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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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livide to pr-
their w To. fc2B
le rest '
ille a xreat bu* of "reaig-
a talk" .vi rumning
igh aholp and Officts, none

imiinment of


woA n's obsRrv
what the m%& T -ew
"People 'wm be a i
It th in They t go.]
on leave, M'ey tntI
thre and tdt ma tk

ha re


In = t
T h e l m bla e fe :14 zo n e ,
to an open meel
CitlIznr Al ocIati -/ll Zone,
which will be lh # the Diablo
Clubhouse be .ig.l at 7:30
The hmptMrtib j o' of
whether to ~-jI "U"iiatlve
to light reigBta .s i winl
be diaeuAe& .',F.tgairet
Rennid hu bw 3imfon64
prominently in tl eanein.
MThe public to a attend:

Now C(asktMh'
A Ad AhU

S- -0-

vy Show

Medics Won't

Take Pay Cut"

The likelihood that practically all civilian doctor
Gora s Hospital will resign in the event the Inw '1
sla g salaries and benefits of'Canal endmlyes is
ed th Senate was revealed today by reliable s
qiTe sources, close to the Gorgas doctors' stR,
a canvass of the entire medical personnel thad been
plated today and that the general opinion was theey we
leave the Isthmus if the proposed Civil Functions
prtlons S4I which cuts present differentWl p ly
percent and eliminates other employee b i e

.' (The bill was passed by the House this week but st
must be acted upon by the Senate).
Ihe.- Pan av g American', did not believe this wMa In
*6ttoe said abme of the doctor nection rfth the canvas a
ht Gorgas conferred after thb entire t aff.l
RHm action wa- reported and -"The doctors are
tMat they formulated a paper wait iC & what
wbich was circulated among the does," ev ded. "but
hospital staff. rested to their actioma sa
Th' paper, In the form of a a pa msd."
questionnaire, sought a general he Chief etleathOf
59ctlpn to the mewbtll. pOcted -to

as m-mia* 5... w.r w sx.
Id by manager Ian Wr-
S pr og m wll be t
Cbonaton BandsatdIl
arldthe famous Huddei- ,
Society, to be aMk i
pt 9:30.
"The CeremodaW
ch explains the prt
the route and the
ed in the corona
lisabeth I1, wU. p

Abbey by Dr.
tar of music for
Swill begin at 8 a
and at 9 p.m. "A
Concert" will feat
to be heard In llS-'
roation ervlce.
Stid Ae the Quo&
mby the j
S Oreetra in
e ration of the sew
awil be broadcast Monda
ition. Worcester alid
shortwave broadcast
tna cremony, w
monday ,will be re
by HOG (840 kes.) in

no Excursion
Jamaica, BWI,
vees Tomorrow
b toid to e tho 1m
by pb' to tba
W-.,sw c JrW*

the first day ea
AUicb the ledal

Lif-t- sice the
17 .f the cur-
amendment to
leasly ap-
L o the
went: how-
a of the
has of the Pa-

ah relief
o au for-
heir wre-

mnated that approxim-
IalW rate employes
service of the Com-
ment would be
i lve these increas-
kV 4arinR the coming
re~ tested legislation

boa Coop
in'ag to get away with
'a I ommlmsary chicken
authortaed Panamanian
r was fined $15 and
Stmn-day Jail Men
- afternoon In tfe
rte's Court.
defendant, Roy Bealey
aHas Roy Bealey. 0, was
San addiUonal t1O fae
r eommnaary emp)Sy
M Nelson. an Amerana.
MAted the deefsdan
tonBf out with the

tried tomake off with

.4 probMum

wtay, Nay
l ..........9 .e.ea. 1:M 3 .
aHIy s****.**** *^3-9 *ur m T

ietrtst w*I 00t be abided by
ft they suffer iary cuts -at this
" Fstherme," they added,
"most of the doctors who have
edher haveftJe done so at a
soaie d nobody
could msetMbemin to hman qn if
tnheyr a asked to take a further
The aoun es said they kmew
of "one 9r two" doctors who may
have reacted thls week bat they

.ma Tonu SMt
M.u !iS

W. sk.

May S
li V-a.:

.w W ee nbIu


on. via of tM M
..l e re- tIonal a
P .the man of the
poww !2,V.M oxat the The
at f epalMa for May 25, W:
more thatwo bheW Arend@ watt
The. smas twltar that hit mission today as presa
Liberal fla new ease mounted for Cone M
under 0mta bounced out the 'controveuda"
along a 30-ni ifti the relating to the chaig~
At Po z Im=e s W na, wth The President hLd. r
o air ae d lived through the
dama ft o a vlent ato eight to unify the s
and wind lme WednegMv ad and knows ft, I
early ThUw t gauaed ,a e@ti- fears of Chagras that
mae w s W m Weaves gle, all-power tary tff
M09toeottamn an the arm d fteces.
ItMtM o Iate Oit a IS develop.
cut a swaSth In acres He said such fears aMt gFaep4
of edti UM the areas. _____less.

Stafford Cripps' Daughter

Pecomes fgaged To Afr

j clubrooma of t the WM
1?1' .tion 0
announce r district Ida114
IMAft TraiArn village" -- an
tatM's O M ay in Applah bhed a. '
ofe bide-to- Whn reporters I
for i"Aaislat M ES

in : .;.- .:,.. '"
', .** .*-.

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tue e~auq

p!ey.# .e'*n

S ra6 e tuaee PAAMA awuCAN OaN& I e Sne
6= 06e b NIS *Up m tea3 in inn
*41* A*AO. 4 msev"
", 1 jsm 0 el t" 1 as2 PANAMA. r P.o Bnce
fasIpeWII PANAMA 1 0N -64740 to LINeOt
3 @el w t 'I* CO11A. AVIlNUP 11Wletwr Itr AND IsN rlYaeDT
RAS*P rOSPARt#wlTAnvua 1o0lUA 0 POW61tO. INC
sa 014mao6 AvC NEw vAN 417, N V.
LOCAL ,.., O outlays, Cuts
Pa Moe.f IN A6V4, a ,e 0 ..70o -. 0
o, eil "n us. s ADVANt so is o0 1Y BRUCE BlOAAr".
IN,@ VU. IN 4OVAN- so 84 W-

,Y u M -- RT uml $ OWN COUdMN For a good shile.
E ..... .senhower hesm been
in a heavy croleafhrW .-
fired upon by man w .
H E MAIL BO early any ecom
o the nation security.
From the other he hAS / ""
The Mail Bex is as o pe forum for r dern of The Penem Amer- shot at by men who bleve 4 .
isa. LIte am resolved ,h-fully and ar* handled in a wholy coil. economy proposals fall far short *
*de"! al aaer. of realizable goals. *
S If ea setribe a loter don't be Imkpllen i it doesn appear Ia e But In his budget- -seearity
Ssae day. Lente ae published in the order d speech, the Preqide i
Please to kc-p the lenes limited to eu length. he is well armored f S
Identity ot leaer wr aes is held is street coMidee. combat. He Is de terplU t
ThIs aewspipet euene s responsibility for iMameans as opinimms avoid extremes of .elther pel.
pressed Isa letters r ek m meo are Ing orUM c m He p,.ope .tlb -
heww% ml MeAsfd@s
^*n "***- a --.;a^T 'nw ^* i yy -H ^n wff*^^^
will lead to e bet kia h
LETTER TO CONGRESSMEN security for Americans. .
Mr. Eisenhower made thed *
honorable e Iring M. Ivel and case for this approach srong-
honorable Her3cri H.,d convincingly. I can
U. S. Senate, help it, he will not AM il. be=
'!WashingLon, D.C. et reduction which Wooi
tientlems: ipe, UL America. 'And he mae-
S Getting do n to facts on the Civil Functions Bill where It 8ures the danger from the
reduces the .ifci. nal irom 25% to 10% I submit my data on Soviet Union as both rei and
earnings. .My wie and I are aroaa the U.8. some twenty years large. o
ago and now ii~he Ltree chilctaen. My wife does not worL, stay- Oi the other and, neith
ing home to raise the chilureol poperly. After twenty years sume tnat genuine sa yt ag

Sexpnses are as follows:Quite the contrary. he believes
S Mye nss a as follows: economies must be achieved If
rent the United States is to gais I1n
Rent. .. .. 887 (Being 16% of salary I am a rare a mlitaldy way at. yet not ai
case by Newman's rating chart.I another sort of victory to e
Current. ... $120- tua
Food. .$ That victory could come from
rm t. ruinous American inflation, l .
Insurance. .. iu ininnm fl a Dept fo"r $,0001 resources until we were bled
LCary .u t. v.. white, from costly buildups to-
Lottery, liquor, hos- v ard successive crises Whose de-
pital entertainment. 500 cisive moments are always just O eo
TOoTAL. .around the corner.
SO0TAL .... .. ..$4,53 Mr. Eisenhower sees the Rum- r
slan threat as long contining.
With present salary I should have 3868 at year's end but each He does not think the meMc
year I ado up still owing the LC.Lc,,L Unionc. Withl proposed O1' will reach a peak by some state
Sdifferenteal I should have su8 1o Lake vacations aho bldy a place diadlind, "id then lade. R dem a
to live after r.ienienLt .u, A ii omy ove more. Any program attuned to this
I know well now now the ecoloi. feit in 1772-3-4 when the latter notion he views as un- B BOB RUAm
absentee government In anglana were trying to bleed them to fil wise and impractical. He Wants
that ooun.ry's covers a n uCn clUl-aavised, not listening to Wil- to plan for sound, sallafying a
1tam Pitt or Benjamin I rn~tlk preceedeci with their ill-fated American living in an "age of
Program where It cost them much more than can now be com- danger." Gen. Brehon B. 8omerell caused spae shock-" pe. a elof le thoae
puled even by the Genreral Accountinit Office. ed'ooh's and ah's the other dap whe hl came, m a lcu l l
It Is raining ha e anu will continue, 1or days without top. He acknowledges that many out in favor of poison gaes as 4 JagillUt it form we had beep ft WM
right ulp to tcem honest men measure the peril of warfare, urging the government t ress liea for s ad e em' S
right up to letceitteae -. t rosIness for'
The ralo, tne AL.aed Forces Statlon being the only one send- .ifue',ntll. They feel the only polly whiob prohibits gas. With tl i ah o th
Ing States programrne is lalreang Wrai.e Uni.LaInws. It seens Ls cty rests fn a given number o awerell'asad, In effect. that pmbent and we were bunin o
though my cnl.uicn bw e Lae b.a,. m Rlen tne. are .iDnso Dot- plnes by S95a, o 0 ms ia r gta gas as ]oatbsome and Inhumane, 'of a ight In the la r dap of
ed there as m.m,.s.a or a ... leu tea.ces. It is now Ii o, ock a :*le artiller pieces, o s fSniemng ii quite all right to blow-off people'l a nobd m inded,
and the radio is pT._lng the .atlonal a nthenm to close for the H-boabs, and so on. The Pres- heads with gun, cripple them with shU a l Bdl t.B we oe horl id wior-wa-
night, so we nust vo odeO. ident has let 94 these plead- tam In nalm, blast them pgart With atomle A-bodab, o Japan, the War an
There are some Lnings you can't put Into a budget like kids' e s stat l dh ully and bobs, and. Ifti them with bullets. a rdatall of-
vioesy I don Itnohw right the ineral is about th while sa o n u. be
questIons with no promises to maxe. o orousy. k hw rit e a l the w o
I'll not sign my name to inrs as there are others with less thilg but I. never, Wa able to unrstntnd Wla e 1.. t g' Ilo to he .ig.
saly and as man. or mot chi n uno do not deserve the ac- ut n the end hle has over- laying-feld n eof what ye m t d v the Cl
tioa taken by the n.oute Ap.lp.,u ~ .l on Committee and I ask your anything le than total mo 1- A1k llnn t r in te p uI y seI. f o a&
ei.eaTse to wnstop ,die ol at ,e o.uTa.t ou, inzatlon for war iuts the na- All wrs are immora conceivedi and, Immoral. Wen Pt oia Wank l o
Thank Yoution for war put the nation on l executed, because they htag you i cil life h a of
New York Joe a gu.r work basis In terms of r doing what they decorate for in a wa. w "
--secur. r 1 a buinesm as 111r. A"oe re-
.In ,vehe thinks It mairk1t of carrion men,
1 t -mA kofeartare lost If
FR I WATER? we do not have "that certain t is comr letely and
1n o- .Of air wings, or bombs, rul for wara',e, uni
S A number of letters are coming to you about the r sWhat tie plainly seeks is to sact rceao ben
St be taken agair... the American employes of the PanA. W. put the nation in what might a w of common dec
Governor Sebohi hs mae a stacitemyen that I wish to querftloe cAlled an age posture of ir I. wr we o.teaa the ob. A|mun n
and would like an answer if I am incorrect. ..........-.or.c l atduring lnd of a 1
In discussing water and electricity rates the Governor made it could spring tO action against say dem tht 'we 111110
this statement: ',"the 4ployes are charged for the power; the hostile attack and hold off .the f in anoth.ld be t
water I furnished to thet." wtaenemy effectively until full mo- dext pr" dn S Of
This wa ndeed Sea So I went back to my husband's de- billion could be gained. 'e I l
% C tlon t e that they used to itemize, when they e
Weren't to _, =,_rby. Tnere in black and white is a This is rMr. Eisenhower's pof-
of for water. icy for national security. 'Ha'-
we :et aLarom heaven" of which there la plenty, moves easily and loiclily to
Mslq.wg ~g e Ma r dr s and removal of garbage. On these other propositons:
noted me t or this house, new and furnished That there can be substosn-
IsIt will be 670 aC' ert hoease.., new and futhat isn't con. h ot cuts in defense and for-
stishLtory increase. $#. e eign aid spending but these "
S courl t.we Quartermaster tells is we aren't being charged must stop shabort of checking Howell 0. Crim, chief usher at the White Sitting Bull from the opm IOom
ir the windows and the concrete that &ome predecessor put the development of Ilezb, House, ais back on tne job again after a mih la siMUl or Not Dakota to a h ht.
i nder the hp.sts. Thtt's because, like the water bill, it Isn't weIlitoned defense muscles. the hospital. D
ftemlned y Imore. But the difference is there. The houses with T6e small staff of ushers had to work ikt .
inds that drop or push up on the porches, that the architec That there can be no real cra while bo was awhy, with Daaigsh teRALAC TRIC
forot to Include in their plans In the 1930's. coat t50 per monh tax cuts until slow, prudently of the Americ Revolution and a n1mn~r
Stra. Thosinlude with windows that swin out1930's cost $1 per month enneere4 bring aGi other big receptiolns to handle. They wfere. of r
and our rents vry with wnows tha swing out ct he per month, end ofrdeit gh. glad to ae til head man come back.a bve theao A
and our ret s vwithry the t much, whether they acknowledge it or The men who want ,budget Crl~ Is one man who stays on at the Wit clearest on
Ote of Ith Fesotten t.8. Raters uts and tax sla at an ost House, come ublicean or come Demoontoc balSucm..1pe
f F oe t do not Ilik e this u The Prest President. As f. pher, he's also In cahba rg -bo91's
._....___. -- : dent is clearly t lmed against the entire h ii1.. sfatWte NO a
Answer to Previous Puzzle them. When they are any cooks. butlers or ta.-p we a to
h h o Whether he. h"i lg, whether washers to be hired or fired. Crim is the ban we w aOIu do
Virginia Reel his whole eurt p ro' ram pre- who has to do I. o the ug
Nvails, may deper'nallo on the
InNTL 62 Even (contr.) spp e is a to draw from .WI AT ERL? ._ e
-. vthe is senselesly over rIenlng go Ibac to ol.W vtann
-.64 BHmter vech them or whether, with hls uni- nadonamlo.,The last tour heads of the w.
IERTICAL 1-que experience in military mat- looWa beenWprld War II vets. bien f

