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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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ain Points Of Issie

WASH?1TON, September 10 (UP)- Delegations 'qp
Panama o04 the United States will sit down at Blair H
ft noon to row for the first official session of a negot
tim which iay extend over ntany weeks.
Paoim6 is proored to present to t government a ,beneouf nti.
SkLiNl oSarticublrs on *tht Foreign Miniser Jea6 A. Rbe of
S do yesterday tolled "inequiths"' inration.s tw"t fnm"
h* lie aIsthemnan prbubic and the permanent lessee oterests of both or
Ste- Prnom6 Canal Zone. w h o er ea mens. a
said that key proposals to be lnee by Pon- br,"to de"#i'
UIcluh de c iracmi an l M =toV 7
A shn icr*u^ ual Btty payment ksa 0 Ct tS- Ii
a Cutbk.wectivitiia oCU.S. government yand to incrs the '
S and .p.i. to narrow th listing dis- o'.at he re i
bwe U.L rao and local rat. employes in and haabl Intent
fi Zone. nothing but eqwty. We
neof these issue wil aeriw t the inaurl ss- JtUS1rs to
Io mTm. The ct Wbl0e cdls for an xcv ge o f muTheaer Wsatr h tht
Tedd ra., introductory statements of a ceremonial ron., n wa .stom
ntre and quick djlorment to a luncheon to be hosted gneigIbor to tIe hitS
by Seat"y of State Dutles. Ca d to Amerocan
countries, to talk Its .
,'When tie ne ^tdew tfa lg mun.d-
t4i der Ut b its rma!w ? WMc, t *kaSL
~qe~h~i IZaAss: -, a! t


- -. ,


aboard the

b op. th

ait L 'r ca S
S. .s .l
had thot rId at his n'
made thousands' of
.la betaa adjudged

n a i Usteue
to the story c
pvre the wor]
mand wound u
or a sweetheart
f n -probate
f.t r a hne

mre ocuw ww-
to ms them to aI
d shown TimmyI
ry to go home. .

ltenn.. Sept ID
|hna Hugh au.-

4 h. Bu earl is

a, lake to ta,,
to sm oan.

ba twoal

I have Sey- met iaormll
the Urni the ~s Oig l mat-
Be under wly.- .
* a m e Departaeat
Rady aW2 eoas
Ssek to ells of the
tatla wl may extend
y w ed to reach
reeskant on arrange-
M tO MBeco of the pro-
ESn, s.y schedule of meet-
, phye. arrangements In
confeitmpe ChiaBer and
by re.
$m du confer-
1, yst. Indict-
bat Pmldl ltM be willU-
to d te United
Sthe S air bases
the of Panama
Slaltve l raised the
treaty' nego-
NIIa. R he did not
I'fh I ted States
de, ~but re-
lrhd thiPl e of %he Ca-
balso defense
wb- said his goy-
would be
the matter
brought up.
statement the
t the United
190o3 trewty
to py to
.nlually. v ITe1
g changed to 430,-
.- the 1936 treaty
i states went off
dard. The st"te-
ainual budget, at
1re 1903 treaty, was
iB sy. this budget is
but even so
ste increase enm-

It s necessary*-
t our country aake
o its natural re-
the advantahtes of
ieal position In or-

s Will Fly

f Justice
U ia. t at kf hal,

Ira--.,a d--- .i
.It 6re tar mu 4
flect n at sandhM M suINu kfttan the
abiltbs. Panama, does no ereno n rfteatyc ece
Sg adprng reaistieloaof
any ndbl but does ~ condition. a, -tl
w=nt equity which wil reflet L0AI 6- _.
on t honor and epretige un. 'F bene wll to hI e .
both osiutritoos itl sas t
Oer Impo r ea tums a of n e.em t
the trestl s be reed tn Mbs.esther
order that fut h n equalties h h ~l
may be corrected. wm i M I.
u8 yrg ~,a r__, n._ ,,. f be Wi g to ..,

'"y the e&tablihment of two l1, a
different M.,ary systems, 'u.b. Is. oe room ta *
rate' ed s 'local rate' where menl .s t
oter f -.Sao --t that the Republic has
busmess am- mucah devehbosnt u9
different Ndar system VA. is "a lot of room far
the U. 8. worker, as Illustration, The Panami negotiators I ja.
receives $2.00 per hour compar- be atte. dor Rotrto iHet rq -
'ed wi th tc Pmaiannwork- an arn s. rSu Ocr. '
er' 60 cents, the native work- lw c
er Is dLIrq ar-it. -. --. '; |
-.i =:Lin r! Frenc h D pth ilt

humillated and K d |-:
salaries. urns ion zel Bl R
"As in well knon dlactlna- Foro In hrD4 --,
tory conditions ar fertile ter- r 1. I
ritory for the eed 2for Com- PARI Sept. 10 (Up) -L
munlmn. It l a matter of rec- depth beat t which two
ord that the growth of Com- maval otUa set a ret
muRiam In other countries can event off Toulon last
be traced to ramilar ercum- 3100 meters (8M ftet)
stances... prepared for 400 mter
i'We have not come to Wash- feet) drive, ofl i a t
Intton with demands. We do not end of tbtoe WNS-,t *
seek charity. ut rather, eqult- ported berb tls.
me partnership. We do, not The boat will a .gat. be
want to become a burden, fn- ed by French Oarvette
nanctlay or otherwise, on any Nlas Hout. I nlmer Heaor
other nation. We are prepared who made the record
to exchange benefits for ben- with him off Toulon la t
efits recetivd. We firmly believe 1B. will also make the p
that in such a 'give and take' descent.

Ava Won't Phone, But Hop1

To See Frankie In New York
-. -.
NEW YORK, Sept. IS (tP) from a man," the fiead i
Ava and Frankle are mid i ig mysteriously.
frosty allee today 1 ity Sinatra urrently irngi
block apa&t. the Rivieran nt hl tb,
Te two year merle. of friends he W o ompMly
besateous ti Gardae ra a bot fled over AI~ls
tempered Biatra U toSi en return three days 9 a 11 I
the brlik of a t eaB. an er. i
ach ca'e a aren tre melto they w
other od.phaM ro didn't pick up the phoeM
they're dsttl out of t a Ava.
look In two different hotels. "I hope to me Pran
Ave~* lhar her break t cof- r leave next week."
;f with exporter in he hotel "That's what I Mt m
sa~te "d a rMd firm opbi- She wouldn't say
ean ht oMe Afrte, neglected to phone
egdg, .ant where she 0 nsed n i' 4b
"hbe eam I d t carn to ta.k
At, Tsheank it a further," she said
ed. ,- thnlbk leaning back on the
a i at rfeUrl e cross tier bar
ag -Aterty.'-s" awllm
,hid aM Ava was lsny I w fea I


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SI H TnMIa 0. am 14 t, PANAMA. R. Of P

Labor News


349 MAneioN Ave NEW YORK I(1 N Y.
.PO uwOr. m DVANCe- s ,o 70 a 2
Wo. NF ",,rA IN *vANN......... 10 4 or By Victor Riesel

