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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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Aso All Bar

Fom Ref ellt h

In lime withregulations nrcely prnMiulLatd
X P o f 4fternational Trade, the Cana&fZoMn ,- .Ir
Id o the bunkering of ships caolmg at
nU", or mny point under Communist control a0 Ui

:iAntkers will also be it f d, effective Jvky6,
in or under lter to the S6et.U-l'
a .A< dozen RIed f countries in Emia-
'i a valid license from the US Department f
re .s is presented.
'4Ctd.China, Manchuria and North Kore are
lncdte in the ban, which applies also t6 vessels
by hoitials of th* countries to whom the pro
H I %

.A Cpe lC Compy official said tody wt tb
pony of' no kriede of havin bnke a
%whbicuh uWceme adsr the new atn.
i Hpoiited iti tfst the Ceol itslf kd iar
-st -ag -y C gR. am ~issued.
sa p Of*f 13r br 1i dnad in
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WIUm als wneu =lWo ITNI PANASA PRASS e InS
.... m a. MNSON ,aU,.U NS.
SM ^AMA&ss..a
6T. N Wrae 0 0. sea IM, Pa'naSW. 1 P.
rTL mWN PANAMA NO. *4t40 IR Lk.l mI
COI ON erpea 1i ie. CINAIt AVI NUCF ieWleN ta III 13aw tinmers
534 MADIOIN AVi. New Y M. ITS N Y.
go N ems. I NAADAN *
ace ONIP 'EAR im T"'AN** 96,40^P __ 200




The Moil sex is on open forum fo, readers i LThe Penme Amer-
lea. L~ter are received grtefully end re hdled l- a whlly cali-
deatiel mnner.
If ya ceNtribute a liter don't be imnpatiot i i e'l sappeer the
mpet day. Letters em published in the order mceivd.
Mese y to keep the letters limited to *e W length.
Identity ef letter wrire is held in striest eafdence.
Th l ewspape r Musmes n responsibiHv fI le mes as e*piion
Stressed in lktOn ot rom a aer.
-a -
Gorsh; Have you been to the Building lately? I took my
'dawg there yesterday to git him vaccinated for rabbles but they
itle me that the serum aint here yet and besides they aint gonna
;vaccinate any dawga in the Building on account of they have
tilrst gona havta vaccinate all the folks who wo*rs in the Bulld-
ing who are all slightly mad already and that's gonna keep them
busy tr a long time to come. I don't rightly know what the man
i9nst by that. Them folks looked all right to me. Thet is, them
the right side of the Building, the decimal point pushers I
e'But them on the left side of the Building must be maddern
them on other side cause they got half of em in cages all ready.
I ast a young gal who was walking around sorta lost looking and
she tole me that was the Personnel side and other side was the
c.ecimal point pushers. She w!s lost two and we looked in them
nice, new fancy cages they built on the Personnel side and sure
enough we lound the feller she was looking fer. He looked all
right though and I couldn't see no reason nohow fer putting him
in a cage but I tole that young lady she should watch herself on
account I could hear all sorts of growlin and snarlin.
But that was a Joke on me. On my way out I found out the
growlin and snarlin which sounded like a flock of P-38s takin
off often Albrook Field, was oney the noise of a battery of ;0-30
electric fans all going at the same time trying to get some air into
them cages so the pore personnel fellers and gals they had locked h
up in them could catch a little fresh air. They looked awful pore-
ly. The other fellers and gals in the outside section of the Per-
sonnel Section was working around and looking worried but I hear-
ed they don't have nothing to worry about. They is goin to put ]
them in cages two and give them electric fans and no one is going I
to bite them and give them rabbles, not iffen everybody got there
own special private cage. No Siree.
The teller who came up with that cage idee fer the Personnel
Section should ought get an employee suggestion award cause he I
the first one to think of that in 40 years and I don't know r
w We got along without that up to now. Why Gorsh, over in t
ndi Dairy where I works and even in South Arkansas where I c
-'e from every horse, cow and jackass has his own private stall. I
f Sadeye Sam $
MALW OX ...........
rGamboa, C.Z.
To Statesider in Uniform J. S. F. ,.
I read your letter with interest. In the past year there have a
been many such letters along the same vein. After reading your
better, I think It's time Iput in a few words.
idently the many people .you've interviewed did have it
6asy. No doubt a select group. What did we give up to come
down here? Plenty. My husband took a 50% cut to come here.
Get all we could? No, my dear man. We could have one that
in the States. We came here for one reason nly. To live Uice a
husband and wite should live together. We aren't th only ones
either. Take a little time. Look aroundnd ad yao'U be surprised
at the number X JaAes who aw-hew fOr tha same reason.
As for the
all. How
every week? W
not easy.
As #^. wo

As for you in uorlmuwm,
having a couple brother in no
Call us cry-bables, but one
this same road and be no doubt
When you get out, go back and






Now on display ir
comalete line o
Holloware tnel

y. .it an a2 ar-

24,~ d l metrS re


Labor News'



II I i I I i .. .. --

Scrom! Scat! Shoo!
i ,

.aothese days you'll be traveling Wtnesses s to
, the one who will cry the lqudest. ing store a, res Rd's sngl eff ort
go to t6wn telling that. Ont acid bombs and old tension amoIuted to kind of
A. F. C. ftsMdonlc( egr else" threats. He claims he as taking "the
STo"Inow 4t- atory of Detroit hive 'falln on na members
luusle boxes to know it In' 100 as well. But there w no reu
SGIVING AWAY other citlesta Privleged teati- for thus.
B mony of so auto city tavern
BEER Cowners disclosed that their
places were bombed after Bufa-
THE Lino's union people warned
N against operating "non-coopW-
ItUng juke boxes." -V U?W
GCIDE :Vendlng machine operators
told of bombs which destroyed
IDAY NIGHT $5,000 worth of property with OUT
O 8:30 P.M. each blast when dynamite sticks AO TW
were thrown into their build- T y: "Itl
tn Thier tlett a me : "It a fts II
UR DINNER Whe names, addresses and ", T e 1elis WE
BEER YOU CAN DRINK places of business of the cour- the T&r.e f tdhumof
ER AND THE BEER -S $1.00 a gou owners-and t takes Cso ffe *h..i1
courage to defy a bomb are 111ottlsents :. -
NEXT PATYON THESE aI l& the record. So Is testimony s age..w a
DAY NIOHi'S? to the effect that Bufalino had j' i
M SESSIONS NIGHTLY a rord-cutt ln company and s
would consider it a personal af- "gem "a-"6Vr
NED COCKTAIL LOUNGE front If the Juke box people 'it!". l*1 M GsFb
didn't use his music platters. AmciSr es A e
RECTOR DOWNE This Ieads Into all sorts of V~AtWcWiJI ( W
Your Host circles. To cut records you need we" t
singers. And so you find the Ward ( f teI1*6 i l
boys have "pieces" of crooners, of the a gagm. A
sharing their contracts with the l is a S gE d 8 t
some of the mightiest men in living "o
the supernumerary government-
by-muscle. ah W
Since this oets to be a na- pTrts ao t: srar
tional business worth hun- entertal-ne. t L
reds of millions, it is only cigglee and
1 OER.n mro ^ n. ne ^n l*Saf h
Ontural in this scheme o If on ooc I t
things that there be a Mr. Big. nThe bci 4 (ah (i
And there is, government in- move. WThea I e U
vestlpators and the New York and- o pulatn
SAnt-Crime Committee revethal.t a Kin rms Itf On)

this Is not a staff sufficient to hhnnrtr rgk
Ehllenp to the APL's nwtinalt ready: Theyll I rh the a
leadership, now tussling wnth pression yaLax

the longshoremen. n..Ma a eer elt
D COFFEE SETS the tlongshoremen, friend of many oOW meoed
It'sa challenge also to the was up before eolmate I1
Teamster's new president, Daveiplain those led Il ;-I.
1 ROGERS. Beck, who has In recent months bring pWun 0on thb & me
hled one big x-racket bureau hearing. (ame ri
chief (New York), one ex-
n or showwindow...the Deputy Police chief (Philadel-
-f lnroe 8verp ated ph) and seve rl special In- Dr. Wi tIv
vestaiators (St. Louis and Ka e from eorkI
udiAg many new Items. sas City. But he now se that answer mwhe
this Is not a staff sufficient to hhko and
clean up what he found when t1he r et.l f
he took over. B
so ack, now reorganizinag hs

Um_ mM b =_. 0he top Se.s ar W,- .
There have" tols I

w ll head a
eta bureau h.o

ful of men ] ate
declare a dj oS at, n~
When that d.pp ta
e mm- % lite labor op 1rvd .
must ive slCOW o rnsv:d1

----1 &15Aifi cE5kuuina

she I

V .

f- ; *1


-! a

-~. ,,,

'f -

-I--'~~- --l~-h r -~~CYI- ~C ~.~2-.

_ ~ __ __ _~ ____ ___ __


By Victor Rife l -
And then there's tne bllhqn-
dollar a year Juke box buaines
which Is so neatly tied up by a
handful of "little" labor arons
you've never heard of unless
you move in racing circles,
mingle with the regular at the
Las Vegas gaming tables or stop
over for a month or so in on*
of several Florida "gold coast"
It takes Imagination as well as
muscle to cut In on the glitter-
Ing music boxes, and I point to
one labor lad in Detroit who has
more than his'hare-o both.
He's one William Bufalln6, boss
of Local 985, the Juke Box
Union of the AFL Teamsters
Brotherhood, who didn't need a
lawyer to beat down a Con-
gressional probe in Detroit last
Bu/alino took on a full ca-
dre of Federal doctors and
psychiatrists and convinced
them he was in a nervous
state so he couldn't testify. He
simply slept right tNrough
his ordeal by swawlowing a
mouthful oj sleeping pils.
Among other things this gavu
Bujalino a temporary respira-
tory ailment while the mem-
bers of the House Labor Com-
mittee and House Committee
on Government Operations
gasped at what they found.
The Congressionaf probers
went Into Detroit alter numer-
ous protests and submission of
minutes from Midwest grand
Jury hearings. These minutes
showed that in some cities the
restaurant and bar owners, and
the Juke box people themselves.
had to join unions, pay 20 per
cent of their pro.lts to the
union, had to pay a $0O a week
nitlation fee for every man they
hired to make, service or deliver
the precious music boxes to
which your kids dance in the
local ice-creamery.
As a further sign of solidarity,
the Juke box or vending machine
manufacturer must also continue
o pay $5 a week for every man
on his payroll. Testimony In
Detroit revealed this made a
;100.000 a week "take."
Not all the Juke Box Unions
ire affiliated with a national
union. Some just operate dues a
lynasties as in New York. 01
But they pivot around Brother Is
Bufalino, whose connection. P'
ire still good, although most of ll
hem are being threatened by
Atty. General Brownell's depor-
ation orders, or surveillance by ti
FI and Treasury squads in a b
:haln of cities across the land ex
The two Congressional con- by
omtes a l, out of Odtroftt
a .a I sM
Sup ,


Reed's Ro dbl.k

Chairman Daniel A. Reed of the House Ways It a committee ority. uu alnt the bill,
nd IMe"g Committe e sae lvde woroi te that a a t iG l s ]b l ot--th a
tber day bbut integrity and te rights of le gi aow
tlve committee. But in the tht of hilm ow l
rrformance, they could not hep but oninda e
tle hollow. Os
Reed was objectnag to the eraordinary ae- li
on of the House Rules C iattn Oata.
ins a bill. r pl for SI "= -
rtension ofl i M t as reaumet
y Preddent 3trr., '
The ruiWe ortedto that rtratagea b *
rosed to al t ai the
his own eOaklteb, c
S-ta"o mu Rel wat eonm
.-~I b.i a

, ,






* .

4. -,

F j 't,' J;E' l ityr". -I

4.. U.
; ..: i ;,_ : .;

-. --. .
*.. -- .- 7 -L. ,"
is_ .

A~l;.~ g.~~'

Response ..
8I '"Y L! ~Ei' ""

A .so'-6 ,m _lk -1Aft r

'. Oh" Fu`-Scale., F*.

... ,.: .Coni.u e o In 'N

.I0 Juy 2

fdren el. gQ nma to .y ,
Sadd plus on la tar

aoor ha the ,,4,a. ,
I all- IE ,

S CR15 nd t Se M a Bt lfe th is-
thee, ,e
il romt hey d ir swa re.attd iu hae
lirf. nA M oprla- they ...1p *i

to* s ? a had sa, PS
ke C:in. ioswer
b~idc, calved whoa

eyil a ew a of con- m s .
had -a- a Ho SK.

l ut'Jliio, tls Ptl Ionn m tr iM.u wek y
.E.-e l te trep e l owam ae ddm
Ito of 86, oa so -


wCft_-WtJI T -Por the It 17 year Fred nite. Jr., of aver kwt,
Wr Jen AM.& drean stop the family dinner every evening at ther haom
S bM st whd ud up to he dinner table to join his father and mother, wife and
S't sat'bte wr l eft whle the others are: Kitty, 9 Mrs. Snite, Jr., Fred Snite.
t*l 1ky, 1rand UMn. Fed Snite, Sr. SnUitecontracted polio while on vacation
il the Far Eat.


