The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
Place of Publication:
Panama City, Panama
Publication Date:
daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


Subjects / Keywords:
Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
Spatial Coverage:
Panama -- Panama


Dates or Sequential Designation:
Oct. 7, 1925-
General Note:
On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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All applicable rights reserved by the source institution and holding location.
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oclc - 18709335
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S two problenr witeih ire the j
weakest links ti Alled .plans
now: that thm
1) "Priority .pB one Is the i t
o6k air poMblei a." e 4Bl-We prob- taea on Be
.n- ably are fIrth .Wtd On air AprI 1.
k A- 2) LogIstics, on'ettllng how to iones U ,t
~upw supply Armie ..l$vfes and Air ar' itelxw, ,.
. .Forces a o 5 mile front. m'u

Sye Specialist"CL41

Omican doe


0 .

'Admiral's Revdt

Against US A

-0- I.
WASHINGTON, May 13 (UP) Adm. Aft
Radford's nomination as chairman of the joint lf
GaM. g A stdff set the stage in Congress today for on
Chief of Saff of the. unification fight mad a bitter wrangle over the
States Air Forcew~ al rt*-at ministration's military plans.
Albrook Friday afternoon...Te ,
retiring general, who is acognm The Pacific Fleet commander, who led the
paaed by rs. Vandenberg, iin revolt" against unification policies in 1949,
prefieay on a South and Cme-
ral A an tour fo os fpeted to win Senate confirmation.
of vianfig USAF Misalomns, ii -pw rfu ocrats on the Senate Armed S
chi ffice.aad Air Fo .ee wiltfirst be")h o 1)
tatstons. The Vand Cnmeliee fikA.e will first be "thor y exin
aittfa a reception oiven in- r en his vi.w.m the Air Force's Stro Air G
=I dor by Gener al t]id ondg, keystonWt).f T now of American r iatory a)t
stin Panama will be the 1ag power. .; ...
hmb-a slrJohn Old unification aores are cer-slashes of 00 pro
tain .o be piked open in these military manpower.
,, ... se _. Taft, !who oledIt ,e

are 1 i.s 101e 0 do .
cc. ilson's plt lots
'to slamh projected oAir rbieams fQ1
*.D M ml tre lw to 120 lte-tho ybtrI
snl fa n Z rfti". d

195/p oses up ,a4 W
.a' ~ .e has *,
to better MtXA
S all the MM
hasmet iW

wu ok ^^P
,h"M p

i eet, the


w improvement forth-
-f 'a short Auon In
Me town of utmd,'" IJ
We colonel, hle blonde
ella. an.e anms J# Wm
,t4, travlX l t I
assigned o to t L.
U th. <

the a

Mt lat I

rm,. me
whichtoWhiteIm ua.
la e`hsn -lg lames C. Bagaf.
-.t 145 I Ave. that oft Mi- ia Aug. 16 ws
Sa l '- peent Ati a Pt Am. 16 whf
wai S on last P it m to be Army te of Bradley
" tra l her ar- chief of ,. w iI. m
pM S r,. le-nl he also wi-t*e."W. Jer
S nep Iate that will name MAd I B. Car- SO_30 eI
, Calderon. Who la erm- n et h le- ier ail ThWesouse did not ty'
Sa rad o%,thi clan at c a of i south- when will take over
met A .Baturday em muropi a, Adm. from .hlrB, whose term ws
the Sann o beer William M. faht as chief sche to ezplre Aug. 1,
ad as i for her of naval 1955 Ba. te announcement I.- i .
alm iaiaght. After carne adford Inl dicated that Carney willsue-
[,be Invtted hW to visit the IV f egalnt the Pen- ceed him well before that u91e.
fent and she.accepted. tagon nM strategic Bradle OlIHe_ and chtbm..
C aldero who is bebombing lerare eligible *r retlpe
the secret oulice on In view of week's nomi- It ha been saienctf .
charge Of homIllde, nation of Oea. Nathan F. Twin- vyiusIl that Bradl f
ee to own 4 g'un, ing to seated (.. Hoyt U. to retire when his p "U F
of A. itie, _. V.was .. chIef as chairman the .. |
bn covered. In iment *eall a completely A brilliant officer,
new joint S of staff wUll reported to have mt~*
15on 6- .-. inmpresalo on WilWe m
Repu ansean raised the latter's visit .au.
the nomlnauor ^ He will take over A f Sl
Senate. l leader added authority If a
Robert A. ", i the new reorganization of the
chefs would be qie to. give Department Is approved W
a "complete look to our .,*
mflau=a .". Taft hJi The measure would aa .
been --a' h turn- to recommend what s3msrs.
oy ~et it. cefs for some I Should be sent to ie t
Utime .I chiefs or handled ~y.
C' irman tyM Brid.ges of staff, a group of 0 ele sig
the Senate Appropriatlons om from each service. Radt i
mittee said tfae w joint chefs woua M have authority 1,
will be abo' "tlo'* at the prove the compesitlon of' .
picture wlbf a T-fia eye and join t taff.
without or a mice or1 Bradley. last of the NlNm. .
ut^" pthe old tOP World War 11 military
S.ere. on active duty,
Ladford win meG oen. On active duty ton a"
Omar N. n1%djt, who cal two-year terms as ak e
bshe admtal and )h8 followers the joint chiefs.
^B"tanw Dow" piten tihey at-
100 : unOfaly t2 Fnus |I

,ooa ,3;M ii- On anal Reoei
h m a m "W.m..5._I_
(D-MW.). *w-s .Aor Feorc m
-eesette a> Pasinf Ia
Fleet U- the Only two offosr were'
8-M38 1progrog a -lmlar for furnishing green BZIM
_." coffee to the Commissairy t
'At that decried alon of the Panam4 C01-1
"t pany at the ope -
'was torday at Mau
W king of the bidders re
warWi entire -geli
gita ?*'^ pounds wh& hte
SftwoereciC Dvistein ba" Bn to -y.
tlM make The twoe ddIh e*
NoeW, summer o f nr, aed and 1 l 3beuh.M
s earM" thse awarded a ct '51
Youa to 1Wr su n"Who



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os uces RP Is n
d.4,9,140 W- I&M.Bt D- i

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me s ame s sew-- .m L ".
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"PNAAlet l 0 -I- cOnsiderable trouble l inet t6 o a h. ds wf"
o 'Anost ab. 10 ..... 9 :A -,W IW IPin

SIas ok e ha ten hie bbts te n I o t Hu e ta

wooM% 6, ea40 est onen a ee'd b e o he w s trn e iand to a th sue i h ne 00d sto ries oA
r if IVt. he paiTCLd E TAl epck fo e to Bly tomngerer ,e. Te awcr otoaae rieuest tn drd -7 ti 0 1
qgaa': le; dmanyt chre .i on l rseplobaVes t ric. ,e a r is thateennt t u Wrln t lthoietgout to tha dea u ed"e
MAI quarters, athe mbsad-ombaindt-of DW tie leFG

hung up on n o od d. pri e i m etn th l
r g I w te no.Seems he's sensitive about. disOr .s rUme

W ehwpate e l Iss as caseorbiddinf g seebdunes s hn ophiidur.hat wut la r ndcaaO 1 D l o te prer dear oi f M.
oe Zeloe. H e r aln ivmend amo i oad-le Sutwtro ti ates tomee answer then no tqueso ns
S a hedCE Ma dAg ale ap4 a nr It a e h qrs that th e at -o pc I t l th e s re e. as -

\).1' eI wands pi scraapropnd theyyr d aton av and looked b on hi v y bac po 1,e 3 hlu o oex, C;e...
St o a a i d th ex-distrim t attorney, e -mayorin tr d t e d
is A o b hei t e heeee n t wrI e e a i ex-ambasador and exp at riate t hld ee
la. hue id n hed or there taids f a t lreachedDt no oy the ,oint6te ohe n the f state iti
tehosepl 5uing ol r mls bienr l-ri e tof bu stinleus t turnr e e hi. That was htn clearIndc- i .

e. t. ie ltteros ro d aore an see o. ". tion In the afewminutes w a
ia ke. Thath -nl his bitterness. But d n t tel l agerty tht al *
Everilb I w osdd Iond ts lrd to la ndlok d han b e wbnile u a 1 IosourceOfthe i tu e c
S WbAT PonICE METAL SALVAGehm.s trnyn Is beingwt uneair te

n thteb ,s a i da o te ora l na g ra t oer I inw ot o e talked l onger I'd have a* 6 I W tie, oM state o
| b dn eemlthe old Stenate o rlytime Commit-te t t ol Ily mTate 'o dhthe ie a t

r M .e. HoweAer, on 0etiVoulon, ia aper that the sane to aeer a< ir-- l onmusthaDe rnhe lof poI m ci-..
ay long oo I wal cited fodr halp h ar ot Mow ar. 19, 191 Aoe abou hs t ha i ntsi eI downtheI
Sm a p be bon t, andc ilearcy thn er vep rt n %aers meo at clock DT wyrprestWa ie tothe thateal
&to.ehouse. Ias given ar price ofn i 2, but way s Ya t t t c lommitteechairman said t. ve "
t 1 Co b p6one s had alreadyen sold. e "I need those mikes, because .T e ofCIt th Or ead o thL er
a lotrhasbeen said and a .-loteto nly .o r tX

t while I was around thetyard, a man came along and looked has been written wh oli my bat ckt .mof Aub ano t ad se r wrd ey ro Si
omn M best ones, a bnd said he'd t bought t hem f or the was turned, and I welo the ane en co .iredo i ltB

which buywas taking down the calg station. Later I opportunity now to A look r ate ahnd a.l ed t'i
t tat he pepaid $15 each f or them, an alsfoun out talk to not onltay Oeints e n h ryt o statefo re
Si the Canal pa thal et ro o elsewhere t nd in tpge., llr ic t talk like that." he ca i to M-r~,
810hAs n.the contractors We-,thyongo(onr iencl( aenlnoCentserMtato .rmarkl ike that r
the.ItI then OAmbassadory d as o.bao.toet, p .y you're, aIbout"

I v be that In u U'contracts given out by e eanramais e ao l tepIe ink en ci eI hed
wih oopan ntherebis a clause forbidding private business on Oerator would say ,Lo haTh o tE0 E iea
the Zone. However, on inventiiatbon, it appears that this same severalsets ime noe ?o e B e r e the a rofatten, o
com an i s: addoing quite a bit of private business.'- They are s orter some quetlomis. A that .livie a y Presi dentbefited .t

s hort-aaneareSomeopilletsAthat erVamny-- n e tyes not ecoM.
iyc: refoandshipping scrap copp S gEr, and they.alo have a heavy morapguilt fau the bee theolsonter et hodn fl e a
hat to er' to sell anything and everythingoto anyon* oi o 0 s ot ret-urn lle i srn atno on, inathe rof x-char ma

Sti buy. Their prices on i trer oba,. byttnw tic0se ved lr nn p he o fen olidey u fe wr steDats u o

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fleturten Of the Uhimlmig
anthi a dayh passes that a client from Pavenma or elsewhere sadOt thth bok fr m nof had et r' e om i o an O a e on ,the pi ner notr n ad inmy to urge thed bi e ner h .

e nrcts rpun, mo terront raef ouwB at thl 5 ong h th uain. celad "no Inrachute Ab had t lo dese Ors. onver .__r__h ime-anedthoidreonae Tebtn srals "in'
Snot come to look a t or buy machinery or iron. ceh e e o t dad e o but -ta a a e e public lands dot be turn aer
wr r th om r LnOsrs, a peoare'y les bo' mInoa. ocatolieI oc rdelc the ca rer s o
bul ro we It-enci's Union IchiefJor y an, *t ls b a t s a s r we aroee 1;ot'N otheotwo-paY W76 -u Qa.N Lo EUtD UI
w tho b e y wholesale s pursed offee at a p. hold on to his racket-f B il led l s e ued m a l aller o t o the Pr dent ddn
bor b erony. ofLe yaf Weret ohad o Wter tue wtoen O t ft aw

e to Previous Puble We pre s pe ial ODverda. d e. .' a .eal 'l hader ....e D, I
rd of Fo er bad a oy wns t e Ay Ikoorstnoyu odnd o nb n *t o nh to erb o t

olust n and hd in- r ls eieeg in hehr h.e, Ade who hmsel -hd du-ked --lo- l ad. hargd -e rental one. i lety l a deor en)tl by a-
o Ln nde,.sdL81e e d .r s i -uet.. .I remember ilfs a se, rather nder otte, CIO, h ..
rry Brooklyn strict attorneye ,R this oe a Up sif

|c .f- properties Ie i -t t al ies tno, the 1CA troe Rop beo eL hiShn aeonth, thing call hed o innocence Abroad," lousy paragr
|SOT OF TEA, PRHAPSs haw noiron hho w hi is a pip of Its Mund.a In the l set l d seHeh ran a oace with theetoGaolty In a Houe Heo1ite td out thht cabt ine trore w

'" ra nbird of Drwith dlt #Ml u so/od ohic cfMl. mp i tl P oepasf He wagr Ula ey ia"e! c lar fout a-_teto on whoi"a chat taie control of lan i ro h h 'reSB
Wilia ris on asnistrictMs ||heorStern may be ths obeastrporter In the mid-Eastern due.ese rt.' but at B o OlniLe Amn trion, bt t hhe,

S 6Ag ts r po Tn aterrlont l cr- atLuan o, Lu cky y l thil )Aorto hea dk: mldo mendt .,wM w O r a a H pa eth t-s a

tee FeludoryGo rgbD" Terp sorou cat ud rec eu g e r.- w"
irat'b 44rueni eio o more th e m0 odd anle a t p taha* yny- onnow ,,on tore beentpolic utn es on tee
D-ites possiblea a the CommissaryLe b te- A oe -E W hOB murere eeas# iLVaL me Hohod Itlan w s uedIase lfm-so of stern h*. -Ati sar9 I a

x thrr1 lb o di1oit tah son be h hiwym b t woike wLJ)ske fwirvtpl ital. aw Iy fl iapn I a s equlybk' b rJr oneJff
s aetng eleil.a heier reina offe o the custom fot ernl.aor eerhtoo .v tw 01 aotW newrst ae 5 wo ia P h ia I
d .c rate, rot t s olg escaeiiaen a m e A reTtrerAMsOk MhC
-___________-- lin, choum. te Ne or than Al 8erI'Shlatrust Taezts lep 0 year Aw ake: thaS general- moni-i a

on tt coast f in ds of t.ou- Va Ba the ti r of the re pleee, "Cirl r." DCllypop Jed i 1 mmol an dfe thanted e 1

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sIuspo ssible rtihatthe Cin can c o6 ph on .or ali fe a cep y u rb. ilSIoree hmBe r was a critic...tndo r ate renell the r AMan te eet

Y^ mmgbii of with malt w. trutt h-d the evedn pas Hw cr 'b o er u Tigr.Iall
commando-de- ae
10om Motherof ',0 o ltorey dollarr ago, l e r Mkehaddoe-aaersrk t iet. A dce Imaes.SternA@tin ethngareporter.. from i nhateb
murd n ter s andh Hmethin g oas 'ex .It Is.eno, W carve oi onet..e _o mi h avioAthte 40 Ios 0iet9ev=e
Ih.!,I II -.4efien,.J1tt'hope nothi GAppens to Stern. w .- been i. s or mi- o ether spwa t
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-" tgj ti I I / bird 2 3 Nigts before Greece packed an athmowoninto. to wtnotlasft .i -_ iin b fthm
ofccnt u31a ailthese a ianrea d b b jIiniti ec a.w on fadtdcked ald stl e tter t han (IrU throa
Ih Old J L3 Oppse i5 ottn fIc a"mberBi erage(lbrahtothim.yO e..
.1 otss chattle2 ties 4 twI nd t onal a ny0, 1940,th e i teCurtain.'H hdo ac'-t e sI ti
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FREBERy bacIn eThirties when mound: Anna Maria Plerbtell...But moot310- vsr '..e
EVERY'FRIDAY NIGHT :t'mmyrackeabrporationsleas lodioM (on these ears) was the t e p of ._ilgoes to Do wood's Eleom,.Parker,
SFROM 7 TO 8:30 P.M. ed city wterfrntfacilties for ly lawe mt in Bra an a tour o n inview e everhn
T0 cents a day and re-rented duty il '43: Maria Theresa Martns t having a baby."
theom for SO a I wed a TeOM Air officer ... y WO
ftl d aring at Mocambo in 91wri:aTIe btA-

l[IrHAVE YOUR DI a- -? aan4t f--:M: l d nnd lp- BS
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clude: .Ste Tone s, .Gringo
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and heir ueltkqa -are:
Las Oname Tillerx: Al WPMd,
lead; Afl .1 t09.-; Marvit
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"Siver lhreads Among the.
Zone TDms: a SMater, leai :
Herb Blmea, tenor; Chuok.
Walsh. baritone and Jim
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hatdtem.. Oord balton. te-
or: p Neon, attqnr ind
Lt. OL Don Mather. alanpg
"That Old Quartet" and "Cony
IslamOd BAI.
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It harnplaae bra, a wa t whwittler, a garter belt--
in a e. Formits-bewitching new Gay-Life -sselier
elevate, separates, rejuvenate the bustline... delimp
the waitt... htten and elongtes midriff. All third
with all the fabulous 5t and freedom and comfort hat
Shav uade Fofio t tbfwavorite oT ilm w of ns dped
IJ nylon, etafet with embroidered nylon aMcm
elsticised nylon rquistaste back, 4 garter. $ : .