*HI S S YOUR PORUM TME READER OWN COLUMN So this murdered thug, this
SIman who personally smashed
windows of his opponents to ter-
Or HI rify their wives and kids. who
+'THE rM AIL B )X kicked members of the opporl-
Lion down the stairs, who de-
The Mail lox is on open ferunm or ti. :rs ut The Panama Amer Istroyed little businesses of war
eon. Letter re received lgrelsully and are har.ncd in a wholly conti- veterans because they stood in
ientiol manner. the way of his growing power, is
It you contribute a letter don't be iatlent it doesn't appear the the same man who wrote in his
sext day. 1,ters are pOublished m tahe ordle received. union paper that "the labor
Plheas fry to keep the letters limited one page length. union is the keeper of the de-
Identity of letter writers s held in stidcest confidence. cency and security of its mem-
S This newspaper assumes no respesibility tfr statements as opiniet bership."
pressed in letters from refers. This hammer fisted, slain
-- o union head. Tommy Lewis. now
Is being officially mourned by
21 YEARS AGO YESTERDAY some labor leaders Who *wrte In
their union papers that "thou-
11052 Hazard Avenue. sands of trade union members
Santa Ana, Calif. mourned the death of Thomas
:: E. Lewis, president of Local 33-
i E, Building Service Ipternation-
On Sept. 9, 1932, your reporter, Mrs. Gavit, came on board a l Emploing Serionce Ipternaon
a e yacht "Coquet" and interviewed Lorin Elam and me In re- these sane peoplhope fervent-
:. '.rd to our marriage the day before. liy tke whole mea will quietly
I have been wondering if you had anything in the vital sta- blow away.
t tics of your paper about this marriage. I need this informa-
ion because it would help me prove that a marriage ceremony Is there no shame? bi thee
ltas performed. no one who will speak tet to
I am trying to get a pension which would be a big help to ay that onions mns not be-
Myself and my three school-age daughters. I am also going to 'tray their trust and be ased
'school and studying;toibe a mechanical engineer. My husband up li the race track n gani
was a veteran of the fighting in the Philippines during the Span- bling world? there no on to
Ish insurrection. He died of cancer, Oct. 28. 1952, not knowing "t home this man, ihe ran
Hhe was entitled to a L ensiom the-home local which gave the
he was entitled to a pension.
The Veterans Branch Office in Santa Ana has written to the Capone mob its own Gsorge
US Consul in Panama asking him if he lias any record of the Sealie, had no place inside la-
marriage. If you have any information, it would probably be bor?
easiest to get in touch with the consul.
I know It's asking a lot for you to check ba9k your records Is there no one inside labor to
;of suMh a long time ago, if you still have them. It might be a say anything but gallant words
good' idea to get in touch with the Consul first, as there Is a about this murdered man who,
IPoseblllty that he may have the required information. some years ago, at a general
membership meeting, shouted,
Yours sincerely, "No court Is going to tell me
Lorraine Elam what to do. I'm the boss in the
S, Bronx!"
(Editer's Notei l es. we keep a file.of back issues. On Page Is this man to be honored in
8 of The Panamsa Americar fbr Sept. 10, 1932, the following memory and in the hoary phras-
item appeared: es with which labor giants like
S;. Sam Gompers and Phil Murray
I "Tropical moonlight proved especially romantic for two pas- Por this is the very same man
aengers on the auxiliary yacht "Coquet" which arrived here from who went to btl draft board in
'fan Francisco August 11 and has been anchored in Balboa Yacht 1944 and almost wept as he told
Club harbor. It how he had to support a wife
.and child in addition to his aged
"Miss Lorraine Brandon. of San Frarclsca4nd Lee Elam, wlh parents and should be deferreo
-.s the new skipper of the vessel since thefthner captain wedi because of "poverty." And he was
bAck to the Statesaecided yesterday that theYwould get married deferred, although, at a mem-
and take their honeymoon in the South Beu, as the Coquet Is bership meeting, the union hd
leaving tomorrow morning for 0ilapagas. M1qtlesais, and Tahbl voted to continue his salary
L. full if he were drafted-n
"The couple was married '~1Panama City In the ifternoo there were all sorts of business
with Mr. and r's. Thomas J. s llivan. of Ban PFranelse, pwieri ventures and autos and all the
of the vacht. as witnesses. A-obicken dinnet was held on board things a man around town has
last night in cqlebratidn." when he lives high on, the bog-
,: everybody's hog.
S U R Y This is tbe man who said of a
SWHAT PRICk SURVEYS? union opponent's wife, when, the
'I labor qhlet decided to aw y
r: 9 the op. -
B t it:n. ,
-- .--w --- ---.-

So there is a survey team down from'the States to study the
need of the differential. Seeinms lke to me that we had a team
,down to study the' r t .
SSo what happened. The Board reported back their findings
en rents. They said the rents were high enough or too high in
aome cases. So what happens? The rents or doubled and tripled.
So what's the use of a survey team. No one pays any a
tion to their recommendations. Looks like to me that this
an asllet expense that the employee hu to paor.
d al the money used for surveys were put to some pra"
use. the expenses of running the Canal would drop way dow:.'.;2
Seems like there is always someone making a survey of some
kigo I guess the reason for this is the fact that the Canal is
mal n money and they just can't understand this.
So if were are going to have survey teams; lets take a recom-
mendation from them once in a while, or else stop It all together.
As an after thought, why is it that on the Atlantic Side where
the rainfall is twice what it is on the Pacific Side the houses are.
,bult on the around. while those at Corozal are built off the
around. Is this another example of the brilliant thinking In the
IIW y hta.
Weary Willie

(Joe) Ach's wife--et the bum
out of there."
That's what he told Joe Aoh's
frightened employer when the
latter toM Lewis that the wife
was serious ill In the hospital
and 'it "mht be a good Idg-;to
alt before throwing Ach's fAn-
Sna the street and klUng.
as a building superinteneRt.
t ltora-they couldn't suivve
they didn't recognize this ba-
Ic law of the Jungle.
For yea rLewis ruled 4ith
fartbM *Mi. Seen me lost
their tbe And homes, i .
fer aFtaitiau the 'giwph,
Sa B isb time weeBirte
Ip M le p newsaper j~mn
lu~a s of wejr Bd
freedomm O.b-
the prefer o .f
S .... and
ioatte mlVSe-
fergos to gala l

f peopleA"Re weiar-
phrase&,2% time
te 4 fJrgo:nOj

7- T.

" I'II


1= '.



"i' iy~ I k F ,
/"' ., 1 .'.






S- .

r.. ,- + .;

Talks W ii Rs

1., '.
.; -fr..^ T-' ***

At the r of the recurring
Americ anls allue lie a.fEa
actor. One- o the mt~t Imla
ence in attitude toward the 01
dlans make4
The v
simple. sincesW.~ 1l
In countless
we haPve aee mot of AeuiO c6

up. as I

ears wni e
e- h a pkI

way M B asLt .
asho t-' --akm.. e r.

o the r
faith. is:l

Seoat e. .n fa,'

by thbte at thg a6% SW f -

ggg*^ n ~*
a^^A .a g ---- I -

CENTRAL eLd ofthe Spanish Artst

4-9o:0 p.m. Pls:. TI~-- amount Release.- "ENCORE'

1' ..

MAdWl's LOLA PLOBGS DebLt wil re-
rt.on Fiee: "Maderas de Orietee",
-de Seviam"... It's a -"CheterAtW"

'Tammy Lewh
eaUl wame lu crat
^ ^' I they
ad ifor. -p

Ferw d to care le
when 7%
wbeft rgr' Kwtenats. 2ft
Og, Wnt S entractc
the ont for a e
000 6af
of U n, CMhe'd be
:top th to the w
Oerifq theb pmf- the j
of ah inaman>

--Y I


;* ;-- *,.

*"+ '" n .

i .% .


Chapters 4 aid 5 Ps:
^*cLR(bltt; ..


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M'|I AUI. "

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lOt hib
the amu

ub." OK., .

Hftf PaC fEC:,

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* .. *a "

In Alka L !


-r%, WW 1 9- U 1U %O W.. 1 %#TWV4 3j11s~ p luui1%-Wd

~ O I"about ee t ld ritten for Oto
y* Tankuiey's hands a Awith
rope and bst .witha
'he indictment t that .I NRT .

im and lhs d.El,: p to OQ.A..
Fred. Dial's Ddat sD- Q*,74n
tent of holdIng hlI N o W."4*
SAnother coath 0eh61tmtOat WN WAsT
"which' Matthew Williams. amtIr )910OS6 ""'
44 nAr $ veged victim, Wn"s wblt aon VQ76 .105
4:ntrp1p..t the floor of a a.u In 0 K 83 5 O 1l*
SrSSumter county.. r KiI J
In 'jdn 19lm. Four Of o 01 (D) i l 5
*It,* I t SeAttorney .m i1.e Fr carIAt -W1-A6J3
and specialagAs llams' hand XJt43- J
Ct .. of'the Igoftf hi t!. .iis. A62
dAccused of at". ofA1IO
S. alleged e"rll Dial, Neither side vul.
Off"Th f~' dp r a They weorbk 1hr a s # Panr m kerit a--
S'"th" U;. nbordabe bY persons ""to ama Ps Ps
and forcing from aisaipp".. a ea "THEATER I
30"gor Vd rbe out if 20.1da. TO Op. n .y-our choice of dr
O. I:lp gros wsT kidnaped : The Indtm i your choice o drin
:30-Malit for Uba n A"lbm and lad that "they gNed they full-course dnne
t:o World indlicet-nt alleged. ,ad gotten $ t 4 Me.". ticket to "Dial M Io
rp A The concl, e at charg- When today's hAnd was played nightcap in Balboa
i: Pag TNAT- The dewdnt~nU,4 r oai that ohn L s in a recent tournament, most de-l fr
t Edwin Dal, held in "I ,:dl of peonage clarers had to struggle to make
'rs 8 Recit 25; cLr..1 a) compee'Jed`to *A fin pay- game at hearts. In most cases
10:00J4tS. and h. Or- of a debt, hey lost a diamond, a club, and
andMa.rOr- err Mb hiopa hert without ept he allgtest
tr -Thi b Dial, aloasn teee mes O dtile. One or two declarern Trrt to pLy. 5I
'. ..... O nutt wtastlll a veryneCo OUpr i t
..1lOThe Halls Ivy eaeven managed to loew a fourth Dr nd
11:00--Ta Owl's 1901tHarpe,0.orLos
2:0.-. O Ha.s. .t-... .ao on rad io ab contract.
1P- ": -. .P t Oa When my friend l d associate,
&.IFu e ConlFreddieShelnwold, played the
11~ iwi;ent on i3"l to1 sWlqgtotal of all 13 tricks!
S0.aberahop hartit a- As you might expect, he tot a
,W' sJ wldft .s ponsored.-.m LO Cl'- ltte help from the defenders,
ol Ot It swa still a very neat per-
r 41 P formance.
u. -o -P,,e C luObc tw itW eint opened th e s i x of s "a d es.
of.-: a hie pp lesh i ,re 411 boum onOp. ddlfing.te
In embent alldo r -to saint hnd, decidedthat this
73 AI mt..Not- Vs no in opMtitlei wa* n. Nonest" opening lead
iet ar bert au the b' el of judge, whd a therefore decided to let It
.i ":"' r m-."'' "A IparW, -- bea I t t the winner. de. arond to his Jack. Even If b e
o o f loca loop". this fntesse had last, declarer YESo I bie a d jus 8
heit rha c s ran three l Ite t for ehiiis fom 3 Yom,
:1 andet10:t d.~onh ont ilour reiLn that he would b leable ,Skes it Pude .
od "the co.XFo oento dbiusd a dlamsund on one of""e pri' pa crwAd
o1: to 1:UJVeroa ih. to rA. e To .rbt other Mft trouwodme tdtes hAs avotd oih lidvr
i: Recordt (UW ,,te. ldm' enter In thefhrpe of tric k-o is t-o AM M
A1 1 the Bane d i t "-le &pAret -a eaned, East waa un- an ooa m. r

