The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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8 (UP) The Soviets tod y
k into rlim as totfs o them
eg n a pshive rftlM o a
uWmut mwsten bty s s a
Sop revolt which As-c


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-rsUS DSP{

arrived here t-aN y said t
jy Soviet troops accbmpuiedbrf

Sbeiwid-to kbe n.a of el It
end ameored diviasi wfaicgj
a mnd-d wa moved 64

pvI of atis Sovffwet
.Itymi fidutnef m and
sd it dkwr atrited sd

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rt ie thq

July a (WPT
dtolary OCs-
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3 of

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A three-ct
Earka- --

Sha slrtw

uon of Jfaltil wrker .
sta ttoor eot.b-AT.
Sof BM IP- one WaM ,teta
t* then ta wafttI e IL pastel a
aen iaaato eAdh _MUtooga dwee .wre l
mrike oof t e- tbere, with mp
at GerpaM to rise able at sAy M
nla i tb '
W "' 7%The work* agree d
ao .Indlcated that far there had bees a
rytp get Into ast between e daLeoea
t t t eo andt w
St try delne atln mto-
wins la Igm Koeos Itnm mo'Maw tI a asS
.mitts han forn
arU by V. had d a itsad

ed a Caimaign to (C7L.. T

Sat lyn fh mi- Tr

John Wayne l. tat eHSI
-- 0 -
lIAHUA, M Shi. Jul 5 eaett.n a Chfluaihaas

eP easuat.
* Anglel, Cttprivate h*fe ahawilb.i
t ispb actor John a dino.. V
lhau. gts "Aing ln O EtoMas -
lan 53ltmargo rPeace Ite o l
2w e .teEko e tir
a. .n Mffa a a mm

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*q* 'U1'i W W 1 U ,lW
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,,.,,l' u mmma illJ~ak ,mdi laflvlm~tl~li. m,,m J
.,-- r p-,,. 'BID, .,

A b'Y t

*,,o Lt asi"M^^ iy^^t. Labor u .NeJ s- '
.IN OI W :" AfSi "dnAM

S4 a....... ....' S m Comr m ent tgoe
gy g_ tnC ir o L* ar :i .A .t And
*I. RapruaSdeNAveoe s. INCjOm me

i When tough labor barons can

,,. more money out of U. 8. Army
SA construction to hold up coin-
panlies building a veterans hos-
II pital and to terrorize by beat-
Tbf)ie:Ck iI ea or. pa totem te, ~.Imder $ o1' i' A e i ings and extortion businessmen
ARMAre rdhd grINtfully on*a ha in wholly i- operation parking lots and mul-
hedti-million aollar utlhides then
.. no leaer anywhere can ,i
t you contribute a letter deent be impatient It it asn't appear .8u06the y no eaer anywhere cean sit
Sear day. Letters are published the order re( ed. a I quietly by, running a clean out-
P least r to keep the letters mit to pg legth. lt wis our considering hi m-
lotywrtesshow ictston e.sell his union brothers' Keeper.
TIdetity 1o letter writersno* is il.i stridfesot en oa i But nowhere is there an out-
T nh e wspeper esum *n re. .nibillty for lstatem as opinion cry against the thugs who run
priced riasn letters oome and ve unions such as those being ex-
o posed In some sections o0 the
o f oSTIRRING UP TROUBLE nation without much notice In
STRRING UP T Eotner regions.
i 61: Far from the waterfront,
I have been reading your paper for quite a while.nd the special g and ur es o n St.
S "Mw pOX" has always Leen one ol the section l:ve enjoyed, o, urs near the docks In NeaD
e nti it'J.F." came along with his own private liti t of mud Jo y and Near York are noew
sling ig! So I sat righl down and mac ae o~4,r 4 per rsey and co iN eI r inside
S sauop e or thing... labor recugnizes nojui Lsdiction
and no loyalty either o the
S about cry-babes who is crying no nficd Stares or to labor it-
ardoUs" duty you are pulling... It's a iot..more. ardous for sell.
pedestrians on Hollywood and Vine than it i 'for a here, a1d
youlave .been here a long time. I understand thatyou can sti i Kansas Cly Congressional
SvouIkniat for Korea rather thrn keep e: ding pur tour in pinters have Jua, c een told by
Panama. Li. Col. i. M. Beirem, comr-
S n ynmanuer oi the iake City Arse-.
SYou know, it's people like you who shout insulting remarks na, n Jr t a sries.
ro a crowd when you know that te arson on e recving aelayed production of Korean
end of those remarks doesn't have a chan' vto get you. wort anniualltion.
w quite a few servicemen here, and diie too; and ns conm c l
g t longg fine with most of them. Sure we Ik 1abott whuit we ,bre ou.ieo. .
all do and usually the O.l.'s (the honest ones) that they man teschiti ,
hafe it pretty soft as far as work goe:3, San Bias on and local i .s, is,uUU,UUUJ pounos et
ratl doing all the heavy work. They also admit th a ey are jus propan.t Otre a-
plFp old civilians but happen to be in uniform. .aoe ana force oases re l
Sln ecteu, too.
Yes, I know you are doing your country a g vice. If i n bc.Louis, a
a re a U.S. you are doing a service that was you; if rec-oiveling tails wee
yu s ae an RA. you fall in one of three categorle a m int tabor racsrteerl ra
1. You are In the Army because you like it Uisatge making 'a tpaiated conusruc "nM
It a career. i4 co1, ir Force oase, ru Ad the
Itd a career. ..e vereians hospital, among other
Sm. You are in because you were recalled and have any projects.
choice. j In Det d And
You are in because you are afraid to go tocivilian has score of wit r.esse*
life and go to work (look up that last word, I the dic- claunng thireJuke Box vrtidn
tlonary) so you stay in the Army, hating 4 day of it, king, dill Btujalino, L"ca 9t1,
and spend all of your "off duty" hours al gin ii u for q -
wil|lstnty M lot. atgraes o .. -
ill telling anyone that will listen to you wat a gran de e thi country to cpa
and hazardous job you are doing. I wish wehad .tinae. uen
and hazardous ob you are doing. Everywhere e lives of the heave ra j ighth'od as our'pesple, for merit, and hind
naaLonal laior chle.s aie corm- that re might administer the bonqrs with the I ap
It did a job myself for five years awhile back and when peo- plicateo by tne re ional al ons broad, catholic aim that Queen 'Li employs. froi
plle.started shooting at me I was drawing thirty a month ,o run local 'eamaters Unions, I thought that making a knight out of a lokey jut
(paying my own insurance too) and too Dusy to bewwriting letters Laoorers Unions an, Construe- and a cricket u l wam an ally fine uch. maUad
tirring up trouble for everyone. During the years 4194 I tion Trade Unioaos as multi- If wa n d we'a probably Aasath
1 Woldhave given a yehr's pay (with out an extra 1 S de million dollar bsinsaes, have h e c 1 canot onelve ot An
1 Wi with you. I'm sure you wouldn't have acceptc4i w esMany of t hree rf% FI ae 4 p SPAgyPM f.tokwb The
fessional union cheti nel unun .,, ..! t.T .. ., Int'
In parting let me remind you of something If some of us worked in their trade. They just It nweri din out h honors, I'd utriave g
are making more money than you it's only because we have been moved in, got a charter and be- made Babe Ruth a aron at least, and Joe Louis Rse
wortng our way up to it for ten, twenty and thirty years and gan LorgaAirig" everything In a viscolunt t.w 9 1 er
Stave the same chance It you would only open your rum- sight, was l I, and S Water's "Sir" M
'lred eyes and look around. was spurI oasly endowed. .or
Only Mad-At-One Now, it seems to me, some- M i qualles for barneter right *it
thino an be one rig now ,ven work up idea eO Isn't a
TFIVOU CROSSrG tIAFFIC h ventimn k ut W the honors "IN
maya onstitt mnm en t y off, CongRess. XEve FA W

a contuil amendment pay offIa C ongress. ven as
aing .- maF ndatorky that fnOe c er ward heeler woa
Severe leader of every union of his mo"iIM and possibly his il
I hasten to call attention to the new traffic changes made by music work in the trade for a- had a shot at being called Sir Hue
o Canal Zone traffic department purportedly "working closely few years before he can take Kefauver.
ther" with the Panama cops regarding the use of the Tivoll office. The title of "Squire" is even Mou
crossing and surrounding areas. It's as simple as that. Catch lhisdignity and
The new CZ traffic changes include making the section of any mnanicurea racketeer put- The only artstoracy we have ever
i llard highway between Frangipani street and the TIVo% cross- ting in five years as a parsing at home 1 '0e an aristocracy of
and the Tivoli crossing Itself one-way streets leading into iot aLtenaant or ditch bigger. some pbht dgrees the colleges dish
S an a. This means that traffic going into the,Canal Zone from There is one APL union wnich in on tho .o notoriety of a flash
street on the Panama side whichc, by the way,. a still open to has such a rule the progres- I notice k In the end. *vgo
o-way traffic), must turn right at National Avenue, left along sive Upholat~rers U!nion (AFL), Churchill apsuesbed to the Id
tle street adjoining the PanmSteamled by a ddle-ofhe-ro handle. after ,these yeas
littl saag ioealist cafl8 lS Sal:Hoftman, oinlil- dlsd ful. I expet h
t along Frangipani street in order to get to RM R oad. fladelha.- d r W ust fine. We all
The purpose of the Panama traffic department was to ease iadelphiL ed Sir on't know why really. t
flo congestion along the busy section of National Avenue. No one can hold international felt so sne t know whytitles n Amt
way the Canal Zone has rigged it the apparent aim to cause olce in this union without ew a y about titles In Ame-t er
ae this union without knew a magistrateone-term
dahips on some motorists. having been a bona-fide worker the title of dge, and anybo thi
t In the trade lor at least five -------- ---
Why should oars coming from M street yve t l co.m- ears. .
late circle to get to Tivoll Avenue. when It .oul m- jm- ; In addlon, 04 even 'k single ", ti .
lIr and would et tie up traffle a bit if t U a Iturn ember objects to the handling
the crossing. 'of a union election, the intern-
tional office at Philadelphia
It's confusing to me, launcnes an immediate Investi- ..
Ration. If the preliminary probe FR, Ieveals any vaioly. t charges ,
o.'.. ln'temWon, the THE B R WAY
b"al offictal ate Inintedlately
pOdR THE BEST LUNCH 1ft N susp ending the outcome O a me
VISIT THE No one can push around any A O0t 0 1aor b*
A one member of this nion iSa w needi
for it has dramatically recog-
A L A nized that no labor organiza- An entrepreneur with
tion is divorced from the pub- (Al so mo esh in
OUR DAILY HOME-MADE SOUPc interest. Therefore the pub- Who al 'eh
lic should have some day in w S 1sawo r 5taend sw
LUNCHEON PLATE its conduct. ,
POTATOES VEOETABLES out to implement this belief -- '-l n.
FRESH SALAD and for te first time the sac- So., 1toS4et a=M
rosant theory that "outsiders" Nowus about aTeen
L7 have no right intruding in union
DESSERT -75 COFFEE OR TEA affairs has been smashed by
W w Vn YOU OUR COMPr LUNCH Ho an iI pa s Stage nshb
Thisunion will sooner has come up a and the mMany

