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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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" T P A ..I-r'A A '

TWO ..r

S 7T H Tal0r P 0 *0O A14. PANAMA. I, e1 P.
raLN2aPs E PANaMA NO. -0740 Il LIN.Is
' ON OppiCE. i 1'70 CINTRnA AVINUF *1rwim laTH ANO SATH ND nrr1
348 ManioN Ave. NW Ve n. I471 N V
- tk MONTH. IN AOLVA 4c -- T2 .00
W SIX MONTHS. 'NI AOVANCl --. 1 0 00
SOlt ORBI 5 AO. IlN ADVANC--- s *O 40



-u -
The Mail Beox as on open forum foa readers of The Panama Amer-
lean. Letters are received gratefully and are handled in a wholly co0ni-
de*tiel manner.
It you contribute a leftte dea't bh Impatient it it doesn't appea* the
aont day. Letters are published in the order received.
Plases try to keep the letters limited to one page* lethb.
Ideality ofe letter writers is held In strietast confidence.
This newspaper esumes no responsibility or statements as pinionn
-apresNed in letters from readers

Oamboa, Canal Zone
I just read the new "Panama Canal Review" where a new
a wtem of quarters vacancy is to be initiated in the Canal Zone.
Doe tis apply to Gamboa? Evidently not.
s 4 see where special dispensation has been granted to one of
our over paid Canal Pilots in the assignment of a house. I do
not think it fair that the Governor should make an exception in
tine qase and not In another. These employes do not belong in
ihkis area nor should they be allowed the special choice of houses.
USthey can afford Cadillacs and everything else why should they
be given transportation paid by the Government from Gamboa to
sBlboa where they %ork. Why not let them live in the district
where they work. It seems that we not only have the CIO to
contend with. but it looks like the Pilots association ls running
tLe Canal too.
The last most recent case brought up for decision by the Gov-
m nor was another similar to the above where a group tried to
Peep an employee from moving into the residential district. This
petition was ignored as it should have been done andothe petition-
4 rs were told that they would go according to arvice and that I1
the way it should be. Hew About That?

ir: This Is to whoever started the Identification Card system in
Phe Canal Zone.
A little fellow, about six years old, walked up to the bakery
counter in the Balboa Clubhouse. After waiting in line a good
ton minutes, be put his -money on the .ounyter nd ak. for a
)oaf of bread. When asked for his '.Card he eloo. edpuleP The
irl behind the counter explained that he coid n't -lve the bread
bnlea he had Wf card. He walked away with tears in hi eyes.
* Thit Conl "Company" refuses to lamue more than so many
liards for a family. They should issue enough cards to go around
br none at all.
The above has happened many times... too many times.
Raw Fingers
(From pulling out my card )

a -A-swe-o'PreW Po"le

1 Songstress, 8 Alms
Eugenie 9 Followe sn
I She is heard 10 Hops' kings
S over the 1Victim of
'11 Trying leprosy
experience 13 Stormed
13 Mechanical 18 Preposition
20 Leased

0 Es.enUIal 23 East Indian 38 Horseman 46 Allowance for
being woody vine 37 Losns waste
'17 Swine 24 Rail bird 30 Negative reply47 Passge in the
119l Diminutive of 25 iarse's gait 40 Stations (jb, .br id
Themrei 27 Athena 41 Confli~ed 4V unlst
20 Renovate 28 Temporary 42 Jason's ship SO Golf device
S22 Placard grant 43 Relate 52 Individual
26 Tradesmian
31 Embellish' I Is
32 Solitary I
iPlaying card
34 Larit
35 Click bottle
37 Tilted .
i46Potty quarrel '
44 Put on I
49 Rounded
51 Give a
S" 3 sherman i I I
S4 i n _. \\ _W_


T ..R A L

Preents: "




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Meary eip, is "IOMIIeLL"
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heir crimes
Vtrklga elm

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Labor News

Comment .

By Victor 1es1"
ROME. Want to know why
the Italian. Communist Party
can continue to roll up votes
and have a strong voice In the
government despite the com-
parative. prosperity our bl'lion
and a half bucks have given
Italy these past few years?
The Reds organize for the
revolution. They don't try to
sell an idea. To the contrary.
When the Communist-control-
led General Confederation of
Labor began to sell an Idea and
became absorded in labor work,
Its leaders were bawled out by
Party chiefs for wasting too
much time.
The Communist union offi-
cials were called to a Party
conference an Milan and. toll
"You have too much trade
unionist mentality pnd are
worrying too much about- im
proving the economic.cond tien*
of Italan workers while Ignor-
inR the political objectives of
the Communist Party."
Sitting in the background was
the Soviet Secret Police official
Palmiro Togliatti. leader uf the
Italian Communist .Party. The
speaker wah Senator OusPpe
Alberganti, a topfligh comnae.
The Communists In Italy, as
elsewhere on "the continent.
never let their OUin people
swerve trom their Soviet-et
organizing scheduha ..- -
Thus the Italian .gmEuilat
Party had over 55,aeliam, 10,-
000 section groups and me regloh-
alal federations qperkting dur-
ing the recent election.
The Party itself has ,500,-
000 members. 01 these 400,-
000 are husky Yousg Coam
munist Leaguers (Commun-
tst Youth, FearaftMo. It do-
sively control t_ ,,,'ty of
:unpionistnd-vg ferI
workers t aus sb es
into the backitr
districts. I
Closely allied with It is Pletro
Nennl's left-wing Bodalist Par-
ty, which has over 7M,000 mem-
lbers. Which shows a new low In,
gratitude. During the war, wheo
Nenni was in exile, he was k
alive by labor contribution,
ma eh of which came
America. Then he returned
Italy and joined with the Bo*
vieteers, though e rump So-
cIaust group.
Nothing Is left to chance by
the ComtLqisht Pa;ty. It's om*
vinclal organlaatlons actully
publish 48 weekly newspapers
giving the lne and roun l of
dutft to its people from thU
tip of the boot to the A.Is.
Evety one of these sheets has
a col n etlled "Party LIfe."
A bsoth= if you're in the
rty and haven't done your
duty by it that week -your short-
cominta are criticized, And
that's not too healthy for lon,
Each section ba an "an
toid Cehter." equpe'
down to movie projctors. Not
too long ago; the Parts here
drew from, the Cominten for
showing film shorts espeeiallp
produ se by the Commuiab
movie studio people.
The vllaib of. these shorts Was
gueOu Who? That's iglht. That
oNMeI) U. W. The sto ry .
s B the "evils" of INy'
Migtictl in the'$urogMn
fens.; Community (NA1 ).
After the movies there Ver4
talks on the functions of the
"Agitation Centers" In the elet-
tn cam ign with special em-
p]asIt on door-to-door soliciting omen's vote.
This L the kind of organiza-
fon w- f cf won the Com-,
mvnxsft 9,,000,000 votes and
th in of activity which
L!Sf them in control,ol t.A
t. ',o movemeLt In
4 $Q trol of labor gives
0bsplete over some of
ggest cities and right
Ua Me national r poversest.
aZ W bortis the backbone of
St c mac e. Especially indus*
.~'r. That's where the ase
'a se from. That's why
b the primary target *of
1lst Party hers S
*g!e by an observe,
not a sentimentl
IIAMSTWl U vd fromt i


1-i A-.*.if~r~

n o ,.. ,-,7

Pe At 1

s tI "* a
PAMPLONA, Sp --wYo3s wili
boy' enthusiasm *for a .

