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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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l I- l IRA. H .1

U' IMaria
Se e of CO-
thge that Canal
ire working with
aII on a plan
f able for
la to se.
that it has
cards for

ih they could
DUwrf ilirrrdI nw

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freedom has been
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Reds Reinforce

Their Garrison

To 3 Divisions

BERLIN, June 26 (UP) The Russians have lug
ed a bloody purge of the east zone Communist pm
force and have reinforced their troops in and an
Berlin to three full divisions, it was learned today.
High-ranking U.S. sources said Soviet troops gi
around Berlin now outnumber Allied forces by .i4
three to one.
Other reliable reports reaching West Berlin said I
the purge has hit Communist police who refused to a
orders or deserted in mass during last week's uprismi
East Germany.
According to reports reaching West Berlin,
"people's policemen" who joined the demonstrator
disobeyed orders to fire on the crowds have been send harsh prison terms by Russian courts martiM
number were reported to have been shot.
The. sme reports aid 134 .heard there a
Conmunist police offers were groud used by
demoted to the ranks for the CommunIOt secret
same reason, were believed by .-
East ae sHeemenft who did tieoan a.
not "aet with sftlent er- But alt Germa .
u"y aasines the rstutg who seethim v YtMiu104

Il' 6d 3 eafty
gad r of O u9d bZ
f i sg-roa w Masurfld o -b y a .i lUed nationm
* rbwta. Q was& a m s i in respone to
rt am e 0e A r appealing to
Mr. IsUenOoW."to do everything
-iaor. ate.- n. your power" to tive back to
all Germaas "the ulity and free-
Can. dom which alone guarantee aL
7 on itMe t leabtl meemeful developments in
erts repot w.h eauoPe."
reeommendatioa After noting that maqy anti-
ameat of the area's Red Germans had been Trilled in
mal. with a view the demonstratlu, Adenauer
national economic said:
nter. regional
dble economic in- "Nothina shOws more clearly
atral AmefrCa. than the outcry of these tpr-
nmentswhich at- meted how intolerable
nnar were repre, the cfditlu I this area of
m: MajorAriatides cental Brops ,."
A)., Alfredo T.
aA u11,..~ -*~ --

MUEN ( loWvan); PltOwix05
a l 71Wlaor); Maeuel
dD Rod~ (Guatemala); a-
Hondmras) sand Luls
w (Nicaragua).

b t thf Mtn of Vt.
bbe pfitd a suit -i 09. B.

By Boycouts
Offered Fr Sa

A 125-foot b0Ot, used un-
sa fw for Sea
Scoot i gIJ offered
for sale by 6 stg ome Council
801 of the as i ts of Ameri-
ca. *.,*-.
ids will 1i ved at the of-
fice of e te. Executive in
a.m. on
With ful de-
a et and the
Seri o are also available
at t. Ssa a executive's office.
'E.i- consltm of a steel
1H-1u carrylnR a asper-
t -toof wood steel con-
Pail urnture and fixture.
electrical, water and,
systems from the
shore connection, will
lSuaed in the sale. The hull
bee punctured so that It
M float at high tides.
boat is agroud alongside
Sea Scout Dck In Diablo

Sby the Boy. Scouts from
avy after it had been de-

'o IsSingle' Lo

non% i a pme -n .mq- I-
ing four CromnitR poltnce -
were killed last week In bloody
workers' revolt against the Red
East Germap regime.
State Secret Polce Chief Wil-
helm Zaisser told the Com-
mauist cabinet that 378 other
pelnan were injured in pitch-
ed-battles by workers against
Red army troops and Com-
munist police.
The dead indcaded only
those killed in the fighUinr
and net these eoeeuted by Red
army firing sqad In the
harsh repril tat ill are
The e have ahiltted six
persons have been executed and
unofficial reports said the total
actually was s0.
The casualty tll was an-
fnounced yesterday In a com-
munique issued by Communlst
Premier O o Orotewo's press
It said 19 of those killed were
anti-Communist demonstrators.
four Communist "peoples police"
and two civilian bystanders.
Of those Injured 191 were
listed as members of Ctheom-
munist police, III antiKd dem-
onstrators and 61 as bystanders.
A Red ary reGln of terror
still oppressed the eastern one
of Germany s nt U.t German
Communists xde4 workers to
stge a m0ommte')y-today In
ast Berlin of the
i ^re~ffn e- In Berlin
lau -he i"r-saa m ftMIr
uas toi bKue w ~epMsts
of exeestoeF -of O ean
wO5eM by agl4 ad
eea t4 to -- N
Mass arrests throughout the
Some Sone of Germany and
purges of anti-Commuast work-
era continued infqpitlal for the
bloody anti-Red revolt which
wept East Germany last week.
The Russian georet police
(MVD) were reported to have
taken over ti Communist secret
pOie prison at .Eaberg. near
m W. ewpl j m cutiUens
sa 4o4 r to t ken place
l. .ooituard itAn the
l aa been

oks Double

-wn ideas little Sunht who U 5 feet
hY turned 2 Inches toll ad has 35-inch
", a 3 -W' bust and a W
beoiis W

were reported seWoed Um
army and Communist -
police raldinparties l
DrOden, l di.,
other East sone cities. -
Thousands already bmha
reported arrested, and
reports Indicated the
roundup was continuing.
A big purge of aitl
munist workers was
have swept the h e.
chemical plant at
where 25,000 workers
Russian troops and tanft|K
But apparently the
felt they had things
enough In hand to Instruo
puppet East German
ment to stage another "
taneous rally" In support
policies. j
It was Just-such a "
ous rally' of workers whlel
off the June 17 bloody
East Berlin.
Meantime, Allied so
West Berlin said yesterday"
Communists will be
cleansed and "bourgeois"
clans Introduced. One to
puppets migt even hfed
new government, the W
sources said.

Canal Emplo. ye

Runs From WN-;

Klled By Taxr -
A Canal employe who UtwM'
Rio Abajo in anto Tomas M
pital with a fractured skuUO
celved while trying to escapi
ifate, stick-weLlding wil f-
terday evening.
Death came to ClaKyt'.
Nurse, 37, Panamaniwn, at
a. m. today several houra
he ran into a moving tai dtW
by LuIs D. Lasso.
Police said he wu
fro his wife, Daphne. who
the aid of one of their
was beatinK Nurse with 4
which had nails sticking
it. He ran out into the
without looking ut g tiht
was driving by.
Nurse was rushed to ths IS
pital in Lasso's taxi.

FraKce'Os tl'

Mfcal~ite I

ZA ^y^~j

. = ajI
,-l, WMr "-




- I .ii .m .

.e. At Af

^UmiltliB^coufimnthf eH


Ln ff

,, 1,EU, I
Ihbila wit

or com-

L i. 6

-, .

I paid b-lbujp0Mo
fat for -

go Seagol the a.
Muy ar&Mod hat

-eo .


~1S .5

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ir --



Ike Praises

Ani -Red

German Rebels

& .. empire0 Mr. w (hpe
ti i a to in ast
r, u to rred the
as lato peoples w-
UNeu clertht te rroer-
fet throughout the Soviet satel-
lite empire," Mr. EUienhow~r
said in a moate to West af-
maa Chancellor Konrad Adn-
Mr. isenhower said the "in-.
s ho*t of courage" by a-
termwAns ha $reaffrmef
our belief that y uof oppre
Aem had ettumpted Indoctrina-
t15n Cirinot eztlftleu the .pl)>
it of freedom behind the Iro


i. *-




*0. .UA, MfNA"A. .
eM OOPPeaib TO17 ea-MTAI AVeNUES wm aeVT2 A s- I.,
peMNis s sa1HmnaTIVU1s e61MUA e PowRt. I'
4M' Maash AVe NW VOYRR 111s N V

*a# d *A. 1 e--- .ei ag


The Mei a ao e n pe fem to fr eeders"t The P
lgn. Letfrs are received gratefully end ee handled hi n
dmid t mmer.
If yoemeribute a letter dee't be impakatitM it deMsa
*eI d.Leu I sM we published in the order weslved.
=e NY e to kspp the lees limited leo pe. ngll
Identity of Ilter writer Is held in stUriest confidence.
This newspapers aums ma reeponsbiMly for saement
.msed In letter frem eemasi .
I got a letter signed by a general and a bulletin
another general, a colonel, another colonel, and a ma
this explains to me In six pages typed on two aides th
a-policy on housing civilians.
Getting a letter from all these important people
jpent all this time getting it up meant a lot to me becs
on the list for a lops long time, so I began to read.
Everything looks good for the boys that can afford
Panama, but for the lower rates that can't, it jooks ba
get to Section 15 which ,aas that the policy will be fo
cept when the generals want to do otherwise.
That's the way its been running for yeahs but no'
eral is going to take on the job of assigning houses.
Whoops... there I am on the bottom again.
All of this printing shows wasted time, paper, post
:the lack of policy hasn't changed.

It Is about time I said something about the cry b
,the States. As I see and read day alter day about th
:time they are having now, I have to laugh.
a I am one of the many American boys in uniform
,do my duty and not complain as the US-Rate Zone
'trying to do.
In the first place, If we had any complaint who
'Y to? Come to think of It, a lot of us that are marri
ftag to lose $31.50 come July 1. What can be said about
Just wviat have you Zonlans given up to come dow
othing. The reason most of you came oown was to
Iattd' could the 25% differential plus no tax 1951 p
otr things that make it so easy.
I have talked with many people over the time. I
2 uiziai most o; them have the same story "We do
ah.a ho and we can get local help very cheap."
One penson told me what a hazardous Job her hu
doing. Aftertalking with her a little longer I learned t
raterr was dolag the work while her husband was sitting
Tree giving the orders. Really a hard job.
Hoew about te fellows In uniform who have done at
doing'hazardous duties for their country? No question
big pay there. '
S I have been here a long time now. and the only
job I de the Zonians doing is trying to think of the rig
S buy in next week's lottery. Come Sunday 11 a.m
'about everyone, youtg and old, la listening to the drav
you de this back in the States?
Not long age in the paper someone had the nerve
Ittery expenses along with other living expenses. Cot
Mat back in the States?
' It isn't to easy to fnld a job in the States now, No
Whrfp you can sit down and take it so easy. Unions
i any places. Everyone is given a change, and th
raters to do the dirty work. An tee is quite
a aBne w the Stat i,, "< a e
Tohe lowest thin I think )od .tpeoio' u have d
the blame for some gf gur trtbles on the
by saying hat some of them sent a letter to W
.C Jt what Influbnce would a local rater's letter h
S of ho in. power In. Washington?
.I you want to know someone who Is writing a;
,affn.P you lazy people it is me,. a Stateslder In unifoe
paying taxes to help support you all. A lot of other i
,trm the states are kicking about the mess here.
S TtI tour ofduty' haa given us a good chance to see
lust wbat the score is down here, and when we get o
,oteav go to town telling about It.
And don't blame anything on the local raters. They
LoOe" at all the local rate boys who.have volunteer
armed forces, and so for a long time saved your sons I

Answer to Previo
On, Wisconsin!

W OIBONTAL 4 Subside
"ITh--. 1 5Before
ofeiel state 1Moe succinc
flower f 7 Presages

23 U s wrte ., IHen products
14 CUMii. fruit sheepfold
-K 1 Consume
18 Injury 21 Dippers
1 UeesTiate of 22 Respect
sr 2 Distinct part
ftlptufe 24 Minute akin
(ab.) opening
I Obwrve 25 Swedish
2 Srees (ab.) weight
'1 Rent 24 Tendon
3P rvenu (Bomb. form)
sr IWR"

doil prduibl. I 1 .

23 "Emerald Isle"45 Do
29 Jewish month ala
30 DemoIr sh 46 Fe,
31 Winter vehicle e4I
37 Plant 47 IM
31 Plays the partsi Me
of hoet clo
40Stories 4Go
41 Unclosed inla
42 Baltic gulf 5L No
43Cicatrix 2E di

M ._m

SWftewing Philip!
Wo ,e mfa ee eb .e ,fes .

