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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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'Abiranhai ncoln.

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ave "11 2: t 'te be
in fIrom


aso City,
d tobe heM
leam, and tla
01wo de o ova
,mOfl"g- be
n .,were sobd
af~tl k n

put tao
is been

,* to th* co.m-

a. CrNt oYA aR U.h-,"

foodp ."
S aoy i~ alll o to P in f
tb-city was os ,
iet meeps were posted on roads leading t t e
These strict measUn wore ftal as the Uuite
States and West 46anm govwnr nts open Uher .
end plne of a free food dttien pigram i
American, kitish alod Fnch actors of thibcity -
miles behind theirs Curtain. -
ut thousands .of Eat Ger- The move a s cm .
auuu who bad travelled here when It wtl bemot ss t-
before the Reld blacked off the d r to the Soviety
aft crosd Into Wst Berlin In As the eenDtrs a
SqUiet L.imar e t mae to-, 'clock for tfe
STe u econ pha e the ldc oi if-
Awa bold pnam^n t iT OrWn/d mCJ
J4pd-ul, e ti peopp,. I eanthir ..
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a In the
1 attached
a Jane, lI

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ke Gulf In,
N. Ramlrl

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instan May
partamut until
the Swedfsh
uked her to

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prize le poaseu Rimt
anvte-d f thlie eaporuedl te vi W t

8-- who to the

r. The iSlation o Wimt Berin'
i>?tite from the ,2' Soviet
enset- wzone was orderd even a as T.
*e'q igh CommlUseenmer JTates .
:health Conant appealed to we SovietsI
the to lift their t a. rWtin to
Permit oern to tat fre
tte tween East and West Oer-
moany. i
mediate rei ta1vel re-
strictonus which" P t Ge-
S man in the uV., Rish and
Frennch wm -as l vha.

t'k to the 00Mr ft War.UK ow.,W",.-.
.,, aa m. _erEea 5-t. Aug. .- (W)
% v a e i n at ... -4.u- toIW
kI eptrip tLwo tred ft b halted a awl ijt
joi kle next o .tbbe dri uven by N A.
WewYoters 38, the driver
due dears ld rIdo
Ir- t .altn wpa fned, SM3" ..

Shape For WACs
larOer than Mtwt -Ir a ad her .tth wao far
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-bit TWO


US Allies OK

Bombing China

Iti T.... a.:L

no uON T IN DVANCE -- 70 2 iUa 1n i
POEN ONI YEAR. IN ADVANC.-.. ---- -s. so0 .84 00
United States now has a firm
S T AA I A commitment from the 16. United
T E I r M| L Nations allies in Korea, author-
iling the bombing of Chinese
u Communist air bases north of
S : The Madl Box is an open forum for readers of The Panama Am te Y Rer f p e ts
an. Letters are received gratefully and are handled in a wholly confi- break down and fighting Is re-
ilmsumed on the Korean peninsula
,dential manner. T|is the in
If you cntrlbuke a letter don't be impatient it it doesn't appear the This Is the interpretation put
meant day. Letters are published in the order revived. on one section of theAug. 1-powerdin
Please try to keep the letters limited to one posge length dequick UN resistane ag. ledt n
Identity of letter writers s held in strictest conliIence. new Communist aggre asgn Ian
This newspaper assumes no responsibility for statements as o new Co unea. itdeclare i
mpesd in letters trm reaers stt torea It declares:
exprossed in letters orom r_ "The consequences of such a
So breach of the armistice would
MORE ON EVERY BOAT be so grave that, In all proba-
S. ability, it would not be possible
SSir: to confine hostflties within
I don't know iffen this is a true story or not but it was tole the frontiers of Korea."
to me and I thought It was a good story two and 1 canL see no The inside story of how this ,
Season why it coulant be true. But ': feller came over here to nce got into the 16-power
Mindl dairy where I work and he swore up and down it hap- cec :rption provides the neessa-
Spened jist like le said. .y l-c'!ground for its meaning.
This feller said another feller went into the Personal Office D, ring the armistice negotla-
Sup in Balooa heights auout some business. He looked around at .Lons. the question of repatring
Small them nice new sIalls they got up there and he said to one ombed-out a4ffields in Nbtth
';of the medium size executives, Mr. would you-please tell me !Torea came up. During the
S which is the two dollar window? Fighting, the U.S. Air Force, na-
This feller tole me that Balboa heights is shore fillin up val and UN aviation kept these
With them boys from Lhe GAO and more comn down every boat- fields under constant attack. The.
load. Gettin so that about half the folks up thar Is GAO and result was that these fields were
S the other hall is Panama Canal Company. One half doni talk to useless to the Communist air
Stother half and other half don't talK to nobody at all exception orcs. Their planes hener were
S.there selves and they oughla get mighty tilrd of that soon. He abletordaesTei aneorces south
Said he noticed the GAO boys is mighty big men as a rule. I of the batte iUN o
guess Mr. Newman figgered itfen he couldn't outnumber the U.S. Gen. Mak la an the
rate employes down here he could outweigh em. So he done that omanders were naturally hex-
by sending down some of the biggest two legged critters he could .omm"ters were naturahesf ly
Slay his hands on up in Washington. Yessiree, those are real big ious to keep these fields from
felersmy rend said. a eri being "put back into usable can-
Looks like I gotta makc another trip over to Balboa heights edition after the armislUce So a
ist so I can look at them there men. Im sorta prejudiced about clause in the cease-fire agrep-
the GAO. I hear they want to close down the Miadi dairy and ment was propo.pd to restrictthe
that would put me out of a job and me and the old woman building up of air bases by both
wouldn't like that and neither would the kids. I got six kids now sides during the armistice and
and my old woman is 24 and we been married ten years. the peace talks.
I would shore hate to have to pack up and go back to South The Communists protested ve-
'Arkansas whar I come from to raise jackasses like I done before. hemently. United Nations nego-
Especially since there is so much good material right here tiators.. anxious to get a cease-
In the Canal Zone. fire agreement. put pressure on h
-Sadeye Sam. the United States to relax on this
airfield repair restriction. And to IY
LAST WEEK'S MEMORY LINGERS ON comply with the UN wishes, the vow
Sir: U.S. gave in. s
The sirens just blew and it sent a cold chill through my t
bones. All I can say is a prayer to God it Is only a practice alert This esrrender of principle an
and hope the real thing never comes. was made only for a -rice: If
Everything Is very still here in Cocoll. as though death has the Reds broke the armistice col
taken over. Rolls of smoke have covered the town where the and fighting reeumld. the UN thts
houses are supposed to be on fire. It's a bright sunny morning allies would agree to waive A
but the smoke has blocked out the sun, as if a heavy log lay their previous restriction a- time
all around, closing us in. against bombing north of the pl
The sound of planes is overhead, and I heard a child call- Yalu River. And so th' deal' Ki
Ing, "Mommy. Mommy" and then the stillness again, and my was made. th
mind returns to the realization that all over the Isthmus, every- It was covered by the 1 t-pow- She
one, hundreds of other volunteer people'ln first aid and other er statement that if there Is tfreel
fields of disaster work are waiting and ready to go forth and renewal of armed attack, chal-
help their neighbor in distress. lenginal again the prlnclples o tec
Yes. this is a practice, but are you ready to help? the United Nations, thefighting eand
Perhaps if it ever does come. you'll need help. Won't you be auld not be confiedto rea.
;thankful for someone's extra knowledge that may save your life This declanob ton put' the
This declaration puts the
or your child's? Or perhaps you will have to save your own ami- United Nations in an extremely
lin' lives.
Have you been trained? strong bargaining position. f t
S Give a short while c yoarMtme b learning what to do an ,the Re- resume te
'how to do It if we are ever called upon. fight have their
Please. please! Join your neighbors on a team in the Disaster sanctul ff1iV apchat al
Control Project. Be a good Samaritan. Be prepared to help oth- which t attack.
ers who may be hurt or dying. In a number of other respect,
this 16-power declaration to tbe
Mrs. Patsy Ryan. United Nations, plus the mutua' thag
Past President defense agreement negotiated by t
Rodman Distaff Council. Republic of Korea Preatdent
Syngman Rhee and BScretary of
State John Foster Dulles are ad-
vantageous to the U.8.
U.S. and UN military eem-
manders are not too unhappy
at having a large number of
Chinese Communist troops lin-
/ned down in North Korea. This
(E L does provide a constant threat
e ML tof new aggression and whili
an agreement to get the'Red
S I IT China armies out of lorea is SOWS
h1111boped for eventually, forces m th
there now panont be moved for to
Presents: a new aggression elsewhere, a- W. U
alost Indochina Thlilaad, we
ib i0r. Nepal or even India. one'
In the meantime, the lob of weho
building nuD the South Korean c
.RrP to the previollsly announc- ..
CENTRAL Glamorous Hit Release! ed fce of 20 divisions can be o
on. The United Nations tOs
the Chinese Commnnists are see
d by the armistice from '
AAMO prnew troops Inmo Korea
PMowp,.MO 9s1 replacements.
SI O Ythere are no restrictions
a din up either the North
or Korean forces.
O No new. military equipment
canm 1- brought In. But equlp-
Sment tiow in the hands of UN
Stathei st, troops could be given to Repub-
lie of Korea forces. In the same
way. Chinese Communist Sequl -
nk -d rtr ment could be given to the Nort tai
Koreans. Then if and when r
rlles5t neace settlement is reached, the age
jorelgn troops evacuated fromhe *te
i Korean soil would eo out emnty- ie..
handed, for re-equipment else-
Th' eis now believed to be lit- sg
tle daiger that Rhee will start
up their again on his own The WA
S* threat was a shrewd bargailnlnget Lt
gesture to get all that he could up
from the United States. in a mu- gy
ksrmw lewmelecvtrum mus *tual security pact. But now that ard 1
m ugp a.w'nM ad iw i the pact is initialed, there Is no her
a s r,- 5,m en by i mUm incentive for Rhee to restart the c
___ war.
-This pact does not obligate the
TIY 0 LI Unted States t0 maintain troot
in uerea. This subject is left to
mutual agreement after the pact rn
John Payne, in "EAGLE AND THE HAWK" as been ratified by the U.8. a.
Senate and Korea V
and Furthermore the .S. is not a
bound automatically to resume r
Glenn Fori, in "IEDHEAD AND Tt11OWIOY" fighting. it the peace conference
produces no results within 90
,days. The aresment is that the Is a
U.S. and ROK will each take a Repi
"new look at.the end of 90 days. are d
*-If othe UN allies believe there il.s MWeI

