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Weekend American
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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elfi f-

r hopes for
ae been bitU
guna" and
I*- a natloni
tmhe blain
ftmwer ru

conldem them

mun t n

,~ *'~'

,y 20 (UP )-
J ht that

~Mth ,
A~~ivf"0 bod

b h.he
st irt of
In a
t forasix-
tne xes
oo uant

by. ,m

klih. ..Te

wow a MM

global strugglee between freedom
nd Red tYean..e
Ths was shower first di-
rect report -the people. He
poke fromp t. remnovated ad
ancient kitchen ln the basement
of the White Hoese, surround l
by heavy curtals to kill the
bouncing sound off the masonry
wals of the roqm.

After his n rfadi l b., he a-
peared on .i lvi mt-
works in a AimdW, aMeul6 wer-
alqn oL-th e .pC ., In th #e-
quenc he suited up his po-
"What w are tryin todo -
da. ar to fi,.a n often:
eurty t least."..d
then throft t ost eardnt
kind of cre ta abolish dupldea-
tlon ancl Auxury from expeadl-
Vse qIt-in the, radio s ponh
Al.t42Thuimn administi
04 e, tbJM three zQa

.u1. fted tal co-

w. wy.w aror wm. .

rTax Phn

ended to

2 TUP)

A- Seea of party confer-
tody in an attempt to
tport for President
Mer' five-point tax pro-
1ahmbers of the tax-
House Whys and Means
W who In the pest have
Ised ty extension of
oft tax on corpor-
a mornin aeslon,
r to meeting with
Jmph W. Martin, Jr,
Floor Leader Charles
I- the afternoon.
ar faced a ma-
Ol: t i political leader-
a Dylfg to persuade re-
v= man to hold off
Mident sed that the
mdqflt tax law, now
dte BJune 30, be er
Dec. 31.
Snewsmen that I
kM~eam Milan he expeeSr
1s to abe reahed on t
ahe HoNme. .*I-4
! bpandling th

Egypt Said

Set For War

With British

ROME, May 20 (UP). -. The
Italian news agency Anas rq-
ported today that EgyPtlan
Prime Minister Mohamed NalI6b
told its correspondent in Cairo,
Egypt is ready to go to war
against the British, if necessary,
to expel British troops from the
Suez Canal Zone.
Naguib was also quoted as say-
ing that he was sure that Conm-
munism would overrun Egypt If
foreign occupation Is not ended

The Ansa correspondent asked
Naguib: "In view of the growing
tension between the two coun-
tries, do you believe the only so-
lution is taking to arms?"
Naguib answered: "We are
slaves, consequently we have no
other course We have nothing
tp lose. We have decided to do it
if It Is necessary to liberate our

Mother Complex
Causes Woman
To Kidnap Tots


(UP) --

ch t with titlna the ned-
eral dbergh .Jdnap Law.R
Hogna said rs. 3arbara sLee
OGram had esad the su r-
of-the-moment dnaping a
mechanic's t-year-old son
and infant d4ughter last Wri-
day because aft "felt sorry'for
them." She said she took them
from their Washipgton hedne
while their Ments, chance ac-
aualtitae-SN aere out for a wglk.


-Cable Se To
Cable Sent To

Confirm Local

Stand On Rents

Irate Canal Zone residents sent a cable to the chaiu
mqn of the House Appropriations Committee this momr
ing branding as "not true" the testimony of Auditor Wik
IlHm Newman that objections voiced by labor leaders t%
rent increases were "not representative of the feeling .
Canal Zone employes generally.
All morning long, said Rufus M. Lovelqdy, pri
of the US Citizens Association, he was ck b
ployes who wanted to controvert Newman's teWsinh
made public today that rent increases were
chiefly by leaders of "certain groups" e.rssing "proa*
ably their own opinion or looking for the front page." r "
Newman, the assistant director of owdits of the Gei*
eral Accounting Office, testified before the House Ap.
propriations Subcommittee in a closed hearing last Jawl
uary 28-29-30. His testimony has just been made public,

In spite of the fact that the
testimony was almost four
months old, and the new rental
Incrqaes have already been an-
nounced as going Into effect

Reonnle who was one of the
leader in the anti-rent-hike
campaign, pointed out that al-
most every veterans and civic
organization on the Canal Zone
Joined in last autumn's rent
Leadership in fighting the
rent rises has now been taken
over by the US Citizens Asso-
ciation, though unions and
other groups are putting their

An.imls Stagger Into Brush

To S ber Up After Bender

DROiT4MayO (7P)-Th'.? "Every now and then the
a a 4t elle li Park stag- blackbirds would drive the squir-
a Ofte-Ino t' brush today rels off. get a quick drink and
iM aftt a four day then flap clumsily away. Then
the squirrels would come back
paently a boot- to the bar."
ag estimated
wi. skey mash In The aroma was so strong it
,te week. attracted part of the island's
Blackbirds and deer herd.
an a toot ever "The souirrels and the black-
birds were peaceful drinkers."
a, n eMploye of the Jettke said. "But the deer would
an recreation de- get a snootful and start fight-
asuirrels were ing."
mash pack-
The animal binge w- appar-
t em went on a ently over today. There wasn't
h aid. "Some Just a squirrel, blackbird or deer
on the ground within a hifi-mile of what's left
to climb trees of the mam.
few just passed "Probably sleeping It off," .Tett-
kr decided.

Hot Dog With Built-in

Zippers Easily Undressed

loam .May&37 4
11 ht asaba h

lucdked from Its clothing sons Co.. makers of tha new hot
0 fas. dog. "There seemed to be a feel-
Swo prefer eating their ng that if there wa a way of
Iun with the skins on getting the casing off, things
L t. awead and do so would be mudh easir for the
U. tnr model either consumer."
the nylon, or, per- Skollar said that under normal
Mt pped in and peeling methods, the jacket
S that it might coma off n five or six pieces
h AN later as dental but with the vipp er It sheds
neatly OaWwo.
thus accounter- "When thanl frer Is cook-
lla.beef. hickory- ed, the al taA taut, and
Uowa kosher frank- when t I 1 pulled the
UMRjeh thicker Cn thing aS kimono," he
r ur. add^ i, Meterloualy Into
S s more WO- Oriten .l r a figure of

e taawd g ..o. .-mH a N or

leloag on tha but wodi
am Ban.a-nard
of fhetut

shoulders behind It when tUae
have an opportunity.
Today's cable read:
"Honorable John Taber, Chastt
man Hous proprial ns cm.

lions rann Oa Canal
Zone not representative of fe.
ing of emplcees here. '1to
statement, if made. Is not true.
Canal Company employs al-
most unanimous in their ob1c- -
tions to higher rentals and
quest I so inform you. mD
follow by letter.
(sad.) Ruaus Levela
President, US CitiMag
Assn., Canal Zone.J..

Fsbing WIthout I

Lice NetIsJd

For Capin, Crew "
Using cayucos, three pollm-
men led by a second lleutenX=t
boarded the 259-ton Star
off the coast of Anton yes
day and arrested the capU. a
and the crew for fishing in Pan-
amanian waters without a li-
The vessel's master. James'Q-.
Despla, America= and six mI
bers of his crew were b
here under arrest and rema
ed to a cell in police headjur*
Scheduled to arrive here a-
board the Star Crest this afW%-
noon were four more
of the crew, including
Lyall, another American citbM.
Police said the four peab-
men caught the ctew fishlag f
The Ministry of Agrtu
said the boat, whose local
ls the American SteamnShtp ,
had not solicited a fishing per-
mit in'the last two
apparently had been
with a license Issued In 1IO.

Newscaster F

State Dept, Says
VOA Is 'Crpphsl
NEW YORK, May 20 (UP) .
Radio news cbmmentator Reg
mond Oram Swing has
as chief political analyst
Voice of America charging tt 1
been "crippled, perhaps dgoe
recovery, by slandrau'smi
on Its Integrity" and the "I
less failure" of the Sta '
apartment to defend itta L'
Swing Joined the Voles
about two years ago at
nual salary of 10
said was a "coa, tl
clal icrilc;e." Bhe i
of the nation's best
mercial radio
In resignin hel
budget cuat for
Voice statt "to

. .

- ~In~.LK 'IA

* L1I

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I W,.... .

,- he
*" *ai


i e"
ar may I

., mlilmmmwmmmwWmli


4 L ,

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. .:1

:9% be*tl


N. -

tj 9

. ..

* ,,.4. .

'"rAGE TWO .



