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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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S1 L. ,a" m
. ..." -T ,. T -.,W ;. ,* ,. ; ..fV ., : [. ,^**''.,
.. ". ;/^, '*. ,L aTI .il ,,.

'F s i
i ,. .-. l

- ~. J~V
,~ 4.
-- J.

Abraliam Lincila."

.Be rcde
-"_- _' ._ ._' "-

Elizabeth Entertamis Contos

June 1 (UP) m Queen lgeth II,
mwiery cream-colored dras, "u rrtwd
i'pf her Commonwealth -te a tte lnch
"mnds of her subjects set ap. camn -
a*ing stoves along tomorrow's Coro-

of tkie

a"MI aL

tnr. that"-

.400 ..

. 124*


Several American contractors
of the groulip who were told re-
cently by the Army to clear their
annually leased yards by Sept. 30
are seeking to have their In-
stallations changed to a "mi-
grant yard" basis until they can
onmnlete existing onttacts. It

NW eee..




' 4" L '. *1 "
^ ./:, .' i

''** .A .-::," A ,' .. "-

fa-j V-,,'4t .<. i.- "."
i, ,r .- "i **,",.>. ;'.'...." -, ,'. .- "',.,

Sign Declaration

They 'Can't Live'

With Injustices

-0 -

Queen's nurs per- was learned today. Hundreds of Panamd Canal employes were being ;
a lts o de e mThe three general contractors proocled in the various Zone communities today to
or l route was found and four sub contractors held a a petition saying they will quit their j fb if lebMW
deao yesterday ner.,s green- meeting Saturday- dl decided depriving them of the 25 per cent differential is
hou in Hy7e Park. that inasmuch as the financial
H4 died without knowing El- and contract position of each At press time today it was reported that
zabel had honofm aMm by firm different it would be bet- every employee who had been given the petities,
mak amom ,o t the ter for each to handle its own n .
RPoyailit Ordw. problems arislBR fnrom the forth. The petition was being circulated today ot
Meanwhelo Inl canka- coming ouster. booths in every Canal Zone community where
nati d~ l wrcma o&rois, The sense ou the meeting was were being held for delegates to represent each tow".i'-
"slur ate, that all fl% n saltater heavy in the U.S. Citizens' Association.
lossem s If an eZ4lMsln o f the Sept.
M Halda 30 Ume limit cannot be granted. It is the purpose of -the as- be forced to secure employ .u -
sittod t0e be- One general etWaetr hs socatlton send the signed pe- elsewhere."
'twel two tnlsA was already made formal petition tuition llwt.l. Margaret Ren-
so lttle dta lbet*en the for an extensiom nie wli sBe leaves for Wash- (The name and address d
tunnels that _be gunoexp had ingfoe tomor"w, each signer follows.)
only a few m iads to 4e. Yesterday J. A. Brownle, vice- The .tekt ot the petition fol- This statement appears o
1 --- ._ _._- ppraIdemt. and general manager lows: the @yeor ad the petition.
of the Maceo-PianPSflo Cor-
owl P tion, left 1; aSr for New "To whlt.. May Concern: Mia. Margaret Rennie. w,
Sork where he will confer with "- the agAWsigaed employ- Is leavln here by plane
the firm's major investors, i n- es of inal Compa- day nig, t .June 32 for
chlUding R. C. Thompson, who ny and te Canal Zone Gov- Ington, D. C.. has reque
cam oroI lve.on the-Isthmus but was in ermi net due to Injustices In many employes as po-IrML
the states when the surprise the pat, d those ending, as the attached form.
.tain oKdr was lisued. co in g1, I-MR,53 the Civil .
nc if enacted. can- "his obligates to
1, B 4 The Will not, afford we here will whatimv .



, whithiwete ei rboIt

eatwh the pres
the cttimen group. Ruftau
lady, said today a specl*.
Sof all the newly
delegates would be held .
row night at 7:30 at the
Clubhouse for the p
electing new officers of thw
All delegate are rq
to. Attend ts meeting.
-I '

SId timaet Bat Senate

t& Retire & e.d of Time
... w-' .' .I V.. d II -kWno64among

Binest C. Cotton, Supertin
n, of@ the PPrihni Plant;,
fan, three menlhs and i i
SL. Dods rman, "*
EU Division. yeas,
a andI dl as.
August T. Utit, AdA
atire Assistant, Supply 4
Oprtce Bureau; 20 years,
lonts and 10 days. _
O~ a active of Col =
hl, had the longest can
Mrice record of any empl
he Canal orgslton ..i o
mee of re
aftV. ,-rate
Serstat .

nium to
mtrkla rt
been ei
ihe -s1

I World Was damshe pls to make a at
on. As a Yet- appeal from the people In
romnnet part Cal Zone on behalf of all
Sor many years. citizens, and will "try ev
ra after his em- Utin i the book."
i the Canal,
orchestra leader Mrs Longmore, who was el
e at both the old ed yesterday at a special I
4 later the Union Ing called the pilots,
y. leave at md t t
fletmidt plan to gether with M. Ir I
iSu within the nle, who Is P I-IM uS
, a.d expect to tire of the U. Cites'
r hame In North elation. She was elected IT
night at a special meeting.
Both are wives of Pa
by the threatened
u-t since pilots have au
e4 the .31 per cent for

pn1 Monly be atlfete
iApt to cut free MW
Lmrmore sai id
S tal co .-t --

"Cordid eace ID Um

f. .

I u
in ceone~l

I' -
*yi'1" \ *'. '* "

.7? ~.4


.~L.e .",~

- 0 -----

, N.' int ., :


-I,, ~
.~ :1

-, ~ki

"f t -

* es "


-WtL~ "

J ,



.Ah O' /-

uMnl mev N* e MseN WOUUNSVU. IN ieas
*T H Pu O nX iSx 34. PANAMA. w P.
345 MenrieoM AVE NEW YORn. i9ll N V.
LtOL my
wP0 oNE YEAI. IN ovAno'e 0 o0 I.

-- ~.t PIWAWA AMUI~iJI~ aw usuuu~ wA




The Mail Box is an open forum for readers of The Penam Am
keon. Letters are received *retsfully and are handled in a wholly 4
antial manner.
If you contribute a letter den't be Impatient it it doesn't appear
next day. Letters are publishedin the order received.
Plas try to keep the letters limited to one page length.
Identity at letter writers is held in strictest confidence.
This newspaper assumes no responsibility for statements as opini
expressed in letters from reasoern.
-0 -
I am wondering what we have In store for us now after bell
apprised of the habits of one of our fine new employes who a
rived on tle S3 Cristobal.
It secms to me about all we as Zone employees can expect
him is what he attempted to do with the Panama Line to si
nothing of defying Quarantine regulations.
S* Wonderer.
Ancon, C.Z.
In case you have missed this choice bit I wish you to be i
Last Monday. arriving on the Panama Railroad ship was
brand' expert for the Panama Canal origination. In the tl
bracd c c. pa" no lers. and had to picked well and carefully.
No o.'e on the Pan Canal staff was smart enough to hai
bjfn cl.-L..: ior the job. and you know why??? When I say i
one 'as s-.t:i.-t enough I mean just that. This new Labor-Publ
rela:!(., -...'c was smart (or dumb as it turned out) enough
try to >.:-.. .le a dog down on the Panama Line. But as any ni
wit v. .>.! know, the Captain is master of his ship, and it wasr
long eir.. the Captain was informed that there was a dog beli
smugr:e-l Cristobal.
Ha. rrJd Another ha, ha. This expert had to fork over a nei
sum o! roneyv for his log, and besides from now on will get noti
Ing but contempt from the Pan Canal employes. Who would i
able to respect a guy that crocked.
S I am wondering If this same high salaried dumb Mac wi
ade to put his doltg n quarantine like l the ordinary Joe. W
you pleas follow up and let the poor dumb average citizen
the Canal Zone know?
Well they are pulling some fast ones on us these days but
doubt If anyone can top this. Public relations expert. Ha, h
ha I
We shall follow his career with interest to say the least.
Average Dumb Pan Canal Joe
Editor's Note: We understand the dog is In quarantine.
AnsvWer to Previous Puzzle
Video Actress i BA

EOMU ONTAL Reverend .
IVwas achma, (ab.)
Mary 9Miss Gardner
7 She plays in 10 Native aof
Stelwvislon ancient Media
l3Moisrdcult 11Greek wargod
14 Venerate 12 Withered
S'S Natural Il Narrow inlet
* 16 luder 21Cudgler
17 Psalms (ab.) 22 TypeI offur
18 Coaste gtion 23 Heroic
2- Campass point24 Bewitching
21 orthwith damsels
to (dilal.) 25 Fermer
Rugian ruler
S5' 26 Culmination
2 Malayan tin

40 Abrogates
42 Eueharlstic
wine vn l -
45Asd "
46 Tear
45 Mend
5E Give
U Withstand
SA Sxpuner
.Oubic meters _
wI 1Oae vessel
2 logs (COIL)
Aot*ed vases
4 Taranof
m mountain
I RotfSx by
Sspogs re r r
SPlay the part
Sot eat

80 Grafted (her.)44 Church part
$1Heap of hay 46 Demolish
(Scot.) 47 Geous o .
37 Baseball, golf, willows
tennis 48 Saucy
38 Lamprey 50 Ventilate
41 Viper 51 Suffix
42 Arrivals (ab.) 53 Mineral rock
43 Encounter 54 Short sleep

9G3"I"lXl t eKKtV.LM' GG lCKPC


On direct Canal Zone Delivery

Lancaster Rose
Finest Quality Silver Plate
6 piece Tea and Coffee Service
consisting of
Tea Pot Coffee Pot
Sugar Bowl Creamer
Waste Bowl and
26 inch tray


Coavenient Credit Terms
say be arraLjed.

Faltering Philip!

*0'l 6legU and r3 ase uses
misl WeM abe bi mme like mew.
"t S ail t the ritghl elel

"I am referring to your letter P
SIn which you requested a copy U
of a report findings of the
atrocities committed on Amer- a
lean soldiers who- fell Into the d
Hands of the opposing forces in U
Korea. a
- "Such a report has never u
- been comilledebr the Casualty was a Viatim ,of an
The abue of death, asu In
all eau wten s otb ts a re-
sult of eemy lien, would
be indicated *l4led in Ac-
It's time. Isn't it, tht some-
body get the brass to pull a
., wiwut

S.. .....

b- A~

Labor News

Ao L
0oo By Victor RiUMel

has dropped a brass curtain pa
one of the strangest stories of
the war 'and what is Mkdd-
behind It has coat us a major
victory. True, this victory
would have been on the pro-
paganda front. But this isa
,. war for the minds and go
will of men and nations al,.e11
the as for hills and shattered cls.
a Behind that brap curtae is'
the story of sensely cruelty
and atrocities committed po
our fighting men.
ons And while We're silent, the
world is being flooded with. -
ports that O s who were C*
tured dined, danced, played
baseball, drank Chinese whis-
key, celebrated holiday and
ng were treated as though they
r- had been taken in some' anc
of jousting of honorable knghta.
of The Army has forbidd4 the
ay returning prisoners. of war to
talk about atrocities e- sWhetk
those few GIs who eollabig-
ated with their captors. few-
ever, I did talk to s xz-
prisoner. He disclosed .the
Ln full story of Sovietiod Cdt-
nese techniques which used out
a GIs as temporary propaganda
op fronts.
I approached this ex-prison-
ve er because he was one of the
no now famous 94 captured GOls
ic from Camp No. 5 at Pyoktong
to on the Yslu River who signed
t- a "peace" letter.
't Not too long after this "peti-
ng tion". was mailed to Ban ra-
cisco, Harry Bridges ran it in
a two-page spread in the West
b; Coast longshoreme's newa=-
per The Dispatohe I asked
aS the ex-GI Just how the letter
,I, originated.
of He reports that it was "gt
ten up" by Paul dchnur, r
t son of the chairman f -the
Rosenberg (atomic spies) de-
tense committee In San Fran-
cisco and a veteran leader of
the once Communist-controlled
CIO council three (before it
was purged by Phil Murray). t
Only three imprisoned GIs
signed it voluntarily, the for- h
mer POW told me. Then the w
Chinese propaganda division u
took over. h
They called the boys In one f(
by one. The captors told them
they had better sing Schnur'i b
letter If they ever "wanted to sa
go home and see their folks a
again." a
There was also food, medi-
cine, some wine and freedom Ji
to exercise held out as further o
rewards. But the men thought a
mostly of their families and a
home. So they signed. t
Corporal Schnur, Jr. is about
to be discharged from the A-
'Iy. Next week probably. And i
Capt. Edward Tail of the Let- b
terman hospital where Schnur a
was sent'on his return to the a
States has said that he Is I
"Quite certain that this man
(Schnur) is not physically 0
damaged in any way." Which S
is good. b
Now why doesn't Schnur tell a
what he knows? How did he
get up the letter? What "does p
he know about the Chinese tl
pushing his "peace" petition?
What does Harry Bridges or
Schnur's pro-Communist father
know about all this?
Young Sehnur has one more
duty to his country to talk
and tell what he knows about
the treatment of other cap-
tured Gi. He still is under
the Army's command. Why is T
the Army idle or silent on
this matter?
Why the brass curtain on the w
entire atrocity picture? Some- Ji
thing just doesn't jibe. Just a al
few weeks h go. for example, p
the State and Defense Depart- al
ments told senators that "every 1
shred" of evidence is being col- m
elected for posasble use in 1
war criminal trials against J
SCommunist eaders. They said n
that this was being gathered cl
by the U. S. to be turned over w
to the 8tate Department and -
then relayed to the United Na- o
tons. 51
That was on the afternoon
of April 22.
Yet eb March 12, a high o
official fat the Department of s
the Army wrote to an llinoLq
ongrernmsa soaylg that no
auch data had been collected.
This moun that the Army
hadn't alle4 of evidence siz io
week- 'se b lSate and Do. o
fense Demrtient officials o
testified-5nd two years aft- it
er the ateelties had been n
committed on oar GIs. h
There is no doubt of this se- u
quence. The latter came from "
i a Curtis H. Bennett, colonel,
SAOC, Chief Casualty Branch
H March 12 to Rep. Timothy
Bheehan. "
In this missive, the chief of f
the casualty branch wrote b
Sheehan: i1

