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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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"Le the Ipo knoew theiTruth and the country '

r Raises Thr t To Aliens

e Gefing S` Ref ire"ent

*tON. unb 4-

The Delaware republican
In a statement that "it was ne
the intention of the congi
that the "beneftt5fie extend.
anyone a waso v not an An
.can citizen."
He said "unleaihis situaU4
corrected It WiU qnp that

on a

ri.rement M l.e fienever height of fo *r the United
withheld Iro hStates gov 'at a time
When he last yelr, WI- when we meet expens-
Uams said, the man was given es to adopt -wde pension
the choice of m lfa ludip aum system at t en of the al-
ntroaetive to fty ready ove e American
the benxt *per taxpayers." W ald.

How Zo ans 'Spend It'

Balboa Heights, C. Z.
"Attach e you d my resignation to take effect July
1 5, l ft' is w lI deepest regret that do fo, but find
vr hi tt eration that I have no alternative.
the of the differential pay. tp Inereased
wil b# Impossible for me f repia* in
etI ends met. Afteote than
e t Iast 17 wth Ca-
naswta ve sapthing' toarLde home.
Idevea ee er Xaving aeM se, t the
V^ ^Hi~fl^ri~ft iiB. ~m"*'fn>T bf fldw

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Get RP
i -

Tax Docunts

Put kn River,
.; o../.-.. : .t ,-.- .

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-0 ---

Jaen Guardia

Reveals Details I

Of July 1 Shift

*",- ^ '
'" l '.
--- 0 -- .-

All of the Panamanians ta beterminated by t.i
am CaMWl as a result of the coming cha ..j
collecion, water distribution nd sewage if
am6 City and Colon will be ofteWd js wRNk i
terworks, Sewers and Street Clonimg Departmet.
TMi. policy was announced today byjfitinr El
to J*en Guardia, who will head the new.Mu u*wlM4
aent agency wkhch will take over the."ork on Ju
added that amy o1ker men who loe their Canal %W,
result of "btumpi g" by Health Bureau and Mainlwul
Division workers would also be offered employment
the new agency.
Guardian also revealed that Panama is now nejo
ing with the Canal for the purdchsa of trucks andi
equipment that has been used;in the terminal cities.1
am6 has ordered four large new trucks and will erdegW.
new equipment.

mad as to whether
a' JhUft tho- nam

arfa *Int In


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S, ........ 18 .. ..e4 o h r, hat .aS

ec. .... .. 4.92 Lt. (J. G.. Roy L. Be r'ran te between mlntam .
Laundry & supi ea :.. ....... 7.00 told a House Judlcry I number to be abollahd Guardia no te
S rette s .... j '8 ......... .8 co rnittee the. docw-nta by the C u boa t 283.mnd the paM g10,u

:. 3 R os r rII b n tue p aM o1,W o,3 ws
'BA i en .... 94 eci- Wwluded many le 'of dlo f 7 a W7et t1 oe" by'Pa ha work in 195,;w
C ,,for4,7............ .50 w toor o ,r T, rner L.. w a, b'b Guedi'i asent 1- 0 0,,
S...........~ ..... ... .........00 Smithone-thine to T.) 1 tehl T montln eWy.
Houhold suppli...........500 m Caudle,' bmt the present the Aey Depae

n ntert6 Aanmentom a r*h.to5.00 outside a ,ori t in aon bnr a O a'
ontcar. r ...... .on 0 A al ae of t a d n a oA"a
...Payment on car .. ......
io- a and Dtor u a l........ ir l rs i u m ed In aa

P.B.- (hto1haInhvefol b coo-r Roerb erth 2' d ts ho a op .

ac h tmeld b dc rtalm Mnioncm9. 8.31 Ti deod sometime ) 8drts r it rhmniw c__ Is vecessanary
ardo n taHehope$n to corragenbwi.

,o f h aa iThe ol bo C- I-on w
U 1 In a e1arl rtal o m u se te oarea

ta i .s th f~*T r la ." (who Robjectd o wv, rhema b- recoered Deneit Will ed, not Pan t mreae sh ti
o- 1 e a to t ar mot t larlp til th eAttu m
Th0arvieett thc 'inon

atlt thr oly. p ao l to e
so.methg..... s 0 D e and in the nal ti e n arhe n ie ommnisar
,.. af. t0 .In er hde whae re sof e Cn e rin be e no* d4husedby B i gs
tkga o t eand o I nthidon.g I1n1t lnt R iy "no cohlela c f o a weekSea ca er y T
eme*e aaotL .i can -e ,1' 't h -* 0 i engie h e wa Tware t D f t
-o s rd .... .dfexpt..s a Par.tsaldab tbt n ew Panar .. t which A s*fa lme e

Sf ( r f half) ar yesterday pub discovery that the Britih own- government of Panma
sa iatne sf),= inewbibt hteqe the unS 2
in such c/crtemaffewDefenPds Panam
used roentesni.wr p o. m

I etanWagecojmtm az. Muneda Sailng r are n Com Sndo
'M-d o. -.lie a_ _o. e op t ca t a_.
th. t"ned, two stitars. n wit. tae the Communialst loefon

tothe ,hloh*lfei. mtr ydiscl .t th t -,eo .
"M eek. k I can be anurod eng~~i'sr Idh wa vieTf von

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telesi ....... .............. 70.00
Paymeat ............. 22.00
Iebuat ..,,............... 3B.1.
. 1 .. .. ... t... >........ 10.00 i
ftWM A ) ......... 20.900
n 4talr news-
1s faa dally,

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iorf m the L aba ers In 1951 had "Mn of w huse hie ua Vronga primu M
ma asserting that ship under panatmaqon regis- ures possible.. .Our r
%t long ago prohib- try, o made the following edi- was not limited to the MM
Panamantan regis- toril comment: of war materials or strait
g to ports of Com- 'P man an registry has bI- goods: our prohibition aga
come a favorite "refuge" fbr traffic with Communist ports
Roberto Heurte- much of the world's tramp ship- (and Is) absolute.
med any respO ping. but as a member of the "The Republic of Panama
art o his ovesn- United NatlUMs tI f the Central even prohibited its frla
ineldents as were A meat should from carrying war
ltly, and saM that take the t ldave to event the the British port of *
MIags were arran- tye of pd aw disclosed whence such war ma
lUsh operStorS of "I M t* in the strong- easily find their way lIte 9
ei t.n aUt your editorial munlst China.
n of Mav 31 tea- writafts by Implication "A Ikme *hubtilms
rial emigtd 'thowe agast .5nhlMt ... as a the or atet
ania spvwhich matter of Sat. the Republic of areas m M tto RiOM
i oef a of am a.We first t ation to I pts
a -o to -prevent maritime ares
to l l ths tty now discls- and to any pL a'r afet
MteL as Augu 1owm. tranMhipedmt aslM A t
S"bwcam known In for arwes stod to
S St eeta British ims veelt MT gOWrWaeasme it
o ea td a the vsels they ed to clo ee ryle
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TUE .B. NWU 2AN Pw UiW- U Yw IANh.. iMWXr=U5'

OWsS AsI a PauLsKIG oe TeN PANAMA A s eA or News
PSN 4JO my e NELes NeOUmN9vasL IN lab
7 e1rnint P 0 e 6 M34 PANAMA. i 4W And
ra19 1aIF P1a01MA NO 2-0740 IS LIaS)A
O N O FP e t I 7 4 C Em N %t A A VEDNU P s i7s Nltr A N I I S 1 "~mE Y 4

"i IX CNT"M I" ADVANl- s0 0
t E sAoVANC 9 ** @400 By Victor mesel
THIS IS YOUR FORUM THE READERS OWN COLUMN There isn't anything some P. '
S. Army officers in Germany
won't do for morale their own
Things sure are rugged In the
M k w Occupation Zone bases. Reports \
are that in one crowded paa-
tial night club in Frankftt,
The Moil B*x is o open o*rum for readers of The Poserm Aer- which would make even. 21 Mo-
ien. Leners are received gredully end are handled In a wholly "NIH rocco look like a palm-fronded
kden.Ltte ai Quonset hut, some officers must
If you cetribute a letter don't bi Impatient it it don't appear the stand on Saturday nights to -
Plea try to keep the letters limited to one pose 1009th. has gone up to about $I a
Identity of letter writers is held in strictest confidence. bottle. But through it all the of,-
This newspape assumes no respemnibility for statements os pialese lcers have managed to remain
expressed in letters trom rea Ms They make money on the
multi-million dollar entertain-
AW RIGHT THIS IS IT ment circuit playing their spe-
cial clubs. The extra money -
Editor the Mail Box: comes from squeezing the pay
:arahing M -e tBay cut, etc., let's face it and stop all the de- and living conditions, of A1%,
bate. ae i jority us oi us have no Gusz." and Continental vaudevillians-
(bane.e of the) Les Miserables and by keeping the entertainers
on a brass circuit closed to the
Although it would take but
Coco Solito, C.Z. a fer dollars in each post to
put on a professional show for
eir: the enlisted meq after ths of.
For Animal Lover and Man's Beat Friend. ficers get their entertainment
You two gentlemen are lust the birds Ive been looking for. -at anywhere from $1. toj 25 -:77
If you love foks as much as you say you do, then come over to an act in profit making clubs
Coco Solito tnd t ke these 40 or 50 peivs that howl and bark half closed to the soldiers the
the night home with you. Just think how happy you could be officers never permit it.
with 50 dogs to love and 5 o mans best friends aroa und your Instead, the special enter-
S e th e eope hom these dogs once belonged to aiment officers rush t e

home. I r sdu 1the6T p e o w A .
ed they'. all gone back to the eAmerican vaudevillians out of
won't mind you taking tnem laecar thep y g the the P ost area after perfortman-

bu yourshow me o neoust ofr 2o1 eophe wor tna t auog lake whoeprive temr for r tfines ne-
People love dogs ord iar theat is, a trained dog oneta that ces, crowd them five In a ioom
knows where his home is, where to ,o his business and. so forth. if they have to sleep over and
take the time and patience to teach it these things. Let me give sites. -" "--l-- up 'hr
a ou a run down on bow these pests g et to be p& o e The tr m y w about oc tlcd
First of all, little Junior turns eour years ox age. Now Mamma. n t ce r h B can se y ee t .
and Papa, who incidentally have about the same mentality, as tGermany in any fashion aa,
Junior decide that they vant to do something nice uor him on able and keep hem out of theh

