The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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oclc - 18709335
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e xhanged AS
N HAmUON, Drauda 8p. 6 mreIrt+ A .,
(TO) A troxpial hurrhanoLALIIl.flo cK
irlb tmulh the 'lantic m
toward thi land wa reported
Stobly to have lost of its force
although ats center tads still
were estimated at 110 miles per
A noon weather bureau ad-
_o.ry maid t hat de the a th
daninimeL winda, the hurriae .;
a "w still "dangerous," and shiIpe -
6 fr wme. warned. Real4eibt here
bii#* down against he ex- l, t. (U)-- I wnd i
"!. odown t e' ROME Sept. 5(UP) -It-lyhas-warned Ysgust
Iu -%tar wasu folowing a t it w ill hold responsible for any mewvro e 4r1
ae; cojbp:,aim4d at Bermuda. na aggrfe l etnsion over Trieste, it ws annouuW
l Tirr4gmaary said the troplcl d 7
b .t A& was moving north- In t htest of a series of angry kchmgai
center winds ad' gss said yterday that Italy is mHsiu"lr a
150 m=es per s arm I mIai fa eon the frontier ad WiINteed I
hio roaS i, the avi ud f ko. to
S burawf of hurrIcanM force C. S tlpodng measures" unless the troops warl
S ea'Ne et about 100m mies Wild
smr and 50 m Itiles .lied within a few hours yi "gthem h
Sctan aria To l s ide of the Yagel goverimate
.B, r -the weather "S"o over the possibIity tih AM .
'.,- toan w to"gm xZon B in Trieste which stikU
b r edited Ue eimwned that Yugsva will h# to laiM


soid tat nine smll talian
hat port across the ri
ers, including the cr4u,


p'.: (-.TPe) -

*ite Fraco egov-
or toP
f.M., aid todb
tlistu ~iMKj

ethe S B

dM .Lo
"I. p. m.
9:86 p. m.1

t '"/, "urge

'5.4. ,Mps
". --T '^r

Do In captivity
angrily refused
Sable to re"-
Shard feeli4
as themnlves,
-"Tbere waO a
stamer be-
L .Held a

Sept. 5 (TPU
sircan war
Sriod by
* way -obe
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Dawho tB> fi back to
he ven to

ithN as he!lth
ldt after unn's
r^^G" ttoB^gbe a

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inth agree-

.IaUSff.V~l'- .g mnuf.
0tIntrwS% Wto the

.t .. bthe Ita~un e.Ad" the
of Vtsjg news sancy
fhffeEh new iate.
"nbn teta m at a da-
finite --tme, a de f ron-

of a mlltary demunutmtao."
it ai Yuid u va bad not
ordered count'r-masua ND
far became of "extreme is-
"Howeer," It sid, "if the

(hum b*na

Meanwhile the tIktd 3t f.
sla working anxdoady butelaF
scenes to ret the k
fron devel aito a lr
cracp, U. & o9mramet
clado said today.

laWndarst ta gd
Vineland, a .wp iML alf w
two d'. adAft .a

tlblgPha rr~

Mt sjadromiely good coveryi fromi i hite nt an.
I des," Dunn The mee of
a S. fl u v h the tyc Brluu wnwm .irB m be
1d8altlA he saw the the W tb
aitbwwom It was on- taken ll at e t
I*4 .+tUPMD out de- the eve of the P d -
btmbesaaid mada mraeetif ent
MipC 4telBis* e osaid. "I Elsenbowr sad French premier
d'm est or insur- Josepheing an
BbU* M to working AtUl sbe kin n
oWaiSlgA~IgW 0a the bases. au e stte-
I'r dw ctmistic about ment a Cur-
t t t W bing brought chill ad
t 0 promptly and assumalgl Mo ofNt
iS'" -.., duties.

kstores'Jump The Gun'

ifr y's $8BookOnWomen
'. .^.f... "u "* .-- -- II ----

that asqm US
Sept. 6 (UP) that a he
thegiD yet- learned he -edte at
ofr Al- 0mg h bi W- b his
i other non- Was p..aUii.n*r M ants
10 daps 0 m 1

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Eo T. S. pal

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Wonw a wV

Without Jets, Tanks Or Regiments

Er .J.' a '-. -. -

'!%P~ 4 : ? )f.~



7$eek 1

-, By F


ro Break

s Heart

b TAGU, Korea, Sept 5 (NEA) There is still a war
,' elnog n in Korea.
It is not a flashy, headline war of attacking regi-
emetsoand rocketing jets. It is an ugly guerrilla war in
-*-e typical Communist pattern made notorious in Greece,
Malaya and Indochina.
-" Although the truce terms specify removal of all
A.-units from behind the lines, there are countless reasons
.-, believe this guerrilla war will expand in the months
.* ihged, a new approach to break the heart of South Korea
from within.
Two thousand seasoned guerrillas, directed. from
,'n^W h Korea and aided by thousands of terrified, in-
h,,ocent farm people, are costing South Korea and the
.- ;.millions doily and tying down more then 25,000 sol-.
.- irs and a like number of policemen and volunteer

- onu think this is only a r- "
f' led, remember: There- .
are bnly 500 Mau Maus, yet .
theyn the full time of a
ra k Btbh divion in Ken- .

, ,~ There never were more than
S' guerrillas I Greece, but it
o.ok a billion American dol-
-lars. the military -genius of
.1 deral James Van 'leet, and
A; reek Army of 200,000 to
ershq them.
SIt is a hit-and-run war. The
uetritas hit at night -- Jmp
a wasnering soldier, ambush
,a ttrak, fire a railroad station
Sl.%.- run when government
on e Yalu River,.
thrcuqh the heart of South
Korra to the southwestern
corner where the Cheri-san
Mountains tower above rich
valleys, there is a continuous
of cliffs MdA .
Ridge JI ners
The guerrillas "expert ridge
runners. use the hills as a
highway despite the efforts of
pa'rolllng troops.
Almost nightly since the
truceutourierrf rom North Ko-
lve been arriving at guer-
i OIQ in the Cheri-san
with these instructions:
A. tyour.nits now.
t gr ereat aetlltlues.
oseen affect your
the beginni of a
a to 'liber%' all
ft. per-
Ican tnvadea.sad f :' We

k.e4 orcemenji s
S ai. an *dlni t or of
."t.i., Chin H Shik,
jHK 're-enforcements"
21,000 Communists being


RED HUNTER: Foliage helps
camouflage ROK soldier hunt-
ins guerrilla in Korean bills.

trained n' North Korea to In-
filtrate south.
The original seed for the
present guerrilla war was
planted in the fall of 1050 aft-
er General MacArthur made
his landing at Inchon, took
Seoul ahd scattered North Ko-
rean forces.
Thousands of Reds, by-
passed by our OGI, took up



" ---
p 1:m S:1 5:00 6:59 9:00 p.M.
'ea n oBIMO Victor MATURE Monica LEWIS, in

*** ^t- ^

- .-.

fmbndly khs?
e.ndly enough
to start all-
O l teour friends

Two years ago American and
ROK divisions in "Operation
Rat Killer" scratched 31,000
But, as I noted during a jeep
and mountain climbing Ipur,
ney, the terrain is so pitted
with caves and crevasses that
the world 's oldery could pa-
rade back and forth and still
overlook populated pockets.
Studying thy day's ticer at
anti-SueMlla headqua r t ers
here lika reading the med-
ical report ot'a eie tan's i. -
ternal disorders;
Three ROK sioiens La a
truck shot by snipers .. aour

man tle4 to a rwe, ner IrDle
silt... One hundred yrd hof
telephone wire op the alm
tronk IUne inrhed ... I to
ars4mal looted of two sub-
machine Igun....
Al trais are g dd doors
looked, toq neve t
boarders whoab igt laip bn at
slow curven, -Ianyl night' rns
have been cancelled.

Jeeps travel in pairs, with a
soldier, gun on the reaay, sit-
ting next the driver as "shot-
gun rider." Hairpin mountain
roads offer cmver for any am-
bush party. Towns have a 10"
p.m. curfew.
These are the basic guerrilla
TO sap morale and encourage
South Korea to drastic acts
further splitting the Allies.
To ready a behind-the-lines'
organization to slice the land
should the big war re-explode.
To maintain OGH for spy-
ing activities on Allied place-
To offer a haven for any
Communist working in cities
and a OHQ for illegal Red
printing presses. which now
turn out bales of Red papers
with Molotov's proclamations.
'We were on a manhunt. Our
adsinment was to find seven
Red ruerrillas on a thickly
wooded hill. Find them and
kill them.
My companions, trim troop-
ers of the 10th Security Bat-
talion. Army of the Republic
of Korea. 'took the glow steady
climb with simple grace. They
carried not an ounce of fat,
not a "ign of paunch.
Heavy with cameras. I labor-
ed uphill, a head taller than
the next-as easy a target as
a church steeple.
My friends were like creep-
ing flower beds. Their steel
helmets were camniflaged in
blue and green wild flowers,
lased tight by odd bits of rope.
Their breath came as regular,
S ~ aS red as a grand-
father eek.
Old Business

on such a "we FOR THEM. NO TbtJOlf: 1 Wo
are the bait. 42f animal iwnt. vol-ter ra boy g
only.eets ~on pl T d Korea aans tt iariditx r
With tbe4 1..1 of a .. "' .

raWn wiehich
pioneer oughtt of, a mountain Har..
cees M sed r. a 8 as poet, a deep
have r gain of whltera
1toeo breakfast; a t
chicken bMi0l Ifir- Rop 44
"i"l the net. Farm o
Empt ,d Thisis is aW

daly. rifles from the
The mairt gperrllta nerdt Volunteers,.tey ie a
stands ta flht alma s.ormh ;ek,- A .phofe .

, i-? ** i ... %
' A i1l -:

n .#,,Yt.. ..- i .'

Those ar s a esualty
figures by the blooy totals of
h 1 e

more deadly fr Korea than
the rifals -WI ihe ret
Mli o ,

Stbfjterurf |MLJ ykwMB...
doew the v or ead..
Now summer Is their pro-

hbll an easy 0ore-of sup .

Oads. a r ay a ti
mendous obligation to protect
pants, isolated towns, ral-
roads, radio relay stations,
main supply roads, the care-
less 0, perhaps picnicking
with hs JCoren. gil friend
on a lonelv plf. -" l '
To better understaf d
almdut impossible ljos I
a shakDig eight-h .
journey to thP outpo
Capt. Rocco arbto, if
ton, a n bat
who as Amerl at
the 10th Security Bat
one f ewr.Tt
guerruls, a
We followed
mander Col, Al. m Pan
whose Jeep bristled withfI
arnnm pointed at, evety r" ft
clouds buh. We tooled.
trails built for four it9 .
four Whl s.
We pusod fortifiedik

for mao of them suerlla
hunting was an old business.
For three years they had
fallowlid thp 8= swo a
okn able rt
hast ma~akwrd
.r hdwbe ~ 'u

Ti V .' I ,f atsw i P'ogr h. .J

1. JO$1 A 144 SQLD I
._A. .-..NLD"
ma.. t WaN .- ... dN
r 'n5A ST Q, 00

' .

