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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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"6t t&e pepfo lkso

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t/ie trug'm t ie couwa, l i Abraham Lincoln. 1

PANA MA, [ i. I I i -
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* WE WW~~ ~ UVU*~W~ wm*
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( MA. Rado "Mpho^)
NOBLB8 OLK. E- Q5een
Elizabeth II niles down On
crowds who lire her way from
Marlborough (bapel to Buck-
inghan Palace.

Prince Charlie

Shares Mother s

Rin gs

To Cries

The Quee-n

LO O N, June 2.-(UP).-Elizabeth Ifwas crowned today in Westminster
Abbey, MBnsin's sixth Queen and her 39t* sovereign enthroned. there.
The Archbishop of Canterbury go nty lowered the gleaming crown of St.
Edward on her dark hair in the climax ofr he coronation.
Fromfthe 7,500 assembled in the 900-year old church came the cry: "God
save the Queen."
A fqnfarr af trtmpets rang in the ears of fo4r.y or-
old Prince Chq"u, breOght to see his mother crowned,
and 78-year .Q Sir Winston Churchill, most illustrious
of the mighW.issemblage of statesmen, peers, soldiers
and foreign gusts.
Artillery* fired 41 guns at Hyde Park, Windsor
Castle and h!0"Tower of London.
And from the vast mtetitud-ef 'ors than 2,00,00
crushed into London'i center edIe~t, e shouit .
"GoeIar t..QIueen."
Thluhtrpebaedi t13 lS aer- I met by the Karl MsrdbaL 1a

"-. "', -! ". ; -'-- -7-... .

ds Pluee/In Democracy

S, ood and Corniton mspnoidle "aflnt of
t a a. Vt

iU. *_ V many de", ratic p.opu p._
At Coro- exactly those sale athgvkee
K*te~mS p ex~a eugh want and devotion 4utIfat the
Lvw J "=jft_

L rft.

B- yW@mAe"

Pts On Por "
L'-_ONDON, June 2 (tI-- T-
w Mm

'j 'soGTk day will ie
&VeyaIde with
= rr 6 etry before
M"4 of "tid-
terbBry nMf the heavily-*ew-
lled8 aL.-rf's CrowS on his
rwoather' ,
It was the supreme moment In
the -% hour Coronation cere-
Since Charles came to West-
-luater Abbey in a car with his
nurse shrtl before Elizabeth IT
received -Tw Uminence of Her
MaY.4ea," (bholy oil and thP
royal reg Including the
M ple royal beg I
m the stood back
.e asite sall figure a
=to and white shot
Bt _tld way haltingy
.rM tMother, hia
Sof Kent. hm
eut out a gloved
man him along. aI
Charless blond as his fa-
ther's. was,-. hed smooth t
palted S.a. gbt as a railt
track. He a Just tall e
to see 9"r Se balustrade h.-
royat box.e coronation
t below .
The saikooy stood ualear.

The Quee Mother v. bei
hand c the 0 boy's. shoulder.
leaned forward to whlper to 4
when #he seemed to ak questI
about what ea going on. .
Once nfltabeth looked up f
Ing to catch her son's eye. w
Charles was matching the r
bthop s he prepared to put ti
crown Un b head.
The Q-e Mother saw EYa-
be% the bovw uroze nd
she n dge lt a and half pelnt-
ed Ua *e w hbpered somethlIf in
his ear. '
t4 = Charles looked a-
a h another. soulled

To some- 4ins awat ir tale
brought to 010. 6 handw
,prince kneeubefbr hisle
and sweri be her ."leg
man of life and limb." sealing
his pledge with a T~as.
To others it was a deeply mov-
Ing religious moment, a Queen
anointed in holy oil and there-
by sanctified in the eyes of God.
To still others it was a wild and
gay carnival, a London brought
to such electric exettement as
had not been remembered since
the years before the harsh ordeal

It masakd Ellaabeth'l
aseendaey to a thurne that
sitU links mre than '0,0W0,0
sbjeotk fin New Zealand,
Australa, Canada. Africa, and
around the ibe in a Common
wealth held together by this
Ttabte sar ad of loy alty.
The great swarm of humanity
bad descended on the central
London area through Monday
eght, equipped with thermos
Ius and sandwiches umbrellas
They sat on the curbs and
t / in the parks long before
folk made their way to
stands where seats cost as much
~4430 and limousines threaded
their way to official stands seat-
Ihe st of nine procession to
the Abbey began at 7:55 am.
when the lord mayor of London
Id bis coach drove through the
streets to the Abbey annex where
A Klant crowd completely engulf-
44 Parliament Square, under the
tower of Big Ben.
After him came the coach of
he Speaker of the Huse of
Oommona: Members of the Roy-
al family; the motor car process'
aen of visiting royalty and e .f
ci81 representatives of all. co0s
emn a -e of the MMI
eolo ear-rie precesmi- of
atfrfthe extl aly-i-abO h-
of the colonies.

us of i nt --an 6&

QgMeens lth *al w
tbr the princes and,

d. -- 6 AWhelIa 4*t

41 Will

eorosaUom t r6ops. .
Also on horseback were r
Mountbatten of Burma and e
Duke of Gloucester, the Queen',
At 11:20 Jam. the Quden's pro-
ceefson moved slowly up the aisle
of the Abbey, the six maids of
honor in dresses of white satin
embossed with gold carrying the
long train.
The ehareh was a seme of
bnath-taki g beauty in Mue
and ged 9 the heralds standing
at the uae, of each giant pil-
lar of grey stoMe in costeumes
of red and teM with tabards
that m ft looking laike
ptayer m. eone to life.
Patin the altar was the Coro-
nation theater, covered with a
rich golden carpet. n which was
the chair of estate, Kinx Ed-
wards chair, Its eat covering the
5t6e of-Scone, and the throne
ralsedon a dais.
The magnificent robes of the
hbbhom ~ and biops mixed
with the. livey of the handsome
yoonagei. drdased In colors in
with the peer whose
IA sitth soldier was a splen-
814 in scarlet tunic, tartan
k W_ at danger at his side.
to reet the Queen were
boys of Westminster
bhrfll vakes were raised
It 'er "iva Elsabeth Regl-
n. '(agl Ue Queen Ellia-
rtowl eltedly seized
tal privilege.
Sbe the two and one-
h R remony of the Cor-
T blshon of Canterbury.
Fisher. together
wi rdChancellor. the
Lrd t Chamberlain. thp
tOd Constable, the Earl
Itn sad the Garter Prinld-
o:at er- went to easch
M Wtehater-east. south.

Them they faced the crowded
teW' and the archbishop called
mat I.a load voice:
.U~ Lbee Uresent unto you
W aesm eth, your undeubt-
~-~Qie wherefore at y.ou
a eose thi day to do
i service, are yeu
to the iBMeW'
h stood erect and faced
t _ltude as the archbishop
i5 W that challenge of ree-
L turning four times as
shouted their acclam-
iHt ed repeated thrice the
S-Oed save Queen M-
Vrn uaresIplshop adninls-
S cwaotoon oath.
t Queen, eated In

'(MXDA Radio Tele )
REGAL SI TEi Queen Elizabeth '~ ariyes at .st-
m.iter A be une al umbreUaelId for r by the
Duce of Nor lk. Th"nQueen was bravng a aif, London
downpour to attend the rehearsal o( ceremonies.

,i' .. ..

(NEA Radio Teluphtow
SIGHT TO SEE-A tre mndous crowd packs itel at t
gaes of Buckingbham Palace in London, eager for a glmI "
of Queen Eliabeth and the. other high dignitaries of
and official Britain. '-
land, Canada. Australia, New Kingdom the protestant reform
Zealand, the Unlea of South ed religion established by law?
Africa, PakistMan and Oeylo, "WiI you maintain and. ro.
aM of ye 6M.,llM-oq -d serve inviolably the settlmpati
efhe t toides to am of them of the Churd h of England. ad
beloagmtr de. petWala, ace- the doctrines worship, dWtcI=llUO
=eding thi tepeoilve laws and governMhau thereof, .aa IF
a stO. eM law established im Iland?
"I solem t pMse so to dd," "And will you preserve uBo
the Queen -1C the bishops and clergy of MW-
IWMU yuMAtoyour power- cause land, and to the ch~rSbMe t
law mAWd. eto n muecy. to be committed to thelr, aD 7 1
lZM, -Bl3 wnenl tbs,' m d,_ prhsx
I"I w/fU., law do or slA,,Ua,_
W bw t e bm.. tm osttofyour them r "aaI O ef- ,.
'e r We herea, 1Se'k- -1-
powe- maiftn-s13 e u o'teo d t.m I ae "
ag trW%*1eeatn U ofIthed -Eg "lsae


1 1 e
4,-*r* '



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', V


S1~u U

I !'''i


,, ..- j" '

- ~ -s


o- .'- .

, L ,

..- .; .

"'~:: '~: .) T'

- 'l,-'


., sniOate a AMI *- Labor News te Thot Bog
7 14 & main 0 BoX 1o S., PANAMA. R. OP P. W
.. a .... ., ,--" .Av NEW. .. ....,om e / ..
P411 MSiea Mvs rONl N". A4V17,CU N V 30mIuen
Paf in IxIM N HO r I, ON ADVA4Ce b T wO s G \ Q ;w T"Ot so
Pon sON YsAR. $N ADVANC .- .e ISO By Victor Riesel ,
sTHIS s YOROP A COLUMN o Buried In soeDr aw trson says: EiStioer .
m d e Y o fU a wi r" COUMN oi tors wori th Ju me comings; Some American potuih fir l
tice "-o ardent r the lus- munlst; Labor scouts thwart R Tj pbfl
tice r koal en ar4,nd s _lr ofi lt l um- ,+
pHlaM A Isa wnng to the n WA. INGTON. The President is
tiona laUr cAuAs I- a c- 7 moody w4rt the shortcoming 'of certa
o oIng a country angered by bru- ia inl el IIn -up of how e cable, rta i
St a ed t uled n e a con senr s ato sres.m e *r i I h r
The Mell Sx is o pen forum for readers of The Panama ..e-* ta et ad om increasingly i w
lmen. Lettege are resolved gratefully aid are handled in b wholly cont sensate illegal strikes.
dee u mloenerar. These wildcat walkouts have .5 tt .oy eue Wlo any hm. '
hI you aetriute a letter don't be impatient it it doesn't appear the delayed H-Bomb and A-Bomb Of re on ike, bt the
meat day. Leters am published in the order received. bout one billion dollars to build l i t u jst ao nO io.
Please try to keep the letters limited to one page length. tt te b on edo as t d .t en a sthat dto f r what we had hoped was a tng eei.,t o e
Identity of letter writers is held in strictest confidence. hurry ha Ofwe ehd wet .. D ,m,
This newspaper amumas ni respomsibilty for statements as opinions That warning is: Look out alU knfw tU e li h r
oupreased in letters from rmeeas. below. That warning is: Get ose matters
o -. out of your national headquar- '
STRUDDLE BIRD NOT EXTINCT ters and into the hundreds of Attorney Genetal 3townel and Postmuster G e* L'
ciies. mereld rank high, somewhere behind Secretary of the ,
evatun, C. Z. There many a lower echelon dumphrey.
Sir uio : a Ike is co rned e health the o o- i..
itr: tough labor baron, running his Ikexpert .. Is a No. ad
Reminds me of a story, which, if not for the seriousness of little territory with such an i- -compromise with 'Ik's pn is "n a. Tl il
It, could be considered funny. It is believed by some sources as ron whim that his own follow-pot.9 or ; an1 raa h tb ,
bavin wll might lost the last war for us. ers, and their employers, fear w th fm t
is story concerns a bird, now believed to be extinct, (ex- to contradict him lest he kill .....
Used with the mile-or-more bird which hangs inverted from the. It's time to put. the "sot- j EL CTItl eo. kr oo lost ospme of
pepper tree so the rain will keep his feet cool. Noa This one was light on that kind of tough has ti eyea on Sen. Styles r
much more intelligent than him, you see. This bird could talk. business agent, Secretary or next year, and this could be A
He could generally be found around the repair hangar or president of union locs a i & 1's
tj.e lounge of the various Naval Air Stations, very helpfully giv- which run 'from 2,000 to 5,000 lear oa
fin pointers and advice to the prospective pilots of "Sam's Navy." members. There are 75,000 Inci ng White onny cef of staun tit, m -ar
saturally word of this got to the command of the outfit, such units ran by some 5.,- 2 iexe de a:e.
,and what happened? They called in an aero. engineer and he 00 officials.
Proved to the poor struddle bird, right in front of all his friends And the high-handedness of
that he couldn't possibly fly, his w ng surface wouldn't support the several hundred little dic- tR
his body weight (he'd had it too easy). But the bird, not under- tators smears them all, hurts ts pkt tne int is. tris
standing the engineer's complicated explanation, decided, to hell all labor and neutralizes the p.ta tt.. -0
with it all, just trying to be helpful, you know, flew off and was public relations of the top- o r ean bt b s ae w cu at-rata ises.. s -
znever heard from again. level union chiefs here in _o C anM e prtane. a
Washington. oura hat iIntor as ao
It was rumored though that he could be seen any dark night, Not only do these tough op- .tratT o .aenarms mets have t lor fr t
on the flight line, putting water in gasoline tanks or loosening raters push around the lttle r h baok o an &t aer mtrm a ed n
rivets.businessman and the rank and. Poas bc t An
Now for the moral of this story. You see, I know a straddle filer who wadts little more ont men but strtly. cntrolled
bird personally. They aren't extinct at all but hiding out until than to pay dues and earn -his Te or sou r of Ms" I the n ..e n
"Sam" gets rid of the idiot that fouled ith up, then he will come daily bread-but the local "un- son
back and be very helpful again. Ion boss" has defied even the o So The I Fr ha ve n q n
The engineer made his point but it cost him a lot of time all b powerful Atmilc Energyd hre OW o yml have been quietly doing eeA
and money to do it. Don't know how long it'll take this struddle Commissiwfon. rm a t hoau wtu-lhst potash on the Am And.
'bird to win out, but I do know that he thinks, as I do, that sooner To such a point, in fact, that Byk at n dUAR riart eThe wwa, l'
or later he'll be repaid for his time and effort if he sticks it out one member of President aBy BOB RARK n ladelp6i f e r n B
for a bit longer. home yet, we may have some Truman's atomic energy labor -- .. o,
Spaniel, Godfrey chmidt, actual- Stioever, Herbert Rauchfua of Woodwdrd andgDltkeu ed-ey e
un.Whtdodonu--Ex Fly Bo e of Sam's. urged a full FBI lnves Dear Mister Arthur Godfrey: g for the Navy and making recods.and the played t this column at he not only had th
0- tion. I am a pretty far piece out of town and Lord knOws wnat af tor years. m at's permaison tb trade in East German poth hd
This is right in the AEC rec- hence could not come to brine you some calf's- 'aime's com to slac: elf, or there won't be aly bean encouraged to keep the lined of Iade open h ra8 l
WHO STARTED IT ALL? words. The demand came in sheer foot jelly and a little nourishing whisky to any warty-voiced redhead With v cowlick b tIqron L r t e he
WHO STARTED IT Adesperation after the panel tide you over your ills and aches and Assorted make outrageous jokes and spree Huc
tried to stdp over 60 strikes In ains, but I sure do hope the operation took Finnery around the land e claimehat his company had been bartering third
Sir: a little more than two years. real fine and you will be shuffling around Do not think I am Dreaothinl without prac tobacco for the Dpotasi. Thus, the West has been gettli st"a
These stoPOtept were called sprylike in the near future. t the pata seven years I h ave r tobacco, and he ayTgud

