The Panama American


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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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.i ..S ,,. ".,. -* -
^ -' :, -' -:
[,'. .; .. ,, ... ." *0 ...;
' ,.';,,.;. -: ,... _^ =. .~, ,- ,. ^ l
P^'^ ,'^ -.^f I



7'J it-> 'P~iift'.
M* >iA
a rj.. % -


president Juan D. P s
pagin against U.S. ne.
was intensified todqy when a
the local dallies, withone ac
tion, failed to uset ts f
niahed by these afit .
The lone exceptlo wa n theI
dependent Engh-l a gi a
daily, the Buenos Aired lta
The gove ,enta e .fCa
ha' been directed e
ganst American noWs -
No steps have been taken
the British news agency Relal
or the French Franes pr
Local dalies now depend
on these two agenesi for M
foreign news. This wai the f
time, since World War I.
Argentine dallies have fl
publishh reports from Amu*t
news agencies.
Per6n accuses the-.A.
agencies of "defamln* Arou
by spreadli lies dtwgud
pew." At the Arlentine r'P

dent's reque
congress app
a motion por
tion 0o the A

t s b houses or



Ab .-=":-

'ri'4'. ..: : I

roved without delay only way out of it that I At the sanetfime
rerdn tho dlvestig- Taft told an intervilewer, federal reves a
kmerican agencies. aWpOint new Joint chiefs of 000,000,000, und'r.
Cgt4 review the wftdle pro- laws, which provdl
plnk e Xgra iW and see if all these proj- tion of the
Pianist eats a necessary." June 30 and a -ie
r tax reduction or
wR' jThe Ohio Senator has long ad- next n. 1.
vocated a copl iete restudy of
this nation's defense program, AaLid howti.esf
To.inor ow which accounts for most of the *wed if an $11.OqOa
Tomorrow I pl. ?S^%& s
es will be the fea- He attributed much of the did not eltb'atg.
)I Moda t a con- Else shower administration's But ao.t a
ven he Nationalbudgt troubles to Indications of r ued j th w
& at &i De a

hew ~' "'

-, rnouzl
strut MWf.~

an, Vai Wlu ~ortue trom
the opera -ro.

Severoai Klled
As Bomb Explodes
At Mexico Airport
MXEW, H a , bonmb S.. t a rin the
ad'lntflilSbalding of the
MWaumn mitekftlan aiver-




~9, (UP) -
iir, the wander-
ilJ -'wnao sometimes
ah iist, wa
S today thirsty
Fp ,*.-plans for an-

a o"p from a
yet yesterday
y e4aue recouec-
a plane in New
ter having a
i dd e nextday
I Au n Lodoi."
Ihde d at Lon-
wW't sure
Skedhim up
central Lon-
Sback to the
a s they found
o Hllina i-
rters over a
,t he could'
.Mma-era ionM and

Cblombid I

Tibet Sna-hers
. ,estlators today still b "
not determined who stole the
pieces of lottery tiekeats
tlrId out to be the
Stumler I55784 two Beunimapa
THrte brothers are bei ,
k"*'L in the match .
from J Street
t but none i.
bur the stolen tickets
were mmIn as witness-*

.f M(oNIO, I. identify either Giberto Brand
BAN ANTONIO,! T Cx.ltJ 32. @ or bib youngr bcoherz,.i.
(Up) A grou %geneH, i T.d jise. 15.
and Puerto RiB1i pUuSE Al of _A w .tt seU
were released frS mhbrem 1th ta thr. wpe0a *
on camps recent -in, d-le gt ea. looted er a~ch" i
Monday for Brooky Air- Jote t W" solAd
Base in Mobile, Al. the d4lawngta
From there they i*h -W t* The wl inue
directly to their 'hoite 4. The tomorrow.
Colombians in the MRW z .be Meanwle. I *t .arffee
six.- amonced tufty ma t 19e
Pame ina Saturday to
failibWs which had be*
Travelerad r, T= 4
MM Ui es were at reeledd.
Sin/ is An interpretalhm Of ft
Want ic .. on.*
oiah l Ow.h the #l- of lotte y
-.t... .today .that theiia

SHollins said hSe K hher-
for a we.k and 4arw t nit




. 'd out. '

-'. t .. o e d
.il no tun.,
I ave a drop
tla tour-h

to Ban Francisco.'W
lea. Saoramento,
banta Anita. I'm f wTOI
for a bartender ftS oet W
at Anita." he added
"Then," he continued, "Ira* lI
Ing to rest up for. a week t
to Bermuda.f*

S revealed that imr.
uL rot entirely uafott-
=kfrf veibmf thel

ur p -be iEraS

God -w IjM All

A.. da d not ain.

a1 then the K
Jupiter and Man,
I the night to day
at I abould pray

v with fertile
*iltnew sIt
ii tweto M
ito mal tM&.



"mc -.
A. -

t ~Its



-" -o .

Chances For (t
1 ** .. ij ,, ,

in Income Tax 4

This Year Out

- WASHINGTON, May 9 (UP)- Senateo ,
IMder Robert A. Taft said today that the1d-'A
thSs budget estimates now indicate a deficit df
$1l?, 00o0o for the fiscal year beginnmi St.. 5 .
l quickly added that he was not defiaW iria -
ig deficit of the amount because, he sa;id -e i
d spokesmen have promised a continuing uev* .1 '
made it plain that a threatened i
AMO,OO0,0 would almost certainly wipe,-. Z'1
"thpp. far on income tax cut this year in flst k
C, Usaional pressure for one.
- :


- 1 J

.-- .



