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Weekend American
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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..A. wamm train

*Lec'k. peleo knew shie truth and


. ,
o* / l .l 1 1. *.

is sfe" Abraham Lincoln.

,Now... Year OldI


, -

I I iai mgmnf
' .gwOE LULL This newamap bowsU a Wnt
.tAms where Re4aswe tryinghto puh sth12Ibo
. nto -head territory eand Reds ( 'i- b
gmPt-elashing out in 'the* l t a.I.-wo
The" hve sir-ady pushed the os two ms b~Wd
rd the ahPa L More" athan IMIf air so -- J
Ie ce, according tto 04m_ .he
,te ie" atgthe tme lnsg.

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^$(rpst's Attqrnw:

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a fqtbe cop f-ll atth e te of the
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* coflhlflOSr
~sma Part IL



'Battle Of Bulge'

Believed Slowing

Korean Armistice

PANMUN M, June 17 (UP)
- Top.level. truce negotiators
held a mysterious 20-minute
meeting today that indicated
the "!ttle o the Bulge" was
delaying an end to the fighting.
Lt.L.n. William K. Harrison
of the Untlsd Nations Command
and Nortb Korean Gen. Nam 11
of the Comlaunist negotiating
team met secretly In the truce
hut for the first time In eight
Harrison refused to diselose
the amon for the meeting, but
It was believed the two senior
negotiitora had Initialed the
final versions of all items in the
armistles document except thpat
which defines the line on which
the hodntl will stop.
Allied an- Communist officers
on two lower-levels also con-
ferred a&er the senior delegates
bad recessed subject to quick
LIaison officers met for an
hour and 40 minutes and .two
groups of staff officers conti.
n -ud working on their assign-
Violent.battles raging on the
east central front, where the
Comamniti' "bulge" Is 15- miles
wide and two mille deep, pre-
vented taff officers fro
agrlta on a ceam-fire line.
't .tintmu2 rLmnna ndik

The Reds launched battalion-
sized counter attacks this after-
noon southeast of Finger Ridge
at the western end of the 15-
mile salient ad at "M-l" hill,
which holds down the eastern
The Allied big Runs apparent-
ly Rave the Reds pause in their
efforts to extend the battle. On-
ly Chinese probing parties were
seen in the area at nightfall.
At last reports, the fighting
in the M-1 hill area was fierce.
American advisory officers
said earlier Chinese troops from
an army stationed to the north
had been called into the bulge
area. The 8th Army did not im-
mediately confirm his front-line

Deormed Baby Dies

As Mother Slops
For Chrltenng
A distraught mother made an
unsuccessful attempt yesterday
to have her baby christened be-
fore it died.
The three-month-old son of
Sgt. and Mrs. Heriberto Ramos-
Medina was dplf0 at birth
anm been' at the
A'Mtk n -l twO


CLEMENCY CRT Participating In a 24-hour "Clemency Vigil"
at the White House are the children of convicted atom-spies
Julius and Ethel Rosenberg. While pickets marched on Penn-
sylvania Avenue, 6-year-old Robert Rosenberg (right) and his.
brother, Michael, 10, watched with their grandmother, Mrs.
Sophie Rosenberg.

No Evidence Of Any More

Red A-Shots-Eisenhower
co- n A --


iTe h -snewe6 verhy I %d was no evidence tnat me Soviei
Sfvag he n Union has exploded any more
b ut~hu re d atuvioeder to ,rtf e baby atom bombs since the announce-
fi 1,or ~, tim ea. In-a back to hff e started ments made by the previous ad-
Uatn a to out to rt. ministration.
widen the western edge of the However, Ramos-Medina, His remark came when he was
."balde' on the fog-shrouded who IIes in Panama, decided asked whether he would tell the
t-central front. to stop off at a church to have United States people when and
the baby christened. When ie i he.-received information that
arrived there she noticed the Russians had exploded more
SN hIe infant had taken a sudden atomic bombs.
a turn t.or the worse so she left
U the church before it was chris- He answered that he would
wte ne(-" have to decide what to do. if and
SSe told police later she be- when that happened but that he
Prussian SeZt.- l HUev.ts the child may have died w would say- this morning that
n while they were in church. there is no evidence that they
The baby was pronounced, have exploded any beyond those
dead of natural causes on arri- previously announced.
Sval ~at the Ft. Clayton Hospital.
An autopsy at the Gorgas President Eisenhower reiterat-
e eral SMorgue has been requested. 8gt. ed his belief that all persons
SRamos-Medina is attached to should have free access to the
the 33rd Infantry at Ft. play- facts about Communism, declar-
WABBINGTON, June rt (VP) ton. ing that you can not cure can-
Deputy defense a l retary cer by ignoring its existence.
Roger-M.."A said Pre il- lCa l ls| For H &W.
dent Eisenhower has n nten- r He also said he had written
tlon of setting up a n another letter to President Syng-
style armd foFree Uniforms man Rhee of South Korea re-
system" uder his prlEd de. stating the eaons for the entry
fene Fi 1aist k .IFor CopsEtc of th e Unted Nations to
gyes e "' OnFrC osconclict, declaring that in no y
Ment O nega'ions'

be only amat of d before Office and Civil Service Com- objective.
there woum4 be a full 1eC0111-mittee
there wounl be a/ l t e n 8 mittee. At the same time the Presi-
Th ,committee l r the -bill apply here was sked dent wi the Comm unt at
a by c.eI by Howard e Munro. leptaie flaunchV e their last minute of-
Hoit an .b (.-Ml.) dent' re representative othe fenive but he assumed It was
ouati of te i P ent a, i Uon and Meta ae.o merely evidence of their comn-
feeSing i ofs f .. f A secondd witness, v plete indifference to human lives.
The plan would iP the for the amendment, whlh Mr. Elsenhower said that Le
chai pan of the Joint fle the would affect about 647 Panta knew of no infallible methods of
final word in seleti~o t thb CaTna Zone employee, wa. interpreting Communist Inten-
staff of the joint 01M6 and Thomas 0. Walters, Operattaie tons, but assuming thqm to be
greater authe ity in qnal Director of the Government sincere In wlehing an atn~itlce,
the .ataff. Employes Council of the APFL th1elr offensive again gives evid-

Oflicer Say 'Retrograde MA

Butf F Mr Men It Was Terribl
Sy 3t1R UaSSCS 0 P&MITON human beings can do. They te lion but the other half 1=
.-- ,' 1 f exhausted in body Sad spirit. keep on c mini. They don't ear.
PUEK1A lVmR, Il.dr=, June He aid many ~emed unable y don't care.
1' (V ) 7 M uitgue yet to really what had hap- hre was-onl oneood_
eae t a ree- opened. back from t.he crumbn
ht."' Fdr the welvea It "We ere pre i to cout- When the order was Rvenj
was a ter.rible- 6 of e krttaek," hep .ad n tte disengalge, tanks, tru
ar Md n. roof caved in. I a doil't know M&m fo.hg tfor room on It.L
iur t tt e ~O aU am W.Nn -
Sat the ae of the oad
S"We a k, 1 i~ *The r'oad ws mamd .

Sh w w s a get Into the fucks. There
pla. ... room for them al I

MbO.. begd r


vM "" r3




--0 -

Justice D

Orders Sentence

Be Reviewed

WASHINGTON, June 17 (UP) Atom spies JuligM
and Ethel Rosenberg won a last-ditch stay of execution
today from Supreme Court Justice William O..Dou go.
The stay was granted just 36 hours before the hui
band-and-wife spy team were scheduled to die in the Si l
Sing electric chair for passing U. S. atomic secrets to
Attorney General Herbert Brownell, Jr., immediate/
said he would ask Chief Justice Fred M. Vinson today *,
convene the full Supreme Court to review Justice DouglI'
stay of execution for the Rosenbergs. .
Julius and Ethel Rosenberg re- page petition In the prison death
ceived the news at 11:30 a m. to- house, asking Mr. Eisenhower ta
day over the prison radio that clemency. Defense att or ne
they had been granted a stay of Emanuel H. Bloch immediat~qi
execution, took the document to Washlng-
Prison attendants said they re- ton.
acted happily but otherwise The couple signed the petite.
made no comment. In the presence of their two son,
At the time the news was who were brought here by Bloeh
broadcast, Julius was visiting for a final visit with the doomed
with his mother, brother and sis- pair.
ter, who arrived here shortly aft- Michael. 10. and Robert,
er 9 a.m. At that time, as far as made several previous
the Rosenbergs knew, their exe- the death house,
cutLon for paulnk atom secrets cipated in

H-KaM thiY -parenV"UE L 7 he stay of execu- In n yterd
willing to sacrifice large num- tion would b, effective until one the Rosenbergs said:
bers try to attain a few un- of the complete legal questions "We address this petition t
Important objectives. Involved in the case can be de- you for exercise In your spft
termined in lower courts. rior power to prevent a MW
I lHe said he did not decide worse than murder. We are
lit whether the death sentence nocent. The truth does .
was properly imposed but change the ,uilt if we die.
merely that there is a "sub- are asking do not orphan o
Judge's Benih stantial" legal question open boys."
"which should be decided after They also told the Presld
full argument and delibera- that "the guilt will be America]
tion." and "the shame will disho
A 26-year-old American, Gene "It is Important that the coun- this generation," if they are e=xu
M. Davis, was fined $15 in the try be protected against the ne- cuted.
Balboa Magistrate's Court yes- farlous plans of spies who would Bloch and the youngsters spent
terday f o r failing to keep his desroy us," Douglas said. two and a half hours with th#
pick-up truck to the left when "It Is also important that be- couple. The attorney produce
passing and overtaking another fore we allow human lives to be the children at a news confer-
car. snuffed out we be sure em- ence, at which Michael was asked
phatically sure that we act If his parents had admitted they
Davis, who Is a storekeeper for within the law. If we are not were spies:
the Storehouse Division. was fin- sure. there will be lingering "They did not to their own
ed' an additional $10 for driving doubts to plague the conscience words they are Innocent: Th e
without a valid license. after the event." are innocent, and they'll never
Four Panamanians were each one of the legal arguments tell a lie!" he answered.
fined $10 for trespassing. Victor presented to Douglas was that
E. Molina, 20. Arturo R. Luzcan- the death penalty could be Im- Bloch said the Rosenbergs'mo-"
do, 23, and Isaac L. Alvarez. 41. nosed under the Atomic Energy rale was "extremely high. The."
were each found trespassing in IAct only if a jury recommends it are confident that our country.
the Tlv6li Commissary. Francs- It was argued that the penal- will not put them to death." ,1
co C. Sibauste. 23. was fined $10 v 'provisions of this act had re-
for trespassing In the Balboa placed those of the espionage Four clergymen said after .
Commissary Annex. law under which the Rosenbergsa White House conference Yegut'.:
For parking his cab unlawful- were convicted. day that they do not bellei.:
Sharaveking his cabunlawful- serious doubts whether President Eisenhower will sav
ly on Terminal Place. William A this death sentence may be un- the Rosenbergs.
Johnson, a 25-year-old Panama- posed for this offense except and Dr. Bernard D. Loomer, deanor
nian, was fined a15. unless a jury recommends it. the University of Chicago divtlj)."
nidbrgh A. Davisned $0 for rivPana- Douglas said. "The Roseiber-s ty school and leader of four cet*-
ing without a license on Frangi- should have an opportunity togymen who came her to plea4.
ni Strt.litigate that Isue." for clemency, said he came aS .
an Street. The Rosenbergs won the dra- with the definite impression -
A 24-year-old bus driver Sam- matic llth hour stav from Doug- (Continued on Pan e CoL. 9 .
uel A. Robinson, was fined $10 las after falling in three separate
for falling to keep to the right moves before the full bench IF
when passing. Monday to obtain Supreme Court remkn I r=m1 dt
.. intervention.
Felipe C6rdova. 34. Panama- On Monday, the tribunal had
nian, was fined $5 for stopping refused a stay. turned down for. -- -IW
his but at a place which was not the fourth time an apoeal for a ms u a
authorized as a bus stop. review of the case and denied a |Il tIetIII iD
petition for a writ of habeas cor- =- E w,
rpus that would have hid the ef-
S fect of delaying the execution PITTSBURGH. June 17 (U1O
M1en le AnFd last month, Chief Justice American Industry hast 1o
o ve e nI I t Fred M. Vinson also had denied $13,500,000 worth of de
a stay. contracts for electrical S
But the defense lawyers oer- ment to foreign competitW .
S1sisted in their efforts and fi- the last 18 months. accordg U1
e r a* nally succeeded, a Westinghouse Electric .
e R e re After the curt recesses as official.
.. It did last U'onday-lt is permis-. Vice president Joln N .-
er.faeAing fire by radio against sible for a sh nle Justice to con- netted told a employ P
enemy. sider and grant. a stay of execu- meeting at the firm's East
"We were firing protective tlon if he finds there are new burgh plant that undewi
._jalall around them," Weather- considerations in a cae that by foreign firms which emp
sald. 'He told us the bunker have not been presented before. cheapebo l700 hours of faeto*g
Wk weakening and could not Douglas s id the point bout laor .' eorsod
Sgroupe cf s tried to get validity of the death sentence work the same peo.
A V Iro tof him. but tohey had not been raised in any of the The company urged its
al qt i get it He said five earlier petitions presented to ployes to appeal to Congreavs
*ax gettingwe ak from no the rourt. stop further awards of defeMn
itr" an .no. o an d r-was go- The stay was f"Ialed not by contracts to non-Amerln
Sto try to make a break or the batter of attorneys repre- firms. .
W1i'ben the radio went dead seuntlaf t Rinberrs bot by Hodnette said Westinghou
eberl cou ldn't see t he. of-two outsters representing a East Pittsburgh plant alone
lp* r. d s men come out of the LS Angeles tedent. Irwin lost contracts worth 0M0
h r, but later he saw the 91h1am wm% ohad intereted and entailing I,05 '_
fen with their arms in the himelf in the ease. The tter- hours of work tof.or,
ls p .vwills Term, and Daniel G. More than 8.000
Marshal, Ls Angeles. tended the mass mee
"We floir smoke shells to help The Romenbergs made a final day which marked the
away from the plea to the White BHouse yester- ofR anew -footlo g
I tS make It" The Rosenbergs signed a 10- and tgenerato f




- -- .

, .