Ither I st ftt

bI ihot ma the aine ti

a kidcied tn 0 -' ^' gri o _
Ordmes, WhOas w
m, Ikigk:a m .

firs atuaidto kill him
haf handled marveny
hi* hKt 9pped on. thM I

But hM sgi took the. eatoqdst t
hand- the iade Itna tl.oi .
th e. i
t h dEt

uian w
ta to ra

,- B^'. f r.-U
.: .. . i f ,a ,
,).. .- ,. -1
.' ^ _

-" -~ -K ~lIU E~


*- *

.. .., .a

g' st

ld. a show with Ct
Sat Toots', Oie' t
i l#eat even a8,
1 ftaom M mla

.dea powea in in--.
- ana e of
a -trategWc '
w i or isn o r -.*
war. The of the trade
unions tl mn and Italy are t Wf Lttle O
the no v d articulate
sctimof a" e'lng alienated Wta
foht the national community." lu r.
The 'Busis t themselves H ti cbn
-a Mrst W eplohe ewtn I elp tly revise I
tLJ p88sed the Organized w -,VaR t, 1twnO
o ,or Q Csec1osotaia, 'E a
SBtd 6m"4ii sad Pasg. to
.the't aki psit,. No eter it whs dated, go
trw 1asel w e oddin a le, sety bean lifted.

Ft t8 lA

within a f ew
w. the Coin- i
|^ ^ ? ^oo. a^4Mss

a. .


4" ;.

. .. ./ *-'*"L ,


-- -,



i--~-- % -;,' g
- ,I .. .*,

.. -,
,. ;*: -^*1^. ,Al

' :;

-- -----


:. '



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.4tf-W .

'/ -


FUP~ Dlasitr

wave" of v
fnt to n mo



*LW I ii..IeI

ble, wUl
the pla
ten wh

f Top Sbmriner Gives Inside a^^

I Dope .On First AMidget Sub .-r' I
&-S, owm DeW
S .... b of.g.
Detaid, of the U.8. NavV'u Ravy to the Fairchild Engine and
Newest deadly weapon, a four I e: Corp., farmilngdale, no -paihs nm
e the man midget submarine, are 6it* Cie wpon In
dloac- top submAriner In the current F than the weigh 'Our new ac n rsam
'lssue of Colar's which reached o0 the ee~ Nte danchos. e to d
t the Isthmian newsstands today. It wi look like an overgrown
toa overgrowsmost hea"V
e H e I Vice-Admiral ChtLes A. tp She will measure les wl
we Lockwood. Jr., URN, Ret., who thn 4 f og rm to stern wlltes t alto f
Swas commander submarnes Pa- -about Of e f a WorltJ ubml'e.
ciflc during World War II. War I PT" boit. r deck will age submarine.
The U.B. Navy as developing be petfeetly flat; there will be no "Even more she will be I
a deadly underwater rder siuerstructurea w a standard attack deep behbid a &
, and which, I believe, may revolu- sB ne. .. boundaries by stoal ,i
tiqnlue naval strategy and tactic, beneath the surface up
tC a practice them today" Periscopes, muafaa air I- and canals to hit .t.
a- Lay in the arce take and other deak apparatus plants. bridges andl
150 written with Cornellus Ryan. a will retract Into hk b.ll "And she will be s t
tnad- Collier's asoiate editor. that the ml4adet m mneak a giant helleopter MaI-b
have "Alter years of evaluating thropgh the harbor deiase airlift her to landodka"
inor Mnidget submarines and other nets without snaring alarm *eas and lakes, there.i
. ith sneak craft such Ua the Japan- wires which might instantly otherwise inacessible t'
.in- ese, Germans, Brit lh and Ital- reveal her presence. These miniaitre sub
s-; 19ans used in World War ., the AdMral Lookwoo'pafers
i U.S. has taken the first step in On the surface, the sub wUl them Minfubs--wl be
designing a midget sub more have a too speed of 10 miles aS by four frogmen and her i
et deadly than any of its foreign hour; when she Is submerged tn lal aranment will be a
de- predecessors," the submariner the calm, untroubled depths, her some of them atomic. a
The assert top speed will be 12 miles an my harbor& s, wI i ms
b, faS He points out that unlike the hour. qieMy b en t e hs
German and Japanese suicide LThe le# to her speed is a top anchored a hI. er 1
... craft, Amern crews will have secret-fuel so powerful that the crew, ied -
hould as great a sural rate as those XI will have a range of much her divinM auts'
Caal of regular submarine. more than 500 miles and an un- anm fam feau urapg
te America's first n idet ub--tha derwater endurance of several "o thr baLks, awi tt u
I .the USXI--s now at the mock up days. ete U ab to the
,.at- stage under a design and devel- Here is the way Lockwood de- els and attacmh & m
opiment contract awarded by the scribes the effectiveness of this mines to thbir huis.


Grand ieNrform ce of ioe ta stars

from Holywod and leleviWon

1tli~e tre

' aP.M.


* .F. L-ja

of the stars in I

Ni ht Club



-. ~ ..' ~.



Sthe iqu a

C. ..........AMOL.
#*Edmsmek .. AMNI
#Fao6uy ...... 21LNI
#No BaU8 TAX
Above prlees laelpai


3 ~* A



S, 1in, im a No arso b is
S S __ths let wheel-
I att *ag amreesm iness sad a
[ Mi 'IseWlint -- f ecurity.
p POWaR rlltUINa* Parking's
dimp lwie th Potliac's Power lseer-
ilm remlle you of t
Saorbut at at
.J lRbI Tf t.sAlutely Ms

i"t hf the ErA eT. Thor's
-as s raw m o eaeto es.atcd
N.J., ,,. .DIEbCTO.,,AtemeALZ



.. .u. .

. *o V..'' ''' m m .,w m


*&1l '

- w




,t.n ^l-
?:,,( '"~ 1
-b Si -ii
.i.ii#~ t~
*; tf.. &A

,' .
I '.J

LI .*



.p 4'

_ ,


,j-. -


7 4'.,

pr b. -..

. 4
* 54.4i*






1 ": *
,, l .


-- -.a

at WME~apageess ~ewst Iitcle ag~.