*7 HN TRIE 0 0 Box 134. PANAMA, t O P
rtLtPHONE PANAMA NO 2.0740 '5 LINaC)
34R MADIsoN AVE. NEW YORK. (171 N Y,
POP-5-2--E-. IN.ADVANC IS0so


The Moil Box is on open forum for readers of The Poenm
lecn. Letters are received gratefully and ore handled il a well
dential manner.
If you contribute a letter don't be impatient it it doesn't *p
next day. Letters ere published in the order received.
Please try to keep the letter* limited to one peag length.
Identity of letter writers is held iN strictest confidence.
This newspaper assumes no responsibility for statements eas
expressed in letters from reaeers.
Dear "Pop" Wright,
i'f-.1* WflA... ..n1.. .k t,. h f n ial x er

NOW Iv' seen it all. 'ina iy uuone U e runac xpe* A' p ..-
so frequently come to the Isthmus has given us the solution to
our economy. He says we should depend less and less on the
canal and to develop further the areas north and south of the
same. If he didn't mean for us to do a heck of a lot of fishing he
probably meant for us to plow the Ocean.
You,may have seen in the local papers that Boquete coffee
Is selling well in Mount Hope. I understand they blend It I
hope it Is used as the superior half of the blend. Many new cof-
fee farms are being started and older ones are being enlarged and
renewed. tElybe someday we'll produce enough to have the com-
missary quote, their purchases of Boquete coffee In quintals in-
stead of pounds.
Your favorite theme is getting a big boost soon. The paving
of the Inter-American highway will soon start from DavId to-
wards Panama. Coming In on the plane the other day I could
clearly see the layout of the new highway compared to the old
zig-zaggy gravel road. Little by little we'll have it easier to come
to Roquete for a week-end or so and then the hotels will really
be full.
Incidentally, I have finally seen the light. You may not have
been informed of the many arguments Mrs. Elliot of the Pana-
monte Hotel and I have had concerning her prices, but for a long
time I maintained that she was a little high in her rates. How-
ever, talking with Duncan Newton tthe new manager of the Hotel
Naclonal in oDavid) and a few others who know the business well,
I have been convinced that the Panamonte's rates are lair and
that the visitor gets a treat in every way -.n*e4Am noforec. In
case Mrs. Elliot reads this I want to ap~e o .I ANS grant
her the point. '
Hunting has not been so good. The pigeons are a little late
this season. However, I have been compensating y going fish-
in$ in the Pedregal inlet and the Parda Islands. Oh ope trip
wherein I took my visiting father-in-law we hooked :S rd snap-
pers averaging 15 pounds and one "robalo" that got away two feet
from the boat. Of course he was the biggestoe yes, of course.
After a bit of fishing we lunch on the beach of INDIAN'S POINT
and dig a pall of clams for the chowder that evening.
That's part of what's wonderful about Boquete. Within half
an hour by car one Is getting on a boat to do ocean fishing. And
by nightfall, one is back in this deliciously cool climate replenish-
ing energies for next day's excursion wherever that may be.
Hoping to hear from you soon.
As ever,

B.aty iy I

HORIZONTAL 7 Indiana (ab.)
I Tawny 8 Burden
stripedbeast 9 Fiddling
6 l'aned beasts Rom10 Pace
11 Wild as 10 Pace
13 Substance to Nevada
curdle miu; 13 Go by again
14 Bristly 18 Large monkey
15 Bear 20 Endured
16 Observe 21 All
17 Short sleep 22 Cushions
19 Soak up anew
20 Spotted beastL 23 Stage plays
24 Giant 24 Story
27 PhySo5tigmline25 Russian czar
31 Nautical term 26 Sensitive
32 Bowling term mental
(pl.) perception
33 Pertaining to 28 Persia
35 Gather
36 Penetratedrr
:38 Italian poet J
39 Dispirit
41 Blackbird of
cuckoo family
44 African y
45 Female saint
48 "Love apple"
61 lSecular -
6 54 Expunger
S3 Leather -
56 Titled
67 Succinct
I Hurl r
2 Arrow poison
S Fence
4 Self-esteem
6 Legal point
6 Diminutive of
Leonard E

Answer to Previous Pule
* 35 aSS

.. ggvg BE

I Nl I aga
AL I 3 A E3 i .u
0A 5U C3
SAL AlE .s3
E3130 O !03S3IEN

29 Bird's home
30 Essential
34 Cell
;7 Doctors (ab.)
40 Lampreys
41 Solar disk
42 Girl's name
43 Mohammedan

45 Cicatrix
4i Military
bugle call
47 Otherwise
49 beer Gynt's
50 Scatter
52 Pewter coin
of Thailand
53 Anger


A Fine Diamond is never expense

We hbve only the finest Diamonds.

Newest Cut
Finest Color
100% Flawless
Highest Brilliance.


Labor New

I And


,S 00 By Victor R l. 'e ,

The sport of kings hUa bn
supporting some labor ntr In
a syle to vhich royalty haU 't
been accustomed for several
These are the unknown big
boys who've used their Ulttie
unions to move in on the na-
SAmr- tion's race tracks. These. lads
S *,ti_ never have to worry about
Ily onf- which nose to plape a bet on.
Even it their nag just walks
peor the leisurely across the finlahish
line these union men get a
purse every day. '
They live in rambling aubwr-
eopn'oIs ban houses, Florida winter pal-
aces away from the Miami
crowds drive custom built cars,
pick up $100 dinner tabs and
make the waterfront racket
'take" a bingo bagatelle teom-
pared with their unproletarian
s t-haot profit.

Some of these union chiefs
own part of the tracks. Others
place their members there -
at a fee. Others cut in on the
gambling. Others have the
parking concession. You name
it, we have it at Roses
velt Race Track, Hialeah, De-
troit's Hazel Park and sundry
turfs where even the mud
never slows tup the fast bu ks.
There Is, for example, a De-
troit sport named Ray Carroll.
or some years now he has been
running three local AFL Build.
ing Service onions of some 3.-
500 race track and bowling alley
This downtrodden servant of
the proletariat figured nothing
was too good for those who sac-
rificed for the people. Prom
two of his locals he drew $25,000
a year. Also $100 a week ex-

To keep body and soul togeth-
er Brother Carroll also operated
as an employment agency. He
supplied labor to such turfs as
Hazel Park, Northvile Downs,
Wolverine and the Detroit track.
In the morning he'd send his
men over for Jobs-at a. com-
misafon. In the afternoon he'd
be their union leader, bargain-
ing for them. Not a bad bargain,
he had.
Sincq some of his members
worked at day .and night races,
Brother Carroll figured he
should have his own daily
double, so he'd charge them
double dues for the same union
card in the same unin. Ft. ally,,
auditors from the main Build-
ing Service International Union
office in Chicago dropped In.I
CareU was-suspended.
--Befor -I. put this galloplg
prose to paper I called theo
executive board room bf theI
Building Service Internationali
headquarters. The Union's In-
ternational President. Williamn
McFetridge was waiting there
for, Carroll to show up and
stand trial before his angered
Meanwhile. McFetridge w"as
trying to get Carrbll's records
-whtch tWe Detroit sport said'
had been aWt.,' And what, do'i
you know. the vanishing books
covered th very perfOd which
McPetridge was investigating.
Carroll eplaint that he mov-
ed his.oine at,tht time. And
you know how eontusing tlat
can be. '
But' Carroll is Just one of the
labor racmin fraternity. And It
takes longer than a RUssian five
year plan to get their union
books. L


* 4.,

,- O *KI
. f, : ,, ? .. '

.T -
.^ .. /A

ei .?

; 1

1, 1 .


Gentle Men


- v

DrW .Sr sas:. GO0P
d ;. At" Fore r
wor" difficult.


..M ... ^ .; '
AAnother ect difficult to ove
.m"Jm.-ago, 9 ohn Postr bulls.. was ..
- dI' Over the knuckles for failure to
S _t 2 time Dulle wa scold '
the 0 Itates had exactly
( lIL hone "yer
Pligtermore when lsehtw
Sa e 0 I lodi .one yetar Asp, tIt
mthe V e atomte weapons it h [j.f
Yft l]i h Uor,t.werlod tht. lapId,
t nehtAg in our atomic stredith. we are
*a .. puSalh,-ttl war--though muslmUlkW ,y
Swhic wa5wI push-button war. L- PT
....' ManqRanmadt .tullf ha/,i al nki

4. "


Par be it.from me to applaud rowdyism, be- Wagaer firmly in t_
cause I amauch a Senttoubut it seems to Ing Mr. Wagner to
me that baseball is getting a little sifled in its the baseball.
general, conduct, to where you itn't supposed to Btme people.w ed
dtst a batter or quarrel with an umpire or even to argue wish Mr. M, wb
to take a punch at an opponent. And, as Red on h back and .se
Smith was saying the other day, meanwhile the weapon Conaldea t.oo
attendance declines. I went to have a ehat
One player, like Billy Martin, belts another, him why he wouldd go to
or Jackie Robinson gives it to qolly emus, and dead game, last daydf r tn
they call In the United Nations t taettl .it. miserable commodities as
Or Mr. Maglie pitches high and Iskide to Mr, Benator.
friuro, and Mr. Furillo loosesto bt At Mr... "You do1t7, de ,,,
MagUe, which call# for ile copnmet and an-mh.N
gew revois o th W rul. whatever that I*W a pmtl M 1
i I lonal'Inamnd MB
My Idea of intent, when a pitcher thirows oe sil him -bA- the thee 4
tight is that he is attem to'ht .hl .an -
the-head, and wheo the ti1Wd t.-. .
tlon the idea Is to fracture a lg. l e -. .
we MeaI admired Bsta ta
sports were seldom gentlemen o field. M
favO te wa a c dckylttle- To T"esa
Wautigngton nase d of Udy ,wtlbabd sted n oto atf"T wUl
nose whichad got Mf busted on purpose. e the atstmes
Mr. Myer was a Louslna 'boy Whose hqt i thls- e .as the am.
South' blood bolted on easy r. Mr. yer Chah .n WD .flte.
would hit you before he wa opy Introdued, One ( .othUr heoes
I remember one deathless day t i-aah- reUll who directed hib
ington team was battling for a firm hold n last but wnp xot peat his .
place, with the Athletics, on the final day *Of th rip apartt Wiroe, and oa
season. There wasn't anybody in the park but sed 'll math, ,- trod up a
ClarA Griffith and a few vagrant reporters with and 4xpe.vq gold. waict
warped se"e0t o umor. temper.
me sre wa nothing very Importipt, ike I al-a dmIre Mr. Re
about 14 to 3, or some such, when Mr. Myer de- CIL, a. Pan wlh IW-
ilded to come home from second on a short ,'
single. T oni modet hieb r
A youngster named Hal Wagner was catching Mr, Martin of tIe YankM
for the awful A's, and he did a very stupid thing temper tomata m ht
when Mr. Myer arrived at home, boiling alo as don't .refra hN .iMnto aM
if this were the deciding game and decIdling 1 th"y'jl have to bb hi.bugl
of a Wor)ftieries. Mr. Wagner blocked the plAte. a nose a*Ib=t a -nlAy's I
Mr. Myer lay down on his back and kicked Mr.first blow.
S -.. .' -.,, -t.."