-win" -_ *L ._ .. -.---- -.4 -_.

.isenho er





President Passes.

Early Milestone


WASHINGTON, May 9 (NEA) If the. first 100 days are the hea t
Dwight D. Eisenhower has passed the first milestone on'Ahe four-year e ar dW t
r The transition from U. S. commander-in-chief of military feces s.i'rl e '
to commander-in-chief of the whole United States a I h its myriad prob.mi Ia l
over thevworld has done something to the Eisenhower pettinality.
While he was always under the public eye as a national hero, todoy h ki-
under a microscope. Every triviality every frown, smile; cold, stomechs.
:or lost golf ball is now world-shaking news. '
i Let him say he likes grits, and-bingo! Somebody sends hinmfive a w ik
It would be hard to so which is the most s gnficont of tha.trieindus tr lei.i done.
Some might say that he showed his real character, when he climbed out fr ndm sedt w -i ,i
Iigh-hatf tradition and donned a Honmbui for'his Inouguration. iiaum
S The H mbarg is still the frade mark of a striped-pants diplomat out for ae poif. -t 0ft
f to. It isn't a crush job to go golfing in an a rainy day. But iWpt' I"et 0 Mp to
-7 foWrmat than a silk stovepipe. So that set the tone for his. adaihf etimo ," l l..
A g neral of the Army can put up a pretty fromidable front when he wants to pr and.
.throw,his brass around. But President Eisenhower has shows that ke weIts to ak pe n.i'umas
jna'.f all tfhe people of these United. States, as he has said hiliselfr um o.. -he

r'n ues&naditly, in his first
-10 diay tothe White House,
Premoot Elsenhower has losI
none of his great personal
o expepsd that
I the d when he said
that Xehor would run
for again in
1-'4'would 14re-eloect-
=peaking of Senator Taft,
there's anne g a-
romnd WMM iou
group ofa c ml lead-*
on rs rpsend the
Pr, o t port e on some
dp-di h ius that was
t&erg thiem at the mo-
S ent.
"It wouldn't do ay good."
the tery a t Taft with
alni 19AeoedID't read."
.Whik tagL *id to be no

to reduce
paper Wk t a. minimum.
President Trum lugged
work him every
night. Ie do- it only when
he can't get out of it.

Prelleat isu1bnhewer likes

he thn of
: :r -tn'e. &mea

S ache e of

,u 7:30 a.m
w'iW,.1'8:30. : to,
WWS.^je ia an
: earW .l anAXI A earl-to-
i.a. w W y: m on
S the Jb, he k away and
eaves it, to relax.
S .LeuM Bridge
S here ha't been time for
In" as he to get on othe Jobse
r PUa ad painting tho
A awthe number-one hobble
O The preL. den d al yasa t

Dool has- been

et a dad. The President ang
Mrn. lsenhower have an time
for the oeektall eirsiM.
Outside of the inaugural
bls, te Presidelt has at-
tempted only aree evening
functions the Or idron din-
ner, an Indian embassy mov-
le and the opera.
He has attended a few aft-
ernoon receptions -- one at
Sepator Tat's place, where
he blade history by shaRing
hands with Menator McCar-
And he has made several
luncheon talks before nation-
al convention meetings in
Washington hotels.
The Elsenhowets are, how.
ever, regular churchgoers. The
PreadentPs short, unsched-
uled prayer before' hisa nau-
gural speech set a high moral
tone for his administration.
All the pre'Chleage con-
vention .otoersy ever his
regieus aiflktioe waa set-
Utd- Me" after the. bauageum
tie whea the Ptel4eat Was
howe Joitad the Presbyter-
lea cehreb.
If all this prying into his
private life lta, embarrassed
the President M yway, lie
doesn't how It. And with his
first 10 day safely pbed
with only one major risis -
the digute over makuins the
first pitch to open offculul
the big league baseball sea-
son-he has this consolation:
He has only 1360 more days
to ServeJn hi first term.
The contiut,; between the
first 100 daya Of Dwiht 1.
Eisenhower's adminstratldn
and the flit 100 dlys Of
President Franklin D. ROose-
velt's admlniMlaton I eal L
But the condition of t"t
country when the Democrats
took over from the Republic-
ana was also in marked cod-
trat to condition prevalM-
When the RepublIcans took
over from the Democrats.
On lasauuustles dnay, 1 M,
the country was pretty press.
perous. There was mUe ih
grondlng over high taxes, debt
and TruuSfil. am there
aS be "e "M eaiergM-
action e vtare ti-
trttMn was that It emid ta
a g, slew leek and work
Is reform pregram with e
That, In summary, s what
ha been gol,on in Msea-
hower's first 0I days.
His program has not been
spelled out (uy. It may be a
year before tat program
known In all Its detal. Sen
Everett MK Dirtsen of Illinois
recently told the Republican
National Committee, it might
take four years.
In 1933, the entry wu ta
the eput f the great de-
pres~M~ Oa mey four tMare
Just beforeas reel eto -ee-
velt Was laaagurate4 tha
ev. serit s LebsMn coed
the beaks of New York and
other states floWved silt.
president Roosevelt's first
act was t declare a national
ba h04e 07 ay Then he
the Thrd Conre-. into
gr~to Into
s'g -gt to d al with
SIy the 99 days ,It

