The Panama American


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The Panama American
Portion of title:
Weekend American
Physical Description:
Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
lccn - sn 88088495
lcc - Newspaper
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West tFor Food

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StPAMUNJOM, WP) Allied end a
onit gbbers of tle .u uudormist comomima
f cr rthe first time truce megphetos
th final preparations for ending he wer.
%. members of the comminion desigsaqfq
tbw1kd opened their hitid meeting, Commia,
oertis worked feverishly to complete construction d,
h.iMldlgwheM the amituice will be signed.
United otifis and Communist Hliism office
two 4cret meetings in fib truce hut, apprmtfm4
afempt to draw a final ceseire ine "of the ohM
SKoresa battlefrent

SlThey Iew

manes anrr ru
IWU eEAgu so,&=

to treat

Sinw. t av~y craft,
i. o the part to
at,, on the eist of Pana-
ih, aad'to La palms, on the
of the Tuira near Its
Sthe party traveled alm
MdR -boat&, timber Inspec-
kiMO-ea, piraguas and ca-
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eted Ih a
litburo an
Ibert RMi
rt and am
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Cairne a
munist op
Cwas the I
lonw which
2) Otnt
munlat tI

Sweother favored
u Sni aturdavy the
the entire group In on,
fbf its medical Instru- Pahpinf radio I
and stack of dr0ue was the Poesh and
ha a la*ing raUstorm of the naestr
tevel Kin open ptrauas anupe- r o-I
0 svit to Boca de Cape on reaebed
mtwaters of the Ta ra. mThe
bers of
i the normal povulatiomh have been .

'arses trip oflw

mofeote areaU u and to
t an'intruest in betta
Iap4 flnson


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.T H 0tpy e wAIAM s' R.
Um *snmes *. esInWL. AVUnI NWWKN r a M aN H STWa
room"N mpLINTOnwsa JSWUA a POV14. INC.
9 41AM-SP n. oWi VWRK. oll, M V.
..i YU ,. .,
au IIN As Is,.
in As "Ki--MBk l l 2.4-Mf-f**M W^ --.-- MM--- ^ ^

Dmmander To GIs:

oqn't Read Any More

ruce Fairy Tales

. A. Staff Conespondent
ON KOtMaN WESTERN FRONT, July 20 (NEA) .-The furl
btini of the past few days has swept thoughts of a quick pe
0 th ofve b iovery GImmind, o be avoided like the spooky a
at akid Is scared to open. And that's good.
n4 (i commander hin fatigue shirt swated tight to
MflbuM-s, bWlunges his beypnet in and out of the gro
the rut,. and says, "I've told the battalion to jams th
aid stripes I don't want my men reading any more tr
-r tales. It it comes please God! wonderful. Meanwh
41 got.Chinks to kill."
Mis lines were spoken with sharp conviction. Nearby, a
jrs' machine gun chop-chopping a hary hill housing epe
Mars unetrlines this terrible thought:.when guys behind wa
b avoid any glimmer of light. Helmets are left behind. T,
lad shapes are easier to see than a crushed cap, and it one
Would hit like a Chinese gong, alerting enough enemy to liq
a all the life lsurance policies.
A rporal saysi "OK, mew. Our mis.lea is t bring baek
we et three prisoner for 'questlonli. No shooting nlesM
ft have to. Klm (the Korean guide) wil lead. Let any prim-
mes know we're not joking but remember a ded gay
tb'Lbe questioned."

Labor ,Newo

m oo Alp Vlslor Jwi

PARIS. alefstage at the
Folp bro ere as a ood apot
as iars, er er an
the continent, to discover why,
after tlI UL. A ha speat W8aW.
00,00, in five ar to aid
ft Italy figbbac; the
.OnnUn thi, he iovaers'
.tr tnth greater than it ever
inl~ious a tourist wecea,
ewm all- of $10.I, a week
eof the most-gruelling per.
formance I've seen Iw as p
getting 4 h e distastauteul
jokes, you learn tat the en*-
ous tertalners are human bein
ace who make 28 -costumn cbhl 1
ttlir in each perf1mance, frequency
dolna two mwm a day.
To mae eac p t
his climb to" i, el a. m s
und nfighta ua. m
eir momey to ndI houg week
uce In thia ct whi h 4 have
ille, gse eout with r. eoot ftar-
aid, most of the Follea cast
double at night club Jobs
54- and do t4re a ore shoWn cb
my evening.
ch- They're eeworkes d and M-
eir derpalM asd have ItN- to
fil lhate the hAmriean tat who
ul- ses to have1 of
frames to thrw amee0ed vbe
they sweat sh starve. -
I ot all Frnah wprs. come
1int as chose contact~ w the
Amricans a do the pa eis'n-
tertalners but the Communist
And Machine sa to it

I At a busy battalion aid station, *t mei4fc show e j bloody ,I told-seerafl imes day that _____________________________
3 ed trousers cut off zoldiera with leg teI or stomach wounds, the hfalS& whether tujlst.
tr Meah h a," hesays, "we have ig roll of dollars. It we diplomat or d..nMer. ,of
't find the owners, w divide the dough among the families of p9 tecover gra mllns, i. .
IKilled in Action)." ar 'as evil a-'e Naid ocuplera
,,-_-of 1 -1. ,
V-eWhles atog ta lbeoleftard tak down their ad- And the R -. uson .
i wije The mulight. ofl.eeta ea the glass, While Am. s s .4U I U
= ai5e b talt to the Pfeh, the o .
ntut apparatd *surrounds 'a
T6ps are alo shed, so you can swan dive out if artillery blast swathes them In every aspefttfo
Jry. Th bumper 2nit numbers are tazmd 9ver, like a dream lif e. .,. "
d esiit, up front die aos their r e il So it wilLeitm a4s dAling. f -
even traumaiis, sict to t- .... .se
Thee have been tod many pipe dreams that made peace seem who think they hbae a pat an- EVa' fall suddenly and unnea t ae
at ra Cq pl be In*atwo-hotee aee. .swer to Communism. to learn with feUcti in a storepwt'4W. OZ .
that American I bor fobsera n bi It witfot at f olqtj UUnJF blgl'own
The vast movements ae best followed In the Pentaon's air here have'recny reported to yqur and n pe4 d ra
iMtd map roOm. Foot lglere ae only as ar a t of er or back home tht, jiaament couhahlb' t ie
tOackh or the neck of ther searg leading at e thehe o fll avng boght this ym t
'ar bought this "ymph i "t..
-- ec a, .a e,.a nMal r yoeld itseay nt*,e
"Aeria, f ast day, war to a f rr of the Frenc rI' and have to, tethe
Sot water bag,. is a brain bloated witiW in Forever, like an appendectomy sear. Hre ane agei q% *r not. do it any more. 9t v b.
A might patl feeds in rations wM platlesoon. A We're our blions and uch onble susnde.rtaA sl' tW4 *,a
t- 4e a p.,.m. .,, ea getyoI y in
t ,, W won't be ratp fo n- -.
usual k.
typipt. hich2 1 orst bin W&
they tape their luminous blindfoldd an oae we'rot so al
hmmialist lnfl1rators ftwm seeking infon0e'. .thtk"-tq

