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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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Sees Armisice

Hopes In Red

fTuce Pr

LONDON, May 11 (UP) 01i4a.ime fr .i ,
g N urcmh, called today r s ,a f t b
P**M "on the hilglt um- MU.kM.


ll ma bla drpatic I
* n ln aamong U
-* uLJ^ A M r

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ut i tZabw e l

,,, p as ndbw

r 4 t t

(rrive he '
San route to U
to *


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UItans &
^*c~ianto a*
4.B^I 4 a~a .
i sobriety P
We Von't Sl

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*ammuws -
ritah bas
ma, and
1e talks a
never, Mb .


a. pres!ur"We
b~e fr|T-

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Bmu comaltte
k a few houfs t
co a to"r of 0
south A4. ,
bortly atrda tie a
told a nfw CAN
Oniunist xKOrn4
arsfactory, on.&
.4. .and .eAi

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Iiff5 W.|
Qa to amp W
0 to b .e 10
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oren 8tar
portt today
NogK from
she left for
with her f
The report
.al. i 3
swTmere a
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Ibecb out i
=4.hjr hu_
409,. Margot,]

bone l
r would
if I wer
I IdntiUfl
as as







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PAMG WO ... .. .. .......


07T N aMgg 0 Si* L Rp .
riULWm.n PANAMA Ne. *440 l inlais
ogat.e Opplei a1.1W CINTAL AVImNUS W HIVIN IS 4110 IXT Sk RTN
240 MADmaeN AWl. NW VYmlR. I N-V.
020B Vo AR*. N avNAN., 'm 3 .,.

~ ~ V '.*L ^ S1-' .
tj s. ,.



In the early moments of '
IElenhower's first 1 \
Senators Shape Up Squarely the l cal
faced Sen. Taft "losthis
just once aml& the
of helping to launch a, e <-
To Facts Of Army Beef Cubes ,of i.hepn tln
This came early one meml '
when five Democratle
, ... o-- civic leaders came to e
wh Senator that they 11M
WSHINGTON, May 11 (UP)- ned "beef and Wravy" were not end to the rules which -
A nate subcommittee got a new uniform. He claimed the Army ted Senatorial
at the weekend in the wanted square cubes. Mr. Republican IIstelP J
'pometry of canned Army ham- "Isn't a cube a cube?" Ansara visitors- nludmg ney. r,
burgers and beef cubes. demanded. "I even wrote the Ar- brother of Walter; Joe a
my a letter giving them Noah power in Americans for lib-
Alfred Ansara, a Ban Francisco Webster's dictionary definition ocratic Action, and Jim
, eat processor who supplied part of a cube." secretary treasurer of thed .
4t the lesam,n also raised a con- After a few minutes, t1be8- r .
oversy about spaghetti sauoe. Col. William F. Durbin, chief of opened his office door,
The Army wants It made with Army quartermaster procure- to the men who had .m
sugar. Already unhappy about ment, said an Army meat cube such a drubbing n
the way the Army rejected some can, indeed, be oblong as weU ual dental campamn (rW m5 '
4his meat products -like round square. Ansara said Durbln "Mornlngside HelShts") -
"tennis bal" hamburgers and should have told that to some of jrlted them out. ,
meat cubes that weren't square the Army inspectors, who kept But not before he told thln, '..
-Ansars hinted that sugar In rejecting his oblong cubes, In effect
the spaghetti sauce is pure cull- Then there was this hamburn- "You're Democrats. You work-
nry madness. e er problem. Ansara claimed the ed for the Democrats. The e- -
"My firm has packed millions Army caused him a lot of woe by publicans don't want oJ -
of cans of meat balls and spa- rejecting hamburgers because In around now and tef 'l lus
whetti sauce without sugar," he they were not packed horizon- ow to run the govern "
said. tally that is with their flat About the same time, heaWr, '
sides parallel to the bottom of ip. Taft held a alol and -e
Seven Army experts immedi- the can. fr talk with A,
ately produced three cans of .eorge Meany on shaping up a
eommercially-canned 8 hetU He clalmedtArmy specifications new labor law. '
and meat balls and two cookbook were such that the only kind of And that patern of e n
recipes to show sugar often is an hamburger possible was round mity for the CIO and a friend-
Inwredient of the sauce. like a tennis ball. iy truce with the AFL now is
In some of New York City's He eonfounded a lot of sena- the backdrop for one of the
better restaurants, the opinion tor-acholari by dem a.nd in g, most important, poItfee-e-
was divided. The ef at Lug's "whe rod,what en ro wat s or develop f m new
In Greenwich Ville, said he the flat end?" administration.
never uses sugar in his sauce and This became apparent, to In-
hever heard of anyone else who "Maj. Erat Watkh, military raiders when Sen. BWith, head -- -
does. veterinaxidn to fan Francisco, of the .Senate Labor Conmlt-
said the h~ iburTers were not tee came out f bearing all the
Raymond Paret, chef at Nino's, round lhi~~t ball, but mumbo-Jumbo legist ttl- .-
an expensive mid-town Manhat- "ell i ." sald Watkins. mony on Taft-Hartley he
tan restaurant, said he always the I't k because past two months with '
uses a little sugar to counteract .Ii t lly, which would, in egeo: A.
the acid of tomatoes. bW I. workers the most powerful sitlonof .' "
Angelo Patroae, chef at Loulse, wert n .i into the AFL right out from under Mua *
Jr.'s, an East-side Italian ca, can ca lns labor law.
ad "the true Italian style ssaue o ne of them, which didn't fit The bill would virtu
calls for no suar-to an Italian t.. cans, were torn, Watkins legalize a closed shop. for the .0 .* *
It wouldn't taste good." M. entire building and gonstXuC- A a smaU boy I s thad'.uy share of an&I B*nagf pun
The citing senatorial ton industry and n ofbrthrough the IM0ewa e, anclent, Vt th8 'A son
eurslon into the mysteries of still claimed the Army smaller fields, exceptnt there
lthet sauce and odd-s tel t him they were re- states .which -aSlr2 -tleo_ r t P
nea Ubes and hamburger 4 bet they weren't Qn such contracts. The buldim We a t ltheo. tr dew" IMh
c krian extraordinary Bates' P d a horizontal positlOn and construction trades section .a tcpa, I 't can irr i t
dAy of the subcommittee their major planes paral- of the APL, it ahodid be n~,ed, v a t t h
on mn- ins. TetoU the can ends." hal some 30"' workers hrit I liRO nke ( iL ter3
Wt hftUrkore. Ansara said, the There i no doubt *that this hat afflicted r an.ter
The pf a were Ansara Neaw. :ulicatlons on how to bill was worked oat with fen. us ir
and ,*u'artermtaster -He burgerss for canning Taft's labor advisers and Dick thi and setting fire to bg and
off ir it is to MWR three lis 'The At- Gray, construction trad leader t e M -. t .
buy suea sara's Ca- e said. cover six pages. and one of the Wew Republian mj ithe w
lifornia cO :pu In can. a Homer Ferguson (R- A L ltes. theft Anth
Anmara co d that the M h *ib the hearing to a Meahts C 'IO to Zo w- foar. vuoRmane -
-. .,,, Ir ...n- Af .PI .,=fi ^-ks pw..,,a ,, tinn -, .. ....t .. ..x W 1.



i '. 2
ei Wa -
>?- BWJ. w j^**^ *

3 Cau
1 4. .
nWinnglike part

0 Yl low
'11 latg enmt bul jSant
,,l7aRem lr 10Adulteorate 2
1l"-d1tie ll Makes into
aetealMes law 1
II~ak~c 2

thme umrgo-..&
"L. w-ak: I ,

-BbO d.... l

40 Stakes la


a's trunk

; "** **
- ,;4 ,. ,1 ..-
.* \-2i \.j" ^ I' r '. J





S ,' i .-
* -!l .*^ i 3
'+?" _',^
/ ".2 ,,
*; ;'-14|.,H


- I,,
I:- pg..

k.- .. y day-

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P~_ __~__



* ..- 7

I in
d up
it for

' s-

an. a. wi

*I INe


nO Vax

by Mr. Elenhower cut atual fcaal ifon mnim
e 14 defense spending 2,3,00,O,- ot abtl
OY 000 below fortmner President Tru-
J. maz's requeat and pued the Mad n.
10 Democratic admintitratlon's *re- plaMs to 4
ne quest for new funds for the mti- pr oU .
tary by $5,244,000,000. .tI
it The administration chopped he thoupgi
i foreign mHtary aid requests by one srvic
or $1,800,000,000,. dislosed thatIt able ut at
Je has about decided to drop plan "TWehw
V,- for building an atomic aircraft hide of t
It carrier as well as atomic planqm "It is not
and intends to reduce the nuln- nort-lt."

