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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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a.dthe co

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'Al **T' -7 -tW

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( '

- Abraham Lincoln



-- o -

Drive Toward

38th Parallel

Before Armistice.

ano oes, thrown out ln and the armed forces
St perdencyI of Colomba in overthrol tthe
m. austeve to o tof coat slve
rportd today to be ntLaureano Gomes and
,lt Pasnma. selaslg power.
Up early this afternoon nel- Rjas PinUla, a Korean war REDs BREAK UBATTL LINE Newsmap shows where attack-
her emen airport nor Al- veteran, told a ch rIng gwd of ing CnmmunUft pierced the main South Korean defense line
rook Fiel had any conflrma- O e 40,000. poers here yester- after a series of artillery barrages, described as the heaviest in
lAo that -tQ ConaervaUMtl whose he took e 1 power to stop months. The break-through was at (1). Meanwhile, U. S. troops
unmption of the presidency of "ung oasttutionalU e, of repelled the enemy to the West 1(2, and Allied planes attacked a
a1 y lasted but a few the eOsted president a ear- North Korean airfield at Haeju (3). Eighth Army Commander
Ioa u ~land on the I2thmus. ed on a balcony ta-or hour Lt. Gen. MazWell D. Taylor went personally to the blazing battle
Whj ahe did not arrive on and gave the "V" for victory sign front, where the crack U. 8. 3rd Infantry Division was ordered to
Istc'o5 t r flight frOm Bo. to the throng. hold the line at all costs. American troops were reported suffer-
Itbya Auorl I_ Me Iong plele T heavy casualties while Inflicting even heavier losses on the
e be coming by a Au ties copl enemy.
and armored ars still the 4
was to leave Colombia streets of the c wre ex-
lome'r a neighborng untry. a*Md wtih eursity by Mogota
lh nomIsm-Wre w dout CZ Soldier Pfc. Tom Jordan
had radioed Its inten- ~ ood
4W here, nor wa there o e
A eno 4 o omesai v arjrlv-Ted ez w sie
,.o-alterthe c ews. r-Injured By Grenade In Korea
S other Cdted under house arrest in a resi-
M anwhile United Press re- dene: surrounded by army -
=r ,dBootvthat local tOO
I f th Liberalo Plc. Thomas Wilam Jordan, schools and would have gradu
p .-clan. B o to the former 19. lost three finger of.his ated from Balboa High Schoo
arty hae -rown _he p af IWo.t .W i n Id r. a rnrifat Er if*n han.d anA d ffeed *a. neek in February of this.year hb

0 -
SEOUL, Korea, June 15 (UP) Waves of CId
troops mounting their biggest offensive in two
widened breaks in South Korean defenses today in a
to push the battlefine back to the 38th paroHel.
An estimated 20,000 to 25,000 Communists
the flaming east central front and renewed sW,.
pushed back the outnumbered ROKs at least ftwm,
.The fighting exploded as staff officers at a
jom worked on the final details of an armistice that
freeze the battleline. The Chinese were trying to'
back to the 38th parallel where the war started
years ago.
Whiln. the Communists held 000 pounds of bombs In 37&F
the upper hand on the battle- support misions.
ground, the United Nations had Smoke from the battle l
complete control of the air. was vialble for 50 miles. .
Far East air forces hurled Its
biggest effort of the war against .;
the Reds Sunday. flying 1.610 Tr e ,
sorties against front line and irllP I
rear area targets. UT Jef I
They were joined by planes
from four eatlMer and the bat- T .

. .,

i a1

r3- uR

,. .

S l a nw News- of thre deTt re- wt .o e -----.en
*i-:la pininanl 4o nie h l ded t tokhilindn
1w fi sf nade up uonleMP- ./aved' from Dtb p of helt Saturdly morning, and
and n ced .he wo4 Army by ordtn's mother, MLrs. With the excellent telephone r s a
through With a "eaf ln Ethwl Jordan, an en connection Mrs. Jordan had aloher eeions northwest of (UP) The United
O d by his predecessor of the Finance Office at r- through Troeal Radio she had hAllied tons northwest of (UP) The Unitod
to reform the Colod bian coni- zal and a resident of Curundu. time to inform her son that erewas seesaw fighting for ami agreement with
StuU on. Told that Tom had been while he had been flhtin a Christmas which had been Comm sta dest wit
transferred to a Tokyo hospl- real was as a "Pe. h yon secured b the Allies yesterday. Synman Rhee's opposition,
_* ,C Li It. was considered unlikely tal, krs. Jordan was able to sister, Mary Lou Jordan h The Reds also threw oopis in- abe sources said today.
SL however that the denew leader put through a telephone call to outdistanced him and become a to sandbags astoe Tankers Hill, Agreement on the arm
tgiveserous consider "general." heas one o ;trnt
ould give s.iu s consideratlan im te ,e o gene ral.u fe was hones a the Puchbowl nd at seven out- was beUlieved imminent, wir
a tom e proposed changes- If conversation, he group of teenagers chosen aS posts east of the Pukhan River. actual salgnla ceremony
ed a blueprint for a cr- f no details of the accident generalss or a Day" during appearedtheed drive place n onl a few day
lden A. Renon nd. ratetate alsi the lines ot but rl4 these were coming by the annual Armed Forces ob- was aimed at the Pukhan River Aeran he
J A.I R m dad.pana eg theof inessofewAimed at the Pukhan River Americans a theltruce
Ste oat ta panish regd of Gen. Fran- l servance.whre t bends around the ROK are hoping Rhee wil go
ee cgls.oFran..r Mn. jordan asked her son
S.- = 7tt elens of eciao Franco. Mrs. Jordan asked her aon TJor basic front. A successful campaign with the final agreement
between rirn how he felt,. He replied:n dA 1Cpk his c there would put the U. N. line there is growing optimigm
St and drank.- The Bogta-Libal announ "When I look at the rest, I'm train at Ca on Dh J. H on the 38th parallel which di- he will. However, the U.N.
it 9..aat a b r mentpc0l onwn wh deful., mother." esbarkton ve De videos Korea. eas t falls short of Rhee's
4r7n in aslle a "n "t. then t qulred whether pre-embarkatlon leave last De- In addition to the rep ,
19 0f V10"s. tional soIu da lone a- h Would be coming home. Tom cmber and was stationed at At present the batleline ex- rtabe sources there were
k rloed :Dty nues ," 'n nrod: Camp Drake in Jpan before from nchor Hi a t i that d to the
lon pa two ypt llil "W' 411 you don't know how being sent to Korea. extreme east. about. 48 miles in Korea Is near. -o t
Sbrief laterlew a by In leaCity~'Cl Llaerkstha p Ire over here, I'll still north of the praed to t n Lt. en. Maxwell D. T
S from both co .a~ Reatrep o, exiled member lof the h a good right hand. o old er broker e e the parallel a few El ghth ALr. y o and aer. .
U'6 doorar"ofi~olintal The young soldier who en- 14 rdan J w In Florida, was miles south of PanmunJom. toned h troops yesterday n
whi addlw'ft of the alPy in the Regular Army a an airman At A ok AFB for Allied planes poured high ex- be lulled Ino believing t
ca r. s Each ae made any deddor a year this a time: a younger brother. Hu- plosives on Red.insallations all go home ust .becauneM
san le b se e orvan gnla Pnl o- bert John, left for the States day Sunday. flying 644 close stice is about to ed.
hlCopaly has blebo -single craft. chief of staff Paik Sun up.
Mwas Ithe wa x g betweezi' yw& H%- helped lay -the communt- Ten Superforts from Okinawa to the east central front
11" the sd4iIA the ea cable for the current Balboa Tides flew over the central front to get a first-hand view
of 1 0a o "L a Parl truce discussions, and was in early today and belted Comn biggest Communist offenal
., e~ a- leder Oaltan o amnjo at the time of the Tueslay, Je 1 munistgun and troop positions two years, an action nt
S1 t n a the blood oota riots while a recent prisoner exchange. igh Low for three hours, here asa Red bid for
la -of Man PBaoeS conferee w Born in Gorgas Hospal. J 1- 1 a.m. ........... 12:43 a.m. Fighter bombers carriedon to boastbout a
A0lue being here dn attended Canal Zone 7: p.m. ........... 1:08 p.m. until afternoon dropping 1,200,- trucke is signed.

Clerk W Fell In Love With Canada tfer

.-J .A. en though Communilt li

apt IfiB^ th bout ue btrdinrl asked mercy for them. The cipher clerk set off the line southward.
P x ded the A ton atomic scientist urged American leftists have cam- chain reaction that led author- Another sign of an aai-
!t s had I beied ap% a new trial or the pair. pinned unceasingly for "jus-. thu ndat Aey in
Sto live In Canad at nearby Munsan where L
i ..Two groups of Allied and

seted there whe authorities change fof 8000 Counset
morning and afternoon wr.
obo.....-..on the f.inal.details of the tA i
h document. t.Ge

