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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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oclc - 18709335
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9 .-. .


'7 0' 1 ,-A. -
iS '. l '' ". ,. *'

"' "1

' Abraham Lincoin.

I -


- l ..P.

----Wv -

Cansl empli
a te two-
onoJl wnifthi

,A : oL

wwmi level
the year
i eneraltr"


N~J m*Mj Al A -era-clad sa sea of an-
"a b s as Mmb PaIama t IM3 by Eldblr Gisela
tdIU wMilaO- ofU the title. The new MUs Panama,
WL l ml t at El Panama vHoes will go to Long.
oaghoo M sWo1 to vie with boomties "m an over the
eM for the Utitle of Mn untvens.__.

WKids' F her's Day Present

Papa's Proboseas

But Reds Dema ,

26,000 Release

POWs Be Ret.

SEOUL, Korea, June 22 (UP) Gen. Mark W. C
said today he was authorized to sign a Korean sf
whether Syngman Rhee likes it or not, but he expue
hopes the South Korean President will cooperate.
Clark, speaking frankly to newsmen following a 4
hour and 10 minute critical conference with Rhee, I
the success of a truce in Korea "would depend on
amount of cooperation received from the Koreans."
The U.N. supreme commander stated, however, I
the conclusion of the armistice "depends on the C
He said the next meeting with the Communists
be held, after he answers their questions on Rhee':
authorized release of some 26,000 anti-Red North
rean p. isoners.
The Communists have demanded the recaptuv
all of the prisoners as a prelude to the armistice s"
Newsmen asked Clark if he, But he said he betti
would attempt to recover the armistice was very
prisoners and he replied be Rhee arbltrarUl.i
wated to be careful what he lease of
sa on this matter.' Be refer- Nort
red to a wrlttem statement
which -he alrZadv, h.BfEuML


- m

iio led iR to kt a
n* agt, 'but tA
l I bevtSbuula t" Wr much faor
Sis any And oot learned Of

= ,q Iar *- ke the. alligator's
to put It to sleep -
M the movies."
^ tt O' .'. he

he sa at
Ial be I too
Swoundd father said he
brtMI from nurses and
aty 1Nossd woM

A n .-(- 1.
.. ..*. ,.
Pa^Htelfl~lfcU lH_

* *~d..


'- 1n

-; .

LAer the 37-year-old, father
"took care" of rthe lig ea -
Ing ony two frogs, some fiAh
and two turtles for pets and
never mn0d father's day, thank

CZ Court Revokes.
Suspended Term
Of Young Loiterer
Fupenslon of part of a jail
t1rw, r ed in Balboa
,4sxte'S. t Flrday for
Fr BotWtck, a 7-year-old Pan-
a man, .wh as also sentenc-
s9-o ,add11 al jall term for
l "ttering beeath Quarters 833.

.L'.t Novemb Bostek. who
ba,. ofP ftaed the Balboa
Cout$, was found gilty of
lotteMag In Balboa, fined $25
and a S0-day sentence,
suspended upon the condition,
tea he not ketond guilty of a
sl r u fteafge within a year.
. The new conviction resulted
la a 30-gavy J l term. and the
teaagerr wp also ordered tb
setye. IW.dftr of the earlier

Fae cC Address
E~irf i$25 e
f.O0ner fAut&
t ,. se gftCanal Zone
when applyttnr for a
to for his Buick sedan
$ 5 feme 13 Balboa
ps court Friday for
Maynard, a 33-year-
'the charge of fraud In aD-
Sfor a vehils license
Stbe fact that May-
t V aesM t as Quar-
P towhereas he re-
197 at I Ualbre. In the
of Panama.

Totelmon Returns;
CZ- Courts ruwe
,. S .'

C ~
~. ~ -"
I -
.~-* ~A4.*'

a "I eAt, i ts~ts'. ol,- fmas
tldth~eI ti talk mUs
had ms.sme of the tension cape. ieS
betwe Rhi e and the U.N. him this was 4
Foreign Hlarter ynn YTng that an nvestlgaaegmn" .
Tae, however, said in an nlater- veal the report was In
view that Sosoh Korea was Meanwhile in Londoa
"prepared for the worst" and Minister Sir Winston
ready to fight for Korean revealed today that
unity after an armnatiee. sent a strong note of
Clark aaid that olke of the S south Korea expr
subjects he and Rhee discussedd "shock" at Syngman Rh
was the reissuing of Inatuctions lease of prisoners.
to prevent any clashes between He also said In the
,South Korean and other U. N. Commons that "nothing
troops. be further from the
than to allege that the
The U.N. commander said he Nations command c
and Rhse had discussed the the release of North
possibility that Rhee mi h t prisoners of war.
withdraw troops from the U.N. Clark sent a crack U. 3.
command in the event of an borne regiment from
armistice but that Rhee had area yesterday to mago .
promised to Inform him in ad- his .campaign aa
vance. South 'orean revolt
"That time has not come," Paratroopers of the 187th
Clark said. mental combat team-tro
Before Rhee went into con- shooters of ihe bloody
ference with Clark, former prison camp upheaval a y
U.S. ambassador to Japan, go-flew to Sebul.
Robert Murphy, and Eight Ar- As fast as they filed f
my fftiees, he asseanced he their planes, they loaded
would withdraw his army of a gear into a caravan of
haUf-miMlon men if the cur- destination secret.
rent true plan is adopted. Clark ordered the pare
Clark said he did not believe ers to Korea for a "t
the truce agreement would have exercise" at this critical
been signed by now even if The Peiping Radio said
everything lod gone smoothly. (Continued on Page 6, C
l --.

some (AIA Radio 1
mum*" lCs IV. alderm who xmeweed RC

ab- Bome "POW am a e toeWc -b
1. 3a1 4"a n- preia Uanmgto m

4. j
.-r- "

~w .1"'~"

I :;

-.l r

.... -* .. -..^

, (-.
-*' -*

'**l ~~*1



_ ___ __


1 ~_ ~____ ~__ ~ _~_ _



J. '

- -


K .-

'IR~R ~rJ

S' I


, ''. ...


_ ___



== I .s ,m lo a lbor News
8 1 i fAt _At MA N sv ANA. X .
*M> Le, 0 ^.,,e ^ ".. And
4. MASIeMON AvE NEW.YOnK. lyO ) N Y.
ise_._ _AV S1 0I- .. ',.7
aft" A Y; ." 1. me By Vietr lawl
Nl1 M YOUR PetUM THIE IAMIS OWN COLUMN At a thousand mass daemi-
strations scr6as the Commuistt
world these past y Days p-

TH E A IL O X strike up a favorite, deep-throat-
ed hymn of hate.
The Mlil .ax is e open frum for wooden of The P amme Amer* Acrow the densely packed
Il@". L es iryeld greefully and are handled I a wholly # square yOu could heM. th
e mreer.sing: "Baner and bows hate t4;
i a 76u-"6otte a lette, dOn't bh Impatient It It doesn't ppeer the worltrs who a-nd, alsilder ab
Slay.Lltten re published i the order received. shoulder Inevery ld i eh
PNease I 6to t p the leter limited to ** lel .111 the thunder of the tWo n mua-
Idea lf t r witern held In strndit est ce...t .
llThis OfLe0per NrNumes sre1p0nsibility efor ile atlmem asepialeue Well, lthe thunder was heard
pnmed lm ief*bfn frim reason. last week. Not y bankers and
e_ b se. bu t by the ltbrO oft
UNCLIE ZY COULD COUNT lhe "Worker' Paradlat." But that
l. thunder was drowned out by the
?or Sadeyt Sam louder roar of tank and gun fire.
Received yore letter the other and was shore glad to git a' vn as our own government
Word from you. You shore got the rite slant on them there wasigalitly tryW to talk u..
Euditers. I don't think they are so smart, why anybody can count danitefti en wor1 Cat theP
means of beans with a mWhine. Them machines think fer you. 1111 b)poth Padnieh parllan
It dont take no bralna to do that. f a t 6
thy tI Member my Unle y used tosit on the Oof{ e I

counting, then he only missed the hind end, and who cares about 'eo# Md
T atows..._

ahAoo the I did, as you can soon tell when I git to talking' and Jal f Ntd
at I giant understal d Is why thammit top founder tt old M tree S, a