25rom Josph Lo n a prod- e Bux-3 a.. a e
25 M^INUT1'8 Lomanel s prudent of six national civic lead- nd
PLATED WART E LUNCH BY ON THE HOUE e as an appeals board to hear dle" nervw at
MENU CHANOED DAILV any Uphosterers' Union ma m- inspected rsttic..
Our Thursday Special Corned Bef & Cabbage ber who believes his0bill of reported: 'Itw n some
Oured rights has been violated inside the Rvussellra of. "Wonder

Our Friday pecal Mixed Grilled -o atter thed union. The Institute of acta "Bomeme 1 ta
LWE ARE OPEN 24 HOURS EVEA V DA she union. I tiosr -oest, lebrating her5 day.Me
of union Invitations to joli the onew hit cinema, ver Wm
six-man public panel has come ~ed the 1 k. Many
from Joseph Loman, a prmi- the Bux a
nent Chicago attorney. e d*sorning uOfiO ,
Loman I pr de of -Here, Mard
n Academy of CriminologyShes the
S PLATED WARE BY Others oaca e u the show at p
Hterzog, retrg ehairmasn o mg
the NLRB Father Leo. Brow the Riviera I& Her
head of the Institute of 8cea "Sometimes ,Uhas
Studies ofSt Louis Univerity, gain. .Big feU 4; ce
W ALLACE and several Federal u Not Fayewsbe
9ow a ys Nbe-

TEA country lhus
SUGAR Ing against the union'S l$IcA husband wes
CREAMER Ior lack. of I MOW need-story. rah.ofI
WASTE ed for tra,&-1W0hl1de4i"in or "BDeee ltha

|~t imp ..

-u' 4! .. -

e .Sa-.




n or better In the hhy ev h i s
Muff voluntm IM
ent the w w.r ,l,
naval lieutenlant ttc liteWi a1,
SJ oult make the hp mhep'.
er, e
ing about it and x.qq .at irV en-
whaleft o ,wt ofL title

the GYMr.%lf

bmw Nuum,


- rT9


to hea.

that 13
- 18


wq~ -9~~

"MI. e

f4 IN
e. km

*.j *!.t~

r -


,. -...

r ;~

- ''.4tP lf.'

S I'

~""~--- "~'r1 -~ -

_ __ __ _1 __ ____ __ ___ __~__ __

-' n | nn

': z" ," "," =_r.,t.' ." ". ?P "".

n a i


- U, a~D



Ite chbir-
Scopal roy-
wd session

" Iflr I'm. living In
miK.&.aiftft f calm dUY-
pnmd McCartly
"verCy' ca'-

$rdab Ltawer some
IMt-tiMP o which ,he re-
^_a(arpy with
.^ nI whetherr the
threatened contempt
Sa gulUt author Har-
ma odnied .I.d

!&onnor had
as. Robe-
swer inrnu
her answers
lasat her.

VIM.. Wv :- o
[ p!Or !f'fi*tS~d~d .
wno advoated over-
.-n, the. gSumznent by
or .lAobonoee lSWdOea n
iI She thought ooia lma LWould
SWtow.fornee t1aademoc-
rac, ahe rep "1 have no
. At one pi"t IM Robeont

a-. ,- A .

rt '* 4 t have the
ys that you're Comn-
'.' tid

g fih in a
Ira .qn 'a sch-d-
4H'IMM 1t tQ(Lebs fcid
ri ),-'") .'t. "* s now,'.

.-on .

Get A ,
B N.C, JulI
The mUhs of
thr gamaWp
doetos and volute
selal clinics Into the
gn as polio struck
victims in thiS area.
After more than 7,27
under 10 years Oldrecte
of t 'fIrst'
the nation's
0O bootulatry. w
rate of hourly injetM
this afternoon.
"we'll p worli g
tomorrow to get Wea
000 or so," Dr. hanarl
t' ,i ,

1'- i

8 (UP)--

were s lon a me-
of the woman wu in-
but state poHie Lt. Mar-
.Punke siff red cuts on
and andk.
IAlice Ultn, superinten-
at the reformatory for 12
aid she nersaw any-
like It before "
women' uards, who had
Sthen In a u p-
I r- rte them- I
said the disturbance
J1e Mondsaynight, ap-
the ionwagainst
1 6 'h eopre sn
.. When the woman attempted
nea e injured erself, prisee ofn T-
atmoehte. V., r out-break cae
1 cdHun ctinsty Vaawhen the 0 1 transfer was at-
lt14 of YonkerN I Y. tem ted
S-". ....'ew & n ig ter the ridot a MISS
tried o eon cot-

S(Up)- of thestate d of epid Aunt Ellen b
children lo aid.
L InOcu- 1 "u toe eaticntm that-Almo TTo Observe 5th
I tody butall the chldrn willll ntgn i
through ~~aeso. Wep have e d amaAunt en ub Is com-
howohev,- Cameron sd he bl_ d the pod o ervaneeoup of their fiwho
Scamer ere tbrea n ldell devoted to ,members of The

5a children c twee 4Aunta slen Club will ttend held the out

co support It yhutld be 0 a0led
ived shots tion program I nter and Eucharistic rvce at St. ae-
blood ser- flhvnw cues Its ne rg't Ischurch on unday mom-
wo 0a78S ofstaawba County. Ing at 7 o ock.
Mayj-7wldq.,. Climaxing the celebration, a
ram. the Tthe two-county toW- row. to Party will be held In La Boca
)ns fell of f116 caem most of them In the Scout Shaek nezt Tuesday
pastomhe. Cadwe ls total iI nght.
t.ou co.ape "ad 26, The Aunt Elen ClubIs com-
a other V Cameron said he b&HiV.d the PosedOf f gr'ou of %Irs who

N"-thdE P W / shack 7:30 tonight.
"I suppose It should be ale
&.pldffA6,"he sid. "NOWYI,
,rd~~i ..::t= w. .,,,=-.,,-,.,, .

U6 ftI

A active t0e q t been cur-
lalals had tbped that the
I Inoculation of Caldwell's
try's estimate 11.000 chl-
under 10 seat age could
Wme t. saAB ina the

At Albrook To Be
future lumber ablpments ar-
riving at Alb= ok. A w" ll be
treated immedatd upon arrival
for prevept!on against termit4
and dry rot damage, the Air In-
stllatlons Office announced re-
A contract has been awarded
to Itthmlan Constructors, Cu-
rundu, for the erection of sa lum-
ber .treatment plant in the Al-
brook Industrial Area. Joseph J.
Filebark, A.o engineering officer

Baptist Church
Leaders Arrive
Here On Stopover
Dr. C. Oscar Johnson and Dr.
Albert McClellan, two interna-
tbonally known church leaders,
arrived on Braniff Airways this
morning for a short stay In
Pansma en route to the World
Baptist Alliance Youth conven-
tion being held at Rio de
Dr. Johnson Is a popular con-
vention speaker and a eull
known youth leader. He has
held official capacities in the
World Baptist Alliance and Is
at present the pastor of one of
the largest churches, or St.
Louis. Mo.
A special service will be held
at the First Baptist Church at
7 this evening.

For direct sipment to
S the Cana Zone. '

DUTCa/a FaA/Ikch,


- -







oradl Something you have never seen

and you will never

s desledl to
at of polo--
elabl, tur-
V wr almost
ea wer be-


- as- I




for many years!

