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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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~.-. ~
--C- .rr.'v
.. .~ -*r
V.- .j..

b q

-Abraham d


k P i r : "& r r A ..




ena ratlon
carter of iL
omt wwim-m4

r rwuab v
In the i
mit Red
wnd vel
os from
-r p -


bi rr irs In Zone

,d a nde Facing Severe
Umi roed four and tny lm t
over of U.S. endie, op t l : .

o- Losses in Move ||
woatr- a a Incl m contractor$ n -
ato s lcARtipokesmadt 2ove1tono

Ssdbt t .-.. materials e r con-owned contracting firms operating on Army
wir. teu woth an nd t ither- whith certln eeptlo~, s* liatons OR the COnal o"ne were meeting this after
li. ame t how hend wtr bth r is s r i to discuss plans to protect themselves from severe

of the fthe whroat .eer hp- flood sand., lockedd by the directive from the Secretory of
r ceiSea ae l e t on l re to th em yesterday ofter they had been smmo
i aente ,ndhto W cfd .~i.g they would ndata, tie f. Cayton by the USAttCARIr Engineer, Col. C.
Sat. barI were a asdlrs, theta construction men pointed out today
h whic h ein cepted their housn le es in Crundu had been renewed n o

S, *l per cent or more to the T Sevef men also remarked that tbeir equim
Ar y *on rdale eW w hre renwed only last fall. S1erol met
'.Dmhte otbou ,e la, i yh. rt hrm of Il s theirasy0 1en-tedt
iB KC~ee <)nSi%5aiteer Co tmany doe po*re cwata 'This direct order will be carried ont; The

B04.] 1 BeuIof C Vent on to a: fences Cpalnte ai

i32p 1rga -8ti MeHof Pan-
Ana. Bv~t1t 09 W uKW
la ws san. guflatlu, and until
some er previos are made
Swher e rIand Its con-
trto y Ifereign ma-
Arm Wtert;army m supplies of
SUB--i a be Se- exclu-
at, e' fly.______
S and d- Cubae Cons rotors
ot lead do-,
wa rttattei DrOwJoil T rms
T'i fml shaped T
" oof the 1# 19 T TWO OrS
r near,. TUOwao, 22 (UP)
k, Mich., ven yes-
O here. to IS o3 '%7 arrest-
flat farm- A d pg to
lB tU rear end o@ ef .theO. Columbia
abd shook it like of the ba army
up a resident
aine blocks wide r of t conspiracy,
Song, then leap- a l lE a Beepas Unl-
the Internatio- w, sentenced
I the St. Clair r'v-
ith full f u r y In man evolved, Eva
Iaa. a school teacher
then swirled east- i t- frontig the mill-
Canadian farm- ent st of the
heir foundati were arrested, was
is, knocking down 1t. lx mo1lhs in jail.
.power lines at teas were sentenced
Along a 301 t anths and three to one
*tii. .Sels

ma sulln H


L Hi
* 4
CIt 1


p Auic of a njL In ra o+
the rem e fm Abthe CVanal
Zoneat o" etaint and ma-

"Thea 'irt Infractions on
regard contractors have
not yng with the
terms of0 g ty."
With to the order
for th. a to clear their
eqfpoei fds heldd under
annual, whichare now to
be aaanC -nd to quit their
ho sa in S area the official
spoaespia a ded: :
il 'OI mn Is an added pre-
catl t Secretary of
AasWy t a re that we are
m tti e ter ms tf the trea-
Upon- hearing yesterday's
statement b Col. Bathurst that
,"Thlo Department of the ArMy
hs decided that contractors are
no longer necessary to the
Call Zone" and the order to
evacuate' that followed one
contractorburtt, 6o4t:-
"Why did you enourage us
last fall to bu up out areas?
Why do we g tlbsort of treat-
He was '-*ei v to ; orders
given the contatin.k firms lst
fall to clean up and spruce up
their lInet&latl@D& p*Ceral went
to considerable 3e0pnae for

og :

gate through pro- Vestbay, Navidad, Nrina. 1WA
as zones. If they antico, Walter and Orblt1Q.
ly or by ignorance, S bsequeatly the steanmhip
own risk and re- Wil1 was found to have gone
to China after clearing Sa
Wore e was ap- Hongkong for 4oL. Jwa". e
kgene .at Hong- reglratlon was cancelled NoT
aad.i, ugh he 11 1952.
e pos~ Minister
a now holds both Thi Rostre 4dle
on harbor tro g.
rder were signed In Xvembcr 9up
itl gaenal Eduar- in a.Chinese r
Bernardo Varga- was n Jan.
J51 the Panaman- st crw In ieenabr 0I2,
mati rqgasina-
hta. te ie 'wreb.27th
Sby then ad this year, thetIsi held
en th power m to by thwe.
"I=onuo:there- -hI* atei has
an" 'a many bee 4- has_
9- 's com-
iHe not atW bfet oher
id om ev which once,
ow her appeared.
S ige o, Agu- It was "very
WO "1.Wme ships were
Wre tellan names,
4. MOPnamanIan en-
< ,, (1,1 hftop that," he
o d .* r mcan we control
i => : ::'; --

nere ana leave, the sntnmw
uncertain until the men,
had more time to analyse
position, confer with final
backers and so on. Spoke
for at least two firms fo
that they would probably l
the Isthmus. One said:
"With the loss we are
to have to take, and the
pense of acquiring a yard,
Panama, we will probably
find it worthwhile to stay. IN
we go, we'll be sorry to disa
our good Panamanian
most of Whom have been wth
u_ for years."
Most of the contractors c *
to, the Canal Zone to perfoL e
defense contracts before Peit$,f'
Harbor. When the US was SiS. l
tacked, their staffs and equ*-
ment wee thrown into the uT-
gent immediate protection woo
"just as they would be'agan"
one man remarked. ,
Since the end of World V 3
n, the Defense Department i4
considered it advisable to *r-'
courage these contractors t
stay on here to provide for com*
petitive bidding on such .-
as arose, and to have firms with
the know-bow, equipment aod ,
financial backing on hand li
case of extreme em "r 'a ,
One man eo
that the recent
the application
American Act" here as it a
plies to Army contract

the Zone."

tm Cayuco L
To Fear Fish an

rV man and the
Shave met for the last
in lboa Harbor. if Canal
police are right about how. g .
yuco happened to be dri
yesterday off Buoy 13.
From the fact that they wnt
contained live bait, those wj
found it surmised that it m IR
have belonged to a lone Ishe-
man who fell overboard.
Piled up in Balboa Polkem
tion today were the nea
contents of the tiny cr=a.
Besides an oar, a netI -
a in telr, a bottle of k
a bottle of water, a pipe.
covered gword for keeping
dry afloat and a hal.
for balling, tue cayno
ed a Lattered dark bl
excellent English
Though police
coat waq mt being I L
arlu f owner. they
to '.r r M L. -i
ub 30i 6 I one
M IM n the other
deatify the ilthsmaa.

,*- `'-
S *.*.

* F


r ~

~*. -

hip ot Red-Tradin

r- -'"' ~~71;~""". __


.. i. : '_ *



"" -. *
i._,,. ,\-; !-
.. r/m+

i...... ".



. ..". I
nw weo

-0- "
.. PIn.I~SpHawEnO mv THR PANAMA AuIuCAN PmW. n1%
i *7. HN ars P o. ex a34. PANAMA. R. pP.
.s Lno' T N PANAO NO. -0o740 <4 L|Nm
o it O i. caN0 CenTR AvNAIe rtIWEEN a12T AND ta8m Orsa
341 MADOie AVg. NIw YORK, 417) N .
Ptf IN ADVANCS ----------- ----- 6 1.70 4 2.50
Vi0 EAR IN ABVANC---- 1- 50o 4 0&




1.e Mail. x is an open forum for rmode"As4 F*K' Amom.
ice. LAaers are received gratefully lend ore hId I' bi. -ealt
destfl .mour.
If yewcontribute a letter don't be'lmpattA* It ioetp er the
*ext dy. Letters are published in the order roeJi d
PWse try to keep the ttter limited to er-n pe T"agb.
Identity of letter writefn is held In strictet spel *.
This newspaper assumes no responsibility for statements s oipinio
expressed in letters from reaeors.

O- 0

To Imeanit:
So you are glad someone has guts enough to do something
about these useless pests down here! Well I'm someone who has
guts enough to do something about a cruel and heartlesa person
as you apparently are.
How can you have the audacity to write such a letter cheer-
ing the death of an animal which you know nothing about. (That
Is unless you poisoned it yourself, which I wouldn't doubt). When
a person gets to the point in life where he can cheer the death
of any animal, it's time to see a psychiatrist.
In my opinion you and the person who poisoned that dog are
both lower forms of animals, and when you get yours I hope it is
a slower and more painful death.
We don't need more of that sort of thing down here, what we
need is a Humane Society and fewer people like you.
My prayer tonight is that the next dog that approaches you
will know by instinct just what you are and will leave you limping
for the next ten years.
An Animal Lover

The contribution of I Mean It takes the old well known cake.
I would suggest that they move out the people and move in
us dogs.
It has often been said: "The reason a dog has so many friends
Is because it wags its tail instead of Its tongue."
Man's Best Friend


-ME A M= 500E




The only 100% fully polished diamonds on the market
. ~ \ ,\ 1I 1

*a r. Trade Mark.

13f7 `i'#j r a 15 o 137b

'' 4

S .
; ,

Labor. New"


National politics w1fiake no
vacation th i year. The politics
are hitting the road now
and many a smer st com-
pany will find itself pgmoag
with Washington's test,(t-
tractions-.ncludlQ& D Awfht D.
Eisenhower. ." '
The President willU the
hustings in June. In attempt
to offset a Democratic wabor
campaign to owipe te gmIor.ou
of his popularity -d wipe
his popularity out of the 1954
Congressional election. .-
The Democrats a ni tbir
labor allies believe n
take Congu-i away a the
Republicans next ya ey
can neutralize the
Influence -espeelally '-tahng
the women voters. So at the
moment there are at least
Democratic and Isbeo lpeohe
ers touring the nation. the
genial, quipping Alben Bark-
ley is heading for the wom-
en's clubs. Walter Reather's
Adto Union locals have been
told to head for the county
fairs -with lee water and
pamphlets for those who are.
hot and thirsty- both for
water and Information.
In some spots there will even
be movie stars and music. But
behind these gimmicks is a
deadly serious political battle
for votes to be cast in 1954.
, The feeling is that a Demo-
cratic-labor victory in 1954 will
end the "Elsenhower era." But
a Republican victory will prove
that It wasn't the Presidentt
personal popularity or an oul
pouring just of women weary
with the Korean war, but a
swing in national sentiment
which ended the Roosevelt-Tru-
man era.
So for the flrst, time the
labor people are shifting I n t
high political gear in an off-

