The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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oclc - 18709335
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der s however, that CoMms
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mag *T mu L.w oun N 1Us11 aA b AmW o Etsii0 vVit?
ByT NImant o. *eox 14. PANAMA, R. OP P. A
rSpRON PANAA 3 0No. 2.0740 f LIMS) And .
3SNR Manis e Avg Nmw YOanl III N Y Com ent
PIP MON iN ATb:NI 170 3 5 .
poIn *i ONYN IP AOVARCR g 6o I o00
in. AO .NA. S .6 0v,.c1 14 0. o By Victor Rieslte
Living quietly in New York is
T"' IS TOUR PORUM THE READERS OWN COLUMN a now aging husky who once
was ordered by one of the na-
tion's most famous union chiefs
T l LE M A ILO Ato kill the vice-president of a
T H A IPittsburgh firm. The strong
arm man refused. He was cump-
The Mail Box s an open ferum for I.. drs ut The Paonmo Ames- ed by mte union. Ana the In-
ken. Lotter are received gretefully and are handled in a wholly confi- dustrialist was blasted to death,
dential memer, anyway.
If you contribute a letter dent be Impatient it it doesn't appear the in OLher ctles there are la-
mnet day. Letters ore published in the order received. bor leaders who've arrived at
Please try to keep the letters limited to one pe r length. AFL convention hotel head-
Identity at letter writers ie held in strictest confidence. quarters with as many as ilve
This' newspaper eassmes no responsibility for statements 6a opinions odyguards, who bundid their
pressed i letters from refers. unpacked their gr ps.
There is the union chief who
THE HOUSING PROBLEM hired so many tough men to .7 "
terrorize the CIO in its early
July 2, 1953 days that he had to launch a .
JMail Box Editor: new union just to keep the
I brass-knuckle crew on $100-a-
After 30 years of trial and error' by local "designers" does 1,week payrolls as organizers -
it seem unreasonable to expect them to have solved the problems L :d they ve terrorized many a
of tropical housing? These individuals are still experimenting at southernn town ever Sinee,
the expense of the tax-payers and the inhabitantsof their "crea- It would take the FBI's, 5,-
tIions." 000 agents to keep under
Could it be possible the following points contribute to the surveillance the interlock-
high cost of housing on the Canal Zone and the resultant high ing network of this corps of
rents? union leaders who own cosa-
ent struction businesses, hauling
1. Unqualified and inexperienced inspectors employed by the companies, pieces of race
Panama Canal Company on Panama Canal construction, tracks, wholesale liquor conm-
2. Inconsistent and uncoordinated inspection on P. C. hous- pa res, night spots and even .
ing during construction. uel oil outlets.
3. Continual last minute changes in construction design af- Though this corpulent corps-
ter contract has been let. whose exotic living and over-
4. Answers to contractors' questions concerning construction eating would make old Henry
procedure delayed from 4 days to 2 weeks by Canal Zone VIrs gambols seem like ascetic- Wei.
exerelses-is the loudest, it is a t ..
"authorities." minority Inside labor. 'These
5. Second rate. vet high priced, materials furnished by the .ien, perhaps 500 n all, are not
Panama Canal Company, for use in housing construction. really union chiefs. They use
L Materials accepted by Storehouse agencies and sold to their unions to build businesses
contractors., rejected by Panama Canal Company inspec- withmincomes running into half
tors upon delivery at building site. a million dollars .year.
1. The requirement to purchase from P. C. one load of use- honest top labor men who are
less gravel with each load of sand purchased for housing press red nto silene by their
construction.prsueInosl"eb thi
,unwillingness and sheer inabil-
8. An arbitrary attempt to enforce a speed limit of 15 miles ilhYto e enter a shooting war with
per iour on contractor' trucks in extensive housing area It seemed that the Babylonian
9. The "close down" of the Cristobal Storehouse for an un- finally drawn such notoriety
scheduled "inventory'.' due to the auditing mess making that the AP. was set to throw
it impossible for the contractors to purchase even a screw, out the Longahoremen's UjIlonS e R'
until the "inventory" Is completed. as an example to all toughs. By ,08 RUARK
But then the mobs called in
Are not these few points sufficient to increase the eqst of sub- all their boys and said there- 0
sequent housing beyond comprehension? could be no support for such
SFuture contractors will be forced to increase their bids in or- ouster. Wheels turned within The natural history department of this opera- may be a grlan tof t M i thL e survey. morn to
dir to protect themselves from such Panama Canal inefficiencies. wheels. And now it can be ac- tion was a little chagrined, not to say hurt, a- a aoctrine of v
It is possible this "slow down" and impeded construction pol- curately reported that unless bout a recent experiment in 'which the natural d4t d expert
Icy has been Instigated by some of our disgruntled "brass" in an there is a national uproar: ferocity of the w1l swan was tested, and Sound. g.t to turn .Vg
,attempt to justify the re-establishment of the Building Division The longshoremen will not very much wanting. r
With its 60% to 75% surcharge? be ousted. They'll "reorganize" ,t C n4 ^
by dropping King Ryan and Having grown up on legends concerning the a I
One interested in low cost housing one or two goons. utter ornerineal of the cob, or he-swan, .where le. No
_______- -...... .- There will be no national his family' safety is concerned, an apcotit of fe wi triap r .
AFL anti-crime department to a visit to L8 og O Island to.-see sme s8wans which
'Answer to Previous Puzzle police the Federation and ex- have lived unlnolested for e0 ears disturbed me We have on
AailerumoPrl pet the t hady business e. to the point of saying: I awani te oub
1CO10umbi0. aA IAoneers, which the poUlie cozdd When I recovered consciousness, te facts were
.A 0 linever do by themselves. that a certain dltlon'fav tAp le sw aanw
A;': Too bad. It could haie been tO have losIt ur %, ne5,
.Cdo Seashily. I havein .nd defense of

Isr 3sUaigerateTe asra Union, Local 842.. -.7wat

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w u-ma wwo an Mo.
tPon"bu, the Uitted
d aIF*e ew oftepf
Behind thw I" o

*Beauty rose
Iti tthe
feeal district
'3IS Dep gorge
i14 Epotted
15 Atoement
, 16 Surcal eaw
17 6ea (Fr.)
18 European
10 Roft anial
:21 'Zrminal
2 ish I
23 ReMazk (ab.l
24 D rukard
27 Promeenlory
2 MlmerI rooeek
30 Cemit to
1l Disencumber
3 People of all
ustlUae can be

I -O*.).

4 Be victorious
6 Breathed
t 7 Unbind
8 Demisoddess
I Follower 28 Grafted (her.)36 Ni row sw
10 Small.candles 30 The Library 37 Nets
11 Storehouses of -=- is in 38 Label anew
12 Cotton Washington 39 Indiana to%
drilling 33 Legislative 41 Part of a p
19 Paid notices body 43 Incursion
Ip newspapers functioning 44 Cleansing
25 Skin opening here substance
26 "Emerald Isle"34 Turns outward47 Oriental poi
27 Proboscis 35 Body of water 49 Station (ab

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FROM 7 .TO 30 bP.M.
Y Your Host

s mmSIWrA* VE Whelale 9a
wanMghed u pehtbishlaI 3M page ob
ilr .Watsh.., Aagleinu, Cceeks. LaLS;a
g Omee mg G rnbsmesasbse bdh
1w lPas nMowp istN" fer pwe. -aiX
Mill M ae Dihuibntew 2S UGrat rAe1M1
!r OW S *

operating in the cosmetic, drug, W O ,.Mile. 6", h t
plastic and chemical fields:, g e r e the i i Dt id fm "i l M
simply whipped the mobs in this e aturalhe ts wef btt
fashion: -said the ans are ,too Used'1
A It recently became the only I. pePSepi.U o e
union with its own anti-crime The man, L t a i ey
ord department. This is run by a _tr'eam,, e *
committee of seven rank-an 4 plit hat Pet l ,.
oilers and the union chief have told the go
'n George Baraach, with an as here to leave.
lay i from an amateur criminologist
and professional publicist named "With more and ore homesd being 4ilt t
Alton Levy. round the i lUtter the
Twice a month they meet. hread n sOoL .the awaeI i. rlS'
rr- Each committee member, havi stia foot wild ar Ml t
carefully made the roads of an oth n thl r .butth e r~y .ht he. .t t
unionized plants in his sector, ev. though the pdtree They're on
I reports whether or not there Is relief."
any evidence of racketeering o In tafem k and L t er eirttj i
Scrapping up in the field. One suspects that there Is a moral lurkMa 1re tLn o e,
Then all reports, in and out somewhere as in a recent piece in whclh some beuot,
lof the press, of racketeering doctors recently announceed that AnartMi s
anywhere In the country are are far less physically fit than Waropea 'II oa
Carefully culled. And when a in tst InvoI thousands of ahoo- aildre m t .
1 national broadcasting chain of both continta. 4 ,
~ produced a documentary on -.. ...-. '
crime, Barasch played it first TIls was, nt a test dt va ld .Inr 8b ll rigFi
for the union's anti-crime com- size, but mereia test of topa l.t e ..t f
mittee, then for the union exec- itY. The BuropM 114 1 .a Sl *aet- "1;t%.tbeW y1.urM
utive board and finally at all ed one of t ie sus el S* toU _5 J -f'v-"
shop meetings. ed an overWheB1ming',uptrigorI tg Ch OM and there's
II one of the union's crime icans '-. be lJ ota
probers all unpaid by the way You don't Beed ~tw into an aIrgmen avir in "thI M Uo
comes In with a report of who won the Olympz tb suspect that thqre covwardlt____,.. "-" _
attempted racket initration, .. .' -
S the thugs' names are checked
against the union's own rapidly ..
growing "police" file an d .... .. .-
"Rogues" gallery. AU bookies and .. lis.:.
loan shares trying to muscle : .
'in on the union hops are also .
checked against this file.
S Thus when some profession- i
at "business" unioneers fried
to move in, Barasch's. ,
To add i st their o il tis, h the n let o l
m .a particularly arrolantder& pYn '
headcrurner who on teas ar- que.....ti

not only t saken 0,0 oo n from the Not until .the' ag
res(etill of his own unions welfare o s
Cund, but also enough maney Staes govUAnUt

Stier. e ohe ha o unaccettablev go
least not tangle with the n hand slet N
ternal Revenue boys. one who had n armis.
oWith anl this on the No t until theono
l] of his own union's wea -ue aer,

athe taxhugs don It bck down, e
o declaragets into the d streets g
east not tangle with the In- m ug of the Reds c
ternal Revenue boysut. Iwt nakes our
Wibut from this you gethn, AM
er h s unio reason whyable thiso
relatives off ly small Tenough.a e
e wth ugs don't back dow, te U
Barasch gets Into the street@
himself with as mn un-Monof U19
members as are needed, and 'NoMe CM b

ae, but from this you t a

ean union.i
Wmdfor .the UK to
borl good to 01 1 4..

todayy ...




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Uw up


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Se pen e nc ,t c MS W
On Razor Ndes
Calypg sl7P gera Lord Cobra DETROIT 1*2 (UP) They
mer ican tin dfltto
ala -down t~R at thei Ecan- steel bars at Sout rn Michigana the
e~ -..sshow pre- prison.
'I, .op"chosens xWe d 3 to 15 years there, told

io held a s b Fd sy. to crime, judge sid. ."My fra iends
on'olon the o arov has dined on as many mas7 razor
lobtk. Co ot Ex- 2:4tra -, tlee ht 1 t1j w In heblades at one sitting with elde-do no
'tehhe et eduat te ef usrodesert.
fac 'how he turned
iuheld__Fri to,. "--nday.tocrime he said. "My friends
Theh.testmnterho-rso..wereso impressed lit turned my

am. in headandIthScouight cNeoulddowsno
I.n could not .h!. ..,- .. od ..ed M ts --
-12rslow -cp o- but no so priortoersentin SpeeI w t ff-"
.*ltodiat M-?,uly o) t e Atpatbhe aeteo o4t, While awaiting trial, St. Mar-
t t .beria4aaJly1(Ue -n._ .Ib a. wth fe r Mrs.,, ssll, _.,.., ree,,u"en
s.,, lthe, star a- e. .4 tom-week i ing three or fur blade a day in
olc. t hy b. b. Waynne .Con ail .He was sen-
soOtd m in tended for robberyd

$1,300oarmebemad Zaggy,- t a .our
...-.. T he iOAS couldri otf u u0 on t r li s tt sgard Geraltd Je a r, ecordiot! a esnk. TAo wtaa-o --2 hb
.a Of eato *p ,.b ml u r au ,- tebon fa orcstra- moinSi l e b he bell
*l.. M t the to t he rejasil nI oSpewial e et goo fr e h
Slo -l l ie ruck h ks In the .ofthehoad the s ctionthe Atlat of C. e. Gi out. Board
Sof--?- s The Av-rtm t eM & Ito h nd n. The patrolman Th wn chedul ha. Ruossell T. Wise, president..

SSsbt* e"- = s. ong sttetn .b ul s chru been Wlror the day: fred mnor bun aln eial meeting ofthe
S. dreew. te out let bstrut c I Polal -e b le aree the Ch Zone Girl Scout Board

th oteVON or ddel for Monday at 9:00 m. at thedwof te bu
y, a- .l.Important, business has hred that be
ttn ere te ie m wa closer than o Invoon transactedand Working beforeMrs.iaton hn

..As S i. I ;.o.. ,, or Is-if- IS-r l n ftr...
-able to. i ,1,a1" "'1 h '. did n' Wa thet i lc i -id, '.t *. .- 1iBoa rd members are requested to
-W to kh^w Tri arrested," a tIten
lo_ lr ee om hi o sehooel football Jack ,
h LTeo de t)Ifeda teargasHIVERTON, Ia. (UP) -For
-,-tw o imuu.mj athe oThi o -' fo vetaoulgl ldi Uces a *rn mebus loaded w Ith almost 50 years qrry Roberts
t!it tdepn-t b "o 'a' th r yee a belng" mprisor ning. The and m pon drivers he probably has rung the bell for--
In ,tt sfo t ll. t the ple s p tth J thea i- on0 "2ta4in late yestr- the last time. On his 90th birth-
VEs an-its Max, AdotUB grtou p ted In the which have Custodians." A few days later he
ba s fme forn an dikhto amighbl
"tti ._. te il,. Gr- f i tte "Incr geoa tikaeegh el..
Es.-4 r k mhim in the the Atlantis side oobsrvance Se of the Negro bus passengers
4 4viba' iS.m-aI aS.M.. p o gde starts from the P, l i- e. --i .. ..eII ;" 41V/Je
o at ,at feet that hit him up rs toB MargaRitaAve- .town Augt da aftor he heaved
comma, a ,tO GAS Zhwbo meI n d the bomb through an open tIA-
'ar = te'y1t .bystanders,. fPol. 4t '. II &W-of thesbus.
He"re.tLMr ....p lVlp#4TAs closer than 10 863:2 m. Invocation and flag Working Association
,I .Ifet when he fired. raising. Pledge of Allegiance led Hold picni Tomorrow a
tA hismotherat-! .by. BOScouts. T Mn Work-
.... tI top o the fivtruck and Army ducks (to ng Asocl atIonWi be host to
.. ,o.nits friends at.a ica to be
o"'- -a continue to 11:0 ImIon.)he ldat....... ... .. ----
motherandsis..i e theld a th. m. with Jack AlleMe and
I.-the MOW b ftr |u; 'e'p-"i t tlwmeee statiOstrSInm thei Me.p -Boys furnishing
,,z'&ta. dn un p -ieu Ag n suae tacos"and.mambo music.
ci er.-n~'~.%aa m.Nfoon 48-gun salute by the Ar-

, v .,//- i
I t in
64a "a

$4.75 !.s

ga W a5rg tc4,v.mtU



I '

Take me to
No. a4 44th St., Bell Vista

di: e, ted b


*LA .Wl .:4 Ia
.. ..........4...................... ... .. b

I-K- F ****S* IAA .....'' e.. ... r." -
w__---", bl -" a can ns. mm. .