The French Musical Review


wrt Midnight l TO NIGHT CLu.

o p C

, .


kt *at =G.W.a
got agatItI
'.i : % a.A
uad ? Mrs

. e.n >"=" ,to

this fl

_ L1'-. s*,- Me

I~. &

Wu I

. .. i '.1

. I j 11 ..P"

* ," :'
j .q =

e r alSW


. {


y f~L~


r,' ,i1 FUI

Shipping & Air Line iNews
S- _U _
I anadiaa Yacht Stops Mr. and Mrs. William Van Sic.
At Balboa Yacht Club len; Miss Johanna Veiga; Mr
The Canadian yacht Te Hongi and Mrs. Harry' Vigdor; Miss
dripped anchor Monday at the Fannie Weiner;'anidAmbaasador
galbca Yacht Club. The yacht is and Mrs. Johh n Wiley.
:.n its wa' v rom Port Angel, Mex- 1
if ,. -, K.' on Jamaica. Latin Americans Like
'h1 135 1 ess ton vessel is car- Package Vaeations
r ,, a icTr.v of two. Master Jas The growing popularity of all-
A Sa '' is acting as agent for expense "package" vacations 1.'
Ote yachl. expected to bring, a record num-
.ber of Latin Americans to Great-
". S. Ambassador and Wife er Miami this summer.
r" Arrive on Panama This is the third season that 3
United States Ambassador and grour of Miamn$ and Miami Beach
Irs. John C. Wiley are among hotels have. cooperated with Pan
*h, pastsenters scheduled to leave' American World Airways in pro-
"7w YorK -,etterdav for Cristobal vding package tours to the Flo-
tIoard tier Panama Liner Pana- rida gateway.
n ".*acc'rdine to the advance' During the first summer, 850
,- cer !st Latin Americans traveling on
\ Iprce limber of Canal em-nuackage tours were checked
i'v-e4 ,!':d their families are a- 'through Miami International
inin' tho-, to spil on the S S. Airport. Last summer, the num-
-"'nama. Amon these are Wil- ber increased to 2,500. This sea-
iam A. Van Siclen Jr.. suoerin- son. with '35 hotels participating
endent of their Atlantic Loc-ks. and with greater promotion ef-
trd Mrs. Van Siclen, who are re- forts, package .vacation travel
tiirninc from a vacation in the i from the jaribbean and South
J"ited States. and Central Amerig,1 expected,
-he complete advance passan- to boom. A I
e list of the S.S. Panama on More than 750.000 tour foldernlI
It -outhbound trio follows: in Spanish and English, describ-I
r. and Mrs. R. C. Albrecht. ing the advantages of a Greater,
V -ss linda C. Aopin: Robert R Miami vacation, are being di.-',
Arnold; Mr. and Mrs. E. K. At- tribute by ?an American to;
tinson: Mr. and Mrs. Arzie N. nearly 300 traveI, agents and 30'
Seauchamp; Miss Estelle Ben- of its own. sales offices in Latin I
lick; Mr. and Mrs. Alfred 1 0America'.
Rorge and daughter: Mr. and In May, a group of Greater Mil-
Mrs. Alfred Brand: -Miss Erma ami hotel and travel agency of-
eonners: Mrs. Sarah A. Crane ficials made .a Clipper trip'
-"d son: Mr. and Mrs. Richard through te.Cariban to Qolom-1
1-Trrbowell and 4 children: Ed- bia in thetterAt of the pack-.
s- rd r. Dickinson: Miss J.Tnel age tour prOgrai.. 'They were'
'Donnelly: and Mr. and Mrs. JO- Impressed by the Interest shown1
*"-- Dowline: *. in the plan,
Miss Floretic, *E. Edbooke; The tours areMlced to fit any
"-no L. Emaniele: Abraham Pocketbqok. They range from as,
felixson: Attel&- yerrarl: Mr. low as $15 a wee~ker person for
and Mrs. Tsaac'Cecil Fitiannue: two in a rro a *a small hptel to,
3r. and Mrs. Augus us H. Fos- $50 a person for a swank Beach:
.er and son: Mr .and Mrs. Max hotel.
v'eedmanh: Miss Helev Garvev. All tours include ground trans-
," rd Mri. Michael faqn:" Mr.: Dortation from Miami Interna-
w- 'rrs Beisamin Gl'd'tein: tional Airport tW the hotel and!
's -inr Ha emener: ,Mr 'return ad one orknore sl'htsee-
Vrs ,IM. Hartmar Ar. and Ing trips. m ome' include' one or
Mrs. JTames A. Haskin* and more meals a daiand added en-
foughter; Miss Luciple ean, tertainment. While the seven-
Mr. and Mrs. James Horkv. Jr. day tour Is the Imost popular. a
and daughter: G e P. ud- three-day stay or one of more
ion ari son: Wiliam f utgles: than a- week I aV libl .
Miss Helen Huxqat#i' Mv.. and I
Mrs. Orren G unt,' d Mrs
e M. Ives: at drs Enrollment Begins I
"Ir. and Mrs. Resell J.ns For Kindergarten
ar, daughter; Arthur I. Ken- kindergarten
Ball: Henr, P. Kilerirse' Mies
E. Klinger; Miss Elizabeth School Atl L 9oca
ina ; Mr. and Mrs. Edward
Knigtht; Miss Muriel Lynch: Mr. Matri.RttAfon Ir' 6 next
Ind' Mrs. Thomas M. McGinn term of st. Thera'i lnd,-d
and Russell A. Weade. Jr:; Mrs. gart.,n school. Which reopens
A nita Maduro: Mrs. Essie Ma- Sept. 8, will take place in the
a"ro; Joas Maloul: Mrs. Rose parish hall of 8t. Theresa'si
vt 'rquard: Miss Julia A. Martn:; church, La BoMo, tomorrow and
,"Y' Margaret M. Martin: Mr. Friday between 9 and 11:30
-* ,rv. Dale R. Meriwether and ia. m.
I children: Miss Mary Molinaro; Birth and b mal certifi-
Miss Theresa Molinario; and Mr. cates 'tu i f
and Mrs. Edward W. Morris and puoils' se ngf#aul f .
4 children; rollment fee is $1. Children from
Theodore Motorney: Miss Syl- 4 to 6 years are eligible, provid-
Vla P. Muth; Mr. and Mrs. Luis ed they will complete their'
DIle: Mr. and Mrs. Peter G. fourth birthday-by Oct 3.
Pandick; Mr. and Mrs. Juan de .
Paredes; Kimball Penney; Mrs. st Tb'e*eA kindergarten
Marion Reed: Mr and Mrs school m ]d heJl_
fames H. Rheney: Mr. apd Mrs dietlilm ie iiwiAjs-
;"eorge Robbing; Mrs. Edna Rot- thers. O
enbrock: MIlI Grace Rosen- .*
h'ock; Mr. and Mrs. Frederick aWan Beer
bhle; and John W. Ryan:
XDr. and Mrs. Norman Scad- HUNTINGTON,W W.Va. (UP,
Mr. and Mr.q. Abraha.n Making a routingcheqk of a localI
rt: Miss Marian Shapiro: rest closedd Pa-
h Simol Mrs. Anna K trolmq_ nd
Mr. and trs. Herbert R Claude Jaln-
:Harrvy Siro: Mr and side. The tr way in
laude B. Strobridge: Fred and emptied a' fire extinguisher
dt: Miss Veronica Tertell; without success. They put out
.William N Tobias: Mrs. the blaze by pouring buckets of *
el Tourgeman and nephew: beer on It. .

FWLKX Planietwsr F'r.a V ful Fi


Great Whi "

*S.S. "SANTO CERRO' ......... .-.,......
*S.S. "CHIRIQUT" .. ........ ..... ,,;...,. ...."i._
S.S. "BY ORID" ............. ., ..... .......
*S.S. "CHIRIQUr' ................P.... .........,

SHandin Retrsead. .Ch


S.S. "YAQUE" ........,.. .................. i
S.S. "CAPE ANN" .........................
SS. "CHOLUTECA" ....................... i..,.t
S.S. "COMAYAGUA" ................
S.S. "L. H. CARL" ............. ;.t',-........ ,"
S.S. "JUNIOR" .. ............ ..., .. ....

frequent rrelsht alins frmoa Cribtolal to '
west Coat Central AMaMM eOe '

Passenger Sallings to New orlsv e '
via Oanta Marta. Colombia. **.


S.S. "CHIRIQUI" ........... ....... ..... .... J..
S S. "CHIRIQIr .. ...... ... ...... ....
.-. ... ;
Weekly lsallnap on rwelve-Pseneser lteft
Mobie, Lo Angelim. Sa m r i =i w mi "


1 0RAWII!9 f 6 4 M t4M I
(A Lalmed Number of Pamseg Berth)

SS. Arsentan ............................. .... July 12th

.- *.t n ....... ......... .4' ........................ July th

,M-.J........................ uly

* s. W AM tecairns UwwM A.wem CrhtdIaI. &@mue* A Weat Loat
.* ..i ., .(! a C antda.
'.-' '_ ..O.^*Ba ats -- Tel. a-UTg A 11ss
I so I' O. 114 a19 -,

iamuel Samua| s smart. 'tu trae
I yoo were be.. 9 W ld be lo

Its secret I fto adveT e?


waT9~4I' I

: .
' 21

i3~ I


*- r ,.
Let's Go!

..U. t
j 7 uptN ~ i
%VUW 0

:1 *
S'i The oSeret's Out

i. .


Id...! l

S .r,. .. 9 L ..ri i ,.
,v 4..
b.~rJ '

I. 4

7. i blrrUO iit fin, ITJ[ 7-P


B iuss ymTERBOT




OMUS i -.

SDSELua's Pow

Near Miss

-pp ~

.MUQB mu


Ro- On, 8yltveds


', ,. I-. _-
Da --ed -. l
Jv V 1,.

-~. -'
4 ..3



.' .12 .

~Y,: 4j ClCSt~i

, .- .[

r ----



S r

. JF

d. sso4sss

,g .,' :. ,
T' 1



OWn WAy v

.' -

fcoN~f /501MI

~hr.- ,. ~
"a. -.