-0-A 1w

$7 '4. p .#~'W

r fin
Sn- U


- .C.L''r 4r
I .4. ~ 4
i I ....~ LSj.a"4!~&~.~ :1~.
4 4-- I .' -

i ., -i ", f
TO.W *t- 'eis ata.e i .fs 4
-... a".







5 T

mE IIy a SA M H oW t l
?" I. .. ... .s r .-.

S-,... .
* j'

.. I

- -;---- ---- I


r -A


,1 \ ,, m




Shipping & Air Line Ni*s
Clfroi'o Lea"ve land Mrs. Henry J. Prelberger;
FI~ tyW 13 Abeard and Richard W. i Ia;, ..
rastbNl is scheduled to! Mr. and ,Mrs. ,w am IL
Wr e the Isthmus Friday with Gaines; Mrs. Lorqeta,C. Geddes;
1S passepgers, according to the John F. Gilbert, Jr,; George E.
a ,nye, passenger list from the Girard; Mr. and Mrs. Maron L.
P! na tinle. Girard and 3 children; Mr. and
A ong those sailing on the Mrs. Jacobo Graf; and Mr. and
1. -, lte a large number of Mrs. Stanley Gross;
lfg"leS ~vih school age children Ira Herbert; Mr. Louis F. Har-
Sfr Vacations in the Unit- ris and daughter; Mr. and Mrs.
k ttatW.. Ralph E. Harvey and 2 children;
The complete advance passen- Mr. and Mrs. Roy L. Hearn and
ger list follows: 2 children; Daniel J. Henneisey;
4liap 8S. Acheson; Mrs. Ma- Mrs. Frances Horter; Mr. and
ra iiAdrew, Robert R. 'Arnold; Mrs. Fred 1. Hunslcker;
.0ad Mrs. Robert J. Boat- Mrs Madeline ohnson;
4Q.R nd three children; Mr. Samuel E Johnson; Mr an

b;a1'Mr. and Mrs, George Cap- Mr. and Mrs. Frank G. M-
e Mr. and Mrs. Henry Glbrry; Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
a end 2 children; Mr. d M. McGinn; Mr. and Mrs. Will-
r. Lanw Mrence; ber. a rnd Mrn
"" :Jo-eph W. Coffin, Jr. and lam D. McGowan and 2 children;
'children; Mr. and Mrs. LPou Mr. and Mrs Kenneth IMc-
0. Collard; Mr. and Mrs, Chua. aMw an d son; w la 3. n e-
Connor and son; and William Laughlin; Mis Shea -
r?. C hnningham n a ten; and Mr. andt MrW. Earl.
S and rV._Frank E. Day Orr and 3 children; M .d
aelufL; er;Mr. and Mrs.. and Mrs. Henry Perahia;
lpchlW. Dempsey and 3 Mr. and Mrs. Sol Perahia; Mr
Coi dren; Mr. and Mrs. Stephen and Mrs. iohn T Petersen and
h, Duof y r and 2 chi ldren; Mr. 2t Mc ld re2n M u Pro. an..

JulSon, Mr. and- Mrs.. Lewis E children; Mr and Mrs. Vincent
.,and 2 children; Mr. D. Ridge and Infant da hter;
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. and
.u, 1ad M .DaMr. and Mrs. William F. JRob-
1nts. Jakd, inson and 3 children
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Saarinen
~Mlu n an .....and daughter; Mr. and Mrs.
e NuiAsSring Samuel Schwartzrs ;Mr. and Mrs.
WilliameJ. Sheridan Jr. and
f S ........ .children; Mr. and Mrs. Stanley
'NNm._ t b pSV V. Sowa and 4 children; Mr. and
S r A. Mrs. Robert C. Spencer; Howard
; Mr ..c .r.. "r" H. Sprague; and Mr. and e Mrs.
Ca r0. ay 13c U P )C Char les E. Staples and daugh-
Sorkk deh ith dqiayed reac- i.. i

fcyu *.7b ent ca Pwqa'yotour Mr. and Mrs. John J. Tobln1
hi l ale v Mich-and son; Mr. and Mrs. James J.
hlran tae U*vColeS Omo Townsend; Mr. and Mrs. Peter
State Cisl G. Van Diam and 3 children: R.
tat N era Conn, 1500J. Van Emerick; Mr. and Mrs.
Yaie sdents Conn.',a ia50 William A. Van Siclen Jr.;
ae 'hl i er^ ti at Miss Helen Walsh; Mr. and
fce r a, s ;w at Mrs. Alfred J. Waldorf; Russell
etera and kn9okn ie as A. Weadt. Jr.; Mr. and Mrs.
aigns, Three tudetawre Ian- JSFnei Wich and 2 children;
ed and one policeman lightly William A. Wichman; Mr. and
Injured and one .policeman lightly Mrs. Harry F. Wllenbrock and
Daughter: Mr. and Mrs. Dan
About 1,000 Michigan State Wolff; and Miss Elizabeth Holm.
men students made a 'pany ______
A- three wopen's dormit- '
r Bry night.- Most e te .
t .back bycoeds wielding -
I f eMoses but about 50 broke /r -
tl gh and emerged flaunting V
3 l es and brass!.'res. Twenty- YOUR HEARING,'
n of the Michigan State riot- individual
e were jailed overnight tor \-/. ." .i ..viual
i li off." iust as your fti1ger.
,Coiumbus. 0,, nearly 2,000 prints differ f om
AOLBtate University studentsrints differ fr
-nced in the. streets, everyone else, your hearing
fir hydrants. stopped is individual and personal. So
pulling down trolley
s an4 brote several windows our plan for restored hearing
ten's dorms. thr is individual and personal...
Tne Ohio students threw spot- "|
: on the girls' windows and to give YOU greatest possible
attempted to break into Baker benefits of new hearing.:
Hajl one of the dorms.

Lacks Overhaul

Party Arranged
For Sunday
A locks overhaul party will be
held at 1:30 p.m. Sunday at the!
Pedro tMiguel Boat Club.
Entertainment will be provided
by loeal barbershop quartets.
All 1.9lps emDolyes and their
friends are invited.
CRlis WELIN. Pl'aaetes

AU$ IAN CHARMERS-Two Austrian beauties displayli the
charms before judges in a MWis Austria contest in Vienna. Lore
Felger, left, won a free trip to New York and will represent-her
country at the "MissEurope" and "Miss Universe" contests. Eva
Pavllcek, right, was runner-up.


Great White Fleet

*S.S. "CHIIQUI ................ .. May 17
.M.......May 1
S.S. "MAARA" ...................... .......May
*S.S. "CHI iQU .r ............... ................:May 31

* Iandllla Refrigerated. Chilled and General Cargo.

s.s. "LfltO ............. ........... ... .M- 14
S.S. "PARISMINA" ....................... Ma1
S.S. "FRA BERLANGA" ....................
S.S. '"ME APAN" ..............................'. june
Frequent lreight ula Criltobal to
W; est Ce'C* Aaiteam Pt, o, s.

Passenger Sailings to New Orleans
via Santa Marta, Colombia. -

Salliang at
8:M a.-m.

S.S. "CHIIQUI" .............. ........... May 19
S.S. "CHIIQUI". ................................. June 2

Weekly saliais on Twelve-Passenger Ships to New York, New Orleans.
Mobile, Los Avgeli, San Francisco and Seattle.



2-284 COLON 2

Ltn~g Keii--

SI V. T. iAMU'J,
r -

A(OOT" AND) HaR BU IMU What oa Eaith?


I ,

, w oN A;rol i b BUw T
^ *Ll .jfWUKK


." IT ALL. FfAfUE,
WANpY,AW4Sw -4
OgDegW? rTQ'REEe.


SOT A 6&E M,,T rwE

g TELL AtOrrn, #

..04.1 i 1 rf



C 0the Mooch

-AAW NNC AAh orO KIN-<-^^*- '

51 MWEAEL o'*Maui


I- ''

"';.t i',' ," .' i ; ?.'*. ,,''* -" '. ",
LL ^ *. .
IRSltW'U OR-Wu--7 SAltY' ""P .m............-...
S.. .... ..-..-- ..... ..
g.1. .-. .,(, -T L .. ..... .
~ T4 ir~sum', .4

; ':.. -. ... .



..- .4

( *4


^^^*^ ---TN A HOmeM, Poo~
UP Fm & pir,






~~1I '`

4. .. rA

* I~ff '

* C

BasMe, MIs. lee Kariger, amd
Mr. Jacques Cook. o Sl!
atthe pEGMtI Mwere: rg
C rmNAfdtanr ag_
* Z*lJkl f- .JJ_W for "(-

W k1 ,. thWI" P nd cl M.r.and Mr. Ouft.
of oboamsCreVWith.Romaniaand
tole- hokkm Club.
Mt coffeW L .A.W.C. A-ssebly A4 T a
R. Mrs. ,arta Nino dat
o, fwil.othe Solo embly fthe Colon Unit of
0pift at 7:30 i. at -.Thor were: P. the I nter-Amerlan Woman's
DS obus, J P. F-lowi,1 busnlss meet.
Mrs. a nfber -vocal selec-
r MeanOFN %" .o X. L 0 ml. , wortquad e. Besrt,
p-En to .o IqNolrb. arne lue s dto
tembmras t iw. w aS s .rh w hoa A al be utfu, f .an b s" aw t e an
a t4 UeStan lub. aa e w of fee et t J N. rf fiZ, Mrs.. R Cl- M rach etten b n
on ahd oo pro r oman Oto.-byDavid p-
W Nc o amad D. Mrs. r.V. per.
nd Dr. Pt .brusos 1* of. M^. .. : ,s. *
beet s a l adAmria trtnwwiae tha Ch AMebeaoutifully
%44w un-** 4a rem tOraw- Cofee. at 8:45 e abu s e i. thbyeDcafteri
Arta% -261 or 2 4 Gaton be ith N t Sevice)L te, Msa SI. S th, Mrs. P.n. aaind th comat.
Ma. neigh0.30 N.turry, b e r*,a Mrs. P. R. 3 a Ihrhardt, taen. The ite l4 t
S .. ,with ofio 5e .. $e iI M* :] M rs. Nichola antrd M i R. A. and cot
R amon 6. & iure make-w NNueken uslngma w i er
a 5 Taere- au andr .le a.m.1M --i-ui pa ce -t'e 4pre .V8uc 2 aw, nacy

Ir. regula p01i11 meeting tMn. thhtaI .i. P n a i r *w and
oJn. odayi at at the A- oat lae Ithat the aileast t one evet m 4 o. PV-8 Ju~cFbote 5 -arl r-
l-r. M medFort Willabe 0a11 Scobt Dcreame. rAsoothe Icu be A er- si d NAeCE Alon
-- ( Metas aindg o nrom. Lam 1 ., co PCor ham--b eef tehr lu e "i"h eFuturt Tqacher of

""M r ttCr c e o c o.l .L t U S --." a d ou nuft et u ping p eo th e ca feta eria
no etn .. Th uIel atnof t-7e5 n he p- Ton 7

prlet af :20ea at tbe oHi.Sca ps lm ed f or p but- ro s ao to the .Teplo e od o.n
,am Be:3 p.m. er t b h'I Il obe d he ax ,. n lb
1 1 rB Bax IlL a0 alr ae s.epto slftn Tle Uoe t a a b e. .reer a Iotn f"r C'
Sm of t e t tween me at be ong tuber o centered withe a d e it a
on ponday in the p medro4II Webe GatatoM7.cupssk immednde 1or but-rl tfo "toothee nv1d
Old Scout, H60anw S t 7:30 tbTroo and InterI Inlohen't p atr1.b bed as rlrnaB

C eo, :y OI "bE"" 2" Reservations
toofapn to be wt o r -e n t ie d e ralyen, al-
non hMw. aw alest oninAt egr outced he pro-d Itar 7 =O0S

e 2 -%s",oInnbey=h v a chotnt U le 10- i
tmir Ja r r and Mrs. o *2a .a... "thot bBtter F.Tl A. on g n cett werr
ON nO'de hargd,of the' at* n .."A o eas tr ec take A numblossomreswi a
has. b carol cream Colorful p.-m a t s. TWare d6Y niht were ex hust Na
on50 onu nth elHBeverly GBormin s kint o hlY w ;-ti. 21 ONR ailroadas Inveor

Mr tMr. &ano Mrs.
Olattsft asat D and Mrs.
Hermnlao Cao-rhaa

Llwuhd colonel ad Mn.
H. W. SVck. plmn to leave the
Air $or.' hisnow ..
gn,,meaL 7 WrJo , LMr At .

can W men'ssbe g I a ed
Wednesday' I.
to OD: 00 .

which a demonstration of fn-
WE ...beuve
Meqibers 9f =1906b and
their guests a oorSailz In-
vited toltend theee leatwes,
whiqh will be 'gvIn ia ngflsh.

d9 Me bridge tour-
'-Ow e Monday eve.;
VLM-Ro op toee

.. ''"


TrAtt Cayton
M w be played this eve-
nfn at 8:00 at the N.0.O. Club
at Claytem under the aem-
Ice the Poo Clayton N.
. WIves Club.

Motor Show
Success Assistg
The Canal Zone Tmin AB
clatlon wishes to thank everyone
who epd In mIn z the E rst
nteo11Moto w hhe
of Panama, the Canal ZoneP-
the Pan m Auto Club -an
kit int t-e .vtdul
ewnra ers tineretlurar who m
geneously gave their time and
cars in helping the National Tu-
berculosis Foundation.
The C2TA particularly. chaw
the TB Foun a Uo-iA Oka
of the proceeds Vve of
club's membeS we t-eke
=th Is nd la slow a

i amts to Ibtereat the
emutbtuiaat on'the
Us.tbe o. next rm

day. invited
Ed a will be placed
the L Highway to

the Way You'll
Look This Seaon.
with a


Mrs. BIantn were itr"dced a6
the leader and alstant lrw the
Brownies #prwnMt yedr.
The 18r arpWWd e wit '--
salute 9.o 1 I Rout

C. Woraley, Padtfli advancement
chairman. Noble is a registered
Promise tlon of he wardl

be made at the istrict Coirt of
mrnto be held on May 19 at
sohe de o
the3 p ins, t Sot am
North wTarrlt- N.. In
1C53. He transrred to f

and~q wU~ele ^y .n p omaf

highest awavr an earn
To earn the Scout Shack o
Young roble s fm



water. I unsn an .o
clean towel to wth lo

Wit t~~l aeanlr
amttet to my dl

i -.. b "a "* 100 '
am. NOM

I tsp.butter sol

:6nmdwich* -
- thin sales bread
d u e
Cole law-vnegar



p20 tale
- fbiae

cow* mm one 2b cale
cot frult as a fruit cop. This
imert an'.ub itueas may be
mbed Instead at IWiAh time or at
bedtime lt deulrd,


me*sma, -,,wetr 1mum
d..gta hal ism e
Try it--m bw yawbm


\'4 .9


ide ,loorcare




4 w..*.

r'PI1 1


S uti.fu Organ muic f

- the home or umaB hW -

,Play the Hm

| ~~~. .-

iAlaiFAR O,


... 72

*- .. I e41

I for 4 I

WAler 6f the
white f the
SNaOl Sig-
Ia the agen


Club wi
m. and
A deo
for the

----- "- ~o


t~~ z

csrcy mrr

. .




FW ovqv .,' Jr
',b rw4R I3
rass ':,,


. .