I ,:

i- 1 -.-4
I B -.. ::.t .3

ad'" '`
i' C




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&.. .-*.P. ,4;:.-'.- 4

- 1


ri k
". '
.. l : ;,. 1' -,: ,
,o ... el

"tLS rall-!'Ul~1~~

K ~ict.~l

jM .. .

-T mn
1lio. -

, 195, ate S 541

ursroff J arrlta de Bretta
Ur of 4ty- et Colen. lo ee1,ry 1, Menard, ofl -!
oeanty ~ tl ,-. Fortv*f l'kn John Meab ohicao, 1- and
8 v1 m arSe be.- Montgomery was 'work in a ad, la a eriemeiy at the Port Chap1 yes- Geore
twen ad t resIdential area n he be- tray, at tcy at te Jamesor
m t 00toite1f came a $ m- Chaplain (Lt. loael) Primus home of bride's parents. Mr. Joe Ooin
yoSu % =0i11 rb1 ou a i Bennett offcedat the cere- and M. Rodriguez received Anthony rltes '
lakp an o, .w. lwnz md with thi ,n 4enrs of the wed- Edt OGuy.
'Ma wcE c ir fl* -k Sop 1 tIn- t1g pasty. ga Rtodrtguez wore Mrs. Gu$
ghap reA ILe brlaek e-caCr braes with a are new
the fB b at Vh' AIn 1 isN* mantlili and a corsage of Cribal
serf di ., sand& hard '4W*cby thrcsrehidb.a
irch sanap of he realS. A Coata Rican wedding cus The Crt'b
SReiOata even a A i-A S cy. e oad was tom was used. The table was held their rfithr
haetC tf her entered with a .basket trim- the Criatbal Sr tc
t lton]as0 rabher U. x& Brett. nd with white ;flowers and h'uraday sL
o0 asqral, SwW OOf g dove Mac ul Ol -Oi. udl U *:
Sand f? by, r pApgr
Ilo- Mrs. Celia Calleja aunt of
Sd but- tae bride, arrived by plane rues tm ne tlfor
S to the with the wedding cae mad the Mrs. Ma.ine f
skirt bride' opn, theb eln d aye xo .
i% Insets. 8he. tariid -with pt i.ptlI "
veil with Mus. tilde. dIbtrth caC_
S. silver Mrs. Edward Nelson. Cards-
Red and white roses wen r n he M r.
S. anduse d in the reside :nene: ows the S fte'
Srgt, and Mrs. Wlliams left freshment.e
J cousn s later in the evening for a Mesdamembers t e:
i~ n th& Maid of wedding trip to Banta Clara. Mlette s N_
W .Ht.. d pale blue Her going-away costume was lt
Staffeta, light blue dress, with which Clara l
f *.weet The be used black accessories. Anna ViLs,
etwe a. sweet- They returned to Gatun Fri- Prey, Marpe
rt a full day and art reading with her erta'Cfttnp m '
R H fmt ly ntil tprters are.avail- very eny4i e
mae able. 8chofeld.
.vtt with Mrs. Williams Is an honor
hist of ilte flowers. She tgt. Willims completed his N.C.O. aI
Sarried an ol4-tashioned bou- education In Ohio and ha been The Fort .Ol"S
qt a to blue bSyramgeas and In the army tor.thp put fourbMe
whlt carnations. years, spending Over three
-Fe.0..4.2"10 Missa Antonia Valdes, as years of that time on. the Isth- wrd businen s
brildes maid wore pink nylon Qua. ward Mann
S i LL'S over matching an. The chairmaV _
g .1 _L S trapless bodies wa esovere l inet. lnmne e AQaueedrcouple. Two new mheb .e
lbt n with a fitted laco bolero, and Mr. an M s. Anony Ray- Twonew Ms
Sab'; .on. :: le ngth.n Her headpiece was Of ner 'attIr tnas Heights me memubure
O'j S1 AZemeAa 4srL W. velvet t lace oe-residence ayevening to fth with to rMs Mrs. Poole lers. Franklin r
wen. m ( ".. Leo +. Tel. 3-1 1Mas.or fwloaweres, were a honor Miss MarthBelle White Mr a lln
tm, -14' k WOd, '& Femal e m. t a oZquet of mixed gladio, and her hfmce Mr'. Kenneth Rtbert Cranm MsiU
0 ".... gowned in -la green Mr. r Drieit arrived by plane monde, Mr. John
Uf ThursrQm Haurd, Coon., C. a. larvey, Mr-. ILo'
bdce hadah his ae to Mba White, Mr.. Dominic
tT.the AiRbob The ballerinas si day. Mrs. Tooer, POlO "a.
wutrimmed with Insets e- Porter, Mrss Adolpwrd ViW
""'.'(Canal rufafs aught with pink roe-M le mplmeNed Mrs. dward Vallor.
a(tds.' ar" headdress was of With I rS" Pd arty Refreshments were ze--
'p.i.p; 02ipIl'.1. p4 vl~kvehlveteen I and she carried Mrs. 0 Ga- Mrs. Robert ui aWutridat- INi
ibln 0911_1..tun, was
(Mutg U samMann, uaother a farewe iO given by
S UC bridalO ada nt w orcehid Mrs. L,-. 4d.iir GOth
4d a net ou1titching taffeta, Th2res.
-irjw ,, in, t str oples s with 'IAt was [ dreamed of a ba -
18.tIM& taffeta skirt Umeu
AIS' W.A. Jod s MSA W aiSt d IL ttt as headdrU of 61t wAb nh ir O ..
,s AL: *afte'. *A ?Wta tartAsrope s aetes sad ar"at
.49 : b u o t1pcf cl : r, i 1Z A W& bou.,--,quet Of ye" I.
lutenba. Sw- "a idiminif hdow gfI. She wote Cayello t Her-
gipgp-1..non mt driatv taffta and a a" C "usoma... ...
may Im diS City Ca S&1 8344 carded a bst Iet etl. ..
til t b naft d awesn The

-. as..i1e kite

M w w i:t aSay eveMa
4.'t'S ,' -^f-s* '*


ut of


r g~uer, d

Nj orth
-. c)left 1

.dl 3


rues b

C- -




Sdf Mr. UAM:
ton, and
i -

. _
,Mu .. : ;., ...-



-.*,.-'. A,-

O!W be better

SloWs by fir or
iptalt Box.

h nearest you
fen or Safety
o maty twMd

i Louis L-ee, e P 'j TNo. 2,
t O I i W_ ented te i Monday at te Cris-
ata of g~ rom. tobal Masonic Temple for a
nprIat neoptlon was held covered dish dinner at 6:15 p.m.
he Ubrs tbe bride, fol- and a ineing at 7:30 p.m.
ina t ceremony white Special gua s for the eve-
o Wtre aged to decorate ning will be the officers and
realdene. The four-tiered members of Coral Chapter No. 3,
Swask ti wlth .a minia- of Oatun.
brl -i^d groom under All members are requested to
bin -i -- bring a salad or vegetable dish.
Sh-the evening the aW Mtded Neoesy, Worthy
R and g-emm Itt for aMat- o1 otR Oal ?hn, will
ga t & SteatU Clara. at the atg ad the
pl a tum e h was a oiafl dR of Rawa Palm will
wd Whlch she exemplify the dopoes.
L whfl 1*se l eand a
cmmrrfge. I BaiF t. cum
I -.. home, after Mr. and Mrs. Colin Lawson,
S5ie. a. a -.home, tr &ve return-
Mober t t tbe home of a clar
bride. b,

^t^t tti~. by the;; Ar1~CC spent
has wbeen In
years,iserv-W'' .
and PRcii- ZSE-
l. z L the Unit-: will
W comi ng Cireular otitcait a.
u years ago. P. Tuesday at the. Club. precious cturns
Bride ofM gtarewr t bo& spoked coter
iis h wondeful
at the Mi-
Church, in New hld 1i t wa"nta 5-
yVaima Marie Ro- m Is :forya! Imyca
of Mr 2?Vd P A 2L uaaber 8, 8at ette Isyfowr a!l
toe of Oa.d the homn s b5ithbeh fabrics.
es, of GatWn,W Mearh 84p-3, Mar-garta, across "-

uir son of Mr. and f nof 953
e Wvoiliams, ow itfrbfa tW Conat ary. Genuine Maideform N
Sili f p will sudy the1 ere are md. only a the Us
r aY-wuams of Deshler, In o pi t, Ire.i States ef America.

iaim toork p 1 c a .Port Davis ... Wives There is
epember 2 at weer rut at for everytyp
o'clock with S e roast at for every t
c'ao Tumelty offleats -. Jai a tt P ......j.-.

& td ah.-.tttendig with ____
IWa4lighted tapers ",tmml i



I" '.
I.- *.

It I
! t ++:.++ I,
.: -.

C .

.rinf amRMe
g> wiu bck t the

WY S W, i o


5g for immediate delivery.
idn, KJ., or dIraeA aI*Pui "
iZone. .'

IVA, S. A.

'our PomMc Dealer
'*9 a'


ItW~ e~~:

P.ko "ta



.at -

-'' ~



* *y'



, t

* I.-



- eer1

E6ab orate 'leaf

o: ,Sis ord
V 62 s i i

.$ ''
* .

* t .,.. .'


