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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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" '" Usiu r Portly William A. Newman Jr., associate director of
,i athe audits in the General Accounting Office, who makes
i endingport at Crist6bal tomorrow, has branded as inaccura.,
l*4Pp endis AMo a .n Nu-T June28 Sunday American report quoting him assay
Sto ob- the situation in the Zone has not changed in 40
Ko- 0' .Newman now restates the situation thus:."Tke ga.
Ut- eral philosophy of operation in the Canal Zone has not
Eto nit- changed in 40 years except for certain improvement ea
I1to V made inthe last year."
SoThis is the year in which rents were sharply
ip free hospitalization doomed, slashing of the dif er
-.or ,01 hnaorowly maerted, and kinlred Newman-re ,I

i *" t le or re n nations zoomed to theextentthe crating
pack:g section was hiring exth hands to set
"- +".7"h i" W --tset, .-
i '-way Stoteside .mony long-tme Canal hands wwes-
em ms Loverst 1d cause of "unsettled conditions." t,
S W The. Caenal Zone Catens' Associatinw
.IBtselveS elIobbst in Wfsington to p
-t E. h FiBs rm.LV irthre erple -~edord "impro
.'e who a nrlves an On the

Tt 1 ., J Ieting prt dNAPLES, a1y I, July 2 (UP) e on t e snan
*^^?.--d JuQuelst.on, thoe_.+i .rnms o r e .
P 4 w .e i. --iWi.he s17-O Mr-
atae, A only in a United t at s Citizens Associl- l l
Sleajer M e k g a a d alf sad g sco rea Neapolitans out ton., .ee tcardas a nd o
.' ..e l ive ow er to aw A lt the same askingg Newman whether thebe sen the o r i a
Ta.ed -,lAve l td therefore Antonio Mainardi, 1, and Nun- June 28 Sunday American ste- ludeign has no yet beae c .
t _'_= ba tp greatest do- sat Maj 2h f.iet in a narrow ry corectly reflected Newman's luded.
.011 pin ve-l ti'of. street, e- damid with a knife views. A report of the ne
re It*the y lhih 4-. with to lash the other's The ine 28 story intged' drive will be given.. De
l at e tly claience tor was in an wa3fhmhos pdclmer by Newman hohe limited number of au t
e denet arfly. el tledefed Antano first. All he did the House of Representatives many cases have large o
St, te t es was l N a's throat seeking to y elminate certain o ver, some oper n a ae not t
the tha!Is R .problem s.n
ii s 1 nth ..arom e te se _... r. e rsfait da T t oin rens, n ot h e obtain oemberoih p.
atl nas t Thato e h wals ongress, not C o s house ca ofs will be
&4 l mme o When the e he ." BMr..r quen- t eef hime4nonrcbyous and hewaW o idqute deO "When 'Congresil s-but foro th e convenience '
*ad '"""sDothtes o lla a ,h. wither rablood. Nun- Ised ead mosay-oinded It's the so desiring membership e
SlWase -e n atlunch. Theno;.1 & thos ht a e had killed him, samei w wi ether they are obtained by sending a
-:, P Wiutell0'., 1 -.A.. PIn S e on Fridbase r 01f andpasilyled, horr Democrats ot "ublicans." check or money order to
AndtIoi thesto Fy. dtyatery -byf led Inyhorryearom the had hto no in the man Brooks, financial se
the os ou n- rl* herite aclintgon for. the tw "corps" Word spread g Zone has not chaged in 40Bx2034
battle ndM. T anhte r ay. that they ha enkilled by an years. They have ha omin- Am2Included ons t o y
s htin0. bh reWi l w shdncrease In re it la, and still have tomorrow night's meetn i
d itS I h ere e thee o thecapital 1s" .Tb do dor o were taken to free hosplto t hrllfktkx o
1h-a nd apree mcita dl la auditorsatoe o intop such as

me roI-st an rbe ueordar y h m he e sa e e w aee et hepre ference an t be WW-
5e woldotonknew fthTehousingr fr the assinment n
,eri n s .r hetertohn ag mal orm thn e ax exemU aton aen

denes cdinedo no t hgo any fr-se opo thed r reenyad- or eliminating Of- m de beR
agret and h a'y theur the agend uldiare do aepr- Ary e olead rislsela to1a

"l-t..--o-their hum n ws mentt h o avoe en .arum
"Hwir, to r the marks frately. and CeCong reulaon Army elit
Ag. Irece t beheLyer e yong wress dlmeTo.

bede eon inedand oug 'vto abivr l
Ingsat of A Ceazha n pl for ao, s of0
e! aoest beaM t he f es daty i, he teces the nt e t.heer th e a l g.r.. i.nd d eV1 If ln cou tingO -
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aamedrentsecent h e nstablisted h
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rrs adtial valu"or a ds t r u
aorP that aore- h rimsinterfle the cou-nty "hastour ofd omestic s,.
to no bit eh th40 Yeoarastexcepte ofpacer eds 0Y
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During the past 12 years, the Army has
"light airplanes.
Why does the Army need planes when we
Were Army planes of any value in Kore
- Why is an enemy afraid of unarmed Arm
How do "Maytag Messerschmitts" and "
FHow many of the Army's corn bat arms u
How many aircraft does the. Armpy have?
What does the future hold for Army aria
The answer to these and many other quet
the following article issued by the Army news

2 Army aviation has played
:an important and vital role
4in the Korean war.
P, *. the past three years,
,A.-,-v helicopters and fixed
dwin" planes flew more than
.140 r O combat missions and
c ciiated more than 16.000
wwo0,ji.-"d soldiers from the
Pront lines.
: More than 272,000 adminis-
htrative missions also were
fln-n by Army aviators in
was accomplished with
I ee of* 1 fixed wing Planes
r one helicopter as a d-
-, result of enemy acUton.
work in Korea, Army a-
*1 .'on performed Its many
m" ',-'s with but one our-
ro in mind-to give direct
g- stance to the combat sol-

. It the front line soldier
WeekP -ptter or additional
to--unitaUions. Army air-
arr ft may serve as a radio
. '-- station or lay ad-
dV' 'al wire lines to him.
'-"w tes out of food, eloth-
r r ammunition,. planes
-- the necessary supplies
_to his combat location.
1 I ie event he is serTously
wr, r-ed, Army aviators fly
;h to an aim station, a_
nc le Ar iy rigdal hospital,
' or a field hompltalL
Joh.nnylOn The Spot
I enemy artillery is stop-
ping his advance, the Army
1' -; are "Johnny on the
wpot" to direct counter-battery
ftire on the communists.
If a commander learns of a
critical area on the battle-
ild, he is provided with
a first-hand aerial view of
oth scrap la the making.
The development of Army
kavlation goes back 12 years.
It wa born in 1941 in the
Louisiana maneuvers when
the War Department "hired"
often Piper Cub airplanes with
HlvUilan pilots and mechanics
o"or the entire period of sum-
:Wer training.
Piper Cubs
The Cubs were so Impres-
.ive during that maneuver
"jbat the Chief of Staff, Gen-
eral George C. Marshall. ree-
.ajnmamdW two light aircraft
r each field artillery bat-
n and field artillery
lroup headquarters.
SFrom 1141 to 145, the Piper
'pub airplane (L-41 served as
;kerial "eyes" for the artillery
4n all theaters of operation.
SEarly in 1945, a second type
f Army aircraft appeared on
.the scene. The Stinson L-5, a
little larger and a lUttle fast-
jr, joined the Piper Cub In
;econnalssance and spotting
Many Duties
It soon was realized that
mhee planes could do many
Low front line reconnals-
ce misalons were flown
or the combat branches. e-
ergency supplies were drop-
to combat positions, the
ed were evacuated, spot
Photographs were thk-
fighter aircraft were led
enemy ground target a-
staff officers were flown
forward combat-ream and
times the planW. a*tally
ed as aerial radio relay

S n..rsatle' and practical
planes that -by
m- Hy' Il of the combat
So some way were
Stable use of tbe
exis modej of light
"tha,- the L-4's and
a have given way to the
LH.l the DeHav~land
-1. the Be L-
ad0 different model

WL anq 8shmamme

the Army-Infantry. Artillery
Armo r. Engineer Signal
Transportation and Medical-
have aircraft as standard e-
2200 Planes
The Army now has in use
about 2,200 aircraft of vari-
ous types.
The Army also has on order
several hundred aircraft of
both the fixed-wing and he-
The Army now has more
than 600 helicopter pilots
trained to fly \Its versatile
Five different model 'cpters
now are available to the Ar-
my. Three are utility type-
general purpose-and two are
cargo heleeopters.
The utility group Includes
the H-t1, manutactqred by
Bell Aircraft; the H-23, a
Hillar produce, and Plaseckl's
H-215, offlOlally dubbed the
"Army Mule."
The H-13, a two-place 'copt-
er, is equipped to carry two
litter patients In pods
mounted alongside It shell.
It is the work 13Ol of the
aerial angels of maeW in
the Army' elicopter Ambu-
St Ul- wservAng inI
Iotea: T7e Itt ha. 1 speed
of mote than 9F ries an
hour and a range of 180
miles an hour and a range
of 180 miles.
The H-23 is designed to
carry three passengers. Like
the B-13, it also is equipped
to carry two litter patients
alongside Its airframe. The
H-23 has a speed of more
than 80 miles an hour and
a range of 210 miles.
'Army 1Mule'
A recent addition to the
Army's helicopter fleet the
H-25- carries three Utter
patients and one attendant
or 640 pounds of cargo.
Known as the "Army MuloW.
the 'copter has a speed-.-,f
more than 90 miles an hour
and a range of 400 miles.
In the cargo class the Army
now relies on the H-19, a
Sikorsky product, and the
H-21, another Plasecki 'copt-
The H-19 carries a pilot,
copilot and ten passengers.
One ton of cargo or eight
litter patients and one med-
Ical attendant may be car-
ried in lieu of the ten pas.
singers. The 'copter has a-
speed of more than 120 miles
an hour and a range of 200
The H-21-more commonly
known as the "Work Horse"
--cgrries a pilot, co pilot.
and 20 soldiein. Two tons of
cargo or 12 Uitter patients
and one attendant-also would
be considered a load for the
'Jet Jeep'
Another helicopter the Army
soon hopes to have In its
rotary winged family is the
"Jet Jeep"--ane experimental
jet pulse 'copter now desig-
nated the XI-26.
The "Jet Jeep" is manufac-
tured by the American Hell-
copter Company and is the
only military pulse jet-power-
ed 'copter in the United
Unlk*e other-' whirlybirdss"
the XH-26 can be collapsed
Into a five-by-flve-by-14-foot
container and dropped by
parachute from larger air-
craft. On the grounM, it can
be transported in a Jeep
At present thWl 'copter is
strictly a one-mOa lob. but
the Army has Iund that
It can be conveflsd into a
two-pla" 'copter tia few
aMitr -hnwst. r
As it W stands the "-Jet

ten to airlift combat troop.,
supple, guns, ammunltlon,
A I I I food, and other vital cargo.o

A rough calculation of the
*razsport capabilities of hel-
TIN G oer versus vehicles in-
dlcatts that 105 'copters can
I I irove five days' supplies Xorl
an Army divison s miles
In one day.
In the same 34-hour. pid,
made increasing use of 10two-and -one hCM V=
days' supply the sam* dis-
have the Air Force? ta n.
a? Considered In tbhis ftt, the
ema 'cpter primarW In am
my aircraft? airborne versolen ofthe Ar-
eggbeaters" help Army terw d pte.
toet with no meeqrea -1
se light planes? fw se 1 H
5Mei., ow eth eee.l
M opter ambulae Wi V46
tion ? 'm asr wmuled aan of
stions will be found in Mao,, uin1g w am" e,
s feature service. More tan *
.easalues have ban.
tests of Its jet-powered rotor l d by tS hemii m di
mechanim the outbreak ofW te M UV
The experimental model c war. Many of toawe a ,
ries the 1et t Lts Americans wouMld hMte d three of the 'copte
XII-17 but some"Nmes re. without the early O have been highly &
ferried to as ..g treatment made by in thme Iofein of t
Crane" or the -tueto. h ltmterw soS s obile targ. etsad uVer
It is expeted be the. PAotg in
forerunner of Iw oefl aarg o-o-.- -
,.'0.rey .. p optw s a n rat b fMd =or a .
V ca110ry1ag "tede is by t i engiee variety ot Sdal add Ae I
lift and eav Unit a O os. i
r eq e t as ar mS bridge k& oias to True ter couutry a
sere treuks, t et "her b to v asw d such hIas
heavy"Wad bulky qemomtr service, oft that Us 03plIetaUo of D
This, onster t the air 1 1 t "e thi mi Pt
Stands 30 feet kn is 47i Um -line lls, s l ts 0 .
feet loan ann wid.
Its rotor blades & Masure 3WBMw Poke OfAMI "vei
more than125 fed hem p e ldn tlin pk ps Fi$j
to Up. hy. GtAway With It
". HM mgruneers Enthu i ,assic ua cW (tW -
The Army has adopted Thd tat- I nt Jut .Pt i
hellropter as a fot em- Army engineers are eatlu the be o Taffty Ptt, a Pe
ber of Its hard-tttw in ea abut their newly ngkne.
fyantryan -ry m. -- mobility. ly
The soldler-whoa ce moved A t .w mm, a bhMbm lter, One of fnv Phielm. .
by foot alone, then by h Aorse, 0 h1i g d .l _ea t's bAlDlI t
and later bf motor vehclek- anw bad s .t e, -
has found new mobility In hto .. espltI a prj ty Pat lt Ftr da f ..d pal
the helicopter. eet a high roun l lH watched the other mothers the
res. nurse their pupa. Pimally she a
Each Infantry and airborne In another case history couldn't restrain herself.
division now is equipped with rom .MGg, "a 41e
ten utility clpters. Armored ated that one s op Tafty pat pr cetded to rt uel
divisions ave sen of the o .ayslsa.vetd two engjcm. -one from each of three W )M4
versatile lybiIrds. s of=, tb the oer moter
STh a f wtalk two fduS the ot
Helicopters ab. akre aitlpgned the 'leyg e ter or er oV gave oaU a6t i
to oth e A t, surveying and mapping op- -.ah
An Army pt op- erations. Tay Pat shotbered the five
ter ospony -ow n-I car- Field Artwillery aObva trangers a thoug'tini weyw
M d twt l 'cop-, a*llna are equipped wth her oft.