2 Cadly bring both reasonable security Loa ,. hper ur J. Connell, a busl-.
a-enta--le 2S Hunla 4. Harsh Connl however may be the last of the World
S"5Nw Yoak city32 rest respiratory War I n to t iseeted job. After his on.- 'wi

7'se T2nd7l 2 Uncommon 46 Companion -
.- 8 U mvlMal 25 Constellaton 47Indian McKiSSON'S GAIN WILL-SE KAEA TO EOLD
,l@. omb. 3-N-od boxes 50 o a T ODdish
tifrm) a l ks ect es cire So brpe TOn Three deaths of llerate representatives sin. t
biSU AObtains 32 Merriment 5U Genus of bilm Ineared the Majority from eigh,




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* ''K'.. ',* ~ .3- 3-3

PA~~ ~ -q


By Colb

HOLLYWOOD (NEA) Be- dramas." Bob was No. I boy at
hind the Screens: For the first MGM when he went into the Ar,
time in his long and brilliant my, but he asked for his release
acting career Charles Laughton when e returned "because I was
lost an emoting duel. The win- getting nowhere fast. I gave up
nah-Lou Costellot a lot of money but I've never
Still chuckling about It is Hil- been so happy."
lary Brooke, who watched the --
fireworks as a member of the "The 20-year-olds eome along
cast when Laughton and Lou and start pushing you. You have
worked together In "Abbott and to calptUNOe oa what you've
Costello Meet Captain Kidd." learned. All I know (s show busi-
"Lou dreams up dialogue and nem..
visual gags in the middle of ,
e*ees. Laughton atoluco thel Johy Jistor, back
IM wastft l ll"f ry in ne bride
daieif t, 3 i didn't atow 1cer (hl3 s.srayson) and
be was and he mWt lW ed beaiew glogs an Iab b career, ear,
triek of working with Lou. You plal'ntb why he'A Added Troduc-
ean't play scenes to Lt. Yeo cr Gpi4es to his staging as a TV
have to play with hila. a Si
Hillary herself objected t. L -u As co-producer With Keni Mur-
as an acting partner but after 26 ra of the C sow that stars
telefilms with him abe's his big- them both. Johnny helps with
gest booster. "His comedy Is a writing. directing and music, and
train of thought," abe says. "If ph1losophl5s, .."What -lse. is
you stay on the train you can there if you're going to stay In
have a ball." show business? You either go in-
to another phase of the business
MEATY ROLE FOR LION or you become a used-car sales-
man. I'd be a sucker not to look
Fredric March played the title ahead."
role but it was really Alex D'Arcy
who was "The Man on the Tight
Ael-A who hlayld the -lion

tamer in the film, is still shad-
dering over Director Ella Kaman'S
efforts to put realism into the
picture. "e's a crazy man," D'-
Arce says. "He'll do anything for
realism---on yr time. The only
protection I had in that lion ca e
er a osple fstaf-stage sarp-
!*ters. I was shared stiff. Next
dv I brole two ris when I
mssPdl a flying leap lnto a mov-
in- auto. Ela asks for the im-
pr.ible but he's a great direc-
Alex. who once specialized In
celluloid wolves, is clicking again
in Hollywood with a big role
coming up in "How to Marry a
Millionaire" with Marilyn Mon-

Hollywood's discovered an-
o*ter Brando, but this one's
S'-pely, friendly and predicta-
Phe's Marlon's pretty sister,
ancelyn. now emoting in Colum-
bia's "The Big Heat" and "China
"I'm older than Marion and
e can't compare as,", says Joce-
Ii. "We react the sa;ne way to|
t lags but out performances dif-
for. He's shv and won't talk. I'm
*fr* tat I talk aU the tiae."
7b-petite newcomer is mar-
teA Btrritertiot Asintof, is
the mother of two boys and
'never got anywhere at the stu-
dios when I was living in Holly-
wood during the war. They said
I wasn't the type."

Meet televisIon's first appart-
tional Mr. aU Mrs. --Ann Jeff-
rer.s and Robert Sterling.
*n Lnand Bob wave up the
movies to in and dance as the
best new night-club act t years
and now they'll be -p--'
stars who have a ball as sphis-
ticated ghotsla tlefils
la's tmosibsow
bars. -**s a sow ma

camr WmR. n aIsa

is individual
Just as your finger.
prints differ from
everyone else, your hearing
is individual and personal. So
stir plan for restored hearing
Is individual and personal...
to give YOU greatest possible
benefits of new hearing.






"Grandpa put in a hedgeI ad got the neighbors sor- about
the property line-another case for the UN. huh, ?.



Youill oe the way AvosM Ae deary eam
whips wikly ad stays Arm for b.ors sad
hours. -
l sciou whipped cras gaiS ...
pure, s coaery.fresh Aiwh Vap
C., is f pies, cakes, ansd .
d oa hot
the economical guam-

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uWry AVO, T.,u. W.Qr "*..
for *wow* ow Aim*


'go Reid. Rci aa~


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A Trusted Friend

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free one year' free sr-
'vice. You name your terms!


fmopus name in washing machines
16 ow available at:



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: Q aso reat $of long

acioaly for graduations!

.: go 5- sue *displyI

102 Central Avenue

41, ..



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answer, your every eoom-
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-P ~

You Sell'em... When You Tell' em P. A. P'
Leate )our Ad ith one of our Agents or our offices in.- "H" Street '
No. 12,179 Central Ave. .

Lev is Service Salon de Belleza Americano Car'toul Drug Sit :. .
No 4 Tivuhl Ave--Phone @2-2291. and No. 55 West 12th Street 10.0p Melnde Ave.-PlVh$ Im o"oa .f \" .
Propa.a, h'S. A.
Morrison's Agencla lnternacionl, de Publicacieqs Propag" S. At. .or n. ,. .. ..
Fourth of Julv Ave.-Phone 2-0441 No. 3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2-3199 Pones 2-2214,and 3-27 Ic. Ch I


Household Automobiles b h i. .. :IIde cotta :na POFESSIONM. FO
SLE-SOcrftice. G. E Retiger- FOR SALE: '51, 4 Dr. De Luxe M.- A I Cia 3.
,.- tr. oorceloan inside and Chevrolet, $1.490 cash. Leather
e cycle. 419 Porto Bello upholstery. 17,000 miles. Call 4 DR. K illnll; Sp tCla.ra Beach c No
A Cr _..n C Z 124 between 8 a. m. and 3 p. m Contr li.Avaninuo, i.A rae, f A.0o, p .
g.. .-- i-- Monday. 2-347 o -05 except
LE -i- us g, owner Ieavni FOR SALE -1952 Vauxhul. Owne SPCIAL IXCUrwSe Aea i a
irueblei. Ideoal Tel. -3-1216. leaving Ist Telephone Pan- FM ,pAI TO week end at CasAno San. :
MePonBamon .. .o aT FO~ 21 d oir l dn., on, w.y $S. oR d trip $LA 15 *' o"s $4.00 couple. PtsURE s 1
S" '2 0dey-himil) $169.00, good ont year; 'i lhg1Vmusc m by C-b-as.ino jces. :
TR SALE:--Two smvil'te w fWf1 52,yurMy M o LOt ANGILI. one way. $149.1.5, fai --Ol.a b -t- ." '
tables, built by owes. "rftc hard top g* g$d lock hytffom- trip, $252.35. 1S t-liNll} t _Electric febaxls, is stoes. P

S19.00- Wicker chairs $6.50, FOR SALE:-Dod., Kinsway-cu.- sda9 -- pe. .Chidul. ,.,. ,.- .-0,7. ...'. Closets $12.00, Wrdrobes ,tm. radio, nlt oer, e190 (Ocntob- 100 ft., asily meellI y tas. Tly Ceelepho

S20.00. Foldipg choirs $4.75. So- er, 4-door Sedon, Peru g yay, blu. T FO R R EN T II ll[_ ..
fas $19.00. Arm cho cS00 lath upholstery undersl, ex- bour -- m e e It rpet Wo. l 4567, P 'S o M o
Desks $25.00, Choirs $3.0 0 Mot- c llent condiio, $1,250. May be i mua2tl by MFOSERS Cottag. One mile b ,yond .
Complete double bds $39.00.FFOR SALE:- 1953 FrdSedan, $1.- Oe YOIR LOCAL LEA I Senta Clara. Completely. furnished. .Fe

,iresss $21 00, pmbosar $312900, Go 750. n finance. Will trade-1 House Phi NAhy. AN Ta e IN Rack Gas Refrigerators nd

MSoves S5500 and many other 8111-A Heveo Place. Merga.ta. Comphleh l cng* o climate FOR RNT:-Two or" r bed-room .WlL ll r. .
Brandns you shouldnf t mss. il itablesI mode exculen fuele5fett. Very reyouolnebls.o e arL

Desks 25.00 Chairs $3.00. FoRt- ellE:nt ondihin, $1o250. May d bh A. e al 1.r- t Ln
tromrlega os6 00, Springs ie2 00, cinOarnc0d. Phone 3-10. HouI Mele hw. HCuols .

