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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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saW-anrn i sn A e, mAy.OCTOBIl 3, 1" e r

Fact hiding Board Weighs Walkout

n American Society Russya Ttl

SOct 8 (UP) leave at 9:30 am for Hyde Pork, in absentia since Ms. Roosevelt A-5 M Rols ,

insigne of the Pan Col. Rein*t *wil also award uinight, Col. Rem6n told or e
t fth Unitea the Orde of Vasco N.f de than 200 guests attending the
In cause of PatL American- Cros to irs. leanor Roosevelt. a "new concept of hemispberic d, secretary of gtate Walter Do-
The aAresentation will be made solidarity has surged up shee 1dll smith sa1i yesterday the
11 .ra eAldnt t e r o' tates is "i,-keptical" of

W a n Oictny (Ple avs eton nr as t isa caagtu r NEW YORK,9S&.. Oct. 3 (UP) A presidential fact-
A t too the I e d"es o pl Sovie secretly devote twice N finding board opened hearings today (at 10 a.m., EST)
e peech ons t elp the w akU Ra. money tOSt1 ^^flhh into the Atlantic Coast dock strike that has idled 65,000
SAmeric society Os ommen s described &rel r onshoremen and closed ports from Mainth to Vlrm. e
t of inentA- ground and stated tht he u e also rved notice that the The three-man board, named by President se
m a inter. nd oft and sitmarino a Uited Sttates a Rv "thold" athe "hower under the national emergency provisions of tW
ad n be an's President th Korean r Taft-Hrtley Act, was instsliaructed to report to the PreO.
Meaward- uJV day. who partlespa In the war dent by mtdieight Monday.

I iott be Tghgesttrw l of her of t m id IUD WATCHFUL I E&-.Td workers, members of truce period.

lI lment Jose Antonio Reon of Jazi, Remi S of the of Joseph etaln earlier this unaldd. wmilequet a federal court In- Thursday to protest anI tRpM
a Preo, 'Ambasador to the year. junction aga t the strike. steamroller vote
uS tbe title, a"A Wel- US.Bo N o BeZ WBMtesute. for. .He said there had ben i tew Offleials of .he International Delaware Biver stevedores to the
o' ome Visito" the editorial whid: mer Am6j der to the U.5. J. J. "gesturzs" directed at convino- H C fLB.l U Longshoremen's Assoc nation, strike. He hoped to swing Phi-
At* -n'eWhile the joint statement Vallarin erd Deirect r of Pran- n the West off" alleged Soviet he idlsd
Lj aiQ UrOUp which wat expeled from the adephl a' 7,500 docMwaoker

SlevPealdentaenhr m CoVl ten AmerAcan Pederation of Labor back into the AFL. But local tA
tad emon of Psnn, does aot dr Diego. "But it we Uipectthese ges- two weeks ago for fallIng to officials said the men would ast
ground ato irs. E enor o s a so theacet w her wa %I also served dicer thatt

SoI ien we1 Ieeliminate racketeers from its off the docks until the gover-
S ren r onter eons tp the UN. so- Rey e ale n .rs W l ranks md the New York Ship- ment obtains a court Injuntion
o J t, awadn tif n h n Asa location wORe supti ane or(Uerli) them ban to wcrt
ngres- outo bst i;wen Ino
Sr orp e eet tne esentsA B a o the pree-. T hh GA Isin rcm mended n t at ted ba to on10.
roopteru-s. e n which o inteolle tw- wft ue with Re- this change to congress as be- 'w aast Wcednleat -Ca tdok r n eec
S. abod the ni ete .T n- mors ament th i aa taeJohn J. Allen, Jr. Ing more efficient and more ho s bargaining agentil
coila e s h t e r the Pan am e.ana a m i- dual o u nl ot s he trust asut lunc eon n Si c Ud kin g org Atldrmic ports fromOPOrtland,
r ra terh w Poea t oa mteIas ong nothonm om c a Mr o of t n M ea e to Neworn nnd clred ors Pa om tor
ch id ofyit m g. b enre tor eWly bis r d dase en g n o remtaid o wreth n OUL a wom n

d th e rew unh r ed, 5oe e ntirbe cfree wor d e it poicel s pfr ews to Sm- reii tn eo ne aftberr of tuacretur tornoma ld b
eralt o the r te cD unou e ein Aoaton fri T an srt ati d Cth henes is we ep Servng th a it ta e ta e h e hcrei etre men a re since to a l te at the f ac indig board, e Nae P itent o en Ta.
riub.1 marine Ide- ee we a srre t r a tha hnorei th ted o t tes mi h rcll e "d th h r m i n e at ir ato dion s to re ndoaeert s the national reePnr eie

m hhe i p that sDhaetwitr mste ment it surone e thO inPact 1t52 pth a s t0 ane eru a m t h e naryS hsbealee r, as Mo th aarma. anal shouprld e nt o a- s e t o h il would roanet.
Bpois i2 tio n Put oneraodentio en d t, elier this carriqti on federal druk fyi ent- bo ught a.u bo a i strate' s to pe tit
wron g !eP to 1,landeanMeUVoHamton Rads, yesterday afternoon In tto tee

pitaloTiwer t Bakan twa s a he mar den toy mid OnM on eh Jn J o. ln uh direct rai ortn sp e ia up oe e ly in ha le the r d e dionr wrel

.Vtea m.l at aBlonfor Oall the Intesr e stesh ot afdmte r Eeodelrctioe, rde ee u s erhwnnn woul ea rn bi c s alariesf lesus ethetn IarrT firorw the old IL e. HIrAuou d stee 3n dse ste ro.
Sthe last m iomen. Mc ois voale walhb ta o re n MthEsC C f o thr 3 at In K e' maiteadh orab ierduc theod d.wo etes Dtr e erode
"sWs h. t, A 0 andsi vr .at "hile the joint u s temet Vallrin td Director s P aon- Sii e aing tthe Weelaytos In On l Am ses wro e b the apien y an Irntoxi atio fs
issued by Ph residents nhe enier Economic Coe l Ma r, a o or irt emiana Tn uteut a uere orders of datribck ithe dft Vi ot dna i r r
r the. l o9~ g the -. ro an d 19 o t im ori al a doetho t de Diego. -- "h.But if we L tonpect there are M. wi te Prob -s gat an two5 d in crgwel o h ostrel ect r ofus e ithe n ud
J. fatodiraut w-ihoJeci ni teet eAlso Prefoat w ere Ptoi lth .e ap.a .o d $Ithmu an d l ia redin the ca h su rpl s lna niht nom a don river o w ich n s e o un foate d an
op W56 Re' n,-- si Associatio iWne h nmpAane oldc Wntond

S PioneerON Iscu kth samtea l Congress-out ion satrike when Its -on X

aade- coveop ler' o f ato w reapn eI .asals ine Th rs o n fort=- ben tund iontomth:l.
of'y c d ta. at ion l o n t h e a di ng th e p ow 1. T h e G A h -a reco m m en d ed wefpih ,th W en es d ay O M

up ohlh1 A iten n .t themod o expired las W ednesda fulU nelt h
w i~ lth h t wa.~se Bo t thnrth ()m-,e d ct hWl an meC with Re- nttd chang e to Congress as d en- ne a n e n i n a
kepnhoad,'e dt ltheeg. is aire arestel -ale-e be asv opvtiyJohl i ne. Allen. -r. npa mor e efficient and more t hea sin e 1.
ofpt. nece -ar Tasenotaerti o te d-Pn ama Canalfor a "pt- su d" economical. Atlatic pr from ortand,
Presiid.e nt of th P conal tor te J ste a re Is n luncheon. 2. oinme US Cfis tiz nws working Maine to New dt sa
es fgt ontat i 2 there tn purpose of the in the Canal Zone cannot own iport. w V
aUhip Laestateme- and Panuma, andsn aeponsil government eouand base n Ms Pres remadand.en to presnt wt orno Ped ranea ce t a
tt.Lhe.htriess to the crash, "IM our bArtieipateon -in this I oatitoeRun Dilioar W i C O rad mnt aSed oo arga until after the fact-finding board Hc
e-aforc ing toRsiailitaby Fr4;4e "thome ofephers enU any e dpto ae -
al t. Marine mall- pr-ject we are, in a se sse, the ndituret Smith recalled e powe r ta t he fac t tha t reports to the President.
ml d wher W ht no-e t i ost county nd OtA n American yoman who teat aesift In had etru m-I,.W! sR thal h e the FJICy hletter-paweretiedoasngovermentaoust ei

i 1 wrong channel for goyng mutual re t and a consider Cday Le Wt ae .ytaeemyrb.' o yes. Ma n Zo ne edju s im- o the ir d rIve fo r re-
*1*. s'. foh the Iret of after she and moteded in the "But our own studies disclose toe H se asn faor nfl Inretiate basic salar ajsto tton Roan caGS O t.r3o(UP) n ab-
aAt the last moment. McInnns evolved him aUP n Balboa M waerteu'le w Court for that Inhtead of being reduced. that in trsrteenssbsoaable tedieya Va. of
sad. the. "an ship veered etoe e meti f the s drunk driving tta sums set i lde for the Soviet hangi conditions. Delays in Olo er vers w r i Tei de
war c r et pos n wt o ratn ex-crrise d n rsa daed e aryeed force&; have aetugm4 ben Blnuagie ore said today Re-nn ol dr cp
w. .1 t f rei t ho n Itoer m"at o l e pre vesio n i nEdt e M i sa M csen z ie w a s a ls o fin e d a l y bnnmd s up r o e u gstmont s a mli do r ted u n owdu nionr o ruesp oe edw er al Th
. pftrea ved," Bmith sanks crgserse Afllhemmna~n i n tWell sr e f ora ing aoLA executive vice was foa
n .-topa n Tht0 n ,a tri s was. n thi rd convict n d n m there are a rq d with the problems o f retignathes and continual president in charge of the strike. elereommenedh
& toe 004 atllion. Irn g de.tails lofiucha q l othat the for- This wa. 4 tird w onvicthin th ree g ilSHcI tons that the oro e U h.o citizen sah tiriods of employee discontent The French liner Liberte sailed akno
today callermento a lrlquati onalodic aw n the adopt i nd t she ithus reducing the cash surpils
1400-40u..German s P broadside, reiw and It I fortunate that yer, according to Police ree- evelopme't tof ame t eptesedt rI albo r 1 eor ofbeing turned intothe u .S. Trea-pier in
the c ik 'in o feet of water thib procen can be carried oht rl o te Pnd t. e, ad rr bt hewml l N Yr k wi th ahe a
Paol e sveSse.aee.Oh Ut on a genuinely good neighbor Y0 T 7 W R i ae d e nio ns .e eo yes re- ILAmemer En s I
othe peiscructhre rcnned tts.
'BankerrDeaconhCsnfesseshwasufurtheroworld -
in i ~ li Whi e2ld aeso n Isea-c e ary
'['~o ,On, h bar- ~slnto erlytojon n i 95. asreokd nlU ad gan ites rqtlrmetsan ha dn ML g eae. s t an. or ,edteraea prs +01re L,,t

3. While lalmsn is necessary
Juggling $50,000 At Bank teen the tor
administrator of the Canal be a
o -- military man. This fact ha been ..
A.TTALLA, Ala., Oct. 3 (UP) FBI said he had confessed mis- stressed by the GAO in its re-
A 5- year old bank executive app tyg more than 350,000. Fed- cent report to Coadniress
and church deacon has confess- eral bldk examiners brought the 4. The kt admnistrti
ed ho misapplied more thn $50.- shortage to ligt Thursday. oruangation has not ben fluid
000. of his firni's funds by jug- Norton ha three ohildro and enouh to kee satftor em-
1a3 book& and accounts, the has ld i this industrial Vom- oloyer-erapoye relations I :
I ou ed~ today. mi- adip therefore emoloye morale has
'Ugar 0. Nor*on vice re his life. He t wo for the lo that t has resulted
0eat of the Merchants d baO as a clerk 30 year ago. in costly trnovar in personnel
u oers Natiqnal ank, would Ss arrest. abocked towspc- and has necesltated repeated
aMe no statement at hlb ar- Dle w ,him as a .exesMive lavestigations into ad-
tI Thn e Y he in t Ch it ti procedures. Hih
wasn't aytafhg to idi- aUer of ee morale among canal emnloves is
eate rtn motive r.the em- M. em. rer at a as essetial ft efficient operations
beisloment. t' would jam and alo ceearv In order tr
aBut a rid w p lld o, a omote geod reltlons with
to be koedn W4 U 1l1 am a can- Paama gad to stifle seeds of
'......... .. had 0 in. and he ommuni. whicb thrive so well TO
to cover bad on- dibeanftnt.
athe M. V80A o1iP4'1a suggest that DOWN TO THE SEA-Professor Auguste Piccard (second
was charl e er h the abve artiie he uved and r!htl and hls son lefti are rowed from their ha
.-wil h Shpimn a a Used Aus paIoe by those persons "'Trieste" (background, after having made a record
i h .e ... -" writing to Congreinman. 10,334 feet Into the Tyrrhenian Sea off Poas Isla.
nor __
;...: .. ... .~ .~ ... .& .. ..