1 '. t

General ManufacturerlW 8# te
Tx DU Defeated. Wo D. -
armament Proposed. World.
SEonomic Conference Opens
In London.
It is lateeetlng to ntel
that many of the things I
oeesevelt' raiMt I" days, the
3emkesbwe adminlbitrastleus is
e Wt" 60 toe ade, er at
There Is strong prmaure to
return to the goldstanjd.
There are ropo lstoi .
date TVA and other govern-
IN public power projects,
*MU them to private in-
Inatead of expanding pub.
ic works as l 193,3 the Aew
admulMtration is itrin to
readueo e lohutat ao bla
works to save money.
n ad fatrm relief, the
new adminratio wanl ta
reduce gove nst farm did,
too UM C farmer rJMre self-
reliMt an to let the free
o fth Mket plee s et

Promses .
WNue bafl the Koosevelt
and Aenhower admilstra
Soi M h eleted on prom-
im to reduce oemnt
xpae L -there I ouidenra-
siince tn carrying |
klauey)hbegan by Butting p

~am ut~il

gtlwWB f^T



Zl~ me
.9. '--I

. 1 ** -4
. *m

re- .

.,. .,,

od ae-

S- -

a' g


fluil oju^Bp ll "** '',
AMi 4M

= N ,- -





1k *.

I *




, ,1, "

1 P'



.~. 61~jJ

I ii

S* ., *-

|, n!y s:-
'^ %g '
^^i ^t


r ~




d~~o Hall


..r her's mm1
i4 d
has CIN
duing lr god
-aa an- t9y
92 au-F.
Poery d

ard ire.

tha** b'

i. ,,.

S lau
| Ak* WN

gil Alm"
:' .'

ur 1,
11 = '+ A

aa ;"!&

.4 -N =F.. W. ......-a clse hecz or hosaltam to or an".
,7: a. tIgl e of th r*? tively aw In a r a ye and
tn Sm&Ll.t ht country ontb 800 bo on ths a?

607 iutil bff*'ba A nU00,41 a Podfrt Au"r ,-,-.
,r Slmat .letifG O==- ATLAINTA, May 9 (UP) Hen-
Sry W. Sweet declared again to-
V has Ab) r tday he has not raeigded asigen-
eas ,... e Seral manager of the Geor .
.d Part&- mthority uwars agno e orom Ala I-N
.- Ca ba The9ter A tA ii pub- i .f il"m ed daytdhe asked Gov.
CA r IR % p- tea t Talmadg edn to inteloene
oz'M ', in e theo itrhoversy. You cap dopf l f It
0 g..m intt overnorhe g overnor
Statement today aying he wa s
2 4. Al m rtto tanab to con-
eoB tln as director and general

LS h i nlin J UIIt podtka, ,e the Ior- .. ,4

anem ta manager t. sait he hold
the T Thuye an- PiTl

S h was den -.warl l by weet when

....-,,, D. nA Wm 31 Auteomobile Row AUSTIN AGOENCY TeL. 2.
Sa m otUan lpeal imanteofn utheg o-
*to ca- ty diately. Williams
0.r 1d tihe o atl ?" y-a in avane ah.
thenwrtimem be A

aemy de t a thed J obyelmthrough
o 'B afte t he arn- LKL. t, e o-
......... *t3 roee-bleRatA STN toTe. 4


-att out weight. d uOvder .du-
anfiu &lated, fotMhe of oue

,o.In coteae.. .*o.o.

tLeght IYng Inas.
beatftpar "du-t"
"~reotiANs a A. %phFoCaaer-HA

1W "u ahow8CAAen-
auhTotBtheeo e.. ratomdfulfil
,for"t ,rNhroughFOR

.ieND.,nefnd seea.1,
MOO*;npertjew&elerft"*ired- "



Mi the,,may of(UP)

". ",
Q. A.) MW a :'n.... C or l- E,". X P ,E ,". ""R. -I "F" -", -L..

4 .-- I,

JwflI- 'V.

,Y'4IY *i

;-.I~s \I.~
S -



I Pr.i


L (.

A-'-T "
16a tMrfSt

" Whofn To Crash oronat

.i-eemo, UPV- t"-ntbThey have hehLd Ol'g,- bUgflig t ueaS
i-.-t e ,a worth of Je tolee so nag r are ne, .. i
Sre th ig~ ^ yan th Dso e antir at n sair tht drivg

K^S .S nAh, Snj v my6 patent andttfeeo 1000 1,040
cIserf ar6n' en to solve the ti
uSaThilnd o ad,. b theft from a man who opp, s
-. d t of robbery will recur
tett' -d are creatures
Wh- the..lg te tt~eves n a

a1 d h nhi l t outside London. c
e bween now b Becausme Ln.don Is so close to
tlop of Qaenn S1. cMontinen-little Mover so Kespritsl, an ne m
For the m by p" to Paris, Brus- reeods that ta aM
ble being i el t_ O t trd am--It is more 50 kInds of giiar
h country -- a a hn iavr ry for Scot- crous-ldzdx s hoe E
drconfid lt f preventn crime which b 1
erertaiosthl e ha taken There is 4
napOedyh the key that d .
rie ande adortors-, w ,l e There .wil e

