The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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Insists Chinese

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-- S
SEOUL, Korea, July 22-(lUP)-Presidbnt
Rh9e blew the Korean truce situation wide open-
Cowlsnew assurances contained in another
from Wtehington, the 7 -yMr-old South Korean
deOt ,0p. d demands atf Ckinese Communist
be oat #f Korea within six months after annhrmistic
and uid ar promise he ay have Mande to c
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United States note to up to 35 per cet abga the
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ba aedi in writ- 3) In Lndn,
to otbe~utile armistice minister R.
attcbing-M a t me lir- House of
had reason to twe for aM
and the Uited States armistice that woeld be
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i THE PANAMA AMERICAN u Wrecer "My 1 He Yr Au gr
.. r.r. .. .. .. ..- ..;... _
M"umma myEL="" ISlum "W"rec kmero t ^ wa

ON Ower Ice 2 '1- CINshAL AvENUC mrwifi AND T ates Cook Is ;*: gS l;
.CAL. .AmoEle PAIAM A. s e, ..PANAMA
-s 49 MaDiu Of FireNEW 'YRE- 1 N V
50567, .IN ADVANCE 62?
Wl i -tI N O N f H I I N A DV A N C E 4 10 0 1',l S I N "'""
~3.0 9VRAM. IN ADy-NCL- ..O.f Fir eS 50 -'.."
E M AIL BOX emulating personality
Washington today when,you
iThe Mil lex is n open terum for ealeders The Paenae Amer- Cn catch him. s O0. Yt We
tee.. Ltters are rougived *romehdly end are handled in e awholy, amfi- Cook.
dentlm.anner. l He i s a wiry, black-haired and
Iti ye contribute a letter den't be Impatient It it doesn't apeer the black-eyed ball of fire who has
mosl day. Letters ore published in the erder received. taikled one of the biggest Jobs
Plsetry to L kep the i ters liUmited to onee pelengthll. 4Motqndertaken. It is a na-l
Identlity of letter writers is held in strictest confidence. OnWilde to wipe oubyt pi i
This newspaper' ams no responsibility for statement ne opinion l the united states.
epresed in letters ferm rern. States Cook doesn't woftIor -- *
-- o the government. He has been
GIVE THE GAL A BREAK hired by the National Asocila- -
ir tlion of Home Builders-the trade
Br' association and lobby fot the
I have just finished reading the Mail Box letter dealing with building industry, if you* pm e...
the Ft. Clayton Service Club. and a more mudd diatribe I Last January, at their u
never read. If one thing sticks out a mile It, is the fact that it convention, NAHB deC.lr6 to
was not concocted by any group of "Clayton soldiers." It obvi- launch this public" service ru-
otI ly represents the peLty opinlbn of one dlagrmtled character c ade buld "a new face for
who apparently has had his toes stepped on for one reason or America.
another. I'm a serviceman myself, and feel ashamed of afellow The Home Buidtf took
SOI who would take this snide method of sniping at a Zemale this o step not out of socIa'
01 wowudtkths truism or deep eena# O@ sca.
newcomer. consciousness. ThA4 decided.
The author of thus malicious pleCe, who would have the public was the bigget tAt- .th
believe that his is a representative ogon, giv himself way declining do to property .s...
when'ale says "It is beyond me," and each time he unthinkingly decliy n in city prop rty t.
lapses into the first person singular. He isn't very bright, either, They hired Yat~. Cook to
judging from the calibre of the letter. Attendance at few head knew more and ad doneau
mekewamole ande a 5.^x4on
USAFI classes might help here... more about slum cla thn
anybodyoy in the l ounIth.
And how inconsistent can you get? First he asks: "Is there bod In the ount.
a regulation that says a civilian has to run the'Service Club?" Twelve years ago, at 21. Yates
But he winds up by pleading that "Julie be brought back." Julie's Cook joined the Baltimore
a civilian too. remember chum? Health Department U a one-
man housing dDivilamn .1 inspect
Next he suggests that a WAC un the Club. Then, reversing Baltnmore's lums. Al~gos alone,
himself a few paragraphs later, he whines: "Is it-not bad enough he turned the town iside out'
that we have to lbek at the uniform all day and then go into the helby insane citing en comr- L utI
club andl what do we see, two WAQ Jn uniformm" Come now, Dplme with health. lg tlon
Buster, make up your mind. and building ordinanou.eiready SaI '
If someone has trod on your tqe. why not pul't your bi the bo .
leet, let the new director have a chance and give th1,ral a e et up. a spelal housing '
she's hardly had a chmace to get-oriented yet. IfW mut uHe g court to deal with violations by 5L A '
vent to your spleen, take your venom out on your 8 tal Ser5 landlords. Four years aIe he
Co. At least pick on someone your own size. : went to work on it, his. ,
First block-by-block ho law : .. .
For your Informaton, in case you didn't know,astendance it enforcement plan und, way. 1 owl he i t
the Clayton Service Club dropped off sharply 111oI Ju SOnce then, In what has be.N Aeh ow S
high-tailed it back to the U. S. I don't know th .I or t come known ua "the Baltimore d ISad .dl nat
but the record shows that the Clayton Club ha Plan," 116,00 sBlun dwelling IL around, ta
turn-out of any of the clubs back over the months -.. units have been restored at efort to make te budEt
practically no cost-to the tax- de. of the scale$. I'm '
I hope the lady. who recently was named director'iWll not ftl payers. And today, Baltimore a4 ttWauap tal awqy 7 a na. o,
that your remarks represent the general feeling of all of us. aThVq hAat40 slum inspectors at work. U Uia alwo a
certainly do not agree w)th mine. The Texans have.a very friea tarl a. nerU(mPtx l
ly definition of a newcomer in the community. hey say:. "Baltimore never really went uaaNuL t"etes
stranger is a friend we've never met." Good luck to ilat one. after it," says Cook it, gse- o I- W-9l 'i .. .
S- what an understatemebt to- a t u I J B a
With Malice To*wai None. day. "The biggest thing we did semi.: a my ule.' .- ... m r
was tear down fence. That T ridieoulok t oa.o
.----- --.. showed up the dirt. at Pe l W a i,
SSPORTS ON 0 .CFN? "We shammed. that a law
_io i ., I db. e.e .Nu d b .eer ,- .oes
Sr .~ o .W o We IproW d that ,1 Aslum
lord was a penarfa po-
S t hasu h ned to the loc4iJ S or 1A.N, as it's now ldisl forc.a B ut we -l -In
P caled? ibh't it at according toUululatons asL moral build- saofted that one photogffph t t th
r? Itis evident tat there have Ietiau.nume a.tnfe or a could bat the bert defense for t 9i3 ;
gener? l bouis clde n with the local Armed Forces Radio 8ta- ld- rs they could hMre. .. .. .
tion, liut was it fr the good? .' the o et itr
o ta I"The program was never un-d e a"'P
8orts are In eRtremely high fctor tmle' and especially derstood by the city government. deetI
on the sathmuJ.. uSt just what part i. the o AtlR playing in We proved that larger area agt im r"'
por' ?. Nothing. Any joker can rad. an .tleP F paper, but If could be cleaned up faster. But l i vegr N
he hd i't-iporti atheart, he certainly pan't pTAj rts over. gt. the city hai sald we were going into a, istagg
SEd ,rl although lacking the appealing broadcasters' fast enough as it was." We a neary the only a lamt wl fIt' Rt i i
tech la varIlus ways, certainly h 0 lt heart and did rld, I'bi a w uDi ~a.-fedee' u "e.mi
gdd jljob mle-wise. Let's have him bS on the job and So young Yates Cook moved lliS. e b ,aS
more like him. on to the bigger, national field ~I
Sof alum clearance. Today he isF4 "t 't^ ^ .i fe We A.
Also there is a service sports program on the Atlantic side of constantly on the go. Froa Ld pto sb a. w
th Isthmus isn't there? If so lets hear about it. April-when .he first t ok over
cons atoyi the g o tnd o v June r n oto,. e40 | nC .1l" 1 a e o
Yours for a lift in morale and let's have better sports cover- had it 30 cities. Twelve oh IV inote trite eni
lge in the Panama areaer them werer n Texas. eota i ol tt o e t i ,' '
gbbkt1Uit'l W 'where the vea
S- Appreciably For the month of July Yates beO*I11.e 1 nearly eve ~ ima.
Cook is booked solid including pwrt e the t ildt /h. fa i"-
Cleveland -and Chicago. ... .
jstops In B,.k::,< -,*" '. "-_ ^ ". r.'.g^- '-