iPaneama irstn RteM wolitou mntodl i anne rmn, a hOdi emie, porchesl lOvinno-. 'Phen e
.u0oble Row Phone 3-4911 domotrc- plastic seat covers. 2R Attrolv ho "ig FOR LIT

t.o Reataonrbl. Albrook 4179 after 3: it 50 mel friihrtner, ofveb;c. l i C oterFOI RK Sn F c
FOR SALE.-1 weaer, studio 30. Fmly rte for.Iofr ee. t to Cbt. Call tom e '
p.ano, $350.00; 1-2 ton Interna- -e Wire n eervtlm or 3-2857.
tsonal pick-up, good rubber. good FOR SALE-1949 FrFer 4 Dr. Sedan. Hotel Permmento. lequIte -h .,2. .lft 'one'2 =- 1
condition, $450.00, Universal lec- radio, air conditioning, back-up F R R T
tric Ironer, $30.00; I set golf lghts. Fairly clean, good sound FOR SALE F OR R NT
clubs, Croydon irons Hogan woods body, good tires, very good engine. In-u"8 .. FInli d .I
Plus several extra ,rons and' bag. Soeling for $'750.00. Leaving for I il IOnA A rllmIeel W. I1 el V-..- .
S550.00; 1-2 rich capaoty, bench the States. D. L. Bennett. No. 354, FO"ETh AveN,5,n A s L: -
dril press, $35.00: 14 rnch cap-- Pedro Miguel. FOR SALE:-Fi rtread tires and RENT.- bedm
di -3on. 60 CycI46h.5FOR SALE:n-F- 1 i e:-s19nd 1.Chevrolet 2 door 0 O REN furnit.nd ta 1

city pg saw. $30.00, Wood lathe FOR SALE:-1948 Nash Ambassador tubes 1S x 820. Never used. Din- Msti bue y fur 1 iture. Going P a t.aa,- -- .
Delta B. motor. double end shaft l radio,$625 takes it. coll 83-238 6 chairs, buffet, mahogany. Phone mAHAMIRA APARTMINT
1- H 300; 14 H. mr or comeand see it house 555-A 2-3708. House 0954 Amador Twond four room fuishd and mb
ng head complete h heels. 9 p. m. Albook 4179 afte 3 SALE: Pino upright Grand csed garden 8061 0h Sreet, o F
S engine. $00 82. FOR SALE -Ford '52 tudor sedan g er sewing ft maine, ab C 8 Cll
0 39W-. After 4:30 p8m 550 Als baby stroller, bothnette FO RSALE-Adm Te ompetely urnshed L

AL-eibed5 Tl. balboth69 FO ser..A.mirch........ 1T-2ev i apartment at 50th street No. 30,
SSA: --0rd FOR SALE. 949 Cadllac Seda'n. original pri. Phr N.vy 2644 us reFrogrator, sov wat 0L SjE
doitiun. $45.00 ironng board. FOR SALE--1949 razr 4 Dr. Sedoan._ Hote _r_ L, .:_L ..

0-77-E. Williomson Place. Balboa. Duty paid. This cr is priced to sell FOR SALE:-1942 Oldsmobile, with heater, freezer, washing mache. T IO ne' A t i A
RuSALE-Beoutidul genuine Chi- e in and mae resonole o- radi, black, our doen, n- phone 3-082 during office 4 r
Ss ral rgiene c lln- f room 229 Hotel El Panama. ured until July. $25000. olt hu or 3-415 evenings.

Draon. x 10. barg mah- evenings or clln 3-4755 after-acon, target rifle. Remington, 2FOR RENT:-Furnihed OpOetE
cny futuristic desk built m book- F. s--le Ford 2-dooo Den.- I r Bt eadunt 4lr Sta n itble ." ". 'I
mrre 14 i 7nth St. iNo. clood tires, high compressor heads FOR Rt- c inicr furnish- F rlO RNT:-Furnshed a part1..ment n ,
i7,usi. Te. 3-1025. a d extra accessories. Phone Navy .d. Above the Central Theatre, a t elep. F .oinat-
8579 Coco Salito 82-G, 6th. St. No. 141 Central Avenue, Panama. telephnt 3-4"712.
IlR SALl:-D-Isle, wilh 4 elkeiu s an.... ". I
ePIelle conditte. Cwll P4ame FOR SALE:-Reposessed 1949 Ford FOR SALE:-Police d6, cross. No mr.tem-A hotyNhir t6od. I Just fr-
e9l i57.l Tudor Sedan. To the hglhest bd- 6rao,, A" Avenue Panama. Tapice- bnshed one tw thrTe beMd Troom
der. Make an offer. Atooac 15th. rio Alberto Soto L. arhed one two three bnd room
FOR SALE:-Weshirighouse Refriger- & Melendez, Colon. oprtment. l 4941. Pnama. n e
ator. ExteHent condition 2- House The English Furniture Store has a O T- -T- d
760-B. Bornaby Street, Balboo FOR SALE:-Ford 1949 V-8 Custom .small assortment of "Bates" bed- FOR RENT:- Tw-bedr oom opaert- 2 too 6
0..s n -n 4-dooor rado, excellent condition spreads, come and get yours today, c pmes. Gortments; priva in- ol t ua V M .
FOR SALE gWestinghouse refge-p throughout, scrce AEfor qinouick upr 60 var Ave betwe 6 n a8061. th Street,
o tor, Runs good $25.00 142"/-A, Automol le Row NO. 25. Tel. 2- .7 Sts. Colon. srancte ph Cone&ffl 642, ,ln E
Carr St. 2-3324 4624. E n. F rnciscog. Telephone 3-C4418. a In
FOR SALE WFOR SAL E -Ford '52 udor se ~an, i6mi ,b
SBoats & Motor Mh radio, ce ,litious 1 41 c"c Phon4 9Call phone '2-031 3-4386.
550 Also baby stroller bth FOR SALE: ono raet.,G c

F-"__ ALE 0-20 ft. boao."new cobin n-ossY SecretyrY deslre.-- b-(t-, mo....., e e 0 '. ..
.L ing Any reasonable offer con- room house. Tlephlre 3-0085.. F iO :m n. 2 e iTp.m P"
sidered. Telephone 6-490 Gamboo. Diplomat and wde desire' furnished F .E:- g qOintity of deep "' H I -' r2lSe I-., "" ,.
hS .- ootTe a ouse or apartment, 2 bedrob ia go FEceptlonol buy F RET'". I TfurLhl -'o
SALEhnn6 Telr 2a Telepone 2 6960010 830 a. m Tel 2 Ancon. at 50 No 30,

0443 .. .n ]2 noon and 2.348 5.00 Ap. mw. i E wothN excellent meals. to one or two -' -v-y6 .-F-.r- o n -A,
noon3d"3-,.5:00-ep. m.n -eeks gtlem, in Bella Vista, Justo A-"&
S __ANTED:-Respon woman ss LES SONS "" ludes:, o gar r o. v we A
F RSAL unemployment as tce or house keep- 34th St.. lc n e. '
SLer No. 8 West 14 St.Josefn. Why spend mak roonths learning lo do -a f r fre e
n-os* .. ... tar t few simple, eas i steps? Le rn FOR RENT. Furnished roa m for
Real Estate 8" 1 .. tm Tc CLASSES. T hrr u..Ja "rneaRr Th*i .
Ao E -50-acr proper. FOLE iR. A SS S, t fr f ,. '
Vog An. Te o Scout, d pr -t el im.iTibegln. oni 3, oin "E mint --. 35. YoTher t I SPr.e C n- -
office and highway Telephone Boc- Meolore. eg area ea-1565 for Information. FOR RENT:--.FisIed room, use of Yia Io.Ml. 7.1, 3-OtiS
ba s3147. o f pFOR SALE -1949 Foury Scooter -De- FO RNTm of V *43rd eNd. 13- -
FOR SALE -Home in Santa Clara on I perfect conditie, Dut y 7- 3rd 'St. urundu.
premises lthi weekend. N. E. Had- Wt 77 C t -y
r d8579 Ctc Se. ito 82-Gp. 6th. St. No. 141 Central Avenu4, a.. .

TudorFOR SALE-Bech front property ER Lhest bid- FRA fALuo F. NoWill. ode hot cold er fur-S |
s63857._25_24,_"A"orAvenu e EPR OLpicU nished one two thr nt h bed told

der.with house and fuinga. 15h. Albert Sato L.

FOR SALE:-One hectare at Cerro Balboa 'Y'o a31 months ballroom '' 'e.-. 3 I. .
Campano $500 00. Dietz 37-8- dance course ONLY $10.. Time h chiefs from 15 United .S :
8711. i. getting short! Be popular and States Air Force Missions in I
hove friends. Harnett & Dunn IFtiOn America will arrive at Al- m
Sbrook Air Force Base Sunday, to-
-ill o following p ers come o attend a conference of Air Force furnished fr or
St he office of Clo. Lfevre, No 5 mission chiefs. We-
A sA" street, to regulate a matter ,.... .
of interest to them: Rafael Doma. The conference will abegi J or Gordon 0. Andrews.
re. A., Alberto Ellis, iorgo Greavee Monday and opnthinu. through Public IntormtlB' O4flcer of
BATTERIES Lu '""Spri'gr Mria Ayo, .Thurs ,w, te chief wl the Uit h al A C"lb-
BAbraham Hidalg o. attend ta csmon ci bean e tso. T phb 3-4418.
R SAL:-tPrintine prom 5x 8ol forth B.lbo-n the t

tht8 es the their represeta- leam Brt ',a
c a ,tLECTRG JX who will also attend the othe? new OIc ieted at tle Some dolls yell :.M ". ..
q !uar. .garag. just built. El Congre.

T SAA EDortschool ldeonune. s regular weekly m aeetH, wille eu d. Oher
E ST "le ... a,,", e.ld f'.r th"e, at

::*1lg**I ^l aMoul *a. ....E -*De50TO
Base will pas ._i. 0 revow on Ae-l phone 2-03., -4Wendl
I 'm, thd ve-red Immediate New Yok'

V u.,l..e. .,. years A. I I (Se. "Tax FrI)i I
B a s &fso t r ,r d ';: IJs W e .,lo ar

nth y uara te.e Agencies o ,. "" %-b *
2 yo ur Deale0. hueo 2 W rr" -* students,
.h e h i


' ..X. It

t,,b dB-

wNo w, -.S+

* ..


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.1 1t

,,-, 'to
bfr~ ifll^s f '.*




I' p'

>( -4i. bi.
Piii4 -*

S. .a .. .
-r -wa y ~ v

_y'-u4MA AMiCAN

_ I I- --- -- --------

.-,....;; -p~~~~- FJT:

- f

' ,.

,**' *" -, '" *"* ** .'r **,**-f' t
*\L 1 **' ,;, +,*-' "'
i -.* .12 a t-
K .f ="'TI.,

..'; I .


'bi a 6 a
Thc reso

2:30' plal Ilr
So had cai anu
Sbeore when t
,n aN. Y, Mayoon after the o0 .att out
Nof codi- fom Taboga fo Us Ma
'nw and tra- The launch. had been
eaa a h lin with dispatched bef the sto
ran-n yeW wo the s t o.C
'neal As- .hted the C%=u* rft. ck-
.Ien tH Law Com- edup the two maft who wre
member clinging to the bot and brought
Mrs. C e 1 for Its them to the boat landl at Bal
Ti. ana IrtL L. L. ton,, had'af a e rts also plan to Before 'eturnl to shore, the e eou l ted fr M.a- codede.lg 'Mackerel" aso oWed to safety
d rer e. ~d .nAI- hmneln d .ires Involved in a Panamanian scdooner in the
at. by Mr t4i WO.e ml -bbltriaton -- the .ame vlelnity wWlNlv5 drifting
*a --. oadt E .h ,. Series of draft. pre- toward the shoa.
nor... mo rd e r. vq dace the commission's In a letter of caamendatton to
SIs oom Wlow.. .the launch o _gd seaman
0- be10dMimm all who affected the Poart
-1 tonal law, Captain at a P.W
tf th s Bthe asse"' "In s this nTM displayed
imao a. eV. dBmduu the W ry usal capacities anutteruron
t dwarr .W-e a*gn-1. q 0 s pat- Include: safety and al ld qquck
m ur to t w .' Alfaro of Pan- thinking, good Ju nt and
urge ,. fr A Ss ,Atdo of Brazil. cellent perfdrin t n which Is in
dMto A*n ri"n. .,-._.^ of 9M Mexico and keep with the het tnd-
u lub, which ts ffet BupperA DaJesu M of Colombia. ds of servicethe Panama
,o Canal organltBt. -
the 3i Brook Club tildVurhh to the
%a01efr ladonandanan fat- telephone and mae reserva- S tMWu ic OS
6fr'q o c__ The h OODWW B .. .. I nSt .. ... h
t neyW iMotto' To n A d ll beU 1l C
C "w RAO +wtmUMatoOepen BM Armed
* ea bapresen Simultaleous Stle I a. Si Center,. La Jc
the l~dfo were: Sund oayl, d at '7 pm. Pete's m
at Mrs. ILAL-_rColdM Orchtra ,ill fur- The
Mrs, er er.a l POano ,ol onI ,.rttm We mli-ta
ht, Mrs.. sses have been n- com
M.urri. Mr iwobin ttah1 b i annual t ot afair. n e wrday witbh ncomn

eata were:;. R rd C. variety ora womn,
AUderson and Um. 0. Bte- children d i d at m-_ They abo t
ens. n greatlym redmed' prim. oItrol cDI any
*e..MBH. Obi .Amhelatn nd appointed a preme
al A- h r e teanc Te so weviet repreaentatv ever,
reta i 0Bh11069054 Of' Wass have h d 1 o cut so lowt ate matat! ym ago
re Is not nectary to publicie the We A will not
Er% "iA.. 0 0 ls 4 at them. eapt any g1 of Soviet
Call e houseguest of ctrol in Germany.
S" bno aterlanrand armS emmissar of the
c ply llan
kd*p eied 4 mto-

