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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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A h **. .'ml :.:, l : .(

- Pi nt
''.wr ; '. ." '**^ : '' 'A "". "

- Abraham Lnco.



,. "*

%E'AV*V Acting lOi premier Pyun Yong Tal gestures hI*
disapproval of theUM-y" peace negotiations before a group of
reporters at Chinhae, ea! The proposed armistice, he ald.,
was "a betryal" whIch ld leaen Korea divided. Meanwhile.
ROK president syngmanbee wpa in Seoul conferring with Oen.
Mark Cla k while Allies ad Reds appeared close to agreement.

UN ,o0 .Geard To Act

-R grkl

t Signed

.- t
*B. ha

he Asembly's task will be
up a high level poUltic
mee provided for In the

A: '

d ., a .. a

.2rie left three

amfa A1 or f810
. f r .
B .Ia.Itr+ th, .

d 4:

r to, .. -- ). _,. .

F. A to al s olt
frte exoistenee."

. eOf Stali
. ul ,From US
4* JtM.CTT, Mo., e Jun
.tIef of staff of the'

ad '7nersal stiff -olaa I
book airline sageno, nae
S orear 7 a after a ,
04' ,erm counkry'as
e a 'ar, W g. .-

0_-, e.12, des
W- isme astatement on his

Ioe i Blbd. officer ,- J"
3o board Tra-

mp T am asd*or.
In nt, Korean Aa9Z

ote d imets hwimed Mr.
Senha amosu in his
mde ge= toit Koroan Pres-
it fta St w late thet tifeW
Red trace Ia 1 accept-
able to the
An end to he fighting in Ko-
rea would f cqs new .ingrta*e
op the diplomats here, and they
are geared to aect
-A firt step would be formal
OteIlc* of0 the truce agree-
ment eSsecurity Cowwi
whish met o Jupe 25, 1950,
"ad 10o4 North area to end
inaressio ln its troops laundh-
ST: apa the 38th Parallel and
urged aU. N. members to aid
and sst South Korea.
a e!-nation council .two
S uthoaed 4V- X
jsad fWorEs to 8
r th
the history of tie world organ-
The' council.. whicj can'
convoked on 24. hours no
s sxeted jmply to
noe" of the true agreemlf
1.dmo.&kitn that iPA I tu -L

sat P hfliom -WI

I, 4


U. X

elect thi date and place Rea
the parley, and suggest n agen-
da, details of which were l3ly
t6 be worked out by the con-
ferees themselves.
First problem to face the re-
convened Asseubly was certain
to be the question of Initting
Communist China and North
a to., participate in the" de-
bls eee.
Suaft .and Iit satellites were
_odeed sure to demand,such
iase .ptin, though sources
-oe to Sovifkdiplomat did nt
belive the. Communists woe
ask full U. N. metnberhl for
the. Cheapie and North Korean
Reds, at this time.

bTOU7., June8 -
Id today
a_ s ons will re- armistice
pt must not
;i prepared for
n exercises at
and Jefferson Col-
i hldid that should an
] s^, signed "there are
Sto be resolv-





US Determed

To Go Ahead

Despite RI

WASHINGTON, June 8 (UP) American aoffid
said today the signing of a prisoner exchange agree
at Panmunjom was the "first sure sign" that the
year-old Korean war is headed for an early end.
They anticipated no trouble in working out the "
ministrtive 'details" that remain to be settled before
actual signing of on armistice.
The one big question mark still hanging over
negotiations was Souti Korea's attitude. But officials
flatly this country is determined to go ahead withS
stice plans even if South Korean President Syng
spurns President Eisenhower's plea to accept the tea '1,
So, aepub ,aB members of ment In t truce hu at 2
Oongh, wP> haw been on rec- ( a.m. EO.)
ord I the pat aM favoring an sout3 Korean President
all-opt drtv -to oust the Corn- man Rhee called the Te
munliks fro* North Korea, also a "auruender" to the Co u
were tsan enthusiastic about because It made no provtsmlou
the ce terms ia expressed withdrawing Chinese dbldf*
If s a "t the durability from Korean soil.
of armMlo-e based.on a divid The agreement
ed oea. me 48,000 anti -
ut most lawmakers appeared North Korean and Chinesa
rey to back. Mr. Elsenhower's tyins of the Allies they will
i to accept the terms as be sent home against th .
mbllabl.gulgg fto the "m "nn ba ,i

oft 'irAdikl pribait There ar glm sme *ar
ex a ant, since It ministrave matte to e
bred oM'" repatriation of rotatedd"
POW8 who do not wish to go He said the cease-fire
back to their C Bmunist home- must be surveyed again.
lands. The agreement provide t
But a Kean emb y spokes- 1. All prisoners who re
man said t O rnsoner agree- go home will be turned or
mpent g at anmunjom to- custody In. Korea of a 11f
day left oe way open for North tion neutral commission
Korean ptNes to be "Intimi- two months or less after
dated" the Communists. mistlce ls signed.
He aid the truce 'reement, 2. The colnaisslon will
n6w ppaen the JAHu stag- headed by India nd will
eas, means a virtual th sn- a representative and nq
t ee" tor te or republic than 50 staff members each
beuce It I aloeo the Chl- Sweden, Switzerland, Poland
nse Oe to remain il (Cemtinued on Page .,
b ii r ength hand
pth r a ub wh Red Planes Bomli
at li lt .- "o"
uarAnteno war r shall Seoul; Bombs HIt
ofbeO r ad- Near Rhee's Houne
mlnistra ve m remain to
he negotinated alduding anew SEOUL, JJune (UI) -
survey of the c W Bn. Count pla-nes m
Complete sW e seemed the Soath Korean eali,
very near ,$a peelsbly even tonight throwing the
could be Wf the nego- into a state of near panle_
tiators' nezt i at 11 i1m. at least 15 bomb* exslodef
Tuesday (10M at d.) Injur a M ,apeWenM.
Lt. Gen. 1 IL,] srrluen. One bemb was epe
chief U.N. t 4 and rth to have bit near the4 1mM
Korean Gen. m 11, .bead of of President Syngean Rw.
the oo t their Two others expdad er
signatures eptle p agree- Eighth Army ea

Tug, Policeman Stood Ready'

Rescued Would Be Suicide

1, toward the unifica- -- O -
,10M'a." He added that
l s "will not be A young Panamanian girl who pulled In within 20 feet
c. easily concluded." unsuccessful tried to commit ]etty to help O1lleck w
lk point. Smith sounded suicide for the second time with- swimming toward the cra
ie called "a note of cau- In one month yesterday. was to the unconscious girl.
be submitted for dientalobserva- Police said today she bh
r, gain an armistice, we Ion, police said today. tided to a local rate
-leware qf letting down Meanwhile Maria Mfter Angulo. the President
*." be slid. "We cannot the would-be-.uleide, was in the she boarded at :15 ajm.
aIs -but one flank of Balboa Jail awaltum the doctor' tended to mmmlt
Which r d I e s the visit. No eplanato. was g hands watched hber
ftmger spot are many. as to why the 19-year and she landed _af
re aain alert and ed off tte jetty thaWP sA paper of thW
DBank early yeatrdagt madent Porras, wnom
^________ SS S aaUK king along the b~l
_________ except thaagto e the alert which
i, Keller Due shea w g a gl ,U. to the
east and we of the Ca- Dispatcher sent
*Tomorrow n e no wa the alert. Ji then tied at S
Instead of off he A aboutS6:4 nw
10 Keller. world famous fterry aLs be I 2. is la lg up a1oohDift, h@oJ
itA efforts to aid the time waale t Pret- v on th"
4p4 deaf sa-expected to dent RoeMew lt .eempleted Its Ioc waS l
stk Tocumen t 1:40 to- westbound snwhenate-
,W mornst from Lima.,Withrun u '+m "
S mahe NM- we d lato fairly plunged inta tse
i eler, herself a blind sha1lUw the 24 11I i t ad time lto
"woman is travelling abetanout td gLn.
s, c. ClifforibeUE.e
remain in Panama handls"M
besn traveng into duper matter and lost m- a
Saei-g -anatcekd h teem .ther i&MI
atte The Cal t t Art itn,V wbi
Sha4 been alerted or the recN, men

. -

.-~l... .-
* **&*. ~

; .. .'.,.. .;

', ,l'?-.- ^ ,A
a. f-1*. i$l**-* ,. *
__ ..* .. ^a .. ,. .


- ,. *






.~ -



uM iO &IA. r U t TnTru t.n. ..
9S. 1 myae 0 O SO S 4. PANAMA. N. mO P. Ad
COLiON OpPire 1.7 '" CENT'*RAL AvaNur tWReN 'S. A 1 '2N""" Cooe
24H MADInsoN Avg. New Yean Is i N #V. C me n
L ALO cv#1
on MONTH. IN ADVANCE 6 1.70 50
0r six fMONt*s. IN ADVANCE so0_ 500 IS 00 -
o0 ome YmA ,IN ADVANC.,, so 2 or B0y Victor Riesel
S-." .,arso.-says:
Oooh, were you wrongfIbear
You rKnow te clan struggle A rationbdge
A I you were talking about? Wul, t OIt toOto
ain't. You can see for yoursaelt7
If you get one of those new- tin t
o angled television sets the utb- to*onthe P
Sreadans invented and tune in at 0 eat D1)b u d Hughes, who w
The Mail Box is en open forum fo rotders of The Ponma Amer- p. m. (EDT) on June 1 YOu'll t oke H t g wo
'ken. Letters are received gretafully and are handled in a wholly ceoni- see the deVelopment of tn Ol t away ui" tb
ntal de manne me r. c apitalisn you doomed. And t aae aowa it h L t
S If you mentribute a letter don't be impatient It it doesn't appear the you'll see something eise-th. h the aleonal o stLou
onext day. Letters are published in the order received. development of a t hoerance in "t u hEai 6Bill
Please try to keep the letters limited to one pose length. this capitalism which your own lte' tfstrl oa., l
Identity of letter writers is held in strictest confidence. "classless" society jn the 'work- e ""nXi em -Aqa, ml who o a
This newspaper assumes no responsibility for statements as opinions era' paradise" nse written off i \ tlP ei
H n eo nnected wt t ss books In the blood t o f
ipreased in letters from readers. It bo k in the l your bU e or b I N
o a own prophe. HU hexe f h weakly and re ed*
Loot especially fr b the moment "Yes;, rr talking W eakly andl i
TRIBUTE TO DR. JOHNSON on the screen when a youn3 010 Babo ies..u,

