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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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"Let t ie people know she truth and the coueary-ls sf" Abraham Lincoln."


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A PiYankee Paris Says Ike Declares alk

S.".f Big-4 Talks

S NEA Staff Correspondent
problem of treatY reviaoin In a PARIS (NEA) Allied dN-
AeriouSr -forderlY fa ,ion with- plomats in Paris appear con-
out jetgt"anti-Yankee- vinced that President Eisenhow- 0
ism Cot JtRic'ss President-elect er will give Britain's Prime Min-
pond rignoreD d a, press Con- later Churchill the go-ahead MARGATE, England, Oct. 10 (UP) Prime nMini
,,if he has not already
stonal'i, foe h h o t al re ter Winston Churchill announced today that he will pr*
-it, for Big Four talks "on
visit the highest level." severe in seeking a conference of the chiefs of state,
S....... to the.treaty the United States if only to
tsecall the Kremlin's bluff may In his first big speech since last June, when iliesi
,ott,.ons. P .
decide to play along with Brit forced him to take a rest, Churchill told a Consrymive
Th e Presidelt-elecett ear6 takes in.p
wr'do sign If a Big Four meeting should party meeting that he and Foreign Secretary Anath ny
'M~ urn"nfrom -ar B1g Four.tEden areackse"oniger
W n ithe anti- ever take place, t is believed Eden are concentrating on finding "a secure foundation
Ya( ~ -f eo 's s State Department may even for world peace."
a t o i et s fer the Russia ns aansn-te With thehelp of the United States, he said, he
In call41 t116 CO AI .. t6 -ression poet guhrel noted by the
their idner s bi. fac. -02du. i U.S., Britain and France. it will be possible to avoid a third world war.
ihei an within th. countries. Such an offer might include
ags wMn trin o the creation of a neutralized The 78-year-old Prime Minis- the leading men of the various
Aqiiso OW,0 l their buffer zone in the territory dis- ter also said: nations ought to be able to meet
9on t u-lttom. 9tad puted by Germany and Poland. 1-He intends to remain in of- together without trg to c
taoen anc fa-o00-- fice so that he may be able to attitudes (pose) before tm ct.
i cons Negolations for a meeting with help in building a sure and last- able public or using e t
ee Soviet Premier Malenkov already ing peace. of experts to.inarshat all rtheod
A oftinare going on between London 2-He has o Intention of faculties and objectionsf" ;
rll0 -and Moscow through Sir Wil- calling a parliamentary election "Let us try to see whrter
l at,1u liam Matter, Britain's new am- this year and so far as he can there is not something bete*,
ambassador to Russia, the Allied see there will be none next year. for us than tearing ad blast-
di ma understand. (The present House of Commons ng each other to eees, whih
'nadeed by demk- hWe drafting of the West's was elected in October, 1951, for we can certainly do," he xt
t reply to Moscow's latest note is a five-year term.) The Allies, he said, should"ot
under way simultaneously in 3-It was better to be in good play Russialat Ge
Washington, London and -tIs. time in Edinig troops to
b"mMatV ri tthe In- British a fa a head Off
0e re~ c detn te theean w bet n etyear. S for- uIstha te
W9aa0H IMOan tr IqerealhopesRussia ficent forces to preserve peace ficultiea."
to tade Satiden tthe Diablor eal hopes Russia and order have now been safe- It is Britain's duty to ue it
h are igpr *re Dlv. at CorsDl. htC conference. iNor 1 landed." "growing" In uence with aagtb
--is the Stathe-Department con-
ou meetChurchill said he thought thethe of ay anxiety about eat
~~~o rTou would ease ntsrational ten. "sense of crisis in our world re- other," he said.
th atinswe fe Aatllq n __0i m "rOs, lations"nwas less now than it was Turning to his last mejoe
a ther S a- But for the first time sin t years ago peehat Ma 11-when he
:R e k" eth"in o ut ro -nkd sStbrmtk on bhu Cold W6r, He recalled to the t,000 cheer-mentioned tepo ibfl ty of
reeaa rgl woaksf TroH enll Dhe eAr ode. iu~se ngtokeephebld had, Hrecaousll poped tofthe4,000hdcheerin- meneheactioon led theeotot
I0, Ing the best know of the Was th Ameica n rh delegates to his Conservative non-aich it eoao ih e e
Ss on ai "rnd le." party's annual meeting that he sia on the basis of the Lo
'fadd'~~a co~ re-o u Rr TS. Ma rbrO seekn to keep the nl hadpreviously proposed "friend-npeace pact cncluded eetwe
e M e woT te develoP- rolling; andR to prevent Moscow ly, informal, personal talks be- the two world wars, Churchlh
tn Costa Rid. Pn n 1 r com" h earanc w discove two 4Everyday was "field day" for from regaining the poliUcal ini- teen the leading figures" ofmsaid:
Mt, s my oPr$- ndo.Awas ha va ays days late when the body of all Pan Cal choo children tiate. It is not seeking merely the Big Four owers.I meant, of course, the p
~ ,adb of Tld%,,iedobnoio4a under. i Roach's young son bobbed to during f e Prevention Week to please Sir Winston, Britain's Such talks, he said, "might do of everybody going against the
StU h surface. when tot were given conducted aged and ambitious leader good and could not easily do aggressor wherever he may be.
0 d d : ~ith pri.s tours through fire stations in Both Churchill and rime much harm, and one good thing and helping the victim large or
est stue s ty ol nr andt the Canal one and in y Minister Nehru of India have might lead to another." small. That is no more than the
104 se te tepby step Wenmort Yd prmvoleges of Re the Canal Zone and in." he saidm
Sout the window. days later Diver McKeown installations and were permitted b exertt strong pressure still think," he said, "that United Nations was set p to do.
aut ,.e w. Canal workers ac- went down to find the Essex, to clmb aMid crawl all over fire a bit-power meeting, and they
Mda rI- tuai ineverdid,"come" here and- the bodies O Roach and his trucks and, momentarily, realize ar'likely to be surprised at the
ad l aren't really ever going any- daughter st tied to the steer- th.youhful ambitions of henw American attitude. assadorine
tWher et hg gcmabtio of China Aec attNevertheless, in the vT ewoaU d T
otHPyfrom -cmin-Mks.. diplomats, the Russians dhsma s d rTr
S n Costa s a breed is "Sandy" handy burM through the to fieeonstratedethe nus .dlm
re N a(We're" not going to of .the n r. YRnd then cut the opfsT.ire thment to the ci owant and are unlikely to a D
ow. thY bother wit-h his glven first unlea .bodies .looser f ea ly ,absorbed the facts tOrpower discussio n o the Ger- r
Eo t.e U btnd n .; tiee ..reensh orklopany and d or r Confl m"a problem. Itrbat is an old Bol-
d .)-qana Company and .SF2 Zite comrat tat vtkprinciple not to engage
-pote best knowndly authe n- W "e the American engineer who d Y several days ako- in negotiations with the "West-
.w se...heraldays rgern imperialists" while Russia is SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 10 He said he had heard Amr.
prer gC4 i t wS .91 ror teanal romredZtihois delegation from th e children to in a weak position. (UP)-Sir Roger Makins, British cans suggest "you must no uIn
th Pa to gn handle the equipment at the fire --o ambassador to the United States, down at a table with a
did he cmherom'sh treay. s while firemen lectured Even if the Kremlin hade-said yesterday Britain ha no less you are uite sure
b .th here. Whereas he "ore1 h;he'arA ur r
to them on fire prevention and enough A-bombs and H-bombs to intention of pressing for admis- you are going to get your own
eag? WelL Ify don't see eandy wap born In Cul.bra, a how to cope wIth infant fires, destroy the free world, the death sion of Red China to the United way."
Stt a I t elu e,~ or if he. OWw trder water...which Th'Flre preveption Commit- of Stalin and the bloody struggle Nations "at the present time." "That is not the British
SWa rd X n Ws nldnt, er andy very tet tt the method of for power raging among his suc- In an address before the Com-view," he said. "Obviously Yo
ot S r d isa tfb ern t4 Mwater, or at the handle Cesors have upset Russia's time- monwealth Club of California, cannot expect to win at the con
d7"6..not too far di stan even n0 ater.orap e. T a aoh aewdile h.
'0 Itusnd plns to-go aible.t. ous a t heee .s.a.ence to Ar- .e ier, .theC liltntale whi tl.e of world conquest. Makins said Britain has "scru- ference table what youi
e PstnaA btt right now 1IiJ eowee r the aC~Bany. htrhltunnously andlectu In Germany since the revolt pulously observed and enforced"win by force of arms."
'sI mttak It |easfor qui rge r m the li Oe Sa1 Udepmen e o y hi the East zone and the victory an embargo of strategic mate- The diplomat cautioned the
Per-b O te e ytosb._would.mre readily fal of Cnellor Konrad Adena-
retired.But w r raily fail f C ellor Konrad Adena s to Communist China, but United States to e patent in
fl m we gd onth e part of the (chil-huer in the West zone Malen- the problem of admitting the international problems.
,ld beageW o16aah cetsmd Canal at the ageh to put y tail_ be around. dn. (Contnued n Page 6, C. Reds to the U.N. "will have to "We must not expect comli.
their hlr. The f up the big r at Rio Hato --be tackled sooner or later." coated international situation t
UhliOZ=]t' -a_ he became an appren- I* a hurrl werr hen.lhaW g .". 'm The United States has served be resolved and settled quick
of the rn er with the ]Me- wbesas- hnS... n notice it is unalterably opposed or In a period of time preserbo
of"othieRDsion wihe he Me- rU'be ad to the admission of Red China. ed. he said.
.""unl198whene bbTo th e l gar-calld16 Britain has long recognized the "In terms of Anglo-Americ
w eY to enst in the United aa124-fogt upan and engineers Peiping government, relations, we British must nol
tax"mow utder itsItcouldn't erctei one o 0. "In our view, the present re- forget..the overwhelming eon-
., yer in the r.e i 'Oo ta ,, gime in China is established," tribution which American lead-
.h went to bhe My..M.'Po'edothed Makins was careful to empha-the defense and the prOsperit
u e ay.r d the uslng" pO, O c bu0d P in d atriean. -great contribution by the Unt- "And you must not forget the
n: *ce, nfbfthc U. 8. Enmbmaa in
andr. Me si od tha. Amer. ,. .n ed States in stemming the tideimmense contribution in term.
nthet MM aidtodythaAmer. towrof world communism, of our available resources whieh
i ; 0oe 1 "t .rp been 1jirlnttoedd WQ% But the ambassador asked'the British are "aking to ths
r ,mof S hn- ane pal"15a 'imalhis nation's part in the struggle defense and unity of the free
M J oe sti'r .ut he woe"t Jef Btalin. "More than half the aircraft "Although your resources are
etIf tl.,the tUmaii The State. Department em. tnow employed in European de- so much greater than ours, you
pl4, George R. Atkins, 48, of tense are of British manufac- need us, as we need you," he
diver on ltney, Vt., arrived at Idle- ture," Makins said.onclud
ran o l A rprt i t "Nearly all the jet engines now
ttotg, a -Co~marmtP l Alndon with L Ru lan-born being produced in the United if
t ~ ompaies wife, IElena, and stepson, NIcoai) States are based on British de- Wife .ivorces
= 'b ]letin, 14, Mr.. Atklns waited sign." tuizzy Hubby
di-ing Sev COmeatod thears prl- ferences arising between Britain
r"". SteteL with r husband. '" and the United States, Makins DETROIT, Oct. 10 (UP)--Mr
th rgaaL. An us id prior to 8tSl' .said: Lillian Forst Morrison won a
Lhc8 4 lh l Marhir 5 to v "When I speak of an" ally I divorce ThLursday after teal -.
dei, meolta were CMtinlned to oamr. certainly do not mean a 'yes ing he" husband spent aft MS
i a ~ndl -. man'-that is not an ally but a time improving his
his satellite." reading a dictionary and sb-.
I Makins was critical of the A- jecting her to daily "Word'
-lx ct. merican attitude, as he saw it. quizzes. t" .
'" .toward negotiating world prob-! She said she had to stppor
if P~ISLJA[N-.Sgt. Roy G. McGill of lems. her husband, Everett, and eae.
time i r of a Russian motorcycle and dim- "For many Americans the day when she came home
,- ,* ..... L1 sdl -'flichlln e gup. Thhe equipment, captur- Word Jnegotiatlon mean almost the office she had to learn
-"1:-- -' -,l taka tothe Aberdeen, Md., Proving Grounds that terrible word, 'ap-1new words and answer is U
-.- with- a .. -". or t- ,caeinentn." Makins s d. 'quiz o them.


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706 66 A~6c

....-M TWO



I '



Chinese Troops Are Big Question Mark
o --
SAIGON, Oct. 10 (NEA) When it rains in Indochina it seems as if someone in
heaven turned on a faucet. In minutes the streets of Saigon are aswim.
S0 I Bicycle-propelled rickshaws
S H N A hoist their slight awnings and
YUNNAN KWANGSI slosh through the gutterslike
SMop l Chenon small outboards.
) r .Naonni, Neat vietnamese g r l In
\ Nqwyesbnh obg tight dresses slit up the
T, ng sides. Foreign Legionnaires in
Sngsonwhite pillbox hats, French of-
ficers with tanned knees un-
HANO/ Itngthuong der tropical shorts-all take
S---cover in the fan-cooled cafes.
.LAoS I nhb nh H pho Then- the awful sun comes
"- Gt T, out like a slap in. the face.
iF'RENH: "7 c 2-T: In Saigon the water is pud-
SFRENCH nhh.. .,: de sucked off the streets.
L .-

SCommie forces dot the country as new Red floods threaten.
f. s w-----------

But in the country, on the
Tonkin airstrips next to Red
China, along the vital roads
feeding French outposts, the
whole land is a giant puddle.
At- the end of September
these rains, the flash floods,
will stop. Then will come an-
other flood -the Vietminh
Carrying fresh weapons is-
sued in China, they will at-
tack French and loyal Indo-
Chinese g a r r ison s, ambush
Convoys, and infiltrate the
heavily populated deltas:
The seventh dry season of
war will' flame in this Chi-
nese "year of the snake."
