The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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, May 15 (UP) Lt. Gen.
Iej the Communists either
tlwy misinterpreted" the AHi
|umoner dispute.
United Ndtions commuMd-
nute conference with the
they wer even trying to a

S* North
SWhead f
IWats refI

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o, a wl, lv ,mh,

Woed to-%

uaar- r d

at theki kia

uusa taken to
Ike b 6gl a&-
ke~moene from
ad been carelesly
Wr of his home In
ar one of hist
I'tp dy ke. was
Alador Oa rro
t afteer bhe awl-
am permanrinate
ae a pill box
Said was kept
four were serious-
m the potions they

meat w"
toot theof
feir. The
gallery' *
ma I usc
In his o
premier I
o prodi<

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IS' ,+' '1.
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ta the flgal ywear
1 ra115.s "*.

"To thoisevim who1
omy ahead of aecu1
wiuwully ful In
dicUOn of ost mt &a
one," he aiad.

Don't Cruc
R'ord ft
Be A Diosma

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""' ma 'N ,a .S ..... "AsS
N ** LmUAe U. i nm eam H -
O%1Hea sameO sese 1 8A
15T 1 Uit M P 0. ea ti84, PANAMA. 0. mp P.
SS tltPHONel ANAls NO -0746 5 LINe) .
OeI M Q'esi I* CIaTMAI Avaiur SaTWmasNn wa O He T04 1 *6M *a
;1 9 i o a M9 arlul rN. Avg NEW YOIftK 1T iN V -
1 MONT.L IN AOVANOI ---__- .... .. I *.0 6 "80 B
I__e _ot. *2N a- i tt Ie 1 4 00 -
M. y YOUR 1OJUM THI RIADIRS OWWN CUMN Comes, now le time t toM. It
oo sacred prohytrian hero for
S. For too long this man hasbe .
over-glorified and forgiven for
SH E shs which have cost this b ib?-.
try vast funds, and not a little J.
The Mail Sex is an epen forum for readers of The PeNeoe AmI This Is the time to say ta--
en. Letters are received grtefully and are handled I a wholly .conf. he, and he alone Is repoi .
'ditiol manner. for the multlbillion dolla C ri *' -
If you coaribute a letter don't be impatikt It It doesn't ppealr the Syndicate 'take" ~i labor r& .
next day. Letters are published in the order tsiil~vd. and the inva ion.a n salatie of
Please try t keep the letters limited to oeM pol, lent. Strategic unions by So v et
Identity of letter writers is hold ia strictest Cpfide-nee. agents.
This newspaper essime no responsibility fr tate mnts as opinions While the to e triy i in ari
expressed in letters from reaserso uproar, till" E e Senate o
0, -spends tens o l uuand8 of "
dollars to learn who is abus-
SALUTE TO THE ARMED FORCES .ifng m, while wo work our
serves into sleeping pill cases,
air: .this man, Mr. Atlerage Rank* -
r From Bunker Hill to Old Baldy, from John Paul Jones to. Bill and-File member of America's
HlIey, roin iiipou to Iwo Jima, irom Rickenbacker to Spaata 60,001 unions, just doesn't care
iana Le May, the pages. ot American history are crowded with. what happens to his union.
glorious ieco, iniss oi heroism, courage and victory, and well it s1 A survey Just completed r '
that in these Lruubled yeais oi peace we pause and salute the veals that some of the nation'
,men and women wno ia-e gi.en us this proua part of our na- most strategically placed locals
alional lile. e. are run by membership maetingu
'me revolutionary army, under the brilliant leadership of of 30 to 00 members.
(General George washing u.o, raggeu, ill iea and poorly equipped, In the electronic equipment
Together with what was canea me isavy ta lew snips o0 *woo field, unions-with. 17,00 dues-
I manned by real men of iioit unuoabteoiy 1-ia tWe soud iounda- payers on the books-ire riu by
Ion ior tne LSaualishmeit o0 our aruleu forces, wvhicn have main- membership meetings of less
tilned the glorious tra un.ois ox cafenu1Mg anu provectino the, than 300, right In the heart of
4ry life ox our nation in gsea, g;easure ui many tree-- our most secret production kea.
lm-loving nations o0 tne wornu. Thid survey, inspired by the
S Suborunate to the ciVal authority and coasequently to recent burst of extpoerel o'
he will of tie people, our urmeO forces Have kept weu to rackets and espionage, dt-isclo
the course set sor then. that only some 5 per cent of th
\o act has ever be.t, coimuited collectively or by any in- nation's union members come to
S -dILual branch of the stvices to chnllenge tnis. au ,ouIy ur uis meetings. Atthese meetings net
legally elected represenbai es aa u ii1 tI ner everlaMung erectit only ,thetr- fate but the- fate of
taat this deep .respect ior, ana love oi tne 'abmc iene.s ox our labor peace in the country's key
cinoCratie way r lile have iqentieo t Qei as ie sc. ana defense indistries and transpr
Sa peace loving nation waose military forces are oepioyea soe- facilities, are decided. :
i itt..own defense ana in tne protection of otners'ium tlose Thuis -mew that less than a.
Would conquer the wra. ano rc.Jaue .romr ttjp ace 01 the total of 700,000 memberS ot of '
h the tree prsnciplei u he anu...e-. 14, 0o0,0oo duespayers com r -..
*I- our tribti to the Armed horecc tor 'tulww, their diy, aeel to tc onitor theirr of-;
might wen be i the .eaeuatationo ourn ti veu 11011t' insn dul Ustri l, an* .
The debt we owe tWem, irom the generals and admirals to political actilies and
the privates and seamen, is indeed a huge one and one tAat can- Yet e e .' ctivitler in
06o be analyzed in doiluis ano cents. 's a- oed snat was con-. contoliof several billion o f.
ated through the yeais in our own lana an in a ftar off foreign worth of Aslets, intricate O -
like the Argonne, Normanay, Guaciacanal, arawa, iNorlh wh.t ch- have kept several i. ,
ifrIn the seven seas and more recently ln. Ko&fe. president' at their direct to_- .n :
-The mortal remains of men-in all ouw Sorv eei have been laid Kep wires throw the -eiXG N-t
rest In a)l of these: Lnca many ohner Placesi where they in our and murderous, grenade Du1jas ctryatlz*e.
ae, gave their all in dicnse of CGo's causi. Remei b'ance of cofrrutio a we as ad F risg to i dlbo o
ee4e bravepatriots s but a small p-ymen.on this our greatest lade Cmmun n toor
iatteial dect. Remciurc. nce, thau c. rrewii, it Wto. solemn opera.ta iu o* a mnJor
remtude deaths may possibly b e averee tai t .i to shweek a" loo e 4 0 oin, 1 l*
rb ght t etron and. p e aend th r ght nth e att pr esrv five' m eJnt era
oots doar. the uniforms which they t ,,rt f thAPL w_ ',
To 'the Elsenhower's, Bradley's, Hals Federati on P
little's, Vandepber s, Rsdford's, Ridgways 41.i iIdve iIacion whic*t r es u ter, the Od
ons of 01 Joes and Ji, to our sailors, marines, coatg#*rd-sen. Studio w e0 aa ope
mt fliers, the American people acknowledge our debt with gr- Communist Iasio
tude and you who have seen the hell of battle to give Here is a a union whose 4.000 wa
future.gefetations our earnest help in keeping Our forces of actor-members are a m o
Might strong and ready to defend the right in the preservation erful force Inaside a" even z g
.our blessed way of life. Wlr 0. Wat on er com Icatons and e
Walt 0. ,amnien mdig- "A MM -t i' II

od your-
G... h att Realt"
l edo d I--yourO t 1 CA

vital unlok themth 4 a tIs p
officers h p bylaws t
imakIng It neces ay a t la .
S these people to re action un tfIn

,l? r-orte by JUD. to thoners b -a
th us! rankand file two weeks In td
vance. This might stir-them'Into

selves -- that's e theory a
But the membeclift meetings an
are always. the supreme ,Court,;
Aetwo-thirds vote ea Ss d
a d block;
anO unio rgany' union regut0 t whenl
the rantl admhn" tt crowd
sa. that its 58 nxtoberl wren
live .more than necessary -to -D "
usen the 'rules and make
policy for this union of nation- era bg
S)4OY4 knI wn television stars, the by
6p]h tron e ov in 'tion/tenI
i p cThere were only 80 at the
voes. hey had 5 present .......

redithat .is nob N ... ..

- -

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, i
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y ~ears.
mm"vuw;" '"^af
I.L' t'aVi

of th
2 sat



P.- ''~;.,* a'

** A'
*, .~'.
it- t 9,0* JJ' I

y^s court your wife?

Its am w i dvertxsit
yV eawt w i cains wilth |-
a so.. e sma aM "call d
- *'m* r a perui f e. t"m.I

and I *h
and n

., -I

Co.maeU ,a rtisin in The P.anama

C = allo""Aors f Ur rput. ,

it-.* :--.. r-- *. r ^- .
.iL ,- .*? -. ,.f:; M -aa :^ +++.+.: ++.!


- 5*

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^ -- e.pi i n _____



"He used to (
r aion the.v
ork, snce -W
it car. Mow hi

r It was apparent @thau t z Ba-t
started the hand with as
and three trumps. St
reasonable to expect that 'Sa!i
eight of hearts on the
U round of that asuit had been
"honest" cards. Jaye therefar
finessed dummy's six of hearts.
The finesse held. and declarer
could therefore discard one los-
in club on the ten of hearts and
e other on dummy's etra


the Symbol of Gracious Living.

S .

free o-are fre~ Ser.


,mg in waeb *maienes
adlable at:
;." >'. .

-$I gPi' _-


U, 4~1z 0
-" **ai~

The bidding hiM', band
may seem a Itf d e. I4"t, but
I report It exucty!i it-took place
in tna Atlantk Quflo sdt.
BEst opened with tIee de-
spite sne fact that bi hand was
probably good for omy give
Ell Jaye, hwo won the Open
Pair event with Norman Kay,
came In with a vuinraDble oer-
call of three diamond despite
the fact that hia band warob
ably worth only five or fix play-
ing tricks.
Norman Kay. holdin W the
North cards, had DO way of rial-
Ildng that his partner D4ad made
so agreudve a bid. He thought
that his partner bad a eer
hand, and he expected the com-
bined duds to produce a 1lAm.
Ha therefore made tw slam
trel and then ent ton alm
even though made mini-
mum responses both times.
West opened the aeWen of
clubs, and Jaye decided immedi-
ately that this was a singleto..
Eat could not have opened the
bidding with a three bid on lews
than a six-card suit. The Sa At
could be made if declarer could
discard one of his losing clubs on
one of dummy's hearts and the
otHer on ne of dummy's spades.
Declared wOa the first trick in
dummy with the ace of clubs,
draw three rounds of trumps,
led the ack of hearts to-
dummy. West covered with
the 4usen, mj'j Uny won with
the aee. De.larer next led a

SAVE 33 1/3% (direct Canal Zone delivery)'
For a limited time only, Cas Fastlich ma~i
it possible for you, to purchase your Sterwl
Slver for such a low, low price.


