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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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Ss New Sovie 'Admits' US-RP Aree Gets Instructions

s E lTo Train-

SSon Eror, Opens Farm Eperts In Event ROK

A $20,000 project for the train-
EastGfany rnculture and the Servicto In-
E East Germany A Defy Truce De
0041 '2E iSS lSllC A gricola In Panama (SICAP).
SThis fund will b utilized ex-
l a Ami'sU.. -2 R.rEAr, (UP) The a trk ned for defraying the ex- -
l10 oved 101" a to" the e t e itm oat tbmg' epenses incident to sending sel-
MAal4ll plt th6 t the 1J5 fected Panamanian teeh= cia
SlS 16 to countries where agricul WASHINGTON, June 13 (UP) The Eise
Smawsa. th fnpersons arrived from the East, reached a more advanced administration has sent Gen. Mark W. Clark secret
inas against 1,818Thursty. Many
-r.... t o.. %ern=ai aragnabe 1 o1 a a e development of this pro- structions on the action he should take in case
a rrte ais Rnissw fcr~k ~ i ^"weere believed to have been on -The Koreadusem force to ofia truce
1/1 (E kdm ame -I a85 AmThe Control the way befolire the first word gram Is attributable to the limit- Korea uses force to defy a truce.
H' red training facilities existing But officials refused today to believe thy
,_ Ommladft in to a corWn de- of the polled chauP. In certain phases of the nation-
to 11104. -m 2 s o la he Wb estmarkf, worth 6.15a clainnnasaprgreati But officials refused today to believe they
So.e S.fori su The a es m Weinr moa r agricultural program, the be necessary. Although they conceded anything was
Sov iua g1 [1'et o p.B' ma"rk nurl mal i0 constant need for more and bet- sible, they remoinedconvinced Presidnt Syn
ad o Thursday a r tera trained technicians to im-ed minced resident Synmn
1 .IWRundlsychu=l' l flront-prl y to 4S5, and p-edctions plement expanding agricultural would in the end stop short of violence.
en oriat were that It vmet go lower..
p. Ther.o aW cobd commi ne West deu ma1 r re auvely fewtrain The instructions to Clark were kept under
S ort 4 e.grants availablethrough the secrecy wraps. But informed sources said he had
CL3 and pTaeuf he ~Binsnes existing ptechnicam assistance told to see that order is maintained throughout his
Us* U and re- ppr Taegbehe Itun4"on said training program make it desl-
..,n first a InOas Uso i court for rable to establish a supplement- Command.
M Vlrmem rthale first time zi a Cam- l training and technician ex- ,At the moment, this includes the SouthK
utn political munlt coOrt Mltee and cange project within ICAP.K
ul ered the defendant, pe- e nature o this trying troops President Syngman Rhee would have to
r d to the ant woman. Frieda e was and technical assistance wiupon in any play of force.
n p;s. d B t d replad as t serving eight month for fall- vary and will be planned so as oThere was speculation here that the ROK
,she apprd id oander ure to deliver her quot of agri- to meet certain specific needs ws speculation here that the ROK
taloanbyb e I4 t A. kcu oltural product. .Iasthey arise within the overall -- which has steadfastly resisted any embroi
14 .p~u~mm .. 5,. *4-mZ' st Berlnamid jointagriculturalfprogram.
l oflae oad been o en wher Cqit of training pillar f Korean politics -- might resist orders to leave the
vy Ann. offic. had been o Cqst of training will vary from
erl'nbrr s, -ncud 6paPs country to county, and the to back a go-it-alone policy. ..
1PI ftltravsl ln Xs8a1111 L y. specific arrangements for such
travel restrlie;as WC% services will be by mutual a- MIe hile, pref re on 1y nth
1 r eem ent between .

r iing h' "leadership" In ob- The latest 2
S: S Sninfgthe Bprisoner of war a- followed 12 previous futle
t ttt 11 brewm e r t a en reement and expressing "trust attempts to win high

L Alv haG B n es1tdhBerln rpar te w e 1 V iwh lat thedb a agreement will leandinavia long a s ca-mile front
Today from the Central Labor war corvered today whether hismunom.

3 Marshal D. L. Union-Metal .Trades Council re- the Immediate tgning of a U.S.-
'of- F r e c per American staff officers at Pan- Eighth Army said te
waTh e e u ctote, alt o fI the boat's matter TheA bill toud ncrase District munjom rushedwork an a rmistce more Clnes m sed
luW n T rl d oeSIQrs e a r n~h*s eeoon attached Columbia teachers by 10 fire to stop the slaughter on the and mortar shells in
th ar r wer the n a the pa perecent was recently intrduc- need somet n eteo ttween i portions brore
I I O. II a et i ea i r ont of te few r ewmebrs who pd by Representative Joel T. Rhee said n reply to quou r security agi. toy stions or f
1 forf,152 0 lBetdi e bmitted by a andinav an e shooting is called oft at

Ok Va hea~' ? -- 11 It Brias where she hafor been would be effective the first pa leader said his people ha
A lttle la Indian who hae 4 becae crew em plo follow the entral Ler littlewar corresndent n to whether munom.Eghth Army
*A Mars e al b, -. L. Un on-Metal Trades Council re- the immediate signino oi o ai th d
K'ed .br td the attachment pr~sentatve here. Korean mutual securt pact Eighth Army
OVftO S l Ga,$,4 on* boat's master The bill would i fiect the paywould make an armistice more Chined as sealed e
f en ternoo n. However of C at t of r teachers, who acceptable. lery and mortar pe se
tlher steArwa Ear the o4r- the preare__ and fiem r "I need something concrete t teoween 6 t p. m. Friday an
ofha p e Ad- tp t i meh and firemen are
4at ms of the few crewmen who p according to District ofashow the people that our security am. today Inr h" ast of
In. p alsh .aerpw lh, ws appointed sCt bla rate has been guaranteed sand that fu Stles Ceuot

0 o ^ go. wp aeme mree s biO dSw no Buet ee aged leave eo-Third Dsiona rstie
S. i- Te n immediate 10 percent will help." n Amerira had iM ft
NwA boa-.0 nfh here she has been would be effect e the first ayv leaderosaid his people have
Aibn. t .v"et .- A 'ieident wt "a % Td to sal her until they oftthehe ropsalaesdent atEsnhower's pmise to als d the old record of noeer

.toda adintyaeLd he t had suffredv po! ",100 casualtle
o t Ri i P i r utL tbdrowd back w rl plap directed the conclude theee treaty rounds was establd ove

eHeS *DF 3'I Mederd conu 1- Observes Fl ag -

wa( || nd- en L 8 Panama Canal Zne No.t
V F Prtst, n oA aAL. aam it 1 men claim they arBord oi ducatio oi Washi after the armistie e 1 reBihed 24-hour period.
wag b the owners th t to re a stud of an with the Commnits
ShlB l 1i itl : the arna toalul w teamship upwad revision of teacher's The disclosure op Rhee's reply Eghth Army headua z t
New Yrk since. ai ad of nton he in ne to Swtedish newsman Roll Lam- estimated Ruler of 1
ra to theoshp's aentli w hatemver voUce and fitsre- born came as mobs demonstrated ese swarmed reckleul
rvies will bea money to prit m ta Isalahnprdoem en t are n Seoul and at Pusan against anthem e Allied line iefr -
'd Medal Inboo- to luedor was sent recently by Seate bill defined to incre s.

B HHH ii La-19 H E S dii^ ff I^. C l parties. The other will have to history. pt '^B
Of mom.--a jr In 60-i toiftador f *reaggg asume divided nation mother the ts-
in. el1eq- f1 at Mt.1 U1. Howe trwever the men re- firemen and policemen's pav by rea a divided nation. vtered tewt
ML IM be -at back llml 1i ent now awaiting e Yung Taeannounced after a The heaviest 2e,1t W&
S. m" t ye wea inadequate. Presents signature.) h h and a0-mute mt t H
.:*- rf,. -tn zrl or the teachers' hree-hor on Outpot Harr
'ae,.,Zoyh-l stated: Ing of the cabinet with Rhee American had piled 03
ur se Bthat South Korea already had bodiesoPlv as am
ati ~~cd rcw"er rV 'Recently the House passed a decided whether to oppose an ar- A force of 3,000J'h
py .ode- armistice. "Whether we carry ut the outpost in the f. f e o.
theft r .!ck.oudr de. r d*blfo one *deie*op- Wn D onnt.4 d --
fi.v_ W! o .artment. I belive that t is our decision depends an develop- Thir on -b
y et- f'"i tting that the salaries of our ments at the G6initice talks, ,tillery fire. Tbe-.a --aefti
teachers in the public schools Pyn said. hauled up big elght-lnch
T '"k.Y r k S de .w lk f he Dit. ict be increased al- Meanwhile In Berne, Switxer- the front to meet theMI
Mso."land, the Swiss federal council It was estimated the
SpDc._____ ____ today definitely accepted the had suffered 2100 casuahtl ~ie
s': of .Chritla~ ia ch and Y,, alnv Pr rol[ mandate for the care of Korean counting last night's ded,
of i nr. Y ....... prisonerser wart was officially trying to tae Outost
dohft =- r Boots Seize in a communique issued by the O t
She e lstar' ay @beVman! federal building (seat of the 1 L
4ItaianS sSwiss government), the fedelltlik Lvo
a um stree w-mm : 06 whomcouncil declared:
ft* e fir and e r"The swiss federal cruneieofbserves Fin
M W1s,:ded VM 9d cheringem- S 3NM ET-rO. DEL ToN 'The swis federal council con- UDSOIVO i
____ ti ne 13 (UPi Four vened Saturday forenoon and
5 31'. 31m t ...i_ u. trawlers se- heard a renort of the etef of the --
c -i, b Y ul patrol bt In eign minister) concerning.
bww noft bv patrol boats in t dscugons held asidIn-.
.. .. when, 8 a _of. Sa new flare-un of the "cold war" the discussions anama ana
etn the two CountrLs. It'-mation received since the note .. wibserve
'- ra".led here today. of June 9 was handed to the av- PoE, i s e l
601 u ernments of the United Sttes" tomorrow at pm.^ b
E crawlers Emanuelete I- and the Chinese democratic patriotic exercise in t 0r4
1tutoelM h of theI to Sa.w and Lilo from Ban ene- peoples republic. on La Boca Roil.
AmhOs1WM phodn 6eW. re ported by radio they ld hheI The services wil e
atmote r,. ZeeLn. setaied bh the Yugoslavs 12 tons received. It was decided toi.,h a trihlute t the
D'OMI eta es wet, nmem SBouthwest of the Tugo- accept.the invitation addressed th officers William -
.lar IlWand of 8antandrea. The to Switzerland to be represented Past Exalted Ruler of 144,
te i i o inl- essel, based In Peecara. ln, t comrflslol. thread the hAtorm v f i
bi q]poon|I hS 15 captured about 10 miles of '"One of these commissions readurnt whichstor of
Sl .t ) J I: IdIs~ano. 'ent~rusted with sunerv~nr~r .te the Armed w ervhich r
an III1 i t enforcement of the armlstice C1al Scouts will display
*9.| m a conditions by both heltlerent flues representing pr rod
parties. The other will have So history.
oners of war who are u,'willi At the conclusion
LifeiBoat to return to their kin."_ tor, an addnr wili
two iifi ei Setld tary of the U. i

Stor. UrnS AP+I!1


* --.. .~

m I~


70 6 A won a


nrr d

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P%09 TWO T=' rauinam& LuSRi JAI AN. N hRIN Ot D1 Mm J

houses 8. "W" N M UNva 'L ILa o Newsas
lltt cu l a n artllyA ason i I. .
i N g r or as P o. o 134. PANAMA., o P P.
rELrPHONr PANAMA No. 2-0740 ( LINE) EAAnd
S48 MADIsON AVE. NEW YORK,. 417 N. Y.- I
pEal MONTH. IN ADVANCE S 1.70 2. '5
o0 ONe YEA. IN a0AsN I O ov c4 By Victor Riese .
THIS IS YOUR PORUM THE READERS OWN COLUMN We 'l never learn. Again the, .I bu Mr s. gigal
capiialist world Is In a hyster- .-
ical stampede to sell the aSoviets .f fmiIR