a the ce id They were belpreved near

O n'etB the.Whit 'T an De t Hourrnsene tontlalu on mac dad-i
u-, -"last rm major Item to be
Th ewe nhas a ftd._ l pK ftor mercy for the pen- A French Roman Catholio ice for the Rosenberga." steanil d wereopushing the
~~~for m aete rdinal asked w-mercy for them. The cipher clerk set off the line southwdrd.
ed the A to)atomielcentittir u prteh mai canviolenceftists have chain reaction that led author- Another sign of an
PZS betbad i vedWa now trial the pair. pTed unceasingly forJu- ties to th e Rosenbergs when he altice was the increed
decided In 1945 that he wanted tivIty in the United N oaion

o live In Canaaa. at nearby Munsan whee
o settled there while authorities change of 80.000 ComznuM

,ltrP e was gien he aid hes waeord r ,t
rt Don both sides of the Atlantic prisoners for 12,010Al

HS y eta oe I te ,since May 25 made a
ayeara ad e o rions dwer m thappeal to the U.N. to dek,
the nit aceo w ere n hescene to son. The arrest, f a number produces a "better pn..'

-a -aleter aig the wrePro- cause be o lo d when he said he ward Ktoreanby
sp. didIanynin parents nen ot th Jule s Rosenberg. ing of thd .. t lt
....II | i guar-ed abrt h', tdo Bintowee same Intricate p it o te arid teea
a,"la1w0re-M bo the wen o f Oney to te el West- If t111Ue aW m
tipanw a m Pn behalf of the anmUs I eI'u SU
e-merofWiveedt1A8 o;0 I=Op' m -Korea aIv l
FlWe" m I thel hbemisd ave cawmed Eb'sorebsIPIAMb
Ic Lot ,,ebeen the doet penalty, at les give n to
"bmoa d"U ifr, l=, (C "two6h. o, ) MNMUM G411 "

1, -. ,f ..- -'.IL.. + ,
s 1i.;y;;K;^.'. K2 ..




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''I" ~;IV
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__ I ___


fAsaI wo -. -- .-.

i i

THE PANAMA AMERICAN N High andl ry---For me rresenr
pou.. SD ALON 0 RVILL aINt19*
7 N PexAt P O a S 34. PANAMA. R. O P. And
L.o4s PAsNAMA NO. 2-0740 fe5 LINES)
,ORN IS P BA R I WE5ILNT A ?'Vi R., JO SH U A U PO W E R S., o m m e n t
P5R oNTH. iN ADYARO 0 S 1.70 o.30
.orn. n savano o is^ooBe .- .- .
Po ONTEA. N Ar V ,ANC ,5 sO8 00 By Victor Rimes bos e.-teli "
THIS IS YUR PORU -THE READERS OWN COLUMN Peace will have Its casualties, p id y ni I gs L
ANY-Dtoo. Some 4,000,000 of our work A-. e yw ne 8 d Ioin'J ILT,4ff'
ing people will hme their Jobs os.d Wan to squelch oe t p
Id e rafaae away with the sonmds f / toof squelch @ meture 2 *:

me l d.etes a re paama e Pla te or d 1940e. Iayne u tp to tSgunfire In Korea. .e. 0 ea O Ae

o Alfred Warh inecarie Watoton. d. .. iefe r td tl s on bru lod whes
ANYTHAIN LNThat's what the White House ....A "." h FteraI o "i' ,:

Ife& o trl 5lodne piII- he wotdt 7aatIIntaetstr dai on
r: da.Leteexp etsr-acutbackmt h iromhont O n n xto m -buoeb 'l
oh li vin on .. the t prom tat t eMea
Tohe oMtiBx is n Open e orum for readers o f The Pa the amiAme-0 obs to 58,000,0re0. o a
k I are received gratefully and re ha ndled b wholly con But what it doesn't ad expectIe Amerlea'for Ei- ni i
S s recession. Wha t ite on't do is.Ltia t di:a rn... ta.O. w M, r w thtn dI b at O te

iontus aner ca con l av Pleo1mea pici ngo uop n te slac e ra s fornd enepd t onr G tt
If you contribute letter don't be patient it it dm'tpper the si t around waitint about nea rea e

BPm l o 0 m lox 64 o on dotf er isto b s p uerl .t. us. :..6Wn 8'Thewu a int 1 thi poun l eantoped n Trat
niret e n ment nd Let rsr pUblishe ngupthose. o fare h000,000jobs. oWe're a a
identity of letter writers is hold in strictestconfidecerMn l e i .
This newspaperassumed no responsibility toyStatementsr opinions with them war time booms. -lepilM

sheA ealnways bohft a egin^ wih and Zone t ean ot anre woa dor to Cub---Goodani a redc Artheur ato aer te1m
AN Yc comd heb a" heny oineoer nut calot ohne bich ocolrayr tR o d .r oer fa e Tedefs
six month s.o d tio'orS Lablor ys I., --t ,...
During 1942 and early 1943 1 was stationed in the Canal Zone Sof tro ght p,,1

w rmoith th A r yIa lw a otrbbt op in aheopyoident h Eienhower p s to cau0 0 APr assdono p aailaii T otlr
enjoyed the column, "The Mail s oiBox." o n.ou. theaionathorin -nt. lear8 Th ai et.ung. 'p" "m g t Ii
I am out of the service now and have a hobby of collecting to sit witnatlm add p hlanr te aen or R ioienr.fe. o the debanee
auto license plates. To date I have over 1,200. public works programs, the of 2 98ee a r ie e d och oney a. na. eased Gmh
I need for my collection a Panama plate for 1940 with thespecial piacemento rogovern- e was ltationaVL rercat e ed
I was wondering if In your Mail Box column you could help ent orders ran d other specaial3ro beaeOPttme
i t e o B al u pa l e fo econom4ittrans w s so thar kag et istmo no a n s.ttl h aout E MrOaC the
me get a Panama Plate for 1940. I am willing to pa for one, we don't spn nto the it yster-eth Iser
lus postage. I appreciate this, and anything I can do for you, icale beliefethatthe" fr ct anal" D t 1tes tor t ecot Bea y l na a t a r ista whi I ol
let me ko Sinc r 4,000,000 Jobless M ,ean still Am u Wractiial ase Inwllaot e Ue- Meie
m e know. Sincerely, wider unemployment and ian A e h p ni geal t S tin. ArieaO dh ui e. bitutr oodm
-Alfred Ward inevitable depression. wa M aa'10r Late in Airaguit o
At least, this s t hea strategy e PLatns still remember thiespecially M In, t he nation ea
ANYTHING WRONG? now.t' which White is now accredited.
Rt ha t ni After leaving the state Dpatthmen White nI b
The economists around the a a i i h t
Sir: residentbelieve the country Is a e las a foreign debt collector In Latin Ameria nt es,
lTo the service man who ver di d troublesome trio Malenkov, appoint teead. o toubwoad th r o I. f e
Well, I for one feel the same way. To begin with, you boys Beria and Molotov. __. .... aavier to Jon dt-oi-na e, ore
don't come down here because you want to, because there are a hey point out that the basloeg, snar s waier whosn fah p er, .ua n rat edt ofld helDy onds

r'l eulind so 9 I s idalTOe pin a n t a uh atrthe w bcreas ic aandne s s s s ch. I* a p ooer to Johnt th report ea d in prear 's f teeui
bit better places than here. We areVallhere becausewehave tosteel andI ron Industry was c S ms s ry. wle twh -dhrmoprtdd ln for
be, and we make the best of It. never healthier. Its annual pay- ioArsy aurii venture ad t cpWi d an he tk now worth t mlliot
I am a housewife, and when pay da comes the money goes roll Is something like 3,310,000, n Fa cA O Wne an ote .i l wk h
or most of it for the rent and other the People n the States 000. This is some $300,000,000 sh little offend no o .
ae i higher than last year's pay. And u mdeor tof the n Demlnkon eebe .-W lllap T Phe ffr,
himn'theh tand lstyar 'es pl yo hahis .hif qialification for the job is the fact that he law part-
The Pan Canal employes are always complaining about high it will go up within thenexthAbar o or t eousehei Soo e l, gLno ie .
prices and crying about this and that. Why don't they leave and few weeks. ner to White Housec8meta Tm StevenLs.
get Jobs somewhere in the States. See how they make out.A ba -.t n ---- he ca onti eat
Another thing, when you go to the Pan Canal commissaries To go from the blast furnace Michael McDermott, old-wschol, autio career diploa. wteh
to' get something the workers stand and talk to each other or to to the sublime, let me report Goodness, and a heven f me that they never went court aout e et

oneofheir fri. When I |t hes todwing bl onrener-youGong raciousIme, andalsoheavensto meel bboutIt. be'en InchareofState l manDvpro,
one of their friends. When they do wait on you, they act as if that the ladies'apparel industry, Betsy and gollee ned, six arloPa of CO s Were All except ar, 4ais -hrloW *r6e. now paying r ue days of Frank B. Kelloeg.
they were doing you a f vor, which oddly enough has always needed recently to bust up a riot invoing 300. alimony, and send me .rayandy flowers a ll th
I too am very disgusted, but thank goodness we only have 10 been a most sensitive economic young iiots who were fiti t is un-. e. g

*m a ha Uilsn rgco rns.T hey bo te ehasha rion- Ial aOtWhdd'A% (.t plinI Salar c aonf ter has n ft h o h able over one girl.e msthat-twoyouth$ As I was saying to Mrlene or was. it Lanad.
t t(slack seassonthisyear.he were contesting for the ofthi oke, and the otbr day, while w ever It Wswu rub- at.n Americans ri sensitive 'ple. Io ode th
A Housewife ladies are buying heavily in one fhn.oa te an. old-fash- bing my back nd 1eI me' grape, one at a elv40 "eeteebinecause of the Marshall Plans f on rope
of the best seasons I nthi their friends took sides h sa time-ti.e:nt Sr.a *atpp tte. so much Latin teetting rln-of-the-mil or diplomat.
duetryvo hbstsaory. ngzegtfightras being allowed to dot aentlezian. .'Theat also reent the countervaiing dut slapped on Urn-
u rten Aptorr.....potsm alw yor msisecb u p ros. n guaysn wool-to by the administrat lon h heo
S Answer tAtreviout mzzle It's always wise, before you. It spring, and-all that, bdit this seems to be"'- I cannot flat. my Oi4 Wl look helpless, gyn wtk by th Ami nstratio.which Dulleg said would
(ecsvein oformpecastinbusinesso ,o' t a a new set ofnot "take Bout America for granted."
ftorheleasting bues loneIwnd.nLetyear, S an. Joe rMahoney, stanch p ill
foarecantiey musindss, to look In an eOcessiTe evidence of high spirits. compep- and along comes tome
on the national labor head- ed for some dames when I was young, Znd some cttlrnkk. ma y simple ht _. erence, she Laet yeat Bn.n Joe ncm adminytanauch pil of n'the ten
1 NTALaRoyal Italian quarters. Those lads don't spend I caught and someeI lost tO betternmen. has put a ring in .my nos icfflinksOCratlPtb .
S ac t r,r ear sond onary p ro ject Keao a d toa r ee troubles w yom i ne ro w ers w ould m ea n hi
Hutnaat mnbettee tiatk ,no0-foot yacht, BltlDean Aeheson, wanting o protect Ioodeigbor t
HLdsoi _Athaetnoaunet oTe Lso tr a ieg shee dngowers would mean bl- re-lnti nu
S d lBOAl yYou'll find-special Southern if you d'dnt pick one an. Mer would apx W yt Julthis s idey Aen. d.rroo sn t
Flagleaker, Aeinoonthe UoS.oane W aefa
Bet y briefing conferences at which shortly.osiA"Ma no. V%

ME NUi T nAoIu, e Vuads are Lamtbe slap rso tlaya h
Se tha r le bt p i e tops, for the first time any such duties have been mpos
4 oogefinte emphac sun7der. Pt%. p 9,ad n..dlla9. Latin Amlierica
Whppddollsrdo not "Le..s....ecrack.Latip O, get.
i2 Befo rrWortelehe2oAsseverated41De ying talent, not on the history n- mlove thegentle, h ofrS granted.
coSi tabe scrap 2Hewsbo 43 John (Gaeic) any "vete ran" in an area. wei, s- ra6 a for tonight. y aton let sp the id we were taken for anted"
| chn 7 7 Fermenting inmthew- 45sflower r Some men who've lust n ExcessiveteMatm ine Aas
agent 124 4 Cuttingassigned to. the new Southern xey t feel A t s can eth donate te bo ht pan, and s
Ir LTehn 1927 o mlemetsn textile drive don't, know the or mother some' big lunk'who is it $s Uba g- .feteathe.M oft 1lt "Since. Whami
IdLaterl part n Telephone 27 Prepoi7on Implementsv difference between needl pep i, chin at the ice cream 'p 'lor d anhoura am ii nror,, while -she
of Mindanao 9 Ellipsoidal 30 Opera'by 48 Eat point and a hypodermic.. But raising a ruckus ir genera o--. r k pnls chasing met to suppress 0 govern ent report regarding last year s steel strIre.
7Fluid rock 10VWander Verdi 49 Solar disk they are yery able organizers. Broads are conaceited, 'of ours, and I mst "
,5 Pilots 11 Approach 31 Spectacle 51 Carry (coil.)roadsta girl's ecoud breo a dned W mentThesecin e oThefreportrefutessteel-induhdstry pr pagan that blamepfot
20VendorperatedIcol) 52 of Their Job Is to sign up work-'dmit that agirl'&,age IdbeWhere Thesection thedeli r depart-h the.ammunition shortage-and defense slowdown goe to. te 1
22 Arterial 2Consumer 32 d (Coll.)Goddess ofdera in textile plants, not to be- a broad should not fbe brad by the prospect of met Is to fetd h oich In the ladrs steel strict.
