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"Ltast htpeeplI k

'- Abraham 1.incola.

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the ri.g1~ end di.

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To Us-Rhe.

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Panama arnl 1as

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S(NMIA RadloTlephoto)
T TAINS IN UL Republic of Korea Prsldent Syngman Rhee (left) strahas to make
at a,. K meeting In Seoul tr eahlle Eighth Armj, Commander Maxwel
6b. e ealed on Soith MKo Ins "ritk our lives and fight on to a decisive
t6 Prea Ar, no, matter what ,t11pllies and Reds decide about armistice terms. Be-
tA 91= 6;'aWe cannot anrO .



Declares ROK's

Objections Are


PANMUNJOM, June 11 (UP) Staff officers
into two sections today to speed up their work on a k,
roan truce while, at Seoul, President Syngman Rhee tow
his people the armistice would mean "death to us."
Army Col. Don 0. Darrow took over one of the teavS
smoothing out final details of an armistice and Mari.
Col. James C. Murray headed the other. 1
As the two sections rushed to complete the docu-
ment to stop the bloodshed on the fighting front, the 78.
year-old South Korean President spoke to his people.
.Referring to President Eisenhower's personal appeal
for cooperation, Reee said South Korea's objections to
the truce were misunderstood.

POWs Could

Be Swapped

In Mo2-

"We regret it very much that
we take a different view to 1s
friendly advice, and thi is l
avoidable because a truce oR
present terms simply meaps
death to-us.
S"We have been explaining this
position to our allies and Intend
to do so continuoly.
-- '!AUh..Ih the 4lffere-e.

AtlnB I T -O X D

sestho pe r .that the Wytoll etilon had ahelluva
Stose b and iti a tou bul# d .tart the Ad e =trtOl
SBuld .AnIntDo alloe tt bp Pthar in Diabto Heigts.
Coure efen the. b at t w it would have nmnked
gohrth yedb e' a-em o left in the mrin

alo a 1tnt, up on the. ateAst. inPersdi el iteu
metbods. R upWen, the I oi4nown to ti.e *mdi

Some from teidn't ha no
aSout thei l theree wapJd n.
thg aro ahatA o. They said w dbe ba a, oe
of years dlo la-tuaytorm tls
ca gvestutor TlWe.thdat events
wasfrm that have the sa numb eeted
Tr es t Iel there Ad b in
^Itof rdgrass uMM ste*worked on
Now .r me. There bo to tao W to In the
l InysogUtr=i uditedMI tale
Sthat I checked the and y ew
S 1sr the t.L NOW Ifen I a e owAud th

4" S Ose ttake1Yntoy'hy tt to
1 Dotheydot th.-=aSey
Wbo OLUSIL Te atol
..4U Lt I 11"YW


.2 r.LA~~4

i&ted5*e bgmantbA the
m only the sense.totI e.the
Otb of the' epyes t0
IFiI Of had had aimy trouble
. S ir that, thatt -ittle .word
=tod istal pointpuser and

kM^ Wt Waks

M&M~d tMJ~itoaby,dyg
ew Dare

WAS IOTQN-. June 11 (UP)
- Goenor ohn 8. Seybold of
the Panaa Canal appeared
yesterday n closed session of a
Senate Appro'flations Subcom-
mittee to protest house cuts In
Panama Canal funds for next
The governor requested a
hearing ih the Senate commit-
tee. ant was given the op-
portunity to testify although
technically the subcommittee bhi
concluded formal hearings and
Is urrenty en d n section
by-cton ieration of the
bill which provides funds for the
civil funeions of the Armed
The Houe not only reduced
requetd -Tmounts for the Ca-
nal '"Oe. but also demanded
higher ebs for employes In the
one, reduced their salary dit-
terentll and eliminated free
^ospltal care.
' The, fttdrtl restrictron
have bee aonany protested -
the ert d Senate ub-
Commlw e sources said the ovw-
ernor toay made a strong
presentai n In which he asked
tUthOe t~to restore
at blio the cuts.

F. r rl,. S spy

b Ar Tli. .

WAA*WGTOW, J7une 11 (UP)
A hbkv former ty. S. asy,
decoralAd tor paraclItlng be-
hind EotIn .401 4In World
War ; 2shluted defiance at
Senate Investators today and
refused. iaMy whether he Is a
Comma 1t.
GeorgIL Wuqblnlcb leaped
o his feet and zed his Army
c O"a t1a0r t:edbstinmlgita ed
Service *rCi and told the On-
A Intwialeet'ity CimuI2ttee
he was not. Camunlst while
be was a .of the Office
inte" ce m o.
But C -fund to amw ne
.re !whether
he was a Camuamentt before
jotning the a r-hether he
Is a party m6bet .day.
Another official.
Leonard Meow York
city, w Mthan Wuehl-
nichbpt (ZaOm less infor-
btddin ", -ma

O RBCALL Gen. Paik Sun Yup (left), South Korean ArMty
ChieWof I taff, arrives at San Francisco Airport in preparation
for bis flight home. He was recalled by Rhee in the face .of
truce talks. With te General are Suth Krean Consul-General
Young Han Choo 6nd his wile, Idas
~n f' -'t',-

(..N- (MAl 'te ilephoto from U. s. Navy)
GMOBAL NOTEBOOK UN 4sqo"$a at Munaan Base Camp
in Korea examine a copy at tnt on war prisoners, duly
silted. Seated Ut to rIghtvMI: I 4 William K. Harrison
and ReBr Adm. JAh C. I l ag are Brig. Gen. E. E.
Olenrt lett) and WlR. pN. Osborne.

Military Srvins' ross Benefit

Collect $Z4 no"Open Again
begins the second
F r of the Red Cros bene-
6,,. &"~p-. t, .2..9.6 "casino at 1l Ran-

rted over the past
rill be resumed tomor-
it 7.
I games will be in op-
roulette, blackjack.
4-a-luck, ete. ..

* ~ 4

-les eonee4 -a W
MUNUSA4 June 11 (UP) -- than we have.
All of the remaining prisoners "We wish our allies would
of war in Korea could be ex- come to understand our true
changed in one "Big Switch" Intentions."
within two months after sign- Aat Pusan, South Korea's
ing of an armistice, it was esti- tional assembly, which recent
mated today. adopted a resolution calm
a march to the north, ratti
The Reds brought 100 men a another saber today. W
day to the exchange point dur- The legislators passed, a 4
Ing the "Little Switch." solution urging the governm5f
If they could muster 200 a to make a "mutual aast&nW
day during the post-truce period pact with the Chinese Nata
the 12,000 Allied soldiers known alt-ees S
to be still in their hands could ee sidestepped a *elt,
be exch 'inged in 60 days. statement of whether hi
The Allies brought five times would order his ROK aryf,
as many prisoners here daily as now manning two-thirds 6.
the Communists during the the battlefront, to i gn are
preliminary exchange, and they wrwk a U. N.-Cemmnlut
can double or triple that rate truce now in its final stages.
without difficulty. The president appealed to the.
The tent camp for prisoners people to avoid 'radical conduct.
processing set uD here by the and "Viblent expressions of corn-
Allies for "Little Switch" still plaints to our allies."
standss, along with a POW cornm- As he uttered his warning, h
pound that* has not yet been cabinet met in a build next to
used and two mobile hospitals the bombed-out capitol, his
for aling prisoners, chief of staff called 10 top gen-
The Communists have dis- erals to a "council of war," and
mantled their exchange facll- 50,000 Koreans demonstrated
ties here. for he third straight day hp
The Allies used ships and Acting foreign minister Pyun
trains to bring sick and wound- yung Tae caed the extraor-
ed prisoners here from island dinary cabinet meeting after he
camps, and plenty of additional had talked for 30 minutes with
equipment Is .avallble to Rhee.
handle large numbers of pris- Home minister Chin Hun Shtz
owners. to hinted after the cabinet meet-
The Reds used oly trucks ting had been adjourned that
bring prisoners here during the South Korea and her army could
previous exchange, obstruct an armistice, itf not ac-
Although a cceac-fire pre- tually wreck it.
Although a ce -firepre "It will be very diffleult to
sumably would limit prisoner effect an armistice that we
movement. sts are not be- donot approve," Chin said.
lived to have many trains or Gen. Pa Sun up, youth
ships suitable for transporting chief of staff who returned to
shis suitable forKorea from the United States
prisoners. on recall yesterday, assembled
his generals at his residence to
CERar study military practicalities if
Bl D U the ROKs decide to carry on the
There were only 50,000 dem-
R m s To S l onstrators today, compared with
Ya hundreds of thousands Tuesday
and Wednesday. They cbanta
"Go North!"
I About 200 wounded South,
A shrimp boat, the Pacific Korean war veterans threat-
Reefer. is tied up at Dock 14 In ended to enter the United
Balboa with a crew Which refuses States embassy buildings at
to sail the ship until they are Seoul but South Korean na
paid back wages. tonal police dispersed them.
The agent for the Ecuadorean Switzerland moved last night
ship, Fred Brady, said today he to speed a Korean armistice by
was waiting for word from the reversing its stand and an-
owners. the International Gulf nouncing it would serve on a
Steamship Company of 'New neutral commission handling
York. as to what action he should exchange of prisoners despite
take. South Korean opposition to the
Ael di to Brady. money to plan.
rep.o i5ltgt lenadoreans of However India, another of the
the crOwaisent recently bv the five nations named to the comn.
owner. ?B er, the men claim- mission, hinted it would reftu
ed td heo t was inadequate, .to serve unless the UnitedMa-
adrd: efue to be sent back un- tons could control all forces
til a WbMwes they alleged are under its commeMtd-.-0 l6nMe
A th 5praid. the balky South Koreans.
l aJune 4, with a expressed AWb b
u.. op of Rqondit- Chinese Comanaiast radiO, w
trans, 4 and Costa &P- hailed the s rt oX
ear%, phase of thetrue
Ctn of the l 4-fnot long phe wfss Maenems a
,I e


*L A '-


-, .- .. .. : ..


__ "



I~ ~- '

- I




i-]" ,;* .


' ,"* **

. I




r*~ i
do ..'.

* {


7T H 8Tiarr P 0. *eo 134. PANAMA. f. eW P.
rItLPO'eI WPANAMA NO. 2.0740 1 LINmm)
Fon S*i MONTHei. IN ADVANCE a s0 I
. '-. if v .A 'N ADVNCI 1.* So _



The Mail Box is an ooen forum for readers of The Panama An
icon. Letters are received gratsfully and are handled in a wholly a*
dantial manner.
It you contribute a letter don't be Impatient It it doesn't appeer
next day. Letters are published in the order received.
Please try to keep the letters limited to one page length.
Identity of letter writers is held in strictest confidence.
This newspaper assumes no responsibility for statements as opin
expressed in letters from reaaers

Republicans are always bewailing the fact that the Dem
cratic Party was in power and took credit for two World War vi
stories, under Presidents Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt and Trumai
After being. out of power for 20 years, the Republicans a
ruthlessly slF.sting appropriations right and left. In a curio
lapse of logic, they are putting the hatchet deeply into their ov
greatest monument, a peacetime achievement the Panar
The Canal was initiated and carried to completion by Repu
lican administrations under President Theodore Roosevelt a]
William H. Taft. It is true that Woocrow Wilson was Preside
on the day of the formal opcnine, but all the pioneering ar
triumphant conclusion of the work is to the credit of the prev
cus Republican administration.
Perhaps today's Republican leaders need to study the histo
of their own party and the deeds of its finest statesmen.
Roger Morrow


Atlantic Side

Could it be that the eleclricians of the U.S. Navy in the Pa:
ama Area are more efficient then the electricians of the U.S. A
my or could it be that the Navy electronics men are paid less thi
those of the Army or could it be that the Navy wives talk less I
telephone than the Army wives?
If not, then why docs the Army pay a higher monthly ra
for telephone service than does the Navy?

Please inquire.