THE MAIL OX the ope wh which they plan
S EBak In the early twenties a
o little bearded fellow by name of
The Moil Biex a s ann forum for readers of The Peneme Amr- Nicolai Lenin found Soviet RU e-9 u!
icn. Letters a i re received gnd rehandled Ila wholly conli- sia crumbling, and he turned
dentios manner. about and told the cap italistO t .
if you contribute a letter don't be impatient If it doesn't appear world that, Moscow loved u s. qa.t
next day. Letters e published in the order received. Then he launched something
Please try to keep the letters limited to one page I gth. called the "Nyep," "The New botel
Identity of letter writers is held in strictest confidence. Economic Policy. e
This newspaper essumes no responsibility' for tatements s o piions Under that policy we weri
ed gsswsdaneltteswfrmaa.permitted to sell tnee Russlans m
expressed in letter from mer everything they needed to 're- '
Wa o av build themselves into the force ardNlt
SINCE THE JACKASS WENT AWAY which now controls one third ..
PEOPLE BRAY FOR HIS RETURN of the world, 00,0000000 people d .be to .
ir: and 14 once-sovereign natlonL. .. "
Once again I'll take my stand in defense of the Democratic This was Lenin's tactlo of 4.W l ,. ..
Mule that was falsely mocked and beaten into submission. And, two steps forward, one stp ""I"' "' of
alter showering promises that were nothing but thunderstorms backward. Consolidate, conee -
to blind the reawakening public, the first G.O.P. step twarid Idate, consolidate. They called I
destruction was the economy move stop spending, stop hiring, e the Nyep" then. Now its co-
cut salaries, put money back in the Treasury, pay off the National existence which they hoea toee .
Debt of the Billionaire Club, and let the stock market crash husafter the mKorean uce
again, so that the crummy peasants will go back into their 1930-32 it to the free world---ort die. W
cages again and look up to the high and mighty rulers of the it he truce saves, r bd dn-.
Fort Knox Golden Vault. The present G.O.P. is fashioning a pat- rupt economy-and a n y W e
tern destined to produce the same results that the 1928 G.O.P. highly placed American '.s
clumsily fell into and when all is hopelessly lost by 1956, the Central Intelligence Agtncy
Jackass will again be called on to do the Impossible miracle of officer can tell you that. At in
leading the people through a hard upward road to recovery, exact- least that much we get for
ly Jke the beast of burden had done in 19331 our half billion dollar as. r
Yes, E. LeFont, back in 1933 it was a Jackass a determined nual CI budget. re-\ .i. A
critter that had the task of rebuilding the last frustrated bit There's evidence of this eco- tion n Uae Ai
of.Cope left for survival of the American home a home litter- nomic and industrial disruption nO Lh Ii -
ed with a record breaking number of idle hands # hands that in any part of the Soviet world
reached for empty wallets to pay enormous 6-mo-month milk bills where you atidk a pin. Thd ewors~ t I W A
hands that were shackled and struck with the most bitter realiza- Is in Czechoslovakla-home of "No." -1 ; "Il ri. ,41
tioo that crushed every last earthly reason to live: "Bank fore- the famed Skoda munitions mn'Wm l the recent '"rrgt "
closures of real estate," a blow that knocked out the basic prin- works, now supplying much of with the .
cipe of the American family in its "will to carry op" tradition. the Russian and Sovietized Chi- M, "S the t"a.r
i Heads that were being flung into the gutters because there were nese armies with guns and W .i. ed aF
inempires offering a job hands that knew the empires were ammo.
Ibe g ruled by emperors of greed and lust for wealthy power You can measure what has ta
thlhking that "a poor person is a lost. person." happened there in the past n few l
~ Oh yes, the emperors feasted at a hundred dollars a plate, weea to praovoe futile worker' i i
itggled in the breadline ad poppa tramped the Streets for a carrying Political police by Imag-
ijo. dressed, in first class hobo's clothes and singn the song In-inInR Presidentlsenhower s
,l ped by the vulture professor of Food Adlniiistratldn (Herbert denly announcing that all ed. H A
w4 a fine Food Administrator for Iireadlines). You know what eral bonds bought since 19
as g that was, E. LeFont: "Buddy Can You Spare A Dime?" Your were worthless. And that allow di .
kJ4 will be singing It again cash. must be exchanged tor now
ie you see, you can't wiggle away from the truth it type dollars at 50 cents to the WASHINGTON.-(NIA)--Ono bi the rst ri pmgr ever hqgr.e came to W.asatn, he fe-
barts. Lest you forget, I was unfortunate enough to exist old dollars. ssd y retry of Btate Jn t les ports th d well at lht doesn't
rough that graveyard plague of famine, and I have the That's exactly what happen- afterhe took office was that fewer tate Depart- fr
emor of an Elephant not FOR an Elephant. e in echoslok n he 4lst message shozald be sentby cable and more .e iw tary budget is
two weeks. The government just s-yculd be sent bY airgrani. The neW. J t rhlefa Se StSJ
You may be one in a thousand that never felt the depression, two weeks. The government ust should u on tit beo snram The nsder. aet ehiest oA
but your eyes most certainly were closed. How could anyone ex- d out its detto its pople Follwig up on econom move, stiffer consid, enre. A '.d L
pltt you to see what was going on under your very nose? Furthermore, t they're actually root rders, he utto restrict the numeofthe r 'i o ft I I'
S lou were so blina, you dlan't see other people and other phyetalley as well as votv erttents te s leb n caled t old reguiati a .
States suziering around you yes, otherpeopl that finally sically as well as mental Attention ha been called to old regulaton A inalittleoverour S c
* Ies 5uriitruiM around you yes, other peope that ftInally trom now on. A new oicial which forbidthe use of offfietetepioe for per 'red' nitoo bad a r-vor& .,--..
broke tne cnams of U.U.P. slavery: Every last human being able Ceh trade nion edoffictial whicafoi the g~e of offi ephor for
o ,crawl to the polls in November, 1932e wass a proud Jackass-exr flrtive Jund decreed that sal stations, loca l s where told to use the pay BILL MP
'cept de mone ien under 60 years of age 4 Sthe other day an oflelal-looking notice was
WIth a 46-mule team of States uniting in one supreme effort, all women 50 a younger related surrepto thro tate Depart- e e s deba
L Lacn i aS pivea h. wuetnlness ovenigt, kcxing ana pat -mstead of the old 48-hour wee iad been using the elevastors too much. Thi p0t u
-nawin" wl'o. a moments delay. Recovery_ would not be While nth1 make tho 48 c eeo ndn P 1 ,
new he W ts.ilie tkl:.makes thlnwooone res lte In too much wear d tear on tie elova-- .
pten q1W 'h. q s trlngs! his maute h e" ver 'eknfr"workers'r t *indtoo tle ti wea aR w
,ad to m = tC tc laute apfa tuf hsalultltude Uie" over Go hour, the $baon' Wr et.o too nuch .rahr on toe 041,1 tr4 _. a "
(in o the most valplable stock In the world and the most, power- industrial headquarters .a leltor Operator. .
I leader of every field of every endeavor. He pt tbheU.S. In ruled that abseneam, I' \T economize, employes wer told In official e ame a l was the
1I t place, years ahead of schedule, years ahead of other na- amongst women, for r,., ng0 that hereafter they should throw rope w oe 440L workal.
,iUls, and making el.ery move or mne once poor sucker who had son, is punishable by either ouf the window and leave the building "y tbs to en 'ot
been smoking tne last cigarette butt he coued find on the street ail sentences or public a manner if they were o the lower floors. Em % t
w4cue mns family prayed ior at least one recent meal! Any woman who comes late iloyes above tihe aith floor were told to stay the senator tr-g-rlson been
Silne hoppeu-up jackass nad wue necessary guts to challenge in Czechoslovakia must, for the there from 9 a.m. to 5 a.m. 'Ithe Appropila 5G* WAo~tt? Into '
thi rmperors who naa closed tnelr eyes, their nearts and their first few times. give the entire While all tis made a good gag, and it was asked Sea. 1aley t a
dors. Ihe money barons did not yet realize how far the Jackass factory a detailed report over circulated n W clim funl to kid me new brass, TdDo M.LpBed ll b'ow'. .
W oa t go to give his Idle followers a snot In the arm and a chance the plant loud-speker system. employes whQ had copies of thq memorandum are m Y .
t1o'earn their keep. And It will particularly horrify now so scred of losing their jobs that they ask- th
What could lk.D.R. do to save a lost nation? What could be the CIO's Woodworkers Union to ed rooters not to print the ake order, for fear MONITO D
the honest, recent answer to bring about some measure of learn that women in the satel- it would be traced back to the originators, iob sent
prosperity, and reliet Irom everyday pressure of hounding bill lites are now being used "In the ha onl d .liat oe 'Ofa Il""rvie n
cottectors.' The solution had to be Consritutionally lawful with- most difficult jobs in the log- "MT LITLE SL" ais found that me u 6nelits iWOs In
ou infringing on anyone's rights. going and timber industries-- keeping ado channels clear WN
Here are a lew of the steps taken by a paralyzed man who lumberjacks, toppers and buck- Rep. Dan Reed of New York, Republican chair- variety of electric devices bad bf o who
feared no earthly creature who opened the door of hope to the ers." I quote a recent edition man of the IQpse Ways and Means Comnmittee, b1 t F Aft.l 5 from war surp~. q sor pare
enUire North and South Americas and did more gooa for the of the Bularian newspaper, should prob get credit for the reedi d taggu? a v .# b
people in a wheelchair than any living soul since the Revolution Zemedelsko Zname. They ac- statement of t rd Congress, so far. "' .s go o the' sit *ith e if ae
-.yet there always were tnose Communistc Crucliers who stW tually boist of It. Reed is of course author of the proposal to cut, that their, op 96ron Is too lo.agw d tocause
refuse to admit tnose truths, even though they prerecorded in Eidence of widespread ex- personal income taxes by 11 per cent, e. f e W 1_efn WW,
American lattory: haustion as a result of tis Jury I, and.end the excess profits tar. I itof -.Ws
i. Banks were closed Federal backing of banks prevented speedup is seen In the satellite paseo A t. receipts by ud ge t layun Wo 'rad
closed ban from being panicky to the point of foreclosing o newspapers. bll .ce the budget common on
more poor people's property the time delay gave poor people a But the weirdest effort yetand debt over the
nanc to mee property payments. made by the Soviet MVD pro- pretsendt n. The Itd' IS one case an electric gladed M indI
mcnancb to meeo property payments. auction uthoris appeared In tr administration fUrniture atez 11PenPW .w
2. CCC camps were begun to get kids off the street and duction authorities appeared In birl the adm stron ure witrl Pe ap rio a
ou o mischief the Prague Aufbau Frieden. This t- ltemns winter t sde 4
Cut. (L mischief. sheet reported that: et .' ttthbill." M" ftMewy
.. Thd 1918 soldier's bonus was paid this circulation of "Cshe es of work exhaustion are Yet I ,4J,, 1. little bill." Coa 2060 0ai away.
money stepped up and created employment In every walk of being treated In the Sovietn ae I&iiWer Ssmall
Practicealely every buses dspilieo "ataonal ReCOVwy Union with sleep therapy, a new .L -d -,ad-
At ilue Eagle placaras rgilng every employer to hire exta hq|p. technique In which the patient ain 4ti W Sehrcretary of Dd- s .tra "
B he "Wagl s Prolaca Admlnstratron' was a plan to m.- is put to sleep for a few days fense i~ atrinZ taken from Con- beatiug
prlve 4atliail property as wel as city and state pro ly ifl. or even weeks, and awakes re- fo r- ._s .
prpvemeits. This act put relieff" people back to work -- --lin freshed and ready to work-
S s ome'keep. again." te '."-, "1
6. "iae rich misers were tapped [or extra taxes.a W fa tZy Whether this was printed to -.- ....
saw their fortunes were dw.inoiml, they had to enlar .their lull workers into believing that
p ms to stay rich. ThlyWs the'payoft. A flurry of Mot llied once they exhaust themselves
tnair when the Mr. blew the cobwebs ott their lctbUlky they will finally get some sleep,
e r-slued bills and drc d pseriae from nowhere, or whether some ghastly mass
7. Income tax evadesr Were uprooted. Only a Jackass would migration to sanatoriums has
se queson a leading aufacturer oe a low-priced car. developed, no one knows. But
S 8. I let you pem who tarted te March of Dimes for the news was printed as I re- SONG FOD 15BrT-GO-ROUND ether. Ve a while I thbwt 6r gepns. l ...
P ralyzed Victims wno now can be treated with or without funas. port It. *' t *l'l '- ...
The Jackass Policy for plipng people to help themselves Result is that fully 50 per cent -Dw b worl wil ed completely wa,'
handed down to Truman who was lowly enougn himself to of the refugees front East. Ger- 3 d lee '. m r 'Pp r .
circulating money among his poor kina, fully reazling ta many and the satellites are 3 il u ..
i wind up in the hands of tycoons If he were to stolnt l factory workers. Skilled persons To ere hestrate the se e ef the day 4 famine ,
treasury box and lay off family men to save a few at that. And there i1 3 ho *k u5 Ia, long after One
You certainly d.n't think the present G.O.P. Is killing the Many others are miners, Who WiU til s19 Wy 4U bit.N
JiIgt for the sake of giving you a free handout. must escape or die, since, as In And them wnil Ii U .- ,i s r 1.
hG.OP. were always against 8ocial Security. The the Lower Bllesian (Polish) The Iralnsi we 'LaWel Sw' aem geme. 0 1f
l mde it a I awl mines,even Su has been Twpc W'4L
S. Those twho arnk will drink legally or illegally. The Jack- eliminated as a day of rest. The e what If we s zrl I the thi la
Knew it, so he threw out prohibition and collected taxqps bdck week has been lenthened. Now fff tlM we evr yad 2580 2l @Ln
m the once poor bum be thought was going to make better use there's only one day off every Te dhlshe-d ti mhe s t a t a th Mad..
the money, being given to him through 'better times." Do you There arys thousnaasrb wof suh 'g ,s 1 ,l.
taol Sutr d tax it rs n tould not be ditrlbuLred back to thMrn_~, ,&e ll nwiBeg 4]I iadtgI 4 WIs, ..4.i.* I.hdo "' ,
pl eop le ? S h would it re st in th e Ti'E sR u r y? ... ...a nt l g s es T e e st M e h t al i l s $ O w g .. + ., :p t + q ua0 r .',.

