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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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M.a. turdbd. WASHINGTON, Aug. 8 (UP). A top member of th
afir that joint Senate-House Atomic Energy Committee said tod
, slsatelte the United States is "ahead of Russia in the whole field of
re. .I ,o ,atomic weapons" even if Russia really has the hydroggq
several 1. Amer- .-'.
.." U 4 la SS bomb.
h work''I Sen. Bourke B. Hickenlooper (R.-la.), ranking Senate
member of the committee, said he would "neither dispute
StI'eaia nor admit" Soviet Premier Georgi Malenkov's state meant
Ls T. Di.e that "we too have the hydrogen bomb."
T iEven if the claim is true, Hickenlooper said, "it plant gets intoaich i f
', wouldn't make any difference in our own program. We mgIiplanalk wH-bobadli3
Es-ie are aing ahead with plans as they have beed laid out." bomb explosives, may abn
ickenlooper said he had not received an intel- ,tr ed up o ud Cw
ligeinc briefing recently which would enable him to spe- last April that rating
(up) culate ofthe truth of Malenkov's statement. "I wouldn't at vannah River
eanMof0 evenf ift is likely," he, to gettingg ro. etP
St'report,,' aScrate B "g r "tat
dle at dis- Wsld* ft nfiower would sby nowtfgl. produce Is trite um
n41 ran win B1t tkH4iMs considerable inclinaion here to doubt weht form of 'reB..
b nhS th the claimed Soviet achievement. Skeptics suggested one mPfding the gct..
i atys admitted big redsor. If the Russians had the H-bomb, they would lithium wth neutroa.
f the not h tbe-wlthe world about it. tothe way plutonium for
Is year prwinb it was recalled that Soviet Foreign Minister tr b tmaet,
va -,' VY. Mc Mo loW claimed the A-bomb for Rusi a some time 238,i.e ... .. .
Xasi geneai before PrMfent Truman announced the first Russia n omb'u atohautriger, too
Lanpeon, s ftomicxpleion in September, 1949. tr aSm rf s3"
inter of culture and The RuaeI have shot off skills to make hydrogen bombs. violen.e.
ft;. Lim Hwa, for- two, A-b -tce then, both The atomic reactions involved Sploding tritium In tu=n i
y 4Shairman tf the Ko in October lifc Officials here in the H-bomb are well known capable of starting a chain ta
N:. of cultural rela- believe ti "- ntry certainly In fact, the theory of hydro- ton reaction among a
t guia; Pak sang would know ,. there had been gen nuclear reactions was well deuterium, a doubte-we Mi ta
r'd6epaty chief df the any more at.itc blasts in the developed before the discovery form of hydrogen. The AlC
atb cadres; and Lee LUS.A.U.S. detection methods of atomic fission, the reaction built a big plant at Dnan
k,, former director of are fool pr4s they claim. I of convientUonal A-bombs. to manufacture deuterluta, ~#
$ Commercial Society aickealoap. ak e d IMalenkova statement that A -ob whom t

Ka^.. ,,.. o,,v, |ting we Bn." he said. "It Is try is making H-bombs. *" mer .
of" firwh o fr o up to thr- whether we That veis thflnt beeawe H-bombs. however, aure
.S.he -i u.I dSincrease the. bomb"andthat"thes 'ane i eraheca s
wh Radio saplied fNorth need forelntiraonal control State does n enjoy a mono- .
saen relieved Leof his The Ra, Iawas open for anymr showed clearly that fissionable material wil
post because he i ternatal control of devas- the Rusia elev this c oun- automatically and out ofeM
_ ri_ In the activi-_tat ing ," heb sid. we is makins H -bomyi. trol.

4 overthrow the Co- Atoe to have a moth hSroSgnT "deie"st I H-bomb however,
whvonment. d for n o e s. wetho in tathe s Petic las hit probably woud takt
announced official reac- an competent eyewitnd as thesl ocean be made a
9 .O. that Lt. GBeS. tg ." u 's statement cribed it in detail. deliver one so hu e. '
t communist true iptcal side no ut all the Atomi ng Such a bomb vr -
soaign L lr to the scientific a- d o that "berniclea' reold destroy ar 3 a
Mt ~, ._____ t .and industrial experitents had b.a conduct- size ofC lo a li l
,- ----- --*-- ... ed and t scientists in, seari hlar g
cn On rsnd a'Ziph y dre ne. ,p s member of thae t"
, whh" al:. w disappaiyntr e d, itea m kovMs t itment "atril dl
f .# I[. -- IJ _> ~slonal and other 5oite uq ganda."
k9 Sovert owH ohve ly verified that the "d ic" tak "I doubt very stin l
.on T wmw Home blast was a hydr@~ifn.the Russians have wiud M
-*--ff i-c- ,a One source, who Wiet .'led hydrogen bomb." h S.he

.w .as. free toiay ealpot resulU0ng Om of TNT4 a- a a- propran as we are.
Mfortdat t. MM W ton la that the e .W "Neither do I In
lung. doop-WIwasn't sure on Ise tohat t S their cadontts. I, t
pd 0was.aCt, b l.1sd no ..e as tked 000. -' the worid toJ ow htbiil A
ua nule to joinh hold him untu The explo.lo ian ultately will i
ws-usigln" r t mile-long asls weapon and it
r beUffhse si c ie lt fireball two hM the United States..
t h^ae .boy--the congreh- dust, anIoe, deba. 5,i ly in this tomic. ae'.
p. And Zip- rllgnIee n drove up to the miles into ts h r. ~me a- ar ahead. It ios ft
.. hcamedow nbomtb Seould do that. Ic our choosing.
bof came down Tii wi Miti "We certainly Mgte
leaning as sad-eyed, ren T ehie it is ltlp e see Rusia acclph -
an a that wiggled with developed ate wh t e control of atomic
fy e boy unced 1or a., a Dr. for we made at ao t
Slm H was suffering from a wrd Teller, was t wa did enjoy a mM* m
r-tlyf ta caught during a~ nd olnaL tomic bomb ferg .le
nt the oat Washington It a* i Iwra -any question but-that
p te k e alrpin aei to of the atomic n maI
'.g wa.s transferred to csWal reem eventually lead t@ ftie
ShaS eans, he lIaked hs a or, tl erthe Elhwe- tlon of civilization u we
i nin the facetand- to, tuta the Atanic Energy it."
fn fashion. coantlo B ian ad the military while House Press Sne
: I aummed It up thus: lataMtd a harry-up "trash Hagerty said Pn den
l& Jiact. A ,--. Brace ls happy but .Drit" to put toweethr two or hower ws shown the
A (.-l -l M Mimp i a hungry, aick the ,H of deliverable Press dispatch e Ma
char fitX.rooingarsanda 1ded las din a nem- statement e ift
'sald the e pro of the super carried on a ect
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nt onday health o di production can occur on-ty said, A&m droe up othem he mInt00 fa Es-ahaveano

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*i p.

- NEW YORK, Aug. I (NEA)
As we rejoice in the ar-
mistice in Korea and the re-
""turn of surviving Americans
from the Red prison camps we
Smust remember that the fight
*l not over. Red China's 'Mao
.Tse-tung himself has said so
' when early and late he re-
--werently quoted Lenin on the
subject of armistice and
"peace. '
Mao Is especially respectful
Sof Lenin's handling of the ..
Brest-Lilov-k treaty with Im-
i perial Germany in 1918. l rh
S The Red Chinese leader has
time and again told his fol-
lowers that the Brest-Lito,.s-:
event should be the guiditz
lieht to all Communists at all

Lenin signed that treaty de-
soite the considerable opposi-
tion he encountered from his
own top associates. Early in
his argument with him they
actually outvoted him.
But he brought the prob-
m-mrn back to be debated until
tev gave in The Soviet co"-
e' rnment signed that treav
_..though it hurt Lenin did it to
gain time for Soviet Russia.
"Rreathing soace" he call-
ed it a respite needed hv
"the rause of soelalism to
m ronlpte its work of supres-
sing the hourgeoisle." He and
hi bl ccialism needed time iin-
til hiq kind of blondy and de-
Vn etive revolution would
Srien in other countries.
Puch a revolution would
t*o-a time, he declared. It was
rnot just around the corner, as
s,""e of Mhs associates insisted.
It would come "at the end
of the end. and not at the be-
Srnnlnn of the beginning,"
' Lenin said in 1918.
fhen To Fight
Lenin taught his men "not
to fleht when you are assured
of defeat." He told them to
sin anything a. truce, an
armistice, even a peace treaty.,
but not because he really
wanted an end to bloodshed.
He said: "Peace is only a
means of reconstituting one's
-foerces. Peace Is a truce be-
"wetn war#: war'the means of
ee.urine- a better neece."
He told his faithful to re-
trest one step when necessary
in order to make two steps
forward at the very next op-
Be. did not mean to honor
the Brest-TAtovsk treat- once,
he signed It. He actually te-
fused to read Its clauses even
as he signed it.
"To read it?" he exclaimed


MAO TSE-TUNG: To him, an armistice Is "breathing spase_"
postward in the $105,000 Hambletonlan Stake at 0ohen, N. Y.,

to an aide who tried to unfold
the document before.him. "No,
no. never! I shall neither read
it nor carry out its terms
when there is a chance not to
do so."
Chance Came
The chance came. The
Western Allies gave it to him
by defeating the Kaiser a few
short months later.
Some 30 years after, in the
wake of the Second World
War, Mao Tse-tung profited
from this lesson.
In the mnid-1940s, as Chiang
Kal-shek's troops pressed him
and were on the verge of to-
tal victory, M a o skillfully
maneuvered for an armistice
- to gain time.
With the help of the short-
sighted, intermediaries he got
the sorely needed armistice.
Second Wind
Now in Korea It is Mao's
and the Kremlin's intention to
pull a yet smoother version of
As recently as last June 13.
Malenkoy' .4 iAyda" devoted
nearly on4 of its issue
to the ple- o. Much of
it stress shrewdness
In kno press his
advanta a i n to halt
espec i tter.
"Pravd- U ot say out-

THE RIGHT STEER-This *lat in dt&e Is eIsy on the feet
as he servi n ls suburban m :ae Teledo, Ohio, because
he's got the first American.;pr S4, y rs to featre a right-hand
dr~v. It'p a Jeep4 pe w e order for the U. 8. Post Office
Depo et by M Motors. The postman doesn't have to leave
his s to drop.d Lbe iaIL This time-saving operation pronlism
_ubntl"vlns xori tshe Post Office Departmeant.





right that it meant the war in
Korea against the United Na-
tions. It discussed Mao's conj-
duct in the war between China
and Japan of the 1930s and
Jap Campaign
But it cited that example
with a blunt aim of applying
it to the present-day situation
in Korea. All you have to do
is substitute "the United Na-
tions" or "America" for 'Ja-
pan," and Malenov's pra a*
of Mao becomes clearly up-
Mao .has always derided
(said "Pravda") the "ground-
less optimism" of those Chi-
nese who expected "a qulok
He disregarded the advice
of those inhis camp who "un-
derestimated the f o e's
strength." Such cocky and Ir-
responsible recklessness would
"inevitably lead to China's de-
feat." .
Time is on Red China's side,
Mao and "Pravda" say. Ther
point to China's great eise al
numerous pepulatleon to hr
material resources and big ar-"
They speak of the "histo-
rical proweas" which thtr.
claim works entirely In f
of the Soviet world and
against America and her allied ,
But, just as Lenin warned
his men not to bank on a swl
and easy triumph over tUp
West, so now Mao and Moscow
tell their camp that "th
struggle will be cruel and pro.
That is why a breathing
space is needed by the Reds -/
to collect their forces, so
to strike at us once
when the "historical prowe
gives them such an opportu-

We should have no lusions
even as we hail the armis ice
In the Far East and the re-
turn of our long-lost prison.