Giving or getting, you'll be proud to say, 1
"it's a Casa Fasrtch Gift."



'-. '. !


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?,- ,

o*. ./ ,o* ,
iygf'^ *-*

cuRtis 5.51



,:I .
;.,A .. '..

I f. "L ,.! ;.. ',





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iwaeL4 &ther4

-ON oMR W.

.cq m ON ..1 ,of.J Y




C i- v .
.? o s'' .
^Q 'Lk::, -

. . .

- ,,.- ^
.-^ ^
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, '1



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"~` T~ .'



H d .,
'". "', qt


,; '

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l. VJ

*. -.


Shipping & Air Line News.

Ean Bias Trip neth R' Co l' n. Mrs. Agne
fc :iule:l Sunday .. r, Dr. an
r- re r,-c still Pl vacancies ...... Mr. an
foer L.'. one-day c.. .:.ned plane ..r k -c .. i-fr. arid Mr.
and launch trip jo .ie San Bias XVLN,. -.. .,u n:wg, Jr., Mr.s
1 -.-nds this Sunday. Dialie. s *r, Mzii jtose Gordor
'ihose in'ierest:' mray contact ana i- ,s ...a i-szin.
Fr:d Busch at Balooa 4394 or by Mr. a;.- Mrs. Leo J. Krziza
caring 'Colon 807 or 1436. Hairy T. Lacy, Mr. and Mrs.
Dv.ignl- H. Lada, Mr. and Mrs
Ardient Inca Festival To Be Elmer V/. Libscil, Dr. Steve R.
re-nr.ceted In Cuyco June 24 Mahr.Liy, Mi.s Cfr'isiir.' Mayer
CUZCO, Peri (Spe,'illi-With :'jss (.o1.'. Mehblr. Mima Mi. i l
the huge stones of the anc&,'lt iMiAlitoy, Mrs. Mabel Crion. Mis.
fortres.s of Sacmahuamnn a.s a Lira Payne, Miss Teresa Roth
ba. ,kcrop. thr ino.-t colorful Ie;- 'stem.
ti% Il in all South America illlh I h. Helen Schniinke." M-'
take placr herlii on June 24. ac- Mildrlc Eheliccrd. Mi.;. r
co-dmin to In orationn ectn' .el-ho ir Lillian 2
frcn 1 the l I. al Ps pr' ra flic.. .or c i ( : '. Ni. M fr. .r.
ud.nd.ian c.of Ind Rins i anitlhl- Jo0In i. \, ad Mil.
ti' r0o; ,irc r vill re-"iin-t th A;. Z children, ant .
nr,. i 'rr ,'- iiv b' 'b ii l'c thc i'sa C .
." D ir tl''- anii .n l honiag .
t of t l A nla Voters Put
r ." Ls- tlhe' ,ln il.'erl sa3-r "fi -
o' a black Ilama. hen tl. I
Priest of the Sun reads the fu- r In
i.jre of his people for the com-r iy
,rom r l o Municipal Regime
Tae festival begins with a pro-
ce-S$on in v which the Inca ePm- ATLANTA Ma. 15 IP
prror Is carried on a golden lt- ATLANTA' May 15 (UP '-
ter to a throne located in the lainta voters elected three 14ce
plain within the .fortrep. Mag-roes to city posts o.he
rilflcentlv dressed in the richest elme since recons,ructIon.. dy
roes and wearing a gr.mat gold- yesterday although a white p,.
en crown. the Inca carries an ildate ran against one of Chuf.
enormIous scent r as symbol of Dr. Rufus Clement, Negro pV'"_
bs authority. his var. as at dent of Atlanta University, ran
every festival since the first one up an unofficial 22,142 to 13,800
In 1044. the role will again be margin in defeating his white
ta.-hn by A-gustri amirnoza. who .opponent. J. H. Landers, for a
h1s dedicated himself to a study place on the city b6ard.of educa-
o '' matestic rite tion.
emperor is nreceded "r. Austin T". Walden. Negro at-
.'.'s of his court vho sr'eeu torney and state head of the Na-
tie. "-v with bra'-'*e,. W in tlicnal Association for the Ad-
%.h: at the. throne, the vancement of Colored Pepple,
enitror says a pfaver In Que- and druggist Miles Amor. were
rchi the la rIuate of the Inca elected to the city executivecom-
,em ,ir. and the aacriice of the mittee In voting confined to their
;]lar'a takes p',\ce. Aftrr toast- own wards.
lin- -!ih the cer-rnonial heer.1 Olement survived an unsuc-
41 -- ,-rr crives'tis signal f"r Cessful challenge that lie had
t- to h','n Iormerl belonged to organiza-
rf n;" n,'' -ion; alleed lo be .sub errve
.i -C.. z''. cr', 'i ih In- irlrtlv before the election.
c r 1 .' io'r f'" -, l1 o''r -
V.- ... to n-.'^l 1;tp In lh Baityard
lex. 'ons hlich' o on for the JACKSON, Miss. IUP)-M. V.
res.i of the da" aiUd .Fr ireto the Sigrest, 66-year-old retired farm-
i-I juat PS tlle'; did 1u:lndrtcd ei, has 100.000 worms and cock-
oir ;'rd PPro "lhen the Irea Em- roaches in his backyard. He
1 ip.othe imost .-xiens'-p. -t supports himself and his wife
.."d in the c:.cin hemi- bv rising and selling them for
i ish bait.
.1c or "'n ef tim a 'c d fi t
t. .' -I,. w rl, essed th'
S ,. .,v ntage points a- ,
: v -'- W .
S.": or e::pcnse has beer" .\ .-
al -d to nr.kc sure that th "
t. ,l 1 -ioth imnirssve ar YOUR HEARING
al. :1. Tue res. p is individual
of ":. E re vZlicd tiingutnA Ut Ju:t as your finger-
',,. *, prints differ f r p m
Onl. 41 Aboard Cri4ftbaL I leryone else, your hearing
Whi4eh Arrives Mmdiv t Indiv.'ual ... n f-
Onl 4 paise er are aboard I individual and personal. So
the Panama Liner Cristobal 9ar plan for restored hearing
wbleh. .-cheduled to arrive it individual and personal..
Money afternoon from New O g t Pos I
York, rccord4ing to a i;-sezier to give YOU greatest possible
Fi-. nIst lived at Ilboa Heighte 'benefits of new hearing.
In dditIon to.:l'ose aboard
t'" :t;':bal tra cling to the
Is.i'mt.1-. ten irn -.-. e-.s Failed
hibca d the ve; tl for Port-au-
Prin- c. Among those saillna for
the Haitian nor*. were Cap'ain
and Mrs Erik J. .riksen 'ho'
will make tl.-ir home there I
Cap'. Enrksen. ho has had
Itnr '-rirs of serve as Master I
of T "- ,a Line hips. was re-
cenI.', ,ioointed Panama Line
asgnt in Haiti.
The complete list of nasscn-
ge for the Isthmus *c'ov. ~" -
T?*. Barbara A'-cr."' id Mr
an-1 r're. Julo ('.'1 B" Ken- ., ,..,.



. ,.. Vr
- t .


Great White Fh


*S.s. "CHIRIQUI" ..... .....................
*S.S. "MAYA" .....................................
S.S. "MATAURA" ...........................
*S.S. *CHIRIQUI" ................................. M st

* Iandlii Refrilrt, Chilled and Ges l Cue.


_ Crist4bal


:" .i



* 1~

ADMD mum

S S. "iARISMINA? ......'...... ..............May t
S.S. "PRA BERLANGA ............................i 2 g
S.S. "M ETAPAN" ................................. u .
Frequent freight slllnAs frm CritAbalM toe
West Coeit Cen&al Amertcam pwIrs.

Passenm lngs to New Orleans kilina alt...
VMLrt, Colmlmbl. 8:00 am. V

8.. '.CHIRIQUr' ................................ ,
S.S. "CHIRIQMI" .................................tne. 2 .2.

.WeekWl uslting O u T leh-Pmenger S hipsa. ,p4sw wki New Oriqg, .
Mobile. Lee Angelm. 4&am IdK*' M si p e .de. Ou ,,

TiLEfHONEr-: -

. ,-



.' *J .

*.Vnt 7',i

V .1 ~
.~I 't~..:
6 ~ )

.., ..


Fast Freight Servlco .to Colombian Ports
A.oepting Gentral Cargo for

Tumaco, Buenavletura, Cartagenn, Barranquilli
SAILINGS: Every fifteen days


Maonle building
Cil toabRt, Z.
PfONIS: CRIBTOBAL: ma u- mo 2835

before your M;,s Me tr double may
be the eaul
Wrong fod nd Liks. worry, ?lds
or overwork placee a heavy strain on
your kldneya so that they function
i.-poorly and dftn mer need help to
properly purlfr your blod and malnta&j
th* jt n d energy .
IWM w Yo Vur Kid M y
A ft acting internal maedlch eatled
Cygte, developed b the KVnox Control

"s. : .. -WA

I I .1114ta r'~'i~',~
i~:~ It ~
'-F.' .

,. I t .d
,:,* ; ;' .,. r ']!' .'., .o ,, i, 1..ii .','

L;&amn WELEJKN PImiete

Whoe's Zeat?

ES .= AN .i'vEs.or < ..... -

(-- CARD,,

^.. 4
'A'S^I!^^ 1^ / .*"'

O. ol '.


V..- ~

r *



~i I"

ia~. ~


.~ o:
~"I ~.


'1i *
. S


:- yV"

4 e'o
. %t.i
.is To-

*I ;


.*1 '
) "U. tu

#' -lr.

i, *y.




F' *



. =.. s.