French forces, now' fat with
American guns, and newly
trained light Indochinese In-
fantry promise aggressive ac-
tions to bleed Vietminh a-
reas. Except for one thing, a
final decision still seems dis-
That one thing, in the
back of every man's mind,
is: "Chinese troops."
Will the forces of General
Mao, now relieved in Korea,
,move here?
And if they do what of
U.S. Secretary of State Dulles'

British Designed US's New A-Bomber

By DOUGLAS LARSEN the assembly line in large num- need of the Air Force. The B-
bers. 57 is actually a brand new
BALTIMORE, Md., Oct. 10-- The plane's unique basic de- "weapons system," Air Force
(NEA)-America has a brand sign is that of the British Roy- spokesmen claim.
new vehicle .for delivering a- al Air Force's Electric Can- In a recent demonstrationthe.
omrnibtms whyi. should great- berra. plane awed Air FOrte brass a4d
C ly enhaa the, nation's grow-. With.Martin modifications it aviation experts with itsnma -
Sing Eobkpile 'of tactical A -is ontdr?~ BC'lmntt versatile ing flight charactrlItU '
weapons. jet aircraft to be developed
since the end of World War II. The powerful Wright Sapphire
It's the Glenn L. Martin B-I It' incorporates great speed engines, also of British design,
B7 night intruder twin-jet light ranges and maneuv e r abilI t y are started very quickly by a
omber, soon. to be coming off which provide a long unfilled blpat of ,powder which spins
the huge turbines into action,
S' This sta g .device, develop
...... ....... -l .,. ed by, Oe Electrio;, has
Of tactical importance. It gets t%
plane into the air in a hurry
in case of enemy attack, and
saves a lot of weight over oth-
er self-starting devices.

B-57 NIGHT INTRUDER: It's intrusion is with atomic bombs.




The B-57 leaps into the air
faster than any Jet plane fly-
ing today, except those cata-
pulted from aircraft carriers. It
requires little more than 3000
frt:of ru*ay to get aloft.
'Once abidrne It screams to
10,000 feet at a sharp angle
in a matter of seconds.

(right) and a Moroccan
Frenchmen; there are

promise that' the war
then be carried to Pekin
air bombings and sea bl
A decision is hard to e
by because the C9pum
war Is in the traditl
guerrilla pattern, hidden
vast jungles so thick
movement is measure
yards. You can't Itll s
body you can't find.
By sniping, harassing
dynamiting, the Commu
have forced French withd
als and the map of I
Chint has the measles.
spots of Vietimlth ring
most every city.
Even Saigon is surround
and a white man motor
out of town after dark
playing duck in a shoo
Troopers on garrison
in the thousands of log st
ades are condemned to
For them there can be
retreat. A few nights
40 miles from Saigon, a
ber plantation stockade
assaulted by guerrillas in b
silk gowns.
A traitor unlatched: the
and they poured .
defetides 'We*e ille;'
marched off roped toge
like cattle.
The Communists are ev
where-and they are nowh
As I walked down Rue
tinet a street hyterical
shoutingg ritoshw ,oya

knew Who you were :a
you came.
WA M a a a a M




S The plane made several light-
ning pases over the field dur-
ing the demonstrations at a&
speed surpassing 600 miles per
hour. Its top speed is a secret
but reports clam it is very
Close to the speed of sound.
S Then, more startling, the
plane was .flown in a tight,
lazy series of maneuvers di-
rectly over the heads of the
spectators. Its speed was re-
duced to about 150 miles per
hour, yet it remained under
perfect control.
This I :pI'perib lI for fast
jet planes. Prime fault of most
Jets is that they can't be slow-
ed to a speed fhich gives the
pilot a chance to select his
target carefully, without stall-
ing. The ordinary et plane's
turn is so wide the Mlot easily
loses the target after raing
I over it once.

In the rice paddies o Indq-.
China, focal point of th waf -a-
gainst. communism in the Far '-
ast since the Korean truce,
French soldiers work to ,wd
out a d er Juum i=- i
the wUl-O'-thi- pC it
With his campra, P IA sti

Air Force spokesmen claim
that this combination of great
speed and ability to ananeuver
slowly over a small area makes
the plane perfect for delivering
A-bombs on troop concenta,
Its main design characterit, .s .B-., .-
a wide wing 19-feet acro Itin ,athe ,i -,
e center, give th e 3- Ilt 5b bLes pt late a itr,
et ape ne d 0m l li- blw* bl M OA t-
^Qu --efej>^ M feet *


. ----.

Seventh Dry Season Of War Approaches
*L l i ---

M P I' t< c' .-? f 1)


'-- 1:15- 3:11 5:07 7:03 9:00 pm. -


om LUmitlesS Sace... They're Readr

' n '* **

I ". I,


U .

-'iT---~---rr--- --r ---- -- :1- -- "L1 -?=Y?-. i~- ;rl--.---;-?-ia---

I -

- 9

B. r rE] m And i rt he newly trained
'a counterpart to our -South
SKorean sllies-bitterly a n t .
Communist, with Orle n t a l
willingness 'to accept sudden
.o .: _death.

"I hav~;eone political inter-
eat," said Farmer Hue. "I
want the white man -the
Frenchman- to leave my
Through an interpreter I
said: "Don't you know that
behind the rebellion are white MOOoCeG ,' b ..
Lmen--Rusaan? The Vietminh M eehOv a, IS Ithi .40, uerm l.e n 'T
leader Ho Chi Minh was e- doch- t o .9
educated In Moscow by white
men." were rubbed out, like Ameri- rohito, hollered "quits it wa
"I see Frenchmen in my can Indians, or' invaders as- a while before French ufts
Countryy" said Farmer Hue. similated' like South'Americt, retired.
"And some Americans. There colonial problems #anithed. During, this ~o4e rer
are no white men with the But in South Africa, Mala- .,d the O a. _pe r I
Vietminh." ya, Morocco and Indochina, lioa Wacn b a. l "
where Europeank main a o.Sd z tant t on 'Eunc. in
In this strange conversa- small minority, l revf el t ,o1n r soft osco*. dui t
tion-~asitting cross-legged dn 1 boils." th 'war, flew; I, r
the floor of a hut as green bAn. T 1blue f ~- w*
lizards scampered on the 1860 The ew the
walls-I found our big ob- colonial system ,wen out with
ELDS march a white French soldier stacle in Indochina. In 1860 the French rcame u e. Magra ot ine. Bat they
trooper. Says the farmer: "I see cto Indochina, a sse ee~y equoa- woud ~oira.oke o It,
no white.mes with the Vietminh." REMOTE CONTROL total land-ruled. d.-by! depo a
and warlords who-o etoll'etdti ae:haUtedt 64ith o
I ill "They have infiltrated every The :-Communist (Vietminh) wives and cattle trophy a -
g by office, every hotel. Most shop- war to gra b.Indochina is by French pioneers hacked pro,. r
lock- keepers pay two taxes-one to remote control The Russians fit from rubber and: cop, .
the Q6vernment, one to the keep their white faces hid- built fine cities with broad :Tha revolt flamedfuiouslt
Communist underground. Oof den while supplying (via sa- boulevards and Parisian style in 1949 when n e I gi b or bug
e wran ru ce llhows. l nd e. eprosy and dreadful swamp guerrulas won a ln e ,plate
come HOPES DOWN Me like Farmer Hue, who disease. The' natives multi- and plenty,. of .r ggu.
unist rea4 Ino newspapers, hear no plie, as the life span soared ., Tl. raren ,ope to
dnal Certainly, I found French radlo, believe, only what they 10; 15 years.. '. ... M'- .. p a,. ml,?gftnl re ts .

ok- eAmertic n d ly, AuFroe- n ch ai r h and na on esp ad ths -
e by hop down since my last vi- sg ees. s vohleo r, i p11.
that sit In 1950. Many of my old The Welt iurs coplince A o la t a Odm.s- n, a hAa

dedgoT, Wait pla It lolw "musenc l -nt believe ree ro rAiier 664nwa r b a"s'e '
in soldier-friends have been kill- Indochlnas' of this truth: dured, of irvla n stlt wrP .,
dme- ed. And soM e politicians in France li slowly, surely giv- in his head. rhi e h ,stIh n
l Paris talk about saving mon-. ng~ comlet ibe ndtp e ab mlinnd. ependence w riAh esnth
and e, pulling out ut race, d .tour s being a swinny nato dno- Indiam ut -d w. e lpa

s ^hA f thefashionable u To uder ,w your s pread like a spilled botleW o-- re.- w..
nists hey want the UN -and prt, l s i comu- China bear e oft As icka up lag s ehe k
raw- that means US.-- to take ni ~s and Irreric t .14 some C iiort s s iprst onov oneth-
ndo- over, mend our young men. e- trm in wod pan d a a of hand
Red yvn as now we are 00ndln 0_ (__n-k-i 're' 'ov 0- .Ischools,is OenI.mora- .e
a- hal the dollar to finance this i take a quick ln a tew look like nd of y w nadepds on thDVe flohe
e re. roe fro orea t French yrday prints, with eoes, he s jean but.owen us i w d
ded, A sharp blow to French Ninetetnth Century Europe, mother hauling water.0 ,o *. ..
ga b h loedas the Korean truce, an colonilism is indeed dead. elared Independent the l.- (Isoan Tf m ry headquarters-
with honors-China finances this The Job here Is to block the driven n an oxcart t9 board popular support by needling
ung trouble and when the U.S. substitution of 20th Century a ftnnodi, press- the Frncwhile hiding b
made a armistice arrange- Communist colonialism. urized plane for Europe.) hind French tanks. Without
duty mert the natives said, well, In a steaming country where .French troops they'd be un-
ock- the Americais and Europe- IMPATIENCE a pair of shorts is sufficient employed as Farouo t

eiea carry on In Korea despite, agast occupiers it was col -'. "Every day cars, are fed
vi- discaintert and conswhip China, t ona s a t wardrobe. and citizens snooze faith. f ..a eapo loyal
will soon go home, we can- Countless Indochlnese, impa. away afternoons mands
no not defend ourselves so we tiently smrging- for complete and lawn, time ya i l J our ,,. ,.ut "-
ago, better play it cozy. independence, will not believe free from former tribal wars r e ea1,re ye
r ru- pr France or native po ernmnp a tos d Irolated from Europe'es and (Cotined t n Page, C )
was HONED sponsored bY Fance. They o- ,organized killings. Few worries. iit' an n aid the' A
laCk overlook Communist control of '.ed. about Independence. h are training .. -ide
But w support m te tn like a drunk., Then came ec. 7,194 a native army- o as t
home is ho-hum, the French- en driver overlooks a sharp~ The Japs dropped into Pearl goven bu s l .. t
troops here look good to me. road dip. .ausHarbor without knocking .
Away from the fallshionaoble To nde dr whyy. your ~-p ead lie a spilled bottle --
irdPt, ofar"i s t1h,.FC P .l _le -a7 co n-r; nk over the map of' Asia,L
,, a tri. s boe. I ng are ca- eluding E LU-
,..t' well In shoulder high vary rides ar d VIe- V
their swamps with quiet detern#- ph ts and rles;W Ied some J AAM to ffl oudnet
nation. tr r c gdlden cros- pled ba of hand gre
ery- To aid them there Is en ses take a quick look a- Posing as friend of yellow nades on the floor of the
here. route from Korea the French yesterday. and brown peoples, the Japs jeep between us As' we :drove
Ca- battalion which won all the For centuries E Ur o p e a n s declared independent. the as- out of military headquarters
with honors-across the board-for seized backward. foreign coun- .-.soclated Indochinese States-- at Hanoi and started for the
un- bravery and military know- tries.m Americans are descend- ?Vletnam, Cambodia, Laos. They. front.
am- how. ed from such colonialists. Our 4tightl leahed the ', An ex French Canadian,
neO Like American boys I saw rebellion wa ehot of natives: 4 a k but .I Corboral DeTourdonnet said:
carry on in Korea despite, againstO ccupier&a It was col- e ] "Every day cars. are fired
Inh disinterest and confusion back oniallsts against their GHQIn goo..a I, at. If such a thing happens
why home, the French OIs fight Londonf. 4, When our rupbrort due --and we are not hit- toss
for pridein their unit. When native 'popul at Ion s a ed real estate values and Hi- (Continued. on Page 6, Col.7)
..owI -i -OW i -: -

,M E- A-n M-AM

. ?*.




w I





I, Mr. and (,Mrp. Harry Dockery,l Wl lce~, m. waulBe aim,
i Mr. :nr Its. ',and r .r DJua.n. f .Ir" le 'ira and Mrs.
Mr. and s T ,:` I Lt lO" MKBiday. '
Sknd Mrs, Lou Mclvaine, Mr.
nd Mrs Joseph NoonandaMr Mr. and Mrs. Hoverter have
Sland MrsiSt. Rlehardson, Mr. vacated their quarters and are
and Mrs: James RAccia, Mr. -the houseguests of Mr. and Mrs.
aInd Mrsy Q.-W...Ryn,. Mr. and Joe White, of Margarita, until
( Lrsl ae.mprks Mr. pnd Mrs. their departure.
S G. SCelfere, Mr. and Mrs. R.
SN. tewart, Mr.' and Mrs. Har- Mrs. Gour Leaving
t ry Saass, Mr. and Mrs. Joe For Massachusetts
White M and Mrs. J. C. Wal- Mrs. R. A. Gour, and daugh-
lace, d Mrs. L. B. WillA, ter, Jeanne Marie, are leaving
.eMr d Ms. E.- E. Trout, Mr. Wednesday to join Sergeant R.
and Mrst J. H. Stevens, Mrs. A. Gour at Marlboro, Mass. Mrs.