for Connid Mad
Ie continiM'teo
spiked fei
* iowid.
tth Sud later,
so, much troub
e season, betwe
the Athltles a

In St. .'io example, the IT| lp i W II WfI
Federal grand Jury arkeX to ee wauU i. vv i nc
the books 1(f the AFL St amfil-
ters Local 562-,and its '1s, Lar- -P
ry Callanan. big wheel in the *
racing fraternity, Just turned HOLLYWOOD SARMItST wmn rl09f1a0 -.: At
them down. ... *ie siietiat' e enBmite).
't take c. ~ erl .i .Jane Pewell (whq had marital diff S ielw---
It takes cobdrderable cynicism cently) ,ha a htI-t-be-happily-marier ater SID I 4a te-baiL
not to be .lorjied by the iact view as a ecar t movie mag...WWh4 aWe v.ew ax" is ea
that thee g .ury now has to the* s -whia elmanlst who solvesya.i* L ear to
had to fight, right up to the resoae 4aIael. snlstress? He's daredevf b oaderi"
Missouri SupreOte Court for the dThe M Garaeal" movie. (AU I a day's wok, re o f whtWah
right to examing the records oefolk)..J sa far 1-D films merely shock project. a fl
an American labor union. 1 startle. After th novelty value fades 3-D etie- proti ar a big .te-
___ en. expert *crt) wil be S-Dul.U. p., OU VAN few
It seems neither remiss nor gIna oahme'st .Tdloku
1 Vemmi b OlftO z hme l !ji ksa he, -aWsa&"
unfair to me to, point out t'atk t ktbrdlbet a an/' ( don't ged- land Y- b
the internUatonal union led ) t title Is the Frende fili ntea- (Such a
in is the f "F lf the wTap." eow thweet...The es- ots
incharters Ccl'anan's loca'. Cal- ANis eMy 'abOfn12 ded-
lanan thereicre dirties hiowis his eyeboadw aptien: "Bei face ba rVw* fied
nest, smears all labor and thinner in reem s and from. seotNe n*i"
embarrasses a member of our ri n e w earms tkng resemblinee to Kath- A
government. arine l epharn'.. .ThOe are times when ami ts- Aa,"
tion is a ferm fat fAtery. Lk Taylor anal Jean em
And who takes Ceilanan's Sima s are Ikalls. anl both are glad... of l .gg .
-e up to the Supreme Court? Marn. Maxwell m ery guested on "Whats a f
one other than MorIs Shenk- My Linet' A peaeUst queried: "Are you femaidt" hea'd iWJ . for some of the Marily shamed: "Yes, the last time 1 looked." usua* win
i action's biggest bookiel (Blaeskt!). "" lemami. t.9 r s*

Nice fraternity brothers. In
iae East one ,of them Bill De
Koning, Iong time boss of Long
Island ConLtruction Trades, has
v. stock interest In the Roosevelt
v* and Yonkers Raceways.

Another construction laborers'
DM, Jereey Joe Madden, pal of
ie imprisoned extartioner. Job
sy. can place his top at the
ri-mutuL wbtdw. at-the
stern W ma a dIsMaw
rfs. b '
wj*ft me" tuj37_Zr

Phateopy weuiNaeve you believe H. Bogart t
has become a student-of Ureek myloiogy, (Uh- _
huhb. extraa I extra! Gander M. Monroe's ,
photo gallery In Photography' mag. Marilyn and
Jane Russell certify 3-D will never replace Two- t
0...That Fa olodf The '"Sadl Thompson" e
movie (being in Honolulu) uses plut. -
coconut trew...] ly DortNey Dandridge pbr-
trayal of a uehaottbaeb0r .
flm wians i 0 ? the o E-co
-1 Th'ew
MMiE -lut 'na

men 14

In comparison the Wiot hx a litte 6wdr 56 ,'obai
S m ".. *. -- b b .., ': -. ,
Ing ot on a genuine iplIn ftor push-buttlinwaS'.ibt ft
Uraan power, tohe bucq the bludf et so. as -e
t a a LovettrWat8 fnat de en f mong mafIW s fre
m hand ppofeenses WeUofOpOetnthat-tflemw d
upw be cotted in a Sev- 1 W c their production will be Wore eftliae% and l..evsOnsye.
remn However,the batic deftnse n_ G*of W% ?
It As a Lovett.. to scatter idefmse orders umong many *LepmrM foe
tn the purpose of getting tibAe.tid p W. vpto pr1dWumul
to ask utions n a iy- f b a'dwte when*r oe ,.
l on a ._i wi_ a naron ls. to uS leas efficaeni pjanta 6
ro such well P.e0lol-ao = ..tme plan wag to pet emanerants geams
mded tie ed Iforl m t glo ....... .... -
theiri nan could o tb
"'0,s80- ger toB
V. A *which -out
*-- f- Qfl -*fj ^r ^ t^'Aah-iLB1*-" i^^t^^ **^^^ but '

~P ~" ~d

F' ii LIak' *~~*



I a -

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' "t .. .-


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hu I

-4. r

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la .-wdow

i m


-- --


- *

J -


I __a



~ 1.:~


, --~1'

I *,.* p~r
'1 -.
~. .'-.. -

In r~r .-

T7 --As i ffers Power

:--(VI) They ran the they
16 idenU barked and on the
they de- desks of01
eon W ca powa 0ma
7 'and newryan-

.n0 1479caug ht bea tht as op xba gen* daw
A32 in theb water the teIeph. Whn finally.
t pumps gave up tr) tat 1 c
TMX0 V s.YW.dmaed d nte ir aVMt 8t h on section manager panDO MoDmpN
Tfe oW ..s -atI. mar. eager, lshe aIIe am
n ws8 Il'n'= l%' a hospital ew
U895< andr e ay power "I'm Justte ftgedo this situa-
-ans, WW IPI tt Operatlgn tion." she dpeh&O, "the clMt l
fo 06fully. could be e uc esauy. being handled cight."
or .,Major h conned lc-
*wfthemelgncy power CIO
catio ngi a n. CIO.Urges Olic
""gMr. attnd. "". MGMoaaram6n otst v a-in. ,epru n To ee Help SerikHrs
""D oul eca ~ Pa n thwoi ."Arthur By Guzzling r
Gual" tee of opening..d-64 briersdte that coWdn't bee lowered. MILWAUMw-W.. '
f t~ Watank Areaon an el we= the 1 th today urged the ubld to sup-
at 9:00 in and 141h f o, fthe syne port 7,500 rt brewery
A N.A.D. When today's hand Was p Building had to walk up workers here wb fM all the
i .in the e mifinal d a1O and down felhtI of stalra in Milwaukee beer 'humanly pos-
'" aater champ other b bible "
ot TPevent, the bitdlig Wi. r units shut offB A statement s gnE-by Charles
"the p seven .O One of M. Schultz, Mat. e2 prident,,
""-.g th4&Vyear. and nine other o ah said
or'e Ri depart- "when the stocks of beer have
To assi *n'e gne.s. ray., Night tractadgamAt out and wor- gone the w of au mon-
n -, -i o nave been-made 'vi wade To 'uW moodl"gtthe made beer,,shere won't be any
aloNo Club No. of be lheld Pi- fated the contra ina "Ahop-lIlt- "This circumstance will help
a OR 1! CA Par-1 Gk art pro- actually played managemenI in the six brewer-
evei at a p. comedy of metropolis les to se the necessity of nego-
7 1 tutt by thet. no electriti-tiating a new contract," they
.in Beaversl any def
a W' gpi" t 'e t.. in d- wl their an- As the hsanj 1
g the.r .o.n cards nualtations declare T
hat. i- wn dh ta-u scheduled ddInum Td"HE RITZ
1 Bwn -bdr. orew two "'A" 167 OTRAL AVE.
Ou e sth e i Isn is happy to announce that they have secured the services of
Sled a spade ummFAITH FOSTER
.fWest should have 1sped up as Manager.
with the ace of age to lead "MlFRIEDS"
Another club. T have Surely will be glad to see you again.
at S a be amat FRIMlNdated the cor be- Faith.
ier hond Taven ia ,any change .tdon
Sa o Ty, My 28, Actually Weat. ~ea low
Louas" Pspade, allowig with
wh 4ave .return edi o, dus., 0of TO CANAL ZONE RESIDENTS:
Mr "3 kJ~='Clnd "M~J'tao IMn f M At ton f rJB SW v returned a a lttb ef course, TRAVE LN 11l TJE lTT .
'o a3S l=n be ld tonight ,and should have done so. Actu-
m synian m Norman F. at &:U at the.O.. ub ally East switched to diamond. TAT
Johop ataeir sktwo chil- at Pert Claeyton M underthe atL- I and declare was able to i f n INIHES I I
drn we eraim of the- Fort Clarton N. C. with the queen of diamond
ad 4 Wivs CIlub aock out the ace of spaces, and
ew o --- make his contract. SA V E 15
The"J l iB i m0Mb Jad t =a e SoNuth was forced to ruff elubs
thsir ,1mClaubM. only once, and could thus keep
us Ibey-MWed T;ea Mi 0tClub control of the hand. If he had
tas laor anounus its Be t dance t was a I t. been forced to srff twice, he On BUS, Train, or Plane Tickets
m laon6 1tr -on 1 re wa bew wquld have lost conteal and in CenjUnetip with year Internatdal Transportation
,at 8:30 are re- months later of Wed- wold have been set.
Ran btt a* m'aar ding gue8t1s tider- .south, didn't need bad defense SEE US FOR RESERVATIONS