Coveniean sab o- e"r

.Th!~~.~ ByI oBett*ym thnv cw Oa_ ;-a did te AlliesI.-

e .M.C., it as en whe they made
W r se. o .
Sazr' orringa, Mrs., The morniai cap meets on ,Noweveso Western offtiel s saidd,
omi.- P* sft. I ai P. rt.. .t*.- N iiii TI YPE ave s .il not c .ic ud +
I .Saler, Mrs, uns Se Vs as at 4-life will be p_ _.+ ceat e.
a .A and wn meets Mod from 7. +-wiiMp +LUnnUU t e
e t th e neCt I o g ry sup edd e A llies I
f-r ttwas present- ment maj be at thete -ma
S cametIc ,an .ae a Prn- ."_'. the .a 47 or mces othe ftrmate n of an last
ba as a'. ban voyage Mrs. ,eW. residence 2-143 tor aPtie atcis nr tnhe ipro
Sinaia. .baed rear ant of 12 German
I he European ,
S.. .. left/ defense poan, the official aid.
I' ~ ~ ~ ~ a presents,^ ,-,- men msy*.' be*., .1 1 at^ ^ ^^ ." the---Ti-iii-- W

i Yo

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I,:' ?4j~*

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A, '. 1
.... e "l

- ,- ': ,.p -+


__ '- L

S. ., '. .

.11 al
Burn r~iji~ffiir~+i, "*"**


* PRONTOR Shutter
f -.3.5 COLOR BKOPAR lens
a SPEEDS I Second to 1/300th.
Fully Synchronizsed
Automatic locking device
Automatic counting device
Depth of Field Scale
Special shutter release
Bui in self timer
Direct View Optical finder
Welgha only 16 ounces


L. ttlU--Bob Mathlas and his pretty Sanee,
in the sunshine at Waikikj wearing Ha-
wav1d *N" hb anud- leis as the Olympic decatMlon champion
mS StAford reted between workouts for the Raznmbw Re-
lays there. (NEA)
l o/-w

$ 55.35

i wrybodyRiad.0uijW 2:


He's practiced plenty' on the Navy. .

RAYMOND BENNETT, El Panama's Laundry
and Valet Manager.
Pennett'a been busy some 12 years now at the business of keeping things clean.
And furthermore, It's been "h the Tropics, which makes him just the man to
run El Panama's laundry and valet service.
That long drink of Chagres water was too much for laundryman Bennett and
after a 5 month stint In the States, the thirst was upon him, and back he came '
to head our laundry and valet service workers.

We don't like to boast, but we can tell you that since he's been with us, not one case OT shrinkage has
bdee report. Bennett's that carefuL He labors over his frequent tests to see tht ,Our dry-cleaning meets
the stnp ards of (the National Association of Clean ers and Dyers and that the laundry is up to those
of the Americap Institute of Laundering.
LIk good workers anywhere; Beniett 'takes a pride in his work, which is one big reason we're glad to
offer our fine dry-eleanlnu and laundry service to local residents as well as to hptel *iedts. Drop off youth
work at the service entrance by 9 a.m., and you'll have It at 6 p.m. the same day!

Have you (heard about our new serve u
An the BALMOASAWB Lunih edt $Pulp,
>ordt* It! ThI 1zraluy lat erviel, Tr ,
it youseMlf!

NEtimVA ,


..La.geS ci .

c Lmll S ioar" *'
*.. g




.- .3.P


.A ,D.'-t S ..




:~ --

. ? "


0 .. .

" r I n-j



^. .. .- .' .

1k RIOTr


CHS To Hold Baccalaureate Ike And Mamie Give Party

Service For Seniors Sunday For 1700 W ended GI's
The annual baccalaureate rl, Mary Hall, Margaret Joudrey, '
services for seniors of Cristobal Nancy Kariger, Mildred Mar- WASHINGTON. May 29 (UP)- aoadiny days, beamed with do-
High Schbol will be held on Sun- quard, Lorna Stone, Ann Thorn- President and Mrs. ElsenhoWet ll
day at 5 p.m. in the high school as. Judy Chan, Louise Jones, literally rolled out the carl.t te first veteran to shitke V
auditorium. Jackie Hederick. Mary Sherry, .esteruay for some 1,700 wovnde'i.ij \ *. t
Seniors will walk down the Barbara Sherry, Betty Tarr, G's who gathered on the lawn 1 with the President wa
aisle to the processional march, Barbara Egolf, Eultlia Guardia, with crutches and wheelchalM. C P, Richard E. Lane of Cha-
"Night of Honor." Rev. John F. Julieta Lewis, Arlene Lim, Jean- I for the annual White Houte ot e, Va., who was wound-
King, C.M.. will present the in- ette McKeown, Muriel Morland, I garden party. while crossing the. It
vo-ation followed by a violin Ruby Pabon, Yolanda Peflaher- I The Elsenhowers stood on a-, into Germany in
aolo, Mediiation from "Thais" by rera, Dinah Sasso. Nancy Sasso. Oriental. rug to shake hands Ia L. He was in a wel h
George Platkevich. Rev. Henry Lois Scheidegg, Leticia Steven- with the guests, who ranged .
L. Bell will read the scripture, son, and Ginette Wachtel. rcm niz. mr.) The first enlisted man f nId
The guest slr.aker. Rev. J. ican war veterans to fuzay- Faw" avy Radioman Frank A. iS tb
William L. Graham, will be in- Arthur Blades, Leo Constan- cheeked youngsters just ba ltedr of Tullahoma. nn. ., .
toduced by Mr. Carl F. Maedl. tine, Jim Doyle, Jin Everett, from Korea. t .. 8.t. 1-C. Ouy
Maricha Tagaropulos will ren- Darrel Greene, Isaac Peytino- The rug was spread over the four Purple 'Hea8 ator e
der a iano solo, "Clair de Lune." vich, Carl Pinto, Max Pretto,. grass because past reception a Atlt of 14 months _nt o wt0BitnB
The Benediction will be given Leslie Rinehart. Tom Brennan, have worn a rut in the back In .Ktia, 'told the first lWdy: e tl .
by Rev. Mainert J, Peterson. aft- Vernon Bryant, Leslie Croft, lawn. J!s 1 shower, you've got 8
er which tl-e Seniors will march Charles Gerchow, Bob Grace, O mn there."Y I -
out to the recessional march, Carltonr Hrllett, Ralph Harris, After shaking hands with the BheU eughed and nodded tig- l the t l be. US'
"*1en of Genoa." Robert Lawrance, Charles Smith, President and first lady, the orously in agreement. h we
The commencement exercises Edward Sterns, Richard Tattel- battle-hardened visitors sip b.owl..l .hsarrle s b. last
fo- the e1duating class of 1953 man, James Torne, John Tome, ipnkL ft i ad la-A&d Louis W. Kraft of Brooklyn, lnih 0Jensed Ro kpahy
will be held in the hiWe school Bob Donahue, Bob Orvis, Don over old campaigns. a T77-year-old Spanish-American for' Mex nationals bende-
uditoriurn on Monday evening Ponder, Dick Reed, David Rubel- Also in the reception line or war veteran, was observed rted, er terms of .the 1f-
t a o'clock li, Jim Wilson, Raul Swalm, Ro- mingling with the guests were animated conversation with 'rn-.Walt Immigration Act,
*Ti.. seniors will march into land Villalaz. Lidio McKall, Mrs. Woodrow Wilson, cabinet Presildent. Asked what they wete ofwhlat, u la s.c-autor. lc,
the process'onpl merch grand and Jim Scheit.-ler. members, military chiefs, con- talking about Kraft said: Xh a tIust their tough luck,"
#tarch from "Aida." Rev. W. J. gressioral leaders and otfeei "I to.d him that I hope "0 h* said.
'inn. C.M.. vill oven the serv- i goverhimen% officials. s ray God almighty will con_ He told e
fees with th! invocation. A Girls hn on uare It was Mrs. Wilson. wife of bl, guide and rotecte newsmen t the
ocay l ersemni1 will follow, sing- the World War I president, who in the tough job t hat lies a-. fight is 1ot only aa. st Com-
inr "I Jove Life." I st rted the garden party t head." unsa _buttagailat *tier
I'i t i e for the eveninE Yodung Oralors ition back in 1919. Apparent% -Ulm l rou adof Vm t who
vi;l 1. Wa, of Life." taken none of today's guests attend- S oro f .it s a slo wyaiths w
from Jol p Oxenham's noem. Ps v g| ed that first reception, kut some pOUSe Y S re a tono his tar t bt
Vnee he, will be delivered by the rlss xa I Bnail onsE would have been elidb e. r re d theron e s are & nly
five senior members of the Na- Among them was 80-year-old' Siter DismissedI d thernowo arB "only
ti""al qonor Pociety. NEW YORK, May 29 (UP) Joseph W. Peaciam, a retired Imnttl In the 0 unt"
T eo Constantine will ld id dof Arthur Hough, speech instructor major general who was Cadet BUENOS AIRES, May 2~ .(UP). m sa9 t"e '---
v+. -"To .verv man there oper- at the exclusive Himn school of ienhover's football coach at Oralndo Oscar Bertolinhl was
th q ay." TOi che!de-g will Princeton, N.J., proudlv nnoun- West Point in 1911. i dismissed today by executive .* d am Per6n's prift*S see-
'n"n v-'*h 'The hIgh soul ed today there were "no flurls3", When he hove into view on decree from bis post as a dh- to M', committed suicide re-
im" th hi-bh way." Carl Pin- in last night's oratory exams be- the arm of a Red Cross nurse's; DArtment head4in the officeof C *iPy.
o n tho ..rb low soul arooes fore an audience in New York's Pfd', Mr. Eiserhower exKclpmed: .esldent Juan D. Perft. -
SIr-." "nd 1or-'aret Jour"e, Washington Square "Oh, brother, are you as tough' Bertollni 4s married,.to the nh 4ismissal decree was
,,ih ".T, '-ortweev +1e ret rif+." as ,u vois d to be?" late Eva Peron's younger slater, 'baed on conclusions of an i-
Napr"" ri'er ,inl conclude~ the Hough. who brought his prep' Beachman, who had not seen' -r --th- pr"rte. Their broth. vestigatton into acts of'offidtple,
rvenin&'s srope"bes with "Ever" students to the square for a les- the President since his military er, the late Juan Duarte. who ordered by Per6n some time ago.
ine& dr' ieth the way his soul son in practical experience, stood I No details of the investigtlo
,sl11 under a tree, notebook in hand,t were disclosed. ,
*"T'e Poon of the Jolly Roger grading the pupils on their abili, _____ .
ji1l 1h offered by a senior boys ty to hold an audience.
ovrrtet. Despite the din of playing chil- O
presentation of the class will dren, barking dogs and city traf-'
be ?ien bv Cprl F. Mpedl" nr.s- fle, the young speakers mounted
rntation of diplomas by Siyurd a stool provided for the occasion M I
E.. E er. director of secondary and talked for some four minutes
educr+'on. W. v. Ph-lip H. each on various subjects.
and while tb' orchestra iplvs Some 75 Greenwich Village
a''omn and cireumstanoe" the habitues, accustomed to odd go- TRANSPORTES BAXTR
gr'-Iuases wil prrfh out. ings-on in the square, listened RUDESIMIN 1
Member.e of the 1953 graduat- attentatively and clapped loud- 2 -2M 56
ti eTlss are: lu after each performance.
KathrAn Argo. Penriettp Fer- There were no hecklers except
for a passing motorist who honk-'
ed his horn. Listeners told him T OUR FRIENDS PUBLIC RE
toknock it off." To -OUR FRIENDS and PUBLIC '