In g ON a sw" Ue selse ..
b.* eigh sen.e


oLa, n, appear to be Commun. Repregnta-wieall In ll
ists or sympathizers." If they publicity for the WS.toVl
are eliminated/ "if posalble." If milaon to adrd M 'i fo .B
not they "re .movedput of .vital .to revise an. h reaSr
areas in the plant. therein .etranueo m r."
There is much talk of "black- The extranebug matter Includ 1 'iM
. .. lists," but the Conference Board the Bees, the Bears and the
reprted on May 11 that "Only a where the flterary quality adt he
relatively small number of corn- of the congrefsman's. h
panile... have develpWed or AndJust-to how
maintain a file on locslanda Una mnthstt O
tional subversives sad front "The Story of the
groups...(and those who do 6ei" Is given
maintain these) take creful-
compilation of facts nat ru- If the title
mors.n to do wItIr
Here no jobles little winter of ife It 1eatno.
is poked up on the streti and of I, a
executed, asun t
Berlin undotsoviet t hsJ
is s ppend bto e ...a.n sdisasas. asl
workers 04' paa.t. I the
Hete,Wre i-fee. aow about It
you"amattke, esmsbde? -@4

;'-I~*.* VA.. *-, -. ~
~ ,

L" Labor News
C P.
SCom eut.

is 00
2 00 s Victor ea .

Where is our counter-offen-
Where are the mlluat
out dl the skies above I
Germany, Poland, Czechodlova-
amie Amw- kia and the other seething satel-
whefly enii- li.tes?
A' appear the Why do our professional prop-
pagandists, the enan paid to sell 6
ith. us to the world, thlnk. apltal-
ism Is a dirty word?.. Why do
s as spinlem they feel so Intellottually, un-
comfortable whrt they mU. tell
the world that the .v6rage
working Joe has the most free-
dom in this land of profits? '
Why are our psychological d.:
signed by warriors worried so much by -
Jor. All of those writers who believe that
at they got the ability to turn a phrase is .
I license to turn their coats on
who have this nation.
use Ibeen Nobody has asked me, but if
d to live in our propaandists really want a
Ld. Then I leaflet to shower down on the
Allowed ex- Soviet satellites which havr just
seen striking workers machine-
w the gen- gunned* In the streets, I'd like -
to ofiLeT this:
Here 2 the U. you can
age, etc.- strike even If you are stealing .------
the production of nlpkel tubing tZ
Cooped for vital hydrogen bomb pro- low
duction, as the workers at a
New York plant did earlier this
year. .
able from Here our salons. are begin-
e hell of a ning to sigp. contracts or a
to one-year vocation with pay
, trying to alter 10 years of service as
people are did the AFL's dynamic ee- 'e
irical Workes Brotherhood & .._
would we the Hedco Manufaituring
ed ate o I Corp. (radios a.n d phono-
Sthat? graphs of Chicago. r a
ni here? -
try to get Here, too, picnies are written
plus dll ete into contracts, as winh John
Lewis' District 50 and alft east- M. a .n r
have been ern manufacturing company.
n't have it The pact specifies that picnicsnt 8 8 RUAre a
shall be planned. by a plant .U
band was committee made up of manate-
hat a local ment and union people. The '
ng under a plant shall be shut down on I was real sorry to hear about old Man Mann- world's
those outing days and the work- tain Dean passing along, because a plaet of May old daya
nd still are ers paid at regular rates. youth went with him and we are always selfish But
about any In this country an employee when sad. him iBfor
Imprisoned for a crime not con- The Man Mountain; sq.a're-haa*ledt Frank alst( s
hazardous. nected with his job is ot auto- Leavttt, meant ra'sln-not steetlift but r and* pt
ht number matically itred, nor are hI ling-to me, beard an all, because heprac
. and just seniority rights wiped out. ly pioneered the business of hokum, w ker and bear.
wing. Can Under 'a CIO Steelworkers' phony groans. Thol1
contract with aMidwestern steel They sai the huge old boy readed .4,783 tower ,h
to list his cor0dration the, convict's case matches, all as false as a ponltician's p* all. Th
uld you do Is discusaeaW by tft.union and full of grunta, burps, gro .and fip ; Itse
t nd the coJpay the coomparr started rsaling in New York the yer I as It was
>t the kind wants to *1 him, the Jailea born, which wasn't yesterday, and coatl ed, If terattr
are strong worWl can file a grielv nce only sporadically, alter hia technicallretirement ed.
ere are no whIih *. evttAllll arbitrated. i 10
a housing The =p0 e usually re-
t..' r hr.h to reemploy- He was th conupeate tr, p. athl
one wu tois. No slave ever was one. uted to gi t
poor local ,I whiskers and tell how he had pyd
ashingfton, h I Aut Mohamml e ttogra
ave onte el hav ed to The Mountain. He had some Ide a
con a~tx v*th a southern man- writer; another form of re and
nd talking uacurer which 'guarantee a at 60 from the Universityof gia's
erm who iS minimum weekly wago for the Journalism. 'I
servicemen life of the pacts, whether the ourn that's
workers put In a full week or He wasn't too bad an actor, during his Holyr moast ra
first-hand not. wood stay, becau e to ber a pdrofuional I i I ew
ut we can Here. under the laws of New you got ot e an actor. He fouled out n polufi foot h,
York State, a woman is eligible when be ran for Conessin eWIRla, i kbut e as
are loyal, for unemployment insurance if a real good profeaiotl football player ir the h oth-
ed for the she quits her job simply because days of Old Jim Thorpe and Charley Brickley. I the 01iai
rom being she is not being paid the same loved the old fraud. rao I
rates as a man on the same As a matter rasslers aljys ftc
3_F. Job. me when I wab'kA beo ise.t wst 4n
always gentlemen. *Jth good brains who "maIn- with oha
us Puzzle Here, under a contract be- talned a Vast cynicism about the way thy earJn- "A
een the CIO Communica. ed their dough. Most athletes don't. I
tions Workers and the Michigan
Bell 'Telephone Co, a man is For an hour a day they sweated an% flopped lawm
id not only when he 1 sick, and screamed and iced, and then ey went I poey
buot al when he is confined out and got drunk together and tallwid -bet- ss t
to his 'home on quarantine be- Proust o fishing. '
cause of the contagious illness Rassling used to be very big in Washri wif
SoneE his family,. Under when I wo a cub, and the wheel spun aSbud.
the Soviet labor laws, the MVD marvelously kind gentleman named Jo Turth i ma
would drag the Wor er to the a oiiare" rasosler froul 2 Wold days. who hbated
plant or a slave camp. Da? himselF for p--emotingt illodrome and wab the "Ipd
Here, members of the Corn-
munist Party. openly dedicated rl "n .- .eio r-
mestie to bhe overthrow of our system
e an govern ent lead at lealstoe

dt atastood cable communications system I
Whes of our waterfront, our secret atom- sfe u
t eI and electronic plants. And o f t o --e, .
ld. eof they are protect byh law;r so WASHINGTON (NEA) It's warming up n.
atuation they enjoy righe equal to those Washid ngton, and if you think matters
el o George Meany. Walter Reuts- nation's aetl are In.afa, (I you are
tori ab.) their and John L. Lewis. and (2) the flavor is blackberry "
i par w. n e Th d e Hon. omner D, Angell. Republican .e.-' l

qurt free a But let Representative Angoe toll it In hiP
Here, according to a surrey words, in a speech that will no:doubt go
b the National Indtrlal history as a worth rvil to the oratenufi

hunting" In the search for very delectable jam for e^e nmom
subverSIves. No Innocent man the opportunity to ample t the g
- ^"^ o the contrary, the Board To make a long story short, he did.

n ...pyolwo up.on investi- u h I... .
m MLAfl apar^^^ to neUTmm^- Re ng g

u u
n eo4n

greatest bore on the subdeet ofat thgoA
1. j .
un parts ,3 W o e
Sr. uukB -
iout 4ai 4 Wr a 4H bi
O ,ift .e "; 4-ta .
bwk t an 1. 1, t li& atiAM^ ld e e
ehohtvuuesas th'lAiWa-u wats



ku ~ m u ...ML ;. .1.-. ., ~


id W^
i ;sktly'l^ '. *"- 5

W ... -. .-.
L .'.' -. 1 y-'-- ,e ,- A.,U -..-. .. .


* I
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- I,



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- 1 -* 7 -- ,

J ( ***

;s: '

"'m Imii i'd-

i 4 Tan to
ihA Uribtedi Cht k

.- -.


ip aI. I.S ..' i



-iAvafla be, weil asy paydets,


^for 25 eydle. I

No where can jou get a

better washer. Installation

free ne~ war's fre ser-
" v'" idu nMnyour termed

,TOR a fam naue in washidg machines
i Ravawlable a :


mdiO ZbAmS0N6..ML


ftab At e3 Walke BulloU taIfa, tued upwaitm
@am^om Mw ouuua y UAWe at the, cmi
low*a --umd weq mwmi 'ws

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yourw A nay be to blame!
Missing the dopndeailly and god leo ok VWth had When
It was new? Lt eour skilled tedknciahs Aml a iIi9Ws tack
on time-ell the time. And ywu'e m o f reftoring is lew.-
box newness by odAing a Jcques Keerier wtMlchndl
ia lime to cdec.wp tiem doeoew# y w ll

TJ4.. w &L t -50
"nol leaVOlNmusllOlNm

ALT It T""
U E s # rd: I P. *STU
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, by Enke Johnen a I,

HOLLYWOOD xords on the Record: that he'd be available for flat"!
Paulette Goddard on her repu- as well as 3-D movies:
station as the world's foremost] "When 2-D calls I'll be there.
collector of diamonds, mink, old Not dimension the money."
masters and other negotiable,
"I've stopped that kind of col-
lecting. I found out that I'p not Jose Ferrer, on nixing mem-
really a collector. Once I collect bership in the 18-month, tax-ex-
something, I don't really know empt overseas club:
what to do with it." "I toyed with the idea. I'm not
allergic to money. I'm Just aller-
Steve Cochran, about movie poverty. Bt "when they
plot' started explain. to me what I
"Tne screen has been making could and cou t do It I wanted
moviegoers mentally lazy. You to take advantAge of the tax ex-
don't have to tell an audience emption, I began to feel like an
xha''s going to happen. sho*" it exile from my own country. For
happening and then tell them no other reason than that I gave
v hat happened. Audiences up the idea."
should be given a chance to use -\..,,--.
their minds." I Joan Caulfleid, after starring
I in. a live TV drama:
Ann Sheridan, after tusslingt "I had so many wardrobe
with Glenn Ford in "Rage In the changes I had to wear three eowr
Jungle*: tumes, one on top of the other,
in one scene. Later people asked
"They warned me he was real- me. 'Joan, haven't you gained a
stir In his clinches with his lot of weight?'
leading ladies. Realistic nothing. ."I'm surprised I didn't lose 501
He's just rough." pounds. I had to run so fast from
Sthe wardrobe room to the stage
Edmond O'Brien. about hisland back that I was panting. I
roller-coastering In "Man in the felt like I had run two miles in
Dark": Olympic record time."
. Ive had it Once s enough. Ray Bradbury, dean of science-'
They ran us around 18 times just fiction writers:
for one scene on that blankety- -I boiled when 'It Came From
blank roller coaster. T kept mv Outer Space' was called a fan-.
nerve up but I couldn't keep my tasy. Science-fiction writing is,
food down." sociological studies of the future,
-things that the writer believes'
Eva Le Galllene, Indicating are going to happen by putting;
stage retirement in her autoblio- two and two together. Fantasy is
granhy. "With a Quiet Heart": dream-world stuff you can't be-
"I cannot tell whether there is lieve has a chance of happen-
any longer a place for me in the ing."
American theater."
Diana Lynn, after working on
Dale Robertson. not worried a- TV with Sid Caesar and Imo-
bout 9cenerv stealing all the gene Coca:
honors in big-screen movies: "I liked Sid because he isn't
"There's always been too much a full-time comedian. He doesn't
emphasis on actors, anyhow." try to get laughs every time he
.-' "- _.... _opens kip mouth; Imnue in
IC THINGS and retiring off-stsgaeW wbt
5, ". lo the came eatchebr she's an
r na Free hteha philoso- entirely different pePi',"
t difeen

ft't eem*1h.fhi as I bopsel.,
belig'.- ( the screen for a'
Us gives ueopla the chance to .
get the Juvenile things I did.
Iof has to be an Interval i
en you grow Intn something I
. I think it wilt happen for |
No metress hit"^ stride un-
de's SO. She ean'f start on un-, TRY THIS NEW
d a*t until then."
|, spiking retlie-
Ppu& .auk e I'II retire is
SIttake me away In a Y lA

b.ean Wynn. electing to re-
at .) M for another year checks peraspira
e'th turn free-lance to the aot_.
t&e ion offers: "
dat't- see any point In de- .witha
a atudio-that's been gold. .h t
mfor It year. There's plen- Soft. Bntle, soot
t time for television." *sia. No harsh i
cause irritation. Wo
t6no atew:rt. new MOM fhbric. Sure proteci
aor doll: Tbe swr,
Mm|t an. unfair wheo they r' e
Mafc 1w *ma HR _'1&4 m m-nd 2 a4

ition odor
sWt wayi

ng to normal
groaentsm s
n't rot or fads


v,.: ,'-.