During the first week in June, .WABSINOTON-(NEA
Walter Reuther will tell the of Commerce, which ha
country that CIO is on the po- exactly a left-wing o0
litical war path. That will open ne liberal on many of
a running attack on the OOP tigsI.
which CIO won't wind up ntil-, he. Chamber this
the ballots are counted 6. the fvvor tt repeal of tho |
1954 election night. has been on the statutE
The White House has made it It called for .encoural
clear that it wants no part of ports into the Utited 8
CIO -not only in its rejection interest, rather th l
of CIO's John Edelman as As. what gocds should IMa
sistant Secretary of Labor, but Iffs.
in its refusal to accept preylous Finally, the Chamber
administration policy wwh i c h sumption of trade with d
treated CIO as part of the gov- Curtain, though insist
ernment. strategic materials should
Now CIO will make Its po- "Commerce as a peac
tlon clear. It will no longer ing relationsMhi withL
treat Pre nt Elsenhower as the Iron .nutart
nat- ai 1auitary hero, but 8I ple y Statement
s Tha s.. "Severance of all tra
Te AFL will slower in _
making its oppostin felt pub-"1 t t .e i^ d t
licly but It nas already raised t e l. -- ,-u -.. -
several hundred thousand dol- .. Iron urt ...
lars for the 1954 camp'algn a- "Abeolute embano of
against the Republicans. cited by the rA tnoa
I ited by other ref asnd
If usually authentic Wash- pir other areaspnstfi
ington sources are correct, it The result of ao
is now a matter of time be- America's larget. buse
fore Martin Durkin quits the peeled to moan ofhiealc
cabinet with a nubile blast. advocates of. a Ilghe I
The feeling is that the See- specificalW, it Will Mag
retary of Labor now is merely ment on extsuion of
waiting for the bill of partic- Agreements act. as Drop
ulars to pile up. Then by the Simpson, Pennsylvania
year's end, or before, he will
resign. The 8ampso amend
tariff on lead
Meanwhile, some of the na- eign-produeed 'proleum
tion's top labor leaders re Commission with advoci
working closely with Democra- take away grown the Pre
tic National Chairman 8 t e ve ers to lower tariff rates.
Mitchell helping him raise TheW proglui.sare rli
funds, filling out a deficit here the trade agreements ac
and there, setting up meetings
at labor temples and union halls -....
and actually pledging that they T
will be in the '54 campaign
"more actively than ever be- .
One national labor leader has
been in direct touch with Harry
Truman since the ex-president's
return from Hawaii. It's now In a parts of b
reasonable to expect tt th the t theOretai ro Is
former Chief Executive will un- a t t
leash ome slashing direct re-
torts to6 Mr. Elsenhower -per.. the B
hap right from some labor cr go '.o
At' any event, the money for vi lsj I "

Soviet .I l c.
Sthe is h erti .the No the R i to rco
?at= sIt reaches its pitch erally frute dealings
in geAdsig months, will be West have.had WIf R mU
aled .4t Mr. Eisenhower him- and8 small "I UAm"
self, the labor leaders believe eas of q1VU010P1i3
that' was Ike's Personal P. oLf now
pulault -that won the ele. when
tion -.Wa they're set to try they U5-,
and "Ui Ibi down. The un. strong
ion et r.%af this belief on
som80 tu0ies made not too ,Se
long 'd ly the Afl's PoUbIU-
Cal I jt,.

whe e are OWO union got
memor they got out the vote
which gave Adal Stevenson the e s
city by a majority of 161,242. =oe 1 .
In etrot the labor peope labor people al- T
so say they ro up the 163,- o
835 majority for'Stevenson.
They've analysed hundreds of so a
Industrial precincts and believe g i
that the labor vote held u- t Ley
but was neutralized and boae
back only by Mr. Elslehowk i
Now they believe that with-
out the isenhower name at
the head of the R#ablican i -
et they can pile U. oen
ip the 1944 eleco 0o
Democrats control of Congress.
They then can really barg
with President Elenhower
and the Dernmcratic Party, to.
That's .why they're su


l _- j,



New Literals.

By Peter Edson

) The U. 8. Chamber expiration date of June 12. President Elsenhower
s never been considered has rqueted a simple extension, pending re-
utfit, has, nevertheless, study O'4eO entire foreign trade question.
f its new policy declara- In view of these new policy .tatements, It l
not eonrldrend possible that U, 8. Chamber
ar wenI on record in spokesmana can support the .mliVslamelnd-
.yh Alenrqlan act, which sments. HNw tr they will go In opposing tem,
Vooaks ste 19... h wevr. has not been dtrmined. .
Cement q( t.cred re tre is only man anea I which the
tate, with th natital 30r mere chamber of -CoMr pamfley de,-
cal interest, determine laraton f I .od. new,. lines .i geri. this
dmltte4 undet J IwerV- tre"d was tmoarqs pntttog t-nmationaj Interesti
4* b o above soclantpe
eowaies B IMd t .'tin Ofr ft maer of federal a forJilghwsy -
ing that shpments of struction, was one prb c
ld be embarked. rothe i0g 6;.
eful meBno of shataain- ed to
much tries (behind o ai bee je B f

e cae be moare haP wa

oIt s tI
thoyiat bloc wo0i4 be pay ba9b
us serve s a t PoWT M W
wfon*igngkofd po~l, for ed as ualt Ui

s oRpoulpra to m Wt* supfl :in
i the RuAS oeaMV Sd. r bem~lt ..
oasd Rp,.mebhaw It wei p P bly be too I t ept t
Repum&ean. the buMlaseAm mnt wt M favtar aoh te.
dueUnts un gdt sWit Ad the u.
imept. would the a e to fo m
, paek the U.0U. tsome uat the aa an e eM tto IW-
ate 6fd higher ta its tase epm ; e Jn 20. '..
elden .his prest W.- All fd mom cotrolrwet" deI
IlOle. but semenwas M
ider e a btill rt be au ftfroeziess
t for one year by o w.ges 90 days In an etgency.

Hiking With RusRuss ;....

By rc Bnioss t ,
n_ '----

SAmerican s
*.4.monstratoe I.


.' -. .

fie t'"

. I* ;.

Clark. who aP
tratjon Act, was paid. I1 51
in 1952, according to the ce Department's B

.an the to ooa et C ,ae to .tn
Set. He got d 11 ,I .
played gin rune n wuth key cOngrwmenrwe. ,
ran the tm to t e ohe1obby to t 1"to
wa t why anco, p relou randiloquent h
Ies ofR al a rd 4e aiis, 4heaalon ent WWOT
thogebsak 'M <' .l A
Wt tfured bhe could go over the heads of the ito No

to come his way.

Senator taft was speaking at a vleClub dinner al wi
wrl ben. d oef Connticut, and Yo
Heral bunee

ind& i oanr

s eld hld

gve ,
r t o a sndw .
Tae pue be regarded as the aoney between

Temper cent t redue t natio
-w- pAer uii; eatan for

S a vote d by te OP ade tow.

C t

I" T


I i


E~g4^^^| ftIJ H I 1111

__ _~

__ ___








S.. .



a new




of the c
at a reg
6 hall I


_ c~oi~iA

1 l w Av i wih .y pay.. ent. ,


1 2or 25 cydest

"' It o wher ecan you gpt a

* ibetler washer. Intilltatloh

-a fampwu name in. waidng smneMl .

1 r

ttan tt"

thu W64e

gave OIta t

Other. gustf at' M ious-t
and hmeon er.."-a ,r.A.
CiOtyilv Ulf am" au n. A
OtIlNm, rodr ^p the 3M'
teaoatonal r Ollk& ofrl -d"the
" h "", 0.
Fv fO t" r
tenaina te leaI ob t

Snow available at:


-A. M -f t -

. ;.- k i .


I-i- d

~. i -

2 ",' -) .


Sf. *. .

.o, ,; :i *' li~ .
-, .
.4.^ Ja

A"44. 7+,'t ,.p .

..1ew M io&e ffings!

Yt -at Ftlif to be the fint" tO"'bring you fuhion's
*AM nott tWlkwd W t c smt e acu is...the
t i- c~riakk tt sway and tinkle aa
u' ,.'. think you 'Ind 1 fnm to have several
iWU. leat's w ta w larMd, tihem 1.0. Choo, e from
ISe Ietr eat dealig M _gold or ilver fpaih.

".'. efnt Av. No. 6


With 2 Pants

., -

* $'l '50
1 so *f

a. Chapel bells
b. Snowdrops In
white porcelain
c. Double discs
d. Pirate hoops
e. On the square

5 TivoH Avenue

S. A.

I '1 '_ .



- 1:

. ,.
I ^ '-

V., /'

'I, ~

by a.pp.Irm-te

d .

''Brf PM""/* ,* '.

-aI traditlos j ^il't h gagement
t CASA Wt1UPItM. H because we p s in7 dme *... Spt

-. -

Woven with
Viscose Roym

Now..'. you can have -t,;o, la
OiWL. The wrinkle reistant Now onIt Bzcutive -
tailored like your regular weight suit. That mams it hb
the dew and body lining... t he fu tailoriometrue.
tion features that aare lasting dope and bady. It's
"P nit-Mamlr Deaigned" for better t .JF
*.* all am.New p.t snom coor.. U "-

Made to your measure out of


Blouse & Pants....
Shirt & Pants.....

of the very finest of English Woolens.

NOTE: We dod't fool around in our
tailoring. .. for 20 years our policy has
been the same. A garment either fits or it
doesn't. If kt doesn't we don't deliver m.



ause misery of heat rash,
ohafe with Mezsana. Sooth.
ing medication in special
A. yltm* base checks itch, ateig
"You feel marvelous relief-
and feel it fast! Use it often.

=,bon-Gd RAI 86

,. _* "-

. =

;.:: h:"


y.. j.f..

V. -


Fl B Urn-a

* '. ..

i.4 -1 *

, I .

A ~

'- 4 .
\ ,



? -V

__ :. "%- ....'; -. -



. .

;'* -

AI6i ..


F X ,*


i a


NlA Staff Correspondent
HOLLYWOOD (NEA) Thelevery kind of screen why not
Laugh Parade: Shelley Winters a ne%% theme song for Hollywood:
i telling it. The telephone oper- titled. "How SCREEN Was My
itor told her to stand by for a Valley?"
tansatlantic call from Vittorio
aassman in Switzerland. When A movie actress known for her:
lte phone rang again, Shelley many western-heroine roles add-:
sound ,herself saying hello to ed this to her qualifications In!
. ('rank Sinatra, who was trying apolving for a telefilm role:
to call Ava Gardner, also over- "Have cowboy suit and will
sa- from Hollywood. travel on own hone."
* "I don't mind Frankle getting --- I
ipe by mistake," Shelley told the James Mason's wordage about
operator "but I don't want Vit- the -dressing room he used In
orio getting AVA." Germany while starring In Carol
i -- Reed's 'Susap in Berlin' :
Joe Frisco previewed this story "They supplied 'me with al
tt Charley Foy's Supper Club: magnificent trailer, heavily ac-
Two mice, accustomed to coutered in mahogany. It looked
scampering up a 12-inch televi- just like the sort of place inI
alon screen, came out of their which you'd expect someone to
holes one night to find that the sign an armistice.
family had changed the set for a
Itrge 30-inch screen.
e the rodents. "CINERAMA!" I --f
,Leslie Kardos is being hailed!
for his direction of "Small Town!
Irl" but the big economy axe
swinging at MGM took him off AA ^
the studio's contract list along PA to
with scores of others.
"But I knew everyone liked the
picture," he's saying. "The studio th U. S.
redecorated my office in my fa-*
vbrite colors just before I was ,

Glenn Ford's young son, Peter,
has been listening to too many
b)-bop jokes.
*Peter visited his Dad on the
*at of Columbia's "The Big Heat"
aid Glenn presented him with
illustrated edition of the clas-
arc, "King Arthur and the
tlnights of the Round Table."
; "Gee, Dad," said the boy as he
gazed at a picture -of Lancelot
av d Galahad in full armor. "Dig
those crazy WALKING TANKS."
'During filming .of scenes for a
'lfv movie onr Skid Row, a Los An- I
g3les police officer told Don *Hag-
gerty about a wino who checked l
I1to a cheap hotel and immedi-!
atelv went to bed. ..
Five minutes later smoke was
pouring from the fellow's room I
abd manager rushed in and
fund him in bed with his blank-
ets on fire. He extinguished the
blaze with a nail of water and
t"ien berated the wino with:
'"You fool. You could have
burned to death. Don't you
kfow you shouldn't smoke in
t But, I don't smoke," protested!
th. fellow.
*'Then how pom" the blankets
l rr' on" s*'re'med the,
.'nid T -knoiw''"
sluru'ged the wino. "They were
burning when I went tO bed."
)ur Irma-brlned' starlet is
At&e that Paramount's western,
"oRne." has a therrfp song titled,
".*' Mlr Blst Dit..."

pllviaP De Havillard wrote Clif-!
toR Webb that she .saw his like-
njs on billboards all over Paris]
ad*ertising "Dream Boat' 'and!
thbt the posters described him as
"pt Grand Seducer." t
Pm very. glad they didn't call
3mt that in the United States."'
, Cton wrote ba'k. "It soundsL
vepy exhausting."
With every studio previewing
c eens these days curved
,cseens. flattened-out screens.