2~reJ~3 ~~4W 'U/;haif Tw-

S. VpQEN LIMON VPE shown here is one or those esserts which
ep a be served aLftr a heavy meal. It's lilht and delleou s.
'L UiMpns froni Southern C-h- -.t0h egg beater or mixer unt.'
'l ia nd cereal from thL1 stif. abopt 10 minutes Foil
~ IpAplains combine il.o i-cooled mixture into the whip-
illeate sd unusual dessert I ped nonfat dry milk. Beat egg
ect after a heavy iinw whites until foamy throughout.
Add 1 4 cup sugpr gradually
Frozen Lemon Pir and contilne beating until stiff
(Makes 8 servings, ,wn!h will form. Fold in r.onfat
idr* milk mixtur~ and pour in-
pOne cup finely crushlid Le- to cereal-lined freezing tray
ei nuts, 14 cup butter. melt- 9p ,nkle reserved ceral over
ed, ol egg yolks. 1 4 cup sug top Set control for colder'
A dash of salt 12 tcaspoonl freezing temperature and freeze
grated lemon rind, Id co j)'unt!l firm, about 3 hours. Out
ecrion juice, 13 cup water. I:: in wedges to serve.
cup nonfat dry milk. 2 eg
Whites, 14 cup suga. Pineapple Pudding
Combine crushed cereal aii (t servings)
;tter, mixing well Reserve'
cup, of the mixture Pres, One-half cup pre-cooked rice,
ot'r and sides of freezing flat can .crushed pirreapDpl
Y-0 1q0 utomatlc refrigeratnr 16 cup. d. ined,, 1 4 tea- '
" .'.?lCom4Un? egg yolks and 14 :poon spl 4 lp nonfat dry, News l ~tr-to-arheol fashionuge samf -uphass
spprUgar In double boiler. mix- milk, 1 c4 water, I tablespoon, arre (yn abries. Weh W are raL pllel
ing thoroughly. Add sal'. len- butter, I teq'p&in vanilla, I 2 t l(left) worn WU P.h pu
S tion 'wid, and 3 tablespoons cup ralsirIs, dash of nutmeg.I li9evU lalndl .ted Jabet 'Itulml li ) iiflnew
), c~.lpnn juice; inil well Coo6'. Place rice ard undraine.I .raO"-5a $ Ut eedureY p tlm35 bl lue soade.
and ltir over boiling water un- lneapple in saucepan. Stir :. Gored iki coupled with V~ iL ^li0 4ess (rIgght).
til Ipatlre is slightly thicket.-Jkalt and nonfat dry milk pow- .. ..
ed. (Take$ about 5 nilnwites I dr Add water and mix well By PI .UGOAS, 'really takl piuniment ani
Cool. ?ace over low hCat and bring! NS4 WeWgp's Editor come badk for more twae4
lust to bolllng point. Lowe' dnim, tylon p. p), corduroy,
PQur water apd remaining ieai and lete simer for 1. NEW YORK -(NEA--Fash-Iorlon-and-1iylon "otnbinatJtnvl
tablespoon of lemoi Jqiie into minutes. Remove from hi. io, has plept; to offer the the new rayon-and-cotton cor-
deep 1-quart bowl. Surinklel tir. in butter, v'itilll and rat- back-to-school st this fall., duroy.
r o1fat dry milk powder over sins. Serve hot or cold topped Lots of fabric interest, news Pleati is the permanept
l'i t pf the liquid. .BeLt with a spLiL of nutmel. in necklines, ny dark pQl- type .or the most" pa. And
V ibed cottons, per drese, another areak in
r. little weakilt, qqil ed skirts. the or r ao,-zl n ,rea l e-
But mother wllt love the lfab- with Oilh,
rics most. There's a definite faphlon a go riht
emphasis o0 fabrics, tiat caq Into the ua machi

Put 'As is' Tag On Huby; ,aint ur St-A.rat I

Don't Worry About Faults .

~. r'* 4-.. *44

'. 'I 1A ?

---- -- -
Any wopan who has ever been to a bargalp sale knqws what i. '.
j ,rthe at "aqas mepan. .
.r ~' lteans she lny: not be getting, per p ticle 4nd so
S fJhe had better take a good, clbae 10ot to pe l la. eaill going
F b eet her eeds. If it will, then she has a bargain. asutfl ater ;
a>e, gets home, she finds imnerlecttons, are ~Mp troublesome ':
than she had imagined, she knows shbe e 't ta-e the o rtile ,
l.bac. So a qqk it fdr what it wa whn.e tept .tii*t l's is."
ar.i k too bad that when a bride meet s nd at these j h
,o alr tor the ceremony that will make thewn.maztnp nd Wife that ,
he isn't wearing an "ap is" tag, too. ,
If he were, perhaps, his romantic bride would See him mIore
icearly, and realize she was not gettipg a perfect husban u but a
a she must take for better or .jorsp just as he w*l. t
Shae might also see that ItrQouldt d9 arn itj:Ia to try to i .
maqe a perfect husband out Q the man sheis that t 'k.
he would always be jubt~t, elf. 'And itf,-i.4 tnl she came to
i agnify the faults she knew were therp ,bt tnce thought were .
unimportant she couldn't just say: 'Tf,'iba Isn't perfect"
r nd:un to the divorce coy~ts, for "justice."i
0 *4 Woen might be bett sa tisfipd wit Ather, husbands and
'might buckle down to make better wives' f thet would only-at
Sina rtage accept their husbands "as is."
For the unhappiness comes in resenting, a man's imperfec-
tiops, in deciding that his phortcoming are more important than
"""hid Wife. supposed, 4td in struggling to change him.
.,4 F or b rids of t l$s year or any ygar: Put a mental "at is" sign
V :r.huqsband, and qutt worrying about what he isn't.

y f 0 -, wipt ta .s "s
--,n r .lrgi-wM4 ee11 I .rt 0l11.
-o l ldee n

NEW YORK' -(NEA)- Ho eeral limits of-the current mode. i r bra .
hem! Where's your hemline The current mode today Is, iLitsl Ihu 4 Ntr
right now? Wherever it may from. 13 to 14 1,2 inches trotr. la d ar er ..
that it will stay right about the floor. From. that point un.' Jhde kor bighaihl Par. -on
ttR.. "Now that the first aw-!let your mirror be your guide."I -"---. "-:
I. 'lt*isgt about short skirts is; J #ppb plpert: "I think all
oer, lr. Dior .hilself has an- this talk about. hemline is of i' By ALICIA HART, achieves
picd that it was il aM & pe track of fashion. The Im-I NEA Beauty Editor one-colp
dtp*tanding. In fact, he says.: Il ant thing is-what sues on roy p
:,. shiortest ,skirt in my above the hemline anJ there Ii you haven't found a li~ie gests
tjnr, colection measures 1. are slgrificant changes this of comatics that pleases you its mul
n A "tncl from tlte floor. V.- season throughout the silhouette tIo the nth degree, you might its atl
Sf shorter skirts measus- I do not think that there will a Interested in considering the wasbe4
ghes from the floor. Report ever be violent changes in the treatmrent and make-up pro- At this
io jrtr skirts measuring 1'' length of skirts ip this cour- ducts of a three-generations- gest th
18 ches are grossly ex- try." ,ld French firm.n as an
Reaffirm my constant be- Ceil Chapmasn: "I shortened, The firm believes in the you're.
lti that the proper length for. ny skirts two inches for al 'two-tone Idea. You don't wear cream i
a skirt in our epoch is the:They were formerly 12 inch. '.ust one shade of foundatlon,'more
o. ost becoming mid-calf point from the floor and now av. you wear two. And you wer: while: I
S the Iqdividual woman's erage 14. I think for the preo two shades of lipstick, a light Use
I ,l* a -4 that the most sent this is short enough." shade over a dark. You wear this il
height should be mea- lep .Zuckerman: "I showedi'a thin spid sheen over your 4arker
Sby ,;the eye rather than skirts at 14 inches from thc green eye-shadow or a silver spP, r
S.ttfu : ficlor, which I believe is aver. sheen ovpr your blue Blue done, 1
gt Il? age correct proportion for a mascara trlhtens the tips of brings
We wen t around and asked sllm skirt. I maintain, however your brown-tinted lashes or of youth
g "ia -t9p. New York deag ners that a woman, should adjust Itsr violet mascara on the tipj pleaaing
they felt about 1.linej her hemlife to her own mo-istof black-tinted lashes. In the.
a'Mt oDet- a 4te, tW I becoming length as she looks blet4
i l w 1ho r thing. ~L 1tE in the alrror. i ror the cpnveyience of two, Cream
a on:&,..' tone fans, this firm has pack- 14
Jane Derby: "I believe in Harvey Berin: "I believe titatZged foundation, eye sabdow -f
Sroportip as the udlng ruao skirts are gradually gettilpgand masara itwo-tR ase .
in the tlaDth of irrts. It the sbhprtor. but a change of one One half of yr t w
walstllne is high, the skirt pch per season i normal and o1 cream make flletid Pt
hol4 be on th short sidte IPt m e tc would nwt a natural rpe whble t whi t
of aidd-calf. If the twatline is tq attractve."; other halt ci a creai4 pueCSL,
low .de noral, mid- is oor-| 14ly Daeie: "The trend l1 beige. skin t
e. Full skirts must neces- toward ai~re xat ment at the shades'
*1ly be a touch longer than jtop of'. ., llhoumtte. There- ,Thee Ig re Otr comii- ton ti
skirts because# they afe fore, I believe briefer skirts are nati t H fW P r eLa
Porn over pettledats a ndIndic ted. When an important ek m iasn Ipeid i brash
lo k too qhoit If mea- t lner lead a trend, he tis is d4.dt way wth a b
to be a strict distance i to o i sa drastically."- lctS e
ftris: "I don't thlnk l. Ie ey df 5e e Sanfe : '"I 1a r- a lg l
Women will be sheep hbellew that 13 inches from
an yto,'uAi srun t m rir to iAort enough for
a n s or any ot-l whiter cost. i. a o Toe
of fashion. I think'ls tall, &he cau dp the i U M-ne Is si0) co40metl
this country have l:ne and 0 e i i 'sort. totSve d.h o' your
efth cortr Ila aH All rtg iv e scon derth atyour
.;l M .. Individual can raise It. put the vaiatwig eLt g i .' ette I1e
6aiS sir whee houl d t a ew Ma m n ua m' e to te wte.
b t wrthhs the pen- Ith eltier wyt SIe t a
"Oo'" "- :---' -- .

.# .

the ite of "i
-u technlqui
ahis firm !
cleansils Y
je. fQlloqw*
tepid wp
tfe makers s
lotioin )
for a tiu
K It, they i
Fxe-up sn
'&4d0 smobt

.. -- ,_ --...

*.,~. :5..



vl 4
;; i; L

I, 1ir


"v '.,.


I ~ ~_~~~________ ~~ _

= __

- I~- ...... t.k ... .. ... .--


C ___ ___ ______


.~r.-'nc~ t '"




S -. r' '.

C': i
I '


:-;,r:- ... I

Teml i hmowr Per
Tel. 3-846i
- "..-.

*r ~ A

, apf a opir


4 ofboqkee

V it' abknlt twp yetrs it she
worr Viwt"b pany the proved to be arr oetrme*-
I1 i p th .h Ing of tha funds of
V.i. a tive in hmr work and
w.lse y .di l.hnon td got aliiJr with every.

To. *.ed s

b Pwf-tha*ir :' Ok at i.

.. *

*UI I'J ',""T .'...' r,-Ls", *."."'"."^ i..

.w..". .
sta Qoutmi)nt. Nholdaef Natl &
diAli fromlk'* UAWk h t of Pan-
W.d nd4d IL.s eap
.iCd kwd xport
Or ifast ker. knaa" how 10
ilitirapd adding maohines

S. -'

* 4'* .- .1.,


, was In our mplO. f r

~EI,.1I44 -


p-gu 4~b~


* I..' ,

<'*4'4 '*.

