The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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Abraham Lincoln.

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y -ii


r In France,

r Sitdowns

US Fleet

US Fleet J

Says Situat',on *"

'qtill \Ai i '
@U8600 B

aeiving train services today, e# o *W U s
gomin sales of bikes aqd mo,
oreycles and hitch-hiking proml-
fsed holldayers a chance to es- --
cape Itom gas and electricity ATH
cuts, undelivered mall, and ATHENS, Aug. 15 (UP) *- Quakes contin
mounds df garbage, shake Greek islands in the lonian se a as.
A move to recall the National c p th
Assembly from holiday to take clothing and medicine from all parts of the world
up Laniel's economy decrees ed the devastated isles.
.whlh brought on the strikes A
ws gaining support. Personnel n equipment from American and
About 200 deputies, mostly ish ships continued rescue, first aid and clean up
0Cmmun sts and Socialiata, ha nations.
telegraphed or written persoal"
letters approving the recall pro- J. H. Cassady, vice admiral of the Sixth U.S.
oaTo makethe recall man- reported from the cruiser Salem that the situation i
,daty, 20 confIrmed signatures
vt deputies were needed, city of Argstolion is still "very serious" due main
The leftist made no secret of the dower of epidemics.
the faot thay were gunning for
wlktel and the indicated vote of On rk ad American plaes that boiled up from the a
eWfktenee in the assembly would coiatlinue 'to drop food and but suppIea poured
lta grave threat to his admin- water to the survivors by para- a mteaoy stream. Zn .
Itraon. ohate while helicopters are, ti were Cut off by INA
4 Coiamualst brain trtst con- taktog out the seriously Panic appeared toe
. at party headquarters to wounded.4 arr them to slaing among the. moa
plaus for keeping the strikes iemge hoapitft". 100,0o0 homeless as U*
peterog out. t=prysi ea from A- supper poured in th1
to he party said tb ersvyy met wt MreporLe irom
ee Fajon, poUltburo labor l a aDW AmedctBe doctor t1 progreSa was m
Ne j aLpoval for a djoa hy wproe .ffd Soxzt!. sm ig hteot
41Jn~J -~uam chm-o the the Axjiduth or the -* &. '*"" W1


ii it: ownert-
le terms."

IN 1llS.

". "w


sawwa seM

her. tSi
d 'e t
-' Ma-t W
qu' nswe

.r 4

KMopcow has re-
vein. It Is re-
British Prime
ooa$W but not isl
ilnes, Chureola
to the matter *
of holding,
Ak. A few d
Riin with ac=o
L the Mag
with the Raw
E sayh-a

,. u. A
:. .! .
-o -,f

wav in May. 190M2. tdat S
Ther Woduced bloodshed snd and mbs faed resCer T i i
street braling.. -hUusfwlth1 f the some u The left to brn" tienh
The nwapaper Parts Presse me nta.elos regions of thess- the Gamburuadioed. ,
reported the Iteds were Issulng In.* to bring out hundreds o "' ef
knives and bludgeons to their terror-stricken women and chi.lpal ncesuty Is to1 pot yige
shock troops dren. They confirmed reports "nd make adequate
Gas. eletri water and food that destruction among small mne t for.the
supDlles were near normal in v ta Iv a teron at prebent..
Paris. Volunteers helped deliver ltntt aides of the U. around the town." .
backlogged mall and cleaned up & Navy wpnt t- work today
the streets. puttin dyoaite charges mdter A m5-made danger ad
____ bbumlldgs in danger of collapsing the 41 the coastal
-. *on Ithaca, Cephalonula. Zn- where h a grenades usd
d lM te. fishermen i od n ted h
RO m m it Is estimated that the num- Ing huts.
sf m ber of deqd Is more than 1.000 Fi"ing boats bobbed
To Pi" i iiMft fand injured 4,000, in addition to ly offshore, their owners
S100,000 persons left homeless, missing.
._ JRegular communications on Adm. Earl MU tbatte ns-
Tr t tb 5the devastated Islands are prac- ash Mediterrane e
tically non-eistent. Rescue bri- flew over the islan4rup
S_ gades communicate with each ed:
BRI Aug. I(UP) East other by portable radio. "I visited Zante t4 M
Gbrman CoZupulsl todv or- Smoke continues to rse from Although two or three
dared the pu ,000000 trae the islands while small temblors buildings are surpagt .
union membe the Soviet continue. Everthing is covered damaged, the rest etBof t
sene In order ileeak once and with dust and ashes. even worse than
for all East resistance Bread supplies ran out In Zan- It has been
to C m u m i.mdustry. te and bakers aboard the crula- well as receli g ribus.
Herbert der of the ers Gambia and Bermuda are quake damage.
"ree Oeg Union Fed- making large quantities ofI "British and G e e ik
erti ." strikes and bread as fast aq they can be are still fighting the
Pl. more than baked-to feed the- survivors nowjwith great courage fn thel
300,.0uni .. ers. whom living in emergency camps, one of exploding hand
be .auja otob ngingn to an to the south with 3,00B persons which fishermen had
udeOg.u Mtlon. He and others to the north of the houses.
ordereA edrs fired. capital .with more than ,000.
At the 4 e It was re- The Athens observatq .-re- "No contact has yet bee.
w et te has arisen ported ten new quakes of lesser sible with the interior
ta lp and Amerl-intenslty again, shook the is- roads are blocked h
tinuaton o land the ast 12 hourS and no streets In the
tfree food to Ber- It estimated the number of passable." Greek
l.,.. -.- houses destroyed at M2000-al- George Lydias was mwre BIuF
ounce that most every one on the. 1snda -Zante exists no ma9w .
have not vet of Cephalonia, Ithaca aMIan- radioed his newspaper
be ninernn of a te. The hnmeles were h out "It has disappeared. PU.
diStribution of water, theh-.weli 2 S 'with stone and wood are in the
ary East Ger- mud. Helicopters concentrated and squares and ey are
27 but that on dropping oataln re ing. Black clouds hide the
M nd.West Berlin water to head But the inhabitants are
,ave announced American, Bri as they see the many 3
on that date. Greek ships e and British navy s lps that
of te dlstrlbu- were rocked by carts brought them aid."
Sinep It be-
,m t, more than 2.-
Bt of the Soviet
received "Elsen-
e second ohasqe from '
S27, distribution
among German
Sthe Soviet zone of
ithr the exception of

..erd ground-
kille ,ine per-
..... by the T
Air Force and
pany, builders e

and, GMAT/ anAT---
avIs' md hugs at 3 l.2
^^ ES s! .. -*- -'-. ~



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anodian .e
o .
el Fiolul'-



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1 I4



1P the GSuNw

aI's vision
manship, and mao

.IlTE WHARTON'S BUNGALOW is a scene of rollicking confusslon when Paula. left a"
Arinn says toodbve to her newlv-comnmilisoned husband Max IJim Coman) amidit t.*bag
throwing between Robert D Gow iTomrn Greevyi and movie producer Joel I. Nixon. far right
-,tRoy Glickenh:t's, Nixon's -ecretqry. Miss Manley iRose Esteint calmly follows her bola's
orders bvy taking notes of the situation in order that extracts can be used in a Wharton movie

lOver 21' Defies Critics' Blackjack
, .T.'

Vor Five Nights Starting Tuesday
The Theater Guild's at it a-
.. gain. Acting and so forth. Won't
.: stop till starving authors quit
0 "writing plays, way things are go-
ing on the Isthmus. Last week
"OGeorge Washington Slept Mere,"
-out towards Amador some-
where, if anyone's interested
where George parks the old ca-
bess, bewigged yet.
This week it's "Over 31i," f
there's anyone round here who
doesn't feel that way Sunday
Fact Is the whole thing starts
Tuesday. (Sunday moI aigsa
staut Tuesdayei'Y a )
Jim Coman, Madealyn Sblm
Louse Olud, Phil Sanders, Do

YOUNG MARRIED COUPLE Jan and Roy Lupton (Louise
1d d S hil Sandersgi dah from their bedroom to rescue
aItula rton (Madelyn Shinni from airmen's
S The leading lady finds It most embarrassing to
be ocked outside the bungalow while wearing her sheer night-
gown and robe.
1 -
m '. _____'__

C ENTRAL Tehnicolor Week-End Release!


CT01 p.

Teresa Wrilht Alida Valli
MaeolemaM Carey, In Amedeo Nanarl. in
"Every Minute Counts" PERDITION"
AlM: 4 TKWUNIOOLIF SHORTS from PFluto. Mickey Mouse
and Demaai Duek!

tile-to-be was 1*-
a region of ._ t 'TV r'
a and 5trdeeW
by:hby stern

De Los"" a .in e0."
41riend.hip r-
6 7 ald-by fef tohimi o
IN ESSD wth ee of Pal8's r .' like ba la im
Gates left (Nancy m) nd Mrs. IleIae
Clark) ask the @eain to autograph coDp gofg iest t .
_e,--. .I...2l. a t thI

TV Peeps Throu

Ah. ite"-M

The -urta .- i t .g e to
hide anytht Ita el to
shauh the ru of the
c eru al thW *ake it
DO ble, for thpe nt titi In
ride t b ht~ry; ft the
Pr Ident t6 deliver a pe
jus once and have a tec-
ordid by all news media at
the' same time.

Griffiths, Louise Clark, NanMy F5 U '.
Bldebotham, Roy Glickenhaus, Sh i'afor= r
Bob Livingston, Roe spte, -loo the Prreskti pdW
Old Uncle Tom Oroovy ad all. TVr thevery nationwide
Thesplng, miming, and gf tso repe e datevr na
on like nobody's business. MW speech ce anmd, in me
else can- you put over such a case. t e time. -
long-time Broadway succe ss 2 a p togra he"p and
"Over 21"? newsreel l d T W in AO al-
ema eoul 't operate during
Anyhow, the time's Tuesday I t a tua broadcab. They
p.m, and the place is in. there made too w uch noise, n they
behind the Ancon laundry wh4re had to atge t: e speech +-
the crowd gathers and the price 1* f f .e or haW eAr
i$a t tn v)er peat performance. This te ak
is $1 and the thing Is "Over 1." USblePres&entil.time,
JA i ese lastauceo was
Look, there are all sorts of I embarrIlng. ..
other things about this thlinWg e, for instance, frinme
which merit description, so why Pweldpt 'ruman read a
not get along and look for your- or te newreols .and
self, saving us the trouble -of ~u t, hn e tonoth
writing it, and you the trouble of aml.L4ge0d necktie' -
reading what we have written. or ie repeated the speech

em ,re al e
making a f !
siat at the
room, evOWs

from timbers ao
-aeahaw r,

Ravaged South K ot Needs

Millions For Re truction
The war in Korea has left our *yA e .ftPjblic of South
Korea, with a gigantic reconstru ")uB. The extent of .
the colossal destruction is illluestvp fjnt these pictures.
President Eisenhower has asked C, i" 'for $200,000,000
to start the country on the road.ib .jop ry. If Congress
grants the request, this money .| a4 Is dependent
upon President Syngman Rhee's i J. h and continued
cooperation with the truce. Pre power said the
cost of rebuilding Korea would ba d with the
cost of military operations. The. hot war came
to about $6,000,000,000 ann y cases cities
have been destroyed, factories Iedi" lashed and -
transportation at a standstill.h 1oal recon -n
struction af the country, medi other
will have to be sent to rehabl if-clothd, ;
ill-housed and undernouris of war. '

addressp0 ,I
thanks f6r As
in salvaging ,
back in 18' ,
- ,thomfa yoi -t
4 4

- 'C





Ah .4
Iu~ (Ear a
a *~. ~Sfl 44244.