S New arrivals for the Fourth


for the evening, cocktail, and
atreetwear, beautiful fabrics

high and low heel, sandals tool

latest shapes, all kindal

some with lace and embroidered,
some taloredl

-1 -A1 .

~h~r~wumrs----lu -----.-~- Ikl

iI~a~l '


-. A'



Fr r
4l 4I7)


i -.

'.; 7.
F^ ~

.,: :
I A.
.. < : -, ,.' '/.^ ,.- : -.
"' ,, Z," *'.*"' ,1 -I. ..''- .' 1 '*
. .,i .' i^,, -,., .,*-.
, .. *^-.' -.. "! ? .' A... *t(^-' ;
., o.-_
riii tii f "
ifl 4


7 .

I ,

"Symbol' of LoV "
Oiamandf uparantw
"' !

P"3 4

^>. I I94 o h.
prm oL 2k. 4


adIAyUt, k3PA*A
*4-a nm0 c a IT S-f


...' .
Lt -

r.... '.A Se


r 7.j

',I *"*r /., '* Ir~lt
**T'l.-f. *** ^'.V-ni
in-ii n~lr*n*l'3afrj

'7 >, -**

r .Is.:'

- -i

P '*",,



C_~C_r_ _1L

veToat sm JM 7Jfi
There Is "a, iam ., ..i
I weeks at some fima has i..
mont due to an e iV
cording to H Ponrt1$
tor of safely 4he
reau Insurace.
urged Vronterm t
effort" into aoq

Your .'i
with long-lal~kat e

NEW TpWr~y:'.^
New Tintair adds luster ''
richness to natural batut
young loveliness to ds i
streaked or faded ha#i. 1'
can apply it a few m
No pre lle n6 .pi-
brush it on. And
Catalyst D. Titair .-
revolutionary self tluig
ftwedlent, wl*mamtl<
stops colorin action In.'15
minutes. You cant moake S
mistake with Tintair ad..
it's so easy to use. .. :


i21 CemAl a.

,I---- -- --

-.- -. ~-

; .,..-,..rt .. .. p
* ^ '* ~ ^

. A


. -.

- ,g,

c -



Shipping & Air Line News
-- -

181 Leave Tomorrow O'Seasohn; and Miss Antonette
fr -New York L. Oswald;
"Aboard 'Cristobal' John S. Palmer; Mr. and Mrs.
-: The S.S. Cristobal is scheduled Paul H. Pina; Mr. and Mrs.
to leave the Isthmus tomorrow Golden O. Pliniley and daugh-
with 181 passengers for New iter; Charles E. Pretz; Miss Jose-
vr.ik, according to the advance fa B. Rawlins; Mrs. Louise
passengerr list from the Panama'Reich; Miss Ina Rollin; and!
'~ne offices at Balboa Heights. Jack Rosenberg;
"-Among those sailing on the, Mrs. Lilly M. Scott and son;
Ihip' ill be Ernest C. Cotton, Dr. and Mrs. Edw. Shambrom
who retired recently asSuperin- and three children; Miss Diane
tendent of the Printing Plant; IC. Skinner; Mr. and Mrs. Har-
'W. H. Eslinger, Chief Hydro- mon Smith; Mrs. Marie Arias
Lapher; arid B. I. Everson. As- Smith: Mrs. Martha K. apinney
'dstant Railroad and Terminals and two children; Harold F.
Director. ISpinney; Mrs. Margaret A.
The complete advance passen-:Spreadbury: Wendall N. Spread-
Vtr list follows: bury; Miss Veronica Stephens:;
Mrs Mabel D Andrews: Mr. Miss Vera Strauss; and Mr. and'
'And Mrs Robert J Armstrong:'Mrs. Frank Sulc:
'Wfr. and Mrs. Ben Axelrad: Rob- Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Thomas:;
ert, H Bartram; Fred J Bau- Dr. and Mrs Maurice B. Thomp-
tan: Mr. and Mrs. Chester R. son and three children; Mr. andl
ltz: Mr and Mrs Bee A Mrs. Bert G Tydeman; Mr. and
others and two children: and Mrs. Reynold A. Vann and three
Tr. and Mrs Ronald M. Brome children: Mr. and Mrs Louis
and son: Weinstein: and Mr. and Mrs.
'Mr. and Mrs Arthur E. CarteI Wm G. Wood and two children.
and four children: Mrs. Ernest
'A. Cole; Mr. and Mrs Ernest C WASHINGTON. July 2 (UP) -
',otton: Mrs. Cyril Crillev and Pan American World Airways to-'
llaughter: Francis L Cronin; day asked the Civil Aeronautics
Mr. and Mrs Alvaro Delcore: Board for permission to fly a'
Miss Peg Dickinson: George G. northern great circle route to the
Blfer and son: and Mrs Doro- Far East.
thv M. Drnet- i Vice President Alvin P. Adams'
Edmond N Eberly: Mr and said his airline is now forced toj
'"rs. Wm. H Esslinger and haul passengers 2,000 miles out,
daughter: Bernhard I. Everson: of their way for no other reason I
Mr. and Mrs Grover G. Gra-|than to "featherbed Northwesti
*ham and daughter: Miss Janet Airlines at a price of millions of,
J. Gibbs; and Mrs Gussle Gle-idollars to the taxpayer."
berman: Northwest has temporary au-
Mrs. Lena Haas. Mr. and Mrs.'thority to fly the northern circle
Elmer J. Hack and daughter; route.
Mrs. Albert* P Harris and tuo Pan American's present CAB;
d ughters: Mrs. Alice H. Hart certificate requires Its planes to
a ld to daughters: Walter M. fly to Japan via certain west Pa-
Hartman: Rev. and Mrs Phlllipclfic islands. Adams said. It also;
H. Havener and two children: has permanent authority to fly
Ralph W. Henderson: Mr. andi routes across the south and mid-
Mrs. Richard J Henning and die Pacific
three children: Mr. and Mrs.' Adams said its island-hopping'
Henry Heppenheimer and two route to Japan costs the compa-
Wgildren; Mr. and Mrs Pred-iny. and eventually the govern-
erick B. Hill and daughter: and ment. $1.00.000 a year.
,Mr. and Mrs. Harland V Hoa- "'You would think that a car-
ard and infant son: irier INorthwest) which got into
..nMr. and Mrs. R. F Irwin; Mr the Orient by preaching compe-
and Mrs. Paul F Kenvon and tition would have enough intesti-
,Sour children; Robert 8. Knox; nal fortitude to be willing to,
.~ill1am J. Knox: Mr and Mrs. compete on a fair basis, and notI
aes. J. Konop and two children: ask the government to hang a
"Mr. and Mrs Timothy D Ladd nenaltv of hundreds of miles on
and two children: Mlis Frances, the nioreer carrier and its pas-
ALevitt: Mrs. Montana Lowry and rengers." Adams said
daughter: Miss Dolores .T I ow-,
ry: and Mr. and Mrs Ward T
LtUle and: Texas Would Drop Tax
Mrs. Anna B McKeown and *
three children: Mrs. Mary E. CHICAGO, (UP) The Texas
McNeill; Mr and Mrs Andrew tax board has recommended that
J May and two children: Mr. the legislature abolish the Con.
and Mrc Andrew Metzter and federate Pension un' woeent,
t-- children: Miss Clara Ml-1 per; $100 The Com-
F:-'n: MisR Anne Morris: Mr. mercer Clearing "House Iid the
p-"I Mr*a. Fdw. H. Olsen and two board p nrcd Mn d will,
chil i:r'en Mr ang Mrs. Garland nav thXe~Woet ll teWbttT and
A. Orreand daughter; Miss Josle 573 widows for at least six years.
.---------------------l^ f A


.AMI, One Way ......S70.00 Rouvd trip $126
Ai'AQUIIA One 'Way.. 80.00 Romd trip 144
QUITO, Oe-Way. 86.00 Round trip 154

Cargo rates also reduced. Consult with our off
St-P.erd Avenue No. 15, Telephone 3-3283 or see y(
travel agfet.



L Common Quote

1 "-- and IVehcles
Spouse" 3 Awry
4 "Just a- $ ailekra.
drum" 4 "--- at, ny
t cott's "Lady price
of the --" 1 I"- threats
12 "Lang, 1enX a "Go your
13 "Garden of 7 CompaI point 25 Roman
I- ItI a x fabric 'emperor
14 Angers *ree war god2erMinsa l
15 "Busy au a 10 "--tthe 27 Cherish?
eity" (pl.)- 28Tear
16 Dairy battle I Essntial 20 Fruit drlnki
1; Led astray being 1 Argiue
20 Germah state 17 "A 32 Pele
21 "Taran, the scholar" M8 Reach for
man" I Overturn 40 "All--
22 "Richard the mpy creedsand .
--hearted 24 Persia olors"
24 "Wayside
-- (pl.)
26 Stoop
21" Ia Is"
0 Draw back
22 Dreaded
34 Mountam
U Hebrew
36 And not
37 Endure
39 "Pass the
-" (pl.)
40 Rodents
41 Legal matters
42 Ermine
45 "Just working
for --"
49 Grantin
51 Decay
52 Toward the
sheltered side
53 Great Lake
54 Age
55 Singing voice
a5 Marries
47 Indian weight


Great White Fleet

*S. "C ............................. ..... J..
8.8. "LON" ........... ..... ......... J
S.S. 'L M .A" ...............: ........... .. J jF 14
*8.. "C aIQU" ... ............ ........ :J rl
*S&- "AIWMec o .... ...........e. ..... i13
8.8. "BYFJORD" ................ ....:." ly Il 11

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6l.S',MEN.L NOW 4A*.
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]MtoMarry, uoSuY liuaiewon in Ine
EM ruiwftwood Lounge of the AL-
W, wMs Wro.k offers CkM on T G-
Gd u l, 7iT; at 13:30n p. m.
toy theocwcion w'il

"mme I Were a ."

'ofL,, f h r it. V AM

L O. Wednca-

Sa1:00 t o4

,. ,edao .Miguel- -Open ulyW
^i ia401 n operates weekly on
l m V r d^ Fr"iday from 9:00
S. 1;I a.m.
a. 'D- r further infeamlation tele-

wilr cA tpro "tSee B." o n-
at ':B0 ,m. at athe t
i :orce 0 t
'WO.O Mwu l. oad.. '.

m ile4t of, -i A a' "lwe or a
L ftftherIfAO--JWB Club

Om .,"n o wM,.be

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"m 'Club In
,Area. tfor

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Jryoh QWitVnesses
T. Seid 45 Loc.
DhgioteiTo NY
The'Republic o Paama will
be rre, l1te doation of
k rk. ele'atio
Iut adlt N.Y.
D*.D. D. paiqipreeptave
ot^o sttaMi ebitof M h1tdaf

0 wi- lls ee by
JovahtiL S SJit-hw Vcon-

iZn'. thelargeetrellglous con-
vent4on ever to be held in Amer-
Ica h
artereda'!as carrying del-
e ates f omarica,-Iurope and
Latin Aieret ww soon converge
on 1 yoUk. ari delegations

900, W-O&CIO, i. meet to-
m .vehbXS at he San-
liki, Io ,,Iar a re-

Oter, Important matters also
wl be discussed at the meeting.

j. y
I unuMal I
a "i of plic',".

Pau s doiuf theei four states
wiltOle for aid jrom the
S0@e tb a Qeated by
the. FRbdnloril coOiebA8i
Texss'.. ttadd..
tonel funds are n6ed04Deiw:al-
lo tlrfs will be madd.
The President sent telegrams
to the govftoit of Colorado;
New Mxco'e, mIs iand Arkn-
W t that federal reliefr
will made a ailaWe Qr tevm
and ditiont teataiended by
the cretary of Agrilkcolw-e an
proved by the Federal Civil
ease admataedaI .... I


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I mades.