has on,--d a
an- Draentatlonon a radio able to Ue the queen of
b a, e en Mdet9ti .. a we of 1%belft rece4va. lackl. w E rins next steP
n' ."...o"" D. It .e h' a low diamond ve.y
ri .P., Cd 'trdm bla hand. west
r au livtodd'ilghthr and pliyed low,
...This Was aniFtake, u it turne
eranii rla.Bua
A- i' Hpini H z noticed the auTer,
s.bghinw had no hasltsttfonIn
TM N ht.1d, t he tob
Ir 'zluaind" l h rthe ace of diamondd,
.60156-~1ptM The' elor populg- cl m-I TWo r iwf of OpaddsfollowK4,
.l. l ftar ng2vuLt, under.Us-South a dating -his last die-
"iitLO -" I Maw- Now declare led a third

,..M 1 m d -mast. m en- ft.d. -of m diam oors and. p s )t

j- T"h;xff thenoeoond offenalyds

ROW I um err Decltrer was gild to eier- n x~omet
r -: o.8. 4he ,- Bi wwth the Jack. It was now nd inl Daue.
0" ot ,peed 01 e/ta, 50 hd ndS in IDARM.
1*eUSf6 bs r thita did not hold the All patternV mad
a Won- as"CL" *Ide& wth das 4id m11aas cased the king of' hearts and
4* ~lbflnessed uiunMp's nine of hearlso
AT-1 Ms U ,ite-.J h. ".. owdf*a. tmee cre of hearts ta
Me a w- Y VIuM e tof RltoWnummy eft
o wn I" diamonds te
."".. .--th. .In.. "- .r, ... .. K Itoo ,I"0i l eost
!!:~ i. , I '"i.- "bm extra tric i a 1--4.4 V'" '

I rS aRentTires Fr,...
-r low 1- awwd
*aft I -0cn tely

T .'. week Wrbsb* TR OF" .

'1 `16 NOOW,
'''; r~Tor a:in 7.. _. -E.JY-oi

uuww m~. Aj

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Broadway lit

Sept. 9

rht gut with our
In Bella Vista Room
r Murder"
S.00 (xe"afa lip)

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Creation '.

A rich competing perfume, splendid
as a vifntag win e. the porfur
Sof MweS r uiiUxiod their own
triumphant iteanu !

Available leading uterm
it the Repubaic of Poan 4.







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wgn Weak
ber 5 --10


Shipping & Air Line News
119 Passengers Sailing Friday Reyea: Mr. and Mrs. Floyd F.
On S.S. Cristobal For N.Y. Rogers; Mr. and Mrs. William
United states Representative L. Ruson: Miss Dorothy A.
Michael A. Feighan, of Ohio, ac- abort; Miss Laura J. Smith:
companies by Mrs. Pelghan and James W. Suddaby; Miss Caro-
their daughter, will be among lyn Temple: Neyle C. Theriault:
the 119 passengers sailing Friday Muss Edith F. Thomas; Richard
morning from Crlatobal on the Toledano: Miss A. Edna Wade:
Panama Liner, Ancon. according Louis M. Walker; John S. Wat-
to the advance passenger list. son: red Wells: Mr. and Mrs.
Among the prominent local rwin A. Weiss: Mr. and Mrs.
residents who are to sail on the William W. WLseman; and John
8.S. Ancon are Mr. and Mrs. E. Youart.
.George D. Poole. of Oamboa.
who are leaving the Isthmfus to
.make their future home in the C. M. Doolltle
States. Mr. Poole retired at the Named Manager
end of last month as Assistant For Braniff Here
Superintendent of the Atlantic DALLAS, Texas. Sept. 10 -
Locks. C. M. (Mel( Doolittle, a veteran
Four of the passengers aboard in the international sales field.
the Ancon are to leave the ship has been named manager at
in Port-au-Prlnce. Thev are: Panama for Braniff Ipterna-
-Julius Lipton. Mr. and Mrs. Er- tonal Airways. Rex Bra gen-
nesto Mendez. Jr., and Miss Vir- eral sales manager for the alr-
ginta S Wilder line, has announced here.
Mrs. Louise K Allen: Albert
Attla: Tom F. Bacllieri: Miss! Doolittle, who has served as
Lillian Baumet; Nolan A. Bis- assistant manager for Braniff
sell. Jr.: William Black: Mr. and at Pananam for the past year,
.Mrs. Graydon W. Brown: Mrs. has had extensive sales ex-
'Cleo Burns; Miss Judith A. perlence in Latin America, Eu-
"Campbell: Miss Beverdly a. Y. rope. and Africa. Before mov-
Chan: Vernon L. Clontz; Amasa ing to Panama, he served as
iB. Converse; Miss Margaret Cor- Braniff's district .ales manager
coran: Miss Anna Costello; Da- at Dallas.
vid E. Dickson, Jr.: Miss Mil-
dred C. DiNapoll: George R. A native of Bethlehem. Penn-
Downing: Miss Loulslta M. Dris- sylvania, and an alumnus of
coll: William R. Dunning; and the of Pennsylvania,
Mrs. William R. Dunning, Jr. Dcolittle vas with the Ford
Miss Barbaras A Ely; Mis. Motor Cor.pany sales and
Sheila Fearon: U.S. Rep. and branch management depart-
Mrs. Michael A. Feighan and ments for 23 years prior to join-
daughter: Mrs. Margaret M. Ing Braniff July 16. 1952. He
Finnegan: Miss Marlyn A. Ford; served In Eelglum, Switzerland,
Mss Ida Frase; Charles F. Fro- Germany, Mexico, and Cuba.
:hmal: Mr. and Mrs. Hector M.
r!anat; Mr. and Mrs. Oscar R. Doolttle was sales manager
tw l;: Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. of Ford Motor Company at
rdyand son: Mr. and Mrs. Cologne, Germany, when Hitler
S D.- Harris: 'Mr. and Mrs. took over in that country. He
Edward J. Henriquez; Eddie left Germany six months later
Henrq uez, Jr.; Miss Raquel and took over sl dealerships in
i Henriquez: Miss Sara Henriauez; tho Belgium Congo.
Mr. and Mrs. Russell E. Hile-
man and daughter: Mrs. Eleanor William Taylor Joins
jP..Horne: and E. Guy Huldquist Scandanavian Airlnes
a* nd daughter; William Taylor, former man-
Dr. and Mrs. William M. Jack-, aer for Braniff International
son and 4 children; Mrs. Evelyn Airways in Panama resigned
SJohnstone and daughter; Albert recently to accept a position
J Joyce. Jr.: WilliamnJ. Jovce; with Soandanavian Airlines. He
SMr. and Mrs. Jack Kaplan: wid be stationed in Washington,
a.Thomas H. Kelley. Jr.; Mr. and D. C.
Mrs. Thomas V. Kelly: Mr. and
Mrs. Walter H. Kuhrt and qon:
William A. Lang: Fred H. Lee. Fishing On The Job
Jr.: Miss Irma Leignadler: Mr.1
and Mrs. Walter J. McClbe: Mr.l WENATCHEE. Wash. 'UP) -
and Mrs. Cornelius 8. McCor- William B. Shaul, 53 manager
mack: John O. McCoy: Bernard of the fish ladder at Rock Is-
J. McDonnell: Mr. fand Mrs. land Dam, was fined $100 and
Victor H. Mav. Jr.: and Mrs. given a 30-day jail sentence. A
Florence E. Mallett: State Fishcries Department in-
Burt W. Page; Miss Joanne 8. spector. Art Watkins, q4id he
Parsons: Arthur Merrill Patten: found Sha d, with two salmon
Mr. and Mrs. 'Georte D. Poole: jand a gaif In his possession,
Mr. and Mrs. Virgil C. Reed:standing in the middle of the
Miss Lydia B. Reyes; Miss Nora ladder.