Here's the place to have
fun! Fabulous hotels and
glamorous nightclubs,
fishing and all other
sports, )plus the golden
sands of Miami Beach.

Pan American flights
make immediate connec-
tioris at Miami to most
majorU. S. cities. A glance
at the'fares \will convince
you that it's the thriftiest
and fastest route north.
S Sr your Trnrrl Agrnt oa



Panama- L Sbeet No 5,
Tel 2.0670
Colon: Sales BIds, Tel 1097
XF.9.53 P

4'.* ~.*

Vermont Venture. Io

HORIZONTAL 54 Tendency
1 Vermont is Swedsme
nicknamed the Swedeh
Mountain 1 Clutch
State" 2 Strip ( bacon
6 Official Seu
flower is the 4 Small shield
red clover 5 Pattern
11Enmaty 6 Humbug 18ItdSangod
13Disgraces 7Paving 210nlafts
14 Guarantee substace 23tBtctiK-e
15 Father or .... c*vbrings
eian solar r Occupant of aSNHotril
I deptian solar aa shelter? 11aani-ge
deit .'10 CP ixind I"ienliont has
17 Courtesy title 10 rg -t*n-
19 Route (ab.) 1Meurucf hn
20 Saucy paper 33 MA' wicnd d
22 Russian 13 paprconic 343 M wicked
community 13 Laconic 4 Tell
23 Maple genus| '
24 Check i
26 One who looks -
fixedly ..
28 Light knock
30 Upper limb /
31 Brazilian -
32 Nei (comb. -
form) -
33 Masculine I
36Wiles 3
39 Class of
40 Umnit aft wight -. 'n -, s *s"
42 Appear 1 l
44 Diminutive ,
of Lillian
45 Indian coin B
47 Girl's name
48 Click btle
SO Walkers in
52 Tune anew
53 Island in New
York bay o

Yodo T


ir safely...efficiutly!
Forsummer and winter protection
from unpleasant perspiration odor
you need Yodora.. the safe, sure
deodorant cream that's designed
to give lasting profteljod In eny
climtel Made with a pure, gentle
face cream base, Yodora contains
no irritating salts and isg uarant*ed
not to rot or fade fadld~& ry
Yodora today and put an end to
perspiration odor worries.

EvryI~oJyReaJe ~?Jaisf~eJs

, W.'-
S ...- ,,' -.


Li '. .. -

* -.

LrX0Y 0,-

... ,. *,.

. .** ; .. I1


CAtIS WELrIN Planeteer

4 0ALL ,EA LLO...EARTKWIEN."270 / E9
FRO-NEE veNyw...,otWVEN L, oj!Z
MEANT s'1 EAETH. cm .


, "'* A ,, .V
-_-,Hfr -- :+ ,.^ ,


- *



,,*-. rr

Venus Girl Is Hep


yr r



Can't All Be Lucky BT AL VERMURI



, [.- "

How Insulatin'

( s ^. N -

-. ---.-..-~-1-~~ 1 -_(.il 1 'IE Ir


Chocks sir


i" ..* -


1 ~
.'- I, ~

c- Itr l
qd'' .I

One Twi ~mWa
Operation; Both
Take Anasthetic
BOSTON, May 22 (UP) -
Margaret and Mary OGibb, 41-
year-old Slamoe twins, arrived
at the New England Deaconess
Hospital today for an operation
on one that will require an an-
astheUtic for both.
Dr. Frank H. Lahey will per-
form abdominal surgery on
Margaret Saturday while her

The twins, former Wdrew
stage aStUmtlon., now ae
ing i retirement. JToined at
bue of their splnme, they M w
a common circulatoryayuteiN,.


4 th 8t. No. 3 Begls Viats

4ptsI t
braton of 1
1 j

at 7 pa-..


.rq5.ff~ -a .a

linf T IttaC
an exposure m
niem. p has an
L able.,

natlia Mly kI*AM
id an automets ahi
r 10to ards adMs-U
pOJM'imw., a

Aatndiv .. t. I n d d

* 'ife
that I

wl abn

s of


LEG is th r available on terms as
I,.$.00 a month.I ,
We have 6 ic r and 9 cubic footers.


For Late Principa
At Parois Churcl
Memorial aert 4 the
held at' a ?az'uhaMb Mbthc
Clit re o S nday at 3v
howe WliNa I. A-n.tro,-
officiate. -A e -


THE SAUCER ..... -

Casa Sparton
iV* ~ _'" :..S > ". .' ^ _' ... .

Sna-' u -- Tool
_were n wa. be datnol t.iUA
R aelveoig at 7:30 at the Amers.
n au .-! gimo!'e- CI dh,"S i


i ~ah*ha~.

* -

. $49.50
- 16.50

ae9m dAA Noe1 NAnIEN 9TRIfT ,T1S*4NA
1v10 f it *f, r si f o .Suf a it e of mI.i roL,.l# .

-e -

Pleasure In Announcing

.- -

Have Been Appointed

W et fe he Baby

I ,...



For Poia Ah T The Canal Zone,

a z l

* *q.


l'.' ', 'I

,*wr .^f.vivf \.,!


Of The Famous



A~ ': *~ *t


Passenger Cars

'~ .4

Smt & Hunnkutt
'. f- ".' -;.'"**"
,. Y o^6fl
*, .-.,- .--- ...4
, -. S -,- .. .,' -_


Public enter tier
A^ He",0 a i a & pub-
Uc Interpreter wu lud to
Tomas Nimldey Jaen
the government of temama.
Nimbley, ,a popular Panama
City sportsman, ha ben un-
officially connected with trans-
lation of legal documents for a
number of years.

* _-. '" ,I

' 1,


ft .XM

'm with
*' ido



- -'
Ma ~

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* *t.:



~"i~r i~:

,, ,Bhmoor;

..dL .a I



:.l'r -IM

,.I I .' .

-iisirr rw 3Bft -


... /aI '"*

You Sell 'em... When 'You Tell 'em thru P., XClassifiedsl

Leave )our Ad with one of our Agents or our offices in No. 57? -. .* reet Piamam
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Col6n


Lewis Service

Sal6n de Belleza 4mericano

No. 4 Tivoll Ave.-Phone 2-2291. and No. 55 WeaL 12th Street

Carieon g f Store
10.0M9 MeMdee Ave.-Phone 255 Col0016

Agencia Internacional de Publicaciones ',Pripsagi, S. A.

8OR"- *-S comer Zatudiants 8c.La -h4 a Vrd.
rnuh o JiOolv bd.-Phone 2-041om N do.3 Lottery Pl.G Phone2-31. Phone Pe.MAnother _' .


an Clarl. Com al.tely furiedrt- taCr
-Household Automobil- Tel. 3-06es. FROM PNAA TO your linens. Phane Dao maL "d d.

harstarn$290.0.arom chairSand I 00e 20"0 0mik- le. tir A el sound trpe 2-2.37. b0buemslt o 3ly Ct 8n Sana Cargarier' wi 6,PS" B thaa
FO0 a I'nd ,n o r ad ity on -aid. Maft.t @ho p ee r ain .DR. WEND HA KE. HQT-5 iA tNP1-- -, ha0 00 0ln
bune- atuedurnoo r8 Ca -Telephone 2-3479, Poene O Ienl iiLCerra'ComptrineLTal ir .ot ie tracts
R L -$Co, ldspw recrrt o R S1L9 or A A tor. Good :hpe. 5719-A, Exp erie ned bs, beaby s refr
25c5 $le 5 60 Por0table sewing Digoodb $1,750.0. PmoSturdays antd SundaersI low 3 t6 FOMd e S Co3aniew fomm ames eopsa
machi ne2 years old. 57. No FO iSAL hreti,, 1941 Oldsmobile. 6 aa a o rSanta l aeu.omlebey ouid. PaP- PeR nrA Y
0771 on Place Balboa Cyl. concrible, perfect condition SPECIAL CURSI Rock Gs Refrigerators nd S .
F5LE -eXHous.hod Ex- o6Tel. 3-0620. ROM PANA E your lin g en a rs. Phone Sn- di r oe. -
FOR 5 LE H one way $85, round trip $135 (155 2-n 10'
Chrge st ece.ved ew folding 195, Buick Special D Linle. 4 DO day-limit 169.00, good one yoer; A ING P

Ch and many othieepr bArs iO Lcondtion.450.May e finncred.t ANAM NT"I n m l b 'c I-SIu2, i. P. f; av
bedH. to26 0 e ha v NOW so Sedn, r. adio, Pes tic at to LOS AN3EL, one wy, $149.15, P LIPS Oceansid
iMa tor 29 (0, arm $15 00 20,000 miles. No w A eloud utin i Sat wit only youreeket in Santa re ofII
de.iks$2530 sw.vel chars 9 good buy. $1,750.00. Poenms Dispatch Service 36 Aveide a oceanview from all cottges. Sp IM I
dreers o1500. table 7 0 SMOOT & PAREDES Necioal (Automobile ew). Tel. ch, Rocko fri o GO.
chars 2 CO. rocking cha .5 Buick Chevrolet Oldsmobe Pnama 2-1655. barbecue and shu Central A. of
r table, $10 00 s Odreo e4o64 FOR SALE: 1946 Lincolnd 4 Dood AR OUR LOCAL LAV S it 3-73,an-i
b0ndcmanythroredlcondition.$ e e eaf450. May be financed. PuANAMONT IfN encea
bothnew ando.usfbed fubr a~niturel 8 3- in Bequeie the valley of eratol W iliams' Santa Clara Beach cotC r s
chOR or eitOl f S e ALE:-.1951 Chevrole t B-AirrSpri g prv. of Chiro, .- 2 bedrooms. refri t ro to g
r:H X Automobie Ro No, rkes ad 1 C ,00 m. le oriff inl owner,, 0 t ee.l r eched by dlly i O ing albom -305.t Shipping. Itra. a
Phc n : ne 3-491r ro excellent condition. Phone 83-2268 e li fm Tcumen to Dbu or m deie pac "
Ocen r-ery day from 8 m to l or 86-2201. hour, m eating service at e6o11 Spend your week end at Casino Sa .o- a o m o vf Toke o o0
m. and 1I .30 to 6 p F Ee on requtt, Oeols by n .mr on to Clara.yeefrle aypool, one yea
S"rrdays from 8 a. -0tor 6 p CmOt bns$4.-nFORSALE-47 Dodge Seoan. Ex- HeM P e4e, o1tae lae spa'y w 2241, M ne of o
.n. ^ O ,gnl o te, en c .5750onobrand new ID-a;. Ha .onc ,s tc by Cosin I 2i^r62. Puianl- *i :
OR S ALE :--Gla tvp Wes tnghoue Mercu or Ford Station Wagon ol en RENT-n of excrci. F R R E N OPRA.CTOR c -nP
refl ror 5, ns t$50 t l five n Pw wheo ssdewHll3- tires mola naa* tof eD. a A oo A*
Apt.A.a rrSta B albo 10 00 add Clipper. Now paimt, plastic seat Rfish 3 reals inceded from FOR RENT:--Chaletfumish oAlol
AFOp_ SA, arr Blboar o co electronic i O a Aver. No. w4.11411 unfurnished, fully fnced, thr ee Col. 0-. 4, l .
FOR S E -Parmntti foyr one bHid- Ph. to lw mileage. F rmerly $50 bedmstwo bat, orn- B Ot .ni
"'re:. four ily h IFOR SALEp:-940 Chevrolet e C. Z. P. and Raef wheE-t Ne l in rrann fanm 8 .ingr m etchenf dm-'srs, ar.. ROtNii

ccpleteA fLv eutl caed for r t bestl buy ove b$150 y. flowers, F e : ea fa
I nized. Phone 6-195. in town. 0$19. magzines, ACU0. FamlyOtam for IO O LgerpCAL. ho ed cha'etr odI. nsis. tIs asf .
HALE -One 3 x 5 Plnk Chinese FORSALE-1947 Dodge Sedan. Ex- P m SP, oreliabltpary g Wa ths e

rN:nois Rd5. Ori 04 finally part of 3 c llent caniton. Good tires. Bal- fIR 0 dAw
Brcd otte 5085 Parsons St.only 995SALE FOR RENT.0Ventated, screened

oe-e bedr~ *el For urther ir- bOOT ar5 P.REDIS___________ PAE* F C Rt Cocker by. 3OTl n*t WK$ wea
F.Gb~on ^3)or SAl 30 ie BARGAIN: Lincoln Sedan ni48 FOR SALE dC odell ce C H1 R PRA.CT R a o ?l
Dcab:oon f-3107 an0,me v wh ,five n while sidewall tires, the er.ilic rnooddrn. UM o