The simple fact'was that South
knew he ebuld not be badly hurt
at a spade contract and that he
knew no sound way of estimating
what the opponents could make
at hearts.
It was quite safe for South to
pass at two spades even though
he waAme to get to four spades.
Smebod ad to have all the
hnth ds, and it was clear that
W be able to make an-
other bid.
Whe. West unsuappetingly took
the push, South once more exer-
cised restraint, He was quite sure
that one of the opponents would
bd tour hearts L'n the op-
portunt. When = .t .d so,
outh could bid four spades with
every aeaianee of having been
puMtq. -a height beyond his
South's careful tactics were re-
warded when he was doubled at
Sa unbeatable contract. A heart
opitng lead would have held
declare to four spades. but the
eatual diamond lead allowed him
to. make an extra trick.
Dummy won the first trick
with the ace of diamonds, and
South discarded his only heart.
South gaM up a club trick, ruff-
ed e return, and gave up an-
4..eluhj ..e could then ruff
the return again, draw trumps
and run his lebs for the-rest of
the tieks.
Janler Deputy
RUTLAND, Tt. (UP) Sheriff
GOTa Franeoni has a potential
deputy in his 15-year-old daugh-
ter, Joaltne. When she spotted
a ebeeapinl prisoner being pur-
reed by a policeman. e
n lo Inthe chase and IFed


Senate Votes To

Foreign Aid in 1

I ^4 VKJI ',
*- 0 1YIg4 I*N *
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sde vuL
PM 14 *"46M 1

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Oph t a idk h m
.4 .4 "

How shod ayou conduct f the
biading whayotr have. excdeat
diatrilbutlo butswhezn the op-
ponents 8 p p9 ost i tofthe higto
cards? As aIiral cule this Is
the time to iMe a didtout bid.
t6metimB koe hver. It Is more
elffecti-e to bid gradualy and re-
Juctanty. "
In today's hand South very
quickly *unA out that the op-
ponenta had most of the high
cards. When North eat,' not
make a free bid over West's dia-
mond ovyeat ,it was clear that
North ha* a *eak hand. Since
South, llsewle, had a weak
hand, it Was evident that most
of the hiaih cards wee In the
East and West hands.
The first ray of hope for South
came when NQth ried spades.
South lmiedIt: decided that
he would py the and at spade
no matter how high he had to
If South had Jumped from two
spades to four spades, It Is quite
Cssble that West would have
taken the push and gone to five
hearts. South didn't want to
push the opponents Into five or
six heart$. because he would
feel cooapeUed to outbid them In


medub*.aw .,Ind -u w jifl
Come, de ai, 0.4 up. ready for the
skiet. bTh favor b eIt dof b world .;
amd thes's a wt whatmo wl You pay

only for what you eat iats wiy It ,...
such a big bargain! Birds Rye Chcke -is
perfect all ways... and alwayaSW ve i '
for supper tonight

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Yes, the 9uoket B5 is th-.modt,. r carry-all on
the hsndhbag scq>g Yece9 A'l.r igg ift gaitly.-
wltyVou;;everywhere for W.'IMWW in a fascinating
VWW f weaves aod A* .antc6 smlMt ant .

acoom t your newest dressm. And youTi applaud its
oonviglwit amount of stowaway* rem. tilustrated
bukt b68 are In- Tok4 tIW tei l t twored plastic.

w S"cher, .t y.s 'a.

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S rs, a
be you could help me. I i on
a farm and m# Dad w in
a plant. The whole troule Is
he doesn't want to do ,'any
work on the farm. He sa he
does his share by working In
the plant.
"It was his idea that we
move to a farm, but he expects
my mother, my brother and
sister, and myself to do all of
the work.
"I am 14 years old. My
brother is 12, and my sister as
"The three of us and Moth-
er have to milk the cows, clean
the barns, feed. the hogs, take
oare of the chickens, and even
do the plowing.
'My Dad gets a day off a
week but none of the rest of
us do. Do you think he Is be-
ing fair?"
Whether .he is being fair or
not is a question only your
Mother and Dad can answer.
It won't do any good for you
to- worry about it.
You might remember this,
bowver. In a great many
famzWles today it is necessary
for the man of the family to
have help In earning a living.
That often means that the
wife tAkes a job and the chil-
drean are left to shift for
Your Dad has worked things
out so that at least your
Mother is at home with you.
She may have to work hard.
But she is there when you get
home from school. 3
You may have to work hard.
But don't forget that, you are
working, to help your family
gain some security
You say it was your Dad's,
idea that the family move to
a farm.
But did it ever occur to you
that perhaps he thought it
was the only way he could
give the five of you a good
home and good food? He mutt
also provide a little security
for his old age so that you
kids won't have to take care
of him when he is too old tO
work in the plant.
If the five of you can pull
together 'for a few years you'll
be a stronger pilmore secure
family than ym -will If you
pull against sah then


The Senate passed a $5,318,000.-
lr00 reln aid authorization
1ill. yesterday after voting to
quidate Harold E. Stassen's
Mutual Security Agency within
throes years.
SThe amendment to cut off
the MSA program by June 30,
1956, was one of two major re-
buIt the Senate handed Pres-
Ident Eisenhower in addition to
slicing $156.000,000 from his re-
quest for funds.
It adopted 49 to 35 another
amendment by Sen. John L.
McClellan structs the President to take an
unspecified anlount of money
out of the funds for foreign
arms aid and use It to send
surplus American wheat, cotton
and meat products abroad.
Acting Se~t te Republican
leader William Knowland told
the Senate the Defense Depart-
men and Mutual. Security Agen-
cy both oppose the McClellan
amendment on grounds it would
cater to "special interests."
Knowland, however, support-
ed the MSA cut-off amendment
sponsored by Sen. Mike Mans-
field (D-Mont.) and approved
by unanimous voice vote.
The amendment does not
necessarily mean that all Amer-
lean aid to friendly nations,
must cease on the cut-off date.
But If additional funds are
voted, they probably would be
administrated by the State De-
partment rather than an inde-
pendent agency.
MSA have to stop making
new commitments by June 30,
1955, and would be given an-
other year after that to "clear
the pipeflne."
Mr. Eisenhower originally
asked to have MbA extended
through 1958.
A compromise plan to operate
it through 1956 and then pro-
vide a three-year liquidation
period also was rejected.
SBefore the vote, Stassen had
intervened personally by tele-
phoning a number of Repub-
lican senators to ask that his
agency be given three years at
the very least to clean up its
outstanding obligations.
The Senate bill now goes to
n conference committee for ad-
justments with the'House ver-
sion, which authorizes only $4,-


_L .6-

998.000,000 for the I n i i
year which began today, i
to finance the prorm
voted later. This
produce another big frigt-
The House and Sent.'
also reacted differently i
posals to withhold W
in European arms aid
ratification of the Eur
my treaty.
The House made this
mandatory on the Preaident
the Senate voted to let hla i
cide whether to hold. bak
In offering his cut-off a
meant, Mansfleld told the
the aid program, which has.
moie than $40,000,000,000
World War II, s nearing
point of "diminishing re
For fiscal 1954, the. 8 I
voted $156,000,Q00 le th
Eisenhower requested, bION
000,000 more than the i'
approved. The biggest
$3,681,523.,000- is for mlot
assistance to allies abroad. ..
There also is Ia
fund to heop France U 'M
wax against the Commn
Indochina, plus monrty fM Ib
nical and economic a*.
underdeveloped natlon as.!4 .
a handful of lnter nal
lief activities.
Sen. Walter F. Oeoo
Georgia, ranking Deth-..
the Forcing Relatolns
tee, served notice th1s wi
the last mutual securle bill i
will vote for.

Palmer SS Club ..
To Sponsor Dance
On July Fourth ,
A "dungaree Jambinee
val dance" will be apoMa-duR
July 4 by the Palmar oteLi
Sporting Club at the Club Il
cal. Colon.
Door prizes which have '
donated for the occasion aNS
display at the Crown drug n
in the city of Colon.
The dance, which will heilnj
9 p.m., will feature MarceU4l-
varez and his orchestra. A
tambo entitled by "f -
composed by Clarence ,M-,
also will be featured at ,f

- -


rp slt.. .. -... .-- .i

. mbrwnmt aWA wUwmmur
a il N ri- .* i.-.

ell'em.. When You Tellem thiu P. A;Cs
Leave your Ad wit one of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 -- '"I" Stree Pdai? nA' l

No. 12,179 Central Ave. -Col n

rvice Sal6 e Bellezi America Cpi D Srq l5 1'
ll Ave.-Phone 2-2301. and o. 55 Weat 12th Stret 16 M5 ad-g A4-pheo a s

A enclas Imtermaaional de halie csimne P. ft*fM S. A.


Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441

Household ___ Automobiles
FOR SALE -Reigeraic.,. :u tt FOR SALE.-1953 Chrysler Custom
oil porcelar. -5 c>:'i "nd Apex Imperoal. 4-door sedan, white wall
washer, 25 cycle. Coll 2-2796, tires, radio, low mileage, car in
Balboa. excellent condition. Telephone Coco
Solo 579.
FOR SALE-Prayover Rug, Baby Grand -Sl5..
Piano, Stick Reed Furniture, Holy- FOR SALE:-1939 Chevrolet 4-door
lywood bed, extension table, metal sedan. Good running condition.
desk. 2-1658 1544 Mango St., $125.00 cash: 2-1726 after 5 p.
Balboa. m.
FOR SALE:-Coldspot Refrigerator, MUST SELL: 1.949 Cevrolet. Ex-
25 cycles, $30.00, one porce, lot- cellent condition. Heater, radio.
twice $3.00. 642 Carrasquilla. Phone Can be financed Best offer token.
3-4418, Panama, ofter 5:00 p. m. Call Bloboo'a4#323iafter :30..
fOR SALE: 1447 t4Unadn, Bgre
FOR SALE:-Refrigerator Nbrge, 9 White slr walls v4rdrive. $650-
eu. ft., porcelain, perfect condition. 00. 642 Carmsquit.p or phone 3~
Apply 334 Gorgona Street, Pedro 4418, Panama after 5ri00 p. m.
Miguel, C. Z. Apartment K. Tel. FOR SALE: -- Ford 2"*o 1946.
463;_ New tires, motor in vwy dod con-
FOR SALE -4 pc red piasr.c L. R. d.on Can be finance. C Pan-
sure able and 4 choirs. ama 2-3141.
Servel gas refr.gerolor 4 burner FOR SALE- 1951 Ford Custom
gas stooe. Bed complete 34rh It convertible. Fully equipped. SI.-
No 22. Aptr 390. Can be financed. Will accept
sedan 1940 or 1941 as trade-in.
FOR SALE:-9 ft Weietnghouse re- Call Pedro Miguel 4-434.
'trigerator. good condition Phone W ANTE|
Albrook 86-6 2. Can be seen at
Quarters 304-A ,I W ANTED
fOR SALE-8 cu i -Norqe Refr- fMigseellmnsmu
otoN, 19`0 model Rth neo 6I
S950 model th new 60WANTED:-By American executive,
c,:!e un.t used orni 3 weeks. 5; 3 bedroom house. Call Panama 2-
Svecrs glrnlntee 2.5 00. Otrs I 4583 between 7 30 I .30 A
3 1.A, Albrook or phone 86-1 M 2.00 6 00 p. m.

No. 3 Lottery Plaas Phone l3-31

S-trotn. m Jbtbd ,l .
Phonu e-sl4 2 -91m

** o ~ ve* laN* lpe I PHILLIPS Ocooam Cttagi The
Wrle Alasheli Amemmem. Ai only court in Santa Clara with a
2911 -- Amn 4. envm3w from oil co 1..Stps
te' beach, Rockgas W n
DR. WENDEHAKE. Medical Clinic. hecue n shuflb.
Central Avenue "K" Street. Comer mi 3-1 A1. Moragarlta 3-1 3
telephone 2-3479, Panqma. Bse No. 435, Lalbo.
FISH FANCIERS: ss Swm and Keuh Sanm Cle 8eniS
lii catfish, Rsborw, Wh ite W wmn funished 'hun.
Clouds, Real Glow Lites, Goldo Phon Bolbos 1389.
Barbs, Thayeria ObliquI Serpoas,
Neon Tetras., On sale Acuaria FOR RENT.-4"mse In owA CIa,
Tropical, 55 Via Espola. Tel. 3- for wm omlos, k pr w ef1
5411. Open Sundaoys 9 m. --- -3-2949
I p. m. GramHch Sinte Cn" -

FOR SALE: 1939 Ford Coupe.
partially restored. $240.00; 1932
Ford coupe. 5125 00; Refrigerator
$50 00; complete point spraying
outfit S12500: 5720-B, Dioblo.
Telephone 2-3447.
FOR SALE.-Racing Runabout with
7 'K H P. Mercury 4 cylinder air
cooled V-type Wisconsin engine.
36 HP. Wedgewood gas stove, 4
burner. Westinghouse automatic
washer. Metal table. Phone Pan-
ama 3-3574.
FOR SALE:-Telvar T60-2 transmit-
ev. Dynamic Mike, RME HF Con-
verter Folded Dipoll 10 Mtr. 25
cycle $19500. Cristobal 3-2735
a4ltr 5flfl

toa-. BEct&k -~hoii U; w.
moderate rates. Telph V 1
Gambeo; 4-567. Padre MiagAL
Willie'u Santa Clharp ch Ctm
2 adroom r ef tor
ar"n8. Balbol -3050.

