The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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T;~~ .UZ9 9Y:e.: '.:. A' '~j-3~-*
Pd I *1.%.'t9;s. K
~ ...- **h.
;..r rrx ~ I....

2AbIaham Lintoln.



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FitGroup Of
k. --t'"t-e a
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an re-I

a now.


Sunday, Aug. 2 (UP) Approxi-
.wounded United Nations prisoners
to reach the Communist base camp
the Vaqguard of 12,763 Amer-
Allied pW fners 3,313 of them
Moving iuth from Pyoktong ona
yesterday. They were being traims-
t torn North Korean railway.
wp" the prisoners would be free in three

-N North
B ~to the
r re-
pil be

sllty for
T ia. M*h
4 delivery
unable to
blity for
r iln, mneh

thUepsands of North Korean
oaves waited In the Ywtmg-
dlUOro suburb of EouL
*He puRe out a Athe

uji a wete wined ant

in adecollateO club.-
I'.t oed into divlg
i..sacUdo said. "The
p ant U alid shouted
"Lop an t mice"' and toasted
th4e Wh-ad wgifked hard fto
the success of the Korean ar-
"tr dish sad beer and


M Q ACOPiHD-(NEA Radio Te4
MISIO' ACCOMPaiBHED Weary Marines return f
front thies in Korea after completing demolition work :
sector ot the line. Now that the truce signing has been con
both sides esatill busy demllitarLzhJ their positions to
t%-anle buffer zone separatist UN and Red lintel

.1 Mo. .
i L .

~.< ~t4~C4~K. -

-: ^eaeaa -

I f. 1 .

' ap-f
) -M

F 1 01 1U
(1) I
(2) 1
S (3) I

- Get 1t9.

'rat at cS-j1

r uly aj as usnu sle w &
"jte^M~~~k ^Ik.A .'

mt- called for
10 Allied pria-
it day of the


fl eh



1138 ds- Ii
w*g men d
utuon of n

tprine- -

&Wedtim. W ;

So er -

.IrW e ame back
ke'jai Talu Valley
told of Com-
5e and neglect
l'owbMands of Allied
4 fd three prison-
| "' the first con-
w The names list-
S. Thomas a

to moato

broadcast as awMtt Tt k
nd a Briton. 'BA
s or former WORKING ON THE RAILROAD South Korean rail
ned. build a double-track railroad, at Panmunjom, for fti
traffic of the exchange of war prisoners.
.. -.7,

' .,..' ., '...... ,: -
..,, .. .o ,. ., ',*. .. .


p ~;

S-- NEA Rt
'O9 JOURNEY HOME .&folding th eir meager.belongings in their hamd.
iers of war march troaiteir compo und.on XQit Island. Thousands of A
ogpatriation. are bethg uljped from UN bIland prison camps to mainalnd.
te preparations for prisoaer of war ex change are now under way at Panmu

,ublicans May .Not Nc

w Floor Leader Until.

1t0W, Aug. I (UP) pro- tempore Styles rdges
Republicans indicat- (M4NIl.I. also chairman of the
SW will wait until AgnKopriations Committee; Sen.
elect a leader who Rfjle D MilUkin (Colo.1,
k f1 thie giant-aki- an of the -Party Caucus;
t A. Taft. p1 whip Levrett Saltonstall
Son the verge ( .) and Sen. Emerett .I
there was no (IlL).
Ai pressure for ta- t personally chose Know-
s although one as his du two month
OP figure admit- rwhen his IUne first forsde
Sebt pressure may Jo surrender bie duties as
the Senate finds It leader.
to quit within a few pite some grumbling a-:
both Republicans and
telafn most In lcrats about Knowlandt
I. : hb was considered a liUe-
r ader'Wll M. P. I. prospect to take the floor
fCal.), who ls ale B, ip.
S beUw GOP Poliey e moW s into that assign-
alkt .faeddent litiW a would A

'a .' ,

strong posibill
Icy Committee
he would tskea .Lw
likin probflly agoo
support for tt -gl
ship, It MS W WOPIa
would not t
also Mian
man. .
durfnl 1956,.

It. But MaM* blta
Atorm doubted thE
aeek It.
Doubts also & w V
Staltonsta, ehabtrml
Armed Services <
would sak t ny .hW
. SagifS., ac't-

., .4 .: .

- t. f

.ot .:..*-....*
*; 1*

,.*..?-^ t, :s -.I
, ^ ^ -:., .. =:. ':

':.:' :.
t':*:: ^y


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-' fr.'

AG.-,t .

-. *IEA rT



Roval L

Happy Ending F rMrgo
-^ a .pt /rt -< .* .*' -


(0IA iele0ktdYy-
EVIFWING PARADE Group Captain Peter Townsend. (eelo-
Br) chats with Lt. Col. Curry, U.S. Military Attache in Brussels,
ufrng a parade marking the enthroning of King Leopold I of
Belgium. "'_. ._

4o king For A Cool

qlinate?-Here's One

'WASHINGTON, Aug. 1. A ger of land .800 miles long
id land mass, virtually de- projecting toward South Amer-
d of llfe, draped with an ice ica. .,., :
hundreds of feet thick, and The peninsula bears some re-
off from the rest of the semblance to northern Norway's
rld byiicy seas that is An- coastline in winter. Peaks :rue
rctica, the last continent, ex- to 16,000 feet. Great glaciers
red by at least a dozen na- flow down from the central
Sanl claimed, in part, by highland into narrow 4jords.
ht of them. Unlike Norway, however, Palmer
taricca is as large as Eu- Peninsula has no Gulf Stream
M an Australia combined, drift to warm its shores.
the National Geographic Away from the coastline, An-
y. Averaging 6,000 feet, it tarctica is a high plateau, bro-
hirher above the sea than'ken only by .mountain ranges
other. continent.' and the ridges and"fufrows of
n the center is the South i backed snow driven by the wind,
Ie, on a plateau 9,800 feet a- like ripples left on a beach after
e sea level, the tide has receded.
%hales and seals are the only Surrounding the Pole there is.
mamals indigenous to the; an almost permanent area of
-en waste. Together with pen- high atmospheric pressure, caus-'
-'s and few theirr species ed by the nte p, ,
Words, they inhabit the fringe At the the sun is con-
- Istantly above the horizon for
y--y from the sea there is six months, and there Is more
fIn the heart of this vast sunlight than England re-
ra of dry, powdered snow, celves in a year. During the
i not even other .... JgJg
dS cdevelop_ coEven infAi~art-- n .
SJan esCook, Even In the Antartlcs summer,
e the first the temperature rarely rises
seti Cir- ,more than h few degrees above
b at it zero near the Pole. n inter,
Itheate iriue a ,epe?
Thln e "1 Aretic Vunterpart,
t which has an oceanic climate,
y Antarctica's climate is conti-
'tk, ehackleton, Scott, mental and tbhus subject to
h and other twen- much greater extremes.
e-xlorers have1* ntarctlo.-tomp tur. aver-
ped 'much of Antartica's ageR 40 degrees colder than the
ted .250,000 square miles. Arctic the year around. The
I the ole itself and'winds are the altst constant
entire 10OO. mile and violent It'1et world.
Sthe United States Friendiv Wave
spoansred a number of ex-
to Antarctica, it hasa! dse T
Par pressed any clalma to the ',- 5I4M*l 9
i at the bottom of the PORTLANDMe UP' Lin
id. Britain, France. Norway t PORTLAND, Me. (UP.-Lin-
New Zealand, Argen:- In Farrar, an insurance com-
'. Chile and Russia have pany executive, now ktbws you
Iced claims. can get in trouble by taking
-tarctica ia shaped like a your eye off other things than
-. round -white-Bake .with the ball when golfing. ,,'
-' -ular pieces cut out on two He turned his head and
ite sides.. -The. Indentation waved to friends on the 10th
of the. Atlantic' Ocean is green while towing his caddy
'"eddeU 4a, laog baea for **crt across a bridge on River-
Ir1. .!de Golf Course.
SAa CH i s friends pul
And his cart from
e General Asse:
quick.about-face whet
ed the buildings at
Is not en re tate Teachers Col
hI a Antarctic Circle s ned to sell don't belong
P.leammla a jagged ftn-;state.

* '1

NEW YORK, Aug. (NEA) The path of trie,
love is about as smooth as a rofli-coaster ride i. ,
But Dangerous Dan CuO the well-known
is a man of unlimited patience. When he gets two
in his sights, romance is the n !t.
He may have to have a. King renounce a thb'e -r
have a Queen pass a new luo, but he finds a way. '
The happy ending that now Sems possible
cess Morgaret and Group Captain Peter Towned .
be only Don Cupid's latestJ triu44h. There hav,
many others. ',,.

M hen Princess Margaret was i
a pretty, touslealrad girl .
of five, for example, there, I
wa$: the. Incident evolving d
her uncle.
He did something which his
little niece might have found,
hard to understand ek. Hel
gave up his thrOa' 1 lve. -
Chanew are thaB m-., .1
derstands his motivatlaos to- t
day, for she has been faced
with much the same situa- 1
ti that King M YVIIa
faced hi 1936- a iW at
the cabinet and -.Brehch
frowned ,

In the. fate 1920:, ad ear-
ly 80s, the Prine. of Tale
was ever girls ,drai ma1, II
handsome, dashing.. dbonajr
and seeitely titled.
His circle. of friends was
wide an' playful,
But gradually the hnespa- i
pers began to notice that .
one couple was more- tre- '1
quently in his company than -n
others. The Prince old ,
dine with them, take then -
to his country place Io-
weekends, go to the Rvlver,"
wi"t them. O' .
This couple was Mr. and'
Mrs. Ernest SiMuson. He was. md
In the shipping h 'te.
was,. dark, beautiful and Ai; h;.
B cs. .. b
Wartield, a1 im -
.timore, of a good but, un,. T
wealthy family. She had We
once been Mrs. Earle Spen- the
cer, but -she'd been divora' 1-
*d. 14
As long as the happy three- ti
some stuck t together, It 4h
wasn't an espeiPly JWOY t o
of gesi uit. ia tbe.frfa eM
of 1936, the Primes began go N* l
S' J. / ""


- ',I N. -

f. or wht .t
Seury was" taurled at.

- s3 YEAR
i tnk her- 1s ktn.' Id

ng Iaces with
Si p at a -til
vw, M9M. Sirl
itartd tonsues

*t.-made It-
ng Vas that, by--
he Prince was the'
tauary, his fathei'bTO
The coronation was u.-J
MOW buI Anever R.

'** -S. .


.-D *"-,




s. 5:11 7:0. :7 nja.
with -
,'ot PAYNE Arlene DAHL

Si 'Cdr rick

Ckko 2v.. ...

;Now T.AM



in for ew Y.M.C.A. host
weeamm y in Seo

4 at a

ul*~ar9b~u~Clr~a~L~*ur~. r~rD;i~

- ,. ,. -A

, -, 1;

" ..>''.^

6 I. L.

2KTW~ -

* *63

q~ ~ S




Emlifpt flme
. AeL



We offer thoiuamndms ei e liecs at

Before 7.95

low prices

. ilas, rai
niU*D- '.1

IM -h -

r to

rail the
to meet
Tbr the
he clan, i

or Hi
mI R

Struat g a..- reaching
warning f. ther-to-
be when lhw -the first
time, but tIwf learned
to make wa return to
the neat. ,' ',t

Ve go;, bP 0 t.
re iet a the big
most dangerous

r. v Jones ever done but e'S
h- Mega evetit wil1 be
I n fo been at It for year as a. y.
lO w m When there's o i
eldes.t's time few.IsP
t" 'i off amd oft -e os. h
am 6006 ether
around his hoe It's a different

Be ar Mte chuldih, two
:,s and -a gir Thl e th i like
e but the bay don't.
JTlones us e w14 practice
P7 ..7emOle at buf.h


- -.YP -a.

