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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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'"LS the pepe tithe tru h end ie eonaary t Abraham Linioln.
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fomic Arfillery Shell Labor Leaders
babr tLeaders

red Fro,. New Gun Sound Alarm:
IAS"EGASNev., 5(W) a e n aiome M t"a t Oi bmers
fied the firt 9 and fighter planes ooeM mere
a tlmery and The full t fiscal easily, cheaply Mad sensibly de-
d over the ttteI des- AC annouC i fIver atomic weapem, eves on
nedoari a eese Dtment ast Action
er GI ccWe w.wa mile- Flat ,A, that the highly mobile 2-uli.
1Lthe advanceB )of nu- "T he its meter capnon-known to the Ar- o
trfare aince n nitd proel my as the 'T-131 atomic rifle-Is
e raised the cu'bn the for wmpon needed'to provide atol fire Leaders of the two chief union groups representing
Wom bomb at Alamagordo, N.M., and n lear support for round ores re-
ih ago. for ing otmltery Keon- gardles or weather conditions American employes on the Canal Zone today sounded the
e' Atomit Enegy Compslo e.but which might ground a rraft. t tocsin to the rank-and-file to get off brief personal pro-
annouthed that the 80-foot, 230 "It burst a -ta t t 5AP- One Defense Department t to
tlletqpr cannon was tired- at proximately U feet aW e an spokesman put it this way: tets to their Congressmen on the move to selh the over-
.3:31 extensive wstrutres and "The atoeme eannon is ot seas differential by 60 per cent.
deetroo aB. data- < -recor- nf.fn the abiolute answer to the Ar-
e, .a the *"The Run Wa Botwen combat worrit bat Jut th men said a flood of personal notes written an&
tesat a flh si alx and sevea ai 40to conth. another wea like. ne Stra- mailed immediately might be the only thing that would
the le and a w "Observers Iluded:. party tojet, the atomic *a block the big cut in present salaries. .
S te-eow a npdroea of senators an dreprpntatlves and the Army'. new eM el.P
front oM f v l -ton including the chaltan the Its net qod's answer to al the Meanwhile today mass resignations were predict-
S gy the sech w ren r e ra' conditions, we d by many employes if the latest demands by a House
S a : cretary of f ormn- can see wliere the atomic can- COMmittee are met.
w0later, B feet above b for the the non would be invaluable because People everywhere w e r e not done, leglslatorp are swamp-
Sot f tr- a c ie, s :t*phit i immensely more powerful stunned and depressed. Reac- ed.
Saeslat r trainr-a o--f the than ordinary artillery. tlo varied largely by ages. ovelady aided-that he r -
T he"e 1e bril- ared fore of l atry, younger people's attitude ly did not believe the emaMin-
U" *lOWntoees f irh burst. am ABC 0tonr Thpmas "It should be pointed out. how- is "Why stay without any in- tee wa toiIfall pessio of the
Z ,i- 75 airline E t ever that the atomic cannon is duqement?" facts t they decided to
d tion 'pprt 3100 eceers tillargely an untried weapon. Older men seemed, bitter but paWe defit the differential and
Seasd j p t e st dusat a enlisted* Aa of the armed The wera to what It will and morn cautious. ellmhinte free I earl s
pfies l oet dls forf bservei, the test ab won't do re not yet in the book. "We're trapped'here. one alid from their recoaend tlim.
t t o.I usw 1 of trehelr about 5000 yats Sron "7mls test is the first time t's My wife and I are over 40. We've He warned tha the bill wt;l
St qet. rnchna l7at ground seoo. o ever been fired with an atomic counted on this differential to probably be br toutonto
'T. fwymchcol 3 lnLt "A sche4ulqd penetration. of shell. -We stUll have to find out finish educating our children floor of the H under what '
Thea WhichA cod wipeM the itomlc cloud by two Aft erce what the Iun will do on the bat- and leave something for us. I called th "g rule whichP-
t = o ot .ns on, by
a ne qho Smad atoh t diwe wT 'DM01154 tIeflefle dasL know a (Ioo" Rita ag1y bLy uito

debtla 6
me*_ wtotve force o

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etw MtE i

D-te DeartmDt .,Y
I for both the tze l
Aent and the iAt-
aisolaM refused to
6I the' growing coh-
r the atomi ell.
a e stugge nt t
- Aveleopeat
eanem sad A-
Sto get Into oe

i mother who stabbed
Id In the abdomen
ken knife after he
Ir children for taking
s of bread she had put
breakfast was charged
Eagistrate's Court this
1th the crime of as-
a deadly weapon.
Eonia Snall, a 32-
anamanlan. was held
M1 but was removed
a Gorgas Hospital for1
and, Ralph o. small,
nian. was also in Gor-
InX from the wound&-
hpn she grabbed the
lnaad knife and luns'

as operated on as soon
a vwed at the hospital. He
3'n the seriously Ill list.
A e is taking care o( the
'Blfor the time being '

Coronation P

T.0 Conquer I

KA ANDU. Nepal, May U.
L British expedition h
its first attempt tI
top of 29,002-foot IM
and claim man's en.
the world's
ronatlon resell ar
bet H, t was"

e back to this loo-
bb Ihin the Hima-

aon the peak AtW
9ed. ? to beBmae I
Sua pt failed Y46.I
n .

B ra
96 wm

Lovelady r i "?'M te vaflous po "?e wmold
A text of a toer he sent AF S contact their Congreomen and.
headquarters yesterday, but ob- ask them to asat us on the
s tVed floor, that's the best move I qan
IAflu "In my opinion It will take see."
L w. WAI SIm concerted action to stop this. "People should be warned. h*
Two or itree labor leaders are ever." Wagner added, "to sti -
Water hado more thn been ot golag to be able to reverse the point on the 25 percent =-
Wturned rno Wb ,t oe this recommendation of the Ap- ferentlal and not deviate frqr
hauled int ock. t threntl over- p t Committee, no the subject."
flood of bUs lled up aback mater how hard they work. I He recalled that In the m
wp aing transit in "l some Canal Zonlans hadw
a#mpg&watningtransitIn."It's necessary for people to such long letters to WashingL
both irect io ns. I, express themselves to their Con- "telling all their troubles" i
*y noti half dozen grssmen. When people in the'leglators became bored and
a ie O eps wer pulling at their states want something done, oI lIsue was confused.
Iners inBalboa's outer troad- t -
te. One by one, they got the
nod and headed for the Canal *
. datosing E.; Committee s Orders:

n pr eight ships were B oost T
~ Iw als. were held oost T ol s, s

over at C~Wobal yesterday. j
Canal_ tcnials to cleat A fr | 1 a C
up th iaU perhaps en ts, Cut Salaries
leavnir p at Crlato-
balnd at r at abo. -- --
7t eii ,duledansits were WASHINGTON, May 18 tb n, 14 sthbound for The House Appropriatlons 000 for the Panama Canal Comr
Committee today cracked down pany of which the governor s.
S'on government pending in ThI president.
Vtbstavy 18 went north, nine Panaman Canal Zone and called.' A provision Inserted In the
a.b-"Wn," totalg 27. The in effect, for prompt action bill would forbid free
o transited boost toll rates on canal himp- medical care. The committee
y the lad was heav- ping. said government employes In the
r direction, with Slashing deeply into fundsT Zone were entitled at most to a
10 north to 17 coming for governmentt operations In limited medical subsidy and de-
the anal zone for the year be- handed that the rates be so ad-
glnning July 1. The committee ousted. It said "the threat of yel-
transits were one ship| vow ..: low fever and other tropical dts-
S w going north ad 1. Strp the governor of the'eases that prompted Issuance 46
m11 in bth. Zone of his $,000 entertalnament the Ifree medical care) order Il
_- .._-- allowance 1914" is dlssipated.
2. Da4y grvefpment emplopesi The committee said that "t
Bid- there rhe lee medical care thtey pyut It mildlv" It i "ds pt
resent Bid had beenreeevlv on a limit- with the "weak-kneedlp
ed basis mine 1914. action" taken by the *aW
l 2 Demanded that rentals for zone directors in resuesm to
veWrest Fove n 'laetelevels' crease rental rates n ve
within net h fet v nths. meat housing in the seme list
S-- 4. ut th fert l ay by year e
at runners and portable Apercent. The committee hod directed
raebrocase said one bid The committee took theso ac- that the rates be set at "'resaa*
aade urday by C. C. h aroivf a a ,s f00e able levels" not later than Ju*
Sad Mbbi Wet0a.- riatis for the panaa 1. 1952. It said reviled rAtes were
S % pussid of the al Zne Wgovernment ftr ns- not put Into effect until Jari-
nd 0 td Dalver- cal 1854" That was a cut 1 .. 1,-ary 4. 1953 and the levels were
S 5eadubs. 's.,,00 from the-(%N a Obagreas 'Inadequate."
%eseat. I e nd I9. It Iadjusted to a more reasonable
qi)psi WisW a ae a ruttican p. 3 M Solevel. by the time Senate-Hous
Plid bi x f the nds in the | conferees arree on a coinpromta
as WAp ae t o r and a monev bill. the committee s9 1t
eloti ofn f i a the would put language in the bill to
ia th w' 1d hl ,J to e- retilre it.
S mUtuer two ma ;. The committee did Iftlu4*e t
4 M. New I eoimlttu.aM the the bill a provision fit aWl
Alred ftea us the practice of paving Uilt2ryv
travel a- dta- sonnel the difference
H'ls team, s in the their military y and
"t m to res and that prevldert
M to have tha ( M~Iclude ea.snt poeitons in te
a a at the e the Canal mpny and
clb. eai Ta.'- Goaeriumat. wa1'
a wa "_ bumear S ..w de for a The committee sagwg
t ebwea ber to costs of oeoel should
*r 4 ext 21 M&8 W1 Jmaprov& their mMtary cam
Wly ge i it. -, .0 oept far the posts of
S -t a n ies a B geruorts and lieutenant governor'.
iran.. a. the two pemlo ps w6 .10be


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crca TewowitNA.... AAICAN

e Ma laxsa 'en rum aa 5e eeo e Labor Ne ws "I d i n
trau last night asignedby N a N fU llw" cll INo gue-..,
MAR~ne ARIAwL hSmvonsut
7r "y. cyB PO oX 134. PANAMA.r R. O P. d
i" rae.ew P ANAuA No. .0740ts oeLts) And,

a. eOPtac l Bti c T* r NT* A alveU myt o s.e bleD fr y .triSTR t ,the lu erud Stam- | i trad c t ths
roa oa s a[pIss arNTATvI IOSHIIA S it oweRaS INC d,
c 4a s MAnioe N Ave, New YoK b i7 t N Y. a eoo mt
h LOaAt wh s n4"1d a