4e Own a Six Milwaukee
tiMB Breweries Faced
Wike With CIO Strike
T- '- MILWAUKE'. MgW 1 (UP) -
ft forced The six Milwaukee brewerle
beds and faced with a strike of 7,500 CI
as a re- u brewery workers today cut .of,
by hotel supplies of free beer their work-
laedbed MAs 90 ^-^- am d era ordinarily receive.
leribed as 90 `What iw ew r is P
ivge was order- goB am ;;:nd; Brewery workers traditionally
bp wattem order-l get free beer on the Job but the
am attempt to m -"- breweries issued orders cutting
or higher pay. off the brew for the pickets.
of t0e city's crowded with tens of thousands One brewery spokesman said,
a Paris was of foreign visitors. "No work, no beer."
*" *d

mt worllead ers in
,- "OCal d South Amer-
, oomplet'aI o'dnw Libra-
Snnounce 'this week
opby: The ))uI years of
*f- Ray.
mWal sciences tAbor and In-
r W r onsA-LMtr.
e: Flying sa-
*p-eiI; and Psycho of
iieatlons Laws
f rt: The prefabrication
eom Kelly; Indian -all
athit Hunt; and Nine-
itb-century art glass Lee.
iteratun: Ome-upmanship -
atel.t so of loryi the mag-
ofmstoy oftee four chap-
SMatm; and Ambas-
Or's wife Oerrutl. I=
ton: Cueiems completes -
Ift'.n "ttl emuerom -

I m -- -; *i
Srgam 'to m* de
IA IIr""

We kis

~E ~r~!LMA~


~3~as us'







I...-. -

T anwering ours!


our Chief Telephone Operator.

She really should have six hands!
One to operate the switchboard to handle the estimated 3,000 daily calls-
another to list all calls made from guest rooms--
aqalther to turn off the "Femiudoelock" which rings at the exact hour a
guest wants to be called-
another to select and play records to pipe music to the- publiC ro9is of
Ml Panama-
e'another to flip through the flash-index of guest names when ,you ask for
"IMr. 40-and-so's room-
other to write message for guest.
ok~L IJ l &&lnk d ,r two at a' tlm'
Ibe tI Mi *T i eI- for t kT ced_ f en-tempered person.
' 1 -' .. ;e a
it. tt U 'felepbone busaes 'for @lit mrs. and s wlth El PanamA ever
0 hope she a with us a good long time. She's ~ta "Voice" of El PanamA, you mighs
d voiee, tool

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*r: ~



with 2 PANTS
Wovon with octate
Viscm oyon-Nylon .

just recei.^of this same
Nylon waIable fabric -
at a very aoeial price of
$8.50 ,

$21.00- $5.00
And -
Loafer Jackets
$9.50 $13.50

s1 ".^f ^ ^ ^ | ^ *^ '5 ''

-, ,.

I *I



a the


man ir


ytin e
. tI

Miss Andrews wi' be glad to 4e yQa call to reserve Ucketi for
hilarious comedy staged by the Circle Players
M BAL pA ROOM 8:45 p.m.


*- .* =

. 2% Vikgi.

Seven Solid Colore


The Some in
Genuine Argyles ,
In Six Color Combination"'.,

$2.75 pair


I f



. 6.4' D.T. P

el. 4

-*.^^^Q^^I^J^.- S E^^^^

&..UAL -

You Sell'em... When You Te!'em thru P. A. Classified!

Leave your Ad vitl one of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 "H" Street Panauml Tei-. 01
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"H" Street corner Estudiant, it. c; -ach addtll. o.'.word. 3: so-unsi ~fr IrTr.In
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M Act. 5, Colon. _______ ____ -- -_ j Idc"I point of exourreon both. two-car gara, nice :0ThErith and bort (TOO h speech that the ind obfi, in- a .
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wOth chLirs. Livingroorni, sofa, SMOOT 5 PAREDES -FOR SALE gamer of Just: Arose^ e .. ..1st lijnRPR ,2:3F ar Musi
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sca. 3 choirs, tables, very FOR SALE--1952 V-8 Forchn:ic, E2" x 50", gcod condition, $10.- and modern charge, two bedrooms, iSve- -~LM.te 3063 2D15-A Date for Dathcingy I lineg.
SALEF FOR SALE: 19501 Ford 4 Doo--rrst cl ora ccommroinoa tgpe- FOR RENT: -cFeyurnished chlet h ned i-- T- bgrhod :er, O

story. Phone 3-146Sedan50. Phone 83-6221 or fe 8 t. a,' o olk lub. t O e mo- ro 2:46--iBattle of the itri *
icelin. Eles t om $ on$0.W -throughsEdout. I will 6ept r 6 .,S iasr p0 p r lSON frd 1 -Sctlynt e Srr :3 A retl1'rce r of the MI'dsgr t

rcb$. E eKnt conditanu $t0. sedanw a $t0 0.. S.0b. misce!l neous tools. $2000. W. r 3 mo ninth. g garden, very nice s m:--Mski i aid 1
h SALE:d 3150 afteRr s312 noon. 34i5M me ris incclludedr from-.2ISerrt't
S Do b god oditionp i ct it O S EST Ut oPl s ch hasn se uiimt ihen ar, ah room llan mo DEALERS IN sern :30--ste oM ai tl k
$ri39o. 0 0.2esL W ll pamyso ent ordown pi. .g as tpn floorf $ps alai o ee so : Wosa
P m.t. A sGOOD USED B C gan hoe, g tools $ Very reasonable. Pat. one 3- fr o lil

Bed $20.0-50Bacrgan ipe and $0 BOR SALE: uLarge cain drive 262 F0 U R.ITURES. -- theReorwt0 r e felt. M
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Truck, machinery and equipment Sedan. Duty paid. 38,000 miles, EQUIPMWTI I 0,LS FoE Bernn Zo,,. U FUNTUE 8: PAMIPMMIS h
Hoe0Pan.onn BalanYoe mhy Coaradet

fortenerg icy ears Ph ae an medical erhu ceO n oor new oti we bd d.rie uCon e :3 o A. R R : 2 o m i T00--ew w u -
A eiOR SALE:-2btdrle 1a94 IHouontmy. El ArOOD USED l U I C K F ENeT, -0 ReridntiTl ho- in 1. i--Ne-- Tune Timee I N f f? t be

be mode with or without reo battery, radio, seats covered snce May 25 1953, in the office of Su- gar$e|. Tel. Parnfama 3-0 111I108? l spo e
stath.. If interested you may co-FO purchase. Good enamelrcu, exel- $2,000.00erintenreent of tore oud Balbo ld in V t iAA IN
olo rep hone 1462. e en ing Cc ial room l sfes, platfos clinic or distr3bu ae ll ( lo ns- T l :1L --The Ps na Pa

SALE-cho e on high- 4755 afternoons for Apoint -E:-6 venetin blndse FOR RENT No Ve. 1, "300" Apate nNIt Isioo 2:'-4t e SPrANall UA
ay, 22 mnles from Colont, 6700 TODAY'S BEST CoiY A. Bal boa. I cnvitiato No. 28 may mo A tel :00---erfN make 2t chaa th beem
M2 Land, $4,500.00. Telephone IS be gained from the above rce :00- Music wi be s two
52rgarita 3-1967. A GOOD USED B U I C or from office of Superintendent of Ta -a fle u nid eimont-td ID

SALE:-50-acre property in El SMOOT & PAREDES S Forchouse, telephone 2-1815. rrfJusto sAremet (0e e G oa E"l a:oof lm re
Voin, near Boy Scouts camp, pst FOR SALE:-1951 oiChvrolet 4 door OR SALE:-Hlec5Moris fan, M6 inch New Ctleel. 3-4844. 0- li iB

office and highway. Telephone Bal- Stylin e De Luxe, low mileage. Ex- 25 cycde, AC., Wertinghtouse, $10. ____ _5. _,__-- _it_ _ro a
bAc r 37. lonlent ond ith ion $. Bargain Priee. CO. Automobie top l luggage FOR i S furnied. 3: aMhfi i t hL i
FOR SALE FO SALEt-- -k $13.f. T good con- Bo ine. S tol. coi20n0. or 3 month. 9 grn, very nice ,:30,n t in rt nds fl
e otso rcbyeces urnTeo.HP 25 cycle who S w len col 3. ih e 504- Seymour No. 4 S oan s .- utco de Ia C-l w l
SuR SALE:-Motorcycle 1948 Indian FOR SALE::00- frhevrolet 1951, Power St. Colon.O
-model 74 Good condition. Price Glide Tudor, all accessories, new FOate

$275.00. Phone 3-2532, Cristo- tires, excellent condition. $1,550. FOR SALE:-ChinanCoset, 6 pc. lv- aportment It Vedna Thea-
Sbal. .K, 00. Cristhol 3-2349 n ingroom. Wicker set with cushions teh. Call 31 or 596 after No. .Bl
25 grinding-head, buffi. 45 RPM Phonographd 20.- dined, Ar livdin
S, raring:,, Q lraI 072-L, Wi mso .... -- '- grass top,floor lainps. Plastic conveniences. It desired with cook. ":CaLJ Ejrl',.
FOR SALET50 Chevrolet Belir 2 Hous 1473-SALE B, Holden St., aal- drive
MisFOR SALE: 1950 OSr Door 2- tricyle;hev F.portble Corona type-FVOR RENT--Furnished- hous, Lv- L
door Futuromatic. Perfect condi-I writer. Tel. B9lboa 2309. !ngroom. cinfingroor,'2 b.thro@l, 12 OIL
RealEstate4r tion, one owner. 13.000 miles. $],-r tLE:--! --.tjrs o n k. Vltdn, wash tube, hot w o "r o / Potatoe ,J l ld V Vfteta T"