Re A,
* 0~

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i Il

hi a -
be eCo
the wE
ae bos

,. ; ? -
s-9- 9 -

* a) 'm

13I co.

rany o
sved b3
-the Is
Ie thai


r -

third -

pJ after -v
aln W.-.



whir W


ting re
Dther cl

jta &et
.. "* i -" 'm:..l:.-...t.-


'I .4

I f" = j
a3&n f, 94As-


am iaetl at = d., te
saNo W*W- '^J-l m Acadt a yf atu -i
ble ler wuband Nli.Y
ar 1 fc .l''f ^ im*'''JJM f *" r" f ^ cl,

MT a M "- fifty cents, drea*'
r 200,02 ln Mrs. r en Everybod will be
- Ledn J.. Mrs. C. T. Swear some and enjoy
Ingent, .U ward. W. Mil- t ambo i t pains _P -n
P pau .-'4 oe Snyder, and UnJia Church ( I ga 0 5Club Ito SpW
J. McLaughlin,e prty re 4aW, ^s A. ao
-rectoe, Arthur A.. globall Cana soW.
day *t for thed n for of 0e% I4 B. P. O. Mg&
IThe p"in for the games were the chir *Wrtpen-e "Bk ik A
i won mwM F. flon. Mrs. Poole the Staten durlfl the.ff
exit aM -l^Wwd.^^ weeks. The haaic Friday n
w h Wbll and M Carring- who with the member to keep the
.be their family will go to Aun
OcL Argtowill lise to &
r.'by tori, Moum to meet
4.r1ae- 0 to hsstde at .'Gold Coast
I m o M, ullwater, t V
service at ttedm. ,
SwUrIB sa. Luhske Navy. .
tx mOthers... *I!*'- .
e .. -. ... .. ...Mr .f t .Ulu Or
* f Churchf th 5orL. WilliamLL. CUomsa I am.
d SSt-S ^ -'*' : lGraham 'end GrahamMr. fted ad
and Mm.3. 3. (ay. Mt. apd cordalyl to
id M:oenF: Mrs. Cufts George; Mr. and Mrs. meeting.
1. B t aA aine Vandergrift, Bar- Coming and G e -a
II.r{ oSrs r t Ad H., Martin. Also 'The Bousing Manag,!
M wa ma otWe Rt W snders, An- tobal, Dr. Jack Rana
b be 1ithe a a deW t, Duane Brickner. panned by his wife
SHeights Baptist Chur Thurs- Daniel George and Brian and Jack, left on the BS.L .
dy August 20th. iW ion John Albright. Friday for a motr
ti, be from 9:00 *aa. until States. They will v
:00 p. The main fre of 5F c at Gatua son-in-law and S
eetotg Te to M. the M Temple and Mrs. Alfred Masle IB
meeting it to- args. the, nssinfi teLvie
women of the Latin Alerican The officers of Coral Chapter ida. .
iieupbipa who are mer bers of No. 3, Order of the Eastern Star .
o e iSthen Baptist q h to will sponsor "Fun Night" in the The sons of Mr. and Mrs.
a 5t. part o e ~:oenrs Masonic Tenple. Gatun, Sktur- HUM J. MaLkughlin, Jr,
at Al-<5 3 Al- nlht,-August 22nd, at. 7:40 riv tononw o 1
se ursday V y lbe ow4 n kR. RELboat,. Ancan,.f*
held for nglsh speang mem- skit card ames with their parents. Wl
bert. The members of the den- bridge and canasta," will e older son, has recently
Snination on the Atlantm o 8t e pe-ed In the upper room. There pleted his R.O.T.C.
e invited to attend t meet- wlU be a et priz for adults CunpGorddn, (e tla.
. 4 d fwr ai ames. In-the itwb <-(Ge nil u a, a 6,
,* ", T. i *
F mify DInher Honors I -
Yld* aind Student"
,Mk. Eltabeth Dean enter-
-with a dinner party at
tUle of baher aon-in-law and
Mt dam~tW. and Mrs. James
k :. Plats, Mount Hope, Thursday
evening. The oeaesion honored
N hl grarals, Dean Plaa. a
stt "at CrawelD Prarator
w ho is him vacation l

Iwidh blparen Mr. and %M. J.
in of tf.IAer York City who U
he b ousa MMa Joanne
r.Cc of Margarnta.

n"agement a new
Wtg rn| ebt at of
4 hSir guest, anadeaseek
of T rdty a 1 Ch t beglaifng
IThjurday Augut 20fhb in the
eadin dint room. There wil ie
no addital charge for the
S. addSed entartalment. Dinter
Vto O:N. Ant or-heutra bha
been eng ed to furnish the
.. music for he affair. All who
wlah to spen uan enjoyable eve-
P e agg are Invite& to dine and
caI. to Dvid W. Malinghan, who
I-Se- hM arried recently -from his
St *m1fWlc home In San rancisco, Califor-
e ntil ala. h taken, over the manage-
t lt meat of the Hobt.
adetsrsi e Merchant
Ste' po- Cadet Ul t ,, John Fh-
and the nf nestoet and- t Bailey ar-'
.: acde s rMted by plme',aturday, to
Ut, three tits spend a vsTat A.ltlng their
S,, Daren, apt kw ai Mrs. John
ip lian 5,008 61, Palmeaik O':OM Cristobal.
rured In traffic add 1 a, d a _-. Uilford K.
BISley, of tUe Lse n t AAr,
come," he oti Cit d the
than jut .
Ine their

river, If you're
etr vous, anad
Ive' to freed Asks sans mm
Ae streets." YOUI

F.onA. (UP). -
si dents hbae
f one of the na- '
oa-room brick "
,I was built In.
in contain
"a years. "

.'P .
) I" y '.

t ; :

pr :-, -
f- u *: ') ,




'Rose" 0 '

'$, f @2 .

Fer direct himt b- A :
the Canal Zooe.







v". "%t.



SMember f
4 D c-Mab

e. yl" .o of A-rica h

. WlWeiSStli Auimal Ink 18 kr ie.4 am. to 4:3 pa.



4 'jI*

* .*...J ...~.
.--. ..
.-- ... .. -.



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r. I- m

limWes wi
B;l1Q. H

1 with

, "'s.- .? -.
--4'./* *.. J4f..

it '2
a ~'
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ming out- .
d Anyone*- I
& Schuter)i
1* is the
er, a writ
be xaslf he
tells-of o(-
a., e. I hM t

BnIun n

rI :.C .

$o eme e

bthe, "d
tadl... '
The cliche""
pe b 't&bat at





I '~ -

1, Woman Dives to Spear 'Catch'

Of Sea Creatures for Research
V1v. I

. .... ]

./ -W f ^ 3. ifc


o of her lie: fish. Ichthyologist Eugenie Clark captures Ash
Sa ear, in interests of science. Floating on surfaceofr ocean,
WRr c-covered %ith glass mask, snorkel-tube equipped, she will
,m one she needs for laboratory or museum purposes and AlWo
me mission in Pacific. has been at it ever since.
5,. f Writer
GLr. -l.." I: raw lunch for Dr. Clark, fol-
'by an chance, were in a lowing which she 'ent batk
in. the 6uth Sea island to spearing fish specimens for
-..a native offered you n' her collection. She. Chipped
Itf living squid,-what wouM: them back to the States inl a
.?. One 'Eugenie Clark., pickled" 'in fornaldehybfe) on-
., manfully (Of womanful- u(tion.
took IL bite. After consider- She learned to swim face
*urgi. down on the surface of the
dingr'the squid in her: ocean wearing a glass Itee
its tectacles slitiheting mask, containing a snokkel
her fingers, and Its tube.
-grpeen eyes staring up Spying a f -she would dive.
.% -tried td outstare spew- 4t ith one .freo0 a. col-1
a- few minutes. But the lectUo* :of s m n her nleaby
: Wrtwer was -t 'much 1 is eamw sAim back a-
^ took a bite and live, or hear .
t dlcious, aprinr nisen"re w1

, she and the' old h comectetO i ttlan By ALCIA HART
4atned it ofL Marine Bilogil .statlQO as a NA Beauty Wlter
guest sclentist. There she
..Tmiis was all in the day's speared fish with a sailboat as Costumi jewelry can lihtW up
work in the life of Dr. Clark, her headquarters: She took your beauty as well as your
c:hthyologlst. She had gone time out to marry a Greek costume. But you've got to
nit to the Micronesian Island-,, physician, ]ih Cairo, and they kno* the this little
0 there the squid-eating incident had a sar a honeymoon. game to l it e
,jook place, in 1949, to maJ.. yes a.^ saome ofe Us
lunrey in that age of ani no. e I the
shefor office ?f NuI an aju-t a Iet ww
*:es h (tbre are Bundr Aig arlvf'o o ear .p,
S both poisonort-to-ea the wa'" t s t '
-In ou*** 1-fonch.) pkinds, sharks' the houeW OrG
S' ., ,-ing for p* a slender tape.
; s ate the sa q g. e re are your tricks:
*ti bwe lupch. 'e eeokers mixed o mathed
' atives .ere.the less bold chunky earrings; allow at
east. odd encouiners, t Bea least an Inch between the tiUr
,ine was a cli tit of your earrings and your
.reig a qus.'er.rof a a choker.
on, I g on' *the bottom of copious notes The girl with a short squaj-
he ocean. An Intrepid native, journals, complete with i1h ty imaginary triangle tends to
; ho proved useful to her as a drawings at which she's adept. have a short neck and round-
.eacher of -the art of spear- But the lure of the deep sea lsh or squarish face. SBh can
'4iAhing. stuck his arm between calls her, and she h9pes to wear slender waterfall earrings
Te giant jaws, spanning about take off for the Indian Ocearn but never a ball oi a hoop.
Jour feet, and knifed out the on a scientific fellowship one The tiny delicate button or
,,treet muscle. Another strange, day. seed earrings are eautifieras fo
' '_ hqr. Her necklace might be .fo
"p A. A .o 9^ ': long dangling strand of
k T knotted Just above the
AMg NOW(cCC A choker doesn't belong in
jewel box.