-'B^ *

IAme. *\


imb I

Sw m mi ay na
'f it wet'n

no&^f* the tit

PM a,
U Odd'

ll I-.


ayouu pairwn
months stai
would be $5,
UIr 'IPrmen

o-eW r


nons .w Qv.

a '.Efar d


The i
let of.

S -*
witi teA S1
qt t mafs.

IUcpated lower tax rate wais
taxes, which wm diap-
tbjv.learw. Wil be up a-
aterf's defbot predletion
id secretary of Treaury
D M> umph %y's zece
ant that tko fadnbinmes-
es no chance if a balanced
4n the comlne year.
phrey aeo warned that
.00M00 public debt
.may hwve to be boosted.
bt now stands at 6,500,,

U<-.' ..-..- ,



who 1
mce of

.Sd~ Vwl~ V
~ 4 rf

g leFt Ace
d.- m'. .. ,* ,

By Los
A anOw ,

mia or




~r ~
1 -.5-.. 'a

s* irwi



m -.

TI~ JI'4
,r ~

-'# T 0 RE

p i' .. *
^* -' S A.-

:^r- n
V^ ,^'. ^ i .-'N,\1.1*

I to

t- '
. *



$39 75:

L d


' -- .



: -.~--r ::-:---~








- 7--.---.


'!.GE FOUR -

Methodist Bishop Questions

House Investigator's Methods
>> "----0 --

WASHINGTON, May 11 tUP) nist fronts," Clardy said of Ox-
-Methodist Bishop G. Bromley name's proposals.
Oxnam urged the House Un- The bishop has been feuding
American Activities committee with the committee for som.:
yesterday to let persons named time over Its tavestgative meth-
in its "files" review the material ods and chairman Harold H. Vel-
with the right to submit coun- de's suggested investigation oi
ter-evidence. certain clergymen.
His suggestion was promptly I He and the Illinois Republi-
challenged by Rep. Kit Clardy can recently had a Vace-to-face
(R.-Mich. a committee mem- meeting at which It was agreed
ber. who said it would "utterly Oxnam would submit a list of
destroy the investigating proc- recommendations and that Vel-
ess." de would bring, it before the
"Taken together. I can think committee for consideration.
of no more effective way of In a letter to Velde, Oxnam
blocking congressional investi- said the files "are composed of
gatlons of communism, the Comn- I newspaper clippings, letterheads,
munist party and the Commu- hearsay, allegations by miscel-
Slaneous individuals or organiza-
tions, and other miscellaneous

RUTH MILLETT Says itms.."
He staid it has been the com-
..- mitte.3's practice to release ma-
Just how many "s e c o n d'" trials from the files to persons
chances should an irresponsi- who formally request it and send
Shusband expect his ife to it out "on the official letterhead
be husband expect we the committee and signed by
give him? an official clerk." Oxnam under-
A man claims that in a re- lined the word "official" both
cent column I was unfair too times.
ban who tt d,"It carries no statement to the
husbands who want to mend effect that it does not represent
their ways, cut out drinking and, e tt, ... .... e n
philandeerin, and become 'good an opinion or conclusion of the
phusanderng, andftec e r s od committee," the bishop added.
Iusmands and fathers. He said a person receiving
I did pont out to such a file "naturally concludes
man that It was no wonder that it is an opinion of the con-
that after he had been drink- mittee" ,
ing and running around with
other women for years that his The bishop proposed:
wife and children didn't seem 1) Eliminate from every file
to have the love and respectthe listing of and reference to
for him he thought they would any organization not declared
when he finally decided to "set- subversive by a properly-author-
tle down." ized agency..
2) Evidence of membership in
After be neglected them for subversive organ ttions should
years, I told hin, he would be clearly -establiSaed "beyond
have to work hard. to win back ne*wpapr quotati ls t ad listing
their love and respect. < on J3terhead4."
The reader who felt I was too indivlduat on whom a
hard on repentant husbands .file Wh been c A should
thinks that in marriage there have the right to rview the file
should be such things as "tol- and submit his own testimony
erance, forgiveness and return and evidence.
of the prodigal." 4) 'Comminttee files should be
operaonly to committee mem-
PRIVILEGE MUST N O T B E bers, memberss of Congress and
ABUSED the Irldiviual involved unless
the *ater4al has been substan-,
Thm should be tolerance tiate. -I*. the latter case Itj
atr.d 1rgleness in maria g e. would be released only by a maj -
But V.It doesn't mean that. a orityyvote of the committee:
wifeVgto rancet and forgive- '
nes- hboul be abused. Or that "
she should be expected to for- *-.
give, and forgive, and forgive. I -'
J. is' one thing for a wife to '"

To -give a man for a mistake
vw'en he. tells er he is sorry
p' 1 t'-t, he 11. never molec
r" i-' ,

be mban foogh to keep trV
of the barantl. If does
he can't e xtt her to o
If'oringo" ver and over.
Then hel he. finally means
It. say t 't he Is a chased
n -1 and suppose that she wil
rer1,.e that, this time hea is in

,r 1 4 expecting a -wV1e $ t
tre repentant husbah.vIke
a ] caIg1T son, that Is ft
He Wiat a son. He's a husband,
a VLoWU man Who took.on the,
res odsblities of marriage and
tb(T..4iu3L.veL up to. tbem.
I Ihbe wants a. -wife to tale
hil. back he will have to start
thinking like" A a4ult. stop
feeling asrt .for himself and
face 0t a-t that if he wants
her,. love- and respect he will
maR b' a long, slow process

VEStS WLKIN. E'laaeteus

-l:. dh5 "' '

is. hIdMWvt anW iperaaLS
-eur plan-for restored hearing
Is individual and personal ...
0 give YOU iratest possible
W a. m of new hearing.


Great White Fleet



*S.S. "CHIRIQ ............................ ..May' I
*S.S. "MAYA" ................................. May "
S.S. "MATAURA' ............................. May U
* S. "CHnIRQU .............................. ...May 31

* HadamJs Rl b eMrt Co led and Gnmml Carge.



S.S. "LIMON" ...................................May It
S S. "PAISMINA" ..............................May 13
S.S. "MRA RDILANGA" ........................m.. May M
SS. "M APAN .................................. June
rrf t tU iMa t (AW hM Cteboml to
Wet COet CnMtl Ametwe poeft.

Passenger Salling to Ne Orlean
via Santa Marta. Colembla

I ---------1-

5rAr Olmdan I _rrww
UOlPZe AND NMot ioe PACIic coAnW
(A Laumfel n-4 Vmmr D )ths)

s. Sayeux ......... ..... ...................... Mblky

SS. PPoet Audabk ..d........ ..............a. about Ju .it j.

'S. :.

...-.,, 'rf .-
* ,- ,. -,

* t"' ',i? ,;.'J t

_ ~ ~ ~ ~ .. '. ~~_~


Samuel Smug te *L. Il MUe,.
U yes wee hbe weol be I

is se et t -I 1 -
, 4,
11 @wa* tol k ..

Di. elatH

PLAWohIr me
4e11 roe MMI

70 MEWOtE..,EiSOLr.oW
ONfvegwvugcu ^.,

The Helping B sal

I '



-, '-t...'

,, '.. ., '

I.' "

Sw ',*
.t**--t* )

Saillnr at
8:06 ajm.

The Old y.jrw .. .. : "
. -.7 .-9 *V.*

S.S. "CHIRIQUI .................................May It
S.S. "CHIRIQUr I ................................. June 2

Weekly mulinse Tm o--Pmoafger Uhip8 to Now eTak. New Odlem.
Mobile. L Am ft- -mme md Sette.