I D- mAl,

I ab.VVI

' I

* ~ 'v* k~ **-~






Controversiai'fki nsey

--- 0 a0r
r. Alfred Kiney's report on won X g de t t
Its. like lhis 1948 account on mens, undoQU!ed- tut teohtrrr~ffl
Fil take its pia e asong the men contre- alw nialvu'W
l docu en'U "d ou ti ".
une pOop1e wUl alpu o t4- 2tsa f ri.hoa4'UskOBw^
ng: "ltn not. that way.* O i pot ar.
he modest sise of WalM, (.l' w'en)l T, i4 ln; i y
cast dot on Its scietfinW -i -.*i
mie w M saItf weit' t o.rlth
ge alp upper and UddJ, ea w and :..y lml.I ladle=ru
nd Ome 3U,aU the -worlk saEfl lalwit* !o
e, cotpd E Kiseyl fd 'opm !ox ut'l also 'lto'i
a21% 4tI 4gl
insey a t tl an'att firatuniers
limit o sPle defebbe frustrtton a

niques ari te n exactin t aA.
thence sho ulu4 Opou"t audably aciUate snU'Lil "'.-. -,
rons :s.. / r -. s
In e.rhanvs u tha ammay ra .hr than bMI. fl.kWim. this h,& m


SMUBDERI Hey, lsn't son
-lis about this? A very
I Waxey Gordon was at
uh-hush New Jersey
dlve Imnplicated several
Sto have madet
w MKing of the Rum Rl
9M when Un.dft am collar

6. CIL: Martine
iev e Crane, whbo I
P .ofu ollow me t
atrveray abaou at
S bath In a tub A
m Int her neots wit
ithe shears .t
front pDea' upl
ookxinos of his
Sto- th-eor amli
IM IN ='n out

at Moran

it .iher t1
r, the safe l
I irld Da~j
Dihas hia
SCl, Charilsu
b efert* to a

1 IW A MAl
mn. The nlyl
trrlae ofj
km hn.n jiM

, am0


some hope of achieving pence
SI I sw it in th n? 180 days or longer, the
I sw itI in te talkn go on. suse

IICLINO Ia. (UP) -. Th
S. S Rev. nW, a dgrees had at
3- A N y the l 0 chI
la dtwne full. ea se thlisy r -lI-

SY .-
4 a..


67 H lTnrr *. O *o0 I34 rP*NaM R o P
rILePHONE PANadM NO 2 0740 'S L'N1sl
349 MAnr ON AVE. NEW YORK (17I N V

: ..'9
^I^K' tq^''~'vts^^1

r7-- -~-


, lim~mm__ .


;. ,1


' .".-:

~ ~LL.~rC.
r /

fr~~ji'~~ ~2*"rC~*~?~

-SU .i

*^ _'*
rt "

F Ir r:ik:~- ;Z~FT-lri r.j


P low -r


' Ymr contHbinil f hop to pmne the Pa.Amermn EBishway.



.~-,,.'. i l
* V

I". F '.

.md: m trout
IL6Ci.IrT* ** r ,

w workers with a
uzzpaase A
-pS-' '*'-

e per cent, 1
it llcreaw r
eh ctUies Ma
0, CGndm
prices tr.
all raised
tawjlbrm, ,r

~hbQLo. f Livin
J~I. J.....

The go
imtt of.

le before
James L.
's execute
ay of exe
bout 4:30
te the,yoe
be eleCtr
W! convict
Pek and ii
rTa new
itcase m
a federal
as from co
n Tena ne

- --

fort.' Z:. 0 ..

I *) ;
in* LJb-

PA. ,
n f

-1/ its latest fashion

,..its at cfelxs


Oav. Herms
_ t lrda a i

, G E m m n mm mm m m


1 eggs i pjer aE
eincreanse mt
A 0 per cenm
'" i'r*-


F. "

-"M. -'

at. tawS?

,: I t'- '
**;- .. .

'"' -'" -''
*.... f 4 -. 'T:.-"*
7.,.-- .. .,
/ -, .-
, i ^ -'. ..
.. ,.:,, .^bu u .^u w *' :. ,,.


ira .

..t ;


* q4
4' .
.2 **

One Knapp
S electric
travelling iron

ROY, S. A.
b ~a.:5et'

i '.

. *


5y1~1 .
S~~ "

e i

Si.. '.riU

a rwantHe prompt delivery of aIl your

S tructin material requirements

i '
__ ..;








12 Packages
of FAB
laundry soap



_ _

" v; ..

RUTH MIuLl3 SAs...

"You can spend y aeat in
i &z. ... #" *=* "
S all o tempting pi6tur
showing "you" lreli 6 home
4") during your veatt h, the
yes- article claims, w i be 'al rest
stty of and comfort."
.a..r-d Any housewife reading the ar-
tate ticle would immediately have a
wl* few pertinent questions to ask.
to Who is going to cook the three
chair square meals a day, wash the
ent dishes, make the beds, and take
care of the children?
re- How are you going to sleep
and late in the morning when the
d- rest of the neighborhood isn't on
of vacation? One neighbor starts
A. his powh' mower at 6:30 and
Another neighbor's kids come
the over to play the minute they
have Rulped their breakfast to
Tn eadd to your problems.
ve the Who is going to do the family
ecutM as ned chauffeuring a job always there
pm.. cb m be- to be done when the family is at
uths.w Ul edul home?
oOt*d". And that telephone. It't
took Vt.oa e of going to stop ringing simply be-
ed Negfro pi ts I-st cause you arb on a two-week va-
n a ugmr-wu e at cation. Nor are the request that
e wttld 'sa motion come over It going to dit up. The
trial, t Ifu idicating reminder of a meeting you must
eight be heatdig into not mins, the pleafor a cake for
courtas, a charity bazaar, the business
voice wanting to know if you've
wW 0aoOver the considered having your hope
o f ,torr- air-conditioned or if you are i
u- the market for a new kitchen
e- range.
lo1al at ville And how are you going to let
rth's oa I r- your house know that you are on
quest r tri4l vacation, even though it is still
was eter"- sheltering you? Things will need
her any- were attention Just as usual, for it is
ury du f not, a rare two weeks In any home
y Negroe i on the when something doesn't cald for
This was Hght to repair.
s of an expected ap- And how are you going to get
federal cout'. a vacation from your social du-
Idants were convicted ties if you stay at home? What
a young Milledgeville eztose can you offer the Joneses
a June 28 as.ah* pass- who want to come by for a game
road where the boys of bridge? You're on vacation
I on look-out flr pos- an* want to get away from
f1g Inmates 9t the brs for a while.
T7bse are the questions that
Immediately occur to the house-
orge 8. Carpeatar of wife tmen, anyone starts talking
ari~e Court hif'sen- abbdt the wonderful possibilities
o s to tdie Aug. S in of vacationing at home.
cair at Reisville For ahe knows the only way
LWhere they were be- she-an te a real vacation is to
Slook he door and take off.



.r~:' '




Dark Cotton takes' a bow for
smartness, for coolnes and
for wonderful wa~habilityI
They come in checks, In stripes,
and in pn'-n colors-- n all-sizes
7 to 15 and 10-* 20,~ friu 14.9L

No. X1 Central Avenue No. TivolH Avenue


(bsrl oo^olr

. ...

-I -.,'.
*J 4 .


therhood onge Counts Shipin Air Lin

Draft Exemtion Store -, -, ,
Cunard Annouanms 1994 pia, Bombay, New i
o Transatlantic SaliUngs kol, Singapore, Jarai
STran.atlantic- sailing dates for land, Noumea, New I
WASHINGTON, Aug. 27 (UP) the undebtanding" that: the Cunard's great fleet of an during cherry-t
A pil sidential order eliminat- registrants would be liable for senger ships, lId by the Queenand Hawaii.
g fatherhood as grounds for military service later. But, it Elizabeth and Queen Maty, The price of the $
w draft deferments became said, 'some "have been able to world's largest liners, have been arranged by the Hoo
active yesterday. gain virtually. permanent ex- announced through November of of New York, Icll
irom now on, fathers of draft emption by acquiring depm.d- 1954 by Vincent A. Demo, gener- meals, ground tn
must 'rove their induction ents during the period of ,their al bassenper manager of the entertainment, g'rat
uld cause 'extreme hardship Initial temporary deferment." Cunard Line in the United shore excursions a
privation" before they can This "constitutes a gave In- States. Averaging nearly three eight-day motor sal
im exception. The order, justice," It said, sailings a week from New York Belgian Congo, The
ever. applies only to future *The fatherhood deferment ban for the entire year, the Cunard- can Clipper assigned
others Those who have already was not limited to these cases. ers will be able to. provide r.- al excursion will be
ved or applied for a father- however. It applies to all 10ien commodation for some. 400,000 per-C Clipper, ad4vl
d deferment are not affect- between the ages of 18 1-2 and ocean passengers uring the 12- range version of hd
26, whether theya .e'r parents month period. ted with full reon1
fdcals estimate draft calls when they register or beconi ette seats and featu
jump 12,000 to 14,000 a parents when they register or PAA to Conduct rious lounge and b
ath as a result of the harder. become parqat afterward-. $ 15,000 Clipper Craise may be purchased i
hards.-p exemptions are ex For the first time in the his- travel agents.
ted. Officials sa fatherhood. un- tory of travel, a world cruise will The same type al
President Eisenhower issued der the lawt, "dates from con- be conducted aboard a luxury used on all New 1
e order July 11 to correct what ,ception Thus, a registrant airliner, the Cllpper merica, de- Aires flights,=-
called "a serious Inequity" ip w1 hse wife .became pregnant parting from New Y6&k next to 81 passengers.
l-Selective Service process. D' bebre the order took etect January 21. The alreira will be night fllrhts
-accompanying statement, the would be. .~glJhle ior deferment at the exclusive disposd of.the during the ct
SHouse Indicated it we ". e gueented a physablah's guests during a lesl ry 8Scy flights averaging 1
t mainly at youths who be- i ,at4i attesting .to the preg- cruise of out-of-the-way places hours. The crise
fath-rs while temporarily nancy" before last midnight. on five continents. will include two Hou
rred from the draft as But even If a registrant was The 55.000-mile tour by Pan shr" 'directors. Tht
students, farmers or defense already a father, le will not be American World Airways will conclude in New Yc
workers. eligible for the deferment un- cost $15,000 per pmslsger andr m .'
The statement said these de- less he submitted proof before be limited to*0 parti1pantU.
ferients were granted "with the deadline, Itinerary 'rllI ran ge
-- -~f-- rom the ancient Inefi Rulli of
Machu Plcchu in the Peruvis
GOP Plans Replies To Democrat's Andes to Yount Mrest,
from barely maen uafur Plls
in British Guiana to Victoria.
Stevenson Homecoming At Chicago alls in Rhodesia.
The tour will traverse South 1 r-
o America. Africa, Asia. -the East Tl L
Indies, Australia, Islands of the
WASHINGTON. Aug 27 (UP) derscores the drive each will South Pacific, Japan and .Hafaii.
- Republicans planned today to make to win control of Congress The cruise will include ruenos
offer a swift response to the next year. Aires. Rio de Janeiro. Lberlq.
Democrats' Adlai E. Stevenson[ Capetown. Kruger Natiohal Park. You'd think 9ein
homecoming at Chicago next' The Chicago meeting is one of the Belgian Congo and the (tolt of thre h h
pnonth. a series of four being held this Mountains of the Moon, Ethio- wives shake .-
I fn:fll by Renbliean women In.