Iavy T ending Tas For e C-udtioi ,
The Constellation, the oldest ship In te U.. Navy-fbeat two months older 4 hin ts famed
sister ship, the Constitution-lies ioU thW Ch ar _tLown, aN, i aft Vrd. A-eonpgratMI- -
l bill s now pending which w I dwid t'd 1 M IT r-oMlg. t'o aMpl I-
the War of 1831, the Civil War, the tht i the rench p d ti Pa t
However, a campaign is und to. .a Mnmey by pblc to str
ship and return it to Baltimare, tt-l ginal home. to b
but it Iestimated that $4I00mAN wo lfln ended to reoudOites. .
:. --A '



With hamds available for I
Navy, lies r

-- -'.-- .


I' -.1

or- Odevering hot fbod to
nein in advanced audMIlati.
o tpot,. .

ypermarket. as
i Art Exhibit

S -t'"M : .'"i ..

drpa'.d .of "q ,+a

.5 : .i -

av mi ,y..

to corral 'an iViW
I tmespamer..
.,T ,i-J

eu t .,' 1. i- *- ;., [.--,,T' i
.... 1; I u
Betty O.

.S..n..^ ^ ^ IL


aI the evmat at nt''
-sr agLffaS1e

-., .F-4"
9'G .^f- i-A

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- .-" .'. '.- .
S' ." ,
'' '-* ''* ....... ''.' "" '. *
*i-'A "' .*- .'...- <.-'-.7ii,-. -,'. t. :- *, ". -. -.. .- ."
" ..- ',* "* *" -' ". .

S*''--*.^ 'fM :. V-'.. -. M. --.: ..,..
,* ,' ., .' .

*nt'IH~H~tgJIMOICA ,__ o

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..,.. .,.

' 7

it be. .o T, tatferd show

,; t the United

96eS J Show"

A It

L ia- T ..C

-- T

*og Abe U*RSA




: U'* "
M l ,' ,- .I



*,-. .- ,

--. "; i.


p. -f







For lt-< *- **

rU. S.A.
foi the uited

ntap. World


BM f ^

Is. W.

1." ,: "*_ T', :.'

o:0Mreww Two*li
IX :3-Pepular lal
L:M-The Pse aso
2: 1
I.- ...- ,l,|-

3:1-H-w "



10. his

s.-- VOA-i

$- ~9i ;


"port tralnl flights ave been
transferred major termi-
nals In bhe New ork- resa to
ueyl W.alrprt e day-

Procedurem and ep
By telephone, nel
maintain' eonstan ith
chief controlleiU
airport managotu
tives bndot'a-

* p7 A

'Inmprin Can e J

Mix-U!n r0 Bird 1li hi
S .' .... -.
WASHDnC3'QM, JI 3$ --f behavior. Lor nSmDd that
Houng a- most birds *cognize (
n may eir own 1 i.-. nct, C
be you t rather finte h
ire -a -moiter early conta. t
Should hi li
bearing of dJ iunl A newly M goose, r
i mday for example, when
5) It first am*a ot day.
othnd then n
draws awy man-d
A- nor will J4ing, J
rsiong ~ bube it bird,, HImN, f
S to the kind. re. the A
fact that one common wild Mft Europe, h
definitetg In were lmprint .lere and t
heilr llvle t ia tht own hereafter all humans
kind thed 'o ald proper fo tr matri- h
make eertam *edMd mony.S
them. th
Imprinting ws firt dearib- With mallaiTd. d*Wli, Lo- a
pr.ed by tdinta .renz quLacked.T In his h

.,; waddling in hise quack- d
ng at the lla vordce
tWhMlw .followed by a I'trsting d
Sducklings which tely
R were In DIbte e of
,lddonn~~ astonished tbb it k- over Jd
t iveng atFe the fence. voice,

Aircraft eAssocefollow, beds of the tin
said the -unduwa'wer. b apparently from h
on the t scale the brief n.iwprint- i
such U.. lng s on, t .h lat- Y
.e wereastonishedf ita ". over I J

u the fence, ...,-,-1t.0- Ia
campaignIn to roduee Birds r0W %'_ hanb

hav been made by adi ituof rents. unless righten
trae psoundttn, rel ed away.per In r peculiarom
training flights, rev-lsn opera things hapem There J
tlna .ao ~dMFM.. ohabight re, record at ol king 1
ground run-up o locations, themselves to be because
muffling ground test of new a boat happened le pas Juat
engines. In ad"toh, manuteac- t the proper t-lm tr Iprint- t
turers and genme re- Ing. rInt-
su cha A redc ng gns not only the of am-
nds at he source. printing but. also of 're-
The national campagl in- leasers," Intrisat, e st -
oft UfWt

sam eiy reow a, t ,d-en
' tfastumerg, autnc ;,-

r In t 1 tfh n a 1.I eeay anthd

Wa r -ave.a hao be- timon of the _e
loi, rall. on if or Ca ata by Arthur

j Fowl D ksa ieLets

ter ehACaer such programs ArIt t city ap-
ehngines. nation. It has prp e council and
tnoaaiyn-gtt. uepu-Ii a neighbor
ttfc aIe .AIl)C.a B. re- s hes I n vio-
The nato air c atmlnal lation- f a si ordinance for-
eaq ever undertaken by bddaw hi owl in h. "built-up"
sto a ustr" .eIti sbe .
brkg areMa 4M
so me' .e. ,even

Already'oaW a result of vql- Th y, oerkae p.dodred about
Afto.'sc-w I *t; Ike*-

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freshest orange

juice frozen, because.

only finer premium .

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UP)-A U4iverslty of North
aroulin prf *. belle e
as' cleared ap ie m %5-th.
he 20 "bu hir months" n.. e
fe of the American naval he-
o, John Paul Jones.
Dr. Archibald Henderson t~ld4
o one In the world can ,show
ocumentary evidence t h at
ones was anywhere on the
ace of the earth for 20 months
ifter Feb. 1, 1774, although
hundreds of scholars have at-
empted to do so through the
ears. Here's what he thinks
"John Paul, while master of
a ship around the year 1772,
had trouble with a crew mem-
er and flogged him at the
port of Tobago in the West
ndies. After returning to Eng-
and the sailor bitterly showed
ils wounds to many people,
enouncing John Paul.
"Three months later the man
lied at sea on another vessel,
but It was believed his death
was a result of the flogging.
John Paul had to obtain many
affidavits to prove his innocence,
but finally did so.
"Two years later, he had
rouble again at Tobago with
another sailor, and this time
he killed him. There was no
admiralty commission In Tobago
at this time and this render-
ed John Paul's position very
a ardous. The two incidents
were heavy on Jones' cons-
clense, and, afraid he. would
not receive Justice, he went
ncognlto for 20 mo- ans."
Henderson said be thinks he
has dtilovered the name that
rone used but is waiting for
further verification.

what constitutes a built-up sec-
lon. The parties involved lived
on the outskirts. Finally, the
lawmakers decided the chickens
mnut go.
City Attorney Charles E. Wit-
etmeyer, when warned of a
cort battle, shrugged and sJaid:
"We've had court battles be-
fore; maybe not "fowl" ones,
but we'\e had em."

"" ": .}





CUTS GRAr8 5-i O IRK--'eadl and 'round pm th
nw whInauguration of Intheir Nw Diredict hervi
HIS =miAmjob c i on-tpow ci oga the IaiM
Broolvle, m eMo tfor him. A rope,mtabmd

Inauguration of their New Direct Service

(Alse accepting cargo from Far East spa)
Sailing from San Francisco ..........An. h
Sailing trm Los Angeles ............Ag.
Arriving Balboa .................u...Au.

Sailing from San Francisco .......... Aug. 1416

TO '
Sailing from Balboa .................Aug. 1 ';
Sailing from Balboa ..................Aug. 3 th
(Sailing every 2 weeks thereafter)
On Application .

C trl A hone: CoplbT
Phone: Balbon M .N



I '




1. .

,&~t wiw


6A 1. (JI.
:-f~ot Weathr





MSwnart St/ f Jip

.# ". *-- ".

IViomevt sWorld
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l 4Zd*C ap,


Ual rou-siMwlnMel wUh
"1 Le r eenat "Joerutie

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Ralph RI .b0.. *" a :r .

w"ife irotu.

Milksd ani Ma
A. 7vd .ope n

, 'I B al r -' '' ""w "t ':
'a. sad. .

_.. fi a nn

Ingenious desig~l ii!Wread
use of naturaL .M a : and
-finishes and eye-1 ac-o
cent colors mark.
ExRA-RICH ICED COFFEE ture shown a It.t n- "
EXTRA-RICH ICED COFFEE iI res wh 0fro wn ternatlonal Home ,,I&.hinlfn
irbes are used In plate of ice cubes. Cream mud sugar.aid verA. show in Chicago.
B G N ? DInstead of much 13oV prices,
By GAYNORg MADDOX iee'll get smarter r, w;a mor@
NEA Food and Markets Editor comfort and in
S-- -- furnishings thir .
'.,A ,tal' tinklrinm gias of strong, ly-drawn water. These amounts As a priactiaM., IW
rli'.: ]c e coffer. that's a hot make one serving. was impressed .ly-7 iey.ase
weather olessmin We enjoyed 3. Pour immediately Into tallUwith which a numn* of vy,
one with Ellnr Salten.stall of glasses filled with coffee ice bulky cabinets. a .holstered
ther Pan-Anmerican Coffee Bu- cubes. Serve with simple syrupl'eces canAed I arund
resa one toi rid day and noted or sugar and cream to taste., n concealed ,l or
.'.she used coffee ice cubes. in- Quick DoubJ-St enrt Mento s es in
.af.~d of the icgular cubes 1. Ma .- envious design Mor.lfte
These coffee ice cubes make strength, by' Usl half a. ,. a ng-size conv.ed lk
S"If'-.os.ible to dilute freshly mount of. Wtter to the. isual which still
brewed legular-tirength coffee amount of coffee. light and graic t
into exceillt- iced coffee with- 2. Pour hit over Ice cubes ia An extension btfe to
:,)ut waiting lor it to cool, she tajl glasses.. The extra-strong seat seven pulla of a
S rIlained It s also an excellent .coffee aHeaWs;-or the, -d1lutlo Mhandsme' conn rican
way to use leftover coffee, caused by, .:etlt4g *.pf. -h41a 't1d itwo .w hch
There are hi ee ways to ice. .. s .conealed Ltest In soft-bed is I
2 .'" iced coCiec-'he Qjick :. -. .. '".. talgel leaves. tan wAL 1 1 The h 1e W with coffee Ice cubes. 3. Serve with simple syrup plastic top 'table, ,
'e Qa'i'c Double Strength or sugar and cream to taste, which have four w dge-shped
..Foed Fcih will give you 1. Make regular strength rerigerattable height.ow off pale bedroom f chet.
Sr n vcu frnember thray coffee n tall glasses with Couches proudln a yo. Fine c career Natural wood n .
""P rinn coffeee always starts 9 Cool in a non-metallic group are angled son that three f cabinet work d
with ond, h(I coffee container for not more than people can sit conve lonallyimany collections both cql 1-
m ,.,C~thodi ''with Coffee lee three hours, or, if the contain- looking at each other onten- porary and tradition.
T. Freeze regular strength refrigerator, or, and show off_ pale wood-! on. e
co ;oif:e In %-out freezer tray to 3. Serve in tall glasses with frames proudly. Fne for cni- s t 'from
ma;.e coffee ice cubes. This ice ad1ilng simple sugar sy-dren but hard on my aging as well as the more
Smp be r:4ily done by brewing, gar and clam to taste. knees are new low-slung con- FZench sources. In a a
extra coffee at breakfast time To mrke a' simple sugar sy-.temporary chairs and sofa n chet ex pl grIwork
iposewhich barely lear the floor front apcs he ron rewor
S oth purposeup:Bol equal parts of sugar'Th dea seems to be that by of atin homes
2. Make coffee regular and water together for aboutgTa e wic seemly co l thea yo fAcent losthlke h su.
strength -one standard coffee 10 minutes, stirring until all lowering chair legs you'll make Abent colrs .ike, teal-blue,
Measure or its equivalent, two the sugar Is dissolved. Keep in low-ceilinged rooms look bigger. ipstrple, mage nt, orange Sitri
Sl measuring tablespoons of closed container in refrigerator. What LOOKS like leather lipsc red oo and ntrgue
e sdee to each three-quarters This syrup sweetens Iced cot- :marble or stone ts sap. to be I quieter aLn- dma L
of measuring cup of fresh- fee immediately and uniformlv.1just that and not a plastic ever, i quieter .made deep
Smasquerade. Most spectacular ly comfortable by foanm,rubber
use of leather I saw is a new cushions.
'flooring of pigrkpn tiles. Tough Small-sized stand-out "devic*
according to the testing labor- that caught my eye among all
atory, the pigskin tiles are ex- the plush exhibits is an engag-
apected to rerig for under e ing, inexpensive wall han .1 -
dollar a square loot. Leather &Iwitd
SUnmarried Women of 30oll42 s'1c h
u ponyskin. pinseal and cowhide bright Colord ne kin
old L Hfor upholstery and table insetg. make .a molecular looking de-
Should Change HabitsJoining inarble for table and sign on which children. are
If w chest tops Is heavy stone, siml- p aed to hangtheir clothes
0 ditional styles. bracket fo a clOset-leme n
-, .... .,._ : Metals like brass, steel, cop- trance hall. "
rIf a woman- Isfit married by the tinTe sheTs 3)D her chances of per and pewter gleam on legs,
4! marriage are slight, unless she changes her basic attitudes, says supports, ferrules and drawer /1 a ;' ".'
i psychologist Clifford R. Adams. pulls. Branss finishes range It la anc "u
He points out that the young woman who has been byo-pasmed fo. rlek a endshi anti u-I
0 by marriage 'needs to establish closer contact with her fellow hu- di Pe for na re ns jantive
man beings" and to stop holding herself aloof from "the small tone. Pewter Is used extensively f
incidents and the casual contacts which give life savor." for pulls ay as aplnni ng r -
I That is much sounder advice than the unmarried woman of Ie. I n ays on a dinne nBlsefr