.l the trbg bleafkathe second r.oundF
masdut us1 of t e ld 'eme '"3" Street No. I (Near the L*WY Offlie)
up^ Ks R a~of= dwelea sesb : Panana 232ss s-m l 1stW- 2- 1
SI ,h 4 es.' The d

,',f : s lqt club. Th M attApedsend
Saate Amer- "". ".. ow South cabbes the ace of dta-

F 1. hS dfeo Watch for Active Wome!l


hold -" ,. 1. ,,t. c .ato'..
ff: ,aitude -t WAVE RPR O O OF
a VrW a. -hfo rA 3c i
-Purpse.,ao i
.... + ,, .. ... .. ,+ ..-.--ith Ig,,o



~~. m~tr3rF

"* H t watch that goes
Si WMwith "women on
?* pa'-Ia naml,-Iyted,
MW y practice umekeeper,
. desi ed to J
E dbuI" At work or at |
anuebesm lyaen

7S- :~r9 a.

p* .:

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5%.'-; ~*A
V. ~

"..K. r
We W#lf! WM~pt

- 'a U.~Itim~,~St6!'ial
~.. 4.


*. ."Y ,,
.. '


'4k *!*.~*'* I.-



h2e ma rvellous


Washing Machine

does the full weekly wash
for a large family I

Frees you for ever from
Washing-day drudgery !
Visit us for demonstration!
25 and 60 cycle



S. A.

No. 1 Via E pan (Caino) e Phones 3-683 3-382

yvery Re a flU

by N1kfHCOOL

With 2 Pants


New... you can have coolnm d mualnMse too,
suit. The winkle resitant NoawTcoB Exe
tailored like your regular weight aukt. That mI
the aleve and body lining .. the full tailorig
tion features that amsure rating shape and b
"Pattern-Master Designed" for better it ... for
., in all is. New pattern. and colors

Made to your measure out

ARMY Blouse & Pants...
Shirt & Pants....

Blouse & Pants...
Shirt r Pants....


F e


wvn with

ose Royon
yl~on, l

in a cord
cutive is
ks it has
ody. It's



. $35.00

. $60.00
. $35M.(.


of the very finest of English Wooli& .

NOTE: We don't fool around bs -O
taMorin. .for 20 years our pd i
be"i & me. A gurasesi ejier .f %=
doem Ifit dokt't we doN't deewr

,* ." t

-"-.5.. "



-' *


,. :

V- 4'^
.-. ,11
rf -

* **ik.14 '

~i '


* ipping & Air Line News

traffic Thru Canal

Down During April
The heavy movement of corn-'shipping with over 1.000 more
n rciaJ shipping, which has fea- transit.s during ith ih 1 un
t :'ed Canal operations during,months of this fiscal yiar
the first ten months of thLi flreal in the comparable :e.iou of Wlat
year. turned slightly downward fiscal year.
d.rinq the past month acoid-i The number of ocean-going,
Ing to shipping statitlics an- commercial transLis this liscal'
no-.nced yesterday at Baltoa year up through ti e ei.d cf Ap il
H-1-hts. was reported as 6.150, as corn-'
There %were 628 transits in A- pared with 5.308 last year. Large
pr;l by o'ean-poing commercial.government vessels In transit this I
vessels of more than 3.1) net tons. fiscal year totaled 839 up though;
'This uas 50 le.'s th-n the all-time April. as compared w! a 653 ior
monthly record set in March The the comparable period in last
&ilP- aversee for April was 2003. fiscal year.
which is hlihtl," under the ten-1 Tolls and toll credit both show
r,-nt' drailv average for this fis- comparable Increases for thisis
cel year. fiscal year. Commc:-!-l tollsdur-
ing the first ten rr hs of this:
The drop in ocean-goino corn- fiscal veer are o\e:- S3 300000
rnarcial traffic last month was over the fiscal ye3:' i952 figures'
r.ore than mrde up by an in- and tolls credits are approximate-'
cr-e~e in tr-nsits by large gov-,lv $1.500.000 high.
r-me?rt vc.sels The-e were 119 A complete new se' of traffic'
t --nits bv oce'n-,oine govern- records will be i.' attn or this
r- "t .si"s in April. as compared fiscal %ear Last .e r'." traffic
v ', 84 in the previous month figilres set new prnur l records
-""s rolleCted in April amount- for the Canal and .:-e fiQlorcs
e i to .2.737.931.1.4. of which S4 have been nearly eo,'ll?-1 during.
0i51.2 was collected on the 196 the first ten mcrtih- o: opera-
es'all vessels whilh trrsqitPd tons in this fiscal year.
The amount of tolls credit for
An"il w-' $615.134."2. of v.bjh -ii_'
to'ls credit amounting to .9,785.-
03 was reported on 36 small gov-
*rnment vessels. (
The heavy Increase In Canl
traffic during the past year is
shown in comparative figures for
the first ten months of this fiscal ;
year avd last. A substantial in-
crerse hps been shown n both
corvmercial and govern m en t No|

ifng Up Nnah '
It you u or from Gettfln Up
NIlrb a, BackacheI eg Pains, Loos
oe V"Jour, N rvouanesa or weak-
ntsl you should help your Prostat I
Gland Immediately with ROGENA.
This yonder medicine makes
ou fl you r. stronger and I .4
le. without Interruptiton. Get
G A from your chemisttoday.
Sdatactioa guarnteAd. I
t. ,,,W ~ m\ M

IL a Is

SOur newspaper blew away! I can't get my hom
done with Mornm on the phone finding out about that yOSu
widow in the comcel"
I r


: -v

Fiem- *el ur

-~ S




It Happen

-. -. A "
=- *.y ..-. ,r .6

(A Limited Nuamber of Passengr tBe t)
SS Ba ,c.x .......................................... May 0Mh

S S Pont Audemer ..... .......... June 10th
1r ( : %I R.I1. AMERICA & WEST COAST U.S A :
M S Winnipeg ............................. ........ June Si
55 Antilles ... .............................. ... ... June l8th
S S Flandre ..................................Ma........ M
Heekl) tast Cargo Service Betleenl Crirt6bal. Balboa & West Cast
of L 8.&a CEa".
CrLobal: FREN(R LINE. P.O. ai 515 TeL 3-274 & ISIS
Panami: LINDO T MADURO, S. A. Box 161M
Tel. Pmami 3-183 2-101

Sx a I. .i

S ~ ,'*~ -I _

l M IaIt

~'. &

d ,Masterpiece
of the
Distiller's Art


CIiis WELKIN. Paneterw

I A t tea bags...

*Ntf I iSC eidusnv regmwered t.i&
mark of The Nadi Company. Inc. to dc.
iste its soluble tes produce which is co.
posed of equal par of pure soluble ret an4
| added Crbohydrm'e (dsdxtrn. m-!io'e an
Sldoo.e) added .okeIl M pDuA Lbhe flwvo



Pacific Terminal Bldg. MkWIo. TeIMIj de.
Telephone 1258

4, ~ Hu~h~ -

I. '-.

.- I -.s .

Kent Escapes

:'C"a. W IRE i
,MiL^ B q


IR11. WELKIN I1, 1





Hr waILLA'8 0Wr

Growing Pains



- / ,.> --_' -.. ^

I l


1r. .


-- <


7 m'

* = -..

-. --~ ~

* ~,'


to -"b"-I ,ermsaton. ev If they give it is a filmbilography of song-
ito me, I'lls e t my writer father, Richard W citing.
husband pThe story is being written and
Add d mn~ag Margaret has her eye on the role
... ..The Pen m'boys Onmking of her mother.... Nora Xsvmug,
up o to fhle -wh"t-r 0 h on the verge of divorcing Dick *
"The Vrogmm."m" wksy seerst.
oe s -IFw.. ......areIn

b sd a t lotte Greenwood,af revives'he
'.24 long-a.. .edn_'leIn
3I D. SDnge I sp f o Large Assortment Of
M I :", v-" + "I L'O P:IdSand a big i O Tab
PwiAl s'ar unAer LillnterrviAithe
Hu nttrr einm amt