S th Inew Ai mysan rters l o a st w ell, oau msor havend Illiiwhay. tg o Steh e r Fora lMmu.r br ctil -0
,oil sx s. dIMiADVANCEn 120

S c n u cure cancer with f a eF!amgdioer6

t u imes, but I gog cm a comic. Wn Aa alrt raz Engees, ohotie o-ad-edorj theea .xtefor proteltion. of oteratjp
In the Arme h Ittve a you kro and more hapwer l two ok h on i the' nSre wh earoneoaaa oan it ste{be r've *h o fta nndjothatal-Q r
supeie pouea ofBuhall the AFa -r o t h" AI ar 1 .. *

4 t c higherp ta she raing. Pa trying, theo accomplum sh hereot .
their diagnosis of the mA ion. wind ... o j uspone' eh.: te"d c "eo r....gossibity of salhageero
good 5e0epderu na smnd Iv ronlsbe in t for 2ta iears. Sl o is Ontheothr T he -'l .u.... si .he wly e tas
ye o Mail so x is ar opean or oe. e or e on y tht te ore a s hter n ma, it ue. ia c.a gap Srhe rce
The national Chiefs t"it sta-

kn. Lt onareectived- rati oul yand orndslend in a wholly t them ls .. ^ p .h. o,- e

they' veo nlg ot a heada c hee

good6to.tebad CinA c syst d tino5a cter exe r bte gai d ko well Ouch, iho Iti own grain would615
anithe t oine u r. ad ao t o e- '
I you knm w ibl letter don't be Impa tient. titnd b rdoesnyt lar th a wit i he "r e aucnles t ga s r e le o r. eae ta t
er. LSr an re published i sthesorder m oil.- they've a m lgnantg -t rt- ,,

etoesrntinw to keep t he [e ershlimi e d to am page ghtr0 oe lmte thd -- to aoctlndId"p"wrtevy'" r
sidente ouct teiPat*
e y i tshoul d be working in them. rice fio ce. same honorable ant ei o War. Swope I

T9. Housing, 50 mes from your baste. You lucky dog you. crime group traces aormer ?alds" Thca l ls th o
M 0 m they start dosing themeback toe brso if ttec r-"L

1 o. In'th dofi so bad. Yh venstethto ttersis'C l ubdr c ircles. t w.' i iVIat*a aetn .ng
ofrgcaniaton evn veyou horieNll o There nlare now at least ofhe

othto). hen' eInternationlosal o un io :ebb wth l
trad.rin er, Indictment al theib -- With thr er
S in tF Ard toay u ws h w tak ost a~h b arrested for attanyl year e sT

thator of thing are Boxpretty tough here In Panama, but stop and hoes a p ina swim ,ea* r t-p
Panam a Americane o b-ster w oe lek pade ae t i M bwth e.-
is iso th o u g h b y lo ca l ac k he Op er aIt.nA m iIr

think, an ardent areadller of our column, oihaerened to Korea thnowiang ps the tate r~e toin p t t o, nat antad mI 4l .ada
etoir in it last night signed by a. fellow c.llkdiAnon.aIiguessithat tha yaavaeb'ad t peW.te ofl

Sfellow thav e just one suggestion ond lke pportun in the Calio in Sec nia gop a w e llrnDee ast .
erCsedell our hief of taf the r reports that ictebu hoffal th ecretarould not ila
hnd there must be morate w1ne f21 Ime .hb

commfficer can't even give youTthe correct htie. s o ing o as a a lo1 reslIat oute- e he y I T a oa s* rii t, e

s orOficers, nowd tere is t ao AA. o Orinknes, noth e te terce. Tmalkiadnc waryeW Theyai At hrJ c t-

hasnwo frequently said "Alphonle sent psychiatrists tb rer and bargain with, hotel. -. 99,. rn, .
yoTSuo o te o teA orook Ia a crook. He is a uiar, and a.snUEl l 'The edatrcr lIrue obioehld ee
S2. My friend, there are just as many Army T ff cars eat the Bu i ding o and oa t s

m n -______ the__ honorablee men I have ever met." And what ia a prisoner, forsooth? He t not and a rat. an4 a rpvolving bunl-and Il .
hy not? Look whleat It stdidore and CommssriesthereareAFcaror a diplomat, nor even a voter, and certly e a doe edd and a nd er

r^. --feel-too-bad, AnIwer to Previous Puzie himfs as rarely a valuable member of society who got pervert I be were a nice gi Ii-e Vuldz b TOOare usdb aa *hi-W
3. Paperwork, what are youi chum a comic. Where in all this Engineers, the PChas ore iOalct then stsh deae ng ldmras 1, e

world have you ever seen any me raor rkway from semi-normal, I houe, but I clnd't cS. l at ocdrn number of tornladoesla the premaSerrure a I

* HORIZONTAL VERTICAL MN 5...(he) was hired by the pie, for the protection of the majority lu rtse or hs tastes in social tmenctuar thia year. a d
. T oy o ichite T se a (Restaurant Arind thas I e after{ oM '
many |||e o! pe to IIIno mut s uspnde oneofi cia inteC- h ,r-I to, ,

4. Perpetual e i Tr inng.e al, my nose bleed s for you. trot), the Plo aber tind Stumi he mak e ain tra bJtd to b' I

oWe'e h ad train nng in this man's A rmy for as long a s fitters, the AF Autrog U IU g ain .... up L t a fanErmo m

,can remember, and I've only been In it fork A yea s. So Obviously this memabe hc rt l s in a n s laen a' s''g' tah
youstartgyon unre Ilgodl b aft zeoronfierdtheobd,,erd C
ran eking J Ryan's reamtirn rack-
5. Malasi gnme nts. WOW, that's a good oernoeedr.azioreverno I.mns ooheas at exitncmadein af ad

yemano in the that is fouled-up on assignmentt, the Army The tFedleral Grand Thry aoariepaarm.a .ot, n e l ea e d a daro

roup (ab. Seastc 1 tteen atS hattornt unc .l3Bata which jue st indicted 12when A rw ases agumie a
6. A ot ar er system, what I n the sameint of 37 Surrender they comlaled t labor dvf- e aikt neier to or me uton ahi atea t wne sa
sathe new Amys12 arted oe a few years-back bu t well, you Missouri a n o racket-type shake- harik ste.)...rl rakettwi a: Th n s sla a ra
know ho 13 too much paelperwork. An d buddy, I'm not worst ct onc AentrationstIlno, Mr
In the GranOd SaorfilmALre What stunted by the ifsman"hb!wsocydof ourbemue1WeIsfmerelytine.Jallomomentarily`e"f= 11's at 8t4mdbro,g t hop ; _h1 e es atnndoet"0ar

7. Promoion opportunities. That's one that would take dent plained that th es" Alcatraz glexrmated for the protect a Wat nl r

2as 1 Oacs edon vis 5Cge artthtey of eers ogpn o gluggings.a te m aboasts
S2fe3ve oneor 2 D airbu D roe 4 aynoa bob ad stt wee ds aboutmt. -ltraw.r T ta
Many pages of paper to explain, so sum it up ts way. old Capoe rimae osyndifcmte d wAut hve t, ttolhyae

hAlpraboeti ,~bIwinrnwdbaeak-y be ofheere' a hiving rt lo t aa t bde won "": ":.
In the Army sit' not what you know or how long It took hS str it influence in a se- Thenih Oader ,n 4n t e eao n o at- les aOo* t ):Sn e inee.. nl lMl

iMe ver u an 2 3 -d b ga ts. "pe sed hd eneuneJarrn N you to find out, It's who you know. The bigger the pal, luons of the AFL construction- e verywhe reoniny tveee tthan as anbinmpre,-I- ahaseenot o rus4dwi th the .P3i omo

S thehigher the rating. Trades. .. witdo veYherekbaythle I te wreedXeamkponorthe it.ha.piness. .yu

r (ab. )- foot sjaustcaties artiorny w ren psntya oeers.. aewgo st wteev
8. You state that the AF has an Officer Corpsrthat Is25%The opCalfdorniabCrime Study swhoeote red- saidr to hor eofti me:njanily a upWesam..tal e 41
good, 50% drunks e a d 25%.frus-3raded fle4ctrainers. Well, ,, is s r t-- ,re ported the other Th e 411t ti I ... r-esadratthe newly:arrived basic.tJ R&e t
you have the Army beat on that o~ e..l*epgofrom the day that the dreaded "sini. tern mteaturne s on a riot becalt tlhy didn't like The faces of the kne eIn a pan A atrax, gr u the pr

Cand the other 25% aren't worth the powder to blow them !n' the eown L'Unione gvceatsO er wel- or ne h e nper etople shi
tos Youl nw where. e have men wearing bar that lian has ecured controlfof groTs. .I Wr g..e t' t iitold by raV. arTth, _

should be working I-n them. certain labor uni' or t- aa dpeedh. tm he ihttitn bep ermtted to ando;iI d ri on t ADtt
Stershis same honorabul Hla- t gasheo e p rinO t w w H.Swope 'S c yWe ao The mon.

Syou ain't pas o bad. Yo state that no t tiwh lameded uabao' latest er *toabor.. rcles,*I raS!e

Wariiss tirb wiwy b ylrae o 0
1'- ,"-=as (ofti sB lebi, Watake
that thing are pretty thi aiugh here In Panama, but sop and who lives a potentate's swim- te a lee t st l o blaoc .
a think, they're a hell of a lot tougher over I on Korea now. Mingol the s a isteniasoto p o md t W. ue n bn t

hv juston suggestion-liketomakebefrret m closeing.. Aeet the api hertouso.. -a
in wteran p gAt w h u t jettin b$12o5,000a yearbso ,hl eniorkkilerU tI t 4 t ecret
M P x ss, hdekWMmW t m ine a d.. d Gu hIimbardo's late-- ,gidiar;la
his time to stop and talk to some of the menhere.inhisfomhe ioRetur1n0114

concerned. In the old Armerthere ,used to bee a code of I on""%l'e""k

rm, I II 'W --.-,. =i =
Property imn 777.
If Mountin*
t... ...u .. h ..di .,C.e .t .b, ,t


00 lace.exet

"40 Afteo"Av."A26 S: E
,- . ;7 .. .; ,

,ra..,.,- t

S. nid a noo ea --
-- blOaW dispoa P ching ina
Iumg-j aa d- m m u b f republican Ia s now a private
the such bor relatDins adviser.
L&ad ad
o e "still o.ggdd e treed totae a position
#...* 4 ft, ,, the, lio,- share.of
i d' *bi corporal d s. oto-s- bh e t o _
T A" as he Penn ever&yera asked to apia \--4former
,embr ret 4m I,(borg
5 contmKrsa i --t :tT ayl o f oa tuI *o thl f
b rThen i tht e tVa t-
reswiarea Wardvers ntpcu'td a s&guib for am
ThiABbsms le am, lr tfme