ra by Repubucan women Ii
SThe Democrats have scheduled various parts of the country t
,a two-day affair, Sept. 14-15. get a running start on the 195
Including a national committee campaign. Others are at Yel
meeting. workshop session and lowstone National Park. Sepl
speeches by party leaders like 11-12. Atlantic City, Oct. 1-2
former Preisdent Truman and and Boston, Oct. 8-9.
Stevenson. their 1952 presiden-
tlal nominee.. The Midwest meeting will ee
extra emphasis, however, be
The Reoublicans will get in cause of its nearness to th
their replies at a Midweit wor- Democrats' big celebration of
men's meeting to be held at the ficially welcoming Stevensol
same place. Sept. 18-19. OOP home from a post-election worli
speakers will include National tour.
Chairman Leonard W Hall,
Postmaster General Arthur E. It will be more than a routine
Summerfield, and Sen. Everett women's workshop meeting oi
M. Diltsen of Illinois. campaign techniques.. A con
Hall.' the keynote speaker, ference of Republican s t a t
Summerfield. the party chair- chairmen of 21 states from th
man in the 1952 campaign, and Alleghenies to the Rockies ma
Dirksen. one of the top-flight be. called to coincide with th
OOP orators. will keep an eye women's meeting.
on what the Democrats say or do
and respond on behalf of the Mtas Bertha Adkins, assistant
Republican party. to Hall In charge of GOP wos
The early start of both par- r men's actiVities, said at least 1,50
ties. more than a l yeaj- ormen from 18 states are eet
head of the 1954 el fot t rl- ei to attend


MIAMI, One Way ...... $70.00 Round trip $126.00

GUAYAQUIL, One Way.. 80.00 Round trip 144.40
QUITO, One Way. .... 86.00 Round trip 154.80

Cargo rates also reduced. Consult with our office
at Peri Avenue No. 15, Telephone 3-3283 or see your
travel agent.

in wae the
wiy their
i. jq.


Great WbteFi.



S.S. "PIATANO" ........................... Sept. 4
*S.S. "CIRIQUI" ................., ...e........ 6
*S.S. "S O CERRO" ...................:........ 11
SS. "BT ORD" ...................... ....... Sept. 11
S.S. "LEMPA"..... .............. '

SBandllns Refriseraled. Chilled and Gamnal Carg

hl '1. K .. I

"- -
... ,.*.. .; ,'- '- ,' '; .
U ," 'iri /^)i :i^
^spoejfiu^ *^ ^

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"- '_+ S t .

'- I-

I ANulu irBWM

.. ." ... ..
"- .. :


S.S "MORAZAN"....................
S.S. "ULUA" ...............
S.S. "C. G. THULIN" ........... 6
S.S. "MARNA" ..................s

Ai" ws l Oinrs toNew Orliet* t
as Santa mawrt Colombla. ,

S.S. "CHIIQUI" ................ ........ .
S.S. "CIRIQU" ......................

Weekly rallngs of tweite p eassner ship Wteri il, New
Orleans, Los Angelbs. San Pnciseco ad Se"ttle.

Special round trip fare from Cristobal to New York,
Los Angeles, San Franclseo and Seattle.
To New York ......................... ....... A
To Los Angeles and San Franmelo .........WM
To Seattle ................. .......... .... .. SS

TELEPHBOWt -.. .. -
CRISTOBAL 2121 PANAM.A -20 :lrj N

i2 "- .'

' CBHR WELKIN. Planeer

On His Feet Again


4P31l.:ILL.'i -li




1 4


That 'Proves It


-I'- --- 7 li


.4 \ .;F

*Y .ki I

wit~* -

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'1* '.' -

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-. --
. -. .t. -

IP) 0- Nat
omDlair Oi NM.

*ne son of Wa.

le for control j

'tRdr tw e ot
A,. imdn


brother thea.
- mtbd IMet
.8n-b A l
at c

-" *i;al


c^it^BS-Boons Nyray sg n covenlfhg of uin.fahiiatunringo P
irOfi r ofrmmdu, t a.nWMU Mrs. whlch recesaed April 2 to allow ve
ay ngouautnatng com- VitWW-rrUmtla t tVIMSla. for fu rther Investeas~t m land
SBsalvagging of the Wreckage. The
at' he Fekn.d- trhl originla hearing. .owed that
S honor Wud- w_ there were s vel a s torms 'i
bria, cptu- 41-u,,," r b lI the mlj4 _mtte ,
MAas; Dr. ?Wf1 W Ii lbl- crAsh
Cl tion at the TSOj-0*W Ased The Nhay a od nastua
S; Mr. Porea B io 0 ,L ca reported that they' BsCt ed '75
secretfir of borroww euI. W 6 l:30. per cent of tAt bIhe -ly 17
fi commlsMon. T FnC ,Cl$r. 1: under bodies were recovered tear the
.. dt alrectJon otf Qaptain LutI crash site off theB cat of Mo-
Toepr, ernal fencing inrtrac- bile, Ala., but .lis and parts
Leaves tar P anma and former of other bodies wc~ e tound.
ade ddi Panaw&. 'a A
a wnll he in BarAs c
-s. oft and
Si Endorses

d 0ap in -- t
MA lotaky wmni bt BOSTON, Aug. 7 (UP) -
S i .Fjhe Ca- The AmeriLzn Assoclation
ye ttlet zhtdai l a "W .MMBare cor- today endorsed a resolution
i dilly1 to i condening o-eled "book
in .i'. burnin ." *
S : The 224 members of the ABA
adopWd the resolution which
LIM I, Asaid:
"; i "'Thl freedom to rpd la I
S-c oro- iry of the teoatutonalo
m 1vrllfpE rantee of freenom of the
tss. and Aredsan lawyers
'"" e orppose e orte to v eatrict
A8 G7 uL Aug. 27 (UP) .
h of-d-' i arlni u erd y The ABA's spedal .committee
Sq Ioted q l general on indivitdal right as affected
Stdo t t treLatir wof miajo bv natJrnas security noted that
SR tMa "'book-burning" was
,. Ip ,.M rr t "am i. in connection with Con-
5. investigation of gov-
The^ r ovoersawer.
"that the goZerm
Iao rlm ay properly restrict"
toahl..tre I. intruded Brig. the contends of overseas libra-
.it M %b. Btle. "Chesty" Puller, e M M d'no rbigt .to ,"jip-
r, ud betut.treet who won me with the Ft press" books at home, It said:
a Iand The reaionable atent of
rAir Pg 0Chief of Mth selection of. Id
math8 ,lot be put into x
j~j '-were: Mal; .,.
,.M.M e

IILL 8 i, INTY OF STEAK-It may, or may not
0 a record Drem OftB~emen and Jean Mallck, of Philadel.
PhIaPa., a Very, 0 of their mushroom discovery. The huge1
gestable wel.. ,40_endpsand measures 20 inches in diajier.,
^'^1 Is'^^^^.
^a^'^a-^^. S;

S I ", Vu n I*M "
U. S. SHOWSt SRENOTH-Using 1939 as the base index year.
above Newschart-shows how Industrial production has risen over
a period or sever )ecte years. Achieving its aim of "guns and
butter" the index .r 1958 is bow about 240, compared to 220, the
O o high point set in 1951.

Modern 14K gold
mounting set of the
sparkling diamond in
this Solitaire ett ing

-the only 100% fully polished duismst.
on the market. .m

*Reg. Trade Mark

Tial d4W.1 S V I T aI NI



a. .nv. wu, UUM~Cw of I oUI
I corp Developmnet Cuter
4 *<------- --.
Daniel Douglas,
tired iEmpI

:Ianiel Doupets'

at the R W T.
dMtv of c^'mi-M.mik

t U -- W
.. g.' .- .. -


j, Cog.Wae i th uw.tbat tha
Korean truce wtlL ive 4Chin
S the bP, Viet'
j MilCdn fihtn-tl -lFrmeh.
cogny. a 9Freuc
forces -.1% BartHBPrifa*^^
Recently lew *pd4 dirkct-
ed. pt lo.asn jr el'bd 10
re Il.ench battalibiS loitetd in
i- e jungle tS of Ns _m.




S-4 .


ORANGE (6-oz.)
ORANGE (12-oz.)
GRAPE (6-oz.)

COD (skinless)
HADDOCK (Skin on)
HADDOCK (sklnlew)
FLOUNDER (skinles)

- 0-,


* r


Hashed Brown POTATOES
Fpeioh Fried POTATOES


"- and Finally,"

Says Teddy.

"Don't fr iorgel tAr di g tA
ided dmie to steN yur cWhe.
freer Wi6k SNOW CROP

*i .
* fi:


. ., '


P 4i
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u 3 In"d 100 JUNE 30



R. ~--,






' -




WA~. Z

You Sell'em... When You Tell'em thru P. ATtlassi
Leave your Ad with one of our Agents ur r ur a r -es an No. 57 "LH" Stret- Paniuma
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Colon

No. 4 rivoll Ave.-Phone 1-2201. and

Fourth of Juiv Ave -Phone 2-0441

Via E-:p f' No "4 Panama. R P
(Bella Vstal Theatre Wd.)

