,r e. I : 'e
, v. ,'. A 'ty, -- .

r- W uM rnppaing out Ur one
d Oklahoma's lumn tfrom

n wete Soutern caor
nrdtl i zrom sixth to 10th fa-
SOt-1a te with WAb-
,ladOhio State's plum-
f nrth to a tit for LtJ
..pmt ', fl *.t.
hllChifa ..State, which wa
ed upo for a three-toat

d with
221 ts
fourthn~ *fttd1

-^ U,

.4Mn OeW A
rct na ,' **

rgma memuw w


.....',,< V., .


leg alManager PU
B B Orole

nat aL
:un it wu
s he sees
no r Athe American
e to .
.'Another lerntl al Leaue
b the -e use chef
as ioa ne
owk~hry. l- *'. k *
3', I,-'
Bulniea MartlX Baske,
p d anuto at the
lI par pIra the new


All MAdde two hlNub-
at .he
v^et f-

..a K nis. :

e di .af- T or ha..
,Mi -r ''t&O fo

toryr. Kneta, ,ho
-- .?
,' t s. t a1. asa

MSut h a& ,aW-har
a* moubren Ot uh.

I. and

f^'. -.2

CT^H"'TH*^~ '')' I""' i*

b 1 jpj Qro Wnge r,
w the arp bag
ph$ 4hBpionasip

Urpinm Threatens To 'Pak Up

And Leave If Bathered In US

LOWtDON, Oct. 14 (UPI Mid- 1all of ,everyodY1 aYnd we had
diewelght Rand TurPn has a unalineoucqd lr stors every dsy
q. Q hb hoiIdr "iz.t ioaUtu and sometlmtes at night. I never
S .. had a minute's peace. That wort
A London newspaper The o thin is not go to happen
yTenug Standard quotes thS time" ..
as sain he .will walk The BritiSh middleweight t-
toolCihIs d wotld tM 1with tleholder is q6ted' as saying -
i Olson a Oct. 21 I anybody "Anybody Is Wteldme so lOng as
1s to, aoWs him %rl1nd. Tar- I know he's eomrig.. .but I'm In
Ufs l'qested fro* hal Grosaln so mood to ft mtsed about."
t-P, New TYrk, trainin eamp as Turpli hil nitzes the Lndbn
Story although he admit be
S anybody upsets me-the ght have al something like
interatinal Boking Chab or hat. '
ale IR-- shal pa* my The BrRslah middleweight
Slear out.'Fdn't eare "' am lookag fbtrward to faft
Was e day or two days be- Olson. I tave trained hard
fr te than ever before In m life. I
lhe't3atap- think I will k outOlson, but
Wlt if a. inf I don't, i"soiutely 2o
tl is angrypa F lt tai I can oohWAi lina wain."
conideoitht inloo ate As to t f b n aceoit,
ty0ataesat he gat wha he was Torpin a: "You know I6lr
l Uitaud St 8tes to igh yodu talk, I Iner uaid that It I
ll.a.. ew g ab ao. waa boetro a pat
S-wasM a i the beek.aMad *adgo W o lw. ab t haven'tbeen




The three Irifheiphls are keeR-
Ing quAet so-iar'- but a new
bowl game Ue~p, may have been
agreed upon.
SBIR Seven and Atlantic Coast
dCnference officlald met yester-
Qay'at Durham. North Carolina
with Orange Bowl officials. The
pI~~Ioe was to "explore the pop-
slrItles" of al arrangement
whereby .rrpesentstfves of the
two conferences would play an-
nuallv in the 30WaPl Bowl.
fflciala say. "lo fidal decl-
slon" was reached oq thy po-
nosed pact which, wqjid parallel
the Ro osp~wl pi"g ent be-
tween the Bil ,10 and te Paci-
fic Coast Confereno, '
But some apurces beleve the
Orange Bowl Commntte at Mia-
mi soon will announce that
terms have been ached.
Another coneat we moon may
split Into two eongenrenes ae-
eordain to a 'Csae, newspaper,
The BHouton .Pre s
The paper quotes an"'offlcial"
qf the .outbeasterp
Conference as saying the loop
probably will split at Its Decem-
ber meeting. If so. the paper
says, ArkMnsas probably will be
withd h fcsm t be uthwest
fenep apI'JoM-0 /- "West-
ern" half of the conference. That
section would Inc Louistana
State, alp i State.
MBl sija Jly rennes-
ee, -rrbut.
As the Houstop newspaper
It W f would
r lqrida.l a
;n tuc or two
'border' schools."
The Univerity o Houston has
lone wanted to A~t into the
lgeothwest, Oqnfeece. 4he pa-
S Spu a this gblht happen
should Arkasaw-da the .new
oonfergeat'. ,
For the present, the South-
eastern Conference Is rolling a-
IOn .wthp j prft -Auburn
sbeduled tsialst i.mmbe a to n
dserlTa. Tech. Satmuday in the
most ipO loop game.
asMe., mawhatek mr. getr


