The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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oclc - 18709335
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*gt .* _..., ..- '". ,- ^* -1; A.t / ,: ,,
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loC'", 'ei "' **,. "^^ F' I U ^P^^.^^^^^^^^ I^. ^^
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hi ;. 's l
? *~~; r-:- .
., -.I I 1 *
** ^ .^^ ..


L ,'

do" a ;ti :

IN, ap-
id em- PANMUNJOM, Aug. 5 (UP) -
The Communlits made qlite
Sas a propaganda show out of 'Te r
%actors tirn of their first wa pri
rvisors oners.
il over They kept wounded prione
Sposi-- waiting in the truck wh th
ured unleaded one at a ttm phot
enraged .mn.-,x- mhld m ,, ,,o ,

ast- Minute


'-I" ,


4. ... .


-~ h~AA.
~A. I

. the countn .






Abraham Lincoln.

'_, )hi.U4WOnXMMDAY. A06Ui 1Pi _m




* *


7 In.
led for
or Au-

P.,*UwmIe. ave been I cup9auvoSE

AIREW.* t t

* A:

m *reade" areamt Sbwh of .FREEDOM VILLAGE, Korea, Aug. (UP) Ull"
S ma empt for the ei, ti etiugen rerAi fro
oers. Buf later i the
show was ove.a they CoUlps we not~plnitted to telut asfiu g WA of
mient and cared lefaway. tm.
i Nordm ,ere wit. e Seturty officers prevented the repatriatod
I Wt.ab,'3SSS from replying to some questions aboEt life it
afr teir A we *camps.
I deletbi fIg lnath =,There was no explanation from the United :O
,offrmerfen o wN11000. Command as tq why it did not want the free tv
A so s mthe tUns was know *boet whet the captured soldiers had end
recorded bY stilam iMoUon
picture eaiheramen,, they were (M iry plans made long before t e.
ed nedividuallYsin ther.A Tlease provided thit each man would be into
pnurle held fast to the arms of intelligence W for information of possib
each man, al t as If they icr. wou i
feared he would get away. k,' ,I-. i'y
pr. so era TqMiim w m talk to newfme).
point in Amerlican amblAnimes. The first gr. of war pen- had used a Chini re rteeb W.i
The reception center Was a era released hby the 0 i hlstim a ha*eut
huge e arch fland stated od t dea- astoA
g two 0cn 'aheds- aboqt 1 Wreg ai iabt '

mnel Oter cuts S t

wPaxon the ffit

- wiisuwed tbhis :

|Wu't Ahdfr

'iarters United states
MhW Carib"ean announced tq.
m ktaft vel at government em-
M quanecntlion with re-em-
i mtractB. This acUon
iltted by receipt of a
l -Jfim the DepartameA
j mg, Washington, 1C.,
l il~blllty of funds
be for this pur-
SI, suspension wl not
MwH.ilan employes now In
tte States awaiting re-
Siirpositions her. ad
t available to pay
l ~ofr rnilg civilian ema
b h asUK TT ti a, Mfa sMM

t d mi closer werr
blocked by a Chtnese soldiers.
One *tiiner, as soon as he
te 4M o ut of 'the ambulance,
a" loud complain and
ftih bd h-is mach. Orimse-
ng ealy& a'Communist of-
took him y .the arm and
r ed-h imnite tl tent.
One ail Nrt Korean th
a bapdage.f l ds ririht ear tried
to a &weit long petition signed
wilr dtm" of thumb-print
signatures in blood to Lt. col.
BoenfklBn ehwdt of Charlotte,
N. C.
'Lehoardt xlaned Impassive.
The Omnaiomads stood by while
the little fellow-worked himself
into a swat. Qp gathered his
lotg* mta le and handed
""i vS ,Korean, stand-
_ta. I I WeL- and sweating
WYt, i $n the clothes,
rood tea bundle at Len-
Several& eav# tents arranged
o~ a sw pugmotory behind
the aheds wei used for med-
V, ~es and a cou-
of ad"aa.

They dN of nw aPelttUe
and a les -mitute Red deube-
Half of e. fl a Us.ited Na-
n..l p here
suffere-d bed rm la d other
lung disorder., Some complained
they were starving.
Newsmen at PamunjoM could
hear the prUozin eoro as
they rode t0 freedom In lteap
blie gChinee- unifor"a on Rus-
Asian trucks that bore the tcde
mark of the "Molotov maot
The freed men were rushed by
helicopter to this Freedom Vil-
lage near Munsan where -
tay of State John Foster lieul
and other high official awaited
tifem. Some were uikldy flown
to 1blBkw "ere ships = stood by
WlSf4O DSUjIt Of 5a" Pa-
free th at .et-ed1 name
from tho rkdaa ut "m
to jPsamnuorw m the 05. 0-
mom omt at WM fXMeaas

Rled e Sj~b" |Mtfpo eaaft -]
appi a ,-. ,Wtj:;,
..- .......... i.;:. ,

Carp. ich M
Boonevine, Ar., a
and wounded Aine
first batch of rep t
story of horrr.
150 surtI ade

aail P t.


v, *. .... "P l



rn h

L 7

roulated thr
itallatlons, a I
i9 of this tel
of re-emp

e Limits
dlFlishin To
N W Boots
I aHmd at dtl
ph$ of fishing b,-* Aw
,.w laug d Yi
-ame& Reno
ie Ullm.n ls com.z
hi u .w !mi t&*

Caogress Left 9,

WoWAad For N

5Aug. (UP) -
wl aned rd Con-
bo i all a ibru snz work-gg
d or nest sesulon when it ft-

,o as, including q
4t heRecliprocal The
Pftigattons, I a
ristionedded to .
eiMnagrelonal agen-4 a
to a crammed
Shen the Congress re-

aotor Ha. wai

ivmt be added, next I
Ux overhaul -
^. atpa sals a=d a ]

* *w f f 2
iaor thi
r Lin-1


a ~a 6
us.o um r,
an tn' thms Iu

.ouse l to

ook ati

le Mr. Nisenhower did 'iaO tPgho aiAme
i he asked from the M Whee eag P a"-
, he seemed well-a ed. cited to three days.
al the IfrmaMffi! t-)d-
problem -in bt the du-I'.1 .I 0 T vo 0 innU
c and o n oe" and
be bb "ad-LEfforts For
Mthe ,a- t o" Relief Bi -- .
ate Vqsharetleader Lyn- overnr 4
b. Jhlhad a different pressed
Vh amr. tton athortaagT
co the 83rd disabwlty Mef
fttve- fore
theue was greom
we. It was After
arunIlfnO r=

* a

S .. :i .:
c, -.* ,...:- '" ; _..




1 -

,-,," -' "-" .* .. ., ... ,
t'" f. .. -< 1 *. *.'!.-. ,-
a.:- ..- -,- i c-. a,-'-, +.., ., /

J I *

u -- ;"

Wt .aO "

Ptr vl

,--" ~. ;

~ -~~--~--- ---

-- -- --

'-.'-^ '

/ ..^ *
" r *i




:t ^'..;:'"
i,,: .





.. .. ..... .... .