* 1*I~


'- :

it.iwtkdeep regret but with 9 knowledge of our dwbt our 0h)iyes
we asubit iJfolowing Adverti tt The foIl list of employs have
bee-stts dig in their loyoatyki terest in the saqrg yer welfare, n4d ac-

S"ityr o include an individual does not indices that oth#t of our large
ft~ ~ws are not wortyf i Ililar r6t is ne an

pibly to giv l ,te by t for
\ aur i but w wewil ly ref '.t e mpliyes

S W. E. Porhe ..roa Mao:

SBolivia ,Itm- .
Secretary of and

I-n.bth Eng. SPECIAL SKi
t exact Graduated Secrettant it Pan-A-
Sand morican Institi~ In 1 Ind n~ sl prapher
1ir the and typist in bMIr Mp Ka wa how
aur. NAtion- to operate aloulating, Addif and duplicating ma-

S For a period -of over i ya4 tnder our employ,
s*h demonstrated to. be a v a i eflent employs with
a keen sense of responsibility and devotion to her
Tel. 2-3229

Elvia L Drmoi
AhutM i h PoyMoI D PartMatt
sEraduatod l the Pana m A*heol in 19i0. Ver
god typlt ahid is oxperlinod i the working with
e4io r ,r. a adding machine and dupblicating ms-

O urg tih ti~ie the has been here ohs ha.
bpn vry offlicint and responsible In the handling of
lHI wrqik.

*r .*' .. .- '
. -

Shis sOnYil y highly beeaus
"- .4.l eiyLtr honesty pd #od bWvieu,.

;;; ; i" '

.. '?I a a an with

p wrkmanship to rm1nd him

gtR. Mana
, a Dpartnit o.rm
I as Mens a s killed ma*6n qbiA good carpen-
.t. diMdds ho has great capacity tI manage work.
n .. iasonneI. ... .
2.aroI9tfonwnd Mr. 140 1.workmarmip & W.nI4 1 N 10 best guar.
om f his pe rn.

SMr. Chani, bemamt InFlprt in tbh different
twerque of e de-f w' eonlider the fact
MM't" worked in tshCii tM :lhe fastory for a
S .*of 4our ars. .
viy hl"hy ro" nMr. Chang's service
.a bin efiwe fI .hat

t toal Intitut s f ahe
f w'..seountiog an ..
Uoh. p l. .. > .




I-amn I
F. aamimtmt

btDUit uel wJl haa
ngoT d penman, ni t
IpTr. kjqja .i.w to
i. aeBIpo



j .1
1k ,
4- 4
1 '

,1, 1A .,

4 I,
* .'

l a

S '

"" .*'.. "

Eduardo J. MartineUi
Sudatodadt t of Maitol

Direction of ololtrioi, ie
and water maintenance as
wtlo in installation at hMw
building ropaire and cans
,itoen of Plant und SanitatibI
n. d Preovntative maintenance

- kiciAL

qnd operator of
" movingg. Mod
k* *


.7a&. ;;;

Absolutely honet, very loyal to employ.
or, loyalty includes wiiingnsee to Wark iny
and all hours in matters teouahing n We
being of factory, emorgpney or etherwei
sober, industrious worker who g etoq
very well both with management and N
Tel. 3-4247


C"' ~''

I -.


.1 -




.r, r
r r

a ', oo. .,
..t \; .," ,,

Stoehnloal n rok-.


I d;

i A
Dario Cerrmd
Foreua in dchane of the
Slale Ply Deartmmot
He worked as single ply operator upon h entrj
to tMI company and later, because of his honrty and
Willlngnr( s to work, was gien the opportunity to
bsooma foreman of the Single Ply Deparbm
His honesty and ability to work make this in,
dividual highly recommendable.

Joaeph K. Sinclair
Dryer Fmoean
Mr. Sinolair has a vast experience In the dry-
ing of all woods. Among his other duties h as l1
charip of the control of the kilna.\
hlhg tMr. 'ineair. a very digent
oriMos empl y a re pl A i ae
very highly.

Ei000Obr"tni -/ "
Jamn Dryr frr '
GWg.LKU.Lst w
Mr. O orgn Ias. a vas spiprtmwe agdHg
I in the different branchess of bmUina. .% i0ehu i "
vamc. knowledge of accounting. .
Mr. OMbre6T services have been very v J.16 *
to this firm. Consequently, we take pleaur,
seommening him vory highly.

Andris Frauceshi
Fefwa of the Latd Departmnt
He was in oharn of cutting and cleaning th
legs. The dryer department was also undeIr hi r
Mr. Franosehi's servloe wore highly esmaml
by th! managment of this oempany and t rH
mend him abenln very comptent and honest As
working foreman he is capable of getting high atSr .
of proedetlon from his workers.

JeOA FrCadsco Molina
LaIH. W ter ; I
Mr. Meiha is a skilled operator of heavy equip
month. MH aleo moews some carpentry. .
Mr. Molina was a capable, honest and etrp
employee. Hie service would be an ~etot to IM7 oo
pOny. We ar pleased to recommend hm. ,.

(lifford McFarlane
Log Ywd Ftr"MA
Mr. MoFartane has boon, for a lone tn in th
banana businooe and has a vset eapoO" in I
urchae and selection of bananas. e
hi Xpooeo in timekeeping and btm k ,iiu.M.
MeParhn s e completely bilingual.
We recomnnnd Mr. MoFarlane at a a-y *We
eit, serious, loyal and honest man. Thae e *.
tion he has upid our firm with has been
deeply appr" lad.

S. GAn ote nt

tsfeaxsttO Du.wmoo Anmaf
aMlM ,,lcf! upsleN
T1 4'.

" ik'

':- ll:L, I. :. ,
..'- *) ? C
-% -'- ''" "/ '_ IL

r '

, '; I

_.i ., -. ..- ,

Q'r "


w- .

'W 1

,o' s ,.

S via ex
44Wi sd O


ou Sell' em... Whi You Telle tr P.
Lear e your Ad with one of our Agents or our iofices in No. 57 "H" Sire-er-
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Colon

No. 4 ri"olJ Ave.-Phone 1-2291. and

Fourth of Juiv Ave -Phone 2-0441


Via Espa a No 34 Panamd R. P.
(BeSa Vista Tbhetre Md.)

Agencia Internaciondi de PuMicaclone
No. 3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2-3199

10.059 Mel]ndf Av.--.hoPte 255. Col6n

"H" Stree aeo t.
Phona 2-2

Household Automobiles Do" e a ho v e Iips.I Oceansi3de iOtt u r
Wrf"abaft iAe A A em Ban Clar, Box 435.-Balboa.
FOP S-~AE "-'gl-h ch" r FOR SALE --551 Ford Excellent 2031 As C Z. Panoam 3-1877. Cristobol 3-1
Ti.c,cle S7.0. ',iud,o Pion' S-r C':i)' r '8C Morrison, St. D-o-
Gi,,Tele h7.on. Bodolbo P'- I blo C .. 5 DR. WENDEHAKE. Medical Clinic. Houses n beoch. Santa Cloae.
:"O Tele--hneBdroco, -er tn- b. -L- -.r a cn-. Central Avenue "K" St. corn, in COOL ampon mat
FOR SALE .-Bdroc. .er t.. beds FOr SALE -1952 Por.rac 8 coln- Telephone 2-3479. Panama Phone $NLANI, Bolboo I ..
corp4f wt h B ea ,rr ner der Ca o ,- draomati, radio or sw caretaker there.
.sor. a i Ire .4e. cle' r... underlleC ter,.itedTo MIAMI & NE.W YORK va AEREA 's.Cotges. One oel.-
ia old n,h ra ble. .All rn becu.t, gla*; frgght' spo tighteotei. Boeing 4-engine planes. Onel-way FOse'. Cottage. OP e mas e b eft
S pe'ct -o '.- I c.yr e.. i) 5 -O 29 000 rrmiles, to Miarrmi; $70.00 Round Trip Sgta Clara. Please brB t"
i..919uCO Aoet c,' Hue 139 amboo 6- P$12600. One-way to New ork linens. Phone Balboa 2-t8Sw....
a .$31i 000 So F 9T. 5 I C3 $I 14 00 cund-trip $214 00. See WILLIAMS' Santa Clara
d3at.8 Tl 00 .n r 18 o 9>h. (.0:----.4TTSi-n PANAMA DISPATCH SERVICE toget. Large. comfortable.
No. 2 *.Tel 8FOR SALE 19il3 Hlman Marx te!ephcne 21655. near beach. Balboa 3050
FOR SIlU: Leav.ig Aparime' r con.ert,Ie Onk 2 000 mIe;.s --
ni C: 00 c .;C e- NOTICT Getun cG. l.ubl u -bqau weekends.
.n*,~e J F.A ,ri : .- cl T r oie, 146-A A Al- ty shop will be closed II Septem- Gramlich Santa Clanou uech-cct-
.. u.r .- ber 1953 and be re-opene on 18 roges. Electric iceboxes, gas stones
FO, Lr _.EL ,- .., a. ;.:. -- November 1953 tor*ppointments moderate rates. Telephone 4-441|
-a (o. ,nc, r. r. i r 4A. ,- '3I-r o le 19i19 H.dro- only. Mrs Ullt Hart. Pop. Gamboa; 4-567. Pedro Miguel.
cr e ( ini I cjr r i .z._.h S Gi ood .
iit I-l%" ce r U.o' FOR SALE FOR RENT
ta rR .i)'.., r .. c isceJneou s HOue i
FO R SA LE 'Sp:rr De Lu. All. r~er 19 -.--- -- *i .. ..
R i ,lho., x.llert cc,,d.c.r,. it FO, SALE -1952 Chevrolet 4-dol r FOR RENT: Unfurnished three
"'1 al Enlalpe r ,F..n C.n rndu l :4 -wh':e ,,idewoal t.res, rodio. dut moln bedrcom houe, two both-
fe. -. 'r -4 c n. poaid. 7 O00 miles. Phone Panama room&, gas st i water
i-' C R' -.. f pd-r -A -r- .202 5. heierr n p'' t r.. ile
n *. -,d- .:'-'j -C.e ,- KFr: 'ALE 0 TRADE 9. -4 ,rlo -t argf
C.; Hr'. Ce Lu>e heroler Sedar E Ocel. FR SALE -- Karens. 4 months ofar H '- loi
r r --. -." "-'- lert Cr, J l.o Radio. seat covers hcu.e trained. playful. 615-B, An- ll Z ta 2.
i O cash or, .d 75i mcnih,, W, I acceptD -10 42 trade aend cn Boulevrd. Tel. 2-1890.
.: Hinu! ic ItEll TTral 12. C0 balance .o Jl.;00 00 Duty pod FOR SALE --:G to 200 discount FOR R T
S00. PATrL.ON --~.; Pcnomac .-.79 after 4 00 ,i l,, lCairorara Marble headstone.
F .ALE--orgono Becch Fr.oia FOR ALE I2 Plymorth Sta ton cnly thts r-h. and special granite Aa
- aMq- -o rg e e h. ra.CL W-gcr. ouled,. porbTed me- re tr Mt Pice and Co ero Ml. Modern 2. 4 nd 5 room, furnis
.'-o,. 4P"Mh gP,',e rc Koebe 'Pcond n anama -Phone 2-261 6 apartmenished. C. ll wt Alh- bras.