=OM m a.h"udg r .o tno n ofe wer the i
JAL t -to "We thinAE" sdenthe t
be A panelwa membe rlee la 1t
'i .Fo .... rarem ; ePredentTrume, -aie

SitSm. _!h" aOnd"itt tSlo "''""nmoonthge in ln t hle t eln d tho

NoRBl'nk,' Authority ,.
aJ 'i 5edo5l Medfitt i, ~ t6 take

u V Besi u U teWaed 25CO60 CYaCLr
,"For ,e, D'e"res SJUrn otSo TR i Laf L nine
arti esticpl ie of landat tStap. Nrr artdwo at
Se0a n t di4 .le the h ase 5of thOe t0inCYC tEg Iu t a th i
per- thhteit rre ofllagtlIgs m e eti eh
F Ie.I r- el Dtelw rhn rtlia ta ture oan bd aoetedrT
te ."a f t hetne p ds tho.&Qe best .able from the.c
taken I b5.4 aveaartistic. fpinec e Of Ian o pra. ar 5t.,son .o.
iAht sd t ," v S the univer-
hat"tteh a ow borderdthe o
ofer7areo u3=(U fai) .f amull ,tiSbe n p e d t Amon ss tll. I wa avtery.
111f "a 8M.modern st:el ind gopfter acuedp-
SAW atef. -..eas+r.%-l % at nof w,
Il OYahSOn i, i I-. UP ntelu d o f h a nd of
4010 0tda00 -tob.,..bsr you hay

s .atsawlhd e Iu al;meemttha) -- i nof luk
INN Orue arIebsreleted
Yp, o. kr fin I7. eactlyther .s.q$ 0p-., bestgteramfeehe- for his
lam"toqp-g:fe stivalof""v ei "1 ere abort of

Wt. 1'1toim Il S sa.orad fIor"1i-u ,Items whic studied
t hl .. ,t Be lt
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Durkin's Plans Allegedly

Would Wreck. Taf-Hartley
WASHINGTON, May 25 (UP) House a set of proposals for sj
-The U.S. Chamber of Com- cific amendments along u
merce reported today that Sec- more geenral comments on ol
retary of Labor Martin P. Durkin er provisions and a list of prop
has recommended to the White ed amendments which he oppi
House changes which the cham- ed..
bher said would "wreck" the Taft- Besidesr legalizing the cloe
Hartley law. shop. the chamber, said some
Durkin's other recommendation
In a special bulletin to its would:
members, the chamber published
what it said was a complete list 1) Allow building industry e
of Durkin's proposals for amend- players to make pre-hiring uni
Ing the controversial act. It said shop contracts requiring new e
these would come as "a shock" to'ployes, to join unions witl
management. seven days Instead of the 30-d
period, of grace allowed by t
As previously reported, one of Taft-Hartley law $or union sli
the recommendations listed by contracts.
the chamber calls for legalizing 2) Abollsh the provlilon r
the closed shop ane' all other quiring non-Communist atfki
forms of union security centrpcts vits of union officials seeking
now 1,anred or rest lcted by the use National Labor Relatic
T-^ '-.rrtley law. Board machinery.
Durkin previously announced 3) Repeal, the provision bi
he had prepared recommenda- ring eoiomic" strikers tr<
tions for submission to President votLn i bargaining represent
Eisenhower. Bit he had never tbon Aictons after they hi
minde them public. been replaced in thelr jobs. (M
-i Eisenhowt has endorsed ti
As president of the AFL Plumb- proposal.)
ers Union before, he was named 4) permt employers to wal
labor secretary, the Democratic participatiop'in l eoye welft
cabinet member wPS advocate funds. IO 4Vr
of complete repeal of the Taft- 5) Narro the definition of
2H-tley lsw. legal second os.
h'b Ch'mber of Commerce legal an ithe presents
said Durkin had given the White datory zequlrenent that the 0
erunment jswt aeek injunctc
against. seeondary'ocotti, a
M4arion Anderson jurisdictional strikes.
:oos Esneciallv Simese TwinHas
For Jao Empress A 6In. Ofmr
TOKYO, May 25 (UP)-World Vpr i nll
famous American contralto Ma- e| a.n L
rlan Anderson sang at the week
end just for Japan's empress and
her two youngest children. BOSTON'J May 25 (UP) 0
The Negro singer, who wR, of 41-year-old0 Siamese twin
apnlauded at the Hibiva public terms successful. underwent
hall by Mrs. E'.ianor Roosevelt. ternala surgery day while b-:
went to the palace for a special lay anesth tized on sideby-si
concert. operating tables.
co""rDr..Frank H. Lahey, wort
Phe sang for Emoress Nauako, famed surgeon, said that bo
Prince Yoshi pnd Princess Suet. Margaret Gibb. on whom he o
Her numbers included songs by rated, and Mary were in excele
Schubert and Negro spirituals. lent condition after the opera
tion at New England's Deacone
Before going on the table,
.d said, Mary remarked that a
-- '' V was "only worried for Margare
R H The operation was for remoi
of an abdominal tumor. Dr. L
YOUR HEARING hey said there was no evden
is individual of mallnancy and he expect
both sisters to make anor
.':ist as vour finger- recovery.
prints differ from Dr. Lahey explained that Ma
v n el ourhearingwould have felt o pain du
*vercne else, your ,hearing the operation even it she had ma,
is Individual and personal. 86 b administered the 'anestl
*ut plan for restored hebain n..av ]he said lpee it
On Individual and persal- t liws nece
to give YOU greater p The operation took an -hoi
benefits of new hearing, and another 'Iour was require
to prepare the sisters for the sa
Dr. Lahey explained that t
twins are joined at an angle
the base of their lower spine.
was necessary, he said, to tilt o
operating table to have Margai
level during the surgery.
Dr. Lahey said Mary was "ve
coonerative" throughout the c
Dr. Lahey said that Mary woi
suffer post-operativL shock ev
Though she wasn't operated or
The twins will be hospitaliz
About two weeks.




Out of Dm


-~ ww.


Great W, t? leet.


'Mr s..-


*s.s. "SANTO CERtt"u ..... ......................,M
*S.S. "CHIBIQUr" .......... .... ......
S.S. "TOLTEC' ..... '.... ... .... .. Ju.'
a "O s. C "'"a "'U"e'" a Cage
*~ ~~ aiiHi xrii.cie DfQM| vo
..* .; *':- __.rn w


Amsba '

"SAN JOSE" .. ......................... May-v
"L. H. CARL" ......................May
"CHOLUTECA" ..............................May 31
"METAPAN' ............ .. ...............U
"JUNIOR" ......... .... ............. 9
frequent gI Wn i r(S" '.Crijtockl ao
West CMOtc tmlrAse.. port.

Iaseng Salings. New Oreman
via Santa Marts, .e!ushl.

saUing as
86-N". mkt

S.S. "CHIRIQUI" ............. ................. June
SS.. "CHI IQ ..... ........................ ne 1
Weekly salllne on Twelve-amor 4. to new yolk, New Qrlemmf
Mol..b Le dagds om Pu Viuo d Sueattl.


=ua00% Atem mo0 t Men lOT ACMC COASTS
_co_ (A o Ume luue b,1 w 4 cPameer Dtam)
*TO UlMen:'? A
S .. Ch4bom ................................... June rd

S.S. Point Audem r .................................... June 21t
MS. W pa.peg .... .................................. June t

-~~ ns d oai aflu a .., vufa

S.S. Antfllm ....................... .................. uSw s 18th
pAsNMWsisnvcz n uni .MW XE TO LYMOUT '& .L BAYAV
SS. LLI ................,........,......... Jun* fd

Weekly ruat Carsg swSr vie.eR CuhtDWo. A WApt CoMtM
Crianbal: c .O sIC TeL VL-Un a 1t&U
Pim: MUNDO NAM, S. B. A. -S1m-
TA r l-aa -- S-Iwi

r- .

at Faltering Philip!
ne PehlIp's 11v s filed with bruises.
ret Well-worn Dteps .ad nrgs be uses.

e Repairs would taes bl home Hke new,.
P. a. Claswfleds. Just the right else!

Not Today, Kent




t.~.~ (;,~

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4; ~ ~ -~ -j
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* .",


Let bDOI

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rwrv. ~i~WY~

I V .. *: Io

MAr*i *Q l f' t 2:;:
I p 3a

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is Id.AL

'VI. ,

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VIC .r *
'"" '***'n


4416 miaaqi"u

*3. a

A~-~ Z.r"'

41 MV 61L



. -'y -, .~~~ 7

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LIM 7-,

TQ x1 '
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"I's ol


~ ___ ___

'o ., .,, .


- L

- 1


! !'



SCAI AN COLG CLUB "the A. W. C. presented

ft3SKN^* FlU? SCUOLARSEIP the Goveirno of the
or ,first year oL satiitie, Sttarday, i the ballroom the Hosel W a$100 from the Club for the P.!
Washingten. The GU members and their guest' were seaLed at namanian Red Cross.
SClub f r paul. Mrs. Pee U ru4 With

a. .......ii~n. M ext abd nt rode lth vic.,- gave. M T Perry, M I eon a lnd ca0d a nt3
.S, .. .. IAXors. Mrs. Elizabeth McNevin, Enrtque Burlando, Mrs. Hum- e on cad prje

theM w...- t .. .. .in dres A n on of '
nIversity Womn ofC. Pnama. graves, Mrs. Perry, Mrs. Apple- Ts included: Mrs. Ar-
co eardially n *'tended greiCng m her dyMrs. Coleman and Mrs. taur ^lbrght, Mirs. William
calub.Mrs. We. P IRS et e and aRde r V d Jo s.adr hms, Mrs. Mre GtEa. r
tlalt en rt- NT elIi .jse m b le by Mr s. Hrdy. C olee gieoCs C l
,u, pperfbhel on the scholars Which Darlo Gonzales wrre genr- oarl eagrave, Mrs. CT. Swear
SChr h Parlot M. wuas being esented. in- at pr chairmen forn the very su- ingen, Mrs. Lee Nash, Mrs. .
ea15n, Canal Unt tNroduceMl d M the bo rse a t affair. tl L. O nd Mrs. Pred
men thii F oi flilisre Po Morris, who presented the The door prIze, of a weekend Schwartz.
.o" Club, s ffia "f-rSP. a wUyoung, lady the club's .l rst at Hotel El Panama was won
Sa. Mrs. Vetal M of $400.00.s by Mrs. Gilbert e Morand. A Litoe Leau e meeting
d ..'4. -. t l l"ful penny social was given. by won byM Mrr Herminia del Rivas. ThIe t el action ile Lag -
the guest Ihek tat'' a g 3p donation was pre ne Mi. m- a. etig T ue sdar atMi.Z -
1 the ibra of he, Jew- erraS ervS i. m trophy Department of the Vff0 fl58 urOlipi baseball season.
,- el r ll ,. M Cri tobal Women's Clubr. sponsors, of fcers referee .
3 e '.r'- The following officers weo bt h l -re Ao and coaching personnel, -
.' o'F () ge Installed for the new club parents of Little Leagu6r ,Bun r
4 .o h 1 3 year. They Mwere president _those interested l baseba S
r e Ated rend ientsa of- thpbe I.7 4 e Mrs. David 0. Peters; st vice- e nh Atthe knee-higt guys" are ur3n
an adme" e nam arae rdCd toct ablndc vg president Mrs. H. Stroup; to attend this meeting. Sp
C onleee Cus. r p burrn Lr nn Re nwe LNS y we Han rd P .Bel... n

" .EQ Jigr rna 11.1 rgn
at rS am S Mrs Waa E sn an t ntn a A teP l foretheMApat e ea

lvQl. 102 Ni-LY WED -ra Wdhi an prinivrsitet imo un. saurers Mrs. Wialea F. Gas aeasd Prnesrd
'"in o stpublicTissTheg w n -- .