It was with sincere regret that m&ny read of the death of Dr. Dick Frankenstein approach caused you to cha t I our
Johnson. C.Z. Schools. Superintendent. Ford Motor Co. glAnt River- RO._ge "Oh, S t1 tl a It's t
His passing has left a gap in the administration. It is a gap plant which is a symbol of what mC Isa ,i
not easily filled in an adequate manner, for Dr. Johnson was a you hated so much. matter of timing. We kre now
big man. broanminded and rather fair in his dealings; in short, Suddenly on an overpass sO. we didn't have in 1 080C, l
Olte whose principles of tolerance and Justice his erstwhile subor- eral huskies dart out. They pull, Zet'oue a
inate administrators may well emulate. coats over Reuther's and Ptank th w
Speaking of Dr. Johnson's death with certain employes of the enetein's heade--and beat tO corrected the suirmng tt
Schools Division;- I heard repeated the hope that tte Governor CIO leaders over their skulls... ton governed ib w t
will appoint as Superintendent, not one of the present staff, but 'iu.t sequence will ap1ar on tdh 'e.ofa the government on
an individual new to the administration of the C.Z. Schools. Fore TV slow that nghtAT now that yoT are ia t e
Having been connected with this division, I, too, recognize the THE INSISTENCE OF HENR extended. .
need for a man with a new orientation: a man who has not re- FORD II. 'E MThr ne d hv
amained so long on the Canal Zone as to be-far out of tune with Comrade Marx, let me tell onyou" The reason why theAt have
changing ideas in education; a man broadminded enough to be how this scene happened to prisoner exchange0tppo b
able to deal in a truly democratic manner with the varied groups into a TV broadcast across reason Why the aowe
whose children make up the Canal Zone school population. Need- United States ov6r twOm or Ide an risk rewill be not n
ed is one with sufficient insight to see that progress (r retrogres- neworksy we can risk a ruc
dion) in one R roup is reflected with like results in the other groups On Monday June I, Mr. Ford, Reason No. 1-The Redds wh,.
of a locality. president of the rdotorample to potential deer l
Especially in a time of change, as now exists on the Can and a roupen of the Fxird uthey Chinese and thoeS n a
Zone, such an administrator is needed. sitting in the offieof f theatricl They went over o the 4 ae
Phoenix orianprei i s back to be u c obably -, d, d
______ producer Leland tayw dh.ris bEse now r and wt ue den
TWO MONTH HEALTH GUARANTEE GOES "SouthPert pacific geniusMa. alans Army.
WITH PETS PUT UP FOR ADOPTION and"Call Me MadamSo Tth chree million" sold rd r
ir: Balboa, Canal Zone n They were y ta hyli e about This was whthe 29n0d,
0t "'oof anass ngwi the Red Arn. t s uch ys o scoa n. st xample ofa
Unless someone e can give them a home, a mother cat,and er twoue TVl al o the red Army today; so Moscow wale i.n example of
two kittens are faced itlh extermination. All three are health y, ry of Alerica and h.* eSII m edeserters in Korea. t
alert, black, domestic short-haired cats of good appearance. Mrs. reloAnt a been paralihe* R o -Pertl to w the. ke
Cat has raised 'her family with admirable aplomb in spite of all vopmen t ante ders it safety relax on arms a bit. No o a m
the -annoyance prevalent in a typical slum-clearance project b the growth of the auto RUARKof restlessness in the Red Army, but oth
i(Wni onie Place). pr- B ~~ "any now celebrating Its h oAr r en .ing l o utte U
She has tutored them with patience all the arts and scl- anniverary. At one point thi o ear .a en ltle oeaa hr ta he t
ences nedesasry to successful cathood, an in al things has been di aion of uiih aold ed "a -- r -ethrou ghic h pme icman in e talht' th ow. ca
an would be exct con ellento s mother. The kittens have natural app Merman was intertruttedtbe O in a while you get to feel real old and What irks mp most, though,is grand risk war. Hence the mltarbd a
S wo-month good health guarantee goes with each cat if need to review some m i i in the bones not because y6u are old, business. There s Cousin NapqU, Just as
e cat getssick will pay the vet's bill (on the Zone) of the events whleh shaped nobody is ever really old- but because toothsome as he was in 191 goy, she's LABOR T TOGTHR
.1 K b~tl ke~ wrl. and o opane su h e "enslightlycoprt |v tAI gR GATh Tre II Mr | se sOGEhE
Please, doesn't your house need a cart? Call 2-3406 or com Worl and our ouny in th the in gets omparave to you. i a rndl Tere is Marln, 'l ly, s AFL President Oeorp Manv ad Ow Chief Walter
S 8 J orr Williamson Place, Balboa. l 6 or come pasthf century. la A me lShirey Temple Is a mima. I was aa s gran I nothing p_ grandas ex-ra eedofnthe ti of
o 0 J or L, Wllamson Place, Balboa. M Cat Among the 1937 cellutittrpip big, I -u boy when Shirley' as tippy-toe- ceptlthat w m tem S s tolook admntratio en teb behd l
_TonC_ there appeared a seQou w i b w- in S il Robinson, and t her implies .benign t the Isue'd Ilust a touch labor unity lat week. Hot ver both Me and .
ing the bloody ")tatl. of the ~rom a ut knee-high to north* distur be. at r d keept -it powder for
vAswe Ac Po dPuntle hDick Frianken in were dumped w agree am," I saw Nancy the other day at at the Pla- tun-toIn -
Video Acor along with their 'unio r rgu a ra old and shoving off for an eduoa-. a, and b a i ound or o, a ed just as declared the A. F. of chieft
.,szation leaflets. ce while attired in knee pants and. ttt as when he was dong Out of the "However, from.whjt I4 en so far, the record
SA heated argument sI y s hoes. Don't feel a da.y' tder han that it bW oI u ta mebod the workffigman. D iseria aanst l r
2ORElTAL 5 Soak fax vop ong the afternoon t *Chapl Hll nma s halvednamed 8at ch th Congress. The same bW a emte labo o
Tele Large plants and the production e of the-car and Anto th d pingmaw of nlt.eof ii love ith goverment.There a onl about 8 le
actor,in 7 Loses blood in Haywood's office 18 ye1 a adlt expeiece, er ae o drd n Ieparlment d t ouse le
Rockwell Fish ter. Should thiff scene r- Nfrm R -y to det ct -the ]o .betweenmore
SHe i Mr. 9 o ar era be shown?. For a l Notice, too that thepeo I have known from difference ea e Nnc arI know and the f at -between
oynt rIn mCemiayoung Ford listened to all argo Wt cul older ture an
STh er-c- enits. e Tl en he settledO ma tChiti3 7f .W *. W' I'W e .ladh t'
S "OuraMiss oun-e cyT aed atsomayn11tration's fa
46have seen Dl ateihlya
*----do----11 Retain "rI r U I went. to school with b *aste W uo for isa. They are hip-deep n grandchildren, but i the Mut --
". 1 3do r'" 12 Wheys of ho it ill be shown. The bad three years who sangs around TaM" .1 l, eat tell the difterencq. ~'hen you see in thb. "TLa
14 Borrower milk 27 Domesticated 43 Arm bone with the good. The policy Is not In New York, and he look exactly am hd ed papers where the kid star of "South Pacific" i MBA Ps; are a
S Spotted 1 Narrow inlet 23 Rodents 44 Bulk to rewrite history, bt ak whn he dr M bar in th Deke Dnow playing a wife eIn "The nl Kg nd'Iv" ad o new d irr' a
S14Weirder 21 Shark's 30 Alonce for 46 Greedy poiblefor history t readettr house. Ain't child anything ex chins. Y w hoalL Ut's lW ths' thing dow U eirbe ah eb ted
1I Craft companion waste 47 Transaction from now on. We all creak in the j'ints some and. oe d sd let the other people gt'l tive positions of c a in the MBA. .
Before sh 31 Weights of 48 Shield bearing As one of then there P aches ro, up where there weren't any
S20 Cortified 22 Expunges India 50 Make lace it ford, and onet 0 1oe At rumba sok madly as he I do not really admire the Idea of bn an- Sak6.Ptof4ky, Pre t- the C
public 23 Hebrew 37 Bowling term edging "There will be no skeletons in one perfIm oried t jitterbug, but shucks, baby rOent. I would like to thilnk.ot~ a eolfm I,01ed outtt the pa barai sl*ba
Accountant ascetic (pl.) 8 1 Summer (Fr.) te c.d. i is age. oTt's wear. Or tear. e n an a waitline no ar 7tt the p a '
(ab.) 24 Felt 38 Slight taste 63 Sttish the open. The Oar. n ca laborInand th c
S21 Lves 25 Augments 41 Fortification sheepfold co n's lAge o ny the S undy supplement seesome salt ithe d a that aid from America wa
25 Next in line 26 Unfettered 42 Harvest 54Anger. Ihas been turned owter theo p o tub t and~ ee a p r Of' Jackle Coogn with an on l- ara popping out of the bu Also some nre speelar interests none of it to the
28 Declares inspection with the open og 0 oma ouhairplece td his naked gleamingsapi. busted veins In the s heeks aid ad tendency to people."
32 Stage play tathe archives and the flood of ma- You rMemaber h and Q(haplin in "ThE Kid flab. 'Treident Eisenhower and Btasse dldn tb
33 Trap l aerial being disseminated durl and say to yourself ,oh. L rdy, how long has It they sent a committee of. l
34 Populace this, the company's 50th year" been? That long It's been. This does dot mean that I am not a youth any bankers to make-*atudy of
,15 Compound You see. Comrade Marx, here And 1e's Cooper. one pularly p- more. It just means that other le are grow- uro," said.PotoAkI.Th wTMhi:ata
-In this half a million dollar show a e bee a midget, there wit f.z. oler, and avin m dn and go.te sto .ishc er admi tr~l t"e
' eth~ssaer t i i 'to be seen by 50,000,000 p ,s l m apd adamn at deld, and oawm .Andaettng oer,)anda s of e ln, Mr, is to, ) aand 4a
the man whom your tovyrt i ain
: Birds'homes7have madesyndonymousvAis not DD. A bA. ae presson of passing Uwe rubsa off oi me. must stopkking la 'i tn tI
hRose~he feel dnnoes Wckeoif little girl eihe s e. oeaar's rp tonesl ye tt pshino lweet
West Indian ptalm, which you said woe d lay's coteml tinting a divorce. alxtcen, and the first lucky agirl tooome along can emWASHINGalN .PI ,r e..
W d does not feel I mpelled to re- his me.
4e Mimic ge write history. He does not feel; ters from LIrate voter t
Simcnor do his colleagues in the oth- care for veteran
48 CikBeetle o er giatn companies such as Gen-
IlGolfb eed ubral Mators and Chrysler, that neville power funds, thou outvoai
5 ubHandled our relationships in this land are gryWmen.are mWe[1A
that we can't say to our people of Bonneville by all to
Antnna that at times we were wrong. They have h tb l
7S Sticking To err is not lethal here. We it.h Wayneh eal, Chv her
I Sewngc tool don't have to write anyone out of most
8SewTIngtAol history as Joe Stalin did for ftO (EARTBEAT II s (for 2) was $68.'. noh told mann e Ith
VITICAL rot, aindr countless others. .oWyou like that? Me paying ,S. for te e!Vl..,4A
IGenu offrogs Nouts this sense of secure re-dn h em tp iet up dtu" get isl.25 for a dnner '...' AS ou --

founding besllad the meenes. it ena be re- Wit_ thr u as empty ol).,
heme, *ig Steel has i" as tihi ter to Sempi me '_,_._.1t--
_t___ made its new wage deal into -I e u t$ma boob. 'etq tor: Patrolma I aeg Co( .
with Uis Steel labor. -7 -. was shOt b* wee' ,. ", ..
U.S. Steel, which employs ul- Theyve h, every iagle b-wl ),' ,_,.______."_._ _-__-
America, will grant them aT 'a mat IPen ara to Sake It.
"""""_cents an hour wage Increse-.
1 eek. The bit I'd leus
The U.S. Steel Corp. did not thue ,wupart me feon my money,
have to do this. The contract was f m emalr enough to make IL l
an-- -not un and did not have to be -Bmt lepr
opened fo rtalks unless the reom- '
nany so wished. Nor does it do Celetm Abpt w'ln Don Amoche (eoto"'"I"
for it means that the entire steel a koktl...'oMEM urs (Janet ) :., '
ed by $150,000.0 u a eompar-. "outh,.* ralong"h Robe. SHR 4 "I
Uvely sort time _fter the last lor to along Vth Aenw,.. ,y ,
cresem re ds of mil- I. A-wa h (Ro bomet i m C.- ,;""; ..., ,.
lions of dollar.I labor costs. top irteterb a

I Iia flani i44 nomake some ri ds his .....Marloa rndo (lbs (SI II

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'.- Chlidren have organic -. -y wrnt'to negol'.,te a
Contract for a higher allowance and fewer horses "

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new arid d est than ever bridal gift group u'll find the

kind of gifts prized by

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L-o h,.mss a 4.,fc O y Yesp.dal lHvita.
coNpra r i" fi un iasebles.

White Lily Saewig Mac*ines ..........125.00
Serve Electric Refrigerators 6 cu. ft. ....285.00
(erman Made lympia Typewriters ..... 110.00





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Taxes Catch Up With

The Scilly Islands


WASHING T 0 N June 8 light on the westernmost reef,
Britain's 45-per cent income tax were installed.
has finally come to the Isles w A persistent legend names the
of SeJl.v and the people of these islands as the remnants of "The
sub-tropical bits of rock and Lost Land of Lyonesse" of Ar-
ro'l off England's southwest tipa thurian times. When Arthur wtas
are not at all happy about the king, the story goes, theta Sell-
sit'.aiol. lies were connected with Corn-
Sc iehow, the Scilly (pr 0- wall by a land bridge that sud-
rno1Gn bd "silly" Islanders for denly disappeared beneath the
rent: i.s avoided the necessity waves. Old-timers say that in
ot 1i k- *ov '. storniy weather the bells of in-
Whe' h er this boon was the gift,undated churches can be heard
of sOine former monarch or Itolling.
Just an oversight is obscure, but: I)
it was too good to last. l
In his last budget message RUTH MILLETT Says....
Britain's Chancellor of the Exe-
chequer noted the long tax ex- ,I.
Cmition and declared that "1
pationd Here is a reader's advice to
clai:e in the finance bill will Here is a reader's ade to Arri
bring this hapnv state of af- the wife who wrote mre to com-
fairs to an end." plain that her motherE-in-law
The tax ruling may increase was undermining her status with
London florists' prices, f or her husband and doing it so
the majority of Scilly Is-. subtly that she didn't know how
landers make their liv ing to combat it:
through the sale of flowers
in England. particularly on- "Don't try to meet an older
don. and smarter- adversary on her
down ground.
The Scilly Islands are some "You have to deal with a sub-
30 miles southwest of Land's versive mother in-law in -way a *
End and they, enjoy the- be- she doesn't understand.
i influence oi the Gulf "First. If she lives with you
F',-am. This climate makes and think your Job Is a snap,
them one vTst flower 'garden. let her have it. OGet out and get WATER MOT)INO.... pretty fraulein shows you the tweut
Jonquils, for instance, are ready a job yourself and let her try thing ina saoot im la .Ney s ln oto. .
for cutting months before they coping with the housework.
bloom in England. Some flowers "Second. Study. her tactic and '-. .. aLLE]
grow the year round. stop sticking your neck -out.
In the mild weather, palms Make your husband share the tical suggestions with teexcep- away from it to eape fro her
s rd eucalyptus, even banana responsibility of family decisions tion of number one. But even 6wn home to an office..
plants, flourish. Snow and froatI and she won't criticize them, that one might work for some. Anyway, those are a man's "
are almost unknown, but srIlt women. However, the average tips for handling a trouble-
spray ridihg the Atlantic gales LAY GROUNDWORK woman probably doesn't wfIrtimaking mother-ln-law. f
all the. way from' North Amerl- CAREFULLY to turn herhomne.over to .aotherIyou decide to try .them don't "XT
ca can blight the blooms, and woman. Besides, that isn't really ignore the importance of num- pow
high. thick hedges have been "Third. Have a talk with your solving a problem but rpaning her four. "LEDI
planted to protect gardens. husband on the subject of loy-
Abbout 140 islands compose alty and sticking by each other AND
the rrchb'ielPo. On]" 5 St. whether right or wrong. Don't
Mary's, St. Agnes, St. Mar- mention your mother-in-law in
tin's, Tresco and Bryher- this talk.
are iiihabitcd. The total land
area, including granite reefs "Fourth. Give your husband
vis :ble only at low tide. is credit for a little sense and the
less than 50 quare miles, ability to discount his mother's -Great White Fleet
Population is under 2,000. too." "i
For centuries the Scilly Is- Don't jump to the conclusion !Arrives
I were notorious as men- that you've been reading the ad, NEW ORLEANS SERVICE Crist6bal
S to shipping. Many vessel$I vice of a hard-hearted daughter-
I liP oqn their rocrs before+ in-law. You haven't. That let- S.S. "BYFJORD~' .................................June 11
- ..:i aids to navigation, in-' ter was written by a man. *S.S "MAYA" ...............................June 1 m T
c" : the famous Bishop Rock Actually they are pretty prac- *S.S.. "CHIQU ." ..:...:.................... .Jne14
.. .. .. .. une 1

*S.S. "PLATANO" .............. ............... ...Jne 19
S.S. "MATAURA" ................................June 21

5 A~ZlPi~b~PMI

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. j C., ~,

The Hour Strikes



M or 1i Comes

~'- I.