-F- F.
0 a


1A'3' 1

..w R 0 TRe W t

^ 1
.- A. ^g & ,

ls lessl ,.I.-mtla

A1 .


is -

hrg tee *o eeapOog.
to 14w to costa


Parque Ldseps

No. 3 "L" Street
PanamA, R. P.


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Lingerie, Ornaments, Cristalware, Costume Jewelry

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You 0 .

Include Gen* Leather Everready Cases.
awe to park i of CmFueh now.
I ghdiy a _;,'l*im. upCTMae.

.1 .
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~. ~


~AL athA.~~

*, ''

. .- -. .- .


, !
. e


- -~.a ~
IMe Week



NOW 4.95

PEAKEO ftK *-.$

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.. \1 ,



. '' 161

t ie

* .r.*....L b 3yb9S ~ ,

I r 7ua

5 r-

40 f ~'* 'a .tA0 Z1 IJ;*
I ..#

.. ..... ... .-,.s
,; ,'I. ," *. .. i'
--,1.,K, '. 1 I, I, .


4d"visa titnee hunters to get une
rf6"beRatda d- ,ny reeless Ibying .
*tw-"HOrBhere pointai duV fl'tely V' A .d .re'a ..- m *
i Mry side chair, formerly In the collection of Lord Sandys,
S y. Court*a,: dind, end naw. ahisn w c. P1 |
S : ANNETTE JE1 jiif
~Jsw. JEAN
wr & CQ1`'iLV"A

Pack up the pilolc- basket -
and seek the cooler breltes df
the-woods or shore.'That's the
theory. .'.
Actually, many of the o-
nics I've been party :tb tc
spoiled by too much: fusN and
bother in preparation, stomach
upsets, plagues of insect pests
or, a scratching good' cWas- of
poison ivy. A
Ift picnics are to be s much
fun for mother-as the-reat of
the family, food atoutW,' be
I simple and plans e usl. 'Fort.
itily the family. wiae a good .
insect repellent, and 'rinev- ..
eryone to have a healthy re-
-4 d1 for any thee*-p-o
You don't needI special
ibl wicker bdkef. h

* ;.. :
. ,. V



--o" 'of newspapers work Just ..a
e ~ ~n antiques' o the onigiak Decorative de- well as more e o ve oi '
S ac.a. e tion fvun i tals ho e merely laid on, ns totote lied be th eragi eaL th a
,Lo o~ i ai .hot casseroles. w o o th e e n o __e ho c s
d-.(:i.s eCy:'Eve int ,
ei s. 't :- of an an- piece, the restoration must e meamne bela r t a e d
r' T" t~"sohn a -:s pae o er t b e er sib es of nplases w ell outer i ok t hs at rff the ll dto -lM a .r w e o'a
'-t t' -hit don a thk you're have taken place within thataree gathered he ke t he the o t
Con t Ili. s Is well suited to uuC gr ound Ii' eltu
,o e tt. .i," ot n thaign abo, 4ade I te te ne 4 e Steh biu of a g L el
e: iY 1ith el lo gerc ;J reakable Insulated p as ~~ e of a g.~e ere. a t
io eo" o. p y ', n e '. ,ln ice. bua kets are my cho R pice -ls. l aS. .
, tce at op n. hi a in the"You can look at the inte- as a cold food carrier, Potato ti s of dimethyl pht .et i .M
S, on h iset Il V e.. Dol
e t warie. h to koiwret h rior construction for signs of Isalad, thoroughly ch lied in tho d ethfyl hex eM ItWol Ot
rom -t -; '-f is h diately make the piece not aiumtm the h r eae b e thi r 'he l
e o, ,ue ntiog anoan t "oqOUt tln I YO ae,'p d ev Ig tasteless mlue l t e unprono. nsmer oto -
th* r n. sToc aes .of thethat nee- n't. e c anteribporaiy dressingss are fine breed w c ,. .
, ei: in.h his ahoe .are .Cie It wonild be impossible not to!places for bacteria that a Orn b repellent te oM it -
io.cI.'" Ali.;ttis a. ,,fnr ii- nandy aeidson a pivePn s ti -
wjef lty:hen h a tm ak o r ge to l g e aaet Ha not
hi c0 .. u ^ hle anotheJ e e hslhe r e a re the ne~ gflW d otal ver. lah e~b
Hisolaysh a sfl-N tsdte Seoe h dn andPn pini is
or ''or o 0b niece. Genuine antiques are o stn etwo-wal tumblers, which co o teflwlt aal t f
ste t.'" l nge at p n the colossal side to gr wit. ine a removable inner u aln o o e chpldrantl, bt
f: t gi r- lti antiQu the type of homes theIy wereoof plisstc with an outJer n ol tel 't u tb

n h i o ars .. ines l i b notam ,olprage boxes w a iatoth ght= atl f evorit t lE, tor1 g
n o. es rit.. e ,,oU n Irohers a coeprs to carry reollns a.nd ae .e er o o n te'il prob
*B e IIti ush n and b Ho o wnh i atoer was pionaeelr .Sach The boxes stack ne at l l I t fleverybdd'lW
bIe --"-d lonhoer hand- t, I' modern interior decoration. in the basket, anm.theya don't myself i thin sbhekuowi w it
. t uH hims f, has had much ex- lweak. pei. Bit
r,. ~~~. n s of ae a vi c., t Prlence in the .Ileld Most efflet ve way ofTnauathe al t rl lly t
e c opl-io". who like tu s sr dMsap. n es-oes no a
I E a It t o h1' e y!Paiws houveen.r- oimt, you can have youn;r an-c o d
S ,'- n become. a c dp eyiIn ,t Iqure laboratory-analyzed dhvrson b I'e a t
'M n o eat l s ngdIn tolo help ayou.n however, aft- o rk o nh the l -
o Th. t .3 whlo l' s d l'. ..y. ' t itors. to k o w i h he b..b;,br. p, ,
1 to T ev houaneoge Y'noa" spurious T a1ke counsel bastc8 6
; do tod m anr e rund dh':'in. "and learn somu tllng a- i o
0 lthin ts~ h ale s Dou a tH he c rl cldi se et.ekA fetbtta-.h mad -
em to give wthe antique f gan- H PHINT Domn e wIs. atst.Db Iet "Lid
,,nc he. ,o ,..,',. at HI S
He r d fo p lc s.. ..od tob Th n ot c ho o bd r o u bel~ a Eo f' av. ou. cs
h .ron r nuomYu Can whip e dapo at W o .ek yay'
o lf pul n ste llk p llv'hr wa:'Pat ee Is o answer to the reader who asked els
,money intoestockts an:d bonds f,, 'ca, ci evapoa. .:, .yp in sti'ara .....lodswnk: ki"' of fo ...thb o -
Seti.han as thO'uiy : nto a vYpl. th sassy letel I m a tot towrit, butWb about the w
,p "'ea.i .! t oulonger bhand-iT ,nm.o.add tei tablespoon lemon 'no wants to know ho4 toh'strselm b m hou-eworw r. 4I
e aend h. the other is e o and hs fyer o
gal I o-'le aIk. :0. ai tnko' done by noon. leading e onn
: rarmn: posd es to sp, de CnVbu tr o~-~l~d~o a ,; 'n si nIpaJ chore of the day. .
S omet de-t ei i "Usually I bake In the i o rver i on because o.
5:0 :n a orlt', sn4 rplV by cooking and you'll avoid un-
.'- and looking at plates "leasant hIsh odors. ,wth the baby belore s5 pe tflh6. ". .- '
p:' he. ilnd inu1 You can peel orsnged a.d h aeok nees a i..I
*r s ab~ound, v,'A'l h egrapefruit more easily If you way to get the wOrK dor
1 e1t kow th e I n for th ni In boi ling gtr- It.Ptolkenowwll br no
S st oha d of hal Inor eight p urio ts Ta rstLs TO HA A A H:
eight mnute. first. 4" ih y.sHould be glactRhe t. a,~'& a t ~V"
rs 1 Adding a little sugar to the o ng like .o man In so nf the world
.ordl to myh e oa Ad n lwho would ls a oink it wast .' i-
~it~on_" say~s Charles Du-, water w:hen you cook old 'e- to care for. T ,...
5~empT y t sgn t'b'eS. -"' Th'ee .s',,.on.en h lways RuMbli etther don't go
Se The next to bed early enough or qlse hy just Iven'tl.
0-r sowe hert e piece l t leLnPFU HINTS Doneo, IhoJ-tU itow I-sks tuiev aIs a".
Slieradil, s, t a tdried fruit a d ji durs r-.s ote woottan'
-aes.lotynoi lter,, chopper iorn clogging It does make two go1d pnoi tsauct: ,
led become a o tensl Bu C it TO ge t-It and et It don Instead
..beome.a.opyeve ng Beforz e,=utertoe and dreading I The otn Is that e
S .nnot possess the spirit .stain v* h cldccat ij ,"'"' ," e ...eIs. to itrem ours ee to tke, c ea4asked-Jo
tained hn s'et cks' tori Invssin a ae
o.r o--- I-&


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~ .1, ~'

r F loqern

By KAf wOB"
NEA Sta' fWief

wo mr -

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,, l !. ..*- ".