LONDON, August 3 8-4 )
-What with the
of living, a knight.
on enough beef to *.
kound a suit of IM*
- ng SS25 pounds-m&
a day, and vi
costing what they do.
This Is the arSt
forth b the : KiMSi
RoundM Table" M 5
American film of the-
siame, who aem sri to-
dyfor $I mar al in
home pay. M '
More than30p kn_ s
downed their swords
tea pay in the fe4m 4.



WA If~?O Aug. 8 (NflA)-- Wl
nation okecutive departmeO
eral e t has been giving
of t~is year, reforms in
machio are being given only a
The serious bog-down of the
prOfam this year has made many
relU there Is room for imprvm
law-making department.
This has not reached the stage of 5ilt s a
moveGMet for another complete
It is more of a piecemeal approach
specific shortcomings. Nothing may
about them this year.
Dr. 0"im GOalloway, a poultil
now In taNeg1slative reference seaeuIW nUT
ry of Cdbres; has made a conVMAM"IMH
mary .of 0 of the shortcoming j
rera l Bm y experience, he la
faml the subject.
Is tiM h dicapped by t
pa a ofen npwnel system, he b
congrm ml work load has not i
but iptJ and better staff aids have
to do a better job.
The u coa mlttees are
wd tElb of privet^ A
lavI to serve
ca Columbia.

Hlevesa the V
CnoC Ais : a----

Ing tanker. .
$n other words, thee is no
need, as was once ibo
t build special tami air-
craft for the bomber fleets
of the future.
With very few t
standard squadre vatrs
can be converted to IS
tankers which will fetFuel
to the oher planes tin the
squadron. "
A standard Jet bea" also
needs only minor awdfica-
(0l to Urmn it -bato fuel
recelven .

T he oi major. .WW
Pthe ., .

'I 1
* >

aiml bomb trouey a&l& it

the Bomb-bay,
Salpty remove U *
rN ired.
The mechanlam of thU he.
re unit i d184 _oVWOl f
alyrntft's normal ai lio l ,.
5efts exeistl ftI tis. t
Gptrpriit z '..
The whole M -.
then be ope0%1@-ewV fme an
member of the crew from an
Wmoil installed control not
w ach ke up a. a e = .0
amount of space.
social tanker hove ali !
bqmn developed which eat

'Brains .P
Py TOM A. QUUA.-, i
LONDON, August MWQ f



.ReTform MN
"sh main na'Ai Ui m hn dto a 00a .u* a r l.

offl Veas inM
A~s Va, n !m

-^ *, .,--.- .ai

.t ... ._,_
I -'''-' 43wy^ ,lL.irq- e, -- .' .': ,..4,_^, :.i "," ..

It a" r

a tm Ia
I.F .ri.


msa k

the meet fam of the World...
Sge s Age Orebel



* -

- ..,- <-.- F ly-. ':i-
, *f .i' *'''' ,"'''" )

;Get'p ore
n 's F/y

IA'L | h' f l" '

if r i el Is.H '

Lenin Said, And Mao Believes


"- LCT'


Kagee bI
SMt thm
m,rlb to

.1 :,..


-~ $1 Irn.:

21 Pa.uq ,
S 24 ReltAl.
215 Arr

r 27 Cotl
Mr* 28 oGra
29 Cheo .
30 Disps uh
32 Is about '
& 35 Han~ a '
S38 Time lof I



Ki sU Wom, i D6

Slqpping At Cutra,
Wi TA., Kan. (UP) A
weMnaW- pulled up tn her exr ti
a parking meter on Wloi ars
South Main Street 'and to
Reaching ifto he reaJ
CplUcPd.p a cloth bae -
Sthepariptlon "out :

noted what when
wai completed,
1* bag, tosed it
E meaO le and

lbJge Jau Gg ,

Waoed Woman
I .' L~m Uo. -.
IK Jterris, 90. lg is
telling about her
with the Jens James
youth ad the d.
hAd with Bob Ford, who
She 'd her saiter onr
upon png
near the family home at.
mond, Mo., while the
were counting their lot,
Harria says.
"Jesse told us to go lf* -
she says, "and we did,"
Ford, Miss arr:s
'respectable flow"
kept company with IhtL .
Mui Harris lives at 1f
for the aged 4ere.


ia tin




Reopening Sept. let

S, Member of
~~ 3 + c Dae M ters
e fof Aerica, hic.

Bust 17th 18th freo 10:00 a.m. to 4:3-uhp.
Fdr information phone 2-2363



S of Toledo, Ohio,

takes pleasure in announcing
the appointment of



.t ts in- No. 36 Automobile Row
as Exclusive Distributors in the Republic

f o Panoma and Canal Zone.


','.i 1 "-* .' v ;
i .i <*if *

UMgriac to
-' ^
he sakI
E~wkwar l
41Wlj< 7
SL-6% mdi


.. A- ,' -
.* -3 .-*1


,a world
ltro fa ore

nlng up to two
IMhtli for gom= spe-
U311 non except for
lainout ba: In
on certain laW
nof trout fleo-
alond from No-

Conn. (1P) I
wwas a sucker o
k vit"ary fakes at th
Sddn't be aahamm
r. one of countlem
eBluns who ha
fakes and forgql"
-m indedfo-i
eed in
ale Ual
of some of

! 's. It was
Army eleua|
L rke, who wav
m Ire tast hat
an Intel
f4 was the
thousands of
Svarious l
one of them
Really "took" I
gu wa a Frenenc

ald ke mad.
i-had ever-
Iland andi

U, :,s

-.9l '.

M"eo minimum 'n-ea M q required to open a Chaoe
.Sp.Wbl Checking aeoumnt! You can open your
I atf y of oar ce nalently-located branmchs.
a so sensible to pqy-by oheoi. -*rwe mai check with i ftaw
of-. less. Your caneellod cheek then b'iomes a bona fide reoeit
'. : ihast ends all arguments before they begqi "
-Knew where your-money you paid, to whom,
and for what. The efmal coat dihtbe-C, a 0 peial chock blanks are
,!..:. worth the peace of mind thi se--ic. lbr'lg you.


r,. -,-' *S U 3,

Balboa Cristobal a' na&.^ David

Lat W p

ND at 100 p. J. I a.m.

. ^ ..:...... .- .-..
I-, .-._.o .

On .. hr

~* ,ie Aug

-..1 .


i4 i
' '.

m. i

it t
we WC
pr ea


r. ,





I -- -"''C~o

" m n. m n, II

-', ._,o,'_.A -. .


<** ,<


I io,


Mi nesL
ilkA Vd1 i





ew Picnic Lunch Servd ot

A QUICK PICNIC CASSEROLE on any out might be a wel. I NEA Staff' Writer
eleme change. Here's a hot dish made with things you a take. Gay new accesris to the
house add usefulness to dra-
* By GAYNOR MADDOX imatic appeal to capture the
NEA Food and Markets Editor attention of the time-consclous
0 homemaker.
-- o Like many other women, I
A hot meal on a, picnic is Melt butter in frying pmn o- have neither the ace for
always welcome. Follow this ver portable grill. Add onion ~ ny kIickknack the in-
advice of a friend of ours in and celery. Cook, until onion 3'nation to serd time dust-
Troy; N.Y., whose children have begins to turn transparent. Stirin them, but, ,hape ly, that
big, appetites. 'in kitchen bouquet. Add water, doesn't mean we need sacrifice
Just fill your basket with a contents of can -of, tomatoes novelty and interest in a room
package of precooked rice. a and bouillon cubes. Add vege- setting.
om of tomatoes (don't forget tables which have been de- The traditional charm. of
tlWa'n opener a package of frosted enough to break apart cross-stitched samplers or flow-
quick-frozen mixed vegetables !easily., er-sprigged porcelain, for xam-
and seasonings. Pack the chop-, w ple, are given the modern
ped onion and celery in ai Sprinkle with salt and pep- treatment and reappear 'as
.ctew top jar with the hunk per. Cover tightly and bring to working members of. the home,
of butter on top. Dump this boil. Cook until vegetables are; A sampler, similar in design
In the frying pan first, butter nearly tender, about 10 min- to a family heirloom I don't
side 'down. utes. Add and stir in the rice, know quite how: to -handle,
then bring to boil again. Let crops up as an attraotlve func-
Quick Picnic Casserole stand, covered, in warm place tional mat. The design, photo-
(4 servings) for 10 minutes. Meanwhile, ar- graphed in full color and litho-
-range frankfurters on grill graphed on a heavy asbestos
Qne-quarter cup butter, 12i Frankfurters should be browned mat, makes a roomy surface
vup finely diced onion, 12 cu :Iand done when the casserole Is for hot dishes, appliances and
Inely diced celery, 1 teaspoon. ready to serve, so on. It can go from stove
kitchen bouquet, 1 cup water. to sideboard or-dining table to
I No. 2 can tomatoes, 2 beefI ,Here's a stay-at-home dinner: act as practical support. for- a
bouillon cubes, 12-ounce pack- Broiled frankfurters, quick hot platter or. after dinner,
ag Vfiozen mixed vegetables, picnic casserole, corn on cob, stay put as a decorative center-
defroated, 1:2 teaspoon salt, 1'8 seh rolls, butter or margarine, piece.
teaspoon pepper, 5-ounce pack- sliced garden tomatoes, peaches.
-.prp-cooked rice, 1 pound; and blueberries, layer cake, cot- I Another enterprising manu-
f 'rrd fee. milk. facturer has released the fine,
expensive beauty of hatid-ppnt-
ed porcelain door knobs froi
A I .! their collector's showcases 'and-
Sput them where they belong--
or. doors. I was impressed by
the low price tags (under $51
on these new knobs which look
Life Isn't UnCOmpicated three times-the price and are
made -to fit modern lock as-
semblies on most doors. Some
For ITeeni-Aged YOUngSters are delicatel painted. with,
Victorian rose bds and leaves.
'Othfer are suited ter cam-.
S-- o temporary ecor wfh plaid,
spatter and line designs,
S 9U1F isn't always as easy and uncomplicated for young peo- One of today's answers to|,t
+|le as we like to think. Take this letter from an eighteen-year-' the ornately carved Whatnot
p id irlA as an example. She writes: shelf looks to use a spcoiIul
like d .Dlee-. jot?/n tfair

"A lA through elementary Ushool an all but the, year of
S igh school I was fat and .fu l y school

*the kids teased me a lot. in nign school hney just i o me alone, But ho am I to amtem' with .
the' designer when the price
;, "About a year ago I finally lost enough weight to have a nice is moderate; the effect hand-
,eflgure and now I look all right. But improving the.way I look some. The mesh backing is.t is
IO !t b~helpi me any., A few girls. did .remark about l4' much in rectangular, square or free
*6eght I'd lost but they still didn't treit me ainy.i % -. foI ,shapes. Brackets to hold
fs 'ca .. Vases or whatev er
' ..."I finished high school last Juhe, .I'd give anything" in the hoo -to the mesh and catn beIS*
LrlI to get out of this town and go some place, where no one mo4 (roud at will to create
Plows me or remembers me the way I used to 1Aok. diffrvtt patterns.
'Sharp ,as an exclamsttlie.
"I'd like. to go to a city and get a job but my mother and, mint are amatic new ele.-
lather 'won't even listen to the idea. They say I'm 'too young.' I fdI eis W9
mow I.'ll never have a chance here. Don't you think my- only Them d* tic effect of one '- t7
aaite ever to be anybody is to get away from this little town?" .mepilee heightened y its
diamond and the,use of
.O10NG TO STRIKE OUT vividly ing clors like
yellow green' '6r por-mo'
MAYBE. But your parents are right in thinking you are too yange and pe. Junior ma m aeny I
gnx, to strike out on vour own. not' Binrn tell time by It, i of
but- _ender metal hands do' ,
If you really want to "get some place" in a city you'll need ticr oifft the hours in an un' ma n
e preparation than a high school diploma and a determina- obtrthive ty., lance,
to leave home. __t_ y
You'll need to plan for your future carefully. Can you man- Niw IwMUSI-KILLER reveal 5
to enroll in a business college so that you'll have something 4. .If .
*cfer.when you go job hunting? Y. (UP) A new.feet f
hori S -killer for. de-.a large
If you cani, get a business college education. Then get a job st I*nll trees or brush smaller
a yeir in your own home town to gain a little experience and has d loped, Dr. Otis F. of altel
-confidence. After that, you should be far better equipped to r 'o:the New York State 5. AX
le a'city than you are right now. Agrcltu l Experiment Sta- 6.
J tion, rirted. It can be sprayed of the.
aft give up your dream of going away if it is terribly Un-- o the foliage or mixed with and.
t to 'you. But help to ixake it a successful reality by care- kerosema or fuel.oil and Dainted 7.
preparation. on the lower art of the tree fafA?
^ ~_______to be astro. for 'h
.-, ... formst

k, ." : .
'Y" ::: ::' "'+!:i t.'