e > t r. I A r rou.Puzzl, ,d tomit on plum rual b u1 ret ee dor poaor-grade tob h rnao n
T o o b a d m e m o r y a id s c a n t b e p u r c h a s e d l i k e .e y e g l a s s e s ,tw e oy e ei e.ion Ti n t he p a s t uit e ye a I hr b u C o m m u n i s t p oh mA s
alse teeth, and den legs to assist forgetful acs you sometimes simply because there I realize you had a very are decision to ive books, aut 00 m a an some- would be nptrot ah deal.

a teo o ws it di fo g e ne aaku thise oer ofl6 yrou e ohe ofs iek s
Ma 30th ontr r "I Told U ." Said ack h forgotten hat Wa a fight oer who wold dig mke about ths operation of yours one of thing ie column
Jackass rty eby a man named Truman. and no toles in the ground, or anger those dreary ones which you can lose if you I have traveled over n m lnle Y air ointd o
taarted the flail th has beatrnthe i rate Zonan t into nuz- beifg told not to work that do, and lose if you don't. Fkom what I hear alont, and sat W too late- to. many night t rs-a hppetd it to orn to he C lea.
1esan d oflther o eat ente Usaffect co nstrut tion ofd the a- For about the past 20 year since we stared T has green o a dreadful lver and a-ten- wh : .Doenh of 1 ats _-
o started lin eI rrermnt. to 4mwhose.n re ote 2 ort energy power plants or iff toget their In Washington for no dough and deny tdo quiver in cr owdg ralM
e Personnel t ent ohe U oift rergra d uranium m diffusion build- eavy expectations, I have been keeping a -. o this Is a left-hangded y od f on oh ol mart a ea.
ln closee yee" ?n your performance ad your meals, that- I amn o a to cut down on the labor, te hertsylo Aena Po fm h te t Bur M:
ord of aooe pn o si t hit ka s m e Adrlasa the Ct with one exception That waer th New Year's teniton, and the high speedo.. bWo p s bea uying communist. a h ta man. va .

-ng o rhI 1hm- foru h iteh morhi one Ori f thee fea early we oday Bar Aaq of on e re of five, '.andl t or '. o w.
Low at enohr fi o the h. an t g h a to lc _.osbPPaB w can play the record back Mddleton thIeen s nocto toies. hlwbin40ecer
-oewman down here to eat u' cment stp wt tle Tigo_ andw wen lbo itiate i"ceht eve r land blal o al him.I b ome tJh......... de e ; dlfto sot pofwear d tear other
S Panamw o n $13 per diem so e coud smah ni uongresen hew e ages a ere a Not that eou rill eoer nee ot buck, which chaMie 1 ab enlng to feel that tie time her one as ;il h eed e

reor annimnan a trwo the nli poiti drete dr2t b gaseous diffusion aned urannme t sk w t I litdtetemee eate fe t yt he the d
and aben Thhe btvIl n le h t
:cent ise usnswth s and otih mnr mo separation for the big bombs. You ain't no boY any more, bu, an there o 'y hand nst-wn In f
influence peddlers pulling the strings? Who turned loose that There the local operating En- are reaks in yr o bones that the anent tnk and th ink a a l at the et ly are oe n o
natihorde of bookkeepers on as that ies jamm ed the Administration gieers a'. 1 ish e Electricaln auto acdrt ddn't ut there, Same kind of htoo oo quit 'trestng sphere. alons between Rula n ad Aerlean lane
uilng to where there tumbling out the windows an sprea- brotherhood officials got into a reaks ot ileag creaks, like in an old I to live tb be old as another fnd dget cr, emoratc n. t t y
Leantalnot pe rj yloe hiC prng d tn the athnm e C se a n es rationft, o g oer s oer th as ofus' as y Yoreu, just cann heoth ep ao E I. % P d.lJ
over the Isthmus like copra bugs, with more Chiefs among scrap over who would collect convertible. of oura. Mr arhch, because it will take m .ouri. "I a We you.are a!W rot Wflann,,"M I
Let another Jack kick you on In the head, Jack, It might earth auger--hol diggers, recent- years, and yours ha& been about 16 want to shoot. retar of the AI aore with clearance to 1te
o' your memory and you'll come up with the right answer, then labor statesmen discovered that all, forever. Other e must be some things you dowu rOy; delegate some chores to bthers, #
mThyIo cbaauhfntthese agers were Attached tog ot to leave for other people to do. ave some fun that ain't all work. Let us row Th1 Air Foce sui has b Iu d n I
ung for the U.S. raters that the Jackasses left behind then they t whic.h*/ You've been* killing yourself with telll pVido quietly together and yu are rich enou Offer td any Red pilot who will deliver a ,i_
'ad 20 years in which to correct a few abuses here that have are w eren W on f and acting and radio and farming and., _ng tak care of us both. YOU hands n oa.Sry1litwreein eo. in e w, p ~.t
1ow been magnified out of all proportion to their prevalence 1 to crews putting o at le a worrying and endorsing an work- ours in sloth, Ruark. ot e iRn
.and importance and no8 we all have to tak a m spIlot flew a Russian World Warmere.rn
Sear ey spent in e electrical union wanted thetesh sl lke louss l et ra l n Cw t rth turned it over to the A imeroleram. '
-being wined and dined rnd thus becoming experts on Canal af- nhe domi hoe neg pgrd Ite e r Ii l Io o l t n w hd
of thr distortions, half -truths, and outright mlsinformations 173,00 man hours in th at fight i e be-at. WTk a as e da, oto L ,.
Jaisotinen falf rom p beds leaving te ation Te tea otomic bene program ls er
as an inheritance for the Republicans along with the crushing 'when there as woasl a fight be- ao kI' elAnw a atl tie we Y og df
national debt. Ike may or may not be a super-man but he'd have casl. Even aft ber two year M. .' .u. re t heren 'i dowlnc
thh walse ven athee orrsn tnoye a- of i n rgnMeantme )a ttw o f 1w l
bad to been God Himself to lean up, in his brief tenure, the investigation, no one has yet iw now a o .Wa, nt sDt ob
;mountain of manure left behind by the Jackasses. ben aesgtiounc, ne oneslr hasuaon yO mm itee am- 1i
E Le Font. terry of that battle. But they a' "Dear Waler I am thrll With the n mt te ant ad f It
__- _s- e ot truck because of an internal ndT, Week ON,"DearWalte: ye vith orae in ent ofh te aysme am. soR y.
&-..A 1 ---1 W-16 --16----VA.en -AIM -A--nor. I wommite ent sen f-r f
) nbd n CiltwsO to c.oe in anrd tear up the] daye.ars l h@ majoriy ofte Guys meaer Lt i__eero'. s of ,

U3 Good 9--- Pemore pke The ndy forita at0.I rch
127 1U t Th a uom olera 114 Sedince the Vrgina needed a r e
S"Just W- eree. mUeesMatilg with the perfect eca0M.. A man led to check Vo eall. yer, She Can we Ret and Means Democrats to cinch hligu
t t WIsa ter s Usle tse, seo It... IA It Mad the block and delivery?"... Blch0E01#s0olod It. goose was cooked.
,1 Tt1 11y .orked dietly for the find l, sai atalve nm1- You loved It the- bm m Imusc for taevy's .
vensene .saFe-:T wa- Mn a tth e'.,' the j i $t4 "Victory at ea." Rayburmn, who wa fo_,
32 Small bewee the Offie ~ mind Tuk took a i
34 Thin outer We-ker som the Alm team. 1 Wife i mand Civil Service

271a1 to hit -- -- al 1
3, Prickly see ----ematI- o -- -)

+ -- --
Mniverld Hied that Ihh.ia w

c8Asere _8a ae
S Ried er Whe -- .-

SS"1 sa --=, r ewry .n We- d.
t im an o a. A" t
- pusadttaa 0 )o
and-.- 5be at
nohig adeif w wr
40CoptasW ibf @ R*
NOW w samt wok. = x a man

. *. *




4.1 ..-.i.
~ ~'~'*~

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Si...- r. .--

I .' .-'" ..... .-'S -" .. IN
I r ^I


S. South News.
a luheon an Brownies r of Internatioanal
12&31) pJQ. at the goot Troop 3,
2W n ,aeme-tionhes be with the T
s. O with Mrs. W.f Hf of olw Oam, Gl
members are urged to t n ndn hd
F tr and all eligible women are or- wat the
Sthir the* nett-tr -
*iH-' -M u .io wnieso rds^ -oot

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dereIt oal s 0. u.nalthef p eaMta ts arn s
7:0 tMrs Ire Matterdson and V a uae
havl bs Mrs.n. rdu ,,s ot e co woI Rolmr eeao --
So i M pr. ane new -d-:-b-- o .- j
A form er member oIwf U- L day 00 to D:ia pF. N p ) 0 arta it
.t~w oWrM Th lioul o]r we- atnos W, O1t .
HeI.'-Ad w a e srv d o rs i oR estI a- p.* rendated" 5lto
qoraa wamte ast,.j at tIthe MAmerican-usts u~. Tthrs oaon.- ,a d.,

ofu C lubb V la, anofej-ctronlr
.5*br0ad ast o A daT eenin at tteA;nwdwt -Sh Tier4 dweddUt
oJ0e n theo o to at enrc th e gn' I n t
,I n h N wetj4ramenn oa. .Bia. a a uM bu w..e at U) h t
n Bm a r. Woo husd $IrNst
= hf l 'l A w2 fiance a ml i Ca ifornJrr .

,,, m Carolpae for

0,U 2"a ouan r-hh -. o roR- to u f al, ited dissoer es on
W r" 10 b, a n's committee.
bd th e s ma ub ai n honor of the Air For e nll
,mda. wam me an M r. wtu uA. Armaai ofM booo T
__ors Heater.ooW go by their Aodamh- -th tninoi=

to o a GR ADUA TIrhONs

S gon ._ O te of t Me oh r
ir layot A en bplne faf. Qilay aern wil e
2 0 sm r o nds Air ore D AJr tender ed then metbers
f@ I .r Gnsa r sood n o th e d orod

th,4,au g er O fhis eveA-l s ao s B..- H....MB
lad, rFQ0, Ch apte f.Capt.'a s

t, mmed ,casc ae m of tsat#. e eC the Am erl-
p id arl er an r lS hold a n tAgr

-- .... "'

C fdno Typewriter

" -II-, g*---^. I' te mons t* pra'p ie *
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br'ides- f.r er.n A n.l oreft"-anird mes popular fh i h

,th ~~andA,, ir nrlnod SPECIAr L PaICE FOR 6RAr mUAT
st'dift dol lariOf assoHo odie v=- Iag

fe h e TSa&Iffnm er pi tac h Balboa o stalff O the bnv oM
t W-54ia d o 6s' Bri adietor Gen" Cffie.a p Vita C hldrn s p o, amt.
mm ug l fro4m a h mndin ot ege to eo-iL is lXavf
Sweethea *tre srarrie dAbwerl -- tessi
astss1 The ; C lHe Willgoake wa ,cregn aw train. M
aBus baries mo UM rig-e te'the former' In meberoir Mor- l D markt.
4, mad J Sund Pay ns comm ittee

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prices slashed some more

tomorrow last day of



're a salesman, she'll be right down
per. co on In in f you're th. TV
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~smeriai'e newest

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exdusiveldy in
one and only

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the ausLual and
that thtisHi
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, thL q I~


Loomed with DuPnt' thick and thins wyn yam




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' ": *^ '- .-*',: ,
.:',., ,i- ,'.,,
- .::,-. :*S.' ** *


'S l '-'
Ii' *.