mt a.m ... blame nste s t" fti wr in
,n ews. or teails .saes am
A ground-air observer who livea with the i pantry and rn. t ax i f' a
hlie aiktrwhtt looks at the angry sky like mother watch- s 117aayi be l
* the. face of a aick child. "Oh, Lord, end throneuif-aMae sun," 4 ba
teale. "Olve. Us two hours of clear mnd well slatiog hahint." o.bew"e
Outuniaered' as were, our air muscle, whit. need f -ino al gaa i Mt h '
tibility. tosoot in and out of mountains, is a victory must. thems t, t i bri.e and ff hW gate
1andsI ", "gs.,
OI had tip experience hardly given the avrage cCitizen of Nbrth c W ir. Vd on't 8v vy
Reb of tandinir on a l-top while shels hit on both e Communist Wee.
It's an awful, eerie feelinglike refereeing a boxing match W80kerl r inst the
S- b u oit.t a r *.',_,l.i'** -1 7- er-' S ..,*'
sabte-toothed1tie fo1 ear political
em th ill, note U.S. bita clouding the enemy hill tcrpo'f Vl
ItM. twilt my head stUll-irmly on around and l see o
tI a tlto ti n OI dip. wo a worker i

GLANCES By Colbraith .th. ',i

will morch in

qm make his urof- i

-as tmat'peimps. come the-dio) .- r
W not beexe-
S- he can Tha (due soon)
.,IIb plusmome sort ofa .'.
S* unions(

*A .that
a. : "'b"- -.-
d ,'

* '. .j~"*:~.' *


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**I 'I + '" *.-*- '. ,' Pjr -r
.tib enable wwu

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al soemt- t
I* b "I Wf

, '. -i;.-, ,


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I A Nc i'-l ", ", f 1 -' 'tX n'i -. '


'I .

2 ,a1r'r-
12 -. ... "I "'~<''
99 r" -

'- '' 1" -*r ^ :-'-*; i, '4.-;
t *- a"' *t.
I- ,..i'^ *"T -*' ** i *' *** ri '^ 1 S.- **

.I m! ledA s I
.- .. ,n


L.4 .. .

cot BAPboa 3upacr

S t The pan. in mwfe -
_ n.of the Pulflo Club-

- would
' and a
re Thii

s ..r. for~-i S- -
w^~ abiik*a lriM* -in1

C-6O _isieiwral Important matter at-

gfer of sontaf se held with Pan-
IpW!M s, and Canal Zone officlala
and other union actiltieM.
Door prise will be given.

4 1 OKOL A, Mis. (UP) -shir-
"i b jla I l 8. who holds down

l e abroad. -

By Letting Us 4ip Yeu We Opettapbts
We lMave The. Offlow Machine You Nied

. Agents and Distributoru fi
Addilag Maehiaee, Caleulaton, Brneakkemn f Muctme
Typewultes m o. e Cat,
14 TIel Arae Phemne 2-M10

Th /a. ...._a f i !


MOa MIPAI Ium un w'r
=auu- .a La. -


wrS uI


H nou

Taboga Island

Youth Camp

a vacationed with a p ua.o "

Two Wonderful Weeks for Boys and Girls

Young People

tL i

. .. ... r.

a,' 4-it.

I 1"

00, Oawna, I

July 27-Aug. 1 9.12 yrs. SORRY -

Aug. 3-Aug. 8- 13 yrs..up. Registrations still accepted


u mum
the M1
* stall

wa at tb

J?* i1' ^-

d4'.tlUlibrham llM)

I, igm if~ito:i.i
"A h-12
MR w a-O;

orot m it-

io-jaw suraa. nuAU iua
I @ldimf af~..daurui the
It 0e. rla a e.

Ful Camping Program Responsible Supervision

For information call 2.1727 or 4-451,

Ask for Mrs. Betty Holland camp registrar.


Baby, i 's wan emutsd... Time to cool off with

S* >- I3


*.. *....:.S 4-u i.
.,-c. ,, ., ---luxuri s

I* 4 .* S.
4. .- ,V
5t, ,.1


* ealg."SI
an hour or bo

- na~utisnr


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- .. ,--
(.'... i,--
.. ,,,,.- .. .* '

ST. .-' 1t1L W.T-



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ij?:;1. ,"~
LtAebr -"

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C. ~. I

-) .4-', ~%. M4 C

4.'- &
'4 P

~'I'~~ ~

it' W s the coooolest.-thing nQlltisyworld? A frost.
Simint julep? A braeee from th(~ritbben? A hom-
nock.under a shod.ak?: Well,. theweather's too
Swnn fpw guessing gaoaS~.ian yoy, the answer's
wsy: Jhe coolest, ,most ic ;- thing .in all the


4 Dil-
.5a ***" ***1'^**

* J -

S li

AI 4 F

- 1' ** .
L i'
". ist

* 0 :

wth ..*xdu. nw ".Aci .......
in mlens gmgwlectlan from ale
Mand. p.raprati t .

