The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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Abraham Lincoln.

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TEHERAN, Iron, Aug. 17 (UP) Foreign. l
H "ss e Folemi said ltday that PMr Mo lM
flh tends to set up. rlgmuy council -

Sduties of feing Shah Mokhommd ltea PohA i;
i At the same time F a i said t th Sbeho cai
rn mister has written a letter m'almk te monlt i
IA- ly foran abor ive attempt to tm e.-,ud.

The -year-old Shah and is hn tiM Empress Se
raS hdd & 0l 1 eighboring lr6q yestrd.y i sl
samt pa dter Mossadbghrs uppenters qM
autgpt to oust the premier.

.-m 0,.-

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148 from Pt*
Oa r. maMI
.. t re IM- i *

t Mom-
vrp- A
kt. the

f lo the Shah

gUten te. theI
the strateic 'j

deows ew
Muni no&
urn~ "

ef It



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m aup-

Tfljd I* nowr~
am a "ms
was tan aga

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T~L iEHr

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`"' -, .'" -, ,, ,. .'.'

*wnft rw s pr N EI Labor N"ewm
T H *aUN U 0 Box SO8. aiNAMM. a. r cI And

rateu Orrc; CN AVNU *NuperwrFI1 2HN1 n ArN Co mm en-t 16' T
SaN Malikinor. AVe NIVCW YOR N v Ui
P" MONTH IN ADVANCE --- --.. 5
4r six MONTHS. 'N AOVy I o- y John Edr Hoover
pOG YNEAR. iN AOVANCI so -4 0' By John Edgar aoob3r
,.Vi--ictor Rtesel is no1D re-.
S Ut PR T a turning jrom his trip over-
seMs, f'des, .tt. he is eM
S- route, John Edgar Hoover,
DaPeter &I the e sUrAl aU.
M A LO reau of Investigation, is sub-
Sstituting f or him as guest
u columnist.,
AL.Maill E e a in open torum or readern of The Pename Amw- In recent years a nusnler of
Kcan..littcrs are received re..taiu and are handled in a wholly cMJ- migohlceptOllos concernim g the
S ti 1fespbiansibiiles and inVstigative
.qu coatrikute a letter den't be impatient it it deos't appni th&e fu ittaons of the Federal Bur auive
eat Lsten s p published m the order mcscved. of Investigation have been ac-
see tr t I the ifs l er n Umltd to e a spage l -. corded wide circulation.,
ity ot l .er writrs is his d in stricdet confidence For example, such erroneous
Sis ewspoepe m umies a eaesnpoibility for sdetenenth s opinions terms as ")BI clearance" have
xtprrjed in let s ter tm raers come into usage; indignation
o .has been voiced at the FBI's
S"fallure to Irosectte" allel \
ISBIUI '1P EN violators of the law; and Imi-
Skil ver: shamomerous unsubstantiated rumors .
the persp who is asha d o USCA. concerning Investigative tech-
LongmoredidWnot. preent theUnUsaed ULs Cliize niques employed by the FBI
Ass h ien Waja; e represented the P l Asoca- have been circulated.
tioi O one dfof'a.A.unds was spent by her. An analysis of these miscop-
l. t t thell5 tt of her appeal to the Sqnate exceptions shows that they spring. Ialh. It contains no such statement as you mention, tor the most part, from a mis-
.- Jacobs understanding of the F1B's re,
-.. responsibilities and policies.
As the investigative aorm oa
AN I 1THMIAN NAD A DOG the United States Dsportmerp
p. of Justice, the FBI is alsetly.
a fact-'inding, faot-*reggrt-
ThIe article "Dog Story" on Aug. 7 is true, and the defense n i agency. t- ts fluris -tes
*-Lorney Senator Vest of Missouri. encompasses both dorailtit io
We have right here in panama an incident whpth proves the rerligoate matters; d oPm4s
failhbulness ofa dbg. Twenty or 25 years ago this story was told the FBl's authority is 0re-
4o pie by a prominent Panamaisan who claimed tb have been Fully defured and Umimt by
present at the funeral. Federal law.
Thagm ter dled and h s pet followed the ifueral procession As a fact-linding ae the,
o l tery. W.nigh1bt when the grieved family went to feed FBI confines its Inve ttv. t
hne he was 'sent. The next day he could not be found. pcivi to tninoroughly its i im-
ireve days passed when one .P;L:e cemetery employes notified artiay seeing the Con*
1us itly that the-dog was lying on his master's grave in deep ary to the opinion ot nny, 1
ll and tlougkt. ,Thef ftnn brought hin Wopie. Ie refused oe not by edd
.dnd drink. hAg :he dl ared a was found serving hi ication assume. t e role
Maslr.. several t l c.he wi brotUht hme but would return ,f accuser, juror, rwtor o.
ah hC out.v of gualMtin his m" ftr sude 'in ruro ig tfr oriclal
l oad rnd watWerp roa. t to him, but he hill r fused, pesId onsibHitures
ly el : ever a. fithi to his master. He was builIe FI m1 s the and
The I mily ha ls image .sculptureg In marble and placed s them tl ocIwcis
RluU ualtin bistister day dad night.. Cter rest s a
.1 .'13 -taue igy be found potui midway of the cenatery f f
near the sid leflk, on the right side. gRolin up I"" Street daoe not r
;he Lmit, that is it was there 25 years ago. It does not recommend proasou- MADM
... a ter No. 2 tlve action: nor does it opinon- it
S. te its reports. wf)l
SW B WRT Whin the area coyewd by qp a
xq PtdI5 AMP/OR S4RK[ the much-discujsed Loya I
New 'oNk N. program t fl each.
Sw conducts titluaIda or sInve-.
gatlons of employes, appplntae
-nd applicants of &aehci* j0. r-
: h i yvo ail Box column for me. Thank onhe a ehcl -
'U' ,W tO Federal Government..
F PG & HORY In these& loyaty-type in veS
:JZlkr I; lUvt written to o6u several times it aeeXip my figasons, ilhe FBI's objectie.
b Ifi.M e not. been forwarded to you. Since I lmow you .are and its technires are $t P
rLue i mtCqje r am ast p e l t Willo r sqnl ? i' any Sther t
t j'fay"to Irv tht Youu catp r*cfitnle at thtle. ti t,
Sw li~utus et r p'a o~io r'ao**twfi a.i aInLr a
p;Ajf 4'A

AM CA*N -..
,* 'ii inm




- Fr

N C~G3~~W 0U.,.s~~ ...., *u. q U L. .r
IJ "/ry~i~fSSS f : d~i u' l .".; .il -' ",,,

.tfW y'., ..,;
,'.,. : .." ~ .-,, .. ..
u+r; ..-' '. ""'. ,' "
.~ Iw ,, ".'~,..' "-
;d ".. ., r. ;..' eL i' .