- .','



gi' CJ0 O Ceimponay3Ffwrw.

- 'I -

Iat agE~

I~4*ijrr Ywruul~

k1- to


X I .*

rC' 1



~~~~i~;"'- .~

-- --L_~.-~C---I------- I ..L~

Wsand in PoNuc

kanos PrmditI ,
ingtonians who want to 0a
Waj%"rat4 11 are re
2e; serted island just atw6-*If-n t.
Ute boat ride away.
'Vbe Ilan.d, once the site of aTI.
lpp nsr Onmer home, is now,
* the U
i, virtual wln9. Foxes,
.e.owls, wid malards, and
n the r(It _Uthe 90-acre
tract In he.P0otM river 16i
Opl tle e =l almost

uaa s

f Thct o of (
Oatobw IWo, 'o I
F whi n eM .o

MTo*Yo gains Prestige in ., a
attend c. to master the rapid-spinnifg wooden wheel.
om donstratescorrect form to Guy Wertz, city
,! recreation d ,t ta of Instructors. ,

I P r
i er'.,s nd 'Magic'

a" A y Medicines

August 8
J the "supe
aive tribes st


tIcajlt. to
today's etb
*drrms hut a

tum: "W i

- ~ u
bs o


*AICI I -,
- I\ *t

--'er ~.- oe., both used in China for nearly
r- ri I for the years.
ill san .Witch doctors, shamans,
to In the e s arose the other primitive medicine m
e- so-called of signa- from the tribes of inner
tures," a n..Nature frica to the American Ii
ge given clues to; fvmnn ,e e. ans, have given medie
ot dies for man' ntsi Hepa- many an important drag.
be tlca .for exam ia liver- The South American
kct sha dea 4t' was that first chewed the bark
- be to r edy. the cinchona tree when str
mt The. t brain en with jungle fever,
,med i-hquinine to the world. Cur
.tf toie. *^ > the deadly native arrow
8O tased son, now is widely used i
'More, on muscle relaxer.
; I ien North American Indians
rbs covered the use of casm
Rweremade from bark of the b
medical thorn tree. Wild parsnip, w
u knowledge gre 4sarly of these they used, has been disco
- tMeuASMs- WVOV eMealed as ed to yield a drag' active
ry worthless. But others were sganst pneumonia and menI
found to have. solid substance. tis. Another old Indian ren
h Digtalis jor heart disorders was found several years kg
. ist made .okh the% foLxlove damage cancers in mice.
S f olds, asthm*,i andto Medical scintst today
Sthe 13' century. very eriouly new. reports
* Opium from the poppy, hen- strange or primitive cufres.
bane, -.Bppersmlnt, and CFathr matter ho* fiAtaUti. they b
w owqT% giknwp -a in Anpett seeqi, *Otey are Ijnvotipte
ad ihedrh1 a drug edt Ie hpe tha tsoMp migbt
ad r treating colds, asthma, and to ,pipprtaii pedIcal 4ia
t- ba" !!X4, ncomnea from a plant erlea<:le




i '"Tsxas
MW res-
head of

bc; aid"


"d J. Lonse, tabvclod *tf
I ung he's feeding sacIr i jf
oi Betty's life depu* a
01t in Korea and s amltti
ith continue us bn

tr Japan, I
*he by a
..him with
rour Air
J" irator.J

~Y ~ I

oft sdow;dowe
ln winwa. 11
to boob, M

PHcoh ant Devoel-
their tbosb nm
S doo, whieb

k of

zcr MC eCver ar& ,nzyA._!
ce44t-t ivlGRit.a -. .-
Foundation Overgrown
Curiosity hunters and amateur
naturalists will find the founda-
tion of Georese Mason's fine
summer home all but overgrown
by a wealth of unusual flora. A-
mong the numerous trees on
Roosevelt island is a tall white
oak and a rare Kentucky coffee
Maon, whose home was de-
stroyed by fire during the Civil
War, operated a flourishing
plantation on the island. Here
he grew cotton and tobacco and
set out fruit trees.
The island was a grant to Lord
Baltimore from Charles II of
England in 1632. It changed
hands several times and, until
its purchase in 1931 by the
Roosevelt Memorial Association,
had been locally known as Ma-
son's Island.

Deer Poaching Done
With Modern Touch
AUGUSTA, Me. (UP) Chief
gapm warden Elmer Ingraham
has appealed to sportsmen's
clubs tO aid in destroying the
"organized racket" of deer kill-
Deer jackers are dropped off
in. the woods before. dark so
there will be no parked auto-
mobiles to d)scloee whae the
poachers are operating
Accomplices return late at
night to nick up the packers
and their night's ,btul. of Ven-
ison wildh finds a ready mar-

Here's the place to have .
fun! Fabulous hotels and a
glamorous nightclie
fishing and all otpiJ
sports, plus the g
* sands of Miami Be l
Pan American fli"
make immediate cottne.
tions at Miami to t
major U. S. cities. A glahi
at the fares will eobvi"e
you that it's the thriftiest
and fastest route no
Se y'u' TrfI AI **r,-"4-

Tel 241 9




raMi ... .o i.e .
MIAMI... $70.00 $126.06

GUAYAQUIL ..... 80.00 144.060
w TORK ...* 114.00 214.0


CHICAGO ..... .. s120.30
SAN JUAN. .. 134.00


For more detailb, vbt Ara's offleo TeL 34-3,

at IS P Ave., or e any of th es -.tse






G6atl White

' .8. .......... .............,
S, ,, '** ** *
.- .t I b ..... s...
mul" "dAON

NEW Tom i9S CWin
S c a I................ .. .. .
8 $ -C A P W . %. . ..1 .M
9.. C".. .............................. ........
0M.4V4..... ................ .. ..

Weewy salfau al tweb wmuers hip to NwYwke fto
OfWe Mi S -amta Ob a"

CBe* AL i31 AMAMA S-an CLaN

4'. .. .~

ag' I

Potter of

w guests
kiven at

-'C ~ .1

MO A **U

I a

vk* jpie for

S -,,

r 43 4

2:'i: I


ir 1 -- ---- -


C+-~~-CT-'~ 'L


W, t 9

7A If~l

Mgn.N ggrng


B. S.,-. k1,

QUfiO ~ Ll


- i


I "


t~lla ~~ y~RI



'J~y1 -~* *i*r



You Sell'em... When You Tell'em thru P.A:.
Leave )our Ad with one of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 "H" Steet anama ,
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Colon .




Via Espaia No 34 Panama, R. P.
(Bells Vita TkeThe *U.)J

Agencia Internacional de Publicacioes
No. 3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2-311

10,050 Mel6ndeW A4-Jfone 255, Col6n

-"'H Street ei audante St.
Phones 2-2214 a -i9I

Miniom for 12 wr
3,.eash-additioal wopd,

II _________________________________

Household Automobiles @ el, rme,. aa cWl s.. Oceanside cottog % Automobile PR
9----. ".'FO ft AlM-/ w eeha mu Cla. Box 435. Balm.
FOR E 2 ce. 9 cu. 8. FOR SALE .-1950 Studebaker Ex- 201 Anc. C. Panama 3-1877. Cristobol -
Wesr.rghuuse relfrgerator. Excel- cellent condition. 16.000 miles R. WENDEHAKE. Medic1 ClIIc. Hous L beac. Sant Cor A
lent co,nd.hon Phone Aibrook bt- Low down ooyment Liberal terms DR. WENDEHAKE. Medical Clinic. Houes an beaCh, Sonto Claue.
Call Central Avenue "K" Street :o- in COOL Campani ai
C Crundu 5245 C net. Telephone 2-3479. Pana Phone SHRAPNEL, Bolbo
FOR SALE 9 u. t. W e ngh O R SALEa 1946 Ford 4 door er Te e n /see, Pcarntaker there.
all porcelain, perfect running con- sedan. radio. excellent motor. New SPECIAL EXCURSIONS via ILACSA or see corker there. ...
dtiorn $90 C,0 Al household ,tern! barterN Phone Navy 3303 between PANAMA-MEXICO one way $85 Gramlilch Santa Clark u.
mut go. House 269-B. Gatun 5 a- 9 a o m and 3 p m. Ask for round trip $135 115 day limit tod. Electric iceboxes, om n .t
5t19. RChard Fi'pp. $165. good one year; to L O S Gmoderate rates. Telephone ui. Ane .
I -_- ANGELES one way. $15925 round Gib ; 4-567. Pedro M ,iel .kil
FOR' SALE -25 Ccle Refr.gerator FOR SALE -1947 and 1949 W.IIv tr.p $268 64 190 day limit). Pan- WiHllons' Santa Clarm Beach
Westinghouse. S75. Fan 25 Cycle Jeep. 1950 Chevrolet. 4-door, 48 ama Disatch Service 36 Avenido 2 bedrooms, refrigerator, R
'0 2 ork toblie. Vveaoe rug Nosh 4 door 1942 Buick Coupe Nacional (Automobile Row). Tel. ranges. Balboa 2-3050. % 3 Lr
.00. 21 2-C. Pedro .1,guel. 4 No SI _Va Espara Tel 3-3022 Panama 2-1655. week-ends 8t" Por
513. ____ ____ FOR SALE 1953 5,ngle I 300 To MIAMI &r EW YORK via AREA Foster's Cottages. One mile .. O
FOR SAL---Ch.rnee Eug. 8 x 10 mEles all occessorey. Single car- Boeing 4 engine, planes. One-way Santo Clara. Phone Balboa 2- ,1,
ry good cond.l.on Mahogar., burelcr Accept trade in $1 450 to Miami. $70.00 Round-Trip *O YOUR LOCAL LAVB '
bar iith mirrors and glass too Fort Koboe 3236 $12600 One-way to New York: PAN M NT I -
beaut,ful'v rn.hed Phone Pan- FOR SALE -Che.rolet 1-2 ton pa- $11400 Round-trip $214.00. See i P AM N "EC
ar 3- _______ r-.el 1953 almost new. Chevrolet PANAMA DISPATCH SERVICE IN "y.'C the v T *
te n 15pdg -- prey. ofCkiqmd, r-(e
FOR REN'T -Pioli: armed stud.c Sedan 195. new T.res, radio Per- telephone 2-1655. ___ 00 ft., easily eeced y e e C
couch a.-d char, poa. fect Phone 2-2298, SPECIAL FLIGHT to Kingston, leav- Iflghsf hem Tecuimn le De 'o
walnut Jnj toble: Tel. 84-6219 Paran-.o ing every Iwo weeks $60 one way, heMr. seeing service t a*M l eb
FOR. SA- c VrWe.nghnuse FORL SALE Engsh standard. 4 $ICS round tr.p. Panama Dispatch oe request, else by mele e
reauiger i oral pl:rela n, e..-el- doci sedar. 194-. black Good ccn- Service 36 Asen'da Nacional IAu- highway. "
lent c nalOiit I*1. CO RCA dr.on :^ 3,0 Ca-h Apply 03'3 mobile row.' Tel. 2-1655, Pan- Com e chan ge a s
Rodio. Q~.. II (.,0 CanI Cable Heas amaIdeal point o
;-1.44 on e..ndoS and otier FOR SALE -Laddloc 1942 Hydro- FOR FSALE -r cui
rweedrORnSiLEon 200 F
P.R. Ae n atc la.r cond.ton. $200 00 or AlmeCstive her-leange
FOR SALE -Vani, baby cr,. dh. best ot'er Duty poid. Tel. 3- MiRllaneoNl *ele* 3 meel included feem
irar table and 4 10th S1 441 -.._________ Mi____l___
Roseeh 9088-A Apt. 6. Colon FOR SALE -Studebaker Chompon FOR SALE--Complete line of Smith $50 -