Avs.KiWMOUI o. 4

VIA rPAA No. 34

Stanford tb weekend U.L.-
A. Coach Ree ander lqdh
is concerned" about h Ietj
but says he believ "&
UCLANS "have a better a
this year tha they dr, i
Stanford Coa Chuak.
Isn't predict i an upuS.
he thinks Stnford has .a'
chance. Tayl6di says: 'f
'up' for this.op."
Coach Je .Hill of
Cal. is glum aftr last
13 tie with ahington
promised plenty of work- l
damentals for his squ
says: "We were whipped
line of scrlnpm ge. It IS n
Ing to happM .again." ,
Profealpna coaches l
says hise Detl
came out .Sunday'-i
over San Francisco wittis
Injuries. Tacle Thurmaanr.
Graw, who raMinjured afWc
the only one who may =MVU;
Los Angeles game Sunday. i;,IA
-' .-.-- -:.

Race Track, Pafhf

5's Vie for CoiM

Hoop Title Tonigh
The "Hi.611 o m 1e
of Luis Ce SM a the

neftia, will ash
the final of t g
Commercial t UM
in the CUdp1a 1 e8
the Abel raVote *
Ion at 7: *3
general pub
vited to atted.

Tk000i tall

' '"f1 *ifI

A41 ftPfA

CALL Ta.I .U -u


( CALLE "B" No. a




I' .4 ~IJA'L
aCt ,

* .

U "a.l


.,AVI J0CO oDaF OmA N. "



A V. ACWfA 140


*no. c n'

&0C^*... .

h.Ji~... .1~ *. 1 -

..,; o
.t%. d.e


. w i. ,


L*- aum -Ue 3m




- "' '





OP --It n *






le f~:$;

*"^ .7
"'V. '

0 Mo/aley
t .

', i I ... ..



io S- 7 .

** r ^ 'if- 1 **" *: 1.;

S -,- y ^-- 4 ," ',

-.:.. .. *% i' .;' ."a .n
\ ;;A- ; ** ** -;tl *; i

,' :* f: -*'ii ? ^ *" *'' ^' *: *

CaWwur- '