-SBhe- is usually told to join clubs, find a; job where -she works Plastiecs, on the other hand
SIn an office full of men, seek out vacation spots where there are show off their beauty in new
su mre to be men around or go West where men are more plentiful, .ways. Smooth plastic in bright
$+ But actually unmarried men who join clubs to which both colors forms the walls of wood
men and women belong are few and far between. An office can !framed cabinets in one con-
S beiUtUof-men but most of tlhem already have wives and families; temporary collection. Textured
a, diltss they are married and dragged there by a wife. men nlastic in pale neutral tones
d t-ttfIlly vacation in places a lone women would find invit- forms a handsome contrast
Inc. with dark lv'nut frame of one
SI odern buffet. Clear plastle
SOLUTIONS NOT EASY drawer.- houseo lingerie and
4 And it lIn't always easy or possible for a lone woman to give | T
unt a ob and seek another in a place where she doesn't know a HELPFUL HINTS
sol or'have a job opportunity simply because statistics say she
8" will Iin( more men there. &
Never use soap to clean ivory
l. Even if she does some or all of those things. if at 30 a women piano eys. A kitchen iwax oll
?'esaIme attitudes that didn't help to get--her-married at 20remove finger marks and stains
,.,W chances arc still mighty slim. without dulling and yellowing
So it makes sense to advise the woman who wants a husband, the finish.
but ?o far hasn't had much luck finding one, to change her at-
ti Ts instead of her iob. her home town, or her vacation plans. When you shop for a new
A. re-frigerator, make sure it will
hold enough supplies to enable
.4ye-u to Marltet but once a week.
It should be big enough to al-
*low this without overcrowding.'
Youll also want space enough'
for extra foods for entertain- .
A NtEWTow 25
Mobile separa" s wph,a, Iabl
Foam rubber pillows can be of bot4 geaAp movement at
Swashed in your machine. Laun- the cratJ of aie New Yor
Rider no more than two at designer who believes ths
rime and only one if it's extra clothes sho* Le highly adapt
A1large. If there's danger of able.
*~ shrinking the ticking, remove To this n d.~ oEab
~~~it and put the pillow into a worked lit pies dalsiep
.4Ilow ase, basted closed, or and field flowetIt we sk
*, *.a mesh bag. U'~ lukewarm wa- made of d -ia cotton,
ter and one-half cup of either, -
*',ap or synthetic deterget. ouab, plates, torka, spoon
AUse no more m sap than neces- andC"OL,
.' X, ,.'s'iry, for buds penetrate to the, -d .cs
,ver center Qf these pillows.-I Burnedon Mesa can be re-
Let them' go tImugh rinse cy- Burned-on a n be re-
:e moved ,mfrom md panl
."*[you bain a of iwa l
To clean fins ornamental for a few twl
jitu- soa ba. and rinse in.-

To Ta dwiches go over ase

Oil 4U
hbs '-

.m wIUM3 W~.. llfO i. ,iw f l"po.,.4 ,why.I

.* ,i+, *** .
If. .4.,; .. :

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Sr ]" + '.f

. .' 4




W&LUPI PSACHAmIC rOwB.. .*-If the Little
man s e drming of buying a t uW. *itfit like this, there's.
A Httl perchanem of Pappy getteg i sleep when the bill.
MM.2 The wi cmrt ihpcemt ? MP Iallan i depipanr
w modeled in Rome. by lna achwky
Mg4e )rn actrem. The square-ane g m nd rube w of
-4 "- :" ,


in .. Yr 4,

r *s.. .



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- --*

"peoDi the
1o t..

I I *-
l", .

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,' .- .r'l ..

* -I-.

* mO-pouna s,
got'the h
'H -e look
who threat&


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f the'.
5, the."g

sI-lback to *h
Sthe cab. l
was more l
which MUSS
of Police Sim
nerlyn was
guilty to y
was placed
He had |
or n



J ,: ,,'Jf

c msa
d4 to

of fice

r g. m----
N.f & V- k

R~i' V

i *' e .. t.

'. o iAw s l m

L.tOs-k '. r

Q.oTO .... 0*
oUAfAq.J .... .

CO A t* rH.. ... .
.SANW A ., .*. ld
aANro I .. ^ .-
'1. < ..' vb


;t .~1; IL

mX A*s.( SEbOWK uuLACnMORx.

Uu- ii
%Aen |
tram aB

a outj

* stranger

I all thi

.wor, 1n


e r -n

Mr. L Lane pown. from
utl, cqlorado, vw best ,
end the usher were fir..
n ton mad Mr. ..a
CarddfOcielay. .* .-
A .reception M IN"l
oung A S
Mrs. W Co mer,
bride, chose for
ano were i
be her hal. ,
The bride and
at home at Id719
vpu. Coleada.
Mrs.3lcrq a-l e i
dust@ of t vta

fA r

. kL )TAM s-**ervice a T"
aIlw M;S;ir0 ..
ow The PrlAMent of the B.-IWfqlf ftamama ad MAS. Jose,
AdKemm w &MG le honoMeu m at a reemptie* gives abenrd Cf
tthe taMteL, -rWh RarmAdptrl1 9 T. W..plArif -,
own=K otmmaitoffleer f the Navy Task On", sad ReCt-A4- A l '
s bad lWraKl A. IL OmA6MISot of the 00 Naval Distript. '

md. t. am. n. M. h the A. Id .....^. "

U3 r 1 c r0it:e witeol *. Lat-lis r, f f-
DOWli r U e 'a O 'f 14Or .e- A.

_gi and_ _:_,u. Hoel B. O ibDon Pole,. Mrs. ,. IS .
r 'ot ubulk Ht tso enter- iSt obert6O e ,
tWinedtt a -b supper At l1llo, Mrs. J. W. Yarbrough, d
therA hoMe Thtay evening tq Mt. "tW1 8 -'
.h IeanM s 16. Of,

l deut q ,a J at" v "4
99KV' w;hat~r::J nallb
latee.e- r: e 1te..
tst; C. .) ,iV.m .. i ,. .h ntmix, .
.5, C. A.) -J Ai. ,m... Ad ..- in. an afternoon service at.t ..r
lene IV L ene DoughN

j.8el *. 0 -- .* *.
.A bmudy Group THE MU OZ HOUSE
314.00 eCtera Club at Uas G seeAwt tML
0 ,uJly, 27. a-t :. !.
M.6 'Bello Bt., 1 i
41.30 wIll be cibae-u ,'
taWe 5d.m gi e photo-
re nS ti requested to It' s worth while waiting for
IW j tex Anyone Inter- U -A H

I 4ldO. ntertained i No. 6 Tivoli Avenue t
UCA 9 t their home.
S s her fifteelth


,t I
*t ?..-., I

, eoe.* ;- .'" .l

, .. ,r jXr-; *;..^ ..-
* 1 T i .,6 ....

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.~~~ ^ '/

.......,........ "...
|"3," .

. ..i .
I~, 1**-. K~ r

-.. s I-. .' ... -'. ;"

mat p::, .
S"?t*; ;., *i. -

e trom a
W" Coffee
'k N.C.O.



twas pro
Sto Mrs.
fur the to
Swwn by


r wwrw'r.

'" .'TO SUIT


f O -A,.CoEpany
a p eelot

..... ., .-* .-

at ,w.. v.;<'-. i* --'^ ,sA '. .
. ". : ..

.d .


. Chure lq, ilu
daughter of Mn. .
Jr., and the te
Qulick a t
bride of
mort, n 'amt, T
more end the

The cereitS
June 21, nla

i t of
'an dtalto?


. .: '. .


': ,'

V3fW r*'* i .y :

I0* ***^W ***S *

* r S

you Sell'em... W -r. You Tel'e rthru P.A
t Leave your Ad with e0e oP our Agents or our offices in'fNo. 57 "H" Street --I!. ;,

No. 12,179 Central Ave. Co :


-5'5, -~~a~* II.

- I,


No. 4 Tivoli Ave.-Phone 1-2291. and

Fourth of July Ave.-Phone .1-041

Via Espafia No. 34 Panami R. P.
(Bell VIMta Ther. IMi.)

, A ,"4 Ihmuaciomal de P4bilcacnes _
N S' LotIer Plar -- Phone -3199
siy^ ** ~. -,*. _

10,059 Mel6nde Ave-.Phone 258, Colon

"H" Street cora Xstudiante St.
Phones 2-2214 jqd. 2-2798

HouseholdV Autdiuoh Bal haes e dubi-g Houses on beach, Santa Ca. ,qAk
Household "Auti6 olft&J wle, ^(coo c
Ask About Our FOR SALE: Hillmon convertible 2081 A e e, u I Phone RAPM I, Balboa It"
HREE STRIKES 1952. 4.000 miles, duty free while me or .M csOtoker there.
CHRISTMAS CLUB wall tires. Leaving. $1,350. Pan- DR. WENDEHAKE. Medical Clinic. cnntakr thr
"Bazor Americana" ama 3-1773 Office Balboa 1452 Central Avenue "" streett car- Wllam' nilt Clara
SPanama C ner. Telephone 2-347;, Panama, 2 bedr re
Panama & Colon FOR SALE.-i951 Ford Victoria with rdN n. Balboo a -305 il
FOR AE-Cha'rs straight back and radio and WSW, color howthorne Ask About Our wNk-ae
rocker mahogany, bed springs. green. beautiful condition. Phone THRE STRIKGr Santa Cl
twin.size. metal table and tel- das 83-6103, evenings 83-3288 CHRISTMAS CLUB. rac Sana Eletr
epho ne stand r2-C. 1948 "Bozar Americano -" q. IgElectric kWe o s
ephohe stand 229-C. Curundu. FOR SALE: 1948 Sudebaker. 4 Panama & Colon oderel rates. T h
OR SALE.-Tin bed mattress. two Door Sedan, $475.00. Phone 83- -567. Pedo
rw.ire cots, glassware. p.ctures. mr- 3122 after 4 30 p. m. 572-P To MIAMI & EW YORK vi ir YOUR L
3-0 Curundu Hgts. Boeing 4-engine planes. One-o POt YOUR LOCAL LIAV I T
',rors-"Phone o3-0-1:7. und Ito Miami: $70.00 RoundTrip PANAM ONT .I N N
FR SALE-Custom made mahogany FOR SALE -1950 Chevrolet Sedan $126.00. One-woy to New-York: I" Baqut the veey *. t e qI
'moddr'n dining toble and chairs: Delivery Truck Call Colon 1462.. $1 14 00 Round-trip $214.00 Siee 3 ",pu6 prv. of .Cb"1L.
c o p e t A lE -- C u n gro o rn ne a$-
complete Railan l..rgroom furno- FOR SALE -Chevrolet 2 ton Stake PANAMA DISPATCH SERVICE S0 ., easily reecedb
ture 'comb.naoi.n rodo-phono- Body Truck. Inquire at No. 21 telephone 2-1655. ehf* m'ee-'eu t la
'graph: lamp and other turnilure J B Sos Street -----, ine fa ml eli**"aS
Phdnl days 83-6103, evening ROYAL mNFIRA q, u el ie by eh'Ag l
83-3288. FOR SALE:-1951 Chevtoet Belaor. he champ of MotorYycEs. ^ 5. -. ,-
3- 38ACE-- Outitanding Buy. Perfectly clean. ThEnsgn. Model 1953. Anfsorvl ir '. 1 50 E3 41rvel
FOR SALE.-Electric Fr.g.daore. elec- o mileage. Call Nav 3764. Equity nd beautl 953. l 'e inton. J m
trick stove, one television. Duty. call Low mileage. Cll beautiful ps7n4aton. P co
8-73'16. Evenings, 8-7285 Ft FOR SALE--Ford 1948 De Luxe 2- appropriate for stores toa. See it on asmtI eelm i
Dos door Sedan. 8-cylinder with high exhibition in our sales reom. Got Alnetive ber-le l'
W--SALE--Regerator Coldspot 25 compressor heads, net hres, many Station "El Cangrejo." After the pi. S iMii lded I
T4y runn.nge accessories $675.00. Coco Solito Notional Unversity. Transisthmion
:,ycle running well, and giving 82-G phone 8579 Navy, anytime. Highway. Something senalionol in
apd service if interested write orycle
tckly. Movinl $40.00. *Bx FOR 5ALE:-$1,250.00 1951 Kaiser motorcycle. "- .* mea 1i a
'.055. Slboa. Extra Special, Hydramatic, radio, a
S SALE:--Westinghouse refriger- mechanical condition. Perfect, give FOR S E C"s w lo e m
S ALEi-W tghoue refner- o address or phone to K. E., Box, Wi rve o
ator, cabinet radio, corner cup- No 134. Panama. IFl Plmml.
board. wardrobe with heater, -g -li l" Petamese. Oe mq1
electric motors, clock and fan. FOR SALE:-'48 Buick convertible ~ .Faster' Cottages. One ms