Paul Futr, Mrs. 0. Contitrd, OOur has. spent the past year
bt Jew41 Amtains'ndh M~*rs: with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
SKichart Bdwa, .%. cAt bt C. E. Bougan while Sergeant
N. Enelit~e Mabtin~#a ..P. Gour has been stationed in
A. LinvllHuJ. Maidlg.M.T.Pap- Korea; :
De d'k, K. R&O1i.en ,C. M. Ruoff,
t. Sank, R.. Sulivan, Raul Rotarianus ear Mr. Gegg
Therlault% Christ Wirtz, N. B. Mr. Robert Gegg was the
1 aison, McKene, Mcni, guest" speaker at the weekly
t Ltchko,' luncheon meeting of' the Co-
Sv *. lon-Cristobal Rptary Club at
Bon R V y CardO Party the Strangers Club.

T Mrs. iWlluiam Crady entertain-
d at h& hoe. n'Margarita,
/,ridayvening, to honor Mrs.
r'. B, Tutner and her mother,
/Mrs. Jewill Goodenough, who
Iareleaving next week to make
their honte- in North Carolina.
-Desaert: refreshments were
served precedingan evening of
bridge and canasta.
irs. Nwrteir eMgplinented
With Farew1U Part
S -A group of trieds entertain-
d with buffet supper and
Evening qI bingo to honor Mrs.

Mr. Gegg, who i assistant to
the manager of the Pfizer In-
te Atnerican Corpbration of the
Colon Free "Zoltta," gave' an
Interesting talk about the Pfi-
ser Corporation. He gave a re-
sume of the work of the com-
pany and the products, to
whose development, they have
contributed. The organization in
e F'dee Z ita' wa discussed
with its '0ihtr1btiflin to the
economy of Colon.
Mr. Charles Maher introduced
the guest speaker.






Tomorrow Is

od Iay Of Our


The monthly General Assem-
bly of, the Colon Unit of the
Inter-American Women's Club
will be he ld -tomorrow at 3:30
p.m. at the Club Building Mrs.
L. H. Stroup and Mrs. Marcel
Belanger will be the airmen,
with the members of the Board
as hostesses.
The Anniversary Dinner of
the Club will be held Friday,
October 18 from 8:30 to 8:30
p.m. t the Club.
Tickets are on sale by mem-
bers 0J. the Club at $1,00 for
adult and fifty cents for chil-
dren twelve years of age and
younger. '
Mr. R. K. Morris, of Panama,
will have his collection of cer-
amics on display,
Women's Recreation Classes
At Margarita c
Al Atlantic Side ladies are
Invited to join the recreation
class' being offered at the Mar-
garit~, 0 ysnuasium from 10:00
to 12:00 foon, Mondays, Wednes-
days and Fridays.
No fee Is charged for these
activities other than the shut-
tleco*ck with which to play
Annual Bazaar And
Fish Fry at Gatun
The annual Bapaar of the
Women's Auxiliary of. the Ga-
tun Union Church will beheld
on Thursday, October 22, start-
ing at 5:00 p.m. at the Block
A supper of a "fish fry" will
be served and a variety of des-
serts will be on sale.
Novelties and handmade ar-
ticles, .very appropriate for
Christmas presents will be on

When Is A BIll
Not A Bull?

J0 UP) The charge was.allow.
a bull to roam the highways.
tj aninal a bull?" Judge
rt Valtukaitus inqurke of
tn accused.
"No. he's not," the defendant
answered, "but when a cow bel-
lows in another pasture he
breaks his rope, hops the fence
and heads for the cow."
That was enough for the judge.
"That proves he's a bull," he
said. "I find you guilty as
charged. The fine is $25."1

sale' There will be a fish pond
for the children.
All Atlantic Side residents
are cordially invited to attend
thit, annual ge-together.
. A R. Branch
saturday At Albrook
N. C. 0. Club
The Panama 'Canal Chapter
ot:jthe I. 4. R., will hold its
first fall meeting at the Al-
brook N. C. O. Club, at 10:00
a.m. Saturday, October 10.
A brunch will be served, and
allivisitors, and eligible mem-
ber. are cordially Invited ', to
jo the membr at this meet-
ing. ; -
Welcomes And Goodbyes At
,Moidzng Coffee
' The Fort'Davis Officers Wives
Cltb met at the Officers'Club
for their monthly morning do
ffee with Mrs. H. R. Mackaig,
Mrs. W. 0. Trotter and Mrs. B.
. Ragadale as hostesses.
Mrs. B. F. Roll, president,
welcomed the following new
members, Mrs. G. R. Beiser,
Mrs. H. A. Peterson, Mrs. R. E.
Peixotto, Mrs. T. D. Harmond,
and Mts. R. R. Peabody.
Goodbyes were said, and souv-
enir spoons presented Mrs. D.
G. Mis, Mrs. W. A. Cecil, Mrs.
J. R. Vodrey, and Mrs. C. E.
The ladies who were leaving
assisted in pouring coffee and
serving cold drinks.
Informal Bon Voyage Supper
Mr. and Mrs. William How-
ad, of Margarita, had an in-
formal dinner party at their
residence to honor Mr. and Mrs.
Earl Hoverter.
Monday Musicale
Meets Tomorrow
The Monday Musicale will
hold its regular meeting at
the home of Mrs. Alvin A. Ran-
kla has moved to house 8572.

SSo eas o have he

ci r Ne**wWith

New FonnrfitUnder-Look

S ynotg .today's Outer-Look is a softly rounded
bastie--subdy undestated, yet high and young and
Spriwi. feif *& of yourself in Format's Life
&ra&-witWhoe t4!bLook you need to capture this
new Outer-Lookl, Wrld-famous for fit Life Bras are
tailored to elevate, separate and rejuvenate with bliss-
ful action-ftee -edfort. Your exact size and cup in
an array of elegant styles and fabrics. At any nice

S xprt Dept.,
chi" 7. U.S.A.

Korea's Natural Resources

Could Promoi
*i L i

WASHINGTON, Ot. 10 -4- Al-
though for the; la.steight years
Korea has been a land divided,
until half a century ago it was
one of the world'a-iost inde-
pendent, homogeneous' and sta-
ble nations.
When the lidst .rth was
split from t louth
by the 38th-pirfll di n in
1945. Korea's bcoomiz~i r line-
exchange of o lumber,
minerals and om the
north for south- rice-was
severed. Since4h-bat tme,either
region has Been kble :to benefit
from its resources.
A narrow mountainous penin-
sula, Korea strethoi-60 miles
south of the Mancht1an border
between the Yellow Sea *d the
Japan Se Jtueutnin 110,,,i of
Ky ushbA.- Japan's ost
isatd a the country 85,-
250 are miles, bout and
on014tiat tInes'%th fet' df ori-
da, which it roughly resembles
in shape, says the National Geo-
graphic Society.

te Prosperity
o -. "'++ "
world was dficoura., the court *
try was clainjd as iiprotector-
ate by the Japanese in 1905.
Five years later it was an-
nexed into the Japanese Em-n
pire, and, ts namn changed to,
.Chosen, "which means, ironi-
cally, "Land of the Morning
Calm "
In 1919 Korean nationalists
staged a "passive revolution." A
republic-in-exile was established
under. -the bresidency, of IW.
Syngman Rhee. In 1p48, the Rle@,
government was recognized by
the United Nations, although
the northern half remained un-
der Russiai domination.
In 1950. Korea's population
was just. under 30 million, rank-
ing 12th in ,the world, with two-.
thirds of the populace In the
area south of..the,38th parallel..
During the war, an estimated
1 million in the southern zone
were killed and another million
permanently injured. North Ko-
roea is 'renortaed t havIn l t .

.: p.... Si sJ uo u Lo ave aos over
I"pqe World War If, Korean 11/2 million.
indi l -- concentrated mainly
In atdhVnrth-was' larger than According to the Korean dele-
tht V4 either Mexico or Turkey. nation to the'United Nations, at
Its hIdroelectric potential was least 1,200 of the nation's 5,000
estimated at 5 .nllion kilowatts, villages have been wiped out.
more than the 1937 electrical and 52-all but 3-of the maior
output of either Italy or France. cities critically damaged. The
The land is known to hold homel(fs and refugees in South
highly strategic mineral re- Korea alone may number 8 mil-
serves, largest in the Far East lion.
ouRtsde Manchuria. r
Fifteen years ago Korea pro- t Bi
duced about one-third., of the Fast Bid
w*rld's graphite. Gold produc- L s
tion ran as high as $50 million a Loses Contract
year. Coal reserves are well over
14V billion tons, and the iron ore DOWNIEVILLE, Calif. Oct. 10
reserve is estimated at more than (UP) Contractor George E.
a billion tons. Miller of Reno. Nev., waited un-
But despite Its industrial po- til the last minute to submit his
tenbtia four-fifths of Korea's bid for a paving jdb in Downie-'
people are farmers, committed to ville, planning t6 fly the bid to
rice agriculture on the fertile the mountain committee.
mountain slopes. In 1940..the na- He learned too late that the
tion was the world's fourth larg- nearest airport was 35 miles dis-
est rice producer, tant, so he flew over and drop-
Korea also ranked thfrd in the ped the bid, bomb-style. It was
world in commercial fishing in picked up in a street by a coun-
1939. Some 75 kinds .of edible ty supervisor's room only a mo-
,fsh are,found along its 1.1,000- ment before the filing time ex-
mile coastline, where warm and pired.
cold currents meet. The country But the bid went t a Sacra-
has 10 major all-weather ports, mento firm.
29 secondary ones, and 139 other
off-shore anchorages.
Korea's legendary history JUST RECEIVED
goes back 4,000 years.
Its independent kingdoms were CHICKEN WIRE
well known to the Chinese 3,000 and
years ago. From an early base of FENCING WIRE
imported Chinese culture, the
Koreans developed an individual TMH""CINCUEA ENARIO"
civilization with a sepaarte lan-
guage. Nicknamed the "Irish of Give a new appearance to
the Orient" because of their your house with bright
spirited, independent nature, colors.
they have been engaged in a Use our large selection of
tragic struggle for freedom, paints. We have received a
unity and independence for half large shipment from $2.35
a century. thlKallon.
:,A heramltnationidurl most CASA MU* OZ
Of teoh, n- Paa -hn Col6
'hnunfeditn withthe i t Mf the
ial it Xr !% P945

Protect yourselves against heavy financial losses
1 3 dym y"a2-t1-- 24 hOurs a fey evEy i MWinute of ;
the day thywhtre with completee cov ragc with a
as offered by
Fo~ detailed informationn call: JULIQ A. SALAS ."
103 Boivai Ave., Box 1104; Ooaln. L 537.
(Bonded Insurance Agent)

I Show you t easy it is- including the price.



a~ ~ A




-'ii'^tS^ -* .

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;y Xt.. ':', r .

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P',rJ 'Pan em

'~ 4,.t






SA. :.

TEL. 2-0810.
m- '17 ]".

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'.-i e:' 4.

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lf: :!-'rb~,t& ~ ~~


... NEA ood and Markets er ...

-,*an ddbeefjplaced
a- Oll r amount of of heat. e t
h it this. season thiek-~a d
it. So let's au pro h .
am tbrOl 'ed .-loin steak pa ie. ~ifiei awa y m
wi w.t ou meat e pert friends in heat so that: t wil have ti*ie
*. Chicgo. Here's what they ad- to Vook through without do--
- ,... ,ing: out .th : *aiurac'e.
I purchasing sirloin steak, When broiled, removelte
"'cLBH certain you .are getting steak 'toN -* iargeo iot r.
the yry. best quality. Allow l2J Add a sprinkling, of salt
t _pohtd per person. Have fierhly ground peppft' ndida a
leg': tut .1 to 2 inches pat C ..o :bt,.
. t r b1rollng. Fre4eh fried potato orh-
lore- in waxed paper or alu- ion rings, 'panbrowQed ofidps
--Ainm foUl .In- the refrigera- o tried tomato-i sctes I ~k
tor untll ready to use, but not nice garnish on the steakp-9 -
S"WIm1 r t than I to 5 days. Walt 4ter,-- whi providing gd Ital-!
.until people are ready to eat or accompaniment. '
bef re .king the steak. Slash Here isx a schedle.'3or br ll-
: the. dges tpl;event cfrl-'in yourle i tea.
Sng pjace oU preheated _
- broiln pan. .,-- *i OlJU S 11. '1
M M experts recommend that La lt A i s aA
San xact broiling schedule be ..t' WD I
S Unowed if you are at all un- i .. uS.
, c in, and that the meat be i inches Izm12m. ul4 m.. Is a.


Family Should Take Pride

In Doing Things Themselves

t0 rt ftrt Q of! tp l awb "ay if you, a y<'t bb u.1
ts f ythe 'doarlt-yi8tarselFIi. ;
You mntht as well not how your friends tUat new room,.up-
I" you drove eetry nal yourself: -7

ss you. can top your frindal' ,and enthBie bstic "o3
a with, "'cOf course, we did the in4de flnlshingg,"
A ie0t^thepts to baerearlly- npI-.d.
"*jEdon't even bother showik COt that "new c he-Ofi4bn
US~ m POtnless it was rescued from the attic or a junkie
worked three, moths with. sandpaper abd paint rems
lteo dmart it your husband l tP lff A bthi
p* arkALet Workshop.
we are in a "'do-it-yourself" age. We ;arl,4. dcoin
, awn iV4rnters, carpenters, refinishers pand, 4ectatorsi
tc*womenn used to say: "You mi st- eseeien'* lew hot
t itI 4 it was done by so-and'so, thei &ldgh'kr iede6Crat ays you are much more likeI thaBi:;: "Y)' l ?nhftbt
14 ggry and Jim., have done to-thr lous.'-evrty bit il

At that, it is a.pretty sane and senAible trend. It getf wb6
am9l working together oa projee t ln Which thyv can. take r~&l
ride. .
It encourages men to take a reatvnterest in their ~ homn a,
t keeps then home.
lhas chfdifen that their parents are pretty amartr
A daughter may not be imprte~ed by her mother's ability to
a pif. but let mom pitch In and paint a room and hit da
ta t a second lbok.
A son may not knew mIuth About hls did4* ability in his oyn
I neU s or profession, but a he proud when dad turns out a gun
etIn his spare thtie..