MW MI, eO Way ......570.00 Round trip $126.00

0GUAY AQUL, Oe Way. 80.00 Round trip 144.40
0, O.e Way....... 9.OH Rond trip 154.80

Cargo rates ao reduced. Consult with our office,
at Peru Avenue No. 15. Telephone 3-3283 or see your
Strive aget.


Spending Money

1 Mexican
5 Italian money
S9 Japanese
I 12 Mine
13 Love god
'14 Imitate
15 Filthiness
S17 Beverage
18 Guide
19 Poorer
21 Italian name
for Rhodes

Answer to

I Cushion
2 Revise
3 Father
4 Aquatic
mammal 5 a d
5 Boy's
nickname a,
a Peaceful
7 Flower
8 Donkey 28 Excess of 47 Soft
0 One who solar over 43 FrenO
pleases lunar year auriMn
10 Fencing swordSO Skin disorder 50Partn a
I1 Close 31 Marsh grass Itael Iay
16 Satire 13 Highlanders 51 Eg74pqm
20 Factotum 35 Speaker ladder
22 Pullman car 40 Main arteries 52 tand
24 Volumte 43 Musical study (wdor
25 Angers 45 Ear shell elea i). .
26 Walruses 46 Voice quality 55 Befor

MAD Ml -

"- .... '. .' .


MJrrl ~GW


*~ te ~~l

4 ,f ~J

v .-. Lee ~
w '4--.



Great White Fleet



*S.S. "SANTO CERRO" ...........................Sept. 11
S.. "BYWJORD". ................................. Set.
.S. "LEMPA" ..................................
*S.S. YAQUE" ............... .................
SS.. "MAELA". ............ .................. Se. 2

BM Und~ s sfrrIatse ChBM d mGral cars

B.S. *C. G. TUBTIJN"L..........................Sept 11
S.S. "HEREDIA" ...............p................S t. 15
S.S. "MARNA...................t..... .... ....e 21
B.S. "JUNIOB"................... .............. .Sept, U

Weekly sajlinp of twelve passiar ships to Noe lork, New
Orleans. Los Angeles an. Itecimo .d Seate.

Special round trip fare from CristobaJ to New York.
Los Angeles, San Framnei and 1a~ut

To New York ........................... I2
To Los Angeles and San Franei e .......$..27
To Seattle ......................... ... S... &


4- 'Am m

4tpi .' .~ l4f~J


'-: "" r .', ."

I: *f.4

L' A;

. ..- J' ..



- '

,~ *Dti

i`* -T :M
';* ^"**
.-'.. *" ..Ja



Key Man

RB ums WUMTmoUgu

..~MB-Q4.i.90LL UJIllJiN. 6UE5 WOVE OKAv1, 50 TOP'


WE VE 6T T10

The Spoilsport

SW vSmn



LL I Nh a



4 ...

-.- 'i.

i~; ~h





R -* b -y t"a M

KEmlag EKt




14/ -


- '... ..,,- ^*4 '...-.,i


.- -

a WAlse

I' '~iiih-
.'* !?1


Sts vgsu

'., s.olat "t aan, Na

t. ..


*Ae us c
p"m aen't

'r .

.. .r.q

rooK -*3 '-p041
!lve nation who
Sts turned. Th
hrom ge an a
C0. "or ele.


in; or kp.. W. .
A.V. Abas iKtIr a

dl be-

2 ?).

rean Predd
last July.
The Defem
Previously II
believe the a
are stull 'In
camp. It b
reports of
Red pltopag
other means


w captivity. .-.

oen tel- .. -. a ._i.,




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Ihsra m.a ic


him in tyai
a..--* ____

ol and the ulYj
ini ht h
sub- clan.

I had been
died.," sad
Ily thertn
. tetm In

rt do- 04

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tent cm

or Cuo
.+ .


4 c .S'AntJ ***o, qrn.. Z
IX& 195, euiws -- 4 g^eM .

the -Re- White, daughte f Mrd. Mgm Whtte., rof ra- nPt Worwt
atIctlS m it, seMs -eihts, ar s .tG.etn e th Cha P. Daret- tren
haa been .o S at, t1a1 of ir. ita kk 2a51a 1-a t o West laratfords, ol to
for a new fipy c-- .ear feare
A Wy1ul amas

.. s, pre. snt lE* ,hief e double ris eemony and wre a crown hat of sfow- T
Ut.s- AsareidUt and took nines Wednueay, at nr. fer orSage wVs of yellow Parrish,
hainA.oeight oWock, .wit Rend gladiol, ls tithai
ch airan f- Mainert a. reo.t oskciavag iS Baurnett wore a grey- Ot her
t 's In the pence ea lar eeg on and her wereM
bAnks ggld floio w orli. adby '
Black tonal Mrs.fael DeBoyrle, organ- White ladloll ad baby'r Mctkon tsd
-Re ..... tsi of .. ,o p"Af n. eorl bBmy.h tonem thP asntrr- W rth y
.irti ^ Bt ,ho ane Elzsth ranF.MIMt for tCh buet tSar- fi1"1
appointed to2 in Q oI rtgln "Now Do I biet Itride's cake was pr Cba
May 19, a L b pending t cm- thre-tl- and Wa tIped
the McClo at Before Jolaing lh Te during the aervite. The tradl- and flown. After the brlde SIpe' Pat
asEpent smoren lkt2 h efoftolntl weddnih matches were and gra cut the fbrat sitae "d 1
I^ n Jina-.' S^ ^ used for the proe mlonal and It was sZved by Muo Sr., of DraM
te udng 15 y o recessonal. Moomaw. eorge Baenarptt, Wih
the Chae onal SafeW of Panama City, wa tchare at t
York. I The hncel of the church the u book, and Ms, ena to
SDuring hi htada wa banked with l on w. Aunm d Mrs. muel
to- available for either side of the arwhi Puller aated with the me- of Che
tal I rubacdl held lgbted tapers and gr- ing occaaton of
r 000,CO. .s d saof white g ionl. th aftM .
apLat ekr in the evening Mr. and i
Myli tS 4i- si rt.ndPng seeie-bnbihed Mr, Brnett left for the Ho- s al i Ih
Vl nBeoc the brmbankm abr soft lUumI- t1 3r n1 heMyio will leave (Clan
Luet Loai us nrtAN ~ J1EMnation. hitnrcol u S S.^uggSS iSat^udaj for
filla ed with t eaTe om New York. The bride's i ng
0,00,000o0 tnetho fa a iSionet, n anay costume wasb a white
n 114", ladiuli. Sad mnlk print i th a LOIE
r0, 000. '- The lovely young bride en- matchirn lnen Jacket. S Lhe
tetre ur, the auwnan mrf hes wore a blu v rt hat and

edRaci Sac uo s a a m" $
euth tilly lace and nyaon tulle. -- r..W aeis t
The tlOht-fltbag ,Pidie of aice one mlth f~a Trlty aol-
s vo, had a gh SIe- tiSed neck- hi e e hew lm lt.~ae
6w- 'fiannlgn 1uphool d tho t wsA" Frmm
SILAS VEGAS 5.. e 10 and Ion Ei pointed arolof Pinance
(U). Rita MitbP at the wrt Had. The full radte
k.Mntly denied report todaut skirt of nylon "tull was fsh-
ca r had agreed to a sttlemiet loned ih a called pep-
SS 1 wla.would requlrher eut diht- um which etnde inot aSs la l I
er, Tamin, to be brought up a- ashtail over the tulle train. h
br ea a aMoslem. The veU of Frenlh illusion was A moJhenal cofteqe wa lnp
ywoth dud to a ca of mathi at the boo solo Offlers Club
tand ba0' ovarat 't was ca TuesIda to honor Mry. D. tN.
there tt h dde with tiny oangel again, who is leaving tnd
Ln Sana. Hear only feTy wor New Yrk.
P0e1filmf star's attor ney, Bart- walle with d barpa, Ia. oNent-a des Su.
w4*e1 eNotlYork..Thenyadeea go ang
The said in New York t ranee Moomw r -on dr-4 attended the pafy
he i of nothing to the a- ll o.' Se carried a na p las ted ta honos
rmn d that propss o the t auet of white w- linen tal cloth and nais.
priwe would not be reared uash l baby' breat. nMr. Ja enedy the
t ll inten" to rer ~I~~ttaor B1 al el y, of honors at the oftteei rvi e.
S10. s an American. he honor heCro s n v Pahb 0. e. 8.
7wa a iaB S Auy onnthan halwa the a ,I onor. She w erelDigt FWilt m O. 3 l.
aai gn a n wrk anod nylon net. ar The ndms of graal Pshn*
i. world t. t straples ee was of lk Chap~eri, Order of the
o t tj ha be kondather, w aitsn a matching e toe. Eaeteri Blr, we hosts to theu a
~ho.- M "m,- h-on the ahld." aThe I5' a panled l member at Coral Chapter of
eclve opi to sh tha child." sil k uandn net er flowers jnae Gatun, at thwer regular l meent-e W
j tOd V The attorney, idd that t of yellow i Wlt-a g on dy night in the
a Nylweot Wage t flBeon hea d an ti with mmtcig CrIs tobra dMionc Te ple.
Sehi i the Mlem faith of the flow M M. eey. Wrty
S?.Sied, however,;that both yL MaIry Dale Po1le- r.Matrao prmiod n aM u ee t- -