Army Natch

*I' jAnswer to Previous Puzzle
S Missing Links Y o
HORIZONTAL 56 "The- sio 'Ts rn I mT

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the fire" wedding" vALE
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-I, haw"TIPAW A9
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and fortune" RACA 1 .1s caU.
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a major -- 3 "The and 19 "- showers 38 Get away
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1MRange" 4 Entrances flowers" 41 Fend off
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18 Landed 7 "The 24 Italian river 44 "Set one's
properties and heir" 25 "- and teeth on -
20 Employers I Stage of toil" 46 Turkish
21 Goddess of development 26 Eat away weights
2 plenty 9 Repetition 27 Slobbering 47 Great Lake
220 Hebrew 28 Nickname 48 "Over hill
wherefore 18
b or e measure 29 Jewish month and "
24 Persian prince11 Marries 31 Click beetle 50 "Keep -
26 Revise 17 Cleaning cloth 33 Angry on someone"
27 Health resort
30 Pinker 1 5
32 Covered
34 Metal z
ornamenta. -
35 : .-inting j-- -
36 Chemical l 3 ---
37 Drinks made ?s -/ 1
from fruit -
39 State s301 9 U
41 "He his H N
42 Soft leather
45- I I/-- I -- -
wagon" I V I_
49 Attempt t 4s 2 1 7
i1 War god
62 Gulf on -
Baltic Sea
53 Mimicker s
54 Nothing
55 French s
summers ---I -

Mysfere 1

Liliput to

Those are the odds against
S.etty Coleman being the
first woman to win the
JUVENIA handicap tourna-
ment at Summit Golf Club.
Those 15 guys in the Cham-
S pionship Flight aren't go-
f lnpS to be one bit chlval-
rous when there are JU-
SVENIA watches to be won.
-Take this fellow Cobb. for


example: He could have let
Nellie Whitney win, be-
cause she certainly played
well enOugh to win ordi-
narily. But this is no ordi-
nary tournament and with
a gold JUVENIA as the
prize Cobb finally bested
Nellie in a tight 36 hole
match. He may not be a
gentleman but he knows
the value of a JUVENIA

U -... .. .
- -- -


S 05

I Labor News



4 oo By Victor Rlesel

An unwatched Latin Ame
etaoin shrdlu cmfwyp cmiwyp
lean 'Korea" is now in the mal
ing. Undercover Communi
couriers from Soviet Prime Mi
Sister Malenkov have been zn
gotiating with Argentina's Dk
mer- tator Juan Peron for a bai
nfl- from which to shoot us in t
back. And succeeding, too.
the Even as Soviet negotiltol
have been stalling us at Pax
munjom at the Northern 38t
parallel their viVD counterpr
laj at the Southern 38th Parall
have been swiftly dompletli
trade and political deals wit
Juan, "The Butcher" Peron.
Not at all incidental'is agree
ment on the use of Argentin
bases for espionage and sab
otage courier routes to and front
no- the United States
ic- These deals come as the
n. early Communist deals with
are the Nazis did while Peron
us is burning books and sending
wn flying goon squads into the
opposition political headquar-
a ters to smash them and the
b- personnel in them.
nd There is no need to cite any
nt thing more than the brutal
nd destruction of all oppoaltiot
n political party headquarters -
el- except those of 'the Commun-
ists In clockwork "riots'
)ry staged by Peron's secret police
recently. *
The Peron thugs smashed the
Casa Del Pueblo (labor buIld-
ing) at Calle Rlvadavla 2150 a
wed as the political offices. The
.Sorm troopers burned books in
is lamed Juan B. Justo Llbrairy
on the iirst floor of the three
story labor center.
n- And what books. Argentina's
r- students have been using its
an 60,000 volumes since 1897. Many
by were out of print and treasure
cutlural items.
te Yet these were burned in a
building only 600 yards from thO
Ccntial Fire and Police *.-
quarters which were v,' nea
by Peron to protect only the
At the same time, the Peroa
huskies burned the valuable
Jo;: y Club Li rary, filled with
_irat paintings of Latin masters
as v.cil as tens of thousands oi
Meanwhile, Peron's police
have been arresting scores of
intellectuals each day. Many of
these men are non-political,
such as the 63 year old Victoria
Ocampo, a literary leader who
has never taken the slightest In-
terest in political matters.
Cultural and political lead-
ers across the world have been
thor-ougly angered by this in-
sensate ailing of artists, writ-
ers, newsmen, Catholic lead-
ers, philosophers and found-
ers of institutes oJ higher
learning. An Internationak,
Committee, for the Libdrattion
of Argentine Intellectuagl hqas
been formed and is whfppg
up global indignation at this
return of the Nazi storm
trooper era. In the U. S. the
committee is working with the
Committee for Cultural Free-
And mind you, right at this
moment, when the entire anti-
Facist world is desperately try-
ing to free aged philosophers,
the Argentine Communist Party
executive committee published a
The flames had barely finish-
ed charring the brick and mor-
tar of Buenos Aires' great li-
braries when the Argentine sec-
tion of the Cominform, acting
on special orders from Malen-
kayov and Molotov, called on Pc-
ron to broaden the base of his
totalitarian government.
The Sovieteers wanted it ex-
panded to include the Argentine
Communist Party as Peron's
j pcliical partners. Anything -
just so long as the Communists
have an anti-UlS. base of opera-
Communist operatives In La-
tin America are thereby prepar-
ing a "Partisan" army to be
A used against us in some fashion.
Euch forces are based on the
. hold they have on native popu-
Slatlons which are resentful of
more prosperous classes or gov-
As one intelligence report put
It recently:

under the present conditions.
[ Russia knows that Latin Amer-
ica is the backyard of the U. S.
and its program of penetration
: culated and planned as was the
case in the long years leading
Sto the seizure of China and the
Invasion of Korea,
"And here, U in China, Com-
munism takes into account the
ignorance of the masses and
their racial suspicions."
"It is very significant that
Communist activity is directed
especially at the large mass
of (South American) Indians
and that among them the
.effort is made to generate
racial hate towards tae U. S.
as a nation rather than as
the exponent of as economic
South Ameesa is t our backs
2- don't It thee ta ke" away!









Admiral Radford

By Peter Edson

~ i."~,.f

WASHINGTON-(NEA) -Before Seoretary, of beeh asked to take a new look at thiprblae
Defense Charles E. Wilson picked Adtt. Arthur of total security for t.e U.. a. t t
W. Radford as new chairman of the Joint Chiefs belief thai it would be easier for a freh t
of Staff, be made a point of meeting personally to take, the. new look. And that will be its first
all the four-star generals and admirals of the order of busaess.
UJ. armed services. Nothing sensational Is to be expected from
Later it was reported he couldn't remember this new I"oL There will probably noe be any
how many it was he met-but he couldn't re- great change in grand strategy. The procam is
member offhand how many vice presidents he more evol#2tipary than revolutionary.
had in Generar Motors, either. A lot of new weepns have been developing
Wilson met 19 four-star general- and flag of- since the -dd of World War II, They were devel-
ficers if he interviewed them all. There were 20 oped under ,th retiring chiefs of staff. "
before Gen. James A. Van Fleet retired. On active e new C start with e strike aginsthem
duty now are sven Army and seven Air Force in that t lhd no hd in preparation the
four-star generals, and five Navy four-star ad- malittiN bdget for 19 .,
miral. The etrin J B didn't have much to sa a-
Gen, Omar N. Bradley, the last of the wartime bout it, either, But the handiwork of the new
five-stars on active duty, retires as chairman of team .a aowUl when the military Budget fft
the Joint Chiefs August 16. 14i5 l prepred,naext January. '
That Radford was chosen as his successor may .
be due in part to the faca that he was tbe first While there ,~.~~itAih" tM 4l
-of the four-stats Wilso *t 'after howw aAs i- g thT S rn 1k sI 'ta
ignated secretary of defense last fall. tha t eb present" orgekization I. .workbe. bi.
t was not a reward for t -sabordlstln In- lat that the chairman ef the JCS has no vtes-a-
bucking the Air Force on Its B-36 program. fourth ,o sidered an mInurmtountable obstac-b'to
years ago. Wilson made his pick in -the confident maklngtdeoialon. .
belief that Radford would push fog the tqtal st- Tb p t asignm t of robes nd mission
curity of the country just as much as any Air for t-itheree armed services, vwowp 'toain JIn
Force man would do. Key w" and Newport unifleatlon agreemwts,
Other people-other admirals and generals was drafted by Radford and ,en., arl SaW,
may have differed with Radford about some retd .hilef st stat ffor the Air Force.
thinp. But they all respected him. Secretary t The-re hasbeen motch mIli erstandlng bot
the Air Force Harold Talbott told Radford per- these- y West ad Newport dlreetes. ti s
sonally that he had opposed the appointment- been stated that the narrowly re t the
rather than have it found out from other sources ices to certain fixed- functions. The Air r e,
The new chief of staff of the Air Force, G3n. for Instance, would not be pemtte to bob
Nathan F. Twining, says frankly that be believes enemy submarine pens. Te Navy, wlld t be
143 air wings are necessary for total defense of permitted to do satrttegc b0mbig .. ,,
the country. The assignment of missions, it is no ex i-
Adm. Robert B. Carney. the new Chief of Naval ed. wavR made purely- for the purpose f gu I1h
Operations, is known to feel every service nee04 the 0evelopment of new weapons and t" e lam-
the proper tools to do its job. that furnishin tIng -of forces in peacetime. They are not reat-
them is a question of money, apd that stretch- tions oi filed comanders In.time of war. -
outs cost more money in the long run. Rtlgway and Carey, as North Atlantic Tteatv
Gen. Matthew B. Ridgway, new chief, of staff, Orgaitoatlon military leaders, have exercised
of the Army, made clear In Wpshington, On an unified .commands and so appreciate thek' Iam-
earlier visit, that shortage of air power was one portance.
of the greatest weaknesses in the European om.- R aord. had- amphibious commanRs JA .he
mand. Pzcif' durl"g.the war and'is a naval air flcer
So this issue Is- out in the open. besides. So the makings are thert for more lif:n-
Even if no "new team" had beqn named for the fication- n the U. S; armed serVicet, rather tfan
joint chiefs of staff, the old team would have. les. 1 ..

vWalter WinckelIn_ New Yoi
MAN ABOUT MAN-HOT-TAN lce)) l RHarknees Pav. Mother Is Sally HaSs. e41-
Jack Dempsey has been kayo'd by Dan Cupid tar at kamtly Cirel Mnag...
and has resumed with hip former amour. Jean --.
Olander... C. Vanderbilt. Jr.'s newest heart- Frem WW'Is o of last September (aC on
throblem is Maria Bennett, dghtr of famed fid-. the air U. 5): "WnWmthrop Rockeeleler's wace
diet Ef Zimbalist...Phll Spitalny (the girl-band offering to Bobowas a million seLtOI4UIt for.
man) is No. 1 nmpehay for card experts. (0ne her ana a dt4,to trust Jund for their 91
Just "beat" him for more than $10A,)...JaAk The screams and h
Durant (the Latin Q. click and lovely Barbara conet (including Cicago edit) w en
Orlob are a merjo-reat. .J. J. Aster Is tow- temed it are still ringlasg or t
ing with Jean La Reoe, George Fradest used- Merman phoned colyuImots a
to-was...Sheree ("Bael Fal ")a North (lanked leasin te "secret" but "somebody
to almost every fval~l'i n town 61 their gave t out," e.. Congratulation t
press-agents) hope all concerned wiln giv up happy Long ago we revealed It wol .o4l
gracefully. She oddle-ales with Stan Cutr In Mexico, which t did...
July...Thrush Janis Pl and Rlph ("Pcni") -- "
Meeker at Gillore's ws .Wlesr-than-tbe-hu- Nobel Prize Ndvelist Wm. 'Tulkn .
ndama06tty...Glorie"s wasnsan and Bob Car- touring 3reland with a p4
roH of "My 3 AoBS Have It!... JoB Fester name hora Bone./.
Dules' niece Joan aWin er Aatrlan hus-bten evy oracle) ip
(Frits Moldei) Had It fhe w lmflle.. .For The ante. meridian--(o
Ingrate FVie: The leg sator and blk wtM'ewi win when hae
divorce-over the daughter lf t publisher-whe block's .
has supported biW UY fW vegna BMW .3^ek^i^
The Ina it oS'eim A~tor is ftoodut that
with her son, ab gIr =0
she vetoed..nth y den's on Nick arrived a !
with him. To rlume e rt singe M Joan Cary
...The ex-M. will wed ,artsV o lan*lal-
mussen when he returns fr,
Was *fl amhlaknnhan*0 m n t mms



;:~~* 4!~
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attendant, w. t

chUidren. He *t i -
ner of the
to rler!. the w
"'kled iruvu

~*l~m~-rt Y ~ILC--I 1~31~I~X ICY 1 1-.11- --

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AL. .6 4..

Drew Pearsbn Says:'4ib.r' J| fi4
lationists; Presiddt amsn' learned. t"o over he"dp
of Congressmen; Ike can't have vi.oruls foreign pol.
kcy yet appease CQn yrp. .
2 .It is., no j
*th. Rp an Party, some Stsa
Isolationt ,.has no been happy alte.
Though it was tee governor of New York who butl
dleWtes and steam-rollered states over Taft t Chicago i
mr Ike debated Chicago who hs" b een t tslEmodt
la in .Wacshingte="

Demanding believes b hun, o
aed 11 piuwbstlrn lanpublicansofh gh-

nWoh dng best to PN enhow to b .
idlB ut has saidnothing.