#41tifelt 1n 114s. aILrill al"r. HealmO& s as"m f "WAS
and tell haow imsef though with that hound dog of httn. I had V t dM i t S
oby m einst could slip up on a covey of qua l and never be h lt whl e at m
Se wa a real crpeDer that dog. He wouldna had no lS
gOttlaon and off that boat thout bein seen. Thia slicker dThe 10 per catspeed- p
htti gtguess he don't mount to mU nve we to by tel t
t__ h en of ithe woods a man whow quldn't do a de- 00athea ? IyAr thM
im self t bhis with that thound dog of the day, and no tqite a aGoo eu
a nt Io t' nol i Gotta o up the hill and cutn loe be e t, hfte rtgHee
am WS a retyi creeper tat hoe. othoiday md
n6 bitl l tand off that boat tout bein seen. Thiarr slicker th 10 per eelt dp

e11 !am, see you soon. cause I know ybuwt bej gaI nu,
Qh by feller Gaame fy te otheyrl ndw uf wff 1.c're roit iI

S1lANOTIeER ROUN lem t 114 m \
I wnt through jughead's lttes, 6 afor hint 4f reply s jm"d
st n b las toWer thisat n out W 8en tha ar eaoy r Stil eu1a

a baseball gami In ashington. I presume alu- ^?^nM IsW,^ L^^
Seat hiua presented a fair sample of the profound wl do fat e nmao{n.are ton "
nte load tpl rthed asf tOwnty years. i l l it Tm a
by, Farmer w ray, take It away. i ir
Wi h S a s e O s o o n a u s e r lt re t e ne r a g l ei t n w o r k _If t
m ofn es and electrical plauftb. Th11
------ oy w -lthat old mony r rikfSt 1|td have read offrel l edit- r ai a-.m

baseba Starlit i Washington. I prest ir
e a yougsters be s th up at-the mine
rlaye,7AL anias reenstM Bha e w a truter w
MyMt th4at w INre to

"MIBSb y -- e msan

1P 1

r (lb.) 2 32lcome 31Peruler T
*P e .Auriels m4tur 40 Mitakes "
la i st n 2 at 41 ikfm anble
1eatcards.VAe 21 Biwktt 4 Witked hMI
I ( l' Clothed 20 Cancel 48 Anl usled mMy
A e hrned 0Clanses 31 86d canopies 47 WeIaht of tion"l
1aBhelt., t 1 Yorkghlre cityn"Llly Maid of ldli atlon
mr1 eis 12 1 AHardens Astolit" 41 Rdclt I aregt
embryo mvie 13 Absorptions, M Distt I tltkcr. a haly cefti
r River In 37 Rugged 56 Symol for tine
234 bier vetih wltrerlAnd pinnacle nef faulty

Sle gendwo -
t 17 Cuoiona 0

141 dMalt drink

4 Brazilian
atruetural Init
33 Do emer .t
54 BuOMa uae
a Oes vetls s -


Tanday. Jg 2. 11981
*"wESaw 0.75

Oie w A No e



I i

Wo t4

Mfni ao wan s w

old frends In u IU
STalq p,' Workerm feder-
teU o ZOm 20 raMwyr

nd I n t As re-1
for "dtlP trAllsdbs-

than thodecerd b Hit-
it i eap Me Vast 86-
.acnine from 6 Alpng.

Serkw theft It Roeem of
*roe of sash MWU h$eat-

th t *eih'aPro-.
ieh'ela mu
wtn WAS reftrt-t
.t 4Vtee of Aterlesi ats

Overthrow thr-
S ij n l CzAchoalovakla,
Salrtead been

WiIflater of,
u lt to be dona

itL ea:
it. aue .

h~..' A -

I "

S. A~ ~*~-risi uclrrr

Peter Edson In Wi

iAWWoITON-'(NUA) 3iO O Al Hatai-t
a0SV t AI .. aP.
the of p rat A *
W diftt At

fdads t umb Ue
NOgtl"tng on the project .
"da UIS plu m nto hen t we*rS
fSdeate6, to make sure he r be, wn-a- to
in at the correct momeon to-cateb w ieldler'a
o we from Corp.
Addreed to Any male of draft age. their


UDb-'.MOVD .- -.
jrf -O L. a ,B
"E ito my bivrt- -JiM'the seastor, 'my
OW mm Oso of the chf The wift 0t



An no


Si us -wit 4..U tM .

L 4 MEh WU *i -

'lt* j u-

to mam" a a

I ~

a *'

*V A

* ,-

1 I. -


Selection of 8 lovelypettefe
from SJ10

* pe. pe. pit las

lwr -. ~' a
Ia. I

.. : : -- "
" .t ,*^ ; '.

r .w *,

.: 'f

a I

a*;*"* 'r

amh!t kwoox

The aitt


-~LI-- s "-~~-----~




...-* m*L -!.. B '**[

i ,~~h~


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.... .F.;pr


t leand

-r -- -o

. 9

.- 0..

l jd u
I Alama

t .. .

W-4. Milionriress

.I .; m4J. .:.a. ..,.'a a
, .- ,

t I

. ,. -- ', .'/* .:^
i <* .. '. Ar.. '1

.. .

a the


1 "-iTihb Av-erlean justice.

Sw to mreist nasls. ThI
,of onasm that kil-
an my years of practice, I
Saiisi been so to
these two wonderful

S_ lewYork

P -A

'" '* a W" f ewS" i h


1me ttedat putAkaI6h-I
tha Jaeson may refuse
because of fear of pw tl-
cal enemies who mt be waiting
tsr him. outsidee." He said the
palser "hIs 8ai nothing about
er nus role."
JacSon haa aDent his neson life
In almost complete seeo hon.
Jqja won the confidence of
Tro t ans dle here In the
late 1 s and became compan-
ion and secretary of the elderly
Bolshevik, who was looked uupon
Sthe numberr ne enemy" of
We lft RUasan Premier Joseph




Presi- sittin tla tie pactM JUrtral
/were chapel, hlMsd the uibIX
Ems- But hea went on wlt&4*no-
'team ny.
by in "We hav noti t u b
by be- Ameriea' : jury." We
must demonstrate to hs world
until we ae lo~l amob n ~oa to
,10,000 America."
mah- Mrs. ophi
klyn panled by Mr.
of Morton obe aon-
I four evicted with d
id and sentenced to
i the bodies for the "few
wrried minutes before the
r final The mother the
coffin of her son, You
are so innocent. you
I per- have to take ytt children
fsked away from me
parlor More than 200 Doemen were
on duty at the funeral I r..
89,000 As the family drove u a y frdm
Person marched a
behind them.

me KIIr Of Tritky

"EIgible For Paro

I sohNexI SI x *

i -The killer of Bolshavik leader
mberg, Leon Trotsky 1 years ago will be
leetro- eligible for parole In six months,
Limen- a federal district prison official
lamb. said today.
a. So- Frank Jacson, alias Ja
I the Mornard. who asassasiated Hot-
Ssky In 1940 and was sentenced to
r the yars in prIon "Is officially
eliibe for parole n Decemb
Spm. a will go before the poe
a ean- b rd at that time, seeretar
s rites general of the prison, Jose a-
ant. tah, said.
loes. Jason-Morard earned his
right to parole through "excep-
iered tionally good conduct," Farah
ian of sad. He added It was unlikely
." the parole board would refuse his
were bid for freedom
at he Kller has been a "model
sbees prisoner" and for the pUat sev



tamme ma a s smart. ts true.
U yeu were he.' Te weald be tool
am ea always fld egod bye.
s seeret Is to advertisel

In, Comrade
mid he

& Ar Ir






,, NL- :L._. _*\ L ',.- ,-:'.. *-^ .. *- ii- *, ,.