thn teaohlngs of an The t h oiea ribhbas de the oofflISIO of Mrs. ggyms
IV) ofhV11911 -woul nd re a son ane, e-ilntoA[nU4tha yellow, o lyla, megaX

sipt. f lems. on her har ld IartSa Palms, Coral vne at Seil
o, to bWhite. Jr, was rinat or wre usrd throughout the .ban-
had st laterqu t hau and the
standre, T. r. Jaln aanrF waSar room in a4udual and N
IC. Free MOVIes TO Be man tor sa .f .e S ttn. -
lCan trhre e r. iM r. .W aula hes and Mr. /
So- M wn Soturdoy c Kerck and r e Horace hop,
Siat, of tart, Amadr. and W O Paeoat on
older hForC Combo Kids .rBebe w r o" trih the f

room of the tWash grews of eOder mot fan
A A1ree matinee movie for the An rne ent .of ely: Mrs. ellree sth
ean children ot Oaa wild be tancU a uket or ?. Whvain rett, M.
et shoItr at the oa Theate nery marked the orothea Churchill M r
aid he Sturday evening t 6:15, it was line. The parent of the Blanehe SIhop, M em
w anItred toda arand groam eceied with ie Roth, Mrs. Jewel Amumons, Mr
S In addition t the regular member o te wedding party. Catcher t, Mrs. Marlea
me7. faure picture ard shorts, an The ther of the de Bogs. P a Ors, Mr.
ve etri ao con will be shown. All ceh te fir the den and n- th ly, n. Mary Wor-
etid. oopl and yoeMgtr children tie-length drer of gold tiale ley, Mrs. HarriRet Kenan, Mrs.
srl I wl odeie a candy bar at the alUk. Sh pd gold aceu area Irene leer and Mr. Michael O2e o
dti mr

ib s t
dab~r tocl

bled. "Whlt
the televtlflt

T- '.,ri


El I

P1w: .

*'i I

:' c .i

P .
' -




%u&8 'tf choose fam...
8 8 delihjful frgmas *

*j js. r dase sau Da cdsa
I S Mawn AmIRm

D. :-N IA| SS




to as 4
of 0oeo
nin nto

- -
M. Wara l

Uan Mt
Iea fpI. .
~d~~~~ I


fl ay.S

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mIC :



" It'



1 It was early in the atoe's that
ia Mr. James Atkinson first delighted
SRegency England with a cologne f'
mexptional delcacy Atkhionso Ge
MAtd EaN r& C 1g50o yean lter the
dirimainatng are tillS discovrea tbexfreu
mat and dismtnctiano this trnl nclh

Now the are a Atkimos Cologne to
heooMe 'frn-S asling feapencs, ebch
with its own spedl character. Make your
peronal choice iak kiapm... .. -tbey
&na to chose ad Ali to ues.

.-r .

* .

-'ii. 4-r




S .. 4 **
i-A' 1
"r 1 ^A' -"'
IY.\'; .^Al
'' '* iZ
b ffS

_, O -


--- -- ----- --- r _.




NO, -

.' -,.




4" i
4' I




-( T~l

- .- I

You Sell'em... When You Tell'em thru P

Leave your Ad with one of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 "H'" S

No. 12,179 Central Ave. Colon


. -


No. 4 Tivoli Ave.-Phone 1-291, and

Fourth of Julv Ave.-Phone 2-0441

Via Espaa No. 14 Panam, R. .
(meml vbI Ti"We UMw

Agenda lateruacioaal de Publicadoaes
No. 3 Lottery Plan Phone 2-3199

10.0 le6M ai a m -phoaae U.-CeMa

n" Httrt -'sr1: Jtudlante 8
Phones 3-M14 ald 1-2798

Household Automobiles .
FOR SALE -Cold Soot 9 cubic feel TRADE Buick 48 Roadmaster, for
re,,.geraio-. 60 cycle 'Alh 35 lb. Pick-uD in good condition. Phone
Ireez,'-..g u. or d i 1-2 Nears 3-2719 DR
guararire .. also apaorrr en FOR SALE -1950. De Soto 4 Door
gize four burner goa raodo, seal covers. All in excellent
sto.e r.lh o.en and broiler, both condition Tel. Curundu 7187. To
in exrellert condhO. S,', Phone- --
'Pan3ma 2 236 after 6 30 p m FOR SALE: 1951 Mercury, low
FCR SAL-- E- for mileage, extras. $1,30000. Cris-
FCR SALE-- 1S3- Estate tour burner lobol 3-1339.
gaOS StOVCe ,lh brOiler arnd Cver.-- -- - g'ao: n,,don and Ighr Alwj FOR SALE 1952 Morr.s Minor
Jight cioL.k ai.d fimer or. Ccok.r, convertible Perfect condition. Low I
surface Barels used. Cost ne mileage. $950. Call Curundu, 31 I15
$349 F .1' 1, sell tor S4250C c, everngs.
,coth Phone Crstobal 2979 after FOR SALE -1950 Ford Pick-up
6 00 p. "r dut. DOi,-, good t.res, body in
FOR SALE --Twr. beds springs verv good condition, and runs very
521'i 00 eo r Beauts Rest inner- good Tr.s is hot a sunk. $900.-
Dir,ng $25.00 each 00 1947 Ford in good condition Lee
l.igh ticb'e 10' Chest of draw- Clean insoe and out. Excellent
"Cr. SS2.' Chest ol droaers and: boav and paint House 2044-B.
r'.rrr-r 3 orv color San Fran-1 Curundu. Tel. 83-6161
c,.;cC T9r Street No. 24, Tel. 3- FOR SALE.-1952 Plymouth Station
4183 Wagon. Metallic Bhue. Overdrive.
FQR SALE.--Steel kitchen table, 55 I Dury Paid. Phone Ft. Kobbe 5234 A
CO. 25 cycle retr.gerator unit, $15. FOR SALE--1951 Morris Convertible. )S1
00. Crosle, Shelsador refrigerator new top and seat covers, en- The
'60 ccle .10000. Phone Pan- gine and broke have been over- JauI
ama 3-2'9- hauled SCiG 00 and take up pay- Ion
FOR SALE --Household goods con- ments. See Willard at Shore Patrol day
s.~.r.g oa Bendrx upright portable' Heodquarters on phone 25-2471 Pes<
,,:her, ,e.tinghouse refrigerator. POnama_, m
rlres~er chest drowers. metal din- FOR SALE -1942 Ford Tudor, ex- PCo
ina lab:e5 porcelain top table 7 celi moor Balboa -330 a
-ehairs. wir.kei chairs, rockers fte
eletclc cocks ooll cabinet., stands,'FOR SALE 1950 Oldsmobile 76 day
vork ber,:,' desks tripod. Dy. Duty pad. Fine conditiCn, radio Mec
liILt screen 0528-A, Guayacan. Mav be seen throughout day at sl
Ancon 2-3341 Balboa Garden. S1.250 cash. A14st fIlp
sell soon Ask for Johnson. fish
FOR SALE -Westinghouse refrig- of
eraoor 25 Cycle Fan new 25 Cycle FOR SALE 1952 Ford Victoria. ton
nohogany hlvngroom set. newi only 7.800 miles, duty paid. Call Ae
cushions and covers. Dmningroom 3 -028 1.r_
table. six chairs, kitchen porcelain W ANT D of
too table. *.th t*o chairs. Q. M WANTED C
buffet set. Q M. twin beds with Seal
mattress. Three way flood lamp MiseellaneOU c
like new. One 650 x 16 Firestone nl
tire and tube. New 1936 Chevrolet WANTED:-Refrigerator. 60 cycle. P
coupe, new Itres. battery, witn good condition. Telephone Curun- H
enough usto parts to build another du, 7297. a.
car All very cheap Can be seen P iti
at house 5619-C. Diablo. Between W anted Position
5 and 8 p. m. Phone 2-4430 s
Position as laundress or general co
(OR SALE -All porcelain houseworker for small family fc
9 cu. It. 25 cycle, electric motors sought by mature reliable West S
excellent condtron. 25 cycle 10- Indian woman who has good recent i'
220 V rep-And I HP and I !references. A former employer P
H.P. 867 Morgan Avenue. Balboa ,l take messages for her at o
P SALE-Westinghouse Frost Free Panama 2-3907, or write P. L C
8 months. 25 cycle. Easy Spin- Box 134. Panama. fi
Arer Motor. Slot shades. Louvers Fb
for old 4 family. 201-C, Pedro FOR SALE C
Miguel. 4-355. R
FOR SALE.-Dinngroom toble. Rat- Real Estate ef
tan. maple top. 6 chairs. 542-A FOR SALE:-Absolutely choicest lot s
Cur. Hgts. $60 00 in Los Cumbres 2500 M2 $1.80 s
FO SALE:-Mahogony diningroom M2. Phope Cristobal 2979 after s
eight pieces. Like new. Bargain. 6 p. m.
th St. No. 5. e, -AI d