Was eve astrongFcyot IPn it

hoIt aI JT of ava wh a t
the GOP isolationistsd w encrc:in60the

SIt's Ienators Irving I hei of ew rk, Bob il
cNew Je ubey, Saltonsta of Mat ofMth .e Al-t MinDW
Vermont who have Whit repreentdon't.
Corty orcesing, the enmate. They are 0penrallyon the

gThey arie diJstill for iehoW ut most f te

owTherdrive about three plaxioe. o 1 u aIda h ,, both in
Thiyngton tdaar y.
do It's Senatorh IrvIng Ives of nper orkBt ob u l j ztu.fl
New Jersey, Saltonstal ,of ma p uiaewi, thesoasdi,--

thVermont who have hdresrentwdrak"hoAm= I&

Dewthrots He can do t durn the Senate. They a gn oh
They arO e still for Eisenhowe buth- stmeo teoimeth
THREE POL de g w .OM ,

tanergl are about, threyell n iom fi-boiD
Scrats and Republioakroons agreetoday =iui u tl ait

Td they are: eylte are
1) A new Presidenht- mustnger are u-li th, P um dutim
first twohears In office;,preferably in tha it ~. he

do It duaig this h0neron per14 on lkely U:0.`9

Shas actly day I N
tRepublwatIHecan dothe during thefrblu hito s u

poput h ecan't-pro tax, and heerba.ntoer
3) Once reaon t threat lizes that pridenti lSmbtn
tangling with themof Ne Ykic k himaM ha
.rq M48etn small a Preidnts ed e.T wArs'

rtg dosl.ela am the bosom oe mc?.
,W haotherdgw rh, *

Democrat or apubli c and Is into

Ien CaItroblem reglarnoooms today ,tr as," i
ed lot bThe Deeyshunted are order tc aa

And the OPiat Dull right when he toat

nowynen. Formora would have to be id'.-cracfd. Yelp ftt. t

the weather from Caifornia is now out for llore blood ina i .
ineton with the korean truce. It's also onereason for Taft's "eO
It alone -" speed eh. ,
bliThe Aa-flr blo t te e which means alo t
tlonpula andte Chens-p oblttax, and he pra t lyIsn't Foinl toer-

to jzn21t the bawkino suhh* -p~owerful voe as T wt'r. MA

and Dtronage. fired p more doesathas blast t
foreChn poliean he ehar Teman'i a or Repbll- a
eAnd he 4tlred it Jn t of his spNew oaed tfrant t theaWMe

wlth our best friend ain liope, ust ts hi friend hi
new truce Drop'. "or Koea whCCh our Europea
All this wh i e fth Deweyt now i their t
elFDR wol hived cut aff
am b o Oolltls. M
Ihus s there Daregwdb bla a T
th tUnlt Nauon and whym. t hol
b il an o s e-adrs
0aula b nt a ot m

Allthi l. w~tz,e f h eweifa nwstia h

r ~a,

*" :. e *. ..' 4 "" m..___m2 2

Haukeby Gets USCA Board
U JRepair Contract Meets Tomorrow
.00i isi- F# i Boost Com merce On Amador Gym At Margarita
S- A contract for the U, S. Army James E. Cole, Act ni
'.,as offlee. uires should be d for the rehabilitlon of the Fort dent, announced today t ordh et
o. ,., it '.** "-ft'---.+y."' '^..*W Il 1 as offiries should be di-
Pan- rected to f airline's Office at Amador gymnasium has been a- Board of Directors of e Uni
^L-_, ...' .. ..,1 -a "^ *' Ttfii irectei\ to Office at warded to E. 0. Hauke by Colonel States C ze A oi. w
S_.s.._.... a r d to..0..kebyColst- 18 Tivoli Ave. PaCnama. or 10.113
--Gunohed on 1lh S. ln. C. R. Bathurst, Engineer, USAR- at te Margarita lu
CARIB. housi7:30 p.m. to
WASHINGTON, Juni"IT"(UP)- President EiseiI- Vl WW .aylorcI o......n.. t. oN w Books b
lO e N t oOks Work is scheduled to start a- Col stad thats ts
I M .. ,, me& of public 11be completed by October 5. The Side to attend the meeting in or-

.i t C aare the new bqoks placed in crcu-
maOt Srots, hbwevor, still held back i n as les per- the Paniamar Canal Library. be b S c O tr if
-,mftl i* w smweces Mr. Eisenhower -. .A-% t u of Latin Betty Douglas Wilson and
S eg'sech- In. Mb. I.. Th have-<0 Rd r^ ^^Vet-rgie Douglas *Wawson have
3,.~t ctith$0#0 ',O ti ih M. Tr- ( silver from asa astdich...
Sp the air woo r the n wh Brani complete list of newry
T o .tute a 1 0- Of the life of theirfe. returns to your investment dol-
Sh o -wi oal He ave a Foem. waning he had started in autoblogra-

fadnt "IMdatheptdntom .<-No... l osXn. thecom- dto-ho Of n autobiogrn aphyI w sic published

SN s- e" o trF nets c Nked Hollywood, theAir e
ate Appropr aoa Committee, eyBt declfae epgab r hate. ou be t. t Latin cr-1in (WeTgee, pseudonym); of his
ente: e magden debr Aerica and t Amlevery ph under then Africa; the truth a-
geigath e McWare_ aid he ta- idefen of l.A itary u t 70% of tin eai Latin boutco ntry r- member."in wait and

*rA he 143-wn program. heesoke bot Aic to theU. This hunters lying in print.Istt Lake. he
.l :Who ~dlr -4 tand phro tmnvt othe3Jnaor total trade T complete list of new
due a0 helia beaded teu Air ero Comerce tM eap, auntr andas the books at the Library follows:
thelaeralyea" ft top of a fle-day, e" ait to Social scene Cohtainmenton;
.I. -O aed-. reierrin. Of to "tate to1r. her B anodn nh r ev o aan- or liberation Buram: Expat Tea end-
to 6. tnber, o .tgo- Denouncing those who a t ," Ubinco told your income; many harpy

a orone oiew of staf who magic numbersif ant u er wat l tuff-i atree 4. ," .act this rescues an d treatment in Ko-
aed the new cutback bud found tn wh t two-w.ay i ied' bil- and modem) man, Conant.
a(D-Nev.) tal struggle" and m i. 4l a9d ttt i coun- Alied tion M Hyde, my foullyc
IsI. PutS Meberrn (D-the".), tn tP .te sOi_ N 1it t direct- transients, Rich.
Smhoweer said the de economic ba-aon. iore so0% Fine arts LooNaked Hollywood,
e r defended his program "must be a thing th 8. trade with Europe. Erkin (Wegee, pseh audonym)d the in if n r
j to orderedd eTfl- y L* lhe dU irm n the touraearly Killers in AfricaSwo the truth a-njou,
It sateibut redae uh defeo e A e i l trae 1f Lat bout animals lying in waitrom and

o t l- program noe bein unfore o'wu ,a l cou-tries for n companycYorkers), Balinger The doctor ("Wing or gting you e proud to s
Vorae the -w program. he spokedbefore t aAmerica In to thIU. s. This hunters n lying in print, Lake.
Who d kknwtter than convention of the unor otal td be ranf- oraphy and History The
rir atstpooaij tO. abut legendary Milners, Johnston;
In his speee the re a vacation trip doar Backdowntheridge(stories Beautiful Sterling Tea and offee Se
in- ei t n tbes" e"firstUbico told by wounded men of their

%:ARtethenwubfltacked thoue whowould adopt a to g M rtha 90Y 041016e" artctl f fftTh "Ise thrg t this raescus and treatment in Ko-astlich.
ore Wish f y oild to ay pwlnter -Ameri an trade rea) lWhite. folly
hov erd said he otla' oI, -isrl .oos completely balanced Fiction My Nride, my folly,
.aobwer defended his would ptroduc oe anes. as welaomc b"slow seaso-much more so ButlAmer; Look behind you, lady,
p"ekProgram t thought and r efsntin out to mighty ann; Rose's last sum-ab a a y i ys
of "order and -W .? fW a n

m P L wnthe ebe water e feYoms u busTnesa lirrs the Brandf articles Millappr i Swords ofLatin Anoumer- ,
f tIL builtN I'RelcleanSerhA A ba"itravelr Latin PeimNine stbees (from N DUTY
Sal"COB sron r.d fit o ^Soia. t e countpartment alsony company Yorkers), Satinger; The doctoriing or getting yo be proud to sayER
"M o. ameAtimete 0 hief b sard. officials combine business and disagrees, Sel ert.
... In his preadeh to. WrhAe a,0ation trips. The Latinrwinter Panama Canal periodical "It'R a Gtrom oAFo PANAMi
tachkted hthoe8l6 ldaoto* At a -.^l thrb uge or proltemei concrn- s a articles The-Penoman; Ca- i ck
S esS a e- e regulations thr evacilabletio May 1953, National rty-threague of
srm should epwe etmo. atrq planes ro r etn -y as wel ars "slow seaon for busa American Pen Women.d the
"moesIyfl nalesspenslive- --- olnew in most North American Panama Republic i-periodical
thron geateffloeny the business irms, the Braniff articles -near Hppn Latin Amer-.THE
Re la Bult Mr lmed nhoerl a t eraa- T bel) at businessmen June 1953), Lustberg.

n dclariengt thoae aany ot the each car was ttoppedh their tde problems, Ubi-
ren Ptid wa.erft milm'e whouris the eio's dertment also conducts AboutTime REE S I L V ER C E N T ER
=.p. anIO shtrengthan d wlth tV.Pw the Idttnliyto2m4ke
future.of.freedom assured",v_ ow 0 rWIN" ns Zt.aabusiness'rosearch.bureau. Any PROVIDENCE,dR.STE.NR A NU A

'qIrstona on U. rS. International When he was 13, Laroy G. Haegr-1L t o
Sn Taft ha advouoml tyhat, th al e-onuAmr e onaproblemays coner 'carved his Initials on the back
wtibtedStaefsf org thuite nl nt su-erbofr tfrevm sIt

| 041 W as f are w mr, wae io rn etl 'on r a b ofk ad turtle. nFortyt rme -e wha -
|s30 4* thowar ash-a aweut arive yPeK -markets or proucts anywhere e, a 13-year-old boy found the
h oi.* ath b dar ato aonwed S aa sai 1 I -eadyn the U.S.Re anwer by his turtle near Harris' home. t

| A I _acurtto. *oer iai.. w tagsintii t Com a V13r at comg ar e .... twih n0. ij
*. S saa VBut Mr. E haenshoer maid "-we lc-m et. t -' r-

|ns : .I --' 2 'a 1WVUJma t.saw ,o "aget roo "r pfou th" n ndB w.y sthe foun' ayd Th.i... an -
m. e dt sMe"dt thosi are" ao the As .each ear was s P *
[A'i. e aft e her .rpe t -rdoew- the m4u1s aUta d e o) TH of
-mar oA inw A a m .i -river rm .: o i, I irc ll owre

e a rhis4 owa a mr and te n 'ir bi kfor tmoer-

0 :the&esha lrm.twefavo ronei tha
l, 44 The President l a o nsere g m rasl, 00* isready to.B live you such Dynaelow Drive mawithe it wis ot n OI T

4&Atg,-42.rtcso h"ot' I .n the nu ine el um erk no hlld. ire m ft just's ar e w -
W"nlAb of $air winis Air bon In tile Canal e. d effhs ar.thilaike low-riced Cft"? Power Steering4 to make i ftn r
im P dl i VandenbergltaUmaintaitsned oareti i ra .mtosy u 114tidthet0ig prk ingrandoslow-motorn

_._isto ao .tBuick S0whymiss the fyn and thrill and
p21whom .. sonable defense oture is not mn su te litsu -lerbafdodazzling performer when
ia won by JUggling mei c numbers to hth prc of is'3B ckS CA isstllN $M2l
e.0UIn" UI t.l! l *s. ausgetaridees10V0l, uteerosthsly53Buick,, ,,,25o,,
W-Atlet. _l Dlo.f n umber Weshatstre staucetokoteay toa:,ts nbDiesel-the just an masy step ovek' those of the so.
t" ecurit he add Rep", ,ismv b.entry it, it with any-
.,w in ai., Wid- =am "sbnt thing you'ye seen torh o

ii gtt n r aw r r o o m @ vi t h ani anlm o s w e'o m y e ar t s t ." Thes i s t

advane arrange I i
t_ c. hn V.o bombs. triut fet ile k l i i/..+ ----

.. B""BISK

was as 4
lt~ire .tow t,.! i .:
i i .. ; .. :.;.


S t ,.,p .' ..4 ,- -^ ,'-^ ^*.'.

SMOUOT1,. AnenwC


m i n -l p I! n^^ I;.m -

-Ir 1



."-* .''
-J \ .... ..
*0 ,. ,.,.
* *'.4. .; \ *

.v~ wjj~J
-' o..s*.'

HOLLNYWOOD >NEA' Gn\s ern. The Boy From Oklahoma"
ana Doll,.. \ iliirin bendix anis -a western withl humor in which'
to tell it tu Jackie Uileason soime-. Will ropes Instead of shooting or
oa -iie s .-uly that JacKie had lighting.
to 11al onn Ihs lace with The Life
f[ Ril'- biack in 1949 and I like s lterin." he says **but
imignt:, glad he wasn't inJackie s I nt in the Bill Hart type with
sho'.. io guns. S.
"1 %as too busy in movies then
to do -The Life of -Riley' and it's ON FAST TRACK
a good thing it was that way,"
Bendix reasons. "'Jackie nent on Robert Stack is pop-eyed and
to something that was better for open-mouthed about the roller-1
him and I got a chance to play coaster speed of his career since:
Riley in a day when television "Bwana Devil" and the disap-
nasn't as frantic. Bark in 19491pearance of the linx that shad-
they filmed Rile n in one day.' o ed his emotJng.
The shol radio scripts not suited

t. I

for television. If I had done it It mn... have been that 3-D k:
then. I uouldn'i be on, the air lie uave Barbara Britton, or th
noi, niiit earned by Bwana Devi
E i oin 1ii ; eeklh half-hour but Bob hasn't had a minute c
film hedule "It's not a killing In months and he's getting "tl
thine \ithi me No physical strain kind of roles I used to dream
at all. lust mental. The director bout" in films like "War Pain
is the one who takes the beating and "Sabre Jet "
in nimaking telefilms "
ie '"Go figure it out." Bob sight
Luise Rainer. Rosalind Russell "After 'The Bullfighter and tl
and Dennis O'Keefe all got their Lady.' which was a great prestige
big chances at MGM by pinch-: picture, I didn't work for a yea
hitting at the last minute for 'Bwana Devil.' panned by ever
other stars and now history's re- body In Hollywood, did the trii
peating itself on the lot with for me."
gorgeous Elaine Stewart.
Eleanor Parker was all set to
pl-v the blum role of a.neurotic'
- widow in "Take the High Far be it from Mona Freems
Cr nd," but another contract to contribute to the ulcer ra
Ic 'd her out of the cast and among film scribes, but she
y, .v Elaine was rushed into the asking, "What's happening to eo
. screen writers?" It's been
S -ine's been called a brunet coon's age. she says, since sh
co-. erpart of Marilyn Monroe read a script that sounded 11i
and. like Miss Wiggle Hips, she its author was past the first yei
posc-1 for a lot of photos as a of junior high.
copfnercial model. ,
e minute I signed mv con- "I don't know what our scree
tr, she reports, "pictures that writers are thinking these days
S taken of me three years a- pretty Mona moaned. "There's r
go -an to appear I'm terribly heart, no realness, in any third
glad I never posed for under- they're writing. Im so tired
v'e?r ads or calendars." people in Hollywood who insi
uinn vpvehiyt"n engcmeca

