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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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Jailed Hire nwes ur neT

S- NowHe Wants Slash

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Sfttective JPn. 1



.WASHINGTON, May,19.(P) President Eise a
howr today gave Republica4 gressional leade-s b
flfpoint tax program which t for letting a TO f
oeo. cut in individual income taxes go into effect 9' &
ks ule Jan, 1.
i He would extend the corporate excess profits toxs
i0uths to Jan. 1.
SMr.' Eienhower's program also calls for pstpoi
R nw4chdliled- for next April 1, in excise fues. imi
tar corpote income taxes.
.. He.weqam lpomneo the incre of of If of e
!cMt .n.w cnIued for ne i n. ni the
poyrau ta lon employer f emptLaes. '


153 l(r w awiatt Oe- tazeg IS etp cwAit, mffectliS t
u g of Btt Is due Jan. 1 preided In exost ,
eere o Winrrow nikaLJar a one- law.
d la Wt to the s "nus asthe 3) Ezteding the exdsUt
official guest o the Panama regular corporate income
government, It was' hlrned to- rate of 52 per cent, which uza"
aySr present law Is scheduled to d
She is traveling by air from to 47 per cent ndxt April 1. '
Mexico. 4) Extending existing exAe
The pretty lawyer in her ear- taxes now due for automatr o
ly 30s has recently been on a reduction April 1. This
seml-ofclval visit to the United continue present high rates Oh
States with her husband, Ernal liquor, beer, cigarets and wln.
Do Amaral Pelxoto, governor of 5) Postponing the one-bih
the State of Rio de Janeiro. of one per cent Increase ached-
Mrs. Pelxoto will leave Pan- uled for next Jan. 1 In the so-
ama Thursday night via Braniff clal security payroll tax on eim-
Airways for her home in Rio. players and employes.

550 Lose Jobs

defeab of aM plaus whch
flew to W*, *Wm thoea
his US- iitinid 3rouD
.o did --eor-A4',
Cfooppr said be had a fix
SCub ed a epuii
i. t lm t. A
Be suammd i mistiant to

amUImaY V

aD on to Panama '
iert civilian air-
he did not rad1i
Eld control for
sion before comn-
heir Ircoupe wal
barr0 till its pa-
order. The flyers
n Into custody tiI
pu not have a Per-
(The pair have
were en route to
- We intended tc
Ie we were here.

. .. .'

S i a 4 IMto peace" t
1.i available 'fao t

We a
f the

n Pma On Panama Canal
a ttamptud _-
Cns C gterday, .

S-yer "As Overhaul Ends
at takenn to the San-
ptal at 8 a.m. from -- -
t i th Iel Astor, Normal schedules are tobe re- be the same at Pedro Mia and
sof "m hockey turned in the Canal operations Miraflores as that in ef6 6 prior
vUfdosV ot mickey tomorrow with the compleMtin of to the overhaul. Miraflorek Lacd
the overhaul of Miraflorsa Locks. will begin operation at a.7 .
-ft Salinas, a 34- The east chambers of Miraflo- and continue until 11 p.m. Pedro
W -*n chauffeur, res Locks were belm. rietled to- Miguel Locks will be in operation
e In the after,- day, marking the end of the from 8 a.m. until 10:,0 p.m. A
1.- s=_um amital overhaul of the Pacific Locks slight change is being made at
suicide which began the first week In Gatun Locks and the new acbed-
S suicide Is January. ule there will not become efteco
uuaflape, a 52- The completion of the Inaln tve until Friday. Operations 'w
1h resident of Ma- work this week means the tern- begin at 7 a.m. with an eight.
e&a St.. San Mituel, porary employment of approxi- locomotive crew and will be Ijo-
a'dose of mur atic mately 500 local-rate and 60 ed a half .hour later by a gIx
,on pr o U.S.-rate employes who are being cmnotlve crew. The 1
Anon the part of given reduction in force. The will be in operation u
the police proba- overhaul force reached, a peak of p.m.
l.h ive s. Stom- about 700 employee but the
ii used to them at number had been redoced 9e- The overhaul of the
r which they what by the end of laf t 1 eMe. Locks this year was ae
N.I t beds in ward Some of these employed tIOtb ed during the busiest
H hospital, overhaul work were ttrmu d the Canal's history. De
from other Canal work SW these heavy traffic no conseq
l Rumor wil return to their ne ,lduts delays to shipping occur
when released at MIStfAL I Is though thePacific Locks
planned to keep about ISO local- operating at near their ca
rate and 25 UA.-rate aem oyea level of approximately 24 loa
on a temporary hais to qhl es a day. with one lane ol
the clean-up work l In l. closed, throughout the or
SI nThe big rmain east- m l'period.o
big approximately S this Aside from the outs
year. was done oo a n -day a record in the handling of
to the effect week basis and was oabVplsh- ping, the overhaul work this yer
Swell be ed in record time. years. was also notable this year for th
Stas3 a by the the overhaul of tbe.P Locks safety record established. TbO
Ii we dealed te- has rulrud about full overhaul of the locks Is not a*
at Balbes months. the most spectaUlar maint
All Canalifp to nthe Pacific ance job of the Canal oroag-$
i h isf the side concefigrd with t*a handling Uon, it also involve, much ha-
i he g of shippiW working ardous work One near fSa
om onsm ehdule oleent 6curred earl int=
Stsince a-. teeluded soon after the Mtraflores vet-
K.10r s not neper- haul work began when a work,
0=0el Sece but man ull s feet to the bettaS



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* +-. ..
: *. W. l ^A, i^ -

4_ ...: p. s .. .



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ap- W kUUWT1DW .


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P A W ........ .........- .. .. ... ..

Nrliso AND PUgLiSNEo gw TH3 PANAMA AMuanIaA us. IN&
Po*untst a A kenI so lv Iuesvk an*
g9A4gem ARIAIL SDiTo.
i N WIVa P o ,4. oin i N AI4. t.M. P
"I.r MlsM ANA vAa NO. _-0740 a t q.-.
"*" eS A7O* i. EN NBicttRALV4NUW H,11'S' '
UeFMamizo Av. NEW vORK. 4 .



A -0-
i. m Mail Bex is an *pen forum for renders of The p neS
kicen.ettersn are r*eirped gretfally and are handlelo ie i wholl
deoi mg n. .
40 you Contribute a letter don't be Impat* i ft doesn't appa
nety. Ltters are published in the order eq eve .
*metr.y bo ke*p the iwters limited **is ne peg ne*th.
,deutity of loer writers i held in stritnst co idefes.
ViS ewspeper ssrumei no responsilib lt i* et a q
expreoed in letter from reaCers.

T',e Mail Box:
Three cheers for the person that poised the d g.m
that someone has the guts to do something about these
pess. The official here sure won't do anything about them.
happened to the dog licenses. Afraid to put this in effect!
aniay big shots got dogs.
Let's all get together and rid the towns of these noise ma
Then maybe someone will do something. Is there no peace
this useless disturbance?
So let's all give Dog Poisoner a vote of thanks and a
done. We need more of this sort of thing.
':: : ;" a f




Labor News,


.. CommentLr,_

el By VICTOR IU- 1.

When the labor boys thor
in St. Louis this September to
declare war. on the latupl
crime syndicate, they would do
well not to attempt to ob"rve
S a minute of silence for' ery7
union man slugged, shot or
bombed into the hereafter in
Ame- the city made so famous by
eMil- the Blues.
The AFL convention J usat
the wouldn't find time toet *start-
r ed. For In past years t m have
been 56 unsolved major hoot
ings and murders Involvifg
many labor chiefs in the rack-
Ia Jets. The Mayor would do letter
by giving the parley thb key
to these assassinations instead
of the key to the city in hbl
welcoming address.
In St. Louis, of all places
to meet on such an antl-rack.
aeteering project, the AFL
es leaders will find that labor
What crime is not Just the ahame
Too of one city. It would behoove
the national AFL ehin oset
to get so wrapped up in sofr-
%kers. ing the New Yerk waterfront
from problem that they forget that
King Joe Ryaa is a penny-
ante potentate compared
well with some of the boy .who
might be on the welcomding
committee there. Or nla many
another city,, for that m aer.
Cleaning crime out of labor
Is a national job Which w111
make cleaning the punk4 oft
the Piers seem like a lfit a
day's work on a Friday before
a three-day holiday weekend.
Take the city of St. Loias,
host to the next AFL conten-
tion at which we're told the
Longshoremen's and (AFL) Au-
to Union charters will be lifted
because they didn't dump their
Indicted racketeers.
For some months now a rfd-'
eral Grand Jury therd has beeQt
secretly crougextmlining wit-
nesses on data uncovered by p
squad of PDI men during a
year long invhtin Uon Into
rackets, bribes, extortlo, shalik-
downs, and terror in construe .
Lion trades labor.
Since burst bombs come
and go like goo for
st. Lous Cards, J
has shut off the grand. Jil
floor from newsmen. Some time
the coming week, it will land
down 18 Indictments.
No one knows who will 1e hit
by the Grand Jury, but we do
Sknol wh@ has been 4
TI an Earl AndreiwToo
UP4 2&--'
A^~ WaK~jlh *l h n hi

i I ''~WL L.~p

Ai, .