. ...u. ***; l,. 3 ," .^


I &re


r,' r


waterfall earn.
flews below hey
with maick.ig
Same' di -
-a. k. but mte

B t '

,.I .! r1 i IJ ami YW } t.
lA'^T^rtI-^ -9-(.Ylwttwl9Ec -' '-ti



'& .;.'
rai tta:

h ud l r rTf yours is an ideal tiani g
Women SnOU d Mature Or with all sides even you c
wear what you please.
Ri FBut that's not an about
jewelry and faces. Magnificent
earrings and necklaces can call
attention away from facial i-.
o regularities. For Instance- Jaw-
Ten rears ago Jane was an unusually attractive woman. She lines are softened noses seem
,;had the natural beauty of youth, a car4IIngJ )nd of helplessness more elegant when bold curved
"that. emphasized her youth and .many, enthusiasm which never ne of jewelry are placed
lasted very long. nearby:
Ten years ago Jane got by very well just as she was. But Going below your throat
",Jane. like so many attractive women, hasn't grown up as she has now: you can make your fa- N
-grown older. W. Prettier with jewelry. For fab"i
. She is iust a somewhat faded version of what she was 10 example an overly generous
:years ago. bosom is beautified with ikn gon
a She hasn't replaced the young look, so charming 10 years ago, angular delicate pair of pins
with careful grooming She isn't a good-looking woman of 35, but worn off center. Not so with t"
:9 poor copy of the woman she was at 25. a large roundish pin especial- ai
She hasn't realized that the kind of helplessness that is ap- ly whep.plunked in the middle. t
'pealing in a young woman seems careless and scatterbrained in a T'er girls however cans they
woman. we U. huge arklers as they
She's not yet learned to carry an enthusiastic approach to a wish.
:*ew Interest through to completion. She's lost the respect of A ttnY waistline is flattered le
.those who know her well enough to realize that what she is ex- with a fob, a clip or a large
cited about now will be forgotten in a few weeks' time. mtallion at the belt. A broad-
Jane still expects others to liKe anri admire her for no better wasted girl however wears ar-m
,reason than that she is Jane. She hasn't realized that, though Jiwelry a her midriff on a most
friends s may be made easily it takes thoughtfulness, cooperation, narrow belt and she places the hm,
and the wlllingneis to carry one's part of the load to keep their Jer-el a largish one, at the
-*admiration and respect. Center.
f; It would pay Jane. as It would pav any woman, to take stock i fablH
.of herself and find out if she. has been marking time, instead of A tiny subtle pin "gets lost" sibl
becoming a more mature and responsible person. I on a tall skinny girl or on
It's sad when a woman of 30 is a faded cony of what she was the girl that's plump. Each of roWM
Sat 1. And when at 40 she is still iust a less a'tractlye version of I these girls wants to wear an I
'*wl- % -t e was at 30. i Important pin or a grouping l&s4i.
!of small ones. dowI
If the large girl I overweight'c~
not merely big-bon d she must
., avoid the- round pmin and let pFj
it bg angled. An overweight
..... .......' girl does well' to keep her pin
*. ', away down from chin and
-~ .. shoulders.
Your arms and hands may
be slender and tapered or
plump and squared-off There's
a bracelet Ptterer for you in
either case. Slender arms wear
many bracelets nicely wide and to
closely fitting sometimes on
twC arms at once.
If your arms are very long
S.don't wear above-elbow brace-
lets no matter how much the
rage they are.
For bcoad arms wear no more
than two at the same time on
one atM only. Wear them low
j. loose and slender.

F .r the gratMgue a w 0 alely wamlen ct*e dhirt hMsb en
f jest frm Mork lare. This Lmie first by David GettHeb is showw
S|meu tes"ud with a white ston hlae -bl- .'.by Geayge i.wr.
eJ s ospsal s make a e0"lme -that's *ieetr gettla from sI--
t'4'o' v taoo ae ery m suma eveagsp.-.y. -WI Dom
36Wee's gjjjtes -.e .. ,

Lst an d Fand
BenniO Wright, 13 saw mething
famailr when h .. h ered the
undayv. newspaper to police
headquarters here. It was his
biycye whth" Wave been stolen,
abandonew MaM teovere&k Ben.,
amd 1

. .oa -
L. 8t__s

yKAY lWsin Wrk '

W ip-ery and dll,.
ids miliS- & tan orite


*bfdi b


^ /\ % .- ^S"*''

wor2 S2.

SJuartl, u e

flewe/ty Cdan .e-


'maiua n

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'4 *

.q R : '. ''- ,-. ." '-'

- .~'. '& A- '


.. ; /

iB 5i It'

iR5 I ,

.~a an -_-

In'af4 -a o
in Sii tment an- eAltnr ana

. "a

3ln. NMI f9 amep
d M to r 6n. tpt-
Ftrols.oQara t.qn
| Corden. Bull and
;retry o- -tata
I., arm~n ttety

as of--

Il L ..

Par r '. In m


^.^s 3,l th lived which is why the hands). Other
71I'. B temp.stLid not adri sa && l-ettass- 1
S.... .A.......... A committee was named to paper. None wrote
choose a ittng memory I to Venus is ut
": Panfs tUi ood Shetage "W"they carn7 ___
-.... a ....the suggestion of Venus now -
S- .-- rpnr New YORK. Tpk
S tr. What, asked n- L God Sea
SKALI A 15 daily wage offer each raged Saemltes did Venus!
S-UP)-Tet In worker Is en. to one have to do with the pioneer STARKVILLE, Miss (
Tibet is r"O.% getting .workers at gov t shops of Oregon? |pth time this city Coim
S, worse with to get, dollar I ad food i Straw votes were taken at 100. days without a fatal
pE ftl and prices r available tpro5 worker at service club luncheons and the tk aRcident the city
SeDbl ,A i i Barley, the ti of TI- g btirnBst sbqps pt conces- Goddes could have counted oio4e~ parking meter. o
Sthe bet sells at ix the price he. votes she got on her 10 and ielare a day's morM
,UnitodS tate s to before the Chi nae Comunists The .- ftural wi ng' of the fnhges (yes Renoir's Venus ha4 en parking fees.
id Panama, B aft T. took control, tter and Red army vigorously extols tie -
o o their foods also become "dignity of labor" to Induce
re ahevery expen5if'- ..', the Tibetans meet of whom
. N am D ahe insuffiand are unused to' manual labor
U- indan a r behalf high prices welon athe to volunteer In sufficient num-
S. 2 presence of 34O,. i "lib- bers to man these projects.
S IOf eration" tet W inv g Large numbers of lamas
to nMe i off the laa r pence Is BuddhUt priests) ar said to
-P the otcoenof a Icausing. dirossed in be.working on them. This i not
Se in bomre placePlclss dem- due to the persuasion of the
I'r aw Obatrations. i "culture squadW'" nor to the
l bwteen the two. Posters on i 1W at de- s love of Communinsm
I and the wtMdral, 0 f these These men used to depend on
SM l oop a nd f .food r 0their sub- Joyland !
eibecaume .,t-Bwgu9ts Or alventi
Chinese a nTae oiE"Mrn ltifult ..
TthonetsE nlaeen riy v ,ouu of EverysOdBoy.Land I
in.u 81UThose wo wohrk s JMoin- Thikait!
orW i. ed the latb fre. -4be ChT-is is it!
S E rra eaqui t n*ation- t lnese.-L a ews of the
S. tsa ct ti" over Sik a tda am crep wonderland of dreams come
ButUaergar e andtrue!
d 6c go before Every nook and corner
decided- Uk what brimming over with toys
.. Ai ,andp t maeder dr for every age.
forod do aLa Ore Toys to play with, toys
aht A proposal ( food to 8ALEM Ore. (UP)- nobody to work with tos to
OIW..W' ,y thre de t .to work with, toys to
h>5 iK i Paiher Tibet fro d love the Godded tit'Love.
obligU c By prleca cn By virtually voielearn with.
This be ught o as the o the cit il Tost mauthe
Chi=a is buxom a ,, done Toys to make your
wh Intist Willrenchildren the happiest
a* tthe of all!
oity. : NO. 21 Central Ave.
fto, -,I he Oeti ovq eude came
,Ae s WIta e a t becais6 the rWte Carroll
Ti-hecomine 'ed .In sTe wo-f h ]Bae L. Moored willed his estate to
pf gfafe U The Ilu pdrili be the city for a fitting memor ai
llel rm#tg to statie. tdath. so Oregon pioneers. Moores. a
w. geenIe t hs maso. nAd bachelor and a frugal man was
u th.arrbalaoom o.f ta e big a lanitor and elevator operator
V eonslgnmeit etof Chblese tiee by in the Oregon Supreme Court
o-r -ntUP way mof Indi e lWtdingt but he left an estate
-%W_ .._InU the mstL the Gov- When he died In 1936 that has
a nal ip rmnt Is appealing to the Oown to about $30000. Two
a. unanmo A a Tibetens to work on projects benefltlarles were willed the
nationn O the -Re for national development The Interest a the estate as long
a 0knrteo

;.m IcoF, 1: .r 4

St Up For -Naif
In t aoout .aw
N N Aj

Sam o -which. f f.i-wr 4
dedo n do t to

-' S S m [ I r. .j
'r u,

".,,. "


.- .

F .
. : :,,

U. I

* 12 Packages of FAB laundry soap powdewrg
: '

,' -

Monarch electric


er ant-qOIMroMs 1Io can be
applied- jpi W'MS a brush
or paint spra. ,

Ed bJoaW m wspamgber
chickens when lie notioed S-
thing gittelng on the g d.
She pvice up NAla o wd ,
minted I n8ss. A .ank ffk
gave her 15 in pMifmoney r
it. .




The completely automa-
Cit washer, gets clothes EAs
Sredly clean. te

Come in TODAY for a demonstration.






On display in our show-rooms.

S j .' ,,
not to -

NO .


'. : -.-.,^ .*


noto Arosem Ave. & 26 Street
Tel. 2.0810

-*,= n v :w
' IN -. ',. -ii='. : _"._', ,-- "!

-:'?', r


L bae tho





* 4' t' r


P-% le

,, W

,- *.
-- .- .. kSS4

ia ou Sell' em ...
Leave your Ad ..

When You Tell era thru P
; unec of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 "H"