S th e street and lbay every eovermment in
iaged escort twet- ers on known at the coronatisaame
4 *bld da and swindlers and confideace aMen from Iron a"
S"fraud quad" uder Chef tons.
b Thaeret, in a3 "Co:Bc- o eor Artor "n s eso Blase k Beotoad t is S.
t out 4 was pan ready for lhe coronato ea- of the aoet laW-abin p .n
o h eb F that enmob a O pon ple in the world. Lae t
in the blue i _Is Scotland Yard really mtIr- more than 00, 000 tid
S cotnld .E4 It Isces ried about the influx 1 ortnl- calm were maded .
The lure of the sltiln M ott reaUyF When yo ve been at.- wa crime. d er nM
pageantry w ri tb r a -nhting orfaorn 4ae It has drae T r
.end thy, the tit tl.d fa a. 1796 you've .met boftalli fltla ,thee tips.
y -ttoo em e egencies tt... et, Br b. l. o f r ...
,. A tl ksly to happen. Sometime,. I tsgetan te d e s .,
Beorima "be ae wote. Sometimes It's better. ag erinst CrlmInatlTa jj
s etwork et J a u thue battle always follow n moate other couniu.
S raels ,llf. a Well-ordered strategy. t of on writers ;.
oI d n ta a. elmer euntidny at aip- had tetir mie t.
.. m ~.~. owr, be i9 and .imUnAd wi t ht Tard tIa e
ML aleky of twt. el turretwd, arial. t life this
Bt.e London's "fene are i- Inelirat oree i. i P ml
There,. neto ue a tMi k beek Tark-ild
yr is n It- reor on MflaW li
W wr t hat so. gy! ab n -ere: ar
a n dyu.nb *dbcto 1

, .,e f Si .

- "-"* '^^ ;_',,+ .+ -,
F -1
is.PRO .

-.i .... s' 4'

-r--' -

being Danger- Blind Brings

'.Unne essary Medical Bills
NEA Staff writer
-* /
pring housecleaning is the *'
time to take off the ,blinkers
Snd go looking for trouble.
Blind spots in your own house-
S keeping can allow you to be,
ambushed by a painful accl-
dent, a doctor's bill or hospital'
For example, the carving set "
for Sunday dinner is careful-
ly shut away in its box in a
drawer but paring knives, just
as sharp, are tossed in the'
open drawer along with other
utensils ready to stab the hand
that wields them.
A sobering fact to us is that
home accidents last year cost
S600,000,000, according to the
National Safety Cuncil. -
And that doesn't include fire
losses. How much did you con-, kilowatt fades away. Flickering
tribute to that bill? We recent- or dimming lights should be
ly forked over eight dollars for retired In favor of bright. new
medical care for at least one bulbs for the visibility you
preventable accident t. Our need on dark stairways.
'blind spot" was a mafiana at-
titude towards minor repairs THE IBRE818TIi X 11
nreceed on the cellar steps. LOT. Irresistible, that i, to an
.E:e are some more familiar adventurous gang of kids. 4om-
lhon:c-accident ambushes. Inate yourself a committee of
one to check nearby empty lots
THE TRAFFIC JAM at the for really dangerous rubbish
electric outlet. Too few or poor- that usually is dumped In such
ly placed outlets tempt us to lots. Watch out for old lee-
overload one of them gradual- boxes and trunks (every year
ly. Extension cords, extensions a number of kids are' smoth-
to the extension, then double ered in these), e excessive a-
'tlre hazard. Cords snaking a- mounts of broken glass, rusty
round the floor are tripping I nail-studded boards afid rusty
,traps and an overloaded socket tin cans. Report your findings
-is a fire trap. If you must use for action.
'dn extension cord, make it hug -
tv wall with brads to keep it
tt:re. Appliances that heat HELPFUL TS
v'. uch as irons, toasters and E U -
Sg: rles, should have a socket
-1o themselves. When lighting your gas oven,
strike match first-- before turn-
ing on gas. If match goes out,
turn off gas before another.
Be sure flame Is burning blue,
not. yellow.

Leather book bindings can be
oil-treated without a darkening
effed., if you use white vaseline
on them. Apply only a little,
spreading it on evenly and
firmly, with. a piece of cheese-'
S Corduroy garments do not re-
".__ quire ironing but they should
be brushed while still damp to
Restore the nap. If they are
S 4o c lot hang-
N9-;= -i'r '-tumto shaoeI
.. ....-- more easily.
Keep a galvanized steel pail
71 ThE HAPHAZAXD CLEANING of sand "or watee. conveniently
IT. Certainly, you keep. pol- near your heating unit. It will
a c:~- and obviously dangerous help you to extinguish a pos.-
CcApounds out of the chil- sible fire.
dren's reach. ,But where do you --
ke iwthr. crystals, furniture P astic g cards can be
, Poish. and scouring powders? washed 'bf.ttiioap and water
Ou etor says he can chart No old thumb prints or sticky
fte, annual housecleaning fer- marks need poll their appear-
1r bi the number of aoes Of ance.
0 erystals. Keep these special
cleanser and crystals under Always insist that a kitchen
your eye during use. A market- fan have the "Certified Rat-
Sin basket filled with these wings" label on it to show that
a supplies can be snatched up it will give the safe perfor-
on a second's notice. mance promised.
SC TTER RUGS. They are To clean starch from an iron.
a invitation to a dangerous rub beeswax over the face and
;* d--. Washing or drycleaning then use salt or metal cleaner
m- have sape4 them of their op very fine steel wool.
,,a Scn-skid backings. Either tack
:'th-m down or give them a new
." lc-skld coat __
:s ;ye the springtime handyman
a closed metal container, such i
as a potatochip. can, to store i
his oily ragi in until tAd lawn- I
mower is. greased or the screens &
painted, then toss) the cloths
out. Otherwise you run the
.-danfer of spontaneous combus- .