,Venetian blinds, plants. other Dynaflow, Excellent condition, duty Santa Clara. Phone Balboa 2- .
household items. 86-A 5th. St paid. new t.res. Phone Panama 3- Ask About .
New Cristobal, phone ,-1620. 0427. THREE STRIMS FOR RENT -
f SALE.-9 cu. ft. Coldspot re- FOR SALE.-1951 Ford Coupe, low "Baozr Americano" ApartmeMt '
frigerator, perfect condition, must mileage, under coated, tailored Panama & Colon *.
ia All by July 31st See at 138-A, seat covers, insured thru December FOR RENT-Two dr
SGetun, phone 5-A6. 1953. 0936 Amador Road, Tel. 2- FOR SALE:-Carrier 7-8 HP used air apartment n Bella Vta Hose
-1357conditioning cabinet unit, in good b tm Ae in Bell Vs .
POR-SALE:---Easy washing machine. 1 ". condition, Inquire at No, 21 JnSl, Ave. JCWM AtlUet
'filhfrierator, 25-cycles; mahogany FOR SALE: Mercury 195j, foos :B. Sos Street. 7-. Call 2-234)
vrinig table and buffet beautitully door, black, 24,000 miles, origin- FO RE A
intshed, dining chairs, settee; al owner, excellent condition. FOR SALE:-Eight used fluorcen I nished. No Chi
:kirchen table and choars, cactus Leaving for U. S. 2229-C, Curun- 4-tube industrial lamps Inqure at V i rras .-2404 "
collections in attroctve ore pots, du No. 21. Juan B Soso Street.
medd pro picture boys wagon 713- FORSALE---Duty free 1950 Mercury, FOR SLE:-Sml Wurlzer lon FOR
SPrdo Baboa portedn, 4-door, in good cn- and bench. $125. Phone 2 68.RENT
Sdhtion. Tel. Fred Durting, 3-0010. i.eUtr i"OR1
T FOUND FOR SALE:-"Lionel" electric train
ST & FOUN TFOR SALE t. Track mounted on 8 by 4 foot FO IlENT: 19Sst
"-, board. I dtrem, siz 12, matching New Yqrk, eWill 41
O 'T: --Gold watch marking inside Boats & MotOrs lined jacket fbr foHil. Perfectly now. up it .pr oroel' t.K Mi.
qf back Ferguson Cullen, good Misc- household goods. Call Navy 2001 Vnburen St., m
l[-aM. *7041. 7th. St. Coloe. FOR SALE',--22 foot fishing cruiser, (West Bank) 3362, between 3:30 ton, Def.
S'h-Ladles Bulova, gold watch 65 H. P. Willys leo leep motor. p. m. and 7:30 p. m. or anytime
=,rJ marklu in bark Perfect condition. Sleeps two. Call on weekends. EII D '
ab ..I C D LE

3 ~MR 541, a. for .tniae ..'y^- Club, 2693 FOR SALE:-Upright piano, excellent
. iPbll r 'Po mm 2*.41m,.a condition, $200,00. 0936 Amaderw
SPEARFISHING EQUIPMENT, prac- Road, Tel. 2-t9S7.
tl.ree parrs swim tndyst-0. new, $100, dinlngroom set. chest
twi At NI It k.L-sn4p gdot-j-
WSAtspeoargun ,$20, aqualung one hour
tank with regular, harness, hoses, FOR SALE: BARGAIN! Baldwin
S(UP) A special filler connection, and in- piano. Excellent tone. House No.
highway stop sign' w truct in S120. Everything de- 5. Downstairs. Calls 3 de Novient-
htBhway stop seign that scribed obove $150 Phone Mc- bre. Panami.
s at nigh tr has beWal Ilvoine, Curundu 5110 or quarters
eb cement for tie laro- ,- PANAMA CANAL COWPANY
ye w and black one. WANTSealed bids, for openEDing in public
ie n str sgns are made of a M .e eos w,11 be received until 10:30 A. M.
tiv aheeting that con- Mscelaneou July 31, 1953, in the office of
0 seseBi heads to the Superintendent of Storehoudes, Bal- D
0 g9beputy ads c0 the Ask Alaout Our boa, f orr Parts for LeRoi iashine En-
r llh ts manufacturers THR EnSTrIKnS gine. Atlas Imperial Dliose Enginse
p by the hig Panama & Colon Pumps, DeWalt Saw, Hercules GaTru
0o ,- ear's hetdflghts., WA
signs have an over-ei l WANTED: -To pbuy. preferond hand 22 oe Engie, C..ristabl Storehue.
tit automatic rfle. I reasonable lwBriggone 3-1256. Invitation No.
ground with wFt. P hone 35 y ne obPrtsaned Accefrom the abries for
E W E r ht Y- rary. Core Drill Equoff ent of SuPiston
PRESSER WANTED for'hote l d hgsnt of Storzzles for Heuck Rlvet-
Dbs.-Deputy Traffic En- cloning department. See Mr. Ben- Forge located in the "300" Area,
r Wlliam Marston said net Service Entrance, Hotel "El Balboa; Lanterns, Oil Stove Ovens
,000 f the new signals Panama." Metal Rack and Warehous Trucr
Stalled here with WANTED:-To buy second hand 22 located at the Cristobal Storehouse.

Sear. Officials min New
Ciey also have said that automatic rifle. If reasonable telephone 3-1256. Invitation No. 46
.priced, phone 3tr4520. may be obtained from the above
rr .aurills, or from office of supei
t,-.Ient of Storehouses, telephone"
S .RIS E--Paints, furr'ur,
tt :ttadI' ~ for metal.cedbr laqu d7k
O m." in. 2229:Z, undu,



4 k 2.2086

mnHOVEN d t) ikethods 'Reeconmended
WurIM a WesternZu- Forrn.Controlling Aphids
U isseen b ae A
wb of the B g a m icaf.Up) -
h rood t ohae of a most cbmn
S the 'gowarden Inseet pestA, ci
ronati te. controlled effectively wi
Televiato eesa cetan nsecticides, according
'" Vemon E. Burton of the U
of t .levisonlversity of CmlAfom'n fan
t s Belgium next advi.s ofica,
,eer lose the exist- Advior's office,'
S ebet' Franc. aszd Burton recommends nicoti
"".Teoporar lay trAtLIt- sulphate, lindame or malath.
r at nPobecq, elglin, linked sprayj o dut fomn. He ad
he French and Dutch TV a- that only icotin eulphl1
eas .during th coronation should be use on ible
ro.a t, wa were, lesnewarresrting.
altam31ta 'i. U ly through
The experts said TV techni-ei6
s a reed that multiple s.I A


, LET'S 00 baadbrod-aist went
,moot along the beam tran- .
Samitter chain and that there
0g where you re oins are no technical difficulties
4-the fun, espepiaHy baI o the y t6 the Inau.
guralon of a western Europe-
in you're smart and a networkk next falL
rt would, they streaed, be
travel in a only a potential network, how-
GM Ar M the countries Ilvolved
NGER a to operate their own TV
rles s i*dtteo, Theay were
NVER the, e rta said, to
o in t ture intezatUon.
01 psni al f"aW saiR s.

W. rapleny mOnbwl-.5
Vll pay Itself within 4
KI, KLL et$5,o000.
.r'$6,000.00 em seem.
--n Ba b 2750,



Lot No. I and Lot No. 2

948 Chrwolet 4-door
1949 Chevrolt 2.door
199 Ohevrot'4-aoor
I9O0 chrolt O Ope

mbflmn u
w^- sWh~p^qr ( ww

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ast milk's.
bu pawig
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rpesw fuo
loks. Tbh .
I beligeod
Rrliest kowM
one human
t leflunma~
In of the
lam her I
mle, .Iwm

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'ii: 4
r- "., -- 'I

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. Only


5p194s4 ~ .'. ~



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45', -
i-p -~
~ 0..

I ----o -- --- 311bl

I-- W-- A.



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1 -77


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.,. owl .

Srv- J LC



Notde .alrt h f.2, Yya h7se o
.. ..... td-k ...fou...r c r-s4A-ih-- I' -week."I

ame; n thdfo ura h h o r t alet udiitaysee*k a
,a. o.e s. Wes

B t" ".' -; RIS i
n't The "th at"e 'yr

dic7 et;: already Ona'ONu i &tiL *.o+Inl Jo sllhtentrgc 4n:
uedt_ C";p0 O)eb....

Next I-'z.. Brio.."-t. ruiook: a.p.r ty n Ago ,

a tin tS go all Bh- r, d efend h e lt a noe- uThe ie awd themaUesh?
buct d n't. .t t nu. olS Steh tthu TdanlouudLatitze da cold ca t- the k ities who said ahe didi C tand 1nunual ae q.
Mbeghon. It'. 4 4, ca H
Time out while we pe*k at 3eoeeldte- .. them iny perfosmaaee ad theles re d wey 1.4l- as .. t od t when be m tade atari o
rs. Jack the pretty h a e tth theu,. iad lay Iexept a. e t every blest Durhin and Mario Iansa.-T
blonde wife, e g Stein y. Ottut -s l wanteS It to. t t l hay threat, flat do So Ooileais o was *hen t
SeWell& m t b sata o .
o lr oo va Er n of ab '.Sc .u eirt- .", .v "e e e on o ,2s S

tf grt^MCenC-orin -( Karen w o -ha abou t-t h e qat uN o. Itos hj tatha and in the du $ O r e -Fiierhelo woiay" a gfg eaetrioZ in 'e'h tme n o trn tae
D arcrtoerat. darn eear l. Rfl '' obat i wn i,
i .t-'- e was 'way sdcs wblmwaga "'h d tr atety uo i l .o i ..te, Then, l.qt week.
-rAnd now we eee, .. hube Sr ef pity. A.tually,-ohe was Ed slodh"t m. Everybody o hard, a tao spe o .i *e
y- to guefl-& stem' -Oslo time mouutfr sad Usfnt." the lot 1 te w ub met for a Spir atrcibtl re ml
J.....B. a dro4ill l ill B a1ft-- ht d a"n t Idnode haet mtel e o a nS
b r and rla e wIaC dsdA RUTH HUSSY: for athe aiothern- bto t ater
buthdo.n't W Abe am M eC I b on-e stage o r bef-Lt ar e the cam- kind-of peormaneh gavshe dfor i- the. IS a

she tian .e (a er, M P d 7% e" BerIn x always pray itno v 'b foeter." lye utn batc a
Sfo. t's& N .,a,,W x.- -.. ,o
t" 1l 5 Y t Be'. thdbestor agreataatreas m t tot'ka Ight

-.. I ;It Nrs.Timeo uwhl.. ewep ar urt il e to rei m ember my les NO FIRS&-O.Y moi to en ands.
.d .t .u "-- S Vret lired a POP nannye. .s-, ru de r. .J
S|almost U NT G r aurn acall. skyut
-phhs t C di Actuallyt kltnyws, w hW. 0 u t b-flint of .Seu wlth MuryonMomwat t, C o iu lost
2s a pbe- ..i r a t ymdoa l tt role inJIati d et _a' rabl Ma -anap, Ut J"I neanr b d e I tr 9to splattered ll
@5, pi o... T 'thia kwi.e taim gods lug N Waled- 3 said he hea written a noy-tidb along With o4r43r w and he broke m*
-dht heo woudsfully I tok i." lug su* a.t mro to flernity goapa start a feud? Por 1 a wasr.

IIZhOtEl. kim e old him th at ? P tu altl? P nd the f me| wo ire gonar. I e Il eas t oo Ag tl
ass.. re^ 4ua SifforiiCt from *l his a "I *ld"ground.. iists for two rponthmf hadn't react- moat every Ilqt anl -It
a.- rde r Y~f zfo Lb at. .S o mk ee aeAne
,n l5 .tanf to the q W1g3In tht That' how lasy I a. D obt agug that a stagger pas
m e ao the h coming There were to "A apunto -w the wsbhuckler,-a "Son of u is n- aae an studio p.

cher many Des, when the next T it SLTLJVAN WAY bad," l "d seoaodid meal-was *at vague sorts! ofCohhrihe n h brush ki lwd er

the "I t nil maIkin he Nok o vvtellnt S he 1 he f msoelh o et a't I h al d wa one an last
0U dsrhe leaned backto... ls e tPr l ." l he-on- at r dfierst t hea r i e t nm- sd a o 1 a e t le
., 'h;a nu m o n te i! wel' c s orh'ntla rg ehlwt t he wy oum,"sruroltn"
wthe *ny topersona eaterast: ht1 hi@i untgda4Wo.
nonert l l adt. ,.toe htewaseway Dleast i,"Th en,
AndianaamowVlisfmb01"oTOfDAity. A tay": otasow ma' ry body ion
1k diwn ( memo,2641 sll '

pip9gu hu helaceg EssellHlto L Sld Pegmy t att. i tw, -wo m. wf
sod... .SOtoo he a imp and t' n aaitoe r t ortmee ."toer ,"t ;.w,..