No. 12,179 Central Ave.- Colon

No. 4 Tivoli Ave.-Phonec 1-2291, and

-. Fourth of Juiv Ave -Phone 2-0441 No. 3 L

S Household Automobiles
SALE -Household fun.tuie ,n FOR SALE -1950 Studebaker. Ex-
_d cona.lon Phone 3-3I2E. :ellernt condition, 16.000 miles,
I: !-- ,- -8- low down payment, liberal terms I
I ..'SALE--Two 8" b 10' gro Phone Cururidu 5245
r sgs, one rr,.ital chet c.f drcr -
f io .-,olen ,alonce, one couch F3R SALE'--Oldinobile 88, 1951.
eilb three piIIc.As ard c.:ier. onlI .'ih hvdromalc Good tires. good
g *a er, ...rg. or.e set cl R:o.,oidj coidilon. Call 83-3197 atter 4.30
b'blt'o IC, \enetan birndi %.iI t't p rr
Sg r-elevolor hCuoe u~p an i C9 C'S;LE -50 Oldsmobile 6. Hy-
S woi a.,J ccli ge To mrhcg,"a' dromaoc, iadO. cusrom sart Cov-
S id, tiabe' one barr.b:o aoble. : P; on ehcelleni buy $1.075 00
ola lp4. 3 l,,:,er ch.-,,r Il0h cu' 50Jb3-A Diabto Hgis 2-3429.
a e. One n.,ht Iabie oce k.-chen
" btae itrh Ihre Chha.,a cne e.l~ i F-O SAS-LE -Duty Free 1950 Mer-',
u rterm.tLier cha.r leaihe cur Sp.:rt .edan, Foor Doors, in
r. char. one bon-.b.o bar wi-,i excellent ;c.ndii.on. $1 300. Tel
S four i.toi. Call oler 'O 0 p m Panoma 3-0010, Fred Durling.
Pone 3- 1 2'. ": r,' Ciobol 36c FOR SALE -i948 Pontiac Stream-
I and 6th St P. F Hul aQu,..t Jr lin er 8. Radio. Hydramoltic. EU-
,OR SAL --Porcelain refrigerator, cellent condition. Very good tires,
$35. Q. M bed mattress & spri.ngi $800. Cal. Balboa 2-1501. House
10t: Por:h swing. $5 Workbench 549-E. Cailan Rd
XA Bamboo and wicker Iseiee & FOR -SALE -1951 Dodge 4 Door
-914 eOan, duh, free. Call Panama 3-
-iv. ---- _____ I 374
10n' SALE -S.ngle bed. double bed FOp S.LE-19S3 8 Cylinder!
nrierspring mrrotres. rugs., d'op Chefromn 4 Door. De Luxe, radio.:<
llf tale, larrp, dibh's. druser & heI,, W--wV lire, 5.000 mile'
.fr5t. hou'-hold 2172-D, Cu'un- New Jer- toax paid' 1541-A
mu. morning' evenlngs Mang-, Street, Balboa, C. Z 5 to
SALE -Ber, Ross Spinet P.a p m
S noe 2 mahogany chairs, FOR SALE -1932 Mercury Monte-
hone. 6-438 after 5 p m. ,e, Fordor. lOdic. Light blue %ih
SALE -Liingroom set sofa &, blue pla;. upholstery and heater.
'Z chairs Leather uphcs1tery, trv r'e .lth an oiler. I m leaving
frn. 12-B Fort Clayton, Tel. 87. ard nmu:t sell. Curundu 7294.
________________ FOR 5ALE: 195T 4-Door Cuitom
.SALE:-Louvres and venetian Fordamatic Ford. See at 1579-
h _pdst.tor flats apartments. 7 cu B or phone 2-2958 after 4 p. m
I .25 Cycles Frigidaire 25 CyclesI FOR SALE -1949 "Pontiac" 2
1-4 horse motor, 25 cycles 78 dor sedan. very good condition.
RF.\M Recora Changer. Phone 2- bargain price with payment f ci-
I,'. __ ___ thile'. May be seen ol Almaccn s
fct ALE-Modern secl.ucjl lirng. I Romero from 7.30 to 12 noon &
Rt*.A set iwo lotse 'e1.a one ,:l ir I 30 1 o .3 p m.
foaMt itbocer Lpliot 'e -d tiu.l,'i FOR SALE -9 l dsmob.Ie 1942 Sedan
ea lior, pnr.e T,..,nlh. oc1, vw Ih $225 Curundu Qtrs. 221 1-A, tel-
BWAkcose Onis S22 00 coh phone 33-2 I80.
frs 224-B. Albrook 6-414' ,
bi-r E -Ml dern Sofa wrought FOR SALE
i..'legs, Rattan Chaise lounge.
vonity. Louis XV cho;r. Rattan end i- Motorcycles
table, floor lamp. S-edrh radio !
Svitrpla kitchen cabinet. double1 FOR SALE-Cushman Scooter. House
jd,. 44th St No. 22 Apt. 5754-A. Sabert St.. Diablo, $90.00
I FOR SALE.-Triumph Thunderbird


Via Espaha No. 4 -- PanamA. R, P.
4& *g. r

a Internacional de Publicaciones
lottery Plaza )Phone 2-3196.

be ym. he*s ea d r msMlr
W*ea AIkeei mme Ame Ur
105l Ames. C. X

DR. WENDEHAKE. Medical Clinic.
Central Avenue 'K" street, comer.
Telephone 2-3479. Panama.
Boeing 4-engine planes. Orne-way
to Miami: $70.00 Round-Trip
$126.00. One-woy to New York:
$114.00 Round-trip $21400. See
telephone 2.1655.
Won't you like to become the own-
er of your rwn house. We are of-
tering )ou this opportunity. A com-
plete furnished four bedroom
chalet with garden and a Hillmon
53 in the garage for only $8.00.
You can also win a Morris aonvert-
ible or a Morris Minor, Just call
Panama, .3-1233 or visit our of-
fice at the Santuario Notlqnal in
Samuel Lewis St. The chalet can
be inspected any time you wish
It is located on 50th and 12th SIt.
San Francisco.
SPECIAL FLIGHT to Kietgstn, leavy
ing every two weeks $40 one way,
$1C08 round trip. Panama Dispatcb
Service 36 Avenida Nacional iAu-
tomobie row) Tel. 2-1655, Pan-
Grabados Tnomas Engravings. -
Trophies. jewelry, name plates, etc.
15th and G St. West No. 93.
Try your luck!
wth our merchandise club
Central Avenue 113

PANAMA-MEXICO one way $85
round 'trip $135 115 day limit)
$165, good one year; to L 0 S
ANGELES one way. $159 25 round
tr.p $253.r.4 190 day Pon-,
amo Di ipach Service. 36 Avenide
Nacionol tAutomob.le Rowi. Tel.
Panama 2-1655.

FOR SALE -AKC registered Cole r
Spaniel pups. 2 males, 1 female.
Quarters 84-B, Albrook AFIr or call
86-4123. 1,.

10,059 Meladds A~ Phone 255, Co ..

1,H" Street er, ,ttu te
Phones 2-211 3-27I8
T A6. l


Ph lia. Oceanside cq
C1aq. sox 435, ad
Panwm7 3.11877,s,

Houses on- beach, Sonto'.
Phorh e A b.take.
or sm rltlak- t __


I -~LIC~I"amaC

Grami& S^ i etsu.,-
tager Electric lceb6tb, %=
moderate rates. Telephoo "---
Gamboe; 4-567. Pedro
Willlam' Santa Clara Beach
2 bedrooms, refrigeroto Rb
raneM. Balboa 2-30.
week-,nds. 1


Foster' Cottage.. Ope.'. mro t
Santi Clara. Phone Balbob.2tK.
P A N AM 0 N T_
Ine thei3 ft
00 ft., easily resa ed bydeC
flie.Or fre Teoulme. ft Pr .h

aI q el aim by ly

Ideel aint maf exiam i
Finrt d eaeeelmfil
Femem culaiee -
Aitre hsve ea.qbr ,
Raees IS taewls lud -

RAe withit. mealb Ih Mn frm
$2.50 dily.
Family ratm fir lNm e Nye.
Hotel hlqeetkb

I bmm_-__

FOR RESIT: AAodet chalet, two
bedrooms, moid's room. Via Espa-
ao Noa 2024, Miguel Hive, phone
FOR RENT --Furnithed. resdenve is
Bella Vista. 3 bedroontfo 2 both
rooms, maid's room, gatagr phone
3-0019 3-3288. Penoam.


FOR RE MT wfl',-hi on
crew -cool. In ke I lont

r T'rJ'7g~s

r r ..., .
r .'y
1 :;


foi 12

* -r

- .-.. *
-. S -.
ii 4 2



An eletric bllsbt th"t
lls lnecta. fr wfs
ennieS a month.

411 =121inWC9Ia
a g.- a u a D
Wetf tnt



, ~' ; h ^rfiAhi'&t &Ii 14*. F.H~ ,M~
^'W*^;,Thec~3 gStr^ ^~TrK
^ *fM b-a B~t^ ^ .,*7vT .; '*
j~j^TV"_, **a^jjijft^iiB-f'' mf O~l^^^^^^^m^

^ga g-*.. ww rL^

3 ~a i*8" IffJI



S. 00. Cal Nv 334 between NAMA CANAL COMPANY
EtE S S N Sto 300 week 3d3ys Abet for Ra0 FERS EMPTY SACKS FR SALE. FO IENT r 1 itw o m e
WAT: E School of Dci Crucet Call 4-549 other times. -Sealed bids Ior open.nd"in public apartm n-I In El Cangreo re=
WAITE S School of Dancing --" ... ...will be received until 3:00 p. m Iou. Call 3-3372.
r nig Sept. st RegistoHelp W anted September 1, 1953, in the office FOR RE N : e ii
22gus? 17th 18rh from 10:00 Help Wanted60 of the General Manager, Commis- merit in Bela Visal: Iivflwt
.o 430 p m .Balboa Lodges ..a.....WANTED--Cmb: a ry Division, Mt. Hope, Canal din.goms ... '"bedMom. om '
t 2-2363 WANTED-Combination Cook and Zone, for empty rice, potato, dairy d's
o-- ...... Maid for married couple w-thout .... .. .. pt, '. m id's room and bath. To' iiiih e
Mid fr m.rrled couple without eed, and other socks. Invitation 3- 407 froi 2.00 p. m.
children. Apply No 28. 9th St No. 4, whirh lists in detail the
3o. 4WrlcSalists inndetailnthe
San c Francisco de ao Caleta, or call Nvario quantities andsizes FO RNT:-* bedroom ar
S I 34622 fo appointment sacks arlable ma.. be obtained ment. ColI.e 15 No. 3011, Rio
1e1A L y nes ~ Position Ifrom the ot.fce ot 'lie Supply and Abojo.
ealh Bono Wanted Pos on Sere Director, telephone 2-2678
"ALO N.Y. U I or 2-1825. or the office of the
T oa ..r I Ch. Panamanian bilingual accountant General Manager. Commssary
i Hospital here has made i and Auditor w-th solid qualIl ca- Dviron. telephone 3-:674.
S *_for children with Iionsr eight years ba:kgiound cxr..- ... .. "cS-J" /Ier,
S tire of the snine poll. pe,,cnce and bpst references d-. ALMOST NEW Generol Elecrric roast- /
thl"er orthcrpi-" d'.as". srea posilon with indusrial corm- er, used once RCA radio record
o .V' 0rgo surgcern Wilh fa: or construction concern player, cabinel nodel. 3 speed.
M4, risk and d iseoufort thh Write r*x 70 Ponamo. Phone Balboa 3677. After 4.00
vtr..fTore thanks to its bonri .. Balboa 2;7 W
g*u' WANTED FOR SALE -Amercan guitar. Elec- ( bd Publishrf
Th hank only one of I i 1 tr;c se" w.'g "o 'chine. portable IE '3
J 1 i n We-.. !' Yrv yn I rlIoe 'laneois Zenith radio, portable. Linen 1 ----
"Pollera Montuna." new. Leaving M
i' i airzed home frewe.r WANTED:-Vacation Q'arters. 1lt East 34th -reet Lux budding, 224 S k.
j Ars and packages of of Sept. thru TO1 Nv. 5083-A. Apt ICI. after I '0.
,etl j e'no whitlch. can be Diablo Hilts., 2-3429 __ TH DAR ANGEL
ll l itiely. e $86.95 Electrolux, all attachments, MiTa.t
used very little $5000 pastel BAI
s are fromamputat- A l.i all alla green bl.nd. Dark tapes, Leon .
- Ba4 and arms, free frOm Va LandU 106 in. wide 61 deep. $15 00. TAD THE MIGHTY'
B they are put. througri I Another 72 in. 61 deep, $10. grat GeIn" .
,wVhich includes wash- FMAw BuHhg 00. Like new. white metal kitchen TH CSCE
i ag into small pices ravo r HuW eIIwuHM cabinet, 23 in. wide 61 deep 5 Thonn I.Ca
a before being put shelves. $5.00 Leaving Isthmrus.
S deep freeze. The bankI KANSAS CITY, Mo., Aug15 Tel. 2-1923. Cocol. THE LAD
ll available to other in-' iUP -A multi-million dollar P.NAMACANALW COM.AN
f ree of charge. eight-story Kansas City building FI MST C L .ARL SPUPA I I LES I
not only will have its lar'eMt FOR SALE
ts inception the lor on top and. street-level Sealed bids, for opening in public..
t usually obtained entrance for each floor. but will b. received until 10 30 Apu Nor. .
to for raft from a healthy it also will house a functional August 26, 1953, in the offce of
an of the patient which. re- zoo and a eenhouse August 2 953, in the office of ANN A
ald in mch disc ortand a greenouse. Superintendent of Storehouses. BIal-
Si mi. boa, for Bristol folding cardboard In H 1YOURB T
S or r recovery. IThe structure to be built for arouse coors. white writing paper in O' TI BME
SHoll Imrk. greeting cards man- rolls 1"' ide. wh ,e index Bristol
Sufeturers. promises to be one cardboard, manifold paper, TO blu AaHR OUS A
". of .the leading architectural bond paper and envelopes located in
i ghts In the Midwest Among Building No. 5095. Critobal Store-
its attractions will be a gallery house Area, Crllobal. Invitation Nao.
S! r for original paintings. 15 may be obtoaned from the above'E
The ,000,000 budding wll Isource, or from office of Super end- T.
TOPICS The $6,000,000 buildlg wll et of Storehouses, Balboa, telephone nd Prde
olloow the contour of a rocky,2-1815.
S CALL plateau near the downtown a. TH
Sea. The site had been Ignored' -
Panama by builders in spite of its ex- l age A
16 .i.. H cellent location until Joyce C. w' ll Area Casg l M 1
2-2086 'Hall incorporated the rugged
Sterrain into plan& nd inncreaseIB -'W, due to trat.
SThe top floor will overlay the stanceses. ;. .. .,
LET'S GO entire mound, matink it the CHICA g, Aug. 15 -UPL-- But ba aW despite these
sgest in the building with n expert on city development 011 .fM Prge the city
tting where you're going !200.000 square feel of floor.says the future of central busl- the city -
ne s s districts btInhthe said. || Po .p rkingpm b
space Lower floors decrease in a nens later gets in many cities jlem s
half the fun, especially floor space. down to the ground ma y depend laragey ont the iitSabowed a
S you're smart floor which w have but 10,- downtown aer rea. ement t Inreal