^ -

M7777 --- "I
7- 712ti=7



Real Peace

Still Far Off


:'N o Ye 0 .A. 1In Korea
RO: ONE YEAR. 'N AOVANC* -- ._ orea
Comes a period of from four
months to a year, waiting with
o- fingers crossed to see f the
The Mail Box s an open forum for readers of The Panmle Ame"w Kocean armistice works out as
icen. Letters are received gretsfully and are handled in a wholly coali- hoped for.
dential manner. it is as uncertain a truce as
t you centribule a letter don't be impatient it it doesn't apper the b was ever negotiated. It could be
eat day. Letrs are published in the order received. broken on a moment's notice
Please try to keep the letters limited to one pege length. Irom either or both of two
Identity of letter writers is hld in strictest confidence. sources: From a refusal by South
This newspaper assumes no responsibility for statements ass pinioas s o r e a n President Syngman
Repred in lrs from rhee's government to cooperate,
expressed in letters reaer o or from a deliberate Communist
BREAD AND BUTTER LETTER attempt to disrupt It.
London, England. One of the most discouraging
Sir: aspects ot tne new armisce
I would like to convey through your paper my sincere thanks apec nt oi t te new armlader o
to the people of the Republic of Panama and the Canal Zone fo agreement is thane ft oerr no
the hospitality afforded me on a recent visit to your country. text of the original Indian gov-
I was returning to Algeria for discharge from the French ernment's proposal.
forces and was overwhelmed by the friendly people of your coun-
try. I have travelled far and I am convinced that your people This was said to have Com-
are the most hospitable I have ever met. munist China's approval wnen
Their kindness has decided me to revisit your land in the it was tirst perstneua ~o one
near future and I would like to hear from people of Panama. united iLauons last iovemuer,
Sincerely yours, ana approved by tne UN in De-
Terence Mead cembL..
22 Gordon Road i ne Communists could have
Peckham 8. E. 15 had this good a aeal si.
London, England. mo,.ths ago, if they had reat-
ly wan'tea it. But with their
BE ON YOUR GUARD, BUTCH! pecutiar rental capacity for
Sir. i dragging out negotiations al-
This is an open letter to Butch West, age 11, whose pie- rnos Otyona the white main's
ture appeared In the local press. Butch was kneeling at the power oj endurance, atney al-
side ofhis do who was murdered by a person who gave it towed all lhu time to etpse.
some poisoned meat. From the picture it could be seen that 'ens ol thousands of Unsted
Rowdy's death was almost more than Butch could stand and Nations casualties were sus-
it was much more than he could comprehend. ta ined wh e ths injurtieang
business araged on, and tn*
Communist casualties rose oy
Unfortunately you are just old enough so that It. will be a nunareds of tnouands.
long time before you get over Rowdy's death and you will never
forget him. Rody looks as though he must have been a swell These additional casualties,
dog and I'm sure that whoever killed him didn't know very well. however, may nave been one
BuE maybe it wouldn't have made any difference. Because peo- actor ~iaat caused tne tCom-
ple who are able to kill tame animals are usually unable to under- munsts to agree to an armistice
stand that dogs and cats and children are supposed to get special nyway, when the tme came
consideration from grown-ups. Kids and their pets are inclined nywafor eriou negotiations, oame
to live in a world apart, and sometimes they overflow their korean elin. niam ti ansu oa
boundaries by their very activity and energy and splash over truce team settled down n
grown-up bystanders, ousiness. in two weeks om ex-
Intelligent people or kindly people don't notice this very ecutive sessions, unaccompanied
much. Or they step aside and make room. Some even enjoy it oy toe agLcauon 01 ts n usual
Others, the abysmal brutes, the ignorant, the stupid, the cruel, .,mmunist propaganda, the
take offense and strike back. Yes Butch, they strike back at kids wnoie ining was Du&MLone up.
and dogs and cats. Usually, they strike when no one is looking
- at night, with poisoned meat, with whips and clubs when no It will take a month, perhaps,
one is looking. They strike to kill and to hurt and usually they to ge tue inulan auO orluer
succeed all too well. They kill dogs like Rowdy and hurt kids neutral troops into Korea to
like you, and you don't understand that very well. LaKe over ue prisoner-oi-war
You are just getting to the age now where man's inhumanity canps.
to man Is becoming recognizable. You hear and read of men ien will come the 90-day-
killing men; wives stabbing their husbands; boys shooting their periou in wnicl me community
fathers and other horrible things like that. You don't under- piupaganaisws will nave tneir
sand that either. It's like war where hundreds, thousands, mil- cna.,ce to try to indoctrinate
lions are slaugatered. Even If none of this is understandable, mWe uiinese and moo'n Aoreans
you recognize it as somewhat normal activity among human be- wno on, want to go bacK were
Wings. And besides, as a usual thing, none of that is very close to Lney came'irom.
yuv and doesn't tdiftryou-. And aside from war and pestagI e,
kids like you, nice normal kids like you, have nothing to d64 th One parallel on this may be
the lunicri i. ueer. savage, cruel oun si po t9wo rl ata
S.upadu hin ii s ngs which encircles us e tyin o perae
And as you grow older you will find that this c9u4 mtid otspiace pego rsons in Western
circle is not as numeroUs as you might have feared. Y will f ron r .tope to go o acs benina tne
that the world is full of people just like you, normal, kindly, de- lron ttao enul e r tussans were
cent. In fact, most people you will ever meet will be just that aitowea to senapropasandlcs
yinto tne DP camps. ,iey caiten
wayBut from, now on, Butch, be on your guard and keep your lte unsorunate an iomesT
shield up against the cloudy-minded who are ever with us, always refugees "-iascis pigs' oanc worse
ready to hurt and cause heartache and sorrow especially to the or not wanting to return ie
young and helpless, to kids and dumb animals. It is a fearful oiana, theaterans, temany aiend
thing to have to be on guard against brutality and cruelty and zusULWa.
stupidity throughout one's life. But that's the way it is. instead of throwing fear in-.
And Butch, your best guard Is your own intelligence and to te neu, s oj rae iu's u ese
courage. And if you are wise and brave, the cloudy-minded will tacncs onty infuriated itntm.
not get to you too deeply. They may hurt you again but you will 1 ne6y stone~ te tusssans anau
be better nrevared for them next time, and even though you will ove, .urnei 1,te1 cars. Altean

sorrow you will perhaps understand.
And forgive them, Butch, for they know not what they do.
Your Friend

Answer to Previous Puzzle
Fruitful M |Ai'rpml
WSW sh Io a

HORIZONTAL 4 Feline animal
S1 Drupe fruit 5 Ground
1'( Citrus fruit elevation
4 Citrusfruit Etruscan- title
11 Give as an r Sumrer (Fr.)
inalienable 8 Those not of
possession full age
13 Sarcastic wit 9 Cofullmonge
14 Infant's toy citrus fruit
15 Amphitheaters Birds' homes
f Fla water 12 Jump
,17 tDomain 13 Makes
49 Ontario (ob.) sorrowful
20 Lieutenants 18 Neither
(ab.) 24 Smell
21 Seed contain 5 Assistant
22 Regulars (ab.)27Assuth
-23 Greek portico American
26 Correct timber tree
29 Immerse
31 Diminutive .
of Edgar .
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-34 Emphasis II
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40 Stea er (ab.) -
41 Scottish burial /
43 Postscripts
45 Mine shaft -
44 Mexican coins
48 Greek letter
49 Speaker
R Tradesman
93 Tips anew q
54 Calm
AS Worms
1 Hazard
2 Makes into
3 Authenticate

28 False god 40 Twenty
30 Irritates 42 Metal bars
34 Shops 44 Forefathers
35 Plays the part 46 Explosive
of host sounds
38 Distress signal 47 Soothsayer
38 Pome fruits 50 Bind
39 Hebrew 52 Brazilian
ascetic macaw

Thursday, June 17, 1953

^iksfa EL 'RANC:3

TM ..r

forces finally nad to provsue
guaras. in rite end, practicauy
none of tne rejagee3 weius
rem-aps the Russians learned
something utlm nat. In e Com-
Anunist uiinlee ana Nort so.o-
rean propaganuis. sent into
,ue prisolt.i-ui-war camps may
.y to use gentler tactics yi per-
ouasion to assure Uv'sn mat
an will be iorbiven ii tney go
If some of them do voluntarily
go oaCK, nieie will oe no way o,
anecKinm up onu waiib, u.tppvnb
to tnem. ii onmy a ,ew ar.; per-
suaueu 0O go UAcC, Viasuutlno.on
olicials aic incanmu to ueaieve
tneie will oe nuo gi-at i ii,
lace for naving vonbunteu to
,ils procedure.
But no one has any assuf-
ance tnat utts 90-day nnerna-
ltOn4.uL Coolti-oll peitoo,, is
going to wori. A cousa oe an-
uthse" Commuastt ricic, aimed
onty at caciting tne uV osoives
of guard. Atl during tie
at mnist.ce ntyotiations, t it e
Communist jurces nave buint
up Xnews supplies and reserves
norra of tne line. T2ney're
reaay or anything ana o-vi-
oustly capable of it.
'anut 01 course explains the
attikuace of ,:outn ureau l-is,.
iaent Kthee, his Wasmingto am-
oassactoi, u1. You ut iai xang,
ana tnew- government.
It Is almosV impossible not tc
have some syimpatny for the
douth Aorean point of view,
which is that If i orea remain
divined, the Communists nave
won the war. For both the Unit-
ed States and the Lalited a-
tions are on record that Korea
must bq free and united.
Talking about trying to unite
and liberate Korea by peaceful,
diplomatic meanS psses the
buck to the United Nations. Af-
ter the Bermuda BOf Three con-
lerence of AlrerlOaM- itleh and
French heads of state, Unit-
ed Nations can again take up
the Korean case.
In the 90 d that C omnun-
ist a out& ac t W lomple
what now beSom _- neoeW O
war front, tIrUi tW
be sweltering M, t
Ing to solve

There pee -IOse
any real peace talE

Sort of. Boge4dDown
'* **; ,. ^ -> --

Draft Deferments

/ '
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The Big Brawl that featured Diana Barrymore
(in the headlines) included some startling dialog.
Diana (sold cober) informed reporters: "I don't
mind being punched. Noel Coward once said
women should be struck regularly like a gong
and he's right. Women are no damn good.I
(Down, Girl!).. .The July. Issue of Photoplay an-
swers Joan Crawford's huffy comment about
Marilyn Monroe's sinticing publicity. Publishes
one of Joan's nudiful photos..."I Believe" has
been translated Into breach and Italian. at l be-
ing rendered at grad exercises and ln churches
all over the land, too. (Beautiful poetry. Thrill-
ing musie)... How silly can they getT A new
rhythm and blues group is names The Plaid
Throats... Howc ritialcan they get? Cue mag's
reviewer scolded a new radio show before it pre-
miered...Big Let-Down Dept. (via a Girl Friday
memo): "For every dollar you earn you keep a
dime." -
Was It Not? One Broadway record-shop had to
change its entire window display, Kvery aoec
meltea in the windows.. .Recommecuea; Lionel
Hampron's new "Lullaoy to Benny Gooaman."
Four major firms are eloding 10r the album
tights. Goodman A discovered Lionel soca-peraingt
(i a Los Angeles drug store) 15 years ago... Sign
of Changing *Times: Lingerie (once caud hnder-
wear) os now called intimates by Risa cBlpa-
rell "eaiful enough," ,e reports, *o wear As
outer garden .. .'1ue World's 4 rest Mer Bot-
tie U bOW on ee. Without it B way and ra looks
glum...Prettiest dism jockes" in town: velyn
,tobaso1 bgAr8 kid sister. (Stateion WQ; I ;1
'I Wow You)...Qnry en a potL- d:---u--

friend) pame in late and ordered food which was
refined. Raed a big h6lle and Our Hero e shied
In...The flow wle ever and ietlaP fgsed
them 'As ssm gd he pays a.bill e ow fory
$1,M00, we 'wa be $ to re i ...
Qaeu the hluse me ve had to Set
him. 'The DueaHe,-as thea eal1eg hhiiai* Abe
pkoe, had a L" deal here sbt loused It ain
his own al & b b dobble-4dase wary ad 1--
terics. f knlow Ie's Wlheterseeuol, at eaose.
(Oh, evvybo y tews Thoat!)
Don't mi s tie "Willie reward" style of tunes
front "The Mikado." Very comical.. Unfair Item:
A movie ma has 5 photos of La Oraeble and not
one display her nylons... Brt
never bravMrba he Is In the "8o Waf
an" fils. six a Jap j saeyg bret O

jockey the other day. NOW at a "Rest arm"
ing at te oats... e 's

we ,.. What
death wQ.
Go To ..r So
the nej I"

7. O fST s t o 0. Sos s14. PANAMA. *O. P.

MOty. lobby4t to Psator1 Mawu.-
d getemtw5 t"e ....V.-
Bet there to rim s n eoeIma
Sover to WITate enterersFe.'*-

palitits pretty much left oat In the Cold.
The model contract MeKay sent to Oregpn pplis to the
Portland GeeOral Electric Oompany, though eight dther utlmes
blanketing the Northwest re to get imUsar enrae
Section, 4 (b) *of the contract wlJch the 'ex-govmrnr-o
Oregon, now secretary of the entrior, handed the utllties on
silver platter not ol gi es vem an option a wer pro*
ue y e onneve sn but rovdes tha?-nb new cone t
tracts shall be let to new industry uti the optlen to the utlitie
is met.
Section 3 (b)- of the contract also provides that in diet
contradiction to the 50-year-old law laid down under Tidy
Roosevelt, Bonneville will not sell power to any munlnt cpalRig
co-op. or publicly-owned utility districtt for resale whe I h
resale will 4nctiase the power taken by thesUepu bodlie mied
than 100,000 kilowatts a year.
There are various other new provisions in the new o0,at0 .
Instead of fixing rates:pn its own power, as the govemnme i
-today, the new contractmerely permits rate negotiate wtth
utilities. I the negotiations are not successful, the Rvea"M
can only serve a four-year -ntice of cancellation, then after f
years appeal to the courts.
In other words, what the new M Kay contract bols down
Is that the U.S. taxpayers generate the power, turn it overA.
nine private utilities let the utilities decide who shall gLt
pow4f, what they abel charge for t ) power, while thet
surrender most o their right to fix rates on the power wf ef
genrate. .
Probably If the electric lobby adn't been so avarlcl0ioi
could have got away with It. But 4he term of the neqw bUt
were so avaricious that t backfired. And the badkflr ,s Omte
from big jmsness, chWAM e Republican. .
Wlhen AnevlUe idm itr to 'Paul Raver received' a o
of th new qomract from Wasb ,he. alle a mettR J
1 of n tries U onnevU, wer. L-
%*1 dd4 powerful 4 as en gll
"roq 0 the Carborundumt Co.,a ft'C