I^Umt.HkM4MdI aeuM-JMlam



Sturdy watch
with expansion



PY T S e a l 7.

lk .,'" ,0







d or.- *or who

!r goa.tW~ n



Can you distinguish dif..-,
ferent rhythms? Are ]YV.
able to do all the Latin"
American Dances? In-
this book 11 dance are
dicsutasd and it will be
an invaluable aid to those
who are Interested in'
improving their ballroom
dancing. These books are
now available on beth
sides of the Isthmus in.'-
cluding Lewis' store on
Tivoli Ave. and Suramys {
on Front St. Col6n.



4i'A#V P0113 g.~.-.

~ rJr2

by Erskine Johnson
HOLLYWOOD tNEAI Be- queened it for a night with her
.aind the Screen: Jack Palancc's tickets.
change of pace from a Merchant
tof Menace in "Shane" to roman- ALL IN POINT OF VIEW
tUc whirling with Joan Fontaine
and Corinne Cah et in -'Flight to Those glamor shots Katy Jura-
Tanglers" isn't throwing him. do posed for before "High Noon"
- "I'm Just about the same," he will soon be turning up in beer
grinned."When I play romantic ads and the Mexican fireball's
ituff you don't know whether I'm agent is doing a burn.
going to kiss the girl-or kick
her." What will people think?" he
' That was the krv 'o Clark Ga- a.'ked the star
ftes earlv Jlaine and the reasimn "I worry about what my pro-
Producer Nrt Holt cast Jack in rie think." Katy flipped back.
the role- A sadistic type of gi' "It should be tequila instead of
always has trcnemndn t' a pi ', I eer."
oien." Peter Lawford loins the big,
SGQilbert Roland talking abou rade of stars into the night-|
oll heiress in "The Frenrn :Inb spotlight when he corn-
en," eflis it: plates "A Name for Herself."j
1, -p 'Barbara Ruick will appear in his'
"'Tm a man of character 1 act, which Roger Eden is staging.
uldn't love a woman for her
ney. I'd just love her money.' Paramount's Tom Morton isn't
limping for joy over the miles
SHollywood's new dimensions,of added footage given Herb
not being confined to a Shriner In Lester Cowan's "From'
em alsoe or denth. Now It's a Main Street to Broadway." Tomt
-Joel McCrea-with a new,started off as the hero of the-
look Joel. the outdoor hero who piece, and now he's not so sure.
hasn't kissed a dozen leading la-
dies In the last 10 earss. goes on Those rumors about Kathirv
p virtual smooch-feat with Grayson's health won't die
YO-re de Carlo in U-I's 'Borde- down.
1" er Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis
-Prodveer Sam SplcRl laced in- .%on't be lonely in Europe. There
to the Hollywood censors when are 23 people in their er o'"-aBe
they demanded cuts in Patrice to the tune of a $57.000 tanrpor-
Minsel'q cleavage in "Melba." nation bill which the boys are
"Peonle have to understand paying.
that opera singers have bli busts --------
pnd have to show clepvqee when
they wear costumes." Sam told 1 UA
nme. "I won't change anything In
the pic'.urc." mr m....p I

Friends are deeolth con -erned
about Barbara Brition who lost
hler infant son Pter th ehild __
had lived onl Iwo days Barber. i,, .'.'
st another child in birth sev- -
aRl year ago. 'Mrs. North's" dr -
eaglon over the newest tragedy
one of the sadder stories being
1 along television row.
efur desi. per Al T eltel-
b ~tn's definition of a mink
A movie queen's business man-! "'ll call him at the dinner hour
ager. and then I'll be sure to eatah him
-at home." Think again. Nobody
Eddie Fisher is about to record likes to have to leave the dinner
a new ditty titled. "Far From,table for a telephone converaa-1
Home." The composer happens lo tion that may last until the food
be Maurice Chevalier. is cold. A convenient time for a!
S. telephone call isn't just the time'
Mae West is so close to a IthatIs convenient for you.
filmed TV series that the sus-
pease is In everybody con- It also has to be convenient f,

dio and raided her carer r for
years, Is behind the setup. ,
Singer Rogers Ginger Rog-
ers? 4 Mas'joined Peggy Lee.I _a g
Dick Powell and Tony Martin In
a transcribed alternating disc-
jockey show for the Ziv compa-
Here's one titiP Manlvn Mon-
roe missed-Miss Blast Furnace
of 1953. Cass Dalev copped the
title at a luncheon of steel execu-
tives hosted by Henry J. Kaiser. -" .- -
... Jean Arthur nixed Para-
mount's invite to the "8hane"' Some men worship a girl from
premiere. It now can be told. so aofar--and when you see her at
her stand-in, sexy Doris Cole. close ronge. It's no wonder. *se

I *b~
'a t. "

consoles her brother, Ted ain am
being treated after being bitti
father had chopped an eight-foot
Ted picked up the bui

.tuadIt aunt P7 "o

^eadmsnakeht. Wen
Mo end, it bit himan


Greal Whit Fleet


SS.S. "CHIlRIQIr" .............................. .BiI
S.S. "L vor ....... ...... .......... .........
S.S. "CI3AO" .......................... in-
S.S. "MABDLLA" .......................... u

Sandlllng RIflrtllarted C ed andn Gmerall Cars.'


. "CAPE CUM.. .AND" ..... .............. une
S.S. "PARISMINA'" ............... j "
8 S. "VINDEGEN" ..........
S.S. "SAN JOSE .......................

Frienue, freiatL t UsamW fem Crsftekl t
WWIl Cee Central Amr4,ee$ tr.

Passenger Saliinas to New Orleans
via Santa Marta, Colombia.

aall i at


5''.. -- ',.
~ i *4 '~.

I ~I' ~
C' *1~


I~ ~~ .nr
~'! b

1 uu L. W -- ,n-i--- m *
.* *'* .* .

- -* p .. 0 .A

8.S "CHmIQUr ....................... Ja

ekty mlna ea Tweve-.aser Shigs to ew tek, New Owriam
MOiKU. eas AsgeU. bm hreb a."nd I eeUl

S .

I. .


I .
-^*ii ^^ ^P^>L-



S' -, ," -
-. -. ,.. ...
.. ... ., ,,,:,,.o .... i~ wi

Ew0o4 %Ua9.C066f a4


PaisculLA's our

Late Regreti

The Promoter

Sharp Turn
U~yK"\WIff '



SI AL ~k5k1


'. ~,', a.'-

*IiAfW ("oTO



- -.



Ti A Alt
q~ ~c~i~ai, At ni .: i" 9--, Art .
d elts ao i1. 7

, arl godparent. w. ) ".

todned 4111 .
"-si "e n-

and& WasI

-.. -,

lw. rg .yw

EL. as

* [*' .4 ". 4W "

6. Yor. Community Station preseita the following ner ..

s and commentary for your information.
S g- .. .


another .Me
MP bounce to

=a .nre ma Pt




7.0OA.M. Five minutes of headline news

9:00 A.M. Fifteen minutes of headline news

1000 A.M. Five minutes of headline news

11:09 A.M. Five minutes of headline news

- Five minutes of headline news

51 P.M.-

6:45PP.M -


Fifteen minutes of headline news

Five minutes of headline news

Lowell Thomas, commentary

- Fifteen minutes of headline news

.8: P.M. fifteen minutes of
^ .. *

.* '- ^w .F
A," ~
,. -
. '. *-+ f e : :."" .