CPart of the time he will be '. -eilkA I -
touring with Guy Holyday., the i e
new F eral Houslng Commi '-. .
sloner. Hollyday, a mortgage ', 1 ,
S.banker in private life, was a r
Smember of Cook's advisory com-- 71
S'/ mittee in Baltimore and knows.l .
all about him. 8ohere is a team r f Welk"i
to watch, ."_-e W%-I '
with O 1qrtsit' n~o
"The federal government's to :
public housing program has w
delinftely helped slum clear- r
dance all over the countrjI,"
!/ / says Cook with conv4tion. WhitJ a
eThe Prc duewhen Yatesntha rear- .,,. *
....for action, r..already been board
duced to.#llebthing of a stand- to
,ard performance. The local War
aCatC chapter of the Home Bullders JUST ltI -~ r
/ to which all ci leadera are lngtou ths at aj l ..rla
1 invited. Yates mike his talk in situation. '..ilf'
dt of crackling, shahiiieg1n style, Soem 0,$ tes. ,' u,:.J: _! ': "
i" f-2w "wtgns~ "le rwi l t the wtt'ale ti 'n
houses "remiedled" uo that one a Dush-
family now lives in every room, Campbe- .. 9- "l
_"payin, ,15 to *0 a wk in .....-,' '
~- a m rentitusm gia, C o oLmmk," wIL'sIag.I .
a n. a... ..
_________________ most profitable real estate there ngel e
is, In Baltimore, one slum land- salon
000." wasIn rit qT -

' ,. -1

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. ak
-4 A. Jluben. a IkMa

- i

F-M. :. -
ru^~*~yi:4 ".*' '-' **


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.i **I

R- ._'
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.- .
-. ,' ,1 ''. ,' -* ,:"-'
, W --i .'ll, dlt *aa. "lli-

luao Watcksi am JoU ahw iard vic

La eU w4 ai llow t worl. '1

ll ,o iY .4 fffanyandaa in Pan.m


After shocking the L
citlzins out of their comp
ey with about an hop o
while they hag .mvedry
Oook tales tai yu
hat Ty.t d k- ow
their own co nity
After that th mgo tt
outlines whathaSto be d
the~ want ta leabn up
President oosevelt
tlk abot o -third of

oobeek mm suaor t

,.cl* ,
1 1, IMO "e=

1, T5,V'..',. 'l a -..

1''-- '.
.... I~1':" ; ;,;- .

t '_ ""- ,'".'.,",
- it.f" fey-. .g

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- 1-2on ;i
?avZrl~n V151


n wia wS
le and fri
am. M:-- -
W and Dt
oney o "taMI '
eraltlsmD." -.
Mas as an. '


, .. r ** t glnmoWt N,. ,.I. '
... ... ,. L

-t, It. "? ,

TinfliJ, "W

-S. ,, *

im biga
.'a not el
swer to
fn4insun r

ind ,IU'B n,. U.
ioloomat 0. 1

sur .w m-
r.n.. v

and the
,..I .

."pon uc"
never beer
althoit-' a



a, i. nw'e.a.
tairry y. jRwt

ata- I Mi-m

p It

wtis Sow
0*u, ~s' -



Radio, Seat Covers,
Good Tires

Radio. Plastic
Mechanicay, Good.
Good Tires

Radio, P
Perfect. New

4-Door Sedan. Plastic
Ulholatery, Radio.
Very good tires
Radio, Covers
Good Pat. Good Tires,
Mechaniealy Perfect
Radio, P1astic Seat
Coveoa Good Tires
4-DO Se~en, Radio,
Seat Covers,
S t 6r6. "N

- ,hew Pa.SLD -

e "onea 4-Door Sedan New
posed Palat, Radio,
at hydr awc. Plstle
Iat uhe ,bltr


Clmo Car.
tsbea i"t." '4-Door
PA1 eat
1e,.Ookr: Black, .
Wr, OClrCondltion.

v'r~k crc Plant
~bw 'L ~ 24M~g

preas" an
Nit f MOrn
Shad .bee
m:e, I world
attackss wl
'be .said
d to reply 1
his aides.

OffeLe siwk .h tin^. Should have perfed 4Le .MgWl.b and Bpanih,
Shorthand both .emaiM t y accounting.
ZJapeienid person preferred
.ead ja w ji wi with fa dtailb.
.to F. ; hPan*an
Btaet .w itary S d trefrenee.


itice of ShaIn lde.Mestiog

Ceat Ermer
BRISTOL, Conn, (CP) -
Avery Leland was arrested for
failing to appear ..court, bat
be wm relead When he .ex-
plained he showed up all right.
The trouble Was he went to
Plymouth town court Instead of
Bristol city court.


The only establishment
where ato buyers and
auto sellers meet.
Offers you ff fltIt week

ot a selected lot of

4-Door Sedan.
Color: RBlack, God
SPaint, Good Nody.
Mechanicall Good.
Good Tires.




1 *r.fS r ,-

m1e6 Uuo&auiWt


eays are costly. Our delivery service-and mr large,

cplte stock of consti mterals are your guaraty of

p. -
. ;" "". '.. j r

4b 'F-- .'

r- ...


1.Th41rs11 5
an be O ad
lir .C aI ., .

rye need U

'M contribu tion. N el-> ( pcw (at Pe*M e*rian fiftf -e *

... .
i^ 1 .'iu n Mi i -1'


andoi al exm los .fr Leica and Contax

t pri ~fm 40 tQori below U.S. prices.

pcuiosi-w V. .,
k ":' l a
:_. ,. _e_.._s -., .. ha.'m-" : ; ... .,


American Finance Company hereby gives notiro
to its shareholders that a Special Meeting of Share. -
holders will be held at four.o'clock on Monday, Jily
27, 1953, at the Salon Panamericano of the Hotel, El
Panama located at No. 111 Via EspaMa, Panama City,
Republic of Panama. The object of the. meeting is, to
consider the Company's investment in Panama Forest
Products Corporation and to decide accordingly In
order to protect their investments in the aforemention-
ed Company.

4.. -; u



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A -



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a. ~


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6. a;
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- N N ..'"W "~ .. '