WNID aND PUBLIPSNO m yv TR1" PANAMA CAN 1 1g11e4. ..
"-"Aft**I"At. AIfTu nA I hefe's ro o a e f
T HM T Ar P O eox 134. PANAMA. f. ,' -
S On, orp.C. 1t I7 C.nC.Ti 4Vep .u i-r. e l ; 12 S a r S-. A me .S
4q I.e".' Avl g 1. V O N V **'. N Y p--.
pp INV ADVANCE -S- '70 9
;em 111 O 'E AR 24 To Day' s AiIB
.::I -- 10 Da-5
k ---.. ******* BY BRUCE BIOSSAT
SM A BWhen President
Irk PAAI A L 8 0 A Rhee of South K releuWaed
we n C 27,000 No. th Korean vrlsoners
I __ ___ ome weC..s a8o, h ot up"tingly ,
The Mail kxoi an open t-ru to. .;rs ut The Penn' ..lel- provided thile balg.s l .for. astrik-
icon. Letters are received grotatulay and ore handled m a whon. conti- Ing demonstrlAoil o" t om-
dential manner. munist behavior at its moat
it you contribute a letter don't be impatient it it oe isn't appear the typical.
milx diy Letters are publuahed m the order received .bee thought he was wreck-
Please try to kcep the letters limited to one page length. ing the truce by making It un-
Identsty at letter Criters is held in radctest con.mdence. palatable to thehReds., wispoper ass*umle no responsibility tar ,l1m,1t, e *i*lBon p l ll c oe remembered thatl the oh
prisoner Issue was thea aue of
*spresed in tters ento0i reaOers the long lall and winter break
o -0 in negotiations.
RABBIT AND DELR IN THE WASHTUBS He nad seen, tog ,ow they
battled point by girtadging ilt
before unalhy yielding on that
issue and making a settlement.
Ial i. e t Altbit azhanied of Mr. C. M.N. 'd like to ask possible.
bin one Ques ion. Who o' is the Panambi. Canal Ia it Panama I hst is more sensible to be-
er ae United S tes? For his informatlor. the United State bI e utae
io: and for L'hat reason alone US citizens have a right to find would beatraged by premature
V oil he C~nn.l.An.% other COUnu'IN moula e l that Way but release eo f 4-neld priaonees?
Oure.tI Rhee 9ust have oeen en-
t L. ,M. N.:ounsd like one of the many US oitizena who 'ouraged when Peiping made all
to,. t; lewlt' taht ear' ago antd never went back but lost the axpr.op.aie d ilaea Inncath- A
,oKng ex,enic displeasure at hils
himnell suinewhere along the way. bold act. But be had not read .
Mi. (. M. N. must think like our government in Washington Communist character deeply
tioe.~ at t lie rrcent. that work for all foreign people on American en igousn. ""r.
Ins- Ilathun: coniEt uiras, and for US citizens second. The American negotiators,
I.\l T".?l N. a we have it so pleasant here. 1 live in Coco fo tui atey, kept their needs. '.
Sola o Hc(|, .. ,, I put'up it h .'They knew the Reds beA er.
lI L 'I. i(in ruoer-,kating oaei me. m.i "hey asew hat wat ens the"
12, HaUbits. aecr ant uish !inied in my set tubs. oingun 4Sti takes do soits-
'3, A motlei .niis and pla' ,; v lit her baby at five o'clock g.a o c t e r
in the moinln in [li eaparlt enit uack o. me. Since there are no ,,oadh precveuthng elbe, ,
.hco%" a in the: otise;. am forced to listen. have olfered 000 hghly pub- m
'4, 1 canur 1eo ,ot a valk to get av.way from it Ill. as there caved reaos r nO oing
are no .ic ask ile.ding to toan or to Coco Solo it. And tAitey oelieved the
I .. l a'.c to i.t:i:~ o haim iadio stations and their workout Reds really wanted a truoe. '
mo..'" hl.niei I like it or not. Russian behavior in UN ses- mp "..' .
In t.c I ,I. I p.,ici ie .ame rent, and I could close my iRuns had preseied in U .e I n-
u" t' tIuctive examples of lthis l44- .
1Ii ti r E I. ... 1 rcolci loin .a ho'lbv organizatlt You a?.mental. ____
E .i i -I'" eO,'? l.o.j.:, li't"r 1 going to,a i5"inktlbg tiub. I Moscow in 1950 was boycot- -- 1 c. cookl ou .'cy on a comfortable bus to Lake ,in the ,eLurnLJ b'e- h Gr
|tou o & ccntrnigrar... ,.Lause lh-uu hoina Was being + L
v* As to .cneooui. since '\%hen should the US educate foreign deniedd a UN aeat. Judging by .
peot.e bei'ore thci' own.' Wait US tax nmoney.? I surface sign, you'd, Lbase sworn
Mr. .ou should go back to ithe United 6Lates for a long vaca- tney'd never -rtuxn Until that .
Llor pnd learn to become a citlz'n gain. oenmana was met. AR
But on August 1 of tIat year, ,
r- Misp H, M. Jacon Anajii a1%4ea uan.eL iA U..L o -
Loop- his place,-WI1,,, ,ily a R
wor aomt a change ot mina. NEO YORK.- Ift u pr l1e Intrutsion. mooth. erri do n
Answer to Previous Puzzle h e diu he come buckt a, personal phyaiologicl i 'wn arche strength.., "'
Flowers od F Because a sited Russizan tac- s5o1 6 small dCg ca sleep S..e hade of I always hate to is t-gu
owners and Fruts s u Lo at moinent, and my ftrly planted foot. This L to under- the doe could view y-
A N V o N A K ,hal is the supreme gauge stand, since I never romped n it1 _"Pla ay- a 1id who wa.nlevw oft l
OKZONTAL VERTIALOf Russia beha Reasons pen floor that duplcates the t on which ly rolled lawn. In hisl
OZ ,s 1-11 =. j..r and a3audl l_,nianu- the emican Indian& plaved,.(w _) has been got. Mo. it th"'t"

7 ,'.re 11--- i.nay. olsr c 7So a s oan disc w as wea feet inInfantlr e laV .
g r;e-s ntr; "d Flo wh e 1 0 J ap n sli t re a l easily i.
:r, a' 1 ir'n Io-." 7 SAhTn 1''3s it was withthe prison- Ah,.: me, we of the undeIrSe youth. The A th a ater, l t10

Drrk ol. 16ealt 31 Ei0 r IUe.1ted iediann enl2 pancty of lWry Int my' e -a ir r ome wit the wlr bt.
SMale at 0 ute uu g 33 Esia 48 Cunsel A twas alouroose si sostlabe o torceully to mindi and on IheIcteen -and e et e tlie t ne
7 u ce 2 Perses payment 0 E tan rvr Setacle, because the Reas felt nof tI on n'f Whr. Mau t iel*rMr A a4gr ml _at .p I lf ad.0u

14 Warlgod 1Wee1 3.Lader 1 inet ^ s e o risoaers sur ths edbups ndtrok
15 Raiders GraktePedereat eompusin to sign pedi u on frou Was s h w
1 Free 9r Chimney For reasons which we lcan aeffa. 10 r a3.e.-a s

Co 3a2 t .P me imagining t mean today n 'Trhe t.w o I sho-
tlRChw~e ~eptuhll 28Paymients .11S DsvUl only guess, they had chtangedndlad i.
lEergreen tree3 hower 0 Japanese 46 Teeu k their ns png rfan the spring of r me