AAMN 00or


S. qei a-thaadtheWt s W. "
1 h -

To CrTR AM A m oT uJ."A
M S Wash li n ...................................... May bSl

8.S. AntiUes ............................ ..... .......... .
S.S. I. beD Frsnce ....... ..........................



'S i -

fA I
) f ?,v "

7- ... -.
~- j'~.
& .ka a.

* A


- ~4USWD,1...
7. a



J.a~, & S

- I

_ __



- -~imail&



A n- -:r W-.",,
Sm I .-. Rj -'
.. .'-: :- '" ,'..
1 A *. ^., .jS S
.*-.i~.-.*-* .^h.--ff mi iji ^ Tii-^ --i-ii iii ]'T iiini| *i|lt> a^1 i

it 1W>A _J WE_ -', ^ _" 1 *, *'^^ W ^ S
. I^. .* 'i, ^

an~~i~~ I~BIPi~il





. | i i

. : -

C f

N:-*, .

! ,



~-*g~ ~-U-.
* *-,*' ., ,.~


I $ b~' ~ *js;.K ~

-. -a.- ...

ru 4 -

6-e oer Civilian Dogs In Doghouse In Japan d

to.otamft athe
.. .e xtenl- dbed- -

w e"U.In. .cl a specified

gs ill becehlwhere "civ ia dg th m a to it

96all tanbnsr.fhan ..rt ver ew hm u n for th Japanese.
< '. r = ". -,q dere.ih h,=

.'r i f^ a wll. I .^ed td litve ....
Chg16t a osp vlytotore 5 tn o apel thog Bh f t of o A t td o rof V1l
S amea sll o AldypTledath eo t o w rdo o r fdwthe foot
of te 1or r dsmroom -low
a, nrradl i Gy.h hn
read.e en -

no s m ...-...; m
will beheldInnA forQ-Itrits
dq*Wb,^fll siltc i---
Do AiMBl Batass r. -It ie deifl- g m, ould h tf .thtl its for construction, comparing
M id ed to mi- finalized form, id amke a most favorably with general
small craft h Stateside Rover ,ong or theJapanese.
L... -.00o d t The dog house Itself is thought-
ft"asu"i.(lp) W Ofte e. kl under- Bluep arbe ,to fully set several Inches off-thj
WOh,-eIt so.s.chso i= I oois.WHL. stoon to t litters any civilian e WO t owner, ground.
-.. WpmU& jtoIL h l- chulvelg to .baoati4 .o orue .ll through theb office, of
pl *tI assembly cr.p/t as VCTpe A Dogs." This one should accom- -- ....
a c~etdra to to tly do- l0ons, ut. 1 n'em mas- With typical thorou9an_-eu., the mnodate pets ranging from a St. Here are a few don'w
_h w.. hed by the v seped Red 'ursee.nft tlff ancesdo Gikp inhs dog- military plans Incluad two dif- Bernard to Seabiscult with no you are visiting a patient an a
I !trlowtbll~ll bere IMod JA.Ma 91 dar, the owuW-mustlconstruct ferent sizes of Oct abodes, with trouble.
".btthoffet edetaiu e a large Ty bot. five elevations of ,eae. carefully It has a 14-square-foot area smoke Ifts
**htwent of I ilalnld. l d e~tual ed. with a generous doorway 26 Ing. Don't stay over 20 mlatep2
Another feature4 tic 150. bzt on- First is the "&,A blueprint Ipches wide and 30 Inches high. Don't brtig the patient bm
,th q w-*l be l~tmtionnp igt- bee enforced "For Pet.", Xt spedlO a 201x24- Naturally, the picture window in news. Don't laugh and ta lI
At u g in I 0 Instruction ir&Ibyivl eviction hotidee for L num- inch door and a six-square-foot the rearlis somewlxst larger. but loudly. And remember ming. The a lpl er of houselkept doge that did- inside floor arels. A small dog the sloped roof, swept-wing roof -merson said: "You may tal
cream at later the d a Iude pr, hing n't ad' poeud -to reailIfg the obviously has rom for over- style architecture is otherwise on allsubJetsaveone, lalupl'
pWho#trand-rogram ,wim-esmall ,rinl night guests. the same as for smaller animals. your maladies."
other ether latvialte lifesaving, aid; or ,,the "Ielvnlin" db p ,the A rear window, but no drapes
ha 1gjiI, -the h tWl. fbr Afamily reunlon. I rkctic ; ming Materiel fCmm1 an reted a or shades. is requiredand lum- "Blueprints for the official dl- And that's the nes ,
,-. %,!Di. wpr stera rovettntJmt tiN. 3 -e l to ber at laest 2 x 2 is- regulation vision of dogdom were prepared tant "dm't.",

Weine in ne -half.hours.
the.a .1 ,*.- +
and.ards ui; Mara-"
the. g, 'sev .,...
hkIdLe" the o. ..

La. lUa. 410 ha tr.ohrd'de

7 010.u. m
p re -





On .6

to .New I
*a .a he

of baher
DO-s -0

r at Wltr, "ar 2W
e 16 to28
Properly ralesto t
i with a balanced
Scount of lb p
Sort that the sq
at least 26 petal I
L tos, wbloh
Sbt not enoul


~ bon lim
~.VlessY TOM To~




4. -.

1T :6

~'r- .' I
V *



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- f-l

, 1

/I ., .'"' *
. + '..


or beot


*4 *

-- ,~' F I


, i- ," ,.,:^ -^'
- V. I; '
I '
: ', '*r'L.,t-^A

.tfl'i.,I. .i .8*

You Sell 'em... When You Tell 'em thrun iA.'ClassifieA

Leave your Ad with one of our Age or our offices in No.';57 i Rcet PaAM
No. 11,179 Central Ave. Col6h

SLewis Service

Sal6a de Bleza Americano

No. 4 TIvol Ave.-Phone 2-321, and 'f0. s West 13th Btreet

Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441.

$ tda lhteoracional doe Pub-lccios'
S Lottery Plaza Phone 2-3199

Household Automobiles,
FOR SALE:-Bedroom set, gas ste, FOR SAL:.-149 Briek 4-d or Se-
refrigerator like new, baby crib, d r. et ed white wall
wardrobe. 4th of July Avenue. timr, redia, fer e $1,199.00,
House 45 apartment 1. Duty peld, e Y d enditlio.
n mO y tiL A, 116th it.
FOR SALE :-Refrigerotor G. E. 25 Cat~l Ae. Tel. o00 Cal.
cycle, good condition, very reason-
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phone 3-0378. ed, Land Csular, wiee
FOR SALE: Hollywood bed with ide well, evendridv, sdle. Iarl-
innerspring mattress, one studio leNt oa endti. Smetn Hmuna
couch with matching chair, new dA. t t. C. eral Avenwe. Tel.
cover for both, one Q. M. table $00 ColM.
all can be seen at house 5619-E,
Diablo, after 6 p. m. Phone 2- FOR SALE:-1948 Nash 600 Club
4430. Coupe. Excellent condition. $700.
00 or best offer. Call Panama 3-
FOR SALE:-Westinghouse Refriger- 5404.
o;or. Porcelain inside and out.
0763-H, Wllliamson Place, FOR SALL:-195O iBwik Super Se-
dan 4-deer, good thr and excel-
FOR SALE:-3! bed and mattress, lent mechemlcol conditeen, dyeI-
good condition, cheap. 58 Cuba flew, met eors $1,500.00.
Avenue, Apt. No. 1. Inquire other SImet y Humnlaot A. Central
,6 p. m. Ave. 16o St. Tel. 800 Colon.
FOR SALE:--% wooden bunk beds FOR SALE:--'42 Buick convertible.
Without spring or mattress. House duty paid, good condition. $150.-
2155-A, phone 83-5200, Curun- 00. Panama 3-0744.
du. FOR SALI--Vauistel 1950, 4-deo
-C:t SALE:-Youth bed, innerwsing F o Sao. wluIa ,teiw tIr4, -y pe.
$20.00; upholstered chairs $25.- i aqaalel hhie CeIil Smet
00 and $8.00; roller blinds; 25. y Dnt W ,A. 1th. c m
cy:le lock; washing machine for CaSieAve. Tel. 800, Colon.
parts; misceloneaous. Shreck, 0211 FO--
Herrick Road, Ancon. FOR SALE:-1949 troey Station
_*_I Wotgn, new tires, radio and
C:' SALE:-25 cycle all porcelain iter. an be financed. Phone
Wetinghouse refrigerator, 4 year ;- Nb i '304.
guarontee, one bedroom suite, st'-- -- -----
of bamboo, mahogany living m SALI1952 Chevrolet 2 Dr.
set, electric clocks. One dressing S n wth Power-glid new car
table. 0809 Plank St. Balboa, C. d 0ton, also a 25 Cyl. Westing-
Tel. 2-3671.,hae refrigerator. Good working
condition, and venetian blinds or
S FI ND 12 family house, and misc. item.
I rMust sell by Thursday. Call Balboa
LO-., :Lqrge tool box left on sid; 3376 room 8 a. m. to 12 noon.
of Gdtird Highway in vicinity of .'OR SALI-1947 Dodge Convertible
Morgan's Gardens, Corozal, be- in nsaelllast-aepe. PFr ealy $800.
tween 6:00 to 6:30 P. M., Satur- 00. Fllild end madl. Smen .
day evening. Reward for return or y Hu z A. 16t SIt. Ce-
information. Lt. Johnson, Kobbe A
S2209, or'C al 3122.
'" -.- .+- ., ;-- _'L,7