. ..41
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S a

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"- I n -- S

,o u.o

%ago* **** su9 o* *- olb ** *G

formulas: for dry, oily, or tinted
Me thwnks I I m i,
d@irt M Unbrukablm ptlp l.
* A
* 6

- *

* 7 '*'

W-..; .,"

. PA M

F-.W w aS


' ia..1

F.., U

no more

- f

"- -.n aM. Wtsma I.-'* '
.: -
, .. w..nI AMr*.OV





) A

V. .V4 4
.4 A'.;
9,, *~;

world is you-when every blemd inch is fondl-
ed,.rfreshed and delectably scented with Aquama-
rirO'Bdyluxuries. (Can you think of a more beauti-
.fyl *aw to beat the heat?

_ _~ ~ ~_~_~_~L II_ i __C ~__L L _LI _______~_

fivod RA l6assif


I __

.L I- .






.ki p J t ~ j.
t '' 'i '- "L


PtLYjUQ RP7 I jrnjj

by Erskine Johnson

oae-uli3 and Longsnots: It
ty uplt toe boys-un tLn Fan
ey, oai johnnix' johnston
H, T.hai biggies in the record
' l'.are tunair to estaohlsn-
'won1kie had to plunk out a
mail' tunee to record lour
F O 4116A own, among them
ofme lack to Me" by Milton
Ir.s., and she brisk sales are
p Mv 'taal comedy's wrong.
,Johinp.e, nose record-
o; ",jjira"' old over a mU-
Scope": *
*"*'d nave a better chance
g records At changed myy
e. rThe Lecord companies
S at i ames anymore.
ey fin big names haven't
A tigtcords lately. All
s tih pigb hits have
Vittecord com-
a-h ry cook trom fo-
Al buy him if he
Could "Saskitenewan" be an-
er 'Shane" for Alan Ladd?
.1ioul Walsh, leaving to dl-
ec, the film on location in Ca-
da- Saskatchewan'i already
d because the locations site is
AlIerta-signed and said. "I
y wish I f1ad the time and
money George Stevens spent
*"Snane.", But we've got a
script-it's a typical AJan
dd movii.'"' ;
Without a. shirt, no doubt.
lMyrna Loy's reported ready to
&ve Wasnington. D C.. and
State Department hubby,
a try in 'telefilms... Theb
en of Shebla"'is rid longer
an idea at Fox The script's
pleted and on the Chiema-
ope slate...... Whether her
aioo likes it or not, Jahe Rus-
Is practically spearheading
i tainaign t l mralae
tiot laws so that Nuro-
'tll brphana cal be
ought to the U. S. for adop-

SMOM'S camera department
tlz, John Arnold, was asked If
'd wrife an article for a na-
&a magazine on Hollywood's
bi zg icaeens.
I sorry," replied Arnold,
t It'sAtoo confusing. After' rd
S aiutt there would be
tore -ifu!ton."
Amnol oal for big screen is
bfdadrt flm. fnlm that caA
enlarged ao fit any theater
tporothy Cooper, who wrote
fallal Town Girl" and other
big MOM' hite- wilt -A .
5aip for Robert Youpg's
I ather Knows" telefilms
1... The buzz gets louder that
Richard Widmark's big reason
for pulling out of Fox next April
Is his health.... Big reverse at
the LAndon Palladium. Singer
Al Martino stole the hand-clap-
ping from Betty and Jane Kean,
Who were supposed to be the
Nig attraction.
One of Mary Pickford's rea-
,OS $or a trip to Europe: To
earner' former pal and prirtner
Charli Chaplin to rolL'ct mon-
4y he. weS her. note; Hollywood's mbjor

1BS WILKIN Planetew

studios now emplo. 10.900 per-'
4ofts, comliarea Lu ,.,.buu Dix
years agd.
p-l's keeping .one of Glenn
MuWer's seeI..Ls, oUL I i nliO. iSic ,
f31mblography 01oL e Laint,',
oanaleader with Jmrimmy $ .a.
ano June Allyson p4.ying tne
Malera, shows them wanLz2i en
their 1lth wedding anniversary.
But Miler colon aAnce.
All those TV announcers
should be happy. Eddie Room- I
son parks th cigaiA d sfIates'
only cigarets inm The Oia.s[
The studio Isn't taking any
chances with Rock HUdson,
whose appendec.o.ty was com-
pilcatea by aune.ions. Tne,
Studio took two douqieb to Mo8),
Utah, to do th.' oack-oreakitn.
stunts for him in "Son' of Oo-
Heavens to Htossellinl and
Lindstrom! The.e'i a Dnilsh
beauty named Blrgll Ipro-
nunced Beer-git i Nielson wnio'i
being kept, under wraps b.,
MGM and she looks enough
like Ingrid Bergman t'o miKEP'a
guy pop out with goose-pinn-
What's more, she has Ingrid's
exact coloring and mpkes her.
movie debut in the tEbdlos
"Rhapsody' as a harpist.
Ingrid you may remember
.was a concert pianist in "inter-
..Birgit doesn't know "whether
it's good folr people to say I lo0 ]
like PInrid. All my life I've been
hearing it and in all the plays I
did in Denmairk "the critics
spoke of the resepmblance. But
really I dbP't Watg to have .a
momie career simply because I
took UMI'I1rfidd.'


Great WVit

A '
- -. ~

S t,

I Young dog Driver down
4 Male cats 5 nstrumentucal
8 Jungle king 6 haReald
12 Exist 7 MuN cli
13 Encourage dlrscton
14 Seaweed 8 Clasical
15 Wild ex
16 Monk's home 9r k
18 Slid 10 -SI-=-7- -no -
20 Blends 0 M te 2I Fceiv 4P *
21 City in 17 l we vot* 4
Yu goslavia 01rll C 4 8SW
22 Ireland ,t t 44 mS o
4 Zoanimals 24 nvd Iager itrlei 47Hgh
home 25 tSte i6" 00 48M44
26 Mine entrance 26 b.y s Necki'- U.d,
27 Aeriform fuel .,e. c& IW
30 Prevents I
32 Desire for
water -- '
34 Disorders
.35 Landed
. ptopeR'ty
36 Before
37 Lampreys
139 Revise
40 Church part -
41 Australian
42 Meaning
45 Corridor
49 Example
51 Scottish cap
52 Preposition .
53 Gaelic
54 High priest
55 Blp's home
56 Eskers
57 Placed
I Remits
2 Soviet F -


S a

:. t, .