were ThM a few of the stesm.*h#. led the U.S. into leader- paall/Sh ow the 1 git buA r .V tS
44kA"l 0ntsol of fhumn welfa-- domestic and foreign. 1o my. An dust at a tint' whm it
more" YY comes mnywh Mhr our quantity of valuable can crack wide OP ga.
ets. lA't you rathrdi h be SIe eiful mother that Is lucky sn moves r peace, goe 0us- ,Umisb:. ."
o i other natkmo Jokto you for help, instead of be- little whic doesn't boe, tos t
10aipjeiok up at muethir flg for help? us and gets, in palun, the di be
Sour dec .sl s hastily else you would not materiel with whih& to r, .e saw
that m ay nVb ou and created so many Canal bild.
and kept employment St g peak. No idle hands og1932 The Flnns ar em otructing,*,g
Aegsetle Jackass to a WMd one new SaWO for. Rges sILThe
to send 5gOgW *
ch hi A

Dog Tired Dave

Qaslt was a as nes. Haeold
shplg w er s et hw malloew i
W- eat ,Wm. W"amd rad a e.
Wh1' sn *es@ earas "o- a&a t g,

BI^^^?--- ***-*^^ ^iiflll^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^4^^^^^^^^^^

. .

* 4 J I, -

I ,


71 bi&M LPU:iAC~i~Lw UN AU



aaj Nc .. ... ; *-*-*..._,?--. a'I C

A 0VJIe 4 in the Library of the
,~I C E7, M I 1 i'-ewlh Welfare Board Center
i i M M AN N erend Louis M. Fiske of the 80* ;
-,. ... N wWD C. methodist Schools in Panamn -
Si'- L.. .. D All members and other friends *
T hi e u J I ow n M ar i e d a u g h t e r o f C h a r e In v it e d t o a t t e n d t h is s e r h r Cir c le N otl. .
;0" ""hms -a -l IlaMmeeN ] Cameron of NMval vic. The g meeting of the
.7 bs ..Est heh_ _. o f No. __ -- -- lather_ Circ, o f the Da. .
,,..^ 's. :" N-:,. Dudley, Jr., son of Captain L. Ethar Circle of the B alo
Vn Datin, IdlerI of Norfolk, Virginia ad e Navy Officers Wives Notice Qu rhUch Will be SeS
Choen Cs m seleamnized at a candlelight eremon 'n ire I 1 c o Monday evening at 7:80 at the
.i. t S:o I the Cathedral of 8t. Lae meeting of the Navy Officers home of Mrs. A. W.
Woou db:9 Raymon d T. Ferris, Dean of the Cathe- day at 12:30 p.m. at the Fort Bertha Hillier will serve as co
"il. lin*'** '*' '# Wirees Club will S*. h The s s, r 'grmlla.rl .
a g"~ jofA Ojat un ceremony. Kobbe Officers Olub. ho
.1 Reservations must be made
SThe chtb orgamlst, Mr. der which thed h the newl Wd h Mrs. D. A. Sharp, lunch- .A bo will be revl.~d
', m. 'alrl o. e~ai, "ml couple passed. eon chairman, or any .member Mrs. L4als Fiske, who Li
ON =mus- A reception was h ald At of her committee. charge of the program. Mr
.. "- Ia l "i.b... and Quarters A, Naval Statlo, Vance howard w le t
; Rodman, the residence of Cap- amaan Caldron Meeting devotion.als.
Z.MowA A,; i vW- .8 wore ex- tain and Mrs. Caeroa. Ouet The Hamadan Caldron wll l
r eCfoi changed t .lt decor- were received by Mrs, Camne old Sta regular monthly Ba s Mei
"'i -~ i^ *: ....... "" .- S Zl li.: ated twi th thre Tf w white ron and members of the brid- meeting Monday at 7:30 p.m Members of te Coroal
11 0.1 ma.L 5 aster lie gladoli and al party before a banked ar- In the Pedrp Miguel Girl Scout ficersWives Club are requMte
.Wfwl gt wnfl it io -ldinq rangememnt of green potted House. to attend the rgula t-
y orcm le. A 'l dm white palms and e and masses ly coffee and b me
.7 Th Md su.m anng t e same of white ginger lle, coffe Garden Club Meeting Tuesday at the Fort ClatGead
ii' "i 'House ,S1 owers were artrangd at the roses and gardenlas. The monthly supper meet- Officers Club at 10:00 am.
a Abo. entrance to th choir loft. Ing of the Cardenas River Oar-
a wFloor candelreabr wmeplaced Mrs. Richard Davis Mc- den Club will be held Tuesday
0 &mm.AL H at alternating pwse arked Olathery and Mr. Harold A. at 5:30 p.m. at the home of .
... ." wihcluthegn Mwhite Drumm alternated serving the Mr and Mrs. Charles P. Mor-
.*4 ~~ flOW a ~or aA l'lersJ of the three tiered wedding cake; gan at Mirgores.
Oak _- and Mrs. Walter N. Johnson
.-. ., .... g ,, L .a d il e n 0 h' d o M eeDa .' N o tic e
1:10 rao'J .-r or brMdeLbook. The ] Reedek Circle for ionxlmwd short wave 111111111
M mm.s um dah o Mn length wedding For her going away atudsle Professional and Business wom- leia 8d o Wa is
a ao. gown of re hite ewisg organza Mrs. Dudley, Jr. hose a dress en will hold' the regular
.a over 1 -made wth a fit- suit of floral oulited rose cot- monthly meeting on Tuesday TROPICAL ELECTRONIC
-LO O Wcap ales and a ton made with a full rt at 7:30 p.m. at the Balboa 4th .St. No. 3 Bel VL ;|
-eAft a Menhanced by a and trimmed with rhinestone Heights First Baptist Church.
SSALim of poin t venice buttons. Her accessories were
:-01 bI ?7:p m. skirt was of white and she wore a gar-
,mou tb fftta over crl- denia corsage.
IF f "i ft 9s fif4 E Ensign and Mr. Dudley plan Just arrived
.at an,,,,., gespe. e't-f smdhi:t tlny 'tira caplto leave for the United States
a .. c l ream color- on Tuesday en route to Ana-
S- c .l ...... s M and she car-polls, Maryland where he Is
dp if aind e eox white or- on temporary duty at the U-
.. 'm C *.g" ofad* ito-j montheo. M OTORO LA
Vireini and.. MCI Chase,
O Ms. Lpa Io~ni onst tof the SO FIA JUN0 s13
S...... .. abridegroomn a m rgown of oyint on-A Mnehm se
II.'IU an "I .white or oer raserry Engagement Announced
V: 4,'i xchite organdy ovler f thh, fu Mrs. Howard R. Johnson n-A -C A
$0 am% IM I0 9.--"- colored glazed ....Lo-hf.
.( m m SE was of o ereu or- terraced a group of friends at

maCast0 0man dytied at the waist witr a shower and dessert bridg e o 1953 odels.

ten cance aeorv2 asa br iandwAt mer ve nA ther cwbnhr wadn | it.h A '1C E
a hewlength sash Motch .g given Wednesday afternoon at, Oi 1
IP. .d'see 5 P the 'aoloor oi t her1 home in B alboa, at whihe

o~t|> vjSS2.bafti 5i..... .. ib..a. a the'or Of thos .a si V l Be e u 7 0 o
,.,' ,h M it. .w timin e announcement was made,
S t comp ~e Erl ln Mrofthe enlgeme r t of her Cb O U
lIsm n a s t ie- n Alpha r aet 9:30-BIBLE SCHOOL (Classes for At
C ChSristia Stin.So c tis t ay John 0bab Wolot andU. Phton, d auhter hofNo.38 tonds oI
Chr .istanSwore ay in o lani. s ame Boy ngton of aPh:-MORNNs WOS 3-3191
is a^ ow N: aand Captn Harry New Chrn'CRobertel(usneer -11on
Sj led'.#"47Vw ime r Thfe matron o.l honsrr Mrs. of Mr. and Mrs. Fed Au neh-
E h b. I den7:0l ttPEOPLE'S PO LAR SERVICE