travel in a The ioo will be lotalled the problem in Public Manage.
thI eight floor. ti will house meant, monthly journal of the
e 'ducks, chickens, rabbit, pup- International City Managers'
i ET t b aa ri tCarroll, director of theDe- 1
RTIaLE aiherismall btri, oltMetrooiltnArea Btudy ".it
h frequently aear seid city officials mustencor
age the Intensive Use of exit-
Ill lllIt ope tto compou ,t 4"I ng commercial sites, and must
by JarJ.b J a k nM.oake It enaler for traffic and. i.. ..
A downtown busl eiss districts.
Two major trends, increased
Garutard Rteerd Chu1nlers automniobtle tegslatratio n a a nd
OTO S CO.. 25 and 60 cycles Pay t.e postwar boom in suburban
PANAMA onj 54950 complete with deve opmelt, have magnified
cartride at h~e problems of the central
MNeblegh C"ASA SPARToN JaSlness districtM, Carrol said.
Central 223 e sai d a. y at znt.
(Encanto Theatrel .LuMcb., showed that travel by
ka- '1*11lalstabli" a" clues



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. $- l^L. .y '


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tob 19ej0
in amen

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PAG Sgit


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1 ~_ _I_~___ r_ II __ _


I_ _~_ _~ ________~_~ _~





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-VA, 10

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seac nauuer
meof Hollp w
re tecemnt
---, .m.

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'11 '1

Esh W[ R reallyy b..

When Wet' technicolor At Bab

Esthert Wiaias, me

w f niqolor rimancen WIGa"-

by Maoinne hAso te anI
t Laa whho conueWreds the
Fe er.. therye' wateidowr om water-o
hlf!e/ a. a nuue .ing tolo l nter th rtmsWeh'elreer .Fren s el ,.
.. ..r' "atr ".. oo cla ts*e 1
dangerous. When WN'a
IQ. 3WOOD ~IA A)_- he-esteries in me wn W ll"do an 4enlUtude of aquatic
hind to e Screen: Guy Madison, t fold If the owner cant sl Apees, among theI a
who will emerge us A of the ithe place. tars no ta ter ea wmaing scene in a
year's top box-office ars when Afford the Seep prices and thod s a sequence In w l
the take for "The charge atlr h can are complaining bha te s sexeMand Lamms tad
Feather River" is counted, owesi the tourists who are being allow- mantle dip In the watc s
his.eomeback as a moiem king to ed to enter the prenlmies. deluxe French swimU s
the nine-year-ol daughter of a- and a captivat ing
movie executive. I Don't blame Ho lywood if 'quence hbriging back
No matter what you'ye heard you've seen 3-D movies that refamed cartoon char
before, here's the realatary: ot 'of foas or fuzzy. Tr ty- and Jerry. In their first.
The young daughter of War- five r cent oftheaterrea sbwl film appearance ain "
ner executive Steve Triling toSu hle depthlea, it's said. gre I Aweigh." -Tlben there' -t
Guy's greatest fan and never protection charac-'ture's exciteftent-pckedcl
mired an Installment qf eWild.e as "growinfpains." in which Mas W illisa
.ill Hickok" on television. One' an almost toslo n battle sa,!
Sunday she Insisted that her Tf- the waves at our nt hte
ther watch the prOgram i th Robert Q. Lewis abot LVe Ye- Enl]sh Channel to win it
her. T 1.: l They eVan bave a ,arap plonshia victory 'witih L"
"im busy darling." raid Trill- Irame o g at the 7oiausee- her side.
incg which gives eyou an ud ta ,ow
Please.' begged the child. erich the per people in Las Ye- Scr ipte Darothy
Trilling decided ha m tea r her n a relay are.. nOt overlooked the I
and ant down in fret of the TV ------aunty story. of an ,-
te.. As bhe watabod OGu, he r .erfarm family who .are tek
'iSed that the young aster who Eddie Cantor has signed Billy hand by Jack Carson. hnmx
tad risen to sta rd aWaer tplay- Danel, who does the brilliant a miracle etxer, a4 who
lSir a bit role in DaS0 4.eols choree.ra y and dancing on duced to make a try atr
cltkk's "vll Be Ueet Tern" jsad Cantor's "Comedy Hour" stansas, mang the *ngjih Chant
had plunged Into bsiuMity after to a long-term contract.... Ag- Esther makes It. but
a stardom pus hid tOfa a-nes, Moerehead's mother. who hae accomplished the w i
Weil as ap scr p video. 'ndoerwe t surgery fox the third feat for the iake of tlin' U
He obth led 16-mnm. prints of time in Wisconesin, on the she-finds herself net-'ete
the TV show and two others tn road to *Mery. love with the ha eeb
teleflaries, and act up an' gne ki Lam Cam
ointment for Jack Warner to NOT WObfINO FOR PAFKA' himself ducking the SadTS
Bee the pictures In a studio pro- naDlpuate sad predato
Ejection room. Buslp aanuck will make a Darcel: -ad the emn"
The result: Guy's return to morie for another studio-not the family. Includiner
movie b-thne. his current as- Papa piarff4 20th Century-Tax Charlotte greenwood. Pae
Aigment izi a new Warner fljck. platU4nit ltall It: "Yoe know 1Ham Damarewt,. and dat
er, "Rear Guard." and a contract how .these things ere. I can't Barbara citing and
fic three more westerns. ive Oitt th msin ofd the picture. Creeran. tIMd themsehltd
nut ,It wi happen in another er and more fmamo.
4hinvd the camera dialoe s month .
Worked from lenver, Cole., where The qouatiS and re Oam
1 n it filming "The Glenn Miller -liRt are n t agaI st a
-tery PaulettelGoddard's reason for musical sore by see
'Wlan: "What In toe world stopping Amsterdam before Athur bwrhs and hU
are %eIlb epople doing?" goan to tMerland t be with- Mer -e,=. ao uI
Min: -hey're making a mo- In SAdgll gm dieor of Erich h hit s a 8 snda "I1.
to anre," Maria Rearque's chalet: To sell Wildest Dreamis. "iftt1 T
*kui;."r eve .eeu such some of agj a She Men," "Alat Natut GV
a *hf ita flker nieie .-f.t ildeat the a.Ited. "I db 1 ut
Man: "Well,'eaeen tele-party in H tdd myA on the Right Side," for'
vison, hat' fr"' moon jWas.. U Lewel anym time toco"me.
televisionI S Ltd her -dtaiL4Ut0 MISSan IIIlame andxtzunta*
op a0 dpa acree I toupe. ..-'_tllab. won't sell a ,4aptivatla toanti to
o "Fratier," the t see-lmmulaey whether In or out o at the-4ml
OVr A ER SET d ona ut. u ",tiitl IJack (rsot
-, ftatf I tef fofe ts1e
To f "at't-etu"' harder !A. .a t UM K do While



Mr donldr,

".nt W.,


-- 1-
4- 1

S %. s. I ex-
ta -tt-thin-
'Wf qt ptoduc-

adipe DeMill, an the mand. afiet
sAqtlqat r4rty. win loot Antho- '
ny Q ln %I Rome late this Clo
niAntht A.d that ought to stoo but
the tit rumors.... Lesa orne's t or
dau.hir a tall h .. ..ft_ Pa1t

tw. w EU a anor 1 -
.- -.'* moM mother, sbow9 lns of de- the
W~eMasr. vWloplnr Into a rel beatty. mo
0p1ess Warner' .- on.
xre'ajor frth- .:Some theaters, slatYr the re- l
s be isue of "Trader of ." bill Dun- fir
Ci c aU Renalde s. the star of TV's '.
t 14K DUq' "Ca- ao 1S." ... Natlwood eco-
S2-D as- well, dome note: One of thq floasiest

o : tNebraskons Miss "
g To ~to Their Poliicions
eg Ju- L'COXL A*"t Ano
ms" D effort will-be tout po-
Q.wiV,M 4O I 4 eetabllshedy
81Ib t 10b 2 aafter A vote by the
a.teir 5z M.IL theonly one
li) tovel ..- e nation.
product and l students from
n. man O thmr-a ."p have visit-
1ed tu ip one-house

SS"ljqW& and nine
..liA Iand Dem-
erte lit you can't
B l r without

kndof no chairmen, Re-,
wih they Martin and
ek.M ser, have
a't shoo of a eorn-
'r tor seek to
tera Sti"e getup to
,... ,,of ., senators on
h& wife bg
tee years a io be circulated to
st-* bout o aon the bal-
"t nly for "t In November

eSt artin charged
t neith I
T t he te m e lack of

.the wtwo -party
some Whaven't decided
M sumer a6will advocate a
t"s jam, tyto the old two-

n ee 5 1 ad wn


teV-Gene Barey Re R ry
o0ney. vendetta may' be oer,
i anotherfeig 6tween DtI-
oMtt& Ialsen and Prodecer
t lbl th stto.-during
hunt's I
George Mlrshall replaced
sen on-the picture after the
it few days.

hsBk a Hmer says a new wide-
een wer"w Ip so witf the vil-
n fats oft t. e *aewm and
a the M If veey 'RMd he's

erouu TTn WW -WE
Swells getting accols
a production end. ..




:, ,.40, .4

^ 'a v -i


with -

: -.IE- 9--.", 7: 9 ".,I6.

p^ E ;" u.,^tmm s. -


IRa Panl-

S -... .-..

f 4'

, M 0 g

.-,.- '
~4'. I.



I 1ss


King's Prize, Amorio

Vie For $1,000 Purse

The Juan Franco Track's best horses are sched-
uld to match strides this afternoon in quest of the
wiBner's share of the $1,000 purse offered Class
*A.' imported thoroughbreds in a six-and-one-half
furlonr sprint.

- -- --

Sprint T

A's "
7 g.'. '

Demand' or Class

Record Average At!