nt c' a L 74 10 I OFFERS ONE LOCOMOTIVE Telephone 186.
FC. .--Lct '' R-, -Ab o. to r O; SALE -1-tudebaker C harocnFOR SALE. ChickensE F3 five ha d p rtmen,
te 4IC, rl c C r51 c m rr Or, E llr. roerdr', rn( S 295ea00 y ered lsra- hs old and 58, e eight monthscou s 27
S-. .., m.n 1a.-d nl r r,:, hearer, 7fro seaol old New Hampshire. chckden lav- ALHAMBRA APAITMNTSe.
f S -E.-eu .ul -... grer,. ex cerle -cond-t-on ouil 4--674 8 to19 or unfumshed. Call at Alhambra's
F C.-' cl .--- W l I La.7 .- tre ,anced Call Pedro Mguel PANAMA CANAL COMPANY Office 8061, lOth Street, Colon.
,b'e 'nCt .;c'-_ ,eoarv. MeI. n L .-- 4 to NOFFERS ONE LOCOMOTIVE Telephone 1386.
ter:." -n. .'bcoC. c ona FOR ALE-19-l oe ck d SALEehoud. FOR RENT .-Furnished apartment,
ce m F.'Iddc- man3. Tl Pan- up F n aLE .oIon. ,7 Moga Bbo. Ic ne 20-Son locomoSe nP, od Sret
S r 2 Rcd ue. Bel bo2r.t a Iro np ccrnetorn $29500 le d i. lor opening In pu Balboa No. 1. T elephone 3. 2
'-- -.0 o'r-B. Far Far, Phone Navy 3742 vl brehos e.: Iv.Id un ni 1 30 8 m 48th Street: Tell. 3-806
F C j _3 Fb e u t lu l "C'O 0 m e l e ,' .. i Altt, n i, 19 5 3 I n lh ee oll e :

F. t bl $ 0 r nh.r WANTED be obtanea from the above -ource mi. Begirng November 15,
k.FcnFtR PALEe l or rom the ofce of Super inlendem nFiceTy furnished op urnnen living.
,u,2 ektche tb.350, hard- IC eellan"o" or Storehousesn, telephone 2-1815. edroo., 2 bedrooms, econth, lree,

.wood workbench $10.00, skirr type Embassy Secrelary desires furnished L ESSO N roem and bsth og np lnfoidr-
pdre. aled $1 o0. T867 Pan cln.d T'l0,on. '7 Morga DBbo Icr cne 20 -ionF' t- e ue. 4-6o o P74 from 8

. AOe ---- .. .. C,-*,Oe.oo tI- PROF. FRANZ MANFREDI: -Mo,, 12 p. m. _ne-
FOR MLE--All porcelain rU ALCber'American Guild of Organist! FOR RENT: Vacetion quortgr. I
refrator, 9 cu. ft. w.h one Member Italian Phlharmon, i Sept ath o Nov sr. 0433-A
Seasold-unit, 1 HP. ad 1-2 H Boats & M s Academy.o Oran, P maVoice R ARonTn el. 2i329 s,

ec c cks all 25 e. 86 FOR SALECushn ooter mod- Elecro-magnetc control dur- FOR REN-Modern oparmnt, one
O.r s.p'. 0:k orchenr WANTED be obta~nea fiom the above source ami. Beginning November I1,
ith 40. bktche'1200 newhn cai I or from iite office of Superintendent nicely furnished oporihnent. living.

AM n Ave Bca3lbiat 5 '0 l od 1 Misce1 aneous Ing the lesson. Orn prctce t2-1815- bedroomng bedrooms, bth, large
A BoalboaBtion. Pedro Miguoi 4-674 from

Fab.E $-5 hBalrd _twofam __ cl_-es_ a__olable. i hvnte lessons In Prros a .68 I '
A alb.or S- re....E PROF. FRANZ MANFREDI: Mem- to 12 p. m.

FO nt buIrL- t-h prcloncree FOR SALEb-ushn Eale mo mv o or t puild home. No. ist RENT: -Va quo

Ura ton. mn rod. Pueblo bke e ne th wndshield 44th 4h Street (Bell Viai. NT
Nreir hou, 43 a r 4 84-5291 or see at 607-A F. Alhrmrtment No. 5. Corner UrrNovt. 0433-A,
yea olunt, HP. Kobboe.a PolrkrAcdemy." Organ,e 3-4253, Pianoo no ReOOmr

2- 3 or 6-236 ble foroerd Loest 1.ccordon. New Amen m .
c c.ks, all 25 cycle. 86 FOR SALE:-Cushman scooter mod- "th Elecrro-magnet;c control dur- I

Rse Cross Omers D'PIabS HTOLEWDO, O. UP) -Whyy .
n Ave. Balboa 64. gco thieves get o$ the beaten track n
and take son. Oran practice od- bedroom, rge. Vi esari

dtR ssha s Io a olend o- Ra I

RA nursing course to clipped his fellow man. H a Ihouses Bible and seat handle no BPro Thls I
l! CPO et_ barlaing, %two fmic FOR SALE--Cushmsi, E4gle, motp mviStudio or at pupil's hore. No.

o tion thn is m lnrod. Puebo 1e bike, like newr w windshi eldrom automobil46th Street Vsta.
u 43 er 4 84-591 o r see at 607-A Ft. Apdartent No. 5. Corner Urr ca l

"^31KSW ^uae a CrsIB^B h e l a loP es"e tS~woae fnor a convertible car top to eet pst a str ehor t
Ct ; S w'Tlld.W 9 30d edo er the culork AB ho swiptd B al eo vtatbe serE1
i3n TenKobbe. Park. Telephone 3-4253, the Panama o s
Sa rises on hi bt National Soinrnrs aFO RrENT-Furnishd room to sinle

F U Barber oEndbl0 to.23s Ieep Dpvsn hor mntied ouple,
_T & FOUND Her be T- chlarsh. i Sn Franciso. Tel. 3-
LOST NOne while hound with lver,_147.

To ingSept 20 .bendine barbersnO." he said "If eHewill enter the smina la-
,spos, name Ro cky." Cale te tht P z eving o

Ato Ycific Club v 1e mlery' Put zl TeO PIcAL e:m .:.,1.;*?.
Ap 3ari n a vocal recital at eair cut. Of b f M
S iD_ ._b. TOLEDO. o (U P)"-W Farewell Srvke

the e1fic Clubh e e. at Although Havens m s putti lr ieve get off the beaten track a
3 o' l be Mrs. Amabel M he clippers and comb awa nd take to spells of steali hng .

ooratra sorao of fsphin. ine and babl police puzzled. i
I g s ROCHESTER,. wY. .oeP One Sunday police saidpr they F .. .
Nu i Course For 62 years. M eort Havens has had 'reports of a stolen doe- T ,r*

I nursing course. to clipped h s fellow man. He's a house. Bible and seat handflet M wfl IMIS r y
la- t moth is being offer. barber and here s what he from a '37 automobile. A uni ri.e w ll e hd

A a a ~~tl ber whose hair he has been cut-wl.bhed s
-s J i ian Red Cros claim- .t l in f -.t to at t. Pyrs curc, La

I c'f( ;fh-r *formanee. I .. ..----------ig or, er"er -
f. eqver the, It'&hr t the Most iabli busi- sid. the thief who took theBi Thuhdar i h ,t for HerBetl

.wl repeat her, That's His Story A bau l$tiful car of your -.
., .terpresn Moore, w o w will leave sho vrt lyt
S, rle Ou when Jhn Kayserp, J s en- convertible car top to et study the m y.
r other compo- wa drvn 50 s f and the clorit who swiped te
In -ed t h er len &S T a eat handle. replaced eil a al ,
Care In Spe- al v r tr pin after remvig Iv Archdeacon L l B. Shirley.
i1,Home Emergen- Havens, son or ,r,, .A --rc The ac Tohn MeDuffle wirl

fI-r hi etirent "b eeserving over a

teDrofesorc of mu- Charles C. Sabnaerol. -a a la-ee,
S a 4 p. at the Morts first customer was a o- Georre W oethals'
Ir 4ddn p c. asetp r whoC a. onoripaU r.--s church aehoeol.
SChaper gilding a l saloonkeeper who ked fr of 7 today announcedteachtra v. parih treaurer I
llw 0exet heten 10-cent,- s.ab I kueting fni, Wednesday at the has also -reph ted, thepari-
AthHd He told me. 'Dol, be rierv M hmok AFB Of ficers Club at as delegate $ several convoca-
Cl eldfr : -- 930kid.' and I was O ll t "Io o vnvo 93oov i
T.1:30 a.m on Tuesday until I gol down around the -o haptrNo 3 nf te tu a iet
dav mornings. The irst chin." Havens recalled. "H ha d 'Panama Chapter No 35 nf the Moor eptes
awill be held on Oct. 6 and bristles on him ll te'a broom. but National-Sointlrner ha.s called tulant for the piGoodeby
the fI.a class on Oct. 23. I got them all off all right." meeting for Wednesday SeptemW- Bleop R~d.H. toode%,.who .
___________- I Havens credits his .success as a ber 16. reconMlty Scho to the Cyoilj' ,
,I barber to the ability to k(Dvnt hMoeepfe C-
Soefopo laule nevel bled Ine t e lege at Gambler, Ohio, for a
Hw t never believed in this ear-ehscholarship.r.
To ing Sept. 20 bending barbering." he said "if He will enter the sam tI,= t
f a uv wanted t ot I Ulked.O ter this m on U leaving T u-
At .cif ic Club u eer open oo .t, PC Lncompl etion @.,
aI fc lot my ete. Some just want their lastingCAL 0 9 I .yaars. MIere
A hearing In a vocal recital at hair cut."lTOgICS f. aMme
the fie Clubhouse Sept. 20 at Although Havens i Putting, will return hereoI assignment,
)%,11k1,J be Mrs. Amabel M the clippers and comb away for' following his
I tis being spoAsOred by. ty. he .sald-he'll probably see the,
Ia /ub'..., .too of a few more beads. at leastI 71 D 2-2086 I




S F ,.


a a Y
270 Central. Aew.
30. '.s 1
Tel. 3.0140 .
I -

-~-'*: ^ ;

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*. .'


. ', 'I I ka i : ,.
INK '-- + m.. smm."

- 'e: Ci U.

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r r..

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*II.~ JY~




'hi' ~

T h"-. h.e -l*. n *iz .-l ,. *-
I-t :nI + .... .. ... -" '- "

,RI^._..-'i,, y i t;,, i .lLINOOLN Convertlb. eupe Radio, i ~r
*i* hlw nal.Cl-cWidowt LIIrI Whuti a*d "
4gn *B I red plawUortk et~s. Omutmtlndlng bt
people who lai dirttnatlon ad IC-m rt..


o" O.,
-liffd^E 'ftfli ,' -'* Il ""
Smatte and 'perbI .;

.O "',. .,%'lb LMaI ..t'' .', 1-


I, IN mk.