381 r 't.rng ii Mnn The usins which count ares upte si d fset gd leg,7 wShcsalot** caenonls at
1 Lega wron I Ming tools w1953 and wanted with e ar to dothe ha ..." rbb for thie a
Su Indians I nt obs sine w they were b.o

ill-nke Sowl When you attend to them The odo on to Bay that the arch o1 thsdo
d 1ompavpo1 -f and d ignore Red pledges and foot I dtvslopedeeby a proces-ot to
Nu ce 2 Peruses payment 50 Egyptian rive prevaomises and writen aran- adaptthe laceofra on what Isbe and ea-no t l. it
Es Kil Wed 35 Loaders o1inectIhess eaotsurfacethe edbumo the isund tendy
a:r er .nl 25 Russian city 4Eiion Shield open sabotage il the truce a eo layldnfe
hi i -6 Ursllul 43 Pedestaiere oms arl o whn ier man untedeed upon. ae, life

Sr 153 ai Pan munjom depend behavior b I aoed nimble feet. -etel
;* (comb. for.a) g hn eter-nin ed t.e d of fee t he w ola.. The ch' w. l ha _
Srl-Hatin he'slas which coutp ariougher ie grond the better Sahi Nw*' 4 oaw- o e
8.. an I MARION, Ii1w i UPo Daniel wh"wlwhho wmewl with each olrth td tf b

wreath ndd Cobb, son o( the local orait smoothly. Jaed .lAws.p the feet tr ths a
i Poems .... board secgnoretaRed pledges and foot Is dv ed' by a process-ot l i to
sheoe Ix IeI spat with hi mothe gran-t adaptshe toot tow t and easy-. a tA O .' t
4ehpoe s I -- W v. A ees Youare in a better wa oug or rulw pground.Vl
44 Empls i to guess what the communists o ruh, I k rund" he wrsSteh- d
'* r follesc I i[r V yo eter wy soil, o"r cold te marshland woul 'L L. S;l^ I ,P.
reason Dhatnny wills one big lesson ham-r F negotiate 'n, played feet. e
"ire i- I i t' ed home by te events 19 times, when hunted and washutd, ife Fo r .'
5 Hat ing determine th when he wofl be feet. heHe's w av. The ch il... '.r
56 fo-Dated Utp Iougher gro"nd, the better, II W, r e 1:1118bae.A lawn'.
_17 H'._ian "- I Cobb, son of the local oralt moothly. zlled M.Awmr, the feet tMO.;In .
lqworeth .board secretary. vowed after a it A---- '- -L.....
0:b,,: I-! spat with his mother thatA she ; i'm..
lractL~tainS II I -l -K I I I' everwould elee him in the Ar- k's l I l
.. |&S~upe, ht,me yH. etvolunteered first for the e IIe T f
.unx 1 nII"the.. s. accented" by
',0Jr.dian tIhe local Fi force recruiter.

.whenheWWllbee19. He's six now.

-I -



Wa., large
d six mon
4 with cc

S wart ses's ilk T eI *mGeolo


The T21a

given tb6
grkim fat
The .ne
may. be a
tary paeo

k 0

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4*to uing -0
I W '- e

>J ih Wl,nt

# as

DMtW^ NARSON 3A: Smhgn r

W .OIt went waBOUW1d
the b

*erv' to W 1
to Moore.

MoonI t'b

as ^
,agib a


mimi. -

-~t .5.14

i' : ,

ia w. W .

,h to develop a tme
vpopumalnl, tattlt
irotary legal, aS l
r vertebra which
Doc. We lved In


.with thpi

yw mo. 7ms a a
iAldng a Crowu
I 'ramuPd, ad i.t
i-4o out sonwm
agencies haveI
their own new


--+ g+.



Of The Famous Topdmqo io of The World!

The Nicholas Brothers


TIVOLI *I'w;m_ d w *&
SAt LA M hU *: p.m. Also:
eael VLTNx a 1amt u
VTMS tARLt. ts i nota- f Au l "

."c i

--- .ie l



I" .de'
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L year.-
By way 4
ir the so
'hey ci
=" E


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".4. .., ,. .

a'.- -~ ..Ar-- .I~-?-~rl *w,- ~y l~mCl ~ ~_

~.-i Ix *1
*/ a

That ose- of spades. b
go Mgre- JiMk, and E
t.for oct. wi the 111it
bed until quee.
umm wit
i. Gen. tae afia
"m eurk to 5 ,%4
. inaH. hi. s

Sn he, :a( were heard
-'Me o the,
and d tr
n tft d Uo rtiet -n-
r eh -*as amw


-aa X.
" h u h

:-trWck U

r the a

He trI to hfts aped-.
I d rl Zn .

on L,- -..,.
*^ i^iftled iniuuyo

out back.


tfl .u after at.e bmdI tte. I
k"m tIh yatrg Idmb weut in thi
.. 1J1. Paihrehman Char *flla dgi,

;L-_. "

Faltering Philip!
tr l'u u. Ba.u n th 'salAen,
WCl-wenSu stepa eqs he nus
pmbir weiM m I bll w hemfl taw.
F. A. C ldaMe, ft e roXet em-


1. I

II..- -; .4. -a U'

tr con-
i- rd


Wri e"ch one of oarlevdy.lgs y abuy dWuring,.
tMs;wtaekIyoe will receive one fractie of a
lottery ticket free. Doe't let this pportuty paM.
ym:.may be the winter of $1,000.-

Ia U

% t4Bco. Areb up-
or eiear d
eat ever
0o=o-*.a -i e


Mr -o..m
p, O. 5.,.*, a'.
M- &AA.'' ^*4C
^^*^ sr~F '* i~a ^

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F9: '-. AT.
ay ,' -


w r A'S
F*X&2WtA IO 'LdItt

"," i.2'


round .flqq
mother wl
with hisftla
* "I thought
j =d his mol
"* 1iial, ,T
cAme IqheS
tnnrk him A

aa crets: "
w3^hose, e
jile broke off a p
to see it 10
7. nose. I didn't
. to be mad t
The Sthe
,*oh' y'S. iJaf

'11m*w1 qs
ii .

C t- Jars
I 'ad t aI


C:i SA F A tIC H S 5


.- Et ttFastl. c will close out it Atck of imported Carpets, at les tien you a m oal.

S fAu prsentnLedialwm. wtkIe Itlqis. we -grg ly of our cotaup are
a ,.pxau tb buzzparl tL. E werqagain rwl o0purchase alias gned
'Im. -ud -J
i ; p for sueha lw- p! r,
"arti and "as of Cainsa Fapstih. Sal&4 ine pd h
s. A]P Y, AUGUST. r,...
:: :

? d .' -- '-

aid hit
i many

'A., a





EM-7 o. .
Ni V

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br..""(ris "

A,'* -,.P C


S... .. $52.50
.......*$ 7.50

* ....... $ 4.60
a- \
l' I .r r

S 39.35
$ 88.10

& ^*-1* 4.4 b







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the date






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m.Pl'llil la'Ri


- -- ---- --- .- ---

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. _

the sweeping race of the K "
century in olid silver. '
U.K. Sals ges.Li per 4t

Canal Zoes delivery
price S18.7

Kahiftia st':


* .-vm-


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0t C, yi
It fcU0t4


- I- WAN~* aumWmusu.u.