-ae da ow r f a There AlWey Time to epent
l".. .' tot of h.HBonor w;by:pe biTa i odT Vacatio In in etau
ie 1 except or lot r m r. d e. C. TON IHTA s D AY
ad by her denaia sealed yesterday aboardth ..
A _! an 'd b Panama,, for the Uhited Meta,
Msd t a d I l tery where they plan to spend thel F0RN 1 UL
ridesmad and summer vacation at their cabln
g"1*ownedIn*a topaz ellowgown In Ogema, Minnesotd ina,
,maa .onel =ais, ~ ose ddenfdro to th'os the 1 Jun*- aI" nd
$sum ,,o o, ott aerads..Miiss aMbeth will enter the ,un
e e fi~rs~; u 3 3~sr s." t r s str a oe t be a b y of talse ta e
iIsCameron, malooI of na of the'
.......t.. ...e. ..otfo a he o oi tmr inSep-e urday,7:30 -tDr. Georg-
1 4t .bride, wore aquamarines l as o iR ssi in ld
a de wal negth with i W teSber. A&. and Mrs. Lockri dge
C- pes .- ott Atla returfto t- e Intmu ~.
Orch@ id .ed o d ted b y B aptistr uY o uth Foviet n
"a":' "'Hatc h, U.,LN., ae i rant m Sunday
Como tendazt for the bridegroom.' ember of the Canal Zone
Groommen were First L-Alphs Cater of eta Sigma 9:30--BIBLE SCHOOL(Class s for all A :
'~ rb nn Q~wml tenant John 0. Wolcott, U.. Ph and thir hubands or
as E Sn eu ts21,
1a~ b.. .. A ....t. e=^U. & N.; Lieutenant Did supper to be held nday, Junep
.$a 1 0010 53;dL IT@ Grande' UBN" *8eared' Lieu-"21, at the homeln atof Mr.
201ao em a m n tbpaU *s.. e pnm tenant 8. Jay 3tter, U1-.M.C.; Mrs. Charles P. Morgan at MI- Our ith
.'#a I .E nsign D an el P Tm ackdr, U .S raflores. l 1 %3 9
a 'J ih hall, U.S. Army. The bride- Revud Pke Ca e
6 ke groom _and his i ttendahts wore T Speak unday r 6 ;:30--B.TU.
how am groom The I t speaker for. the ,, ,
.W ,l wFollowringv~ice lro,' 'slm~lF rl~c' t the tam- 7:30-PEOPLE'S POPULAR SERVICE
w forced an arch of awrds"Is Tere Always Timeto Repent Joel"
'""' K6U" Go I==r sU STW. H, Booby--Speaking HOXO. 70--Radio Outlet 77

Im1 IS .Jsey Nursery Provided Everybodyf Wlcome

.-1 itlPosts B asek r To Ihaly
S 7 A nd Station WASHNGTON June 13 (UP)-
New Jey rsey A teer FMichael
Clamaries Lucky Luciano, has been
II S e -.. .... ........ 5. arbsd and dePorte~de to italy.
amSUM Atty..Gen. Herbert Brownell Jr.

i ... e ...............nQe to her native Russia

.... iu' p 'inefla was ousted from this t.feughfy
-"1 1' worry IbOUt~tte enter the nitied States in Feb-
rum 1203, without a visa and

.. .. ,.............."I V'b g in dis e a, b, J__,,,ustice Department iden-
YLP'IL~ ;:: ~ I BO.a former ,d tor of the Daily Jm
a .n domtlIllg iboot oh. Wh6ra Communist newapa-
mining lovelier, auoral. m-in w Yoark City. It said she
l okci ow arcolo! me with her family in AND RUEe
.... .... ..Oer! For Ro Oil nc. then, It sad, she has
us .VJ o Tim treatments o DaO two trip to Russia andsp
,very 'ka .. .' various 8oviet and
orgraharvpty" activities, clea

I ..'. m 5ihliglht and lustre, edd *.*. .. i h silver,
,+ iiii IiiiiiiiiS O O N!iii

;JI use.. d at chag & orw 7w or 16 S O O N !
S... ...... .. l T s ime plate,
S. "'" E LLA VISTA gold, copper YeL

Aai,"....'..s oe fI ui apd brass. alwys li
S. .he onlyw I

~* CNod4o: Us .ugi4trP. For sale ia your ft vrite hrty or hardware

"s QLonfay Be y Parrl

... .. .
~ x ,i*_q



o gacihC Legislator Kidnaped Barking Dog Brings Rescuers

~~-~,--- -rllrr ----- r I

Cops Fear Political Slaying To Baby Girl Trqpped In Well
o -- ELK CITY. Okla., June 13 (UP) Earren, dozens of oil field equ"p-
CAGO. June 13 (P -hunt, but said they believed --Twenty-month-old -K array sent trucks were within a few
ICAG n 1 race aer e six Daniels felI nto a welloda and mles of the Danfiels farm. One
lice searched today for a trace ofGraver had become the sixth po- 15 feet down oro the irst oil field crews to -
Clem Graver, 53, a Republican litician to be slain here in less three hours and 25 mutes be- was equipped with dstch-
tate legislator who was kidnap- than five years.thehou nut e w qd..
ed Thursday night and was fear- Alleys and must abandoned fore she was freed throubsee- dpaing tools. Anotho r had a
adaThrsdayond shaft dug by frantic rescue welgdin rig. complete with long
ed dead. buildings on the west side were workers uae in rg c wt .
Officers grimly pressed the combed and county and state of- rn was rescueand spout which was qut -
_-_"__t-ro fc-he l Karren was rescued alive but ly lowered In the well, to feed
countryside unconscious. Thirty minutes aft- her oxygen.
Countryside. ed she was rescued, she sat up
SKnown gangland hideouts in bright-eyed on a hospital bed The rescue arrangements were
northern Illinois were checked, and asked for a cold dtitK. speeded through the use of an
but yielded nothing The barking of a mongldog oil field radio communications
!u 4d Graver, a member of th so- sounded the alarm wheto the system ordinarily employed to
called "West Side bloc" of Illinois child fel and made her wesat co-ordinate drilling and produo-
o ON r* state legislators from Chicago, ebled we had b d ties in the huge Elk
was abducted in front of his The unused well had been dug City field.,
BY ORWALD JACOBY home Thursday night by two in the bottom of a trench aslo, a
Written for NEA Service men who thrust him into a car dugout sued for fodder storage, "This was real teamwork"
driven by a third man on her father's farm. It was a- Pyeatt said. "Everybody really
The bloc is composed of both bout 12 inches wide at the top, pitched in."
IOiOTH u Republican and Democratic leg- and extended 20 feet into t
Owm0 islators who often vote as a unit ground, J. D. Pyeatt, her uncle,Zon
6 A 10 in the state Assembly. said. Z ne Commander
SJ 10K Political opponents have long F
#KQXi.e accused them of thwarting legis- "She fell in feet first,. Som- For Chao res Name
*KQJdG nation to crack down on syndi- how," Pyeatt said. "She was
WEST EABT cate mobsters here.. wedged in .about 15 feet down
K QJ 73 6542 5 But friends and associated said where the hole narrowed to eight Wls mn Gordon was
7 83 raver had no know enemlinches wide. Her hands were a zoe commander of the civil de-
7643 2 None andr had no known enemies' above her." feme warden service for thq
4and was "well liked: town of Chagres at a civil de-
6 8 4 10542 State Rp. Peter C. Cranata Pyeatt and about 200 others tn of Caes at civil e-
SOUTH (9) leader of the West Side legisla- rushed to the home of Karren's Thursday night.
6 None tors, said, "I don't figure i parents Mr. and Mrs. Aubra
V AKQ 4 2 don't know what the hell to say." Daniels, after a party-line alarm Those attending the meet~a
A QJ 10395 One of the previous political over the rural telephone system. were briefed on the civil de-
47. slaying was that of Cranata's For nearly two hours after the tense organisatiaw for the Pan-
East-West vul. brother, William, who was state second hole was started in the nsa Canal and saw t oia,
Sewt* wes North Eat industrial commissioner when he hard dry earth, the rescuers "Operltion Doorstep" showing
1 91 6 v Pass was killed in 1948. could hear Karren crying. the effect of an atomic bomb
8 Pass Pass Double Dr. W. E. 8eba of Leedey, Okla., on a typical home.
Pass Pass Pass Graver had returned from a who aided in the rescue, said oxy-
Opening lead-* 4 ward meeting and put his car In gen pumped into the hole from William G. Dolan chief f
the garage when he was seized. the welder's tool kept her from civil Defense, will fil the fol-
-His wife, Amelia, and other suffocating. lowing speaking engagements
witnesses saw the men thrust theJ Dr. Seba said an unwanted and next week:
"The double of a slam is not struggling Graver into a black unnamed part-collie dog, recent- Engineteng Society, Fern
made merely to raise the price sedan, which roared off. ly abandoned at the Daiels' Room, Tivoll Guest House, 7:30
of admission," state Charles J. Police Capt. Eugene MlcNally farm 40 miles northwest of Elk Monday night.
Solomon and Bennett L. Disbrow said there were no tangible clues City, first discovered the child in
n their excellent new book, "How and no communications from the well at 8:05 a.m. Mrs. Dan- Army personnel, Qu array
to id and What to Lead." kidnapers. iels, who was milking, heard the Height, 7:30 Wednesday and
"SuCh a double is convention- dog barking, went to the well, Thursday mornings
il," they continue, "and de- "No letters, no pohne calls, no and heard the child's creams. Rotary Club, Stranger's Club
nands a specific lead. In other whispers," he said. Fortunately for brown-eyed 13:15 Thursday afternoon
words, the partner of the leader The last previous political slay-ursday
in. in a R9

the u'g wa Lu SMU ruiar, yuo,, WIIC1 w,-en
ner an acting GOP ward committee-
man, Charles Gross, was killed. "he lm u
The OrosM slaying touched off Ihe Pacific Seam II I CMipm
ain a wave of civic indignation that INCORPORA BY WO c R m u
has led to the creation of a city coun-
der cll crime investigating committee
first as well as sever"! private groups.i F RoyalM A ll *LS
r if a eer; no has com of FAST FREIGHT AND PAR SERVICES
uit, the investigatiL ., so far.
n-! Ms As __I

believes that he can defeat
slam provided that his part:
opens a certain suit.
"The leader must: (1) refra
from leading a suit which
been named by either the lea
or his partner; (2) open the fi
aide suit named by dummy, or
Sdummy has not bid a side si
Sthe first side suit named by 1
declarer; (3) if neither side i
named a side suit, choose an u
natural opening; (4) be sure 1
to lead trump."

Today's hand is selected from
the Solomon-Disbrow book. The
two Philadelphia experts held
this hand in actual play, and
ghent Cft~rl tmolomon doubled
-'on the East cards, Disbrow, hold-
tng the West hand, realized that
he had tIfpd i( abnormal lead.
e Disbrow wisely selected the
'four of diamonds,,thus giving his
partner aft immediate ruff. Solo-
mon tohn cashed the ace of
clubs, setting the slam contract
at once.
If Disbrow had opened a spade,
declarer would have made all of
the tricks. He would have dis-
carded his losing club on the ace
of spades, drawn trumps, and
run the diamonds. /
If Disbrow had opened a club.
declarer would have ruffed high
on the second round of Clubs,
after which he could easily draw
trumos and take his diamonds.
Only the diamond opening lead
could have defeated the contract.

caHIS WELEmI. Planet

JKm 3ores
Don't let itching Eczema, Pimple
Rintworm. Blackheads. Acne, Psoria.
gi, foot tch, Athlete' A oot (AJtlMt a)
or other blemfishes disfigure 'our skin
and embarasa you anotherr day without
trying NIxodgerm, T BUJ M cdltcln# II
combats the germlS and laes which
often are the real cause oflitn, trouble.
hat is why Nlxederm o ckly make
your skin soft, clear, .mdth ind at"
active. Get Nixod.rl, fromyoir drng.
eist today-see how much better your
kirn Iooks and feels tomorrow.
-- I I

Head Hunters

M.V. "SALAMANCA" ....... ,... ,,..... .. fl '
M.V. "AMANCO" ................. ............. jl -y t;
M.V. "REI DEL PACIFCO" ..............y th
M.V. "REINA DELG PACI ( (18W Tons)
M.V. "SALAVEW R Y .. ....... .......u.... ne
SS. "C ZCO .................. u- l .
M.V. SANTAN .... ........ .. ....
S.S. "LOCH GART ................... .... Jne 15th
9.S. "DIEMEb DYK" .... .............U/.... ..:,. j l th
S.S.""DURANGO" ..........................Jf 19th


*. --~.q u~t

i\ ij

Umlmm AD um.