M'e 'apr o s

ft.a -..-. e-..., Ad d d
amtoremembermriss",2 .co.l ifl. .'VWt ytea."i
ietWwhfs h almosteNIa the 1abeen o cor seae 'st tot drve s. fht, thew n 4. in sk
es ..h. tonel a What MINUTE "O ]&CA;. oS" Alsotahowint Mondu ,ta.pytn l M.n= at .toeO

pILiEw, a diP h. e ptbo where thed 1h ef ..f onofb to*
ofethedlau oVhntolthm hateInltd.464.lea nd
-- ..-- ,.t msm a~pi peser to tink onp lomyh s epeopey e "

-r .actorA i itWn to HSet:3t-em. That's8how laMIUE a7m .
wie them c. laa-go e.ze T WE S *ee eN- .ri...I

veatsaeosalt Imealttw haTERe sArtofbrbshCAEpe ra ...
9!--t tIwher.lhey iSac. ,,M N:E ..,'wife, M'rie, 1.011" t" .,. ",
,, .its_ or ;Ca.-s osa .swaa. yo __.r t._____ _gr__",_aa&_ _n.-w 1_loki
i hekii V,_ Bk~ _P .
,-7,icr*,k&fdRfenwo n *pn nI uo )~
ft AW 0" ER, MNUrE Who t'h" Ao$Ani onda




nd backw LA' tTA T R TEA. E MR. CONDITIONED ,. 1:15-- 3'35 -- 5:55 --8:1 p..
tu Ten bakward.. 1
n, '! ,F N a, ^ w, 59 u s, : 'An la s I *:2 I P.m... ,
A WonderfSul t alJ v 1 FUN .. TNDf--,.
Comedy in Tblchnlcolorl CO.
or Ponaid MbBLE ALONG
O'CONNOR rn war
an A- ""' -
Debbie ". IN
4 RETNOLA" Donna
--in REED
,t"1 LOVWI'M( co"rN
,PLW. -. A.fh N1ga *II

-r ,3.., u -,n, mn ASM p a .
Also. waro.
PLRoman Of

..'.. i ,i- .......... i

l."g--... i/l TO N"-0At ...AMT0 '
:I -A F O'. I

;;.:,; -.; '.

, T
a 'au.
499 4-.r

" '

. -,iI n

--- --





ostini i. .in P -

aostinovich Pin Pen 1J| ~oms t

- r .

Ydrama.Be, Seat tion's weltfh and we girls can can
Cover. Good Tires, control any section we want to," t
.Clea Car. MII Davis commented as she..
at her ballot in a recent muni- NA 2
Series "61." 4-Door elecion ItAr
COWor: BMack, / AmA -.


.- -

it errtr.J

a bfae vie
ib_ ^:

- :. ,

Quo Vadis, Mirzatoats, Dodgers fla Braes 7-0

Main Road In 'B' Sprint ___.... -" __,-__', "-0.

. -.wi $2,000 added one mile Republic of Peru Today
Closic scheduled today at the Juan Franco Race .
Track shapes up on paper as a two-horse duel be-
wlead Postinovich and Pin Pon. rograN M
This annual feature is ex- overshadowed in the betting by .
cliively for Peruvian-bred the speedy and youthful Quo
racehorses and this year's re- Vadis (Bravo f and the return-o t G pO Native
newal brings together a well- Ing ex-champ Royal AlligatorPurse: ZNt.00 Pool le
matched field in which Postino- iRuben Vasquez). This $750 race rs e275.00 Pool d.9it C.
vich and Pin Pon seem stick- should be a real sizzler. The F-Souvenirst e of the Do
outs. All the horses will tote usually slow-starting Bendegus 2-Romantico A Ubi.1e k$ 1-ork 32 T A
even weights 118 pounds. and Piropo II round out the 3-Coran F. Hi dal. S1S
The two best jockeys on the field. 4-Tap Lady R. e. 100 .
ttcok Chilean Jose Bravo Out at Juan Franco yesterday, 4-rTap Lady R Clue 10 0 4 1
aa ,Danamanian Bias Aguirre Klosco triumphed as expected 5-Resorte V ario 110 ton' ,3 54 .4
--.'wil guide Pin Pon and Pos- In the feared one mile $650 C. isle. 106 sphia b m
ti ovich respectively. However, Class "C" nightcap. However, 7-La rlnga Deojt 2 1t1 .846 l
thls observation does not by, the Haras Guarare colorbearer 2nd Race "E" Native I Wle St. L6ds33 0 17
any means indicate that My received unexpected stiff op- s 275.00 P ool lIGes 1:15
i(Ruben Vasquezi, Trafal- position from Rathlin lightueRs a of the DOuble TODAY'S GAMES
Ilcides Rodriguez), Mingo under good handling by new- 1 nPr o A. VPa. 11:8 JDon at St. 148 (2) ar
do Lopez 011) or Follow comer Colombian Jockey Oscar n w York at a8trlit (2)
M6- (Alfredo Vazquez) could Mazuera, for three- uart.ars the 2-Proton J. Re.ys 110 1 PIelphis at C Olago (3)
no1 ing a surprise. distance before the little speed- e--Dianaa B. a.S5I 1 Bgton at Cloeland(o (2) m ,if
tFow Me II will be makinglster asserted himself and raced 4i yA.Mena,113d
h .lset local start and reliable away to score by two-and-one- 5-Dez de Mayo a ERDATS RESULTS e
retps reveal that he lI not half lengths. ..6---Rosa B Bravo 120'
quite ready for a winning ef- Because Klosco was excluded -I N. -ork 100 1i 013 e
fort. However. stablemate Pin from the betting, the win di- 3rd Race5 "HI Native 6s14Fl5. .Derot 703 000 001 0-12 0 0 to Rodkg.Wil-
Is expected to take care of vidend was paid off on Rathlin Purse: $275.00 POWl es: 1:45achl D arboro 703 000 01 d Jim
IsLight. His second place finish ONE TWO Isehlock (, 2creynd (9) 40
ute loving Trafalgar could was such a surprise that the I1-Camaron I A. 11(),
Seal danger card he gets Hugo de La Penha charge e-2-Con Valor II H. 1z 19x Ba6a, Marlowe (,B)0y (,8)' i l *
6 fth the field. He usually turned $11.80 per win ducat. 3-Avivato FA. Grv l11x er (0).a Mo.w
six lengths behind the This was the day's third best 4-Colirio A.VKa. 110x G 'V, H teeIS
on IO another with payoff n an evening of form- 5-Curandero -. Ua 11 (4),0 Car 1) -- le(
chaTMceI he fulS lracing.6irena A. ebI. 106 ma
out5lde chance if he f'ul racing 6--rena 1. U, (10-5). (2- a a .ed :aU t AL
well. My Dear is l n up- Recodo's $18.80 win price and h e -Na ve1 F.N .s
lng youngster which i JeVperin's $13.40 were the only 4th Race 'F0Pool N 7t p 7 :2F. 1 "'"-" r
improving. This race other double figure dividends. u QUINIELA. 2 010 00 001 -4 11 e1 ,to only neosos.
well provide a shocking Jockey Bias Aguilrre, who rode UN-CosaLinda RVd 010 m 0 1 e-m1 aI o0 oe.fn lst.
up".- Klosco, dominated the riding 1-Cosa inda R V. 11bmit 2-
Te day's sub-feature, a six- picture with four victories, scor- 9,B. R 115 0on (14-8) and pto l. b- tie.. a gave the Oego
aM-one-half furlong sprint for ed aboard Villarreal, Tom Col- 3-Yosikito~ 10 5x ster (4), Runnel (), R oI. 3 4&. ar' 1
l9ss "B" imports, brings to- lines. Dallda P. and Kosco. 4-White Fl E. Darin 10 Bh ta
er two horses entered for The dividends: 5-Riomar .Philadelphia 0010010 g
Sunday's $5,000 added one- FIRST RACE 6-OF.ex J.. BLiH 10. rmag 10 800. t-2ads a h t
-and-five-sixteenths "Junta 1-Villarreal $8.60, 7.20, 2.20 7-R sita .tr (") a te h l t
SControl de Juegos" Classic. 2-Bliagual $5.20, 2.20 r ce D"Native 7 F ie i ( al. i .
ll- are Main Road, which 3--Volador 2.20. Prse: 53. Pcol loo,1 2:55 -Lr a1 ( h4) L h, L,."pliw 'M -
Mill be ridden by R. L. Gil, and SECOND RACE Purse: $30000 PoC 108 S) wr -
Iitamtoats with Julio Rodriguez I-Tom Collins R3.60, 2.80 1-Annie N 0. CCU. 10 wier.
asslned to do the booting. -Bramour $5.20. 2-Filon L. Rara 112Boon 110 003 11 1 m .
These two, however; may be FIRST DOUBLE: 3-Manolete 0. Lida. os 10
(Villarreal-Tom Collns) $15.80. 4-Mlranda 1. u* 11 ..... ...e k (4, Kinder (), ( ..
1 -rT H IR D R A C E 5- -T u ra R. G uB.Flores 1...18..4 M y ...., Fl.gM. (
TO -Recodo18.80, 5.20 -BlSc' KFres i W NixICLASSIC AV.0 nst. uee (s ) inder (4),f,_
2-Marfil $2.80. th Race --G" imported7(F9%rFin Pbn (top)1andft().n
55AU.TOS ON e 45 Pool closmes 3:3bcholeegthis. attsif)
(ReENo-MarfOllURT R4. First Race of the Double dpostwardio-dp'.000.

EISENMAN -Jsr ^ .$13.40,' 30 1-Val D. Jose Rodrl. to g on#.f- i t
i-oreppern $13.40, 3.80 2-R. Claim JuHo Rodrl. 110 m ,o ar .e.o.lMlC1 Now TIn
B SE M s2-Florers. S8.20. 3-R am B. Agul. 116- the oft M I i At1 b
QUINIELA: C3-Rhum _o S InP =4
T(Jeperin-Flarera)o$ 21. 4-Salustio I. L.a. 115 fiwiatll b beia bsLe744.
"e. only stabltshof nt r V Ir

1 0ere auto buyers and I berFI? T oRAIC7 E 5A3retad l FL.r Gls 10 S D (R
F'^T: RA' 6--^Alabarda F. Rose 110 T. e |. Lop^. i "iif

e tr 1.40. rS d of the Do
od autI sUPeRs f 2-Coroata V1 0., 4.60. .3-Ieretero H. tl n b o
S aselDeA edeM 2--eamcit, er $2.6 -"R. t ol J .. 115..
o od.T,, E LEVCO DOUBLE:T 6-Forzado j. LC lot ., "'-
95W o ET RA 7-Monrtre J.rose .Ro we svtres uh.fiol001
(Tolet8 PV-Cerlstt) $23.49.ce. J
1I- i CK 3PECIAL1-N umbers 5$1.0. 5, 3 .40 l-Rinty A. Va8. St. .......11
4-Door Sedan 2-Agate $4.60 R 3.20 9---ep Cola a R. Hid. 10- ), MB
Color :Black, Good 3-Hurlecano $o3. *th Ra"e "- Impored 7 F ...
Paint. Good Body, oUINIELA:8 Purse: 150T." Fpool clore es: :4 o6
Good Tires. OET-Slono t4.20.o2.20 QUINIELA.eR'aR re
1915." 12-Deihaar$2.20. MCuraaa A. Mea 11. lOlKthe00outhRan Sevealb an d ala1 0
I S DIARD T-NeOm ister. $.. 1--rr. Foot C. vge. 106 '" '" ': ..+
TENTH 1S Pncelad J0. Cai 11 d M t between T va r land ed Dom hand
W46 BUICK SUPER I-C'oq Au Vin $5, ,l Pe:-In'rtor 0 Mae( 106( 10 t artheer bv
4-Door ueda$, Pl. .oe M- .nFootCele:or. 0 o o" Covers. 3-Vley River --Mo D oeseag R.L ai 115 -. U.I"mdaepuse
Good TirOes ELEVENTH IRACE 2 5P --R-al R Cul1 moape 118tyolrohaorg
495.0 2--aoso (E luded rom. bets- -Bedi lam J. Bravorl. 18 we have oni Vo Darto ta' 020 050
tin) g-c. Prince V. Casti. 18 5 twrs .u .in t.- 2ollynA5.1
C94 oL BOLNCLUBI. GO U o--ourlmeano b. "co-i"'.a'B--(PdePon R. re1018OXa" "'8l" B iA-
Radio OPli 2-Rathlin ight $11.80,4.0o ar be n.r
Radio,LN CaLt CoUe8 o Carndeeare-R-Yoa leuceoWeye r e-4)W
Upholsnt. Good 3-Sir rioe moe oeth Race IFmported7 Fe.ad6 r D., h001'
Mechanically Pp deGood, Purse: $75.00 Pool low 11ses: uMost ,is tOm Beda 3o
O TGoodTOTires -NE TWO io 4.20. w. o heyl8 h1
1Jck1anrgr9Leser 2 1-Granero F. Rose 115 i s
S-HDOLarRg e2-es-alneazo Riua. 10ix pa; w aw Oln
dSEDAN l Fincel V. Rodr. l0zaK encaut. d bent to first V. 01200011V
RadioK.UPlasticBeatn,--ilto, O. MDarie 104 3fi~d pl hI first on thi VIrginia "Jb ( er
CoversaDiMe PlaicSatll INewoionar eo 5-Mallin B B I. 108 ""b""tIIehdHul the.XYhadd &o.1.oe() 3
Coversie ..Mechanically Pe otre1 2tghotol eI. Ct1
SGoTPerfect. Ne,-ewTiresr-uineeQd- go
NO U Rnh he Br ,facrte'Rep.udelat Ca. ,.,-f
,1947 BUICK SUPERT mInde am e Final 1 oace:ARAtkarnive ',"aohave
4-Door Sedan, Plast e h wpoolclam:h5:46 your out to(2).
Upholstery, oRadio. R .Veag. 1RuV a I d r onemproMish.oatt
P-t d..fngla' rgreaghemso r. "'+"-,elves to-_ _-_0_,
OLDSMOBILE "rg o90 tournament by scoring a 2 5- (Pin Pon J. Bravo I18Sothsa
dCLUBCOUPE a nid victory or et ihnA- -T Hoe10ob .0 o 3w13utl .eo
CadiovSeat Coversn c hampionalRoiter.toWla1'uen

.1 -*





r ;PT. br9~-

* ". V A"l
*4 ,'.. .. ,is
...... ..... ..... B

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,l"--'.,.,- ..




I .pe lit

'". 7 .