-. .r .. *'-. .
ZtL'~~~~~ ane a&lwr'ue
^*'^K APt m d"***..-7. ';-;.2
-. ds ,
48V qm 0I-

qy 1 i

us an

We ,r Cap m ,o MjWWe Mba -tfhe et CanmC
v. u tab sia. I-Sin


r er

Namlet stehe~aeo

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Flamingo dancer.







.wlect a sthe h~er of
*4urs'a' aut, Us w'ne-eiti
Ar 'War

-s :,
:', I- ", ow"-:' W .

Soft voice.

amd. -enckaug
H MdriUeic!

3-S IOWS-3
at 9:30 -'11:30 1:06
Have a very pleasant mo-
ment at the refrigerated
eand elegant room


U .p5" I wl


- I

_ I __ __ ___ __ II~



d AM&be-


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. r .. -- .- .*.- .' ...t .. .
*"* r*' **/ ::^'tMM rM |,J

- .-.-.. -..-. -.~-.--'-~ -.

Farades, Pageants, Fireworks



93 W~ II.Er.a'f PCI


I AA a WI..i a..* N
i~lllll L,

To Mark 177th US Anniversary
TomorLow the Fourth of Juv. establishing its course ant
the Uxnited States will reletraie proving to the world that, it
the 1'7tn annivers, rv (,i lit. democratic? form of governmer1
Dcl'aratcn of IndepenC.enre was sound In 1787. the Consti-
The freedoms that U S. rution of the United States was
citizens accept as bas I n the formulated to set forth the
pattern of their everyd life powers of the states, and the
are celebrated on this inaticnal rights and Ireedom of the in-
holida. Patrioti- speecne*s. dividual citizen.
parade-s paa"anIt, firewoai K
and other flessite m ark the Later other freedoms were
addea in the Bill of Rights In
inobs WashIerv D C a 191 a, amendments to the
mammnn shie 'Ii,-, lrveworks Constiuition. These Include
is pre"len .'t P:r te Wash- freedom of religion. freedom of
ington ,nhrn a iemortlal speech. freedom of press, free-
to George W5hinatoln Rcvl.1u- co of the right to
tionary War G e aiod irt petition the government ior
President f the United Stat res press of grievances. freedom
Throughout the eatmonr cit- from unreasonable search and
ztens cherishthememory of seizure: the right to trial by
little band of men who met in!Juiv and Just compensation for
1776 in Philadelphia to 5et foithiproperty taken for public use.
their ideal; of (reedcom In the The U S. Declaration of In-
Declaration that has become dependence has been an Inspi-
pre:ious to all Amei icans. ration and a guide to freedom-
rrom the time of thp first Iovmg peoples throughout the
settlement along the Atlanill: Aorld. Its principles have been
seaboard the North American embodied in the charters of
colonies hao attracted men who tree nations from the first
desired freedom curaaeoub French Republic to the newest
people who left their home- self-governing countries.
.ands in search of licrty to -
face the rigors of life In the
v- ',erness. I _.1 _
'he spirit nf irednom became I I
firmly rooted in thr new worla. j
Though the:' l.ved under the
English ifla tIn colonis; main-' '
trained cezrain rights in !.hap- .
ing their own lives and futures
Therefore tiev resenteJ taxe -'
levied against them from over-
seas InHosedc without their
consent. They united 1w a pro-
test that "'taxation v. thout 1
representation is tyranny d ) -
After a series of events that It'somysteryhowbosebollploy-
intensified antagonism against ers who come to the plate swing-
these taxes, the American col- ing two bats always seem to throw
ones sent representatives to a owoy the wrong one. *eas
Continental Congress in Phila-(
delphia in 1776. There they set
forth their views in the Declara-
tion announced to the world
that "toese united colonies are.
and of right ought. to be, free
and iidepenoent states" The
youn. nation had asserted itsi
freedom but it had to win it. in
fscti' by war.SA H
e colonies had no trained
'trfps. They had if:tle money
to organize a ilihtlnz force.
TFey faced a mighty, well-equip- d-tJ
ped army that was confident of
Victory over the young nation.
Armed citizens fought from
blilsides, fields and highways.
Their wives tended the wound-
ed, often in the face of gunfire. .*
Frequently the colonial soldiers 0'. '\(
had to retreat. The %ar seem- -
ed hopeless many times. patlic-I '
ularly during the winter of 1777
when General Washin|?tor,'s ill-
clad army mas encmped in the I aR ira fw I
anow at Valley Force. WW 7 V ,. W9W
A number of military leaders
from Europe volunteered to
help the new nation in its fight
for freedom. Notable among Why feel*I upset, tired. headachy
these were the Marquis de because of late hourn,i adindigedioin
Lafayette of France: Baron or temporary sluggishness? Take
Prederick William Augustus sparkling Eno at bedime and you'll
leniy Ferdinand Von Steuben promptly help neutralize excess
of Prussia. and General Casimir stomach acid. WIben you wake., ake
Pulaski of Poland. All were Eno is a speedy, gentle laxative. generals In the Revolu- Caution: use only as directed. Buy at
tionary Army and they have druggists today-see how good ii is!
since been memorialized in EPFECTIVE DOUBLE ACTION I
bronze and marble for their
valor and devotion to the Rev- I.ANTACID-reliie
olutionary cause. Many cities, Bbu'm promptly.
avenues and parks in the Unit- 2. LAXATIVE-quadri
ed States bear the names of IT rele I l emlporary
these men. a Tl isbnure. Take.
thesewaen.sbeto r breakfast.
The war ended in 1781 when when needaka.
the British General Cornwall is
surrendered his troops at York-
town, Virginia. Then the new
nation faced the difficulties of .-

last three Chrisatases in Communist prJs canmps
Korea, S/Sgt. James F. Daniel makes by a In
celebration at his home in Alameda. Calif. Joinlnlg idm m
the tree are Danl's wife, Bernice, daullter hk Aa4t ,i
son James Robert, 3. The soldier spent 8 months In capSIMty.


Itrioken' isan

Wrong Number


: .
r' ; ',

I.. ,'


COMBINED OPERATION--A prayer for daddy bo a nightly rit-
nal for Clifford and Janie Purdy, children of MISfLt.Paul W. Pur-
dy, of Atlanta. Ga, currently serving with the Army in the Far
East. The children believe in eombluing forces to guarantee ther
daddy's safe return. They have a "ag over their bKda, d thlir
father's picture at the foot of the bed. Clifford is fSout his siterf B

MeUo Outguessed


AvE -A RKA--AZr E y AY /iSdryT wTAp SMl

I Food fo Thought

4 e*, \d AY!





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If w a eded thr nee on-
f moction

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,e.Bam on l 6B the '00-

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mail l ir pow
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Pfeadent of nCon Chamber oat Comimerce takes
Yleaute in asthe nertantg ot Colon and the
| public in general that 1u.%lauiBs.
esoutlse Deerea aw at th WsWatJan i d eMOb
ties must mr=ua losed on July 4th, the Annlverry
Soflbop"ndepne aof t Uniwed wta"a lgjetcal
SjMo wile t. ,Colon Mefthmn. a'Vbvobblo
t t..ode olonw s.trtstnl e n $vit In' the mast
*WdIbimMWr tht Q*jteofjA1rsk" P.
,at -d wil ad Zot.rnlt *ft- .
eloee their doors udAt$o l in the festtlte on thsl date.
Also there ezl HO betM .hw a t 1aa*
America and t pe ebine, OV
ot l friends aud Mi qnq and nepry si
maintain In fal vl ths .jt .erM And
good felowaiblp which has .ys our
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S '' .V- '"- -..
... ..T 'n w w ,... -. _,. w ..... .- -"- ,... -, ^ TgB

When You Tell'em thru P. A: d
,, i rour Agents or our offices in No. 57 H I" ."regt PamaA

No. 12,179 Central Ave. ColB6a

Lewis Service
No. 4 Tivull Ale Phone 2-2291 and

Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441

Saon de Befeza Americano
No. U West l3th Street

Agendaci lte cioal do Publicacioe
No. 3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2-31iN

Carkmt Drug
0.I- Mltada .-oheae lM ColM

aPhmoa a a3194.m "3 2
nm~~~e i' at.y

Household Automobiles I m ve is g ISwi relax Sn.C
ORSALE --Cold'ro P'efr grator' MUST SELL. 1949 Chevrolet. Ex- 23 l A-m. C. 2 .PhM
c0 i 0,C--. (. one poc',. alt-. celient condition. Heater, radio. .
.C .c; e u. Phone C ar be financed Best offer taken. DR. WENDEHAKE. Medical Clinic. FOR RENT--Hau In Santa
Ne .2, Ap FR S : Fr. a-ftr 94 6 .0Central Avenue". "Ke r for w. ornio w d, week or moneft
S' .....41S.- -telephone 2-3479, rPanama. 3-1949.