A4 1 oo00 Malcoln is King

C i-

C94f ar1" Pat
-* ** ij. v .. .. '* ;,' *
, ,f ^ ', ... .; .
,iy ''* '. .* If, ip~ p t / '*i

, U;C'Sa
A '*'

- .., -'--"ha! I'

S.S. "DARBO" .................................. June 20
M.V, "DALERDYK" ..................... ...Jume e2nd
S.S. "LOCH AVON" .............................July h
All Maillins uNbleet to Chaase WNit It.
rOtD O IRC I v'! P AMA-Ave F.. Tl. U
.'- ""' -Term Blds. Tul. 8-lv

bs munW swTngewIM

PtC4*iE IECE!.


. .. '

RPasUbiiLA'8 PO.


.. .


All Figured Out




sa Twa
. fe TMB t- e



r ~~-~
rbl iOl~W.YLjYI

*" ,i.

&1 iaYi


roll n

, *.-;*-, .



*, 1

"n'o-t 1 w~mi V I





-4 %1;
'-- --Ak



- ..t"-




^k*. OSA MNFAter A 4L
Sand Mrn.. JuDU
and children, Dele*k,
~at B David, are o
1& their bneU nM GeI
,. l 0l1w .7m B or i ob
Vi t.sit. ea. ,n a
turn bef hAi.
Sdin- Mhr. r t Mrs.-* K. a .o
6 at and Ia V wW mpad MOO.4 of

by W.t.

.... ... .. -
Nave moved hm Crlutobal to
Mri.u Rh wr 'annu
Mr. and MCAM Robert

ff aba 7
tie COP.

a.a hMinIMAl .A .m ...Ill M..T .. MEWSPAFiR


I iftlUe I L _4W'^ 'l a

meta .r.. 3--. ab
i t ner wU u 'an. u- a
s tel te e
_thee aboard tlLr iS in-
be made
thi" Dinner la A lane MeB of the bus,
6 pr e ftz tootde zsht ftoant to the
Sp ceer alsle was ripped away.
D e ay Pran reearn loom and' piled
ekit / .a. u _p. ; ,
Th' annil Chlhdren' Day "I was Justi w
ap m wr l be beld at th everyf igt hapln '. ad
"ed U a Chureh at O.' aRu Bass. of 'Omre
a.m. sunday. The chu a IeAir force De, M,'. J. "When I
rqueted t be at the church cme to, my head hads one
wl n 'y"W m thrOugh a window.
me oth arord ItW were oven Md by a
t attended T e not e US.
S boringg srice. te o o

ie. .. wive s. th-o G.,

' t. ..
*LM at% a_^JtB~sB
6L id

r b t .he % :


ayW r .a d lr.=i4)d
W.. to Stow u "
r Ii h llld '

r"I ts ga t lek on the
bIhw"P th rbun driver t 4
tac -tt I'aw I wun'
or-o- 1mau u- r
me le rtorL gtf *truok on

nju rning s M e pomatsr-

pfareMtt w alo harg fnln

o~~of nortlu~~,taiymandiughter


Pacift Side
Methodii List
Sunday Serices
Divine services will be con-
ducted tomorrow in the Pa-
cific aide Methodist churches
u follows:





Ar oM
contact to s22.,817.M
of sgar to be supplied
Comnuaty.. Division of
Scandal company
een awarded to Ca. Aru-
aLa Estrel I. A. of PM-
It ia the largest single par-
of local sugar ever made
Ithe OommlarY MT-rlo.
Announcement of te award
DI the contract as made yea-
nU e. itorid were
opened Wednkesay aftwo at
ofe office o the eer an-
a8er of the ommlry Division
at Mout lll0oe.
There were ao lir l16cit bid-
ders but competitive bids on the
contract were received the
New York. office om upliers
In the United O tA and were
forwarded by r
The contract cAll for 3,10,-
0 e pound of fine r anulated
umgar to be delivered over a x-

ckag tulhAil



Presenting the


... amou

World's Most Beautiful Girls! I






I,'fi 0:
I -

". li

Wesley Ch Palnama City.
9 a. n,. morning payer and
sermon. 9 p. rumday school
classes. 7. pm:n evensong and
seuon, xl ; am W Hillam H.
Armtrn endent of
the cirit, l conduct the
services both morning and
On MOniy,' f dgt tnal serv-
ie, and cl ftI f ,lt p.m. and
on Tuend* Um uethl, Lead-
ers meetnx at '10 1, m.
La Boca, Q. L. 0:m lim. Bun-
day. shoo o lasmu 11 a. m.
morning prayer and sermon
flow by the erament of
the Lo rf ppe, celebrant
and -re : M v, William H.
rfonc. 7 i. m. Evening
worshp. Preacher: P Mar-
Paralo, .& 11 IL m. Morning
uobp. reaeheb: W.H. Mc-
Farqfaur. ':15 p. m. Evening
Ip. Pwab: A. A. Lovell.
Rio Abajo '(1Ith Street) 3
p. m. Sunday school classes.
4 1. m. public Wbtorbp will be
conducted by a. A' Lovel of

IVM-- In -re
start 1t:U p.m.

In -


-JV~ WI, kiP

e te

bthe ast
aScident an

EAme hE' ~

~C~ I5IE
Y:Jst .


B L S I T A 0 0 -:40 8:40p.m.
OWNlark.l itles U.IGH Lerade HOWARD
O ia dae AVIMUAN, in

E .-C CI L. IA
r m~. b toge bht with a
Rtlad nI and he hand-
ed it to her on the blade of hi

'HeflI TRESS" "

Alma LADD Virgipij MAYO
*.aw : 1-: 1:. 15 -



I:4 3:1 4I.8 :IM -8. 8:59 p.m-

1:27, 3:31, 9:3, 61I;SO p6Wl.- 6t 9:12:U p.n.

anawrni eakal &htess- It's Swme4f

I, ... T ACO 1 Ule_ I *AGm".

BALBOA Air Contionqd n I
BA LBO A 4:30 6:30- 8:30 __ _______ ,_ _

A L' ,. 14 ,N
A ma a '

I would to tell you about
a plctre while touched me
very deepl
It teel of 1 town that
might be y~mr and what
p 't h.. there. It's
adit'sthe a sahrlzited
Uwoman wbrht spiteful,
amall.mlded people for the
right to adoptchild whose
'bithi dlevmt irao er
She's proud andGery and
before she's through, the
0*11'1 hise hasve turned
late hurrhe sand their hate
t los ie It wea a pleasure
esal's Dvege tobe l this
wonderal role with such
gasping players u Walter
PIdSlle and charming
Doeaas Cloran.
It's mtertainmeat that's
different and real and I
saeqdy hope you like it.


eoia Doublel
j-aftft V"A'-


Maria Pt eorge
Marshall, i
J !!t _4ia I a"a -
b OI

:YO~ft KlAr

AM BOA 8:15 G A T 7:
bllCe WINTaS n Rcardo MONTALBAN Richest G4 Borts KAtLOFT
sme au *CAILeW as awIr s r___y i is's- .LAw

Charle BOTR Liaul JOUtDAN
iumd-" %am MTV



S N .iiR .c L U B

BETWb soWS -

Spend a bsaw whils
with my wManM
in thew rmal aum



~dMA l m L

Simuflaneous RELEA E !

r! T! WrufM"i mUINO or T IEUs EAmmmI n

- -

Sweek t


I' .,4i
r t,~J;lt

4' "


I .

Bible Film To Be
Shown Tonight
At Baptist Church
The Baptist Youth Fellowship
will feature the film "Dust or
Destiny" tonight at 7:10 In the
Sunday School building of the
First Baptist Church.
Dr. George speaker, who was
been presenting "Sermons from
Science" at Army and Air Force
bases, will present the picture.
This la one of the bet of the
film harmontlin the Bible
and science to be produced by
the Moody Institute of Slience
In recent years.
SPENARD, Alaska (UP) The
highway paliol answered a call
from rate parents on the Camp-
bell Station Road. A wild moose
persisted In bothering their chil-
dren and dog.

La Boca Teacher
Leaves For US
On Vacation
Miss Louise Dawkins, elemeh-
taIl school teacher at La Boca,
left on Wedrdav by plane for
a two-month vacation in the
United States.
Miss Dawkins will spend some
time In New York as the Ruest
of Miss Beatrice Davles, after
which she will go to Washing.
ton where she will visit classes
at Howard University.

25 OR 60 CYCLE
3 Speed eord Changers
45th St No. s3 Beha Vita

O.-OuI s


- --



The purchase represents a
JI-months' quply of sugar for
omwiir Dlvlspi
I S1eI Ii afct for
local ru ted to
about ad.06 w' e t
January to the same company.
That contract was for 3,00,000

A Good Clip
WOV .10a, Wahr
ter c the
hr -rt M.
d, Jr., the fifth gen-
ti of O which'the
'lrbar hl,serrwed. He's
had forth har-
&As previously this we his





suzmAN im

L~ ~ ~ ~~~i ,-rIIU IIII ~ml r

)L C 4 ---


r Jvi



- i ; "

.... .

. I .- ."


~~ ~i~lE~

*....-,. .. '' ".
'.L, "* t .,;
-.~~~ ..- ,

PAGW snr

'" -,'" I .' 4 .rr
. ., ..,' r' .. "'

* 'W.' "

You Sell'em...

When You Tell em thru P. A.

Leave your Ad ;th one of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 "H" Street --- Pmuam ,

No. 12,179 Central Ave. Col6n

Lewis Service
No. 4 TivUl Ave.-Phone 2-2291, and

Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441 1

Sal6n de Beleza Americano
No. 55 Weat 12th Street

Agercia laternaclonl de Pubcadomes
No. I Lottery Plaza Phone 2-3199

Carlton Drug Store
10.050 Meulild Ave--Phoae SU Oo16e

Prepagads, S A
"H" strt carnt Ijtudmte
Phones 2-14 ad t4N7H

FOR SALE:-Porceloin 8' Westing-
house Refrigerator, $60 00 Good
running order. 1465-C, Balboa,
Tel. 2-2893.
FOR SALE:-G. E. washing machine,
60 cycle, 9 months old. Diablo 2-
FOR SALE:--One Frigidaire 25 cycles
5 yrs. old. Perfect condition, $125.
00. One G. E. refrigerator, good
condition $35.00. Phone 2-4218,
716-A, Cocoli.
BARGAIN: Refrigerator 60 Cycles
7 cu. ft. General Electric, and
beautiful Chinese furniture. No. 6.
35 East Street.
FOR SALE:-Genuine Chinese living-
room set with bar, by piece or set.
Bargain. No. 219 Central Avenue.
Apt. 8'.Ponamoa.
FOR SALE:-6 cu. ft. Westinghouse
refrigerator in good condition. $35.
00. 418-C, Cocali, Canal Zone.
FOR SALE: Four venetian blinds
72" x 60" in perfect condition
Call telephone 3-3355. Panama.
FOR SALE:-Bamboo livingroom set
sofa, 3 chairs, four mirrors, %ery
reasonable. Phone 3-3967. Klie-
man, corner of Balboa Avenue and
38 East St.
FOR SALE:-A bedroom set in very
good condition. For information call
Ponce family, across Juan Franco
Track. No. 106. Tel. 3-5472.
FOR SALE:-Mahogany China cab-
inet. Clayton 5246.
FOR SALE:-Westinghouse refrigr-
otor, 9 cu. ft. 25 cycle, $90. Bal-
boa, 2-1738 or 1468-D, Holden
FOR SALE:-Household goods, re-
frigerator and washing machine.
House 5455 Endicott St., Diablo.
FOR SALE: Practically new Hot-
point electric stove, bargain. Want
to buy nice bedroom furniture.
Phone Panama 3-4748..