*FO 5ALE-Ibrgeinl;t~eing coun-
try. Magnificent property consisting
of o lot of land, 2866 square me.-
trs, large wooden house with gar-
age, chicken coop, ete. Well stluat-
ad. Via Cordoba No. 4120, Pueblo

6mm Yvai

vmm Is

DERL3.', Maiy 11 (UP)-
German boys and girls are
... Ing to the West in eve
creasing numbers to escape
ng forced Into service i
VCLnunist People's Police
West Berlin-authorlties sal
-* Refugee headquarters
,cals sa' 510o0 f the 9.,
Iugeos who asked aaski
the first nine days of
month here were youths'
cluding many girls In
late teens or early 20s.
2 They told the West 1
officials they fled the
gone mostlyaingly be
they feared being pressed
service in the 120,000 man
pole's Police army being tr
and armed by the Soviets
Many of ohe youths
They had been fired from
Jobs In Soviet sone indui
Srad told tore port for du
the people's "alert 1
-the Soviet title for the
SLfledged /army the Reds
r building In Xastern Germ
SThe women pouring into
." Berlin said they Meorpdl
Sin the army's womms corp
'officials said. The East Oe
Reds uitvelled the
ary unit of the
lie navy units foet
time in their

and, ,e
_- ^.s&-mm
uta Mwst nW




mTu T w

, .n

Air coMn-
pttasr w~th motOr. .0 cycles, for
inflating tire tubes. Coll Monday

Mothor 0f Eight

Held hI New York

As 'Fme Fagin'
NEW YORE, May 11 (UP)-
A 38-year-old mother of eight
children was held In $1,000 ball
towa M as lod "female
inwho tauter 12-year-
old daughter to steal in swank
Fifth Avenue stores.
Mrs. Mary Lopes, Brooklyn,
and her daughter., Glaie, wege
arrested Saturday as they left
Lord and Taylor, an exclusive
Fifth Avenue department store,
with a pocket-book con
2.98 that th gil lleed
took from a woman s1 per,
Detective Gertrude iPut of
the pickpocket and confidence
squad said Mrs. Lope had been
picked up at least ve times be-
fore on charge of stealing but
had been released after she said
she had eight children.
Miss Palmer said she saw Mrs.
Lopez and Gloria enter the de-
partment store and watched
Gloria pick up a pocketbok be-
longi to Mrs. Dorothy arti,
whe Mrs. Martin was trying en
a dress.
The detective said Nhe follow-
ed the mother and daughter to
the sidewalk, where she arrest-
ed them. Gloria was held on a
juvenile delinquency charger.
Her mother was held for a fel-
ony court hertng May 18 0
charges of Impairing the aM
of a minor.


ct ca. w. -rs
ACTION I" 306501 -.
p' fM >l.. "l+. '. -

SMyeter Alesear, D.feliN.
To the abov-imea tetfieat:
You are berteby rmured to *esr ros
answer the r eklsit fileMd h the above-
entitled action within bi lt iU" a tr
the first publiestlo.
In ease of your filmre toe appear
B s-owU. t i a twill be lU
gatya rou b/<4ef!t for te rif IN
the eetalut. -
W MlSS M e Ammb Gl h'b. .
Crew. Jilde, ti stta M-st OMsi
Course for the Ditaet .i te tie al Seai ,
this April 2. 1i950.
c. T. M coscK.u J.,


By () H. H. r l .Jr,

Carltoa Drug Store W
. Litd elende ? '. IPhone 2'W5 .

Wda, S. A.
n- coer Estudiat A .f

r+togas. Electric

DR. WENDIHAKE. l ; ''7
Central Aven'SQCottgcs. n
STele he 2-3479, Snfe C ra. ComplCte
'-.._ .. f k CGot Refrigera.eW
A VISIT TO THE S Br .r linens. '
ISLANDS lMylin 2-f7 ens i
The trip of your. lifie,01md @ -.
A Jungle Jim Jount thru the Pon, hillips. Oceanside cottages, Santo
ama Canal to Colon, Saon B and Clraora, pox 435, Slbo. 'Phw
Porto Bello! First tour of -the yeer. Panama 3-1877, Cristobal 3-1673,
(Sponsored by hotel El Ponama). 'A HOUSES ON BEACH at Santa Clora,
three day trip aboard '"Pdaadeoro. also in COOl. Crro Carmpan
Leave Balboa Friday 4'.. sm., orftVf Mountain. Phone SHRAPNEIL, Ial-
Colon 2:30 p. m., leave CoCI 9:3 boa 1389.
p. m. for San Blas ond Portol, e O,.
returning Colon Sunday aftetpoek. Williams' Santa Clara Beach ottages,
Through the Canal Mondays ot. m. 2 bedrooms, refrigerator, Rockges
retuming to Bolboa. M catered ranges. Balboa 2-3050, except
by El Panama., Bring slodkts, shorts, week-ends.
bathing suit, jockat, flippers and
spears for underwater fishing, and FOR RENT
our camera o1d r al 'ui eor flim,-
Price of Canal Trip $10 San Blas HOUSeS
round trip from Colon $40; round u- ..s
trip from lilboo (including Canal FOR RENT:-Nicely furnished chelet
trip) $50. Please make resrvtions near ocean, high-fenced swimming,
early through your $.fnt, or pool, walks tiled, three bodroomn,
Jungle Jim at na 3- 0. two baths, parlor, diningro'pr,


FOR SALE:-14 4t. Runab"out Stray-
lamb," 5 % HP 4 cyl. outboard
motor, boat trailer, 25 cycle el-
tric clock, Argus C-2 ca a,.a
tomobile spotlite, largi .tool cob-
inet, lorge work bench, Witdl 4
inch machinist vise, wood vjise.qd
3 inch hardwood top, misc.; toos.
Quarters 211-A, Albrook, pWAee
FOR SALE:--Lg. Tricycle
dump truck, $15.00, wicker fr
$5, wooden table $2.00. 2-24
FOR SALE:-Linhof 4 x 5 press co-
mera and other photo equipment,
2152-C, Curundu, telephone 83-

FOR SALE:-Oil painting and water-
color clam, .starting next week in
Balboa. -For ihformatiott call 2-

Position Offered
WANTED: Engitsh-Spanish tylIst.
Must have thorough knowledge of
both languages and be familiar
with tabulating accounting colum-
nor statements. Write Box 3105,

Panama Cy Paslor

To Deliver Seron

Al La BSoc Chrch

kitchen, porch, maid's' teoom ar
both, two-car garog. niWcefumirni
throughout. Terms: OWl"yeao
newoble lease. Rent $250.00 pe
month, payable six month iMn ed-'
vance. Writ for appolinmnt 961
5043, Ancon, Canalt Zoe -

Two and'five ee-W f09MB d
;eld" gapdn. M 806. Stm
New Ciaibeel. Talaple 'Cele
. __ 1806

FOR RENT:-FurniIsed apartment
two -bedroom, Perelil 2ndd St. No.