<. *-i^.r^ t-fla:#af. -d fft ^


*'' '~

. .,..

PaNeSag y Na. N' NOUNURVU.L m laem
0 *T. N HlInT P 6. Bex 134., PANAMA. R. W P
41 MADlsom AVU. NEW YORK. 4171 N V.

- .v*


Ao n

W Iarier
"*- -.... .


S -"..
_.. .v'.f -.-
"; .

Pu um ;am e _VA_ 6.70. I S.50
POo* i Xi MONTHS. IN ADVANCE ,.0 13.00
I- "AN w em sa ova l 58 so a4 oo By Victor Riesel
-- Any prosecuting attorney
T'' IS TOUR PORUM THE READERS OWN COLUMN wants to hit pay dirt
making the headlines Vl
semi-annual midnight riao
the local dies games and'
houses, need only to go
I H E M AI L 8 0)X the suburbs ta
The Mea gs. b en otem srum f*o redden t The Peme. Ame t or home builders. public
I M. L1 w e@- ved stieope end f e O hailed i e wholly contractors and nearby ga ta-
It a~l @ l ol e I de t be I tim tl~ t I i d t O lb. tion attendants.
SI ` t "aeeadtitel a at1 ~d't be Impatient I tIt doesn't appear the The D.A. will uncover an evil
ea sday. LettMm.vepubli 4 in the, order received. network of shakedown *
S PleMs -lety kwp ti leaIs. hlmiled t one seS met *. the local union level, no2o
det etof lett wi tes h IM saMlett *3f1dece. in which direction he ooI
T his a .sse trpons ftd m' a sm O em Wpins how swift his glance. J .
p isd I tt hI sm ers. long as he gets out and for
S... o ... himself. **
most fascinating operator
S ir: such a network is the fabilw g
Joe Fay. embezzler, eut s-. I, *
hope you will not mind an American soldier writing to you ist (of 5700,010 from one glmP
for help. I was wounded in Korea a few months ago and seat of contract on the oDr ,
her to Japan for duty. I will be here about one more year before Water Supply l fject )
I ru to the U.S.A. and tamperer with jusig. .
A whose family hardly mutftes
a my spare time I collect all kinds ot postage stamps from any dlffleulties when ho Mt- ,
countries all over the world. So far I have only a few stamps of tied down in Sing ,S for
Pafiami in my collection. So I wrote a letter to the 'Panama Em- 8%-15 years.
asking for their help. They sent me your newspaper ad- Joe's home,. ulo8 LA \ Of
s anwa suggested that I write to the editor for help. -he Operating Ineer,
wdreal good care of i X wireby
Bh Oquld yoa possibly publish a request- for me? ain her $6,000 a ...
I would like to ask any stamp collector In Panamt who would rides a brand new .
tare to exchange stamps to please write to me. Also anyone ee Chry eere- a gift e t Sh
carbig to write would be very welcome as I would like very much isnarlot replied one of l .
to have friends in PanamA. vintage which wasslightly ftra-
ed around the Ifen or.
Sir, I will be very grateful for your kind help. foThis touching tole ot epect
Respectfully, for a departedlcom,
sespecmallarms would- not be worth
M/Sgt. Andrew V. fakasy noting If It Weren't acomnpa- "
Hq. Det. 8030 AU. APO #50 nled by a determinated dlva. tr 'by
ce/o Postmaster, San Francisco, Calif. the local union to free the @old
boas from durance vile In the
Big House.
1 '_ .... ..1 .. .. .. ..0 1h The Incal's olficl ls have. been ..
Answr o Pr-viu Pu appealing to the pfs a -
(Africot Domilion t ties to par@-l Joe. d to maake
certain that the 1oss doem t
ACOOn Nov. 5, lL^. heCSl'i 'eneralororner (ViI
ACIOS8 3 Low sand hills powerful i h ed
1, British 54 Book of maps give Pay a job if gets out
1,British o map On Nov. 3, l10 the local's ,'
-dominion, the DOWN A* A Welfare Fund, 11 ommetce St., R K
-- 1 Muse of Newark, N.J., wrote to the New
Africa astronomy York orison authorities that
11 Wireless 2 This was p Fay. who once chifed the AFL '
1 Architectural formed from Ladies Garmen Workers .Union MUNICHA-One. of fth main beefs of Oe, a- at M a ralty of
pluisn several crhlef down the lobby of New Or- neth'. Cramer's oenopation troop* tlar, t e at of3
.18Newest African leans' Hotel Roosevelt for daring amount of work they, and a d Srm .V
'14 Sharply colonies 13 Rendered fat 33 Cataloed to iintroduee an anU-aketeer- of GeOman help to 4th ewrk., Th
1#Bla4kbisd of 3 Fish of3swined 3Fra t jogu fl ine resolution at an ven- these:'
cuckoo family 4 River in 15 Surname 35 ea notion tion. could have the ~ I Of as- Just recently Cratier's forces hav. i,' srif- o
Zealous Fr 1 Sname a sstant to the administrator of gentlyreduce and, to fulfill the d i e.. mm e of
.17 Zealous France 18 Sailor (slang) 37N&rvous .is 7..
'lItReceit (comb. ers ir the fund. The letter w fai qned neci ry llaber wt "lesaa sse l d tt..
.iforAr a hcbyall the trustees of the fund, Says at hisfathea t-plcayvf
!t*for) 6 African falcon hdrding 38,DOctrines which has milllOAJAsf dd1Iarq, sneeMary.
20 Tumult 7 Heavy blow 23 Plantigrade 39 Mimicked Tih has mil realsohasbeen a drhatcally he yy.rede W t
Socky 8 Shoshonean mammal V Narrow ways This eniploe t" vwas offered tion-of German flunky personnel,
pinnacle Indian 26 Oriental pergy44 NatIv iof ato Fiy "because of Mr.-ay's 30 and the kw hiPh has found ,Cfi
pMetal 6 ei"e 3 ree is cdia years of unwavering service to .cpUt S-GN ,
34 favio eJO inXeftisln7. t thi coause good labor shores Ma e een
A" t./*: appellation 32 Stations (ab.) A.inar tM

t oc...n

-. ,._.-.


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*f9 of D
'to In o ut

r o.
lola. af fTh

Oa1 vig .p,
In b"
with tbJU
I do uqt
ed of tU

I bel


,.jS 'f ,...
" e f

I w
** I

. I-' .--.

k- F T An-.mmc

< Swim"S~




CrnkAo Release of The Masterpiece...!


BSOWS: 1:15 3:45 6:15 8:46 P.M.
Here's the wonderfilm
that sets a new standard
Sfor sheer entertainment 4
L and joymentI JEW
.^ .,


~A t~idi M# Program!

I board saying that Fay could -"
have a lob as business agent, If mk'
only they would let him out. [agt
Their loyalty to Joe Fay. alfiu
would be something to behold hote
Il these fraternal cirele If it No,
were not k ewn and the ,.u.
Sebuntrysided-r ad re mord "
of the Ieldeftts 1re i .tbe files -,
of the crusading New York CI- port
tv Anti-Crime Committee avrn
that PIy ham been .pe'kinI SM,
race tracks, oenstructlen eoem- but t
panics, building corporations o
gas stations and a sere of past
other businesses with his all* --
mat as they step from be-
hind the Ir bars. having paid
their debt to society they're
now raly to eeleet. No sense
being out anything,
There are Instances in upper,
New York where local represen-1
tatives of the Construction
Trades Unions have stepped up.
to important contractors and or- O
dered them to take on ex-Sing
Sing convicts. Cel
When the protests started, mad
these representatives of local 5th 4
unions simply asserted they were
talking "for the boss. Joe Fay" y
and that he was still running e
things out of the Big Ho-se ane il
the boys had better be hired, or Sh
else. They were hired. or'
This get so bad that last her
winter, New York State Parole with
Board Commissioner Al Lee shoe-
wrote to. InstittnUonal Parle .nal
Offer Charlo es Mitchell st l
Sing Sng rqueting h5 sa fer"
toi Warden Deane that, "-ay is ae
to be Itructed at he is to (de,
disectipame any effort to o*b B'w. 3
tain pleoments forI mattes or are
aussting them in any way
whatsoever." gSai
Comment from Fay will have night
to wait several years, but we do offers
know that there are men, such Said,
na the Operating Englneen' Joe any i
Delaney. who succeeded Pay as rent
vice-president after the convict pie w
was excelled from the uniMo, nelthe
and officials of the Buildln
Trades Council of 8uffolk and
Nassau Countiem in New York, / Def
who are fighting the Fay mob people
and take no orders from them. iagn
This is apt to displease Fay, 5-
since one of his favorite charac.
ters and alleys in that area is a ON
wealthy labor man by name of
William DeKoning. AFL boss of
race tracks and construction
One of DeKoning's typical op-
erations was to walk up t home i
owners, look at tU ao .tle
cement matchne 'rowln a '
stuff for the foundation
cellar andsay, "You should have
an operatmag enagler at $1 a
day standing by. But one of
boys will be around to collect Io.='"a
a day for my unions defense
fund if you don't want the full- i
time man." ds. t
There were 40.000 homes bilt cra
in that community. That gave iSin
the "defense" fund $=%3 .
Quite a fund. But this I
one of the x1mmicki.
ao manly mall wonMerd
want the bew free.

Ak ,,~
P ~ '~
- Ipad
IS au~.,b.. I

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": Great.
a demead
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,,, -,- '

aI. list,~ma. I

IA I.u E.L AL -. -

ai;arg~r o~5S

:. \ ......^ W
p.."3 3 i ^^ rt bjii

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~t gn~s94i~s
.1 (4 -~

' 3. '
4' '

nuurcen w an ms Z vUn-
m safety ad muest ajecti.
idult b3otuolm v be col-
ted In Mate .brwy
lad d m th e -mwond
or o tae u Affate Build-




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m .a-eBan

S., LaP f
.M be a
sent te xs
1pital *-
ii. Wb
-an an .
Ete w~i1

P- n lwi na*m I



--.. a~e Ae.e.a. anton WUSh.S
ben~ a ~&4~g beSi ~g ~
6 bd kM ~b ~j'! usia,

Blob, or = be rewiuearwI
an OjiTie .q mlr wot ae ewdoy Bs I
S. ... *. -- duringng I"
AyBt ppUeants- aut be not ]
Ithetu afp- than 1 orz p than 23 ynea
m al2 5 fWbe a oa JiPlyWUONt.