FOR SALE: G, E. 7 cubic feet
double-door refrigerator, $60.00.
Steel dresser $15.00. Telephone
Balboa 3150.
FOR SALE:-Mahogany livingroom &
diningrom .set;, mahogany Mr.
and Mrs. Chest of Drawers; kitch-
on' tbble and chairs. Aluminum ve-
Setion blinds. ciest of drawers.
Bnd ix aaoromat washing machine
25 cycle. t. feet galv. iron fenc-
ing. F. J. Ryan.
FOR SALE:-Kenmore Ironer, RCA
Radio-Record Player, Apex 8 cu.
ft. refrigerator, electric stove, all
25 cycle. Singer sewing machine,
bookcase, victrola, 8 diningroom
chairs, 6 metal choirs, 8 comport-
Sment book shelf, small table, mini.
articles. House 765, apartment 16,
Barnebey Street, Balboa, phone 2-

FOR SALE:-"Frlgidoire" refrigerator
9 cu. ft. 60 Cycles, $125.00. Good
condition. Call 3-5240.
FOR SALE: 25 cycle 9 cu. ft.
Westinghouse all porcelain. Ex-
cellent condition, $90.00. Leaving
country. 0532-B, Ancon. Tel. 2-
FOR SALE: Owner going on trip.
Beautiful bedroom set, 7 pieces,
consisting of: double bed with Sim-
mons mattress, ladies vanity with
accompanying stool, two night
tables and rocking chair. All items
completely now at half original
lost. Will also sell pieces individ-
ually. No. 69 Aneon Avenue,
Apartment 2.

Boats & Motors
SOR SALE:-Sailboat 20' x 6/ 2' w
gray marine gas engine, sails, good
condition. Phone Mr. Linden 25-
3865 or 3461 Rodman.'
FOR SALE:-Aqua Lung Unit com-
plete. Phone CIltndu 5110.

Embassy secretary desires furnished
chalet, 3 bedrooms. Telephone
Panoma 3-0085.



thfey ore the


Smaoaths aurdintee l
aEo D |d!hMhr
-* -** g : 1

FOR SALE: Bargain 1951 Stude-
baker Sedan, seat covers. $1.100.
00. 1465-C. Balboa Tel. 2-2893.
FOR SALE: Dodge Stoke Body
Truck, one ton. Perfect condition,
new tires. Tel. 2-4902.
FOR SALE: 1950 Buick Super
Dynaflow. Slow mileage, perfect
condition, new tires, radio. $1,585.
00 Phone 4218. 716-A, Cocoll.
Tudor Sedan, radio, seat covers.
Phone Rodman 3231.
FOR SALE: 1948 Plymouth Club
Coupe, A-I condition inside-out.
See at house 51-H Coco Solito.
FOR SALE: 1950 Buick 4-door
Sedan Super, excellent condJtion.
Fully equipped. May be financed.
Coco Solito 43-F.
FOR SALE: 1948 Frazer 4-door
Sedan, fair condition. Leaving Isth-
mus. First offer over $325.00.
Phone 5-528.
FOR SALE: Pick-up. Duty Paid
$200. Call Panama 3-4638.
FOR SALE.-1948 Studebaker. Duty
Paid. Good condition. Best offer.
Call between II and I, Clayton
7141 or Box 666, Clayton.
YES, we pay C A S H on the spot
a quick DEAL, bring your car in and
walk out with CASH.
ama. Tel. 2-2616 or 2-4966, Pan-

Real Estate
FOR SALE:-Leoving Isthmus. Ex-
cellent lot of land viewing bay, in
El Congrejo Heights. adjacent to
La Salle's school, 2,000 meters at
$8.50 per meter. Enquire C. O. P.
A., Tocumen. Mosaquites.


Spanish classes for beginners and
advanced students. For one person
or in group, as you prefer. Certi-
fied High School Teacher. For in-
formation phone 2-3759, Parinma
Your partner will really enjoy danc-
ing with you when you do the
smart new steps gracefully and
correctly. Learn from qualilt-d,
graduate instructor of Arthur
Murray and Fred Astaire Studios,
New York. "El Panama" beginning
June 2, Llona Sears. Tel. Panama
3-1565 for information.

Help Wanted
WANTED:-Maid with experience in
general housekeeping and child
core. House 2118-A, Curundu.
Tel. 83-5217.

FOR SALE-OR TRADE, riding horse,
6 year old mare, 121/2 hands, and
colt 6 months. Call Navy 3663,
after 1600. Call Navy 3347 prior.

FOR SALE:-Electric fan, leg saw,
2 Lionel transformers, Westing-
house refrigerator unit, Bendix
automatic washer, all 25 cycle,
chest of drawers, Welsh cup board,
couch baok, 3 medicine cabinets,
and small household articles.
House 5338-B,. Davis St. Tel. 2-

Th United State of America
District of the Canal Zne
Wheras, en the llth day of June,
1S3, Charles E. Ramirez, of Van Siclen,
Ramirez and de Castro, Proctors for
Libelants, Jefford Bowoman, et al, filed
a Rem and Personam libel in the Dis-
trict Court of the United Stater for the
Canal Zone against the Moetr Vessel
Pacific Reefr, her beats, tackle, ap-
parel and furniture, in a cause of Con-
tract, Civil and Maritime.
And whereas, by virtue of process in
de d form of law, to me directed, return-
able on the 8th of July, 953., I have
seized and taken the sld Mi V. Pacific
Reefer and have her nl my custody.
Notice is hereby given that a District
Court will be held In the United States
Court RoOm, ht the town of Ancon, Ca-
al Zone. an the 8th day of July, 1953
|fer the trial of said premises, and the
I owner or owners, and all persons who
may have or claim any Interest, are
hereby cited to bo and e papper at the
time and place aforesaid, to show cause,
if any they have, why a final decree
should set pass as prayed.
United Statea Marhal


De em hws a IUt eeMeul
Wile Aleehean Aueemas a
2031 Almes. C-Z. 1

DR. WENDEHAKE. Medical Clinic.
Central Avenue, K Street corner.
Telephone 2-3479, Panama.
Bids will be received in the office of
the manager. Curundu Post Restou-
rant and soda fountain concession.
Bids will be received until 1300, July
5th. 1953. Address bids to Restaurant
Officer, Curundu Post Restaurant.
Fresh Bird Seed, mounting, nesting,
song food, cuttle bone, bird tonic
nesting hair, sun flower seed, love-
bird seed. rabbits, neon tetras and
barbs. Acuarici Tropical, Panama's
only pet shop. 55 Via EsparAo Tel
PANAMA-MEXICO one way $85
round trip $135 (15 day limit)
$165. good one year; to LOS
ANGELES one way, $159.25 round
trip $268.64 (90 day limit). Pan-
ama Dispatch Service 36 Avenida
National (Automobile Row). Tel,
Panama 2-1655.
best maids registered, Identifi-
caion, references, health certificate
-from "CIP SERVICES" 2nd floor
Bella Vista Theatre, phone 3-0881,
Ladies let our female ttendent
demonstrate our new French bust
beautifier, sensational. Phone 3-
2217 for appointment.
all summer. 8:15 a. m. to 11:15
a. m. Age 2 V years up. Free
transportation. Call 83-2168.
For perfect tuning call L. F. Garcia,
the most expert technician on the
Isthmus. Receive orders from any part
of Canal Zone. Phones 3-0672 -
ANNOUNCING: The opening of
Lowe's Tropical Aquarium for the
convenience of all former friends
and customers, and to all fanciers
who would like to come in and get
acquainted. Aquatic plants, Agua-
riums, Accessories, Tropical Fish,
Goldfish. Fish food. A place to get
fish bait. Fresh frozen shrimps,
fresh frozen sardines. Opens diily
8:00a. m. to 12:00 p. m. 1:00
m. to 7:00 p.. m. Sunday ant
Holidays 8:00 a. m. to 1:00 p. n:W
9th and "G" Street, Colon.

FOR SALE:--25% and 50 % dis-
count on 33 1-3 and 78 RPM
records. AGENCIAS DIAZ, 37th.
St. No. 6-A.

PHILLIPS Oceanside Cottaf. fh
only court in Santa Clam with an
oceonview frorr all cottage. Sps
to beach, Rockg rfrliert
barbecue and Ashutfleboer
mi 3.1877. Margarita 3- 678
Box No. 435, Balbo..

Gramlich Santo Clars jeadcet
toge. Electric iceboxmg 9e to
moderate rote. Tedl 6 44p
Gamboe; 4-567, Pedr M l

William' Santa Clm e8eoaiD
2 bedroom,. frigeratorW
range Balboa 2-056

Hoom A
FOR RENT: For 3 maMfu, e
pletey furnishd hu wr" ,
tenlv gardens. Call Pal ni .
1821 mtomings.
FOR RENT-American couple
to share house with Americons,
please call Panama 3-3754 ask
for Betty.
FOR RENT: Modem chalet com-
pletely furnished. Refenes n-
quired. 50th St. of 17th Poltllla
No. 72, Tel. 3-1807.

Apartme g

Two and four room fumishid erd
unfurnished Oportment; private :n
closed gardens. 8061, 0th Sthet,
New Cristobol. Telephone -Coln

FOR RENT-Independent aportm= .
Two rooms, beth, kitchen, private
garden. Forty dollars. Seml-fuirnlh-
ed. 8071 Eight Stret, New Cris-
FOR RENT:-3 bedrem oertmnr,
until August 15. Has evsrythin,
Including hot water, chilldens ,
swings. Complete furnished home.
Call 3-4385 or come tb hhuse 117
14th Street in Poitill Inquire Apt.
FOR RENT:-Apartment, three room
tile floors. 82 Via Porras San
Francisco de la Colet. Phone 3-
FOM RENTI-FurnLm hed Me f-
room vacation quarters. Jufy 3rd-
Oct. 3rd. Phone Gambon 82.
iFOREN?-FuMtshd baortmnt, 2
room. Perejil Street 2, No.
S1. Phone 3-2694 or 3-4871;.
FOR RENT:-BelI Vista. Large two
bedroom, completely furnished
apartment. Telephonr Panama 3-
0816, or 3-41-7..
FOR RENT:-Unfumisred apartment
in Son Francisco. 13t3y Steet for
information. Call, Bolboe| 1464.

FOR SALE:-Metal office desk, like FOR RENT..-Furmshd two-bedroom
new, $60.00; portable sewing nma- opartmCnt. Go ernmeht inspected.
chine $15.00, electric water cooler, Gorage. Caraqulo 642 San Fran-
$35. Various new and used radio cisco. Telephone 3-4418.
parts, baby stroller and high chair, i -
various household equip. W. H. F f 1U
Morton. House 770-D, Barnebey '
St. Balboa. RoOUIS .

I-UK ALt: Aquariums, all sizes,
tropical .fish, valves, air pump, 25
cycle, air hose mated pair angels.
Lawn furniture, China closet, book-
cases and books, chiffonier, couch
with cover. 5457, cottage, Diablo.
FOR SALE:-Upright piano in very
good condition; Singer electric sew-
ing machine; Encycqlpedia 20
volumes with case; native mahog-
any typewriter table; native ma-
hogany dressing table without mir-
ror; Minton's Bone China. House
5282 Morrison St., Diablo, Canal
FOR SALE:-Kenmore electric sew-
ing machine, new accessories. Per-
fect cond. $75. Buttonholer and
Zizzager $10 extra. 16 mm
Revere model 16. Movie camera
with f.1.9, I inch Wallensok
lens, f3 3. 3 inch telephoto Wal-
lensok and-f3.5. 20 mm Kodak
lens $125.00. 16 mm Apollo sound
projector $110, or both for $215.
Both first class condition. Phone

FOR SALE:-New radio parts Vibrat-
ors, Condensers, Outputs etc. Priced
for quick sole, Pedro Miguel 225.
Phone 4-439.