~F 'I V ~q -~ -

~"~r 'VI


, Ma-. 'faHS5*I

- I
ia atted
tet Jacqus
4:00 to

RIlwa of Fort Clayton
a vwdn winning cake, for
w- 4am- by Mr. T. J. 5WOL)
So gne S


.'. .

ras-society"'.. 195,..

,g .&.


_,.a hn3...d.4dI. 8 o se o 4 f -

aoFto 1b mnaaI nb.

S.e I pane, ths mak the picture
b r. ~lf f tad Mrs. Wade H. ns ae shown l

... xrcess Pr ofWlst Tts Bill

aR... .. Reaches House Floor Today

tbe forshern be J
,- V3ee. Richarl M. t te for ane WASHINGTOeN- July 8 (UP) straight extension or one with
N I the Fr a .- -The Republican auy fain- the exemption.

ben4~be ar avo in the eoue ays would bring r80QOQOO; in he

w m n: m~aand ye.r. w forceis confldeiit the lonptal- extension would be retroactive.
ourBef life ri be' wma be snt to the
S. ab ,4am e Ies Ho seForThe Ways and Means Com-
..tmittee Wo M meet stensibly to
1 Nhmenseem.W. consider eostom

ubar the biJ overy. arm t (ft- a) plan tu
D.a lN W. ON ld's o raie- move hat the group consider

Ie YorkRe b nt Simt ee e to hve the

444, "Now t* uotb e on *@ lc y More, oerpeimu tpea Thefi,
6 ehaexmoa ftasxmnhcongregloel lead because te may oo eo mea. She ha Ita a fwrm Int the House leadership has bot- i" g ut Mine

udrt *an dDife t pur tIe up b i s o en bilntto cut per- th thi a

"She ....a Itsmne floor. The. a.m. ,hraUon late last
Sitstarte I The mmit m ontt ed yto

aa*og b n beeo
-tht ,canb b..a.

are mO
wo* fp

- oth let.
. Ayet the'
impaet Thel

M E! us- I--

kitU. -
^~~~- *--* 11*



Mr. and qrs. Viatr Nay, Sr., long-time residents of the
Isthmus, celebrated their Goa Wedding annivemary with a
dinner party at the Braes Brfet Country Club, Sunday.
The children of the honoree table decorated with white
were hosts for the occasion, flowers and green foliage.
this Included Mr. Victor May, The ladles who participated
Jr., Mrs. Harold Chambers, and In the shower were: Mrs. Rob-
Mr. H. L May. .ert F. Alexander, Mrs. Otto
Mr. and Mrs. May were mar- Kohler, Mrs. H. C, Davis, Mrs.
ruled in Columbus, Ohio, on July E. B. Leinster, Mrs. Cora Mor-
1, 1903. and be came to the oney, Mrs. Russell Murry, Mrs.
Csthmus In 1916. The family Jack Lee, Mrs. Willjam Healey,
joined him in a short period Mrs. Premuts Belnett, Mrs.
of time. Mr. May is a retired Robert Lamatsch, Mrs. M. A.
employee of the Uatun Locks. Everett, Mrs. WIlarm Butcher,
A decorated -wedding cake Mrs. Robert Chourret, Mrs.
wl'h flowers and greenery cen- Clete Kirkwood, Mrs. Robert
tered the table. Corsages of Hatcher and Mis. Damon
orchids were worn by Mrs. May Fleming.
Or., and Mrs. May Jr. The
latter couple celebrated their Captain and Mrs. Roberts will
twelfth wedding anniversa r y be leaving on the 16th for
July 6. duty at Fort Benning, Ga.
A gift of a four-way waffle
iron and electric mixer were Farewell Lottery Breakfast
presented the honorees by their Lieutenant Commander and
chdren and individual gifts Mrs. T. L. Applpqulst enter-
were given them by their tained Sunday winh a farewell
friends. lottery breakfast to honor Cap-1
The guests included: Mrs. H. tain anu ars. L. L. eroepce
L. May, Mr. Harold Chambers, and Commander and Mrs. Da-
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Lewisa via Henderson.
Eerbert Lewis, Jr, Mr. and
Mrs. Carl Starke; Mrs. Reva Commander and Mrs. Hen-i
Btarke, Mr. and Mrs. Frank derson left the nexi, nkcnihi
Week, Mr. Max Bilgray, Mr. for the States. The Koepkes
and Mrs. Earl Dyer and son, leave the later part of Au-
Mr. and Mrs. Fred O'Rourke, gust.
Allce, Jean and Carla Chambers,
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Linker, The otheW guests were: Mr.
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Oreg and Mrs. Martin Hayes, of the
Mr. and Mrs. D, P. Forsythe Pacific Side, Mr. and Mrs. Al-
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Carnathan baiA Motta, Mr. and Mrs. Wal-
wd daughter, Mr. and Mn Hg ter HIunnicutt, Mr. and Mrs. D.
I. May, Jr., Miss Pat Necker, A. Eberenz, Lieutenant Com-
Mr. Robert May, Mr. and Mrs, mander and Mrs. J. A. Pease.
B. Hultgulst at.. Many, Mr, Lieutenant CommanIde and
4 q qfwt wltli Mrs. V. W. Adler and Lieuten-
and ohn. ant and Mrs. i E. rich, Jr.

W bk amn Voyai Shower Bon Voyage Dinner For L.
W. O'31oberts, of Fort Commander and MiM m ankle
0000,. Wt-Al. guest of A. cocttall and. Appear party
bWito 0t a meWning coffee was glvyq by Lieulenant and
GI )onodf at the home of Mrs. A l Stoekhaus, Jr., ait their
I". Murry 8. Johnson, by Mrs. home at Coco Solo to honor
dhts80on, Mrs. James Duran Lt. Commander and Mrs. R.
and Mrs. Thomas Sechrest. D. Kunkle, before their depar-
An individual gift shower o ture fMonay w or Monterey,
handkerchiefs was presented Calfornia, for duty.
the honoree, after which ree
freshments were served from a The Omu guests Were: Ueu-
tenant and Mrs. E. Emrich, Jr.,
Ud 4 AU an ll a iMrs.

ann oia amaej ano .o .
G. E. Droulard.
Returned Vaationers
r. gad Mrs. ald White
u Je ii White
of0 raios elghts returned to
the Isthmus during the week-
Miso White graduated in
Jhne from Wesleyan College in
*:acon Oa. Her enagement
5 .M 5 L5ipla0eed, 0.o &Mr

Jerry G. MillerW holds a regular
alsud loa of ry Th othea
bakers are, left to right, Frank
j. Mueller oh, &,..
don i. Iph. "te I M et a
was fhvl to a ti
cAgg F


Gold COwt Orehid 046ty47
Meting a h li
.The Gold Coast Onal&F
clety held their bl l
meeting Monday o0
the Trefoil House in'
with twenty four
Mr. W. J. Wilkinson
ed the business session aat'
produced Mr. and Mrs. 3WWt
Little of Southern C
who are visiting on
mus. .. ..
Major Joseph Davis lm. .w
several plants of local .i* p 'j
for prizes. The winner, Werg
Mrs. Allen Lloyd, Mrus Waye
Rose, Mrs. E. X. Orvis,. hiL.
Louis Shuberg. Mrs. M. N
Wright and Miss Frances 4aglp
maw. F
refreshments were sewved w
Mr. Percy Hooper, host for
evening. -
Several programs of i-tt
for beginners are planned
the remainder of the y ',.
new-comers to the
are cordially Invited to
Dinner Dance Pinned
By Hotel Washington
Another of the popular din-
ner dances Is being h p!
by the Hotel Wash=ng
will be held In the ballRI'o
July 19, Sunday, at-..
Dinner is $2.50 'Per p
and reservations may b
with the office. .., =

. .

,. 1


O- 5
-S, "S

For sh"ai6
brass and cOPfirfW7OT

Attractive disetma
for Canal one eveg

Delays are costly. Our prompt devery service and owr lelae

complete stock of construction matwis are your gu aty of



a. 2
E' ~ 7


..- .

* i 1






u -


.. -.
:- ..' *'. :

You Sell'em... You Tell 'em
, Leave your Ad with t of .Ar Agents or our offlet in
No. 12,179 Ceotral Ave. -ws

Lewis Service
No 4 Tivull Ave.-Phone 2-23W1. and

Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441

Salon de Belleza Amerkano
No. 55 West 12th Street -

Agescia Iaternacioal de P i hs 'o""
No 3 Lottery Plaza Php

lo "w
.1 .'<*

ma .