" '





*SS. O" .....,.,............... ..... ..*s ,
S .F. l QUI" ................................
s.S a L 'dh ::B..e... .. tea Ch d..... .eAra. C

Handle Btig efrtl ed, Ch lln and mernl C "'


1 11 -

N :j

. -

c~' Im
-- --4-

S S. "METAPAN" ............................... l
.5. "COPAN" ... ...........................
SS.S. "FRA BERLANGA" ..................... '
SS.S. 'APE UMqILAND"..................

EPasienger Sa l JNew- Orle la at
."via Santa Ma lombte. s .' '.m. .
"C. ............... +., +......., .. U
*, .*.. ... *....... *............Aa 25

A... .

FOR SALE-Don McQuade, of
Seattle, Wash., is waiting pa-
tiently for someone to come
around with $20,000 aid take
this 12-toot-hlih plaster head
ol 'Abraham" 'incoln off his
hands. He inherited the statue
when he purchased the studio,
of Alonzo Victor Lewis, noted
sculptor who died in 1946.

Fabian's Ideaf

' ** 't

CST p Ji 8WI -- TE COLON 2

-- ~ -J.' -

~vq~e4VMd. &~eJ,

rf\,=*.~. C,

SI mII~S UrVIIwqruAu

tTr-" OF RIAM1

z -

mW lo (^m, L

SDOwy Sir
5LILLrM ^I^ REftB41

Quick Soluljo



* 1

* --.............
e ,,. 7 v *

\ U


"-" 1'tr

dli r

~A II'


* .2

, -miM a ga i g i c.jI .-w*l*I--, "I,. '-_--% .

- ---

. k

-. .. .. "1 : *
'. I ^ .
a 1^^ ^ L '^g

. -: I .

SB e" are Apig "*

S f I

I. 1* >

* ,



.**, -* : .;,"*' ;._ '-: *,

..*i~lr .-" ,, .., .. se

4 -W

n. 01. .

* I I







-/. 4.

E. I h ,

* .4

'*'~ ~ Tba*9i f

Hoe"er the' -rdn
.mfl (Ur D However, the' President

m ,ronce w o-.ou

itb taenshi h wmnt in
-lxh~avaww t=I

4"I 44~.-



. .

"y ~ 4 0**-
0j -AfflM
I-^ CT -fKwW^

=q WtUl I
zedt -ot f

I Tot
I mali

=g.f. who ; ae ir sm p ,

J9IJ '"oeiac" 4 A oor Sidan
S42I ; .'Utres, hp~c, r. a$t

"' jAENFS R9FR#9"
7 12iW.. -- -- l7 I.f.i.. ,

e ovrnor In 144,

id TS; hn>M


'~-~- -..

tar who

br ot

* Jmr.


W LL^ L .. .


"LTLc" ( ic
S.Lif 2. -

as. ~JfERu

UaaiLYN A*'c"
In Tehlmcolort'.l
vw: Har I a
yj-a imi



* I ..


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-- .. .
.- .-

, 1


is u.1 hti 1




1 < ** ^1, ''*

.4 -.' -
"b .:" "

, TV




" Sare


S ..


to Jecome Boston's mayo
Tiej gir?

,:a ,'-

.*4 .. .- .,..' .- n.'f ..iI
"* ''i" ,' ,- '

2W PAN.AMA AsMUl. -.._* .1 I

You S

ellem... When You Tell'em thru P.. CI.P
Leave your Ad with one of our Agents or our office in No. 57 -- "H" Stait Pa- Pmmi

No. 12,179 Central Ave. Coli6

Lewis Service
No. 4 Tivoli Ave.-Phone 2-3291. and

Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441


Via .paoao. N .

Aeno.a nt di l dVm*,ei
No. Lottery iilUi*P a11 uIb'isA, a am u
.._- ,.- m.,, .

P .