'3Reoounce $love toeme specialists In productionhembittered WWI -which ,wi cove" In the para- r Instead,L the report declares: "The strike has surprJ.l.y lit
tiS Renoun To slave 5 Lease Others are going after the tel- But you can achieve the same effet, with graph o ardent lning.Whisky helps m tie ffet upon the economy as a whe. d
Jena material oil wekls 5?Devotee phone industry and the chem- mch l wear and tet t anger than ogden. fNash Impact Was More noticeable and In ,the c
no"ar ical installations. These,, says ing her a flower oi- a ma* coat or a kind Or caidy. 1. ;pto*tltowas.'veipronounced.
ehamber of z. m 4 -Iq tries still unorganizedl." oAt like to have their hats knocked off in taxi, was free on any serious or "consequec o
a stove And these, by the way, are I do not like to brag but mama's at sea right or to have their knees pinched snder tables or minor ef/ots of the strike, recovery wu rapid. By the end os
34 Terminal the Industries first hit 'by any now and can't read this, so I will tell you some- to have scenes created in public places by their August, recovery was almost complete."
soImmerl recession. Walter Reuther is not thing about dames. Dalnes are suckers for Its scorti. Bascally %e areyavers to being When this report was completed hbyth Nion Pt.u
2m7Tidy the man to throw $3,00,000 apracticl gentlemen who make W jut lustaerresnt .p job. Tey al- Authority lost monthU.s.teel got windo
Pagliriver rear into futile organizing. If he portent by complete pow "] .jt :.%.'t ,theAL backsscratched. id .PA's metals and mineral B
09Arbian guit felt that a depression was cOrn- managed to m I W., -.- V I _ra 1110not know why I am te you le., to block it. In
Ing, he'd pile up heavy-reserves. Pickford, Helt li Jre but a., I.mentioned, Mana's on the Chapple formerly* executive vice pre r. e
2 eFaal Instead he's moving his reserves Monroe. .:m.' "' and I Just feel gabby. I hope mama's now n loan to theg n Dent avr a s, go r y
44 Musical At the same time, Just before while ight',the ladies felt s o g adet. gipup of steel mogul who advise the gpmm nm on itt
drama he sails' for an international ... ..... .p-oli estheed s
labor conference In Stockholm In a closed-door meeting, Austin
Dssio.a ftI later this month, Reuther will Ein NPA repudiate ite report on Ure stel stri" gD~Z5
SO W Segregatehit the country with a special Slade.e at "inaccurateor ea statesm
Twa IiIIIIIbooklet detalledly analyzing his coot. I 'a u laendisuribed him Austin sid was thatoth_
(oeb. form) parity. federal
in E m plan will be wage increases and .""' bei'prio n e n t

.. .. Irit u cl

zeafte drie th'Ywill hve.the."WedeV-d~
'Mr. P.A. Want Ad' attract behind tm the rmeou
aehind etha the tremendou .Who do they th mk't ep are,
arfollowingp ressure which th I eamster" -k.,.# -- "I .- ., !.A
union cox emat. AbRost ir- New that Dsbe*bh#-
Of prospects mighty fine! rs 'ecah owetgibe
res istib le r' s 'o r w it h* e's 4 6 5 t o s-"y-"r
What's more he signs out teasams, rols for
them qulokly pciced line to Uthen tsrm oraIUeltSA S a&
On the dotted line! powerful lowab W m ost n est bar none.. ".
Everyifour monthefth nation- Oh, o bc outta that shall
expeta pa willthis m1ti
Your classified'ad will mt. eal organhafnghu&"r willH From t" W dM- --."0 O, .,
tract parade of go pros- too, .Theb bac to M N a e _,
pects because everyone to i n to haee jso as e c gh '

Zone reads P.A Want dS prosperity. ob emel us .
regularly. Try them no w pthe4,000=ul wh'l It ea-- hyerCUyI imW 8-* wp 06 .
the results will surprise out In the ch0t11M.-9M.'.

CC ". ay. JTlP.-' k"_ ..'-. -:w-- -.' A

I ~

$4:*' *

.4 -a.-


4. .
*. .
... .** : -, ..
S ..
** *. C.

*- a.


.4 -

.4 .4.

f -
t- !"^f

VW~r iWWaMs
W W**A*S*
,., a -

S* .. .
A., 4

= : a .

.''- ';^* !> '* .^ *.
,r '... .. "r

*: -' .. ..* <-.*'*''
v .' ^. :

;, ...- ,..,.*-. .- .
S ,a

'. ,

a' -- A4 4
S -. : !..
* ," **.* ,v t -'^ ^ ,

F' -- -

- I \ -

at-^ -

Already full of future features-Ford's numerous
ars, Uraks, antractors produced in many countries of th
are today's last word for the car of tomorrow. You just ca
the 50 years of Ford experience behind them and the gre
siht Ford has built into them.

*4< .4-a -~ -
4a( *. 4

* -'1

.4a, 44

4. '>*'


a -.

', = :''. '* .

. .- .. '. :,,:'

" ;' -' ... -' .-, "* '-* ,,; ". '*

''; .. '.* 'A- ,, ." ....
'a,-a :, : :' :, :

I "

. ,

2 .~ -. V


hr. 4
~.4J1ti &44t~4tAO !~~' .44 ha
a tr141
a. 4* ..~
~ A .44.
a ~a2 ..4~ a waty rf'uurefw t&

,'.i o ..,r. .,* e:^.:.^'.'1 ,-*.' '^1, ^ .- a -

,a' .-'a ", ,a : ,.

TOU might expect a caqy th"t pioneered mna iodtion,
1 atcg$tridet' hi putthe weud oui whels, to1lokbsck
*krlteid its fth ira. y.

SB tmatFoard j therostoiCSta lookforward tol

&i Fateok fdrward- to r.whih will be li-htor in weight yet
inmmuphta, am! iuaee

rf I& iUh1 give tl tu*eride of far heavi rvedcs. And
Srii roy'atnd will aoffersd gB rwatr safety.

to esb r, w lines. lower over-all

Midt fewtrwidrnow-S a peat deal extra will be

a trv 4' r- a.^M~ a .. .... a a... I /, &
: > r ^ i ." "ilr h f 1 *J '*. ^ : '. _, ,.i.,l.'


A 4. a'a~ta F,4
.1. a-~ :~2

4 : C

;' '.. .. ,-.- E ., .. I M. ..7 1,

.r;uH ta al&nss did nw s Aldready found hi

aiea* o ?,Moe wmfl appear hin Fordpaiuc to come.

And iW s y-sti the piaoer hbringing vehcblek-rf water
worth within th* rpch of all&-pcs yon that the unending im-
provemSent *fNgs in your intesot oihqAugwe,





. & .i ...,, .4
* y, -;44-4' a* F g* l .tai

4' --
a4~ 4 44 1.4

4, ~ F''

.1. a'. -
.4 .- 42~-'~
.4 .4.


p 1-wroTor COMPANY


'rr .-,y -A-
-r C'

tY ,
'^ /
U -

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.:,: ..


a "**;;- a ^
fl.. h F ;.
a .
". *r '; '" ,t ,

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a .

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:: -. v -.'. .
,,-.'w;-r 4.,;*-
t --A^ *t'
T*ik -^

* .r .4'J


'a'..' t
- -' -..

2.; a-W.V



, a- ,.'r 4



.4' 1.





- ---- ---- ---

*'a I


- *







. -..c


By ColbrainthT,

* -" A W L ]

by Erskind Johnson

NEA Staff Correspondent Isexy negligee from her "Sins of
UJezetle?1" wardrobe before hop-
HOLLYWOOD (NEAB -Be- ping to New York. "To wear
hind the Screens: Well, a doll while watching TV," she ex-
,an change her mind, cant plained. "Especially Red But-
she? tons."
June Allyson did about retir- So if Red goes to pieces on
ing from the screen to become his show, you know why.
1he )at-home Mrs. Dick Powell.
Serious about the home and In Hollywood, says Al Bernie,
kiddie stuff as an MGM star, weddo.d bliss occurs when a
June's right back on a movie couple agree on a divorce.
set now that she's a free-lancer. STAR IS BORN
"Really, I was serious about, The star spotlight is on perky,
quitting work six months ago," 20-year-old Joanne Gilbert -
she told me on the set of "The heroine of the year's most ex-
Glenn Miller Story" at U-I--citing "A Star is Born" story-
a movie reteaming her with in Paramount's filmusical, "Red
Jimmy Stewart. "But they snag- Garters."
ged me. It may be fun-I'll be1 Ten months ago, as an un.
making my own mistakes. But I known just signed by the studio
'doubt whether I'll make more with one bit role to her .credit,
than one movie a year." she made a singing debut at a
Big TV plans for June and i movietown night club to the
Dick? cheers of a tough professional
"Could be." she winked." audience.
No one knew it 'then' but Jo.,
Hollywood's 3-D boom keeps anne had warbled'fot the first!
getting dire, it-can-last" pre- time only six weeks before-"II
dictions from film industry was so shy I thought I never
leaders. But every new depthie could get up it front of people,
Ihits the box-office tackpot. Th ever.
latest, "It Came From Outer: Next day, at the studio, Joan*
Spe," is U-I's biggest money no.' heard someone say. "I didn't
rniker in years. Six more films knew she could do anything"
for the Polaroid. glasses will be But the next words she hear -
released in the.-rext two months, i were in Studio Boss Don Hart-
_man's announcement, "We're
Fear of a lawsuit from the going to star you in your next
heirs of the real man caused picture."
screenplay writers tO create a While waiting for the camera
character called Caesar Carlton to turn. Joanne repr.ated her
as the chef who invented Melba nitery success in Las Vegia,
toast and peach Melba in the: New York and Florida night
Patrice Munsel starrer, "Melba." clubs to cheers as loud as Hol
Actually, it was Caesar Ritz. lywood's.
,madly in love with the diva, Joanne was groomed for her
who named the groceries after night-club debut by her father,
her. Ray Gilbert, a songwriter who
has coached Frankie Lain.-,. Bet-
Short story: One of Holly- tv Hutton and Dorothy Dand-
wood's biggest agents got tos- ridge, but there's nothing Sven-
Eed out of the mansion of one galish about their association.
of Hollywood'.s biggest studio, Papa hasn't been on the set
executives for handing him a since she started -work on the
man-to-man line on the past of film.
a new foreign beauty signed by Rakin cakes and cookies is
the biggie. glamorous Joanne's favorite
hobby-"I should have baked a
_EAMCHER HUNTING cake for you," she laughed at
lunch. She's won stardom and
HELEN O'CONNFLI n1nd Marl- now: "If I could only wip a
lyn Maxwell's ex, And.' McIntyre cake-baking contest," she beam-
won't get around to ?ele-ting ed. "Oh. boy!"
the preacher until she returns
from her TVeeing in New York.
She replaces Perrv Como on th.C' cout N ews
picturee tubes, beginning Jur-
s0. I
Joe Castrothe Latin band- C. Z. Girl Scouants Board of
,'Pder. does a Mona Lisa when Director's Meeting
-' -'P.i f he's the secret The Bcard l of Directors of the
S f ri Duke. No yes, Canal Zone Girl Scout Council
Inoj stasmi e. N wili meet Wednesday
Sno. 1ust a smile, Int

fill HollywWo bwill
Jiv almed draI n* -E e b rved at 8:45
ye=ive a hunktj frtto wbhn i, 'i .. t
hh-' "ill of e ex-husband, m '
'MGM 'roducer Volde- -
nrr Vetlugin, Is nrobated. Her r
p";;t film is "Soiled" for Rus- =
sell Rouse-and then sF&, and
souse will wed. '
:t Tnfllmed drama: -
r'l Krasna. vho was mar-
icri .to Al Jolson. walks into a J ,
.p:t~:,- with her no- husband. *.
Voinmn Krasrn. Unaw'are of
-her presence. an MC Ileins)
'of Al. E"'.- bites her lip. Kras-
Ia reaches out and holds her Manyamanwwhosemborked
:land. They appil-T- politely on the. sea of matrimony *has
when the MC has finished wishedloter onthathehodmissed
l I the boot. *NUe |
Paulette Gcdri r:i fil -ied a

'Hl* 1tS. WELKIN. Planeteo Two Fugltivi

r T# C


i. L

^ X4
4j< ^

"I knew it! They're bringing bk that uitco a the]
borrowed when they sited wmstsumnw 'r.I"


- .axLs UQPY

I^ E/';~ J ALL WO0

1.g -


.. ZtJsS~
1 -x

'I v.EbqAMf1a


' ,J*Vr



- .1.

RW4 ;

SOME FAWN. EH KITS?-A couple of years
would be pretty rash to sniff curiously at this pair*
The four-day-old fawn is getting acquainted with' ne
cubs held by Mrs. Helen Martini, head of the Bronx ;
in Nevw York. The cubs weigh in at three pounds, two
two pounds. 14 ounces ia

kw, Bambi
n tiger

AutJb OrsrHlKOY, A.
Tel. 2-0810

es Now









uLA muMW'

' I


- I Ws

* -" ."





OR Pl! IM,

_ ~ 7__ ___r~ 1






4 e~arl srAapa
~~ Is^ o*rw, w rts
i[8/ wToaW"Monl
rrwr OFs AO

W- #tT^

'i~ ~r :

": u ~. w...

-' N *

Sri p Mc rthy's 'ost Boundaries'

SL Latest -'Tr son' Crack Doctor Fired-
WASNO 1 O Mi t.y available for a It 's Racial
Sa ubcom- KENE. N.H., Junie 15 (UP) -
J %"~ -2 M W Went too day denied raci prejdice waa
Dud a otar dat the mad z-lt I m re"on for the ,i., i of a

Sthe W" ta much "con- N bortm. ps ewhs aei
.N e ei rt m -n 6 g o d s o t o S c t o t o a da nie hh e m e d7 -s

M t ~ tt U a nd r p have Boundares."
W= h Aebu y hogspi.
mBs I nd tbe oal a n ri m e, maid that group ef d i d a art .