St Co, owne Be t of
invitede, In't :CMfr; h
in stunned silence aIsUMMi t
S'ttthhe ie

pMnd fa es. te titels5 rfgad theI pdowr; thet
were out of ftck. '- -..r
rw. aditmltrator RXver alo explained .that th pew
contract went furthbi. The tillties would handle future rate to
Industry. The cheap rates of government operation would be no
Only a few Indutry presettittl*s at the meeting ot
ed. Norman Krey, -repkesentatIe of Kalset, pointed out tat
new contract WOuld pOre In ustuaes which have apnet
getting started in the Northwest from making their normal A
Also, he said, the contact would prevent industries in
Northwept-from firaing up their future sources oft electric BtW.
t a phololby, Wi ved which Is halcally w ong,"
K te -, 1 ,= -
"Industry was encouraged to come to the Nlorthwest to In.
vest c0t30 the .h_ oso of the utilities is that-onee establish-
ed o line.:. u mf!reVIthumedto have a vestedl ght tO
continue totke ee f that utility as long as yr pl
exista. P violate that r t WIder this proposed contrt'.0.
nla, all dnn6 r-*. ven.vernm reprbsentatives with-
drew, letting industry offlcia- noid a osed-door meeting'of their
At this meeting weral tpdica 4tLd were stroenilbg -
cans, didn't want to etnbarra the &A troi" Cu
too. Ferthermote, all -the o2mpaties were a.b.twn -riwn
they we it Isure what efr oi 1 o .
oxwegr..a seven- n steering apami tee was
look nto te matter, and In the days, that have followed. ,
stunned ence of Rqpulian ndustrialists hbu changed to rig.l
Shas egun to real that with ts
labocO J tc ad i av v tranrtaVIon ratw, the uend of
hydroeleIc.power will meanUthe en4 of in ti tha t
enoife o.t te stncest Repu lcan qp nm ..
ate U It art at the "pw dear' for th psateuttlWO
S himL. A. Nikelorc.of Harev Alumin1i: "'Th. Northled
wIll ee_ new depression area If this goes through."
I .tT Tr

-;i I

I- & IN i



wn~uEm rr WS

Drew Pearson Say; im etric po A
uetory; Governen.t vtufy Vf up tro f
-yai)@e power; u blic '.sbg_$k % n.
va ti U lit esh in Nor hve .
A TON.- Topping th MIt Vt
paid lobbyljateolp city swarmiLag with 10
Aasociation of lette ompanim. -"rm
Aftordng-So tw official records on filI.fli ,lnnn ME % t-A
group prvte utuy cp ent A pt fAJ9
yeaty lWgu O lt wrew -s m" :-m. ..
Anghii nDUtimi at w- -


Lots of times I've disagreed loudly with Gen. A man's way with the maid Is certainly his own
Lewis B. Hershey, who has more or less bumbled business, and if he takes on the responsibility of
through our dratt problems for y'ars and y'ars, a bride, and the bride catches a baby, on bor-
but wnen he put in that recommendation for the rowed time,,then it is most certainly- the gent's
end of double draft deferment, I let out a loud own problem. .
in the first place, the double deferment affect- Geneft *lershey, with .ome logic, said at the
ed men who had been Riven anoesty under the earlier suggtstiop that If a man were deferred,
college elite operations, where some bright boys it was supposed that he would serve after com.
were left tree to study while some not-so-bright pleting his education. The bride and the bairnsi
boys went hustling off to Korea to get shot at. don't change it, as the wives of any old reserves
whQ suffered through two wars will tell you.
Now some 20,000 of the bright boys have suc- .I expect there is no good way to run a man-
cumbed to June and moon and have acquired power draft, no just Way, but for ofer a dozen
spouses and progeny whilst dealing with the up- years we've had e and We stll seem to floun-
percase TVnree t's, and hence expect a second der. General Herse has admitted this in a let-.
deferment under the fatherhood relief deal. ter, a nice letter. asking for suggestions and I
Were a man's glands lead him hoes not seem to am still at loss for a conorete'answer, save one.
me to be a Governmental business.
, We used to holler when they first started du That's to draft-er equally, everybody
eati q*jesmentA- that was uafirto tA whofal within ertaliaE troupand
youngtet)'go Off to study coeds and ttjt- .Loereios: we. Out ttMhelt4trm the" t"
Dug, the while -reealling some grimy old retead talented from the stupid, the apt from the inept.
from World Wat 'II, who must again uproot his and channel the seletees olf into different
joo and family-to serve once more In a war he fields. *.
never bought and which has seemed always to There would be, colossal foulups, of course, but
head nowhere. none so great a& have been commute ed inthe
arbitrary methods of making one afan a civilian
When the young doctors who had been defer- and the other a dogface 0-
red from World War II began to scream that they
were being discriminated against because now You may well say that the country needs
the Government asks them to pay up tor a tree braimiw and skills, ,nd that it Is better for -a
education ant safety from harm in a large, tough dumbjohn to go and get himself killed than for
war, we did some stuff that brought extra howls a branboy to wind up a carcass..
irom the Dright young men.
Now it appears that over 12,000 of those same In theory this is perfect. In practice, the dumb.
escapees trom service must turn up to buy Pacit guy sets just as high a price on his life and times
their tuition in the next three years. It seems as the smart gty. And It Js till a&land where
right and Just. freedom, for all is suppbeed to abound, as wells
There has always been a tremendous inequity an equal shake for everybody In the admialatra-
in the selection ot people as soldiers, where some tion of the nation. "
fare free and others go to get killed or bored to It looks a If the draft of manpower for war,'
death on small pay in a time of great prosperity, and for preparedness for war, wlBl continue a
paper prosperity through it may be. long time.
I beseech- only one thing, that Gen: Ike. now
Certainly the business of letting the students President, will cause his aides to set up somA
study while the 'dumb guys fought, or -the poor sort of permanent plan for conscription, get it
guys fought, or the old reserves fought, was the going, .nd then )cave it alone, so that Joe Aver-
greatest of all the inequities. And now to have age, candid~ite-or service, will kn6w where he is
the students with families, acquired while study- and what to expect and make his plans accord-
ing, scream for exemption in double-time is ingly. And belay this aristocracy of brains. tIr
slightly ridiculous. was unsound from the start.

Walter Winchell I nNew York




I '

Mc30 U1cu s
1a "" r o ui


f. I -


*'~t K

The na Fe Relation

.-Comm~,ttee to4sy oyewhelmlng-
,. ,=- ly approved l the hory.-d.sputed
riding for a Joint U. 8.-Canad-
.8 d '- ,11 i an project to open the Great
-L Shakes to ocean commerce .
SChairman Alexander Wiley
o(R Ay,- .-w,.) e vote on the
,bill, which has the warm en-
il;es V. Wi, dorsement of Presdent Elsen-
n d e shower and the bitter opposltlon
lists of protots It of powerful indual interests
W dl Isf s7 chwas m to n. sn.. wlter i .
sGeorge D.-O .) and William *.. 4 .. ..s...? ... ,.,.
l" g"-Ark.) voted a- '
$.. ,1,7 The bill would provide a 27-
foot deep channel to the lakes ... .. .
ak N l by way of the St. Lawrence, THIS IS SCANDALOUS-At least I n Morocco in North Africa.n d
Swith most o f the dredging and This picture appeared on the front page of a popular Paris newe
1. M0 mudhefo0e1s, w. construction work centered in paper, "France Soir." The young lady in the modern swim suit
Sthe Intertional Rapids area. is Princess Lala Aich, daughter of the Sultan of Morocco. He.
fS OA.din I lsDble Canada already has signaled its attire Is held as a shocking example of the SultAp's departure
intention of building the pro- from tradition since the Mohammedan religion forbids such clethth
BI 'o S~j ect alone if this country re- ing for women. Prince Moulay Hassan seems to lend
.. -'b .s.: I ues to participate. as he suns himself with his sister. j
Sat aind s EWahn. -d. Proponents of the measure
an. ...- .,009o o fr e 8 which would br o ocean shi-
aIe 44- ,4the neral ping to lake ports and simpli y
m only wnith e the Benate e A 1.t. South the movement of grain crops
t Committee. had fa and iron ore in national emer-
SArk.) went even further and wrect Opponent contend the ea-
ell predicted that m te Senalte wO 1 ill i'a a hutL- way would bae an easy target
Scan approve a budge aor the ext bidt for enemy bomb, would be
flscal. year stallrin5 e to 4 linWest frozen for manw months each
an anw*r ray fIgure. oth T S a O A thre year, anSd vosuld pIrmit O ly a
wrnowland and MoCdelan are at side few deep-fdraft ships to reaoh
e l"menbets of the a ppropriat
Poeiintono r f the epanopri o e r nnm the lakes unless only partly
.. I _ee, re p. o tr e hadibh loaded.

a e rhatl s ubn r ... .. not dtt
hs t Preiadentr Ienhower sag- fuse se toa rhe tiaesh s Wuns egahi s lfawthhhis sin-

thruade p re co rate PrldeJLrm n3 aed the spt et d saed the oo E
tse r laondin. hPeack of cu sa tr' sec-
laetis IP- Knowlmnd it he is not 2 o nd diaamon trick, and EAst obe-
WAS p s ldeNas Mr.elenhower'ds l fted to aluA s at the dMEXICO CITY, Jane 1m (UP)

touforadvance "e-lbttout effort to bolster the natlori'S
'a Vhgp and-bgen is' Coal 3- seedt as-aMprotecteaserwo
'^8:'0. thatx he hIV n.t ul Mll oofth howhrg y h ic an w ould briss ocea n \ship
t anedofthp ofae enoel h
eg Wrt Sudan could advance administr- aWith the kInI aI d Ummy ha4 second-largest "Industry."
w10. pto win ilth ee.dre Interior Minitek Angel Car-
,d et a n yeari. to h I hand by means of the kng vajal announced three new
onl R.- of hearts and tr trump measures to permt Amerian
.r thate Go.), a membe, fn Jo ro.-d lliib onte dum. WeIt could not citizens to enter and leave this
f6n" a rke)- Mwcteonuthe ared apr- u nglm ,a herd o uel. afford to put, up the e of country with a minimum of red
SVre vdWWgs thatesid wa8 11 glWWl.r o a saplel sin l ce th h e w gt-T said a new "multiple" t "TE WORLD'S MOST UEAUTIFUL
e big fish enable t he Air Force to do the five a wr aa h elayed and onmmy tWe t ourist card valued at $5 willd h re
.i Wi O t hts e hb i Ai"rnt ow to wo mhe ai a 'mhe "bsSa"- feaSgaulpkS the fore p laed bo ke In yo n our car a at wil
"I don't know ane who e wth the n or spades. allow a many entries as
lg l denbetgs hfig r th e ae i d q uee of hearts, period, in contrast to the prea- to geu dislig Eda 3gm Q
counflte a g murnet -a Mayb ek iD.- d lon hecod of which he could ent singly-entry card. be ouaed Mis u"Vu
ta l n. Cup40dhe sthenforivi te .to lUtow ~r a~ luby. r eontnued In addition, Carjaval said,
bspiciures FiturS ael A Pe llan he neeve by r -ffln -ilo.' heart, and then U. 8. border residents will be
of creatures an Mtij1 said he e "'.., l his air daamopd towards permitted to visit Mexican bor-
pire th Senate will vote ra t t der cities for a period upto
s NtMlfha nP rs id aentpim di bi S'0 hcug taB M Oln t bpop h1~i s If other than presentFoilou of iden-
11u11 yo bdo has goeehut s med a 10-- angetm aW st t hu wit n r e
wil l." would =fhrbPWetenTium antou'snd card. AaA .161 CENTRAL AENE, P M At
r -" mm n i oe, ffing, thrlties will ossue documents a .....
A to, rq I ,heA r doma r fftd.and Ad te. lt the port ouf eitry.
.aonll I n nwood d" -r a South a a oe to **e
t.g Talar aol g fa-rofer poIdlear-ear"h," stclub. Havilg dis-..
thathe. sn..-ttf. stuiuph-Md .m aeI r,.sefo
20 L. S.aquue.,feW_ .ut..fyor to of tho sItrhb loner, decla'rer
poirt.uda) c made public an wtt V' 10 .. ..en l tgict and stil make his

Sto .,w ._ ower' cuts t I .ter .orydun eleC-r
a 5si-War," made eceseary of er mmbewhnthe wtyame nOte lekncnstanr-
WillonlyS. mdB! l .(c t s,,1s n losed hj :' thred

'" urN.4I ,hmply mustem get the lo apk

Il I. I my back door. It h
6a1e .1iitndt to who e.igforaoO-I, RwM t pken for a month. But
.gon uantdanin he il1w thog hres vs toie
toheor robaford to Put. iUP theathurs. B.

oica le m h of c oeeanro0I "-g nyt aO'maex inc .other bou t o ef
firlighroivi cs-o mmio nrtettedst wl ds hg000nWe llWesterM
waitedna0 Realyedoshhould tels Mse mi.

isnmided anotkosmer $1buI,- ... -Its.'Well, a declare," or "yotur

oUAW5lened1he lory trdoet ch cthek
.and s ired h shot know h hrn ittow gemuit

,,...,.inrMUD --_ -'-,". Innln
TMishe bandis tpwasSiIsucha7huw n
t toto another sihe hea

_lan re ated
ilkk0eU a1
Is aid te.laAn buthuslastpe approach
auteeniage aSotatheneto
aim 1:M~i=Oer15 sft.wv.&S3 Jm. el

4 i ah 'l OlY "WELL C//OP/E'ArACCE//MOf/E/
u. ,i~ 7"I#ST F/NI/J/f/$/9 TOt~d //

,4MPJ' ./tPE.,/' IS/P t(/ I *

-ip"" s
-*-- ,, -,,"m
'" "*.. ..." # Ta"II-T "" T U 5.
""7; 'M IU E "N 4L'- ,.-" 14 .

., ..,. I

xIC.4 I

' 9...


.. "i ... ..-' -.

"AMA( *I Uiim A .*V IA ,A
,^ ^^'i Sam^n .