.Cl uK id. m h, i" telhefi sle;m s f ar lens-
th 11 LcasChh n "Ioto1 be wis
1:00p~t. Se 8 1p m e tbe r aavteesduhtyfo
-en "it'Ld.. lutman Is the auto o earot
Qeynl-. r So m 'Mt'thielye.fs oear' the dneor tionof vhi-
AiNihtaRfte .;h ixa 41"fo
or W 4 le. i on 'ew Me lterho e house anprodu -af tomle-
Lam,.to thio

os .th L)p isummer.tnt he shower d hI t oA -e
t1111 from Hollywood wtatg Cr-

brMnaW I etA.. .u michael ifn the sTar pr ,.M
h ...etobt .. --n a 8.1*

S&P- s erNight Revue" I ns awIABO TS.= Arn
4*rof and .1k t he h." ou r-nd." Thousear
inrf1:0. i ,t bar l Stevefs. o dau oht h of oneW ti

an ai e men twoUso'summ a ther.Thebshow Aaa CanaTElamO
ho.bUo tI, A ,.MW In f ..fro mo Mia Hollywood~ te oie r G TCaro-
nda' beee I.L d rd a edu t o yrsa$r o4 maker oduchers, clicked in ao t" Diego
.g inceMooore hi....r e

an"oi CN TRAL PAe
AtisTHEP.ME riT IHeTe's esuttone
Jati 5ei00 teion of 3 r.poI'biodern. heavily glassed homes
oft by n go- or'An ow .In demand I Hmoviewood:
.... ..'-i Il iS' O lW i 00 1 501 g ",1 tirt. i her "Homes wlth a paned look."
m-pSddaay4"f Adues.cngedina5=Dgg

7" gdver. ,,ve Stiw. '; '+ = roHE'LL FACE ItrichAubdact..
I j.4&p fr M arlern MM .Koa olly- olumbWil hson h lvedip5nsto*tl: DAL TS .~~~u
lid. W et iw o'd00 1 irke "O .eINighto won'tt n & 8:O6
I%...AA those IS ta

_..__the ':'! '- 'WE ,t" around. e STsitaof het
of096 .edn l Fox bigoes--know nothing PEDRO MIGUEL

101011to onTV...tmoderand "bo ,t M rilvn Monroe's claimLSTOTRAO
.A,,y Irtead May the hlhu dramatic fera- AM A
j i -M.I, t ve alreawdyn i tve n" forWt-e alr and ow thaemantdi-nharwlehlolin GA

.O .hMnyr _"Homes withavan to escape the heavy tea:W

pll hl1:, fhsnative land. "T:56AR
Al tMd" 44fI.IBL TS -t.u~

'IWA -h m a+ -, duct., e Rol,+- out of her Fox colitrac but the ,.;, ,:
tr.e";hll a etethis wood lvw ha -0b_ th! LondonI studio ankwereI with ju big NO.ntun:5t$
Wl i .3I3.dt 01 o I __ ,can' agfQ m, p hi-utn~l 4ieqs l J haq -t get MOGM's ... M argaret W hiting's bilg dream
IfDttfront of t hend~

3Fox i, e"Okn- ow..oth. 'Min. EDYO.-WhIn.E
MasPrs. Ate 9 andebmi Mcrtiv Monoe'clTmO "ALTChAuIm 0
Q11W.4P ow One that sbe'nl dona black .,v ..
p me a 1 beaA* ) 5:3so W 3:36 A Ga.BI

I hded tonl it/' The "
0 bi-li. :T u totthethve tounhe'slivegsia in *

r.O."--AT THE --''

Hff dnydUen-TWOMM" = :9
together eseab thehhhvy tnq
OA AMA..4w &1f h3be aIATHof hiT s nt iveGHT OF SO
_0baA.,.nJL01i.e'aUnonGre .i i*---o ha
Ma.y hoi &L-e m.tuta I
ader- am" m, I 'Us : Taurma
10. 1., _i,s ftw -1 1.--- Charles




A Delicious Musical Comedy.
with Mital GAYNOR Scott UB
Show: 3:11 5:M5 7.M 9:48

Marciano vs. Walcott
For the Championship!
Also: -
The Release Pliture!

laiwni t i E Mg

Hm f. -F

LUh Stl 3.. 2 MIa Thai





ur b eft with
of them

trial Ave. I

Look you
a pair

137 Cos

& Reaters -

u Mcrdo MONT=A '

"Al. AmOUT YrEv'




)u F ME"
S Laub JOUlDA-




I. 4:i :e. 9:=. :1 M .


* ..' -o .. i ^ -
^ S.tAL

.:", MI.
M, *

:I*, ede




ihe Me

m' red n ilh terror!



Double attrac-
tion In Tech-
nicolor I
Jane Russell
-In -
Robert Young
-in -

Great Popular Night!
$1.10 per CAR!
The Picture for You
and Your PeopleI
with -
John Wayne Gall ,as
$1.10 only! $.19

wva s m Dorq hanr mrf slA"
alk omu e sshne T. hs awmw 'e




"UntWed Frontier"
Ire"e DuOn, In
"It 4mw On Tres"

- anaB-rfa D 1


-and .




-. %14P ..' ;-



i;. -jlil

*r' /. wwm


You Sell 'em...

When You Tell 'em thru P A. Classife

. Leave your Ad with one of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 "H"' Street Paam
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Col6n

Lewis Service

Sal6a de Bdezra Americano

No. 4 Tivoli Ave.-Phone 2-2291. and Np. 55 Weat 12th Street

Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441

Cteo Drug Store
10.06 Mllndeu Ave.-Phone 255 C00

Agenda latenacional de Publicaciones S. A.
No. 3 Lottery Plaea Phone 2-3199 Ph1and L2-8 S

;%fel. ..22f


Household -Automobiles Beo'a ae
FOR SALE: Rattan furniture, 9 FOR SALE:--M. G. 1951, good con- 20g3 Al
feet Westinghouse refrigerator. edition, reasonable price. Call Cris-
376-B New Cristobal, 2nd St. tobol 2103. DR. WENDEHA
Central Avenu
phone 3-2588. FOR SALt:-1950 Oldemsbile Hy- Telephone 2-n
FOR SALE:--4 burner Apt. size gos drametik, sdie, white well tires,
range. Oven and broiler. Good con- duty paid. etc. tep shape, b rga- SPECIAL
edition. $65.00. 476-A, Cocoli. Ceol Penama 3-4934 or 3-231S. FROM PANA
FOR SALE:-Frigidoire, 9 cu. ft., 60 FOR SALE:-1948 Nash Club Coupe day-limit) $169.
cycle, Rerfect workirig condition, 600, excellent condition. Leaving. to LOS ANGELES
reasonable; .2 Philippine str6w $650.00. 1405-D. Carr St. Phone round trip, $252
rugs, bargain. Curundu 2141-B, 2-4465. Peanama Dispatcl
Tel. 5244. FOR SALE:-6 small busses F3 and Necional (Auto
FOR SALE:-Bendix automatic wash- 4F. Cadillac "62," 9,000 miles. Penama 2-1655
er, like nw, 60 cycle, $125.00. No. 7, Per Avenue, Panama. FOR
Phone 87-3192 FOR SALE-1941 Dodge Club Coupe
FOR SALE: Household furniture, 1948 motor. Good shape. 5719-A, Misce
Sim iorit hideaway double bed with Diablo. Phone 2-6418.
custom made slip covers. Dressers, FOR SALE: -- 1947 Oldsmobile, 6 FOR SALE: -
tables. chairs, youths' maple bunk, Cyl., convertible, perfect condition tropical fishes
beds, etc. House No. 5524-D, Tel. 3-0670 keets, African
Haoins St. Dioae 2-1577. magazines, AI
FOR .;--Fidaire, 3 years o FOR SALE: Model A Ford, duty Panama's onl
FOR E;-Frigidaire, 3 years old, paid, and 8 ft. Serve Electrolux Via Espoia, p
peiect condition, $100. Tel. 2- refrigerator and electric mangle.OR SALE:-,-
248 14C2 C, Carr, Balboa. House 553 Ancon *lvd. Phone 2- FOR SALE:--AK
FOR SALE: Studio couch; large 3198.. Spaniel Pu ppi
electric faon, 25 cycle; mahogany FOR SALE:--Codilloc 62 convertible Amador 82-4
drop leaf table; electric refriger- 49 with radio, Defroster and 5 FOR SALE:-Sin
ator, 25 cycle Frigidaire, 9 ft., brand new tires. Sacrifice. Call chine, piano
household odds and ends. Mamei Tropical Motors frigerator Frig
Street, Ancon. House 356, Apt. 4. T crib. Tel. 916
FOR SALE:-International 41 Pick-
FOR SALE:-Six piece set of bamboo up truck. Duty paid. Good condi- FOR SALE:-Pia
furniture, excellent condition, $125. tion. $300.0(,. Curundu, 2044-B, hearsal work,
CO. Cushions practically new. Call Tel. 83-6161. B, 8058-;, 1
287, Colon. -- mhtico," Colo
--8- --- --- ---s- FOR SALE: 1946 Lincoln, good tico,"Folo
FOR SALE:-Urgent! Leaving Isth- condition, $450. May be financed. FOR SALE: -
mus. Moderr livingroom set, ma- Call 86-6283. $350 cash.
hogany. Modern, luxurious bed- Telephone Ball
room set. Stove. Child's de.k. FCR SALE:-1951 Plymouth 4-door T al
Bargain. See them and be con- sedan, radio. Leather upholstery, POStio
vinced. Option to chalet, $600. will trade on 1951 Ford or Chev- 0
No. 18, 48th street. rolet convertible. Call Balboa WANTED: A
FOR SALE:--Li.ingroom set, refriger- 2333. opportunity
ator, 60 Cyc:e gas stove, bed with FOR SALE:-Singer Sport Roadster managership f
Innerspring mattress and misc. 1952 low mileage, new top. Must stating quol
household items. Apt. 1, Gerardo sell before arrival of new dual Panama.
Ortega St. No. 1. carburetor contact my dealer. Trop-
H.. uso ical Motors.PERS
FOR SALE: H X. HouseholdEx- ical Motors.
change just iece;ved new folding FOR SALE:--1951 Chevrolet Bel-Air SPECIAL FOR T
beds, $26.00. We have NOW so- radio, 11,000 miles original owner, PECIAL FOR T
fas for $29.00, arm chairs $15.00, excellent condition. Phone 83-2268 June, July and
desks $25.03, swivel chairs $9.50, or 86-2201. 00 for b3 m
dressers $15.00, tables .00, URGENT194 De Luxe 4 Door Pon- rumbo, tong(,
choirs $2.00, rocking chairs 5., tioc. Body and motor, in perfect of 11 :00 a. m
springs $12.30, small and Icrgae condition, hyaramotic, radio. Bar- nett & Dunn.
burner gas .toves $55.QO and ;65. gain, No. I. 48th Str.qt.
00 cnd mony other bargains in .-...'........----- _.FOR_
both new and used furniture. FOR SALE:-At bargain price credit IF
Cash or Credit note of $1,575.00 on brand new
H, X. Automobile Row No. 41 Mercury or Ford Station Wagon. Real
Phep 3-4911 Ernesto Madroro. Phones- Horne 3- FOR SALEF--Et
Open every d4 frorr 8 ai m. to 12 3490 of;ce 2-2844. t FOR SALE:Est
Pice laundry in
r.. ond 1:30 to 6 p. mi. FOR SALE:-'51 Utility car (Station Truck, machi,
and Saurdays from 8 a. m. to 6 p. m. Wagon). Radio, good buy. Will 2 to 3 V1/ ye
FOR SALE: Porch glider, metal bring it for inspection. Tel. 4-567. for energetic i
chairs, odd, retal dresser, FOR SALE:-Fiat Coupe in perfect be made wit
dining tab!e, 4 chairs, 2 Rattan condition. Price for immediate sole. estate. If ,inte
chairs, occpslonol table, double beo Phone Auto Eisenman, 2-4966. tact El Lovamd
compete, cot, cover and piliow, Colon or telepl
tivingaoo.n chairs. 14:)i-L, Lo; FOR SALE:-1951 Oldsmobile Super -
Cruces, Bolboo. 88 2-do6r sedan. Hy&romatic, ra-
dio, white side wall tires. Excellent A nMAW M
FOR SALE:--Westinghouse 25 cycle( condition. Call Albrook 2215.
refrigerator. iood condition. tLai.
Baibca 42-9. WANTED
FOR SALE-- Generol Electric Portable W1NHold 3
sew;ng machine, Universal motor. Miscellaneous
.Electrc aarm clock, 25 cycle, play
pen, baby carriage, twin Hollywooo Partner required, active or inactive,
bed frames and coil springs, hig.i in established business. Capital
chair, baby crib and mattress, needed $20,000.00. Proposition CRISTOBAL
electric washing machine, large will bear fullest investigation. for the 34th a
vise, floor lamps. 5824-D, Rosseau Write for details to "Opportunity" convention of
street, phone 2-.563, Diablo Hgts. c/o Panama American, P. 0. Box glon, Departm
ehn 13, 34, Panama. Canal Zone, wi
FOR SALE WANTED TO BUY: One second departedt c
-t hand piano in good condition. Type B. 0109y.
Boats & Motors suitable for moving, light weiht, yrs,
call Spec;ol Services, Coco t .o yar'sna4
FOR SALE:-2 H.P. Wagner Electric 8641 during working hours, eldIn Canal
Motor, 60 cycle 110/220 volts, ome Fort Al
single phase; $50.00. Phone Pan- A and f.
ama 2-3S30. 8w1sm 1 w I
Help Wonted Forces SWimmi s
WANTED:-Good cook. References tit Onituti
required. Apply 5049 Federico UM Ma aU T Ta l la4ea tk
Boyd office. 8 to 10. V 1 u sMaI1 im
The Panama.Area Armed 1 re abe the present
Clotilde Thomas .s swimming Meet oq,%pe m
Sat the Fort K ool with the w
Tokes Lead preualrytriallar all a to ft
a The inal heat will be fhed r wi .
SQ day night. StartigUtat .*a in .
ifhs of hmmofn b AA- Tn A "-