- JWI~3L

Care m or Mlr. ewuy
^ y
/ ~ ~ 'l/ -.JLsr* 1

Mother's BSy a 'ts mS Mer's -looeks the prMe Ife DttT
Throughout the year she altows tipe and eate fer dei o 4
grooming because she kneu that beauty is et bt a day.. a
She keep hsead lotion t tWi kiehen sink ti a plastulequ'eev. I
bottle (left) and never fals e sum it, both before and after dlshb (i
washing. She lets diM ,.esta in a modern deterge*itstiS to el
mlainise time nla whih her hands are In water. Blight red
shades of polish are usartest en her lngertips. Sbe Ii erefM'.

NEA Beaty EditOr
You can be as proud of your
looks on Mother's nly as ever
you were when your children
were too tiny to present you
with a corsage. Youngsters to-
day expect their mothers to
look pretty and smart, because
they know It's possible. Thou-
sands of lovely women past
their middle years are evidence
of this.
Your basic rule Is to attend
to your regular grooming
chores as faithfully you at-
tend to the task the keep. your
home running smoothly.
Hands are often neglected by
mothers who constantly use
them to make life happier for
their families. It's true you
can't usually -bother with. rub-
ber gloves for dishwashing. But
you -can have aw bottle of hand
lotion at the kitchen sink to
use before and after. You'll
find a plastic squeeze bottle
is time-saving. The lotion will
help counteract any dishwater
smell on your hands.
But do use rubber gloves
when you must put your hands
in extremely hot water. Save
old fabric gloves to wear when
cleaning. A coat of .hand cream
or lotion before you put them
on will help keep grime, which
seeps through the fabric, from
working into your skil.
Soak brittle nails regularly
in oil and cheek your diet to
see If.'you arm eating too few
oalcium-rich fogds.
Bed nail polish s so much
more fitting on the older, wom-
an's haids than the ingenue
pinks. When you apply it,
paint a wide strip down the
middle and then work 'on the

ides you'll find this, easfer as
than applying It all at once.' Mt
Have you tried min m d
detergents in which to e the.
dishes before you hash them? an v
There's very little wdfk In- bi
volved In the washing after- wh
ward and your .hands conse, tog
quently arn' in water as long.
A sponge on a stiok Is. also
helpful 9
If you're ashamed of your ma
hands on specal.- ocasi otr tyhi
making them' u th a v tiblnd mi
foundation' cream r rlotinda. 1*1i
Blue veins, frec k e apd Ing
blotches will be masked. ele
You probably prefer a very up

/9areniM fgl U

'"I A-** f1

It '- And a burned-d o w n 17 S .
SFor guey whogs*tile be.- heck eI au6e4
S THE LIGHT THAT'S FAIL- CdUe he doesn't get whofs conm-
D;GC. It's false econo IV tohrm, there oe ahunded .
to hoard the attic or basement Ihto ftble because they do. a
S.Jjg. t bulb ntu the koIt little ,

SI Fatigde one of the greatest M
Sadestoori 4'f beauty. The, dam-'
emove ains and La d r ageit do can be lasting. If
you're -a 'tired-out housewife
/ lands mother without enough en-
I ergy to enjoy ybur family, have NEW
; I l OC"d V t LOm O n a chbeokup wii your doctor. town .
of coutme, but also look into one ef
o your everyday pattern of liv- 'P WN
If yu've often onged or a ing
5 ^^ product that cou Are you overambltous in your M1O
your mos-t A* locate lytse? Far better to t to
ag nd, at th *me time, :e fewer Chore for your- a tro
SrSE atais yOe sWay be de- self aud have time enough gtousil
otoIn thlt such a in whihe to do them.
erUld Itst afte, Do yt plI enough recra-
tic .on f yo uelf? Take out fbr can
Itivitlnus ust plainresting.
IAPWUCK OWod r Adlax, lkli I DoWork in a
train make-p, msdew, I poor tor have your work
e disr eon re prod- at the Incorrect
Uact instruct you to dissolve one it
-; tatlUspoim In a little very hot B I thomeept owm?
water Add cold water until t and when
you have two sutea of lake- DoB-IiMtull ski p breaK
warm, solatio. p suds and 0. p brea
e -ag r delete Are you all dat' nervously
garments through the sladss b imi hou lost in the
.W ul. You tbht this eslm- --eeasme
6 4s tes the usual stain-removal %:006 5 You didn't
tep that preceds laundering Do )f letofther members of
tsken a firm hold oh the fab-. t o.o k y loth-
ass make a- f ath o a assigned to
lx rl o the W hftoi
t o luMtkewarn tl-lSthae kM t t'A
*.aS onSe coal. If even ai ne has?

Idea gibfosaNesl
'lof "-tMe a ~-- ---'
: '% Z ,- w.," !e~m -.a-= o w ou dep to

,. .-, tA *
* ii i r.' u.