ke re gra~rb~lt)l


;* J '.*



Great White Fleet

S \by Erskine Johnson

'HOLLYWOOD, INEA, Be- greatest potential percent?',r'
the Screen- Biggest tirill in market gain with the lowest pos-
Cinerama Is Paul Mantz's hedge- sible risk of loss
kHopping across the U S. as a "The radio did not stop the
sightseer In a war surplus B25 phonograph business irom com-
bomber with a three-eyed Cinp- Ing back to new highs TV won't
rama camera mounted in its stop new tops lor movies, either '
-But you "ain't seen iiothin' IN LAS VEGAS
yet" I
Paul, the veteran movie and Television has come to La9
speed pilot, lust topped himself Vegas in spite of an all-out fighr.
on a 50.000 mile flying trip ove; by gambling Interests to pre'
the world. photographing things it Now a setting for a 31-Inch
people never have seen and ne\- TV screen is being designed for
er will see again except in Cir e- the neuw Casino of the Flamingln
rama." The film ls for a ner' Hotel. They'll probably be \\age,-
Cinerama movie tentatively it- .Ing on "What's My Line."
tied. *The Seven Wonders of :hc -
World." Vivien Leigh won't ansv.-.
With three cameramen oper- questions about her illness In
eating a new improved Cinerama London.
camera. capable of panning in- "Don't talk abou. illness." *,ais
stead of stationary on the plane the two-time Academy Award
as in "This is Cinerama." Paul winner who starts rehearsing a
flew over 32 countries new stage play. "Mr. Casanova."
"Seven wonders?-" says Paul. with hubby Sir Laurence Olivi-r
'i~e've got 50 wonders. We flew on Aug. 31. "I'm interested in
though a live volcano in Africa health."
anf tt was hotter than a fire-
rc ker. I missed the London Movie fur designer Al Teitcl-,
Bidge by a few inches. I raised baum is slowly going stark ray-
the..plieons off the roof of the ing you-know-what trying to,
Vatican and got my wheels we round up enough jaguar pelts fc'r
In the Amazon river. .movie kings and queens who
vant to upholster their
"I've never been so thrilled cars with te fur. Jaguar pelt;
vith anything in my life." ,were nraMtically off the market
Paul's low flying. br I d g e until the fad started.
dodging. swooping and hair-rais-
ing canyon exploring in 'This Is Paulette Goddard draws $5'i -
ilnerama." left people bug-eved'000 plus 50 per cent of the prof-
and mutlerine "Mantz J.i c'azy ts. plus living expenses-and
to take such chnaee "' .ou know how Paulette lives --
But as Hollywood's No I for starring in John Basch's pro-
movie stunt pilot he's heen tak- duction of "Devil May. Care" In
ing calculated chances all his Buenos Aires.
life. I asked one of his best:
friends. Todd Oviatt. if Mantz i., Nora Eddington received $500
;just Incky or an aerial genius. 'from Errol Flynn for child sup-
"He's a genius," said Oviat port the other day after hearing
I "But he's never taken a chancIn o thing from ex-hubby for
,in hi; life. He even checks the months But she says he still
weather bureau when a kid ask3 owes her $3500 for the kiddies.
him to fly a kite. He's a periec-
tlelnst---a super-pilot." Mike Todd, asked whether'
he'd seen ex-wife Joan Blondell's'
JOAN CRAWEOBDR SET act in Las Vegas. flipped: "Tha'. s
one act I've caught" i
Hard to imagine it this way, _neactI'vecaught
but at one time ;oan Crawior'i
was allset to play Karen Holines BoomeranK Hat
In VFrb Here to Eternity." and,
*Dorah Kerr was primrd to play PADUCAH. Ky. UPI A gust
A the role ponna Reed of wind .part of a severe storm.'
e+ nally woi. v. hailed "Itd 0. L. "Peeler's fruit
'-'.... w"-'-.___ "nd egetable stand and flipped'
,1P',r Roe rohn vounr-, Peeler' hat from 1.a bead and
er-'bot'hr of Coimbli. s.ndio Out the oor. Peeleit4ped out-'
h 7y `rvCoabn. a.e.,IL e I 'to" v Witdamage.
h attaB r Ia.a beepn hub-en chs at .cal ti l 1 wn the.
s early th' sidewalk toward him.-
I think it's about time t e
n's'ire and, Senate assumes some respo -i-
aaWes.vcod billity in this IMcCarthy, matt r
the best un- -S.e. Herbert H. Leha (
ied m a of the week over a N. Y.)
Brown th* hall bden whiiped up ______
for Prances. The' disiaff ruckus
b d o.v"r when the manager *l m*Tn
ned Van's first wife and | J | m
with the shop discharging
ttrlL. m

SYH)ublic will produce the Carl
lwt"lty science-fiction thriller,
. robor." using Du4lev's .newt
is itarama screen. "Tobor" is
iJobot" spelled backwards.
SA Wall street analyst. G. M. I
Lorb 'redicts. in Variety. that
e firm industry has reached
. the turning point Insofai as hard
times are concerned. Says Loeb:
"I think movies combined the.

UMI5 WEL&IN Ptanesetr


*S.S "CIBAO" .. ................................. i .
S.S. "BYFJORD" ........................
S S. "LEON" .......................................
'S.S. SANTO CERRO" .......................
S.S. "CHIRIQUI"................................
S.S. "MABELLA" ... .................... .

Handtin Relrigerated. Chilled and General Cai '

S.S "CAPE COD" ............................... J
S.S. "ESPARTA" ..............................
S.S. "MAJORKA" ..............................
S.S. "COMAYAGUA" .........................
S.S. "VINDEGGEN" ................-.............

Passenger Sailings to New Orleans SI i
via Santa Marta. Colombia.S :

S.S. "CHIRIQUI" ..............................
S.S. "CHIRIQUI" ................................ r

Weekly sailing of twelve passenger ships to New
Orleans. Los Angeles. San rancisco and' ..M '.
Frquntfrigt aiin. f. m C Is : bal.tO

Frequent freight savings from Cristobal to- "
West Coast Central American ports. .. ...
CRISTOBAL 2131 PANAMA 2-2804 -- .

The Pacific Steam NaIvlalton C

Royal Mail Lnes ltd.

M.V. "SALAVEBRY" ................................Au.
M.V. "SANTANDER" ..............................gept.
M.V. "REINA DEL PACIFICO" (18,0 Toins) .
M.V. "SAMANCO'" ............................... ,
S.S. "LOCH RYkN" .............................Aun., 19
M.V. "DALERDYK" .... ...... ...
S S. "DIEMERDYK" ......................... ... A M .
S.S. "DURANGO" .. ... .....
All Sailings Sub Chane .Without Netje -
FORD CO. INC. JPANAIMA-Av. Per #55, Tel. -151
BALBOA.-Term M f.. Tel. 2-Ml

Evrbd Cl.55f led


. 1 -


. -


; .
uz "






At ~.,


* ~i.** .'j. '
I 'a.
.'' ,'~. a?
...- .-
.. ''-.

'a' J,~
.a'~'v *'.
. :'~

- .-
.1 f"*:"!.~ a



1 Tc~-%;J

-" NV

Wild Flight


5'..A PT^ B

1 Ill-
:F ,l ^^^

.4 ON 60
^^I ^ *T' AT, .<

-a. 'a
.'h ,~

mlatclt'A Pw

Punctured Dream

I 11 I_
-VEAN.... Lb

asI. "m wic', 55


a ..' ~.* -
* i'.. -5


'a 'L '.. :

Iy AL1


**** ?1 ,* .-> "
", l.'." -," '., ,,e,'.- .' >.*-* '-.. '.
M *> .. .iii "t~ rutel- i'."

. 1- .1 .fe>

? ..~

'a~ MW~

'~ ~

r.' M, i

It ~_

la waa
work oi
The m
tauy ow

said It
U.S. a
o atno
with "I
In a .

'.-.- 1

I ant. wa

t .

;1 Ame
.teal Ii
t onlr

.v i .e -

.jl SQSI

. '. A
iPWO -

U IItijwii .co it tional "all-purpose" samnpoos '

-customforulatedj or you
t shamp o "custom-formulated" for you.

.2 t' I. ... A


shadipoo in 4 custom formulas'

..instead of 2 or 3 days later!

't .ves
'rf t. *

. 1:- -.. ", -

_..r --.

Never again need you say
"I just washed my hair and I.
can't do a thing with itl" "
Because Aquamarine Shempl
contains an almost-.mag .y
ingredient "Magnetol" that
eaves your hair manoagpe
instantly... shining with the
gloss or a hundred brustmtrekesl
And became Aquamarine
Shampoo is usAW mMHA
for you, you'll see all the
shimmering beauty your b 'a
* should have-but which yMW
present "all-purpose" aaipm".
couldn't pomiUy briq ot.
So ewm .iaSil u te!
L s. r ... &SW"as ..