FGOd cA Eon $600. pOR. SAE:-19rfect c ondion. ne FOR SALE -S Newl arrived fancy 4844. a"AMi HI .- A 11e I -o
61 or 64S2 2 Must sell. Take best offer by Sun- Sun- tropi ea I hf mtrs u :LORLENT -Tw %. G OM M 3Ja M Zf1. -l e
d Tel 3-5069 keets. AfriPhn lov bir4i flowers.o bd i
SHelp Wonted um magazines, ACUARIO ROPICAL.nished atportd rn f Te
FOR SALE--19" Perl 2 doer sedn*. Panama's only PET SH6P, No. 55 orator.gas steve. Monehly; 1. P, t
i NT-- ood Ref-,dre New seat covers dWM L Via Espane, phone 3-5411. O1
SMO Boydot*.:e. 8 .0 10 ol S O V PAREDES FOR SALE:-AKC Registered Cocker FOR RENT 'A U W w
FORSALck Chevrolet-Oldemebile, Spaniel Pupves. 8 weeks old. Call Ap1r3"tenls
BARGAIN! EnQlish Ford Consul 1952. FOR SALE--.---- --alit acodin 80 t f V "
iii,. rthosed g rd 8 1,Oth Street,
0 a I Owner FANn FOIRAL lrdloR I80 -9

WED brook 86-4152 or3-3. in lw. iI of
Ill y. tey.______________ superintendent of Storehouses. Balboab.edrooms. linlodn
Aieeflga aeou roRa j: 1 1951 Chieielet uil 1 unti *1.30 a. rM., tPoy 26. 1953. To"' tr ti d1 N 2..
TED1 : O d Air. oweillde, two tee grey, red for Underwood Typewritrs invita- 43rd.strried coule. N. 21
ANTED 10 BUY: One second leahe: an di. iatrit.r, good tion No. 291 and M 27. 1953. 43rd t Y.
hand piano an good condition. Type tfire, S1.595.00. for Underwood Royal, Remington FOR RENT:-Apartrment 2 bedrooms
suitable for moving, light weiht, SMOOT 1 PARI05S Rand, Wooditock Typewriters and in El Coco, 7th Street No, -I Vi
I1 Spec.ol Services. Coco Soo ulk Chevrolet Oldsmobile Intemitional Busine Machines $35.00. :
Sdurin working hours. electric Typwr:t (Invitation No. FO REN: rt n
1 during working hours. FOR SALE.-Singer Sport Roadster 30) located in Building No. 28, In- o i E at
d cited Statle couple EXPECTING 1952 low league, new top. Mut dutril A, Balboa. In- sta well stuated, who buys the
*w PANAMANIANCHILD952lowArileagewtop, duItrial uuAr. aa.
un PAnished two-bedoo hot wat sell before arrival of new dual vittions ybe ined at location furniture, livingrorn, dining ,
un rnished two-bedroom hot water carburetor contact my dealer. Trop- f equipment, or fro office of Su- bedroom, Kelymotor Icebox d a
S apartment cma r h a 3-4803 or 3-32u by 26 ical Moos. superintendent of Storehouses, te;o gs' stove, ol! in ber condition
FOR SALE:--Cadilac 62 convertible phone 2-1815. Infornaian 45th street No. 7,
. .ANTED-Certan old United States 49 with radio, Defroster and 5 FOR"SALE:- w mink p- 15. upsttr
Sco,-,s. Write very brief description brand new tires. Sacrifice. Call stoe. Very cheap 0779C. FOR RENT---Furnshed three bedroom
ANTED:-Novy dress and undress FOR SALE:-1949 Buick Super 4- tober 3rd Phone 6-382
: ,blues. JuInpor, 40-42, pant, 31- Door. Dynaflw, radio, plastic seat FOR SALE:--Golf clubs and canvas
S,32. Call Bolbo 3414. covers, new ties. A reml bargain bog ,six McGr'r clubs, 2 woods aT 1:
- .-- ,, n, .u $ ,2O0.00o. and 6 irons. $12 00. Phone Pon- MO PARI 2-2159 or .-2144. r My S
All 1 SMOOTrf AREDSS am 2-2159 or 3-2144. ;AMt =
BVuick Chevrolet Oldsmobile no--I_______ __ _T a
OR SALE-195 Chevrolet 4rd D
L pd.I jFOR SALE--1953 Chevrolet 4Dcor D PANAMA CANAL COMPANY FOR RENT:--FurnishAd coal room &6:
I Sras Cogmplet edSedan. two months old. Call Albrook OFFERS SCALES AND OFFICE board (European-American%% cok
6-318. MACHINES ig f one or two gentleman.

Ike Names Came 1951Chevrolet 2 DooriSealedbids.f o in u
SWASHINGTON. May 22 (UP) mileage. Albrook 4179 Superintendent of Storehouses,Bo- 'R RENT:--N c y furnished co 9:0. '' 4 i
President Eisenhower today FOR SALE -By owner. Oldsmobile boo, until 10:30 A. M, May 28, r 2 persons. Break- 9:1 Co) n, a
,-n=minated Adm. Robert B. Car- 76. 1950. in excellent condition. 1953, for Sundstrand. Burroughs *f avAflabCal 3-2729 or 2a- .
aIby to be chief of naval opera- Balboa "414. House 5511-B. and Victor Adding Machnes., Man- 169" elkl 0 0
I eum hi l w..'s I Diablo. C. Z. roe and Burroughs Calculators. Na- FOR RENTi...-5ft for couple with- 10:
shakeup of the nations military "'tional Cash Registers. Hedeman children.
lb command.-tSALE.950 Chevrolet 2 Door Check, Marker Machin u r tion G. I.. half o1: the
Carnev will succeed Adm. Wil- Do Lue ,Sedan.Plastic a 0cover.b ll CPok roinR er s, Pr ioesiho,1n 5o1:f 27" u Pe d.) ".
l1am M. Fechteler. whose term tires aend paint. A real buy Balance. Po.o an d Platfrmc s on 5527. 11: All
- Was not due to expire until 1955. i.75.00. and ates Numbering Mahines FOR RENT:-Furnjied ro, a w
NeverthelessCarneyIs expected SMOOT Or PAREDES vttion No. 31 and May 29 1953IIiI f uih on fmi 12 -NII
to take over as Navy chief when Buick Chevrolt Oldle tov Roberts Numbering. Dtto d i y. 45 i 2 .

T"lh~e Def\ene Dertme, 9t h ms dn000 miles. 1.800 25 Cycle re- strand Adding Machines. DH lctophonen -
said Fechteler will be given an- frer tor $60. 1490-D, DorhmanShaver, TrMncrber,To tand D).ctatn Radeo P e
M& In his message asidng the In- 21-A
enateto approve Carne's FOR SALE: 1947 Convertible viltion No 32located in Build-
nomination. Mr. Eisenhower did Coupe. Series 98. good condition." IustrialBiureauIArea
not sav when he wanted the Gamboa Fire Station. 6-150, Mr atlocatl in mf beobtained
admiral to take over. Carney Edwards. at location of equipment, or from of-2:-heUt
now is commander of Allied hice of Supers teiepne 281 tore-3ur :i-TS- M W... .
forces in southern Europe. a part -houseseleph:ne 2181-3--A
of the North Atlantic Treaty L ESS ONS N.*:0.mua f
yOUr teenagers in our special bol- oem :-- M
## m rooms dance course for June, JL VANTED: Automobile Salesman (egmd.)
and August only. 3 months cou" opportunity to work into soles Tedap Igtll y 3 g ue n
for only $10.00. Saturday 11:00 manage.ship for right man. Write /" '

r iBATTERIEShn shtD. [lalboo YMCA. Har- Panama. I, I3.: "iI

Che'role .....$25.75 SEE THE NEW _:s I .- '
herl.. ELECTROLUX 5; *: P *,,,v,.

ru . .
Plymouth..... 25.75

12 months guarantee
Sswye Dealer


Vamum am. Fleero

Crawford Agencies
No II J" Sh ee
iTM 2-ms ;=a si
*****a. ..




m 185-

rCaw. A
S ,I Wa
ne e.

i ncehed .

- .d,

7 e?
' .. ;
' .* **.

Tlp. --1 k- I- -


E '. .


- S A



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nAe '<


of. the o r ,
e it" 1A tibft 0"63Sg
ow nb ia o havte A T ,5

nrt~ CU ai-tofifc~ -ahw-J

*. -r-i-r

Mbdmo for:-".Vb&


S- ,
* i ."'i .. .,' 6. i.- .' A,-.. r '. 4" '


I-" .-c- ..-.;


I -

-.W9 J6tU-M
as Dr. T. hasty 1I
<- enmthuulastic

- jftn**r b-t "low n t -
dto -at aft*r rtrf-
ame n of luabs.
ir rut male nin tA., but I h
Ia. h e d.tound aWay 6 to him to, ULa

F, a This defm beuld not have
to and been bhrd to fet out. Xat
S M' j could nt hope to weake de-
ia* bte trurhp. clarer;s tru holdln snoe it
at3I he could trade club leo to make -sut
n nand ru s dmqa
fr to f Is last irn was to return a
Slost trmp Inat to Ireae dum-
Sr te my's ratfl power. Ts bee
O was stute, w*oul= aV dumth trick.

- 1

t ..
t .:''. ,, a: .





* ~ ilh

.. .

Year -.- -nd'- says she isn't
the kind of a gil who can
"live- alone at e It."
The canrtor, ms his lovelorn
'river horn" haa last the will
to Uye,. .&tb..s, only the
pompt ariva ~W' s handsome,
e-hlppopotnamum .sca save her.