_.Polirolet. Excellent condition. Can bed sOj. VENT:b ede ro
ANTED0.00. rs. jerry 0time. Call 6-1404 Boatsmre .3 treet No. 1F2.. o.rd R ENT .o edleis. Cn
;I i_ _- _4__W 5d ftardt 1 P.n.dA-FOO rdaATTeER
ice laundry inthe heart f Colon. FOR SALE:-Late 199 CPontdillacchFOR SALE:-Chryser Mar'_ine Engine man or .h. Call 1-5 S
r m hine yandlequisetr OR c lol : AaDr Fbat RENT Be Juntrec.ion with complete 57
Trmochnery and equipment IfP esegodan. P 2uty paid. 38,000 miles, trumentr pa ltcco T

to lED2.yrtnold.Opportrityo0. Nwnd srAvc i 36 fot Poi f red
t old ppotuni oriinl owner. Recent complete Reasonble, 83-4295ic, Cu hedet, WANT room iv-
:for energetic Sealed bids, fortS-o8 hlcin'pbl, noa el edg osea sra .
made with or without rel- battery, radio, seats covered ince May 25, 195, in the office of' 9Sme. Tel. Panima 3-0308.f r
#Istate.If interested you may con- purchase. Good enamel, $2,000.00. perintendent of Storehouses, Bolboa, 0.- -'o nd 1dL te f= to be
:*act El Lovavrrtico, 8054 11th. St. May be seen El panama garcgz for office ond.tylowrieridesks 1 -eel FOR RENT .-I=ad o n ,oa,
1.olon prtolephone 1462. evenings. Call room 229 Or 3- tables, sfafs, cnd.plfon, uitlo- Orchestra I
Fb SALE:--ConcretN house on high- 4755 afternoons..for appointment ,otd in 6t1inl1. No. |s. U 00" Ap '6m isa
S 22 miles from Colon, 6700 TO-AY-S BEST BUY Area, Balboa. Invitation No. 28 may -PITn
M2 L and, $4,500.00. Telephone Is be oItoin td from the above s rce Ah"Am I A BIPrrM iN:w
. hOrgrita 3-1967. A.D U$|D II U I CK or from office of Superintendent of Twl in, fi end rsId A id"
t~ SALE---50-.cre property in El .$-M--O-.O,-T & PAREDES S:orchouses. telephone 2-1815. a vfueMll ori vitan. ( O .-
Vol icn, near Boy Scouts camp, post F:OR LE:-]951 Chevrolet 4 doorFORI SAL.E:--Electric fan, 16 inch; Now CdI a 'L a -,12 and 2-- 6 n.M. VOA--VO|oe.ea
office and highway. Telephone Bat Styline Do Luxe, low mileage. Ex- 25 cycle, A.C., Wertinghouse, $10.8Coke.-] r0ds-i.
boa 3 14 7 excellent Cond ition B a rgcin P rice. 0 0 A u tom obile to p lug gage car-... ', 101311l is ) .d t,1)r a.
House 2013-B, or phone Curundu riqr, 54 inches, $4.00. House 1479 FOR RENT:--up e apa"-et, M' a %'
6159. A Holden St., Balboa, phone 2-
di isonabl price Coil Cris- FOR SALE:--Piono $200.00, violin FOR RENT: Ap-rtmrnt, 122h St.
MioltorcyclesMUt 103. $60.06. Phone 504-8 Se,,ymourNo. 4(h Son Kiaco do "la C.
R SALE:Motorcycle 198 Indian FOR ALE-Cheolet 1951, Power St. Colon.RENT: 2

WANTED:-Amnericin family wonts ae ony time. Coll 6--140, .o totrs F oi l tNwo gentlh er
tttlle de~redf ,Plee oditin. hon 2-115,instumet pael nd cutc con i

: 1 m LOT r traedhlf row eytjjerrudu. toite. Tll



S.- '.rn ,,



Reconditioned *.'
]PANAMA On AuIomobile Row ...

D -' ",. '
4' I"+ :, .. .


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PL ''.- ..r L

I -~ -I- -

lnd Says He Wsver
ence Of o Eawsn Employer He-Kild

;M "hS Dlt sDress0-M hmddbwlasE
Dress&k B8 n,02.My15 Then, MissAllntestif
W-,gDfLn,10vy ears wite
year-old Negro Psala singing tell police that he raped her e oppd before en
iDITO1sk Inl nandyma4. described hliaself to and ne "hit her real -hard." thlk it was necenuuxy1
C op a uperor corJu today as
30 Mt Li. a ew ia tS for a lover of the wOma Belis ac- Bht said Davis told her he was found aaybed
I"ffeIsJelle is used of stranling Ia her bed. became panicky when he saw ving
rlth wDavis toldmee Jury. of seven blood and choked her with the according to police

to 1lwere tlsh hi ee et f B ith Mrs. Evans' semi-nude body killed awom"
A.U. Cutna. drport Vip t of a Phia-
Mail r 3"N utz deinbhl, b ig' 'sven or
BrSAN l e2t tlm the three
1L r. anck second prel- eigh w ''r STOP PRESS ENDS SOON.t..
pa 09f up, cut, the AF0s sa i to re s -with the of an electric

Davis described the Incidents at -
Sleading up to thusaingtand
_____ In a womh tshl eh teatiid taa tuc eac othre umber
I%- a oterd tO well-d snatching the at wind- iu ri
t te b oe ahe aI ve m ding the cord,"entd "swinging
S. o othe knife, r ut he did mt a -
Sr o J tM mt trahad mhoeara b thorat reacmit that e pada
he choked haer.

O y. R A. Mr. f B .T. W. Vae to e toI *a ored.
ST e et mDuring the arumnt he saidch
M Dmay el thatty. t y o o oe ld they the b
IM,.the Amer- kW to rand cacn otherianden
oftah-e Re public -asv'srel. She maid 'll ix you, I'll
0VMW plunge for the telephone and I'
po n thhhit her with yt. I cannot
beotrue, remember how Many times. 1
lole d t in 730 t I'd Ie o on y few think she fell back on the bed
rr i be J. emal on Balboa simple rle to ot- He sand thinkey went tar the bed-
otr s M gad that theyane & tHis feelings at the time, said
at 21 Cr -hwao-byDavis. were "sonta a per-
's c e ri W ra 'of. Ch -n o Cred Y O I meN to n t a. th I rw as

ILor 4 W k Nn ab, Vmda wi las a sone f Sm oe wored coun' ecom e ad
Wedeer-I h r A!rbes tr m o- dcerain awt Ofh on bele o am During the argument which
DUu-aor the 21 Clb aedro lDvp to the atglh Da r
gm. lapns f mor2 l4g bp -to said Mrs. Evans called him a
I Mrs. r Mrs. Thper pn t lln aerlto a wand drm m Jr anurty dog."
a ,t h La e e ge o tn, te Na hern t "public"wea bd buys and Ite e te t bDavis a n ae tid a he was cookingU f Fi
ri tna or Ur. han t u w n her thenr-lrteak for dinner when Mrs.

W i f eN -'. l Mrs. ,- jad eont a when shoreTehut theor -he ba bad hamet the Iwhe
,!, 4.. .. o th* .t les fo r the. dd w out alrdded Ta ult or buewhs eeVns came into the kitchen
1W.C Sy iof H lada Gdtwi d Merbe with them. s Wand told him "Let's go Into the
l de ELo, h e gaplot abtoong at '7:30 at I'd l ikeaeQ p ne rny tew other room."
Ssthe. Wmin Memorial onr BabotIo re for.hingtootlabm- He said they went tOe
ctraILW s. hofew Road.gerntall gihis. I 3msure therat roob a and that "I believe I ras-
tiist e lr.vr W. Rycr-lhthewaistline t0 ediemsrIet at slated her" to take off he

Si den Mr. Aa ala teo rt m nd orAiunal. I like Lemon may be taken with tea During the less than a month souI loo your let and it... a
H. U01G 7 SreibbsHamadanC d w hold as I o i t above my Di chagrined you become Davis said Fft Wtek
l MMr. is 731 at the a18 owiIt on aly be oubed ae weeteners. neowith her?" he was asked.
'41jm I be oet*today. WMn H B.On.M*@d a110 pmS. in then cee add Wby uIt. allow plenty r"Yes." he replied
edro Miguel OSut. of material he aid he was uable to reach cup clothes, Davs ied that he was hired
DIM..C *n skimpi ness Twap e me loo .by Mrs. Evans through a West-
S$[ illT werolike a be p O eWWIethis Ie Its 'fo toj port employment agency earlypreference

ne^ 1 aa hole milk 20 cheese caitsalwinss ws M 10
r T e WifulleAnedsCsss oDvmaa0ae"aim n fM dramatic inJanuary.
Sth Idraln of Lu, haeeaned erdh- worked outside the houseand
Rvia1s1 dor was graduated this week at her invited him into the living
S- on t rvaton dur whih whroom for a wedrink that an100 CENTRA AVE. PANAMA
to-a l4A .k43s1S Rear Ade. A. M. Bled e, Co but- He said her and several cans

Srne aid be 1 d nd.h eldatrma l the mbesociable,"utn and that the A Sweetheart of
s ooing0IImmI, t lnl ed n a tbedtimse. onversayon became "pretty
dentar.rlt 1 on or ise, .but thik Coffge or tea May be takens bad" and that they had rela-
the.h of the 'ld, without added su ar orCam tons on the divan.
eI 1%.r8eUMILsonee unt ITS them ot1dsgdrenhtfarmhe dIdornua-before me was slain, Davis said Formft Week cons ton with om

b. deted wer: ?ars 4, m1
sOMIO Lat o;w.ih m. br. used Rnolme tothehouse. MostRtimes,
gamMt a I*,- 6t1 to attd. Mr. he said, he was unable to reach cup size, (3) your parion-widme o
vern 2 nt s.ow. Be beautifully controlled
l aeasooubeendrinkigthebrafternoon comfy in a Life Girdle or Foundation inourdero
Iedooraange:30 of.haburead(1rorongat h or tw she was killed. He saidn he had ar

I1heoutanecheese.or4 As Ow state cfuded Its suit our pigurewannoned

the_ _doAct a
tq70M cn o tedeedet
ccinatVii J l wMs u rr s!.