4'. ',,.i. i .

SCitizen-b, 160,000,045

-is 'Pretty Good uawker'

NTW YORK, A. 11 (UP)gi ,-on total
The 160.,0000.t tc~ivon of th 1a rm y 1960.
...... "United States was doing to. l we the last
,, .. day, and so was his alter. w canpleted, It
"" out since that Presumably he'll grow up to be
gc=il! S aoo-untr.. a normal-type t.axpair., bec. e tter a birth
"afltH-bomhbm SB the first thnll a hi fatherr sald o y eight ,eonds, a de a t h
ABC 1w L iig him In his crib abor 1 seconds, an immigrant
StrauSt M &l it never at ha birth wa: an emi- m .
Wuasm son nod "H's a pre' y food squawkgr.: t The netI P
Thes 16 citizen weighs ralt Is a new resident every 12 i
IdeasBK~x lKgo.t 7 pounds, 13 outmo, love mik; aecone .
Mesan ao r attend lsa named Den- h ba been a qj per cent NEW SENATORT-Mtt
Sg a l baa a sister popu n aerlAce 1950, Uan Crompton Tobesy n.
oed thI named Carol Ann 10; a mother or more new po than there ow of the late Sn.
airs named 3stbsr. 38. and a proud are Texans, wh g a lot. Tobey, is a possible choice
fromthe ?father named John,.35. During the 12 mM th ended succeed the 73-year-old
un lt hi Citizen No. 160,000,045 was born July 30, the population. increased from New Hampshire.
tried Ui pIme at 11:11 a.m. yWesterday ex- by 2,70,000. The monthly In- Tobey had asked that
Court I m yee actly el ht minute and 53 sec- crease average 226,00. the equl- Tobes be named to ll his
bonds er the Commerce De- valent of addng a new city the
S The lle 0sed patient's automatic population size of Richmond. Va., Syracuse,
t'a fourt l counter In Washington had oal- N.Y. -.
ordered culated that the .U. population
SaI hi i!a- had reached precisely 10o,000,-
exadle0 0.
Vahis loat al It wold be nine I we could&
hiseA Ier p tell you that Dennis Alan is the
and 160,000,000th Am erean, or even s S
hPproval citizen No. iso,et ot.0
was Pri l- But the ieO.Oooo0 mark was
dent Klemn l v and reached according to the bet in my .ie.
Secretary ov. It estimate of the matle-brain of
confirmed already the census calculation gadget-
taken by .iuly 10. at 11:? and seven see nds a.m.
ec Pii ree ht minutes, 53 sesonds after ',
-gov =to un- The way things are moving iny
dermine taW Ie for nowadays, there we r e. during
t thebenefit plt. that 533. second in America. 66
e nta Ho, O However, Nt's ac- babies born. 25 citizen deaths.
e-ton on Be degrees and four immigrants Into the
as o..Prdmier country.
Teise tesent Hence, the population new br ye ek s mv f 1 lP
o .better 45 from the time the 160,000,000 ua t a
e ved the time Dennis showed up In I0 tMimgis mans as
would become 'v ; e most nsyA he's a niWe little boy pasU be bsbd t ,
Swith fair hair and blue ee.e. U
... ereesmtmeutbe m. 1 to G 1e l has
It w. str 4an- scram the street from the Labor KISl. Ml. CISl e wr e
s ocet. t.4 hbad Department Waslhinton, to h ~et is S .lt te.* Aer- ggjs
the pf t 11ike a father's frace
mn In eJ-evera child Is born.

"e' to other se anet ani ai ruteeof i ma

O turrled'un on the ealenlsator. 4 to
event spIect %cath r on the dash-
paper.d arvant child born it
Wi were t lten er e dreo intothe title

Bouse can errwor BtiS3S me dsUnU b coooaqbel EA.ERMS
L- w. Be Cmms Directos r Robert W. .r-

tee e xperte, f vs tea ort of **m*

mrg One readinetextbfton nfv omnumam9iIU3pt!UPI*b
m..a,.henht, r efu erI USE(Nto

lsnement A amiwhether Iot ow a boy or.a

As"MiM sa- Sd now h dl :" .fhaddset s.-.tu 4

peak pee." e ddt rate l, .i .
be ne *O lthemoy" Is n Aw
te text 's- thefos soosthemr
ann.ouncemen A menI.d.EY3,,
inetneate will

.. -So -.. *n p

1 -
U our.
Of -n.

":i '= 42

.o.s bv
o uner]
a* I"",

0 11

UN a. .**

You Sell'em... When You Telfe thru
Leave your Ad wi'h uue of our Agents or oir offifee iasNo. 57 "'I
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Co lo