4.~4.> .;-~

' 4. 4,. ,
i*'- ^ .


oW 0 rpma

almwr MY 0o0MM4

A M l W *-... t ,
n o .,

kpm:=*wJ" vwM !wfj ol3

by Erskine Johnson
0 -
NEA Staff Conrrepondent mented, "So! Zat is what I was
clusively Yours: oeary Steffan, DOES SHE TALK?
out to make a new life for him-
self minus Jane Powell, will be QUESTION of the week: Is
a skating instructor at a new another actress dubbing Lllit
ice rink in west Los Angeles. St. Cyr's dialog in "Son of Sin-
Specialists are consulting with bad"?
Dr. Danny Leventlhal over the
leg injury that has put Susan HOLLYWOOD ON TV: Dun-
Ball on crutches. U-I high brass can Renaldo's broken neck, suf-t
has given orders to spare no ex- feared during filming of a "Cisco -
pense in saving Susan's leg Kid" film. will keep him away
from the cameras for fat- least
Margaret O'Brien is joining the three month..,. "Time for
warbling brigade. She'll sing Beany" and Paramount Televi-
two songs in her six-week sion Productions are calling It a
strawhat tour in "Kiss and day.... Ann Sheridan's being
Tell."... Add "The Songs of paged for another telefilm
Solomon" to the list of Biblical series, "The Magnificent Miss
pictures coming up. Boone.".... Preston Foster will
star in "Waterfront" is a week-
Joan Shawlee. th.? new looker ly on film series.... Virginia Pleld
on Bob Hope's TV show, thanked will headline CBS' "Vanity and
Bob for the break in a full-uage Mrs. Fair," due in the fall....
ad in a local trade paper. Fea- Coincidence: Peter Lawford 'will
ture in the ad was a photo of do a television series for CBS
Joan in an eye-popping gown and that's where Sharman
about which writer Herb Douglas. who's never given up
Braverman flipped: the chase, toils, as a script read-
"You couldn't have worn any- er.
thing you looked better in even,
if you hadn't worn anything.", Plastic surgeon Dr. Rolcert
I Alvn Franklyn just did a nose
Judv Holliday's down to her bob on actress Linda Soma.
movie dimensions for "A Name sister of Ricki Soma, who's wed
for Herself" -28 pounds lighter to John Huston. It's gasup-stuff,
than when cameras aren't peek- but Ricki's mother hands out
ing.....It's 15 years of we.dded match pads engraved: "John
bliss for Jon Hall and Frances I Huston's Mother-inLaw."
Langford. I
Ln rJoe E. Lewis remarked: "My
Steve Cochran partnering up mouth always gets me in trouble
with Art Linkletter. who has the but it's such a handy place to
Midas touch, in a Palm Springs keep my teeth."
housing project.
1-1T'VA A

printed report that she's been
signed for a dancing stint in a
Rio de Janeiro night club whilr
Glenn Ford's working there in
'"Tle Amnericano.". Marl
Blanchard's new U-I contract
the result of her "Veils of
Bagdad" click-puts her in the
salary class of Shelley Winters
and Tony Curtis.

Milton Berl,? is scheduled for
minor surgery when the TV
season ends.
Cameron Mitchell in Canada,
sent his agent, Bill Josephy, the
tail of a moose with a card
reading: "You always geep after
me for that 10 pet 'Cent. Here's
nn n t--?ct cut."
S udmilla Tchleriia, orie ador- I
ed by Orson Welles, will play
'Mary Magdalene in U-I's
Biblical dramaI "'The Qalilleans."
..... Frankie Laine and Jinamy
Bo,-d are being iiiged -for a!
r co- warring British film, de-,
cE. .bed by. Franxie as "a man'
anr-boy story.";... Quick action
byv assistant' director Byron Rob
erts averted tragedy for the
"Ciptain John Smith 4and Po-'
cahontas" troupe at Lake Mal-
Ibi. Roberts saved actress Jo-'
sep.-irne Parra from drawing.
B:!r1crina Jranmaire learned
English in a hurry-up series of
I~-..':,s for her role in "Hans,
Chrlftlan Andersen.'" Other day
in F;-uis she was called in to
duib It French her English
S dy.'g in the film. ShBe rekd thb
Frerch translation of the script
arched ian eybrow 'and corn-


... OE--



nothinS else

O rt' soo"M*S, 4I ork "I II oato9

RaisscuLLA' POJ

'r. r

WHIZ SKIDDER-With his plane disabled by Rted nMtiarcraft
fire, Maj. Thomas J. Ross, of the Mate Corps, brings his Panther-
jet in for an emergency belly landJng on a light-plane stril in
Korea. Top picture shows the jet just touching the ground.
Bottom picture shows the plan aldding along Just befof coming
to a stop otar perfect land -

R: e He

4 '~


v.*-v uYVr* r'vn nArnrv-vf ns m aircrafu mausmr.' Whic
has not operated since the end of World War II, marks Its revival
with this low-winged monoplane shown in flight over Tokyo for
the first time. The plane has been designated the TT-10 and
bear. the familar "RLSng Sun" markings. .
: *A -


SEitoP A" NORW AND ai3t Cttac toAri* "
(0L Lhied I rae4 Al
" TO EUROPE: :' "r' .'
SS. Cherbourg .............. ......;..... ..... 4ti" '
8.S. Pont Audemer ........ ........ .....,. ,- ..

M.S Wyoming ................................. u alyth

S.S. Antlles ............. ... ..... .;...... .. .. .. ... Jua e U

S.S. Flandre ..................... t, v ,, ""
Weekly Fast Cargo Service Between Camsldal I~I t & W WeCt O
of U. S. & Canadm '.
Crlt6bal: FRENCH LINE, P.O. Bo MIS t515 'l. i- 24 1 18'
Panami: LINDO Y MADU3O) .% A, I.Bz 111
* :, ~TeL Panamd 3.-1T ..-l-36

Mello Gets Her Way

Lll..LAiE. 1 /



ALL5!f Oo~r

i4 lGets the Heave

SI V,. ~ai~b~

Ta 1O d ,E -

U BG=,-sI


CR' f f^

Li~ka Sad fer Feibur


t ,. [ .


1 1- *<1.

Boy With a Future


RI g~~:



qi "4.'-'
Eu -'I. -
II 0~.

*A. -'1 I. Ylfw 'WWI-
*I\t*t 'I-

r a~u inuasm.

Im "'

qub8u 3L'nsrm


t -.-* 'Q -.:_
'* ".



'*:' ,;.':.ftfl,.i,

_ ____ __ _


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.r ontribution li help to pavr the Pan-American HighIwy.
*r ________________________________________

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ln Cbvony Crash
aMo ANNISWMOt, Ala., June 17 -
(UP) Oe North Caoangi No-
M WM e tlonal gWdsmnn .wa killed
rod. an tbe o t R -d I othe tilJui.0when mix
ed bo orn b"n ai Okivehicles of. a co-n vrft route to. "".. :. .
e. ~, rFort McClellan natr here tor
for-~ r wtili-' I oasummer training went out of
eIa c control on a rain-slick moun-
aa -.,h tain road.
The names of the Injured and
'usd nthe one dead guardsman were
withheld by the Army pending
Snotification of the rPneztx of kin.
tr htof the cuard n were
trea 4sand released whle an-
t 0 s g. other eight were admitted to the
on McClellan hospitalI n serious
--- condition.
To.e VAs llon of .a '.1 The convoy was carrying
Mrs. :. T Dillon Of mbomembers of the 13th Field
gacc mismed by her family, left Artillery Battalion, Nation-
the recently for the al Guard Division, of unn. N.
atate, whWe they will C.
vacatlQd for several weeks on the Investigators aid the convoy
East ooa w-th relatives and had just climbed a steep Incline
f6endas. on the side of the mountain In
a--e-- a rain-storm. They said the re-
Ceoaert TG ah at hicles were moving at e to 10
Natipal T miles per hour when drivers be-
he oMphony Or- gan to lose control of their
chlatiea w l be ted In con- vehicles.
oert at the al Theater this
eveningB at P; th Dr. Manuel eO OpET A "LIFT"-Up I- a this A heavy truck, pulling a 105-
Dis~ anL" rEdar do Nor r Nav y et ~faderzt millimeter howitzer, turned over
C lx 'a1pen as, 0,xt b the area. The raid the against a stone reta^inin wall.
-- northeast Korean se.a The top of the cab was crushed CONFERE E R M TO ALTARG v up his pion m
atgun dangling over the embank- portion, Geor M Morrison, 3. is ing into the mnist
i8:0 ttiV .ht at agament tS hown 1beve with his wife and two cahilne' MorldTra. C
Clayton und 1 The older k ad eight trn to Toronto, Canada. to begin three year' sudy at Em
-' IpEnth.9,4 ofV hte gldtih kiy an n u ege.orris is greduateof the Univers of Toe
.."N. I--- Ourser-fclities are available ethat vehicle.
mo of EDa l"b.a-Ioeet0 en e m ten. I -truck rameftn dn- Mrs. Lily Hopeman Lady Sojourners
..a ..~s,' .,- WAs8INCPTO J; uneW 17 () ar* *e th other, whil-,e ither.s s idn Dies; Funeral Set Hold Special
gd.f ...witht e.ay0eNeth a*-a W- g P -The Hou Ways and Means I s* comes to eight other armen. Fri
roTherwill be no regular dtnc-, Committeebegan a brood itudy splitti .and I For Tomorrow Meeting riday
g-t. for thewedluCAaFi da t ax stem yesterday byear- want the samne Chorrillo Group Mrs. y Hopeman,. -A special meeg of the Lady
-'Center La Becod albo on d form members of club ing a bachelor 3oflm S e son od 'To Observe Third maity "
n_ their dgLtest1 f In beoa lf m er- even. If eon oreddre diedeoerdayatthelent et7,OeNOFri
eCara= do J ntat DaMA h .Kenne A.Roberts1D.-A Tmas Hospital after a long Hall ont Wallace LodeFrid
thes. were r th i tenal orrFu A appehredbefore hegroup owed to l dit p Fneral services have been
d., w m- a i the Ca Laelnant l tri to urge approval ofh E" bill to tion. The Yo uwePode CleassOf Aeduled for tomorrow after- Wilteroia l o e
IVN, and Mrs. Dr th working h detct the i- Chorrillo celebrate noon 0 at 4 In the Jardin dePaz s Mlate s T
ie hre.thefi N hav prn g dkeepingotheir n en nur- n oo :0. Co from hehoe ot.rts ,,7:30
Seei a alo at e oeant of ser. school. M- papr-T The program for the enn Hopeman's daughter, Mrs. Vic-
W.-n ,land.on r. V-,- vk ran Lee, J Jack:Roberts, who l0 unmarried, Is -tolawlj sy It includes muaica reidtitit 45 tor vManas on 8 street.
"sa lund eon Mr V rsto -only one among pwho-want Posble to mak' e a gt d S stalks by church representatives. She Is also survived by a son
,Natra m :a. uIanid wh he D, toseeethe mothers get a better The committee hearings may 1 aand a dauglhter In Jamaica.
m o tm. wUs.: Is tax break. UMore t 20 bils continue, at intervals, for sev-
statonedw. =e eAlbrooeBasto give them either an extra eral months. MONTPELIR Vt. (UP) -
on th e subject e rtl ti e 2.-ondJune eemaon or a, special deduc- .rpdorcupines in Vermont may get an short wem
F and I go gh tf the Canal Fit Traini a t theLak In addition t he taxable side has been introduced in the legis- TROPIGAL ELECTRONICS
Ipaled by their Zone and of tRepublic of P ln- land Air Force Bas at Ba An- of moerhood, th committee lature removing the 50-cent t. N. e .
l by sip fOr the ams are invited to at- tonio, -o. ril e-uquestionsan;rn eonthethStNo.l
ta where they will tend. N"Ste ha ben so 46r the should the government take
June wedding of-nhek .- i weddit It easier on the Ior who
soeetive meu t MM orris ed from has heavy doctit b ?
camelew Per m3m' the Can0= Zone J lJege ShouldAbatd-presNdO father
A lale mea laof 0 on June 2, and at- goet an extra aimption for his C
f eome lb9 odbe the ame a childrtre when 4be time comes
Sto sen them to college?
an walled for w.eecomms was making

Two men' of Con.
r.ptD rna Koly (D.-
he od 4f1Er0- van (D.-o.-were among
gland and Colone tn. e lecture wil be heldV the numerous witnesses who
lp member of from 10:00 to l4 atthe put -In a world for working
Inter Asierkoa Women'a Club mothers.
-Headuarer on Shaler Road. They said many mothers have
rawal cVeuetsT l- found 1t ne essar. lnt 'last a...ndo everysa will admire J in the popular new ecutom
ththehe i n o laBepy w togo wor hlp eelCusezNallPoleahmhance, starting or adding to thbride's
at.a o t.m" lbd terRoberts proposed that the de tral leveline. of yr
a of mthe mb of the-club and their maximum deduction for child mails, arke the sweetest at.
0 .W*. gas* ane elteDV to attend* a dise be $40 a week
= 10' t ,pply only to Abl- veryl ,Ohig- ewom oven-
the in* dteniander Is who live at home. eastr peiIaIs .e.s.bess
dik -haddwhen baby-sitters are d
he's merely to give their bepployeaa -gredisa-Emel The

no,8pel;p consideration or in New Yor Cit. She one te right tippedever bottl be -
W~me the teacher who has Q t-ld o.,-n rworr who l&,- oe y- harm Is dena ChooseI

S lriaudalproblem a ) exestind law I ays the tax- Defilt ahi-right shadel

a* s f5 perent" of ro ncmde, bro t uit in magistrate's court

nemer Attractive diseeonts
,.-for Canal oZee ielverie

q ue We guarantee prompt delivery of all your
,,. U.#i Mi e construction material requirements.
e. h Way Youll


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t F

iru P. A. W itf itd!
- "H" Street Pa t i

Lewis Service
No: 4 Tivoll Ave.-Phone 2-2291, and

Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441

No. 12,179 Central Ave. Ci s

Sal6n de Belleza Americano Carto Drug Sto e
No. 55 West 12th Street .. 0.A Mend AT.-Phtoe 1

Agenda InternacidoI do Pub&cadI ,, P"rguiod P S, A.
"H" tryt rtt,,ai0 at e- t.
No. 3 Lottery Plaza Phone 241W P409 W- 32 id 2-472M