' for.I2 wor

S.Household A" ___ biles Si P-v L .,.. *i* -m F--FOR SALE:
Wfirift iftleaoll_-ee Aeeh.elm Ame u %fs# Cet S O. tepa"ra. 1
$R .l Complete household. FOR oSA E Ro,. WhieW -8 .i 500' OS Automobile
'iFurnhirg. dn.ngroomt. livng set coth Phcne S3-61C3, 7 A. M. to DR. WENDEHAKE. Medical Clinic. "l ICt a'I .cebo .:
:and' n;c 1 13-0, Cu.undu. Tel- 4P A. Central Avenue "K' Street car- vAse1* .les. -- a
-,---- I OR SALE -1950 Nash radio, .
,FR L: L .ny set.mohcgany healer. good tire., $800 00 9 cu R'AIR. refinish Rattan, bcmboo Houses on beach. Sant Auto We ROW -
dining t ole ch .,,, baby crib. f,. Westinghouse refrigerator, au- urniture, complct.s ovhoul. In
MislCol I 86-6293._ tomato c ircner, both for $13;.00 Guaranteed wor,. Special price fre Ph'l e l.W-1 o .16..
Ccuch with three large pillows and estimate. In front of Balboa Beeas W ttr there
FOR ALE. -18 months old. perfect two pairs matching drapr.s, Hcusc Garden.' Jimny." Tel. 2-4044. P
cli pn: (C ri,;o so,C. .ape- 964.-C, ,oblo. Telephone 2- AMRICAN kb USiWEVBS s .Will ni- .ea, na ...
'h"rhro-,,icrolao.colole West- 4362. cure aids. Idtdf W'ccton, eety fmOil c
...o. ----I-u bdt o en ch, Romkgal as
i house Laudronatc. Hot-Point FOR SALE:-1951 Pl, moLth sedati rei-rence., ialih cn.1.icote record- tibach. Re ck as
II cu ft. refrigerator. Rodio Heater. Upholtcrvy Will ed. "CIP 'RrKc," 2nd. floor, mi'1t! 7 it
hou.e tlocfr fan. Phone Colon 564- trade on convertible. Call BalbOal BILLA .ii RA THEA1RE, phorn l eA-- 8o. a- g "a" F4R
3___ ____ 3233 I 3-681. Panama. No .O 435, Ie l -.
ifOR SALE.-ltollowCood bed. Bicuty- FOR SALE -1951 Pontiac Cptolhna'- ORTUINITY for retired mechanic. F
other misc household items Phone tone blue, excellent condition, 1,- on tIe beach: e'e;trc lights, run- -- I19 Pontiac 4 d:e
Curuodu 6276 after duty h urs. 800. House 167-B, Gamboa. Tel-I n,-.g water. bathrooms, hobby shcp. t, n.M point, new
phone 6-98 pleasant surrounding, ref.igret- F s R pd, S295.00.
rug.p j 1 FO n& r ~2 I or, transportation to town lvery OR EB IN
iO LE:-Chlnete rug. 9 x 12, FOR SALS,.:51 Mori & bl. week, local bus evedoy 70 o, ...
L price $295 Preent p ck Qui cksale r c Ol eie. your o fon i t
ma $700. Mu .t be s~en to ama 3-09.. eat
rbe. aed Tel. Balboa 3284. --I n withoutan lo '
O SALE.-Large freezer Westing- De Luxe Sedan, Ither, upholstery Balboa.
: litouse, 2 yrs. Guarantee. Also Phone Colon 12 -' V
sm!l'er Westinghouse. Diningroom. -FOR SALE I eror .ili. -i f CRO ET
reewl refin-shed Rattan. Misc. FOR SALE. tible T sthrn bg FOR SALE Ce K
jin, lamps. Balboa 1406 D excellent nCon 'be Itn ,:see, o 0 I L f t
ione 2-4459 covers.Con be tIcnt Micellune uiFt Gti 881440 l
S72-4 9 No. 74phone 2
CR-ALE-. FrA.gdoire refrigerator o "- FOR-SALE:-Beauy Shop. ExcellentR..
"7.7 ft. perfect condition. B.15.00. FOR SALE: 1952 Morris Mlna business. Leaving country. Emer-I
7 er condition. Convertible 6,0 miles. Reason- agency. Box 1689. Bolboo. 'Apart Ments
OR E: Frigidaire refrigerator abO ALE. O e tru5nkpaci IFRAMARN tk ic
I 7 fiot 25 cycle, excellent ondi- FOR SAI -- .. rt! new. v:Zv-.MT12,w1-.e1 Tw o: Bd --ur room furnlliMd *rjf,
tion,$0.O 15 in. electric fan, running conito, wit h radio u0j ct No. 26. 50th Street East, Bello uurni d fnrtime n .
25 tycle, $15.00. Quartermaster holsterey, in very good conaion. Vl. closed .r 80f, St FOR SALME 1947 Pontiac riroseTdBel-eqe 0 1 C.olonA 9 7otir4s (
S steel dresser $8.00. 1529-B, Al- od res 1650 x 16 6 y. FOR SALE.-8 cu. fr. Deepfreee, 25 New Crislqb l. TColon sedan, duty paid, radio, seat cove.
St., Govilan Area. G DPICE. For nform n caecycle. large China closet w;th 3 1386.- A bargain for $750.00.
FOR E:25 cycle Westinghouse hom 12th No. 6. Sn Fnc glass doors. Charcoal stove. Eec-FOR RENT:-Two bedroom aport-
ref rotor, $60.00; 9 venetian --- .--- 6 ncisc Irc mantel clock. 25' Cyc'e. For ment. good location, in Beflo V .
bhin and 2 valances. $45.00; 48" FOR SALE --19'17 /ouV pll Sron ale or troae tor 60 cycle. two mo- to. Garage incdlu0ed. $100U SE
96" plywood train table. 25 cyl. Duty paid. SkVy-Qlew fou. Leather tors HP, two I-3 HP. all like. new. monthly. No maid's room'. Call
transformer, $10.00; 30" x 40" upholstery. Good conciticn $475.- Hoste 109.B, Gamboo. Tel. 6- 1618.
metal table and 2 chairs, $7 50, 00. Days. abo 2117. Even.ngs, 477. FO ENT Furn
2aPanama 3-9'. aFOR RENT: Furnished apartmeis,
2 bridge lamps $3.00; Esv ash- 3-39 FOR SALE.-Full length and selves one bedroom, livir-dinngroom
machine. $6000. House 79- FOR SALE: 19"Renaut 4-door muskr cot. Cn be seen at 4th kitchen and closets. 8th See C EVROLET
B.i St. New.Cristobal Sedan. -0 .G SAEF o Muly t 1. Lefevre Park. Call ffter 5: i U C K
r-- Navy "l 7F4a DFOR SAL :-9 Month. QId AKC Dal- P. m. .
FOR SALE" Mahogany set- twin motion tCaich' b l May be seen FOR RENT-Furnished opartm .!l,. f Cie
,beds, vnty chest, amchany I J L ot Humane Society. Cristobal. Bells Vista, bediroc- ari, ,r'i' '
table, chairs. Cowes made, B ist a. Tel e.,
kitcn cabinet; large Innero rg Bs moder FOR SALE:-1949 Chevrolet radio, kitchen and both. Telepe. 3- FOR SALE:-1941 O mobile o.,
-chair; chest.of drawers; 2 mrIi.rors, Boas & Motorfs o4ss :- F," ers.3Plank seat v,
sngle bed th sprg ct wFth SALE ---22 foot fishing cruiser. Covs f one dr new point, $695.00.
'. rIn Misc. articles. Tel- 65 H. P. Willys sl jeep moior. tory pant, eacell. ;o dii $l., artm Pi furnished"'.WA a 'l. '-trikus ;,r
2-16 House 2386-D,. a i co ted I Mof onc.

,LOST & FOUND Help Want FOR SALE:-Cobinet modl electric ^s for mar c*ITel
,orSitnger sewlet g achlne, d attach- 3-31o98'oo Stn No.d 8,eah col. blorNow
S:n-Weddan3 ring, with 5 dia- WANTED:-Baby maid and a cook ments, c ine and machine, e- 5. Rdio t color blck nw
:mnds between the 5th of May Apply Arboix Blde. 5th and Ftont fect con'tioA, $90.00. Call Al- tire a. 9"00"
and rairoad crossing. Reward. St., Apt. 6. Colon. brook 4LI9. part nwbuil
Fastlich, A. Tel. 2-0894.F ..]^tgg LEvot% a o id2
.ato and 35ksfmve. in

WANTED o n26. FOR RENT:-'-Twe bedroom furnished ;- .
,: & UeeHlaneo OKays ug. Cred it FOR SALE ....*.
. ANTED TO BUIJY:-Smooth tires I Fr F m r ....
suitable for reconstruction or will -R t n. ..TA
ISxchange for reconstructed, guaran- 8i R SAla."t nNe O tV T
teed. These tr. lat longer than WA t ry 8 i Abpo.. Ct. ra mter, 4s 64W Subkm t. PO SALE: -Dod.eupe
ECONSTRUCTORA NACIONAL mittee today unanimously ap. hrot cakes, run and buy yours. Pue- FOR RENTii-..If and cool opart- w ,-
S. A. No. 7 Peru Avenue. Tel- proved a multi-millon dollar blo Nuevo. Monte Oscuro. near bur month, 2 beKroom. lva g bnd din .
,.phone 2-0406, Panomi. government credit program Itr ne. Phone, 4-1069. Thomas Reai ingroom, kitchdi, bhrom g. ,, ,
regular or day work for burd Oi.rg'm d Estate Ar--. a,_ ro T e *.--,
Iemaid-laundress on Atlantic ranches In the tb outw, -- --- a ,h.
Trustworthy, nice ironer, drought, bowl. No. 5.
.Phe present employer, Cristoba T USSIOaint asS .aW htan
BANTED:-I H. P. motor for out publUc hearings. Chair-an ... .. -, ".eft .-- 1 lu
NT gwolwashing .m 5 cycles Oeotge D. Aken 'rR-Vt.t i| (Coqiunl. from Pags .1)
-522 Cocoli. he hO report the tIll ta M Ir-.'
oe -urd1 f r ..r ...ttand e a d ol. ..
,,, TO.-Year-Old te .. ,e I .s Czechoslovak i 7-
a a aIV..or,.Il J I I k ".