-Ii. Oif *a- $a.... A $251..
0 .
eeway *$169
Enjlow flyiug Ue ise enore for yor traveld

-b- $85 ammu3- $135&,,.. ft .-S$165


w., o/es mar o
wole, fresA oranges!
treaty from heaven!-thesl crisp delicate
loller.!made of fresh, tre-ripened oranges.
ios llof -ames, havethe Samefre taste
mA' Ntry their p :a sister-
WV Lemon thins and Vanilla
TIM~'reall nine times fresher than
cos. bea use of thei. r lumn um








BY ERSKINE JOHNSON film every year than all of Hol- night clubs and on live televJ
lywood's major studios combined. slon in movietown's recent.
HOLLYWOOD (NEA) Be- MovieLown stars and directors, completed network studios.
ginning a New Era: The Holly- prop men and writers are now So this column willhavqa& el
wood famous for its movie "sit- working in this new form of cel- look, too.
nations" tcday has one of its own luloid, bringing Hollywood film
--an economic and artitic revo- technique to television. A
lution in which financiers and Lucille Ball and Dest Arnaz Sponsor5 sA OU
stars, theater owners and arti- were among the first important
sans, business managers and stars to put a TV show on film.
cameramen, all are playing real- They reconverted a Hollywood
itfe roles. movie sound stage for the de-
,miands of "I Love Lucy," hired xl 'Iss PanM '
It's a revolution as significant movie-trained technicians-and N I'm rI
Ia. "The Great Train Robbery," zoomed to the top In TV ratings.
the first movie to tell a story. Now the series type of TV Hotel El Panama and Luckl
knd as earth-shaking, from a show, and the dramatic half- Strike Cigarettes, local sponsors
vorkl entertainment standpoint,! hour format, plus live television, of the forthcoming Miss Panama
As the first "talkie." is glittering with the names of Contest, have announced thai
The Hollywood of yesterday is such stars as: this year the contest will be con-
pone. Joan Crawford, Ray Mllandducted little differently tha
The major film studios, recon- Bud Abbott and Lou Costello, The candidates wtilln.ear a
verting for a new era. drastically Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, Dan a dance inthe patio of hotel
have cut film production and Duryea, Merle Oberon, Jack Car- Panazn modeling evenio dress-
thei rstar. director, writer and son, Eve Arden, Joan Davis, Joel es and sport clothes fro eveal
technical personnel. Famous McCrea, Loretta Young, George stores Mode sport clo thesing suita
(tars are discovering new forms Raft. Charles Boyer, Robert stbefore the Panama public wll
of artistic expression and indi- Young,,Gale Storm, Eddie Brack- before the Panama public will
tidal enterprise. en, Ronald Colman, Dean Martin not be required. Polleras will be
A The Hollywood of tomorrow Is and .Jerry Lewis, Ethel Barry- worn by the finalists.
being born-and I'm goinr to be more, Robert Cummings, Celeste The public Is invited to end
On the sidelines reporting its first Holm, Mickey Rooney, Paulette in namThe of possible candidate
teos and its luwty growth. Goddard, Andy Devine, Guy with pictures to the publicity de-
( Exciting screen entertainment Madison. Ann Sothern, Groucho with picturtmentes Hotel El Panama
of a variety and design and cost Marx and others to come. The names of the pretty girls Panama.-
never before possible is on Hol- ihe names ofntr the pretty girls in-
lywood's n!annln, boardH. PAY-AS-YOU-SEE PLANS vited to enter the contest will be
Three-dihiensional motion pie announced In'the near future.
aThree-diaensional motion pis- b- Miss Panama will win, aside
ures and wide-screen films al- There are also big plans, be- from her title, anama complete win, asid-
edv are outdrting convention- hind the scenes in Hollywood, from vaher title, at ppromplematelyward-
I 2-D movies. The viant-screen for pay-as-you-see movies on ro,00value0 and pocket pproney ftor her
(irerama. first seen in New York television and the possible leas- $1,000 and pocket one for her
st fell, now is opening the eyes Ing of Hollywood's tremendous trip, a trip via PAA to Long
Movie fans in other cities. All library of great motion pictures Beach, California, to attend the
It,'re 20th Century-Fox films to the home screens after thea- 10-day Miss Universe Contest,
ill be in wide-screen Cinema- ters are converted for the new witheexpeones paid. The Miwas
cone. and Warner Bros. Pre -dd- type of big-screen and 3-D films. Universe Contest opens the way
c- Wrrner-9cope to th"ir flims. As I report the revolutionary to movie fame and fortune for
theirr strdios are in a technical developments in theater movies, all over the world are partiountries
la to "ivo movies a new and so shall report on the person- aove e wod are partpat-
xcitinglook. alites, the new*,'the imide ato- rmg.
ries, the liughs and the heart-
tELEFILMS TAKE LEAD breaks, and the techniques of Scou t N e w
Hollywood's new baby-the tele- S, 0 t N w s
',it the-e are other changes In film--and all the activities of
S'"-'vn'4-bi,' changes. Hollwoow stars, no longer con-
-levicion nmt a miniature fined to theater semreens only. Brownies Honor Mothers
"'" screen into the American Names make news-and Holly- A large group of guests were
1 *. 'wood's stars are the names on present at the Mother's Day tea
"*" "1ilence has nmssed a movie columnist's beat. Like given by Brownie Troops 8 and
'- ?.'"O ot set mark, with an Pollvwood's new-look motion 45 of Fort Gulick at the quar-
900.000 new sets taonictures, new dimensions, have ters of Mrs. Joseph Davis. As-
So',- t*' yeir, and Hollvwoo4 been added to the Hollywood sisting as hostesses were: the
wnfe"*'r- a new form of at- bept. troop leaders Mrs. Leslie Palgar,
-.... *.f nent. New stars an dold are being Mrs. Joseph Davis, Mrs. Clarence
t", t- ,l", een in new and exciting medl- Porter, Mrs. Joseph Oorniley,
S'" Hp"wvood's tPi1ofJm rms--,3-T)D rr big-screen movies, Mrs. Wallace Kruczak and Mrs.
SIr"'nies are turning out more in telefilms, on the stage and in Richard Denlinger.
Mrs. Jose Cobaza and Mrs.
Owen Tolbert poured and were
*,A C EA .. assisted by the girls.
ScEAm Ctow M Mrs. WilburdHoberg played sev-
-.., ,r eral accordlan selections while
refreshments were being served,
S-after which a short program was
I presented.
1 Corsages made by the Brown-
ies were presented the guests.
Present with the mothers were
rMr. Martha Hanliton, Finance
': -i air-ae o ,the Oirl Bcout
Council and Ms. bonald Kurz,
Neighborhood Chliripan of Fort

1 lTop Cash Mother-Daughter Supper Partv t
Brownies of Troop 32, of "/.w (
M S l Cristobal, entertained with a t
a Sl l S S ee C supper party at the Cristobal
I' L Union Church to honor their
T foo mothers.
The hostesses decorated the
tables and prepared the food, the
dessert was a gift from their


Ave. edharbiPotakas No. 163 Tel. 3-3238
S rIameimpa de la Caleta (Next to the Bull-Blng)

BALO A Tony CURTIS" iper LAU= .
AJ.m..S ". 'SON OF ALl BABA"
-4 $: 85:* r*ori Saturday "STARS ABE MOmGn*
DIABLO HTS,3 Richard TODD 9 Joan m
rangmeasrl Saturday "SMuA TOWN CB."

.EDR" O AMIGUEL,,-- *a"" ley GRAGU
tL <': 'u Town Girl" Technicolor!
I ftatumry I SUDBN rEAR"

S' a "yO q w

Satr&d y -r

"Echnicolor! Sat. WALK EAW 0

____________ ______-" BI ; -

The girls put 'on a flag cere-
mony preceding the neal andt
had a program of songs -'e
supper. Forty-four parents am'
girls attended.
Junior High Girl Scouts
Gradu te To Seniors
The first ceremony for Junior
High Girl Scouts graduating in-
to Senior Scouting to be held on
the Istlmus took place on Tues-
day at "Rsncho Samos" on the
Atlantia Side. A covered dish
supper was followed by the grad-
uation ceremony at 7 p.m. I
The program opened with a

Gulick. An interesting flag cere-
umony with the American flag,
the International Girl Scout flag
and the Canal Zone Girl Scout
Council flag was presented by
girls from Troop 29. Margarita
and -Troop 4, Fort Gulick. A spe-
cial poem about Juliette Low, the
founder of Girl Scouting, was
given by Dianne Geddes, Troop
27, New Cristobal.


The Senior Scout representa-'
tives, Diane Scheidegg, Mariner'
Troop 48, Gatun and Betty Tarr,
Senior Service Scouts Troop 31,i
New Cristobal, talked to the
graduates telling about the acti-
vitles 1i tfe senior troops.
The leaders and assistant lead-
erA of the three Junior High
group tfoether with Mrs. An-
drew witrkley, representing the
"roop Committees, spoke to the
girls eongratulaing them' on
their graduatain.
Mrs. Lucille Flenniken, Troop
29, Margarita, presented the
graduates with their diplomas
and each, in turn, was welcomed
by the Senior Scouts.
The ceremony was closed by
the Scouts forming a "Goodnight
Circle." "Taps" were played by
Carol Flennlken, Troop 29, Mar-
The leaders and assistant lead-
ers of the five troops are: Marin-
er Troop 48 Gatun, Mrs. Leslie
Anderson and Mr. Wi. Hanni-
an, r. Senior Service Scouts
Troop s. New Cristob, Mrs. H.
.. Ferri; ntermedte Trp 4,
ert Oick, Mr
Interixlate lo w Cru-
teal, Mrs. Oa-d d Mrs.
9%. Olutto wedl e WTroop
I* Marar W. BDie-
;jr. and kI7= ll -

1fMrmda mavembf a ***



. -, ..*: 4 N -

^~~~~~I ^^t~k.4* :&^:

Mil'onns ha. b ner'--,rl N
the Oells Vista and IWV*j i hinTk ktlo an opa -e wm NeI
Turner and Ferando Lama ax two exttlnag pe ople wt lplove In a gay romance of li
ina the naughty Ninetet. At 1p^th. Ca-Can Ci"i FM das sueSe at maxims, PrI '
most famous cafe. 4owrff htu rer a a Qd iwtm ethe Merry W
Walts. Lower left, the ama40t6 a In a kin e 3 kOnf scenes lw*the
picture! "The Merry Wo ** was ireted by C =t and wprodaeedbwroeI"ts.
ternak. Una Merkel, Bk 1 Haydn and Thornm a Gemasesathe tappoSrtagst.

Oriental Queen

Contest Of YPSL

Begins Tonight

The first count of votes in thi
'Oriental Queen' contest belnl
sponsored by the Young People'
Service .League of 'St. Paul'
Church, will be held at 7 tonight
In the Elks Club.
Dancing, refreshments an
games will precede the polllntgi
votes. -
Contestants and Qt Mini#a
ers are: Jean Roge, Car
Green; Shirley Rogers, Donae
Prince; Oilma Drew, Cecil Kir
ton; Eden Curtis, Carlos Jarvis;
Clotilde Thomas, Norman Wyn-
er, ..



2l .,ssjua

.rm lt
1,K WO:.D'5
5bwa: 2) .<



. Tro. R w mr w'
THmayg wroQW.

r a, oM
.," 0<11W.'.-IU ^ ^~i



tj noo^Mn



*~ '*~ ,

4. '



S, Pro It l1 ,



~ 4lyalutui
~.,:u a...