Household Automobile*s P I F hmem h S.a L S i NAl
fOR in- pr fect. Conditi reo FOR SALE.-1949 Mercury, 2 door Wib A It llric 'MtarW A
FOR SALE:-9 cu. ft Coldspot re- rad.o. During office hours call Ile, -a45e. i7 A T C ,
frigerator n perfect condition Panama 3-4985. See at 5711-B, DR. WENDEHAKE. Cl 4I567 A-
$100.00. See at 38A ght- Diblo,0after 6 p. m. and Sunday. cnY ^ ? 1" uli STOP MAIN EXCUSES
house Rd. Gatun. phone -26.. $325.00 down. Central A 2-4'. PtM ,r .TeP Fo, nB|
$3250 dowve Telephone 2-34 wPhone
Ask About Our FOR SALE-Pick-up % Ton capacity. Ask Atbout Our n n, Santa A KE
-HREE STRIKES New Paint. New Tires. Very good TMHREM: STRIKE BL J Campn
"Bozar Americana" AUTOS EISENMAN "Bazar Americara" citlretk therm.
Poo.__&ColonNext to Coca Cola Plant Panama & Colon Sinw Clai:
FOR SALE. Simmons Beautyrest Tel. 2-2616 2-4966, Panami. To MIAMI 6 t'EW YORK vi AMA 2 toiar
mattress, sprng and wocdn frame. FOR SALE-WILLYSJeep 1945. Nw BoMing 4-eM ine lme One-uda y ViiD1,'
$40.00. Albrook 86-5285. Paint. New Tires. Motor in very toMinami: 70 zisaM at
FOR SALE:-9 ft. Frig.doire refriger- good condition. $126.00. One-way to New York: PHL PS Pa
ator in good condition, $50. Phone AUTOS EISENMAN $1 N4.00 Round-trip $214.00. See a y
Blboa .Next to Coca Cola Plant PANAMA DISPATCH R ile F. NOVEY, IC
FOR SALE: Rattan liv.ngroom sei Tel. 2-2616 2-4966, Panami. telephone 2-1655_. los C "! Ave. b
16 pcs.); mahogany dinirgroom set FCR SALE:-1948 Chevrolet Fleet- SPECIAL EXCURSIONS 4. 1 L "
48 pcs I new, very little used line De Luxe. 4 Door Sedan. Radio. PANAMA-MEXICO .s e_ -1877.
40th St. No. 19. Seat Covers. Very good Tires. round trip" $135 i t 4 5
FOR SALE-Real Borgains in Used 1947 Chevrolet Fleetline De Luxe. 4 "N1 FN *a** .4 d .....
Chna Closets from $35.00. Over- door Sedan, radio, seat covers. New trip a864 (90 "" -
stocked on Wardrobes and Sacrific- tires. -.
ing from $18.00. Chairs from 42.-W," DOh:
00. Kitchen tables from 12.00. 1947 Pontiac "8" Sedenette. Tu- ameos1O,l
Excellent Selection of Wicker from Tone Green. New Paint. New Tires. P i 2"1655
55.00. S.x (61 Piece Livingroom Plastic Upholstering. Radio. Heater. ROYAL
Suit ONLY $78.00. Metal Desks. 1948 Plymouth Do Luxe. 4 hdoor champion of
$27.50. Gas Stoa ves s Guaronteed) Ensign.... I
don. Radio. Now Tires. Seat Covers. -4 U
$59.00 and $69.00. Electric Stoves Color: black. quality-st
IGuaranteed) $25.00 and $35.- olor app p r 4 .
00 and $35.00. Mirrors $3.00 1949 Ford Cstom De Luxe. Radio, exhibit BAOur GR
idge Tables $3 00. Garden Rake Seat .Covers. Seat Covers. Station Canre ar r-
(Brand New) $2.00. Folding Beds, National. niveiry. -Ig- ', "
complete, $39.50. Coil Springs, 1950 Oldsmobile "98" 4 door Sedan Highway. omething n a
$25.00 and $29.00. Dining Sets Hydramotic. Radio. New Tires. Co. motorcycles. FOR RENT:-Two bedroom.
from $28.00. Buffets $18.00. Ior: blue. t in Belea Vla.
Leather Covered Bar $69.00. 1 Rd about Ballrooml Da9lm: A. J i mal V l | w."
Double Beds from $45.00, Singe 1950 Pontiacr"6" 4 door Sedn. Ra- The book with 11 DIFFERE1 types cA 2 4l..
$30.00 dio. Hydramotic. Plastic Upholster- of Donces Including Polee, Grace, -
CASH OR CREDIT ing. New Paint. New Tires. Position, Balance, Leading, Follow- FOR RENT: Fumi fied
We Delver AUTOS EISENMAN mn and our special dancing for fiam Aug. 5 to Sept. 5, S
We also Re-Uphoster and make Sli Next to Coca Cola Plant TEENAGERS. Why not buy a copy water. One block. from. Hoiel Pen.
Cover holster nd make ip Tel. 2-2616 2-4966, Ponami. Today? Now on sale at Clubhouses rm. Phone 3-347.
Household Exchange (HX1 FOR SALE: Hillman convertible the Ist s, P Xs, bth ees of ALHAMBRA APARTMInTi
41 Automobile Row, Tel: 3-491 1 1952, 4,000 miles, duty free white m. Iicluing Panama r w l and four
wall tires. Leaving. $1,350. Pan- A unfurnihed
FOR SALE ama 3-1773. Office Balboa 1452. R J L clsed grdens.
SA FOR SALE:-1952 SCpr 6,500 Mi aC cristol. Tlpbon
SBoats & Motors m 4l01 ga. sm3iai down FOR SAL A Light Pl 25, i R .
FO r.ALE:-22 foot fishing cruser, 000 Watts. Almost new. Perfect oan43 St. Fa 5 v
k H. P. Willys sea ep motor. condition. Capable of lighting 500
Arfifect condition. Sleeps two. Call sil, each 50 WattsBub,,
Stanl&., Balboa Yacht Club, 2693 baker Sedon 1950, i litioan. AUTOS EISENMAN N'
or Panama 2-2341. Call Panama 5-326 or 2-343. Next to Coco Cola. Plant Te. 1.
North American couple w6uld like FOR SALE:-1941 BuIck 5-.2 .sM- Tel. 2-2616 2-490,; Ponaou.. F011I j, ape.t '.
poreater to iweelesurea and gr,.soupp. 5225.00. w tres. FOR SALE-Chi r llusral Win eld nie tie In
problems recently rebuilt and drigihal pant. 4ll 4-521 Try it Ing Mpchine, equipped with West. Wa sIn '
reconditioned 34 foot cruiser. 104 -out for yourself. Inghouse Generator. 400 Amp s.' oi r I ..
H. P. Continental marine gas en- FOR SALE-Pick-up 1940 Chevrolit. coPocity,
gine. battery charger, hrad. galley Excellent condition. New ret AUflTOS EISENMAN
ice bo. dingy, fishing chair, out- $340.Qp. Call Balboa 2-43Q5 TNh s4o caCol? plTnt .
rgers etc. sleeps four. Panama 3- twen 5 to6p. m. Tel. .. 4 ...Pa I'I
Oo"2 -------__'FOR SALE: -- 1i50 BuIck FORM j*l-AlI Co prSr Weh.-
Dynaflow and all extras. Tel.Ft Inaten efAnlp il H5 K. P. Meo.
Iea Clayton. 3188. tr jSWALM EIl .O RF 4.Coo Vi
v i~neu (fathr "AUTOS EISENIMAI M Ond pmn Co sollkng A -1
N eetoe c CoaoCol EoPlanteE.l. 4 ,&d S"tre....,et
b W A N T ED a. -- -. ,.c. .. .- ......
In large Numbers M En.oEs e Z21 SALE 2-49M.