Il--r l "I I ----a

St__ nftiy.; aB'

fai/*^f, ..'.I
... ..
e -

*a n -rs

be, ft;


l t two or ,thwe ..Iwu a (<. year, U l itn a ,: Its,
sofbw e s. itIIt Rak e i t ii, (left) a f d
Mile ef ) a its ,
deep. wide V aeckMua b d .uI
By GAILE DUGAS If you're hIpy ori f your|(
NIA Woman's dltor figure refUses tf cohe'to terms
jw with the sheah 9th a any nt, 1
NEW YORK ,-(NEA)- Th you can wear a wide skit and,
ast word for the late-day dtess stMl be riglt. They e In, too,c
his fall is the straight and and you can even get ou youth
arrow: sheath, elegant of fabric petticats aga.
nd glittering Ith jewledeiern. 4T* ifu-r-i f A. f*a olr t.
roldery. This i '' epa ethatas go fr late dayan
ofl easy to walkl in lth evef 4ofli 4aye
ou can't have everythtfl we u tae

Whe Hlset Gts. o
. -.. .. C1,

leavyou Po t- for a
while. But. before you know I

ILl.r hi.

pr 4.
4n l 1r f
44 .4 > .' '* ('

'1 ..

If you sew
kets by mad
stitch and u v
rtows'-of sitc
an ind apr
'. w w

twoa AVi

ad mi nt
ra W in
t As roaprs
thim uthate
* -P up the
i-SS a T-ahi
Ii !t

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L. *.



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for a N.wi
for a Mar.

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,t a ..
iOrd uted

, Cash aniinpam i due
other bMn- at n t en o
S2.288O % V a IMd th
14 Oi-fAe 3 I5
~tant# iI SIX. Govern

bank was
10.00. The
, although
SArnt two
r, reflected
a WR8lON.-
r 30. 1962,
der Ao fann

eeMtaatimn td am ,lM
ww^A" A~ mw *w

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" "'L .


Y.-. ..
''^ '- S ^

--:-7 -
Woo* te

bi.*the a onths of 1
oI $--3 a share
S(or n e membmIe of this i rou e
g a lanhaa &t the Church. Election Meeting D. i the 1frt mint nnths
tdy b1r-eC d For Wives Club Dof 1 .I3a totarL t' om3t 66,00
1st Bke Il Thb Moran Thoe Fort Clayton OtOffcerli.10 a strare m reserved for- 0 e __ __
SandMrl, Jieaw 0 Courmancta Mariao. 447 Wives Club held aeir month- Federal and stte taxes comoar-
aughrCatholIulhtr of America, ly business mnleen recently at ed with S22A3,O00 or 3.05 a;
Swill hold a bake sale this morn. the Post Offlr Clb, a t share in the t nine months
IN J lemll ..'..... ... t tat ^ Mary's Misslon #hl C} lp 1eah bI o. f tll- of 1952 L
L one of Fort The .aal Zone C ollee C lub uded: Ptdent, Mr. L e orp non, Ms. Oma Course
L. lj of Fort. 1 roitLs for

solemnteed Sat Music Group will hold its first Bathhurst; Vlce-p tuient, Mrs. ws presented a gift fr he V
at 10:6 at the Fe maeetln'. po the: year Moniday Catherine Parley; ISecretary, Mrs Iroup.
p h Pf. Saley, evening at 7:30 at the home Claire Dooley; azd Treasurer,
pr0lat, nuptial eec- rndlcott StreetN Diablo. Mrs. The outgoing president of the M. Max Inalr Coloune W.V Ill. ,l ,., i"
rdew. oregor.ot- "; 't a- r '-b o U .42: aP.hare
rf oa onew mer M of this n h a e p io .
St the Church. E ion Mtr MO In''' Aaetwy elhp t a nthsw(
sly 1 eA IX CREME S For W CoAMPOlb of I.I A t" "U60- 0 or

of wofe eya, ele e especially made for tinted and bletchedlayt fir .N. r3 is re rved or
gow and Mro. JfeylMet' I Co fn Maria No. 447; Wives Club heldw eir month- ifdersl and state taxes comiar-

Dred, cream-co9Ned It's halrcolor care by the haliteololetCder- ThW Len.ale o Luth ; \ mot
silk, tn ca of a for 1ovydier. tr -to-nature halrcolor. To WQT F THlE 3 Luth- i" ure q... es I' S
Ik carnations an a botiSuet keep your harlo b eran Chur6h, Balboa oad will lp w
s a: Musi op wil hol ls Bnthh grs e"diet; V'ce-Ms was pr snted e er her
dde's oi otse ft mat BA a OB "
at 10:06 at t 0 a meetis3g~ the: year 'Mol C~rp r~atherine PFarley; Sbcre group.

FTeathesa Cop.
appr oprats Itreet, DiablorS. The outgoing prhsidint ofbthe H Mrt. Maxle- ime. Hae anublc lla In-* *""Jgm"m" rL"i"'. Har ad C

io 114c g 'of IsP No .1:00 to 4S .

." Is tNon e ,ir. B rin6 "':
at... .. .

2arcotl'e ofi er teati.le4 he
A 'r foundt som e of ellea em. a.

.of*~wayft"t, thP Wccused 4- g u m- .
feq nthe. cer c .pi Ettoeie. hus

6t eyelet especillymadefoystery to te wiat u. edp.i berh Bass-Nee 1l f iP

d, crel,.,lgpne boficerF wUl..,, __.- .
cd" the officer ad lIvker., p er.rmeesnature haso AMU"
tiny .."'_ ..._of1_1._
rthe er!!! ,T O .- P- hod aB -ar I.,
I, iix. tqt-Anj.eos t In, the 1=. ar Qd and

i' ~r~ijl*WNW

o' F

5.-7 7

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il ++++;o^ ., .. ;
{i'?^^" 3' ^'*^Ftj t-WtCT."



B otsuffer need-
1 coU ll Ap-
ce. Arch ftp-
t or Remdy
most eaver
common foot


14 Contal Ave. TeL .-1i3, .
ana *A. LSO AVA.LBUA .SL. -

4. lNeorI MatuEs

N& U

Thg host artikes, the right
note by seriif "M Bhk & Wblt "; it
Jis d6 drik mot i An itc by i
po'p. 1" drop pf *b fisAi
widely i distiged and bottled i

'4 0. ...- A. N '-.

o Whet Size Wiset B get Wise!

,'That what you'll finW in our
yung 'u shop."


1 aw E:e, N & 7
1~ 3 ~.Pr C L

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I ,


You Sell'em... W You Tellr emthr

Leave your Ad with one of our Agents or our offices in No. 5

N: 12,179 Central Ave. ColI--s -

sh- No 34 Panami IL P.
^ 6 itvell Ave.-Pbone 1-3 1 *Sel va s Thftwe c I. C f



S... Fourth oat .(~J
C" ^ *'

R household A tai-Mb -
FOR SAIJ.-One .and one
diningroom set. No. 10, 46th. St. FOR SALK-I 1 W- L
.8u1.0 V;,!Jo.iaIdan. sewedkils.
FOR SAAI, Furniture: bamboo; 2 -utet l .
chairs <,th Inner rngin cushn.ons. Avenlu TeL l
S$40 eh; matching otoman. $20; -
2 coms. tables one round. 36" MFR -:--
diarrefer, glls" top, $40 one rec- o i *n, @4l .I
tongular., m hogacy top, S15. Me- feet c wadlt kpe
ta! furnaA 2 chesi of drawers. Sn1et 1 .411gI
$15 each; ,>n bads with good. Ceshl A
ntimtrre $S15 each: 2 n.ght FOR SALtr-
stands $4 ch: dresser. $15:. dw
. couc iith solid green cover, $20 .
DineA tt4 *I h e tensions and ,l T ..
4 irc; c'ivrs, $40(; pictures.w y Roane" t L A. IA., Viwt
amps. eta T*leghone Mrs. Stone. Cenil Ave. Tel. 800 'Celt.
Curunpu f1093.,
: Curunu -t93.FOR SALE:-1941 Pontiac 2-4oor
OR SALE:---Coldspot refrigerator, sedan, excellent condition, tea
Scu, ft., 25 cycle, $75.00. Ironing covers, duty paid, best offer over
biord, $3.0C. Albrook 6296. $300. Telephone Mrs.. Stone, Cu-
SSALE: F- Diningroom set, corn- rundu 7193. ...
p'iete. No. 75 Justo Arosemeno
Avenue. FOR SALE:-190I Ford Statee wo -
OR SALE: -Q M. Buffet, all me- se, new rins ebody. with etom-
Jtal, $10.0C. Call Balboa (21 1589. ic engine,- leather seat covers.
yHouse 0766-E. Williamson Place. must be seen to appreciate it.
-- cyle refrigerate. Smeet y Hunnisutt S. A. ltfh. St.
R S 25 cycle refrigerator Central Avenue. Tel. b. ,' Cie4.
Ciod condition, $25.00. 704-F
Loe a.. Phone 3513. FOR SALE-1947 Dodge Convetible,
'_.-,------------------" iur ovrcLewHd, r-i oneno
FOR-,ALE:' Plastic upholstered ,ust overly pul. radio n d e-
Devenport, 2 matching choirs chest, mints. Smeet y Hunnicutt S. A.
MSn' furniture dishes. Tel. 83- 16k St. Centrl Ave. Tel. 80.
4196 Qtrs. 673-B. Curundu Hgts. Colon.
FC&R SALE:-Green plastic living- FOR SALE:-Morris convertible 1951
room suite, 3 pieces $125.00, 11,500 miles, $700. Excellent con-
,modern Maid gas stove 4 burner, edition, Ponama 3-3580.
; $:00, Mrror top coffee table,
15.00. International Harvester FOR SALE:-1953 Chevrolet Station
:rrgerator, 60 cycles $165.00, Wagon. Phone Balboo 1718.
"nhogany stand S20.00, one Ger- FOR SALE:-Chevrolet, 1949 2-door
n Shepherd dog, one year old, Sedan, blue, duty paid. good tires.
wfl! tr.inea, complete bed 545.00, nylon seao covers. Colon Motors
sstoll radio S13.00, all in excel- Inc. 10th. St. Tel. 492-J, Colon
1*.t condition, Locono, phone 3592
t. 7 MO." FOR SALE:--Lincoln 4-door 1951.
-O LE: --" hnes like new, radio, perfect shape, in-
FR SALE:-Chinese Beige Rug. 8 x surance and duty. Fully paid. A $2.
1, $350.00. 3231 Empire St. 500.00 value for $1,500.00 if you
hove the cash.~S~sA.f 3-1214,
T-A- 3121Panami.

WE~BUY your used refrigerator and
gire you a CROSLEY. Call us at
. M. CYRNOS. Telephone 2-1793
"$venida Ncional," near Tivoli

[TE:-Sn'ill pianosahmap! Cell
IboP (Wtl569. Her0766.E,

-* yllimseh Place.

fteal Estate

.E: eoutiful .residence
o~, Golf Heights. with oil
HgweI arranged garden, in-
ters terrace. Land mea-
15 square, meters fenced
ycilon wire. Call telephone
)i Panama City.

-Fumished 'hou in Son-
ara89 feet squorl land,
iIn 'POanaomoa 3-2949.

bds, for opening in, public,
ll received until 10:30, A M.,
Sndent of Storehouses, Bef-
forsale of Buildings located in
Balboa Heights and Gamboa.
n No. 23, with full porticu-
ybe ed In-lhe ffio f
Ma sof r0eive -

i. e ..8:l '
;; "~cf

FOR SALE:-Dodge Coronet 1949
Club Coupe, new point job, duty
free, excellent condition. Colon
Motors Inc. 10th St. Tel. 492-J.
FOR SALE:-1949 Ford V8 Custom
Sedan, $725.00. 83-6277 2006
C, Curundu.
;'1 i. a ,,f*

Position Offered

WANTED:--Experisened, solesmeo to
seol on percentage bass Call 800
and ask for Mr. H. Pretto. Colon.
WANTED: English and Spanish
speaking male clerk, must know
typing. AppIy IAmerica-Ca6ble
fr Radio Inc., Biatobit.ZL .Z:- *
WANTED:-Mole or female for of-
ftce work. Write "Apartado"
3289, Pahama R. P., stating age
and salary desired.

,-----rEji^^i- TO V--
ANTED TO BL,-" Smoq~h ties,
suitable for r4cenditi bg, "RE-
A." No. 7 Peru Avenue. Tel.ihone

2-0406. "

to M953.1 No('t pai De
Luxe. Will se them from .4 o 7 p
m. Hotel Colon (P omat,.Telephone
2-0770, Mr. Fonseco.

awora anderp th .. at-
tendeK the. aenrvit&,
** *' ** -^ y A v.-'

No. 3I lierl

S, Mi Lsas a Ah n
Wfft Ababa"~ 'IM111 1 M
2013 A sm. C. 2.
DR. WENDEHAKE. Medical CliWic.
SCentrl Avenue "K" street. Corner
telephone 2-3479, Pamnle...
Boeing 4-engine planes. One-way
to Miami; $70.00 Round Trip
$126.00. One-way to New York:
$11400 Round-trip $214.00. See
telephone 2-1655.

MigaccaneIq .

FOR SALE:--Brand new gas stoves
for only $140.00. fully guaranteed.
Four burners, oven. broiler, storage
space, porcelain finish. FIRESTONE
"Automobile Row." Ave. Jose Fco.
de la Ossa No. 39. Tel. 3-4563.
FOR SALE: Native more. riding
horse with new saddle and bridle.
Call 2-3183. Panami
FOR SALE -Two typewriters. Can be
seen at the British Consulate, Co-
FOR SALE.-Baby crib and mattress
'Kiddie koop'. Phone 421 Fort
FOR SALE: Poloroad Land Cam-
era. carrying case, flash gun, ex-
pnsure meter. New condition $100.
00 1157-A. Pedro Miguel. 4-585.