a-/-,.,. '.-

By Colbi

. .. ,Aim

t* 4'


"They're ratherr out or lookht" at the blood.eurdling .
mystery on Channel Onel"

II I i III-i-B I,- "

f. f Nd 10 8T1O \ r
Gret Wi| FeetSMON6 uaARa Q
Great While Fleel HADaijereaouT -




.. .;

F~cP'; ~~ I1;

* p

-..- li
""" .~ j ,." -" 4", .--,' .,.t -, ". '' ,;' ':


"TIVIVES" ..................................June 26
": H IRIiQu ................................ s nl 2n
"LEON .....................................Ju em a
"CIDAO". ....... .......................... .Juty
"MASULA" ................................. July I

R* Bala aSRdlo grl. ChUlld and GOwl Cay

-. '. '$ ""ive

5 ..................... June 26
S ,"_.......................... ine Bo
.9. U.f .. .................... : ....July 4
S. *'*t, .........................k.. July 7

e FNWAP h V ig "inps tfrom CristelMl to
Woe C c t Ceutral Amerslcn perk

5 5 ll^ S n.ej" .......................... J11 e 3
8.8. "C--.emitB" .,... .......................July 5A

Wekly sallian m Twelva-i.Uger Sh to p(e Tek., New Orleam,
MObWle. Lws anIS. oan reacftee wd Seautl.


. .



'L awWt

~1~:,g ~

' .

o. lassfU

GSUS WELKIN. Plameteer

C MON, L,4ET6poJ

'raBcILA'S' PoP

FKa5 B0BU1 Tb

beau to Prove It


rn0 hinIE,

O' MM00

Wrong Nmber


. ,-.;




| 1

__ Y~~~_ ________I ~_

." #.".:'il

-******* 4~u#v

." "'..

gk ww't*

. **

r< .


t .

-. 4... : I V.

. ~'."i O

-. ..- ....- .-. A


lM;nmn~l i t
Sigm .

aggbwian *

Aladew' '* -

for their

Caller, s ruFaye wraW',
SLe U T Helen MemA
ea b S, Ez HOx riew
lsch, ad getty Crawford.
&. And Fetr. LO.
aSvSe Ve.W. 8. "*t
Mr. and s Chard i
Ancon 'iai thlismr

awl unaler

tis t sain oithe 8L,
a r the United SBaut
where she wll be met .by her
daqgter, Mr,. William Ler-
*. ier e tiF the Canal
Zone, in New York. Mrs. Mc-
Glade plans to make her new
home. JV V Wo, Illinois.
JVan ers iteer

to a n'


ion4 rmuauaa 'r.
Sfor the UrmWP .
r they'd to.-3rs j@
Sthls to make tran

SS.SC ad R

a&r am

all nderr

on Stuly m
wthil be nlted by Mrs. L

"Get-Teether" June L i
The Ladies Auzxilary to Lit-
tenant Frank P. Albrook Put
No.3822, Veterans o
s are- ha a "s L t
Anel M Jnay, une at.
Ytfl Pm. at the Pat h
on C= .nin Road. A .D= ]l

toom f the Hotel
7:00 p.l. The Cas
public h melted.
Pea We*iAieibi

iLL Aneon.
uOest' of the grou
Lieutenant Victor N
profeteional Ilustra
author,' currently on
ty utith la Navy on

? at a

d Arftea at 7:30 .
and their guests an
Invited to attend.

Theum M m W A

R usws the a
V-9^ e m-nIf

r.eatono om

wM- W

Coeeert Ia A.
The concert by the National
Symphony Orchestra of Pana-
mal will bb held on July 10
at thQ 3afforln Theater it
7;j1 *an ^'tDr 1Maql Dim
a ard' Qbar-
penktles 4Bsolot& 4

U. flnluDa u. .
, PM.; Clifford Moore;
,,r A. bingler: 0.
m Norman D. Ola-
I A. Malbe; C. H.
Wa y, P. M.;

MILLET! Says...

nal Zoe dOWi snt raulie what rb h-
Mtl LM .W pepg Until the UIAp liO
Famen UiPpeMwdbad shape.
aly I. Marpe"and il' arrex,
ample. JAst a few years ago they
pwMu- were a happily married young
p wl e couple, obviously In love with
ays, young each other and obviously on the
itor and uphill road toward a successful
active dw- Ur together.
I the CaRal thin began the pulling against
each other.. It waq ebIlos to
their frienbiMS Man ag*ll fita
1 a&Atfe ,yt tear each ot
H wn when th were together
E with their friendO
SBoth to el a little bit
aw orr0 BW 1 talked

a. Members beg to talk a-
Cordially bout al thin she a eded
a sour look e My.time a,
envromy of te n ew hue the
vat U04Dad-U he built r-he

of the
fLf bown an other T*

too a. o lnsdpg
t una tlA-u IMnw they cul tatKthi n-

e by te But he rd tF b
unAM dep0o out. oo-hat hMa

uwea h aB
thlinn= UM taey Are

blecton law has tt More. it could

oVeL the e it no they Could it

Is %mei ator otr

Wa um 4 e-'

': (YtAelephoto)
FAMILY FAREWELL President slaenhower tenter) says
good-bye to bi brqther, D. Mton ElVsWnbor robti at Wash-
ington Airport ho was evling on I Latln-Aflierlan tour as
Like's persOnal representative. cretary of State John Foster
Dulles ,looks on.

Financial Goal In Sight For

Pacific Side 4th Celebration

Contribtions to the Pacific J. F. de la Osa, 1 case Sea-
Side Independened Day celebra- gram's VTO wbW.
ton total *.8. to date accord- Dagmar% No.6 Tivoli Avenue,
Into Chairman Emmett Zemer. 1 flower va.s
A ltte muateffr0! on P of Shaw:a Na H C Avenue, I
those whbtl alo Ju- cut gl ae
ly 4th's celebration will assure a Cas iton, Apida Cen-
completely successful. and grat- trial No. ll 1 teakwood tray, 1
lying event, large call bell.
La Parislem Avenida Central
A variety of valuable prizes No. 113 1 bottle perfume.
donated by many of the mer- Angeiln Lleores, Ayenida Cen-
chants o olaa are on display trial No. 179, bottles special
at the ibo' Commis a r y Canadian bourbon whiskey.
throug1*Yftfsy of the manage- Diers and Ulnrch. Via B. Po-
ment. r N. 45, 6. 1 case S tch whi-
Thea. p ,u together with key, lI. cartons Seven-Up.
three $106 si bo l b Alman Zg Zag, Avenida
give aw 4dF. at the Central No. 44, 3% yards linen
Coa unm s l. ce at ,r lady's dress.)
the Am Legion Cb on Baar ndustan, Ave n d a
July 3. Central No. 119, 1 length Guate-
A mosth Ip tpn g program of malan lady's skirt material.
entertainment has been arrng- wift and Co., 3 cases cheese.
ed for children .. all aee. An Armour and Co., 2 hams.
athletic program embr a ces Clay Products Co., Inc. (on
events that will be under way previous Itt), pottery.
throughout most of the day. Pa- Gemex Watch At tachments
triotic exercises and a massed Union N.J.. 2 Ladies watch
band concert will be held In the bands, 2 Men's watch bands.
afternoon. In tbh eve l an Basar Pakistan. Panama City,
unstal sad beautiful display of de P., I brass flower vase.
fireworks will be held on Sossa odak Panama Ltd, Panama
HIa lThe rogam of J 4ta C de P., 1 Camera (special
activltie-wlll be pabl ith- Brownie.)
a ew days. Nat Mende. Ltda.. Panama Cl-
Jtrib t2ion pre *ous- ty, de P., 1 Pair Flower vases.
ly aekn ow ed, $777.50 Motta's, Panama City, R. de P.,
Contrbu rfe elved 1 Bottle perfume.
fro Juo/10, through iNueT'vtTfla, Panama City, R.
JW l de P., 1 Guatenialan dress mate-
atle Ca i f rlat- 1 Oatemaln snort shirt.
Amerc, C. ]Kum a F Ford '("Scotty") Pana-
The ,ro I. ma City. R. de P., 6 Bottles
Car e et Indian Bodea, Panama
Pan R. aP., 10.00 City. R. de P. 12 Bttl-es a(eial
Loder o. i4, American assorted Wines, brandy, Cham-
Federation of Govern- pane etc.
ment Employs, Ba- Bar Frances, Panama City,
boat C.Z. 10.00 R. de P." $0o00 Miscellaneous
Paul's Market, Paul J. merEhandise.
e. Prop, Panama Harry Ford ("RCOT-
ty R de P. 10,00 TW Pewamq City, R.
iO er8. de P., 6 Bottles Special Scotch
Sanaal R. de P. 'M.00 Whiskey.

a M..

rum. 1 case castle gin. 1 eae
Agewood whiskey, 1 case special
ky 'trike 5 car-IM
to" batons V r
ia. Cy Vie ,i MAW. -, ]