Mhimmua kt 1* w~*.
Sc. each aMUesal w~

Household Automobiles o. ,e Ca ch
FOR SALE:-Beautiful genuine Chi- FOR SALE: Dodge Stake Body g A C, L "o o i -3. 0 0 .opt
nes Dragon Rug. in perfect con- Truck, one ton. Perfect condition, D nWNEH K
edition, 8 x 10, a bargain, two iron new tires. Tel. 2-4902. DR. WENDEHAKL MedicalCL h ,
lower pot stands, mahogany center FOR SALE: 1948 Plymouth Club Telephone 2-3479. P m ourtin toth
table, mirror top. Pictures 37th. Coupe, A-i condition inside-out.. Ites~Ow from nI
St. No. 7, upstairs. Tel. 3-1025. See at house 51-H Coco Solito. RESTAURANT CONCESSION beach. RocknI on,
Bids will be received in the office f nd -
FOR SALE:-9 cu. ft. Servel gas re- Sedan Super, excellent condition, rant moand soda founPtain coc8 2 73
rgerator for citF or bottled gas. fully equipped. May be financed. Bids w be received until 130 c ,
Goodconoon $125.00. Call A- Coc Solito 43-F. i sllh. 1953. Address bids, to Reu0t I pl
brook 86-3286. FOR SALE:-1952 Ford Victoria, Al. Officer, Curundu Post Restaurant. 5A O SRPNI. !S Snta I I
pine blue and Ivory, Ford-O-Ma- AMERICAN HOUEWIV sB o h ri I
,FOR SALE:-Colospot refrigerator. 9 tic-Radio. Will accept trade. Best best maids registered, se Care Cth .
cu. ft. 25 cycle, $70.00. Excellent offer. Phone Gatun 5-459. caion, rences,healthcertife ~G -o S lam t-
bargan, 'alboa 2-6314. FOR SALE: 1949 Plymouth con. -from "CIP SERVICES" 2nd floor o .Electric e !j toves, :
vertible, new top, radio and heater. Bella Vista Theatre, phone 3-0881, gi mt@e Tel. o 6-441 Sr E A
FOR SALE:-Bendix automatic wash- Call Coco Solo 490. Panama. Gamnboa; 4.567, Pedro Miguel. m I Ijl "A R
er, rubber tub 60 cycles, excellent -I-U E D G A IJVL7Cl* I.Ua VL ALI
condition. 68-A, Coco Solito. FOR SALE:-1942 Cadillac 4 door, INVITATION FOR BIDS FOR RENT
-o togood tires, cheap. Coll 2-4424, 7. Canal Zone Council 801, Boy
FOR SALE:-Beautiful sewing ma- 5337-C Diablo. Scouts of America, offers for sole -
chine, oak dinette set, new rodio to the highest bidder the structure o O T
phonograph combination, vacuum FOR SALE: 1951 Plymouth will listed below. sealed bids, subject FOR RENT:-SmoH ho(se, s.tabe A 1
cleaner, misc items. Tel. 3-5069. sell cheap or trade for 1951 cn-B to the conditions contained herein; foar couple without children. CoIn-
vertible- o rd. Call Amason, Bal- will be received in the office of the mist of living-dini.lgom. bedroom,
FOR SALE:-9 cubic foot G. E. 2-. boa-2333.-- Scout Executive at Balboa until smoll kitchen "F' street "El Con-
door refrigerator excellent con- Two days only. Cr goeson boot 10:30 A. M., July 2, 1953, and reo." Telephone 3-4512, Sra. OAP r M0 WiI
dotion, $50.00. Telephone B -lboa Friday. First $1,000.00 takes 1951 then open in public. Novarro. V rIi 1 1 W i
31 50.Studebaker 4 door sedan. Tel. 2- Item No. 1. Description. House- NT:- drn
50. 3791, 1465 Holden Street. boot, consisting of a steel barge; FOR RENT:-- bedroom, 2 b t
FOR SALE:-Refrigerator 25 Cycle 9 FORSALEGMC tru 1941 2ton hull approximately 125, overall furni e chol Jul d August
cu ft. Westinghouse all porcelain The Texas Company (Panama) length by 50' width- and 4' draft 50 m elephne 3 .
$75. 3 pc. plastic livingrocm set, Inc. Tel. 2-0620. carrying a two-deck superstructure 3749 after 6 p. r.. RemWW tbh .you buy a
With 2 mahogany end tables $50, -- of wpod and steel construction. = J cw twi wak vY
porcelain top kitchen table with FOR SALE-'41 White truck3'2 tons The hull has been punctured so FOR RENT
two chairs $7. 4 pc. mahogany The Texas Company (Ponoma) that ituwill not float at high tides. OR RENI T Iig t WI $Iw o.0
bookcase, $12, baby crib with Inc. Tel. 2-0620. Furniture and fixtures, including $
.- mattress, $10, youth bed, $5. FOR SALE: Leaving for States, electrical, water and plumbing sys- AUIU i ,
Phone 2-1094. Qtrs. 505-B, Coco- 1951 Tudor Ford Victoria, two teams from the point of shore con- ALHAMDA- APARITMUNI
Ii. after 4.P. p m. tone yellow bottom with block top. section will be included in the Two and four room furnished nd d
FOR SALE: 10 pc. bamboo. Sil- Apt. 205-B, Rio Grande, Pedro Losa nfund si isheSea u d apartments; Orivathe n-
vertone Radio-Phonograph console, Miguel. Location, Aground alongside the Seo closed gardens. 8061, 10h Street,
25 Cycle, bedroom set, baby's crib, FOR SALE:-1948 Ford, Super De Bids must be submitted in triplicate 13 Cris 6.ob Telephon. Colon86.
dresser, chair, kitchen table, Luxe V-8. Excellent condition. Call in sealed envelope addressed to the 386.
enamel top, 2 chairs, 6 pc. wick- Melvin, Balboa 2-2116 before 4 Canal Zone Council 801, Boy FOA RENT:-Fumishld two bedroom
er. quarter aser couch, electric p. m. Scouts of America. Box 188, Bal- apartment, months of July mnd
kitchen clock, electric mantle clock, -August__only,_No. 34,_4thStee
1446-A, Owen St., Balboa. phone FOR SALE:-5 tires 6.70 x 15. Used bo. Canal Zone. Attention of Col. Augut only, No. 34, 44th Street
J. Gilbert, 2-2154, after 4:30 p. 1,000 miles in States on '53 R. Selee. and marked "PROPOSAL t: 2. __
m. Dodge. $20.00 each or $90.00, FOR STRUCTURE, TO BE OPEN- FOR RENT:-Fumished apartment,
the set. Phone 4-426. House 221 ED JULY 2, 1953, at 10:30 A. screened and ov ment inspect-
FOR SALE: Piano $175. Bamboo Pedro Miguel. M. ad, phone 2-3065.
sittingroom set, with red leather P Bid forms and specifications may be h-
upholstery. Perfect condition. Son Immediate delivery new 1953 Stade- obtained at the Scout Office, Bal- FOR RENT: Fumished portiment
Pablo St. No. T"1, apartment "A" baker Command at direct delivery boo Dispensary Building. suitable for two couple. Beautiful
-Balboo. price. European dstyJe, automatic FOR SALE-At stud. AKC registered residential area. 43rd Street No.
tftenminiin. Trade-in accepted. FOR SALE:-At stud, AKC registered 13
FOR SALE:-Stick Reed porch, set,. GR. Le Panama -025 3 Boxer dog, fawn color.Coll Kbb ....
Hollywood bed and refrectory table, 439. 276. '
maple livingroom set and Misc. Li r female t -F
2-1658. House 1544-A. Mango FOR SALE:-1939, 120 ton. Packard n. our f le ttendent
Street, BDlboo. Sedan. Good condition, original tr our es r -bu
f _____ _wner. __-__.__ owner, 1932 -sqed dsterl lier, sensational. Phone 3- .
O d- Bt2st offer 22 Dav for appointment.

41St., b, aablo. THesi avi an kitche
C7upe. Phone Rodrel i231r. FOR S ab port a7:30a. s
MR SALE:-Coldsopt ref rator, 8 i, d, Puerto Armuelles, Chan- -.
ft., good condition, $500. Fur- Real Estate diola, Bocas del Toro, and return. W NT D .
nature. African violets and other F SL f I reservation call Panama 3-
plants House 1423-C, Carr Street, e 579. 3-1057 or any Travel

* ---.." meters, located near the Abattoir, o incy. -&. W i.' uk w_.

$ .ORment $3A800E ba-c con be
nR SALE: -- 6 pie. G temlon 'with twO large buildings proper fort Spanish speao kn q N th Ameri
porch furniture I I e; 2 chair, factory r warehouse. Phone Pn- FOR SALE family, No10We
2 end tables, (1 coffee table) amra 2-2930.d $0.0. 2. 1 7
$50.00; I overstuffed sofa (new L-s Cumbres. Cll Amodr i e5-l s treet.
upholstery) $50.00; I overstuffed 'FOR SALE:-Homn Las Cumbres I ANTED: B2 Americon
chair, with ottoman $15.00. Phone 3 bedroomso 2 baths maid's room, 1LSE YOU WINI Conal Zone vacation iqorteers

eM2 45 ga er front on Call a
92-1492, Qtrs. 1486-A, Dorhmon doule garage, $14,000, down pay- BIG DOD '48, fluid drive, bletLti- 15 Oct. Balba 2-4234.
St., Balbop. meant $3,800, balance can be ful cream color, 28,000 miles.
.rfr e ine pno, prfe intoned, 1 pc. hwoode patio Excellent condition. Many extras. H p Wonted
'furniture, mischousehold items, $800.00 cash or 1-3 down, fi- He_ _______
condition, $400000. Bedroom set, horse and sddle, $50.00. 225. nonce balance. WANTED C le
twin bed with spring and mat- Ls Cumbres. Call Amador 22 Pint spray outfit worth $120.00! work; must hae- C general housree
tress, vanity, chest of drawers, 8 a. m. 4 p. m. Your price, $40.00. p he oo
nighttable dc $ $9000"Crhds mFO n -s Your price, $40.00. niAphya2s0, $2lb,0h i'sma
o. Gd conditi, $50.00. Cll FORSALE-In LasCumbres rctrict- Electric motors .25 cycle, O1-4utu. Wd ad
ha dsa ca $15.. I ed section, 2 adjacent lots, 2177 and I H.P. Make offer.
.1 aqrium stale teel $ M2, 45 meter front on Colle 2a. Medical books make offer. Panamnia ld between 20 to
00. ing a $5.00. Tel. Balboa 1639 Metal book rses worth $30.00 each. 25yars old, to Miami Be
e table s $5.00. iMahoganys os Your price $10.00 each. general housework. Fare paid. Live
S $ .00.Margarita 820excellent thrououtreo two children
6th St. Phone Cristbal 1862. S ion Offered K 150in.. Compressor, 3-re4 o.P. moorch n and
Solo 56* after 4 .
two sales women for R SALE:-Cbby hoe desk $6.00,cle with tonk reultor
OR AE9 cut. ft. Westinghouse lantic Side, with or without x- spwork table, $5.00. Shelves, $2.00, 1526
refrigerator. erect condition, $50. experience, to be traid aas serlg Balboa 6365.
00. 9 cu. ft. Westinghouse reiriger- silverCounselors. Must be net, FOR SALE:-New Vibrators, Outputs,
ator. Good condition, $50.00. Call possess nice personality. WorkF o nensersan etc.i ato ba, rtpatis
2-1595, ask for Fred, between part of full time, most have ca. condensers and etc. at bargain
11:30 a. m. and 7:00 p. m. Write "Sterling." Box 3205, Pan- prices, buy the lot at special re-
OR SALE:-Come R in and see teseI ama. duced prices. Pedro Miguel 225,
Bargain yourself, Double beds, only phone 4-439.
$39.00, single $25.00, Chairs $2.FOR SALE FOR SALE:-1950 Plymouth Special
50, Rocking chairs $5.50. Dres- De Luxe, 17,000 miles, radio
sers $12.00; Tables $5.00. Springs Boats & Motors W-S-W, seat covers, underco*,ted,
from $12.00, Sofas $20.00 (on.y air vents, excellent throughout, $1,-
one lef Cribs $25.00, Youth bes FOR SALE:--Outboard motor, 12 H, 150. Compressor, 3-4 H.P. motor
$28.00. New mattresses $15.00, P. Canadian Johnson, only 5 hrs, 25 Cycle with tank, regulator,
uffs $18.00. Gas Stoves running time. $175.00. Coco Solo spray gun, air hose, $75.00. 1526
bufts $1800. Gas Stoves $50 87A,GavilanRod. Tel. 2-1631.
SElectric Stoves $25.00 and many A- Gavilan Road. Tel. 2-1631. "
other bargains you shouldn't miss d Original Adolph met tederizer
, furniture. r se- -
eets. Try it once and you will keep
WE UPHOLSTER FURNITURE. Panamenian, bilingual, ex-menaager ets. Try t o ne and you will keep
A S OR CREDIT WE DkLIVER of important commercial firm, ex. i er
H" X. Household Exchange perienced in accounting and busi- t rr.
41 Automobile Row ness administration, offers his FOR SALE: Budgies (Lovebirds),
S(National Ave.) services. For interview address Box red eared wax bills, red cardinals,
Phone 3-4911.1 1154, Ancon, C. Z. at Acuorio Tropical. 55 Via Espa-
fPa, Tel. 3-5411.
FOR ALE:-Metal dining table, buf- IFRS-
.-fet, 6 new steel dtharel $50.00. FOR SALE
,Houfe 0582, Ancon. Phone 2- _
2767.C MotorcyTRUr FOR
FOR SALE:-Westinghouse 25 cycle, FOR SALE -Cushman cooter en
26d condion"J" after BATTERIES gine withnew rotor and coil. In- h g l
.fer5.B TT R Squire D-4F Locona. ",e

are .d
ELECTROLUX Special made

0AE" N fWr....forthe Tropics.

S Rearateratos

k iew" .-



S edtebratYERl

Ceo. F. Novey n.

"Sp. HROG-840 S O
Wpu orateo mbnv
nyetSni 'Phone 2-a4W1 Your Commumity -Station -'"m.
2426 m .Pi.rBsents rulthp

Household Exchmpange


N: =- I ...


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ValMU* Pizws

The youlady who wms tl*
title ci J=
night at fote tlama t
the fadilon ahoy and achwi
the patio will r.dlh nirS
vajuable primes tel uPan.

WAsse 100,000 feeple MAAF

Teday wdasady. ano 17'a
3:4.-The Little show the 1 beub em
3:30-Muoi for Wedneday to Wf wo-IN BOd
4!00 l o Without Words b 'blesWask ei
44:16epl Parade. E A uk re14Vb. l
4; w!tt Your Favorite Dr. DIJ4 Id
6:.1-BN N S ON THE AIR- more aodd hej ao
(Agmnalas Steer) denit"woi.mot. ra
5:20-What'a Your FaV0tZte itStOnceA ,Rabb-
(onatd.) Cronbaeh of Clu nl
:30-N1wi Presideyt "adduoad
--5: t it's Your ?avorlt6 for 'o and Bone f
S (co nedM.) The Rev..B W
<:GT afiena BoooheklU Brooklyn, N.Y., dad
4.j6-nLUU DBON 3103PORT.1
.. .m W Loomer, who ea
8:30-PlrMde of ita i repr~e t,230'0.M
6:40-o0moantary by Lowell UomU atlof
ThomaA tences, offered the
7:00-Jazz Club, U.S.A. (VOA) argualnt to ANu P
7:af-Re rt- rom America 1) '70A. ia u
1 a <- -nnha...kM l Ua.

