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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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."W4 .. '

- Abraham UaLincoln.

, -. ,, ,; ,,


U .

r*z. *

*'~ 1'-
*'I." It

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e-uwrn Runk.

""k o Ih
:-t 3 "<;--are i .* ..** 2 '

Jii4K I.

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' I


. J -."


Leave Bill

Hits Civilans

In Services
- Congressiomal sources said
today that a bill which will re-
vise rules governing the leave
privileges or federal emptoyes is
likely to be sent to the White
House this weekend.
They said that staff members
of the House and Benate Civil
Service committees. were col-
lecting signatures oi a confer-
ence report of the leave bill to-
day. Representatives of the two
committees have agreed on a
final version of the bil.
It is likely to become law ear-
ly next week wben the Presl-
aent signs the legislation. .
A spokesman ror the House
Civil service committee said
that the so-cAlled, "Thomas
Rider" in the bill serves to pro-
hibit overseas employes f the
government from- accumulatng
more than 45 days of accrues
annual leave. But ift n employee
already has built up a back-
log of more than 4 days, te
spokesman said. he wl oD per-
mitted to "eep"the accrued
leaVs. indfethltely
As explained by House Civil
Sevlce committee exerts, the
Thomu provins work t
in tis fab isip
1As9, 1. 0 v-
mAtted to buil up I backlog of
aeeda leve t CXCS at46

. p.

. J

-- 0 -

E senhower,

Supreme Court,

Deny Last

WASHINGTON, June 19 (UP) President I
shower this afternoon refused clemency for doomed
spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg.
The Rosenbergs can now be executed in the
Sing electric chair at any time. US Marshal William
Carroll has indicated the execution will be carried
11 p.m. tonight. I
The Supreme Court earlier today cancelled the sti
of execution which was granted the atem spies by'
tice William 0. Douglas Wednesday. .
The Supreme Court, almost immediately after
ceiling -the stay Douglas had granted the Rose
1) Denied a application for a new stay of exJ
so President Eisenhower could have more time to
executive clemency;
2) Denied a motion by attorney Fike Fermer i ti
consider its authority to cirel the stay granw t:
Douglas. ..

HOMYF A-MEi liggist b Davenport. lows,
m uv-loed to a e bee who landed there
Sr ovez~t ly, toe 'tok one loqk, kept his
ad l an p o sed thebees to- mor bee-.

C2R$MF^ty ,Clrd4 'steem
'' I4_ .

.. .=.

m efto tr'. -
ots td dout thit It A B
d $oek-ew3job Mik-
e e6 UEteSAM elrG
n ti se ei

planow n s id. I
ike a ip o fthe.
able p a room
lof the pl&R axe being
diV ant. atjresI v

AM. Qdbs
-'.* .1p &



F ,

39, % i 4 "' .;;-'m *^

* ~ .

*4b aorb than
A45 of leave as of
last January 1, he will be per-
mitted -t maintain that backlog
l ong .as he wisms. However
h day of accrued time thai
he uses up wll be substracted
from his authorized backlog un-
ti he is brought down to the
da ceillng. Although no
time ai specified for bring-
nlg government employee with-
in the 45-day limt, admnistrA-
tive officers are directed to ac-
compl this obectve as ex-
peditlouly as possible.
If their, acrued leave exceed-
ed da asb of January 1,gov-
era metm emIp ye are author-
Iled t ng esir leave back-
log n to the new ceiling
either by using up the "extra"
leave or accepting cash pay-
ment In lieu of leave.

Wiu Hew Capiuin
The Liberian ship Arlana
*hleh illegally slipped out of
Balboa harbor last April. arrived
hen late last night with a new
master aboard.
TheV L.S.C Japihal, John Kin-
cald and vadpS MaYhal peter
redu bn teh 70-ton
ship early this morning and re-
celvedthe information that its
former master Capt. Nile L. Han-
sen left the ship in Costa Rica on
May 17. C. J. Skaglin Is
now in hoerg.
HaEp qtsuiaster of the ves-
sel whek it mide its unauthor-
Ized departure from Balboa April
22 fer Puoarena, Costa R1e .
AltheO the District Attorney'S
offift eetorday declined to ms
what. *bt might be pre
ag pat anO, if he returned
BetIg l circles felt he might
So 0f"ln embec lement or oth-
er n ws a a Canal Zone court.
The a Is expected to
tan At thean toy, and may
ppildbl le up at Critebal for
SIt j odb. Agents Payne
aIdVaw couM not coninn thi
od however. 1
S E dp i under cha ter
me Three Bays Corporatlaon
dusa, Bahamas.
PrOe. Longmore
Colls Meeting
Of US Citizens
. A meeting of the United ta-
to Citizen. Assocation Canal
Sne will be held Monday at
TM pxa. in the DlMaW Clb-
hAcsbers will heaf reports
!M 602m Margart Reonne
hw amwsent to WeMka_
them -la t ".
Z aertrWdaln the to e
t and from f,
1 sg6 ore, new ura -

Wk Oi V he s. A

.. ': ..- *.-; .,,
k.- ,. ." ..i-?-.-- _.* -'. _. ." *.,

* am. -To r a w-zu w- T. IM mW5uqMINA.l w Bwa -
They et yesterday-ther 14th when tb e wti. be.
wedding anniversary-for three About 800 Rbesberu b
hours in the woman's wing of tht ers were *parag ng -
d$th row where Ethel Rosen- the White House, when tbM
rir is the only occupant. They preme Court announced Its
we separated by a heavy wire slon. a I
mesh screen m pd tqo guards None of the pickets would
stood at'teir elbows. ment when advisedby
T a before they met of the uprpme Cou
the down ah offer of The*y continued their slow
hey anted. for break- Ina in front of the White
fast. ,.lkisead the reg- without any special dem,
ular ce, tion.
o toast, m A A s the justices w ere ab og
P ttbn wi.e s retire after announcing teir
ts seemed confidenft t cison in open
cogole would go to the chair to- counsel Emanuel Bloch rane,
night, asked for another stay of ez
Carronll whoin Is assimed4 ton aml tin in that h dA hl ul ay

out the execution for the govern- to see that the Rosenbergs'
ment; said the executions would for execulve clemency is prsegA
go ahead tonight if the Bupreme ed to Presdent Elsenhower. ,
Court action permitted. In making his b lea. Bloch al
Carroll came to this famed pril- he understands that "the exe
on on the banks of the H in tdon of the Rosenbergs in t
River yesterday, apparently con- light of the court's declaion
fident then that the executions will take place at 11 o'clock
would go off as scheduled at 11 night."
p.m. yesterday. But the Supreme hade
Court halted them. He sa dhe had been so hI-
formed by the warden of Slu
Carrol conferred this morning ng prison.
with slB asine rd Wifro Justice Department attorney"
Denno on what Hmt e nMMe O said no definite time had be,
ton' would take tlace. ot yet. .
Meanwhle. prison xuatds o .. woc S th a
Sa bak r7lade before the park- pdltrences of t
f'ta' immediately in trol court ad b se ens
of the prison gates. ions peopl itoeughout M
An4 city Doliee were prepared world are deeply disturbed-
to bkt elf B Hunter treat. tthe bout cae, the
ely aeeso road to the rin. if should have sufficient time
any de*inatratq aempthlzers ponder th e of the Rof
do the seenberga cme there, oberi
'The eoutt =app tjv reached
Its deciras W.thuie DnMIOR II n
Justice R"*no Beck d bsented. ..
Justct IlHx rwnlkfurter wadntpa MAsi- WLj
nre time to Wblak It over. AU VI
nit. Jusoetm~re present. a

cort aeo r veed a extraordl-

Ae in aspecda sePsion yp from New York aboard the
-at the atlernment's *- ama liner Cristobal for a t er
enmt re st to aWsder Done-lu WIlt to the Canal Zone,
action in s t he executos announced yesterday at
As softn Pm court rerm- Heights. M
vened. Chle JuW'ce-Fed M. Vln-
soe bean readfnl the decailor The Under Secretary
Slowly In a = rate tone Chairman of the Board of D *
volee. rsnidM the tle of he torn of the Panama Canal.
case und why the court ye em pany and the principal
vened in an extraordinary pe- o fhs vit is to inspect
ci term. facilties and to study of et -
wsna sold aOe'prena a t p- problems on operation
rwed "and we do not doubt" miniltrtton.
that rDeuras had the power to
Iune the say-f execution to the He will be acompanid
ob be1Pr's nn Wednesday. trip byMrs. hn and
,kchaUdhtM e uthorety san. eaud rL
of fogd.f ase have been Ma at idW-
"&"5B 1' laek mapped "the Johnson served As
of i n rtal sMeons every U until late last
She a o Ma asks for vas appointed
'Tl*e fc referee te the the oerdof
Vinson n-nvened an Canal CeBWpeay eIFy
tM ad the comrt ye- and wase larneftdn &
5MPC tjS at At"e--ey Bed In Maw arl
rt Brownell. Jr. snatlm of
V m lmu o o do so tt that poit.

- .-~~ a.

" *',. ,-g -

*- .j. ';'WU )
,./: *, ,, 1, ,

.q Ayi .t ,


- "" -.

.t I '~



~'14t e

AMn. a. anM'Ui

a n

* *A

i p.

!> -- '. l .,,,1, -" -.',

* 'a


-Lf ..


mw %-Eel

p I*


iiym S
t.,.. : .!,.




- I I

| ,

. -dtr









ja4no at Uehinsda. jrapan. There Winter pea sale whiah U .
was virtual rebellion. The Tokyo greaslonal InvltUan. g":.,. t
Government Mwitbly dispatched In Much,CM outhon.
three-trouble shooters to mollify cotton-seed meal frama $0 a7-~ V .
I J. The agitated farmers. 57. Since the -er't ~rIe 0
mounted to 71,000 to"."It I
WelThis mission wad scheduled to government stood to lim over ss9
S go to the nearby eiy of Kana- operations. -
Astera awa. But they were tipped off Critics of th gr~ra marged
by security police to get off at ernmenf was ruhagbe iyet byM
Iureugl. two stations short of prices. If the kstea m l. .
R9 8tnt their destination. At least 2,000 would have stayed up9a t
andJS o apanese were demonstrating at have di spod of ftlig,
Kanawa, holding aloft the before the now @ on= s
crude straw-mat flos-tradi-
tional symbols of farmers' op- CCC praetlse inuau.hi""MUto
pos2lo. Dorthe hepriMo" f ~
*9 %-v. Mherd been, the 40=tkeep SW rb-WM
Tokyo officlali were threat Ing-. ,
to Mlse the strips forcibly ao e es m ge i' .-5,

reeegegsuv ree th batle oee cla ha t M i. ., cdil
Therearehndareds 1suchPon own Wistof .. ad
j Ast T 11 a ylarjy. f-seed ....
)p so thatuniW:



11 L., ''*

"ago IN921 Labor Newg .
PsageNn pry NSJW4 OUNUUV.L in sIe
M4 10 ARIAS, saitTOn
0S o oh 0IIO* 14s.PANAMA.RI. P.dL

-- el or a.. fe ays ""'and or hareadr appeared to eano n en l
O ic. ae CN AV NUE Wloves the chips o Wur pocket 'Tr AND 1TH S .
T H .. M A n L v- in a matOr oK national Ule and N.

.h avo n 9 us to discover h
worldIhas aachip0onl ltloulder 0...1
The Mail rea is en open teum for ieadern of The Pnd me A. m s- when it sees our troops, our air- d .. ..
ken. Letters are CoIte-d greefully and eve handed in a wholly *ce "oi- base construction woMker01 p o lba
dentiol menn our diplomats abroad. O
If you C t letter don't be Impent It It doesn't appear the Ever since the Italian election, h been beat th
next day Lotoersare publibed in the order received. a small group, Includin gthis I "" y a
Plose try to hoop the lteret limited to on page length, columnist, has ot ss'
Identity, o later writers is hed in stritest cidnc, with men stationed across the i
This newspaper assumes no responsibility or statements as opinions globe tolearn why we couldn't h
oxproeNd in letters frommesona. Win a popularity contest In a
ne o race with a locust s*arm in .
THEY'RE OFF AGAIN! No one really knows wy- od
but one thing certain. We're
Sir e disliked. We r- resented. Spne, .