.* .'* 1 *'.

"*^- *- ;


- '

- I






,' 9


Shipping & Air Line News

PAA Tourist Service ecred by PAA between Puerto
Will Circle World Kico and Na'w N o'rk in i,4dW, ieen
Progress in Pan -American'to ouu America, Eu.ope and
World Airways' program to ex- Hawaii, was exuenacu tothe Mid-
pand its tourist-clas, services a- die East last April.
round the globe was reported by Subject to the approval of gov-
president Juan T. Trippe to the ernmenls concerned, the com-
airline's annual m e e t ing of pany will operate toutist-ser.iC.cs
stockholders in New York re- to Inoia this October, and next
gently. :year around the worlu, Trippe
.This low-cost air travel, pion- said.
As an example of the populari-
TU AIITT Sa of this economical travel,
MUH M LL I ys. V Trippe said that tourist service,
inaugurated last December be-
tween the United States' West:
4 received this letter recent- Coast and Hawaii. resulted in an
ly from a worried wife. She 81 per cent increase in local trav-
writes: "This may not sound el for the first four months of
lille a very serious problem, but 11953 compared to the same pe-
lt" is one I don't know how riod last year over that route.
tUL handle. My husband has
s~th poor table manners that For the first quarter of 1953,
it-embarrasses me to entertain for the company as a whole, rev-
ditner guests. enue passenger-miles increased
,%But worse yet, the other day to 416,184,000 from 371,944,000, a-
o*t 13-year-old daughter came gain of 12 per cent.
to' me privately and told me Cargo ton-miles were 11,907,000
sEi wished her Dad had nicer compared with 13,445,000-a de-
ntinners." cline of 11 per cent.
~That is a ticklish problem. Revenue ton-miles increased 5
A4uis .lr about having their manners 060,000.
ceyrected, especially by a hus- --- --
band or wife. good manners is probably be-
!but, perhaps, this wife can cause he just doesn't realize
wrk out a tactful solution, that his are so undesirable.
t3e might tell her family:,
"We've b en letl,ng rather. If the rest o' !ie family
c~eless about our table man- starts talking about good man-,
rers later-%. ie's c:~rtend ners it may wake him up to|
that every night is guest night' the carelessness that n a s
at our house. become a habit with him.
"I'll use our best silver and
china for dinner every night If it doesn't ten his wife:
and I'll serve the food as at- may decide to tell him frankly'
tractively as I can, then let's that she wishes he would be!"
see if we can make our man- more careful of his table man-'
ners match." ners because of the example
he sets the children and be-
HER HUSBAND MAY BECOME cause she wants him always,
A '.' ( ,' It '; 0 ';r '" ,:s bss bDeiore

In the way, pcir-aps. she can
mrke her husband conscious
of the necessity for good table
Sn reason he doesn't have

That certainly would
er than letting his
row up feeling -

be kind-
ied of

FLY by





Daily fights between
in luxurious Constellations:

Panama Maracaibo Caracas

Connection in Maiquetia to Puerto Rico, Havana, Port
of Spain, Bai bados, Curacao, Lima, New York, and to
all interior points of Venezuela!
Offices: Tocumen and No. 11 Perui Avenue
(Across Remon Garage)
Phone 2-5405

ClIRlS WELKIN. Planeteer


TAPE wrrmiI

Rescue by Daska


Great White Fleet



S.S. "BYFJORD" ...................,......., lune 5
*S.S. "MAYA" ................................... Jane 12
*S.S. "CHIRIQUI" ..................................Jlne 14
*S.S. "PLATANO" ................................ .ne 19

* Handling Refrigerated, Chlled an GeGnaoIea

An Alries


S.S. "METAPAN" ............................. June 2
S.S. "L. H CARL" .............................June 5
S.S. "JUNIOR" ....................................June 9
S.S. "COMAYAGUA" .............................June 16

frequent freight sallings from Cristobal to
West Coast Central American ports.

Passenger Sailings to New Orleans
via Santa Marta, Colombia.

Sailing at
8:00 a.m.

S.S. "CHIRIQUI" ...............................June 2
S.S. "CHIRIQUI" ................................ June 16
Weekly sailings on Twelve-Passenger Ships to New York, New Orleans,
Mobile, Los Angeles. San Francisco and Seattle.


The Pacific Steam Navigation Company
Royal Mail Lines Ltd.

S.S. "FLAMENCO" ..............................June 12th
M.V. "SALAMANCA" ...........................June 26th
M.V. "SAMANCO" ............................ July 1st
M.V. "REINA DEL PACIFICO" (18,000 Tons)
M V. "SALAVERRY" .................. .. ne th
S.S. "TALCA" ......................... ....June 30th
S.. CUZCO ....................... ,... ... early ly

S.s. MPA~~r. ........... ...... ...... .. un
S.S. "DA .. ........ .................. .. ne 2th
M.V. DALaDyK" ................... June td.'

-"-.r .

* "*50*

C '

S* 1-.. '.* .
a 4.
.'-4.. ,

w-ta.wi^ / !UJ!*,'- g.ks^t


SUOOT SAND HE BUDDI ,. It's Contagoo
** ** .: _"_. .. ..._

1. s Wm6 VASa~~ -
I Tt\oU6W ONtW WVAf .
'I THB ORY999t
i- W ,W W tA*P ._
g wKt ^%.1 '

All SaIlIns Subject to Change Wtt Nti oe.
PACIFIC STEAM NAVIGATION CO., Cotob FORD CO. INC. fPANAMA-Ave. Perd6 #5. Tel. 8-1257/8
S BALBO&--Tem. Wt. ,TeL 2-195


~ybo~y R'.s d.%Ip~j.



t IJ^




s o g .D. I

kiupii mo
**** T'S
SN 16I

* irnww
UP ...4

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o~if iliui

HpC IMP .,r



One Cha6"st4
te.^. 't




. 4 I I i I II l i .. .. ". ... I ..


-----~--------- I

I ..

on ,- .




"! .. ...IT," .....

j...r7 ...;i...hool A .... Dulkes Gets Clearer Responsibility

SUNIOR COLLGt CHS.N For MSA, Information Policies
*Ll "- /, WASHINGTON, June 2 (UP) White House press secretary is built on "a patchwork-
q"'",,- President E isenhower, in a James C. Hagerty said that al- laws.
-0 'WO more peneIls, nm tore major foreign policy move, yeU so would apply to representa- He promised legislative re..
iast olunmforea no more to its dirty terday gave Secretary of State Lives of the armed services. mendatins early next years
t lass c o forne tht m" At least not- of U^ep John FosterMr Dulles compete said thatinthe meantimet
w A ho )eA,_rtr ... ,. responsibility for shaping fol a __ or-i Mr. Eisenhower said the pres- State Department structt
Wson a d. tj ,uture e 1raday hd r eu eign aid and International In- ent organization for the con- must be improved within tph
tha fiy an e the ls ure day everyone, a formation policies. duct of American foreign policy framework of exiing laws
i d I a residenthcl pss ed with Yring oMr The President also submitted -
f pPearooan Ireqaet;.ad4 r athe On Wednesday n Mi to Congrea plans to re-esta-
SLoas. .'' -" Vea Ssase, thevna Bl er, blish a three-man Council of
.I S are: e '.Leguas (.A.); wa presented of Economic AdviSers with wider
SUerin e nludd Butler (B. crstal for e A powers vested in the chairman
T*we g..);t' ." teand 3wed-1ng 9 mand to transfer the airline sabe-
eiSweek -q (4,A Ap ; _,) wedngclas ee ,. sides program from the -Post
it.) Ndwr (UAA; 'yone enfe .he.IaeIOffice to the Civil Aeronautics
h.e. ~ .HH u rt ( ) r hneo R_ (L.A.); well Bawl," sp, asored by the ard
ld .per (Lk rt a(L.A.); .Va Men- Students AssocFra-tn last Fri- w All four reor ganiation plans
t rt field. M diets, A.) Sona Mo (L.A.) Jack arson .) Mark- day night. The gym was dec- will become effective in 0 days
PR'rs ( Rfel ereIt, er (orated o e a a unless vetoed by a full majority
,l. a; ,r ) R. -r atd tole to the e ,Af grawed- of either the House or Senate.
voSllqM nlu~u. il'ltlna7 as- I s ) .Sno .a ^ s >.; o' e DUTlY n grad
,oll c.eftP. g3 .WgA; (, ........ non- oap n eteThe foreign affairs proposals
vthe 0 e9" mento (;A.)'.t b ations.are:
ern a 0l Clur25 V'1" I t t N arieaes abbrevidsations rafter Of the gM itm, wh ic n a Centralize all foreign aid
)I the t i (men' 4&A.s Admnigt ,ation*; ,(S. was hanging strawamn xtead- fo Centraliy e all foreign ad
jtlo- theualt co.ein- ) o f t fa...t .. ..h...h.w. te lIg to the side wall. The dance Donald Tribe who graduates programs, including mutual
the e -of e faculty Whohave & wn ucthe bles cards had a drawing. a Pa- from Balboa H chool today security and so-caed Point
s iof ed4. ave us a.ohlpinmg during our trials --ma Line -hcp, to carry out- as highestt r senior" was Four economic assistance, under
i th f at homles of *ton, and made me. e C urdr. Tris' or- reentt resent p t h the gold a new agency to be k -own as
Azd...FrJday nite Was thee P"L Ua1 tue to fore clean ememr- chestra played for' the gala medal syM o- ithonor by the Foreign Operatios Adi-
lor trt;what a I At 4: ,' n r, b Lyons, i. e pri a albo High traction. MA Director .arold -.
_ol ared1 bid rX I1es..-t The Bacialreate ss h..4 B JL..-i. mH. t.te.S
Lsar D hol e, Joh h nlcoot, at the Stassen presilmatbly would head
Non Sm o e _anot 1 Ipdl cna.d Ui Bervice washeld for the Ben- Anuual A ssembly. the new agency,
six-i da vati 0ty t oe bo th itttrsanda Sundayin ud- AttVy... drawn by Hotz 2) Establish a new United
01 lasidot Ur tx torlSum. to Donl'igb chWi.pstarMd- States information ency to
a Wg q sidr a he ht ard- The seniors walked the ing, his' hlp h ool ac- conduct all the Internat lonal n-
find to e the proe, sportsman- formation program now divid-
eft fk, .. ad o "]hts of H'aor4t iu. Jo p ini athlete& ed among the State Department,
we:r t' ,he -e, -- ,Ithou uit oetith kno l book of book~ ~vo t n, C. In December olat Gv MSA Point Four, andthe Voice
Mu i tn Jyce Gardne we r e: "Yea, it thou o t -t-- and lin solo, Med* f r o m rnior oJohnl 8. bo e Don The White House did not say
an5iW mmiltC. uchy Tront- hhy ..*for hderatand3b;. a nt hD- r thouues uera by ciecra i*atkevich. as the $acl c 04toet to the r whether Dr. Robert IJaliohnson-
CouJudy MCCoy, Bob Uorrls, eArcht l as foid t.-le --Aslto-lod, Re.enery L u re# the UnIted Stateis 'Arfde, sOn, now director of interna- IF
t ad or I of ewo Ine .. nr e o er.e tk- tiona. ueel Infrlorormation, would head tTHE WORLD'S MOST -EAUTIFUL
Lee My aw'I .n.o MrJ 3= 6 T 6uestM. j.nenn nMiah andDon6 ewslater the new agency .
phensad Lan str lend a ib er Im L. rintro notified tt e with Neither of the new agencies
lhad; it waell "voha d"t'. time he a tG the evernor's State Department and w uld hmef md .tro .uM,
Wlwas hadl;trlbut- ed 4,-e'Be F upbeg1th s- o-t- i i ,, B c tualDlyarwoule par oA. th
I *ts ew Itsbud- a. bt is i e ao appointmeTt. he administrative indee ni- UKu on -'.n -
11tsandlth .e *No-"'ctis spe1. 01 etion was laleerth idli th 6u of But Dulles would set policies
ex -- .---.t e.qrlau-. were 1Neld eh ttth- Tne hwa exaiinatlg tllL4tsland at the dstigation of the-Pres-
si~no# th Ytm wmitW th l" aval Bio, .Aod the ing young man, took College ident, and both directors would
'oag IaeI I n'Io re4- -afi... W-- -., o o t ford, serv only withhis approval. hwD
sWA we donOe Q*ont." -, .u4*Mr.Eisenhower M heDUT A
the nl -,= t L. .o- Many of the rs enjoyed cepted by althree two offetin lumped all foreign aid and in-
e e04ne -y=0 ....w.n, hu, rwh" a p.easnt ea t. o him scholarshis and student tematlonal information on f uno- JEWELRY HEAD UARTER
11sdhis r with sws TraO.. G. EVENrT Service DOwill sal une dthe llminate cousino, blurred STO 6 CENTRAL AN
Th~~o~wll rrly never *nd thePublic. The Comm rt exerclses USAT Private Thomas for the authority and clouded respon- 161 CENTRAL AVE PANA
Ither. At the gradu class of United States $da mo6th'g Va- sibility." '_
:e- was b4, In h auditor- cation In New. York, following The overall aim appeared to
"w"" "-" """ .... i s """ onondn In to which he -will report at West be"to give DulIes; greaterr and
1"frhiWl noint uly 7.for t~omont, Cleareresponsibilityf ordthe
Rutld add thm on f mu I#A .t proceslonal march of prelliinay boot training, conduct of foreitn policy as
"Ygb'-h. aiTd DES B a rP-- el p Nzhf11 Ada" laid down, by the Predlenp.
The 8fa s m wore their cap# a n lId a n ete service with iIvoaion r-establsh the thriee-man
Now" I IIaIote" Maka *aumakke the chairmanre-
gadub e a gveL thm. Aln ,sn sibleefor.adminitrative
Thi, :"s' --% N.... To ~ ih p bi0mibeyyTarr, mhrl g o.-
We- l ap wI hourr sea" oph e Joudry-Nancy, a.gerKFIES n "nd have him report
alla .Svr9 b alls cnmost softenbed of t mo- Ruby Pabos ane waeira ,ofArthur
sall Se t s ,lbo; [iiurea aloveit.. V (Iservedislone economic advi sr
Spears i!d n oule oa"e s .e netheme for the evening to th tPresident since Jan. 2,
nco0enwas"AFaMof Life"tP BreraD b
recom were dmltxered nt ;J ty Ur wo r C 8u