- '
. .. -


llr t

MN r MrSld

re iAN5M ai

Yoou Tell em niiru P. A. Cassifi

S"eave yowf Ad with of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 "H" Street Pn

No. 12,179 Central Ave. Col6n
- -l B J lla A oi oin

Lewis Service
N4. 4 Tivoll Ave.-Phone 2-2291. and

Fourth pot July Ave.-Phone 2-044

n otira Dra Store

'. Iv

MaOOU W De ic ranmr u mra C f 1,- ..
No. 65 West 12th Street 10.0 Meftde Ave. Phone 2S5 Col6o ,

Agenda IlatlalionWl de Publicaeiosna .p ,i'- S. A. ti ;, g A u
o. Lotter Plaza -on 2*-SIa St. 3c. eal ..t wa..
No. 3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2-.1-9 PhoneYOa.We..

.'* r

SFORS E-~ bed and mattress,
S condition, cheap. 58 Cuba
: nue pt. No. 1. Inquire water
6 p. m.,
S FOR SALE 25 cycle all porcelain
SWe.tfnghouse refrigerator, 4 year
;-* oguarontee, one bedroom suite, set
Sof bamboo, mahogany livingroom
set, electric clocks. One dressing
table. 0809 Plonk St. Bolboo, C.
TeL 2-367t.
S .R SALE:.-I.Refrigerator in Cocoli.
House- 385-B, phone 2-1031.
S' S.XLE: Mohogany Dressing
a, Table with bench, Swing with
: tuhions, wooden rocker,' card
S % 6. t :Electl rit fen, electric toaster
f ,Wnd misc. articles. House 593-X,
-.r" di Street Ancon near gos sta-
?* : tiorL .
S OR SALE:-7GE.E.Refrigerator 9 ft.
w porcelan- inside and out, $80.00
Motag woasher, squore aluminum,
S 1 tub $120.00, both 25 cycle.
j Wodditek tyewrite? standard
W ;4.19 Port aflo St., Ancon.
E-1 beroom-set, I sitting
e 't.? diningroom set. Prac-
i w, made by Cowes. Apply
t No. 15. Upstairs. Phone
2443. ..
:FOR SALE:-Mahooany diningroom
set, cot-type bhd. Phone 3-0848.
'FOR SALE:-Porcelain Westinghouse
refrigertor.. Vry glood condition,
S:).00. 5447-, Pablo.

FOR SALE: One bedrow set. I
big size youth bd, t Simmons
couch. Coil phone 3-0378.
FOR SALE:--Heavy mahogany dining
table. Six chairs Cowe's refinished,
3292 Diablo.
fOR SALE:-Crosley Sheyvodor 7 cu,
ft. in very good running condition,
." 75. Avenldb Justo Arosemena
FOR SAL-Double bed & innerspring
mratiress; reasonable. House 0860-
A 'Oleonder street. Tel. Balboa
fOR SALE,-25 cycle 'Coldspot re-
6 ri.-ato. Good mechanical con-
,, :t-i, $35.00. Call 2-4404 after

ajf SALE: Ulsholstered section
, man' (ue ieft. 120 bas
i '. piano, accordion, Franklin electric
S;' wing mac-hine.' boo stroller
', pressure cooker, glass coffee maok
Se Mov;e camera 8 mm, No. 20
*' 50 to St. Tel. 340497.
OR SALE--Fr:gidaire 25 cycle, ver
good cond"t;on. 2 lamps. 0778-
.orcall 2-2311.
R Rwfl Estate
SORSA1.I.-BargainZ Leaving ccun
,; try. MVgnficernt property consisting
Sf lot .of land. 2866 square me
"T l|age wooden house with gar
Chicken eodp. etc. Well situot.
V* Cordobe No. 4120, Puebli

OST: Poir bifocal glosses, blui
.ame. green leather case. Reward
Return Byrre.. Gorges ,Ho:'itol.

STrVeono Russell
u es, Burial Set

For Tomorrow
7- Aftm Bleana A. R0ssell, a Ear-
-dilan dreamaker who came to
Ji.-IthMu during the canal
gtru~ction period, died yester-
at Gorgas Hospital, where
ithad been a patient for sev-
i oymrs. She was 70 years old.
Iferal services have been set
W 12:30 p.m. tomorrow in the
Corosal Chapel.
SMr. Russell was born In Christ
Church parish, Barbado. and
m a resident of Gatun and
Oorna during her first years
on the Isthmus. She later took
UP residence in Panama City.
,: She Is survived by two foster
Sons. Allen Spencer and M. E.
'Carter and a nephew In the
POWattt tatea She was a mem-
of the Edith Cavell Society.
P 0


a ore

4Special made

the Tropics'

s11 ye.. DMeirs





FOR SALE.-1952 Chevrolct 2 Dr.
Sedan with Power-glide, new car
condition, also a 25 Cyl. Westing-
house refrigerator. Good working
condition, and venetian blinds or
12 family house, and misc, items.
Must sell by Thursday. Call Balboa
2-3376 room 8 a. m. to 12 noon.
FOR SALE: 1947 Kaiser 4-door
Sedan, new paint and tires. Very
good condition. $425.00. Marga-'
rita 8032, 2nd. Street. Phone 3-]
IS -
FOR SALE:-1950 Ford Coupe. Good
condition, radio. Phone 3-2445.
FOR SALE:-1935 Ford used parts.I
Aluminum heads manifold, good
tires, etc. Telephone Balboa 4279.
FOR SALE:-1950 Studebaker Star-
light Coupe. Excellent condition.
Muse sell immediately. Asking $1,
125. Inquire 62 Mexico Ave. Apt.
FOR SALE:-Military jeep in good
condition. Good price. Tel. 2-2839
between 8:30 to 12 and 2 to 6 p.


FOR SALE:-.1948 Plymouth 4-door
Sedoan, special Do Luxe. Best offer.
Leaving Zone. House 7-F, Coco
FOR SALE: 1950 Oldsmobile 2-
door Futuramotic. Perfect condi-
55 i Werry 4 rB<
Rdt'. w .
RBoat & Morg
o ors
FOR SALE :--Marine Engine, Chrys-
ler Ae. 87 HP 2 '/2z to 1 reduction
gadrg: ood condition. Now operot-
ing in 36 ft. Wheeler. Will dem-
ontrate. -Phone 83-4295.
FOR SALE:-One CW/phone Trans-
mitter. Power conservatively rated
25. waett. With messsenger signal
shifter. Best offer over $100.00
'takes 60 cycle power supply.
Phont Navy 3356, before 7 p. m,
livingroorhT diningrbom, bedroom,

S Miscellaneous
SWANTED:--% H.P. single phase
motor 25 cycle. Call Q Olboa 3002,
Help Wonted
WANTED:-Cook and -ou p
to work for Americar family, ,
live in. Bring reference* te Apart.
3 ment 7-A,.Edlf~co-Modurq, Avenl-
do Ernesto A. Moro-9, El Cangrejo.
. do Eusebio A. Mor Is, El Congre-

Plans Spamdsh

!Cinesl Tqmotwow
The annual Aperle Legionld
Spanish lanjua tto .I
Select the high' school senior of
SAmerichn parents who has a-
achieved the greatest proficiency
In conversational 8penish will be
held tomorrow at 1:30 p.m. In theI
Balboa gth School Auditorlumn
Por the past six years, the
Amerlcarglon. with the coop.3
eration of representatives trom
the edi, ,tt Iq. system of theta
Republic of Pmnama and from
the A--- .*0 Ennltbsasy. has con-t
ducteri 'ese oral InformalT
round'"-- examinations to
stims **rrt n the Roan,
Ish 1 'd to reward out-
istan'" ts of their know-
ledv -- onal ipantb
[ A .*a wIl be hfl
Ifn r -;etermine the Pa-1
cif 1i' I ". I
Ith of examners this
year of the Minlsteri
of r I tor Urrutla, 11

State-. '* cza ros
Fi. P *~ ~~J ool Pr i ,
l T. L 4American
past e- Hans P. Peder-
son, r i Embassy Fegaon
BSecrc .-y T o Davis, Jr.
and (; : Affairs Officer

nam"d at."W i ,
I!b MV 9!mu t d,'eP
'bMISO `or ^BM7 U
F a now all
L fa 1
ft~tet wi l -uB
cM wSi .e-hTweu.


eoa we b lM
Mol pes,,.C .
DR. WENDEHAKE, Milol a Cflnt.
Central. Avenue', K V90t corner.
Telephone 2-3479, Priotnoa.
ISLANDS! .May,15 6, 17
The trip pf ypur. life, aid pr* $50.
A Jungle Jim Jaw* tiu.tO. Pn
ama Canal to Co". .Sw. BNs O.s
Porto Bello! First t of the year
(Sponsored by hotel El Panama). A
three day 'trip aboard "Pescadora."
Leave BalboaIb Friday 6., ., arrive
Colon 2:30 p. m., lev o'n 9:30
p. m. for San Bias ond Port" ello,
returnlhg Colon Su"di y afternoon.
Through the Canal M 4ay 6 a. m.
returning to Balboa. Mimes catered
by El Panama. Bring slacks; sh6rts,
bathing suit, jacket, flippers and
spears for underwater fishing, and
your camera and rlls of color film.
Price of Canal T Ip $10- $an Bias
round trip .from Colon 40; -round
trip. from Balboa (Including Canal
trip) $50. Please make reervotion#
early through ;your Travel, Agent, or
Jungle Jim at Panama 3-10 :

Misce8 auepis
FOR SALE:-National HRO-50T Re-
ceiver, complete with 5' eils. De
Jur enlarger from 35 mm to 2 /4
x 3 /4. Contact Printer ,nd Timer
Fort Gulick:#B,532 or 88.252.
FOR SALE:-rPracticdlly new, 2 men's
suits Statetslde, size 46,.,one
Persian Lamb" for coot size 12.
Priced for quick sale. Call 'Gulick
FOR SALE:, '- double wooden bed
frame spring, innerspring mattrss,
$15.00. 2-4344. 0

FOR SALE: -Steel desk o o.
Phone 4-477, 206-B..lJ -.

I V.--- 1--4 0 1, I

FOR SARIfti J Vl; ,
$60.00. Tel. 04-B, Seymour. 8058
S Ion. ,,.
-FOR SALE:-"Cia. Aucarera Nacio-
nol' shares, 7% divlderid. Porti6i
Scost $100. Telephone 2-244 ,eOr
-2854. -_

FOR ALE :-Scaondall Accordion.
cfLtdve, piano keyboard, 80 bas;
Swimnn Bicycle 26 x. 2. 1,25 white
s idwoll tires. Telephone Balboo
FOR SALE:-Baby carriage $5.00.
Bathinette $5.00. Car bed $1.50.
Balboa 2946.'

Position Offered
WANTED: En gfl-aSponlsh typist.
Must have thorough. knowledge of
both languages and be familiar
with tobulatir m atCounting colum-
nr statements. Write Box 3105,
Preferably singo: -between age 26
and 40; graduate acredtited college
with major in recreation or related
field. May substitute for college up
to two years of paid experience in
social, recreational or similar or-
ganizatlons. Call Staff Service C '.
Director, 82-4279, Special services
Usarcorib, Fort Amodor.

Young Ex-Convict

Tells Of Pooling

Money For Drugs
CICAGO, M^ay it (UP) -
j-0-ear-old ex-convict told au
thoritles today he belonged to
group of 100 youths who poole
their money and gave it to nar
cotle peddlers so they woula
have a 'steady supply of drugs.


frmy Niehols was arrested
Saturday by Secret Service a-
qnts on charges of stealing two
government checks. Harry An-
heler, head of the Secret Service
here, said the youth was under
the influence of narcotics and
was Incoherent.
Later. Anheier said. he told of
youngsters In his neighborhood
who pooled their funds, ill-got-
ten and otherwise, for purchases
of dolophine, a drug derivative
lightly milder than the usual


Vac.u'n Fle'l m ie

CA I al

POSTER'S Cotta One mile bondw
SSanta Clam. Completely furnised.
:Rack Gp Reffigerators and Stosrs.
Bring your linenL. Phone Dogmat's

HOUSES bN BACH at Sonta Cla4
als in COOL Cerro Can m,
Mountain. Phone SHRAPNEL, -IS-
boa 1389.
Slioms' 5SntaClara Beach cottaos.
2. bedrooms, rfriwtou'r, Rockas
ranges. Balboa 2-3050, except
Gramlich Santo Clara beach-cot-
tages. Electric iceboes, gas stoves,
moderate rates. Tlephone 6-441
Gamboee; 4-567, Pedro Miguel.
Phllp. Oceanside coftages, Santa
Clara, BOX 435, Bilboao. Phone
Panama 3-187., Critob'l 3-1673.

FOR RENT:-Nicely furnished chalet
*near ocean, high-fenced swimming
pool, walks tiled, three bedrooms,
two baths, parlor, diningroom,
kitchen, porch, maid', room anda
both, two-car garage, nice furniture
throughout, Terms: One year re-
newable lease. Rent .$250.0 .per
month, payable six months in ad-
vance. Write for appointment Box
5043, Ancon, Canal Zone.

FOR RENT:-Furnlshed house. Liv-
ingroom, diningroom, 2 bedrooms,
Kitchen, wash tubs, hot water.
No. 93 Via Esparla, besid "Rydio
Miramar." 9 a. m. to 12 p. m.
2 p.m. to 4 p. m.
FOR RENT:-3 bedroom .residence
diningroom, livingroom, office,
garage, etc, No. 16, 48th street,
Bello Vista. Telephone 3-3407%
Sor 3 months. Big garden, very nice
patio, 2 bedrooms, one aircorldi-
fioned, forge living-d
veniences. If desired with cook.
Very rqeonoble. PaotilNl phone 3,.

i iji

Two "i five em f
closed gaedear N .101 Sle,
n .lNe d ^eleW mseli, e.
VACATION quartos forwr*5a y 29
V Auout. 1..H6uae 0265'C, Qfln
bo. Cal 6-406.
FOR RENT:-Furnished opartmnent,
two bedroom, Perejll 2nd St. No.
1 Telephone 3-4871 or 3-0533.
FOR RENT;-Aportments in Cocoli.
Colf after 4 p. m. 4-139.
FOR RENT: Furnished 2 bedroom
apartment near Belli Vista Thea-
ter. Call 3-1029 or 3-1596 ofter
FOR RENT:-One bedroom modem
apartment, for 2 persons, $70.00.
Can be seen at No. 18, Apt II.
52nd street, Bella Vista, until 6:00
p. m.
.,R SALE:-Furnished apartment in
Bella Vista, livingroom, diningroom.
bedroorp, kitchen with ice box.
and gas stove, all In best con-
dition. The purchaser can rent the
apartment. Information 45th St.
No. 7, Apt. 15 upstairs.
FOR RENT: ;-. Cool furnished rooms
and board to one or two gentle-
man or childless couple. Call 1-5
Justo Arosemenoa Avenue No. 57,
Tel. 3-2949.

FOR RENT: One furnished room
both, kitchen, private entrance.
Perry Hill Ist. St. No. 10, Apt. 5.
Phone 2-3402.
FOR RENT:-Furnished room, with
meals. Telephone 3-4625.

'Map And Compass
(Continued from Page 1)'
map to aMure their cous06
Even the two makes they Ofn
lnto on the way were ton
car of on the move.
The muen of the Batt
who completed the course
well be proud of their -
plishments last week. It.
somethip t ey won't for
qulie c' whe. Much ltI-
portant than records, ,
Is the experience and
that all 40 trooper gain
of this particular active
Exercise =Bru Bay.

They came to
five weeks of lite
sin Jungle warfra
learning how Am


Another NN New!N .
Farm & 4. .

Geo. F. Novey In.e
279 Central A' -. -I-,4I

STraM t it, S. A. -
Shipping, moving, storage.
We pack and orate or move
anything. 'Phone 2-2431.
2.2562, PanMdhL

Household Ex n
42 A MM Ne, w
Wi Bl AsND $.a


SiRumba, Quamfi
Jitterblg, Charleste.

(PDlmer Graduate)
St. & Mosndea Ave.
Ne It-
IE-On O Da. :to 1 neon

Tel. 14e Oolf, LP.

from ll:3.J S pi.
s-at laow



I 3. mud 2- 6 P.M.
U PerO Aven d. Isa
Ii block fhm Lux 4-et)

Used Stoves and
Water Heatl,'. I
Your SYLVANA St1or
Via Iqda .f1
M*H w 'I

v- loe m







aPefet coneail
with an .extras


IDark g with leather
-to :&m "t a to. Av





Perfect car plus
Perfect plile ,..

n J
Drive* like .neir'
In new-car Uonditio


,:45-JiP. a "wu .

*M -s (v t ".. .