.,*.. .





.5. .S

..' Nip Prinrce


S I- .. a ..&A. ..d iAM o 4 i p arl a. their 'Hi lMin and their I

stan In a slavih comn
ino early oso- Tw
-r. But. caupe
to owith the .an,
and didn't.know w-j
last Paoa on tb tri

..andnob, ore Slim, i311,

w0 CkedG, r .
Lou. uc C-" --1hof MaW, Masge, Robin...

S oAntaer t Previous PuzleO
Call the.'Doctor 9e a

* ff \ U

I Animal Pennsylvania |
doctors VERTICAL 5 'g
I Sickness is no I Clamp a gmw
i Goddess of I
9 Speck discord
12 Blood- 3 Foxes
building 4.Cuts 0
mineral 5 The doctor
113 Poems may 22 Vigilant
14 High priest down a 24 Pointed tools
4 (Bib.) prescription 25 Skin crack
15 Evades 6 Soviet seaport 26 Pertaining to
1 Germa' n city 7 Retained lorkjaw
ISGrmn Loud talker 8 Worms 28 Post
I Loud talker STooth 30**.--
2i Bodiiesof 9 Tooth 30 "--
SBodies doctoring majesty"
welf-styler d. 10 Butter 31 Paradise
13 Sef-tyled. substitute 33 Heating
4 Deedisan I Row devices
17 Notes of 16 Cold symptom35 Take
G ido's scale 20 Sound vengeance
29 Small island
(poet.) I f rr
12 Call the doctor
for J chest

-- the
43 Trees
45 Seeweed
46 Knocks
47 Region
48 Girl's name
51 ItaliSn city
52 Essential
55 Obaerie



Diret Del:'very to the Canal Zone
at largest Dieount.

Nu Io.n

:i '-.

"Sj1P:-;1' .........- 95'o".
Nor will 6he aoustrueton I
workers lose the contribution j
"habit." There's always L |h j
Callanan. boss man, and i
bos Of the AFL Sblamflntrt I
Lqcal 582 there.
This flow has a leal of
"me MLi n mu ber -who
"volun ry" paryl a day in.
to a speal fd for eery
day they work. One of these
confidential U1 I M uai fu t ,
you kmw. The wiea man
spends hall of it on political
action he says, And doeum'
need any advice. No records
either appareay.
A buck a day a man gives
Caianan over half a million a
year. In addition to the dues.
He has been collecting this for
over three* ears, according to
the honest labor leaders in St.
Louis, who hate him. Callanan
reports to no one we can find.
Maybe the Grand Jury did.
His home has been bombed. So
has his brother's. So the Grand
Jury decided to look into the
Callanans' explosive popularity.
They found that the brother,
ex-sheriff Thomas F. Callanan,
Was made the $10,000-a-y ea r
director of the union's educa.
tion and welfare fund.
Now that's a nice fraternal
touch. Tom Callanan became
ex-sheriff after the citizenry
purged City Hall in a burst of
Slectdral indignation which
Would do 60 or 50 other metro-
poll some good. wipe out the
sham., anyway. i sure would
like to take a look at the ex-
sheriff's "educational program.
I want to add to this record
the fact that Larry Callanan,
the mran who could collect 0-
Ter # In three years
n =uo~nbis fornstieamfit.n
ter, and ean spend half of
itis fortune "for political &c.
tivity s isted s an ox-
convict by a Kefanver witness.
The same records reveal he
was summoned tor questioning
in the shooting of Timothv
Cronin, bos of the AFL Service
Car Drivers Union who was hit
by bulleta four. time on Mar.
13, 14.
Calnanan and a trlper.happy
hood called Blacky Armes also
were invited in e Dr grilling in
the murder of Willam (Dinty)
Colbeck. Dinty tried to move in
on last St. Louis pinball and
111tmacbane racket La ter
Bl3.3ky served tradition well. We
It tn the hd on De. Ii,
et Ok tlU is Wbata favo


raee, a w-
L .

rWinchefl oeW

. '"You" grnoted Montmore, l.'

s t. i _

Aawb vo*

T E Maid wuat your mftry W.,
it's and thoe forget"... *
.... lW V&M t uis y day')
you madi I ran,
But "Wresolate and stram
And il's am ended pla...
a d eohnt your doleful se.n.
It's evW "i fr one aw glad,
M 'adi ft *M a kgly erown.
At frto, t wn.
Tom ask' aW*i Teanued to Ove a a -
LoAk u1 nll I think I hear the =01
-charles J. alktt
At IV i I- ola f the starlets (blamed
for s eelwoOd") was berat
Joye Uea
"I've o diamonds," she said, "as bl as yumr
"Hack," heek'l Joyee. "I've got th6aem big'1
your hedil"

OYer M d I two Hollywood stars:
'flow's M

Headtbt Wiy od rops Options on Many
S ta rs." I -
The am m r u d the knife.
It t"A writ"

BU1ott% lalwsN "et w M halealt-
ou IBnda SWOM

... :. i :" ,''. '
.1 -'. -.
I. +''- *. *
.. /* : .** ..t1"






- 0

-~ -,*

*;. M -4.

S1' a o f I" tMAi :
a* **
sat4 tis^ ^

. A,

',' ,-' '
<- ** f **, t'^-iS'1


' 3

A-M. U ,
** ** v' **tfc

t 1.

r.- ;.


- i


=i"eMOar ;=. .
ansr be rregg ,

hr ',

,, ..-^ '. L .1. I


ti. 9M' J -b -

'A&j 11 ^ ? 1" *


.2 ,.

d ber


er. he
boriara hear,

It. i ad betIq a-
Lbave to round
fr boyod whatN


*Ex4ShAttrnwy.'Hei ,w.
of rE8 NoS. 4 d 9P.N

... MW "e m i .' d -"9.
CdHe ...7 th.. y
It ,' \ .. ,
"" tuba



P rofits 'Tx

I (UP) first report 43igety 0
Is ex- American people s me
Iater to- the White Houe. H I
I prbttas them to bq at t
t* six reductions ania -
Nlteded tion can put Itse
, bigger order. '
N, The Chief i
yes- expected to
cruise street ,n of
'atburg avoidgtaI I.
'work which wxd 4 a
taxes- reduction in *
deliver conferred Mt t
atworks utes with e. a
ley, chal Joint
Re- Chiefs of Statt.

A -A. Ta!t

t~be pre-
pe In reg-
ij tax

taber of
aot a six-
sh excess-

A six-month w of the
excess profit tMx. waMld con-
tinue it untS Jan.- when per-
sonal income taxes e *hedul-
ed to fall abet 10 p t
Administration l l have
bottled up at H cut
income ta p
Vincent L. Tha e Crist
bal has been Bttf i.- ae
Extension, UnS
that he hausu
ed their course t In
modern bookkeeping ad has
won his diploma.
Thomas completed I eSurse
of training In lh .e ipam es.

Sunday lam.mi
MEMPHIS, Tenn, UP). -Joe
Oxendine couldn't leep on a
Sunday night one year ago. He
says he hasn't dilept any Simday
night since. He reads on ti


HANDS THAt SEE-lwr the frst time In a th bi
Long Island, N. Y. youngster 'ee a calf and p ts us
of feeding it a bottle of milk. He wnas f of a group at l, ,
youngsters who visited the Wonderland Farm, Zoo in New Y ...
to make friends with animals they had beard of from story booke
j t


i se


r ~
4stt a$~


-11pl e0-1





.. .? .
1 .

\ ; ; .^ .,

* vifsr



\ 'A
." o .


With-2 Pants


. coo.L

W row.. W oyines----h ju e a,, esuo
Sult. The w iwsle "aslst NomuOas Zmcutive b
taeiord um yer nguar weight Mauit Thlat -m It has
Ue, de a d body liau ... the ful dta iW om ra c1
tion fhAtaue tsag m listing hape. and body. It's,
"Psnatre- si e(d foar bettt .-f all me.
IA. a juaje Ne ettq uand copou.J

XMadeJo your measure out of


ARMY -Bihuse & Pants.... $55.W
Shirt & Pants..... $359




of the very

NOM. -- W

' *-t" .- a' t

I4etm of English Woolens. .

* don't fool around in e
for 20 years or policy hi
. A garment either fit orr
oeMn' weees's deNsf er a .

-. .. I

. -. .- -.T.w .
~ ~ : '-^ ^ .
.* .*-...'.,;-* ?'.. ".



,I a

I .

* N'" *.


Sbtose & Pants....
Shirt & Pnts.....