No. 4 Tivoli Ave.-Pione 1-2291. and

Fourth of Julv Ave.-Phone 2-0441

Via Espal No 34 B R. P.
(4.11. ve.*rTbule l

Agencia Internacioal de Publicaione
No. I Lottery Plaza Phone 2-31W99

.- 1 ,,

*..^ P sm ,,

10.06 1





Household Automobiles lb *. bm a 1**1 1 *is .pe
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henol set cuilorn maae. ni n e 195- F, iAi I FOR SALE
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P_ .. Goan Area. after 4:0 IL., St. ono O*4S *m E IIP my.
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- ur, ed g r nat a -gas .di Position Offered natrl.gma- .'
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I ," 0FOR SALE:-Triumph Cycle T Od ed | i, ', 4-- Lar" gma"
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_..__. I. paid. $400.00. qhanq 2-346 WANTE idrg I edroem. Two porch lin
S, V *iurn ti do whirg e ,, .....eA"WANT
brew 'suet .-Name...trundu. 'Nt-" taN'61'-lt-rITi I DqJ04mmh li
Sep~hor* 9-"g9TaI __ said lthe United Ifaion ma + __ -, .. vt. mrn z I
forced to hold onime CommunWlt .WAIn 3Slai" lI sS 3 5e-
prisoners In South Korea. If the r -. ---
0 Ws Allay Red& refuse to return all MieM ,- nnlm bodm -twif
U.N. nrtronN'j e nnw in th1rM ....... ..ear-only 1 ftbcir of pwo Sro.-Now
a 4 today. the Reds freed ,an.AN w n -. I. 5 s ee,
ritons. 25 Turks and 2501 Bello Vi p. 400 to 5 pm
S uth Koreans and promised teo Dulles d fears some Un1md 4qnst0rucooIi"naM 7 L,"', 7 ATTNTIN u .u.tmodr
3*e 100 more Americans tomor- States prisoners might notU e.. S AS Nu -Teei-oo i 7IONG ..,.3- 2 .
Cw exchalfted by the Communf 1-" 1,7 1 r2%'61-1 M -d, .E u a-o'p"" a'
SCoinued from Page l under me truce agreement w sANTED0.,-One setf. toma ll'olf rt. a" lr cod wM1er Call 3-
The air and sea movement of a sonure. of, great concern, a ll l.Ca Pnamn 9-0281." _____
e freed men filled the tran- "pBeaote nkry .measures" are v-A-t'ED Congfenia~ tiF-R RENT:-Attractvely funmiaed
*irtation channel by which all b6eg- C e sidered. pI le d Caoma apaIrtment available for lute
s turn Amerians t he 'of the Americans are 3 9 information. odnna 2
Sbe ~p home ks fasdt a ps- r otrturned. he said, "we pro- WANTED: Hondy- sew.r kitchen nd Excuse r
b.e h as as aPO s aumatly would adopt reciprocal hele. 94th St. '"l x jliring" iAld; i3-497.
'The able-bodied men were be- measure with the prisoners we Apt. 106.
shuttled directly from Pan- "-..- -- --V --- -
tom to Inchon, there to Dulles said the office I S FOR RENT
rd shin for sailinqs as fast as United Nationq record did not -
complements of passengers show that a single" Amerlear I | Uaaia I hIRJ Rooms
made up. had declined repatriation .I HU I I FOR RENT1-Ros-, all fumiture Jo
Thisr point wIll be explored m man F
0 ailing were getting pre- further by i8h Army officerse Pm oed manFr "St .
hurried to Tokfo hospital In talks with returning p ri- W.
which they were being dis- Vbe d r 0T -'*WA, "Aug. Zi w) FOI rSovi, private entrw
Ihed home by airlift as soon' ulles said the United States. prime MitAter Loui% s uLai tWl hrom. porch fa
they were able to undertake would make every effort pos-1 st promising "peace and Eden ThMetre. Vi Porra No.
e flight. I ible to check on the cri.mla.- P J to one aM all, led 3-2907.
trials of some prisoners still, in, a t U Powerhouse back Inte90 f- i kn t
.A Tgv doclor. at Inchpa ca Comzhunist hands. At the p(-' offlue j y or an MnpWe nf- family hom nef*
4 1mer..anu sailing top "sent time, -this can be done onr denf ,Wth consecutive term. Pirsr t. for
,* gI *l0te to eat ly by checking with returning : All .net ministers in th p No. 14, 4h
Mreka f b ey the time prisoners fot what Informatioa Lbelt annistration tt has Vto.
I ships reach the United they might have, he said. goy vet. Canada since 15 rode FORo C, C lean fumidhed
T 'ey were getting sue- to Victry with the 71-year-old ro facing D Le park.
i.lw- frq r the^- a,- They (the Polish eopleo iare, wUM "tIlue to give- the- SA
|1. 11e111Cemaulp t pril- like a radish ... Redoutside but, sevite .ot fflich I am capable .
p whitee inside. I Yes'erdiy' ballots were SALE
teturninq. prisoners reported -Lt. Franciszek JarnikI,:l'ash being .ounted d early today but
itt Ma; fren. William F. Dean jet' pilot who flew ipe C .rtaini .t ne remaining doubtful omdEatate
1q. o. uri1onei. Ihad in Ruuiaa pla e.. ridlMtl"Ceould not beIn to e _
r Allied officers proaihly -I f telYy reduce thi whopping EOR, SAL--Thre hectares lot in
I d be $ e last captives freed,. Liberal majority in the 22nd Carro m Aul, near the lake Ahlo
ya few sergeants and very parliament. forge and luxurious dimasi
offloprs were freed in the. Garrard Record Chaugers The new 265-seat House of broclet. :Tel. 2-3441. Ponamr.
AIR of the exthanig.. I i on
is Sfte exdhan r le i and 60. Caes $wUI have at Ast 168 FOR SALE: hstssall hou
f $.ld by fleir cant1 cartridge a 1 In the ast 22-seat pa-vaa.- lts
tite fe wed be kept ueblerla CAM A3T ,ment. The' government part Rel Cado
ti*.~ u ap the Central was leading in four other rid 25q beg.
6 1 canto I Ines;ascountina resumed V.S-

,R, t NSTRUCJ$11A. NA A.--e. ,re O
T, "rires .-dara ;Ieed ., Tir g
S Buyui Old Tires Tci.." ..;

A.: '

11- a. a.mpt
'flmrn Insed Btf

^ V pflnfliu a mouth.

- ***yfjti

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-, '- t- p. *


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v:". s ; .y- .^ H.g
f 4, ii>fib :.o i w 5r.
^..ts .S,. -. ,: ,^. .
.t '. .,. "n'? ....tM

* '.1

Rrt *1.

'c ".

rr .AlM IQc f. A
It &s'1 ..,-. 'I -
hi .A W! *vi .*-t>




............ *(^." '- '*^/!1

t,^^^ 4, Y .*1 4144 .
i^ *: *. *^*-f-. -A:- ::'.'x ,f!a

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a-. Cta Way.

I. iiia-j.*. a-- 4Mn

s~7~:1~"n ~~4!

0- .~* .*l

-- R~T-




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az toW
U iT.

Ian a

r u quesm
Of Ala.u ,

to U,. &A
tI"n IA.I &
Um lnt

. -HONG KOG,. Aaw. It (tPI.-
t .* Two American neftmen sad a

view with news.
pI per Wah W ul.
SThe new .r .dlen ur -.
AuArialia m unst MChina As-
"-" ". "*" by te Chl-
.*Ow A thW-month vWal
Aw*at me ato w
W C V Dixon, an Ity-
= O we 5correpondent,.
and safe Apt. An Kamnr -
were taken 1r10 by the Chi-
tse Meds while ailing to Macao
on vacation.
A Gommunlat gunboat meied
thd sailng craft a WheIh the
three were traatgto t h Por-
Hlong K HMobmiumiust r-
ernment ha, made no official
comment on the Incident.
that "when a o d for Maon of
thelthree Amnerleat captured In
a yacht by Ch0i4 caImmunitSM
Bunehett waa sMeft for a new
minutes before. remaridng that
F *jB he had heard nothing special
about them, but that they were
quite afe."
The newapapr Ma the 80-
Svear-old Burchett tored Chin*
for three months and wav met by
newspapermen wheo he arrived
|j| W Haong Kong.

des Of ITil

1 ;mW qos Tries

At lboa U50-JW
P. r. argy, a retired Canal em-
form plov0e, will preaset-cotred slid
tid of bi g"to the GalaU0aWdra
M'rianna Islands and Tahtt, sat
Wo third Balb6a 80-JWB ArtAed
b d e rvice center to
T. yea aw o Hargy, a fornt
3ob Mrin Divialon empldy. with a
0"D g p roip ofle men and two womn-
on wDm eRaed in a 61 to
the louth flea Islands.

**e b f- 'r

tOLON. P. ,






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y used.
rs -

S N. CH,&A OS. .
Famed Sereen and TV Ta Dmmers
Direet from Hollywood and New TerTk AMeo:
basMs Acrobaticd ADammaril m inAs esuI --au
ToMu Genl IC from tMulas m f mt ue clutr
PRICE ...... ... 0.35

~Anneha Ccman &A..a
(In Ih 704IGl f f -a
If".i.ff OWTIMe TONIGHT! ".