FOR SALE--Excellent condition, 1
oil spring double bed. $12.00. I
radio Philco. table model, 3 band
$4000 Curundu 83-5173, Qtrs.
FOR SALE:-Mon's all wool tweed
oercoot. size '2 Worn one
month. 88b Morgan. Balboa

FGR SALE -Steel office desk with
typewriter compartment, also two
Quortermoster single mattresses.
House 210-. Ancon.

FOR SALE -Water colors, Panama
and other places by Roger Mor-
row Morgan Florist Gallery, Fron-
House 210-B. Ancon

Be smart, get your-Christmas Greet-
ings on time with your name
printed on'
VlI Espano Il oY Vlst. Theater.

Help Wanted

WANTEDO;--Mea forgenertehouse,
work, must know to cook and speak
a little English, sleep in. No. 25,
50th Street. /

f.L E SS'NS .'
Foreigner many years practice dic-
totes Spanish classes, will go to
your home. Cbll Tel. 2-21508.


iTre itAt -Wtoto5tis de

.U*Jioek ge ila-

It tR1tet- Ia

V48 17Bt(0 HP ,i C Z4 /a RJvd,

V8 170 HP 1W rn Cana Zone for on4

$ 2905 .00 allowance, for pour

, .^ i .



Iu car.




tf- mernt
rpuO. it
Weh got-
i nji--.t ,'


FOR RENT--. eder chelt, two
bedrooms, maid's room, h9t water
installation, La Carrasquilllt $ 00
00 monthly. Migjod H~l 'hano


;L N ~.. I~'IRM ;

*. ."r;giig~"~B~~
:"~ "'

;-~ 'n.r
"'si~ri~8i :I~~

;t~~iUr kE4I J
eu diUra~llrwr

.1 1 4;



It a- ,
~ ~yli~elfl.


AP~a rtni~Z p ~ AAWlt

furnished apartment, one, t w o
bedrooms hot. cold. water. Tel.
phone Panama 3-49i.
FOR RENT:-Two bedroom apart-
ment in Bella Viste. Coll 3-0338.
FOR RENT:-Soon Available. Com-
pletely furnished apartltentr "in
new building, conveniently; located
near Canal Zone. Each equipped
with brand new refrigeroter (7 and
9 cu. ft.) Gos stove. Very reason-
able rents. Ideal for military per-
sonnel. Enquire at Houshold ,Ex-
change (.Hx 41 Automobile Row.
Tel. 9-4911.
FOR RENT-UnfurnisheJd aopatment-
two bedroom, ih Go .Heights. G.
I.. family preferred. Call B 7 80
28*7 afur 5 5 :


FOR RENT: Site for small store,
First Street, Colon. Telephone Co-
lon 888 or Pamni 2-2844
WANTED :" "r
bedrooms, Tl
*cl no CE r 441
laboke or call 3-3620.Ponamae.

Derwery By 'us

Free Of Charge



I he it '.e"r

AJkIR, *.A.

mt and TrIns-
it otgma
a~b~s~ l~iS~w.6W .

I -

t~' ~ ~
o: I~
r :i 5

,w 1., ''
Ylw,. '.*


by te.i
route. ,
^ ^i *

-J 'a t
*' ..,.
'' *

_ _



= :2



-. IJ I I I I ,


.. A; m




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trA ii

S 1 4 .




.( 'Ii
.; ;;


-~ t
~~ ~xQ

I ...




I IUNDA' 1frE iS "{0T -.%,.R 11," **'.- .. ...
4t~f -W )C'L -r^ ""1'' "* *

T ny Cartis A J

Teamed In Excitin

h contest and. award for the best
oTname i ha do with lovely girls mod-
nm ws in the elil new hair styles, a short
t n lar n att ki b Seforita m aryse l '4*4I
-AMmomo s e so popular 9 11 R o o d a urp e be
Ane lit Bed Stateswil l ntesa
reser ." ,it authentic TOe v ded by Mrs. Joan Scott

Of AsUl. h Iee old p eno of Tocumen a nn of uBaboa acting
able's t UMas, H ernat In rea eric an V id a i dfViee
Sez l lVI for a visit var Committee. o .te tI -
ez. The tival is b4e American opiens a C C 1
A dvi lV d program in oduced under the diree- charge of al rranl e e
Vf eight. acun R act s~t Ramon Suazo of the productipo
e pr ar The entire'r eed wl
let n lvely. -gpsy dance by Se- devoted to the old deopte.
and te n Ro a Juan Noi home.
ovie, a Tickets are $1.O an e
~Gun." ]reat h- obtained at the box affiC on
the Isby_ e. the t night -of tho performance
The ..M&rl or by callng PAWO headquar-
aet i oll torw terms In Ancon Balboa 3465 or
Sat a w. Panama 2-051i. A handsome
ling, e, 'ram rdal door prize will be awarded
tlval. t by.eieA- the holder, ot t~o t ..*linI
for &all4 r e .. S fedes, .Aticket.


_4,-' Elaine Stewart

EOLLXWOOD (UP)- "Tbe ne S WA ant
trouble with. women. today,"
snarled Humphrey Bogart, "is
that they're as commercial as
cash registers.
They measure a- suctessfu
marriage with a' finan .ciay -
stick,"' Bogie c tdr fized ... .. .
Colimbtia soUnd stage wh~Fe ..I
i.s- enacting. the role of Captain -- o -
; 'Queeg in "The Caipe Mutiny."
"My wife Is from the' old Plaine Stewart is the cur- role, it nevertheless opened M-
school. She still thinks gafer rent darling of magazines, news- 0-M's collectiVe eyes to Miss
yeArs of marriage, that happi- an photographers. Stewart. It also Influenced Dore
nes can buy moeity. But from he is the cameraman's de- Schary to tast her in "Take
What I see aru: gul:e ta e: photogenic from any The HightOrmnd!"
.10,women ar too .o:ma relal, e. (C er s. have anle -h beautifuLt MisswStowart-
What's haIpenedto o e siple ElaineJShe has the, U laghs readily, is vi.tAly. i
little girl who used to say two ious ability of always a- terested in "all people," and
can live as cheaply as one and suming a graceful pose, wheth- has no pet phobias. At the
mean it?" ern standing, sitting or loung- studio, she is a "set hopper,"
Bogart said a girl today Ing. When not a6tualy before loving to drop in on different
mouths that philosophy while the cameras, she loves to lounge, sound stages to "bend any av-
she's engaged to the unsus- Allm legs straight out, bent ailable ear."
pecting male, but then promptly pretzel fashion, or curled up While Elaine is naturally
proceeds to proved it'p ipos~bI under her Ull aconented c t. pleased at. masculine reaction
,. after the maut .b K ter a f I Wryt&$ to her .phical, charms, she
'. U roles in Hollywood, Elaine declres: "It is silly to go over-
Not a 'Bakery 8wart found herself in "The board on this angle. I want
Bad an4 The: Beutiful," por- the women on. my .4de,. too.
"She ,atartsU 'telling him about trying -a friendly sort of per- Don't forget, they are the ones
Tom, Dick -and Ifarry; all of son who consoled Kirk Douglas who decide which movie their
whom are making money hand on his lonely evenings. A small husband or boy- friend- sees."
.h. n ayles will be spe in the next Circle Theatre praodu- over fist as thew .wives .mn a
tion, "Light Up The Sky." ayles was ecentlyseen in the role the harvest with 4'th1i 'g
'et Insepotor Hubbard In "Dial M For iAtr4er." ;The addition of things in life," be continue
1a34. U806lelk east of Light UPia'e ee .Le e of 'lAfter a
the filest emedy east, ever gatere t O mWu n 3p re rbemips tofee,
bose lis F.aanA. -.,.. .tallure. For te first ed
,alI P The Sky -opens n the 'eet -and wil ran -s A sen e m
ar qw, on sale at Dagmarsa the S sn Isis two M
5a .q a a n m tSIguddenly, even the oneim M u sica
.om. .SIbecomes an* n'b nS

:3H 21 '4:8I U *' p.,4 7:0t- 9:15 pan.
:-, S T":IUUT A E 0 -1Us LY'' -

i ,



with E

I ..ibGLEa
j! HpftJ4 op1~j~ wm .

"His wife has inferred that
a two-bathroowp deal Is a mark
of success. From a ~:hppW
lucky type the husbandbe-
gins to change into a w rte.l
le gives h ~ wife the chee
and lete her assume the finan-
cial duties. And men, onceOou
start turning the paycheck o-
ver to your wife, that's the
end of the whole ball game.
You're a dead plgeon: ,ou lose
your' soul and yd U~ oney. "
From the, ir, o l4 d;
the man s scta li't" arited
to a collection agency. Instead
of love talk, it' now the prite Cf
steaks and the rundown condi-
tion of last year's car, or a
honey of a fur coat that's a
steal at some sale.
"At thl point," oe said, "the
wedding bell squad like caah
register el :
"It's all'igt for a husband
to be a breadwinner, but t0o
many women. erect him to be
a bakery."

Cecl B. DeMHle

May See Feslival

In Buenos Aires
HOLLYWOOD, Oct. 10 (UP)-
Raul Apold inTled Cecil B. De BuORAimres to attend
the film fttival in Mach. Dei

I and Rosemary Clooney.r
visited set of "aabrina,"
0 -fh talked to Humphrey
a d Audrey REpburn.4
S Apold lunched at Pa
withlDe Mill.
~ ~ ~ |- ".--- .'i '..

T. YmniB PoweBrtn
1' *. a .
4 b...Waea--Ohe b ..."-

The life story .o Harry Hou-
dini, the, greatest daredevil of
all time and certainly the most
fabulous personality of his era,
has intrigued motion picture
producers for two decades. Now
George Pal has made this fan-
tastic man's life story into a
.or flir. ntted "Houdini," and
leased % ,T~ biHti t, t~oayf
at tthe ,ablw Theater...
Starring 'Tb y Curtis as Har-
S I a ,Jnet Leigh
as SB wlKe 'J s,,.Wlth ,TQri
Catcher asi lie famous a-
cope artist's lofl aistat, the
picks up young Houdini
doing a double act as a magi-
cian and a wild man -in a New
York street sideshow. In walks
Bess and Houdini promptly falls
in love with her. After a brief,
tender and often hilarious court-
ship they are married.
The two then barnstorm a-
cross the country with Bess
band's magic" act. However, play-
ing honkytonks atd rattle-trap
theaters soon becomes too much
for Bess and she persuades
Harry to give up showbusiness
and get an "honest" job. Lov-
ing his wife dearly, Houdini
agrees. Later, the amazing
young man's careerr takes a new
twist when he startles a group
of the nation's top magicians
by miraculously escaping from a
convention. From then on out
there is no stopping him.
They sail for Europe where
he becomes an overnight sen-
3ation by freeing himself from
Scotland Yard's "escape-proof"
cell. From this high point his
European successes mount, cul-
minating in Germany, where he
astounds the populace by es-
caping from a "burglar-proof"
Returning to America he be-
comes an instantaneous sensa-
tion, capping his career with a
thrilling escape from a trunk
at the bottom of the ice-jam'
med Detroit River. This lat-
ter episode, as others depicted
in the film, made headline
news not too many years ago.
Although the spotlight is on
the suspense generated as Hou-
dini illustrates his extraordina-
ry agility in escaping from
manacles, strait Jackets and
other seemingly escape proof
incarcerations, there is engen-
dered in Houdini's life story a
wonderful -and tender tale of

From all advance reports,
"Houdini" emerges as the type
of entertainment that has some-
thing for everyone is a dandy
mixture of thrills, chills and
,romance that, vividly tells, the
story of on~ of slhowbusiness'
most fabulous immortals f all
tf** u

1 .. Y.;"
.tru '




TONY CURTIS, as Harry Houdini, Is preparing for the water
torture act in which he is handcuffed and lowered, head
down, into a bottle-like tank containing two tons of water.
This is just one of the many thrilling stunts highlighting
"Houdini," Paramount's technicolor real-life story of the great
daredevil, which opens today at the Balboa Theater. Janet
Leigh is cast as Houdini's wife in this George Pal production.

Offspring et Feet Wel in Wayne Dram

Director Wilmi Well ma n's act the sons of Andy Devha.
youngsters, tim and Mike, are In the picture, which Wellmat' -
making their screen debuts in directed with John Wayne Starr:.
"Island in the Sky," forthcom- ing, the kids have the happy
ing Wayne-Fellows production experience of deliberately dunM-
for Warner Bros. ing their screen father in a
The boys, aged 11 and 5, en- swimming pool.


This is to notify our friends and customers that

is no longer authorized to collect, sell, or handle ~
any other transactions for this company,
effective October 10th, 1953.

AgPMCs W, L rN iL A

I I~ I~ m I I -. II l -

on the Joan Crawford'a- return to breaking work, but it taught me
of his M-0-M after a ten-year ab- a lesson. Anything once learn-
to be ence was a memorable occa- ed should never be brushed
it year. sdri. aside for something new. I am
; to Par- is Crawford appeared on now determined to keep dane-
t lge set for the first day's film- ing, whether I need it for a
^t 2 h of, the Technicolor produc- screen-role or not." '
Pra-M. i f "in 'Torch Song." and every- -If she has her way, the star
He then thing popped. -Everyone stop-will continue her career hi: a
whewe oed, looked, listened ahd gaped. variety of roles.
.aiL .ven the waitresses in the "This is an age of versatllt-
studio commissary sneaked on- ty," she said. "No actor-or at-
raAotat to -the set, and you know how tress can afford' to specialte
S blase movie waitresses are a- in only one type of role. It
.- i bout stars isn't healthy. Following 'Torch
To the star tlerf, 'orch S0rg,' I go into a Western, a
S And. like challenges," she Then I hope to return toea
S the first time I have danced straight drama, next another
before the cameras in thirteen musical in which I can sing
years. It took a lot of back- as well as dance."