Yugoslavia Strikes m vn
Cigo 2Bw saL5 Oil Near Frontlier U- moB J 177
YOS D coWith Red,, Hungary PacAi ng. Craun 'v
SLONDON. May 29 (UP) Oil { frin
r -r .- has been discovered in Yugos-[ le. Simy od -af ..
lNOIE I !avia., the Yugoslav news agencyi bluesI Siml y atke oi d.k "
NOMTH I!Tanjug reported today in ai no at e ad eYu'll lMy'
6Q 104 'broadcast monitored here. I dp aUite em~ msel d adcd
S107 2 The report said 30 tons of crude ame upet "fll feeling" oemight
S10 94 oil tarted flowing daily last-Sun- -WVbex ye w ke, take Eno as u
S*A2 day from a well near the village lai Cad: ui
WEST EART of Jermenovica inhehe Drovince ea* u di Buy o odayl
S2 6 986 of Vojvodina, near the Hungar- IFFECTVE n ULE ACTONI
V AK 5 4 V an fronter. *
*832 *KQ7C65 Prospecting begen In this area O
*KJ5 Q 7 4 soon after World War e I and' BE
test drilling has been gcine on ? lW-lud.
SOUTH (D) in the Jermenovica field for the
SAAK7S Jlast three years. 'flr6te Take
-' KJ @ 3 l The agency said exploitation! '
SA J of the find has been suspended .
4 10l temporarily until railwqv con- R b Ave
NeitheWr Wde vul. sections are made with the field. d
P" Gen. Stratemeyer as ece ua eed
rii l op n, d- K Critically III "
h From Heart Attack g g0
The suit preference signal isi ORLANDO Fla.. Mav -2
meof the most overwore con- I (UP --Lt. Gen. George Strpte-CV
mentions in expert bridge.. nt It"Imeyer, 63. former head of the
ean be very valuable when prop-1 b Air Force- o
erly used. e g ral dea'i t/ cr t i.. ,O""
ue a card in onemsult to indicate froml a, heart attl aLckoog'xto e.. I lal Y
that you want a lead intadiffer- the rando Air Force Bu. u ,.
eat suit. hospital.
In today's hand. for example, hopi taL

... oen te k nof ea-. t raeEy entered the hoe-A .
eorts with the ace of hearts. Poit t la..... 1215 a&ong

pade and w l look arod th President ays ago from hisenhower, Gen
d turhen leadrom the East hand. ome he built n nearby Wintert
actually su in le ig ad- thrder t Par.,, f-'o -

..rer his contract. t'- 'o tnta
South wins the return of the th__ d l wiesrngnK-
Idng of diamonds with his q c.e am
drwe trumps.E ands returns the Pt e el o 9 aPORTES BAXTER SA
If East and West are exerts was a memer of the
Skelylooking return ig Omar BradleY to near-y COSTA RICA $35.24 S2 1 26
Sdiamondsr looksthat lke ead at the bt l _
return from the Fast hand, but it

I arer h ris contract. 'TOMIAMI-iot.itc n y$93$69
aouth wins theh returned of the' n n s
drcws trumps, and returns the' Od

returned. I
In all situations of this kind,
the trmp st Is left out of co-' C. TO MEXICO $85 $135, I,.. -da.. $165, ( m-
aldratIn. The suit that is being-,
St also left out of considera-
o.te two remaining souts.
& ,hher in ran thn the, D. TO LOS ANGELES $149.15 ., -$252.35 .,a m
r ijthIs hand, for emanler, 4d jl
m nd clubs arnthe Wo
m-t should be con d. E. DAILY FIOflTS I am. to Cost Ric
omdms are iJr M tcamRc
An nepert Wat would e.d le
hesrt ~at the third t-'1 to '.
SI V^ ^alt bp w-ntq a at An'P TO:
In P % ee kw it rg lst r. a t*e -,. AL :
U"I eI ert Mnd aItvq orde-s ; Iyttu'
"wIt .a -..Now r P n th l t.
Ion 1_1tbe-fOMt three tricks're low&


, wam t

. ...A d t h t Itd ,

Iwimed. ~b
fottar#.' I '


hI~ i~v

U a'

'' ~&"" it

Ii ~

'1 I

Our new BeixWashers that p my ia.pers
and dothes bright, white and like niw]

MEIMBER, i' s- ______


you must see

anid0.Cuba & Ea t'Mth. t '
s#2.438Pana. .


- A

' h' "

,. '




~ .4

( .* .~~m~i=:.:. ~L L

:=-.- <1


$'' ,

' ,' y '

5. ywF~~rnrTh ~ w


Dolly With3,-D Silver Star Club
F. Ads7 To DeiWver eis boI Ready For 'Nis
Gl ases With Copy T Of Fun' Tomor
Members are sked (UP) The W a peha Daily for the Ser Star l b

f at S.I .. a, wot- disophie a t int rt, uS ic t wi e s h
The st pmea daI ubia- payroll by 1.300. iast. are
Son treha i ag de iv '4pa io The reorganization, e effective nad turprii2e Uproni-M
es aoverol ast -onewsoJuly 1. will merge the burea-'s
ae d h relent 17 districts into nine. Johwan. Dun ro
atr*= o However, the 64 offer of taxcommssoner of the

.o 1oh d onfrens lee Oe othe' on-- state. predicted the reorgan -sat --
o e at codieutin e os inret
Clbeored in Theyo will 0lod at gueaatand Y
0oe the O tinttheadiffetet ,_Payrollby 0.eont hehdwherh will be public

Ssa w.ta P iu life- ea' m eB e e an Dto. f. u The n reor
F.lor. m am u ht b a1 8. u Paul. 1. will o Denv er, Los Angeles and D ta
resvra.. .C Rica, top civil seo. postsircsI und eie Jh e
-.TOLDO0 ..8h1n..,.. g 1- a t (UP) -When Mr. Present distriw t headquarters yearch s reorganima
oeo e and Mrs. b lsen t cin re- wu ll A be continued at Atlanta. o
Sjhonoe turned from a vacation in l or- ton Chicago, Dallas e
ft'JB!ves,^^ at et Janeand lhome to Inqire about a two- nuartera at, Cn--nnatl, Omaha 2 Speed Reeec

d'@ b l, C lIifr and welciom ffrndsyo'lleenSti.dyn t l 194eatn1 7 19 sgte
fulflaeg want ideas for *nacka ~to give wil e nkfurterwand grandson withothemua spthe A casualty of the rereffling 45th St. No.2-Segl
Mrs. Der- SCco GrDis b he mocnahrinsfrm W ell brok. Mlily spuir handle and use cheaper way est. was former Tax Com sonur
Sall hat o T t wontactei who lives 0 miles ack o s cover tran with muffin. -
6o tinf rabeM ly I" de rg appe arancemoun nw r omore ,sC eveand m iD. etake at el.l eueeshF.
G.h ret sbtneVa members of ed bottle d p tonerfoB ion S.Lsm.d S(lo 2
sit MMvisiters, corn pups per persn.) er
Shsl-0 IWr t eIo ynn te b softd s 10 a ere- lP-a. eereo uao1f l e0n th M RYPe YOuT195 0
but- dh bnhe rt nd to bmble : m to make spear each fr w... f.ork when I G P 9 l Blw
V ON.' o e beAtMat a ud Taendc4 o ut dffer of I toboutl anyoe rAM avilabtHe I O 0

g in"t1.,OW"waNoIdeasonrlOftorgive ruosd4r

L at i Ih1nOW c- i SaWth"y.1 rth e. i ) ..o ".c"wwfr VAUXH ALL 1947-19Sn
ia -it players are at S-untdtou mn capnlysAlserved. onondiiondoTT r

Se e r rotr d the oomv e -o b

| d and Arfrnak e ^M^ Avale il .yle w
To oan fah e A aso 3 MMt 0e rv ea ad mer inTA t. pup ,siO Taat d
*b ebrRff? btldsthet e uads to s hm fer eerr nd f 2ii on akge S D (AI II S lo2-

MS M i t mind ad teht fgd, m ia unnret given .sfo r fe-a5..
at Into hare pOeV1 G' --- erob baiagntate Wtomoro the ton bolemove from PR o CaEH E anDPLokwe

,.! -J -... P A N A M AO 3 ,O A .
,naaacooae _ftaism is'i:trsd- mwiendd l alme c. lrac a e nc
c 'rm "rdy rwoIembs Mettin r e MmC a tr .
S ae aieIn thewhe. Alana rel ttun he oaepOnlroyNo Raosn al a e I Ub Afe. RelsdI

tB brie snow '**l*i-. ula 'a')- ***a*. II bods -o i J,.. P A l aR. P Te.: c OLO Good Tir : es 0
ad, n C R & ando "e at. fran-
Unitg ^t aTh NEWanrin d enr ft wIp of orcu rin aplaAe rsbl
addres toe sneyongeldet ho was.nggea n d
bee finaldrationydate te fatsfue Ieboxsie on-greased ookie tMU
M.to410 pm.G a. e Th custom s calinaonhnewMnkYourSeleci
afterrneighborsthell too often w
Mrs.Ruofis registrftio. the aibnigtr Schol ti M is on tUmbers and oopacmeets
L_ -u childrenrW sag withe .oscandan and oah- ad ol whohaivingited1to-19
W'nt eorm.____trl___t___-- MP ICK A .



anac, -

.. ',
'Al ,--..

fe* S ilg


he A in

Out own idea ... flUky FFV ovals with the best
bleu cheese baked in! Artfully seasoned with
ldery miW, popJd. TLgy, tylsh, piquant!
And d ad o *f tioear fruher thau
ordi. ,y cmacHs, lew oftheir alawwms fedl wrap. *
PVi TAVERN Ileu Cheee"

,* -l*- 4
.* I

4 -.
- ..r .' ..-* ., --.- -.-.. ...-.-
56f...'-;. dtA>,-fe-a **"? & .^


,, ", AMERCAN'A,

.TO r. A Ar iCAN A'. .

t ~

Arthur Godfrey Worries More

Of AF Slashes Than His Own
ito t a
BOSTON. May 29. IUP -I lows. his right leg suspended at
Fretfully con-alescent, Arthur an outward angle to keep the
Godfrey said today he was wor- pressure off the hip joint.
ried more about the cut in theb -A remarkable job," he salt
Air Force appropriation than he of the surgery performed by Dr.
was about the one In his hip. I Marius N. Smith- Petersen and
"I sit here w:"lying myRelf a team of specialists who re-
sick about it." complained the built the right hip joint by In-
television and radio star who sertion of a ball-and-socket
underwent surgery two weeks mechanism.
ago to correct injuries sustained "Look at this," he said, haul-
22 years ago In a highway ac- ing up the sheet. He exposed
cident. section of his hip bearing about
."I sure would like to get hold a foot of expert needlework.
of Charlie Wilson and find out *Isn't that a beautiful job of
what's going on. I know what- stitching?"
ever Charlie does must be okay. He pulled up more of the
ut I'd like to known why this. sheet.
S".Tf I cculd get on the air I "Look at this. 1ee, I can move
,could find out in a hurry." those muscles inr my thigh. They
didn't touch a one of them go-
Godirey said the $5,090,000.000 ing in there."
lopped off the Air Force re- He said he had decided a-
"quests by Defense Secretary against a second operation on his
XChar)es E. Wilson, his long-time left hip, which, though, weak,
friend, "doesn't male. sense." had grtet 'itobility than tl
"I can't understand, why It is right. Both hill had beg
,so hard for folks to get it smashed.
&through their heads that SAC "When I saw how far I could
'(Strategic Air Command) is the move the right one after the
,only thing that's keeping the operation to give me plenty of
-Russians from blowing the room to straddle a horse, I de-
whistle on us." he said. Godfrey cided then I didn't want both
aid the SAC, headed by Gen. hips done. If I find I still can't
SCurtis Lemay who visited him get around the way I want 'to,
'here yesterday, should be in- I'll have the, left hip done lat-
;creased 50 per cent. er."
"It's tough, hard work for
ose boys n Lemay's outfit"e eld
ai d Godfrey. "And if 'they r
weren't tops, don't think there's Dr Harry M Id id
anything else that could hold Address I .
back the Russians." To AI
In lieu of the usual hospital ,.in
"johnnie," Godfrey wore one of
his Hawaiian sports shirts, a
dark blue number liberally aureateservi for
splashed graduating class of the Canal
-e. frequently adjusted his Zone Junior College will be held
-.:ion by grasping an over- at 4:30 Sunday afternoon in the
o hand-hold, moving with library of the Balboa High
t. School.
--e looked tanned and fairly Dr. Harry A. Merfeld, Rabbi of
co.' portable. except for an oc- Kol Shearith Israel in Panama,
cr:onal twinge from his leg. will make the baccalaureate ad-
}'^ sat prop.;ed u') with pil- dress.
S__saprop music will be provided .by the
-4 community chorus.
The complete program follows:
,. l Processional. "Holy, Holy, Ho-
ly," Dykes.
S." e Invocation, Rbv. Robert J.
Brandenberger, St. Mary's Mis-
Sy wsion, Balboa.
"Ave Maria," Bach-Gounod.
"Listen to the Lambs," Dett--
Baccalaureate Address, Dr.
Harry A. Merfeld, Rabbi, Kol
Shearith Israel, Panama.
Benediction, Rev. William H.
Beebe. First Baptist Church,
Recessional, "Onward Chris-
tian Soldiers," Sullivan.
Claps Officers
Elias Entebi, President
Ann Edwards, Vice President
S Yvonne Kuperman, Secretary?
Jack Pearson, Treasurer
James A. Lyons, Class Sponsor.
Class Roll
Alfred Aleguas (LA), Adilla
Arauz (BA). Mrs. Catherine
Budd (LA), Shirley Butler (BA),
Edward J. Castaflo (LA), Kath-
ryn Colclasure (LA), Mariant
Dorris (LA). Ann 'R. Edwards
(TA), Elias Entebi (SE), Ada E.
Flumach (LA), Marguerite Flynn
(LA), John N. Gorham (SE),
Raluh Huls, Jr. (SE), Verna
Elaine Kelly (LA). Yvonne Kup-
erman (LA), Felix Larrinaga
(LA), Sonia Mendieta (BA), Son-
ya Morley (LA), Jack Pearson
(LA), Markela Perez (LA), Rus-
Tt sell Pierson (LA), Edgar E. Plum-
FOR TH S Nothing mer (LA), Carmon R. Recuero
conservative about this new (BA). Gloriela Rosas (BA), Jimee
1ewmmble dreamed Up, by a Sue Seate (LA), Wendall Spread-
West Berlin firm. The trousers, bury (LA). D. Janet Steam (LA),
[cheeked in green, red, blue, Edward N. Stokes (SE), Virginia
yellow and black, are topped Tam (BA).
'with a green wool jacket ani a BA, Business Administration;
Basque hat. LA, Liberal Arts; SE, ncience-En-