VACATION quarters for rent, May 29
Au~t.1. Houa 0265-C, Gamn-

FOR RENT-Vocptiq Bu rs, Moy
22nd to Sep. t3th. trla. 2.b*.
room jmboa. Rent, reasonable.
,a(;l 6-891. '1-IAse 1 75j|A hiam-
son Ave .... ,
FOR SALE: Com e 4urnilFed
apartment In Belld *1I", livth+
room., diningroome beilleom, kfti.
en with Kelvinator icebeom aihd o
stove, all in- best condition.
purchasemr of--th: furniture a
rent the aprtntnt,> well situated
and cool. 'lafeOaottid 45th St. N6.
7. Apt, 15 4in.

R .O



The Rtev. Nolan 0. Akr, w hob
is serving temporarily At 4.
Paul's church, Panama Cty, w
be pueat preacher at St. let
church in La Boca Thursday
night, when eyenson at
Swl te er
r Ascension Day.
10 commeaioraton of the
oAt of the Ascension, one of
tie importantfea4 day of the
church, Rev. oh 0 McDuffle,
Ilest in charge. wll celebrate
hte Holy Communion at 7 a.m.
Following an-addreu to the L
community in the parish hall on
Fiday niht by Lt. W. G. Dolan, t
Cl.. cief of civil defense, the "a
semifinal count of votes In the
ontest for king and queen of the
ch, chool"01 May fete will be
'he race fot royal honors has Ia
developed Into a keen rivalry.
Boter of Sydney Harris for -
king haW planned a night of
tun atibe slcut aback Wednes-
A similar entertainment will
be held-that night for Janet Wil- hi
eon, seeking queenly honors and W
on Thursday night for Elsa
reenidge. l
'Ie-teen Club will be the ti
6-"ue Night In May" ,
I''-Ukl Cht to further the *
IS .. ,thnette Burgess. Ike
"' .: "11. r



Your Cim ty Stiou_



S .(cont.)
1A d 5:3 N

Farm+ i .

W* pack afton move

T Ig. 1 or1,


RENT: C-old.emiehed rooms
pd boord tIIp wa wo gentle-
sn .or chfa" -ceple. Celf 1-5
usto Avigryue No; 57,

i room with
y ^ rfumlehed room
rat both and kitchen

1 ta that th


a our Favorite
bring adventure

TerW Twoli*y. May 13
I:u0~ga -On w Alarm Clock

7!:L OMM'
8:a -4iiluuVpureae

9 e rognm

-9:M-ha te
0:-ff the Reord (
. 1:90^-Nvm


s:l6-Te ttleas

* j,;

, .~.
'a,- ~ I

ameftlor t e. uN,
arivee at the White
latwo told repvro a t
sot touch y pU@a
~ tbati


- ib

* my#


and Tt-eks, Tractors

I.. iONkb

- I


'iTe Story --IOf ThII."
The Stofy Oftlwu






*PAGE six ,

- -- ---- __ ------- ~z~' ,,


c 'i~.iii3lronrr~rrr~lIlllrr


, I I II i




, .. ,.

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..... 1-



V taw, ft,

&~~ lib i^i


if .. ~

. .,''4**I

IF "- .'F ,.-. ,- r.' ," .
^ *"- t.; .. ., .,
* "':'Z ".' T .. .

* I' *W; -

i--" ~
I... *'~~4A

~i'. 1~*
* a..

' T \ ai ..

fc't ,* 'r l' "

4i6amiri q*6pea antil Ju

,''.,,' ,-""
M LI''.,-I

M4. ."...- '.

:,.. .... ,..


- -

.-.. .: ". -
. '.; ?^W '.r ,.
,, >-'-*:' ."^ ,
^ "'.*. "
S -, .- .'.

,B-.'IT "! -.'** _^.;"
i ,, !, "'f# *^ ,**--'

9..*. 1

"a. lmpeio1 (.t.lhi a .


-4 t Aci e s

) Cut Auto Accidents I


Sseempteds u -JhWe .

So D[ o rp "MAN IN THE DARK," Colum- even greater treat in stre
*'hg bia Pictures' new 3-D crime you when you find you
thriller, stars Edmop O'Brien standing In a hurtling
and Audrey Totter at the Cen- coaster in the crossfire of
...'." tt w etral Theater, May i.3.hown is an cars, in the thick of a tng
era n whereartist's conception of the three- For Columbia had wr itte'
ege program aimed at nttting tg i dimensional realism of the film. cially for this new medium
pr',W 0 uu .: "If you have not yet-seen 3-D, screenplay which takes every
we got the DNtroit, a e *i10000, had the new miracle that turns flat vantage of 3-D to pack .e
S~.L n and re- more than 70 ~~, deaths in movies into real.three-dd- epe- ment of the film fullof t l
A i-. ,.-h Smx prtdh n* ldenkt to police. the first threo n 1 of this aional life and puts every patron found 3-D'sealtement
VWT OIT A a:30 every a latethe suspect year. Judge Wat Lays the big- in front seat right in the middle But that is not all. There
ueday eventg1swas of Deo -:d adUrtied his est trouble right n ow I speed- of the action, start with Colum full-dimensioned drama, to,
e was sentSbo~ to 90 mg. bla Pictures' "Man in the Dark," addition to its visualtag.
nea ? '~fty 4e ote o Neitherlyeme ho e ad Will *stf openMay 15 at the Central ain the Dark" begins with
eso4bnotonl raffl Theater starring dmond 0'- dramatic discovery. takin but
,p |u[Hush on Court TV & the Traf- Brien and Audrey Totter at the medical headlines, that a fron
Sthe fie Clinic are t"1hudge Ihead of a large cast, lobotopiy brain o ration .c
ajS^ eatSied an1ett ... If' you have already seen the acrimlial free from his la
he iKm" for action. It think what he ou! new medhi m In action, there's an theata i pulses _
of a tr~ twase o le be without thbei m
0 c0l0"s GoI A Ga week, WaOtts haPL
S. 'a Is auto dealer gv to
reit : via
Bourt" Sa eearn- Tra fule Wfor C0men-
-om- c talo andow p*hl
A John reviougto tIwaffle viola-
tors were -anedt ovef to the WASHINGTON, May i1 (UP)
'" .r i. td qu 01tTraffic GaiWhit-or-mis Come eight to 22. days mront
Buick] and fs hracters h. WOWatfl'ps o0mmit- now, some Important people*
senwam ting tom t cgs W ftsePareFreasldenft Eisenhower aront'A
theaddition to othersl1 excepted may bei
V11In wh 9 i n theZone R or physical Gov. Herman Talmadge
stayed home.
'o13The to traffic The Georgia Governor has the
No".J. ow, asL about NO traffic mumps.
ofandt iase *elenu ars year, in addi- Talmadge.took to his bed In
has thetion to 2M0Mee from the cr.m- Atlanta on Thursday shorl
D Inal courtA, after returning from Washing-
Pot n .dt .toit where he and 43 other ~.
aFd the big A p4aff'o2 ologists, phy- Governors conferred with the
COM -" ,.. sians and of fe workers under President on Monday an Tuaei-

.4 "hi i O Pat calrhrly they Idbk for "at- nium P ee e ha s.t
a"a troul titudnal'" factors which make a Tm Uans that he exposed
qrat*e a u everybody at the con-

.e "wrain bu y bl ienr hg hafven'b twh hjust hav e4e Wt
AML,.re by d th patiently until s.the' t ub.t... .. .
tin j an1d40M.W fact uncovered exposure too d ou IfaWw pip a one of thep st meen"s o "The 3mi
,dri IL-by t staff Is that a- Mr. Eisenhower. it seems, has M. 4.laI i l,,apreodum of Frama LehaWs
tour cent, of the people no reason to be concerned. His
hadare insane and be- personal physcian, Maj. GW.i attrstesaa will be showi shaUisatp
7 -ww ,uI I a, tions.I'Mth H .-h"
c.* aedte M ar, 'i. ***p rerv ."Mom
71 A ou tatnthraee t caught trhe pkin hand vely th a Vta a r a w m
"5,i' is, a. .common point touoe:
du -az..go Whit," Canty says. n ,tom s deelop in 12 __, ,,_ _-__ _-
Of am ly and his staffL make ree- to 28 y! after exposure ' on. to the judges on .Iwe had it, ,
s ase before the jude u se Imumps, .when
Bome theys wi he ,er also means,
-' end the defendant be since last codrence was
oa mebtalint- four thato those ex-
,athatevstad hveelht to ...
sometimes that he days inwhcto wonder If they'
HMuf e have %1




i~'~ Ii

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..44516 '