OL. Shipping & Ai Line,.|

Congreinman P. X, 31 I tarry D. Pi
FAm a r,--mP N Z.elda B. O
MOVIES rv RADIO ona uthbound ; Mrs. Dorl
by Erskine Johnson Francis E. Do0r), br r
o scheduled to Mr. and
. oLLYWOOD (NEAl Ex- that one of the stipulations o o.
' luively Yours: A new all-time the competition -a that con- .Canal Zone .b.rd the PanamA '.. Norman C.
4e Liuner Cetda'l, a1"o.llng to th-! sol dMrs. Robert G,
d record for turning a hit testantj have no movie experi- L.e.C..... .... to .h. an M.... 0.
1SWay musical show into aence.... There's a new bussthatu aBa o ,ar ce vd ailn and r
Ilm---ftve days flat -ifs Holly- Mario Lanza and MGM have se- at Balboa HI=,. C R"l ngerd
. ood' Ilatest 'new era" economy icretly concluded an agreement The Coa* l daughter; Mr. and
i eftement. that will see him starring In n i-by ~ r Humtcker: Mr
' The show is "Top "Banana. '"The Student ricee" IU g lnr.- .is- H. Ir9w"n Mrs
.; lth the original supporting cast. ek t"- sa ta .th e Jat and' 2 rhldreMts
stars. Phil Silvers and Rose Freddie Finkelhoffe says he gviest paasenhgr U eiv Jawed arn cobdta
l'a5ie. and even the original cos- won't trv to block Ella Logan's e Pn e Of.the- ac ioLIM
miuies and scenery. divorce action. Anything that southbound In several months. a tnbabum; Harry; .
t ", In an unprecedented film- Ella wants to do is all right with g1uen of the pasta a to gm to, gurray iucpt.
,taking idea. "Top Banana me." the playwright producer disembark in Port-lau-P ce. cudren- William .
otlosed at a Los Angeles theater told me. The complete admM PPlwn- S5 Herbert Lamu "
ifnd opened a couple of days Ia- ger list for Cri stobil:. t1' --td M. Leonard:- E
,ier'bn h movie sound stage with KAYE WON'T PLAY L.A. Mits Rita At om ,J eol : Mrs. FracN
S9Wo 3-D cameras instead of an abcock ana-- 5R Lowowt,-'lt S
I'K1udience waiting on the other Danny Kaye hits the road for liam D. Jones; Charw L BA- WMfL D. McowinsiO . of the footlights another personal appearance ton; Miss Helen Beck: Mr aad dk; ra Carolina
curtain went up. the cam-, tour after com etnng "Knock on Mrs. Charles E. Belden and oa; M '.Marion Mackma U-
raf-turned and the show was'Wood"-in which he's back to Miss Anna Bell: Mrs. Ulah R. -M.gilrra-y; MMl
photographed in five days exact- the zany, pre-Hans Christian Bernett; Elwood 0. Blisett; M -si M1-er Mr. and Mils-
1TV as staged In the theater with, Andersen Danny-but again he's Marsha Bolnick-, Mr. an4 Mrs. m William J
'threrception of a few censor- said "No" to giving Hollywood a David Brown; Mr. and Mra. and Mr
blin cuts. peek at his great in-the-flesh, John M. Brown and son: Mrs. Moom, Jr.
Director Al Green just stood one-man slmw. Henrietta M. Bruce and 2 chil- '
by and enjoyed the fun-"You dren: Miss Emily B. Butcher, Mr. and Mrs. AndrA.s
couldn't, tell these people what Urged by. pals tb .lay Los An- William V. Butler; and Harry F. lalmqs and 3 children;-
to do-,4hev've been rehearsing geles. Dannv winced: Butz; Mars. ward H. OweM
for two years." "An opening-nitht audience in Miss Juanita Cadwell Mr. and eh-ldren: Miss Jennie
Wtping off his make-up after Los Aneeles isn't an audience. Mrs. Joseph Conklin, Jr. and 2 Mr. and Mrs. Ear l C.
"the last shot. Phil 8stIvers, it's a film Industry jury. Ill children; Mr and Mrs Lynn E. 3Sch idren; Mr. d
ined"I'm in a hurry. We're plar Los Angeles only If I can Cottrell; Mrs. Esther Dorr; Mrs. P uanelli; Mrs. Annad
having a preview tomorrow open the second nigh." Kenne Dunshe Stuart R. Plumer; Mr. 1
S. .... and Mrs. Francis E. Dor an Clrence E. Priest and .Is
A two-reel U-I comedy co- 3 children; Mr. and Mrs.; John jDa f Prinle; M T
"From Here to E t e r nitv" starrinpr Rose Marie and Abbe E. Erikson and 2 children: Mr. We F. Relf: Frant
proves again that good movies Lane. titled "Surprising Susie." is and Mrs. John C. 1Pweett and Mr- and Mrs. GeorWl-n
need no gimmick except th" 5- surprising the studio brass. Cur- daughter: Mrs. Luc p 0. Feeney anAdughter; MrS. V
G's--great story, great acting, rent plans call for reteaming of and 2 children: Miss Lena Fen- dy and son:
great characters, great writing, the ex-kid star and Xavier Cu- ton: Dr. and Mrs. Lewis E. Fon- Miss Phyllis SabbllsO' I.
great directing. Iqat's bouncy wife in a series a- taine and 2 children; Mt. and (COatinued na P 6a o )
The Columbia film version of long the lines of the laugh et-
the James Jones best-seller has t.ers that once co-starred Thelmai '-"
all of them, with Bert Lancaster. Todd and Patsy Kelly. I
Montgomery Clift, Deborah Kerr.
Donna Reed and Frank Sinatra Now it can be told that Hum-lT r l -
giving the best performance phrey Bogart thought of Hum- U IL R
ever. thalhrev Borat for the role ofUI
The only thing that leaves the tCantain Queeg in "The Caine.
screen in this one Is brilliance. Mutiny."
"The day after Stanley Kra- Gremtt White Fled ]
BIG IDEA mer bol"tih t bpo). I called
,. hi]p ,nd said d keto play the
Day after Walter Wanger shot don't usu*lv ask for rples--but
Jennihls Lang over the affee- ths is the greatest.1
tion. of Joan.Bennett, an indi- Role's ,andid opinion of Jen- S.S. -ATA O"' ................ ..... ..... ..
i pendent prochducer dusted 6ff her jfer Jto1. WitBl whom he just *S. CMO ............................... .. .
d. 1947 movie. "The Macomber Af- worked In Europe: "I didn't re- ****.**....... .........
fairr" in which she played a *alhi It until I worked with her S.S. "SANTO CERRO" ..... ...........
, faithless wife. and wrote a new but she's a very Ahyvdam,. There r *
, advertising catch line: Is no shyness about me, but we .
"Did Joan plot against her got along fl 6P aP -,j, ate o m M
hilsband?" *
The producers' association. ve-,
toed the whole idea. The film'" NEW YORK SERVICE
!kow having, a reis-vie without te -
.: senationalls n and with a new MAKE fRIENOS s.s.,QUAs .... ................. .. J
title, "The White Hunter.' S.S. "CAPE COD" ........ .

Robert Preston and. his .wife.. .
Catherine Craig, are bac op .
mooh gjatrmipit8al seabs .n --
two-vear separation. Bob's still
turnIng down movies in favQr ofi J
stage Pand TV roles with the ex- I "
"We movie roles I've been of-"
feted are the sane old stuff. It
euld be'a tep back'ward'i tnlIs )
tie right part coties along."!' ,
Veloz aRd Yolonda, who re- '
tired as ;a dance team to cash in You drop by to see friends and
with doaning' schools, will revive find them -watching a television
their nitht-club act 'at the Fla- play. The most thoughtful thing,
Slnqno Hotel in Las Vegas. Tohbn ,td'o i 4i to insist'
Charles Thomas says his first they see it to 'the end. You can'
slo6n date there Aug. 13. usually manage to do so by con-I
ai n,- I $It nu..:youref1, hate
EUrest vell by the losers in to have to leave. a play before
itie Miss Universe contest is that you find out "who done it." i
,Vbr'stine M rtel played bit rolqs TV to others as you would
^*PreuMch films. The girls say ave themn-TV to you:
W R ..... t .Nervo.s
, xiRIq WELKIN PISRsto *. Nervo

S.S. "ESPATA" ...... ...::...... .. ......
S.S. "MAJORGA" ............... .... ...........Aug'
S.S. "COMAYAGUA" ... ............,..