Shipping &

.. Air Line News

130_ PssagWs Leav@
r O 11 IFor New y*rt Fiday
8 i OSWALD JACONT The 8.8. Cristobal is scheduled
Written for'NEA 8 ice to leave the Isthmus Friday with
130 passengers for New York, ac-
cording to the advance passenger
' NOrTH 0 list from the Panama Line at
6434 flices.
;; Q Among those sallin gon the
e J 10 ship wil be Forrest O. DunsmoorM
6AQ 10 52 Administrative Assistant in the
S WEST (D) BAST Office of the Governor and Ru-
S 5 107 sell L. Klotz, Chief of the HoUs-
S10 8 3 VAK9642 ing Division, bound for vacation
0 AKQ65 3l in the United States.
S K J 487 3 The complete advance paaen-
SOUTI ger list follows:
SAKQJ 6 2 Harry Alpern; Mr. and Mrs.
7y Norman Anderson: Mr. andSrioa.
T 874 Geor E. Bennett; Miss .Vto--
S4 ria Blouske; Dr. and Mrs. ?im-
SNeither ide vul. uel Babbitt: Mr. and Ms, Cfsr-
Wed NW1L 9 0 so" rett J. Boyle: Miss Mariee V.
2149 2 2 V 26 Brauer; and Mrs. Blanche 'R.
S3 V Pass 4V 4 4 Brisooe.
P s "s Double Pa Mr. and Mrs. Leo tl Cag
Pass Pas and son; Miss ;Isabelle Col n.
Pa edMiss Marauerite B. Conner Miss
Opening led-,t A Dorothy H. Coombs; Miss Iple
Cooper; Miss Margo turry: Ar.
and Mrs. Leon E. Dedeauz; rs.
SWhen-you have a doubleton in rarik Detwiler; Mr. and Mrs.
"the sulL Iour partner leads, it is Bernard Dorlin: Miss May.B.
01en a godd idea to signal theh Dodson: Mrs. Patricia Doyle And
4oublecon by playing your hightwo children: Mr. and Mrl.
heard tirst and your low card James A. Driscoll and two cM-
nezt. This signal indicates that dren; Miss Eleanor P. DiuAt
you are ready and willing to ruff and Mr. and Mrs. Forrest.v0.
the third round of the suit. Dunsmoor and son.
in today's hand East used this Mis Doris M. rdelen; Mr. ad
signal unwisely. He thought he Mrs. Bernard Ellner: Mr. Id
was ready to ruff, but he had Mrs. Walter R. Fender; ss
overlooked a countermove by velvn Ferges; Mr. and Mrs.
euto. t, Iaul R. otrest and three chil-
West opened the king of dia-I ren: Mr. and Mrs. David
monds and East began the ,rank: Mr. and Mrs. Franklin
"echo" by playing the nine of Gamble: Miss Louise 3, Cuerth;
diamonds. West obediently con- Mrs. Mae E. Hallett and dawEh-
inued by cashing the ace of dia-iter: Mr. and Mrs. Leon P. Hal-
monds and then leading the lett Mrs. Marv Hnmilton: Mr.
queen. n d Mrs. Beauford J. Hartley;
South would have been defeat- r. and Mrs. Benjamin Hell r:
ed if he had ruffed the third Toseph .. Hickey and Dr. atid
round of diamonds In dummy. Mrs. Alfred B.. Hinkle ashd
3ast would have overruffed, thus' dpirhter.
-takfin the third defensive trick, Miss Libby K. Isases: Mr. andr
r"nd East would then have taken Mrs. rant 0. Jealrlns. Jr.. and
thesetting trick with a top two children: Mrs. Lnulse Jones
heart.. end daughter: Mrs..Tanet Kin-
Instead. South saved his bacon nier: Mr. and Mrs. Russell .
bydiscardng dummy's queen of Klotz and Mrs. Ellen A. C"f:
on thequeen of d .amond_ Miss LiUUln f,azr: Mr. pnla s.
iave the defenders their Rernerd Leet: Mr. and .
tric., but they had no way .ohn Lyons; and Miss,Mary M ec-
tAng a fourth. Nothing Intvrr.
prevent South from ruff- Dr. W. T. McConnell: Misr An-
Iis two low hearts in dumi- ,i Merlde: Mrs. Adelaid.R.
after which he could easily *rorior: Mr end Mrs. .si
a the trumps. t'off: **-. and Mrs. JT. WI le
S. eehan: Miss Pltrlev L Milton:
SCorret defense defeats the r,. Maure. Mors a ndv wo
contract by giving S south no chl'lrpn: and Mr. and Mrs Bier-
hence to make this clever dis- 1erd O Orton.
rd. East must begin the cor- Charles "Prsdns: Mr. itd Mrs.
t defense by playing his deuce pFrri F. PPnso: Ms Maivr P.
diamonds on the first trick. klhprts: Xli Louise Rogars:
.7st eQ n echo in diamonds 'VJlll-'n H. Rosan ard i*n wd
-rld ank West to robtl hinC the der"hter; .insnh r. Poth: -fr
so the p1l of EaStS lowest l rw d r In rl msrnwers: ed

atft a tsL .ans- .A nV TM i Mrs.t non.lHrno: Mr. %
ke his king. *f. Arthui H. Rnader-
n .and rrin. w s it .-time talls-tewart; and Miss Lea
-Nnw and onrv now. is it time .r nn"
r 'ast to lead the second round F rea d r-r Mr and Tl*.
Diamonds. West takes this *"bert 'rurbvf1ll- Mr. and Ms
third defensive trick 'with the Anpl Vincensini- Mis< Mar iet
oeen of diamonds and len as n- witts: Mr. and Mr, Fenton R.
her diarrond. This permit East Whelan; and Mrs. Frances Zels-
to oerrl'ff t dnmmy after he, ,,
has mr' sure of the preclou
heart trick.
Atomic Power Puture UUilM P h s
1 g 'r If youi er front G30 Up
rL.VELAN(D.. 6 (UPI The xix, Backache. Loe aani, Lo-
i.lltal non-military u'se of atomic Of "Iour Nervousneu or weak-
energv will be to generate elec- GiLI~uulmediae r with WuQENA.
trick oower for isolated areas. a5- Tlhis wonder medlqlne m akes
eoarding to Robert Rhankland. oflowIe younger stron aGe
head of the nhvslcs deartmeNt ROOENA fom your cbemist today.
a .. t ase Institute of Technology. aUstiaetion guaranteed.

' *. WR.KIN Planete

* ON-vN !

Stage Set,



SGret White Fleet


*S.S. CIBAO" .............. .. ..................
*.S. "CBflT- ...........................
S.S. "SAW CRbRO' ..........................
8.8. "MABBLLA" .......................

olaudi skrerawted, CUMlod aud GeWal Cur.


. "COPAN" .......................... .....
'.8. "'CE 3lE>WAN". ': .. ..::: .
> '' r

FrequemW t Ire l amUlge Lf Crtstobat te
Wet Cort Cambol Anmkuan re~

Passenger Sallan to New Orloua
via Santa Marta, Colkmbla.


S.S. "CHIRIQUI"r ................... ... i

wkcly sailn as em.TlwlUyvep I.a N wo" to NIw IYrk. New OIle d
MewIOs. U amel.. Im rnmehee nd s Uttlh
1 S

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.ybk_ ar

C 'H '- W i O

W&I^^^S. ^.

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1 ~. ~ 5 .~"PI~F' .1:

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..* *"s *"1' .. .

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.:msa- '.

.... ;II
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9 ?T E L1, I
V~~d ~ I rC.^ ^^^^^^^^j

Home and the n. '-."

it4~ a-s.!j -
.5 6. .

"- ; '
-* .^

F.," ,
*-.- .- ..

-.".. .. 4,- -- :-';"
;, : :-*
'.-*' .** ,. ..1 -} .--

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qu va.* B &tgoa parked
1..FW t.. f aed cu on hei

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sat coll
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'r uffer- day
f .,' dit3
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e thtetradpd the A t,
le& be ..wanted 9 eXst
I 3 4e1i 8 t.
Doctors at Knickerbocker 1W.-
al said Ut-e 5P,'g. p u-
an appirfywas I
of over4eertlcon ll-
'a extreme heat t aI -
r. .-; *
he concert of 8pant tru-
along with .a perforittoe
the JOe.Oreeo dance t pe,
at off as sche.dd ,
condpdtor. '




AMol wSe ; sa i acg%"
and d-tWbal advler
late O .e, the
.nd was"a ra mind !
of the tan


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sr, ,o uAME

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g1i 3 ING NIGHT!

-.-.. for




rIi b -A -*m -

Comi enjoy a real Broadway play
"In the round" staged by

.h. Loggia and Doreen Dowswell

ate t3sephlQe rang at the
*ua! tiUte every moning bait
no Af-' U the other end.
Tate dde eorptny% re ,Fn
were puzzled until she dscoer-
ed t waa. the electric alaim
clock that her husband was In
,th habit of setting before he
lft for wnrk.