IOR1 SALE -4 p.: re .houe r- L. R .rFOP SALE: r 9n vc good can- Tropica. 55 Via Epoia T. 3- 2 altim t Ru
uigerator, god table r.ri Pchonirs. Whiln Cn e fnwalls overda. $P 5411, S-undays 9 m. Gr ranal. elp t050, iW
* Albrook 86-.fger C 4l bue een 00 642 Carra ruIla or phone 3- hi catfish, Rosbor, White WNflg '. tmq gau.M
gas sto, e. Bed, complete. 34th St 441 3, Panama alter 5 00 P. m. Clouds, Real Gilow Lites, G olden W0 1 T e p o e o ..1
N a. 22 A n : ,_pe F O R S L : --- -- Barbs, Thay eria O bliq ue Serpoes, ron* .O 4- 4 6 ,,Po r be M li WR '- '
et..ghouereFOR SALEw:tire Ford 2-door 19 6 Neon Tetras. On sal Ale- riaoW i mal.
S A L E -9 i t /es' g h o r- N e w t e s m o t e r i n ve r y g o o d c on T ro p i c a l 5 5 V ia E ,o ia T e l. 3 i 2 ..c h m,_ t 0 f -
trigerator rc- r er.d ,IO Phone d icin Can be financed. Call Pon- 5241 O pen ,lndle 9 a. m ieo
PE W M S via ARE__Fo. Mr. 6.1"0Im" O.e m "
',,,Quarir 3(0-^ ___ FOR SALE: 1951 Ford Custom To MIAMI'& PEW'YORK via AREA Fd4suls Cbtetge. One mil
FOP SALE- Cu i Noge Refriger- convertible. Fully equipped S.- Booing .4-engine planes. One-way S.tao Cladr. Phon Bathba 21 i
actor. 1';0 mo -h new 60 .390. Can be financed. Will accept t Miami: 70.00 Round-Tnp RUR #
ciic!r unit ucrd aiv 3 %eels sedan 1940 or 1941 as trde-in S126.00. Onesway le New York: P O YOR LSCAL LRAYW
ecr guarantee 225.00. Qlrs Call Pedro Miguel 4-434. $114.00 Riutidtrip 3214.00. See PA A NA 1A Nt I ~
",l, Albrook or phone 86- FOR SALF:-1934 Plymouth Sedan. PANAMA DISPATCH, SERVIOE ," n.,- -e .l r
2.'--. Good transportation. New battery. telephone 2-1655. a f
FO Complete household Good tires $75.00. Barnabey SPECIAL EXCURSIONSt .via LACSA. tlibe frm -oe t
furo..hing, diningroom. l.trg se. House 743, Balboo. phone 4301. PANAMA-MEXXICO one woy $5 wo.s$. -n.'t "
nd ,c. 2113 -D, CLrundu. Tel- FOR SALE -'48 Buick Convertible round, trip $135. .115 day Jrnti o *b *.y w.
.phre 83-6285.. Dynaflow Excellent condition, new $"65, good one year; to LOS hi. gh ".'
F -SALE:Westghoue 9 c. ftres. $900 00. Call Panama 3- ANGELES one way. 15S9.25 roundd el ea
elO porcelain efrigerataor u.t 0427. trip $268.64 (90 dllYfirt,..Por_- Par ?-;l il
a porcelain rfrgerar un ama .Dispatch Serve Aviirfia ilm l
lguranreed. Louvres for dupl. FOR SALE:-1948 Plymouth 4-door Nacional (AutomoiCh Reoi. .W FM
thr household artices ous sedon. radio, helter, sear covers. PNnofm 2-1655 AS.
01.-B Gamboa or call 6-419. undercoated. Phooe Albrook 3147 PIAN RO" I'agl lSee .
-J-ALE.-325 cyce 8 ft. Frigidaire. FOR SALE.-Jeep engme with morane For perfect tuning II L. F. Garcia, -
Yarious alzes of venetian blinds conversion, transmission, shaft, the most expert liioan on the
O Ford Club Coupe. Phone Al- proo and instruments. Phone Al- Isthmus. Receive orders from any par .
Isthmus. R-ctlv ordrs krom any part $1 $. W01e
e 624.______ _rk 621 of Canal Zone. Phones 3-0672
FC AL- -Lv.ingroom coach $35 FO- SALE -1951 Chevrolet 4-door 3-494. e -
lisngiom coir. 5 Sedan, power glide, exceHent con-
I ge S range $70 00, Kelvin. dron. custom mde seat covers. FntYOR a" M .. ,.ALE .
un 60 cycles $80.00. Mahogany undercoeted $1,400.00. Also G. E MB O
rings. $75.00. No. 4, Gerardo $30 00. Phone Cnristobal 3-1411. M% 1 73.
toga Sr Apt. 4, Tel. 3-5414 FOR SALE:-eauitiful black decker
S ?4:00p.m m 01FOR SALE:-1947 Chevrolet 4 door puppies, 6 weeksld, AC rg-
40 ^. ? -sedan. Goes to highest bidder. Can istered. Coco Solo 707. F 1
FO 3ALE.-Large solid mahogany be seen et 2540-16 Cocoli. After
LB1nccrt, S6'. so aid mahogany 4-30 p. m. daily.. FOR SALE:-Two trunks practicaly OI
er ic.. e i J,. 25 cyc:e refriger- -- now. only used once, prices $25 FOR RENT--Furnished one bedroom
;p:r:-' i .ide and aouiide FOR SALE and $20. both large. Ihcne Pan- concise cottage in Arraiicn. has
un t. For information 2-' S ama 2-0027 or 3-0763. been imppected 6 !4 miles frm
S or '-'- olo___ -- o rcycles FORSALE-G. E. wringr type wash. ny base, sign at entrance John.
E.--4 piece bamboo turni- .ing machine, 9 months old, -
ture; fge office desk, twin beds, FOR SALE.-125 CC 7A Bentam.* cycle. 5608, Apt. C; Diablo. Tl. ff' ftsPhoude with
dresan'g table, chest drawers motorbike. Apply 8033.. 2nd. St.. .2-3757 A. Dl4. Ter, ,11.o ifWitn
mes modes mahogany dining _Mrrgarte. Phone 3-1269. FOR SALE -Cocker Spl.niel Pup,' I Pofyn 9 .5'
I hoir ;Cowes made'., PERS OOALS:.Rk'a "S 4 'if
dra *.r; o\ng. Mailtrle: .
R S NALS 4218, ter 30 p. t-. iyic
n.. -' F F. cicdire and other: Gfr that %ill be appreciated by adults FOR SALE; Mmintute .
'i'".' ' 2-1ti4,'.Co o,; and teenagers. Give a Harnett tr Pdppy 0age 5 Mrn4thu: AK'
S* First St. Dunn Ballrdom Dance Book. Nqw todteePcq$ Se. 450. '
LE-Shdes 2 family and vlable at Clubhouses P. Xf, FOR SALE. -19 2 V -B-couW'
fam d Ship Services. Sethaide. of the ,
ent. Refgcrialc, Weting Isthmus including Panama Cityand V-8 pMont sp
house, peloain. Good endition Colon. new fishing pole; radio;
0776-L, Williamson Place after refrigerator; 3 dining .
5 00 e. m. Positii Off f et; 2 dresser's; 1/2 H.P mo ArL,
FOR SALE- piece Rot- rst ll FIIeIt wicker choirs; trumpletI 5 -720.1,l Twoa .9 Ond
Fppineal TeRlephonef 2 4 ul,,
an ivingroom set. 4 green bamboo WANTED: Experienced shorthand T -.tDia bl____ 20-vt_ ,
shades, 3 Jarge. I medium size teacher for dictation. 2 per webk. -' L- -
China closer. Singer sewing ma- Information 2-2737. F R A l'' ,
chine. mor.lewood lamp tond.i ., .
Items can be seen at 1573-F FOR RENT:-.J-ih,; mt 'lapart-,
Gavilan Road. Balboo. Monday m mn V oan meant en. Jumte AtHmt Anue
Friday 4 30. 7.00 and Sot. all day jllIlln V t rVllIlll U I-U F'-SALE-: -fo--Z oft fio h gcrus ..97 'Lving, dinfrng, two .d-
IV'cc c- D r65 H.P. Wills neter in perfectt reams. p rag t W ec imnA
LESSO NS Bitter At R e s 65HP. ^ ..-castn *mom- Aql
L E S S 0 IN S mcorndition, sleeps two. Call Stonley,
_______iffer W as _Blbbeo, Yacht 2693. .A i.
Private coaching in beginning calculus U!r. i ,- Just built, hot, cod water, o .e two
and first veor college. general wIteriA uD IIaC Cfl *EklV thrm-bedrqofm funished aportmentf.
chemistry. For further information IM ing Up Truce ru REIlN Call Panma d -4941i
I .: I NEW YORME Jul s (P) Mie ll FOR RENT.--One bedweo pnment
,UP, Some 1,581 homeward- .. .. ..e.. familyy .f two, d.
.. Sd f .S ie **' z ; ,'und Korean veterans ateppes .-Or RENT:-Store Wprac. Idelt for 52nd. Street. taller B.
~lIri! C ,1e V. 0, o1i a milUtar: transport today. business purpaes on storage f ol rnef Cmn.-o see fm
Coatled from Page 1) htter at South hkrea'a President merchandise.- ituted n 7th St 3 t3 6 p. m. : "
SISyll-. an Rhee Jor *meouing ui between Bollyar",d. fWEt e Ave- OR r
t edctio. The Very Rev. "'iti l ll." nuts. _t ,, "S La e ," wt h.L',
ikf T. -rer Ferr l.k to thot JRo." maid.t Telepone rI coor.g. & 8,lbal T74 ".e "1
7 5SnBi8AL OP COLORS C'.1 John D em r. 22, one of the ------.... -. e ... ,". _" .
da LRepublicana do Pana- most r;ecoratej veterans aboard R RINT:---Campltely finished
tder direction of Eduatdo Pt'e ship, the.tIln D. Sturgi aV chalet, two, rooms, maid service
gs tier. .Promer. of 1-ittshurKh, has woen H.. ST olv y room. independent entrance. For
, r seven Purple PearL medals. three information. ak Mrs. Eddelmon
rm r .r t ndtie le tr A lt Vh tAvenuy Np. 15, San Francrico,
trec tlom y "at l- ."or h oi n iad even F rte ivl OfUl N .l nights phone' r-BF08 ,U
and CWO R. Q. Ch- -sw s dr-R REr:-Apd. m b mbnt, above sore,
_has ..... .a a destroyed the AI ril !Ahs(ilh re ie drorms, hvineldroom.,
1' l "fos concert. iBaIboa raleo detrry 01 over there." said dIn dingrm. Stret 43 No..58. Tel.
SND cly. 3 'iUP) Fornerm President Harr;'OR RENT:. -- Only ground flower
AND C1m s 4*.saw Rhee one day, an r 8. Trumnma arrived two Minuti apartment aeOne ground floor
",'+_ ":'g t !,,w I didn't taokll i t at ,early today for his trnt visit to apartment aWtible A me ri ca n
;,oo :SO p.m. ". it i a*Od Cpl. Robel ?!* the United MNttiob an a private couole.. Col, qul ndaent
'. n s, o-roo.kly, olt-O yVard.L See f to 4 r, 9' St.,
aaasaem --S p.m. e am on 'th are Colon. '
t9to-the10m. twerlRR-ubenr-amqap-rtment,
at t e yn z'g.R, Truman ti to .the i g-'---'l
-.gin the fitetp ." .to"a.. ._n"m, porch,
SI~tteneoater uC JoRheaInothestinP&Wile 1.:ari garoa. "Hispar"' bu pIM oNrh
und-1:30 /9.m. rah eio St
arfai l b-oundl:. v.m. retaumng to ,o i sla t wih thf nut becetayser g -'1 I-]_ D"ag'
'.- ,urll .ent? had taken atren hold N- mm u t Andrewao W him ui FORd' T
S T' XC Gy mamim Issthe otn, voyW. 3- vgean AmeriCran, were waiting at ReO
211m.*11 :a th .i ce to p t thle fteer F6R RENT .-Furnis d. coel ro m,
s HI | one or two gentlemoin: Jultoe Are-

fA e.

.,... am

SpeCI mlmde


SA emall group of et aist
employes atplmded a-'M 'tu-
man entered the "bildta b
,Went imnediately- with the
.. N. officials to Hammarak-
Joc's 38th floor offices for a
formal visit and morning e;e

It UAM -. nAiA K 33I1

haeeetlo Sew MeeU *Ays. 2-tees-TT
amat LCrO -


- (.

as l5 -'

Swith meals or only breakkst, Ju oTw -
to Arosemene No. 57.
RENT-Furni. rope
the house pry.e
house -em 0; 4 St., I Viste, ,
private bhroe-li. Ar AmriV t e .1
family phone 3-5417.

FOR 'RENT:--FuW -r"om hith
. prnhte olatitep-: n d en. mrm .
Kitchen .priyirl. .Stret No

FOR 'mENT; AjHaT .o .*.i
plvmto awMa awlle. *o-.

Iaht o, d r9. :ian 7|9

as.* s-rrf- &s*Leb'K_- -

--! I 1-1 I I


- A.
at: -,
I-' .t
Pt. $4

m .


-V -l rM-C
r Csm~iionft Stoi- Fod

*w. 'lapO Psep Med ii

Mnimm for 12 wI wads.
k.-ib additio0a wod.



tf.'s TOUR ILbuint.

C ._ _


SU ... I_ -.
m?; Cfi~fy ef~f.

"" nJowT
AWit 81a .



I'J-t '

!The welM
Iu s

--,. ROP,

Pak -n. S -ippen, i o .n
T-fc 2432-t MR







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. I MS
.L.E ,13


-~ a
C', A~' W~l63r~ Shiv S

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. A i



MO Mfayonto

'*SWr--- ri

7e of Ame r ia
thi ted \

X1iSS-o D I.

'S. "a)a A

o ThA_^

; at:r.7,My -


n. tel
.1.MMIT^ fl B~~f



OR oo-' *

*r.ol INIoe

M rwseI .4.1

-.. ,
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. 'C ^7 "w
r i.TO.>
en." ..--;



- .
. r" .- *mm ;
,. -' '^ -,a
* -. *
" Ar-i /

S -, ,;.' .4

4 'i ._..
W_. 'uaf ...- : -.

S 'it

1.. .r

You Sell'em...
Leave your Ad .

- .

. ..'i .,-. -o 5


how.s mim

_ ___ ___

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, '. i..- r< -, y ^i

i -
. **

_L .. .. ..


-" -'+ ,-i f '.*'< !', y'- '
+ + .r '^ ^ ^ ^ '" .- :,_ *.* -,
S' "' 4'- '" .. W r u .... .


arH R ,' .

,,s e ,. .,. b ", .
,; b rIr. O. And t io
1Wth m Arthhre hor t neven-i
were; Ongr Mr. sMrs. Cox,
ver ndor- M rYrw'p, aoli-
noSrtf &h W etts mabr'of 1 t 0.

L~c~a~;;a~ r..tloittoip
to uL e ubw totholdadanc o
. atqrda July 4. Aln member
iWtas set,-r rin4 e'onei theoi daring
' VU, t i or e. n ndd to v e gt

w hee_ Mar e ll Udlo aCx

eai a teir- ..r. and M.le t were vderens
a. taltAp lit at

l ert andee- Reveren
Si f Ar@ndi Ret ren d ave r
:., eamt te Ior l+MrUM .ln% torv rhe

bed I hits es l as i* ,we

vn'their ae W. 0M and wlI.
. Art=t t ui, sr., of a- .

S .,nr, tle. fomer, )a_ Bettl?
S a ders, d l otu Mr.t den at-

f,:t tAnh* h 'rglaffort '

d e ,nd Artur te uf the
Their r i gh I at
ld a *. RAf r a -dad and Mt. PhUtp

lh, ,e er" aver who Mled today for
6a wsfac- Reverend and Henry Be
;as Mr,%4.WJj Graham and

... a i ,,t..., Rev.o r end Havener as regn-

.for em


SIBa i

sr-Inu auO-'

Nam"- M=VZga>

l I L ma..(..

i.-'. adam autv,
thepast two
a signed to
4, *r duty.

... i. .,, .: .
-' ,, 7 A,, ..

Mrllpk ,I.w*fsu.
f 'C f H' r t *'^
". .. .* *
.: :.

.ft~ ,~

L..IL ~~-U ...





lr ,.Mr B. ray,
M_.t i ,t John Bar-
SIM. n Boston and Mrs.
ank, MBr. Charles Hallengren
"ad UtoC. a. Mould.
Mrs.. Muld and Mrs. Halen-
pa dled at the 'coffee ta-


11 ^^t 1 ^ from
ixt pidcttlon. Mr. Lerol Lee-
Mr,"t dimctbae 'play ana
ill be at tbe LiA Theatet
waDPe at Wafp.M
nAf Ite.rte resident is

. 4tlajw te.rmpat of over
eordu y."vfaf- to'trvaut tor

out w today after a water

. **, t '
In W&:, %7o.ut, JuL4hey sorely-
ThI Ulomatlon. without
~watrr dScertlay afternoon,
suftetp^:thtoribtehe night Ili
sweltact te peratures of over
100 dis ..PS. Th I ury to 115
we 1 rlats

tlU the dp's r- l P lt was re.
plenlsabdq* *
Tlity tMusop Ulatwa,-
S.ini- L-u .trE Ikl* --

To Q
....... ......


t V JWna nd to a Ia
Wimes k-D x tar do. f -%

AF 2 lM*? 4 &t wth
A 4 01f lt safer o twod tad. on-

.h60 .tra. tha L
then 'db
Jl wasr wa itrIn'J'd
*h ," for Sonuth,4to1 1
seA h "Ave b wtwofAt W ci
w wi h Na IN d? Ond d otalndAna win loo
1s OaMI 6 4 1_ I diameff B. her,. It
"" dPa P, earef .._paed a-l
e o aDpadte ruff.Pm ^

e ve avryego id s vH
temade deenpe~ Ia as e~enrba totwo
or o a. defender elds more ~0-

ote dptey izi dis.ard d'w- i
hand rut lin SBd te te'ffiart .
anum (96l.

that contract. H'-attM';W_ that -L H*
club gu oract, l i 'wa afram
tta -- oppone-jtwihoul make
fve heartl. *Be I
Sont might have beaten flyv
heart If he had opened a low A
Oad taken the ace of hearts
promptly, and led another low
diamond to North's queen il dr- ,
der to got a spade ruff.
But ouith was better off not jlI
even trying to find such a fan-
tatic defense. It was far uafer to
play the hand at six clubs, *n-
dlaiy sinee a st the defeoj1-B
lowed him to make lu cslam
When West opened the kin of *
hearts, declarer saw thatwthe t '
ilam contract depended om-onf
restricting the diamond 1ok to
one trick. He had t.o d vetry-
thlg In his power to persuade .-
the defend.q dicard dia- '
ip-ds. ,* -to
Be rutidntee owdnin ia-rStaw,
lead in dummy. ie' 1str&Amp to

73 Central Avenue and
tO1 Tivoli Avenue,

11th Street
& Bolivar Ave.



i* 5.


- "









b. ~ -p .-


\ Nothing b.d "o. .


ot inemlsB ... atwre fhrip '
/ I ..&~Ps a s s .s...

M S!WW# hLAa
. rW,.,:W .

.L *..*..4 *8..q.

I "-- .* ." "


~4 =,,~

-. *-- .

Tir AL' S hlL tU S, ,LUMNI


ats proved. It gives you a

I MAM3965 tests made bym* it
tat herodiw t psated am =dain pt is
*. -,. m. s -ehabo. n m. b
...*^ _S---^ m ---. J*m'*-* i ^^t _A M ^R'*'ftf, t y L. ^ -L -' -
:*; ,f- m. .. ^m*Km. Io^IH JCmf-HKBI^ i -^O .-'Wf, ..*


I i'.
" -I' *
'p '~
- ~

6 1

,..- S







-------- -





a large assotmneifm to choose!

Our stores will remain closed all day 4th of July.

. .'-. o'-, ".





* -. -I-~^* ^ .