I temsa The 13 5-53 season ended
ith. ad. iammnertain's "Me and
u, t Jdi!t offering 'by one of sthe.the-
S Spwlated most of- the
r moIreTFT11 that the NseN
ndd '.6,t to the scrip. Mai-d the
il it McClain: it's by so
sl -i ;ad it'll be a hit but It
heaM p .- Mh better"... Critic
o-m.t "Me and Juliet' j aew
0101; I H work".., As tI
-u1oBM Elma sliutwlif the hefty ;ad
s Mi. s assured their investment be-
ore the mariain w t up... The Broadway box
If lees m so ltlg 'the usual seasonal en-
laurgt. (WuNPi steaks leaped last week.
Vive shiw an tfnt to capacity. Three are
nusidal., m A owenerul Well, a,par
D draop".1wasS by Variety) attracted
naaliutm ath-laa r'evews from the daily
how-selgth0: "ODD n'eour" and "Borrowed

In tie Wlap: A Sweet young Thing (aspir-
in iaell aM ni a producer (aL
la friJ-FA tim dirlw a lob... Beeted
n h *iUs wt -as- e fized him with as
mpish g1isae.., "'ll bet y"a don't remiamber
me," ~he Catey Wd, "hit msa the time you
eld me -o -your knee" The Villain fiend-
ably ilekld -iA and gultily inquinrd:
What pfly wasW tat dei t"-

The Cinmagihlos: A ble film title
Titanic" d a snd pro-
ound =t oI t l b0... 'ar
ara tanwk and tad the staUL
i your evu ad ... At 8:30"

resents 1
. ."ort
ry daui
tovie &A
tits ma|

Orchid Award" (whlch tails our rncat) w
a pt y-ratleg shifW thanks tof Rts Clseseym
veea'l-re.... Mrs. Goldberg had asoter
Whirl c- the !'rle carousel ..Si O8
satire on r.nstar films was a dey .;.'
prettUiet sound came fr m o r att P
gqble vertule of "Ov the Bla ,ow". .
wood Off Beat" b other camera-wae = ani
eries... ro Cre and Mbdleri '

Dmw Pea="i'": Co-ng& b

MitA dravalfroLsse a
WASeINGTON. It won't be
one of the Nat important bil inod
IS ofSen Pat of
of S and members of
Suh"h s la o10 vetdue. W e e
mqat ey. el aye aSyrocketed. the alarle0 of $)
C rein. stat ary, ..
Ingfor c-"hav had to scrimp ="00.,
at ft 6ral A'etA isresult. ame federal

chary th ataeydw income, '"
bl litt.t
ab fr 40 Can ,Woerned, it happens tha

apples ing s.
w tha then ,- w

ne-elie $8tilew


whcMMIoe d the Benate and H or a
School for t ln. ut -'-,

AoeTe.-Pae boypa t o-hve a year ckn itt. C Ift ,
uSually rec6 e from Wa to anur A at ,& e
yearthas old. are s
while on dutyTSanlna the Seonte and rtat fg ,

S in' mUost of th LAO AT K ef,
i eye. military eprty are baffled over the s "
_dorawal ot the vaitorouns C'o mmuisVienthlh .fokeedas.i,
lowevert limited. e still onv.ced t mel apd o
Nover a soyreMa t As .P 400- .yeareven
usually rcesseslfrom elaytoL vwara.b Allofp 'top are
years old. 'C

to military epero are bafflqd over the mysa vwel perto

ben over a &MAIAsh AsoaV
For some months, the Red military flt has been ius d,
to strike into the rubber, tin, and rice basketfMLaem
bodla, Thaland and Buma Despite th, after Monly a w"a
thrsi into Laod, it was withdrawn.- ..
Army IntethI nc has finally come. t the oa1up tw
this wat reconnissanoe in force, aimed at iowtns t-iesds.-,
a 'Comunlst dnderground, thrOwing the French ^defeudeas "t
b alance a steUaling Lam' valhtable opium crop whi was reody
to hartes ... ..sf
Sominexerto also believe he Owas invasi was, a do.G
Communisdt & to find out whether Preident
react their way .0tl k Tram dd dEMo* .'- i
Sll 'eleulhoweruah .opal ietthf febii "

ediy re R eomit i. A- f.,

The U:
French, bI
for fit
east Asia
can hras
which th

~er metb

nee s ra 'r ''
Ater s'eae a the LaO. w1ip.9 n 0 .o, tett J^C
Asia. et force probably w: ot bn, .... '. ,
wtoZicNa u .

of t-Ars, tr. u aD ha*Me S
an uMAI h Men u
erI WMhivsyt l a bm.
efa l4.1 'a To 9 -


State Door: Gwen Verdon (the beautalgy In *.
"Can-Can") looks 20 and has a 10-yea- i l r.
She at 16... Memo to ABO: O en
rates her own tevsy show. you all hear?t ... "
Here's switch ffrm the usual Item aoUt an-
Rel-armles baekis abows: "Me 6 au n
only 3 ba .nkrple.: (It cost them eiOge
production has W tons of set... ThE tt ofa a
new ditty coming 4oon (with i as
to dise it) is christened:
Bang".-. We encountered Le
kicked us o.t tof'* ll his t t
ano) in his Shubert Aley the
rd clowned: eok at all the.'
avel You cost me .inel",., "1 t
Mr. Big!, "Iok at allthe ta e I p
payI "... Herb Sussan's swelegan d
the Xddle Fisher teeny stanubr"a aa
molk idea for video. He calls ik I t
Deastn"... The "Moqn Is Blue" filahas tht g
'affy. ...
S e -- ', .' "
-, 0 ,- ... .


The Be64

||MteiA~e a MUtiaJ

cit' 'c 'k "' l .i -."
Tt... : :.-...S-CA.:::i_ :; -- .itM
.i_' -- M

P kal -"



* ?. '~~b'

.- t.
-f ..* p..
< .. p.



amital as ao t

ISOW ""aR '
A 1=6Wf. '

u u -u a- -u-i F 15 ri U- C-1
13 U ia U m El n_ cl, F.1 L I a] kil
11 ED U CO U CJ LA IA ki 0 U
UL113931CII-I nmrlrIMLJ
C3M[Ikd il"UU ULAW
["! rj L_ 4 C I
r153 -3L3UL' LiLjOU[l
UUM UUM901:30120
Inmri rimousr-mr2u,
Ll I'I 'i0

Ike's Spare Time


For the life of me Te can't see all this arping stream, away from a lot of jabbering wise guys
t Ike. from his first hundred days to keeping and pressure people -
@ime-check on his relaxation. The next you We need some clear thinking in the White
now they'll be following him into the boudoir House, for the dear Lord knows we had. little
o count strokes on his shave. enough of ft for the; ast Sight years.
See wherC'the CIO Political Action Committee There Is i mistaken idea, n Ameria that a
as begun to tabulate Ike's hours of relaxation, man must kill himself with toll to. do a good
which strikes me oddly. Seems that a real pure jub. There is only s mt~dh work that. you can
union would come out strimong time and-a- do before Staleness sets In, as any horse trainer
alt for overtime, with portl-to-port pay, or baseball coach will vow.
or anyth tr-dver 35 work. hotus a week. What you take out of your nerves 4nd tissues
Eisenhower doesn't need any strong proteotioUh maus be replaced or yo. Y old and aS.t4 climbing
y anybody, but it seems to me that there wall
should be some limits to what people can do The past Presidents 'were, not criticized for
nd say to a public servant who -Is. after all, their off-stage activitlj t ah bem.
man and entitled to some of men's rights. Hardin p15layed a lot of-ok. erbrt Hoover
Nobody in the world works as hand at a dull Is the most passionate- flshman I know.
ob as the President, or meets as many. decisions. Woodrow Wilon played jqltrt thrp times
r is target for so much dirty sniping. It is a Week. Roosevelt was ever off'n. a yaeth or a
brutally mankilling Job at best. and deserves Junket or up to Tyde Park or Warm springs or
s much relaxation as can be packed around the LIttle White House. Truman commuted from
e chore. Key West.
SThe Is n o"rt on I .lMber
I kidded Ike some about gvhl n the.op l ruent. 2
wn day of baseball to go an A dt
baseball in Washington had A atl h,'d Pt-
t its opener for so. long that ha would r off mome appolnt-
Prestdentlal must in the public mind Ths ments and. maybe sneak off to get drunk with
ke iecognised. and with good nature. his cronies a ttl obten t.
But there's nothing wrong With playing golf. Certainly. In the ca.e of Ike he has chosen
r shooting crap. or drinking whisky, i. it's three Innocuous forms of relaxation, since I
that a man likes to do and relaxes him some can think of nothing less sinister than golf,
o's he can go back to work ftesh and do a painting. apd lieshInr.
better job. I'd like to see Ike play golf every It would be 9Ae. if the CIO would go off and
fternoon if it'll keep him hap v in his harness. mind its own business, and let' a weary man
I lke it. too. that he's a fEherman and a forget his cares for a few hours a .week at
winter. A fisherman finds a lot of time to whatever he fancies, up to and Including the
think, and you can think, clearly on a trout pursuit of blondes.

WaiterWinchell InNewYork
Wa i.,

I i.j


^..h -;^


o -. ,

; .,-..ys
* '*' -''.

. .,' v ....... .

. -- Dogfi
... ... ... + .. i

O r Air frce B1

WASH TON (UP fuidgoth in con-
ma med. their wk on.-pCp-M Ar .Frce budget
i o W the wpkewd"iteW Dertment en-
nemen to aiptm e&iedect will be increased
Maho0 (f-Tx.), member of the House
rtt 'C*Jtt~a program outlined by
zM;.'Jiinikhin "vrv .definitely" will have an "ad-

ct 'o our nmimary
i, t 0on a Texas
with Senate
Lyndon B.
f'tw other mem-
"a c ongreion-
agreed that "the new
on eaut away some
we as the fat In
eritdiam also came

0."miord to the De-
Departmenis explanation
-a tIat It plans to re-
l 1,180 the number of
ba't" aircraft previous-
oduled for Air Force oper-
imnt 'spokesmen made
kldmnet In explaining
bm .eretr Charles
bat units while
fscal' 19564 budget
w, more miitary
delivered next
ha. In fiscal oIm.
Sa t of the recent
W or fPeace," said
*,s than Uo of "our
,abl" mdr. n bombers"
bap classified as training
I and cut from the pro-
I&P 0imhat -aUult
.blf, used by airborne In-
, have been claaslied as
t t ends and "dlmis-
li-known enemies of air
!lon entrenched In the
?t.. r eUs etmry of De-
.re Inkfi~ding the ad-
wn=o aod enfaovrng -to
Si g s and the

*s -ik i

that he plans to reduce by
1,150 the number of so called
"non-combat" aircraft: previous-
ly scheduled for Air Pibe opera
Reduction will be made In a
30-month period starting July
1 and wt coer trainer planes
transport, hellcoptetm and Ual.
oiftrhse of transports for
VIPS (very Important persons)
la to be eliminated.
Antler major peenomy plan-
ned Wason an Kyea calls
for placmg heavier reliande on
Air NataI Guhard and. air
reserve wings. Bpokesmeh said
23 such wings would be equip-
ped with modern aircraft by
June, 1955.
By coincidence or not, 28 Is
the figure by which Wilson
has cut the Air Force'p pre-
viously plannedM expansion goal
-of 143 wings.
Desite esoomes .defense of-
ficials k ld taat at least 75
m combat airplanes are
m UN fpr de ry between
uy ad eeber 1955,
than had been plined for the
Air 7o bce by e .Tuman ad-
minnitration. They called that
th equi ant of a modern
g en Ka M dt (44-SJ.)
offered a t In
t *of Ar cuts.
U(ungd xa ei e E es a "very
ii t advne In develop
mwntil of guidd milsil is on
reason for the administration
decision to out down plane
Without elaboration Mundt
told newsmen new weapons -
developed sine forer Presl-
Alt a" plh were

oM*bat afitca prdution and
Incieased t-eptbIs -mo reserve
nitoa, whiOh vW1 reue per-


. aw ,. :


whyear aWr amen
Aj th than are onf

nis .Iar t t .'
of the ommtte.