FO~ SLE -Wurlitzer Studo Pranc. 1941. coupe good conditon. Way Weldming Electrodes: Mid with et mel l me :.,
lit antq.ue po ,lor furnlure, ,adio $200 00 No. 9. 7th St. Poar ue s eel, cost .ionZ ,M Chinabl A, $Z.50 daely.s d "a e" "
rnarble lop console and m.rror. Lelevre. Tel. 3-4436.e r and hard facing. F. ICAZA Y CIA te *r | kigew rys.
tmhogany bench marble too tbal FOR SALEe-Morris Minor convert- FOR SALE--Piano Spinet Winter. Hesel Penemee,. *eqeet.
and role table tops, oi na ible 1951. Excellent cond .ton Chipendoale Style $385.00. Call --., ,--'
watico'or armntings. rugs, type- P65 $250 1 quarters l555 Panama 3-2840. Prof. Crdona. FOR RENT
VAtter. refrigerator and Misc $650 $250 ca p. Quarters 2555.
icold effects. Telephone Bal- ool'. 2-1923
3025 a FOR SALE:-1948 Pontac Stream- FOR SALE -50 empty steel barrels Houses 4
SALE Antique so f, I.vnig- iner 2 Door, radio. hydramatnc. $ 50 each F.OB. Balboa. The '0
FO"R A. 1 FOR Texas Tompany -Panomo) Inc. FOR RENT :---Sep e J .,*
r .oo tabe. No ,7. 44th Street. many extras. good I.res. custom-. ap
romtatae. No 744thS t lored interior. Excellent cond,- Tel. 2-0620. ious residence, completely furnio-
aod _. d ed. now occupied by .t0e
.'eslair -____ tor House 1549-E, Gavilan Rd FOR SALE Shotgun. Remington Ambassador. Tif. Ponuikh ib .4*
FO.' "ALE -H-ousehold furniture & Baboo Mcdel li with Cutts Compensator ---
and 4 to e6 e l da, HoSe 2172 FOR SALE.-BUICK SUPER-RIVIE 20 gauge. new condition. 26" bar- FOR RENT:-Lore cornpletey.
and 4 to 6. -eekda,% House 2172 r^^ y ^mdel. $85 00. Cell Curundu 2226 noshed home Thee e
RA purchased new September tel. $85 0o Call c Curundu 2226 nished r;Qme rn
D CurundL _____ 26.000 miles. Hyrometic. other 4.30 p. m. middle aged womdn, wii *"& I
0- urundALE- 1951. 26.000 miles. Hyrarnetic. --. with decent couple. 9th St. Rio
FOR SALE Rd.o Hall.crofter S- Radio, White Side. Wall Tires, FOR SALE:-1947 Cushman scooter Abojo No. 2612.
38, very reasonable. coil Balboa Seat-covers. Everything works. Car with new engine $125.00. Year A I "
2-3234. in excellent condition. $,1,600 duty old Kenmore washing machine, FOR RENT. Modem chalet,
paid. Call Panama .2-3171 week. $100.00. 25 cycle refrigerator bedrooms, moaid's room, $ .
FOR SALE doys mornings. $50. 25 cycle record turntable $10. Via EpperIf No. 2024. MiAgue His '
I 00, two 500 volt 500 mil. 25 cycle phone 3-4844.
SMotorCclei transformers S10.00 each. Phone HOUSE for rent Sept. 4 to Nov. 15A w
,Motorcyle Position Offered Rodmon 3513 or inquire 704-F, or will Ilas for 1 year. 2T10 2nd
FOR SALE---Salsbury motor scooter Locona. St., Los Cumbrem.
cd~ripletely rebuilt. This is a mod- WANTf :-Salts _ents for clubF FO E M .,
dified scooter, plenty of power. A Ap t yel if.d. FOR SALE:--Gas stove, good condi FOR RENT- de
reftl buy. Price $175 or best of Ity r tion, excellent buy. Phone k- nished, 2 tdrooms $140.
t4r. Cail Albrook 86-7222 Qtrs I p i 4273. Belisa o Porns No. 143. M
216 tiure 16 FOR SALE. --Piano. Good. Condtit Hive. phone 3-4844. "
LESSO N S "^s p t -..Mai st. House 4pt 4.-'.h r, i O. "
T" S PA i'S LI-' ll pht FOR SALE FOR REN-3 dro chalet In
LearninnSpanish this wayaFrni Fumished '
Si. Start now. Apt. No. 2 Bldg. WA E pereed office clerkfurnished. Information at 0 Via
77-A, Estudiante St female, also an English-Sponish FOR SALE:-16 ft. V-Bottom Boot. Porras.
Stenographer, good speller, rapid Brand new. Contact Frank Mendez, O R r
Stypist. No beginner considered. 172 Central Avenue. Telephone. .ENT ,
Dqg, Like Huck Finn, Columbia Pictures. Euseb.o Mora- 2-0383. I R E T
__ .. i ._ les" Codagrelo. I OA S., .. ... .. ,_., An mea rp m

U E ma.. z 3uJ3 Wanted Position 1-2 and I H. P. I BM, Avenida FOR Ri
OaRTn WAPosit n Justo Aroeomena, 48. Tel. 3-5481. ment
S cocker spaniel of the Panamonn bilingual accountant Borgin prices 3, ".
Streators, has had one and Auditor with solid U. AFOR RI
neral and lived to bark about tons. eight years background ex- IrUK ie Arues Over 73-A
. S master thought they perience and best references de- For I
AicI That .t4.;49at aires position, with- industrial, cor- East
S diappeared and neigh- mercial or construction concern W S Sun First
found a similar dead cock- Write Box 70 Panama.
&a ditch. But George cameMM.(UP)-The
erng home much ve. Help Wanted et^ n."r, M e. (UP) --The
the Streators were left with newest entry in the Maines
Sun Ray Sweepstakes comes
S funeral bill. WANTED -Competent nurse moad frMa aohn J. Edmunds who FOR RI
Arboix Bldg, 5th St. Apr 6, Co- c ims support from the Geo-
P ion, R. P dettc Srver In Washington. hou
Policemen. Carry FOR RI
tr T bs WANT The Sunmmer dog days have ro.0
Habit Too Far WANTED en ened by revival of Bel
ON HARBOR, Mich. Miscellaneou athe ancit arguments as to nrap
So t*w 1* __________________________ In Maine the rays of
roe poglcemen WHAr- NTT. ..c- "= "
oe 29, ad ptiban WANTE-To occupy end of Augurt. th smn frst strike the United WaM
27, were fired for going one or two bedroom, unfurn,,hed BSates in the morning.
ar with the polUceman'f apartment Il,,ngroom. bathroom, C. MEward Shea, publisher
habit of he iltne th B, kitchen. dinette, garage Preferably of the Bar Harbor Times, had
Sel the fruit vena or Bella Visi or Exposition Distrct. renewed the old squabble by CI
f Ve't, Po'nrpa 2-5323. printing membership cards In
d t0 the Sln.= r from Mount Cadill
ti admitted taking tem.ase WANTED TO BUY-.Smooth tres. uib and fro ting th adl-
oftawberries, worth $. from suitable for reconstruction *Re- SCM O b S. at '
a ton harbor fruit market. constructora Nacional," No 7, touches this country n
__ ~Peru Avenue. Telephone 2-0406. nof rMountdCadl-
WANTED--Room and board with "l M luMnda claimed d.
American family for technician, "'The Godtic Survey In Wash-
1* single, preferable in vicinity of Ingtlm.I" V the sun it.
'""Puebld Nuevo or Miraflores. Call rMa I M untain first at
SPanama 3-1240. _w l ,.W" and Lu-
3. -L --- ... Oh, What To Do With an to
Old Mastodon Bones -t nto

o led I

,T* = t


other Novey New !

amp 'Insed Bulb
electric light bulb' that
Is insects for a few
pennies a month.

Use in Homes, Offices,
*es. Factories. Hotet
Warehouses and
Restadranta '
we parkla b asP,.
poutal Ave. I. it4 I

ii Ballroom Duncig"
Mba. .amba. V b,
%tOe. Fexttet .
Jitterb ,
-m s. ..

Uaton A the hut z%
ng to Its c*stti
Orsr *lbb ".kail d-.T

-i UUIIJWkHi~ 1'
._a i .^ ., <

!Or og d
,the ti

-M L. m -.,-
RM-Browl'"^ .w

,%00 years bones of a'masto
la -ay preserved fa a layrr e
pat near here before tbe-wer
discovere and removev .
Then WHm

When the er
Wasic elauPd MB

I fM si

No. 4 Tivoli Ave -Phone 1-2291. and

Fourth of Juiv Ave.-Phone 2-0441

*1. .

1. -



, 1,


:- cyce moors -

H H FIlinr NI i v

:~ ~ "~' ~
~I'~4A LW

.4-4 '""t-. *T *f -.

n i Lem
S. .

Bette Davis
S Them all, 'it

I at the Lux
W.e aultenlA

.. a- nontemporaril
oothter udllflcatlon to
V .,- A .r

W w re of

to- be bne

Vi erT

WHAIU U 0W96 pv; :s,.

l owtl. ltu
,'Miif the vlVO-

Sy Opups it
ae of *Lery o

pioneer out

'Stand at4 A


ltOLLErwdo .Augu
(UP) -Movi singer Jan
divorced thew"e sa

W ',it
OW oe e u

Sof I rhad

me tskB

won cus
8 month
S, igr

One SonMa4de

Clooney Big

Itee hy improbable that
.b the overnight

, a The Circle Theater's last production at 31H
aM Hotel wasn't really mat off a .wheduit.
S.S:, cely a doubt existed as t7wwh o m .t
06 fe fre of 'Bell, Book and Candil" ju, t
everyone connected with the dreary affair. If
Edapfiewse. more than a couplej of .a ie
t El nama, the C ley.
WNedt U;00t t El Panama, the Circle ThS

their next. w t. But it is the i
for Murder" t qid having the play itself-

screen vicu iofthe d t.
eas- et tI tptR he story
to e- kehnd the cluemft'R success of te show Is ingeulously writ- Mr. t name tra
W. ten poposm kbeblt num. ssMG-ld. be ale o
bu.- The vivacious blonde almost rifice .oter hai the audience own number in a telephme
"Aboutmissed the "-boat, "Olooney's 0or1 such saanatibm' as. the and i ma standing ten
A. Broad- close call," as she refers to It, cast. has in nind. LBy and lr surprised expi
a, "Two's came when she demurred at thsi u a ate orwd f9 sort ofa guerdon 2f
ih prov nre cor dIng "Come On A "el.eL, Book an Cande's" w. wof theusr- athi."
alnst is My House." It required the do thns. Or rather, the 6r Best the Circle Theater3
er only combined persuasion of her cle d her's wagy of doing 'Bell, let Sydney or, pe. owun
L' release, business manager Joe 6hrib- Bo a lt i Candle." sgoers hear abdut tl
celebrity man and Mltch Miler, head aM ior Murder," a British nos, that,# all.
cope man of Columbia Records, to p ea uhenr Knott, a s hihwwe All ti
ig the convince her of the number's been as great a auccesa In New r-rotatiton (or i4It

esp he trsAre n. Sh 3
as e potentialitiesYork as in Lndonvolution) ie down
Sshe Ayear ago Romar y wlA ccor ng to the Circle Thea- le Theiter hwdet
tackle A ,imply a vocalist trying to ter's handout assement of the AnyShow, the b
wn down make a name for herself by situation. the show '.has raised' tell of "the celassal INerv