I ~? t

O1 f/ghts a i



One of the great cities of the world... wonderful
shops offering exceptional bargains... spectacular
night clubs,.. world-famous Colon Teatre... horse
racing... restaurants renowned for their international
cuisine and, a. few hours away, the beauty of
Argentina's hill and lake districts and Atlantic coast
beaches.L Fly to Buenos Aires via Panagra's luxurious
El Inter Americano or thrifty El Pacifica

*** l m aytoiru" ow AMM R MIICN.aACI AlJWAYS
N .-A ,r do* Moammoer SmWmoul es of omqe
CMasI yr Truvl Ageon or PeneIrm' s lHes M ulme Agency Coe. C- l "'U N*31 TL i 0. -S *- PmsmiM R P.


ept)oo R es f55afsJP

SW W'l

q r



'l;! '+ "-iT. [.; ." rt.- r -._ .' i *
,, .* .+..*-,. ;l,..- '- .,-
3'.' ;, + .,.' .

j ,' SIt 9 P .
4, ..-- ...- *' p" ,1" 'I
+ I' t + .^ ,: ^ + ,' H

.-.^ ,. ". :,
*.-f +..,- *^" aif

F,: F',

1. I, '

~. .9 ...

, ,| V l' ,

F f A 3 ... ....' i
-,-1.0 6;,+' ,, -." :. :
I Nr+ .',, %

:~ ~.'





p~r -


- .I ';
I- ,


S A T ,.1 00,,Z ..
f111 '*,dvic...


i,-. **'4
~ .4

,l f d...7',"; "..

1." y

wj ,. ': 4 .
, e ^ ,* .*-+ .
.++: /.dfe


'V *

.44 *. -

-- --

' I



f'I f.

-. < '1 ..7. *-
'--* ', .>.- J .-. ".

- 'r, Uy

,: ,


* .- -


--- -~






, *d


SM,16.Milton ee0" W
1e m l-h. f !u,
195, Qui ..24h..., Q~atau


. 70t,
37uV^! '.3


BONV.OYAGE DINNER HONORS during the wbek for Nortf
MR. ANB MRS. BEVINGTON He will spend some time a the
Chamberlain Hotel at OldPotat
te members of the choir of the Margarita Union Church Comfort before going to Rich-
ente ed with a dinner at the church, Wednesday evening, mond, Va., to attend the grad-
to hDor Mr. and Mrs. Harold P. Bevington, who are leaving nation of Mrs. Lee Van Siclen
the Isthmus to reside in New York. Mr. Bevington is retiring Lloyd from R. P. I.
from the Commissary Division. During his stay in Richmond
he will be a gu4st at the John
Mrs. .qvington has been an!and girl in the Senior Class Marshae will be a gue. Mrst ad rthe John
Marshal Ho el. Mr. and Mrs.
active .Tember ot ne choir were presented by Mr. Paul William A. Van Siclen will al-
since organization, and her Beck to Miss Nancy Kariger and. so be in Richmond for the
friends showed their apprecia- Carl Pinto. The scholarship graduation
tion of her service by present- from the Caribbean College gr .
Ing h t a personal bon voyage Club was oresenLed by Mrs. I.A.W.C. Card Party And
gilt. Mrs. Louis Schuberg madeMainert Peterson td Miss Lorna Fashion Show
the presentation. Stone. One of the biggest and most
The dinner table was center- The Senior Class climaxed the enjoyables events of the week-
ed with .a long flat arrange- program by presenting a tro- end will be the card-party and
ment t orchids and coral vine. phy 'case to the school. Mr. fashion show to be put on by
Those participating in the din- Beck received the gift from the the Colon Branch of the Inter-
ner aMa gift were: Reverend class president. Leslie Rinehart. American Women's Club, Sat-
Henry ll and Judy, Mr. andAmerican Women's Club, at-
Henry e1 and Judy, Mr. and ,-- urday, at 1:00 p.m. at the Co-'
Mrs. Worden French, Mr. and Davis Club Honors Mrs. Wieland urday, at 1So 00 p.m. at lo Officers the ub
Mrs. Louis T. Schuberg, Mr. and The Fort Davis N.C.O. Wives The latest styles from Motta's,
Mrs. Ross Cunningham, Mr.and Club had a social at the Club collection will be shown. Tick-
Mrs. W. D. Middlemas, Mr. and Tuesday evening, to honor Mrs. ets are a dollar each and in-
Mrs. John Brown, Mrs. Clara Joseph Wieland, who is leav- clude tea and a chance at a
Barber, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Ran- ing at the end of this month door prize. They may be obtain- .
dall, Mrs. A. R. Barber, Mrs. with Sergeant Wieland to make ed at the door.
Alvin Rankin, Mrs. 0. K. Wor- their home in Costa Rica. Dorothy is cola re
.'y, Mrs. Lucille Flenniken, Miss Games were played and Gatun Star Club Meeting Georg Raft il 4 ik
Marjorie Price, Miss Diane De- prizes were awarded the wih- The Gatun Star Club held cti Lipjert$ Pit uta ,
2aney, Miss Marcey Rudge and ners, after which a handsome their regular monthly meeting tdyat the Drive-In The
Miss Carline Taber. cutwork table cloth, was pres- at the nome of Mrs. rtnir her r scene, tdro
-ented the honoree as a farewell Albriqht in Gatun, with ?M4. l tAolns over hb.fl
Mrs. Chambers Comlimented gift, with a cut glass cigarette Marie Gorman and Mrs. J .W. and in a beach love aee ith
Mh C Complimented dish and ash tray. Graham as co-hostesses. Raft, h. wears a ecei
With Card Party The ladies who were present swiumilt tat rank&. t of
Mrs. J. W. B. Hall and Mrs. included: Mrs. A. E. Orr, Mrs. Canasta and bridge were Holyod's brifest garments of
Gilbert Lee entertained with a W. M. Northcutt, Mrs. A. C. played, following the business thee .
dessert bridge party at the Hall Billmeyer, Mrs. J. D. Prince, meeting, and the prizes were
residence in Margarita, Wednes- Mrs. L. F. Woolard, Mrs. W. C. won by Mrs. Hanna Schwartz,
day evening, to honor Mrs. Har- Griffin, Mrs. H. B. Murray, Mrs. Mrs. Whitman Garret, Mrs.
old Chambers who sailed today S. Versaggi, and Mrs. H. V. Marion Greene, and Mrs. Alice
to be present at the wedding Fisher. King. mrs. John Fahnestock
of her son. S'Sgt. Richard L. -won the bridge prize and Mrs.
Chambers to Miss Audrey Lu- Formal Cotillion Club Dance Anita Guin the door prize.
cille Fisher at Cumberland, Ma- The Washington Cotillion Club A surprise handkerchief show-
ryld o June 22nd. will hold a formal dance at er was given Mr. Kerdla Meeks,
A boh voyage gift was pre- 8:00 p.Mn. tomorrow in the ball- who is leaving with her family
rented the honoree by the hos- room of the Hotel Washington. to go to Fort Gragg, N.C
tesses, and a table cloth wasMuslc will 'be furnished by The other m"m.ors present *,
presented her as a gift from the Royal Sultans. were: Mrs. William Bad,'.
bhe group to her son and his Members are invited to bring Mrs. Ferris, rs. Leroy ij.e gr, i
b:- w-elect. 'their friends. Mrs. Crgpdall, P .
'he friends who participated I Bogg,. 8tartfr ourii,
ir the gt included: Mrs Er-'Captalin Fenton Mrs. Geotge. Poole, Bit. 2'.
niest Cotlton, Mrs. H, P. Beving- En Route To Virginia Denlinger, Mrs, ( oig : M ,1
n ., Mrs t obert NnIv, Mrs.. Captain B. Fenton left Mrr. '.r ks .' e"o
WVor4en wsnch, Mrs. 7ohn Fah --"o' 4? _______
lnsteckf Mrs. Violet Zeese,. Mrs. -Egdo and Mrs. Eugene Shpley.
)aZinl awl, Mrs. David Mar- e D
S-tal i. M xwr ad r8 a mRosary Altar Society Meeting

is to, o Jane ewt nder WASHINGTON, May 22 (UP) ,tt Chrh All tred1r
M a T tii D reisii d inviThe regular monthly .meet-
Bhrh. Bruce Sanders, Mrs. Mar-p i n, o Rs ar a oe -.
an Phillips, Mrs. George Poole, u Slashes Ancuhpru e..a
Sr., and.Mr Leo -lf. 'V Eflghwein Church will be. held Mondayi I
d M resrono pwe_ i n II evening In the Paria hail.,

S ^he w WASHINGTON, May 22 (UP) at th CHI urc. May 22friens are
's ^ving s oewid e tt B State Departmeen e said Invited to attended
" res In the State.. today it is cnsi ng the qes- woman
ws_2 jho nored .wth a handker- tion. of removing ecft ox4Jc re, delll
maq Davison at, her New Cris- but that negotiations ha'" not- Wom n I
teb home, Wdesd m. egun. t oke Slashes Another tried
The L. cca ln Mr an tethe lunch- President Eisenhower, Marchvered uglar
mec" o,.e 0personallywrote Czech
te Dxonf M IU. L on WUan Tre Sdehti Anton in S Zapotocky Conductor L. Tirry s- Wor
he. 0_e*. What fren O Assated Preleased EVE CHICAGO, May 22..- (UP TALK about it
A Ar invited cdent w aitam N. ats IPa s engers on a crwdo strelayeret

Assembly was held rantdtheerdo"uon then Starrin: Bob Lr a wHd w
w ed an c honage nten er w cket on pa t 1 i c D by oto-
par ieway for the n ay hen a year were ditr Omb-n
t. toeLter to o a it
S the WJunior Coege I ir HT o ra3r
ui e Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.t- a lOnel A e ,' w t
d eron Brant. Joan e There the woman.that sole
to.f.-. nest .4 urea.heU A-Pne*my boya- frien'
I 4pabef "AS Pvesengeu on the car. triedk

.e American Legion Award oe to @ tuh a way ,echniteor licattm T" o-
SL. u *S, Mr& to said the depart- i-l itoeanse3eregro,
O4. S M n ;eanesniatted the President's dvasei th L severe jglar
d, tMrs.d' Dner," to wetherU.S r oembsy n ed the attacker and held her for copcin. Cap, m..d

Mrs., Paul IW Metae, elease and Zaeotocky's I
to o outstanding boy Eereppy W e publI ere last
--ig^ht. When Oatis wa released, EVERYBODY IS TALKING about itt
-IaL L te 6aid it we in re- I It's been a tremendous success the Cicle Players
wA AD6En A- Lto a pleU fr mb hih wie.t e e hldherious om -.A n A 1
S eO utZapotocky said in a m- "BORN ESTER "
r wAnerdyAnnual sape to Mr. Tman that heo
Mr. the W proposal of the government -l
C.oo whean special remably Czech -w and nidere
a at.d awards for en'deaw-h ih onttu Tickets on sale at Fatlich, Dagma or bby of
or g the year were distrih- e Czec acositutinr"
VDoA-. history award waS
wated by Miss Bess Liter to et he roW..
ogter C. Hackett, of the
ted wthe Thespian AWard -lzeh-an ndr1:0
o the Junior College the-
Chapter to Mia Magarpret lo
Rted the C. H. Alumni "ketWofheoLTE 10:
iaton awards to the out- ward
teJn iotlere s o lergeut- Dougls Fairanks, Jr. h tD.A

d Vernon Bryant. Joan Bennett of "itOC X
American Legion Award A1 S210 erwhnicolorl .5abida''

immediate New York
(Sales Tax Free)

n Motorshn.
nam6 Col16e

| Tonight 10:30 pn..