Rih offt an it
argument f house rMW

Me" adorna to
bak int the job.
hea Rougf t oe' r Istar
thianW- -varietye Of




CHIOO zum i. A
Sta MOe. W.

Ucy uH
I" for

,, ,'P" '

,l ;.-.9


Mr o r~-

. -W"1'

* *** w -. .


... ^^^(-NOW,
'SWItfWL ^

of Doquete, Chi-
e 3e.W ft. eajy
ayy Cope flte .
in to David. -,
n morcar 4i 8

..g..Sg, se vce ae
h orupCo.,

lion th4 am
con hasv *hen oeaGd oMd
rl e~h^ f I *Attracth bar-loune wi
t s aO t mi* EterKo ons arranged for
hl.ter ashset, fishing ed ,

fV ot. R -ra f ,or .,ot.
ea a e a
1aaUITg i5-%(e'^rj~i o"t

4Wp- -

'4 4 -

L~a~ 4.

~2 j'D~:. **:*

-w!iAMuma. WW..MW~ A

PAGE T1.i .


F Cuts

DBill Looks

.1 ) ..;re b. .: ; n.
- OOPa o-de la bo Oa
ha odi cate to
14eb- eh tcpt r-ad an

eo ttean
Speaker t JoeihmA WMMRatin Br.,


Owen tpprop labor orc -

vi am p r a t
ulerdexcept flerd byA id ruad
8peaker Joseph e-Mltm .Tr.,

Vat amlCrn
wlo l b rsted.=. wtil try
O, oren P oupsled bp aamcpt-
able to both adues.
SThis was the frt b1i hurdle
tn a now drive to ege the two,
Omanlsatlons Into afgle p e
juiid banMeo fitry
bOtwet ites.
7Leaders of the w union
bI be d tersw a formal
nfer icte TedaWy. Thegd
neene led by .d Prsid-

i major atp towards unity.
4M "Ir ou-ll iu" agreement

,a .. oen. T.E COD L
OF Tr-NEttbAad~
mm,o ori ouln d e
iaorTSt oad unt.

present for a

is a



It is the best, most lasting, mest practical
andot popular sift,,.


Jut. Ap.em6a A.4 2 Street


'Ws pratited lph0ty a the Navy... .

RAYM OND EMNwKT, El Panama's L aty
wad VTiet ufer.,
Mat'aeW baer bsoMe In gar at the bWhalakgibeMfulai things clean.
ltd *mrtbik It bee Uu !.whi .dhai T MlM Nlmat the man to
n SPiuma'a limdr% a)rs naguies. .
Mat,lag MK Chw~ues iiwa. too much tr mw .m ier nntt and
aftso a 11 M ast m tI a lli se tihe* was d a Ml, and beak he came
hm Mi ear slmdr, adl sad oselm -
t y that .a bme with us. "wtl q iqt Attee has
I -tM sbeas evw ha-& Aa *tst i mnIe Ja -r* o' e1ng meets

dMiml to th.

Yards and Yards of Fabrics

No. 5 "J" Street




The diamonds we offer you
have all been studied and
cut with mathematical pre-
eision to show their glorious







for the price of

all our enormous stock of


Effective from

today... for one

week only!

Prices from


$ 150



"He s^mad Taiors to Me. mofOw e
No.. hA 71 Central Ave. Oppositho Railroad 9Wtte
^A -t 4 -V -r


_I ~_~___

1 1 .



-- -- -i -- ---- --- --- -- -- ---- --------

, v^-A?

..,s. 3 ~ ~ .=-

Th;- iftct~



. .&-

- I' .-. ''*' "'Cr-- ,...-'v,,6",




0o --

wood on the Record: Will Rogers,
Jr., on the reaction of his tree"
adopted sons to his movie star-
"They're indifferent about it.
They aren't as impressed as I
thought they would be. But you
know something? I wasn't im-
pressed by my father, either."

Marcia Henderson. who played
Wendy to Jean Arthur's "Peter
Pan" on Broadway:
Backstage life with Jean? I
never found her strange and I
don't know how stories starteJ.
that she wouldn't speak to the
cast. She was kind and gener-
ous. Everybody adored her."
Chuhhv .Johnson a character

Robert Taylor, on the subject actor in "Calamity Jane":
'of an Oscar in 1954 for "Above "I like to think of myself as a
,and Beyond": pointer dog. A good supporting
"Any actor's crazy in the head actor is not pointing, but spot-
:to say that it's not flattering to lighting himself, he is not doing
be talked about for a nomina- his job."
tion. Never having thought of
:winning one. I won't be disap- Brad Dexter. on why he's not
pointed. The Academy Awards turning down any good villain
are murder. I went to four or five roles:
:of them with Barbara iStan- "I believe moviegoers love bru-
wyck. It was a terrible thing tality. If a man is brutal to a
for her. especially when she was doll, but charmingly brutal, men
up for 'Stella Dallas.' Nothing! I and women both go for it. It sells
wouldn't want to go through pictures."

By ColbroithI"

Rochester. when asked if Jer- j,'I .r
sey Joe will fight again: "Mt m
"He will when I meet him." "It worked, Jorry-I told the bop off and got the raise!
SBut Lancaster. about hLs role What was that concoction you mixed for me?"
'in "From Here to Eternity":
"The picture's about Pruitt. -JACOY ON BRIM club to finesse dummy's -ten. through East for the queen of
played by Montgomery Clift. not This error was fatal. East won! clubs. But it is important to
about Sergeant Warden, the BY OSWALD JACOBY i with the queen of clubs and re- note that he would have made
role I play. But I'd rather be in .a ---- turned a heart, thus allowing his contract even it West had
art tha be the star of a se pic-ndaNORTH (D) 4 West to establish his long heart held the queen of clubs and the
arture that means nothing.e st of a pc- A suit. South had to tackle dia- finesse had therefore lost to
ture that means nothing. 5 monds ip or'de to try for his West.
SLUGGED WAY TO TOP K Q07 contract, :'rd Wlest could If West is able to win the
SKSLLGGED WAY TO TOP take the ee' f bonds and second trick with the queen of
Richard Burton. expressing MT4 BAST tot wrn e in that card what canohe return?
surprise about his movie stardom 4 104 43QJ South was in folowlag It West leads another 1 heart,
following his hit in "My Cousin tK9762 1083 the hunch because he couldn't South gets a free finesse. No
r Rchelr serious touht A 4 J862 afford to lose a club trick to matter what West leads, South
"h never ser dusid't think 7 6 3 Q94 East but cold afford to lose a Is able to keep his stopper in
Iaed hnce I didn't th SOL'TH club ttrick to WApbviouusl hearts and therefore has time
looked good enough or could e South would lave -a-de his to develop the diamond tricks
lifromin e .ie moi mand tAhe A4 YK contract if h a nessed that he needs for his contract.
life. in E.ntlish movies. and an_ the_ VA J4 .,.

stage in London, I've played 4 9 5 3
thugs." A AJ5
North-South vul.
Ida Luoino. on her future as N wth o d SBM WWest
P a i'ector: '- Pass
"'i facing a serious problem
blc2,se I'm p woman. ut I think 3 N.T.Pa sspass Pass
:the nritor studios will rome p- Opening lead-V 6
rou-d in time. I think Jack I -_
'".7 "rper is en- man who won't be
friehten-d to take a chance on a
woman director." South o61lowed the book in,
*_ the bidding of today's hand,'
Rock Hudson, on his surprise and reached an ideal final con-7
upope-r'ae on TV's 'This Is tract. South's response of two'
'Vo-,.i ifep": no-trump showed a balanced
l di( more for me and my hand wiith stoppers in all of fne
r -t h-*bn h intb'- that ever unbid suits and a total strength
I -r *r- "-' whoh. h or 13 to 15 points. North natur-
S,.. ... ,", o r.f..en ll; raised to ti ree no-trump. a
Sthi t they 'v amnie coiA:act v.1-ich should have
t Intere-tcd after seeing me on been made very easily.
television." The trouble came in the play
of the cards, when South de-
John Payne. on actors being, cided to follow a hunch. Mind.
I producers of their own films: you, hunches are part of the
S"It's geod business these days. game. When you are confronted
P th"-c hpve bhen actors who by a sheer-guess, a hunch is'
|b -- oIot their shirts' but the better than no guide-at all; and
Sf7' still remains that Mary it may even be a decision that'
: pi,"'c-d 'nd nouglas Fairbanks is made for you by your sub-
* r -'? fortuness" conscious mind. based on the
SFS way that the opponents' have
A7?,." 1(: fOMPS FIRST been acting.
-* -- "otter. o~n-ini-e why In today's hand South picked
S -'o:y.'a un "Meet Millie" on ra- the wrong time to
dcV -T ." ibulch. He had the feeling (in-
S' id that being a wife takes or'( cct, as it turned outI that
S" of time. I found I wasn't Wc.-t had the queen of clubs.
h- event on Sundays. So I 'ri' winning the first trick,
/"-- urw Millie. I hated having tol with dummy's queen of hearts,
dl ". but my marriage comes ., --e-ore, declarer cashed the
f.'." .ace of clubs and returned a low

Hj' "' WFl.KIN Planeteer

Coronaon of her raious Majesty

(thuen ElHzat I

Cf Flon & company'ss Offices



MV. tser Maersk "- June 10th


MN. Nicklie Maersk June 23rd

All rooms with comOecting bath

C. B. Fento" & Co., Inc.
Fenton Building, Cristobal
TeL: Cristobal 1781

Kent Makes a Try

He's on the Ball


f. B. Fenteo & Co., .nw
Terminal Building, Balboa
TeL: Balboa IfS


~U1 I

i .


c,. ..-- V M S


I; i
)5, 11H

. ,,.~~ --, '


- ,~

"Poor Player"

3W V.WiM~

,'I 1'

MAW,.WB owW I ...s10ATALIKOi
MR\ \ l*1gM sm wiN
mw -, g. ..N.o

Could Be

! Os ANb ) RE BUDDI '


. .

~ -^*v ;'. -,s.'

OtPAT^ i y



X.' ;Y,


I Os Wlite isis.


Eisa gthiP~mM -


.^ -tIm




. .



- --- --- !l- 04 fflk

--- -t

>*" .

, .