'. .. -... ,., ~ f. &" g f
'. .. ',. -. ,r
ii' :. "., ;;
"" ^" '%= ?"'2
*, = .-._ -,i ..

* -- '.

-C 4-,21~1 Af Li rr,! 1-~ l\


FPr vour voetion vIt oura
Sha Ronm at
4aemn bw Nma. Tel, e-i

jr. -~


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.. ..



I: r_~k
'" ~-~-~'
d ul



~Fg~ ~ij~


rUi L~m'r'-3:~;tL~E ~ Ct r



a .

-J .- -O
_- o --
CH1MCAO, Sept. 5 (UP) -- American parent
f teacn teoahrar e. worried about the inoreajng amount. I
W" ch"tl: hA dren spend watching televiioA, eberdftrg.
.Nortwestern University expert.
r~se* parents and teachers are seeking ways tP ..
nl.e sdhM to eleot better program s.d lewp I
d dUbbed Wb tini for reading, said Dr. Paul Witty.
ntduc- r. Witt,, profPssor of education and director of tre
N 4 ..r(ty'0 Ia p-gducationajl linic, has .rt m
,, mthl" anwt Iual fudy of telvision's influe ie on h.h

L"kW B7eiitra b ie id, asked far mqr pI'mtM
to s 'oF' hldren...

'1r-. nw vorv.4 *tlwrs a freek rolE c Trcur st4 i
.i...te un- viwewl eylnwe to an klndergartqe Iu ..arM,
' UeMder hours a week InO. M ih dy. .
Sl .Will school student watch TV 17 t eacher favpM a
uc i 4 hours o a Wek nueppred to 14 rent events. -mue,t
S hours three yesrA ago. 2_tQry andlitEt w--j

.1.U.- .- sent watci t l-l, U lo .-".... tr...
"Influence, reading and st T"he puEt
wqp. s--flWy 1 a hablabiapovo l' d candcausa osffred mupt
u~ t r ebYl oungsters to read- less and adent.
a;S h'l oWl rtsria of inferior mr, d"rpa, W a
no A dtful Tvalue." e. Bnew at '
S-" ar er," he Said. "some ip fnyaord
SNOaWI"" reats rand teaohers believe nS d
that esc save Interest In TV fav"Isb A C
N'..t ssy AM o te chld par.
t~in r et lray'e i He said wItey Ubot
S^ t t n dr ele boys and f M Ir
.! Stb,'Jnr' l 5* Witty's obser~ations resulted WIrufities fo#
S rt m h by. .m s atud of the TV habits I en tles a ae ad-
ar at "o fof 3.000e elementary and h oPare, hha
uel ehi a erap e ph pQatl and theO r oare nts geet effective Tways ~
omd Plit, ice's dis, n l tee erin te Chica go It ie s fa t
tUnuMbed bajet pct o thrsonalie,
Charles Vidor diret roundir nty t pro w tr cent of the a ,,
nd1ujh P-s ers should discuss In
: retale yI W *er L f r thiae t r lgt books with children ad
prfectiop q ery de-. nmatel rmUat ip %r unes9. relate favorite TV IKWI b

Afore Tr y ous mentary sheool read less now aTURGIS M oi. .UP
than before televirlon, and Mrs. Itichard Ku
R L Many akd for more edeuS- u re their 18-pmUnd
J CAo- eFor Tnal prTorar and the reasf trout didn't et ai'ay.
e k of 0ar entlatin mol cchildren'souple hooked the same
i. Is^ 3 'Urograms at faworlble evening the same time at 5phu t, k
ur !AA *Ad hours when televiewing is at It: iLh.
'iPtrinss pru'haltr- and 0 .' peak.
hParents asked tor fewer
61ada -murder, wegter., crine. mvs-
tery and horror stories, but
f~or. 114b SO, $=itative casting Wsre
"-.V. .]nm t.three days of try- Pan=
to a Panam Area. Committee mem-
r; i f r bern of othe h are's
t01 _ai-a etel eoordnatenu ll IUSARCAtI II
ha ma d.Special 'Uernios to set up dates
,e s Ie I. Beesefor various theaters, but no of-
I 14WWO. fld ih- cial 'sneuleekmemt has been,

]!*. of. the And'.
,' o humuz.,,.f


Vie s'tp ave PONTIACS wiah RYBIti.
tMATIC available for immediate i deI~e r
in Hackemack, N.J,, or direct shipmet
t tohe Gistl me.

S..,. VA, S. A

Your Po.tiwc Dealer

ad o a tar Wa"t. Io

at -^ &

won BB?- '

*V .A lU. I
EaUs Mr
iLom lo T



in th
a and
No. .,




m. a

Paul L

!. A 'i II
|* < ** /1

l:W, s:10, 5:6, 1T:0. p.m.
The new tlppity- musical


var asst SNAC asP a
E*bin1e! V5, 3:15 p*q

LUX aTri;a

"F 0RT T
Polus: *
The Three blteqe,-
Two ee a ,t m _Sls..


~iPCkT Id~~~


;3 C*PiTieU
amirs u

I~ -- r

Alu Lu Ma


,5u UIn
i UsL .

- 1- r -- ... --
"' '
I' ~
t ;.

~sa*- ~

thel VI

,.~--r~i f74~
;:ri~~ ~


.* 4i-cteas t;-

4*1 3ta
Gors Ai R

I" li~i
i r ..--r ';





Win Pon, Agate bwtl

-0- I

ILabor Day Handicap

: For Class 'A' Monday
Today's featured $650 six-and-one-half furlong
S Class "C" sprint race.shapes up on papelt as a two-
horse duel between Don Antonio Anguizola's Agate
and the Stud La Giralda's Pin Pon.
S Agate with Virgllio "Squinty"I Florera's $13.20 to win In the
S Castillo slated to do the riding." seventh race was the best
goes in a triple entry along with straight dividend.
-: Hariley Lass IVictor Rodrlgueze The dividends.
* and Newminster IVicente Orte-,
S Pin Pon should improve under
the handling of jockey Ruben l-Fru Fru $7.80. 3.80. 3.60
Vasquez. 2-Regla $3.40. 2.60
13-Volador $3.20
S The field will be rounded out!
S by Sanluqueno iJohn Cadogan.l SECOND RACE
Quo Vadls iLorenzo Rodriguez!
Jarai and Piropo II (Blas Agul- --English Mary $10.60, 4.60
rre~. Piropo II. although at a 2-In Time $2.80
disadvantage because of thel First Double: (Fru-Fru- En-
t short distance, is rated the most glish Mary) $34.40.
dangerous possible upsetter of'
this trio. I THIRD RACE
Recently. Quo Vadis and San-
luqueno have beer performing l-Riqui tExcluded from bet-
poorly. ting i. -
.2-Mariln $7. 3.40
bn other hard-to-pick races 3-Yoslklto $2.60
grW also included on the pro-1 One-Two: (Marilu-Yosiklto)
gram. $17.40.
A special race program, fea- FOURTH RACE
turning the $1.000 Labor Day
Handicap for Class "A" horses. 1-Piel Canela $4.20. 2.60, 2.20
Swill be held tomorrow at Juan 2-Pedestal $4.40, 3.60
Franco. 3-La Chula $3.
Quiniela: (Piel Canela-Pe-
The Goyonder-Coynes Edgar destall S.26.
Sentry, which disappointed in
J,~eLr last classic try, shape up FIFTH RACE
as the probable mutuels choices.
The handicap will be the l-Golden Fan $12.80, 4.20, 2.40
tenth race of the program and 2-Valaria $3.60, 2.20
will be run over seven furlongs. 3-Biscaya $2.20
The scheduled starter. jockeys, SIXTH RACE
post positions and weights: --Casa Buena $5, 4.20, 3
o r2-Alabarda $5.80, 4
r- C. Edgar (1) A. Ubldla 106I 3-Plnta $10.
2-Goyondor (2) J. Bravo 118
-King's P. (3) R. Vas. 108 SEVENTH RACE
4--Mlinatoats (4) 0. Castl. 114
5--Amorio (5) B. Agulrre 116 1-Florera $13.20. 6.40, 4.80
2-Bedlam $4.80, 2.80
Testerdav afternoon Plo de 3-Clpayo $5.40.
-los Casare- hard-running Cu- Second Double: (Casa Bue-
Sbar-bred six-year-old boy mare na-Florera) 551.40.
Sby This England-Flood Mark
Sfaoed to a three-length victory EIGHTH RACE
over mud-loving Homeland in
the featu-ed $750 Class "B" 1-Chucunaque $8. 5.40, 2.80
Wlue lallop 2-Dallda P $3.86 2.00
3-La Chata $2.2
Anglia. a heavily backed sec- Qulnlela (Chueunaque-Da-
ond choice In the mutuels,. re- lida P) $21.60.
turned $6.40. $3.20 and $2.60.
Royal Alllgator, the big favorite NINTH RACE
Sthe betting, wound uD a poor
h after battling for the 1-Jaaulma7o $6.60. 5.20, 3.80
for th!ee-quarters the dis- 2-Vallev River $4.40, 4
S i.ce. 3-Numbers $4.
One-Two-" .Taqulmao-Val-
Tanger broke on top with ley River) $41.60.
homeland and Royal Alligator
resting for the lead during the TENTH RACE
rat half of the race. Some
ree furlongs out, Angle hit 1-Analin $6.40. ~.20. 2.60
.r stride and rushed past the 2-Homeland $'.in 3.60
entire field then breezed home 3-Postinovich $3.20.
easy winner. Homeland held
game' to make the place ELEVENT RACE
Postinovich, another early 1--P anho. alcato (e $3.80,
Wl'.'r. caine up fast but late to s2.20. 3.80.
Rrab third money. 2-The Dn3pber $3.20, 3.60
Little Ffrtunato Hidalgo Jy. 3-Coragglo (e).
e the .inner. He Won two The itepfln
mases but 'he dav's too jockey
was. Bias Aguirre with four JACKSONVILLE, Fla.. (UP) -
victories. Ruben Vasquez also The utiisl run of burelar tpke-
rode two winners, one of which "e-.ervthlne but the kiteher
was class Chilean riewcompr sink." But when one entered the
Jaqulmazo which scored a thril- home of Mrs. Betty StIllmRn
ling ltorv over Valley River in here, thst's, what he carried a-
bl first loml start. way ... the kitchen sink.