I') *.4
,, ), '-*

'...!'***/ -- *
i ... l -


- -! ~......Ld..

a Weasetm
'sDay,1. SR

tam hram" e -1
en neeeamtaw
ether with br
*. .1' *
Don't uset teo "'-
wder iis it wl x
ie or-' withMt
a havb. TIh'. da

/aL4 &/d
Lp y.o 3ha/

'' 1. : ** : *-


.i i

A e

' t AO -w

4 ~;,'i ~.


p 4

' .I .

-1 'p


-. ,Ll.



I~--Y "`~

_ __ ~ 1 __

'f -' f- *

*-! i




,'-,I htsi:t. .
3'' AF


. CHICAGO, May B (UP)-The
'A!% Courof the Unl 3 states
ret$l% 0cojitested cases toO
befils&guring the fbisal year Off e 0'
A of Tax oourt statis-
tAs by eGomaei'c0 Clearing,
No", deals _ith tax Special Sale
Wd bapm law reports, Indl-
EMd .0. ,00ocub would for oiw .we of the famous
be.go ..... .of 8. per e Itr elt,
' ",0 $1~@ 'came filed dur- -
. feast t the P. eunes
yeart6 produce --.u
I"." Gaf cr""i and WIsan Snrow
a bee o .by the I
'lrat theW of this ~and ats
'1]at u the
3,W vcame
adi n. :O Y ONE WEEK!
1 eamntr of

E.M MO. (U) -
thatorian of tMIA
rdach and
HeadsM,; .

was skeptical

.. IM"it-Malthi,

i .'-W x
.... :p;ns ,. s s.+.
,, : 4L" ,e a: 's..... ....,

-, -... -, L .*
..~~~ap th ,. t o .:. ..e .. .,. .,..,: ,. -

iMe AiUtns '"



g Mtrte dl ,
* Nw Y-t -
sk to a U SA 1m.

240e 4

r"~~ 09 "IL fXsl, ,,,

o-o Mr.A. iler, of 1 Vale, Cdmeabl beuhow

Maryland. rtin g waf d12phhi .AV@ ,Mr.e1av.X
in wa a t i -pr e' r ,.....
'toftoL" ta ofHerbertArmy Ladew. Lanch at Ce .
It -eIeut As Oftaff The members of the h*
of sl witl4 abs bDavis Officers Wives CIld6
.ia y. C. a lheunc e
oo".is o tNorman U. Weslin,
61 P'IMteafo a" t in914 Cluck-S A my Lad ie Lc hn at th

of sat ~~~~netted a of$ a? aWsi ePArFrc a Fmei
'ub rdW moau ad M.

"anoChrtaan er- Th traditional souvenir *F
Jand. 7DavspO officer rs ented Mr s

rajoe ,I may 'eby h rs thrd lrs and John who is moving
daughters, Ale end a, are to C 41, and Mrs.u

fr.amaysailing on the 8.B. Cristobal, ~ .who is leaving N CW @*V.
o du Iffcut vacation for this month. atAb

10 ffa) h l ll bo
_..more ,,0_ k.,, ,,the.. pu.,n Man.ln, ....r hemnmi~ap

itact 'Aat at Grl.s' guests included Me
t9 rs.e e forab the a talk ernoon herman N. C. Wves .
.rtoJune r of rhe ls' : twIte The ladles pstPeseotnt etoM ..

.Pubim oherdatefor .heter- Mrs. Chasile. K Wilhelm, Mrs.J Domlie De Augu ,r01
"'e: efforts. tea d with a Chal .s L John and rry P. Coper. M. JO
."Nted on dinner adgi Mrs. tel were Introduced as visitors. jMrs. Robert Doebmam, MUe
rity dag ,tCarl Seaer e to .

Opn.grshee p," shaD G~I eor- Coral vine dolla Cathoell ag r thee __ Ms Ant
formed the efl othe n.*f an anit Mrs. Dmavi
Purco ve of-ft 4Mr
ti" Iprlobl kr .? ndinr ale It hqa la eeig fth any Interest" Darim

in- 1.1 git. sn w~e:e Re fleers for the new term were Ao metn of the Oas
Chri 'Curch Taylor elected. They are: Grand souvenirt t on ili, l a
Slnd., C, -Mrs. Dora eprsa: Vice-regent.lenday 1

ale 4 B~r. MrteMrs Mrs. J. 0. 7. Trlmble: Prophet- at the clubhouse. All diles~7
able -,M 'ysdm, e so Mrs. Claire Gen Fi- iug. embers have av
9 egla, onansilal Secretary, Mrs. Anelf the Iiirtant declaloas
c Mrs.Harald.ILPaereand Treasurer. Mrs Lovimer nv i n be made.
eti tormth auhte Mrs AeH. ars aordent Lecturer4, Mrs. Rowenas
asman Msal ant ,rst bl vei, Historian, Mrs. Joueph iiW.C. General csemo"y

bpGn Maurington: Monitor h Mrs. Lu- The Geners l Assebly
et drsocia Blades; Trustees, Mrs. Ida- Cole. Unit of the [utei'
drsoe r ,,. ri Rigce M .a. .,_r .Do t Ho...Clu
B of ~~~*SI *y 22 for vPcRt ie, rsAneiaWn ad itrgurmohyM
1SORhertoom,wh lllr d beof Triorlwlb &u.denmaM.r