* HUadliln Reb4 erated., led and Geaeral Caro.


,b"0^b ^
^ML ct *9sK~ rg
yW^>W Kt-'^


S.S. 'JUNIOR" ............................... .....June 9
S.S. "'l? -BERLANGA" ..........................June 16
S.S. RKA" ...............................June 216
s.S. ".LIMON" ........ ............. ** June 3
:.S. "LIMON .

Frequent ftelght sanlis frm Cristbd l 1
West Coast Central American porls.

"S:S. Pont Audeit~et..:... ............................. June 21st

M.S. Winnipeg ......................................... June llth
:', *Antilles ... ........... .... ....................... June 18th
S 5 lie De France .............. %........................ mnerllth
Weekly Vast Cargo Service Between Crls6bel.l Balbei & Wea, Ces
of U. S. & Canada. -
Crlst6bat: FRENCH LINE, P. Boftx 5 ---Tel. 3-2 47t8-a -
PanamA: UNDO V MAD stO. S. A.. Be 1 1.
Tel P r un -US -ll 3-101

Passenger Salngs to New Orleans
via Sant. Marta, Colombia.

Sailfn# at

-" .1

S.S. ",C RM QUI ....".... .....< ... .... .....Ji
S.S, .C*RRQUI". ..... i& o..o .,, 3

Weekly sailings en Twelve-PaM-nse, 3"hr o -- lVt. New Orions.
Mobile, Lm Antel. SanW Fralpce and Seattle.


* .:*


CIstls WELKIN Planeteer



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T ;' .: 2. -' --: ,'' 4 .-
- .-' __ ,_' i. vi- .l. .,,. '

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..*.,aiWfR*A ,lmfUrag dio .V

^^r;-^ ^oA, ,t A.s ,, -" ,19 4- w h_, .
..I. .....-' r"" -L a k s .t 11.4

*:A*S I '1j-B4;24 ... ..Luc k Overrate d For Coeer s -...t d F or CJaeA
e "FRIMNS "OO"nig, of Fort Gullck ,l are Ieavsf
B Bl* -- O -- REaN S CO NOI ao soon after residing on
Z-",, I'OLLYWOOD, Imune 8 (UP)- I know it sonds like a pub- AT ON VO V BZONso the past
y Curtl, fl atoe own's current Iojity E ," m,"but all A ne-best lMem was given at the hotel Washington, years. Mjor s oen
to the bobby-sox ns say amyto. And. Saturday, t ber ip ladies who are leaving within a few ed at orgs and Pt Cla
k is an overrated commoditl natural n has months make their loams in the States. The honorees were: ostals and at Fort
Custer er befor goim tos Fort.I
"I'm noto name to Mrs. Carl a served. a of the Hill"; a permanent Houston, for nine m
aosM."d'the a lomty hou mi.tresos of S _and wave, won by Mrs. Emmett where he will attend the
r said, "but a lot of young ted tocalled on Mrs. Mcel- Argo, was donated by Mrs. U-t Icaleld service hool.
guaI know in this bualMu the A wIlklas be- land to present the, ban voYage la Hart; a vase donated by --
Sn't working at It. fore .e c.gBe tm-atly start- gifts. Humoro Poetr,y com- Motta's went -to Mrs. John Lieutenant and Mrs onm '~
T.. ne w" he said, "when I ed sary-posed by Ladd was Hotz; a crystal bonbon dish Lio sW "
0-M ms w he s i e ,,~ he sa wh n I e e T .Lt
S -. mtye the luckiest to stickss he'd read at thio t gator from Bhaw's Was won by Mrs. Lt. andMr Samuel SO -
r h the world J to be in have to do purses weme presetei Mrs. H. U. Hoiz; a oeer stain from will leave the I ush
MS Av. hours every Custer and Mrs. Wluoavage. A the French Bazaar went to th
i ppnot; Joua, "Bt I eoped stg worigd o week. the white pure and perfume was Mrs. M. M. LaCroix, demi-.asse m onort aekbeing stationed
-'n _W"Barret; on lk a tl a ht-of-had given Mra. avenr. cups from Surany's went to1". L ortGl 'ra year.
Renteeviloe and Crocketterenas.,t
So "I nhtn have b teen ky to and fG e The other ladie who partic- Mrs. C. E. erm; ad civ an l is i "
'.it1 t B(XMM Ana et AIn te businea. But. it didn't Iaican.. He Ipated la the rty and g power dish from Madfo's was 0Cnvlllne. Tey wlll.
; D e me long to find out that ad ts e 4at and were: Mra. Chter arrold, won by Mrs. Carl Nix. ve and Crockett, Ta
-B C, oaga0 ; r. _d have to work Uke Iad to friends halt- ogtayW making Mrs. William Hadarit,. Mrs. -- ,
Came Of lm My Madiro lain it." them alt uilU wte i went Joseph Kenway, Mrs. C. L. Coral Chapter Notice lla lmA fM' *
an this of the The toualt-baired teen-age through his routines. Louis, Mrs. B. D. Humphrey, Coral Cnapter No. 3, 0. E. 8., I UBalldkl d
6o bowman. L .. Idol thinks he's ter off now He read even ava*lble book Mrs. O. W. Ryan, Mrs. Anton of Gatu, will hold a stated :
mA li M LAU, than at any time Im ts'oareer. on Houdl anid oed over Holgerson, Mrs. Jeanne Stev- meeting tomorrow at 7:30 p.m. llAM Jl
Of;sw : e__laqL _kies. Tht' bece he h._ fn ltm__m manu_ witt by.. thelen, Mrs. Dorothy, at the Gatun Masonic Temple. .Il amH ;
-uan t hen oeI awal arrived at a point where audi- master oat e and gs tof Panam City, There wil be a memorial serv-
., uke, ColalM Robert L. Dok S ces are conscqus d. him as an "Don't un- Mrs. Howard Anderson, Mrs. ice and installation. Refresh- ilat
An- andiMrsiDoug w B dlendividual-iotl just as another selfishly", q- -have w. w. Patton, M Chester ments will be served. b G 1
guests of honor at a bo SlA]uu m, good-lookln s actor. been a lool doe it. Lindren, Mrs. Haml- -
and i e ne dm Anothpr -.o1 Tony at- I'm b eing y and ton, Mrs. T. D. Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. erer announce The Vacation Bible School M
M et Wrd --retari bute to hi "uSg-on-the- ve hn had st.y ity i E. Jorstad, Mrs. Raymond Dix- Birth of Dughter the Balboa Union Church o
i ta s t aryt of lt foundlm was a members eathe-worW feeling is that te bt e not on, Mrs. Frank Koeng Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Carl merger, o edts two-week session y.
W a Cheft .,rvi f ot ndi n atws a lo p Clu b aemsh moviegoers o will, e him kicking s t-im wluam Clute, Mrs. 1h[lam Cristobal, announce the birth will close June 19.
o to~ n Diviao and C es&ferIce Ied obyfRem CroSish co-starrtng wis wle Janet tin back an Some- Maynardr. Sulivan, of their first child, a daugh- Classes are arranged meer.,
Sn Param- to work Mrs. Lyman Bent Mrs. L. ter on Saturday, June at e trade and ae of
ftI WP Iaa b,'oat rat, the ,t-";... T ,C. Palumbo L. Rain- the Colon Hospital. The in- dren. The sudy
r n1 o sev 5sta "s M es a "ing, Mrs. t. 3. s 3Clelland, fant has been named Carol are as .follows: .i- n
h or of o e assmots for Dier n da.Memberseun Mrs. J. W. Likeman, Mrs. Ann. preschooll children
R cadnal ft TheCAmbassadorofCItoeoat Vo'l ae Va'tVod eaqetedS S o 0 N 5Carlton Dameron, Mrs. Les- Mrs. erger Is the former With fo a o)
g l Idene on PIanseMane 5a any enin rom 4:0 leigh Davis, Mrs. or Mit- Miss Harriet Keenan, daugh- ,,e Me Ao uJesus, r
S land i& dalgo t "wV S chel, Mrs. Curti Mrs. ter of Mr. and Mrs. William "WWould S js,
-omb for a diner give 7:30 pm. emH.Crul-tise. .. ..
S---'- or a ivoner tPrui M- Alton Jones, Mrs. T. H. Zul-Keenan of Santa Clara. Mr. Hig ould th Jesus,
Fo rmMa et dat l at the : aBmbeSay a Clubt M eetin Tite tdema, Mrs. Nor Davison, Serger Is a member of the ade.. e he
Re ebidene ta Oi of T ri SJ (UP) a r Mrs icd iConlrey. faculty of the Cristobal High The wors
F + kiV. am 0ii r. ll 4.-n IRI t lntn oi the CariDbgbean Io9`YOE eae- (UP) ,.-S Tpurday, n JUD 11, wi, b the I, ihd n. t f t *e w e wn., .

otraf of M aria *rd hel d:,.. W ith A m erican w o m en stll ev
can ndReg iso r R d Vtrati on for badge workareMrs woodr enen of the children wl b
gSDrn. Srf Mmiein hla t or small eraccordinlg to reslt. Thowetl on ad2 oad- Ms.wo er vena hMr ia Wiataker, dauhter o couagedea whengouch willt
citsimge0. llAr tore atoel, ufacnorernd tU-. Jold n 1 i5 a Infrmaion*t, m Mrs. E. C. Blount, of Mar-HN. 'Whietaker, of Colon2 eels- several ofothe following: origi?. -
oratabe; W u= ourlu'sstainedfros f s d from any nighborhood- er a led w
at d "S1,11"Men- d to. bigtThis Is conlderably smaller chairmen or Mrs. w. gelow glrita was hostwer ven at hver bmativ terry with rthiay at idea writing tmeir i
andl^ W'A1 Ceyy11 d^m-Fe4aCp fis 9.Telphoce ^ e34-M SM 4ol2tshw givenh at her amnidysnt with i hIomty at Ideas ntory, poorly, sis..
Sand Co ..- de o an M tha thue se of te "rock" C b home Friday mornn to con- home, Friday. and in making use
a nde, w a10 ".tno.on ~ lh wjeadae c 'u tlhe1i generally worn i engagement work in different fields plment iMrs. C. ,ho The young guests who at- foru w
Afri*_d M e yea gIn yesterday 'a llby United Fruit tended the party were: Pan- urals, p a.

BaAr M AtP a- dtean dt0eea saoI off in Neew ross gv r and lold omt o tr aa
an ___ th e d a s wige ear.nt.,au~httaerro Ne for C Cadiforniacho and Stanley Mott&, Lot edtain aa
e teen onerb on full carat mond toba Mr e a t e Morninlver dollars were p en Whitaker, ter Domingf thue cz, ol ewapr and a
Gsr te fW calrthetra tdoand at tthec altdunP. Mrs msthted hIn a small chest and Cornelesuirocker,.Judy Vi.on- o..Al tn -ttvoty l be
mIew a dr ss r even- Jof tob usad d tlis ... .tenwa coon- o MrcGen Mth cn a Me hstes a. so ny M ozu to T TIdv ll. I]

Nre Mr Mr. .nr ,cBa e SnCb Curn5 .o w V. The gustncludeds Mrs. s, fTo-y oebnsono ,illda
ma.a Su andl tarl e wa maw r.o'toeave te ay. t -Thehias aotribteN thN. B. DavisoltoAn, d Mrs. Carl F. t amiani, Mg. Robert Wgu- t a tas mm. Ro i Koe-n ter tIo slty ,r m .
f NoMro. an ntweld, t I" *.otSl diamond Mreae the "l sf TWee adult-r r ver serving spoon and cold Reltkl Shandy Pet erson, i ule i111
oM a ear- on JounDe Du at WO "pats t-.4 1 of the., organisato on m L however, the average diamond oa; Mrs. 5 v", Nainey, Morning coffee was servedI.em Whitaker, sister of the Seooel foflpsper and asis-

.. Geatal htaej d mea an pit oognaint 4O"C alnd saas Joen Bw, Mrs. SDec aybl *, M
M5aie10dB wh. Celebrate r At Chtal atn e th A1 com taeo to bridMAnbdjl l.... oftet if si. Bria, Mrs rad ards oreen.
wot opital liRrp t ti pmiat. h jewelry magic that Mrs. Heplas IncIdlke and Mrs froen *table deorela theon of the ,
ter m al. edturday re home of Mrs.. tZ .Michaelis,, I0 a carat, one carat equalling 100 ~ igelow Mar arIta;red ieor L. Mrs. rwI ramsy lo i "aik ela
I& m all y g n p nt r a: Sa turd ay eve- Abasste the .sten of1e_ and.. ... .. ... s vln Koon ai
e. Mr. .m t rrbe nk S SAy-lV Club Curnd..h u "r. .nts, ar nd Is now levelling of M rs. Georg oMatthews and Mrs.m st the ho s. .ee
, an n e A .A. h v Cub a omt 25 Hebt pg s-2 a in Cco eSl Mrs. Vas- The guests includes d: Mrs. Lea ving Te.x o i, Is t
tfcowioln Solito and MWil Lou Damlani, Mrs. Robert W ) sat Msl. .. S. Roe-
.n-o prI ngfi ld, In leditamond malp the w"e e oaf td da .t wi be as Frank Do Poole,a Mr s. oheor e .
Oi. m" and- x qua- gi Orl's ,best frend," other leaders, assistant leaders Cooe r R Dg M t-.
Srn t point out a nd interested adult ad MJohn ow, Mrs. Raybul
-Se S rA A t f A compensation to bridAny badg r will be offeted- if pix Brian, Mrl s. Gradoy Hardi on. t