,-"..-y *.9j-w*
i f1. +'I


Ti 2-3066

. 4

" .


i "

:. ^ "m"
4*- +
1;.^ ^f


For 8ig.q P oaleAtB

V GTOI, Iweae o (UP) was calculated to put
-,_ Wito Nous oe annonaced on the Mikering
that the "present target sembly to agree on aT
o Sr the ermanda con- ..
of President Elsenhow-
er, British Prime Minister Win-
ston Churchill and ithe s m -to- 25 O 60 CYCLE
be-named French premier Is July 3 Speed Ineud
It said Mr. Zisenhower will PIL l
leave here July 7 "with a view 4th St. Ne. I BeT
to beginning meetings with the.
prime minister of Greet Britain
and the premier of France the
following day."
"'The plan naturally Is de- '
pendent upon Its acceptability a
to the French government," the? L 'n, r ,
announcement sial d. "The ,
French ambassador in Wash-
Ington hai been notified accord-
Earlier In the day a White
aii2 t House spokesman told reporters
.' 'no dellniate date" had been
played 1W.'lnse as yet for the conference be-
cause of the French failure to
WE-a.n agree on a new premier. Later,
however, the White House Is-
seed an official statement after
the British government an-
no.nced that the Big Three
meeting woUld be held July 8.
SMr. Eisenhower will fly to Bar
mAida in Ib official plane, the
While the. White House an-
nouncement spoke of July 8 as
a "tIrget date" ror the meeting.,
tIhe British announcement said
IU latly it would start on that NEW T AJ [
An announcement f r 0 m
V In I i 1 gi i miu Churchill's official residence at New Tintair adds luster "
like tosw M @ 04 M. .. No. 10 Downing Street said he richness to natural hair,
wouldud aill aboard the battle- young loveliness to dull
SA. or tip Vangarwd for Bermuda steaked or faded h .Y
June 30. can apply It in a few
I..Ie 6 ,= the The Western Big Three con- No pre bleaching,. no pre
ference, hailed in many quarters shampoolng necessary; just
as the possible forerunner of a brush It on. And Vegetable
ofteBig Four meeting with Russia Catalyst D. TIntair's
Shad been ostponed, apeated reVolutIonay self tming
t becae of the Preh ove ingredientautomat
a uder o hei r rc g r stops coloring actionin 15
andencrisis.o minutes. You can't make a
et announEmen of the mistake with Tintairan
s 'U s"fmlda- conference date whlf President It's so easy to use.
6MS .Ih this g.aVincdnt Aurlol still searched for
4Wm we. 19th government since the war
combt a and represent it at Bermuda.
H HA-bombs o rvey This was the first time a
He definite date had been an-
non.ped,, aXough tentative
r- Acr" on e Jay"wfl hadbeen reached
Wk on76 Is am'de"e a e nen gmi l wie ofhdt a'
46 e Oe ou Want Ad yea gnMst9Sge 6 t a a 1the dy Indica-
Ad te e at rehali nad Mr.W" a Mbs
Mge =i b. "IOwer heOpI strongly that
T IMMt =b. h a m bemdtwat.France would have a represen- FiX B. jA~DIJO, S A.
l'anohed a- seel Some quarters aw a poomdil- 21 Central Ave. .
Ity that the setting 0o me date -

1 ^a"
J^lMtafbylMft^ M^

rr ^f'if' ** .''^'' SSl
til.J^jIfc L S-.i'-.f,..- *i
BKa^^.-*" *Hi



, i-

S'- ,.




You SI'em... When You TIHell
Leave your Ad with one of our Agents or our offle* ina xl
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Lewis Service
No. 4 TLvuli Ave.-Phone 2-2291. and

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Sai. de BoNiu Amuecm
Nb. 56 West 12th 8trtt

Algcia lIterNaiosI dl Pulicd a
No. I Lottery Plaza Phone 2-31"0

W~uI~ 'a '-
V:i ~


FO Wousehold Automob'iles tya *oel *e bbg ___ __ _. c_ _s_
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dlon, 8 x 10. a bar air., two rn Phone Curundu 6276, after duty D. WENDEHAKE. Medical Clinic
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R" s n T*.. A MLi I ^* Sealed bids. for opening in public, Fri ir T -164
'lRussians Tighfw will be r"*< eo unrms.e P. M..fE iO f
(Coni from tg. 1) July 7. 1953. inthe offic f Suptr- K 'N I. "
Coin fro P 1) ... ilterifntt of Storehouses B albob, fr '
S:ect o, s eit the three wester% 4 es Railod Eluipmet. 80 O .
almig, ir a ae-plying to^ A btograjsbhy ci -Briga.d T Ste W.ireR oope. 6- t Cop- -t T"
"If" th e Jbin t-pr ~ J un e is G -r neial .B illy" b'" M o b e pelia r W ire and 3 M ls of Cablt locatedO W Pur, i shdedr c A ero s -m "iYR L"'.t T" "
t t jhWent pr est Unc 18. Ge c tl **Bliy" MiubnU. e tact Section ,Balboo Storehous i ci if desire. Aply o th
1" @ Thsdaenoctcyf' ti o No. 0,ship. be oba ho i orr ri lJth. and
Betrlh workr."s-'hoc At of bru- 1 0' A fted ie At l of Superintendent of Storeous trance Bolivar. T.fpq-2 .3C -
tality that will shock the con- ing, vaa ope of the new botP toelslphe ? 2-19W' "
Pitme of the Wort."- icld de- adaed to the Canal ZEle Lorary FR R in--setie f'fursth- -
, :Ced restoration. oZ OMmuni shVea duaag the wek,, ed room |or ca .kltr.he pr ." '.---
S .p o0,3s betwe-n the Berlin sec- The bTogritly "My broth=, r romtfoa..5 kitcheWi'priv
, Ar t t Bill," a Written -by Rduth Wit q**. t l {,u rP '
: All ast-wealt tratflc in Berlin edatsw.ri nbYs R ient mp e ALF -rnm.i u t.ur .rd, .iii ^. :a

'*^M,,ebno ga, d .or fun o.L' r
S2 public debate mor35 For furth i1
tha tconthued years ago. ," formation call at Navy Expige
tIytheeeangod.enoteclams n Office buildinlg, No. 24, N"I I
h~e~ ze nIbdme:te cl i lhtle~tge ne hks I.eW, ephan $
.dbeen gcrush-gTee iso glp
ed by the Library i low: r' /
A A .i reported tha, a factory .BiWhiograph: .How-to-do-it A 0 r
dlr n set on fire at Nachter- books Kgcry 1.
' *tet southwest of Berlin In Sax- Sc'il Sc~ s; 8git of .b- -b .-
eaiv-4Ahalt. the, Hbnd; iltad.65tes Army
As usmal. the Redit blamed in world war It, U. S. Aty dept.
emy.v" and said measures were Historical Div. H O
.,ing taken to seize them. Scleocea Planets; their origin
Ii ,,and devolpment; Ure9; air- Ye, Comuunity Station
An estimated .00,000 Red ar- an ep erand naut -- Commnity Sttio
lwvt troops held 18,W0,001 re- manac; 1954, U. Nautical
eUlloIus East German-in a 1m.anc of Praseno
unielaxed iron grip. Soviet jails ApPUd* ied a : Manual ot Wboer. 0,09 teplfb Me
bulgied with thousands of new accident prewentlon In construm-
arrests. tion, Associated general coin-
ttractors of America: and Dairy
Soviet tanks aud guns still cattle breeding Gilmore. Today. Monday, 2. s1
tuarded the main streets of EPqt LUtriture: +ha wrter i tbid.. .
Berlin. Mazdeburg. Lelpzi. Malle America Brooks: ad e 3:3-usic for an
and other big cities in East Ger-heds n s3:30e, Dere-usic for onday was

n trv -ht -n- Mmhe asn ahd s n*0-usic Without W ords t o
Dibrova flatly reIected the Al- Biography: S idney Hilan, 4:15-Sgeers on Parade
lied protest. as "lackring any statesman of American labor, 4:0--bBopls Your Adverntu -
fosndat en en heo e laugb b atter (VOA) O T
tBeihe.i Baroyan; The gentmle kingdom oi :l5-BLe RIaBSON aSOr i
S must inform you Ohe co ll; and helie egl Ias SteerW *
tht the measures taken b the daughter on. ht' Tlephour Four
i Otar authorities In the east dren Fiction The behappy b Lowell fund
ector une 17 were absolutely Bem.mans Fast turns, -Elas "Plra
Whecessarv to end the arsonswer an w at Clrk; T e 'm r is aRic; %.Wl tam AW a Yr ila aor
hen the municipals couritted bv pigeon, dley, v1e. Mva M- "(ot ,
vruts=of ,trouble-makers nK,1Cilrkland: A case for Mr. Crook, 6:00-Books Bring Adventure