noatumage lth oo toB "e reenhouemiifdt orthir idt f lte B*er ta- e-te "c use someone
tCh .s, osbapinoL ld ntheto the job."

S. or bmay e e or .880 a re Io s of On o ad the obi"at
iet., .for tir e., r th Be saowbaahfrm-. e Ad versel onc o eau owe
f l guest s or ae oer because oateh.
atn-aot giv-rse a then wM i bll N to t eotrIb n e rtebefo grand ct"h MU.opera- w he satisfactory. o h

Vag .t .-a Lu a rI n t 'i I- nlofth p .h r"ndt he o e ad IOH N, N. Vl,(UP) m eeer si blenc lnly one

hr y U o e their an nual astW tortee M" bria ut hem aid r am chakrma. ui odaJmonhnalshus-Sire becl ose tdan atsr i war .
t labo ia ydM s.renu Mmaguhehthe rh e wh e In 1h the
ooH ithalur wblll3ee, rMrM Se am co-hos, t L reL wi l d no t cs n t baIs Wo eana r t he bedRo ie so t, dth an re
.M tr ot"Ja^ m~m tla ew ,u~r lc, t. a' l ,"." "h' o ePor .,Uexpla.ned te cummi-e al le f I,..._^ .. t.d
rll to the so e mmietteeond nal e hr f o l r- -u the Ne or thiel after he wa
mea Moof Mo T .f it Inthe aderor badteu us tao pdn lm !onk do to tholooe l w trch
r. csed Ml. tre- s m .. t a th. 0 y a e led n
_en l-r- Vi, n .... g Ma e' Sen. wives hos.l-,i __.I.aeo .
ae,, d at E n ,.,, .,,r,-i 8 Cutting Pete ,i o M.S. O ir CSM ,Me n.), ca an1nlitd oe the lfht of l hi ao
noo 9 elm W irr D. _ll committee, was out of town ahd erw I al t, who limfa e itm' l fr
htr and 1.ars. bert hold lt rpe lar monthly meet- --- fo e C-oi ofr I nl afah(ord a ellmina e a
S3thi mn t o r ay Tomeer otwh hwer conee lt e and ti-- c btommun o toy.oh. S
Warewe.wtte Per o _s .. icorimll b iniate t uated .wef ac l lem
M 1 h. e Bnt y.0 The ma~iynlumni eoR meet- rort Clae tda Oaerm Cluor t h d through boete that wer
lap hoe I fLght you may, Mommlnkity learned
B. I.l d Vice- of te Navy Off--m Wire.e- -E you were
'JA. ,.. .'.. ,. W ~. UiJ ; Be- Cin1b be hold Tw a b. TU .^ ,"Can onozly repeat memorable
T e M. John 12:30 p.r at At h e ot oos ofaItbbe To Kol lnldtbe irind tr an d*.I s 4o ut, Lonst o un3aries' ts
he. If a. e Off ee e gClub b. eryatlmo IiBmlan Can u m Beba the light of m radrond io son,
'her t heut be made with Mrs. D. A. Lodae No. 1 will meet Tuesda A hrirt who himmeif wtel f luht
Vhere *a1 Sharp. luncheon chai mn, or for e Ceremony M rs; ,r the.V world, all men are aM
frewell given athbe aaqner B. H qiptorlan. -w ou ar ncondls idernitendto afid berhes- ioneuse o aNot
nI. nMnk o rrue, ','M., r Mr.l bers Mrn. Austin ,'. Yod- The Minnie Reeder Circle promptly 7:30ar Metn p I / WVl@emreme -r,'d !1e
l md Aqulino Vaslartno, er, and M m-_..'._ Beatrice tart- for P.. I...ofel, ..ou,. b e ll and Buinesi Stat e se- /
t t30l un Itib uLt No & eo e tol Th m med ineNeeatw
tr t o 1 ma a .s Mag p r iese t e l h e- M ?r s aLu i--hSaoi n tI %hit h e4Le I n ,o l d h ow't h e
ZDuty to fo preadent of the Inter- yuniem MeetSeg To-.ew 5nd.dfec Mends are Invited Ic wChent hel lateInuthe
nobe tIq_1M jGBV=,d A.icum- Am naq WoeaM's Club, hon- Membe n of the Coron l". D .4i&ied w Bii-
* ,. y ;!, *,.* h_.I ,c,:" ..v..-'.- :. i. ..n. "w e--i..

Spanlih courses for Iarelgner
VAinversity of Pa"amA every d
Intermediate and advanced Atu
be conducted by Professor Albert4
Next course will start Oan Jun
July 2flr
Registration already opened I
9 to 12 and from 3 to 6 p.m. L
PanamA. June 9th, 1953. i

* at .the

II end~
ary from

I --I---I---I gII -.

Wise brides list their choice of sterling
in our bridal registry..,

Join the great company of our 1500 Brides who
have listed their choice of sterling in our Bridal
Registry. It helps friends to give you just what you
want. It helps to collect your silver quickly. It helps
avoid awkward duplication.
Giving or getting, you'll be proud to say,
"It's a Gift from Casa Fastich."


. "- -,,
t,^ ,;. '-*:'.J] -*" ,, '. ;. -'

-N *~

- N 'I


:.. "
, I

*<. ,- .

'. .'

. 4 -r



1N 4
.*I~. '~-*-

!. :

Smot mpan
!' : ...m.

on ZLh .





'N .

:r;::* rq
N. *41


. *i

r .! ^ :*;._ :*A .. *;1 -: -. :

I .'". -. f : -* \' I 'i ...,*"" ,, *'/' .,! ^ *-*

;. '.Oro






JUNE 16 from 4 to 6 pm.
I _S

_ LI1~ _1 __ __1___ __ 1__ _

~_~~___~~ ~__ ____~~~__~__ ___~ ~___~ ~_~_~_ __F





*'.- .

' t t

*a allu a0M
^/h^/ j P4-aa^



ind i %-


You Sell'em.. When You Te iem thru P.
Leave-your Ad wiih one of our Agents or our offices in No, 57 "' Sire t r .eit
No 12.179 Central Ave. Colbn

Lewis Ser'ce
No. 4 Tivull Ave.-Phone 2-2291. and

Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441


S... -- %~A. E- .. --. V 00; ..
.,.. 'VA-,
Sal6n de Belleza Americano Carlton Dg. Sh t
No. 55 West 12th Street 10.00 MaiadeU AS N Co '

Agencia Interncional de Publicadoes Pr i A. Miwaar&s for 12woif
No. 3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2-3199 1SPhone S 2-=14 Wd17 3c. hab dod W"

II ..-- ;--

Household Automobiles
FOR SALE:-One Frigidaire 25 cycles FOR SALE: Dodge Stoke Body
5 yrs o!d Perfect condition, $125. Truck, one ton. Perfect condition,
00. One G. E, refrigerator, good new tires. Tel. 2-4902.
condition $35.00. Phone 2-4218, FOR SALE: 1950 Buick Super
7116-A, Cocoli. Dynaflow. Slow mileage, perfect
condition, new tires, radio. $1,585.
FOR SALE Practically new Hot- 00 Phone 4218. 716-A, Cocoli.
point electric stove, bargain. Want FOR SALE: 1948 Plymouth Club
to buy nice bedroom furniture. Coupe, A-i condition inside-out.
Phone Panama 3-4748. See at house 51-H Coco Solito.
FOR SALE:-Mohogany livingroom & FOR SALE: 1950 Suick 4-door
din;ngroom set; mahogany Mr. Sedan Super, excellent condition.
and Mrs. Chest of Drawers; kitch- Fully equipped. May be financed.
en table and chairs. Aluminum ve- Coco Solito 43-F.
nation blinds, chest of drawers.
Bendix Economat washing machine FOR SALE :1948 Studebaker. Duty
25 cycle. 100 feet gaiv. iron fenc- Paid. Good condition. Best offer.
ing. F. J. Ryon. House 130-A. Tel. Call between II and I, Clayton
6-290. 7141 or Box 666, Clayton.
Radio-Record Player, Apex 8 cu. YES. we pay C A S H on the spot,
ft. refrigerator, electric stove, all for GOOD CLEAN USED CARS. For
25 cycle. Singer sewing machine. a quick DEAL, bring your car in and
bookcase, victrolo, 8 diningroom walk out with CASH.
chairs, 6 metal choirs, 8 comport- AUTOS EI SENMA N
ment book shelf, small table, misc. Next to COCA COLA PLANT, Pan-
articles. House 765, apartment 16, ama. Tel. 2-2616 or 2-4966, Pan-
Bornebey Street, Balboa, phone 2- ama.
4384. Immediate delivery new 1953 Stude-
Sbaker Commander V-8 Hardtop
FOR SALE:-"Frigidaire" refrigerator WSW, automatic transmission,
9 cu. ft. 60 Cycles, $125.00. Good direct delivery price. Call G. R.
condition. Call 3-5240. Lee 2-0825 or 3-4339.
FOR SALE: 25 cycle 9 cu. ft.F:OR SALE:-1952 Ford Victoria, AI-
Westinghouse oil porcelain. Ex- pine blue and Ivory, Ford-O-Ma-
cellent condition, $90.00. Leaving tic-Radio. Will accept trade. Best
country. 0532-B, Ancon. Tel. 2- offer. Phone Gtun 5-459.
304. FOR SALE:-1949 Chevrolet, 2-door
FOR SALE:-Beoutiful genuine Chi- sedan, radio, air conditioner. 4
nese Dragon Rug, in perfect con- good tires. Good buy. Balboa 2-
dition, 8 x 10, a bargain, two iron 4232.
flower par stands, mahogany center! FOR SALE: 1949 Plymouth con-
table, mirror top. Pictures 37th. vertible, new top. radio and heater.
St. No. 7, upstairs. Tel. 3-1025. Coall Coco Solo 490.
FOR SALE--1949 Chevrolet Carry-all
FOR SALE:-9 cu. ft. Servel gas re- Station Waon, driven only 24,000
frigerator for city or bottled gas. mile, 3 sped transmiies, good
Good condition, $125.00. Call Al- condition, duty paid. A bargain at
brook 86-3286. $750.00. Telephone Pedro Miguel
387 or Corezel 2162.
FOR SALE:-Servel Refrigerator, 9 FOR SALE
cu. ft. 25 or 60 cycle. Con be F rU S A LE
converted to gas or Kerosene. Good!
L, running condition. t 13lboo 2-4232,1 Boats & Motors
o oc FOR SALE: Selil Motor Lonch, 20
R SALE: G. E. 9 cubic feeti ft. Grayuw'ine engine. .ood con-
!.touble-doo,- refrigerator. S60.00. edition. Navy 3,61 or 3865'.
oSteel dresser $15.00. Telephone SALE
Balboao 3150. FOR SALE
nRGAIN:-25 cycle We1tinchous tCg)Eglate r
oefnigerotor. All porce^aI$.4
Xurtding 712, apartment IN, Loco- fa R BDiL&50wce
a.S$/Sat."B"i. land of olproximateliV5 000 sq
o, S/Sat. Blair. meters. cate ha 1 llr.
i SALE:- ano. t l with t large po -or
'condition. Servel 9 ft. refrigerator, factory or warehouse. Phone Pon-I
will operate 25 or 60 cycle. ex- omo 2-2930.1

,cellentrccndition. Underwood type-. ".
writer. Steel furniture as follows: FOR SALE:-Hom in Cumbres,
sideboard, desk, 2 dining tablet esroorns,2no, sroom,

r Road, telephone, horse and sadle, $50.00. 2125
.-48. Las Cumbres. Call Amodor 2285-
8 a. m. 4 p. m.
I C C .I


Chuls J. MeGinn, son of Mr.
ad Mrs. Thoems M. MeGinnI
of Gatun. C.L, wgs graduated
this week from the U.S. Mili-
tary Academy at West Point
with a bachelor of science de-
gree and a second lieutenant's
eemmission in the Air Force.
(MeGinn's picture was mis-
takenly published Saturday
ever.a story reporting the re-
ceipt of a second lieutenant's
eenmisslon by Frankle Maya.


Are available for all

Models of Automobiles

and Trucks, Tractors

and Diesels.


. S .E...Il uier

Greater popularity will be yours to
enjoy if you dance gracefully a
Arthur Murray and Fred Attoire
method taught by Llona Sears,
Ponama 3-1565 for information.
Grandpa Sits
group of grandfathers here re-
cently organized a baby-itters'
club. They're learning the tech-
niques of baby-slttiih and car-
ing for their grandchildren. '

S. vs. bewe e so.Wg b.II
Weftl AMs.he. Mmpinsw. ls
201 A m. C. X

DR. WENDEHAKE., Melca Cliic.
Central Avenue, K Street comer
Telephone 2-3479, Panaomrao.
Bids will be received in the office of
the manager, Curundu Post Restau-
rant and soda fountain concession.
Bids will be received until 1300, July
5th. 1953. Address bids to Restaurant
Officer, Curundu Post Restaurant;
best maids registered, identifi-
caion, references, health certificate
-from "CIP SERVICES" 2nd floor
Bella Vista Theatred phone 3-0881,

For perfect tuning call L. F. Garcio,
I he most expert technician on the
Isthmus. Receive orders from any part
of Canal Zone. Phons 3-0672 -
Boeng 4-engine planes. One-way
to Miami: $70.00 Round-Trip:
$126.00. One-way to New York:
$114.00 Round-trip $214.00. See
telephone 2-1655.
Ladies let our female attendant
demonstrate our new French bust
beautifier, sensational. Phone 3-
2217 for appointment.

FOR SALE: Radio Record player
combination, 3 speed, 25 Cycles.
Custom made cabinet, solid ma-
hogany, $80.00. Play pen $10.00.
Framed mirror $8.00. 474-C, Co-
BIG DODGE '48, fluid drive, beauti-
ful cream color, 28,000 miles.
Excellent condition. Many extras
$800.00 cosh or 1-3 down, fi-
nance balance.
Point spray outfit worth $120.00!
Your price. $40.00.
Electric motors, 251cycle, 1-4 H.P:
and I H.P. Make offer.
Medical books make offer.
Metal book c ses woth $30.06 each.
Your price $10.00 each.
Phone 6-226
9 SALE:-Veneti s B ilinds. C0l
wA*wftv *** a*
To SALE:--Onid upright ptano, god
condition. Apply 44.109 Mele-
dez and 15th. St. corner, Colon.

Radio Programs


Your Community Station

Where 100,000 People Meet

Today, Monday, June 1S

3:30-Music for Monday
4:00-Music Without Words
4:15--ingers on Parade
4:30-What's Your Favorite
(Agendas Steer)
5:20-What's Your Favorite
5:30-NEWS (Elias Garage)
5:35---What's Your F a v orite
(contd. i
6:00-Books Bring Adventure
6:30-The Telephone Hour
6:45-Commentary by Lowell
7:00-Take It From Here (BBC)
7:30-Report from America
8:00-Evening Salon
8:45-U.P. Commentary
:00--Jack Smith Show (VOA)
h:15--Excursions in Science
9:30-Playhouse of Favorites
10:00-The World at Your Vin-
dow (BBC)
11:00-The Owl's Nest
Midnight--Sign Off?
Tomorrow, Tuesday, June 1t
6:00-81gn On Alarm Clock
7:30-Morning Salon
8:15-Morning Varieties
8:30-Music Makers
8:45-Hawaiian Harmonies
9:15-Sacred Heart Program
9:30--As I See It
10:15-Off the Record (contd.)