S:,., ..
)ii -*. ',"js'

.% ".',

1. .. -- -- -, .- -, -.-. -o f w m


,:. smr~o~e .-:~

>. *J .- ,

ff 1



Ilk 1-

Shipping & Air Line News
StS. ASncon Sail s Among those to -all for the
Todat. From N;ew Yinrk I thln. M'r. 1nd Mrs. Nor-
Fifty--twvo n- 'iin ,v PI nr irn F. Johvson and their two
achedrled to sail ltui- ao..n ," '-hildren Johnson was recently
York or the C. nal Zu',' on Itn enmuloyvd as Employe and Labor
Ijnanma liner ArirLI ~ioinn". HRlJPions Officer of the Panama
t theedvarice pI Ic T "' re- C'lli"!
c &LVid at Bali-r.o .'- In .d- The complete advance passen-
ditibn to these. 15 p '.crT aie LI' lii of the 8.S. Ancon fol-
to sail for Port-.n -Pin, e. iov u .'
-- Mi and Mrs George C An-
d icion; Mr. endr Mrs Lester F.
m t W Eile... Ms Ruth Berman: Miss
menit IWorkers rCccelia Eesenbrueb: Miss Fran-
c ,s Eesenbruch: Mrs. Adele C.
dn H Ets: Miss Frances Branilgn;
reioeni Hn ls E Bernard J. Brown; Mr. and Mrs.
Jack K. Campbell: Mrs. Elsie
At su-Hour Week Crpenter: Lt. Co!. and :;.s.
John A. Carr: Mr. and Mrs.
..nlmes W. Connois: Mrs Mary
.CHICAGO, Mav 19 UP, -- Da- Drolan, and Miss Rea Dubnick.
v14i Dubinsky. presidcit of the Rn':ert H. Elmendorf; Miss
APL International L'i((s' Gar- Ruth Hartman; Re". and Mrs. I
meat Workers union. hintEd \es- i ar.% Holland, Mr and Mrs. El-
terday that the uniun \ill l .I'tl ner [sack and dau hter: Miss
a campaign-soon to %in a 30- ?ijalvin Jackson; Mr. and Mrs.
hlur work week J Arthur Jones: Mr. and Mrs.
'Dubinsky, deliverin the kcYv- Norman F Johnson and two
note address before 1.000 d.le- children: Miss Barbara A. Kepp-
gates to the union's 28th conven- ler: Miss Violet M. Klein; Miss
ton, diverted from his prepared Rosalie Krebs: Miss Alice Leaf;
speech twice to mention that the and Mrs. Marguerite Lindo and
Wion "hopes" to reduce the xork: daughter:
seeokto 30 hours. He also served Mr. and Mrs Albert R. Minor:
notice that the union would seek ,rs. Alice D. Myers: Miss Irene
Tav raises. Ohlsen: Miss Alda Perfette; Miss
'The union now islaunching aI Alice Rudin; Richard J.,Balvato:
fight to extend the 35-hour week Mrs. Hela Solomon; Rachmil
tp al its members. Szware: Mr. and Mrs. Willard
In both references lodav Du- Thompson: Miss Lauretta Trask;
binsky mentioned the Hav market and Mrs. Alice R. Waxman.
PAot which occurred heie in 1886_______
When labor was trying to obtain -
a. eight-hour day. .A' lfe ]
"You in Chicago now have the
35-hour week," he said at the I'
close of his speech. "and we hone MARE FRIENDS
you will be able. to work in the!
30-hour week as well "
earlier he said In connection /
w lk"'the Haymarket Riot that --
"labor moved forward to the
eight-hour and the ;eve'i-lhnur
d9y and we hope also for the six- t
he'r day." ,,o
The ILGWU president told
pie a hat thpy should seel" 41
cVV^.t 6pay' boosts In new
rqsiky t". sale reeon-A 4 1
dxt I c4n well afford the in-
Scr ia .. When you send a letter to a
" Ihequiile. havb e been inflicted person's home address it is im- l
on our membbrs by the rise in iPolite to mark it "personal."'
S ving costs." 'Wspd.d "The pe- Why? Because it indicates that!
Sriod for walt'tig for such correc- you are afraid that if it isn't so
tion is over." marked some other member. of
the person's family will be impo-i
... ... .: .... lite enough to open it.
-* I The family won't like that im-

pW ma-' s your fin I
,"',:t.s., r for.o.,r-I" Wtfi
ev ne else c.Your fharin~ ,.
is individuatiad rseo.r' Sol

eir plan for restored, hearing
*alntivldual and personal..l
to give YOU greatest possible
b-''-its of new hearing.

LUW.f8s WELKIN PlaneteWe


Great White Fleet

*SS.S. "M AYA" ...: ................................
S.S. 'MATAIT A" ................................
SS.S. "PLATANO" ...............................
*S S. "f'HIRIQU'"' .".............................

Handliln Irerirgatlld Chilled ad Genaerl Carlo.

Q a ".llk il~tT I IS

NY ""-S


st6bal o ne$ M8 AXI)

"PARISMINAN .. .............................. Way, I
"TRA BERLANGA" ..........................Maym
"I.. H. CARL". .. ........... ...........May 31
-CHOLUTECA" .............................May 31
*METAPAN" ................................ June 2

ee u.:,u- .Vol I,,
'-.. '" .-'1i ""
' 2 .)I

rrequeul fre*ight aluMlnS from Crislobl to
Wlest Cot Cetal Ammeailn orts.

Passenger SaUings to New Orleans Salliu at *
via Santa Marta. C Uelmbla. 8:00 ajk.
S.S "CIIRIQUr' ..............................Jane '2
S.S. "CHIRIQUI" .................................June 16

seekl) iailini on Twelv-fe-PWtMser Shipe to New rork. New Ordesam
Mobile. Ln Amtaes. Se Ptucioce and Seattle.