Oleton VT inranr t unaw snz .0s"90
ueorthed In Iraq A -Im- rillapproved %y s
the House Agricul.ire Coamm#- .we_
ALOEAD, Iraq. July 8 (UP)- tee Monday, may come upc face of seething resen
n and Iraqi anthropolo- oHouse actL .toea. oab e -on fcede rw- t
rert dliging in t e Bar- being abet o work
It mountains of northern President Eienhower .Ire Hung .- ed
have unearthed the skeleton has allocated $f,006ADto r Hungary '--fttowed
a Infant believed to have low-cost feed 3 to sweeping reversal of i
1 70,000 years ago, it was Southwest. year plan with an execur
* known today, would set up a t revo cree ordeWing lremedlate
in fund" from W w h- A tions in rtep delivery obi
ie Department of Antiquities culture Depatme Mife and land azes for farm,
ounced the skeleton was two types of far r a suffered we mager bec
00f feet under the floor of loans, ...*- *.,z mBrie- bad weather.
ve, along with Stone Age im- U
"economic disaster" credit i Budapest said rain a
a____rmers and stokme n in ,l- caused "some damages'




Special :ma

Ar the Trop



law ee.

ment by
erm for

Up- Its
ts fite-
tive de-


... .~ ~i",,; ( n(... ,, "
I :1 t T ,it ii. ,.iY
., ... ,' bn.WOW- -T6 lion.

~J~l ,A'Z ni

)f. t i8 ..h'' f. : ^ ^ ...,,.
,t: ...t*

,i, -..-I .

On i

aI ftt,, ,L.J

IL *- i s3&ii~ n


ch from
nd hall
' to all

I ficially dAesignated areas who otherwle "reh harvest" and
#$ cannot obtain I oans fromthat crop deliveries and taxes
private sore. would be reduced in proportion
The other Is a hh-rlak loan -
to "bona fgebprbltm of cm- Noew ceonemiatiry Move. Al-
ES tie, sheep and goat ybo h -so et' a M fro" n:
a "reasonable chan .ol wo. rfOMrdt-m m >rad e
Ing out their financial plig h. lewlig ,Bi re
This credit is not etricted.o o f.*, re
disaster areas. oi li ^-"n
that IN l rs of.
de Alken said ditional app- tables, fln t.a tree
Spriatlons rf $1.,OOOO or $15- Imo ,S;.tel ...- ; i_.1Mlt~sl -
000,000 may be needed to to te R nm capital be
ics Plement the revolvn fund. tween J and .

, .-

4 jr~ I-I

-IBMg)v ur Deale


or I 'K W MF

..., 4'.*i


league radio a
n ~* Shor t


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lTAUmw =t
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g.Hou~ I'


wm runnmainR

Slar .10 .. '


44 .M gab-....

Mec", !SmnI ibl l! t&,

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98WWn A '.~~'~~ ..


sPRe, -:EIa R E

h16 IeI beet
kt Oklblbig*mL' is. R is the smmnd
a ,tlaiuft I.buildig, "PlUmoh Plantation,"
Sl~ Nor. onalps wr used. Histawrcall
a "--m_ thUms.tructure together.
64" .- -.-- -

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te fue whh
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in Parie

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your heat wayl
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- I

BIG SHOT-W LIT E---Two sizes of *1 hd are held
by two sizek of U. S. Marines at El Tore Air An A,
Calif. The ILtherntcks qre Pfc. Jack R1U;amb Jft eId Alam.
24M 4aotl,1)J.&1 Sgt. William D. talep. of Marion. Ill.

who tIU W dm*tw et-uix. The M-1
and the Americas.' Another w r asi g work mode. l umd for der
wqrk. "Hitoty ot Latin Amer-
lea," Is soon-'ro bp pubilahed.
Prof. o and Seott ar.
leaving City for OtGae,, TS NKEtSM W Ot WSALE FOR
Mal city br PAA July V2 for
aln' pw? I h'ta "BE BOOK, an
In Paeto RICo, Sept. 1, reti- by John Van Di
hig to the U. 8. mainland by

he holds itemat an avqr
monsttimon prposm. ,


yaturwt Bob Loggla and Loreen Dowe
Julab22-28... in the Balboa Room

Ticket: ..- each at Dagmar
CaMs Pastlch. Sylvania
Dodge Auecy (Tivoll Crossing)


Fdtering 'Philip!
ehultpb Wu tb EtH wttbh rates.
WeU-worMa sem mand ruge hen. .
141v**teqikg home like mew.
P. A .* 4 rigth eimel

k' 1 .. I I II ---. -. -

TODAY -- Lat beanti
PtuI Ues&MI Viewr Mgma. .3"iad
o th the delightful hlt...i

. S ToMSpso aotw

i L 'i 1

AlA k I I$




2:N0, 8:M, 5:35, 1:15, 9 p..

''% IL I ,}ca

The incredle advemntW
of a pbony character .

- 6:

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:'........ a.0 't &
s:e .. .............
..** V "-- *8


Also: MUSI... LAUGsI... ACtro=t
"Souen ono

-ON E8CR]N: -
Cimrtmmero, in "LOST CONilNtNT"'
G'iJtoaft, in "LOAN S J-




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..,..s, ,. .



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If -!-. -. -
. of R% .
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"we -I



~* n' '

PEdians Gain

All First Division Teams 'M gJ

triumph Except Phils, NY _
SNEW YORK. July 8 (UP) The Cleveland Team W L P Ve.
New York 52 25 .675
IansN. who didn't have much to beat, cut the first- Cleveland 46 30M 6 '. .05
lead of the Yankees to five-and-one-half games Chicago 46 3 .R o7
mI Boston s43 37 .538
S-an last night when they handed the St. Louis. Washiton 4 39 .6
!I .Wns their 20th straight home park defeat 6-3, i lade phla 33 46 .418
wset'a new major league record. Detroit 26 52 .333 -
S h u unhappy Browns now est crowd thus far In the home
.w" stopped tne old coiiecu- town of the madcaps. TODAY'S GAMES
Ve deieat marK oi 19 seL by Rip Repulski was the whlew Detroit at Chicago
t le' Red Sox o1 1906. The show as the Cards beat Cin- Cleveland at St. Louis (N)
Brons,; setting tne ecora in cinnati 7-6. His second Philadelphia at Wash. (N) '
S typical style, committea ive : homer tied the score at 4-4 Boston at New York (N)
erfoa In the last three innings in the seventh and in the
Ceveland broke a 3-3 tie eighth be hit a three-run Night Game
a tode nome tree behind the double to more than upset Boston 000 010 001-2 11 0 -
nne-'it pitching of Early Wynn. two final tallies for the Washington 000000 000-0 4 2
Dale, Mucnell hit a two-run loserss. Jim Greengrass hit a Brown (7-2) and Wilber. Lane
3eviCeland homer and extended Cincinnati homer. (0-11, Masteron and Fitz er-
INha HIlIg streak of 17 games. The Dodgers pulled out of aid.
-T he Atiletics popped loose Pittsburgh reluctantly after
trA.t an eight-game losing, pounding out 5-4 and 9-5 vic- Night Game
tr.-ak ,ien tne scurea two storiess ;or a three serts sweep. New York 020 100 001-4 12 0
tdis inn me ninth to defeat the They hit homers In each game Phila. 300 000 002-5 12 0
fankees, 5-4 on a single, by Eda to set a new National League Ford, Gorman, Scarborough
fcOrnee, Dave Phliley's double, mark of 21 games in a row. (2-21k Reynolds andrSilvers, Ber-
S a intentional pass to Eddie In the opener, Oil Hodges, ra. Shantz, Martin (5-7) and
Robinson. Gus zernial's single Jackie Robinson and Duke Murray.
for the first tally and a long Snider went for the route and._ I .
fly '~'P et. Suder for the other. things got to such a state in Night Game
TI 'Yankees had gone aheadthe second that even Preacher Deroit 000 000 110- 2 x. .. 'Ath ai "9 so AwapCa
Sn te to f the inning on Roe with his wash-woman Chicago 010 100001-3 11 0 plondhp at summit I ourse, receive s Uri -t m t h ln
SignMcDouga i g cracked hi first homer Hoeft (6-6) and Batts. For- Da renrtatI f Mercurio Panama JsW eers. Howard u club -
ro'gnht, ar run down from third. after 15 years of professional nieles (6-2) and Lollar. Ildent. 4-. '-
baswetpll. Billy Cox got two V.P.5th
tMrris Martin, beaten by homers in that game, for the Cleveland 000 021 0 12-68 1 b thl e l
he-ankees Monday night, last laugh on his pitcher room- St. Louis. 000 000 300-3,.9 5 to
S ame back in relef and mate. Wyn (9-5) and Hegan. Little-
i e h i fifth victor leHan (3-7, Brecheen W weathers W ns Ju en a
Nhaftm in the third. o 2 lassB lH olds5
fhe White Box hung on 6-I-2
"iesbeind in third place NATIONAL LEAGUE
e Handicap ead I5n e2 C iub Tournament At Sumnlit .
S>, Nelly Fox hit a bouncer LanH .Lead.| n MWaukee 46 31 59 C u .b ...... 07 (_ht.
Spicher Bly Hoet, wo nail- u e S .uia 44 32 In the championship fli ght of The match ended an the 168th w by or Da

S pitcher Billy a Haoeft, winnbsyooP
ieurner at the plate but PR hilad New Yor lphia 403 a rthe third anobl Juven a Club green where both took bogt Manager of nercur n, s on
d a 6 frstt hre, UI A oiat. andicap "Tournament a Sum- o s. Both men were on in6 JeWeers who ann

out playh hat irits thew l ACass ledio an Chicagot- -4mit ergol Club last hUolnhm, ha" aaed theiTer. o r
ebail nor f an the ora pahei fesicatorad ie tre Hono27. 55 G a3 C. M.Weathers closed out X. to tile n right pid of, 1 WA .
inning run was scored from ou r a i -PittsburghR27b 55 R.3bon2te9lth greon to grn. "W s
cond base by A Carrasquel.l ulu odn the basis of the first RDC00b Ghnth a.h--W on th e 16.agreht gareen. .u .e o
old bae Fen l *we.n sord2hs haiT ap Atis raoed TY 0 i n Weat he rs, who av Cobb's chi shot was inside ahoe