11:06-Off the Record contd.)
11:30-Meet the Band
12:05-Luncheon Music
12:30-Popular Music
1:15-Personality Parade
1:45-Lum and.Abner
2:00-A Call from Les Paul
2:15-Date for Dancing
2:30-4pirit of the Vikings
2:45--Battle of the Bands
-Al tar Coneert Hall
3:15-The Little bhow
3:30-.Muasc for Tuesday
4:00-Smunny Das
4:1S-4uth of te order

5:N aou let.-I

Wite S.ntea Clara stcha
-* Basibee 2.3050,

only court in Santa Claro pith aon
oceanview from all cottages. Steps
to beach, Rockgos refrigeration,
barbecue and shuffleboard. Pano-
mA 3-1877. Margarita 3-1673,
Box No. 435, Balboa.
Grmlich Santa Claor imech-co -
tages. Electric Iceboxes, gas stoves,
moderate rates. Telephone 6-441
Oemboa; 4-547, Pdro Miguel.

Two and four room furnished ond
unurnished apartments; private en-
closed4 gardens. 8061, 10th Street,
New Cristobol Telephone Colon
FOR RENT:-Fumished three 8-
room vacation qaorterr July 3rd-
SOct. 3rd. Phone Gombos 6-382.

FOR RENT.-Bella Vista. Large two
bedroom,. completely furnished
apartment. Telephone Panama 3-
0816, or 3-4187.
bedroom, completely furnished,
washing machine, radio, refriger-
atoe, stove, etc. To persons oa
family willing to buy everything.
For information a11. .2-I871.-
6:30 p. m. 9:00 p. 'm
FOR RENT:--Furnished two bedroom
apartment, months of July and
August only, No. 34, 44th Street
Apt. 2.
FOR RENT-Independent apartment.
Two roams, kitchen, private both,
big closets. Eight St. No. 11 Par-
que Lfevrq. Please call after 5:00
p. m.
FOR RENT:-Apartment, three rooms
tile floors. 82 Via Porrs Soi
Francisco de a Ca leta. Phone
2494. !

Position Offered
WANTED: Experlened Englahf
Spanish stenographer, good speer
rapid typist. No beginpeer considad
ed. Columbia Pictures. Eisebio Me;
rolee* Congrejo.

FOR SALE-Cobiinefewlng' mchBhs
60 cycle, A-I codiltlion. Reason-
able. Telephone Albrosf 86-2280,

Schumanf PlanP y

Of Idusr lPOV
AASBOURG, Jufe s1 ((P)
-Jean Mopnet, president of
the Sehuman Plan high au-
thority, emphatly ejectedd
criticlas of -t .Wa tn Eu-
ropean heavy Industry nool bi:
stating, today that Europe's
first federative organs were
functioning properly and effect-
At the same time he admitted
however that the six-nation
economic semi-government for
coal and steel does not "have
the Illusion that the common
market Is already fully operat-
He spoke at the opening ses-
slon of the Schuman Plan com-
mon assembly n Strasbourg.
Monnet submitted to the nine-
man high authorities a general
report on the pool executive
past activities. The assembly
delegates will debate It during
this week and they are expect-
ed to criticize It severely.

6:00-Band of America (VOA)
6:30-Hawaii Calls
6:45--Commentary by Lowell
7:00-The Prisoner at the Bar
7:30-Report from America
8:00-Metrpolitan Auditions of
the Air (VOA)
8:15-Fred Waring and his
8:30-Instrumental Caper
8:45-U.P. Commentary
9:00-Here Are the Answers
9:30-Books on Parade fOA)
10:00-Armando Bos and his
10:15-Musical interlude
10:30-Variety Bandbox (BBC)
11:00-The Owl's Nest
12:00-sgn Off.
xpsluatlen of Symbols:
VOA-Volce of Ameria
BBC-British Broadcasting
RDF-4dlodlffuslon Franc

AIO3111 ,


W '


,. i 6 .

I '. 'I
. I...1* '
3' & .

"S ^***. *


-t ORS,

rday that Togoelavia bad


Anotherw Novey NMv!wi
'A I
FarM& 0 Garen.

Gco. F.'Noveyf.a
2. Central Ayc. -0154

I Tmmmmp~st. Si, $S. k
Sisppg a moving, stor
Wo ack nt crate orW me
anything. '*Phone 2.2461,
", h ,22LU 1

"Iousulold Excdange
1 AUteMftelhR

a-B Bm.T ACi> JL -

ater s te Your


I0 u I
Plans are underway -for pe-
entation of two duo-piano coma-
and LloA prominst Ja-
bouncad.ts b rp en
tvt of C S caurch-by-th
oSea, Colon.
One concert lUl be ilns
Oabn and another In
City under the auspleeq I
Atlantic aide chArolh Eor 1h
fand. The dat0 gMA
Am in Colon a"d
s, treett Is al gd
aloal. tmuiO levels UA k
4m .ptero EandeliLaw5gi '
Cofl, and the late Wt. Eaw
sMa As asael Lawlm -e A -
ican onbert here with vU
&- Rt'ed W.llan -sevwlgU

spread aeclait la blh M attw

..". ..'. t.. '. ,;*'

1 _

OO 'd-tafd he wished to *-
fate "I -in pttppod fropagan-

Russian Clerk Who)

and they hlom. tght thtir
sentences aweat umiugly ...
Their attorneys ha're appeal-
ed four tifts ... o .
Supreme Court without gnu-
PreMdent Meml e, denied
them clememfy..
Xn additlm to pmremg-ort
appeals, defense aL- h. -,
been before the Judge wh
sentenced tia Resinber gill,
the U. & Circuit Court of Ap-
peat USime after teme .
TM h defee ha sought a
new trial, reduced e'
and staysoa ammutteOL-

halve "tba. delt for a a oupl
and th entre atva aod benull
grand, ay t ando ie J
in tempting aSt Re

1 to =G 1 n

The u ae acituauly bega I-
1044 and 1 -4 when 3!-ypa.-el
Mrs. Roembd their t bro a
Green founglasd, was i *.M bta

gennt Workialag at bta Al a
He of an AsieRUlan e of th
where aIrts IFr the Abemi,

In-law Mand eeolved a m
Patvely nght satenice i 1e-

Tow "Athe d l batn

t-eoiS o f ,e
The an actually. baheai
relmnde. IW, 1 whe 3-my -ld
eft aM, w ., ah AM_, of-,

e was tt tha d opf w

StledY Ubt SOtlce f 1
an. 4-.
Ha testified at their tra u a
0 reemiwsa him -to aesk &M
m 1osi alketa A Tboam

to t e one thaothe -

own bmm had e .ed theN U. ,had

6ldr I t n, hehai a o
Sspy ring. worked

S WeN to


The United Statel of America
District of the Camel Zone
Whereas, on the Ilth day of June,
10S3. CharlesL.. Ramire, of Van Siclen,
Raiirie and di Castro, Proctors for
IbslsDts, Jefflord Bewoma, at 1l, filed
a Roni mad Persom libel In the Dli.
trict Court of the United States for the
Camel Zone.. agaat l. Motor Vessel
Pacifie h aoer,. hr beats, tackle., p-
parel and futdstiure, in. cause of Can.
tract, criv. Cd Maroit,*.
And wbwoms by virtue of procma In
due form of law, to me directed, return-
able am the Sil of July. 1053. I have
lujnd and teaks th. sald M. V. Paefic
Ree and have m r In my custody.
Notl Ia khereby given that 0 Diatrict
Cow.t be hold n the United State.
Court Reom, Ia the town of Anc., Ca.-
nal Zone, n the a day of July, 1. 53
for the trial of as ureles, awd the
owner or Ownes, emnd al nporn who
mray "m oWr claim y laInrt, m
hereby lqd to be nd pper at tihe
thme ad phe L motnee toab. sw aueu..
If any they have. why a finl decree
shbeuld nemt pe prayed.
IUnaid Statge Mordal


Crawford Apnci
--a I I _

Rs**r.----- ~---~. --~-~C.I~-C~n~-

-fl hwakeIm e
B7ou ,o I-


.ould b iue p e to i



Hen Lute served a mstut
elhec ted arn In.talle

'Smt~ .s..M .rn .
JI~id ~tM nhfir







.. fl-f -' 'a
"lit- ^ '''^
_____* ;^.: \-.^Sa

W ^r:'t^^


iS to-it
i T



A "T

rn. 4. -A. .. .(UP) A
-'. a Wolf sands R. Texas pr
,,la-" m 'em r am the Ma6gh letm. WaI Obhu6h by the P7
es l rw A Ma. s Btughte Of Mr- Md Mr .' O forced hi
.,-W A extremelyl

any at 9t:00 am. at the Church- ed," was
e r morning cotfee. at a Bava

40 Plv ia ke...- Z...r .1 No. T Maum-
of at n Friday. b bier is el be hodeU!S. hF as
Y.. the e Cof the oard-f thlat M d MJ. .B a wsaw, s pr
of. a i it ctV on.t6 b Ieavbig lee states -wi
0l -a of ro a d M It. .W. via Des

eat of the Board, Wtae flags ir aW"' aw u rather i
U110the nep.B wly organiId Cli atOndp -wae a -am charge of

iiiPilu .aaj^ -r- C ngweig wl rturb ti t?-
ka- The other ladles frf teud in- ?hn.2 rThe fu
lt e the Board Mhmbers: Mr.s. a .32 call
Plan a o rrachflel. Mrs. Irma feared n(
pla.y Belando, Mb. Ait lles, Mrs. e o the brought
1*- Gladys Vontre ias, Mrs. Zioe Wom 's Auxliary ofthe Mar. c ho t t t l eu atm beth In- here.
o-n, MrU. Ve lma Rudolph MsW UnioArh wil d ad r e J.
lJr., who dns0 models. Aro men,, at rt a uth or
1.o ie l On elai JelL trs. o Viola Chur ch.kD. ad e ene to the ed from
dthe a4d7Mid- Mb. Lil C ino Mui. &- D" Theu e tehlU, M ae mvred the Tex., May

_ritn the oa t Mr hWisr. ( ,us awHis s r_
a turin the Il.a Arom a MIrs. atta' n Mrs. :. W. 3. H. all and Mrs. z th ipeatel sa e teehalee ame was pisee at a His trai
Slas and Mr. ms ltea.J Mn- W. Wrenwll be hostess. watagept Iside Wstmi Abbe. lost for
V Mrs. aesn Riavs and gluDim#* I ner IPs a slve
an d" Mrgs. -dA. w Mrs. Mr oand late
lpwte Ernest L. M1.u aeronauti

Sw( Rialkn ;two. rAtli svbs INSa deU1nM i ar to honor o Mrme a.nd Th y
District tla Eun- oaf Dunn' Mrs z Cotton who the 1,, unces did not
whbh 9lebst, 30%i -MA"s thin- the aIsthmus next

eas le nd 84 Mrs laClarl'o reunion forlS Ps C in. The H plan
wathe waso forie
COIN -"Boo Is

I I unc h rl n ,tha oS time rdy denouned "b k Into ac ie virt ng 205
w fe at ht *e mu Cotoander .rand ,rs. J at Con mult wrtl s and d In altlg violence as a
so on.r eb the C0a a in in 0 0 endeees anda Lt. f ad Mrt e elated etary meiou h a o ptht om ni m T RPI
ja Oo -eN Ini j o Oef. o-d--TO"Mlb-elB t their Sd add W ,'' and ue W. X. Ie NOVR, X. H., June 15 "We must not com with
o efScebalb ftM,,.Alt tm yeoorda, #denounced b o o k into a civic virtuei,,In making 25

Mit ta bao Aeo tar ea andy ri to own de n l thetest of loy
;'ov e onalis te etl'-; hm r6. in j*end*o & t. and Ms. r. eIh ev American bae a of patriotism, or 'In making TROPIt
e ,r -~u an e so good citizenship."
2"L Is. fn thet d dinner given Frday ee. our of th St
ow d It 'lolameontgs II & a-oua r Lt. egt) an "We eItave g oat to ftiato &
b iI t to m.ade. In Col waxe erv"d at, the beter, 0ttray coent ethe
W ts um a* nud a thei r at the m rla President. said

r L t oW .Sa. Bwfow sanowids o5 a
Sware-oa a dI L j, eb rrt
r t h rst_ ___ ar e rontor ord r reo ntr ary C
eder- l *Cbot, "SCAND ALE
tito theve them in andthaces where 0 63e o1f CANoD AY
dn a te c -is unquestioned, a It n; ot" ,T

Sd trs. a. B0W Adlar worsoe c a to t1e5 pETHEe
teethe th e hot fer o eres t v -n pin-ot haholK the i* Tl'n Am ?EI MA N
Sdse ntatie ona the tUST ACROSS
AO Plural the for neoarnsk eo
hi'd we t rread f A see were u.e d o w the thefi reo. -an A
 .ty plU Wet tf W. C ,, ,. o. amMe cne wrS *n aona. ".
,., Oer,,as bed. ntet MI ThUbe

w l Mrs. I .e o bordo table and tl d o ei oA

thr e president ai Introuced nI Treiet amo1 o

wIM.'. ,h .,. _..,4.. tir ;c s, abe ..e. J wcof ,,o ,.a 4,,p_._r i __._ ___ ,17_,,o_,.-
SMrsr r.P. Adl teh, M R. ly re to inere the Preident endo

', V.. J. B'. Grifin, f waJte oomet .t n the Idea of un "rean and H TE A
Me boWt e tdb u a -e t 0at Ial te thr outh Ool- .0

w.e r th h~f ee & ar. out ot ld. h ate r teTo he But
.lH^Atotel I Panama e Mtrs. g. Cain, Mrs. bo- h toa RM IM ir. and nowr as t Me dare oi one ai TA"" AN, 4
,TOl thoo t Mr..N. fR. M. mone Dlb na he fm of hst erti e ,- O qdO
ia Jle. T P l a Ar. ? o CJ. kitsd k *ar ithe dd "n'tr Na to "He didn't gO out d tke in
hasihWd 3 e ii a e W H touch tT u it to- t Oe Atalnp oCIi' oldt ,"i f
.4P=a Ieaaf Mr Pb M rs. wt trhink wn yth arare. pingrean a theP eidyo erend

iW 1 rk ,Mrs. L. Decbroud the was in Creea he trtaever -
.lcL i Wrhimd hr nu.d Wg )-le o lt aora Id rt 50 Ifnt
.' oaeft fafur tohe d ra : d the e didn 'thao eved-r ta

by the r Lem In- .1 sr the stamp and rs b ema
-*i "," M bm e n Q do Ib aayk 0ea bOOk, o a
isw. F d th Er, MR W tuamd, le C.d s Hon g Wlekfas nt Y. -
andm groo, ot

anhd I. .. T om l t e thl e w 'r "W e" st o dn ou theI
~ea oak 4@ D* cankr it. It, X. Tgseak. insknp o what

3slbos.mheI W Was* e? aft* B to s-naTvig an r dDA-Y-
Iroo lm w lfhtgort the o(eIaw degre,-tRE-RELEAS
thyt .~ cousad~arddobei oell wialo
whes Wr S to Ms e at w, d the at,' Cotm- oe 1 e C,

h. w ti- -r- Nr- 7,.B heldead It, haven su c an ary

' wIT ~ .... .. ..*u M".' ,.
we ave the doeks.
I. 5he.W to "m ctourgh

,.',v ba .a~..

-the .7

edly FN
ORT, 1ill., June 15 -
flying fugitive" from a
prison farm was nabbed
BI today after darkness
im to land his light
Chick. described as
ly dangerous land arm-
seized after registering
inna, 111., hotel.
gnts hbd learned that
g across the mid-
esumably from Mal-
Wi., to Ban Prancisco
Moines. Ia., and had
6ints along the way.
ala. John Davs, was
in his hotel room at
. by Carroll County
Harry H. Miller, Klne
ord, I agent oi