i ~~.. i~

'i- (-



I' ~"'' ~: ~ '' -''

IrE' srj~auh~y;an~i~i~etcrc':~; -i- c
_..,- LL

iL;ILEV---=L~E~-~_~r~_~ll~~t--,~:l-- r--u-rr~C~-+r

;. -^ : l.- PA.r ga A g



g 'Houdini'

-9.4'll .I ,


(<-. *-

- AW N

,r. '. rzatoaj


1tgn ^`

* 't

o op

A a,' i ,

t-41Cmitd WUI
10..Arkvu (e) Gre


wt Gain
a-/ /U


.. I

*I p
1?f" .,'

.- t .


.. To discharge oarg leaded at Pacific Coast Ports
For PamMua Cily and CaIel Zw,

". General A refrigerated cargo

SAN FRANCISCO .............. October 31st
LOS ANGELES .............. November 2nd
0' Goeed -M for Thaaksiwiar)

', .

'['V -

" }" ,J ;...' &

vin, ..
q0A AsCI


(foq Au Vin Rouds' Oat

1iir-Horse Feati 'Field
The Stud Mirza's classy fae.urea-oi
L -id chestnut horse Mirzatoats tbda: wil
rc arce to pick up a purse and put a rieke
t 't before the entries are in for the Gold
4,a'sic. Mirzatoats tackles three tough opp m
t'e featured $1,000 seven furlong sprint at e
F- anco Race Track.
Crjeack Panamanian rider Valley Rrer paid to He
J s A uirre will have the leg up received t t nmefit a I1 ng
o: iMtraoaoa while Anglia will ride from Blis Agilrre e
b. aden by hustling Virgllo was the latter's o ly w for
C-M Jo. Jose Reyes will pilot the afternoon. T
?'al Alligator and Fortunate .-
i o Jr. will guide C'oq Au Orlando OastUllo w d.mid-
W die star of t a d -f the rpclng strip is dried out, winners -r f ra M Mlln
t race should bqa down to a and Relampago '..
ti ee -41ded battle among Mirza- -'
total, AgHlia and iWyI Alliga- Mutuels favorites id second
tor. However, If the track turns choices wdre the order of the
u-i muddy it will be a veritable day. The only mild longshot win-
"I ee-for-all." ner was Relampago II in the
Cor Au 1Vin Is undoubtedly nightcap. He paid 13.40.
or of the best off track racers
t.t cal racing plant but ap- The dlvidab:
ifl's outclassed in the
.her classes when going on
footing. I-Don Jan .20. 2.60
2-Manolete 7
Mlrzatotq will be toting six 3-Amazona I
pounds more than his oppon-
ents aB of which will be under SECOND RACE
even weights of 112 pounds. It
hda been reported that the 1-Enriqueta s8.20 5, 6.40
track's handicapper will not 2-Juan Hulneho U.?0, 8.60
talte this race into consideration 3-Mufleco P 0.0.
for weight assigning purposes In First Do bis. (ian Jalme
l S Nov. 3 $2,000 Golden Enrlqueta) $W=s .
ce our Informant Is usually THIRD RACE
.eb-r1t, there Is every reason to --Canasta $2.20. 2.20
- believe that these four contes- 2-Don Rafael $2.20.
t nts will be out for an honest One-Two: (Canast-Don Ra-
effort and the betting public's fael) $.
money Wll be well defended.
SThe secondary attraction FOURTH RACE
4hanpsup as a virtual "match- T
ace k en Great Game (Blas l-Merza Matru $5, 2.20
Anri'e)' and Ark*nses (Jose 2-Don Grau $2.20.
bravo). Arkansas took advan- Qulnelea: (Mera Matre-
t~e of the "breaks" to whip Don Gran) 3.0.
. O':at Game the last time they
'* I-Valley River $6, 3
The Stud Cinco Estrells'l -Valleyiver 6A
uthful star Valley River as- 2-Jaquimao $2.40.
self of a berth in the
o00" 0 Golden Jubilee C ls- *TII.B RACE
jr11 Nov. 3 by racing to an ea- -American Maid $.20, 4, 220
[ree-length victory vesterdat 1-Am n Md $8.20, 4, 2.20
tenoon in the featured $750 2-C. Green $2.00. 220
!.T ,. "B" sprint at the local 3-Vampiresa $2.20.
'tie three-year-old brown son E, VENT RACE
SFalrfax-Lady Dtala broke -Mingo 8. 0, -.20, 2.80
t.a.o command down the ,-Carme"s 11 $.60, 3.40
of the clstretch after 3-Bolo Joan 2 .8
um ad.t. o o defeat Du (Amerlean-
lhnamen Mlad-Mn) 538.40.

o Import, ,,l

1. Have ITr
o10 ..

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P 0tb jE ae "V' Imp ,rted ,I 1,q1 Pi 4- u

54-- aras Br 115 -

4H 106 -Sem wR

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all the
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1-5 lootbi

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Mun rhnt

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t-l; C'JH

'--* sm *

I moo

"AM oN ......... .....o.. 0t.
"BEINEKOM" .............. O.t. 2
"WILLEMSTAD" ...............t. at

R* T .ES ... .......... ..
Is' .* ......*...... 0

.'ARLM ..............
"H'-" '....... *....;. ts. .4o

Te,: La.,but, H.I 4. l41t b


"~~~~ ~ ~ ~~ ..t "' "'*,-*." .'"' *' ****
,. ^. I.: .," .... ..^ .-- -
*' r
L.j^ U <


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I I-iv -i;

e v R 1M Lo: -, ', 1 9*n e-S" ,,

Juan Fra to. U -"' ....

PP. Horse We lw,-. ...
et Race "CG" Native ,.4 g

2--ouvenlr v. reW 'ee / ,
1-.egla 0 ..ht1, 11 1
5-Domino J. oa1g. l .
4-Kontdbl J. U0119 .r
5--Con Valor I O I$ landedre
6--Opex ae. ,,,,,,a wind
7--Little Lulu P i. -r 1;Ou1W ho L -ithe inner
8-Riomar Mena t. 105x-iaf tA'bne2 an ..
9-Daniel V. Rodr j 11.2 -mah goar ly Th have been L
a ~tse the next
-d... .4tbough t It -
2nd Race "C" Nativ Pur.'r: I e.00 Pei deese: IPus ee eowm water
SeesiiRom of the Double Asweek be-a

2-Arranquin A. Enrigie 110e lfhlps. bItl havefa
3-81xaola 0.Ct. 116' ." er o- any
4-Winsaba Ofta 105x-Dingetos contender 3-I1 lf they
5-Golden Pick O. Cru 113 -Longshot possibility 10-1 as mostly 41

3rd Race "H" Native 7 Prg: $375. Pee ellone: 1:45 and r thwinds
O TWO r te A
1-Albnsno A. PhIL 116 -Improving steadily -1 it ma F IWU sag anams6 r..
2-Romantico G. San. 106 -Distance to lting 4-I-- t,
3-Lady Moon J. Bral.o 118 -Good race 11 t out 3-2 Bsal-
4-Marfll E. Ortega 1OxS-Nothing to Ifdlate 0. 1 Beach, 7,
5-Collro F. Rose 115 --Could core in upset -1 'ent. The
6-D. Joaquin C, Chono 107x-Nothing to recommed 30-1 Was Club,. Bh and Beach
7-L, Molly H.-Rula 00x-Rates outl4de.hance. 8-1 tCub M io i
R-Fllrana J. Cad&. I -lWothing lSecen tl 1 f5o1 or 1ui gets
--Avivato F. HI4aL 107t -Uale. l* I '. -l .I-, ow a good

4th Race 'Non-Winners' 4%5 pr.P.rse: I$2.01 Pool ealoe: 2:21 a bot kui U tar p nrt
QUINIA we .eu a
I-Pedestal 0. Graell 110 -Could win at pric 8-1 the fol
2---8andra B. Awqurre 110 -Good early a 2-1 an sunk
3-Roly J. Gongo. 10x-B saown n .20-1 bo t-
4-Bondadgsa A. Yeaa lox-I1cvlneing bk I~op 8pears
4I-D. Malone A. UbThldia 108 Ierwe p I
--La Mona J. Raese 10 ms ho s 2 of the
7-T.&a Chula F. flidal. 108 -"IPatest at break -1 m length
8-Recodito J.'Bravo 116 -0Jockey will help 2-1 c through
d f Museuh Is
.ipdalt f "= 0 e i_ had been
5th Race "A" Imported 7 Fg.Purse: S31.0I40J Pol elm o S : : L. 1 ,l a. eJp that '
--C'oo A 'V1n .F 412 -Chiace in mud only I-1 wa she of ier ind of ;half
r2--~-Mrtet J 1 L 8 --The horse to beat ltohaA of a d lan e ndplank-
21 .SSn18t' :4trom! .

o f 1ta2 O t 626i by lM eak lih .ti e 4 G i N ason 4
Have thby Icht elm, pfwer.,
6th Rate "I" Imported 1l% FosPure::'2$75'y@y eldest o:35 ;
First REae ot the ,Deble ome 4t .
1-Tilama J. Jime. 115x-14eeds better rider -8411er IZ.a
2-In Time J. Bravo 10 o In311ndlhtw 3-I MWc '
3--U t = 0u Cm 1 -, eom-t. 4ut ..
4-Paques. AO tOL t good csanee 5-1 '
5-Doaube In A. 10ne .ock1 hslecap 1-1
Interlude 10 -Stronger dnow 10-1, ,
7-Lady Martha -3" good a-nt
_- odmaster .a Tyeg -Dlwa in bla. 4-1
B Agulrre 11 -hi better shape now 5-1


T ''
IL e'l 1I

l~f(I? Q

I d;P~YI ~~

n7;n; _PI

,2 ,
i w"I

... .'C
".A L l-


TYOR, Oct. 10--(lBA



hK owV am
9" iaul<(
A' I

Wr1rj twirb with his ilftia.

Uo. .*al --- -ea M. mil t
stwe ftfb n atsr-"s -s
.by reoum .


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ma to play

Vital in a AJpS4fplr quarti
meat make slo bWl ndu
he reached tmackles w
he' gonl Ato pitb out or
the' b ,a W ~ J1.
He's .Xw,,dolp the U

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a a nS

Oes a lot of

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i~'r i1

.7 ", ). 4 1 -.
.... i, ..;..^r ,~ l0- ,,o

* '#A* 6.'... w. 4 j. 4
', ., l ai Jl
' i '* i ''*; i LP'*-.j B B


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kllT'2 4
L'K C5..

Il sir.L, 0 ij '
M.~f'ttfi'' ,

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4. -.- ,.
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C ,.
;-- ... .. .- ..
a *7.53 '". 4'n

1'. ",. P4

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^ -.: -.'.....



CALL, 'S" No. U

... .',&dYUf plitn um

AM Aa m M A M u. &,


CA=U f M-0


0 An OmfL


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dias. 'm

Y ;`

..-. .

is...... 41 Pittsburgh.... 14 Maryland..a. 40 Army........ 27 Navy.2...... 26 Oklahoma,. 19 Prictn .... 9 o a..

State... 20 Nebraska.... 6 Georgia.....13 Dartmouth... 6 ore...... 8 Texas ....... 14 R.ters1..... 7 Nal

,, -

JHser jUMYTo e rlin

whE^ t &. pakin XohWJe J g ann Wry is .ft" Abraham Licoll B ,t. 1d (UP) r n e

Psa OW 0a Com S Taal HeDadel i : Joh F och r O r 0r ih'ae0%4
Bcmanverd O0CZ Civic Leaderse eawr *aa

C I.halirman Lo Mn orookman of they wl cover an the Paciflo Hun fi6 Dlman Marine ectr Shop: Heny to enithe fy.
the CnlC m ity aid rea: lr. d a teron
Ne .Be .tlnoeE a E n

et ard an oerve: For r trt Laza ffe
thAArA''S e K Chrah: Ve ml stters Pne
onarl JaNR e Watn. t e D re to tee
O ver, nalJ Nr John hoLe drh

UMANalTyy C anal heJaoressed uhn s. a x. d A.l sph ap W ia mt
Zn o rn tad1Re..'have 12ts.

.... off th:ian A se.oking do taae wlloa rs.6 Moe l lae, talhe H aminal e st i sn HW In. eetr o e ll Ml in th foued o Ko m-'
.... in the 19n3l Rred. lea.t M anidi M rs. F. K wary, i L kino H.

Redmond.llr Cla. Gerdu funr fr. H. .Nrllnrt eLarnt ageee CGh 1k aS. Cre a su .hte
eareo irr rOallows:o Clardke.Bra o ddea t e

Clso nhet Board Zo1e t aert 3eans- roe Wor ,lr Mmla st ral 1 ter
an.GOTI Of r ct.

t Do .g Ias ad d Jr ls t ia i o munn
t. will oher No-
ue tho tthken

commgnit Ka Cmnal Small: V.too TION8 3.. Oct
whop th is -t ehinJanssenWatats W.-thi

Pay./ CT RMrne Om Or oo t BCanal yDanel, EIp,' o.o tN if oI J rohnte n to
-Zo ne-., ,o merro n a Mrs. ,-

Sembly O whi c t 10. -e d u bin h rcen laest aWdiithow ed. ta e ae s nim I; Coti s C .l1 h
d.-p)Rea oInad leJpresident hs o re.tA cr apstr Re seph and lstlnc

tg hi toe Aa nx cl tl thar'seerl ig trnp will helpe qetsm og-enci Osm .a c B.
mn al the ron. l osy o coldto tbem
rublmof POg, sekolurrna- e aWalker.,i.W.Ground ntenn
o inake a major spethe 15-4d al e s eher M at.AlLan te pre, a Mrs. F. Rerrl, HT. Ramn.stated
cnmpoign. Redmond. Ca, arLeknnc L Ferguson, H. PrlnU P..t: Rex W .kmm, ware

l n h ppWe.lllsene ah r Art h C.Belgrace, bore Je Jo d an they wr
Als announced were theheads P monl BL e:l Bl al- and .p. p by the Wers

Cpt"he administration has made BY DREW PAB60N HUMANITY w .E p'Rtun DN ra. Natofs h. ao-
effrt to ne. J.R. Sint. P Coisak al e b
cern oer the arm r em- E.M.