SUSAN lMR se- '"' .. -

+l~oer?^ ^ <" i 1-
.p, IE..- ,.6 t

i **t.''-w,,iStt-lt
~~~~ ArWD~i-ye'i^^*Wi^^^1 ^^^B^B


gp eSa et a-e.InaBallet A Tee
",bing offeed by

Ait-lUoa Y.M.CA.
OR A DflOMAfTION CALL 3-17l1 *

Plate Fa...YouI Wek

,-- .
-* h ..e......

." .
"+; .. J ;r t*' -

', .,.- '" "W""o o"aii'
K i I+ ,,": t

4.-' :-~~lr7. -, ~ ----1- .

Your happy moments
should be remembered!
Weddings, Christenings,
Birthdays, Parties.
We take Colored and sound
films Ih 16 using expert
a nd responsible camera-
man. We also record the
voices of the participants
In the film.
Free Information
25-A Central Avenue
Phone 2-MA9S



1 I
I. '.


-; ;

Denims, Batistes, Chambrays .....
Strawcloth, Reversible Silks .......
Jewel-trimmed Antique Silks ......


No. 21 Central Ave. At Both Stores No. 6 Tivoll Ave.


own iea.,, flay iV ovals wich the best
bheu cheme baked in! Anfully seasoned with
ry ask, pOpp aeed. Tangy, stylish, piquant!
.W Au mC imsAae amSimr wM /M AM A
PROPY okm, ~oof o wW frf ed ~iiiuMiW~pol


-^ I-------~- --- --~~- -- t tU E.~-

S a -,,--- .1- ..
X.WE-- -- .

-. .. -' -.,' -
,; ~: ^* ..
^ -.. ; ., .- .. ;.
e^j .ftfj ,"

Of lw Obm
DEI MODINM, June 26 (UP)
- Ruthle Pontan 26, shapely
owner of the Rpt e'a Lounge,
was arrested for the second time
in two fnpths today for balanc-
in glaes of beer on her bosom.
s former strip teser was
with indecent behavior
running .her lounge In a
MBes manner with
box bWring.
Sgt. Fank Manny ar-
ier in her crowded tav-
ly today and put her in
Sapp d n a tight-
NWt s sweater and slacks be-
for* municipal Judge Don L.
Tidrick about an hour later and
posted $200 bond.
The Judge set a hearing for
July 8.
Miss Fontanlni was arrested
May 2.on charges of putting on
an indecent exhibition behind
the bar and obscuring the view
through the front window with
a box of flowers. The indecency
was dismissed because of lack of
evidence. She was fined $50 on
the flower box charge.


,h .


A a'm ke


Hand-screened prints in a brilliant range
of colors... the perfect scarf for summer days
Stay-put magic with a plastic clip...
removable for easy washing I

_ __ __ __












... I -

atud y

a to



00060t Ortd eciwhms.

.,., a

... .-.. .. .. ....
.- ;'><. *, 1+,,/.'.. i.+ .,

TEN AI "IA iUo -

You Sellem... When You Tell'em tOu P. A. sI
Leave your Ad with one of our Agents or uur offices in No. 8, *"H" Street Panamm
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Col6n ,


.. .' ..s : :.

Lewis Service
No 4 TivOlt Ave.-Phone i,-4. and

Fourth of July Ave.-PhOn 2-0441

FOR SALE:-Beautiful genuine
nese Dragon Rug, in perfect
dition, 8 x 10. a bargain. two
flower por stands, mahogany c
table. mirror top. Pictures
St. No 7. upstairs. Tel. 3-10
FOR SALE:-Pract.callv new di
room set. Consisting of: bea
Chino-closer. extension tab
chair and small side table
od.ontoage of this ODpurtuni
thi, 1 5j0 CO No. 23. 48th
Apt 4
FOR SALE -Baby bed wiih mat
to youth bed;. rod o-phoncg
Comb.,nali.on. automatic wa
roll-away bed. deep-freeze fu
frozen food. gas stove, and
fr.c refrigerator Phone 3-
ofrer 5 P. M or until 10 A
n-r r nrigs.
FOR SALE 2 Brand New C
Rugs Large Loops 9 x 12
Pads Cherry Color $80.00
A'so Used Rugs. 4 months old
12. $7000. 6 x 9 $4000 G
Color. Moduro Apartments No
A El Cangreio. Call 2-2844
12 and 2 to 6
FOR SALE -Kenmoie
ch,ne 60 cycle. $60 00. Oua
207-A. Albrook. Phone 86-7
SELLING OU'T household g
House 1512-A Akee St.
FC' SALE: 3 piece Rattan
Iingroorn *.et. $75.00. Phone
3243. Good condition.
FCR SALE: Complete housi
furnishing diningroom, hi ing
set and misc. 2113-D, Curu
Telephone 83-6285.
FOR SALE:-Bedroom set. heavy
oak dinette set, baby str
kitchen and misc. storage cab
Tel. 3-5069.
FOP SALE: HoUqeIold furn
Phitlppine Rottan iv'lngroo~s
Diningroom set, etc. 7 1I 2-D,
boa after 4:00 p. m. Friday
FOR SALE.-Mohogany bar willt
leather upholstery $65.00; Ch
lounges $25.00, Vanities $2
Wardrobes $45.00. Metal _
S$25.00, Dressers $12 00, D
bad% Icompletel) from $4
Sil flt rom $30.00. Din ng
t $14.00. Chairs $300.
':fe king chairs $5 50. A
i '59.00. Cribs lcomp
$29;00, Sofas. $28.00.
,taobie $3.00. NEW folding
::$25.00. Gas Stoves $55.00,
tric Stoves $25.00 and many
bargains in both new and
furniture. WE REUPHOL
Automobile Row No. 4.
Phone: 3-
Real Estate
q9R SALE:-Home in Santa CZI
rood to beach $5,800 comp
fumished N. E. Hdistate, 25-
until 3:30 p. m. or 25-329

Temperature Hil
75 As Heat Wav
Grips Iceland
REYKJAVIK. Iceland, Ju
(UP) Iftland was in the
of a heat wave today. The
atmure geared to 75 degree
.Cmd'- northernmost vi
ely a few miles aouth of
Arctic Circle.

Salon de Belleza Amerkano
No. 55 West 12th Street

Agenda' Internacional de Publicacidne
No. 3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2-3100

Carltou Drig Stest
10.056 Molid, AV,.--pW? 1* qef
Propagaudi S. A.
OW" street corne t jpito t.
Phonesu -U314 ,a a m t

Automobiles *. a a b o rinking pr e. ? Wifiins.t'. oaraleach cottaM
Wrfte Aleetoelm. aeimoss ei 2 beldrms o, rerqgerator, RI4o a
Chl- FOR SALE:-'52 Singer 6.500 miles 20 r Ances C U Balboa 2-050. cpw
con. good condition, any reasonable of- ----- ---.
a ,ron fer accepted. Call Balboo 4135. DR. WENDEHAKE Medica. Clinic.
enter between 5-8 p. m Central Avenue "K" Slreet. Corners Gromlk Saontao Claru. ;.r91ot.
enter ween telephone 2-3479. Panama tolgs. Electric iceboxes. g stoves.
7th. FOR SALE: '41 White truck 3' :. ra2mdtte rotes. Telephone 6-441
025. tons. The Texas Company IPon- AMERICAN HOUSEWIVES Gomba; 4.567. Pedro MIlueL
ning- oma'. Inc. Tel. 2-''20 We procure best maids because we
utiful EE.... register applicants for identfu.cotion. PHILLIPS Oceanside Cottages. The
SEXCE,.ENT BUY-1948 Studebaker verify references and require health only court in Santa Clara with an
le, 6 Commander, radio, nw ;eat covers. certificate. "C I P SERVICES." 2nd ocanview from all cottages. Steps
Take perfect condition, duty paid. About, floor. ella Vi:ia Theatre. Phone to beach. Rockgas refrlgeiation,
.; ao $900. Call 2-0490. Panama. 3-088 Panama. barbecue and shuffleboard. Panq-
treer SALE3-1877. Margarita 3.1673
FOR SALE -GMC true 1941 2-ron a MIAMI & NEW YORK via AREA Bsk No. 435, Balbea.
S The Texas Company I Panama I Booni engne ples One-
Btress. I .Boieng .-engine planes One-wayI
raess Inc. Tel. 2-0620 1 to Miami $70.00 Round-Trip:
ishr. FORSALE.-1948 Buick Conertible' 126.00. One-way to New York. FOR RENT
uII cf with brand new top. Pce ,795 $114.00 Round-trip $214.00. See
.,ec- Call 3-4385 after 5 p. m. or be- PANAMA DISPATCH SERVICE HOUses
4385 fore 10 a. m telephone 2-1655. ____ ----
M. FOR SALE:- 940 Cherolet. 165. FOR YOUR LOCAL LEAVE IT' FOR RENT: 3 bedroom furn d
duty paid. $5 00 off price each d:.y P A N A M N T E IN N chalet in ell V for July and
cotton until sold. Tel 3-5069 in BequLte the valley of eternal August. Tel. 3-101
WithOR SA-- O o spring prov. of Chiriqul. o*. 3.- FOR RENT:-Nicely furnished halet
h FOR SALE-1949 Ods-robile model 800 ft.. easily reached by daily Cape including electric refrigerator,
each 76. First owner. Excellent condi- flights rom Tocumen to David I H suitable for 2 couples, inqu:re
9 x tion, many extras. 51103.00. hour, meeting service at airport house 56 Via Bellsaio Porpe, top
Screen Telephone Panama 3-4935 busi- n request, else by motorcar on floor.
o. 1- ness hours. highway.
9 to nshrur. higway. change of cie FOR RENT:-3 bedroom CHALET In
S FOR SALE -1947 Fcrd 4 Door Ex- Complnet change of clime asdo or in
S cellent condihon. $650 00. Tel. 2- Ideal point of excursin o l
ma- 4624. First class accommodations formation, please il 2-0850.
orters Fo------ u- -c.- Famous cuisiRE
238 OR SALE -1950 Nash Attractive her-lounge FOR REN
4 door sedan, heater, radio w'.h R, es, 3 meals included from
cods. front and rear spea.r:rs. b-d $8 daily Apartnls ts
layout with mattre:se'. excellent $50 weekly
Peel I.res, in to Dec. con be f nanced Rates without meals in annex from TALNAMn A A Aree FN itl
86- Make an offer. 59-4C, Dob'o $2.50 daily. Two and four room iunWheh asdI
Tel. 2-4362. Anytime Family rate for longer Itays. unfurnished aportmnn5; a[ l n-
.hold FOR SALE:-1946 Harley-Davidon, Wire resorvetio a New Crtlo estbc. TImrd 80 Coltee
room 74. leaving Panama. Call Clayton Hotel Poamoota. BoquOte w rist Tl li Colo
undu. 3246. FOR SALE ATENTIO S. .
FOR SALE.-1946 Cushman scooter, Just built, hot, cold water, one two
,line excellent condition. goar shift, new Mscellaneou three bedroom fumished apartments.
oller, point. $95.00. Albrook 3285. _Msea u- Call Panaomi 3-4941.
'nets. FOR SALE.-1953 Chevrolet. Can be Originl Adolph meat tenderizer RE --Fur d rtm t
seen in Cocoli. House 363. Any available now in local suer-mok- FOR RENT:-Frnsd partmnt,
e e. hour. n ets. Try it once and you will keep bedroom living-dlinlngroom, parch
iture hour. it forever. Adolph original, meat and garage. 43 St. Mexico Ave.
set. tenderizer phone 3- 140.
Bal- W ANTED FOR SALE -New Niona o FOR RENT:-Furnished two bedroom
electric sewing machine $75; Royol apartment. months of July and
h ret MisCellano ous portable 'pewrter 50. malted August only. Located No. 34, 44th
a-se- machine $1. Phone Balboa 2436, Street, aportmet to.
5 00. WANTED.-Manager. private C'ubj evenings. FOR RENt:-Bella Vist. Completely
leks.; on Canal Zone. excellent oppor- FOR SALE-"-Gldtish ropal h t furnished lore tw bedroom L -tl-
ouble unilly for ambitious single man trap cal fishes
500. Salary. room and board a n.ot aquarium supplies love birds ent. Telephone 3-4187, wsoma..
root prtrt Mail oppli.aton to Mcn- AcuorIo Tropical. 55 Vao E.paio. FOR RENT: Furnished apartment
Bu -"aoger Box 823 Balboe. ag, .Tel. "-411. suitable for two rc.i electric
Me.t 'qualitfcation. reference and ad- FOR SALE;--FIREWORKS. Amercon refrigerator. 43r a en.t Nw 13,
,lete dress. Supply Co, 14 "J" St Panama. Bella Vlsla.
bednal -FOR RENT-To responsible Amwcan
Elec- WANTED-Two bedroom unfurnished Help Wanted couple complete new fumrn ed
other apartment in quet neighborhood. one.bdrOom, livingoom, dinette,
used Couple with one child. Telephone North American need Panamanian apartment In Bella Vita. Call Pan-
STER 3-3635 maid with references and health amo 3-0862 from 4 to 8 p. m.
certificate; for care of baby and FOR RENT:-Apartment 3 bedroom,
LIVER WANTED: One or two furnished 'eneal housework, must sleep in. 3 both room. livlng.dinlilrcem,
rooms for elderly lady with cook- Callpone 3-4381. porch, kitchen, maid's mom, weasf
-4911 ing privilege. Phone Balboa 2-i NEEDED cook with references for two ing room, garage, cold end hot
-r- 6318. i persons, good salary. Telephone 3. water, new building. El ron~rp.
4012 Eusebio Moralfs and Via Eita.
WATE-T eamInge 1914 in It af nos Mr. Ca-
two bedroom apartment in Bela TIL1iteLA.I. 1 'fflno Mr "Car.