SALE-Hollywood Double Beds
latel 5 $66.00; Single beds
frame) completet $31.-
; Kitchen Cabiners $25 00
ectric Stoves. $25.00. 4 burner
strovs $69.00. Wardrobes $39
SChwr Closet $1900. Metal
der $39 00 Cribs complete
3900. Modem Vanities w,rh stool
39.00. Melal Tobles $1400
right Chairs $3 00, L;vingroom
lets 'reconditioned $165.
.Brand New Mahogany Chest ofl
,f~re;%prt %AR OnAnr D_ lr.. No- Ni> I

FOR SALE-lndion Chief Motorcycle
complete extras. Juan B. Soso St.
No 2 Telephone 2-542.

Prof. DwighM sley

Is.New Chief For



a e u *" h h pk mw
Wsh M e0MI Ae1n01 st" m. IUN
2011 -- Asse. C. .
. WENDEHAKE. Medical Clinic.
Central AMenue "K" St., corner
telephone 1-3479, Panoma.
MIAMI & NEW YORK via AEREA 4-engine planes. One-way
o Miami; $70.00 Round Trip
$12600. One-way to New York:
1 14 00 Round-trip $214.00. See
telephone 2-1655.
IU. S. Citiseat
Don't forget to etead
Meeting at 7:30 Tnight
Chive Chive Clublhew e.
Members, bring a friendly
al 55,. Netimenl Fadetel* *f
Federal yplegee.

Mliscellaneoa _

trip of our life. A Jungle Jim
nt thru the Panama Canal to Co-
Son Bias and Porto Bello! A three
trip aboard the Hotel El Panama's
cadora. Leae Balboo Friday 6 a
arrive Colorn 2:30 p.m., leave
In 9 30 p. m. for San BIas and
o Bello. returning Colon Sunday
'moon. Through the Canal Man-
6 a. m. returning to Balboa
I's catered by El Panama. Bring
acks, shorts, bathing suit, jacket,
ers and spears for underwater
,ng. and your camera and rolls
co!or ilm. Please make reserva-
s early through your Travel
r.t. or Jungle Jim Price at Pan-
m 3-1660. Special price for groups
10 to 16 people.

)ed bids, in triplicate, will be w-
eived in the office of the EnOl-
eering ana Construction Director.
anoma Canal Company, 8olbep
eights. Canal Zone; until 10:00
. m. October 27, 1953. and then
ub lcly opened, for furnishin all
int. tools, equipment, labor.
services, and materials, recept
artain Panama Corol Company
umished materials listed in the
iecificationsi, and for perform-
ig all work for construction of
avements, utilities, houses and
ppurtenances at Diablo Heights,
Z. F. orms of propemol, speci-
'cations, and full particulars may
e obtained from the office of the
contract and Inpection Division,
oom 343, Balboo Heights, (Tel-
ohone 2-3739 or 2-26981. Speci-
icotions and drawings will be is-
ued on a deposit of $40,00 per
et. Deposit will be forfeited if
pecificotions and drawings are
lot returned within 40 calendar
lays after openmg of bds.
R SALE:-1951 Nash Rambler
station Wagon. New tires and bat-
ery, $1,450. 5 piece livingroom
et. $165. 100 New Hampshire
'ullets, 5 months old. Telephor)e
'onama 3-5179.
R SALE:--Bss Drum. Small drum
Straps 575.00. Canvas folding
:ot and mattress $8.00. C. P. Har-
ison. House 84-F, 6th St., Coco


I suro, UrOar. UU..ran New Night r K bA *t
-i.. l .- .. r 3AL LC
*Tab'es S 1500 and MANY OTHER InIII lqi Mi..,IA-
'^ARGAINS in both new and used AIOIaIIlll rMislsUl Boats & Motors
'furni atue. T N Professor Dwght Isely, wh FOR SALE:-12 f. outboard motor
MENT No INTEREST CHARGES JrhIll replace Dr. Robert P. boat with cabin. Phone Ft. Gulick
41 Automobile Row Phonre 3-4911 Bartholomew as director of the 8-8539.
,National Ave University of Arkansas Agri-
Seultural MHaion to Panama has
IR SALE:-Coldspot De Luxe 14 arrived. The University of Ar- New Status
Ft. Freezer, Kenmore semi-outo- kansas Mlion s giving tech- -
;r tic washer. 60 cycle. one year nical aslatance to the Ministry OA P r R i
,oW. Albrook 86-4203, Qtrs. 128- of Agriculture thru SICAP to Of Pueto RIco
_._ held solve the agricultural and
.FOR SALE:-Philippine Rattan liv- livestock problems of the coun- Ma.Ji*d A I
irn9oom set Philippine dining set try. Mal ked At UN
'Cbll 2-2900 after 5:30 p. m. Professor Isely in a well-
,House 0778-G. Williamson Place. known entomologist who was UNTED NATTONS, Sept. 10.
formerly associated director of (USIB) Dr. Antonio Isern of
LOST & FOU ND the Arkansas Experimental Puerto Rico, a member of the
S_______________tlton as well as Professor of U. 8. delegation, presented
LOSP: Hunting dog. white, withlEntomologY at the University, each member of the United a-
br wn spots. in Diablo. Pleas call but he is better known as a re- tlona committee with a flag of
te hone 2-4473 or Ponama 2. search man The new director of the Commonwealth of Puerto
J 10. Reward. the Arkansas Mission handled Rico recently to symbolize the
.. th eentornologlcal extension changed status of his country.
S= work of the Extension Service "
i Bker Predicts from the lime to time. He is He thanked the committee for
,i v rP Ireicj widely exp- ienced in the fields acknowledging, for the first time
K B- s 1 of research, teaching and agri- In any international organisa-
lU w ln I fore. well qualified to undertake out of the cl a of non-self go-
I l the tk in Panama., eing territorAe. The eomlt-
Professor Iely is familiar tee la the Omlier Amelabl
with the aspP Lh language, for Oroup mt up to reMe latnm-
WASHINGTON. Sept. 10 (UP gesides working n Peru, 19 4 M from na-aif m .g r
- Speaker Joseph W. Martin as a specllit of the Institute rritore.
Jr. predicted today the adminis- of Inter-Ameran Affairs, in
traton will accomplish the dif- entomology, he- has gien eon- With the Wesg 1 of i t a
tulJt task next year of simul- siderable time to the astdy of o !en l mO w
tUneously cutting taxes and bal-I the ln gue. i elwy Work'- E.te I
Jcing the budget. ed on the of' go and athat bgr.
food crop hlE 'a i r. be fr.
Sse Massarhussetts Republic- The new- d ( teo al- a-
aes said "'too high' taxes are slon is
grumbling among the arrangePI t. '
but that "people always here as _-_ _
e about their taxes," any- the fathtert o" "-
caneeded that it will be a United g
Job to balance the budg- hopes to mb..
t face of a tax cut. But work alr.
Ct that Chairman iciang-.
s and Writa-order to h

ve the newsmen asll
tration might
Vwi Ibe eral sales tax,
once- men have pref
or the
rin revenue from
"I'll have to
rights until I
e countered,

Gramlch Sane Clan -r
taoge. Electric icbaox
modentrte ra To lph
Gomboa; 4-567, Pdr

Phillipe. Oceanside
Clarp. Box 43!
Panama 3-1877.

Houses on beach, Santa Clam. Al
n COOL Campane maMliMa
Phone SHRAPNL,. Blhb- 1389
or see caretaker the "
FasteW 'Cottoag. O* pt
Santa Clara. Please your
Iineiq. Phone Balbda 24
WILLIAMS' Santa Clara BiA Cor-
taes. Large, comfortdble n~ernw .
near beach. Bolbod ; owpt


residence in .La4'C Wl tour
months. Thr ee twa
bathrooms, livL ,dnl nn ro
porch end servt.b $275.
00 a month. TdA S-T9', 7:30
to 9:30 a. m. and' a wen to 3 p.