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mov faster today

ig. to the biqreenm t.W 60-Wmstk .o ,n 1s""sum

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116A W-




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41 N





-d. -


pcorr ON stioss
Written for NEA Service

SNorth-5outh vul. son of Mr .and Mrs. -R. Dean
Neer t st *6rth West Colston of Curundu was a-
1 6 1 N.. Pa1u warded a plaque for highest
3 N.T. Peu P Pa" score in proficiency training
Opening tOd- K at Camp Polk. La., where he
i : has just completed basic train-
S. ing with Hq. Co., 3rd Bn, 145th
S Inf. Reg. of the 37th Infantry
Bridge players sometimes muff Division. Prior to entering the
perfectly simple plays only be- military service he was eri-
cause they are slightly disguis played by the Ordnance Sec-
ed. A wolf in sheep's clothing is 'tion at Corozal
not a sheep, it is still a wolf.
When today' land w*s played, to win the third round of the
South pulled a boner, but North suit.)
said nothing about sheep and When South led another club,
wolves; instead he muttered East took the ace of clubs and
something about do4kels. ran his spades to set the con-
There was nothing wrong-wIth tracttwo tricks. .
the bidding. The final contract Notice the difference if de-
was quite reasonable and. mdlarer makes the of
reached in a quite reasonable reftiig the first spade trick.
way. ne West continues with his remain-
ing spade, and dummy takes the
West opened. the king: .of ace. Declarer next leads clubs,
spades, and declarer made the and it, don't matter who wins
mistake of winttg it Immedi- the first" trick.
ately with dumniy's ace.-If tle If West takes the first club,
queen and king of spades, had he cannot lead a-spade. If East
been exchanged; West would takes toe first club, he -can es-
have le4tIle qui 'of sipade. and tablUshhisa.spades but can never
declarer, would not have dream- regain the lead to win tricks
ed of winning the first he fi trick, with tem. Hence South easily
After winning the irst spade wins ten, tricks, giving up only
trick wftli u Yuiy'e ace, deelar- one spade -and two. clubs.
er had to go after the clubs In
order to have any chance at all .. Muas .oxen have provided a
lor h1s contract. West won the vital -source of food for Arcflc
first club trick with the king explorers., and twice save the
and led his remaining spade, life f. Rear Admiral Robert .E
forcing out -deelaretr- qaeerm, Pqary -.North Pole discoverer,
(South actually refused-the see- says the National Geographic
ond soade trick, but this made Society. Brought to bay by dogs
ro difference as he was forced the big animals are easily taken.

S.S. Port En Bessin ................................. October 4th
M.S. Washington ................................ October 13th
S S.Dieppe................................................. October 14th
M.S. Wyoming ...................... October 16th
S.S. Flaindre ...... ............................... Ocinber Ifth
S.S. lie De France ................................ October 141h
S.S. Liberte ..... ............................. October 21 t
Weeksy tVam Cargo Servlie Between Crist6bal. Ba!boa & Heslt oast
of U S. & Canada.
Crtt6bOil: VKENCH LI E, fO. Box 5015 Tel. 3-2171 & 1818
Panaied: LINDO T MADURO, S. A. Box 103R
Tel. Pnaidi 3-1883 3-1691

HkrN WELIIN Mlanmetel

Shipping Air Line
p nn : r.. .
... "1k

,. .5. 1


....,. -, .j\ ... .*-. : ... .* ..; :*^'
"1> '" .' ..-* n. ', ,-" *
. m ." ..

- *14

- Une

-,.'~p- '1

- The only new aircraft now on order for B.O.A.C. kre fleets
of two British Jet types versions of the pure-jet de Havtl-
land Comet and ,of the propeller-jet .BristolBritanla.' li the
years to come these two fast flying airliners will be operating
on the world-wtde routes of B.O.A.C. They will be comuplaen-
tary to each 'other- and will form a magnificent all-British
fleet for the British airlines.
This new composite photograph shows the 'Comet (top)
and the Britannia (below).

The Pacific Seam NavlyWon Capay

RDyal Ma Lines Ltd.

~. ,,-
'. g

y *t* L

. I. T-1 ;;I

____I__________ Ms8W
S.S. "FLAMENCO" ..................................Oct. II .
M.V. "SALAMANCA"................................ Oct. 18 .-6


M.V. "REINA DEL PACIFICO" (18,000 Tons)
M.V "SALAVERRY" ............. ..............Oct.* 8
M.V. "SANTANDER"........................... ct.. I

S.S. "DARRO".................... .... .......... Oct. 7
8.6. "LOCH GARTH".......... .............Oct. 12
S.S. "LOCH RYAN"................................Oct. 3
M.V. "DALEDYK" ..................................Oct. 17
M All Sailings Subject to Change Wthout Notipe
FORD CO. INC. PANAMA-Ave. e *U, TeL 3-1257/8
BALBOA-Term Bldg. TeL 2-1905

Evafybol is ass :,

Waiting at the Border

Growing Pains


,, '. 7 .- .' .- ,.-'r ; -... .
J .a." .. ". ., "

4" ,* V.'- -,

a i-...~ a

A *


~T ~

Have a Bite
T64 DOOR.../'A
W^^^-^ *^-^

With Us?




* 'I,.

-1w ,

4 QJ1005
4K9 6JI00873
V107 532 V9
*742 *QJ83
4K6 4A4
*A 105

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ileOrt Hop
. "'* ;r '.. o

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ft *....''..&*,*.j*.. '-*~'a
t..;1t ~

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-, ...
.J. ."

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* wom

L;V )lsLPY1N l

iB',fti^M re5S-wSf.ow
!.gaied erd tWo d0er

Armed Fort
caan Smca

yQotpbor 7, at .

t ein bate"d
po & : bgir gen *-1

S&K66 VonW'^CT5a
T: ^': f C ."

e -'fe W
-On hfCard I tO00



fl p

Sna i wie diat qi
A. Ail

1.ron% ~
a8dd "ta
I;fHhold o "
4=b !ecen ji^^i.ifu..quite
wat the. I ilito .vow
K 'I
,The e

Ai i I -- is

-I ,..
'Sr &

roe m

* ib .~

I..,.-. -






iacio-Mem6n dwin J. Cohn,
S'oins i6 Comma 9lobulin
iAsuroanfirm discoverer, Dies
., a,.wo th~"~ "lOTOR. Oct. 3 (tIP) Har-,
Ir iiard =saw Z" J. Cohn,
Jill demf soM, Vwh1Mchemlcal researchgave
go 1to a t world the polo acmba ant
a Ith ama globulin, d of cere-
trai (ice e t h: h ri at night, It
o f America. Fdisclowd toay.
.-Al 'i ad teauer m ent A world leaded In bacle re-
dtte0dthe hlMtenat e
d ~ywasl wasasso6 f, rorV 's work
Panaa Forest Prd- mEs psaible thblrpking down
tbod plasm. during World
-Panaansnd c 1- .
al Ale .n attend.
hito aniaradom TBhiS provided erimn albumin
t He w Salle He tt t e r treatoP at ofs hock, and
o th tjms?"! u dent- a toBrn -for meaes Pid polio.o0
StI sts Yiity, ]p&- ,hmbi' &*d f :bilnocm which
I tar. he worked j eo tting for and
sqme Arm wi the Aripy Con- Uy atod

andPaain &I-49 and
of the Pan in Bue- worked with the ProtocoL See-
hr'. A' ad tle of t e orelign Relan Ot-
s pot of fice un March-31, 1f
NoJ~ wa mr't ai~~ 99an

1 : AT
oii'..'Boaptst Church

' ^ d 1 -. .l.

---- -A L- -T- -- ft*-- -

S' Direct fro. .New YTwk
ittauwoe C.A. tot 76 |31'

;-,, w Beqen a1 Octb :
. aito 1,0 :1.0 ,..

* --a *'-.-' *'-'





. A.l. ." .0 r-m


* I

SM ~


PMHIIP MORRIS neuv get eurtiket lorif



Eft y a ch an b wxhag.i fe, itt a t ODELAG Plau 5 do May.

Win N 1w W.ith

: .t^;^
t ,
____ ____^^^^J^^^^_^^fci
A'- ,'- ^*'frii

The WiMe Will Chleon-Om f T- J1Mn ..t f P .

1. Ten Thousand Dollars (1'0,M00) wor l~ t mehadi. fr a firt class
grocery: 4
2. Three scholarship for- T years u i-ay see, dary 6ei, i
the Republic. Each ioldarship in al 0 secondryirlyg- s&d $-5
monthly for each studied .- -
3. G.M.C. 2% Ton "Dio s TnrtI pi tu,-.
4. Fwor year scholarship at foref iftl f with all expose pL
S. Three Pontiac automobiles, f'eer dem ,Met !modeL
S. G.M.C. 25-passenger autobs, late type Wayne coach.
7. T*o scholarships for four yw at the National university. I helod'
payment of matriculation, e ukool ippieis; tesbooks, and $00 monthly
for other exMpenses of students. .
8. Ten thewand sacks of eemnt fr Pam.American highway..
Two 1.passemer G.M.C. autbus, vith latest model Suporioero cL.
o10 Te ousand dollars worth of to stock a first class saloon
whie & liquor store.
11. Romad-trip Ut Europe for two, wi rmth all eXpemes paid, pasa
hota food. Trip lasts throe m* during which 12 countries will b

---- -------- I

... __


f r cohilally mv te-d .at-
in '

WeM. n o
B an invtedL -tar, at-'

1nd At 4n ialt l:

o. fW. ,

oeto 'tf

eiC Tearnament .Monday
,a regular weekly

AirBl orc-be 6s &
,sr.. Wives Club will hold

------ ~

wave of Communlst-led
hbit railroads and com nniea-
1" thon throjlffu rance today
and the RedIthratend a na-
tionwlde walkout when the Na-
t onal Assenly reonmres,
The work atoppagea were re-
oported part a Comlntt
Smaster-pln tohI th ov-
ernment of Pt ule Joseph La-
.-",',L",." toel,,.

Lanlel was d presie by the
A idst gal tal strike wave
wtch paralssem the' nato for
more than thiu weeks
The Coammtr it dominated
General Labor Confederation
(COT, called out thousands of
workers on all rail lines serving
& y southeastern France today. The
24-hour strike began at 6 o'clock
Ftlast night in Paris and at'id-
night in the prdvlnceas
Stoppages. reported in
Lyons, De o. Orenoble, Paris
and other pdlnF. At the key
G Oare de Lyon in Parls trains
were delayed up to-threehours,

, _,'Critt _t^* .. ,h.jy~ ,. :._,





r -r


. V

.--:* .



M. I

. 1- *

S>.. LI. .... *. *' ". -*JWtpli.--"# *;;,
.. ....
..... .. .. ..... .