SHOWS: 1:15

5: 0? 7:00

- 3:10


4 ]J

'.. ) 1


'* '.* 4'


r ~

11 wmmpm

i~ ~ ~. 1 1" '.
FPanama LCanal Sfeaters -

2- 1 _n id









T," T



. ;


L 9 1:* **" S
Rfw C

*'; : "* ,

I -




r r -

,#''\' -. ^
> ,' '
l-. "r !i

-ALSo U Too B WeGM


rr; LU
.-t. 2


tlmr b -ampO
-a-, ,=,-
-..-.... .4W ^W -- ^-.MB -'

- qE


vm^ '.'1' ''

WI"' L.. a
||aR i|U





'. r

.. ,. .

u~ j Former Mi 4Qo Swbway

BinTotpSworn In As Envoy
WAS(UP) u oHINGTONMa1 A s workerW
ore ., coatedd y when his
Ha A H........reth former ti drill hit a high vol
loD b e Main oernor and president some estbelow t eth
share in dogs sworn in today asa U.S. ambas-
ekilled by a tosdor to Pakistan.
day. but a ra on aeru ao Ru all. 39,
started a. l tO EHildreth said he plnanstola n outside
Snget the m s n-r New York by plane for Karachi ,
floor. tomorrow. e will be com-se w na
The bill. which pas the panted by his wife. He said he scream. He was uns toh
la y l W. hisholdonthe-drtt
House 91 toI l.meR htii a In urrd an to fly to Pakitan
Sdthe Senate IU pas to fly to Pakistan stant foreman alvaton
~ nation Committee .by-.Vte of 9 Secretary of Sate John Foster irm .na to free him
e to 5. Dules and Mutual Security Di- a wooden ladder.
The perhaps fatal bM rector Harold E. Stassen arrive Ru sl was
despite McCarya sled hich there y m y .ue.
said: "Should thp tracks
equitableadj the tax
which is socleat deasireof a
the people, I thga cpn.
eonii~a-. mend the. abolitiga'ar dog r76-
C Ing entirely. If then ean copntnu-
i ously thwart the will of the peo-
iti ole then their owbr is too s great
Lu t for the good of the state."'
The bill would htkv en $2.-
d ,... 500,000 of profits Vom Florida's
3OIS dog tracks iad turn It over
Sto the aged and S, S county.
Sens. Leroy COus of Talla-
hassee and OGeorge CelId of Fort e
L atLauder dale auf0utted they
would try to muster the two-
thirds vote in the senate*requir-
ed to over-ride the unfavorable
committee report'
do During a .heugL, Cambbell1
SThornal. legslablve assistant to TheANNIVERSARY
McCarty. told the coamnittee the
governor considers the deg track
measure "one of the most, If not
0 .the most Important piece of leg-
In- Islation in his program."
,, .. .. -..- State Racing Commission
heo= Wahter-Desse DgtrSa ,r:i H.illma.nMinx
VarasPte.track profit, and Increasing'the
Sp.11 .state's take as the daily par- Yes, it really is 21 years since the Hillman Mis made its i tM pa
h4V Ie,-mutuel handle Increaed.
Valelm He said whereas the Air116 W
tte. 'R ao total and the tracks 12 per
SReason-heta 5 per cent of the bett
.at ...talar ooea .bll c1ou1 d set th developed and improved ever since; and to-day with mVA ever
1:1. qU(UP)- en "Wmen In the United distribution at an average 9.9S0oy-t/
sen the si W t orshillto ai t A, hpdl.," P rs; per cent to the traok'and 7.07
.powrt -ioto flM -l dimpled per cent to the'tate.
palled is mpowerf s t L do three Carl Hoffman of the Miami part ofthe fabric oflife in almost every oS Utyhe weld. To eebuith
ser_ a 1 ahe rml i ,-inrjob and Beach Itennel Clunb told the
tThey sepi i ymarbambad. makes committee the bill would "stran- this great occasio, her the 21st Amver sry z the n
Tlhn sa ni'athe, yeou loo o md Met you., 4." gle" the tracks and "kill the dog
1k"She'L 41 dn taking racing Industry.'" brilliant, the thriftiest, the most reliable faudly car of all timal
r ii na an active Inrt'lh political and The committee rejected an
ftn aba tIWdnes Ife. There is one wom- amendment to earmark the extra YEARI AND
reiarstatrve in the federal revenue for a $450-a-year tech-
S n SUh s sid, but er raise and theh refused to voteii. e. p
nOf wa n seatrs. and she the bill out on the senate floor
or th ssoon n. without recomomendatlan th ufer o
.s .,,J 3 terar maw waysSalon. *Cmlfuian Hardtop C.
wrk." te. aid, id for Sa smanl D ese Prefed
hapitof her bare- -
si tl. d d in. M). OXFORD. ?iq. (P)-Dr.
Slowed the shrewd Clarence Shley of the U-
th' gat e o f 11R o "t e oI i ".

they a sy "ed to ta= 4tse.
a. to *va Vfot. uat produce poison to h stock
n ,, fatal effect-dbarmapftf ef- U aSd .roe Ih
"r"axe.. The thumas'tm e .1m Mel dWWlite you to iSit 3.
f wan.s for my poison will halw to make a e-
....t be s uetasfital." .rous attWkn em his system.

mm,,L7 ,, 1 ',*y

,us, -w

d e m r t for e i giuw adl.rd
4 aw d
Wifrb &e* y" a

"th"e Ster ______I. .. NT
outhem star ,-t Jm wou- I__
&b TQ`

W M~no ,.l. m p t4 W.W. lo ft

d l .,r...t .. .,.... a cl en_-
~;w 1: M

~ICI:~~L: ~y;ZfF~

- .,~

.t. I
azuuIua*~ -. I .4.,,,~i1;.

Great Game Picked To

G'eat Came Pick


SMalca Star In Class 'C'

4$650 Mile Race Feature

Abraham Malca's speedy Great Game is sure
.to be an odds-on choice tomorrow in the featured
'$650 Class "C" mile race at the Juan Franco Race
The classy four-year-old black Two other Interesting races on
Son of Big Game-Chantage Is ex- tomorrow's program are the
,..peted to chalk up another vic- nightcap in which four evenly
tory .to his impressive local rec- matched Class -F" imports -
x ord and continue his steady climb Porter's Star, Pin Pon, Postino-
-1to the track's top class. vich and Numbers tangle In a
. Great Game's main opposition six-and-one-half furlong -spring
%Is expected to come from the and the fifth race for Class "B"
mud-loving Welsh Fox and hard- natives in which the speedy Don
running Bendeguz. This will be Temi seeks his third consecutive
,Welsh Fox's first start since the victory since returning to top
$15,000 President of the Republic form.
*.Classic when he wound up lame. The most evenly matched race
Unpredictable Roadmaster. al- on the card, however, is the
so returning from a layoff, and tenth in which Apretador. Nobbs-
the consistently performing Pet- crook, Prestiglo, Vain Darling,
it Pois round out the field Pincelazo and In Time meet in a
Virgillo Castillo will have the wide open affair.
.leg up on Great Game. This will The track undoubtedly will be
be the first time since Great. muddy and this will almost cer-
.Game rounded into winning tainly help the moonshooters to
..shape that he will not be ridden go home happy, since longshots
,by Belloin Pulido. ;usually revel in an off track.

the top contenders in Sunday's $1,000 addtd.olp tai e-iad-five-
slxteenths Horse Owners Association Classic, Is shown surround-
ed by a group of his many admirers. This horse makes it a habit
to get off last, lengths behind the field, but gets up In time to
win when in form. Last'Sunday he scored sensationally and will
be one of the favorites to repeat this Sunday In the classic.

-Sports Briefs-

In boxing; Ezzard Charles
challenges the winner of the
Rccky Marciano-Joe Walcott
title fig h t tonight. The
lermer champ dedsloned Billy
GOillam Tpesday night in To-
Another heavyweight after a
title shot is Harry Matthews
who was held to a draw Tues-
Lay night In Portland, Oregon.
manager Jack Huirley says:
"Matthews hadn't fought since
November. His timing was off,
but, think he won."
Shirley Fry of Akron, Ohio
ap- oris Hart of Coral Gables,
Florida, have reached the quar-
ter-finals of the Guildford Ten-
nis Tournament in England. It
took. MS ry to 70 minutes to
be.t Mula F Prieda n of
64t & sM ad 8-. Miss
Hart z to a 6-2 and 6-
love win over Mrs. R. B. Wilson
of England.

fore today, Ib was on
son-to-seaso9 contract.

a sea-

Former Detroit pitcher Oren
"Ed" Sumin died In Indiana-
polls Tueday night at the age
of 68. Summers won OT games
before QUitting the majors in

The controversial outfield
fence at the Milwaukee baseball
park has been covered with
foam rubber.
The wire fence four feet
high has brought Injury to
two players this season. Enos
Slaughter of the Cardinals hurt
an elbow when lie %aabed into
the fence on opening day. Last
Friday night, Pran Baum-
holtz of the Cubs was knocked
unconscious when he ran into
the fence and bounced basic on
his shoulder on the cinder path
surrounding the otfield.

S-- The stadium manager-Fred-
l eric Mendelson says there's
'Tula basketball coach Clar- no word yet whether the fenee
ence Iba has signed a three- will be raised to eight et.
year contract. TuJsa tied for Mendelson says an eight-foot
second place last. I r In the wall would block the view of
Missouri Valley C enee. Be- some bleacher fans.