thounting surpluses, and the resident Esenhower will per-these rumors. Actually, i n tf o

erught- sonal.y hit back a. Democratic president agrees wholeheartedly ama hr valater- g M.J.J. i's M A & **00ere e whieh
--- tics o with Benson's de-trol p s ed to n

S an Oct. 15 addre. to the future He will say eo in Kansas City, munity in the bn t.$ t .ga ..o" 'pen; a+n
dueA' 1* to tle k e

STam farmers of Americ In Kansas but will bring out that he does lantic aide, Walte antt nbert t g o My a no Immeate offl
speech since taking office. The elimination fonts no member of the Com n e a he t S b otet cit to be wondered

Sembly wih arer speech will have a twofold pur- guard against declining farm Board will help guide t drime B.W. 4tht n t fore The curity of the natn ie Nation
are (left vtU pose. prices and further recession in among the merchants In that, Disal ashe whagger It 341 msat oe AboTe-the ab dlear
di ofi**, The Prersident will strongly agricultural states.D area. to trhe e e te, basisoW oen r I "t fo rg upot' fllr Io
ha support secretaryOf Agriculture rre-e mulnt ber th

Si, oo Ezra Benson; who has been hav- eNOTEWII- Be t
ie a ng a rough tiev 4areDe tly trying r i b- w" to -t wd

th' the Air Force, became the over skidding farm prices, as aSmed at pru"'ng the rice-sup- ulate interest to the Chaet'adrive et. J h Pbder of toe Ba
~. o ,aew Armed Forces firefighting well as the blistering attacks of Port progr Fr members as Chairman In te aty b p t

pions yesterday morning former President eHarry Truman, of the Hoe Com tng erhar t ai e ad raon I
defeatin rmys Fort C former Secretary Charles Bran man C f hJ.Ph

are (left to right: UN seretary-enera D ammarskold; MadamNavys nan. Hope ofKansas are as strong well-kn banlde
rtar vety- enerala inm pfune melevenaaes G Iitnme

cha..a'neneesM Ja n ClarA U. d

lbounsting seurpues, a1 Jo n Anthe eidento s 10 h Kae Ctepeech cn wif l arstu rae rl lng mercatsand i vfic N.M .J^H ^ I agravef. Fr0rthl nrtoala In to the
ig the Cthal Zone t anoart in theadse rms Actua, hetn

uhe Armed S et To Defe nd GO P Fa arm Ba.rdwil, ,. .... "l. w he: It CmtB al

Thel comeiwinl s the teogl y OP farm coi- cutuha ed states:are a. ** -Er caahonav
Fr et+.ight la n at g ted, 2Vroet n.ore e r r ugge C...
A os. sed oin hthan tin e wra
deetngAm sFr Ca-~_former Secretar Crll mP AM- .

ihd te thArud res aNnua l f' Te heah n t eh
dthe t the ke inte Ms to.e In op a.
ril cMAetitEion T at CrN du s'uietn thea rsoG arm b con ra, thU"te. eNatio Indve erlslA- o t eW al A.trte

acontest J hit c che omad ndFseing hreen t voihsiave becoe tenmdsSadbandhiU
P etiofn ,esek. f th ei bolt, theirre -lCo n eecuiveassstantothet

eh a nex yleUar. fu s f elv a n

altrd whefr alohn AtB s si men in the'
e s h over the farm problem-- c his
hern a ,ricatCi h squelch Wllln rchant and eStraei and. r
vrersettTeeen dGP F ri o those lay.m A nd~. thei c nt,
Arogt. Isonaly tbah:jmraMcPrdent agrees Wheartdly n runih U iflnt or y hh
an -ct. 15 ayde. _uture He wi say Klss City, irunie in the dth ..Nav t5A15. tin_ HEl..T
WASI NG OcA t10. farmers op lmersca in Kansas but wll bring out 'that he doelanticsle, Walteis 1mctt. nea i W, rl[.Ho..e qh a no Ibame daate sail-
L trCity is fist mor armnot favor any abrupt or hah noular ea.n bu11totmngnea__. z pI the i4.h -roltOnLe
speech since taar ingyo'ice. The holm pnart.on, of c control m ember o f the.Commun ltyje O .A.f 0119Y i }r_ to Mf mblnO i U L* d,. .' e
1l1mh d th oiadier speech will have a rwongld pur- guard against declining farm(Board wI help gL aee tl d.I. French. me PI ytt t ToesI by. .
maked a .ajor.prlces and further recevitron inalo nh prsn d n rto More1 Tb ea

fihnthen A rmy anddo Navyteaorm -. 0 I. I__MI'. a.n" brd .- t
'i t he artd F,,s annual fireo f wn e Bouse tanth eo a +he DeYo-. :Bt Any
trii, eom!o.+ on at C',"ln ..,et the reer of OO arm cth-eta++. GOameWBthal
.a tery about thebr re-eleteion ,4 n: 4dlwf0Id
reebchances net year. -
:Philips skillful]v naneuvered farm belt has led to persistentO W B n..lure, -.N.n -It Mr" l PI"O

-k air Force amisrefion htersm "umors that keEwillAremove the. If ,d_ prior given
BApriculture Secretary and scrap E AP .r.m..". Ihel i,3 .Gal-o7ltlb
ne compri~in the conflhis parm policies, which are aim-0 n ""-mith. P.O. Coaklewal oe o
straight lay tea t g 2, c et test (),Hand Oore "self-help" programsS 'a.. .R. F1ur. Mrs, .4.ts 0 ;'st
aster pumping (4s Ruptur theresident he enhower will pesident hs rumos Actually, the leict In the Republic aIt tPlan JMunt s
rohose and h5)PStraight and re-e J d j Peesident agrees wholeheartedly h

criticsrfQe far*Pfreed i witntsh tBesbnul0 Igeefiro $ t W61 l oy g
.any 526 and the Navy 515. Pro u Hwlyonr mtIha
tereer Jo Whitock. commanding ..I l Of
9ated the Alerrook victors go s n are This Yetr
pwithgthe Army and Navy teamsi

for tneir dsplay. DETROIT, Oct. 10 (tTP).- The
S 5 millonth car of the year came,Rh
Whitlock wrnt on to say that off some U. S. assembly line to-
fires are caused by the public inday Wad's reports announc-
wneral and that we shouldn't'd --
ily depend upon the firemen It said the industry was oper-
to solve our problems but rather ating 56 percent ahead of last
depend on ourselves to prevent year on automobiles and 46 per-
the great problem of fire. cent ahead for both cars and
Whitlock thanked the audi- trucks.
ence for attendmin the celebra-1 Production this week increas- 1
tion and in partic-lar. visitors ed 6 percent over last week
from the RepuBlic of Panama. widl chief credit for the gain !
Sgolng to Chrysler Corp. General! ALOHA.-Vice President Ribhard M. Nfadrp
Albrook l~s were CZ ArmedA Motrs continued operating at. wear neckpleces of lels. the traditimal H4
In 1 9 51 'm a in tain e d its re c o rd p a c e j M il e tt o u r of th a M .

- ':~.

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~am~r ~norlr r
kY"(ac~~ 1
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: ~i6:IEd~Ol~jpl"
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L ~ .~J ;~d C~-1LY ~lr;l

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sc me mse emc
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^ ''-*-' *-* ^ *^i ^


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L 3

t e a. a .
wS, SS v +. e,--"-,

. -g rmagggles Va

1 pe iWes, as Tne .
En' na i : "W

bL-*-- r u,- '
,, ,-_ ,," "0.....

S~ an o*-drIw-.

Aeirinlfhw P kr I

abot the age 0of
S 'somom ia whom you are

There i a bit of hoklnu-pokus
tmsotb wlel ym euam .tm
to pei wo tU i ew or hia a

ydems a .bLTr. .'
aAkk te an ktH
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" ep'

Amazing Game
A ROB m Ipt mlo rh Om,
atrlt th' fyou pIOk hip
nrd am $L s"ta T t*I
h mI aW as te oanel rWMw
Qww rtpt, ok PM wa t1
jir sers as -s I~or qtaM m
".o#ly y -mpor -or rM-
itmg Sop. malIl strow at
rippt alt alie aw aU
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oy dM ot to** sow
Pwhr SU ** I*s blqtd

S*UT, itraq mrd

M O T Daage
N ST W d" .hou e
.. La T r ..
g g ... De s
..... T..e


My Bfums U. Reeam
10 taid um mIlta keyword.
Soop? al eG the letto now
kouwlug U t.e b9pt poMs .be-
low *%IAN 9 uP as do ajowT
a"." r < .Letter Transpotitns
stif M YM cai IIn the Mata with new worsd-
aH e *W l IaS a+ tWramMuntg or truaposing the letter,
alW b fl n, the woank capitaitld.
AIsa aew Mq0 *S*Oin cowg 1 DIRBC LoS Ia often .utained y -
5 41e :J O 2 3 A certain used GREEN SOA.
r ,,', 3 PREJUDICE RUNS eten though
ow M G 4. ------ can 81AND CARBON pretty wel
owt May sa would you FlIlUe"s GESTAPO was perforated like
play (I.) DuIauas &
4, ) B^fl .- .ISummnumm I w-- -
2 ffu~6if f -a ss oB*ll 9 puq.iuno I
low '060 (I) 's I" SMpiualn I Iiuii

r a --- ----
onmet, tai -
ft"Is u ple
-what would be

mac tn I*a .b
M....... .- 5* .-

, bll l.r
ridml W IW 0

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F .

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--tL~V .I I -

-cS~~ rr .. -,1

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. .. ........" .- .- ..

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* -

A SNOOZE, Amei ican tank troupers rest after hammering the Reds in Korea.

.QuaOtr wt i st eWonly- d used, pgo plannt toI ct Ibi u MYrs. A plant foreman (
pBIEHuI TES$I=L "Aged inWood." seen on whisky bo6ttff1ls a special d tech-
niq~ue, p4:l y in the making of barrels. At Blue Grass Cooperage company, in
Lotisville, Ky.f'6wned by a major distillery, this process starts 'ith white oak wood,
which is chopped hito quarters and cut with curved saw to give curve in the staves. These
are then stored outside for six months. These flats are next placed, in kilns for a week of
160 degree heat top4iuce wood's moisture content. From there the staves go to plapt to
be cut to proper length and width. Skilled workmen then pick out necessary staves to
form each barrel The barrel is then "carmelUzed," a process of baiting the wood on the. n-.
side. This givepa redJ1yerthat cause oloring of the whisky. Te irorn hoops nreypi on
and from thereI't goes to4lw charrer, where it burns for one minute. $r6ery barrel'ittt be
charred to same degree, otherwise whisky will not be consistent. The ends are then put on,
barrel is,teted kor waterprooang, a bung hole is bored and t~he ba reli ~ ady for;delivery.


Air i' .. i he ., got ; mach 'H' got pt.l rI r.f them, but they're all in
this model ch.ii,- Lt.uill in trhit-t mrnrh. o i.,lt .A it ltimore Md, sanlu.ium. Picklla u~ oI.

wr-def 4lv

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.,. I..~--.;I.


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47 i~

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l ,i
t ,IB^,' ..J

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-: Review G ^O^;cTbeW4

ISTHMIAN 0. .. :
o .- *.- -i--QJ- _'0. r .
HERALDING HIS TRIUMPHANT return to Pan- M0THOSE MITTd YAInE3S h1v done It again.- "
ama, President Jos6 A. Rem6n told his people an just s theexerts t they did it
hour after he left the plane at Tocumen: champs wi~ a lntrinthnigraW '
"The Panamananan people have kept their readez- They buriedBroiklyn hopes under a gloomy, i
vous with the nation and we have kept the rendezvous sky at Yankee stadl with a dramatic 4-3 win
with the people." the Dodgers hadM tt .u i n the nth. ~ i
Here*s thle *w t at h- ng-:rally7 A..
The President was greeted by thousands of cheering Hank ruer., e leadoff Man, walked a i
citizens who heard him describe some of the salient Clem Labine ad Dodger fans amion the 8390
details of his historic eleven-day visit which include. tators groaned. Larry Berra lifld 4 right 'B
ed a three-day stopover at the White House at the held first.
request of President Eisenhower and a week' visit to The came a big break for Lto .
New York. Mickey Mantle, thegrand4lam ero eof
Yankee win, beat out a slow-topzEti third hba- ._
Speaking bluntly, Rem6n did far more than praise put runners on first and iascod with Maftiny at h a
President Eisenhower and Secretary Dulles. He crit. the Series hero, at the late. ..
Icised the "manifest hostility" shown him by oftfi Martin a brash, cooi gster singled through
cials of the State Department. He referred to the the middle to score auer wth the winning mun. A4d ;Ib
joint statement on the treaty talks which was at first the Yanks had done it 'again. S
approved by both Elsenhower and himself, but which This time, It forced baseball historians to rewrite a-cl
was drastically changed when a State Dept. official the record books., r t
brought a revised version to be released. For this was the fifth straight World Series win ffoQ T .Wr ld.
the Yanks and that's a reord. P. .
An important point discussed by Panama's chlef Joe McCarthy and his YakL f 1. ,' 9
executive was that Panama may in the future tax 1939 had won four .traight. Be lever lhd l 'Tere
its citizens who are working an the Canal Zone. won five in a row until Monday. And it's iLetty i .t
By the old treaty Panama can not do this. agreed that record may stand for years e this thi
, same Yankee club breaks it next a. tates
Meanwhile the jubilant crowds, several hundred of s nkee clu rl it next .
whom were carrying torches, were responsible for 22 AH the Yanks were heroes They w th.e co ., .
people being injured, mst of them by trampling when collected chla s baseball has
a huge bonfire began to spread during the march. Bat IfI e en canoe the
Only one woman was reported in serious condition, here's r ill he waM ly a f.-a ea y *S rtrm
o -- year-old secod base
On the other side of the border, a United States aa. : .