Has this Congress done one thing to stimulate employment that even ou etin 2a civ an In whIo the ails -

DicI p lant fod. t xper me- on penath," B ,n fepe wb sbe Cases wthe otld.ail 1 nr 5 '9f .i, beal S ..dess. ..* h
today? It is easy for the Elephant to cut expenditures and construction workers thabroad .
salaries, then lay off people, but have anyRepublcans created are being on stoned and s tcente, .IJ
plans to keep industry from cutting down, and starting another hounded and insulted, .snub.o I

Evenus thetopnotch nradio-.0eme. oIr leod Y sap! 99 men. The phrase lu.dex
.at stro hek bed and told to go ome-- raon ,lo ornS&E

ed himself aneo te n te night in a drive that netted million ot rcs for Keflavi econci ne c oet ae
land. We went to considerable
ch'arity. t h

chyarsity ta m did behind wrcd tha trouble to make certain that at I -
iIttrwIceland towearre.ooe,-:e. '
Did Ike plan to open the Big League r Baseball season de thist oa t o o e iSed
year? No, the fruleous Taft wanted him to play golf' There Is for er o of th 9' 01111t1 0M asM
only one big league opening date Couldn't golf be played an- tic bastion, ns tAn e t t I' O
other day? Ironically, the opening Washn ton gam e m waks can --so J
called for a few days, and our leader l a wppe s o enough Still, the authorities there as-r
to hime his picture taken and rus. thd aw t ink the big ign only siecxNpolice In to staver I I-, ll t E S
leagues have le nothing to do with our livelihood? You sap! men. The phrase t"lousyAmer-n
Sof our te en age boys have wishful dreae ams of being a baig nleg icanst Is standard jargon, Any owi ita g
And guess how the U.S. Government sold eight hundred million UmStconswatruction worker caught ohaIac R.- l
baseb d alleam did no the nefit, and it wa not a burlesque that the warned ba the authorities "to
fans saw go home if .he doesn't like It .. be-: ". la d," .M a|u't ,-.
vWhen epubli cans offer ycu help, remember itips just an of-Dr so in Icelndto -
fr a promise of words no action dead wood. I've seen documents inl tt, r t A.3 n a -
The curtain of protection thrown around Ike makes It im in which our h men, most'o. Ie u hAmu t0'm- roers
him. Bhe oackass never refused consultation., land'ic waltress5lees in theh Je Amoer-.owna of py fo h ah U A~e6bt "" "g
can you tse now why the people are already braying for the countrymen fir st heir, but make n. ..... o. r dL
return of the Jackwa? Surely you know how other people have Americans wail unduly 1o n g I have no way of knIowing, haahltiusy tIstl tob he o .h.
S lve, and realize only to well that home s not missed until you for service and then serv Te only wehr thoueghyo'll.pull a the tIngatImwrethe s paftd e- id"*""rr" ui
ve, ccold, easyy and almost inedible bergs, but in the nter of dtrri rter o' the.
Your opening statement directed to me was so meaningless Complaints rl vitriolic re- A-bomb eeat-ellers hve cra ad noum T e it, to Iiate

f1o od. Acm MAN' I E rQ the' girlswitoderentsadci l the t an iireestm-WgMe rtah*oriingro ry.ourh
'and silly that even a "jughead" wouldn't be so simple V to pass torts. Frequently the gihals willrdeferments, and trey re a.y' rhe a worse thI yn m a nnthe or um n yOar o
'the buck and claim that I was "usihg the Mail Box to wash away cal for the guards, also Ice- guilty as hell and deserve the maximum repri- young. oIITtI limar I '
:what you call 20ear pile of manure." You werethe first to ue landers. If the Americans con- mand. ~
.,the Mail Box wi your. wild thoughtless aceustioln of blaming tinue to protest, they're Opct- I have. known some 'nre murderers And ime YeTt we have hold still for yeapu, q ,l
:thePlackasses fo epton manure on the U.S. e o c tJovial thieves, and have sone saympathy for the while ibunch f neoti ,e.
eOn rhelstreet ehutnece Arestupid and momentarily Insane. ther t sell it.g ive o t da&a
SI used the Mail-ox to correct your error by letting you know ignored and ttfted s;pkai bhs. ut Aetralaodnine uetslowert oth A- l adel It -- l;
tr1: 44kLon--nI g D n o i pte P ,.ta oT h.a. M e t.m t fig a'm.e .m e_
'that the people of the U.S. were swimming In manure back 20 Apparently this old shotiler is and he does i cr oursloe i a, saft. toath miler aw .E
,years ago- and slums were bein wrecked by the new party o not endemic to Iceland. The forethought. Ato Jailth wtlath u.bda r em up ther
Jackasses who thought of average people not the billionaire treatment ust itter n the o" u mo
S h the rtBritish Isles. The' RosenbergEth1 and -Itullus been
empires that r ouled the roost. In fact, so utterly intoler- reviewed -and re-reviewed until -.t ot be A mt onr. woe fIs atrAit m s
SA Demoera tie Jackass able became the actions to-an doudt edub t th t eir t.; I t's a
itard on r Gin s andconstruc- oo l Wthih*to lo l Ibit i,
toboWildr dmn din airennce men in now a mattereforthemnHWithY
-ov2TMs dbIVh eveoors Ije
cl thiatlargenanddmhai mrd.
LETbS HAVE MORE OPITetI em thm. e a
protested of ficteUv to tutr aitor a .ned a wh ch
cu stamped on her forehareo r th oul anabeI3t al
Plas Allo Rwe space to make it few comments about the iean a moutece is the
kTheatre Gdild's latest show "Pretty Lady." -Perhaps thru this Tibea as ag t, bloidwhiechdotesnt'le 51ee. -.
medium I can get them to put the dern thing on again Or at Tribunesaetalid ic s n't Wakin be2 et er la '1 1a
lIea i exactly specializeoin subtleties takn o t ue ole cpalsM uo when DPS i nedgs w e
least a recital of all the hit tuneswhen commenting on Intern- them asylum. onThat a ilensttle M P
btript.naffairs.Ithi.a go-dwu0 W Z`tEiswenhower.In the final of wt w o e
ive seen many aBroadway musical in my day and the music Note too long ago, forexample, but honestly good country. s owe t th
a jad lyrics of "Pretty Lady" can statn up against y ooft e.Ter iit praised Pravda's attack on .a- ~ Nt u Mo ea
,My only criticism of the show in that It was preened so..otat President Eisenhower. Yet evenro I a eles t t ore bef -I a t tr tn e A awo .
e- noreso were m l"I t ll.'temnthis 'publication a few weeks pItsao4be. Ate y 'es t. 3.. WW .ofon .to
ncreweet *t o n k y t dm'ta m .. apo'No'Sh o o as 0eth r .
back protested that the British paIncsI*tlWfand t ett y di0tr i"'
B t sI treatment of Am Orican l bis Y ou lo Yr lae ndo for hItsXimpleonf Id. he
give r another performance o two f the songs. t co -all be brutal, andn p iop e Ori ft. i .
done informally with the asV arts oitted. I necessary The writer appealed to th e You can come to ths country and hollr t T ife Is adredful .
they could describe the events leadup to each song's British sense of fair play.t He your c ongreamaethaid semabout y e' e tl me d we fu.m. ar ma-vt .,*,,u ,-..
i.could be done informally too. ,// urged them not to turn their yand shour t at h u .. t d.1
anndnodoop o s hrPouta Psident Rom
-lbetec backs on our Air Force men the seretn on e t C 0o1Aitdyt o a p tueinto ma Itd ,
tehouse for two more ts d if when the boys enter a pub. The You can raise all theruckus you want o. It 14 a s e t ..
nthe audience wanted two or three encores they'd get tem this editorialist urged his country- m p r_., .._.__
time. men not to turn on their heels Able.driveto out 4
in railroad stations when our Su r lus Sal ag
How about it Theatre Guild? men ask directions. He said he -
had personally seen British folk U
SLove That Music! deliberately slam house doors inSu r i sal g
Sdthe faces of OIs.* g n J'
All this and more is revealed
Construction Men's Amn. At Under

-'. .. ,.'?, >.5

' -''--'- .'i. '. A li-

II p

Series SK 95--
S,"1 "" 'A
.r-V lord and was
,D.w.. .. .. -wn Bil For V Ar _r Donis fore TV -n
r' .V.andcag ... W"a
.A few minutes aft" he cycrd TRW(A
K 10,(UP) the. 9""ts rt W I kldfa 8L o. Ie

l5 Stp hr m ule 'ti on troth wuha *they nsy they cant
44 N.,~ M4 (oPag o-ncAesp affod- pro1vaher tlbeatm.t for ldlo.-

oIut vthr e he r;i A the Todq. when lt vwts wan' re-

t an.I i n,,4 .at her4 tecodts w tere-q ed t h9 .0,
*the thd^e^ ^ ac-e toS2. t anpadlo.Ts r,0ar5 fore A, or the t yo et CASA ASTC
bar Bad wrtoveua .OM.A Votho fo. wh* d was:re

:; \ in-s w le e* b o't; 0 ofor the "IrVA edicl cre
th oAlthrugh the committee won
tioo ...Wth t e ol uocy eill carrie.

iits a sat $t alo ts 1 ,000 ,S358 for VA, tor the gift yo'll give with pride let CASA FASTLICH
T b ausae nf d d e r 000 for the TVA siad $29,82,400 your guide

U n "'S n "JPPW1U. t with civilian-type ailments ma-
41 e win bases.obtain free h meicta l treated
6 Altho gthec Snomfiod iEES o.WEnRRY HEADQUARTER
Dr Banm private ca now. an.t.r ooi STOMI ai61 CENTRAL AVENUE, PANA


' Mu" "aouHr "e T cs $1au,07,8100r" b no juat u ked ...

S'h "W I Scofft News

June 19 (mUP) mony of Maazel an ,orts
undercover a- with a haf-amile on I& face.
eteolay that But when Sorts, anumb al lose J" 5%u of
Sunit leader masn in a yllow pol sDi,,rt. Soard of the CanalW zoe
VRed sieteir ought to answer aex wesh- _t WM hldW fa



f. for eycesll

No whtr canmi 'u .gt
better washer. Installatio
fr -. o*s year's fre ser

*.Yw O*terman

gorgeous styles...
dressy and street wear

1 and 2 piece, .
beautiful creational... I

A huge selection of

fabric, straw.., lethr
all ahapesa, styles. sn'TM-8



,.. ,w teu ,.e to t- e(, l, I a av qle at
to mbr of questions abouWm 9 tB i& uu tOtii; t i
1ul: s pl n6 Redll- awe bwyod o l aa. LEMA AI A SI" $ PAR TON
a-l ctl Cgiomui ftfU teetThie ,t) trgtn ge an drort to t e Aut
,.,Be s. ea- waer b to i& nwt B r re L w e *!-
S : t ao a# elei at t s ap told iet- 9 rt f .i,
Mlan 6 t the toe pair souice, wat. t sl
at yp, a, I L
.=t C"I 'Na Your Office As Pleasant
SEMCOND MO. ."" "" As Yr Home?
Mr -at"Lyo uanrranImri Mle. o R a ob
-L "l A. o UM Mrs 8, e, O i 11 hours in your office a

;Will, MisCu Irex ts, Mrs iv fner c m. S.i drb,
.48sot- IloIMI^^'-J' A Slpaor leaas
Mary Ca,'rts ,.- t:RamI
L and I":tosy"/

.. SEC D FO "m- e.'A Am,, Ab. 'm
Return by i
SS/S peb's del Paslf" 'ne
oip r se 1v r

I A' -.
'0- A ".- "Ad '?

.., ,. 4, OK,
'BB 3.4*. .,.. -.... .. .

01. -. .. __ =. .