-- Vista for one i n own by first of _/losA.0A irlias Io .. rl.._
ira on month. For information coil 3- ... ilFOR RENT.-NiCp unfumlhed iad.
PSsol' 4638.__ lIMA i *rn smal l- .WrtinpI tr ClMg
5 /n I Of hDemocraticI Office or Residence. No. 5-0 St.

Zone DA Returns Carolina Senior and P.m.
ts Dist. Atty. Rowland K Hazard IOR RENT
returned to the Isthmus by air WASHINGTON, June 26 (UP)
,e this morning after a brief visit -Sen. Willis Smith. 65-year-old
to Washington and to his home North Carolina Democrat. died FOR ET-k with
I in Rhode Ishand. early today after fighting vainly FOR'.sh .wir
I I to overcome the effect of a 'rch.his. is nover
heart attack. f ecs & the Choie',iband
ne 26 He was pronounced dead at Bolivar. P 1 eta
Sgrip 2 OR 60 CYCLE Bethesda Naval Hospital at 5:20 o
tem- 1 3 Speed Reoord Changers a.m. while his wife and four chil-
es in TROPICAL ELECTRONICS dren stood at his bedside. The
ge, Cause W8s listed as coronary FOR _.C--
1 45th St. Ne. 3 Bella Vista thrombosis. coronary .
Smith. who ran for the Senate Mi
as an. afterthought and won in FOR RENT: "Ifo
1950 suffered a. heart attack small shop. N-, 46,
TuI'L esdarL and Lwo s-l ou- eena str


Get More For Old
Furnishings With
a Want Ad
Toad be smeprimd be. e lksm
m- ekig# whae er -e. haI e **
soa. Ye" m. weeksh em q eki
and Feepp w" a Pm**- Ammrieem
Wat Ad.

Svo'ee boloa, eng, aml,
h*%"V= an


-.- mmy was taen to thne semena str
Naval hospital in "grave" condi- telephone 3-C
tion. .. o -
d Phy s lans said yesterday his FOR RENT: -
"pulse and blood pressure" had Ave.-Tel. 2-2
I Improved andithat he was "man- -.____ -
,ifesting miraculous strength."
But he never recovered. Positic l

US Whiskey Prices WANTED:-Soa
of Christ. Sc
Expected To Go UpG Dr. "s" ,
NEW YORK. June 26 'UP.- Write Boxe
Retail prices of domestic whis-1 "k for -ulb
key are expected to go up an WANTE.D...
average three per cent through- a
out the naUon in the "not too "'n ".Cpp
distant future." .rotary with *
A check of major distillers Apply In d
revealed that most lDan to boost Pnama, s
the retailer's minimum resale i .cra g3.
rice by this amount In New s..a'
York. New Jersey and arts of o
Connecticut. Effective jUly 1. __
The Drevaling opinion ttn hrh.
out the Industry Is thlt the in-
crease will spread rapidly acrat
the nation as other retailers
Dress for higher mark-apE to ELE
offset a narrowing profit mar- i J

E 2

amtk5-ar -wmb

oist for First urad
ientist. Aneon. Wrti
necon. Zone..
Oldsmobile elesean t
75 or cell 26 Colon
rt Pretty.,


I -' -.

AutomoMlm -:

Automobile Row
No. 16



FOR SALE: 1949 Pontiac 4 dooe
Hydramata, new point, new tirm,
duty paid, $1,29%W00.




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',.; .:

-. ""'Y

FOR "SALE:-1951 Chvrdolt coups
eadana, *envsrtlb f*Ith an
without powrlli.e, dlipticed rlg0
cma and pkk e ode '


FOR SALE. -195t C9 rolet ra
omns, e iv~Ae.' w
cowme end pick oN t.


FOR SALE -1951 Chowelet eu=
seons. cnerwlrt 6 kt 4
without delld prl rced ri
co ene pIWK g--


POR SALE: 1946 l C" emnym
bI.w pgtig o

'50 Frome 4 'der Radi., Seat Cg
. r 1w-trw 4MW.OL'"--


.~l~t ISi tdO1YEIY

, Ji U.:wgt to ws H,
no1 r want avT fIt,
t at'tO oms bumhn.
fhA DOUR bhim,
You dm't bave to nm ir onv
S- hft Mll, IIfamu,&

! =. ,,. M.Ot or 1n1v
a2.2ntin Muraet.



1, -


1. '





+, R s*^**ns{i r'-i

,. ,,Sf. ."
"' ''A 'S%'^

GOAqA N-.1.0
I T a.I -r I J .
L j 'r- i .s"on"
iffi *' *"* iiwT" = '. n .... uiviN

..i a,*<, h it. .' ) ,'t k L .:
" B'.'. ; .... .. 1.. ,"0. -:' | W ..... =, +. ,: ^ ? .-!

u m ', -j 1 i i ;:m ^ ,. \ .i ", + ," .r
.^l ~ *. ,, o* I -*,'-' < .n- i .' .
.. .f.u ..



N t -, ,. : '.. ".J. ,^ ;. .

^l '* :^:**''I*-
A i .. :^' "'': : .: '- .* w -?-: '. ""- ;

L M ;. .'. ,.K -..,.,.

,, -. I 4&.,; a[K :,. .'--.
"1 B ,' ': :. ,. ,-:'*,:' ;: : .- ,
-., -i t ,,.. ." I- ,'- .* -'* ;.- .n ',. .. ... *, -' -- ,
SI V.f .. -,C t -.*.' -

,E,: *,'W',W W ,,, .- -'W *..'^.-A
v' f A;'.**\ 1"V-*'i *t~


L~ j~

AKI+, +
k.* +.I '.-
t. r' t;

. .. '.-.

1, .

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5:!:- '

-r, .


% blL
!&**** fI-t^



.-, ..

~- LrS-





& M

W N*.


r~ r




Soo' Dir6tive
,-ri.y ..less
.Smom" 0+ Bo

,i. aa id W IIg su-a d m. W o w. .
F o sse f "ovy brokes' it, o W w. 194M. Kei
Egs gSSgg B to*lt gaT lear I thia u. *-,-*-E8,*, ., bruhMS t hatza
A3 W
Imadag --ob d the CIA apparently w~ s tast t"- l- of view
ad t thee conurrence of l 1U41' i. *a art, h
,I Woe OM..pupsa. head -0. 00 -out of Mj0W titles nave. loot wes
ain i- Force requefor Wlion Irepetely haes m iaoIxm a mr ered removed, fewer l. T. PIan ,
shusd amt ,a t P a p bcon IUV a.s b I 2 N' ." A
w Freal from i Jto pow ya ofeenng( a 0 g* l@
t WtSoet cut, and Pl-hed 120 .Wso bravweld "*Ave aeo Co coU- MO.) de d U oolish and
wto w hoo waDoW "Itll, It ahedular o q u. M I ade the department's
St iok, line and taker." notant." ymington sd. ", .uoM, have charged the refusal t aose a copy of the
e*e u.gge d that it "Y Lv didn't Wilpou do snom e oso.r s- aaui" rOemoal o. aorl tree1 Tile )si road home Is the
inew RU bombers' ak It when he wag pjieedeat r L..em W._ W ~ere smS A the Iat tbe, the Amer- es an s inM_ anythingI
.*.. urn.. ON, s- t a few months d comw .te aosey siso a vl jor fi uaibtes UnWon call- el s. o i a.aliple pian lo
B lowhower at e cr uazme ltm aI lor rfu an to ed O te hBute liens Rela- moa:t ot. and beware
S -tl' pla to -et 'S Motrs, was ondu-ie wrd le Ws Og ,,frm to Mtetlsate of
ipctap balanced bdet l.outo ^i..' Md te Aolf i*a the book It s"Id the order
tOW ensus promptly aeofitue.s pranani4 an indIvls la msa"@ouu affect our rela- When tod e'hand was actu-
"fto tadee i the 6 p a th ProefL ut ir i aornadg especially in the uily South trled to make
.Nub, Oe a mittee about the lM week i. d to on." He Wjt tIe W first trick in
l osiee, e nSldae.AIlisam. too field stalf wla hlat I itsot MartOa lutsro a State De' dumuy with the king of dia-
%e.lOaDrtl f U5en t duos the ri"hlluod-cooled at Utbof w e wo elsntid parttent e ulo atlon conwsl- W and returned, a low heart
'Is gluesl during World War 4 ; Symingeon d. 't ythat 6u t isod ever the hand? No-
!t-aerd CM,; d o W d =em lo, a old jam edneeda hse. What was
sm Liv.rett aUtonstal "or did Wilson tell the c fl thed mployT D g d knw but It waant
t- ar-med services mitta t h on one order thu had to ud their own01 JU-- dia to the a good dea.
(*M.ttOg. told _the nate took duritc the warfr w d have removed ame an# 'ti6utry.
t ha nt roducd" W lanes. onyeight b t instructns-ld mlni- wrote Dulle de- Vest won iMth the king of
n fct ou the i ever built and thereunon th to cover. mandn publication of the hearts, noting the fact that his
e ad the Iwl tire order was cancelled beae t -in the is tan and Adirectives used nla par had' played the nine.
be ped of poor .dorance at ye "the egsn deternilmlatp the boos which West tferefdM returned a heart,
b* e tt next year thanit hUvv cos to the American be whether i are barred Urges the Hrarle and dua'le of the ten
= &Ier." o b__ wl t Ste 8 eat eman lont top*y )a k.P0t switched

.,1AWo ,,. N-*, t@ft 67~ost tA
*yWmIngtayi accused WUson of pro- f LR*neal. wmI jald W Waddngo s uIpBre, time to the
cft ree I and t -6% tteli Now 0oulbrJP 1 was pret-
Sd t hope lets he took

"biT a= "Ao d.ff Of' py a th ( South actually refused the
*.s tand-htMW .om pUtnahe f gt-etsa Itrick, whreopn.aat Aswitched
team, the ca ateAtIN June 26 ( ) a bout "ook pn .e back to heIts.e o matter what
and then ee. t reden senhower .... earthed and reported by cor- declare did the defenders were
youa *n ,o mdcr-. .ew. ow _nolnatlon fi -.e -..-, eAm rl he gM
. ,ine-,' the senatorr .aild J h gologlat Tom Ivan as ii S., -1" SS ,a of tW bdu d b 'ato get at least three
*ad the budget re- etor of the federal Bureau ; h of to .010eal th- hr- s
duc ion a based on financial an s and formally aeknow. cetlrI.p e a nMt the directives Th contra, r s really
onside I"nstead of na- ii ,rdeleat n resalr ol made? Ser plan' V
3M tmed Republi bees- Ma IndeteM made A V merely plane his
.oVMap and Iwhandeble.

t h eii so- ron a t () -- Ihnd to 04. u Mmmy'-
De un i'ed".."it ift U Nbso lainat f
e ee at fthes hacall- e -or orntoff ator en thns o the ub. oene u

Se e~~H rt la e nt. t OW I otr n the tte a n a re our ub, three
dbal"k'dimedsE of pdiamnds, clearer

W tt" Z ,, ,1 '..
on"eul nawit orc of ace ade

toVI-aes ddearn "a' soi On ueen ofo do

S^'A n a l '. l- -. ",d b T i se e n a b lea as h i m
"' .. r West Cast in 'I ds own hand and take
yr^K ~ uu mu-^ ^ siege" alin has called for abrdm1.lsof the clubs. Hene South
t, Herb 406cll 0iinU"d so e &Was In the s ttu am sure win lour clubs, three

ofsa smedm I,1 drids, one spade and one
M eer hmStaS e bllS-l his nuo gue and tIr of wteatern Intat critrs f

id doe the dra

.-Tnee ranwmlal of the Stations of the Cromss, by artist Ruig .
damned by the Vatican u "too modern" to conform with "the
zmskwits, a devout Catholle and leader of Austria's abstract sbodal-
is for the Chapel of the Siltersa of the Holy Cross in Gras, Austria.J

11 eyes on her baby clothes!

I- .

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SKILLS, Qbf t .

IBBf AL'w^^^^^^^^^^





& A_



~~.-~-~-~'~_'~f Ir~q"~rT"ilC~?~""-"~";1"

_~_ ____ ~__ ~I ____ __I_ 1

-. Ilib llll




I r -_- I


.+ ,,,- .,l ., ,o.,'




i ':s


Christine Tells All To Kinsey,

But Nothing At All To Newsmen

CHICAGO, June 26 (UP) -
Dr. Alfred C. Kinsey has receiv-
ed "a t~ report" from Christine
Jorgesen, of the ex-GIs sex
alteration case, Christine con-
firmed today.
The blonde came here after a
visit with Kinsey at Blooming-
ton, Ind', where the famed sex BY I
researcher is a professor at In-
diana University.
Christine said the interview
was given "in the Interests of The C
science," and there was nothing artistic acJ
S "sensational" about it. of a great
Thousands of "other women" tormity. Y
have given Kinsey similar re- ate, discern
ports, Christine said. Thus
The former soldier underwent ordinarily
surgery in Denmnark and now life, the h
dresses as a woman. ability class
Kinsey Wednesday refused to Stylist.
confirm or deny the interview, tree's styli
but newsmen at Bloomington Influenced
were certain Christine was in art of Japa
town when a blonde with a tion, silhoi
strong resemblance refused to magnificer
j uswer questions and eluded of the scene
them. : In con
Christine seemed somewhat lImpression:
annoyed at questions here to- definition
diay. ject or tin
Shy don't you people wake scenes at tl
up to the fact that I'm yegter- in focus wh
day's news?" Christine asked, into a haz
The blonde described Kinsey glimpses of
as a "great scientist, and a but this ti
realist." of day and
"He believes in what he's do- Compa
ing, just as I belive in what I'm could not u