For rd Day In NY THRE STRIKES, S=W.TMije, RMD' Ef"&""
NEW YORK, July 20 (UP) CHRISTMAS CLUB PpFsom ~ Colon .
Jehovah's Witnessesses open the "Bazor P mericono" ,R SFA-., ORSWl r Three bedroom con-
poosnd session of their w o r I d Panama & Colon FOR SALEr-i. commencdal Ir ning p *p
convention today, crowding into WANTED:-4 venetian blinds 52 x cb ady C o. 1 g Laundry Mp.s i V
Yankee Standum In number 60 or 2 of '04 x 60 each. Morn- heater calocity 650 gallons per FOR i .
eaterth htoythan anyo ewbaseballyrork.wd ing$ 3-0373, Panama. hour. Large and small laur c
Members of the religious sect WANTED-Apartment or house with t Laundry supplies o Ca. p
-States and 90 foreign countries servant quarters. etc. Call Panama PNAMA CANAL CIPAY PR~ t $5 000 .
be gan their wee-long "new 2-2159 during business hours. OPp" S VARIOUS ITE PO SALI or
society assembly" yester- Seated bid., for opening in public. Cor phen a 275&.
I 05-degree heat. First id will o resolved until 10:30 A. M., S
'tn at the stadium treated i LJulyov 23, 1953. In the ffice.of Super-
rso s, mostly from heat t1od t UWu Intendent of Storehowe p, .far .. .. .
ps on.r oeat rom11 t n I Hnd Drills Centrif l, p
Theofficial count of persons In O Ar |and Rary Pump; Rivetting Forge;
stadium was 82,861, topping M l Electric Moit; and Grinding, Sowing. .
1 which mmed thecu ala teons etd In the "300 Area, N eW V Wil and
on Memoa Day 19,8, for BloNa. taior Np. 43.mayotbe hupasthkA.
t doubleheader. BRISTOL. Va, July 20 uo r
asides the huge assembly i n -Medical authorities annouc- Strehomso tele stho 2-1815.o
1 stadium yesterday another ai d toda that 15.000 children S lnS a
E witnesses heard he open will be Inoculated with gammaF BS flow s. Pr
1 12- hour ceremonies ever globulin in the nation's aizth kn t seo.. Acuori. Tropical 55, Iiap r
era gat a trailer camp community-wide effort to fight Via E" .
0B eHudson at New Market POiO. FOR SALIE.- Super Trmbone.
Five new cases of the crip- Good coandtmon. Very reasonable
The opening session was listed pling disease were added to the Call 2-318P9. "a-
Ah 's four quarters day," rowing toll for this area on the .
.em sizedd the missionary Tennessee-Virginia border. For- il
e Jehovah's Witnesses, ty-three caes, Including two fa
ase governing body it the deaths, have been reported since UE" E s A
S tower Bible and Tract a0' June 18. '
were distributed to County, Va., health officer, said Central Coutmittoe, had bIeen
tea of the Watehtower he had been notified by the U.S. e rias tS ItpaUB.. Y" "- -
at Gilead, N.Y. f Public Health Bservice that 106,- AS Wu 00@ed of"opltiat
N. KL norrti t o000 cubic centimeters of GO bi Pt0 1W.10O l Hwo rake I nA
lldoS ociety. deiv1er- would be rushed to BristoL .tai r D 17.
ee n"iing*'"rell- "The serum should arrive T port M ter Ber 'n
ierw wh have "fol- Tuesday and we h toe str Wetainl g ltved a
supported the eoular Inoculating all children under re biuke" or the m
M erds 4 their politIcal 10 the net day," uter said. ":-1 the party mid.
e wtne ." the meatnime we will meet here Meawbil the Mttid ta
's^ Witnesses tomorrow and at Abindon Va. High B has
no neo to draw up plan, for epro- insiiassi by the
2. TheY doa. not b 1 gI
of the world's pol- He aaid 82,000 CCa of gamma agtem awe. __

chn at Baosd eee esi e ,
1Olmorrow city which straddles te state
grrees f .t l .r.. .

WtJ. ,
at 2 UJMl t

me ot see
bt ha"th to


~. .,~ S.

.-, ..

I wd~ms..e*eia~.ehi

m i 4... .~vti......

iMtrf iari teaiM^l^,,i ^?,, ^^ -/



* -5h


f.: fAL SX

,-- ,

.- i a


I' -- --. I'iiY"


^ ^'^ .'

-_ n* ,r

L'- I

At.dMi fdr 12 weed
e lch mddiJaw~rd,



; "

*. .

;, .- ,

-- t' --'

. .. : -. d'. ".. ".. .,
-, ;.' ". o T *. .' ..
I .



S-'o -f k o' ^.-" '1 -



* ~~2 -.
3 22 -.

S I f'lj
-A". A t
''tic a *-''. ..A .....^-'

& Mtif Place N AtL
lke 'Mace,..


i .I r f

,I: j


-,1 wr, -


. :..J '
ce toe



. F

-s. .I.. -


I. ~ u

J ,

* 2
* S -

- ii

- ----- -- ---- ---

. *

Top Four In Carib Jr. GC*

Tourney 'To Get Big Chance

Of the aoar thaVa 32 teen Wedell Nop. fiAluiw.
age golfers Who -wI ever lase the te
on the Vlermib ofr l
"fcourseat MonA=hWr, 1wo
S ato will be t h the Ca- ,.. p
abbean are. Th' be t, g e
tcplaysmts at mere U Wa. ., uO "-
ym glfe from aCalOi
Guatmmala, Costs iet the
ca. Panama, the Canal Zot, Arkr.
to detersmie who will be aile- "'lTO tacth
e-temake the trip to Ann Ar-, US.
bar. e
aS far lucky boy& will jour-r timatg, Ua"
13, 1n, to compete for aided