La Boca -Senio

Softball Leagie

TEAM- Won Leot Pet
Canada Dry .... 2 L
Norge ...... .. 2 1.00
Optica Sosa .. .. 1 A7"
Albrook Flyers... 1 3 A
Special Troops... 80 .000
West Bank .. 0.. 1 .iN
Spur Cola...... 0 3 .00
Today: Speolal Troo vs. Al-
brook; Monday:. Canda Dry vs.
Optics Soss (dedicated to Aet-
inr Governor); Tuesday: Spur
Cola vs. West Bank; Wednesday:
Norge vs. Special Troops.
Optica Seos 7, Spur Cola 3
Optica Sosa, defending cham-
pions, kept within striking dis-
tance of the pace setters by
bowling over Spur Cola. 7 to 3.
A Spur Cola one-run spurt in
the lower half of the third was
erased in-the fourth when Op-
tica Sosa came up with seven
F. Cheney, the winning pitch-
er, yielded seven hits. This feat
was duplicated by. Chester LE-
Souza, the losing hurler. Conrad
Gill homered for the victors.
The box score:
Magdaleno, If...... 3 1 2
C. Gill, s .. .. .. .. 2 1 2
G. Raveneou, lb .... 3 0 0
Duesey, rf .. ........2 1 0
Prince c .......... 2 0 1
Reid, 2b ........ 2 1 1
Joseph. 3b. .... .. .. 2 1 0
F. Roberts,cf ...... 2 1 1
Chney, p .......... I 1 0
-Totals ............ -"7
Totals..............19 7 7

E. Lynch. If ... .. ... 0 1
G. Sealey, cf........ 1 1
C. DeSouza, p. ......3 0 0
H. Cole, Ib ........ 3 0 1
Campbell, 2b........ 3 0 1
Obaldla, 3b ....... 3 0 2
L. Graham, rf .. .. 3 1 1
E. Roberts, c. ...... 1 1 0
Castillo ...... .. .1 0 0
Gonzalers *....... 1 0 0
V. Sealey........ 1 0 0
Totals ............ 23 3 "7
Sore By Inunim
Optica Sosa 0 0 0 7 0--7
Spur Cola 0 0 1 2 0-

Along The Fairways

a QNiW5,b olf3 club Is
opohsoraft it fd* 9&9 tourna-
ment att V aie mbbt gof dowse
with the helpof Charles H. Mao-
Murray. The date for this tour-
nament Id May.16. 1 96M.
It is hoped that there wIl be
a large turnout for this tourney,
because If there Is enough In*.
terest there will be a tourna-
ment at Gambol every Satur-
day thereafter.
Charles MaMurray has vol-
lunteered to wive lesson to
juniors who wish to le*rnm bot
to plav golf. Starting time fl,
this tournament Is 8:30 a.m. and
there will be prms, so touch up
yoar, ame and let's have all the
ouScut A_ h W ourninent.
A "

S-D Teml Amamonsa
.a(*)gal Chain
/u-iS^W' The Bath 3.
,-IM a Mee Bendepse
10--Valn DarBft in Time
/1,,-Wib',i, Postinovkh

P.P. Borse e .a W O o ..' ,.

3- 1 -. Rose 108
4-Don Grau J. Bravo 115 -Exe "t
5-Golden Fan A. Va. 118 -attal b b4-1
4-43ten t .F. Hidal 97x -Lpt p 1-1
Note: Don Grau excluded from
S betting. -

Sd Rean "H" Nativew %.-Va. Parse 7MS.0 Pool WMs 1:15
Seeen4 RBae of the Double
1---Sincerldad A, Vs. $110 outclassed 30-1
2-rBacalerlla 1, ll--od workouts 8-1
8-.omantlco V. "110 -1UMd to beat th m 3-1
4-Canaveral 113 -L mudd t ven
5-Lonely Molly .R. l113 ll-to 30-1
-Avivato R. 108 e pb 3-1
7-Electrol) B. VL 110 -Plan oly -1
8-Coma Lipda) h OTErecen 8-1
9--Coran i k103x--Serathd last 15-1
lO---ola 0. 'JR2^-l paried.odJ p-1

3rd Rce OD" : F390.m PM m : 145
.. -- -X. ., "


ti -.1 -. R

Of ,iaj


4th Race "E" Native S4 I Pn- $275.00 Pool dese: 2:29

2-White Fleet_ _u= l5--DStance wud han I"dlp 4-1 ''oOn
3--Proton J. uonar O-In best form 4-1
4---Malaya R. 11 core u '' 4 Jordan Olivar tf 6i ~l 't
-Tap Lady F. 1RIO Eppontedi believe he' any worgeofft-l
6-Yodspongo B. i 115 s class here even last ,
7-Rilsita Bravo 110 -Will fight it out '4-1
8--Taponazo F. Hidalgo 102k-Fractious usually 25-1 "Idesatjcally not ha ing
aprin practim 6 Kt t..,"
say-- ar. -,t'sBW.I
5th Race "B" Native 1 MilePus: $350.00 Pool ees: ftm tI-Sro m. Mt ands !
1-DQn Temi A. Va 118 -Third In a row 1- .. '
2--Amasona F. Hidalgo lOOx -Not good enough -1 Yal anyhoww :I
3-4olden Bound E. I. 116 -Seems second best 4-1Inte Of ; 1' -
4--olden Tap J. Phil 120 -Retwurn from layoff 0-1
thb Ra. "H" Imported F.W. 400.00 pool elgs .u Vet Th""
First Race oft DoUable d T2
I-Alabards F. Rose 114 -Will .Mt th e To o
2-o0W Gambler R. Vas. 115 .-Mot ready yt 10-1
4-- o id 102x-n top en 4z_ '
5-St J. WrOO 110 ? o-Jockey will M 14 |
7th Baen "r JImpdea S FpMrs Pidl .
S.epad p efthe r --Des=
B. -.. o.r I

th Raqe T-" pptWt 90 = 40.& 1,41 t 0

VB1n.1 -MI T "-T
-Th_ Bath R .110 -ak', Sg ___.__
4--B-loo an E. Daro 10 -Hat ,1 '
1-, "- 1: -.w I ..

04 I. SAoL US l ,g
E m mm 3'81.16- > "
I.. Cos. IlaS V ." '
A. Maen 11 --A"
,-F Rose _1_
Aga.ed 7 Fgs. -utaWS 6I 8 e lemge 5

110 DW
._O P ec118--u! i;' '

106 Is
110 -I



1st, 2nd 6th, 7th RACES For the convenience of
,. our patrons we are qpe
ONET WO opera ting both at the


9th Race
Purse: $650.00

"C" Importeds 1 Mile

Pool Closes: 5:15 p.m.


I ROADMASTER --------... E. Silver 115

2 BENIDEGUZ ...... A. V6sqvo Ij

S-3 GEATCAME ----------. Castil 1

PETIT PO ..t......... A. MIt .I

W.- ELSH ,QI.FOX" ....... .

I p. ..'. ;, I''.,


.. .

I^? '-' t 'M' ... i"-:"-7 "" .',f


. C."


,I( h -
,. .'.

kp .


8th ~
Iwoe -

*-.-.^ -1 ,. ,'" *PR

"AAY ~
T .',d',~

~ ,

' *" *: -' -" ., ", .

~4b q

UA3 13

.- ".

.Lr i .. I. IA... 1

reJust- Sq

p.. Ir

Rf'R- -' .

I *


--- -- -

than ever "




,g .: f. ^'.i.t



~., p

MrAtieWakff ThaDia

i^1' ^lB^Martinez, Juan Jiiz F*

*f~ *' ~"* .:~ -. ,
*' 1

71 ffoeky ~iar"~ .7.-

17-5 (;hows,


Ii?~Z~ si-u -

1* r* ^'^ t
77 ~
Mo- A

l"p ttrdj

tt m& in

h ~

frai es lge P1 3.

. And T I.
3 To Ti t.-or

S R .
N' W YOIrI. ir is (ft -I thA vma~, w i r


in &BjffW da. -- UL*
t ,o. 3.4,

it. p o. dBA
fw 3bf r wOA u
B' it~ftlftovi ye
*> ~ ~ fte~t a^^fla'y w B^ q.l

- *

whether J
.. W. .. -" ruleudA-

*'s *0 0- w?

71- tw l



New YQrk
at Postponed (Rain)

at (Postponed (Rain)

Double Exposmre
WASAW, N. Y. (UP)-A-
tom b0 Auiea In the con-
tral school hew 11 sets of


DUcken a fo lo

061 u .


It thw.




pat rdt.': a

,* f

Iaeuulize excess
'e pam w mae, take
gemie laxative.

t. AN lNAC I


T- -



. -.

Training Sdahede T*
o -

ow Yogk 17 8 .690
Ca *' .17 11 .OT

Cleve. 011' 13 10. .W
bo 01 23 11-5 240
Feller, 1ioqk' w 19 It .aw0
Philad 2 14
Lt 11 .4 .64W
Detroit n' .,-...U (22

Cleve. o01elag 9 0
Ne Ytorn 111 w 0l 0 12 0
yrFeller, FokiiW (1-3)t
40d TIpton,
Brown, r (1-0)

New York 111 Of01 11 0
Dorilh (-0) dlor, Wi.on
g ain,av,. OOran (0-1),

Night Gam
Detroit .0 3000.0 0-3 7 0
Phila. WU01 -t- 7 1
Gray (0-4), MadUion,, ns-
Byrd (2-4) and Mafrqy.
Night Game
St. Louis 100 000 00-1 I 0
S Washington 011 000 00P2 5 1
Littlefleld (2-2), patge and
o2 Courtney.
Shea (2-0) and Greaso.
Philadelphia 14 7 .061
Milwaukee 14 7 ,17
Brooklyn 14 S .A
finl St. Louis 11 9
ly New York 10 14 H7
game, 1 Pittsburgh 4 .01
P to Chicago 7 12 363
Set CinclhnaUt 5 .3 4
Pittsburgh at Milwaukee
Am, ew York at Cincinnati
Philadelphia at Chicago
three DB ilyn at t. Lou s
r, K 11 AT'8#$EULTS
oLg btt rgh 000 260 000-2 3 1
byMilwaukee ; 00 0 002-3 6 0
(-3) and Oadlock.
...= f USi>^ *""i

Amt fa ct .,


New Ptartd U. FMt0C twq.
Locks IN, .willa

Gone are the days of .the
wrinkles and Kcrath, thank
to ingenioau patented
"FIBR.-LOCK" method
thenew, Adl-ew Palm Beach
.. yet It sd9 etsis thde fee
mouse Pahn Beach opeg,
porous weave that bism s
air if, wy bt Hame. .
I aMditioa you get ul
lebieva cb e comfort fnd
smarmmes.. wmderful a-
pa-utu richer celer

sImNOW AVP, Upedsi ishmwM
mohueir, M mreilies ym m i the d b rk
Sa hei and d wMN dapper lie
that' s eve, n from
ed, Inc ., the a* at d remSs
ain sqch kd., ,

their JOWL'y
anhwet*1be had as
of-ss w be*

O Famam Afty, als -was
e h4est on

bend- thae 1 9
bIe dn. 6 11 Sm a.
sheae to ag w
A ih-rouuad umpai *

four-rouad pre
Mastli Al ginar equpiW~
program. ,
General admirson pg
81 (one dollar) for wwo
50 cents for hld
tivities are m udbTedu -
underway at 7:30 .m. -

Sports Shortti-.