-sn4 P designers have coame up wt aor mo re &rIs arhe- Iet rst en thler., Mrs Zari I
s "s j. hiewelry magic tha eIs Preset plans Inclde b work Wre, L Qeoria Knight
thr *o. akig a big bilt. Th phasi in econdoclass, reader and hi- ofhe alboa, an Mrs. Milton
mal IJ1mrrTi;dhe t now on wh4t is mcUad the 0 bliop Do. camn raft, pioneer and Reed.
..Ah f 8 4laSlop tye sttInl bs ae of outdoor safety, backyard camper M. ad Mrs. Wood were the
*I"'ns the WT 6li 88 wite precious* eu metal, m %l-and outdoor cook, cook, house- h Coeeguesths of Mr and Mrs.
Innunto... h tk ee. d top er- A bake can d htedr sin dand Donald fBruce before theirs -

Jir'orlt lhntonam heat -rre Dnnua olel p enry with t le Cpm-
.a i ther antat es eaaa oila e to-apreious Iit nstur aM s.Mte.ri fi rs the aripr CoM rWood o Bas t resign-ol
IVA-1-slartiu.t, but costs abIut the oG arol uteros. w ,os e m. hls SreeCh m-

,S P lnl .. alu sinrsett inoensist s1 n fore Dian the d and Mrs. Club wa the scne o a reep- de, no dd that i.
teea eon>t Ulrm the has. boona- Thpe Tlh s Ctp ttint e ter l with ton reentlfor the hundred po to-hho akesyour -.

o -issrmt rts5a5 four th Rson tl El AS AS LA

TOn -a 3s 801u0l she 1 F hornW IT H'-P d y heh
3&. anda afo e ons ame "\ gheisbgef l cSdpDrtG CAiRSersthe s
L-I, wherehebiMbeene t- J1 9 se2t i of fort renth p ron p st in a preFridav to redde In latin American cadets and of-

Sg be aU Ma B Mcllellan and Mra* Prlsesafor the eveninM we. F a c Dbn y
Sar AUSI meta bea O .Mr Custer, ns er an fdcesM who graduated from the r
wpe owand mtr s -ooIK Od tePI* ueR e t h metalO asei ant leader" islvigoo.l. Carib School, and a un-
T a-v- ht i rAa sa asao mir- A head scarf depisctino scenes dred and fifty guest.
IT grand-ror, refleting light onto the of Panama was prestd Diae, Colonel Henry F. Taylor,
s, M P ta Clowrie, who 7- 1 diamond t ree i nat and Mns. Cluster win the recip- ComManda of the School,
Sing he. fireand thus make it look lent of a handkerchief shower and Mrs. Taylor welcomed the
late ar.g... Bince the beauty of a from the girls. guests Also present were s-
ailgrg e. -.- e h s enhancedmore, in During the moting eight giri oral Ambassadors and consuls
Sf twhitemetalmounting, I es- wre veted In the troop. They reprenting the Cadets' coun-
frendstahIt U e mAited that a diamond ee1ms were: Barbara ibL Evelyn tries In Panama.
twice Its actual size In a pal- Hawthorne, Dity Jaxman
A A ladiwe or platinum Illusion set. caneLd& TTerryTLivinwo,: aeeddu n Cdr Pary
_,4b ,..ting..AnnM cClelland, Carol Ann In Gala
AMI' _- Ee mlan adL Bonny Lou Bhu- The card party given at theP
I..the !al* '- eLight refreshments ywere e o evening, wrasoa very rD C.
7to A e ae T o pen AbIby -the new members.M nsl and'enjoyable af- 625 P I.I
Alt beliabmrigDavsono leader leave
-a -y *..r &Nlfl LMlelleanders, arhfor the evening were:'
AnSIntki' ll' o oOuster,tass stants, were in. M r o Kiusam. won "Top -
Jr ge, mW aa'mA ,Mcharge of the meeting.
ths di12 fers and members as soonp Imedrecentlyd umflrlsu. X LMNa e'a- .,rA nt--

a ,t.L-.4".
Flag-tow u,, -. toms-.%. -,.e,

e whaee wik dthiw weihaveIt
toge t ta yo AIYLADIA car In and wal ot w

3.0. S -" Ae.


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FOR SALE-9 ft. 25 cycle Westing- FOR SALE: 1948 Frazer 4-door
house refrigerator. Very good con- Sedan $350.00. Frigidaire refriger-
d,.cn Guarantee still good, $95. ator 7 cu. ft. $60.00. Electric
00 157-D, Pedro Miguel. Range $125.00. Phone 5-528 or
------- see at 230-B Gtun.
FOR SALE :.Westinghouse 9 cu. f t. .-
25 ccle, all porcelain in and out. FOR SALE:-Ferd 51 Do Luxe four
Si 2500. Porcelain kitchen table, deer, veay teed emdirflen, low
tio chairs and two folding chairs mileage, $1,375.00. G.iernteed
$1]00.C 0532 Apt. B, Guoyacarj SMOOT & HUNNICUTT, S. A.
Terrace Ancpn, Tel. 2-3074. 16th St. Central Ave. Tel. A 00,
d- FCeolon.
F0 SALE:-Frigidaire Refrigerator.,
Good condition. 0 cu. ft. $175-.00 FOR SALE:'-New 1953 Ford Sedan,
Call Panama 3-5240. $1,750. leaving Isthmus. Must see.
....... ---_ (Tel 3-5069.
FOR SALE:--O-ne 9 cu. ft. Westing- T 3.
house Refrigerator. Gcod condition. FOR SALE:-1951 Plymouth Sedan.
$5U.00. Call 2-1595 between 11: radio, leather upholstery. Will
30 a. m. & 7 30 p. m. Ask for trade for convertible. Call Amason*
Fred. "Bolboo 2333._______
FOR SALE- Mahogany dininroom FOR SALE:-1948 Chevrolet Pick-
set, buffet and China closetcom- Up truck $500.00. House 8049,
bine. 1701 Old Cristobol 3-2797. Margarita, Tel. 3-1967.
FCR SALE-Remington Model 17 FOR SALE:-Remingn Model 17 FOR LE:-4-ARGAINI 1948 Read-
typewriter, $35.00. Perfect con- master Buick Sedentte, goed tires.
ditin, shop overhauled. Writes in Reeatly overhauled, $795.00.
all-capitol letters type style. New Can-be financed. Cell 0Z-4169.
cost is about $175.00. See at FOR SALE:-1952 Singer, excellent
Apartment 17, No. 10 Tivoli Ave. condition, 6,700 miles,i $1,150,
FOR SALE:-Six cu. f. Westinghouse may be seen at 0426-A, or call
refrigerator, perfect condition, $75. Balboa 4139 between 6 8 p. m.
00. Call 2-1595, between 11:30 FOR SALE:-1940 Chevrolet Sedan
a. m. and 9:30 p. m. Ask for $195.00. Good transportation, for
Fred. ___________work, leaving Isthmus, Tel. 3-
FOR SALE:-25 cycle Frigidaire, 8 5069.
cu. ft. $45.00. Call 2-6357. FOR SALE:-Red Oldsmobile con-
FOR SALE-Stick reed porch set Hal- vertible, excellent condition. Call
lywood bed and refractory table, Miss Palaocio, Panama 2-0336, 8 ao.
maple livingroom set and miscel- m. to 1:30 p. m.f
loneous. Tel. 2-1658. House 1544 A
A, Mango Street, Balboa. FOR SALE
FOR 'SALE Motorcydcles
a/ &M t *r 6A FOR SALE:-Cushman motor scooter.
Boats & Motors Excellent condition. Call Albrook
FOR SALE:-Soilboat 20' I x 6'/'2' w 86-7237.
gray marine gas engine, sails, good WANTED
condition. Phone Mr. Linden 25-
3865 or 3461 Rodman.
FOR SALE:-32" Ft. Cob uer, MS iellaneous
Alabama. Phone .-2836, Balboa. AMERICAN family desires 3-bed-
FOR SALE:- 11 ft.lVywood Entat, 3. room house or apartment for long-
6 Scot, ott owtrj ut board motor term occupation. Telephone Pan-
boat recently rebal'T, with metlI arma 3-5104.
cabin, $140.00, fo both, also 9" LE
x, 12 grass rug, $12.00. Phone L E S S N
Albrook 86-3219 or come to 262------

Position Offered
WANTED: English and Spanish
? speaking male clerk, Panamanian
preferred. Apply All America Cables
: and Radio, Inc., Balboa, C. Z.
WANTED: EWIerlened alesmen,
fer w end mue came. Oldsmoble
Alercy. Trucks, Chvrlet, Opeb.
HeMme S. A. Via Ileaa He. 51.

. Flooded Montana

* Rivers Create

Disaster Area


Summer cOaching, grades I. 2, 5. Ca-
nal Zone teacher. Phone Balboa
366L. /
Dancing lessons are easy, good
exercise and grand fun. Take %
lesson in the Washington Salon
then enjoy dancing in the Bella
Vista Room afterwards! Tel, Pon-
oma 3-1565, Llona Sears.

Radio Programs

Your Comamunity Station
Where 100000 Peeple Meet


0lf AL eU. ^em. Ma.S.
202.- LAm. C. .

DR. WENDEHAKE. Medical Clinic
Central Avenue, K Street oner.
Telephone 2-3479, Panoma.
Through the Panama Canald lbord
the Hotel El Panami "Pescadora"
lunch Included $10.00. Friday
June 12th, 6 o. m. Pier 17 Bolboa.
See your Travel Agent or phone
Jungle Jim, Panama 3-1660.

June 12, 13, 14.
The trip of your life. A Jungle Jim
Jaunt thru the Paanma Canal to
Colon San Bias and Porto Bello! A
three day trip aboard the Hotel El
Panama's Pescadora. Leave Balboa
Friday 6 p. m., arrive Colon 2:30 p.
m., leave Colon 9:30 p. m. for San
Bias and Porta Bello. returning Fo-
Ion Sunday afternoon. Through the
Canal Monday 6 a. *m. returning to
Balboa. Meals catered by El Panama.
Bring slacks, shorts, bathing suit,
jacket, flippers and spears for un-
edrwater fishing, and your camera
and rolts of color film. Pelose make
reservations early through your Travel
Agent, or Jungle Jim Price at Pan-
ama 3-1660. Special price for groups
of '10 to 16 people.
Bids will be received in the office of
the manager, Curundu Post Restau-
rant and soda fountain concession.
Bids will be received until 1300, July
5th. 1953. Address bids toResteuront
Officer, Curundu Post Restautont.
We repair, tune, buy an dsell. Ex-
clusive agent of the famous Baldwin
Arosonic and Hamilton pianos.
Easy terms. 34th St., facing Lux
Theatre. Telephone 3-4947 3-

I % r -


WliClan Santa Cloro e
Z bedrooms, refrigeror, oclfs
,aron B. Blboa 2-3050
,week-ends. f

Oceanside cottooge Snta
Caro, Box 435, Balbola. rn
Panana 3-1877, Cristabal SO1678
Reseye a ew inexpensive at tIng
wveele. SUhraepel Santa Ci-ra
Beach. Telephone Balboa 1389, 5
to 8 p. m. or see Caretaker.
Gramlich Santa Clara Iach-cot-
toage. Electric icebox, a stavs,
moderate rte. Telephone 6-441
Gamboa; 4-567, Pedro Miluel.

FOR RENT:-Futrnished house with
telephone and refrigerator if In.
terested phone 2-2145, Panama.
FOR REN:-To reliable patty only.
Furnished fine modem new home.
I One to 2 years. Excellent neighbor-
hood, $250 monthly. 50th and
17th, Paltillod,ihe -3.1807.
Two and four room furnilshd and
unfurnished apartments; private en
closed gardens. 8061, Oth Street,
New Cristolrhl. Telephone Colon
FOR RENT: Large comfortable
apartment lnstalloton far hot w-
ter, first floor, $120.00. Infem.e-
tion Perejil First St. No. 18, from
9 a. m. to 3 p. m.

FOR RENT: In residential sector,
very well situated. Interested party
may buy furniture or rent if fur-
.ished. Tel. 3-4923.

I,--R RENI :-S-mallI epartment, corn-
Embassy secretary desires three bed- tey fished, $65.00 North
room chalet. Tel. 3-085.n neighbor. Tel. -0471

FOR SALE:-AII varieties of tropical
fish. 5457, Cottage, Diabia.

FOR SALE :-Puppies free part cocker
loil females. Call 2-6372.
FOR SALE:-Accordion, $25,00; Bed
$10.00 Hlallicrafter radio, ql1
wave, 70, 2 dining tables $10
each, t dsk $40, etc. Phone 2-
630 "

FOR SALE :-Air horns, chrome, pres-
sure type with A- volt 5utomnotic
compressor, suitable for cars, bus,
truck or chivo. Range about 5
miles. Also, transmitter, globe
champion, 200 wqtts, aloil band, with
push to talk D 104 Mike. .