Goyonder Choice To Win Tomorrow

Wide Open One Mile Dash Ist Race "," Native F.
Purse: $275.00 Pool closes: 12:45
U o First Race of the Double
P.P. Horse Jockey Wgt.
Six of the Gemst imported throughbreds now in i 1-Souvenir J. Jimenez 112'x
I 2-Bijagual M. Guerre. 110
training at the Juan Franco Race Track are 3-Lady Caren G. Graell118
S.cheltdukd to match in a wide open $2,000 added i 4--Don Joaquin J. Cado. 112
5--Electron R. Vas. 110
SFouirth of July Classic over a distance of one mile 5-Little Lulu G. San. 115
at the local track tomorrow afternoon.

This years renewal ui the 1-no
*annual featui.? conirnmemi.riting his
the independence 0o tie United 1
.-States promi.6s to be a-Itniliei eei
0Ihat will be long remembered by tiac
oL the fans ho witness the iace. his
"" Mrs. Loly de Lazzrin's class%\ 2nli
kour-year-old brown horse by wiin
.'Ooya II-Hope Eternal under men
the expect guidance of Chilean claN
hockeyy Jose Bravo. shapes uo as Ta
the mutuels choice side
"'Track champion Aniorl' I BE- of a
ludin Pulldo'. Kmin s Pri7e Or- tent
undo Castillo- ana Mlrzotcoits,h.;pi
tRuben Vasquez. are asure to oe aite
bhoavilh' balked also and a .v:- o\~a
Story ov either of them will be
no surprise
Great Game 'Rolando Lopez II
QNi. a class; speed horse, coula JUl
pull a surprise if he breaks bet-
r than he usually does This
English bred son of Big Game-
Chantage ran a good race last 1-1
week after returning fron, a 2.-I
brief layoff. Abraham Malca's 3-I
* borne is sure to be in better 4-
shape this time 5-I
Ricardo MirY's Amorlo ha.s 7-I
tr ined well as usual. Successful 8-4
er Alberto Pereira has Car- 9-1
Alberto Duque's King Prize. 10-
.top form and Mirantoats '11-I

Will be Closed Fri,
for Invento
Saturday, Ju
for Holiday Cele

No. 18 "J" S

uld improve considerably over 2nd Race "F" Native 6o1 FIs.
po-ir ioi g of last week Purse: 275.00 Pool closes: 1:15
ie on state ho doesn't Second Race of the Double
m to helon een 1-Malaya R. Gomez 113
n to belon een It th.2-Die de M. R. Guerra Ox
k turns up muddy which s -Juan H. A. Vasque 110
liking is Antonio Angul- 4-Mufieco A. Yeasa 102x
SChilean iacei Viajero 5-Proton J. BraVo 116
ch, has done nothing com- 6-Volador F. Hidal. 102x
able this %ear. Albino Ubi- 7-Enriqueta R L. Gil 112
will rile Vero.queta R. L. il 112
king everything into con- 3rd Race "Non-Winners" Native
nation this classic event 41,1 Furlongs
uld turn out to be one whale Purse: $250.00 Pool closes: 1:45
horse race Nine other po- ONE TWO
ial thrillers complete what I-Frances F. Hidal. B6x
pe)s t as a9 rather exciting! 2-Sandra 0. Chanis 107
rnoon at the old Sabana? 3-Baby Baba V. Cerce. 112x
e 4-Curandero J. Cado. 106
5---Isa F. Rose 110
S-. 6--Oti O. CastilUo 105
an rranco lips 7-" Idy B v." "*
,y CLOCKER 4th Race "H" Native 44 Fas.
By CLCKERPurse: $275.00 Pool closes: 2:20
Lady Caren Bijagual; 1-Miramar L. R. Jara 110
Proton Malaya 2-Marfil L. Tufion 102x
Buddy Bear Sandra 3-Oropel R. L. Oil 105
Yosikito Colirlo 4-Resorte J. Reyes 112
Redondita tel Dan TemiS 5--Srena J. Chuna 118
Full Men Etoile 6-Colirlo A. Vasquez 112
Rina Roi Sismo. 7-Yosikito J. Bravo 120
Casa Buena Veranda 8-Sinceridad 0. San. 116
King's Prize Amoriol 9-Camaron K. Flores 110
Coraggio Pincelazoi 10-Avivato F. Hldal. 109x
In Time Wild Justice --
15th Race "A" Natlye 7 Fgs.
I Purse: Pool closes: 2:55
1 l-i Redondita R. L. Gil 108
d. l I, 3f d 2-iAmazona F. Hidal. 100x
day, JUly 3ra I 3-Valaria K. Flores 116
4--sixaola O. CasUllo 110
ory 5-Don Temi R. VWsquez MB
6th Race "H" Imported I Mile
lPu" 45t r: 4.0 POl closes: 3':5
ly 4th Fint Race of the Double
S.. I1--Lady M. L. R. Jara 112
brations. 2-Bartolo E. Alfaro I12x
3-Flora MacA. J. Chuna 112x
AW "F RD I4--Goylto C. Ruiz 115
5-Mon Btolle A. V 116
n iw^i ^ 6--Pepsi Cola F. Hida. 115x
street 7-Newbrighton R. Vas. 112
8-Full C. Iglesias 118
9-Cipayo O. Castillo 115 1


's Pro r Hogan Is Greate b

GCharts Course, Reiads G
SB th Fourth of a series written for
SNSA Service .
1--Charming P. R. oomwn
2--imo F. FBldaL-.x 1 By JIMMY DEMARET
3-American M. R. NI. Three-Time Masters Champion
4-Plnta R, I uetrmu
n-Rina. 1 0. C. tiC J*uly 3 Ben Hopan memorizes
7-Ml0o .o. castl the course.
8-Inheritor C. Iglest l Hogan rarely makes a shot
--- ... until he plans ita carefully, plots
it, just like a surveyor.
8th Race "I" aported I .Tp him, a green is a billiard
lurse: $3. M Pool elotosus o.1e table, and he Isa WIlie Hoppe. '
SQUINIELA When, the Oaimont club-
house after this tar's United
I-( ebetero B. Pulide States Open Championship, it
-.hecilip. p. lwas recalled that as missed an
3--1V* .x 1 S-inch putt on the seventh
4-English M. V. Cas 15 hole of the final otnd, Hogan
5--Vrd a t- o, exclaimled. "Good for me! Good
6--Cat Bl .81for mel It was the only time I In good stead in his tfftt British
L7--- 1_. 8 W carole s." Open at Carnoustle, Scotland,
8._ J UE. IWhat Hogan mae t was that July &1&L.
9 oW it served him rlghL JIoga has e tremo patlece.
--- I Ben hgw)'betn ritizaed for He never loses hs temper or
taking too long on his shots, bi* getU flustered. I've never seen
th Ra th J i says. gu .brutal wokd him mad. He just concentrates
IPuae E (AA l when aWpiled to-a golfer. on his be atiful game.
ewi'elb" 50 "I'm only raditag the green,"
OW -. i ." IJ.t atpr the :. a.Open. "As Perhaps'the most remarkable
1-oyo ., l J -u 10 u mmon points out, about Hogan Is his ontrol
2-Ktn,'sP 0 -. I reading the green in like read- of ,hi nerve. Superior golfers
S--3_Gret 4 an 8a -. in% the small typq In a contract. go over the hill not because their
4-MIsatets .:. If y. ou don't read It, you are gaRSet ..)e them, but because
5---ViaJoro A. 10t likely to get in truoble." of Ir-M l ,erns.
6-Amorto B P Ig I Hegan studlep the contour of
the green, the grain of the Hete's a e ret to why Hogan
." Ninety-five per cent of WasA Lmleto win foir of thW lt
10th Race "F"' te Mik e t the ain of the grass five U. Opens he ha shot for.
Parse: SMS.M eTlegg.: 8:g R"0 ward e setting se.
Quite Iaturall, you get more
1-Agate .. blA108 roll putun9 with t ) grain than ..
2-Carnnela V. odrt. 15x -agaist it.
3-Lw.o B. Puo 110 --oO-
4-Pincelaso C i. 112S lasthe so-
5-Toletazo R'. I112 lectqr in the history of golf. e i"
8-Legal r. O. v 112 know precisely What each club '
7-Prestiuio IWFlw M o for him.
8-Vampiresa i p Hogan figures what's the best
-Coraggo i ?18 41 of -the green t$ 9nlVs abot ti
10--Vqrlsta V., 112 e .n pl,. to the front .of
-.-.- I* green, wherq ytere is e
l; ch 8e qf running Into daifl -
llth Race T' a_1po"g..% FgL ty. M4at greens are built litt
Purse: 575i. FPool elose: xmxx an upward approach. A fellow
with a strong game Sam'
1-Pincel V. CUtillo 110- S head's frequently a behind the
2-Escandalo J,.Ph. 112 green, mk t that moch
3-Wild Justice 0. Cha. 112 uther on wme because he
4-In TIme J. Bravo 115 has to chip or putt downhill.
5-Gr er. oe 110 ogn mAy mis-rea a green
--De a ldo 115 some tMe, but h' 8 never golng
7-Publico F, idlL. 1I3x to mis-hit one.
--Maillin A. ~#1viia. 115 Ben leaves nothing to chance.
9-Interlode R. Vpguqm 11 HiE wind analysis .wi rl. dhimN

,. .- ,, -, ...* i

U.:" "




, t.."
-' s- '., tl
~~ ~ ~ .... ... *,,, ..
,, ,, L. A-.'
". ,* -*'- -*'...' .-a
*7 ,,, .- ^ -i.

91h lac .


Purse: $1,0








of July Classic"

(Added) Pool Closes:,5:15 p0.,


.. ......... ..... Brave t

IE ............. 0. Castillo

IE ............... R. L GH L 1o'

S ............. R. Vlsqmz

................ A. MIlbdla 1

Be l '.

erse $751
( .$

2 =

" t '
-*" t Pil

S- $

day's Fea Race ...

'. .. ... 4 ;

v 4 1;- "' ., ; -' ;4 ,


i = ,' ,
~ 3 4 -

r :.'* *

' U .


.-.'. ., '.. sm -

A- ,:- -AO W e,

... .- .Y^ U

. S.I
U a .$

.- '-.'y:: .i

, .., -.., ., ..:, *, *: -:-- ,
: .3 .^ --'. ".i*i -.:.. fi

"l.:ql" w 4



. .

. -. 1.'


r_ .;J.

ala Ct
S"t p: i" Cm
- _. .@--t.,t
Wed SAinth, al- t I
f' almist umtralo al

:' h pro-
.Th fight pro- B<

M .o ** a
eI t .


[ERII 5W ~q

2-5 13 0
-31 6 0
tr r a.

,id i, u -dur- Niht alme
hMand 160 000 010-
r .- O 02 1000 2oex-
be wold" D =eweia (9-5), HooDW
-,bV_ W z Or=ek (3-2

Ala twetn W.hlmgtan
eeat PotpozIed
Fr. Philadelphia

3. worth

PEN -the. r carne m _-a m o amr m.

ia Stti~7 WW L Lead

I24 MO11 atLsVag VT-

a a nmsh ato gr the
20 4Ol ife
nI's fiveob.%a

o.. ,Ga e Theq :i ,a erqsIr
v's T.v laJtLL.
in the Atlante alter, T. 2. 0 2 d

5 2 a 4 1

p 4 2 4

Vw lt N*eyeo-S.24

I8 W

327 147
r 6 I 2 15i
m.. 1 3 7

S,. ,4 1 141
o r l', 5 1, 17

o .1 :

U14 as



be. inees.

: .:. ;' .-
a.. '
: .**atf



Only gama scheduled.

T-,,i 'W L Pet.
Dnyun, 44 26 .629
MU 37 29
Sy* 34 .500
31 39 .443

. -New To* at

ro e00 so! 002-s1 o

, pr

it's ben the Ctn-
vidualhe lieo s. 1r
si ce t p ro-

.waver, S a! wa
lead blo W dlost
the rims batted

l30 > ..r. so.. uti M
1*. :,- ,I m "



I *i.

* 'a

arena 1 omo

a ..i

Wimbaedon Title
B first seeded Ken Rosewall of
Australia, fourth-ranked Jaro-
had slav Dubwny and fIUa-weedd
von a maj ta tit, olect- Gardaur MuHly, Amle1a's Pto
id tohe hbkieet a of ill today? ranked 'Ilayer. out of the cham-

hy. de-
rfae a
am I -I

ag a cuf. naeveqr in a natinai
m be. machiw.the top today
S" -b -. graos of 'the
A"a'us center court,
the "uset
*. e coropatlon year
Thd unseeded istelan, a 22-

en ro f knocking



I&a f. wil 'bW' fun bead-
quartsr on Fourth of July for
buhered oft Paclc B LocalM
Rate youngsters fr whom the
Pacific Mde Fourth of JPly Com-
mitteA his provided Jeep and
trailer rides, tank inspector,
noiseskites, and raek awards,
At M:a a. m., HerSe BayNe
and he Distributlin Comomittee
will supervise tnhe tianing of
noisemakers and trinkets to
yomigteks at the La Boea'Ball
A track meet is scheduled fr
10 a. m. on the La Uaoe oPat
where the following evdet will
he renie4 off: Clas"'B" M n;
100, 00. 400; It. IIgM Bys:
100, 200; Boys 13-14: 91m, 150;
Boys.11-12: 100: S, 9-11t .
GIRL, ClaSum B: V, 100; OGirls
12-13; 75, 100; ',irls, 11 and
under: 50, 75.
Tank Inspection and Jeep and
trailer rides are booked for 1:30
p. m., o Jamalca. Prado where
the traditiotal La BOca Scoooter
Derby w14 be conducted at 3
p. di.

at ,Diretor Alton
asks that all memn-
immno .W SB

I -----Y~-~-

aest the L. Boa Ball
Sat 8 a. m., tomorrow.
- - -

Ntielbo. the first unseeded
layertto make the final in mod-
ern Wimbledon history, finally
met h* mater In the second-
seed txas. Vie's triumph gave
Amerp six of the eight men's
titles awarded here stace world
War Ir.
Defending champion Maiureen
(Little Mo) Connolly of San Die-
go, Calif., and Doris Hart of Co-
ral GabSey play for the
women's ceown tomorrow.

FourIAmerlcans Str

Al Hi kik Track,

HELSINK, July 8 (UP)-The
first of four American track and
field teams which will compete
In Europe thU summer tis as-
sured of succes- judging by
Its performance in the Inter-
national Track and Field Meet
it Olympic Stadium.
,For U. 8. stars Mal Whit-
field, Parry o'Bren, John Mash-
urn and George Mattos fn-
Ished fiTst in their specialties
yesterday to share the spotlight
with a record performance by
the 3,000-meter steeplechase.
Whitfield, U. a-8 800-meter
racer and former Ohio State
star, eopped his specialty In
1.402 to repeat his 1948 and 1962
Ol mpi performance. Former
N.Y.U. -tar Reggie Pearrman
led during the first half of the
race t could not, withstand
Whittl s finishing kick.
champoa, scored ab''easy vic-
tory In his event with a put of
56 feet, 6 inches; Mashburn
won the 200-meter event in 21.-
6 and Mfttos won the pole vault
In 14 feet. 1 inch.
Bill Miller placed third In the
100-meter hurdles in 15.3 and al-
so placed second in the Javelin
with a throw of 228 feet, 6
Inches, 'he javelin throw was
won b Toivo Hyytlaeinen of
lnd with a throw of 231
feiAt, 9% inches.