doing," Christine said. another -bei
Christine had some trouble ican in Par
finding a hotel room here Wed- technicolor
nesday night in a city crowded ican in Par
with convention-goers. A worn- Rouge was
an stepped to a registration and a few o
desk and asked for a room, and To see
was told by a weary woman fads, the B
cler. "There might be one avail- dancing cla
able-if you were Christine that world.
Jorgensen." would unde
The next person in line step- of color in
ped up and said: "I'm Christine The au
Jor[e.nsen." ness and -es
The stunned clerk apologized job on Jose
and was able to give Christine even in the
a oom a moment later when Lautrec's.
a cancellation came through. ing an old
Kinsey, whose "Sexual Be- hip flask ac
havior in the Human Male" was studio were
a 1948 best-seller, has been at make-up ol
work on a companion volume spirit of La
about the sexual habits of Toulouw
women. The book is scheduled so in his tin
for fall publication. Victorian Pa
Later Wednesday Kinsey went ed to legend
to Indianapolis and entered the cepted art,
Indiana University Medical Cen- only kind w
t ;r Hospital for a rest and demicians, t
checkup. Officials said he was the salons a
"tired and exhausted" from his such as me
work. would not
Sporary situ
S N SecondDTo see this,
pendent gro
g To Central tion from i
I 'Spi Second' a fine ltho
In pift Second' the first ofm
This re
Split-second action, split-sec-' For the shd
ond drama and splitsecond ex- paintings, d
citement are promised in "Split To those
Second," which comes to the hope that 1
Central Theater on Thursday more mean
well recommended as one of the see it, it is h
season's top suspense films.
Pased on a theme that holds
an intriguing promise and said
to contain some of the season's
most explosive scenes in its
hl h-voltage climax, this new kes
RKO Radio feature co-stars
Stephen McNally. Alexls Smith. I
Jan Sterling. Keith Andes and
Arthur Hunnlcutt. j


Critics Corner


11 U

Central Theater currently presents Moulin Rouge, an
hievement about art, We see here a worthy treatment
painter, acid in personality due to an accidental de-
Yet, through that deformity, he was a man compassion-
ning and'deeply understanding of his fellow men.
equiDped, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec was also. extra-
gifted to express his caustic observation of a part of
uman "Jungle" of Montmartre, a life alien to the no-
into which he was born.
ically, the photography is partly a combination of Lau-
e of painting and impressionism. Lautrec's style was
by Japanese art, which had just become popular. The
anese prints is distinguished by asymmetrical composl-
uettes, and its linear quality. Thus in the wide and
it display of his paintings, we see the similarity of some'
es and his work.
formance with the late 1800s, the camera work is also
istic, ingeniously giving spirit to the film. Briefly, the
of impressionism was to create an impression of a sub-
ne of day (mood). We see this in some of the dance
he Moulin Rouge. The dancers in the foreground were
ille the setting in which they danced gradually melted
y impressionistic out-of-focus background. In a few
A the Seine, the camera again captured Impressionism
me in mood. One felt the impression of a certain time
d atmosphere in the river scene.
relatively speaking, an Individual once remarked he
understand how a technicolor film could be better than
cause color was color. Besides- the picture, An Amer-
is, few movies have been selective photographically in
expression. Whereas the best color scenes in Amer-
ris were to be found in the dance numbers, Moulin
consistently expressed in this media, the dange scenes
others receiving special emphasis.
this picture is to also know the mode of dress, cosmetic
eine and Its excursion boat, the beautiful children of
isses, the barmaids and bars, and the horse races of
Then to see a Manet, Lautrec, Renoir and Degas, one
erstand the artistry of their work. The particular use
Moulin Rouge helps orient us to their p tinting.
thenticity of the picture was subtle, avoiding literal-
stablishing familiarity with its subject. The nmake-Up
Ferrer was excellent. Meticulous attention was given 1
size, shape, kind of glasses that he wore which were 1
The artist's habit of painting perched on a stool wear- 1
white hat and using his hollow cane as a substitute 2
ided another intimate aspect. The furnishings of his 1
e faithfully represented. The scrupulous care in the 1
f the supporting cast and the extras were all in the
utrec. 1
se-Lautrec's paintings are easy to digest today. Not 1
me. Why? Let us project ourselves to the salons of
aris. We would see formal dull-colored pictures limit-
dary or religious subject matter. It was the only ac-
the only kind of paintings permitted in galleries, the
we, the public, were accustomed to know. The Aca-
the strongest art group of the times were in control of
and they rigidly enforced rules limiting subject matter
mentioned above, as the only paintable subjects. We
see pictures of contemporary life, people in contem-
ations, informal poses and activities, fresh glowing
ot even still life studies of contemporary foodstuff!
we would have to go to the little shows of the inde-
oups, the impressionist and post-Improssionists. The
sionlsts was a group just striking out in another direc-
mpresslonism, of which Lautrec was one.
ter incident in the movie reminds us that Lautrec was
grapher as well as an easel painter. His posters were
modern poster art as we now know today.
markable and tragic man died an untimely death.
ort span of his life, he left us a prolific wealth of
rawings and lithographs. o
se who have seen or are going to see Moulin Rouge I
thls background has given the picture a richer and
ingful experience. To those who had not planned to
hoped this article has provoked interest.

Dept. Leftists Resist

Polices Ex-Official


"Solit Second" also carriesad- -' WArtIN UON, J une zo (urP orgaz
diional interest In the person of A ioriper State Department sever
ts inr estor Dick Powello who official charged yesterday that depart
Its director. Dick Powell. who .ilcitlst" bureaucrats in the de- flce o
deserts the appearance side of apartment will "skibfuilv resist" He
entertainment after 25 years ofI payment will o skreslfull resist" Hes
starring on stage. srgen, radio th policies of President Elsen- suspi
and TV, to make his debut as the shower and secretary of State work
men with the me-aphone John Foster Dulles. ment
behind the cameras with this statement was made by Hi
production. The results, from J. Anthony Panuch, now a New year
advance reports definitely es- York attorney, who also sub- about
tablish him as a vital force in the emitted to Congress a 1946 tion
directorial field, memorandum in which he ac- Paz
caused Alger Hiss of exercising a prepay
Action of "Split Second" takes "Svenplali-like influence" over after
place in a desert ghost town. the late Edward R. Stettinlus reorg
where an oddly-assorted group Jr.. then U. S. delegate to the active
of strangers are held prisoners United Nations. his m
by a trio of gunmen after a pris- Panuch praised security and "dead
on break. They Include Alexis foreign policy measures taken In
Smith, the thrill-seeking wife of by Mr. Elsenhower and Dulles. wrote
a society doctor; Jan Sterling, a But he said that "an anonym- bered
night club entertainer who has ous bureaucratic elite" who Sveng
all the answers; Keith Andes, a "have a vested interest in or though
reporter who knows his way a- are prisoners of" the leftists Stetti
round; Arthur Hunnicutt, a des- philosophy, will do its best to becan
ert rat with something up his see they are not carried out. In 194
sleeve; Robert Palge. as Miss Panuch. former deputy assist-
Smith's current boy-friend, and ant secretary of state for ad- Pan
Richard Egan as her doctor hus- ministration, testified before the ization
band. The gunmen are Stephen Senate Internal security corn- ment
McNally, their leader: Paul Kel- miltee which is studying the posed
ly. who was seriously wounded government's loyalty program. sa.d
In the esape, and Frank deKo- In 1945 Panuch was lnstru- ineffe
v, their deaf-mute pal. mental in working out a re- wide I
The pight of the prisoners is
heightened by the fact that the
Most destructive force the world
has ever known marches time at '
their very doorstep.0

JWB Dance Sunday
To Feature Music
From 'Pretty Lady'
A regQtr monthly dance with
r=34 wll be held at the
DBO-JWfAmed Forces Service /
Centit Bboa o Sunday at 7 oW Bette
p.m._ !wa will be furnished by l"
SP "Chic Combo" orches-
A atfa ffat.r. .,im a. e i

nilzation plan that wrapped
al war agencies into the
rtment, including the Of-
of Strategic Services.
testified he was "always
clous" of Hiss when both
ed for the State Depart-
s is now serving a five-
prison sentence for lying
t his activities In connec-
with a Communist spy ring.
inch explained that he
ared the 1948 memorandum
His submitted a plan for
anizing the department's
ales with the U. N. He said
memo killed the Hiss plan
ler than a door nail."
the memorandum, Panuch
that "It should be remem.
that Dr. Hiss exercises
ali-like influence over the
ht processes of Junior
nlus." Stettinius, who later
ie secretary of state, died
uch said his 1946 reorgan-
n plan set up a depart-
loyalty system which im-
with subverslvs. But he
it was made "absolutely
ctlve" by a government-
program the next year.

* '.

Your Community Station

Who 1000000 People Mo

Today. siday, June E2

:l15-The Little Show
3:30-Music for Friday
4:00-Music Without Words
4:15-Cias Loma Time
4:30-What's Your Favorite
(Akencla Steer)
5:20--What's Your Favorite
t's Your Favorite
6:30-Philco Rendezvous
6:45-Lowell Thomas
7:00-Cavalcade of Ame rica
7:30-Report from the United
states (VOA)
8:0 quest Salon
8:4S-Comentary on World
9:00-Story, U.S.A. (VOA
9:30-L4 don Studio CO.certs
10:00--Time for Music (BBC)
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11:00-The Owl's Nest
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Clock Club
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(cotd.) -
7:30-Jaas Salon
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830-L4fe in the Middle Ages
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2:30-Afternoon Melodies
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3:00-American Band Concert
3:15-The Little Show
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3:45-Musical iterlde
4:00-Music for Saturday
4:30-What's Your Favorite
5:35-What's Your FPaorlte
1:00-American VieWpoints
8:30-The Telephone Hour
7:00-Parls Star TW '(TfRD),
7;30-Reponrt tf Unted
States ( 'VOA) .
l:00-Masterworks from France
8:30-Amerian Folk MsMdo