,, .' .. .. 2A

102 Central Avenue





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AugU1~W- h*vb

HOLLYWOOD (NEA C Close- new film methods without extra
ups and Longshots: When James training."
Jones was in Hollywood working
on the screenplay of his own FIGHT IS HALF-WON
"From Here to Eternity," he
made a date for 5 o'clock at his .Joan Crawford's hunch was,
audio bungalow to talk to press right when she cast Jack Palance
agent George Lait. Lait showed as a heart-pounder in "Sudden
up at the appointed time and, Fear." The feminine fan mail is
Ibund the novelist's secretary a- piling up and Jack's playing the
bout to leave for the day. romantic lead now opposite Joan
"Mr. Jones," she announced, Fontaine in "Flight to Tangiers."
"was very disappointed that you As mean. as they come in
couldn't keep the appointment." "Shane." and "Second Chance,"
S"-' 'm here," protested Lait. Jack's hoping his villainy won't
looking at his watch. "It's just swing the pendulum back. "If
4." you do a heavy well in Holly-
S wood," he says, "the producers
"I'm sorry," said the secretary, think it's because you're a real-
%but when Mr. Jones makes a 1 life heavy. You get no credit for
o'clock date 'it's always for 5 in acting. You have to fight for your'
the morning. He waited for you life as an actor."
until 6, had breakfast and went
home to bed for the rest of the Marilyn Erskine, who plays the
day." role of Ida Cantor in Cantoris
mber all the big stor film biography, was asked/to de-
Remember all the big -storie scribe her ro!e with Lee Bowman
About how Portland Mason. the in "The Glass Cage" on TV,
darling of James and Pamela, "All I can say," replied Marl-
ivas swimming before her first lyn, "is that it was like going
birthday? Now four. she's so ter- from Ida Cantor to Sadie Thomp-
rifled of water that she has to son."
De bribed into the bath tub. son.
While .filming "Susan in Ber-
,Willy de Mond, the Hollywood in." James Mason reports, he
hosiery king, answers the "How dropped into a German restau-
are things?" query with: rant noted for an inter-table tube
S I'm still giving the women a message from a woman read:
run for their money." "I enjoy your pictures. Could
you possibly give me Alan Ladd's
The famous 'Mountains of Ne- home address in Hollywood?"
braska" phrase froni the stage
play. "Rain," spoken by Mr.,
Davidson as he gazes at Sadie's 'Livingstone Survivor
'ow-cut dress, does not pop up
,n the new film version, "Miss TLOBITO. PORTUGUESF WEST.
Sadie Thompson." Censors hack- AFRICA, (TTPi Manuel Nunes
ed it ouit.. Teixeira. R7. last .survivor of the
'rPvePi that, accomnanied their
HA7.1' ,1ATER PfRG,!RN t,'N,, n trnley..on hig searchnor
nr. lT .tneston, has come here 'o
When Jose Flrrer signe-1 Wal- i.- afterr .soedjing most of his;
ter Slezak for the lead in his. life in the interior.
Broadway hit. 'My Three An-.
irel'." the contract specified that _. .
Walter could live in Jose's sub-
vrban New York home for the l
r'n of the olay. If the plav last- McKESSON'S
r-' through the hot summer
r '"b-. the ontt-prt further fg
i -d th" .Tr'Jc will h Nild O D O R
u 'i".: r*- l r- r'' the use of SIe- A EffleCtil Ieirmt Cream
7- a rd his family.. ,

The play is slated for the sum-
member run and the pool is being
dug. Jo'e ha. alreadv named it:.
"The Water lewor k Memorial
.T- Celete raved. "We really-

".'",olyn.'" she went around
shaking hands with the crew
members and congratulating
them on their work.

"Imagine such wonderful qual-nother

d- "
ity 'n only three days of shoot-
lr,' Celeste ravedt "We really
tors ancld continuage and make a full-
reen and molee"
"All of" piped up an assistant
claims Bobman, "And work another

Sip the taWEL I ys P roduecr
Bob Fellows, that Broadway ac-i-
tors and stage ,technicians fil'
take jobs away from seatoner'
movie personnel because'of bi[.
screen and 3-D movies.
"All of Hollywood's taln'
claims Bob "can adapt to thes-

6..iHsa WELKIN Planeteer

W, VAMA... IT"

?3SCD&'s POP

Aha ",:

Now you an
check pe6piration
odors safely ..
effectively with Yodora, the
pure, gentle face cream base
deodoremt theq prevents irri-
tation Ve, .Veots your
clothing jTIfo odoa today
... it's ~lend t give last.
ing protection.
or Jar

-V .%Lis'A

KISS, PARKING BLUES OOODBY-Almost every driver at
one time, or another, has wished th e could pick his car up
and set it down neatly in a tight Ing space. This wish ean
come true for the owner of the ,"~ achnittger," now n display
in Frankfurt, Germany. Weighing,. 30y 0 pounds, the tiny two.
heater is easily lifted int1o.4t, beth at the cu .
I. .,

BUTTER IAROAI KThese housewives seem to be enjoying
buytbg butter at Q5 ,ents a pound. The sale, in a New York
supermarket, Was (tart of an experiment by a butter company to
prove to government officials that the current surplus in butter
could be reduced by putting butter on a free market at lower
prices. The farmers would then be guaranteed a fair income
through increased sales.


For your trip to Europe depend on KLb,..
the ariine famous the world around for so0-

v pitality-daeulicious meals
For full Iairmetiwo s
r your IoCi Travel Agm*

Air- 1#llrjr

Mello Clams Up

and superb servTice.

RayA, oIDC


t.' K~l

'Perils of Parenthood

'4- AJ VIIR iurnwi

------- ^ ftW I "-- PMll
TOW, r-7" A n LJP$fleV
qYeLAPtmt CUiMb

MDcCisL ANp m..m,


swe4 155
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TO tO*I M4
1 Y0 6upo A.SOU JA.

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,ks On.


pa ir k i Mr. and M r. .
kpiBA IV UKy Mr. ad Mr. 0. MA L *
Bal- to Mr. and Mrs. H. bin
aon.-Mr. and Mrs. 0 A
*. maer, Mr. and U m erb
t. nolett, Mr. and Mns B
Mr. and. Mr*C f
', Mr. an Mas. H. IL.
[L' il Mr. sad Ms. W. Levy,
r C Mr. and Mrs. Csmio wra,
Wa. C afd MrW. and mra. Oags Buer-
f reat maniL




aa amitted0on
Ta- The lst ot tho se employed a hie- Dy Ci
Mrs. In the United States r t thoeeir rt a
W inde nWe Day. liin
Stanley 3. OLadd, of Union- The circular -a the subject have been ,tap-
vinle, Conn. 4ay technitan, follows: proplato ac ton to top say un-
of Gornlu ot5109 4 1Uzabeth -oa iae l -of andepen- afe ODrstlcM that come to at-
On's Granth um. umtraa. a, deyear unfor-tenton. In thisa respect, r-
a- nurse, Goui UBOOMal: Loul tei ^ by mSncuL attention Is eni aUto
or- J. Pot, oftwl tunaeely M r a by umber the hasMrds Involved in the ex-
of pera nia n e~ orultons
and et C odin of recrackers In pub-
the of Phiae p Mi pi in- tocooperate with
to lng. lp offlsa- entorcing the
Wte above resridena.
on- 12 empoy hired local- S@ lUi
eo- IV and their pqltionm are: Wil- D. under permitt will not be Inued
IiHam W. N l, special aist- fWil- for the sale of firpworka In the
46- at t t ea Director; lIN ra Canal Zone.
SIree pDugan, lm at aor- G.pher,
S.i US pltAl M. M dond, James "The cooperation 4f all Canal
; time, leave Ian'y til clerk, B. inil Zone reldents is requested to-
a R rol h mel R. Baureau; d d, ward making the coming In
he, wiremaL, trial Dl- firemM vey, dependence Day ael-eaon a
vision; John H. Affeltranger, time.lka and cerk, afer and more enjoybte holl-
Jr. probatoary policeman; Payra~l Sfnc day for the entire community."

inic To Be Held -
tWdmie JJIy*4 M 4M
y 'Conductores'
A ptqnue w 4gP i held in (ebi PM R.
H5mM on July 46 under the
oprblp of 'Tr Conducto- A requiem mass in nmuae y i
- ewIas&2l -.CI was a- ven-ye-old Joseph (JU ) 08.
ntmeed today. Martin, who drowned at Rio Mar
The outig will feature wim-lt week Thursday, will be held
Ing land other sorts, in ad- Monday morning at the Churn
tion to dancing to music by of the Miraculous Medal, Colbe
ctoir Boa and his Sonora at 6:30.
chestra and the Haitian ca-
pO group. The only son of Mr. and Mrn
Joseph L. Martin of Port on
Buses will leave the Panama h L. Mrtn of Port Ouil
ty railroad station pt a. m. Joey drowned accidentally w
d round trip fares will cost playing with two other boys bM
.50 each. age near the mouth of the rive.

The bigger...

The better

That's the fashion note on hoop earrings and
nobody but nobody has as fabulous a collection
of hoops as Feli's. Choose from 137 different
styles and sizes In gleaming gold and sparkling
colors. Priced from $1.98 to $15.00.


21 Central Ave.


6 Tivoli Ave.

'- .-.. ';*.




,i." 1 "

lear oIf -
Fort UxemiIve
I.Doug- The reg
Seem- U

!at ,rt &be.
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- bSae
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sisal FIh I
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teq~ Vd~nd1yFO ~ Dm1..
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.~ -