House on ech Santo Clle, alse
in COLD Cerre Cempno m n-
Uins. Phao SHUMWSI 54MO
Fater's Cottaes. One mile .
Santa Clara. Pho t a 2.116:


bo dmrom, tw
rom. dminew

-uarter, UJ
FC 'ALE.-Gorgeous 8-piece bon- FOR SALE-Aqua-tonic, brine shrimp 15. 52nd S
ibco lvingroom set including con- Civ n Training e. variety of fEsh foods fresh No. 3-1752.
t_-r chair, plus matching ash thays. supply. "Casa Mike", Colon. OR RENT.-Fu
Stbe seen to appreciate. Phone (Continued from Fage 1) FOR SALE.-1951 Chevrolet 4-Dw. concrete c
-' -1_Ponmono;revised etimates, should be sub- dln, powlr m1de *"* <"- been Inspec"i
-'1. Panamoa.r_________ vised timt h d be sub- Sedan, power glide, excellent con- beensre
FC- ALE- 11-p.ece Rattan living- :ect to conteu analysis dtion, custom made sat covers, navy basw si
rc.3 set. almost new double Inner- with the view of further reduc- udpor te le $1,40. Ao E on:.
a m ress. sprng, stan inde this overhead cost. It Is too $30.00. Phin csta 31- 1'; FOR RENT: lmp secondd cb high In each of the Services. and chalet, two b
mohgnu o0 Icse eat ploric up-. completely unreasonable in the FOR SALE: Come and pick up rm, inde
hosi Deautitui S0 10. weer, Air" -"ce."W,
hS --i b finanucedul reen Ai Frc th. your telephone table *27.50, cash. inftrmpi, o
tie 3-bolrers. r ttehed t l AIR FORCE Ciwla Em- nigli, Fwniture Stee. 7th. St, 4th Avenue I

refre r th utomt defrost- erag employment for fiscal 1953. m
er, Speed Queen automatic roner **Howevqr e a u E 3E hNT
SCyl V rgod ca endtl on.oy mit re mmtesrec- Bopuppies, 6 weeks vd ACaC reg* hot water, pn
blec 50.0ed Couch Phone 3 -ent ad the Air .or e- Colon'.C l 7, W -
A cover andam 2 sets mtdo-Ler peed to colanp a FOR SALE:--Two tunks praed ctie puy psr,
At. mo 40. n^a financedtrom thitsp rfUo o 2 months, protoct., molel ion114iho
SALE -pes, g 9 5 s50 hoone 2-43cu62. f n Ige 1954 is les &U the eav- N. 1, 15ol So. Wet p'nanama. '
r h utomo dros- ere employment or is 193
er, Saef d Queen rigoutc c wroneri't ,.uoweeotirceth L spdt q l FOR .E:--ko tiutH. blnk ooker FOR RENT" -W
_r, Spee d Qe utoatr.on gc, sbo. puppies, 6 weeks AKC r- hot wat, wpr
$ 150.0 0. Couch with 3, nLe nt and th e Air F f -t 49 _rtered. Coo.oo mu. -r,-.

S'o. -. ______ IUnmaO f D or-emilnwevluI onai au, ortn large. Phone Prn-
SLE:-60 Cycle GE washer employM nes n ttf l aoma 2-0027 or 3-0763.
wilh pump, 575. large table and a fighting foare s d-FOR SALE- E. wriner type w ah-
.four chair, $5. col springs i tense and at the Se. o ,, in h. 9 months o ,ld
*bad frame and inneriorna mat- raoni ithln the yiw mic cycle. 5608, At. C, Diablo. Tel.
'Utress.idoublei $30, crib with mat- means of e country tb a port. 2-3757.
". 55. 36 by 2 rrop "One are in w1l0 t mre
d$i bcokcses 54 each, mittee Is -mldeli dT
4*pfones household efrecis.' the il l A DaBl a 1
%12%ll 15r street Pa.inia Son citis o .aes. afiWia swo
i.Frawiscw.. that this emplowent is to rei-J
Smain at abot the present kevd
C Csk throughout fscal 154a. while the 'rW IM n
LESSONS nibers of tdignos employ
are to be substantiall reduced. BUENO8 AIRE8I Argentina, F
givote coaching in beginning ceculus "The average pay for an indi- July 2 (UP) Te government
r-d first year college. wneral eenous eploye is less than one released 114 postal proinnerI'
r ':try. For further mforramoon third that of a United states d- last night, and' leUale sources
1 Botbo 3627. tizen without eonsldermg the said otner Impriaoned crltMcs of
FC 'ALLE:-1934 Prlynoh Sor other expenses which must be IPreident Juan. Peroa will be
S-:1 traonportaror, New better incurred In transporting and aet free oon.
'G:od kaes, 575 00. Bamabey Sr maantaining all types of services l
l'ijse 743. Balboa. phon 43 for United States nationals a- The first group to win freedom
r broad was mde up entirely of mem-
I A. "TC e eemnittee fele that a her of the Democratic (opposi-
SALE.-'48 k Convert blegkter e sheld be made of tion) Party, and It appeared
Dv nalc. Excel!er carnat. ne i di"eenas emple es wherever their releue was the reult of a
tireS. $90000. Coil Paama 3- pesible and the number of recent appeal to the government
n02ited 8States eitien empoyes by the Democratic National Cam-
redceed and they and their dIe mittee.
Spedents returad home. This
l p should Is substantially Anather oppotltparty, the
SR ldax he esuredace reqe reesats for travel Radlelst, roptlUy asked au-
and the tranporeat Ie eof thoritles here to release more i
SR V A hoesbehld effects. than 100 of its members, arrest-
"Limitatieons and Legislative ed with the Democrats in the re-
Provisions The following lim- cent roundup ofr pposition poll-
itations and legislative provialonri tclans
sdi a IN t"O*S Nnot heretofore carried In connec-
tion with any appropriation bill The released Deoerats (Con-
are recommended: servatives) Jnclud6d such party
"Sec. 604. Hereafter, appropri- leaders as Rot aldo Pastor,
Slons for the Department of De- Democratic scndidate for Preot-
fense otherwise available for dent in 1951. est of them had
travel or transportgtlon which been held without trial since
are current on date of relief from May 5 on auch charges as "ru-
duty station of personnel travel- mar nmonlerlng'" or "ahowing
Ine under orders may be charged disrespect' for Peron.
with all expense ito connection
S'ith such travel Including All of the 1;4 newly-freed
transportation of dependents penocrats had been held hdre.
and household effects. regardlem It was reliably reported that
f- position khair of light of time of arrival at destination other member of the party Im-
It alamiasm tubwin & of such Dersonnel." prisoned in provinelal towns willF
aesuvas ever. 'Sec. 605. Hereafter. anpro- be releged later today.
b aW blue, red, yellow. I relations for the Department of
foe, u--a* r -M er Defense available for travel shall The Radical petition asked s-
f mdor iu1 39.50 not be available for expenses i- pecially for tsh release of David
1 __ __ (cldent to attendance at meeting M. Torino, edtlor of the nation-
Tof te-hniedn: eaentltie. profes- alaed newpaper El Intranel-
'ltMr | slonal. or other similar organi- gente of Salta. who has been
atihai* nationss without the approval of held fr two years on charges of
the Secretary of the department "diA peet."
concerned. or his designee for
0 lounger the purpose "
PC Receives Bids SEE T NEW

For Landscaping T= CIa oUX
New Housina Areoa Iar m smrmm
Pramorco. Ina.. was the apar- AL
I ent low bidder on a contract t fo
planting and lIedadcaotne In the
ei k m & that ad- new canal haring development
Bup to Ion Emprlne Wst In Balboa.
S i Bids on the roli t were oasn-
ed yesterday lb the office of the
v reo i yewi. IentinseriB and construction dl-
s AdMnW Ipp,$ .O rector at Balboa Heihts. -
.- LAseont irawi rdedfol. w*eeaiYs Wiem
Slowing an Mna MJs lnf the bids.
SPrmtrera q bid orlte was $14.- I '11 M .
-ul 3s t' _ad g W 41. The.anlr other hid was a- L
HTel 2-nL 'tered by Cli. 1. Murttvf. Ca4.w.** led *
eia C Fn: Vanst Tie aonrt inriudes I nt
BAs-- d e idnlm ard cladar nf tops t fL r
u rin n aflnla iggidne fl
~aaJC~d~u- be~r

L -- ..- *

irnid dchilt, tiw
o bothIoo lving-
em kHldznr, malh
Nt)h 3, telephone

rt4n Ajon, hua
r 6 r mile frxn
gn ot enmrnce Jbn-

- ninc rio as
I Mk Eddslmow
d. m ain F.. ,erc

.2 b*L aim chdal,
* fam., For informs.
S3-5141, after SM
-' I


Two and four rwme fund n
unfumished dportmmup; aria en-
clocd grdens. 8061. 10 Street.

mmnt 4 Ju4 A MHMna Avenue
e. '*T UlMnlhi. two bed-
rtIgwdsgTn room. Apply
at. padrt 1wt" _'*

FOR RENT :-F,-ue reos,
one or two ogial J tune Are-
with meals or ol breakfast, Jus-
to Arasemena No. 57.
FOR RENT-Fumished {,om or.thier
the house, kitchen privflegel
house No, 60, 43 t., Belle Vista
private bathroom., y* Amerlcan
family, phone 3-5417.
FOR RENT -Furnished .room with
private bathroom Wa entranal
Kitchen privilege. 4 Steet
FOR REfT --CANCGWSt nicely fur-
nished room. mnWbetivaUble. fM
one or two porios Chr3-71s#
or 2-1693.
FOR RENT: -Fum rA e Wi
kitchen priv i r wa
machine 3r a
ment C.
FOR RENT -Furv -
ried couple or a
46. 45th *tre .


AutNomil RowAI
INo. 16

LTtNo.. 1 AND 2


all prices.



, OR

R SALE: BUICK all models all



^I-*y~t.-: < .


al lr-



- F DM asf models .e


I M.-

-.NASH ui,model.i


Fdt SALE: PONTIAC ofil medals
OR .dW


,r .
ic. iac adl tial word.


If yem want to Wamt It,
tAe TpUm kbudnM.
.-/ If you wat t M It,
that's OvR baUleos.
t don't hber to ip all over
*jtown *0 buyr DhIMtreri L

ve the most obcnlet.
rat teook .in Panam
I easit parking.
Ital Ave. Tel. 3l1$S

"Liar. Barooml' Dimdug"
Euba, Samba. a.,
lrags. axtrt. Walts,
Wsr3 S 5-E80 J



m MI -- 2%Lsi

- a d pMA

v. em I-t


I d sI .s- ---

t; -m


'2 ":.9

90ft SMALEw, Veine!MevrIak
i Saud-hai, 1udMn md many

-. .
a -

- : "
:^4^"t' 't i- '^

; 'W *.-. ,-

*'~ I^~i^ ^ *~I~4'* *.. I'"
,, -.. >b
*^ j.;

S. '* '
Tomorrow. FrdeS, Jau y
oi0-4arWOn Th AILtfm
Coock CClub
:o0--'t lnta soek ub
:, R i8t
.l:ub~-4~lfiiteK varkieria

- 6. .


ant ww hse. pl
40 dayg. ...
tie ,p. ?g

he A

"I wavorit'
T= AM-
r 'fj,*


".. .INS
' .' lif

' .' *
K1. i 't-- ;; ;

rel rt$~ .;.

W^! -.


g -6
* '^i

-s s'&d

OTrrON. 84( N
muD i
utaas ioru5^
dfiaft afs~

You SI

Le% is Se
No 4 Tivu




, ***

~r i:. :L;:
I' i

r IA~ii~Oi~X
::i J

crl: c .i;f13~

r~ --Y''cli'

- J. .-

' miai.

;H'"':~~~~ -a a. ...~

' I

-^ .. -.. -;, -.- .. ,
.. -..; ."

te" iie .-

..... i.. .. .. ... 3
-al --h '-- \
:k *~e C ~

-* 'a'~

and JbrY' .
t.- l ,-i t.