bess birth puppy Pp knows oi aonse util doe poo litles thin g one thy c ans Ot oe actor mustdgo to The eqt .a and Tech.icoo hm~els hI woud make i n a s r o it ,
Ap f udershedr atd h .oerav op three Pos so hae proceeds to takee the black market for things Like
a %eluse" Dp away from the mother, before it is weaned and Amerc an cigarette o In addition. a
bring it home to junior. .h ,iapp, clay! Junior is so thrilled;; tile offices Set themselves up ag
-and loves tile pup so much thi he cai.rics it all er toae mneigh- censors. B By o rr it
pup, holding It by the t.icat, over to little Jo..-,:'nie. Johnnie charge of running entertaIn-
wants to play wit th Me pup too. ,o he grabs it by one if its hind ment into the officers' clubs in- The chances are I am qulte unoriginal In my Velvet," "Intruder In 3 Dut," and "The Yelar-
wlea and tries toh p ull I aiway osm Jnigr bust unior l oe the .ist ton special auctions before slack of enthusiasm for all this aW about three linm as part of hIs grist.
pup so mucht he gets a tighter .rip on tile pup.s troeast and they each ac can io on. To these dimensional movies, Since I will atl 1ol for the If L was pyl with rl Mft i ,&m
both pull in opposic he irectons ante th e poor little thng lk auditions- the bran invite any- old ilents I the story Is good enough and the stua, l ce t lm to
o m e. one they want. So, for a top of acting adequate. Talkn and T echiclor hetlp a would mke "I i at eOlo foroomo" It. "

like a d ashund and is screahinms io me serc bu. ac esmPkeae i in he corfo M0nd I ou
After about an hour of tcis Papa up from his nap be- S2 performance, less 1O per- I most admit., but doeapt supply sufficiet ex- when I came to such a t the
S cause of th cr ai oei cried com s a ,es .i- ilg oumtsde and cent to a booking agent, each cus for making a bd movie just because It's C the n I. oul d in
takese Junr and tile pup in the an cze. r aning comes and wear must go on twice in loud and noisy. ad make that race litaly jump ot f the
asac inon hth oo and th e lie pupPY, who misses its mother one night once for nothing, But you cannot solve the movies ailments by acrn t you..-D o
ses anor cries omand the hiat pulpp a nth lonk. mses t n m eorn. once for a maximum o .5. Jut thjs av a ewtgayf tIhte t oe thy e aan t. jI j t

t 9 U Y O" I H e w a s o c om p l a i An beg s sU Mh e n I h e f te t b ft I D l o
Ing, when irritated and pa l ep out of bed alter a sleep- anYet there ir no ao dern a ham lou n up ta as ty thMs b eashi. thro

other tof tncese. Ag ae riabnl erfo rmers ato o- bootfple
less night, discover the puppy made hr e pudaoles ni five separate fic hame orer die. rt the from ..A e to ""
;places and three beavy lumps in three separate places. P haea ista e to ea me e terrain tahe l Ist eogr a d haw e hae u&! t.e.ii'- e rama, d
urious because he discovered one of the plrccs r thYsue Ppp zoand ers ,ot he b r t1s oe dth h ro.r th I st
she grabs the pup bctinu the neck. ruos its nose in all eight oefman biahs 8s h e tod obc tont's topsed the horrorIa all It ti tbe ih at its
Spaces openac the door and tosses the pup down a flight o r s ers at ryine tt very mca-t t he t wil ae te for Reesvta t.e.
outside ianto e cruea l wed oapa has his brac uis t aua.d gue deiroe cap w atd hoe athe the subjt lo r ktsvery muc ho ar ee &ral oe ty s j ...t -Ml1-

outose w nor e k u lls M a tarleed to drik co.hEe hals tee mining. JnGnior wakes Vrupy An ss o e a stand an itorlf; an and 3.1 cthe agee er b
1in fh for n 3 -outi ne ae a out i e d t a e the

passes quietly wit n an o e sreth the pups o eeu whto Mt ae state o- ii about e-fifth of
other two inches. an sl tose em
Papa comes home from a hard day of dik... and an Guild of Variety rt-the i

odnigthe bull andantf s, isa suppe is ca Guild of Varity Art-o the tcIto s b d r
soo the b ni per, but Mamma' have 1. one of Its more enterprising s also f
I ready because; sine sppt the day cleaning up after lthe pup measbe got Thimsac booked fwo r thr n
Saying its refeoie for Junior and Johunie. Papa is furq againa AOVA goft ask oed faenw e
*eali, sus the aup stays outisoe tonight." Nigns fas to Ube to une Germ base so be cotldo e vsts l an
ol Junior screami for his puppy andt the s scream serve and reps on bu eud to a t in the w yA M..Me" 4 sd t Is
its mother, so Papa, being the ooud a he u s, lets uo naor a e oo e t ie tv e f oi ng AnM devi .
hwis Way as utsual and the pup comes oack inside the heun. Jun ior Air Force capialn, whie name But no matter ow ark the realm. the One thig
is overjoyed and ialls fast boiueep, but the pup i sti screaminguthe actor. Murray Lane. has bdiMao can't stand tlf ad wil k St. c
or its ome under the barrackS. oher sleple night pases laavaflable spored him and or- b-f nlf 1 or Ow t WnWS =p:.ot o JrFS *
ad in the morning Papa steps out of bed into you know what. derhis wo ave the Amwerican the

!is fem ale p is gin ally t c stch bt she eye of nsll hent a es r ignt the efe im tso e unpr eed ented'- c uo r I e
.is time there are nine places, so he proceeds to rub the pups Z hone. Who' ? What ar d the ot- s in'ber r.laH
'nose in each place, opens the door, tosses it _doown aige t of rier ha it are the of- rati e nga in*dd Am or.. ..
L hy, eats breakast. m goes off to coffee nd bull Junior sre rs T ofI to hide? Abu e-l the smartest uliment Ive b heard .

qT vestit ape te aA oVA wowty a an h bu ill ask of lourye r ..
Shainervous wreck, cho.en,. s n r- nc e T wat the MILs Bo e A

lise interest in e epup, he's not pYe g much attention to sit in tel Bradforde on June sbct 1 e .
hanymoe lo. Anohmr week pates a junior doesn't even know try the fis The o t vaudeville oaransi wno bett dim In tWa
rUp exists. Papa is delighted no end because now he can push national president, Bob Hope.
io tlike ai eand thforet about t, d that ust exactly wha t hear os n en thffie orertainment oibe d fn .
About five months and 120 overturned garbage canths later i- e t usinatshe t ery A ume wdosi "e
fe le pupis beginnng to catch the eye o all tne males In the G someo t unprecede au n t- a

wantS, th the exception of the '0 males u o that foow er arounoh I tre mn Jine U. Ar o
o e Then it ftoger about ek, oad owli kthins what haar owf Iicertainmtet& be.
e oet h i the ithonors. o on ., "al .
Above mbu Ishonet cand120do o oner's menthos light dthisget a hs Wt'ry o horse. w rer i o
'lthi s femal ofinga l canenth, te l theBu s i fel ee tho e Giun preo enftre WIth!
t h argo of wide eyed youngsters. o the youngsters just stand states by the t e m
he anord leone"ok, while autheir mothers huo correcty this site a tion. Thesem No minor project thI. The Wl I a ml '

b thaare roaming around withe the maner. t bloated wih worms Ths enirma nment forec canl Ma I ditac i
at complete loss asunder tohe low they cas-lnes, in the drive-ways, special offbcens cbs w h ast "m
ll ouestionething thatsom ormdo.oeill bn ruassy onef wille f r l ong O w -
me passersonal experience more, it isn't very pleasant. Don't ask me tertainment aone last ar --
under some building. NoW there's a guy down the street= who has In the U. 8 Zone there are at 0U6,

to m e I heard t hation can beorrected. I don' t know. But if it is where t hr own entertainment odIcer
Believe me, I don't sanction dog poisoner's methods of elimin- ment industry expert rh-
th gsort of thing. He id definitely wrong. But I do believe ported In from r aft
Tep ar e roaming a roun We W he moange, bko ated wit worms This entertanme force r1 sl
Incentis uafly mee ills under th e clothes-lines, in the drive-ways, t r i officers' cu who h nf mmmiMlM

dth steps and practically everywhere you step. uor Gi Desplte the fact that iy
: Didyoueverhave.your.childrenconc.inthehouewith their h.e are morey-makers, yn-i

I ituaon e be corrected, I dont know. But if It snt provided.
there will be many more eae loving citizens turn to

'lians find
__._,,_ the toilets for u d

roo ms. -

billeted la
have anywhere

Ie Smug nn show -.
ueI Smug!/ ^shared by at lmi
soa ther thi

W w _an he we be l selves. ..
* -g fwad W L**e Returning

'I lic
_ _--__ r_ inciples to V

", .e
... .al ,-, o / -m

-r l- l0,, .

Orw Pew n soiys: Divindd D^reitrij SdSi%.ors;
St. unly caution sttriig 6dt a M
Mi-riimMorse; People promotr a'finds ph ,
CotunionaI cuts-

ftArdc wanb

Svwas made by te tt e
*rem or governors of et V or
Ihk or Ofh 0"r:* .'Kwlr re*ied s
S"' came o te bl f opuI. ind
J Cannon. w Odw9 Oft taer of
%qe for C I p Clarkl vote letth
NOW* of Respreitatives for Wo.*w

a Us vote In wh"e te U lMt tor
whoraulMe the noat b a.
.mare _. nted to punish tib am
u aantees the right to vote our
It's just.plan common sepae
fuments, enator 44atogv
to a.eerin Comltto
that iald a *eai"eth
t& and he demanded ZOO-&

R .. -* 'M

also M a4hat i MaImE othis
h Insit, o *a obn *,b. ,t'a",o

P w hasi made thi a matter of ga

agast o, we to VenesueMla lt, fl, ref us 4o at
speech for 8tevenson .
Whib Senator McCrthy aid the imiomitE aret mNaMOM
our oM, as in nurop, ale
are wqinSga brder tft* OIFMh c u

on a laopban tour, m Imm vmi umspea a
Ita owwr VUae of L -
ZNwanUs Internatlona irnnai t uutd
from various Kuropom c w $Ind5I
studr In the UJ.S.A.JL n$ Iuhl n WW
ed latheis .treat the faMn It

s tof M COO m

M A ,.X G ., jp" .


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.." oh. f, ,i | B-GS ; .H .-I ..