of our




Z HASPEL suits

for the price of 1

New Courses T'Ie Offered

At CZJC Sumnf f r Sessions-

4Several new courses whi late afternoon and
have not been offered before Clames.:
summer sessions of. the Canal i and copunercial -
Zone Junior College will be avail- bookkeeping; business
able this year to students enroll* elementary y shorthand sec-
ed In the summer school. ester courses; intermed-
Registration will be held .a n rthand, first and second
Friday, June 5, from 8 to 11:9 courses; ad n c e d
a.m. and from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. d; high speed dictatlol,
at the Junior College office in ee tary and intermediate
Room 311 of the College build- first and second semester
The courses will start June 8 Latin American his-
an continue to Aug. 1 for b 610onal) and Latin Amer-
the morning classes and btljss ittory (national.)
that are being offered in their ti Business Engrlih
afternoon and evening. i composition.
In the morning classes, paint., age Elementary Span-
Ing. commercial art and applied lh t and second semester
bookkeeping are being offered intermediate Spanish;
r the firs time in summer ses- fpr Spanish speakers.
slons. I aual arts-Elementary met-
Another new addition to the alorkng; general shop.
summer school schedule of class- M4athematics Elementary al-
es is an English course for gebra (high school); college al-
youngsters from 6 to 12 yearsot gtebra; plane trigonometry.
age. This is intended primarily c Bahd.
fr Sdanish-speaking stuteS ta
who 'plan to apply for admisfon
to the Canal Zone elementary
High speed' dictation and a
general shop course will be sof-
fered for the first time in sum-
mer ,sessions in classes that '
be held this year in the late aft..
ernoon and evening.
The complete list of mornin
classes follows:
Art Painting; commercial
Business and commercial--:Ap_-
Plied bookkeeping; elementltaiy
typing; elemenatry shorthand.
Engineering and manual arta-.
Engineering drawing, first andi
second semester courses; and
elementary woodworking.
English Business. English;
Englsh composition.
History United States hiatc-
ry (colonial)
Languages-Elementary Span-
ish; and English for Spanish-
speakers (intended for 6 to 12-D
year-old students,) TWOE ADVISR--RobettD.
Mathematics-- Elementary al- M by, outgoing U. S. at.
gebra; Plane geometry. ''or to Japan, has been
The followIng courses Will be a noted special, dlplom c

Work On Raising
DC-6 From Gulf
To Begin Today
A spokesman for the Civil Aero-
nautics Board said yesterday
that operations designed to raise
the wreckage of a NAtional Air-
lines DC-6 plante from the Gulf
of Mexico. will begin today.
The plane, which went into the
Gulf pear Mobile, Ala.. on Feb.
14, carried with it41 passengers
and five crew members. Divers
have been unable to locate 29 of
the bodies.
The CAB spokesman said the
Navy has agreed to send divers
from Pensacola and Panama Ci-
ty, Fla.. and that the Coast
Guard is sending its buoy ship
Blackthrone to conduct the rais-
ing operations.


wL7 .wniM n- -IR 1
the plaster modtl of new coi s'
to be used in the British col.
ones. Since Qdeen Elizabeth
appears as crowned on the
coins, they will not be issued
until after the CoronaUOn.,

the Master Magician who will keyp. you spell-bound
during the whole performance.
One performance nightly. Until ,zzpt Mondty'only
So cover, no minimum c r g
SUNDAY, MAY 31: Special
11 a.m. in the BellaVi

-iIVE-IN iatN

Shows: 7:00 9:1.5^i.. IL '




,/.No WONEB&-

Sarmyr... the army

s wnt to join the -

*y reiga Legionf I

. m m ./.0


Si.ThIn, "Mhy play %of"
wit boh of brbe

oldas...hi d k

the WACwwoacky

t .

I Jfl'

roMOR. o ti1

The p ent

nation tw
at o wt

ordination Zetween
requiremen on the
and the procurement end aDr-
thase of supplies In the nted
BtatQS. The division will" eon-;
t e' to occupy ofe in
the Canal's New York ofN e and
that office will furnish the unit
with other administrative supt
Sie ultaneous with the an-
nouncement of. this change. It
.was announced that Vincent J.
Clarke, who has served as -pr-
chasinp agent in New York for
the past two and a half
will retie at the end of uly.
He will be succeeded by ter
A. Ferhssn who has been i-
rector io the Consumer
Dlvisiog of the Office of Prce
Stabilsatlomn for the p .ast two
Ferguson is presently o the
ithmus to acquaints hia* e
th~aoughly with the sui
irements and with eWs
anld, roedures In purang.
ae wll be here for aboa t a .
month before reporting tlfor dty.
In the New York rk Office

when he was employed t
clerical staff of the o G
Division. All of n lbl wallo hsu
been directly connected with T'
that division. He' was r ed
through various positions t the
Commisstry Division and as
made general manager Sept.
1945. -He transferred to the New
York-ln October 1950. .
he new chief of the poure-. G
ment dvson, who will "Weed .
Clark. is a native of ClevelandI
O. .9e Is an. alumnus of West- I
em Reserve University in Cleve- I
land Whre lhe majored in busi- I
ness administration.


F~ ~




1,' -


-*P.' CIOU'

Ulm w a ut wi 4

h~. -




.. .. 25 Castrl 'A, ue"

< i *. A.. BRAg NC"IpgS
:.., Cet al Av

5, R4^.StfltiM


.~''- ~
U ~.


- 7 FM r- ;Wp- *


- "'' ~I

-^ '-*

;.l, .



,= -


- k -"

I-.. W..... m

i "rk _

a .'", *

', .


". .- .^ *- ; ^ s
. e on.... .. "*..
-. ^B~f. f-.- t '* -.ilT ,* E '"i
I **I I

- bbMarmwn.V# *

S .

8 ..

FI~ -~


. Gaw .: .g.
..p *. the
" : "V -.r a "I

J ,"T '.. J .
r ., .? .r ; .. :


., 'C .*-"'
.'* 1 .- : ;


Lock IN Smothe

'C .



.U.1.. JUNE Isf
"" o 1

P[ 9peg lyQnl y5%

On All Used Cars Sold To




ST he.. And .:d.




Do nJd



. .- ," .,

__ e~ L

,I;~ ~:

SAre All Iere
; ^. "and .

one A 4e ;,auty

* .1K

4'rkes Hell Brother

Can' t AffdT Walk
'Easy F&CIing
* ,,t.'-" ". -

Pr, T

I%1Ei' *~

... 'l "if "' 1 .
* k **





.I -

.4 .. -

K .- -, ,..
,' "
g.'^ -'

"t I

-- '; **








S. T

MA .

,. ,' -' ,* -' *


0IW--"- i

Al' : -, .


King's Prize Hoeland
^^^~~ / l' -'