MP P DaVid oo k and 's.a
fVarman were. com-
Bn vnt it a a, 1notn1bg
S"n ltO o;"by' yrs.' Aadrew
at Port I, sh' fherman

Pohoka leaving on
S} .l f Arin, s. And
i Ur. Harmosn I1 belng trans-
*ttr to e 1 i cqiMde. i
Banquet clt and nap-
a .were presented Mrn." 'ar-
mon and Mrs. Pollock remei*-
ed an alliga trbma the
N.C.O. Wives Club.
A-.F'i.d Mre Ra~ nd the
Bihoses pr Alded at the coffee
U The other lodloe pre!t
were: Mtrs. Hnry P. Coop
a HI t r y Abbe Mrs. Robert Baker, Mrs. Rob-
i-1f sam e-kind ert Bochimon, Mrs. Leonard
brown eyes Aberl .Mrs.. Ray Smith and
IMrs. Iarold Premo.
S what the t al- Little Thear T*bat .
haver Jat 00 Tryouts ate now being held
SW 4eSe a,' the B Scout .hack in
1 .l De, nwew Cratl for the next
'*x a;(b pl a ~ LPttle reduction "Buy
ey ita woman Me Blue Ribbona," Mr. Lerol
emPan M~i tt r eeer will be the coach.
ie t a Wmaps be Ther are four male and
Sfive female artx. Anone on
w to wear the Atlantic Side who is In-
B. .ItAlan terested Is invited td come to
o in WIe the Shack at 7:30 Viday eve-
aLl'." Aiog. It la .not .necessary to be
p-flppin a member of the Club. and I n
Bras oom Boa Voyage- Diaanr Party
sera, admits Mr. and Mrs. Norman Davi-
t.hom u- son, of eNw .Oriatobai enter-
6{,t is it- tained at' their home Wednes-
Sd t U -I r. Philip Have an d Mr.
Vast to have a and Mrs. Timoohy Ladd, who
arsl than he are reUjrning to the State.
i,; *lUol lrni? -The other gueat 'Wre 'Mias
.ih Catherine and 'BIlly HaUr,
Carane, Feita. Ladd, and
'si he say f Btlr and MZrvII rp?oI

SiLka myself


A centerpiece of coffee
exoria ana hibiscus were
In a crystal bqwl 'i4d l
by matchinbg holurs Ad
era to ftoreu 'b.Th e
for the d.lnner table.


q .i~

hnluiakb 1*W IaT

Thb ho'no'eh imcq_4d Fred,
Patsy and, Betty P= i, -who
roeaiy arrd the

ed hellew that ria le nbg d
ft dwarf s Jhc t guy
w*>m MR a atfwta Feat

~... t and costumes. et
S They do everything
Irtput ao he, take rS whba Wolha 10?
pound, biuldtt ma -p'Ith etf-
Hinhsilftf Idahis im and Wte
Jum fliers broader than
mine. W both nd -.p loakin
.eo l -t

'IS D iiat5 Eleaphant
SF AM~~,D .(. (UP) -
;Anatilepir, uaoucceesfl 1948
sandWta for cos-
raor b en and, now head
o. Qtho.9 ec' eaon-
i noito bion to Thailad, has
Soffemsd to buy anoelephant for
Sthe Prtlnd adU :

Inl v nI L
Afttr attenS ,if. te miof'
picture show the group return-
ed to the Facer residence to
play ednasta and ianodpoly.

sIrMs Arthur Ba'
gt i tun ele ted their
1'th "Wdngl anniversary
Tuesday eor la.'
They were the dinner guests
oMr. an .. M -rs. W e.-
;1E5f for tIoe lon Te
wedap tdok place on June
30, 190 at Atlantic City N. J.,
On their honeymoon they at-J
tended the sisqui centennial
in Philadelphia.
Mrs, CoweH Visiting In Gata n
MWt. P. A. Cowell with Paul
., ad. San .arrived by
auen-'* Ta u from New
oa. .or ta v with her sis- TB BanD-FACt aontlema
ter and brother-in-law. 1Mr :above Is elowafl ~simtt IsC,.
'and Mr. J. A, Cunningham one of the hundr of Riofnllif
of atus. circus heailsers who petormIn
Mrs. COweU IsN the farner Cecll B. DRlsle'lsarp OGreatest
Mims Marth Farthi ao Show On 0 art1M ~TI flin about
Mid t Kh.1, t C nlnhns the life and lovt of the daring
paer-/* (folk of the big top was shot on
'location at the Ringlng winter
St. 1m .e quarter n USatit, Florida, and
To S ser Cd Party during Stual performances -on
The Mary's Alumnae As- the roa Seen in the drama a-
soelMatidf a speebasrng a ben- long with stars Betty Hutton,
efit card. pty at the I.A.W.C. Charlton Heeton, James Stewart,
Building tonorrow evening as Cornel Wilde, Dorothy Lamour
7:00. and GloriaO rabame. are hun-
The admission fee is a dol- dreds of Rlngling'sa exciting head
lar and Will go t help furn- line acts. It open at the Drive-
Ish a new d l e opened in TheaterSaturday.
at AmI*tno. --
iJr. clrs aq d1.* US-Rate Positions
The Jatmlr Christian En-
dearr fg ta el Union Open At Rodman
church inS i.offleers at'
the pas* meeti S Barry Davi- The PucrtMt,
edraw**- .......U.S. NNvIl ation., Rodnum ham
Thbe BoAf orF mi' lprea- three positions open for U.S.
ldeuit- ~. E3 b, ite' od- rate electricians with experience
,vklbhi %0ind in aintenance type electrical
larn Srblary ''ltrflfce WOtr k

- WUIl

There is one position available
for a joiner and one for a con-
struction e@jipaMnt mechanic
with experience On heavy con-
struction eqipmut.
Interested appliHants may sub-
lit by mail I prn tand-
ard Form 61, "A97 pl[ation for
Federal Employinkln" to the Ih-
dustrial Betati oneman U.C.
Naval Station, Rbdman; C~Z.

"''r "ME.TONIGHr f '.
A a- &tenea tes -
4. 0-12 s

IVA ... % nrov ouL.

.. ,' ,ry *ceDLAs, AT -COmUn.

. t!-. .



- ,"'"

SOME V U aCKIM Marilyn Monroe makes Ufe a fire-
erNsIer ftI earth P f July picture. It 1s predicted that not
JustHttle wt. wi pt to play with explosives this Independ-
ence. Day. Tea'll s"e anof Marilyn In Mth Century Fox ple-
tore "Gentlemen Prfer Sondes" coming soon to Balboa Theater
and everything will be in Technicolor.

L SHOW FIDAY 10:30 P.M.!

"A great picture
full of suen.

"lare. kilant act.
In& dmedie,, end

"On of N mMot
excitlin pictures
I've over sen."

['a' ~ ~ 1

I., E.f ***

M-G-M pro*nts
The City Under The City







eh -* -L 4 ^. ^S


.,,, D.MUI. DAVU ..-. h ICEICC IM0I .-MaM

t^aenlo s t~a asif

. -

hows: 3:6. 5:0., 7:W0, 9:0 i p..
Sr AbM. PItICS: --.e A& '"

' e- r ~-rms manu

I /* AT IJkobwt- Nortom
y _>,.m .+.*. "TrrANl .. ..
rride **n.faflg ra SoF,

'^^wlrsa rDrMtfr nP

WIWI: 311" 6 i. 8.:$ p.m.

a1, .t


lMwM 2 1l A, as1, 4:4.1. :. 7. -. -p.m.

*1:11 :M. 5:, 7:n :55 p.m. 51

M-0-M's Great Drama of
Desire Under Fire!
"Bottle Circus"



3:5. 5:45, :4*, 9M m.


A ptacle as great ka The Andes!
Bold adventure across The Pampas! g
"WayOf A ooucho"

Shows .li)X 1.-U, 5:40, 7:80, 9:O5 pjn.

Y-i TODAY! .
i /r
IrTm, Glorel.. A Handione Hero With The World At HI Febti
in her First Picture since "SUNSrT BOULIVADO"
__ ___ ____ _^ ^ _______L^

'. ;""-A
-> .


Mae IN. I a

At t

At ( m *5 pM.



~1Ra,r ....



:*,. ,.^ _-

SUsually Talkative / Stigea Resortl

F r'et TO '''. Chi n)" -
Panic Stricken Yankees 7 $g Fretla To StChidren ..

Drop Ninth Straight Game Sl Clic At B zo On Saturda:
SBy CARL LUNDQUIST nThis ening Satrda y
AmericanUeighu3V lnorn a.m., Bob
NEW YORK, July 2 (UP) Casey Stengel, Teams W L Pet. lanIat a$re pW.o, wial
wiho sometimes even applies the two-platoon system New York 46 22 .676 r th Go lfing CH
ti his conversation, cut out the double talk today Cilevead r 1e .S0 b m fra 7 t
and resorted to strict silence in an effort to stop the soston s 342 ..5 a rs a e Invited to attend