We still have PONTIACS with HYDRA-.
MATIC available for immediate delivery
in Hackensack, N.J., or direct shipment
to thp 7nna




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AA8- .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .,
ARN".. .. .. .. .. ,
ANJESTAD" ..... .. .. .^ 3a

AE t ...... -. a. Pa to
LFT" .. .. .. .. .. .,. .Oot 2 ..,

S- -n o4s.,Wa -aA ---
. i m .._




I I Ceb

'..,4 .,- ..
r;f trtf

;i **-^Bl^

Dodgers Mui

_______?* *

-. --ConTo R
.4 a 60at

tu-ruir6l(ti 1r
3aJ RNAA "F"

DOWNED tANT Giant third baseman Hank & i
uncoscloous alter being hit by a line drive off the'. u E ..
"ereali of the Cubs. The game was played at tlhe WS
Ulit's Polo Ground. Cub coach Phi Cavarrets b IN, lX
Thompson's injury, waves the runner on. The u O
Doorman. Thompson was taken to the hopi MW.
found to be suffering from a concu .

Fishing -
t, ; .^ 'r.

There's r.i:

The Marlin Club's tournament ended lt i~ d and if you
don't tinlk It was a huge suceei .ask aWO3I* Who wak lucky
enough to be out there fishing. .
beventeen marlin were caught tad a ( WO .tiet.9 16P
that can be caught some other daw. eThe .J h 0 not. 0
plentlUul a last year and with te xception O0 one *f1h tWa.
were running smaller than usual.
The JUtlges haven'L announced the. winners, the marBl
weignts have all been published and u sleA some fals has obed
disquaditted the prizes will be awarded as in last week's papet,
We wili now take our crystal ball in hand and see what the r.tua,
Lion on sailfias should be, she In li title cloudy, but here goes
Don Scotta 180-pound sailfish caught while fishing fro the
Husky, looks like a sure winner for first plae.
U. VW. (Chuck) Hummers 139-pound sallflsh caught off th
Sun btar should take,second place.
The ball Is getting cloud$ but 8. L. Torlan' 124 pemnd al-
fish caught from the Serl and on 9 thread line should be In third
place for overall. sailfsh. He should, maybe ftke fist prime In
.he 9 thread group.
8. M. Olsen's 10-pound salfish oun thread lin should (keL
first place in that.elass. His fish was caught off the Olrlan
From here we sit it looks Ilu.1 mort hl afts2
caught wef taken by people catc thei ft. O
Rrasulatlto to Major General Whitltg, Admirl Bledsoe, Oscar
Johnson, W. H. Kober, A. Vallarino, lbert Douglas, Kay Tallr-
do and Milt Wright.
Sometimes here in Panama, we qof taki it as just aa
other fish when a black marlin Is ca but wn yo atop
realize the few that have ever been h ikt it. bol ig evtn
The black marlin is considered by ro t ftig time fisahe-
men as king and thousands have fl t ylU without land-
ing their first. ,
We hae at least two new membs of ouiOast, club, they
caught irs frsaiflfs, in Panama. lss J0 Aimn Buper and
Ron lttn. '.
.M I -as"'- e about to put the, a crystal bal to rest, 4t
ah adM. A 66-pqtmd Amberjla : caught .off the Vall&l.
Tnls qabld be the largest other ape flah edAugh during te
tournament. If you etaght a dolphin over S0 pouds then I
looks like t rlzs yours if not two fhb weighed the same and
the wbttU wtlle aplit.-
S Mildrd Ohen slW in the touament off the Olorton
;saghhirta Jce salflahie i 15 thread. It weighed 131 pounds, can't
tea It will take a prls but it Is a nie fish.
:-ports from oatun show that tur fishing is not too
but.SI w enoook have been taken this laj week. The dot
men a8s tAking a few corbina from tihe to time. : <





QUTTO .......
MSW YORK ......
'pCAGO ....
Ma aNru .





r mrae details. vit AS
IS Pn AAve. o Me
'. arcM
^*4^B'bWO& **

I, '-


s ", I

, .''
1"** t

p~lC \. J. 1311.II


", ; "

. I -


te: '-


aw' U--- UVUe.

.'~~F" .'-- ~

- .: --y ..

I for
i called
,) few

proudly *ithi Atbroill
.aught off DEo Ca
since M0.
~. r t lorH ottSr
and medium dd b (Nk)

SLulu's Door
SrTORK, Sept, b (UP) -
Preri' victory song today
e Pep, atay away from
l l Perez of Brooklyn aeor-
eatAn eighth-round teehlcal
WL4goat Over gallant Dav Ca-

ElaUt~ Sduare Garden
maLeft^, a Oard rap
rsg n Nov. 1
1OWl mieet some leassr op-
amlt at -t. Micholas Arena,
.'i, Only a sensBUaonl per-
rag theA wnl0 Aerit re-
i atpn neget.ton s for
sz...o@enD, -.W y to.

4 J.
EW r7Z.bK1

r't '~ld
~..f hi


#" I A

ielder u
i i.~hts holds up
&howing how i
,urinot the
t oa Grounds.
time a m.aJg-
hit that many na
this year. &(NEb

'.. i .






1 iq *i



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., ... ,, .... .."

li..p I f gI' Ip..

Wm a
Vys bi

1,7, .
.; ** **** *


'49 |


'51 F

'50 (

I r*Ut tol

L -ore

..* ti.
P".' --"


7.. -*.

** -.
*, *'* '

.T t *.+- .:.-:



t ** *

" '


-; r-...-C-~;T-7---.-- T I--- -
.i. '



i' ""'"'"'~;-'"O
i -.c' LI-'~i~r I.



I de w

; :, !-

;L' .'-;Z!
: 1

.i '4


6~"~- $Itr



* '. ..


nity Met And Beat

)ivide And Conquer'

tdics Of Employers

E- Rd K. Welsh itself, the close hrdpendenee
international Representative of all who worked 4zwfr .
served to make C p
rrow, we again pay hom- one...Then the ttsf cask t .
nd honor to the men and Poles, Czechs, t *btu Rju-
Sof labor who with their slans, Croat-ftkr the early
ra and brain, toil and sweat '80's on they crowded in, strain-
the world. And as union ing the tight boundaries of the
Also take this occasion to town to
el honor to the pioneers "Roundabout everythinR be-
tgreat labor movement, to longed to the operators, who
n who realized through would not sell the surface. land,
wn experiences that a- so that in the town the houses
y were weak, and band- pushed up closer, almost on top
Imelvee together to fulfill of one another and mingled rage
'desires and hopes. They and bewildermeat.
units. built organisa- "Into a community where
Soften gave their lives- Welsh meeting houses and Irish
rer rights and yours may whiskey-dring wa k ea had
ired. been the rule, the Blats, both of
a United States unions Greek and Latin faiths, brought
l to! being soon after the their own customs. They built In
Sof the republic And, with Shenandoah, Pennsylvania the
first unions came the first first Greek Catholic church li

INW. Pmeric& 4
lewerer, the courts in those they regard
declared the union to be ll- day for re
:.-ft was not until 1932 when lovemaking
1t1 LGa uardia Anti-In- ment.
'*Ac was passed and "They
F *hen e Supreme Court they oul
ieXd the Wagner Act, that the neweemn
Rlmatus of unions was final- able a
,sftllahed and labor became lih a
ly -ee to concentrate its en- nw
attefnLt in its battle for
Fn jUM .S
nM eee a mnv defeats in
S rl but this did not th~ '
L Ican wertr*s b
ildamir their attoents trlM a
eoeeetivtel. it. l an W
tauht them the heed .", 8 "
06T r seldarlty. tL ?
meolldarltv can be under-
a ll bv studying the his Co
r the American labor
iint.t Is a history of vio- If
and drama. of spies, cor- i
lon, lost strikes and the zed
itul replve that nothing sth am
'ever must divide the work- shaanisa n
it eaeh other. te.,
i lbor' early attempts to
lfe, the few corporations "
b 'more or less. controlled the
4einomic life of the nation,
ry means to prevent the chaioc:ic
at"F of effective union. as fonowe
we were low, hours were bya silent
Sknd working conditions bays; an
traglcany bad, but P1 t- women wh
t at mutual prote'tlon own cudr
destroyed by the bosses. ShenandonU
r example, in order t pre- ble journo
ithe unionization of the coal stant c
tS, the operators'. uing and b
promises and re eta-I wI M i
brought an ovr of the
From Can tr to thee
leuthern Eurp' the the haM
Sreions to fl against
market, bring wages down after a
u cause the kind o dssen- lor.
among the workers which "..The
d block the growth of a strjie lan.
tMatle, the pittnlr of nonei'b\"
ers of many nationaltie, stantial
Images and reflgooar aslat strike di
I ether was delibes~. Dg the co'l
mee, fears and smel on fr
played ua to keep ra- came a.e
groups from Igeftlb to- aanst W
ME hi tmin

"WWen strikes occutaed the
i e Ignorant f O wha
fo, rreouently would
acting ia strike-
rZey showed resent-
t ere oftei forcibly
gRraotiehind the -'Ltes of
W lmer th they hato eat
It. Lelghta 's book
there ts"a to sy
t situation:
the It i" had
as the. ,
T fluence o he iln


. f#

.. .m. ma ....
orNPe memainsierb.a.

w'*' b*"., -'-& '-



where W-
DMle I
rale, am=

Once smr w" our,
ded Sunday ma bolt-
joleig, be*r Ui .
1, and excl
n C


'~~~~ ~ ~ *-* "



I -

ed throeghths
proession of b
i Inf~h'and
o had *tehed
ron hmr 0 -*

- .?. ,- ..j i -:. .:if
,t ; tem a ...l ,

ir om

*UI' -. a @ w O Wt W, o
Mankallk so aif & of
'lbg-part pan

LeveryM rae, V thM0
S"L'aI, additions
They began s de the
ing sense of 0 weeksIr
those learned t d, there of the i1
common Inter-t 00d om- si man
mon purpose. we
tohifsiorMad. thSe S B1det (
that respect Metal
unity of action; p f 1 Gover
hand; thM and 1o
origins andof Larb
terdistinct, thru tb
the welfare'at tee in
Organtd labor has ema :e a
potent force In the atfWh o of
most democratic nations, J ,A.sIgNTIAL
marches on Eabor's fnoe wtill *
increase and its wliie%5l b h 3tiono
heard more and imo th the
various economic and
councils where human t
shaped. tesibh
Both the amemW adI "q&iplore
the leadership will n .dd- ma '
sloa, undenutandt~ a wi. Hv Fu.
dom to meet their Mosdbl-
Ltime Mers tUaN. ever W tl
aMd thM salty tha" m to
men sad woemNt tr
seanh fe trsftrldr i "ft a

cocnquu tho4 I a-Y
cleared t od us.Th
have a th a,. I
f a liorng to th his
the %Wa'

laot sItl

r .. V ,,; -. ..-c

**',-- -,** .'. '. "'yA8.
S, .. _-_'."

.4 ..,.
,S,'. :
^ T. r, i'. ,,
''' 1

"B aau

the A-
Wr, t-

un tx
i c

*e Con-

i/ '"r ,1


ite ...*'4,1'"
"'SL *.i -i

We I

--.- --- .