._ J htde Thoma 1k thse leO

Ur _UMPL.U -A up=WU
lad 7:30
i;llhtjteaswilWM be batfts M
hlaet r by the 5G
roup. Thi ew the t
tchanget to pMt wlee
IH~ijir n-uf5iMiri

411EUc MU


es. C. Z.
KE. Medical ,lWI&.
ue. K Street fornqt
3479, Panama.
ound trip $135 (15
9.00, good one
1S, one way, $14.9.,
.3S. (90 dey-3lt),.
mobile Row). Tel.

Newly arrived fancy
s, hamsters, pora-
n love birds flowers,
y PET SHOP No. 55
hone $-541I.
KC Registered Cocker
es. 8 weeks old. Call
ger sewing foot ma-
upright grand, re-
idaire, stroller, baby
, Colon.
ino, Practice & Re-
Seymour. Tel. 504-
ith St. Near "Lava-
Winter Spinet piano,
Excellent condition.
boa 4496 after 4:00.

n Offered
Automobile Salesman
y to work Into sales
or right man. Write
ifications. Box 879,1

d August only. $10.
nths course. Learn
x trot, charleston,
mambo. Saturday
i. Balboa "Y." Har-

oblished quick serv-
the heart of Colon,
nery and equipment
ars old. Opportunity
person. Purchase can
h or without real-
rested you may con.
Itico, 8054 11 th. St.
hone 1462.



, May 26 A call
annual department
The American Le-
nent of PanamA
as lasued today by
commander Waldo

Con tion will be
Zone Post No. 1
mAdor, on June 0

WiAiomt' Santa Clara Beach cottages
2 bedrooms, refrigerator, RockMi
ran d. Balboa 2-3050, except
relich Santa Clara beoch-cOt-
Sige. Electric iceboxes, gas stoves,
1ode rates. Telephone 6-441
,Gq *; 4-567, Pedro MigueL
HOUSES ON BEACH at Santa Clare,
Vu, in COOL Cerro Camparon
Mountain. Phone SHRAPNEL, Bal.
boo 1389.
PHILLIPS Oceanside Cottages. The
only court in Santa Clara with an
oceanview from oil cottages. Steps
to beach, Rockgas refrigeration,
barbecue and shuffleboard. Pana-
mi 3-1877. Margarita 3-1,673,
Box No. 435, Balboa.
FOSTER'S Cottages. One mile beyond
Santa Clara. Completely furnished,
Rock Gas Refrigerators and Stoves.
Bring your linens. Phone Dagmar's
"-0 170.

FOR RENT:-Chalet, furnished or
unfurnished, fully fenced, three
bedqpoms, two baths, parlor,. din,-
Ingroom, kitchen, porch, maid's
room, garage, small swimming
pool, one year renewable lease ,to
reliable party, with three months
Pre payment. Box 5043 Ancon, Ca-
nal Zone.
FOR7 RENT:--Modern recently built
chalet, 3 bedrooms, diningtomn,
living hall room, pantry, kiuthdn
porch, garage, 2 bathrooms, hot
water and a beautiful I.rd@n. For
American family only. Far informa-
tion, 10th street No. 18. corner
San Franciscc de la Caeta..
FOR RENT.-Ventilated, screened
modern halet, two bedrooms,
md roo. hot water, -od view
of Penama Golf Club. $115.00,
monthly. Miguel Hive. Phone 3-
FOR RE -..2.bedroom chqlet. ideal
vacation quarters for mlD i per,
sonnel. Starting June 10 t I i
10. Apply Culebra Road Nof 329,
Ancon, C. Z.

FOR RENT:-One bedroom apart-
ment to penon buyingstove, re-
frigerator and wicker set. Located
close Iello Vista Theater. Tel. 3-
1688. -.
Two ad five roem furnished and
unfurnished portments; private en
closed gardens. 8061, 10th Street,
New Cristobal. Telephone Colon
*ORSAL"-Vction quarters, avail-
abl 30 to August 2. Phone
-406 oa.
FOR REW:--Fumished aportwent, 2
bdrois, ivingto. dilngroom,
iporh, Ipntry, kitch mold's
roWm. o married cau le. No. 21,
gird street.
FOR RENT-One bedroom apartment
with stove for G. I. Francsco
FunM;'3 Vista Hermosa. 3-4399

FOR, (f -rf T*l bedrooms. livin-

iloq ,s called for
f electing officers
ag year, amending
n and by-laws and
on of such other -
Scome before it.
m le' will
stion of the Inter-
dd Win award to
ho a done the
er Inter-American

to delegation from -
ueftatves from
on posits in Guate*
lba attending th


"A n/tother Nom:e # '4

atm inb

0geo. F. Nove Inc.
57* Central Ave. H- d O

Shipping, moving toragie.
We pack and orarwa m@vr
20ng 'Phona t 4mi.
m6 Panuni;


$1 Au
S: S aU


.Your SYIVAJA Ste .
Vfig -ii, 1


5:2-W- at-a Taut ydr''**


6:45-IOWeUe O Tio-ta
7.Z0--ia get V'

1:45-rmneh in the Ar (ID 9
8:0-Benlingo l
a:4.-U.. m
9:09-714o ng QN Show
9:0-The hllaunting oBr
10:0h--InVER= TTX -
1:00-The Owl'Ne ..
ToBWRmwr, ir, y W

O:W.L-atOn The AlM ft,

10:00-New .
10:05--O theiRecolu .
8:7. i WoVnrlatie, |H

a:-am Sam Prese" "
9:l.r-tmred Reou t '
9:S.-AsIOSeenIt ,
10:06t-Mf the Recoed ....
11 :00--New8 I
11:05-Off the Record (diMtt.
11:-M-eet the Band
P.M. .;
12:05-.Luncheon Music
1:s15-Personalltv Panra. pnd AAbner
2:00-A Cal from Lee tagl'
2: 15.-A Dat for Danilor d
2:30-Afternoon Melodles
2:5A--Battle of the au ds
3:0--Amerlient Debut
R:lL-The Little Phow
3:30-Musin for Thurnday haso.
4:o0-Oreat, Aytia th
4: 15-6b t.
4: our-- > f
5:85-Wbat'a Yaour aavorIt* f i
^8! 0 In Mou -ttt


, .