Passeger Saming to New OrlMas inm a
via Santa Marta,. Colombia. ..j

S.S. "CHIBQUI" ............ ..............AAug 25
B.S. "CHIMIQUI" ..... ... .,.,,. ............ep ,

Orleans. Los Angeles. Io 8 m New pattre.
Frequent freight sailing from Q~toal to
West Coast Central hlmresM 1srts.


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-which he eared.he was heir
to when he viited his parents
In Greece erpmfl. Due to
Greek moe remleatonm., he
cant take his beamrol out of
the country. Re he lobe over
* handful o drchmbm, which
we worth 30,00 to one dollar.

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Emilio Plomeras

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. ..Bai .i.n r. ... r.h.L-iJI li.r? lB L ... .-.i -h1.
.1, r.


You Sell'em. .. *I n You Telr e nthru P. A. assi
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10,059 Mel6admlm ne is, Col"d.
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Phones 2.i

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No. 12,179 Central. vfe Coleo
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, .

Household Automobiles D.oa drSb e Oceanside co tta Automob il A
Aleahali Aam uu SI Clr. Box 435, Balbqa. "S,
FOR SALE -A beautifl l,%.ngroon' FOR SALE -1947 DeSoho 4 door 20831 -A, As cC. L Panama 3.1877, Cristobol -
set, ol rnt r e. In $175 0O cashI j ,th radio. in good condition, real C-- ch. nto
00onc redit ,500 1 bar gain price. Apply No. 806o, DR. WENDEHICE. Meical Clinic. House zn beach. '-' ".a
Do.n po.nien Call 2-1062, Co- Apt 2. 8th. St. Sta. Isabel. Colon. Central Avenue "K" tr In ,OOL Cmp. a 1
o. A r dFOR SALE -1949 Ford 2 Dor. S- ner. Telephone 2-3479. Panrma. Phioo SHRAPNEL. Ilbe,
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top kitchen able. $8.00 2 siudo 63.-322. Call after 4.30 p. m. The trip of your life. A Jungle Jim Elctr icm thlcW
couches. h e tables. $4Jaunt hru the Panama Canal to Co- rotes. Ta An eltri*
coAches. -,th end tables. $ FOR SALE -1950 Studebaker. Ex- Ion San SBla and Porto Bello, A 3 4-567. Pedro Mi
00. x 4 steel dnng table. $8 cellent conation. 16.000 miles. day trip aboard the Hotel El Panamo's Wlllam* Sainta Clara Beach ,P-a .
C00 5mmons bed a ld mattrei Low down avyment Liberal terms Pescadora. Leave Balboa Friday 6 a. 2 b roomse refri arltor
S 1.00. Hou~e I -4l-Ke Gao la r Call Curundu 5245. im.. arrive Colon 2:30 p. m., leave r Balboa 2-305
Rd, 3rd house below* Cable .ce FOR SALE-Ford Custom Club Coupe. Colon 9:30 p. m. for San Blas and we da.. PO in O
FOR SALE' West.nghouse auto- 6 Cy '50. radio, seat covers, body Pao.o Poelio, turning Colon Sunday p r l1i P
otic Loundromal one vear old excellent, motor recently over- afternoon. Through the C lMon- rPhon
25 cycle. $2.2. 00 or w,. trade hauled Balboa 2-2159, between day 6 o. m. returning to Bllboa. nt Clar. hone ia
for 60 -cle. Aluminum 8 4. Meals catered by El Panana. Bring FOR RE T
blnd 4 '- x S 51000. Used slacks, shorts, bothingpuit. jacket, FOR ] N I '
baby a-d bas.,nelie and carriage. FOR SALE:-1947 Kaiser $450. Call t|ppers and spears for underwater
53.50. House 42- Gaiun. Phone 2-4172 Balboa. Con be seen at fishmg, nd your c a nd rolls aOU .
fshing.and your caomnao nd folls ]eao10 l "U "
323 5.520-C. Diablo. dalv.y of color film. Please nma reserva- B 1" k a M r
R SALE -3 pece bamboo FOR SALE- 1948, good lions early through yo.' Travel FOR RENT:--ist of ''
r'oo sue. 60 cycle. General Elec- condit-on, good tires, oll acces- Agent, or Jungle Jirt Priep at Pan- Ambsl dor T laccup a
tric portable ironer Steamer sorie Leaving the Isthmus, must arma 3-1660. Special prS~ for groups Panama. ,-...-
CTrunk. 3 6eneton blirnds. Phone sacrifitce Call549 Balboa 2-1 505. of 10 to 16 people. FOR Rn 2 M r
FOR SALE -Set Rattan furnitue, 6 FOR SALE Victoria Ford 1951 FOR SALE' Por No. '
pieces. D.rirg Set: One table, 6 radio. Hawthorne green Hive, phone 3 ?
chairs. St cr, Ial. Old Comms- Looks like new. Leaving. Phone "
sarv pattern, Prnces Minon days 83-2134 .-, C 11"0-F R
China, 4 cream soups. 6 bread and FOR SALE:-1946 Buick 4 Doeer in FOR SALE:-F few r ,ayp it- e 1
. butter plates Crstobol 3-2424. fair condition. Reanonable buy. ers. various sizes. "iiWth new A
FOR .SALE' Frgdore 25 cycle, only $450. Smeoe & Hunnicult 5. dust cover. Price $tO Act ow
$65.00. 2490 Balboa 2.2623. A. 16th Stret, Control Avenue. Wilcox Co., Tel. 48, C FOR EN: FI '
n R SALE-Double beds complete 800 Colon. FOR SALE:---Complete Ham Station. ."
$8.00, Wardrobes $35 00. China clean and in good condition. $150. watts. Colits 75-Al Reodpiver. Col-
Clb tsa $35.00. Tables $16,00 00 Duty free. Balboa 3414. in VFO. Panodapitor, f e patch. ATT ON I.,
Straight chairs. $2.50. gas stoves R
tGuaranteeai $900 and $69 Positin Offered 25-60 Cycle. ,4 horse 25 lSIt cId
00,,.ricker cShairs 55 50. Sofo ere motor. 25 cycle foan. Iquit N :
SBec $78.00. Folding beds Ibrand WANTED:-Sales agents for club 3341 A ncen
Inow $39.50. Coil Springs $25 Apply wth your identification cord. FOR SALE -60 cycle Crosley con- Ivling-diningroon, 3 bedrooms, 2
00. New mattresses $16 50. small ICarnet.. Good opportunity for sole, 3 speed automatic record bathrooms. For' Information tl-
tables, $600 Desks $25.00, Bul- interested persons. Parlsien Furni- player. Call Balboa 2-4172. ephon 3-1167, 9 to 12 and:2 to
fts $1800, and n other ture No. 168 Central Avenue. FOR SALE:-enue 60 cycle Deep- CHLET
bargains i n complete s ets and in- Best opportunity for young man. freeze, brand new. At sacrifice FOR RENT:-Furnished 2 bedrdor I K