FOR RENT:- In i n otor, 2
bedream cha athramor, iv-
ing-4ni maid's
room with b!flnOB1t. basement.
Semi-furnihd 20 monthly. Un-
f nmisrhd $St. .elmphne 2-0891
from T.00 .- 4"00 p. m.
and 3-1495ftni 4 m. to 7 p.m.


A1T-tIMN L Jut built'
oprd.nrm e .. two beoom .
hot and o woter. -Telephen
Panama 3-4941.

Mod en 4 U nd 5 rWm fUMnid
or uwfumished. Call at' hembsI
Office 3061 Il~.h .rM Cl
Tookph m. .4.

FOR RENT I- mM irt.
Uving n6wgemoo, iedreom,
sthens,* h, tWig 'bllbMetB ife.
11 Eight Stree t Lef.b e. I l
ofte 400 p, m..
,h ..

48th Srat. Ti u -3-50
2 birtmnis. W Striet,
No tl. Telephu 3-2 .


FOR RENT:--FumrldI ream th
kiM lMh prlvilrel St., ie. 43;
apartment C.

Atltntic Society...

rnaaes.-loomwa, Min Martrs
Belle WhIe, Mr. Kenneth Bw-
nett. r Dea yn ar d Chl.t
it*o Wbfa

Mr. Andl MI. Cde Anmeume;
Birth of 'aIhter
Mr. and. Mr Idmund 8. C4%
Jr., of B ell Vista, aanoqi
the birth of their flrste
a daughter, o mn -'T
teaIabr s at Oorto, lOfIGI.
The baby has b ee B
Cynthia Gala.
Mrs. Coe i the former M
Naomi Paddock; daughter ef
Mr. and M MErbet P. Pad-
dock of Gata. The patesml
grandparents a Mr. and Mu
E. & Coe, 4r., of Las Cumbe.

Mim Thi- Lond0rW
Mis Th-sl a Tatnetlr
da 6 rs.
Colon-. M.-

ter eollm .
to New leoBsle, N. J. to era-



FOR. SA. 0M& Mato
- Automobl!es.

I '





... i



-~ -. '

."^ rtt Rerdvd *-''


LeEO. F.o Ne l'(
** ** '

279 .Ontrdj.Ave.
T* .34A .9

SI i~b 1;i

7 RM

r~l r.: ',-/ ,# *.
L ,. j ll J l ~ ~ llill iiM l-. :.

e .' ;,


.W I
Ci d l-I
,*' ifcr,, ,
3 : .. .
',l- r


:. CJr

ALL wo

"Wwen-you e a u..edr
u, ye. more thI.

urn4r p1nwnt It.
I, 'r .a I
, -ria-. ".
T ill~lml ",-

1i: .D2~L



PAG srx 1

. r

,.- '~J

ff tU.






'~Cfi~i ~EF''F_
y5~~.1 ;'

. heow
- btoo"

'o ge ,-

r /' ,-

.,* -..', -,...


a ~~~: u~~~

bN*U-'i fM"L

h; Penant To

5, C

; d t ;' : I .. 6
i-ty vrr',31-^ itf *' .;***' i

` 'C
r~: ~rUJ'I
.c-,~ S~f


F, ., ,. .
r i r ,. i
a. ... ...
' ;(.- 3 i .l

* a



%l "1

i ,___,
, s-

M&-E.- ,1


'1 /

5. as

** a

^ "E1

-.f I la
U'-' '

Woi- .,-
sZeletes. +



. I1hT eIs
o f aotor a r
b. sn 1wht the Oeon
..a Inrtairtobaleicb

Sttoie ar t vor

when car-
btopH Pa-
She for
Methe A letter-

bcngLeon in
Joday Is a
eWho plays

powhayter.a IS
be -=.-e aded as-
e te dthe lint.
B illa wZPricell
l pMost prom-
"ph l Reccla
ligaprise Cris-
' 0of returning
changes in
v1e line-up
don the cran-
owCoast ane
Joungater for
Splay. From
that, turned
Lu ke P
the n-l-
y should be
aq impressive
the bench crew
t least a mld
Orist0bal 0 I to

to the raad, this

C.I.gJ. elaM
Sb.. d._

ml~58T @1Y

INrr -'~c $4C;1~~~

~qy~Z~~ m rmm

LUX l- ----




icn L:no~i


A**l ar I Dt o W IlO
MlOWlm, ln

SRobst iog In
Stoamar wk in

in rG

M aKt It,
Iw -14

Plum Mentor Asks Big ColBee Football Sied

.I ? u t 7 6 e l ( W e W t e an I Ht e d fi r st ) x M ar mu l V b ita T oll
Cut A'Te e: Off p sta
x-Wayne State vs. Augustana Pl State
S ., (8. D.) x-Middle Tangsee Stati
k-l-wdai-, September 12 Western lKutu kj |
Th fat th x-Ablee Christian v South- x-Midwesten s
tYA Aw al ^^^o l mtI-r^llBldI vs ntost Ltitute. vs L -w5e.. *
bot scheduled S x- r vstens Point Chattanooga (5). iL 1
the kslon AutcoenodapWod todayIx Rw State vs iMMurray Maryland
in "I on the outcome oth parloe bedm o Mfryland v- l

A .l 'and. t er r" the o' oan -t x-Moalda Browh vG lu akets Olahoma vs tat..B
o(1olrthe S x-PafiLonmouthrvs
mr seolat^ %or, zCo th e rweh a thfe x-uWoord tvWestern MissCarli. tana Stat.e Vi =%Leer
Sma lagerof e Friday, Septemr x-evao
I... I 3 t-Alabnza vs Mississppi ftuth x-Nhry State
ea A ot f l be riMartins*" x- temofi ate vs North Dakota northeastern v s h

es tnoJer'Ikque Mars mtin be aus e ol (0o) x-S.Nert 8ae C
Sa ut ibDaere o x-enver vs Colorado CoUles x-Northad oms Lthelg.
"* :bl -W : BmaaVe v Caie s.o Ded. x-Priat l vs naothDao State v Main
Seumt e in-In vs Ne s tie a-l Mrt x-uo vrm a ls Newer A s hs v n
n.od -O-dorrl. 0ros vs Bluexeld OmM=( BwS vFort DaeI ..

I-g 1 tnda n aynnhortuneet tat- B rdger SeW b erF vs Iit ra ch v: F .t H A
F6l Cge toeye to0 e tr -tnt x-Poacifi Lutheran vin Cnter
S. t leo ethmmer wmeO the Den- -Northeastern Missouri State vs State
ptta.tlo oert, Colo.f1pematherweight a -fronte xa ah -- Wat
- Icket match tSamuellvCerh ateMissouri Valley x-Pacifie University va Wesem
a t-upr probeanat 8 Ste Idaho1 '
fo r p pg ,d ad th mp e r vs Albrngt -Rice vs
-foracan porOf Theprmot r the..igsh o .-A45tt
.rl., Bets A E omoto. Rollot. Wade, M As I otf ate vs x-Txa Western vll a Bnt8oi
Scos:t rIn l(d i)n bringin- S top- con Mo. () -St. Norbert L t rem t
p erul IAmpou bl e to m leta's e- A vs Oregon State Sxt. Olaf v
t12 ., l. mands without facing a sure l X-WUhbr Vs Oolarado Mines x-St. Thomas C(inatt
r PallP rk .'.before the f.ght even gets un- -Ws e Cheter State vs Forting- south Carlena va
s scores of l b-d a n- elvoir f ord vs Collee L t
IFl 8P .l1ld wer fans. x-Eas Tas State wll vs Bakber x-Uth ventate w Witchta
H K iAt a'se i: Cy .Crhrn x-Youl*aown vs BoVwling Green lan Tech or (

-.. _'vwsvll vaH Georey0WE J' ()-. 1 f
S .. i r. oy (,m.). i;el tacte v -Super or State vs prD 1u

r 2 uampt ate x-Wartd v I t
1:t Panathm a IL ftnh at- Satlay, September 1 S Branch (Minn. U.)
temp geatr .: o ?1 t x-Akron-va taFindlay x-Arsawa (TshanLeeiaShte
lit r ma ageret e -Aaee tllo ev Morris Naval g aente
9f the roe.Atwell Anderstan vs Alma chhtnessee-e ft ouer
-,. 'lid out: xul. i x-A rlzonv v v- Utah State r
S. T .. l.113. o-Belolt vs MacAlester x-Texas Christian vs e larisu
IOD 800W, 31t: V.IS tanay 's announcement that Bridseport vs Upal x-a-ex -s -Tech vs Wint Team
S. had reed to fight x-Brlow Ste outh vs Montaa Wla.)
S3l lox .-, de. awa, the to i x- oJ con- Californi vsa aylor x-Tezu Western vis Seld .
O- C 26: 8Itn. all local lg l#- Camp Lejeune vs Baldwin- Stte o
I ":1 A. Waitho; A. li are anioR0s to tlDd Wallace vls. OhioU
1". O; Lt O, 1 nota It te, "Stringbean" Is still -Clemon vs Presbyterian Trlnty (Tax.) vs
Sood nob to hold his own Colo. Western State vs New T mes tat. Tul
gr- L. Roberts. 1; LRob- wl the disap- land State Teachers vs Spring- Tuskegee Institute vs AMamb
"ts ; aong L ?h lt. be reat mog field.D nison vseLake ort A s M WAM &.