Classy Newcomers Clash Juan Franco Gaded Entries

Ir Juall Franco Feature Pp. ... oJocky WLS
So lIt Race "I" Imported 7 FP1.P e: :$75.00 Pool closes: 1:45
Carlos Alberto Duque's expensive EngHlish horse First R e of M e Double
King's Prize will undoubtedly go off the mutuels 1-Pepsi Cola A Mena 1 good chance 3-1
2-Forsado F. Rose t.uhcho to indicate
choice in tomorrow's featured $600 Class "D" mile 3-Espartano Agulrre i .b1 mutueis choice 3-2
race at the,4.Jam rzanco Race Track. However, he 4--Petero C. Ruiz 120 --RS ehown nothing
seems sure to get plenty of competition in the actual -a
race from thq Stud Maqui's speedy Homeland and 2nd Race "G" Native 6% FLs.PurW: S275.00 Pool closes: 1:15
the Stud MonfelHlar's highly rated Coq Au Vin. Second Rae. f th Double
Three of the track's best gar could benefit from the siz- -ColMuro C. L. am 10 -hould seems too good 15-1
lockeys will be riding these zling pace that is sure to be set 2-Mufleco A. Mena RL. Oil 110x- would be contender 5-1
three classy imported thorough- by King's Prize. Homeland and 4--rena Jose Rodri. 112 -Nothng to recommend 20-1
breds. Chilean ace Jose Bravo C'oq Au Vin. Ventre a Terre -Lrena Grn V.oseCast. 114 -Noetuhing to from laof 4-1
will have the leg up on King's does not seem to be in her beat --Juan Huincho A. Vas. 112 -Sems horse to eat 3off 4-1
Pri-e. lsarring local saddle ar- form. 7-Souvenir F. Hidalgo 19fx--Not good enough 30-1
tist Bla&'Aguirre will hitidle the Another interesting r a ce -Bagdad A. Gonza. 103x-Returns, not ready 20-1.
reins tn the Irklh-bred Home- should be the one mile eighth --TBln Tllg n A. Mega 118 --Dropped a class 4-1
larri while usually efficient race for Class 'F" imports. New- 10-Avivati R. YMeaa 103x-Not much chance 20-1
Panamanian jockey Belloin Pu- bridge is an almost unanimous -Nt much chance 0-
lido wt!1 guide the Argentine- choice to beat the likes of Mr.
bred C'oq Au Vin. Foot, Hurlecano. My D e a r, 3rd Race "D" Native 7 Fgs.Purse: 1300.00 Pool closes: 1:45
The --other two scheduled Choice Brand, Pinta, Bolo Joan ONE TWO
starters in this race Trafal- and Toletazo.
gar 1A. Rodriguez and Ventre My Dear is a reportedly ex- 1-Annie N R. Guerra 102x-Nothilng to indicate 15-1
a T re iFreddie Rose' are pensive Peruvian bred three- 2-Panchita A. Mena 118 -Tough Suck mare 2-1
not Led with much chance by year-old recently brought here 3-Golden Pick C. Ruis 112 -In thick of it 2-1
the experts." However. if Tra- by Antonio Esklldsen. 4-Okinagua J. Bravo 110 -The one to beat ,even.
fal gets off with the field The track will almost certain- 5-Yosipongo B. Agul. 113 -rApparently overrated 5-1
,so thing that is unlikely he ly be muduy and this will en-
Sood4 surprises h shooters leaving the track with 4th Race "H" Native W6% e: h 275.00 Pool closes: 2:20
Th strong finishing Trafal- their pockets loaded. QUI .MLA
1-Bijagual V. Castillo 120 -Should beat these even
d 2-Romantico A. Mena 114 -Comes too late 5-1
l l3-Cosa Linda A. Gon. 105x-Has shown nothing 15-1
kOVICH ilS T10 Le d 4--Enrlqueta R. L. Gil 110 -Returns from layoff 8-1
5--Escalerilla E. Camp. 111x-Good race last time 15-1
S' R 6-Sinceridad B. Pulldo 118 -Has early speed 5-1
rOt hout In 500' R ace 7-Cafiaveral 0. San. 109 -Was superior mudder 5-1
S5th Race "A" Native 1 MilePfaes: 1375.60 Pool closes: 2:55
r By ED SAINSBURI summer in another crash, Rutt- 1-Don Teml B. Pulido 112 -t-r score at will 1-2
United .iess Sports Writer man will not compete this year.2-La Lobe 0. ChRus 104 -R et to liking 10-1
Only two former winners will be 3-Golden Tap H. Rula 103x--- er handicaps 5-1
Inlianapolis, Ind. 1717 17 777 in the field, Bill Holland, re- 4-Valaria K. Flores 120 -Wtl chase favorite 2-1
INIIANAPOLIS, Ind., May 29. turning after a two-year sus-
m11 Vukovich said today he pen by the contest board of the6 m .r.,e i-pu. j.S Pol closes. 3:
plan to "sty in front all the American Automobile Asocia.6th e Double
way' when h: goes out tomor- tion, and Johnny Parsons. Fi-.-ae t .ouble
row for the 500 mile Indiana- The weather forecast was 1-True Blue A. Ubidia 106 -R-Jrp best chance even
polls Speedway championship scattered clouds with no rain. 2-Chucunaque C. Ruli 110 -Returns In fair shape 5-1
that eluded him last year by 3-Mosqueton M. Gue. .100 -Hm"rt shown anything 15-1
only Y10 minutes. Yankes Picti re 4-Bartolo F. Rose 106I tr third last 5-1
Td R *r 5-Pla C. Igleslas 118 -lUsua a wins here 5-1
The front-running daredev- 6-Sun Cheer R. L Oil. 104 -Poid for this one 5-3
U pid his race car last May B ll a r 'e
30 slammed into the wall of all Players 7th Rae "" Iported I Pool clo : 4:15
the ndianapolls Speedway on- th Race "" Imported P e: Pool closes: 4:15
nly eight laps short of vie- ond Race of th Double
to when he was 25 seconds NEW YORK, May 29 (NEA 1-Casa uena 0. Cha. 108 -t ing steady 4-1
in dont of the field. A batter of movie cameramen l-CasaBue .CJ. 108 -- Ing steadily 4-1
inwaited otside the Yankee lock- e2-Roscrea R. Guerra 100x- Iner without class 15-1
er room to take the defending 3-Rina Ro R. L. 011 100 -Early speed will help 3-1
Vovich led the pack of 33 s olChampions' pictures a 4-Legal Frolic B. Agul. 110 -Picked to 'win here 3-2
raceucars for 150 of the 192 lapsld te 5-Polvoro R. Gomez 108 -Muddy track will help 5-1
he c veroed and tomorrow when 6-Tom Collins 0. QCsaU. 112 -Returns ftiom layoff 20-1
lhe cpveedannu toorw en "Ruldonto' e fing.#* e. 8---olvo o R. mtres 108 -RMuddyra kwi
an e pected audience of 175,000a ca line," annaim.ed Chasey -m l o T -
he r ants to do the same thing to his players.."I don't .
for e full distance. waht It man to miss that cam- th Race T' Imported 1 MllePrM: In .00 pool clw: 4:401
era. If you don't think he got Q
"I' n going to try to stay In a good shot as you go by, go ,.,
ron aI the way, If possible" back to the end of the Une and I-Toletazo R, Gomse 11-~ spring surprise -1
he sd. "I don't plan on many come past again." 2--No Joan Daro 1l-No t ready yet ,
pit a. Two are the most." in.. t R. Guerra 10x--Apparently M
Capt. Phil Rizzuto led the 4--Choice B. R. L. Oil 103 -WM forces va.
V ovich was rated a stand- way, followed by Billy Martin 5-Newbridge J. Bravo 115 -Will be ha to at .1 .
out favorite in the fastest field and Yogi Berra. t-M4r. Foot V. Castillo 112 -Distance s ....
ever to reach the starting lne R f 7-My Dear I. Crusat 115 -Unknowhft ", '
for he annual speed and en- Riautop fi," t because he'sla-Huriecno BAguire 118 -Rteui
dur ce test. the captain," explained Man-
ager StengeL "Martin's next be- 9th Raee ."D" Imported 1 'MlePurse: 0MJM IPol oelse. S: S
H< will open the scramble cause he helps manage the team. ONE TWO

ort-a cosvered l ssi gst ionspt aiLE1 N
-each learning the favored spot. me leo good. Berra's in there 3---Venoe Terra F. Rose 118 -Rounding Into, shas, ",..l
,by qualifying speed a3r.-as sort of aistant captain. We 4-.Traflgar A. Rodri. 118 -Longhot pow iti R
392 illes per hour for four aps. d ered e' very close to the 5-'Homeland Aguirre 110 -Will force early pace
or 1 miles on the asphalt and front office.a l ------
brie l oval.he 10th Race "G" Imported 7 Fgs.Purse: $45.00 Pool oee: 5:4t
a fe qualifying time painhe 1 IIS -Pfw- A. M1ma 108--Could seG , .1
d fastest in hifty, aiRd "l -Teipsn-Upsin e A.m. 118 -No 't ren mud 15-1
he it on the first daiv of ro B ewibtoile .A. as. 118 -Doeun'tU a mud 15.1 I
t the full field qualified By CLOCKER 3-AT.riCanm M. rIt. OU 110 -Canin l In 3-2
at average speed of -- 4-tSEolresa J. Jime. 119 -Jockey hs calls I1
435 miles per hour, compared 1-Pebetelo Pepsi Cola 5-VSn Darling Cs.Ruiz 10x-Neodathl rer
wit 135.504 for the 1952 list. 2-Juan Huincho Mufieco --Car de P Agulrre 116 -Horae to d leat
luck sent Vukovi-Panhita Golden Pick -alle River 0. Cha. 110 -Will do better now -1
B luck sent Vukovlch a- 4-BlUagual Sineeridad i-o. n
gain the wall last year. The 5--Dn Temi La Lebas 1 '*maee "Hl" IRt-d Fgs. : PWe W. PiMl -Xflt i
accidnt occurred when a steer- 86-True Blue Bartolo ti-Yo gs.u: *6 r *x
Ing jod broke, and his misfor- '-Ris Rol Interlude I-.Prince H. Oomez 115 -Not ready, WSt l561-
tuneput Troy Ruttman in front -.bhoice Brand Newbrldge 2-Lady Martha Bravo 115 -Should beat. tl-r even '
to n the prized trophy and 9-C'oq Au Vin King's Prize 3--La Chomba X. Dario 112 -Lacke c ae. 10-1 4
Its cish accompaniment. 10--American M. Cara de Gato 4-Delhia B. Pulido 110-Is poor muder
Dito Injuries suffered last II-Lady Martha Delhbia 5-Royal Gambler Mena 110 -Has best Workouts 2-1
i -Ir..


1st, 2nd 6th, 7th RACES For the convenience of
our patrons we are now
ONE T WO opera ting both at the
3rd and 9th RACES "SAVOY."


th Race
urse: $600.00

"D" Importeds 1 Mile
Pool Closes: 5:15 p.m.

1 COQAUVIN ....... ....B. Pulido 115
2 KIUG'S PRIZE............J. Brove 115
3 VENTRE:A TERRE--. ---F.aee l
4 TRAFALGAR ......... A. Rodrigu~ 118
# O ~ t N ............ '- A4) .-



'r.L e-

S .. t

bar Office team, Pacific cl2ft- *ini Way Clarke B
pilb, and the Commipary too (sr irtch, oJ
lon tem, Atlantic champions. Alfred a (not
The rosters of team: player of' lea ue)t' sl
CLO Teoma Zd
Lerey Udghill, captain. Alfred n, Danny
Bowen, nianager, Lloyd Talt, oh e runm ) o
Eugene (Kru a) Dudley, Bat- 0arl' Smons (he tH
ting champ l6, 0. Graves, 5. hit no-r wam), l.
Baxter, R. Foster, Leonard Rob- Charir l edcor.
ertf, Ralph Flemmings, Wilfred MoDet, Lpoard
Mike, E. Davis, A. Savory, C a 'a sea, t
Dias. Eduardo Foster Is mas- tain), Jlyn
------------- .ary.-
.This team was sponsored
Mt Hope Area OCdi. Dlvi
both teaisho after. ft "'
completed, Rudolph
Prince Is president, ,of
Softball reagu, .whll'Le
Cockburn is press. of AtlantI
,.. I' 1'

Peris But
up for the Wmbledon Cham-'
pidnship, June 22-J1 y 14, Dor-
is Hart swept past Maureea
Connolly to win the Rome In-
. ternationaL champions .
-. -- .. ,;

Sprts Around

ainbow City

Coo Solito Baggers Create Tie
In Rafnbow City Major
Soltbl Legue
by H*rbert MOP0
A somewhat cool.A off beer
eam suffered Its Scond eon-
secutive defeat by dropping an
11-2 decision to the CooA Bal-

City Pla
look at t
the Bag

': .- .t. *
..-*: :'K^.

-7,- ,T ,.
Set For Tomorawi
Isthmlan golfers, bo. :i
and women, are remtnda4 t,*
tomoroW ~o the day Tot tl.~ .o
vdtatolnal Mixed Sotcth. '.',f -
some Tournament Ife*tur -
Grant's Scotch vWhiskeyL #
at the Brnaos Brook Counttiylub
pn the Atlantic 81de. "
NOt only the golf tourmentj
but a buffet and dinner dezj ia
the evening will go to ma E thet e W
day a high boint in the acttt
of the Brawn Club thl'yea. 0
Invitations have bee n w .d-,
ed to all. clbs on tut imon for
the tournament and the: eve-.
e b "Unm t win, be as
media .plaV W hoova-al t
BrawM Brook p o The
dies will te dd
numbered holm.
from theM evro
TainzIafg be nlog

BOUTS M, = 4. ( '
John w. "uth
Tribune reporter, spent
hours trlta tohne dt *ei

wtto ak te .e .
-. .. ^

- -

'' ^ '" "^ "" .o?!*'"t~t- *

l~oo you."ha tfkJq4. ,bh 3OWKF: 'th.ehUug isem. ^
1o of me st ... ?
1 m.:i21k V

I' i -' w
f'.'^i I i *' -^ -




/ ..s

* 4 1'


.,' .

i -


14. .




I I r* 1s. I2.
..t .
"-. ." :L %, .

k~jL^ ..' ."-*,.. 'u


_ ___~_



r"ie' ..' ..

S.- ..
^ ", M
,. ::,.,-- ,-- .

.-.- -( ..*, *

*. I I ,

, ,.


Jr .:.i ^ ^ '". .
i'A.. : ,.,,A



- r 7 "

,.r .5. ~4 -


-arh2 .
,,+.9 B,+
" a 5t ,Sa J~'

t a :

'el' "h

Ir-*- 5.

tr --m. I

out the

f del jier-


S a. ,, s



Miet Alt
madT. ha iRd&

toi* 4"ff t"
S oTll an t Id

b t AB ff ruB

- '. -- .' .
....? m?..VIP ,-.,.


Sa, at

stanty (4-2) Lo ta
.I.A. 1, )


ft) Matte; tkoAestj-
aek leth). -
Only gain. Mchduled.