dvAduol piece o DShould have long experience as price. Call Panama 2-4930. opartmlent, near Bella Vista Theo-
CASH OR CREDITver salesman. Must speak Spanishand FOR SALE-Two Panamanian- horses. r. -196 afer 7'00 0L DS ILE
-. We delive t OLD$ ILE
O, USEHOLe deXCeAe 8 on i Enghish. Apply at Bazar Panama RFOR-3 A T a n o rI L E ,I
: HOUSEHOLD EXCHANGE HX. 3ishoe store Central Avenue No. $25 each, may be seen Parqup FO R : R. ''"I
:41 Auto Row Tel. 3-4911 104. Panomb CIty. Lefevre, lst Street No. 26, write house o crIe. "Lt
(National Ave1 Ancon P. 0. Box 513. Enquire Estudlonte 98, Ponrmpn.
We also reupholster and slip cover WANTED: Active Salesmasen for
e allfor free estimated co permanent wek. Hlmn S. A. FOR SALE: Complete set Dodge FOR REF"NT-Apartment in as
S -f"Aglencies Sylvania," No. 1. Via opar, All-weather heater, blow.- lei tid ntiar niwe r Iid.n
FOR SALE: Household tuture Eperien er type. Phone Nav 3232. construdlon.W Wnphnedftiead tf- .. H -ll
Amerian family, leaving Panama FOR SALE:-C tlin e n of Smith lotion, porch, diningroem, hvinpF i .
Iriquire between 8 and 6 daily at raF S -, two bedrooms with tdeera
NG;A24. Aquilino do la Guardia. rHelpWanted W. ay Weldingr Electrodes: Mna d ined closets, bathroom n kitch e
steel st Iron Machinabe ba
Bello Vislta. WANTED: Maid for housework, and hard facing. F. ICAZA Y CI laundry rtom, garf e,
diningr m ande hard- faong. F. I A Y^ CIAU? 1 room V^ "g ar,. 4
FOR SALE.-Mahogany dningroom references required. Curundu i e trod. C
set. made by Cowe. Spanish stlve House 659-B. FiSlngli m onnecrm On buisroute to
with leather covered chairs. $315 inline Aonnectimo. On bus t furth .rt
*-----*--and from town. For further "*las-* i
00.. Tos Arias, Cuba Avenue W anted Fition sherman bring yuorbroken tods. formoat ra c Pan a a 9
and 32nd., Street fExposiciont. ofaf e dh Position reels and outboard motors for re- _RFNT.._.l__rh______________E_______ Or,__I_________ 4 .
FOR SALE -Double bed, table and Experienced bilingual Panamanian pairs or trade-in on them fo new FOR RENT.-Furnished oprtimeit
chair, sewing rnhine. vaccum offers ces as aco tant ones. Eliro and EvenruL e outboard ideal for 2 coupleLs, $90.00. Nrf
cleaner. 25 & 60 cycle ivingroom or clerk.M P Z motors. Mir-O-Lure bait. Abernathy 7rican nig r. Telephone 3-
suite, end tables. washing machine No. 99. Peru Avenue, Panama. Hours 0FO SALt r-ff 1952e
25 cycle. Navy 3250. WANTED 4 00 p. M. to 9-00 p. M. Saturday doer N'
FOR SALEoS- Beautiful mahogany M MSCO I oU 9.00 a. m. to 4:00 p rn. FORI ENT Pe .'
China closet. Call between I and Miscellaneous now.
9 p. m. Wednesday 1560-A. WANTED:-Vocation quarters. Sept. R om
Calabash St ,Balboa. First through Nov. 15th. Diablo I wF Oeab f id R R!NT-uraFshed rooti wth 9
FOR SALE:-Westinghoues Retriger- 5083-A. Call 2-3429. dd kitchen pr.Ivilg 43 St. No. 43, I I
at;'. r9 cu. ft. excellent condition. APARTMENT WANTED: Young e OSI alOt a -mt I p.
Sp A North American couple getting FOR RENT-Nily furnished cool FOR C i-
C. Z. married desire an unfurnished omne room, meal vi Call 3 hfrd top,
S FOR .S LE chalt. Write Box 1"719, Balboa.
EO~c~t C.^ Z. *MILWAUKEE, Wis, Aug. 5 SE T
Motorcycles (UP) Bernard M. Baruch told w. 1, N
IOR SALE:-Motorcycle 1949 Ariel l IIA-- of the Veteras of Foreign Wars .
500 c.c. Good condition New bat- VII l an a onl encampment today that UweL__ .
Sto and generator. $300.00. Call the strength of the nation's arm-
^ C mntn a. de ; ment program must be gauged FOR E,- spec. In V iV **H*. 2
663. Led China To B e iN on. Rsa's moves. e bue uildin a Hotel an no
LESSO N S Baruh likened the world slt- i:A? Ffe Halcon. Tel.
R; ____________ _A On A y u. 2 rn Tame s. t uatlon in Korea, East Germany 3-117 3r 407..
MRS. ROMERO--PRACTICAL CON- M l M igl and Rusfi, to an ice-Jam with
VERSAI'ONAL SPANISH LES- cracks appearing.T r
SOtM$, Learningo Spanish this way MOSCOW, Aug. 5 (UP) -'TheI "If the deadlock in the cold A-..LE
is fu'n Start now. Apt. No. 2 Bldg. Soviet Union said today Red war breaks,' he said, 'the Wseasti W il
"77-A Estudiante St. P China should be allowed to par- ill Indeed be open to move- ------,---- ___g_ __, 1_ _
ticipate In any discussion it ment again, but it will be a sea FOR lAnd at SuntoA"POW t .
holds with the Big Three west- thick With icebergs of all the un- Clara sq. mete".s
ern powers. resolved issues of the peacemak- Cost $1, be-ofr t
The Rusans proposed that ing. Picking our way safely it. Witrki. o
any meeting it holds with west- through these icebergs could Balboa, Z. 50.
Stern Big Three foreign ministers prove far more hazardous than C .F3.5.. -.
be expanded to consider "a remaining frozen in deadlock." R .in.149. n -l '
general lessening of tension in Setting forth a list of require- Contl W fW te
~ I Einternational relations" as well ments in making peace, the elder years." Central 0 W-S-Wtk5.oin
as the problems of' Germany statesman stressed "that peace -..259, seve plme
and Austria as the western pow- cannot be made without mill- .
era proposed. s tarvy power."
,In h discussion of ques- q m"I pathize fully with theC anal' r .m-. l l1
tons concerning measures for need cut t axes and govern.T
Sdecreasin tension n in iner mento e i." esa "bu t et OIO-ow '1.
tonal rel atuonsthe participa- us not deceive ourselves that
lon ofe the Chinese Peoples large reduce s can be made in AtEts 1 .
d .nin ou rpost. In in peace ne- The r4 a ery
ah p p ing For ths,1ea. t military ro-ally

A. Line leaders d et they row
d r rl. erJr level or Inrease it.

,, c Tr.e. Mrs. ruch ea ged the ratifIcation i

Coldrn .. in Ref amegtg u eiales. Imecea oD.