Household Automobilue *as. *b **I -Al N- Se.a C. h-* Ariomobiles PRO
OR SALE:-Boeautiful genuine Chi- FOR SALE:-1952 Ford Victoria, Al- AI l8 h Ct e"E Th l lco 't II '" c t
S ese Dragon Rug, in perfect con- pine blue and Ivory, Ford-u-Mo- 567..
I ditionr, 8 x 10. a bargain, two iron tic-Radio. Will accept trade. lest R WENDE. Medi. Cl O -r a l- AutO Mo Ie Row AeOt N N.
flower por stands, mahogany center offer. Phone Gotun 5-459. Central Avenue, K Strelt Clare ,n AJ ON" How
table, mirror top. Pictures 37th SALE:-1942 Cadillac 4 door, T 2-349, a 16
St. No. 7, upstairs. Tel. 3-1025. good tires, cheap. Call 2-4424, RESTAURANT CONCESS! I
sittingroom sqt, wire ed leather FOR SALEGMC truck, 1941 2-tant manager, Curundu Postl.. nRessi. S W-
Supholstery. Perfe t ondition. Son The TexIs Company (Panama) ndt ..... n dsoda uItinrAj5
Pablo St. No. 77), apartment A I nc Tel. 2-0620. 5th. 1953. Addrps bids to ed RqFRtil13 e Co Be C W. riieg
j,.Balboa.5 1r
SBebabF. .O-R SALE-41 Whitetruck 31/2 ton Offr, Curundu Post Restaurant. Snt
OR SALE;-Stick Reed porch, st, The Texas Company (Ponama) At stud, 'AKC registered o x ib. h e U
Holiywood bed and refrctory, 20620. tfalewn clr Call Kabb& 6 .M-OTM
maple livingroom set and Misc..- "ftrano l Cmsion.Godfo.- ,- .-irme j .
2-1658. House 1544-A. Mango' FOR SALE:-1948 Ford, Super De FLY WITH A.V .S.P.A. in t "' -
Street BalboaD Luxe V-8. Excellent condition. Call D-C-3 De Luxe. Le 0 priest seat grs,to
A Sp p oo. .rct Melvin, Balboa 2-2116 before 4 A. Gr .... $895.00.
condition $4000b.: Bedroom set, T iPet ou ,_i .. .. ...... ._.._.B
o twin spri mith ringand ta 1 Immediate delivery 11ew 1953 S1 ude,- for David, PuertO Armuelle ,Cho1- P
tres, vani r~~sy e taw s eada dr~e.dd: lv Iuinola, Bocas del Toro, oVul .t b[
Night table $90.00. Child's ma- Pr i u.e a sty_ .fle, iat"em ie 5 9or '-10/reservation a n llaA,' r* Ucall "S n V *--; TO
got. aquarium, stainless steel $12. G. R. Lot Panalse 2-0825 3. Agency. 0o. Tipbpne 3-4512, Sra
00. Diningrbom. taobt $5.00. 14339.__________ne- Ladies let our female attendant orr. : W gj
Kitchen table $5.00, Mahoany FOR SALE:-1951 Chevrolet, two- demonstrate our new French bujt RENT:-Furnished 3 oo cho- S 2. M f 0
buffer $40.00. Morgarita 8201-C, tone green, new tires and battery. beautifier, sensational. hone 3l hS t practically new. All velac- CHEVROLET .
6th St. Phone Cristabo.1862 also a Boley' caftera,'35 mm. Cell 2217 for eppointment, formation 4h those IC K I
OR SALE-9 cut. ft. Winghous Balboa 4211. ________To MIAMI & NEW YORK vie AWA 5. l
refrigerator. Perfect condition $50,: A 9 d ( Boeng 4- nSire plne, p o- (WyR JtENT: For tonth', cor-o L a QBI i| tQoo qou t 3a feL
00. 9 cu. ft. Westinghuous refriger- Sedan. Four door. I dramatic, ex-. to Miaml: $70.00 R Tri. pletelyfurnished heus. with x- l
ator. Good condition, $50.00. Call cellent condition. Original owner. $126.00. One-.wy to New Yor itntive rdens. Coll PonqlBF 3.-- It leyl
S2-195. ,sk anfor Fred .between Call 2-3414. $11N4.00 Roun tT 21 e 1821 'mornings.o LIN O, r Jo
R SAL.:-Meta. dining tabled.. SVFFOR SAL:- 1948 Ford, 4'r, ex- telephone 2.-161. TN F 3'mo'ntOmRm.w-iII.-
$ chairs $ c s $ .50 .0 0. Panama, 2-4624. F OR YOUR -tn ive gardens. Coll Pann 3- h P ft l eM O
--."---- tom ledon, $O.500 down payment FOR SALE .- 7 Ford Iie i l :iv- L a-Cy4 m An '
FOR SALE:-Practically new dining- of $400.00 q $500 of 19Ply. FrR IIi SFdn. A very ean I 4: a Your a'ori 3
*room set. Consisting of: beautifulN A mouth or D6db cup s. $709 toW flights fe seaem 1 I. AIR"
or-" 1 6 s r coupe at, 09u to, fngbh from. o wli ; A u W11 oil Set /- fo,
S China-closet, extension table, $800.00, part payment. Balance her, meh g sr is t oiep Ap.rtlB,"tt 'S F/ ser 4 dee' R"di1, [iIt CverU, .ll t r)
chair and small side table. Take by easy monthly payment fm 1- e requr ls' by dq'o LAaMA APARII lew tires, $795.0. :2ouriFavoIrite aCoee
y monmthylpayment fmm 1 11 anue llellso y nists nP!4 itor
advantage of this opportunity at 24 months. Sep Hedley C. Len-highway. Tw ANd 1r funla AI 3.Lb.LC '(cont.) e
this $150.00. No. 23, 48th Street non. No. 31, collar Mariono Aro- Completlle e...e Of lfwf unf urnihedriif 'a n a O.- "o:r(M Aprit
SAL 4. euiu..... semena, telephone Panama 2-3526. Ideal P.ofclosed gardens. 8061, l0th Str, lIPeet. dadEI u-i 01M _o.m-_ (t.)u
OR SASA-LE: Be utfu h 99 vro!et. Ex- l s .mm New Cristobol. Tol.phpne Col onS s M. I a
a diningroom set Buffet and Cino cellent condition, heater. rio F ". 1386.
Scloset combine. One year old $22. C in -be financed For furthiein- Atu;..." tyti 'ivUIBBO PgTeBI he if hr
S 00 Old 'Cristobal 1701 apartment formatR eel e a 36 Reres i m*s ~ FOR RENT: Furnished apartmi ot tF.
H phone 3-2797 or 3-2453. afte Wdrk." 'l's .a refrIgerar, ter he1t1, .CO .
fSA LE:-G E. washer, ki tchen FOR SALE.-1951 J sh Stteman 4 R oAwitho eveNr. lCa. 1V RO LET | Iiy. r mgo asumnar .b Cowre
clock, 25 cycle. Pye radio, ac.-dc. doe s--'- $' 5. 'C i be. .. $2.* d7i. $5 weenkl, arid tleph of ,, 'J....
2deep. .......$1,7 ...... $.. -.e i l UIC K CLOC RADIOS a 'cde of AMeri Tai
S1062. 4387, Balboa.___________ Wire ,rese.vetf apartment for two couples. Electric OLDS. M| I..t romAmeri
OsRfA $f 0 Servel refrigerator, d1 F O H-tel. at -
S .r oi390. G. E.washeo. 6 FORSAtE '' Sea.-bid,-ibATEIONT.1. Juit'ilt, hot
a n sl ,r areceived- on the fie f En- cod water one, two thre ,bedroom,

2" ;Tel. 3 od092 0. G. E. ra dtale. Pr $5. .honeo w.r f ldi 6lIteBI .s Airs( I. J t h 1 | i,. l "'- 1 -^- 3Sg
wt et eker, n$25, Gr n Co n ing and Construc;ion Dir ec- fur0all,.,'"i" PaamaL -

rug 910.dom Mahoganyew es Pnd a Mexian Ds AE P o- 9 la

i dining otb U. 9 pcba FOR rss tit s 4L-.rv"sebi$ o t nFiAnmel L. y F l G o- .. 3 .4o
.h sc,, i.x n red d x,,. ,m ced ht
,eylptdWXd FOR SAL.3.-1952*iS m5sl Tel.., s,- oatarl r

Mohoagnt bedfour sei, 2 solid n iew Tagesnd tfilers $2.00 each. .o1 5i'i u.. IC Ef! ,"
.tles m ycoe, 00. Portabl e xrirenle-h o r a$5.00.. w tn ,pt expedll prt ician on, the d th rd

in n r r ..y vrin.. a prth.oups $1.50 n ahog f C- ont ,poet 3-0672 D o fe. le an t the 1 i contd
tnamoni n, bilingual. ex-mon3a9r Mr4rta Sts. New Cristobal Tel. 3-4947. VISIT e -

Sf imaLErt-nt cRedwood shades to l ,.a 20 ant o slbl o ed'car on SALEV 1_ 6Mercury_. 4_ der- us *
fit duplex. Solid. light oak dinette FOR ALE:-Twoldigl bed. t"".. spinr aet walbo (Epreitt edsCZ ?l 3C f o AT N seifi4 N r:1 T b- -T.. ,

S set, four chairs 2 solid walnut e a R Two end tables $2.00 each. to ns, and d ri s S t m I 1 .- ,
twin tables, mahogany coffee table, 8 x 10 Belgian rug $4.00. Twoa n a. tane dr fo ta hies. o oe -l0 .'
ingmchikeI 150 o Ctontradc and'theoffietof thelIosen,' Mefm c ad s*OARe7.

:wndin 4Eprd play in.-tse wth., AlEamps$.or5 0 eac. mahog- E ;hI-.Newi*
Children's records. lctpic clocks, any louvers1 $5.00 Four dining o pr:0e-, "tlnca F. oetel- T IIe lej ( nvd

lamps, other misc articles. House. chairs $1.50 each. Singer sewingR $- $4 T. ps
'n0777,or call 2-4419. machine, table model $75.00.9 fI-thmus. eceie an d o s rm ny po rFR .0 oI...

,.*.. r, o "s 1 4 2 S -- r
nTein -A o upn t 0 an eOR SLEA --- 1 81, *Pnamd o 1 1e FOR ALE: I4 4 Sr Sit ler''1
O' nTROR SALE'1dM:-Livingrbor set, plastic.$w foft f he

N eaDs Zomehietraon oersl FOR. SALE:, p w oo d erce1i 2 I4 0 x.'N* oa os -Il- Ta satr e l ,,i .K r lb. .t1 u. no t. "ti new 3

lath 21 1horse25 set.L_ oe, wil,,be7forferted7if;Nl I't
. eew No 194th StrtApt.e 'i fcationsew ft. doredwi s renoe Sl ew p itt 0. 1t N. *, ,- '"
l 9 titular saw, flt fa ble' w /2 horse i-251n r e40UI-.. ..L

3. relrsedd9with r c4n Tels enoe u r**No
Mah-gqny bedroom set.,likeonew. gaugessandfi t,.ers. $;5.00,.DeVil- t lotOfWAjI5$sW-,t 11116"_ i t r i
16thueat No. 19, BellaVista. is on t sa For perfect tliningcaCll L. F. Garcia, I on ltat oftmost

W antedPosition Two pair breeding angelfish $20.- isthmus.Receive orders' from any part ffte1
WANTED:;rnul Epe-ncd00 a pair. House 73-A 6th. and of Canal Zone... Phones 3-0672 f.-" ftowns athIIe IS St l -: te. (.. U......
Margarita Sts. NE w Cristobal Tel.sto elyorud e'

P Ranama .niwhite Pnannio"u e. Tel'phon FOR SALEn .niLo Cumbres. extooe' Eti :s'IST .w .., .- JI : 10,
of im ortant commercial fim, Pn 3-42 42. l Pwo a1. 'wnt sl uoed o, .S LE. s ?', od .4 'ercury ,
pe-i-nced in accounting and FOR SALE:-Folda-Ro,. baby strol- We Pay.vthe,,best prlcs in town, te"0 90in-iredpaint," .goo.TTd

1154, Anco n,C. c. Z e FOR SALE-Kenmore Os Luxe owash-. by'tiill tasr t l have.NMiln.1s cI lim .. ..
Ing machine. Excellent-condition. yAMUeICAN" 500HExeenWIVIS f ndi- b"earth's8BOA !e1 i slem 1i of

W NTElD FOR :-Avrr-ifter eoferdnrCobleOR dEreuireEWor". or 1He.ro2
d To St health certificate. "Cl S

-PMiscellaneous. 31or can be seen at Qrs..No.2ndfBooDeVsaTatrhnf1
92-B. "itiI..n./ _unniyak.Ioo
Canal Zone vacation quorters.1 JulyF ORSALE.- G E.-washer -1952 a dwdTRUMON Z1051q
15 Oct. Baiboa -2-4234. model. like nw, 8 ft. bamboo"Ab Jand~retiresnew pslnt,.41 .50.00. wi)
gsr 1- leswae.14s-Abiuirmd.Coil Vo-tires .l|y aimter ,-f. ecoworerod, I" "
Dra "S" Ancon, Canal Zone. -e t C o .

I al r ue r A^*TED T EPnPT
Fe OR SALEp FOR'SALE:--Triumphn Losdtwin mbr- of ta
Ptorcycle 500 cc. Excellent cand
nHiopIWanted + oa!s & Motors tion. lestoffer' takes 1941 De .4


with t .. .
i. W i ..l
V a
atI I o f- eb mI
d for rJuly ..Themlum
loi rM'ilMur


SS^ vi-rr

^W ,ia son r.

SEE your Dealer

'U'. S ..~
~,i.' .. -e.

el Iem... When You Telrem f P. A.
Leave your Ad ..*ih one of out Agents or our off es'itn Nu St -7 d" SelS i .
No. 12,179 Centrl Ave. Co .

vice SwsI6 de Bellez Akmricae Cult Iw m Sts '
,U Ave.-Phone 2-2291 and No. .5 Wat 13th *tt .6 13.068 ?I Bd Ave.
'I .." *' .
's Aeaicl InterncioMal de Publkuciem Prdp S. A.- .
July Ave.-Phone 2-0441 No. 3 Lottery Plua -.Phons 2-3119 9ph .

Lewis Se
No. 4 Tlvu

Fourth of

* Aflew to glMoM|~t

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-apn1eUe0thm: e "" play-
Tm atch TOppo --.- T ,--

_*. 10 T M O
beat hWWI* W M6800a00e, w .I-
u po RU Is ke the of Pt pA

am arsed for Uee e ait

At the scond trici, after wi n Now ms an or tpe areA .
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Much .tothe 0
.ob f adA Oeen abwho &Me s VW cf e -1
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hi. rim a wab a ifAme a
a- o .Wletwed playsothe queen eof Opade.f ___r_____________r_______________ n__ em._,____

Wt~n.~thepy .thrdspdetrickfwhIne'r thilad aoo
theti.*I al be e.IlQpp be allowed t4h .I m ubeIg maw
ylost. Inilyer en 6*P the CIO &Ymu-ki dnoelye.JT*
lo hIhtnIWepl & Lt q =kidnev dam ou
.* Irw~ml a.eceb a, b w Iwube I. Ie. Loothe
tris seriesopady h es-r, an'i

W of ok ft iMwy. -If Ifive dmimcnaw ,. ____________________





.. n--_ --1.,,-- m-, .'| .g

m l*'*

r I



An|Snces to the .general public

that he Extraordinary Drawing

on. Sunday:, June 21st.



I I&~.4~i.P.
V-v '~~*2' ~ ~




A N .PI Z..
*' r w ,"N


... $15,0,00



S ~ -. ~*
.i .

.4 .. ~. -S
-A 4

* .* ^ ..f -"4'.
'4. ^--



.' -

*, L..