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"4 t" *; **-: ^ t



, ...,--I' .. .- *.aR _

.B WT,,y y V(i T*.W ..M^ W, **


. L.:2-- :


_ r .

i -



I -
* ~Li


Dodgers, Indians Take S


'o01) Porlerfield Limits

hiAthleLics To One Safety

. NEW YORK, May 11 (UP) The Brooklyn
dodgers regained a tenuous grip on first place as
, e National League teams invaded the western bad-
' ids for the first time this season today, and the
%Cleveland Indians held first place by .002 as the
American League's western teams prepared for
.their first invasion of the East.

giving in all their runs, the showed a .682 winning percent
gers beat the Philadelphia ige compared with Cleveland'
lies, 5-0. yesterday while the .684 mark.
dians scored all their runs in kay Boone hit a grand-slam,
e last two Innings to swamp Al Rosen blasted two homers
e St. Louis Browns. 12-3. and pitcher Dave Hoskinb hit
The Immediate future prom- a three-run homer in the In-
Ised a breathing spell for the dians' late surge after Virgil
Dodpers but the Indians play to- Trucks had carried a shutout
night at home and then open a seven innings.
two-game series with the sec- Vie ruaschi won in a rare re
ond-place New York Yankees in lief appearance as the Yankees
New York on Tuesday night The bro;:.r a 2-2 tie with three runi
Yankees defeated the Boston in he seventh Inning. The game
was marked by a peculiar accl-
aent min which Red Sox outfield-
1er Jim Piersall Injured team
mate Billy Ooodwman while at-
tempting to reso.LMin him irom
attacking umpire Jim Duffy.
Piersa=i threw his arms a-
round the 150-pound Goodman
and squeezed so hard that Gooa-
man's ribs were bruised and he
WEDNESDAY! probably will be sidelined tor a
The senators twice topped the
-0 Athletics, 8 to 0 and 6 to 2, as
p E.l r *A Philadelphia's losing streak wen
to six games. In the opener Boo
eorberiield pitched- a one-hitter,
M-I-M yielded only one walk, and hit a
I IUMlE RA M ihree-run homer. Ne had a per-
TECHNICOLOR iect gam3 until Eddie Joost sin-
I gled in the seventh. Chuck
1 X SB btoDbs gained his second victory
B11 lXIMi M w by scattering 10 hits In the
M F nightcap as Jackie Jensen and
Jim Busby homered for Wash-
inon. .
ruetroit topped Chicago, 8 to 6
with a five-run rally in the fifth
that gave Billy Hoeit his second
win, tnen the White Box poured
over nine runs In the first two
innings and coasted to a 10-5
second game triumph, first of
the year ior Saul Rogovin. Har-
vey Kuenn and Steve Souchock
hit first game homers for De-
troit and Sherman Lollfr hom-
ered for Chicago.
Brooklyn again took over
S first place In the National
when dtay Campanefa hit his





M -G-M'

I -

I. i -

it four wlin aa defeat
to t* theDder=or t.
The Milwaukee Braves twice
topped the Cubs, 6 to 2 on Max
Surkont's four-bitter for his
fourth straight win, and 4 to 1,
behind rookie Don lUddle's two-
hitter. The two wins moved them
back into third place. Jack Ditt-
mer drove n there n three runs in the
first game, tWO. on an eighth-
nning triple.
The Olants fte, won a nair. 4
to 0, bld three-hit pitching
b .f Moglie, and 3 to 2, on a
ninth-inning homer by Bobby
Hofman. Don Mueller hit a three
run homer and Davey Williams
hit a bases empty blast in the
opener to account for all of the
Giant runs as Moglte made it
three wins with Just one defeat.
The Reds, who have encoun-
tered rough going, rebounded to
defeat the Cardinals 4 to 2 and
5 to 2 as first Bubba Church and
then Ken Raffenaberger turned
in strong pitching performances.
Church scattered 11 hits as Jim
Greengrass supplied a two-run
homer, while Raffensberger dol-
ed out only six in thpe second
Porterfleld of the- Senators
who pitched one-hit ball,
walked only one batter and
faced only 27 men in an 8 to -
triumph over Philadelphia aft-
er which the Nats also took
the second game, 6 to 2.

Company Level

Softball Loop

Opens Tonight

The 1953 USARCARIB (Pan-
ama Areai Company Level Soft-
ball Tournament is scheduled
to open Monday night on theW
diamonds. Eight teams have
been entered In the doubt eUi-
mination tourney.
The defending ch mplions,
Headquarters Company the
370th EASR, will open .ggabt
Corozal in the first aM t a
double header at Frt n
That game will start t S. o-
clock, with Fort Clayton playing
Fort Amador in the seeonI con-
test starting at eight oilek.
Single games will be pl~ at
Fort Kobbe, where Kam Vill
oppose Fort Guliek, and at Tatt
ulick. where Quarry ht
will tangle with Port Davis Th
single games will start at 7:30
In the event the games
ned out on Monday niht
Swill be reschedule forth
ing night at the same
and place. If they should
raned out again on Tu&-
night, the pecal eravesg
UaARCARI/will re-
level competition has n-
Sthat the strength of
I eiJns_ this year ls n the
and that the cwtat
w l wide-open affair with
e 4ntatanding favorites. te
t Fort Clayton hola
"S11 1 in the tavorlte_'
find the going
ttl' to bold that

Rotary, Lions Congres Special io T

Clubs Softball To Re Of 'GaSe

Silt Tomorrow. i: Un.ited Prom .. ."W ..

The Panama 3ota bam WASnHaNGTO? May L- .
Sthe Panama Lons eCbLb VL 1W r Andh F Shoep beenIr
rpay the final fqnea of t-Ir, 7 r ndteO today
f~ two out of three Men a es i a Il baseh
series tomorrow night at i to warn the Justie epart-
p.m. at Santa Rita Park -. 7 ment away from anti-t e A iu ao
t der ghts. tht againt other sport. the gr' .
-1 A snate eemmree suboo- b .. *
NEW YORK, May U." '.% _. f% I ..
s The game will be played N YORK May 11. oot- lttes wi So l Is a
a benefit for the "Co onFrv 2 th ern Conferencevnr
fantiles" on the Tran-i Sour the rn a' awar any
mian Highway for the m gsvt a ow steroLpn Sra to lto tle S SA Ta e .i:a
pose of building the: U "'a"1 e iidea. i leag esr te the
Se nswimming.pool.Te a 2,
wimn pool. e aind ets Villanova, Boston College Mad rof hamI e ga.. t
will cost 25 cents and ticket Holy Cros are said to be an hasf I
can be obtained from the favr ol a nrew Eastn ter e. sta. ed ms probable jilht, of01 and the
ca be o 46=.110" h rW
Lions Club sefrery or n of a new Eastern estate, fed* ast laws. A 0
Lions Club secretary or fr Including Army, Navy, Penn-S t outhand
Dick Dehllnger at 43 Avenlda sylvanla, Penn tate and Pitts- mo'. Mo -emal festbamll se, parallel -.
NTea third. been strong enol r thel ee at a Si-
S he td nd fil ahot conference rivalries es u n t rate one a elpW .,bt a. d.o eal n hasY
wilU be played for a trhy are the lifeblood of aolegiate o ; l
donated b Rotarian Do football in most sections Tst leaves,
Gabriel Duque. nobody recognize ed b th .
better than the seven Southen me Davlds, (D-C ), w doubles Prs-
colleges that pulled out of the Ad ee, Wthe Western Lea Its
Unwieldy 17-school gr thA e t allow baseball to u Itser
fostered more set ups up allow bb o eter
a ts ... .. g slreementt that
But the East Is evenmore un- Maryland targets oueat of muer
ewieldy than the South. The on- wrst down e et
ly conference in this section is 3ft3for acce c
an unofficial Ivy LeM ue of meat, t ac c-f .th i*
which Pennsylvania is a non- Stheren Co eth e iteb-
competing football member In some agitation last w ul.
NATIONAL L'AGU. 1953. k ajol.nG,&lrot
Team W L Vet. All the big schools out this erance tudla 7 h asn oJu
Brooklyn 14' 7 .67 way are controlled by a oea- colleges still A.m-.aprod, of theirn"A
Philanelphia 13 7 .650 trial agency known a the ew. Southern l Asproof e
Milwaukee 11 7 .611 Eastern College Athletic an- Maland frpm.that le a
St. Louis 10 8 .55 ference. It dictates for thb6.Iea rem t* iaMfnt i-a
New York 10 12 r45 98 colleges but aobl oviWn SeeioeWtSn a sia 6 le ea lt
Pittsburgh 9 13 409 have no conference eefm il t .Uthe Udae e lsaid t
Chicago 1 .333 tion because of Its tremenda. u other CMa *u had he II =
Cncinnati 5 12 .294 aSimse up a tl otow u t has o omet
A new league, in the talki advrantapes tf sta s o el
TODAY'S GAMES stages for some time, would cu iliation are oa bvou I eS" t H e oad i 0bei
No games scheduled.. down travel time and sahed- Ste, after year- os thlel r n.
st Nuling problems, build new rival- bot to th undl the h e /n
ries with some point to them Pttu ee bs, A& odithad b ORm* ft n d-.