Midnight-Sln Offip
TeOMetrW, TBW W U *
Clock Club .
8:l6-Moro-Din .
8:45-Jerry Sears Atge -t '-'
o:00-News .. -
9:15-Sacred Heart Pralla '
g:io.uu-- zage ... th Res '.
11:00--New .S
11:06-Oft O the "
7l:30-M_ tthean -
12: -Luncheon MnIe
1:1l5-.5lw s.* 1
1.15-Peonalit- ?a*6de

2:I&-A or

S:00-O4it At.

4:15-Bob Eby, a

,:_01 Ti.j ToULI

The cream 'of tie i
with color e em &


PMONTIAC e thl r it '51
PA low priee & lw mileagl

"flC imV Larf and roomy-

p lA C In A-i cendtloa
with au extras



#'."ia..rnl# rT AqP e ame-e-bar

POiMAC .- 51

1L Iave se tIde

I o have to ths7

PONTIAC T' ,S"' '50

-~l-5M BlaDII. A" A 79 redy to '0
Carrismpg ca




CA rri ke new

A daudy, like now

Drive It to appreciate

S- f

ma. &iUm
?o I'AM



I" '5

mi. ofI

Rf~m B6- Gumaa

i; -' -

.1 4

: -% .:
I.*.* ^ ^ i


.M,*. ~

StKac;DaIK IM.
'* *' d iW cD .*
';* **~ rM .



P 1-~~ .~-~1-~.-. ~..~.. -~~-



- -

- I

W-- 101-"a







- A '
*.J'.'i''S^* *t *** 7 -- ** *.. .. : .... .... ... -... ,. ..- +^ f ..^.~ ~^ i n .,,-4 -. t.-t..,-^c ,a _u .. .-+jiA ___.A..afe-
-?-W -*~S BM BIE~^ F"" FL '- ..1 *;=' -*a ^-^ f^^..^-^* ^^^ f

- .L~ -

Z"' 1i -


td tesrm of
vI your Ieultsi



LX, a....
now_ '~d


o '. e r

*NMoO. who just di voired WYI
'sse.or '' J.m _4%m
IoHayden. Jr 4LtlhugatI e u M-

&n- it. ZdiObwithmu ai4 uiga
~ San Juan, her future in-JWa.
This 3-D-Generatioz'z: A kin-
k-aed WE who t, slak
ben mnd for Yea
and years asked her father to
take her to see the polaroid bears
at he soo.
ag*en~en the Hbert EerV, who played the
Btu: p m i awayw movie Sstar who wooed Connie
beevM onDm'& in her Br6adway play,
SistsSme, l mftteA -.a A. foun
aa .. i...ber na In te cof rb ril a-d. Tbwhe l
SlsW 1 1 th1s s mr. The's a for er
)loa retl Ar tetslod a law-
3F^r ^^^h^A Atfo
wozedft n d-*d irea O'
1osa, h about to fol

"* iu* ./onWlUm lind J -An ifoi

*.4 L. C:,
one tn a son.
hil moeu ila i ,r couYMrtfo h fl

r a" w a d ta a d m it

.... v A,*nd 0-7 .L
"Al of the abors agree i t o

Str~i f.ser Ioe [o s o -
90117 r sot f4P U ** 331- f

ic a s oZ1 -p hi s
-me. rxio" 1ahul a tfl bi N l

-fwUe t brom r panie.t.

$Al- M of 1-Gn OPENINat L
aNoe from Try oreto j

l eo rof atifoM FRIDAY! ADMISSIO

OL See ft-"issio-
70 13a04wtreY4 reYs v i i 5
: a%, n i jol ]o., fr H I Af 6

i henah a a t|
m~e A~trtc Vin ue. f 1 1 ^ut



-,. 4r l

te wored'I
? greatest stars
pfsent the
r loug 0 love

lII always

' i

ro e fM .IW



A O T .. A
4blfff I. I rI


N .- r0e- Ce5hW 0.15

N aw, AR K"


.1 '*~:

'a 1~j'5

lad '~V


A Marvelous '
Te chniclor art)
The Art od DCQA8
. Ubes, rwmu



L U HT' Y ), TRE

rawm: 2:0 4Mm p 6:40 0:4

2:16. 4:11. 6eT. 035 .n .
Mat Extraordinary Film In
Y" rm... I




11 On the Screen: -
f John Archer, in
' I "Destination Moon"
o'ott Broly, In
"Port of New York"

$1.10 PER CAR!
with -

an -

*Iru I y* ,

.RAWMcI... IVmMGI...
M ffo M.wa O m -emI -..

GUilbert lead. in

"A Th-usaWd heeI,

CAP f7L 10




anli -Boter, In
w i sasajb

$ a.
~'J sql-i

7, 4, s8:37 iM
6 s .,-** .+

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-~ I uk& 'AM.~b '
~.~lMAQ 4 V~~( Me

Sbi.i~,WN I

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gA MMa I h

a S
1 *--L..

Fqttng' a Philip !

-e~ ws ebe as ne
S%... ..bk .t AoW.


I~ __ ____~ _


W '". ... .

A. .

rt^-x ..

W ei .
'. .^^.^'.'w

, 1. -W.

. -4





^ .'* *tf'"y '

I -,

, 7. r



WilnT.U& 1,9

PIrd HuiI- One Hit 7 Wk"vr.

Braves Trounce Giants Cr tes Says H y Par o

&1 On Buh's Two-Hitter 5 Kner 'i Sti `ng Block Stance As o e As in
0 o -
1 1T -
Team W L .NEW YOMK, May U (Ut)
NEW YORK, May 13 (UP) -Jolly Cholly hladelphisa 1 t,7- A .sowendmtoh tte a a
Grimm today had a "nice problem" on his hands-- Mlwa-ukee Ihw aitkAoe n

I. Ukc deciding how to make room for seven good
I 4 rthiw.pitchers.
I udqply he came up with two Stu Miller, and two on a double
n ones rookies Bob Buhl and by Richie Ashbutn to cushion
t DoLMdkil who qualified sensa- Jim Konstanty to his third vic-
tIlly by pitching two-hitters tory. Konstanty and Karl Drews
Cl tMleir first major league starts. yielded four Cardinal runs in
Bhl pitched an 8 to 1 triumph the bottom of the ninth, three
of the Giants last night after on homers by Steve Bilko nd
W 1' R middle pitched a 4-1 vic- Solly Hemus, but Andy Hansen
tdi4JIthe second game of a extinguished the fire. Willie
d wVteep Sunday. Jones hit a Philly homer.
'Buhini had a one-hit shutout Dee Fondy's two-ran 11th-
ttA he tired In the ninth and inning homer gave the Cube
yielded a run on Bobby Thorn- an uphill victory as Roy Cam-
son's double, two walks and a panels earlier doubled in two
IOa fly. The Braves ave Buhl tallies for Brooklyn to bring
14 lttupport, Del Crandall and his amazing runs batted In to-
j J n ,y Logan collecting three tal to 40.
a e. 'The Braves, by winning Washington made 15 hits, in-'
third in a row now are on- eluding four by Wayne Terwil-
It Fh A :game behind Brooklyn liger and three by Pete Runnels
.*W '. game behind the first- in Its fifth straight: victory, a
", ',S 1'rhls six-hitter for Cuban Conrado
I dnans' pitcher Early Wynn Marrero.
' defted'Whitey Ford of a no- Chicago fought uphill to beat
hitter last night when he drib- Boston on Ferris Fain's two-run
bled a slow roller down the third double in the 10th after George
bMg 'side in the sixth inning as Kell tied It up with a two-run
tl' ,kees drubbed Cleveland, homer for the Red Box in the
h W.Ford just missed fielding ninth. Venezuelan Chico Carras-
r"baMll, but It was a legiti- quel earlier hit a grand slam
E' WOeOIit since he had It beaten homer for Chicago and Dick
V AWtOUhird baseman Gil Me- Gernert and Ted Lepcio homer-
,W 1 gloved the ball. Irv Nor- ed for Boston in the batting bat-
it a two-run homer and tie.
M 6teky Mantle a two-run triple Bobo Holloman. shooting for a
athe Yankees humiliated their second straight no-hitter against
soecalled closest contenders and the A's, had nothing but trouble
Ford .picked up his third as he gave up three hits, three
straight victory. walks, iand two runs before go-
w .gmeer the Phils took first place- in the second. But Don Larsen
Wbydeftating the Cardinals, 6-5. pitched five-hit relief ball to
aad, Chicago topped Brooklyn gain the victory over A's ace,
6,4 in 11 innings. The Pirates Bobby Shantz. Less Moss hit a
were rained out of a 5-1 three- homer and double in the 14-hit
liaing lead at Cincinnati. In Brownie attack.
other American League games
sWhington topped Detroit, 10-1, YESTERDAY'S STARS: Ex-
,bgao. edged Boston, 9-7 in 10 G._ pitcher Whitey Ford of
Sn jand St. Louis beat Phil- the Yankees who pitched a
* p 7-3. one-hit, 7-0 triumph Over
V 9e:thuls made five runs in Cleveland, and,, obj.Buh ,of
S'to ninth, one on a bases-loaded the BRaves who had a.. two-
walk, two on an error by pitcher hit, 3-1 victory over the Giants.

Don Florio Says Walcott

^I 'Ready For Title Bopt
(By U.P.)

Trainer Dan Florio has put comeback trail tonight in Fort
his stamp of approval on chal- Worth when he meets young
lenger Joe Waloott for the title Jackie Blair.
bout it Chicago this Friday. The 30-year-old PepIsl. lid
"He's, rdady,' says Florio. (5-to-12) favorite. -$e4- .,'He's gt a very, good mental ford, Cobpectitut fiii has
attitude. Walcott could fight more, ex pe ce an thard-
Rook marclano right now er puncher than i'-year-
tomorrow night -- or Friday old Blr. "Willie The Wisp" has
eight won 170' bouts and only lost six.
Pep. won the featherweight title
0 rlo says Walcot only box- in 142, lost it in 1948, regained
d three round yesterday in- It the next year and lost it a-
4tead, of the mutual five. He gain tx 1950. He's the number
Voae" t know whbtier the ex- one contender for the crown
hamp will do any training at held by Sandy Saddler.
S todayF. lorio. (says "If Blar has won, 70 pro bouts
"do, it wiben ht Jersey out of 99 and Is. counting on
'chyytand I hope you th to beat Pp. Blair says
doesn't. When he's grouchy It's go to be tough but
S Alwways picks on me." I can stay on top of Pep and
tpi sclano remains heavy (5- land some good blows I can put
to- 1Stavorite but at least one him' down.
S gt o can become thW .o i boxing, middleweights
hrvyweight to regain the Rocky Castellani, of Luzerne,
..]Mavyweigt to regan t Pennsylvania, and Joe Tomas-
sell sell of Elilabeth, New Jersey,
sell says-"Walcott's have signed r a 10-rounder in
& sl.l r o_ e guy, who New York next Tuesday... In
"nt from th one guy wnch Sydney, Australia, 22-year-old
o "tbe fight by onepunc htwei
Philadelphia last September. lightweight Johnle Slockle died
against a crude fellow as the result of injuries suffer-
a. punch but Walcott's ed from a kayo Monday by Dick
the experience and the Lowe. _
I Meanwhile, former Light- T
t Champion Willie Pep lra ni M ar/ t
ke another step ,along the TraUing r kOIel '
( By U.P.)
IOuse Ktills B i lFor
SGetting back to the front of- 1
I ; l lb. filce action, the Giants sold t
Slational VGolf y pitcher Roger Bowman to Pitts-
urgh for the $10,000 waiver
IASNINGTON, May 13. price. The southpaw pent last t
( 1'0 The Hbuse Judiciary season with Minneapolis and i
Committee today killed a bill Oakland. 3
to "give congressional blessing e Gn ti-
to the observance of May 28 t The eantsu trimmed down
as "National Golf Day." to the learge limit by asking
Members said the resolu- waivers on southpaw Max La-
' tion was tabled because they nier and right-hander George
felt It would establish "a pre- S eneer. Cleveland is report-
eedeat"t-eor designating other b .Interested in Lanier. Pitts-
days f the observation of urgh is ted to sign
bs-ba t tthalle ad other Spencr if vers are grant-
sports ed and he is released by the I
The resolution was spen- Giants.
Re Jack Westland
~ also is the as- The Philadelphia A's sold vet- ]
345i. temateur golf cham- eran outfielder Allie Clark to I
p '|, the Chicago White Sox. The A'sC
_I_.. __' __ say they will givale a eperiene- .
2| .- ed outfielders like Kite Thomas M
MO p rS and Ed McGAb e ore c,"tn to

n hlh interest in basket- The WhitB Sex Ase bought
*4SacUCedIby the red- right-hander Sandy Consue-
ad .mleas we draw near gra from the W hasgton Na-
tof the 1953 Par- tlonals. The Cuban burler won
SLeague. sIx game wUatMo-so u W
Pst two weeks the last year. Ce"Pejrp bA ap. (
i I out hi. lare num- pe red In fo et We tis s 'a- j
iB>_ th+e regular prac- son, giving up sIx us" and i
I vlrliu0ous teams and and nine h igt in five Indjig V
~IBlHIRV m was ck- R -
*i i B1flovers to Washington got down to the c
I m ..a-Almnni gmei player limit by. selling infleld- J
uib- Uformer tqam won er Floyd Baker to Ne Boston l
Red Box and opl~bir l fg p r Ih
Rll_ holuw up on Saturday Dean Etcne to OC4ta eoga. De- 1
dthe Red Tank Jr. High trolt shl.)ed pite ets Mit Jor- I
boys .r6dgr tSrve'.d to don and Paul Frwtack to But- C
I the Chanei filo of the Intern al toal
and W-IL LgaW .

at. Louis ,I -.W
New York 1
Pittsburgh -
Chicago -J
New York at MUweuk.
Pittsburgh at" C.Ol"= ia
Brooklyn at Chicago
Philadelphia at St. Louis (N)
Brooklyn 000 0 010-4 7 1
Chicago 000 020 200-" 11 1
Meyer, Black, Wade (2-1) and
Lown, Jones, Kelley, Rush,
Leonari (1-1) and Atwell.
Night Game
Phila. 000 010 00- 6 1
St. Louis 000 001 00 10 1
Konstanty (3-1), ws; an-
sen and Lopata.
Presko (1-2), Braule, Miller
and Rice.

Night Game
New York- 000 000 001-1 2
Milwaukee. 212 200 10x--- 14
Connelly (0-1), Corwin, Hille
and Yvars.
Buhl (1-1). and Crandall.
Night Game
at Postponed (Rain)
Teams W L Pet
New York 18 7 ,Of
Cleveland 13 8 .611
Chicago 16 10 .611
Boston 11 11 .50
Washington 12 13 .44
St. Lous 11 12 .478
Philadelphia 10 U4 .417
Detroit 6 20. .231
Detroit at Washngton (N)
St. Louis. atPhl delphial (N)
Cleveland'- a Yrk .'
Night Game
St. Louis 200 202 100-7 14' 0
Phila. 020 000 001-3 8 3
Holloman, Larsen (1-1) and
Shantz (3-4), Schelb and As-

Night Game
Cleveland 000 000 000-0 1 2
New York 300 200 20x-7 7 1
Wynn (3-1), Brissle, Gromek
and Hegan.
Ford (3-0) and Silvera.
Night Game
Detroit 100 000 000-1 6 1
Wash. 050 104 00x-10 15 0
Garver (2-4), Marlowe, Erick-
son and.Batts.
Marrero (1-1) and Grasso.
Night Game -
Chicago 040 010 020 2-9 11 1
Boston 212 000 002 0-7 11 1
Kretlow, Aloma, Dorish (2-0)
and Lollar, Wilson.
Parnell, Freeman, Kinder (0-
1), Kennedy, Flowers and White.