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:;rraJL~`. ~LQI~ZI~~CU_ LYIL


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it -

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p19Pujv 14Wtt ^WIT

ivvFWA ... '1' '' *

4. Vt

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.pMr -rrerrr r *~ 4'1i fet*At~t
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"You Sell'em... When You Te1 iiru .ai
Leave your Ad oilhne f our Agents or our offices in No. 57 "H" Satre anpdi ,
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Colon

No. 4 Tivoll Ave.-Phone 1-2291. and

FourLh of Juiv Ave.-Phone 2-0441

Via Espa No. 34 -Panam. R. P.
(Dellm Vs WTheat re Wi

Agencia Internacional de Publicacion
No. 3 Lottery Plana Phone 2-3199

. 10,069 Melindes Av.--Phoie 35, ola6

ms -


fir ,r..
'" z.. : .- .
S-'.., V :

c. d.itio t

6 "H" Street corner te 5
Phone #.-2I /14 And W7M
X Y' '. A .4

S Household __Automobiles **a ,as. .o -
FOR SALE- G E wringer trpe FOR SALE:-1952 convertible Hill- 203o Ames- 6 ._ f 7, Crtobyl a-.
Washing mach-ne 60 ccle. used Iman, like new. White tires. lestl
6,monrh,. t---B Wil.amson, offer. takes it Garage Cosine. 291 DR. WENDE ,tS. MMlI Carl
Place, Boboa Tel. 2-3343. ofierI Central Avenue. Paname. Central Avorue I2[ .L M"slp
NocenBro. WTleN DAe 2Z uC Soks 15
4.pFm. -. FOR SALE: 1949 Buick 4-do.or' AMe, e F'EW Yi e a" a l' *. /
FO'RSALE Wardrobe, $15 00. Sedan. super. dynaflow. rdio ax- To MJAMI & EWYRK v iaW A-ch Santa Clar clth
Chest of D,a.ers. oak, $3.00 callent rubber, plus magnificent Boeing 4-ngine planes. Oe-w t Ectric c g .
b na Close., mahogany %1500 upholstery work. Smeet y Hun- to Miami: $70.00 Round-Trip tae. Electric Ices To phon
nrcelain top L.rchen table with 4 nicutt S. A. 16th. S. Central Ave. $126.00. One-way to New York: 6Ibemte ro.tes. Ta fe 7
chairs, $15 00; Veneer library Tel. 800 Clon. PANAMA DISPATCH SERVICE ms' San Cla Sed
tAle, cored legs. $20 00; Corved FOR SALE:-1940 Ford 4-door So- telephone 2-1655. -- i rpgfr a
fl06r lamp. $10 00. Piano $100- dan, excellent buy for servicemen. '-S rra _
00. House 5459, Dablo. 2-1310 with mic engine. Mus be seen. Try your luck!
Evenings arnd S.iurda, Sunday Smoot y Hnnicuto S. A. 16th St.r wth our merchandise club ." .
FO SALE.-etr.era-tor. 9 cu. It Central Ave. Tel. 100. Colon. ALMACEN .A PARISIEN Foster's Cottages. One mile
WOstinghouce, F months guarcn- FOR SALE:-1949 Buick Convertible
tee, $100 0U. Bedroom su-Te $85 w-w tirst, new paint for only $1.- CIVILIAN EMPLOYES FOR COMPLETE
0.r Se' %ereton B!.nds for '1 295.00. Smoot & Hunnicutt S. A. OF THE '. CLIMAT '"
family hou e .nd o- s.e and 16th. St. Central Ave. Colon. ARMED SERVICES TME COUNTpYI
3, 8 As. porch sze. $60.00 House ---- ____--"
,.r'0--C .. Grande. Pedro Miguel FOR SALE.---1951 Chevrolet 2-door The r1uler monthly mating eof .. ..0S- .f a
-.. .. Sedan. power gIde. radio, ne cal 59, N. F. F. E. win el l.It 1114t" of311 ii1. a011
FOR SALE -Lphol.iered Ivingroom upholstery, five good t.res excel- the Chive Chive Clubhouse I1 p.m. 6.
t,; L. .mmonr. couch 2 chairs, lenr buy for only $1 .545 00 Smoct Sunday. 2 August. After shkt busll- T M r
sifti table. cCiee ,table One ward- Hunr.,cut S. A 16rth St. Central ness eeeating there will b e liessh- I ml n seIio I f.
robe; n.ade bp, Co Ne-. All ma- Avenue. Tel. 800 Colon men tfo celebrate the year's e m- en biseal l alas
o- ny- \_,.u E pona :,4 No 4 -plishme 9w"s:
FOR SALE:-1949 Ford Coupe with laments torcErm& a y.
FOR SALE Refr.geroyOr radio, for only $950.00. Easy pay- EVERY MEMBEA. I gihway.
uWsp 2" cycle good condition meant. easy b oy. Smoot y Hunni- RIN A NEWorMMr-e w
-$"O0oTel cutt S. A. 16th. St. Central Ave., LOCAL 595-NATIONAL PIDIRA- .. *
FOR SALE- Eas, ashng machine Colln. _____ TION OF FEDERAL EIOYESl lt f umle
and. singer seang. machine. FOR SALE: 1941 Buick 2-doer fram 'm
Tivole Avenue No. 14. Apt. 4 Sledon, super with radio and new F OR SALE '" b ei ,ded from
Rhone 2- A '39" tires. Guaranteed easy payment t F R S L
O'f SALE -- .ngle beds complete plon. Smoeet y Hunnicutt S. A. MiscellaneOU we wlt, MMwat
tel.edreser E' droom chair Studio 16th. St. Central Ave., Tel. 800, *- ''
coul. 2 oori,-h tables. 2 porch Colon. FOR SALE:--Crosley console 60 Cyl IFs. bg1s ANT&
chairs. 3 kitchen cho;rs. 5287-B. FOR SALE. 50 Ford Club Coupe C3 peall Balboa 241 cord chn2.r.
lti Wo _________e___o Tailored seat covers, radio. *-w Coll Baa 2-4172.
FO$,,SALE.-Hou:ehold. mahogany tires. Pricea tar quick sale, $1,095. FOR SALE:-Lesrer piano in perfect .Ml*
tqble, I bamboo desk and chair Phone Albrook 6224. condition. House 795-B, La Bqca. P.t'
Wigfsplants. Mrs Medinger. 209 FO SALE--1947 Koaiser $45000 road. Telephone 2787. .*.
Road. Call 2-4172 Bulboa. Can be seen FOR SALE.-Hqllywood twin'beds *
P iitt LE:-Washer Bendix. auto- at 5520-C. Diablo. daily Bo* springs. innerspring nartypesses FOR -3
lrit, 60 cycle. $125.00. 1449-X FOR SA- 'Ponac. Ivory feaiarette headboards. Like Vs T re.o
J di" St BalboaX condRton. good n1r9s4 lo nacces. new. $50 each. Dal Albrook 86-
FOR. SALE --9 cu ft. Westinghouse 'ones. Leaving the Islhmus. musr -7- 0 -- 3 .t
r.frgerator, all porcelain. A-. sic,,iice Call Balboo 2-1505. FOR MLE-5 sq metal tables. I FbiiNT:-. helt -.S d
rAdption. 110-20 V. 25 cycles 1 House 1549-E. Cas Register. Alhi other items liviigroomA6- d
T" 3 speed 25 cycle fan A-I FORSALE -1942 Dodge pick-up. ** Houe. Arr'i an. room. Ph 5 .
crnltion. House R-12-B. Rous- where is $12500 House 239-B FOR SALE -9 ft. 25 cycle W-t*- *-.. "
seau. Arrr)y style. New battery. As is. house .refrigerator 3 yis. $00.00.
FQR SALE:--Large bor, plastic cov- Phone 4.337. Electric train transformgr, 4 x 12
I. ered. uphelsered. nail stud design FOR SALE: 1952 Morris Mino plywood $35.00. Two tombs
perfect for large rooms. Also Busch Convertible. 4000 mi es.. S ter solid c top tables $g, 0b. -u *t
Sr 1-4 x 3 1-4, plt trs. 71-D, Curundu Hgrs. el one 4 x 6 cotton pyl 0.00. Sun room, Indpn rit entrance. For
camera, wit him and film pack eahoneCurundu3II 5. beam mixmaster 25 Or 60 cycle information Oik house odjoini_
ltWledrs. Price $80.00. a real buy. FOR SALE--1949 Hudson Convert- $25.00. Dormeyer Deep fryer $20. 4 4th Avenm Nat 15 SanF Fancir
Pheir 6-7222 Albrook-. ibl. good condition. many extras. 00. Rolleflext Coment 3 8 lens nights 3 ,
-- ,W-S-W tires. Call J. G, Bennett, Compr., Shutter $50.00. 259-B.
M. Single $33.00; ChainrsZ b 4333 after 4- F R .
OQ.aocrificing wardrobes from FOR SALE:-Home work shop pwr .
S18.00 and China Closets from FOR SALE--1952 Mercury Monterey tools 25 cycles motors. Drill press; .
:5.'100 overstocked); Tobles from light blue. light blue. plastic up- wood lathe; shaper; circular saw' FOR RENT--Furished apartmht., 1
$3.O50; Dining sets- $28 00; Gas holstery. Radio, heoter, will trade. Misc. tools and fish reels ad .bedro lwIg-diinrom, porch
eves (guaranteed) $5900 and Call Curundu 7294. poles. 1546-A, Mango St. Tel. 2- and "' 43 St. exi -Avb.
'$69.00; Electric Stoves Iguoran- 1 598. Phne J
11 *1 25.00 and $3500; Brand FOR SALE FOR SALE.-1950 Nash, radio, a. d FOR RENTt n
Inw overstuffed sectional living reclining seat-bed. etc 1950 Hr- FOR RENT: St. Nrtmet furni Shed.
room suites 15 pieces) ONLY Real Estate le Davidson "74" hydroglide. all Francisco. 13fh St. Not furnished.
ft. Many other bargains in extras Telephon 2227 K ellA- For information calf Panama 3-
-i ; ae end reconditioned fur- FOR SALE- 500 sq. meters lanrd brak T one lls AI 2457.
r ..fh; -*ra;*': within fr mpigh igg ------- -- FOR RENT: Funished apartment
0 be *'Arr%;I WS oOR '$75, incSALE o o$7 icl ulq PhonePa-
D CHANGE X 5FOR SALE om 3-2051
Row Tel. 3-4911 ht Nw Arroai ita B at &1 Motor FOR REN:,'- ABprtnment for three
pholater and slip'cover r'er w 850.00. 0- t months, bu.ninivl. August 8th of
rae or Free Estimate OR SALE:-20 Ft Cabin Launch two room,',all furnished, to a
Magic Chef gas stove; H -rl WantePA pop-pop motor and hull in A- I couple or. .fll ftily. If interest.-
fishin machim corn- rs 'i condition, completely equipped for ed. Phone 2-;4$ Panama or see
ANT for river fshng or over night camping. Tivoli Avnu 'te14 Apt 14.
excellent cond stron. Can E Aellent sol Ar Phones 3-2913 or 2-3625. may FOR RENT:--T-w brooms modern
xt Quarters 15-A,. Fort *n ller so v- er.B9 'be as. n at Gotun Tarpon Club apartment in llltrVlta completely
r l. OR SALE --Cushman motor scooter, ChI6we VfN tic washing
ED o during 4 Nico ear shift, excellent condition. Al machin and S*i heater for
S"ellaneous. : r 952 Elgon l
j -Vocation quarters. Sept. U I 2t #yo bosepater aidt
"trsiNv 5 DiObl = o _- y w& ood 00.with K-0B .
-A. Caorl 2-3429.lh Dil egl175 0 16th 00, wttt l -7
-A._Crl23429 n Cl s Str. Son-Francisco. FOR
V WANTED: Young i W PUInIth V assc O ere. Fur s3 2 bedroom
S n unfurniscan he d r he Balloa, Armed Services '- No. 22, ., b-1 773.
o bedroom apartment or Y M C. A. will start new clas- FFOR RENT FOR RE -lenmfortoble
Wite Box 1719, Balboosea in Spanish for Intermediate tw bed m s oat Via
W B..--9 o ad Ad vanced Students on f.EspAa. .
.rrcok--25 h p. out-.-6-' elas, will be under CR 'N: ,- J .3 pymoou.thg In-

Stmacir, who has been with the 2001 r. ,Vanburen St. W.illn-
for" f the past four years. to". i
E r"e classe s aWMil *ey -- IVPl-
four months (or tqe beneUit o t 1A When -fo-ot
Bservlee PeraoMllnlind civilians_ -- LE sh tip all ll d. :
STROI CAL both In the Republic of Pan- Mo or l se lL
ama and the0be Co Moto, le .lO1B
s TOPCSmet efa U FOR ALE S our-scooterengine ten
CA L L from 7 to 8 ir. _overhauled Iaint end tires excel-
nera clis ifl be r lent 3-281.- City, N. .,. we
Panama former studentss. came
W, 10 0 Malso me ./%Iad and- -eMt
2-2086 .. ro a.-
Legistration m. .
LETS O "p o.. Sus'm p r ?peraton,
w here you're. going Jockey Loses R et e,

you're amart and DE'1ROIT Un... An auto-
travel in a mobile, with a b"eio Racei
Course Jockey Will Cartens 0B
up. lot a speedy rate a
SINGER 011c cruier. .
Police said Carstena, e route "
tothe track. was doing about
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For your veatn o l 4a r *e
settle ReMM l U

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:'^,^ ^ -^ ^^- -.** -*; --
. P -. 'LA ~ ~~ -.q M ... ~4 J ~ .- .- -
.v... .