no* N

*. -' -. y# i

"Let the peopl knm di* is A 1 ~r~l dp i


ussia Guarantees distant Secretary of State
Russa9 Uarantees John M. Cabot said today the
Communists are trying to de-
stroy U. S. prestige in Latin A-
r n merica through "a tremendous
AgQainst Germany campaign of calumny."
In a speech prepared for the
general federation of women's
IONDON. Oct. 14 fUF) The clubs, he said rifts have appear-
United States. Britain and ed in inter-American solidarity
France wi e officially offer for "and today it is not so firm and
the first time to discuss with unquestioned as it was eight
Russia guarantees against a re years ago."
vival of German aggression. For the most part, he said,
pt: horitativ( sources said today these rifts are not too serious,
The offer will t3 contained in but he warned that the Com-
a note to Russia by the Big
Three western powers drafted
hee Pt is weekapd awaiting the KAMA
fiar prova the three for- pe Dedicales
teln ministers, the sources said:
'.~ .Secretary-of State John o Am
Dluts i Dulles, rit:lh foreign Nor meri
secretary Anthony Eden and
,French foreign minister Georges
,ivult will meet here Friday
to comp'.ate action on the joint R 1 ( -
Sote to Moscow. ROME, Oct. 14 (P) --Pope
e to Mcow. Plus XII, in an unprecedented
6the sources said the offer to trip to Rome from his summer
discuss guarantees against a reside .ce, at Castel Gandolfo,
f: lval of German aggression today dedicated the new $4,000,-
Swi, highlight the Western 000 pontifical North American
rft note, a reply to the So- college building.
viet note of Sept. 28. The greatest aseqinblance of
American. Catholic clergy here
S ,r Would b i the first official since the war attended the
efr coming out of a proposal ceremonyes at which the Pon-
4rtt .made by Prime Minister tiff spoke in english.
W snsrton Churchill last May for Among t ieri h merea Sirniel
Snew "Lo-arno" type non-ag- Cardinal Stritch of Chicago, Ill.,
rtessidr pact to assure Russian Edward Cardinal Mooney of pe-
atanst a Europeaen troit., Mich,, Francis Cadinal
V 4;the Locarno treaty of n e
9, Bt n gtiLocarno treaty oth The Pope said completionn of
irthe new buildin "lights a
S r y a France aga t stronger. flame of hope for the
l presfon the otNher urch in the UTSA, and' n' the
4'ij- ax ast Soviet note in a Tong WOrl
~erhaie rejected, in effect, a He told the American priests
.7Western invitation to a meet- n a brief speech:
i i, w minister on "We belong to the church
ahn? aRd AStr' t* er- miltant. And 'she is militant be-
TW- ia Sweitaeriand. cause on a etrith the powers of
.. a next Western note was darkness are ever restless:to en-
lxipccted to repeat the proposal compass her destruction.
dS such a meeting at Lugano "Not only in the far-off cen-
second week in Novem- turles of the early: church, but
S o<.~alit the some time take down through the ages and in
iefsr st a.p toward discussing thi our, day, the enemies of
r rit guarantees. Qai an C rstm civilization
make bold' t-tt the Crea-
ti !Ein t'oin"a supreme dominion and
gian Airlinerae r clry i
a plan"No 'ra ofl lergyp is
hre Dl spared. And the faithe ful their
48 D number tol4onol h tnspifred by
t lthe valaint dhiiaftce of their
SIANKiURT, Oct. 14 (UP) shepherds ad s and fathers in Christ.
L twin-engined Belgian Sabena stand firm, ready to suffer and
*iriUner crashed on takeoff from die, as the martyrs of old, for
w in-Main airport today and the one true faith taught by
officials said all 48 per- Jes Christ. Into that militia
es aboard were klld you seek to be admitted as lead-i
Convair airliner carrying
w enters anda crew cf four "Imprisonment and martyr-
btsseng rs .and a cre of tour dom, we know, do not loom on 1
at i 54 ro m. moments afte the horizon that spread before i
ngfrom the runwaon a your eyes. In an atmosphere of
g to Brussels. untrammeled freedom, where 1
I plane was believed either 'the word of God is not bound,' c
-fay? blown a tire or hit a the, church In your country has 1
pwer line as it took off. grown in numbers, in Influence. I
The plane crashed between In strength of leadership, in all
OWthree miles southwest that makes for the good of the
t Rheln-Main airport run- commonwealth.
"The- college on the Via Del- c
plan- was about 15 min- lumllta has seen your priests in-d
behind schedule. It crash- crease from 2,500 to 45,000 and
Swhle we;uther was clear and more -V-proud and glorious tri- I
weak late afternoon, sun lit bute to the unselfish, clear-vl- I
he field. Visibility wa good signed Catholic family life that
for several miles.I prevaills among you." b

pur-Time Loser Gable ,Says:

ngle Men Never Hav
SDAM- Nether- "They don't mean ny harm"
It, 14M (7) As hap- he explained. 'Thej want
aslonally even in the a little publicity."
loving o families, Mr. and So he refused to discuss any
Vic Mature had a few of the girls specifically.
and the film star slumped But to the general question!
S Into a chair opposite "Are you in lov with anone
le, called for a drink now?" he shook his hea iod
urged something about an emphatic negative
"Do you pM' to marry a-
men," said Gable hap- gai?"
have any prob-
'Woe ir," saki Clark, who has!
might be hi answer tried it four times before
Dado&le of Parl a "No one can be certain about
'on the liner Lter- the future, but I'll be quite
bea~iuty Rim i _a It. II never marry again.
=i t. Tre Be looked out into the street
hom have at one the where mone Duch bobby Boxers
e eenstly 0=4 upca e r waiting for a glime of
hints that O bi ad courteously aenowl-
tO asa rj them. edd a ht g blonde Ae%.1-
bsle g In the lo can woman who introduced A1m
hotel sad atm a au a felloW Calfoian."
S!1w far feI T h s all 4e time.
the kid of man
d ories riven o a g i
h i amd bnrave." a

munists are trying to take ad-
ivantage of them.
"In Latin America they are
seeking through a tremendous
campaign of calumny to destroy
Sour prestige, to weaken our
Economy and that of our sister
republics by vicious attacks oO
our private companies opnatng
in Latin America," C ot a
"Not a few honest people haveT
been misled to a great or lesser
degree by this campaign Rec-
ognizing a few words of truth In
a lengthy Commuunist dia-
tribe, 'irritated with the United
States by the frustration we all
face in this ever narrowi
world, they unwittingly lend aid
and comfort to their mortal
Cabot warned that Latin A-
merican nations, like thOse i
other parts of the world, cannot
expect cooperation from the
United States if they are openly
playing the Communist game."
He made the statement hn a dis-
cussion of conditions In uate-
mala. -,
Cabot said the United tt Is
sympathetic with efforts t o m-
prove social conditions .4i GOa-
emala but wants the. n aon to
respect and m oral obl-
gations to the family of .iitibfi5.
He said the United States wants
-- .