y.-w R' .,. ":- "lb ,,',, '.. ,,,*'
t.u *i4

'"' i "* '

i~i~k'.'", -:'
I-. .... ,I 1
-'- .rn; a'me ^1 V
[C *g( !-*

Ir \ -
*: -
,,' .. !^
*, *^ ,

* '^



U.i,- "- ', "t','iy T .- ''

:' .": -

-- I


" tt ",

.. J~f, I
."- -. ...
*-{ *4 '

*i .. y..idiii Ni ..,,,t .,, /, r -,.iti-i,..,- ,
",, ;Y I .iX- ,. paut ,w 46
I '* /' al 8 i '. ft( f'W :. Iah i ti t 'a 'i

I *'- .'* *'* 6* W j5C f ,r n

.1 '. '. i,.r.etr "ar ow t, rt i tA c t*lcn* S wS ,v-

q me
* wrQ
* M1

,,% e-l

wMeWU J iveW f *w" af- -urn .. mejy MY. O -P ww .am
iu't~apetOf: fe.o far ra npow it is aro tv in
i ota l o- '. _- _. '. ,
f veu cannot meet me then all me up In t even g
. f w"ou read this remember lAit,: a ir la t
lmnm, bt we -*ne* that bweep .a
ktai egrmMetisin he~ .'
..t.. .wns he..:-., .,

Stotawf anf in"
oalm s in-

. -a-w



,u Porram No. 12 -e Tel. 344113.
BReEOi. -,

(Ier3nd turn to right b l47n J"asi ,Ta0 re tr


. Preosf

C uch a4Vouch
o thmme at ey wo e e tlo -s

h Time" "ved less exped, Op.i o
sourcee of tne delay.
Time- ftt ti tlME4,oj

t to referred t e

and tnorEl as s0g.l. a'
the FBLs enot ated its n-

hey ~ ha ived less expedi-0 4w"
1 r ltsa re ferred to the "-. A. 1 1.
PSI &00bbadied as promptly
a e-&pdGUos ly as possi.le. .
ek.) .,dA r bya eit .n-
latAh area of widesprpad
mIn lg lies in ife
Sl lntations of the- "
naly the vietimtl A .'. 'o
c hwbi1d tb complain .r,. .: v .
"Th rfhrefused to 06o ink-
eIult my cae." Wlti'otat
OF statements Iare r
B ft on of the be

Snt, only any aa
conduct inves- nind
tf / alleged vsoiations song.sta,
011 j County or state secr

~-^--- i r rI rI-- i .

CENTRAL T.chncIAkr W. .



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kn, a'cc~P 5

UYn- Wmni

r1 *1


."TWIO AllA U .* URE1-

l Zslip I "i i iTI fII

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I .i?& Y-

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P~ -qpmp-


A sir



vbl ~r

r1. -mas ." f-

'S ink

-ib. 4 L

a buf; Yl eIl

tnd.Sgpar. Hram aJ Tager,.Ma-
Jor and Mrs. J.. L. D~av, Com-
Gre"k mander and Mrs. Benjamin W.
Clark, Commander-nd Mrs. T.
R. Perry, Commanter and Mrs.
Jdward N. GOrdner, Commander
and Ma W. B.LTbompn. Com-
iander and Mrs. erv Sulll-
van, Lt. Cammande and Mrs.
V. W. Adler, Lt. Commander
and Mrs JamesF acer, Lt. Cdm-
mander and Mrs. H. Klbszaark,
*t. cm ? der and Mrs. Fred
Phlip, Lt. Commander and
Mrs. P. D. Fitgerld, Lt. Com-
mander and Mrs. Blrlde Hord,
Lt. Commander X .Parino,
I Captain and Mrs. Arthur B.
Busbey, Captain and ir. A. A.
Murray. Capta l a Mra. Pa-
blo Damora bd Oaptain and
Mrs. Kenneth Broesebe.
Also t. and Mn. J. P. Ray.
Lt. and Mrs. C, C. ChloupOk,
Lt. andMrs. L.O. Olausen,Lt.
and M. Robort 0. 8tile, Lt.
and Mrs. Xdwitrd ntickk Jr., Lt.
and Mrs. G. Hendrekson, Lt,
and Mrs. J. B. Griffin, Lt. pnd
Mrs. R. L. Wolt, Mrs. Wolf, Lt.
and Mrs. R. L. MIas, Lt. and
Mrs. R. A. Mller, Lt. Milton
Carleton, Lt. and M".. J. D.
Hereford, Lt. and Mrs. A. L.
Lt. Mary Langton, Lt. M ry
F ret Edwards. Lt. I. L. Reese,
Lt, Irene Walker. Lt. Dorothy
,.r Coughlln, L. L. Plard. Lt. VI L
S etra ellagher, Dr.and Mrs. Q.
E. Droulard, Dr. and'Mrs. J. J*
Zarrilo, Dr. and Mrs. W. L.
Hall, Dr. and Mrs. Gay McKa,
Dr. andMrs. V. B Hns, Dr. a
Mrs. IR... Mitehel, Mr.
Mnr.. Frederick. alak,
MrSau'ARee, Mrs. Bala.hMe
Mr. sad Mrs. LV R.
Mrs. D. ,N Brotherton,Mr.
Mrs. Tomas MeGann, Mr. sMi
tt :oinlta Maw H. B. PL.arks, MaSbta-
both 'l nnedy, Miss Lucille
Sru, n Mi' M. A. Pierce and Mt
F. M1daughlin.
C..A. to ReM
,1%' ithalle Daughfers of
4 a wil hold a rummage
Col on, September 12 at
t O s: 'Mi es Trimble of Mar-
its the chairman:
NbIehard BO
a anniversary of
a rl ed celebrate
at the hcnae of hU
"-_ M_. CkrlR..

iyan. ao, Leonard cranton,
Ilt odge and, "Tpper" Di-
Gatan -aie Thtr '
Tmere wnil V fIeetngl to-
night at 7:30 in uit
room 6of oap s
the purpose
Gatun Theater 6
elect officers. Richraoa has
signified .his wfllpgMe to be
the dlrectpr fbr the next play.
All who are interested Ml helptin
with this endeavor are invited to
attend the meeting.