*a. r: M "1^ An Impressi drama tel in Dy CL3MZNT D, Tb'
-tin1 ty of New York
NA t l^ -W ^ l Jliaft .""..'AnImprssive._drams.etIn" ,,,- a -hat I t" "

mf.J- wiu ro e -lo A. l abt tim at the Balboa HOLL W D, st
Stohe e auat acn but .by A1 011-*L.roughrU'S. Navy rsi Pzdu r y t *re d o..e S ,
'y. eanbe d ds lig. a. teram er's d T and tarring Dan Da-lley I tha. to Ro .
I min a ,t.s re saal i and-.. Constant e mith, both. of ve year ago, whoe
I,.. t anedp w. whoa em render, superb perform- tAe up .go true h
S E Ktuiev' in a)1 aMa,.a thf TT@entleth Century- had a pth e ttaab
"-i..t.7 .e ; --C1 o$tatarring or the coOrov _I, t e bat erh -FOx fitu terly captivated the special por ts of 1 '
".- j arrisa and e aU Paslmere"ThegCaineMe. r-daude get into the mid., he
Nit t t the enl ne xt m ay a .. Sa ramer that Idea, oo. .
story .ts : .... ..T .I. lplvn oi
mover tot -ith. MWnh 8 of mark In the film
adi s dow re- the city the ows it atm'te
n drama. sfy of Reek, ha
...m .f.Pa,4w_-,.'en eM.'. ,verw.. w nf... oflt we ,r

-usic. R' t e he Not. -. obe exCl &i d the life ,the lead ,r e ie
S' ,, e. d o q o- .. .. m,. :e. of a New t en played Gun uri- k w.Mr
e ofLtheby an, D .. Dons stance his picus, to dire
ties S h d iaes th c 1 a. Smith Is perfeetIr cast as a Walsh, who hired hip it
Sfeaords a t tall. s"There ws *gedgctmn. but colen, J ust cu -r ship ra tsp atnd put him unt
6.0i4-' t nidoet, all b noer were a ny jemw C ocenao
S .s* tt p .oy, Joy, all f. l .er re. y cas. Irela nd, with h a e- dy contract .
little Of n oateae.ofis ,At .U Ilatt RU ? to aa. e tyWh used him In his
'haIe -, a .. .,-Navy. It's a Isolatd 2i1 0 And h8e is search r r .13. ures
a d,, A a' -we ,ding .'of'" I believe our fil will "be thae -e ---- Iclan ua bu~ d. w cd otacs to to y ea

Oan OF UIe niga i BriHcp' weddI n Vng g?1 2&yeatlon.1b4 p4 g ar ha rob h ave pufil alt allekya.e fre for fivew
b I eNtheumored ooea As.c spirnt ofoe mIoEst Runlikely Mill PTE EA6mme' nDaii alley, a' warm-bearted loathed the tedh I
.-an a.' nW eI rear mW eS.a a, a o. t y "o t pta pres m ot o- tow looa ro;n IArryin lar l-.f"an w th a hard-boiled ex-t in* hd mo.n g ee
-ed i nk.; iss. her.i r-'MeE I ash a re- mmtr' D5u.s n sensation, iOff'LlansI a MAp. trter, drives the helpleSas girl d thej more a u a
l de, serve of r An- a t Cat .r. Co-starred with Bob and key in around New Yti. Together that goes wi
Dthes I d9~tdg Isprob-npollsaM ,A says iproaisnosep lFay pceedlogs is delectable MarHlyn Maxiwell they: share' many adventure--
thDICK'S KS leofthin e wrt wit keh Edite ay ahet as the rule-book coiwaas gffBiI. sombCl some' tragic, but Now Rock Is at th
'.BI.' 'io ^ QDi m .... _44 'I .: .1,- .w i ,., L. ..j -I' "
d il.d .-..H-u#rI.allitsyt;de- ,--uphr-.-eya -g, :_..all humdn :d appealing. Z-his care?. -e ,ou
. ,O. m1o ,a t C'et S..I coetr es and d "The i an Anna opl- -- venually he soft. toward you Might think, t ma
Then ,;T. aWn ~ '.; isthb rbt .'RCAi. L fa b lou 'four Whi eltu re.t. Te N a ev en girl-even -goes as fr a n takd e ts'
iVa e'A i d ~s p. nnapo te could Ito put up. a bond so tt jy te
,ev .aii ii.'asW- ( I .J L_ dat1.;-. I t: ,; fter from she can conti nue her hunt.. tars are _upp ..ed b
Sw e flt3tr, g Ssbeiasip as me Th real "S ue te, jou make
ljrob.ifa phone e afib);SH M" douables bd." "Iu utgl abmdr, Jam s w. a .sflte Director Grfory fatoff has Impressive delpr
M at at ~,'.....n ths. birth, of f t rked won. on n capturing "but look what
4d"". e ._birth of ran, t 4 Y b
-MW' an serves as wa t makef5 ?.!" -W e citing rhythhsa of New Virnt Of
gt ve dl,--In do.estle f .' ; I City. Js such 10 per cent. another
e d l -Shhs n tth Va qe a L as Rockelieller wCenter, cint h o pblity
I .F r" nap 1 d WR h.. wsoa C .n A Avenue aw Coneip.7e and then Uncle Sar
~tin %h~~ie san "Watt ovewih another" man A atyear th apoils.ols a usd,' d c tt*; s e t te it 1

Re wf I tod.4? a' o' kl^. R. RCA). and thet ysf d frnlr. :. ,_ 't B e...b r Awar for its background ifotl amount was his to teepr' _
then aiied r h .C o fll'o-, _o Wa ,ableN.agitjtioniO ',.r, t"O t,6 popular .4 -asnt .ga nt nI_ ,_ year,.,_ dint of. I
"o bafe ha a Aanew "ece t a -T -. ,hits ares hhadrw o nqaetnd, .rm"
.. Mq p f W W rn 3i,4 ._m .. .the deepip.. t.uthlng li back here and i q
"These the oth- Qgleg so Ltlly p&d managed to sve one

2iDa large of It et salary,
- ', "tMMOM's' ta-- the at o wife, fehJ. TEIEAMENTAL,, p.suotn.g cast make it a intended to use ast.
i.s Weak sl ~ U h~ must,. .fhy, Is exactly right paypiept on a home.
. dA a'rd marriage ng. a e appe, u as the b drvet.n-salt, satie' But before he began I
* rl t .. .l a n Ran enltal a- eng Mse ', co benes ,.. Miss mtu the ternal veDue
tY pdtAI s'.e.-s.aFn l a.-tat d nench Line" ,t ReO. A rectlen t nr.ages tor grace -the screen mount he I manage to
aand that 49%= I

,eleaa at with- 1olike frier apy marriage ever -the wording of a new ap",tra't (she .hat l o nportm t roles in In extra income tar.- -
.. .. '. by n toAere her by Howard Hughei. *',The Mu"lark," ..'ResJ Skies of because of Ropkt' r p
S ., 0Montana' a.wl _Th Thirteenth aings and partly
si ,,., s... s takeO -y as the e colleen. den tst
'the n -d ui m htstar e '. wt... A1 'fsa e v e e ..

11 -t tgL onion 'tsix -hirer sa 0k apro-val. 0 A larke suppiartiug cast, ls Look the money and
Sr A Unl ew pture And the headed by Nets Patterson, still wnen what

g tJe .d .. w t. fs kindrsRi.Ierts, trying to be one, himself
u_. .h.te ef and Sep add much flavor to ep.
Thsoa.s techal the, flm n th -ecelent pDra New Gulpeas OutW8 .

"u.,d 7ilb which Samuel z Engel produced NQRT MOh Y ., a .
s Whe told the news, Jthe ASeLf ." n Cin I-story suored- OAby d.eitr oil In New Gains reay

,- -.talht expressed no surprise, Iw-. :: ,t.
dl- .I74 '.,fi %h s Jtnth s*e Ann WI_ bfh seoer Counts Self Inn aWmou atarntm
II NIrhUO wrs droass. thesb eriett ds atireiepButbe
cc(Withoutoa'The.o$wtwo,,g Pefbehtt'as imdcurmint
bltl as false. Th t o sold to Twentieth atury-Fox eeper than a o

Stalt suddenly the set A a ar her and D. M. arhman. Jr. andh
lsidd e gM aC the came e a turning andy orm ance n this prou Dcree's oree
0 .' ethethere are laugh.. s for the ask-he ee was r ded with a shiny; plae still going deeper t *a
.,.-.lkebd frend=ymr" eMouiegoes. asked by many- "An, whn to stars withsty, the bomsnxheell of every set,
theater own ers to wrIte theThir Kathr Oy and Howard Completely franke Ann admits
;., AnnM+-IcluesnThshehireeofever2par
.congr moe eel .l l alb s 3-D musial there's a reason behind her
th oe ag.dn "elt u 'nt" la Hollywood's pursuet of f .n f
r "' admissioo.s, are reaming, and!, NIber One example eof fhe o ,
Don't blame them fact that ptlnce does pay off. "I can il member the
A t1 froet aS t tme r a rea d

St..A1.., ouncll of MotI Organ- into her own. L U had to sit Ct the sidelines ani S d

I a -f a e d ati.ones was quo sie' ng a with "Lovely other glu. a.. go to parties, y j I E-
e-. P- as aglead Tn Le-I Ab." .fo~~r which she re- wear. .pls le ad' lu 5 I
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oes will nt be abl t relay the eat's most popular co- I Because Ann hasn't forgotten,

he nxev. to psthe.filmsh strength of she's put to enVoy every mao-
t.wns. It was n hfat tha o "as -o the n.she's not a-
ivaVa. ohisbill weold the movie- l .mpo .t .role o.. Bla.e-. In sh'.to'pit I.t.
(UP..,-Ind, ,.rn e. t" ... 1ANNMi ..
woItchizing oua oS -ulGl James. the best sli T 5TREE T
06Louis P. Wilson,) 'n-Iohshon wax rePlkimontmi 1 15 Ii. ise, 155. 3s p S.
n el paew heh arlq~p worng about DofNDaWEEK-ENDt RELEAAE!'
aboutItbn. t ohe lead in "The p tiAn" bShel die
HeIwant ed use Vii atun w y the UT.A.-ed D
thelsh erayessed no lursr oleh:!.' l MI-e;jusie .
Auiinted i u.we An9 buah "Te tengh o Te" t

Ma ww snbmBn a a Ntarrer for himself. Darld in
Lo- MOM dning Jane Powell's IN PARIS
breeds ap- out of the c6s6t O fi .the Deek." -er re N
Butgovernment irst she'R do "Bobbin' Wom-_
S. .e r t .ro. e.- I. .iN C H P.CT U RE. .
T; "e46" teg emen ,-t. I--.-
e1 attsr.hercucu.u.,._t G U I .P..... --U -- -

a". W.e bond .9okr,JustU thilm the smart Bow-
ar.ngllnp Boys.Whenever their "Bow-' A VISTA~
-ack. hava blankets Bo s an shown on TV. jam *4:35. :00 S
r nd. a nts al and Leo -Goaey draw,
ed "we w q hefty merLntageo of the rental., i
rod. Mt a M-rrthey'-Ms collreateted A e or- te
..lo -' be- Ro
Sto O-'$ Manneq~uins HE TAKES THE CAKE-Jm KIrbom, of Philadelphia. Pa..STEWA
jW ed meoms-iSIm worker, f.lid aweotber 6t' his employer s product, DEBOR
"Must 1Clothed mjpite beats heat by redcltmJogee a of ic while he eats'Iunch& JAMAS
.t'mtr Of Come lce has be-,"
gaer to top sstr.p- -OF ZENDA

t os-Va-i CE CL THREAT
.-Ier's mt merebants di A HORR F GSN WAR.,..

i nr-_ -.b a d- T IM.P A 2 1 A : o _- d .n tr. w ,
'- -r- *,e ', I t Geo re ?IAed m 4 M. W EI
-ip -"'V.All .... .i...S T H- A_'_
fe. a One mtb "Id si be Vwas em -
But.nIasse uYLrWesno

An-otoeark LcoN5T a -

.: too

"- -l'+ At M .. e ","- -s 'Y
kt- aiad

.' .