Relateepsa covered the stee-
Dec distancee in 8:44.4 bet-

set b race Aahen elter last

if. a UtIM M I .

4 ,2 I

NIA watche.up

There are' two ways to get
e of the finest w atc

made: (1) Win one in our
Sor ome dran

S otut. We sell them wy
below tates prices
There are' two ways to get
one of the finest watches
Made: (1) Win one in our

!toMercurio and pick one
dut, We sell them 'way
below States prices



. ,' 6' "I
qs*!sB%3, ^



--.,. A r4 i

.Ws8lNitlfrh aWagM thp lot
L, *=, .. -'
- ,,, .. 1 ,,



F... -


gle once more In the final match
of the Hotpoint Tennis Tourna-
ment at the Panama Olympic
tennis court.
This All-American final
comes on an appropriate date
pendence Day of the United
States. Both Hele and Hearne
swept through the opposition
in their surge toward he
final Because of their exbel-i
lent form and old rivalry, an
excellent match.
the younger and slimmer
Hearne has always emerged
victorious over the classy and
courageous veteran Hele, and, as
usual, the fans will be loon
forward to match in which Hele
will be going all out right dow
o the fast point.
Germinal Sarasqueta, spon-r
sor and director of this tour-.
ney, has donated a beautiful
silver trophy which will be
preented to the winner by Dr. '
Dego Dominguez Caballero,
dean of the Faculty of Philo-
sophy and Letters of the Pan-

of the Panama Departm
Physical Educatlon- t A
de Obarrio, comtrd3 zeaeral
of the R. VMrW FPhysical
Education Department chief
Manuel Boy and others have
been invited 4a special guests.

Moguls See Smith

Exhibition While

Airmen Wait...

Some 200 officers and airmen
waited at the Albrook gym in
vain yesterday for the Roches-
ter. N.Y. lightweight Snuffy
Smith to show up for a work-
Promoter Jose Luis Torres
apologetically explained today
that Smith, who faces Panama
lightweight champ Federrce
Summer at the Maiarena b ll-
ring, wasa iutng on an exhibi-
tion, which local boxing regu-
lations demand, for the Pana-
To ? ld that at the last
#-ltth, a former 01 had been
inv tIl to wdokeit at the Al-
brook gym yesterday after he
had expressed wllingness to
put on a "Ohow" for servicemen
on the Canal Zone.



We acept gnera. c*atq to all

points iii thnftrerIj
." r



And orders for Lumber on returh )rip.

Guaranteed .insured service!


No. 19 Jer6alo debIOssm Street
Tel 2.2562 .: bZ245t



r" ;/; .


!- .. -

/ ,

I.S dte Ig mama h .-
LAwht 'F a CeAi -i e
I ARGAIN! d"""

dooe "* Wy im a,
.mlle. mid as -l

ed Ri iier



- ~ t

i~uu esumb






. . I



r 1.



Yank es Snap Losing Stred

Bums Widen Lead; Braves Lo-

BY CARL LUNDQUIST Bern. Berra went to third as ning while the Dodfg
Sollweg was tarred out, then efficient um o the..4
NEW YORK, July 3 (UP) -The k-eered = a the Mse hit. obtained.. ,
Yankees finally ended their Jackle Robinson 'and I
nine-game reverse streak in the Billy Martin delivered pinch- Reese drove in three rims
10th Inning with a 5-3 victory at runner Bill Renna with a second to spark the Bums' attai.L
Boston yesterday. run that wasn't needed. Rasehi lInen rove Erakine a 2- 4
The victory put the world gave up asix hits in winning his early with his two-run di
champs six games in front of the sixth game and struck out seven. and Rpece lofted 4 two-rum 1
runner-up Indians, who lost 4.2 The most troublesome blow was. er in a three-run fifth. O I
at Detroit. It came when Johnny a ninth inning homer by George es also hit a home run--ht.l
Miup smashed a pinch-double Kell. which tied the score. Bud Podbielan e .,
that scored Yogi Berra from third PBud Podblelan etched ffh
and gave Vic Rascbi his eighth Steve, Oromek of Detroit. bit ball to gain his fifth' mvac
qtralght victory over the Red the hand that used to feed him a home run battle at Mmwm
Box. when he turned on his old Cleve- in which Ted Kluszewski a
Den ivewer, whose three- land team mates and retarded cinnati tied Ed Mathew
ran hiper had put the Yank- their pennant progress with a Braves for the major league
eee ahead 3-2, led off the win- seven-hit victory. Don Lund with I when he hit his 23rd of t
ning Itaing with a single but a two-run homer supplied theson with Bobby Adam_ e'
came.te grief when he tried to margin of victory and Walt Dro- to rive the right handed
come home on a double by Yogi po drove in the other two runs he never relinquished. Del
earlier with a sirele. Al Rosen dali, who collected three
homered for Cleveland. waukee's five hits. homerC
I the seventh, but Gus Bell
In the National Leapue. t)p- tered that with a final home
S, dog Brooklvn kept rolilnm with Cincy in the ninth.
Han 8-0 victor over the Phllies vsrda'
and moved a game and a"half a- Y y 's 8ta-- I"1
T i head of Milwaukee. which tsuffer- rweg of the Yanke
In IKR. Tennis ed a 3-1 defeat to Cincinnati. "othree- n homers
The only other American offsingle a they ended a .
Leagdt 'pRme between Washing- mingle laty ea
ton and Philadelphia was rained gamebiryng streak wit a,
out. victory over the Red Sex,
earl Erkine eame -throUhurb
-- wh hi first complete rame in
Tomorrow at 8 a.m. 'those a month, holding the Phillies
perennial net rivals. W e b b to seven o,'to and n evera i gav Jf
Hearne and Bill Hele, wUl tan- up more than one in any In- ,,

i 1 1 a J lllq

-. '~ ~iA

l by Erskine Johnson
IH HOLLYWOOD iNEA) Exclu- daughter of Jack, has forgotten
.Vely Yours: Bill Holden, slar Vie Damone. Her new flame is
1t9 part owner of the film ver- Clay Bommers, a Harvard law
Wmo of "The Moon Is Blue," isn't student. Joan, a Junior at Stan-
_12lhbing over the censorship at- ford., plays herself in a telellilm
'eka. Jack's shooting for next season.
.O"W knew we wouldn't get an,
ipdntery seal of approval," he. IN LINE FOR ROLE
saysi "but we didn't figure on a i
glooe of Decency ban." Despite Claire Trevor. who has been
110 baa, Bill's saying, "Holly- missed. Is in line for a hE-duiie-
lAd seems delighted to see that ner-wrong role in "Desperate,
Aw adult picture can be made. Men." which Hp-l Makelim will'
XA all, 3,00,000 people have produce... Dorothy Jordan a
aM the plav." p ig star in the early '30's-now
'_ Mrs. Merlan C. Cooper-makes
A movie ourporting to tell the her film comeback as a lajy of
True story" of the Harry Irhm the evening in John Ford' a The
r 1nford White-Evelyn Neshit Sun Shines Bright."
1 murder headliner. is being --
p jned. Evelyn Nesbit will be Hollywood s getting the largest.
t technical ad, Isor. She is the wishing well in the world. Pt the
W Ow of Thaw. uho was acq1uit- Statler Hotel with all morney tLO -
of murdering Whi'e ove her be donated to the motionn PicuLre
a sections. Now 68. she lives in Relief Fund. .-, ,
L Angeles and teaches evram, It should be very popular witn "0Ai. .M:..)-
*I.- Hollywoodites-wishing that tel-. .
nversation on the set of vision will go away. MISS EBONY SEMI-FINALISTS -Y'Th# i ir
Se Glenn Miller Story. .-- nela," will go before the judges along wish even
S tra: Who's laying the hero News stories about the dealh canto Theater tonight for the semi-finals tth be
hthis Dicture of Fred MacMurray s 44-year-u!u tonight at the theater, where a record a wc
-en Morgan: Jimm- "te"- wife. Lilian. o'eriooked a Tragic choose Miss Ebony of 1953.
enry Morgan: Jimmy e-point Until her marrinae 17 -- choose Miss Ebon- of 1953. +"
'ctra : W t vll ,1 iaiti *years ago, she wes ine r|
nntra: Who*,; the villain 'athletic type. The day after wed- i
orrwn: This picture .uesn't 'ding bel s ran se o- ane illu ca -o rs

NT RETTURN Here's the Inside on Zsa Zsa A
rrol Flynn won't he retunlne ra s c pit .... J -'10
HlIvwoodfafterh)s Ther-one TV panel show: K ty had nevaEu r1 ThA r e IkA ,I
.. ..." _,__f t:* .,5teen Zsa a on video Pn1 hn
s that Errol wil) make Clno- someone asked her %ha. .ne
P studio in Rome his hend- thought of the fley Himn. r:sn, o .
rters for the ne t 10 ears. the fiery Mexican retorted: I
rin Wilson wiFh break in hEr, ..hat is thees Ja-Ja-some- DIlAril BEACH. Fla, July 3- theIsht aji exprtgston
Vegas night-Flub act July 25. thing you eat?" ,L.'i-A coimm:t,:3 oi he pow- real 91 Idd inunt- be pre
S-- ._____ :rl Nr.tonEl E'-caLirn Asso-in order to. maintauB ar
how me rood radio an- cia' on re'ommcn ed y"stercday vance thWtaemOclIc 1
ia -neer nd I'U show vou.' Irood rm AO i that the nation's te-,chers sup-;llfe."
I or. But does Hollywood hire ,,orL lowering the voting age to The committee's statemil
Son uneert as actors? No. e're 18 legislative l~gvestilatons d
. horribly yped as announe- h ins Frre enn "Participation of youth in the mention t Amen
5pUI 11 democrat1le fe of the, school by name bUat'-recommended
S"endell miles, a 15-veor mike -- y -"me prepare. students for responsible educators .ated o
ern. lhiec out as he ar- e IAIAi" citlei'hip," the NF'i's resolu- do so full d fr .
S"d qol' -worIl nf h,-in' "P'- tons committee said in a report[ 'It stat.? how th(
---'."tP when if Pon,-s to tal- o rome F 000 d'!egetes to the as-l nrocsses Itnep41.tlion i
',,t ,own hn'-verd I WASHINGTON, Julv 3 IUP- Oc'Ir long's 91st annual meeting bs.eonduc w itl" uei
-.i, thpt radio nno'inc-rs A foreign aid oaicial -id he-e. guards f i the fabstlt
, e lIvPn P break 'n t.e, today that one of he reas-n.o he Otler re-ommended -esolutions rihts of d u U
.-4n departmenIt. Nilesi took government-paid trips to wbh'h will come up for a final I Laier utlol0econl
i-T', his home town In Nebraska % as vote later today y condemned e :
S",n anouncin, is th., most to recruit "technmctans for "book burnings. ourees or other, federal I slat that
1 it tvne of acting. The an- Burma." devices which restrict freedom of im.uose sp l le
.n^ Intewrnnl< a ororpn Frank E. Sorenson. chief of houqht," and cel'ed on educ- f na es nor
4 th non lot ann' no m-siceducation and training for the 'tors to aqswer full and frankly l ing. le c i ry
1-s "ato hold hi b-,'-nce Hlow Technical Cooperationl Admlnis- dri'ing le Tcrtlve lnvestltptins at rdant' pr 08 ot
atojrs cn do it?" I niution, told a House su 0111- "'7Tn b 'bupwing resol-t'fln school era tl
i^P-" mlttee he also sLoJped off for IWO nf) out the4. W rn re-or19 a% Ifcrea sale to"l
SOan. 'rerv. 19 ver old the weekend at Lincoln. Neo., believing that "freedom of competera c d 'I
..- -.. --i to explore tl'? possioillides 01
enPlt rpral developmenL in Egypt.
V Jp r .yn Pilot The subcommimLee is in- H.,.
O D rrve., II1UI vestigating charges that Soren. SHOWTIME TONIT-TI
'"son's $9,600-a-year deputy was '
1 O- ]g Ao'vea given pi'acically no worwto do
K r whUi~ ii ehis boss WaS' tl(aot- .
J. f ting at government ,t2a, .g, v r .m .....-
eluding at least five. B colanA
According to previous testimo- o IE 'SOUN W
.LMAIZNE BASE, Korea, ny. Sorenson was complaining Wurday NEVER Lr e z- tT .
s3 (UP) A handsome during this time that he was an LADD. In
y plOt who pozes aLong at *understaffed." 9IALO HTS. "TUN IN T ADD, in
-pi.mea-an-hour in a prop- Sorenson insisted that all of :is a s:i "THUNDER IN THE EAST'
ven plane, toCiy was on.3. his Lincoln trips v.ere n.Ic.e at stu-day "SCANDAL ATY IcOVIa "
plane away zrom becom- the "request' of someone else, MSGUEL wNA aeAT
i Korea's first '"Bedebeck although he failed to Ae1uAL u "CEDRNA AO MIGUEL GA#OIJI
Hrie" ace. technlclans there for Burma. :.15 A sa SCANDAL AT S(UIJRIE
dchecit Charlie" is the nick- I-. said he collected govern- -- s_-ard TE WORLD EN H AmS-s
Se of the slow-moving pro- ment subsistence pay vslle in A Juy OLIDAY 0 Aids RAY
wr driven enemy planes Lincoln, where his lamly ltv.:s. G A M 8 0 A TLMAR.fRYI .G KIND"
skim over the hills into Soienson, who is on i'-ve o r :THE MARRYIG KIND
,Korea on night nuisance absence as an associated profes- St.rdr "ANGEL FACE"
sor at the Universi.j of Ne- A clifton wB. a Barbara STANWYCE
Guy T. Bordelon. of Sun- Viernes, 3 de Julio de 193. .. .. TITfA NA ICN
1le, Calif., has shot down braska, resigned his government atuday "T7 AmRIN-
r of these light Communlat post effective Wedaesda). but rd"
es in the past few nights. the resignation t held up MARGARITA Robert NEWTON Linda DAMNELL
Bordelon shoots down a pending the subconaittee', in- &:5 8:1 "BLACKBEAR THE PIRATE"
he will be the Korean quiry. aSaturday r AMYoKn:
a first hight ace. He at first denied that Tho- s ay MAdnmUT iDnI.
S has scored all his "Idlls" mas R. Fisher, his deputy, was CRISTOBAL ABBOTT and COSTELLO. I
t in a prop-driven Cor- given virtuoUy nti to do. "MFFT CAPTAf 0
he doesn't have a rival Under questioning we.,r, So- s:s 5( Saturd nDraM 'm .
te title. There are .no ac- renson admitted at Flaher did
to records, but no one else little more ia a year than one-
in ved to have shot down three-mondtlot I Saducl- -
than two "Bdchek Char- Arabia and f S tu|projectsy p
which took lzlm leas than 10 A
Air Force said their jets days. had .
toofeatto lndle t prope- orIo, hherhadWonI
rven raiders," Bordelon at work aThe eacy 1oi ..
etoday.-V _f y ,_. top OWL. SOW TONIGHT. r1*z P.M.!
im.e toa y.z ,,hp on niiz11,le r.. .

e Reua d v sn gM
relatively slow planes to
geoul and other South
ltney gave the job to us,"
lavy lieutenant said.
]as single engine Corsair
ian on Monday night shot
two Rusilan-buyt Yak
and Wednesday night
efroyed two LA-type fiWht-
X nd the Lussians used
ri u ilon and his World
SCornalr came along the
-s were at their wits' end
p to fight "Bedcheck Char-
I father of three childrqh,
lion won't allow the Jpt-
to make slurring remarks
his World War 11 wbrk-
, he adds, "I hope to cheqk
i Jets when I get back 5b

mises Ecuador
rid Bank Survey
TD, Ecuador, July 3 -
Milton Blsenhower,
M ad a l representa-
U.' dIdent, says
infrom the
here next
ayiftig them.
aunced the
-the banking
nw'!r- s andaI
A P~ 0 CI E:UA-

A:OS, 2:33, 4:40, 6:47, 8:59
Drama that f
in your faceI

I "
*-" pe -" e'

"A gret picture
full of supsel."