CHCG V.ra. ti fulJIue .th 5 a '. G, A
fooals ..''rit in-o oe "" bill ,,,, ,e" -
i .... o, ,, flodiw Moort .. w.a te ;a. *T

In Hos p lich Pillipe paid the new limitations de15Uly Wto.da ren of wgheh i'
go | O ed I comunikction with a dcIu lm ri e nt on ; g 3'i so..
tdod .,t 4o Iest President 'Eisnhower's a .rivy thart too bolein b o a i.kl S* ,? Uu. i
.gr. pitails by enough to keip .It riet- ,,ore w0 r -pIlled a 51 l 1 Pass P PIma
2celnover ow- opensteed-4
4 ,.u a .o s.n 4rnNfg tue yer starting Jy .. h L, -,an -m a,- -,1 '
,DOuAfa b being ad- veterans, and Iseepdmund In- havS been Residents of
^recoim-s-d, mo St age e the se and nearby L alw rnat ite- d i u O o One of t e a plest ways to
n^iton tthis purpose, of _. en r lad- to refup when r O SoniS make a trick boomin the desert
ldt.t nr ith or w*se 6be tH* delaer cd ie fran f -dr s.?o wn the do

As ar~~ te a vt% to ^ S OvaMailflUM@l 8on cPlub0 Ws at hs dumy t hadast
hefi r. Laal n7orbY i_ e"

.*4At Lt sle n froao 1~Blyng area, ( b. made the keyr pl toa thede-
Id t u tay u e ds To a .' tense. Me.myple a low

pi it a be Is available wd a'r5 d mao de r --Ja mrl u lega ace of club ias in the West
. 4 ~lsgns an affidavit T r a t he a ireeo hem ar Cnni: h ot rather thn n in he re st
ant. a d pro thateH ode r ke East would have taken his aee
n t- o .lltt td i rpte td ed he wo- ". l V 'of clubs weat once if dummy had
vai- a. o Aa er or -ee Pn h exee held only a ingle high club. But
Sbeae he A th aa long as .dummy had two hi'h,
cupnpt loth beyofo it. VA bwhutrim fram Laredo. BUENOS AIR, Jhne 5 (UP) club, East knew that he could
anw take the veterapl 's word. hBUily-dug water wells provl-t -owA ten-man itugla U ommerial lettusre his ace to earpture the queen
u asad the submit ... waler__,.fp .IlMew moreha meontill aru o before the eO of the later on t f he refused the.
tees, drafted a provision that d.wa .0 aJun to t trade i Scenece king at this dewt.
will allowr the VA to make its for aof 6 p- en with M tlnwas lwhd ( at i to te b At the third trick declare led
t at'om as to the reod toduaf "a Armi lectures the ten of hearts from dummy
co -Petnd ato rath 'her e Ro oae4a fr The lrar expe to Berm mtltonnd let it ride for a finesse. WWst
Then -ielyde he 4ad hr --j rigat- provide aniorn of er to givel won with the see of heata and
o, oil, coal. iron oiabl, l well hl lecture tion Ar- led another spade, dummy wpn-
rag iotor- arrlagipment, mns t maoiery my Calmurh la ehapa ll to- ning with the queen. Now
.....r source said the oube "up ad farm1 i ih -ld t It _A 3 S., south drew two more rounds of
eeig#ttee probably will re- hltop ly Rul linseed, collection will b taked. In ad- from his hand towards dummy's
eelipnd.. that routine dental l re.ri~. tni dwetwslmii ttn and por w champ ditliom Dr. ~Ie will allow one queen..
balbrprovldedely dlas the i d quebracho extract, of the latest Moody Institute East. was able to capture dum-
tha ymar armer discharge from kog u lnt Ul waters the report said. techuicelor linms. mybs queen of clubs with the ace.
service,. Ma at banha *of thr Oran exactly as he had expected. But
also disclosed that ts iver around the tiny- .w West was sure to gt a trick
.sle.l cver roun d t s t- with the jack 0f clubs in addition
mepd knookinr out a $160 max- r h -h to a damond trick. The defend-
nmow he hvernent r era were thus able to hold de-
ye ,'s fai o. b-usne- .. s it turned out, this defense
Pi.0i000.o ,a. a I thete tt a olonship of the Eastern States
L in ayth. ie o
ide Here are t o eu on in diond Tournament. At most tables

WThe next time South takled the
lubes e s led the ten of clubs
from lhJs -band and let it ride for
T o sl ,Sa ti n this finesse 8uc-'
I. eed. declared wa4 able to tm2-
s th losPilloipsn In th f -^ t R clubstto only one.
We.a.,ilr be another in w. 0"' -'' w -l P
tW 'ea of colored aBde how- 41 UnaWWotw ballt. a ______ __ _______nto
n .g atthe .Sh-JW T B
J h. e. vice enterBf Ha
1Wu AMol be a.nixto
.t.o-__. ... at.^ ,n.e. DIAMONO CENTER _
;oft Ba for pisonr o O 161 CENTRAL AVrNUE, PANAMA Ill TNS aMEW
1 W Bw e l e c 1 0 u be made the pger a y *
O bfwSo e p w

- .7 I

~ I


i R S -' ^ 1y",',,,<*" .* ;' '2'<;,''.'""
.. .. ,,, .. ..,....
I s011t1, JM- ..........,.,,.. ^I^. S
.:"e+ oo +. .... .....:... ++,1- M .
. lT s .:* i nll .*', t-,.^ -r '*-.i |B ,.
7* ,\;.., ..,

I^iii^ W 11'?.. q" "N
il- -+ .--.F+ -.



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lacks pearpfaron odor
the lotii wayl
di wai a am .m bam.
- gentle somiis am
1 Ha harsh .iiu' Smto

uhe lm pll "a fc l
-m .


it always
in a

But this man has
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Oppolie Aaeon Post Offtle

.- "'I a wyb ojy.-amaw




lON,* .il



S:- ''. "" ;* i "

4* .' U'<
,: ,
-V: .. .,,
'+,' t", ,.7


Our lew


E Arrived

Enormous selections uto
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It" j!, L AVlENU
as m. + W lk il 5."".


(A ..~.- -




*I .,



i,'_i / i, -


r. cr

* '..-.- ..


NAM, Chamber Of Commerce

l" "*' ." '

!.4 .-- .. .' 4'I

W. 'y~
-. ~ ..* ~AL

Cppose Excess Profits Tax
.'A-'.iNGTON. June 5 'UP) $800,000,000 toward the admin-
Inc nation's L ,o biggest busi- stradions goal of 6rbacinR tne
Iei; organxiitions .Nesteraay federal budget by June Bu, 1954.
1c:ceX an administration re- The Presalent does not oppose
QLi.t ior neutrality in the fight the scheduled reduction in per-
,. :r .xtension o1 the excess so01i taxes next January.
Oi.ts tax and announced they The Chamber said its pres-
,I oppCo( the lev'. dent, Richard Bowlltch, will
.,1 d?.i i ii to te National testliv before the committee in
S'OLa.oinx 3t Manutlcturers opposition to Lme Chief Exe-
Anu the U S. Chamoer ox Cor- cutive's request. The Chamoer
ercer announced as House decision was reached by Its
JScakct Joseph W. Martin Jr. executive committee.
' ncil thait allure to extendc The disclosure that Treasury
tir ;:.': 1nint jeopardize chane- oilicials had asked the business
T ,-I a .chelaulcd cut in uer- groups to remain neutral In the
,,stul ,iiaxe next Jan 1. matter prompted Chairman
zt tle exc(ss ptLllt tax is Daniel A. Reed of the Ways and
,. exenced it i111 be verv Means Committee to note that
ti.,otiuit heather our inaces It is Illegal for oiilcials to spend
,v iil o' Ii condition to '.*.airont ieatral iunds either directive or
an imlxndual tax reduction." Indirectly in an ptiempt to in-
Mastin saiu alter a White Hausc iluence legislation before con-
neeting of Pre..dent Eisen- gress.
hoer and hils GOP legislative The New York Republican,
lcadei s. I~ho wants to speed up rather
:than delay tax reductions, ad-
Memnoers oi the House Ways aed that he will turn over to the
and Means Committee, which is Justice Department any evi-
c nsiderina extension of the tax, dence he may receive of lobby-
Vere told Wednesday that Trea- 1 m by administration officials
sunr ofilkals had asked the on the excess profit tax issue.
NAM and the Chamber to sup- Vioiation of the law is punish-
port the President's request for able by a year in lall, a $500
a six-months extension of the fine and removal from office.
tax or at least stave neutral. speaker Martin Insisted that
The business groups reached the failure of Congress to ex-
their decisions to continue their end the law might make it
opposition to the tax almost necessary to postpone a cut of
simultaneously after day-lonI about 10 per cent in personal
meetings of their top officials. income taxes now scheduled for
Neither the Chamber nor next January.
NAM announcements presented Reed flaid his commltee has
any arguments against tax given no indication "that it in-
which nicks corporations for up tends to change its stand op-
to 88 per cent of any profits posing extension."
above a given level. Reed said that in his judg-
Both simply said they would ment "the testimony being pre-
not alter their long-standing sented to the committee has
opposition.', strengthened the members' con-
ZMr. ipenhower. wants the eviction that this un wodtive
levy extended frfopm Jute 30 to tax which dlscrimlnm t siun-
Dec. 31 to rgala an estimated justly against mall- companies
should die."
H ai ~Meantime, the committee ask-
VacH UUw 1 RamsI ed Treasury Undersecretary
Marion B. Folsom to postpone
B +fep il until later today his scheduled
nVI lM | l ,appearance for Questioning a-
bout the alleged extracurtcular
lll 7 Trainme7 activities of Treasury oi f als
IIn irainmen in behalf of the excess prints
tax extender.
MANASSAS, Va, June 5 (UP) The officpl originally t*as
The Southern Railroad's asked to appear after TrW ry
"Peach Queen" rammed the Secretary George M. Hum e
tear of a standing freight near acknowledged that he and ol-
here today, killing, two trainmen som asked big business gr ips
and slightly injuring 10 pas- either to support the Presl= lt's
sengers. tax program or remain neutral.
Both the 13-car .passenger
train and the Chesageake ..
Ohio freight were headed north ....__ ,_,_",_,___
for' Wahington. There was no
ImMe at exolavation of why .
the 'e1ght was "t -a -jtandatill
on main line iboutqbe dile .
2N tle passenger satlon CAN FIL. YOUR
Spokeonen for the Southerri
said the "Peach Queen" was
scheduled to stop at Manassas
and probably, was traveling at a _
moderate speed. The erash de- B
railed thee, freight caboUe and
the first of two diesel umits pul- *iL ft- a. .
ling the overnight coach-pull- ~*,. *..
hnan train from Atlanta. ," ,1
Engineer George A. Shellhorn
and fireman Herbert W. Sublett.
Both of Alexandria, Va., were -
killed in the diesel. Frank
Browning of Washington, freight
:conductor riding in the caboose,
,saw the passenger train bear- PAlNAM ANM D llAI
ling down and leaped to safe-I-. *? ,A r
Of the passengers hurt, only _______ _
four were hospitalized, none
'with serious Injuries. The est
were treated at the scene. "e-res

aH18 WELKIN. Planeter

THREE PANAM ANB' wrt Latin American
Braniff Airline's 5-yea ptO t presentatldn "
ital City. Egon Hazmmne, de la Guardia Jr, -
milo Fabrega were- f's gold
ded 5-year pin by third fromef,
manager in Parnama. first Latin Americaln e i-
ployes throughout the en Latin American Divislon
to receive this pin: 'abr a lso presented'with a W00
check, awarded for being Lgh' mS a in a system-wide sales con-
test. Fabrega earned almost twice as many points in this 'sles
contest as any member of the dothestic or Latin American Dip1-
sion of Braniff Airways, which included the personnel of 71 of-
fices in the U. S. and 10 offices in Latin America. The wller
of the sales contest for the entire year ending December 31, 1083,
will receive a new Ford Convertible as a prize.

postal authorties, these two stamps honor heroes of French
litetature. kGargantua," from the famed jiovel by abelais Is
at left. The stamp is red. The stamp at right, purple and dark
gray, depicts "Hernani," from the pi&y by Victor Hugo.