- I


7 =

- ,

How to Duek


.FA... .. .tP...W..P.-....' .
* '-"- -....."I .m _I'
'111"1 -.". "'-".""' -'.. .I '-. 'bs ;
throughout the period of her Ca- Slow Sports
4- ".-. employment. She has also TOP. ,IELD, Mass. (U.) -.
-r Ti PC E los served as Instructor at the Canal Traffic on heavily travel
I" IT eE l A S. oe I Zone Junior College and teacher Route 1 was blocked for bons
of college extension classes, by of all things a -
--* : ..... ......... r .... E._ Onf- M a m.. .ioa rating goods store.
Miss Jesup plans toMay s-uail June took and a hai heJz.

uremploy- tained an AD. degree from Mere-
of* to l' f to $sme W. w.horange dith College and her Master's" ntom 16 tired ir fom from Columbia Universit. Be-
6 aan am Of pink a l e t r-e amSt the end of fore coming to the Canal Zone,
Sy o he served as high cChdol teach- SALE ARTS TODAY
t le k a e four eid spi s n pes r ea, theli er and principal at varlous
I.tI.1 ye. 0-mne- Jbeu liass- aoaf iof service schools In North l TERRIFIC BUYS
VSaPP iS A"5ri &ai the former d ve, a6nt OaW tq 14 couple. vi tn, Senior four years at the State Teach-
Daft- te SS Wm ..n po amSe PartCranC Collge at Fredericksburg, Yards and Yards of Fabrics
a' Baro B Othn, Seneor bout dL yeorn o
43k.'A Mrs.iwMa lltis casamani.= Far.eVirginiaaserved asAssistant
X* Rag o4mmewof O Gn- "L0`0 I-Professor of Education at Adel-
l. 'o, s wsf. os S1 She was employed aa an n4|-
I rtsi.g- 0BbHg. I. h e mbdNo. 5 "J" Street
,.^ L hae been 11 i tb6 Sllittrial School n-September IM3-, and'
L8 yors, si mnths and has remaineat the High School
.eJonaes;m.b. alvadeold criho ol itme3tonthe 1a
S. Is ~ a Md;r Mr s. Carlos Apez Fabrega, t the Union dU..drdwarn.atherl .Jessup,
; Mrs. of the Ambassador of E1 Mr.a d r s.te have Among the naes of sponsors Tesi of t uisboa.Huh School,
neKheb W r to Panama, left the 2 1 6on 1 trip of the committee listed n the 19 yets. eight menh and six
SBpple l. s for a visit In the United States committee's letterhead was that days, sAtf-
A a Balvir. .. ..- of Dr. Gene Weltfh, an anthro -R llT
Guests At.' l Pames n. '"nswreate a l_ ye ar that e Un' States Ohio, andej to $be Isthmus
SMKiel Mr J. lson of N ew York t oas -o.of the Ca- was waging gre warW rein no- In 1912 wMb thparesto. He was
.l _', Mr. J lB i C .. n ioe Coge was re. Her contract as a faculty first empleoped siefly c a bo in m M
Ik of t, oiof .wA. e-OOdA o _.iday morninS member at Columbia University 1913. He was employed AaJUst 13,
i Cpoa- with't Rl "Oc Aureate has expired and the university 1914 as a Wire ma mI'th Fort i-
t yDeltsa P has not renewed It. fications DMy1 paiad was.named
S.bef r days t fer t yt The letter, which contained a switchboard .p=rr In the I
b Informal iIockta *a. is ara or dama- number of misspelled Wrds re- Electrical Di In August
Officer's 0 t3 l Q a fered to the recent release of 1917. Two yer* later, he became
S nh6ftor II newsman Wiullam N. Oats from reloader operator at the Cristo-
giWe. the i bet a C eeh prison. bal Coali w rtle he al-
Sto iur i I Ic as nou man- saw television onMon- so served latr operator elec- 1 .
s the e oU ay, Mr. O -pt In prison tricani. e tt n d Electri-

StM. at the an ernando Clinic. CtAno, ( tter said. .ectrichla ain N--ber 1952.
During their stay at Albroo .. Mrs. Icasm .ts the former KUibt, MariUn Dor- "It said his wife wrote a let- Mr. and Mrn. B wngton left
the vtors will attend the Joyce atchelor of nugland. e,. Ann. 7d Betty tlu- ter to the resident oer the Friday o t e .8 Anem to go to PANAMA COLON
tfmnerises for the U. madh nd We preadbury. and she tod why Mr. .OtUs Rock Stream, Neor Tyk, where
r. School..rItin A- De SMsi t ae In e of the af- ould be lt q. I think it is a they wil mae their hame.
motChift__ were- ast Gdffth n ooa nd thisn ,ohim-go home
Vhur< ehnrahla A 'Qiaislated by etWasnae I ll Ois a very Dadak, f Dasive of Brisbin,
Mir A W Oliado .ro m a f- Turity- bad place for _y ody to be. Pet ylvanta, was employed as
At Diw and C edo. Jnon, Jr., f efand Da qU Ms. Roger noy and daddy arIn stenographer, bookkeeper and
tMiister of the to iM aq W. IOMr "et prison in New York. MY brother teacher In Pen ylvania, Teunes-

...rt.i de a 1' ID. tlo the mu. H was e as p ri ce
lee [s .rf bootft at eC --ar1..hl refybe n o o untl Y1
COY ,s- wo ea wheridto I Oe.UStheAyoe he-first DiredrFrom Faetor

o f._,ele. yan d.a ndntg inoIpri
.1 Vwi eBl as- erk2 I tea*k for the

AtJ ubdo I,. d r O COS__co mlce i t .ese woNe othe oo meDU l BWl_ jon eamer cva
ths tn dI.N Dr _d; oT. Division. te .c 10 iene To

,ening Aha MrL Irim 1 A*. ,ltu up-hI-oeand redwere thea h oe seu r'achu ofm Nt ( I. IflO
theBe 7and the Marineouam 19

A -;. i edoM h l when he rem fm se

WA. I -r sarlbe
toroA M M-"WN: W-t Sm ofaM ouro r.,Ms .. t 0 tat nes. .
and __ Mm Mr. and Mrs. H Ryan, jr. no_ W w ree;plo ;.d n
aan"El"' I20h zon--- o-Ith eir- w, reemployed r March t Yhou
l'1" "'uo; d134aso Cle.rek-ie ns to a it n na1le w b re ea the i c- or d t, a, ,
-_Lw ?a on am usee: *531 ,I. B ,

iiis 9-! di. W t .
A.Soi,1e__ hr. FancI o p.... o... uell ,- d .n e
of-t---. .Ar ia;Mr M S.e5 hot SomO kuwn el ri AccountIngB. erk-Teau er In tha
An.euqes;sM e sk w whvad s D .6a

t'h.m 'll" ".'mI .w ehe yeazp a d 'esindt a d eI tl ~nd.lwruo t m.a .l e A
RalleaivthAea- lIathmf inmeo Af JirsD1ygo ,He d I

IMitations aen s"o n'to T h e latest int,0 t -h h old S v n
thenPr s-aor- t. Of tfRop nt3tLice nserfo .a. ._.
e doteC ubuphs et.aTuen ?t.e ,oz In tZone.Hjoid thea &' t
W .. -Mr" Mr30 A".ndl T.PaI
A. du vC.... tblastlawcan bedw heawaothermlthoWIIOHWSaed aull
Do '"At th A,,.b, 5c knon ha isAlutn teLocks Diviso .

SMrnM Inspector and. leadngunan
G-- r ,ote holnpfatuhfgerald F. Lewis, Avi '?165 --- ma.hinist throughout the Mo- ;;' "
o-0 for._fl a wl Ss 4- -h eim- nc tve dou te Khnd o, Mr".xtch'" pan te a c. An .. .'a nd Mr"
t"ordesined leave the istmus about theue

.,aIpp .l.,i.O.-. -.+". ,n eir h- otior e -

for 40 one-tC oatl.) Zo B e s t U s e d C a r
.... .-. .... ...."In'the Locke \. "-Values On W heels

......... .9a,.s. "...b-..t.e. .'... the .
,slpprsan-:-yofter s'On .Cr

-. "- ""o"'ed-theasal enofpcrael D b rt a I t

everylt' snsttieo a .... ss. c. .
,.,-.Ubreo ad _. 0 .ehomema ker have- dop ^ *o d
.d ._ |,- .o e;. ...; ..n t oseho t.sthm
So r a a t e r Bl atheris, th, \' =11' 4 a.*t ... t-

CLmulete ____ \ u,.,,. 100h n
*., ..*/*--.; .2.r~~~~yV^ ^*-b. 4^ M Ir-!Bl a^S^ i In. I~~i T ,~ "4114 ^ ^ t :,-.:^ -

Halr I o do( o
a- ,.a..". ..,, ..

,-. the eemer unit, a M style .
you'll need care of tOhe umt;
.* .bz sb f .
*- lM al.\.fo
.... -: :., ,and

*sol d" A

,; ,. ,, ; =

.. ... : Guarantee
Trade-Ins Accepted
Financing Available

TOm ramBWmL! VIf I R*AL
A4 A"NaobS i r iL. -MRAB SIE
i% ;",'.1



You Sell'e

Lewis Service
No. 4 Tivull Ave.-Pi

Fourth of July Ave.-


m... When You Tell'em thru P:
our Ad u ill, one of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 "H" Street Pa '
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Colon
Salon de Belleza Americano Carlton, Sl- b ut > 4i
hone 2-2291. and No. 55 West 12th Street 10.059 MeladMs v.-I 'm Ce o5 : Q, .

-Phone 2-0441

Agencia Internacional de Publicaciones
No. 3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2-3199

Propaganda, S. A.
",," Street ror jtudmate .
Phones 2-2314 *and 2-M

',,. ... '' I

Minimum for2 I word.
Ic.eac additional word.

Romero's practical system. Estu- room house. Telephone 3-0085. -IlrUjUlRE--
diante S 7-A, No. AMERICAN family desires 3-bed-PC Treasurer
room house or apartment for long I
W. B. Middlemos erm occuion. Telephon an Moves Office
Has 34 Years Quet A -rican couple, from well- The Office of the Treasurer of naMetIc a that
established families, needs unfur-the .Panama Canal Company P li t Ce
With Unifriut nhed two-bedroom apartment Was moved over the weekend
thmeAdministrationweeked- i terdaysof the -
W i Uifiu with maid's room and bath after from the Administration Build- twday's et the gove
r W. B.. Middlemas. head of the September 1st. No. children. Will- ing to the second floor of Build- ment to Wmpl6
accounting department of the ing to pay one month's rent in ad- ing 5142 at Diablo Heights, uf '- lWi f MP2* systm; dee]
Cristobal office of the United vance to hold. Please call Panama former headquarters of theBp "worthlfl a s tate lna
fruit Company, is celebrating 3-2926 any time. cial Engineering Division. p aeeir- I t
the 34th anniversary of his em-1 It is one of two ehas es In of- eO1Mro Mie.RMln rubl
ployment by the company. Anniversary Waltz fice assignments made last week tMt Wrtved
He was first employed in New DETR T P in the Administration Buildin vested t v pl
DETROI"/' O JT ) (UP) e o' ag n 1 rsf Qou ces
rork City and worked for twenty (UP- Lee Roy T Wage and ClasiicstonD. r lc h that office, after which Connell 61, married Mrs. Anna vision of the Personnel Bureau M 1OfWS
n th ffe afe be a .chilnd. widowed mother of nine r idy from ofes on ,
StransferredtotheJack mv Friayro rffies
Isthmus for over three years ann .er ary oonnell'es parents, first floor. This brings'all uni ts ptd ,t t4 n ,Pl- W
unbroken service makeswceremony. o e#
masenior man, in pointthe Central Labor Office, to- "There was som sort of 1

S ,, ," In Its new location, fire Czpt bea Fba
S Scholl's Services In an announcement of the InR anything because tbe I11
c-a t (9/? X- [ ,ArIONAL OaTHOPFEDIC move made by the Comptroller'sa that sooft their moM wWould
SC'DIl ( .r "iounIe comr. Ingrown nalo. i office, employee wase reminded worthless."
Sfi supuoorts ,; pot reducing. te that branth banks In the Canal n f c, th-l-do CldC ceureS
AT Rir.euing ait o e tha LSt.oLl
Ain Ar re osemena F ile Zone have recently revised their will t 311rar1la after
rBATTERIES 3,. I ofrt hour to secomxtet. those Thm way .Which is th dpwdl
S I who wish to ca* ther pay- for convrtth the old into
S. c. heck there. new IMe.
Olue Pries The oannouncemseont also stated Informed sourcaMs here A
S1 ..... ...... that employes Who have paid that thel rPterm announced
406evrolet. 25.73 SEE THE NEW their coimn charge ac- Praue rad l n11 osa
St conts and other anemia Canal siely Vay I I cent
Pl h..... 25.75 ELECTROLUX at othe offee uimuof
.6 n y pay uch by ,_l" In kili'" ;
Ford........ 26.275 rHF ( .FANR T1 NEVER eo:,ont to the u' C;ic* WTith ait ilb6
HAVE TO EMPTY t Diablo e at any exports to
S : i- -r m 'Iy.or fa- the wlAtlhr h*' n.
USALESIF^ ICE i;.y t 11111,AN"Ia. wrda m *. WV06 1 14
le s are not" A

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PM^ita ckoficolMork -
S" rl ~." RIe.r: Tvatmm (Ur n--] l tA 1 i .. 9

12 montilh guarantee
SSee your DealerI

Crford Agencies
i s ""*9 see

Another Novy Niw!