_, :ro, T
O-nly amm.bedWd.
e. >ilte Ad30


*l.'o Areo Afl-Army R

Under M monday
eD be at June 15-19. Rhodea V.a

Panaas'a t 741fth (US
Oeam lows:E. John Byrdo m

Perry, pharpfm Post of Ca
AIWIWIVW4fNtband 28 Joe Lacher am

tl^ iSntoa.l.,.d on Dermo.t. .... ,.To L Puor
0he10 33d RCT -j- Michael Sld RCT -
.4%11Cafn, ter, Wilber P
W t1$n t., t 11100
Seir- M370thG0
for Joseph Kaspqr Zoo"hMe- 370th ZASR
on Dermott. JSnGs -Pa

the rin 46th Re 86th AA-OI
t 'time. Budd. Joe aid flinson. Ptan
0 Panaia*s-AntlMIld Matches Marpgaritl. Wolehick and
0"U fh del firing 7461slt (Signal) John.McCoy, 45th Recon
Eri ag IubRjsie 11- Clarea Perkini. Retindd fhw, Strlplzng.
I mad ts 1fdoxpMptMofn will Manuel Mora, Natsh iWort, 7470th (Ui

ifle-Pistol Tryou

On Local Raon

ganMs and Mrtrlo -

ARCARIB School)-
and Charles Smith.
mnlled to try out for
am are:
aops Lonnie Weh-
OaM aellUvan, Wayne
udolph Lawler.
roal elson Lute.
*. Normoan toward,
nd Danlaliwask,
- Arthur Mapok-
Pasteur. CeeU ]oa-
B alC, M.d WAl-

t Robert Hatcher.
nM, Lloyd WWI and *



roup David Dick* lJ r'+y1
k rley, Michael
I Henry Telgen.
IDttalion Hugh 1 Tes Ave. .
ARCARIB lehool) i


it always




in a

But this man has

no regrets... and his

suit tells why... it's a

.'. r.. i M : I l l


sPOT wq T4AT WMvwavM g(M
SUtol R SuIT

Count up S MSevIl huadred tih-
Nnd for 't *i oe dasmmbwof
. n wh we mOMneoo6L. SuNk
poputefit ~ ek voluamen for
the Si. a gf^ Waer RqApdet
qualtiM of ,". L--T .
, Numo. .Md. for the e.e.o-1.
4-4et ~ ,-ftabri, which h..
34%" 'r In talking,
"Peet ,m.l DD ,iP her. bdt-
tit.., fmr0p no... I-a ,, in .
Choomt youn ramindm pa ttamm
&ad n ,cUin d wm Ad.
*0trips dmk and unual wve.




FIe~ viI~


$ 55 00
au a^s *v



.- -. *

#~~&*4P. '~, -. _

1- 5~%.'









~ 5,,


_1 ____

- q 0 jitp -


iw.iF ...



7A, w'


.-. :




24 oa B

'Jb~Y~L~IDII 11I1

S*-.'r .


Vuk o vich


- ~t. ~

- .. V.

Memorial Day

Services Set
Tomorrow's M e m o r I al Day
services will begin at 7 a.m. at
the Corozal Cemetery when boy
and girl scouts will decorate vet-
erans' graves.
Simultaneously. in P a n a m
City, veterans will decorate the / .h '
graves in the Amador Cemetery. "Let the people know U truth md di. counry is sale" Abrn i2i4 Ue*'
The ony thing missing this
ear will be the annual parade. TWENTL-IGHTB IRAB PANAMA, R. P., IDj MAW' 30, 19U _.
Instead of the parade, services
will start at the Corozal ceme-
tery with a background of mass-
ed colors representing the Army.
Navy, Air Force, Marines and 12 I O
AIvic. fraternal and service or-
ganizations of the Canal Zone.
)45 For Serious Border Disp
the Corozal Memorial Service will I
be held in the Coroal Theatre atL

The complete schedule of
events on te Pacific side is: Bv DREW PEARSON he wants to meet the threat, only two cabinet ministers, plus The defensee4t
T:30--Flag raising by Scouts so far as seeking Internatioal A few lower-ranking aides) pre Wep temporarily tl
at Balboa Hei g h t s. Diablo WA 8 HING TON. May 29.- help is concerned. sounding out the attitude of the the foreign
Heights, Pedro Miguel and Coco- Things have been going from He is still undecided wheth- U.S. and Brazilian delegates, re oAlvarado Ga0*ali
bad to worse in Ecuador since or to put the case before the They are sure they can count liet n.ember wlhf
U.S.-born President Galo Plaza Organization of A me rican aon the support of the Chileans stabdaClosest to .V
7:45--Placing of floral tribute left office. States or the United Nations. and Argentines: but unless at NOTE: Iptlmidudi
at the Columbarium In All Soul's On top of President Velasco His decision will be made no least the United States or Brazil p enc of 3n
Chapel at the Cathedral of St. Ibarra's arrest of newspaper ed- later than June 5, after repre- appears clearly favorable to tne in Ecuador.
Luke, Ancon. itors, Ecuador is headed for a sentatives of the governments Ecuador, Velasco will place his One ronic Inciden
serious flareup of its long-stand- which guarantee compliance protest directly before the U.N. day- followed ~1f A
7:45-Placing of floral tribute Ing feud with Peru. with the Rio protocol-the Unit- Meanwhile, 20,W Pevian staff photographs .
at Memorial Tablet at Balboa The fact is the Peruvian gov- ed States, Brazil, Chile, and Ar- troops are concentrated in the meclo, Quito's 100dU
Heights by Boy and Girl Scouts. ernment has delivered an ulti- gentina-arrive In Quito from provinces bordering EasadWr' the grounds that t
8:00-Richard T. Perrott Cen- matum to Ecuador demanding Lima. southern frontier, whi-e Bsua man had made "6a
taph, Balboa. Boy and Girl that its northern neighbor sign They have been meeting in doer has been consem I- mairks.n The d al
Scouts will assist R. C. Worsely a treaty by June 15, involving Lima for several weeks, hearing and 19-year-olds, gva them rest, police call
In brief ceremonies and placing settlement of al pending terri- the Peruvian aide of the latest a month's basic training ai re ast that a p
of floral tribute. trial disputes between the two territorial dispute with deuador. shipping them off to border or a banquet to l
republics. President Velasco and his per- garrisons. chief of the polr
8:00--Carr and Owen Memori- Peri's demands include not sonal collaborators (who include Dr. Carlos Julio Arosemena, "Well, you've
al Tablet Pedro Miguel. only unqualified reaffirmation Ecuadorean defense mister, there handy," w
8:00- Gorgas Memorial Plaque, of the 194M Rio de Janeiro pro- who heads that republic's ele- reply from El DCO
Oorgas Hospital. tool, granting Peri a1 but a it on to the coronation of room.
fraction of Ecuador; but they e IIenizabeth was truc
9l15--pecial train leaves Bal- also eall for Eeuadorean sur- ed to sound out the foreign oe
boa Heights Railroad Station for render of navigation rights on fiabAC IA u$a.1c flac in London, privately oh the
Corozsl. The public is cordially the Marafi6n River, which MRae LV RI l potential British view oi a new
invited to utilize this courtesy empties into the Amason. Conflict with Perm.
extended by the Panama Canal No regime in Quito could sur- FIi actually, informed observers
Company In gcing to and return- vive the acceptance of such an PU I Dl believe that President Velasco's
Ing from the Corozal Memorial agreement a circumstance on chief Emottive in sending Arose-
pay exercises, which President Velasco Ibarra PARIS, May 29 (UP) A mens abroad at this time was
hopes to capitalize in order to four-engine Douglas DQ-SB air- that he doesn't entirely trust his
9:45M-Memorial serves at Co- strengthen his shaky domestic liner set a new world's com- defense minister, who is known *
rozal Cemetery. position. mercial non-stop flying, record to have presidential ambitions
today when it landed here after of his own.
11:00-Boy Scouts' dedication Indeed, the temperamental but winging 5,700 miles non-top-----f his on
of Statue of Liberty, opposite w II y Ecuadorean President is from Santa Monica, Callfornik.
Balboa Police Station. stak Ing everything on his The flight took 21 hours and Mer A a
scheme for dealing with this new 31 minutes. U W
1: 00- Deslgnated representa- threat from the south.
tive groups from Jr. Auxiliaries, The French crew smashed n
Boy and Girl Scouts, Mariners, In the past four months. Vel- the previous non-stop recordraWlu
1Rainbow Girls, civic and frat- asco has lost the support of for commercial lanes which
ernmal organizations and Veterans nearly all the groups which cornm- Pan American World Airways Two American seamen from
organizations will leave Pier 18 bined to elect him a year ago- established In a 3,900-mile flight the MV Courageous who were
aboard the U88 ACM-12 for the workers, farmers, and the army. betw en Tokyo and Honolulu. involved In a drunken brawl
services to be held at sea. The plane was a new Douglas were each fined for battery yes-
Most of these were politically being deliveted by CaPtaIn terday afternoon in the Aalboa
Gold Star mothers are Invited left-of-center. In order to stay Charles Bilet. to the iMeanh Ma atte's Court.
to sit n the speakers' stand at in offle, therefore, Velasco has airline Transport Aeriens In- am Stanley Carr, 34, r
any of the Memorial Day Serv- lately been obliged to depend tercontinentaux. ceived the heavier fine of
ce Thoe desiring to attend heavily on the far right. Ballet said the plane han.r4d for hitting Tommy Mache an-
may of the MemorYal, Chaiom- nexceUeptly on the northern other crewmember, saver i .
nof the Memorial D Com- Now he believes he can win route via Winnipeg, Qanada, times, while the ship w ocke
ty hours, and Balbrook 617 during back his former followers by a Hudson's Bay and ov the at Pier T in Balboa.
uty hours and Balboa 947 after dramatic defiance of Per's de- southern tip of Greenland after Meanwhile schn, was
p.m. mands. This is one reason why leaving Santa Monica yes- alsq fined for nslklng
w nq word of the ultimatum from teiday. Charles Alrom another crew-
Lima leaked out when it was It arrived here at noon today. rm .Aer.
served during the second week The DC-4B Was delivered by M% fights ocrred at 1:00
In May. its French crew of four and yesterday mornln. Police were MfSf dh
Another reason for the se- three Douglas pilots going a- called in to break up the rum-
erecy is that Velasef has not long as technical advisers. pu. The defendants paid their Lto w ..
yet made up his mind Just how Dudley Wright of the Nation- fin.
al Aeronau Association timed .
tlW A A th take ff Arf the Federation
th 40 uRoad Deaths 2auanu eoale. *i t s
*oa eats which maintains official air-
the U S. IPredicted For craft flight r Iodls.
The Plana cruised at better ^ 11 I
holiday Weekend than mes an hour. It hu
Holiday Weekend A tVp speed of 0 miles an
h.a laes a They

moral Day eeke trying a attempt to complete the flight CICA 39 (UI)-The demona.r trns
Sp'.m. tonight. with its no load of 5.512 divested degloles *W1 .
Naona Safety c l male ap- ing res e tanks

The expected toll would e Th plane weighed 107000hun doto
bad, and perhaps worse, than pounds at the takeoff, the same dtthe exl
that of Memorial Day holidays weight it would carry with a W lpin m mbu &
in the past, a council spokes- normal capacity load of passen- et ." Of a
man said. gers, fuel and cargo. in detail pe '5 deal
in 3dlcal Asso- fore
i* 'i F New Execution Date Fixed S 'oeith tore
F remen cht e oppos-
I IFor Atom-Spy Rosenbergs h*

'VI,, *, -

i ?fr

,, c 9: JJ



orea. The I
Shave agres
aid. Nam

ovr rin



" A

.' ,. '

.. __In.

SHere's the place to have
fun! Fabulous hotels and
glamorous nightclubs.
fishing and all other
sports, plus the golden
sands of Miami Beach.
Pan American flights
make immediate connec-
fina at Miami to most
'zjor U. S. cities. A glance
it.the fares will convince
yo that it's the thriftiest
teud fastest route north.
Sou yw Tmral Agpe w


.,_ M s~. sd.W

-- o
NEW YORK, May 29 (UP)
-Federal Judge Irving R. Kauf-
man today set the week of June
15 as a new execution date for
convicted atom spies Julius and
Ethel Rosenberg.
The date Is the fourth set by
Kaufman for the execution, and
It may not be the last. Defense
counsel for the condemned cou-
ple will move next week for a
stay of exeation pending fur-
ther appeals.
Attorney Bloch, father of de-
fense counsel Emanuel Bloch,
moved unsuccessfully for post-
ponement of today's tioU unm-
til Monday, when he said his
son would make further appli-
Kaufman, who presided over
the Rosenberg' trial, first sen-
tenced them on April 5, 1.
to Mie in the Sing Sing praon
electric chair in June of that
That execution date was stay-
ed pending appeals, as were
dates set later for January and
March this year.
ward Lsa Jr. d o-
su tn"r h Ed

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made for the declared purpose
of gaining more time." W
Almost as Kaufman set the a
new execution date, the Com- so
mitto to Secure Justice in the
Rosenberg Case announced cir- tn
culaMtm of a new nation-wide NM
petition for executive clemency ea
for the ooupe convicted of th
passing to ussian agents dur- ad
ing World War II secrets of
United States atomic bomb ex- re
Kaufman told Bloch In re- al
fusing to grant a delay: t14
"I cannot remember, Mr. kz
Bloch, any eas proceedingg with
the JudFC W our Amerl* I&
can courts t cawe he
recev41. W remember
any Gi3fr have been
repreiUt Utw1ain the
courts as tbese a A
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