~ A '.TO PAR( ,


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Blocked Out

'*14 MAN
1 7ME'.Li. 0 '-

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A Boy to Be Proud Of



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P: 4S1Wa'Af,
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t .ur ~f^_,j*4e~ j, ii^-liM^1 *^ ^fnriti
y~p -o^^^ 'I

Italit them
ca idraw
pg Aroeai
iorn. -~

-T.- II



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Coh fV0i
T '.4o to. --e .' .it .

,Circle of
Toe urch.will
'at, tll~ 'G. T. Dar-
the Arelyesand
.A. e. s n AWA ,LLY 0OES AMRCAN-4AthOeb It8 out In the

Crucial General lec'tion
n e ato be playd Sunday l nd o Oinawa makes Army wiv fed as itouh they never
ST he Americhn Le- grocery hopping Is concerned. The women do their arketing in ot

ndhAs _"Us. .. a
I" =li. ,on ,,,,B' l1.the Fort A eador -he t olu, like the d. n! hthe

ait T *bpr eWe-' to som e the eh -'. n w --------- -- -- --
:f .. d," ... e iP /.nn- o I li~~o n i t hrBr m'-e t

Vthe us -by ea. et adel opea. x l or ao a-daY campa Y-1I."

4. ,,,,a .=._ a tr;-_ Xmo Gow -2 n Lro.t,.bythed',0,0,- T .e.Inte-
hIeatuida oflnbe Jtee00a Crucial General Electipn

t h p aieA"a"-e-d _byial ea Gove wee wsor of d t Ju Fid under
Mtnu ar mir- nofotr u lea roa i ot S-ete" o them as
Sbe peo.n.l e ( 't op e he The Co ma.cUswd the
stoiw d tmhat eeaft. Contacd a" In to live- _i dt r
k"at! peAldi rs onnel, 1. thoaIrr 2-232, C n1andpolice n rethe o mar i r.l

a ..- rbe6 c --wea coast uio the nms oa The -ntror Mnistr denied
."1.- .VP" .. M. te nigai h ard I a. the from t es nd e h bal-
g, ch u.i ltaluliar Imem t ecIonad leftot printed for Instrtonal
S .. ..C.ap t.s. Sunday and Mobndi P3"t
jOA 7.1a w 0 UUAtMEZ by law tat nhgh" the speechee' enter-
the a e12( weatherman ca;t h A-wtl a edtIts
m. e fOr dscoura ging eforrItaly's er
S ma. 'emoctic p and their paper at Utfr leftist
NINO g$e Nw WuM.he made .open tor a ct day, campa
with, lowM Wa XI w 2-.t Wet,., t out by the. c t.30.000,- The M 0.
t a Legion AuxiliaryZ ?uettled weather over most of th Eu etektd of Uein* thiad as

luncheon en bpeiTof .'g Plan. prolimately B6 arrested'when

tress Iizabeth Taylor, show
wlth, son Michael -Howard
Wilding, was "Mother of the Year" by the
Society of American Florists.
The award was made in ,Hol-
Iywood>" Caltf., in honor of
Mtqtewr's DL May 10,
io-FaPaiut -4emostrators-<||Mh
d with policee.
The i!tht-wing Monarcst,
nd rFacisat MSI are epect-
I to c tt heavIly Into the, nid
e-of 4e-road parties whict
ake up de Gasperi's clptitior

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, -. : ,


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.1 .


S .

- T*;

0-4A .%Ar' T A N *

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Misc. household goods. 1473-C. R odio, leather uphold -'ry, W5. l trade'.. nr 3-418.
ATelb. o2-4429. 2 for convertible. Call Aano9on, BM FOR SALE:- Three Rattan chairs, F RE --F.,
OR SALE:-Row Bdrooa nd m oderfecn Good condition2333. fly rod, automatic reel, Monta-ue -
c1 icon, made by 14 f t. 2 H.P. and 7 SALE: -- 1949 Buick OR SALE-Brnd new eno. ith Con- 4S .. a-

t 2 FOr SMOOT UNNICUTT, A FOR SALE-Bycompetitve bid: One ,
attl. coli 613-C. Saga Avenue. Phone 4 i
43.Real Etate.Sdonette, dynaflow, radio, sun 522 formaonca Exchnge FOR A i
Sfvisor, plastic seat covers, w-w tires, building No- 24, Noval pr..- ra .N .
RSALE OR RBeautiful genuine Chi- Stattrailr hitch, complete copper ex-4th!r A "3 "

libre with or without the right to n R- SALE: 1939 Chrysler Royo, bus stop e 2-5075.
edition, 8 x 10, a bargain, maho- oust. car in excellent condition. FOR SALE: -One Aqua Lung unit. ,FOR RET h m en -
*ank $1,150.00. Pho 3-2927, house One hour tank. $130.00. Phone commodity, fr 0 I. rm ,aOM Fi-
Shelf gloss top, t wo iron flowater, ideal tio8-C, New$200.00 or best o ffer. 5624- Fshes, jCurundu recently or trs. 2211-. low OR 29 ViRENT:-Smrtl furni ro o Cl 3-

t for painting or for recreation. Tel 9 -B. Hecker Place, Dioblo. _ite tetras, Ctfishes and Brine in elent _t
s3h0957 12:00 p. m. to 2:00 p.m. _---- --------- Shrimp eggs. At Coso Mike. Colon. gent__I_ __ A RE.
tn, next door togay c r table, FOR SALE:-19New48 Beautyrestudor mattressChevrolet. FOR SALE: B bd,
mirror top. Pictures. box ndth St. No. Excellent bargain. 2-631. matching chest Eisxcellent quality,ll Cll -4024
7, upstairs. Tel. 3-1025. grey enm. Abrook 86-2102. apartmentt for one or two couples.

seven. n be seen oil day Satur- Govrnmt insp $50.0ted. Gar .
y morn SALE:ivingroom and dining- $675 8711.00 4 cu. ft. dep freeze, OR SALE: -- Vacuum Tube Volti- Caone-ra,0ffl 641, Son A F Se
room furniture, refrigerator, vene- $85.60; call 2-4424 between 4-7 meter and Tube Checker $40.00. Tel. 3-4418. Armed Forces Sp

SMercury 11stillcaerafi l t n 4-71 mcte'-4 HP motors 60 Cycle $40.00 '*'- .....
tian blinds, washing machine, 35 p. m. 5337-C, Davis St. Dioblo Misc, radio parts, Apex washing FOR SALI.-.-194. Sl
Smm Mercury II still camera, fish- ---ai $. 25 irATTENTION TO Q L Just bNI, .
ing rod and reels, 3 speed record 1 1R $6Le00. for Es, H ighw_ t Phone 4-439 o e rn hot cold +dt r rS,"nwoy Cnone N w elr1
player. 10 watt amplifier, 12" p. 0.Lone t" three b= 1 wio&md. e N am.

.each. One Fluoret LBMmCP. Ar- S
*;in. speaker in bass reflex cabinet, pCN .Bx F CyO L.on F- g'e w
cabinet for radio and record play- portable electric. Good condition. FOR RENT: Two filron,, bia d

H a se17Be dro MiguSl2 t' .MR I
r. House 176-, Pedro Miguel. 1 LINCOLN COSMOPO AN Tepone 86-3233. Quarters 24 fuishd t,
___________--Black, perfect condition, Hydraoanot;c Albrook. stove. refriier~er, hot W#A Ii
800 down, financing available. Call FOR SALEt:-4 door 1951 Studebaker no 58 b0 I C oa lana "
2-1033 during office hours or 3- Chmpion, sect covers. Original 7 .
Boats & Motors 1079 after five and Holidays owner $1,100.00; Westinghouse ,, -' f'.-w a. _r ,, ..
FOR SALE:-Sailboat 20' I 6V2' FOR SALE: 1948 Frazer. 4-door er $65.00. All in A-I condition. furnished partm 52 St. 5 No. 2OR R
gray marine gas engine, sails, good Sed7n $350.000.Frigidoire 1465-C. Holden St. Tel. 2-2893.
condition. Phone Mr. Linden 25- 7 cu. ft. $60.00 Electric --. .
Range $125.t0. Phone 5-528 or FOR $ALE: Five venetian blinds, FOR RENT:--4;rrtl
3865 or 3461 Rodman. sea.72' x 60" in perfect condition. Two bedreaumr, dl e'l liv-II
-OR SALE:-32 Ft. Cabin Cruiser, FOR SALE: Ad--- $u5.00 each. C l3 "i i

SOR SALE:-Row Boat and modern Good condition, ma- ,
Cayuco, both 14 ft. 2 H.P. and 7 FOR SALE:-Brand new Zenith Con- ... -. L.
*LI H. P. outboard motor. Must pFO SAL:--Ford 51 Do Le. Io., sole AM-FM 4 speed record play-
sell one. 836257. ey d ,er. Mahogany. $200, Albrook
FOOR SALE SUNNICUTr, S. A. FOR SALE:-By competitive bid: One
EI0 St. Coentrl Ave. Tel. 800, Popcorn machine. For further in- ,
Real 1Estate Coleo. formation call at Navy Exchange FOR Ow" am WO' ,U..
SSALE OR RENT:-Fm in Chi-Office, building No. 24, Naval ", ... i
libre with or without the right to FOR SALE: 1939 Chrysler Royal,--- bus stop" n 2-50"5.
buy. Three houses, very good both, four door sedan. Good tron.porta- FOR SALE: Tropical Aquarium
17 hectoreas, lots of water, ideal tion. $200.00 or best offer. 5624- Fishes, just recently arrived Glow FOR RENT,:-Sirnrtly furnished room
I for planting or for recreation. Tel. B, Hecker Place, Diablo. lite tetras, Catfishes and Brine in elejent 0ar n.miet "

na, neDuvals. Furri h- FOR SALE-New Beautyrest mattress for singlt O y h6usi. -. '
ings, gas ice box and stove, sleeps!. nationally advertised $80.00 will Call 3-402
s even. Con be seen all day Satur- .-sell $50.00. 83-6257. 014
oday morning. Dietz, 37-8-871. FOR SALE:--One 1-8 HP and one WANTED
ty1-4 HP motor. 60 Cycle $10.00 -saw

~~near Roosevelt Thea.tre. WANT!+ r 'I

: Are manufactured in
ianama's only modern
Battery Plant.

k12 *mrantee

~ ~ -


"DRY CLEANER"-The latest
use for vaeum eleamers It
illUWsted at a tehAicl fair is
118M1 1 a myr. Th emesN
eteaer has new hair-dryint
attachment, consisting of hood
,ta n ad l mting devie.


1-' r" q.^
Mr '

i' l -A'.*^ -sf^l


rt fem *



A -




.., .-
' i -

- r


lI Frle

You S

r' 'sear '7,;

IF7q. ~4


Your C6inmmunity SftiW
.*p la Aft"""

-- i *..




'^^"o-^^ nlr^T^*^^^'u mii*-.

I !
. ;

e l.ts
rba- W
heeK to

lf, .m

* "we'

Ofthv WplAO "fdr in ar.
St 9shomL. AM ago 4 C Ow rdy,
aaskewleh bM o ..