.....e.. Pi gss lPr of Mrs. Marte bhM s lnemn of Chlrlqd Mo The oU- :u. -Peron atray toor aer the T'.. be lea no o forna. N.-
.codillurunduyW rte Serd yeo oCt ve. e Wnrow- -- vatlon Army dia s.solved in resn Ci ub........i
.urndvtI. e S O O -.S+_ _:." ,,will have as its chazrman Mr tio h byC n sress Vdeltebs on Atlantie oid
.Mrs.y F. D. Poryo urunu. Th I u. and M rsm. T Poadi pt.dO o te almonth Uouce of ad aiers. wr .

i B-The World Affairs group htu stiee+. It ftd that the Eevat The m'enibrs attendl'' tpd,,a.,,,j'
I o-fan do,- ,M,.--_ one more meeting Khoeduled a It Per6n Foundat"ofn.wa the opnr y ludedy MrsL 'ofb

en( t Pn- er- T l t okntoday hand oth re- RAG y 5 (Mr. gn. o See and aW ill be held at the home sof r ds tes don entrtled t theMrs. 'ainds A94 -

gkmbt m fes of dikes Cluud e wp o mered o p C e a 1ne d_"2rbl.c..em ale o dle ^h 2drbarea ,p '.,s r eM.b I "coe-e o Bt 11 J .- i8r7dDmb D Au- ta, Mr ...
t A wlo l s Jl tp b a te swollen aneF nher .today, f g I ap r ur y. o nre l nerl; ue saman, MN.O. W v
3 i eo'0orb e tbyMrs ot-rJi oo eu s JaTe n v orn gan Aancd e hel ta t the'b Td .7 dar a d E rToma
"1-1a er 'l M ri- kwere. o.tiTa IT .M Pas 00s0 wouldn't r cede for-severall. J I New t roup leaders w r bi i ub ande twoare haortitnale anc pves l Horend a
__M -- ".Te The.W ou hs* Howe r, the wot over, .-d- t hattr lh prI e tad the s c l, ars h wi lch unr o ere on ewa n 1ltrs aatt .lde

a r -. la F D. onshmt ng e c as edul e d.She.- R cIh'y i Prmon orn w the yver ou dM-.- yn upas P hern scp o-f

ia Dt1Z1-te an-&mer- The' Par m n todays hand Su's Re- ORANG, .M an llb h a the Mhoe eofor m enied b the Mrs. and AT ERMS
Friday evening a po sore app C testbaanced ribution co of d leashed R.r nA
o61 theu wollooaLorna todMrs0L .C5 ad a grtti A D

1 p o ae ver roe IMh WAee iO rO, u e my (v r-- Mtrsm David aosinkel Mrs. hbre. the r. M
RM. 'Lw- tarri ed *1n. th6e rl b-5 e ta s o n ngert -t n oe G' i B.n p. us t es Mat or th girt o t el uElpOM a guo b" tc us J 1fi-t.
we* 6ttbdao Nntl oschow grs oup oflead rs Clif. re0Cluband 7 aros.lGlbrtRA l edeLR

erevnudiL. fr ereinaw/now lives. maleyton, N.J. oid o n wr. i C oro enaocen Dr Albherito RodrIn Vos, I orr
r l r o l o wlever, theor a ovl e dhrlkeaDthee Senatep ttetnal aeturh c dLumsgaro Mvjorre nrmennmo emelarsoner tersen- t fa d ad

wU h s ere ad the Subcom ttee T month that Mr J. A. B ar koMW r lDo wr) oo the Bu h eos re Joc eyl A

.II-M Tom mr thnn ltmof.crwa, brb i a| to prov Hrit aon "/ sid. M. .r. Sta..ley M" Hape entled to free adwndlastonk.toe ^nrai nn -
a prerth w o m.en. t e lel t lr a- Ae rtoeER, RM ert e-dC a r m t oeek e'e IT .e'ov"iall
hto 4d le l dd ItcheWnneoCuoun.ed tht l t aslldistrepen- ,ct. Dv Mrs.
'M r d. t N .O "A tu-Crs. thrmn -. Doulseorar ty Jc-
-,n Ittvrgeaobl roe Wa aotio A onAlNnvestigton irnso Mas-on' "apubr -rl G raSre, Mr. JoaM.vr .... AI
+ gwsto ,ius u f erg -od enic-Csd p C. S." tetMsmoohfn, K OIlo wig fse, ry,. Chs re I. n coI I
t ws learned tot the Jutie r an 0rs. A. a ro.let.
Catea re a theAstodvv rsin hel-ter lMrn. John H. LeMrsC.idvi,-N. Y. May W Se (UPd -- ,, .
l58Ir iieo&t-:,AxHo n wman- printl lecuM-tr action of the de ...-l.- hr.f thuJOeb brho yntd theoe ,

of. ortverw -.e ore of. ,, no i sI e toloolo for danNJ -,n m l fod Asbtul Mish Fore hoc e bo m----si --.--
tho no dumM....1trcolt dp. ... e SMa te' Wih ter said herla w Oly ... MA "" r- here lame night, iboun andi
da. .wetiIg -e oold yuck o n hp arts .ore an brlen ews stod b S for u .wit te. lab st monthth a spJ A. Bit~oW I o f te-a dher Bno ares Jockey
,s.c r or betr de 4 r In e atrpe"es owe rd d uring rlaWar of h"mel" mrane oV. i Mrs gvd 40,00 jewe s and Iro n wu
c at.e-ad.Hburno ta o r .Brun, crs. e- ere
a.g11- A ver lu oman!f-sfrWagaicegXth ad the s e ngie er.Tneera- n e i l of e ofica rnd n the club's

,of 3 k how a mwroteR Ot as touth's k here Moh i t.k. .a th a n. wome The lan ahw her n c-. A .ar par-ed a ruspec a tod ay t .
1sued-Mn.Wloal w.e Tes h t, whale working as d run 3.m .shoW released him. He w not ide. h .

/es, i.. "Auloisof. tmehl droveeroua he would tlop deaenpe wM- h Dw preen Mu'ha titled. .inm
dwr u wllItooseious But afer an goutoof thedorfdee in, a of M ta'. netig.tora r." a
u s1eot he o M LTO kt- her to th flo nod T an ve tuem to fTs a. Adnnro _d .ri su-dyP.ngmr, o-yea.r-t wdsEw of JA, 1
t d.of eth, morn i ua ,ton in.t of .0 lt l n. wInon .uorn. w0 Le Wbl .peed, Rome rndut.r a .lMitd t eP. am'
Mor gthis oldatyL t ea dummy's of t hlens h still. p asoto te dishw OI a Mr Carl d at N old W hema (the bad msede _

.p.o."a i..relet n mrris. t t s e lr J 10 first ,, et. o her-.s w.Cosred M or 1 another UU 0,u0w n weua.
-k -tit7 no the ryest o club t*W GfL1 Thlegro om he tr~henm ftsadLaoinUn-aleld s oMrs EarvleSttone di-

b.Mrg.. .fr "etr est'di T lm b yueprzns mt a phoe o n _!twM e ASM. Jh HL eaM surance on the jewMes, q sle Ni .
,rn rs. t i tt. lo cr-set- n the basemeiti ,. f., Fernnde; com- from her 18-room ithrl W Tio naie dw
pf/. v o d eAte r ys lmedtino he said e-O Th h mr nm, north of here on swantherop

.t o p bo rwul ic crews stood by rin, would be return i t v m y Spanish. Travel aCountry Cnhub Ro nd.
da.N-l lo fodth a wrtn ab kttstte thee syI 'd dUi td be. nr gg ree h .t made ofwtheirtIT T"" "="
D. se .1....w.r.l. wMra oihA. lub wav psir e nd oo
.. tec trMaai ndl M of ion.kles and Mrs.gentrl.e the, ol nmc. r e M. utnla.
l.s lh r ndad wreneft.- mphrey a showed said N e Yotr upCiuL tice, oe o

S :k ow.ue otlri le offrla A lts andp them, a tupc, slm man," Io ed
women?" trik.rndI CIF.eweovertee eibedtheSalsli vionas peeekend thoughe totled.
oea .tdeers d aket ebenshdt don bThwthrewokigoasrhnr
d. -se isomPaseiTgh emLitera releeaseds him. upHe wascbdes- T w

.. w horoe up rue b.f e..f. c I n hplflostatoer hes hai r 13t central Ave. he
-n.t i e '-i eemore. '. m eet. T.- h. pped q.uld.It ped R plome ndbsla e .er hd ee Alikel heO E.told. the h ba t m ed

i rh...e.r .

for one week only
ibinning tonight
in the Bell& Vista Salon
______-_. one perfowrmnf only, at 10:30 p.m.
Sek the amazing feats of mystification by this world-famous master of
aalte ... his great versatility will kqel you speil-bound as it hap
"enoe in I1t countries st's fun to "h, fun to participate in his
SJoiitIng illusions.
.ver No .minimum .

Ssee the "Count of a ,. ." ,

**is .. ,./"***. ** \ 3

Aib e A. & 26.t Street


Am. ..' &*ala Jil~eeB-s-

i i .
______________ ___----^1||**f .'.- ff I

~~p --- IA---

. (011.O CLASSES
b t e ('C .

7.W-o .wsase
= x ed. m% -- ma
on..n. mh"-
w od, we. Mew hf




p ,=



You Sell 'em...

j vAUA Lma3mio W!.