dWays and gee ..- airlines.
endftoe* U ve openetil t IaAINe T wo1 l pay for. raid*d.tionab
for Ioe*dt rI to ae ests I"weowertsai.ihe
ad g wantsWthe e of tUe dMplo
Sl ,,,. Tpes followed e1aTI EtE.. tC ma mission In, each foreign OUGH IRON & RATTAN
wek i'de, the exam grso&A, squarely Y the problem of 'na- t have a tween the it e drift" Nano- of--all U.S. activities i..that
setqugh time talking the commit- Karigen wIl conclude the eve
luck! Hump agreed at the orut- tee Into keepltfg the excess pro- ning's speeches with veryy country.
Th m isnay at" 3H5 Notes.To' st with republicann members fits tax untit the end of the man d~cideth the way his soul
say _w eis Is d f _eu No,,. m .' ho gog .d the tai is ,vjclou yea .. oSll go.",
like ah' I n i ,Me WiNd t limt thegrowth 'umphMg ppeed to hae" ey-was sung by a quot o 70-
softened....ofthoeom itoros. They we .b
Senio'r"s u" und leta ei y ofble large coin- c7Demo-fils"owl.R
P_ ree e sa govern- c,'ata a., .wub a p .rade
rt-f atomicrevenuen"You dwtnu ,' "ti. Ca. Mai, 1 roses ?L 1o/rm
', gr, to D. MilTs r-, tol'l f w It- ".wet presentedA"
weYou luil kSIhe.,l.W- U. ZIs#. Rev. h.. Factory Slight Imperfect.

'" adFor hal." .tk i i and c FAMOUS BRAND

-- e aAt-'.'- ..y

foMis orm b "
-.,MS enm Commencemenotd or I -
w~ first of,,the ;, a= I TBOAILN YUHCM
SJUNE -199- AM -FR I JULY a77- AU8
.0 0Mar1 umm. JUNE R81!M.1.1M2 M U IFtR-l. I JULY 27- AUG. R 8

ell I aua--
t N
lo an*,- .1

E ,

GETTING ACQUAINTED wV 'ti = Volleyball Badminton Tennis Swimming Fishing
PEPPY SINGIM ... GAMES I Hiking Horse Shoes Boating Cralt
Staff of 40 Teach Fully equipped re (ages 9- 12) (ages 12 .p)
tre p.o1-Cm7 CR2T7 BALBOA 1727
A4 1- ,d Girl a.d_. -- AU Boys and Girls In vted

A-Ili -

- AR-

.. ......... -. ": -* "* c.' .* .... ..... .' r:lW--.._;A S,. *^.B
f 'l ,,

I. .- -h `7 .* nr r t-1

You Sell'em... When You Tel'em thru P. A. sified!
Leave our Ad ou oft ;* Ageuls or our offices in No..57 -- S.cet Panam .
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Cl6n

Lewis Service Sal6n de Belleza Americano Carlton Drug Store
No. 4 Tivoll Ave.-Phone 2-2291. and No. 55 West 12th Street 10.059 Melgeide Ave.-Phone 255 Col6n
Morrison's Agencia international de Publicacione Propaganda, A t r. ft .
"H" Street corner studiant st eachaditl word.
Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441 No. 3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2-3199 Phones 2-2214 and 2-Y 3C. eac addilfM w d.