e', l,. '

-.4aits .
:-July 2L *


did al ui n v

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, now hay

Mk* the ituatial

twi all t
Wooer~~s e PO

Vfvl uhor g
way bseb1 wa supp
s^.-SSfBtath it

r~rSW a ardt Out

ToBeor But *eAmn

m Shines With-ULittle FOwfare


Sd$ of Bb'e rman-_per-

no NEW YO July a -UNBA)
'* s. .. 'oat m. nd-

e boa I MIt he
i tof way ove .
ad o to: the ib. t when
When -- r-aother

.to 6lt hi & 11
S,- t.W-. to the 'wthenr
ar e *&p" -, imy.
bain.e. !

A. B3e eAso. Dscus ChOpl -

5 id' .t i *a e S :Vrtn eah h other.l'

erft CaYtroile steeL igonmd to-
Wy/.. ajs a a. 1 9

: It. -V, I : '. <. e t h e r o n U I S s l a t

J PhlaM.) ,.- 'e teal eOpther g
l ".in the ribht. i, ,fto. 4 X
Rue asst O'at d

t o'u U.. md 1 gtoha,-

*. "4' .. "5 ',,.. -


t h'* I.. b ,, ,N*i. \a -, ".
>te we about tIw5:
'. ,'9i '; ,io ,", ,.

r' .. e- ]'.1'

J .." *.. .. *. ip -'-';-. ; .. ,.'2'- *
-,-.L 4 .. t. -" .


,. 5 a s ;

4 .--* *. ..- .
k Dar,
ma dou^^^in

.. ^*,}



.* f y. 1
etteacher. *

tfcr *mMr -'Ah'^
..f .., t -
._. ^j ^ ^f B




.^'" 4 4, 44
S 1A ., ." -_*F
is "


.B -. ,u. : *- ir.
btran / "Wardi n
lu9" 1u Mke6 T

nI ,"t do it In cSe the hr,

it d over h e heard
that wee 'h -
"Orm," she said. "I the Oiraw
lace yu 've Pt a* a9d ie
first bseman. 0 all
of enIrg. What kI~ of man-
ager uld tell you to do all
that extra work? I'N sure it's
not your idea to wEyourseI
out for no do MU
must be the
She agreed with Deae.
Mana 6ar *g M y. An-
otert ag F playerI
on the ileld, *w4in '-her sea
the least suitably dressed for
tearing about u uoeMarny in
the best? Hea Iwes e ik

"Now i it A .f-Abfy thought
neceary to baek t base,
like you le u
am amaeod a

ablW t
seotl wsT W t er
Lts01r .4t '

-_ : _._; ,.,. .. .. I

a. ~- -
-, 3SSI~-..


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tLeSn out e thai Pla*e. e*en

,u. PM 0setW m a la ith
teA Te W rt to kneik

r(>jto;W*tg t c, that's

Ino5 a the 4
leage is more than

e operation nr-
nts above

t a home run. you
Sv.ou're trying to
'wav out OH front
Sthet -tlike this, and your
rt l Mug, stride, eyes -
ft s off and you pop
us" t .
A Bil and Pee Wee Reese
au the lst of the Larry Mac-
" edlik, are both enjoylpg
'pihlr best y~arCar
in tto the Cube' 6
ItU".327 Including 11 homers
ta rules, 17 doubles and 48
in. This comn red
homers, one trimp, I
-and 9 rum Ibatted in
31, si-foot. 100 pounds,
an the Dodgers varalnty
hisla 94 lifetime bat-
e being the seventh
the active NatldMe
m'samale n comek
a aspot in the API
tb vl=I L fRod yeav s
S s the Jtamo 3ithi
"I've had my h
t s season., o
a te obe lut eMfqP
ear. Above all, _ee
be Inntally and

U, lest
tn 140. had a M34
rooted to ReE-J

B...V. 9ow, _

ArmI nvariable i .
h-n wvMnXIr .
> .beemoae dtisoimwifl
ir owe ter fee t. VM
lrt PtttbuiMwh <- V,%14_
el Wlen astiN Ma 4
a nt at flremMs t
that alay p

" eflm nn4 q
W'IW.U -^wir

aguer atbp

.m -,.I
1' :. -. ,


With Rlling, Dureoher D

tion HidIStar
By JOHN MeCALLUM when we have to be constantly Thompson was eighth nl thl
NISA taffe Cehu det learning a new position? league last season with a .
"Baseball is a game of nine lugging percentage, whom -i
NEW YORK -July 3waeo different jobs. You have got tao17 homers, nine of 'em
Durocher amt la the t.B at be a speclallat. find the on= winning wallop. He's
the Plo Orp G gan d you're be Sequtpped for and dangeroiq wt
zltIS1Y.I7jwa'UM-' lobd stay therC base, Is batting .5.5
at the .61111r kn battig 'Trr base i easiest for me. Dodger pitching.
Prtice. I I wan eta there."
OIt you had your pick of-
third bmaen," th Dandy Lit- <. ..a
tle Manaer was asked. "where *
d Th on rank?i-" H i ng tng H inn U
"atr M an+d impk'
Thompson who were standing
,' -n"""sr alv.e La Starza Deserve
TheU. v with or

wimtout e p" t-
"If I were to choose an all- By HARRY C3A SON
star tea composed of players NEA Sports Editor
rW" mZ ngd, ay third bae. I I
man .would be tThompson NEW YORK --July 25 -4
with the p,. said Durocher. WeUll finally stopped running
"I've had good ones at that from Roland LaStarsa after a
oUtion -Cookie Lavaetto, Ar- three-and-a-half year chase.
ky Vaughan and Sid oWr So Rocky Marclano. .who
abut on the basis of all-around would have fought Lastarsa on
excellence, you've got to go a- a 'triet corner- the day after
long with/ enry, theft controversial match of 42
"He's the best third baseman wponths ago, now will take Um
In the league, certainly the the formerCity College of New
finest I've ever had playing York student In joust sched-
fcr me." uled for 15 rounds at the Polo
This despite the fact that 27- Grounds, Sept. 24.
year-old egro was totialy ig- Will, then the Madison
nored by the AU-tar Game.poll quare OTrden matchmaker
people. Hammerin' Hank wrap- carully building Marclano on
ped up the first half of the the side and Jimmy DeAngelo,
campaign with a .30 batting who handles LaStarsa, were
average, museling 15 h o m e old friends, shook hands In
runs and driving in 46 runs. agreeing that the winner of
"ftatistles don't teD how val. tLhe first outing would give the
unable he's been to the club," loser a prompt return provd-
testiies Durocher. I it wa a good fight. It was
"He plays every game as If a excellent battft to a highly
It were his debut,. lighted debable split decision.
a spark under us with his to Welll meant three-
log-ball belting." and-a-half years, however, or
rsonist Thompson Ibould or- until he figured his tiger was
gadnlo a c called Baseball'.' ust abo t ready to step in
asung. Hers got plenty of with anyone.
company, guys like the Indians' During that period, atarua
Dale Mitchell, the Braves' Bid and rats DeAngelo -who, It
Oordon, the Cardinals' Red he ever was orky. certainly
hdienst, the Reds' Ken isn't after this light Income
a berger. the Dodgers' period of waiting- sat around
t urlllo and the Senators' pleading for the opportunity.
eoey Vernon, to name a When that got them no-
handful. where, they took on meaning-
Henry Thompson has been less scraps, made little money
th Giants' oy at the dike and even less Ir the way of
almost e da e join- reputation. Indeed. LaStarza
them tn. "9. e started twice had to regatl lost pres-
t second, was switched to tige in remathes.
trd ugged the yawning
p In te field when Wil- aStar, the home grown
l Mays departed for the Ar- who jma4e it close, figure to 1
lr draw more with Mar clano
With Durocher pushing the than Erzrd Chales. And in t
huttons, the Olants have been the books of msat competent i
e of musical hairs observers, he also hngre to be
o. t bln atknow where hM an eas rp t to
S to next. Al Dark,ell's way
xam has been at short him the perfect o nd
d second bases this you can't blame A e for c
; Thompson at third and that. ,
in te outfield; Whitey Lock- "We waitedyo long fbr this
ma at first base and In left one that I din't even know s
field; Dary Spencer at third what MarqjKho looked like any
an second bases and short- more," says U r be La-
e; ...... ,,.ietar~~St w ,itt yA.
f at W itb os at rA Ma he
bobati fights. I reca t 5 beset .thet1
"IUA l Uke it," contfebses guy, and knew I beak him <
Bank, "I've been back arnd again." A
rth so often I feel lke the Whle a good- hare ef those I
shuttle at' Tims Square. It's who saw the t1Nt fight will n
no goeg for any of us. It up- agree that LaStanma who had a
sets our coaintration. How most to lose at the Mtme, was =
can we think about hitting entitled te'thb odeclsiond mighty to

An easy way to

ask for the best

* -.'~. S.
.. .~ 0's"
%~.. .4-
-~ -a.--

CAll ft "Black & White" whenever you ak for SOema

T i no beat way oimicatin that only the beg
wUl dobrya.
Gianm product mof ~ma Sc aish distilleries, tM
ne Smichts aso superior.

Distilled and Bottled in Scotland






9 .4. 4


.-' ".-' ,: f. ,J

No. 14 OtNVRAL.AVutF-lom 2^ IA
!,. ^^ "l

1* '



_ _

_ __ ___


:'''::: :

-" MilliaU~;.



I r'"

1- -

: -"'U v'.

- I. rF .' :- &rr a-.,,~~


local Unions Solidly

Behind Relief Bill Fight

S- Both the CIO and AFGE got solidly behind the fight
1.rtpassage of the new Cash Relief Bill for local raters of
the' Panoma Canal the past week, strongly urging passage
dt the bill in testimony before the Senate Post Office and
I Service Committee.
Copies of the unions' testimony follow:
S This is the picture of the
United States our Latin-Amer-
ican friends view with amaze-
CIO( ment and concern as contrast-
S- ed to the pronouncements of
our government.
tr, Chairman and memberss This is the picture of the
P.the Committee: United States our Latin-Amer-
p (My name is Gerald- FitzGer- ican friends would appreciate
*li. I appear as legislative re- having changed by passage of
.entatlve of the Government this bill.
Civic Employes Organizing The cost to our government
committee C.I 0., composed ofIs far less than stupendous, the
loyes in all levels of govern- ains in prestige thru recogni-
net, state, county and mu- an of our determination to
tIpal, in -many years of Fed- practice what we preach would
'rW employment, and more spe- be tremendous, and what is
ically. for some 6000 so-called basically important, those peo-
bl-rate employes of the Pan- pie who have served so well our
amra Canal Company and the government would finally a-
panal Zone Government organ- achieve some small measure of
as our Local 900. that security to which they are
appear, obviously, to support entitled.
the passage, of S 2038, not, how- We respectfully request that
ever as a panacea for the dif- S 2038 be cleared by this com-
ficulties which befall our mem- mittee at the earliest oppor-
bers but only as a stopgap ar- tunity In the hope that early
rangement to tide our people passage may follow.
over the period before that in, On behalf of Local No. 900 and
which the current studies on the parent body of Government
retirement will unfold we hoa- and Civic Employes Organizing
a more equitable recognition of Committee C. 1.0.. I wish to
services rendered by our mem- express appeciation for the op-
bers. portunity to appear before this