KA '51 Lan TUWNNL In
"c 'The Merry Widow" Technicelrd
:. 4.l: Wed. A no&. *"Cme rank uMu n e


GAM A WU ,",
G AT U N a meriec CRAWmmBD .el. .. D
Color! ve .
MAbARITA a ethC. -timol .
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(GOernm Dkalogsm) 1

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AM: In T ehuleahmV
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Omon Wella. In
a ld
Clerpe Brent, In

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ItUE fttl

2:1 fill 1:M IJ -



2m. SM *0.4 pnL
"Meet Me at The PFairf
1:t C 4: ICL T:b p.m.
1:u 4:w ?:3 p im

Burt Lancater, In
"Craumoa Pirate"
In Tecmhniolort
Humphrey Bogart, to


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Dog Tired Dave

SDasw was a by fellow. .
p pg never left bl meOew .
OWne out eSs. irel ad ta'o
Wbn ta read our Waft d A & m"t"



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(d ~DS~i`pl~4Zi~L~

133 ma~lmau'





Third Inning Single Only 7*.A Finne

Hit Off Senator Pitcher Set 5or .on A

NEW YORK, Aug. 11 (UP) Washington NATIONAL LEAGUE -
fans, who don't have much else to rheer about, were BScn i t.7 W r
wondering today if perhaps Bob Porterfield is their Milwaukee 66 45 .595
best pitcher since the days of the immortal Walter 1 1Phl a elp i 59 47 .557
Jolhnson. New York 53 52 .505 1 i
Cincinnati 49 61 .445
Porterfleld has a long way to who was snubbed by Manager Chicago 41 65 .387 *
o to earn that reputation but Casey Stengel for the All- Pittsburgh 36 79 .313 | R
is 2-0 birthday one-hitter over Star game now has shut out -Firs
the Red Sox last night gave him every team in the league ex-
eight shutouts for the season cept Detroit. It was his second TODAY'S GAMES
the most by a Washington hurl- one-hitter of the year and he Brooklyn at New York (N) The man the d M
er since Johnson hurled that now has given up only 10 hits Phila. at Pittsburgh (N) likely to succeed. .ent ma
many 30 years ago In 1924. In his last three games. He St. Louis at Milwaukee tN) match in the 19-U xteen W
It was the third blanking lob one-bitted the Athletics on Cincinnati at Chicago. plo, Trev
in a row for the mighty right- 'May 10. past eekend at- 9 a
hander from Newport, Va., giv- It was his 14th victor. the Brook Country Cl-ub Wn Dr. .t
Ing him a string of 29 scoreless high for any one season in his YESTERDAY'S RESULTS to Colon's estimable;. r, bi
Innings, one for every year of major league career. Last year Night Game nibal Galindo, Iht. at the old
his life on his 29th birthday. he won 13 and lost 14. Wash- St Louis 000 001 010-2 7 30. Crocker Into camp a 1 inn the
"That was the greatest ington scored in the first inning Milwaukee 150 010 01x-8 11 1 margin. om
gave I ever pitched." he said on a double by Kite Thomte Haddix (14-5), Chambers. Gallndo was up olmd
as his mates mobbed him in that followed a single by Mickev Brazle and Rice. Spahn (15-5; stiff opposition o Maor
World Series victory fashion Vernon. Vernon also singled in and Crandall. lad who has all the Chadwick. 1 *
in the club house. "I've heard the other run In the eighth. bag and gives the Don defweatw .
people talk of happiest mo- In the only other major league No other games scheduled. of being a rather wood Cmp 1.
ments and I guess this one game, the Braves cut Brooklyn's er. The difference Anibal
was mine.' lead to 6V. games when they AMERICAN LEAGUE two probably lay IW. 0.
The one big thrill In his bi; topped the Cardinals 8-2 on a TEAMS W L Pet. that Galndo gets Me
night came with nobody out in seven-hitter by lefty Warren NIew York 73 35 .676 to work on the practloe tE n Huldqu 3 ..
the ninth after he walked Jim- Spahn, who won his 15th game. Chicago 67 43 .609 Crocker. Prank (4.. d tLlJ
my Piersall. who had spoiled his Cleveland 62 46 .574 We would fall to 1'du to Hover 3 2. .
chance for a no-hitter with a Boston 81 61 .545 our reading public ft. w di t L .Jimi
single in the third. Up came Ted Washington 54 57 .486 rive saecial meanko tt -_d Mad3IkL N
Williams as a pinch-hitter butt Philadelphia 46 62 .426 Prier-Morland nUlh which O Morl ead
the Red Sox slugger who homer-1 : Detroit 38 70 .352 went to the latter by. Prie ,
ed in a similar role yesterday, .. St. Louis 37 74 .333 of 5 & 4. These Pulle
a~ruck out. ---- (sounds of throat d George B 'lk-, ''2.
Porterfield threw Terrible TODAY'S GAMES
Dddy only four pitches. New York at Washington (N)
"The last one was a curve that Detroit at St. Louis 2 (T-N)
brokee the plate and he went for Boston at Phila. 2 (T-N)ee ks 14W
W' Porterfield said. Chicago at Cleveland (N)
,, The ex-Yankee bhurler put
-no .me but Piersall on base. YESTERDAY'S RESULTS
We struck out three in piteh- Night Game Bn Row, Bourne W ins1
ib to only 28 mea. The guy m. Boston 000 000000-0 1 1
Wash. 100 000 01-2 9 0 -
L^ M^! F^lowere (1-), MeDermott Unbeaten IsidMar Ir will almost fmu t
SKifider and Whi te. Porterfield be shooting for his1411a 9.l hot "
S-(14-9) and S ack. d uuie ictor vy when he W W1 AI
ks-le-gue No other games scheduled. ams tBhert wi_
fame Th Melvin Dourne -at
0 0 1 I _k Nrena this Sunday nIlght. .

1m I -Chairman Sidney Harwood and than angrO Y ) hkinseft bet
his Atlantic Preparation Com- of his 29-
mittee are well Organied for a BolusMle t e "
.; magnificent ticket sales drive to met althMou anel
-IThe Wolverines and Hawkeyes assure the playing of an Inter- to cop -a1 t i l B. ot
W%1 battle tonight at 8:30 for national cricket series on th .....
te championship of the Elks Itm a t a West Indian h .t a
4 Basketball League at the team, In December. ume
Wboa Gym.. be .... .
The tentative lineups: The Atlantic Si ders. noted f6r in

to w!he the parte v aut ma tet i c oopffieratis on both thAt- W that he P
I!John Magee Iforward t 'hairman t omplet g arrange. :, b:: .
Gary Robnett center rt b i
-Bobby Olud (guard I Wednesday night, at the study