I ~_

. t*diL t v.- :E -3-- v A

so, Amorio o Tosasses i --'.
--Kiosco A To lash S-

toynes Edgar, Main Road,

JLybably the best field of classy and expensive BeeSOn 14
thoter hbreds to match strides locally in many
years ibt scheduled to vie for the beautiful silver I 1 I J
trophy and $5,000 added purse this afternoon in the I In J r
"(aico.~ Junta de Control de Juegos" over a dis- *
ta ~ of one-mile-and-five-sixteenths at the Na-
tia Race Track in the abanas. Play En
The mutuels betting will prob-I ound up a poor thlrd behind E d
aplpbe almost evenly divided a-! mutuels choice Viajero which -'
mang the thus far unbeaten came from behind, contrary to
co, former track champ Main, his usual style, to easily finish Billy Beeson of Panama took a
oad, distance loving Coynes second without menacing the slim one stroke lead yesterday
ar and present track cham- winner at the end of 36 holes in the Ca-
plan Amorlo. Chilean Jockey Jose Bravo ribbean Junior Golf Champion-
Goyonder which goes in an gave the winner a perfect ride ship being staged at the Fort
entry with coynes Edgar,. King's for his only victory of the day. Amador Golf Club.
P.t-,wMlirzatoat, and Pin PonlC'op Au Vin paid $7.60 to win. BUly added a 74 to his Friday
Sm out the field. Rathlin Light was close up most'73 for a 147 total. one stroke
Is the low-down on each of the way but quit when put better than Balboa's Sandy Hin-
.te entrants: l under pressure turning into the kie
I1PON iAureltoMena : This stretch and Piropo IT. the only Jimmy DesLondes Jr., the first
ieruvlai-bred horse has been a other starter in the race, was round leader who also halls from!
keen di appointment locally. He never in contention. Balboa, lost ground yesterday
has won four races, finished sec- Jockey Bias Aguirre won the and will be four strokes off the
ond once. third three times and most races. He took first place pace when he tees off this morn-
out of the money on ten oc- on three instances all three inc in the final round of the 54-
caslons. This brown son of Pin on big stickouts. One of Agui- hole test
Pin II-Essence has earned $1,855. rre's winners, Simple Wing, was The lone foreign entrant a-
Off his past performances, he excluded from the betting. The among the leaders ls Jorge Mt
seems outclassed. other two were odds-on choices Arango, of Colombia, who adedI
MIRZATOATS iR LGOil1: This VLar lo an o a. r- a neat 74 yesterday to his first
four-year-old chestnut son o Virgio Castillo wa the run- a 's79 for a 153 total
Mirza II-The Lady In Red has nerup inthe saddle department In the 13-and-under age
displayed real class since round- with victories aboard State group, Panama's little A. Paz Ro-
ng into shape. ie.. filed u- six Barge and Corista. The latter
n into shape. He piled up was the day's biggest longshot driguez holds a commanding six
straight victories before being ... reu.d 0 .60 stroke lead with a two-day total
stopped and has since finished Corista return ed$50. 20,136 of 85.
cond once. third onceand out The dividends:th ord His chief competitors are Co-
of the money once He was out M IRST RACE lombla's 0. Velet, with 91. and 0.
of the money three times before I-Juan Huincho $13, 8, 4.40 Arango. also of Colombia. and
hitting his winning streak. His 2-Regia $6.80 a also with 91.
leal! earnings total $3.205. ihMseco $3.40
HIOSCO IB. Aguirre': This SECOND BACE The scores:
undersized five-year-old chest- 1 Resorte $40.80, 12.40. 5.60
Rut son of Oregano-Kisca has 2-Romantico $3.80, 3.20 OLDER GRO.
:been a ridiculously easy winner 13-ouvenir $11.
In his only two local starts. He First Double: (Juan Huincho- Beeson ............. 73-74-147
.a" reputedly a hilh-priced top- Resorte) 544.A Hinkle ............ 73-7--148
g notcher in his native Chile. He is T RACE DesLondes .......... 70-81-151
;in excellent shape and will be 1--a8mple Wng (Excluded from J. M. Arango ........ 79-14-153
l'hrd to beat. He winnings total betting). I. Mejla ............ 77-83--160
'$875. 2-Avivato $3.40, 20, 3 L. Moya ............. 79-82--161
. MAIN ROAD (0. Mazuera): 3-81rena $2.60, 3.50 C. Seise .............82-81-163
:This former track champion, a 4-Curandero $3.40
.son of Fairway-Suoerbe. appears One-T w o: (Avivato-Sirena)
Uo be enjoying his best form $9.
,etnee winning the President FOURTH RACE. 9 .
'Classie last year. This year he 1-La Enea $2.80 2.60, 2.20 -
,haswon two raced, wound up 2-Biscaya $4.40. 2.20 I s In
secad three times, third twice 3-Golden Fan $2.40
and-out of the mopey twice while Quinlela: (La Enea-Biscaya)
:.leiing $2,625. $5.80.
*- INO'S PRIZE (0.. Castillo': FIFTH RACE
ftris horses has shown vaIst i- 1-Winsaba $3.60 3.20, 2.80 T h ere
(provement since being placed 2-Annie N $2.80, 2.60
'under the care of trainer Alber- 3-Manolete $5.60
*6 Pereira. In hbis sbratarts un- SIXTH RACE
,Ser Pereira. the Prize h a s 1-Delhia $2.80. 2.20 By FiL
.triumphed four times while los- 2-Wild Wire $2.60
kag two close decisions. In his SEVENTH RACE Talk about class, son; we got
first three local presentations. 1-S--bate Barge $3.40. 3.20, 3 in style. Here I set, a boke (with
-0e highly rated four-year-old 2-Mon Etolle $5,20, 3 my left hand and the old pencil in
son of Big Game-Steady Aim fin- 3-Salustio $3 kinda relaxed In a deck chair. I
lshed out of the money. He has Second Double: (Delbia-State vea breezes in the travel folders,
..arned $2.155. Barge) 55.40. fling these old grey hairs. The
J AMORIO (Julio Rodriguez): EIGHTH RACE and I am at peace with the wor
Undoubtedly one of the best 1-Florera $6, 3. 2.20 on the fishing barge at Cocoa Pol
1hon0-f e'er to race here, the 2-Levadura $5.40, 2.80 in with the News.
ibreseit~track champ will should- 3-Mallin $2.20
rl283 pounds and still must con- Quiniela: (Florera-Levadura) Jean and Lou Marron just pu
aidered a dangerous contender. $21.60. have had a nice week of fishing.
Hta worse performance here was NINTH RACE marlin, plus several sailfish. Jei
S leat tme out when he wound 1-Agate (e) 14.80, 3. 3 record a 3 thread sailfish at 115 1
t close third under a bad ride 2-Welsh Fox $3.40, 3.20 3 thread 27 pound dolphin and i
Jelludin Pulido. Amorlo has 3-Inheritor f a3 They have been having the time
five races, finished second OtW-Tw 'Wt-WedU l'5) next year's fishing in Panama.
once and third once this year. 21.
hulle earning for his owner the TENTH BACE The Viking with Bob Daniel
Sucy u f $16300. 1-Corsta $50.20, 60 8 aboard have been having some g(
OOYN R (L. R. Jaral: This' 2-Royal Gal a 5.80, l. marlins, hooked 4 and caught
Am lcan-bred brown son 3-Golden B.Taf 60 plentiful but they aren't fishing
Goya II-Hope Eternal would ELEVENTH RACE their goal. They have caught sev
a hard to beat with any oth- 1-C'oq Au Vin $7.80, 4.60 The Hilda has handed one m
rider and may yet pull a sur- 2-Viajero $3. sailfish. They report lots of dolpl
However, it is this writer's The Nola with Jack Simmont
that Mr. Jara could en- -- ported a week of good fishing.
hotter siceess in El Salvador I sailfish plus several dolphins on t
i tcaragut. Goyondtr this year ,' 3 thread sail weighed 112 pounds.
won four races, -wound up, r turn to Panama next year.
once, third once and out The Pescadora with the Miam
S he money once. H earnings have had a good week. They are
1 DGR-135 'rvpound sailfish on 8 pound test lin
S Y EDGAR (J. Bravo4': ots of sailfish and dolphin.
-mIKEant Won would prob- Bill Brooks of the Tarpon C1
never have seen Juan Fran- ;&ast week. He took a 35 pound t
the best horess in train- sometime; t makes a good story.
ebest horses hin train- Larry Chambers aboard the C
the local track and is the off Bona last weekend. He report
Seat over any long race. Looks ke Bona wors tarting to pay
hde ofver been worse thandly ex- Harry.Barton, Jc Marsh a
"losing only to Hartley returned from week fishing at
In a sprint. Coynes Edgar took some nice light tackle fish
earned $2,075 this year'while return tA fish Panama next year.
tour races and finish-
rook and once. Port Captain I. A. Lincoln