ADei~dd tttfr

caifor ct


t lbs ..~Nb6- I



room In



PAGf sIm

4 .


iFtr j~!


-, 4

- 1

!" i. '.) ,

W ,

k. ,


*' *. *-



into First Place

'"How To Play Par Golf: 13

Medium Iron Easier To Cotrol
-AThirteenth of a series
F U.S. Open Champion
116 g Swinging Into action with the
Individual clubs, start with a
a ... th g je-hts ..4 J *1 a f... ae.
"F1 I t,.t*f1 ... 3. The 4, 5 and 6 are especially
"" t7for beginners or high
whtet&YDA $m They are easier to control.
in D. 'l&t-"have sufticient loft to get the ,.
a 4a^.I -ball up in the air. t t
a (), club firmly, but not tensely,
pointing the V's to the right
Ri -'She Sla "shoulder.
TNe (N I e The stance is not ais wide as t
of ew Y lh 0 7 1 .t with the driver.
a0.0 oU0U1 I 71 we* 7-Oil owrf The knees are bent so that you
eGU S I Fgol AOI -a *'O a e-m s .bof the Port Amadert it Oub are in a somewhat sitting down
WerWhol kacaerg a ~ I d Day to tomr The tourney isnca AnD Lit- position.
-a (1-6), haltand) Ann thH nlton, Juanita Burke ney Wnt4a y he ball is played slightly to
fl oie -Biuwei ies. 1" w htAlk, Ai ; d Wood, Vo ets .j -ed McNelly, Lou Grome, rt1erl i4 the left of center.
ZrWWGA Pyn, ac qy hto an (10 to 1& 11 ir, Margaret Abarr Cha3r n The backswing is baically thet
ATalously. About the only var"i-
tron maa fe G dtust oIt over od 5 0 .e. churaha;not* be 'm l T e *n no te w farrsam dbs tnthe attrnb ou t lned

6 tJw It was thefl~p pIttabutal 6 d liberation t od. n e er
t the t five games fdr 5. Lo U *0 GOLFING GOSSIP Fe M *o yourself how far the club trav- UF I ht e e i
ae and w was aleved off Llndell0 (3-4, an- *a.Clook; GALB OF THE FORT AN DOf els before t starts on the up-I l
hWarm .asker, o aley (4-4), MWlr U1D. Rle GOLF CLUB swing. m l e ab.
IA I- es i t doe*- usselman. eThlee is very little motion of w ll ofi sae e is
1AtlL tan 1.NIGS. It -- MNext Saturday, May 23, will be the body or hips. ere che a hewe utman dalnd
., "l ao t Brooklynr 0 an NIG6SOS A National Golf Day. This asond, About halfway back, however,as wita wal. M
Cozas d frombe-swo ing le M stor Brooklyn 000 J anntl event is l ponsorjd bythe. the, weight belnstoshift totheht
a. ei r dot the runs. RAul Milwaukese P 7 1 P...A. and L eMagu, e wilb ri t side. The left kee ias flex
S I 10tly ,holer Meyer 4(3-11 4!,4~ no- ~all expenses underwritten by ed the right hipl Is turning out
tofe"etpd L, I!.ter- is; (!,, oand Le and 100 per cent o the of the way. The head s own On each of these
how ofly and4.t d New CrandaW moiues accrued going to worthy and over the ball. swings YoU will now nott ha
by goo il llel in the causes. There Is hott as much body your body has pivoted autNma-
i* fi 4of .Sgh gae se s o aam & 4-S3 AM IE turn as with the longer club. call. Keep t that wy. Do
IihI .o t ove o rele a 8t- T*EAM- WIsi Over $80,000 was raised last At the top of the swing the s trt looking for the varlou -
ed- ef eo the aNe .year wih hilf going to the hands are hh, but the clu t6ns we have told ou
t r llCU.S.O. The funds ior tis chlarl- does not reach the horizontal pace, or you will lo t at e
Sw toiat UP-the dl wMes -help n da at table welfare are ialed In a poitlon as With a wood. The essary rhythm of your swg.
Sro wia t" "a 10. 4. unIque way for the spounpre awt more upo ht. they t3
Wk t with 04flull BOOM is(D irne t Peptdm ot* ** came up with the idea the Amer- After you have drilled in take In C all0 rto t d
SM t l nM dfat* ntandi D Lenhwf^t a -o- 1 -..Iran golfer would be offered thi s 3 4teng the club back bit by bitt
ed. ^MM At S. k'll eae rhoa.oiitoe-a H*ls. A .. "; chance to donate $1. for the spenA some tm teswinging It all You will that -
hit a. "Wo"nw ballad Cleve az49a K Wshlgaggn ,5hi.Deit.. *b..* .. 54 Kcause but at the same Mme the way back to a single motion, simple fundpental is the
1ie o would be in the diaca to Once you have discovered what ference between many bad and
1"match hM dr her score with the should d happen At the various good shots.
ru68_11 epeya l Pro Golfer of the Year. phases of the kaw g, forget
San- i -fe *ep t too at throughout the country "won" the into a single flowing mo- Ne m
Amu&n0e1a two- l Ys st over en Homan. In turning In tion. Iren dowt.
It -I. vttelgy ever I II",age a lower 8soos (full hiandicps
match) them hoanI each re-
SUMW calved a modal theaGun Club' Notes

Spettou t I b nt w evadtmed wite a the o /Bp- oe1, r r -

Sew^ .. 000 tt phi .iSS f ?Wooli in the All- fantry slatol r-omtde final 53 3 f 5 i3
Loll"-aeafi -( r-a T i A ercn r i .t i B .pa tBe P..+."1 .- rtpelvtf rnitn wee gde Diner' an e.. .37 0 314
'f er of the Yeaw." match ta the Cristbal e eun Clu --
.IOR". and again took ihtll place hon- TEAM TOTAL -- rS
D Quite a i r our little ors. As several o the Infantry .
-2an d a. 8 a tournament for ladie Day, marksmen are leaving the lath- BALfOA Na.
(-. l, .. .- 'iwarm-uD National Golf appearancee In third match was Coe ..... 85 93 82 21
dW. StlDay. Thema1tilhatbe.trhv5e, omewtunpc 82 93 I5I
t l b p oeat one tf t fnest women shooting lesson which they ap- rear 63 5
Ai iffam 0Bay.Th -Vi .... or 24 tre. Were below par. TEAM TOTAL-- itS
W~'in L icaq-jofeso he0, :'t W a-ore A, -pn ed, s os al scores
.pAt liigLA heet t o- t Na ounds In New The score of 1087 fired by the -
UIsbrk We k* *..* I t Belk t Ann m 3rd to win the match was below CISTOAL No. 3.
-W.. erevao-Little Do'b nd It will take some their usual performance. The Slow Thmed RaM TM.
'" A 'n- premo tl ioL he received an of- d4ifd Ann in now playing only team to fire a good normal tLeply 79 85
dhNacd beenokr 79 snceClub team No. 1.which totaled Cronan 73 82 8
of"a"" o th. l holds the Ama- 1066 to finish quite close to the Heltzke 79 76
npme Idaho. or Seattle. men's record 70 and winapra. In the meantime, the
k i s the $250,000 In.anp of.Tf this@ gals who "beat" Ann upsetting Balboa team No. 1 to
J6 h. ,C Wolong recKV prices and If It turns take third place with a core of A Ne.
hIMr t ^'4J- sI That. the qua th ,.an the .. eoa i Wll.retcve a fine Condtions were widy, and P. And'rsa 7 g
a, i ..Th Tulusofseam the sun was in the shooter eyes. Lute 8 6 6S 48
4btI Ofo0 Also, a more or lass constant tae a
If .-. 'St Th diud Ales Day rain of sman shot in .,rp .
'I1,4 '!od to be ad lul series rangs rattl nag on ohef-ioo- T
0 of Anat ari t0 final over the firing poinf iW 1oth- TEAM TOTA.- SO

4-1saw Moedal-Benner was outIn front alone
--w awarded for the c nArthur

1 35001 PURE COFFEE nil s (78) Ann Litlme. 'rth place withI s: cott
",t-..e 4". es'oeasen The match was .r the It-
3l -Low Net (76), Juanita tional Match Com. and ired
ow Net (7) IEthel Peran- fir each man was 300. M
:;. i'--'Z""NhoSTAwTr Net (78), ev Dilnern were the viL0am of ab li blpue ...