Traical Eletronics
4th St. N. 3 Bells Mt

>'.. :. ", ,iSW -.r "

So ers Nof In Mood

To Sh 'inois Motorists
,. o --
ATLANTA, Jid 22 -(UP)- counsel at Birminghaim,
It will be pefetiy safe for for a large life -Inmr
Illinois n to tray el company, reported that
through, IMMl Abraham firm is doing a thriving I
[Lincoln'W u their 11- ne all over the South.
ceenas tai. er Just rul,..- -Lincoln National
lo that i especially Its emblem Is a large lea
when it's oet spending Abe.
moley. ,?i tan In his letter, Bogptad
The tow rs South Lincoln was responabte
hooted do n-L tears df a freeing the slaves and for c
Chieagoan WhaO .,il ibIs news- ing- the Civil War "from w
paper that Ihe du violence the South hbaa never recover
tnewl 0 -J mLli2n t"A license plate, or anyt
tags it i the lse t, bearing his 5
bouth. i Iin Ult srid the 'Lan
"Ravinrg 3O last five DbIde' won't aOud for it,"
winter atqtes, the ption el gtad, l
I honestly any car tired credit maarS who
from sz"3i such a winter home In Orlando,
license plate..W -either be He called 'lnw "the_
wrecked or hMiR damaged," hated man that ever 1
wrote An V-rarr SK to from the southern viewpol
the In Georgia, Col. W. C.
SNonsense. IIi. chorued head of the Department
Dilie. I Public Safety, said "we are
This seotlon ha had about going to object to Linc
90 year whlch to digest picture on fl1inol tag
Lincoln's l hi tn history more than they object to
Southerne~ w h lxzled old federate flap on car from
emancipp-r on pen- South.."
nies and 4t 5 3 Col. W. B. Lentz, chle
"TheWar 4 ovear and the North Carolina hig
nobody il di t hot at patrol, said his state do
,down her- Mayor care whose plItu s h on
eorge license plate -just so the n
Gennr. 'hber can be seen.
"those who aMlll llhtg Dr. Harold Easterby. dir
the war an taD whee uan-
ceators were ba of the South Carolina Histc
their absence fiht Commission, contended t
in." "many Southerners are
Down .t .,*'Where proud of that great n
Admiral a the Southerner, Abraham Lin
Con f da af who was born in Kentucky
Mobne that And Florida's G0e. Dan
ths word a choral Cart said, "Times have ch
setting of'a t tysburg ad in the South. We re
Address R' l*t m ad1re AIRb m Li
sprin. It by J het just as idon
In o- a tblqe of the Unl Stas
tan he and welcosit all the
thu "at .,. e tof Iinto A come
Olen- 0. L. genpra a" -license plates ane


f.- r.'

~~- 1Ii.;'ig

Ttckts, $2.00
..-**<, i- "









thliW Whom
'iaLna thrJhw whe*
t- ti'e disgorges the
t, s gr latest trewl
*****K' "mrs1 ow



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f of



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e to
A al.

aWa J..
ey, tW1

SW' -'2



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I '

-.. :/. : .


s jlt received dees, windows cmtrutlen steel.
1i1th ,teet sad Central Avenue No. 12.11.
Phoea: 527. Col6.

~ rz~
W ..

P i~mt m

IK .' '


4"T *

I 4


- ijy

*:." ~-** *wt
- T-i..W *f "*^il^|^
-**.-*^ .qi j.


You Sellem... When You Tellem thru P.
Leave your Ad with one of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 "H" Strt, -,
No. 12,179 Central Ave. CoMe


i. -

Lewis Service
No. 4 TivLll Ave.-Phone 2-2291, and

Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441

Via pafla TA, Panami, R. P.
(la Villa Tit" =11.)