Kobbe Service

Club Celebrates

4th Anniversary

Eresidse we r w i i "m F- F ort Kobbe Over 600 people
dlared Montana flood stricken jammed the Fort Kobberice
regions of the. Misouri and Milk Today, Monday, June I Club yesterday asteroonl and
rivers and their tributaries to be evening, for the buffet dinner
a major disaster area. P.M. and dance in honor of the club's
3 :30-Music for Monday 4th anniversary and also honor-
Mr. Eisenhower, replying to a 4:00-Music Without Words ing Col. & Mrs., Robert H.
telegram received from Montana 4:15-Singers on Parade Douglas. Commanding Officer
Oov. J. Hugo Aronson, said: 4:30-What's Your Favorite 33d RCT.
"Regarding your request, I 5:15-ENGLISH ON THE AIR
have today declared those. areas (Agendcas Steer) The dancing started at 3:30
In the State of Montana adverse- 5:20-What's Your Favobr I to with the music provided by the
ly affected by current floods a (contd.I 71st Army Band. At that time,
major disaster area under Public 5:30-NEWS (Elias Garage) the dance floor was so crowded
Law 875 in order to provide as- 5:35-What's Your Favorite that It was almost Impossible
distance as supplement to state (contd.i to move around the floor.
and local effort in flood area. 6:00-Books Bring Adventure
"Federal defense admynlstra- (VOA) A half hour floor show was
tion representatives will contact 6:15-BLUE RIBBON SPORTS presented at 5:00 with Chaplain
you regarding operating agree- REVIEW Emmett Walsh acting as Master
itents, assurance and any fur- 6:30-The Telephone Hour of Ceremoples. The show con-
'ther action required." 6.45-Commentary by Lowell isted of: Pfc. Marvin aNaly Hq.
Thomas C Co. 2nd. Bn. giving several pla-
A White House spokesman said 7:00-Take It From Here (BBC) no selections: Miss Hellanna Fl-
funds made available for the 7:30-Report from Amer I c a lo who played two violin num-
area probably would be in the (VOA> beTs: a rhythm dance by 2/c.
form of grants. He said "no esti- :00-Evenlng Salon Albert Ware of the U.S. Navy
mate has yet been made of the' 8:45-UP. Commentary who brought down the house
amount of damage. but added 9:00-jack Smith Show that FCDA now had representa- 9:15-Excursions in Science sng ;the n b.rsl to P who
tives in the area along with Ar- I 9:30-Playhouse of Favorites Nangyt arc numbyr nt P:cn
my. Air Force. Reclamation Bu-N
my. Air Force. Reclamation u- 10:00-The World at Your in-Iimss Carmen Gonzales who
rdau and Weather Bureau per- dow (BBCi into the hear
sonneotl l:00-The Owl's Nest of tche audience with several
Midnight---lgn Off. lo the audience with several
Midnight-Sbign Off. selections. Even the MC got in
I | M the act with his rendition of
r n r n o 0l Tomorrow, Tuesday' June September Song.

6:00-81gn On Alarm Clock
7:30-Morning Salon
8:15-Morning Varieties
8:30-Music Makers
8:45--Hawaiian Harmonies
9:15-Sacred Heart Program
9:30-As I See It
10:15-Off the Record (contd.l
ll:C6-Off the Record contd.)
11:30--Meet the Band
12:05I-T uncheon Music
S2:30-Popular Music
1:1 --PerEonality Parade
l:46-.Lum and Abner
:0--A Call from Les Paul
-l--aDte for Dancine
3:10-,pfut of the Vings
:45-L a ttle of the Bands
:00k-A Star Concert Hell
h3:1&- Te Little Show
3:3--.Jisle for Tuesday
4:00-Sunny Days
4:1-- thouth of the Border
4:30-WhatP's Your Favorite

5:35-What's Tour Favorite
6:00-Band of America (VOA)
6:30-Hawall Calls
6:45-Commentary by Lowell
7:00-The Prisoner at the Bar
7:30-Report from Ame r 1 c a
8:00--Metropolitan Auditions of
the Air fVOA)
8:15-F-red Waring and his;
8:30-Instrumental Capers
8:45-U.P. Commentary
9:00-Here Are the Answers
9:30-Books on Parade (VOA) I
10:00*-Armando Bos and his
10:15-Musical Interlude
10:30-Variety Bandbox (BBC)
11:00-The Owl's eMt
12:00-S1gn Off.
12 laaati of gyebe:
VOA-Voice of Amerla
BBC-British 8roadcasthn

FOR RENT: One bedroom opart-
ment share kitchen and bath. Alt
screened. Apply 63 Fourth of
July, apartment 5, Loudhmon.
FOR RENT:-Fumished apartment,
one or two couples. Best residential
FOR RENT:-mmediate possession,
large three bedroom furnished
apartment. No television, but
everything else including hot Water.
House 117 ajrtment 3, Paitilla.
Call, 7 to 10 T, m. Children, wel-
come.. .


FOR RENT:-Furished room, kitch-
sen privileges, bathroom privilege,
A independent entrance. 46th St.
No. 27 Apt. 12.
FOR RENT:--Fumlhed -h.OA, mar-
ried cooit, or young ladies. No.
46, 45th Street upstairs, Bella Vis-

N 'ofhe at!ea today thist
as an sUpecaln team of four
offn, arrie v l st nightouat
Al~fOtE Air F t N-Ae k from
t'heb d ruter of the Air
men of the tPhoo ldCharting
I *Florida, for

Thed to officer id today this
Sheanre inu oespeetlon of ain
smalthe School ftheir orgatin Amer-
tion, which oead out
trewo and tha ra pea at entd
soui P 4""lte as.
They dre fnmd unO that the
men of the lth Photo Mliht at
Albrook suld soon be return-
ed to FloWa
Th 12th Jboto FUght arriv-
ed het In bNoeintor and since
that time have been attached
to Albrook filming such projects
as the school for Latin Amer-
ica, Operation Chrlt re-
view and parade At w. ent
they are Mui an Air X-e
tramint about Iurviv "I
the junglTe.
The Inpection toiis head-
ed by CO raa WL ql e
the party Include Lt. C S.WP-
kina material. uCIpt. Oe0?ge S.
Ouion. *dounlutratlo. Imphc-
tor. and Capt William F. Cyamsa

a=. -W-R""



Automobile Row
N~o. 16

1946 Pentiac Sedan $400.00


. 1948 Buick Sedan $695.00






1948 Studebdker Coupe $665.00


1949 Ford Sedan $995.00


1948 Nash Coupe $595.00


1950 Ford Convertible $1,190.00'


1951 Ferd Sdn $1,045.00


1952 Chevrolet Sedan $1,225.00


1939 Studebaker Sedan $135.00.





Another, imv.'

R umab o fm.
I '.-., S '
t'ATJa. h0V~dL I

F. Novey, I.
'' ft1 L.

Teampyg luts, S. A.

W and orate or mov

3*.2 5Pan.. .

4 Teu. Je.1
aWaBC s.D tKLL

Ka" ,- .D
iT ^ **K-~4



74L I" -ocia%

'SY ANA i 9

Via ^Tp


Dog ud Cat
r i0 ,_ ,

-,. .", --;. J ,

ICodIAlt8 30


:ostt hflhBruda

PARS,-June f) Pro-
mler-delgnate 0,oi0 T
of r a Gheavy Indobbhife
war burden at the as "kee
Bermuda Cenference If e Wn
par a tary approval awed
ofa government. Te a-
sembly will meet Wednesday to
decide on Bidault's request for
ape -year-old Catholic Pop-
ular Republican leader told a
news conference lat mlght he
would seek a common Fench-
British-U. 8. a preach toward
lightening the nrench load In
the meven-yea.r wa against Viet
Mifh Communlit oroe.

Notes. Daiohd

KATMAND. Nepal, June 3-
(UP) Napalme students and
teachers demanded today tint
Mt. iLerdest be remaed Tensing
Peak in honor of th BUerpa
whd with Now Sealarder d-
rund Hillary conurUWed the
9,003 foot mountain It ng i.
day. .

S Meanwhile, n Londo,

'r el- al'n ntt -
A A t Brit.

Sef ne

lfir ao had ben
nt am
j', :l.erre de' ho

ut r ocy. Everers peaT wIR'

S' But, aince Tenalis *ig .sWt a
i BSure it.," the a -MttB-o
an dno .[ to
Sanncement a. *?
Hunt and d
Swill not know of *
terred upon them t
fog m days. p o
eat's Icy 1opes toward ata0=_
Sdo, the. esapital t -pl." .

x ISiure Sigms osoffo

UM,- S

th otl

-te -
of carbdra and

eand, n M
es to r'but the baby" te

on ak.a. e fmla P
City West to alpaiso

be e ge. uet a1e

;a dw town
rlp= .el".'n w_, ....
of "-Able-" W m i

aitv eaiewas Ths t
J^Z "fl1--r diWr A"


et -ma wiolas,
UM^^wilK b b
trU *nn to U ~
MNO-d M. W r^*!^SE

i '" ^ -~

Ig, rj1

-4S. *~

I,- -.
.4.~ *'-~~
.... ,,.

J '^*
-. .- f.A7
'^.... ; ; "s ".. i

r*"" -'*T \.
.. ^
' v
** ** (*
||L _-

j.1 T J


Hove proved
they ore the

SEE ,u,' Pepa'er
12 months guarantee

- '

- I






i --

I. &a'

. .. .= -. .; '.. ,_

,o, nrsp i m' O

To Cnntrai .aer
T- e

-; TW., '.: i mp, -, .I .-

50 Chrisfian Scietists

At Anu"aoI Boston Meeting

TOW Jut-e I Te prac- Oilbraltar, and other points.
tical value of spiritual under- More than 400 civilian workers
standing in daily life was the are ministerinR to hospitalized
eynote as more than 7,500 veterans and members o tte
; -ientists from armed forces. Fourteen (Trs-
thrrioutthe world met today tian Science chaplain -three
or the Anul Meeting of The of them Ion Kr are on
Mdgther. Intih. Tle rat aetyive duty witt troo s.
Chutch of Christ, Slientist, In Offiials aMnounce that 34
Re MnaWb husetts, Inew brakes, u of The Mother
c hurelrWnt os blushed dbrif
U1A 'p. meuse from Thel th P. ". branch
Chris f. Di--.o = -63__of DiSe
* ctod l th e ga g rtn t th .eerlands and
pot Only sr g n OEW Y. and
challenges. bti 4 ieldig In- l lctures toured miany
ekeaainglys to the Impat of arts of th world Including
spritul enlightenment. Korea. .
.. New tranlations of certain of
Thog M1000 Ot 'livin of the writings of Mary Eddy Bak-
.ur ~ th r-- o /ert, the Dimverer ahd Founder
-n T W andb ob f ChristiaS Scien into
t^S #. S Sw edishm Dutch. OGreek andRs-
N3ame Pe slaenl of The i under her WilL who
W ot h* a Ch orB.eported a year o ota
reo v_,,. I rs..e.Fe t. md- M
jthe I M ,ralo' OR. "'d I .
minato4 amo, '. "ior 50"'I
w erm ofroc lfe is fr one e IHU
.I,- .e '1 SImufta Io s
AMmM mnhi I J t

-~ y


jisb .*. t

the beaunn power" of pur

of tW diomnaton,
G ot -the ulte. "tats and 42,1
Se otlias.


-r Is lblsn


(UPWMeW York ocalite John
Reid To1phg and Jande Lou
Dixgso,Uf bunedie hla., have
appnlied for marriage license.
?topptgw~ e his resl-
deuce as BeUeair, Fa., was dl'
vorded here F 7ry from Mrs.
Beferly rt Topping of tWew
i York. ,
ToPp4'1 bride to be wa list-
ed In tv *idt rto- g as Mrs.U
Dtxon t Park Cire South,
Duned. aw'&er Florida law
they mut wat three days be-
fore the ceremony sto performed.
o weddig o as were an-
CIreublt Ju4eeb. -L. Dayton,
J, gMaae i.Bl diVorce to
Topi-Mbut ordered tfstimoy
and dtails of a property st-
tlemet inaled.
Toppng filed suit My 2
apIUermeme a 0tif Mw.r They
re' =' e



FF ..ANDL.Re.ScoT .
S ,sadiA=IlisUm
tSM I> >a aL- a

Paraleling In many dramatic
ectZ a front-pae story that
ald the attention of milonas of
Sleaze g long ago, "The
tch-Hl .O. M to the Oen-
ral Theater ald one of
e season's outanisuspense
Films. Directed by Ida Lupino,
follywood's foremost woman dl-
metor, and boistlng a superlative

06ve. uhOgl u hostages by a
I-Oy iteh-huier as he at-
ims i frmthe law in
a asLas t oo. Their
a ttm offeo -his capture
at Mt. t yof his un
barni ag hs estimation
and their ceta deth Is said to
rd age-of-the-seat en-

O'riean, Fra LoveJoy and W- OKmod O'Brien 4nd Frank
l1am Ta th ilmakers LWj are asta two men on
Production for KO Radio com- f n expedition into Mexico
bines strongly emotional drama who pA*k p a strater stranded
with outdoor action.1 on the Noghway, only to discover
that their -eauqw aa amurder-
0The Hith-Hiker" depicts the or with a P n and a gun
nightmarish adventure exp n his hand. WUM a Talman,
rienced by two peace-lovin citd who arer ha been rising
zeAs who ddeyf d em- steadily sA mu his por-
w e 1 +-" ...trayals of tU,7oun" police offt-
_. cer In "Te Racket" and the Air
App Manrce Colonel in "On M inute to
nI ..... Zero." appears as "the mnaniatal
CHICAGO (U When killer. Therole Is said to be as
Mark A. Brown, who tradition- fascinatlu a characterisation of
ally hands out tWPto em- evil as R ard Wldmfk'R por-
ployes of the Batl Trust and trayal in "Klas of Death." Jose
Savings Bank each Christmas, Tovay popular Mexicfa charac-
celebrated his 25th anniversary t star, heads the supporting
with the firh, he received greet- ast, in d.k pes"eN In addition to directing "The
ed him wth a ,ld 4Vpit stick' Hitch-Hiker," Ida Lupino wrote
Pn., crystal pp*W -aPd paper-ithe atory for the screen in col-
weight, and ap s e of greeting. Iboratlon with Col Young,
cards In the Ahape of an apple, who produced the picture.