*L'S t 4 XR 11

You Sell'em... When You Tell' 4 10
Lease uur Ad with one of our Agents or out offices $ ---
No. 12,179 Central Ave. ..

i" ~r -.
tl i.-'- b





No. 4 Tivoll Ave.-Phone 1-M1. and

Via gIpafnNo 34 -.Pan ."L P.
Oloe n" mtra aub

Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 3-0441


10,0H MeMndaes Ave..ll-PhOe ilt4

Agldai tlomtacliom de Puae i t"es '
No. I, Lottery Pla Pho n 84I



M/W--Iufi fT^w 1 4-1-

I I .. II-~

Household Automobile
SALE..ningromsto m-,FOR SALE.-1942 Ford Tudor, ex-
hcgany Ration. Excellent cond-tion. 1 cellent motor. Phone Balboa 2-
one year old. DIjffet table tour 3305.
S'cushion chairs. Will sacrifice, quick FOR SALE: Lincoln Continental
sole. Phone 3-4896. Convertible black, custom body,
FOR SALE: -. Brand new 25 cycle top souped engine.- Palmer Navy
Leonard refrigerator, can be fi- 3590.
nanced. Helman S. A. Via Espafia FOR SALE: 1951 Mercury low
No. 1. Tel. 3-0383. mileage, extras $1,295.00. Also
,OR SALE: Wardrobe trunk, baby storkline, baby buggy, $20 00.
c ,oge, 3 venetian blinds 53 x Cristobal 3-1339.
60. Phone 2-4293, Diablo 5572- FOR SALE:-Because of trip: 1951
A.--After five o'clock. Super Sedan, Dynoflow, with radio
f SALE:-Frioire refrigerator, and white-wall tires (very reason-
7 cu. ft., 25 cycle, $50.00. Can able price). Phone Panama: 3-
be seen 1549, Apt. 1, Govilon Rd. 4929. 2-2831, 2-1133.
Balboa. FOR SALE-1941 Packard conver-
S;OR SALE-25 cycle porcelain West- tibia. Good tires. Good top. New
.i inthouse refrigerator, $90.00. motor. Phone Ancon 3566.
Havy mahogany coffee table, $35. S
1 00. Phone Bolboa 4241. FOR SALE:-'49 Lincoln Cosmopoli-
tan convertible, customized, duty
S R SALE: Tobster 200, Record paid. i~I-A Sibert Ave. Gamboo
S Player, $7.50,. electric roaster $12. 6-107.
50, Dresser $12.50 Spin Dryer
# washing machine, 60 cycle $40.00; FOR SALE: 1941 Ford V-, 48
2Westinghouse refrigerator 25 Cycle motor, good condition. Bowen.
W- $75.00, porcelfin kitchen table Pacific Press (by traffic light) 14th
with 2 cheirs, $15.00, buffet,' eand Bolivor, Cristobal.
chairs, 1 dining toble, 1 -vthree
quarter table $65.QO. '42 PlyWOuth FOR SALE:-1951 Chevrolet 4 Poor
.' $195.00. Telephone 1s-4205, Sedan, Od condition. Call 4-
-i after 4 p .m. 5139 or con be seen at Qtrs. 953-
W .~ SAL.E:-9 cu. ft. Deepfree e, A, Ft. Ko be,:C. Z.
S'$125.00. Apex washing machine, FOR SALE:-QLDSMOBL.E "98" 4
new Roller Assembly, $40.00, both Dr, Sedan, 1951 model. New car
S .5 cycle. 163' Pedro Miguel. Tel. condition, 17,000 miles, ari final
4-371. owner, will guarantee for 60 days.
S FOR SALE --Modern dining table, 10 Will buy uou 4 now tires, two tone
cirs,. blond RCA combination ray, radio, hydramotic, heater.
record4 player and rodio. 2 Rose defroster end defogger, self wind-
recssand rugs. 42nd, Ist. Paorue ing clock, windshield washers, or-
Lefevre, 2-5078. Ciin lLCA ,.$I,147, selling $1,850.
^ 3-- Call ALB3OOK 86-6178.
R SALE:--60 cycle 7 cu. ft. Hot
Point ref-rigeratr, two outside FOR SALE-Morris convertible 1951,
doors, one for deep freeze Excel- 11,000 miles, $700. Excellent con-
lent condition, $250.00. Telephone dition. Panoma 3-3580.
4-329, Pedro Miguel. FOR SALE:-1942 Oldsmobile Hy-
SALE: -- Wicker livingroom dramatic,' uty paid, 4 door sedan.
.suite, Settee and 2 large chairs, 6 cylinder. No reasonable offer re-
coil spring cushions $75 00. Chest fused, 2047-8, Curandu, Phone
of silver. community service for 12, 83-7227
S '94 pieces, $50.00, Cristobal 3-
'ia48. WANTED
OR SALE:-Mohogany. dOuble:. WAN TED
mattress, $39. Single mattress and dM isl3aeo s
springs, $30. Mahogany buffet, -0 11..9
M toic Chef gas stove., y s Wi g Yp U M ONIY, usin(
Misc story cPodton. $13. Dises, your car as guaranty. For details
plants, Misc. Telephone Panama 2- call t our office. Central Avenue

3.067. ,ii
SALE:-Aportment size crib, 2
owte5e S $10.00. Roadmaster
le, new tires $15.00. Electric
S.11elwing machine $9u.QO foternity
Iidrt (black) $3.00. Nufng bot-
(Hygela) extrq caps, $1.50.
Amoder 5248. 1
SE;:-Mahogany livingroom
I. red plastic upholstery, ad-
tilaBble dress form. Takos 1421-C
Si 'SALE: China closet, fle r
lamps, book cases, wooden dresser
Q"hd rocker. Low prices. Owner leav-
Ing: 556-A, Curundu Hgts. Phone
85-7227. -
SALE: Metal kitchen tobf
S. $10; metal bureau, $12; venean
S blinds for 12-faortilly, $18. 309-3
. Ancon, Tel. 2-3065.
S',OR SALE :-Lorge baby bed nWtWIal
-. finish innerspring mattress. $3 Wi0.
Play pen and. pad. $12.00. Like
P O.." Hi.hts 9..... -.2k29 3

WANTED-By.young married couple
vocation qi artery, immediately. No
children. No pets. Both working by
8Oct. 8th. Coia Albrook 4103, any-

FOR SALE&-$400. 1951 500 c.c.
AJ.S.' (British) motorbilc. In ex-
cellent condition: Not many roles.
80 M.P.G. Has buddy seat. good
tires. Extra, upsweep, exhaust pipe
and' nmeaphone, also some spare
parts. Can be seen at Qtrs. 550
Curundu Hgts. or coll 2112.

SReal Estate
ic B C Ip At.i.,r. L.


f20t Aowagn C. X.
208 1 i, MPM f.

DR. WENDEHAKE. Medical Clinic.
Central Avenue "K" street. Coambr
telephone 2-3479, Panama.
REPAIR. refinish Rottan. Bamboo
furniture, guarantee work. Special
price. Front bf Balboa Beer lGrden.
"J mmy."
Boeing 4-engine planes. Oneawoy
to Miami; $70.00 Round Trip
$126.00, One-way to. New York:
$114.00 Round-trip $214.00. See
telephone 2-1655.
FOUND'-A way to save the day!
Join the USCA in a letters to Con'-
gress display! Use suggested guide
in news columns of this issue.

FOR SALL.-AKC registerd Cocker
Pups for sale. Ooe mole, one t*-
mare. 3 months old. Phone Albrook
Sealed bids will be received by Libut.
Vance at the Curundu Housing
Office. Bldg. 821; until 1:00 P. M.
Oct. 8th, 1953,'fervarieus lots of
display, restaurant, and beauty
shop equipment; bottle cooler opd
unif, show case, waving machine,
molt mixers, bowling blls etc.
Items may be seen at Housing Of-
fice, Curundu, between 7:00 A.
M. and 4:00 P. M. Monday thru'
Friday. The Curundu Rpstourant
Council reserves #e right 1 refop
any and all bids.

FOR SALE:-Boxer 'tnles male 6ird
Female A.V.C. Kenner Aptered
Fawn. Phone 84-6193; Quarters

STORE FIXTIRE9:-Sealed bids will
be received up to October 3, 1953
for the following fixturs,. located
5 large wall display cabinets, stain-
less steel fUJrnt with slKding plate
glasa poneel 1. "U" shaped center

FOR SALE --Upright ptlno, -exaelnt
condition, reasoble. Bowmin, "Pac-
ific Plres, 14th an. Bolivver, Cria-

Ross Spinet, like new. $375.00.
Bamboo chair $25.00. 1951. Foed
VS, 4 door sedan, $1,100.00. Dfiez
5281-B Diablo.
FQR SALE:-I blond male Cocker
Pup. AKC registered frcm good
stock.'Quarters 84.1 Albrook, Tel.
Albrook 4123.
FOR SALE:-Singer portable. 2 years
old, peiet anditiot, $100. Boy's
bicycle with tights $25.00. House
2607-A. Cocoll. Phone 4-223.

Point 4 Director
Will Be Speaker
A# ..I.,-_ tI..L

.... beside the Transisthrmian Highwav.
i MPOR SALE- without intermediate. Tel. 2-4769
SFOR SAL Panama. Vance Rogers, director of the
-S Panam r, Point Pouar program in Panama,
= Boata M iotii will be the guest speaker at the
Ff SALI:-Day sailer slo. x- LOST & FOUND """al membership tea of the
; fra sails and ebuinMi. t," good Canal Cne College Club Monday
' condition, rebuilt this year. Bowen, LOST:-Take home pay and com- at 4 p.m. at the USO-JWB Arm-
,Cristdbal Yacht Club No. 525. unity services. Notify Congress ed Forces Center. La Boca Road.
-t Ioday by writing letters for the ri Mtalk I sspoSOred rby the
Wont. Thursday Morning Study Group
.. of the Collee Club of which Mrs.
AN TED:-USCA members to write Harry W. Paine is chairman.
eI ton u Congress. Use suggested Los oClmado'
i news columns this issue, or .Rogers came to Panama a year
S your Legslaitve Crriponn-.Co r plete Pans ago from Haiti where he was
dne ChiCompletermanPlans. country director of the Point
r----' ConteSt Four program and Chief of Par-
PERSONALS ty. He is thoroughly acquainted
PERSONALS .I ,with LaUn America having been
"Los Cain ados" ha-o romp'e- engaged In private enterprise
NAL:-Ret/ember last Juno ta- plans for their Quartet and in government service fori
Szvqd.a repetition. Now is the Contest w r ich till be held at the past eleven years In the Lat-
to write to Congressmen Con- the Pacific Clubhouse tomorrow in countries.
yuur local USCA Legislativel at 4 a m.
ence Chai-man for de- lHis talk will concern the ex-
,_ Contesta, t.s iin-luded in the lensive Point Tour program ba-
-" P icoatest are the Pacnic Mello- ing carried on so successfully UIp
ted Position Tones" nd 1he At'ant, Four- Panama. A particularly inter-I
-. Notes. eatlng feature of this meeting
.,th excellent recommendation will] Dea question priod which
e .nral housework. Con Musioal nait., i be given will follow Rogersa talk at which
SiErt dleW in. Writ .Eli:- by the Hamo nd Sisters, Al Duo time he will answer questions re-
i11'. Gerenerl Delivery, An. .ltmifio and other talented art- gardinR all phases of the Point
otes. Tickets are 50 cents each. Four program in Panama.


%,r Cottge. Ofmilwe pnt
oa Clam. Pa,,,t.
inews. Phone Balba 2.>..

WILLIAMS' Santo Clare ekch Cot-
toga Lr f. c ta modern; j
near ch. Balboa 3050 except

Ich Santao C eu ch-so-
tag EleOgic Ieb a stonvae,
nederate reateT.el e 6-44
6emboe; 4-567. Pedr iguel.

NO% g. Ocensidae otag!, Santoa
Clara Bx 43, 4 labo.. Phone I
Panorm 3.187.7, C al 3-1673.
HMWua ob* Sin t Clar." Also ,
* In COOL Carn4 M- mountains.
Phqne mSH II lOo 4389 I
W maCn oo r 00mm.; n

FOR RENT:-*-Modern 4-b drmoit rt
Idence with adi genvenfe c in
good residential area. Hot a old
.running water. Fpr particulars
phone 3-3177 eggof eof 4
FVia o. _R '

Apartoab .

Af TIO t k j a M&
fulmiswed aperteiW mne, two|
bedrooms, hof, celd Wter. Tel-
ehone Panama 3-494T. '
Amefln ,.coup.W S, I
No. 6-B, artmeat f 2. Can. be


FR RTNT:-Beiq t me,
y *. Poom
I ', t P en-
"f .o3-0U6, ~. ^t'&.^,-at ,,

FOR .iftfTi *- .-to
the one who n Sre
refrigerator, Sojll, -e
Darien Street N 1.:.-.-

all fumrhed 45th .-32:
FORIEWT: Apart BMts in
famiy 'W-SAn Froncime1, 124 St.,
house No 49.

Ry__ ootng. j

sewk, month,
4th- 66A*
Furnishe ad-r
Phone 91, Cal
FOR REhft:-Ro
3-1009. .