Alencia lrteracional de Publicacioes
No. Lottery Plaza Phone 24199

Carltla DrWi6 Stn
lo.9,u Mdda4r lhrm. OsaOls

Pretagaad, S. A

Phxw3-ttl *

Household Automobile, f ,n .. .tile s Wi. wc*s am S ami aehab
Wlle AleMhg Am aus seo 2 2 br ams- bfrig I=
Ask About Our FOR SALE: Hillman convertible i11 Aneti. C. rane. Beleo 205
-HREE STRIKES 1952, 4.000 miles, duty free white -. wok d...V
CHRISTMAS CLUB wall tres. Leaving. $1,350. Pn- DR. WENDEHAKE. Medical
'Bazar Americano' arma 3r-1773. Office Balboa 1452 Central Avenue "K" Street car- Gramlich Sat" ClN
Panama & Colon F Ae ner. Telephone 2-3479, Panama. tei leaic I
&CoFOR SALE-1952 Morris Convertible, Mhciderate rafts. To
FOR SALE.-Refrigerator 11.5 feer. 1948 Pontac EConvertible. Both An Ask About Our Gamb 4-56T7. Pdb
60 cycle. large. ' space good condition. Tel. 2-4286. CHIESTRIKESLU Foser' Cotta O! A
Solid imiahoganv bedroom set. t-;fl CHRISTMAS CLUB Foirrr'. Cottni OngOm
Solid mahogany bedroom set, tn FOR SALE: Mercury 1942. duty "Bozar Americana" Saate Cta Phone ,.a
beds, chest of drawers. vanity paid, 4 door. New steering. Paint. Panama & Colon Houes on beach, Sant mCe .
with full length mirror and bench battery. generator, etc. Call 2- c a n
'Caloric gas sloe four burner. 2937 or house 1560-C, Gavalan Read about Ballroom Dancingi in OOL Canmpon Ma
664-B. Curundu Hgrs. Home 3 to Area. The book with II DIFFERENT types o Pho et- okN6, h le Ii
6 p. m. of Dances including Pqise, Grace, Or see o tke there.
-- .ii FOR SALE: 46 Cherolet Sedon Position, Balance, Leading, Fellow- FOR
FOR SALE:--|.|.,ngroom set. bamboo FOR-ALE `16 h.o SedOn
E:-stbamb radio. good tires. excellent condi- rng, and our special dancing for FOR REN l
,mitation. $120 Son Pablo Street ton. 3-2591 house 44 New Cris- TEENAGERS. Why not buy a copy
771 Apr '^A. Balbooa_ taobal.______ Today? Now on sale at Clubhouse, Aprtmelt -..
FOR SALE:-Westinghouse refriger- FOR SALE:-46 Nash Sedan. good Ship Services, P. Xs, both sides of Rt T T r .'
atar. porcelonn. al. household fur- tires, good transportation. 3-2591 the Isthmus. Including Panama & FOR RENT:--Twlo e m
nishings 3-2591. House 44 New house 44 New Cristobal. I FOR SALE arN t in ela. J i.
.Cristobal.1`110111AO AveJ,,
Crbl.- FOR SALE--1940 Oldsmobile 6. SALE 73-A Call 2-2341.
FOR SALE-Custom made mahogany Sedan. Duty paid, $165.00. Tel. Mi eell e. F Th g
modern dnging table and chairs; ,2-3429. Diablo Heights. _____ nnleam e.l-d ", wm
complete Rattan hiirigroom fun's:- _______o
ture combinatoon radIo-phono- FOR SALE: 1950 Oldsmobile 6 Ask About Our sem bIl, lrii
graph, lamps and other furn.lure Hydromalnc, radio custom, made THREE STRIapKES-lt
Phone der^ s 83-6103, evenings seat covers, an excellent buy, $1,- CHRISTMAS CLU1 '.h9iq e Vp o, B ^l *ipoi -
83-3298. 100 00. Call 2-3429 -5083-A. "Bazor Americano" 2._4W7 8L 0OTr .
Diablo Hgtr. Panama &r Colo-
FOR SALE -5 porch b'inds, $3 00 FOR RENT;-A two bedromem-
each: chrome chars. $2 00 ea; FOR SALE--1951 Ford Victoria with FCR SALE:-15 commercial ironing mnt completely fumihed. O
I crb with mattress. 5 00 2 rad.o and WSW, color .hawthorne boards, American Laundry Ma- 2-2395 or 3-5113.
nursery Inoleums. 6 x 9 52.00 ea; green. beautiful condition. Phone chinery Co. I gas operated water FORENT-One bedronm n
one Hi-chair, 2 00, oval encrnel days 83-6103, evenings 83-3288 healer capacity 650 oblloun per F h wENrvicT-. 1 h So rt. Rwt
hour. Large and small laundryrvices.15 t W
baby tub. $1.50. 2-2898 and FOR SALE--1950 Studebaker, ex- nets. Mis. Laundry upplie. Call Abolo, hou 3011-A.
1431-A. Balboa. cellent condition, 16,000 miles. Colon 1462. FOR RENT-One or two ribe
FOR SALE. Rattan Iiv.ngroom 16 Very low down payment. Liberal OR SA flower P rtrt, frnld r un -
pcI.l ana mahogany IS ocs.l dn- terms Coll 5245 Curundu kFOR SALE:S Acun flower seeds, Paa- ed. er Hill, 2nd. St. i l
ISrom tkeet seeds. AcuIrlo Trtercml 55Call,5245 a _
ingroom sets. Like new. 40h St FOR SALE: 1948 Studebaker. 4 Va Espaco. Tphoni 3-0533 or 3-2694.
No. 19. Door Sedan, $475.00. Phone 83- RENi-3 4 d14 m oai3n26
FOR SALE:-Apex washing machine. 3122 after 4:30 p. m. 572-D. FOR SALE:-Olds Super Trmbn. F RENT.-Z bdroo
RCA ironer, Westinghouse refriger- Curundu Hgts. Good condition. Very re unable. L .l.S2ban. P Telqomll .
tor. 215-A, -Anco JUS BULTll 2-3589. 20Cold ini frw.
tor. 215-A Anco. Position Offered FOR SALE: Picture record player, JiST BU RT:-Hot & Coldrit
FOR SALE 4.5 RPM, 25 cycle practically nished apartment suitable fo~r
Saleslady with excellent references new, 148 Prospect St. alboo Pe"sonnMel, two, three bdr
Boats & Motors wanted for reputable establish- Heights. Coalf 3.4941, Panoma.
ment. Must speak English and MUST SELL OR RENT:-Fumishd or unfumh
FO ALE:-22 foot fishing cruiser. Spanish fluently. Write Box MST SELL brrndle boxrf, 16amonths, e 2 bedroom. vn
65 H. P. Willys sea sleep molor. Panama, R. de P. for interview, healthy, obedient f good watqch-dogl; I n h n 2 mim. sl
SPenlec condboa Yacht Club, 2693 WANTED -Butcher with at least 5 preferably to family withboys or
or Panama 2-2341 years experience. must place in country. Phone Balboo 2- FOR RENT-3 bedrooms, livi nie,
o r h lIlh and Spanish. Do not apply 3480 after five. ditningiom,.porch, lano kIJnIt
No th American couple would like without references. "Mercado Lo- FOR SALE: Hamorlund receiver groe. 134. Belisrio Porr
partner to share pleasures and 1tol" No. 6, Monteserin street. rHOa29-X and Nao H ncla
Arob0lemns f recently rebuilt and H0129-X and NatioMl HRDSOT
seconditioned 34 foot cruiser. 104 WANTED both od condton. Telephone 3- FOR RENT:--Fumilhed an
Fl. P. Continental marine gas en- 4027. I a prtMnrt, 'Fridair No. da N
Bine, battery charger, head, galley Miscellaneos FOR SALE: Piano Upriht Grand etn" e Fedo e oyd, -
,a box. dingy, fishing chair, out- r~frngerotor Coldspot 6Q dyr l.t -
riggeer etc. sleeps four. Panama 3- Ask About Our i valid whel, chear, baby crb -
0692. THREE STRIKES stroller. Telephont 916, Colon.
SALE-Wisconsn 4 cyl. gas. IS AS CLU FOR SALE: 160 lIb .arbll FORs RENT
lie engine with governor, lust arLke new. If interested call 4-5,24.
overhauled, $80.00 The Texas Co Panama & ColonLkn.f trecl4 .R
Panama) Inc. Tel. Panama 2- WANTED:-Companion for elderly ANA CFOR RENT:-Fun re m wlh
620. lady, must be free, age from 40- OFFERS OFFICE MACHIN (Eu en akingl or eily
S 50, respectable, near and gentle, Sealed bids, for ng nLE blrdl t teuone or two gentleman.
FOR SALE English spoken to live in with ill be eivds opening n ublic'm Aw nue No. 57,
salary. Solicit Information "Alma- c er ill be received until St.
Real Estate cen La Familia. Colon." July 29, 1953, in the office of Su-
Sperntendent of Storehouses, Balboa, FOR RENt:.:-Belb Vista, clean fur-
FOR SALE: FOUR FURNISHED WANTED.--Vactort quarters, Sep- for Hand and Electric Ditto M-o nished ram. making facilities.
APARTMENTS near beach at Sea- ember thru November. Call Al- ch.nes; Wire Recorder; Shaving, Electric friigerator. 43rd Street
cliff Acres. i;th water and elect brook 6285. Transcribing and Dictating Machines; No. 13.
tricity. Property managed. this pro- A change to earn some sending Burrughs ric Adding and Book- FOR RENT.-Congr. Nicely
some spending keeping Machines; Protectogroph Rs RE ner o furs.
perty will pay itself within 4 years money. A group of Ameriean teen. Machn ; Tme Potctograph nished nrom. One or two ps.ns.
PRICED TO SELL at 55.000.00 cash agers in Balboa are willing to do 'ing Sc I located i and HaBng- Nos 28. o Cao -1789 er 2-
~r S6 000.00 ae tmr your odd lobs for you at reasonable Industrial Bureau Area, 1693 o a. ou
'Carl Posey. phone Balboa 2756. rates. For further information call itndostrlo o Bu4 au Arbe, Babea. In-ed -u
S2-3148 vitatron No. 45 may be obtained
FOR SALE:-2 bedroom chalet, two 2-38 from the above source, or from of- FO RENT I
,-bothrooms, livingroom. diningroom LOST FO N fice of Superintendent of Storehouses, I
staroge, porch for Ioundrying. No L T & FD telephone 2-1815.
.86. Ernesto T. Lefevre Avenue ------------ Mi ofls
Tel. 3-1028. LOST:-Gola watch marking inside FOR SALE: Beautyrest mattress.
of back Ferguson Cullen, good brand 'new, double size, $80.00. FOR RENT: -- 953 Plymouths in
OR SALE:-Lots from 700 meters reward. 7041. 7th. St Colon IT. 3-F086. New York. Will deliver and pck-
minutes from city,. Boyd Roose- up at pier a oL. G. E. dy
volt road. water and light. Thomas FORSALE:-Ercoupe, airplane, per- 2001 N.-erL St, G. E. Aud
Real Estate Agencies. Phone 3- fect Giard it njust re-licensed. ton, MI'.
1069. Central Avenue No. 25. L a d Brckman a'intd, for quick sile. $85000. W ,n
9 <_ TTerms to responsible party. 86-
1Chosen To Head 1 das. 8-235 nhts.
Chosen To Head FOR SALE: German Shepherd, B
[Can~c~r Cmmiee "months, old, healthy. Bargain a s
Cancer Commiftee Ph Srpnel, Balboa 1389
_FOR SALE:-Cocker Puppies, back Ta e
__.. T._ Leonard M. Brockman, a- Excellent Pedigree, $40 and $50. fa l
distant personnel director of the -4241 5-, C.rundu Hgts.
F- [Panama Canal Company, has
been elected executive chairman FOR SALE: Hallicrafter Rodio SX GJLVoeUla l i. .1 I S. -
of the Canal Zone Cancer Com- 25. 4 Screens, 8 ft. I Screen 6 ft. ( M .
mittee succeeding 0. O. Kellar, General Electric washing machine of Hoatonab Ta .l d t4 d hr
chief of the Safety Branch, who House No. 0788-D. After 6 o'- first "~Si tla =-
has served for the past two and clock. M co a W k ilJtOR
a half years. .St Club-a
n The election was held at the Silver Star Clb M r
annual meeting of the board of llver 5tar Club I stroke.vrl@4
trustees in the board room of _Galvesto ha
the Administration Building at Com letes Plans ao. a- Y ,L
Balboa Heights. -C their.two -q.
Also elected at the meeting Fo r Square Dance he "
was Lindaley H. Noble, Comp- The lver Itar S li and keptettm
troller, as a trustee to succeed e iag of 1a nda ao& r
E. C. Lombard, Executive Becre- hSuare Danclng Club of paraso bout
tary, whose two-year term of ha.almot completed plans to
office hW'explred. entertari their friend and "I mu'--t
,In addition to the two newly members of ther cclub on both mile wut
elected members. three other ddc ofitbi Isthmus at their w" h
recent replacements have been es l to b a held tred to ISa
made to the board of trustees. nthe Parata C&bbouM on Sat- hard sl_ -
,- These are ex officto members urday', .. keep al *
Son's Dilemmo m from the Army, Navy and Air ..nvittion. have been distrib- away."
SmForce. These new member and uted to. all clubs d friends on
the officers they succeed are: both ideal o the Isthmus. The Apl ;m
'-l pLkete ha-d s sdr Colonel George e. Leone, of Prize will be awarded to the Called i-oOit
: '* l the office of the sro eon. USAR- three clubs with the most mem- hours, la l.term -
CARIB, replacing Cl. Francis bers attendln spotted her
I me ms y hbe was Ilslr P k. a Army member.
S- -- -. Fnatn w R Dv hin, r. 'l B Wlhte out.