Atlantic Local Rate

Little Leaguers Win

Over Pacfic Stars
Sparked once more by the
brilliant' hurling of- Belmo Bar-
naby, the Atlantic Rate Little
Leaguers downed the Pacific
Local Raters 4 to 0, to take the
second game of the exhibition
series sponsored by both teams.
Little Barnaby seemed to be
In peak form as he limited his
opponents to two safeties. C.
Goode tossed for the lossers and
was the victim of a vicious at.-
tack staged by the victors in the
third inning In which they col-
lected: four consecutive base
A. Brownie of the Pacific
team turned in a magnificent
running catch, which f i r st
seemed to be labeled a base hit.
The third game will be played
at ParaIso on' Saturday, May 16.
Box score:


ab r h po a
8. Smith 2 0 1 6 1
A. Archer, If 3 0 1 0 1
L Fergus, If 0 0 0 0 0
W. Caender, 3b 3 -0 0 1 0
L. Thorne, 3b 0 0 0 1 0
M. Richards, rf 3 1 J 0 0
F. McDonald, as 1 0 0 1 0
G. Ashby, a 1 0 1 0 0
B. Agnole, c 3 11 9 1
B. Anderson, 2b 3 1 2 1 1
."arnaby, p 2 1 1 0 4
S scalona, cf 1 0 0 0 0
W. Watson, ab 0 0 0 0 0
-22 4 3,19
ab r hpo a
L Moreno, as -0 0 3 1
AL. Rey'es, 2b 20 0 1 0
'. Malcomil, if o:0 0 0
V. Forde,c 84 1 5 1
t. Samuels, 2b 2 0 0 1 1
C. Sullivan, rf 0 0 0 0 0
J. Joshua, rf 1 0 0 0
A. Bownle, rf 0 0 01 0
F. NMhrell. lb 2o 0 2 0
. Forde, Ilb 00 0 1 0
. WUiHamP. cf 0 0 0 0
. Ocode,p 2 0 1 1
a &



(NIA Telephpto
PERFECT DEBUT Rookie pitcher Alva "Bobo" -Ho0osan of
the 8t. Louis Browns gives his -on, Ory Lee,6, ,the ba4t he .ed
In gaining last out of his historic nd-hit victory over Pllade-
phia, as Mrs. Holloman looks on. I ofloman blanked'ttw A's,p#,0
to become the second hurler in baseballl history. to pit$h a no-
hitter in his first major league start.

-o -
." T o '-
Wnarfinez nmpreswes Fals

SWithScorching W.orkout

'eatherwelht championship lace and Leonel Pemraa mes-
contender Isidro Martine yes- whIIle, have been whipping
afternoon had a good them ves into p ufee hall
ed ro f boxing famr at for e shdul1 erom-
e Colon Are talking aut batl. The "expt almet
is excalent tion m unanimous e. t .n ir pial
a workout. MartineI, who is hewtver, that ths contest will
sched d to eet elasu g Jua be short aad swe
tw 1 wi a tea-r under at the oth Waie anPualta are"a
Gol 'Arem Sunday n? t, bat- smoBg-bhe ui t idWIs" ul

This*.f utho w, Butif ulsal .,ei

2o-r~nder wil be geiw ar' If the two eeelentlyo

Dae hE W tante o at those 1f-pund weight
n lith

shlaowng, Dias sti ooidet limit, plus a ur ud pel-
If there anyone around uaa notch amates it Lewi
fled to. tedh tdro the and Maracla
polntem of the manly art of selt General a Io n e are
defense, Juan Dila je tlig mau $1 (one dollar) f ult an
D- wa at hi pll bek lightly O cents for e e Rngse
mure than a year ae whe he dates cot $- for onferre
Sundayleft thevi shores ad. n bee ringside ad 2 for gn' al rieg.

inactive n ce. however, both side.
frJuan and mentor Aubrey Wo o,
ruff claim Itn54 th e Deed 's BWi
Isidre' turned pro ud ntch atouri

pointsof the m Sylvartr Wal General a
Gillias, 2b 4 1 r 4 3
et ,these shores ee e. n 3 t 01

Along The fairways g ;
nRobinsonb 4 40 0 1 3
r- Campanellac 4 1 2.t 0
Golfing Godp From The Gals Shuba, 2 0 1 4) 0
Of The Fort Amader Golf Club c-Manro 0 0 0 0 0
Recipe for a grand day: Furillo, rf 1 0 0 1 0
Take 20 to 25 woean golfers, Hodges, lb S 0 0 7 2
add one part medal play tour- Thompson, rf-lf 8 0 0 5 0
nament, subtract three-, Qrths Meyer, p 3 0 0 1 3
handicap, add a. half ozen VSlack, p a 0 0 0 '0
parts of prize b4~atIr in some Wade, p 2, 0 0 1 0
refreshments m if with de- ---
Gl htfil niprh. aTid finally Totals 34 4 7 1 11

garnish with to t-golng and
in-coming com tee members
and you are ture. to come up
with one of the inest dishes to
date arranged for 4he ladles of
the Fort Amador Golf Course.
Be sure you start it all around
8:30 .a.m. tonieorfw (Thursday)
and be sure it happens over at
the 1st to ,
Yes, gals, the ut-going, com-
mittee have arranged for a final
day that shotid prove fun fozr
everyone. The Umedal play tour
nament will commence at 8:36
a.m. with some extra special
prizes for the ..ore fortunate,
then off tohe 'r.Au~y-Navy Club
for an enjoyable luncheon, fol-
lowed by the presentation of a
great number of prizes to paat
winners and a meeting of all
to select the new Amador Wom.-
en's Golf Com eittee.
Last Wek', Match Play vs
Par Tourmnant proved to be
a walk away for n little. Ann
turned itw a 34 (71) which
was only onemstroke & ff her oWS
Amador course record of 7.
With Ann it's jdst a matter of
time now whp the new Wom-
en's course record for Amadto
will be in the O's and after he.
sub-par first nine of 2+5 (8 pe
& 1 birdie) it lo as I the
time had arrived.
Her double lbie o s
No. 12 proved to~ th 016ffc0.
once however so Mi -
od will haew te at
strokes for a "I i.
Ouckenaus aZ" w
a beautifutr og" 9 0o win
second. Carol @1 g 'O
nice ames *b tamnl'tko
gals at Ama
and comnngl .I I he 0
the prizes. *em A r tbe
In to tie O= forassowi place,
and Ellen1 K1n=a ma ca toe
WAS third DIpG&.

Miksis, 2b'-
Fondy, -lb
Sauer, If
Ward, ctf
Serena, 2b
Atwell, c
Jackson, 3
Smalley, a
Lown, p
Jones, p
Kelly, .p
Leonard, D

ab r h po a
-ss 6 1 3 3 5
6 1 3.15 1
, rf 4 0 1 0 0
5 0 0 2 0
3 0 0 ,1 0
2 0 0 2 1
3 0 1 7 3
b 3 2 2"2 4
3 0 0 0 2
cf 2 1 1 0 0
2 1 0 1 0
0 0 0 .0 1
ta 1 0 0 0 0
0 0 0 0 0
0 0 0 9 1
0 0 -0 00
1 0 0 0 1a
41- 6 11 3 11

x-One out when winning run
a-Flied out for Jones in 7th.
b-Ranr for Smalley in 7th.
e-Ran Tor Shuba in 8th.
4-O, w*alk fpr R, b R h In th.-
Errors-Meyer, Jachemq. B E
.-Lown, Mila, fObinaOn, Cam-
p a(2), Fondy (4) ShUba.
cam aoll& 3B-
c Sheba. = .
Jackson. DP-R-bnstoni to 6ii-
Uam to Hodges (2); Smalley to
Misbl to Faudn, Mltm tZ -se-
/ re to Jly. M--almW. ,

L In X6 j uqL

t In 3. l S
Lam 84,
Wade 1541 r 6
IWate UA-J
woo- M"".&-- .. -"L e

This source tola the Unite
DweP that General eamage
Brnh e -- ema e,
doesn't b vlte tn paj a
ball or a In
Thie Ch o Cqbs and cu-
lib h s are said to be
Dterspte rpoager ed
M ClKffie- %
hardest worker-on the club."
ndysaey a "He's comes
th several big its
for i. They tell me Kiner has
alWy* been a slow starter, so
I 0 b10 e will improve as the
'0Of Pgoes en."
Elner ma s be wautf to stay
with the Iates beof- toe
$4hea him
ai the- baand a

Ktoer thinks he .tt1 hae a
gawee it the bhome ru M e
*tas won or shared tlt
seven major' league sea.mis.
AKiner had hit only fear golu
Into today's game but esay -
a little aShMead of last
'yeor. I'm satisfied."'

Dom DiMaggio

Retires From


BOSTON, May 13 (tU) The
name of DIMaggio was missing
from major ros-
ters today for the first tme in
1i years.
o DMagglo, Red So oen-
terflelde and i. ofthe the three
famed DIMagg botlhers an-
nouced last ghthe ha qut
the game for id
The bespectacled "little prso-
to pinnch-0h l rols inv his
h beo n relegated

causi he didn't want to be r

It wA generally assumed that
Dom'imsually slowr progrh in
ager Lou Boudreau policy
aggI soiewhat prema-
ture retirement.
Durbg X ist of sprig train-
ngthi 'year, the dim e
outf was kept iotit' by
an ailu right eye. But Dom
maMfnls *W vision o ad n 6th-
ing to do with his dedlo

both "e 1 M

Marwi .Chadvwl. Of. t. Tex-.

as Company and GoeEn-

Prelden"'s Tourism at th*
.Bras eirook l oCl,.
ChadwlGa knocked of- t Ver

George mn g d a or ea
786 in staving o, Dq Vem
up when A.,l f

one sook IAa wAl nowe WE
reach a deblal6n.
In their first eight holes
played last Frida- afternoon,
Chadwik turned the -beat
early wa ut up at the
Leim of, 5qW- but Doe
Prier's -famousO io jg-
ger, depending yur view
point took over and he
Doctor fired a'Que' n Ito
over theft ti lew)h 0
come in alln of
eighteen and ed the
siaking of a curving
tnelhe Son t final
enfor a win and a halt on
C me Their lMal bhletsm
was played Sundeay ifeno
with Chadwolk' gl Prier
In the second t~bhL Dave
will tangle n thefb
person top
3 & S2I n ..
e tt 7 ight 14,
Tug =ur~flt ftaftI be
tmween Bob e M m Jim
Emms who an w iml2 =
V"t Toledo ttd JUa

lag balance^....
to the balls

The sh
uhtonr a
gwfntinf ,i ao ,and

becomes a unod
You should avethe
that you're sitting down atth
check your knees and the weight
distribution on your feet.
SThe manner in which you
take the step up to the bal be- pr ps executlon of
your a
golfers completely confused on
o h e place their
Pus gn, 0i.ei -

Thore Just A1nother

ple thouaht Blackfeet n-

diansom nearby resn,
promoters atured To
spea latta a ,now e-

ment here. "Onl couple of his
cloe friendsshowed Up. he I.
dian., you aee don'tbuild eple
uthae ya weitet en Td o
iansl, n

emtribu Thora e was Just an-
Ot he India nboy. l
e t her ,Up I Iot Ie a IU
comes riens.,ihwd S iU malt-e

NO do Rthouat*rupto'.maGet
-*"t~". -'A l
own i :~i

.lilting awy.
Almost any profed abkl.MO
iron thi out for tbIa~eift. r
ir, If they wolNd #"t ai
4uSeR w N1. .0 i t

iT a meBocable orth

sl :rso Mn falls

11:3 'mi. VolleybalL
e 1:00. p.m wmminti I
2t:0 PA. -. AmoteUr
Some of tha otta ,ut-
rat orDoes we a
Otod),idg,. Mrie pavis. 3a
Pat a, maura baleay, for a
Ae and' Pp o rd s.




buying or selling,

you'll mqke the

best deal in

---- Nh '-'



USE^ .. -'
*M ^{fWsE 'EL` sWf^



_ _r~ IRI i 1 __

u~cL4Plr~i~jl~C;n'rUli~Lir.~iti ..Lbtilyj~l;r~p~yi~b- *~~~~~~~ ~., jr: -P~1RLP~+C;LL








sift -r4"
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*. ~~MM Y3 .) r 91111)#a d al M l
a f a all alnon$ In

Sne a,, Stewart a

Se United Press tha fi, e

* a b S T A A ,. ., 7 o.., W...,
'the hiten o hu -", g Ss. I t
He hem 11 to 1a y off We the paw chebydurmash n j -Wht e BUpo r and West Dia l d n1M- 8lent
b .. "tJacke urk ameha ......... IM1

w*r I "" '-. W .e, 'ew North set- C og hc O a. IMt. 16-
S, roa n l a aid th ree atr ... i

Drusn ii elr oget t. w he t th a. a
t eaerd trre P , of -l" I 'm pr' "w vi..s, a Ma 2. .i 1

.was homeht r nleteae ******* a1
*t am g ora nG1 Wi i nw r .oa f TA. ....
h latc hD Ie t .e dWAle ,| h Frn n r

own, i"ut ban',t Ad L0 Vet i am my Wad Bad
much asi bes Youngs awl t*W1u t M aNe t ds bg
I.nt ... .... -e to f *toownf pnGlfTu-

'" *w .e .L g.'.D.: : ef

that" B *a lada for u.7May 22 l o

.uew that nwi tl^l a gently a he hrdad l8air cLk eA t w d aYdalorak Di h Rlg 4
.haw I ,e,, bul ,iha h' to be =dmo'Gt fre ,. d a et to th'. bot he l-a- -
Dogrpryhr a*Mr X^'b ^BK W eae go ohe-ana rts Bletio
-"Tathe',h toOgtwa" was iw he st r e o rord i l aai' "I the e 4. .-x
S ,,, "Im,, tien and ukTon rJia would ult" out. c u 4,-. --
*f o neer thea e l

adito mch alt o ey V uie Big Le ague7S
W, v-'" e`In i _e". a. a r1. t'ft

JOE.Wfwnne Traditionalles in Aftern

,o9aeodW t NEW, -TORK, MayInA 1M ( How.or, th m..I s a
AlContr lte aA W691

.,* fo.r r*& r..

I k e n .n oweI
aafra.t. D .rown ug m, reed

Dt W 0a. Ia *TESL1N@eg

bttd4Leott the and thaso The Grand Circuit Staf' ChSult is tehtgbe'i
W,0 lVt ouiy tw,1 2w Wa pit PAO
"V= ft hln8o i botIwoCe ooing totnno f 'n tri dayrMa y-2

twe Inhi a thmJUN, to l o r hore lCAS FASTL.1ClI E cldidve rqpresent e i
.I.Pull recen-l--,1-.. J-. h.. ee I m ., .u.. ..t,
"~ lp.e rh -~bitoina haloi. tob ATt enda tele 0 CI.m n aer
S oue eVIi senotaled Bra,' fi-t-
I lanI pinguC'r 6o'ib"OI. a ae am i S flut ig y of

_._ttueir TIk 3sweled2.-.
viwh f, b-0-toem Yl_ -'u mIV g&.. -... IS M r AI

i I, Om, I .. z t~ inn ,16M"
l~m, xl~t._!_ t ,+ ."..... 1L

or a rm bum aft times
NO cuM E IIBWE TO aM tSa on'a m n theIonee-

an .. & _1 .a w .. .
--~-~ -.-- -

r&.E b.

a'. **


a: .

aw ou-- .rn
t~ YOU N D Tax .' .. :
Fmxw wS.. UA'-f
n (E,:.

"-" a "" '",t:-- -:... -.r1..

.r- .., -.A-

liner tI
-. 'y C^JL *ff^ Vii

* -.
S *' '*~ *

-. Y ... ":, ... .. *. 'r
*.* ., ; ... : .. .. .. / *- ".', .. ".. ..
.."* ,. .* .; ... .... .' ,-
.. ...:_.', -.'-' P ':i + "": ..

' .