The Pacilk Stem avigalltion C(mpany

Royal Ml Lines Ltd.
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A,5D AR FOBrV a WIIZOII AT COCO SOLO a clima of the yea's
F* ollgow destrations at the Co o m are urged
Naval tati.g e M4 rm es Dy,. a luncheon was held at The b ae r ae_ meeting
a0" @e gei 6a 1 to wesape the the Cose= l k hr offls fro te P be a b sne meeting.
p paging 1- l River, nor- clfle and Atlantlc' wSt members of the diplomat and -la At Fort i .
a IMal y ta uaig stream consolar oee r, efaliel the Republic and Canal Zone and l
Wr W at -arst1 IRd "d tBabine reprenstativesvM f s trnbs' and Reserve Organsations -ortDvi O? t I
o0llo w fthlf.Fot.v.O eers
"It some< tted ghty-fiveegu we In- James Cain, Martin Cain, Cedl Wednesday, May 20. An
Soto their RITr yidP homes vlted to the lua4b which Albergo, Alonso Fernandez, Vi- eligible to attend are
E. around toseg north was ven by Forces. tor Garcia, Oillermo Compan- invited to be present.
S'the yee,~ un le Among those the ny, E. Beliz, Cpleman Sasso, .
e in l s l alle and Pacific 1ide wert Pereira, David Pretto, Victor Annouement of Local l
l Ccf reported flood General H. Ls. C MiZrachi and Vicente Lara. Mr. and Mrs William
conditlen. mander-in-chlet C ~7 tbean of Natchesz Mimisde ,
l Command; Major 1sl J Bo Voyage Dinner Party ounce the birth of a
*t ftt il it As the d pn, back- Whitlock, Commal meral Mrs. C. 6. Laurie and Mr. and l1am McKay Wood 1, on
by X LaNrt.'q..ovIn, Ingintong U.S.A. Caribbean; & gillaer Mrs. Harold Bevlngton were 26, in Nateho. The
at wo.erIa .us forward ato -Lou.alana General M. A. Oil, ChiIf honored with a dinner party grandparents are Mr. nd
S eye- ,o=rt wer. When a winds to S0 miles an of Staff U. .AC. CU A; Rar given by Mr. and Mrs. Howard Fank Wood, former
m -"k of t he eppl 0ouir Ip, the Loul- Admiral A. Will at their home In New Cris of Gatun, and more
mkd i r bluffs at Nah, Mis, l.ana eW above New mandant 15th t; tobal. Louisville, Kentucky.
eresh-. ca oved L ra o Lrket Orlesan. Brigadier Oen "l ,. C. Kiel, The maternal grad
's tornado Is In.- Mit~lpal more rain has Commanding.ent 1NOribbe"n M rs. Laurie left by plane Sat- are Mr. and Mrs. C. V.
refresh- ,k o Dayrton ofNat-neo.
.duVe Ol WI vil- fallen f.lga tive months Air Command and lsbewl W. R. rday for a visit in Dayton, of Natche. Mrs. Wood ig
SImab. other tb t =r recorded Groho, Chief of5ta b bn hio. Mr. d Mr Bevngton former Mis Marilyn
'' great s l tbort had for all d'rgh t.year. Air Command. will sl on th 25th to make and will be remembered as
W covered 800 a f. the Ou th 'e state moD I3138 Inch- Among thoepreent rom ththeheir home in Rock Stream, niece of Mr. and Mrs, L
S coast from tbhe order to es for 1953 so Atlantic Aide were the oernor N. Y. Plummer, former resldenb t
Misaai10ht of the Provinee ro Colon, Jose The other guests included: Gatun, and now of Ann
Mil d Wind and water deposited Maria Gonsiles; Ca I. L Mr. and Mr C. W. Hummer Ala.
>trees aera 18 I.west- Koepke, Colonel R. under and son Charles, Mr. and Mrs.
sut 'e t I t-x 4 ry the erml workers of Fort Bherman and Cobnel H. G. R. Doran and family, Mr.
I! 04re bureau0ghh i.--from the F. Taylor.
I' n at ew orleans bu i euht from the F. Taylor. and Mrs. R. R. Will and family,
t d al that the grou h of n. Ms. Cornella Laurie and Chris- WEBSTERCHICAG
be-had Vrs*d to the pbrm d tine O Honmo- rs Groor yle reor
stretch bwe akf clitto River near Nat- A stag party was given at Jter Have LunMheon Meetlag tape or wire reerde a L
0 at V J eLa., and 0 1 cbhe. the National Brewery, Saturday, The Royal Order of the Je- complete f ronoegr at
-mbt mu-' a .,riMver It alnok The storms. had u d the de- evening, to honor Mr. Sebhastli stern, Court 18 of the Canal TROPICAL ELECTRO
l*m wlB be letu. asuch ,t ln.aeo of rallment of a ePacific Company, who will be married Zone, had a stag luncheon in
, the lecture. r L a 24 htoui" Oores of passenger train near nmas, La., saturday, May 2, to au the Fountain Room of the Ho- 45h 1. No. 3 Belo vhf *
a lnher files wr*L bting taken and appmn 1 flgard In the rr. Byrgos of PaXama City. tel Washington, Sunday.
Tomorrow out by boat every. crash of a Deta-Chicago and The party was arranged by Mr. Elmer H. Gardner, Dl- ____
., ad o h nmeigwch u teddo and The party was arranged! by Me
a of th At Galveston, sseUN the dia- Southern airlines nlr rMarhall, Mr. Lloyd Alberga and Mr. Car- rector, presided at the business
S will astrous 1900 tlw V.eht kil- Tex., killing 1. los Gallardo. meeting, which was attended
S1 ts tPr d -rnt The guests Included Messrs. by twenty-five members;
SCampbeln tim to help r tti ert S s.. Us o Juan Puccl, Joe Watson,' Tot mGroup Meeting
Capeltmtohl ilo etr wEstinoz, Dr. E. Orimaldo, Ani-
*^- owif i bal Oallndo, Jamer B t!er
dy's blow. bal Galindo, James atIer, The Harmony Group of the
WW-i-. m L ~iam 1.- .---- Getun Women's Auxiliary will
01ddlatew of .aM meet at the home of Mrs. C.
wpqraos aof d Right in f a E. Herrman. Wednesday at 9:00
rain J Awds batch of irfia ve who am. with Mrs. Anthony Mag-
pwre repo port. were comply of bir hus- gloi as co-hostess. All ladies
t and U bands' faulM T uprising ''' are reminded to wear their .
ndri-a, lW- erl town letter frn w ., spring bonnets.
pe than cut o In it she, a Mr Arthur Albright, leader
knm land Joei flooded married to a miuch will prealde'at the meeting.
evbf aide. Nn cent of tells ab" m.tE' 1 he s Benew for Trefoil House
X"State and rural In that has taught h"s era i years OaM -w
n e. uas were under of marriage about ktidness, Tho Madge Locke Dance re-
wf' fourteen ci ualanA courage toleoraite taking the ,citl hw be repeated at the
f parishes e condl- good with the IbA without com- Gatun Moving Picture. Theater
ias t25 the 11d, MN Clca- planning, etc. Wednesday. May 20. for the ben-
t-fl q and Black rivers as well as eft d the Trefoil House. The
Ie and ear' numerous amliCer srauU went She ends her letter: show is being sponsored by the -
S over their bank. "He l a rel a wonderful Gatun Civic Council. j
bfrt leav.*. Water ran eight foet deep person and lilve learned more Tickets are 50 cents for adults
for Saudl through homes at D i idder in from him than I learned in and 25 cents for children, and
If that when southwest Loulslania which O four years of college." may be obtained at the door.
is wTs cut oft That's an unusual letter to -
t. hreeNegro helpers were dal come from a modern woman. Informal Dinner
o- ot of the Natches ave an Tor the modern woman's atti- Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Grier, of
sufferedd little more than ahocd~ trade is that she, the wife, Is Gamboa, entertained Mr. and
But another Negro. Clarenc the one who knows everything. Ma L. P. Bevington with din-
W^d^. and the wvhte fore- Her husband may be a business r at the Hotel Washington,
nm T. L. Lustwere ead S es. be maybe a leader in upday.
his ea unlty, and he may Mr. and Mrs. e. an
of know a lot about world affairs. the week.o
-trip 30 th things, dba count. 61 ..w.J

athe o their last
-m+ll p i --etryladv]I" .his wi feels 'l o I oe tradhional or --odar,.
at fld that w iteve she thinhsa ts G r' I hao.e
S' rcd ua right and that tl Iup to an Manolia Dancing b
al of their-hoet in thAt area nce Meast a ofh e late Prealb
f! or the mond tme in to Today's. woian may be clev- dent ankli D. n a ve Celebrales Anniversary
a. __ iaat l.o ut ae e q to lbt a m thnk otf tb dam Sned The Magnolia Dancing Club
yhe know.aler uban. lout evenhthe" Tnad ha s wildaml rat o 7 l ue
Never o n't do really believe wa executed
we- ,oUld learn anything by Fro dLo Ilbman of .rt. sary at the Pcif Ic Clubhouse *
,11.' '@ o from Iw the"irhusbands. l dew._i-44.1,Ore. J S saturday night with a dance to .-TAAK-11' It,
,i They, the womenS k -now a whTcy members owa y othhra l kno a
bure lo w"a about homemakn, child rear-- .. .... -...... are Invited. Musle i -M glsyed "
f IWhng bk by Mattin a&d I a
B'm eg.* Inairl tc. What they '
ndy toVd on't I take some
eat r i iJ-n "expe for. But never
t n d | does It. ooBU to them that their A
In the own husbands might be able
tryw =gto teach them a few things,
AIbout ogetltg along with others,
en joyn life, making a homle
fhve-ihchapya etc.
.doov,* det
4ured 49- Perhaps they would be a lit-
tie happier If they were as eager
biadred and to la 1 from their husbands


__- litl ed .r r .beginners will ..,, ..

" at te lalbo eeAe June, 'duly andcheec
Augut. For furtim" registration .

.-_ .. 1e, ,"oeles. A b your la e t reat or bird m s alls?
hppr, according to Col6n TODAY at :30 p.m.
W. McNulty, are Gootaby to S wanson, Lord Cobra mbre m o
.I !popular to In. and the, Melldians, etc. Jimmy r g- ll


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con.pete -- u new o /4 and sport s/,rb.

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- .~ ."4i rJ~.'.e'Di A- -
C I:)-


You Sellem... When You Tell'em thru P. A. Classified

Leave your Ad with one of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 "H" Street Panami YoH r0.
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Col6n -

Lewis Service Sal6 de Belleza Americano Cadrion Dmg Store wi M
No. 4 TIvoli Ave.-Phone 2-2291, and No. d 5 West 12th Street 0.&o Mead Ave. -Phone 255 C
lPrOPWM dd9 Se Ave.-PhoneS2s5 Co
Morrison's \gencia nteracional de Publicaciones Propagfda, S.A.i I*I lL o