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7: 00-N ew
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SEE your

You Sellem... When You Tellfen
Leave your Ad with one of our Agents or our offices in No.,


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To n nt t"I otate,"
ay topeal broadway t a-
but oftica Wunl the
Ctobal Little Thcater all
out in obtainalg a cat bett
.such a ellent it
'4 to .,oqBas to o,
t former aemni a nlt-
, to play one the leading
roles, d Kroeders, an
u-an d-comiR Sentor whose
only fault see & ,tA e that he
Ssinge. r ti with
theq aimarou wlfa, of a retired
politician who 1 30 yeazs her
The wife, Cwnetacne Rtwe
Is portrayed by Fran o rr, th
Curt' O eorge aU'Phtllip Rtue
the retoted DpoUlt l
A marred lor expedlenee Is
arranged to. further the edreer
of Senator Henderon. Cathy
Barber Wdesi the part Irene
lot, the young 'uthern
chooteacher, who marrie ,the
senator, in naoe only.
The efficlensy with which
IMi 2liot does he "ob" as
Wie mnre than pilDlly concerns
Mir. Ruasetuir aItllI
enjoIble, delightfuli I
Supjoirin rdlCes find. Gedrg
aeftf aI Byron WInkler and
'p'. Wllam a the loyal, at-
tenftve butler, .
"Affairs of State"' i a lick-
smooth, sparkling comedy full
of gentle wit and humor. Louls
Verneull t&e noted French
author, mpoe an, outstanding
debut with It, h *I14 rst Amer-
ican play, It a.beep many a
s*agon 4hcmt w4 B a6 vla sen an-
vtrsatlon so elsokW with
a"orisms GA9 9a
Sharp renaL6i ,, ^. ,,,. ,,,,Al -.



* a'' .

1...t -y k


,,~.F-. ~*~E -
.!'. *t'a -'

Smeetingof the At-
SCamese Club was held at
T.A.W.C. buUding, Monday
The speal program
ln the4
urte of Patagra, _entitled
Over South. America"
Futftslz slides were entered
if o y eompetitlon on
rt." They e w rejido by
B Frank PIare and O n-
'i M e. WnrtM. Nrma MdandI
al Mrs. NcKezle won thr
atnd second priea. M s.
et chebeler was third.
hld sedtad se ctalnc wabs
Si fdm which' had
on o oirte on previously
News:' Martin- Sawyer, Harry
and Frank farel with Mr.
d Mi. 1. N. Bellnad and Mrs.
JUla McKende..The commentary
.this clinic was read by- ME.

Mary Ann Hannlgan,
dgter of Mr. and Mis. Jo-
Baph H-nnlgan, of Gatun artived
fro,1 14iaara t. Y..
Where she has completed her
1*bMqan par at Niagara Uni-

Th l Cooast Orchid society
held tis reulw meeting at the
Tfetoll House Inoatun, Monday
"Ming. Twenty-M.x members
Wfart t Ustfl evening
w .asi Iitin edhe for or-

WWa lte don-
a e door
.br don-
tby Hoid _ml.. vanda
'jElm donated by R. T.
0% purpurcuM aSpea

ehi nts were served bY
. Henry Butcher.
asie panly Beturas
i. nmoi. H e'm Henri-
,_ oC arri,_d d
b am_ Annan Joe and
*UUM jogshe ryosu
9e b studyin at S.vm-
SAad@my at ,Tu tMdPak,
isa Ann Marie has completed
r M yearm ft co~ege afMl
tlJd ai sophomore In high
,tt M-M. Charles P. WIl-
dBalbW wers over to
EWhE, daughter and her


n i
we J--' OW
^AM. pww b;


1w 1: NI;; ?. *.""

course in s ack u- I 1,
Sibirt Lodge SpsUsas Daoe=
A dance wllbe hek. In the
ballroom of the Hotel ng-
ton, Friday from 8:00 to
p.m., under the auptlcW Of't
bert LOlgp 9 Oatk '
All Maona and their friends
are myt11h id. 3Spjefm~ialt5
will be served a 10:0 .r. TI-
eta may be otalnef roe the
lodge members for $$1 per per-

Mr. su nhowers-''.speee
raised a w zer of pro and cot
ceament among- tl'bir

Thoma. C. Hennings (D-Mo.1
said the words w i"
but 't tBeen terlt's
own a stratln ti has
ordered the book burnd g'

a young Unversrlty of outh-
ern California football tackle
suffered an inljed shoulder
during scrimmage he had no
Idea the Injury Would be re-
apnsible riem to ilm
itadom. I
John Wayne still I both-
ered by the bum shoulder so
he never gets a chance to

School doctors advised him
to take a year off from fat-
ball at the t i the
jury. During Wayne
got a job as ido prop-
man, working during the aum-
mer and after school In the
Director Rag Walsh spot-
ted him on tt6 lot one day
and chose him for a small role.
from that day, Wayne has
been an
W aye b jeLa .'W e to
teea.. thctiK m "ay recent-
ly while, imi warner
Brother' "Trouble Along The

McCa H( "" 's

-mill R'THX W arlthy said
today iy r Eisenhower's
bodk-buijf .penh couldn'tt
very we JUW 'been" directed
at him bemua '7 haven't burn-
ed any bo0 .
The .W iconn Republican
said it is -4tate Department,
noi his Sena* invsttaAtlng
ua IaS. t is rtmovtng
boo by.% Communist author
from V.1. overseas libraries.,
I"W .ther they are buing
them or not I don't know,'
Mc'arthy added:
But he ,aid Mr. Elsenhower
mut agree with the policy be-
cause Ainltration Is re-
mdving eem' '
IZn n 1inl speech Sun.
dpay, the Preident urged Dart,.
mouth, Cole seniors not to
"join thbok :burners" but, to
read everything that does iot
offend their own "Ideas of de-
ceny" I oid It I ImpoaSble
ghto c&tomunis byi rying
to "conceal" the facts about. it.
r Mome listetera thought the
statement wai a jab' t- Me-
Cart0.,. ,o4&au. t S De-
I ant-.b ,an roi= cer,
11 i the sub-
committ tt o'ke4 th over-
iseas Information program.
McCarthy, who witkbhemld c-
ment .until he read t text of
Praedent's gpeech, told ro-
portera there is I dif'
teaOh munim" and thoW
tlant w ta I .
by ConEmunit authors at a
critical oAerlca and prAm
.Thg. MrllS X wi'r "made Inb
speech and said "I have no Idea
wWo' b wVw doeuseingr o what

FOR THE FI t11M.-True 3-0D on the Screen!

NhOws: $:* 1 7:f A9:f phn .
ADULT S Clown= rtWn is
.~~ ~~~ ~ lt J i- .15 ^^

"This one hPa about as much in common with what baa gone
before as the model T with the modern da utomobUe"-


win -- I
=7O. 0T

$ping Fun, For Al

Coming Soon In 'Just For You'

"Jats high-stepping,.witheomety musical
A-a iJane Wyman and Ethel Barryare,
peing t t OCentral Theater. Upper left: El Bingle and
Jale fteran y a Lower left: MBug and mlght club perfermer
]liI *.g teeasi of the 11 hit tunes in the Teehateoeor
prod. gt: as will really get an eyeful of Miss Wyman
whuse iA very much on view in "Just Fbr Yu."
The's a ood tOe I& store their own wonderfully Intimate
for movie fans when para- style.
mount's Technicolor musical
production,: "Jst Far TYou," The story told by "Just For
o0ens today at the Central You" is tailored to the per-
Theater, sonalltles and talents of Bing
land Jane. Based on Stepher
According to advance reports, Vicent Bennet's "Famous," 1
the film, which eq4Ptks Bing concerns the prihwte life of a su(
Crosby..Jane Wymkn and Ethel c e ss f u 1 composer-producer
BarryMnore, is one of the wpirm- (Bing), a widower with two
est-hearted entertainment de- teenage children who wants to
lights of this, or any other sea- marry musical comedy star Jam
son. Wyman. He discovers however

Said to be rich in spectacular
ptoductlon nnmers and lavish
costumes, "Just For You" also
boasts 11 top tunsp that include
the very Ir "fnth a Little
Zong" "J.Fm r You," -"-u 81-
St-Ya in lefthia" and "The Live
Oak Tree." The "ZIng a Little
Zong" number Is ,a terrific fol-
lnwup to "In the Cool, Cool. Cool
Mi les, 17 do Jae de 195.
of the Evening," that smash hit
from an earlier. Crosby film,
Sand Bing and Janme present It In





himself to becoming famdoks, he
has so neglected his children
that he is in danger of losing

Fire Drill
NEW HAVEN. Conn. (UP) -
Firemen rushed with Unusual
haste when an alarm was sound-
ed from Box 324. The box Is lo-
cated In front of their training
grounds. There was no fire,

iATi r:M.




I QUZlZ ..

Nwarsn writlen by CUit6oWPHa FY. MMi by lb Lead.n .spyhewy Qrdmuk'



T ^AT11.

N r .orir .ame
Pre eab h in
th tu e his. shoul-
der aga- during another
seriinag. And one of te
tirat to help him' to ls, feet
was the iah who was- bba
line each In college, Jeff
Cravath, -

ica! advise o bl A-
-eM-,ore 8C. f ootball

long The Way."' I
Like anyone else who'
known Wayne for anty length
of time, Cravath calls him
"Duke." As faro a he knows,
Cravath ,sad, Waye got the
nickname when he appeared
as a duke in a igh. school.
play. "
'"Nothing to that,*" loffed
Wayne.. ."When was a kid I
had a dog na.d Duke. Pret-
ty soon someae. Ibung the
same tag on me and It stuck."
The actor was born Marion
Michael MorLen and became
John Wayne during one of hi
early plctuMes with Walsh.
"I can't bev a big leading
man with a6 girl's name,"
snapped the ftty Walsh. "Your
name's John Wayne from now
Ever since then the name,
together with. is nix- foot-
three Inch qwner, has been
a natural for dramas of horses,
guna and comMat.

Travel Films
To Be Shown
At USO Tom.orw
Travelognu in color. "Around
South Amerim" and "saJulous
FhinS will N shown at the
USO-JWB Arnme4 Forces Serv-
ice -Center tomorrow at 7:30
"Fabulous Fishing" show fish-
ing in thl streams of Uruguay,
trout fbfhlg In the southern
lakes of Chile and deep sea fish-
ing off the coast of norther,
Chile .
These films are belng shown
through the courtesy of Fldan-
que Travel Service and Panagra.
The genehw, public is invited.

In Technicolor I

In -



Great Popular Night-
? $1.10 per CA!
"'A Had Hitting Dram'
, et Revenge... I '

.1 it


m- 7Wm

1" v.5 w PRIZES!
On The Screen: -
Anton Wai rook, in
"The Queen of Spades"
$ohm Stevens. in

iami t6 r"nt with Ow body of I
o^: IATI warS Fon HIms TURN
3OUTE. ...
M"r1tWAY 13"


Sleolrl *? NAr MADURA"
a, In Pedro Infante.1
a ;* raW reWa so

h~~i^-i-w5^^.. I^-^r ^^e 1
(GE^. ~ 7.? .t-... *iUKOTAI

A POMhm klge

P .* b.,a, ak ~. Pbi
.m &WW.,IC on s w.,as mo lp w I b h
bib, &,e -b Harm Wmgarre im-bw Lee Reba


A Story

of tie

for Love

. 'a % a s III IU
emkemme-9sulw al..

* .Z~,. *~.. *-~2

__ _I_ ~ ~_ ___ ~_~___~_ _~ ___ __

COVERAGE of this
Historic Once*n-a-
Lifetm Eventl
AllI the thrilling \
pomp and pageantry
-with the actu
Wesminter Abbey \
SCeremo lI \\.'
Cermeoyl \\\" 1

7I l





Pillette 's Five Hitter Snaps

.... : i


Win Also Ends Brownies' Panama Tennis Negro Question Arises Again

14-Game Losing String Tourney Moves i Cotton $ta Lea ue
By CARL LUNDQUIST into 2nd Round
NEW YORK, June 17 (UP) The Yankees B asebal '!t!!!!
thought they had everything figured out right and Several interesting matches cme d e n to
then Duane Pillette, who specializes in beating them HotpointnaT i T ina recent t
when they come home from western road trips, spoil. being held on the Plcific aide. hoan rs s im.lte With-
With the first round matches 0ou 33AS the
ed all the fun by ending their 18-game winning completed, the tourney* wil I yiit .
streak, continue with matches listed .l h .
only for weekends from now on. PidetAl AeMman
Pillette did more than that. He 4-1 lead and the score was tied The tournament committee has ed teett t
snapped a 14-game losing streak at 5-5. Roy Campanella hit his announced that it is their in-* t .e
for the Browns with his five-hit 18th homer for Brooklyn and tention to keep interest in the wB franwieh. U ,
pitching and handed lefty Whitey Duke Snider got his 12th while sport alive by having tourna- H ot,
Ford his first defeat after 17 Solly Hemus hit number six for ments run as long as possible.two
straight successes as a starting St. Louis. The Cards went into This week's matches: a nd .-'a
pitcher in last night's 3-1 St. third ahead of the Phiis by FRIDAY e
Louis triumph before the home winning. Ernesto Pinate vs Jorge Mot-
folks In Yankee Stadium. ta (4:15 p. m. at the OlympicTbrothers V
It was Pillette who cooled off Milwaukee won the opener Swimming Pool tennis court). r Minor-
the. Yankees two years ago on after trailing 5-1. Ed Mathews- J vsHiarrv Wills U
June 12 at the Stadium when starting the "catch-up" pro- Julio Pinilla vs HCorry ialluaa -loverruledth a
they came home from another ceedings with his 20th homer t r m.arraivs A Arrochourt-O)e "e n Ho SlSS 1B
western trip with a four-hit, 5-1 with a man on base. In the 10th C. Barrera vs A. Arrocha (40trim to srt J m
victory. Last year he varied the rookie reliever Thornton Kipper t .m. e OlyDe ivC Pool court). rie t int J
procedure a little by handing walked Bill Bruton with the bas- (41 = 1 Ancon gourt) vsy C"arlo. SLey
them a seven-hit, 4-3. defeat at es loaded to force home the win- pm- SUNDAY nt o) T.atm e
St. Louis as they launched a ning run. Max Surkont pitched Ramon Ramirez vq Bll Hale *
western road trip. seven-hit ball to win his ninth (8 a. m. -Olympic Pool court).l yeteays
game in the nightcap. Milwaukee Webb Hearn vs Croeslynmen c ta
The Yankees admitted they scored all its runs IV the third duardia (9:30 a. m. Olympic
deserved to lose In a game in on a double by Walker Cooper. Pool court).
which" the odds were tremen- singles by Surkont, Bruton and Roberto Brail vs Howard H,
dotsly in their favor. Mathews and Sid Gordon's fly. spraulding (3 p. m.- Olympic norde at ort
ThUnfortonlyconsolation for the The Giants topped Cru n in nati Pool court). sixth,
Yankees was in the pinch-sin- in the opene r on a four runb Z l ye s Cr % put Tk
gle by Johnny Mize which fourth on Wes Westrum's homer -nP lhedId J 11rn iS sl d
drove In their only run and and Bobby Thomson's three run Y ok s. bate e nch E i s, ll oep 1sPkdYy Tm .e aa
which gave him ais 2,000th double. Cncy went ahead 5-3 in Ail 9Wb hhi %&. A u'Armer'ores
major league hit. the second game on a three-run P IturM ,_n_ ee _._1___fm_ ---
homer by Jim Oreengrass, then Inp. 1 a rt i e I Aree -o r s
there was little, more socking three on a double by us i ameBell.d o"S
done. Vic Wertz with a two-run Hn withpits echordy nt a sh f Martin ezSSe eki o o12n tbo, hMriT ur n