aESTERDA.'S BULTT' ind yet still be i small enoun tou fton" to kee ther tT' 1

Magle (S-1) and Weatrun. directly Interested in Itmo so -i .. eti
on-Firndt Gappantl e rmit members to tly rr ,j e

Second Game more directly concebued It was ouste s. '-
R N X such ancient "outeidds" W!tid brdw ibuotba o A. fE Ae(HAP
Pittsburgh 000 00 000-0. 3 1 tonal games that might he umabl tll l a ia a
New York 010 001 001- 11 0 _been ostered through the year. bono W t lgal
Oaraglola. been a bit of a joke In ea at to n
Magl (3-end, and Westrum. direct) Interested in 1ts fi ,.. e.. hat. the, a d
second Game more cnced. n was ake

Gt.aLuuse 000 10100-2 11 p0 W ineir julan rw u w
Cincinnat ew York 00 210 1x-4 3 I g0ma n.
Miend, ll et (12-1) and Miller and
FuYselmkn. ... .0

Church (2-1) and Semlnick. .__ (N.A)- ri. ht.job. Ube tile tip aM .iV *ll
Seond Game righe inde# r wr he
st. Louls 0 10 000-2 0 6 t 1nthathnmr u P
Cbincinnti 0 210 001x-B 5 1 DWOit ha a Jot .

Chm cineal (0-1,), KCod Clarknd t I fr A Al in A
adSFussel-. i -
Chu erger (1-) and oBemwe NX rew and te, ritlc .'ab rtaonr I4ag8 r" I
Chambers (0-.. 1). Coll, Clark -it n

and Anderson. lRauk.ase nr ,s ~UW u leav If,~ an
Raffgnaerger (1-3) and Be, not a ifew onthe dock 1W if *0e a- phi ___lit..

whirst Game the b ad t h boq' ,Qro:A th.W

PIo. ooo 0, o0-0 I Mot. ,. on-.cax4ocg 00 02ckf1 .
Milwaukee 010 001 13x-6 111eo r-ic
Mnner (1-2), Jones and At- hefuelsg'.or
SurLA nt (4-0) and Crandall. alMitud oa-;e

Chicago 001 000 00-1 282 IL wete tl '" i WhV .
Milwaukee 010200101x-417 10 -1 vr'f"tanleoC
KMinnte n (1-2), KeJn e y and A -her0 lu b '
A i'Iu:h.;. .. "/. .
Liddle (1-0) and Cooper. CU ... ..

Teams W L Pet.
New Yor 15 7 .682
Cleveland 13 6 .684
ChicagQ 14 10 .583
B0osto 11 10 .524
Wa1hin n11 13 .458
St. Lo 10 12 .455
Philadeptiia 10 13 .435
Detroit 9 19 .240
Chicago af veland IN
h o r g i c'eduled.
Wainw 80" 020 010-8 14 0
bPhila. A 900 000-0 1 0
P .rt .eM, t-3) and Grasso.
brt WO) aid Murray.

Wah32 00 211-6 10 1
Plla. N0 000 10-2 10 2
stobbs 43-3) and Oldla.
troMart (1), Bishop and As-
Fid Gume
Detroit 10, 000-8 0
Chick 20I00 OO4 1 12
fearfta ( sh an

Seeing Oua.e
Doetit 010 002-5 11 2
Chicago 100 OO-10 10 2

-'- ". Ir f i"A.-


..m -.-. '

...f ; ..- AMLL.G


; WI.Vu maW r 'aW
0e the pide
y. But once they are I
>,f6r a whle thsy I
lie and. t

I7 when Bobb6 Adams
10t Ina blSiP!a
t ine
I major .
'1 rr id. 4mAawaIt ta


Rf ''"< '*'"
Ey *"^-t
Hr'l, -^^^"
' .T- .

V ~ ~


* '?)



uwovia (a-4) anM Wlon.
New York 3U6S7 14 1
aiig I 010-4 11 i
uolMs, OeMM (2-2) and
4 5 Maler; ol.
an|-da nd
Cleveland w ".12 18 1
SL Web W I D.. I
"I WI A Aw o-


F rl .',- ,


.^r; \

. .:*'''





C, Q,-^ 4.1 F

S *

' ,rwN

*' a.

r ^

K t"'


n- m : .

ieker for a lihbo.
ins 1AmI fB ttet11
, and her hU s
about excities
get -l of thof t O
a humor t r a

er for. hb'iAK l

Nk aftentuift Jtal
k Maa fil Mfiy lart l.o
akw d"elon-to ft. all
rwrsl th
-Dahand it
M*hn It was at



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cefltru pI- W

YoU,, 8# 4kpw AW ...

s) 11 Aa'-h ad y nEagii

n.... ue it I&
a llicharm your
'I" an id to the a

of theairagr
-, *a... .
^Bl-^ ad.^ku mefl^-wH^


i t Ed

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A l

ce, so right fr
avibhly to ftek -
r riend Here,
ol enjoymeat ,

Man es e ctine
2 its own special
oal choiceGes
y're fti to chooMs


ha stre, Lam,


:.. g'- .-- -- *

' ; "' .' (w11 r!Al
^*_-';-,, '.. .. -.., *. ,'.7
, ,.. : -:' .^ .. .:i ,...:,
-, ,.-'.: ^^^
A ,-' : M. a.A, ,e



--- ---~-~ I-~-~-- ~TI~-~~-


......... ........' '...

ACa ess Growsi3shq

40 **It Sports' Tom
M men anash away at the tha the 1ISW
Ir;' ,rz; neldpm of,. 11,"-.

CONebowlingdaftbishment In
Rocky She United Sates now, more
Wal hala a,00 lanes accommodat- de weall hd e
event l. ag 28 .llion. i-... t
tAh Pat Romano attests. yer wg
,, e. _uiatcalye- =ne..,_..._

Mir.neitherb too younhno rutoo old
iths Afrti sue it gate.eaeryonw 1Wr

icam orhf

TorA man a to be hot to pick
adlog inassmnt. A tough streak w~ll kill
Wm~ .t~e W.aThe tNiN.
r04. adRaho who ha. a mlofty a-"a "

thanylabyi6 a natog nampedutorcat as
man in But gtli was a-Iev er year. to MsW,.
.Pt'A leadof man, the trot star l .