", '?St "i i

When You Tell 'em thru P. A Classifiedsl

Leave your Ad with one of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 "I' Sreet Panamil
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Col6n

Lewis Service

Sala de Beole Americano

No. 4 TIvoUl Ave.-Phone 2-31. and No. M West h street

Carlie Drg Store
10.0I 9 aeMad Ave.-Phone 25N CoMPt

T *

blkVi--- ..,"

Yew Cw

, .. .. ... ,,
",i, ." 4 u' tt

-4 .J, C&- 4


Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441

Age lsa&raemdoal de Pubcadcioes Prepgwit, .A* A

No. 3 Lottery Plaha Phone 2-31M

M-..Ids t HL

a oust uss aW SUma= -
neOs 8-2A4W and 2-2796

Household Automobiles N M b *a U a Granfl ich 5-nta Clam beach eo
WallHousehomi, As a tam Electric keboB a gasloe
FOR SALE:Refrgerator 1951 k o iSpd De i .a., 4 a 1 A~4 t. madEte mtiC Tce 6OS41
nouse, 60 ccle. Washing rroch.n send smle. ples- met rme D WNDEAEM Gnmbon; 4-567, Pedro n.
5 or 60 ccle. Bedrc,:,n suite. 2i, 0 af&NeW thus A reel DR. WENDEHAKE. Medical Claic,
Dinette suite, sofa and c r.. odd eed by,. $1,75s0.0 elCentral Avenue K SU c a#tn HOUSS ON EAICH at Sot C
pieces. Houe 51C. 4th Street. Co- MOOT PAREIDS Telephone 2-3479, Panama. l Mo in COOL SHCe CaE l
co Solito. Must be sold by May -O M Phone
25th. FOR SAL:-1O Peckeld 4 De FOR SL.LE b o 1389m.
FOR SALE: -6-piece Honduras ma- Cloa. New pipo. plu -k MCIO Cloamro, Box 435. ba.. Pm
hogonv vgroomsuite, 6monWth$ uws. ihdes biedri vi. no w i ellPmma 3-1877. CristBabl 3-1613.
h. C 8-422 Fort Davs. iaml ned Bids wll be received in otheffice m 3-1877.Crsabl 3- 3.
o2by Case. Guikh. C. 2. P. d of the Supply and Service brecr. FTE'S Cottages. One milea
FOR SALE-7 cu. ft. All porcelain bhe mly ed fed ore n t Bolbooa Heights, or General Manag- Santa Clara. Completely fm
Frigidaire $175.00. TeL 2-35.8 e o l1.195.00. or. Commssoy Divslon, t Mu ock GSas Refrigerators and 50"o
OR SALE C-tt-on mCanTTes SMOOT PARD Hope. Cano Zone, until 3:00 p. l your liena Phone Deit
and sixining chairs, oil -n good Bick Chel Oidmm* m. Monday. June 22, 953, when 2-000.
conditio.20-B, Pr FOR SALE:-1941 Old ble Se- they will be opened in public, fr WilUmS' nta
FOR 5ALE:-Moho.any ding tle. donette 2500. House 51-C. fumdnWi 5.00 at bst 2C
6 leather cushioned bock of Bat 4th Street, Coc lit. from Aut 1, 1953 through
chirs $65. One Remington outo- FOR tALJ--I94 Feed 2 d dw ena port3culers, m hi beo id _n
am tc st un. 48 sem Rib M" oict of t Suppl FOR RENT
barrel. new condition $70 '931 n Ye cmt heM fw Ser f Dwctor, Bolboa Heiglht ,
Ford A ooel. Jeep Stotl:n. Bo ., e $995.00. or of the General Manager, C H
new. 16" tires. First reasonable SMOOT PARED missry Divisin. Mount H Co- _
ter. 207-8. Pedro Miguel. C. Z. i CevsO ils 'Zo. FOR RENT:-Chalet. funJC'
FMOR ShI h red aor, 7`2 ca. f1 gFOR RENdT:--Cholet. f n rkh
FOR SALE: -Refrigerator 7. c"i. h FOR SALE:-1948 Nashi Ambesso- FOR SALE.-Bamgan! Adaesas tile ufutisghd. IAly full yl
rust. excellent condition inside ond ti throughout Low mileage, ro- golow.s churches, oountrybomes. .iro kitchen, parod, ild's
dot 4-acifce at,. t r7o" u ,L *roofing. Ca ingroon kitd
on.sade Socrif'ce at $65 Call 2 oio. Call -2573. House 53 Cris- etc. Veraguas Street No. 13. room, gara, me s-wi--i g
2346, before 4 p. m. and 2-1597 i tobol. PANAMA rCAIu COMPMt Y r ,ere atyn witrtn m ails
ter. PAAA "AL riiok at wpoo.ith tyLa realhu
after. Rrt r $AL:o- o SALE: 1951 Cbeel B OFFES UNCLASIUR IBRO AND ie payment. Box 5043 An.s a Ca
BA ,GAIN! Chinese future, or Air. PralS.. twe i St. Bx 53 S L R S
sale, refrigerator G. E. 60 cycles. r -- ohl ieer, gooW Seared bidsT for opening in i Zone.
N v good condition. 45 St. East tie, $1,595.00. will be received until 10"30 A. M.; FOAR l"6 _
No 6. SMOOT & PARDES June 5, 1953, in the office of Super- oldt 3 beboi
F E-k Cheei -O-l i intendent of Storehouses. alMa. far l n in u M
FOR SL: Sn Beo e FOR SALE: 1948 Chevrolet Fleet- 1,200 Net Toed
,-s. dk bed. brnd line Tudor. complete, with extas, oand Stueel loat aeio,. Sal er a
S100-00 Te!. 3-108&6. E.llconditio C A boo Storehouse. For inf tlon d Am8erica fiirol For a
FOR SALE: Refrigerator Phico 7 6170. ins," telephection 2-270. InitaSection ton Fncs d o.
cu. ft. Bogoin Moriano Arose- FOR SALE:-1950 MG. Duty Poid. No. 40 my be obtained from the -
Exeee FOR RENT '
no St. House 65 Apt. 11. Excellent condition, motor recently a srce, or from office of Su- FOR REN
FOR SALE -Brown mahogany dm- overhauled. Phone 2-3447. perintandent of Storehouses, tel- T .
ing table two leaves and 4 cho rs FOR SALE 2-199 id Super 4- cplhiae 2-1815. Ap
to march. 2C E Locona. Tel. Navy Dee. Dymlle, ia. d, sai *eat FOR SALE:-Zenith Console Radio-
3496 c es. m a A mrel bega- Phon ogroh. Enllent condihon, AAA AP
$1, 50. $98.00. Phone Pan0 m 3-1777. Two" d fi oo l nd
FOR SALE :-SWestngue 25 Cycle M T rn PARE trn
Refrigerator Good conduiio Col ick Chevreld Od-OA FOR SALE:-$18.00 Rmingla Rand closed gardens. 8061, 10th Steet,
Regraor Goodcondton Coll typmewrter, needs slight npirs. New CrisloboL Tephaoneo Colon
Balboa 4239 or Williamson Place FOR SALE:-!950 Studbaker Club Also 45.0 Reinn Model 17,Telephone Colon
077"/9-1 ___ coupe, excellent condition, socrr- excellent condition, oil capital let-
FOR SALE -Six piece set of bamboo face. will bring for your inspectiO ter, used for cables or billing. FOR RENT
furniture, excellent condition.$125 Call While. Kobbe, 3230. dL1/ Orignal cost was $185.00. See at
00 Cushions practically new. Coall hours. Tivoli Ave. No. 10. over
287. Colon FOR SALE.-1951 4-door Pontiac, Roebuck- .
KFC .c -:* .pot refrigerator 25 19,000 miam, original owner, 1.- FOR SALE, Wire hair terrirs. 7 M RE NTm- ;sag
cyc. 'C.C 0776-A, William- 70000. 145 Pedro Mguel. Tel- weeks old, pure bed. Call Pnama bLoad Euaope-Ai mb
son Place.Balboa. ,. .- phone 4-577. 3-6272. 44th Steret, Colimble ni) for one or a
SFOR SALE:-1947 Unica ln 5 psse- Avenue., oppositet Baby lndL
gWr couple. over radio new apartment -S..'" .. Of. -"A--
WANTED point. $500.00, with $150.00 .
down. Phane Alrook 618. FO SALE B
Miscellaneous m FOR saU -ir o ceyr.a 2 FOR. SAE w
WANTED TO BUY: One second Ds La. e Sed... MPt me iReal E e-- -
hand piano in good condition. Type tires ad palL A re buy FOR SALE- blishd quick wervic S
suitable for moving, light weight. $"175.00. laundry as the heart of Colon.
call Specil Services. Coco Solo SMOOT & PAREIfS Truck, machinery and equipment 2
8641 during working hours. Eiclk Ch0eelet OsM to 3 '/2 years old. Opportunity fo 1 .
United States couple EXPECTING PERSON A LS "" '" c'"b he...
PANAMANIAN CHRD' reres PERSONALS macde Wth if wh red orw a rntala
unfurnished two-bedroom hot water ifLovotico 805y4. 11th St. Colon Ar ba eaa 3
apartment or house by July 1. REMINDER TO TEENAGERS:-Re- or o 805411th St. Colon P b from a
Call Panama 3-4808 or 3-3226. Ister June 1, 2, and 3rd from 0 e an cra
a. m. to I I a. m. and 2 p. m. at FOR SALE:-Sax apartment house ina st4 M to lle
WANTID ALIVEI--aby Tkie., $3. Balboa 'Y'a (31 months ballron desirable suburban section. Brings am on g
00 each. Pelsoe snakes, beat donce t urse ONLY $10.00. Timre good profit. Price $8.000.w dl Y,
and ethers. 239-I Pedee Miguel. is getting .hort! Be popular and Owner ossumes first mortgage. Tel. 11111,1171111 2 ,
have friends. Harnett & Dunn. 2-358. T U. o l
WANTED:--Track Caterpillar Trac- r U
6. Central Avenue 28. Help Wanted Position Offered ,4w ". W S"r,,.w ,as
phone 3-467/1. _______ _______ ___ il-
WANTED TO BUY: Ceiling fan, WANTED: English speaking maid WANt'D:-FuH time used car Soles- J we bi pluin
oscillating table or hassock type. to live in. Experienced in child men. Apply personally Smoot & an kl O b t b
25 cycle. Quarters 89, Ft. Clayton, care. Apply house No. 24, 48th. Paredes, 3. A. *i t kd to ho-
telephone 3112. St., Panama after 4:00 p. m. L r al i WO trbsat-d
WANTED:-Maid for general house- LOST FOUND --
I N SE OL Cwork, 5 days a week. for family fLt t &t mot
SNSof two, no children. Apply 1469-A, LOST: Brown pinto pony. Finder ofI $wbdJhLJbAoff And
Holden Strect, Balboa, Telephone PLEASE telephone Panama 3-3035 Wn Of the
COTILLIONS:-Doncing classes f o r 2-4393. craA'hl Iifen P -t the casualty
Junior High and Senior High School-4393.hp- toHbeI t mu
ing In popularr ballroom dancing Wall St. Broker Ship Docks Here o
as taught to the Horace Mann and i* for the low
Dalton School Students in New Killed In Fall Wit Fire In Hold .hrat
York by Llona Sears, formerly with i l l Coming in from the sea wiLh n e riote low
Arthur Murray and recently with From Window fe mulderong in her hold, lhnlpJ.e others by
the Fred Astaire Studios in New rom W ind w Loulde Iombofen a h hold, 0SS. l s
York. For Information call Llona s o -t German R Lublt R 1 agr W Msna36-t-d 11-"b
Sr Paonma 3-1 565. I NEW YORK, May 25 (UP) fr uhtr bound from Sout M wheree"
Frederick Comutt Rogers" 44. A A1A&gaf oSanFrancisco wastIF k oe
CONVERSATIONAL SPANISH. Mrs. -mber o s Wall Street broker-per tot do t Pier 6A e.Prnk Woodley,
Romero's practical system. stu- age firm, w killedah ortly before md-ight
diante St. 77-A No. 2 whenbhefell from a.ninth floor tdbat. ebalehortraybefore.mid- i egers soai so
window of his P lush Fifth Ave- Afterthe cr shnarmSA
wndwohplbifh y- n tion Indicated that the he turin-i off the f switch
The body narrowly mixed two fre was not Immediately dan- i d Ismveut fre
FOR SALE eThe mm d lkin mPat t wo re b. Crewmen started unlod-fi r eB-
women walking put the build- b cV-h .. of burlap-sacked s- accijeu '-at n us.
Boats & Motors lnR mt the time At onceun der the R Sn ea1e1 ount.
watchful Protection of Canal-Mo., ab7 t m e nounth.
FOR SALE:-Used 9 c. f. Internation- Rogers' wife, Mrs. Camille Zone firemen. o, -,,ut 10 e ,rth of
eI Form cuts tractor wilth plow and Bartlett Rogers, told Police her As the btlae in on the level. M City. Poliee sId the au-
harrow. Ca. Alfara S. A. Peru husband, d jus awakened from it wa torseen today that it wa'de.taena mn ue e -
Avenue. C. a na a apparently was try- mlgl be some time before it frde tavrn few rnutet be-
Avenue. ng to open a window when be co! d be located and e- zr" n
said she was sitting at& table careened riteo a
,P -. S ,n0d did not see him fall. W ilyS Back a. .. itS ...
iBAT cTR her backt. th window. w etereysd Baenk
AU5-5.d st~e- Rogers was a er of U h u and Mrs. Joyh with
F lagVn adenbergs plane on a
Panama's only modern SEE THE NEW rt=' wJ'g rSa ca? Rio .
Battery Plant. ELECTROLUX 3,'0"an'd r u here yester. bu s "