For the second straight time runs and an uphill 5-4 victory "etr 721 laes wi .o3200l swll continue
Lhis clubhouse in Boston was over the Phils, while. Milwaukee tonti t.3l nd ofA il gntlret
barred to newspapermen and the pounded out a 10-2 triumph over TODAY'S GAMES land IeqMt that It any chil-
lusually talkative old guy had Cincinnati. The Cardinals drub- Cleveland at Detroit drn have a it sliok they.
practicallyy nothing to say over bed Chicago 10-5 and Pittsburgh New York ata Boston 1 RI it along with. Wthiem. i
,he latest defeat, a 4,-0, four-hit again defeated the Giants 5-3 in Washington at Phila. (N)
shutout administered by lefty eleven innings. Only g ledaPoll cheInntud
Mel Parnell of the Red Sox. It Doubles by Carl Furillo and Onygames scheduled. .4tht the 4tts d not
was the ninth loss In a row. pinch-hitters Roy Campanella YESTERDAY'S RESULTS pees, a olclub, ) will also
"I have a right to close this and George Shuba gave Brook- New York 000 000 000-0 4 1 eth a provide
clubhouse if I want to," he said. lyn Its third triumph in four Boston 001 002 10x-4 10 1 w th a wil m b r
"I can do as I please." tries against Philly ace Robin Sain 17-4) McDonald and The 0* wi a be. fM t-rom HA 9 :
Roberts. Carl Furillo and Rube Berra. Parnell (10 -4 and White. I to 9 et at
Of course. Stengel still Is Walker hit homers for Brooklyn rday ;.
odds-on to bring the Yankees and Smoky Burgess homered for Cleveland 200 000 000-2 6 1 -J will be a g'l toweBod P4as
out of the slump and do some- the Phils as Brooklyn retaliated Detroit 020 100 10x-4 4 -8b IW withI M thoe n ar future,. 8OM ha I
thing that McCarthy or no for an li-inning defeat against Lemon (10-71, Hooper andS nor-eb eenthnitl g r.
Other major league manager in the Phils on the previous night. Hegan. Gray (3-9) and Batts. It had wort and practice will Si
history has accomplished-win It was Roberts' 27th straight l edak chanp, Dor Will be up pr- I
Five consecutive pennants. But, complete game. St. Louis 110 001 010- 4 11 0 toP t there' sIt year and.phoud We _.
as for now, the panic Is on. Chicago 013 007 20x-13 130 v c ct~ o. i t0 m p Of d or Srd ~ight "mtap u
Milwaukee came out of the Littlefield (3-71, Lanler A)uim.= Y 6 ,. -. o_
Yesterday's triumph by Parnell deepfreeze with a 15-hit spree Stuart, Blyzka, Holloman, Kret- Bob a
was his 100th in the majors and that included homers by Ed Mat- low and Courtney, Martin. Ro- I
his 10th of the season and he hews. his 23rd and S1d Gordon govin (5-9), Dorish and Wilson, CHICAGO, July 2 (UP) o -'b' I O
limited the Yankees to Just four and Joe Adcock. Mathews drove Lollar. Mterfield, a slugging light-
singles, struck out seven. walked in three runs with three hits giv- ,llhi p heavywet with be, atime am Go-l
only one and let only one man e nl him 66-tops for the majors Night Game bitinye, aited today for Ia l t
get to second base Milt Bolling in both homers and RBI's. War- Washington 001 012 001-5 11 0 ON R OWN Julla BamlJlb was not only Maureen Conolly's hevuy~wue ht title fight becausee
hit a Boston homer and the oth- ren Spahn breezed to his ninth Phila. 000 101 100-3 9 1 doubles partner at Wimbledon.- 1e n Cali., mi I think Archie Moore
'er runs were driven in on a Sam- victory, a seven-hit job in which Stobbs (3-51, Dixon and Fit.- eliminated Argentlails Mrs.1M4ria&Wel~, amontF ere, In n"va to t me." -
Oeorre Keli and Tom Umphlett. the only earned run. Martin and Astroth.I glen y uit -rf mon, .d round of the "i no o -
all off Johnny Pain who suffered The Pirates made it two 'h e 9 toa RIMnwas e wa
his fieth defeat, straight over the Giants, scoring N tional Lagmith, Plum nier R eady t' ~ t
The Yankees lost no immedl- twice in the Ilth on Hal Rice's inaII &t"Lau m r m Dt ndht th a ld m-
ate ground to Cleveland. five first home run plus two errors LIA=to tinIhrofnw t olhblot-thi-M6*12*11 tur 'out amlgo -
Sames back, because the Indians and a single by winning pitcher Teams W L Pet. Bker at :o thr sel ded the "expe ." 9
dropped a 4-2 decision to Detrot. John Hetkl. M k r14 27 0 Jthe Csc tadmly. 4Ue w t p w
although Chicago moved to with- Milwaukdee 1430 27 .84d n the r I.. d le ..
In 51 iames of the top withae Gerry Staley Staley gained St. Loulis 741 2 .586 "eBnever-h ik rtm. Jy w iho with
.13-4 battering of the Browns. his 12th victory at St. Louis to P'lladelphia 37 2s .509 -- -d i
Washington topped the Athletics tie Roberts for the major Ne v York 3 34 .500 A vg "Overt dlthe vi ..s
a. league lead when he scattered Cincinnati 3039 .435. Harry "Snuffy" Smith of. Ro- Is in -1 condition. "I~pdy"" "hi.t h I 's1hadl ut .i.6e -troke to his
In e national league, the 10 hits. Steve Bilko and Del Chicago 23 44 .3432chester, N. Y., as Im d always a at hib be"*- when tra pr1@os 15
d staed.on too with a Rice hit St. Louis homers. Pittsburgh 26 50 .342 fans with an exe ll. owoftout not .red. to-take of f we sht back, a i.ddUl0'1 is
S sing rally that netted two yesterday afteroon t fhe Co- and a 1. pWahotdh hWit e ) S
Pitcher BobLemon had only Ion Arena. Smith t t the Kentucky 1mule. k,... hw hs It 'qMWa /_
himself to blame for Cleveland's TODAYS GAMES ttlant B si t.ecame oa the .celient reIA 16 -t Ile ra4
defeat for one of Detroit's runs CPhiladelphia at Brooklyn with a eselihtiu ohd is words of both fighteto, it
cored on his wild pitch and an- Cincinnati at Milwaukee (N) in stao for lr i m1 r almost certn that
other by his wild throw, awhclh Only games scheduled. Saturday night (Jly ) t- the will b a rare thriller from
For Fie Swim nullified a two-run homer by La cxarana lllI :,anginnin nd.
I Rosen. Ted Gray pitched six- YESTERDAY'S RESULTS Ssi
ReCodr 5~ 1 ~ hit bal afor his third stroit tT Pittsburgh 10000000 068 80 the Al h I
Records JulyA 4th a teni eaih e rk 200100 000 00- 3 2
Homel4 i Lindell, LaPalme, Hetkl (34.) of I N W'"
Dick Mallet, IO0 Canal Zone and Ed Fltzer Chc d Bandl ls Wilhel ork h
nddle distance and sprint 8tPbble his third ale- (5-4) and W trum Noble. ,. L ,y t .i ,
nimmlng cahampin'zon, willror1 t- hg l over the Athie e~ Mllwaukee 3 0---1 110-10 1 10 o.rti b figh time b nM mwkh maoe 2 11.-1 15 1y'fl-W
tempt to break five of the long though he needed relief. i001 1 0- f
standing Cnl Zone records The White Box put on a seven Cncnnat 001100 sho l I a soethl to n a n
field by Eddle Wood in the swim- running tht eturd th Sphn (0-3) and Crandall. reember. worked out with Smith and
nb EddieWoodinh thbe swi run ining b fat hree- Nuxhall (4-5), Kelly,'Wehz&eler The Rochester lightweight might have varied something -,dtooh ,
ing championshpto be held r n thrpl by OrEte so In hand Baldwin. winner of 5 of 42 pro bouts la the process, meets Frank ,uld anot m lh.'
t Balboa pool July 4. their1-hit triming of the
-----from is-- the other efh ed in a tr*, at l 3-gound In. a -K so.*of
The records, ranging rom Browns. Nellie Fox hit three Night Game has stayed te i p~' .*t- t "
0 in age, have withstood all doubles and MIJOo also had an- Phila. 000 00 0 1-4 I 1 seore a knockout over
mers until young Mallet's re- other triple Kokos ho d Brool 0 0r1 0000 5 1-44 1I are a knockout the oav roL td
nt time trials in practice se- for t. Roos homeredBrooklyn 010 000 11 2-5 14 1 obably'in the k id 11 E w
nt.time trials in practice ses- for St. Louis.. L ... t ,e
ons. Judging from word a- Roberts (12-6) and Lopata. ummer, however, Is also .aS&
L os hM he M- W Milliken, Podres (3-2) and shooting for a K. O. victory! ang, the ma
Balboa pool, Mallet ap- LYETERDAY'S STA Ed Walker.
ars a cinch to shatter three Y ofTERDYSTAv -Es Walker.hih
*f these records with a better MathmoftheBrawawh hit 4111111111
than 50-50 chance to better the a single, double and his 23rd Night GameFP H* F b 2 s et a
other two. hanhomer and deve In thre Chicago 001 000 202- 5 10 1
Dick, who has aspirations to to e M e n th in thr e t m- l8nt. Loui 2 13 100 21K-10 11 2 H I to
compete in the United States Jo's in both departments In a Hacker (4-11). Church, Klipp- 2811 p.
National Swimming Champion- 10-2 triumph over CincinnatL in a"d, MqCullough, Goea. ,j ...ok.
Ips at Indianapolis this sum- glo. taley (12-2) and Rice. r his
er, will attem t to erase three Vl .7 E -ffeAnte U O el-
these records in one crack. 0 O. -, A K Ih U
...... the20 mr. the th verItIt
Hie swimming the 200 mtrs., WWFR ella d, Chyba w 17 .. r. .
Icle will be out to better the Wp BrDdt 4, taa
0 yd. free style records. Getshp' On;"=' .It
In the 100 mtr. free style. '"oU ll,' 9dlike
yd. free style as well as the n.oh litetTNt hW h Out a new gav the. coltS'. big t' eai ttea
mtr. free style records. PF. DAVIS. The undefeat- lce In -sForbes. ot old 'r l The
ed basketball team of "D" Cor- fl Yemra MOISE d 1by NA"Jap&ghby
Wemen's Free Style Records pany 370th ZASR has won the .y.M I= moen an
Also In Danger chemplonshlip of the 370th EASR hR STE AD ING5 S b .b g game to show
and the championship of Ft. T sW L.P.. OPit.t3wh.b 5one of th
S style records are in 903rd in two games to win the .e. N.0d w,
nger~ "q I "ition. The 100 mtr. two chamnpionuhips. 4 der for
d by Marny Dryden Playing both at Ft. Sherman -o'- ,,
ee 3 has come very close and at Ft. Davis, "D" Company .e l' e n
be broken by both girls consistently showed its ebi rlll ?nm 5 7 4'tts n four
'raetice sessions. The 50 to operate imder pressure. l.ofp ehee
tr. e ord. held by Miss The outstanding plye r of "D" NaMcl Riecad O of Pua g
h appears sure to go. Company are Jim Cair and Natona itdgsm irnitMt ..
Ove Jr. and r. entries Ven Brigh t. Their sharD- a r t re l a. m an
a dr With indications In, ability has now pli. t string '0 ""
registrations due by Company in the USAC. mm at 24 a.
Trophies and medals basketball meet starting July a heavy In b' 1 .L u their te / ,r.a,
vse donated by the July as the representatives of the e,
Side Committee. Davis g entlmen'

.~Ro on. Chyba then got into a wa- h
i!ot water" as he let his i t
run in on a wild pitch with the hot to .
other tFinE 5' alae -.
C hiefr Um 'e Fran-is Urown he .r twm
called time 6f the bottormf tl .' ,

chafe with Melasna. Booth- F UJdPd .- ly to n e
ing medication in speoWl tRI ., *, b 1
Aylum* bee checks itch .stng. Mrs. Lou !u the-
You feel muarveloui relief- lucky lady fn a beaui- M.
and feel it fist! Use it often. tul hand ba ~ at
,-tthe Rainbow Major ..WNw.


,~*-.... ~.d~,I, p..

. t t1n ,.n .n-- .
,,' .k


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as To Seon

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w stateman of thet-
:. ham bem mad a LlfgIMe
lbpr of LtLB. .

G&Wss toomr
smi, Fia. (NBA -- Hl-
besame th firt .moden
k Jn North Amntes li 19,
tnt I a t Oiur oursh

: IIVIE- MlR U- --HIUV U- up= LUlimm
a goI LWO

N OT On July 4th Thei im wll d Ia l "
and baloms to iLet who eems to IQL
shew at 7:;6 sd 8:: p.m.

he. I
Wtrxl way
&S toj

A-.'*"l MA:-.1- 7-

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and I
AWL I am

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. ^J1 *

- U,-


Tr Irr on.. MC, .SATURDAY, JULY 4th

1on .=,r .Me. ... 4- U. S. INDEPENDENCE DAY
000 boys from 8 to 12 playing on
var#lt .nd farm clubs. More
S than ID00 adults are assoelat-
,eg'lt the program.
Pete MeOovern, president of
h, -ntilonal orgamsation witl ,
Hll Madqarter In Wllllamsport,
Pa., predict these figures will
Double next year and again in I
1965. He believes Little League M fIM
wliPdf pa udtlu 10 million
-oo-- 0.50 TODAY 0.25
A tot Is batonn, 0., hs two
brothers il LU Only 5, he ELEA
S too yenl to piywlth the 8 to
I s-year- e. wIe ia most en- _
thuslastc Igd", anything his
olde br e tbi dot h can
do better.
"1 wana play, too," he bq- -
"But you cant hit," one of the
brothers said.
"Well," retorted the young-
ter, "how can I leam to hit i t
yod won't let me play?"
00.--I Kiml'. *.mc'a om8. -- .wIin'iuem
SA WaJIs Wa, WPa h., ~Wea Un .... ml.A .. ---- l
ILeauer t to the dooeta for .
as ..ldl b..uo nr, .wn
o"u tot eas e.,a: ..o- NEXT WEEKEND
nounced she medic.
SIsimply ca' t havs 'em Jul 4 5 6
" Dcm cried twe )my.
CI. an'thelp it, son, you have l~y ........ s, .....

o.. m ghtiest of Motion Pictures
iwait!" -

Eline Francis of Old Lycom-
ing Township, PL, has a nu-
.Ume rootas Interest In UtHe
League. HI three sons follow
mne another In the batting or-
d notto the ame late one
enoon.;gsushe. at what be
"What do you, think of .that?'"
tawes I 4 l r,.ranew ~ s.

N apa intet inereuIn any
way with decisions of umpir

:Safter field

K. .s. .

French Release

Chiang Troops

From Internment

SAIGON, July 2 (UP) Some
30,000 Chinese Nationalist troops 'Let the peo
interned on the Indochinese isle
of Phu Quoc have been freed and
repatriated to Formosa, it was TWENTY-EIGHIBH YEAIB.
announced today.
The 30,000 Chinese were
transported in seven Chinese
Nationalist convoys to Formosa
where they may now rejoin the
armies under Generalissimo 0 Sc
CUhiang Kai-shek.
Strict censorship prevented
"ly mention of the operate on r 3
which culminated months and
even years of negotiation between
the French government and the
Chinese Nationalist embassy In 9 ,W ( -4
The first convoy composed of WASHINGTON. July 2 (UP) -
four Chinese Nationalist vessels Secretary of the Treasury Oeorgi
and a hospital ship quit the is- M. Humphrey said today the gov
land in the Gulf of Slam ust be- ernment's $9,389,000,000 deflci
low Cambodia May 24 and the for fiscal 1953 "emphasizes the
last convoy left June 22.v need for continued strenuous ef
The French navyreiceit forts to get our fiscal house in
self to transporting the troops order."
from the island to the troopshlts. He said thedee deficit for the year
News of the final convoy quit- which ended Tuesday midnight
ting the area was widely known the highest In US histo
here more than a week ago but wast ist n n h try
til except for the period during the
no word could be published un two world wars.
the ships reached their destina- wr war
tion. It was more than double the
The French government de- 1952 deficit, and higher than
cided to liberate the interned eventhe best Informed admin-
forces a move which it had istralion officials had antlcl-
feared to take until now be- pated.
w the Chinese C Communists Humphrey did not say wheth-
might retaliate in Indochina- er the unexpectedly large deficit
follSwin the recent United had shaken his confidence that
Nations resolution calling for the new administration can get
the repatriation to Frmosa the federal budget In balance by
of Natinal troops under next July 1, the start of the 1955
Gae. L Mi in Burma. fiscal year.
The Chinese troops were the
remnants of Chang's armies in In exact figures, the deficit
is losing war with the Commu- happened this way:

SThe Frech placed them in To cover the deficit, the Trea-
eamps but as the men recovered sury borrowed almost $7.000.000.-
tir health under French treat- 000 during the year, and took $2,-
memt.Aheir officers clamored to 300.000,000 from its balance of
resume the battle against the cash on hand-
Reds. The national debt climbed by
.$966.000,000 tb $266,123.14,399.-
ernment debt was $279,71369,-
000 on Feb. 28. 1946).
Momio M n e' The Treasury mst brrow
r NmeOe S ,m- to s rmew





tension of the excess its tax
- with its $800,000,000 t Avenul
- and to oppose any ffort to
cut Mndividual Income taxes be-
tore Jan. L.
Because of a drop 14 ta re-
celpts. the flacal 19 dA fit w
$300 00 higher thnest-
mated by former Presideat Tru-
man last January. The moet re-
cent 'ertime by the isenhower
administration was that it would
be "pretty cloca to N,8.00 ,000,
The new administration also
has sad that the deficit in the
new faal year which began yes
terday will be at least $,tO,-