Agenda Internacional de Publicaciones
No 3 Lottery Plaza PlIone 2-3199

10,050 Meltndatif,-brone 265 Colia

"H" Street tdanteSt.
Phones 2-aS-iU. -7

SHousehold Automobiles o ot. ,...ev.erd.. ip ta.' S,,iamIchS Sar to Cl. l gh
Write Alheliss Aeson meas e* tog0I. Electric iceboxnes, lI 1
___ __- 'FOPR ALF --Studel-' *r Champ .c"i zOu Ancee C 2 moderate rates. Telephoanr 41'
FOR PLE -- o r- h:r'', b::': I~O.0, lu.t paorrd melalic g ecn Garnboa. 456;. Pedro Migu1f:
S .O 4 d-..'o11 ,1-ha ,-1. c k,"':,- radi.,o, heG:cr and or cocl, ovcr- D;. WEr'!CE AKE Medical Clinic
cn u.en -l d.,.g .h.)I 1,E cEl.e excellent cond.lon, .crt. Central Axenue K" street, corner WILLIAMS' Santo Clara Beah Cot-
i .n ,iba3 Cc.eri L eavng bevi offer beo, en Te'ep.icne 2-34-1;9. Poanamn tage.. Large comfoi tle. Mdr n'
7 P,4 1 near Let.-hh. Balboa 3050 x.rptI
-- S:pt. 3. Peiro Miguel Dispensory To MIAMI & EW r. K va AREA n L:h 30O l pt
F. 0G SALE r.t, : b.c b rc. :rm to 12 Bceing 4 engine planes One-way -- ---- 'ccu .e IScb i c.' FOR SALE I 1-2 o n 19142 Dodge to Mia ri, 000 Round-Trip Ph.'Ips. Cc-an.d2 cottges, bt I
ccd..e icb ccco 1260 r e- ov to New York CIcora, Box 435. Balbo,. A
SAr -ra, r.:aud gate-ieg ,b'e lruc. ~oci cc rd-: o Fhne 5 14 00 nd-trap n2 0 Se Panarra 3 .1877. C bo 4-
telephone tb 3 mahog~nv thif- 21-1541. 2-1122. E. J 151 14 01)4,1nd-trip 1,214 00 Se Panarra 3IO7,CMbt
San.lors; 2 phoe roabta m og Lo h we- J PANAh A DISPATCH SERVICtE routes c-i beach. Santo Clor. 'Alga
fa:-g-Iielrphoa ~ .n CO-L Cmp g mouL.
Sound I:blr ma.oganv y t FOR SALE.-1937 Fcrd 2-door se. Phh n COOL CmponLa m B ounlt .1
teconi : n rrt l',, g ch, nru dan. excellent coai i on Comp'eP .' repair tL n wi I..g machine Phonre SHRAPNEL, Bolbo a
ogany tu. -- .--rn Chno mor c.erhcu! C-11 3-2375 r' make. Gj.rart:c, or see Cartaker there.
c'o;et rtc: -k :- houCe 19". Ne C i.i oi rh. le :. A outer's Coltoges One mile past
cred tcb i T: ',- ---- 1:c ~' Tcl:phole 3--60I Santa Clara. Please bring your
r,-.e cart., lat .r IOP SALE -948 Frod iudor Vd CIrSIONS vo LAC linen Phone Balboa 2.1 .
!cl .tc cn..6...u., .o 1l-B $. C''. 1.LPSIONS .a LACS/ len Phone Balba
l'c lu-: CO. -19 c h.r Cho.e Cun i 6 -AN.' '--,E:ICO one w.y $8. .'::nd ycur week end at Ca-irno tn
AD'r.e lu c C.. __ --- r-d trip $135 115 c..y lir..l, to Clara, aobins, $4.00 a couple
H1 0e 177 Nn C., rota' Dr. .ern FOR SALE -1939 Fod e'on w. i ib5. g..tu one yeao to L O Dance rrus'c by Casino Acqs I
Prier 19 16 mcr, -4 r .. tlres. n. ..G:'. S c.-e a... .9 25 rOL n,
FC. S 'IE Cr <. .o-n iu,.rc bcIteres. $1(0 F,- :, Canal B. rr p S.5 c t 90 dcv miii. Pcn- FOR RENT
Rat on M.'re lurg: Telephone .-l:47 1 ,a o cU n Service 36 Avnd ... |
tabrl. eiclt ,h... :uphc.d. fLi FOR 5ALE- '950 SI d:b:k;r coup. N.Z':.o'l *' .ii. i ole Rcwi. Tel Houemc I
ehrtnose j-c,.j Pcnrmo radio. :ect cOcr', a dp.-ndcb t Ponon-o 2 Itu'.
-rR -ai. -- ,-arcre ": C.cIe tf. elued. Wh ic Kcb. :R SALE or. v unfunsl-ed three bedroom
,e'. i,-':," .C5' "e:r.r'.n- O LEr.* chalet. Apply house 103 Mainl
r, : Fr.'. r. : Ene:r.t5 l FOR SLE -1946 rt J S, re. 'e' .irleen c118 Pc tla Airpoit Road, phone Cris-
Iv-e :e,, 1g 0-o:h n. -S00UiP r er:ect rcc "o.'c' 1,-:7 ._
W 'er :;ie r : 00 c.h:r m,: I *e,3rr.:C E.,,.:nc- H '- C, .- ,, e a.r c n l:clr -7- 1
t To"1 -in-H cPid '(cr -
ren' 8 ;.i 505l Hcu e 2I Ter' i-re 3-3639 ?. ..r ..rC l oom U'. I. 1-: *' REIir -Modern residecie, fur- ;
F. G.'an Pacd La',cn -I -. 5, 7';,u. Phone B:lbca 2 ia:hed, 'iaza Avepue. Crstina"
F" SALc -3 l-.r char ondj :t e 0' SALE --4 P .rd ,cs 120 2B.. dng Campo Alegret: lving
Srr~:rOh. A2L orc clrIrcr -tro r E .10rocm bedrooms, bathroomm.
r:r ch. orh ch. 4r_ H r 4 d,:or ZeP.I re .P., ". 1 "D BLLL-TICI: kl ln. ,zrcge. Con be seen from
S A,.n C Z ,r, :. r r :UJ c L .n Ir A 2 to 5 F m. Telephone 3-5227.
N:., 2:, l-o 4 .. n- ,-" "r:', :' -""(..r U ct CI''A, S 5.---
FC? SALE --a.rro.t r, n.. Hvrp 'OR SALE -1-953 E A C,. RENT --Two b-ld House
S I it. dou.,e door f'cczcr refr.g-. Le Au ', l uir::ied Westwood' F rm. Suit-
ertcr, lae l -rodel bc.rg .n pr rc o ':' C "AL COMAP KY able two couple. Tel. Blboo, 2756..
alio househCold.. rp.ccn 99u Coil BanIl, 1e -03 C 0: 'P., M 4NOUs ITEMS ofter 5 p. m.
an'-i '.lure. Telephone 3-0199 Kct SALE
P Te bhcned 1-. Icr op:r.. .g n nublic R RENT -FurnMlw dence in.
..- --.-.-- Position O erc t. r until If( 30 A. M Bell' Vista, 3 bf_ .p, 2 I.thI
Position .ercr 3, in the c:. .e rooms, maaid'5 rc phone I
SFOR cALE -Modern Sofa wroug:i -- --. S -e .-. t oft Sic'-cu:... BI. 3-0019 3-328, Panama, No.
I.;cn l?as., t,:n Ch:. e lounge WANTED.-Sales aoer's for c ub a. 'c:r r '. ncus w0oc'v k nr 14 40th Steet, "
vcn ry, Louis \V c;c r Rrf an en: I ADp'y w;Ih 0or .dLnt i i.c n C. r ,J t I cr i-. r. r.r c. F3R SALE -Houe inM'Ftincico
tr'.;. I;oor lar, p ".: s.h radc ICarnel Good op .'rtu..n, i, I uil Dp rl. u'.a ii.c.y b de la Caleto, 6th A t n bed l
v ra'a I..,chcn coL ier, r2ubl ,nlerered Par n Furn,. ., r, d ,,i ,.-c o aice cf Sup.'.ncn-, rooms- diningroom & parlor; porch,!|
h-d, Mi:c. -II'th Sr No. 22 Apt lue No 16b. Cent-al A.:nue. r r of .li.i.Ou.cs or CListob.l beautiful kitchen and bathroom;i
'. .. c .. g rn.- ~~,4NTED -Ferrale 'cles c'erk w.I- c e r maod's rcom; garage; garden; $13,
C SALF'r-25 c,:lE efr-gerorci knowledge f to:l.ecr ng, nu-. FO' SALL Trailer. auto, utalht 500. Camilo A. Porras, Tel. 3-0434. I
,;c:e 793-B. La Boco rood. TEl- roeak E(nglh and Scr .. Rp r;: i o-u:e 5731 D.ab'o. rCR RENT--Modern furnished chalet
epcre ,-6.7 a: :r' 'j CI ll TC o Opportuni,, tcro 6, Cc- CILo, -'' of tlrice bedrooms with omple
S. a -7.-S';.'l rr ur .T ,ng :I r. S/L o Polle:I garden at Golf Heights. For in-
-WANTED: Sa'e: cle k. t.:mcle P ,rt, ,n i 1. -, Itnd One becu-' format ;n apply to Suarez, No. 21
GOOD BARGAIN h'uo' haoe ,pcr :r,:e n crri,:-c t.ful (- 1 Ch ne e Dra- i Jon B. Sosa St.. Panama, or call
atlroctie tour i', lie I n n cn or n r 1 .', Pu.r color Becu- telephone 2-1959 between 8:00
f' l et, "White' electric rowing etc. Knruledge of nce i 'ul .' n -., Bar w th ipli',. a. m. to 12 noon and 1:00 p.m. to
I.L.' ire. baby crib on dnattress. Sparish ano good refe.enre' 2- tc c .e.. ar.d mrr os. Phone 3- 4-.0Q.p. m. .--t.i. .
t Fou:e No 29. 11th St. San Frn-n Irria Ponomo" Na. 121 C.nol 129' FOR RENT -Residence of t e bed-i
c'.co de La Caleta. Tribeld. f\ verwe..-R bed-4I
So da La CaletaA. Tribe e --s vpter h-er, $7 rooas, if interested -2145
'Fr. S.'L -- dL- ing iblebI\.h CO andj Relrigerator $100. Colle Ponamo. aI
S i. ,1 0 ..n 'Wanted Position 43 No 4 FOR RENT:-ComplrleL nishedi
S?-,Call Blboa 3321 Ma-ree -- BUILDINGS OFFERED FOR SALE concrete house (chalet' o bed-
i d ch:gMal, re h relooble We.l Indian woman BY THE PANAMA CANAL COM- rooms. Road f 1ng 'PT11Tina Air-r
i L: -1 4c Jn mch:.grin, bec I w tIh g:Ga ec..t reerc E& fIom PANY. INVITATION NO. II field No. 109, call 3-0553.
rc, I 'ar. soryV coor bedsi' American employ seEks cadv AUGUST 28, 1953. FOR RENT: haler 3'bedrooms,
Si. '.g becul .ul dre::,ng taobt?, wo-' as iauitdr.E, C g.n:ral h.ous,- Pro:pecllpe ourchosers are advised etc. No. 7, U ruguy and a
c : ,w. No. 5-1, 45th St worker for couple t:ourew.le at, thQr Amenamcnt No. 1. which Streets. Bella Vista. can be se:n'
:nt 3 Panama 2-3907 wl1l acC:pt me c.,c.-eIs Ime ollcwed for comnpletion fro, 4:30 to 6-0 p, rn. Saturday I
"oges for her. -!f Irem n o ', -hould be obtained 10.00 a. m to 12 noon.
,i cre subm.iring bids.
Miscellaneous ,Apartments
SWANTED-Any pec. s B ri Erg ATTENTiN G. I. Just built modern
is C a p Clayton31 N F '2r apartments, one, two bedroom
s Chw^noi^ar e. p .n DISTRC ,C-R
t.s e o- E .... r. 4 hot and cold water. Telephone.
Paoriami -4941.
FOR SALE FOR RENT:-New 3 bedroom apart-
meent In a modern dulex. Maia '
Boats & Mloor I room, hot water. Situated in the
IFO AL-Bagainbest loca~on- of "El Congrejo"
FO RSALE --B'r. n 6 mnr 5 Lovely vieF. Phone Panama 3-0691'
cycle, ". ] -6 to -4 P. A from 9:00 a. m. to 1200 noon
Tfgood. 2 near nae C-'I I,.. and 3-5244 from 12:00 noon to
FOR SALE 14P c 4 8: 00 n.
Beam, laminated h, re O:k Iame FOR IT- clous cool furnished
Marne PIwoo-Jd ',de: and boom oportment, 5150.00. Number 27,
Irailer ard ,r.lued. Call 48th Street.
Coca S 7o 59 1
SI FOR i:- Modern oportment.
FOR SALE furnished, near El Panama Hotel
$125M.0. September 15th to Oc-
M lotorcvles tober 15th Telphol e 3-2139.
FOR SALE -uhmn Ste. model FO RENT
64. Good cond ,crn Phone Bol-
Pboa 2-3667.
FOR FENT:-2 furnished rooms in
rN NOUTE HOME Philip- family home 'Nt. 14, 45th street.
pine Presidnt Elpido Quirmno A el.a V ,
enters San Francisco hotel in UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT
a wheEl chair after arriving FOR THE DI DITRICTHE CANOURAL
fo0 ia five-day West Cuast vi- ZONE. BALBOA DIVISION
alt. QuIrino has been hospital- CHARI E E MILLER, JR. -
1ed for a stomach ailment in I L.beanl IIsD .. .--w
Baltimore. Md Jinc.? uly 1. I tn Adalt FRAMED- ri cess Anne, FOR SALE:---Chale 'Donubio" No.
BN i s -eord,, h- M. I....Ad ercnnA in line fnr the Brltish 72 N., A l.....ri ithL ....--