' -i';

to pam orAr
ment oflwbia
ether kedidl
Ijabor nlma &
64"a dmm I
CoiBM du'tex
eam ths. iedma

.=ntU t


_ ___ __ ___. __ ~ _I

- n----~ -pn: 1
;' .Y; ;r

~ .~jb~4

*'1- '*


' *


ait it



~i .: -
'~ 4~;

~' rr'-

-'~i~-~ .'


ei a4 .O

- '.,- ii~

.,- .,..,. ..".

,. /,, ...

or$r G oo

A r...... ..... ...
T ...... ..

I. .....
"" .r,-. dot ...,4 .

E4 ::: t .....

!l~i'i..-..., : ::: ....
.*. 41 ....

... 6,... e

.* *** @o
i "

,M, ist. '*,&ab ove
.. :kl ..I Y l


on u4 tI .l Isitt l-A

bI MJeim lir in e Ie.
I'S Gob" 4.
1~~~~, .. ,'a XI

ks"A dMA

I. i?- PT. W E..

ckptW ,aa by
In esbassUnet
ughu iL. heu
*bject Is to -
omr the 4"igiAmi

Baile prOe-
due tI to saM
Onw ts e8t8 1
M": 1oogb let.
ter and't noun.
t tM it b e .
coa to o*
taln proven Sm
rule. A eouat. em
ter Wordto the
nagir lan. In
uage fomme. L on

met two4etter
wwrdl arl ek M.,

to, ea.: three-4t.
te, wde, I tA ud, r., ao.
Alteraat vowel s doluteat
mdb Ionu three Mio af lua.
~uE. *very word m ft have
Mo o mam vow"e. Mst adtm
I4 MttU Mr A, O,4 A .
up I in t ht order.
Ibw, ep in them hlets It
alM glglibg your owna plaMnr
it. W you can solve Uhe
gtslg afiusatrm at .wt
1nw Aensuwu er Is give
ow, ui* d'st Look unti you've

th0"S What Is the aumb .?
uLoMe r a Pumbo. teat


DMst at Usea

B-iau the ,1,

teforan ,the r

ate u m e ta
-. .4 0 0 d "
- .06000100 Al UMn

Mti~~~ IulrtTIIM

?.:OH 2-.0

U anfil" I
prap aI t
'aard. th sit


O m 1s wer su t almplag in the woos

afl aoft n duomty uns of me kma
Ssob*i ofl U bUmo am n sm to b
Mtalea .
I SLYO 06 XCO VAN qc. 3AaC .
an QD 31.0 CalNTMD.'"


S*t riht, 2 4-
straight m lin K P
have ben .umdi
to storm a ea t I
n so U 6re I I I 4
uniform abs. y .
rmovt ar te to eve the t L
aresagll out mix
of the Uai, tbhr ee
Iquare l left.

ou a. work t out wth toothpk o m
UHM, only two 1.

whaft UMM an cminato to achieve thus two

You can-work It out with toothptckj or matches,
if you prefer. Then try It o your friend.
o *. 0 *f *. *B g an sPug 0 0 'P v Imes 'PoG





V ~ -
~ i ~~

V .

, .' .",,, ^ a

pe. j* t ;* *--* *
: ,"/ ..*-
! 3 ", *- .. *- ,, '... *- '



~F1. ~
A~, -

i It16 Your Move

aOe 0 Sm *I
F1^ (LUXt 111i "i I


".P-*' t

ems headed for do-
W. tot, but, surprlapfly, turta
the table oa Black In just four
moves. Ca you plan hi strategy
am devised by Millard Hopper,
lon-uaIe champT White, move
ing up te beard, moves B t.
-w I U 'IM 11

44. -.' -'


. :

S .22

.o. 9 6 .3


LOi;l a



* a
J -'I *

M. .
r **';


hior-od I

. T


, ,-f ad
.; *' -<1


r y

j1 *4~

./ .'

A FIlR b %S ft has' its cc
cool -oft bya hydrant after.

s any example zA
.out a small bildA

'Ai T ALL SAES dialnP taking a 1
4.t tlohd ladies i now tat

brunette? .Fl
ag critical W
tandSlato. ThI

amppf arsr ana am
* .alp.s, rng &.

*- .I

.rc~ .

L'1j ,
r- -

-. lif.MI one.


,-~ *2



'' P






~ i:'

~-- .,

'~ ar



.-,. .' :

e s DUi oaj .

4pand O St eean1v b.*ed S

wle7n 7 eLIN P"
r wae" o e the ag~a -
ldet rad io om Uent te0a is 5
As. hu braind the pU. .^ .-^ e

aer a th e w-. e I
Pre ub d
Berigs ae or twal ,.= ... .. .. ..'
Pn i ty eou nctjea bash e *o a a" "4

of elr ifue hent ~ote n _

a4 1.-- 16 -
r antte e oeta t sr gl t


Hamilton, of whb haUtg,, o1W1 ;, 7 S gave .
thre rwoul be ~~e i.,, .
The studs la requeas ted a1Q eO lEnt
June, mu ospet ad sn the bad o@ the

aia 0o u e am. ay
mInt acati o t bae rfLb ai et p- tS

th due we 1e S*"-"

Seneyd badio arr T t u istttetgr l t M.. .-- nr

TTe. t uw u.Wy Lba ". ,.''
rie b es Wb .. .B*
pe l i.,f .. lig A I*f,-.

T amlo otisut lttr 3 l pd e n 3 e

re ou nre wil ben.
o. .an. b.y D c
Sepreds tlo.l ti atp te
h, thedu swe. ho rmayai -
...:onaedeoed for a u~jlth, .. ., .

"evenra Cthouanad-

o-1 .h "acatin It as "
this seme ter

HH^^ '* tSlry <**" CS* *SSbB^-^^Bl^KBBBafl^-IHBB^^M^^^^B^^^^^^

_4 .. -



.* :." *



- a rr:

.clr I~



ja~ *.

. .A *













~ ~.i


~;- ..,..

:a-~I .;d
... 1


.mea p b. -I :

f9 4"gif t i. 1

qwm iom N am ID
.@ me it" U IN


And only hfi who'
Is welcome here and


The map wkh beds where floersn sleep
Has beauty both to Vpare and fiap,
And one widA hands that kiadner know
Can sh # re joy his aCa b .
But onoheo jails to "
Will fee o sadness i


Where traffic signs are blinking,
And lights ahead are winking,
Is no place for drinkir;,
Or muddy puddle thinking-

_ __ '* -- --- ------- --*--

Iafew a d oy 26, Cryp IupL OWC .


4a 12 a itepent. arsif8Tjit i
rInt reached erlr9W in 9Ssin. 5.
l. Anar i **MI riek weiaft
Mi-1e39, amt utilMits have advanc

% IPearson'
-* )

reas eer U II
ivy, UsakwMa4
g.thes regs

ae. aIteqrx C

1ic Moxep; don
b^-ir. WWIm
cci 64,~oa^

iZ butbu N t in. I'- "*'w
r- ,. .- -

-f '4uv

.. -? .A 7 i

iA ''.


-p i -i,
I::.. fa a'K
Vs bvwu .. "us.

Mil Mi ""~LI.4
-' S&^S~~




I; 'li

t~a~ ~-


..8 :*'
..r ~
~.c-: sslQ~

AL.- im



* .-

'i ,,

" *.< *-

'~ ''
~sr~i~ ~

i C

r:t- 5


ad' a~aLiE~*' ,~




m...ta gm'Uiabseor lk
a of Um sope ofrr **-
he tumal resmeas-
leabMra Lvadem ehim.
e wa La Faaftin s teni-

1 S?... a hd e6.

..l "I **

SIn Washington
d~t.;+ ": ," .'Pi ~ pt! ; 'L:r P' ..


S w sa ,, h av
N UN nin


a ke

''* a $r


i : : ~I
;: .?~;~i~


.: ..^



'.. a. ys

-" -V*

I ;. S

o J, .

.... n.
i" -

~p~).Z :)nt f
~r~' i"tis.r .' .~+s.~
~-r,;-Sc ''~3--; ;-2- ';1'

.+ .. .

t4oa from
tea thst P

Ma w highway wheil

e buildingss of Iam
Sa short distatep
ad And a very lape VI ...
co 9nut oalms on the rt t
Here we stopped and here-e
found Pedro largo. He lives
his home heq. and has cattle
and a substantial farm for this ,
,haps some of the five children,,
playing in the yard would guide
us to the waterfall which Pedro
confirmed was about a half-bour
walk from his place. But no, Pe-
dro himself said he would take
First he tried to argue us out

s' and I was for retntl g ai0aothl'
day.: My wife. polite ldd ot1 Vweh ".4
driven some 5 miles to sethe th',4i
falls and we had better,4tte 'I-
it. regardless of the v child .
plWththeig in t yard would "u id
us toel waterall whicproh Pedot,

stick wit
conrmed walf s about a half-hour
walk rom hi walinlace But no, P

ieud wao d he wa peteryi iK
minutes, It certaiply 1ookCd it,

driven soeixe nle ratnoseetbd^^

' l above his kttees tterti
it ed brarle s of.the
Withe elayC. nd ln m IAe
than t our shoes could, tr

we saw clay which was
i';; red. pink and even put'
then some mixed like A
S The rocks in this area

black as though they had bu
ed in a great fire, and
weresplit apt as
struck by a le h h ea ''"
A golden f'

b a ,r rosA of)

~ted bre e.
than 'our shoes could s~d. an

-. -iP,--~,~

___~ I .--I I I



~ ;I; .w4I







:1J ;-. -....

- 7. 2'.

~ -;*~- ~ -~~yi

i -i 5,:

[a t







- ~

- .p~
I i -J -r_-

i'L .'
1 '"

r'Ca .





bd*.M 1 *~zrl





-- -- --- ------ -- --- ----------- --- --- ------------

-.*4s '4 M ir .. **,t I. mi tI 1 .

-* '

'.'. ^ ''"

:r -



'L; C *-

- 'iS.


-. i

L'X *-
1SrLYCQI)I*ats~~ -~t ~



-4 .L

-..4 I


'~ r;


. ..,.
c ~.



j*^. J^.^^.^'-s.S^. li rd

9.r ;r-
^ .fe:, ;1.

Sg'C i^"


? '..A

- -. --~

.: .:,


.i. 4

i.4 5

Ar f .


i: : I

i"pT~- :


,i I-;
~ti- :
~, ,;:-7 .
r~:~E??~~': '"
;;1 "


Z-'~-c~ ,;
i r,

:'" ~("

^ i ,;a


* I *^ '---. "
*: "-

c:,::, 1

S* a

I _
.I. -^'^-''

. .y e 'L -
/i .,. A'-~' 1 '

-* s?? : T'"'1- ; 4 f

-' sn

j i..

.n ,
I )
-'' -' '




o001< AW TWE

C." ALM-A9t.. -

.sJ :



I~ li~ ~__ _~ ^_* 1 YLYj_-CI-L.irr_L~1. --~I--YLII I


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