S ier an impreslve pasonn world's record for had for the

SW-year-old A America of Toua week you will really ha
I h bive-yrd n r entsonhow I caught my fish or how th i
e lmut-Ampolleta. He will s'aee

rewm.nster, Numbhers ug, d the"mm., lines and good fishing.f
rook and galley foRr in '' Con- "u. H
i leg sprint dash. ITALIAN I l N-Ug i o Orat-
dtry Timehe tuan imp re pl onn is n hand for thea
Cie r the Vbtettng bfit1 wei All America th Tourna- ou c t u r wi
nrenc i nrncn through Aug.. f
Tar s daughter 2and the World Champion- *" i v
to p n g Time-8herranne ship Aug 6-9, at C ao

a the tud Mois telt- won the Italian and this year

Ina the stretch and By CLOCKER
... one ad y've got to "aci

7, HinkI

iF.' .f



B. HIttler ........... Wi%-164
R. Gremlich ....... .U-86-169
A. Puccini ............. ,-189
J. Paz Rodriguez .... 88-834-171
C. Campagnani ...... 8S040-171
E. Gonzalez ......... 8.. W-7T1
C. Jimenez .......... 86-8*I71
D. Drennan .........
J. McOee ............ 8 Ig I 78
T. Hots ............. 9- 0
R. Brayshaw ........ 14 9
I. Perantle .......... o00-45 -2
R. Bapman ......... n-
O. Mehado ..........
c.Puccini ......... l0
T. Hmnmond ...... 1W.'0
D. Duran ......... .10412 -
," Qpinn ......... l12'j- 4
W I ......... l -
D. Ks: .. ....... 112-
J. Rlcardson ..... 3l-tI4

A. Pau Rodriguez ....
0. V l ... .........
Arosemena ....... 50-4-
A. Salaar ............ 4 [
R. Lopez ............ 51
A. Sipson .......... 46
0. Galindo ......... 6-
R ey .... b .-.....- 57
4L.,C arlt ......... 6-56'
S.- Nlmendorf ....... 5w5-
W. Them .......... 56- 13
D. Hause ........... 59 B-Al
D. DegLondes ........ 5548.ql2
J. ranter ....
J. elke ......... 65---126
D. yter ..........
D. Kller ........... 07'-*T
D. BWsn ........... 76'TT-4*5

.- Where

It; this column is bngw*9nW
h just k aa126bf Mtv, :1
n My rigS;Tt propped t 9
You havq read about those
,well, son, they are gept t'-
surf Is olling up on the beach
Id. As I was saying here, I alt
nt waiting tfor the boats to cote'

lied in on the Wa-ha-Ann. They
Lou got himself a 39 lb. silver
an has a potential ladles world
pounds. Jean also 1iCs ealghO'4
28 pound, 3 thread am.n.rjvbk.i
of theAlives and p talking o

i. Sa iMIady and Dive Parker,
ood fihb Th ey hae raised
one p0 er... Ifsh arm
for em. OL d O a'arlln la
'en sailfish In their spare time. r
arlin at 340 pounds plus severalJ
hin and *sz .
C and oboCua bard re-,
They tulf tre'eizdce 3 threld
he sa M ia. Their largest
They betpnlng to re-i
1 Rod a"Soeal QuP boys aboa
e suign 3 t-4=A have a 141
e Th o rik

tarpon f S Is

,ath oaKkkMd a lot at
off asai.f
net Goa M f' tlano fMU
5. B-sa t week. They

freo plan

it wi Mi-At be "ght
ve some ne when I tell yo U'

-* f.
A" ____

1-Opex H. R 1 a lim chapne '* 10-1 '( -14
2-Malaya L 1A, P.1U -4we M1e in Upset 8-1 .f' "("fl"
S-Rlomar Col c fiO0 -4y s, tto. at times &-1 I
4-(Coran F. ll'5- h t O-).,it lmprov 2
5--(White Fleet J. Bra 112 to beat 5-2
L-Domino O, C .l 1 h when In mood 8-1 ([$8LVM
7-Yoslkito B. ADi r 0 U be favorite 3-8 .
8-Villarreal E. SIlv. 115 outsider with chance 10-1

2nd Race "I" Imported 6 l.'wtse: $275.00 Pool lges: 1:15 1S with en
Second Ree of the Double t ir

2-(Sun Cheer
5-Cradle Song

K. Silve. 10 -Sh=uld make It now even
O. CasL 110 -Ig improvement 4-1
r. Hids. *. tt better too 4-1
IH.liUtp 10Ng-C-uli spring surprise 6,1
H. Rey s Mg-NoIgmND recently 8-1
V. CaatL 1UM0 ne contender 3-2
C. Goasu. 1OOW-N. ss case 20-1

3rd Race "H" Native 4 $ fS Pool eldom: 1:45

1-Lonely Molly H. RlR ft t .prly speed 15-1
2-Little Luln G. a110 c-a Kv; can wit 4-1
3-Lady Caren A. -Mn 1. --l top Chance 5-2
4-Electrop P B l. I"eafly Oed -1
5--Don J ioaqulrI M., 1 listlesly 15-1
6--Collrlo A. Vo l -1 0 m to life S-2

4th Race- 'N-Wlner' 4% Pool ehem: :S0

1-La Chula IL Gue. 107x-Clikt win yet
2-Spear A. Mena 112 atuae chamee
3-La Mona l. Tu Son 101-l.. n nothlg
4-Metto A. Vak. 117 --M Vtettll
5-8lierry T.. Julio Rodr. 110 iT d from bIting
-0 A. PhiL 114 Mm clam .
7-bofia Chla F. HidalDo 101x duteamased
8-Sandra R. L. Ig 1009 tee. only
.-Lady. Meon o. COa. 110 -w.ase herry Ttm m
Note: Shey Time rnums et of .,
be .l

fth Race "" Natlve 7 Fga.]Paru MLe Peel loem
I-Don Pitin B. Agulrre' 110 -C smon here
-Dies de Msao o R. Oue. x103x-zRtg d o haacee
3-.nriqueta R. L. GO 112 --alh. eluenitly
S R, 'W .-, 4 .. ..
th Raee "H" Imported $ S. S

.aywod i 0. Cutt. 08I
P. Hidal. 105-Bettr 8
-Anrifcan M. A. Pil. 114 ..Prl'
5-Onmo C. e. 16 -a et 5-1
"--runero Pn NosI -1dp 3-
.' .b ,M '* .4"' '1b ub Fe uls -:6-

1-_ _P ? "a a ,. -- '. as .rt a- .

I-uraus U. Gue. 1 -.Csa Ste togd 10-1.,
.,m f ,
,i-e a f. Pu Rs ,
C.II Isd

S. 2 .; |'w 1, .
O.L St.t. i7--- st, a uet r 1,,..

a&. aM ft r"seamho" sa

M *10

,. : .

* w A $. do 0tter nowdds



11 $* m

5- :.; r


3gM Peel .lo ..It4
!Mst* not M fit L 4

'R.. "

2S"Ll Pool l0a% t

a.; ~

.Jr .'p

I Xe



3-MACNOVR Vmada U -.
Sl OLUO Lady Caren .

4-.4,w^a IWIOOw -- gte nrm

,-I- s ,_--r* wTl--a:m' -- V aji ,|


i,,, *4 4 a.


Juan Fra Grded Etries

P.P. Hose
1st Race "F"

Jeay Wt. POIENT o l ODDS
Natt$ i S poolaCle : e
VMM -* DeuDbie


a r1


S -Fi

,*.' .g.i.j



-. .. -

.| '. .

iip" :i '<
D''. *, '. t. -
if i

- '

S .
'T. _' :

'~ F,--..


-nt chafs
better fart




,/ C .-.--

- < *'







0nooR C0Too


Ball-But He's One-Man Bosu

"*NA IStaff Correspademt A ---MAN
NEWoT ing TON --Aast 1 -The
barons i n the dugout were
0r ,- watching an. emaciated. h
levluhn W Z n-
Sdw "He can't throw, he can't'
Ikrun much," a veteran shook is
h" n i a 'ma d he can't hit
Sam PArUk Rer could Eddle 8tanky,.
-na ne s d ~ Park- broke in another.,'v
Menthumat ,IXI..DI IY and
re W U* Many fa I ealans, tnd
a."t'i a -up between the
IgnoredboxinRedox handyman and Billy
turned smaller Cx of the Dodgers which is ..
.tesd twidely- uthe keet ng bal ro-
4 *-Ward player in .te majsorsa--mrswny, AuLO.fE
-did V1. Specimens, with faultlessW rM AN
-, h execution of the fdanental. ILLY
34. Thtne sbethanthero Cox is an i traords Anlmarcu
"othetplayedto S usta ce as kll! l ed ban-essd.
u~'~~ae1er- astthe a e meeVYw.g
dting no on!0 .ostadiNhera noie whthe si.m r rthef
last v c North Caro can't hit and
-I trouncishoro retired Bobby used caes-t
Swaer ly at eeryileld and out- a .
Sto .i. 1IPt a- In Ilneu1949 he was the Amspot- ican rs,'
toe sihe ibe s. nliht of' fhrst base an.thewa-

I., P aand .e;fortle, U, w o bt ,. _rr~r
f. t 'OW Uestinoworc'se coml ortably
a W.le h f .rkely auer .yat ea
nn, PCfOiL iinO Le base whitters hen 1950. Aerted
o T. gPat the bfirom retlredr Bobbllys Doeri last

o. and Of at the mavedone Tom Yaw-
hp f= oStal b drea- the ly' neup has kept the spot-

.' winner, none has brought
"e"" im t we h ~Mo n srr o light off hie tht and the
f r.l t~o ta uanid effortless way lie drodn di' v sNca-Y
*. .... a q kI ... 'ree off his bit. MHei s eein gl
e stickwork compile
A, s-W" s.ew ks r et 'likel suffera h of .a fmark to lead arnll AANerlo
th.How No l CaTPANianb- League itter In As
Se....0Pt1 thebig lea er, Billy's averaged a -re
pVA t opWseng-nsmootui.311. .

rfafr eIck omol and Of all themone Tom Yaw-
a winner, none has brought
EpangL athtter return. than the $75,000
towet- awtoz phemd out to purchase Goodman

se,,cond ye t.atwalpod~ wekyt"at eltran tlamain 1- Pi7. how-
.sItFI r'7,d.c r TKERFS MONEY
'1=wS iiWeago uuanWna evemtr, all the dividends aren't In yetn

tr-w- Every ld lt ". .. every week ."
"' / l he usa .OO1 '.- next, yre, .xo stas coUSses THE PANAMA AMERICAN GrEs MORET
e, Ofhn ngib t ir vbat ull or lunk
0 M ku. a -1. I attempt tal&no eoutt*eVl at the attic

hiWbe tfour who generic

Mhe m
mat the

tase on a
up md be
/ ,hOTIM ullll

do 1

%a r

L. .

a ef.ta

.t. ..I

a .:n

..u e

M' aw



. 4 I

4 ]It. WORLD



b ZMe_ .iutry
., i stant
'I .F t Resistant
"- ... GRAY


A m with

-: Ce-rtalily this
Is- nt old
mer .handise
but all new good

C -TA-1 '.

.a r ":


o Ses 28 42,
;, ,- 't g $6. I S 00 Values T ,. ,.."

St'" m li f "- f similar ".
Zelan $1.