S, 'VI-

ATILA A, Oct. 3 UP) The
Southernik governors Conference
meeting at month will be held
at Hot trngis, Va., instead (d
at Boca.tBton, Fla., as w-
ously Sc. due, d n
death of FInoa Gov. Dan Mc-
GOov. _*tnnp Tahnaft of
Geor..tsatirman of tm her
announced the change t
ard saM te meeting wUl be
held on the same dai u
origlnallannad. Me7r.4.
Ta al t ted t ltit* eon-
nected lSi fh a pe
o soon
ant a seemfedto be
MAAUU f5559 646.-fOC~~

in Flord Bnl ie -m tth af e ..
the death es t. ..
Several were awmaoms.
ad by a LI Commioni Um
Sto p 'ft
Mudge #4604A sWa
sites g= WJMn ie sovie a

World lpurinuon I
To Be srd
At St. filter's (

. pmbjRAurnAfsguat


1.' "-- .---


* .._ .




I 1
"p, 0 83. A
1 ". "N '*

S,- :

S. .' -

r II.


. a


i .. .


.. -e- '-. .

'~ '~i~ A


* 5*i


.1 T r !






- i



23Z Z i


_ _~~ _~___





.L .

^/ke mod ueauttll.d hu !



t rSn *;

tic Society ***to.,

i 'VOYAGE PARTY FOR CAPTAIN PARSONS W ho have been t 1 ho ts
of Commander and Mrs. .. SN
Captain William Parsons, former Port Captain of Cris- Gardner, of the Coco Solo Na- MOVIES TV A
t~abl, waj thehonored guest at a cocktail party giWn by Mr. val Station, aMiled on ee "An- MOVIES T ADIO
and Mrs. E. N. Stokes. Sr., at their Fort DeLesseps quarters, con" yesterday for Ney York, f y E |ki JOiIIon
lst evening. "' Jwhere they wh sol ome l1 y h Onn
Cptitn Parsons lt being Heights w*as hosts f tor ime, benttu tht By ESKINE OHNSON
rsusfeired to New Orleans,'luncheon and ard party given home in Kentucky. --
Where he will join Mrs. Par- at her quarters 'Tur day,, Cptaii and Mrs. R. K. Y.
ie oIs leaving Sunday f. at er ueatr5 w te Mrsgay Dulnbbrre had the Gardner HOLLYWOOD (NBA) x- Berlin, Is not the feud between
hi e s leaving SundY fer er Mrs. i. and their guests for Infor- clualvelo Yours: Goodby, Mr. Gregory Peck and Nunnally
new aame DeSo M J W. r. mat dinner, at t e Solo Chips, arooka and Mr. Johnsor, but the threats against
SMrs. amttel- Pller, Mr. Officers Club,. before their de- Peepers! Rita Gam and other members
Mrs. Frioe Entertaines Charles W ,dd, Mrs. tPerr y Francey, Mri rture. Marilyn Monroe Marilyn of the cast by Soviet military
atallon Ladles idd; Mrs. Perry Francey, Mrs. Monroe? will play a school- men who don t cotton to the sto-
,r2. WilUim .0. Fripe was Earl Beck, Mrs.- Ele Mohr Fr r onors teacher in o's up-coming mu- ry line about an East-West sec-
host f a orning cottffe kilhnan, Mrs. Johnnrown, Mrs. At oyage ocktai y eal, "Pink Tights." tor kidnapping
lyen Fort Davis qu.- C.harlt Whitaker, Mrs, tuil Yt B aned Mrs. W. L But Disectl r Otto Preminger's Repreentaties of the U.S.
itraito hor' I adle Therlault, Mrs. Sam cock, l and Lt. and Mrs. C.'rebuke to the busy-hipped blonde S tate Department have been
ir ai l0on'of the 8fd n'- rs. tFrit Iumphrey, .Mrs1 0* t cL 1 i during filming of "River of No with the troupe from the very
r .a diS who Tylor, s. station, were Coco lamented Return" Is a bigger howl. start.- and U.S. soldiers aecom-
The ,ldIes io tahed ow and Miss Jeanne ble. ith one octa "Marilyp" Prendger is re- panle the ast and rew to
the m.rnisb were; Mrs.n Gy 1Nc.... to have said, "I don't
the morning -were; Mrs. h 0 R. atu o -- ty given last evening bye- A ty hae an yd, I don't sites near the Russian sector.
Beeir,5M N. Chapitni, M. Gatuan odaty, tenant and Mrs. J. J. arrello mind yoe shaking youth derriere -
C. Frenoh, Mrs. T. A. Hir- meeting Mondataty o e quarters on t.e Sa s our shoulders in this scene, Cole Porter has been signed to
mon Mr L.' Hirch; 'Mrs. There wl be a .meeting o their quarter on the anbut you have to shako your write a movie theme songg-for
L n,,M r L. Hirs.c, A. P eter- 1 8o .ot b he Immaet- Leutenant Hall and a-u- roice, toe?" "Duel in the Jungle." ... Ricar-
&i .j Peabody, Mrs. te Conception Church In 0- t ut eoldaxe returning t o- o 0 Montalban is headed for TV.
R AP ett. Mrs. I L. Pow- turi, Monday evening, iredi- tenat Mould are returning t Gall Rusell absent from the He didn't re-sign with MGM....
e11 JE. Smith, Mrs., It. ately golwo n nven. A' acivilia-n lfe, The 11i wM i o whoop-it-up scene for years, Blush dept.: A disc jockey at a
ellT r a. tnd M. S Walk dies Pari a ool- oex, and the Mould ashowpd UP pt a Hollywood party movie night spot greeted Keenan
r and Mi S. a ly it to Ptfd. Jackstonville, ori, ent the tve and stole the spot- Wynn, then addressed Sharley
ri.' d .A hundred arnd v lltwit~ her didoess. Guests are Hudson, who will be his next
friends were p resent o t talking about itall-includ- bride, as "Beetsy."
SAd strdes .F Ea Route 'i.Kntucky them farewell. ing report that she and Guy ---
m Rg jIrnick, of Irasod Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P trie, i.A.W.C. Boa-d Meeting Madison-definitely will divorce. it's strictly a non-political
'The Bord o the Colon Unit Xavier Cugat, inhis slick new yearling ace horse was ire by
r'st...n "ofT.the 4iter-Ameriean Won- show in La Vegas, looks over his Free Admerica, oust of enAppease-
Democrats Just Stay On tWe says togthe audience:w
S. nday, October 5, at 3:30 "Did you ever see such a co-

Ir .pita! Green Book :a--w rmda >al
I api I 'G rennDO"e *~ll-'for adumber io ao- em chair up ther? We .. .-
members are urged to attenL r2 ) | Ps L
Warner Bros. and Peggy Leei Ba Sna O TM
0 f '; '7Z' have called It a day. il IT'S SHOWTIM,

Overjoyed at nearing U. S. soil,
this exuberant G.I. is restrained
from taking a watery shortcut
to the dock as the USNS Marine
Adder prepares to anchor at
San Francisco, inbound from
Korea. with American soldiers
recently released from Corn-
_ munist prison camps. _J

2/ i/Ae ters I



New Musical Wonderfilmt ';

Hans i




''3By PATTI SIMMONS 0a3o listed, says he's
A -Star Corpondent roUnd to Wrlte his
... ., Othe.o hl

Wi1I^8Ial z r S ttl A

MM. OWaf CApltZ:pBe'
tween rtvis, many *4
.i e first "Republiuah" green
book ai many a 8oo0t- season
dhows he CaplitA, ls crawM
with DeamW.rts. "T'e ,
bmayet ts -town," say editor
Out..ot nine Truman cabinet
november, live ar listed as ye,ry
much atI hoe in Washliton.'
This ti ot-ecretaries
Ac n f thq Ied ,
meqit Ide 0 ray,
Chapman of Interior, Brannan
of AkrlbliiturCl former Post-
6mater Onotal DOInaXL n rate
only tbA Wm% Wd wmoeable" be-,
fore their naAMe, a sort Ot pro-
tocol consoliteO piuAl when
one sheds ablovt status.

Republic's handsome cowboy
atar, BexAllen, is No. 1 boy for]
t~re Me Curly in the big-
sem versaon of "Oklahomal"

of -th 4enste. )/- Gladys Rubens explained a
g "lirl friend thusly:
4 1 m aSling himWt a |> "S weended from a long
'euIt4 t on eeanoi' le prob- i e thit her mother once fool-
lenpi th 0e day, is lly listened to."
SBrarnn and Now it's an ice show wit our-
Spractcin* pricing new gimmicks. l it like
law. the new 3-D and wide-screen
;'i. itas *er to teach'a 3-- movlis. The Ice Follies of 194,
r .epr4t f tMiy! with s easier to teach he Pacific here, has ev-
I liC ele Dte f VUder eec- 0d table manners whe h s eating rom spouting water,
tary of, tate H FreamAn li al than to try to get him. to bubbles In the air, a man from
Matthews, A ant Sabcretary discard poor table m i. es outer paee, live dogs. snow and
of Defensl WlIfred J. McNeil when e is older, T'he ch 14ho erao coming right at you.
and inder Secretary bf the sl old enogh to ast in a regu And tho g eous costumes do-
Army Eart, Dallam Johnson. chair atthes dining room taoblq I$s ed by rHen Rose with an
they're still holding down their old though to be taught good assit from furrier Al Tetelbaum
pld jobs., table m niaers. are ensatfunal.
If y a re ashamed of your
The book shob a'mere switch child's table manners when ye Walter Brennan, who first won
In. title for Walter Bedell Smith take him out '-'perhaps yeu an QOcar in "Come and Get It,"
fom1ier. Dirtetor o the Central heud havoabe* -ashaed when he took out his teeth and
Intelligence AgncSO, who's cur- them at home. played western character, has
of t. Adj- itanttheir( eif 41i they'lCpt of water aain for Jimmy s tw-
retaryf C91 (pl J0 ohn Ti ay: art's new v-I outdoor epic, "The
6thnaeuer 5 mh tf oveT to S Far Country."
the Juatt t- where lPe to i t only one I HoBly-
S s T i i fom e u throwing r~1 wood who Xld play the part,"
.ant attorney OwI Cst,- n:" it s he grin. The town's full of
.~. e-o n loa cal address the sro teeth, but I'm the only sc-
.he "ire 'na than i600 wanky SulTrave Club. tor brave eough to take em
mes oth the out,"
*, a grdIt' a leood bet the Zippy Corinne Calvet Is a 16-
book's .nt olet Ulttta year-old French-Canadian doll
W..1lltuer ot to be Mrs. ota n the same film-a 40-year age
BHobby, Rumer utlU p0 n Its leap from her John Barrymore,
that the Health d4aeatle Jr.. mother role In "Quebec."
and Welfae. Secretary plans It's her first innocent-girlpart
to run fo r goverior of Texas and she says:
in the oeaing etio.I "I'm faselanted to me f I can
4o eet."
Besides tabulating. society's Comment about Clark Gable
re-sidenttal, official and diplo- and French model Susan Dadolle
maatic circles Mrs. Shaw also from a Hollywoodite who saw
Stosses In telephone numbers and them in Paris:
ettles protool and etiquette "She'll be the next Mrs. Ga-
tlcklerd for. her subscribers. ,be. Clark's so happy he glows."
Well, glow, man!
Settest otiquete ossue at the
m-s aRIy Mns. Shaw, i BERLIN REDS
Zthe ke*@topow t eetroveloiy.
The real news story' on. Fox's
'the "s-them-on" chool "Night People,' now shooting in
insit te rip is easier on a
ibcatess whe going down the

To ~ MDeaoolt hanging on to clare the others. Editor Sha
is oZl Washington address, the throws her glove in with t
aociettOUp shows, is former latter set.
sn1tert a ConS$ally, whlo'sa lS. PERLE SMESTA: -er It's intoreiting to comps
.- '. Se address, a swank elub. th united p ne numbers
most ever. thanks to the stay- Hollywod ores, Washington k
behind MeNocrats. never had many of these. T
ApploCstaas to get In the 1953 editor njves a phone 1
beuk 'jumped. too. In other years Wkley, ,'Jon Ste'lmao a
about 30o tried; this time there Army Secretary Pace. I
,WemO around 600 Nopefuls. Of there's non in the current
bthse about 125 finally made it. Sue for Nixoh, Presidential A
For more than two decades vlor 0herman Adams or An
nw,Capltal party-Vgvers and, S.retar5y Stevens.
pry-gdera the bluebloods and
U social climbers, the Dem- In moat eihs you Ran dial
rats apd the Republicans have anv cablmeL member or ca
w'!ted breathlesslv for the an- pressman t: town. Only exuc
nBal appFarance of Mrs. Shaw's tion to go wi th e title of 8s
acrps, arietary ot It was true
P A achpn Md certainly. ongI
"Inclual"o th it ls nractically a the I wa', top secrets ist
Min or aayone who h to unl4tatd t belonging, toJUl
Wion a0nal Poster es.
meuywhn the
I~i ti .lo stra .....