S.t he sl 'd f ratel e" ,000n l e*ne Dent Voyage b MrPn Marionam Setainlel, ,r- Clunt erb --i,_hldn

ma5 Vnne' erroldnofdGsasertort shaa paty a
b"s tn e# am a n.e_ .I n d = t m. r nm ~ I n 'h e

tomr mte,,, r.Te a Mrh .bn voyaer preset. .'l_ ,ph._nt booths r. .err ,rOf L rs Be 4e Dies
So iyo her e in e r .. ith e nde r. R ,. I-ar arete e m

ay tuSae Mo a h D~ lhn or Mrs. CrtWu Logia id he r o-s ehen members w ere aM angNCge.f 8
PanIbeY rM ode a. k ,._,. ohe-te orkof
.r ot sin a Ang soo f 'i 'lsa The ladies pre sent" 1u

of*he-a-h mothe yoita t- rsen twIthlemUn .tdeMrs. Co. A rtr.-v
TnAthpa talyi naC ah erLJon an Mrs. Deu-traPdCoophr.M Jfo t
be e W .t ALI,"1 ew l A mer d)ai e elys inned rcnlfromwt. ouisMrs.te bl lWee Introd u rcd s wiallhe-s. mz~on, oim g
ac en bitr d i go h aleprte d eoaofr r a mt Tesoau ey, T er7orem Wail be- M rs. U a eo e Drs

the4bP lre d Vram. N.iltely *,00 bin ly treom a aron to bre ad n Mrs. Gunth teChurhral oer irsch
getvt bow o ',,idlrndivor alvine s ere givnart. ar sh Ha On ay 21: ue mon k

"' ;''" OJlppI alfla and 22.y e.Mis 's.o Tmriawbn ,aT; le Is, in e lu
*1rtot Na i pad ia ihe hnof re the guests ashag o t l n
elehere ~ ome o hoyae prsn tswG ol W-a habau an .r. R ic arel re In
StewAd at M. Arthur Wilde and .th nt i
't--eohehr.J ioD tther. i D t ri we o e a ; rs. -

knd Cisnrtabal's Club

"dean A strolleH.ifroa of therica "
wentpresnto -- theparish4n Mratl uomevn Mb
.ro. ra me.S P o andisonStviu Christ ere r. ....e.. ... a11104'0
ando lul iscl

kl ferl to ll~ Mk twlf Nel, ,, hact Hbpe lived recen... fro t ... c r fth ie at w:h0te:, Mrs ',"
Teosonhfln faent Mi pent is e
In git i- so Bee-h a postcardtin ntw erm weof meeting
r e ../[ u.. w ... Th eya re: Grand Ms Rcre p tonf