IAWC Card Party
Tonight In Colms
Mrs. Coleman Saso is chal-
man of the card party tonight
sponsored by the Colon Unit 6f
the IAWC in their club roomft
Fifth Street and Melendes JAi
nue, at 7:30. All members and
their guest are Invited to at-
tend. MembV'will please bring
their card, tallt and pencils.
Rebekah Club Meets In Galan
The members of the Rebekah
Club wpre entertained at the
hmpo of Mr. and Mrs. David B.
MarshallThursday niht. The
hotesses with Mrs. Marshall
wes Mn. Andrea Nessler and
Mrs. Kaberine Jmodry.
The gubsta were Mrs. Anna B.
Vines Mr. Agnes Porter. Mrs.
Mataen Lcky, NM Alice Ry-
-hut, Mrs. MartA Cowell, Mrs.
Joan Prey and MI Jacqueline
The membeR pent were
Mr. $mnla n. Mrs.
erbara smumngM Mrs. Km-
Ria Ute MMo. Ow.y 'Rouke,.
Mrsn. Por Thelest. Mrs.
ma Este M etty O'Rourkb.
Mrs. Dorpy Theriot, Mrs. Vir-
g1ia OrrU, M Roberta Cran-
dattn, .r1 Tobert, Mrsn.
Helen Stem, Let Bobin-
n, M. M rt ubarg,
Mra. Luile Fkrnen, Mrs.
Va Gongh Phyll7a
Turc, O .%ce and
MIr. rgaret Schlefileld.
SPrims awarded during the
eventin were won by Mrs. En-
ebright. Mrs. Stern, Mrs. E-
e, Mis. Turner m.nd MM. O'-
"ourke. The raffle drawing was
on by Mrs. Roinson.
MaTgare Women' Anzillay
to i Tealght -
ThWomen' Auxliary of the
Vargartz Union Churdh tV
mee toihbt at. 7:30 the
chu ,h 'I


the HttEfly group of the I
L' Autarudy of the (
Union Church.
The meetUng will be h
the home o! Mrs. Kin,
nMday, Augbit 1 t 9 p.

Ipd toad nds the fo
tf Gary Schu-ize, Of Bo
Mt. Y., god waac to r
ember of Soy Scout Tn
Gary ot ha pet t t te
Boy Scout iJana6r W
jai. He ave I
tour Brooka"tO w
l tchs fto at -t*



L'C-s~TJ~P A r

3 'l f. J



aM AVftW. Mw,

S. .t~ j ..

irei _to

Evertdy Cm.

I -.e~~c

1...' ,I. "" d
/ | Ar*m. be M U

/ ,A o '4 -
. ; .. ,1 o. 4.

Ar w
s -wr,.

I 1?

;. .A

JI. .

to d
.r* qj*.-
:jfct s

b -e ae

i Wprtm
Ak-rM -





.' ,'. o*-



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II ~


- /

:~:'.~ 4.
j; i,

..ZAP.E FallR..

-. p.' -. -.. -

G ve w h t ,h

o i.
'. YWOOD INA) good he on his shoA trs-
:, fisy Yours: John AgarW psefa mine." At the Ham-
:sier "counsel, Producer Mld buiger a:hlet: "I now. .m
r MtfhiiR, l.i aOyiig that hir- married. "j keep seeing his suits
Leympte has barer her em In my clo t."
hubby from seeing his six-yearm
old cughbt, Linda Susan. Agar NO POPCORN?
~ aif't seen the girl since Shir- Ne f Di
ley's arrival in Hollywood six Note from Diana Lynn in
weeks ago but that.. says Make- London: What a wonderful
Umr n because: place. People don't munch pop-
"'Jem has a certain amount coin at the movies."
of pride. He desires to see his --00o-
daushter and he pray for her. Despite protests fro Coum-
I believe any bitterness between bla, the owners of the tilm
SShbley and John will subside." taken of Rita HLyworth and
--o0- Aly Khan on an Africal bunt-
Just before the Ida Lupino- showings. Tle edited film will
V Howard Duff marriage went inA trip is headed ft titer
craih, they had settled a fight 'be titled, ."Chabapag.j Safari."
wit the medico who delivered -40 *-
thair child, Bridget. The Duffs Setta St. John-Llat of "Bouth
I received a tliI for $3600 for the Paclfic--s preparing i night-
stork work and decided to bat- club act with her husband, Pe-
tie the high tariff. After months tar Grant. She's now in "Ran-
Sir of legal wrangling the bill was ero of the North" at RKO ..
reduced to $1500 and Duffs paid Oe Ireason for jane Russel's
U esbaustion, delaying filming of!
--oOo-- "The Fr'ech Line," it's said Is,
tCKo Pat Wymore, in town to rent her overtime work as national
the Errol Flynn manse, scoffs chairman of the Interrnstonal
.ist at rumors of a separation. Adoption Society.
"You've always been right about -0o00-
us before,"she told me "but this Mary Astor is resting up at a
time your' wrong." But this Chestertown, Md., farm after
tirfie Pat may be wrung. her recent .collapse whilee tomr-
Hr Her child, she says, will be ing in "BMgraphy." She won't
botn in Rome in November- begin rehavuals in "Tite of the '
"I've found a doctor who can Cuokoo" u Ul late t1* month.
at speak English." Then, says Fat, Few peopl W t thabrary un-,
sne will re.-ume her career. derwent drastrc urg just be-:
(-4O0o- fore her COyLr.I
it Wanda Hendrix is beaming
S 1nger Jery Lamar. her first big
romance since Audi Murphy. p
seearh testing at U-I. Angel
Lassbury. who chirped in 'The r ENnS
Portrait of Dorlan Or.?y," Is
being offered as a songsrtess .to
the Las Vegas spots It'S
eyG-popplh. but true: Fox east-
ing director Billy Gordon has a ,
TV set in his office. 8r.s actors
In TV plays and sends for them,


The Screen Dir-ctors Guild la I
ulf in arms about Jeanne Crain's
charge, printed In the trade *** *
paper, Hollywood Reporter that .
most movictown directors are
anti-female and are responsible When Mrs. Browt' t h ome
for the dearth of great love from the hotpial wtI her new
Str A on the a~"cn. Jin' s ote
1'ifd won't badtrack an h not ad
dLite a secret meeting called brought flow-'s t the. pl-
b. .- stt r w taor l tal t_ o br o gh t t oe. uhe

I. -
S.S. "StBLLA MABRA".. ..............
S.S. ~OW A............................ ....
*S.S. "C IKU IQUI" ..... .........................
S.S. B LLA" .............................
S.S. "PLATANO" ..................... ;
S. "C r- 4t r ............. I...............I


S.S. "MAJORKA" ......................
S .S. M T .. ...............
S.S. "C. G. L ...............
8.5. C .. *.Q.

PaT engerw saiais go New Oee0-r-
via Santa art COiM.

s.s. "CHGR I ..............................., ('BnAgijll .............,................

To New ork ............... ..... ... ..
To Los Angelto s t .. n,, .

TBSOTESL 1 -' ..''
CRISTOBAL (121 t414AMS fJ' -- t
-, i'

'. '

Lv. Too ut u..* .. .. .....S .. d6.. ... lh .i b!,-
Ar. Man w ...... ... .. '
Ar i Y. sau...., .. .- =n *
Ar San S _dor, S.. ..............
Ar. S atm nelR B V Ou ....

Ar. Menico ClIy .......... ..... .f (,^

: a .T
A~)(lr. GutMto^ Cui .^.1i&j6qfc
Ar.:l d Me i~o lrlY .........; ....l 4 j t

.* I. *

E m.f

I'. a
i *' -"*
. f'i a

. .