un everything being commercial
ME INNESS IS MANNA and turning out stuff that no-
body wants to see.
MacDonald Carey has found
the black-hearted villain role,. These same people can't be-
he's been searching for in "Han- i eve it when a picture like 'Lili'
nah Lee." the first third-dimen- Is a hit. It's not in 3-D, nobody
tiorni western to hit, the nation *sioes around with her neckline
c- :s houses. slashed down to her riddle, and
P ,-a gunfighter without a con- there are no big production num-1
science Mae slaps Joanne Dru, 'bers. But It's charming and really
around, gives her the worse- and it's making a fortune."
than-death .treatment and drills
holes in 67 Tpnocent settlers with
his .45. -
"This is -like manna from
beaven.*ir nme," says Mac. "r
peeled ,~eSn of pace desper-
i' -'-' a l4 it. It's the sapse
kind o ness and sadism
that md Grable and Bogart
popular early in'their careenrs." a
It's ironic but Phyllis Kirk's
career has been zooming on TV
Si"-- she played the heroine in
s'House of Wax," one of the 3-D
tnovies designed to make people AAA
leave their TV sets. The movie1 &1 petless reoms-
rutie starred In nine top drama-
tic shows in six weeks and la con- in res inude r
fesqing a reference to live TV
ovr, telefilms., Mny Me.ns i TelevTo nm
: "Maybe," she told me, "it's be-
c",'e. I'm really a ham at heart. I rW U I
Put I've found tlat live TV gives HOTEL
a performer more responsibility y
o she can incorporate her own
Ideas int oeach role."
wil -- 7th AVEY
SWill Rogers. Jr.. is saying, "I at 50th St. NEW YORK
fuct can't tell" about his movie ON TIMISt $UARI AT RI CiTY
future. A lot depends on the way cable Address: TIETAFT
the public takes his first west- Cabl Addres. THETAFT

Ct;1SV WELKIN Planeteer

OUR FIRST NATIONAL FLAC-First raised In Williamsburg.
Va., on May 15, 1776, after the Virginia Convention adopted an
independence resolution, this flag will fly in Williamsburg until
July Fourth as part of th* annual prelude to Independence Day
observance. An 18th century British flag can be seen flying from
the capitol cupola in the background.



,r' MIAMI, One Way ......$70.00 Round trip $126.00
he GUAYAQUIL, One Way.. 80.00 Round trip 144.40
ar QUITO, One Way....... 86.00 Round trip 154.80

on Cargo rates also reduced. Consult with our office
," at Perd Avenue No. 15, Telephone 3-3283 or see your
o0 travel agent.
3! ----------------

Fly by

the most retable


Daily flights between
in luxurious ConstUe

* Panama

* Caracas

9* Manmeabo

* New York

Connections in Maiquelia to inmna, Linl,
Port of Spain, Barbados, Curacao .
and to all interior points of Venezuela!
Offices: Tocumen and No. 20 Tla Aveue '
Phone 2-5405

It's a Guess

Ir LE6 'EM.f A6AiW A '
*L_ ^1^-hfgaNr! ri

TA E ;ONE... WHY P7 WHy.

r ''i-
r*',*. *-.


nsCKLmES AND -I usas

Sw N D



* *.f.
.' .

!* caeS'J


% I


Mae-ut M*etu Maelb


-m^iij fltt1111"a 111 wisefl

4 .. '
< '*

WlrAMtSe DelgT




* '.~ CA1. :L

yist TErn

S.. .. ,
i.(- .

= ..' io

Er ,., '. .-.I
I .

91 M.-4


.V,. .j ,
|s mJ~e~gS

jr 74WI

--- ~.

~~- *4f'~.f A"0L9'p'e-

9t ^i'S4A'5 FOP
2'>I4-',,+ '1

i* a ." 'l

Di -
* *
E t5

r +

The Pause That Depresse

Helpful Petunia

\fyHOW 4\ yvI14 tuoss c..U
tKhMIry tcta l:wiflhI


- -.-


- _~__ __

i, ,




KAM mco '








I- .,
'" ,

I~A~5 -' ..~ -.

-. -I---- Z,

if of Staff
Iv- raka I-


sar s soo tm-e.
Mrs. Al Ettinger of Cocoa
was bsfte for a morning cot
fee given- Wedneday moronlm
at her home lot a groupt
her friends several of whi k
plan to u#Ave rrie Isthmi
moon to .make their homes b
tha United .Itates.
e ending nacludt

Reerond'LOU" M. F
r* Methqdrt .tc~hoOI
friends aru vtted'
this service.
Zntaflaties Of
1. o f,.'

Legion AuxiMy Oft
An Id! Sm OHf

1 W, .MOgS.COW, June,11 (UP)"- The
o Soviet t .ranted
WASHINOTON, June 11 (UP) Mr.ZS AboWi hintfa tel- par forhuZljlanwves
S-Yriends of en. Rober'A. 'aft egram. ar Bob's of Americans and two
hi today they have bee a r- r, where an A
Ss e wMI cure the "se- ing that 0 Ilethis un- viet Union, it was disclosed to- W

Trurer, ecf. Sm m fa t T- Ohio senator, who wll your bc5piry needs Soviet Foreig- minister Vya-
6 e o af b of caltnue to ak with great au- such as message was chealav M. Mootov received U.S.
Sr a S S rS l thLO i =muan oouncils signed, ")l senhower. Ambassador Charles E. Bohlen

planned to go to his office as resigning as OP leader. to the wife of Gmilore, As-
usual today land" soclated Press correspondent in
SAsociates said he v slip qul- as remark- Moscow. and Mrs. Robert Tucker,
t A d out p avi I Army ed ng th consid- wife of an American embassy at-
;Ha I- Sn i AlftwedTo hospital sa l t imsawee
Smn~ n- a I ntperhaps beginning today, to re- Vsat de lso will be t g eto
olclasethJ Astlyl- We rema clerk- s. dr
end e of thge -agyan Aceive the X-ray therapy and KnowmmdaUs" te would be the two s ineor children of Mrs.
tld Stare Memors Antdr"T, who has Bn vsituing o. cortisone treatments which phy- "no change" In the "ontflnully Ethel Balaspova. an embassy
siaOUra Juls St l rthmtua f the oust week sclans have prescribed for his closer liasom" between Congress clerk.
a BurchetT oftteUn states condition tates condition the Peldt, and voiced The children were born in Rus-
SHRal 14" Oen- ArmyTbblan,. "eft Panama The exact medal diagnos*s of hope that Tkttwuld be able to 31a of a Russian father, 'but a
t Ds l;F A I S t condin nodiio- return 6 0 ^"inm the nar Soviet court grated custody to
ed. The Senator odlself sling future." ovlet Poliy heretofore has
and apparently unworried, de-
sc tried Itto reporters as an Ia- Taftt sld h ~a wan been t deny exit isas to Ru-
bet 6 oa& J^oin DU Iffe o pairment" of the left hip bone. free himso W op f to howa=2s o n wives of foreign nationals.
.l w "The Ieutlie Board Meeting It first began to trouble him Senate floor wherehe would of
Com;unl ety t of t h lbo Womuan's Club In early April and has subse- necesity spend much time on his
al; al b ate, illbe held at 12:30 pj. on quently become painful enough feet. The floor leader's job re- o dd
V AzJ thu Zak Oam- June -in. the Library of the to require the 63-year-old sena- quires.a lot of physical as well as adds wonderful
JUM at O th Welfare Board Center, tor to hobble about on crutches. mental activity, it was pointed
Seeking relief, Taft recently out.
and .T~sp me spent a week in a Cincinnati He seemed buoyant and Ing
Sa et hospital and Tuesday night flew good spirits as he walked on
of Q eA. 0 Ba played tonight to New York for consultations crutches from the Senate floor to
E ~r mi aof te Arelcan Legion Club with two specialists. talk to reporters. .
of itt Am adone Area. He said 'the physicians told
.Chu 0 hld7a feeid ran their guests are him that he suffering from a He said he has suffered off
I'f t SI.' t. "ebbt Invited to attend at 7:30. lesion-a broad term that can and on since April 15, just before to
of rs. A. W. Webb, apply to many tes of Injured he went to Augusta, Ga.. to play
Taezma Street Mrs L. -- eating Tuesday or diseaed tissua-and that he golf with Mr. Esenhower. r i
m oUler i The mn by supper meet- did not press them for details. He added quickly and smiling-
Sf the Cadeas me r Medical authorltles said the Iv that "I'm not blanftg this on

S s atth me and cortisone e to treatlocal golf club fre urtedt by Taft =
rs r e some types of arthritis, bone tu- n dthe President)or President
ilalos mu be mdef rTores m ors or cancer. Eisenhower."O
e. w e Taft stepped aside yesterday
ivotontu. les MeIkln Tuesday as Senate Republican floor lead- S#
S Ad Dlows Mqnbers of thes Corosal Of- er and turned over the GOP leg- No More Courteir
a w And WMive s of -Carearequest- Wative reins to Sen. William F. i
Wpred"to eaS*l the. r Knowland for the rest of this IONTOM Ala P
a'I ml!0l'YlJ -"lffS sIoOIfee and for ess2 year. th of Mayor W A. OAvie says outof- .5mutlwul, -
IqV~JfBq UsE ay-t o pbrS uTaft's decision was not expect- state visitors will have to start Nowm, tmi ibgf messynl
^Jr^ go 10:00 ed to have av l*big Immediate ayvinq fines for otw-parking 'I- -
of de-o^ ^-. .- 10:0 effet on President Elsenhower's here .us as locl motots do. +
n legislative program. The Ohio The city decided to abandon Its W m W
shg Te m ame Monky senator will continue to attend custom of giving "courtesy tick-
_+, _%-k- iff -07 ^ a .v =aS 3..r,_k _; ^ .. .. _
o; wf eCft at 7:00 In the Card station with congressonall- &id eatt'bkaito outnuuibiberegu- Weslis rahmi90011Pmi
"Eao at l ofthe ti o.,vol -era. ,ar $1 parking fine tickets.-
Na'f- oflerwives- .
-SaturdA Next Tuesday
jroa Air ]o me a Members of the Navy Of-
ClWe Club wil old frers' Wives' Club will hold
miee oPffe u luncheon meet- __________________1____

chairman, orw _____
.. ,tIO D.8I. 53? i ber of her commit- N o 'U


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TODAY Presents
Great Attrurocns in One Piosram 2 I.
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1952 Contet.Winner 1 ,
presenting the mewm *
world's Must Beautful Girls-!

A Taht4 giftll

for HIM, for HER... .


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A. .

n Yo.^-. *11__- m thrBu

You Sell'em... When You Tellem thru P. A. Ci !
Leave your Ad with one of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 "I" Street Panam
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Col6n
Lewis Service Saloo de Belleza Americano ,Caritoa Dng St m
No. 4 Tivoli Ave.-Phone 2-2291. ar4 No. 5$ 1eat 12th Street 10.059 Melinde Aveir--MeM S C.. a -

Morrison's Agedcia Internacional de Publicadobes P1" ds, t. Miealm .lfor w12 ,h..
Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441 No. 3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2-3199 phones 2-2214 an d 3c. eCb addi tli' -C