-, -Yi? :. I .. -

n U a a


EXT. Usea* wea screw ft
VI ,-aItk Al rwW~eh WO ss
cag Cag a wih at- re O N the -ola mN. WrthAM
oph Urn a6r ae iA wMamtueus aa sts w aS t6ok
poat i.0lowl w'uabI gs 1 M dt re*" roeed-
.WU ... w^..N bkw!t l imrN Uwat. *

cra I

FM Con-
me s~,trs r~~qu
eel- ~

4 Wauly
~g. ~

aueeso nww
ppll td the Do*

' 'l UH 1---- -' "-

5 '






P.aass City al CoIkR Cndidates
For the title of




9 p.m.
El Pameasm'e iatio

The lovely candidates will model
latest creations from
* French aar
* Flix B. Maduro < ;/
Modas Marcela

Bee"ing s many sefioritas the judges will
eha haIiMtime choosing the five finalists
Sto appear with candidates from the Interior
provanfes the following Friday.

Music for dancing played by U

and his orchestra.

Tickets on sale at 1l Panama
In Col6n at Semanarlo Atlantico.
$1.50 uer person

(It raining after ,B. et t will be held
Sunday at 9 Om.)

f PANAMA who will be chosen In a final contest on
S21Mt. will represent Panama in the Min-tvere
]nMat sponsored by the elly of Long Beach. al.fa,
Pta Ameriean World Airw 7s. 7 lilvers l n*rtena
II da, Md Catalnas aStOn suits. .

e *Bmd

*r S

'77 -7 T, 7777- .
K **. ', .; '

iiuti NA38N

fiww wee.


17 JLWE.-i


Mamny dslMvsa ae*b
AI^ __ iYc^^waii *





.. s


i:3 ;~ ?i.


; I f;

_'- ,.

r^^'^^-V ^ A

MAMA KNOWS BEST?-Life for this mother robin sitting on
four eggs is just one noisy crisis after another. Some would
question her judgment in building her nest atop a roller coaster
bill just three inches under the rail. All day long. as mama robin
sits warming the eggs, she's alert for the roller coaster to come
zooming at her, which happens at frequent intervals. At the last
second, as the car bears down on her she flies to a safer perch.
IThen she flits back to her eggs. Officials of the Cleveland, Ohio,
amusement park don't think mama will be harmed, but they're
worried about what will happen when the eggshatch.

STEAM FROM NATURE'S BOILER-Here, resembling smal)
oil- gushers, are two steam bores in Wairakel, New Zealand.
Scientists are boring 1500 feet below the earth's surface In an
'tempt to harness underground steam which they hope to use to
,,make electric power.,


P9anama Canal c/heaters -I

4"30 6:30 9:30 Technicolor! Saturday 'TITANIC"
s:.5 a s:6 "SON OF ALl BABA"
a Technicolor! Sat. "The Stars Are Blaging"
Technicolor! Saturday "THE HAPPY TIME"
G A M 80 A Tyrone POWER Cameron MITCHELL
rechnlcolor! Saturday "THE BLACK CASTLE'
._ Saturday "THE HOUR OF 13"
r t ITA Rod CANMEON 0! W .Is

- ~ '~


161 LA Students

6raduale From

School Al ulick
Graduations diplomas wer
presented this afternoon to 16
students representing 11 LatA
American countries, m'ceremO
ales at the U.S. Arml Carlbbea
School, Fort Gulick.
Included among the graduate
were 10 Panamanian policeqael
who completed an Intens
coure in the Military Police Di
Col. Meredith C. Noble, 0-2
USARCARIB, was the gradua
tion speaker and Maj. Len. 1
J. Whitlock, Commanding Gen
eral USARCARIB, presented .thi
dlplomis to the students. a
they filed across the stage.
Diplomatic representative in
eluding Chilean Ambassado
Manuel Hidalgo Plaza; Colom
bian Ambassador Juan Ignacio
Gomez Fliar; Costa Rican
Charge de Affaires of the Em.
bassy Gerardo Jimenez; Cubar
Charge de Affalres Dr. Mario
Riva; Ecuadorean Ambassadoi
Alejandro Gastelu: Guatemalar
Consul of the Embassy Antonic
Banus Molina; Nicaraguan Am-
bassador Adrian Cuadra Gutie-
rrez: Paraguriyan Consul Gener-
al Ochtivo Vallarino; Peruvian
Ambassador German Aramburn:
Venezuelan Naval Attache of
the Embassy Antonio Eljuri Yu-
nes land Panamanian Governor
of Colon Jose' Marie Gonzalez
were present on the stage when
students from their respective
countries received diplomas.
Music for the graduation was
played by the 60th Army Band.
Following the graduation, a
reception was held for distin-
guished visitors; officers, cadets
and guests lat the Fort Gulick
Officers' Club. A reception for
enlisted students and guests was
held in 'the main lobby of the
school building.
The U.S. Army Caribbean
School is maintained for the
training of personnel of
South and Central Amer-
ican countries as well as
personnel from the U.S. Ar-
Countries represented In to-
day's graduation included Ppn-
ama, Colombia. Peru, Costa Ri-
ca, Cuba, Ecuador, Guatemala,
Nicaragua, Paraguav and Vene-
Twenty-two students from
the U.S. Army also received di-
With 46 students receiving di-
plomas, Peru had the largest
number of graduates.
Latin American countries and
class particirltion included:
Panama- Military Police. 10.
Peru-Antiaircraft Weapons
40; Wheeled Vehicle Mechanics,
2; Radio Maintenance, 4.
Chile-Engineering, 3: Wheel-
ed Vehicle Maintenance. 4.
Colombia-Radio Vildntenan-
ce. 3.
Costas ica- Military .PoUBo,
19: infantry Weapons and TaW-
tlcs, 1. .
Cuba- Assistant Enginerngr
Instructors. 2. /.
Ecuador- Engineers, 3: Conm-
munications Officers agtf Chiefs.
3: Infantry Weapons and 'Iac-
tics, 11; Military Police, 10. -
Guatemala- Military Police,
Nicaragua- Infantry Weap-
ons and Tactics. 14; Radio
Maintenance, 7.
Paraguay- Infantry Weap-
on and Tactics, 3: Communica-
tions Officers and Chief, 4:
Engineering, 2.
Venezuela- Engineering. 2.
U.S. Army-Unit Supply. 22.

'Hogan's Alley'
At Cristobol 'Y'
Hogan's Alley will be the novel
title of a dance to be held at
the Cristobal YMCA-USO to-
morrow. The Sogial Activities
Committee and the "Y" has
planned an unusual program
with decorations to match. The
60th Army Band will furnish
the dance rythms for the

No More Dancing
inch of rain fell. roofs of '76
homes and the local high school
were damaged and plate glass
windows were broken in six
downtown business establish-
ments here an hour after mem-
bers of the Order of the Arrow
Scouts staged a rain dance a-
round a campfire at nearby
Camp Palila recently.

Maj. E. Erman i Ytoun stG Cra nmo
Leaving Sunday In Akron s 33
Major Eugene D. ,Erm,
who has been assigned uty AI, O. (UP)- ety
with hospital in the % a= a "youngest MW r"
Zone for the past two and a candidate In 38-yer M
half years, It sailing SGladay Trt -
with Mrs. rmin, an native -
St. Paul, Minnesota, cepA tv'.i S S 7e m .old
Isthmus in January 1951: and Thnl(B~ara N
was assigned to a i- at = dA At
tal, where he sbihed and I14 to Dateal .ena.
headed the cheit W egez fasc- jher Tgi'
tion. During this t-e was ad- AA
emitted to fello~hin I tim .nA- 18. O f D

merican College t* rgeV i.. bara Ann Carrier h a
Subequently he wat assigned 12-year-old son John.
to Fort Clayton Hospit n ly
of last year and was 1'eqet -
assigned on temporary ty HE FOUND O
throughout Latin Am= thl andl
the Caribbean. JACKON, Mis. (UP)-Police
While on duty at Otrgas c Robert
Hospital, Major Erman helped H Tex, with. .
create local medical history as W foMnd
one of the surgeons perorming a Y do not
the "blue baby" operation on a on a television set 10front
child there last year. a # .

T 0 SAYt

--M -

bheraus or



SPtCI -COM~E tor Ilas
who see the Morie "JEOP-
day 7:N 9:0 p.m.
Girls... put yourself in.....'s
r place. WhatwM you do .U
faced with the same problem?
Write to Auto-Cine P. 0. .ox
*1272, PanamARep. PA.
ving 7 your opi0ion..
yout letterA to 250 words maxl-
m "ad ,enUie your ticket,
Sstub from Auto-Cino. Th9

(C that the r
In that there are n

f w gI~t government.' Xw ld
ra they should neither be
wed to cuat asperlodia on the
loyalty o t the government of
"The general new services'
reporting of bi statement asem*
e4 to 1naMt t at the Mburen


'' .. ., n .., ,f i :.-' 1 1.

DAW mu wa b s low,

Wo nwm w. m IaaB


, Jaa ,lAN

S I. B~A

.-. :;Wl g j I ,-'^
-, A.Wmn^ E ^lmm-
M e': : -

I ....

Skeete, (above) Colon free
lance photographer, who was
employed by the British Con-
sulate in Colon for almost 13
years. was just of honor at a
"despedida on his separation
from the staff of the consulate.
Skeete, who plans to open a
studio In Olion, WAS compi-
mented on his serve byBrt-
? oh CowW A.H. .E.LI R

S" A'. A RIA *

and ble v it, who wa
Sby Prime uMntutu a
Ln, dftm h* -
Aff "~a


7 igA

'* ak&-w

Janet LaGH Carlton CARPENTrX

-- I I" 1, 1. P, ;, ,- ., ,- 6

THE INDEPENDENT-After o 4ofthe.nowm o. Wi Bon
representatives, President Elsenhower and .-) guests l n an M t
all but the legislator taking an inddpendet it 4n at -R t. He is Sen. Wi
won headlines by bolting the Republican Party durlnT e convention t

A ip -

I r r



I 1= .I -

; .;;

.. .


-" 4J


*,,~.--- p.

E~v hg~''"
\ Lar; ;JCI r

1 -i.


l~g 0.>^ < I = *;-~ j _

Vandenberg ashes OuMAnew

At R101Q-1ina%. Wv Ai Fae Gn.Al
- =-, '' -U <."W .. *~ I J *. 1 *.^

N ELECTIONtS-prinja rU by the Awner of this heuaw
ts of a complete paperlng of the walls with calmpaig posters t i W
SThe posers urge. voters to support the Chriutia Democrai. eaatL
S p rty of Pre.tlr De aspi.,r ~- -r -
1 1 1 ""' .. 1 1. II "IIIIIH i -- L

P,5o5 p


1n uy


. Am i, s.r wiL sa f
TL s.pu 1 1 111K Wt Ul (EI'Uf

. mks f-.M fps

r ".V- -l A..









T TTE...