Haymes Moes

Too Fast

For Tax Nun

ISAY, O bt II4, IbSL


LA, Cabot Warns
to disu qeston which have t Amer n hUbors It
arae between the w nations look at derences ,
and is awaiting an answer fram Wh
fthe Central American .rl, n era of hydro-
sei f It wishes to enter a friend- ge ot to sacri-
ly discustosal C ot 's own
Turning to ArgentiaCabot to views of
said Preaident Juan Peron has an If aitain the
Indicated that he wants better pea al
relations with the United States E properly
and has pIlad a tag" on America
cooper ti Cabot ud Peron i v Iopment in
stresed the desr for better re- the cent portntlous
latibns during a recent trip tfr oid a t de
which he and fllto g Psen- v t e at cen-
hower, the P I brother,
made through Bobth merhlta.
"We welcome that construe-
tlve attitude Pedmalet Peron
has shown" he Id.
".ObvlQuiy I amoot Ti I
what the lutnml'of .orr ie6tn s
ith Arentinua w be.,. but
tis much I cMn ate: We,, on
oaYpart, sbal tivo efbt ly
casiolldate the .
which has tIake= n In out 'm t
relations with Arg
about said that hle Ua e in
S~tnausvoesyuuawM M ".
a with rt.0* tab by Its AINO MW I

Rep. Chri* XiM B 0 lE
returning (rmlu. ,iq
ugees In u3opri0 i!

HOUSTON. Tex., Oct. 14 (UP) avallibleside-.t 2 tll iBsaOa
- The Intelial Revenue Bureat t unlt 4ot0trle q
which eat"3ill aId al,- a. .$1.0,
000 tax R fliMck Hay-
mms and got an order to attach ttee
his salary .here, learned today it
was too late
A spokesamn dscsed, 0 1ta ^
Haymes --ha&Tof his lil f
for a two -weeks' ngagemen
the Shamrock hotel in advance rute Aidt
probably last May when the t iIair i t;
contract was signed. Wn a
"It is not unusual to be ppid shot u-a- t '
in advance," Al Freman, the Keadlte d 4.
singer's publicity man, said to- -
day. "Maybe It wouldn't be cal- erste M ait e f- tm e l
led customary but it is done lots cap4ot arig r the 0u t..the
6f times. 0 =m48t6IudPt W al0
Haymes opened his Shamrock 4Som
engagement before a packed munilts are aerfeemn a them
Empire room crowd Test night methods of etrucationA f-
while his wife, beauteous Rita sog a ba'c faWfldr-y,
Hayworth Watched from a dim- and acad fei edom nd wbich
ly. lit corner" table. they Intend to apply 4e rest
He estimated yesterday he of the world.
owed $100 000 in back taxes and ._ .. .*
said all le wanted was "ar -.'
chance to work" and pay the Seq ~' iC t' aog ies
Freeman als9 hinted that Se. Abroad A
Haymes was tryn to get back oo
the $7,200 the government got i
n a similar attachment in Phi-.
adelphia and said he had been WASH GON t.
conferring with Bartley Crum in iN o
New York end David Marcos ;of'Te Ud t orr.s Iep
Hollywood. Haymes' attorneys, bu administrators
'ad night." Roebucka n d
He said he would have a eilgn eouw e t o te
completee statementt from Mar- ternad W
:os" on the affair sometime to-i l a "" e "' '
A spokesman at the Internal Theodore 0.
Revenue Bureau here said if director, uud
laymes was pai d n advance the 'Ctal ues are
'tnere is nothing we can do a- regular Inteva
out it." Informit
logues, ai ftm
to the
Jarly =.I=


e Problems' Ia
ticler a
"'4 'dtl
for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer -the sa are :
1l tie town almo$ shut .down t ie, be
for the day. Very few stars in
Hollywood history have had so a
faithful a public. tr
"It's a good life I'm leading
now," Clark said, "Plenty of
travel. Lots of good companions,
*good foed, good hunting-withb
fe said Ifelt great and be
looked it.* famous smUle Cc
still there, the quitsical caUtz lkg
of the eye.
The waist it reasonably fat,
the holders broad and only baWsi
the dustig of grey at the tem.
ps sert as a reminder that
gabeh been aund a lng
Mrs. mato*, ag coriMva
dinum blde, i erd hus-
band u if o had
ed and Viej 11gh
the top ofi tse ld ELn.
"You cant bel-i --
said watchig
fond eM
Oabhl" e '


Mc '..',

T ( TIM Kay Gibson, 33
(Afave), has been tentatively
identified as the victim of a
New York murder. Her torso
was found jammed into a 24-
Inch suitcase. Though six parts
of the skillfully dissected body
were found, the victim's head
is still missing._

Big 3 To Offer


Reds' Calumny (

US Prestige In

" .!'r .' "

: ~- .7


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