HAWKEYES tion involvMtg Americans, Ger- lantle and Pacific de eommit- s Upset.-The t .
:Dan Winklosky Iforward) mans ad Yugoslvians at the tees are scheduled to meet with h d l'n agahint -Manu '-
Jack Perantle (forward Olympic Stadium in Berhn's Physical Director Aston Parch- Prescott and Beau Jack II (Ro- R ao. o
iEd Kirchmeier feenter, British sector. More than 25.000 ment to discuss with Bugin.a dolf rani), Melvin was te
Juan Cazorla guard) see the Yugoslavian do 14 feet sManager. Stanley Loney. ndedog d took command 1
Jimmy Selby i guard i 1 inch. (NEAL) September drive and the semle- A
Stion of the cricketers who will
play In the series.
ecial T roops Far Fan Each cricket league will pre- -
Special Troops, Far Fan = I.- "
I sent to the General Committee .
!n .0_if* L ae n i the names of twenty-eight play- he- tv Kru tA '
In Pacific League Finale Jihtanianmg Ifoorft e :bigevent A
In I'a itc ~ a uecoach will be apoointed on either
o -ide of the Isthmus and a s- .
Pacific League Standings jMcArthur 1 2 4 tant coaches for Paralso 'a'nd
Won Lost O. Kourany 1 0 2 Santa Cruz.
lal Troops 13 1 E. Kourany 1 0 2 Selection committees will be
uro 12 3 N. Gibson 0 0 0 set up to observe the players ad .
A.R.S. 8 7 J.Ruof 0 0 0 make the final selection of the
or College 6 9 -l- star teams and the team
h School 4 11 Ttals 2 8 4S that will play in the one-day
PFan 0 14 matches.
% Maduro 48. 26th A.RS. 47 26TH A.R.S. layground Sports
,4Sp. Troops 60. Jr. College 51 --- -
.- TODAY'S GAMES Fleegle 3 1 7 Frday, August 7. the annual
Ssp. Troops vs FPar Fan #iellF 8 3 19 rnlday August 7. the annual
Wolverines vs Hawkeyes Storm 3 0 6 Canal Zone playground tennis
Moore 4 6 tournament was held on the Dia-
7In the first of the two games Thompson 0 1 1 locourts. Thix nort, aonsored i
nday night Maduro took an- Ruhl 4 0 8 by the Physical Education and
er win at they edged 26th Libbon 0 o 0 Recreation department, drew en-
RS,. in the last period to win Rogers 0 0 0 tries from many of the Canal ,-' .
n one point. I -- Zone schools.
In the second game Sp Troops 19 47 Darlene Olsen of Diablo quick- ''
as unable to score easily as in l- prangg a surprise when .he
evious games, but beat the took into camp the entry of M'r- I u'- .'
bid fighting Jr. College ouin- SPECIAL TROOPS garita, Carol Plennlken. In the -,
by nie points. It took Ehlers young girls' division. Olivare. of'**" '
ree quarters before he got rol- Players FG FT' TP Osmbos brushed aside the chal- -
^ and scored a total of 17 Brattloff 2 0. 4 lenRes of McKeown of Diablo -'
its. Williams scored 15 points Hey 3 2 h end Robinson of Gatun to win Dl|b
Spela] TrooDS. McCarthy 0 1 l the young boys' honors. tnt
his scored 14: B. Smith Ehlers 7 3 17
ed 11 and F. Aletuas made Rivera 1 1 3 Hope of Gamboa and Tetten- .
Thlis game put Maphis on Williams 7 1 15 burn of Diablo tried their best
's are Maphis 227. llers Rossell 0 0 o the Cristobal pla omds, bt t
Fleewle 206 18 an 18 aid Linisemeyar 2 0 4 no RYiII as he yed a steady
y 181. fhlers still has nue Murphy .. 2 2 6 alatie to W- 'hl oh.m.
e game to go and he trails Carantiul -S 3 o The utitgg ipoi dg@
*hiq by only 11 points. Vertrate -' .* 0 5 the h .if .s
T Yealhs lght the lait .*. Audrade *%-2 6 2 Ohse 1-
game few the Patet ,".
Fan sad Ipeelat Tresu. of
will be the bot chance fer 15 went
Faa to wl a game. hew- 1 ,

. a r. as the



Of th
SI Nfhen





- 'I -1 L


- ^,'4




h"* .. .

,. ".*. ,? *, 9 .- ..
. ,' ,.

!. I

t thir 4m

dF, a

",' *'tJ
S. -
5 lit;

A. r i -A C


F'- .

M tes la M" e IMAMl ime
Written for NEA erviee
QUNTION: The core Ls 6-4 lb
f~sr of the home team'i"o
tat the ninth inning. The vit
da ttee up with three ruIs,
,e Saead, m 7-4. The home club
tie At, but with amI out Tain
ponrs. The umplre-in-chief waits
30 minutes, then calls the game.
What is the final score?-Gus
SAnswer: t-7. this ms me
S doew S et irtt bek tthe
last equat nube ayet
Q. Did C Matbewan
hre a r h for
the olt- 0 -aMr..
A. HIk MathwmM nfls, mma
I"*&Newyoiu aiatoubo
Xe and t7 was *-1 fo the tw
Q. What is the record for must
putauts by a first baseman in a4
ezta Innihs game? Hatley

A. 43, by the besto Braves'
Wat HerIike In te seore *
lak tmel rIn im
A.what is the e*04 bsttiaq
Amwas for 150 or more 8am i
-on that.* m ainr IMebr
eve turned N
.A. th AthlgW MMat, Cit.,
.f for 153 gam nee i S.
What has been the most
nftlbm of times a Mtajor lamtme
elli been able *to make* a

The. A=H On ". tl e
Owe Inv J I, Ow.

pr -.e I&f3
N3A Staff Cmrrageident

"Bare, ur adiasner is
Little League es. I
LeaMuey names,
son *wtod rather eat
mias seeing Bill na
League game. We
thin wrong with thAt.
,.When the ame w.OB .
we eat together, re ;i
g&AZ.. The fp yh"=
,,ommon. an "I
Not ease has aqnie h* U
to bed without bis aU V
"Mober has w= t
closer to her bol In at a
mon nthaeriatt lre I* 1S
proudest puy lan toItb f
cloated one orer the fence.
the ne tosme whb be .
ote and the a
doesA f g4 a bettg.
n Peak f
to NA IIn 1101
has lemr to ta the
with th good.
ti 90' frt Mt In 1
be was knocked out o w l
an4 cried bitterly. It w
bust opportunity ewe
to tech b h at GE
nIBrr)i teeveryone
'1 4ent kew In what

Public m$v t m. that Little
NpQfl whipped pp
oNu'Immntyakes you
W & a~ would want
to a batn move.ent.
A profesuonal rsformer did
just that, starttaf debate
beasd erons te land. He
ciitSed that LJtte maue can
hurt boys between 8 12. He
sai., InIefeet that OwMts *ho
let i, iMds pt *WA Leigue
don't know hoWI 'to asW ch-
From dees in thp heart of
Teox the p testatvs are live-
V., *a loud as an elecurial storm.
"A R W hp goes Around belt
w Leaue doeaIt knot
brA F ex-Cardnal
A im' fddle ,Dyer, now of
S"no matter what his
Ow O t pty L o. Wilftams
of tlhepjie eatr s aa depart-

24-, _

Mal- man-

j.- ws-
It' h oto

Ik"1 i -t* 30 ar
'-ar" -" OWV. i 'r mto

thee ~ mMmbraean t&1er7FM
; rroepThws~I



C .



sbe r 2u usae

oh .suager
o*w *4
t, M,,aig*ft 1

ma dT.
tag a. lot of
pines a~ io.

rood *roduct

l up)

lndth, eat


.tv~ '1




.* "' -. ,f '
*,. ., -' ,
I with the times!

]JIM ..
1%%it on


* sn -' U rn m -e

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4.-? .

Alb rook,

RP .Bab

Parties View Ike's Achievements

GOP: We Did It Dems: We Did l
-0- a
WASHINGTON, Aug. 11 (UP) -- Republicans gave WASHINGTON, Aug. 11 (UP) The D46
themselves credit today for touching off an "amazing claimed today that they have "saved" President
:hain of events" that brought a truce in Korea, riots be- hower from his "enemies" in t,. Republican Po
mind the Iron Curtain, and brighter prospects for world since he was sworn in as Presint.
ceace. in.
M^A^^ ^^^^

They also claimed President
Elsenhower and the GOP-con-
:rolled 83rd Congiess made a
*substantial start" in halting
niiJation. stemming falling farm
prices, and seizing the *initia-
live" from Russia.