"Rare. Brilliant act-
ing, direction and

"One of tr most
exciting pictures
e v seen."
P-o o- ..-- 4 .-

M-G-M parents
The City Under The City


S1WIHAYIre utillii
Nuo.mmhE r *IRfE.aMf

edm Iy

--tdm lnltxlt i of t
d* Mig M Aleman, the

: charged with
.t.Arenal Manuel,
-1ght at "L4W
Caty night spot
AUPOW rwho tried
R w 4emoan- apltai


.5 'S"

'S 'hT*',l.~~4!*
"i' ,Al'*4~

It to

* A

Neo P. U
PTA f4eat
told gene
'we t'Iau
to rAkoa
and con
eP to r

I A I., kT

. -

Z. .
k-..- .'

**' .* .* ..

7 ,

" f

' ia Circus

C I L .

i? ...--

k .~

b -'

L -]'WO 00lr -xi
Iki^ A- aL :s


f' --


& ?.-: *

~' $


0 ,, TOkDAY! U.S
:-M and ir.



Lfew s i at the
m ittle ef-

, renaetlan blind .
mOdlose of earbton
t e-ehltond that
s.T1 the lrfmen
I sltre of m
Wavg&dk the at
efn. Parent and
scsmpering off to

zed at

4 .4 ~ .:-'

M. '"ATOMIC .UB MODEL ON I SWLAY-Th4k ive-foot model of the 1tS INautihMlU
th r frlt atimi eeiry-powered submarine, is on display in Chicago' Museum of Science aii
th 'The figurines, n futuristic costume, symbolize scientifc advances incorporated in the cwaft
St- .away sedton shows how the atomic reactor creates power to propel the ship. The N1autilus r
VP freomn research by the Argonne National Laboratory and the Westinghouse Electric Corp eatll
S- under direction of the Atomic Energy Commission.
f -.' ,_______ __

'a .

* B ** *

"We hold' dhea truths to be self evident, that all men
are created equal, that they are endowed by theirCre-
stor with certain inalienable rights, that among these
are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."
,From the Declaration ol Independence, adopted by the Continental
Congress, July 4, 1776.


m ii


1* ---~ d~E



I. *

.... a
W -A .- .

W#, .t/at uribCw4u and g ts f fr ,utL
i,,? --'?-* '" ,^ .






''' '
4 -' "

***"*'.*'Z":-*. aa H I



- ~


years, has come our priceless, ealtage -of Liberty... so dearly

ly defended by generations of brave Americans. It now becomes

to protect and preearve these precious rights To their perpet* ,

a...^T.. k...: .. -
;. ,' '";, "" *a' e r

... .-.. ;; 4

;y~' *.2:**
.4tj.' a~



pledge to

* -I.

our Lives, our Fortunes and our Sacred Honor."


** '* _'i ,

-.; ,-'L : ; -*"

, ...

- a -

.-'a- .. a a.

a..* .- '. '

fee "colet
Bh me Ist as


RIa mu i

Wte 15flw


a s.


*v-..W^,- *.-.. _-.-.. A

i- Cft -

: _'im lf HI
'.^' r .^ & H a .


J' **

;-- ?

:. i -


t' : ":< "~t *< '

i c c 10




::-: : ;:




F .- -.". .

A .,' -., .

Some Castaways Enjoy Soitk

Ualadat. Helpl For the ltoe ef *houIS.u
God." tft with ten as ae
An albatros, caught In A19 1s.lan lIa 1 .10, u rdvset

a piece metal that Was happy m oda t-i bwo mt
wrapped around the bird tory the o ,1
neck. Tnh castaways were never "leer Islandemrs.' .
found. tarribW a eaxof rum
. But many, e-tWfpt aut talloo, wu da thN

Caron 1 0 ll in a gsuIn all at ort a
the centoatAth crew lise
Afria. ramd, fanltll ..a md
j, dealan womau ,r two oN and aetertstaK N4 t
anta a "Man .t u.Ae ,s- aLned of th.'ar.
round 'ut .1e__l-L
They had a tent, cooking u- _a
tensls and all te ou NOthecoii 'ationa
home. They could not be per- A. A
suaded to return to civilizeation. COntrol AdVO UT tAI a V
In less favored climates caut-.a I
ways have suffered at CICAGO, (MP) The r.;
hardshps.The Crowt lean Veer
-now shown on maps as Iles tian says a a wide
Crozets- whence came the sl- control cspl d atleIh
NEW "HABIT" FOR SISTER-The veil of her habit whipped batross, have sheltered at least to end the mena to h
by the wind during a roller-coaster's giddy plunge, a Roman five separate groups of ship- animal health. -- .
Catholic sister shares the excitement of blind youngsters under wrecked people. They are high,. y fore. =al"'
her care, as they tour Playland Amusement Park at Rockaway treeless rocks south of Mada- demonstrated
Beach, N. Y. The children, from the Lavelle School for the Blind, gascar In the stormy latitudes virtually i~eaw
tn the Bronx, were treated by the park's management, of the Indian Ocean. They are threat ba eo~ u .
without material for fuel or pagn,w te O
shelter. The
FPifteen mien from the cutter ple of St. .. a
Princess tof Wales were wreck- ot the l of;
Sed in the Cromets in 1821. They have- pred
.V,,( A" spent nearly two years there of-.dogs canr r
before rescue. Shortly after- number ot c -
ward, another crew of 16 _-- .--,._e ,
.pen4L terrible months. on U pe Srin ur l
1W5 tfrt In 1875,fou eSour Eter'
Sr- h at the wrecked asp I The Legal Breast
Strathmoe'm were mar o on e d
There for six months. Bird PAR Bt RO, W.- Vi. Ina
skins for fuel and sea birds' -An embn~Met ,dl'oMBt a
eggs barely kept them alive, was called .B WOodOount1, q- er~.e
The Auckland Islands off cult Court here aas i K fe
On this glorious day, we New Zealand were equally Kna" Jr., and 0th e o t1at ithib
n this glorious day, we wreck-prone before the days of e term he failed t-
congratulate all the and safer ships. Three wer.
congratulate a thevessel were wrecked in the pp w ndtedn 1983 fer. eS :
.Aucklands during the 1860's miroeamane of funds of .' .f netthat nah2
Ican citizens on the Ipth. and castaways were found funet brokerage house but a lip frM
there as recently as 1907. A peared before the 'iii wasf
WAL. ilast match gave life-saving fire ed down by the im M at.
to one of the groups. So many case ha- s lt .tdt l.
ships came to grief In the and at ey f
Aucklands that permanent sup- the the adfAtmeat hal x
ply depots and rescue patrols called 0 vlitt :a Wwan ha t
eventually were established. reglar c9lalslW wIM
Many castaways have. suffer- apprehemlon. -'-
ed on the sunbaked lands, ",-, ""--I a
DO/ EL AG E CE Y of theCaribbean.One of the
I earliest was a Spaniard called EAST LANMING, Itth. (UP)-
iMaster John who spent eight Michigan State College stu ts
years from 1528 to 1536 on a compete annually an allOl- "W* aUl-ffi
CENTRAL AVENUE -. PHONE 2-2766 deserted sand sillt. Many were lege speech oSltL 7.The lVi almIs
S purposely marooned by pirates. a troohy depicting a =m am w.
'One of the last such victims throwing a bull. "


)is, pmh a ..pupNs

lwR the aleawM, ha'
,dawvtb adlu U
ie-,"ttsr a are-yeMU

are hardly
~e -
?UW~fl. $~

fra~m~ -



i L b -,- -,
y wge -


* -.- .. .


- '1~-
~- *9~.'-J

.9 ... I

-. ~ J." 9 ..... .. ...

.",- ,, :' as', .. .

* I .

jMCe-g aaae

,' .. .Y

I. .. 7 -

I ~ a,

... ..: :'... ...-.."-.. .... .

.9 4.

p .L, ~ r arhs i r juflYf

-Ir congratulate te Ampericans for the

k'in wAic tiey have guarded and

are guarding these

Jfonors....not only


.9 -


"9 .9'~.

P'.z. 9.

'- i- ; ..d ,'

, ;: ::-"


4'. n^m. '. *9\
'" = -T!.
'*...." ;," 4- .. '.- '' '.. .'^ ,

, k +,.' .5 .' .,
-. .. l -J ... .,
,, F .** -. ; *.*-*^
i : "- -, .t

; .- l :. ^,^ "*-* ."

*-"*'"i**^' 9'..
9 .- 9 '. -* *
4 ', ,; n,. t' ,."'

themselves hut for the world

A 1A.,
..** '... -... .,
i#- -;;,/ ,


J. L & CO.

* .- ." *',',

. ; .



- 'a...


S -







., .-, : ..

*'7j. -.
;,'9*~ 2'*
!J *.-~*
919, -

'. .'* .
* 1. .

: 7"



- .,-

[ [


* *-





.. ... ....., -,
2r .A -by' .4 'ILWO*M
^^ **- -< *>iillliil iid niiii'-ii qr.111 ur

ur E-?2 a J-AW

's lneaCmthers and Norther

Srn10"k- so ( 0 .

.ra d7ssa a.. M mia...
'Of.f t4 wto will or-
r inDo o who

M autie little
t -,- I

t"wth sade tree sOut 'W to Ais
SW rd pC loO terri 0 OSF=nd a In
S ugt arell sun- and
90 arq'tIatu=nps (a ...; 'I
Sa dhad idled they 4oth
oThe whole far now ww geu pnq
lewht1anted pet -MPrAY
t Iemielves years a- oonA m

beg a=-"The Caded Oat," with a rated ,outIn
his e.Thu Scalded Cat" for in

anc 4. Ar d
znce c5a Jt-ed
ance. (ywaom

Telephone 2.1069.

11111 ~ I I I


4 4

Deans n ,'f to mli :B*.<
Corn, t Iu o wheat .u as ot-
DOtMa a l

.e i4 e

" t. the but w
v third ",oIeX vITe
HIo of outhenA Rhod "

id cluate alone the

a1 world's most Im
l own copper reserves. a ,
d vanadium are mine The

C tebrate

iCe. enary

telrtory oae 10,000

gold Uy Mue I

ataerae mitore
Avei s.Z qbd er, with Its
14tori* a toj tvo

'a OW Wnide on ae

actavenVe m a rawr .
h f Sd=stiuhey were
ho ertw c a bf the mi"-in
Ta ry, MUy, build.

eM; decaon to abathon hair
ling and mniure ,for fitting
*o-by-fours anmd pilg hm-
410 a ammaterswb eeheI, 0-9
S a fted Into .Ar
ACtarl's&ugy is Icsted

n*ppttaeoaC M arpen.

S. Outtr afp
ber, caeond i t lo ahedrm

NIrraMilt y when
an IPer htch m sending
t boat crashlag into the pole.


2. .

IT'S MNERAL "SNOW"-What lool pMa wialto. i t > a sa treeS e& M
with pum du in Wairakel, New Osalid. The i'.ol,4tale leam pokeis- w
edtatre n trying to use for electric power. In the 'akd has t hkesm them 1M, 1
below the earth's surface, they alseo fe heavy war.' Iitaue in producing stoaie eme


forces us to 1 ive a hearty salute to our American

friends on their Independence Day.'


S. A.

Seebure Coin Operated Phonographs
Phonograph Records

pMmiMMMMml M I l pro-Im tIMP-1, 1-1-1iPMri

r- ,. ,.
,, -* ,' ., *
.*,*lp ^ ,....***

S .4


of te

United States of l.merica

on te,77th. -irthday o/

their illustrious action,

:.-.; .
""' '

Wfr i
M : ,.. "





44 -
44 ~ ~


* .~,.

car. a
or nodi
1- howe
roas at

a womo

L .'. a a



C. .4*




/.*;( {r

,.. -



r31 .,a



i .c




..3n our




P il IOU-
17 -T*-^?--- .i-i att


_ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ -- -.'".r~~a~l~~

3ASKING 1N A BASKET-Two claims are made for this device.
t can be used as a chair, as the young lady is doing, or it can
be used as a basket, handy for carrying garden produce. The
chair was exhibited at the International Garden Show in Ham-
---- 'burg, Germany. f

NOTABLE RELIC-This U. S. Treasury note, dated Aug. 19,
1861, has been identified as the first federal security sold to finance
the Civil War. It was first purchased by Franck Taylor and was
redeemed, cancelled, and returned to him years ago. The note
was acquired by the Riggs National Bank from his grandson, also
tamed Franck Taylor, and is now on display in the Treasury
Department archives in Washington.


- 1953

The brightest stars in FREEDOM'S firm.
ment shine today. ... as yesterday... in the
hearts of freedom-loving people

No. 28 5th Street Phone 2-2391

- *.. S i X ..."- '^ J-
M 4 n ,


* -p1.-.