-Fw I a t m uo

....R* h~m M Te UubS
in'aIefl I Y-&.V.. '
-.- I V Hmw -


(Air-Condltioned) PRBBNMT8:

St Time I
rock'ss best
- ess"


Pre-Rielem be
Tr-~uU~.k~ *


^ nmi m wMInIMaME

For 4iOOfJu*

Donations of $5 or more from
some 26 fr and Individuals
have been received by Commit-
tee Chairman mn t emer to-
ward the expen ses the Pacific
Side 4th of July celebmttmn.
Contributions so far total $737.-
S0 and the amount needed by the
committee is s $340.
The following contrlbutons
have come In:
Lt. Gov. H. 0. Panon, $10.00;
Consolidated Trans portat on
Service, Ine, $25; B. 0. Worley,
$7.50: The National City ank of
New York, $25; The Chau Na-
York, Balboa, *25; H. L Roma
Company, $10; Colpan Motors,
Inc.. $a; Compania Panamena
de Fueria y Luz, $100; Crede H.
Calhoun, The New York Times,
$5; Panama Auto, SA., $15; Vi-
llanueva'and Tejeira, Ca. Ltda.,
$20; Es a Standard Oil, 8.A., $25;
tional Bank of the City of New
Payne and Wardlaw, 60; Union
Oil Company of California, $25;
Diers and Ullrich. (donation In
merchandise); Transprtes Bax-
ter, 8.a, $5 Ca. ervfcfos Elec-
tricos, SA., 10; CIa. de Produc-
too de Arelas. 8SA., (donation In
merchandise); The Gibraltar
Life Insurance Company of
America, $15; Macco-PSapacilfc,
Inc., $25; T. Gabriel Duque, $25;
E. V. Trott, $5; Cas Gill. $10;
The Balboa Gun Club, (6; Fra-
morco, Inc., $100; Internatlonal
Business, Machines Corporation,
$25; CIa. Panamefta de Aceites,
SA., $25 and Cerveceria Naclo-
nal, 8A., $100.
Carried Torch The Far
Twenty-year-old Sidney Beyman
was fined $50 in the Miami Beach
city court after the only excuse
he could give for turning In a
false alarm was that he was "up-
set over a girL*



WNWal tho



[Panama Can teawtrr -
8 ALB 0 A Cls" e wa.o aberaSTANWCK
Ar-CMomo s1,T I A N I ."
0:11 I 5:15 Tusy. "ANGOL rACrE"
DIABLO HTS. PaulKn muD m ha DW
,*: ,,, I, Teodmeolor tm sy t DArW Ia C

GAT UN <**,w
Tusiar "3is eR W fg

AIr-CoemdUlf i
6:15 & 5:31

thMl MI ANm. Dom1 W'CONXm
"Call Me Modom" Technicolort
fTuaef "aLACUMMasD T"M ,UAW



Alec iltume-., I.
Plus: The world's mast bemutifl grl
*"MIS Universeof 1X Cemesti


1:19. 3::7. ":K4. u84 .
Week-end Attraction!
A Wonderful Ptutel.
in -

who see the Movie "JEOP-
day 7:00 9:0 p.m.
Girls... put yourself in..... 's
place. What would you do If
faced with the same problem?
Write to Auto-Cine P. 0. Box
1272. PanamA, Rep. Pma. and
giving your opinion. Limit
your letters to 250 words maxi-
mum and enclose your ticket
stub from Auto-Cine. The
writer of the best letter will
receive FREE a pass 'for a
whole month for herself and
famly to the Auto-ine. This
prIt is worth over 50.00 in
|R A movie going. You can't
Wfford to miss THIS CHANCE.




Sbwn: IM and 9- W*AL

with -

and Ralph Meeker

SThe Moat Glorlo, Musical Spectacle ...I
with 3 FPINZAI- htr PTIM
with Mftdi GATOM Scea RAT

Air ConJim_
Paul Henreld Margaret
Field, in
Dane Clark Simone
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Milwaukee Sweeps Twinbill 6.6 g Amorio Totes 128, And n. "

From Third Place Phillies Nips Rodd in Sretch r g ''

Teams W L Pet. The Stud Bmta llaY'i a-
NE WYORK, June 8 (UP) Somebody but the Milwaukee 30 15 Pt. yer-d chd~
Brooklyn 31 16. orouhbd
Dodgers better get into the act or there could be a Philadelphia 24 18 .1 tern roirtlred.o Th
Milwaukee walk-away to match the. Yankee, run- st. Louis 24 21 .538 theJlan oo tr l e
New York 23 22 .511 .1 lo iw hip by allowing MaIu g odu
away in he major league pennant races. cincinnati 17 26 .395 15 unds then outtlaehed the
Pittsburgh 16 32 .333 AniDoAngulsola star In a
The Braves were back in first Tigers lost the first 13 games Chicago 14 29 .3260 thrilling stretch battle
place today, seven percentage they played. b p a Ie In the l at strsil a hou oe
points ahead of Brooklyn. after TODAY'S GAMES 1 2o m hNa lonal" t Clasi
wice smiting the third place Lefty Johnny Antonelli pitched St. Louis at Pittsburgh (N) ove h distance of one-mdle-und-
twice smiting the third place Lefty Johnnyw
Phillies, 6-0 and 5-3. on a corn- a slick five-hitter for his sixth Cincinnati at Brooklyn (Ne a
effecivep iwChincag at ilaelwhia oo onke-mle-and lman -e
bination of timely home runs and victory and Sid Gordon, Andy Milwaukee at New York nAgs Agd rre rode the winner m
effective pitching. They now Pafko, Ed Mathews and Ebba St. Chicago at Philadelphia Br the e ate and
have won five out of seven on Claire hit Milwaukee homers. ul Road. T heo nlh thmea a
their current eastern road stand, Mathews' was his 16th, putting Y ..R U -in the race w a 460 the Canal ia
two out of three from Brooklyn him one behind Roy Campanella ESTERDAY'S RESULTS) r
and three out of four from the of Brooklyn for themajor leagueFirst Game t uhout. t, b
Piladeleahia301011000000- 51throughout yew.bu
phils. lead. Milwaukee 301 011 000-6 8 1 k it was Min Road won't be hCder
evenPhiladelphia 000 000 000-0 5 1 ith r cond and Bende- s return
The Dodgers lost round, even In the second game, after a Antonelli (5-1) and St. Claire. g th Am orlo second an issuene-s lretu-rn
|The ;.| though they won, 10-1, from the homer by Willie Jones put Philly Ridzik (2-1), Hansen, Peterson, or he
Iinetronte2-,rtheBrt e pace for the two- ir
fourth place Cardinals in a sin- in front 2-0, the Braves counter- Konstanty and Lopata.e longs then A ulled
gle game, and the fifthplace O ii- ed with a two-run homer by G nOe uros to aDionresedt of o the R lo ws n in li ve
ants skidded badly by dropping pinch-hitter George Crowe anda Second Ga me A NOSE Ricafdo under a u4rty a bli tearing d.wt in
10-5 and 5-2 decisions to the last basesempty blast by Johnny Lo- Milwaukee 000 001 310-5 12 13 p erfectoride by Jo keyBias Agu rre, Just o-rd tlupin ht ,- rpdthwAnt lt d acea th0 3
place Cubs. Cincinnati won two as Bob Buh gained the vic- Philadelphia 000 020 010-3 8 1 'to nip former track champion Main 1, also expertly irdd ai by Pawmn l t n hand. e ni. asoe h iM h
rom Pttsburgh, 6-1 and 11the -6 totory in relief. It was his fourth. ddle,Buh (4-2), Burdette Jose Bravo, the thrilling Hpodro aona.claerdy se in t l y the a a
extend its winning streak to four Carl Erskine pitched four hit and Cooper. Kipper (0-1), afternoon at. Juan France.time Main Road led by two ing up'-tu1allakt""
game itslongest ofme, the year ball and the rookscollect. ed15 Drews, Konstanty and Burgess. h lin nd er ln. .
e n ue where Cards who now have lost five St. Louis 000 001 000- 1 4 3 horse

B7-2. Cleveland more or less kept First Game Mai Rod dgradua otil eel lya m lrosnt of#foudh' i L ou fghtl io t
pact takes a fan with a shrrap in a row and eight of their last Brooklyn 010 03-10 15 edountil eh u rin fo we th r w th
ory to recallwhenthe Yankees ig. GllHodges hit seventh Staley (7-2), Clark, Erautt I\ i1IIIn etuntlB thy..f a ot whenshres hn Cart eo a

last lost a game the New York- homer and every Dodger start- aNew Yo rk 200 000 300- 5 11 0 Wilfredo Brown, Isthmn twicewhie I t l e In tn the first two roundsofoh en thtrig ri shewi th

while Washington crushed Chi- Garagiola. Jansen (5-5), Corwin, -night became the second local t Pe but was on the receding and rid gained i nch by Inch o, acirei to het1 verd eo Dick fedon anT a t Z I.
er mcadgo 16-2. thet 11 n a row by t er got at least one hit. a iller Kenne Ca Connela. lly and boxer to hand a defeat onfroxingtoDick Dfd her a
ling the Browns twice, 9-2 and Robinson collected three. Fi rstG am ea inad sridusooe loste" uExertC t

2. Cleveland more or less kept Firs Gme -N |\A\ea da gotB B: *l |-
pacen5s eames ay by..1g* Chicago 001 140 112-10 15 2 --- O p-----uound Until he head margin of fought it out right down to the

asbonly a half length tu for wire, 0 00 0- both fired 1- w Pith -
feat Philadelphia, 8-4 and 4-3. -" Hacker (2-9), Leonard and lightweight champion, last ,their eight round seln bat- homestretch duel in which Ala- lace on the basis o a higher

chileWashion crushe ds lstedCag Jansen 5- 5 in gt e Athescn d localtebu on the reeiin ndHa Thb gained Wnch by Ii 1
equalled tie longest losing streak Noble. Yvars, alderone. mer lightweight king Young SIX rounds. However Samuels by hal a head. he 100 yard match with a 400
in a row to Boston, 4-1. The 1920 Second Game unanimous decision before 3,000 voted a draw. eJu e l The time for the race was an bla with 31 xbl, and tired wo a oJo o te l. t ear .

two homers as a Culb to set the (Called end of seven innings). bullring. about the extent of hi per worsened by te a few holes d 0 meter. other were oy 0 m-
mn pace for the first victory in which Jones, Lown (2-1) and Mc- Fnnegan, 140, took it easy tore. He was entye d a t the The Radio workers' L was clashed as a Mark. th no ba
Dee Fondy got a 470-foot inside- Cullough. Koslo (0-5), Corwin, In the first four rounds while end needs to earn plenty ore wat won by newolnerMy La fl and took aeesnd s hais an shooters
the park homer and Eddie Mk- Wilhelm sen, Hller and Brown, 138, steadily piled up before he can hope f, steadily piled up beforerom post-to-pot under the Cla two matches as wll as can ta pride
It Tt hi also hit one. a i Noble, Yvars. points in workmanlike fashion. successfully against the est adanee of newcomer Chilean a second overall in the.S et,
Sscorelessnnings of relief helpFirst Game opened up he still found himself yron Cuberbath,whoub- resident of the Rdo Work. reet

wa teptritth dinfour froheam Dtch e onard was theagnghee oe sea htrsh is o" rt a ?:::: S
from Dutch Leonard, was relief he Cincinnati 002 100 018- 13 0 on the receiving end that's the stituted or Beau Jack II, and union, resented My Dear' lot in the brone ag- the
victor. Turk Lawn picked up the Pittsburgh 000 000 001-1 9 1 way it continued right to the Vicente Santiago battled to a owner ih a hiver tro and tew taken by Cody S- efeV, butes
second game victory in a relief PodbiSchultan (-34), Bowman, DSeinickson finish.thrllng draw that hadth ockeyCrut was a known as a
Iu Of or 0 J sroretn baseh o fair Schult (0-3), Bowman, Dicksonn d fans on their f 8most of the g4ld m edal of the Unionn elt Crisbal itor f
Sshortened becausen-nnin a o f darkness.fair and Atwell. There was little toe-to-toe ie and yelling themsel Aurelo Mn, ardently co Club team. les exact.
at PitttsbnedurehausC in darat 0056 0 052-116 21 local Brswn h dea rt- hoarse. Cumberbc a e i"g. out of a proo. nin tIW )Earksinp. Clam, ,and be- iIias on Batutd. keljan Ie
SCincinnati pounded out 29 hits Second Game edge over the one-time %oss" al Charisnj beet b Id tInput th ay' pdindu his fth lc anai t on
in Its two triumphs at Pittsburgh lt n ot In hispbosthip P was theuo day's ^leMfc "rv aides, his nm 21h^^A iiiH"i6
oThe touring n theJamaic ane girl'st incl udingt13 in theOpenerd Pittsburgh 000 001 500- 6 8 1 ment. On this writer's scorecard, Santiago, 121, recelvei a ,n n MWIPanchita. ,IMgh'Zii Cd H.
softball stars try for their first' Bud Podbielan breezed to his Nuxhall (3-2), King, Perkows- Brown won six rounds, Finne- deep gash over himnose brid- Marksman i DUIJU .._.
victory when they meet the At- four k and Landrith. indell (2-7), g un two and two were even. an the cwt bled W nln W iguntil the H,
lIantic All Stars, tonight, at 7:30 pitcher Joe Nuxhall hit a, three-gei te, Afl bn ithefVt je *
at Mount Hope. ther Te Friend, FaCe, Schultz and Sand- There were no knockdowns finish. This left h boer of the eal was the meati Md e. ble taff o ll.
at Mount Hope. runohomer and Ted Kluszewskidlock.tmwhB owon the cnesnoudDIeadrs tlan6te
Playing under the lights for blasted his n 15th to us pace the O alough Brown once hit the bathed b1n blood. Both ,intld s of-is L add maeeh, which did a
the first time, the Jamaicans Ohioans in the second game. canvas when e t balance a uberbath appe the
the Aa tic Sr s I nnh Teu Y ees cshe te lh LEAGUE and received a light, tap. The be on the verge of a knockout 4 1a
o ite Atweek althoughrs the hey Brown ith s righ tI his Teams W L Pet. most solid blows were landed by soyeral times, only to suddenly wasn beib' e othe
aopenst ther Alemn, J. ouf thot featu New York 34 11 .756 Finnegan but they were few and1uesM D Turnching with furin MV a evrio u t- o