fifth inning homer gave thelh Itone PolerhitChcag ve *at N oo Area A # I
Browns their margin of victory hitter to top his recent pirate NATIONAL LEAGU E took -
blew a chance to gain and stayed at Chicago after Pittsburgh won Milwaukee 39 18 .684ag C uocaea II Imn e tu 'The Albrook Flyers tok
10-2z games behind as Eddie the opener on a five hitter by Brooklyn 36 18 .667udyng aw ad aw rt n Special jeooe.
noost sparked a three-run eighth John Lindell. Randy Jackson in Philadelphia.L 29 kn .69 fc for the ti ue thr 1
nnin rally with a two-run sin- the opener and Dee Fondy in the St. Louis 31 23 .574 opan n If troh efls ll the t .o1it i Pana
eated the Giants 12-5, after losecond bgamehit Chicago homers. New York 26 29 .478 round his l ast time .ut and .parm theUsBt
i g 7-5. while the Cubs defeated d9-7. Bob Elliott with a single and Cincinnplayed ati 21 31 .404 be shope oting for his 1thme le
vento sttraght w,-hvic7n- ^w^Hupa*ta

S the Whte t^ Yesterday's starBr Big John ora-(t-stJone), Lannbond tSutunda ni at the
inning, and 3-2, as B rookly onl y oruon a ayin his first Phtla. at Milwaukee (N). 0 knocked oa f cr un

header single lhi 6 -5ien 18-game New York wlni Cnioai() 00 00lon 7 1 y nt ha rand, U
ngsthey had 3 Bown an early rsreakt 3. Ple sbug h, Nat n. ol Chictabdro knaocke out f' O. Ncy rt
at St. Louis, 6-5. Cincinnati de- ame with Detroit at a new posi- Pittsburgh at Chicago boxer Juan Diaz in the sixth l .t
heated the Giants 12-5, after los- tion-third base-hit a homer, yESt0DAR 0 1-50T ouid his last time n
S7-5. while the Cubs defeated doubleand single and played First Gae t hop to make Choe ot his
the Pirates 3-2 after Pittsburgh flawlesses afield to pace the T- Pittsburgh No0 on 00-6 10 0 second straight K.. victim
won the opener 6-5.. gers to victory in g 0 00 0 0 cti
,n other American League Chicago. 00 0400- 5 a io a at-e Put
neltheWhiteYrA ndelt&C(-) and Sandlook. 4trei U wh t-e

ste ite .Yesterday's Star Big Jahn erw s(1-0), Per ow and e- a a exhribaitions o up
7-etit Mize ofithe Yankees, who t O gIM-il r d~ned h ba
l -pulkH- pera ..rd pinch-single that Chocolate A.fothn r- snd re:, azmeb
t to only run as St. L nda hiatsburga. 021 00 0000-5 100 experience Martineie.e-true. Kid Ja
Seven 8-game New York winning Chicagoukee 0 0003 1-6 9 1 day the at th
they had blown an el streak, 3-1. Dickso-()and Iaton. P0o- expect th dsll a*ln
let' (2te. 1ippstein and Mc- be at his brlit b I st.t

Cullough, Bn the other hand"r a c selves b --tooAn-e oo aito aSIM a
First Game-Tlight has been like a LkEI in 0 Leie Thbmie met.
tuneup sUons. e'is hav the two tei-romd
CincInnatiwe 2013 0010 010-3 1 0 1 3 difficulty getting his oa rmstes 12 O -two.
Jansen (7-5), Wilhelm and towork ouwito. Thim becauseof Bille tackles Vicentes-1WorrelMnp
aWestru, Noble. Pod)helema (4- the authority, with whidh lie is the other sa....injL.
),Kmg, BaczewskL, Smith and hitting. and the serioushess he TheeSemnlfals.sare s l --l Z
Landrith. in trainingfor this con- matched s ter oft two

Team W L Pete. e Cs n
ts.matches, co ud tel theoulG
Second 30 22 ame-5Niht77 -
iller (2-1), Kennedy, Con- following a28 .517 four ht losing

straLouwv er,3 ev4e Inenaus eSeilta
nellyChicago ad Westrum, Calderone. streak. However, ven s omewat.
t. Lingi -- a losing oeffot omo 'k a
rokyn !against the 24gb7, rated Harold bet 2or 10 ra 1 nA l
Night Dade. up agaGme
SBrt. Louis 010 400 000-5 8 1 Itnes,- nies Io
N or 301 100 10x-6 12 0 Now almost everyone seemst2
Roe, Milliken (3-1) and Cam- convinced that "Ohcco" Is back. a cohvlfr tes qsoverfe 4d-
Happy pae.ladlords ad ll ler, White (1-2) and Moss.unc r actual fire, mer t e H .reiB. 1 1 or
Snight, Ford e Scarborough, Gor-

t-S get together .t ai-r man and BerraB
oPhila. 21000 02 00 0-5 10 0 experience o. -KId e 4
Milwaukee 000 002 003 1-6 9 1 get t Adms
Ridzik, Hansen, Drews, Rob- MeanWhile the four semi- -on price te 1 (ono l Fai

$to nWprices a'$I (onD0i.on Bon
erts, Peterson (0-1), Kipper and finalists an two general
Johnson, Jolly, Burdette (6-0) | d -
and Crandall.. GOLINGOSSP Flo "
Second.Gam e-NightI GA O, ,
Phila. 100 100 000-2 7 0 tomorrow i I a red-letter-do
Milwaukee 003 000 OOx-3 8 0 ior tmhlawns of the AWQA. It Is
PltcHR-.-Rocky Marciano shows Jim Hearn o0f the Giants Konstanty (5-4) and Burgess;

thne wantads. Check ma. Mo~reno (3-1), StobbS and




An. Tt

3whoean i the Winnrs bel I
. F. & btt gm 1

u- i 'or.T,0
e w oAtted red Trs .

- dowl S wLt B a S
89nAndr a s&;'$- 0 1 2 01
a db ope re f 1o't 1 1 7
Prft Oe last We o
o-w ve orif a totl of `2 1
wbHU Bobby Balter and Mertt 5 2 2f

alboo Swim PeoP


I- w

' ,:

them nW I Fitzgerald.
Night Game
Cleveland 303 010 000-7 11 1
Phila. 012 030 03x-9 11 0
Wynn, Brisale, ,ooper (4-1)
wof f Ii *and Hegan, Tipton. Bishop, Fa-
Every mofh every week.. every w4y- novich, rano -2), Martln
Night Game
;' ul other daily papers in Pamai. cou oen Detroit1 or00 101-5 9 2
'Bo-on 11# 100 000-3 8 1_
.- t oeft (4-3) and Bats.te Hudson
(2-5), Flower ed White.

4' -


.'c -.H



B V.gva ,- to the

rt eleh san twhbivr.bespdfe
aAIM 0oi,.. hS ,m. to 1e-
- jkf MMB'ewI M~djr. or tb'tpie

that 4 H aln gil uver. -
Nt~lSAM w"Mcifc
is Aha S.



Sth d world today oi of Rl- Mtiina et .DMInatp.d to
t the ican dy Turplt. one of Yo 'is 'a ture. He
ith it theY V .instaled knocked eat-Wlt Cartler. who
bOson a a" "-I favorvt s 92t t y i 't." about the
to. hat g. l 151 tl d'-.JBlmY Beau
rounds r t n an rham- e'nd VI ft 10. Gene
pionshipat l. 8Square sH a ra d stooped.
ClArden, Jiti'1 Lee L ee W what it's



7h r ruI the' balding,
ye OWarl mtahle sdlkest
her hr in th business,
W ,ar .a 0ta un-
of t niab-

wa _l U-I
-nwn nw er Lj ^.fIH r P~

This co most vivid im-
Oian caneo at 1 k re-
mit- .oteSM fix. frigShtened.
o for 3 rounds with
Iin Philadel-
t to the sid and going
IM I llte Leo Durocher in a row
an umpim. RegardlEsS of
'whbat he bps abSonplshed 4itn
'Bobo left us with the nmpres-
a ai Oths* itdhe o lptg ag rnd,
a mthe' .jits ,-ru ninstaken
nwn etr n m, he t 1. ~ tt g

-e -. ,da but C* was o,26.1 ~ O

eop wabera fot bah ~ cDA 8an he laps at Uhe xl n ,
S ey theg course records atoW. us rd Olson. and he t a d

a and has .bow thamge ~l up there is o fo Is i

ht ulet -don l atyr Outside. of Sands. Robisoni
leaders look ovt, and ier'- "hi R1Jbrt VI lemain,

Handicap Golf Mbtch
,h iCh baa e .t

e u re'-ismtcap neJieup.
Iek denying ha.ain GW h1p .. To r .t .o' ,
th was bank coz= i Pt nmp le the
VAl this not second routd o .to for P. M. J: : .
ii1:bs Run- those bharmlnO fdinI in- BettvC v

ma in
b last
* had

.o)* sa

like tdte on theideek. was cuf-
ed in two. A 10-rounder with.
Norman. ay ina i San Prandca.
Co drew aa i ing but rates, and
le ficul with ci
G t PA"t. inhis las, t oot'
doing. /
OUT OF ACTION, fo- a yr
bcase of managers' guild d
the oenwlch

o b .ta maes the
ayoan omir wlh. he had

You was stronger tn the 12th
and fil round than he was fI
tb frgt, Mdo thnat tie wAy we
look for things t Shappe tht,

Oson Is a Last. punong. boxer-
belter, but he is going to find
Young counter punching off'
counter punches. He's gol i tb
find-Young taking the play e-
way from him, sinking harmful
left books t the body and right
hand to the heart, refusing to
back ubt or let up.
The mob for this one should
almost make Interhnatonal Box-
ing Club officials beive lboXing
attendance is In for a retvial.
Paddy Young s a Greenwich
Village Irishman and his tre-
nreBdouY fights have made a
v ferybody thinks Bobo Olson
is a tee whiz.
It') the mobt Attd tive A tight
the On* Big Unhappy Monopoly
has been able to give New York
Flndltdera and television tree
loadfers for a long timea.

The battle, for the Omega
watches and other prizes donat-
ed by ColoW's Chdrles Peret of
the Swiss Jewelry Store is now
enjoined. ThiIrt-two of the
gentlemen golfers of the Brazos
Brook Country Club qualified
over the past weekend for the
match play rounds which will
finally- determine the winner of
the Omega wrist watch and the
Orris desk clock. The ladies are
being given an additional week
to turn in their qualifying cards,
The going over the .Brazos
Brook course was quite heavy
over Saturday' dtd Sunday as
evidenced by the scores turned
in and it is especially apparent
when it is considered that ai
grdss ot 77 took mediltht hoiorb.
This was turned in by Police-
man Paul RichmonMd Dr. Vern
Prier, the old warhorse of
the Atlantic Side's golfing den:
tists, drew down tlow net honors
with a 73 after alIng five
handicap stokes to hn medal
of 78.
Bere are the pairing for the
firs round of match play
which must be- completed by
sundown Sunday, June 21.
Vern Prier vs Don. Mathie pn
D. rrancey vs1. MacDonal.
F. Williams va M. Cradwick
Carl Berger vs PtA Burmn
R. A. Allan va uke Clarke
T. Appeiqulat s 'sob Chandler
W. French va Jmmy Raymon
0.. CEngelke vs Met French
B. Lewis vs Pete DunAcmA
L. Koepke vs C0ff Madur.
P. Richmond vs'Anlbal Qallndo
P. Egeke v Roger Orls
F. HuldtquI.t vs H, Ftegan
I. Compton' vs Jimmy Plai
L, A. Clausen vs Joe Kenwty
0. Morland vs Vigil Reed,

A sidehill lie poses the most
difficult shot of all.
The ball can be lower or high-
er than the feet.
When the ball is lower than
the feet since you are standing
on a downward slope, you will
have a tendency to reach for it.
The main-problem is to obtain
firm footing, so you are proper-
ly balanced and capable of hit-
ting the' ball squarely. Bending
the knees, the weight will be
shifted more to the heels, and
you will eliminate the feeling of
leaning forward so much.
Orip the club as far up the
shaft as possible.
The natural swing will result
in a slice, so aim a little to the
left of the objective.
As in the case of a downhill
lie, *stay dowUt through the
swing, or you may easily top the
When the ball is higher than
the feet, you have the sensation
of falling backward when you
assume the natural stance, so
'concentrate the weight on the
balls of the feet. The reason for
choking up on the grip is that
the ball is closer to -you than
when resting on a normal flat
surface. tUse a more uptight
The normal tendency is to
hook, so shorten the backswing
and aim a little to the right.
Btnd the knees a little.
Move the feeti a ttle closer t-
gether for better balance, al-
ways the toughest problem on
this type of lie.
Figuring how to execute any
shot from x difficult downhill,
uphill or sidehill lie, decide what
variations you need to make.
and then swing in the normal
The club should always be
swung in the same manner.
NEXT: How to slce and hook.

Diablo Playground

Summer Program

Off To Good Start
Shelled by the influx of chil-
dz it from Abrook and Curun-


"Schos" Sery ic
loot Trouble, s .lgrowan, mala
* rch *uWrta, treduebw. <
baths. riuclna machines., imagain
Jstuo Aznwomena
Av.. N o

Who can resist

g -^


A beautiful smile is an irresistible charm ... especially the
gives you a particularly beautiful smile because it cleans
teeth cheapest of any leading tooth paste keeps your
breath fresh.., gives you clean mouth taste for hours.
Use Pepoodent with ORAz DiamCNrt regularly .. .for an
irresistibly beowtiful PmPsonsrr sSum

t: .pe mum.. awM ml
that dulls the t"th a4
$Poo dM(

*Oral DwI a AmUb-
ai l ml Lthat
eambion adI.S

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S '!5md~ j~.c

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.4',' "^ ,J
11110 t ... .. ",m .