"ARION" ....................Aug. 21
"B"EDA" .................. .Aug. 29
"W.LLEMSTAD". .............. Aug. 31

. "MAAS" ......................Aug. 17
"BEMNNEKOM" ................ Sept. 3
"Blletal" .....................Sept. 9
- '{6.'t u3-'2!g Lt!teo 2 -Ig Panami 238-2


LI ;



11th KRee "C"
1- 2- (Vlajero
3-Ptropo U
| nS

Imported 7
R. L. 01
0. Mazuera
F. Hidal
R. Ouerra
E. Dario
A. Men&

'7 1
' I




frth b -ni

to' -

dakes at tte
thrme NEW

Dwit .t

of of mA rt nti

-T field includes the first glia from the better outside go-
thr finishers In the recent ing into the deeper footing a- .
$5,0 added Gambling Board longaide th inner rail. Mean-
Classic King's Prize, Main wh e, Mirmatoats stuck to the A Fra co- Gi d C
Road and track champ Amorlo firmer outside strip and gained
plus the disappointing entry rapidly to take comma enon -- o --
of Coynes Edgar and Ooyonder terin thne.. stete ar t.en e
which wound up last and next gradually draw out at the fnih. horse be Wgt. COMMINT
to last. The mutuels favorite was thel 1st Race "G" Nt- -.V I .se: 275.00 Pool
King 's Prize, because of his C'oq Au Vin-Bendegua entry and "-e of tlb Double '
great early speed, should be a they were never prominent. Mii- .''. R A 'Do
sure-fire mutuels choice to astoats, second betting choice, 1-Collrio Me -L,107xz-ems outclassed '" M
make It two in a row over the returned $5.60, and $3.20. Mirsa- 2-Opex B. A 115 -aCeld win at prie 1
track's stars. Orlando Castillo, toats turned the seven furlongs 3-LoUlto 0. l lble upsetter a
who'? gave the Carlos Alberto over the muddy track in 1 35. 4-Camaro. I. R- outsda chat -r
Duqae-owned Alberto Pereira- Only two mild longshots reg- 5-Regia .-, 0 l force the p~a .
tra ned english horse a perfect latered. There were Don Joaquin 6-Con Valor II 4 zI r --l W seems tolih t a e N
ride, will again be in the saddle. at $12.40 to win and Mochito at 7-JRecodo O.rtega 7x-Nohing to-recomm
Amoro. a victim of poor rides $10.60. Aguirre with two victo- 8--Duque Julo Rodrt 112 k n top foir ";.. dry thi
while finishing third In the last ries (Miraatoats and Pancho 9-Muifeco Jose..Reyes 114 -DI. erous contdmi I1 ting. s
two classics, will again have his Falcato) was the day's outstand- --' c Jersey.
favorite rider. Bias Auirre, in Ing rider.OuCh
the saddle today. The track 2nd Race 'c" C )%V 7 FpLPu r ei Sn P ipe. a ,rPI
champ will be a had nu to The dividends: i Race of the Double ... a
crack although the distance Is FIRST RACEW 1-Yospogo .- e. 0 -No lance ,ub ".-'

kingpin, is enjoying the best'3-Yosilkito $3. ---Doon Jame R.Va. 1 N plenty --1 .Tbed
She has had n a lon time SECOND RACE 4-Don Jba 1 -MuN plenty ul d 8-1 -
arNr should be the horse to beat I-Astoria $7.80. 6w 5---iln PIa k _a _. o I0 IsaievntlI1a
this time with hustln Cuban 2-Cotillon 9.60. on lc k, O -Jock wln hI 4 wl
jock Rolando Lopez Oil in the Second Double: (Mochlto-
sadle. The only prpviois time Astoria) 531.60. 3rd Race "E" Natre T V s.7.F e9: 1:4.
trt Gil rode Main Road. Anto- THIRD RACE -ONE TWO: P75. lw: 1:45 d
ilm Anguizola's lone leeged star l-Fru Fru $3. 2.20 '
rIloped to an easy post-to-poat 2-Oti $3.80.. 3.30 1-Enrlqueta A. ufidi1a 108 g-aas utaldw 64-1 dir, g 1
*rtory. .. 3-Doia Chita $2.10 2-Malaya F. lidal. 207x-Tlou her iB 5-1 te 8
SCones Edgar. dismal failure One-Two: (Fa Flru ti) 3--Cosa Linda R. Vam. 110 -- Me k.i"k 10-1 p
hi, Ibe one-mile-and-five-six- 7.80. '4-Die de M. 0. Mazuera 110 od a en '
tenths Gambling Board Classic. 5-Proton J. Reyes 110 -JIy Pac e46.: -i Bele-
a ears to be outclassed over FOURTH RACE 6-Miranda R. L. Oil 118 ad win ... se
tWla short distance. EtilMo Da- I-Don Joaquin $12.40, 5.80. ,.. ...
24 "who hpa the lee up. should 2-Plols $30.20, 3.80
I of no help to the distanceS-.-Miramar S3.40` 4th Race "H" Native 4%4 .1: S. tl "e s: j t
Iprne American-bred horse. Qhutiels: (D-m leejqun-HIela) q
' ,' +a l t b u t f a r f r o m l e a s t ti t h e 81 9 .$7 6-1X1- ..e .. a d o -',- D C C .o --.
S American-bred stable- FIFTI ILAC I-Consentaida 0. Eao nee to h
St Cyrries F'di b ich 1 Nn 3-ouvenir A. Vergaa 11Sx3 els Choice
" i t, th is t im e b e r id" e n b y J o s t 2 W h ite We p t S .tO 6 (B l re o a M e R 9 7 g ae t M i b o rt 'lo t-If
rve. Soyonder. This ioir. ., A 5-- fRomanUco JChL1. 1i SZ lonr role -f
e-old brown son of Goya IT- l-Pla .Bt. 3. 2.40 6--Avivato F. Hirdel. 1025 ly l py'
SEternal Is rated to go any 2-American Maid $5.80, 8.10 7-La .ringa V. 118 6i- m Li
g nce on any track. weB. He 3-iamo -L.ra -e J uU-1. 1 -a ed. mB4rt ---
i mar watching., rnt 1PI4 A Note: Rerry Time. rVa t of
, from all accounts, thlt-sorlnt, I--P. rFa a$42. .1, 2.80 i t .
pbhld ha" the fans on their 2--Lady Martha $7, D ..n.... .
fett from the monlent the 3-PinceT'ajt $2J.80
bqig Vleave the startnir rate. I Second lnoables (Els-Pancho 5th Race "A&B" Native T' F. f wPuq: 5.0llMr h1 dh t_ 5
"'A other races are included Falcato) 1?7. i. ,, "
or "'e prorpam. EIGHTI RACE 1-La Enea B. Aguirre tI1 --houl. make I: now eren.
Yesterdav. The Stud Mirze.' 1l-Relampa o IT 3W0. 2.40, 2.20. 2-La Loba J. PhillUs 10I .-usa 'hsfh ait. f.,
elsasi Irish-bred fourt-ear-old 3--Ooldet.Tap $2 .20 3-Oolden Fan F.,Hdira. l -ri o g t li -1 i
chemsut horse MirzatoaLs raCl al--Win Darling 44-Dalida P V. Cast.. 1 a1 .
to'. Impressive two-lent :Qutielar ( U-Gold- 5-Valaria C. (M=l4W 303 -
ietory over the improved At en Taps l68.4 6--Paechita M. Arose. tli -
l,i o the featured $750' Class 7- -xaoia 0. Casti. 1 -Rtal ee
"" seven furlong sprint. I-Nobbserook 18. 1 2.20 8-Redondita R. L. Oil 11 -,-Ung a slI'il -I1
The son of Mirza IT-The Lady 2-New Look $2.20. 2- ., -
% 1.0 broke well but was Ahut- 3--Newmfnster $2.20 ..l
k around in close qu ne-Two: (Nobi w6th see "I" Impor P
rtng the first quarter of the Look) $511.6. First a '. .o f
aF. When free. Mirzatoatas TENTH RA"E .- 3 a. i o1 E e b
-'"..up fLat and got Into l-Mirutoets 25.60, 3. 0-Bartolo J. Bravo Ie is- 4b. a ....
nin, behind nacesetting 2--AngMl01er 3.ny. GoimoS'M R. "eM "
144" Allioatnr and the twol El EVENTH RACE 3-Interludr J.K OgO. V--x -6 f e0m1111mad 1.4.-
r""ft locked4 to the fin-l bend 1- -oIn JOPn M6.80, 3.40 -oto M. 1- 1 t* Sfoot, 4 '
arl.i Royal Alligator crowded An- 2-Corlsta $2.60 6--PWd Wire HMa iera 10T= w ele. up
-~ ---6-Pincel 0. MaerBra -105 '1
"_ "J 7-Nljinsky A. Vergara IISx-L6 uc oi
~ ,-' '?" + .. ... *. r. -8-True Blue A. Ubildia &0B -Aprn offt. ., *M..
S. -'-.. 0-La Chata A. Men& 106 -5l k ll t t
S- 10-Montmartre H. Reyes 1E l tender. 15
.. '^*: ., ",,.. .^ -.*S .'+ 7th Race "H" Imported e Imt .I Po61 e am: 4AsB
I1 1-Levadura J. Bravy 110 f "-1
_,.., ."/. /. ,. -e ua .ro2--R. Chum B. Agulrre {118 h I& e
3-Golden T. B. Puildo 116 -o 10i$
4-T. Dauber O. Mazuera 108
5--Granero F. IlidaL 101x- now "
S6-Royal Claim E. Ortega 110x -ie
''- '-.. .,7-Delhla R. Guerra 105x-er o
.,.,. .. 8--salustio B. Moreno 108 er
S" ,. .8th Race "E" Imported 61,/ FP. u : 60 .0p odgg el4egr
1--Jubilee Lady H. Reyes 107x-.
V" 2-My Dear R. Vas. 118 I p .
3-TUrf Lodge B. Moreno I
4--Toletazo J. Reyea 12
-'Beduino R. Guerra 102x -No4 .
"(Discovery F. Hidal. 107x--Im
(Porter's S. E. Corcho 101x---la$
8"Ir'Bess B. PulIdo 120 -
S9th Race "F" Imported 64, F.~ PP tt dglms: .:
1-Forzado A. Vasquez 112 .
5 2,-S-tate Barge V. Casti. 115
' 3---Charming P O. Castle. 112
" 4-L. Frolic B. Aguirre 118 -
S5-Portobelo R. Vas. 112
S6--Mr. Foot A. Ubldia 110 -Dl

S10thI Race "A" Imported 6' Fgs. Purs. en .
1-Amorlo B. Aguirre 122 -I_
ERg -2-(Ooyonder J. Bravo 110i -In '
LEE RAIL BURIED--The Duke of Edinburgh be t' to wind. 3-(Coynes E. E. Darlo 106
war.d iith the lee i ail of the small "loop. Cowe.lip. buried. The I 4-Main Road R. L Gil 10 -I-M
Duke finished second an the race off Cowes, England. (NEA) 5--Kilng's Prize O. CastL. 112 -H
"'"-- -,; ,- ,.. I


r.1 -

*ip ., ...

7 Fgs. Pa I
1 110
* 105x-
0 105 -
i ao -1


Pho me: w.. ,

at w


VI e to
* Add-'- -D1it Street
S Tel. 3M

. 1 ,_ .1..-. -

i~ E

!uf SI.

-__ -_ CI.L -_

WMAI. ---- 6bfi






*.. '. .

:::.i.'A_, : M

". < *, 4


' :;


*T I

' a. A'.