1:45--Commentary on World
:00-Your Hit Parade
1:30-8ongs from the Shows
:00-Armand:e Ba and his
Orchestra -
1:00-The Owf
:00 a.n.-ag -

B .-British Bro&agdehieg
iDP-Raodiffiolon Prieassei







Navy swept theUf
Regatta in 142, it We
time In 2 .tl
western a "

The ..

T 0'rxm
3:N- 14:1S f t 1.
;:3k .a

%AY=..n%.t..A...Iff#.VAW VW & sLa
of the Comanches." Stety .of ten .me *.. girl who fought
through the whole hate-hot aftermathb' a desert maMu
Opens tomWrmw at the DrTvei Theatre.

.-- ---_- t -i i I




^AMihcrthqiy ~bugl~ -Y
a .-

BH tl

I- I a i' .. *. '

-.; *- -, -" ,

'T 0 MORR-OW 1
MIDNIGHT SHOW -11:15 p.n.


Paula wastwo WMH. ..
both wonder -.

.4 e = _','; ,

si"WIH1.nGHT ..


fliu& B*


G4TUN ."
Jl I I




s -,- FEARLESS FAGA.- -4m

r .. .LA R
" Tjs,. ., -si

, .W ,. 3, .1 ,* ,

*fANAMik a
"s, g-.

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t, Imn_. .
._ r -

* -vw'*

M^ .Mr. h 1 ... W -
Bemnj-.Ka^. 4im r f.- r eei;^**


tnd UltMl; brother Luli.

AhtWItbt Funeral

ral wnrtet
acrbed thl
0as u "mu
ne on frm
rt Rfr

Be-w a-

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B& 0 trs Is W ltm

T ~-ate .ftbelere tons
tos~ be tht. of a fegaa..l
at p tZ-foot !^61a

paft g made auch


otf 'n will meet In a' special
toalht at 7:0 In the


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... .-< .-1 ?


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wao cut up

at u-e W.

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I- .s" of em in am. worid.
fom s wMV awr adegmi.c
* N vpbJdsmeume-wp f s choi

:wa,-- ot f .4 ar-of air" cii.

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, .

(NASH AGENCY) o o in
One Block from Tivoli Croanig
r--- -------A

-"--^. jno .47B iq-Hnn o 1 t

hdmkbpsi awi.
av-W PD-. atop bad Was.*
twishow ml nd frrt U

i m#ir -H -WO
* Muh-i -l 'M -OU
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Twe s d aeto ed driw a .snw 18m
aNels AirEi pte t t Ae di'nu pr
Sg.t.omm M.r...f eA 9the m e"b Mage huttir
mewt mew nd euiet e'. eu-dr*b
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"rowg Ne a. New s & Areaf 19 iM

* Neo we da .peads ,llmdle--iIt
th berww -o-AmsC ".luructn
ba bm fadM foa bdy-bolt
Alt SueMnd.VnZ'EBCod<

Phone 2-1790

A w

__ __

ilE~"~T~s~i; ~'t:'



One Mile Class 'C 650 Rac


Postinovich Goes Against ReceipftS

Bendeguz, Grisu, Pavero F .Would P
The Stud Tenaz' Peruvian horse Postinovich g ca f orrcmpeolent
will get a chance to prove whether he is really of EO RK, June 26 While
top flight caliber when he goes against a tough field the ko today's fWs get
which includes four hard-running opponents to- th4lbW lba on the ouff, not a
morrow afternoon in the one mile $650 Class "C" obersy t
feature race at the Juan Franco Race Track. the day he
.r off when toh
The four-year-old chestnut son 4th Race "Native Non-Winners" gawker at hoine
of Postin-Catskinner is the 4'A Furlongsi be- vfg,
choice of the majority of the Purse: $250.00 fPool loses: 2:20 00.
local handicappers and is a sure QUINIELA Televitmb8 re-
bet to go off an overwhelming 1-Candida E. Ortega lO1x faipts doesn't
mutuels choice. 2-Pavera B Moreno 110 compensate for
Owner-trainer Jose Bellone 3-Buddy Bear A. Gomez 108 low in attend-
has such confidence in his horse 4-Spear L. Tuflon 97x lance, so now
that he has entered him for the 5--Tabaco C. Gonzales 96x they're talking
$2,000 added one mile Fourth of 6-Otis R. L. Gil 110 a I o t-machline
July Classic which will be run 7-Sandra O. Chants 105 baseball. Under
one week from tomorrow. Thus. 8-La Mona J. Baeza 110 the plan, you
tomorrow's race has two incen- 9-El Curandero J. Cado. 112 R eker surrender, say
tives for Bellone interests a 1l-Miramar V. Brown 98x Rrer into a con box at-
chance to pick up another purse ta rto r televlaton b et,
and also the opportunity to give i' and-oto ourtelevin set,
their horse another race over 5th Race "E" Native 61-i Fgs. barely athle screen pop 18
the classic distance. Purse: $275.00 Pool closes: 2:55 Balk at feeding .it and you
1-La Enea B. Moreno 115 set' a picture It and ou
Postinovich's main competi- 2-Domino J. Gongora 103x p led ture I sembli
tion is expected to come from 3-Golden Pick Pulldo 118 t ou lady a for
the stretch burning Bendeguz 4-Eloina F. Rose 110 W pd you gladlyop n
and the distance loving Grisu 5-Don Grau J. Bravo 115 room? Thbl wp asked g
Sprinters Pavero, reportedly 6-Manolete K. Flores i10oom? This was asked of
much improved, and Turf Lodge Ne: La E excluded from SLUGGER -Luke aster hearthalde fans and their
complete the entries. Betting. Is gradually Working his rlotdons were mixed. 'The
Belloin ?ulldo will ride Posti- % ay back as the Indiana' ma Otity favor the deA, a few
novich, Ricaurte Guerra has the regular first baseman alter angrily denounce the suggestion.
leg up on (Gisu, veteran Bolivar 6th Race "G" Imported 7 Fs. breaking a bone in his foot *1 think it's an excellent idea
Moreno will guide Turf Lodge Purse: $450.00 Pool closes: 3:35 before the sseaMn had If the price I right," repliet
and Ruben Vasquez will handle First Race of the Double scarcely started. (NEA). one an.
the reins aboard Bendeguz. 1-Goylto Hidalgo 102x 'Tin against it," snorted an-
2--American M. R.L. Gil 106 other. "I've paid enough for my
Also of interest to the fans is 3--Rina Roi 0. Chains 105d enouh or m
tance loving native thorough- --Flora MacA. R. Vas. 115I 'Gavotonan -Ass.ts d

a t race. Eight other races 7th Race "G" Imported 7 Fe. And .s Better ... .mt' i
mplete the program. Purse: $450.0 Pool closes: 4:05 NEW YORK, June 26 (NEA) and beer commercials."
t Race "F" Native 7 Furlongs 1- of t ol Kid Gavilan asserts the best "Ie invested enough in my
Purse: 25.00 Fool Closes: 12:45 2-Cueaa R. V as 110 of the middleweights today Is TV. Before I hang a meter on
SFirst Race of the Double 3-Bedlam J. Bravo Turp t I' move the whole thin
P.P. Horse Jockey Wit. 4-Alabarda J. Rd 116 out for the garbge collector,"
1-Don Pitlh J. Reyes 110 5-Mimo Pulido 113 "I'm positive," the welter And what will you harIt
2-Muineco Hidalgo 107x 6--Balustlo B. Moreno 116 weight champion says. "Punch MenWle, the battle ba-
o-White Eleet C. Ruiz 122 ha, very strong. Bobo Oson teen and the hot-
4-Juan H. Sanchez 116 good boxer, no puncher. Char- rible slum at the black oLfle
5--Dlez de M. R. Guerra 105x 8th Race "I" Imported 7 Pg. ley Humes ordinary. The rest g oI n
.- Proton J. Bravo 118 Purse: 375. 00 Poaol oses: 4:40 forget."
1--Tilin Tilin R. Gomez 113 QUINIELA .e W, "" ""r,1
--- 1-Astoria F. Rose 105 Gavin hopes to get a crack 6as to *bleviat8ln
2--{Pebetero Hidalgo 10 at TurpIA. the Braves lock 'em out.
ad Raee "G" Native 6'. Fgs 3--gHechzo R. guerra 100x "I wouldn't V*Y umybodJI
se: 275 P loseS l5 en I can take hia punch, be- the pk if
Se d t Race of the Double 5-english Mary v. Csti. 110 caueT I have the bet chtn:' mt Lota
.1-.Daiel J. odrl. 110 6--olden T. R. Ycaza 107x he asserts. "Maybe I stopt Mwau
,i-.Bnriqueta R. L. Of 103 """V.I'm better t1 J n Turoln. wtth
ncerlda D. M tn 10x 9th Race "C" Inmorted 1 Mile Im ertnTurpn. W i
-r J. huna 107x Purse: $650.00 Pool closes: 5:15 cu the t
--Opex Hidalgo 105x ONE TWO ,habt a great m ay
1-Pavero R. Cruzat 118 'L burgh's gea l WrI
hnnrd aM. portcosesd 7:g5 3-Postinovich B. Pulido 108 |i(( YO HEARING buch'e a If teel i
SPol closes 1TWO45 4-Tur Lodge B. Moreno 112 t c YOUR HEARING quoted u saying. "IttelAWb.
-lnheritor Iglesias 115 5-Bendeguz R. Vas. 118 Is iadmviduAl ake new customs as
?W e Fleet., C. Ruiz 122 hard, stro claiming, why don't BroaW-

rsanro F. R ea 112 ust as your finger- way productions televise the g
Wild Wire J. Baeza 118 10th Race "D" Imported 7 Fgs. prints differ from shows?
4-Interlude R. Vasques 110 Purse: $800.00 Pool closes: 5:40 "The only way Tou can see a
1- Beduino V. Ortega 116 everyone else, your hearing Broadwy show is to buy a tick.,
S2-ANewbridge K. Flores 110 is individual and personal. So et--ad I cannot concede that
3-Welsh Fox Pulido 120 baseball has, under the oft-
4--Rathlin L. J. Bravo 112 our plan for restored hearing used heading of "the public In-
5--Scotch C. H. Reyes 107x is individual and personal ., terest,' any obligation to give
6-Ventre a Terre A. Ubi. 108 away ,contlnuouly at only
7-Porters Star c. Ruiz 112 to give YOU reatst possible fraction of Itsb e l worth the
hu BsM Sn N -- benefits of new hearing, only thing it has to lU."
r lrJuan Franco Tips TOik aooae etrl h

By CLOCKER m48 lte inw.n
Pl e :448 ctiues in 4 ra.1 more

S1-White Fleet Juan Huincho are 38 minor league. Attend-
2-Sirena Eniqueta ance was down to 26 admo n last
3--Mallin Wild Wire t .
4-Pavers Otls When ais it ot & tsip
5-Don Grau Manolete ".Not untfl -tI'a 2*on uet-
6-Pincelaso Flora MacAdam l g and broadhas ingd e ttot
it lr o J 7--fSalustr Lesle is re e h nalble ang oOopu .
5 9-Gcoc Crise esa nsdd o major league ausut otntgir
1-Bednoe Newbri dge leawnue fans ma woum n .

ay For Sk


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. What does he
dot-machine tel
"It might
"It Is e elvi
sport, at ft

Letter Box

Panama, ..

e ae e Seax ba
sports Editor:

won ftreu the New Yoet ra
eftlt the aMnke sime
le.. RAS PAL NA,

F.. -. ].
.' .


Jane M8 ma June 15.
Tankees haventen 8 bea
S --

COl McDonald drives a siltrhw
Roe 0se ait ndP su8l aIt f-t w
falno aeeway dur 6 t har- n
na"p racing em*oh th.



7 )

F. tff
' 'Wt, B



Ist. 2nd 6th, 7th RACES

3rd and 9th RACES


For the convenience of
our patrons we are no%
opera I ing both at the

-. .. Al


se: $650.00

"C" Importeds

1 Mile

PAVERO ------------- -- Cruzot 118
,RJSU -------------.... Guerra 105x
!IOTINOVICH ...-...... B. Pulido "1i0

FL GE ....... B. Morena 4,12
UZ .---------R---. V6squez 118


............... ,.. .-
- .o .'". .. ^ ... "L .. .'.I /* -,*." -.

10th Race



*. 4.



- a .
li .,L, I

f ; -. .:.

.. ., *, ,T, ; .'b.

D yo wish t.o E t
pby. wkhtoCLeaR: .


S' *" '- -.. .

"" -. -' *,.uaa Jwap~prt^- -.^,^.,

~ ma'14



* '

.:'&":.;~. 4 -


Pool Closes: 5:15 p.m.

.- q~L

*;- '


__ r_~

S .,'.-

; 1,
, ,' : .

- *.: -; ^,, 1,6 3

r ,T
4' -
.' 2,, -i -,, -
. 2" 7 "' '.

- -: ., -

I, : .2


ume am ar
to gd to SLUM
e lmass b-tin

m, l -
B a' t-

T ap -w. wit ai1 draft.

SK e ;77-' 7-a in g :.


i"P! 'IM to
-wl loner


Chh a UP-Richa
** ^ < .. ---^ ------l --

- F

* '~... -

I. -


r w~Y.p.p~.- w
~v A-
4';'- -7~. ~ a 2~
I -~ 2 A'
~ *

-~ 4 Ii
- I

.. a. 4


?P~~- :'-'- '

l ;
*41 ^
^.. ^-




; I

'. -.";

I If

'i White Seox Make It Ni

rIn Row At Yankee a

NEW YORK, June 26 (UP) his fifth victory. SUan
The White Sox by edging the made thrume m tes ,1 St.
Yankees 4-3 wIth a ninth Inning itisNde l o S heMr. '
rally yesterday. made it nine vic-. The Phlse ittbut
tries ih a row at Ya kee Sta- $100,000 bonq rookie,