.' 1 .




k I

. .. ...



"', ?,.".'

r 11' '
-'.-... .

* -


. -. .

r .. r. 7

rmfMP Onm

IMv Mi A. AlERIC lFAr-AW t

S~-- -- -- -- -- -----..- ------.-- .-- -.-. -------. --- I -- -'

Wyoming Rodeo
. i I~

1,6 The Indian 5 Plays the par
S is of host
the official Gray matter
tate flower of ~pl.
comingng 7 Crimson
IS ting a Indian
Stenalis player 9 Enervates
IlKeep 10 Strikes
*14 Cylindrical 11 Female saint
.. rts(ab.)
IS er vetchi13 New South
cuckoo famiCy os
1.Compass point1 Cut teeth
2Harnmonjzer 22 Eluder
SMakes amend23 Made over
D7issyome 24 Mimics
31,Analyze a 25 Be silent
32 Princes
33 Applause
34 Challenges i
35sBoia l
37 Unruffled 1
38 Upstream I
migration of '
young eels -
40 Inquire
43 Lair
44 Harness part 0 I
47 Wyoming's -
population is
50 Give
53 Noose
54 Ascended
55 Years
between 12
and 20 : I i m
56 Victim of -
leprosy s
1 Equal
2 Arrives (ab.)
3 Suffix

US Supreme Court

Photograph Given
Ta Danama Imirki -

Answer to Previous Puzzle
3 a oB siODN Ce v

A o I
U E ^ lI
0 U E3 19*U U C3U L
cl E3 3E3 0 0- a *
13 0 C3" on lOEM
UaOU] LIo a v

26 Shield bearing 40 Tree
28 Italian coin 41 Petty quarrel
29 Allowance for 42 Vegetable
waste 44 Foundation
30 Essential 45 Roman road
being 46 Number
36 Church 48 Route (ab.)
officials 49 Oriental c6in
37 Strap shoe 51 Native metal
39 Iron (symbol) 52 Clamp


Shipping & Air ine News

Dr. Ackerman Of Columbia ti1n)Ir.sand M. et E
Due On 'Panama' T.I and two cThld b r
Carl W. Ackerman, Dean of the an4 Crs. Charles Va f
Graduate School of Journalism lMI1 .lUeen Vinton; MIt? L
at Columbia University, and Mrs. |Wht e Bettye Wiheln;4nd
Ackerman were among the 102 Mr Mrs. Antonio Zub eta .
passengers who sailed or the. '
Isthmus Tuesday on the Panama
liner Panama, according to the l tak-
advance passenger list. e t C o
Dr. and Mrs. Aekerman have rw 1 l-
visited the Isthmus on previous hei r
occasions and have many perfive mai- bn
sonal friends here.
Among the prominent Canal f tion in
employes listed on the south- ,
bound sailing of the B8.. Panama tour ereans for the promo-
s Judge E.I.P. Tatelman, of Cris- tion re atnthea Zone iremen,

roi stellaMrsCouphrat. .Gamboa, ratun Z andeMargareta
tobal Magistrate's Court. to ierg ts wereheld Thursday
In addition to the 102 passen- at the pablo Heights Clubhouse,
gers sailing from New York for with e s andldates particsatng
the Isthmus, 46 were listed for it un of the cmandidaIteswere
debarkation at Port-au-Princet fro the Atlantic aside Udatlons.
This was the largest number of Thl firemen were given exam-
passengers listed for the Haitian inatlima in five main, branches:
port since the service was resum- rles and regulations- general
Sed bythe Panama Line several fir fight practir-
and aptitude. Then exaIinations
The complete advance pa&sse- required approximateStwo and
Sger list for Cristobal follows: a half hours for conpiweon.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Acker- -.The were the tirt examlna-
man; Miss Sally Ackerman; Al- atons for promotions in the Fire
I fredo Nesa; N. A. Bissell, Jr.; Division to be held since 1948.
Miss Jacquelne Blau; Ronald J. The four sergeant pitions to be
Bolle; MiguelBrostella, Jr.; Raul filled are at the Pedoo Miguel
Brostella; Mrs. Euphrasia M. Gambba, Gatun and Margarita
Brown; Mrs. carmen L. de But- fire substations
ler; Mrs. Beatrix Carman; Mrs. For the past several years, each
Dorothy Cohen; Mrs. Vonnie Mac of fiese substations has been
Conrad; and Miss Florence Cor- under the command of a leuten-
coran. ant and In his absence under the
Mr. anI Mrs. Arthur wem y. .command of a fireman who was
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur D emsn;kyM designated as "acting sergeant."
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Dolman; Mrs. The an lntm -s of thenew
Anna Deaver; Mrs. Adelaide eaolntments of the new
Elsenmann and two children;. witatseinnin-e d of fhe iv
SMiss Rose Esner; Mrs. Phyllis A. ,,ttebgnigo.... the fir s
SEverson. Miss Velma Field ; Wal- joy period next > mohth.
ter A. Field; Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Cu aly wf thl.. re .ite of I.
W. Fisher, Jr. and two children: id1nally a dlt ex thTe
Eric E. Formn Miss A. Ruth that these notices 11g1 be mnaled
Fulner; Master Robin Gomez; .out during the..C is ee,"
Miss Martha'Graham; and Mrs. u uu
Alice T. Gundersen and three __ _'

I cnuaren.

L A ,

iv raillmnil mu Jill 'Al
By GAY PAULEY Miss Maud Harrington; Mr. V l -l
Robert B. Memminger, Charge United Press Staff and Mrs. Gordon Hebb; Miss |
d'Affaires of the United States Elizabeth Hebb; Edward J. Hen-
Embassy, presented an auto- It's traditional that the man riquez; Mr. and Mrs. Theodore C. T4-E A T -
graphed photograph of the of the house takes over the Henter and son; Miss Christine
members of the U. S. Supreme cooking chore when the fami- A. Hoefer; Mrs. Loretta Honstet- TODAY ONLY
Court Wednesday to Dr. Publio ly dines outdoors. But in case ter; Miss Angela Jean; Miss
A. Vasquez, president of the Pop is without menu deas, here Winifred Hohnson Miss Judith-
Supreme Court of Panama, as a are some dishes featuring Ann Jorstad; William J. Joyce;
personal remembrance from herb flavors which make Mrs. Mabel Kimmel; Mrs; Rich- rPPULAlPRICtES
Justice William 0. Douglas who for good eating, whether cook- ard R. Kinner; Miss Sylvia Law-
lisited the Republic recently. ed in the kitchen oven or on rence; and Mr. and Mrs. Ben-
an outdoor grill. Jamin Levin. "
'On behalf of Justice Douglas, Herbed hamburgers are a .It'sthe simple story o reat
Memminger expressed his deep new version of a favorite out- Alexander McKeown, Jr.- Wil- love.., the story th ror
appreciation for the kind hos- door main dish. You will need: lam J. McLaughlin, Jr.; Mr. and will rmemberi
pitality extended during the 1 pound chopped lean meat; Mrs. George T. MoLntock; W.
Justice's visit to Panama and 1!8 teaspoon marjoram; 118 tea- R. McNamee; Ernest Motta; Dr. lfl
said that, personally, it was a spoon ground basil; 114 tea- Sigfried A. Muller; Mrs. Chris- DUsU
great pleasure for him to make spoon ground (rubbed) thyme: tine K Newhouse;Mr and Mrs.
the presentation, as a represen- 114 teaspoon garlic powder; 2 Carl M. Pajak and two children;
tatih.e of the U. 8. Government, tablespoons lemon juice 1 Arthur M. Patten; Mrs, H. 0.
as the son of a judge and as a teaspoon grated lemon rind; 1 Paxson; Mr. and Mrs. George
friend of Douglas. egg; 114 cup milk, and 114 cup Perry; and Mrs. Thelma Pope
melted butter, and five children.
Speaking for the Court, Vas-
quez stated that this wondrtui Combine all ingredentp ex- Mr. andMr. Richard Rd- M H -
gesture was indcAtIv of e dpt butter. Form -into cakes lRehad
common desires of all true and broil over coals or in oven, Helen Patric HleRgby; Mia sMoll
Jurists in their search for truth brushing with melted butter. Rigby- Mrs. Minnie Roeren; Jose
and jutlce. He added that the Served between rolls. Serves 4 Sllesre; Mrs. Millicent Sim-
Court will value this autograph- hon; Miss Margaret Steele; Har-
ed_ photograph of the U.S. Fish Steaks ry Stone;Edward P
Supreme Court a model for
all high courts of the free world. If it's fish you wish for the
outdoor meal, try this recipe
Also present at the brief for barbecued swordfish steak,
ceremony were the other mem- or any other firm fish. A
bers of Panama's highest tri- You first will need to make
bunal, including Dr. Fellpe O. the barbecue sauce, for the 8
Perez, Dr. Ricardo A. Morales, swordfish first is marinated in
* Dr. Jose Maria Vasquez Diaz, Dr. it for two or three hours. LATE SHOW
Enrique 0. Abrahams; Aurello The sauce: 114 cuP chopped
Jimenez, Jr., Secretary of the onion; 3 stalks celery, 1 small TONIGHT 10:30 P. M
Court; Attorney General Victor green pepper, chopped fine; 3
A. de Leon; and U. S. Embassy tablespoons olive oil; 114 tea-
Cultural Affairs Officer Alfred spoon chill powder; 1 teaspoon
Leventon. powdered dry mustard; 114 tea- C L
spoon garlic powder; 1 tea- ZACHARY SCOTT
Audience Gets Two apoon paprika; 2 tablespoons withO ABIL
vinegar; 2 tablespoons brown + ANN SOTHERN R PUBAU( LLANE
Speakers-One Silent sugar; 12 cup chlsauce; 112
cup catsup; 1 tablespoon wor- __ M TO MOi RO W !
HARTFORD, Conn. (UP) cestershire sauce; 112 cup wa- M IDNIG HT8 HOW I MWI
Two persons gave the same ter; and 114 cup olive oil. at 11:15 XL
speech from the same plat- Saute the onion, celery and "SHADOW ? -
form at the same time -but green pepper in the 3 table- irst s mashing drahn a of
only one voice was heard. spoons olve oil until golden juvenile delinquency to
While Congressman Thomas brown. Add remaining Ingred- ON reach the ac'e
J. Dodd was addressing the lents including 1|4 cup olive oil
outdoor audience, another per- 10 minutes. Yield, 2 cups. TU A "WHERE ARE YOUR
son was interpreting his speech To prepare the fish, first HE WALLCHIL EN
in the aign language, marinate in the sauce, then
broil over hot coals, brushing
Most of the audience were frequently with the s a u c e.
deaf mutes attending the un- Serve hot, garnished with pars-
Ving ,;of a statue honoring ley. Serve the remaining sauce
fe memory of Thomas Gal- on the side. An inch-and-a-half
laudet, pioneer teacher of the steak will take 8-10 minutes on T T
deaf and dne of the founders each side. Shows: 2:5 4:5 -
of what now is the American Sandwich steaks, broiled on a :35 -:5 p m,
School for the Deaf. stick, are an easy dish for the Admissio
outdoor chef. Admission Price .
Austr ian WomanYo will need 1 package froz- ADULTS Tickets .5 -
Aumtraiian Woman is en sandwich steaks; 1 cup soya Viewer s Vews. i
Cowcatcher Commuter sauce; 1 clove garlic, quarter- -
ed; 1 cup water. $0* |
BRISBANE, Australia (UP)- Mix soya sauce, garlic and
Mrs. 0. A. Riordan suffered water in bowl. Marinate steaks
only a swollen ankle and cut in sauce about 2 hours. Brbil
finger when a train carried 3 inches from source of heat, W lner r
her for a mile on its cow- for 3 minutes on each side, and
catcher. place on toasted buns. Gar- ing YOU lh First
nish with chopped Rreen onions r Ma.- it I
"My only thought was how and. serve immediately with
silly I must look," she said. broiled tomato halves. grluct by
Mrs. Riordan was walking o- a
ver a level crossing when the IC..
train was pulling out of a 'Fr pp Dance uw"
suburban station. She hung on W VISION
to the cowcatcher, with the I At
crew completely unaware they" O W
were carrying an extra pas-
senger. alurday High
When the train pulled into
the nest station down the line Featuring a Father's Day
I"s. Riordan alighted and theme and number of novel
saftk away. dances and contests, the "For
---- Pappy" dance at the Cristobal
utonary Repast YMCA-USO will entertain serv-
ice personnel on Saturday at 8:00
Muskrat Stew p.m.
N, N. Y. (UP) Muasic, both Laln and conti-
of the Sons of the nental, wll be furnished by
"evoputlos held a Gardner's &ad.*
IntNewmst" here re-
W l'g on mmkrat stew At interoan, a drawing will
erag0 made from be held a the lucky winner
will nt give the opportunity of ___
sending a stre to his father at H
T. ,Akwls. president, the expense if the YMCA. vow" Pa
46lWut ded like the
i a t ae The Girl's O4nanOza- .....
P & S taWadd to the evenlng'b actlvltlea;

"hlm ager .. *D e ee a.'A
I : :PAU N 4^ O**S2 ;


flaT4L 'HEAflL
jADEO NA-4 ,


the World wil remember

SW I- .,.