4 ""y b"g hear l te. w a Kenneth Davs Losa telw Konstant (10--8). Hansear entrs Wethr had oo .Be won without being prrk at sur lls d,) I"
S ensixthoap ratingA' 4 strokes to Cobb pye a Weather a and when wast lWfta '
SaL e ciing teg 7 hi Yoatst.o go r Beo r N at Pit e Ha (N) round- that was little too Weathers ms ed hi putt Cobb prodabl

Yrt rsrhnstayoohCbwhlotpie(aaaad etCbchalspvor bl-tlwath

Thn its. badkreto hole and the maoeb was oer.

ls le .h,,the u f?.ve ",-
tthi eu Theplacethena uoowd cPeaes.ledat, heleto n at- NgIs-NA L-- ALLEAGUE cooteqn.'n I i i eame iateon mot
ie m 2- on the Lo u- ead ma ndi l a Ga mised a chaMe to Shore and franklin play.tea hom a.h
Sp.Coring hi H e y- preparedyesterdayby race co-lNirht Game he1hs atanteam eigaOTSOpbe

obe eu o er. n 'i odflastor Tha d Jones. Phila. 000 0s0w000 00-3 l tIg at n tis ad It te "
l bir Gigncanu.e start. l d2t a The sloop Altamar, owned r New York 100 m0 00x5 1l2 0 e enh mise a- h
tle, 16i in, up only une runaItp Kmnneth H. Davis, Los Angeles. KoLstantdr(10-), ansen, er after Weathers -'had "o t

( ) Wi Good il h ionet D r d C... 0 0 0
pn 'e e un- lStaghound, Chubasco, iau-sco, Westrumn '
wd shis re ngte. UPm ouohe andNam, andaSang. 0 Cd W
4tLIe dsKlue. The actual lead, on the basis amend Gam
in t ati Le of actual distance traveled was h00 001-1 63i
ndow have collected 57 hits in I" rs n, am u
ge mouta uin a1-tge. Joe D idth In the handicap for themen and pat. Coin (5-2) To NO n
Seat... 't-in dt he-k Ing fleet. lmee, whch-w

o rn n c 1otated on a ymlive- strs poe(74 .,nd red ean IC m
0. I o the openr and Al ing Star, holder of the elapsedta 7 Er1 1e (7:), Wade and Cam- L.1 fg M 1 r-wih.. ..
r h time record for the r rLindell(3-10) and
s ie mao pe n er o n d i A loimx l ers o rdTf7' t h, r a c ei-s a oI 1m1 0.. n _t '__ d o 1 _
y 8,t hi niaoh an ans nm13h laceihn0 at"A'jb=:iin00is... M .,,m' ith A dim
i cain the second Homersf leetehandicapnstandings. Fol- Second (lame f Std F0 e -a at1 n It ho b -atw1",
It l', whi theheoodwitl scor-- Brooklyn e 001 003 410- 14 1) e -4 9e wl.,a
each With a man0 .n .-5'th0.
the thirdsewedze ho ten Cthe .'uohsee.dRoe' (-2, and Miliken and meek mw ie"lfor hdst 05
t eitile tid hp h The Chubasco, owned by Pa htkrmell stable. i~ Va.-- "k- the" An donapow.w nand
khile the Giantskscar-bsa llna LachtsmanWle Hall(35), siable.

deck homer, a deep triple will. Queen Mab, Morn St Lous 1 000 13 1 0 -7,.. ....... .. .
.1)becat upabn l a d Dragoon. Haddir, White (3-3) Brasle, f t ,eusque mwIsfh. oest 16
oble also homeredfform In Class B the order of h..nd- Staley and Rice. Baezewaki, Col-G01 1. _---- wan.shes
alsor ..o.rcan standings in the 2,225- lum, Nuxhall (4-6). Smith and en N@14 Al mtmma m a t

the Cubsa4-1 but dropped Chiriqui, Dorade, ada, Yo Ho ,Nght Oa N ,
Shn .n Silhouette, DiNigo andChiago 010 000 000-1 7 0 ., .
nmiu Brocklyn. Lefty Johnny Landfall. Milwaukee 100 001 11x-4 9."
11 pit,'d a seven-hit- Class C: Etiaghound Mistress, Lown (3-2) and McCullough.
;or his re,enth victory as Moonbeam, Primavera. West- Antonell (7-4) and Crandall.
%r ,Vbews hit his 25th home ward Ho, Coquette, Allure,
-;tie Ted Kluszewski Of Southwind, Perry."ynt, Hogan- 4 5imp
_I.= lati for the major league za, Faith and BluepAcket. 7 n
It wts the victory The coast guarq reported a '"; :."...
Eek' !a 1_1 tie.T oe wide variance in wither cover-
~"~khitan Inside-the-park Ing the 32-boat fleet, which was
o. r a as 37,113 fans jammed strung sev'e-' hundreds miles
iwa ukee's park for the lrrg- alcng the course.

-0-T i

Ms Won Lost
Terines ., 1 1
rkeyes 1 1
ants .1 1
gr 1 1.
awkeyp Steomp Wildeats
S -t h scoring contest a
Aloo i ag of HAwkeyes
ed4 a f eat on the
eats to the tut. of fM to 45.
score was clow at the end
the first half with the
rkeyes leading-. to 24 and
Steam playing, well.
mting trong ad never let-
up tl s e wa Qttscorod the
21 to it a t
Me with 19 big points apleee,
s Raybourne managed 13

despite going out on fouls early
In the second half.
The box score:
Players WKm" UJ"
Kirchmlelr .8 3 19
Perantie 1 19
Winklosky, J. 3 0 6
Selby '.: 1 1 3
Cazorla 0 a
Winklaosky, D. "~ 1 1

VS 2
Martin, E. 2 2 6
Raybourne 5 3 13
Vega 4 2 10
Mead a' I O I
Angstadt ; *, 4 1
Hayden 0 *
Totals I 11 45a

Distiller's A.r


ball (blur at rIght) c
the PA t
the field in t aaro
total M toal

FW, ..-

Xju- ^y,i:,i -W,


4 5"'' ,

0r O .0 0
2; ;' .f


*c! ,F4
'i.i '


H re We Go Agai!

Joe McKay and Ed Abbof f are out to

1949 NASH AmbldarA 24Er |

1W Mere b chme- F#'iti
w!wG4 rw


" r* "

*-, "

___ _

t .

: '~: ~..s'


" ;
I s'lJiQr



-- *~~~~~ .J...,-.,.."~---w..

""- "' I.
- ...:'

mBr .W"IA6 .1i.7

54-Hole Play Gun Club NotesA,

Bill Jaffray of the Baibo and a somewhat sma.
Gun Club compplled4 a score of ance, the Match br
3080x20 over the t~vixr Course some exep t
in the NRA approved smalloore Four women took
Foart Amadorrifle match at Far Fun Sunday Dillman being high'
to bear. fifteen other competitors, sixth placeI overall .
but the F'r Fan jinx was too 23x. Barbtara Millard,
.nior golfera from around much for him. and the other "Bobbie" tlear and
Scribe wil gath n' w fifteenas they again fallen to Orr were ai tied pg
Adurlng the week of July oa a p l ever. this course. It being a
du g the week of July The yrd stage of count x shots to bre
b-bean2u i theu luatcl ria fed in treach-u a shown in the
Champ w The tournament: orous, twisting beeze that below.
wiff be-54ho es stroke play over'Aolatly.oQWdveteran shots After tbq match
5thB Fort Aador Golf Course but even theti, it is a matter oi Todd presmted SIX
some r July 31 through August 2. record that Oremlsm must have with anothqi tf thoeM
Wo- Prizes will be awarded for two already been at work over the Mexican cigarsas te j
rtle groups Boys fom 13 to 17 60 yard stage, as them was only celebrate his victo-g.
eicomp,: In one proup and one possible posted at this. dis- it was hinted that 01 6 il
nuleos of I3 an d under will corn- Lance, bty Cody Staples of the part of a dark deep plal. l .
-1In the second group. Any Cristobal Junli. ... Jaffray tbecco nerves, a
hmior who has not reached his Jaffra stated tlt it was his Todd can came out of
th birthday on July 15, 1953 thirteenth shot at 50-oards and meant with .S S i1
will be eligble to compete in again his thIrteenth Shot at 100 On being asked abodft
this tournament. yards that went out -or nines. Jaffray stated that ;v
ntrie, will -be closed on so anyone who I superstitlous wanted to win matehus,
J*ly 28. A ybedy wishing to-, can Make t he soat of, It. way, he better start woae
er ema_ phoee Bad nsam- W knte %*'lde, Lu.cas. Dick rin-e DilimmaL, ar baall mir
m6nd at the Ft. Anader Golf Dilman. Cody Staes and Ar- Bobbie Frear and Jeanntehleuir
Club, Charles MaeMurray at chief "The Gleam"- Turner all with cigars, or ee atart
Balboa 3578, or sign up n the fired 296, and a. count of x-ring game practice, Jaffray Wsilwl
,filee of the I cluab whene shots showed' them bo have complete asspking th8 fiS .
-oe pIXY& I finished In cthe :order listed some time during the. ,IM
In- a ditlon to- competing in Dudad had -26x to. Just beat out week, eveq If he has to0 ewJ .
the Prt Caribbean J u n Ior Dkl wlth 25W, while Cody's 21x four hours a day just to.
-.., Champonshlp, each boy will al- relegated the- Gleam to firth Ing. '4-i .lhs
JA.- .. places on the team that will re- In spite co the wiS,.the Jinx possibles: .b. t .
"" Tl u ce- pran esent the Caribbekan area in ...*.. ..
SJ ata he ga c ai n Intoemational Junior .np t jatw he 50 Yds. N I Ys.
I d "M t "o mp8onshtp to be playb- Bil isffray ... ........... 199-18x 190-12
Ster wa e d at Ann Arbor tigan, Au- Wayno. teas ............... 199-,16X .1,7- 0t
Is Tgkust17 throughr22D. Dick Dyl Stanpe...............219-14 I 7::1x
trsI.r a- The four Ju-Wors shootingth OodyStaples. ............... 20-1499-lox
ed O l in teir own axe lowest 54 hole scores will be eli- Ad mbT urner ...6 ........ 199-14x 197- Ox ft
oprOs a dr thbeat pos- o l. trip to mt arinelDI ...... ...... 196-1 x 18-12x
psibl W. tates.- king the tri d ,Ujoyy,.1e :..':- ............. 199-13x 190- 6x
blAe ob =ticS ideYou of 2--Mayoders will 6do through financial Bill Bingham ............... 199-8. 194-8Olt
loudt Ced CeI tlon was 2i- 3-*-Tom, support from el home comfl Mel Millard ................ 196- 6x 195- 7x
,aofLt tle Tea foU e. h Joyl .J .196-10 194- x
q) t the. ,d& s of i..ttle arita Field. Appr2ximse 00 0 yd..liwdG-+ls1)-12 8tate, Canada, Nova Scotia, Barbaea 141e 196- ox 1W- 7xU
eae l A realize that notb- chlkren participated the 1-Diane lt Alaska. and Hawaii will also Clee 197-10x 19d- 2
-.- i .. *- eaguef railizethatn h-ilralen AparticatedyI n. D s 3-12 State, the NoaIcoia eCy.....f.6 9x 1- tlx
-- ever ," .l grow with such.bx adllE eyUVo2-e-- Paulin aifcompete a r s wr a .oe tWan ................ 195- 1x In- l i