Sopenerllasteaweek aotough)theyinninB.Thl
dropped a 14-13 deciion. They broke loose from a 2-2 tie Cleveland 28 16 .636 far between. The best punch of the be r botit o f the evenedg. idine o Iu o, IIFeo e W -
The visitors rang up a eom- In the opener with five runs in Washington 27 22 .551 the bout was a solid right hand e0 P*heo, r lcd e iTs J grlt 'a
handing 11 to 4 lead which the seventh when Yogi Berra de- Chicago 26 23 .31to thejaw of Brown bY ne Carlos oGarden, 11'%, lao the i nd 0ho e 1 wl
evaporated when the local girls livered a grand slam pinch-ham- Boston 25 23 .521 tan which did not even stagger fought ebyach n other istend- ,r e lGm.) t .he uTd pe a,
exploded for eight runs in the er. Billy Martin and Gil MceDou- Philadelphia 21 28 .429 Wilfredo. ty r l i aa I I ,
ith a few m may'al c on eald also homered and the St.. Louis 19 30 .38 The semifinal produced more The contilest awoundoutn e draw.0 hg the i ha-. 11i-=oIn
With anrfewmoreteday'scon-tBrowns got a pair from Jim Detroit 10 37 .213 thrills than the feature. New- Theconest... ....... dmw lat hunguptheT
dtloning under their belts the Dyck. I n thoe second game the w F coGer Luls aamuels, 139, dro- as i
visitors are favorites to cop to- Yankees scored seven runs in the ped Wilfredo Brewster, 143%~, Along The FAi a w
night's tilt. Laverne Connolly, sixth, Gene Woodling's two-run TODAY'S GAMES 0 mt Fah In thb.AuSn ,.D .. 6 E
sthe Jamacanrspeedbalmacewill single andMickey.Mantle's two- Boston at Detroitw oA"atL Cae .- -
oppose Mary DeLeon, the best run double being the big blows. No other games scheduled. G 'A Drt wheh t l.
pitcher on the Gold Coast. Yankee lefty aces Ed. Lopat in o h2n t- hGAdAuDY overn an lunrho. "
After tonight, the Jamaicans the opener and Whitev Ford InIan YESTERDAY'Sd01"0 RESULTS eIoemseh aouloriA llat ve.It T
will prepare for tthacif the second vaee. e, achhalkd First Game rcurto hemr $weekly- .......r....... 1680 I t I
Side debut, Thursdayonightl So Te naome. ha Game pAso niaton hold their.weeklytSUP tndBapsn flaarc .........t o. g1ad to the8f ain wa
ut i their sixth straight triumphs New York 100 001 502-9 15 1 To apnndieTeDa l TournamentoBus- 1e teih In 7 ... a..ft 1bed an
against the Aleman, Jr. outfit, without a defeat. St. Louis 01 010 000-2 6 0 drarJe 6w doG Awhene .mUMOn- a
The central section l.a of the a n Ltlfil D(4-0000Wedto, Paueluhrth Trim who turned In r U eq12 ofn1 T6 r-Ofstheyal took thsee touTe ha
Balboa Stadium will be a re-, and Moss. low gross aoe. amt2uen nGrego- fans In 1maidp101mtw other, Alb
served section with seats atn 50 ry low net, eao_ en Game r s re- I no-el..
purchased at the Balboa ta- New York 000 007 00- 12 d o nThe offers plailg the U ours hores atThe" w ,

himhfrom 4 Ph(.M). to 6 P.MWl. to- nomOrn-ooo e h oubo
morrow, Wednesday, or Thurs- Ford (6-0W, Reynolds and Si- ry, Ruth Harr PU, e Ppn- werevped by bul s in s lgub. 1. i. l .......................
day, or at game time. Box seatsI vera, Berra. Brecheen 11-7P, Six optimstic teams are ready tio M r lig h thoug.
at 75 cents each may also Bob Feller gave the A's 4-0 Trucks, Stuart and Moss. and set for the take-off signal Wles, M lyn Meercher,.........
the Atlantic Basketball The dividend: ...........
and Eddie Joo. but Cleveland Phila 100 00 000-4 6 quintets will swing into action It was decided at the meet- FIST N .. .....M.S
run rally that featured Wally Martin, Scheib .1-41,.-aI.o- I in the scheduled opening d aen a dt fel t sto -nibeler...........t
Westlake's two-run double "and vich and Astroth" Fel ert2-31 ble-header.h meant, so doa'te elf t tor.a- 2.V...a.s..I 4J AN ,.1
homers by Bill Glynn and Joe and Tipton. For the opening game of the bring a promsd, SI*O 11".........-
YOUR HEARING :Tiptonto give him enough mar- S night and season, the loop has econ4d".a.e
Lin for this second victory-a nih ndsaoetondtadGsamet scheduledtwo..teamswithcha......inMt in$
as vidul six-hitter. In the second game, Phil&.. 000 003 000-3 9 1 plshps to defend.a Fsth hand Tet f
Just as your fing relief pitcher Dave Hoskins gain- Cleveland 001s050 foremost i the Naval taon m it Hills
ir med the decision when Cleveland Bishop (3-3), Fricano. Fano- quintet, winners of the regular ship Tournament ex- .aft
prints differ f r o m put over three runs. two unearn- vlch and AstrotIh Wynn. Hos- 1952 scheduled season who will -u&mte ,uvla ..

of the Cabs, who hit homers raso. f.ns a chance to lookoal

'12 U lb~TU rS T -a -,II n. UnlIzilke mast previous seasons

FU it NI I UR E when slow easy workouts seemed CHAMKPIFLIO .
In 2 seconds, Mexasna's to rule pre-season preparation, P. M. TrimLr.H
mdiaticaion dngcibto all the teams realize that a G. H. Pescod vs 1. Lsa
F 0 R skin--ivu &ast li. mIslow start this year could spell W. I. Jamleson vs e0WP
Its special Amylm early defeat. Nightl3 workouts N. R. Cobb vs L ,L V616
miispeu'.sootb.- and the three Navy tealt's par- F. E. W. Smith vs .
Bedroom, Diningroom, Livinroom y tcpation In the .YMCA league,
SIMPORTED AND NATIONAL tmd has succeeded in putting all atix C. M. Westh rs YaM
IMPORTED AND NATIONAL teams in mld-season form N. J. Lewter vs W. A.
which should guarantee the H. Tettenbn EL -
Only finest selected dried mahogany used. fhins to basketball 'right rth H. Tettbun I
Choose your own styles and colors t hesta. the r o-
.Margarita gym wlH be the Cow
S PAYMENT PLAN TO SUIT CUSTOMER scene of action for all games, Phil Wbt i e W e
-, .and the first game gets under- H. Colbert We
WDIO Cay at 7 p.m. sharp. Popular J. M. ELK nedy
admission prices are being Nells
charged again this year: 25 A.
7110 ivar Avenue Col6n 40 cents for adults, I1 cents for A.V
7 Bolivar Avenue Co6n 40 hi school student W nd "tO D. J. *
-_m P -5 I. C.W cep, 1W 1den. ... *F -v. M. ......

iiiibi~~btaik' _._..._..~ .__

. -


editing ,Miwaukee's Entbusu

7 -ept .tching Depth Y..I..h.. Have Another Left- Mande

Sps Gamm Igln ti ghamtonI Better Than Ford-
Pe' ,nt Bug Inwhich he banked Albany,r

.3-0.theSenators loaded the l h
ntN at 11ei.e. Sol u N w two batters. In the ninth with occasionally throw
Sy am ma4 trume hitter. guessing and ofg f balance

,..', I, Putter Swings Life Pendulum

W '. oq il, .bfei tiee seeas d w arTwent -el toathof series

.o e of league, bptl h s toL
W inning da t t ck low to the ground and
roloebed l er keep I there throughout the t
Brook Yinms Putteroke
A U.irht im the n ludafwite' tta.. -aR
sI uIM .t. ,.of.1 t ,s am. Tey tok t ewo et The length of.the backwinl
-,,l*tdl t e hn St. tLn, ,. .* it ei determined by the length of
o n .-a M le spirit o entag athe putt, how hard you need to
A fot In t h s Grlmm. "My eyel can't t ArdAl it i orn- stroke the ba ll.
,o. t over It ad ca wait to get te the The putter performs like a
i i b u NU a he tore the lm a pi t ttle Brave'e r .S long p utt, there is i
iUSiS5 1h8 1Sgt fore th ing depth, long ball, speed ite m l ok s1_ntle. 1hst not mUch Wri~t action. "
tin yeah Ial 'he toe them t defeat. .semadn otniele rt l w e mark yoThe fellw througrins as tm-
oaflib. m noeut lpeaf K a flv-6. khsah 'mo The body and head do not

*PUZOP.pted club that
ehheadugoutnn 6ln hippa roadth hoebnlSnocla. oB, trofo b, i. the gronun isa ddtmohtve

IcE pll *a Smade d sbmeThrew e handled us faor l h d- Strike the ball firmly. it
was .l M bai t5 tie Pot lg w the bI g Sl aed should be hit on the upo wng
Otm A aght aon the ri .n In BAmton's NaEso to' .at the center of. or sl htly a-
,Ptlor d f11 ov aceOtlpah- Steve Kraly i head foe bore center, ot 14 ai This
.- puetI. In qr obr -Yankee Stadfum. (NA) assures overspin, mJakin the
5*st. Psal CUA t T'a. ThW ptohas b ren ton- ,.lee *.hZn ball travel low, to the ground,
e, ers, he was' fmlkl~veu n erW e ,*ur, Wa h eal -ightOut. bi re ga 'Triplet, pace that he Is almost preves it. hQpp I and throw-
-tadr twat rit *s, -Rd a clnoh to better Whteyu's rec- in the, shot oa e.
c ar efo d oto hiI s, two of ora and"- erh becoSie the Aproach the ball from be-
B dL D l e ., h tho, r first 3 r S tr .tdy the grain and slope.
o n **ag "ty. lpr actc -eg- W qeR" bgreeMn poses
d u '. a"JT th e o runger d ere and aB.l pllo11 rtun. briL l him utp before the sea- downward to ward the right atim L as 9m-'*
"o'thed Y gft t rtuck ot 58 .i WO s ends. slightly t he left. The de aline fe asm it
t ot ta 30 omwill rr the The ame o e il
sa hetr thqre to arry tb 3 wohe, aveage of 1. 1 anke Alle Reynolds holds course, ape in the o e
-put on -,It other I- tt. ad Do -eaten every -1" in thel t the Aloop'p sintout mrk (11). directlon Hit the b11 easer on
who.-I- hiutouble-he igln p-dp th,"e at least neeabt Shnee- a Kr.le %ave s.i In the fIrst a downbhll p~t for the simplee
-, ... 1NO ne, luh- teady, whom the triplets hidt six wee reason tho the bail will roll .
S .... e played. _The o te-gaa victory fabter. You y uad be o lIttle
I.Soe Kraly Is t of tl stn s set at 17, compIled by bolder with the stroke to help .
.pu-t hi. p run -a-p A nd. Ti of Sranton i the ball uhill.
.;IheI .Iat folTh e.e J .on.e Ahngtt h terrific? tfr segsea-- Putting With the grain, the
t.a, @ .lltl ... "I'll be:t .h' .de The OUO7t to?. 2t, ly George of York in ball moves along easily. Against
Woaa ie,i nt h e Kaly has 19 tOti with the grain, the ball Is retarded.
'g g coeh for more tht Uree mOnths of the The coldt of the pas tells
,-to ,. Wilt h tM te last s season left. IYu which wat grain grows.
Work qt g-The edy-been y. -eGoing assrs t tr pi an, gthe
I M 'he w Oe IAsn rl sn't a thing that es ly grass eit' lks l i darker.=
a ata ta" t _n ~.. le"".. b'ttdd.b t ood hitter tor Goingths h tLea. i

by- jaw I0 eAsk mMan d thWar-stwoofr ad th n eham s it tb ecoat fis you' eah thwab
g' .t1 lett -g Apraalh- etalfombre ..f t

.-Mea ...odhir Wooandfi obstgb 'nde fire.n Kralys and shouldtegrainandsope

.1- "eet 'eml a s-
ILL a" Youn .....R I record "s.
tthe InoVOW).ae the IVaIf th x* been out ohere see trrllW CA

at re wvi ', cN ".
I#"e. retoswctary*oon M

ore rI I _nth--'"

,-Ol".i id.~. ca (

a btt bola on. Sa US...a
SwmbP w-" dtvo wi "new clr"
,.,. USE- r ounstdene mC A used

af lowest "tosie. 's
.b..t rpt p .r Is e a 7i by

*** ,"tEI" ***h
ofmthe Kral -WS

we.W Jg-e uuthdth egri.t e
I- UoY n m n easily. A
besis'ts;, are

LhOW#A shPeS *be qu


~ ..~ L -. TH.EPSiOIIES 3lWI3- 2"1O36
"' .... .-. '
.m, +: ,+:.~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~-.ol.d-:/' .dm m zna
, ,top,

'-a :,

- ...'. *~A'EL~ .~. -.

_* -., .^ *'*., _.y,,


""I. .