5ii5 & .


d* A

* BvD'IAIq BAr.- I

) A 'Ioa CRAWjOD t
trdday "MIAACLZ Of 1OU I

N "Small Town &,rl

. "S.TroY Fym

A T CtURTi sias h

Lindforu sOd Paul Cha
a picture which wll b
all. This picture wlllA
tomorrow at the Ce0n
ter.: -
This production, the
ting of which Is the 8O
pled territory of Austm
anti-Communist story
wfth the difficulties en
by the Communist Ppa
Ing their ambassadorsU
bears of the diplomat!
work in the free count
world, without abaqi
party, when they 4M
ruth, which is not exi
which has been taugl
when they were in the
behind the Iron Curtal

,.; I

:- I ki


Blunt as a ble kig "ae untold truth about the money
vultures ,a fortune out of fear.. -

vultures wi lb a' ,.1-*T fi~iim

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S **~~~5*~ ~

nWAS1UNo~u, io
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pr M
Wadew tax
t. yor b and,
1 6 including a np
j ?k Inclueding nu~a

raiau oflariut

r 22 P)- OW"' if the wi& -situation
In nt aid should worsen.
on & N.e madet atatein4
for neO t Ing that the exeMl h tax be
,. 4 p oopti ued untilU ., when
perMonal Income tu Iare sdhed-
IIsaluled to fall about IQ p1 0ent.
Otter tax developinmta:
1) Humphrey said he I "hope-
O& *ni ful" the admindtitft.a Will not
S hve to ask Con the
aj1 T cellinq of 1 M_ .O on

I). 31.
*) Hun
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ainds the

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Use Spaet-are wi ried IN i.!


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p. I r: X" 4 .*" ..
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MnmfeMuikeid znaff iig~xi~


money Td o woft contribute to hrt au'c-a ip
i'otel t1W Gourmets da13, I MfU9
win kI asflour-& oe

f '. .,fft?" -. -'
a -? a

* B. '
.,. *

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I 4**



10 Tli



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. Continues

2WILL SUITS for the price of





.... .. : ,-


formerly .










Any one that buys one of our
SNewly unpacked SUITS can have

el canlazaar

. BRANCHIES ......
trol Avenue El Pmami fMd"



Opposite i Rake"$ .s6".

i-^ .e
&* *"

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Anr rt Of Cash-Raiig


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I w --N .1 r


Qtio Vadis Choice

Welsh Fox. BendcgZ Top

Contenders In 'C' Sprint

Augusto Newman's classy three-year-old Irish
colt Quo Vadis is an almost unanimous choice of
the selectors to win tomorrow's featured $650 Class
"'C" seven-furlong sprint at the Juan Franco Race
Slated to oppose Quo Vadis are Toletazo, Phi Pon. Miss Fair-
Beduino. a ridiculously asI fax. Galente II, Numbers. Por-
winner last week in the Horse ter's Star and Cardington Green
Owners Association Classic. the are scheduled to go against
lnproving Welsh Fox hard-run- King's Prize.
iting Bendeguz stretch-running
Piropo II. Trafalgar. Roadmas-
fer and Ventre a Terre. VI.A M aiiiiP
rOf this group. Welsh Fox, Be- Vince Martinez
4uino and Bendeguz are expect- Di
to furnish Quo Vadis with his a
,ernest opposition. Welsh Fox V Da VIV6 u ll
as shoun considerable 1m-
frovement during his workouts
Beduino Is back in his best
orm and will be in the thick of (By UNITED PRESS)
1he battle all the way. Some ex-
arts even think this gray horse Boxing's 1952 rookie of the
as a chance to upset Quo Va- year returns to the ring wars
Is" tonight after having sonie of the
Bendeguz. brilliant work horse, gitater rubbed off last time out.
usuaulhas been burning the
rack with sizzling early morn- Welterweight Vince Martinez
g runs. During the actual rac- Is a strong ul-to-2, favorite over
ng days. however. Bendeguz has, Danny Giovanelli in a Madison
eldom shown the early speed Square Garden 10-rounder. The
e displays with regularity in odds, however, are expected to
workouts droD as support rolls in for the
The fractious Trafalgar could flashy underdog from Brooklyn.
)e a danger card if he is in the Martinez tir.d in several
nood. This horse has a habit of rounds against Chico Vejar last
jettine off length$ behind the March 13 and dropped the deci-
ield. then closing the eap In re- sion-onlv his second l9as In 29
narkable recoveries. When in a bouts. At the time MartUine also
Wtining mood he has looked like held a job as a draftsman but
topnotcher, the Paterson, New Jersey wel-
terweight has since quit to de-
Piropo II is another powerful vote full time to fighting. Co-
inlsher In this race. This stretch managers Bill Daly and Tex Pel-
urning Peruvian bred has been te. promise: "You'll see a differ-
,lose up in his most recent starts ent Martinez this time. He's In
mid could spring a surprise. the pink."
Rahk outsiders Roadmaster
ind Ventre a Terre complete The 21-year-old Giovanelll has
;he eight-horse field, won 11 straight, his latest vic-
Another interesting race on tory being a sixth-round kayo
ouiorrow's card is the tenth over previously unbeaten Danny
ce six and one-halft furlong Joe perez on March 2. Giovan-
rint for Class "E" imports. elli is replacing Vejar tonight.
g's Prize, the expensive Eng- Vejar had to drop out when call-
lsh horse who has not vet scor- ed Into the Army.
ed locally. Is again the choice of
the experts to break Into the win In the middleweight ranks,
column. classy Jesse Turner moved up
Wednesday night, with a unani-
The National Amateur Athlet- mous upset win over Norman
Ic Union announces the Worn- Hayes in St. Louis. The under-
en's Junior and Senior Track dog from 8t. Louis floored Hayes
Championships will be held In in the first round and the Boa,
San Antonio. Texas. on July 24 ton slugger was rubber-legged
and 25. Identical events will be most of the way. It was Hayes
held for both juniors and sen- last fight before going Into serv-
tors. Ice.


:* ,, '

Juan Fran aded E.L es
.0 :.. ".,',.;
,..,.. ... ad
P.P. Borne J NT ODDS .S
Ist Race "F" N .. '^Irst Race of the DNl rm n l
1-Riqul B. ,A .-luded from bettinffg- Ovt
2-Domino P. Or leapped by rider, .
3-Riomr I, Onape too short ". -,
4-Golden Fe A..I d choice --2
5-Taponazo C bod chance '"10-1 ,
r-TllTin-ln A.U 5 -1 t
7-Villarreal J. to beat 1 -1
Note: Riqul exeluAld

2nd Race "H" Native 5: I$2760 Pool eleom 1:15
f JS ^ ]W.. Double
1-Kontiki A. V beat these n1
2-Dicky A. 7 .'good enough
3-BIJagual M. uea uir card .,
4--anceridad B. tent performer-
5-Consentida X. early speed 4 1
6-Resorte C. ticous usually -1
7-Lady Caren J. Cudo one to beat 8-1
3rd Race "C" Nativ I $325.00 Pool eloe,; 1:45
1---ixaola F. Reo .-Strongest finisher 1-1
2-Rosa B J. Bravo Ie 1 -ockey will help 5-1
3-Filon R. L. 0il 1 -Better than ever 3-1
4-Marilu B. Pulldo 110 -Will do better now 5-1
5-Miranda A. Vasques 11 --.Back in form 2-1
4th Race "H" Native. 4If' : X$75.00 Pool closes: Z:34

I-Cosa Linda) A. Goen. lOIx-Btrymate only 2-1
2-Electron) J. Reys eW -Plenty early speed 2-1
3-Collrlo C. Kam O7Mx-Rates good chance 2-1
4-Plola G. Ramos l10x-Longshot possibility 2-1
5--Escalerilla J. PhIL 120 -Seems best here 3.1
6-Lonely M. X. Camp. 16fx-Has some speed 3-1
7-Raymond V. CasUflo 114 -Anything wins here 3-1
5th Race "D" NatiVe 1 M Ie Prsae: $300.00 Pool closes: 2:55
1-Tuira R. GQurra 100a- as good chance 3-1
2-Annie N P. Rose 105 -Last was terrible 8-1
3--Golden Pick C. Rulq 110 -Has new owner 134
4-Yostpongo B. UrLAg i 115 -seeks fifth straight
6th Race "I" Imported 4%-P1 &' Prhe: U375.M Pool eleMse:- .3:5
first Race f the Double
1-Novelera R. GOolzs 108 -Has fair chance 10-1
2-Curaca F. Rqoe 118 -Lacks early speed 5-1
3-Jepperin F. Hi4d. 107x--Mud would help 20-1
4-Alto Alegre 0. CaL 11 --Must break weU 5-1
5--La Chomba J. Brao 115 -In new hands 2-1
6-Pia C. Igleslas 118 -Has favorite jock 10-1
7-English M. B. Agul. 118 -Doesn't like mud even
7th Race "H" Imported 6% Fgs.rurse: S4.M1 Pool closes: 4:05
Second Race of the Double
1-Royal 0. B. Pulido 118 -Will win soon 5-1
2-Pancho F. B. Agulrre 112 -Seems best here even
3-Lady Martha J. Bravo 115 -Top contender 2-1
4-Roscrea A. Mena 108 -Dbesn't belong here 30-1
5-Newbrighton P. Ordo. 118 -Needs better rider 5-1
6-Pebetero C. Ruts 2 ---Not ready yet 30-1
7-Florera R. Guerra 107x--reat early- speed 5-1
8th Race "I" Imported 6%. Pgs Pftme: -575. Pool dines: 4:40
1-Bendigo G. Ramos 97x-Pouee force bo.ud 25-1
2-Forsado F. Rose 106 -t.Nothing to indieste 10-1
3-Interlude) R. L. Oil 106 -.Form Indlcates even
4-Esparta '" J. Phil. 106 -]Dor~ 4nt entrymole even
5---Bartol0 uls 118 et ur in form- 10-1
6--Pulgarft .' 102x- ok ood In pr 10-1
7-True Blue %- W0. Cas. 110 -Wll fi ht It out even
9th Rafe "C" Imported 7 Fg.Pue: $41W.4 Pool eloes: 5:15
1-Roadmaster A. Gon. 107x--Not ready yet 30-1
2-Welsh Fox F. Rose 118 --ounding into shape 3-1
3-Bendegus A. Vasquez 124 workouts 4-1
4-Trafalgar E. Darto 100 -UnpredIctable 10-1
5--Plropo II V. Castillo 110 -Waskng like best 8-1
6-Ventre a Terre Gil 105 --Returns from layoff 30-1
7-Bedulno B. Aguirre 112 -In top form 3-1
8-Quo Vadis J. Bravo 110 -Is/no sure.thing even
10th Race "E" Imported 64, Fp.Pur.: $550.06 Pool loses: 5:40
1-Numbers J. Gongo. 105x-Jockey won't help 15-1
2-King's Prize J. Bravo 110 -Reported ready now even
3-Porter's Star F. Hidal. 105x-Mud will help 15-1
4-Toletazo R. Gomez 106 -I-a-and-outer 5-1
5-Pin Pon F. Rose 112 -Good effort last 5-1
6-Cardington 0. A. Vas. 118 -Returns from layoff 15-1
7-Miss Fairfax B Agul. 113 -In top condition 8-1
8-Galante II B. Pulido 112 -Baskln form 5-1
llth Race "H" Imported 61 Fgs.Pone: $W19.46 Feel closes: xx~x
1-In Time B. Pulido 120 -Usually wins here 3-1
2-Price Hamlet R. Go. 115 -Returns fro4u.ayoff 15-1
3-Casa Buena E. SUve. 118 -Nothing to lweate 25-1
4-Polvorazo 0. Castillo 112 -Lo6 m0d going 5-1
5-American Maid Oil 104 -Ru for jockey 5-1
6-,-Rina Rol A. Mena R. 101x-RI 15-1
7-Legal Frolic B. Agul. 115 -l Itnt 5-2
8-Escandalo A. Rodrl. 118 -beit 3-2.