I for
Itaftm rde

Co. T. NOVOY, 8In.
CAamtl Am. ft, *L. 14

SWlgpwknd erf orf o


Household Automobiles Dote ovea. dikri ,peiem Williams' Sats lara Beach co aes Auoy ble.
E 9 .u -S ---- Writ Abeahellas Aemesus. ell 2 bedrooms, refrigerator, Rocklles
FOR SALE:-9 cu. ft. We t.nghouse FOR SALE-1949 Frazer 4 Dr. Sedan, 201 Asm. C. Z. ranges. Balboa 2-3050, eept
refrigerator. 25 cycle, S0oo 2-' radio, air conditioning, back-up week-ends.,
3062Box761 house 078-B,Bol- is. ry clean, goo sound DR. WENDEHAKE. Medical Clinic. Gramlch aaClr Automobile,R
h body, good tires, very good engine. Central Avenue, K Street corner. gas o tr
oor 7 ft. Westinghouse. Selling for $750t00. Leaving for Telephone 2-3479, Pand ama.pctus e t .
: i the States. D. L. Bennett. No. 354, If there is onor among thieves, Gamboa; 4-567, Pedro Miguel.
gany drop leaf table, 4 choirs and Ped'o M ,guel. "_te orms_
China closet. Livingroom 2 m, pe. would the two boys who took purse
chairs, settee, and table. Refrger- 'FOR SALE.--1950 CHEVROLET Sty- from car parked at American Club
ator 7 ft. Westinghouse. Studio' hne. two tone. 4 door sedan. Good please return papers and pictures FOi RENT
couch. Set of Encyclopedia, practic- Tires. Very good mechanical con- which mean so much to me and H um s
ally new. Kitchen table and cabi- edition. Phone: 2-4966 Panama. nothing to them. You can drop ________O
net, steel cabinet, misc. itemsOR SALE:- 1949 Cdillc Sed them in American Club lobby un- FOR RENT-Furnished residence re. -
dishesepotsandpons.Furniturbefor iSALE:-d1h4sCardislpacSedan. observed or mail them to Faith denial place, all firmiture new.
ba dishes pots and pans. Furniture for Duy paid. This car is priced to sell. Fbst.r P. 0 Box 512, C. Z. I'l Phoe 2-1456.
segment. Bedroom set twin Drive in and make reasonobe of- even pay postal hon
,'.nite table, vanity and chest of tfer rcom 229, Hotel El Panama, ven p ostaoe! ..... '
drawers, portable Victrolo with! 3eni gs or call 3-4755. after- v a FOR RENT FOR SALE:-1949 Buick, 4 door Se-
record Sl 15. 1719-JV Tel. 3-2333, r\ FOR SALE cvl dan. Dynflow, Plstic Seat Covers.
Old Cristobc'. -o"O .., Apartments New Tires. A bargain, $1,250.
.....- .. FOR SALE:-For immediate delivery Miscellaneous -m
FOR SALE:-Sohd maple dining set in New York 1953 Packard Clip- ALHAMIRA APAITMINnT
table, 4 chairs, hutch cupboard. per Do Luxe 2-Dr. S-dn color FOR SALE-Tommy's Place Bar, very Two and four room furnished and
game table, $100.00. Maple m chest black, U.tre.mtic Trensmissiesn, good clientele. See it in "B" St. unfurnished apartments; private en-
of drawers $15.00, man's white redie power brakes. bckup lights. No. 67, ond ask for Pita. closed garden. 8061, 0Ith Street
uit 42 5 slim, $1. Maple Price $3,200.00. CellLe. 2-0 FORSALE:-Bar, brass rail around New Cristabol. Telephone Colon
chair $25.00, 1 bam boo n c ir 1 -, Fr SALE- B r brass rail around Now m h o top, s 8
00. Cffee tble $10.00 25 cyc'e' -bottom, mahogany top, 3 stools. 6
Kenmore wahing machine 35.00, FOR SALE:-1951 CHEVROLET Sty- Good buy. $30.00. Call Cristobal FOR RENT:-Small furnished aoprt-
clock S3.C0. Child's clothes, dry line. 2 door sedan Radio Ne e 3-1548. 5 to 6 p. m. May 31 ment in new Cristobol, military C E V R T
closet $8.00. Q. M. tables cr.d car condition. Phone: 2-4966, -June 3. ___ _approved. Phone 91 Colon. C H V I
Chairs. 1.59-A Los Cruces, Ba;o- Pz namo,___ FOR SALE: Miscellaneous fishing FOR RENT:-2 bedroom apartment, BU C K
boo 2-4122. _________FOR SALE:-1950 M G, duty paid, gear at give away prices, also baby livingroom, diningrom, bathroms. LDSM O ILE
S ery good condition, $875.00. buggy and bothinette, both for $10. independent. Telephone Boal~l
)R SALE:-Beoutiful genuine Chi- Leaving Isthmus. Telephone 2- 00. 2-3341 0528-A, Ancon. 1464.
nese Dragon rug, in perfect con- 3447.
edition, 8 x 10, a bargain, maho- I ----'-- FOR SALE:--Printing press 5 x 8 FOR RENT: Two bedroom newly
gany futuristic desk built in book- FOR SALE: 1949 FARGO I Ton complete with 20 different type furnished apartment at Avenida
s heif glass top. two iron flower pot; Truck. Stake Body. Good Tires. fonts, cuts, inks and cases. Suitabe Cuba No. 58, Bella Vist. Includes
mirror top. Pictures. 37th St. No. 2-2616 Panama. by. Priced for quick sale. 2-3341 and telephone. Call 2-370, Pon-
S7, upstairs. Tel. 3-1025. FR SALE: 1949 CHEVROLET -0528-A, Ancon. oama. ,
FOR SALE:-Kenmore washing ma- CONVERTIBLE. New Top. Good FOR SALE:--Baby carriage practical- FOR RENT:-3 months vocation, 1 FOR SALE--1949 Ford Deluxe V-
chine, new, $100.00, Frigidaire re- Paint. Radio. W-S-W Tires. Phone ly new. Call Anton 6301. bedroom opartment, 52nd St. No. 4 deer Sedan. A very clen car.
frigerator, $80.00, Westinghouse 2-4966, Panama. FOR SALE:--W hing machine. Good 2, Apt. 6. Good Tire 50
Refrigerator $45.00. various other FOR SALE:-Pontiac 1951 Catalina, condition, $40. 3-2108.
Sheusehold goods. 807X-C Tvernil- Hydramatic, radio. Excellent con- PAAMAFOR RENT
loa St. Balboa, or call 2-2754, after edition $1,825.00. Call BlbooACANAL COMPANY
14 prm. 1304 between 4:30 6:00 p. em. OF STRUCTURn FOR SAL Roo U
Sealed bids, for opening in public,
S LE:-Mahg a bar with 8Bargan 1941 Dodge Club Coupe will be received until 10:30 A. M.,FOR RENT: Room with kitchen
s:c $150.00. 807XC Tavillnell 1948 motor. Good shape. 5719-A June 12, 1953, in the office of Su- privilege. Phone 2-5075.
st.:t Balboa or call 2-2753, after Dioblo 2-6418. perintendent of Storehouses, Balboo, p g
S _____ _FOR SAL ontiac 47 t for sevequt building,s consist- FOR RENT:-Furnished room with
()R SALE:-3 piece livingroom set,; Sedan duty paid. Phone 3-2442. in of one lot of 2 locad in Su- stor ad rfrlge r pri T
,over stuffed (green with mirror House. 8210 Margarita, after 4:00 mit and Pedro Miguel, one lot of 2 Without children. Phone 3-509. C H E ROL E T
'top table. $100.00, Corozal 4140. p M located in Gomboa, and one lot or FOR RENT;-Furnished room in re- I C K
R -SALE:-Bed complete, dresser, FOR SAl octed in Cristobal. orm of pro identical section. Tel. 3-1282 frr LDSMOBIL
'F1o, k dblete, orsero SALE:--1951Heny J. excellentposol with full particulars may be 2 p. m.
rg, oak dinngroom table, chrs condition, duty paid, only $30secured in the offices of Superinten-
.,,Per;vian tables, misc. Phone 6-" down and $41.50 per month. Ful dent of Storehouses, and Housing P SA E
',;02. ba-________ "vo price $800. Private party. Leaving Managers at Pedro Miguel, Gomboa, AE
)R SALE:- 8 pc. bamboo Ivingroom country. Tel: 3-2917. and Cristobal.. Roal E at
."set, imitation bamboo livingroom FOR SALE:-1950 Chevrolet V2 ton FO RSALE:-Twa youth beds, iaple, W.
et 7 pcs. Steel desk prch furni- truck, pick-up. Phone Balboa 1218 complete, $30.00, Maple dinette FOR SALE.-Land property of 2866
ture 6 pc Single bed mission $1125,00.set, 4 chair, 35.0. 2 teel dres- M2 in wood big h e, very well
'table, bothinette. Zenith radio & ,-' "a0''each'i 2r" qd
chest, golf clubs, tennis rackets. FOR SALE:-1946 2-d oorPackard. oers and miorOlst* 0.00. each. octe, Via C ldrr I tqed 41
2810 Cabl. Heights,, Ancon. Good tires, paint, upholstery an 'L e mirror, $.00. ;5524-D, Pueblo N~,e'o4 f"or '" 'ill 1if6a --'01,
..A 9 f motor. $500.00. Call 2-1706. HaisM St., Dilae.' Std, d. L. mileee. New Tirel $t;
SInALE:-2]5s cycle 9 cu. ft. West- A FOR SALE: Good;police puppies. FOR SALE-HHome.. furntihings, In- 150.
a nd out $ .00. v ino $2 ; Offered Chanis farn. Old Panma road. cluding Westinghous refrigeretr.
25 cycle washing Naung- 1:30 m Underwood officeymodel typewrit-

er. r,0.00;25. 9'xl1 'ik 100R HelpS W anted FORALE: 5ecycle Raduico-phone o r with plrolum and Funk Wal-
Ii67-th Pedro M$gue2 Tel.f 8 g rish dozer complete for Cletrac BD. "Chiefs etS ial" revo4 nw e. FR S8 S.

SpD CAIr Maid wanted fivn gray p ek. Three serr tables, bed-Wy chair, spice Belboo, if Coupe. New Tires. Plesttc Seot
L-.ugs each,$3.50. 3 way lamp,. rapid typist. No beginners cnsioer- A Ralsoepart. dll Ponomq es dith scO e siEtt stigca

2e r ale Js t.0 o meals. No children. Cll 2-6418 cabinet, diningroom choirs, bar, Covers. New Paint. MO00.
Sale ot 1cyc Co W anted o from 7:30;.'m.'n cn 12 m.6and from with stand; 'The America Ed-
25 cycle washing machine oNauri g. R le C job. i1:30 to 4 p. m. c4 tor'* encyclopedia:, with .X-
.er. $0.00; 25 cycle fan, $10.00. I a t e ol FOR SALE 5 cycle Radi-phono.- tension volumes and Funk Wa -
67-D PedroMiuel. Tel. 4-383.elp an graph con tor, iron tracer s- ry. 0- arR ALEnd-1948 Studebaker. Stand

mmer coaching, grades 1, 2, 3. CaIC vacuum-tube voltreter tools. ,nd FOR SALE:-1.0. Packard Cli0per.
S Z tchr. Pone B oeetl dres- nll. ie Tires. PlAuticmet10
VL FOR SALE Ma4id wanted five day week. Three ser, tables, bed,.eosy chair, spice fiboaCo NwPi.P0.
3ls. No children. l Call 2-6418. cabinet st, chdseiningroo $ choirs, bar,Tr Ne
NV ATIA Aite. 0205 HrEm erick. An- P RSOLS
.. Motorcycles' tedP- co.Phone 2-636Q.
Studios. oan ted Position Ham NOTl6skif of May 30, 1953,0w.t
SALE:-Motorcycle B.S.A. 125i FOR SALE: Ham Statibon Collins. following perto: Julia Jan L;
.c., almost new. Sabin o Reliable maid seeks a job. No cooking, 75A receiver; TBS-50 transmitter Herman J. Rodrig ij Jr.; Fderici
SPonel2-4777. i will take care of children. Has ref- with VFO; power supplies (2); Cabrero; are nJo. der o
erence Phone 2r3926. Panama. Triglztt VGM, modal 640.Arwith with tis____________________
L E S S 0 N S L ... .." cose; grW-dip meter, Heothkits' mNE PROOCTS.
AIAI'#JTfll vacusigrum-g-terator, signa-traoer, and
nol Zone teacher. Phone Balboa c others itemsi of valuE irite, i#';sold C 4 dor.. Plasfic- Covers. Automotli
3661. lb 1 essaneous to one purchaser. $450.00. 1410, Trdns, Neo Titlel & Point $1,191.
CNERSATI S PAI S.MsE -mbass-- -.-- B Corr Street, Balboa. la' 1.i
E. ,.,..t ..+ mbons, S ert,o,,s ,td. o .. .i k-', -_________iuu:u


Aut.emat .o 77
TeL 4.462

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...;fi 0 .. ...'-

C ARS B] '

SFtl-E .. s

,., f l '. !., ",^ : ** |
**v ; i t T. *". i^ ^.^j ~ a ; ; : >' ^(.'