I : Household Automobiles *S* ,* ,d uls.hi peepIl HILPS Oceanside Cootage. Automate PROFESSr
......._ Wae leele Aegvyme. be only court in Santa Clara with a a E
.* FOR SALE-I wardrobe, China closet,, FOR SALE:-1940 Chevrolet, $195, 20 -- Asee C. Z oceonview from oll cos Step .
one 5 piece set, 1 baby crib and includes insurance and plates. Pos- to beach, Rockgos refrigermtiiBn,
other small household items. House sib!y finance, hurry call 3-5069, DR. WENDEHAKE. Medical Clinic. barbecue and shuleboard. Pan- Aothr N .
528 Apt. J. Red Tank, Tel. 2- Panama. Central Avenue, K Street corner. i 3-18"77. Morgarita 3-1673 Automobile aW ~ v we
2301 La Boca.___ FOR SALE: 1940 Chrysler Club Telephone 2-3479, Pnarm a. Seox No. 435, Balboa.O. co t
FCR SALE:-Westinghouse refriger- Coupe. Best offer. Leaving for Through the Panama Canal aboard Wfllns' Santa Clara Beach cottage. A Lon Tuesday
ator with deep freeze, almost new, States. Phone Albrook 5156, duty the Hotel El Ponomi "Pescodora'" 2 bedrooms, refrigerator Rockgos AN ODALjOM rrer Nkto talV
S cost $370.00. Bargain $200.00. hours and Panama 3-5146 ofter lunch included $10.00. Friday res. Bolboo 2- 3056, e .ce Grea to L IOdN
Phone Cristobal 3-1707. 3:30 p. m' G. L. Silverthorn. June 12th, 6 a. m. Pier 17 Balboa. S-e.nds. PRESSURE SPtRAYl =o aDbed
CoRsA -ei ii m SESee your Travel Agent or phoner -I..PK d1: n 11
FOR SALE: Beautiful diningroom FOR SALE: argoin 1951 Stude- Jungle Jim, Panama 3-1660. Reserve new inexpensive satisfying for
set, almost new. One pair Vene- baker Sedon, seat covers. $1,100. vt hnern. Slmropel's Santa Clarao r tardt!. tInformaft i0 r ,
tian Blinds. 48th Street No. 23, 00. 1465-C. Balboo Tel. 2-2893. A VISIT TO THE SAN hLAS Beach. Telephone Balboa 1389, 5 neA 9Ld S C arbt fUon
S Apt. No. 3, Tel. 3357.WANTED:-1948 to or ISLNS! to 8 p. m. or see Caretaker. FOR SALE: 1950 Nash Sedon. Li
_OR SALE-Ken rewash WANTED:-1948 to '50 Dodge or June 12, 1, 14. ___-...__r__L- n e iP""n 8h er p YrfAIJORBt 8 SLLIAG'--b" L WyI3 ey. .
FCR SALE-Kenmore washing ma- Plymouth Sedan. Apply 8th Street The trip of your life. A Jungle Jim Grmlich Santo Clara bach-cot- Super Statesman Hydramatic ONB ACRI. L .: I' N-ty
chine, 60 cycle, Simmons double No. 18, Son Francisco de Io Caleta Jaunt th.u the Poanm Canal to toges. Electric icebox. sto. ifl0tv0
bed with innerspring mattress, best after 4 p. m. Phone 3-2438. Colon S:n BIas and Porto Bello A moderate rates. Telephone 644-4 1 G. O. Novo. It Pre Tt y .
offer takes. Phone Albrook 7238. FOR SALE:-1951 Plymouth 4 door three eay trip- aboard the HCei i Gsmboa; 4-567. Pedro Miguel. 13 C ntl- A Tel. I .
FOR SALE:--Or trade for what have sedan. Heater, upholstery, rao;o, Ponaman Pescadoro. Leave F lbob eR RoE T M. N Wl .. .. i ... .
you: 8 ft. porcelain 25 cycle $1,300. Call Amason, Balboa 2- SmFdy 6 p. i.. arrive Colon 2.30 p. RK nK I L | Some 150-odd permo aproba- L ,m ahe Mso.w..
Commissary guarantee. Easily 333. m.,lea veCl aftoon. 90 m.Wub thew S A.
Westingousererigerat mrg
Westinghouse refriertor, with FOR SALE- -1951 Ka ser, one owner. Ion Sundaya B Ohfternoeo T uh C o h .S.nb.y ThrdLI$lCaeOd oR-eitCdtb2Ohgeon
worhLeaving Isthmus. $200 will cloe Canl Monday6 m. tO FOR RENT:-3 doo 2 bathroom FOR SALE: 1952 Chewolet "D Shpp4 1 rng t Monfre. la
reasonable offer. 1549-H Gavilon deal. Real bargain. Call 2-3376, Bboa ctedEl Pt2-33t6, fboa i rushed chalet July and August. Luxe Specil Co $1,550.00. We P and ora O f y I
Rd. Phone 2-637"1. after 8 p. m. Birnn "slcks sort, bthin. ,t $150.00 per month. Tel. PatnamO L,-ne,"writeeofothisbe"6ctch-" It chWW*=g
FOR SALE:-De Luxe Spin Dry 60 FOR SALE: -Pockard 4 door sednI jacket, flappers and spears far umn 3-3748, after 6 p. ir. yanthng. Phone 2.24 tlue Wr 'P e &ret l4 lae7 ."mil
cycle washer; Kenmore apartment, radio and heater, 1951 low m;le- edrwater fishing, and your mer FOR RENT:--Small house E on- C E VRO L T Pan n nd Wlt elan of e .
size gs stove. One year old. 4- age. Priced for quick sale, Balboa and rolls of co or film.- Pe!loe make grejo" settlement to Arnrican "-Te compshould f d
5 7-8 p. m. 97 Justo Arosem- 2405. reservct:cns early through your Trave couple without children. Tellphn UI C K copotisod .el l- ut~ie
n, Apt. 6. -Agent. or Jungle Jim Price at Pan- 3-4512, Mrs. Nvrro OLDSMO BIL M m SStWs tfi ed tbyU-N9a di
FOR SALE.-Bomboo livingoom set FOR SALE 1 1 60 FOR RENT: For 3 months, com iI tUden t th .
sofa, 3 chairs, four mirrors, very Iof 10 to 16 people. FR RNT: d house wi 3 months, exTe1at iht i d, .at th e o ~
reasonable. Phone 3-3967. Klie-- Boats & Motors RESTAURANT tCONCESSION tensive gardoenCse all Pan 3- FMOR SALE-1950 BuickSu Sed-on ." or mOre o. the u 0 I
Easnorner of Balboa Avenue and FOR SALESailboot 20' 6 w s received intheofficeof 1821 mornings, Dynaflow, Radio, $1,650.00. USED F iTRE e usual xcellet direction erable so
FOR SALE: Leaving, must sell, g rine gas engine.aIs, gcc rant and fouan FOR RENT yr n
c1.nEt sew macine, new Ad-, condition. Phone Mr. Linden 25-'iBias wiil be received until| 'IO July FOR.RENT in.. -muchIn dtee sewing machine, new Ad- 3865 or 3461 Rodman. '5th. 1953. Address bMrs toRstewunt pt for 1 piy w w k
mircl radio-phonograph. Tel. 3- 5 Of346 ice, Curundu Post ResturatApa.
w9+.___ __ FOR SALE orshir A,-,.... .
FORAL nit d stool Fresh Bird Seed outing, nesting, ALHAMBRA APARTM TS nihtl aden V the .
mirror-s, hld-vanityandstool withReaEtatesong food, cuttle bone, bird ton Two and four room fnli!.d end iIIR lWeAA 3I.II of me'u m
tyand stoo Ral Estat tng hir, sun flower s, l- unfurnished sapOrtmenfsW t on- C HIw S ovebofird o thae
twin mattresses, bureau with mir-n- ddnnco_81 b'te .uriTswsvin
ror, child bookcase, bamboo book- FOR SALE:-Four bedroom furd in o N Cl istosal.T:ed grdes8 r t, Toia,-
ce, standing camp, washing ma- ed house in Costa Rice. Sw;mm ng barbs. Acuari Tropical, Panama's N Crisol. T I FOR SALE: 1948 Noash 600 Coupe ,l AilFtawable l beiM on thel, bo
ch; n 6 x 9 linoleum. 4 tables, pool. For more d:tcils wr.te to: n:y pMt shop. 55 Via Espano, Tel. 1386 __ $645,.00. 9- T. oll t o 1 Wh .
small. See R7A Rousseau. Call Dorfman. Box 625. Ancon. C. Z 3-54O11. ___ FOR RENT:-Furnshed riment,
::;. FO, SALE:-Porcelain 8' Westing- Cumbres, 3 bedroomss. 2 baths. PANAMA-MEXICO one way $85 I sec!Son. No. 13 43rd Street. U E -- h
house Refrigerator, $60.00. Good maid's room, doub!e ga cge, tc.. round trip $135 (15 day limit FOR ENT:-Fumished aportmntIAt, 1t durrd- atoyo n rrmmth,
Srunn'ngorder. 1465-C, Balboa $14,000 down payment, 3.806 $165. good one year; to LOS bedroom living-diningroom. porch UJSED) &a F At in the, U41=1111 Cto
Tel. 2-2893. balance can be finon-ed. 12 Pcs. i NGLES one way. $159.25.round and garage. 43 St. Mexico Avenue, Uned StoVes d s .ra t nesotor m
-- -wood patio furniture, S40.00o tr.p $268.64 (90 day limit). Pan- phone 3-0140. have to wok out nw
Stainless steel bole coer ond ama Dispatch Service 36 Avenida
FOR SALE-West Mic. household ite ns, 60 cr I Nacional (Automobilt Row) Tel., FOR RENT: In residential sacta, V R 0 or E
S aor, livingroom set, venetian refrigerator with dee fr C'l Pcnoma 2-1655. very well sit ted. Interested party EV R L ET
blinds, porch screens, dishes, cof- rior e. may buy .ut. o rentif fur-2 SUICK8.Y .
fee and end tables, chairs, many Aodor 2285, 8 a. m. 4 p. m Ladiees let our female attendant wished. Tel. 3-2408.
fee ond end tables chairs, maony House 2125. Los Cumbres. demons;rote our new French b-istO L P D $M,
other items. House 715-A, Prado, L b -FORRENT,+-Kurished, o oL.
BovCiFOR SALE:-Home inda bteamtmfTer, sensational. Phone F two bedroom
-* O SL :-- B u ie -rood to beach $5,800 com-letely' 2217 for appointment. arPWtt. For Jul" y and Ou"t W
RSALE:-Beautiful genuine Chi-. furnished N. E. Hadstcte, 25-2488 To MIfAtM_ &NEW' XRKvia dnly ..
S nese Dragon rug, in perfect can- til 3:30 m. or 25-3295 in Boeg 4-engine pones On
ny furistic desk built in book- evenIngs. i 10Miami: $70.00 Rount '-
sIjelf glois top, two iron flower pot *$126.00. One-way to New
stand, mahogany center table, Wanted Position $114.00 Round-trip $214.00. ee 0
mirror top. Picture. 37th St. No. PPANAMA DISPATCH SERVICE. ad. 8071 Eight Cris-
.7, upstairs. Tel 3-1025. Attention Please, telephone 2-1655. tabf *. FOR SALE. 1948 a hevrolet De _]g Je
*FOR SALE:-25 cycl Coldspot re. Me'Hsrs. Office Managers: aGIOR GE D. BARB, JR., H. L Hu- F RENT:-Nice furnished t CUs edi 90 A
Have you room in your office for man Engineering Healh I ment. S: .Francisco d Ia .eta,""
S frigerator. 9 cu. ft. Porcelain. young gir who has just completed orrective Sping Heal and Structural 6th Avenue No. 15, Coco de Mar
Very good condition. $60.00. Call a 4-yr. corse in commerce Corrective Sp nal and Structuralnte 32n .
e.Balboa 6386.AHouse No. 0203-B, ing stenography, typewriting, and cc- Tlp 2-5I 59 a. uin.to8 FOR RENT -- bedroom
tt SALE-A mahogany diningroom y professor says I will make goo -P m. By ppoi m ent. until "Aug t. w -
set, 6 chairs, table, China closet because I "work with try hane;., my Including hot water, c
and buffet. Phone 3-0351 or head, and my eyes." I speak and FORSALE gs.Completely furnished home e"
write Spanish nd English. G ran- Call 3-4385 or come to house 117
tee to make good on short trial. 14th Street in Paltilla. InquireApt. FOR SALE: 1947 Che-relet Can-ths ote,,
Please contact me throuch: M iltcell..O s 3. V .r
Mi Tscellaneous gf&^4 W1.0.t
EN Telephone 3-0973 or FOR SALE:-Co-municarion Receiver FOR RENT --Aprtment, three rooms expected the cat
SA- 3-1- -5-5---- I-:7ommoriund H Q. 129 x 60 cycle e floors. .82 VIa Porrl San uwh the re-to a
he a toe-pointer, or out-doer, a Ancon, C. ______ Phone 3397 Naval Station Rod- Francisco de le Caleta. Phone 3- 1 0 ater Wa .
" socl give him ancourse in good 131 TO Graduate FCR SALE.-Winter clothes for 13 2494 I`.'. I 1
Tel. Panama 3-1565 for irtforma- Tomorrow Mlorning ,,re"seu FOR RENT Tam rsnr oe, the se-tsgun-Wav
S tion. erc loihe-n three sweaters, two Rooms FO .Sr- 3o Ferd Ci s. award made do r to ye "
Arm y School ,kirt,. P rfect condition. $50 for RoomsFORSALE:_-.1$50_Ford.T__-_rddriverfor the_._- we.-"_-_.._-__
F A. ro m l PneCrnstobal2370. FOR RENT:--Furnished Ioom, kitch. $,h0r
Missing Tennessee A group of 31 men will grad- FOR SALE: iTrocal Fsh. Pair, n prleges, bathroom
8 FAW d Di.-^l da~rl Date from the US ARCARIB guaranteed Mated Angel Fiih, independent entrance. 46th St. ". tha' It de* casualof OUt 00 School, ot h$ 0CD b2..
: Soy Found ueod School, Fort Gulick at the post $20.00. 54557. Cottage, Dioblo. No. 27 Apt. 12. : .. n i fflel.
SI Old IceboX that morrow a m Im FOR SALE:-Copie leaving Isthmus. FOR RENT: Fumrnished room. in- .. .'.,k ,-...
r u 1 W CU sOXU rTe.,he ,lells Silver. Porque Lefe- dependent entrance vicnlIty Atl N. "as gmu l h* 1.1o w *I J -a ..
WJune'TT BLhe a Tuan., tneon oo n m s ete d vre, calle" Priner No. 38, tel- Ga n. Aly C tral Avenue No.
L '41 ( (UP) 1(i-yeL-- d ooy, clerical course, radIo operators,. v-r gRE- -- u r to F3 SAtl-i LEs 194 9 Me
;4 ,b grandmotherr reported cooking and mess management SL-prg ia FnOR RENT: FPuhed room to FOR l SALE: S 194 wd l
Jm mlasMing, was found dead NCO leadership, and the Troop FOR SALE-Uprht pano Telephone couple. gntlemFn Or young lady. 9 lVa t.t- & ta. e .
i an abandoned Icebox here and public Information course. 2-267 1. House 1461-B Holden No. 46, 45th Street upstairs, Bella 3
c.Poe said e he apparent- nt teI L wo tres witheube, FOR RENT:-Furnlhed cool room & ofp l l_
W tr p p din Bclnghamo Publi.. C.Iorm.wto 600 x 16 6 ply. Used one week, board (or only breakfast to one t.e D nIl b'st Sai WSo S
l playring. W- B hOfficer, USARARIB Assistant Balboa 2-4386. House 1427, Carr or two gentlemen. JulIo Araseme- gigigB r
LOWS eee who Commandant, LtrCal My rinplD. St. no Avenue, No. 57. Tel. 3-2949. wit4
iBS t ackso^n SS.i-._ 8mith, will distribute the diplo- -- SH A'LE S High ch^,ecletA ,
Safte he r told rSif rn th Army Band wluc condition, reasonable. C -choirl FOR RENT Pan S- .
rneaHll he was missing.075. Ii. SALEa '0 tSOlySuick pecip
all said the death was ac- Lg. FOR SALE Ladies summer and Sedonett:. ,95.0y. i
illtal. Mrs. Seeney had tak- i. al ntice winter clothes, size 12-14; hcts. FOR RENT:--Medical clinic. fumrish- .
of Sammy since his shoes, suit, dresses. Room 261, ed. above Central Theatre, No.
B gave him up when he United States of Amnerica Tivoli Hotel. 141, Centrol Avenue. ,
United $h l s S Court FPer The FOR SALE:-25% and 50 c dis-
Drict f e Cnl Zone records. AGNCIAS DIAZ, 37th WANTED SEE
Divhien ef Cuirtoeol I ....