S .'. L .:
a .-' w

'-9 :,' it

.-rn !

dance in mrl it p
afeiting offers."

**captstan Ka M J -
r oef t" of years I :.
Ly cokA' .rrol PWfir n 4d
IanTemfr lIra i nBet6fition
with Jdrft Bradd. Who owns
he opeity, Ore completed In

t-* ccr i~
.(*wtT~r'T^f'^tM Ct~ft'


.' 'a,.
.'p^' \. *

r .-..

r~- f ~'e%-

"~1~ '47*~

A '~r

i' r", *. 4

it Atliw

,' ,W. -

h a t .
i ^ m immmfrtpwi ly

sRN I"
ipw p
j~~l:, ;.
.!.- *

Beer Mrie

kV 'Pi~
.: ;. ..- -.
r* .. ,
*i: .Jf, .


If- J



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mge vaugu uc ~,umnua
I -a TI e -UU-
't| us^^^k haspsu_ in^rim M
|A9Vrdt~~61 pT~lwu E

pin Fsme

r<"" '' ^ B


at Mrah Betch, Mmu, f hows b now eay It is to ruiu
P fk hunt snkuft a ltW3n1b
Strong odbkiL TV
an S1dei- tt in thi ca is a felpw hfestu,
ban ~ dg 1tf to ~ld such & m n un tfa tt t bat ali
complete rnvolutlm.i tthe wat* and come 'up umteer I
In a g ]Pr tS it's a to rl v


KE-LW If Ftd

aWLeRIW O"*i


r _Jjq aAna am drI t -ION

-y oet a e'. *** aiv- r gghsta P
-WIW me b.w o IBt

a 1 Uabri Mke-L-Radm d "dew str p.e6d .
toe lll *liMr *

it- am mner tlmn

s as ... .IaIIb
^ffaAN N
/. Mo 'WW it

rtlrr ------rt:
.-. ,. ,

** .' *


AL miam
' --
S anm


its08dbb s

itsa "* r bow n
w..y .LASI .b

I.T'r. ,^ t'. i .J.

16 v" &* " a

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- -iiiy

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You Sell'em... When You Tell'em thru ?.r t Pssi

Leave )our Ad wil uone of our Agents or our office in No. W7 "IH" H Pan. m.

No. 12,179 Central Ave. Colon S "S'A

ide.w.a "sr.

.. ; J ,,

I t;

'. ++ RI

No. 4 Tivoli Ave.-Phone 1-2291. and

Fourth of Juiv Ave.-Phone 2-0441

Via Espaha No 34 Panama. R. P.
(Blll. Visll Theatre Wd.)

Agencia Internacional de Publicaciones
No. 3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2-3199

10,059 Melindea .r-Phone 251, Col6n

"H" Street. edw Astudiante 8.
Phones S216ud- i .79

.A S -.

, .. :, .. .. ...... : ,, .

Household Auiomobiles .
FOR SALE -Lousres and enelor. FFR SALE -Oldsmobile 88. 1951. 2
b!.nd for flols aporatmnl' 17 Cu .lh h~dramalic Good tires, good -
Sft. 25 CcijC Frigidoare 25 Ccl. condition. Call 83-3197 after 4.30 DR.
1 -4 hor.e ;2 cycles pm C
RPM Recora Changer. Phone fCR SALE.-50 Oldsmobile 6, Hy- -T
1203. dramotc, radio, custom seat cov- To
Will sell gas-stoe, 4 burne. lel ers., on excellent buy$1,075 00. B
months in use, lke new Calle 4 ..i '03-A Dioblo Hgts. 2-3429. t
No. Aor 3 ___ -OR SALE -1951 Dodge 4 Door |
FOR SALE -k cu. ft. rr erv good rurn.rg con-; 3748. t.
dir t.c. -1,0':. A.e Ju'o Aru- FOR SALE-1953 Pontiac 8 Cylinder
semena 5, corner .l1h j5 Chieftain 4 Door, De Luxe, radio,
FOR SALE--Ga water.h-ater. 20' heater W-S-W tires, 5,000 mile,
gallons 5 7:. Gas .cebxc,. $100 I New Jersey tax paid. 1541-A
Col'e 13 No 4-I. BElla \,..J AMango slieet, Bolboa, C. Z. 5 to -
FOR SALE -Seirl- Go' Refrigerator e
bargain. at $60 00 0 Ea-t, 45 Si FOR SALE -1946 Oldsmobile Tudor- p
S .- ---- ---o I Hydramalic. Excellent engine, body P
FOR SALE Twele peace bambo and finish plus accessories. Price B
li..ngroom set Call Balboa 3508 2 $330 down and finance --
FOR SALE -0. M furniture Double! terms Ccnlact H. Jury, 2137-B, P
bed $20.00: 2 dre:sers ?7 0 ea .1 Curundu. Phone 83-5271. OF

Balboa 4233. FOR SALE -1949 Buick Roodmaster Augr
hde A hcontei ible equipped with water Supi
FOR SALE burner, 13.000 miles. car in ex- boa,
cellenr condition and will stand varl
Moorvcycles rigid inipection, may be sesn by pollss
S________ aoppo.niment. Call Balboa 2923, card
FOR SALE.-Triumph Thunderbird Mead bond
650 cc excellent condition. 'i80 l nt o u
Sto 3 00 week days. Auk for Ra __________________

WANTED- Ccmbiiot^ion Cook and Mu ln ei.Aood p a rt R 'ora 2-18
I ing. and taking Care of children. 2-I
d for married couple wlhout M n. Apply R5A Roussau
children. Apply No. 28 91h St P s o Off e
San Francisco de la Caleto. or call POSIflt n Offered
S3-4622 Icr apoo.nimentSea
36i 2 Ir eWANTED--Sales agents for club Ill
Apply with your identification cord. Aug
OCarneri. Good opportunity for Supi
FOR SALE interested persons. Parisien Furni- boa,
S s Reala Esttate *ure No 168. Central Avenue. one
Real Esaewi -- lb
SFOR SALE--Houe in Son WFrancisco A TED wi
de lo Calela. 61h Avenue, 2 bed- WANTED n t
rooms; Diningroom and parlor; Storr
porch, beautiful kitchen and both MiCeellaneous Bolt
Sr.gants room; garage. Comita A WANTED-Vocation Quarters. 1st. FOR
Porros. Panama. Tel 3-0434. WANTED.- caton Quarte
Porras. Panama T -044. of Sept. thru O10 Nov. 5083-A. e
FOR SALE -Property, 2866 meters Dioblo Hgts. 2-3429. $
of land with houie No dealers s
Na. 4120 Va Cr on Pub lI l' WANTED.-Vacation Quarters. From --
NuVo. 41En Vlsame horo Pur Sept. on. Call Navy 3429. Cocol FOR
.NuevO. Enquire same house. Qtrs. No. 2396-B.