I --

-? .- -,, .

^^^^ ^^^^&^_ .'
i "t~~..'+ ''
-iieR,7 :" ';.. :


N. Y. (UP) -MM.
rriagher said a
attempted to Jow
In tres neer her
~~a fock rmfuu-
gto do wt
M Wna u drove it
-. I

- WUl
Jgh IIc6WE,

: =JIo_ offYTl John WAYNE
*s TIJRSDAT" "Trouble Along The Way'
GA M BO A oIM's Alltr c.stl
Techuseolor S ara "uA"SHNE


4,30 6:30 8:30

It Pays to


In The




a:30 I;:




Discover the magic of

A Kraft's fine foods!

Pmrby M rvM --le bed
eMq, spa a for bread.
for vgegabekl

Ied s.kyawin -
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*6AWi uImse I
^ne iit r eise on

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oee" dsee sm l

.,. *****pppd

1:20 3:15 = 5:10 ,7:0 W.P:f
with StWrrAM
Susan John
&HAYWARD Barball lR
and Cmlea

1:30 3:30 5:30 7:30 9:25 p.m. 7:00 9:10 p.m.


CrEmlIA Adm. Prices:
CECILIA- 6.6 & 0.30
Pour Bur-
lesque short


Jorge Mistral, In
**El Conde de Monteeriste
Resortes. in .
"El Luchador FeaimM"

Sterling Harden inI
GeorgeUT Montgery, the

Chapters 8 & 9
"Gentlemen From N-w--
"OUTPOWT of ah Mn Hi



N 00or daeO ditedWul
Se esy ewreto dl

mew ae. .5-rt



't J


ras tl~lru l I--


* 9

' ir~

Underdog Dodgers

S" .,' ,
a*^ f~~ ---.. r'?'?--*

11 77

Record-Breaking Pitching

i By Erskine Stops Yankees

BROOKLYN. Oct. 3 (UP) The underdog
Brooklyn Dodgers, buoyed by one of the great pitch-
ing classics of all World Series history, were favor-
. ed to beat the New York Yankees today and square
this golden and richest of all classics at two games
i each.




World Series history decreed big homer, was the next bats- McDougs
that no team ever lost the first, man. and he had struck out four
two games of a 7-game series and straight times. This time he Collins, I
went on to win. out the odds- dribbled an easy little roller Baner, ri
makers were hedging. They es-i right back at Erskine and Carl Berra, p
tablUshed the Dodgers as 6-5: took aim and fired to first for Mantle,
favorites to win today's game; the final out. Wo__ln_ _
and tie the Series although they The victory, achieved before .Mar___. S
still rated the Yankees as 17-10 35.270 fans. largest crowd ever (NEA Tele 'hs) Rhete .
ilCks to win an unprecedented to see a World Series game in FIRST RUN Gene Woodling a-Bollwe
Fifth straight aWorld title. Brooklyn. put the Dodgers bark scores the first Yankee run in Rashl, p
into strong contention again' the first inning of the second b-Mlse
with the Yankees still leading, World Series game at Yankee
two games to one. I Stadium. Woodling scored a- Totals
sily after Berra's long fly to
It was poetically appropriate center field. -
that Mize should have been the
victim of the record breaking '
strikeout in one of the Ireatest a CU
moments for little fellows since NW O slew Collath. BROOM
The performance by Erskine
who was knocked out in the f r!t BJ_
inrlnp of the oDenlng glme. wp Ro- fin.
a thrll'inc overton' to a b" l o
game that was in doubt all the,
way. W L rtt. (M
am Camnanella. complete bst ew ork (AL) 2 1 6
Clas a hitter all through the Brooklyn(NL
ROBINSON Car e tries because ofthehand First game. at Yankee2 ta K
that was In.lured when he was 'd Sept.
Manager Casey Stenge an- struck bv ""s Aie Reynolds ur, Sept. 30: R1
bounced that he would tart pitch n his first time at bat Brooklyn (NL)
(Whitey Ford Jn the fourtheon opening day, drilled one of New York (AL) 12 0
pame while a buoyant Charley Vie Ras1hi's power pithe Erskine, Hughes (2), Labine
Dressen said that Billy Loes well into the left field stands 46, Wade 18 and Campanella.
would go for the Dodgers. with one out in the eighth. Reynolds. Sain 16S and Berra.
The Yankees had tied the Winner-Sain. Loser-Labine.
The odds-makers were bet- score at 2-all In the too half of Second game, at Yankee 8ta-
ting that Ford, a left-hander, the inning when Hank Bauer din Oct. 1:
could not control the right- Isnged after Collins struck out Broklyn (NL) 2 9
handed power of the Dodgers Yogi Berra, on base four straight New York (AL) 4 5 1
and that Brooklyn would even times, was hit by a pitched ball Roe and Campinella Lopat
the Series and take It back to 'for the second time. and Berra.
the Yankee Stadium for the Golden boy Mickey Mantle. New York (AL) 2 1 *
ftaal decision. anything but a hero yesterday. Brooklyn (NU 3 9
Today's and tomorrow's games followed by striking out for the Reachi and Berra. Erskine and
are scheduled for the Brooklyn fourth straight time and it look- Campanella.
pafk after which the Series re- ed as if Erskine might escape Remaining schedule:
tms to. the Yankee Stadium.' further trouble. But dependable Fourth and fifth games at Eb-
where the Yankees won the first Gene Woodling came through bet's Field, Saturday and Sun-
t%* tames. No team ever has lost with a single that sent home day, Oct. 3 and 4; Sixth and
the frst two games of a seven- Bauer. seventh games (if necessary), at
'ane Series and rallied to win Jack Robinson. who like Cam- Yankee Stadium, Monday and
Schampionshin. The odds- panella. came to life at the plate Tuesday Oct 5 and 6.
I ers argued before yester- yesterday, e nd e d a scoring FINANCIAL FIGURES
's 3-2 victory that "this" drought of four innings for the (Third Game)
ly could not happen Dodgers when he opened the Attend e (paid? 35,270.
ere "anything can han- fifth with a flashing double a- Receipt mnet) S209,.38a.8
e. T weren't sere to- rainst the S field screen. Players, Pool $1o0,7B5.17.
Rc n Then, cutting up on the base Commiiaioner's share $31,-
a CrW1sklne pitched one of paths, Robinson unnerved Ras- 407.40.
c lasltes of World Series chi so much that the big Yan- Clubs' and League' share -
,$uterday when be struck kee hurler committed a balk. 7$1,190.00.
rj for ll-41-me c Billy Cox. who-drove In both THREE-GAME FIQURES
1 te-_ro ln-S.Dodg- Brooklyn runs Thursday, follow- Attendance (paid) ? 1,4L0.
,w rover the at ed with a bunt of pure perfec- Recelpts (net) $78,4234.
ibs victory m ~a I a tion, a slow roller that second players pool (first four game
1 o.r Capae lla in the baseman Billy Martin fielded. He only1 $40,000.50.
tsa br 2-2 threw home with desperation in Commiloner's share $148,-
Slittle Hoo fromhis heart but Robinson was in 764.85.
lied., went out hi the so easily he didn't even need to Club's and Legue's share
it out might slde
0on fot pitches to After foqr straight hltless In- *32,66
b mark. It wa .set- iln ning, the Yankees went in front
--old Howard EtAmite of 1-0 in the fifth on three infield B n e
tics and wax one of the Mts. Martin drove the b'l U
Smrks. in the sharolv to Pee Wee Reese at r P
MU-record bellows n short. Reese knocked it down but i t PD esre F
oenrred'tne. ninth in- couldn't make a throw. Phil Ri,.- A I e U LA
s"' Itritkingout pinch-hit- zuto followed with a mash to .
K r.: BoSllweg on lust four the right of Junior Gilliam and t0, R
Then no to the plate the Dodger second sacker also an ngCourseB
9 a mighty Mize. wlao lust managed to knock it down The Panama Canl's small
rror Into the hearts of With runners on first and see- blue booklet of. motorboat re- ANTW
taes last year. nd. Raschl executed a fine s- gulations will be one of the two prts wel
fired in two strik ertrifice bunt and Gil MDouesid major texts for the free ten- competttl
11"m fouled back a pitek. followed with a drive that Billy week course in pleasure boat Bands Bi
Simpler came thropghi Cox knocked down but couldn't handling to be ored in Bal- ships wh
rt of the plate sad hold as Martin scored boa beginning esd evening, feasthl
d the air withtre- But the Gods of fortune de- October 6, by the local units of Twelve
awing and mises cidekd to smile down on them at the United States Power Squa- seven na
the handsome- little last and Brooklyn oulckly tied drons, it was announced today in the c
Sbig brain, a flg!ltim the score on the Robinson and' by William H. Clark, Jr., instruc- until Oct
and a tremendous ,. rtI Cor trickery tor. Special
S id a slight .elap That was the way it remained The Blue Book sla available at: given to.I
S pinch hitter Ir until the Yankees tied it up in a cost of 25 cents from the Blue- lcan p
on .our straight pitches. the eighth and Campy promptiv, print Vault Clerk. third floor, pected 1
olins, hero of the YIan untied it with his homer. It Administration Building, Balboa competUtO
game victory with a'marked the first time in 11 Heights. The second text, Chap- ex-worlg.
Sman's Piloting eamanship and. gerhoedS~,
Small Boat HAndling, may be or- Some a
dered at the first session of the not heal
T "Classes will be held each Tues- be p
'THE SAV INGrS BANK Kday for ten weeks in Room 104 two rI
Sof the Canal Zone Junior Col- rrera, 1s
lege. Balboa, starting at 7 p.m. Vingerbh
IJltuion Guaranteed by the State Registration will be accomplish- "(lark h
FH -f ed at the first session October 6. pe tc l
All U.S. citizens 16 years of age X d M
or older whq are interested in champlo
I s2% / teliwst Anmmy "am Savings Accounts pleasure boating ire eligible to support
attend. Actual boating experi-I Frst 1
kINITIAL DEPOSIT 0 ence la not necessary. Men and Brazil50
11N TIA DEPOSIT $5.00 women, servicemen and civilians rSpa iln
alike will be welcome. ftcuon
Subject to be covered will in- 0O .6b
make lans with guarantee. on first mortgages clude Rules of the NauLtcal!34rl2-07
Sor a thr -gurities Etiquette, and others.

2c.-Sc. $- and $5.00


tsthru a perio(

WIOii. -a '_.for jewelry and

". M. L at owner
of" th st.