asked him why he took off a Donald; John and Juan in the 8:00--vinR Salon i
leeprin friend's shoes and tie. Jungle; kanderson; The biggest 8:4-UJU w. Commentary
e sad e dd t beaue the bear, Wardr. W- Tlep Hw. (VOA)
friend looke uncomfortable." Children's Nofiction : The happy 6:4 i-Comentary bynee fo
PoaleB testified Whitte was wea- eaoarn bey: a s tor of Mo ts, :-t of POrPites' s
OU the s Ky.os and had the tie Long; Lets look in the skyA 10:00- t FromWrld at Your Win-
Whitt had an answer tClak; Thes dinfaer is luagic; 7:8Wt tram.Aliioa the 09

wi his pocket when they arrest- Neurath: The real book about eo V
leep him. burie, lets and su jungle; Sandech Sher 11:0biggest 4-Th. Commentary
0lan; The real book about I WO1...10,u_. .:1
i q e etitns: l tlaBin; All about J-
-egps and how they change into Teewrwr Tiatuay, June 8 6:30
S" animals, Belanm The big book
SA of jet planes. Knight: The ral 6:-a On Alarm Clock 6
bgak l l aut a traal;' Goel. ... a.30
-n r beak aboal Bfut-
BATTERIES aio 211. Regli: and The re l 7:05--- Alarm Clock Club
book about cowboys, Gorham. (o:30- itd.) n



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Special made ELECTROLUX

for the Tropics S gS

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SEE yor Dealer



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Me. "-t--64ha Of *t l ot of the.
W aBcan edi.O-la A
ROWt- .14v.-


Itlthe first iine months of
.* .

Many era country U. 8.
.hihways closely follow the
i s of early .uexplorers. Mo-'
n Ihot 'over RoVAe
nearlyy 1" at eb dre t1
the 'fIrst lfth m an to cross
th hirh I f atnd the Ne-
if IMt KO -I

- movies, has
f X rays.
Ifte Alfred
V. Australia,
pnplete for-
? rays on an

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dlfic Coast,
V. the water
. pitted aoy
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rtetal ex-
on of sea

nent los if

a precarious os,.
tr, -" nn"

hi ,:

G$ S Close Mother's
Siamese Twin Show
T0 S 5 .4 1ASCHAr NU Germany,
June 22 (UP I--Government pub-
S Ji 2 (UP) li health officials closed an eO-
A o er clutched hibiton here today of two-year-
her It-l4OWth-Ol baby in her old girl Siamese twins, shown by
arms ada jre their mother for a 85-cent ad-
escape 1isdd~eF *BFtY Audlay minion.
when fire when fire hou ary The authorities took the clill-
-"t ddat even think I Just dren, Lottl and Gitta Knaak-to
grabbed the baby and went out their home in Homnber where
the quiket. w .W' t. 1 Mrs, they obtained a court.order pre
AIna rilaowe. 40, who lost her venting the mother from exhib-
left leg 11 a farm aesident in Iting the twins again.
her attie Russia. The twins are joined at the top
hNL^i? lm ^s4$ftreO of their skulls, The mother ar
draby s onMr- i hisshe was exhibiting them to ob-
c uib a& ran to window tan money for an operation to
without stopping teh titap onf seorate them, i
*r artificial that" The authorities maid the ouv-
n"m? w t l r e that."eroment already had assured.
With the Tdnfiat under one tfudds for the operation.
arm, ,be eN lbe other to
supper) herg&ad' chopped A FRIEND INDEED
down the laddr- one rung
at a time from her second. BRISTOL Conn. Conn.UP P-
floor flat. trolman aenry Malvesi looked
Hir husband,Pio4r, U, usher- over his shoulder as he moved
ed their three children outf along a line of cars he was tat-
the soke-filled w end tene- g f o r overtime uarkln..
meat There behind him strolled Wal-
Ve nIeaadL Mitated mo- ter Hayden, 51, teariR up- Mal-
mentarily f ng the build- vezzl's tickets. Arrested. Havden'
ing before him wife.because the explained the cars were those
first escwe. wa no of the stair- of friends and he didn't want
way type. to see them tagd.
He watched her a lew m. ---
utes as.toe mwae the perilous
descent and than, with the o:d- flwratf r motor short circuit
er children, ran out and waited in the Flsow" fiat.
below the ladder to catch'her fimtenn oethqr persons fled
If abe fell. the fire which caused dam-
Firemen found the plucky age.
housewife standing at the foot -
to quell the blase which appar- I
ently was touched off by tk re- I I
...... -- -- K c *I









PRICES: .....

%a eemi Sudal -1a
he J. ArMr Aitak

3:00 6:05 9:05 p.J
:25- 7:25- 10:Opq

Fm- -m



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annum -
~ bb ~m* mnl mT
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Abo. A M901-0
%SLIhMart* maw, ..


ou 4 8 to choose /fro...
S 8. de/lhiAfulfragrances

S es4 LAwIRBla

I' iv


t It %as early in the i8oo's that
Mr. James Atkinson first delighted
' \ Regency England with a cologne of
exceptional delicacy Atkinsons Gold
Medal E u de Cologne. 150 years later the
discriminating are still discovering the refresh-
ment and distinction of this truly classic
Now there arc 8 Atkinsons Colognes to
choose from- 8 exciting fragrances, each
'with its own special character. Make your
personal choice from Atkinsons they're
fun to choose and fun to use.


7p &iw ^m ^ mu mea"'