S jnts Big 4 AN -. ; I

C ference C

May 13 (UP The i the pop lnowe t
Foreign affairs commis-
Ofwamrn called on the TWENTY-EIGH VEARL PANAMA, $ 1 wW V2 10s giw
the government today to.-
Ssiefcfic proposals at the
reat it po asuile wopient for a .,. .l .i.g I^M.ta limgt'Ul "
f o -Bulwedozer and power conference on worldProng. He .the detructio co- l) td

'TWdall of the foreign affairs bit deeper today mio the rumns Damage an Waco as e-ti- pared withtxhat of a "bombed ous escaes.t
The or a high level con- o buns flattened by a ated at from 10 to 25- ou an city" dring World Dn

fe world leaders follow- ,de d a o T w iaP d nd oaen 0 cle-o TS.heR Co-[ W rIh h c on d
the onferees. -theeo-D eath '
At the same time the P o rn-a With

ttOtatve ritisrim throh to a base- ranged up to o po
a p stonBuhll do ment d pwith bloody water. Estimates of dme n estied damge d"conservatioe- ne il). t o

M*. an fofr al, highly The bodies of att leas.. y 2 Angelo ranged f rom ,00, 0o 0 at l we au l -o,
Sof a ew world leaders follow-deavictim o Monday' twiter to ne 5,000,000. hRealtors, anke and sur- arm ad ue of
0to,00Intothe Ao ltid War I h0 c
Wt hurh entilledwthloo e Estimates of daae ,a estimated damge'coevatlv- t uidn cn
a ifra highl The bodies iea, g2 Angelo ranged from Pt ,000 ly" at $0,.000,000... were caugh. bt. on d P't id 80o15 a
Itin of a few world .victi.m of Monuay' twisters to $5,000,000. flgj.5 Rankers end insur ae-l h rorser dm.o so bm#nu1rk I. Qu Y/ w rt
im n had been recovered, 83 here and Authorities said the tera- dance atdjuitea said it would on a beam.owver. t w. t "
4-an commission voted nine at San Angeo, Texas. does that it Waco ad Sa run from a minimum of $10,- "It seemed n, l1 t.e. before o'W of ce in e "
umotaly to ure the overn- Another person was killed Angele were the most o tly 000,000 to a oaxfimum oi P. the_ rescue P auM t sper, 'Smoleznsk,t.
meant to make "precise proposals yesterday wnen a tornado hit a in recent years, both la pr-c 000,000. lg on the so 0 utes walk efrot ar- I
aoon a possible" toward hold- church at Colfax, La. perty and lives lost. Injured resn itrou r collaps- h ead," he sai. me
S conference with oviet The Red Cross said 50 persons Maj. Gen. L. L. Doan, coar- ed buildings iolfiOdIg the me hammering rayC Boulevard.
i*V a enference. with Sovietwere missing in Waco. manding general of Fort Hood six-story R. T. Dennial rnlture hew they kne I *ah do ,
Soreign affairs commls- The nationwide death toll and the 1st Armored Division, Store, Cdhrl Cafe ans Tor- there. ...
S l that the French gov- caused by violent weather ..... W ". I remember a. r_~l -ial .011 i 7n
a Iprcam anew-as has ahly e Saturday sted at 119- s.9Aneoriing that thy sW ddd o
I one before b wo the repub- with six Great Lakes seamen soon.,We were t _w amisuso
h nr'h asihdent,--lts desire to see missing and feared de ad. there, ls tdI w lAt IMb'a Te go v
tbat a our-power thnference at Meanwhile. the Houston, Tex.,, lld there was Lt. rcV, l&ur K,. ar ltbl6,
* the f et level be held at the weather bureau warned the Bra- .ansa.rd) IO t a L chle
ar moment. and that the zos River would flood here He loe do A plan 1
government make precise pro- sometime today, reaching a you OUkay,.. .... ., .. ,1 .
lhrdltaprepraton,'a tae of 28 feet three feet a e. o .r.. t C..s 1 h I idelegte,. .
Sonf n statement od. below the -top of city levees-- I.e-, .mb eerPa annual, ft~t T pe .x
The commission turned down by 7 a.m. The Red Cross va- leo, the urltids to f.-ht "pSe- 1. G-. Mark W. ns .Clark,
___shoures___ayirs tha red.... dn ft1 s v_.Wad.
.proposal for lm ate acotnid- cuated 150 persons from the Ix.,'t dehert Was.g .o*. ".ai- t h e .tiq Fi *, i
eration of the la going uropean danger z eone. d theemBrtwe-H a 4; do100h u f i nd' t"h.
e commssion said it can not any persons were still alive in -ube SeventI e". r '_^o l-..he funds owatm .ula,--."' "
di,-,s- the pact before it g wets tb crumpled ruins of down Ar Force .men r to contrbu:c o .e re- -
efir moment. and that the zo tibe veru wolal tadael or useHe inc'o d ro Canal
fl information on it and its i t'o A Waco. ,t dae a tube trohi cllapgY.e or use a one
plications. Is appearance of the bul- that extended t for the ca ncer s m r o-
dosrI. and power shovels --g. blT and feed engram and for nual I0 to-thoeq
nae ThMe author torities ad t all Jln. ghrto S. Afflicted a, .ter lilt
*1 -lEx d to n to" Dr c.La, wherehe tw5,Mh assistance m* &
Td wn 7asi. Th4 eoRd orohes 'he iNationol G ,s fndsl toiatmeCotmM
11, g #toly, the dbste l bueesons bfromed on M th 0 The an 1t wdr w sinderthe
mbing Everest e t g though re lo t '
Z"tube3te the nJed fom h
ALCUTTA. India, May 13 e i. 'e i a .. .. a." .rm f ri a A
(TP-A British aexoedi on GWIns At last n the .r oplo of b aeS .. i

pl~caton a-- yea ol o t d he O buMNledn w g trop Calea f for. the cancer Pro-
S and294m. to v o ep t U lv P ebon Nuar aga t am han ds o power ig s rub le and aer am and for4 fww N"V
Started today a orerady to mke t s t eroarloe d haut o ste ..lew a fe
i tia assl t a on nc nt f wohea n uer sAnanne o 1 le sodt3piS No 20 .a. l as ,anC

ly, i'hithiuns,.0 s'10 i W .el '
ie Ever est h tgh- .u we hst. 1. 30 persons were reported ..1 f -9 t-e ll e o,
(Strontin wnJure, te the ( t ou ni tor o

:. e tI/sh team lead by Col. e ub c pelAar .. .. _,s and e a m ng d the ,. T he ..b a an oi r
j lbn _nt will set out between dfrom were r e;.O uild has ,i. t P0 .. A,. N ___
3Lpm. a aI.. t t ake ya c hee tin ed. ine Hred states cty a teati of ur m .cur.- s,---a a .-s. ,. -

R Te scu Boaisans w o rkntne-d t o ewippe wtrtth ht w totaen ladr ved ar u n toeff CeIpg o and tte ol er Oe ; h
nrad woa i attm te to hit benulr y rotlay b re htered oas aconer by Ira wAi a kr e a J 1 eld. l
e d rrb-theforb iddo ing 3.1.- t portable earchl miltghts made thee .. "d e e he|i -, a. *
eakeaftoert 11am.Ureportms d.vrsceentealmostrias,,,so--t as :.ay., .t.r. -
The fimier t c the "y e w .' a hole busine as area r ?e' "" -' '

bT e n im ldThe ,.relco tIsrt -adr wa oedre fb ex I cept to escoel t
S-l at daotote de .a.t etl dt eer7 b .,ft *t City iN mi racle the buatie tA wld'S-l a r r tc A O
a-in.o Tt1to take nrs I ransloRuer mt.,,eeoen.a| ,-lipwso
h e mMoreb w han ln e aeroNeb had Ia sea .aCe etre not .oqwad da.emad oe tons ve not e .h V .
RpsTOueNwrkE, o otined, wrr iy k -redp s wdnOerehi wad ene if th r- s ok o ctore A c e-
nthur- --oer eeyp attendleviion a church n t o1 I I tl epa ors-f t |othey mmy tle baa tn so o.- rd.- th tha --l-
,mZe.,ue --tih._ a f.eW Ru Folzte be- hadnn .. badly rdthat ream waj oU h reqSted ev
"a-the-oeiddingMay141-tP etwiser b bu the withsoeaut wrareihg. d llmdepr
wtI anLo wdersmenboke u talnd only r- br ihe "y.eamtedh r
2.I0 sanlw............e0:3C'a.m. but5 worn in the buldmng TEL AVIVlsrae],May 12 (UP) Ai entrances anpd exiii t'th e re- .t,. he.a. .n be U the.l
........... p. at the time. ln l --th Un cited Set e yatrkes e a y qa to reh h Davi- Di tt"the Thol the a lsnh bo ,oh
The Loisianad tr nado w t p et ve J ohn Fst er uesoarrth ivd a syloned -o So f eI ler a nd e r beOotte n lat as6 S f",
.ont i Dry rt ea, whre hroe ret ay o onew intoh Is rel w ae oen nhtl m p eh d thi wta
it destroyed x everal bu maild gs lader on Midde Ea ste rpob raes br er to hise ,, aot ore lohlddoan le..usb h ..'"e .1z
atm s eileleh amid unprecedented secu- bh an esor o iMu tel reiwmashn .Db ar n spome Oov- "o
""i' rev ositNesd eor ty precautions.,o plaursr. e onv. ll "s e.din
'iAm. ..tT th .h eCwett.udstreets of thi capital lAtlAhbipe-sdhr heera1i ha bee o L. hte1o3la 'ecasr 1Ia eCA

ro- oter .oWtal dtv oendn.ard. at. Comu hands with g I=lsn- DULUTH. 3 ()-hr- the ar. ov Cacer Coe-'Pe
EForl moP M ao r ol peratw o U.. secretraryd of state flew potededunrdefa.
BOSTON, May 15 (UP) Ar- angry attacked his fact- Ob w as one of rvi- work of the
: r ythur Godfrey, television and ra- fintng tour of the turbulent Jeeps, tE r e fr o
Sdio star, underwent preliminary Middle East and charged the The boat sank in about which money Isa aSo4
ported the surgery may be per- Dubles was accompanied by rac0t and kindred wondered if I'd eir come up." sword p clet ps theitrw to rk 5.

lips House of the MassachusettsnedErye'w a -
winning a hide-and-seek game ry ane at Lydda airport and lle s eetary of state said he wieh two p in It. But the seas deadliet ie..a CPIee- ,.
with fans and newsmen who told the welcoming Israeli ofy12 and 8tI a undertaken the were so heavy I couldn't swim to ed .." s.
were on hand to greet him eams, diplomats and press corps Middle Zen trip at the re- it," he said. ss -
at eLoan airport, appreciative of the 'very great sen er to- latal firsthand drifted toward me. I pleaded beel '
With Godhfrey himself pLar-hrogress" the new nation has mprei.omns." with the men inAide to help me. pfi's".t"
ads in the face of difficulties. nI o enthisoporto

iadntheweeteistleAsorttie tred been "of tipped the boat to the aide aind"
poieo ur gantsweetesttfist- plane made a second landing tmthOyantoyserked me oil ,3he. saidr.. ... "
-ese.le' plia e, because t tower arid ao a that sh -' -eat

L.. ared5r-ELomulrfo! The From his bedside, Godfrey
irnerfAfeaturIsaid hi was amazed and horea- The Remon adminrsl'ton
"eU.sctrosttfeflnro nied" to see' the newsman and yesterday received final dpprov-Oi : d.wit
press Pa damagn to clothes and fans rushing to his plane with al for a new organizational "
ti ythe propellers turning over at set up to take over, au of Julyo"
... allow ampelme 300 to 400 revolution per m ln- 1, the admintraton of the -"which,'
ts fr rigt tipped-ooer bottle be- ute. ,,'aterwo s and sew r y tem s ,sIhe
eoonewof Noting that newspaper wrote of the citie a of Panama and Co-
.e. o "thetrgnra y I b esphed off," Ion. The Panam Cani Comy- 'n to -
Dullesrange of smart Godfrey 4t ..1o did fvdtseirI -e a cmsu." aar ;
fhodrmd waived, h morrow. MuctuadSen'ci tryAq mihahlo to 7 4ayofp toT te83m .,.. ',
sake. neraoitlysteor d ay I handle garfrEintok 1
'g he.e apl"L a r t nT-o f s..a te.i d w h m e i .._t,......... _, _,.o a -_ .

"' ~-----'tratlon w Il crea tig le WIter-
said.-"I didn't want Involuntary works ,Sgw' oand 4 t 01mm-t .
war-m ing Department and 't b
v~iw~o ~ 472 empbres who .*'pacm-" -
FOIING ARBOUND total of .moaly.
CAION, Pa. (UPu An -

,. M M N- Pa. ( ,"- An:committee IM s Me. ..n.
..a- b"ao, John A:etta;:27, c'"g't the!,
i ros ls the awash- t wate'woa..
budMag f tM e operetta. in the dGes of Po"t C
V.g bE t "w&a rins ono .

,. .. .-. o. ...., ... : ... .. ,
. .1 : < _- : .: -. "" .. "" .; + = P '" + / = "

Full Text


hi* M.D usubmsw ev rus Panama AMniCAR raes*.
mmm w w MiiNNvmi a*
V M ir> 0 B> tS4. >MAM. w P.
, riiimoii Pnmi N 2 0740 Ltate
C*n OD.i. r>*.NAMMICJi*. **
Cai** O*l>l0ai 'I C*Nfnu AvtNU aavwtlM 'tin AMD "JTt. IIMIII
limn lOtMii* fowl as. IN.
4* M,niM>. Avi NCW Vaw* |ITI N V.
mmnth im *avAN _______ 7 i MONTH*. IH 4BVAtl 9 ?
< VIA*. (' DVA*te
s oc
a or
Th Mall > m aa **rem *r rea.r .1 Tae 'aaaata Ami-
UHers at* iKfit. graMuM* .* il** mi wnaHy '-
weaill MM*.
If rea ...iblthj leHar -* basatlea w *' *
JSMm* **y. Lrtttn r* aualka' m Mm eraar r*ctra.
bate try I* ksta fa* Utrerm IhBJnmI t. a* *>t Itnatfc.
Meatier af letter writer* litl urititii cearraaaca.
Tfcii aawsa**** mumn aa resaewsifcilrtv rat Mararaaatt at aaiaiaa*
crtisct ia kitirs Irata raaear*.
Cristobal, C. Z.
*f~ i'ot too loni ago I wanted an old hand-tar t make a rail-
^raji to haul up my bo.t, ana nearo there were some Jor sale at
Cristobal Storehouse. I vas given a price of |2o, but was told that
ti.e three be... ones had already oeen sold.
While I was around the yard, a man came along and looked
at the three best ones, and said he'd just bought them for the
.empany which was taking down the coaling station. Later I
Jonnd out t. at he paid $15 each for them, and I also found out
'that be was buying old drums ior hf.lf-priee too. It It now a
policy of the Canal Company to charge their own employes twice
as much as the contractors?
I have heard that In c 11 contracts Riven out by the Panama
Canal Company there is a clause forbidding prvete business on
the Zone. However, on inveclitation. it appears that this same
company is doing quite a bit of private business. They are sort-
ing, packing snd shipping scrap copper, and tl-ey ato have a
*ales office at Pier 16 to sell anything and everything to anyone
who wants to buy. Their prices on iron, by the way, are cheaper
than Section "I."
Hardly a day pa&ses '.lift a client from Pan:ma or elsewhere
doss not ccme to look at or buj machinery or iron.
Labor News
Exercise Coution AirXihd Cement Miners, Sam
I spoke to BUI D'Wwyer today.
Very bilefly. For, after going to
considerable trouble to come in
from the Mexican beach to his
Mexico City Hotel Prince head-
quarter!, the ex-ambassador
hung up on me.
Seems he's sensitive about dis-
cussing his return to the United
States to answer the questions
of sundry district attorneys.
It appears that the ex-cop,
ex-district attorney, ex-mayor,
ex-ambassador and expatriate
has reached the point ol no re*
turn. That was his clear indica-
tion in the few minutes we
spoke. Thatand his bitterness.
Everybody is being unfair to
Mad we talked longer I'd have
read to him his statement to
the old Senate Cilme Commit-
tee on the morning of Monday,
Mar. 19. 1951. At about 10 o'-
clock DTrwyer turned to the
committee chairman and said:
"I need those mixes, because
a lot has been said and a lot
has been written while my back
was turned, and I welcome an
opportunity now to look at and
talk to not only this committee
but the people of this city and
elsewhere that are listening."
Well, the "Ambassador," as
the international telephone
operator would say, can have
several sets 6/ mike now to
answer some questions. A
heavy moral guilt falls on htm
if he does not return. Ha is in
a position to draw a very ac-
curateand much needed-
picture of the network Unking
rational crime and politics as
it operated in the nation's
largest city.
Bill O'Dwyer was an intimate