mi en r1 1ome to cam-BII
paign for election.



.$ 2.95

throne,'stnds In the window
and waves to the crowd aI the
Royal train pauses in the Aber-
deen, ScotUod, station, as it
carr Ithe Sel family, vaca-
tion a11 to morall Castle.
S---2 -A

w rI r IUlMir in lurnilure,
electric plant, wel4, fenced. $3,-
500. Telphoona $ 39e21.

, I 1 So a



Minimum for I12 wurdl .;
Jc. eah addition] lord.,


S Another Novey Newl

I Champ Inse.t 5d
S"- Pelectric lliht bllb that
kills Insects for frew
pennles a month,

*. Use in Hoaet. Of~fl a
S| 'oreP. Factoriesl. t.o,
\Warehousa ft ^
1 EO. F. NOVy, .jC.

SenrtAbl g A -L ,-
MI Ceansrl tibt.. fl I.

Wn *,

4 :%



".5" I e"m. i f

TR I$ Te8

,-l BAXTRuI&.
-i ."LSB




werl 9 .1,*
ee. ... t ,
*. UIoit '-,w~

I P -


"--^~IO;rt iifi':r' 4;
(lA. liI3


ii -I-- r



Wtfftc ak I
death at
0' waa abt

ID'! VtKo
, i.o. I.:t;-,-~n

r- ~ -



.- .* .^ -.
,r e
,* ,,' / i-. *. .
.Bjh.,,j '-F' w' tM ra,.,


.'A IA S
t Me "" street i
Foor feent lfti Ca I

^^^^Jl1 b*-a^imiai

2 e ;. 7. ,. .- .
tdi"e ,'r4 -V4C.'. i ,.



L a

S -^

-No 3787
'M V PACIFIC REEFER, her tackle,
engines boilers, eft and
INL, c orporaLion,
Whereas on the 261h day of August.
SI53. Charles E. Miller, Jr. filed a libr
in Rem and Persemam in the Ditr' I
Courl ol the United States far the. *
'tri of the Canal Zome aga st the M.
V. Pacifc Reeler. her tackle, engnesa.
boilers, et. and Gulf laternarional
Coiany, Inc a carporUmation ai-qlnu
of Contract. Cirl ad JMafrlimet aid
whereas, by virtue of prte La dku
fem of law. .: me dietal, sweturrale
Sa the lath day of September, IS53, I
kave elted and aken the uid M. V.
Pacific Reeler and hav her ia my
Nlticr Is here cgivns. tit Dpisr1tc
Clarl till be hld I-4he pfitd
Court Room. h Amce, Canau Zen
e 18th day of Septemben I io, 11r a
0 al of said prealse, and bth
ar owners. sad a ,ar la .
ave or elaim say latrie t l
citld to be n&d apple at thikde-
paie aforeshd. to ashe c-aus, 3-
they have, why l d ied lmeI
pa asa prayWd.
United Stalat

ru ,u ods

- ~C


.~ n

" e' *iA'i


.,b a U..1

-w wiu nIr mUI AO MlU MMMF'W,
ioa ftmwl.
other sa were- Mr'
.r 1 b, .. "An F s .' iI ', *

lM clbbum Vhiy. IM

I'! *mIarw v?



,. w..

A oid o ifte l '-
who bohubd _iBiW
with boe d wl
Y **t -l'

; ~d- ht 6f wel
and- beaDebw
l w an jo ured gue st as atu
WOOLPK'. rT. ee Inr
Wfrieg P rd C O

IiW school, Pao babug ?Pan-
... @ ,,

r .Dii S ad Mnotleata show
Wa e Moadellne CM ester-
'taled with a diner S sa
S O 1 theO a o

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.ho e
sesRoslMr s ldI, Deffia Base
a y 0 r. .
AM '. Mldmgau, lMe-
CBasPpl Bi5rah br lmn Jo

S Pem Weekaand
At a Clar
L" Sadra and rMale
An rMales of CMlon, .Iou D.
t lloem& H 3ain t ao I s lail'- ratumted
g to Abir lids Mondm. follow-
.. ng6,n a week-end ape t an-

ABt. Rub
1A the it -Rtar ruum
laA group of the Atlantic tde

ke C~d~eftd ere b WGrllaa noa Al
: a ... 4.. -
m T g 4%o motored, .toA

iAadmw Mm. andM
nik ts marked .

n rrtne Unt I Iuo was vhe
Jb -end guets of Mr. arid
a*to bi .Tb b In W Afil ran
SlSthe Ograndon of Mr. andl f
r. T.. P. Valley O' .e* ,"a iA brmtn
sAzeline 2i11 w L U WM Uthe
a se a 'U-end pe of Mr. and
t g 4 L Mab o tO- ef t St

S o @;. A, ._ "

MW b"iW e
SSEr aAv&ambItl r'a
o n., n
I IfM-'Tii a w.l. das g, Idi rali?
mbo Lega ioth a t9he i
iCura ls i slnOtt wil
.m.ilwltr mEr. ha w

~iBa&Qf~iairiu 1.h I'*ysp. -*."c'".y*!y^'/y^fS0-111111*tl:~i-aallsek!" hni

i*.L h lT. .l UaLs uL. a

"The boss's e4
him busy thi.,

another murder- A to keep
.it sure would Ij"* N a place
tr ran the firm.
- -M- 1"

TEHERANAUIs AILB Rf Sil -- A hug portrait of the
ahih of Iran is carried through the Iranian epital, Teheran, In
, 4ar. as the ruler made a triumphant return roam exile. The
33-year-old monarch ~n w 0 on o two-enrgned ulae from
Bhdad with an ^ j qul knd Iranian fighter planes.
:' one-week exile ed n hiN supporters overthrew Pre-
ter Mohammed Momsadeh-in a blood coup d'etat, restoring
Sthe Shah to power.
I _-

!Panamd ncl &iaers i
BALBOA ,, ,,uf
; rI!" Techni~c ee a~lor! f Mm

's W.0 "Thd Seatfor Was Indiscreet"
VIld" gImmn OC BoNm-

'iae~ajft Fh~



C90 A TM .


Counl. W0om C Uance SMITH

Treasure f the Golden Coudor"
Tscbnlcoilpreiht_ "*OUUIIN fQOLr'

r^AHE tchnicoor.!

ffptww- y
V irdAte e low Pinar ON
Col, -.I NA "
"*.-- L" "

-l Fr


'~r 0.L'

SMOVIrs rv T AOTO 06
b by Enkihm Joknon with
-. 0
HOLLYWOOD-(NIA) x- I er Dallas, Tax., click In "Oirl *
clusively Totrs: Btg.t d*- Crazy" with Jack Cron.
tai value feud in Houyod toI -*o9o--
between Nora J.ddington Flyn Larry Parks and Betty Oar-
Haymes, Errol's ex, nd Patrie rett deny the report, printed in
Wymore, his current spouse. a British paper, that they are
Patrice, who still denies a rift flat broke and are playing M de s I
with Plynn, asked to aw the mall town theaters for pea- LL --
star's kiddles and got the Ice- nt s.
berg treatment from Norm. SB O-46. melmd 4
she left the presents snt by Shelley Winters. eekUing i pke a
Brrol at his business manager's he as Vegas nght-club act dag
oA1lce m came Nora cares to pick during filming of "Baskatche- v a LL
them up. wan" at Bant, Rave a perform-
-o0-o- dance for a troupe of Sloux In-
Both deny that it will ever be dians working In the film. When
a t.ouak.iAu on out Guy MlAdi- they greeted the act with stony
son and Gail Russel manage to silence, Shell said:
see each other once a month. PURH YrLOW MWu _.
"She's eve her ins," Gay "I W es they dIMn't nader- iWssi s igul i t pu nM Md
told me on ithe setf Wanstrs stand me. I should bhae ne t It
"Bear Guard," hivo s ls ^ in ItalIa." .
film. "I don' think she W
ever do another picture, though.
She never UIked acting rw mle-
mlaski in the first place."
Jess Barker I refusing to make
any statements on BUlsn Hay.
ward's dec;Aion to diverse him
and refers all question aske r to PAW
his movie-cueen wife It the
Barkers are divorced, Jess L s- w -I-it
titled by Cailfornia community
property law to c;t himself a A
generous hunk of Susan's for-
gentlemenn Prefer Bieades," to the dismay of every-
0ody from Darryl Zauack to the
Jaal ers at can L UX s BELLA VI ST
anywhere in Great o Britanl until UX 7:GAOf p.m. .
the stage masleal from the TOD A! -
Anita elTRILLW1 novel TR ING ADVENTURE! Shows: 7: id 9:00 .
West End run. Matchless Melodies and
The fine print clause didn't Songs...I No one
come to the attention of the could
ba neels until a mammoth "THE NEW DESERT call her
auropean premiere lad been SONu-White
ublewpritrd. -SONG"
lAtate of things In Hollywood:
lPrG's casting der al emen, .lth
not to much to do. Is cast-
Ing chorMos girls for the 8and
Hotel in Las Vegas these days.
Ida Luplno has notified How- The
ars Duff, through agency chan- clinch-and-
Aets, that his services will not kill girl
be required for "Story of a Cop," atehe
the Yirn that she penned eape-called
clanly for him. Still associated
with ex-hubby Collier Yoqng,
Ida figures one ex-husband in
the family is enough.
Mary Pl:ktord describes hr with -
manuscript, "This--My Ile," as. ordonAR
a bloraphb of Hollywood. Hae athr
y',as he .o.. .. LIR YSO NG A R D E N I A"
won't be published until after
her death -and then only at
the decision of her immediate .
family and executors. DTVIV E IN