f the Chicago office,
gitive was armed with
fiber pistol, but he of-
o resistance. He was
to the federal lockup

ties said Chick escap-
alBrlson farm at Otey,
15, 1952.
l apparently had been
aore than a year, un-
ok off from Milkaukee
r Republic amphibian
er notfled the civil
es authorities that he
d to land by darkness.
act that Chick filed
ans indicated that he
realize he was being
he was found parked at
n m. airport.
ties said he was serv-
'ear v ntence for' arm-
ery when he fled the

ed Record Changers
. No. 3 Belas Vista

~eaters -

0 John LUND



a"rT oarIWCZc


Clark GABLE Vivien LEIGH Leslie HOWARD
Olivia de HAVILLAND, tn


Her Hps had to be bought with a
Southland Kingdom... and he hand-
ed It to her on the blade of his
Bowie Knife!...
with -
Aan LADD Virginia MAYO
Shows (LUK): 3:41 4:U -
6:4 .1 9: p.m.

In Technicolor!
Jo" Fremr Z Zan Gabor |

! l :_*a tJ.Sja .:4' p.i.j
Color by Technicolor I
tarring Jeff Chadler
Scott Brady BUsoo nan


A Sensational Double I
John Waxye
Maureen O'Hera
Barry Fitzgerald, in

S TI OL t. t
Tay ~ M

7:00 9:15 p.m.





Maria F6lix George
Marshall, In
Rosita Quintana, In

G bert Roland, In


,t pictures of the Month --

the best Theatre of Panama




., 9


.-~i,. -'~:**~**

- .

L-- ~- _.L- --r.-- -rCy ---- ---- -I---- ~ ----- ------------ ---

_ = .. .


_ _C I _



=-' -'


. *. -.

kees im For A. .L. R- Of

a I ___.__ ** F B- J *' ".~

1 0-

BrotxJ mbers Take Two

More From Rival Indians

NEW YORK, June 15 (UP) All that stood in
the way of a record tying 19-game Yankee winning
streak today was a 14-game losing streak.
What's more, the Casey Sten- bruised knee in a costly injury
gel demolition crew has a day which may keep him out of the
to rest up before returning to Milwaukee lineup a week or
Yankee Stadium to put its 18 more. Liddle gave up only two
straight triumphs on the line to- hits in winning the second game
moArow night against the and also made three of the 17
Browns, who have nothing but 14 hits banged out by the Braves.
straight defeats to offer in re- Sid Gordon hit a homer and two
distance. singles.
The Yankees now are 10-1 Billy Loees gained credit for
games in front of second place his eighth victory in the open-
Cleveland, 30 games -over the er at Brooklyn on the margin
.500 mark, and there is no telling of a two-run triple by Junior
when they may be stopped. Yes- Gilliam, his second of the
terday, as they swept to 6-2 and game. Kiner's big homer in the
3-0 victories over the Indians, second game was the 12th
making it seven in a row over grand slammer of his career
their closest contenders this year, and his 307th homer, tying Al
they gained support from two Simmons on the all-time high
stars who hadn't been clicking list.
like the rest of the crew. Haddix struck out seven Giants
Yogi Berra, below par because and gave only five hits in win-
of a stomach ailment, crashed a ning his seventh game while
three-run homer in the eighth Mizell pitched a seven-hitter in
inning to break the opening the nightcap, tiring in the late
game wide open and give lefty innings when Daryl Spencer tap-
Bob Kuzava -a victory in relief. ped him for two homers. Peanuts
Vic Raschi, batted out in three Lowery drove in three St. Louis
straight starts during the long runs and three more came home
winning streak, came through on errors.
with his best effort in the season Roberts came to the end of a
in the second game, twirling a four-game winning streak in his
three-hitter to end Mike Garcia's opening game loss to Ken Raf-
five-game winning streak. Berra fensberger, but he gave up, only
also swung the big bat in this four hits including the game
game. his two-run triple in a winning double by Greengrass.
three-run third putting Raschi Grady Hatton homered for Cin-
In front to stay. cinnati in both games, his blast
In the seventh of the second
Not even Sunday magic could game breaking up an 0-0 tie and
save the Indians. After 12 setting the stage for Hamner's
straight wins on Sunday, the two-run'blow in the same inning
Indians found themselves a- as Karl Drews pitched his third
against men instead of boys and victory with relief help from Bob
that charm went the "way of Miller.
voodoo and witchcraft as they Harry Byrd pitched his eighth
suffered their first defeats on victory over St. Louis In the
the Sabbath since the Yankees opener, and hurler Carl Scheib
last turned the trick last Sept. and Cass Michaels collaborated
14. in the second triumph. Scheib
In the National League, mad- pitched six hit ball and Michaels
cap Milwaukee cashed in on drove in two runs with a homer
fine pitching by rookies Bob and a scoring fly.
Buhl and Don Liddle to top the The White Sox received their
Pirates 7-3 and 8-0 and go back best day of pitching this season
into undisputed possession of from Billy Pierce and Sandy Con-
first place while Brooklyn topped suegra. Pierce pitched no-hit ball
the Cubs 6-3, then battled to a in the opener until Del Wilber
6-6 darkness-halted tie In the doubled in the eighth. He gave
second game when Ralph Kiner up only two hits. Consuegra
hit a grand slam homer in the yielded six hits in the afterpece.
ninth to kaot the score. The Jim Rivera drove In two .4rst
CaIdtwice defeated the Giants game runll with a homer end
lI 0a 9-4 and the tPhllies de- long fly and scored the long rrn
e@~ed ncincoU n 4-1 od Granny In ~ second me-when he sin-
ISnewrs to-U nhoater after gled, sto deeond,1 toothed oti
Jt doeenbl'eass driMed a ninth,- a fly and came home on Al ?a-
nli 10 double to and home t e rrasquelt'satle. /
winning run against Robin Rob- Ed Yot,"'M ekey Vernon' omd
erts as Philadelphia lost the Jackie Jensen hit homers to give
opener 2-1. Spec Shea his fifth victory at De-
Elsewhere in the American troit. Pat Mullin homered for the
League, the Athletics twice top- losers and Ted Gray went down
ped the Browns 4-1 and 3-1, Clhi- to his ninth straight defeat.
cago doubleblanked Boston 6-0
and 10 and Washington topped Yesterday's Star Vie Ras-
Detroit 6-1. chl, who rebounded after being
Milwaukee came from behind knocked out three straight
to win the opener and Jim Pen- times and pitched the Yankees
dleton broke a 3-3 tie with a key to a three-hit 3-0 triumph,
single in the sixth to give Liddle their 18th in a row at Cleve-
his margin for a five-hit tri- land after they also won the
umph. Andy Pafko suffered a opener 6-2.



of laugh filled E. Delman-Diamond musical comedy



Curtain Time: 8 p.m. Tickets at Door: $1.50

asAUn Ulunausxu, S. A.
T'el. 2-0810

....Your Wife?

How long did it take
you to court your wife?.

It's the same with advertising I
Ym can't win customers witb
oe've got to "call
on 'em" over a period of time.

Consttent advertising in The Panama

American wins customers for youl

Teams W L Pet.
Milwaukee 37 17 .M6
Brooklyn 36 17 .679
Philadelphia 29 20 .02
St. Louis 30 22 .577
New York 24 28 .482
CinCIbnatt 20 30 .400
Pittsburgh 18 39 .310
Chicago 14 35 .286

St. Louis at New York
Milwaukee at Pittsburgh (N)

First Game
Chicago 010 002 000-3 9 0
Brooklyn 111 003 00x-6 10 0
Hacker, Simpson (0-1), Leonard
and Garagiola. Loes (8-2), Black
and CampaneUlla.
Second Game
Chicago 001 010 004-6 10 1
Brooklyn 001 030 200-6 11 0
Klippstein, Church, Leonard,
Jones and McCullough. Labne,
Erskine, Hughes and Walker.
Tie game called account dark-
First Game
Cincinnati 100 000 001-2 4 1
Phila. 100 000 000-1 7 0
Raffensberger (2-6) and Semi-
nick. Roberts (10-4) and Lopata.
Second Game
Cincinnati 000 000 100-1 8 1
Phila. 000 000 31x-4 12 0
Nuxhall (3-31, Smith and
Landrith. Drews (3-5), Miller
and Burgess.
First Game
Milwaukee 201 001 003-7 9 1
Pittsburgh 030 000 000-3 5 1
Liddle (3-1> and Crandall
Hall (2-2) and Sandlock.
Second Game
Milwaukee 002 200 310-8 17 0
Pittsburgh 000 000 000-0 2 1
Buhl (5-2) and Cooper. Bow-
man (0-2). Schultz, Hetki and
First Game
St. Louis 000 010 000-1 7 1
New York 000 000 000-0 5 0
Haddix (7-31 and D. Rice
Maglie (3-4) and Westrum,
Second Game
St. Louis 204 001 011-0 13 0
New York 000 010 021-4 7 4
iaell (6-2) and D. Rice. Oomez
(1-3), Corwin, Hiller, ConnelUy
and Noble.

Teams W L Pet.
New York 41 11 .788
Cleveland 30 21 .588
Chicago 30 26 .536
Washington 29 26 .527
Boston 30 27 .526
Philadelphia 27 29 .482
St. Louis L 19 38 .333
Detroit 13 41 .241

No games scheduled.

First Game
Boston 000 000 000-0 3 3
Chicago 300 010 1lx-6 6 0
Grissom (2-5), Flowers and
Wilber. Pierce (7-3) and Wilson.
Second Game
Boston 000 000 000-0 8 0
Chicago 300 010 llx-6 6 0
Parnell (8-4) and White. Con-
suegra (2-1) and Lollar.
First Game
New York 000 000 132-6 13 1
Cleveland 000 200 000-2 7 1
New Yorkl717SES ES* ES E
Sain, Kuzava (2-0), Reynolds
and Berra. Lemon (7-6), Brissie
and Hegan, Foiles.
Second Game
Cleveland 000 000 010-0 3 1
Rascht (4-3) and Berra. Gar-
cia (7-4) and Hegan, Foiles.
First Game
Phila. 000 003 010-4 11 0
St. Louis 000 001 000-1 8 0
Byrd (6-8) and Astroth. Lar-
sen (1-4), Stuart and Courtney.
Phila. 010 001 010-3 12 1
St. Louis 000 000 010-1 6 0
Scheib (2-4) and Astroth.
Brecheen (1-8), Paige and

Washington 000 001 032-6 6 0
Detroit 0000004010-1 7 1
Shea (5-1) and Grasso. Gray
(0-9), Madison and Batts.

Stllwater. Okla. (NEA) -
Wrestler Joe Lobaugh and base-
ball Infielder Hank Walker of Ok-
lahoma A. and M. are studying
for the ministry.

Corky Gonzalez ll; Martine

To Meet Chocolete II Inst ead

1. ,l-J.-e's Feries, Subry Clukey _up
STEPPING HI Hi-Lo's Forbes, 65-year-old Henry Cluckey up,
ta Roosevelt Raceway, Westbury, N. Y., turned in the fastest mile
ever paced on a half-mile track, 1:58.3. Meadow Rice also lowered
the old mark, 1:59.3, with 1:59 flat. (NBA)

Grisu Races To Easy Win

"In Red Cross Handicap"

The Stud Chitre's hard-run-
ning Grisu -yesterday raced to
an easy triumph in the featured
Red Cross Handicap for a purse
of $600 over a distance of seven
furlongs at the Juan Franco
Race Track.
Apprentice jockey Ricaurte
Guerra got the five-year-old
brown son ot Trafalgar-Chfla-
dura II into stride much quick-
er than usual and Grisu flash-
ed pst his contenders down
the backstretch to open a com-
maniding lead and held his mar-
gin easily in the run down the
homestretch to the finish line
Mingo, Phlox and Newbridge
set 'the early pace but Phlo
soon stopped cold after afer-
Ing interference and Newbrdge.
also threw in the sponge after
Grlsu passed him. Mne how-
ever, put a stubbbornbatubtle u
til reaching the homestretch
where he finally quit.
Mutuels choice Coq Au Vin
and Trafalgar came from the
ruck to finish strongly, much
too late. Trafalgar, off badly as
usual, closed an immense Sap
and was next best.
Grisu, fourth choice in the
mutuels betting, returned $10.20,
$6.60 and $2.00. Grisu turned
the distance In 1:34 on the slow
Only one bonafide longshot
registered throughout the day.
This was Calongo who staged
a mild upset in the ninth race
at odds of $14.20 per win ducat.
Jockeys Jose Bravo,' Jose Ro-

Browns, Whhe Sox

Complete 4-Player

Exchange Plus Cash
(By U. P.) '. 1,
The St. Louis Browns and
Chicago Whlte Box Saturday
completed a four-player deal.
The trade sends pitcher Virgil
Trucks and' third bcena Bob
Elliott to Chicago in exchange
for pitcher Lou. Kretlow, minor
league catcher Darrell Johnson
and cash. The amount Of money
which the White Sox paid was
not revealed.
Trade rumors also are flying
again concerning Cleveland ana
the Browns. .
It's reported in Cleveland the
Indians are on the verge of a
six-man deal with the Browns.
According to reports, Cleveland
wo u- d receive outfleder Vic
Wertz, catcher Clint Courtney
and a southpaw pitcher from
St. Louis. In eschagte so
the reports say the Indianp
would give up outfielder Barry
Simpson, catcher Joe Tipton
and a starting pitcher
Earlier this week,' General
Manager Hank Greenberg of
the Indians denied a deal was