U f' Continue 1 FOR SALE ,
4 '"1 1 I -- FOR
faConi4S from Pge 1) I Be M t c
ItWrts of the United States FOR SALE: 27' sloop. E cehent "
andirthe Latin American coun- condition sloinles itel rigging 24
tries are rooted In common H. P. Groy Maortnr engnl Just 4
ground" overhauled. Priced' for quick sale .
: May be seen at P. M. Boat Club FOR
The report said that in the coi P.,M. 4373 after 3 p. m.
first six months of this year m
the aid program "measurably s
advanced the objectives or free Ea0
world security. Among the "note- eUf Inw l 3
Worthy accomplishments," It C
Sited a 70 percent hike over
the preceding six months In FacIllRI IlMa ree,I -
arms shipments to our allies.
In addition Western Europe's kS hools can't Open W
reduction of military supplies
tbtsled more than $3,000.000.000, BENTON, Tern., Aug. 17 ,I
.ourfold increase over pre- (UP)-Two fewding political fac-
w levels. tlons In Polk County, where .

Ser achievements listed were
SImprovement of Europe's
position, the establish-
of the European coal and
cl community, suspension of
t ic aid to the Nether-,
,Iceland and Denmark, the
Ib n of $1.000,000 worth R
to Pakistan and progrei
i elployinR American tech-
blf skills in less advanced

$' ee folks sem to hove moar
*.jwd h ar of getting credit far
hard work othei hove dao

Is individlwu
Just as your finger.
prints differ from
wryone else, your hearing
w Individual and personal. So
.ir plan for restored hearing
_BUIdividual and personal...
.ip YOU greOtst poP01 a
of new hearing,

"sW hews *a mIHg pmemEla
WIlel Aluebele Au eemiuys. lea
011 AIe. C. Z.
WENDEHAKE. Medical Clinic
entrol Avenue 'K" street, corner.
telephone 2-3479, Panama.
oeing 4-engine planes. One-way
o Miami: $70.00 Round-Trip
126 00. One-way to New York:
114 00 Round-trip $214.00. See
telephone 2-1655.

AOST NEW General Electric roast-
r, used once. RCA radio record
layer, cabinet model. 3 speed
hone Balboa 3677. After 4:00
alboa 2787.
ed bids, for opening In public.
be received until 10:30 A. M,
ust 26, 1953, in the office of
ierntendent of Storehouses, Bal-
for Brisidl folding cardboard In
ous colors, white writing paper in
11" wide, white index Bristol
board, manifold paper, blue
d paper and envelopes located ih
ding No. 5095, Cristobal Store-
se Area, Cristobol. 'nvitation No.
iay be obtained from the above
ce, or from office bf Superintend-
of Storehouses, Bolboa, telephone
ed bids. for opening in public.
be received until 10:30 A. M.
lust 28. 1953, in the office of
erintendent of Storehouses, Bal-
,for one lot of two buildings and
lot of three buildings located in
boa Heights. Form of proposal
I full particulars may be secured
the office of Superintendent of
houses, and Housing Manager,
boo Heights.
SSALE: Second hand Singer
wing machine, in good condition
80 00. Cuba Avenue No. 67. Up-
'airs. Telephone 3-5443.

R SALE.-Piano "Winter Spinet,"
350 00. fadio-phonogreph, ou-
tmoric record changer. Rhone Cu-
undu 83-2293. Hayse 659 "B"
urundu Hgts,
I SALE: Upright piano, good
ond-tion, $275.00; Wheari ward.
obe trunk 30.0~ ,.y
r 16" electric es., nearly vaw,,
45.00. 768-C Darnabey, l
250, after 4:30 p. m,
SSALE: Zenith TranacMnic
radio, $30.00. Crib inner ring
aottress $20.00; double bed
prlng. Innerspring mattreee $65.-
10. table lamps, $6.00, high chair
18 00, orange squeezer $5.00.
:hifonier $800. Apply 0313
:able Heights. Ancon.

ife Asks Help,

Neighbor k Is
h a *o n a-

blaming guns settled party dif- 'Ur liMnU Hubby
lerences in the past, today rI V III U
were locked l -a new battle
that could keep the county's HOUSTON. Tex. Aug. 17 -
14. sphols. Ifn opening. (UP) A housewife who
SThe Lembers of the Good thoqbt she heard a prowler in
ie tLns nt League and the herb.mI early today summon-
rival Dema@erat who make up ed .ghbor who shot and kll-
I agree on a new set-up for w ~ ~ "burg'tar.
the echoel etem at their meet- W e 22-year-old mother of
'3E4at urdag, t'w tw Wll children was so dis-
e court, which has been trapght police still did not have
oun bSmutoransaet Dy maiora c oplete picture of the slay-
untYt .s tnem de Decem- ing nearly 12 hours after It
er, aspit down the middle and happened
a 5-5 vote barred atlon on "
selecting a new superintendent Justece of the Peace Dave
getting a ne tax rate and Thompson said he would have
Adopting a stcol budget. tIo wait until Mrs. Cloras C.,
"Thecourt Is not scheduled Moore, thehousewife wasable
to meet p until October to tlk before he could decide
and Isham_ Lyle. the presentI whether any charges would be
superintendent of schools, said filed. She was under sedatives
that bearmuse the deadlock at the home of relatives.
the county sbools can not o- As best as could be determin-
pen. ed, Mrs. Moore awoke about 4
..State regulations make it
matate ryha thoe make It a. m. and though$ she heard a
mandatory tkl the school re- prowler. 8he woke her 22-year-
main closed," aid Lyle. lold husband .a Marine veteran
R. B. Bartlay, chairman of lo the Korean fighting, who told
the Good government League her to slip out a bedroom win-
and member of the court, said dow and run nxt door to cal
there are no plans for a spe- o plice
clal meeting of the court be-I onaldR. Armstrong 29, t
fore October. The schools were Donald R. Arms. Moore ranth
scheduled to open Aug. 31 into the b, aid n Moore tir
"None of the court members Lha 0^.^"8^'. of..the.r
None of the court members home, roused him then whisper-
have any hope of reaching an ed to "come protect my babher,
agreement," said Barclay, "and there's a burglar n our house."s
the school can't operate with- See askd Mrs. A our house"
out an authorized budget." phe asked Mrs. Armstrong to
The political feud between calpolice and left. Armstrong
the two factions began five quickly loaded his .12-gauge
years ago and several times Shotgun and walked into the
flared into violence. Two years yard. He spo a figure car-
ago August Lewis then chair-.. a fla t Is the front
man of the court, was killed bedroom ofhl neighbor' home.
tOn ambush. No arrests have The room was dimly lit by a
mde ncton with small night t above the
n made m connection with bsf *'e d
ihe murder. cribs of two Moo children
Tennessee tate Patrol cars the youna$t qlGy eigt days
rlased around town Saturday, old.-.. ..-, ..
bt with the exception of a .Am id=ol 0t_. *. ,Mumed
verbal Lareup the meet- rO'Y ra sh
was quiet was alone Mb ObT sdm ad