F. L W- A.

ifteenth Naval tt
ieal Offer, replRac i
HareW E. Rainsa u


Mjaliuu for 12w.Wrd"
Jc. Mib addiioaMlwvA4 .


Wateh this spaOe for next
w~S's announcemtt of yur
WXLDWOOD dealers
Sintral t Ave* TAm. m3I-.M

l "Ear Ballroom idOg"

STUDIO BALBS " S Tea. 2-1id...
w-. B &AN -T a wr


Tel. I XM5 :-5i0 i ..



Eve to h pett y
u call for an of

x.i~ 5,.ii
54~ p *

rEM *.


. .. '.




. ,
,.A; :1

1I 1.

,1 .'
.:. 1
"' '*'

ml-I ...



Jb. J A* Ma


- 4.< .?
I..'1 ^



, ,

rl~.:: r ~ ~P~~

_ __ ___

M; UAramu Or- ON

toY AT3ON,
fx .M-.. .

S7 1.. .

- ~'. ~;''~I:' *-r-
a. S.~;;4~ilX~'R

ffr~.~.: '~i~ -. I1, *:
L: :

Wnhi&r Since '3

. .. -.j. i. .

jBHS Seeks 1a4 in
?m,-v I




ra 'A

ton.W W 7itoo
mrpS. r.
Aage k
hrtB -. -2 10
rg "iS '. -^ Sem i-
S : an,

a I

i 11 0cI

54W~~;P O a eeiu w

-. ak

leveland .
S ain (94/
I ough and .Bq
Oand Ginsberg,
Boston at '
p PostponedB (I

. "* .I .-
/ i*. n- lj
71 am


*Tak' .4"A"
Navat T.ake .L.

Lea4 Plays Fasroa 1itght

Atlantie. 11if l %U6- must win bOM maindian
TSSng mw 'AINo engagdmentns te can
W T fNt. .epeat t i i m w
Naval astatp 10: I dng as I, ey wit
Universal tita J 4 M to into g e over-
Gibraltar Lif I J3 whelming numi
Powells 6 7 .3 P.-45 fartlr the ce7ib.
Fawon 3 8 V.P.-45 ha4 ,;pliy twe
V. P.-45 20 *16a victoriesne over
Patron a against
M Powells, t going
'Naval SI Un~siR t take laying
PoWs. $', V.P.-4, 4 down.
GRa n The fir. a.. rea-
GIya FarB tUtifes G "Saon
S vs V... Gibrul/s. heses
& v/.
'* ond place win to-
r Nav ~tao removed the niht wou a ex-
st.rongl bg loEa ent Unl-
OWr, 4A ivpla sport si Game
put o fivO qa"- Lme, 7, ..., -.-,
trick of 4.l Box scores: .
Iby to First Ga .
so Cnow is f.,.. r i l.l.S T.
to :. im a T
Sand Moser 2 7
uVaAtlanle i Manning .Y 5 19
title they ro: SinonA, C. 5'' 18

. g owd of t";

? .01tas. o, cad ta
of h tcand n
a egintet trfIwe

shake off
1 oil of a

.atorr iin,
lo p,f civera d onr
I But It wat
Vmla struck terrorIn
t% of, Ubiveral portsl
D = a total Of.

M." top;it*"

f^ IW WMw

onbver 1 3 .8
all 4 4 11
Constantine 49 0 0
Algaler .2 2 0
a.. u u


Aalrlouto '

9 1
o 3
0 0

Sts 11i s s

,o: _~ -. .
eeond oaie
p5 PF T#
3' 3 0 9

,te -e

o 0 1 0
* g ^gj-- -ii ...... -

W T. 1 1T
M I 3 10
S-'D.' 1 0 T
20 0 2 0

SLatten 9. 1 2
31 Is 1 1

,n amboa Cerve
* Pl a t 0 -,*%

a_: di.' !e ,. FE honor
1e tWo top fnmin lofers all -- f layt
1 h.k Tjt5watu tae ofitI *:00 a.m. WN~Ut

-mum -leI

1edAmcd wt
Palum M ANBo i


U o"t tl

-m a-m
* Mp~



I Tormt
,late. a NN~

rp ( i
i Ir c;UF~~~

u.i;-" ..-.
r : ,. ..,
. -,-,., ... __

n 2 Years

Cage Loop

A strong Baloa High School
team will be out looking for its
fist victory in to years of play
agfrast the Canal Zone Junior
S_, teo n Pan io Saelketbai
LANCu Thurdrj-iiaiM
Steal ly)Jing Ifo ta-
sou theo'Slbpe B C.W*
lo"n for an "prewe rfe co-
legians. The hot sheeting of
Sam Maphih, rddy yAltus,
and Gas TuaM .. Was tU
mueh to fe ~ia teir last
contest and iUllge topped
that 6 to 5t.
In the second game Fa Lapi
will be out to upet special
Troops and be4 -a isr to tag a
defeat on the juI rd elad*
ers o. the Pth ao eI With
the addition of ow new players
givinir them more hel' t and
shooting ability thd Sallon mary
well reallse their e3M nn.
AN lIterestlg puikew of fa-
taie bahetbal rthawl e ef-
feoed the fans elm W L
nem from saloe swa Ag n
e"um s off betwo hatwes of
the ft t galme. a a aeh
tea ha woa on ee st t one
to each other in lMygro
C| tea.
BEsetball fan, vou are urged
to eme out Thnatida night and
eny th best and cheW est al-
tetalamen tin the Canal Zone.
Along The fairways

The Omega Watch Haldatap
To'urament Iausly on-
w*d0d by thm ,brrht JOW41ey
e In 'Colo R. de P. be
at the b Brook o
W C'ountry, Clu.h parwe*S
ed io the al In the Ladies
There have been many hqt
and heavy gaimea jayed with
lin.l wannstittMn imon, the

150,000 N4

Iogan In

United I esmpei4e
NEW YORK, July 22.
Hogan came hone y
from his triumph rn the
Open golf tourney to na
greatest receptions ever
ed an athlete.
A crowd estimated b
at 150.000 cheered and as
the kig of the world's
with the traditional t i
alond the lower Broa4
rade route, New Yorei
avenue of heroes. Broadi
officially designated
Alley" for the day.

meot coveted golf cha
"I'm"rlding on a clou
never want to come do
said. "I want to keep
ing golf as long as I ca
The ticker tape parade
ed the fitat time in i
and only the third time
tory, that Neo Yolk.hs
ed. a civic reception 1D I
The first was th 1930 wh
by Joes came home wi
"do,'s "triple crown,"
won the British Amati
Open titlp after tak
UB. Open Championship.
er won the U Amate
asend was accorded 0 G
am in 1933:
Jnes, who did it twice
san and ogan are ti
elers ~ho won the I
Br.ttsh Open champion
the same year.
The tributes to Hogan
ed d t-ft from PF
"an -evveoyr traor-
busaesl of lbulding fr

Aisr Chimet As


ag WI


IoU Assocl

ites are .
-M wls529040
r the jeiJ

'(*s .Li
** -*"***: t .-J f


Goes Home

With Eye Cut

the Cardinals, the Im"-.
LLeagne leading batter, )wC-
eamt home to ft. ious, tadr
te repfrte itwL a3 1L- i
cat. he OiiRd a lat S.lleeW
Caria-Glasits me.
wdi stnek mar 'teI hda by
se W e" home o eal KDO
bat threw. qr At Dauk e
Giaats a he suers rhast
aTe dustrtos ~VIMt a
iN tstrrni te looft. m yT
mebig-r NlK^ M0I
falXiii~~~~iiii~~~~iii g`lUllllBIll>