Household Automobiles k yes* haMs drbsh g .pl a- FOSTER'S Cottages. One mile OFE L 1*t1 teu
Rattan G. 9 FORAF-M .1951, goaodon- Wee Akfhald Aeaslmee Santa Clara. Completely PR FL 2do::
FC SALE-- M.. t, gd co 2031 Agem. C. Rock Gas Refrigerators a Sw m. m,
feet Westinghouse refgerotor dition, reasonable price. Call Cris- D ENHAKE Mical Cli r ur linens. Phone DM.
pho76-e New Cer38 obal, Fnd S tobal 2103. rrip mDR. WENDEHAKL Medical Clinic. .r7?r l Pn D-M a
376-B New Ciisrabl n St tbal 2 --- --103. Central Avenue. K Street ConeT. 0 New 7toIf e
phone 3-258 ____ FOR SALE Triumph motorcycle, Telephone 2-3479, Panomo. h Oceanside a
FOR SALE Right for American speediturn. 500. c.c.. excellent con- Clara. Box 45
couple Furniture for Ivingroom. din. House 1544-B, Mango St. FOR SALE, Pqanama3-I? "A o Show
FOR S E.1O FOR SALE, -& Py Co:moo .
din.ngroom. bedroom, kitchen with B Williams' Sant Croa
Kel.-nator icebox and gas stove, all FOR SALt-l-W50 Oldsmobile Hy- Miscellaneous 2 bedrooms refrlp :1i i1i
clean and excellent condition, also dramatic, for, wh well s,. o
d, white. w.,dl k S,,.tNwlari.domncy ^g .I. s..... .- ,.- n n..e
vth option tor the apartment rell Cu pid.f. trp spe@ nirhain. FOR SALE:-- Newly arrived n r.
tuo;ed. Information 45th. Street Call Penam 3-4934 or 3421)1. tropical fishes, hamsters, pa- w
SNo7. Apr 15. upstairs FOR SALE:-1948 Nash Club Coupe m ine-s.9 AlARIcn 9 n CAl)ia fC tOAnsers
FOR SALE -Westghouse refrger-600. xcellet condition. Leaving. P1 only PET SHOP, Nor 5 or.
ator. Steel oed innerspring $m- 650.00. 1405-D. Corr St. Phone Via Espaia, phone 3-5411. ,iom 1i7 M i : of Noward Barow
tresr Small Chinese rug. Telephone 2-4465. AL _______-- 4R;_____________ rvn,*2 MiuilnnL
Bcl oa 1697 833-B. Balboa. FOR SALE-AKC Rsere Coker HOUSES ON AG* at it,: ,t1Do Ea and his
"- 'p -FOR SALE:-- small busses F and Spaniel Puppies. 8 weeks old. Call also in COO"L Ca nrro._
FOR SALE.--4 burner Apt size gas 4F. Cadllfac "62," 9.000 miles. Amador 2-4248. M~bntain.1 Phono 1ie e W,,11 "Ir. .
range. Oven and brler. Good con- No. 7, Pe Avnue, Panama.o189.
dition. $65 00. 476-A, Coco.. O 10.B"ndb T1o f lIves iour 589.ll:
SFOR SALE:--Cadillac 62 Convertble Position Offered. .EN
FOR SALE -Frigidaire 9 cu. ft .60 49 with idio. Defroster and five a!'intrlue e e e d *
cvcle perfe. working condton, brand new tires. Sacrifice. Call WANTED. Automobile Salesanr i, Ma fas et my o
reasonable: 2 Philippine straw Kobbe 3236. opportunity to work into sales vo"sy '
g:. b. Curundu 141-B ALE-1950 Hlman o. nagrship for rOiht man. Wr l fn 1n Alm mok
c '.-- green, $65C, not duty paid. 48th furni qualifcati, fully
C S. .LE i.. automatic wash- Street No. 3, Bella Vista. Phone Panama unfurniro, fully nbh S
n droom *s, It wo iai -
L Ie n.,. E0 cycle, $I 2.00 3-3105. WANTED: Panamanian Salesmanm ingroom, kitchen, od |ing Variet
,c 87-Hu2hold FOR SALE--1941 Dodge Club Coupe Salary and commission pid. Call room, garage, small i Tur rican u
S SALE Ho.ehold furniture. 1948 motor Good shape. 5719-A, for oo. appointment: 3-42 one year retnew D ths *ss
.FDiablo. Phone 2l-6418d PERSONALS Wiibb: aa dGe it .
mn'ns hccawpy double bed Phone 2-6418. PERSONLALS, with
,.utom made l;p covers Dreszers. -197Ods obl,6* BoxA 5043'"s7 SI
* I', :eh cI,' ,-o.-ths' maple bunk FOR SALE; 194 Ocdsrljobile, 6 Fli on_'
bras, etc H oui. No. 5524-D, Cyl, con.crtFble, perfect condition SPECIAL FOR TEENAGERS. Jne* R 1:0 f the Record
s St C. c 2-1577 Tel 3-0670. June. July and August only. S.- ,h r 1:0 N
Fon, SALE -7, ardaire. 3 years aid URGENT 1946 De Luxg 4 Door Pon- 00 for 3 monthscourse. Lrn lt fer

rI SALE -S qure blond mahogary FOR SALE: -- Model A Ford, ntt duly n*. POR a y2: Popull
table, 4 chairs, end tables. g'.:: paid, and 8 ft. Serve Electrolux R ALE .l r e. nat
top cof;-e table. 2 Reed cha3r;. refrigerator and electric mangle. FORFl'.sYntiloltd, cidefigrto ne:ecrc aag Ae..
b cMhioned arm chai, couch ccvrr House 553 Ancon Ulvd. Phone 2- Real Eate modem chalet, two .bedroom : Ta er
d pillows to mateT. Metal pore 3198. .' maid room, hot water, good view W-_DowT to T
S F urniure, stair type bookcre A FOR'SALE:-Establishd quick ser- of Panqma Golf Club. $15.00, 2 0:---Atrnoa Melo
Metal d res, double bed WA NT ED ice laundry in the heart of Colon. monthly. Miguel HNB. iPhoa :
rugs and misc. 1457-B, Balbc.oa Truck, machinery and equipment 48 44.' 00--MA Str Co it Hai 8
Tit 2-4202w MiseuOansbue 2 to 3 Va years old. Opportunity 3:F1111-T it 0 m New York, nurse
"- -- afor energetic person. Pur chase can RU ENT H S.30--h Rtlclw .fwo1 iUNew Yorknurse

drop leaf tble.; electric refriger- "ortc for Lockwood. Tel. 88-539 tact El Lovnamitico, 8054 I 1th. St. ....
arp SA LE Se; o the largh WAoc "od Ft .. t rd .... r' w: 0- w sl cal FOR lEN| en so--|. .l. S
ator. 25 cycle Frigidaire, 9 ft F. GulI c.. 1olAp or telephone 1.I FOR RENT:t-One edflm esa apart- : IF
household adds and ends. Mam:i Parter ie or Inactive SALEN chalet tr fg r a to et s t ?t r pers -
Ancon. House 356. Apr 4. 1i. Capital San Francisco. Thomas Real te icfrigeraltor and Wicker r TLa toB
rr oo .ap ao -l C ntral Ave. 259, ihne 168

-. o e6 be0. c e $0 M4, Panems. T Oaunfurnished apnkaauLiMar
-T"r atio 4U, 7 ar ansreto j. ir in E4 close d gardens. '6, t Street lili
!-R SAL.Ix plece st of bamboo Ian Pollera. Tal. Balboa 697 ae New Cristbo l. Telephone Colorn
S$ wAUObetureD1. Excellent condton. 5125. WANTED w10 BUY: One second r
Cui on practlIcally new. Call hand piano in good condition. Type FOR PRoENT: l .rg g
7. C suitble for moving, ght weightio a formation call 3-1326, Vista Her--.,l
E. E': bamboo chairs, maple call Specinl Services, Coco Solo Umoro. oll: t ee
t<.;"' trap!e chest of drawers. 8641 during working hours. FOR RENT-Furnished two bedrooms 3 .
r p in.n-yOom set, writing desk, a N A serlei of talks on tle differ- apartment in Justo Aresemenoa Ave. .Mt : .
r 25 ,:le clock 1459-A.--2- LE N ent aspects, historeal back- No. 97 apartment Teleph 3
42 ofl 0 pr ground aid sodSl deielo p nt n0097 or 3-394 .
E .E--Urgent! Leag Isth- ATTENTION PARENTS: -- Enroll of Panama free colodid dal o
.a. rrL.. Modcr i. hvingroom set rooms dance course for June, July er1 Assjioa Women's ClubO able May 30 to.August-2.. P ne
'roomset Stove Child's du'k. and August only_ 3 months csjra Slmir Roa .66 a
Bargain. se them and be con for only $10.00. Satrday 11 i:00 Thee tal, iv n i FO RENT
a, m. Hurryl Hurry! kids time Is bY 30. Meraldh Ale
,inc Option to chalet, $600 gelt"ng s r Clulboa YMCA. Hoe- are awt. o UafptAiitoei FORlR N
No 18 48h treet _e r [boa YM nc Hmmb- er toe with r
ar.6Cylgatebd.o f. FOR RENT: Comfortable room in
innersprino mattress and m' c'l ] -"Lu.
-ou hod ItemsApt. Gerrde series wtin cover a variety or "kledyi : Phone 3-2496.
Orega St No. 1 of s cts such as the FO
0R SALE -Sofa and cha.r, d ning- ,nf n5 in lO ~ ee. olltlcal development, board (Euspean-Ameracan cask- 25CLO-
ream table and 4 choirs, rug m of vIg, handicrat so- ingi for Aas. r twy temn. .
S Cheap. Sell. Leave country. -16 St. T'alM a B I to, hte lt nd Call oleooJusto romena
House 13. Telephone 3-4347. IIfgEIon i 5T leligiou celebrations and other Avg. No. 57._
phcieE of Panamanian lIfe, both FOR RENT: -n furnished room. You
m10ACup rMiss Consuelo Syivera, winner asZn and mIg cD e which sets PrhvaOe enrtrace, both, kitchen,n
FUOR SALE of a unilverstty of ,rih ~ wg htan i apart trm other Latin Pery Hmill P, Ste No 0, Ar" t
ship, an Institute Co Inteomatlo-N American countrieB.laP
Boalss& Motors ao Education prant In 1951DM asrn 'A
toZf InternAtloai T"' l benand th mornng FOR p iNT0No
OR SA-LE -2 HR. .Waner Electrc travel fellowship a an rll to 11 and wll be given a-
or. 60 cye 0/2 volts, International awary. h.B i iht 6om to 8.