.1 4


- n HB + 1





(Panama aa SHOW TONIGHT e

DIAD O TBo 6:15 -Ii



Pede Mi4 M 8a 1 6M 8:39
0* Dom, 0 aO

iB O A-- AirCOdiSn -4 S ,






l:75-3:tfl -5 07. -o ad *..^'p +





.; ..;t.*

-. +' ,Y

8MS :18 *'K ClB
J M.OLDK .. 4
.. ._ .. ....

.v -.t-.

|Fo i-.

a luffet game twillbe
r." faing at the da
retr- All new arrivals.
Swho arer lantere M
trate' C grt b Crtitd bal, cotdially l lii ite t
iazy a p,.oberson, daMh- group.
a ofMr..,ad Urn.F. E ~b-INo
tf ttuD, ba -f" tb- winners of last w ek'as games Now
...:o' At Paulr Kiek ta- were: North and South.1. JulSi
Da, i ostkisLeeb and W. 23 G1ib4on; M
"' "" Davis, s-odfMr. g "" w o. !.-W-
S bd off Laredo, Tex ny PasaIIlllue
Goer:+ore+_ qpM ..
iUcr n e. .Dckno e
SThe ceremony took placg Wed- 3. neweat ]$.
n:&YMorningW, .unfe 17, with Zest and west:
4 ;UOtA P Z3 .-I.-P. Tatelman officiat- Bron iLO 8.
: Mrs. RusetllW
a a e lovely young bride w ere a Lbesb d +8....Jul
,btalleored blue lnen ensemble With Loeb and Mrs.
L. K e.who ar black patent leather acceesories.
1As I. tho.sear Roberq. .and sorpo ltAl i
Bar~iiPPIU id were utness .The soZry-Aess"
The ther
forbe theade witht
ru. VI _8a0;1fr the car i.tben the Holy Famil iy Mar-
ff r s t, s i nd etihb en will re- Isrlt s sponsoring 1 spaghetti
(Istn Membersde with hbe' i un- diner to held uds rom
a of the t quarter are a ahe is 5:0 to : h pdm. adt tay K. of rom.
QleAOrlsto- a sudent at ..igh Hlln 7: im at the K. of t..
bmeoi Wednea- Shool.
ay t hen.i of Mrs. HoeW- from Tickets may be obtained at the _
ear Havoner #door or fr member of he
iw0htatss hi-AD NnB o at40,F.GooUk Non-Conunissloned'Officers Club were
Im inU.4 :Am -- 1w six aSoc paiety. A @a' of ts a ged Chil- 0 4ir 7aht )s 1 0"1012ilo dinner dance. Mrs. Owen Tolbert Was
in h hent, isW yeas Of age alruni tf eremonies for the part. ,g 4t1 0 Wrebuilt around the theme of Latin Amer- -
Sson:a'0 on cents. lean a ht Left t right are: Mrsm D d ltlk .e$ M 4 rs. Mario ro, outgoing members
bo fhard'hof o M rs Ar$hur *Iaiog treasurer=, Edwin Panning, out.
+ j. .h...,+--. T E~eTnWn ,+ : lU ++-i- ,-+ ,m.-,..k+,, -s. re,

Mm m Uiii W H lp of
ft r losT e Mre. .+, m wGog.,Inor...+r esident; Mrs. Merle Mounts, Incoming
MUPawnireItchi helhwM JohnbYarbrough,hincomn g seersr
)&r. 0j.g NoitanhausI wh' o fts'e*inJin =Wmh- ineof, f ar i~treasuerr Robert Blankenship, Mrs, Lloyd Gregg,
the t--h ne .en (tor onrfth ,IIru Mrs. MauIrif'sTO ,bg
Hav.en erch-lre- the dirrector of tb o ,Zh'#AT,.. G EoN oYo.e o..
r. s Nursery School on the Coco go: Ar.slte Icy
e. L Sal, Station entertained with a resa 10 I. balm, to Ithe ten- i P
X 1. n.ry at the private Onr. .o, on hou s and
n an Mr s. L. L.' A thro ug ho le-cur
y d aofycera Meer. cel ntr.Ls1 con
2. a -hF to Dr. 'oeo< h ..-&

,u1~s to w h your Pupis. sq is leMir 5 er. .nt'ttra aeo a t ish vn
are Dr. Mrp Jo a,_ J ar a r IQ ni d e-aa.
aher a7,, ha

o p tar Fic h snoea 'isrtttLdigh n
rt- ao hr t

snIeu tntKlr.moth a f urd fran te abouet th
Wcdrch 'in _xuu scol,,lama-,dig0 1
.The b* -Mrs. S ept rsut'o Ir

sW ie lh ,-t cost o

re3amaiCity.tss..aVal 100 ntscod cte at-
au er f orPat- y Mapr Co&operduheer work OU-L. -W l ore a d P oin t l*o..
.. ..... w t ther ch lrnj0mot .her lu o bo th adul. 4. Obid Arcf~~l xis fr

t %re. r si. -.len)rya of no ath I o e tMtlO of- tebih -c
Pa ..Cty Fet10: + 1. = d cud eutreut yI aL

as : TuP CTtiPit h us sdd el-nthns

Lyman DentbQin d ablencloth aamaae wiofh chlnrophyll tooth" A, andb3O
"Wn ).et csa. el-Wennemjewelry.indq cInl .y,-tnol
Is aFO) d r

--e young- gtst. eeleb..,:g tlj,,,awd h'
dotteerenalMDr s .a M r. JoyLce& his ee.,0 n Fihoa mot

*-.1 j.on
me nnonpe lcrX.*. To. ld0.trivedfI -benniv r'wods.. y to e
Aaa t.-aoutth
fig ow- A- ... + an. ..

cesafulrfyts Wiv -pr'mL metarl go'!

smo., kep,.t.iit ma cp bo pletper yet coststmouth_.__ublee... .
-Ao ld ,'ee from mouh od.....p oor dtofof
Panama Citymucholwitiiith

leading ,abu .tery...a.d I sill Fteas maewih hudred
Patsy ay Cooery4-aughtedofttprovedtrtIt11ives Pinou a
manyl We madewith chloophyl toth 1A.- Wde3

te ttln2) o t g ti ao mo

W:a V- odtsechoroyio-.otheoaeo3eb
Bragg,.N.C., N *,x.-q. I
w oi ntftpeel c.m p:.*forTdhre it y u rebonb

.,ae0s a kept twice asymny people estmoth troubles, seyr
L Mae rom mouth odors up to four dentist, of course,


' ia

Better... g


~Iy Vtek e..aJpadi




Sunday, June 21st

Yardley's Gift Sets
Rolls Razors
Schick No. 20 Electric Shaver
Kent's Pure Badger Shaving Brushes,
Nylon Robes
Pleetway Pajamas
Pure Linen Handkerchiefs
Kern Washable Playing Cards
Pure Silk Ties
Nylon Socks
English Briar Pipes from 2.75
Cigarette Lighters
Paper Mate Pens
Fitted Travel Kits 1.69


Jo, 2t Central Avenue

No. 6 TivOif




Worw Larget Smflg Chio.
Ophofl Tooth Past. .. also
in tooth powder.

.1 :,



Unconditionally guarateed by Lever Brotmers Co-
pany to dp more for ynou than anay other dentkrice-white,
ammomiated or chlerophyll -to give you a cleaner, freshe,.
heoathf mouth or your money back.
MAL-- .

_ __ -I- I

9 e*

S, .. m i


FORER -1O1 1
*^L ",X)

I -



- V







-. -A

vou rq
le .IugM

v Mr,

WW lTo.

-'ti~. *~

--- --



9*03 ~3 _______

Henry Young Handicap Feat es


Five 'B' And 'C C

Horses To Dispute P

Five imported thoroughbreds of Class
'(' will match strides in the $750 Henr
Handicap over seven furlongs tomorrow a
at the Juan Franco Race Track. 0

This handicap will be the first
running, of an event that will
become a yearly feature at the
local track. The race is being
run in honor of the late inven-
tor and builder of the "Young
Starting Gate" which is still in
use at the babanas oval and
b las been a boon to local horse
rape fans.
S June 16 was the second an-
nlversary of the death of Mr.
Young. His great contribution
merits this distinction t At is
being accorded him. A beauti-
ful silver will .be presented to
the owner of the winning horse
by one of the survivors of Mr.
' Three Class "B" horse and
two from Class "C" will com-
pete In the race. The upper
class candidates are Viajero,
Goyonder and Pavero.
Viajero, owned by Don Anto-
nio Angulzola iand trained by
Henry White, -showed a return
to winning form in his last race
Swhen he beat Homeland in a
stretch duel. He will be a tough
nut to crack. Vicente Ortega,
Viajero's favorite Jockey will be
In the saddle.
Goyonder, Mrs. toly de Laz-
zarin's expensive American-bred
Xpur-year-old brown son of Go-
ya H-Hope Eternal, returns to
action after a layoff of one-
and-one-half months the clock-
S eras report that he is not yet
In best form but 'has worked
Well enough to win here. The
Alfredo Smith train e d
horse will be ridden., as usual,
by Jose "Paco" Bravo.
Pavero, the property of the
Stud Buena jre and trained by
Luls H. Farrugia, also returns
to the races after a long rest.

La Boca Senior

Softball League

Final First Half Standings

Special Troops
Canada Dry
Optica 8osa.
,Wese Bank -
SAlbrook Field
,;pur Cola


* Second. Half Schedule
. June 22-Optica Bosa vs Al-
, brook Flyers.
June 23-West Bank vs Norge.
J oJe 24-Canada Dry vsaSpur
June 25-.Special Troops vs
Canada Dry.
SJune 6--West Bank vs Opti-
,ca Sosa.
The teams of the La Boca
.Senior Softball League swing
Into action Monday in the final
;half-season of the sparkling
The Norge hustlers will be the
special tartet of all the other
outfits during the second half-.

lass Juan Franco Gr'ded iEntries TAte nmg Form

urse P.,. one Jockey V., / ."
let laee "D" Native 1 M I.00 Pool ol : lose:12.45 W
'B' and ,s ee as so.
Y 1--RosaB B. Puldo 11* -Jiepped a class *5-2 .. --
,Moo 2 l P F 119- w~ell~in lasteven abicttion of+' Racing Fomoriginally scheduled to
afternoon S-Golden Fan H. Ruls 16 2 stance will help -1l
4-Annie N R. Vas1qu1a l chance in mud W4-1 hittlo ewstanf rday, has been delaed oan ewg
5-Okinagua V. CatflUo rI -tDo: n't have class 4-1 tAor printing dlU ~ ulUea caused the delay In the pub-
St- Jli of the bUingalrtabloid racing newspaper, first of ie'
kld ver attempted fi Panama.
S2nd Race "F" Native I% Fz r;: P .M Pool closes: 1:1" 6A lform, in addition to graded entries, .lectUMsl,
SSeeond Rae t th Doble workouts, and stabldT? JiAtration, Inoladee complete put
1-Juan Huincho A. Vi3. 1 bestform now -2 peroraae data on ac horse in concee, readily ider-
2--Tilln Tlin A. Mena 110 ee may be short '-1 5theinew venture wll appear for the first time on June
3-Manolete K. Flores 19o -Euy victory last time 3-1 25. A weekly, It will be sold on the streets by newsboys and
4-Riomar R. Guerra .0rx--a late spurt 8-1 n ,
5--Volador A. Mena R. 10 --Could win again 5-1 2 .i -willerlo I nt
6-Malaya R. Oomes III :--tn good race lost 5-2 be priced-at 15 cents.