; L i 1.

has proved It gives you a


A 895 test uade by university dntal
ammaoniatd san chloreyll tooth p- showed
t ChAl(Kodat's patented dMins m et kept teeth c e


77:~ ~

At a ab
WNoh">i bed bn lordodemt agpuiE w

4 .s *, W.aadlodivu. -.o-- s^ SL.^
-Poe nebMWu

aiilS *


Ta. *

I '

.i 1



opqiy a

I .. .f, .. H .. -
4 M m *'awlAN

%S "''''^LLL. il'- A L"^''

wo Ci

^'.'j -?,


p5 we




- -




I 4 flL*


T *

toTMlkB~idMWG from A
id ta w~l.Nov. Attb&
*Hjj~h~n plt an= to be


mI sto.M w IN airy





Ll-, -In mn


wiKng s Prize


Is Odds-0

Well-Paired Title Matches Put

Breath Of Life Back In Boxing
A., NEA Sports Editor
5." -- --
. NEW YORK.-There perhaps has never been such a dearth
o..f first class prize fighters.
' The over-all quality probably has never been worse, yet tele-
vision has made the manly art of mangling mugs more popular
Stan ever.
But there never was anything wrong with boxing that a good
match wouldn't cure, and eve:d with the acute shortage of capa-
ble performers the game is still able to offer three well-paired
championship matches that can't miss leading to others.
The middleweight meetings between Randy Turpin and
Charley Humez and Bobo Olson and Paddy Young and Jimmy
Carter's defense of the lightweight leadership against George
Araujo have put the breath of life back into the beak-busting

SC.AMPATES-Danny (bang Bang) Womber, right, worked'
with M.dy Young at Sddle Lake Ranch, Wilton, N. Y. In
prepation for his 1-round welter match with Johnny Bratton
in Montreal June 9. Young boxes Bobo Olson 15 rounds for the
AmerIcan middleweight championship at Madison Square Gar-
____ den, June 19. (NEA)
Jack Solomons is packing London's White City with Tarpin.
and humez, the Frenchman. June, 9. That will clear up Sugar
Ray Robinson's vacated title on the other side, and the survivor
will get another big payday with the winner of the 15-rounder
between Olson and Young at Madison Square Garden, June 19.
That one, slated for the Polo Grounds in September, will deter-
mine the world champion.
Carter tackles Araujo at the Garden; Juie 12. Give a free
hand, or hands, by their connections, or connection, Carter and
the reformed southpaw of Providence should make TV free-load-
ers forget the H4rlem lad's fiasco with Boston's built-up Tommy
Collins. Carter is a walk-in, two-handed mechanic who can hit
and take a pupch. 'Araujo-pronounced Au-roo-jo-is a flashy
left-hooker who can hit going away. Both have concrete chins.
Those who saw Young rip into and come from behind to beat
Ernie Durando in a 12-rounder at the Garden came away with
the impression that the Greenwich Village Irishman is a greatly
underrated Warrior. Patrick has a body-wrecking left hook, and
jabs three, four and five times at a clip.
Olson's mainland bow was a dismal showing and knockout
by Robinson in Philadelphia, but the Hawaiian Swede has since
stirred up trouble for the retired champion and beaten every.
middleweight offered him.
w Off that, Olson rates a 12-to-5 favorite to beat Young for the
American title, but this observer would take the short end.
r Young is an old-time fighter with an old-time training camp,
p hidden in the hills of upper New York State. It is pitched at
Sadale Lake Inn. 20 minutes from Glens Falls and 30 from Sara-
toga Springs. Manager Harry Stickevers obtained the' ring in
which Jack Dempsey worked at Saratoga, pitched it in a middle
of a field. There Young does his boxing, under the watchful
eyes of farmers from the. surrounding countryside, vacationists,
some horses and a couple of dogs. He runs from five to nine
mileSfeach morning, does his exercises, punches the bags and
i boxes from five to 10 rounds in the afternoon.
Saddle Lake Inn is the type of spot at which the old mob
used to gather for three and four weeks before a fight.
* It is going to send a hardened fighter against Bobo Olson.


For the convenience of
our patrons we are now
opera t i n i both at the


9th Race
Purse: $600.00

Juan Franco Graded Entrie Coq N

P.P Horse Jockey Wet. COIMENT 0
1st Race "GW Native 7 Fgs.Purse: $"f 1.0 1 PoO Il l 15 2:45f"
First kIae of the. Double --
--Sirena A. Mena 114 cheap comp Carlo.. Aj to lMuque "a r t ti""
2-Colirlo R..L. Gil X.0 -Wl force early pace 1$1 AA .1r uq 8 I,
3-Souvenir F. Hidal. 10x -It thing to reconnd 0-1 Iu th King'a Prize nw
4-Avivato R. Ycala 105x-Usually fractious 0*1 r m t RT
5-Consentida E. Dario 112 -Dangerous contender- 5.-| omoowae
6--Don Pitin A. Vasquez 116 -winner last oata a-2 theofatured $600aix-and-one-half fur (
2nd Race "I" Imported 6'/ Fgs.Purse: $P-5. Peel eloW~e: 1:15
Second Race of the Double o B.l0 to oppose the prted one will be trying to ke Itw
are Inngo, Newmlndter. C'oq An strakhtforer the -
1-Pulgarcito G. Ramos 107xU--May never win6agin a Va Grsu. 3,04 vn-with troo ahtoC .iA~ h o
2-Mosqueton M. Guerre. 110 -Nothing recently 30-1 m k rider l lte wla to have the .o
3-Wild Wire F. Hidal. 97x-Returns from layoff 20-1 1 and the "U t I. Au VI' Rolandb Oi
4-Nijinsky J. Rodri. 115 -Could surlrtle 10-1 At Vin are the n ter R. Oem
5-(Tom Collins Corcho 115x-Roundlng into ahape even dauerou or de ria
6--(Pebetero C. Ruis 120 -Horse to beat even ln's Prze. XA1tler intereseitlnreoaneotthe
7-Forzado F. Rose 110 -Must improve more 8-1 Newnnter hs been perform- pt a ftro "$ the see night-
8-Veranda A. Mena 108 -Will win soon 2-1 ls poorly recey while the d i- .rn 'lbaa 'V are
9-Astoria J. Cado. 108 --Good workouts 8-1 ance aprs uch too short to over
f or Oriaut a strong but late finish- s- dn lf lo for a
3rd Race "H" Native 43 Fgs.Purse: $275.00 Pool closes: 1:45 Last Str 's Pri al- P sW t Of '
ONE TWO ap went on aa ovrwelmlng fa- test at.leat d th
1-Carencito R. L. Gil 9 -Plenty early foot 5-1 torite to whip Tbsclabuthe tenes
2-Bijagual F. Avitla 120 -Distance to liking 3-2U gta poor start while 6ttslder a good." e 6 0TW
3-Sinceridad R. Cruzat 120 -Mud would. help 4-1 omeland broke Cflag to score probatesmutuaelas tt
4-Con Valor II L. Tufion 100x-,Nothing to indicate 15-1 from Post to post .. race is theIprw. ig a
5-Cosa Linda F. Hidal. 1032x Bad luck in last 4-1 Jocke Jose Bravo, .w" guided Gato.
6-Escalerilla J..-Phil. 11-I' ance unfavrable 8-1 King's Pri last wee a been The. "e 'er tttktt Ala-
7-Plola A.. Ycazp 102xSes outclassed 20-1 replaced this time byhU lesa ac- bardsa alitk, Flor, MU Adams,
8--Romantlco A. Mena 114 -Veetds more distance 8-1 compliabed but ibab more Pin Pon, Cho ise ai a Mr.
9-Don Mario A. Mena n sI-Fit for. a dochb 20-1 wide awake Kna FI.. Aurre Foot also have a good e000e.

4th Race "I'

1-Risita R..Grueorr 10ioX -Noting:r y I ..., *
2-Eloina F. Rose818 --Returns l fr layoff 15-1 -
i3-White Fleet A. Mena 107 -Danger ei in.o mud 5-1 6 1 |
4-Annie N R. Gomez 118 -Dropped a clas '8-1 U i
5--Proton F. Hida*go 102x-Performlng well 3-1 u
6-Don Grau B. Pulido 1! --Should beat tlese even ~
8-Golden F. R. Ycaza IOx -Easy winner last 5-1
5th Race wB" Native 7' Fs.Parse: 3$35.00 Pool closes: 2:55 Twentyalxth of a series
1-Tuira R. Guerra 102x -Racing to best form 10-1 U.S. Open C non
2-Don Jaime J. Phil. 112 -Superior mudder 5-1 l
3--Sixaola F. Rose 108 -Strongest finisher 3-1 There probably are as many
4-Amazona F. Hidal. l00x -In good form 5-1 different putting styles pa there
5--Golden Bound A. Vas. 112 -Mutuels favorite 1-2 aregutters manufactured, and
thdh are considerable.
'6th Race "G" Imported 6 Fgs.Purse: $50.00 Pool closes: 3:35 Regardless of the method, be
First Race of the Double comfortable.
1-Pinta A. Vasques 115 -Field seems tough 10-1
2-Valley River Chants 115 -Best workouts even One of the more popular
3-Apretador K. Flores 113 --WIll be close up 3-1 gd fgthe ever ov4r
4-Bolo Joan J. Bravo I15 -Droppednother lclas 3-1 Sigowthend t obT
5---Rina Rot R. L. Oil 10 -Racing better than ever 4-1 anc ea other, reduces any
__amountof____ Aitinmit.1
exce w t o that. caused
7th Race "N" Imported % F .Pure: I.W $ l. I cloe : :5 most olfera t y or twit the
snoutat of the~~ e oubblebackswin, oft IL The stroke
m Second Rae of the Double SofS $-3 -,... -
shlould hearly
I-Interlude B. Pulldo 115 -as god. chane 4-1 with the han .
2-Prince Hamlet Crmaat 1186 -Impft ng steady 8-2
tat Bigaqe V. Cau. 18 -C 8-O1 Pe 1n1 "enar 4
asTuienw Chantte tk rll~ gn 6-1 ot the
5--Pepsi Cola A. Mena o0B -S. 4-1 T ager
6--4 Chomba J. Bravo 115 -Ti one to beat 2-1 e he thib
W hmft. a
8th Race "I" Imported 8S 6 .P*rP4: e$375. ", el : 4:40 g ulae, p ame r igt t hu
regular grip. The right thumb
M19ng~~ena .10 -porfor i~mlia N 15-1 should be extended down the
I1-ngh Mary M a shaft, too, as you grtheclub.
2-Ba 11-rtoloDsnc It81
3-Pla C. Igleslas 1121s Tten nanes theme o8-
4-Royal 0. Aguirre 118 e -.4aeq am trel thlp-i TheOft index finger s ou-ld
5--Nvelera R. Gomes 115 -WUl force early pace 5-1 be ext, cm the bdk of
6-Jepperin Hidalgo 97x -Early speed also 15-1 fingers of the riht hand
7-Chucunaque C. Ruiz 110 -Improving slowly 5-1 a poted doW thTe sht .
coe 5 This Is the exaet oppuith of elt
9th Race "D" Imported 6 Fgs.Pume: SOAe0 Pool cy rp: 5r15 ur hen I i i, 4
ONE TWO tie flapin eof the li ? 1
1-Mingo Aguirre 115 -Lontgshot possibility 4-1 ger. I bend my right thumb NEXT. 2W ptt.- me.
2-Newminster R.L. Gil 110 -Nothing to indicate 5-1 Slighty, Ao toe.. nal '-dins t
3-King's P. K. Flores 118 -Should score easily 1-2 the gi to e degree.
4-Coq Au Vin V. Casti. 115 -Seems false alarm 4-1 autona s opn the-ri
5-Grisu R. Guerra 102x -Needs more distance 10-1 hand aW eme -
thumb B .'
10th Race "F" Imported 6!i Fg. Purse: $50,00 Poo closes: 5:40 You ma y gr same-
1-Alabarda F Rose 110 --Blada. e*4r mped 8-1 wlut. g0W lumnlf i-6- 19 th3 tlet
1..-Mr. Foot A. Ubidia 110 -Lacks early speed 10-1 Ite S l
3-Cara de G. Aguirre 115 -Sett y -week 5-2 lit.' "S -,
4-Salustio B. Moreno 108--6-1two
5-Goyito 0. Castillo 105 -30-1 -
6---Paragon R. Ycaza 105x-Not In fWta 30-1 :S S :
7-Flora MacA. Bravo 115 -Good workout reported 6-1 r ht f.t.
8-Pin Pon B Pulldo 122 -Dbwn another -lass 3- stead ofIn "
9--Choice Brand Gil 06 -Da glti o 3-1 lhese are t re that should I--Cra G
10-Hurlecano R. Gomez l12,-Raas ou1a1e-eR 10-1 Thease a mattens that snuai IC 6o Gl a


"D" Importeds 62 Fgs.