pending. However, Greenberg
admits he talked with Brownie
President BilU Veeck several
times this week.
In a minor dea, the Pitta-
burgh Pirates sold infielder
Clem Koshorek and outfielder
Bob Addis to Toronto of the, n-
ternational League. Koshbrek
hit .261 with te Pira last
year. Addis went to t4,
in the recent. trade
cago involving Ralph l
All-purpose G 0s 11
gas-powered unt,
generating heat r
and air-condi
home, probab be
soon for Amer iM I

coinage to AlM
of Columims, C
Ohio Fuel Oa

driguez and Belloin Pulido shar-
ed saddle honors with two vie-
tories each. Bravo's two successes
(aboard RathlUn Light and "Pin
Poni were masterpieces.
The dividends:
1-Duque 6.20 2.40
1-Volador $7.40, 3.40 3
2-Vllarreal $4.40, 3.60
3-MandUna $3.40
Phnt Double (Duque-Vola-
dor) $17.'
1-Manolete 4340, 2.80, 230 .
2-Avivato $5,40, 2.40
3 dlkeqa $23%. .

2-Cosa Ld $4, .40 .
3-Caflaveral .40
qlueni : (imenmmtleo- C es a
Lnda) 1l0.Bg.
1-Amazona $6.60, 3.60
2-Tuira *7.49
1-Rathlln igaht 4.20, 2.60
2-Galante II '$ .0
1-Vampirea. $5,30, 2.80, 2.40
2-MmoQ $8u40 .4 .
Sewnd obler (RathlIan

3.0 1
Quinlela: rtIa P~-My Dear)
%1~ NIN RACE -
1-Calongo p4 -~ 14.40
2-Yoal go W.40
One-w (Ca go- oslpon-
go) $132f
1-hlasu $10300 BO, 2A9 7
2-TrafaR 40. a,
3-C'oq Au Vi40.

_;1=~__ 7_

~ ).,H

obta ned rm mot -
rLque Martin today. Cork
Gonsale of Denver. Coloradb
- eighth aking feather.-
weight In the world is ll
and unable to eoe to Pa-
ama for his eeM 14 ten.
round bout with Kid Choeo-
late II this Sunday at the Co-
lon Arena.
A a result, unbeaten feath-
erweight Iudro MaRne. ias
been signed to reptlce Gon-
sales in the feature bout a-
ganht Chocolate. The contest
will be a ten-roond (or loe)
battle at a weight lImIt of
nThe st of the program
Includes two other ten-round
bouts and a four-round pIe-
lminary. The two r eam=i-ah
are at a 136-pound weight
limit with four top local
featerwelghtated to t aE ar
Black Bill meets vee
Worelli s one of the tses-
finals while 1 te Thom n
takes ou Baby Greean lih
other. A fobr-ound preiien-
ary between Kid Jamis
and an Nunsamerd o ,pes
als at pounds, wI oealm

Markln.e, one of the et
dfeathesrwe ;e=peo to
developed n recent will
be sbootlag for mer elmeh sou
Ateesve triumph n~ e .turn-
ing .pro.
General admssiAtlaon for the
program will be $1 (one dlw

gm t----*-the Ala-U-~--e
Indian, Tigers

In"8--Payer Deal

Cle AND, 0. Jue.e
(UP) The Clevead n-
dia today trotWl e shorstop
aome Bome, and libes, ik

ln o~randtional manlt i
pon Steve Gremend an of h

Atb dtreotorD of the Da e f
Pttefatru t Aoli Mm saw or-

and. Wakoe otrlt, eM
Mitree en and elD. r. CJoe
NaOW. AtMantic

Pell ey North Carolina tha
to as the conferencee
ganizmatione Aeth l metm a
Coneeneowa and elected Dr. T
P reaeY of onuth Carlu the
first president of the nvw

nTheew groin was esonder
rg extending an tnvItatiot to

The name was adopted by the

Wpn reciommedtndDtir0o of a-le
Nellof Naolrth, Clearonl try-
lando Wake Fth cnder th4
Carolina Stte. ,

The remainto 10 meaeo

laryiana ana cle
Maes ty at
Without pern
lrR. supended t

TO "direts at

They on
ba stholmed


PAGr IdgB',

-- -"'L1" II 1-~~1~.-- LL? r:r.r 1

1 _

Naval Stati ,

Atlltis uetball Leaue 1la

VP-a4 1 .500 ain ar two t
nUl 0 .000 .n, on
-lL .8 2 heavily Qn scaring
Tonh Games r 8 .
PowellS v ?-P Ionights t1wral tin
Un Nva ion 7 and 7in
Unnt gamert0 h N .) aat prel, e i'nts
15 cents for h1-seool
One week, a totml aSI and 10. cents to
have e e B afmanla
the tme ftor predl
the outcome, "bi et. bu m
would be thai the f
will be d

played, two have bIft-

ane "
lot th e I seo r ,
dee~al ,ve unt tto o T~~
utes of thmi W *f
Moving w eei ..
loop u (M~l for first

feat acend b 4 qa Buraa d

more experienced quIntet.o*- G. O_ Tblew _r
in a an on. kM Ia.

ulea d

-night .S^I ^ ^ kn 'flp ,

sole h older thast Cat,.J
defeabu t, outf, ..


I n f9 -
Fiery adventure in d t

"Th s one ha out a common with what bin ion-.
eo o '! s. '

1-44 A

__ I__IN Surprisng raves In

-. .,..-p-'.

C *

esi'sl "- NAne a W l
L** M ara

the dofse.. b a"e o

r i .sAfter --q bhll as af lala I th eay cabo for
Or m ut the leagues' round trip
t1 Ea has the tfben-
uderb left-
Dl. Uever2&ll the il ht
1albe "aN eug omudesably
Monenqu8 an. the let.

ot'h eme iis ahhome runs
and S ruDW b~td In ahead of
his at i freshman, When he
hi t ma oute eght 25 times,
Oad His batting aver-
alot -to it," says the per-
oare i4 from Santsta r
ar, A ".h just layin' off
a h 111 tner and Bank
ae .OtiU Cobs and the Red

a e o WildZesN before rithe
sea 7 totally disae-
overshift be-
gI again o him by the
"I doubthat It will hurtie.
although bsven't been around I
e .to be an Authry
"I havrn %U stance toward
Man outde pith n into lef
whieh taods to keep the defenstI

In hom* runt thin Ill-c battlk5, le
isis t Is no swherSln and.
"ttini a hai6 run i
Mastr o6f? hard" he e-

put a lit sme extra in
swl when a ho wn
w06id do the mastgood a
"If tried to beat thebowerh '

M ohe er mfoe ..
o Mathewo, pwbmuAhe at i
b Ga out' bo ha Improved Wti

i 'one and .1 uds is two
Sfch talle and 1ime being at
Sthe bt he h&taken I* pc @A

ar 9pM atgetw atn
t phtadn th
6M t en er a st boads

the *u... a..... Path e
01y 0-byf"

eiSg me teeamuo bli e D hpns i thwoy

ever, Is IPendleton, wla battig e. Tmhe We "
and Peadleton, a, reserve o w

Both oYAm the

e. The wlkelit ati th

Ma b




TlUde& te me tet tennis player Asatehte Uiae, Ipl
Bulov's, reqwr a eesis ee c, If ot etfronty. It i a
getsaO .. f l -w ra t there Is among us today aman ma audacous. He la Wa
ter L Pate, a Wall aStreet lawyer. It so happens Mr. Pate aow i
h 70%p, eakm with uthorLty. As pler, ceah, riti noa
playing captain of Davt- ofp tetiV CpWM bak to t da]
when Amearina ten e M I nIt&f anwd
"Tilden taver saw the day he u beat Don Budge," M
Pate snapped, a vocal e eentrlilty whleb appease common to bar
risteri in the finaciat district. '"Budge wT the greatest money
player the gaume ver had. He never lost a big match."
At this point it sl Mr. Pfte'id Atom to pull the record boo
on you, a manewer whleh he perfont with colUderablI'spee
and facIly that lI Somehow remindfut of Nopalon Cassidy get
ting the lumap sa bad man.
"What doe, the book abow?" he aIhre.
I ww ftadl Mit With the book to know it showed n
potefre* of ea ng Mnph at the bath, so the beasIt In a
remained unmoved.
"It shows that for five straight ya five straight rs
mind u,, Tfidan lie a match in the Davi Cup
MW-Pate-z nown lited *daWted ufreeid IuJ as if suddenly

the boolk lo t. ,ke Lwor 1kta K mtch hfm [h '2"
an"- Oochet, sothheE iii aMg bin
$-i d -I .-1 M2 lng-M". PMe to soff: "Iagine Cochet or an
player doet tUM to Budl

Budge'.G great oard
Wr. Pate came ud with t oer book. "Bude on Tennis." A
a coonludence Mr. Pate ha4 written the JIntductory. "Read here.
He pointed a coemmandinlg finger to ho fitUo M.
. "Budfe la the. only plar aver to. wils four major.aingle
championship In the same yoa,-US., Oreat Britain, Australia
and Ffawe (IM). He Is the only player ever to hold the mep'
n th en's' doublM A the mixed doubles champ
of Great Brtain or the Jfh the "le year. He won all there
at Wlmbledot (eha ln we tin th re univemslly regrd
id a wo ttlMe) t9 an Taa lt and was also nation-
al champion in all three .eve atita e .U L in 198. In addition
for ee years, 11980-7-38, ot eery Davis Cup singles match
In he engaged. O oaer had e'vr won the world's title
as Wmpbledon without the MsJi of a thtl~o set 14 the ttr tour-
nament tnUl Doa accomplished that eatain ois; in 1937 he loW
only one sa No other playe ever equaled or came close to that
As far as Mr. Pate wa#conearned there was no more to be
aid on t se ubject. The .w. concualve. There could
e but one vdi Bud-w W the b The door wasu Indteat-
L Mr. Iae reumd h l med Mditations, the while
utting a half-sptn on an. overhld tort to score a habeas corpus
ke la fe far corner.
In debates of ti sort nothing really conclusive. How does
Ben a rmnk with Baen or 4u Could Dempsey punch
araer, ammle at ri hfave beaten Poundhtout?
'tp. Ita* 4 ple _et. WUo can prove he aIsn't?

muteC a

sks with authority. Awe-
on every great player In
He has the participant
to make such a decision
n If not full concurrence.

k It Longer
0t4a po: kon Is not altogether In-
J mo. h trees on Tilden's loesi
loIme-y of habitual Inconsustemn.
emit oftef betrayed him Into d-
wwoul have avoidEd. Despite
i t TU den demonstrated his
did Budge. Pqr 10year
*s ne won our sile a

leak-ad AsiU youag @E
r Oer tt Do wt out t
m about a de rmlave,
A tde thia'M a"laaht have dote:

B lj

- -7 %"- "
.- f '

;. ',, .

I'-. C





R. P. -Jamaica

Girl Softball

Adversity Not New Mer

Whose Big Trouble Is That A'

Pitchers Look Like Him To Cubs
NRA Staff Cerreuepadent

Game Tonight

The Arsi Cola-iamatca girls'"
softball game, which was post-
poned yesteday because of
rain, will be paed to t
7.3O at the Olympic t8d=um.
Admlslon prices are aet at
fifty sent, box seats; twenty-
five cents, general admission,
and fifteen cents children.
Both teams will give their -.
all in an effort to capture the u "jn r
beautiful silver cup donated by w" '"--4d
Mr. Lesterio II1l local electri-
cal engineer. PHILADELPHIA, June 15.-It
Is a good thing they have earned
The sensational 9-1 triumph. run averages to measure a pitch-
of the Jamacans against the Ler's effetiveness.
Atlantic aide All Stars and the ,
fact that the two games they Oiherwise. Warren Hacker of
lot wero.iy the one-run mar- thVCu might be tempted to go
inj mn ha th siabe ttvorltea X "u Im a ril'. qs
_1W tonnlfht 5 thrilller. I Ufw i llr 1 II11IH

The 29-year-old Marine vt
an won 15, lost B in mhis ft
major league season In L
was the second -mot eLta
hurler in the Nadaai Sft
with a 2.58 ER& amWfleeI
hb'rtelded buM4 wallf uM laI

Aral Cola will send their ace. big blond wal. Hack, a the
3 Joyce Anderson. considered the be the "two" of t t.aJ, cub him. anned 8.
, best locil pitcher, against the pitchin punch of aob usah and. -.
Y Jamaican fire-bailer, Laverne Hacker. He carries a tntativeU Wcker's feat ball ses
Connally, who held the Atlan- price tag of a quarter a lmu' story. That's about all be th
tic Stars to five hits, Satur- lion dollars oil te open market. but It's a breaking pitch
day night. But you'd never know it from jumps before It reaches the plt.,'
Tomorrow the red-hot Ja- the won and lost column. Last That's why a typical H -et
maicans take on the famed year, Warren, just up from the game will find the othet club'
* Aleman, Jr. outfit, at the Coast League, dldn'ttart game popping up most of the titm,."
" Mount Hope Stadium, at 7:30 until June. This year he vWihes They're swinging under the balk
pim. The Aleman team. cham- he hadn't, either. Because co m- Curiously enough, he came t
s plons of the Pacific Side cap- ing into June. Hack had won but the majors as a reputed 'knmbTb
toured a nmne-ltining 12-11 de- one game in 10 decision. ball artist who threw overhaWd. "
cislon from the Jamaicans. s_. (...a. Phil Cavaretta nursed him baed-
-"That 1 and0 9." sys hCo90 to his natural side-arm style, die-"
sports writer Howie Roberts, whocarded the flutter ball for the -
e travels with the Cubs. "should ho
have been 9 and 1. t's unbellev- Re only trouble Is every oth.'
lesis Decisions able the kind of hard luck hew ran itchr in the league loos
a into. His ERA for the period was acker to the Cubs. too. Theytv
S T 2.72." been shut out five times behind
IS In In Ier How is Hackeks morale? You can only carry adversity
"As chipper as he can be. He's so far.
not down at all." S
Colon's unbeaten Pedro Teals He went right out and beat the -
kept his record clean by scoring iOlants in his next start to break
a split decision over Panama's the speU. HIGH- FIDELITY
previously unbeaten Horaclo Ampliiein T*rnU.' s
in a ten-round thriller at Adversity Is nothing new to i S- I.nme e.