Phillip. Oceanside cottages,
Clara, Box 435,Bolbodhte
Panama 3-1877. Cristoba
Houses on beach, Santa Cho b
in COOL Camponea rWit,
Phone SHRAPNEL, Baolba"01
or see caortaker there. ,
Foster's Cottages. One
Santo Clara. Please bn r
linens. Phone Balboa 2-1 .
Gramich Santa Claru e q'
toges. Electric iceboxes, ges
moderate rates. Telephn
Gomboa; 4-567, Pedro
Willamgn lSnta Clarra Ber .
2 bedooms, refri gemira tU I
ranges Balboa 2-3050, paCl

Houses *'
FOR RENt -Fumrnishd I nII In
Bella Vitro. 3 bedroom. 2 both
rooms, raid's room, Oareag phone
3-0019 3-3288, P. ,


menr. Cllu i. nl u6h*a., -w"
Aboio .
FOI RE T:-Fuhnishd oparlhet,
include g gas staoe end' refrigfel
ator, t, responsible tenants, prefer-
able mericars, of Wi 'Drado
Budldi third floor. CoUll Jude '.
Sowa No 22. Can~ nom. 3 ,99
bete-en 9 to 12 A..M. ontUt0O
to 5 P. ,
FOR REN t qi"hd
Best resi o entiol A Wet
or two c pIes. No. 15, 3 .5,

room, ba room, private. r
Rooseveltr heatre. Telephone 3-
1515. 16i strs.JN. -SmIJIe

FOR SALE:4 948 Pontac Strem-
liner 8. R Ilo, Hydramotic. Ex-
I lent concrhm. Very good fires,
$ 3QO. Calliabot 2-1508.Houm
-1549-E, Gatlw jCus _, I

vry cool, ~il* Vis. one romd,
kleheW br No. ;.
La resato .

FO t,-
;. f~ m .. ." .^.'

FOR ReNT.-FH nlhed mqrner
Jord10 Bla pirivya. e .I
Resable psans. Obrln Sfrn t
No. 5, Apt.
FOR RAENT.-ln ells Vista u, -
fu. imnhhed roonl d A ,
IhmpIbleal u Miacumdwt
-5. % 3 .
FOR RENT--Furnl cool fron
I'cfmrlnwith or thout mea~ to
giOtlernn. Justorosemene Ave
No. 97; Crnmer 344t St.

he a figur6, ,7 Udug
bit Mo the rt td.

nMoity, aa. fcom itc ,t.l .
MAullitf h m Ji,

Sa.w .t- h ,

the alot*

-. 1.

,j .. .

A61 Vf :

31*41 t 'Fti

4. [1 S i c)

t'., *1 T -

\ ** iS3 *< ~i 4

?'.PLY,: 0.7- 7a

^.i~f Pt -'*T^ -Wi t'"t)
%4 IpP'S 'fli '

i454'' ;-jf r i
!''r 1 11, n ^'l ._

i '*".* 1! '": ^ M

*?rt.~ ~ ~ **? f '* 'T f'1-

,.fl&"'W *~^'



*Awater Nooey W1

thamp Insect BSl
An electric lightbct
kill. Insects for a. .
pennies a month. .

For Use in Homes Offices.

GEp. F. NOVEr, at
c1WMr f &tes r b is M-



a v is

a l mme..s eme
=Ma stM complete
owltrMa, i

9 5
~ 'a?"



-.* -I

mr Nang W

rAUei cJ

'I F

in IRu



, 51

I. -rw

a lev

S, -\


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. j -A-Zx In 01 M-



1 *- -- --- I1.l~,>M M-f




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.' -, AM h .s M6"
:... t

." --.k:- .. .. f.' ". ?j
*". ; ** ,lt flJO, *
l l \ll --.. -- -. .

- '.
- U

-9 -.. .._
f t "
li .'i i

q I,



W-r-t'*.t-* ,' v. .'M? .' F" b'' A

,., 0 r. .- t h o *

32 r Doders, Yankeec
~3 7 r Do -

*_, ,
: *A' A

S ;!.
i *

Ll m" Kieiw m wwv m
. .C se-lf- on-

age rma com m sti


S S.


ove + i oyo der Scores Post-To-Post Mitten Edges MaeMurra

SJuan F rnco Feature Victory In Thrilling Esso Fial
f4i I -ij *Long-" Heft t ramm-o wtth esa and are now to W
SOr n elest i t n third ie Is ed in a birdie o, ial 36 holes in th
a f our f green to 4 y- won from M
t avoe sadle honors ray I up yeerday In mte ft- on the 14th ble fr
StIe Matn RoadT $oe; O7ar 7-Vll match of the tp tight of one down in the
S.?day afternoon S place and c sed -3 for the 16th annual I Tourna- wo from Mefio a

,- h...... head a day' bedt wi dividends Month. winfm, rnet-up and
s tretch re m eland's *3 nd Pin- On the final 18, Mitten fired dalMsewl be p ted In
os Dray a Icby na which was one stroke september, A bet dUame
.S. ockey Jol ura' s c OIT .he divrdenda: more than Johnny used but the be held aor tis purpose
mita e 1G Ao r latter had to concede two a special program wfBl be
_hors FIJ- Cs strokes in the handicaps and! ra=nge
r -n paid la nda1-Mufleco n $.20, $2.20. Mitten made both of them
ah gatr .uled e' -a ohi 'L t t v O, T 0. count to squeeze out the vic- r '
neve r beEn to- an Itslo t* tjry.
before. J ohnny was noe u0 at the end B me TKO's
e Iprsdpe lag's Prise wa i e mp inoo to SECOND 1ACE Pt the nine and increased his
i ed ngs Prim1-Golden Plug $750 4 m. malin w ith a birdie on No. 11.
i 2-Winsaba $.20. Mtte fougt back to win 13;i A I
("Vi,. B."DieS : CIMBe*-GOld- G- a PPar whsn Johnny's drive,
._ &ar. *o n T en Plk) g SA strayed and then copped the
n t 14 th with aid of a stroke. On
'-- .o'* ", "W THRD RACE this hole MacMurray shanked
S, big se4conqd about but canned a s a
S. 1-Miranda 30. ,20, $140. I putt for his par, forcing In l
4M *12-Coasa Linda $ ($.B0. len to bl best to win.
.. u i .. 3-Proton U.20. a.Mtet howed a long putt to
One-Two: (Miranda Cos tiabe command on the 16th but
f 4 1' i lerve no a dSas) M46 17th. Bew he just did miss an' Ithmian BmantaMlht
ovmer eagle putt but hle birdie stood pion Ma ourne
t.,,winwbB be FOU RA Bup~CK UP.= knockitever
tea-dy 0. Bc lud e tWr W e story of the 18th was Chooolate r lan to Stu a
A B--berry Tim SB taeluded from Mitten' sbirdle final round. lat gt at
i po r, eting. ~a lthe second flight Rafael Colon iana sbetae o it
tm at wa, YY"MatO ", 10.30. de Mea came from behind to crowd. Bourne. 1,, 1 e. ar
9aag0.20. dteat Roberto Torres. He was eixp ounds (128%) toChaols
l--: (, -t-sa) 541 Vsix holes under at the end of te.
..."the first 4ahe 1qles and The fight seenmd mew Mio A
i. RACK Q despite te wthct that he allow- rough-house street brawl t2W
|-Ia SIPeaH RE 4, Ped a handicap of six strokes he a prize ring contest Bournm, l
'I --I a .E4w. $3 .220. oamne on to win by one up.s past master at d brt
.H .... .2-a l P $6.60, $2A0. In the ladIes' fliht Virginial and Qhoeolate, who
2-44 LWM 02.0. de la Guardia was two up over keen about sticking to thes.
Alice Pmnch an -the first eight- either, gave a perlct
u sMo R ACE een. Eightsen more holes are to of what a clean fgiigtr
I1-Plncel $U.S, ,3604i $4.20. be played Thursday. jn't do.
-n) $-gish Mary $10.80. $4.60. the Junior 1 ht both Paz Bourne, however. as cIw
,S-TrMue $11.40. Rodrigues' won thet matches the better aof th two srd
h8"afWl or a oomfortabl mawgI.t-I4m1 -
aM r-S-&mhie RACK to the tenth ad fiMal se ib
iti, 4 Wttl P.i-b 9.40, =-<0 '. Albrook Trmonces wche t.wo tod
70 pe n t opp t*3 nL Lhe I o te