..;.? : P a m' V.

adIs .mP.


straight series games that the UgiVenlit
Yankees thanselves failed to UteMlbM.
blast a homer. reffar
Erskine, who held the Yankees R Bow
to six hits, gave up only three
walks He handed them that
many in one inning in the open-
ing game.
Bearing down brilliantly a-
gainst the dangerous Yankee
lefthandes. Erskine got 11 ofb hig
14 whiffs a a nrs southpaw bat. -^* i
, ters Coms and Mantle few r
times each, Woodling, Mine, sad
Bollweg once each.

irtinesz T. LO

ys lie Wil Jn

ro Much Erskie

ld, 3b 3 I 3SGUllia, I b .- .4 1 1
b 5 1 13.'1 0 1
f 4 1 1Hedg. lb 1
I *$ 4 1CMUM, 4 1 1 1:
ef 4 o1 iqMrf e
lf 4*Bbl n,lf 4 1 11
b 3 1 1 3 4Thmlon, It' 0 00
3 3 *1 3 3Gox.' 3 9 1 I
1g 1 1 Erskdne, p s3 I 11
I Tot"s 31 3 9 710
32 .2. 4 IS
truck out for no la ithk
truck out fir'.~b IW n th. ,
Walked for loDuE IB 9th.
)KE ( AMKI A ......... ,
,TN (NATIONAL .,........... A7.O'jL I 1 I
-McDoualds Cet., Ra u W
5. H --Campanehla. St, Moau.ehi_ _SitoJ t
JUBT-New ork imddy g.. ," ._*
Nien); Ria hl $ <^wr HodI ;O-=4 1 ia
aid, ColUli I s4,r Unt, ,w W-b.Rt
e);,l hei caImil 1 panefla, !8 ]

-- Two,

D'An ..

Title Ti5t

NEW YOlE, ot
Welterweight Vli N8.
heartened .d yl .
tehnical ifhakout
D'Andrea, ad
learned to., e
Violent Niae

gainnt Noflfly l*w 3 qult aT S
of Newiated
fifth rou
Thtatvie t
televised n
send 24-yeatk tk
to Madison at
main event r
against DlUnI l0 1f"
Graham. ',
"Since 'I. K l rM_ i.
I've eone-ifed -.*iltaC,"
the Pa- li -

Martin"le. ,-4. 0' 4-4,
coasted in t f -.AiM'i
ps D'And 1 i(s^,nrt.
plodded a z.m lHM _
weave bhodl i ^k^-
chiefly atll d

-Ra Jin

I a'


'It waif
of .'


bute to J $ll
two p -3re

year a.ftftW
returned 10lmul
became (_
b an't i^SMkia'R. I
trainer f M

mount Parti
Barl hmlkG.I

PR 'I.
in t

-' I

d me

n is bg
Both AMer- .. h

Stene in at b
a do aq MaT ad lp at v
ld Nmor" to, -----.

1 /1.

4L ~
*'a~ na-a

Miami .....$ A

New York.. .$t
Certificated CAA Car"
Panaia Dispatch
Autem e ke new l
3 -..7


<'* : *
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TELEVISION'S Dorothy Collins wonders if her corsage will last
long enough for a personal; a prance touring lBoston. The
songstres- is boarding a plane at-New. York' dlewild airport.

GLS FROM ftiAnynations visit the united Nations building as part of their tour of the
United. States. Benjprin Cohen (right), assistant Secretary-General of the UN, points out
obn* highlights of,the world organizotipn to the group of 47 girls from countries in Europe.

FALL AND WINTER FASHIONS from Italy feature these outfits of (left) a dinner dress in
pleated silk with a rose motif in front and between the two pleated tiers and (right) a suit
and topcoat with new collar and sleeve motifs and brilliant plaid for color. The dinner dress
was. designed by Veneziani of Milan. while the other one is the creation of Carosa of Rome.


BY MEANS OF a vest pocket radio receiver, doctors, salesmen and other subscribers are
able to keep in contact with their offices no matter where they are-on. the golf course,
out for a drive or visiting friends. This one-way paging system, which now is in use in St.
Louis, Philadelphia, Cleveland and Cincinnati, operates from a 250-watt transmitter located
in the city's downtown area. The calls from the transmitter go out over a 35-mile radius each
hour. When the salesman hears his name or code number, he telephones his own office for
the added instructions, or he may answer the messages that are given with the paging cat .
WV ___________________________''

POINTED SPIRES of Utah's Bryce canyon attract the admira-
tion of two visitors who watch the stone formations change
colors with the rays of the setting sun. The flaming bowl is
a 1,000-foot deep amphitheater of pink arid white limestone.

paging system for.kev

~ $C Lifoi' a refresher, |[ f'si vice aboard a jetliner between London, England, and South America next
ecturer'Joe'Castello is instructing (from left) Irene tennie, Pamela Bendall, Myrna
6rothylHoIman ahd Audrey CirtmelL Castello is helping them brush up on Spanish..

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who go

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wrom owace.
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SrliAi jQustn
sass Beatrix just
C and in'Cauada.

est perfoSr ever hgraa t e
'sa gramig night eh floeoorn s l
r is *lWo an attactin on, t )vohti. SeleaIe $***>

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* .....o ke. .,.,.e. wbscriber collts is eftie for inthliuNua




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S- '23 45A 7-8 9-iT

* NEW YORK. ..0 0 0 2 0

B S BROOKLYN. 3 0 0 1 0 2

World Series Play-By-PIay

The Brooklyn Dodgers got Dougald to Martin. Hodges mov- cd out to Rizzuto. Hodges, roed No runs, one hit, n errors, one
off to a flying start with a three ed to second on a wild pitch, out to Rizzuto. Campinella left.
run first inning and maintained Duke Snider doubled against the Lkounced out to McDougald-. DOIDER: Snider -homered
a 6-2 margin over the New York light field screen with a high No runs, no hits, no errors, over the light field fetice into
Yankees in thp sixth inning of fly ball. Carl Furillo flied out to ntone left. Bedford Avenue. furillo struck
the fourth game of the 1953 Bauer in deep right. -- out. Cox doubled down the left
World Series at Ebbets Field Three runs, three hits, no er- SIXTH INNING field lrie. Loes singled to center,
when The Panama American rors. one left. YANKEES: Collins flied: ouit Uo holding up at third. OGllam
went to press this afternoon. i(eep to center. Bauer bounced filed out to Bauer, Cox tagging
Up to press time, Gil McDou- SECOND INNING out to Cox. Berra singled t, Op and scoring.
gald's two-run homer had ac- YANKEES: Yogi Berra struck! right. Woodling rolled out toOll- Two runs, three hits, no errors,
counted for the only two Yan-: out. Gene Woodling walked. Mar-joam. one left:
ke runn while Duke Snider had tin forced Woodling at second,

smashed one for Brooklyn. Hodges to Reese. McDou
forced Martin at second, R
FIRST INNING to Gilliam.
YANKEES: Mickey M a n t l e, No runs, no hits, no errors,
batting against Brooklyn Dodger left.
starting pitcher Billy Loes, struck DODGERS: Billy Cox, fa
out. Joe Collins skied to Jackie Tom Georman who relieved F
Robinson in left field. Hank Bau- struck out. Loes bounced
er fouled out to Gil Hodges near Collins to Gorman. Gilliam g
first. pop-fly double which Phil
No runs, no hits, no errors, zuto couldn't hold on to. R
none left. grounded out to McDougald.
DODGERS: Junior Gilliam, No runs, one hit, no errors,
hitting against New York Yan- eft.

i kees starter Ed (Whitey) Ford,
bounced a ground rule double in-
to the right field bullpen. Pee-
wee Reese advanced Gilliam to
" third with a grounder to Billy
Martin at second. Jackie Robin-
son singled to center to drive
home Gilliam. Gil Hodges forc-
ea Robinson at second, Gil Mc-

YANKEES: Rizzuto flied ou
Furillo. Gorman struck out. M
tle flied out to Snider aga
the wall in center.
No runs, no hits, no err
none left.
DODGERS: Robinson boun
out to McDougald. Hodges p
ned nout toMartin .*Camnon

Dodger Fan Coes popped out to Berra.
DUodger Fan Goes No runs, no hits, no err
S* none left.
Down Swinging F TN
YANKEES: Collins struck
Bauer flied out to Furillo. Be
singled to right for the Yank
NEW YORK, Oct. 3 (UP) first hit. Woodling bounced
William R. Harris, 29, comes from to Hodges.
Crisfield, Md., but he's as loyal No runs, one hit, no errors,
a Brooklyn Dodger fan as any- left.
one from Flatbush. DODGERS: nider rolled
For the second time in two Martin. Furllo singled to c
years, police had to assist Har- tr. o fi. ed ou o dee
ris down from the elevated West ter. Cox flied outtorighdee
Like last year after a Dodger moving to third. Gilliam doubt
victory, Harris went to the high- for the third straight time
way when the Brooks beat the against the right field screen,
Yanks yesterday and did a re- rillo scoring. Reese popped
peat performance. to Berra.
That is, he d a n c e d in the One run, three hits, no err
southbound lane of the highway two left.
at 40th Street, teetered along a
ledge outside the safety railing FIFTH INNING
at 41th Street and then hung YANKEES: Martin tripled o
from his fingertips from a girder Snider's head in center. McD
about 20 feet above the ground gald homered into the left fi
between 42nd and 43rd Streets., seats. Rizzuto flied out deep
Also like last year, the police center. Don Bollweg, pinch
ran a trailer truck under Harris ting for Gorman, struck,
and brought him down. Mantle struck out.
He was a little incoherent and Two runs, two hits, no err
was taken to Bellevue hospital none left.
tor. observation. DODGERS: Robinson grou:
je, "

"Le the people know the truth and the country s safe" Abraham Lincoln.


eese Burglar Fakes Tale Of Hidden 0

SJewel Cache 'JstTo Get Home' el ti
'ord, ____
out, OMAHA, Neb., Oct. 3 (UP) ha, rented an automobile. and
ot a John Wish. 26, told police today drove him to a point near Oret-
Riz- that he 'duped" Ohio authorities na, Neb., to search;
eese with a trumped-up tale of a hl4- The two Ohio officers said,
den jewel cache in order to- be however, that they were search- In d ia n
one returned here to face burglary Ing for a gun which Wish' had
charges. told them had been used "in an
Wish, who has admitted three Omaha murder." PANMUNJOM, Korea. Oct. 3
t to Omaha burglaries, told detective (UP) Relations neared a criti-
lan. Harry Green, "I just wanted to Wish escaped from the. two cal stage today.
nst get back home." yesterday on his second attempt. Gen. Mark W. Clark, retiring
s He said he was brought here First he started running through Far Eastern Commander of
rors, from Dainesville. 0., where; he a cornfield but the officer ,fired United Nations forces, bluntly
ors, was arrested recently while driv- at him and forced him to stop. rejected'an Indian proposal to
need ing a car stolen in Omaha. They returned to their hotel in subject prisoners to Interviews
He once was questioned about Omaha. longer than 90 days.
Pop- the $750,000 robbery of jewels in But Wish later calnily walked South Korea accused the In-
ella New York from the former wife through the lobby and fled in a dians of acting like Communists
rors, of hotel man Conrad Hilton, Mrs. taxicab while the two Ohio of- and threatened to "take up arms
ors Sari Gabor Hilton, and he said ficere paid their bill. He .was against them" because of the
he "got the idea" for the "hid- handcuffed at the time, but hid death of three prisoners in the
den Jewel" story from that ase. the cuffs with an overcoat.' Indian custodial camp.
He told the Ohio officers-- Wish then went to the home Lt. Gen. K. S. Thimayya, chair-
out. sheriff Paul Cage and Deputy E. of a friend and called the toher- man of' the Indian-dominated
erra J. Cook-about the Jewelsa he ,iff's office here and surrendered neutral nations repatriation
ees' said, and they flew him to Oma- to local authorities. commission, had asked Clark to
out agree to extending the inter-
views beyond Dec. 24, the ter-
one Turning Pesos Ito C terfet inatondate set by the Korean
out Thimayya suggested that "ex-
en- Dollars Lands Argentine In Jall pains of both sides beper-
left. mitted t o alk to the prisoners
rillo o at least 30 days.
bled Clark refused.
a- PARIS, Oct. 3 (UP) Argen- cash on his two-month trip to "We cannot be a party to
Fu- tine theatrical impressario Mar- France to look for talent be- breaking faith with the anti-
out eel Rodriguez Santos, jailed on cause he lost $1,425 at. the, rou- Communist prisoners of war,"
charges of passing counterfeit lette wheel in Blarrit,. he ex- Clark told Thimayya.
ors, American dollars. maintained to- plained.. The South Korean government,
day there were extenuating cir- He ran into a' .f"id -in Paris in a bitterly-worded statement,
cumstances. who was on his waytbak to Ar- challenged the In diana to
Santos bought the dollars gentiUn SantoZ said and bought "frankly side with the North Ko-
ver from a friend in the small hours five $100' bills from'him >at 23 rean and Chinese Communists
ou- of the morning and did not have pesos per dollar. by sending their armed forces to
leld time to have them checked at a "It was 2 a.m. and by 'that fight against us."
to bank before he had to change a time Ihad so big a tab I had to
hit- bill to pay a fat Montmartre change one," the Argentlne. ex- ,
out. nightclub tab, he explained to plained. 0 12
indicting magistrate Robert Le- Satos. was ordered held for af rriD Mnst.
ors, vy. trial. His hotel meanwhile adseized
The 32-year-old Impressario his baggage for non-payment of i AI lI
nd- from Buenos Aires ran short of room rent. eledIg u /YoIlllMa

I ODGERS SCORE TWO RUNS-Carl Furillo heads for plate (1) after Billy Cox hit a double down the right :e'.fAdul line. Yogi
ferra lunges to make the tag. At left is Gil Hodges (14) who scored on the play Umpire Bill Stewart getsea Bca e play.
At right Is Lopat (M. Behind Stewart is Dodger batboy. Furillo does a dance as he crosses the plate (2) a rras- a
; -He loses his hat as Stewart calls him safe (3). Berra has fallen across home plate after missing the tag. Fhri.t tlnus
'cap, falls on his side as Stewart follows through with his safe sign (4). The Yankees won the second gameof e ries, 4-2.

lim.. .