. ..,

t" bd"


r e

y I




Ms a

nanoed that .,BWer
from Gamboa Glf C had
requested that all A ef-
era interested in participating
in the tournament to be spon-
sored by the National Brewery
starting July 4th, woult plase
submit their plctlg
attire, to Mrs. an
P. 0. Box 2146, Crlatobal,
We wish to thnfrei
for donating a Ii a
Ransom and Georg.Dtr from
the National Be or his
offer to donate a'.S tAge
wo9d and a cae-bf each
of the monthly toutarfeht.
Prize winners for da and
their net scores were as follmws:
Ellen, Kenna 7.7
Betty Coleman 78
Margueritte MaeMurray 79
Joyce Kulig 79
Ruth Lincoln 80
Marl~ Parks 80
LUsz Morris 80so
Eva Jones 81
souise Jones 81
Pearl Trim 81
Alyce French 82
Jane Huldtquist 82
Ines Boxwell 81.
Katy Pendergraas 84
Cleo Burns 87
Millie Hammond 87
Siddy Hipson 87
Juangby Burke 88
Owen Applequst 88
Carol Glickefhaus 88
Connie Bishop 88
Dorothy LaCroix 89
Wilma Banks 90
Kay Gregory 90
Nea Spagna 91

Cricket News

In the 4at !t
et team that wiTl present Pa-
am Cit in the Pacif Crickt
elected to aerv with te prs-
Ident are: Oscar avage, ve-
president; Oarton 'al6 stereo
ary and E. L. Agard, treasurer.
These off _ors form the beard 9f
directors together with 9 4
lowing: Preston Prea
Eastmaond Preston Trt and
M. A. Rodriguez.
A meeting of the members of
Sears C.C. Will be, hel4. a..*lpe
Agard Tailor Shop, at 4 p.m.,
June f,
An Important meen of t.e
Pacific Oricket League has been
called for Tpsday, at 7:30 p.,
at the La oea Ball Park.
Officers f ear C.C. and rer.
resenta lves La Boca C..;
Clovelly C.C ncon C.C., Whip-
pers C.C.;- Tak C.C., and
8parton C.C.; are invite to ihe
meeting at which discus son wtl
be held on the plans for bthe
presentation match mad the ia-.
troduction of two-daoricket Ia
the 1954 season. "

live r.
bot my first stock in th
,a years ago," O'Mailey _
r year club drew
a e 637 AdoMe3

c Va-1 an t f the
counMt. peak ylar of free-Aml-
' ae increase? Television.
STV the Dodgers b bag., -
b l fy establi lh, .l ^ 4
cr many new fans. an
yotp draw nore o m.a NN.E
l1 year si nc4 video. A 'i'
has a no substantial
in SBooklyn's population I
we cin conclude that wZ e am i
vision hasn't helped bem 4
hasn't noticeably hurt It. ethr.
NOw, then, does he ccou,
the minor leagues golg ta- '
"Ive made a lengthy
their arguments, and
.some of those yelling the os Ma
come from areas where
don't have television
"Those fiercely cri
actually are admltt~i
mor= Interet in the mae an
Revenue from tAteW Nb--
tantial, O'Malley 8it ,but a
the same breath frdelyA i
is not enough to pqy 9w td
empty seats: .
.But we ha y .A
emp seats to

While the
9 flk their 4


tes to beai qm 4=9 thou

hilf the bulk of wi
Rawkers take thet on
the cuft. or'I P
." v t ". J to. t. ..
Might c&it6alO lhoHiheh
baseball. O'Maley, fto patM

Juan Franco rips

1-TUlin T U 1

4-Leuely leBy

.d& W



.9th Race "C" ImportIe .
Purse: $650.00 ,
*"O **.r**raw,
" 7:

5 R OADMAS't'R .... ....... ;

B QO oV ..... ....... ,,..H



jg of it ..

li~l-u C~w ^ ^tt5






ist, 2nd 6th, 7th RACES

3rd iad 9th RACES

For the
our patrons we are now
operating both at the
.___._ i *

., I



*m w ff*I

r P..




idr Ia

A... ..... I t ---

.i H ....r I i ', *P f
#1Bgdiien^ PaGiants Wallo

SInseret efore Migg

T |NEW YORK, May 22 (UP-
21 0 0 The Glants. showing off before
T 0"T .-0" ",the biggest crowd of the Natio
WftT M p e cal League season. put on anoth
Brooklyn 1o1 er extra base hit spree last nigh
NIeBrookln 1 '160 i .w-(to defeat the Dodgers, 7-2, a
P1 ;Z U0tstraight victory.
PICW2t-'Afive-run first Inning tha
C'i 'i : found Al Dark and Henr
to 1n th Bobby Thomson drilling a two
1 7run homer, pot the game beyond
10'ljet'4J_ t, an tthe reach of Brooklyn. Th
-glat mDodgers had gone In front i
an dbrh'M Native their half ofa- tha IUE~non
p landpowe atrodb two-run homnr d-o
..I19 "w a e' ae Sal Magele. Al Corwin, gaining
.".rbh hs.third rel41qvictory in th
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Sra which in tell not in the fifth. Then e ol
r.- r a o el came on and retired the aid
e r Dark Star n Te holding off Brooklyn the rest
r'taii to go. The We way.
.t eMott's Dane ...... ....- aDuke Snider hit a two-ru
i Ba pa n.aM A G first I inning hom t r for Broolk
i r .ot anam Area l L D. PW itol' flefI lyn's onlyV scoring. Thampsoi&I
d" V"Correa indefl: 'n. ir so hit a two-run Giant homer.
-a .nt ."it d Darst. n eivda Ar ea Ite ilea he e rmsItln1 Niol nita Indivirdu aach R
T t1an A. game losing streak all at ence
ta y Ht BS&'^-?t Poae; o vr Jam% e htea tirues sor sevened ru m o ir
Team ia Out s Open June Match At Farfan D-e ,ce- o dre.. a
War. -- s- Phbillies, 7-2. Ralph Klner'
u.m.v.raos .,bl ,edtMI nSS. noufdtwo-r .single,-, pass". ball
e3rtainfles, Ms. Geore Invitations have be'n sent Cafone, Harry Lu4Is Cu- smokey Burep, a two-rm
lr' R o~L 2or, Ro eby out to 33 rifle and pistol tropia, Jack .Th' nt hs h om1Mie by Crlet aeraler, a wl
abl sJ nd GBroc- marks-en to cth. Ith Ramse y&WJ.Coof~U tfthe obC throw l home plate by rawil
DA W N ,' meg adi a .t ty Clare. try-outs for the .1 Ma Area 33d Infantry; Danlel t L Huagh Hamner, and a single bywi
.sOutside pic.are MoneM ryfle-Patl tean w lipln and W r o l pitcher Mana Dieksm
S. rk. rocker nd Am eAr.e o a the Antlles or the U- the 45th Dattala; .; Chester apenied for the ta es. Dick.
wa anoQd to e r there'll be a milt Um of 10. a h n Harman r A 30 rifle mato s h a pitched five-hit ball t
`V. t f 6 'thbI" ma3dmum of Ie month. The try-outs open on of Co osal; l a late Bitz- ruled to be held Sundaybegn- al hs forth victory.
i srSant Paol e a June 1. The ln~eitaflo were man of th et AAA Qroup. ning at 9 a.m. at t6e F4 aan
lHn"II aDL Rin taeI n4dd Interest. sent out from ACARIB, The p tol noeminess wa ob- ange. This will be an NRA The Reds took a 6-0 lead the
,=" .. Ur 0" Wt wi'Bil Wifrt" y lr ut Euric Headquarters, art Barber, M&- f lsa, approved match with a5 Otty blew it all at once when tl
13 Of age Guermn to. uuruatb Dancer The men already Ipvited to Arthur Manchooar, M l~e- fee of $1 each. Cards scored six runs in t
'y opular JUG- w. dWaltrsixthInnino, then went on
0vby popr judg- with.SCorresponS-- anoth- Participate in the try-opts were lisle, William C A Walter sixth inning, then went on
l gs of entries Ifspeed dot or two In the early chosen as a result, of their Wilson of thie Mron There will be Individ8lt win 11-9 at St. Louis. After tl
re d over the going to InoUr3 his run- showing in the P L a Area Brewer and "euing- prizes. The competitlon will Cards made It 6-4, Cinci scr
rr of 22events~ lumped Into Major anit cou ers have Diclmon decimaltarg but the Cards came back to so
[TIDY. q fi r uei na evwth pnirne of Ito tiO foia eoil e g c hes elud es P ra tonio Spec h as y hsin .RA treeorernsItheeen
dflBH.e;* 29 ta bU- w- thl Ar0k Of four and' dd a cur i lon tally
FvJi .oqire prsl4aretShiRrte o. In the form Mney.Broer it been asked to nbult nes Manion and WuAon wse four anehed a c PiON Lo tall,
S Churchill Downs.' f t turn? of tree mor from. therl A es will be n Wye the eighth.
OVW 13 in? of te morellonr +-ro T- ouT tuse t If he t equal to
o~t of Motta's colon t.ys Tra Iners ust don'tt throw for the team. Howard,.' Wo1 keeping up with his ret t inch-hitter Peanuts Lowe
an Inv-t. .*- ay aWs; a winradg ,pattrn solehbn- A total of sixteen Men for Mask of ureefeed ofwulbg In oth, hit a two-run double in t
30. k#0for4ys ry Moreno no doubt once po0r each team will be chosen t o' Pargons of the amA smallber and bigbore. eighth .to put the Cards ahe
-r o will attempt to maybe every post compete against thie Alte, Favreru, 1R an4 "for gOd. The Cards mlade
p Vra winutg one Wth Dark tar. Ip the Individl *IALte P the talle Are auict On arms filng. The National hits including th ekch by
10 RrMoreno very a .fl dist*I. t-team titles, pealwd Toopi i that will fir e p Matches add highe goals for Scodlens Sv Bilko a
SDaOtk Star's *ed aou the sent the Panam A ea tltan, while ietrUlS9the marksmen to a im at and Del Rice. Bob Drkowsgi am
0 mle' and a q Of the D rb WITth e rifle and the 31d n- and Cp app re sn-the also lnstructUn to those at- Jim Greengrme he d f
in 2.02 ot-8b the ofa- pantry will carry banner members of t atr tendIng- In ordr to give the Clnap d Jbloa.h1t 01
Oftl orawinkofthe"rwoffe with the pistol. Atles toea. A replaement for Army more and better quail- for t uIm".
to anNo. in the rifle-. and sin. -theAmeanLutno.
da, h Ol Phort Brook in the V" -aIkee frme r ip t,
ti r hmOM- The 'S" W InfantrY veds The Panmaa-Antlls admipe-e no
burne-bYa-e the most Invtations six tition will b h.4 4fi Aeh tleso
PINwith'six theeAthlekgnoblanked s806Wt
men try out tor each teamI. 'tuIt.AD

?.6 fr6 ]A1 The Yankees sc.ri&
IsthefI MOT, e in a big e.tina seventh,
whladividn1W 80p0 0 drove in what-bee&ae tme-
Sea last December. how. to the Army try outs at ning run. The Yankeeu se
ly eve believe verc tw pl hatl chmpio. Fort B OllGeor .. layers as Joe

better than 1-to4- Dark starhS u illts oh 11- at ball in rf
might be as ch as 6.-to-. ntoo .. ,wit, the rifle d to achieve hsle i
Ltikr adIA. MabInhester Andt4 n ..n .June 114 9 At Shants pulled a m Ia Z
e 0h i mSrai teammates of Denner, will h ab.. The 16ith eoon right shoulder after .o
.thD -one bMr out eruh0 oe- the list. They asoh in seconeh4 Balio ll in charge of one hit in four Inning l
throat with a blserin e, and third In the'1heal cmp. bot rng during the firing. Schelb came on to pa.erve
hoytbea let., P-teti't. -via be the flirt time 6 shutout and gain the victory
D-mam norby'to co bbhl" ga The, list or ? ftlemen six lr lle 1940 that the'USAACAIU:B he gave up just two more
.ngto take Itall receiving their invlta tiosM W ete d a team In the the rest of the way. pete d
ia.--.tion u. compete Includes Prank P- National Matches a hdey hae '
i.s :m. A din- a reau, Henry Ross Earl Fo, rulntatt -the. pactlee In line
# a hema d hung James an Rbet -With th r policy to 0lace

f-ea or the -invul eax rrn IS on the Khaled 80,24t an-
u- only a head, in the 00,0W an-
Is qr1 aushatst -Anita Derby
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Property"final" propoalGene,