( aa' the bey. aa i h e
A 8 .ACRI -eighth but waonpent fasr 1b
X, ,AS. 7Al. le Amron am bsal n rod'. asC mu .s
L=$14A9,- $ tesar. latdsk 1= meatl 10l -trated tha.t he Tis cerl
p ramns Miess -am e n-=ed" ox-ali puc
gplag (Mr eaqr-rurr ampker kem 4-t 41e ram* Ob Hardb tl eaStiVllb

1-Somidium 1a3A0gaeW.,a *Sfl_ aot
%04k.. ,IWA A1044
a .sdmdWW.f i a s me at 1:42 aV s g
.., .: .... ..+ += IB,, t::::::" lqia.o

"::":. :=T~ ll.. r Matc eu M., Ml M Mn ifi t I
P*pm l*oee-anbo

1Hfmtl(ph at Vdsu)t '.,
douga&. t-r .-1n or &W by the boyid. This boot wasi .
f-rkrds $10, 44.-2. Pammas a e was te Oo- uled alt-rat.d 130Imgaguam-
ow ohderrCu rof the game., S ,
rr.. gives yo- ao af ton ase clasi .workmsanshiped MUI'Ca
1 4 0~ en s7.and drg e m~"a t in. c c ntoat 1o or the
Ahav pPeraUN round.

W Matchless! M a ok i..Magnificent I

philhlldelphAn at F-P ;v RT Z ORGANS
No other gamn N f.

(3=a 8TAM) agga da a once CinI

R ,obertia-.aI, ag",
Sarge". OnCe:- th d In h
BH ear (k. 1 o
('COND G a '' eto-
ewo York # 2 111 on tour
t rews: nfs .. I an d e
.... a "iJust such
o .(1 C. ,l, o ,s v.w ,

T d r~" i choler
3 and Nom momj of MDr.LJO ... Too
111- le pbkr~ a bly equal q1wapp casual. 32.