orthe Unieid liss oWm,-
1o chmpieala ages
thait ofjuior golf l
e9er, %.o& aoe Sptsy Direct-
or, mannoased today. 1,
a benory-making event CrM
Wills the ,,phr i annual Iw- the'
tsmateal Jup0e0s JuIor Gol fRI aseh stats
teuarment wuettag final- ward man
lets frhm a s ied adof 25,- ha
ODD aoal'satses the greatest thA
number S yftnsater ever to s0es
caplamte in a tutlq tWt tour- lorgimf
nament. weatWIllbe
"plba for the world chaa7- The Naa
pitdhip aeon" 4ateand we fu A=
tv ee aure tlI=o en-
Vran* s m the Carit en area, providnla the world
five tr.k Ontarlo, Canada e .ship trophies.
tv Vao uover. Brit ish Celum-
wiyoe from Nova Bootia, and
fromRawatl," er said.:nasy At
Mhe whHasof each of We ame
.s p t wi... ...... M l, m T,
n% Am Ar=t10 (o
05m0 '*- ,r- tournament sao u o (*

.. ... ... ... .. .. ... .-.. ,*. 2.., '. .-; .M,.
a=' not. RA-,t:a" a
.r sal V m98.Hadinda, ROW70neweSo a a mumS tod --emt. A help the pU=t otgmu.
so. Ier nW in the m0pture. bmntIen Jat- time eso 11 Y," OwiE back
Id lBarflue- d Chilo wUS chag- tmmy Ieb, of Montebello, hating had met4may M
'E ft h a p pily. 4 0 =0sc 6 p I M to Ia O mth, w n th e i S Jay ce s te h i a for

: ... ..Ju......1Sf A titleb
.r aaover one nJ. u"ir. G f-- & ~ 4 ,a
Sommu was Keels i, ts

Raf af,--- "
...m. V ,, ..-=gML 4,, .ir"osar akts o
JrIn.,fL C. and turn nan ,s.

.,.. ,4.. ,
L -. d".5t v. -
Wac I degath

aurko It yr 3S Ts
h.-~~'sn o,,ef mon- ilS~ktse It
Who' ~fr~t~ ,,'s test ga$h W? Maewt tuffai

['. -' '" Pr" "o ( i1)
)e 1
LP a .. i0

1 Al. 1 3.8 nestGamme

.ea 7 .$0g g 1- o. l- S .2
,0* 1a .r4 3.V t.' '
attIBI. .t4 sly to oft1us D.

Itst SW eleS reSS*. 1 )IL a t rm

)g af avlad4. T be ]plae tl. ,
-"G F first Game

.. )5egn,, Dikon (7-1) and

Hul ,s- .e 1-). d at end ofp.t-
au), eb,~lS. b rh s IA Toee ptTGed -
Of#11"vPlet 6Gamei

Game a- 8(6-U)OaiTart

,- -.,14,and,]iS- a d a-t.a-
.AI a-._ Ssc ,
a": : 01- ..

5a--, .C l .=m R a ee a n,..l
11f.(1141- .-. -e46

at- Pau
*lt- Am





,-- .1 ."* '" ;

~, -

iII .4' ;^^* fiib^^
^ ^ -jt ^ *'CP.



/',pr the people know the rI uth a nd ji country is s

NEW RECORD Lt. Col. Wil-
liam F. Barnes of Palos Verdes
Estates, Calif., is the holder of
a new world's speed record aft-
er flying a Sabre at 715.7 miles
er hour. The -record, which
bested the previous mark of
698.5, was set at the Thermal,
Calif., desert test course.

H-Bomb Tests


In Preparation

New H-bomb tests may be In
There are some Indications
they will be held at Bikln.i In-
stead of Eniwetok, perhaps bext
A possible tip-off that fur-
ther nuper-bomb experiments
are being scheduled, occurred
last Thursday. Lewis L. StraVs,
new chairman of the Atomic
=eI Comnuion, called on
ldeat Elsenhower. He eluded
irtrsn entering and leaving
th NOU N c.

HANOI, Indochina, July 20.
-(UP)- France today struck
a new blow at the off-balance
supply system of the Com-
munist Vietminh rebels.
Four hundred seaborne
French commandos carried
on L a lightning a:sault
against a strong Red base,
430 miles south of Hanoi.
It was a follow-up to a dar-
ing weekend parachute raid
which smashed another Red
supply base at Langson, six
miles from the Red China
French officers said the par-
achute attack so crippled the
Red supply system that the
Communists may be forced to
revamp their military strategy
for the area.
Vietminh regulars were re-
ported attacking the French
parachute rearguards who were
pulling back from Langson
after their successful attack.

Styles Bridges Hit

By Auto After

While House Parley
WABHINMTON. July 3- ()-
Sen gtylesBrid aI 1R-0.) was

Four naval commando unite tack were Itu. la "
swarmed ashore at Quang Nagat wounded. ,
where they destroyed large French fTit w
stocks of rebel arms and were order #A
munitions. day to give a&
Sharp fig1tin developed at paratroopers
Qua Nga which e or mte raed
ren reported at least 2 o .fttWroyed 50
the Vietminh d-e14ders were hanit e lt .
killed. Another, U rebels were two ,
taken prison e.. i nenh offf
French casualda in the at- equipmet

Southmwbt Drought Bowd

Rain; Eat, Midtest W
CICAGO, .J*-P) -R t of, the goto
Idente of the East and WldwLt state
mopped their eos In hIn No York Cityl
stic4 weather tod. but w-ato c.Oa.
come raina fell inarts ofaS da. oou* ted de
southwestern droud bowl. attributed tO the4t
Gathering clouar and oe MPoicel aid Jamae i
rain dropped temperature In the who fell fv"qlor t
East somewhat afroa Batu s Iy'a %r a M awutM
reoord-mash~lg highs, but e window appI _Mli A .d
mercury climbed Into the W0' at too-far to ca tirbr-e ninr
e Midwest hadabout the TIaW .- cy emVt^n0
same kind of weather. poured out to ,e0_Ij
Cloudy weather AMthunder- wWa to *eb.b i- n
shoWern moved In the South to a