Household Automobiles. j 4r epa ssil Pilp. Oceanside .ot nta Automobiles PROFESSIONAL
HWdg Akos l Alsmes l Sem ClOara, Box 435, Balboa. Phone!. ,I
FOR SALE-3 piece livingroom et, FOR SALE-1949 Frozer 4 Dr. Sedan, 101 -- Alle. C. Panama 3-1877, Cristobal 3-1673. yers' eabe.e,.
oVer stuffed (green) with mirror radio, air conditioning, back-up. II& %
ovrtable. $00.0 Coroo 4 lights. Fairly clean good snDR. WENDEHAKE. Medical Clinic. Reserve new inexpensive satisfying Automobe R w Another NoiyNew to
oR SLp -2 c t body, good tires, very good engine Central Avenue, K Street corner. vacation. Shrepm'si" Santa Clara A
FOR SALE:-25 ycle 9 cu. ft. We Selling for $750.00. Living for Telephone 2-3479, Panama. Beach. Telephone Balboa 1389. N 16 VOLTIOiART 'T a i to into
Selling for $7S0.00. Leaving for retarned
inghouse refrigerater porcel25 in the States. D. L Bennett. No. 354 By popular demand Harnett & Dunn Williams' Santa Clara Beach cottages, N LABOR AVI retuned .e
and out, $9S.00. Davino $ 0; Pedro Miguel. will again resume ballroom dance 2 bedrooms, refrlierotor Rockgas 3GAZLO ..
with pad $25.00. 2-9' x 6' fiber FOR SALE:-1950 CHEVROLET Sty- classes at Cristobal 'Y" Monday & ranges. Balboa -3050. except P IssuA' r' d "
rugs each $3.0. 3 way lamp, $. line two tone. 4 door sdan. Good Thursdays. First class will start week-ends. FO R PRESSURE SPRAYER tt .. "
00, 2 end tables, one $1.00, one Tires. Very good mechanical con- June the 8th, 5 p. m, for teen- Gramlich -- Santa Clara beach-cot- .
$4.00, one 25 cycle clock $2.00, ditiort Phone: 2-4966, Panama. agers. From 6:15 p. m. for service- toges. Electric iceboxes, gas staves, i O Ga
25 cycle washing machine Nauring FOR SALE: 1949 Cadillac Sedan. men, groups. Couples clas, s from moderate -rates. Telephone 6-44 1 A x~]r L irn. She t b a hal eds ..
F,1Og jE^^ r ag ^^gCadc30 p. m. Consult your "Y" for
er, $10.00; 25 cycle fan, $10.0 Duty paid. This car is priced to sell. prices and registration. Call 3- a; iguel Armed Forces Special CE tUe ble, n Ume 4 -
167-D Pedro Miuel. Te. 4-38 Drive in and make reasonable of- 2163. reR R NT R SALE:-1946 Oldsriobile Coupe. Osa
-OR SALEf:-Home furnishings, in- far, room 229, Hotel Ef Panama, _FOR RENT Hydrmmatic tronsmii6n God tires. aM .,
eluding Westinghouse refrigerator. evenings or call 3-4755, after- INVITATIONS are tendered to qual- $450.00 5% discount. eR.
Underwood office-model typewrit- noons, ified architects, to submit draw- HousOUes 4,000 discount. tC a Ave. 3.2-14 per rm sa o ei. s h lp -
er with typing table, like new.S &ings of proposed Knights of Colum- _
r with typing table, like new. S&P ALl:1951 CHEVROLET Sty- s d., Balboa, Sec FOR RENT-Furnished residence res-
"Chiefs Special" revolver, new con- line. 2 door sedan Radio Nev tians can be obtained from man- identil place, ol furniture iiew. TeIce r
edition; Winchester 22 "Hornet, car condition. Phone: 2-4966, er of Colmbus Club, Balbo. Phone 2-1456. I, S the Ho le te A .
with scope sight; spotting scope Panma of C_ l, $m O G eral A.lMbly 4
with stand; "The American Ed-:-- -- Drawings submitted later than June FOR RtENT: 3 bedroom cottage, NISh iinOfthe C u tScotlan
ucaror encyclopedia. with ex-FOR SALE:-1950 M G, duty paid, 16, 1953 will not be considered. vocation quarters for two months Ie m. trw. s d w
tension volumes and Funk & Wag- very good condition, $875.00. Through the Panama Canal aboard everything furnished. Telephone 4,t W pick tind crati or*' ve ere is wisdam;he e
nals dictionary. 1410-B Carr St. Leaving Isthmus. Telephone 2- the Hotel El Ponam 'Pescadora' 534, Pedro Miguel. y th k .241w; thes are t he by .p d
Bo:boo.;3447.-- lunch included $10.00. Friday FCR ENT 'HEVROnL T 2 b2" P oracleofort
'FOR SALE:--Kitchen table and two FOR SALE: 1949 CHEVROLET June 12th, 6 a. m. Pier 17 Balboa. FO2 R T B U C u te
chairs; 25 cycles 9 ft. Frigidaire; CONVERTIBLE. New Top. Good See your Travel Agent or phoneEl1is a:th e 11Wi6 A1
telepne stand and oo wall Point. Radio. W-S-W Tires. Phone Jungle Jim, Panama 3-1660. A a ments 3 L SM 0 BILE thAbbe to he the
cabinet; wooden file cabinet, three 2-4966, Paonmo. Will witness of reckless driving Sun- ALHAM r r A PARTMI NT
mothorse25 hse, 2wo horse, 1-3 n FOR SALE:-Pontiac 1951 Catalina, day p. m. May 31 where canvert- Two and four room furnished and HnInouding thi .capter
horse 25 cycles; 2 wooden lawn Hydramatic, radio. Excellent con- bible was forced off curve on Bolivar unfurnished oportment; privet en- D Dudi "n th
chairs; wooden swing. House edition. $1,825.00. Call Balboa highway approaching Gatun. Please closed gardens: 8061, 101.l Street, 'a
1504-A, Tel. 2-3507. 1304 between 430 6:00 p. m. call Cristobal 3-2919. New Cristoba Telenph CoSlon USED R T. e l, the t.lnS Wr
FC" SALE-Misc. furniture, perfect Bargain 1941 Dodge Club Coupe A VISIT TO THE SAN ILAS 1.386. _. atib A:u itO X tt
cncjiion, No. 4.10, 46th Street, 1948 motor. Good shapq. 5719-A ISLANDS! FOR RENT:-Small furnished apart- Tel. 8-A L Thge M e
,"c la Vista. Diablo 2-6418. June 12, 13, 14. rment in new Cristbal, military supreme ent then ith th
SFC. SALE':- 8-piece bamboo set, FOR SALE:-1951 Henry J. excellent The trip of your life. A Jungle Jim approved. Phone 91 Colon, Ared Forces Special
sp. 25 cycle refrigerator, $a5. condition, duty paid, only $300 Jaunt thru the Paanma Canal to RENT--3 month 1 SALE:-1949 Ford Deluxe V-8, ct t A. 'and
C3. -B, Cocoli. Phone 2-195. down and $41.50 per month. Full or daon tBi aoard the. HoteloEl bedroom apart: nthv8cat St. No. r Sed n Avey clean car. EARNAL ROOM whl hte lla the a
-OR SALE:-Maple livingroom furni- price $800. Private party. Leaving Panama Pescadora. Leave Balboa 2, Apt. e6. nt, St, No. 4 o(ior Sedsn. A v/ lar. J th e aseo
ture consisting of davenport, two country. Tel: 3-2917. Friday 6 p. es.,ar. Leave BaColon 2:30 pFOR. Tr, 105
Fridayu- o p. 6., arrive Colon S.:)0 FO RIANT:--A bedr0i *rmn t : ", .A "' "__ h"^'Sl^ ^^ '-S~l
c rstcoffee table, bookshelf and FOR SALE:-1950 Chevrolet /2 ton m., leove Colon 9:30 p..m. for Son in Bell Vsta, to NorthAmer ican st l
loend tables. breakfast e, truck, pick-up. Phone Balboa 1718 Bias and Porto Bello. returning Co- family. Call Morgan 86-2151. U SED'M i e ir of
single beds, 4 i cotton mttes s, 1 io jacket, f ipe rs and sp foon. Throut ICe, oo ,
old, $0 ;e pSedan. duty paid. Phone 3-2442. Balboa. Meals catered by El Panma, Tenu, NoI $p "Son Hrancise'o die l or
FOR SALE: -b Useds very cheat I House 8210 Margarita, after 4:00 jacket, flip, phar and sats f6r aun- l a Colto, ki;O -hdl .'Zg8, 30, 4D.r..
steel dresser with mirror. Call 2- P edrwater fishing, and your camera FOR RENT;.elo Viste. large to C H E ViR 0L E nT .I M o n A INl
3321. House 0534-A, Guayacan FOR SALE: 1950 BUICK SUPER and rolls of color film. Pelose make bedroom. coniple futlsherd d* E i .ith9r =.
Tcr., Ancon. CONVERTIBLE. Excellent condi- reservations early through your Travel apartment. Cal P a ma P 3-UK814k fw hf -lo n-
.FOR SALEc-Ratton lwvingraom fi ation. "reed for lnmedifaf sale. Agent or Jungle Jim Pries At Pan- or 3-4187, EL SM
Sfur,- Au ma mn next to Cocb Co- amo 3-1660. Special price for groups L SM LE a. slilo
tre, 3 pc. settee, arm chair, tnr 1 a af 4 Kte 6g i. -r 3
round table, .9 x 12, SA9 8 ____________ H K l fo e
table lamp. Leaving, abst l3.600. F ASA E i
U.--G, DiabioHt. i '67 ll. sell FOR S E S Rl ColSe te meiniu0& f *
SAL :--Nine cu. ft. Cl =I
i frigerator, needs rber on r S E .;...V',"J-"
S$40.00. 514-A, CocolL. FOR SE: 195~ toliet, wo FOR SALEv--Tomm yi' aceB r, very REl_ furnh_ I,
SALE:-Socrifice! 1951 I monkt old, 4 door sedan. Call 6- good clientele. kS. t its "B" FLo, St. FWitE r furne o or os
3178..N0.6?-, eid kailor .&-
inghouse refrigerator, with Freezer Moi inrnoar UTTaO A N 7, n aa s itr i e b th' B
.Unit, $180.00; New baby crib & FOR SALE-1951 Morris Minor Con- SALE:-B r, brok rail around roemen $S, corner of R.1I"44ore lSIly G"
mt: s,$20.00; Youth bed and v7r33me, .xcel^en* TBS'50 ri%
S"mattress, $20.00; Youth bed and vertiRe, excellent condition, new bottom, mahogery top, 3 stools. 34th S. "De- Lume ydryometic. Seat Coveirs. l .
mattress, $20.00; G. E. Wringer top and new-- batteryes/00.00. Good buy. $30.00. Call Cristol Nw tirs $119, 5% discount. The
type washing machiOe, one week Hose P ER S NA LS 4 u a, e .
old, $130.00; sevea piece blonde Z3178. June 3. a poured the Oil into a dLto
rr.:ihcgar. I ir.groom set, $180 FOR SALE -Ford 1949 V-8 Custom FO RSALE.-Two youth beds, maple. NOTICE:-As of Mdy 0, 1953, the 'j an d rSole ItIher aI n Fi .. t .
.. bedroom er, dresser, mirror. -door1 rodio a. cellentconditin complete, $3 ,00. Maple dinet fouling persons: Juli J L.; [o3 anote h th lr i oet E
Sdublebed w th Bea- throughout, sacrifice for quick sale set, 4 choirs, $35.00. 2 steel 0res- Hermn J. Rodriguez Jr.; Federico A 9 RE b h on '
Sc,'ct sp. ng rindmattres, $100.- AuSomobile Row No. 25. Tel. 2- users and mirrors, $10.00 each Co brera; m no longer connected rd 5 Tl crown of the
C Lr-dd L. aorde fire engine, o10 4624 h b..Lr m r $ .5 2w.t s oe _ePRCo
C chla s wooden wagon with a $ 0HCh i rsa wn again*st0chb
s-Ti 0~.:. 10 00; child's chailn-FOR SALE -1951 Pontiac 8 Hydra- Hams St., blo. HI KIDS! This is your lt chance -- ..
o,,en Englis trClCe 3,hand brakes mat.c 8-door Sedan. Wi lFOR SALE- Gad puWill sell FOR SALE: Good police puppies. to get In on the bandwagon. Take Atti Si do r
t.:c lamp. $3 00, kb~chen cabinet Call 2-3005 until 11-30 a. m. 2- n leo il'. June 3rd. It Coupe. Nw rs. Plastic Seat m u the nt l e
t. tousbae caro. rage. for log. onuily trih9a. S ACRIeICE Chunfs D ar. OdPnaira ror" ad.C danta, ofhi e pr- R A :Aini Wtite Sl we* re sm .5 tepw I
_________-25_cycle oadio. 8 niitblea ot Jun 3 Iit* C.uWeo Ne r. P
Srawer, 00 Huse 57 1595 after 1 30. Ask for Fred. S cyc -p the lt re istration. Cvers New Pt .d
'.D.abia, or pogne ahc n7s. eOR SALE- e el y c nsol iron r; met padres SO H'Y- L $1 00Dfor a am ov
,- ent. r ...... o FOR SALEtFe r.e o,. it iam es ie eolivey ser. tables, bed, easy chair, spice i r Hoet tuHo, .3W ]ttup,* .0 ora"moein, L
.geentire houe:ho'd etfecls I in New York 195 Packard Clip- cabinet. dningroom chairs. bar, *s c t Hrnett &.unn.'hat.THto*
:,oxesand autimalc washer per De Luse 2-Dr. Seden celor misc. items. 0205 Herrick Rd. An- p ti* lsvin. III tthe O m
1.1 guarantee ;ano, ra- black, Ulhaetie Trnsmmsipie, can. Phone 2-6360. I nn OfferUedUI. Uat U i Ftht or e O i
i a and player, bSkes, furniture. etc radio, power brakes, backup h ights,
o. name r. wee got ii. Call 2- Price $3,200.00. Cl Lee. 2-025 FOR SALE: Ham Station: Collins WAb : 7 Experienced office grl
:012. See at 7 12 -B. Prodo El.lboa or 3-4339. er; TBS-50 transmitter witgood refernces. Write to Box
-- .0 5ALE- .0 with VFO; power supplies 12)1; 3,M. via p id I. gag t Ap-, aIM
S loare $80 00. Double bed 520.00; VERTIBLE. Standard Transmission case; grd-dip meter. Hetikit OR AE dooaps Sp e ., ,l
S rates oak d nng table and buffet, Rado, W-S-W Tires. Mechanically signal-generator, signal-tracer, and ,* jFOR sdaEg--94p od 4 dor ~o
550 00 141 -A, Las Cruces SI perfect Good Paint. Good Body. vacuum-tube valtater, tools, an sedan, int, god ir, $595,
*- -6316 AUTOS EISENMAN, Tel. 2-2616. others items of value. Prce, if spld 5% ditcelmb
"O SALE.--3-piece over.lut ed I,- --- --a... to one purchaser. $450.00. 14|0- -a y .
ngoom set, metal table, buffet. FOR SALE -1951 Chevrolet 4-door B Corr Street, Balboa. *I1 ] i tl
4 mahogany chairs. P.ielal desk Sedan, in excellent shape 'with FOR SALE: Painting equipment e I agg ga 5N Ab all
Cristobal 2453. house I7I1-A. white wall tires. radio and seat complete. Compressor, 40 Ibs. pres- u
S- ALE.--C-. E. washe.r.. covers. Buy of the week. Smoot V sure capacity, 535.00. No. 1058, l(h,1of '-l of R.
cEwcla's.e.. b.. nger.' Hunnlcutt 5. A. 16th. St. Central Rio Abelo. t n tt t,
Ave Tel. A 800 Clon FOR SALE:-Save a dsud tub, bom" wre at n
WAN good transportation for only $100. No. 44, Euseblo MoraIa A armedd Poes Special
00. Smoot y Hunnicutt S. A. 16th apartment 5, El Caner hs l L ( _* T wi- -- SALE ;---1 9)0 Fraer Menht ggleii
Miscellaneous St Centoal Ave. Tel. 800Colon. 3-4179. PTrei.n' ri SA t1 Faver ga d$750
A MERICAN family desires 3 bcoa- OR SALE -.1949 Buick 4-door for FOR SALE:,-One brand new "' J. C. th beo e trip a 0o 5% discount. Ia,.
room house or apartment for long-, only $.199. Spotless, beautiful Ddegen".Tuning Bar A440. $20.- rouati. llngo. C _t
term ccuan Telephone Pan- hltry. good white wall tires 00. Colle 26Este, case No. 28 An of big bl o
ama 3-5104. I and radho Smoot y Hunnicuit S. A cuarto No. 32. Dle

n'shed too-bedroom aportment FOR SALE -We sell and buy Used
with mad s room and both oflrer Cars of all makes. We also take Begts & M ter m mo t I w 'ms t' i'i a
September ist. No. .hIdren Wll- Trade-Ins Consult us on your next E tratoaesin th opert -i I -- I
irg to pay one month's rent in ad- car deal. AUTOS EISENMAN. next FOR*SALE: 1 m t. hony ail- h l
aonce to hold m .ea call Panama to The Coca Cola Bo.telina Plant Da f sl eI mpa, OUR wGUIAANTEE gs q a, .c t!il
.OR SALE.-1950 Chevrolet 4-doo blo, or phone 2-3178. Wl ftom )4O iU eld hoer I .ini -_ e..
win aai. Ln b tiancd. asy OR hene ~anwmid~ fyO~gy ~snaus w war ~l

w-,m radio. Can be financed, easy TO t M81E X T ,m a- o m -.
payments. Trade in accepted. Ex- FORmvSALE bd out ppITATION w move i '.
cetlent buy for serviceman. oSmoaot 7U
y Hunnicutt S. A. 16th. St. Cen- Real Etaton this
trol AIe. Tel. 800. Colon. WEsnh er W
BATTERIES ioR SALE:-1946 Statbon Wagen. FOR SALE-.-Land property of 28666
good for hunting and fishing M2 in wood bi house, very wl*U
trarsportation. Easy payments for located, Via hCdovus read 4120.e
are an easy buy Smoot y Hunnicutt S Pueblo Nuevoteor full info~m-
A 16th St. Central Ae. Tel. 800 tian. .t jj ,.
Special made FOR LE-Dodge KI-gsway-custoM, LESSO N'S 1r *4 *tA
-,door Sedan, only 2 '2!eas LdEor1:h
for the Tropics Peru gay, underseal. blue leather S summer cood1,2, .c-
upholster,, excellent coFdition. ol-
Telephc,-e 3.1610, house 8111-A 3661. II e
Htveo Pli:e M arg arita Vt"1I IIM M

Help Wanted 7 1 H -'I
Maid wanted I .e day week ThI u1 (12 -5l I
meals. No Ch.ldren. Call 2-A1U3. prc"s
61 .
Cook laundre-fo-r Americrn -. under In
I Sleep out. References CalI Romro "
Paname aCWV,..
I.F SALE at o
SEE your D ealer eloreveles

12 7& -

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'';. -.,..+., ;".'- ,. i, .. *" \7- ..' .* '.: ., .- '*' *, -
+ "

The Danger Of Th I ouh...

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goag "~liga Bmla g "ae da~ll

I- L ts m ---7b7= MI

am+ mil s Ir am

At C. si- I BAMN DATY. -MA
At ':00 P.m. WAHOO! $100.00 at 6:00 p.m.
$11 S Ian Prim"! 100.00 at 9:00 p.m.
John Wayne, in Victorto ,amiman, en
WITCH" LeX Barker in
JuT no Cav In | T,

At a9'0 p&n.
rOn no Swa &reen:
' w s^ I .~ -II~si^' :liP '

9 pI. 1 I R ri mt- "4W0 R *PAP .
a.,38 'Liberal' Dr. Nathan Pusey .ha i to of t..

-.A -. Named President Of Harvard i'0d' oT h cB
Sa.....ter and Mrs l
SCAMBRIDGE, Maus., June 2 yard in 1928. He is a scholar
.ao- to b !k (UP) Dr. Nathan Marsh of Greek History and taught el \1
t-d cpte ,----o- tPusey, Mldwetern adgelstp of literature, philosophy and his-

and Icnpatond loum io his-
U"revita beI" Ieral toapbng, to- tory at Scripps College in Call-
orv"on 317-year-old Nor, Va1er- Middletown, Conn., and W-
f-S...U- .1orflf wil V1 June lS a %lg-tem e -oldest f rh" most rne CollegebeorefbecoxVin Fl
Harvey It held toeieM r W i influential lstt0on the president of that Institution i
oHrve1y, I rt*a iasln p-h ifo"'"l-r e le=nation. 1944.9 "lk4
ea'r O ast ate- e calls Harvard graduate, the 46- .M
t, n Akla er ATi e TO e He ter -- wouldk~' eto h r e cD r andi e l year-old Pues is resident of At Lawrence, he introduced a imy it..
h Mrs trMa.wouldnI' cme baem to bMaimiwand pfer Alin
5jgLrl ,e AOaU -rn.t -hor- ev- Lawrence College In Appleton, freshman program to acquaint I'
ptl* rand Mrs. Theodore M rrl e eeli ane Wis., wih has an ,o ilment all first-year students wiWh the,
Th Wdin, Alwi o the Nnty waretryhunz.

mo In 1, b us ailly t Conan t 0TIresigned loast --- yr. e-
S> Mr~s. z h u, anab Moh .. Laehamers ieme ba a.0 I0sWy 'ant2 de0a0binna. Thernd aaravard 2
e .rr Wh Ms.H an d iw.etats r st t Ol h e tm it waG SRT" wAeA teob.oeddcofhhio9.n fln g i^fess': i i-n i ya beo
silver bowle dMrasBarreW WiWl-am .S J Wp- commissioner to Western Ger-
Gat at1 .sihrie .bucko t;.ivethrqowlfl eMr.geen o 5tb r a nd h inne 13 efnando Iim 0 yan y.tears hto ebl p.oi
Cl'e porme Ptofld leJIms. Mg a M ue or' toffee'g and .1M an& an oh m lasn t time at commencement this
TleO gro seruff ol ral des ans11ed weSth o of.r asr r~ 5of 'A ma1 is b T ony. H w th-- when Pry returns fs sia
won o the zoo e win OW "* t Is on route to NN=lat. A mbo0tl e prodl with a heavy for th e 25th reunion of hrers e tal o1.h il m .