The Republican answer to
Democratic criticism was pre-
tented in a slick television film
and script package made avail-
ibl, by the GOP National com-
mittee to TV stations for "pub-
ic service" programming.
Star of the show is House
S p ker Joseph W. Martin, Jr.,
bho does most of the narrating
3ut Presklent Eisenhower and
iome of his cabinet officers
appear in film flashbacks o!
icy speeches and events.
The claims, more sweeping
than those Mr. Eisenhower
made in 1-9 r..port to the na-
tion last a k, ranged over most
)f the problems with which the
aew administration has dealt.
But a heavy accent was on for-
ttgn policy
Mr. Else'hower, Martin said
put '"backbone" in American
foreignn policy bv cancelling the
harder by which the U. S. Seventh
Fleet barred Nationalist China
rrom attacking the Communist
"This action, which was fol-
bwed by a series of moves giv-
dig further indication that
here was now a refreshing
Doughndss, a firmness about
Lmerican foreign policy, touch-
6d off an amazing chains of
events," he said.
In quick succession Martin
laid: "The Communists at last
agreed to an exchange of pris-
mers of war," Korean truce ne-
gotiations resumed, riots broke
oit in East Germany, American
newsman William N. Oatis was
leased from a Czech prison,
and the fighting in Korea stop-
"These events made the head-
bies," said Martin, "and Amer-
cans could take cheer in the
act that sound moves made by
9 sure hand were something
that the Communists under-
itood and, above all, feared."

Panama's Ahilne

pens Interhational

lrvice Tomorrow
The first scheduled interna-
tional flight by Panama's na-
ional flag-carrying airl I n e
faves Tocumen airport for Ja-
qaiea tomorrow.
; An Avispa DC-3 will fly direct
- Kingston in the morning, and
10turn in the evening.
Panama's national airline is
rating in close touch with
Overseas Airways Cor-
tion on the new schedule,
the Avispa flight connects
amaica wth BOAC's Strato-
service direct to London.
*Inltially Avispa is scheduling
*a Jamaica flight on alternate

VACATION TIME President Eisenhower (left) smiles broadly
as he arrives at the home of his mother-in-law, Mrs. John Doud,
In Denver, Colo. The residence will be his summer White 'House
c.uring his vacation stay. At right Is Colorado Gov. Dan

O'Dwyer 'Knew Nothing'-

About Civil Divor e
MEXICO CITY, Aug. 11 (UP) Maria Martinez announced that
- Former American Ambassador they had been granted a tempo.
William O'Dwyer said today he rary ecclesiastical separation and
knew nothing about a civnl "the destiny of their matrimonial
vorce decree report to Ih life ls in the hands of the ec-
been granted his young wE I fe- clesiastical authorities."
mer fashion model Sloan Simp-
son. Mrs. O'D w yer was recently
"Our martial troubles are in quoted as saying that she was
the hands of the church," 0'- ready to return to Mexico at any
Dwyer said. time to appear before church
O'Dwyer, now engaged In the authorities in the Interest of ob-
law business here, refused to dis- training an annulment.
cuss further a newspaper -gossip A church annulment of the
columnist's assertion that the dl- marriage would have to be ac-
vorce was granted over his op- companies by a civil divorce to
position June 3 in a Cuernavaca, dissolve the marriage u n d e r
Mexico court. Mpexican law.

The divorce report appeared in
the newspaper Excel;ior under
the signature of Carlos Denegri
and carried the name of the at-
torney who represented the for-
mer Sloan Simpson and the Tile
number of the alleged divorce
It said the 36-year-old former
m o d e 1, now vacationing and
learning bull fighting In Spain,
had charged "the Irascible char-
acter of my husband" constitut-
ed mental cruelty.
Miss Simpson and O'Dwyer,
now 64. were married in Florida
Dec. 20. 1949, while he was still
Mayor of New York. They last
appeared In public here together
on Dec. 11. 1952. five davs after
he resigned as United States Am-
bassador to Mexico. On Jan. 17,
Roman Catholic Archbishop Luls

new dish wift '
tuna fish I

sM pedc up f i is

sMheo 2 s Aipsmw. 3It be%%e paga

shopped e ,eg, I_ gS

Mob %me r pd Vek.eerli Woldap rFe.A
ed M toa ii qin ma s l

IA* fTr Vdmle Is

so .. .
;a '*

Excelsior quoted the divorce
document as containing a state.
ment from O'Dwver that he was
"not in accord" with the proceed-
It said Mrs. O'Dwyer pleaded
that "from the beginnings of our
union. I understood the impos-
uibllity of our conjugal life. hae
Irascible character of my hus-
band which came to twist each
difference into a true mental
cruelty, injuring me and threat-
e n i n g me continually, is the
origin of everything."
The decree was granted, the
newspaper said, as "a necessary
divorce that is, at the plea of
one of the parties, Elizabeth
Sloan O'Dwyer."

CZ Colored Schools

Up 215 Over Last

Year's Enrollment

An increase of 215 enrollments
in the Canal Zone colored schools
was reported for the opening this
year over the enrollment last
year. according to an announce-
ment by the Division of Schools
of the Canal Zone Government.
The princloal gains were made
in the secondary schonlm with 103
more students enro.led In the
lunior high schools and 125 more
In the senior high Schools. There
were six less enrollUmenta on the
openipag day In t kMdergartens
and eveen lI teeg eie iMWy
schools tha- on ro yead'1.n-
ing second day.
The total V
sorted asW1 .mDA
the total
the ctnain

The democratic Digel
ly magazine of the 0
Party, said Democrats
gress have realized "ti
time when America nm
the political guerrilla W
has distracted this e
a decade."
In an article entitled
Democrats saved I., 1
own party" the m
"The. President's
are within his own.
his efforts to placate
placable Republican
him In some unfortUtI
"Giving a new Pa
break is an old Ameri
tion," .It said, "but thi
aftts have set a new
honoring that noble cnl
"Tiety have extet
sde t the honeyflOMe


htr e a new eEJ .fttoi-
t ihatead of- th*mBm e -
Mr. EUsenhower the
mad the Preidifeene -'b" eWi" kg
iveSt thf Democrm a r forNh-A I
enlwIn a mannrmist the a Old
mTAd will approve." R
SthTW he has done, l4J& -d- 000da
tlhagh DemocstIc T'ta lu
meant the difference btwee Z
shamess andfalure" for theZls.1 tel;
enhower admlnistratkliailarUm. the W
T7e magazine MaOd Mr. BIwe" ,iast

U. In zIrT'""g- |
In doing this. ft aa, Demo-|t
crats were trying to p
the pre Fil of W-M.

Sthe eC try."

Ike Dusignates
Oct. 4 As Day
Of United Nations
Govem a t agcles and p
vate orgapslation' end indlvi-
duals throughout the United
States have been requested to
cooperate la appropriate ob-
nervance of October 24 as Uht-
ed Nations pay in a proelam-
tion. md by President isen-
SNlatiBt Day is the an-
nive of fe date when the In
Cha1tq o 3United Nations
"came o In his procla,-
mtent requested
a ~ da.y be devoted
al y teo dinAlUtion of minra
nation naerng the aims ammd
aeCc Uihnents of the United

Mrs.A.. M.Biavaa
Of.Camoo Died
At 0ros Today '
Mrs. A a h mkva, of
boa Uet $ o'clock t mn

she a eat
camp sone

"o '


* I f

,I a ew Lsne
A 009 R4 ar

I'. I



SY .

'' -i o;.

,* .. .. kv

* Is. I.




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