GI Guards Held

fr investigation e disa TWENT-IGH EA. PANAMA. .A MA 1-35, 193 a Willim m.te h;rt t o e
OTh 3N GIB, various items ofrom w 1 tll waroro&

yo pearance iso Trans lan kice X rp
personal property from the LLt nm..e ,,, w p .. o pie
wrtates along the of a Curtiss Commwer Atlantic WASHINGTON, May 22 (UP)- World War rone l berence "of greae rt" r t thtte
do that crashed in the Idaho hower will go to eved held by the R a B Fr mee it to eet wt or the y
mountains last January with 37 determined to harmonize trian peace treaty.) en. The tate Department e tht onferee eque the two i
servicemen aboard, the Army erican-British-French views Editorials in Prad, however, tht the l be the e
disclosed today South Carolina air on key world issues before agree- es already have not commit the Oct 8when on-
Koea, and a crew of three on official citation to a meeting with the R Spoeman L oln put prth ne teNa
the AirForce-haered planepot at said today wester powers Wite added tat Britain and ow and he

Ogden, said Janthree members of The word administration conditions were Prace feel the same way "o fa m evi i
craft smashed Into the Was-
atch Mountains, just north of d% Pd y the UN.
the Utah-Idaho border. to quarters was that Mr. E U.S. secretary of tat a e ko." that t ant De
The servicemen were all from primarylast rpo in Foster Des meanwhlon sources aid er.
states along the lower Atlantic WASHINGTON, May 22 (UP)- World War In prsohina and s at Besernemuda f a luf to ready than no 1Wba e i re tarlks wa sa -re
The plane hationed taken off from next month's Bermuda confer- a Scontviet s blocnat k A- taking the Initiative n The gov let ch .et ive mrre ds at
Seattle a few hourments before the enc are determined to harmonize trian peace treaty.) ca The State Department mig Prethater Renee w .r the Ue 's request the two sides
began crast weekend when snow American-Bonsider a Bie Four o Britorials n French ead Britain and that the shouldM b.e d wrb a lmost the nime psiion
sures at the crash scene. How- agree to a new top-lel appiting exchanges tween Iaer cae ChOctll sid when the -
eve for a South Carolina air on key administration s dead to Russia as an early ha equel to Prime Minister Clemmit tof hrench ovt of India rema
base. tne r coma nd Ing to a Big Four meeting with Kremlin would not er- a nd Sen. Joseph R. conference Th. Preanden tss factor. There n e
Connerl. D. that Skinner, commander Ruhad whia, administh ration officials vitation to a mee w ussa. s would not p n Lprei of the newh- w I
of the Army general depot at said tod ay. western press o nfers ce be WIte added that Britain m and -op t t ie O nac4 pro wOri Wv
Ogden, said three members of The word in administration conditions were et for trance feel the same way "so far l m e toto hinge on l u L
an armed guard, assigned to quarters was that Mr. Eisen- U.S. Secretary of Stae SlAn an we know."dm tha It wantsttib/ween Secretar of le ,, .* .
protect the bodies and wreck- hower's primary purpose i FoPakistan, Dulle ll sad Administration races said a foreign wy of s u es found. Pth .
age through the winter, were getting together with British New Delhi today e seesrta no p Big Four meeting dependedr on, OEl her awn s iw r e

m t he s w i ntd e r w r s t T h e p t au e r s o f Bis h h v c o e e o r ?u t t h a l l w h er e w l 1l b s r v e r b e i t^f f r m N e
held although no charges had and French leaders Is to put a in new "Big Four" talks thew amount of "Big Three, har- the blrefusn waedr t ex- r sought au from Nhew D
been fried. requick stop to recent trans-At- Communist armies rem am, in mny" that could be worked out e on for st as n h
The guard, from the Ogden lantic name calling and farge Korea and Indochina and 1a at Bermuda. sim initentionv at ......yesterday astd I
depot, was stationed at the unity where dangerous splits sla continues to block au As- By taking the initiative hi The P r overRnm9~. h a to ma
and wia betachanged eac wee. Iesterdays ud n ba o st at ant troops l trc i ui at v te newst e t
scene n detachments of 10 men are developing. trian peace treaty. ahtlcaling the Big Three m t reta ca- ne vote otMr n teeondr parn,
d w c d ah w I w stern ut Hc b e added thatt t he United Pun Chinshd hiS men ngt Mayer regnedto Korean problem which
begand as of the hden finally chieved at Bermuda, the Presi- throw cold water on over the widening sapt betw om e his last-minUts ols t Winigton reports said w# Wi
began last week when snow deference placonsider a Big Fourof British and. re ly con- ble ers Britain and this un hc a t himself by the of topic

Descends Ovther annpoey lae than oeu, he ours ofith cil ather ov hot Ohe p,: the rd in Ma g ....
melted the outhern expo- parley later in the yearthat the United Statf would a- reached its peak last a T..eet British Prime Minister

eurozcot M poral e .th n erw teo rcea thgirmown sra n of Indi r
But the administration Is dead to Russia as an early saeel to Prme Minister Clement ofof India
eaye the operation. d set against skin a meeting in the Big Three meeting de- r and Sen. Joseph R. mt hopeful factor. The.

Skinner saids of th ate new school t or h ad been foreen here tor se- tructon o word eulte 8
been discovered that various which the Russians could exploit muda. S the Brlsh er io l w in

{ definitely in front of a portion appeared optimistic today over meSetingne?*s and that the Alli g t ag .
arof a of personal property Allied dsunlity and confusion. At a press confer e j be1- soke a sremewhat beore X e mtaaw = "a 'ext on whih de
known to have been carrie d The admit Unistraton's cautious ore he left New clear that piah toward CAm ll wi-gll a g t 4 a E Iponm M ight
he offendin g section of the nd againsHowever, t dvancxpressed dommt- will prePakiss for a Du lle ow-sadl leader" ertires tha t i ee s ei t y wa of surimo.unt. g ta -f 2f
m eral, which Oroico payments for a meeting with the State-. e ca be nw o .. .

the school in 1030 in tribute to near future. d t e
and Stalin and groups of Sov Russians jibed with views of key tht y important In addition Someof thelr- -t o nly forty a
moldi taer y meo a l races carrying members of Congress. results could oe out of a re look with a wary at ay's cabet th h c ,"

,) It is part of a four-piece mu- ing. h --o-- /. confe t flhe n L berod
watches. Total value was not They applauded the idea of Big high-level conference which psnd forei aid cuts.nda to r ,r, fellwhen o Observesbelt, e0,63 O
wtdhet oerai ne te was n Three talks as a starter butncluded the leaders of et new adinstraton ntndbly refusedto e- sought assurances f
determined. so: Ioni avpwt 5d- on;h^dM n A
"A full investigation.. is now warned against giving the Rus- Russa so lon as the to concentrate on to the de- A siOnC l t daa ono hate$
nder way," the announcement sians a ready-made opportunity bloc is proposal fo r a big nt.of Europe on' tedtak

meeting they might have put found out wh a ch Premir
said. "Findings and any crim-to widen existing differences be- ssldon in Korea amd ~ t e 'uOay p roblean'i ruif for,
said Lame I on In ohin along Which hls uov-
Inal charges resulting there- tween Washington. London and Lo in Indochina M sa long wih te United at, ri~ i vote wa paatn
from wil be announced later." Paris.. as In Europe they refri to and yrance will try to agree, Izn. lt 2%." It W aid~ an- I idiw, in eiet,.

f l n l withdba ccupatlifor an Psclle KoreT 0 r*tfi feaf s
y yesterday's sudden fall of thewt a i
French government beaded by from a nall, ineffftulves.un- the talks are still4 e...o. e" h e 1"I.
Premier Rene Mayer cast a tem- try like Astria." ot tue e, h vo on
porary cloud over the Big Three He added that the United m snlt China's bid f1WU., mon meei M~er rebraneatonati
conference plans which had been States, although entirelyy confi- berlhip,+ forel"n' ii and U14 0%.
before.ah munist countries should start a.o OfIN
American officials had hoped general war, the end would be o. r ef O i'-we al-
timing of the conference an- their own destructtu," Is con- moat unnmifouX M. Ineii.ii
nouncement would tide Mayer cerned over the 13i71j thit ro, ]AMO# "g- I o
fNcW YORK, C" W* (UP) over a government crisis crt such a ctonflet brig do-n hig .d ,P new
Officials of the new school for had been foreseen here for sev- struction to the- w ole world. o- arcu A"" -.
social reseAhb ordered today eral days. While Mr. Eisenhower'es an- 0exy' -ese1M_ ufri, 'afU tJo .'ft
( that ai Yellow curtain hang in- in Moscow diplomatic sources announcement of rld a1tuda shrA benF
definitely in front of a portion appeared optimistic tody over meeting made s mention of a and that ll
of Jmural by Mexican painter the possibility of an eventual big- later meeting with Rpsids, some agreement beftot. MOWn r "*
Yi dble, ente Oraxc in the power meeting that would, in' British Prime Minister Win- the. tus +.qig b....
ic ho0 ls cafeteria. clude the Soviet Union. ston Chpchill made clear that i*aurchI5 ird"s '
The offending section of the However, they expressed doubt he will press for a tollow-up leaders, long.h-aw bs o IW[bl f.
Mural, which Oroco painted for the meeting will be held in the s -"
the school in O in tribute to near future. Russ a te
Its "educational pioneering," In- Observers said that as long ... "aw t.
c. eludes life-size portraits of Lenin as President Eisenhower Insists ea e Woe.i Wed e .
and Stalin and groups of Soviet on fulfillment of certain condl- bo In In f
, soldiers of all races carrying tions it is not likely Russia will W.P d four asd On th
hammers, oafupe -agree to take part in a meet- By JAC V. FO" Js W o 'e- o9
It ts part ofafour-pece mu-ing. 0- '-,* and
1 + raddeplctinf "mankind's strug- (Last April16, Mr. Eisenhower LONDON, May 22. (UP) -I I f !:U"Via=- 4e@d c 6e b-
BCgle. told the American Society of President Eisenhower's call for lgsooto lent Af.1 t .
r Dr. Hans Simons, president of Newspaper Editors in an address a Bermuda meeting of the Big Bril i oh .Red Tan'd J
the school, said the curtain on U.S. foreign policy that the Lmree was a master stroke sit down la over wsorI He t6iusd MtGT .-douda trdwia.
would remain despite a protest Soviet peace offensive should be In calling the Heting at this prof--. the Ie nnot be met *g 0vA 109lW t s4* -A

_Prime Minister Winston Church- bower, C .h ad an as yet
ill's proposal for a big power unknown '1 ld ca"
eng they might have put pound out wh'. D Primh ....
the United States on a spot. Rene Ma unity of
If American leaders had re- vlew"u ore the Na- A r .
fused European official and tso--..
ed violently against the United Ir.'/a'" for. a
B fed wea0 offers
meeting now Mr. Eisenhower ,

aReam Im Delensen' u e

_tioe makes, It neesr" for J apa

.1OAeoedt sthe Weotion of a-polae fog

is ... soft =Wbiwft for^ew p r Ill. -
MINIM Deepb" elman ahmy wmm
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