This horse has been out of ac-
tion for almost three months.
He went lame two weeks before
the President's Classic. Pavero
is reportedly- In good shape and
could make his return,-a trium-
phant one.
Turf Lodge and Bendegus are
the "C" horses entered for this
nace. Turf Lodge 'owned and
trained by Manuel Diaz 'Doe,
is another scheduled starter
back from among layoff. This
brown son of Mirza II-Sfgati
will undoubtedly set the early
pace and, if right, could lead
all the way. Freddy Rose has
the leg up on Turf Lodge.
Bendeguz owned by the Stud
Montelimar and trained by Do-
mingo Dimare, was a fast clos-
ing third behind King's Prize
and Arkansas last week in
six-and-one-lhalf furlongs. This
time, going much lighter and
with an added half furlong,
Bendeguz rates a, nuch better
From our deduction it may
be gathered that we expect a
real thriller becm..M, onr pper,
this handicap shapes up as a
wide open race,

Besides this contest, the two
best racei'on, the program are
the sixth ind seventh the
second double -- in which the
bettor who Is lucky enough to
pick both winners should pick
up a substantial payoff for the
Mr. Outside Is
To Ramble Again'
HOUSTON, Tex, June 19 -
(NEA) Glen Davis, who stayed
out of professional football in
1952, har signed to ply with-
the Los Angeles Rams next fall.
"I've decided to give the game
another whirl," said Davis, now
in the oil business in Houston.
Mr. Outside was hampered by
a knee injury playing with the
Rams in 1951.
"But it feels fine now," he
The 26-year-old former Army
halfbacks weighs 185 pounds
above, his playing weight, is
getting in shape playing In a
church softball league.

fwu,~o1y~.aJo dassif tel,




md 6th, 7th RACES

For the conveni

a that it a
'chan.o.s it aging"f
stra ..

you aim^vlb


ienee f _

our patrons we are now

ONE -TWO operating both at the
3rd M9th RACES '" COPACABANA" and


10th Race
Purse: $750.00

"Special Sprint"


7 Fgs.

Pool Closes: 5:40 p.m.

1 VIAJERO V. Ortego a. 15
2 TURFLODGE----------F.-Rojo 5
4 BENDEGUZ r- Jose Rodrguz 0
3 GOYONDER...------......... J Bravo 115
l PAVERO .. ..........RV..6squez
4- EDUINO---------- V O ..
. --' -,.

a .

il1' ; ....:?
.' ia +' '



l~ ~~~~~r -1nif ^*'* '**'
I NT :'''?*< ''


" '- '" *: -
:. ,,.4 f :--".'

-Lkt ? :'

r6 %-'~l.

- ..*.' .,^ '. ."


., i
S- 4.l. *

f.i- ,


-,* .
.4' ~4.' ."


aa1llll .


3rd Race "I" Imported 6%u .10u: $375.O Pool closes: 1:a45 L T L U0 0 aiim
S" $751:'"T a Tkes IalIng to hear hiimMf ]E
1-(Rocky Point A. Ubl. 10* -Not smooth yet 8-1 or he did npt
2-(Inherltor C. Igle. 10 ---A complete failure 0-1 'which hasfd
3-Pulgarcito L.'Tufon 107-Hopeless case 20-1 I
S4-Chucunaque C. Ruis 110 -Top contender 32-2 T
5--Veranda V. Castillo 112 --he one to beat even M and
6-Forsado F. Rose 110 -Has strong finish 5-2 coul i asIb P, t.
7-Beach Sun Hidalgo sOr-WI never win again 30-1 set the plio? I
Doi /gt. .mea Bail, ecIa s he pae t with a offlane t e U
4th Race "-" Native 4% i .L: i $5.00 Pool lses: 2l:26 Trop, wked awy with h a eo 0
4thsa leee Tr Native o t
1-Con Valor II Hidalgo Ib nbi e upetter 8-1 b el *M
4-P. Ro l tanoe to ULng. even ftive .W
fgs a 5-Dantiel Jsas- f1 irPIM pealn tVt ws liUa
6-Coms Linda 'R afaIr he-1 uo ethe p16m
5th Ba.e "" Nawti' S sOe: 85W ee es:.:5 a :51
1-Tuira R. aQuer 1x-4itubborn contender 3-1 "HMy lI OBI SS ,
2-f al a 0. pCap"nt 119 -Ca east fithr 2.1 m. a S
3-PanBhitsa -d1P B force th pae a2-1 o he a
4-Arranqu in a wVC o i tter each tin t even
Xaw A* WU
6th Rae "F' Iu INtA.?s*il :75M Pol clhes: 3:5t5 reetet.,N
rie A. M 8 -Will close with Tush -1 i

--ptat Bae V. Cms3tl. a wsih4"n.d .e D. W.k- ,_"
6--Pla C. I1glu 11 Eod previo race. 3S-1 e D 14ol. a e
-- a t 11 the t1-w Aritfn-- T1o, ,I7. -

7th Rae ""' Imp esltor 6iue: $." ?o "' ": 3 A
-1VaiDu A PrI" t n"t tl a

S13- bla3 t l 0'. 1an dx2 help .a .DI

3-1gi11hWM. R. -Goox tpre will radp S-1 1, Antohte &Asn o P., a 43

7--Jpperln Hldd o 102x-Early e only 1-1 bred "Plo <, .... ,.
d-WilJuast-e 0. ta ei, b aiif "%..&
-. .. oFranc Rame TrhoA7ckJoplAe "% a %
7 th Raft'" Imported "Og.-. Po8 d P 10e leu: :1 edofntfl aWe tm t IN

3-(alante Il B. PHuld 6 -hxe.od t cha lpce l 5:- na iv ...... h ... "
4-(Loeoro H. Oriela 11 -u notp ready eo5-2 mwoeth, l t IM rignt
6-M-oyndero A. Vasque 120 uig bt har .1 crane l.Tithr Joe D. aler n
e ialo Uay e o 15-1 be "P~aamift at.. .. gix l^ *, Bkql *.,5
1-NcD race Trl Pack," Ind l
w iat rAc..nI h-A

"th Race "F" Imported .ras: eel ^lees: 5:1 ,o: Troot'l da

gat V. wonder .
;....U. .4.L5 -ba.2 n i b t S1' his" r '
4- Raseo0. hs 108 -Retu; ntt ready 5-
5-P terBll5 da.go l fx -Longshot. pdsblity e riul a o
6-M o -Ar. V Wque; I .Y I _V. cl- el-
18th D4ecori 'el Sint' r V W01W P blr elesen: 5:40 a r,"I P ."n ata
4(poo -CU 0 Rtt;ntraybnt aataatt *Oo 11ObVP;' nrmn o

5-ote' a adlo ot onbt btyqi nhof o JwltdtID 7 a %Mn

**' \. f ,


, *2-..*,
S* 1

". ,.^' .;'-'^ : .-, -. i "" ...' .
-^ ... :.-,^ ..
1n1ll i. i y 1U ild Lo ti--nJe
RH rt;CH Hnntinnue "
j *e

BQstoow P e RTigns; Bobo Olson 1-3 Favor
''oT11, AtBrow Abraa And v a Timph Paddy Young In US Ti
Fggouy NA ist
j Aa fl 4e -..... d r tfor i.he By.
4 '~ ** ** THR lagrs,. Arne t ah r top

IM,-W. i-U~nwlls 1 ,12 .S whdo scored or ?l rht, the sat ,l lIo a UAAL D-I f u fM I
B-kniy-k I.o s The od.a a 1 holdtng*at.for HOO O
... .,V 1r -- Sports 3 .1.750 ftsroa, Bu t o B nrombeon SboutViN iew. But
navdq t 21 .0 ..)aon o 0)
o Atn _- w.d Pored to the cenUar At t et iiot --R--ls

ES) oe Gbra I Powelly red a sum am automobile accident yS3-0
tg I. i (1) a p holding a tehday i E ~a bat t*of HOOK*ING t much more u ser -
-*AA'.J... l'a (*.w- ^i-~]i/a 3.(M TUB o a-m. ta rsonttvagm *t the te*ly ai 7 0n d oratSa- suauOl among average golfers
SV. P.-4 v StAton' ea of- the a to b s. than sllclng.
.a .. .. M gl they Oibrltar vs ron. / 27. It wa not tf fourth There are several reaons Hookl. to, can be a bad
t A N-.- 1 satua that 'Ra e t fire why Olson Ig favored. The Ha- habit Ift ls IaJlowed to become
IigS 60 buhi vwtoi t n ad moved out in to win walan-born Bobo has won 52 part of yOur reIular pattern.
L3-S), BSarf anto (.1). W8 and Q m r btut & N wTo 9 1[ mh
my00"M rl Na, aa ttfor his f 5. sorou b tn ore acn weu splong oavroage beas
*..e-V '3 th s i
SL 7 *theyr gThou nd out in the last 19 months -- Youn roll.
a I% 1 vsDert, a e a --hit t n-ttler,t wh vty In only five over that n. Never attempt to copy anyone
lrt? BtLt5 ill. 51 l-1 1 1* YI the fIrst gape athe night that Aetleugt wwith3rlni Dearando. else's golf shots. They nmy be as
-r 17-1Yit ,a the snotlight, Olsont sc ardaSu'f espOn, foreign to you as the other
W s, sutl Gibraltair if, tr~ifln for A tihro &i ttrie in the reflus.m i a det way man's shoes.
h), TJo ( ), the mO y cita ltbW,,be Atuntle ahsktbo. 5uoe will eof bobbln U "der punahqe or Hooking the Iall 1 just the
40m 4IT)nell7k.i li3g se3 a~tion In ehWaiteWt-btll Swa yin from tho-y*Yg0 oppolte of slicing.
6W (7)545.iu1- i 41 oh o g.S Invre t ther MoafithsgyimJnteacnetdogheN. Shift the hand's in the op-
ioe 000- S 1 t lo tfa f of 19and a lefthe*k. The -y7-od positi direction from tha inten-
Bt^Ihu-pr est em- VPg1 YI ,i rmtoreak New Ytrker the a se age tonal alice. Move them under
d )1 d an sxotd, uspmocond ,' elSa .O e neetatd the shaft o the V's point more
(uT L d ld I ntyl de plaaW. 4 the body uria tralg after toward the right elbow than the -
"a ioL la. w of td tme hmla rper... that Bobo right shoulder. Move the right
4. 6m ov2est!iaflnt aJtt with cant t 1ke It downstairs, hand well under the shaft.
SIn the n 0http h tered Univerpal 8oste Gbtr and "*-- Close the stance by pulling
h 'O-" e- G. Wr1 ul.c^at?*s P-n- hit tove is- nocoa mhe ie ove the ball back a lttlee
That wilO asee lf us g500 for the league lead. tGayme tie, hot.
atio _.dLtheir 7 Martiez ,ake the club back in a delib-
sthre"-.16-1t b# fror At. ingeonigwtofbb .n uderpnm m.- Mh orate inside-out motion. Swing
e I tio in pe t The box cores, through the same pattern. ThI
BI^Ii'awo --O h "Mi ,lie, t. t ,-r. tqa "bn Iw ia T n Thtlll apply a spin. to the boll-righ to it t f om
0,- .. l d.I i. Oi M d biewy Rdhrtu^ to-r" p in i Hooking te nf t hard to do, S .
t, v ,e ,t- "al. w TI -- but it can certainly hurt your t

pisi~i Tiia7z'teranx lii. At Hooking not
poworNtoaer wpitoee a-t .e 0r10same-ag
OO Nt ep abthee a n sali g .e5hx 1 1 w chain In of Ih

M lo te *~ Yanke tcmhe Gtheport sot s NIVAL PO t1wmu sontato mao
9 .Nkg. h 3i a BISa- 32. S MU2 190 aneateUrSidte odbtne been Cmt later Airtmet of The
0 2htBhl.oo"r'h sou.ete.Moeth of yg
.toat r,.o R* -earnguo t

movs a*.. a. ea 't 1 t..... s. .. h a l n d a a
*m 1 Lor for 1% a* sooS ontt f the uthe 2 4 riSghtftftoo b ackromthe

pi"nei"n as t Di+hat 's men W '"olly h r0hav ,"I44.ti- Ine- l ,i n of lig -.
dess t o.r n apaortdo s U 1 s as lY HSfr a'

"0'Ik" ...h Sa f51 i so" "sMohebs M FUolie

Recor b l"6,U tw

I,.;. ./.Mlff-SI?" ^ 5, -S0*+t 0% ,,& o o :0rw g 0rPW8A To OUR FRIENDS a
".,. '--- S 2 r- 1 O 7
ft t 4 0 0f__ _e**V11kmor bw thunafnett ben herld n
Lonui 1 0 0 0m t 7U ( tdt' JnW0 gtht

Sa 1 ,m o r atMhlltg Hills OoU and country / e .s
> i 4'^ /*'*.'** *" h' *[ ** wlS 0- 0 > 1 i m,-------iare*fo broke j 6i thI *r e thpn.,
.nlfhe apea es V d th eh e box I thr ough tesamepaernce Q
VWE0 WT 2A2l:36 Mast os ins t

of,2 .Told Ib to 4Awn
the*oHookin goshot -a r dt o 0 Uab wes,

t:i taWhitne

Be107a-0210. goaeIsPidooe
4"a8: D& I I In ladsbn
for W Deieipg~shardeIn 1 BnthePoo1l2

ite Over

title Bout

r Golf: 36

Be Bad Habit

t you let it become a p" .
ur regular game. ,
XT: Common faIlts.