LarnDennis Feeley No. .leou
PRANCEl ELLIN FEELEY DiplomaN wants furnIshed opoolimnt
.BATTERIES ..Vist ca = or wt L-
SUMONSDefendant L~aePA Ni ceat Bella isaor '" J it U
BATTERIES CaseN1ID TUOF ICA bedroom, dininpoom, agers, t*&.
CivilD ocketN UNAITD TAT N oF AM.ERICA Plese6 call 3-3138 or 3-.0461,
Foplasar PriceTs ye. T henlaeb e .ueefn tFOR THE DISTRICT OF THE .
PouTrhYoue afhereby required to appear and CANAL ZTNE
moswer the complaint filed in the abve. BALBOA DIVISION.
Chevrolet. ...$25.75 g A'"t witn Iniety days aftr IN THi MA= OF THE ESTATE SEE THE NEW
outh..... 25.,73 ".bdo "e.f-- '"sAV. ote ap"ea IA.AN N u, ELECTROLUX SM
I k efFor wl be to aknge El~
e.. .. t y-. 26.75 Z .b default f. the relief. PROBATE NO. o. ..
ded in the celaint. NOTICE TO CREDITORK T
F. CROWE, Judge, United States District person having saygsisttne
Cowirt er the Canal Zen., this tenth HARLAN FEUILL deceeo as e e- are.
day of Marech, 1953. quired to Mie their said chies, with she
C. T. McCORMICK, Jr, necessary voenchers. In the effie .1 theo f.
Clerk Clk et UfUsWd States Dibetrist C~a .
(SISAL) at Amgen, Canal Zono, or ftas hit 06eM L
Byi (Sised) David M.L Jenldsa with the oe*om" vashers to the m-
Clairk deeismid Admiesmletse at her se-.
To AMUELLIEN P ,dlm me M e, C11.1119.c=
ne T served Camel Zen, e assei t be
versus, tothe pas tohef
41tiDeb manerable,.UT, M I.F. r sesm -
UUNW Susan al*
Zuae,&" &Mmsh 9.1Spil sad ee seete sad' .

c,, C.. CT' MCOR r., al..
ee somtDealersft Signed)avidU Je40
eDapntyrCIJ.L. .

- i. ..

.08C, June 11 (UP) The
', ,. :' '-,, .a" V. w.. .. ,. ommuni st Part 'newspaper
W. : dd I ii > Q | a-V" today bigt e p othe per-U
role of individual leaders in
ati the W of 0 0 Soviet
planned" s ft lstt 8and te -1*-
11 St- mo04z % e ont t The Prevda a tri the
OfSf ers pt the new tem line of a recent article in Kom-

t aa g -2 S lua it, ethe r of the
."^: ,,l', ". t Cl t-Communlet theory t .

aohn tkin of a campaign which start-
r v eddn tb e ,dvie s bortly aft-
The' 1t erthe death- Of oreier Josefm
S ,Stalial.i Marlab. h appears to be

.ma. ., l lil.&.Samu el Marx. Leentn and Stalin to th er -
d, m rr.mad a -' -":." ... Tcue est' en t d-at It wam m aterdi l torero

Fort "6 nLd< r or eBB-gih U. en. to not
,^rS^Sr mM ,o6u,.a ,d the ten not bouitt up a Indivi a1.l
MreN- Ca S**5t o~hrl B slr. I a h ndtherf oI velop-a

E Un r pmtM Art g. .h turew tM re .. .
.e.. ben ~u rking to -ilt or Sa intoa n elty po- orcepo l-def of Marxondie y
rle we |a- wSehIvr e P v $ etsMrs feet that fu llsm atera ediorie
ht cly earl at lea A on voyte Pparty will be saidBthe history ofX the Soviet

nclu.duy o. U. S S., .. pandt. IA at the iCks| at- communist t must be writ-
p NamKantefira eldentvedWdU .i Nathan eraand the stories of their lives.ith
'Ber--..M m o Vsto-. A t srebaleai a tl bt na the development the

BoAr t or p auk- .ents. Mr. oandMr Loi (Next tos Anon Laundry)
.. ...l.,..a .. it on Ia ,, T U is.Nevert the le1sthe ve tgen of
t he so musl fra.. the a no ofltr f e will be tHeir lonj condemedanti-M-A

the eOA=nWIjo & WMroa10th4 wfeeed WW A busuntilthe t agmtrecent timesrIn


I t- S li 'OfTters M I ,e,"abtef o: .'1" -- m
.Club WSJ hold att1heOf ie ,,,.. Gib bs 4 T pmI& t
Club ThedaY afternoon. Mrs.nge s. .-
aetiu-g duri w w hi Amw r- o kes ,"at'annapolis en 4, m e" i 'sC ey

C :, $O ; t e-. a rouK mr sa ,A

j_ ,Id. .(Next to Ancon Laundry)

call .,,- P a 3-3347.

:thteous Release


-t *1

M-ade a 1Wmle g oyae be-
a rF W ". Grace
Chadwick'a gradfather bought
the houe on mOtucket lard
ih 181 for $218 dimatled It,
and moved It by boat to Its pres-
entt site on th mainland here at
a bst ofMl s .

500 Baby Chicks
Die As Gao-Laden
Truck Explodes
4 HANOVER, Conn., June 11
(UPi A quick-thinking truck
driver drove his flaming truck,
loaded with propane gas, a sale
distance from a grammAr school

,.*, today and jumped out seconds
ropaganda material and pene- before It exploded.
eth of certain books.
lmhga1-'iad newsa papers," George Marshall. 0, of New
Pravda gadu. London, was not hurt, but the
blast felled power lines, hatter-
The newspaper said such prac- ed windows and touched off a
Uces should end. The editorial fire in a 10-room unoccupied
mad 'fe r It i Na1rW he tld- house and a barn.
ance of art p WItical schools
whi6h ArBtttyghe role and About 500 baby chlck3. fright-
functions of Communist Party ened by the explosion huddled
leadmerhip of te Soviet people. I together and smothered.


Panama ean c/ieatet -
B ALBOA Alan m 0 Dm esh KIER
Air-comefde 'THUNBE IN THE EAST"
6:1s 5 us rr1:15 r *tl WMUIN 1s A"ms

*PrM~rr~ .09 no warm'-
1:111 1Ii.-W DAWMASCUS"
Technicolml I fta "TRM DUMT AMIW
IAIM B0A a I i Nany GOAT=S

GATUN Tony CURS B 0Ppar LAur
reo'5rahniolorI Fular "llTe tab n AL slatsl
MARGARITA Spencer ThACY g Khatertne HPBUB
*:- 8:16 "ADAM'S RIB"

@:U1 A 3:1

Friday "BINDAUN aUIQ" .


I in

{ jIffiOIM


A* fmk = wKUaXRM

S*tA...N ,IDGEFN /




BELLA VISTA :15 :*. *, .
A HMrl-Warmlng Gem Of Entertainmmnt...i
Rlchard WIDMARK Joanne DRU, In
S(The Boy with da rFoshe Voles)

- 1;: :50 : .- L sM 18: p.m.

1:37, 3:37, 5:39, 7:41, 9:48 p.m. 6:55 9:1 p.m.

&AY& 0.30 ""m
At the Air-Conditioned SBIMULTANOUSLT
T TT with th
*. 451 CEC I.ptA
-' r mi 4,__.__ .__ .,.. T.

a man with




* .* jU

Her p had to be bought with a
Soutlaid Kingdom.: and he hand-
ed it to her on the blade of his
1owie Knifel... -
-.- wlatk*.
Alan LADD Virginia MAYO
She" .d"(L.4:t.. .

v '


- leommi "



$' 1lO.0 at 6:00 piM.
S,1Qo00.00 at 9:00 p.m.
"mi-eQ tiMe SADWS"
wyH Hall in

3rt.Y TC T OR IA


," .* "'r s ~ 'i

. 1 J,.J' u ^ ..- ,

.& '.,A






'," -' .'_. '," 7.-'_

- ; --~ --~r




NNW-. -ih

. I ''-
* '- f
IT -, *

v.,-, .