a mSecret 4-Nation
ii ..~ ss" B ^sssJg^


UP) ---

MtIta fr r I-


8: tt|BOn Alarp lOgai


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'U ?CUT"

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U p.......
,:ZU* e4 ,Z ^^ "

jtjMZhe Recod (00.W4 ~a t
the es qg
f t .4. ,

-" Send Free M h r
tu. I
it .* .. I ..

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?- ^ .... '.. .

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B-t: 4-

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r-.6, '-., i '. ., ,.- -. .. .. *. -.
'.' ,d .! .' ,. :*' s:. ,_' '" ** "* '^' ''
"' :'-' "-, ".1? -V* *-e.,... : ..". -*

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; oouru.

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so o --.ral -
ab to= I
She werth bspeai.
oftbr08 aodded mhave no la-
me ono useoofsoto- on 0
an ffin -be nblI gem
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eyes bil"
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W keepyou q -bound
0per ed.
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In a" anr of Sln!
with -
A OAB or THouaS.I..:. I
mwB1 SMIToD 0I3 3O1! .
Ma &U .n 3.MB nJ 3aU -

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zata6IS IM am3


"Te Story
of Three

mS '1 A..Man r.nmnwArt

Starred In a searing story
of. the lucrative blood-
' money racket..l-!

We Iave mold all ailable spot time on Your Community Station HOG!
No more contracts for spots can be accepted until June 1.

Believig that there is a saturation point for spots,
we are free i to announce that we can broadcast
no more addislosal apots until June 1 at least.

However, there are several eholel times for programs still open.

One of the bwet ways of getting your *ale message over
tothe Eugli-language audience is through HOG,
because we do not fill up your time with hundreds of spots.

Therefore, your advertising message is not lost. HOG radio spots seul

....Following is the list of advertisers who got in under the wire.m

Lucky Strike
Pall Mall

Hary J.


Case Fastlich
Parisien Furniture


Philippie RleMtn Furaiture
Sears, &ehbuck

* -~;


American Protection Society

Chieraedet (tethpaste)
Distribuidoro Electrice

Lady Lauox (hair dye)
El Agpla Imperial (building and leae)

Pan American Airways
Real-Ki (insecticide)
Sylveni (Estate Ranges).

,,,'. ..


C.t Visio
Pqh S B



First Ckhuw Crist
the Sciewat
Seventh Day Advelist

don'tt you be left out.

$Lgn up for a program now.

our Sales Manager, Tom Greey S066 and he will tell
*i how ye%, e, a beot yr sales ad w eamse profits. m







mour Xommunitiy stItQn *


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- SAL &ft-4arfi.

bn tbe tes-
tad Ruth


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' Ifi. TI P. c




Wallop Phillies 6-

.' ,: .


2 Bases Louadcld Triples

Feature Terrific Rally

NEW YORK, May 25 (UP)-The most memora-
ble big innings in Philadelphia since the 1929 World
Series put the Dodgers back into a pennant mood
Swinging savagely against lefty ace Curt Sim-
mons and four successors, the Brooks pounded out
12 runs in the eighth inning to set two major league
marks and tie a third in a 16-2 humiliation of the
Phillies yesterday.
The battling Brooks scored all of their 12 runs
before an out was made to top a previous major
league mark of 11 set by Detroit against the Yankees
in 1925. And both Peewee Reese and Carl Furillo
hit bases loaded triples to set another mark. The use
of five pitchers by the Phils in one inning tied a third
The Giants kept up their fast pace with an 11-3
victory over the Pirates while league leading Mil-
waukee topped the Cubs 5-4, then lost 5-2. The Cards
topped the Reds, 2-0, behind five-hit pitching by Ger-
ry Staley. In the American League the Yankees
breezed to an 8-4 victory over the Red Sox while
the Indians twice defeated the Browns, 5-1 and 9-8,
to move into second place, three and one-half games
b-hind the New Yorkers. Washington topped the
A "-'ics, 6-3, and Chicago defeated Detroit, 3-1. ,

MINi($ ON LINKS-Golf has come a long way since old socks
were used to cover clubheads. Fashion plate Jimmy Demaret
wraps wood clubheads in mink and ermine, the last word in links
luxury. (NEA)

REAL BRAVES-Whn the Braves. moved from Boston to Mil.
wwaukee, the allegiance of an air combat crew on Okinawa went
with them. The boys have worn Braves' caps on more than 20
missions over No rthKorea. They are, front row, left to right,
A/2C Robert E. Manly, Roodhouse, Ill.; A/IC Wayne E. Hummel,
Harrisburg,Pa.; A/2C John C. Corlson, Valley Strea4,t N.Y.; and
A/2C pau N. Mayer, Schoharie, N. Y. Back row, same way, are
1st Lts. David E. dward, rakli Pa., and Harold & Rummel
Colorado Springs, Colo.; Sgt. Troy D. Tignor. Fort Worth; 2nd
Lt. Joe M. Trotter, Columbia, S.C.; and A/1C Donald R. Chirn.-
__s__ side, Tulitn, eO. (NEA).