S- .. .." NV

S. pbert Q. Lewis knows a
c Anty actor who gave his girl,
friend a cocktail ring: not a
TL eGaft 6 Cith boeaw t fic'- dianrond just a stuffed olive.

Sthehave a little Jackyour Queen
e wS wants toao the he Clubs

m Ab l. Jb B_-rwn g etabe-eon m b- ers n the
a W. MB a le so lmON ampiser e^ At 0Pin..and wear G t m as

0 ms ia mn s ot hft m r erictnyIs per per-
iMke nwly aisi .Club ". n on a Ce co" stOf g, Then there's kind of a
T*0 f1ro. Sre dAn PSnod prim, Aiotf nat irin : I oo
Tea randilIre gal who, wThen she says "I do,"
SCounIehmol dooer aStar'.got. mad at her lazy

vira.U!~ Mxeendsn Thoa. 'W ..
r1OtV w--o man of the American Inactivity
aanaust at tis ~o- ff r !4-, committee.
Thieb. .:. w a ehld ~ th Women Cl b willGeorgeM For Wold .is

S d LudPnt e 0,el ioL. .to be the father."
Ir .... --. 'ro--lflowers ., ur 1s. on I h ll

Sz 0. V wer lake with haa e ,-.fn t he Wa hing- Pror duce 'rto su i ocie
a ca, th eor oa bs ton d "aT 1e t e a b olutel nothing to
wfth6 Tde Wf 99i The stuiertnts-. L.- anit worr about lIeta he the

in h elu to de e error eexc a t olee, I

dig a vnr tfe wo. l t I- MGM was -asked why they
_. o m president of, as o on t didn't do a pa.ture with Chris-
o. Mr. ad Wa i wmoa f thb t*Th
Ortd Te A Ung t eaa or hie Prer a foer Baey adrse a aauditine."We'veee done It," came the
ELJoBIa rytrowne charge of then-ir a n w e Ie_ l .b, of aeo cd o year ..UM l
o ons-Mrs otnth sa To"teclan P0 s..n.t ats s4 r dtes o .e ut' .c aIIl i
Se d _io -tt ,. e tatwer 1 hoa g w Haomn Everythimng!ew
Ot at thUe I Int or
S'ar r s"Mars ot, d 7oe be- e arene o
an and mof Traa-

o .Gerare ~, .a aad, are wo eigs y eard
KM -6 A diWo&,to ooMAl A W ws>
a" aF ry'Sl&,,e idr-Ea,"wn _GREAT 1ARA C I
V l y n i C u- Henrye Mrs. a r we n amS t ntaatet RIN
Me&dand at Mr ts t wa nugmt o M vn bys.J
mWl C. hKel, at the Governoer's Sonia

VVWA, June I RO)h CIE ..eI
U cofttinue h -S ii 'umpeds iI "ailtay Rstn4b 4governm46dsyesterday I
ofthe fbUOUlD OtM fire in a uhmtta In putgu. OSiWht two-o the UnIt
wit Ah 'The AUP .711108Wald, Unit 2, Oqwned-pow a% yestqd ,, their purgebd tolearsac- for the duration"llInth e pet
-Hall. Hi flr2A8i Io Auxill.ry iurig pumps, 9rtoo 0 9used of evl&%VX1'!Is being age of tbeload oea
told of tills feudal *14 an __W Inntrpreted bore p an Indib-Its efforts for world eae.
tion thAt they are e there dead Speaking At commencement
u or refusing toad" 1W t@e error ecss atWinthrop 'Coliege,
it of their ways. 0rsaid tI rpsbefor
mines ,s a o. zu Preident "d Mrs.' and- erw s Gloa u b fornier Itamm ne or

47 & owth ftvliaj

'e epr wrean a

o& a rw member o.
, iranifeg.t rom the
trmitlu officers were
I r a social hour fol-
theam-W a.t which. at-
res .were srved. third ...

k deid the,
at Ca- sen
Sat way.
6was home apnanB m
i A ." w 9 u rte e

nenta wr werve o ofad n

A ethe

i-'. '.

p to la-
6 iate's per-
L4 .
Rhm.4 o I -.

i -reverm for religion
NNW f lbartes come from
',,u h todW as th did i
c f IngPThomas Jefforsf' sy day."

SThrages o two once wrl deliserttely stripped of ti
Cag st, "coutaessed driad. ts, they remained sl Sfirstli part of their unask- is known to have b
of .s theyM were slowly and appeared.

A m 80a "CoA Me aldom Technicolod

MI A .... "y nr "olr

to' '7"TH4tACK CASTLE"



' & "5I S 5 Yuuubi "A041U1 AM1 UONs "


I- -

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WOW4"lvM~JmwA 1

glars tried ther best to make
off with i 4I-pound safe. But
had to abandon the project
when they found they couldn't
lift it onto a truck. The next
night, they tried again this
time forcing open the safe
where it stood in an office of a
local beverage company. But
still no luck. The safe was emp-



1,001 amazing surprises! Completely
different! Nothing ever compared
to it...!

in -
hwa (LUX)
3300 4:40 6:50 9:05 p.m.


RIchard. Conte
VIvee LindforI, in
"The Raiders"
(In Technicolor)
Dartd Farrar, in
"Diamond City"

Stelfg Inyde, I.
and, -
Leo Gorcey, in

500 be. PrMentation of
Robert Mitolan. in
and Paul MImmreld, In



ShbWa: 1S, 4:25L :4L5, >9 .MI

Shows: 7:06 M:15 jp.i
Takes on California's
Rebel-Legion in -




and L In







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Bass misery of heat roash
chef' with Mexsana. Sotth-
intr medieation in ppeoda
_ Aamyla* baw AcjU itctm.
"I Y u -1 veless relief-
and fet & 641ue it often




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--- -.--- ...
I A i ,"p1 ,,W.

Brooklyn Whips Pirates *cnEtr Finnegan, Br.n .Enter F .
wFor 10th Victory In Row Week Of Tm For Battle


Oiu-T'w: (gls-P proton) __7- '
FOURTEFrank Oemlfaft told police he *'
lied whos1 he 4 thieves "had KN
--ale 1.0,4AIC Etates vm~ him. aHeo
thought the ladDee)Y Iwould
SI in-D~qIje) cause his storage Wie to feel mossa r ~ .
. . ha".. . . 9

:. .

, 7:.W .- .

-UN-Q-Ii -- 1r--. i" .1 .,-+
Brooklyn 27 14 .63339 The Colona bullrngther unday
CharlNEW YORK, June had a l(UP)ineuJoyp he holed over i Milwaukee5 .58 Finnegan, and
St. Louis 23 15 .6051 RESweigTS ChamioWRtdo -n
BIt was a significayn today. Philadelphia 20 14 .588 1 boywn entered the rinwell a hat, w
% ~ he Dodgers were in first place. They were in New York 19 19 .500 week ofn biait tfora the a ir big
Chicago 12 24 .333mpane.n-round battle at the La flI e"Mt ow' kn t, ,...
a t her-game winning streak. They had a new starting Cincinnati 12 24 .333 M havcarena" brtino Sunday t
pitklher in rookie Bob Milliken. Gil Hodges, the ex, Pittsburgh 0013 28 .317 2for a im theithir t th&stop o-anda
slumper, was pounding the stitches off the ball TODAY'oS GAMES ,11 -wnthwhoea talr at it e ?ui, And t e dIt w DE tJM A h eendn
Jackie Robinson was a whiz in left field. And chipper No games scheduled.nax isu) nAft, down1toRaceTra ackredaf bto bd r"th mn,' .47, shf t
Cwas rley Dressen said he had a lineup he hoped htoi nela (Called account ofn the be-possible phyal t
wouldn't have to change the rest of the year. YESTERDAY'S RESULTS diton Our tI a a bod t
.e.son ... Th3et YamepideGt. Tchey cni tdn to a 1m .
It was a significant anniver-1 6-hied assault on four CincPh Milwaukee0 1 B e nte a h f atl whell Ron hv re h d 1.

able onP hel ottsburgh to to hile Manager tee Cand inne 0002 1-8-1 1 -3- 1reos.5lenatrthe mxtra ellan ate tit^ SS
mary. For, an the Dodgers moved pitchers. Jim Grengrass hit PBrooklyg 00020002x-4 6 1 under. the limt &dythoel, at
back Into the lead. it marked homers in each game for the o t 000 200 02x-46 1 unnerte the intId yt e t the ....ho h...bee.. .
jt ba the Hal, JLaPalme (2-5) and Sandr.ull.h.IundertandhaWabettigot aIto
time that they took over the Harvey Haddix of the Cards Campanella gis a natural ightwghOt. but .

the she to e piles n to pace t Yankee bats Antonelltki (3-1), BurFace and Sand- aCincinna t sRedlegs at s1-Milwaukee. 10-3. He gave up only five She ring the underdog apth r off. It l t s h tot e p
as the ongest win ning streak hi seventh, equand Crandall. Perkowki hits analling his ld bettered a record e ( astrikeo held by f major his opponent wi a b atg b a yt of enerh The track i protected e W a
tor the Brooks since the 1951o (- Smith, Wehmeer, udson leaue pitcher first oting a a pro after an Let's don t"
they ookounded out lliken, making hles eight-hi tter froandm Johnny a, two aFirst Gnd ame Sle I fi .anaa- "So sodtat" a "Thin t the law
and an inrs it big league start amehom- recorded his fifth a single in gaining hi triumph, Mueto eCntral A- Morets rir ho
able one, held Pittsburgh to stwo while M andager Caoey StngeeMiln aukee 2ou tha e2- 1 Aae na 1 s .thuliSo

Cincis e donds a Insm anati C 22o0 h H0x- 11ae__lwahdeled For '53 Seasou
hits In the seven-inning second started eight right handers to Sinl ontdildl e 000ns22 40x- 10 bit lbeio p o d ..i ids e1&)"
game, clbed because of dark- even the score against Lefty S), uytdle Johsonr Cohe d1 -.. .,
hung He struck out seven and Kellner9 He wnAtas toucl hed aor kn1s) "ti ooed oer ChIrh w r d "AJ te o

er the CubDodgers woand the Giants and Frank Shea shook off his e Game Marcano (rIght) shakes hands with Milwaukee aves' hu le la Im n hatn. r thseo Inot 3gl
The Yaonkees kept up their h it second got three shutout ands -ocl the.or
who drove in two runs with Gene wrodflnt drove in two Milwaukee 001 123 001-8p16 1 Max turkont who set a moem major league record of- eight Brewstez' by tar the moe ei- court. In et "Is..tat t .tka w- iAd
kerunaway pace the American Jim Busby, Ed Yost, and Jckiee bats- Cincinnati 100 102 020- 1 t eam in the 1953 A urkont led his team to ictourney ast Deceer as r the twr subtem e htl a S t p minus ed .i at chel hapt -
with a 7- n over A lex Keller ensen accounted rAntonelli Burd e. Cincinnati Redle at-M ketbal Leue which will open a member of the Universal porthe Aong the nde FarV ayoff. lt ftuhato

them out twice mrin a row. Cleve- and Crandall. Perkowaki hits and bettered a reo f sc d ef string departmentld by fivor the major his opponent wil b l hs betto erha s
land took second place with an Rookeg'Mike. Byran pitched Cleveaand 2d 1 595 ne o f service personnel, the 1952 nameoht. Standne 6-3, Stelzer otilas n Goaf New alet'deaA tfl.'K

8-1 win at Detroit while the four hit ball for his first b t 5 champions of the Atlantic Bas-will be a bulwark of offensive for The iasl GoS Club h b. 'B
wnnin 7-4, thenia ling also by uns witerth a single in gaining I and Seminick. "etoedr larce rse so the nlmlt.rn A he