SHas Yet o
L^taa^Latrt.-,- P


' Touring
, 1 T~la ik

suriu5 w Bsum7
Omni ;r a 9"y
Al n n L 24

shooturs pitch a~
The main
i The nDotat AN

the H&w

N f-

9 m -
Ma eVaiaohm ami


Cu., *$rg
of ; ..

o., s r

r -

the a



1 .. *

I" nice


I -

in a w.-M-

*l-? I

Delsing Puts On Weight And Throws

Around As Tigers' Solid Cleanup HiM

. wA staff Correapoeadent
7 e-W YORK -Augut 18 -
Tod .LvaOs, the o pi ac
rt aachip the ,
back on t$e n
Ihebl rom and t
0.3e1t with his fIgers tIe
ns behind the recent surge
SDetroi club.
Sal two digits were up,
the account.
a com 'an'Same
.r 's been aropud
So four te
tw'o ori, St. Lteul,,

S .r .,,d
haek thuin bslna.
sler moor leguer,
SfathoMan vby.

al Wow at.
Pa "teady a-
LP L.... .'


K. L-(NEAI -
a. one of the best
Alerican Jockey
In the low BO's.
- (NEA -Sev-
in of the 19653
tootbal teams are


NIo w

MJ- '

s and mises?

f... 1

.ua a,




,-: 41 *Jm ..< e.o, i..l i:
.. 114A00
V v^iisJ ^. .W wi: 0

.... si V4. 4.. m a1Ants:
V me ts tai. T Am~L o'sf fL Ig, :
ea U un Awe e wwe an of*r them Iv"

tA tSaWAgen ta: vce


* as.. -


I s it i


- A"

a UU


Ita&4i*4a 'P 3

b l

iL I*' .n4

*k ~*
.t.~ XJM~


S.. rP+ uwqZI ~~il



. I:
s -,..-

__ __

S Little
Canm mEt

b--- -*

-.., .--



"Let the people know the truth and the country is safe" Abraiam tineohl
^. ____ A



Wheat Farmers OK Mark

Quotas By Landslide Ma
i-1* -.._* *.- -

CHICAGO, Aug. 15 (UP) -
Wheat farmers approved federal
i marketing quotas on their 1954
crop by a landslide margin, re-
turns from a nationwide referen-
dum showed today.
By law, yesterday's vote di-
rected the government's course,
unless an unforeseen emergency
The farmers' decision ensures
continued high price supports--
.. 90 per cent of parity-and stiff
penalties for those who go over
acreage allotments.
The official tally, with 47
states reportng, was:
For quOP: 358,981.
Against quotas: 53,001.
The vote ran about 87.1 per
cent in favor of quotas j- far
more than the tWo thirds nec-
essary to carry the proposal.
Breadbasket states. like the
Dakotas, Eansas, Nebraska, O-
klahoma, Miipesota, Texas, and
Montana, g qt -e overwhelming
support to the quota, plalt and
smothered 2ppl oDposition in
States where* t is-a less Im-
portant p' oi that economy.
The v wags esual that
farn-mwer to
even if to
TO HIMSELF- ing qu0t
J S th~rRio Ma rdar nft -, a'a;R *

1953 a
than I


: ",

:bp I

jamesIC U, OutUlanU, Lo rnW
York, is a walking radio si-
tion. His wrist-watcb-size ri.
die transmitter broadcasts to
the plastic-cased portable radio
he is carrying. The miniature
devices were constructed by anr
electronics firm to demonstrate
potential application of transi-
tors, tiny devices which elim-
inate bulky tubes and circuits.

Balboa Tide.
SrHigh Low
.7:33 a.m. ............. 1:31 a.m.
%;:51 pm. ............. 2:01 pj..

I dreamed I was a
- fashion figure in



cent more) above the normalr aR..thaioud
amount set by law.. Acounat
Both Benuea said his cie, ,' retuAs
PresidenLtolWbve e- ..
pressed distaste "W .etUnm- w
station" of a St V dt t wd
would have UeeaW e ntf.
cerned with fall pit Mp 'Bee bdot
in the coming el a yeou.

The farmers' a
ly to boost and U b't
of wheat on the w rain x I
changes when th open b- 1
day. Many ca tit traders4on-
loaded last wee, ook hePvy
losses that n sAeWa to -Yave I
been unnecessary'd touched i
off nervous price .luimDni.
The thumping majori3 .$or
quotas were built up In the na- i
tion's midsection. .
North Dakota which ld4 In
voting, reported 71,333 for to 983 1
against, or a margin of more than a
70-to-1. Minnesota voted 490-to-
1 "yes." Kansas voted 58,715 "yes" ]
to 7,308 "no," and Texas was |
more than 92 per cent in favor c
of quotas. Other "wheat states"
said "yes" by smaller percent-
The C Cotas c 1 llHna. 1
sour and
other states wI
wheat acreage by
O diehard

there. ThMe
s'bire, but c a r1.

k's true! Here's the firm, flat-
tering support to give you a
really dreamy figure... to make
your silhouette truly fashion-
able! Discover Over-ture's lift,
its loveliness today! In your
favorite fabrics.
Genuine Maidenform Brassi-
eres are made only in the United
States of America.
There iis a AiMfl ,/7//'
' for every type of figure.

i' -----

GIVING US THE ."OOT'-t4lu of the Tudeh (Coumi
anti-Western feedings In a Tlab parade. Poster at left showm;H
John Bull the "heave-ho." A 1,00,000 people gathered to uultf
riots that ended the tour-day prMunibip of Ahmad Obhadvam
*- ... -- topower.r..,,

Disaster Contr

Of 'Jackpot' Pla

Everything that functions has
a vital part upon which all
other parts depend.
In the human body is the
In the everyday automobile it
is the motor.
In the atom bomb It Is the
mass of fissionable uranium.
And in the Joint Task Force
for Disaster Control plan for
Panama defense it is the Dis-
aster Control Point.
The Disaster Control Points--
locatei on strategic roads
around the perimeter of prob-
able atom bomb% targets--are
the centers of action from
where on-the-spot relief and
decontamination will spread
out. These are the vital cotitrol
centers which will eoordl ate
relieff action and make possible
quick, efficient disaster relefl
Operation Jackpot XI is the
field test of two years of op-
er tlonal procedure and tralz-
It's the morning of August
20-8 a. m. Military personnel
are at their everyday jobs.
Wives are washing the diatHM I
cleaning the house. shopping.
Children are waking up or If
they're very energetic ame out
pl-ying in the yard.
A short time later the gqaM
msumy day is rent with the.
teurie screehling of srtiem
Fhe isl pet NClsyIng .^h-

dao er is imminent. ii
The safety of all now depends d1
on quick, wise and coordinat-
ed action-not panic. a
All personnel move to shelters.
At 8:30-with only a very short to
warning period-the w or d I t
shakes and buildings crumble.
Fires burst out everywt-here and nA
sbock waves sweep over e
everything. Miraflores has been t
hit by an atomic bomb and it's d
gone. As simple as that! u
As almply as that the Pan-
ama.Canal Is a useless hunk oL u
cluttered rubble. In a twinkling d
Inltjat, hundreds and perhaps
thownods have been killed, t
with other hundreds or suffer-
ing ftr radiation contamina-
SIJs tihe tme for trained i
*aMNiW rtlmtcd to the
gm @-I4 erdlnated fro
Ab.3a t Centrol point,.
mew becomes an Im-
M ature. With the'
of the all clear airen,
Pgerg cent of %
a prepare to
the burst area. oa
.'E'll.. 09 tthe "auto- p
trom scatter-
l tZanal one so a


r- ~-'--r~,



I follow
for q
I wound
nationn 61
anftg. i
tg a str
wrea mal
ween life

' -

' 1.

i /

'~ I

;E'~' rr ~a



(Til Aim



-~~-"~~ ------ --~--~ I

.' I





. i


* i:

, .. ..

.1 -. -


OdoIok -:H -f
tutastme at me
(lK(CMMWs at
upwge euf
deauu Lgt
it lft. *} *

1 ,.. '

3 A
4 ~*-I &

*iW I,

*~ :4



Od on.

.- A. l -


,Ogi 154M'





I ,

;H eUe apttl
, **..I'* n [J *l' u ti le

tows The ~-^
c*re, SmlBth, "
.oubia, ar ows
"d 4n 0 0M e
kart~ ad O~t bi
no". Simt a".ra.
"ARM Wb*- "a

one flastest a ap I

g tb4 tour I
owlt 'mt e

c, p;.

A albturit'm
9ch a a ubt
HitrMS Anod to.
Owe a nifht
thes pght
"aUgty Rawte
tfMAM flQ* fB


at.- ta testingg uame is to recon-
S irut a keyword from alums contained In the
wort tRtal. ,h word you a asked to find appears
.Aimm the Utp athe blooWt, every other letter to
ploms To agve, copy a 1at the letters now showlag
I Bp1y M bloao directly below then (alU up
-ad down mwsm rspetively, coontal the ame Imt-
tor). Now wherever possible, form new habort worft
by trial ald error uatil you have discovered all the
amlsINg Umtt-.

*) g

I i.

onIinlon nq **Iqlrod
Ms IsaJ e atr O .*miwpsualot.. *I pIOn eq.T i :as |


A 7
O.No ,
S-.* --t .,..

aot ab a'sMmL.
T01 eMi tim -.

bwas 04 mme t.
(ant 1ta **
MiRo or. 's0
,'. yekovtl ,..
NO; v, violt,,

sd witowk
a anV. a00nat
affln WoM f
ame Summ .

To ~"AOW 4_gi*
IMW MNtI_ .-'
bar eta SAW t:
tt ltage ese :~



ri -
af ^incpr
aw atow'ftta r

f four pagt. 4
a"I .o,
.B M 4 '
m" a Mi d


WoWa 8:$)

It s Your Mow

Mulan fllr, I

f,. :W-, ".

"', ,.; ;

f ,, .
-'. v ,- '.i ",-vf l

wwmIT appear to tkoid a IV.
V No poitio, but bu B |M
tratnagrbet ,ato a wulama ome.
W ir BmorUt upbourd, Wut
sad winta thMre move. 'a '
you ail be strateffgy
A. lsM t -aT p.
to!1 p t~~s,


, ,. .'
.... .. 'i


Classic Enigma Break-Word Fun Block
'- a on Gmru t| mo A I

*440 of WW
ast .%GAN anph e U
.,A ,., ,,o swe yo ho

_.a s s hl aa

Muiel A Miv-up
,.N ,r pd- tt,, (,o Upw,
,,,,!. MflI 'Mmpwff with

f-l& ** y~
-ftwlef1 t k aim. sh

!.g g .w bes

. S. t .. tla lau
*I 1g-l *g;p *o- 'leg *Mp- as*u**

A- i_ st w <0-" 7


- :-'~~.