Congresman who visited the Isthmus briefly stirred His al-around ly at see4nd and *at clutch single I
Up strong sentiments from members of Local 900 of after Carl Purglod two-run homer i ad tied it up for NOUds, yo
the OCEOC-CIO when he told a preds conference that the Dodgers in the ninth w i e ylain g t ItsC Qa


ne nad "no facilities" 'for talking with local raters: best. And it wasn't just Mound-y. I pe Bt .luana go. ,am e Desier or tu-:
and that their union leaders did.not represent their Billy was red-hot All through the series. ie, -
true feelings. Young Martip broke the record t r hits In .d- But V -ao tund em~rgind
rame Series w 1nt. That also t lea the record S tra .tal t no leas.
Representative John J. Allen, Jr., chairman of the seven-game SBeies held by Pepper Mrtin of the 1931 Italian e .
Congressional sub-committee on the Panama Canal Cardinals. the
also told newsmen he felt Cabal employes, with a Had the Yanks lost Monday. Manager Casey Stngid Italian Oamog t the Yugolav
few reservations, are reasonably content to be work- would have been in for some loud second-gaessing. m"
inJ on he the Isthmus. )".* a lu .re
Workers who heard this were convinced that the Casey removed Whitey ord after the young left- t'oo M-W b
visitor didn't know what he was talking about and bander bad held- the Dodgers to one run andm' al$ ht
had certainly not mingled with the general run of over the first seven inningLs. oId alo had struck No. t t' rm
people. Pven Dodger btters. includlr g Duke lnider tree, .r a Srtll
o -- t"-' and walked only one. a
Se "'rently, Old Case wanted to let his ace -
Following an announcement from the Air Force R.-'nolds take the pressure of those two at W war-
bere that 82 men would be riffedd" from the service ings. fee ,. .
very soon, the US Army Caribbean announced also And Alle almost folded, but niot quite. ,
that 43 commissioned officers in their command would He gave o a walk to-Duke Sider with one A w,
receive notice of release froni active duty station this the ninth. h. Flrillo ran tbt emt to td.
week. t-" fouled f two pitches aid a drive th
o r '.-field
An SA-16 Albatross was badly damaged while try1 t was bedlam at Yankee StmIlum as D Uodi
lng to rescue a seriously ill tun* boat captain, Mike 'rs figured this, was it... their beloved Bumas ga down-at-
Cusito, who was stricken with a peptic ulcer attack come through after' all. d h
on his ship the Seafarer. The sick skipper was brought But Reynolds struck out the nexttw Dodgers. And
to the hospital by another rescue plane in one of *te the TAnk I typical cha np fashion e a- fg eAon she
most costly and dangerous missions accomplished re- through to win it on Martin's single in the ninth. a l every deed aac or on tie pres
gently by 26th Air Rescue Squadron. Today Cusato was ent B .
given a fair chance for surviving. The damaged plane One of the greatest sluggers in modern baseball ont v the
,s being repaired temporarily at Albrook, and then /,he called it qltets. .w. s ot hVof,,i e wi th e exo
will be flown to the United States for corrosion -cop .'nnv Msin s: aen important oep4jn the Ne York -at'' taL Sd with oSoo
trol treatment. --rees' record:five straight World series rYS., sys ith -Voit o:n r v L. their
-- o -- '. retiring. The left handed slugger doesi t expect 5 a little tbi Roon tte.n tter-the-bell emm
th~ Yanked to offer enough moan to nake it worth p'oraces,
A burglar was sentenced to serve two years in $he bis while next season. The 40year-old Mize says But to da with the US point of view tot
penitentiary during criminal term day in. the US. Dis- extent of a ew quiet, chiding words from time to
trict Court at Ari'cn. He was Elmer Roy Sullivan. a "After the. Serie I had 'In 152pthey cut my Z; time there lies perflft inc P.,
'26-year-old Panamanian found guilty breaking in- 4,000. You can imagine what they'd offer Ie or It's as simple as all that, to. you were con-
to "Choppy" White's Balboa apartment and stealing next ear.". strained to emit pained sounds at weatimr e e oItal
Sallet and cash. In the 1lt Series, Mis batt*d .40A, hbt tr e getting a fat slce of the Trieste cake is not easy t
bhrme- and drove six runs amros the late. texpoint i
A San Bias, Roberto Perez, charged with lewd and y. r Mite pinch hit three mep and Iadothing but consistency tlicy. een gRoi
lascivious conduct with a five-year-old girl was cdm- eht. a ded pens On th
mitted to the hospital for mental observation. And a Mize has been mentioned aUl a candidate for the ateshil isour hind6ok76
Canal dock laborer who pleaded guilty to stealing a managerial job at Atlanta in the southernn Associa- .a" I "''
can of baby powder was given a one-year peniteni ttan. wl there it is the Vict~p and British troops
tiary sentence suspended for two years pending Igeot. The former St. iois Cardinal and New York GltI 'out before a ooe and War
behavior. The defendant. Santiapo Rodriguez had star says he won't play wi an other Major Leaeul id 0t tlent da psiavia hoppin l a
been convicted of two larcenies within the last few team then he hedg a t. MIse adds "It weld it anthe I i tomuns mad t t
m months. h- to be a beck of an offer before Ird ccept." an tSi o do y t they are, Itamlias t
-- o -- e Yanks are sorry to see Mie leave the're hil n ntswithin th party
nld J. MNen, ttorn or 1, Cnal. I"1 convinced they'll keep wininf Worl hamon frss re caOms Togliatti) and no one
Donald J. McNevin, attorney for 1.,4 Canal. shins the next few;years. General Manager blOes think about it ah,
Zone employes and members of the -armed set-. Weiss, who admits pitching Is the itumer one e iteand the YIan
ices who are challenging the constitutionality of- lem in 1954 says i eh a can things get?
the apullcation of the income tax law, reve aed .
he would try to get an amendment to the judicial "We have a good young team that could win P:t as they avs bees
ede of the Canal Zone which would permit the straight pennant. Throutghout winter, oi.f '. W g. of blcker .er
1T.S. District Court here t. accept. jurisdiction aim must be. however, to solifOy ow t'"ach o 'in T fl ,OSf war "
in income tax suits. Weiss refuses to name mt itt's b t fundamental change
-- trying to dealfor Mike a Cleveland t- and members of t
'rnder. The World Champs y t or I ex-..C. .d .. ind'
The waterfront strike in New York caused a two- "h bPorterfield now with ooe a to b i na b
day delav in the sailing date of the Panama liner Turlev of the Baltimore Orioles ad ter Bobb
8.S. Crist6bal. Previous Instructions for the northns- h nts or HArry Byrd of Philadelp .ept i l be dea4 Or dod"
boun, Ancon, which was to put In at Charlestown, 8, The rlaiyrs sha"e frpnt oftc i oto ig
Caroll'p. were also revoked, and the ship will pro- Phil Riamto says "Een rm tahe ,ext thre W on
ceed di- et to New York. yMrs might be a conservative estimate. We're loaded
-- o -- -th voung players. I'm the only old guy on the dub." A t IreortU the Comm units had he stag
*n't o is 34-years-old. o bU ttle us&d
A- A "mrican schoolteacher from the Panama Uni- fof he mo~ltei o
vers:v. Miss Mary Elizabeth Pitney, 41. died at or- 'The Yanks shortstop add ---"I had my trout r friends ie
gas Pontal after she suffered a cerebral hemorrhage this season but I feel fine. don't see why I shi I re.
An old-timer, who come to the Canal in 11W, died worry about, being at ir, Tomorrw wi -b
in Chitr6. Ie was George E. Wdddeln who worked as r#o NIrea ay a wi; the wetUst al -bsteps b- k.
engineer on Panamnl's hihways. frw f nenanti a lot easier one Veter er
o -- itebers VAd a they eel ; p;
day ,j The

da, including Newfoundland and Labrador, wll go bk from so ,
Into effect in the Canal Zone. the Post Office dmepart- t wrj D^ S
meet announced. Airmail w~,g up, from s to ten teld *I
cents a half ounce, Mw on "Young e s like 'teve Cr
i r t^ -and al M I R wl start to wa -more Wmt ..-. g~ i
S small Inerease in pstag eates of printed mat- oh kno geat yog
ter. samples of mei oands n w coa l b k ..ob '
Int o .I n..a .. -n th ..t ...
t. .... samples-ofuhadL ,: cc W 1,"' "

' '. .9

I~ ...


S;.- -

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. oiom e.alasmot I

As j LU '.lt he
ear hatrJ'iort'
S a r-:-dap.
g'm v al
15--FaIl to.
, Wfo ,:w

S c ,r ar. e ..
,-... .. -SwtetN "

ho ". i i~ .,
i"ts-Net .s

r, 22-Decred
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r m 4 0,*u*c -oil J ,B ^NItt, ,u (' -
CaOLO OcrrAc 'a *i,0CrEnu Avw U wUdS si e*n apmi.Se a
SPonc e. *E A rmto s YW MU* SO IP I

on teoth Irot,
S$ha, sharp, sh.e
O IW to ducks in ts a Vt

We quack, quaci;, -

SWheaie the train t-ticks,,
DownI the trak t rclkt tc k ,
Oh, dbnit leo t bac, ote tiee, thck, tic.,

S h~2 shar $; bright r.
uidseLducks auk k
Whefl so a teies :s

Doen .te trc a.l trac, a "b
Owa bn'ct yoes k, otre, I k, the bos

$ p h o s
We uarck,' wk,. r ,

A el, q l. l l t. '. .,.. ."_,
P r hoe laltheor s to A th e

ohpse .br f Stou MMP *s
Seek' ny H ou m m', y*

o Take a: letter ta~k lcte, tpc yb
Wldi sxitesim.ciriijugs, ia^ i ia&
Nowhback, fou! Seinfan fihoea.the boss say
Raise, yen a raise, in ay pay, a, pay,i,
FoJ Iw wrirkt wwk .wrwo& a
4 I ellsell, f a i4o
Ad I beat all the records to a fare-thee-welL

Oh daS passiy; .y .
OTi. hoys, js mA ba p

WSeekn yII Iea

follows fthe qb b ,!
Ra ise a raiVr V M .

n' 1 -ell. sill, 4A -A

h}be nftsiw arIt^ .^ ..
t" JOajtoyKsI, M I

SAre blo a ct;I. the mo Itk

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pr V'

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i h met
thier publu-
bifh he'da be

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and ward

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Of Cofana-

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wS-tif~at'm whfc

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..J ..
-I~ ~~~-lrsj~low~a

- au. -- U' r- w w

...i U.


(. Mendz i* A adawe 01* at uat swbmmndug pool u short dist.A froth th aiola stretd P IFiseW
here, the current not too swift. Townspeople roee ~uso the place and enjoy it. .



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':,*i,-s .-*': t ~IF~ ~


&e We, am e
wdt allSe aon
Prestol she I
lgbt on the a

her models

okd around
i at A22on

r w .. U .
EIZA st0*

W W S MW- *
Patr Markun' "Te Treaur
of Cruce Tril," Jesuane
wena d hthe nei*b

hear,n It tasu well
did, beiet they were able to-
show her what a o-jltua gi
realy looks e, when she ha
to draw a picture of oie of the
bo engaged in a scuffle. Jean-
l put these scouts to
and had them digging. so
tbe old get good action
Sh6 did not, however,
S !follow the exarmpl6
to IM .

BlA it f6ea re.
a 4 its InIItrations
Paiamn an.d the Canal
a ovel and fscwlatlgn
,Shea only non-et n to

Pn hatm e orwtes thlo
VAid that meahn a lot of:,
l 1'erS thiere.' Si .oth:"
t tiaona a
waK** ^ysi-ssri^men-;

ClaBt O pI ie ad the RPtir
iMan are just som"' oftthe
?rond -uied in thih new
idrpe's book. ,
'The three writers ai t" at'-
SOf of Ithbe National
So merltean Peawarnaen
Sto te' tenam Und4 iw tho
:brli a "cin etw nartv" at
w H lOetober 18. Tn
eonaeePon &thi*, 6 therewll
,- a exhibiton 'e rhbildren's
pa t. ad .on the work
d at SuwManr ~ereatmOt
Seool under the direction of
*aW leaudry, Illustrator of
adlicanu Tree."

Wo. nuuw y -a a dr Barr uw is as wue bwab a ran
Irkuan's story Zsee in the Hoae er shemli be heMUar
a *elot but had to me a sttufed tro d# lasted, a they
euMIda t im as eeelot at the te. Children are natural
aetos and both ~ epbz o and Jerry awe rege titg surprise and
Intlst, Just as te artist rier

Stove Baley taft to a boney bear e- Anema HiL Both Steve
and the boea bear modelled for the llmtration to Jean Bal- '
ey' poem "The Bambeo Tra.L"

~ s; CI~-
L~v *i.* ~

ob. tee ae .
* them for an
f th~ C te

00o VRtumeni musom's l nn mnt mim "G... w*a. o "

-u- UaUd'ssBB
l~k~taiN-^ "i lo .%,WP r94 v dwiR^J~


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1, ?1 *

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0 .
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5 ,", t. "'li-. -,'***"'te. ^ S ff "- *- -" a,- '- -.A J _
l !i'f~'^ -*' .- ... --- --.- .--,- -,r-

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j^ *>r C^
SA : r- i -- SAM

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N~ No,
O Q .. 1 0#


touDt V Warv woes6 KNOW
| i ~ i i i i- .1J il_ .i i -

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IC R pr


iisC ,A ft TORNAo. : IWO FEAR-OF T-AT-

'SOreR ORtll-ER L t

HERE IT IS, i 7'

04, .rl.L .,
f: N T14AT!

:?::.*"*-., --"^~r
- :- : --:: f"

fr, "



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