tae Georgia Chrstaneh vs llh. a tva vs outh (
rim,.kq x-.vanuf.l. vs, Georgetown z-V.M.w I C..wt,

.. /..W.. .ePU university v vs
w-1[w A s d:t as 'rk Was WLeevs
WJAdams State Geo ch vs Wash. Stat vs ou .SM'-Sot

z-Lo ,iCa vs. sp "() at ll ,'
xNIrbta Gsmt -

it L bave to "UN assad)
) -to
but... &

*' -'7-



il___I LUI 1 I~l_^d___a__lY

*" ;.,

i^ ,*

t ..~.Y
;r~cS~F~:~ I "~sr~i.Jl~p

Jr~ ~: ~rr~ADE~~r
.i .~


*''* '" /
"..; .- "+ ..: ,+
po -,l



Miiik en


.,., 1*'

~~..~ .. il



+i*:' f '*' I'A U :

H. ?

Iran Not Happy

At $45 Million

In US Aid

Premier Falollna Zahedi Is dis- th pro e t w y it
satisfied with a US. grant of m m
$45,000,000 in emergency aid but TWENTI-IGUT Td A TRSDAY, SE e
the u.s. government has prom-TWENTY-G T ALPANAM I..
ised to extend more aid when
Congress reconvenes, finance
minister' All Amini said today.
Ainl said the premier has
complained to U.S. ambassador
Loy Henderson. Iran expected at I -
least $300,000,000 to overcome the..
economic chaos left by the for-
mer government, Amlnl said.

pe e o Batch Of Irate Anti ec!
The finance minister added
per cent monthly deficit and .
that finances are so tangled"'...:
and the government so far in PANMUNJOM, Korea, Sept. 10 prisoners who say they do 4t Korean PresidenRhe.f
debt that two ld take a very (UP)-Indlan guards at "Peace want to go home. in July-men
lone time to repair the dam- Village" took over the first batch Radio Peiping, voice of Con- ly are in no. ted J
lo me reof anti-Communist prisoners to- munist China, broadcast the The 0 nt Z, dhe
Nomn Paul, personal repre- day and the angry Allied cap-first official reaction to a U to a
gede of U.S. fornt uso&emd tierb uadle l
aentative of U.S. foreign aid ad- tives hurle d r e C- demand for an ameoun.Un of
mineatrator Harold Fe. Stamen nese observers. 3000 prisoners held byte r an w A lt m
left for washigton yesterday The United Nations Command muniats and who were nt re- orchan
with a report on discussions e on- brought about 400 North Ko-patrlated. Tba tot al
ducted by the joint American- reans who do-not wish to return he Red ra called tca 2410
Iranian committee on how to to Communism into the Indian The Red i hica a a, 0|a, 19

State and Treasury Departments t t t l them home. a he Rede Inedall te re-m m
assigned to the joint commit- When the Communist-hating o a renewed k.ort imte r-m i
Noorth Koreans arrived at"Peace turn of 27,000 an iC4ommnit nIoi
tee wil remain here for an North Koreanes "beame enraged pe by c,
er three dionthic p s Vllage y they were m and Nonsr a t fHotel bl Pth m t
meanwhile the fore ign amn- order. The rocks and i ul ts
isty annneed today thatall began to fly a few minutes lat- 1
deoration awarded by the Circle Theatre
Sarb to the Iranian envoys to An Indian e spokesman saTid the
]nath oe, muIrt Italy and North Kreans "became enraged
ra w1nid withdrawn for when they spotted the Chinese
tDuer lnd dCrisepect tothe Communst ust outside theM
Shah d'ur his deprtur barbed wire enclosure." G F
frm the ouNntry at the time CHAR Lt.B O. K. S. Thimay-h
of the dll-fated enup of a in- (, ead of the Neutral Nations wh-h s o
premier Mohammed MoaR Repatriation Commisy on, e e p a r ero a f mr to
e plomat Passports also suaded the Communists to l e fa r e athate dill
Tdplomatic pas orts the vicinity, the North Koreans for iurd t at Hotel
will be withdrawn, the foreign caled down. at nght nday tb e i rea as
ministry said. The U.nb held anothesir an- Wta tsk i of lU Uea s L I a"

France. --'r t schools And U the ionians are tk of 5n
^ ^ 2dThe envoys are ambHsador to t-O Chne u outh cding thei( e ) th
rance, oegher m m of amunJ om a dark-om- wi turn the Rai h igh S -chha .
ter tu elghit Shama Amiralal; the ovd to Ithi .d to. overdue ld mot haveo -
lambaossor to Ita ly holrorw owo better set S
hajenourt and # sam dor to Thus fr. the nodmw nu This ot i5 id, tod& Li
r anpd AI 0rvnot reeved ay m e eom C a btimn aof tL h tua 5 1bIifh .i fIfi_ _

0 Community have been "Turks" who seek admson of Two so finely contrasting dis-
hpreo reported todate that mHnteret Us oded lpnsned dma sd s alet in-
rested at Demavand, 25 miles tha n tlour s, given Kana
north of Teheran. Cwo tAoikst mMorder1 d ois sli e uDIiL sol

USNS 'ThomoWs'i Wts o havot t

Tomorrow Morning Oh SqMFRmffat.
The UBNS Thomas, with off CHAlRLICN. S. C, Sept. 10 any ed Is thickly in
CMs and ested men for assign- (UP) A federal judge delayed theaters Mwhich so wnl is would
entto USCARI aboard, a rg on lteod a n othe Isse oored wdmi as Cir e Thea- '
ill arrie at PIer 9, Cr l ath e jucanctiw o n allowing se far patrols e owben than tho a
Appabmately 8:45 tomorrow "thid rd In, South Caroln presented ladt night, and every
qrzdlng. where wO W & Negrd egroesc I night throvO Sunday, bythe
readyat In conflict over egpre Ci le Th r.her
gated schools. And f the Zonran gsre aic of t h LWiookw-T
Judge Ais ton H. Willied at in their que action. A suge,
heard a petition by a dark-com- they can just come along to the R
plexioned colony of m t e r show. Vo olebetore
County citizens k n o w n das iof eJi
"Turks' who seek admission of Two so finely contrasting dis-
their children to the Illest i a of disciplined drama ii ro l ,
school for whites, dolfo Aria, planning his wife's J|
The "Turks" reunsed to let murder, and Lollie Downie, sole
their children go to a Negro nmaiee for the office e of b thhb- ts weni up
school and after ud W t A this project, have notOf o tha-
ave them temporary permission RaUl been seen hereabouts.
to tend HUlcrest, some 50 Arias played It calm. ruthleu, a nlr -
white families boycotted t always master of himself. ThisEflbl sources
school. That action led to tW not drama by a losely- Sg the-ht
day's hearing on extension red windmill, as Circle Thea r g
the injunction allowing "trp -r pa-trons have bee n known to -
to attendsffer.Wh
Attorneys for county scho is every word and gt acts
officials owl that thadvanced the action. A sugges- Knott
colonists are not Negroes, bUtPU_ no more, and each member .the .
contended they shoulcl be-el.a$-i6 dlence felt that he a. to
ed as a "third race." .1n1, in the fashion of clevererW" I aere
Judge William adjourned the detectives than It has ever before llg
I Hearing after urging the Partibeen l Panama's pleasure to en-In n,
to "get all the facts." had discerned yet an-
"Sometimes them eca s w thr sip by which this smooth -at.
themselves out," the jf.t fa M villain was accomplishing hi
f 7 j Sumter1Coun410e Of ownundoln
the South Caolna low' 'btu is artistry. t. ne.'
adjoins Clatrendoa ( County, o L iLi Downie was Of different fiyIRAUn
gin of a Negro suit against MGu. Wrought-up, close to
regatedclurooms whichij point for much of the S a. .. A ....... 1:25 tW3Uy*
before the U.. Supreme ....... and pt it for o, :




*'". .."": ,"', ,' L !/
: : ~..a .""', .; i. >"" ,

Lt Alka-Seluse r-spth
you Hetmace md amtde
ab uomedmi A taefa or
; Iai a sof wsear
rNo t 2
-q rJIo
~ IrC%"Pr~L~~;r;~Ir

ig My

10 6 terd It a tat Rep. Por
r -. )sco w
MaLs of "dellberatk
Matd b.

t O nmea -

Btophmzm res
from BIe on i
avy roe laune
Tle sukenaiat


i ar. li

* ~t i.. :


1r *

r -

l-_- ,, --_- --



*; -

*. ''


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