a'oeptlon -.-bgng with big-nanme bands. the interest of theater-goers aq ny Wendlee. the maintu
for what Her chances for a Hollywood far West as Englnd. the home gthe show." Neat'wgy'.
has fool- contract were as remote as the of the author 0 Knotts, and he's thinking all*.
mea out Plalbility that a recording 'of as far south Lm. PeZM." dames.,
Sam off-beat tune derived from The Circle Theat1r Is r am A nce thit &
I right. Armenian folk' sog would and so is the world, Looks like send chills up am
sUA IS a6 s0l over a million copies, they are rotating in oppolte,di- Iees present *I f t
or. Sterl- Hertnew popularity stemming rections for mngland'to up opel on a date yetmte
% prom- from her rendition Of this hit in the westiike that,wth Mpoor =ea e (t watls thk e M
p s o. wmn her a long-term contract thlet ceet od
of Bette with Paramount Pictures. Rose- =e a amt4M
ways an mary made for filhk debut in i ttr I
e supe- 'The Stars Are Singing. She the edge of thir s
" Natalie Was teamed wit. the lovely B ...ig".htb ticto
m, Minor young singer Anna Maria Alber- o. I Mtn
r. But teettl, and Lauritz Melcblpr,hai I. Lm ad.o R
*'ln ,rr- rosemary's talent wu first le
iar'bow, t to use when, as a child; as .a
tf'woni- e sang at politleal rallies to' t-eat it I
inm.and farther the mayoralty cam- b tlfa r t ;ad
as she pLs of her grandfather. Al-
: and Pt0ugh she had a lon and Te. is. sie* o reao thi
difficult struggle before achlev- r *,flt th e trha i
ing recognition, Miss Clooney isa that edv one at. A
Id now beselged with requests for '7yTtone at'II
radio, television and theater .or*od.c op will .
S appearances, since her sensa- q 10twelr'la W "'or "-'.
tonal success with "Come On- ,' I To watch the la
B A My House" To Vaiie the play, It
A eordpopularity Is an In- i. Nol oig for tt dalrO13
terestin phenomenon and be. -
Domf even more amazing if a .
one is aware of the hectic be- Museums Use '
hind-the-goehU activity at rec- F "
e P*"U ordlag coMpanles. Since thou-
lentaonu 5 records are cut each
I bi g e"topress B
Uxer- quand d tAs of rl each
ld. con- .A ch proves .an a out- L.n n
sA doing dces. In the case o.
m M...othA Ms," one of the latent

S"dier; first foun days of reease.
A.ough -she can't read a a a

is Wee of the, ladder among the ranks, .Ce .

totoand cam C l-veland- needs'di asl

2 ater a Will show the dP __
tal k2-.ear-oCd earth.. a "Our
t o IsAA il a J l da.Wi.p. Icbeelee sys.

.t won
"'re. -

,; ...,, .... .: t ..

.YWOODW iEi Close- wo
I Lmaahfltt Ho#lywood's Igo

Jutsell and Marilynf-
It and hand print.
an's C h a
e engagement of
Prefer Blondes,"
iays the ads should
v Inside and see the

tie at the Sands In
'X saw Red Skeltaos
pd he said some t
things that I'm go*
mght .."-.
, plaininr16
a5 *Ww
ce a title. ihea. -
Y t dom tt
It the rbyhme." ,

lw, tot .y -
ther.*, no no I

ly U ll..D. JONES
HO W~ A muat 8s -
t(UrP--,. alate' most dif-
ficult muslct role ever hand-
ed a non=*muslcal screen star
has lllen to limmy Stewart
Fith his M in "The
i portraying he late fa-
mous whose death
in& am lli plane crash in
Deeember, .S. ended the
gP test sry in mod-
eCM 'M f history, Stewart
IaM t IWnte the trombone
Sdite 1i'Mfl t.han 21 tunes.
Ti lt 1-'itlt tunes from
19 1i.t, sand an 11-chorus
J aMli which Stewart,
a t lpates in an
Ial"th m group including
_- and Gene
*O sR;a, JI~aMy has prob-
t more time study-
Si '1tlmon wI* without
.0 Ote, than anyone
.i lanky actor estl-
ip i, IIn addition to the
* t of rehearsal he put
1 Youkl, well-known
,faleore the Universal
picture went Into
e will have a
100 hours addi-
in preparing for
A sequences .
S.wUable b b reen-scene
of upcoming
been so much
had been a
"a saxophonist." e,.
.tswirL "But every
trombone muat be
Suse any misAte
times more notte-,
teaching Steo,
b' pielso mnove o.
l playing
o the wound tra
i seWen pla!e l
at the camera&. M
I*. wielding OMaM

H f '95at let me
lU ger note oa n ."


S:#* WsM r

2Air-CM, 4:15, 6 S,
2:15, 4:15, 6:15, t:iS

0 *- --ONI-=.

*l WamH ERS
**~~ .' ***


~CCC_ _~_


7-- -

S Al. ,

- ih.iedhghwnr MuoN" k

I r---. r .


^ *-

* t

* -,

-1. am .raum, nifnfi-

'"~2,~~*' f
I- -



sTanffer Shoots. Fot Se


Viajero, Grisu Shape Up

-As Powerful Contenders

4, Chilean-bred Tanger. a flve-year-old bay son of
Honolulu-Tacna, is a heavy favorite to make it two
in a row in today's $650 Class "C" six-and-one-half


i. ncyIana

Monthly P.W.G.A.
Tnirnuov atuirdau

IOXVI E, Tte.n. Aug.8-- -V U I. D JUIUIUU7
land night At Aem o Club
ad the guest list rmas like
sWi Whof AmwU o l0- The monthly PWGA tour.
.ootba Oat n aent il be held this con-

"rTec h' POtme 9:00 a.m.
Temes e HaM ROb- Theou iterested in playing
j dew 20hulty should notify their club re-
resemntative before noon .o
"'Wednesday August 12th. If
Yaole Coh hys" r el b representative isn't
bwill be ma t o- ted by that time, pleae
call Alvee French Tel. 2-IM2
land RteppAl- d Tor Darts Pumilton Tel. Kobbe
nah pt. Ten 5115 n order that the pairints
1 football ,. for the luncheon com.


.1 ..

-- 77

1st Race Nat 4 0: b7s O Pool los es.. Fi s
IYa., D, ,,.e double

2- Die de M. rai, 1 ng recently
3-White Fleet J. k'avo U1t -4 k in form
4-Miranda Va 10 pped a class
5-Enriqueta R, L. 1il215 -In excellent shape The FirstIdSailish TOurnameftI

lnt Race "D" Natie- < g. nmi $m Pool ueees i wherefl SIt goes. What. f to
2nd RaceD" n Re Double ome is e have beeikn= Pn
S nRt iP. Pub. .o s el ma's a

1-Diana B. Aguirre 11 most early spee,-cAtI" fi veycaught their # li q
2-Manolete F. r Hdalr Of recently lightduringn from other cou e
3-White Fleet J. Baoavo th.B. In form trip, iC .

3-Annie N Catl. 110 pped a closes u from trip, withog
6-Don PitLinda F.. ld O-- track will help 4 presined a er I1 have tase w e 1i ,
5-.Filond PJ. o 0 up to par Aa should up pary
6-Gol. Pick 0. Alfaro 116 ndicaps -1 uuij. won by the
-men ,---- during the same uch op and
V_ In the i .
3rd Race 'Non-Winners' 4a 0 APusn: $e5. Pool eloi-:i lf 5f b **" were ralsed-and caught
Scond RaS6Twk. Double have bn P

1-Isa 0. AsUti.e I -Ha good workoutly spe.' At l M i Main caught their ....... ll
2-La Mona L. Tpfon lI02z-KuHashown no caught 264
3-Sandraolee F. ail 116 --MSidd win Ught h dur g tthe
4-WahDon P in O 1xav I -S track withelp I.i preed a e te have ma
5-Dofilon Ja F. a. lOa--t up to par ecomm 4 That od we sy

8-Baby Baba & u105 ldpay a fortune Ibmakoid
7-Canasta 3. Plrdo 110 -Lokts good in prepiw e
Al l rnament ste on.
3i url i ssme per!

4th Race "H" Native6 %g PF.nsine: $2750. 0 l Fedloses : g some ght ..
,. n t ,P"W r us

1-1sramar I. lue. 110 --M etusd workouts ...1 fImllt, wh ti the bi.
2-LAdy Caren A. Mona Ill -G_0d race last '0 counts.
3-Con Valor II A. Vas. 103 8- Rdg ev %, I
4-Lonely Molly 8. 112--a hown nothn .ht ...
-Liandrattle Lulu an.i 110 --blo do b6ttef 3-1 Zrd.e ]g 'r e .m i3 "e "'i."l .. .b
5-Escalerilla J. Phil. 114 a core here 3-1 Mnat DIISB, ae -
7-Curandero F. Rose 11 -R an close up la 1 *1 ~t p er o
8--Filigrana R. Desport 110 -Jckey w p't help 5-1. .. c ..

5th Race "C" Native S4 P.P. rse: S5.M Pedl ,ieee I: i t,.
1-Amazona V. Ortega 1140-Could surbgla frm 4 -2"d t Jt 1e
11 -.. o racethe--, ,- ". ". -. "
2-Yoporeno B. Ag. Mna rre110 -W fore pace count. ,
3-Marilu Mena R. 10Ox-H andleaijedltjriderM1 .Q.iprize I ipus
43-CoWinsaba B. Pulido 1108 e2ventT -1 2 ., .. -a. '. ,,I .
5-Golden Fan A. V S. 116 -W ois bedloe .104-1 a.
6-Blaya 0. Cas. 11 --Qddae .tu hel -c. -
------- p nd '. NIa" -"

6th Race "C" Nativmported 7 Fgs.Purse: 1 Pool el lua ltii
Prst Race of the Do-ble .
1-GoAmylto M. Orte. 114 --old wiurt it fo s 10 '
2-Black B. 0. Masuera 112 -jWdlt 1*

5--WiMd Wire .Men R.-. 1.00x- e per -, ,
-PeWlsab Cola B. Pulldo 112 -nw ..
7-La Chata Mena 108
6th Race "IG" Imported 7 F&.Pne:. $ '.M e p. .. -; 'r ,- .. '. .J ,
ISecond Race of the DM s \| ,; .

1-Pincelazo R. Guerra 10 x-Poor
2.-Forado A. Vas. 15
3-Pancho F. Julio Rodri. 115 -
4-Lacey J. Bravo 115 5 3b 3A*r t oIfil
6-Rinty A. Men.a 10
7-Vampiresa J. Jime. I 5 T. 2-B rider. 4, t4 .lw. !

furlong sprint feature at the National Race Track
out at Juan Franco.
: 'This recent importation of turned In the day's best win dl.
Conrado Maggiorinl' Stud La vidend when she galloped to an
Giralda was an upset victor in easy win in the Class "A" na-1
his local debut last Sunday to tive race and trounced the high-
the tune of $42.60 per win du- ly rated La Enes. Dalida P re-
cat. Thin time he will probably turned $19.80 to win. The others
go to the starting post an odds- longshot was Bijagnal which
on choice. paid $12.80 in winning the first.
Virgillo Castillo and Chilean
Aurello Maena, who rode the Julio Rodrigues, with two vic-I
Juan Vincensini-trained charg- stories each, were the day's sad-
S r to his impressive win, will a- die stars.
gain be in the saddle. The dividends:
Vlajero (Oscar Mazuera) and FIRST RACE
Grisu (Ricaurte Guerral are 1-Bljagual $12.40, 7.40, 3.40
stumbling blocks In Tanger's 2-Volador $3.60, 2.60
way today. Also given good 3-Regia $2.80
chances of upsetting the new-' SECOND RACE
co*er are Homeland (Blas A- I-Malaya $8.80. 6, 3.20