Jwlts Arosemena Ave. At 2th Street

; '. + + _

: lack Sa

54P y, In Clasgio

TEAM- Won Lost Pet.
Milwa~uke.. .. It 11 %U
St. Louis....... 18 .12 I
Philadelphia ... 17 12 .
Brooklyn....... 19 14 .9
New York ..... 18 1i .$ J .
Pittsburgh... 12 .J7
Chicago. ....... 1 It,, 357
Cincinnati.. .... I .333
Cincinnati at Milwakee (T-N).
Brooklyn at Philadelphia (N).
St. Louis at Chicago.
New York at Pittsburgh.
(First Game)
!Milwaukee 050 000 000-5 4 0
Chicago 200 200 000--4 11 2
Antonelli, Johnson, Bicktord
(-3) and Crandall; Hacker I
'1-7. Simpson and MeCiUll0ugh. CLASSIC FINISH-(Tp) rack
ialwatskt. Sambo noses out =Su'a M i
S-- after a brilliant -bom tlrt
(Second Game) duel in the d 2,o00 addo4 ]
Milwaukee 000 000 200-2 10 0 Espinosa Classie at Juan Ptte
Chicago 300 000 02j4S 12 0 yesterday afternoon. Don Tsnl
Buhl (2-2). Antonelli. Jolly, Is third. two lengths behind the
Wilson and Cooper, Crandall; two leaders. Bottom) Mrs. Loui
Klippstein (3-2) and Atwell. Martin, owner of the victorious
--- Black Sambo, proudly holds'the
I Cincinnati 000 000 000-- 5 1 black horse's reins In the win-
St. Louis 010 000 lOx-2 4 0 near's circle while trainer Agus-
Nuxhall (1-1). Collum and tin Soanes looks on. Bias Agul-
Landrith; Staley (5-1) and Rice. rre rode the son of Goldwyn-
Dancing Girl.
IBklvn. 100 101 0(12)1-16 15 0
,Phila. 010 100 0 0 0--2 7 2 The Haras Carinthla!5 clAeMy
Meyer. Hughes. Podres (1-2). four-year-old native thorough-
Erskine and Cnmoa ella: Sim- bred Blaekl Sambo yesterday
mons (6-31. Miller. ansen.8tuf- afternoon once more confirmed
fel. Peterson and Burgess, Lo- the experts claim that-he Is th
pata. best native at the loc*I tral k
S=---- ". by nosing out harld-iunnf
New York 120 102 122-118 1 'n Moon in thrrll- lnt fll*
Pittsbureh 001 001 10n- 3 8 1 stretch battle in the 2,O000 4d1
Jansen (4-3a. Wilhelm and ded seven tfrlong Raul tpla u
Westrum. Noble: Lindell (2-5). Classic at the Juan Franco
Pettit. Hetki, MacDonald and Race rac k.
Sandlock. Bla Agirre rode the whi-
ner. Jose Bravo had the 1 M ip
AMERICAN LEAGUE on Sun's Moon. Don T9it-.
TEAM- Won Lost t. finished third, two la-eu
New York...... 23 10 .697 bid the two leoaa 0 '
Cleveland .....18 12 M f rtil brought up the -ear,
Chicago....... 21 15 .583 Boston ..... 19 15 .55 lunD' Moon carried li
Washington. .... 1 17 .514 13 lees thn B .MLaMhan
Philadelobhi .... 16 21 .432 At the tart mutuels eh*.
St. Loils. ...... 12 21 .264 bon Temi shot to the fret and.
Detroit.. .. .... 10 26 .278 Wut out a sis g-pace wile
going under restraint. Black
TODAYS GAMES Sambo kept in delost. pt lt,
Chlearo at St. Louls (N). four lengths back t Ohe Iead.
Philadelphia at Wasbington (N). er, until two ,furlongs out wheIr
Boston at New York (N). 1 he was jolne by SufA'i V 0A
(Only Games Scheduled.) Iand two gazed radl #1et
-.-- + leader tin fon r hor ,
Philadelphia 00 000 010-4 9 Temi olh the oatda e
Washington. 420 000 OOi-66 0 Upon saved ground oni *b4t
Martin (2-3)- Rozek, Newso t sirad they battled bs eand
and Astroth: Marrer (4-2) and head right 0donlr t tho lF;*wil
Fitzgerald. with the Samlo scoring by halt
--- a head. The odly other starter
(First Game) in the race, Portal, trailed all
St. Louis 001 000 000-1 4 .1 the way.
Cleveland 104 000 00x-5 4 0 The winner's time was 1::4 -
Hollomrnan (1-2), Paige, Bre- excellent time on the .unddy
cheen and Courtney; Wynn track. Black -ambo, s4eond
(5-1) and Hegan. choice In the bttg, returned
$4.80 an 2.4, -
(Second Gane). Besides 'thi great tkMW
St. Louis 030 200 003-8 12 2 fian were treated to sewea
Cleveland 010 410 21x-9 12 2 other exciting finlb vbet l
Cain (0-21, Larsen, Pilge and the nlghtesp farnplhia* po
Courtney; Garcik, Hoskins (2-0), silbly the best ani-sh f all
Brisse, Hooper and Foiles, He-S ve i ma9 bi lib6 eo_
gan. recgitd to k_ tth .een-
Boaton 300 000 010-4 8 n -oOne of he hoi w A
New York 042 200 00x--8 13 0 labatda wh r k d erom pot
Brown (3-2) Kennedy. Free- to post to6-e tun o'-v e-r,.
man and White; ,aln (4-2z iand win ducate The Mimd-Alalb4rda
Berra. second double pl '$176.40. This
Chcao,--', 00'-i 6 1 was nothing comepard the
C h lc a t o 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 2 -- S 1 .as c ot c h1 G.Mt t o e -
Detroit oln 000 000-1 7 0 Scote O vue't one-
Fornieles. P.arden, Keegan two in th. fi f n whc, h re-
(1-0) and Wilson: Gray (0-6), turn- aw lucy backr $1,-
Herbert and Ginsberg. : Cbu which cored
its thIrd straightt vit. paid
$60.60 whlM upsettig a field of
the tralk# Clau "Vh horses.
The ihtcal was won by
Mirsato in a picture lt4sb
over clanp Great .. i
Agulrra agaln rode as though
-".. 1 his li .depended on the outt-
come to lust nip thb weakly
Handled Great 0me at the
T..PA K wk.1 .. "- ,
Third A se M Uda

Ceonto tloi the first half
them worked 'a usa tional

.] The Warm-Up. Basketball
League of the Balboa Armed.
;. ,. rvices Y.M.C.A.-U.o,. ended
Air Polie e Won Lost
5700th Maint 4 2
AACS 4 .

TWO OF A KlND..Rock La- "

fin of Washington has his hands ZLU
full showing off 46 and 45- 700tb Buppi
pound efi* bass caught on CAIRC
I A er l Poon troll-2tAg
chrosl-m1440" ron troa l 29th Air Rem
IN.,, to. ,K I .c. (NEA) Air Bae o

f.Ka' Itt.aW ^ ~~ Rodmian
-CEMm 15 % th Maval
imaOm.CAU.'V(UP -Eighty- Scheduled
ye-eiM Qeorp 1 Dwyer of nigt in tthe
Piums UlMl yhing soon Po.- p.S. Sumia
a am dr* l-Ocenhe, but he piL Te
,'aio ea IaIgetting e T
.. 5_901 dM ei
*-4 ^ h-i C



4 0
I -1
* 3. s
* 2
_ ^ ; ,+ :1

3 i-," 1

nbiSu 'os un'

Fi Lo? dBS 7'*

AI t l hma



MiSnatoata, paid $4.30 In wTi- w w BMRAM
Sth $70 Clas ev 1-Black ab 4 .40
f g test. The time was a 2-Sun's Moon $2.40
fa&t 1:302/5. I I._

"The dividends;,,

"r=- r W., AO,.I., 2.20
-.Don-ora $2.0 $ -,

_1-Dta 4 t4. 2.40

,,y O a-e: (ealdea Mp-Di
J ,lb

.anmd) sL2.<

a--Cfte; & (ZI40, 2.30
3,- = ( ea. -Cei Va-

2--Carea d atao 46

b--re a e m .H,"..
k-oeaa ^
-CoqAu Vn Ft
Ott BEiM*^^ft L OPii~ik':^t-
1-Ulnatoata 2apO- .

M-raOM us"L~

33-Car Field Coipteted

For Indianapolis Race
() t I-

INDIANAMOL a, Indl., may 2k
(UP) The ,-car starting
field for Sud&y's 500-mawo
Indianapolis. ott speedway
iuto race, e numbers ;n
parenthe=i .
Drivers .
ST ow.
(14) Bill Vukovich, Fre-
no, tl. ........ 138
(59) Fred Aab n,

(32) Andy Linden, LoBs
Angeles .. ....... .
(98) Tony iettehauson, P .
Tinley, Park, I. ... 13.
33 ROW
(55) Jerry .HoLi, 4a-
napolis ........... 135.71-
(21) Johnnie Para .
Sherman OakM C 1w
(3) Samn 'adis .,
bank, tL : ....... 7
!i ROW ,- .
(92) Rodger Ward, L,-A
(2)Bob Sc0tt,1
(16) Art Cro L,
(41) Gene *_
Wayne, tnd ......
(23) Walt

(97) Chuck Itv son,-
7nwum ",. .. .. .

(4) Duan. c arter'I, ,-
dianapols...... ...I AS

(49) 13 Hot

<.n r. ..
c ity Va

(M) Jim r e, aIon :

Ni ll,. At. ....


bo so t
m r, sqON

CaiMtor Band

Dllman. .... ..
Dude y. G7
JarM^" 'r *.. -. *

alerY w*

... 6 2

macr ."


lit BJteol

2. r .
,is "-*-'
*8C r

79 91 324-3X
60 86 X3-2z
73 80 310

Sit 2S x
48 8 21

64 44



I .~ ~
k ?,

..~,. 'I



-t'"! ,

', ,"-' ";--''


Z^ T s~f^ ia-l^ ~L* *' '' "'f f"-

OY LM-f 's~


-.~~ .*v& .A A


Ama tr Crown. Tday

40 Qth r Persley Is Hungry Fighter Ready
OtheTo Tackle Cart.r Victs

TNW YORK. May 25. After a., Arthur was
1ftreWatr leoat, tnyone caught
l far women wrestling addicts. one stat. lter
The suckers who took the o s to 1# veteran
aride to Chicago to see he ae ls
Walcott short change steak thi
bat himself ae watll
t remselves in the pants. hm to Te-
o t on dark geam,
Up ur J acket d -have had their d
)DWn Mide streets and built up.
an bout There is noag but
ws. to- reao bout Paers-e,
.'- im Parkwa Afna, hard way, cuaslding oa s
o Mch o h I e IM pounds.
pI moehor. wta- have you, and t A r u
Ss o me rare l Arthur Perley is a r a
-dArthur Persley. in full stride real thIR1 still e etap
at ,A, ik so positive that ofhed they ae to
ace tforhat a e

Question: There I* abman oa llit of doubling and
Srow atthe um o r, first bae with e Th. wl~ a left i aI
SWhe e e a hth W OR 1 w The cat herthroews. m tebo ad st a e rt

sonP from t e a, y oi a IDo peerfect, fi eld, bad to got against the. o tea
I t l br Inoanea Drab &te oln ) Ittupten- l Iir i l1 h e" Ifsituation settled to a "Mr P t ber"
p y e ra e t bu It up un er "vping right," slaka m, "but never error ? fa h out where Llo Arthur didn' the As atl Sdie fS
~d~I owr mezeory lar .he 04 "p X d up, know when he's 'gonna e pose Answer: @ yt e r er a fight from May o ff 13 5 t- ein. We fral
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WASHINGTON, May 25 (UP) ".Let the people know the truth ad the country is safe" Abraham UnL eolW.
disclosed a new plan today for
bringing future American pris- TWENTY-EIGHTH YEAR. \ PANAMA, R. P., MONDAY, MAY 25,1963 # 1"Qth'tOCP OP0Q f
owners of war back home with- that the