dium since July IlU 12. Lefty zalnak, at. hor atop
Billy Pierce twirled a five-hitter sparked them Pbet afdM
anA Nellie Fdx Waa the big hit- bat, driving In four runs
ter with a two-run homer and a doubles an da Jnl m. JI t
ninth Ilnnin lgle which touch- tanty costed to J ksS
S(N)the dein run on another in- and Willie Jones also sd
gle by ~O Mlso. hits and Gria Hamner.
Th. White Sex set a record for the Phila while Georg.
by l~y five nfs baseman, kovich-hit a Chicago ho ms.
S.errsl r in beli ordered out was the 11th stright .vi
of the game for arguing with the Phils over the Cuba
1 umpire Chorley erry to set off
.- -i d w a chain resetion that found The Dodgers made five
-N ad1atcher.ermieana Lollar, third by Wayne Belardi, Carl
CRAI baseman Fred Marsh, pitcher Gil Hodges. Duke anidw
EG .(NV___. __ Plaires In the nith, e finally Peeore Reese In their 16-
-1510 1 outfielder Sam Mile at e bag. uniph over Cincinnati, wtV
4 11 1 Pi erde elAtrned to the mound elected a -pair of homers by
SW(3-), to retire th side after his brief y Adams and Jim ree
() i Bint at first, when reliever H r- r a chSr Ro ed. isi
) ry Dorish got into trouble. Yogi ball for his fourth victory ,
)D Berra hit a two-run first inning Pi Fnch-hitter Johnny
homer but the Yankees had n5 tied the score for PittsburghwN
Stars J ly 1 A tuck against Pierce thereafter a three-run homerin th
00 -S OL0 A4 t p t 1a t -UtdIt ie The Yankees now lead the Amer- and the Pirates made twf
1-5) Welk. M 5F2er c P J -- PlaY. a ean League by only nine games. off loser Bob Dubir n in
InlS3 ~7 (-7) and As- Cleveland gained agamne withlon a walk to Johnnyke .
with its 16-hit'15-4 spree against Plus singles by Donny O
the Red x n which Al Rosen and Frank Thomas and a.
As 2, -Ow t The night of July 1 has been and Larry Doby each drove in ble by Dick Cole.
010 On0100130 1mehT et for One Of the top attrac- five runs. Doby hit two homers, Harry Byrd struck out
1001s othe year r bketa double and single and Rosen batters and held Detroit
ele- d-.P d -ball fthe ya tef orlat bsk The homered, doubled and singled. less until the ninth to

9 B Ol at GUAL L. ..A.. to. and Westu tem boaso up 11 scattere( hits. aborat ed on a 10-hit Job to
-01. W .L. Some of the top amateur basket- The Athletics topped the T- the Browns their veSto ry
Pa o rthd7g- 41 28 Attle *.__eb__ __epe n GBlmon was top manlt b.]top bllr in the United Stptee e ers5-2 and Bt. Loula won its Washington.
41 1 Atl AM A antiskethn Iabo u nege, Jim GAmon Wktas n I ay t manhU In Slaae gr the aUnited.atesonw game ntarowhingtf
25 0 aT M STAMNINGI t ohel for Na- on I fourth game In a row, 3-1 from
1 nierl a4 2 1 a touring t known came out of its slump Fox of the White oxs who
37ilr tL a o 4 .oT .. figu re Jv circles e wRh a 12-3 victory at Cincinnati a two-ran homr, thn
3 .. ., bra r o 2f ". 0 to_ .tivites, theUn s the au- that put the Dodgers wit hin two the deMhm run in the
IiS 341 8aron 3 .2 Y. WA to lay thor of Play ames of Milwaukee, which lost after jlg a Chic
WOO ,41 V, P.."4 2 3 alght, o hoonoe andt i:- 'd ofa te ~ als 5-4 to Pittsburgh in 12 Innings win oveS the Ysakees.
Powell 1 .200mp Is .. that diam bSiwlch is- familiar as the Prates swept a three-
T n O (8N'S G. n N t wmb Imfortant to nearly every te a in the game seriS In other National
Ulnr sa (a)l. wnfO gSept oFart U ag* fi or ts as U.S.A. League ame, the Phils moved n
N iralLaSonoHeadingthl of star on into third place with a 13-2 lc-II H "'
at t apt, 8 bBPL a. als o 71 dnothit theamIo rgeYardley. He tary over Chicago and the G iants m T 11
Sr AMr of these was voted the to amateur bas- defeated the Cardinals 9-4. Ds A de
aOsst wo oirPtketbr lM pIn the United boman hit a nLbA-bi
-Tug= & Ig- u sa grand slam homer in the Giant IRiO
fewYrk N4VAL"-TAOk in ia-. YardF y,-ley ThOPIC A
STat Stanford Unersity adas homere mad Ho
lm_ e.he joined the Stewart Chr.t
on the a"A Na-
01kpt t into a past two years e has played
,alkr, c Navalu a Ut.on, with the Los Alamiteos Navy

.44e 1 *, a,, not dvale .Vu. .
-14 sport'quintet.out Of-Vo=..t-of,

o .= n ol s mi-e fo -ann-e aC R SHIPPERS 0 MOVERS
neeniv ffoo ne1--
3.3-15 1d 0 or., they certainty or. who W"
040-- th r otho fro0" 1 fire Power t m N a i
U In, t- Chevroe and C'laem Noe, "who
seores ,W4 named on tIeke
-.---- -a....: ttS =Foundation -AM ;n We accept general cargo to all
FSPr T ,Otn Ionhe points in the Interior
Std312. Ty2 o f Ore6gon. e also
tootoft1 5 as e the National
4 3 2 911 A. Ill-4ARican team this
1 1 4 O" per n on. the team,

4 1 1 2l ey,'ol, o DAVID VOLCAN
3 10 0 2
W.-In .T I

.lNIV A 3O 012. pAnd orders for Lumber on return rip

SiamAll7 4 3 15
backed olsC. 1 4 2 61
ag 0ge=6 Pp over3 1

.l row go, Guaranteed insured service!

(Seeond Game)
GIBRam LT sLIffer.
y has Simons, R 3 6"4 4 1 w .erusu., .
2 .*g i.

r t.'n,,,-,No. 19 Jerusimo de la Osa Street

.i: '4 b o TeL 2-2562 2-2451
from rest PANAMA



S.iaccaren.a a ..

Fechteler Calls

For Contin uous

Naval Building d 2L

(UP) Admiral William M "Let thee a & 6 N L g at. a.u a i : 8 9 Arxa M eolneI
ions, said today there is an ur- .,, 8 4 braham oUneoI s o
gent need for a regular ship TWENTY-EIGETH TEAR. IL-PANAMA. R. P. A E l t. t of
construction program to replace 8 i i r '
some of the vessels which be- I
come obsolete each year. In:
He told the annual conven- .mr If k ilts .o
tion of the Reserve Officers As-keeighs F teful P i ns0 ,
soclation of the United States Iathg
the problem of obsolescence af- R h e e w. the
fects all types of warships but Iold colo woets
Is "particularly serious" in the o r a

With the advent of JetF-pro- r End W Des p R ee
spelled aircraft. Fechteler said, .. ha d
carriers of the Essex and id- WASHINGTO, June 28 (UP), At the end of the confrunes o, bet .. negotiator, flew with Rhte- at m me It.o ode st
way class became obsoleacrt. President Eisenhower today with Rhee Robertson went to fram the Allied trace-camp it Korea perhaps Japa or -.
'The attack carriers of World weighed at least two fatefullPyun's office for a 13-minute MunMasn for a conference in To- nawa. o Ahro .
w h tattc w hcva in our re plans to end the K o r rean war chat. ,e/ith Gen. Mark W. k. 3) Sen. Styles of ew eo
War fle that we hae in our the even If South Korean President As Robertson and Rhee met for i attempts too i owver'nee lHanmphlre m sod ai b
terve fleets are in about the 0, aler % .alk ,anfa
same relative state of usefulness 8yngman Rhee carries out his the first tine, there were several after a talk wth taller, aa
today as the World War I de- threat to fight a truce. developments on the tense Ko- ) resident ElaenhoweL sfg- that the Korean.' "
trayras r in the 1930's," he Administration officials were rean scene: sending another di at one.aof the lt" Sder.
stroyer were n the 1930s, he tight-lipped on details of top se- 1) Lt. Gen. Wlliam K. Harri- tI over the truce t itet 1 S ~eot
said. cret strategy to cope with the" le wd.
Fechteler said It is "prudent" still defiant Korean leader. o
for the United States to replace But there were strong hints of 10 to 150005
a few ships each year rather that American troops would r---
than attempt a large program stay on in Korea a sign that -5) a r l B .h l
of hasty construction during a they might be used to enforce sui"er r omta*-
future emergency. an armistice regardless of what sVi Vofh Oh' of .
Rhe does. Ion t rn ty.t protect met
Former President Harry S U.S. strategists apparently be- aer be alled*
Truman will address the con- lieve that withdrawal of Amer-" : "a u ld
vention tonight and will speak lean and Allied forces. would lead d
on national defense. inevitably to a smashing Corn- Robertso said he owd. lM t
Twmun Iast military victory over agin With Rhee but gSL o A
The reserve officers were told Re's ou-nuqmbered forces.t h ifomation on we d the.
eligible youths fake inability to lives and treasure already in- -'
pass aptitude tests and that vested in the three-year fight a- ....
some draft boards "let them against aggression and leave the on"& a t "
get away with it." Communists pointing a menacing
Dr. Martin Buehler. Dallas. spFurthermore, t would mean
Tex., surgeon-general of the As- that the lIrgest anti-Commu-
sociation, said in a report it was nist force In the Far East U t &,fir;'4$ -v&
"inconceivable" that high school the South Koreans had been a
or college graduates could not sacrificed.ofanot erO
pass tests 'suited in some in- A group of bl-nartisan Ben- Ion th .sue sol (
stances to the Intelligente of a a t o r s who lunched with Mr. I t C <
12-year-old boy." Eisenhower at the White House Tfo N 'm 3 GerB to Cl.a k (left), A
B_.gyesterday said the Chief xeeu- in the. P Vs. I extend T ae inhand to,.1;
tive outlined "two or three al- .eret of t Wat Robtetonam ho had off
Bao ternatives" on how an armistice i ~seA i Rbetso hae m bee assigned the. dof ald en
~BalboaT5,m0ight be obtained and enforced ,n i wOe.1 "'
if Rhee remained adamant de- ceUn with OK President he r gmaf he in Seoul, b e. SVal th
Saturday, June 2 spite t mhe bet American efforts 1\41 to snip I rU m st
i h to dissuade him from fighting on Of -
High3:34 am. al......... : m one. But they would not reveal -
3:4 a.m. ............ 10:21p.m. e senatorss made it lain,
however, that Mr. Eilsenhower is i
Travel concerned over the safe-
i during the current crisis of .
about 350,000 American troops
Korean battlefront. b 'O -. -. f d -a o
i foresee the n usibil ty t h a t
w I t h o ut firm action these
deadl s quceee play r-betweeen p lBB
the Communists and South
It was understood that U.S. ac-
tlon to guarantee the safety ofto i Gant
these troops was carried to the i
Far East by Gen. J. Lawton Col-
lUns, Army chief of staff. The
general will check on the han-
dUling of American troops underBu-
a wide range of circumstances ,h to.
Plans meanwhile were set to a meeting of" 'A-
welcome the arrival here today elly at i
of the vanguard of the 1swis de-
legation to the truce commission.
The. Swiss planned a two-hour
stop-over en route to LTokyo.
Mr. Eisenhower has reeeived a .
report on assistant secretary of Ii w
state Walter F. Robertson's firlt TRIP TO SPECULATION Members of the Sb diI
S talk with South Korean Presl- to Kor a leave WasWington Airport en tout*-to *
dent Syngman Rhee, the White they rvise POW exchange alohg with- other -
The6 '$@ House said. tio10' d ates in the event of a truce. N dl
A0000 act.s White House press secretary 1 diae Ambassador to the U.A. -rik oheman (-
phi ames C. Hagerty would not corn- m of the team are Gen. Syen Gratun ..., sad ... *..
Before her wedding day- say it is "not much more sub- u Igraron
the mast important day in stantral than what Is on the 4 c
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