cuNte) and Piropo II (Virgillo 2-Yoslkito $5.20, 5
Callbo). 3-Vlllarreal $3.
^ First Double:
*Homeland, Anglia (Fortunato (BiJsaual-Malaya) $137.20.
lidalgo Jr.) and Flambaro (Bo- THIRD RACE
"Jvar Moreno) are returning to 1-Black Gold $3.80, 2.20
W races after lengthy layoffs 2-Fru Fru $2.40
duringg which time they have One-Two:
be treated for various a- (Black God-Fru Fru) $8.20.
Anglia, after a successful local I-Duque $5.20. 3.60, 2.40
campaign, has not raced since 2-Souvenir $4.40, 2.60
beog sold to Spanish sportsman 3--Avivato $2.40
P de los Casares early this Quinlela:
yM This stout-hearted Cuban- (Duque-Souvenir) l11.
b;e mare was competing amron FIFTH RACE
the track's best when she was I-Dalida P $19.80, 3.60, 2.60
sold. 2-La Enea $2.20, 2.20
3--La Lobs $5.80
Yesterday. Don Antonio An- SIXTH RACE
guizola's steadily improving 1-Sun's Moon $5.60, 3.20, 2.40
Irish mare Auate overcame in- 2-Granero $9.60, 5.60
terference to finally get through 3-Pla $3.80.
In the homestretch and score SEVENTH RACE
wtag away over mutuels choice I-Mon Etolle $6, 3.40, 2.80.
Me II in the featured egal Chum $5.20 13.20.
5600 Class "D" seven furlong 3-The Dauber $4.80.
3 ninth race. Second Doable:
Sir Boss, which had the pace (Mon Etoe-Regal Chum) $14.
with Follow Me II in closest EIGHTH RACE
tal the way to th whome- 1-Veranda $6.20, 3.60, 2.40.
i n the final six- 2-Epartno 5.60, 240
iaey River came on Tlama 2.
T i-our-~-old bay daugh- (Veranda-Esparttne) $26.40.
dKingt,Ouchy received NINTH RACE
ride fr iCuban booster 1-Agate $8.80, S0, 2.80.
ando L 01il. Agate paid 2-Follow Me 11 $2.40, 2.80.
$8.8 80 i~a n 2.80. 3-Valley River $2.40.
Only two longshots registered One-Two:
throughout the day and they (Agate-Italow Me 11) SM ..
e1 onljy mild upsets. Dalida P TENTH RACE
1---State Barge $7.60, 3.60, 3.80.
2-Relampago 12 $3.60, 3.
SF I r 3-Oolden Tap $2.40.
-T0m Fool Scores It

Eighth In Row In For, Forces

Wvdney Handicap fs ? nte
Ten a ifen a ave entered the
___race SW tWe Panama Area
Arne Forces Basketball cham-
SARATOGA SPRINGS, N. Y., pilhio p which opens this Mon-
u. 8 (UP)- Tom Fool, a can- day night with action at Fort
3te tfor the "horse of teyear" Kobbe and Fort Clayton. The
di., won easily today over hi tournament will be a double eli-
Sl rival,. Combat Boots, by minatlon affair, with games
e d a half lengths to cop played each Monday, Wednes-
tny Handicap for his day and Friday evenings until
Siconsec utive victory in as the championship in determin-
many starts this year. ed.
.The race was acake walk for Only two'first round games
SFool, who won a purse of are in the pairing, the other
to raise his 1953 earnings aix teams drawing opening
Stoob. hrs9round byes. Both of these con-
15.5tests wil be played at Fort Clay-
t ono Monday evening as Fort
the winner, carrying 126 lbS. lick tackles the 45th Recon-
4Jnst 114 lbs. on Combat Boots, naisance Battallion In the first
bShered the mile and a quarter at 6:30 p.m. and then Al-
dettance in 2:05 2/5. rook opposes Corozal in the
second game.
anada e as C a At Fort Kobbe, two second
Ud l 5 round contests are on Monday's
.0 schedule with the opener beinXI
fn NorthAmeri n betweeneights and
I nOhn h lC Special Troops and the night-
,, -cap featuring th'e two Kobbe
V'U mii iJl units, 33d Infantry, and the
YDavs LCup Semifinald 504th FA Battalion.
Coco Solo and the 903d AAA
MONTREAL, Aug. 8 UP) Battalion will not see action un-
B ada swept the semi-final til Wednesday evening.
in Nort American Davis Three gymnasums will be
N cof tlon against Cuba utilized during the tournament.
vby winning the doubles with the Navy Coco Solo field
in straight sets after house being the site for all
te first two singles games scheduled for the Atlan-
yesterday Uc Side.
r-The Albrook Flyers captured
Lwmne Main of Vancouver and the Armed Forces title last year.
Zmrto, Canad's No. 1 star, as they romned through a dou-i
ewcomer Paul Willey, also ble round robin league schedule
sincouve combined without defeat. However, the
ijat Cuba's Garrido brothers- race this year looks wide openI
rando and Reynaldo-6-3, 6- with several teams rated as
strong contenders to capture the'
44 -3 "'J1___" title from the Flyers.
Advance schedules of iames
W K u uus cannot be announced prior to
m *the posting of the results of I
a opening contests.

Imported 7 Fig.

SM. Arose. 108
A. Vas. 118
R. Guerra 107'7x
B. Pulido 11 -
B. Aguirre 11
L. R. Jara .115 --

mported 8% Fgn. ,t.*3

A. Men
0. Mazue
R Guern
V. Cas
F Hida
B Agulr
B. Morel

R. L. C
0. Mazuer
G. Sa
J. Brave
A. Va
P J. Ph
0. Cas
B Pulli
V. Cas

3. Brave
F Hida
A. Enrlqi
B. Aguir
V. Ortei

na g.P:15 -Po-l .*ui: 4-
ra 112 5-ae i p 15
ra 105x ~~~- 4-
. 10 ent 10-
re 110 -mRo dhape -54
no 110 H' 1-

tgs. 108 P.uel 154
o. 1108 --hnwI
o 11 -In-1a i4

ti. 112 -_Btu* t 1

7 Fs. Purge: I eleag .

ue 110 -In.
re 110 -Joce l
ga 115 -Nothangi
*t .. ._ .



E I ... ..............

..1.ADD ........
f** ** *S*

TI uam .



6*~ .~ ~*




- ~~*F

Y' 4

i ..

8th Race "E"

1-TLieal Frolic
3S--elsh Fox
.-(f New Look
6- (Coraggio

9th Race "C" Ii

4-Pirono II

16th Race "F"P'
2--A&r. Foot
3-Double In
4-Bolo Joan

llth Race "I"
5-True ilue






qO 'F -"

that U

Dr fights-


s -I

~# ra~ ~

5A tF-J

j? m

~a- ~b '

u(-,, -..,

.M1 AY Ow wait
W*J --Augus t 1-
becomes more copE-
dig every time a George
comes along.
b is a guy who was most-
a pub-JIGO hitter in the ml-
cd eten worse his first
fetin In the majors. He
37 errors In one season
ttsburgh, couldn't make
Biy the Ar'. y is be-
touted b Insdans as
Uo the bestor In the A-
merlean League at the mo-
ment halle d by the
it h lh unequaUed IeldU
ISted," I Slekand came to the In-

ad d aa BWh

k- "How much?"
"Oh, $10,000 or so."
S Itlickland was wormsianr the
ch for the howeleply last
SPirates. There waa no thought
S. a utility ayer. Ray

ay few round balls, and trick-
ntook over late In the sea-
same .dBWhen Boone went to the
thi ye, Strhckland
be6en O urprirlag per-
hr. His htahi huas been
I e a and wconsrteaxntly around
Sf ow eom o the choa0
"W ""'1' ping be~hht,better

Pirates There low ni*toutside,
as t he-o whets 'as sup-
t ittrs semmrdngly.

Vbind tooko er to Itlay po-
poablt the
Ate*^ year, Stricklan

rittsbu Iehad yung


-,ehtes Gi~gy

-_ *,. -- ,- ,. -

OIits Clevdta4 Pi

Vyed Play At Shi
.' .| ''



Samuel Smug
Iafe$l ".ie smart. Ul true.
U we-^taf w-eiSbe tee!
lam -s Slwane find geo*4baay

S ..,
i~tet*.;,.. .*^.. A :a
n nnII '', 1 Ji : + ,.
.. N ,,. .,

Finest to -
and SAO

Rie, he mapificant city, .
It spectecular, jewel-like s
mifesic mountains reach ri
bMeches. CGap caet rhy
nert hotel. And Bnmiff'
ewppb DC- sleeper,. is th
to diadmor Rio or to reach
M iuees4HkW So Paulo. F
00H'yur travel agsnt or

' *op I I
Ai4i A I IN I

yA .A .

et. i."o.
41 I ''/ I i '

jht down to memous
* El Cunqulstsor.
i most Iuxurioue way
or resvatlioni,

, aio 'w M "A *;<


Avenido TlvS T Ts

Hotel El

Telephi e .- ,


' -



t jl


t.. ", .



- -~-~~-"-~-~

I. -I


* ., 7

uza va

I, -,,.,


il -o-
NEA Staff Correspondent .7
y BLOOMINGTON, Ind., Aug. 8 (NEA) DrAlfred
ties Kinsey's most notable features, perhaps, are his
el eyes, which can turn from sun to ice in a flash, and
Svdoice, which is unusually warm and expressive. He can
ifrn on the charm. And he can turn it off.
He also looks tired at the moment, but .if you men-
n it to him, he snaps:
"The only thing I'm tired of is a lot of damn fool "Le' the q the truth,. d

This is the man who got into the limelight by ask- TWENTl-EIG PANAWA
4. lot of questions himself about sex. And these woman of about 70 who sat on
-he is up to his ears in questions about his new book, her front porch holding her
Ix l Behavior In The Humane Female," the deatils haven'trap mudt h a- -
wh4ich will be aired to the world on Aug. 20. bout what he's doing.," she said,
"but I don't think It oUght to be
Ve years ago he and hLs as- put in print. I think iJust cu-
Ilates at the University of In- rioaity.
na's Institute for Sex Re- (A Gallup poll *flril years,
Ch produced the now famous ago showed people. t ughout
on the sex behavior of the country to be 5 to. In favor
of Kinsey's work.)
'Wha's he goin- to sav this To appreciate the 14tkitude of
? What's he like, this for- l people here toward' y and
Zoologist who was the his work, it should bew embdr-
SNo. 1 authority on the ed that there is a ,differ-
wasp before he tackled the ence between the and -
4f sex in 1938? thinking of unive r eople and
'li find him ensconced in townspeople
asV-conditioned offices in the The shaded quiet.4 the acam-
ament of an old brick build- pus is a green thought .
oAf the university campus. and ide_ in the I tial sa-
a rumpled white shirt hars of Bloom 'and the
P w tie. dark trousers and surrounding coun et
n-type oxfords, and sifr- Research. of the so
Sby a noticeable aura of Kinsey is doing. 14 on th ith
smelly laJborator1uji hot, e sid
N..high-ceiaged Mor
oddly tan-colored hair is hig than a g fdozn o -
lthg to be called a crew cut 1raying Indfana
too short to lie down, so it ing ?n