,fto- ni fi oqada .t eflelal toS ca, od0 Fourth of July Celebratio was lotUY. Dah-.Bys 12-14 team. Will have eOpportunity Fred ells ................ 196- x 1386- 2x z 38
Pr1r 4 71 ronch Rickey Iasntesout sponsored by the Marga4rita Re- i-Char lis of compete inv the Jaycees,
he whip. creation Asspociation and Phy --y tournament over the University t Jean- No information

s" .rof..1ao t" 14 ,-throuir h o othe t supporoff remainingrmatcbes,
-rvJaee1t-t1 P n-6Other. scope'P15is11lto be fired in
M!Salim, '. ma-e' on p na. tio ind the CAmenal Exratstope
i t Of the f ired, soon am thisultr. T ais.
Slow a S MMaryotheaNo. 1.a these Just tonea were in the up, itWill be pubs 1
F_ ".e ." Pthe tA as hoffwere dn gt op
my; Too tribpti o fMe Canal Iqegu categor19
;t$. yd. SWAP*leD --4k e t $ u o 4olfer. Th eo lks'
1t-'C-hu:;944 111 W-p_- tyaintiWstMpeBoath, YortheLstheirLqMou
oni cooptq -tintho n o. AlogT war
I.a una d by Teis. h5 ]VAnery, Caerpst o L, 00Lnrat GOSS
-rod t Ohe C 51flbaf. pa'r the eLf twoeK ermas Pnt.. Sk Al 3 ti gS JA LdGo hasI

%% .-hfullre5 rs .of, *l4, -.'

.2de Cnrbutasab h cindividuals League b' as on v biodsto
Toor andla don pb a bt
Ituenhton of (one game weftto complete "rFfull a Iwo wa
mohnr c regular Nedule). lU of the0ae L
e.0rbwhcah leTashm.La- -.t ib foreach year.o Harlbe r 2 d0bakt a
Mrl. o Inr "k Haeot'-, !l50. polI ri. -
a l on. Lhcln woosve wmmd- .n.a to .o5a~"oo-A, -points
84-45.rthe e cdwiirbthCesarrCam- Trat's pl ionnsi
Lpcky mcLuapi drew a bye In Shen fna PR b,'ofL t..A.,.Daggers 5 a6 .455 Cong tul
VMSb conpl sa" I te Wll 11wo56 A fter pichig537 s.rel17Jean Ladd, who has bee
bbOa pbioun ano 1-d In the aoriem- n ait two jdad ca pane e 5 7rle r.41 BcatloaeIn ,s n Statesgld

st "" de rew le s g Chyba fily l r- w 't, Ged lrda to he j6, bask.
oVt-fdal o i Luclann Wa odCop,9 .Ha5ate ti rwee poinehal hadcaa
40--foa, neverr-eo -sn -CarCoo forolt on w t 'e nu d thea

took theleadU gol rAmu-Cgamthe
m-As In&l IOnmm thovf sbingA tol -4 getyu downI bedue o9.
"..ino ,..D..'. ga

fonagtter. ab e ,o rcwf thef
aIntp-b5 th.41"..J.n LA lt d t o hu .

Prats'' m y e eelb nduct- Wscornm1t
biha '. db ltohedel&io a m heW e wo nan courayinwtatyItw' oneglsIa
ting thtook-the r ead 'aver ClimbPu r pa. tl -o me golfbagu. U t..r d for tomorrow. 1h te a d

bA olyoned.Th4 r la n a ssap aarindshipa tay p ranion wun't m Ave to lotnyour

gt thismd farteree rren
l'oneT.OP T mo e was it Y A once by- olafltheIo 1lt fort.act .Cis f

,ci ftloeaguera a8-mi s8OyltokeoInrtheCpTWT, te;,wee!Mtt
bristled.,nhgte Rmrba"MfBbWawnCnl
U t Ing the. !M+e oMab-plyer vk~ t to ze uLeuag ei.- to T iei' nrewetsirpitchrk- ing t eN tewof

rM tlfrend p at an early ab la'd, b a' l ea i npor-rgspol- g- h i yet to ..
ror.o ther rely-etified a n dft _thevs rest -h-'.4 ..po le..a 'M- e'elonut

ocadlt.stctles ... .-a
beca. ki.iI 1.s...In:g--Iton' ft -Brewers. pitchingmareI .

w IV

,' ,,.. 1 .*

viPi Ova. Us p4.fw A--ATLAS PARKING LOT


*LOW K ~lS99~srhnS 2-17"t& ,~
I. 4..p-
[t..&4S ,.,*,- .+' -..- A ,% -+++'
r -.... .. .. +






. 1. .

;urchill Orders
SI Big_4 Meet EiI

n.a July 8 UPd-Prmeor
r Winston Churchill last "Let the pe tO

told his envoy to the con--
retas to caultionthe United TWENTYo-EI heT TEAB. PANAMA, hei
States against waiting too longI
for a Big Four meeting with Rus- i

Secretary, dinedi. d

i thar o Church ill and the a". prisoner
labAys cud sAsting th.- ,ars
Wnesthe midet, mIoeoPe at t eG r ea
Si c tk winton essio f new confernceodaexpe d of the ewv. ofhi s
aid t t e of th le i te u a t t lt a
dip ate insonChurchirllm nd st e oa "ut i%;n n er ateo h o i r '

At h.oldtT Bri h vewy to tor cn y unle omg a thnt terny o e e
e cdT t o c8war. u unification os-f Germany. Pdy re d -f t"tatI
M seanwhie in Was hington At the outset t l ng..of the news con-... -..dy ..... ha ts..
formed slourtces reprte tods view of the prisings I Eastern ference, Mr. Eenhoer no
sthatith e United States wants to er y he believed hat the that the Communt hade acii
atIVfoear of an ry Big Tree 'lcowrErn Defen Community ed the nited.N ga s .n b u hait tha e d

m t nt to he ovld a Big F ED I should be pt ade t n tht p talkl ereii sde- I F. Vem involving aa- *

S top tie s to be di ed at the Bie of G erman unificr tion ow e, v r
h foreign ministers' meet- and shad bien i eded i t In itnctese 1946.
de llid tarl. k will oveet wrida Germay as com. 'a
unrest ehind the Iron a ider of the e or forces theow
Vrtsla', future Allied policies uyf ta
fe Germ sa r bet n o W G Jule (P Korea, U Wtpan 1 I

admnltr-t le h rit rea to ate o ead n ionld the o te C l "
D smotWs bay Churchill that an e Fste rh e ht t evthP *

by talking with the Ruslans. coming goodwill mlasionn to the wer t time Dtlt A
Is m line with tbh hills ar de ,g ndade from we-th th- ,. w .

oint n inidel rin l truck aite
e ermny.ThehPresid entol n oaere eaa
top .letaesl wh si. ns co ne n wi to ay, *xprf v ^ oadf th wI.
ed hisuseaar stitnTe r thlt h didnor m oteaid he-anted to I

erla r eo frA s hucow t (B a rma), tah tral o t th1 .n
':.. .e a. n d. R .1 .i i 8s: g. wll -

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the 11,700 foot level on MJfne 19.
ww^arAw Navy Constellation
Hi^4 ,iaM ,m Crashes, 6 Dead
-9 0 AMU CNI rATOWN, Md., July 8
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