M.r by Juashington twiceam topp score fifth victory for Cleveland. B rownC hicon 20 0 cp 0-2)1 fle-y ob in at J Gannon iam another fam i a.- ,la beBo 'or to
all of thed ox -4 a fternd 4-0. took lynthe two lynn and kame after is 9 effort to d-efend the trophy they ar face to local an, having w g on muc
d Mathews ht homes in Chicao banged out 15 its, won last year. been the leader on the 1a6ron Mghtiuioro'Bs w ll t1i ylair 1S.l"
each game for Milwaukee Cincinnati, The oncoming Senatora bases in an tart rightHad- from the top team of 1952 and an rant o t tt
lobrsing then winningtotal to 14,by three be- easy openfirst triumph. Jim (-2) and D. Rice. r nw coach Dead fator on the ame Uiversal and
samed major leagunt The Cleaderds Bostonian Clyde Volmer singled a scheduled Staufer th Tars feld all Sports team with Stelzer. tom
huCampane of Brooklyn. Del triple and two doubles. Hunter No games ut one new face. The only hold- the erg o, Naval the I ,
rand h ulls and thne Gn otan ad Fsa he ta hito oa i New Yorktis r er (Thecobe he fist -ase resoteller. ahd yise m, ao willr lugIdt outant bSa1n6 the trek dn teR

ad. Pilt a w e s eond g ame B misLr ieo m pitchdanin- stone, tha .o un d s.
The Yankees kept up their hit second game shutout' as .a) D5of e thJatwi nover aech tref ngcantans in the.aC.L:,Jtdlorp seto
ar aw ntaylab in the amercnsJim a usbiy RAEhidsotanaie M team ien the 1952 Aabntie Br- Oafdleae tourney liast Deember as A 0 berew o rit t.

srndwypae-hnlfh Arlonmerinc2anJ qubedost and Jcke v RCAN ketbaio Do l League which will open a member of the Universal Sports T-o tu h l
of yesterday afternoon marred ashut runs with' homers. ea R s s lant Baae Leaguer fled: Mit t imhess s esgrrn it deafrtt tot ar the t
therm wi e uneventful program. Cleve-SIXTH RACE e MarfartC Ba .l n .t
8- n at DetJuan Franco Racwhile Track. 1-Che four ht baca $4.60, 3.40,his first bi Chicao 2 18 .81 champions of the Atlantic B- will be a bulwar of offense e for The One ts Golf Clb he be
White ots profited enormSt. Lously 2leNovel win and rookie Bi Washington 000 00 20 .535kebal l League, Naval Station the Navy an th
winningrom th is mishap and scored a 3-Jepperin d the punch Boston 20000020-41 1 3.500 will come up with an almost pment it over of t

postto-post victory. Si Moreno, Porterd (6-4), and IMc log .. Had Tw o fo r soa
r eat Game, the second SEVENTH RACE Fitzgerald. Brown. Kinder, Free- te face-lifting ob in an Ji nnon another fa-

h,800 bet on h5- d was hope- 2-Golden Bound $3.20, 2.60 ---kt The sn gof the 1e ldnti Dat C. Ma the tourna t .

lessly left at the s art of this 3-Don Jaime $3.40. Second Game 195onOlamp gameb Mathita Ufae WItI o fans chairman have the pJir- mu-h as .
hud orMathews hit homers in Chiago banged out 15 i ts, trh ton 0 31 244 won last year. been the leader on the o ile Cra dent eat
eandh wttgam for Mrenkee nouto seve fooremi0terai bestrinean ( rietie rreeLsa lls lgin t sote at1 ter
enghis total to 14, three be- easy opening triumph. Jim w Sta thea twaers ach Diead fal ct om ithe.sme UraUpiun. ybea
major league leader Roy Rivera, 2et the lace with a TODAY' GnMie. Star te T s PIfel or teamtwit thtiCerb Dnor
W8po*rt team wltt 8te zasr. From year. '.l. ,. .
apanea of Brookyn. D el triple and two doub$18.6les0,Hunter No game eduled, but one new face. The nly hold- the eray ance at o, Navalt 7:00 p t p
With second game homers in a game. scandal $13.80, 4.20 a. .-000 000 100-1 6 0 leubsE at orwira comes to the e5 ot '~ia t lalnd
First Game 193, haree- N RACE vertaken over the reigns of aingdeal "rtmale te-f ort0net mst. aktt oi *
SSit to s u an rSt. LOS 1100010104 13 theasron quite and the man boun5kblDL .MeNa,6-2)witof thosvbeautiful Juvenla b-It.l1
ingtheChicago n so03 01H 15 0 who has filled the vacant slot 25 i oWew make matters rough flwatches. Mow did ht upMalll
Holloman (2-), uart, Cain, reputed to be asod handler the opposition. In GeorgeL t hana of 18 W th
e Wah iStoarte Mtiars ahnf m r a nc Brhn, C asenand (1- Mo mlte0sn t bInanhs wosanhoI bI
Byr-e.nSL as1enra 49 (1ffortotB of men as his reduce or.' Unlike the Navyypgsesfes another goodfarndca anlt In YIs
Mth ews h it homersnlo h- cao *heeget15.tsarks ,whcp3y.21 ondlastyear.sbeenthoe leaderonthe o u ot r o .B wibll be yearsIt
yIng h n otaltthedo the maAstermind-nfrom the corn.iiw i hard to shtop., h ort osa ps thatch
r o- Second Game h'isC arthleticplong t o IhunaaetUe n ,the 6and" W.
r eSt. Louisgee 020 eo0 0107 13 4 bowinre where.hepaT a better- a rw and 0 record, and w1 t gross 0S. elzertwNU
A bad start in the featured FIFTH RACE Chicago 101 100 100sn4 7 4 than-veroage game. also pt to retain their 195 h. h Wt o
eleventh race Clas "B" $760 1-Piropo II (e) $9.60, 2.40 Blyska (1-2) and Courtney. StauVffr will have at his crown a ehamiions of the Att- Ia the dMA-h6S. .e~ be
rix-and-onehalf furlong sprint 2-Sanluquefio $2.40. Roginovin (2-6), Aloma, Dobson pos r th e high scoring Jerry laurie ast o a L"e. 3n .FedCtebcl a ,
otherwisec uneventful program .r SIXTH RACE -il- 'n mtmer taestdo S W-Ro Be1 5tea .nt th-

postto-post victory. he eoo Moreno, t l (-ort, and Trwad l

1, te e eiovrlessly left at the start of this 3-h-Don Jaime $3.40. Scond Game--'- 1s ban, I o the -". -- .
three horse race while Mlrza- Second Double: (Curce-Re- Washington .u011 200 000-4 7 1 of rtaarn u -n has bowed out us D".O, .Os r".neat. ..te a t
lengths ahead of the favorite, -- S22eau (4-0) and Grson. Par- ]aoDteodiidP v-) a Dont h othe r
slow Starting Main ROad ($2,- EIGHTH rACE nell (6-2) ,aandCaWhite.+. star ed atoreasy'm Psahale r othe diliWnth hnwy Dance at s Club at 7:00 p.-I
With jockey Blas Aguirre cut- 2-Escandalo $13.80, 4.20 P1a. .}00 000 100-1 6 0 fiL n seast tan- dsy with OS td.7W h irtNnahrllohy
Byrn ou ta Judicious1-i D2 ace et a- -I T i01o rkw Mownaoc er, he d 9Abo wit h"t n-
peared that Mirzatoats would Qutniela: (Pineelazo-Ensanda- Ksllner (6-5), '4Scheib, Martin deca 1 eiaMhem ok -- od, at D 130 5 ng 'fr L W'U'm
cakewalk to his sixth consecu- 1o) $16L and Murray. Sam (5-2) and Sil- nd plfr im the ben t h ut e nfinns Th is. eI W the F But boewt .
tiv triumph. However, GE atn hhur- :crt0 it
Same mades remarkableI rec- NINTH RACE eralwhurlesr" 1tr p ae th annuaed i -mnle-speed. -Vkle ,.i-7.anfo-.
overy and got within two lengths 1-Nobbscrook $2.80, 2.60, 2.20 Cleveland os 0 10. 030-8 12 1 34 .wing.h pa ya abe- raeny. $o o,.hit b a
of the flying leader but quit 2-Porter's Star $5.60, 2.60 Detroit' 000 000 100-4 8 0 fore thanvr tagRmt he Wa ll re- Fresno, retahe M i eur m129 beW8
Main Road, under jockey Jose One-Two: (Nobbser$ ok-Po4R- temain (24), Erikson, Madison At Khnsas City, o J em rn the cl adc, aLeaguey -as tPHe It.,2b &:I
travo's hard urging, 'took up her's Star) $21.80. and Rat. Wil Weo .fd met a M0 paid 1,165 for w*n-
running over Mirnatoats enter- aTSNTH RACE ..... they o iforinttieMeanIt. benged mto ca .i n- yae h"'
lag theJustFretchobutRafteTragc1-Arkansas.$6.60,3.60,2.80 Fseven ra He k owa _e.'
tlng within a neckbof termou classy 2--Gn.lsu $4.20,43.406 Thevsheningt onmm00 sar0 ____02-5, i__bth .,_Iextt
Miruatoats, Main Road gained 3--R se Hip $4. sahd the LG ilam intr-.
no more. With rvo and Agul- ------ .eiaP record(a an- ago
rre driving their mounts to the ELEVENTH RACE FtolBwg.thIFeest ns ween fgo 't-.
utmost they came under the 1--Mirzatoats $5.40 s2.60imi thue, lieldn $35-,'FrMy3th1
wire with Mirzatoats still a half seconas0
length to the good and not los- Air htoa 0n ."
lag any ground at the finish. Ailnditi-lin. --,
Mlrztoa ts returned $5.40. The(by$BiIon
Mle over the good track washAndy All Wet Gring atfirsh other.
Favorites dominated the pro- CHICAGO, June 1o. (NEiA) Kenneth Dmen il eD onth t t u
were registered. PincelaRo paid are equipped with air condition- State U(,-lt
2he best win dividend with $18.- lng these days, an innovation conduc7.6, in t.0 Coiut"
C0 I tn the eighth race. Sin Fin t, late Andy Lotshaw .market ar how-.''W
returned $11.60 in the fourth, never completely sold- on.e0, 4
the day's saddle star with three boarded the air-conditioned TV10o3W ad'p .
rictries -- aboard Golden Fan, train with his shirt wringing 41.25 per enMt acd.4
p an Fin and Nobbscrook. wet fro matiflang mid-summer r tin mes" do no I o s ca ,t'Ini ng r
heat. He took It of(f, hung it in d rer cent oeb n 417W
rupG Every hour or so Jim WeaverloA a l -- no.
FIRST RACE Cubs' pIceer, would gdo into the
1-Golden Fan $4.80, 2.60, 2.20 washroom and dip Lotshaw's2. -e I. .00
o -thle fy geMayo $4. 6 2.80" shit rt in'waer and a ng I t rup
atri rst halfml.ain. When the train pulled m 'H'
t-MTira $7.40, 5.20 "see this'?" Lotihaw told the -rs M-AK ac,--tg
-randar$5.o Cubs, holding uS the wet shirt.. ..'

THIRD RACE hunge it up. AIdN + you wonder I AC-- WA
In--_e te.20. 2.b0, 2.20 why you get soa .0rms sittin' a- 4..LO/T


-- ", T .-*.


pE wI 1
cam-. i

a. .At.0

dn thiou way
bav Afle.ot
Ing, 11823 IW
rod andry rt

what efi
$SaW |q

00 Football An Austran

Will Windup Milwakee Deluges Braves With Gifts; ErasingMeredit's37-Year
eba Fev er ST To State Prison a. n.u
.h. m Sw.-ever maR, Pennl su41111uIIII

.nx Nations Top Half- iler nYeaS

o.t. There .. nog a ip c -re- Dy nARR OGRAYSON
,w-bin .f Atrate.l. 'I. cation sto iu e NRA Sprts Editor
Such apetion m y get
art an refse and= r a n Mla. V A J n rmNEW ofW June 1 Penn- k
fAfs i n *but yli. nt an flv parund L s syl dnia ne l can't help but
^^ 6 ^^^^B 'rdy but 's aWI V at l v *eolbaa heit~e o~afry thlanky Paul Raun-
M'eof I 9 e4 -_.s. socatlon and Amiteru Ath-
Fromto po letic Union meets.
of -h. h ilrtm A ly a trad OThe first is scheduled for
c",, .locks to pn s tk Ap Ldncoal Neb., June 20, the AA
therl ..-. eta to th m ter.r-, the dgl- prod cton ,n Dayton, 0., a
t tr. uge hit the 3tawe. "The bon- week liter.
t 3R a -m "anza finally required a middle Dan Ferrris, Mr. AAU as its
iAs k0 4,after Guue5&". .. a. m ian between t he lver an.d secret y-treasurer and match-
dula.!=*Do a"7t thel!ar judge of track flesh, calls
e r;- 9 assistant trahier ft .eub. Raudenbush, a 21 year old,
Isn't From a i atsz ne c many five-toot. 11, 140-pound junior,
W3me11" o 6"I waernt comes 100 gallops .of ptrol one of the brights middle
o.ver, te li week-I M f ."ma 9t" and $50 for& a endora meant. A distance runners to come along
or a _Jbor ook .Aa ComL ei modtaeot is In years. Certainly he is the
r i "9tIA1 alefedrencock es for mo"a improved competitorS In