FOR SALE: Radio Record player
combination, 3 speed, 25 Cycles.
Custom made cabinet solid ma-
hogany, $80.00, Play p n $10.00.
Framed mirror $8.00. 474-C, Co-
Original Adolph meat tenderizer
available now in local super-mark-
ets. Try it once and you will keep
it forever. Adolph original, meat

I ii _____________________


For your vacation visit
our Show Room at
Automobile Row Ho. 2
Tel. S-I0S.




The only
of the
of Queen
lizabeth .
IN TECmHICO Not To ne CerMagl Wift
S*liHbuait a- Neu eBaiiBaBBkjJft

FOR RENT:-n cool Com r
board (or ony breakfast 'to tne
or t*o gentlemen. Jto Aroseme--
no Avenue, N. 57, T5l, 3-2949.

FOR RENT:-BeS IyO. Large tw
bedroom, completed fufnistied
apartment. Tehon Poawn 3-
0816, or 3-4187

FOR RENT-AttafntleM o. L.'. Just
built modb ho hdi waer fur-
nished r twotih. b# room
opartmint.' Call 3 44 Panmp.
FQR RENT-.FumrishrlO om, k tch-
en privileg,- bl6throom rlege.
independt w mnbc 46& St
No. 27, Apt .1. -
FOR RENT: FusrnWd room to
co suplegn or whp 'o
No. 46, 45* Street u. frs, eil
FOR RENT: furnished mrea, In-
dependmet rentrnca beththom frv
ilege. 37th Street No. 4, Apt. .

FOR RENT:-Large furns-sli roo
centrally located, 45, 4 of July
Avenue upstairs.

Poition Offered:
WANTED: ried'j Ih-
Spanish s gop good j
ropid Mtyp.
ed. Columbia Pctures. Eusebti Mo-
rales, Cangrejo.


Lady who called MtbrD C
Boxer D6g for'you.


- --u -






'i: Y;,.

i 'j~Pu

Anotrr Novy Newl



pl~RDho mo ls, s.

Wpgk ad or s rn mow
.nyldug. 'Phr le 61,

leab; e u il

r onre o .r

HOG 840

Your C imaulty. Stf on '

m PreseSt Me



Yaw. ar aww .
To.r avtJ

-L S_ o And



a and' a ph oa
IS ToUr tv"g



It- ,4

-; ),'-




,i lira~

-U -,-- '~ 1

___2 t
" -4- oy.i :iXO iiM imiir

MA'S a MhIft

o me J





. I


I 11 "ilfl i I


. I -




. I





IH"".4r- fTa~-iim-n

F' -\' *Ifijpaf

tn S a





,.4. -g_

tT~ 1.
I, .-I .3

0O: (44(


Ba t ,.,f:' .. ,-'? ,v. ".- ,. .* ,* &r ,-1 :aw -
:tr'tlfj i~tr-lijn *': *T~~ '; ''atdti:t im;^-j -i a .-'~ij -i^ j-. ^ .tiM^ -^^ --
.. ... "
R H .A..
Bg^^ ^jn^^^j?^r w^pA1--3

* 'j.

Sea .L. ...

tegain N. L. L

,I I. .C ~ ". ...'"

.. .
r 4 '"

aof 19r

W-,W-,. .9

Ant the TWht 8ox4-S.
walks to *
Mandpo S te a *f
gsar te euay' E
i -lifI
B^'^BS l^^F^^^.' s44^

rter To Chaienge Gavilan How To Play Par Golf: 32

H for Weltet Title Fight Hit Ball StraightOnAnUphill.
ft re" H.t 0r

S'si Oti. E i Tra'ing NEW R June 13 UPBy JULIUS B
," Lightweight Champion Jimmy U.S. Open Champion

Sama'Horaco O yesterday file r, 's challenge ih the the latter. It n- necessary to co
.i llb~L~ si '.~der (! ArauLo In hs An uphill lie is less difficult.
a fce oouwo own d3o ann ouncd today thYn adownsa hi or th dehlll.
She Ing che s in Mond o the a Wh he eigfoot on the herit
... terwelght ro than the right, rete Is y tonden-
S -lon's Pedro Teg and P i- Manager Willie Ketchum will cy to throw the weight back ont
ama's Horaci Olli yesterday file Jimm)'s challenge with tio the latter. It Is necessary to com-
rplen 1" 1r oi_ 2i tafioon woumd uip t thiry allN York Baing Commls5ole ns a the for this. ot i
-Sft&IIng schedl..o In Monday. With the weight on the right'
4 't ton for their fanr o l oot, there ba a tendency to hook 1
Sl la of unbeaten i erwahi Stone-faced, plo ding Q rter or pull the shot to the left. To
Sh tomorrow night at the Panama of New York scored a technical offset this, open the stance.
-ILTI Gym knockout over jillitg, fleet- slightly and aim somewhat more
40th T46 footed younK Aranjo of Prov- to the right.
S0 7 2 iId to dence, R. I., at 2:15 of the 13th
S4 el ted round in Madison Souare Gar- You may be faced with the
h w ht Imit to dwo*o tr t1den last night before 7,132. probleth of clearing the rise
le.l a.nm. In the weigh-la at ote Araujo, 22, was on the floor right in front of where you are
H U. n tth h -n t e for the third time when referee standing. This is not difficult if
In~ ]is bout has created great Al Berl stopped the bout and the bai is hit properly.
N an ai-1 Is 0 t, among local f ani tagged Georgie with the first Keep the head down and hit '
S0- 2 3 u they ll 1 kayo In his career of 53 profes- the ball squarely. The shot will
I t M 'to. see .which, alonal scraps. The fight, alated come up. The natural slope helps
B11 ta-I-0 t FaceD an t0e br"llt rasc for 15 rounds, was a thriller. get the hall n the air i it is hit
il [th l 'rtL; F remain on theunb n Carter, who scaled the light- squarely.
l.AtwaL al. H after their espested thil- weight limit of 135 pounds a-
4 lot against Araujo's 132-1-2etnowtIf you develop a tendency to
Sa 4 i s es, ,ibeabss, .fe'b ehge' I wants to ego sfter the 147-pound hit the ball too high in the air
.b'"o 000-4 8 *BGFTa e
.sh'. 10"7 I n e r azctiit the r crown worn by Kid Gavilan of because of the slope, take a less
i by 1aB0B-712 .ra nks' lratand ati i t e d$ '- 1 et
i- LA, 01) d O ranks, rates a.alight edge ohOBW IO F3ug Cuba. Manager Ketchu said: lofted club or even shorten the
Sin ln M ) an Hmest his hprd-bittlih opponent "Qarter can punch harder at awing.
1iMe r tuge -he art are pre works a ould beogi from the 'bout 139 pounds than he did A shorter swing will aid your
a iS or a e the aio apeningm misn. last night at 135. I'll post chal- balance. It requires less pivot,
l %.S f! 33 7The ase l true of the semi- longer's forfeit of $2,000 with thus gives you a better chance to
at.h o LOU IS0-1 a s final in which Kid iran an ad the Commission Monday." control the shot. TILT-Jif as Ba es pn '
ew y t1. rounds (m ola) t ht the 5000 fee or national The object is to hit the ball sitaee sgly,bemb the
libmiumt sof 126 pounds .oth lms broadcasting and television pro- straight, so don't worry about ta knee a littleto. attala bLi'
Win" P oaM% o iPeres -a*a mylIng vided Carter with a purse ea- little loss of distance. Swing the, re. (.A)
r a victory in ord to ear place tmated at 33,104 and Araujo. club easily and try to meet the
ii on the mray good eoi an estimated $13,403. ball squarely. a little to help attain better ia
t 01a 0t lisBted for the neow Ftd. n You may further compensatehance.
h ..42 4 10 0Eva"eC co Of ,B &--- 6W Araujo, detected byhis a feat for the unnatural weight distri-
SunchinS local featb. said Carter wa "an underrated button .b bending the left knee NEXT: Dowaeill lies.
I2 rated a dim esle to t champion," and that he had no
Elper. i back the energetic and tough alibis. Carter credited Oeorgie
'ans n Pe with being a "coming champ." Big .
SI WI' A a i -round poa"r between Big Game Fish Tournament
y r1ork isU Ills ; pounds plus aM Iwr-rouni
,, _Victor Malla and soAto oatn 2b,* Fortune Gordlen eo
,,, ma~y 0. Cracks Almerican To Be Held In Panama Bay.
6j 1- fcallent program drawn up by
X. .5.,* p rm ot. aerL- Las! i y Discus Record Panama, R. P. .(Special). -boa Yacht Club, anothe~~,
D t 12 40 ,I managers of3th t ig lhts is only- a$tI-que dolar of the globe will be paortpat-lat Piflas Bay. The scales
v v t-0irth gnerelere ringside s cd at COMPTON Calif., June 13. ing In the first Int mtonal certilfid by the Ttnited .
Tso lle aiig at 8 ra d general ringpade seats (UP) The longest discus Marlin and Ifish Thurnalnent overnment and all catches"
I rt t u ph u the fire- Ilste4or $ throw n American history ws to be held here from July 4 to Je judged according tb id.
S;Lo la"yptd by world discus champ August 4 of this year, according of the International cl e'
.. -o~a rdien who hurled to an Announcement made here i Association.
h G^ I T P aJAt pte M 1ft. 2% Inches aj by Pangra. d Re
a 'Girls To y P O The n ar mill embrace Prizes will, b
.meet at e mpton the enb o- ama, a silver ..d
r.. .Tof airst de wora hti tory tar aqth r w- the ColaMabfanl we
P be uttered 180 feet in the name "abundance alS ,c
(- lo -- : .. lv n .. fish," gr etl y guarantees A smaller species., f' s
LAM,l d ,t 1m 'atch of m rlin or sallfish for ,
Or Tt S, Lb Ies took second pl5a w t au everyfw days f fishing dur-
ier,, w I n WO,- O Tl l Ins the eae main part of the season
S. el" i d the bet previous between May and November.
r E.bSStc Snane throw with his 185 ft. Sallet fish, such as corvina,
WON M0a116* i st Palo Alto, Calif., bonito, tuna. Spanish mackerel
wen Dit t1foat b rearler" Yer.a r ] and red ontsHw, anplentieul.
AM Gala, .Caba lb Oordiena' mark is surpsssedthe yar aroid.
". Tylorr onl by 4ly bl IM 186 it. 11 nO. wosd
MJama ica=.are"u J. lAnderson"P. mark set In Finland our years Th tournament Is sponsored
Jamaeas arendobbt- J. Andeo p. the Panama Rod aee Club,
f the most powerful s' His toss crated his own has its hedquartrs CIn
Sivade ts ,PAA resort of I82 ft. 10 ins, the luxurious new Hotel I Pan-
and ON4 r lighiI ama. A prim for the outstand-
a ) d.or Acatch ofthe t
Night S r "Six Teams Enter e daw arded
and o I00 0cf10c __ __ _return
Brec- denIson. Pacific Hoop Three weighing stations will
Brow .ic Hoop Loop be established, one at the Bal-.
htW droi4UI Wanother At an organiutlomial meeting
-_In...e'.ainn the b a1b O gymnasium
dei when the Aleman Wedneda eight l t eams on-
will.INe etacrhea- V5 d th Pacific basketball
an~a~di l in nine torrid In- 8ehol, Canl Zone Junio
l, d me Fr Fan, Working Boys,
LONDN, June 13 (UP) hAir Rescue rim lbrook
their light appearance Jack Solomons today and '.l Troops from Ft.
SSCol t orrw *ths that Itarlnu ; an .
1a ..o.fLd e bl Turpa will d"f d hi E s .ad of officers of the
M5 4 to- ee Nw Tel oAeh June 15t at t:30 p.m. at the
their acs, LAverne Con- be o te winner of teBalboa Gymnam
nulyl; wieho .bep Olsen-Paddy Tm Leagu play sha probably
r th ullo aid he had felled o l June 1. with
VON I~ii-CMineof;o h C. b ic.from the al7:l atd0nd 8:30 p. m.
0 for B efro to s dGom will be played on Tues- __
mast~ 4 Thursae at the day It day and Sunday
piwb01Prices f1 toito" gean n"an# at the" -
an S et f or tI cannot math __f
sthe effr ef the lImternational

k hu donated a sliVer wh Ide nd t intend to do,'
ow tilt. t heater said he will

gAVS A STAr e shoWr .