0j. Ane t whn B am ln eaImse r.eople t o l-D Ir or- eheas erd t h as en
er.a AiA O ,th e wo wrcalledr during sthe M1Ale ms e ori o Dl in f rstsrure asis haAt0eh reulativ n un O ciT Mee'
r f mf M ardl w cemr, eruxi weo e M rob. anr ba ndine tb ahea d tha M o ." tbcbl s on h.i e a 24rhe lut deheadcaflopderh lm a VapI

rommander Dave kea
st, ur eel o ac and s od u geoM d fld powerful Harvard Corp. y a, asa8sc AI
a rn s U etm. e 3ms .le _te O D tr ISinthe am- hi storyrS oed oes eeIn the De-inn his/her personal appearancescas

u were M rs. I'oIM e rs Phl a vener Mrs.To rto NM an DoueI g atis t thM r.o oe Mr natn ob ncos emm aniernso ,ai sIsmr T dmt |Bmp pbauS IN
,A. 8, Charle W r6oo. 1,;r.otand Di e a r I to &to nal agane.R Oh wel he ym- T hees was to come June I Qfrom thea Oid W Ow HaadmIs unsa yA T E

4t7 e hmnd le w 2Mr s. l.o and M L-John-R gan i sce of many friends aren ot doing bu e anywhere." Harvard board of overseers. I an ea ers
Mi,' d sadt M orns. ateOhn ci delln TM W Iosen A mCata 'itMrs. jh people I E,=i=r1eVcesa to ealove. v a-wered my name sub -e *
FG 2 SSot Mcisee at aAlenr, g choL ndC* hea Ten o maric hy yIn ..e onant1 reeelycleh n___ctSHOWedG TO whether the board of

*wtek; Mn. Ulcablt ltteron at aon atft unr sotek /i eto o158 ,4Ol- d dt ^ JS* tudio e s$ Ly.T er nwe d no yu mo spent. to eitie t h aei r
,-Ms. g O vet; wh -albyH sidcor theh w0h hu for tL-anddutrnyn Exntean BorniApri Pu197 ai ieercse
wtlq Hf Mtr Eo oU, M*m. Wahinsr ton, to h o Megi D oa.n hol, a d Jiyret n o- a anlmued t -ther o t oiver- umos tlheat h in Dtree -Lona ta .Puo wth rtee un SoAover weracam Hpston tnErcss
el M p f a vene, Ms. .T u rist own, N, J. m eute to et to rtfe. the P tow ll, Joh Irer add I" "u- eumaue r o H | "WITHO WAR NING"
0'. wiann s *'were: M rs. earlo1 loSae ndersanoC hr iJeraliM '' a. "IsA TI GER
- O L M "8e n g, 11o 60 i sw t t o eIII.t o fie p h doae m d e t s t a o n 11e r th n ew t p d t w ou d -w
onWt CWpit na Joern Jea- 'n AAA. r a =1,on' htadthea, alkInt" i eththe mo Althoughel ay ut SHOWING TONI
"~am.aerahe's0"ouhtsie eedeO.w et du totooteenuti'oEa 'eCKain e CASuLEn
Ano tlunceo, the ari adedupow dgoldd n ical aci ,a
don with Mdr. Marvin Chad ul A top *tls Honest, men, "tait u wral y l 1 rJu. Gulickiand'-Isa oiial a i b d B
I Mrs. Mb Pattern at :0 p.m. at n on. U needt. o. .as Conant beae r di no h t Te been"especial ly active ith
m, Ruld W I t Philip ff Mrs. Thom sto w O Visit' In NI"-, in differ-k g! "t Lanateaching of the humanities Ins-ow Wed 'k Thunay

. M rsa EvasJonsentaspt a But the beasthL.ft' r liberal arts education."
-vimo mr.I- Cihari Louis. iMrs.Oka hoola tor I knesw-i--h a nothing "My ose0Fe is' J. i kl yuworn- The statement indicated that DIABLO HTS. "THE' SEA TIGER"
Ddisi with Mt. j n t + r to do with the i of a movie an whowel, oh m cdlareer.d lthenew cre sdestaoulhed r .: HTW ARNING"
eand s... IoSC*IIV '. Met- af L y lalXLW to Installin theaters oo, Leoin= ltmhitee eietstawoul f n.c-c c dri-
Ino exponent of academic freedom oMIGUEL

S teion iling on and two top st ne. nstmen,"t eoMr Mn s ELLsV SilHa- andE liberal teaching. e"THEBLS
2b O anM toDoz M tA-0loT th nto irte fy ft hedoun.t he st e AiA ame Conant recently called his sue-n | -T uA Jh HON Ko NdGl

I M ..otf.heed o( the new- fia m ed^ Jrt Haffen was poundhng ou.tJh acreenlay .... meums- -D wide-screen or RU gai't High CA d Fobde L ov esIMMO .
Sdt Pa.. ,Md," andto. Al .am. think .pe"ep%: two u about- wetion hof the"righttodied

N WT u '2m em bmlik e t heed se nt ." T H E S E A H R

,* e :+4 wesrm I .ianl. ,' .,,..e .w ..m- :P--S THURSD.!o" 0G.U ,A-C ",
pe m.p u sec-ft t- a S t anct s ray g a B Born April 4, 1907, at c council

ze, a sit500 pins-Mr. orpti R obby.kl: from "" EL"A.." -
s toJamesJonesuth oferBluffs, Ia., Pusey was gaduat- Adam
a e w, >ol Her "ts eHe payestm Dilj2 ;' to write the PowellJohnIre Ia Lu- ed magla cum laude from Hier-t |'9ITHOUT NG
o. s hf,=Oie s : ""r hursiy "M

Send", pdeM caSend o ao .W- ture onI B.ones'Mr-. frturned director salrea _________________dy e| __
vouta'l hecaJ30l; eo= A f ,r.checksshrewd 9Wl d pilot,_Willodirt the mov- turn for at least a year, or until MARGARITAE A

o in g apwrme a l fhe ee rs on hi s e stag hit, "The there's something definite about | aEI A V IS TH EATRE
p )l 5 J-a g!-iemamgDCeretlee,.totg-the bloc'schoiceof newsrcreen wo da "'I-

.. a ey : MWO B nd SAL LYmediurms 3-D, wide-sc reen o
-- ... doETo.,IAIOA .L., RE KELED |ON 1 w* A
1W low s ht a ,flo cas.t Anba I Ng Fe-AIRntS. a.-nd T-H N .KE e.r
.I 'u bri e, A~ whenI t6e Cientout ot Ihight and started brag- ls. Bobby, alo In the cost, does and this time he'll sit out the R

,tTa t.tarleaye Wo tha n..LO'D Ois.,"Awri--t s C.. HereFp not danq, at all. public's indecision.

I n TeOeDAlYNlCLi enutR
: s' s n hoe we SbiureLa t."e-G toS MITZI --"
ILDr.Louso .Saers-. AalMHyEoreIsEtoLWTCOaADe ErLEAl VTo.A TH
ga' attwiIh't North- paid." JERRdY"5"L LA.In

- -~P -, i flr~tt..a.- -

* .. '.. a





Place Clubs pen Bi- e-' r

Yanks White Sox In T., Se special r For Fxsl
Dodgers Braves In N. L. S. Attemdi r ighi

B C L N STeams W L P t. -' A special and- steady bus
NEW YORK, June 2 (UP) Is anybh' going New York 27 11 711 service has been .is"d to a-
E Yu i-`Cleveland 22 15_,S,. S R.' *;, :comodate' the ft attending
to stop the Yankees or the Dodgers? The r-iswer Chicago 25 18 .581 the Young ilgrn-w frid
W h W r ashington 23 20 .535 Brown ac)eduled4t-round bout
mniay be supplied tonight by the Milwaukee Braves Boston 21 21 .500 -', at the La, Mac~re b ourg
and the Chicago White Sox. Philadelphia 18 24 .40 o a 8-
St. Louis 18 24 .429 day night..
In what should be a pair of strong conviction his Dodgers Detroit 10. 31 .244, BJ ..h & eraelo.' Ietta bsa
tiear sell-out games, the Yan- are tiere to stay. The Dodgers
Sers begin their second western have a reverse situation -work- f
rthd trip at Chicaelo against ing for them a g a I n st the wTOAY'S GAteshi fao m an ol h ef in
the only team to trouble them Braves. They are the only team Washingtonr at St.Chicago uis(N) the' lit. An adik attrade-
this far, and Brooklyn puts itswin the league to hold a won- ashington a(2-6) V Littlefeld am' w l be a tnhe
10-game winning streak on thelost advantage against the Philadelphia at Detroit (N) o
line against the bustling Bravend 3 rising transplanted Bostonians Boston at Cleveland (N) | o the t eefits.
at Ebbets Field. who finished a poor seventh last Me* n I uth wl bo nneg
The Yankees have won 10 out year. Brooklyn has beaten them TODAY'S PROBABLE ard Brn continue to whip
of 12 since their last unhappy three out of four starts, includ- PITCHERS tcme n oanh e ne t maJonIe 2
ep ode against the White Soxi ng the last two in Milwauke New York at Chicago (Night) ~t 9 aIn b ea i pandt
the only team in the league to And the Dodgers have an ad- ALopat (-0) vs Fornieles (2-1) nega ha ated that he in -
show an advantage against vantage over every other club In te dsa er40) v.X he o nfid en ofn(1-
em this er. Chicago has won the league except the Cardinals. ashington at St. Louis (N) end to S his pod aer o-
four out of five from the Yan- The Cardinals, who have beenTMasterson(2-0) vs Littlefield tesltodp 1 .8 1 ebxher ol -
if ees, whereas the New Yorkers consistent contenders since the (2-3).o a t g. 'O o n
ape 3-0 against runner-uplstart, open their eastern frip a- Philadelphia at Detroit (N) The .r n camp, however
i Cleveland, 7-2 against, t fourth against the Phillies while Cincin- Byr 'd t(4-5) vs Gaver (3-5). e e en s e t
place WaslingCton, 7-2 nati is at New York and Chicag Bostonati ( Cleveland i (N)-) t e 4O cole pP he

P ....-- "- --- -----Prisomp (2rho 1 by (4-31 lg s.otrog ta ru ytr- .
Sand Chy tc pei cago and (2 Vo
ACston, 4-2 against hi atladelphia. at Pittsburgh. te a.ov s ari ) t
Pi0ake tiroklnSt.(Louis andr3-1 a bum effe A Wix-redpotun ivaco- Detroit. In other American League YESTERDAY'S RESULTS ,.butha.emffo e ts.i victWoifreal- .
Brooklyn, now in its lonqestea!,rnes, the Senators are at St. Openda. thmoOt riOct Brown ,nd .
winning streak since the 1951sLou is. the Athletic teat Detroit,es moo iPne nti p o
season. took o,'er first placekatd the Fed Sox at Cleveland.Bo kTeams W7 L Pt.59 rn tFinnen to make 142,, 1

Sfrom SILL BEN All gamentos in both ges are B corooklyn r 27 14 .659 ound 8on re a
RvCI, f Fom MilwaukeeE a bndll ime inbohleage areb Milwaukee 25 13 .6n8 al egWlf.w eeen o tester will
4,. '- a er Charley Dresscn has aat night. Mi aou 23 15 .6a e 05.e e
Philadelphia 20 14 8 his comeback attempt
1New York 19t19.500W :n e rnNer "14, lun
Chicago hi12 24 .o. N)tr ot ten rued sefn e b A dcdL Sam-I n

etre wl be a e up u l c e l (Nst y a d hr ih t American and o i I an .t e r
BREATHLESS RECORD-Charlie Cponol Te oOr-) Game' champion. This wil
.A o, b e n pe eorgetow.Uni b amnela' dbut a
TE DAY' S t Al1ST varsity distance runner crosses the finish line of the two- f c a0tns ts.
Sa atBrl l race of the IC4-A track and Field Championship I A New Asi-round 126-poud *-
,Cincinnati at New York (N) le Yor to set a record of 9 00:2., He cut nine full seconds off cia" between eal t ck and

|l a Boe pNa r .shoot. ah year oa As -ourn *I-o u brie-f
St. Louis at Philadelphia (N) the me mark set fouryears ago. Vicente Sntago plus a four-