Es ransa WyI dendD L the EO A PleOGRShow:TAIM -9:U Pm.
$10,o= that it ll cost her to iDR -a't p" I MAN-HUNTI A NON-STOP LAUGHINO
appeal her claim for more ali- 101FE
mony by a court ruling, is now "THE
trying to raise the whopping
sum herself.GLS
-6I8. WALV
With all the "Miss Universo" with
bieautles running around the
U-I lo, a sIgh ol rellf wa Vittorto
breathed when the eating de- GASSMAN
rtent signed Marianna
Lytn e ad uty M 3 ~ AuW GRAHAME
aY~I1~ *. 'w rALSO:
trouble .wth er ex-husbend, r it -S"
Will Price, ha's making de- bArthurMary
mands now he has left a FAN
southern hh s

Debra Paget' mother turned ENCANTO CAPITOLIO VICTORIA-
down-a publicity beme that
would have limnd her gorgeous W A H O AN NIGHTJoel McCrea, i
one with Bob h a ier during
production of -P eo Valiant." Joseph Cotten. In Irk Doulas. In "FRENCHIE
MaIr et J Wb m explains5and and Anthony S In
hber delay 9 Ming Lou Yvonne e Calo, I pie- Azell. hi 'IVOR
B sch with Vere no hurry"
and vows- r'I IW leave Hol- "Deirw aw T RES
lywood fo 1. .of two Broad-
way muSiW=i5 twolio hergn
.. '-- -'" ""I I



777- -

Be#ierbuqt8*1 i4e


Lus.dou gAren pM

. 'e..m'. '" nd e m
^T'4"sm w-
"F [.. -

rhi. -om to yNu edile, All 1
r dy to u.e,. o thw0M's bly s
M#k. G Qt io today

pgted In four 0 I-h 1
r--W qm .1y~^^ ^^

* H

u. IOSe T. '

F. y~~~,

- I

or of.
"rofbS S~


_~__ __~1___

~_ ~~____ __

I I ~I-F---



fi r" '


TEm PANAMA Art; gi


Big Leaguers Start Annual Augu September

- *"c-c' K W' W

Rhodes (louts

Homers; Dave

August-September salary
in the Majors today as
aiso-ran clubs try to imp
raises next year.
With the pennant race ail
but over, the pla3eis tweie kink-
Ing to their o n arerape, and
other marks with morf concern
thin whether their teams, are
winning or losing.
Such obscure performers as
Dusty Rhodes of the Gianrt Hal
Jeffcoat of the Cubs. Dave Phil-
ley of the Athletics and a few
others not noted for their slua-
ging activities, were unusually
impressive yesterd.v in leading
their second division team to
triumph over first division clubs.
Rhodes became the first
player this season to hit three
home runs in a game as he
paced the Giants to a 13-1 vic-
tory over the Cardinals by
batting in five runs.
The Cubs soualed ac ciiints
for much of the rouah treat-
S "met thev have received in
S Brooklyn this year when rhev\ a'-
so beat the Dodgers. 13-4 on 15
hits. including two horre s by
Jeffcoat and one by ill Serena
Jeffcoat had hit only two hom-
ers previously this season It w as
Brooklyn's worst home defeat
Randy Ja-kson hit a two-run
triole and Serena a two-run
borrer in a six-run eighth nm-
ninj! rally.

Marlin CIlh',

Tourney Tern
Farly reports on \esterdav's
fishtn', in the P,'iama Marlin
C' Tlrntrnment 'Itrlow
M's. W'anda Milddleton boated
a ICF-lh sailfish nn n ie-,hrPid'
line in 2V rninu'-, ahile Iashing
of' the "Foltura."
Sem Fields bnated a blanck
tnar'ln of aonro'mlatell 300 lbs.
on the "Caimar On tl'r -1me
boat. Elmer Orr I "d-l 'dot' er
l.~ "k merlin of abnut 30n lb ;
i'T- i Orr's second nirlin o'
-th toi-name't
SV-,iliri o Vrljii'iin boat a
'166-lb striped mrirn I i-l,.r'
,from the "Valana Tihis i hi,
S*irst marlin and was caught onl
"18 readd line.
The "Seri" also ecated a mar-
lin but the name of the an.ler
1V0'o cauif't it ro not leerpi'e
..To+?l marlin raiod to d.ite 3r'
'Total marlin borted to date 10
'Total sPilfi-h raised to cite 173
:'1ot-1 sailflih boated to te 71
'r"'e fishing weather was ex-
'Tesday. Jpc'- D o' ,.,row%-Lv.
'fishing off the Iula "i hool"'n a
:large marlin at 8 a m. and aft-

| -------

ias ouR WA







Happy landlords and
tenants get together
through our want-ads
every issue. Turn to
the want-ads. Check
them now I

s 3 Succesive 7e PlummerSeeks To egainPrestige

Philley Stars 5With Quick KO Oer Samuels,

27 (UP-~~ The annualTEAMS W L Pet.
v drive v as on in earnest New York 85 39 .ue6 Pederico Plummer; former
some of the boys on the Chicago 75 50 .m 00thmlan featherweight champ,
Cleveland 71 53 .573 uaday night wil tr to score a
ress their bosses and earn Boston 70 56 .556 quick kulser hard- their
Washington 61 66 480uIntheir
Philadelphia 51 73 All scheduled ten-round 138-pound
However. the Dodgers reman-Detroit 45 79 .363 bout at the Panama OGym.
However, the Dodgers remain- St. Louis 42 84 .333
ed nine games ahead in the Na- St. Lous summer and hs handlers ae
tional League race when the Irtod by the coniments of some
second-place Milwaukee Braves TODAY'S GAMI "akperts" and yns that's of m
dropped a 6-5 .verdict to the Boston at Chicago (N) istrt tandf ris that "
Phdllies In a night game. The Phila. at St. Louis 2 t -N) ot the fighter he Used to be
Philllies. ith a total of L6 hits Washington at Detroit beanause of his poor perrmau e
oPf five pitchers. rolled up a 6-0 New York at Cleveland aifnst Harry "Snufffy' Smith In
or last bout.
margin in the first five innings YESTERDAY'S RESULTS
as Del Ennis showed the way Ik
with a two-run homered the ou- Phila 000 222 220-10 15 Many experienced ring ob.
ble. and a run-scoring fly. ButChicago 012 000 023- 8 15 2 >' servers have discounted that
the Braves kent rallying until Kellner (11-12), Martin. Bish- showing because thy
Sid Gordon's ninth-inning hom-lOP and Astroth. FornieleS (8- othat Smith's m u,
r cut the Gordon'sargin to one run g ho Doish, Aloma, Bearden and style would make anybe leek
... ut the margin to one un Loi/ar bad. However, the truth Is that
and brought in reliever Jim Lollar. Plummer had an "off lht"
Korstintv to save the victory for m 2- 5
Karl Drews. Washington 000 100 220-5 7 0 This time he wll he no e-
The Yankees boosted their Cleveland 002 240 01x-9 12 0 M time he will h1e no ex.
lead to 101, games in the A- Stobbs (9-71, Lane. 81ma and case. He has been proty
merican League by topping De- Fitz Gerald. Hoskins (6-3), Bout- trained for the ht and ill
m-teman and Hegannot have to take off weight, one
troit 5-4 on 13 hits and single teman and Hegan. of the main reasonsthat hasu
rtns in five different innings. contributed to poor fights by
while Philadelphia again topped New York 110 010110-5 13 1 Plummer.
Chirato. 10-8. Cleveland defeat- Detroit 000 00 101-4 14 1 he Plummer camp
ed Washington. 9-5. and the San 12-6r. Gray7-13an. r mously confident th all dobts
Browns and Red Box had an and Berra. Gray 7-1), about whether jd er O -oll
open date. borough, Aber and Batts. a claasy-top-notcher will be dia.
Onlyames scheduled pelJed soon after the opening LiK s A OEGor lltt
YESTERDAY'S STAR Only games scheduled. gong Sunday night. a
Dusty Rhodes of the Giants Meanwhie, veteran I t a Is msA
who became the first player in "NAMGTETONAL LEAGUtoe thn4hi A
the M.oajors to hit three home TEAMS W LMct.e Durocherand p jt h eainssI erter Ac sbm
runs in a game this season, Brklyn 8 0 .680 BWmokI aew nllo n4wrb ell3 sharpen.e d MoCeUIa hope o ......
driving in five i runs In a 13-4 Milwaukee 77 50 .601 IF t ,es. isibbet d Feld. R eba broke a" th high pla ce lje e
vire.rv, over the Cardinals. Phladelpholsa 70 56 .56 p rcloseto 5 li local boxing owe ht hoa" t
St. LouIs 57 56 .504 19n CmpoanflohaS hln throwbi local boin when h f
New York 59 6s5 uchhfig Out to defend his pitch.u cs
Cincinnati 56 69 .4481 Al Brown and -"b- -utota
s; Fishing Pittsburgh 47 91 1 .3 m 1mel JO E W ILLIA S
Spe d Lod toe..mlxb
30 tbis beft L B X
po Increases Chicago at Broo ES and bort t'
ChitagoIat rolna s
St. Loula at New York -9 r .s sJm.. ttel .. w.o Il
Only games scheduled. O Last s n fs l ers 1b V 1
er a 12 hour battle brought it in YESTEbAT'S RESUITS --- o -
to the boat to find only the head ChicagO 110 400 160-1- 15 1 Gone from t.e 13 m. foot-field an4 'Ie. o "
a-,d s-e'elon It was apparently Brooklyn 000 120 010- 4 11 1 .... ....-re 't1mldan-" _VW q It-- lWIt at.po=g tInt oe o e mn o tnw W i a ..-
eao,0 1-v '-rr'. Church, Lown (7-5) and Mc- ball team of last year ea l a, & r woun final. 4 1:1.u ".tL.. 4
Oscar Johon. fishnet from clouh. Loes 112-7 Milliken wearers of the Gln alMd White. that ball." t .-. "& ,.
the Soltura. rated and hooked Palie Black and Walker. Dert o colleges in the Ze_'. n At '"a
"o marlmn but did not land a. States romm the 1952 Canil Zon This yesar' CZIC football Ifourond bete-ttn
them St Louls 000 000 400- 4 3-Junior College squad are end- team members niMake r
Acldr'!,l Bledsoe. fishing off New York 200 116 12x-13 16 0 and sometimes fullback --Jo mises No idle talk. As condl- at 418 -l
te Old "an- boated a 245-lb_ Shmdt -ra u a n- Gorham an ter Ralph Huls. tiona now are, the Coll o cnifea
'Sn. hmidt Brae and Rice. in- Hula did a rght smart bit of never loWi 9bIwt -. ,
Mbr' Ger Whit!ock on the derson. Hearn a 8-8a, Wilhelm llne-back tg forthe JC. pleteteak tosquadsa t or (age ut"frl
'- landed a 317-lb blackCo and Wstrum Lost also from the small club three deep. But this year. there et ad b
marlin. that took on all comers s Bill are teen candidates for the to ., rer.. l "
Nieht Game Wi bb a Chp who knew nd no lad
Tuesday's boat by boat re- Milwaukee 0N 003 011-5 10 haate h way on can be entirely sase In his ob.
sults Phila 202 020 00x -11 1 a. In each gage.
Boat Radsllised Beated Buh l 10-7'. Surkont. Lddle. ,8 hi Uncle 8an'. fifteen baYs, plItt4 amta
r inn sarlfish 3 sailfIsh Johnson. Jolly and Crandall. AiL -95 per cent. tomw. greater In p pe
Viking 5 salfish 4 sadfishDrews 47-91, Konstanty and th in gaes. o l er p
Serl 4 sailfish 2 sailfishIBurgess. n antAlhguas and Bob favorites. The ladsa out to oAfi .t
I marlin 1 marlin P playi the g for tPae of wli ..1 roll.'
Hula ai sailfish Only games scheduled. two othif Chaps who the game. Inuris. t b
I mirlin 1 marlin ',I"at _t the two platoon atyle any two or three men the Green o 3yesr.
Va'aria 2 sailfish 2 sailfish ofapson restored their foot- Wave will do bet with it
Natulis 3 sailflsh I sallfish re b gr and have taken to the limited number.
atlfsh 3 saish game oft earning a living. And
Old Mkn 6 sailfish 5 sailfish another of the well-I'm-in-.
Glorlon 4 sailfish 1 sailfish Wi here-fort e-whole-game boys,
Funstar a spilftsh 2 sailfish impressive EllA a Iteb tucked his Junior
Twin Stars 3 sailfish 2 sailfish College degree under one arm
and set his sights on the bus ,
_On Gavilan Card wr g the s ae in
Reto ~lfto the front section
'NEW YORK, Aug. 27 (UP),- of the n 1963 squad e i t.
Clarence Samoson of Panama, ar htt Dick Dilmai, al",,
!071., last night came from be- J and Carl Meissner. F ia o h
iT A hnd to score an.impressive vie- d rough and has ,
tory over Lou Stonewall) Jack- to b
son, 142.t. in the semifinal of h carriers. The .
the Ralph iTigerr Jones-Kid k wfndlg, the more Th C oce laval .
Gavilan program before a crowd Tt, the better to t- ot baketbald -Ine.ter :ttl i
of auproxlmatelv 6,000 st Madl- utm elner.defeatedt"
son Square Garden. moves him. scan bate Albro A
quite long for the Imafive 5Z-4 itt
The first three rounds were 0k to anu gym toI re
action packed with Jackson wse tog igt. uo
hoidia a slight edge msi' ex- nl.
ANA t son to command in the f kik sotan aR sat Tlt.
fourth with terrific left hooks IUW sytle rk dd t o '
and in the fifth had Jacksn lay whletlnnstate ytin g-ame to .7
hanging on the ropes.ninespond cm.. b ld a
The fight ended with Jack- tO UWo.e i
son's guard down and out on his Count" "'s Nil fth i
feet. The Panamanian. also well- y NFrc wt tNsir .12 palt 5ED '.ye
known in Buenos Aires and "r fpeted to 'ad .1.
other outh Americresand Ca- attack the s of
ribbean cities, received a tre-ths oe take to the a s .p.. 1 01 .
miendous ovation. _hthehe t__ e to t"e _tl ___an t sme_. __'
t The feature bout was easlv *.." -.-