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a1,'g a,^. ito be "weakly" Instead. We won't Last weeks results were;
EhWs 1apologize or n n ALLEYS I 5 2
FF believe it anyway, but, we, prom- Fasama Dispatab w Twnka
ieiIse to do better. At the end of C. Icaa 155 1 1 '
;. tournament, the Balboa'League's Calvo 154 1J1 1U ag
standings were G. Cowes 162 1o ,.. -
.Team W L Ave. wa16oner 8 1
PI.lsbury.39. .. ..".. .... j

P. Plspatch 22.5 35.5 781 La"e* 180 162 182 506
t V Cerveza Balboa 19 29 777 Mariche 128 162 155 445
.Kellog7's 19 29 89 Thompson 144 158 123 431
Tropidura 19 29 783 Banks 168 210 165 542
:, 0 PeAM Cola 17 31 787 Albritton 1c0 172 141 472
l ?op dura, has taken a new *Hanldiap 8 28 28 184
Slrl t eWeik, leaue on life since arrangements
: h l- were m ad e to replace their s t 77aoma
.teady blie d wit h a lower aver-n 5wo 33t2 75e
age bowler plus a 28 pin hand- ALLEYS 3 & 4
leap. Last week they clobbered Pilebury p Cerveso i Pa ma
7-tO T1 Panam4a Dispatch for four points Endara (140) 184 18 01
S 0 and at the same time relledaJ. Icz ao 15 162 144
-t-w3o L 4 -) (-Mos. their highest single and highest Boe 174 125 173ut
nul agt )y "- >t -o41iwI wohiute, series since the tournament Roglers 137 202 201
Ball a t Mao started the handleB helped Van Wie 202 225 199 m
----- of course. Banks starred for the
Sti- 0lil N b G e painters by rolling 543. For the g* mT geL.Wg r
Seto 00 i 0 L losers, George Cowes came a- ,
F^2hc -. 4 2 cio with a 548 while de la Luttenberger 177 120 170 416
ia hgte jr fW11 ^ l.r a hzh they (i i ( llar. Guardia.N got hot in the second Typaldos 122 141 12?C- a ,5
BAB---- edIII "as h Sr Yd (10-1t2), FPaa a A"1 ..gan .me and rolled 203 but it A. Icaza 133 128 162 42.
it 3 C+ l-. I troth., weren't enough, by 2 pins to Wheeler 112- 139 188 43
S ,-.-- i,. i 2 win, the painters took it away Coffey 168 202 190 560
SBavlbo hit a Giant NI t Ome *. by one lone pin. M
I rever'- oer. '.Cleveland 000 00,.080-3 5 1On the adjoining alleys. Pills- 712 731 I37 IT. seWashiaton 00 6 00 -0 4 bury continued to beat off ah 71 29 ll2
14,lly Via Ras.. tO I -tobba a' Tip-opposition by takig the Cerveza ALLEYS 5 a I
S -rse an sf fo P' or the usual fo J- labor, Conde r u S. Old Tig
Hag rueolr that Ned Day is collect- BttBarMr 1 4 11
2der to beat Pillsbury but De Mena 102 146 110
I e sfey hd a Mea0 but h upportlady 181 193 184 5
S. ,wasn't too good it would have r-
.5agehad to be better ,than good to 7 81

bU h '"12 ,,, -- -dor tangled with the uancients Klumpp 193 198 176 5
,.,,, W"ATS U orseadhle gpmomntarilydurin a of Sears for the second time in Bneu, 119 12
ti n Old Panama tk over. Te .hmI the son of one of ed Rade- tl tournament. Wth the s- a

t n(s48) o theo, ice a -flight at the ir T ard "Curly" h ates of the mail73
4 .....tesorder men, sithe team ntanRed togersSH
41b, 1LosCN)seW start oBtane nbandic tphelpd aLLeYs 7
B"ook" yn t (A W 'hp ....[ ... r "r ". ..tof .. ap -ar-a, Ruble 150 17/3 162 435
12 F-p In1a ddi ita sa L..all __ 11 and trlt rady ofCondors star- h

.r erlmsesa l an GeorgetiBe take Kello-s be o
redol ..r he'. o l eBled e wt 54am1e e6 13 532a-
as, e ..... .d 11 .. .. .P 1 i om loerd Carola and mellogg's tan Billut I eytler a 1
....Miaf .teu rmTaies tere es drinkers taken It 311 776 313 2e4C.
u 19M de-las 00.nt hee.,.on.1o. te o n rl,-s o, t, h ro-

d .-ouI, ... m n e s J S o e a tlIt ewkit oiw n a while Tarrldo 123 5l7 144 44'-
-land T p- npposi uo e tM s o ile plon ofth tea Karsto 114 18i 176 4.-

+' 70. t hied hr (and ,h/ wo- .-- .. n istmpden tot. wa rollte d o-t-24.-o the breakfast. rMelanson 1s4 233 2e0 s
C dV Them15nout 766th1ru thh en thse a 2bou
00d fr~ ire dy mi ogn -obot wCe Urlind, Nof the fodeacIng a tea t a me oise toinBor
sixnIea t's 6 a00 t 57.3o1, Rb le r ju st r t rn- Td
h, a e'v, thed- p--a-r.w --. rdo. .(0)~aateo o hd-itw ord have ur e

44Ye.541,So teuawhihsol nesmes
_ed1.an47he wasaysaall'enWhe a P an mow teasm w
-_... t. Teo0e0ox a, p as St. ,ou-i T.m-an- nisgroshtaatJ?0pe-nctcherml r t sb -
ar r ta l ed-witht hewr nc.i eth h s

of ta/n d U-rew otb e rssne nre P
osnupseadh .saFrridr.yAsftgrapso d aay ofrSearsfrotheeeonhditoIbeBat- 0eg,_. .., ^oato.ilael t ,efr se int agmlith wthela,--
gidPahomit ld p traiging leiro.wind U ,when theYcrdoked dnown o Yas beae _eed.ef. T er--e. began w,.at
Go "Aby lfinm Qsl d f._ .o i ._ league nman-. tackle Panama's ampion Lord of a rn-in with umpire Bil Holywoods a Keleer in
l ndord.. urmcea ownr utmc bA says the new Ch terfel team. l aco du Monday's cu Los Anl l r

.; el tiden up hope o Bo 0y a Br -~4~RM ch S"ankyos Wpy"h NareznRee 4. Reel
0. ........, fltshed third Iand S y won T Stanky Myl Hlainpden, (. N~o. 3. was ejected homn t. gade. ray Franklin was spikred
ye 69~ ar honm, I.tans as Start Ken~t o., lNO. 8._: The ehngP e p fro a Canland Police warned elayedrs ofbgt
"h1-LRorrow 1*WS. "i n .Vt S: .hoendlenst ok) RoBs. 19. of to a Detroit nt ae to teas they will e rreste-f
X- Z! fro aae te Cardinals.t yeung, St s "They're altor (Wa ,3_hff.19. of Boone. When r a tak the

i. AUnves new tlytas, r'vi N .. No 15-ow Jubilant last rrid-
eyers 2__, o.,No.k(0 o thilebae a r .I l" an has e r th e sll reie K rst
SOm t and I conthemore ea. os te u d fore rt .w rd .Holson.l -o --o But. the b ked r It-....
M the rest of the ab thePanam a ofte 7 captain. Pitcher uathel Paie, wlJ'st ouly one game m,'

'beame following shotly after Abner ooubleda
at"17)l tArosemena, Ri- has a candidate he rates t
Res A S Tcheve- RobiniRoberts.
Stal eyI 03f M, PRafaelwJaen' Batch says 28-year-old
.-'Thet. .DCrdinals-al HigFankMarsh andDn Larsen of the St. Loui
t;;y Unl it em GeoI-e.Weeks.FelixL Bo w will be another Rob-