18 Red Soldiers Shot;

Didn't Fire On Germans

S000.000 dp enaftg n what Con-
grea oes abn M. Elephow-
Ser's rioqt to extend the SaWs
prof tax-ax.
Thbe Conlxruoal fight O*e
extending a lat'x expected
come to oown next week)
The ad~tnttl shied
from a deoIl vote, this
in fer4t wuidLt defeated
Ia dfose h esthe Trmai
sali eftp rad divrdoual
vaM g i-"-A- -rpm mood
lower than atUelpahdibeeaiue
the *eMq f el m tlve, did ot
Salow enmstag tr the f
oe lrat ImmUSi two-moM
They saIl tlAN Strike o,0the
eani a of individuals asobu-
neow maaft than origl

ment needss for the n three
months of ih spending and
low tax recipts,
It will be doneby saelingl ta
anltteWaton certltcates f in.
debtedne whiqh can beit
ed i e6t- mbftb ash' tx pay-
m.19 .m

_ -~~ I~r'rww.

inishes Fiscal 1953

9,083,669 In The Red

N iMii | I I5-lalw W

Statue On Capitol
SLINCOLN, Neb., July 2 (UP)-
wTen-agers today proposed that
th6 sober, sturdy symbol of
pioneer plainsmen, be taken from
his: 'lace atop Nebraska's sky-
scraper capitol and replaced with
a statue of chesty Marilyn Mon-
A minority faction suggested
thkt Miss Monroe be displaced
by a bronze of chunky Bobby
Posytolds. Nebraska football idol
and one-time All-American.
A group of about 50 teen-agers,
attending the University of Ne-
braska "all-state" talent school,
adl Miss Monroe's bosomy beau-
tv would lure tourists to the
Cornhusker State to gawk at this
Vowttanding figure."
Gev. Robert Crosbv was un-
enthusiastic, but admitted his
objections "might be du to the
onervatlsm of age."
.Th. Republican Governor is 52.

f asrfeShe

: ]^T

'r b6look t, but her
tbs l edlShpehoruld
R _, meiii to some
, .eroplapbo ewporates
irf smadof die bodyn
tibo iAd r the arm.
r"oe. k s olsadb &

f. isn't
1-0 nLow Ue
WbsFc deodoam
ifrst that in.

B 4- .R dPily


Judge's Beach

Airman Robert J. McKay. 19,
yesterday was fined $10 in Bal-
boa Magistrate's Court and given
a suspension of payment of an-
other $10 fine. McKay was fined
for speeding 60 mph on Roose-
velt Ave., in a 40 mph zone.
Instead of paying a $10 fine on
a charge of driving a motorcycle
without a muffler on Roosevelt
Avenue, McKay has been placed
on a one-year probationary pe-
Thirty-year-old Panamanian
Vincent U. Weir, was released
yesterday after payment of a $10
fine and posting $25 bond. Weir
was picked Dn on a warrant
when he failed to fulfill a writ-
ten promise to appear before the
Balboa Magistrate Court no later
than June 5. He was also given
a suspended sentence and ulaC-
ed on a year's probation folldw-
ing a charge of operating a taxi-
cab on Old Galliard Highway
without a valid chauffeur's li-
cense on June 1.
Jean Antonio Medina, 24, US
Army, was fined $10 for driving
50 miles in a 40-mile Zone;
Marvin Augustus Smith, 23, Pan-
amanlan, paid the same fine for
a similar offense.
Gilbert Sydney Kirkaldy, 34,
Panamanian, was given a sus-
pended sentence for starting
without caution, plus $10 for
passing in a highway inter-

CZ Cop Hauls In

GI Who Obstruded

Chauffeur's Arres
Use of obscene language and
an aggressive attitude in an at-
tempt to prevent a Canal Zone
police officer in making an ar-
rest brought a possible charge of
disturbing the peace against Sal-
vador Ramos, 20-year-old Puer-
to Rican in the U.S. Army.
Ramos was taken to the Bal-
boa Police Station at 2 a". to-
day by police officer C. NIL.

in the next six months, when
tax collections will be far too
low to cover the government's
It announced plans yesterday
to borrow more than $5,5000,000,-
000 of it next week, through an
Issue maturing in eight months.
The borrowing la this first
six months of fiscal 1954 will
lift the debt near to, If not
through, its legal ceiling of
The deficit and borrowing
means that the Eisenhower ad-
ministration can be expected to
fight harder than ever for ex-

BERLIN. July 2 (UP).- The The Communists officially have
Red Army has executed 18 So- admitted only six executions.
viet soldiers for mutiny for re- The East German newspaper
fusing to fire on Germans who almost daily published allege
revolted against Communist rule confessionsm of revolt leaders.
In the June 17 uprising, it was Usually they end with:t. tate-
reported here today. ment that "ie now a hi
The West Berlin newspaper well d e e r v e d punishmen,"
Telegraf" said the soldiers re- meaning a firing quad.
fused to obey orders when ant- Adenauer pledged to rush fod,
Communists stormed a prison in coal. Iron, steel and eleotri
Magdeburg to free political pri- power to the 18.000.000 soviet
soners. zone workers once sonal barriers
The newspaper said the sol- are lifted.
diers disobeyed orders to shoot Reports reaching West Berlin
Germans storming the pr today told of continued strikes
and even refused toarrest ome and rot riot were
of the Gertan workers whP reported from XraF u -t
convinced them they were not Oder, DMau,'mrart. $Mle and
attacking the Sovit occupation Mgde Angr houseWtes
power but were demon-sating. we torhav bseed city
for better ivhiK eondtta hall demanding food.
The moldkr were exectd by The east zone government
a ringsquad over the week- backing Its promise of "butter
end in an army camp in the instead of guns" ordered sup-
Magdeburg area, the newspaper pU of butter, fats. s r,
sad. vegetables and other scarce foo-
stuffa rushed to East Berlin and
Western allied officials could Soviet a ne ities. But shat-
not confirm the report but they a still were acute.
said reports given by Red Army
deserters tell of wide unrest and
low morale in the occupation
The unrest was attributed to
the fact that Soviet occupation D
soldiers anl wester forces,
are virtually prulsoner. f f
They are held In camps and
barracks In the countryside. are 1
not given leave and are not SIOON Indochina July 3
allowed to fraterne with the (UP) Khins NodShau uk
erman cilan population ex- f Cambodi In a news me
Cpt under strict supervision, to h people announced
The fact. that they were r- he will immediately mobl the
ed to fireon workersafer be- l lately obl t
ing told they are a "worker s'f tingfrcomhI a or .
army" may have caused great Rlo seude amr
confusion among the 30000D he had C s at Isf
troops called out to smash the Junl capital ofa M1
revolt. allied office saki. Plan of im Uon tof
Top Soviet offcialshave been fight fl m.O o sf t Mna
ordered home from East Oer- whi rl ll be aPPlidimed
many to report on the Soviet ately."
zone worer rebellion. Allied The kin. no 1t nrep
sources aid today. mlesu from
The Soviet officials in Ger- CambhOiais to *
many were reported called home heart" tq saefler *-
Just before the Rusian ambas- to lnesre b
sadors to Washlugton. London eventually
and Parui were ordered to Mos- es of the
cow. ar
About 20 Sovet officials have 00 mOO t his
poeibly ticludifn the r- al, equally d
appotted Soviet High Commi- Royal Caboate Amn)
owner Vladimir Semyono -I onalist bands
were ordered back to the Krem-I "n that way we wui W
in from Bat Germany. to forge a roof to srg la
Strikes and unrest in the Rus- I nations whiMh
sian secton continued today nt-m n
W i"th hu ri rts reported rt I poad=ss4
seeral cls ipendence for o
Soviet A-uMaador to London 2Sr^ osa wsuL
an MAIM Makh through Ber-He empha"Sh -
in Tuesday night on his way to ."understood that
Moscow and Geor Zarubin, th.understod thtp
ambassador to to ay of troops and
rived here last nitt, n atthe dposal of
his way home. be ed by tMe
Semyono was reported to have ti nations, at the
been called back for con we place a friendly
tons early last week and to
have returned here last Satur- bInain
Allied sources did not know
where Senmyonov was at this
time, but it a major policy con- flg
ference of Soviet diplomats
being held it was assumed the
Russian higbh would ml .
be there. 'ik- f aba
S BMW Two sty
m. M Ikai

' U


k &IM 7 1.0 & k


pie know t.e truth and tfie country Is afe".' Abrldit. Liucolp.

min .

i "t

May Hae HiW

Lozo r, July 2 (UP) -INt
House of rOmnmdns voted ye
pnsy desite moufthtins g
iloa that an innocent ma
ly'-have hang for ole of 6
strntglef John Christe' mur-

ed th death penalty or an ex-
periebtal p-rlod of five yeawl,
8ocialt S1do Sverm
cad fr a "full ad prl-
vate inquiry" into the death of
14-month old OrmWldine Evans
in 1o50.
The kaby fther Timothy
yams SI s r hei for i^.'
with a neiktlA.
Th.e Ivan family lived In the
"Notting l1ll murder" house
wheam. hrltle has confessed he
tle arn women and hA4
= bodim. One of the mur-
lnk e confessed was tat
C hre, who is to be h
ly i for te murder Of
own wife, denied at his trial 1
= k~ that- he ad murdered the
But the Lpndon News Chrot-
ele said today that Chrstie
ossed to au cla of Pentat-
-.le on, Vwre he is- held,
that 5a killed the baby.

^. Da. **"W -


*. .. .. : -. ...
.. -. .

..... .