four tour'I-

"b ': '*" ETT*..n T E

.5..T o ,
~~~I~' 1 r .i ~ I~lb II~erpo" $)g ISTITa...T~urworlm~ d~IP




1~ .ili


* ..'-;;

Klusze wsKi


":- :: i .....

S' iM ,- -" t V'''
n~r ~ p :4
.. ..,. ... o : ,.
: *
.-.""'* r- i*__ -'**^ ..

Sussia s Big 4 Proposal

$een As Propaganda Bid
AVASHINGTON, Aug. 17 'LP down on his supporters in the S. F. Yemelyanov, minister of .
--4Officials here believed today satellites. internal affairs of Azerbaijan i
R asla was trying for a double- Furtherm te, th elr'"e -ay be P. Y. Meshik, minister ofInternai
birelled .propaganda o u p In some fear VRUrnepawither affairs of the Ukraine, and A. -.
pVDosing an early Big Four con- unrest behln th1 Inrbiln. Kleschev, chairman of the coun- .'*
ference on a German peace Only a handful of top oC cll of ministers of Byelorussia
t sty. munists h a v e been parg6d in also have been ousted. V "
a o formal reply to the Rus- East asrmanyaid North Korea Twelve others are known to
si n note, made public yester- since Beria'waSousted. In Rus- have been ousted In Russia and
d was expected for several sia itself, tha crackdown has various Soviet republican since the TWENT- IG il PANA l
d s at least, while the State been equally light. Beria incident, but it la question-
S apartment examines all its Beri, aoe of the top contend- able whether their firipgs had
Sts for "gimmicks." ers for the, Soviet premir abp any connection with B e r I a's
he timing and phrasing of after Stalin's death, was fired downfall.
S Red note were such that from hi ost'a minister of In- In the satellites, the only
Sre u t w oing sr m r cn t riotls: h Wstata c tth c eES

a picion developed immediately eternal a 'Jr5a J 10.1an gktrThds known purges occurred in East I
t t it had two instant goals: he Was ag nt of the'Wt. and Germany and North Korea. It Is
i To ease the pressure on the had en aged'i "crlainal-.anti- questionable whether there was
Sa iet resulting from recent riots state actions." anv connection In these cases
in 'the Russian-controlled East U.S. officials immediately be- either.
German zone. gan looking for similar action a-
2) To supply political' ammu- against Soviet Reds close to 'Be-
nition for use by his opponents ria and against his proteges in lauil U;.I : ',
against Premier Konrad Aden- other nations of the Russian or- .
auer in the Sept. 6 elections in bit. I N r .
Allied-occupled West German. uver Hous N D "- sa
CO;nsultatlons with Great Brit- The Voice of America has said 141 Ait
ain and France presumably will repeatedly a struggle for power L|.. Ne. tMlued WTl
precede any answer to the Russ was going on in the Kremlin and ChUdesrl to i B The Japanm i
sian note. that when one man wins. his rean ipo '". without pe
h a conference as the Rus- suDoortrs are "dead ducks." CHICAGO, A. 17 -(U) less I cg1 er- b lfor
siet proposed to start with in While the nurle ha pparent- CHICAl O, Aug. 1? -(UP) leosirm s e, ndlo o- e m

n has beem n uneasy about ITe map-up to date a a top- estimate showed to da r.y.

h iye attacked Adensuer for publc, (to the "All White" Trmbull wat ndt a in the o-sa
Tl ftg free German units for. Ama the were V. h. Deks-l homes project, tied up about 10 reana *e 3iati3 Id
oIt. Dao m ro il mar sIIS- a .-p cen t of the clrty' polee w to t.- taly i I t ma aid rwe d r
fairs; A. o.nmwa. udihin tr of force, or more than 700 offth- in Oci*epeo be e
The Rusalan noae proposed a. state onll M. Bnkhadze, cers. As many as 5 police cars e rtieted both o ath i *UAi ti
prosilonar l German g movernment,:one-time min Car of state se. were assigned to the area.
to be rani by n et-togeth- curi. A we r in fields closely About 50 persons were arrest- at'L tl tealeomat ay Im op-t -
r of Eastern and Western sone allied with mority tor whiched, many of them juvedls. wc~i ipire aot d a". -
mient a sapd it shoud leriea was responsible. Mos of them were charged with dee ttah baa l bfar Xe-Eg
n the inclusion of disorderly conduct. epn to. o'etnwllsa S T 1 3t-"-s, "
allianees diretd t aui nu im Crowds numbering as man t uhb astl eamenUit e_ e is
-hain cal tort B the aas 3,000 persons assembled l the I t e r tNo o ar B U ^ *" J
ws' against RI~tler's Germany." j..nightly, jeered, threw bricks, tb peesab e ly to Sout
Onnicials sail the U. S. lus "anst-in "ta e mashed a utemobile windows Ne u said thes.Sar 'isi It- .S5-.- -
s m for Wetement of the prob- on and sought to h rras polcn o self as a great eveat t
.ssIn a divided Germany. Thisr The disturbances began u Aug te full di
coatry has consistently main- RsseB4 of the Canal Zone 7 near the home of Donald How -t ortM ately thesua My. bad
taned that a united Germany d the public of Panama ard, 24, a former utittbeen nelo. u s "I a h a mit
awat have a freel-elected gov- were notifIed today that air mall carrier who had moved un- the I e.o e i a lwayst0 ctngii
.aspt to negotiate pe ae raid uirea would be sounded at to the project with het wife and tn d t r. tse I a L ; eit
taeent. 8 A:15 a.:40 Thursday morn- two small children J7u0ly 31. bnl
S Russian call for a prod -a ng at a e military installations Theirs was the fiai s5 t Negro "Op i c,
apional German government, l the Canal Zone. The sound- famil to occupy a apartnt at *i. -. .
t tested te encounter some Ing of sirens Headquarters, in the project in Its 1w yearres of t U .t Ia.rf l in
Soin m aelhere. Th e U. S8. hao UARCARIB, emphasird, will exsten ce. uvi -fo rm--t ri
di rrelmcognTed the East Ger- only be a test, in c con ectiondt t
ernment holding o it i a with Oper aion Jackpot II, the When the d sturbaoes t
et" regimea under Russian local Isaster eeontrol exercises. out li. e pustily put rol h bea a-md
S ncimesn The "rdi alert:' nrectun euc their Plan 5,u a man lbtF -
n whichU.S. officials said dIIaH er is Mn isai d stion plan desatned to led/ bei s 1the It'
Communist purge fol- tb a tan -,. obdsn bl st aon with large scale od rdt i Pdw n ti hlew m "
th ouasting of U iet G Berm lowed In lyve seconds of silence Later p ied, t rw peC p a
Chief Larenti P. Bedria re pleated -foer three. minutes, rary headquarters a4 ee
t matched expectations. This tae will he sounded at 8:15 atd operated on s ndd a
why, they are not cot- aR.., schedule with a bUic tc Y, .. -
. but they polnt out thaItDe- thb e aa elear or "white alert." supplemented roam tima to ae not ht Ms-" '_-"
o haot yet been In- will be three ne minute blasts time, consisting of 50 patrol to. be "a
Sfedf crimes or put on trial. Interrupted by tewo minutes of men, 9 sergeants, 1 le uteaa- of opino even
hetaore It may be to early for alleni. This will be sounded at ants and four captains, bi of Ul ..
C.min mt bosses to clamp 8:40 aim. -w and imat s ai o
ePolice salaries, including those the prop ed petak emitdre* t'Tl s aat. ie
of the police commissioner, cnh. Jas... b an 1t-.- i ..
uniformed force and na r rept plote at cos herTi or elestme~ee fiortNl
-G e .m ah governme nchefthofCdetectives, ochdiefaml yof thoccudranhano mni.. =I If qeut asr i

ate commissioner, were etagmatel where uI i d .q tha.' .. to ... e soe ha
at l47,605 for the weekU.. sar mom uu'i atW Is -epal, thz Prwiideut u ..e .o
Other expenses were lncurrm the or yeao ja',ne i front deer, kfoebed id
in the operation of squad oars, mlaor parti con r ~rctieSt keS;
communIcations, and in fIar -, w alon e e in i -h
and cordons for the troub n raolue eId. .tIs Paul hoereeI c am to mee
spot. efAety new itbreak of r h ihm.i
U.oprt dfUir sa li ilet Kt- IsIil ..r..gdy, a"nd ..Donald Hall. PauI: father,
-C n mrmteid lpen b: IhP .orol-,rr_~. flw .thlrr l. le an ~ .anebt his- breath ap fo.i
S- lIn wh Hoiea,- rP r i be s it i ".M. pP.d lt, t lln li
'Ad atBy_ eod~PfdieM coLtes 1 ~d, iP atupcpapeI u."
.t t d, peVCci "JapaneTe 1orWa t b sI'ba President h81adndpeateoa =
Somba were confiscated infr el-; wri .ai mIe
the unruly crowd.


Judge's Bench ph -
ntoper, daiirr wot esi- Nom Y. i Jragdy, Rd- Jcnald alei &IJtte

4 Y'~

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'-' ..'

re -t. t.A. like
1 Ii


own *:._d

t4) fJCdftfte^

Two Panamanians, Lesley A.
Price, 31, and Thadius B. Burke,
30, were each sentenced to ten
days in jail and fined $25 a-
piece this morning in Balboa
Magistrate's Court on charges
of petit larceny. The two men
had taken four chickens and a
Pocket watch valued at about
$11.05 from John R. Rail, an in-
mate at Palo Beco.
The same men were given a
suspended sentence and placed
on probation for one year after
teing found guilty of vagrancy
op Palo feco Road.
Istmael aredes. 20. Panam-
aniap, a given a suspended
senteno sad tpied on one year's
probation as a charge of loiter-
ing Pes was found aieaep
underi.t le Number 938 In

PPITU IF tu U laurte Chiarlt
a 5 torl
C-P aa .

W t-ot- an th
asither Uam" a<

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wood mW
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