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"lg Wli OaggM AllmAlU iS i yIAp I iAT VOelMU 0K


S"t ,, u.. ..-.,

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, mo




Atomic Blasts

Held Innocent

Of Tornadoes



WASHINGTON. June 13 I UP. "Let thP people know t e trutf wii e e country is rse" Abrahanm incol.
The Atomic Energy Commlr.--
alon said today a fresh chelk TWENTY-EIGHTH YEAR. PANAMA. t. P., STIDAY, JUNE M 1953
wih the experts left it "'fl tily
convinced" that Nevada atomic .

.". Steel Price Boosts Coming-
tests were not to blame for the
Chairman Gordon Dean said
the commission is disturbed
at the "widespread misconcep-

ti S.In "Wake Of 8 7-2c WH Hi
ion" that there is some rela- ', /ro i t ifr i'' "
lie said the commission has
been in continuous touch with
the weather bureau and military
meteorologists. He said it is PITTSBURGH, June 13 (UP) increase last year, appeared hap- hour, the highest In the history prices would have to follow a
their unanimous judgement that The steel industry was expect- py over the 81/ cent boost. of the industry. increase.
'. there is no relationship" be- ed today to announce a price Albert Clegg, a polishing mill The settlement was reached 18I 1ion sources Indicated h-
tween atomic tests and the tor- boost soon to offset an 81/2 cents hand at Jones & Laughlin, said days before the June 30S hafd'* that the ease with- whi
npdoes. an hour general wage increase he expected "about 10 cents line after which the union U K 1ent was reached .on t
"Yesterday, we again asked granted to 1,200,000 members of bue we didn't have to strike for be free to strike. It came 1A is 1953 demalto w lda :,
the judgment of the weather the United Steelworkers (CIO). it... Good enough." only seven bargating se-alfts y be dupliTd wo
bureau and of leading military A fellow J & L worker, Samn between the union and bmpatiy thentire contraetcet*& ip ft
meteorologists," Dean said. Industry sources said a price Bolka said he thought the et.. which opened negotiatlM last renegotiation. n 1984.
"They .reiterated the opinion increase of at least $4 a ton tlement was "a lot better than May 14.
that there was no relationship would be needed to finance last year." U. S. Steel Vice President Wae only were u f
between continental and atomic the wage boost which was The negotiations wefe the John A. Stephens, to a gR tiatwo this year, and tl ic
test reached yesterday in an agree- first test of the leadership of tiator for the company. sai nsetvd notice in Ap.slStj I
"They report that the recent ment between the industry and David J. McDonald who was in 'he considered the ateimnt 1954 it would seek agetn t
weather disturbances in the union. Average steel prices now his initial role as top VSW "an honorable eompreaft se uarnteed annualwai
United States resulted in the are about $115 a ton. bargainer since he suceeded and commended McDonald fo r pensdns and ifproyi tauu
main from unusual move- The United Steelworkers sign- the late Philip Murray. being willing to agree- titL a" benefits.
ments of warm. moist air ed new wage agreements with The 8A cent pay hoost will pe The company had opposed-any .' ,
masses from the Gulf of Mex- the nation's five top steel com- the average hou r l wages ofpay boost and had said bere h9 -ompan
ice colliding with cold air pan es. steelworkers at $2.24a/s. eehts anegoatons st arted that hs i r b tir !udy o a nsr nM
masses moving down from the U.S. Steel Corp., the nation'ssteelworkers at 224/ t.a na hao ab
Pacific and Canada." No. 1 producer, was first to sign year.
"For our part," Dean con- the agreement which quickly be-. S
eluded, "we are firmly convinc- came the pattern for the entire Tlm Rlnatlon oftb
ed that the Nevada detonations Industry with 1,200,000 produc-
have not contributed to the ad- tion workers. V. Seel worked
verse weather this spring." Jones & Laughlin Steel Corp., the
Dean made the statements in the fourth largest producer. | Dm L= ln
response to an inquiry from made the same agreement 20 .' .-
Chairman W. Sterling Cole (R- minutes later. Bethlehem Steel Ju e Rec. eiives Bomb M a i v-cent 1
N.Y. of the Joint Congressional C., Republic, and Youngstown tw .No
Atomic Energy Committee. Sheet & Tube also signed. 0 iPOLY-aies Wl" V e e tt t I
Cole made Dean's reply public In Chicago. Inland Steel, last WASHINGTON, June 13 (UP) search, bUttalled to fitdan& y ex- md y wit the ,
'with his comment; "I wish to of the industry's "big six.", an- -SupremeI
add that the joint committee nounced it would meet USW of- H. Jackson had to decide- posi Pores. ad a special
has received no information ficIals M6nday to work out itsH. Jblytoday-wheh to de orde-r guard woule ad maat the A l
from any source that might be agreement. sbly today-whether to order uard wdould reminat.
ro any source that might be agreementone more delay n the execution Iag "for the time bsg" to gao
considered expert that contra- The general increase, effee, of condemned atom spies, Julius Judge KaufmA and his th aty.
vwrts the conclusion stated by te diae Steel's and Ethel Rosenberg. Kaufman saIddrecently he had
tive immediate for U.S. Steel's and Ethel Rosenbeg.
Deanare weather x- 200 production workers, was Time was running out. The been haraed bylers ad
Sorts who disare we ouldather ex- the heart of a package agree- electrical engineer and his petite ahone calls from perso on b
perts who disagree, we would meant which will cost the com wife now are scheduled to go to I jtng to the sentens wle had-
welcome in eir thoughts.king Dean ny about 10 cents an hour the electric chair in New York's ed Outo 0. se0
.CPany about 10 cents an, hour pro&
Cole, in aletter asking Dean by eliminating pay differen- Sing Sing prison at 11
for the tct inotern ion, a re- tials favoring workers Ii North- Thurada--their 14th u i l ldk
caethe committee nas been a the company anniversary.
assured'in the past that "there over those in So uth and The Nt tia t6.
ig potfiormation demonstrat- Southwestern states. The Natoal Commit t ..
Ing a relatlkoship between a- Steelworkers4 reim being the Secure Justice-in the Rose~betsr
tomic weapolls tests and weath- costly 54-day strike which on Case was mobilizing its forces fbt JI
er pheriomeha except it the im- them a 21-cents an hour overgl a round-the-clock "vigil" at the blth a t inam
mediate vicinity of the detona- Wchite House until the couple's 8-,4 .
tion." i fate is decided one way or the ;575. __ ,
Con l Oldtimer The other. PAIK Jtne13 (UP) --World-
Atomic scientistHarold C. Ury l flht o pertiens of A
were threatened by
Henry H. Bushnell Judge Baskedresident Eisenhower in a Tuesy f ll'ninid
Henry H. Bushnell JudgesBench telegram "to be slowed .to pre- fkl permnnel, supported by
sent Try understanding of the ground and supervisory workers.
Dies n Florida toyu."Ureasconsistent- The g staff tentatively
Henry H. Bushnell, n old- i ly objected to the Rosenberga' r eched agreed ont on Tud
e Bushnell an old- Five Panamanians were fined convictioti. aae to protest recent ka-
timer of the Canal's construc- yesterday in the Balb magi convmctel o chas the date to protest recent la-
tion days died recently of a estera'y In the lo m Emanuel I. Bloch, the Rosent- parteulalv in theFar East
rt dtack di reeorda o a strate's Court on charges of bers' attorney asked Jackson hr- 4.,They dabbed, th B- es.-
heart stack in Florida accord- trespassing, yesterday to order a stay of exe- p resaty.
Ing to world reaching the Four of the defendants were cuton to ermit a fifth appeal p
Isthmu, today found trespassitg in the Tivoli to the full court. Three nons of Air race
Mr Bushnell, who was 7 Commissary. Ten dollar fines Meanwhile in; New York a ground p e meanwbte an-.
~ars old, was a railroad cond- were impo.ed on Pablo E. Smith, threat was made today to bomb no a i4n-hour walKoat- for
ucotor from 1904 to'1924. He 22, Jorge knrique Tejada, 23 the residence of federal judge TuesdAiy, W dpport demands for
moved to Miami from Callfor- rand Carlos Ochoa, 26. Irving R. Kauiman, who sen- a 20 pr cent pay boopt and 1-
32ta five years ago and was a Ivan RuRsell 0 find Irving R. Kaufman, who sen- a 20 iper cent pay boost and In!.%
lia five years ago and was a Ivan Russell, 20, was fined tented the Rosebergs to death. provement n- WorknW benefits.
member of the Miami Canal $5 on the same charge. tnced the Rosenber to death. prove nt n working benefits.
Disgers Association. The fifth defendant, Edita More an a score of police
An active Mason Mr. Bush- Ester Chong, 19, wasfined 10converged on the Park Avenue Freh up
nell is survived by one daugh- for trespassing n the fa oca apartment building where Kauf- crews ai decide monday if they
ter, Mrs. Miller Anderson of Commisary. man resides but failed to find will back the othes Tuesday and
California. For carrying a shotgun with- the bomb which an anonymous demand a wae p-grading.
out a license Victorlano Mos- telephone caller had said would
Halhoa 'I'ided quera, a 55-year-old Colombian explore within an hour."le
was given a one-year suspended However, a detail of two uni- 0
Sunday, June 14 sentence. And for vagrancy in formed police and a detective
High Low Gamboa, where he was ap- was assigned to the building "for For Espionage
5:42 a.m. 11:40 a.m. prehended he was given an ad- the time being."
5:0 p.m. .......... ditlonal year on probation. Police said the bomb threat Against US. Army
was received at the 23rd precinct Si 2 r Wt. tr-
at 1:10 a.m. LINZ, Austria, June 13 (UP) ch
Thetelephone caller, who a A 29-ear-old Pole was sen- for hs wla I aw ofifL
desk officer said apparently was tened today to five years hI- German 2 I n WoUld W
young man, said: prisonment for spyiln agasit shouta dehb s at
"I am calling to inform you the U. 8. Army i- Austrila nt
th7at^ a bomb has been placed at behalf of the Caecholalovlck tI tV"
1185 Park Avenue and in one intelligence service.' not a Red w en lhe4
Born 182 \ hour the Rosenbergs will blow u- the Office of at *
om 1820- Judge Kaufman and his family." Henryk Jan Caiurcvk' admit- ices, but refused toe
SlEight cars of police and a bomb ted in a U. S. civil affairs court er his _iam
squad unit were dispatched to that he gathered reports an re- party
st ll the apartment building and Im- fugees at the U. refee cgttw& to.
mediately began a foot-by-foot center at Wes. p
Still a

June 1I (UP) -
Eisenhower gave u a
golf ame y et.rday
rolvbir hrnnra.M f1

The Chief xutlve wasu D
early at tm s smgame lodge
hare and ilt the t al for nesr-
by Prench Creek it 7:16 am.
He was accompanied by his
assistant, ShenraOn Adams, and
Floyd Bocock, chef at the lodg
and local authority on
0e M sunny day o*ab
on, no word cbaoe from the troUt

x.' IA'.hip

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I'Seffc Wiy

i Scotch Whisky
l k4 8m oct.

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