T t7k f fi s Ao of odds &
a up to $5.75

Bem aib.rg Wh.ite "
Log Slmw Sport Shirts
sic. $7.50
,. o d .''a

Intewoven Sox
Ray Fay Vertical Stripes Va.
Regu lar & 85c. Values

.'2. ;4.75 ,
Cel t- -- Terrys r a h "
Sthe. b., Med., L


i; .-- _* ,-*. A -, .
..:A ".'.** :.^^B X *-. -* *

* ', .. .
nn., .t-M nJ -*. *-

-. ';..-*.*
:';t .'


m4 2

.i a"i .
as.fIC^ "l ,


'I ;4'
-t AM

. -**./
- .t"

* :
* *Si'n.
,'", -...t~

I- I

ij lUM ,center
iW Th,,Te a
1 aw. stepm


I si~iwm~;



I Beeson,


.'2 -

s*.* "'



.. '*.: ^ ; "

'*+ .- .-s.'l
... ^


', s-.'.. ~


.. "^:.,- r .
.. ...' I..' :

ULike any potent, sometimes' Moving from the college
dangerous diug. retirement is| campus to another town, the
A( tonic that should be used, professor made his first mis-
mtutiously writes Frank Howard' take.
*ichardson, M.D, in a recent I instead of getting into civic,
lusue of "Today's Health" pub- church and club activities --
Ished by the American medical something he had had to do
Association. on the campus, but that was
Tolerance for this beneficial optional here- he threw him-
tonic must be built up slowlv. self wholeheartedly for several
the medico explains, or it mayimonths into the building of an
prove to be a slow poison. i attractivee residence, working
His article follows in part with the carpenters as busily
Suppose someone discovered a and as faithfully as though he
new drug or form of treat- were being paid, but allying
ment that prolonged life. gave himself with no community do-
a sense of security, comfort wings.
and well-being, and promoted Suddenly, with the comple-
heilth and happiness. Most tlon of his house and the ab-
people. especially those reach- r,-:pt termination of his ab-
ing late middle life and begin- sorbed preoccupation with It,
ning to look forward with an- he found himself with noth-
Xiety to their later years, in'- to do. He began to miss
would consider themselves for- the daily contact with his i
tt te if they could obtain it. students, his faculty commit- 1
An thfv would be loath to tee duties, the social obliga- t
b eve it could harm them. tions that had of late worn c
et even the best of medi- on him so that he had for- e
es have what the doctors gotten their charm. The free-
I their contraindicationss." dom from the daily grind of 1
ere are certain classes of meeting his classes, so eagerly
patients. ages, occupati o a llooked forward to; suddenly o-
iackets for which they are overwhelmed him. There was t
/ harmful not helpful. There are nothing he had to do -hence
certain conditions and times there was nothing he wanted c
when they had better be a-i to do. In short, he did noth- I
voided, when they may evening! I
be dangerous. The climax came like a
Wise physicians keep these shot. Following a slight at-
limitations constantly in mind. ltack of indigestion that con- i
And though they feel free to fined him to bed for several i
avail themselves of any drug days, he suddenly developed s
In the whole pharmacopoeia, a fit of extreme depression. w
they are extremely careful not He upbraided himself for e
to employ one where It might having left his work while I
do harm. others, as old as he or older, r
Well, retirement is a medli- had kept on 'with their teach- t
cine most people would love to Ing. He worried over his finan- r
get bold of. This Is especially clal condition. Al he refused
true of folks in late middle to believe his wfe, his doctor w
life or at the beginning of old and his lawyer when they tri- w
age. and particularly so before ed to show him how absolutely
nflirmity makes stopping their ridiculous this was, in face of
work imperative. As a matter his generous pension and am-
of fact, most people look for- pl investments. r
-ward with the keenest antici- Physical ailments, all more c
.p.tion to such a time Many or less imaginary appeared m
ieny themselves present plea- a crowded one unon anoth- w
sures and perfectly justifiable er. He was chilly all the time, i
lIndulgences so that, through wore unnecessary wraps and r
endowment insurance, annuities sweaters and hovered over the e
or plans for industrial or oth- fire. His religious life, always t
er old-age benefits, they may satisfactory before, became a c
have the privilege of stopping horror to him; he brooded on o
their money making employ- eternity and felt he would soon
nient before they have to do be called to his final account- t
", to because of Infirmity. ihg, with no assurance of how I
bhe would meet it. J
Then, (hey believe, they Whether the heroic efforts s
will enjoy the fruits of their of his family physician, a I
forehandedness for the rest consulting psychiatrist and a
of their lives, devoted family will be able to I
The increase in the number arrest this rapid deterioration r
of people who are doing this is not yet evident. What con- r
is one or the raosat encourag- cerns us here is not the meth- h
ing features of our modern ods used for treatment: but a
civilization. Social security is what preventive measures oth- .
bulking ever larger in our er: contemplating retirement, l
plans for community better- should employ, in light of what (
ment as we have come to ap- this unusually intelligent person
predate the benefits conferred failed to do before taking his
by freedom from fear of hav- dangerous medicine, retirement. h
n, to work up until the very Contrast with this a social I
end of life. He would be a worker, about the same age,
foolish counselor indeed, who who planned her retirement
would try to obstruct this wise for several years before it (
and beneficial trend, was due. M
Fortunately, many peop le She bought a small house in
find retirement on a fixed in- a suburb to which a number l
gome the very thing they have, of her old friends and neigh-
hoped for. We need not dwell bors had moved In recent
4K its obvious benefits, for they years, as city living became
-r, the good things we have more crowded and inconvenient,
visualized for ourselves and For years before she actually c
friends.. We are not sur- retired, she spent week ends a
when retirement brings there. She Joined the women's c
*ahse benefits to the fortunate club, attended town meetings, t
4to can indulge in it. transferred her church mel-' l
i'4tn one who has observed bership and her al isenshi. It1
people who have retired, wasn't long-" bttl: sON
ever, must have been tinm- come identifIl-r.n the minds
ra d by the surprisingly of her new fellow etions, with a
e percentage of folks --ac- most of theis civic a"M social
Ve successful business and activities. V -
S .ofessonal men especially Retirement, when it came to
simply can't take it. They this sensible woman, created~
ve planned for retirement, scarcely an emotional rimd
ae financial plans t h a t except for the pleasurable thrill t
moo it possible and they have so many antlclpate in looking U
longed for the time to come. forward to this change -and 1
Ami yet for them the onset so few realize. Her new duties e
E retirement, the cessation of were so many and so exacting r
aeir active Participation in that she had neither time nor f
ftcustomed affairs, has been inclination to miss the old. She 1
thi beginning of the end. So dVl not stop to think whether
i mplaon has this become, that this duty or that could be ac-
SK en who could well af- cepted or neglected; for her
e luxury of retirement new obligations were so worth
e come to dread it as they while and compelling that she
the onset of a fatal felt she had. to meet them
se. In fact, It has proved all. When advancing age final-
fatal disease for so many ly does make them a burden,
,eir fiends that they want she can slip out of them one
-art of it for themselves. by one, but without ever suf-
,i'Td rather wear out than fering the wrench that played
out," is the reasoned such havoc with owr friend the
f once of many a man; professor's withdrawal ..
he has plenty of ia- I chatted recently with a
|Sia to cite In support of prominent architect, who had
choice. just completed plans for re-
wise physician learns to ring from the firm of which
-l ze the contraindications he has been the outstanding
-even his most dependable force.
Sby observing how they "What are you goiar to do
Son his patient. Here is when you have stopped prac-
.retirement acted on a timing?" I asked. Swe yon
ent man In my coin- laid out any work tr ew'-
lwas a college professor- "Work? he echoed deyisvely,
fhad always taken his re "'Not a bit of It. nm Just go-
t at 85 for granted, Ing to lie in bed every morn-
bad looked forward to it ing as late as I pase. I'll
increasing pleasurable an- gt up and go out If and
as he neared the age when I want to. If I fl like
World War II had made it, I sftay in bed all day.
Especially difficult, with No fixed dutiS for il ro
ax of new students eag- obligations to meet, no dutes
S special wartime train- to fulfill, no elients to satf.
lk ibut Indifferent to stand- no social debts tS Sow
. baty the sort he was used I' love W" And i eally
-'..s, though he could have looked as It lie. bIlieved
on a few years longer, No. I didn't tell htar bf
.sce his retirement the things thatl ye been say-
,y7, and with a keen in here. Unasked advice Is
;- relie ldal worth the breath wast-.

ed In giving it. But I did feel I ft
a surge of pity for him, as
foi a man I knew to be
tCreatened with a grave dtl
ease of whose dangerous
tentialities he refused to
Retirement for that man
golng to be a daango
drug, I fear.
A young business manW t. l e
heavy family respou -
asked me to Intercede with' sa
father, the head of the rre
and see if I couldn't t i by e
a two weeks' vacation. H .
had no time off for '.tm
years, and he felt 'he .oMid R. b
break under the strain- If i
could not get away and t
fo.- a while.
Imagine my surprise. when, _- c
at the end of the first week-
ex..ctly half of the vcUation. I 1
had with great diffitult -
tracted from the old a-- th
came back to town aid -tartw'
ed to work again. 1ki
His explanation was most -0.
unexpected; and yegt it was
wholly adequate. "
He had chosen for his vaca- a
l n a little mountain town
where a great many retired el-
lerly people have o regated. P
His boarding house catered to
practically no one else.
"I never had such a purpri el
n my life," he confidd to me,
n explaining why hie had
shortened his vacation. "Here ,,ni
were these people who had
everything I have been think- (al
ng most desirable In Ulie-no
responsibUltles, a fixed Income
hat arrived with unfiling
reularity, time for everything
,'re been deprived of by my
work, nothing in the world to h 'tl
worry about,
By all odds they should l'
have been absolat ly' happy
"But were 'they?' I
never seen such a listless, di-
;intented group of people in .
my life. Nothing to look I .
ward to, but the a&itval o 4
weekly or monthly check 't
never failed to material:"
ven a shadow of doubt about
hat to give a slight element it muint. be
if hazard or uncertainty. Noth- and accord
ng ever happening; no fun ed rules.
bat comes with the expecta- th are,.
ion of something good, even of t1l
f It' doesn't show up. Instead, f
ust a dead level, a pla -
security that was num .
ts monotony.
"No, I had to get back .
my 'troubles';. they don't .
nearly so crushing W -ow-Ig
never get a ralse; iWrj-
lope, can't I? There's1-a
a chance that something
urn up; I've got the fun
cooking for it, whether it deep
or not. No more 'security'
He didn't mean all of wl
he said, of course. But he
earned a lessen that would be
a lifesaver to many a man-
who, like our architect, staun
on the brink of a course thati
may spell tragedy for him.
Does this mean that retire-
ment is too dangerous to Ibe
Indulged in:; that a man must
continue working until the dat
of his death, or till weakness S
anD1 Inf~rminty terminate 1l.
Carer? Of course not. Retiri B
Ment is too valuable a meli,
hiQ I* be discarded. The whole
endti cy of the modern world
abt toward lightening the
ot' Sqr older people.
Bt it Is a drug that must
be- takenn with caution, and
ab"v all with forethought. A
man.- *ist prepare well in ad-
mnce for such a momentous
hange In his habits of living.
He anust have the feeling that
hed needed by his fellows,
hat )o engaged In some-
hiUn worth, while, that his
I'i of usefulness is not at an tW
end. There must be some ele-
ment of uncertainty left--not
financial uncertainty, to be
ure, but the excitement that ", -

4zO~Y*~ ~
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at careful
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ist in -A.M
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and a
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.5" 5.5*


Is Retirement a Broci4 .T

Or Slow Poison ?-- Docr

~ ~rlllrnr~~ ~~ I~S~a~lf~


dsh a
hand .