>RIAN, blsh. (UP) UMd
.alesaaA Homer Johnson
nore than he bargained lot
n he took In 14I model uea
ls let het. He noted thm
lass in the car's tal light
broken. Closer examlnaulo
&led a bird's nest of string
grnu. It contained one blue

ATericanBU New Jet Train. i S.
erican usinessGes Fliers Aloft
Scouting Possible rr
Preclou Uht hours m .
rine Rease pUiots at th e
rojets In Madrd Corps Ar acts niaerr I tw
Proj t Iuse of an electronic jet r
meat trainer. 'e "
Most of the fliers. W W and1
MADRID (UP) It ap r II veterans experienced Is
that enterprising Americans ave propeller-drlen ple nI are
justtiscovered Madrid. meeting Jet alrcrat or the li
Stime. They find that hortt l01e
visited Madr s mulatd flight in thue .-
have become aeS make It podble for t to
et number of tirismove sooner Into the c i he
What Interestsgovernmet actual Jt. whe
quarter, bankers, Industrialists The traner, devised the whee
and businessmen, however, is the Link Aviatiop Co., sla l t to ho
ever-increasing number of Amer- plane conditions at a 50Ogaf rob
ican promoters who are siing up altitude and at a speed of bout
the atuaUton and eager to land 550 miles per hour. It hi b 0
some important deaL Thisa I electronic tubeu and a ma hS Iof
pretty novel hereabouts, wiring. e
' A few Americans claim they ,e
are even willing to invest money Bluff Took Place nb
in Spanish industries. The Span- where
lards find time to listen to their Of Gun In Carer -ca
plans, even sympathetically, but
every one's hands are tied until Of US Marshal
the military and economic ac- U BR
cords between Spain and the It wa
United States are signed. DETROIT, Mich. (UP) -At his the ji
Meanwhile, American promot- recent retirement party re a
era here, jockeying for te best U.S. deputy marshal hSaied had
positions, are representing con- that he never carried a gun In nest
struction companies with an eye his 30 years of herding r en.
to building airfields, roads, port aI never wanted t ht a. o
installations, and other projects. Inever"-y-old Abelh hatch
It Is pointed out that Spain s said. "ut
now included In the off-shore pis "othiIn the
procurement facilities, wherefore prisoners into think was 801o
Spanish arms and ammunition nda theyati S W to --Tw
factories are authorized to make e sotte' bltae nevu alled tied
bids as are other NATO coun- lee h
tries. It Is felt that Spain is in Dew To R rth Ing
an enviable position for such pALLS CTTY, Neb. (P) cei
bida since labor here Is moder- Mrs Albert Maubts, Pas. City,
ately cheap. was "terribly ervoqls when
Spaniards understood that the she took her test for an ugto
modernization of air and naval driver's license but pame wfth- AL
bases now under negotiation and out trouble. Mrs. Mauit hbA itt
also road and rail communica- been piloting an airplane for of
tions will be supervised by Amer- 12 years. fVnd
ican technicians, but as much spoke
Spanish labor as possible will be wares are kept In line to avert lage's
employed on them. Inflationary tendency es that pathe
The government will keep a might upset the national econo- use t
close watch that salaries and my. were

o families 6 birds partlue
up newspaper delivery serv-
ere. They t up housekeekp
In tbe designed to xe
the papa. each morning Ia
of a home and a green-

MmON, N. Y. (UP) Three
robins halted spring repah
reets herd. The birds wee
I In a net between the
s of one wheel of the vl-
only steamroller, and am,,
tie officials decided not to
he roller until the robins
old enough to fly.

It is tde glory of the United Saes. U .t Sho tie
of wiha personal berty Iis.. what s.elf-rliue, energy, aRs
terpriw and han mnem se amedesep whs they hAw
liberty! A *


.nHg **U
killed and
as to a wal

otCARD PARK. N.Y. (UP),-'lt
=bab robins were more im-
S 0Kenrneth L. Burgwar#
his spring plowing. When;
md them in a nest an the
Is of his tractor, he decided
id off the plowing until ths,
a were old enough to fly.

STON (UP) John Smith
liven loneliness the "bird."
90-year-old architectural
neer Installed a floor-to;.
Sage In his hotel room
e he raises parakeets and
IDGEPORT, Conn. (UP) a w,
s strictly for the birds when
anitor seed a washroom at
leld University. A pigeon
flown In a window, built
In a washbowl and laid an
The "nursery" was declatl
f bounds until the en wa F

Lees remember our fathers shed their b '

we might inherit Freedim. Let's stand-i

and defend our birthright that we may note

trodden into the earth by the .on ist

~ ~~ 4 i*



-4.~, I,
~' -- 4

f Jr4 ~




:. *

.5' .5, 1
I-I ~

rig; 15k~



Independence cjay


- 1953

The greatest day

We salute the United States of
America on this great day!

rjL "m" mm. Te i, A.T.


. ., ., ." ,

~. ,,.-

Let us Pray -fr eo

frnd Xm a^


*-, T

____~ _~_ _~

-i_ *


r .


r '-.i.*-' 1
..-. '.^ -j.
-*.. -'*
' ".* *) *i; I!
'.. ^ .
.f *f .;.,-- -
.. -,!"
4 1


----' -- .

~ dm~~

Pa.. ~p



." w. hewli

X.. *y will in-
-k a .vymnDtoms early
Section can bee

1. _ae. o

., the tl but hungry
qr1.1e atal Is Just
"pI 5.aglltton.
A, thing for man'

Sorm an4
m to trees.
tp M many



tion's office It.a her home. One
of the gkuid _i slht p t, Eu-
M T. U
Cptra who translae.
material to and front foreign

w Is .' "M.. ,de,

mae, a good-wlIn tour of he
Tdee of the bLesotlqn are
iSold and lUrArleea -,
rut f e ot-dist edition-.

ifron .' he- gt6

voted to the purnae of W
good-wIll and fosterjgc derr-
4taadbiq.bp belping to bMcpie
aeoaln ed... in an effort to
weld nation to nation In world,

Avoeation Pays
To while away the hours o! bore-
dom While working as a projec-
Voeis at mk J TheateW re.
Robet IWoo efrd dbcded to
make tiny chairs and sell them
as-pin rushlons. The business bel
came so Mothatht he has been
joined bybiwtfRe and George D.
Crala, bel.

I Wu UklIeu.I
~ups. This
ig %Mpln.18

I e .,

Rochford noted that her

4tttle uch aW blowing
feath e plng P balls.
One W t-e mut, Important
factor .eohurt the child
with -M W1inpedLnt ad-
ded t eher, was. under-
staidng and cooperation from
the .parents. '
"Attitudes are caught, not
taught," she explained. Miss
ochford also warned parents,
that 'children can absorb a
sense of shame, even though
they are not reminded of their
condition "
rl Sells Violets
IN Start Pony Fund
MPLAUV=h Conn. (UtP) -
SI-yeaf-old Lo a Noble asked
her father if she could have a
-If IoU wait .pony, you'll
have t6 save your penes," her
father said, not giving the mat-
ter any more thought.
The net 'da hbe saw Lorna
on a-street corner with several
bunch or violsU. "Asked what
she a 4MIt. t fW replied:
"You told me If e'wanted a
pony. Daddy, that I would have
to pave my pennies. Well. we
already have 20 cents towards
the pony. Two nice ladles Just
bought my violets.

IN nIvlu, s. OOA S
gan State Coliae researchers:
Two MBC' fcltatisots, G. M.
Trout and -L C. Boyd, stored
milk in paper containers in deep
freezers for extended periods,
varying the tempratures, times
and types of muk.
They found that homogenlsed
and pasteutised milk stored at
20 degrees below zero, Fahren-
heit, kept Its flavor remarkably
well at ax weeks.
It alwo wa found that milk
stored at under 33 degrees above
zero in an ordinary refrigerator
from two to six weeks keeps
well. Whi temperatures were
raised abo 3 egrees, how-
ever, the vilk dteraioated ra-
pidly. T"e average home re-
frigerator operate at lightly
more than 40 degrees above
One aspect of the study still
has Trout and Boyd puzled --
the keipain quality of milk was


shon just to Fwriy the report.
The first motor-driven fire
truck, by the way, put out by
Larrance In 1910 for Lenox,
Miss.. ia stial n a oe.

better in September than 6i
December. The research contin-


177 years of fighting for freedom everywhere
and of mantanhing the democratic'
principles of life.

S Ceaftfal AvgA=S 17 e 2 -0 2-0359'.

HEARSE AND HOME-Serving ad a inoden covered wegonu r-three Cleveland, Ohio, isa
this 1987 heaNse which they're d..vlng'to Alas a. Studente-at Harvard and CornelL theywrp*
chasd t-e hearse in Syracuse, ~t. Y., for g3M. They seid ~t vehicle was roomy and ad oaly
28,000 miles an the speedometer. Stndtlng beds their "5ow"Bare Ted Phipps, left, Charles P
and Dick Gazley. They're holding a Ileepol bal, part of the eu ment they packed before t
ing out from Cleveland on their lS4-mile drive. They plan to get jobs in Alaska and retuiat
the end of th summer, .


- 1953

We are happy to extend o-u greetings

to the United States of America on her

177th Anniversary of Independence!


Furniture Store Hardware Home Articles
No. 20 Central Ave. Panama





Freedom 's

4 ~.tim4~

.~ 4
4 .~ *J'.


- .j.
~ I':

*A a

'.- *. ,

.'-;. t .

:'' *. .'*"- + -

.:. '. ,- ,.

.?* ..- :r ,
'* : .,' ,.- ... . .

% .."! ..... -. .

.- .

1 "

' -t **"'
.'+ .. .., .9
: ,

4 "'

-Canal o esne

neig4b ors




,- ,

- ', --



-.-; -. : :. -. ,

MT'-'w .w T. r_., ..; ,. .M71M
" ." --.'.. .,* .' "-.' .






--- -- i




.1 .



.7- **,,*.


East German Reds Readjust.

Fairy Tales To Party Line

BERLIN (UP' East German In the Communist tale, thq
Communists have rewritten I fairy godmother is replaced by
fairy tales to purge them of oppressedd domestic animals.
fairy godmothers and turn The Communist-edited Ber-
princes into revolutionaries. [liner Zeitung said:
By their own admission, the -"The task of editors is to
Communists are purging the purify the fairy tale by study-,
Grimm brothers and H a n s ing the social relationships dur-
Christian Andersen of -roman- ing the probable time of the ap-
tic bourgeois tendencies" and pearance of the fairy tale and
Investing them with "socialist- by making a scientific analysis
realistic values." of its accordance to the teach-1
The official Communist Party ing of hysterical materialism."
newspaper, Neues Deutschland.[ The Chemnltzer Volkstimme
disclosed "Cinderella" has been said:
rewritten to eliminate the fairy "'The purpose of fairy tales is
godmother "who has no place in to demonstrate that when peo-
a Marxist fairy' tale" p e take their fate In their own
In this "Red Cinderella." the hands many fairy-like things
king is "unmasked as a altle;s 'become reality. Then mountains ,
minor despot,' his advisers re- are moved, water flows uphill,.
sealed as "ridiculous bureau- plants oear hundreds of differ-j
cra and members of the ent fruits. as Mitschurin taught.
court as "decadent parasites" and the earth becomes rich and
e young prince, the news- fruitful and a fine home for all.
pa r' says, "becomes a revolu- lust as we see It In the Soviet
tio ry who rejects his previous I Union "
fru less parasite existence -----
Te newspaper said the or-E Deduction
gini version of Cinderella" Expense Deduction
had$ this defect Cases Dominate
"The conflict of the fairy
tale is limited to the personal CHICAGO (UP) A survey
relionship of Cinderella and by Commerce Clearing House
herstepmother and step-sisters reveals that disputes over de-
and Is resolved on this personal dut ble expenses bring more
basa alone, moreover by the in- cases before the U. S. Tax Court
ter nation of a supernatural than any other causes.
por. The author of the new Of the 9.000 cases brought be-
verson has enriched the fable foie the court between No. 1951
witl socially valid motives.' and Jan. 1953, about 18 per cent
I were concerned with claims for
icn T i king expenses turned down by the
ickT I ninking commissioner of Internal rev-
o Sen,,e.
B Non-Swimmer Some 450 cases were based on
travel expenses, medical claims
S es His Life 320. and entertainment 252 A-
+ 11.t 0ann impm uprp nn -I.

P:RRY, Mich. iUP, Fisher-
mIerl on the Shiawassee River at
ilrse thought they were seeing
a lew fishing technique, but
theg later found it was lust a
hionswimmer using his head to
sal himself.
DI. F. Dale Figg clung to his
boat when it overturned while
he I as fishing. He wound up
underneath the c r a ft. He
couMn't swim so he couldn't
free: himself.
He solved the problem by
poupding on the bottom of the
ullto let others know he was
underneath. Then he pushed a
fishing rod out under the edge
of the boat.
The other-fishermen soon got
he idea and towed him to safe-

cellaneous business type deduc-
The second largest category
was a group of 1.050 arguments
over dependency exemptions.
while approximately 1.000 peti-
tions were filed in partnership
There were 600 capital gains
and loss disputes and 500 de-'
preciation disagreements.
Sulky Vet
NORWAY, Me. (UP'-Al Snell.
88. said to be the world's oldest I
harness horse driver. Is in his
70th year of'sulky driving. He
still exercises trotters but has
difficulty getting to the practice:
track because an automobile,
driver's license was denied him
this year due to his- age.

17776 1953

!We are happy to extend our greetings to the United
States of America on her 177th Anniversary
* of Independence!

Pananma RDId

j No. 29 Central Avenue Phones 2-3364 2 '156


to the United States of America

- on her 177th Anniversary of

inep endn ce


~ .4>

IT'S A HAT TOO-This canvas beech bag, with four rowa 1'
white fringe, serves a double duty, for it can be folded Into
handy hat for use at the beach. It's made of Nght canvas and
shown in Paris by Julette Figueroa. 1Miss- Europe of 191L j

"HELLO IKE"-President Eisenhower holds.a."Smok" teddy
bear, symbol of forest fire prevention, presented him at a meeting
with conservation officials in Washington. Thq teddy bear wait ar
Ike's grandchildren. During the meeting, the Predent wua
vacationists take special care to prevent forest fresh.


4th of ulya

We salute the

United States of America

on her 177th Anniversary!


Nos. *8 and 114 Central Avenue

Secure te B easingg of i t

Ler's Stand

Unitedfor reedon!


hAiulO G(hmateebraf


$sFi~d ~

Bullfights. Waj
MADRID (UP) Bull fight-
ing, which already has lost out
to football as the number one
passion of the 8panish msases,
Is passing through a new crisis
likely to dimL its popularity
even more with the hot-blooded
ans. -
The crisis has followed revela-
tion that over the past few sea-
sons the torero In Spanish
rings have been fighting under-
-aled bulls with filed -d o w n
The government passed a spe-
cial regulation imposing fines
on cattlemen who sent bulls in-
to the ring below a prescribed
eight or with their horns
In the top-flight rings of Bar&
colona, Madrid, Sevilla, Valencia
and other Important cities, the
regulation stipulated that the
bull must weigh at least 470
kilograms, although in leased
rings a smaller animal is toler-

The horns are examined to
see that they have not been
tampered with. The practice ot
shaving a bull's horns means
that the animals are thrown off
balance rather like a cat that
has had his whiskers cut-whe
they reach for the enemy tey
are a'couple of lathes off target
on the short aide. If the shaving
Is drastic, tips of the horns be-
come sensitive and cause the
bull to "favor" Its only weapon
against the matador. Itf becomes
reluctant to bore In to Its enemy.
At the opening of the 19
season the press hailed the re-
turn of "an old friend" the
big bull with his defenses In-
Rut tf the critics were jubil-
Ant' the men who actually face
the boils in the ring, the tore-
ros, were. less impressed. Ih s
a matter of history that when
the first bull rushed into the
ring on the first day it was a
minute or to before anyone ven-
tured in to the ring to keep it

This year, too there have been
an uncommonly high number of
rements among top torero.
Carlos Arru~a, ace of Mexico
,~ ;apsd Luis Miguel Domin-
pn, ain's number one, have
annoujed they are retiring, al-
a oaU n is expected to
,be I actio when he re-
C veprom aI wound receiv n
a South, Ameriean ring.
Openl eOrildasV were poor,
and feeling between critles and
toreros has run hgh Veiled
-utef that modax were
aot as valiant as te predecs-
a"I polet a h yoing to-
rero ging a critic a poke oU
the now in a restmurant.

habl N eIr new


regulations arulty, uW and
been taking a r hand
tomeros. ,
Three top le he re
finish a corrld.s fl wth
sized bulls) at e t MA -
were fined 1,00 pemfx.`
It was rAteald t hey
It was dangerous to con
but the authorities were',
sympathetto. -
but he ati 0ltkmweTOlfr

. .
. = -
-' '- v


O di

fp-L -'' '.* *...