Pool Closes: 5:15 p.m.

I MINGO .-----.--------............. B. Aguirre 115
2 NEWMINSTER---------...R. L. Gil 110
3 KING'S PRIZE .--.----.......... K. Flres 118
4 COQ AUVIN ........... V. Castillo 115
5 GRISU --..------------................ R. Guerra 102x

AiqniFAPaSE **

ice.* |

1st, 2nd 6th, 7th RACES

3rd and 9th RACES


S ,. *, .. .*' -kTo


-~~d"~ ~"* ~


ip' i.Jin I&-

**^s 7-
.\ .f' "

'*MV-* a#....n --": tu-.....
e Up';....Yank.s Cm-..,,e

,- :.,.*iifal.o wi .*yi'.i4f''--.*,.: '

150 Eiinata d

Stars Jq I.
Hi eG-ry

I OWGaB 5 Or-

l oto

J I cp ~er s i like
r,- bounced.
be t frot w aiu t aOak-
set a ne tour aent rec-
1lt BIt'ot the next sum-
mer, ,

* *

* : .."
. ... :- -W%, .,I,3o -..

** .- -~~~-n n

Team- W L Pe. Tea W LPot
Milwaukee 27 14 .601 W ork 30 11O s
Brooklyn 28 1I .m Ueaf 24 16 .
fti Lou|lhl a 23 15 Chlf 25 214
?hSt. Louis 24 18 1 n 25 21
New York 21 20 .512 23 2
Pittsburgh 16 28 .364 6hlaelli 21 24a,
Cincinnati 13 26 .' St. Louis 13
Cj .. cago 12 2708 Detroit 10 S
S... Cincinnati at Pittabffrgh IN) Washington at Cieago (0)
A)D, St. Louis at Brooklyn (Ni New York at 8t. Loois (W
MA .-WChicago at New York (N) Boston at Detroit (N)
if. iMR,, lJ, -Milwaukee at Phlla. (N) Philadelphia at, CirMah
S. Chicago at New York (N) New York at St. Louis (M --
M 9Lown (1-1) va Goknea (04). Slain (5-2) vs Hollom. n a
a t. Louis at Brooklyn (I) Washington at Chic_

R lll.b ut o7n d.I fd-re .hen .Prrea o (3-ei vs Ree R -oo 2.n
Bte yo d Robert n Jones, Cincinnati at Pittsburl(W)
Ar., or .Parsoaund -Robert Jonea s IRat ensberge+ a '1-) or Web-
i or..,.e 1 f onaro nd. meler (0-2) va Dickson (4-4).
#0Md upw 4a: a i01tYtbe )1 ts tu o beafrwben Jultus c na Milwaukee at Philadelphia (N)
tOt1 w.tne and ha Wro defends the title over 8pahn (5-s) vs rew&s (2-5).
etediy-..-Sehiu I 10 todar. wi e -lod *goo veyy tlr Oakmont layout, 15
g whwenl McDoud ht thragh tbir lst .atreesw ml north o PYittbiT, ERDA'S E II.LT
h~aw- the. pP fae *wkeopt ueal- rt hme Jil1- Between 10t4 and M lwaukee 000 101 013. 5 10 0
t0.~9e the d ar9PS004=tOtM bq Btq brbis .nhr-latalrft ac- iroki 02 1001 l1x-l 11 0
t that .0 khpby9 top"t Nina e co'g4 eroutalous pcome:LO- TSurkont (6-1). Jolty, Jbnoa,
.ao ala te apu wa bn hib first Cole and randall. 4u4a. lde
YeNyb i ag tel a i iPax second A and three (7-2), Hul.eS and Ca mpaI.
In 00..W o.wb a,~ o t I o.Q n Iour attempt.
M-li..", ,am t, at -- JUst to ro tat Chicago 100 000 000-1 1 2
4R le at o at*. i a oe Pittsburgh 112 0000 O x-8 7t 2
Molmt f n o. e Minner 2-5), Kelly and Ra-
: Sand-db Det..
Boewhe. tn the AMeriUMl te We k t Nomwr timt'e us i. fld finally CincinnaU 010- l 000- 3 9 1
a the'Indians stayed 5 n A-. 1ij t W -s trblh four New York 020 100 17x-11 14 0
b y topi thod ow._i tho' f fad fon-chRdt o 'dfn- 'hurch-. Colluma (4-), Judson
I: ob L n pi~t~ht a6 atasti274 in. this spring's M- and Sealnlk. Maglie, Wilhelm
aeven-Mttr term lde moOt otted B that (6-e) and Noble.
h1 tor e a -t
a nstOW da'ubbe4 the ygete eay ever cogStat Of b of, w iah Gwme
grafMtd; aiB 1homer, ; te c *.W. %be ws multyW A
Wi n a% t ane the a Ta tna-3110'000-.13a
S, re, Crwd Atntic H p A
_ -'A h.td0eebookh-can -an..Ridclk (2-) iad p.. ,
-All-Stars Nip Jamaican Girls g Kobbe, C. Stars

SI oe' n- n e na u In SWimrb r1mnist
o o The ,rgf rge Ih his-pJamachd a then .uae In the o rh 3o0wh

Ss.. oa tem ta2u n to 13 Clat wpa ins, n the tb N. b a The .s robbe wmlS tseamhl
SXfooaTh la tcr w In i e- 1 thhe Nant eon, Coco Solo, recent victors in the services
m with rellp lpr.a ,a11 -A-len n'sawhunIIshmunwthnsbrus.
PfBt ito la T'*on slo. Wrld oIfifth.. ucff ll .. d.._ VP League by hand rt A-1ar to mameet tO be held
1i? To s M a scholar Saturday afternoon at Balboa
SI 2 Mondl, C I.t :30 twh. eat sqtbm'rti1k's gme. -ant. Pool. Ml event. promise to be
i at hs twota. The box .co," te last qare, o Solo lp and tu, with the outcome
Sth am &o d t Tt* go t ih- i e...t.2 1poetheu to at stoeat l a baheSy

t. the t .cw o t e J. o-eon of ........3 1a 1 when troa-1s took Wthmeaw- by ,apt. eor t.
hillealet d te Lc .....l.... g 2 ure 'V,-45 Ia tRflii Ludwig Fa penammer, Sgt.
S" claH c. ., '" H. Oile 3 Slb ........r. 4 3 1 M .battle. The determined and Norman oel and Oapt. Joe
Sb ffiff^SEe^ ,,^'li~ Otht, Un byW' i~appoer-Jt J Ce i.......4 4 1 1 v Paeron outfit upoet PernIl. The Cana Zone aggrega-
,. Im *..V. a ty aoe ird th0 ahta heft6a- D. Hbatjiha rf ....... 4 0 1 VP.-46-t the outset by taking tipm will be headed by such
'al1111al H rettd D re r un T. Th ebi ...... 4 1 1 a t-14lead at the end of the stars au Dick Mllett. Alson
p leat th irt inning wh tea-M. B t .......... 1 t quarter. es, Larry Segel, and Tom
Birh fW te bck to.brk B:by 8. Davis If ............. 1 0 0, an hp third quarter, Patrol Jenkains.
Sa h.Fp L.Wllo.andH. O W. RodS 1 p .......... 3 1 3 Squadron, thoroughly aroused, The first event will begin
i l50 The Atlanteu g0 ILrc lsins.edlatly L. Oonnolay p .s....... 1 0 1 erued the deficit and took a promptly at 2:00 p.m.
a l"__ae h .oa pr-. em" of -. one pot lead at 4..4. Mmna.l Orr o events:
ed r ame frams and ph a- Totala 35 1 14 broke loo- in the flnl quarter 120 mtr. medley relay.
e i g T lo to 4aron its first wtory 50 mtt. free style.
b ,h t 0 fX the Ju3 -at Oaokm oCithoe a Adter being blanked In the ee- ATrANTIC ALL STAR S se r 0 m. free ostyts
to r,. neaby field .ea course endr the Jaltns knotted t 120 gtr. Individual medley.
dO c Ilsn r seore in the third. cue laos in AB RR H ASRON-15 3 mtr. diving.
t ,.. 'the.fa th toh a as thee-run". Rt so..-....... 4 1 1 5 B Pf Total 100 mtr. ba k stroke.
S test, whlth 8O s~A, a d fiply sined off In tImLi-M.~e a b ........... ai ll 7 1 15 o 160 mtr. free style relay.
St -teks of' th Morpi. t- that alone btally.. a S.D s tlb.......... 2 1 aey 0 2 to
MOWA 145.. I low i Aftelhe Jamanda. up T a"W nn3p..........34 2 1 litth f 4 4 12

)rk, L ni hre, wig n S Hap w ot around, 'anl wived the offertnle of W. EL W, o f t ........... 4 3 3 rdson 3 1 5
Vat,se4'* 1r0..Th Is oc. Mr t .sI t er. ,nd i, ly5 rLco ........ 1 10 1ian ltc 51 1 oa 2
Imashen fInte otoakek klC th shot st the Oat uoe of ........ l 1 I n t .o 0 e 1
t-r (g 9ataaee wlls 3 oke snpt. ll .1.m qa the r4yrede ............ 3 1 0 Tot
.S ,, -- ce.m to u r o t i .. ........... 0 -, -
on. Tl t@ aWilt 5 itsfirst Titrpo ........... 1 fe

'-- n .q O;3"1""2P" To I FA ST
P. **** ****a"*tm* k* n ** .4 10 18

:e the ,year 0. :-thesecndcleA N-3-MO

Cauln If ra5htTol10 ifAVAL. STATION Total

1 .a teo ,.. 2 1n4 4 12
Atrte ami~ ~a r Mdtoss the str

4t l toWW w move anyt1
4 .oe-- tapas s I Mafei and qui

5-1 11
init A '/ 1 11"6",..........170

the!Mr sem.p!