St ak th at 'n B round 1nt l8-pounnra .prlinafry
S"wetween Carlo Oardel asd Me- t

NA oChicago at Pittsburgh. (N) g
r e p s bMilwaukee 'at Brooklyn (N) I Com in age R e
Wilson(2-2) vsMeyer (-1). 0l Cea
I Cincinnati at E New York (N ti- o
-P"dbielan (2-4) v a Her n
e (t3he at .won the) Bi a sa On th e, Ie of th.O eti orte m fea- Unisport had the smallest
tLouis at Phmi adelpica (N) tures of d the A cndut,19nA At- squad in numbers prticlpitingd
(0frwn hfa that t.ere. a six con- numbers they make up for ine
tender. tore to be no speed and pwer wt ha gen. A
YESTERDAY'S RRULTS "weak sister" e league eroush Of t
SOpen4irn te. -t rlad t y. portant a bsketlbad lemen %

-ntago f ithd a supporth nv height. And in ar10 In to, cbl tt
;4.;--- In jlier small collection of top cAgers
ah c favorites gathered for thmis year's f ray,
..r or n w import_ e Iosntheit tsn rie b elingnt.

im te t o S oi otelzer th te sti'uhtorp basftball as hi
SKISS FOR THE WINNER--Bill Vukovich, winner, of the i Nave an Station team, Roy Wia main port." l io ing o played 'ptezi
dianapos 500-mile ace. gets a big victory kiss forom his LEICHSTi gland, 3unet 2. on's decision- not to return to ty while in ollte, Mo"expect-
wife after his won the event wiih an average speed of 128,- (UP) -h Britain's champion the Isthmus for the summer ed to co uh career al.
7 of miles per hour. He led on all but two of the 200 laps. Last j hockey, Sir Gordon Richards, and G il Smiath's induction into y when a knee injury in his
a year's winner, Troy Ruttman, set the record of 128,922 miles i was greeted with shouts of the, AM I ;ervires, shook Paul first Istbhign game racticaily
hperhealboa nr.I a"C h oi tho i to n d ta th ra ne" as eMosar# q# ntes Chances of marked the ed ofhis playing
j'U s c i b p The crowd gave Richards a In Paul Moser the Universal he.can playE ularly his ability
on th e pre mian i tremendous ovation as he steer- Sports posesS s one of the and m"rnow w" should be an
or Ped home the 2 to 5 favorite for basketball mentors on the t po factor as Universal
an a his first win since the annosnee- mum. lince--his arrival on the rtloow or a cbaapn.If
ENTRIES BEING a a ment of his knighthood In the Isthmus almost'lour years ago ship in their first year of eni
SR b STILL n and tops among th e prob-coronation honors list. "M" has won three high sch petition in the Atlantic Bket-
I F oCEIVED FOR WEEKEND ably Jim Scheibeler, Barbara basketball championships, oe baln Leap e.n .-
REG1STerED RIFLE SHOOT Millard and Bill Jaffray. Schel- Before racing started today 3. C. Tournament with his h nc o te o rheashhod alsorbe thc- I eel out ths r hono i- School d and b bolteredf P---ec o. A M.
The Balboa n Club hasasany of them, and he only cated that this may be his lat same tourney With the Uniport
announced that the preniumn reason he Isn't included with season as a jockey, after which five last Decimnber. J tw iI ie
entry fee for Post entries for the top shooters is that he he intends to set up as a race-i Balance r will be the s
this week-end's registered hasn't always been consistent horsf trainer. 'ecreteto his'ere
malbore rifle tournament has over the long grind such as this "frad: l secret to p o an At-rn R
been eliminated, and that post is. Barbara was hot as -a fire Comneting on his knighthood, lanti Oge "u~p t led by Arnolde eaR
entries will be accept up until cracker last year, and she has Richards said: "I findo it dif- Man ln$. u theo .spdy- forward
a.m. on Saturday morning at the Ideal temperament for a ficult to express in words what who Moier coached in his high :UIna. Tenn., uo S'-
p increase in cost over the re- shooter. She should also be in-I feel about this great honor. school days, and ably bolstered UPn olA er recent y conI
lar listed entry fee of $6.00 e eluded with the best of them, Naturally I am proud but my by 6-3 Dck Cotover. Dick was plained to Clfmbhis Pierce, A
the two day. seven match but has been doing com-rgreatest delight is that the a memO* of 00 1952 Gibraltar svortswrt for ft.Kdon'le be.
ngpetition. paratively little competitive Queen has honored the Jockey Life teamW'he nx most of the Nw-to hat P i e r c up$*&oV or a3t
-The sponsors of thematch shooting this year and is thus profession." season U trling,center should be called a "fiong wAnd rayg O
khave gone to considerable ex- something of an unknown quan- The champion added: "All I warmingW Dick slipped shootingeditor." .ns waytis-haoing;ho t nt e(u_ .(._)_
ible, a'nd 68 different awards Ing a bad year, but has been to make this the most wonder- son Tanelae. had'the op" "By'l% it"'skid PILre, the -
avei been urcasthsed so that showing some signs of life late- ful week of my life." portunity to show his possibilt- man -told me he meant I wh
arep s will be well spread a- ly, and just might be on his way ties as a scorer It was lpoib.e alwgts fishing around for
,xong the competitors. Response back up.,resh-mJO h" 1
kIn the part of the shooting Many others should be men- 28th attempt to win the Epsom bout. a- ,
hooters want and need an ac- man and others cannot be th2n an outside chance of a- the scrappy Carl 81mona, an- fish were biting." ne
tive club, but if they want to counted out. And with 68 awards chieving his life's ambition otherof'oach Moser's students.
valuable, they must take ad- tions, every competitor stands soon colt Pins next Saturday. meant ea year, should be
vantage of it and support it. If chance to win in his own clas. "It's the best chance I have at bhis M for the 1i- aI. ,ol.ll -
the club loses money on this re- CLASSIFICATIONS CLARIFIED ever had of winning the Derby," John H a vwteran 0 more
gistered match, the Board of There will be three classes of Richards said. "My only real than eeven, years 01 4tlaatic tadle.
Directors is likely to be hesitant competitors, with awards for danger ,t thefueen' horse and Basketball d nr has al-
about sponsoring such competi- each class for each match andoing at it ntlinentally I al- ways 'bees teous scorer

the tournament may not breaki b u t t h e Sharpshooters and high school stdet is he *f ee
even financially, it ~.ill doubt- Marksman classes will hahve "nhgr vam by t eo .
less be a success as a competi- their own prizes. The overall m-pe ty os -a-y e
tion. Both previous Ih an aggregate prize winners will not plTe Tilbbast Spo ntat
man and Al Joyce. will be in i which will ensure the distrlu In udd is 1ok, fr u m-
there again trying for this one. tion of these down through the r iv o eu in tue
with an excellent competitive All shooters are requested to Go li already pla n
spirit, and are capable of win- bring proof of classification., fore tWo cafind
ning. Their closest competition NRAroutdoor colartfcat h card The wing eahey f a n e for

Coco Solo Navy. Chien Wayne ing gallery classification cards Handieap" ait ,lans ,=,, r .
Turner the squat and genial those having no cards, classifi- an added wbnlies whl .,
* f les and the long barrelled pis- one of three methods, wy owners the deterie .: sagS
Lepley is a coOl comnpfitnr cl2a~sficallfo b. g temporary phy. -. .

___ JOE WI .LT1
**M, ow:: -*

* .4- -- Ii~ ^

the itod t,
"how 'iione tle wb g a-tp

awill bebp a

he orr for a at
aull In e sRaw at
toa no rtferenceu a tou to.w.b

siehawe rte orl'uioA frd as...;

th wal r t te r

dent, had offended a letter A it taured1 OaeI
1as neter. to Work another weaie.
The oldest of the beirs was liateningto a .TV piteh for
electric razor Mg R1 t e grIdj. hardly e
.ho.llert," he be' intend to oA e
eradon of "live lone and ke it." ,Tb late eer
ed at science. He'd double up his massive right flat day,
'that' saill the science I need." Bill Vukovich, new 500-ml 45u
Alon evidently entertain ln I .4 about c mt
IHell, you Just get oa l ftont'dig 1x l l u
e. And that's the way he drdv., le6lsneft to w o.rkt
urns around the old brlqk trac..,

nsier to .i. ft ,e djtla a leMten -t o aT i
who do bat saget .ea
o."la iIhe dot3a ie.lke.

Kin d.....-,
emaler to M, j^BE^is" ea*BfB~^^fik^^
in abi a rmi A

0 a


Tooth' PaiC s jo -mmpO y5U
1. It vUid! m

ye .... TMUo .
cmamw nf rnm uW

and must be given at leastan orded competithe scores wil be ed to i.O
equal chance of winning high clasified on the basis of such Dai'
S aggregate with *-the two past recorded scores. Br4ng record the VISI Us. WE

2 "il dTAhe me
-lwys e aRE Vbst SPtes CUShote le man Rae
champions. So far as Lucas is tbook. ..pou he
c concerned, this leema to be his Shooters without previous by EASIEST
year, and so far he "can't lose NRA competitive experience will surer WeAM:RAMS
for winning as they used to sign a hcertificate tothat effer11t ,
ay. This Is a long grind, but we;They will then be considered o 4- fo Q& 1 0 "111S -
s Gfpect to see "Dude up there. tyros, and for this match only be* '
close. Archie Turner seems to. wil be rated as 'Marksman." Ro u b I NK 4
always be at his best Ini these: C. Shooters unable to produce i -
crucial tourneys, and he must'classification data. and unable of
- also be counted as likely to be to comply with parpgraph A. or mueet
aaia the top five. 11B. will be rated as 'Expert'"for,
There ane a number of other'this match
shooters cloe enough to.thi..Firga.m. piar-
am ned c is ito Into it, 7.e $ran ,le r-

'-.*- .. T "




. i.'.

lmw xv-

-. ..
~ -

eg genipu''.j.Tr,. .... -r .. .. w r.0
-1 %" 7. -.- .
.... .m: mU.'--swh

. i

l e am -, U nderw P un ...
g-l. I -?* "A..." a i '. al,,

.. ",
rY .A-


Cse Stance Wik L&n Irons

bal is moved forward
a short Iron oaftpn
an inch Ilhind where
Li it for the driver,
lp remains the pame
,t Y.u_ a


u tseeI.

V'AHaw through Is the
SlIx ions as it is

Kvcn a plete
log u itra

AM,,..o ..

S : 1 "-.*; >-. **

Best Local

Net Srtanr

To Compete

sle m and SIL

me i4 la the

yi I nes u wnd the hbi
wm. ttis n i C,
th paar

I' o TeL 2-IS or L-
AnIC. thr twnead Ien-

t u an e Webb:
a G..Ba eorge MW e -
CreO yn Gurt.
....B1-a>* BtAngel
DebileS. .

High N tough

so HeVs Perfect
TACOMA, ha leJune I2-
(NZA) Dave lJ might
have taken the 15 points he
scored as h man a high
school bei S ameo as an
omen of CmO .
Froma tathe the 16-
year-old u to aete In
& louaf b6*ito mstab, turned

as the younget to roll a pefeet
game lan satnotfw Amerinsa
owUl)g Congrems coapettlonu.

W. "

Rolfe gas pIt
lko ', .. e.
a sas 11*"


Pathos Comc To U e Leaguers, Where

Proud Rp tSweal :With His Kids

A 0
thro A i st

nothIng the old 1

b s aeb or fS to 12

ler's muacles and a fog-horn
S"Put In y kid," he ghed.
Ne gaboutra thN e i. s Br t he In't
b etter o mo sof these
h ou dthe managet.o '' he can't
then Ig eat ethe Umpire's
chest protector."
The game wa at rating and
his son, a pitcher, was, toting
"Who's that pitching," the
proud parent snort.ed "the
pnanager's aepbe?! 0
The first batter 'a red to
the plalt. The a
for a curve the first .tig. "
pitcher went Into a
with-ecr!a! 2?d 3 a dthyn
LOW uof trw 4was
floas Pudetred iup 0 .