completin ourse bnp
at, the Unriverstedk.I of N-------
s graduate first wa aflry$ w ri ter1nal project, n- L

through the local P r jl 'of her thesjs.'- 'SW...
Stmittee far Study and ai a iv n Paoml Escot
the US.ich prroyes tIhm as delegates to the "'..,.M
v. Op.canchwo itAllors wereen F' 'E.1
formn' Center. ThebaY tate ueHa SAr and spoke to sev- -..mila wih
of In tnuI edCan in era and c ltrusa MAZATih, Mexico May 19.
iNew Tr tn seleoeeo c -ja.nd Oregon. (UP) A Mexican
s Watente orufgt On silvers had a millioar involved In the time-
Ore abut kids is ering tut.', and -ofthe stbgs and oral ex- day to ,
bheyg: fees. She "lvedwamf ben. rerned to Pan- "as an pU -,
SoeOm fof State and the knlen a ., .plots..
o6Cylegas b Office of Education h the In completing an the ex-"..
recommendation of the e. chan'st students program of Jose Alfr del Valley
.Iemterp.tGonal ArEWy" offa pro- heri s t personal con- the bove rin molale
Lvided her with free trapporta- tact was thr bs t othod for stu- to collect&..00 000..,at
OTTERIES Am to Denvers aind.. the go urn f.low ant and its ...sahapa ro .bot-ktcen,
trot L upon iomploeon of e. edNP. .".t.No.10.Apt.

tion on, Juy29 95,fnspa-d.eo a"e t lean e smace ... 1 .
cauionua lrant. -lk
Have proved .lie k&Y h~el Yin- n *
University of Denver before o i eli n e-
roUinsp at the School ofArnhttec-1
oe re ture of the Univerlsity ofOreOn, Xi uW. a bl
at 1uneene, where she cohere
~BESTplanning and housing. 'A
BwaE STry intInre ste' tn me
Inlt lem ofthe R h oyi
w~obwMeaids all"MRe fata-
belitation of the Cho3 Ea* *Dis- Oe Urm
tri a a ResidentIal Are." Up.-
-n the explratlff of her abolar-
the InstItute df mm-

New York toeIn
I~rm ofFlowr
d Novak nmd laSes,
apeehilem is iewrn V J~

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SHE EifS" AuAgiNY-Cuml wit h a bMt aWthes
WuswMf tai oIb I Ne Tth Ua, ge'S, ob eamof
gropr hidtrd to visit the e 0nakU lmaW wfth
Slive cIll of Bunny. Lladi and th e Mr child spent
the day "eeing." feina end playing l ti i als tllhey had
._.. toanrat __ii__ f'..- .*j


Sponsored by

ScrM wAftotio 6:15 .8:45

Color hy irCHoICOR.'

Committee e ndo Z al n ib
ber registrations from their
locality. Mrs. Henry ligeloiW,
2nd Vice. President of the Cotjn-
cil has been in charge of the
meeting arrangements. All re-
gistered adults are urged to
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Production of the hilarious comedy

Starring: BOB LOOGIA and BALBOA RO01
HINDI DIAMOND May 20.23. 8i46 f .m.
Tickets on sale at Casa FasutM. Dagmar and '
hotel El Psaim ;


- Today


e. Musical Masterpiece
'Screen Entertainment!

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Shows: 1:15 2 .10 :H
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WEIEND -494m

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Brooklyn Lea

i~ o- .* -- -

Two Homers Give Reds '

2-1 Victory Over Dodgers 5

W-. --... ---

NEW YORK, May 19 (UP) -- Ted Ki wski ,S I s..
hammered a tenth inning homer last nig.h to give hidelphi #.. "I
the Cincinnati Reds a 2-1 victory over the rtoklyn S t .. .... :ti
Dodgers, who set a high mark in frustration by c rkaewrsr k.. .. ..
leaving 18 men on base to tie a major league record., Pmnt burgh..:: .. I. .
The Brooks, who lost two out Terwilliger, a double by Mickey
of there. games to the last place Vernon, a single by Dutch Voll- TODAY'S
Reds, could not cash in on 13 mer and errors y Fred Marsh Brooklyn at Millwash.
walks, a hit batsman, a w 11 d and losing pitcher Joe Dobson. Philadelphia at Ca ne A
pitch and six hits by Cincy Ex-G.I. Bob Bul Dlteched the New York at Chl.
pitcher Bud Podbielan. They Braves back into I first pl ce Pitsburgh at S.
'weie scoreless after the first in- tie with the Phille at Milwau-
nipig when Jackie Robinson dou- kee with a seven-hil, 4-0 vic- YESTERDAY'S
bled home their lone run after tory in which Del Cranda hit New York 200 020
tl., first two walks by Podble- a homer and a two-run zngle St. Louis 102 200 1
lan to set the batting pace. A triple Koslo, HUer, Corwt.
Klusezwski, who had hit a pre- by Bill Bruton and Ed Mathews' Wilhelm and Westrug;
vious homer off Roe this season, single in the first Inning, save holz, Haddix, Brasle (lS),
handed the Dodger lefty his Buhl oall the margin he needed and Rice... .
first defeat and kept the game for his second straight, well-
from ending in a 1-1 tie since pitched victory. Karl Drews, NIGHT GAME (10 1mtIa s)
by 'agreement no inning could Philly starter, was hit on the Brooklyn 100 000 N0t-4 1
have started at 11:50 p.m. EDT knee by a line drive In the fifth Cincinnati 0000100001-4 7 1
when Brooklyn had to catch a and suffered torn ligaments Roe 11-2) and Campslla;
train for Milwaukee. Andy Sem- which will keep him out of ac- Podblelan (1-4) and pualck.
Iniok accounted for the other tion for a week or more..
Ciney run with a fifth Inning The Giants defeated the Car- NIGHT, G i*
homer. dinals 8-6 in the other Nation- Philadelphia 000 000 0-4 T. 3 *
homer al League game. Detroit topped Milwaukee 100010 02---4 8 0
Washington's soaring Senators Boston 5-2 then lost 8-5 at Bos- Drews (2-1); Ridzalk, lMeli
made it eight victories in their ton in an American LeJgue and Burgess; Dphl (2-1) And
last 10 games when they blank- game. All other teams had open Crandall.
ed the White Box, 3-0. behind dates.
the five-hit pitching of Cuban The Giants cashed In oa a (ONLY GAMES SCHEDULED.)
Conrado Marrero, who Oalso four-run rally that included a
truck out nine batters. Wash- three-run homer by Monte Ir-
tington made all of its runs in vin for their vletory a St. AMERICAN LEAGUE
the, sixth on a single by Wayne Louts. Earler Hank ThInpseon TEAM- We Last Pet. .
hit a two-ran Giant homer. New Yek ....... is 9 nAlothir A 0. i a
ns the Cards and Stan Muslal Cleveland......I' 11 .577 ing t s to their wIt t t closing ce
RKy l B G m drilled three les Beston ....... U yesterday afternoon. (Top Cl. present
ya Detroitbuilt up Its best streak Washington. .. .. 15 .M1 manager of the C.L.O.tesm l p the
of the season, winning Its third S, Lous.. .... 1 .4 walts to present a ball by the CL.. .. P0.son.,
I ts D-arlk Star gamon in a row In the opener be- Philadelphia .. 12 1 .4U 0 son presents batting clhamon ai the corres by and(b
UpJS13 UOn J/I S hind. five-hit pitching by Ned Detroit ........ 9 Jf Governoz congratulates pion pitcher Eugen0e "Krupa udley while
Garver and timely hitting by
I teve' Souchock and Walt Dro- TODAY'S GAMES :
In r 'po. Each hit-adouble and triple, Cleveland at W -lat (N).
I, l,./ Ir ItnJe Prep although Bouchock had to leave Chicago at Ph laehia (N). ") S f -' 1
Sn the fifth with a pulled leg Detroit at New or (N). Jg wr "u 'I
muscle. St. Louis at Bostoe. .. 'C 1I P
BALTIMORE. Md.. May 19 (UP) In the second name Boston ---- I ', S '
D- Dark Star got a taste of his oured over six nias in the first .,-
own lMc.icine yesterday when inning and .oalgftf Mel Pta-el 1 ESTERDA'S RESULTS I I
. Was outrun by Royal Bay to coast tFo rtr FST GAME .
in a throbbing stretch duel victor 'a A fve-hitSuf I Detroit 300 100 100-5 11 1C i'd
the Preaimess Prep. the last which 6hke ded relief frbl 311- Boston 002 000 000-2 0
for Saturday's second lis Kinder. Boston made 12 bItq, Oarver (3-4) and Ginsberg, A
crown ele. comblalns four of them with Bucha;,. Hudson (1-2), Kennkdy rnC Uf "e. .
.st as DL tat outlasted four walh in .w -bi oh and White. who in JanuWary rw
Celebrated tive Dancer in inning I whI three Detl-- Dil 8ofJ K."
e Kentuoky Derby h o me ntchr could n at he tide. SECOND GAME turned to the La ties

fBare d3 d thft N M Santa Cruz Sport :
yeth. so Royatl iout- ei, 12iragyton 000 03 200e S 4 A8eea n,

thfRo ari Bay Gem and illrbMarero 3 ) oman o.dtla n r Ar: Th: -
tO to hr customm. Ro 'y Fitzgerald. D. Because of unfavorable weath- Ideal lre: rto:hC
Ies P s erTti fo to he am two wes an Ir

tr s a break-first horses. c i eason. H(.however, It, se sonft al
Tet yesterday It was Royal, S Is understood .that the remain- Anrm TMansporttlmn. Consoles a tria
t turn and he was still out L n v war:

In front by three-auarters of a 2' At pre t t "Butcher"
leth at the fin ah. Ram ICHICAGOing outfitWilb ter, tner e the first A
t Darkh and Correspondent eCincinwas a -"* u es DudleW: Ch Sp
ca e Royal Bay Gem -ai d $10,-. h ethe Dodgers NIG2bb 13W O tRIanu l

.L--b 10 n n _an ." a rh.-
SD e derb a*lfh'gton 000 003 0x-39 0 Cenri. ebele 6oip a.

m.. Roya l 0a Day OGemWan
to their-,custom.RoyalBecaus. o .ofunfavorable weath- lD dchala-

renormallyIs a slow 1 2 0 or thefpast two we t *he elo Sril.
starter and a fast finisher. Dark (OBN-hLYh,_rr-e,,ss_000o CitySoftballLeagueWas___.qhLa..... ..._,Straih __vi

In frontbbyrthree-ouarters of aA at the butchers

yeDaen, Ib 3 1 2 6 r o5
he ANNIVERSARtY fit the winner of the first
T was third by3half ta half Th dis Inasb hanpngoto

fourth.MTro, 000 o Am o Faxn2 bn500 3
lent ad a-Struk ot tkor-non irsh In 7t0 1 yg ames are1ic t 'e .Batc p i tc .
Royal Day Gem Dald 10.80.lled otfor Doion in 7th. 1 a. t. R champ

Is|l1 7yem!lsiestl illman.Minmadeiant popl d-F/eUd out'for Aoma in 9th. an c a -
Lollar, ce2 0 0.4 0 BaOeraey DEf4laz

,-arrs 3b1s- 401 Ma1s h2 ew o

*, Jensen and R els. B-Ver- mjo 1 *
Totals 3,2 0 0 01. Iand

M naMnx-YE-INK a-Stukout t. ._yo- a


unon Is x n& repent-
lsona League
hp. to atltd kw-en,
a, a executive,
ttomi, P> COL Pax-
pttpm, righ) the acting
e giving him a trophy.

on th west

made no mQ

* Iha014 as
,ft ;.I= o -tbf
Se. a Save
Ids eyes ab he
on the
features was an m a,
It took somb time, tr the 4' t" .
realise the fight wa ovr. IrIDaOLtg
rocked t .. ny boo% a

had regained hik se Nowtt v p
mninUng din, a z4with estut..

WalcottWas itpless

anpaUU -

League wa.
kM A


- '

.4-t *i

fbic fiwic .f life i almost wy coma ry in the world. To esdlekato
Soccasion, heis the La1t AAulvrry in the mot
t the thriftiet, the et sal family ear of nA timl
21,00ooo i ll1 li.. ls av pFrfs ted
this ae fir let
"CS-6" mdO

es de
Td. 2.19 -1


'I U


d V-.

"POO .
1C.- 0

,, ..' B
T ._ : ',,jjjilj

2 :"

pays*' '
*--- r ^ J- *'. M i.

3M$0s Mde

a W

pOut erey Je Pro
-- .- '
*-* __ -.- r*


p \

St w
09 '%

* -^ :.

It sk



And Lowors B
NBA C, olMN*l /t
'-- :. baA
CINCINNATI, Mar- r- RTr n-ti
em Hornsby glih pe- Utr s men
Rladons for d eM tt ming a- "
a nd w W im t have far
1hM th ls o hitter. he I

:,f *i j

. 1.


es Eye Off I

bOn[.h' F 905 of any
le7trtftan~~ ure


Wadt lftak v Albrook Flyers
h. .j ,Cl. vs Canada Dry

S-- AB H A1
(N) 7o 4.71
I) (CD) 10 4.
(08) 8 .e

8 3S.3'J7


,rf -,,,',^ '*L *
d. Fb~rl ,h.
Mr otI#WIb-

* A4

b 2
c 2

27 6

PrrrBURGH, Mar 1
- onus Wagner a
unial can han t
same rack
speaker and other reets.
"Muslal is a great bitter, 4
Hall-e -Pamer ranet. .
sees what he wants ..
ceo- pl ce of the baiB
how to use that glove, tott
Asked -to compares
with the yankeis Phit
zuto. Wagner said, .
swer tat. I never saw f
play. All I know about i lS -
what oterfolkstell me.

Manager Blames-
ast Pitchers
For Home Runs '.

2 1
0 1
0 1
I 1
1 0
2 2

urAzTTE, May 1t. (N: Al.
Sweeney blI be .M
the answer to the I- -.
Mr of home runs In
Dost League u ya .
Is 't the hopped-up.0 .
4 -.. 41-.
MMfywqod's Ted Beard, ea
example, hit four In ae
"There are a lot of w 'ilI
IrA," asserts the eattle fl
mOer. -TheyA get be "a Nae -
rsta and have
a fat pitch ll
none run bails."

b en, 6-3b 2 1 1
lb 4 0 1
3 0 0
0 0 0
rV 4 0 1

Ib.1 2 0 0
2 0 0
1 0 0
0 0 0
23 3 2

lie by IJnIngs
200 010 0-4

- ,


, ^,"+-'.



* U
' U'-
* S




a_ I

_______1 __ ~____ ____ __ _~~ __


06 1ki, -P-. 4 4 o '

'L' I

Up i
-i _,- '

There May Be Secrets To

Horses, But Trainers Don't Kn
NEA Sperts Editor
N YORK, M 19. Harry oft rAo 1wr Turf
garner heard trainers boast of (Amerpub, ). ,
bpta they won and decided to BamUo blandly contaendS
test them. racing Il the poor S fan er'
"I'l put up $1000," Movie Mo- portunity.
ul Warner tol three handlers "It is always pssl.,
a bto Park, "**ad you gen- poor i as ot t ma
) kviqt It I'l tand the failed at every ober P
t te pflt, Itf any." or busldeas to
'One r4rane IMspected the mere peanuts,'' he .t
rh a Another 1-00--
W amo men to Aceording to tbe
go. fYt1e4 te of useful basic principle is to
a dpndable feed box in- galnat the public. 4
f The third-did the
ha~n R "It has been estimated
'' some 20 million people
Befla',eaeh tacw, they'd dis- country bet on horses
dums telrt-lAd ing aree on the ly," It says here. t
tunbY tV $t.. I .r' say arbitrarily 75 per seMi
Byrthe erel'h rae,'tbe $1000 lose to keep the game
had iaUld Dke. tn ak that leaves a potential
t, ot 4 1 a.eaethight pre- million consistent winnerpWr
ani tot The purpose of Bacon's
e f'hadn't .* a nice. Is to put as many reats
e roItf possible into this happy-
0I "nOyn Ifark th lum~ perhaps had treo i
Xtin ckr rti atud gImny S n It. be
others ra et* h experts have had to write the
0aa't 0igk whnnts. Bdb Sacon, wouldn't have chosen to
samtete editbr of a.turi eth-hbl priceless iecrets. Qa
I an L weekly. sums up his other hand. maybe Bacot W
Mowed t of horse and a- altruistic mulUtlollisuatre
Psri n them i moat qcoin- made his loot right out

pricplethat must he
e w any speculativto

!duaI gburahem
It's individual brorge fee,
wrapping That principle U:
S pubcp's ideas and
makes it the .son og. an
m e Ilon among the
ternmIty bet
healthier and? Uraft -.rim

and make Intereolt d
t'e s adli i .t hw s
'aohe r not the Ut S
fresher of A l t2e auhort. teouerse. .
well at the cour%..

vte ransight nto the
Iecrts o1 aofemlnaey

Watg the rums ala.
S-s e oan paper butwilL
aw 'an"



- M


M O ,

A- I

K e w s s V4 m m' o- m -m



I. ~ -
~' ~

Oatis Tells Of His Interrogtion,

Continues To Duck Other Questions

- 4.