Nub mata~udnU$NS-Ol-- ,La




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trtCo. In


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gnag elia

Giant Fans Hoping9 For

-- '- .'Y .: ,. ', r
Jga Iaib'ek ''..;-^ :.'jt, -.:.i.^-M ^....... '. ,_.? ,.*

-0 -

Braves Now Add To Leo's

Pennant Worries Also

NEW YORK, June 22 (UP) Old Giant fans,
who never die or even fade away. kept talking td-
day about a possible "1953 miracle" but this time Leo
Durocher has more than the Dodgers to worry
abhcut, as he found out in Milwaukee.
They're thinking in terms of win. Harry Byrd blanked Chi-
their own miracle up there, even cago 5-0 on seven hits but the
though there are signs the White Sox batters came to life
Braves may be coming back to to win the second game 9-4.
earth after being out of this The Phils protested Cincin-
world for two months. But like nati's second game victory on a
all other so-called team of des- disputed double play situation,
tiny, they are so explosive in the and promptly after Steve O'Neill
late Innings, no lead is safe a- lodged the protest, Gus Bell
against them. drilled a three-run homer to put
The Giants found that out Cincy in front for good. Jim
twice in the four-game series in Konstanty, helped by three dou-
which they were just on the ble plays and an Earl Torgeson
verge of winning all, but had to homer. skinned by on a 10-hit-
settle instead for two victories, ter in the opener. Johnny Wyro-
a defeat, and a. last ditch tie stek also hit a second game
Yesterday, leading 6-2 in the PhilLy homer.
second game after winning the Two doubles by rookie John-
opener 5-0 on rookie Ruben Go- ny O'Brien and one by Dan-
mes' two-hit pitching, It appear- ny O'Connell which drove in
ed that Larry Jansen would win two runs gave Murry Dickson
his eighth game easily. But with all the offensive help he need-
the Braves batting in the eighth ed for his sixth victory at St.
and with the umpires ready to Louis. Stan Muslal hit a St.-
call the game at the finish of Louis homer.
the inning because of darkness. Mickey Mantle, Billy Martin,
they battled uphill to gain a 6-6 and Yogi Berra hit first game
deadlock which left them still homers to provide lefty Whitey
2'1 games in front of the sec- Ford with more than enough
end-place Dodgers. for his eighth victory, but the
Janset yielded a walk to Bill Tigers rebounded savagely with
Bruton and singles to Ed Ma- 11 hits to win the second game,
thews and Sid Gordon for one Walt Dropo leading the way
run and. when Jim Pendleton with four runs driven in on a
walked, Hoyt Wilhelm took over. homer and single. He also hit a
He walked Joe Adcock to force first game homer.
In Mathews and Jack Dittmer Cleveland encountered Frank
washedd a two-run single to tie Shea on one ot his unoeatabled
the score. Al Corwin finally got oays and the right hanaer with
the side out but the Giants Wne chronic arm trouble pitched
then had to settle for a tie a three-nnter, putting only 3
They lost Saturday the same
%ay, blowing a 3-1 lead as the men on base as he gave no
Braves rallied for four runs in walks and faced only 29 men.
the eighth and a 5-3 decision. Three unearned runs, set uP on
The bright spot was the pitch- errors by George Strickland,
Ing of Gomez, who gained his ruined Art Houtteman's starting
third victory in the opener as Al d e b u t for Cleveland as he
Dark took over in left field and brought his hard luck with him
Bobby Hofman hit a homer. from Detroit.
Ed-Dodger Eddie Miksis hit
a 10th Inning homer for a 3-2 Dick Kryhoski's two-run horn-
Cub decision over Brooklyn in er put Holloman over with his
wbseh Bubba Church pitched best effort since his no-hitter
a five-hitter and had trouble against the A's on May 6, even
only with Roy Campanella though Bobo had to have intl&
who touched him for his 19th help from Satch, PF e. Browa
homer, a double and single. gave no walks e only 31
Dee Fondy homered after batters and drove nl1 iun with
Frankle Baumbolt walked for one of two singles 3 Bostonl'
the other Cub rknU. triumph.
Rooktie Fred Bac eh- H Pe.te J La
5-8 over the a o it '
cinnati's loin aa gh belp
games after trCmgam but ica g
opener 5-2. Pit upset the batters went into actib Ahe
Cardinals 5-2 1 other Na- second game, Fr-
tional League game. r, Fal.nt, MI hit-
The Yaqkees went 11 in ting homters. Paia. o e with
games in front in the American two on. Robinson and Ray Mur-
when they defeated Detroit 6-3, ray hit Philadelphia homers.
then lost 10-3. while second
place Cleveland lost 5-1 at YESTERDAY'S STAR -
Washington. Hector B r own Frank Shea of Washington,
pitched Boston to a three-hit who pitched three-hit ball
.-1 victory, then Bobo Hollo- and walked nobody, facing on-
,1nan did even better by pitch- ly 29 batters in a'--1 conquest
g the Browns to a two-hit, 2-01 of Cleveland.

Chyba In No-lHit Runless

Tie Against Bob Weiland
In the battle for first place in That was the Beermen's only
the Rainbow City Major Softball serious threat.
League, Ricardo Chyba of the Harlem threatened twice as
first-place H. Sporters hurl- Atherly bounced a single over
ad hitless bail in an overtime Husted's head at third In the
contest went nine innings be- first, then stole second and
fore being stopped by agreement third 8n two consecutive pitches
.;to allow the Atlantic Side to Nuflez, fourth hitter for
*cricket championship game to Harlem, who fanned two pitches
be played, later. The second Harlem threat
Opposing Chyba all the way came in the fifth as Brown
for the second place Cerveceria opened with a double to left,
Naelonal was their ace Bob "Mr. stole third on the third pitch
Pitcher" Wetland, who allowed to Charles who also fanned aft-
three hits. er trying to squeeze the run in.
The result permitted both
pitchers to continue their string Rhubarb In the Ninth
of runless innings Chyba With tension and pressure
running his total to 30 In four mounting on every pitch, temp-
games, Bob Weiland 22 In three ers flared as umpire Vincent
games. Watson called a close one in the
Wetland started the contest bottom of the ninth. Wally An-
by fanning eight of the first ten derson hit deep to short for the
men to face him. Over the dis- third hit off Weiland to open
tance he struck out a total of the home team's half of the
11 hitters and walked two while ninth. A snap throw from Edgar
Chyba also walked two but Parris, CN catcher, caught An-
fanned only four Cerfecena hit- derson off first.
terms. Immediately after the call,
Both pitchers were tight in Watson was stormed by the
the pinches as Chyba had only Harlem Bpprters who claimed
one runner reaching third the Mitchell covering on the tag
CarilUo in the seventh and had dropped the ball after mak-
Welland havingm to pitch twice ing the tag. Watson's decision
with runners on third Ather- stood. Bovell grounded out to
ley in the first and Brown in second but Atherley walked to
the fifth. keep the Harlem hopes alive.
Carillo, first up in the sev- Nuflez ended the game by fly-
enth. reached first on shortstop ing out to right.
Hall's error. Husted sacrificed Line score:
him to second then he moved C. National 000 000 000-0 0 0
to third as Arlain grounded out H. Sporters 000 000 000-0 3 1
to second. Leslie, clean-up hit- Batteries: C. Nacional: Wel-
ter took three pitches then foul- land and Parris. H. Sporters:
ed out to Richards at third. Chyba and Brown.

Faltering Philip! '
rMAiprs I s Is fill ke Bto arnmuis
Weil-wern sitp md rs e mes
Resns wouldM lee k home li ke new.
P 4 Clamtfleds k thet t richt e!
I i It

Brooklyn at Chicago
PittaWBrgh at 8L Louis (N).
Only games scheduled.
Brooklyn 010 001 000 0.2 5 0
Chicago 200 000 000 1-3 6 0
Milliken (3-2) and Campanel,
la. Church (4-3) and Garagiola.
Pittsburgh 102 001 010-5 12 2
St. Louis 110 000 000-2 9 1
Dickson (6-7) and Atwdll. Mil-
ler (2-3), Chambers, Brazle,
White and D. Rice.
First Game
Phila. 300 0 010-5 8 1
Cincinnati 020 000 000-2 10 0
Konstanty (6-4) and Lopata.
Perkowki (1-6), King, Collum
and Seminick.
Second Game
Phila. 000 001-3 8 1
Cincinnati 0is 010 00x-5 8 0
Ridzik (8-21 and Burgess Bac-
zewki (1-0) and Sefmlnick.
First Game
New York 111 100 100-5 9 0
Milwaukee 000 000 000-0 2 3
Gomez (3-3) and % Westrum.
Antonelli (643), Johnspn, Jolly
rad Cranda
Second GUMs
New York 000 101 40-6 12 1
Milwaukee 200 000 04-6 8 0
Jansen, Withelm. Corwin and
Noble. Supztk Burdette Bick-
ford and CoPer.
(Called aot of 8th account of

Teams W L
New York 46 14
Cleveland 33 24
Chicago 35 28
Boston 35 29
Washington 32 29
Philadelphia 29 34
St. Louis 21 44
Detroit 16 45

Cleveland at Washington
Only games scheduled.
First Game
Detroit 010 000 002-3
New York 201 100 20x-6
Newhouser (0-1), Herbert
Bucha. Ford (8-1) and Berr
Seeopd Game
Detroit 000 030 403-10
New York 100 001 100- 3
Hoeft (5-4), Garver and B
Blackwell. Gorman (2-2), K
va, Scarborough, McDonald
Silyera, Berra.
Cleveland 000 010 000-1
Washington 300 000 llx-5
Houtteman (2-7) and Gins
Shea (6-1I and Grasso.
First Game
St. Louis 001 000 000-1
Boston 001 000 20x-3
Pillette K2-4) and Cour
Brown (6-2) and Wilber.
Second Game
St. Louis 000 200 000-2
Boston 000 000 000-0
Holloman (3-5), Paige
Courtney. Hudson (2-6), Ki:
Freeman and White.
First Game
Chicago 000 000 000-0
Phila. 000 010 13x-5
Dobson (4-5) and Lollar.
(7-7) and Astroth.
Second Game
Chicago 015 200 010-9 1
Phila. 11001 001-4
Keegan (2-2), Aloma and
son. Schelb (2-5), Fano
Martin and Astroth.

Teams W L
Milwaukee 41 6
Brooklyn 53 3I
St. Louis 38 34
Philadejphia 32 24
New YOrkt 30 30
Cincinnati 22 36
Chicago 19 38
Pittsburgh 21 44

owners of thoke
dependable Juvenis W
from*seizrlot. --

&I .. V" C.. t.
rand W. .
trom W.p lBmt r.; b

Cobb's victory over
man elminsted the ladies
Top Fhtw. We th1fro t
serves a lot of ~ait ..