Th e r boeing property a"-. ijfaster than the Phil-
--t w C.I Unitd Press ly ace and has a better curve
...." *i ball.- .. Belsing wroni with h i, '
Cardina l dMot .Sag ni aSnoo 3g" .1e. control, either. Mark my word.a

."I tiko te eat-al 0,00 I fplbEcauyes oear sars on'sorec-
WONA ongFahstride," M$t e.' i _Boy" evrC -year-ialswill Frid aythefwn'lre-

who ranAu-1 jaQn water 8 P ms be bacord of two winsand nine losses.
w.ights.A s paid he has notifl4 "So what," says Paige, "look at
.' for th.i'-. ... they can say the of Susqueuhan 'nthe club he's pitching' for. If
-what t. Pl."_. UnM 1. Will not be balk Roberts was pitching' for our
0..,Arags.. 9rIb a little as niach this seo" New York. Aug. club instead of Philadelphia, he
hea-t "co.. 4ach next year," Greentree SLable's wouldn't have nowhere near 18
.. ILaor.4- ail depen caqe tAirough as wias.... Thia Larsen, he's a real
TA .' ML al. I'm in d py in the Wilson dlamaond in th' rough. And
S-Me arc ow g i : -.don't forget oFl watch told you
onw th game ruhorse l o ts theH lC lf r i sa M
t e f a m e u M W m m d i a .
1,. firx'. 'tndan Land'"-00-- brnP m
1,. '--- '.j" aui." '.. ~ "Indian Land" ". 'e-r .. t a result, track of- T Hollywood California. __________
i iIhe- a established fop- the event s PU e Department Isti I
.. ..u kein ro M A (1) eksed .
Av With 1 during future basebal
16gb WN*Ud cPo W a mu

MW.Is M old jockey Ted At0- onc .do
Scnlet "him loose in LOW BUT Sim o P
o in- 00M(UP) ado. NW hm'vy-0
worh s10,015 to 's "o( at.
It lhe ~a'rrvled IM 3 Is be-
e f track in a. man-
..-. and .o.e-fifth t, N_7&_oeverY_.
a tw a We -".I._______sea_

IwE ~ in 'p. eW

M cermoll

qr, ~ ~ .l'-r. .. ar v .-, L

Snaps Bosex L
.^'\ f .. -,
-" .1 ...., .
"-. ( '. s;
., '< ".. '

~ I-.

S.2 .
_ -. .. ', .v.^ i^

' '-".; .



"Let the people know the truth and the .Ountry is /.Araham iU oln.





=lht coat of' tan on France's
Aaure coast won Rina Sorba
the title "Breoned Venus of the
I hfench Riviora." The contest
I was held In Nice.

Nicholas Brothers
Here For I Week
Of Engagements
The world famous Nicholas
brothers song-and-dance team
ilfived here last night for a
week-long series of appearances
at a local theater and a night
The brothers, who filled a
number successful engage-
ments here several years ago.
1ill open tomorrow night at
* p. m. in the Central Theater
and later on in the evening at
the Happyland cabaret.
Stars of stage, screen and
television, the Nicholas brothers
plan to put on some of their
farest dare-d.'vU acrobatic danc
es during Lheir local appear-

Asks Governors.


SEATTLE, Aug. 5 (UP) -
President Eisenhower has asked
the nations governors to sup-
port a bipartisan policy at home
as well as abroad.
"1 don't give a noot if you're
Democrats or Republicans," the
President declared. "We must
woik together.
Mr. 1a2enhower spoke In-
formally At, the annual Govern-
ors' Conference. He aid he had
an IndestrudUble conviction"
that state's rights must be
maintained and defended his
administration against charges
it had gone too slow in its first
six months.
The Presideqt called for in-
creased cooperation between the
national government and the
states nad emphasized that this
policy must be carried into the
international field to maintain
thp security of'the United States
and intoq- tqt.. domestic field as
well. .' .'
Mr. UAwn"t1uer said that un-
less stastg ts fre preserved,
"we aft. ot Wrig to'lave Amer-
ica as We hawe known it,"
The federal government
should d only those things
for the people that the states
ean not do themselves, he saId.
He conceded-tt "Ir very dif-
ficult to establish a clear divid-
ing 116I" between nationAl and
state reasponSlbniti. The Im-
portant thing is to make the
efforts of the sttte and national
government "complement each
other," he said.
The separate functions of
the states and the national gov-
enient should be coordinated.
so that "eah of us dc i ot '0
the same thing."
The most important task of
each state executive, he said, is
to inform his people constant-
Iv so they will be able "to sup-
port reasonable programs." If
officiain continue to bring gov-
ernment arse'- to te *.:people,
.,irfOI,] ,

he said, "then I think. we will
be heading in the right direc-
Mr. ELFenhower'sald.the part-
nership among the states aw)
between the states apd the Da-
tional government must con-
sist of more tha. _conern over-
local rights &ad.. 4eantraUzed,
government. ..
"The troubleof aJ&a" he .saf '
"jealoosies det and we,
have more fua..-. ailing the
other fellow a g' ,and so.,..


rather than core SO W
r r." .
He said he Wie
primary purpose of-.
ors' Conference an : be, to
"pinpoint lays we at i'Gk to.
, Mr. Elsenhower the
'W the nation,
rT with one to
Zeourity and
me .other to "
death." It is n iL

Comp- 100 l batI
*** t.&-1 *

bat missions with the filth
rea. Flying unarmed R4p-
Squadron, he went on faIl
Information. to the.Ary u AM
and. supply movements. .
1952, Lt. Graham has been
to the Air Medal Won %
in B!-24s for the 4
transfer to the th. ew
Fighter Bomber Squadron. L. OGr
High School in 1942 and attended
111. His wife and two children, Ge
L., two. live In

Tafl's Funeral F

Simple, 'What He

Would Have W feald'
Sen. Robert A. Taft was burled
in a village churchyard a mile
from his home yesterday after a 4
quiet, simple service attended
only by his family and close of
Hundreds of persons attended w
public services for the fallen sen-
ator in downtown Cincinnati, but Jo
those who knew Taft best o14
mourned his paasinr at a cere- M
mony that woulidhve been what
he wanted.
0 Two policemen and two fire-
men served as paUlbearers for
Taft, wbhoe body was brought
home after a state. funeral in
Waphington, D.C., Monday. There ia
was no sermn Only a few flow- m
erm .ua t awd In the Imall

two extrqmw, he
a "route r fu to WSllE
The dem whe o -'
edbb .litItIaM%
Ing too0 $WII -ikee.Wt

.. :


,-,t as a

apleted 100 cam*
ace Wing 16 N-
ie the Polks pot
dmons to furnish
.V troen. wvhaImi

four, and

o- u ,

ft Stage



I AMmenc
BOtfAr reb

- ~


A ~* **~

'1 -~






S. -'_A

.tmqIca', u-,m.

Tos btFeco

T a iand s ..

t r1 ".ot- nsi


#0a yoer samemt hIAftl In this
W *hab new worv-.wdgolden Minor a you
A the mal gs, for a fresh mw iake-uip-
nywhere. An& it ca'tl piw Oeau
,d Angel Foe you'll wemr

Rd t-w.A %V4 of
5- '*-*A. g< .T

5 --

.. .

-. I

y-. ..-s

i,*- ,,- *
". r'= '- '

* 'w~ ~'~*
* ~

Abu 1 s._ wd ..:

I _





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