NEW YORK, May 19 Newsman William N. Oatis came tiflacatleron. wa t c i 1
home from 22 months in a Czech hey were i ooking at Ui
prison yesterday and said the differently. In that tay, "
Communists questioned h i m the practice of journal e Utra in TWRM.y-Gig P M t "
tight hours a day for nearly two the Wpet often amounts to 0-
months after his arrest on es- "Wionfe." Bl aATs
pionase charges s When asked if he knew why '
Ctls, 39-year-old Associated h he was released, he said:
Pres corresponcrent, said that "Well. I heard that the biggest
before his trial he vas given in- factor was my wife's letter."
sections of "sugar solution and He said "generally speaking"
vitamins." he was well treated in prison.
"I'm convinced they were "Medwcal cre was pretty whn
.not drugs," he said. "I think good" he said. "The food w ett
they wanted to build me up for g ood," he said. "Thean food. I'm an
tthe trial." American. I got used to It." W'i icI
Oatis told newsmen. who in- i. was asked if he would o t-
terviewed him on his arrival by cept another foreign a cgn-
airplane at New York's Inter- cept another foreign sgn-
narrsto rl Airport, that alnter his Ilesmiled, turned to hn' wife 8 GA, Ne,.v 'ay 19 ed 12 -80 bombers were flying M e
arrest he realized his news gath- standing next to him, and em (U)--The Atoml W Com- over the atomwei om ground.
ering activities in Prague had pJled: mliiop finally set o t "Jinx- at the tbime oaf t o w, .
constituted violation of thi "That's up to her." ed" ninth shot Of fIt current part of the Air Force crew-in- door t
Czech espionage law. She smiled and whispered test program J tUdawn doctria ro
The lanky, smiling correspon- something to him. today, aCd It turn out to be A total of 47 at4Scalw f.ok part .
dent was greeted by his wife, "Certainly I would." he a nd. ne of the most brIitSit of the In various abahu of t tet. r
Laurabelle, a St. Paul, Mmn., "Sh, says I'm the boss." aes. It was not Sanounced imme can
la dvertUsing copywriter, when State Department official The ex14oslon, four diately whether the eondd at- pon tograp ,
his plane arrived from FranK- want,to confer with Oatis when- te because of lmve ra- tempt to fly a pliotle pla n
flurt, Germany. ever t is convenient for him, a dhation and una.a weath- through the thera evelo .
He was relear.Md from Czecho- spokesman said today. er, .burst with a brilliant low wasfl.
slovakia's Pankrac prison last .e "Of course we'll be interested shortly after 5 a.m. onb that 'S Namy t hr
tSaturday. Thle Czech govern- in talking with Oitis," press of- used In ia thermal nd
rcent said nt released hti water fro flcer Lincoln White said. He It lit un the ski oveW Yucca wave test.*' ". of
receiving a, poignant, letter rom INTO FREEDOM William Oatis left), freed from a Czech jail said a conference "will depend Flat.'M5 miles northwi t of here. The Skyralder flight was pla s*'hl ieei
his wife. after having been imprisoned for two years, walks in Nuremberg, entirely on Critis' convenience." at 5:04% a.m. with tQ6 most ned a8one of the features ofto. ,P Chet
In discussing the injections Germany, with U.S. Consul General Paul Pearson. Oatis, 39-year- Thomas Cory, a member of the brilliant flash seen for any tow- doy-' 9$t. that'.
he received, Oatis said he re- old Associated Press Correspondent, said the knew nothing of U. B. delegation to the United er test of the cuIrrent e. The thermal envelope Skr th s programn .-
ceived no reaction from them Stalin's death. He said he was not "subjected to terrorism or Nations, was on hand to "meet The AEC lannoUd ae w t said churning mass of heat .ad ofl a
that would have Indicated mishandled" by the Czech Reds. He was convicted of spying. Oatis when be arrived at New "a nuclear device y detonate. which surrounds the cor of at
they were drugs. York. ed on 30" atome rebal
He said he also was given pills slovakia-for pay or without pay YAdditionallyrd on. White said. t I t A ifmiar plane
for a brief attack of tuberculo- -did you ever work for the retary of State John ter Dul- Ithe fAru of the explstth
rof State John PosterDulh the for of the et
Ms during his imprisonment and State Department or any other leas sent Mrs. Oatis a message were conducted f~ir- t weeks a o was torn apat by '
drugs for a nose infection. agency of the U.S.?" rom Beirut, Lebanon, telling velopment and for viol e o the ier
after the quest ing. Frank "Tht's the kind of questions her he d "taken a n-effec p the hurled to t ground
9. Starzel. general manager of I haven't been answering.," Oa- terest in your husband's case
the Associated Press, made a tis replied. "I'm not going to say hand now rejoices with you in hs ded was the tary a is
rasned ." w ox ev oa
S statement with which Oatis ex- anything about it." release." radiation of a o ted inso t w
prised complete agreement. Oatis was asked if he felt any White said Mrs. Oatis in turn the Foo sand Drugt t* d 's te, but the A .o
"His reluctance to discuss cer- resentment toward the Czech expressed her "very grest grat- 0 li t for i
tea..questions is not to be used people. Itude" for what Dulles and the l- tCw nisson alo dilo- f
S ad implying anything. For more "That's a matter of mv own department ".ad done In ffect- ed "--
than two years he h s been cut private attitude," he replied. the release of het hnd." tL t two J a fr
off from all normal contacts, lie said that in "most of the White said the return the Meknwhile in Washi -, I e-
serving a prison sentence in a cases" in which he was accused Czech government of the CSech, publican and Dem i-
foreign jail. H O has had no op- of espionage, he did not feel he airliner which landed a t Pran ga men agreed ata adat A
portunity to background himself was violating the la w at the ... furt, Germany, last March was i u M f bombproduction will le cru-
about the case. Only 72 hours time. '. 1n no way related to the Oate 'O' li taed by a Ws0
ago he learned of his release." As he remembered it, Czech L:' release." L.; -' ..l edd 4
Shortly after Oiatis' arrival, he law provided that receiving .S He said the American ambas- dentt. a
held a press conference at the economic, military and politi- sador in Prague told the Czech3 .
airport. cal information n Czechoslo a week o that the Ub DC-3 en c g of
The questioning was friendly vakia constituted espionage senger plane would be returned t o planes of he
and Oatis' answers were cordial. "on a low level." at Berlin today "pursuant to es- h crt AirFo;aMrgl. fa *
He said Czech authorities Espionage "on a higher level," tablished International ieace- AM outhm ar .
questioned hiun "from the time hp? said, constituted 4eceivin .at tie Dsractice." = Tht t
ef my arrest until about a week such information and sending it i o_ U practice Wt s" U
and a half before my trial in to a foreign government. WAtG i- iL th an
Utdy. 1951 and treWteW eneal- He was asked if he got such llaO f the A- eera we e may 2 .
Sy about, eight hours a day." information for the purpose of me = nU Wo th was 'A e
Asked about a statement he transmitting it to a foreign gov- Pfardoned from a Red Jail in G in Ths C-ll's C-'s ad '
made in Prague that the Czech ernment. ttchoolovakla after a two- Thaa ild debbl difreaal Alrook via Mimat C
investigation methods were "ef- "I'm not going to o into year term tor apykg,. ves back pro e ov
fleient and adequate," he re- that," Oatis replied, I New York IdleWi Air- back rt
plied: He added that he was aware port. Her letter to the Wh at Defense i Depa t" AndrewL M
"They are, because they that his refusal to answer some president is. said to have m eot Aropr iatonts Act tffeor
work in all cases. You see peo- questions might put him in an ed free her husband. midnight of June 1953 expivli anome .m s W S a e it
*ie get up and confess, don't embarrassing position. It h'toe wi mo then
eItls to desoend thel empoyes of the Armed 8ge*cu -" 5 e- I-eS
Sfo?" utes to dsend the landing LL temporarily be bereft of*c theR AI l m fgh
SThe first question asked him Asked If any reporter trying ramp. because at each stepD pho- 2 percent itffe r the gh
Vas: "At any time in Czecho- to do an objective news job by tographers demanded ti'rt they pr cenett al in the t .
American standards in Cech- stop and wave. Oaths declined ta. new lasw t.a not p d-
oslovakla would be risking ar- requests that he kiss hi wife. by Conges before that e. That the a r
,'r ~~ MUrest on espionage charges, Asked if he would explain the 1 y, ,l w ,
" K- ArmyV MaiT y Be Oatls replied: "psychological treatment" hle re- W lcOtt-MirCI.lO noayt Ass. 7 m r o a c. elanhr J.
S"He certainly would." celved from the Reds, Oatis re- landed l
Oatitsfirst was interviewed for plied; o T Be Shown ilW;
ST Man All newsreel films, and said he ere B t To Be Shownn i ue
wanted to study the records of "No. I wouldn'tt4 In 3-D At Centr daily t M.
Shis "spy" trial before he com- Then he was asked why he 25th to 3-D At Centraleluo aWifeRetw
W V mentedn t. was arrested and tried. The oee-rgad knockout of big C-lan'wil are AVfter -A
He said he would not repudl- "I don't know," Oats said, he9vrwehjA Jersey Jo Wal- part. V
BOUXL. May 19 (UP).- The at.e his "confession" immediate- shrugging his shoulder. "It's a eott by Roeky Mareane last
South Korean army may be able ly. v e r y complicated situation. Friday night X be shown. in An advante'e to Army, WAvy The commanilpdr
3 man the entire battle front The plane which carried Oatis There are so many angles to it." 3-D teoerrew iM' the Central and Air oVe. person r. Caribbean Oommand
il Korea next year. home taxied to a halt at 12:05 When asked if the Czechs had Theater, I was InDounced to- Anderson uuMo. 0 rd--e -. L. Memld att-
American troops, however, will p.m. but it %iis not until 15 mmin- any justification for his arrest, day. plah to I M 3rs Drti havei i ?h t .
till be needed in Korea. inform- utes later that Mrs. Oatis board- Oatis replied that was a "pret- The 3-D fight movies, first side via th '.r g rr ghts aftBr a
ed army officers stressed. The ed the plane for the reunion. ty tough" question to answer. to be sbwi in- Pnama, will Force 110 a' i he United S .
united States also would have Oatis set foot on American "In certain respects they did," bq sereened ls conjunction men wct 4a aleh t
supply equipment to the soil at 12:35, holding hii Vife's he said. "They have a different w ith "J e retrs of the Cor- the U.S. dem n
th Koreans. hand. point of view. Their standards slea starry ng depend f. 1 sn
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