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iar]- v .. ... T. ..
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.,.% i ..- ,. :.': *-X-, '> j"it'l. ** .- ". A -.' [ f -,,t ,p "- 1.-" "*., *** -..,',, '-' w f.." *' '*"*
. ,; ^ :..:. .;. *; .. '"^ ,; : : .-. ,-., '., ".*..i' ... ."- ", '', ,.':. '
*..-' ..'y : .. ,., ; -,. ,. .o ,^ ,,. i. ; -. ^ -. .. : .* *
.'' : '" .. i .- rt l '- : 1' 'a '_, o *.*

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a t odlfr ry.
If tt *St hrutB.

oill B tordor
'Ugfmc By one

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d le stnm i
- c "aa

A bookkeper
hau ,o Kanow a
word la wbfelh
there are Usree
double tters In
uoceeoln. Cam
you 01ges out
what word it is
wittlln rive
eqj, aIso-wt

SLe's Go, Men!

a ALJ- L ** ""' ***** to
alow are seventt"r VON
As a elie to e*ah G th'thirM
S better Mu N s n tve.
thei poltuon in sa b word a In..
S dincatd while the ,alasng ttr
ia5 are repraented by otP Oau you
* h U 1au.tD an the wordaT
10t Is B Altude'
utu M N Changed
MEN 8plae
S* .MEN. Praise
M N lan -em
M N Janlzalnu
o M N C otmutueut
S .. .M U N MoLns
.M N Part of cow'
sto eiab .
M N Threatens
-*rui .umnMuw **wse ur 4-un

2 YOU don't tove to be a 'ew*
l Ral to answer this ONe:
SWht U. 8. ooIt h as pictureof
SPero ? .:

Try Solving a Fun Blo4k

o. f ua g me a to t ywor
.vOs yds'a conta9erm w ter ui R tuel. ':

block, ry other better to la Inpla. Copy iWl
th eItas which you now ss. tin empty .pms J
dIrmeti, b them. ( UA up ad down rows, -
s*pectlyiWy, cointal te am letter ) Wherever'poi
ibis, oim mew short words by trial and error uati.
you bave discovered all the misimg letters of Uf "
keyword. ,
An1 wards tn Brek-word Tun BIdcau read hoa .
totally. ThMwy. are tu laund in everyday u.-L
No proper nanes are included..


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sal. up nq M nu OUnI :-MEw eJa*sIG s aMo ..u*qnmSme.. I PIOaLS 6 .qj :jasen

pAitWHE Pet
of Joan and
Jimmle's, one
with which they
are taking a
wall, to hidden in
thtia dotograph.
Defmnae whabst
it .6 bp drawing
a te freq dot

to. boald- two
numbers U t me
dot foer' batJ.
Afte YO ha
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VIT". wins this game. !beC;
IaI1ftI his opponent 0:a
OeWa e leads off,. mefob f
the kWa. ad wint in tagL
strokes. Can you plan m~
ltat eT a8
29 po-Ot 51 R

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..... ALMOST 'ANY PARENT if he can ifaip ice cream sundae so fudge, half a cup
rg p thpt a healthy, hungry boy can't eat itat one sitting. Chances are other ingredieni j
be. "No" accompanied with a4 S wm Dut there is call thi. :
-sized *n`dae and it's the sge* iEth i le ab drug- mena fort
~teveland. In case any small fry w tt to give his mother the has managed to
It. tit is: Take an oven-sized glass dis iand drop it a,.hf-gallon of delight is a lip -
A"4 o ,ice cream nieh scoop of cried4 ft*.three.scoops of hot don't thiwe
~~~.. .T ....__ _.

Chopped nut4 ,
t- 1ome. to mikidL

i '36 glum'




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'__2',i. 6O r' 4 '.-" /." -- "
...rt --'" "" ,..'.'- --
-M I!. .'* .. .- ; '. *.- _"'"i; ^ .. ....- .

If^ ^ ';- 1'-' J .* 1/ ..,^ ,.; -- ."***,-,.. ,I .. '* : ,; -^ ': ; '
--4 7 :. ,. '.- ,. -' .. ,+ j : "* .. .*" A'

~~.1 ..+7- '..
.- -,1 *'iI,' -."F -;

$j pkment.


-.. R eview

* WI.LIAM A. NEWMAN's statements aS tWa (M
recommendations aroused bitter antago -tin ,oth
Canal Zone during his four-day official v hl
past week. Both the Americ Federation Of pad we
ment Employes 1id the United Stateir- Citien, Am*-., .
ciation joined the cries of opposition among Zone d mph I
idents against the recomnmea ation S-rate .n S f9
sitions be filled with local-rate peronel re
The GAO la making a survey f I O ai
to outline the improvements necesar fi f .
local-raters sao that they would e qualify hold De It' pro-
the positions noW tilled by US.-rate emp y On 4I
USCA President Frances Longmore stated -alth narrow 1n
a policy would eredte a high bracketaeo praL -l on
among the employers and a low among the lo S o palnt '
employes. She said such a move would violate the Marshal to
American tradition of having a middle class. Ne*m n The Italians a!ve
remarked that by following the recommendation the common the o
Canal would be doing business like any other Anmer for 8e6or Tito. tt0t ",
ican concern in a foreign country. over to talk in ogb no
AFGE's Rufus Lovelady said the federation would anoth er._. pr
oppose the recommendation before" Congress with its mler D Z pro-
every ounce of vigor. US ex-pfr De O L
Neiwman said that the replacement could not go Anyhow, U SW fty od
into effect immediately, but that such a step would Korea, wh -l in conference Ar dIe fr
take many years., to tart n ..
0- t" th
The Isthmus is again offering port "to a, training t s o ta U at-
cruise of midshipmen. A taak force of all ships and "tentlon
5,415 midshipmen, enlisted aten, and offlooers. docked being wir r
on the Atlantic sideayerter m irnton foi. y .*dger ..
stay. After spending liberty attending dnce,te-* .t1le pr tper In i n
ceptions, sightseeing andshoi tours O bon --. .
oftthe Isthmus. the ntsddlesa a36, nd offlcer trill f
board. their vesel, and he4 for Trinidad .B.W. BY wayof a
and Guantanamo Bay, Oub'. c to In~ i
Theq resent task force here is the lI.rgest to visit *agri ebt a$.P
the Ishmus this sunlmer. The midshipmen ae these- a-
underin nal training at 51 American cpllee!s a r s4
and IVeBit. 0 0 r
The Civil Functions Approplations bill grant- s
ting U.S.-rate elvillan edipleyr of th Panasi liner abre aln ieclt e-
Canal a continued 35 per sent differential was rean affair. .
signed by President wit D. 1Benhower this Or rather shortly before the60 11...op
week. But tbe bill cost aonlans their free hbs- current truo.
pitalhation. .. The -USAF C n
0o llu south f
The measure to increase,,the maximum annult The Rusla2 y it, 0 eggMn ,
for retired local-rate employeM passed one more hurale on its apln ''
when the Cash Relief Bill was approved by the House between Port to il, .
Merchant Marine and Flisherles Committee. nside c 6 w b ffsh"t,." i
0-The CA wW 49 bffdbM*.
The US Citiens Association voted at its meeting to from vostock, over trnoational w hW4
suggest that Canal Zone housewives demand that any the iIot It dowp, Th.Ruasl It
plumbing to be repaired in their quarters be perform- t' et.rritory. -.
ed by properly licensed plumbers. ho has
The suggestion was made alter the Plu ers Local as to. which oi the var
Union 60 'stated they had been unable to dlauade the, needfi bring his tt o this
Canal from establishing a 'handyman" crew to main- orl-.. .,
tain households plumbing.. a as'the B- O cldent is
*USCA President Frances more told the gather. ay
Ing that was performed -y lcVns*
ed plumbers according to the code. The only .way she tur, c to
added, that the code be enforced is for house ves tp. br e the s al
refuse the "handymen" entrance to their homes. to at on
-S o go r aS the Ruhl8'lsareo
Nine PanamA Canal employee retired from .he or are g
pn:.szation at the end of the week. Another employ, e
A. C. Medinger, Railroad and Terminals DIretor. r- e uch
rested voluntary retirement from the Cana1 effee- ed Inturn 4 tip the end of this "month. -the T'eu-' ldelands- oil t amsa m- lo ala
'Those empTayes who retired as of yesterday are: Mrs. l t. '
Marv L. Cleents. Commissary Division: Ross H. ps the boyq Ik -5's and the
lowell. Industrial Bhreau Robert W. 1utchin. Motor art & heebeed the client to I
transportationn Division: Vard' A. Xerruish. C0bhous the met that gej. M1 B a7
Division; Godfrey B. Padettl. Dredi ng Ditid: o. ,tt ild reached t wr s
m.n E. Rocker. Office otlp Bnnineerin a Co.- .RightD now the oe nla the .i
struction Directot: IrN R. ders, Locks Divioldn: and cou donevabl h at it wold
Frank Turmah, Contract and,Inspection- Division. eeod fatuIto e in that
0 -- a mut.engz Vwch
Feeling sufficiently rested from her artlues a tbad-te to Col '
trip into the Jungle areas of thi Darl6ei rp toee:" gine 0 S n e piec re- .-a q ee di 7
two weeks ago, PanamA's First Lady DolA eoeila -.'.-- 0a --
Renim6n was scheduled to eave-^the Marine Dlm- Mr.. ican, be.rtA, 4
slon dock at Gatin abead a Caul 2om )0ollee WIrdI t nlF
launch with a Settlement called Anoasa p tfleu fully to
west bank of the Gatsan Lake as her deestlastes. ash iuallUy at
As usual Mrs. Rem6n will be aseeampanid l s' Ta.. .
staff of doctors, dentists, nurses and. teehleleans It was ver a
laden wth medicines.' vaccines and to flee, or
render soelal assistane to the ra- te whi 4
settlement.some 0 m fles from the city 4Z astiL. h
Panam- City health authorities sent'a s medjma o.
on to the town of Bahiaonda, Veralg9Wea
day upon receiving reports that 13 personsE5A1 di
and 30 more were gravely ll from a strain g .,

e nain missi went by police la' 6Z
visited the 30 who wer& l*0pitallied iha
tinand acute diarrhea in a hospital in the town hsm
-0 -t
aon ute on n the
People from all walks of life and from various p-. -gg
liIcal factions attended a mass memorial demonstra. g4
tIa.Thursday at the grave of Fraclisco IPancho) AN .,fj
PFred, who died seven- years ago on July SO.
I'ndreds of wreaths of all sizes and shapes
laM at the gave of the Panamanian politician
died without seoalithins- NK drezm of bte o
President of the Repu1tc of Panam.
A ~~WWy- 'ned RoaI DMrtinent of tbhe I. l
of We e rm.aly %ok. over te d.
.rr the fte t of Panama City and 'l
SduMs iM mn~ew seclioen asen I-thip tt ..416-. 6.-4

F -.

.M i q- .. ..
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gith5 '...
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A., .'-sq-.'

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* The bwl 'pin rainfle

; .|HjT ~A'^T.W~ ^ -flee* -'

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do enase
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Ia of fire-
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*, agai te
: Aa

-L, Ra em

Ina gbaa ;'
B0. "* -
eoqr4. (the
o! t pulae it wamd to e mi

ann nedP. ,

Nil has *hy WI a level bA."ff "- i
if o'n than 100 yards thrm n' the ifatOj
pifte-sanded shore of the Pa- by
.,e water -

technical faelliUes--medlc l RIlve S A-t .,
re, supply, cognm lc t"ltana. "

!. .. ,, = .-- .' : .


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