Every month .every eek every day-
than all other 4aily papers in Panama combined I

It P




In The


won by Cuban Kid Gavilan,
world welterweight champion.
over Jones. The Kid, at 154
pounds, fought at the heaviest
weight of his career to cop a
unanimous decision over Jones,
Jones went Into last night's
bout with seven consecutive
viatorei But the Cuban Kid
put Bh'vast experience nto
play and after the etihth
round the outcome was never
In dout.
There were no knockdowns In
this strring battle that was full
of action from. Btart to finish
Gavllan's next fight will be in
defense of his world title againtD
Carmen Basillo Sept. 18.

Panama Golf Club
Dance-Party Canceled
The dsame and party sehed-
uled for Aug. 23 at the Psan
amra Go Club hb been esm-
celed beeame of the death of
Jua Navarr, pst president
and lone tUes member of te

wJ. fm A

* r *t

'-_- --



.5.,. .~ t


"- ,. I:

, I w re

of r b* mum
-No mw V


* *

BF, C Of

Of Paying Basketba
so- j
I '
RALEIGH, N.., A t. 127 (UP) Clogtonsca id did
The president not eel it asibl-
tic Coast C Pty o thethe
that North Greater .orth
le e! was "c C4rella Y the
Shares tha fet
:O T; player fromso wa a e
SFOR m .oa month oan baull m
c b l4) ht 1n dther luxuri -': The fMh 'IC, du-
S "A'poluter toIng its also
a a hm- fpr txa beard the paid
Sani, North x-foot. a "
0lege were il' a month, !g d
that count," Dr. I e trios a year and
W tey, of the nt Raleigh, a be
Ieu Cerolina, said. ~. and count
-- Penney said a deal of among other ed
harm was doouteste
Mgd4 to. -ne boy" in a nw To e in
will vealing the fu a "co
gme. volving Ronna e t, ten by the
Center seereta &or-
af -a. to, e P .*the
cham- But a control
whether morW. the
fotm attemptsithe
,w d, Mervyn enee to ohast" """
-tPt' ;tole R lsetwfi.. Ah ana tion taker three Bhatl denied
Clive Wllaaln.. clearing N.C.* t athe shean
r? udo ftttylof Parul and ermonth "ust
1 A les: wiola s,"Wim- hWe have a-
toof (LIrle. -#Md-.10ignla who nh dress bout the e
Loavis 0 U10 tom t Tor. neved th4 t so
tife 4eatl kteangal
s ,o" of an't even
to m"o Ilever owned a.
*.ideimiofWturei -j've msver Tru
.ica. and a.g nlsD-via Cup .the t pl ras ketball

*rgsrm L aporedi
'tt A,. .i t tate D
bu t110T GI aM 8GR~D, there'sR
&4cogit ait w tbJ 14. that thelnfcm i abo
e int being clsbfld O.f the "erysrti-
sna. z owndisma in the Shavlk

nouneed we were being- placed
S1on probation" for r Infrac-
tions. of.lP k| ( ACD te
0; *b :. ,. T_ ,.. wn.t Loutsorule.u shO ws provide a
.PW k -" f pople with no talent
day oif 01
of aw

TH, Ar,,E:FtUW Y-- ne Car te third
M on oim tli U)
tkmnal double (NEA)

' r1op A table o two of Alk-
SLaer in a glau of wSar makes a par
kinm efferveemant soludon ...'works at
oarc to help bring the relief you u-s0
plus the gstric alkaliR yu need! Do
a millions do take eedy, plesnt-'
wMdf AlkauSelaer at the fimt sig of
dfaemfor. Tubes of 8
and e25 a hi.



i~~ ,. --

"',-. .,~ira .',, b
,4~I P.
m ,_ Not-

Syea ly

lb lNyet

tribe to 4h
rDolt ou t
.::Jt service
S'When- b
in," aserte
able." Thae,
ground strr
l ton, make
Ita .

ey2 Sept 5
.* i & ,.
; I ,o .

f ufd ite he 3-40eq

A Wance fee pf $1.00 I
be charged and can be paid at
Summit Hills Golf Club during
any of the those qalifying da

end, Aug. 20 for anyone wishing
to nrataet prior, to next week-
eN 4 Ft. at wlll'i i|enl-
ted t lpratke at Sualr iA duOrni
the three qualifying days. Quall
fying aoufndh must bi played
with eatatering toursa- inter tin corn-
peting it this tournament and
who are not PWQA members
may Joti. the ataption when
paying the entra ee.
This aOl be a teb play. no
hand to t. The
champliaahp 'I t. will be
made hp of th X6 Iqualifiers
and th tirst i th the re-
mainltr t IL 'be a
medallt pre t prie for
the aIner r-up for
both ht. .
This ie the 4bft '1 girls and
will determine lo the leading
lady golfer l a ihe U.
After look nniers
oa feW tio ments al-
ready hel) looks lie
Ellen Ken.a. tuth
Lincold, arie ~ it
defendi t eflh Grace Deh-
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Malenkov Gets'