sties straight up In all di- DISENTER: "It's Just curl-
I s. His face is deeply-lined o ity," Says MMas. Ray Fisher. sands m, he
has a square, rugged jaw in the advedt
kn with his husky phy- hiking groups, has been quoted ual discoer
as saying wistfully, "'I don't ee anid they
Sof the writers and re- as much of him now that he's e y a mrafteT raf
rk here to study his book gotten so interested in sex." own kind,
the advance notices seem to This interus as led im to
the secrecy' carried too record e information o. more wid
He doesn't, although some- than 16,000 whoe In-a
da his caution appears a little terviews are = In c061o ,
Akthe inconsistent side. 500,000 cards.l
e vaults. Dr. Kinse ..
ae only way to write this f the crd are eve tampered 'don't tik Dr.
She said after he unlocked with, he'll destroy them all--de- Work Is to laugh about, alhoughIt?
f sign the cotrat and pite the fsat the cod6 takes a some people wh do o tO tin Jlu
to sign the contract and year to lemorize anti has defied bele It ,Its .,in.
the book and then write a- eve prowe deal with fcrutt li," thive
t the book. I've spent 15 years pever fa n male and female ftfe we9y
on that book."' r. ftind out We o a-'_
------------ r. juB.,iB^-t^^ >Htc4b.i~rtnn iilSrfMBtMx^BB~


E .
entry i said
l, AUGUST 9, B1U5

.7 EDITOR'S NOTE: For this man
art. on Dr. Kinsey, the any
whosq report on, mete ent
'ex behavior made headlines
five years ago and nowv is/
stirring up new headlines Q
with his report on female sex
havior, NEA Staff Writer
Jones went to Bloom-
p, Ind., and sized up the oi
his work, and what his I've
townsfolk think. red
him I did not want to be one
by the terms of the con- tuar
a three-page document TI
h newspaper and magazine ,AY
teo have had to sign In order
material for their Aug. 206
,, and which requires etel
ile be submitted to Dr. KXli
checking. .'
wet I was there for, I ex-
ed, was to talk to him an"
Stownsfolk in Bloomlngt
36li look at culppings of soo
'ias-recent speeches.
first he said I couldn't lof
at the clippings. A moment 1W
t Without seeming to rea=f
had 'changed his mind, MB
rId I could.

"They're public property,"
4 .ld. "but I'm not going to WX
About the book. and I'm not o
ft to answer any questions uiz
alat I had for breakfast." -
Sasked if I could talk to
YW "She won't talk to yd,"'
As we headed for the cllppilf
HOi; 'I made the mistake of
U*eo~oning that he looked t ed&
, mgave me his abrupt retort.
-that was the last saW aof
secretary told me later he
been working 80 houle
k even after a four-day f e
Ia siege in early July for e
-tion-the day after the va-
-e Christine Jorgensen OW
loomington to be In*t!-
years Dr. Kinsey. not.
Worked day and night
long. except on 'umn-
when he likes to
into listen to
The only day he takes
mas. His last vUca
years ago.
ed the faculty here a
In 1920. m
r, and has raised
A book he wrote
wasp, before he
fic interest 15
more copies than
's sex life, wieh ik i
Ulishers refer to -
i.ho used to he
ork but now
her time leadiWg

san tbhiks mut pple need


aent sone
S an ied

list's hew



'1, "I
; "/ ."


._ T ".4

I *

.5 :-.~ '~

, p f

. .- ', -,. .


,1 ,

, t

A .
4; ... *




af'. -. ---,. ..
.a-3" e-*' -.
,l t *.J...

4*** 'A~t~~~L.'*"i( ...t. ad



EW .- *. y:,
bterY e yr ei ibto grt ;
a -e pa 4p ad
low a" a nomm
IS e w-.5 0
* ow am p._

*or o p* 9 aCLUI

b" MWA our 3 bA la hwe
i .eo agw to iMoap

aget~mt a m-Mspee t

, a h h

406 n e m f M ai
afi -Mt-Ayo



. as at r. .' 2" _..,..--- |
* z umr mo a 2 r li
."-,th.'m I h I
1. 1tlte.21. ., 4 S1 O
a eth=att ,6
brt ofa aS s la
t l k 2 I | I o
Tlkfck~tte ;' r 1 I

turl.-m Hmt
ta 1 ~~ t
t- .- 8 :ato.

you might astb.
Hal their idmenti-
But. before
you do, -eItf you
an gum what
the anlal sars.
Write theit
names In the
space provided
in the. dlsram.
ThM. drm ewa-
itnaous linas
from dot to dot
in asoordsace
with UMmubers
of e. and amsee
it your guems
were omeot. Its
not asy.
step, h-nei
on*ue letter each
step w that an-
other word is

1Mq pss-.4 a I


*20 16* *15

I. I*
it .




_.* L.
-6 *1> 10


.*- q

is. iq
oil 0


26. 1

5 826* 2&r
3 *


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5. ,

II *

* F

S .

'a C "

t 1at OB.
sxt .ut .
5.*p up t. ,
, L. I ,s

**ne~m ^

r jw".* .^

F"' '*^

IY-.': f

.A -- ; -
L. A

(I r cb Totf ':ill

F7Ch0.?"ik .Bl. -

P r, o- ,
. S.-w
: :74

' 4' ."

, :... & ,,

-rt usua p a t prtson la lina orypse to
S I wMia t m w nMumpUmn tMt -r uand "t." o -
qvmt IfrImtlyAusd vows ea. w o amesont bwele
th ettap ma m it sol aoubettlatd tr. But not Is
a tIte n In, U u quproteemted bow o a
mau erypt, the Most1t frequently oea nZ
vowels or d the most treqnmtuy eoounfta ow-
seaMMt M 'W." With that Inforpaiatlon tt mit
clumt pM should be asa.toe bak It down quickly:
WON n d 3 MBLM GL VIBAJ am sad Ms J* ad tiet
SUGIMEa TO.Ol3 G 6m5C0 W*t3 Q to ifj chtlidn are IdeaUtsed
BWAF M U UMQBZ NO CNQE US In ths chart by the letterA. .B,
C D, D.]ad'. Yoiu areaiked
OL ALNLSa to determas the qm a ot eaci by
Ak further afda, we'll that awes a the study g the ota. i al un.
following letter appeaM .t tb origInal, thta t t O atOf oWs member the
therM an a o suttutaona tfor 3 B. X, AnA. n.ily hM ben omittd.
other clue you may ba spotted a tihe amoetter eWh a delgmate the
word. It must, of oeumI be eiter A or L praift ad mat am their ages
*m:g us .:R il ra q. you,

Some Guning Up That Will A maze You,
Jufa ..uM.rr -

F T. to P---
to yourself
tat ttigenm
se nM take a
pleas of 3p!e.
11t. IN,"J
tas. 1bd mguge

tsoe bSa. a
tana m *a 3
m, ik atfs *

Vem-i 11m

-nb t

V,. m an, and Wa to
n a Im M sltebkemr poer
v sag M w. onrltoa

ko" aim lowa
yon .41-1

*iMq 1.

ANN,,- *~

W'3' .IN 'Wt .

o* A

* ~ I ~ V
4'~ 4i-.,


4'. -

24 *4

nmnw -

-,qq~ '"
.,-I _.

.- -.




*, -,. it '

..-- /



'V K~


? ANIMALS in Brookfield zpo, Chicago, eould give some pointers ion how, t*beat the
j heat to hutnafhs. Nature gave them answers for avoiding heat prostratio i and iunstroke.;

- .r

r .~~ 3':1

'^ ia' ;*;' ;** "1 &'A. ;f'1
i^*.^;-*' ^^*''.' *-.'
.^*^-*t-;' 1 '".^ .S'.v /';'
-.::'^;^.'^''* ;".' 'A^i'. .'- *'

AND TO! .ethlfed b the recent floods on the Tsukugo river gu"hl6eWvr
islantl, Japan. At te1'right overflbowing waters from less with umbrellas wade thr"

i wt. *&dviSO these eH

V *

.. .r -.- ..

i~~l .i,...~'.,I .

.~, ..~*-,

A -

R -1_

- I

.., #

io S.


ISTh;Mt f -W ..

prejudices wa
charged tha
ed entry visas beau
o r ig in t W s a P
journs and who
stances involving NSOfC OOl
Issued "new and aftnit ucts l
of Foreign Affairs aimed at prWve
of such incidents "
In the letter, President *ad that a p Al th
case had beeh t to atte nd m ba te
Instructed the, Office. to a*k t the otaR WJ
eager of an art Craca, Vea Off
sentative washave aTd th at "nPa "a-
persons could not- estn i e6 a t urst oWAYH e
pass on the neetar Infontion .to avald s -4
cideuts being reate .
.- o -
Westermnan also athe news earner wheph be-
came the fit't P7 n f Wut Indian b o I'^sa
be awarded a decoraUi onthe Order of ARO
de Balboa. The moe1lo6wg6t.whowilm be d6eorsted.w"t s
the grade of might. will receive his dec1 t
Washlngton from ,h oanzmanlan hL wM o
on, his way to or M oBlgtum, where wmig
a congress of sociologits and political enIentIst
Former Presdent rk. Arn Ute Aria was t Cens,
heai aifnesard thb we* wham a aish u! KO.ala
en h]is iate Ut l was etMe ie *w -ZOO&
secret Pe" J&WS MC t was bo 'aren by -
Poli "amer the oI, A pl f IEkn his'

pvrni TO d piM o as u

*nw g *T.

krmv,-.-.- O

They were ea tr, blt thw i
brought a term wt frwe @ iBd ai
unions who eoBMeNw ,It h'ai a M ot e
Zx-Finance Insanatel Varela, untiU r.

in connection with a chare of eWnbD lOient t So-.
cilal securityy funds.
Ball was grantedlof afi others, ( n Yre's
doctor-brother and a Urdbher of former .reat
cibiades Aroaemena)or arrertte.d.
rela, however, for w htl was v l
be found for the aftre-ordr to be d

Although te g".7

ta.r WUa .paKWWI
for the, Panama
atill on the "Uplog
brought, up for
gress copvens
) The battl
*mf** wif*

" +,'8

0a ofm

0o cuamp wan we I
Fe~ovln ongrU.^
*tei~etotwo~ afl
The f rt to w ig .
oeUs 1forfn. ofr
meat I* Wo O
c*i ri* i
01122 ub- u

uLaw vw

24, *-
:":, .1',

,,A. ...
.^ ..' '

IcNa alaoi

i: >

* .v -.~

- O-Hit
>\ the

'Wi -4

_ -..
a: a

- f- t


.. .,^>.;!. .'., .
j -

? A C1'''- "ti7(9

r .-,,;-
;- .. .. ,. .

. 'k *-

r i44-l-.

wtth 45-Mmen W-Recep.
tary tacles
*.ub- for
stance flowers
f 40--Send 98- tVas
OW 49-Wigwam to
i Q--6ewW keep
* U*-t527tiys 10W-fM4e
- 64-Nativeg 101--Gard
in f 103-Venoum
SDemxnflf @a6
A. B5-COpoxt snake
7-Pt -1-' 1 k-Hastept
i nstarfacs. 107-Javamsee
'r W-Csy tree
ate rutrett 198-Llrts
r S-Dnter of
--M et food
S 4-aker 100-Mxse
arsac of a ee"Pho
.r. u a
I. 0r4Wt- 1 *. 110- -
S b ratio
W v. .- drde rs I.

&r 7Ro-At s ,
pry n -MM.,.
ed TW--Qrjt 1 24-a#Sw
rile mznttta X -SB
ala 126--aI
E. for at

51-Bfertuge i27-fBliiine
M -DMnb neam
W 3"- .e "Mn.-Prins
wi tle *a 135-*put.

13 1ra er

tvi v
-- of. l o e
value smoke

a-Sign of
the ,

., .
b. before a

i. ho



ties of
39--Speed car
42-Sour fruit
46-fit for
in a