US Clamps Lid

On Shipping

To Red China

-The government struck a
new blow at East-West trade
today by barring most foreign
ships and planes bound for
Red China from fueling at U.
S. ports.
The action followed release
by the Senate permanent in-
vestigation subcommittee of a
list of 162 free-world vessels
said to have made 264 trips to
Communist China this year. It
has not learned whether' any
of them took on fuel in this

Under the new export con-
trol regulation issued by the
Commerce Department, China-
bound ships will be refused
fuel at U. S. ports unless they
have advance approval.
"Applications for such ap-
proval will not generally be
granted," assistant Secretary
Samuel W. Anderson said.
The move apparently re-
flected a firmer administra-
tion policy toward Western
trade with Iron Curtain coun-
tries, particularly the Chi-
The subcommittee headed by
Sen. Joseph R. McCarthy R.-
Wis. has for some time been
pressing for tighter controls on
all such shipping. Some admin-
istration officials, ho we ve r,
have taken the position that
non-strategic East-West trade
should be permitted as long
as it Is advantageous to the
free world.
A license to obtain fuel at
U. S. ports will be required of
ships and planes that:
1. Have called at "any point
under Far Eastern Communist
control since Jan. 1, 1953."
2. Are bound "for any such
Ipint within a period of 120
days in the case of a vessel or
30 days in the case of an air-
craft from the date of depar-
ture from the last United
States point of exit."
3. Carry "any commodities of
any origin within these pe-
riods known by the owner, mas-
ter, commander, charterer or
agent to be destined directly or
Indirectly to these points un-
lass the commodities are cov-
ered by an export license..."
4. Are "registered in, or un-
der charter to a Soviet bloc
country or under charter to a
national of any Soviet block

Ourler Million

Panamnanians Gel

Tubercufln Test
Nearly a quarter of a million
people have been tuberculin
tested in Panama. and 138.147
have received the BCO vaccine
against tuberculosis, as part of
the health program being car-
ried out by the Ministry of
Public Health with the coopera-
tion of the Point Four Pro-
gram, It was announced today.
The vaccination program
against tuberculosis is part of
the agreement signed between
the governments of the Republic
of Panama and the United
States under the Point Four
Program to create the Ser-
vicio Cooperativo Interamerica-
no de Salud Pilblica (SCISP),
Which is giving technical as-
alstance to various dependencies
of the Ministry of Public Health
ip sanitary engineering. nurse
education, social welfare, health
education and hospital adminis-
During the month of May, the
Vaccination teams finished tu-
berculin testing the people of
the Province of Veraguas where
106,998 persons received the tu-
berculin te t. and M' 1A Iw. w

svaeruim Ls ano a UltAdbw ere
Vaccinated with BSG.
The campaign has already
covered the Provinces of Chli-
lriul. Veraguas. Herrera. Los
Santos, the San Bias Islands,
V d part of the provinces of
Panama and Colon, since it was
started 17 months ago.

S Consider Easing
Divorce Statutes
MONTREAL. N. C., June 8 -
(UP) The Southern Presbyterian
Church considered changing Its
tules today to permit divorce
Sfor "gross and persistent" spir-
Itual infidelity as well as for
A committee approved the
o ladening of the church's dl-
R.ce and remarriage statues.
.J present, only adultery and
ful desertion are recognized
Mroands for divorce.
change, If approved by
church's general assembly
d be submitted to the
utch's 85 presbyteries.
lheS amendment also would
Ministers more discretion
decidingg whether divorced
could be remarried with
aot he chuiah..




Launches All-Oiut

To Turn Out


-... .. ..-

WASHINGTOi N, June 8 (UP) 12 monnts beginning July_ gr uun a i ,uL o a uuruM wuar ,w
- The Atomic Energy Commis- Dean said more than $200,000,- previous funds already are be- an
sion has :Punched an all-out 000 will go for projects "as- ng filled. Fields' description of pu
program to produce hydrogen sociated in one way or another these sites and their locatils
bombs and is making atomic with our thermonuclear hydro- was deleted from his teotinoky ID
weapons so fast it needs more gen objectives." before it was released for se- lo0
space to store them, it was re- Brig. Gen. K. E. Fields, dl- curity reasons. 1 .J
vealed today, rector of the commission's di- Dean confirmed earlier te- 19
Chairman Gordon Dean told vision of military application, ports that the Defnse.Depart- co
a House appropriations sub- Mid the request includes more ment and the commintssn have bee
committee May 19 that parts of than $30,000,000 for new atomic postponed plans to develop aM urs
the vast Savannah River, S. C., weapons storage sites, atomic-powered airplane and aht mo
facility, first plant built for He said super-secret, under- atomic-powered aircraft carrier..
large-scale production of hydro-
gen bomb materials, have start-
ed operations.
In testimony released today WilSon AF Budget Slash
he said "some of the facilities
at Savannah River are now in' S o I
operation and others will be A i f J- Ob
starting up at frequent intervals Cl m I o |
from now on."
It was the first announcement 0 -
that the $1.500,000,000 plant has WASHINGTON, June 8 (UP) plain either why the specific
started operations. It was de- Rep. Samuel W. Yorty amount was decided upon or
signed to produce both atomic charged today that Defense what It would do to the se-
and hydrogen materials. Secretary Charles E. Wilson's urity f the United States,"
Supporting President Eisen- Air Force budget slash was an Yorty said Wilson accepted ba
shower's request for $1,096,000,- act of "rash desperation" that this "meat ax" approach at the Sw
000 for the commission for the should cost him his job in the suggestion of assistant Defense mu
Eisenhower cabinet. Secretary W. J. McNel who AM
"learned the science of airpow- co
Sal a V i The California congressman er asa newspaper circulation
Late Heal Voting and other Democrats renewed manager and a Navy disbun
their attacks on Republican ing officer" the
Seems To asure Air Force reductions as Wilson tr- t
Seems To Assure prepared to defend then, before S.a tos th
h a Senate appropriations sub- th
Sba r Vi lt f b committee tomorrow. Raio W
s e G per ctoy orty sa the Air Force cut-Ar As da I t
backs might invite Russian at- Ar C As Kaomoe n t n
ROME, ITALY. June 8 (UP).- tack on U. S. industrial cen- cei
Italy today wound up two days ters. He added that "a secre- ta T. tll e ',1 ac
of balloting in its crucial Par- tary not capable of better n be he uay Bb
alimentary elections with a spurt weighing and recognizing bad. ae Te
of heavy voting wbich"'was ex- advice should not be in a posl- Several radio stations in the t
pected to assure victory for tion to destroy American se- Republic were off the air yester- the
Previer Alcide de Gasperl and curity." day and those which continued the
his coalition. Sen. Henry M. Jackson D- broadcasting were operated bhi ng
Polls closed at 1 p.m. and elec- Wash. said Russia will be able skeleton crews while their fello yw
tlion boards immediately began to launch an "all-out atomc workers and friends celebrated
counting the ballots, attack against this country" n Radilo Workers' Day. the
To win. de Gasperl and the 1954. He said Russia has 20,000 Highlighting the radlomeda'l T
parties in his coalition must first-lne planes and 20,000 in evens of the day were a softball
chalk un 50 percent or more of reserve, giving her e U. world's g e a mototcade thr te n
the popular vote. best air force "in quantity and pin pral streets of Ptan e ar
quality." t, a reception at the pr es club re-
voters Is considered essential to Jackson said "every respon- at Juan Franco.
their victory. Yesterday's turn- siblegeneral" has agreed that The i softball ame ws played '71
out. under sodden skies, was Russia has air superiority over at the Santa Rita ball park and con
considered disappointing to the the United States. was won by the Colon team bybeub
de Gasderi chances for victory. Wilson said last week the U. the score of six to three. t
But in today's balloting voters S. Air Force is the world's Following the softball game, Com
surged to the polls, from the "strongest" and will become which preceded the motorcade, a in
Northern Alps to Sicily. .eeven more powerful under his reception was held at the press cou
First returns were expected new budget. Gen. Hoyt S. Van- pp b. Among the features at this the
at about (5 p.m. EDT). denberg, retiring Air Force chief event was the presentation of two
Today's heavy balloting fol- of staff, has called the Air n0ialse by the Radio Workers' o
Sowed warnings from govern-oForce a "second best" outfit. Uaion to Sanchez Gialn, who ceh
ment leaders and appeals from Sen. Herbert H. Lehman D- should have received the medalTo e
party leaders which pointed out NY expressed fear today that t year: and Lucho Botello,ll
that the government faced de- a truce in Korea would lead tloyear recipients of0
feat unless Sunday's 80 percent to even deeper cuts in military e National Band ofPapama ed
turnout of voters wasboosted strength. He said the admin-pr- tded Nthe mu c, the of te le
to 92 percent or more in today's station's proposals are "based str ding selection being a per- Inv
h polling noot on the realities of the si- formante of "The Hymn To Ra- gr
As the polls closed, city after tuition but on a desire to ba- dno," written especially for the
city reported that 90 percent or lance the budget and cut Radio Workers of Panama.
more of registered voters had taxes." Members of the Caribbean Tei
cast ballots.Americn Legion will be held the Congressionl Record tht ft
In Rome a vote of 91.51 per- Wilson's aides said he will t orce Network were among Me;
cent at mid-day today smashed Insist that the Air Force budget those present, together with rep- pot
the Cgion Htv's previous record, set in for fiscal 1954 still contains a resentatives of every radio sta-si
1948 when 93.9 percent turned little "fat" despite the $5,090,- tion in Panama. rec
out. At Prato 94 percent had 000,000 cutback which dropped Later in the day the Caribbean
voted at noon and Leghorn said the goal from 143 to 120 wings. Forces Network presented a spe-
90 to 93 percent of those eligible These aides said the Air cial Salute to the radio workers of
had voted up to noon. ForCe overestimated by $4,727,- Papama. featuring several well- i
000,000 the amounts it could known flures of Panama radio.
spend for new planes this fis- Afterie reception, the work-
Joint Le oncal year and flext. They said we t to Juan Franco to wit-I
this more than offsets the $3,- neaa t .running of the Radio gig
Meeting Listed 109,000,000 slash ordered by Wros'andicap. From there a alo
Wilson in plane procurement cavas went to Colon to bedPa
A Joint meeting and dinner of funds next year. eml 'tW e in that" city by theAM
Post 1 and Unit f Auxiliary of Yorty said in a statement for Col 'io workers. fro
the American Legion will e held the Congressional Record that h d h aft
tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. at the Wilson ha been "unable to m
Legion Home at Ft. Amador. rationally or accurately ex-.Cgps Find Missing

Coitns, put They're Gon

quetqs, Mich.. prison today cap.
escaped from the State Prison The
at Oregon. W as.
Officers seized Carl McKay Pi

M .h.psor last ounday.a
S -that Old fn tWo m en who escaped w O
heaio- d with five others ta rism
-sbreak at Marquette May a2.h
Irish N, tioWi list .,

OffcerssOffiz e
son N.atne S (UFa- A.I
Therw_ decriew_ a rok dwt-

_AINVOA is hers it t huto fie tolme wh. A ectpe

chil "Lark" blasting offtheNav
leaves a trail of smoke from Its boosters t P susett Nation
"bd" oft and aii- I tmlmMs ai9M p Al- --




t he said blans to construct
atomic submarine will be
shed forward.
)ean said produce of fiM-
nable materials a weapons
. increasing rantdl From
47 through 1952, he said, the
t of producing plutonium has
en cut in half mnd the cost of
inlum 235 has been cut even

ige Arms Stores

i ngRun Into

S- Sen. McCarthy
Senate investigator are
etly looking into reports that
g quantities" of arms a
pg smuggled from the United
tesor use In postble Com-
nist revolutions In South
eicalc, Informed sources dis-
)pd toiay
The Inquiry l-belng madby

ieph, M
L m hv

at the subcommittee haau bc
ormatlon nd denied bi re-
it trip to Mexico had any
L:Iect ou Iwith armA smug-

t was learned, however, th
t subcommittee ba e
t the smaggling h bas N go
on for months, a4d Pbi
q, and that many 1
al shimet jr iatod In
D g:tw e d that mvek i#
aa State through ,Ten
aIfrrivs at variosm poats for
W ent to Commun I-t

his source, whose Identity
ld not be disclosed, said tb
committee toIs concerned a-
it the possibility of early
mmunlst revolution attempt
"several" Sotuth
entries. He refused to Identify
The justice Department -
tly anpounced thb arrest
mas .of persons charged w
gally am :gg. fireare out
e countrIt was not ear-
whether els ctivtled ere
ited to he situation b g
estigated by the Senate
loCarthy, who stopped In
am on hi. way to and' raom
xico, would pot disclosehat
nts ho tlted nor confirm
at he vbIted Mexico. He also
iwai .Cuba.

C thoic Priests
istd From, CMna
ht Zuropean Cawo Mis-
naries, several of them well
t middle aem arrive heft by
p today from North China
m where they were expellm
er prison terms of up to
nhey Included -year-old
bhp of Tea; Tao, Auhn1
ert if Doenelme.
ay, and ga Ofmanurit,
1y ares fat.o 0 td 9w-
.ham uol h, n;
p auhold, 54, Dusseldort;
Whener, ,

riestey Nomed
orespon t
iDivofets -

- .I

t I

a wD


i l.' .. ., '

.1 ~'~1 ;

"I *~ .,- ~



*1' '~
4~ C

3 S -.
- *-.-' *y. ~

7'- ,. -


"Let the people know si taatn tLe eury i c rfe"n -ae Ajasiam Uncoln.
y,. *A ,. ,co ,,

- I

__ ___ _____ __ 1



-- ;r --


Big Jail Trm~.

As Red Sp$Y

W A&URNQTO YJ' e ae 8 M
Two VIennese-born. easQ3''
will be senf e In r. L
trict Court today on th6f'
of guilty to charge of
for Russia after
Kurt Ponger, 29 faces 1e -a
Imnu oentece of 20ll yA a
$10,000 for his edmusson
he conspired to ddnwve vW
U. 8. military scret to th
Soviet&, -g
Otto Verger, hitl 31-yera~i
iother-In-law, fa .a saenthe
i 10 years and l ,000 fol the
Wer8 W crime of o0aspiring to
cuecr- .lna .ateon on r. S
Army -.A Poro intelligence
and con ter-intellhence. o
a of the ee two paen
last Jauary In Vienna .a21*-
e4 an Inlnternatial spy riln
which e government sale
operate plsce 949.
Ackon.. other, charges, they
were Meet wd of.ondinMom with
Yurt ylv seond y h.
tary.of soviet mbay In
Wasbington. Their arrret
brou the Russian dlplomata
expulon from this count on
demand of the State' epat
Punger and Verber, n atuml-
ied Amerian tUnl wee
collecting 01 B l of Righb
foney for pot-w sx cheolng
lienna when they were suled
by military police, and flown
back to the United States.

tO i ...lm o".. under

de e aIoperatto .e the ,ia few
on the p i

He w es m S 3

derycausng A contr

1:17 a*J ............. 7:1 S t 1
I1; m.,.. ............"838- P

_ __ ~

.I.' ~ ~


t it billt ith as

I III A C2TJTlLTfl-nl^lLT ?,,-- 0 ITTMI

,~ r- ~ ;,

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