r.'~ a'
~~~WMA afljml;aK

PAkl 3Uia

Dodgers, Indians Continue.


League Leading Braves, M ISSI Knockout PrM

Yankees Also Victorious Tesis Battle S

NEW YORK. June 11 (UP) The Dodgers
and the Indians had the feeling that they were
traveling like mad on a treadmill-and not getting
Brooklyn has won 16 out of' homer, a double and a single.
its last 19 games and still trails In the second game Jim on-
Milwaukee by a full game In the stanty on his fifth decision
National League race Things with relief help from Steve
are even tougher for Cleveland Ridzik and Karl Drews. Roberts
The Indians have won seven in last year won his 10th game on
a row but haven't gained an June 28. putting him 17 days a-
Inch on the Yankees, who hap- head of the pace which brought1
pen to have a 13-game winning him 28 wins in 1952. It also was
streak still intact Cleveland. in his 22nd straight complete game.
fact, lost ground by winning 11 Connie Ryan and Del Ennis hit
out of its last 13 games, and first inning homers in a four
trails the Yankees by 5t2 games run rally that put the Phils in
Milwaukee made it three in a front for good in the second
row over the slipping Giants. game.
6-5 at the Polo Grounds. as Sid Enos Slaughter hit four sin-
Gordon whacked a three-run gles to drive in three runs in
homer in the eighth off ace re- the Cardinal victory at Pitts-
liever Hoyt Wilhelm. Iburgh' in which a Frank Thomas
The Dodgers scored a 13-3 homer robbed Joe Presko of a
victory over Cincinnati in a shutout.
night game at Ebbets Field The Yankees stormed from
while the Phils won a pair behind to score seven runs in
from the Cubs 9-1 and 8-5, the sixth at Detroit as relief
and the Cards topped the pitcher Johnny Sain gained hist
Pirates 5-1. seventh victory. Joe Collins hit,
In the American League the a two run Yankee homer. John-,
Yankees stormed from behind I ny Mize delivered a pinch-hit in
to defeat Detroit 11-4 and the big rally for his 1,999th ma-
Cleveland edged Washington jor league base blow. Bob Nie-t
2-1 on Mike Garcia's four-hit- man and Owen Friend hit
ter for his fifth straight win. Detroit homers. I
The' Atletics defeated Chicago Garcia pitched one of his
2-1 Ind the Red Box twice top-; best games against Washing-
ped 'the Browns 11-2 and 3-2 to ton, yielding only an unearned
extend a St. Louis losing streak, ran and the Indians gained
to nne games. I their victory on Harry Simp-
gEoklyn made 13 hits includ- son's homer. The Senator run
Ing. homer by Duke Snider, in the eighth ended a string
tri' "s by pinch-hitter Wayn," of 19 scoreless Innings for
Belardi and Carl Furillo and! rarcia.
doubles by Jackie Robinson. The Athletics won their fifth B
Peevee Reese and Bobby Mor- game in six starts with Chicago
tan- blowing the game to bits on Harry Byrd's nine-hitter for S
kit1i a seven-run rally in the his fifth victory. A double by
tight. Preacher Roe, although Cass Michaels and Joe Astroth's
belted out when Gus Bell and single drove in Philadelphia's
Boa Borkowski homered for all runs.
bf Cincinnati's runs in the sixth, Jinmy Plersall made six
gained credit for his third vic- straight hits. five singles and a (
c'-,. 'double, in Boston's 19-hit open- i
SThe magic number was "10" ing triumph at St. Louis which %
at Philadelphia where Robin made Mel Parnell's eighth vic- C
~oberts chalked up his 10th vic- tory a breeze. P
lory with a seven-hit first In the second game, Sid Hud- S
rame triumph, and -poor Warren son. witQ relief help from Ellis D
Hacker suffered his 10th de- Kinder, won his second game as
feat for\'Chicago in the second Plersall went hitless. Dick Ger-
game. They were the first pitch- nert hit a Bostoiphomer.
Irs in the majors to reach that -oOo--
I~"ure but Hacker, unfortun- YERTERDAY'S STAR --
Wte'v, lp traveling In reverse as Jimr Plersall of the Red
are t-e tailend Cubs. Sox, who tied ,a major league
Roberts mis-ed a shmtout In record with six Otraight hits
the opener when Ralph Kiner in the opener as Boston took
ho-.ered. Earl Torgeson paced a pair at St. Louis, 11-2 and N
the Phillies with a threeeran 3-2. D




with lifted skirts and open
arms she awaits you at the
Noulin Rouge! (.

Sammi 4 .



9 ~1


amm. ajaI


~hv~oo~R J. mu4+


Teams W L I
Milwaukee 33 151
Brooklyn 33 17,
Philadelphia 28 18
St. Louis 26 22
New York 23 25
Cincinnati 18 28
Pittsburgh 17 34 3
Chicago 14 33 J
St. Louis at Pittsburgh
Cincrinnati at Brooklyn
Milwaukee at New York
No other game scheduled

First Game
Chicago 010 000 000-1 10
Phila. 040 020 30x-9 10
Klippstein (4-5), Jones, Ke
and Garaglola. Roberts (10.
and Burgess.
Second Game
Chicago 010 000 031-5 11
Phlla. 410 000 03x-8 7
Hacker (3-10), Pollett, Mi
ner, Klippstein and McCM
lought, Garagiola. Konstan
(5-3), Ridik, Drews and Lop
Milwaukee 300 000 030- 11
New York 111 110 00.-s 11
Bickford, Buhl, Jolly, Burde
te (4-0), Antonelli and Cra
dall. Heam, Wilhelm (4-3
Koslo and Westrum. Yvars, Ca
St. Louis 110 020 010-5 11
Pittsburgh 000 000 100-1 6
Presko (4-5), White and
Rice. Friend (1-7), Bowma
Schultz and Atwell.
Cincinnati 000 003 000- 3 10
Brooklyn 002 103 07x-13 13
Wehmeter (1-3), Smith an
Seminick. Roe (3-2), Black an

New York
it. Louis



Former So. Conference

Schools To Meet Sunay
S-' '-

.- RALIGH, N. C.. June 11 (UP) dng school Duke, WI tr
Seven seceding members of Carolina, North Carolinaht a,
the Southern Conference meet Maryland. Clemson, Sot WII-
here Sunday to chart the course Una, and Wake oret, will
of their new intercollegiate ah- probably meet In executive ass-
letic group and possibly to dis- alon prior to the full meeting at
cuss whether to sanction post- 1 p.m.
MaohM bowl games.. The bowl matter mny be di-
Another matter Is that of a cussed by athletic dlreotor, in
name. Still a question Is wheth- addition to such Items as sched-
0 er the University of Virginia, ule, elbility, recruiting and
0 not formerly a member of the other athletic details. All except
lt. Southern Conference, will be in- two of the seven achooli have
) voted to oi the new group an4 pled n ftball bowL- psi
Make it the "Big Bight" uthe past. The Southfern.ou-
A tip-off on whether the ference banned bowl game two
SUniversity of Virginia .will be years aeo, but Marylan and
2 Invited may be given If Virginia Clesison defied the ban the ft
officials from Charlottesville year It was In effect.
n- attend the meeting here. The
Board of visitors of Virginia are Difftterences on the soopeof
believed to have made a decision athletic programs,' including
-l to have a decision on the maat- bowl par paton, were san un
Ster, in the event an Invitation derlying factor In the breaup
Is extended. However, sources of the old Southern Confetnice.
Indicated the new group may' The chief reason given w thatI
0 be In no hurry to extend an in- the old T1-member1 iro
0 vitation and Virginia might largest major Interco a
decline immediate acceptance. conference in the country had
S Athletic directors of the aec- become too unwieldy.

o Baseball Men Wonder Why




Philadelphia at Chicago
Boston at St. Louis (N)
New York at Detroft
Washington at Cleveland
New York 001 007 012-11 15 1
)etroit 000 400 000- 4 8 2
Sain (7-2), Scarborough and
ltlvera, Berra. Hoeft (3-4), Ma-
lison Wight, Erickson, Herbert
nd Batts.

First Game |
Boston 105 011 300-11 19 3
St. Louis 000 001 010- 2 8 2
Parnell (8-3) and Wlber. La-
nier (0-1), Littlefleld, Holloman,
Stuart and Moss.
Second Game
Boston 010 020 000-3 10 2
St. Louis 200 000 000-2 11 0
Hudson (2-4), Kinder and
White. Pillette (1-3), Palge and
Phila. 010 100 000-2 11 0
Chicago 100 000 000-1 9 0
Byrd (5-6), Martin and As-
troth. Consuegra (1-1), DorIs
and Lollar, Wilson.
Washington 000 000 010-1 4 0
Cleveland 001 100 OOx-2 8 1
Dixon (2-2), Stoblbs, Pearce,
Sima and Grasso. Garcia (7-3)
and Foiles.

Players On Jamaica

61d Softball Team

Face Siff Schedule
The Jamaican girl softball all
stars swing into a stiff schedule
to wind up their popular tour
on the Isthmus.
After tonight's engagement,
the Jamaicans will move to
for the rubber game with the
Atlantic All Stars. For this
game, the Jamaicans will award
a beautiful cup for the winner.
The visitors swing back to
Panama, Sunday, at 4 p.m. at
the Olympic Stadium, to meet
were champions 'for fiveyears
until dethroned by AemanJr
The Jamaican hustlers will
appears once more at Mount
Hope Tuesday night for tOe ft
game of the national champion-
ship series when they tangle
with the Isthmian Stars who
will be the best players from
Colon, Panama City, and the
Canal Zone.
The scene will then ift to
the Balbix Stadium, ThUraday
night, June 18 for the second
same of the na l t
te Isthmlan SAir t
The final name of Ueunatlaa-
al series will .be Ld. 5
June 21 at 4 vim.=!
The Ja laA

Rickey Traded Bell To Red&
By Ifrmaa Miler
United Pae Sperts Writer
0# *--

BROOKLYN, June 11 (O)-.
The big baseball question is:
Why did Branch Rickey, that
shrewd old horse-trader, peddle
away hustling, hard-hitting Gus
Bell to the Redlegs?
Bell admits he's at a loss to
explain It, but he. Isn't losing
much sleep in an effort tofind
the answer. He's quite happy
where he is, bitting .347 With
13 home runs. And Manager
Rogers Hornsby, one of the
most critical baseball men In
the business, thinks BeU "has
the potential for becoming one
of the real Vtstawxding players
in the game.
Bell still enott* tthe ~uw

ap" that he didn't
while playing for PitU
And he'd like notbhnl

"I couldn't seem to
thing that pleased Mr.


*e the aMageas of both

ia trader p J
ey have done
id : Otus

minor Ii


s! ^

dmisson wll .be

scoits as n ds

Don Satwh as
Gran ad al 135 n earn m

PklL1~' :4 w.;


dl of 1623 or an -er-e
7. William McLellan Iin
d place with 1630 for an
yt of 181 and he l follow-
losely by eorge Zeldtes
1636 total and a 100.5 aver-
STrooper claim the high
game total and high team
s ores as they o;ved up
lat night with L series
i single wame score of Imt
WM .o holds te ihaw
he sngle. -ame in. the

S. .. --

.. +.

talwl*. *
The completee standings after
nine guaeU:
w ..Tr oop ..'..
_ep ._A .. .. ... _i
ar ,:f .. .. .

wo^c t *.***wl8
jsDttw .;: ::

How T- P6-y-6 Pa'G6%30.

Don't Scoop Out Of Sand Trap
I. *

Thitiethof a M9de11
*IA~ss Open Campa
Let the ft and open blade of
Uthe M i careofet*
gng th au pad out ofa4 ^^^^H
v52ak isue f~t.
^tl9(tr~uooa4*d .^^^^^

tie b.lI~1

.. n' T* v ** a

I be
)DyteF i eg s~ a taocju ..
auth the-
. MIlia rwaey.
--& -i-iW N $ W^- -Wi--^




(a.'. J'


_ _I~_

i- --



I---- -=--r


~~s --. ...

. 77.,r

A Balboa Stadium Tonigr

Visitor Try

_ .p... .4- -a-6-i.t

iji ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ n "Po gm iii~iLi~rii.i ie&V irt

W sn"w q as
s.n da. it.aktnan .5 i. I

n pKa m -em,.
i player.

AtMii lauie Ir. 1r" m~WA -

aeNMable sree.", miW r
Sthe a se which hae aU

i. ri'.ety he 1fiA futheD, mo.
Sa bmrke, heart a wtea the.

l a i.t theUc the yers.. ~t. eov rn
finfca l h *- a p k jtnerisiltj fpMM~ COM-n



to be-
Mothe from
S:. formidable
aInst fire-ball
Connolly and
0. at 75 cents
idlhl~ion at 25
r dn In the
on seetlon, 15


-I X 6 e 1nolly, p.

V. Austin. if
R. TKing,
D. SimAons, c
H. Williams. 3b
G. Layne, rf
A. MoOre lb
D. arper, 2b
G. McClure, p
8. Evans, cf.

Durocher Retracts

CChage That Umps

'Um, Up.On Him'

Odnligtated with an uMmatuR
.~~~~a ter tBtt|Hetare

i a te' the 'ints'
6 to otbak by Milwaukee Yes-
terdv, Du=hWr Iped trc-
tipn tdhat Ifed Oue,
"rThre i no .war % the world
that I en ibstOntmste the
cha..U," th1 t dlWere". Leo told
rein r. -. .

nIm nr flTH PLAY-_Bll Grieve hit th(dirt in an unexpected spill during a Red So
,.n ga1m Waislton's Griffith St Pete unnels, the Washington shortstop, put a bl
o the mpie ateng atp tag tBilly Con as the.young third baseman stole second. (NE

Mallet Paces C Stars Omega Tournai

To Swim Win OverKobbe Starts ext W

Dick Mallett, former Canal The Xpbe -stators started
Zone 1950 middle distance swim off likthey maaant btaines by At \
star, paced the 1nal Zone all- scoring an eyelash victory in the A BrzoS Br
stars in a thrilling 4 -41 mdle rlag. Minutes later
victory over the PtKobbe team. they followed up their advant-
in a duel meet held last Satur- age with a4 one-two punch in Something new has b
day afternoon. Dick, taking up the -0 mtr. ee style Capt. ded through the cou
from where he left off after a Was Qw popped this event with Charles Peret, the Swiss
two year hitch in the army, a sparkling 2A -time. A'Wo of Colon whose excellent
shattered Eddle Woods' 200 met- eventslater Bgt. Roing gave just across 11th Stree
er free style record, with a sen- a good exhibition to win the 3 Crtstobal Commissary, t
national tme of 2 minutes, 13 mtr. diving. sos Brook Country Club
and 6 tenths seconds. The,old From there an, owwer, the to offer an omega Watc
record was 2:14.2 and was es- Canal -Zone team gained point, nament to open with a
tablish in 1939. by point to knot up the score teen hole qualifying rou
In the next to last event. coming Saturday and Su
Dick came back a half hour Almn, IBen also was out-
later to swim the 100 mtr. free standing for the Zone with two Peret has donated pr
style in the near record time of first placeL and one second. Al-. both imen and women.
59.2 seconds. He also anchored son won the 1006 mtr. breast men,. an Omega 30M.
the winning free style relay stroke and the. 120 itr. indivi- watch for the eventual
The meet was featured by second behind Dvtd Mcllhenny the runner-up. For the
close and exciting 1eisbhes, with in the 100 mtr. back stroke, a Ladies' Omega wrist
the outcome of the meet not be- .Saturday, June 13, the Canal for the winner and a
Ing decided until the final re- Zone team will travel to Kobbe Novelty Clock for the
lay. Going Into the last event to swim a return engagement., up.
the score was sU-even-up with The meet startlit at 2:00 p.m.
ilH5 points for each team. promise to be exciting and The qualifying round
thrilling as the tflt at medal play with thri
B gteot handicap allowance.
Results of the meet: two men will qualify
13 ,. rymatch play rounds and
wreaw n.The match play
I--P ., obbe too rt on the following
JeTime: i:. o snend, will be played at
quarters of the differ
bul gr. e 2U.X. 0. ,A. rules as a
1--Wusow, Kobbe by local rules will apple.
usual Dtaad rook u
w p $1.00 an entry for the
S ment wil ube assessed.

1-allett, C. Z.
Time: 3212.6
3-Robertson, tobbO
in Individual medley

5- wKobbe

1 N free style

now" S 'nFUMM aarr y 2-h vgyop, Kobbe
"ingfy" Snith, highly rated 3--,nkin., C. Z.
Brooklyn lightweight. h M 8t-f lstnhammer, Kobbe.
ed to arrivaon tI mus
June W-for his ten-rounc ached- 1N back stroke