The plan still subject tot
toplevel approval but UN Gives Co munis
certain of acceptance would
avoid the pitfall of the first T T T a
prisoner exchange last month.
At that time the military to
li protest for segregating andTo Think Over New Truce Pan
pinning a "Red label" on 23
released Americans. PANMUNJOM, May 25 (UP) Some reports had circulated principle of no coercion of pris- demand taht no prisoner be ore- 11
A Defense Department spokes- The United Nations handed the that the Allies were making it owners while their fate Is being ad to return to cosmmuhism Ii tJ. th. billW
man said that in the future all Communists a secret plan to end a now-or-never proposal, a "fl- decided. through coercion or tfar of In- M id, but W u ve
prisoners of war will be treated the Korean war prisoner dead- nal" plan, with rejection mean- define capt ttty while a politi- 2 :,,
and returned alike, lock today and then gave them ipg a throw-back of the con- In rejecting the eight-point cal conference dragU on. Ea profits iaz l n- te
A new plan is based on ex- a week to think it over. ference to the Indefinte recess Communist plan for an armistie, to sheduled.o M
perience gained from the re- Two brief secret sessions lasting from Oct. 8 to the re- the Allies had proposed to re- .
turn of the group of 149 re- were held today following an cent exchange to ailing war lease all North Korean prisoners Iiaa l A. ead 1
leased Americans. eight-day recess, and American prisoners. refusing repatriation, and to W ^ ,
It also reflects the general military police kept newsmen Sources in the best position to free Chinese in the same category A that
feeling now that the much- from approaching the confer- speculate indicated plainly that after two months In custody f 5cTa ke Oereect_ M. _i-__._
discussed Communist "brain- ence hut or the U.N. staff's the Allies were ready to give a neutral. h equdset for a six-moit e _6 M
washing" technique has been tents nearby, some ground on the basic issues The Communist plan had call-- extM -". : .
overestimated at least in the Lt. Gen. William K. Harrison, of the deadlock. ed for all prisoners refusial re- IN aI lISU Other Republicatt .
extent it was used on Ameri- chief Allied negotiator, declined They said the Allies probably patriation to be handed dyver to saI4 tim cdmmittel.-
can POW's, the spokesman said. to talk about the brief conferen- would modify their stand on the neutral custody for "esplant- HAVANA, May tt Z (UP) reject his plea for a e A r
All of the prisoners, he said, ces, explain why secrecy was im- first two of three basic disagree- tonss" Havana University tu o oc- the iesen
were exposed to the Red pro- posed or tell why the new seven- ment over what to do with cap- Those still unwilling after coupled nea all o t cla- Trade Adt which Is
paganda indoctrination, but day recess had been granted. tives unwilling to go home after hearing the explanations would rooms here today t univer- die Jun 12. .
there is no evidence a ns yet Communist orrespon d e n t s an armistice. They were: be held for a decision by a hlb alydi rectors to aknow- Martin was asked wi t
were subjected tsevere psy- said they were told by their del- 1) A proposal by the Allies to level political conference a e the 48-hour strike call had any splfle ai t tAh
chologiecal torture. ps egation that Harrison had sug- release all Korean prisoners in an armistice. made by the Federatli of Uni- bill t oltf comnltMte .
The non-segregation of any gested the secret sessions which Korea when an armistice Is Some quarters now akoqt versity students. "I hope the majority Of n@
prisoners egregasents the major cut off the outside world fromsigned. it likely that the new he student strke was called comm will the
prisoners represents the major wat w s nside w truce 2) Divergent plans for dispos- proposal would agei te -have In protest against- hantences cautSe the tax bill Is tti he
change in repatriation plans what was said inside the truce ing of prisoners still refusing re- the fate of the prisors to the imposed by an eM court replied.
The basic plan will remain the hut.
same to give the men the Under the secrecy agreement patriation after a period in neu- political conference. O several stud by Martin and en.WIm I Ftat
stmedi temenandl the United Nations Command tral custody. But the sources th t the the government of ttmptng to
best medical treatment and fly the Unsited hh Nmations Comman 3) Allied insistence on the Allies would stand pat on their take over Camp t
them back to the United States withheld information Qn what maln Cuban army arters,
as fast as possible, the new plan, drawn up during m.u CsEater. rters,
In the future the aim will the recess in top-level discussions Shorts have been heard inside
be to counter Communist in- among representatives of gov- the university but I t ea ni
doctrination of prisoners by ernments involved in the fight- autonomous, I ty au ties VIr
"letting the American way of ing, contained. autoe been unable to go 4Y to SI k "
like speak for itself," a depart- Gen. Mark W. Clark, supreme hatore ordered unable to go to
meant spokesman said. commander of the United Na- store order.
tions forces in the Far East, The students have b al.
Mbu te d i brought the Allied plan, believed y refused to attend as Thieve. I rte the -
M A 0 neto be a "final" proposition, to d orderede._tvW Big
Panmunjom yesterday. ft
v Clark spent two hours with
SveSouth Korean President Syng-o re av
man Rhee this morning in con- or r
section with the truce talks.
From Furious Mob It was believed Clark ex- I l
NEW YORK, May 25' (UP) In an effort to persutd. him
Two mounted policenen rescued s acept the decisions made
a killer yesterday when, he was W ington and London.
atttcksd with rocks and be h ase- iet obje ed vehemently
ball bats by an infuriated mob to any truce which would have
of ball game sOWctltors in Cen- his country divided or permit
tral Park. r o 1Chinese Reds to remain on Ko-
dwagena 42, was rean soil.
outed ftrolm the hands of a CeBacked by Wa4hington and
crowd ojfSunday afternoon other Allied governments, the lr e '
pleasure e e k e r s whoe had Allied proposal sought to end aO

athe tspeedy harr ofvthe u nt s n d o natou n with Lac on. Mfraeid reort lm-it
ise anl aero ed n h deadlock of more than a year e h.

Udite ch ares. irons d fost Kor ea. horr oreduhde wn th Germnsta nnceo the rherm a utomobs eal
Mrs. CameaO o,2, with re- over the fate of war prisonerser p e rs 1 ave e et
peted strokes of a paring knife unwilling to return to Commu- s to t h,
The speedy arrival of the nist domination.e alarma l r o. t. g," ": K.
mounted patrolmen, who charg- Clark had nothing to say of t h- r -
ea into the mob with their the truce talks when he arrived so(N hTbd at t ork ro n laelltdrsdt said a z'"A- | "A l
horses, was credited with saving at Seoul yesterday. He did say. IKE MEETS SPELLING CHAMP llizabeth Hess, 13, po f tte de"orat did not use
Cartagena's life. He was treated however, that his visit concerned the National Spelling Bee, visits Preside t Elsenhoon, a&the pnyVstel l .a"* aw aA
t o a hospital for severe cuts and a talk with Lt. Gen. Maxwell D. White House. The President told the Phoenix, pu edreport that te w
bruises and later booked on ho- Taylor. commander of AlliedW schooler that, when he was her age, spelli i often, hl s an pudUri ooseve t f rm

rises investigation b ous a spy tod e den b n on h o ei t i theyk n were free sHowvr hlateer abrked oI 1 11g I
miide charges. the round forces in Korea. great difficulty. For instance the vior s esyzy. e Sr automobile. he

The World's Smartest 'D detective
example, secretly training 15.- German high commissioner for have eeeL, o e rman returned
By COLLIE SMALL 000 Norwegians and 3000 Danes Norway. AboL.t eleven o'clock with relhl to the b usifL of
Srt d so that they could rush into ven called and asked that the

(The of bp e lb h Hasr mAte ic th o a their respectltive countries n at inPcheon be postponed until For al tathowever hehas -
o t history ie Harry o derma estheace seventh who was the war's end and maintain the following day. About two recently bu ito co
brought to anma from Sweden last year to investigate the order. In Berlin, Ribbentrop i0o clock the capitulation came. tad h a Nft S grua
bizarre disappearance here of a transient millionaire, was reported to have cried out, "I Later that afternoon, sitting on smothedo by o pal r s atr a ..
started yesterday in the Sunday American Supplement. It will bomb Stockholm"' when a barrel of dynamite, reading the Instmtue0 of Techi lcal -
was too long to cram into the available space, and too good he heard about it, but Soder- Mein Kampf while the fuse lice, ant.A tmU heO v t
to cut. It is concluded today...ED.) man, with the support of the sputtered and snlzled, Terboven Imprealo that the wOId''
Following his Reichstag-fire The period during World War Swedish prime minister, went committed suicide. Fehl.s wait- master detective is
investigation, the ubiquitous TI found Soderman back on his on with the work, and the ed a day, then shot himheL afraid of bam ing
Soderman appeared next in the home grounds in Sweden for plan was put into effect a ei Soderman heard the an- bureauVc at. At othelry
United States. Aware of his the most part. but he was, if scheduled when the Germans nouneement of the German bemoans the fUt Athatc i *'*A
bakgrund, the New York Po- anything, busier than ever. surrendered. surrender over the Oslo radio. nals have' T6net imp
lice Department had asked himh his record shows the .r Several months before the Immediately, he rushed to techno q much m
to t up a badly needed lab- he was sympathetic to the Al- capitulation, Soderman v a s rni Prison, outside the city. The si on so a
oratory. While he was doing lies. he was nevertheless mor-also bard at work on another where some 6000 loyal Norwe- "They are i"
this with one hand, so to speak, ally bound, as head of the Plan, tl i one calling for the glans were imprisonedtand he Said notwasM ."AILA.
he was heavily engaged with Swedish police, to keep an eye rescue of political prisoners in standing in the courtyard with do Is run around ito.d =l do-
the other in writing what turn- on both sides and act accord- Nor'way. On about the first of tears streaming down his ing the san t over mnd m
ed out to be a classic book on ingly. At one point, the Gesta- April, 1945, the time was ripe cheeks, Soderman told them over aain.
modern criminal in vestigation po sent a spy to Sweden in an to begin negotiations, so Sod- they were free. However. he
in collaboration with the late effort tokget information on ermkn went to the Norwegiani asked the prisoners not toleave oder id
Chief Inspector John O'Con- the activities of several Eng- d frothe and sent word that he Grini until be had secured or- g&sadly, tam '.14
nell, of New York. ConsMidered lishmen, a mission which Sod wanted to see General Fehlis, der in Oslo. Then he rushed sto enL .
Standard exf, it is now in erman found out about simply the Ctano chief for Norway. the Oe ofiriso twhereo t her mre i a .t0 &
.'s fourth edition nd hra sold by opening the Gestapo man's The next day Fehils arrived were more political prisonets, burglar In Uoekholm tOu "
som e 100,000 copies, which he mail. After following the lor-at ter e h rontier and agreed tn and did the oame thing. Final-,years ,go,
undoubtedly some sort of rec-respondence for several weekr, talk with oderom an in the ly, although he was a Swedepsayras
bloderman also spe n salt ix agent was about to contact a lce official, be in Oslo in the wisut plaoe, ome was
months with the Manhattan certain Englishman who pnut- Soderman examined thl t he took over the radio station, making n ioe Ngge
his principal memory of that in Stockholm of a British Ueal phisoners out ol Norway liquor shops and announced up to the la ei ,'
nterlude revolve around ahsin- dental-supply firm, r anwet. Sweden in busse all- the boss, temporarily. he quicly oDt .
phen seven murders wes were nothing." the Gestapo agent re- m lo td nit sstem, and he One of the first to hear ofermp e. t
reported. Even to roderman ported in a moage to Berlin. promised to be o thate odrnn regime was the '1 .rt
stil expresses wonder at It. He Soderman concluded 'that he Fewlis promied to think i ho n uspeete. $dong, au uest a do
Ide recalls rather saltily that had better find out more about e quisling. STh e-,n wa- just, it
be was frequently beaten Englishman and hi, den- Sode waited all durin forcing his Winto the-c rn-how e
apinrs. "This is a very pecu- he found there a enormous ed the German on the tele- up it wa the eOrto

-~U $suceeeeod'@ Di he. i/reply arrested th.,n hnth Uk ..lm k W.I .. -,. ...... ., aftr"c .'.. .-.,

a -omosto-Rt c -Te sw ue "BMIN, ,WA.I.I
aet it 15 t In other dl,' "cij ms, H- date for the tng t)r ,, a .=Jl I4 c e ong
.. a Lgood deal of time, .meo ne


a nm

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'1 i. ,' 'I


POWs Not To Be

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