Natural Chole '
RTTORD, CQnn. (M -
spOintendent of theele 0
of Fubetdindo a
asell P. Hunter.. -


ptun.. *- 3eft


2-241 2P-U



) a Se Safe



, S'Fe man JYou


22. S. kU14


Td. 24451 245W0


- **

I .1'.


__~ _~ ___

' "-




~r~mJ 1~4,

Choice To

.dY~ l:I F~ZK~.

Shipping Strike


Breaks Up Fast

NEW YORK, June 19 (UP) -
S Federal mediators worked toda:
to patch up a "misunderstand
Ing" that abrutply ended a
move toward settlement of the
wage dispute which has idled
00 more than. 100 Atlantic and
Gulf Coast merchant ships an
threatens to tie up ,600 more.
A "settlement" meeting be-
S tween represenrepresentatives ofthe
National Maritime U n io n
e (CIO) and a committee re-
presenting some 20 tanker
operators broke up with a
show of anger late yesterday
when the two parties found
they had different under-
standing of the settlement
This left negotiators in the
same deadlock that has existed
S ice 12:01 a.m. Tuesday, when
union contracts expired for 45,-
r 000 seamen on the Atlantic and
a n Gulf coasts.
The seamen have refused to
sign v o y a g e articles since
S Wednesday under a "no con-
tract, no work" policy.
More than 100 freighters,
tankers and passengers ships
had been idled by the union
action yesterday and the num-
ber was increasing daily as
seamen refused to take -essels
out of port.
A total of 700 ships eventual-
ly could be tied up. h
The union's national council
yesterday authorized a formal
strike call against the Atlantic
and Gulf operators, and union
president Joseph Curran said it
S was "a safe prediction" that
NMU locals would ratify the ac-
Curran said, yesterday the
union demanded a "six-four-
two" package plan of wage in-
creases which would give a 6 per
cent increase to seamen now
earning $341 or more a month,
a 4 per cent increase to those
making between $302 and $341
and a 2 per cent Increase to
those making less than $302.
Curran said the best offer
made by ship operators was was a
Sper cent increase tentatively
offered by 39 of the 100 com-
panies involved&.

S Scotland Yad Fixes
t of of More

Christie Corpses
LONDON, June 19 (UP)-Scot-
land Yard crime scientists have
succeeded in identifying two fe-
male skeletons found buried in
the garden behind the home of
John Christie, 55-year-old clerk
Who goes on trial Monday as "the
3hotting Hill strangler."
Identification on the skeletons
was at first believed Impossible
for the two women had been
dead for at least 10 years.
Scotland Yard Identified the
Victims as Ruth Margarete
Christen Fuerst, a German stu-
dent nurse who came to England
In 1939 and was 21 when she dis-
appeared in August 1943, and
Muriel Amelia" Eady, a London
factory worker who was 32 when
The vanished about the same
A gold-filled tooth led to iden-
tification of Miss Fuerst. The
type of work was continental and
finally an Austrian dentist was
found who said he had made it.
Then, with" the help of the
Federal Bureau of Investigation,
Miss Fuerst's mother was found
In New York and she supplied
These photos were enlarged to
the size of the skeleton and the
points of similarity convinced
i Scotland Yard that the dead
woman was Miss Fuerst.

Cristobal Police
Hold Lady's Watch
Found On Bus
An expensive ladies' wrist
S watch Is being held at the Cris-
tobal Police Station for its own-
j.' Police said today it was found
4 11th its case on a bus in the
ristobal District a week ago.
The owner is asked to report
+ fto the police station to claim the


* ., *,j:u. Oh

''flfl a* L I 1 I |
'.' -* V f ^ M W k uL J A ^l k

"Let the people know t e truth ani t, country is safe" Abralhai m 't


PANAMA, R. P., PiDA. JUNE 19, 1953


*_ ._~___

--?:' ~ V 9W.~.. ta d ar

Reds Round Up Ringleaers

Of Bloody EastGermanffeolt

BERLIN, June 19 (UP)-Com- anti-Communists were killed In The reports said 'that workers fhting In East Beran Itself
munist authorities have begun battling Communist police and from the Thaelmann factory had amWf w.D am,
mass arrests of ringleaders of Russian troops in Magdeburg, a marched to the Magdebur pris- Partial.a strikes were
this week's bloody revolt in East big industrial city on the Elba on and were trying'to release reported LeMp ig, Dresden,
Berlin and the Soviet zone, It River. political prisoners when Russian Chemit, de-
was reported here today. Other riot reDorts came from tanks intervened. h shia nther mo*i t .
West B e r li n newspaper, Leipzig. Zena, Dessau, Dresden a n iblOPl were n t4bolfh-
which reported the arrests said and Gera. At Gera workers were report- :dPat q1srog ppolnf such
the number was not yet known; Some of the riots allegedly ed to have broken into a police as at om a. aeof
they said Communist secret .were of greater intensity than barracks and thrown some Comn, Wedneilay's heaviest rioting,
police were scouring big state- those in East Berlin. munist policemen out of a win- aiU theb3randenburgkte.
owned plants and arresting : Travelers and railroad postal dow. Police were reported to have
large numbers of workers who workers reaching West Germany fired on the crowd and many At every IaJor crMsghaulf-
participated in the rioting, from the Soviet zone said Rus- rioters were said to have been dozen or ire T-8tas and
The mass arrest reports fol- sian tanks opened fire on a crowd killed or wounded. self-prop9l:d gwaWxe staton-
lowed public demands by the of 13,000 which had lynched a ed. Mac:Miippu .aud -aol-tank
East German Communist author- Communist policeman in Mag. The full toll of dead msad guna were .. iwidt strategicc
cities that strike leaders be turn- deburg. wounded from the rioting and p .t& .
ed over to police for punishment. ------
Meanwhile U.S. high commis- a '
sloner James B. Conant returned F..
to Bonn from the United States, e .
and scheduled a conference with
Chancellor K o n r a d Adenauer
this evening.
American sources said it was
possible Conant would fly to Ber-
Immediately following his re-
turn to Bonn, Conant lret with
his section chiefs for a full brief-
ing on the Berlin situation, and
also conferred with the British
and French high commissioners. .
The East German radio read ;i" 4,
out alleged resolutions by.factory lin.. 4 .,., ,':,,, A
workers calling for the punish-
ment of the strike leaders. olw""e '
Neues Deautschland, official
organ of the East German Com-
munist Party, said in an edito-
rial: "These provocateurs should
not be given a moment to pause ,
for breath. They must be seized .
and handed over to the state
authorities. A new step in the
history of the German democrat-
ic republic (East Germany) will
begin when the enemies and pro-
vocateurs are treated in an even
harsher and more determined
The editorial admitted for
the first time the bloody up-
rising against Communist rule.
Red army firing squads act-
ing with speedy Russian "jus-
tice" last night began the exe-
cution of Berlin workers for a
mass revolt against eight years
of Sq*iet occupation and oppres-
The workers' revolt against the
Soviets and their Communist
oupet East German government
was reported to have scored from
East Berlin to other Soviet zone 1USA "l. ', ,
cities.RNET RESULTS AREGOOD..A ama m w eM dv
The Russians have moved a which has been developed by the Far Eiit Alg.*r0ea0 U0109 0 MO.Numnman.
full armored division 270 fast-landing damaged jet aircraft and aables *h01 to land do small m
tanks and about 12.000 men'- fighting front. In the top photo, the nose *hed ftte lae touches a line
into East Berlin, Allied author- arresting gear (bottom photo) which engages themain landing gear endwt Rol
ities said. The city was virtul.- easy halt,AThe net, similar to those used on aircraft carriers, cost $14.0t1* 0and
ly sealed off from the West. jet planes worth $240,000 tab ibl th es 10-_
Soviet East Berlin comm ander .2 0 0.0.c... h.liv o
Mai. Gen..P.T. Dibrova In an ef-
fort to suppress the uprising to-
night ordered the execution bv
a Red army firing squad of Willi
Goettling. as a Western spy and
for taking nart in the riots
Wednesday which turned East
Berlin into a blood bath.
"Willi Goettling. of West Ber-
lin. has been sentenced to death
and short for acting in the in-
terests of a Western intelligence
service, snd for having taken
oart in Wednesday's bandit ac-
tivity," the Soviet army an-
no-ncement said.
The "bandit activity" was the
r e v o 1 t of 100,000 East Berlin
There w a s no indication if
more executions had been car-
ried out or would follow under
martial law imposed in East Ber-
Thetarrest of 21 anti-Com-
An East German government
communique warned "severe
penalties" would be imposed-
probably the shooting of all WAS IT A.TOUGH JOB. MA?-With ll
ring-leaders in the strike and N. Y, a widow, decided her best move wi
revolt, teaching job. To do that she had to giadete i
The riot reports today from Lawlor entered Russell Sage College for Wadete
other eastern zone cities said 20 soon begin teaching kindergarten at Berl in,,. T.
Bobbie, 8; Billy, 6; Tom01e0,1 /1111

m WWI '-

I It

- ~ '~j.. .



S. .AMA..s. --* A- ---W

w. w w Aedm- waw'- Om-f-mA A 7. C--e. *C-b '..M3 .TL 2MSg*


~.n \


I ___


___ ^_____




_i__ __~_~_

A total on ahe-
ly were a re try

waters, ording to Ormtlin
releaed .y the P Anaan
oolulatw-general here' today.
One other ship h.a ha4 er
ru&try oanceed for h eg
Aed Chiuesge water de
of Pnq iflanln law an MW now In
the tof Natlona lt China

OulIlen, PaamIn

wasneranv HOts Ko Me
Thqe.urdip, the tarside; hi
Ito Lon cancelled as lte
u t a Gulllen ald

too, semve to have cl6eed its
tries ca dt r the law ro
hibgt- q V an trad thec Cm
to seven.` -4mi- r

munlat O f went into effect
August tKMi. ie
The q0mpanies were: Paciftic
Union 8temaship Company with
four s Purple Star s eaZm-
aftp O~ivady with three. Pa*
astern. MW Pakamanian TrAnn-
portaUon Ooany with atee;
Wallem and y wt4totfr,
and the ouths Asiatic 'rams-
portatioa Company, the har.ast
Enterpriingf Company and the
De' Oramit shippIan CQMpa
with*one each. 1n
PrevioUs to the decef fou
ships had applied foorroamn
cscelaft onof their regitIeI,
and have sine been Ientd i
Commuis China. .
Oullea said h we
"hap no re&aKn to. beUe", that
PanamM=anMilpa6 which wre re-
D]lted 4tm,, with Comm.nMa
whIth "la" had, their recitilM
cancelled. L r -
e isat: -4t mW be. Ud
thou canned thew vesV e aI -
SPnlan flaA
t e .

Beow. CILUwan
A" ta, on e Cvl dsAm. .t

Ia ior U WIon, Sb wa ado e

t~bme ett he

US Embas -iio RIo
Suffers Minor
Dontoge From Fire
(UP).-A short-circit n "

$a .floom o m t Fir
Us. ftba&y 'b

top At.e flo o t 0
bu)Itng, attb 4hegt be1 tao? t

^ -:'It


f ", *



*': ,t,, u.: .- _, -