More Power

Over Red Army

TTUP Russian exoertc hore

raid today that SovIPI P-remierr *.Lea the pro
Georgi Marenkov appears to be,
slowly building up his rontro!
of the Kremlin at the expense, TWENTY-EIGHIlH YEAR
of Red Army leaders who might
one day have overthrown him.'
]'gome saw in his gradual as- 1 *
ceddacy a para:lel to the
course followed by the late Jo*- I; i
setf talln in the months aft- o ice
er Lenin's death in January
! The No. 2 man in Russii.
they said, seems to be Nikita S
Xruschchev, who occaslonallj I I
wans at odds with Stalin. 3 t

ruschchev's influence in- r
ad after the downfall o NEW YORK. Aug. 27 UP) officer and did not care to d,. I
lvrrenti P. Beria purged se- The oice of America today cuss military secrets with the I
cret police chief. charged Russia with holding en my.
Foreign Minister V. M Mol, more than 3.000.000 prisoners it, Tie Communists returned 400.
tov, the "old Bolshevik ani nope. to barte,- for political and more prisoners, including 150 A-.
comrade of Stalin, appears tu economic concessions Imericans. Thursday and teceiv-I
be running No. 3. 1 A broadcast beamed behind ed their 50,000th returnee from
One of the army leaders who the lion Curtain said the Soviet the United Nations.
h s dropped out of sight i Union had persistently refused Thus far. the Reds have liber-
Lt. Gen. Vasilly Stalin. son of to return or account for the ated 9419 captives, including 2278
the late dictator. Despite hisprisoners taken during World of the 3313 Americans listed tor
rumored marriage to Svetlana War II. / Irelease.
Molotov, the foreign minister'' "One motive is blackmail,"
daughter, young Stalin did not the broadcast said. "The So- One of the returning Ameri-u
lead the recent Soviet display viet regime hopes to barter the cans, a captain, had been listed
of airpower in Moscow as he lives of prisoners of war in re- as "sick." He came to Panmun-
did in 1951 and 1952. turn for political and economic jom In a dirty Molotov ambtl-
The experts pointed to there' concessions." .!ance. but his condition improved
sil,as indicating Malenkov is The Voice said Russia also is greatly when he saw Freedom
emerging as Russia's n e w using the prisoners as a reservoir Gate.
"strong man" -his quick ell- of forced labor and hopes to in-I One of the men was complete-
mination of Beria. his almost doctrinate them with Commu-,ly overcome by emotion.
single-handed conduct of the nism. I" don't want to say anything
recent Supreme Soviet meeting, Meanwhile in Pan munjom about what happened to me."
and a notable increase in the today newly-freed war prisoners Cpl. Alfonso T. Nttero, Jr., 22 of
appearance of his name in the dimmed hopes today that the Alpine, Tex., said.
Soviet press. Communists plan to return cap-
It was recalled that Stalin tives sentenced to long terms in Natero. who was captured on
moved slowly after Lenin's jail for committing "crimes. July 6, 1950, the day after the
death to, build up his prestige. They contradleled reports of Americans entered the war, was
The big buildup for Stalin other men who said the Reds visibly shaken and after a few
presenting him as an all-wise were releasing the prisoners minutes with the press almost
oracle, did not come until the and sending them to nearby broke down.
Kaesong for repatriation. The freed prisoners received
Therefore, some experts be- Cpl. James R. Westerson, 22. new clothing and began moving
l reve it may be some litts e of Miami. Fla.. said the Reds re- to Inchon. the port of embarka-
leve t maye la campaign is moved about 60 or 70 prisoners tlon, to be loaded aboard a troop-
Iutached to portray Malenkov from camp No. 3 on armistice ship.
launched to portray Maienkoviday. The Navy said the trodpshl
as an omnipotent leader who "They took out three truck- the Marine Poen, tentatve
can do no wrong. loads of men." Westerson said. is scheduled to sail for San
There is increasing evidence "It mdst have been about 60 or Francisco Friday with between
that certain Red Army gen- 170 men there. They didn't an- 350 and 450 freed prisoners.
e"ns are not-faring as well nounce sentences or anything."
as they did in Stalin's day. Pfc. Nicholas Aramipo of Leroy.
Veteran Marshal Klementi N.Y., first American released to- U
Vdtoshilov has dropped a notch day, said that he, too, had seen SA-V WI S
Il power; Marshal Nikolai Bul- several men taken from camp
Sanlh, minister of armed forces. No. 3 on armistice day.
had a "second row" seat aR Aramino said they had been IH hi
the Supreme Soviet meeting jailed on false charges and ap- Presoa
and Marshal Oeorgi Zukhov. parently would not be released.
fist deputy to Bulganin and "They're still being held." A- R rin
a World War 11 hero, did not ramino said. "We haven't heard
appear at all. I from them." Six Panamanians profession-
All of this leads observers to: But some of the Americans re- a have received training
doubt that any power strugiprltilrning today told confllctilneigrnts under the Point Four
Is raging now between Malen- stories on the fate of prisoners Program from the Institute of *
keo and the Russian army. Jailed for committinff "crimes" Inter-Amcric Affair to con-,
SCol. Charles Gldet. 32. of tne specialized training in the
SPhiladelohia. said Americans united States
sentencedd to lone prison terms te*d tiees are r
The, have been released and now are The trainees are: Jorge Al-
in nearby Kaeson awatlng repa- bet Lore Emma cRojns' i
;I t rmor .hueza, Dr. Dominlclano Broce,
J d es Bench Cpl. Eugene R. Reilly. 21. or Ella A. de Talley, Catalina Hen-
New York. .said "there are about ri2qu, Jose Maria Abello y Da-
4 15 nr 50 of them' in Kaesong. vid Amado
i "One man was sentenced to a Jorge A. Lore from the San-
Costa Rican Ramon Miranda 15-ve3r-wsntence. blt be's there, Itary Englneerlng Division of
7.. 39, was fined $10 in Balboa 'oo.' Reilly said.'-Thev had been the Bealth Servicio (BCISPI
3 gistrates Court this morning I tolr they would not be repatriat- Wil enter the Public Health
qlra charge of driving a truck ed" lSchool at the University of Ml- n
"'Tivoll Avenue without a' Returnine prisoners said yes- chigan to continue studies in t
lmense. terdav that some officers sen-'sanitary engineering.
.Magistrate Charles Garcia tenced to long prison terms had Emma Sanhuesz and o
Spended payment of a Stlo0een released without serving cQtahina Ienrlquez will travel
i and placed Alfredo C. Oca- them. to Washington to follow an t
I, 44, Panamanian, on oneI Among the officers reported orientation course at the Public t
war'ss probation. Ocafia was to be in Kaesonr was Lt. Col. J. Health Department and then
charged w:th driving without a:P Cpirnes. commander of the will proceed to the University of I
ACense on Curundu Road. famed Gloucesters. Cairnes' Brit- Iowa at Ames, to take several
Panamanian Ashton R. Good- Ish aloofness and contemptuous cours on occupational therapy
en. 44. was fined $20 for tres-,attiLude toward his captors had and an hablltatlon of uatlents. *
pas sn in the Tivoli Com- made his name a symbol of Dr.- rt lcilano Broce, from
flaarv. courage. a
SW___c hen the Communists at the P qulatric Hospital of Pan-
temnied to pump him for in- ama, *11l receive specialized s
formation. Cairnes coldly re- tranli an mental Illnesses at i,
minded them he was a British the fasi Bellevue Hospital
Friday. Aug. 28 -- -- __t- m in New Pbork City. He will later b
igh2 Low visit ersal Institutlona for the ri
.:.1 ..m. s a
4 .m. 12:15 p.m. v's KCel-Lyingl "Jos e Abello from the a
.Trtasry.: Department of Pan-
~- "" VAltdnf AlAmis ama&'"tlyld Amado from the A
vOf Second Atomic Public. Service will enter a
the vision and other '.
SSub Po pPuid ia ration uffices in d
ub rU poV Wista tuD. C., for the pur- c
pose of iwaeiidg practical train- w
'- lA V I ASHIN(,TON. Aug 27 'UPi ing. In ~a&Aton, they will take c
-- |- Th- Na,. announrpd today academe pWe in a Univer-
"DIAL IthP keel-Ilving of its second sity .
aimiP u. marine, the Sea Mrs.. Af'emena Talley h
s II 'olf li- Leen postponed from will ape ie months in Puer- h
'el'S I 1 ol Sept. 15. No reason to R practicaltrain-
a a' gilvPn rir the dela In the Ing in $M*i o Education and el
'* c.'re'mo v it Groton. Conn iHome e
--- --- =.. .





AN ruan

.- *, o ** _

ph know the truth and the country is safe" A hbraim i~iala



OCO CaoDti

FATHERS OF FLIGHT- The Wright Brother -(4)

Wilbur Wright At this im t d gh
al~;i I; give up the Hlyingepri. ctlyspor as
wants after the duscourm a mn tpsed fri
Sng 1901 d 1902 tesh. D te stil
S Omle, watching gullFs y, as to be Ow scd
perusmded his brother to
continue, using Miciks of
ture,'s fathered h Mle r


New York and New .J)ri were. m
Donald, 2rW. t
tempted Fcr. to 1 yar-old
vile, VMaS.. a siter of Mldred'i to ..
the pretty brateoraper
larly for threa tnl he ain "e

Jilted Steoographe A

a -*-- %. .. '

esterf Ihe shot, tab-
ted amd blarned her former sult-
ir's 14-year-old sister because
he glyl taunted her about her
happy love affair.
Mildred McDonald, 25, blonde
laughter of a Somerville Mass..
school teacher, confessed she
hired ftip saots 'Ito Mary DI
Rocco,a asbed her with a par-
ng knife and then set her on
"I w nt stark mad," she told
police. everything reeled around
ie. 1. ust plain crazy."
She picked up In the
ime re theater district
Tu t by-traffic patrol-
nan Grace, who recog-
lzed ma newspaper pho-
ogr t-et cohesion did
ot i after long hours
f au through the night.
Shej1 a confession yes-
erdi 'toying she killed
he ra her former boy
ri D Roceo. 25, in
he -fbo 'omerville home
Mf jd traveled by bus
W N~ ^ day and spent
n A '-tow hotel. Her
nose g low. she said,
o sbhe tI Greenwich vil-
we Atound3 a .22 call-
er taid six spent cart-
Idges. d itled skirt -and
crump i ~_aper contain-
Ig an at Ma ry's death.
A B i, 'Dwizht L
llson. t U iand said Mr.
nd M McDonald
have B n -In their
daughter net possibly
celve of hr g connected
rth ethq m lon of such a
"The- irl hl ays been a
ledel lcld.A x iinjoyed the
Wghaft OW ad respect uf
er alsociat.~" said.
She hasa VqrI for the Massa-
hu~qtar Employment Service for
ht years.

y dWode Jom

Dl Roco? fr to man a
girl Blmed .M ltw
me bWht brife ors aldn
with hs parents hea ud, i4W a
she wre 1- UBe homeB
to discuO' bher itorOw
or his mother '
"Iw "as
quoted her. "I wdp)
low to two yad t
were iotn to bit
he bthbed me off. That
The ponfessio t o
"Q-' Monday, I
of Mlaymetn n
to 9. t e. I
me. Wi it there
mto J tt 0
rjet fthe hadd.

i cudl 'atims an

.wmf wrig OU

,*b rmiaPLsrk'ed

4 .6 bd i r

E m vl


*'' rf

bt uowe
witH 1 .

asira ft,"
with. 8 a
for -the
e the,"1
pe' csfeet

li to,
he ovlibt

~ __ ___ I ~1_ IL~lb~
1- -. ~ ~ 1~1-1 -----~--rrL-ur~----~--~--r --- ~--r--


., '

r .~

: f;'.~E~a~'l
_.i .
TA' ''

f -

"14 JA

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