the Panama Gym before a fair the right-hander. He got five
sized crowd. scoring trials with the Chicago TROPICAL ELECTRONICS
club after his purchase from
Tebs, 127, outboxed the heavl- Shreveport In 1948, before he fi- 45th St. No. 2 BeBo Vhit
er Ots. 133.% throughout most nally stuck last season. He was 8
Of t ntest and also scored and 15 for the year In Los Ange-
some sold wallops to the head. les before his final promotion .
It was Pedro's steady one-two yet he vas readily .aPkowledged .
cotlbanstO to the face that as the best hurler in the Coast f t ayd ...
saled him the verdict, loop by such savants a Ro ers 4i
Ottle landed the more solid Hornsby. Lefty O'Doul, Fred Ha-
blows but be was outpunched ney #nd Stan Hack.
almost two to one. In the ninth -- -
round,. said Teals right hand
siash to Ot as ane drew blood rMl.a ,.,.,r
am -A am p mud to this .writer PaIKU s I( lltr-'-- -"--'J-- -
tht Horalo' nose was broken. .1 "a S d m -
se bled (roe both nostrils un- I
A liht out over the right KIghIt e lKDr o h- BteWWW
brow oTes was the only vsi- ipo p J w...
btle "dam- suffered by the A n-.,J T-
Colote. The bout was a real X nVu r adV '. g d ,
thr r f mn start to finish lfvvr ed a enw leek wAh h
stt t ith o lndin solid si mple dcimeame Mrict
plh".a an tangling in several To meN ow .smM pema, add
.t. ofthe. PITI'BURGH, June 15 rod ame N~ra% & o f med
leanh4asted eight round (UP) X-rays were scheduled at peer i .vi.T ndth seek co I
f ls ated until 2:11 of the Presaterian Hospital today for m wieo re se
round when Kid Evans, Andy Pafko, Milwaukee Braves Ni* t. k | id d
knocked out.Al Marshall. rlghtflelder who suffered a knee
W, e fouht as a substitute injury in the first game of a .
tga d PereL. Su nday do0beheader with the COW SMad per p w '
Pitt hPirates. Standn ItWaltl red.
Aprills, 115%, punch-F I forsoo Pleas Mi~eee
m4 i p a aius dls A pelaUozinary examination cheese on escorole er lefteye. I
1i%1 in another showed that Paico's right knee Cover wiA* a memM peow hem
ekedcontes) that hfd was hrutrAd bt no ligaments round sde up, and serve *h '
b traombell toeeui. were domamed. Pafko was injur- partyw4tevered KrMaymmbe.
S Z eson, 150%, and ed when he' collided with see- Kr.ft Myemmels *eedm apedd
thsteo, 125 bat- ond basteam Jack Dittmer in Pmpwtyml t hem t-bemequd mm
and curious rounds the eco atudn while going by emwVsrb I-sslmbs s

r-Pafko w" concerned about I 44
h* wi s a re Pi l et asked Moert,- Sn 1el
that the lMawau i broadcast- ir w I.en oh.EW'eb or d
J H 'oera relay tie Inuniwtion that I* *? 'l m |
he was Jetalured seriously. l t h P" i
6Tell them Wy right knee Is L, -1
brud," Pf k said. "Mv wife
Is list'nlag and I don't want Mh KRuft hp
hefotowt 'ry**I"t
He was scheduled to be re.
leased from the hospital after
at X-ro a. re was no in-
mledag 10 = e gj, .1..__"ho
..a......J. .. -, mS P68hio WSMl be 81M ID

IeDse af WNt Wok O itter Mathews;

l Rss Just Coue Nwai ABraves' New Rith


r ` ~' ~'

1_ g .i "

-1/ Y I;

.- M ,'IIS -



C *""

A ian fic


j. .

A. *

P '

.'..-. ,'

`I '4'

De Gasped Faces

Setback In Efforts

To Form Cabinet
ROME, June 15 (UP) -Pre-
mier Alcide de Gasperi today
faced a serious split in his cen-
ter coalition which might pre-
vent him from forming a cabi-
net without support from either
the leftwing Socialists or the
rightwing Monarchists.
De Gasperi, who ailed to re-
ceive a comfortable parliamen-
tary majority in the June 7
elections, was reported still ada-
mant against such "political
marriages." But it was becom-
ing doubtful if he could main-
tain even his 16-vote chamber
The rightwing Socialists, al-
lied with De Gasperi's bloc in
the elections, issued a new ap-
peal last night for inclusion of
followers of leftwing Socialist
Pietro Nenni in the new govern-
Nenni's lieutenant, Guido
Mazzali, also reiterated his bid
for participation of his party
of fellow travelers in the new
government expected to be
formed of the end of the month.
He appealed to the leftwing
of De Gasperl's Christian Demo-
crats to exert pressure for a
left of center government.
De Gasperi's margin in the
new chamber is so small he
cannot afford to lose support
of the 19 rightwing Socialist
deputies or members of his own
If De Gasperi cannot muster
a majority for a center govern-
ment, and refuses to join forces
with tNenni his only alternative
would be to look to Achille Lau-
ro's Monarchist Party for sup-,

NMU-CIO Threatens

Strike At Midnight
NEW YORK, June 15 (UP)-
The CIO National Maritime,
Union threatened yesterday toi
call a strike by its 45,000 mem-
bers at midnight tonight tying
up shipping on the Atlantic and
Gulf coasts.
' More than '700 passengers
Ships and freighters would be'
Atfqeted, ineliding some of the'
nauton's greatest 'passenger lin-i
The NMU, which has been I
negotiating a new contract since.
last April, said the strike would
begin at midnight tomorrow ifi
an agreement is not reached by
"Seamen always refuse to sail!
without a contract," a union
spokesman said.
Involved in the negotatios I
are a committee representing 401
companies, plus spokesmen for,
40 individual companies. The
committee represents tlh largest
shipping firms, including the
U. S. Lines and the Grace Lines.
Negotiators scheduled a meet-
ing for 10 a.m. tomorrow for a I
final effort at settling the dis-I
pute, but a union spokesman!
was pessimistic.
He Esid, however, that if the
seamen strike, arrangements
will be made to keep supplies
going to Korea and other, vital
military areas.
Others tankers, freighters,
colliers, passenger ships and
other types of vessels operated A
by companies with headquarters
on the East and Gulf coasts
would be idled by a strike.
The union is seeking a general
wage increase, but has not said
how much it wants. Able bodied
seamen now receive $302.32 a
month in base may, with base
overtime set at a rate $1.87 an
hour for all work over 40 hours I
a week. The union said they
averaged up to $400 a month but
most of them work only nine
months a year.



Embarrassed Capone Hoods

Hunt For Kidnpedtowmakr

CHICAGO, June 15 (UP) was "ridiculous" to think the aid other Capone g*Jg leaders killed him on the spot, rather
The "heat" rose today in the kidnapping was ordered by bg- were reported keeping out of than chance a kdn
kidnapping of an Illinois state time gangsters, who have sfl$h4tight. "The amot baffling a-
legislator, and there were re- sweated through an Some of the dozens of detec- bout this cae is at cant
ports that embarrassed, Capone tion of the February, J952 a- tives working on the case said determine a motve" said Capt.
hoodlums were themselves ing of 31st ward OP they believed that it. the local Eugene McNally of th Maxwell
searching for the missing law- teeman Charles Gross. cketeers had beon brazen e- Street -station. U
maker. Early today the same. mn re- enough to harm the 53-yar-old It Orver is found dead, he iv
Sources close to crime syn- fused to answer bs telephone lwmaker they would have the stxth victiu of a
dicate leaders told newsmen political assassination here in
that the gang lords had ordered fiv years.
their own search for State Rep.
Clem Graver in the hope they j gTl. rctL.. it Pfl
could keep indignant civic lead- -'r
ers, the state administrationI 9uu uilll
and the FBI off their necks. l int
The Republican representa- t
tive was snatched near his 41
home in the tough West Side a
15th district by three menR t ~4a ta
Thursday night. There has been let ani
no ransom note. MYIT dS, PL., June 15
The syndicate sources said it (UP) The annwse of one iayM ye.
tnL -w theerce end a t e oe rsdd the streets
Marie May Be No. 19
'cludinK 'h s wl -, e

On -ist O0 Post-War "I

Premiers Of France hld. e a the con
PARIS. June 15 (UP) -Rad- --I s a IaePadt of Cas- I
ical Socialist candidate for pre- W.atar who.dee 100 Dares a ma
miership Andre Marie summon- V i"'land to the church me OS 08beg ai
ed a conference of all non-Com- ago for "tbe ent of one
munist party leaders for tonight red role forever."
to seek agreement on a govern- Wbardecreed tht the re abe
ment program calling for a palmlWoly td Now4 or one
quick Western Big Three action '. desendAats. The custom W ,as
to end the Indochina war. a~d for many years blt
died. It mwap revived
Reliable sources said Marie .
told his party meeting earlier AL.abelm, gi
today he will submit to the AmE YBA FOUNDJ DEAD OsDr
conference tonight at a"miAn- Holden, Rak.. hosp& -. na*weOa sov :e0aidol
fmum" program acd Charles 4J., has bee d-dew9Theu
mediate steps" to be takn by ifant had been aatchk. froa l th'..n~ in o''
the Bermuda conference end away in the fierce tornado that ree l*ash W MAu e mttta
the war without, however, pull- and was the object of a wideuprea.d earzh. With Mr'.# p
ing out of Indochina is nurse Eunice Westerling. ". i '.N
Marie told the steering commit ot oma*a
tee of his party that all parties, Mr Foa mL
including the Socialist but ex- T naor- -i
cluding the Communists, w illbe i,.e of. e
invited to attend the round- hva nd-
table conference at his ministry l1 Luther-.
of education office. Tpea in 1I&_ _. '1-"
,g-W to
Marie expressed hopes he Pro ''^ft!,
might be able to tell President 4mi06
Vincent Auriol late tonight ew .Fd r a. '
wheothi her he thinksw hecould re- 4

ceive the necessary 314 votes to
become the 19th post-war pre-
According to the sources,
Marie's platform includes a
5?ries of drastic measures to
balance the budget including
higher taxation, the launching
of a new loan, and sharp econo-
Marie reportedly warned the
Radical Socialist committee the
exhausted French treasury will
need additional advances from
the government-c on t r ol l e d
Bank of France.

Clayton Contract
Awarded To Bildon
A $37,444 contract for the re-
habilitation of NCO Quarters
No. 30, Fort Clayton, has been
awarded to Bildon, Inc., it was
announced today by Col. C. R.
Bathrust, engineer, USAlpCAR-
Work Is scheduled to start on
or about Aug. 10 and is expect-
ed to be completed by Jan. 27,


.GON.- P:resident Eisenhower (center) stands with
3b. -aM a Perbst on the porch of their State Game
SIM...tart Par.S., arriving for a one-day
d j* .f Ig trip. As indicAted by the porch sign,
de~ntzalvin CooU~dge, a so ound the lodge an
1SMcUvG vacation spot,





11,r' l~

I: _-.7


WORCESTER, Mass., June 15
(UP) The tor'ado-ravaged
Worcester area'was assured to-
day of at least $500,000 in federal
relief funds and continued coop-
eration from Washington after
President Elsenhober Inspected
the wreckage fronr the air.
The President allocated the
money from his personal disas-
ter fund yesterday before lil
plane, the "Columbine," carried
him over the city e-n route frmn
Hanover, N.H., where he spoke at
the Dartmouth College cabm
mencement yesterday.
A radio message from ci~
manager Francis J. MeOath
the Presidential plane alft k-
ed for 500 trailers to house storm
victims many of them relatiVee
of the 93 persons killed by the
twister and the first of 90
trailers began moving here frea
the Newport, R.I., naval station
within a few hours.
In a message from the plant,
the President said: "Today I had.
a hasty glimpse of the stoagi
damage in Worcester, Holden and
"My deepest sympathies go p
those who have lost loved ones-
this disaster and all who hate
seen their homes wholly or par-
tially destroyed."
"I assure you that the fedeil
government will continue to e0-
operate eagerly in every w
properly can" in rehab
the devastated area, the
dent said.

or~t a- ... tot ahr
l.ow o6 o.e In
MOM Chuori
ausAD Un
;-.MW MUat Ger- ^ *.b,-

Funeral Services
To Be Wednesday
For Sarah Frots
Safah Elizab
home in
at 2 p.m. We& M
Mortuary C] r
The body
ort News,
old. had bet
before her'
in North
She Js


N-- -




J -J


,-..','i- .'..-^ ^

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