Plmndrat te La=u enny. C. Z.
bullg Jqne 5. 8.tud 'h '"W: 1:22.8. ,
bbe G. to meet tbe. winner KobbeN
of ew Ight's ,Ight- rMN 810MAN
tlwe C rbe- 10 tes medley Hogan is the popular
tws Chsli Jmmy Ca(r to win his fourth
a~did = raujoa t. Ro- 1-Cipal Zone States Open Champion
Chot( a 1_ n ,n: 1:36. asix yamre' at Pittaburgh
Auu I a -title u mont, June 11-13. (NE



een ad-
rtesy of
shop is
At from
he Bra-
is able
h Tour-
in eigh-
ihd this
izes for
For the
A. wrist
lock for
e ladies,

will be
for the
*g week-
ence in

ly. The
b fee of

- Ben.
ship In
.'s Oak-

Carter-Araujo Bout LoodiM

As Great Fight For Vi
United Press Sports Writer
-- --- '*"** T
NEW YORK, June 11 If Araujo isn't married butt '
lightweight champion Jimmy holds the lightweight r.cord'p
Carter and Classy Ueorge Arau- dependents.
jo put on a television turkey n of a Portuguese
Friday night thei,.'s ,no justice man from the Cape Ve
left for boxing fans across the lands, Araujo Is the chief ,,
nation, winner for his parents
This one figures to be a great assorted. sist.'rs and
fight but after C'ivilan-Davey, "All told, there wire 19.
Carter-Tommy Collins and Mar- living in a house at Pro.
cianoWalcott; video viev ?re R. I. 1. bought from .i
might be pardoned a slight earnings," said George.
skepticism over tlb? collision of their was injured in ae
the world's two top lightweights ing accident in 1947 and.
at Madison Square Garden. able to work." S..
Evea the shrewdest match- Both Carter anad
maker can't tefl in advance hit hard with either
whether any pair of fight- although AraUjo
ers will give a great show was a southpaw and
on a given night. But they long hours learnatai hi H
can tell you what figures to switch to a right
be a dandy and this one stance.
figures. Either one can deliver a
Here you have a hard-hit- but chances are thit os n
ting cblampion in his pr,-i- produce a meeting of..
Carter -against a aharpshoot- rather than dynamite. It
ing challenver-Aralo-,wh9 can Ises to be a.& craclrariac
hit so wUll he'll probably be professional observers an41
favored at fight time. as he is could be the best show of
right now. year for everybody.
Carter's bad fights usually
came when he was not at peak Arm Weay
condition. But for AraUjo, he'll NEWPORT, R. I. ( -P) -
be in the greatest condition of seman waited outs th
his career with a training ses- Naval Officers Can te
slon extending from last March. which had just;
The one thing that could 900 new ensigns. Nav
make it a slow fight for the demands that each of
average viewer is Aralo's box- $1 to the first person l
ing finesse. lutes the entire, collected
If he elects to make ita for the Red Cross. '
flitand un igrnas6-

hit and run ighnt, as ne ,
probably will, the non- ,
technical TV customers who
glory In their kayos may
have a beef, but since
Carter is the man with the
title the pressure is on
Araja to win it and that'll
require some scrappy ,g.
The stakes are high for both
boys. Carter only now is begin-
ning to cash in on his title and
at 29, with two youngsters, he SO
-won't need any prodding to
give it the 100 per cent effort.



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makes your smile prettier than ever because
it cleans teeth cleanest of any leading tooth
paste. It keeps breath fresh ... gives you clean
mouth taste for hours Try it today


Oral Detnal h a dooM..
actim imfrrdlent that-
embim Irmm and I.M.P.

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A General Motors Product


bet car of i kind of the Price.

Sffl fferast we make
goatiqty and be proan* to drive this


ut0, S.A.

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COLON-i-Me 6dez Ave. and 16th Street Phbm 690 ""

N.O,', -:. 't

q ,


notalto l
a Intulle-
strength ml


Il L4.''




- --- i-i`---


I --

__ _~







,- "




.;. .
"". .W I

Six SI

'~ J.~"

.- ., s -1, .' 1 1

Ike Restates

Policy Against





fo T N- 7*

WASHINGTON, June 11 (UP) "I Le t e people know the truth a@ d tUI mo ry La safe" Abraham i nw ol .
President Eisenhower said, ,u,,, ,7 "
today the administration is TWENTY-EIGHTH YEAR. PANAMA, R. P.,T Al, JUNE 1I,1IOU
pursuing" its policy of elimin- TWENT EIGTH AB. PANAMA, R. P J E 11, 1953
ating racial segregation in vet-
erans hospitals, naval shipyards' de
and federally-supported schools
on Army posts.
Adam Clayton Powell Jr. (D-NeV OG tii *
N.Y.t that "we have not taken -
and we shall not take a single
backward step." I !
The chief edecufive added,
however, that the problem can- .
not be solved wholly by laws or O f using OorO
directives. wreaked .
"There must be no second "t .. tea df
class citizens in this country," WASHINGTON, June 11 (UP)- have failed to show any connec- congressional commltte, ld The twister cheW Mich
the President wrote. The Atomic Energy Commission. tion between nuclear tests and "there is no connection w t- PeterslamB.arre, Rua n u. .. .
Powell wrote Mr. Eisenhower the Weather Bureau and just a- the weather. ever. Man never yet has been ton Bolden and the ideti4l
last week citing three instances bout everyone else said today the Dr. Harry Wexler, chief of t &M able to create anything i Ra northern section of.W Wtr
in which he said administration Nevada atomic tests had nothing Weather Bureau's scientific a hurricane." and then swerved aouthei
officials had been guilty of "in- to do with the recent series of Ices division, said flatly thb A- Before he changed his mind, through Shrewsbury, rth-
subordination" by allegedly re- disastrous tornadoes, bomb is not a weather maker be- however, Van Zandt insisted that bridge, .outhboro and Westboro,
versing Mr. Eisenhower's prom- Their flat assertions appar- cause it doesn't produce enough so little is known about what leaving a 26-mile strip ,
ises to spek an end to segre- ently convinced one congres- energy, goes on in the upper a, sartuction In its wake. ,
gation. sional skeptic. Rep. James E. He also said winds stirred by that the experts can't raibety
Today Powell replied that the Van Zandt (R-Pa.), after first the last Nevada tests were out sure that atomic teas. W ter, an n city
answer 'completely' justified my saying he thought there was a of the country before the most not effect on the weather. M Of 20O0. was hardest h 'i .
confidence in you." He said that link, finally decided there recent tornadoes struck. Meanwhile relief officials W1 A family veteran rsnhed
heretofore this confidence had wasn't. Other experts noted that there vised death and damage pro t was ruined. Th
been "on a personal basis" but Van Zandt, a member of the were tornadoes long before the upward today as Presdent Co e Of- the Assumptie was
now "my confidence is in you Joint Congressional Atomic En- A-bomb. enhower considered a wek end lashed and three nus and a
as the President of the United I ergy Committee, originally told a Chairman Dewey Short (R- visit to the devastated scene of Priat died.
States." reporter he was convinced the Mo.) rejected a suggestion by Tuesday's New England tbroado.
Powell said the President's tornadoes "definitely" were con- Rep. Ray J. Madden (D-Ind.) The death toll had cllmbed to Trucks, buses and automobiles
letter was a "Magna Charta for nected with the nuclear tests. that his House Armed Services 89 early today and official esti- were fIpped through the air like
minorities and a second emanci-o Several hours later he told an- Committee investigate to deter- mates of damage in the Woees- corks. Houses collapsed onAl.tire
pation proclamation." other reporter he didn't mean mine "if there is any connection ter area totaled $75,000,000. families.
Powell had protested that that at all. between the A-bomb explosions At Minot, N.D., meanwhibkMrW At' Holden, 10 miles away, a
Rear Adm. Joel T. Boone, This was after the Atomic En- and the tornadoes which have Elsenhower designated Ma:a" two-week-old baby was tort from
chief medical officer of the ergy Commission, apprised of followed." chusetts as a major di-ste, th arm of a young mother who
Veterans Administration, had Van Zandt's statement, said that Short said "that's something qualifying it for federal i .- thou gt he'd be safer- In tah
refused to change segregation joint studies with the Weather for the experts to handle. It's cial aid. No specific funds were ope Te baby's bodyWVa= stil1
policies in veterans' hospitals. Bureau over a number of years nothing that our committee can allocated, but requests -fom sougtoday. -
He also said Navy Secretary .. do anything about." Massachusetts officials had rang- Another woman was hitlber ,
Robert B. Anderson had con- Chairman W. Sterling Cole (R- ed from $10,000,000 to 25,000,- own' kitchen stove as she- toW I Ftds ICOU.I#'WWW
tinued segregation a t t h e Th N.Y.) of the Joint Congressional 000. tin b" Wofher homei; -
Charleston, S. C., and Norfolk, Atomic Energy Committee told a Including casualties from *
Va., shipyards. reporter that "all I know is that twisters that struck in the Mid-
mem byon Welfaeretry J e's Bench the experts have all agreed that west earlier In the week, the na-
e o a Judges Benc there is no connection whatever tonal tornado death toll stood
Oveta Culp Hobby which he between the explosions in Nevada today at 243.
s a I d supported segregated and the weather." The Red Cross set the Worces-
Mr Hobbol hasdenied that A machete-swinging The first reporter sent a note ter area death toll and said
this was her intent. She said amanian would up with a $10 to Van Zandt who was attending many of the 300 injured who re-
he onl noted the problems in- fine this morning in the Balboa a closed meeting of the House mained hospitalized might soon
lvedroems in Magistrate's Court, and was sen- Armed Services Committee, ask- be added to tae list despite an
Mr. Elsenhower said he had tenced to serve 15 days in jail. ing: "Do atomic tests possibly re- emergency blon-giving program.
looked into the cases cited by Juan Hernandez, 42, was found late to current tornadoes?" An initial 8WXpints of blood was
Powell and had made "inquiries guilty of batterv on Alonzo Til- "In my opinion, they do," he rushed to the disaster scene yes
of Boone, And had maderson inquiryr Mies" lett. Both are laborers for the replied in a note signed with his terday.
Hoboone, Anderson and Mrs Army, and were involved in an initials. Morgues were Jamnmed and
Hobad he learned that "they argument about loading a truck Later, Van Zandt told the re- hospitals were crammed with an
He said he learned that "they when Hernandez swung the ma- porter that "in one of the re- estimated 700 injured, many of
are pursuing the purpose of chete with which he had been cent tests in Nevada they did them dying. Rescue works du
eliminating segregation in fed- cutting grass at Tillett. The vie- get some reactlen from the through rubble, fearful they
rally controlled and supported tim received superficial cuts. standpoint of weather., would add still more names to
Institutions." The $10 fine was imposed on the "It would be a breach of secur- the death list.
defendant for carrying hunting ity to say which test this was or The,thounads of homeless,
Powell told a news confer- arms without a license. Just what weather phenomena many intears, pleked over the
once he had been informed the For loitering at building 928 took place," he said, but "I think shambles of their dwelling in
White House was having trou- in La Boca a 27-year-old Pan- definitely that these blows can hopes of salvaging enough to
lie getting one of the three amanian, William Adolphus Da- be traced to the recent series of start life anew,
officials to comply with the vis was sentenced to 15 days in tests." The tornado was the 1th in
anti-segregation policy. He Jlail. After the AtomleXnergy Co- New England. story b by far
did not identify which of the Two other loiterers, Ismael mission Issued its denial, how- the worst.
"They ( House ofials Paz edes, 20, and Miguel Visue- ever, Van Zandt told another re- The last one of major propor-
"They (White House officials) tte 16, were each fined $5. The porter that "nothing I said (to tons hit Wallinglord, Conn., in
are meeting a hard nut and Panamanian defendants were the first newsman) was intended 1878. kIlling 34 persons.
they will crack the nut," Powell found on the ship Sea Historic to indicate a connection between Toesday' was spawn-
said. "From. here on out, thesesat Dock 7, without legitimate the recent tornadoes and the ed by the same "squall line"
policies are going to change." business. testing of atomic weapons in Ne- that caused t4radees in Mich-
vada." Ina and Ohio 24 hers ear-
Rep. Carl T. Durham (D- lier .ae ordiaig toaHrvas4 me-
N.C.), former chairman of the teotlegist Charles F. Brooks.

BI SD EY FISHI nado which ripped through highly populated
pletely destao the two aty blacsshown hae..
BIRDS EYE FISH! nearby houses g. On te of i
were caught t s drive-In t.atieria ciinew p
wen the wld Iapasd. .. ..,

LETHAL BLACKNESS A snake-like funnel of high winds fills
the sky over Vermillion, Ohio, in the northwestern part of th&
state. The twister went on to ravage most of the area, Includig
Delicious, tender Haddock, Cod, and Perch. leveland. C
Cleaned, fllted,quick-frozen immediately ft I
" the catch. There's absolutely NO WASTE! Every V0nderblt Seeks IAWC Cancels
I super fih-eatbng... you'll love BIRDS Nevada Divorce Party Planned
RYE FIS Baked, fried or brled-any of those From Wife No. 5 For Miss Kefler
~~fllet. isl a wonderful supper dish! ...

Featured in your commissary




RENO, Nev., June 11 (UP)- The reception honorin Helen
Millionaire Cornelius Vanderbilt Keller w Ileh W as eduled to
Jr., will seek a Nevada divorce take p e W Js afternoon at the
this week from his fifth wife Inter-American Women's Club
has been wtponek At was an-
the former Patricia Murphy ounce a wts an
Wallace whom he wed Sept. 7, om Kll y. w t
1948. p MissK ellr .wIse sv li-
Sources who declared to be ored nfttd1 a teato
named said today that Vander- ttP102
bllt would charge his wife with wife, Dola Ce ia Rn tda,
mental cruelty. It t& believed afternoon,
the action had already been TIc famouw spha g tof t l
filed secretly with the approval row nh t t She s
=- "a Uhl-
et the Washoe county Court. versi at 8p.m. he
Vanderbilt. 55. has bedn in invi t att d.
the Reno area for the past sev-
eral weeks, living in his fabulous ""
house trailer and making oc- FlMay, Jd e -I
casional lectures. He has been Wigh
a legal resident of Nevada for 4:05 am. .......,. .
the past 21 25 1* .14p P.m. .......... pA

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