, ,IIt I"* on ,- Sum rr *-- -ver al nsond Awi f th U
g f a t -**M re of the .
of 01 51 t 16 1ofl sp ye a-
ofss =Vek arrived Jeonette D. Orr
.. ,i. me..n,,.h a: Awarded Experr t
adel 'hbad her huada d I l'POWr to that t Rifleman t
brsabMariW parS csc Sy. e sa ai leman M w that
I, UtW~rfirst etgh-* ae 6te 'ay liU" In- 0
i iS i tiled l P t "-li "h A mov. WASHINOTON. D. C., July
a.'. .the up v i.n k a moeve. The Ri a lia t
F: ublsa. In the rek s sa he wil eontIue second hlgest award in jIi
S se came out on to I Deah, Cator- shooting, nas gon e to 3
a I* 1n. oa* 't. w D.sO with rewale D Orr, 14, daughter of Mr.
t o rls Satrw- siteEk I Mr dsheesberg. Mrs. Robert L. Qrr, 3 U
%i-- boith in thesW s w ma thtb r wn, Cordova, Pan ma, nII
NhW .- ts the v-la ..S I~o -... tohave eCuanhr ofn the Patlne s A.
'iun_ t1, 1ou be badpf wrfts wfr new." ociatuior nDnoned aM -

) pI_ 'll l l I Orrnme'stw/ d c N. Dilme.
i. 'a l. or ect vo o n the In one yearr of rhoootr la

J re everyone p- hl. t from' e holders a / .s. U at-3

1L se had stroke r balui who sw 22 (U2 miles ho:l, s O --
ya* Wtb hand, the erank toi Cngs to ervM eO I

*iw th C art h s on ane rifleman rat. Irth Ju

n0" d luckteoed ,W N '%r hgo tr here yesterday. S' The i mg
g. I f the lfrti bakd standing rn the b.t dck eond h i I-n
witt.h a law net of 88. thre 230-pound Cuban go award, hus a ---
Bw rave le at iurdn rhe sleh, tshe t e oIUl
ce bf wk dI wn~ er and ed ris. m.
with low et of r r ,aowith othN40 ert alWt JIW
'I. F '. e AMAD 3 p W. W ^ .wrdUU of the nation.
NZ "A ath g rad stude nt at Biso
GOgh C 10a7 .ne Wf t 1., U; 22. (UP). High school, W11 Ot4SOr Ia

od golfing gals. Cotas, Crig Cuban barothe for the Daibs a
atapt, art AmSadCkI bu wer Who hopes toJunaior DivisiOn. NW Oia ,
7matournamlenlt last k I lo ng-standing record is N. E. DilllmL.
Wta. perfectly ol fonOw. ti lppi river, got al

_ &H Aesaelve-- rde ,-,i- ti, young Hale last rise te..,
s" rd eryone vs ho Ami. t grolf the holder James Allan Hal

St. wer oloe" and low. E r s oe to a
Ita nerrer w aW, Aflt aknddhefty St. Laols Earns Es

Stall handicay oIp,she. r to C a uther ville, mre a ,
i l e "l I ifled as a photo-
HK~m ueede __ow1th Cortifias on the WASHINGTN 2 W ., XjUy I
1ati a m succeed hdee yesterday. Pl- yeThe 1ta lfme
iu. na' the ch Its din te t on the boat rdheck onde htt '
SwAha dlaw net ofA tde D t 23-pound Cuban ineaward, has 1~
IhimUtod gave Een i water Course. alse, 15 the m U
ed l Dy. test by winin e enm ana gM _. rs W
with low net of ot. our bystanders tried to help er ad omie i
good golfing, gals. Coa Cort- are El*Rb baek onto thed. PS.. 4the MU r e
ajt *ck, hbut thIb were untceesi-soclatlon..te
ful until Sigmund a 250-
Cl bos Ladi have pmund hauled him out of In five y ears f
fw eenslv. r i s. ,mdin a ae-hnded. Corti-eyoung Hale ha rLm
is tp-et tea w aOe i I; t a da, .13ou lower rankings to a v
expert rifleman ra .' W. A .0I
r, fehtnalwaalady 1' mInutes-to get back on the more award hewCihe -el
iHputeIn the "LA~es Ifi d
pWAmataur Invitations] OOCsr 1101to start his sf iedasair
avrsment," which I e- atfteupt at the record Saturday. man, along with St r t
1lW atitbeir home crnms
Wt*&lU tbtSh Amad61 )alnt &sdies' Day,-this time at Young Hale laWta &
in trand style on UK* We Amadof Goll Course. Balboa High SHOolin
o p isd1' Day. # Ft eresting eveist has been ama Canal Zen., wheb&mn.s
a geq round of got pbfs fttobrofow. het that a member of tbOhe
*w fopiw drink and-L ml' elm cdlck. ladles, and join I Rifle Club, under the
ft ept,.ehdt for sy e iyA 410 10 t 1 e1 tee, Ft. tion of Gen. S~yhUI
cW f-Aug. 27.Iad 1 OW.CA.ssrtingIstrt chooL In
sot;-] Numu Is tBe"et 1 *W' a m.W you ther fall.:


1947 NO

-J ,-
l p
4, .

Be tou

" ""I

::.T- .: -*

b4~6 *wA


Kn* r .

116 -.

ew Yorkers Chees

Broadway Parade

r for America": election to ef
Writ Hall of Fane and a aIIre
tolling the mighty mite Of O
Ben fairwayss u "an unaat
esterdatlto the youth of the atoa
e British Began ad his lrf TVale-

mI hd ftan both iden ah f

and shouted "we, 0n," ts lbs
ny police Battery or thAne IA q -
hovered lIMt brl, p aid tribute
I goer arms a easMnutly, E e n
e -apever the lee-m an of ten
wory a- aru ,
Smple- Bing t both Op des ofver ha
way was frop the Battery to Cit dW
Hogan's the throng cheered. wd
and shouted "s an," as t
so en- rode to a flM be-de plet-
a, les- form. Maor ent a. Ip -
he wed teri, paid tribute to HoesAt
* ever "the Ice-man of aacient C ri
world's noustie, winner of u gnet
mpigo- Britih Open as ever ha o
d and I Ben aid he wold a
wn," he more tournament o ta
>n play- next year proba ny untliUi
i." Masters at Augusta; 0 .
S Marc or Apl. O
e mark- might to to the 'a.lnnB'.
1 years, Aiken a few wee a M
i lIn hij get ornament "
accord- He expects to defend l tM
a golfer. next year in the UE. OP
S Bob- he was uncertain .about St d'
S9011- Ing the British crown.

12 tha






ae Bars-
e, Sara-
he only
U.&. and
hlip in

i Includ-
ran as
y In the

I "'




It ,9 .,.,,.-.
," .
', o* .' ._:..A '

A antu n.

"Let the people know di&e th=9 .qa, k(ammyan i- M4uahatm Aenn.':