48-Tree -
3s-Strip ofat



a rant

fori 5g

a PaaMa
ta rated
TO-%. .
* S- Htseupt

t ated

part of a'
79-Urged on
in office
85-Slabs of
baked clay
95-Edgem of
In trigo-

112-Kind of
U4t-Winter '
13S-Sea eagle

-'T1B Q H xPBP 0A JX P V C T R V1BJ."
P. .; .- '-1 "XPVC BDVXZPPH."

-- ,. .'s t ~ o

: i4i4 -4

Er 1
'I '~S~na-'. U

*-4 a-.JAG.


.". 0-4-'"' '.* ^
eeaswwgof Mi.n os
*9. *WWm.epe.-l -- iNo Ihu .t. r ft ,
0OML* OW Fte a. 1.978 CiWtnr Av, iU S ma r aSw.Is I P4 8 M
94e MAAWeN AVS. NW -%'6L 4Ts 1 V.
*PE NOrmi.. Ai ADWAN *
S*m MON al o g AOVAIA 4g Q
OE TS viA. C RANE R_ .- .O RNE



The lady s down to he beach
To ispft a husky man;
But the skin that shames the peach
Gets blisters instead of tea.


We. are th.d heirs of men
Who cdi 4both fight and pray,
And now a' weHl as then
The loyal joi the fray.

For eace shall never bless
A ,a tthat can not fight,
True ae*r mse wor confess
The ill to guard the eight


Wods are seeds
nwe a"ind has wrought
lM the needs
.i~pfsm^g thought.

Weds are tears
And toil that build
.The dreams of years
Il ilds, untitled.

n o- rN Pros rMom

H9twith iO iHl t4i r teswermd Pou

k. &sp! IaFit-PROUD*

"Mr. P.A. Want Ad' aitrts

..Wht mor e sign

On 0 dotted net

- d.

I- i-

Uk. ~' ~'

v ast-n ItU. .; .-
-aA ,S -al.
Thin seemed to s. e Ma h ge6
-'U--.o.- U ta t .. *l ^..* .".
n~ttr tn iiiMvnri*r'iiaii

S- ,. .
"ZI4 is the locate ofa then
r~ducB t Is It noty e
don spWnasidlT. :
That correct," a.
da oippig o0 M84=. 1 -

M .-

ciucw tUemt snear M m Fkw,'

priority to Kalpe ls eto30 .
"I a n advised by thel.eUI h
States Ppwer Com

weuld re the

subdat e

-s- r-ed Of.,
with a;= study, the ethef of tleaMahItaa.
AMtaesPo por Compainy rnot b04ni0 g" o
suggestedt mithe w of
"I thit tlat certainl they should be aon-..
silted," OftuOn readily agreed.
"Iir. Chairman I wa&t o make It emear btisN
we have consulted wF the e e
Mountain Power Compbuiregar UM5 16M0..
pointed ot .the Bonne erb, d-
"There seems to be ame question In-"Me I&I
of the conpanyi enbineern." shruft CmdtML
"I knew nothing about it except w .t have
heard here."


"I there was to be further mconu atmte $P!F
Smatter and an ad f er nal Y.W a-
I committee expla"I ag 9 '
giners of the Mun tau n a r -
ly shtwo d be cstonsu) E ..."
"I can se the position Mr. Smittle
reed the regn senator. "Eviden
company) h s tfferent view a* U
>. not as tdl In both. buw t
ihe two (a0to a *bould b

babyst Smithi fom his senaworia va~t
oa p nddd appro l .- "

41CAffSf ?T 'Al
^ aBEA
-- *ir ...... ,., .. *

r """1- "
.,* .a" -.-i

Sf ifnm '. n n. -n ..... n-- .... ..,.. ^i..-i n

- C.

- 32w

--L "_r --,:



- V \-

&- .. 7"- ; ...
_* ; ; -: '*;- C '_ -- *.
: ilk


*(*.- ,~

Ss iieter Edson in Washington
-- 4*son

ena Chaues W. %by'a habit of In- practice economy, to set a good example. Where-
Vpg Vll a pO Mmnue Mold him a used tour-door medaS
S* op< s whis ladt bteM turWned in aM surplus by the
mseamoft O Maod- Defena mahatown -
11r. a ('ten ,U p Ti was MJ. The extra $1,953.0 ham
mm lMt In- be*i taiupt "f toD U TMeM"ry.

.Observe'WeB t ,e to M of the KO
and aM l-SM st.t9eme who toot
Imas au give us the eouiary strength to
work oat pesosee for which some
oters Ui ve suffered or are still
a trekh to "9'aMl abdrmea.
his A mome of legie 1was observed, and the
:,p A A MArUthda*lmt of the USSR arose and
ai on- w,'t Ideal bqMpired also the soldir-. of the
ut2 lw .. ...... w ""ie uld aRepublic of Korea and the Li nese.

154 a Gm$am 4' 4hen contaptian of the Repubtleans li
tat ito d d nothing to dive Comnnmunilastm
do Sllse.4mm out of penhg ssrnt.
S n *e a in um even gm so far as to
...... .....ea reudW4i@0 tagome for govern-

Wio Owat of te Moarfth's youthful nves-
tiga' .mtor b a Ctm was uaderatk on the Ben-



r hltt"ta. etfi Secr .
,-,., ,-n

., ...?-




d. .- 6A
t didd know ath. t ad1 City's chat-
dl*f tfMr I,"trash for 4eBrbo
feat but. we UIt (ut in aue r ImhoT"tea' a The Great Um
* ouelm-a t Way wats toS-, ot eru-iuVapor, valuable
Rad mui BSa ithae on" theater IS
te wordw th .ft. own fa equtpped hamp.
Xm haottyr- the Reets. too.)
2 an lbuy a macaw at may of the 6th Av.
SBops for f m rae I3M. (The rich man's pora-

eThwe's a bk.den als in the fl of the owl
SPM, -th fImed Al m aor an em t= In
W tin Iomet Cofubo Lmy.s
Urthi, ':tti 'e :bomB, 81 tt bmaw I te
MISS fM oto UM te owl- on tOestatae. IN
he neaked It 6 hemw.. (Aw.w who gives a
BotU. ot?)
.~r "s6se omf .e tSaMe ab t 3(4 Be".
PlrR s Py f Iaes lotenleae d f ftomis. (Hunde
rht tghts dlims ofe of years jwas

*ab s I o "a Mioc5b ut..u ,. n M aidt.b at
than Galmtar, "Roehape saboy."
Utrlma, the Napgro eater (te alumrn mile),
* la. tof A- whore there are mIeprtes mOe Cadtep NOT
r, s jquNr bloek tN mana"y other-. lie in the-worl

t= fBow aml

eshSc^ 10- ged E t stal tad .pond

OWee id the her
OW Us) @18Md 2fti^ .^y ^ g!1upwii-s

enhoaT. ow o igs. W -int thejtr wild A a -t .)

. "S wmtemsl wmeofnts oui? weddit-r Bands
Sn t than ta he fe iarsu me th dS-tu l aadhid h
hdt I Uke boote a cloak s*windigde gth thi double-tak e-
'*n ? LitTWiaO :lewI

. .Sh .

.,4,l .,.


L&- f:

At ..

I El Va le .

S(Text and photos by Ralph Eklnner)
Because the village of *l Valle is Ia the crater of an 0t40ct
volano, It Is surrounded with hills. A i Is nterwvieu sitt
brooks or tiny streams. There wre rto Jfe waterfalls whi are
easy of soesu.
One is at the far end of the valle the entrance, l
as Chorro de leose Mos, and is unusu oatli, *the ftals d
water doew rom the visitor. A there word the vUtor a 'e tub
Ththeo t f thrp turn at f edo e
of the valley, down the bakery, erosa an
5ofeet:oftkh hW% s t e the ..
;and enjoy lt a $ao co down to
hop along like a golden frog f roek to reek till o iwn
spray filled base.
But before you can iee any Je eplbp It a
falls, you have to oross some &f 4that theNo ia
fords. There are many in El need, land therefore he ial
Valle. Best knoe"a the wide to -ive them a hand. until
one at far e_.l the vaUley. coioml i bettered. '
Here the mala' croas the.
ford and' aothe at right When 12he end of te road
angles gcas across~ another t ord, was reached,. he turned tbh
With a foot bridge,,tr pedes- truck around and wait
trians. And each pf. he side customer,, tmes.a mea ay
Sroads along th aley coies.,t te apnd. some string b e
4 a bit of waler and usatiy there the puretases we saw fttr
i a ford lke at Dr.J... .Val-..leaving, It ut t akalok tI
lJ1arino's place. .. to 1W the ItrUe. Wo.ld
To a bare-footed native, a and he wea very h
ford is no problem. To tender- HItt r wau 1l .-
tooted visitors, American or to l d ll. i
city-Panamanian, It is a tough aesty and' triod ovee
decision to strip oft hose and photograph thq falafw
shoes and walk through sharp surrounded Wth
rocks to the other bank the Job. was 9omprlato,.
After a cool night in the re- 2asnrbn ds in tidn e'
freshing air at El Valle, toe had ever we did get a gooa
started out to visit gin our which m y. grace he
favorite waterfall. Wheni we next 'wek'q Bupplemst
came to the usual parkhig place Sunday American.
for the car, we saw that thd Something else we. got-. wa
road had been extended up the the glow from the peaceful
side of the hilL But It looked too frese of the r yer below the
rough for our new Chevvy. ta_ ;ti.h restful, lmo -
We watched the canlpeiPsnot liar 10 Df thl; .
come in oft the hills with, ieir po t's we or Wtl..
packs on th.ei back and some and ee '
with horses ryn pack sad- you're sur" oted
dies. The princia load was Our trip the fal brought
chayotes. We bought a hundred
wkich we put. in the handy ... .
Imctete basket blwhih we alwa
keep in the car. (After taking
what we want for our. own use,
e w deliver the balance, the
* Bella Vista Ch6dm HoMine
which can usa .any li d o .

w. t, ang+ .
t."ar' any !..lme

freph, ,r, i
I caught one of the en walk*
Ing up from the ford with .an-
Sarmful of mustard, reeoa. .atAW
I snapped him do=Ig som4
We hd
i teshbes
a %ruck ca

G-ea h esq triek
to El Valle ftor eh
!To get the truck flld quickly.
he drives to the very end 0-
the passage ad, and M
from 4he Indl ans ltm
from the hls witb tbhtt prodit


0 e. :+: Bikewg

7. *.. *' .'

.., .. .

.au~ksmuus it I. abaRy.




- ~:-~-*~ jjo.-,'~

* I..

:~ ~K;



-. ^. ;


P A.

'274rrfiim vs IMINAM04
BfifiW-t^~~~~~~~ rH- i/ ffltf~T'^'^


'iM 1 *llIm

..,, 7V 17, IN "
! .-:olit

. .- '. -.

:I -

%~A at


- I I
me... 17-~I
S i~I
~.n*i -2


r; ~~ M~~rUEP OF WIAP~ER A


fl A Wi14 IN HER 4mANWSTS,



* 4-.




S fr'


M- E r t



r l-o

.. -- j..4;-";44_.




M.-r. :
S,. I..=


- -. '. .


* -" -. _i

*.', *.. ?:






*'- .. ,-

g1cA z is


a 2 elW**LE

t .AT -OPN -SPACE i-

***, '"S S i C, -

_- -
; ,. t.. 1

i^ s^- "" T'"

U:r ^



- 0DOWMd IN HB1DRY Wifit -^STl^ M *^
*^^i^ ^,FiSHrtOOK"j d8gi^ u

S w ^ _-.A ,-.. -, .:_- -"". *. ; .: ,- ...-.- ..... *
,' ""r .. "" \ ". iw L <"-. *~F ,."-;; '* ';sic.l-^^,^a ;T_ *>'- "' --. : .) y *--
S-: :,, .. ..--. "* SS ..i. ..- ", A -.... .. >.- ,? -.-_ /1 '.' ,. ,! -.* ; ,? -_* *,

-* .. w

k. + ', ,
A.^ *~t









*- ,'

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