11eToClosed For
.NMonday CA

u ? w* ...- .1+ 't" %W ig ia.Tma l- FRED RUCo

us 4Teleph0s 22

- MarTO O, 4-3) v s(. y
oastM aDetredt <(4) .&-
moa (14) a Houtte

Detrult Ar sla m
Phu, 0
May (0-1), VOwV,..Mu,
.ricekaxn or atte,. .
*k~ ad i 4.. -- --.
De~t 141 0

New Terk '3t..

Paliv ers nlmm ^Uf. '
rids. BU .

NIght a.e "
Was.htion 302 040 1018-li 1L- 1
at. Louis 000 00" 9 ,.- T -,*
Dixon 12-1i and GmSM
Trucks (5-3), Cain, 8tuart,


Complete Aoefrmt et

16 Ttel Ave. TeL 3-NW
------i< :


reet or
intry -


T .

411 -MR




STo t S. Opein Over Fair Oakn

V.1. ~



f "-. I




; .... .
,, .* .. .(--' ,:,' ., ... ^
...f ^ ^ ,."v.*'*- .. 'n..-^f t ;' F1.-^
...... .....f .. ..ll ^ ^ ... .
....M 1 1 M~ i W "*l V l o, *;--4i,. *- y
-, ,- *.. ... *"- ^ S
'" -
Sk.rm o:o1.. u,..m,,'1'o ',. "s''

* ..,





4...'t J'I

"'Let the people know the truth and the country is safe" -i 'Abraham Lincoln.


Truce Talks Resume Tomorr


In Mood Of Rare Optimism i .AL ,--=n sw=
*r ^ ^ ^^*r* W ^ll* ^rf ^-*r***' l ** l 1TI __i~__ftL+ ftjv i *V. p.j _k-i. n A>~e M-^T 2-lbifu #-.i-A,

-uun meaw w mar. ncuer; r qvwkv, nip" ax
outside Butkingham Palce. The D*-tH 1Inburgh stand* at
SEOUL, June 5 (UP) United ute Instructions for the U.N. del- Optimism was running hiuIn to win the war alone In a writ- left on the stairs of the Palace.. Meywhlie, tourist-pecked
Nations and Communist dele- gates at tomorrow's truce meet- U.N. quarters that an ar ce ten statement, replying to ques- London was Ustreelag In the swing o Coronation. gaV.
gates meet at Panmuniom to- ing. was within sight at the PanmUt- tlons by newsmen:
morrow in a truce session that 4) So optimistic was the at- jom negotiations, although sowe
may mean the bloody three-year mospbere at UT.N. headquarters diplomats pointed out that a bhee said in the Intrview I
Korean war is coming to an end. in New York that officials truce had appeared Imminent that South Korea did not "re-
Reports here, in Tokyo, In started planning a "peace" ses- before and then had tAlled to Ject" armistice asu mh but
Washington and in United Na- sion of the General Assembly materialize. that his country insiated on I
tions headquarters in New York in two or three weeks to ar- When and if a truce agreement withdrawal of all Chinese
are that the two delegations are range for a political conference is reached, official notification Communlst armies fm North
within a hair's breadth of agree- which would follow an armi- will be sent to the U.N. Security Korea "before msa p or ar- -, ;
ment on the main outstanding stice. Council, of which U.S. ambassa- mistice."
Issue. High U.N. sources said the as- dor Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr., Is
That issue Is the disposition of sembly at that time would choose president this month. Rhee again experased dissatla- I
those Chinese Communist and a site for the Far Eastern politi- The assembly would then be faction with a truce which would -.
North Korean prisoners of the cal conference called for in the convened--possibly within a fort- leave Korea divided.
United Natlgps Command who cease-fire agreement. The As- night conference and decide up- "The Republic of Korea goT- LONDON, June 5, IUP) A alltr students of LodtrUan-
do not wan* to go home to Red- sembly also would have to decide on its participants. ernment does not wish t reject million Britons pclufling verslty turned out.
ruled territory, which nations should participate President Rhee madr hi plea an armistice proposal ,lor we working class houseives who others in Queen .ft
The delegates meet at I in the conference. that South Korea be permitted have been cooperating with the shouted "Oh, aren't yr. elovely- Magelfty Hospltal
Sas ee stron1 United States and the telttad No- cheered their yo andas d aood i'
sah tomorpow. There is strong tions to the fullest extent so far, beautiful queen yea as h now bablte
hope t. the meetsigning of an arimay bu we simply express our deer- she drove thro ht named za
le the siin of an armi- mination to insist on the with- London streets her prod
sties next week, after nearly drawal of the Chinese Comm-/w husband at her side. the
two yead of negotiations. nt aggressors from |lrea be-
There is n the reservation fore any peace or armistice Is Dk ling in a navy ble. dress nat to sho
that hopes for peace have been asgned, because we "'know that and a jaunty white hat, Queen ne -aom"
hgldh befo and that the Comn- without unity korea cannot sur- llstrelt II smiled sld wave
munists, at'the last hour. have vive." to the hap crowds who roars
thrown new complications into Rhee said he considered post- "Long live th e QueeWs along t" e
negotiations t armistice political conferences on 20-e e route through the wort-
For the moment the South Ko- war prisoners, agreed to by both Ing claiA sections ofInt o.g
oreans, in whose behalf the U.N. the U.N. and the communists, the elegant readdentlls
forces are fighting, were evident- would be ineffective. of HaMez tead, s5htsticated
ly the only obstacle to agree- Bloomu bury, and. a rtC elsea.
ipent. "We know that If we fall nto
Their aged President Syngman t the Chese out of re Cih bells 'o beW
Rhee asserted bitterly that a- et the Chinor out of Kh a ed sath the roachh of ther
Rreement witi the Communists now, this will never be yachv-i hmh
on the present terms would be ed by poUlitis parleys," Rhoee ondo0*e4e L he1 h5os
*accepting a death warrant." said because 6 Its enortmpus I n-
Rhee urged that the South dows.' '. .
Korean forces be permitted to "Furthermore, In my opinion, While 0 8ois of dra
drive the Chinese Communists this armistice proposal will be
from Korea and then unify hailed by all the Communist
their country by conquering world as a Communist victory.
the North Koreans. The honor and prestige of the
Gen. Mark W. Clark, U.N. su- United States is gravely at stake."
onreme commander, and Uniteda' Rhee said he did not believe
States ambassador to Korea. El- AIRBORNE CRAWL-The combat Intantryman's cawl, sk the rest of the world realized
lis O. Briggs, conferred with Rhee like horizontal maneuver that keeps a man close to the ground, fully why Ko rea feels she cannotlied
for an hour yesterday, pleading comes in handy for combat airmen, too. A/2c James J. Prater, survive "under these terms,"ot
with him to go along with the of Powell, Tenn., demonstrates as he wriggles, handicapped by surviveunr these terms
U.N. parachute pack and Mae West life preserver, from forward toO e] ,
They were understood to have the rear of the pressurized comoartment of a B-29. Na m
told Rhee that the United States Z Do ..W lUs Actress iartine rT l
will never let South Korea down. A- dvertiged "naked befi a
While the truce negotiators .. au T a- caused.. iuproar affter l ef
prepared to meet, the war blazed Ha" n T U oadvertlsath It tell' Into a ann-
Allied Babres shot down eight Anm ls Licensed er latest 'lm, tn
Mig-15 jet fighters yesterday and doe cvt he Cherie (DU
damaged five in low-level com- Carolde vsprite)," I I
ba A dogsIn the Canal Zne herewtae Igh-powere pu
ad North Korean In- will now require registration liity
fantrymen were locked in fero- and antirables vaccinations, An, 2 9 l ced this sm allte
ets. battle m u the eastern according to an executive regu- town to France drop-
front-in what may prove 10 latlon just. Issued. ping lepRilts saying "Cnom 4
be th.Ae last big action of the The annual.fee for each of an see Matinr. Carol, the atre-s
war. estimated. 330 canines liv with the naked bosom."
Developments on the political in the Cana Zone will be Sy ome'omft leaflts fell intoe '
aide include: which be also include the the nunnery d lthe ru
1) Rhea in interviews opd a anti-rablies vaccination. of the b"Op picked The of
wriRen reply to question by Residents .of military reserva- up. P',e
nesmnen reaffirmed his bitter tions will. be required to have z o
opposition to the latest truce their dogs vaccinated by milt- can
teams. tary veterinarians, but still lng th a o- pay
2) A South Korean spokesman must get lioenses from the Ca- test with-
said President Eisenhower has nalMayor.1 .
assured Rhee that the U.S. will seeing o'mY,
continue to give South Korea The anti-rables vaccinations the Msio o
military and economic aid after will be .given sometime in July. chief s
the armistice. License will be valid from Aug. blonde. ,.
3) In Washington, Allied au- 1 unt*4g 31 Of the follow- form, :
thorities prepared new last-min- Ing year. He
POLE CAR-Hung on a pole at A ous angle, this car The regulation also forbids accus*i.b r.
comes to rest after leaving the road to climb some steel guy wires the following types of dogs from minded" ei
and snap off part of the pole. The accident occurred outside running at large, even though of exPrils -;Il

Why f"1o upet, deed,
bKeoun oF latehon,a.d d
or temporary sluggishess? Take
m ydrIfiEno d bedsime and yuu'Ul
'= aMpiy help neutralize excess
acid. Whew ye. ke, tak
as speedy, gentle laxative.
e o sFi al direcud. Buy -
--wee how 5ed ih o i
i I.AMrACID -,l
U* t
:0.r fto o 0 &

* .*-.-*v-~-~-.--~~- ~ -~---' -
I **. *~ -~ .

mischeWtus or vicious dogs, or I stepped 14a"
female Aos in heat. the satou

West German Gbveh

Jails Would-be ,.

DORTMUND, Oermany Jw'n 40un W4e
5 (UP) The West sen wt
government today clapped g
would-be Hitler in all t hew
terms ranging from six to 14
months a on charge of attemot-
ing to revive NaMnn.
The tve wee convicted of aM
form07 g A, rr r nt Mamclety
and br offe isaitte In
voatle r. r of
Two were aequitted. R a
German authoritea id the a
Hitlerte eell named "The
ReKlh Movement" aad was -
guded j e eal other ti .
Its n w! e W ail
included a n r of forme
Na% partd lode
s lrs. violently
suaemtte and antt-catholic.
The heaviest sentence, 14 R
months wa given Emi Krits-
tr, al. a former leader In
BreekerfK IMaPear e.Mes Wastory., S
dewdbeld p6 head the "ecret ^E
eaonvictr 'and their -
schtenc-nar: a
Afdmd^, VWtCo %. 44"'ec~ f

. 1

I "" '^\'


- 7 1 -~- -- -~r ---

... ..-.--- -- -g-- X

~L- -~-' -I~CCr C-

~~ ~E3


- t-


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