In this connection the atten- Committee today.
tion of the committee is invited
to the fact that currently local-
rate employes, nationals of the
Caribbean countries, employed
by the military In the Canal
,Zone evei now are eligible for
Federal Ciril Service Retirement
Benefits. Granted that the ben- Mr. Chairman and members of
eftts based on earnings under the committee:
local-rate scales do not tend to My name is James A. Camp-
match these of U.S. rate em- bell, and I am National Pres-
ployes, the incongruity of two Ident of the American Fqdera-
scales of benefits for local-rate tion of Government Employes.
employes working almost side Our Federation represents Fed-
by side leads to our hope of the eral Government employes of
retirement study havIng a sa- various departments and agen-
.lutary effect for our members. cies throughout the United
On the floor of the Senate a States, its territorie at d p -
rtnight ago the soliloquies of sessions.
ree days revealed no out- Althoughi we do not represent
Spoken oppositio to the pro- the allen-rate employes of the
poal embodied in this bill. Canal Zone Government ind the
father it seems that informa- Panama Canal Company who
ton alone was desired. That would benefit from enactment
was supplied. In essence, and of 8. 2038. our Federatlon has
needs nly be brieflynoted here. many members in the Panama
Only some 12,000 workers are in Canal Zone. Hence, we are rath-
the employ of the two comn er familiar with the cash relief
anples. Obviously a vast major- benefits received by the alien-
are considerably removed rate workers, since in many in-
j am retirement age, and thus stances United States citizens
not constitute an immediate and allen-rat, employes work
nancial drain. work side bade. For this rea-
Actually, according to the in- son. the desires to en-
_ormation we have%., there are dohre at of S 0, a 2i 8.
approximatelyy 30(W. retirees :Te L of Jo 8,9' hiF
drawing the ,$25 or less cash S. i 20 ameug trov
relief per month. We do not itinalle o 1 ble t-
tave a breakdow ak I to theci e oker e on t he
number drawing maximum ben- w become ufit forfurther
*ufits, but even assuming all employment because of disabil-
re at maximum the total of the it to receive a small monthly
proposed increase would be 1aowance, which world prevent
roughly only $60,000 per month, them from becoiring publc
It should be noted too that charges during their period of
this cost is not allocated from incapacity.
qeera I Funds but is borne At that time, the monthly
t solFudsy bt bl cash relief was granted at the
.sela from toll revenues, rate of 1.0 ~er monte h for
r"'Ds ia mirror of rate of $1.00 pbl month for
,chf there is in addition a very. s ric on the
la ctant factor which has rt each ye of service on the
.penu,,brought to light thus far. Zone with a maximum pay-
t im tnment of 25.00 per month. S.
.-'1hrt is the Impact news oe 2038 expan h this benefit to
tn increase would have on the 038 th bef t
entire Caribbean area. $1.50 per month for each year
"On this continent we hear of service and increases the
considerable mention of hernia maximum monthly benefit to
nderlc solidarity as a bulwark .0ee t-
Ilnst foreign isms. Unfor- Ie n n d the obJec in
Innately that solidarity is not hte of the Cash Relief Act of
Sfirm as we might suppose 1937 tosave disabledr Panama-oyes
anama, the crossroad t of the nian nd other. alien employes peg
g rm nIt fr omo vthe r te h 25 0 mou m s alt the $2 5. er
ericas. Is also the mirror of from becoming a public chargesOp
the United States. and the re- maximum ae perm ittedy .
'frtion viewed by our Latin- mam l e pert
American neighbors is not that uadequate ina f total r in I
which those friends of ours are I ape i~ of e iing liv- K
hted to perceive. the otier hand., cognizant c
re is. for -instance, the officials on th one because nt
ectacle of Caribbean. an off humanltarlah motives have o
Panama. nationals serving been inclined to retain onac- r
and faithfully the U n i t e five duty allen.-tate employes co
States for twenty-five years on- who would hao ally be paid or m.
ly to be retired to a life not of wud normally Tcelve the bene- Ac
ease and enjoyment, nor even to wisou thdn IJ w The reason pk
a base subsistence level of exis- is that If the ~workers were h
tence. but to a pauper status compelled .to "retire," they 2U
wards of their national govern- wodd have extreme difficulty
;iremeni1 from either the1 the $25.00 maximum allowance, en
m nt from ether thePassage of S. 2038 would en- ad
Panam Canal ZoCeomeany able Zone offlclals to apply tt foi
he Canal Zone Governmieit povtsions of. the Cash Relief te
is termination of residence n Act without doing an injustice vk
Iii the case of Panamanlan. A go~d efect n work per- ree
this is immediate. The retiree fomanie wod-n, etivity (
ndhis family move to the Re- mSeraly w sJ~ eslt cause U.
blic, and promptly, begin tS thl jalh- ..mts work-,
ty thirty to thirty-five dol- er. coald be relaee by others tlq
jsl per month rent for a room mere eapabje i f performingag i
ard What little savin. s Since legislation of this type am
ve been accumulated are ob- has been pending before Con- slj
lsMwy very quickly dissipated arseg for several years while I
the every-day needs of fopd, ollne, costs for the allen-rate C
hing, and the -various I" vorf- have continued to in- poz
nthe case of national. oth l." i plight of the employes S
Im Panamanlans the U. & ,14he 8one Government has fo
tabnmoent is a trifle more a deteriorated. This pro- Ing
Ben t about moving. By virtue anotercompei n reason
repatriation treaties these takiSg early favorable ac- Itl
hn ds are permitted to re an t -

e in their Zone quarter-s "" nfe-r o-f th
or onneh fettre of the
W SUch time as surface trans-!m sl howev tur, e f hi e-
ktion is available. In ssome Some concr, although it
this may take weeks o xaot affect r prvously-s
Pew position on the brll. Both gteA
nend result, however, Is repotl of the Senate'Armed Pe i
apAe, the retiree shortly be- sep Committee on this min
I Committe ofn t hi is
II ward of his govern (Report 494) and the GtO
".I of Army'sa better of

the picture of .May 7. 1953 to t0h Chairman duE
tea our Ltla-Ame& Of that Committee Indicate an
bor view. reA A ot reslt- hie
--. 9

.awaits this young UiMuiai w
a lake in a Roman exlbltfon.
Inflated rubber-. pla

rH-A whale ol
wakes from his
, the fearsome'
by practical Jol


iii 1-^
" "n','F' ".

(UP)' nt Communist dlctatorship and
d the-0oviet occupation" of %ant
Wet em Germany.
ea .'M. Eisenlhower cited recent
mite Meolts in last Germiany
Dom- jwo f that the Commun= t re-
iteOm e cannot endure.
corning these uprisin in
lt. East German hallkd
cannons of tyranny
S g but their bare aW
their stout heartI," the
ent said: "
SiThey were "spontaneous," not
Be result of Western bovoca-
iten.-They proved last q arma
int e determined' "to be fd
Im an'I er..* *', Hour'lk.m,

a onv
"S c-

S. ,.

, s am e or.-OL "


w .
. *

ew York, victim o. the rai re*.lilld a
heart-touching appel to aulM nw -
Dennis James' "Tm to a rdg" I ld,
Dennis and -film star Lenor Ulrlo:
him at New York's Belmont tia^.h "
condition, in which failure ti.
sometimes fatal, blaedg. -- '

..... '
,' '; "

r"u .un wr' wu wUw.
the iablous French
In Pa

^athat tookpp j
!& Londol Mrb lea
l; tbrev


taking any chances. He's bUing I
house in the exclusive River Ro1ad we
walls, which are 15 Inches thick, art
concrete, st.l mad

5 from enactment of S. 2038: 9
I not be borrie by the United
states Treasury. The added ex-
ern will be obtained from'
rating revenues of the Canal
ne Government and the Pan-
sa Canal Company.
"Operating revenues" in this
stance include funds derived
)m such activities as housing,
mmisaaries and utilities used
U. S.-citlsen employes on the VAIT
ne. Under current accounting -The
ocedures, these activities re- they 4
vr the cost of financing pay, raa
cents under the Cash Relief r
t from the U. 8. citizen em- from I
oyes who fust use these serv- gineert
es. Because approval of S. Tho
38 wll Involve additional ex- llps, ft
ditures, It can readily be called
en that the U. S.-citizen workt- ase
I will be required to make n jum"
ditional contribution in the mbUve
rm of rents cost of food, death.
rthlng. electricity, 'etc. to pro-
Ie the extra "operating rev- On tl
ues" from which Vthe cash Gentral
let, costs will be paid. cracked
Our Fedration does not feel marker
8. cltzlen wwlPWsr should be the eng
uiredto Wauae this obliga- heroes
M. We are viaced such ex- Hundre
niss saotld be. borne by the railroad
mary beneficiaries of Pan- the 0fo
MA Caal operations, namely central
tM ve the Canal. for the
t: three comments, Mr. at
i t .aaq=rs te our sup- haltf
eof. 'nic & embodied ThI
eer Joa

r to Si ^m^i the view; hm.
bur di*nsaOn on this'-egis- and its
on. call Ma
O74 Ag Cf ew i
CAR)fe n *U fi nip)i 1fo

Bashara -isot .
.-s, e.-..

ang. u
spid br
owI ana


kLr T. r


~ Log



-- V C'
'4 ,


S -



I...11*' .

1l4:. -
'., .. ., "

! -,"


S ,. .
A o^


coI- Theam
Ml M l'l ---w,


-, A

__ __

I I I I l i ii

. ,'. I


. .I


wg I

*M -.f



F~r -.
f~'~% ~ -

~ I"



t r.
* kTr+',

,+ ..-, ..

r .

)$ -b eeveu
sg, f."*|

othq^W^f eUp

S.. I
-Mault ,

body a
p^ *!,Iqea. "^^W^
- ws'* nt~
yrQ ^^^



,ulw.. utow. tbo
althe" ai-
Go moments ria
*Carr*.t watsr
co. ea a. iaualmat



rm~. ~:

? ~. x

'-i .. ^ r^

. M
IK- cl'

W anIma it is
by drawing a
continuous I ne a
from dot to dot
0o 0 nseoutuy.u
WheeW two ilunB'
berm appear i
side o s da, u
the- dor fot toa
Artvrwares yaw
may wisb to
color the
usotng colo
penctif oer
What to the
longvet word to
te EgliaBh iUm.
pug eO Ua
eq OeU a in .eq1-
p :nI oB in MVU

"C 8
39.I40 %*

W31 *.

432 ,
- zr



l~i ^ I,

as 27

. s50

* I


~ 10

WHODUNIT 'This Takes


S 0O robbed thbe I atll. Vo ww yoe.o .
UBank? 0 Oaf-r fWur f& upon study-
pectw made four statemnwte, oa n the arrnge-
So o at which sa to a' l e. M* ofa On -
WOO manims, T me in. ti o-
S L smy awi sIM IN MWI th to-
.I _d a "M W e of the ii