,- ". ,

.'-* r J ".

C '.

4t '.4'



=* I.

.7 .


We join in w .ishinzg ti

American nation- -

demoeray 1st w

'77th' J24tWCtary Ofe
4 .4 ..
i ,, :.-.

"'- :-, *"' :- ". ,

-4 -- .-..
.". ". : ,
.... .. ,. .,.. g .
.. -.. : .z. ,, -.: .--:, ,"
.. .1 *:, ,,.:-i ,fc .^- ... et .^t -^



*.. "- -"
-* -* 4 NA^ '^ '\
,- .. ..,, .. .... t ,| ,,? ,,:
>, -, .-. .-, ...f. ,- ,-.i.
; .,- t., *",, :,'.'**,--- *t r .
-, : --."-' "t .
.. .. .-

a t., 7, 1. r,
* ,' 'i *J*-. :s' 'fe
.. ,, ,: ,'r^.S.
,'., -.... :.- i ".i
... i f "..-.* ,,'. .-"^l
... """":." ." 2

.. ... .T4 4. ,, .


I f j
""' ,*. -> *" "-- '. I,'- ?
; ...i? "__ *, ... .. '. '. .; ? ,..:
pw.:ff' y .. .,, &7". ..

.. .. ,
., .' -e ,:r" '*i *.
*.. -: .-' .." *... .".t

f .' -. ... ; <.

, .- ,' '- '
uoa.. ~f .. ... .gP Sw j'
,.. I r ,--., .- '^S fft
~, ,. f- "t ^ -...'.i-!

"i'* "'- < -, ., n
" ,, p::
~ ~ ~-*" ,-' *" v 1 .. ,- a R ^


., ..

Sepe"aence C -'
S. .. 9. --:-

1776 19,53 .
: "* -*

I ;- '.'.
Tim grea~tea-dy n FREEOM-S *LTOY- .

oer the pop.e sing nm p.w0 1o& .j
.1 ,

T .'..i -i o' .. '.' .

* .-

... P7

- r

II --- -- -


, .

"*, :'

i :,

0 ..,


" '




1 .




HARDTOP-Syfll, the rt hardtop convertible edaIn la ntomaieO
Ford Motor Company press show in Detroit, Mc,. ". .am' ea.r, S.U
. feature an m U-steel top whbic can be .owerd ctmiUy udG the
&k VdC yet a9gbsdu. sIPee remalna in the comparteai .

'~nr. '.4 p -

11 1..
* ,i
ti .' ,L


lla. ;


S at a1 &
eOILY V7 i ar
awd t. I
I Wet, 1913.
even in 1
summer,, ac
[Waks olrl*n 01


al- or the'NA

Thi de Alls
bid lam. All


wu .

On this glorious day we join the chorus

9 U. i

to cn neo

on W4 3en

of congratulations to the United States of

America. .. One Nation. .with liberty

and justice for all.

Ml "

an 9 "RUU sL, UII

Liar in.-



l l' Tel. Panamri .4984 Co
3.496S To


16n, Agency Haywood
),r 1336

-- -- --- In.,r



\ pp

PAN" ."
RO ,.

i* n


4 W*- N
i -.-'


t Ar
-- 14


40 f
S .
M .' -


M I '* ;' ?

, ,* .... .^
- -N-ow


-.-. ... ...U. ,

.**'r' t'I^ia *"I ; f HEc L* r*'I-
* "' i
; j 0ai'. .,. .



.4. .4 I
~ ~' I

It's the Glorious Fou

again!... Time for ce

rating the Independen

of the United States

America. Those who came &ph

won through their couragum eo

termination and faith. Let ea

crackling fire-work be a rem&

to us that tyranny must still

fought and independence uphel








Is~~tit 7S-ervK: S^

j- .. -' ycde Pa 0'
." C ~ ,.



e 7,


|' "

.- .S p
Is. ^ .;--' \ "



4:, ,

* I

. .

' M I =E mma

i Im~



----- ----F-



.. .. ;o
*""*/ i

.. .I"




-' ti






"Let ihae preo e know te truth ani th eoafy Iw s WfO -f Abraam Lincoln.

TWENTY-EIGHIH YEAR PANAMA, R. F.. mPaiA T 3,1say ? M i. *'

French Meet Cambodia Rebel lion
NEW VOICE Leonard F. A
Ewiofth Troops And Freedom Promises
of the Voice of America. Erik- move 'in
son, radio and television ad-WodI
vertising executive, is a vice-
president and director of Me- l boda th pe ted the Fr
Cann-Erikson, Inc.. aNew York PARIS, July 3 (UP) The bodlan capital of Pnomn Penh forces ln Cambodia mlh 0W a perml td the c
Cann-ErksIng. aNewy French government has prom- disclosed at 50 students of the outnumber the royal ground commander in m- toe l .
advertising agency. lsed the three associated states Cambodian officers school TheI ti Oodia, Gen.. Prre Lngli to
of Indochina greater indepen- half the annual graduation left n tauk m re i iyIts to a ton.
a J1dence to prevent them from class- deserted, presumably to today from aw imtediats nd efficientiu mn alz
o arth Mreaking away from the French join the king's forces or to fight .Laa were made M testie" of.. operty ad~ rmi 'S Lj
scrtya id today Union, highly reliable sources the French on their own. dveyr of Alge Iilfis of the 4,7o01 l Frenfch t osny
said today. A command spokesman said MnW Sware ahe 9th.e, the s an (me J.
The government has made the reinforcements will double uaid, "Tri h i W mand cases
te A che promise in identical the strength of French Union The additional atned strTngth Gen. La sas 11oven a much Iar
notes dispatched to Cambo- ficlent, m" at his ea. .
Writedia, Laos and Vietnam and Ilie--oaeve .a. s .."
which the sources said will the spoktnn said. .1'.g,4
On US Clergy announced smultaneously the
appointment of M Arice Dejean, O n Z*
French ambassador to Tokyo, aso "
WASHINGTON, Julo 3 France's now high commissioner O I fWe..m .. t M]i
The three democrat s on Sen in ndochina. l Yn rawf .!! 5 BmS
Joseph R. McCarthys Senate According to the sources, the tFe dla M
investigating subcommittee de- French promised to grant the th e
manded yesterday that it take Indochinese states larger free The general public Is cordially ips each for all three clames oft he sh
the group's staff director. J. B. but opposed in advance eventual invited to enjoy a full "Four boat. Theclimx after-d his 3
teroosdedf July" afternoon of speedboat noon will be the l Class o fe
Matthews for "a shocking and demands for total independence. s at the Pedro Miguel Boat Fro arAll fEllto pulao powerful 0
Meanwhile in Soaign, in- races at the Pedro Miguel o,, Free Fr .All, consisn of all PUatl'tin a poe fuo-- W .---
unwarranted attack against the chi, t he French h Club. The races will begin boats in all lI eIpetinrg. iFrench
American clergy."commad announced ad- promptly at 1:30 .m. tomorrow. This race should prove t be & .
Sen. John L. McClelland ID- d it ion at. reinforcements There w il be p enty of park-real thriller. to achieve full
Arki), Stuart Symington (D- ve been dispathed to inspace and an a The Canal Zone Ouutned. dan c oatf e '"o.
Mo.) and Henry M. Jackson (D- restive Cambodia were the good food and drinks aval ing Association hulst -a deplan f the
Wash). centered their fire on king threatens to mobile Entries for the lub. aces are as its drivers to the Armed f the atm
Matthews for an article in the the whole nation to win In- ntr followed les s ae its drives to the .d th coAM
July issue of American Mercury dependence from the Eggerfollow recently. Ao Hudg Jr. no has
magazine. French. C LAB "A" Ramay an-t arold__ Al. n jgp a.ngaKn. n ruds r
The announcement came as Boat Number Driver though Ran-asy will be driving oatI t abou CON
They quoted the first French officials in the Cam- No. 8 ........ Lloyd Grigor this Saturday as he Is on JeavM e rI L oSe fighting
sentence In the article as No.k71 ....... ph Du rom the lpt. .
declarig: "The largest No. 31 .... George Egger, Jr. ThfPedro Mitel t
single group supporting the Cash oRelief'CLB. "e eT o p uai tahind Or ** 11
Communist apparatus in No. 32 ..... Richard iro ton to merch Ie h don-
the United States tooda is No. 27 .......... Jack K!ng ated by the firm of Ge at I -
composed of Protestant Payments pped o. 13 ....... B l Hangan HotelS F, A -
clergymen." No. 62 .... George Egger, Jr. National ak
a joint statement, the sen- T $45 Maximum No. -4 ...... A. 1. WinkesI
Matoar said this was a "shock- No. C-I ....... Lloyd Kent
Ing and unwarranted attack and WASHINGTON. july No. C-2.......i lmsey
against Matthews. former dl- The Senate Armed Services N C. Ri Hiroa
They insisted on quick action bill to increase so-ca "Rash 'h .
against Mathews, former di- relief" payments for emplo yes i h r P tb
rector of the old Dies House Un- f the Panama Caenal Zone
American Activities Committee, Cureresently payments a n m alde .. de og Pero i. 'To a 6inu it O d BitIandd
but said they understood that to disabled employes at a rate pl sa a i
all members of the subcommit- of I1 per month for eaeb year ",
tee, headed by McCarthy, could of service ap to a $25-a-month INow ..e A- -o i ,
not be present before Tuesday. maximum. The new proposal cIR~ SeN July 3 oUPf Thet p .t ers.and rs Hi n '-Waxvut-
McCarthy had no immediate would authorize payment of Soviets have withdrawnofd t of a rl rant M line A ever
comment but indicated he might 51.50 a month up to S" pez their 700-tank force from-I 1
make a statement later. month.and rushed the taiks to tie ",-.
The payments are made toe aeGasperi, premier of Italy for order in Poland," the of
Matthews, a tall, white- employes who are not cover- the r ast seven yeass, areseed to-" n (..'i. h'''
haired man, was director of ed by the Canal Zone aetire- day to try to form ,new govern- the lan
the staff of the House Un- ment Act. .ont4 to end the pOlitical criss. t o:. ;
American Activities Com- mehit to end the political cri- today.
mittee from 1938 to 1945 whh followed the June 7 gen- The N Zefi
when It was headed by Rep.eral elections. organ of th hi g
Martin Dies (DTex). Later C Comments President Lugi Einaudi called I n for
he was a lecturer and a De Gasperl to the Quirinale Pal- great number" of tanks W
wuter on communnism. Ed K. Welsh, CIO International ace this morning and asked him withdrawn -" .
representative on the Canal to put together his eighth rushed at high .spel,
McCarthy said Wednesday he Zone made the following corn- straight postwar cabinet iNe. 111111.1
had named Matthews to the staff ment today: After a tw9-bhour conference, East Ge,,.. .4'P, lL
of the Senate subcommittee It is indeed gratifying and en- De Gasperi, thp statesman who Wete 1"m BOfll
temporarily and had made the couraging to learn of the action led Italy into the Atlantic comj- fire l at a undiseled nug-
appointent permanent when taken yesterday by the Scuate munity, said be Would hold pre-W of V% left Bast erat n aBt
no committee member objected. Armed Services Committee in liminary talks with poiltlcal after midnight Wednesday in as
He said the chairman normal- approving a bill which would in- leaders and give the Presaldont es4twad di retiMon
crease disability relief payments a final answer next Tusday. The tanks belonged to t P .
ly has the prerogative of hiring for retired local rate employes The hopes of the Christlan armedord f wW-hich w9
It members. from $1 to $1.50 a month fur Democrat party leader had ear- n0.1I=s, ferfin Jns17 Is
In the article, Matthews each year of service up to $45 per lier been rocked by the sudden crush* _I-. r .
maid: "Since the beginning month. desertion of the right-wins So- rising.
of thE firpt cold war In "Our CIO union. Local 900 clalists from the centrist alliance InDa in -
prOl, 1948, the Com nt GCEOC-CIO has considered the which has governed Italy since major
&pall rty of4, those Communist has campaign for the improvement the war.M .ltung
party of this country has of retirement benefits as one of His hopes for smooth sailing t Me
upon them ranks its major goals for 1953 and one were dashed by the unepect 1.
the Protestantelertowards which its officers and decision of a majority of the
the P rtestat clergy to pro- members have- directed much of right-wing Socialit executive
wide the party'w s avei'mi, their time and their efforts. The committee to vote against de
apperatm with ts agent, recommendations of the corn- Oasperi as premier unless h in
16w- frnt men and fel- mittee brings us closer to a re- steers his government program
w-travelerm.' alization of that goal. to the left.
"The final adoption of the De Gasperi's majority in the Cast a
le kiso said that it s1 "noth- measure by Congress will mark elections was thin. but he has West
Ing short of monstruous puzzle up another significant victor? in said he would turn neither to the
'tat some 7,000 Protestant the union's persistent efforts to left nor to the right for help. v mud Pole ti'o@ Ii
hae been drawn bring about an upward revision Counting the Liberals. Repu mer P tois
d th e nethe past 17 years Into in the general standards of local licans and right-wing Sodalists M- S
the network of the Kremlin's rate employes. We have reason who have supported his party, de i~Ohwa.
3C- itwcy to believe that final action on Gasperi had only a 16-vote mar- The newsaid them
this measure by Congress can be gin in the new chamber of Dep- broke out ffm 17 sad sadil
Balboa TWdes expected within a short time. uties. spreading.
The passage of this legislation The rightwing SocialiSta ho Polish w"d __ W.,
n aturday, July 4 will. undoubtedly. contribute to- 19 seats. If they all vote against have dem theWt
gm Low wards easing the burdens rf the de Gasperi. his chances of form- the Polishg
.2 a.m ............. 3:05 am. local rate worker in his declining Ing another middle of the road state
S:42 p.m.............. 3:46 p.m. years." government are alim. dnte'wne l f ,



-Np ,t4wwk.u
iMHO .Wf
..', */ .:

7 II~Id

t WHAr's M



.oS- :
% .% .-.'.-.



!- f-~

.. -- *A

,-.'. -



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