Ordinarily I would stnd t-.U le..:r to 3-ltoa Hfciits, but an
outfit that buys at hau-price must nave a loi of frienos in the f the indicted AFL Longshore-
men i Union chief. Joe Ryan
who apparently still wants to
hold on to his racket-filled la-
I want to buy wholesale too
~ '
Yours truly,
- Half-Price Harry
After six years, the Commissary Division -wants-to parchase
eoffee from the Interior of Panama.
.... -. --_,. a***
In this time the prices of coffee have risen from 47 cents to
16 cents per pound.
Now. that the commissary has purchased coffee at M a pound
we are charged for the lowest gr oe .8V per lb.
It is possible that the Commissary can charge .Si per lb. for
roasting and delivering coffee to the customer. .->4,
-J taw ftJr^ who, ^ >u think
w. T? nd gave orders
Is it because we got a raise?
Jest Wandering
bor barony.
So close were they that even
in O'Dwyer's early days aa
Brooklyn district attorney, Ryan
wi a regular visitor at that law
cnioicement ofilse, if you'll ex-
cute the expression.
William O'Dwyer, as district
attorney of a county dominated
by Murder. Inc., which used the
area to supply "troopa"-killers
-for friendly loan to the Syn-
dicate across "the land, "sat in
the same banquet hall-*rith the
roob-waterfront crowd at the
Joe Ryan ASan. clambake.
When a grinning Bill OUwyer,
with the dignity of the big
towns mayoralty behind him,
* C r-*' vction Jn Cuba on
Birds of Ftother
1 Feathered properties
friend Drik mad
T -otmg bird of w"h,Bult
. ;>.y 9 Driving
IS .:i/ched ever, ,.5?mmantl.
, s;:eep 10 Mother of
UCJttltft maPK0..
- i:.-'*rofoleic UAtalltime.
14 :eiaw
17 Organ of
25*!? hiti 11 European
10 British money flnchas
of account 22 .Tourney
1 Frighten 23 Opposed ta
suddenly ,ormtr
15 western cattle 24 .'.stakes
M Merited 25 AsterUk
*t Diadem 2 Wesry
M Make efforts
14 Come
It Musical
>*|7Uted to curdle]
It Expunge
11 Drivels
41 Eucharist ic
wine vessel
4 Entangle
44 Constellation
w" M"^TsMr*a*^w.#
N Surf leal saw
U Spotted
7 Legislative
M Cubic meters
1 Siouan Indian
3 Depend
i 1 Arrow poison
Harem room
! t Permit
Answer to Previous Puszle
'No Innocence Abroad'

Ouy I know named Mike Stern's get a book out 'some enemy lines for an Interview that made one
this month, thing called "No innocence Abroad." lousy paragraph,
which is a pip of Its kind. In the old sense, He ran a footrace with the Gazelle Boy in a
Michael Stern may be the best reporter in the mid-Eastern desert.
business at the moment, and certainly he knows He had to find and then live with Giuliani, tne
more odd angles about naughty people than any- Sicilian bandit king, when the Italian police and
body I know? the Italian state itself couldn't find him. Mike
found him.
"No Innocence" it a good book because it is a Mike's uncovering of the murder of MaJ. Wll-
book full of hard facts about hard people, in- Ham Holohan, an OSS olficer, after his bone*
eluding Lucky Luciano, Virginia Hill, Kooerto had moldered long,.was one of the modern mas-
Roaselllnl, the late Freddie McEvoy, George Daw- terpieces of careful, reconstructive reporting, in
son the Cockney junkie who made SIOU.OOO.OOO that a magazine piece suddenly made and con-
off 'surplus since the war ended, and of course, tinued to make hot front-page news,
the rjeoDle who murdered Ma). William Holohan. It was quietly documented, as most of Stem's
That wat Mue't exclusive, dug up and laid out stuff la always quietly documented. He is a man
all alone as was his interview with Giuliani, who loves a fact. And in the doing he baa run
the eacian battdit who almo* became a, W,,. ;4wj^btow air on some of the special
MlkVs a peculiar sort o! gdy. He has i pat- acoundre&f of our time,
slon for factual knowledge of the seamier side
of large-scale living. He has been a crime ex-
pert since the 'thlrtiet.
He dearly loves a fraud if he can find out
what made him a fraud and tell you about it.
He dotes on crooks if he can tell you who the
crooks are using in their crookedness. And mur-
der is his meat.
L. N *Ltc T
r yte T T O
L fJ 1" V 1 1
11 Buddhistic
church in 17 Acquire by
Japan labor
IS Correlative of 21 Ship of
30 Nights before
31 From himself
35 Cotton fabric
40 Virginia (ab.) 51 Burmese
41 Short jacket wood sprite
42 Agents (sb.) 53 Negative word
41 Simple 54 Consumed
44 Prayer ending
4 Agalloch
47 Plexus
41 War god of
50 Including
average (ab.)
. ... __ gave orders
that Billy-boy was to be made
.ime, chum NonC other than
his dote friend, Joe Ryan.
I h 9* Presume that O'Dwyer
had a good time, since Ryan
fas riding nigh.and had in.
SmmXE!'** And ld Joe-
'^national Longshoreman's
fE&> haa o reason but to
a,, warmlVof food old Bill, truth in dingy places. He was carved up very
m,,rrf I3 vears, scores of competently, as his old punching bag. Lucky Lu'-
and something ike dano, was carved up one time for misbehavior.
After Mike had done a rather stark piece of re-
porting on Luciano, Lucky was heard to remark:
"I hope nothing happens to 8tern. People will
blame me."
Mike was fairly flip. "Tell him to get back in
line," said he. "There are 31 people ahead of
him." Mike's right.
Brother Stern has had some strange assign-
ments in his time. He had to contact a Com-
At 41 or thereabouts, Stern has been a reporter
in the truest sense for 20 years, and has general-
ly been surrounded by violence and gunfire.
After the war he went to work tor a wild man
I loved dearly, Bill Williams of True Magazine,
who thought nothing of telling you to go find
Giuliani when all the cops In Italy couldn't, and
who himself had ducked a lot o lead.
I remember Bill's boy, Mike, rather tenderly
at. h. r.n on hi* face nut there by illegal trom Rome, because the only honest shake I got
FROM 7 TO 8:30 P.M.
-------- YOUR CHOICE OF ENTRR .--------
Spare Ribs and Saurkraut Hungarian Goulash
Spaghetti and Meat Balls Frankfurters and Sauerkraut
an investigation of the water-
front quietly died In Q.
Dwyer-s office.
Testimony of more than 100
witnesses, taken by O'Dwyer's
stenographers, was never tran-
se: lbed. Instead the notes were
packed an dthrown into the cel-
lar. Furihermore, O'Dwyer never
nac1 all these memos read back
to him.
And on May 10, 1940, the dis-
trict attorney who was to be
I5*r*wl? the rank 0l mbassa-
?!' l2 X" VMt fll from
the city's Commissioner of In-
gator *nd 8pee1*1 mveu-
Fxactly five days later ac-
cording to the sworn eatlnionv
hi for. 'f8'81""' <""ric, attorney
or fore a grand Jury. Willis m
O'Dwyer ordered a dS^
nuance of the entire
S f?^"^'There Wuatf.r;
; use the Ne
for international
ing as Lee's clearing house for the perquisites he
was lavishing on the press. Mike gave me docu-
ments. A document is a fine thing when you
need a document.
Brother Stern lives today more or leas like
Harun-al-Rashid, Rome style, in a M-acre villa
on one of the seven hilts, and seems to know
everybody from Beirut to Boston.
I usually see him in Gander, Newfoundland
him going one way and me the other.
I hope his book sells big, because It's a good
book, on fact alone, and that's still better than
munlst guerrilla leader in his mountain hideout the kind of fantasy the light-wrlsted lads turn
behind the Curtain. He had to parachute behind out these da. s.
/ -,-.--
A NEW YORKER IN-GIRLV1LLK The law was passed te induce teehnloaUy-slUJled
Americans te seek employment at C. S. bases
Cosmopolitan's cover is decorative. A aexhiblt overseas.. That silly-dill* hill-billy thing called
of Marilyn Monroe, reekabootiful .. The song, "aUw-Liga" U about a cigar-store Indian who is
"But Where Is Year Heart?" (from "Moulin in Love, which gives you an idea Add squelch-
ers for dopes who begin conversations with:
"Veu're getting plump,"- etc. One yap said:
"You're getting fat." To which a gal fang'd:
-Yon are?"
Rouge") to grand.. .Bat se to "Ruby" from "Ruby
Gentry"...Oeri Galian's ere wlat Ramon's Ma-
cayo near Santa Monica) is a show in itself.
Gallan belongs in a mart N. V. spot. (Never
been oat ef Los Angeles).. BUI Wlllard, who
chants who Us* -thl"?1* raer" Produces, writes an* acts in the Glrlesk shew at
Port for intarr,.Ml,?fw Yorlt the top late spot in Vegas (The Silver Slipper),
to Variety's critic there.. .Llberaee. the top pla-
notable en the West Coast, packs the Hollywood
Bewl and turns away lie*, of music lovers regn
WhUe he was mayor, D'Dwyer
was handed a special fort
Authority reportdrawn up at
the cost of hundreds of thou-
sands of dollar. It woe junk-
ed. Yet it might have saved
,."; fare*r'i outnesses and
great injury to all labor.
Things That Keep Me Awake: Why the movie
named "Katie Called Katje" was changed to:
"Untamed".. .Fernando Lamas announced: "It
takes a woman to make a man feel like a man."
lariy Have yeaj heard Goldie Hill toy with her (Seftor, that hasn't been news since Eve ate that
new becca? Titled: "Say, Big Hoy!".. .Frederick apple).. .Add Miscasting: In the cinema, "Angel
Pace." Dollypop Jean Simmons plays a demented
killer. ..Time mag quotes Disraeli's comment:
Van Ryn, the author of the Esquire piece, "Call
Girls and FaU Onys," is Vladimir Vetlugin, a
talented man...Per Men Only: That phote of
Janet Leigh (Page ) in the May Silver Screen.
(End ef Mash).
fur/ooty Keaa** Class \$es
It would have wiped out the
ind of abuse which started
..] ay back In the Thirties when
rlmrZ 2fS,colProns leas- K
-3 centsrtfSuS '01111'" HVSSFmSm
And more recently, the racket-
pl** UP *omt PuWfc Piers
, ;;r |50 a day and it-leased
em for 1350 each day. That'a
Ito I?0"'* W1Ut PUUeo **
Now the city to in shame. The
nation has been looted by these
IS5L&2 l** Tobty 8ntoial
Committee has a chart to show
25 ,?re,dnt George Meany
depleting how the racketeers
around Ryan dominate much ol
the union.
Lovely Pier AngeU's real handle has t musical
sound: Anna Maria Plerangeli. But most me-
lodious (on these ears) was the name of the
ata we met in Brazil on a tour of naval
duty in '41: Maria Theresa Martinez Demello.
She wed a Texas Air Force officer.. .Htrry Bela-
fonte (starring at Mocambo in H'wood) to a re-
freshing entertainer. Young, handsome Negro.
He appeared with wonderful Dorothy Dandridge
in an MOM film last season. His humility to an-
other attraction.. .Although 3-D films have gen-
erally been panned they all have the Fort Knox
touch. Novelty to the best advert. Have a
switch: Sinful episodes in European cinemas are
often deleted by our censors. Yurrup's btue-
pencllers exclude the bang-bang shenanigans in
U. 8. Westerns. They ate appalled by the vio-
lence we consider strictly kid stuff.
Tan* In en data
Clooney recorded saVasaaatus: "It's the
Marten* b eews: "It's Deliciou la Rome, It's De-
BmMl wonder the "Ambas- lightful In Nesae," to which Rosemaria rattles:
ft.Jn "' 4h &ot trpica'."It atUl fUls the MU en the back porch at hawse."
. o tne poltica (Girts!)... The U-MMths-ln-Yurrew tax dodge
'eat ol New York, ^ _____ 'learichlng evse twinklers) has a logical origin.
"You know who critics are? The men who have
failed In literature and art".. .Reminder to Time
Editors; O. B. Shaw was a critic.. .Despite all the
current 1-doodling, the ever-loving' "reter a'an"
grossed over 8 million bux in four months. Top
entertainment in any form always clicks.. .The
"Titanic" finale makes your throat hurt.. .The
Candor Medal goes to Doliywood's Eleanor Parker,
who informed an Interviewer: "I love everything
about having a baby."
The Press Meets Me: The Press Club (ef L. A.)
gave me a parly at the Hotel Ambassador.. .Over
Mt newspaper people made reservatiens (accord-
ing to BiU Kennedy ef the Herald-Express) bat
only half could get Into the room.,.We reprint
our speeebfor the editors along the Syadicut:
Ladies and Gentlemen: History Judges the vari-
os profesaiene by auieoaal atondaras. O ene ral
Ferrest, for example, Is firmly established in the
military world because on a comparatively few
sessions he got there fusteat with the mostee!...
Any sub reporter has to do that twice a week
rogaaeriybefare he gets a byline.
It takes sixty years for historians to catch up
with a soldier's mistakes; a doctor's are burieu.
forever; a lawyer's come up on app.r biit aj
newspaperman's come back at himIn the next]
edition of the opposition paper.
qi VttSlfKTQM
r MlWMAtSOII_______
1 V '
Drew Pearson Soys: Secretary Dulles requested his White
House slap-down; Eisenhower asked to protect Civil
Service employes; Ike says new administration must
control government policy.
WASHINGTON.The gyrations of the President's Secretar
of State continue to amaze the President's personal staff.
It now develops that the famous denial Issued by the White
House, cracking John, Foster Dulles over the knuckles, was is-
sued at the behest of John Foster Dulles himself:
What happened was this: After Dulles gave a small group of
newsmen certain Ideas about Formosa ana peace in Korea for
background use only, these ideas appeared in the New York
Times and other papers attributed to authoritative sources. This
is the usual news-tag placed on background information.
When Dulles read these In the morning paper, he personally
phoned White House press secretary Jim Hagerty and asked him
to issue a denial.
But Dulles did not tell Hagerty that he, Dulles, was the
source of the news stories.
Hagerty compiled with the request and issued the denial. He
prepared an official White House statement that there was no
truth in the stories.
Immediately following this amazing by-play, the State De-
partment held a policy meeting of high-level officials at which
there was considerable speculation as to who at the White House
had issued the denial slapping down the secretary of state.
"I'll bet," remarked assistant secretary of state Carl Mc-
Cardle, "that It was thatC. D. Jackson."
He referred to Ike's adviser on psychological warfare, the
former publisher of Fortune magazine.
Dulles himself said nothing. He did not reveal the fact that
It was he who had asked the White House to issue the denial. :
But undersecretary of state "Beedle" Smith did say some-
"I wouldn't talk like that," he cautioned McCardle. "My
experience in government to that remarks like that always leak
back to the man you're talking about."
The brother of the former head of the Republican national
committee called on President Eisenhower the other day to urge
4 that Civil Service employes not be fired.
Ira Gabrielson, brother of ex-chairman Ouy Gabrielson,
served for years under the Democrats as chief of fish and wild-
And he, together with spokesmen for 19 organizations, call-
ed on the President not only to urge that civil servants be pro-
tected but that public lands riot be turned over to private in-
They didn't get very far.-
"Nobody believes in Civil Service more than I do," remarked-
the President.
"I'm a pasisonate advocate of the career system. However,
a new administration must have control of policy-making posi-
tions If we are to maintain the two-party system of government."
Ike's callers included representatives of the Natural Re-
sources Council, Soil Conservation Association, Isaac Walton
League, Public Affairs Institute, CIO, and other groups.
Gabrielson, their spokesman, argued that top career Joba
below cabinet rank are In most cases held by "qualified men,
never before have been considered on the basis of politics."
He pointed out that cabinet ministers in Canada are re-
placed by a new administration, but their top assistants, career
men, remain on.
However. Eisenhower repeated that the Republicans couldn't
control government policy unless there was a turnover of strate-
gic Jobs, regardless of career officials.
"The former administration created an excessive number of
policy-making posts, something like 670, obviously for the pur-
pose of rttotag 'ftjflartflB." continued Jke, when, ajked, where he
would dfaVtWe-ime in firing cafeef mem.- ^*7l T
His callers took this to meanthough the President didn't
say sothat all 870 are eligible for replacement.
Ike was equally unmoved by charge, that a "giveaway" if
our public lands to cattle and timber interests might follow the
tidelands oil "giveaway."
While not endorsing, or rejecting, legislation before congress
to Increase the grazing rights of stockmen on public lands, the
President said that stockmen had to be protected from "unjust"
grazing prices.
The President pointed out that the Forest Service, which it
under the Agriculture Department, and the Grazing Service,
which to under the Interior Department, charge different grac-
ing rentals.
Then he asserted: "There's no justification for a man being
charged one rental by one agency and a higher rental by an-
The White House visitors readily agreed. But William Volght
of the Isaac Walton League emphasized that the problem was
much bigger. It Involved, he said, a threat by livestock interest!
eventually to take control of public lands away from the Forest
"Public lands should remain public lands," contended Volght.
"Any effort by Congress to give stockmen, or any other special
group, a vested Interest In public lands Is not good public poll-
cv. Government supervision of this public domain should be
strenethened. not weakened."
"I'm as much concerned about the safeguarding of the pub-
lic Interest and the protection of the little fellow as any of you."
retorted the President with an Ingratiating smile, but he made
no further commitment.
His callers left somewhat nuzzled and definitely unhappy.
A band of American adventurers are smuggling arms through
guerilla country to the isolated Chinese Nationalists in the
Burma mountains. The Chinese pay for the arras In narcotics
which the American soldiers-of-fortune peddle on the Thai black
market. 1 '
It is feared that the next country on the Communist inva-
sion route will be Th,,tod. the rice bowl of Southeast Asia. The
country now to ruled bv t whose struggle for power hcj brought Thailand to the bring of
The government. Is rldr"*d with graft and corruption. On
high official remtl" hanH-d over rice-export licenses, worth
thousands of dollrrs. '0 th' re girl friends.
A prominent *'#""'\ complained to an American official-
"You dropped an atorr'c bomb on Hiroshima, but you dropped
Chiang Kai-shek on us."
You've embarrassed your father againyou're retting J
along too fir In school to ask him a lot of queaTiontlV