Y^M-- "'-' f-' M.... yj the AI yea. t c utr. a
tAis last week1 a k. bo etdlipase l of each Brave besterda's supposed unbeat-
they we Iet exe cutive III a n_ car able records of tie scantly-a
.earlier,tan. 4 Mmc an Ma tbrkwo, Vfio`1 be clads f2?de likflte old crapshoot-
-,. n professional ba er fr tod .rudenbusha 1 61
16 of his 31 years, never knew, at Yale was a nw h hf-anle
o "-got tooto Millwaukee te immorw a
His 2W0,000 ow Poles here r !75-y-old Pe.i record
^, AS^h.-S.. ?- m.^ "d "s fnthave kept his mpea mwo t:p115., 1 1 27'
broad g up T.t unds stO uffed with I t ealy, a odenbus -
*"OFh? by w .. b'_ th y u will sy and Krska (o olhh e gd d. 4A Indoor 000-y ard chain oa a
^.o.." i-b ..^mmaE ,n- d".,framMe his been ao ned wth by where the great aleredita t-
2 lit A 4 three new suits to ate-. earned to run on a grass
1] e K -Max responded with five tracmdk on which his father
Me... Pl I srailghtt pitching victories. It trained horses.
could cuse a garment
age. Ww yeoas Meredith trained
All theafate With the stee, attended Mer-
Ie m1 Arrives; All the thet'Ptau got oongoetlOff rs Ac demy nd as a ;
'o a hustltl start, tod This school won the 1912 Olym-
,_" _. y "-' _-. "' a o oo. _no e. Choly c Iaines e 800 meterS, breaking to copt the at nals

KfllhfS t omles around to a semblance Roadenbush's rise, on the geoe model to a
Rs oOf full strength, It definite t hand, has been as until his
first diq potntia-a a 4'a mli InIease., No ple. him a gold th hfe
Th este l can Ip but ture-bwok stride t."boy, but light another tet
A. U2 crowd ;dead ,.with e. -modo was 14. N _has"
so e .r arrived at Tocu- M er IAn01i t. "| i-e Right i- t we ihteue.I ws8 nu
In 10e 3 0o pla sasheeat of Drndy vYee. anddemes, y D Sntac' ey iders Paul t-udabush mas
.romnatim ames With 3L. .-ARyr SON. m witl that=:a should has run asta .1;1, giving cinders s"aoke nstea
from ti Canal Zone. ,d the Re- NE,.Sport seod have aded bhim lik an idea.of tT es'p'wot If whas a -he a
"OIfn.t 9fa-- o- |_a I a L an othe ar ta re 0(I Playgrn oundhd Sw nre tr
Inc bktol t for a stomae inatb In the Natianals. U,
't,,,e two.e Jmi re. Nfe ete r-.remaneeonban on A Bret hit brings them cause of hit-a ainy build
centi=' A& 1in i, tour otevealt bl sept, for nfample. uon their aouthegre o.ans + dwith h
ofi R hbR ....--ol tl .ataft4ns- I s.he oe sa o m t4na. -NBA~.1OAT31"MCA
o.. itis nl .i.- O Dodgers. A m o Play. )"s-. e tobea u.he had to
)aeml : -. -l an e to bs l fever has sotead rim .two half- wi a thin a Badmintonw.ill )W4e a-
etql.intthe It e.- na thl a taI Prsofem- etes iB the a the- Balboa MraI ..,,
Amorlmr -a vie W x_ I Ie Is',to* In -tho. .p.te..,iJ
atertupn. of the teaatpthrden on urke clodl 154 d GA-MIg
a. 0'loal ,n ouieh me' in e t says him- "BXhavt been so the rod rh.oI in the br.7:00 p.m. All sons
Ia..Il l- tlocaloAgr, ..1 d up a gin 1 peuro.aao. was 4111s -rareoris l
40: 6man Vor fouw- u
n-- *-- d e't h .make whrAlin -.liah ee b pr d
r a 9&m~a ll u were 2 2us 2.o_ and mef at',
Uabo .,tto atS roe Nbt Daryl~n n r h i aA t
Intwo, woe l ..a t e Y p f io h --1 a ie .ea, of.
aUa onr, arswh e aip, I I nert ""-
Untt beet thing. b'ootPIley SMtalU was and spIthe tiiet Coach en Dberty, t p.m. At
eno.tlm oCo. d be seeIlkest 01 Xa o rt his own plan ing be a
119" wee a s -baseman. In the Na ti oalt to Re dm*nJ w te mer Aecond andofplay.
Mlhe Algarican A *, prefir the out. the ethe IocalJ fo id o tat thata ep
when o .aRiey I ounw m1or4 have a comfrtableI"d it each team be present
olever &Vconcedtat on his The aft enal--. The 880 Is a magic distance meeting.
-h"*, sofi"tt4aung, to W soff. bout whetse aped and enduape
to sie the this be st a hony meet, and Rildenbush devs Age Of Re
If-:l com-brmthe outbutd to that the slhmp the titlon by uncorking
$: ard s- his Il sequintheDrivestheddbeind the a m ant kick. N rnn LEWISTON Me. (UP)

W a i hi fst i thIT a19a bla4a or W for a, bush Not a fewone picking h Gruw hs retired.
r kk hIrmI t SektO V ,,defnve-
iafoiS ,, e had to l 1*r, ..
Macm.Ia e tog a bent, to hn- sand atW **'
gbait' off the end Par.o 6Jmae -, they got

tea sat first Z h7Up4yer moving ,from
attn i b ae. at f t8fit t seond has to develop
99bil Davis. e : thi After having been the All- the plvok etc.
g thialuy. d baseman for four
4dith mnal.che b'llis was hardly In left

"t..W "' and teenat Mle

. l, r I a , tomaie ,- l

t o "+ o ',* I .. -* '
the la-hs h _I mele Mhith, .. ,-
do wl wons a iA ftr oink Un* *
eame** a hikm bN"
S&een 0of M e
=::t "-"'+*""1 _n

* ,* !;.,,, 4kN

Distidler's Art

'. 1
i tu "


I~ :. ...

.~ ~~~~...... ",,,-,.
.,..*, PL
.:., ,,+ ", a w
'-+.':- +. ; l" '". '",

...._. -. ." .,... .-. -

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Re tres

S'. /. .
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.*: **- q. o
fl,,1,,'a-dr-... "'-a.d... "
^^B -.% ', ^

,, 4
v-i 1

Whites Boycott a

Unsegregated of cz

Church Services
oh dua d.mtha"Wh
somel an TrtheirdPo
So military release annoyed
NEWTON GROVE, N C.,June 7e pt e o p e knOW s tthe as m u & e" t-Ahrahaina o ln., a mon
1 (T) Whte Cathoncs ... A check of the inCMdenaef the
disease among Puanme Omal
coated mass at Hy Redeemerss TWENT-EIGHTH R AL PANAMA. I JUNE 1, 1953 e employ reeled the
Church here yesterday as Ne- erT 2 nal em o year
o weTe admitted for t : there ere Ibs ofteb ie
attended under a merger or- there here
dered by the bishop. t n r reordedu. h ,is aIn ar of
Bishop r Vincent S. Waters e iTor-t o2usau. eThis was an
of Raleigh, N. C., invited Imuzuov int o W lt yar. Dur-
Negroes of St. Benedict e i a l t g 19 there were 9 e ise, or a
Parish to tend any of the rate of 2S per thousands.
three masses at the white The experience in 1950 was the
church because sounds pal do beat ever recorded During that
hite rbly 22 Canal a employes a fa-
not havbe nationality, race year anly 22 canal hmploss on -
Ctporlic dohersintis tobacco cen e n olthoadd.
or color." the pal ti ia, a rate of 1.1 per
About 32 of the 80 Negro .o iSp c'ecl-& was ci Tod
Catholics in this tobacco center $51 te0or. asO eSIi i .
attended the services but only 2.0, 2 lmq hatr the same
a handful ofn e 300-member WASHINGTON, June 1 (UP) and South Asia and returned l Can Yango South. Korean T W ibie a r the t th o
white congregation joined them. President Eisenhower called his day convinced that the ot, ss late ye- n to f w

nr sd he fld o at- The men am as th Reheret teav d Uthrmnbio We Bi- 7nV ohra, P rt l I
The rest iottended mass else- National Security Council into States needed to alter its .osct terony there is "no alternate to hr m eonfernme ay dplbd r iltmary arlee stned tor d In' hl
where or milled outside the special session today to get re-towin their support In the tn. total victory" n Korea. The Unit- to a large extent t hew 4a s id'that the nIcrease In the Oh
church to see what would hap- port from Secretary of State gle with Communism. ed Nations must not agree, to str sg and etmaehib thhe number t eath nof malarI4I t ree
pen. no sign John Foster Dulles on histour of In their council report they leave Korea divided as a condi- power of the KdUa reside, l thin kmore than is expected at
he re no noion theMiddle East and South Asia.. were expected to outlie telr tion for an armistice" he said, dd b re r G 1 tst t r-the b
despite predictionsp bv Many p fordealing, dwith su ot h Korea would fightt og n" Male .MAR n of, O the urliny ton. .'
hit pberrtheCome unit vhatth rethst-..e
white parshoners that there The top strategy board also problems as theon gtt W a theComMun venf, a e at ha oc-
would be "trouble." was expected to do some hard Middle East defense og te United Nationswithdraw ae top-level c hae ben people
Reporters and othersnot be- talking on the crisis raised by iand the Anglo-yp cla foce after tg g truce; he s t evt- w-hoi
ongin to the two congrega- South Korea's violent opposi- over the Suez Canal Zone. declared. "We would rather die to down wt ttated are
tons were barred from the tion to the latest United Na- free men and women than be until he internal n In the hours of dark.
church grounds. tions plan for ending the Ko- Mr. Eisenhower 'called Dus slaves of the Communists." Moscow ecomes ar As of this date there ar a 91sVn
Kennon Bowden, a white rean war. and top military advisers to. an fromL b ever, ases of maria at the U. r-
parishoner,aid Ithe failed to at- The meeting came as the Reds unusual meeting at the White Another likely subject at the havlndicated ihetRbah Prime my Aoptasie, Port Claytha ; 0Le4
tend mass for the first time in obtained a three-day extension House Saturday to discuss the council meeting was the forth- Minister Sir Wnto urchill Army, four Navy and t9 :do9-
years." .. of and h the truce talk recess to study critical Korean situation. coming Big Three conference loks upon a meet it the pendents (one Air T b and
wife went to see Wtters. who South Korea's foreign minister stood, sent a personal seagVe up then, it was learned, wll he probe for frtf a l t atlon' Although malaraw. cnot too
te rectory. It is "exactly what the Commu- srin him South r soviet regime. Canal Zonet
he biho said he i nists have demanded." rights w der control only tnrohntltt.
atng the colored e Dulles andSS Prot Mutual Security Di- deTaxthe.N. et thish uousaeffortotr"'t l
putn the coormon bo rcs. hel dl.l to&aHenmad tou l pors e ----I
ek In God's church," m -people living here and n aHon
Bowden said. "I don't kow an unprecedented 20-day tour of the K opposition to the U.N. art of theagentt tht

12s naton irks the Meddle Eastplpn Excess Profit Tax Fight
where they've been before. 1t axethe various seersxInce 1h abl
'T finished with New- Zone.. ..
ton Grove. I think the whole I T Recently case of ma.lari oc-
Sarih Is digusted. The Iri a urred to personnel in,the Canal
ehureh is broken p"I CIlII III Conlgiires I d y Zone who sat In unscreened areas
Father George Lynch, speak- alter dark. Ayear SoIM 1rP of
eg for Waters, said, "We think four otid ft macte d
ouato. ker e going to let the sl WASHINGTON, June 1 (UP) including statements by many outside otthe.Ca l Smse.
tuaion take careThe administration opens .a prominent Republicans who are
e drive today toPushnot on the committee. ler.oy E BU .e
gh Congress its propel

roS u e l ge t m House epubre lics g we o

A soldier plarisones we spent |nhdthtgthe taxIns almtbial- at.r fa mid l the & o atet 70, Iton fref .
aee ajl hours on a 25- story ledge rblow at small and m rowi nWU0 t ro
M i busrlo bh s m rgl tretrt cMe They went it t. o eb .w brirnn O
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