;r S NO MUTINY here as Robert F ., wo pips Willie Keith in the
aine Mutiny," enjoys Honolulu's Waikiki beach in company of two "Miss nive
Wlates. Ailein Stone (left) is "Miss Hawaiian Islands," Maxine Morgan "Mb'i A

-.....'. .A

iM~y o the ,rop~ ,we c'a
Awe to salvage crops ly

as wuuyiHBHamm.rorean larmr nar
eating. wv the waters came. Thi
cabbagmder- water,and selling it

hal Park require0t
tractor wheels 4s
oHe Arctic Cirelej*'

BSan A




se of a snoe
The icefield

pone of q
of three INl
On right


-& J



- ,-. .ti* .


a. -

-~ -~
- ....24.-.~ t:~- -










alt down with
Early in September diaus
tretl6s between
ment, the preh"l o't
and civie
mittee. to a MOW
for the two negottators.

f the den
SPluaa. PreUmtin
same das.t.illb
S oordl6 out Me

:. mtedLInstead, thotnads ofE
have been orderedto- tIK
wave during the concern ... .
lie than a wee the
grated its new cemn.
customers tont see 3-Vh
see, a fire started by a ahor'
temporarily out of op .. .
The ire, which.

to othertpa6to
drenach the a

", -e wh..h h. ......
,Been to

1.-, -

the aIt

Cami* goa

.. ..



-. < -. *- *" y J:
"* ^ .*,. 'r-J

,--. -': ',:4. .r i,.l k.,h..':,. ,.'. .


!I~I ~

. .I, I

WUWtr 3L

- NE


Fi m !* llg.i4M kV' I I nJ I 1 '1* i W gI I 3 K.-fq...rju'n

-- I -
,r- iw -a- -- ^

I I rvl r I,1 r m

---nvoy 1-Symbol 40-Celeatal
S100-Title of of 42-Mulical
.8-P- amclent authority compo-
- '-apmyrw M-ooy n t-w11. gtlon
.ash- mfr im of Peru goat 44-Actrem

LS oS--m. --S-Rubber 5-Tenth

S. ia ay meant

... .r ,. assent

', hIelter -,- ,

Ic 4. "he hwt, ~a~i T

--t... .

F... awa, em ib'g b.*P". .'
.. < l l i l t i e a g n e ,p e ,di s s A m e r .e s ,



.4 -.

3S-Departed .
. W$-Hydl- -.
earbo t

-. lkif-Jatl.



131-Acsh .


L ~P~'



Los U.A -b1
11 a WrwJ7&= I aI I W I JlA I I

I I ..

Ile a

---' ^--- ~-~--I~- --~"-


;--- .----- -- -r ---- --- ---- -1

-1. .- 1 ..

S I-




~J a. -.G



ag**RA' ~4Sst



i. .


'.2.. .* e '-.

PI4, UNVN. Hll A, .AN1
seu MnoNsT. m a flVtme Dw -9
POPon "BA. .M a *A.a 14 .



Sorrow's song is long and wailing,
'Full of woe.and human failing.
Joy, no reed has need of telling,
Sings beyond a word'ss compelling.
Happiness will bless the cheery
Sank the need of books that weary.
Muic sweep -the deeps of being*
Void of meanings held for seeing.
Words are told but hold no feeling-
Love and hate are past revealing.
Life is fond beyond repeating
With a feast for each man'seating.


To watch a city growing,
And have a place therein,
Is full of the joy of knowing
We act the parts of men.


r )rever sullen facu are mocking
-he traits of old tradition,
' whilee problems wait with endless knocking,
zmanding recognition.
Jut always modems sensed as shocking
Are viewed with.grave suspicions
Bv.e heeJhiswts ever blocking
'he change to fit conditions.

Prom the




Peaw _sonss rSe.

333W I'hSON SA:T ta
week aa by EaIMe Le a

,ator Taft stt W the '.Mo
3'.sn. Ta nt

TatI o k m...i "'
ahlIa. GI BWteo&;, 4
torm IlaO Amur.

~ ~1,



~UI4W -~

nerneAwtttugoo ft to Usindi aswes Pd
ale, No. a&m. tModay. -

c. '"-d" '"' -"_,

,,,, ; o *

.^ T ro.* w .."-.*;



4 4 ,-^l

_" '* I-- -.*



~Y~1YY4~~~4* .~mw -*

i"Cb L~P~

S- S A ..inuous movements of

ale rf ea a boy and girt
StoU luuia...It sthkea chord af b...Aa
M.ap 3 th afr.. Almlt ike cries of
.' ..- flmals....A drunk screams an eerie
p. erve .Quiverlainglith
I fvu echor the iarreanding din...
.- o sta.. an can n-al ..JAounds are
talttod 1 r. ~..Ie a bMtak WMl distri-
b, sgdeg 'o&L directbnu.. The tem-
m Blque mtuls..Ughta a" o Iefi .at a. walls., .Pours
...iaste"plel *to If oef 1 ... Flood1 bar...
Dwl roarn atete and wd avenues... Lash
...g e o o... a fewam
Or m ax t gaah Maeu shaIowr arner far awa9

t~ -

.0 CndaAl jamboree In alRv
temo... PnlH machines are
Sba ell along In a pants
am and belln ring... The
shootiok galery... .An en-
sf miNgled Mom ds .. .Laughtel
arker'W tlry Stream of words
r.,.A "Oonderful chaos.;.The
beat of 'ntertaiment In action
Its danee.
SBoadway's brassy march la
. a gmtW minuet...The tom-
-e MHed...The -placid tempo
mula for a string mecton...
eumy...An the oft, aigln
ked V r..JHG1e 1 a solo for a
$ -Ay-hm...L memories of
mie nds shake al the clinp'
t the cones of ediees... A
lays It hmbhed melody.. .Mar-
ye been quenched...The man-
UMht vanlabees from the sky-
ron can Me hosts of trannil|
boundless kies....Drops of all-
eam in windows...Nature Is the

t 1~~ A tbtheaters. .The soft The fi M treet Is at UIt musical best at sunrise
kot "ft B,..atlk swishbag down .. .Dawn-muted streets... Vibrant with beauty...
MaUl.. Picrae Ai, bUda IsU notes... Usten to the bassoon
Tbe .6 rie at ...An enchanted science unvells
StS eh u .a fairyland of color tints the
et .of. season bsam ts old refrain and
me:a damsh ee Uh the tree on aliry tootsteGs...
mn Ah a=owly The kid-ot of Rim .It lese9quiet von
g. .ABa tracm of a rising can aont bea the aghttrofthe Gods. .
There I beaIuty a, sree...4Poular out all Its
"----- loveliness.. .It embises the eesm and eyes...As
Nis -*osne frpp corner to corner... a lingering kiem careeses Bthe lps.

!f : I

f -hp.^
ui f L1-* i'1-


n. ]. w ki

in Washington

M Ie were marketed recently
%=uloq, x" "The Big
#tW the motto meant
.dq s,. fou cy' Oders, four-
-w out speeds and cost 4444 florina.
md out to be an equivalent of .$3500.

liiiii,,ir ,eati l relalitation of
not a serious setback from
tough one new provision.
the federal government will
W ffi? We 7ach 6 7 cents con-
'_Blapi year aver-
of tb aaptaereach d cents

li ah i rl legishlA~rei mdo not


siage thip 'a took a
a Wviat t ti Office
at Q4ldalU anal which
som-f*M Am ik Ammmt. tAl


:. ,.. .." ...* ... ., .. .
..if, :. ,.,. ,.,:.,,L, .o ,- .. .. .: *.

T .

V .





... .

I ff



,. .~.


El Valle
Text and photos by Ralph
K. Skinner

On the cover you'll see the
picture of the falls at El Valle
which we wrote ,bout in last
week's article. Just how high
tre falls are is anyone's guess,
but they are pretty aA4 worth
the small effort to see them.
We have heard about another
picturesque waterfall only 4 .
short distance from the r6od qn .
the way fromp the Ratlonal
Highway to the valley. perhaps .
someone. will furnish direction
for reaching It and we'll have
a try at it with the camera.
The road in from the Pan '
Airericart Highway to El Valia.
has much to commend it, aparb
from the fact that it is a good.
road under the tires. .
There is the varied assort.-
mnent of native houses, mor.e '
substantial here than In may
areas. Then the' chaeaglIr
type of land as one imefts -
higher into the hill attraeta
The-kidd'es In this area ha'.v
learned the art .of roadal4'eB
salesmanship, and-:yoaia~ t n
an orchid with actual twra '
on a good healthy. plant.for' '-
paltry 25 cents. Or fese you' .
an orchid plant withI nthipa g
but the promise offlpweraThee s
are other. varleftes.of flWers.
which -ook nicely in the haeid-
held bouquet but whieh will wilt
In the heat -en route to the N6 paper work needed to we fa.i .
Canal Zone. .per .
And, of coursee you are of- W .
fred bird cages, home-made
affairs, some of t1m nieoply- '
done, at mc st reasonable pre`5 -"
anc. onietlmes there .are ban- -
ana birds of one ,epidr or an- '.
other in them. e ..
Biggest surprise we've ever
seen on the lea~ 4u. road o.
cu! red when we retin a eor
ner and sa*W arr ax with a pasC
saddle and two big baskets of
pr iduce. Th- owner ltd .him in

me, Sx ,'o' t a Ase c n, i .ar
there U an a9or l9apmn L
Arraijar'" and. b-hope 6- W "
] fwith q -
..,t tu-e w w', .
s een. an- cex1m .'..
animal .! -f l .
Due to e ine a wind
ano' Con o n-- .La to t .
%h,,, is. hut In hg etionA -
made witih agobe& a- f hu
'tkn verul l' ,
them are rather'- "i ap -
pearance but t md t ri d
--e maSner th
itr-r-o'.k 1a coverei-
'ak clay-to mainet
phid oi-a o. iome -
-and we stOPped tov
it. fy the tmo.-
.doorway. o t.I
d. Ia in tre
M riv childreid,
coe,,k is te p ,,o.t. .
BohWS 0" rwstauiw
ly attrsot us. .Do-'*g
di fereoce? Wp u
$ bohlo tot .

ether, rtt01m t.
S .ed roo'..0a td
ofte1h uxdIa'v
for a d~r a ,
Many bui

yaem mr. ,

.. i td-r

"he .w
P A.7 w
of;ee' .

Ohs':" '.: "".-t. .

I I 5"n


N z
'lip^^^^^^^^ *'f


jl ^^^^^^^^M^^BH^^^^H^^^^^^^^^^^^l, 'i^

^ ;^^^^

*" 'fl ^^^


S. 'S !*
5'.; ,

\ M4



I. b.I* -. -.

kj t",

'',^ t ^'"
<,,ft-. **

' t1 l

.) i

S* o ~- t -."*
E ... -' -

';'~*~< ';

4~ ~ ~ 'A- -.*..'B~









i 5

r d

a : s"I

~ ---8

- -C ...- --.


It, :* ^ *

_I.; : i- .
: k .,













:.i.l ~L~ 'i


I.' 1

urucsfppaiBSr~~ C

jMe OU seWag
AND- N04 HiMwl ..


.. 4'
*- t



_ _

_L ~~/L


~P i-~



i-* .'*

'i -

--. ~

rfcr Agr UTTN tpu^


- -~ *. *: ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^^ ^
*.-,- -i .'**- '!. *. *'* ** '* 'f S
'^\ ~ .*-" "- '* ~ **--* *'* .. 'l'- "- M ~ s

~C- "

t~- -~



.: :::
..r; a
I: .


ii -



~ ":"

-r ;. -~--r ~-~rr*rrrs~enmr,
~r~r~r~- ~I -P
I -i -ir:
~. r
:;~-.rr~l ~~.8L;rL~ICi~~;i9-1 *;
.-L--s~- Q

. ~ ,?*! S .

r^ r:,Z'a

^' y. ..'sy



~.F"a"-~ "''

&;~"; ~'
-- ...:-



i^H :

~!-: j '- li.'"
s -^&

*iffs- ltfc?'*
?' ^ 1

"; ;.'
r. '^;

Is gesuyd.

;' ..'^

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