treasury Secretary Humphrey
May Balance Budget In 1954
Wn'tcn far NKA Service

WASHINGTON, May 13 (UP) Treasury Setra-
-tary George M. Hgmphrey said yesterday the adminis-
tration hopes to balance the budget by Jury 1,1954, and
disclosed that President Eisenhower's tax recommenda-
tions will go to Congress next week.
Humphrey told reporters the administration will try
to bring spending and income into balance by gradually
'cutting down government outlays during the 1954 fiscal
year starting July 1. .
He said he believes the "situation will be in hand
by the end of the 12-month period.
Draft Board Gets Detailed
Orders On Classification
Humphrey declined to reveal
Mr. Elsenhower's tax recommen-
dations but It was believed he
may ask Congress to delayra-
ther than spaed upscheduled
tax reductions as part of the ad-
ministration effort to balance
the budget.
There was some speculation he
would ask for a six-month ex- wh0 neard Humphrey's
tension of the excess prof Its tax "" the White.House refus-
n hiuiness beyond the present "Prf _;..,? nnxaihtli-
Humphrey emphasized that he
was not predicting a balanced
budget for the new fiscal year
because spending will exceed In-
come In the early months. But by
the end of the year, he said, the
two should be In balance.
Senate Republican leader Rob-
ert A. Taft and other OOP con-
on business beyond the present
scheduled June 30 expiration
. ate.
That would let It expire next
Jan. 1 when personal Income le-
vies are scheduled to fall about
10 per cent.
The President has emphasized
repeatedly that he opposes tax
reductions until a balanced
budget Is at least In sight and
that alternate revenue sources
should be provided If any cur-
rent taxes are dropped.
Humphrey reported on admin-
istration fiscal planning at the
weekly White House meeting be-
tween President Eisenhower and
his congressional leaders.
- He also discussed it with re-
porters after appearing before
Congress in support of the ad-
mlnfitrlition's foreign aid prov
Humphrey's statements on
budget balancing -were far more
optimistic than those coming
from other admin lstratlon
spokesmen in recent days.
He described as "unduly cau-
tious" a statement by Defense
Secretary Charlea E. Wilson
Monday that a balanced budget
could not be attained for "two or
three years" without dangerous
uta to defenae spending._______
ed to speculate on the possibili-
ty of a tax cut.
3 Killed, 4 Hurt
Aboard Aircraft
Carrier 'Wright'
The Navy said today three men
were killed and four seriously
wounded aboard the 14500-ton
light aircraft carrier Wright
Monday when a damaged target
drone plane crashed into the
ship and exploded 300 miles off
Key West. Fla.
It said the carrier suffered on-
ly minor damage. The drone had
been hit by anti-aircraft fire at
1,500 feet and again at 00 feet
and went out of control, crash-
Slnto the carrier's starboard
walk, the Navy said.
Few persons can say they have
a birth certificate autographed
by the current president of the
United Sates. But two-month-
old Dwight David Hart can. He
also received a letter from Pres-
ident Dwight David Elsenhower.
Officer Seeks Evidence
TTongay Mistreated Bubba
Juvenile officer sought evidence
today that Bubba Tongay. sur-
viving member of a child swim-
mine act, should be taken from
the custody of his father, but
denied that a hunt for the boy
already is under way.
The father, husky swimming
teacher Russell Tongay, has
been charged with second-degree
, murder in the death of Bubba's
five-year-old sister Kathy, from
a mysterious blow.
The girl was buried secretly In
p. remote west coast cemetery
Monday night while the parents
and Bubba dodged publicity
somewhere in south Florida.
Juvenile probation officer W.
Ira Hazlett said today he believ-
ed he knew where he could find
seven-year-old Bubba.
Highway patrolmen reported
the family's convertible and
trailer were seen this morning
between Ft. Myers and Punta
-Gorda on the lower west coast.
. Hazlett admitted, "This has
been a hectic case from the start
to the present."
He called reports that a search
K: the boy was undertaken ear-
r today "a misunderstanding."
"Actually, I have been search-
ing for witnesses who will testi-
ly that Bubba Tongay has been
mistreated," Hazlett said. "And
so far I have failed to find a
witness that Bubba Tongay has
been beaten by his parents.
"But I'm working diligently
day and night on this case. I'm
leaving no stone unturned In the
investigation, which is going to
;take a long time."
Police reported that an autop-
sy showed little Kathy's death
last Wednesday was due to a
ruptured intestine received in a
"brutal" beating 24 hours pre-
But Tongay, in the only state-
ment he has made, said she fa-
tally injured herself when she
hit the water wrong in a 33-foot
Hazlett said he is not worried
about Bubba's physical well-be-
ing at the moment.
'After what's happened, he's
not in any danger with his par-
ents," the officer said.
No court order is necessary to
pick up the boy once Hazlett de-
cides he has evidence of mis-
treatment. But a hearing before
juvenile Judge Walter H. Beck-
ham must be held before cus-
tody can be formally awarded
the court.
Kathy was buried in the dark
of the night in a small ceme-
tery at Anclote, a fishing village
near Tarpon springs where the
Tongay family formerly lived.
Reporters crouched behind
tombstones as funeral attend-
ants lowered the small casket
into the grave. The attendants
returned later with dozens of
wreaths sent by sympathizers
from all parts of the country.
The parents had left Instruc-
tions with the funeral home a-
bout the burial after they at-
tended the funeral services for
Kathy last Saturday night.
Tongay faces a hearing on the
second-degree murder charges
June 18.
Detailed information concern-
ing the classification of students
for Selective Service has been
received from the National Se-
lective headquarters at the of-
fices in the Canal Zone. The
following announcement was re-
ceived: .. ,
"National Headquarters' offi-
cials have announced that local
boards may classify a high
school student directly Into Class
I-S if they have in their posses-
sion, prior to making the classi-
fication, evidence that the reg-
istrant Is a full-time high school
student and that he is making
satisfactory grades. It is desir-
able that students bring such in-
formation to the attention of
heir school boards.
"A student who receives a I-S
statutory deferment from his lo-
cal board is entitled to retain
that classification until one of
the following occurs: (1) he
graduates, (2) he reaches age 20.
or (3) he ceases to satisfactorily
pursue his course.
"By classifying a student di-
rectly into Class 1-8 a local
board can, In many Instances,
effect a monetary saving to the
Government besides avoiding in-
conveniences to the student. If
the student is classified in I-A
he must be sent for a pre-in-
ductlon physical examination
when his order number la reach-
ed. Since a pre-inductlon physi-
cal examination is good for only
a prescribed period, many stu-
dents who might be reclasslfled
into 1-8 would have to be re-
examined after the termination
of their I-S deferment.
"Under the selective service
law every youth must register
with a local board within five
days after he reaches his eight-
eenth birthday. The law pro-
vides further, however, that he
does not become liable for serv-
ice until he reaches eighteen
and one-half. Shortly after a
youth registers, bis local board
malls him a selective service
classification Questionnaire.
When the questionnaire is re-
turned, the local board classi-
fies the registrant, on the basis
of the Information he put in his
questionnaire. If the registrant
disagrees with the classification
made by the local board he may
appeal to the State Appeal
Board by merely sending, within
ten days from the date of mail-
ing, a letter to hit local board
stating he wishes to appeal his
"Since the local board classi-
fies an eighteen-year-old short-
ly after he registers, it is sug-
gested that every youth who re-
celves a questionnaire while still
in high school, go to the princi-
pal of the high school, after
mailing his questionnaire," and
request him to send a letter to
the student's local board. The
principal's letter should attest
the following: (1) the registrant
Is a full-time student at that
high school, (2) he is making
satisfactory grades, and (3) the
date he is expected to receive
his diploma
"All regiatranta are required
by law to notify their leeal
beard ef all changes in their
status. Therefore, all high
school students should be re-
minded that they most notify
their leeal beards when they,
receive their diploma, when
they cease to make satisfac-
tory grades or if they alt high
"If high school students, are
advised of their rights and obli-
gations under the law and keep
their local boards correctly ad-
vised of their status at all times,
the selective service machinery
can function with the minimum
of concern and inconvenience to
the registrant and a lighter work
load on the local board. The
men who operate the local
boards, appeal boards and act as
appeal agents and advisors all
serve without compensation.
These men donate their time as
a patriotic service so that regis-
trants may be classified by local
men who are familiar with local
"One of the problems facing
many youths in their last year
df high school is deciding whe-
ther to go into service immedi-
ately after graduation and dis-
charge their obligation or go on
to college and try to complete
their education before going In-
to service.
"For the high school seniors
intending to enter college, there
are two provisions to consider.
First, a full-time college student
called for induction during,his
academic year may request that
he be deferred until he has fin-
ished his academic year. If he
does so, the deferment must be
granted but he can get such a
statutory deferment only once.
'Also, a youth who atarte
? 10ft
? A *
? 732
? KQS7
? 4J6
es \
_K 4>AX4
North-South vul.
Seat* West Necia laet
14 14 14 Pats
INT. IV 44 Pets
4 Pass Past Pees
Opening lead K

silver anniversary party was
given In the Blue Flame Room
for Dr. Joseph R. Kysar, former
pastor of the Grandview Bap-
tist Church. He quipped: "For a
minister who has preached a-
gainst hot places, you certainly
picked out a warm-named site
for my surprise function."
Steam Boxes
Reducing Machines
Drum Rollers
Heat Treatment
Spot Reductor
Dekms iced tez
to perfection!
Ja*, hi tmr-tmh! Nam' mtin (Ioimu,
aaitlia* clan m-mbm Ma tr *
d ar r iW pfacfcv. N'mnik-i
aaaf mm craiy Ham TfcrAr. Cms koal
naar fia Na n Tit 1
Panam, At*. Jot
AroilaWH No. M
-! fSz1.
PfcMw J-niT
ule aaS riil
What ttoyou4o when you are
walking along the street and see
on the'. crowfiM sidewalk that
you are going to encounter some-
body you dont like? Maybe you
Just grit your teeth and keep
right on, but if you are the cau-
tious type you might execute an
"avoidance play" by crossing the
street and doing your window-
shopping on the other side.
The same sort of avoidance
play Is possible In bridge. You go
out of your way to avoid the op-
ponent who can be troublesome
to you. one of the methods of do-
ing this la illustrated in today's
West opens the king of hearts
and dummy wins with the ace.
You are playing the hand as de-
clarer in-this slightly ambitious
contract of five clubs. How do
you plan to play the hand?
Sooner or later, of course, you
are going to draw trumps, but
that is only part of your plan.
You are going to ruff your two
losing hearts in dummy sooner
or later, but that likewise is only
part of your plan. The burning
question is what to do to avoid
the loss of two spades and a dia-
mond. -
The bidding makes it perfectly
clear that West has the ace of
spades. Hence you cannot expect
to win a trick with the king of
spades. Your best plan is to es-
tablish dummy's long diamond
suit and to discard two of your
spades on dummy's extra dia-
In the process of establishing
dummy's diamonds, you must
avoid giving the lead to East.
One diamond trick must be giv-
en up to the opponents, but you
must make sure that this trick
Quartets Will Vie
In 1st Big Contest
At Balboa Tuesday
Strains of such old-time fa-,
vorltes as "Silver Threads A-
mong the Gold" and "Down Mo-
bile" will be properly strained
by the five barbershop quartets
entered in the first annual con-
test which will be held next
Tuesday night at the Balboa
The quartet singing contest of
the barbershop variety is to be
held between shows so that any- '
one buying tickets to the movie
that night will have the oppor-
tunity of hearing the ten selec-
tions. The advance sale of tick-
ets started last week and are
obtainable from any member of
the Society for the Preservation
and Encouragement of Barber
Shop Quartet Singing In Amen-
ice. Inc. (SPEBSOBA).
The show is being staged as a
benefit for the Cancer Fund and
net proceeds will be presented
to the Canal Zone committee.
This year's Cancer Fund drive
is being held during the last half
of this month.
Trophies to be presented to the
winning quartets are now on
display at the Balboa Clubhouse.
The trophies are being given by
Gordon H. Dalton. founder of
the local chapter of the 8PEB-
SQSA and chairman of the Pro-
gram Committee for next Tues-
day night's performance.
Rules of the contest calls for
the singing of two songs by each
of the five quartets entered, the
names of which are as bizarre
as the songs are old. They in-
clude: Zone Tones, Gringo
Groaners, Las Cruces Trailers,
Junglealres, and Pancan Alley
Members of the five quartets
and their selections are:
Las Cruces Trailers: Al Ward,
lead; Al Pope, tenor; Marvin
Roth, baritone: and Major Fred
Baker, bass, singing "She May
Have Seen Better Days" and
"Sliver Threads Among the
Zone Tones: Dan Slater, lead:
Herb Barnes, tenor; Chuck
Walsh, baritone; and Jim Har-
ried, bass, singing "Tie Me to
Your Apron Strings" and "Those
Roguish Byes."
Gringo Groaners: Fred Ger-
hafdt, lead; Gordon Dalton. ten-
or; B1d Nelson, baritone: and
Lt. Col. Don Mather, singing
"That Old Quartet" and "Coney
Island Baby."
Pancan Alley Four: Jim Mar-
shall, lead; Chet Luhr, tenor:
Bill Taylor, baritone; and Herb
Mundt, bass, singing "Down Mo-
bile" and "Your Eyes."
Junglealres: Major Jerry Hay-
ter. lead: John Alexander, ten-
or; Lt. Bui Reilley, baritone; and
Capt. Cliff MacLean. USGC,
bass, singing "When You Wore
a Tulip" anda medley "Thoae
Old Phonograph Records," an
arrangement by Major Jerry
Sheds "Muselee".....
Donald R. Marsan, 17, appeal*
ed to be uncomfortably warm al
police questioned him In con*
nectlon with a bad check casa
They asked him to take off hM
sweater. Marsan proceeded. t4
peel off 17 sweaters while ex.
filalning that he wore the %
ra clothes to make him
like a prize fighter.
: ex-
"* a I
fall-time eellege coarse befara
ZSV^S^tSLXXSt ^TsWn* to West rather than to
end type ef student Mferment. ^ u ^ m|kd# th, mlatake of
He can sdbIt te take the Be- TslLi__J .* ? _.t tk. ia
He can apply te take the Se-
lective Service College Qnall-
fIcatlon Test. It la eetng given
at varios Intervals each year.
"The results of the test are
sent to the local board. The
board can then defer the stu-
dent for another academic year
if he has achieved a certain
score, or if he attains prescrib-
ed class standing. A local board
la not required to defer a stu-
dent who meets either criteria
but their decision la subject to
"It should be remembered that
a deferment is Just thata de-
lay. When the student gradu-
ates from college, he is under
obligation to serve two years on
active duty. In fact, he remains
liable for service until thirty-
five, if he has been deferred.
"A student can also gain de-
ferment by being accepted for
college military training. Mem-
bers of college ROTC units are
deferred, so long as they remata,
in good standing, provided they
sign an agreement to accept a
commission upon graduation and
allowing East to gain the lead,
he would lead a spade and you
would promptly lose two tricks in
that suit.
Here is how you "cross the
street" to order to make sure of
avoiding the dangerous oppo-
nent. You draw two rounds of
trumps with the ace and king,
and then lead the nine of dia-
monds from the dummy. If last
plays low, you can likewise play
low from the South hand, and
West must win the diamond
trick with the ten.
If East covers with the Jack (a
dangerous play) you can win
with the king and ruff a heart in
dummy to lead the eight of dia-
monds through. East will be
obliged to play low the second
time even if be has played
high diamond the first time.
In this way you make sun
that West wins a diamond trick.
It Is now easy for you to clear
your remaining top diamonds,
draw the third round of trumps
ending in dummy, and run two
diamonds In order to discard two
commission upon graduation and diamonds in oraervo au
serve two years on active duty." spades from your nana.
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