.. '. .


'-- .

*AM TRIPLES-Peewee Reese gets the first hi, of the sec-
A.-Mi1e of the World Series at Yankee Sracijn' Reese hit a
S tve into right field which was good for tnrpe bases Gil
SMuDougald covers third. the umpire is Biu Grieve.

TWO IN A ROW-Heroes of the New YA 44 .t9
o\er the Dodgers relax in the dressing heO~
uhich gave the Yanks a 2-0 series lead o k 6
Martin -left, hit a homer to tie thed i
scattered nine Brooklyn hits. and Mlt W ..
run homer to win the game In -
L -I

To Visf US Soon
TOKYO, Sat., Ost. 8 (UP) --
Prime Minister Sblgeru Yoshida
will visit the United States late
this month for top-level discus-
sions with American leaders, an
Informed source said today.
The Prime Minister will leave
by plane around Oct. 20, and
ma also visit Britain, France
and Western Germany on his
way hxne from the U. 8., the
source said.
Yoshida's visit has been ru-
mored frequently during the last !
several months. Prospects of do- C
mestic stability due to recent a-
greement on a Japanese defense
policy have encourage the Prime I
Minister to undertake the jour-
The contemplated vIs 1ft by I
Yoshida is preceded by the Jap- i
anese financial mission headed o
by ex-Finance Minister Payatao I
Ikeda, who arrived in Washing-
ton Saturday night. Meanwhile, t
Foreign Minister Katsuo Olaxb- 4
ki is currently InManila on his c
Philippines- Burma- Indonesia t
tour to discuss reparatlons and s
other outstanding Issues. t
SWall informed sources s a i d
Yoshida will officitklly express i
Japan's gratitude for America's o
good will in the post war years E
and discuss with Washington s
leaders major problems out- e
standing between'the two coun- o
tries li

PC Accepting

For 3 7 New Cc

Thirty seven apartments in
the new dorozal housing devel-
opment will be assIg ed at the
close of business on Montdalf Oct.
12, and applicao may be
laced now for the new uaar-
er, it was announced yester-
day at the Community Service
The new houses, ow nearing
completion, ace on or adjacent
to the main circular road facing
Oorosal Army MPLt. Wo will be
the first group of ho tp the
area to be pletd, Meral
different typff ,Ehoui wil be
Included in t oup.
The compldti aI- M quar-
ters at Corol is ret-
ed because i the
ashedte pr ofI
a sectionot r & = Doa. O-o

Ine the date mto t miaeo s.

11. A Iri tM, bffsW-
"** "^"B~ifAof



7rp3 omij~

ns Between UN Allies,

"; t



I Of for whicaph pii-
eatins y be filed.
ntal ~n tso the Co-
mra m tsma d be made only
to tho-vb haw appl es
on Ow an lbe elob 6.t. An
e m lov w meelves an asign-
oient 1.o b f. choice of urr
ter will be oeiible for further
aadgrment to his group of
Stpltmken to rbe Min
O4 Sim -* Aga as 7os
Two two blRMi
Five I232, two.-banoPm
Mg iftyM M. three-blhq mn

Wfi itte Cottiac.
teros-b MOsMI

Oayr Os, &

A &


The mynah, valued at *.01
because of Its e l6eive voeals
ary and fawed "wolf wht
developed a, old nine days 9a4

$100 Saves $5 -
TOPMKA. Kin., Oct. 3 (W) -
James 3. CoUingwood, 45, at ar-
laV& degree. w-ttO
our thtwo witnem l
pleaty of evidence.
He argued his e- fIwBnr
than two hours
qittal -- fram a tf
that would have cMt
1timatei it st h P It
win the ease.
I ." Ca .q I* 4 .g


. 1 I


- 1 j



P +o ,

- *'^f^tS-:


Guards Nearing Crisis

"The Indians pretend to be Cho described the killing of ment's stand long has been that
neutral buit are acting as Com- two North Koreans Thursday India would favor the Comma-
munists," Acting Foreign Minis- and an anti-Communist Chinese nsAts in dealing with prisoners
ter Cho Chung Hwan said. prisoner Friday as "wanton acts refusing to go home.
'To act as Communists and be deliberately committed by In- They were angered espeelaly
disguised as a neutral nation is dian forces." by the NNRC's ruling that pria-
a most cowardly behavior." The South Korean govern- owners must attend 'O-pllna-
"tions"a" when and as often as the
Communistas desire to talk to
East-West Reconciliation ot,.,
US !Mzins

Prospects Hit New Low Unco
UNITED NATIONS, N.Y., Oct At least it might end Soviet
3 (UP) India's proposed re- stalling tactics on Korea in the WASHINGTON, Oct. (3 .i-
solution for a meeting of-the United Nations and on the Aus- Ambassador A1reho F. od -
Big Four chiefs of state appear- trian and German peace treaties so presented ub. c
ed doomed today as prospects on the diplomatic fronts, today to a group of United
for East-West reconciliation In Some UJS. diplomats also feel citiens in a ,ceemoWny he
the United Nations hit a new that Soviet anxiety about West- Cuban ba
low. ern intention is genuine and is
As the General Assembly likely to mount with the rear- PFourlof theecin i were a-
reached the third weekend of its mameuit of Western Germany. .warded ub'sd highe dera-
eighth annual session hope that British Prime Minister Wins- tion, the National lrder of Mer-
a Big Four meeting might result ton Churchill, West Qerman it Carlos Manuel De Cespedes.
from the session had all but Chancellor Konrad Adenauer The four. with the degree of a-
been abandoned. and important French officials ward and thie reaso for the rec-
India's V. K. Krishna Menon, in recent months have brought ognltion -iven. thleV l a an-
gaining a reputation' as "the up the non-aggresAion proposal. 44no.ed by the Embassy, were:
great compromiser" of the world Robert H. Shields, atto y
organization, called' for "the Adlal Stevenson has said that and president of the United
meeting last Monday. He told even itf Russia turned down the States Beet Sugr Assoiagloe,oin
the Genefal Assembly he Woiuld idea, it would serve as a means of Comendad6r.
formally propose that the U.N. of deflating Russian peace pro- Polan 'Banks, n6vellst and
request such a session it he paganda and putting the Rus- movie producer, i the degree of
found "sufficient response."... san on the. spot as to their in- Comenfador.
The response has been nega- tentions. '
tive. Even Britain, whose Prime The Re. Dr. J0seph J. Thorn-
Minister Winston Churchill had '. g, writer, tor, td auth
called for such meeting some l. ty 'on Latin America'In the de-.
time ago, jioed the United green of C .
States in the attitude that %Tthe Hal h
times -not rMpe." tlMAY utmar tntChee fotr
Nothing has been- heard of tes Weather Bureau, in the
Mnon's M propo serwolu ion ee of Caballero,
since he made the saif tlon f ru f ea
in the Assembly.- Iformed In addition, the Ambassador
sources said, however. that' In TOKYO, Oct. 3 (UP)-Sources presented, the Order of Lanuza
the face of vigorous oppititlon close to Gen. Mark W. Clark said so George Maurice Morris at-
empressed to him priv ly by yesterday the Far Eastern Con- torney and member of the
the U.3., he would withdraw it. mander had "no definite plans" American Bat Assoclation and
The stalemate co earning the as to what he will do after he the Interam 'Ian Bar Assocla-
Korean peace conference showed retires .Oct. 31. tlon and section of
no sign of easing. "Commn P 'to, Major Gen-
Russia, voted down in a de- The sources were queried a- eral Roer M. Ralney bf the
mand that the' Korean issue be bout reports that the General United States Air Forbe.
gieh first place on the Political had been asked to run for May-
committee's agenda, gave no or of San Francisco in the 1955
nd cation that the Communist municipal election. i m
demand for participation in the .Clark was touring Korea with W
parleYw by neutrals would. be his successor as United Nations t I "
witdhdwn. Commander, Gen. John X. Hull, __ J -
The Far Eastern Reds 'still and was not'avalable for imme- w .
have not replied to an American diate comment. -'a
Invitation for a face-to-face 'or
conference to 'talk on arrange- Ban tfacisco Mdayor Elmer
ments for the parley. Robinson said earlier he had
The recent, announcement been, aproached by "'Influen- RANSAS CITY--M0., $t 3
that-Russia has the hydrogen trial people" concerning the pos- (UP) The ill Va al Of
bomb andits continued stalling uible new post for the famous s'-year-lldl obb,
n' all diplomatic fronts have general. thel u rn oams hopethat
he UpIted States all the more Oter reports have lated abue d wom who
anxious to ease international kOher reports have speculated idnaped l tm b* l make
ensioom that Clark may be based t atke contact before give per-
Offials made it clear again de -post as President of the eisilon to ln'1 = an all-out
i Washington day t at the tadel Univerity. each.
n Wsverridlngton dayim o the United "We still believe we will hear
etats is to get Russia to dseu -Personal friends of Mrs. Clark from his kidnapper Robert Led-
pte isutesovetr the lcer- said she would prefer to live on terman, a spokeimns for Oreen-
?ce table. S e eel the offethe west coast near her daugh- lease, said.
f e non-ageression pact might ter, preferably in Sn FraFncisco "We're not going to wait Mch
f t s aonfrce where the General, was station- longer," Ledtermaan added. '"If
ead to ch a conference ed both as. a young Captain and we don' get word within few
Commander of the Sixth Army. s. we're going to do me-
Applications -D u.iCeoi, h
TOZO OUS *Ii and d5teve chief Butew Pftd
said they were all adto begin
,rozal Houses mis LS u an a-out h rfty ,owid
-I d
SP HI.ADELPHA, at. (U) however, to for &% d
Employes Interested in assign- --Joe, the Philadelphia zoo's signal from the distraught par-
ments to these houses will be celebrated talking mynah bird ents.
equited submit separate appll- and official birdhouse greeter, The boy's father and mother,
nations for the. apartment, Lst- died yesterday of a cold. Robert C, a I.
ng them by essne number in Kansas ra .r
Arder ofp e sence. d And in death he pulled the and Mis.. f s e
all must be last 9f his many surprises. 45,Z. h vufor
lirsy the 5os in -An autopsy showed Joe wasn't e-
Iger1la35 wusmup not labor than
1er Mondahf a oe, but a Josephine.
4:15 O'Clo a n Monday r g:.
0oon,. October. There will be goe had to give us a last -
oi ph1mer hi" Curator Roger Conant BObywas.5d u:-

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