,. .. .... L .
Ssiar hout-t"
8 wo1battMrs walked.
R 4nurl the old

-isa La Boc& Senior Softball League
looked Ike the roof otf
S had eave In. ut thW e
e man Te W L Pet. game were the Jamaican girl all
IdIn h 5 0 1.000 'star softball teanr that Is ached-
la e latlDl Dry 4 1 .800 uled to debut at Mount Hope;
oldI=anudnly 0 13a Soa 2 .000 Thursday night, in an Ihterna-
at the sight of his son wIlUh t 1 Troops 3 2 .600 tonal series with the best play-
Wto the late. Bank 1 2 .333U ft of the Canal Zone and the
toMy bofs gonna pinch -hit Albrook Mye s 1 5 .167 epublic of Panama.
he hollered. Spur Cola 0 5 .600 The Special Troopers were
The youngster htehed up hi brilliant afield and kept Pistro's
pants, t t id cat. Ciblakintom the three-hlt limit
stepped Z. th i O bttf's NEXT GAMES with asatlonal play'. Pint-
"Co whoopedhis ftIS sized Rivera, the Mr. Shortstop
"Jus' a 11 home runl Shat- Wednesday: of the loop, roamed far and
rP Cola vs West Bank wide to effect sensational plays.
a lt t Secondbaseman Carratini
ldoeme bftal et am d homer. es Bank vs Special Troops brought the fans to their feet
Ilsot' et him get hold :r.I Cada w he sPered Joy Lslie's
sludlhm driot tdat Was soaring
11H givo up. smokinf' for M.1, Canada Dry vs Norge for a four-b across country
__ _&.A.-. A %

The pitcher didn't see any
sense In easing around., _o
wound up very deUbeca
rocked away back and wu
It in. It was a beaut. The.,A-
ter tighiteed up started to go
for It. pulled up and quivried
like a dOa pasinl up a pte-o-
"Ste-re one." bellowed the
Sumpirias or *lla'
hos?" growled the prod
fa le her .a for
The batter couldn't resist .
Whoosh. He nearly went to his
knees. The crowd whooped.
"stee-rike two.', the umpre

like two $d-ls
one His

comus... lim ..
"ste e-rith
On the wry he.the father
turned to hs ,ML
"4iW9I KhW" as wil it hap-
pened e6 wa it 4W. he said.
"MNow I = s- nothim'
900I'06 a*.ISmmNI h
eMak e son. WB t

_, on


Strong Man Hodges, Victim

Of Wellintentioned Coaches
NEA Sports iltw
o -- t
NEW YORK. June 2 Notic- AugUt of 1i47 and who
ng Oil Hodges trying to hit to throwing from an exa u
t field in Florida exhibition stride to make himself l-
games a year ago, Bill Terry re- fast," stress Main. "No
marked that the Dodgers' strong green Clem Labhna, whose
man was making a big mlztSke. brilliant victrte toa lot
"If se monkeys around at- had all but e hied -
temptU to hit to right, he'll one they thought needed a
quit pullin the ball to left field," tion was the latted J'Ia
explained the GantA' one-time pitcher "
manager and .400 hitter. There is conalderable tM
Hodges had been urged to pull coachInta In major league
more in 1951, when his power ball, of course, bUt pB*_ i
Mas almost 100 per cent, 307 to- Just a wel that t
tal bases for 166 hit, His 40 home teaching is for the str
runs, four in one game, was the than the stumbler. i
most ever manufactured in a sea- The star is likely to ay t.
son by a Brooklyn player, least attention to It.
Unhig Hodges a a striking ex-
ample of what he cOtlis "help for |
all but the helpless In baseball." i n G ir
Arthur Mann recalls the bigirst .flluUtiu i6 J
baseman beginning the 1952 sea-
son holding his bat like a torch-
er in a torehlight parade. It was Softball ea
out and up. His elbow were
stuck out.
"Why?" asks Mann,,who wrote
McGraw and was Branch Rick- -
ey's right hand man at Bbbeta The Jamaican girl
field. "Well, Ralph Kinet, the all-star were imprembe
home run king. Jackle Robinsd, nthel first workout in -Mt.
Roy Camnanella and a few oth- tm for thefr debut .
*E held the bat that way." ope Thursday
2 midaeasnHodge shad tetlaintic An Sars. -
hitting tO right. He was stIu- The stotrs ate the
iing desperately Just to hit. ttwm of *irs to
Lat In. the year he didn't and the The tPM
he dtobbeecheid this spring. he all
gelo r i.,at our bout br
er d he ts e& a; pWt ou Ma, akb r of 1u- throws from the
meroum on ib1 ball". "The U any a male spebtater
bate, I. IalTb, some diW with envy.
soon he ight get around to .
stridina iato the ball and hi. 'Ahe am-aean -hak ,A d M



10 fh z/1 Us wee

"-" One of the great cities of the world... wo
| *|shops offering eeptioal bargains... spec
| might clubs... world-famous Colon Theatre
racing... restaurants renowned for their id
cuisine and, a few hours away, the beauty a
Argentini's bill mad lake districts and Atlda
beaches. Fly to Buenos Aires via Panagra's
I lnter Aemricaneo or thrifty El Pacificm

eae me 4ed. l

aw eS* .. esnwg.s Yv OP ?I,. T.O m -, I w.. P.a


tic mati


* 7% '~ '-'S
"a'. -k.- "

* -7'.

, .- -

.&---A -.

. .. .. ~ .

---- ----- 1 --- --- ---- -


nn d i i


- ---'-C ~u


___~_~ -_5 --

.. ).


-- -- --- -~----

-. ,. .
'S47 Si

* r

,- i



L league


"' m' .- .
,' {,;

: anal o nes 7 .

.... Peomlete anadoie n rcan -
Diplomas were presented this "Let the people know t m the country is safe A ham Lincoln.
morning to 28 graduates of the
Capal Zone Junior College, at TWENTY-EIGHTH YEA&R. PANAMA P. T I EP AY. JUNE 1953 I I
commencement ceremonies held .
er the College-High School Li-
Nineteen members of the class
ISge completed courses in Liber-U
pl Arts, six have studied Business
Idminis'"ation and three haveor
.tken Science-Engineering cours-
aeremony Dean Roger C. Hacketti0E 0
Arts, had been selected to re S igthe U. Citing Aeotaton
Ceive the College Honor Award. er, elected yesterday on both
.t.idetard goes annually to the Only 500 out of 4,200 Panama gressmen's minds in considering ployes leave and differential for rds of the Isthmus:.
the faculty, "contribe uted most oCanal employes signed petitions the legislation. Zone employee. The leave is cov-. BALBOA Walter .Wagner, ....... B .
.sp. t ual. ia...nterleu. Marine yesterday that they would quit Pres dent of the National Fed- ervd in HR 4506 a bill intro-. l D. Raymond, E a tte .mer,
te spiritual, Ifelec.ual andf detrimental legislation is pas- eration of Federal Employes, duced by Congressman Jol V.r. isce Lon. l .D D -op

Aman of Cartagena. Colombia, elections were held to choose Isolation and other limitations the days of leave an employee Ins. Milton Haley, T. -. Bo.- .. .
here she was born. She attend- delegates for the U.S. Citizens of facilities here which justify the. State may accumulate., kll k Traumnhel, Rex e AI -
dMaria Immaculada School and A.ssociation. retaining the differentiaL They canl nt accrue up to 60 Bek and R. W. Coy. 1 -- ;,d hia,'J
S t. Mary's Academy .and ws The petitions will be taken to Steward also assured employees days. For o veie employee, the ANdOON WaF n Roe, Jr._ i Joi n i 5 ''
Sraduated from Balboa u igh Washington by Mrs. Margaret here that everything possible is leave would r change fro e 0 to2 W Margaret Reunle, Ak chi i
oo with honors in 1951. Sec- Rennie who leaves at 2:20 a.m being done to hold overseas em- 60 days. French, Dr. W. Clinchard Mare
Soothe graduating class, tomorrow on PAA's El Inter me- acobs, C. McO. Brandl, Carol
has also served as president ricano for Miami. Mrs. Rennie. o "Jo-
.tbusinss manager of the Frances Longmore, who has been. o k E-b, aw D l n O b jectio n s l 1uc
'I t.S^. o? ^S"yge naHe took 0OUtis P pencil Oe. ctPIn Dade FTOFIWS O C
lnior College yearbook, the sent ,up to represent the CCanal-a h -./'
Coaquistador. Zone Pilots' sociation, and by a T 0. WI"lBTr Mn. ft Korea, Wedpsrday. em A lieo rslfs
or Cegesh hs nGovernor John.Seybold. AA n d h e Hure s H-d e t
SThroughout her two years at Seybold said today he wit Pe F 1 Ru 'L Ju e.-( a m o.o .-
Junior College she has been "seek to Inpress on officials eT .e F gr I y, Offhical DetYooy. Thee- _8 t ._tap "di. u. t_
tve in sports and is a member concerned the views of the Ca-' dore Hots, Harry Townsend and officials todayy wereate p tn.g muils.t trse di ,rt '"
Gamma Chi. She plans to nal administration on the de- Ernest B. Curling. a last mi"te, soluft* ti XeK- Psa t m.
udy clinical laboratory work at trimental effects which would T | Alternates: Virginia Pearce, area's bitter objectoss to Unit- Red oe et
their Comrnell or Columbia Unl- be caused by enactment of the | | '. Mrm. Helen Quinlan, Robert d Nations _lom w ter nding IE* Yt. _a B 'n
*ersity. legislation in its present form." I rnr0 M. Turner, Walter L. Ooeman, the Korean war. ..t. t1 .' -
S Miss lKuperman's name will be Mrs. Renrile and Mrs. Long- I I Donald P. Hutchlnson aid Paul LittlWe wt was felt, that _eg l-for ,ndi" 5 L..
.iscribed on a plaque at the en- more, oth wives of Panama Ca- I s. Mohl. the mOdlMspai wtir the Wet. yeat-old a '.
r'ance of the college building nal pilots, will make every ef- PEDRO MIGUEL It.. .
with the names of the 18 other fort to contact as many Bena- 0 Hesh. C W Hammon Paul tq.. ut_..W dQ s
dents who have received this tors ada a other official as e n t e wh e her to "At o time and another I mett, and Thoma A. War- i .to t heredIramlettandedThomast
sward.- can in an attempt to present-Re
h 'Was"p an resign if the pay c nd other have been offered Up to $1,000 nelL ,P .... I
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Adiral Albert M. Bledsoe, Con- earning .. .. .....$6,531 ductions. Ths w be due In Ar r h
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E ced by the Rev. Daniel Re- today following a crash yester- "When income tax, retire- We had a question: "What ag. A tet ftL ..if e ,
do of St. Mary's Mission and day at Santa Fe, a small set- recent, rent, and about your retitemen ""
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CMaanarcos Gelabert airport, Pal. with kitchenette. Social Security credits." i
Ila, in honor of President Re- W. We J J.
if** m Self In P ll mon's birthday. S he S *e A. F f
AGSA pilot Aurelio Hernai- lRufers 0panecida_
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A an arrested for beating dez, a flying back from another n t a''
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Colon Seret Police head- difficult Santa Fe airstrip. To L o tea e r ist o alr a T in the
J yestertday. poll de Hernandez. who also flew In
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nuea Bueno was taken rJmenez back to Santiago.m "
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om aord Gimeheo Had a schoolteachers' special," will William s. Hughe aO nd son; _rU.IiAS.T o t ,
esterdy morning suffering motor failure as he approached leave Cristobal day with a Mr. and Mrs ob S. Je- Zone, wllt at
Santa Fe airstrip. HeorThas e Inhe.
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Sace and head, probably Meanwhile at Changunol. ng to the United States after E. ; Jw Harrit i Jo on CiubhoSa i ..
the way to thDe hospital as a' P n l bound f,"or Statede vaca- Kerch and 2 -L ander i wsdto a
result of the beating he had dro Yuen, 25, had mor faure tins ty Lu r;.
even her earlier, and made a forced landing. There are 183 passengers
Yuen was unhurt. His light scheduled to sail on the ship, Mr. an4dMrs. Thomas 0. LOWng night..,....
S-Manuela 20, wams taken aircraft was damaged. according to the advance pas- and 2 children; Gortrude K
hospital at 2 a. m. yester- singer list from the Panama Lampert Mr. and MrDI
m ing. De Leon was Line office. Leonard; Dr. Les
d hanging by the neck Dr. and Mrs. harFles .
ona rafter in his cell at The complete advance pas- Dr. an ". ar Leb Zp
senger list follows: 3 childiet; Miss eiss iter
Balbo, Tde"'r'-" RdMiss Judith Adelman; Ada- Ella Lafbrooa; a
Balboa Tiden i Reds mary Andersan; Mr. and Mrs.
W Carroll P. Anderson: Dova D. .. Stuart McNair; Ullsabetj
Wednesday, June 3 a La Antill; Mr and Mrs. Clifford 8. W. Matealn; Robert L. ccii-
i: ..h Low i ****l85 Asbury and 3 children; Miss lough; Mr. and Mr. Alberto
85.. p.m. ............. 2:07 p.m. HANOI. June 2 (UP) -French Baumbach and daughter: Ne :hfdre_ Marse a o. .
strafed today Communst-led V Brantetter;* Dmly Butch- Mllser -
S* for northeast Laos to rejoin reb- Katharine I. Clark: Mr. and Robert
fi'A French hihhi ommand Mrs. Shepard B. Clark and 2 dren; sziMdas O Muse 11 r .
aA spok en ath atird c hnd2ildren Frances T. Cland; Eric
were diretedd against the Cleugn; Alie H. Coakley; Mr. Mual; Marie
of ther e divisted a s itoe l and MrA Roger W. coilinge and H. Neal; t L. elkrk; Mr.
wbhe Victmnhich dheast aiong 2 ehdr *.Mary T. Collins and Mrs..Wlter Oliver; ADM
Coloen whia Ls ihaenaint ao Leslie WMr, Jr. and Ruby M. Palmo' Mr.-sad Ms.
swerve northward to take part wookod -
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r co eLaotla. r h o hildreidn; Mr. Ma. li Charls
ScThe division was the last blo A.Dubbsandn d1 Maie M

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local population to the Com- Mras. Ben a
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Eastern ti of the French and .a
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He said "strong" French pa-
from the Plaines des Jarres and Mrs.
reestablished contarict with the son; .
S- .Isolated post of Paksane on the H. aai r
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