..IIONet, (71), Dorothy wrong target, firing ahead o"
the sig 0 al. etc.. 4 1d scores sn. 8
-OFI-Efared accordingly. Many of thero
S- Law Net (7b)y th cuo mt- Many h ote hintemend dfrly
S'i the Club oincil ta f ight woule be betrIe thie
the trablen th ahgolf scoresaeh never wer topo.r
,st thet wArm- weull whee t ooldne landied -
Club: wheret t D botorwrl btaleh flenel puli. o-

fwere presented to the standard of fearlel Mpubliety l
Itlubw the Club ran- of the truth hereby prints the No..mdpSerca
"i plwereIp p nd to the sad story of eal Idy's work, and .s, h. ueainum

- Team fol- I1the scores flow: o AM13m c
I dA he I tl'Mqncheon, plus the .
'In the days tourna- 33RD T AN Y 41) .U ssag
WOWw l1 E5id Tl. 1[a Nedkamed ueatw h
'#whe fl business of D.nner 91 39 so 289 .. Proasm hules br *
.iMw he.airaen and Manchester 0 T 98 92 2.0 mde sa irie. ,.
Swas elected. Those Beliale 96 85 268 @mnum chab. Ahh mu,
'Dor Hamilton. Coot.k 33 250 r, .ndi s
.at M9er, vice- ber.
Mc.Nelly. pub- TEA. TOTAL- 10987
Aft:GrA..handi-. ..--
-,- i IRatid--U
1"6"AeO' "l-botd* .. .Ru*f3 270
s n mrt S 9)37m
l......soebe Harrerld.1. 8 as 2U
V.Amn.TEAM "i 2. -106i
.-' ,.--... ., ..' .f*' .- '+_

_ ____ ____ ___

-. L, -~
~ ~ ~1(

Byrd s

Two- -i1 er

Ike Blasts ., ,m,

'ielnm O"r So
'2nd Class'aOR

Citizenship NewsOufl
WASHINGTON, May 20 (UP) e couny AbAam nn' : 2S5? S
SPreisdent Eisenhower spoke -nabled Aerlcan hemw 'aenil
out yesterday against segrega- TWENTY-EIGimH nA. PANAMA, P. WN=-DAY, MAY 3,. 19S3 to min
tion theories which permit "sec-' '
ond class citizens" in the United F ia IT r ui
I S^UN s FinTruce O er

tees of the Constitution regard- .and theanal
less ,sn. a CommlnisIs Worked oier b c"
ground or race or color ad t ei ,
The President spoke at it

F. D. Patterson, president of a 'final" truce offer to the Comr- will refuse to let any Soviet sat- plan as closely as p Prime Minister Winston Chur- aiV6t rd
Tuskegee Institute and of the must will agree that an-ed lite troops go to Korea as "
To Com -uni Worked 0 to an" ere law.ont soat.

John D. Rockefeller III in hon- sent to a neutral country until s rnderstoo retain, and l Frane alInd unt truce rh Al-ml k 1t I
or of the General Education their future s decided, a rhe Co- Canall refuse to ba vieti t s eithe to clt s ol P a Mcuniter- w t. w t newdpwe
Board's "contribution toward able source said today Finishing touches are being p tons either to contents the ounter- hic the
the advancement of education But the U.N. wil stand pat on on the Allied plan here. Supreme revamped propal to the at promptly tured down. The The omt
in the United States without its insistence that the anti-Com- Allied Commander Gen. MarkW. Utude Harrrison's team would Ok was over the disposi- had threatened to.
distinction of race or creed." munist Korean prisoners it holds Clark and Lt. Gen. William K. take In presenting t. n of war prisoatrs opposing AibCfma-W
The board was created by be kept in Korea, the informant Harrison, senior U.N. truce nego- re tion after an armistice. da
Jo-n D. Rockefeller Sr., in 1902. said. tiator are in radio teletypa con- peculaton hadcih at wa s, a e
Mr. Eisenhower said that in The U.N. offer will be made sultation with the Penaon n tohe negotiators might tUIs ebposible quarters here said wrO nw ye
any seiety where there are when the truce negotiations are Washington. oposal tQ the Reds ad tit seemed certain that the Unit- that.they -would be
"Voond elass cities" other resumed at Panmunjom at 11 In an effort' to get all U.N. them they could take it t eOd States would not go ahead continue serving n w tn
cti beme less than first a.m. Monday (10 p.m. Sunday countries into agreement, as well it, closing the door to t a without some assurances the Interior.
c .u nes, EDT). -- F firon other allies, notably Brit- American news a eMeM wel
"I have preached against the In general, the Allied plan Is f full support for the revs- deprtiOd of their oI Afr
theory that there can be any expected to go along with the Aa A u Ml BIa s gentim na ter Predtle a IX 1
se ss citizens," he said Indian plan which the U.N. as- Ol5n Ai r c I I sp t Perona lan Day
in an informal talk. "I believe sembly approved last December. 's headquarters had the speech ty
the only way I can protect my But it is understood that the fn s olowtg brief statement on the a campaign oa-
own rights is to protect the threat of releasing all anti-Red eX ten onof the oree : gaiost ArgMi t na.
ts of others K korean prisoners outright in The United Nations Command
Sir. Eisenhower recalled that South Korea may be held over i A moe tni e Ntto re view dpa t1 A.n "
during a visit to the U.S. Naval the heads of the Communist s to sete the poe
Academy last Sunday he asked negotiators. W questions and to siaer i
the commanding officer of a The U.N. also will insist on the ROENNE, Bornholm Island, Poland then Interned six anth re
u firmest guarantees against the May 20 (UP)-A Polish Air Force h fishing vessels and their 2 of both regard to this 8 M *
unit ofTMarines.about;aFNegroaN W hir IM ,
non-commissioned officer in the forcible repatriations of any pris- lieutenant crash-landed his Rus- crewmen, but subsequently re- important issue.
guard of honor. -- M~ esian-made MIG-15 let plne to- leased them.
k omndorf officer said lne room clum will
The commanding officer day in a clump of trees on this Jarecki's courag fe oe og recS as wll
that actually the Negro was. un- M M O Vun Danish island in the Baltic Sea. 0Gen. Mark Clrk, Supreme 0 lImtdette the Cfo2smiar2 liW Op- l
able. to pass the mental or edu- I lieutenant, who was not ed Natio Commander tn.*0 othe 3 t r otaiXtlo
tonal qualifications or thea identified, stepped unhurt from Far east, to offer W50O, to eanh aB____
rating which placed him above the apparently slightly damaged ptd who turns IanlW iman;
same white men. But the man's plane and military lauthoritles 421e4 "40 ,o 0h iief."2
qultleso character and lead- medIately took him Into a- addlnaU '
ership were so great that the tody, t i bonus t A ro
ienetal requirements were waiv- Soldiers from nearby Je taking t
ed to the incident to show the of the Medical Service at r t t be hotoaped, o .
faUaciousness of the argument Hospital, has resi d witnesses aid the pltnebs feel Y erso safety ibs M owl Ul
He sga id sath i a .
that white men would not serve Canal ^org nation and wlans to we ere down when they more eand X g
armed services. He said this ar- dui telt nrteimr o mf T oe .am st t8 ea miht before e edt : S. f
gument was advanced while he He has accepted a position in a Theiland tied to M told 14 i n Wtaog
was a general when ntegration the medical service of the Vet- n a rock-filled field. London befoMe p faingor om
was being started. 'erans Administration Hospital in .Te plane boaced ont the d United tts on a vi form injares susta
SAugusta, Georgia. rocks and hopped over a road aer he w driving side-
bdL coe fore cra ng into a small me In whih aba VA L
Aged St Lucian Stevenson has served inbeore. t AII Ar Fk e w a r ,
St. Lucian his present positon lt the box- rn o
1ital since October 1948 and was One of the jet plane's Wings Th ii ent o n
Dies Suddenly ianC ot dicwas brokenbut no other visible Ge -A -fl-ard Highway' 10:30 Pm on
I D L City Service for about a year before dam e twas noticed. -" 1i0 ..,
Rn Runbouw itiy hat. lrter t t M wrea l oll who w riding th wna
atlerd .,whex: .the MIG roared COft lftaAalnr;-00110 fwhWasa g
verard A. Bartholomew Land- He came to the Canal Zone in overhead. V nn I ae car of her h~b
er, 7, a St. Lucian who resided 927 as an intern at Gorgas Hos- It was the second an- d. CoI, an e
i Rainbow City, died suddenly nirl and was employed there made jet to land on this Island. 8O Ma 20 UP) Aled p oe of the Loke Divln,
yesterday at his home. I for about a ear following the Last March 5, Polish Lt. Fran infantrymen lled or wounded chgs that gt. Va reek-
Mr. Lander began vomiting -omnletion of his internship. He clszek Jarecki flew the first an estimated 2W 'ChJneseW eCob and cafeimloperated
blood while he was tak i n g a then served for about three MIG 15 to freedom, setting it munit soldiers near T-Bone hi h in such a maner M
aowe l t r. years in the Herrick Clinic in down here and asking for pol- to d a y and American fighter- to C) the accident In whph
.e ws helped into bed by 3PanamA and was reemployed by til asylum. bombers followed through with a she sufered a split Up, sever
members of his family, but died e Canal in 1931. During the ;ext three days heavy raid-on a troop and sup- bruise, Mn injured knee and
n ae h been ordered. He served at Col6n Hospital Poland sen three angry notes ply center. shock
An autopsy hs been ordere.and as District Physician at to Denmark demanding return Three hundred Chinese charg-
Gamboa until 1940 when he re- o the plane, but the Danes re- ed the Allied-held outposts t i i $200
turned to Gorgas Hospital for Joeted ,the pr9itest on the the Chorwon area on the west- plus pnt
residency training. He was nam round that ol- ern front after smashing through me court
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