Isaue b
buy govwe

, r .,. '
..,..: i..


~~~ 'T~- .L~l'lr ..I1C
' LI

l~n'7 ~4_1


The soldier was a passentr% In ItIPa
a taxicab driven by Juan wor Se- h
ro alone the Oafflard Highway. r
The police officer had stoop d
the cab to ask Romero to exhibu
a valid certificate of inspection
aiued for the vehicle.
When Romero had failed to
comply with the officer's request
Ramas rot out of the ts and
ossted to tInertfer witphthe
sister' aret of Romero.
aarm s ws fined $10 and Ia.
Ms k ishededa to spoar be- have&
iGWWe _Wu _


1 .ail" "r"

*-. *i 3

ft- r.---; >;
", .-..' .

:P. ~~..;~.. : /

PANAMA, R P., THURSDAY, J 195 .. ..

t "'

__ r___


-- -r.r~ol;+c~t- ~~P-liri
--- ..-~r**PY-~lt~WJ~II*I*I


., '

, ,
.~ -6.1- .







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Read story on page 8
___, mtM th* **Pk Immtfo truth and the country it tafe" Abmbm Lincoln.
nn CENTf
To Cos/) Vn
(NBA Telephoto)
WUPMXNT OF HOPE Dr. A. O. Graham of the Montgomery
County Health Office In Alabama checks off part of a shipment
of human Gamma Globulin serum which medicar authorities
. hope. Ill offest a growing polio epidemic At least 30,000 chil-
dren In the Montgomery area are being Inoculated In the nation's
first community-wide use of the precious serum.
. .

Earn 30,000 Lollipops

.civ. ^~"
JNTO0MERY. Ala., July 1
ttt A barefoot boy received
.'Injection of gamma globulin
his hip heire yesterday to be-
i modern medicine's first ma-
effort to prevent a threaten-
.Infantile paralysis epidemic
with the poUo-resistlng serum,
icafiy, he was Eddie Daniel
i, .whose name aptly de-
the very condition that
mass Inoculations of 30,000 chll-
ln Montgomery County are
1 to prevent,
was followed by several
thousand more youngsters who
M through 18 emergency lno-
lon centers In the polio-
stricken county where the crlp-
BUmr disease has struck tl per-
son, "killing three, this year.
It was the first day of the first
community-wide attempt to beat
off-"a possible polio epidemic
with gamma globulin before It
' Although the outbreak here
has been alarming. It has not not
leached the epidemic stage and
local health officials believe the
Systematic Inoculations will ro-
uce the incidence 80 per cent
within a week.
This afternoon there will be
several thousand more children
under '10 years of age to receive
the, shots and by Friday night
lia some 100 doctors, nurses and
volunteer workers Involved In the
polio fight here expect to have
completed the Job.
-Children and babies whose last
nanea begin with letters from A
through F were Inoculated yes-
terday In a methodical assem-
bly-line process that ended with
lollipop prizes.
Doctors giving the shots chip-
ped In to buy 30,000 suckers as ,
rewards for the brave youngsters I WASHINGTON, July 1 (UP)
who faced the three-quarter-Inch Senate Republicana, who twice
sisters, children of Air Force Lt.
Col. Hoi lis B. Tara, filed through
together. They, were taken out of
alphabetical order because they
leave for Japan, tomorrow.
Maureen Tara, 7, Bryan, 4 and
Paul 3, did not flinch as the hy-
podermic needle was applied. But
little seven-month-old Ghee pro-
tested loudly.
At each Injection center, a rec-
ord clerk took the children's
name as they entered.
They- were weighed and then
passed down a line to a main
room where two or three doctors
and as many nurses worked
with syringes and needles.
The youngsters were placed on
paper-coveted tables and their
hlps were bared for the Injec-
tions. Then came an alcohol ap-
plication on the score spot.
Doctors worked In four-hour
shifts to handle the mammoth
The $500,000 worth of gamma
globulin used in the Montgomery
County Inoculations came large-
ly from the Red Cross.
An official of toe National
Foundation for Infantile Paraly-
sis Is supervising the operation
here. *
The injections are expected to
Immunize most of the children
for four or five weeksuntil the
worst phase of the annual sum-
mer polio "season" is over.
The Big Three foreign ministers
hope slthelr forthcoming con-
ference to hammer out a plan
for taking advantage of the un-
rest sweeping Russia's supposed-
ly docile Iron Curtain empire.
Secretary- of State John Foster
Dulles indicated at his news con-
ference yesterday that. th Is
would be one of the major Issues
taken up at the meetings begin-
ning here next Wednesday.
Allied diplmate have admit-
ted the flare-up of anti-Commu-
nist feeling In East Germany and
elsewhere behind the Jron Cur-
tain has given the west a rare
opportunity to puncture the
myth that everything Is sweet-
ness and light under Commu-
nism and possibly even to hah)
loosen Moscow's grip on Its satel-
These officials concede that
the allies, for a variety of rea-
sons have been tardy, about
acting to exploit the situation.
They hope seme unified strat-
egy can be worked eat at the
ministers' mooting.
Administration officials art
foreign ministers might take up
the subject of German elections
and other .matters.
The British had hoped that
the Bermuda conference, now
deterred because of Churchill's
Hiese, might lead tea future
session with Soviet Premier
Georgi Maleaker.
Dulles aid It would be prema-
ture for him to say anything a-
bout that now.
His remarks on Germany came
in connection with a statement
that the Soviet Union Is over-
extended and that recent signs
of unrest In Iron Curtain coun-
tries point up the peoples' desire
for free elections. '
Asked If a proposal for free
German elections might be sent
direct to Moscow. Dulles said this
was a point which may be dis-
cussed by the foreign ministers.
British Officials Expect
Russian Peace Offensive
sharply divided on what to do,
particularly In the case of the
anti-Communist rloU In East
American officials were at first
reported cool to the idea of a Big
Three foreign ministers session,
believing little could be accom-
plished. /. -. .,, ..' ..... _.
They pointed oat that major
decisions nrobahly would have
to wait f or-toe later meeting of
President Elsenhower, British
Prime Minister Sir Winston
Churchill and France's new pre-
mier, Joseph Laniel.
Secretary of State John Foster
Dulles hbnself said yesterday
that questions such as prospects
for a Big Four meeting are for
the top leaders to discuss. ,.
He added, however, that the
LONDON, July (TJP> -British
officials today predicted a new
major Soviet "peace" oMenstoo
centering on Germany following
the pddeq recall of the Krem-
lin's three top ambassadors in
the West.
They expected a major diplo-
matic offensive to take advan-
tage of the Illness of British
Prtrne Minister "Sir Winston
Churchill, which forced the can-
cellation of the Bermuda Big
Three conference.
The Soviet Union Is expected
her* to make ah eArly formal bid
for discussions on a peace treaty
The KremlW also appeared
anxious to have the first hand
assessment Of It representatives
Republicans Angry,
Democrats Chuckle,
At Surplus Food
long needles
Some of them were totally un-
afraid. Others cried, whimpered
and fought the effort to Inocu-
late them.
"Shucks, T wasn't scared at
Eddie Crioole said as
1 from the One.
her child, a little girl
[loudly, bad to be held
three Air Torce medi-
cal oJrpsmen while the GG was
-mother managed to cahn
lily when a smiling nurse
d the child a lollipop aft-
er the ordeal was over.
Dungster, accompanied by
defeated a Democratic plan to
ship surplus farm goods abroad,
faced the embarrassing task to-
day of approving virtually the
same proposal at President El-
senhower's urgent request.
Chairman George D. Alken
(R-Vi) oTtbe Africulture Com-
mittee told a reporter lt looked
like "a, very cheap political
trick" by a government bureau-
crat^r-a cheme designed to "up-
set the President's p.'pin."
Other, Jtepublieans were reci-
faced and angry. Most Dem-
ocrats moray chuckled as the
story unfolded to a Senate
debate which lasted till mid-
20 Missing Or Dead
In Stateside
Weather Accidents
CHICAGO, July 1 (UP) More
than 20 persons were missing or
dead today in boating tragedies
and electrocutions caused by
treacherous wind squalls, a flash
flood and swimming accidents.
Meanwhile, the eastern two-
thirds of the country sweltered
In a humid heat wave and the
weatherman said there would be
no relief before the July 4th holi-
Forecasters also warned that
million dollar rains that have
AF No Longer
Offering Direct
Dueto the recently announced
budget cut, the Air Fbros has
suspended Its policy of offering
direct appointments, except to
MJ^^.?^tfc??Id, to airmen and
eZS^"* ,2iv,nf rtoin. pe-
clftod qualifications. Caribbean
?"T* Force* announced last
The direct appointment policy
now applies to persons qualified
m Jw^f ^iMalAs. togtJ and
medical officers. Formerly, the
Air Force offered direct appolnt-
ment in over 30 career fields.
The direct appointment plan
went Into effect In the Air Force
daring World War IL Since that
time several Cartal Zone civilians
and at least twoCAlrC airmen
have received direct commissions
&s Reserve Of fleers.
in London, Paris and Waabmg-i
ton obout opinad: in the WsstI
and- to review the effect of Its
recent "goodwill" gestures.
Thie Soviet leaders may .want
to exploit the present lack of
alignment of Western policies
and the confusion whioh the
postponement of the Bermuda
meeting as well as the latest So-
viet peace offensive may have
caused In Westers Europe.
Harry S. Truman
Keeps On Walking
Former president Truman walk-
ed Into S television show on his
early morning stroll today.
Pasting by the studio of an
NBC news program In Rockefel-
ler Center, he fold a sidewalk In-
terviewer he had been taking an
early morning walk for 20 years
to keep in shape.
Mr. Truman, who with Mrs.
Truman is visiting his daughter
Margaret, skirted Times Square
in a 33-minute walk during
which he was stopped on several
corners by autograph seekers.
Hb said It Is essential that West-
ern powers adopt a unified posi-
tion on Germany.
Dulles said the United States,
British and French governments
are exchanging views about the
meeting to work out the details.
He said it will provide oppor-
tunity for two-way'as well ss
three-way discussions between
the Western ministers
Besides Dulles, the conferees
will be the Marquess of Salisbu-
ry, acting British foreign secre-
tary and French Foreign Minis-
ter Georges Bldault.
Dalles said the situation la
Indochina will likely be s topic
he will discusa with Bidault.
He said he expects a report to
advance of the meeting from a
U.S. military jvdsslen that ar-
rived In Indeehina three or
four days age.
Other matters, they likely will
consider to conjunction with
their British counterpart are the
prospects for a Korean truce and
DpJIes' recent tour of the Middle
East. ^T
55?!tCDrK,ATE8 Bfa" y We with iuVwife, Clarissa.
ffit*Jlft,i!f*t t&SP*"* leavesN.w England *
tlst Hospital m Boston fotfdwtog a luccessfui Operation. The
couple wlU,stsy In Newport, Rjfe, where Eden will spend some
'-_______time recuperating. ;**-
Sabre Ace Jabara Has Engine Trouble

MaJ. James jabara,, Amer-
ica's leading jet plane ace In
Korea, said today he "really
wasn't worried* when be'almoat
crashed yestordas",.
The Wichiia, kan, pilot said
His Sabre lost altitude from
20,000 test to 10,000 yesterday
alter he had shot- down two
Mlgs, but the engine than be-
gin functioning properly.
Another Sabre, leer
.'did pilots tow oh fuel, often
cut their power on retara to
bsjfe* In deliberate "flsme puts"
and. then switch on the jet en-
gine when power is needed.

Judge's Bench
lined op by the hun-'night last night.
the voluntary shots.
given at school bulld-
ited as temporary
injection centers.
of four brothers and
By a 53 to 12 vote, the Sen-
ate summarily rejected an
amendment, to the Foreign Aid
bill sponsored by Sen. Hubert h.
Humphrey., he Fair DesJ:Dem-
ocrat from Minnesota.
The Foreign Relations Com-
mittee had turned It down earlier
It would hate authorized the
President to shod governnunt-
OY/nad fan goods to famine -
stricken aseas abroad
R turnedout tt*t the proposal
was almost a dead ringer for
a bill Alken himself introduced
blessed the drought-stricken D-,II___ I _.f*"'!..U.
Southwest were at an end in DO IDOQ LlOnS LJUD
much of the ares. *
The united Press counted at UI-JJ:-,., i"V.-,.,
least 25 weather-caused deaths, ilOlainQ UOHCQ
vesterdav, most of them in boat*
taM^Ka\ which has been f Bal* Uons Club Is hold-
slammed v'two dtalt?". to li* ,U.J5?# ^?^h
nsdoe In the last six weeks, was h,n.,d,'<,tpCe. in. "& T*11
lashed bv the same violent wind no*' tomorrow night. The out-
storms that struck Wisconsin, wmg preside tt wniiam J.
Winds uo to 70 miles an hour ?rl*ni *nd *h incoming presi-
were reported before the squall dent **aj. Gordon Andrews.
line blew Itself Into Ohio and "
Kentucky early today:
2-Yeor-Old Baby
Dies Of Vomiting
Two-year-old Panam a n 1 a n
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Porfi-
rio Sanchez, occupant of a land
lease, died in her bed last night
at 9:30 after being treated yes-
terday for low blood pressure.
Sanchez told Canal Zone po-
lice he took his daughter, Ma-
ria Lenora, to the Pedro Miguel
Dispensary after ah woke up
A fin* of $10 was imposed on
Panamanian Frank Pierre, 22,
today for taking on a, passenger
at a stop other than a lawfu? bus
Three Panamanians and one
Colombian appeared before Bal-
boa Magistrate Court yesterday
afteraon on the charge of tres-
passing In Canal Zone commis-
saries. A fine of $10 each was
imposed on the following four
offenders: Panamanians Fernan-
do Mol to, 28; Sabes Alberto Mo-
reno. 41; Hiplito Molina, 28;
and Colombian Jose Ponce, 38.
Panamanian Florencio Torres,
30. was fined $10 for failure to
hold a valid chauffeur's license
Kile driving a bus on Ouade-
pe Street, La Boca.
only yesterday to comply with vomiting. He said she continued
u.SS-'WqS?t Iro*1 Mr. vomiting during the day after
5rfS?^?- The ^rats she had taken two doses of med-
claimed the two were Identical. "
Bolivian General
Taken As 'Plotter'
AHv Gun Baffle
LA PAZ, July 1 (UP) Gen
Bernodlno Bilbao Rioja was ar-
reste! here last night, appar-
ent)* *s s "revolutionary plot-
ter,? sjfter gun battle in which
he and two policemen wer*
1b# shooting started when
Into Bilbao's nounced that the admmlatratlon UGen PrinrP^Q
home to make the arrest. Police itself the Mutual Security "wccl'/ r wCab
Agency, that is-hsd on request ,'-r i r /-'
owgingiy suponed him with his I ravel By Comet
dstoettvVebullet. Deputy MSA administrstor C
50-^2?B *V *nx^!^ ,or TyIer "* *red IUuThubv
b-**iL r*?!t teat phrey *>. that it had the m-
and two submachine dorsemenWW -the Vdget u-
*ZAiIE2" "i'lri* reau Agr^to^^part3
addition to the
Alken conceded "in general
there is a great deal of similar-
Not only that, Humphrey an-
M'nr.<4 rV4 *w *j_t_i _* .
ldne prescribed by the doctor.
An autopsy has been request-
---------------!----- I
ho "put up a stiff fight.'
two poUeemen before
he was put out of sctlon by s
^T-SP*"?1 toment, the^ Confmodity
B a "sub- Corporation1 andanother
reportedjey or
Rhodesia, July l (OP) The
Queen Mother Elisabeth and
Mneee. Margarot arrived hei
gS-*?'...".-^ tw-
ern Rhodesia
BrtS!? *w ** London by
British Oversees Airwsva nor
Poratkm Cometjst^ItoeV.
"JorwsJfc Ca., po-
>f Loe Angeses