Valai n as n a s 4 di P.
Brutes. I w lr t
ber her golf tnt. -
In tbh h
WhitpyR gi Comon,

s6-truggle in the Ch~iRIp m p
Flight with N. R. Cobb for 6
holes before she gave Sheo,
up. still has plety ofthat
shNellie wtcarredy eed the
struggle in the ChamplonshIp
holes before he s he
- she carried L
holes beore coe the
match. Some. day
these SupernuiO wl i. 3pt
to undertlastlt5he .e
Better luck-Met tiUm
We understand I.
P. M. Trim Jr,. weL ..
Snead-lng"tb ddo W_ -
die and putting tar
substantiatesathe old sayin u
drive for fun sad putt. or
Juvenia watches." "
The remaining castestplt
are. :
Championship Flight
G. H. Pescod vs N. R. obb.
C. M. WeathIers vs W. A. Np-
condotiton Flight
Phil Wttay .v L R. Frtaald.
A Shore Tv D. J. TMo. "
The Club held its ope-la
ness meeting last WedaesV
night at the Club. The fol]ki
officers wert electedd: ...
Howard Tattenburn Pres-
C. M. Westhers- VtesP re.
Margaket .~Wfaiteriam,
tary. k
John Davis Trest r.
Bill Le Brun; N. J. tet
Bill Jamison, fred wb19L Sad
Wilmia Riley New imbaters
to the Boaru of GoverMM. 3e1M
over members to .theb mA a
George Riley. p, ., TUD,
Jr., and Phl Whitney.
A lte rn ate *a g jW 1 m' I'
person. Hbgwrd C"1l4 .
lty Coleha t

4 Aiars could am yupse atv
.game dope. 2-
Arvlgt'. A

-~~~~~~ ~ qg -- ukf C _inr

7.. Jpu s-,-)i ui 1 I


Uinbheaten 7;;a % tini W =4
^%| '.- '* *f~^* V'Sft 'f *
I n~nlaA J Mtona

TTnhe-tjn Ttflif t erii kj*4lU ..W-t

S9o Vadis Whsf 1ss

SAn guzola 'ChtLens'

*- '**Augus
SNaval Station Attempts A

turned d the d

T55k W L ,TctT ke }:, ua off w

11 0 P-4 2l2 .00outof ther lon streak, the oI
10 1 asro 2 2 .00 otherscorer will ave to lend
a. PowelTl 1 3 .250 orng' power. VaU movd
's Gaus (Monday) Noel's 90 point in four games A If* 't
r11 1 al vs Gibraltar represent almoa half If the owMa halr
Unv1 PaSports 3Naval Station total amount o dto n red by mathe n st

att (Game time 7 p.m.) the entire Gibralr lateam s i dak poet Mdet
iraltar Lie 3 ther sirst ou gae Goeibsraltar lM ra th
and The defending champions of as scored 193, them ge held
1952, Naval Station have begun fifth ahead of oa oells in managed t6
theirdrive to a second straight that department. Hence the a head "ft"i
S2 pennant and after two weekof reason why a tem, star-stud- tU rush.
7 0 lay nthe Atlantic Basketball ded with potential.scorers, now The. Imbe~
berg. -a o they are now tied for lies deadlocked with Powells o rtpet'b
first place with Universal Spotts, last place. Vs..-4, Gibrtkar' ts of tht
which team, incidentally, is the contender tnht's pdo
only one that has been able to game, has three ayer rgan
S3 defeat the defending champs sop scoring department And a r'strophy'
8 2 far th year. a team, they rank second Don
tney. Th Naval Station quintet's Naval Station. Hae t
drive to the top of the league Bokinske, 49 and Her *h
has been onte o high-scoring, the maia guns In the r th
They have now accounted for tack. Thi -Navy entry I ta faa and
7 0 239 points in four games, which Gold Coast calls loop is 1 one ofr the
2 0 is-25 better than the runner-up ae behind the at da~ l-
and in 1ai. department, sVP t-placefs, andth too
under, whisk. has scored 214,. .. d for. that spot with FamopM I
bett thar their o with .00 average on the Pai.
tfirseipartns. eaon.
Jer .s paces am. 4t,
,7 0 wt f ,eL Naval Station rules lht
S2 see a i vorites over Powells to
yrd Notap add take so -
dro tO r ln of first place. The deat
aye t Powells now are $.40 per
in gellar along with a t'
9 1 T a p.usover for any 0r
l-~ A lo n g T h e Fconten d rs.,Th W
win-Along th fe W t high-school, tw k dylde V
-nenagzed In, a co

S 1 Ju t minutes 6f pla, i ave
Pek o The S Hill decided in t Jh tu z
SWatch Handiasp Champl bn .I
G3 olf Tourtaament Third rUnd ey were winners or 01- 1-Ts
.593 wasCpetdover t e0weklast
,5p7 and. I g o m
5m malinit 8 c tantf Ua tu


"I _HOlUMU, aI
m -:hat -Mil m

*:r-~ >.~

- '* 5 .Kd.a-1' *s a 4- *tI

l ^ I ^ -**c *f.d' 4'
I,~t ,.*"),
J e9;

Callow dldnV
his tongue.
crews in
Rowing A=Md
on Syracauetr
Lake, but hi
Navy .aro

"'.. i~f_?A~iii~dR

" I

'M. f

* "; 4 .-'

j .' ....,:^BB


*^to ".re wh aSmo


^*rwl~f1% speed afhn


Ion t n
*t SEt *s. 0'

sAsn, ^fs sup

FA an .1

a ~a

9, .^U
'Shet,*3 -
wMms iihe -


N ', M n.

-3. 3 ~

Braves Whiz Kids Of 19.53

Apd Still Play Center F
*4;, ^

r, r '


Calls Rampap

-' B- -o uld Hit .,.

Wedmad yi
.am rm-.
The i Je. n I Pget hotter
softball ataar- have

SS al and tis
The fild ape of the edition Is ping to keep moy-
th.rithe"M m In.".
bl.A1. m ber
al e A 1 YI- rla b /,,te un,
hor teon a tae reLne of a
INIue pa# Cw lIn. %rack n heno-

Pea. anr-e
e14i Ihandpthi

". For P lu
A -h """ema e b1VIS4 *&b"s at23.

U a .I ng.n-,
/,:, 8 I r -s on

,: ,. .
eg On Bach lb uIba
F, Jan

sq 1 ..,.. : ,.', = ,.,,

,ett zed orein anor-

a kI .gOl

ew *uw*uu w oy




madmy between Yoeng OGt-
te "Nl Wdg Mller e m-
ple the rhep .
T awrl mlt =. on It
at La eAre U 1 r
min"o, the OT haw Ar

BRA0DSAW. Neb. (UP) -
Worker sof the *radshaw Grain
tyevator here in the heart of the
gitbi belt were ampllIM When a
Wal OWt, w" mevOi Intoilaebe to
be ruled h'wt ht. When the
doom were open they fonald the
wayward car w1t packed to the
roof with cotton.

(In Ca. a) a 3=
Mar .lan M', ) ;
Ptelfle rfte. Otb tie 0-,
e, dueto May lMIbe
a aeldB ar,*te= d Ase


45t L. N&. 3 sMos tMs
*I-^ ^

thing like a, trip by


14 41

To amazing New York, entertainment capital
and key to world finance. It's a city that
skyscrapers built and you'll have a wonderful time-
just as you'll have a wonderful flight by Braniff.
For El Conquistador, superb DC-6 leeper,
is a perfect compliment to any visit In the
hmiphwre. Braniff takes you to Miami, with
excellent connm tions to New York.
For Information mnd reservation, call your travel
agent or Braniff International Airwayst
Avenida Tvoll 18, Telephone 2-0975
Hotel El Panam&, Telephone Panarmi 3-1660
Ext. 130, or Panam" 3-4726.
Col6n Ticket Office, Telephone 779.

r,,^ .W -- .