WASHINGTON, July 22 iUP' .
r The osht of living climbed TWENT-EInGHH TEAB. PANAMA, P. IJL rt1I
a new record high in June, the
government reported today.
Rising prices for food, hous- -r s g
Is a.e:( aEast Germans G Ge S
lug, and medical care between rr auamaaaa N rt 4 uj r
ed living costs two-tenths of E
one percent above the previous N .- .
high set last November.
The Bureau of Labor Statis-
tics reported that prices ad-
vanced four-tenths of one per- O"
cent during the 30-day period
to put its consumers' price in-R O' R-, ..: .o ...
dex for June at 114.5 per cent
of 1947-49 prices. This was one WASHINGTON, July 22 (UP)-oppoin the government. Her The newapae hat the te, reve
percent higher than a year ago President Eisenhower said today rulin placed thouands 6f work- te, evening d ot a ma three w u
and 12.5 per cent above prices the United States will make food en in danger of arrTet and IM- paper, aid aa formerr wws l
in June. 1950. available to the Soviet-occupied prisonment as strsft continued Cseh and Bat Pechner a
Paychecks of some 100,000 zone of Germany regardlessofin of support of p arrested in Ba had capt urged tahd
aircraft and glass workers are any objections from the Commu- last month's tow renser dort mlo an
tied to this month's index. The nist rulers. West Berli. alal l. s ad rf near a a me
rise may bring them a one The President fold a news 5 8 perM sona yha d b hn Poland erans o o
cent an hour pay boost. That conference he deeply regrets arrested as r io n Bce sihe i a kia. cii
Major auto and railroad "es- over his offer to provide free West German n a er Alled officials isaid l
ealator" contracts are adjusted food for hungry Germans in meanwhile cared snsatnal war alted today r emkie
in other monthly periods. Soviet-ruled East Germant emanermany.fatorrtao riurt s
BLS said a 14 per cent ad- He recalled the first offer was against the Soviet geopation. but en agatn demanded b fr ..rrele
vance in food prices led the in- made July 10. After the Soviet Western officials dicounted the their comrades arresti- last
crease in the index, on the up- rulers turned It down, the Unit- reports.hrebe n menet
grade since last March. Th t ed States went ahead with ship- The Telegraf -dL rtM Rny other fabel talri. n
rise canceled out most of a food ments, to be handled by the fed- had brokenn hto t the Soviet sone
cost decline earlier this year. eral West German government Germay and aged Soviet by series andfoo
It returned the food index of Chancellor Konrad Adenauer. troops in battle a.n blown up the o hciasais ed ai of new
nearly to the level of last De- The Soviet high commissioner bridges at two places; Prau Benjamin. In santdirg to
member. for East Germany, Vladimir S. "-" ... P --S w
Sharpest food price increase Bemyono. has delivered a sharp
were 5.6 per cent for fruits and note to U.S. high commissioner
vegetables and 1.9 per cent for Dr. James B. Conant in Berlin H ous C
fruits were up 8 per cent and be halted immediately, the off- C o mee
fresh vegetables up 10 per cent cilst German newsagey p N o
for the month a reflection of said today. D
e, oranges, celery and toma- States of offering the food In an B
toe r e attempt to recruit "fascist a- .n--. h .
getts." the news agency said.
L~Uaml PRFL" h uOf these reports. Mr. Eisen. WASHINGTOI, July 22. as subversive by thet
Shower said Americans fd it (UP)- The House Un-Amtlr- genaal and the
difficult to understand objee- can Activities commitsO de- Ones said ter e
1" : tions to sceh a hfaialtarian cleared unammaneitly today that ug a ubedstvs about
S- XF aettvity. Methpdlst Bishop 0. nM wheun he was
He mentioned that same ship- Omxam is not atlated ad a far he
.. .... 1. ments already have been sent the Communist Pr. n s was a
and others are on the wav. Be But the nvesti pagi le
B:.. ... said the United States will eon- sharply I divided l BIL randis X. W te D f
tinue to make the food available Oxnam's e at a Ma r that Prof.,. r K
and it wil be there if the East athon plc sest on wheth- g of i t
Germans are able and willing to r the l-year m stor of
come and get it. had gns;-p-r a nwittm g- CS of i
s Meanwhile In Berin Amers- y-ald and cto Co- spy. -
cans and East Germans ake mniam through lhr a
today defied the Russian de- with Red front we tlr to .lt
mand that the United States Republican me aers of the hi r ad by a pe
Stop food aid to hungry Ger- committee generally were sm-
Smans behind the Irn Curtain. inced that Oxnama had lent S r to a
At the same time East German his name to Communist r a l, a. Mhe
S 4 Communists cracked down on while their DemocMratic abo i .te emonel ta
U "41' '47 he strike leaders in the Soviet gone, leagues in general defended 19 when the
G OING UP-It all the implementna the "nostrike" or- the bishop, saying he merely a fi l eral
money in circulation in the der of new Justice minister "Red had exercised his rights as a H B. V lde (-
U. S. was dibbied-up each per- Hilde" Benjamin. citizen. The Democrats also to tp hiim. There we sir-
son would have $187.40. Above The West Berlin refugee of- noted that many of the gro inus iM t protest fona the a
Newschart shows how the per flee announced simultaneously in question were not listed as
capital amount has risen in the that former East German re- subversive at the time Ozxim M did i waiit fr ft
U. S. from 192 to the presentconstruction ministerHana Wer- was associated with them. for Wld but read the
High for the period was 1948 mund had fled to West Berli Oa Oxnam maintained th hoerr tMn t wlE
gh fr the person teorica y 1 with his wife and two children out almost 10 hours of th
uhave had $20eo t rta and asked for political asylum. and-take with the o at Was
frcoud e bor$200.50. Dataiss. Wermund. who was fired as yesterday and last night that a
Buru La deputy minister six months ago he is a vigorous exponent of Th al d.
as "politically unreliable," fled the American way of life and OsmrAl d his name
here yesterday because he fear- a long-time foe of Common- u led ip oM e
ed he would be arrested in Frau Ism. acl -
Benjamin's roundup. The motion to make clear tw m/vai League for Pea
An American spokesman In the committee's conclusion an a grp
v r n Berlin said today the United that Oxnam has no Commun- byr 'a ganest
States did not call the aid plan Ism Party ties was made Iby -l ..
off when the Soviets rejected Rep Clyde Doyle (D-Cal.) and was
American aid and It will imple- seconded by Rep. Donald. .
ment the lan even though Jaon (R-Cal.), who ast -s dW
Semyenov objects to t. c charged Oxnm with serving .a.
Semyenov. in his lett er to Co- o on Suday and the Corn- s i eda .l
nant. said food aid is the "con- mmunist front the rest of the 1 .1. f l. .....
tinuation of the attement to a- week."tee esM loaJ--
rouse hirelings and criminal ele- When Oxam was excused elf"X-
ments who actively took Dart in from the witness chair short-'W&; 1.,
the arson. l ootin and otherax- ly after midnight, he infers- d. O h
o~ ceases on June 17 in East Berlin tialy i tvited Jackson to with- lfolJa m. ,-
to more provocative acts." draw that statement. jese.l .
Semvenov direetedhbis protest nThe bio saidg flWI:rune.
East-West city border by indi 30 years of church service Ona e

vBd iva C aW est il P oinhberoeis '1 noe idn ldl 10n a lb
vdal Wet ren borouhs. ehas s penth less thanvethree ie na .r"e"..
"Red rilde" yesterday out-monthse n activities which the s lu_ f I '4
awed striker s in the Conmnist committee found questionable. V 4o
sandsIde fBe er ban, tack on the committee, quoted preted WeBirdlt h n' h
She ordered the arrest arid President Elsenhower yesterday telm g
Punishment of anti-Communists toel show that his wartime r a "
membership in a group later Ne m7 ait h to -
labelled subversive was inno-
S everyonewn M oW At ch Mice cent.I i.-
740. UCUtexINailIPJeul7mmThe nationally-known cl-"-
uJ utNaP-sj flgyman demanded a public' r .
c. she natural lovelamo ef y0r Mew i L te apology from the committee
mails, invite es t he. n f or the release ofi unveTiried l w
ery outside, oi. a g g r vcne material abo ut him. He long
ebahe w Miss le rs has been one of the group's
iher polilsh hmo most outspoken critics. .. "* .
C Cantu"MM ROME, July 22 (UPl)-Blonde, Chan`ing that the commit-
:a e Eate Tq Miss Italy arrived te.'s files gives o iroanedble
redii-J MMf The .home from the "Miss Universe" indlvdl b" a "wich e tool"
.sdrculous "Spil fW r contest today and reported that th t hat plays into Communist -
f.nisutiire... allow. fltob M al that "if she came to Itj- ku-kluxim,". Onam said his S
Wigs, right tipped-over b- ly nobody would look at her." name 1ay have been Included y

A 'Isbiou-righs shdeide pors who greeted her at Cl- witho
amplne airport on her return nam o hword appearan night

dwhout ,, .t he of Inexc--

.,_Av. ,,, '

- jA ~ 'kIt
.- .5..


* ";e-;'. ".'

e: "I
* all

. --f- .

J 14,,,.- .--...

do a


"Ills. 4
r can

Cost Of Living

Climbs To New

Record High

A Wl

;,~. ',-
; t^.

:: :* ..
,' .., < ^.-1;
.s- -
^*-.5 *4,

" -'

b -.4
P Lx



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