tak esD. =1 kanmw Mit 1 Uns to four
e .rra. o Bei a mi wie l6 4trecues along
1la Si n M Lefly d I ti ei f b M traigt line a.
ai Biem we m ba in dWer.
i a 11 NN I' Min At Y T Phe ptl7bto i
.f ty oo a m. go0. c o 4bin "f' i l- "
i. LLieft noe eIm aVOB am "oso
Mrawa 0 ft 001 0 e.4 0 MUt the uv of the four circus along each taXightL
Ito i- W. m ?r mIn I Mi ui w It Umo the Un t me, and that ibe Joint total I actly
MUST mmy It s00. .
rin &4. 3ed adMi 14M **st b How mn wW It take you to work out the even.
beak. I Io Dotrelt wt iw amnmmt?
a Ltat aify e I, .N w -. O f. oWMW-Eswo B w
lb. )efq 1n Ii '88 \3 'q.

", 1-" u" U;1 -h- at: thu one's east of the M -ihltp,.




A~t*~ 'Bu~


. ifaH

An You asm
S teaser t( t)
-isl LU ,3S of
ee- l UN

set W.thin. a
Slarge square
with a margi o

todalW 4a

.mp. e tgn -,
w... I .e'

a ftge .iatoW
aa, ,W th
' ~ _" ^< ^^2To t

A .

fMj for

r4.. '

It's Your Move

P4Li^ BIdAb ht i. l7 .l

IF yowve jumped to the oachj-
amla Uhat White ban't a chance
In this one, you're sadly mistaken.
t factm it's White's move and
with Lbe right calculaJUoO h can
win in just four turns. I White
poves up the board.)
.-*t s iru u-i lal vt






. .. .._

mum~ w,~d~
**IiA* El
'I '~

. R I







* J *',.
*,T. :-,
k, *'.'.

I" ,, -.



39c 3


d ~~_

. . .. .r ..

L .~ .. *..A~s .... ~

. .

.r. lj

yWA COACH of state for the Bey of Th ts, who prefers to ride in '
brh;has two cars, is passing the guarl house at the entrance to

TH TH United States Navy and the .oyal A
i.svices for 200 airmen in U. S. Navy Fleet Ar


irious m
kt moi

ene could 1* 1ap
summer thaz,(4
(2) a fried 0I0 po-
sd (3) an iceremim
ne Us the PalisadW _i
Wiement enttr

aHe peter St. Nicholas church
Wing Sevei who were killed ofati


when i tWRip
to follow
ths. One of theit

Mftf fl fWJW '^~ M16c--
-efp *w.4bber hie
way their skis
rugged breed
i- ee ithe summer
MAs La ^ K aknown

as -T

Wti?"-i -' pWai Ine.
iaGn'o o the slope .
ma Mpw the snow usE
tmt eliUmb 2%-
mjVkM' wn th* a

1$.. .



z r Al .L...




I't. -.



* .'-~-

t M :: *'ts-
14:.- Jr

I. ~

- ..n

.M~. ~


-s ~''.*


ALT U CIVIAN employes of na
^^ ~ iA ^w-S^. -- g- ^
Zone goveCnment and the PanamA Canal O.s pany. of tm#
were granted their 25 per cent overseas differe lt l n. f
the Senate and House conference committee Uthois tain
week, they lost the c6ntivuance to free medicaleosr-- nta rra
Ice as of December 31, 1953. K o.l .
It was announced that the employes would a9t re- a could at av
ceive tle full 25 per cent differential on their pair ine (ioyl0Er
checks tomorrow since President tisen2ower had nt drawB.
signed the Civil Appropriations B before the Week-
end.Ma .t
Following the approval of the Civi FunctlOip A yield e
propriations Bill. a report from the Internal Revenue war, vDe
Bureau stated that the differential re0alv0 by one paign to
employes is taxable. .Queries arose when it w%8 run att
portedthat a number of the United States territories Such are of ed the a
and possessions were receiving tax-free cost-of-liv- ly no such- a as
ing allowances. The bureau explained that federal sliver of tru 1 -
employes for the Canal Zone were receiving an out- ..
right taxable differential and not a cost of living al- Lo rdy, lordyW t s .oiB a WRB$
lowance. to. thtthy
o other ab ut wlttha
done fint wiflhat SAfA ,mi l. 3".,
Alter a two-day meeting il Washingtoh, the Pana- only hamger Athu to gLt -l0 pM.AP
ma Canal Company directors decided to employ a
group of consultants to survey the wage scales paid So thepD, if '1
to Zone employee. In passing the Civil Functions Ap-- adup.. of. w.,
propriations Bill. Congress instructed that such awhy squander
surVey and report should be made by Governor Sep. tit of ,- i
bold before January 1, 1954. as last weeks O i Mnulst
Another bill, the ash Relief Bill, ws also d To dhef e a
by a Senate co .nltee this week. The .It
Offe and Cvil Aervce committee approve e
increasing the disability relief anmnuie for ret now.
loal-rate emploaes to a maximum of $4 a moe -HO S us
Various comments from supporters of, the bill stat m U & ibsr
that rejection of the increase would be Inhumane.
Word from Washington tUfils weak reported spe-' -t 1.
ulation among Congressmen on the possibility '.
that a special house subeenmlttee on-government At At lap h aving et.
operations may visit the Canal Zone daring the under oel tt t
coming recess for an inspection. s p oaf Ar
If the trip is to be mads t it, e ra t it
will be in connection with a person i ndath e ibta Sea
the General Accounting Office to plac all Zone tigJbt a, ^ |
operations under the supervision of a segle ad-
ministrator or a local board of directs s.. A to.w
a Wereh of:. ~r Mwveo14"a:
The Canal Zone and the Republic of PanamA were some Ide. .H relin .orarou. ...
hosts this week to the first Navy tank force for this pin .
berthed in Col6n with a total personnel of apv~n- .e. t f e t r sure ,
Imately 5,000. V a r io uas organizations and resident o both t he
provided liberty diversion for the midshipmen and ar e
sailors. t erll
-- o Ca-- l e and aW
PanamA Canal plUots were granted retroactive pay
raises to October Io last year. The raises were based
on increases granted to personnel in the MilitaryBea e Whilea
Transportation Service.. hat sort f
o -
First Lady Mrs. Ceclia. Rem6ii and her entogt, 'PA
age returned to PanamA City o sunday night afte i
administering dental and medical ld to pproximatoear
y 2,000 inhabitants of the remote villages of'the PCra. ,
vince of Darian. '
Accompanied by- 11 apa d ot-'0 .,.
entists and medical techniclans,.MW s-Rem n traVeeu'-
by plane, fishing boats and piragMaa to carry her Rhee .dtoobh wMsoP _oP0 t Jt tut
social assistance program into the Jungle province foer it week th idtl I not 0 ml toi
the purpose of stimulating interest In U ett6r health t tent of tU dommenutiw-.a
and nutrition. .illsth. '
Those who accompanied the First Lady aron the trir Old -IS m I" not rea
agreed that the trip was wholly successfuL the earlier .more uo das of
Two jury trials were held in Panami City cour' tr ae the l.ed S t le tore
Twoujury,- trialsthe ,11 a~oBHSBeBton A
during the week. Inm both cases -the defendants wwre. agreed to, ... ..
Three San Blas Indan. charged with the meny. He said
king" of one of the efesndantaW. siser, who wa- ed,; cont
mented and suffering from tuberop9llawlr 1o Uflta k u 't
not guilty b a jury of seven meni after the three anule
Indians refuted an alleged confession, of state
An Indian chWf also testified that the tribe was eW
satisfied that the In, an woman. "The Cr am a me ,
One" died a natural death, but..
illqd her, Tony n JuliAn Rh
1..6nez were not I 1) Af
o- 'f rp s"' 'e.
The other case Involved ac
against PanamA Cit -driver "PanM
S edardwlth tha dtt of hIt.

The trial lasted 15 hours, during MmL- ru a tw
torney Carlos P6re Castreli h b aW state that th 4 ,gO 60"o.
defense when he w ,s O-.
The jury delib Mate~rmitda la ba*
with A verdict of "apt g iNty."
An ex elagn pst

r.,j h .- -"
* :'in s.':

' -r

* ..,-.-~7; ;Lr -~.


.1 *



rKYSCRAPING LOAD-Thatb derrick's about to pluck the
terminal Tower right out of the Public Square in Cleveland,
bhio, and plant it somewhere else, if your eyes would be fooled
by this picture. However, the 708-foot skycraper was actually
bout one mile away from the derrick which was wwkin on a
Cleveland waterfront dock.
-0- "

winss t at t-b!nW tnwI (
m easuring t IR w af
auy driven weiit syitm 6.3 X



,*' ." : S f -'.



-^t. ,t.
,* 1.-,;
;.- .A !?

AR* '^'1
:' *'*. v '* 7.11



.- -. ,
1- "/" ,.
< ',. !

-1^ ^

~; I~
~ ~-
4 ~
It1 ~ 4

*~ p.~
V "



*i = .


* *

." .M q ..- "



shJ "sesS

B&y vi leI j

too kind tr Ot.. Ti. w,
than tUe b , h'to a.l.
m uch. "" "" : '

cow the li Bafit a... bdoniatte "ouchy y/
We've Mtta a riM
constant Coumnimlot patMe ar <
we've bypaelveas t b II.A tb the .
therefore., r re .'. ".
Innation Sw5.whe they niia
ty, or actual bre t to r '.
Socialists are fig ting to out us f4t- .9 I
are attempting to prevent new U.S. .- -r
t roying aR qfor an effeotWe MAt
Let ano thik It is not t to e oltia
isJt Inte tio&a in t owdown rit to prove *heu
% ith tqrf-againd j met me Mepo tha a thkl g ntera
just dom eio a R,.Oii i0,00lb6, M MO,
here to j ap I Jqpn. ,nj .the
StesunL de lgatloni to Too every tX ., ,r
- iadar uag. ,
Chartereistic of the utter diadIa the M
our global fiht was a peeh of which Labor pe ord
unburdened self In the house of Lor C whe pw
offered $10O% to Qj fir-t :Cfhnlm i atht*-wW
and delHyagr agglaN*to alls
one .A ,'A
ing to the .,.,
"This proposal .a 8 t rbe men to Wkst iVin t .their aw t.

to ron lf. b .
In falrngA htbe poteted-
demaeerkdi Mdt g
when a tt theo st ama Mt the b
they% *..... -

He wa n letly tdl-tt,
tion was paaede canhin -
I1a Frebneb seablms
Ben.O iw R rly u Jimn
the Selmtt lPaty teor
would the msatial
A ftw i '
18 0woo-Apwr Watfort



ol .
n, atwi.,'
niese a -

w -
ep~ ~ ~

ae.wa; ,.he


.e l ilreW... the .b.u.e t .w
al lied air b rs f thfat
%iU. aag "tAaltiou two
.4 Wey &he-4e
dera h .1%man 'h that ith
theaf. bubmm t b i wum
Pf what wla wbqn fte a cgeItsa taoe powW. IhU*
and elawhere? Wh e friends.are they wanywy?
(Cppifght 158. Spdleste, ee.)


w- mwta It -I -...o

a ftshaa ..mi .

U.. ."s.; -. ,

-AM M da .N. ..'.'-

C.77. 7.

I r



DR. ODNEY JUNG .f New Ou .a
eat medicine at Tulanea# Univte
Indian tu where t haurs.


L o. '


wr1 .1

Pl.ui, '
p. Utjn
^.- 1

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.1 ,r;J,
- ^

.,We. .. -

r- ~4 $. -,
I^^^^I ^ ^ H ^ ^ H ^ ^ B. ^ l.B.. .IB .. ... .. .. -, ., ',J,.*. .. ,,, .., .,
^^^E^^^H^^^^HiH^as, kiHw^fHttfW^B^'

- .. .. .

,' *"- < .' .. I- .-A ":f .-;

r .1
"frf. S.A ri 'i '- i-i *

* '*-,.
* I
.*~ ~*; ~

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* -- *~-',.i



V. ::-

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w., '






s~F- .~3 ~




* '*-, I





.. '' '*.







S. *

C .,. ., .
,*.- ~ .4. -

S ~.



. *1*'*

". *s .;* *


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