'*~A3~ ''S.


prete difbur fWOW
Dm et .RR rstora" tw1o
!ftE'"' **'^W^?? tB fK^hot*




OF AIR P0 6118 m

?f' i V 7 T I ,*.*- *.-4 1q -"
?'" *

* *W.*3.






-- --- --


v "Ea Itc .t burn dreUa IMO ft m mbu the M
r mA imm easn s od M n W n-.
I athe-rnuItber, kplwl bench aUve wt m Mig= 1mE. (r

Smith Arrives Today I

mmer Battle June 28"J

* -96

Ls '


e e

A tcanic

Cage L


1 __

Christie Admits

4 Sex Killin gs, AMA .- l.

Pleads Insanity atl tI

Lawyers defending alleged "Let the p~e llio i. A rut w AtA iCisl -U
sex strangler John R.Christie ,
would plead he wasyguilty TWENTI-IGiH YTEAIL FANAMA, P. MWN 1 JUNE r2, 1953
but Insane.
The announcement was made
by Derek Curtis-B e n ett,

"l- Legisaofors NX More P er"
chief counsel for the bald lit-Lre
of horror" on Notting Hill
d eight female
When the trial opened
Christie pleaded innocent. .
Such X plea is required by
But Curtis-Bennett, famednt C hiefs
n u iral lawyer, said WASHINGTON, June 22 (UP) feet automatically unless vetoed Tl' center of te cotowey The reorganisatlon plan auto- Japan.
9e defense would acknow- -The House Committee on Gov- by an absolute majority of House is a section in the plan thae- atMtally becomes effective June hE
lige reely that CAristie eminent Operations voted today or Senate. would grant the chairman of the 30 unless rejected by an absolute
ked f o ur women, an to knock out key features of jet chief_ of abaffcreaMdau- maj rety of either chamb -
old examine witnesses in President Eisenhower's proposed Some committee members, thority to pick and manage m 18 Houe members or 49 a-
nection with all f o r reorganization of the Defense both Republicans and Demo- 'bordinate working group tor.
S** the "whole Department which would in- crats, had prevously sharply known as the jolnt aff.
The lawyer said te m crease the authority of the criticized the key provision to This staff, now under the con- Mr. Ho9ver's view !f.
world kne that four mur- chairman of the joint chiefs of increase the powers of the trol of the joint chiefs as a tra weight because he the
os Lonu- I a Tha.
de were involved. Lo stff chairman bf the joit chiefs of whole, screens ms por the c Ch worst kiUer ce Jack Members approved 14 to 12 staff. They contended It would chef and does jpadework In ien rt rnar ..
on's w et on trial or and 12 to 11 alternative meas- pave the way for a Prusslan- determnZng military tr 00o, ao. *. t ,
i b ona ck urea to put therest of the rer- style general staff. levels. -
heu life before a on lkedg animation plan into effect but .
rtem at London'sgrim to strike out the controversial r .
Old the court' sections giving more power to
faned No. 1 chamber was echman;
taken. The plan's critics. Ineludinl
At 11 a.m. a bailiff rapped former President Hoover, had
three times with a wooden warned that this extra authori-
mallet on the court's oak- mi ard -
mnalled door and Justice Sir ty
Bona Finnemore-- robed in ltary dictatorship.
black and wearing the long tion is not binding on the House
a wig of Britih legal tra- but will be influential. As a re-
dition--momted the bench serve wean the committee
A clerk allied: "John Reg-voe we r k Pe ees
inald Halliday Christie," and voted to ake up Wednesday, If
tsgy necessary, a resolution to kill the ,,..
the prisoner-- slightlyso r gnaon PZ right.
stand ring Ord nari:y 11 mz Wu
o ordinarily a PresidentIal plan
riwmm --. sptsrh i- shuffled to shake up one of the govern-
shddock. ment agencies is not subject to
eS ina dark blue suit amendment. Under a general re-
and blue shirt, Christie. lean- organization law it koes into ef-
ed forward as the clerk read -
b"You are chred with the y LR e d I
murder of Ethel Christie on
aboutthe 14ith of Octobr Everestda sn
"tiiezbmumbled answer
eculd snot be heard.D Vh fl
Curtis-gennett, rose and
oe to hUistie. When tho KATMANDU Nei esi, ao
clerk repeated, the questionN -(UP)-
the Idendasnt t i. a at tried .t.
nOt ev oe l Sir Lionel tie A e controversy T,
Attorney that 4uch Scn hey r paed Tee stwi heJbuo
redL, Mittleo n chief, said tin or, Noew. Z deaadW dmund
he Ad be Dec. 14 Hllat was the firm tO 'roach
instead of Oqtober and the the summit of 29,002-foot Mt. ., .A
charge was amended. e"
Chitl peered at each me- T ns himn, t told report-
bet of the jury including era at Dulal hat yesterday
three wpmen as they were that he sed foot atop the pre-
sworn. viously-uneonered Himalayan
then he was motioned to sit moun ea oquer w H tepa
down in the dock, where he ahead OfHillary.
slumped with his chin resting But the Sherpa tribesman
dw his chest apparently emphasized that the victory
numbed by his plight did not belong to him alone
but to every member of the
,I A a I s1 successfull British expedition.
"We strove, fought and con-
K 1q uered the peak together,"
Tensinga veteran of several
I HM previous eptionssa
g .n iDulalghat with the main
lidrt of the expedition yester-
ATLANTA, June 22 -(UP)-- A morning. They wer met
Hiram W. Evans, national crowds of newmen who
leader of the Ku lux Klan had driven in jeeps over nmud-
in its prime, said today that dy trails some 30 miles from
the hooded order "is pra-ctia- here to greet them.
ly extinct.... and there's 3It Nepalese Communist in Du-
tie need for -it anyway. lalghat prevented the news-
Bill Hendrix a Taalasee men from going any further
contractor and former up the track to meet the
dragon of the FloridaS mountain-climbing party.
bounced saturday While the communist Party
that klan rep resenta tivs is officially banned in Nepal,
from six state met at olum the pickets openly admitted
bus, Ga., to revive tb- klam they were Reds.
to fight nom-segrega-tis They particularly were in-
Evans, imperial w;ard; of censed at Indian newsmen re-
the klan from 1922 to 19 presenting foreign press asso-
when it was a potent political clations, alleged they had
fo"e, and claimed a member- "acted as agents of the anglo- SOP AND GM NOT NEW "
ship of 8,000,000 at ong time, American Bloc."
N today that such meetigs They claimed also that the th* "driving lessons" at Jacksonville]
were "little abortive thingp." Indian correspondents distort- -a drive to teac_ safety. The _
"IX don't think there's *y ed Nepal's part in the con- ta drive isafety. T "i "
need for the klan anymos." nest of the peak by not men-
he said. "We are pretty wel floning the fact that Tensing
upited And we have a- good Js Nepalese.
P eOne newsman who tried to
When asked if he was invit- break through the communist
ed to attend the meetng read block was roughed up
knew about It was that a
"a Communist program
take over America," and "be U Ii 4 Dies
sadd the 299 k en and If 1
n the meeting vowed to SANTA MONICA, Calif., June
oppose the National Council of 21 (UP) The wife of film star
Churches, "modernist" preach- Fred MacMurray former actress
era, the new Bible, the Anti- ama fashion model Lillian La-
Defamation League and '"th: angst MacMurray, died at St.
National Association for ,otm's Hospital early today, two
Advancement of Colored Pee- diy after their 17th wedding
wlh anniversary.
"ht by every -' ra. MacMurray, 45, who had
means to Irotect our CslntitaU- ben hospitalized for three weeks
tomad rights, even if wo Op'S alte* a series of lengthy ilIneases,
sam.)Ea^uraM' wa athersid

Re^e-ntatUves from OGo^- Ma.eurrt^ iwas at her side
Repnta t wh she died.He had maintain-
Ied a constant vifl at the hospi-
e ond. -eh -.m nimland applest

=3 i-eb#*a s7:U pALIM .. 13 an~d RobWtI.----


: ,L*1



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