Beforee staging any test explo- meeting with legislative Isdders a1.6 AI
Mions, 'the ABC must get the He was take= to eme agency h ml hault. e expeted T
President's permla salo n. That hospital. He was not reported in- l .
oeuld be what Stras w1a aftpr. lured seriously. py, iges Is ,. RaIn w pte in men
T'he first big =0roge tests The accept occurred a *
were conducted at tnlwetok atoll Bridges stepped from hisown Vaa M
last fall. One super blast on Nov. chauffeur-driven car on a down- i -
1 practically wiped out the small town street, about three bo k
Island on which It was staged, from the White Hoe. A i
Subsequently ,the Atomic En- automobile struck him. .,W
ergy Commission announced it He was taken to the hospital in
was. enlarging the Pacific prov- his own automobile. The holta
Ing ground to include Bikini. En- said he was In good condit ,on
Iwetok's neighbor 180 miles to but complained of a back ache.
the east. He was immediately X-rayed. AN DIBGO, OCfAit. SUJ
Since fall atomic weapon- -(UP-- A new volcano isddn
eerm have been striving to re. fom the ocean floor a mile @1
due the cumbereeme hydro- San Crimtobal Bae on thE wda
wetok to dellverSo ze. e orrespondeniSaenye iouth of bee, the
the need for new tests. Guard said today.
Gordon Dean, reettly retired U i Cp Hernandea. Part Cap
AEC chairman, said on June 25 ~o ., ,W,
that new tests were In the cards of Eftsenada. MeX. safai i
O To Sign lv tremendously powAgreenerf fish and mud boiling up Ia
Sblasts are oust ul ROME, July 20 (IP) The fthom of waterand that the
tesct blast are set off h In theA- Madrid correspondent of the saw a cone-shaped format
etfic. Last fall's hydrogen explo- "Corriere Della Sera" reported Just blow the water's surface
sion, according to unofficial tea- Sunday that a defense agree- tlh Oa st Guards. aid,
timates, ws equeal In energy re- ment between the United Statesl
leaT to 5.000.000 tons of TNT.. and S8pain Is "due to be signed The research vessel Norh
Recent remarks by Informed now of the Scrippe Insttl a
persons make It clear that rap- In asdipatchfrom Madrid theI, 'htfrme to.
1d advances have and ae be-" correspondent said the ree- I oel ft* tOf! I a
lar made by the eomin5teon's ment provides for U.S. use Se r naid ho witneassed
weaponss reuearch.fteew dt Los naval bases at Mahon, Carta a .phenomena riday off0(
Alemos. N.M., modLive re na Cad andd errol d Hed near the mouth a
"arThe Americans are said to be Mm QtlA6bal Bay..
Dean has spoken cryticalv of ect a great sate road Adri ards of
the "truly remarkable" develop- pSroes th eariane aSS lsh. at there s
Ments in the weapons field. whc wostd rianApgenlns* i'n of a newly-foftaln
Dr. Lee A..Dubrldite. oresdentwhich would link Algeciras with Fm oa "'
of the Caflifora atlt:te of Ifrun, and a new railway from
Teeholor9a ,nd forMer AZo ad- Cadiz to San Sebastian. Inking ia r Scripps scientist. Dr
viseroatheMed"terraneanwlth the At- pr.60 Sl eerd. said there
riser, recently alluded torselw to lanticd" i fld e
"most snectaiular achievements, iz~ d ih said thep rn f0it d ins were the sam
mot Los la r achieveme ts Thedispatchsaidthe U.. will not at tte beginning of
And a couple of week a an the allot 131,000,000 dollars for thue a volcano that roe
Los Alaros director, Dr. Norrvs ro ects and the pact is to run u ;eet into the air la
E. Bradhury. described the for either five "or 16 years." tAU 1O San Beuldiptine I
propreao of weapons research aq ms off the smuth'W
"ana Non-Worrier nt, 1 o ao
Rihns Tl SWANSEA. Wales. July 20 (UP) twoW sokgahindioatSbing
-- George Gale who watched a 9puqueroa may erupt agal
Ta ,2ailor stab a woman on a water- qoot -
STuMday, July front street, told a court here Obserers said the San Cris
ioh Idw today he did not interfere be- -,bal Bay dtltrbpnce does no
'10:3 a.m ........... 4:40 q.n. -.use "I don't let other people'F -anmgeranyom"- '.* alo n
11:24 p.m. ............ S6;t p,-.worrle. worry me." -t ,

While Men in Kremlin Struaie fo

Illy *N DENNEN eleB Ister jk o gojw 4
NEA SBtaff NW repndent ;- jm.._ relax
PARIS, July 20 (NEA),-.t* doss the faUil of Lavrenti Beria w d e
eil for the non-Commajist wsMr hisA _m pa
Des it portend an InteledSad 0" of the Cold War and a re- fI additn to iwe frantic
W _ti the bleak orthodoxy d MatimDism? toriel in the Pavd, In t
W Wfwtern experts on CotiMMA I esee so Immediate change conctM f
'Uraw's "soft" post-Stali et as Ig as the strug, r-s
S O he late dietator's i eaumm.e umabated In the -
-"*A. e Thous after"" t
7ussians ied from the formation of their
t ettce offensive after e mIedMa
of Stalin," a top a re-r etel__s t i W .
'l-maker told me. Isu-inteiy I

odd, 11however mq O
wtanslate their a Iai as -OW4 0 ar. -
I~f t~Iell"p offensive so

m-e May 1 f


S .1'

1,000 ma
a Con, I

-'v. L

Is aou me

It rooLaf_
Id b.VeMte'
* r aod.o




, O stop wwryi
t i Mi


vtmest .
ght at bis 1
awned caoliM
1, of

9 the
*e a^Tfligeta


,a o


rw. ,

mat ag,--A. ..,Z

-: .,"~ '*7,r~

.. ... .
. ... .. & .-n

.4.43&m i

I .~ -~'L -~

S. I



S. I




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