Ye Sevo1 Appe"rance At Stadium Tonig

Viiors Drop Youig FicKd To on Richmond, Prier How To Play Par Golf: 3i2

7-3 Decision And Tackle uTitle Lead Qulifiers BalanceProblemO Sidi.

At Mt. Hope ---- I T.,, -0-
A-- MI r r I ofMMYRK 11'on's list In Omegl 8 journey By, *LIUS BOROS -i--**
t', A .a .rl- ar n oif. tl h,09 r w U. S. Open Champion
Tn Jriajt. ~( ar Qle tLM>- *MJB n~ lftft~ih hr fjiKj nr e- .- "^^^ 'r.,-- ^

I .

dre OTdiSC

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ilA Cega t have th
w .tf as "a1g1p,
a mad Commi 1s.
6u;; ptoway at
smt alIB sway
asIUBA a '0

a. itd


-- --- --

. ,* ", .

, ">

L a- Awi

voc a l

Man tle

e .a

CHICAGO, June 17 (UP> -
Centerfielder Mickey Mantle of
the New York Yankees stUi is
the leading vote getter as bal-
loting for the All-Star Game
moves into the sixth day.
Latest tabulations show Man- r
tle has r-elved 3,100 votes as
the fans' choice to open the July
14 game In Cincinnati. Second
baseman Red Schoendienst of
St. Louis leads National Lea-
guers with 27,00 votes.
American League leaders are
first baseman Mickey Vernon of
Washington, second sacker Nel- "Let the popi
son Fox of Chicago, third base- _
man George Kell of Boston.
shortstop Phil Rizzuto of New TWENTY-EIGHI'H YEAR.
York, outfielders Mantle. Hank
Bauer of New York and Minnie
Mifioso of Chicago and catcher
Larry Berra of New York.
The National League infield
consists of first baseman Ted U S S I l
Kluszewski of Cincinnati,. Scho-
endienst, third baseman Ed
Mathews of Boston and short-
stop Gran Hamner of Philadel-
phia. the outfield has Stan,
Musical of St. Louis, Richie Ash-O n R i
burn of Philadelphia and Hank
MslftoIs. Ipt R ic A

Sauer or Cnicago. ne ,eauig
catcher is Roy Campanella of


Atlantic, Gulf

Coast Ports

NEW YORK. June 17 (UPi -
The CIO Maritime Union's 45.-
000 seamen Invoked their "no
contract, no work" policy today
to keep freight and passenger
vessels tied up in Atlantic and
Gulf Coast ports.
Wage negotiations between the
unions and ship owners were
broken off late last night and
the union announced its mem-
bers would refuse to sign foreign
voyage articles without a con-
tract. The old contract expired
at midnight Mondav and had
been in effect by" a 24-hour ex-
tenslorn which ran out at 12 01
am. today.
The w or d "strike" was not
mentioned in the union action.
But seamen's refusal to.sign ar-
ticles could tie up 700 s hip s.
about half the nation's merchant
marine. Most U. 8. registered
freighters, tankers, colliers and
passenger ships sailing from At-
Iantic and Gulf ports eventually
would be idled.
Joseph Curran, President of
the National Maritime Union,
sent telegrams to union officials
last night notifying them that
the "status quo" period of con-
tract extension would expire at
"The wages and working con-
ditions from that point will be
undetermined." Curran said. Ear-
lier, the union notified 100 ship
owners and operators that the
seamen would follow their "no
contract, no work" policy.

2nd Transport Ends

Far East-NY Run

With Vets Aboard
NEW YORK. June 17 (UPI -
The second transport ship to ar-
rive directly from the Far East
docks here today with more than
1,000 Korean war veterans a-
Plans called for fireboats and
police helicopters to escort the
General McRae up the bay.
The veterans., most of them
from states east of the Mississip-
pi. were to have halt an hour
with their relatives anL friends
before entraining for the army
separation center at Camp Kil-
mer, N.J.

BERLIN. June 17 (UPi-The
Russian army clamped martial
law on East Berlin today as
mobs of more than 100,000 angry
East Germans defied the Com-
munist regime and battled pol-
ice in the streets.
Soviet tanks and troops
fired above the heads of the
rioters with machine guns
and rifles, and Red East Ber-
lin police fired directly at
the demonstrators.
Reports from the site where
police fired said one or more
persons were injured there and
at Potsdamer Platz, the "Times
Square" of Berlin, where other
shots were fired.
The proclamation of martial
law was broadcast over Soviet-
run Radio Berlin.
It said that effective as of
1 p.m. gatherings of more than
three persons were prohibited.
Columns of Soviet tanks and
armored cars and Russian
troops armed with tommy-guns
moved into the riot centers to
enforce the order.
Martial law was decreed af-
ter the demonstrators failed to
heed warning shots fired by
the Soviet tanks and troops.
The order, signed by Soviet
military commander Maj. Gen.
Dibrova. warned that violations
would be punished "according
to military law."
In effect, that authorized
Red Army troops to shoot to
kill if the stringent orders
are disobeyed.
The decree read,
"All demonstrations, gather-
Ings, political rallies and other
assemblies of more than three
persons are now prohibited on
the streets, squares and n .pub-
lic buildings.
"All traffic by pedestrians and
motor vehicles between 9 p.m.
and 5 a.m. is prohibited.
"Persons violating these regu-
lations will be punished accord-
ing to military law."
Mobs were fighting sporadic
brawls this morning throughout
the government quarter of the
Eastern sector of Berlin and
shouting anti-government and
anti-Communist slogans.
Some 10,000 persons gathered
directly in front of the grey
stone Soviet embassy on Unter
Der Linden.
United Press correspondent
Cay von Brockdorff reported
from the Potsdamer Platz on
the British-Soviet sector bor-
der that he saw four "Vopos"
-Communist people's police--
throw their uniforms and rif-
les from a window of a local
precinct station.
It was raining heavily but
that did not deter the mobs.
Demonstrators set afire a
small wooden Communist pro-
oaganda booth it Potsdamer
Platz. The flames licked 10 feet
into the air.

Colonel Flies Down

ITo CZ Duties

l i

le 'no


'l^ 7 -


w tFe truth adn tie country is sa'e" Abrah'am Lincoln.

F INAMA, R. P., WEDNErPAY, JUNE 17, 1983

' 2 M -.M :

A p i bd aL LI g--=MLtil'd~r~m

iV3 U

is Slap Martial Low

tous East Berliners'
The main clash came at the to guardthe street leading to and bits of rubble tro the
government building where a the building. crowd. .
huge crowd, mostly strikers who Dressed In blue shirts and Thousands of tat Berlin
had marched from factories, shorts and olive-drab rain Jack- Workers had staged mass de-
were beaten back by the police, ets, they were stretched across matrations and strikes yes-
After the demonstrators had the streets linked arm in arm. terday also against the Corn-
been cleared from the area Standing nearby were the munist East German govern-
directly around the building, blue-uniformed people's police ment and demanded better
cordons of teen-age "Free who earlier had been subject- working conditions and Increas-
German Youth" were set up ed to a volley of rock, bricks ed food rations,
----- --- ~An a estimated 2,00t
demimstrated In Ut nolI
during the mormiing. They treat-
eded a general strith if work
quotas are net, deeetead and
food rations inreM ld.
S The East German Commun-
Is t party annollced Iborti & af-
ter the demonstration ad tri
that a It per cent work quota
increase ordered by tye Red
government would not. l~ en.

I, Uwthe ihyb c r

SwtT butry the & Wt rne
a pNDONe's Jun -
goverent to suppress the do-
The workers booed a Soviet
ear and several Rfselan officers
and soldiers. They also threat-
ened a general s trike.
The announcement of the
dropping. of the 10 per cent
Wk quota Increase was in a
communique issued by the pol-
itburo of the central co
of th6 East Qerman Qomus.n-
$h. party-the: m a -we- O
German group in tihe Sovit,
hts ,'mniniau ga ad
awokM Is "to cNgM Uaad
all: to the go veUm a
k abd -unsawm 7-is
us-M ov taure 'wt,, *ed at
RED CARPET With the British fleet-and wari frot 16o
other nations in review at Spithead, Englan e of 'd- to .Wc-C4Wi
burgh shakes hands with Captain RudakovOeft), kier of the work ... -
Russian cruiser Sverdlov. Queen Elizabeth. I ('erer) looks The immediatp.
on as the Soviet officer is welcomed aboard the iMO Surprise by the Reds .ud tld
during the Coronation Naval Review. More than 1,000 Azs police interferanoe-y 7r
participated. Western
that the
'k ,k 'k 'A' been stage them
Ists. .,
Britain Questions Commerdls c

In US's TV Coronation Coverage *
0 -e .
LQNDON. June 17 (UP) The most profowid manifestations of West t 51414 do- I
i R SM

government has asked four a full
report of allegations that Amer-
ican telecasts of Q u e e n Eliza-
beth's coronation were marred
by commercials.
Earl de la Warre, postmaster
general, told the House of Com-
mons that the British Broad-
casting Corp., which is govern-
ment-owned, has been asked for
the report.
He told questioners that "cer-
tain lapses" In the American TV
showings were regretted in the
United States as well as In Brit-

The Navy transport ship left ,, However, he quoted the British
the Far East 10 days ahead of || w Plane ambassador in Washington as
schedule to compensate for the saying the American treatment
additional time involved in sail- of the coronation was
ing through the Panama Canal There Is a new-type pleasure of the coronation wasone of the
and up the east coast craft out at the Marcos Oelabert
Theonly previous troop ship to Airport. Paltilla today. '6 Of 10A B iaHu
make the direct run was the The sleek ttle our-plae Na- ai
General Weigel which arrived in vion airplane belongs to USAR-
New York April 3. CARIB's new flying Signal offi- miurs Resign;
cer, Col. Edwn O. Earl He pilot- ui ters ResI n;
ed the plane from Chicago, Ill., I
Lu ano o0mezarl, who has been flyin as a ide forms Seen
Shobby since 1944 made the trip
SlM Iwith his wife. Jean and two' RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil, June
Daughters, Patricia, 5 and Pene- 17 (UP) At least six of the 10
W laif lope, 2. I members of President Getullo
S mIS ,I The Earls made the trip in a Vargas' cabinet have resigned in
leisurely fashion from Chicago,' what may be the p r e l u d e to
BOGOTA, June 17 (P where Earl was assigned as dep- sweeping economic reforms.
*ZPBsiOnt JLune 17 ~ UpG omezuty G-3, headquarters Fifth Ar-
-Prsident Laureano omez m Foreign Minister Joao Neves
departed from Bogoti today by my.
ai for NewomokaccompaniedI They departed Chicago on da Fontoura. Interior Minister
a Nf Mwri.k on May 27, making a few pleasure Francisco Negrao de Lima and
his wife Maria and his sons, stops on the way down to Agriculture Minister Joao Cleo-
Avaro and Enrique. Brownsville. Texas, where they fas submitted resignations yes-
Dr. me was sn of at thcleared International custom. terday, following the example
airport s ou of Their first stop after Browns- set by the Ministers of Finance,
art before they group ohe a-ll was Mexico Cithe After twoA La b o r a nf d Co munl reasons.
es n elde t ied. thhe A roday in Mexico Ci wathy wingeditThere were unconfirmed reports
meats for travel as passengers., their way to Tap..chula,;Mexico,tato EimdeiJr. Mdsablde hines-
He was accompanied by his spending the night the o er. here beebedthey were
personal doctor an escorted by a producing town. of an inspired byrom Pari Braziian
S of army officers. San Salvador was next on th dsontent over m eml mnt
GOpMM walked shakily under a Itinerary. Managua. capitol of W te Navy and miri- arpie
a hb erdHe n Jtdened to the ar. ft ollowternatonl fli to be.Nnffeted bon the shakr

JTt bef ore they gta on the D ownr the trip the Eatrip tn-ook l g no of reason
O em eldest son, Alvaro. eountend all weather conditions,. beus o ffr the resonas
"G.o~odluck to all Colorn- They even had a view of an ob -vers here believed they were
erupting volcano north of Ban insi dby gowi Bral
and his family were Salvador. dlntent over unemplownment,
his resdence to the Nar's tAt Iternational flSg&t I m d import
L* a presidential auto.- in his own plane, the trip took dZ 1a. VarW was expected
a mwall ns eet to as- bt 20 hours of actual flying to m a caMet-p- espelally aul-
i Muma e, e on. lwMnu Tame. Ula dmi th m eSoblem:.

fysmpath xa good wil toward umi
Britain that he could remember." sPoS'
D -3 Plane (Mshes tf
In Laotian J gqi ro

WIth 29'Abward
8AIGO,' di 17 "W
UP) A DC-3 'of the Air Laos
company with 9 persons aboard hu
crashed in deep Ju igle of south- marc
ern Laos, I'remcbaOt lalI
anouned' today. %.
They a140 a Freich ptary miI
plane loctd the a T
3denV Joungle 35 ogsu o f ftr

It wa 14 knoitWkb" -eli
wereay m -thei
lane, %o e al
Laos. da o
aul arm-
caused c
and 15N '
one A g
"*.* .-----s -" .1'>
and ua' $t

Axe uir


ru over
KIM Ewan lst=
Mhe tBo en W-

b ma

1 da
to il





Ausband today after he
went mee apAP

A tho d u woo
ma -hit

n" PO .t ut

A Pasrma Canal aem. w ah-

Army offdr anod a Airoi
fleer will. reset. colle~s dqirs
this summer marking the
time in the two-year-didLuta
a State University daibb
Program that s tents
con ieretd one year's
tItert, tu k

ble for ar ideeea .
Le arbte. 0Wag

of thre PermonarkIn Dg aM
Norrisifl a

am fo ana M9V Lee D.

Manhd: ad Ual6r LRoyD -1

.. .'. ,y .4 .-,; g T : ..w, '.-.
: .. .. ....

h'dabil cw, ai le, i oflee an uanS 7.o le
brahlon followed a ^reseCtbdecll ;woW^ar b
., -,,, r

OM timag*T.He at v 01
awe .e studied Cvi]
nglaeert l, wl receive a de-
gee hre in August.

'M sole 1I11I Set
...T m nstrte
SE~wamr, aPeru

C: alw. Oultm Ernimi, n, n., TA.l.

* "i


,* > ,,. is

- .A. .V

- ... "..


_ _-~--~i~IISI

-- -1

* .

I ".,

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