At the em the Mrgh five atleking trouble early in at mimer
h iry i s t ,- with two strhAnm up, hb ,mabhe

nehoman, Lee Joimlard, sp. n h u
rbmtowlig dbl the ball .arely Iao the1-*
o 1 -up rke w the ame Tocur-kl
gam ..orhim. There a the ease ofBE

and 1 Init the
M -i, R 'at erge uby 198u0= r.

e..r m p "MANINT R ....."
o 'thsBt t, a (Latest 3-D pr.ductin)

4As6leadoaffathis m lanses ureds
Sthst th6 i is Hollywood's mo recent success in ee p-
tweekb 0_we tj~e tintsignsa todmedimlm and 9 .k"lbif clka, r1

raontr I-d .inte frm to atrameati
SakI th ue tation of 3-D pcues. It is a new expression

TdheLpgrate demr of the e iln art that will ddouhdly revelu*
boln Viel bellednad Q111113
te g a n them e tI ti the film dcur .
and I In

S"Mon in The Dark" Relies. Msy 3
lmt on ie hna le a t CENTRAL THIBAYRE -
..h,4..m in a dal, dn.g bie-
wheat of a saloon. It W
WAsIeunp for the

OU Aupped down Vear o" a sdissi.n .I .- eas e. cey.
IngIfor. CEr g-t-tM NTRAL THE Uql

augn.r. u: rid ............... .
.A woman i t helmagitW-es
Slisu a bm o WsKda May Wom.
of "pd and, owalngsus
portnua.AmosM a nowog

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, ,., -. *.. -.

Sil May R ric

."Let the people know the truth iatb:. country Is sale"
't*W--m'I" TRAI. L. ,PANAM4 3. L-cONDA, MAY 11, 1953 B
"* Im -tllshffle s

da whap


vk NOW

French High Command Vows

Every Communist Invader Fr s
S'.e until
HANOI, Indochina, May 11 ed the conquered part of Laos in- valleys of La inte qua4ole in oly band
(UP) The French high com- to a Rett satellite at the weekend and thea e lh the butOD f ld andthe cere-
mand said today it will fight as Reliable sources said the "ree high eomm ad expreen be* epende .t tey a f iteaa the a lote
long as a single Communist In- Laos" government headed by re- 11 the Communist lan e ; W been. o.t ine M Act
vader remains In the kingdom of negade Souphanou V a that tate annot be maternal grand-
Laos. tant relative of Kin Sma tl October. -h "
Von, had set up headarts tn 1 e oCommunit stils v ment had thi
BIRTHDAY STROLL-Former The bulk of the Cohmunist the captured French outnml ve In Vietnamp. The ,ll cri ung
President Harry S. Truman invasion forces appeared to town of Sam Neus, noear command announced t' ur
celebrates hia 69th birthday by have withdrawn from the northern border o lag flt eraons were IdUed and J- It ns
taking his regular morning kingdom. and it appeared the town captured by the emra eV when Communist R as not ey
stroll along a street in Inde- next French step would be to No fightinR was r 7eWorta blew up a French a tia n *te working for
pendence. Mo. Truman 6aid he try to drive out the remainder. from Laos, one'btf te. thire As- Just east of Quarg Tr mlm W i s n lida
p'rAnrd to spend the day An official spokesman said the sociated States of Indochina. northeast of here. T an old rdrop
working "as usual." He re- Communlsts assigned the 304th But the high commaHd Cpoken- The force of about a.s ipanons aino the
centlv returned with his fami- Vietminh division to pin down man said: "There cannot be talk attacked tiWe train after o- aro to. a -
ly from a short vacation in French units while the rebel of any end to the inv on f tID several mines by mre W aRed who
Hawaii. "free Laos" government convert- Laos as long as there tI ingle trol. French artillery th e e t -
Vietminh soldier In La.-" nearby garrison and I and e
II*Thepekeamma reil~titbe> es drove off th famoda e pup.
Tornadoes Take 18 Lives ssi. 3 e draIr-and
continue to haraie th e Vietnam soldiers tand ani
f ense pests w.l. S U r'ns i Wkilled and six .athe

Across 7 Midwest States ***..s. -s "weos.rOf.
rebel govermmemt ChenultVa Civil Air aid
0- ompady are flyin lyf Do.- to
Pro-French Kng Blas van cIt donated the Ti
CHICAGO, May 11 (UP) reported two dead and at least Vong, 68, meanwhile l t his r tc n the war i Ind J
Tornadoes that killed at least 10 16 persons injured. al capital of Luang sm ; an said H
persons and injured atleast 180 Other tornadoes hop-skipped flew to the 'alin=PistCatv q m i
others left a crazy quilt pattern though Iowa, Arkansas and tar of Vientiane o= the ber it ff e -"
of destruc on in seven states to- South Dakota last night. Satur- Thl lan&.. Her wil g rd d .rT
da. day night twisters struck in ever ceremofles narktig $he l d ...
The black-funneled twisters Kansas and Nebraska, injuring aslx an very of -the k ag-
last night expLoGed with their 150 persons at Hebrok, Neb.. 9al- ido constitut.oA T. ,C, reident She
most deadly force in Minnesota most blowing the town off the The king, who stubbornly re- n sait' 1* Bvl t
where eight pe-sons were killed, map." fused to le Luaae Prabang so a l been
Hard-hit portions of Wisconsin ix members of one family ong as the roy..pined pito lwas or

tossed their bodies 100 .feet. e firs t4" e~of earv uthe
.. s RKK, SiS as Sown -, .. aotI. IN
$ e southern Nebraska town about ;o
1h Like througphthe main business di "f C- "
P.T ARiU. Ont, My Forty-nine per son were ad-
i sP) r A G great Lake fr eight fitted to hospital m any in 'rS11 .ir .' "r"
or struckrocks. nrt dsankOff, Wch tal cone twi r ar uron. W .iu t t t a .. 'a
Iosle Roale, in tle Sup0ior M any of the njredht, b n were. reC-lu
1todi e perei r seasd froa life- ho me. be e
National Guardsmen patrolled T t org -Y
htthe wrecked business district to Th e first o nhn, civk .
n, Henry tetnb 1 runner, a reventooting from the nlles ofa a ao t olf l mbo, "' "
00-on ore crn welt own merchandise blown out of stores -o_,lnae toalng theareisi n c ii ; S
14 t e e men o fo Srf p o B Isle fnd'lce buildings. inn .oumtmteMs ffr the CSeaI -.
STho report t at Ptroa, ,, whch: .,r wile b he w ll bmplhed 130Oa
oyaenortch ne twister struck near Huron. imees ting W g n iht at C s ig the_
i lyS e's Off MI SID. Saturday night, "boWs saUi nCru l uo te.
t pe insular barn and a chicken sh.ed. A"twn h beenA i
""J sp md'a crp .'of a ar s 0.a thtore 300-urd ath1. b:ohu.Civil
resuev Wo__lsn a fied10 les nrwit of M.,. m for.. the -,. ., es-,., a'
10, rescue v i, m eld, Kans.. at 4:30 a.m.. es- ..oa
-edup rie men in one lie- terdav and an hour later a fun- It planned to4Caiet the uaus -..e
an three men off an- nel blew down a hatn a d sorme mmn for the arena A i
m 'abe Thompson reported tro at Pet rolla, Kansg : l 4 'Ze. The meeting wi be 'e. .. mirth
it- hod-se no wreckage or any d wedhes0 -
spa" burvivorso. e-ebronsu trees were a dli -Wednesday and.d the.
Te five men on the' oe ee of rubble today an. rod s r be nlr d and.
atwere reported In good cop- were called in to 74 9 n',- a.. eh sCivil Defense s
One Ol Of the men on the mali thoroughfare .l will end the anta
O raft appeared inured. r nto towwee blck- C m a m Ad etd'Will ,eaks
m. after the skipper or- emergency vehicles werm.parm-t- dhal hem._. of d
0e the crew to abandoA pp. ted..t
h :Utonbrennqr, out, of 01. ]Rescue workers were hftoher,
it had lost Itstdha s .dddrrncm th. nigltbecal eall 9:-.
sred In n m u ves erfice Was rut ot. Oas e"0 th r we
w ondedtlines a so were stw h sa wereh abldt down dea
w Ih Aelat nied and.'early prevent explosions. olte ntsIat
Coast Guard lifeboat.-from T hursday:
Grand Marlua lMinh.. Reported RiWIhna a i io .V. 0l ForcN .
-i hbad sighted two llfqboata. Ita.".Thetkr. 9 a.m.. .wr
-was not known ltmidlately, Tuesday, May 13 "- 7"ter 'Church. in aY pwe
however, whether they wer e the High )! ,} V;m. Friday.
a" those sighted by the 2:39 am................ n.
p,. 2:57 p.m ............. ,


ower slipped
Vwendrful days

i aw -- --s.-.m ...m. ...a. .