- It



Fancy boxing Juan Dis II
and unbeaten Iddro Martlnp
were scheduled to wind up there
training schedules ths after-
noon at the Colon Arena for
their ten-round (or less) battle
at the same coliseum Sunday.
Both boy have beam ie-
prelve during their workeits
with Uidre getting a few
map raves than Dims because
of his bltllaBt mexhbiten of
pafeet oue-two embtanttlua
whiet have had his sprmuate
staffggering each afternmn.
because of Martrie' unbeat-
en status and Dias' confidence
that he will be the first to tag
a defeat on Isidro interest has
ries to a' fever pitch on the
Gold oast, with the bakers of
each contestant exphanitag why
their favorite will win.
Isaac Kreahb, maaag&rr of
Martine, Sk wllaig to take all
bets asialgn his clad' y *00
and indications are that there
will be a let of takem.
Diaz I on* of the martet
boxers develoed leally In -re-
cent year&. "e tIs a marvel of
perfection nside the Aquar-d
ropes and would undoubtedly, be
a world champion if he had
punch and a tough chin..
Juan Di UI anee had a re-
putatiUm .fr beibt. aj lam
Awed fighter beoM=e al hds
klet fglbts ended, a knock-
out erime for his eppen-
*eat. eowevme, age seea i oI
have toughened OW' ahlm
and it has been x-a ams .n
Juan has even bma knre-ed
Dtis-a pes to be at his dau-
Oung beat unaj night In or-
dftto Iw."upStrt" MaItlne
a has n tohefiner points of
Jox0ld.tgfdoce has been
oa WoU th D"IM camp all
through n tEanla ggrind
.and h-eilfl be qoin aln out to

~j4t ~



*' =M

..-.. .


f I .

Mak es

F~ ~~ir-

Rate McCarthy Tells

..S enate Let Britishee : ..

'WithdrIw, Be Damned'
S WASHINGdTON, May 15 (UP)- speech as a "cheap, uncalled for, .
Ben. Joseph R. McCarthy said In fantastic attack" on President nIT,7
h. angry Senate speech yester- Eisenhower and the Uni $ae d I& truth O N au -his
day that the British can "with- States and demanded to know if
draw and be damned" if they Churchill's Conservative party a- TWENTo-rIG ANAMA, I, U .. -1
lon't want to support American greed with it. He also demanded ANM 'I L 9 1
policy in Korea. that Attlee apologize.
He charged that the British Among other things, Attlee ..
navy is protecting shipments to said some elements in the U.S. i
Red China and that some mer- want to continue the Korean
chant vessels flying the Britih war, criticized the Constitution
fla actually are controlled as an "isolationist" document, e
the Chinese Communists. and said It was questionable

oyIen Korea today that he will tell the nation Mto-tha-kmtauteIA rTe a
"Let them withdraw and be "whichlIs the more po urerful, the
damned," M c C a r th y shouted. President or Senator McCarthy."
"Then let us sink any accursed McCarthy spoke bitterly of
ship which is carrying arms to what he said was Attlee's sug-
the Communists killing American gestion that an American at the

boys. Kor e talks would hinderthnks the government
"If there i as any attempt to the chances of peace. ter
blackmail us into accepting.a "DoPers not oMr Attlee forgets WASHINGTON, Maynr n(UP)- week orofterhl-sradtd-. the to Th .. M
Communist peace on grounds hat theUnie sldtates thase uf- tPresident seuritnhower announced t he will make -a up- t by and
draw, then we can 'go it alone.' while the British figure Is rough- personally next Tlesday how tion over -t ouldt be
the strength to win its battle." "Does not Comrade Attlee real- i abes with ebudngert and ot a too18
ed by recent statements by Brit- can people, the American Cons- The President told-a news con- era. t.u ?
lsl Prime Minister 'Wins ton titution, and the American sys-ference he will unveil his long- lon iall 'eit'
Churchill and his predecessor, tern of government that the head awaited tax plans in a nation- Mr. er .to a
Clement R. Attlee, leader of the of this governhint, Mr. Elsen- wide radio address, tentatively to cou W er p
position Laborpartyhower, has st requested the scheduled for 9'p.m. EST. ed sth0 bad .po f
He accused Attlee of making an sum of six billion dollars for the He said he will dtscss recent statement
insulting" speech about Presi- assistance of our allies and al tonal security, economy, the cretary eorge M.
dent Fsenhower and the United leged alles?" McCarthy asked. budget, ending, taxes and and Defese Secretary
States in the House of Commons their relationship, .. WUlKon. s I* -
Tuesday, and he said Churchill Au l. Wh H non nohHis announcementcame ahor Humphrey has sai he ga ta
had sat by "meekly nodding his N I M Wm N ly after House Speaker, Joseph .
head." C P erW. Martin Jr. told rep a rters aftn- -' HR I I
head." ~l ler a White House' vltit that the 1% 'W om' e 01I
McCarthy found in the Attlee Al PA S; Presldent expects to get te .
speech an implied suggestion ing and"income acs t ge
that Britain should pulher n aIncmte i rn
ly, 1954, the start of fiscal 1955.
troops out of Korea if the U.S. S leMr. Eisenhower himself O TON, ln 15 Sex Reseath, d
souwilling to settle the fighting said only taht he does not e.pct Dr. =don p
teI on terms agreeable to Brit- ATLANTA, May 15 (UP) A a balanced budget in the Ieal book o
in. Negro educator who became the year 1954 starting July 1. ur f f t
SHe was joined in denouncing first of hi race to defeat a white He Aso has said 'repeatedly a blett
Atlee by Sen. Everett M. Dirk- man at the polls here, In this that he opposes tax reductions retor tBun-
sen (R.I.), and others. Dirksen century, said today his victory until a balanced budget is at A field resed
suggested "the time is now" to means Southerners are "far i0- least in 4ight. d field of rse 'te f
out back on American foreign aid head of what some people I his speech, the President i t book nP en R o '
funds, a large portion of which think" will try to end the confusion ib ao k .toen.nieba H- latin H
has gone to Britain. Dr. Rufus E. Clement, presi- which has developed in recent materL foat d
McCarthy described the Attlee dent of Atlanta University, de- days over the new admilniutra- n o h .ea5 a
a fated J. H. Landers for a place tion's budget and tax outlook. nI a -.Yal
F O on the board of education which There is a s.dhance he
Florid 's Sole Lander hadheld or years. wi e the
l"Itod Sn't S.a neSooLnle tokylt oiln urege inpae--.AJ m
Confederte Vet saidthe scholarly. 52-year-old utntilvernment pd
Clement. "I've been feeling for e ilt enm o ein
Gets Pay Raise some time that the people of plpi*4 o as O1ui i
the South are far ahead of what Mr. Eisenhower alid that, a
some people think they are,
TAILAHASSEE, May 15 (UP) '"Tehe White population Is
The Senate today voted un- ready to try to work construc-
animouusly to give "Uncle Bill" timely with the Negro popula- pldan
Lundy, Florida's oply surviving tion. There' is a very solid core T 'a .P n Ne, -;1. ..
Confederate war veteran, a pen- of good *will in the middle of ..
ion raise. each group,-white and Negro--tainM4NTS me
and given a chance to express Lie's or.T n '
t. f 1iote, wouldd give Lundy a they did yterd ."st oIn N b ( ""i
montRypenston of $1, double Clement defeated Landers by 6 A
W'at h-e gets presently. Lundy 22,595 to 13,98. votes in the ty- ARGENT Neb. May 15 (UP) ris
EU lives at Laurel 3111i, near wide election. The Negro fig-' -The Air Forob today ideatifled wase
enrtview, He served With the ured that less than half of his the crew of a B-a that crashed .
Home Guard In Elba, Ala., when total .votes were cast by mem- in roh ranch country near -
the Union armies m a r c h e d ber of herof his ae. here, killing nine of the 12 men
through the South. Among his congratulatory tel- aboard. .'. .
p or of the S egrams was one frm Landera The plane, which came down for
Sspaor of the ill Sen. Two other Negroes were elect- during an emergency landing 24lA School,, In com- f
Woedrew Melvin of Milton, said ed to minor city jobs but one a ptyesterdlay. split in two ohm- med Fo the .
'I 5 a month is not sufficient was un-ooposed and the other an exploded into flames. i E carted std oR
w er current Inflated prices to faced only Negro opposition in a Air Force officials said the act during the .
support the 106-year-old veter- Negro district. lane was on a "Round-Robin" p a. B. 1
The last time a Negro was train min i t.' which. left ,delW .
undy still has his hearing elected over a white man here Great Falls. ., Air Base QS' S W. Dolan, soi,*
4and y eight and gets around was in 171 during Reconstruc- yeste ray mornin, scheduled to C. Defesga e 0.O mud MietVic .
Wll ith the help of a cane. tion. retuzt ,later In the day. a idM d dnts seller
*TipsInformationaI-rald aodthe Inoftut eor
Sthe .ee ssurOtwsr. incidding botil -b. l m,
two T"y airme., rode In the "At 0m, byd ..-
tall s, tion of, the plpe andR.desrib-
es--e with minor inuries. aed ''
Agrties a"e the pilot ap- t ..
pa tried '", et, -the plane Z4
down on a long strip of pasture
land near rug.- canyons, but Ice-
overshot t ih enior
They said the four-engine cSchool
plane Dloued up 200-yards of rt by
ground after t bounced from"o ws .
a ridge Intot a bigger hill and P
fell into a catPoo. 'Pwerd
Wreckage and Instru m e n t sf disputed bt the
were spread ovet a wide area. by child l
The tall section was severed to
m the rest of the plane and A'f BS
ttree survivors were thrown t d.
The wreckage was not found d .

a prairie fire had start
of dense clouds of in
-'P ,o,,F~orasnf,_


A s iqe ik ~ ition of Carnu makes old can
shiae like new, new can shine like ever
bdore! It cleans as you rub it on, loons
every trace of dirt and nme that haI col
led on thaianishk-then polshe as you
wipe it of! JouinSn', Canu give your
car a hbrigser, lonager4aoting shim.
,h= wmy Other one-step liquid pelishi


the r

l ta ."7 'd '" v '-1 "
^ .' *.. *r- .- .- -',* *

i.14, '^- "~f.^
.;. y'

,. I.
* 1'~'~ .'


C'' .


ufrT Oes rai
Of Tw* OpentlbRS


,* 6<* h*<



" *Su

^ *1'^ 1'

t H '*


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