mian twill bi
Ihe OuIsbL Woen sClub

S~u Bork4,,Mrs. J.0..F. orimbls. W it hPro, h0 tt a h e to. announce t-a. Mrls.lsll i
mon ''mail s 11C s PAANI Ae On he RiealSceayMr.Aeith= t cse
--.-A.A n'bk Tes urr.r. oie int.ll be mud*.
All ,,ay' Porden;aLhotu.rerosMrs.urtera.
1thl h o arto ,,Mr ad r.'Tc .I Appins Ch*or; Hs t-'MtoraK Jsp W Xho, d raiA'in
.318n beAstor e .t.nGodwin An-,Harrington: Monitor, Mrs.iLa-pThraar-rTn Allo
b fe1 Il 1it do Nlew w; TrusteesrMrs. Ma-iColon Uni( of --- Xzy
MreallyisowOfidedr ecnm yfom o is, Rice. Mrs- Mao ChrgaetHopiil- z,,on, l ubtti
, 6. U' Of': )bW.Mrs. Angeformer ,Wh .,d
.,ma o ,,A.X Pd. -'.emMr... A .. ,- ..J d~ a a oti o) y w ra M n A 13 .m .
'A"' Ale'fora dollar& am e.t,.
~~~~~~~, 10., min.ts, MelTe rotndlWoens zu

LL~ 118881CIp--


wb.r1w RJI

.You Sell 'em... When You Tell em thru P. A, Classifie !1.

* 2: .ve your Ad w ih un- : t cr Agents or our offices iun No. 57 r'If'Strcet Panama -
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Col6n *

Lewis Service
No. 4 Tivoli Ave.-Phone 2 2291. and


Sal6n de BeHeza Americano
No. 55 West 12th Street

Cari Dt g Store

255 Cl&di*


1b'ourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441 i o. Lottery Plaza- Phone 2-3199 armrJ pbg

S Household Automobiles o. you*have a
OR" SALE -- Frigidaoie rer.gerc.or FOR SAIE:--949 Buick 4-doeer S- 2081 AnclC. C.C -
;Nvith porcelain in and our,. n good dpm., seal covers a d white wall
y,.condition 9 cu. f. re'c.rcble t& s. radio, for only $1,19900. DR. WENDEHAKE, T
price. Central Avenue No 190 i, o ly pae. very good condition. Central Aenue.9 KP t
,the yard, ask for,1 Smoot y Hunmicmtt S. A. 16th. St. 2-34a9, ar' Roc
e _rd- a dsoPc.- -- Central Ave. Tel. 890 Colon. A VISIT TO THE R Brnc
youth's bed andwardrobe. Call 3- SALE:-Oldsm~bi 2 door Se- ISLAND May I. 2-01
4638. don 1949,,4ydrarndic, rlilo, seat The Atrip of yur iPHe
covers. Exlllent cplhldtion. 0429- A Jungle Jm Jourt~ f PHILLI
FOR SALE: Mahogan, l inqroom K, Arncon Psone 2-3656. amoa Canal to Colo s- .only
suite, settee, 3 cl.or, 3 end -- Porto Bello! First tour of 0 i ooa
:,.tables, 1 coffee table. I radiolFOR SALE -!952 CADILLAC 52 ISponsored b/ hotel El-:PP i .4 to I
table, $150.00. Maple i,,ngroom Series. Light Green, 4 Door Sedcn. three day tri.p aboor lbarb
suite, 2 chairs, I platform rocker Radio. Seat Coaers, W-S.W Tires. Leave Balboa Friday. mi
I end table, 1 ccitre cble. 2 Tel. 2-2616 AUTOS EISENMAN. Colon 2 30 p m., I 0 Box
lamps $100.00. Hollvwod bed PomA n ________ _____ p. m. for Son Bias anr rlP ., Willion
$6500. Call Albrook 220 FOR SL:--1949 Studebaker 4- returning Colon Sundy a- 1 2 be
.i- -l--nd7Through the Canal Monday 6 a. ran
FOR SALE:-Frigidare 25 cycle. 3 door Sedan. Land Cruise, white return ,to Balboa. Meots catered wee
.,Vrs. old, perfect condition, -ill alo side well. overdrive, redio. Excel- by El Panram Bring slacks, shorts,
trade for 60 cycle. 1402-C, Carr lent condition. Snst y Huncutt bathing sut. ,acke, flippers and
;St. Balboa. Tel. 2-2438. S.A. 16th St. Ce"tr0CAem"e. Tel. spcors for underwater fishing, and
PI--SA-LE---M--hoI-- -,n 800 Colon ________-'.-_ your camera and rolls of Color filh.
'kitchen: -anddiningroomsuite v.n FOR SALE: 1949 FORD '2 Ton Price of Canal Trip $10; Son B!as
botho, bedroom, suitegroom ste, bbc bed P-Up. Good Point. Good Tires round trip fc.m Colon $40; round FOR R
room, suite, old dressers and ms Mechanical good condition. Tel trip from [Elbo0 including Coa l ingro
cellaneous household goods Ld :09 2-4966. Panama, R. p $50. Please make reservations kitc
calplan St. Balboa, Co. Z. Te 2- -__ -early through lour Travel Alitf, okr o
a. nk St. Balboa, C. Z. Tel. 2- FOR SALE:-L-1950 Bik Super S- -Jungle Jm ar Panoma 31660. Mira
3671. dan 4-door. goed tires and excel- S.. .--. .. 2 p.
S..SALE:-Bedraom set, gas -c lent mechanic comadlifon, dyna- SPEAL EXCURIOS 2 p.
FOR SALE:-Beadoom set, ove .. I .. ..... FROM PANAMA TO MU IXIGO
S r flow seat covers $1,500. FFOR.R
.. r -geratJr like new, balvebe Smeet b y unnicu&g A C ral one way $85. round tri p '135 (1,5 '
uso4 5 opo rtmct 1. ._ LOS ANGELES. one w, 4 .
SALE:-Refrigerator G. E. 2-FOR SALE-1948 Nash Ambassador round trip. $252.35. 190 day.lii). FOR R
cyce, gocd condition, very re::on- Coupe, good tires, body, uphol- Panama Dispatch Service 36 Ai re .Jdnr
c cbe. Fhone after 3:30 3 2:39 stery. engine, $700.00. 'A bar-.; aconal lAutomebile Raw). T1I, kitch
t'quse 514 New Cristobol. 3 gan." F.ou-e 555-A, Curundu'Panama 2-1655. roomrr
a_._.S_ ---1e-On-- -a --l- Heights Phone 83-5238 yard,
h d.,SAL S: One beds cuc. Cal FOR SALE.-1950 Oldsmobile 2-door FOR SALE grejo
3-n80sedan. hydramatic. one owner
,pPone- 3-0378. Perfect condition. 0944, Amodor Miscellaneom
R SALE:-Household furnrthirgs. Road., Qalboa. IF-0R -ALE--Lattice work for duplex
*.-months old Westinghouse refi- FOR SALE--1949 CHEVROLET Di: collage. venetian blinds, 2 mis..
'-n!tctor 25 cycle. Full size bed. Lux CONVERTIBLE Rodio W-7- household goods. Apply Soaturday A
"c:lc;.;e-orcrm innrspring mat- W Tires. Cclor. Ivr,. New Parr & Sur.dao,, 8-5. House 0550-A, Two a
betSirn.iroas couch m k::, ,n-1 Good 'sechanicaol dCodi in Te An:cn 0 d Corral Area-. unfurn
t cb'e, Wict.henr chairs, porcrb. '2-2616 AUTOS EISENMArN, Pan-. ANAMA CANAL COMPANY OF- cdoed
-c Op!ete. 1816-D Old Cri;tobal. -a FERS EMPTY SACKS FOR SALE:- New
"-= x. -- --- FOR SALE Ford Pick-up Ltrk, ; Sealed bids for .opening in public
.SAL.E: Mahogany diningroom 1952 '2 ton See at 350-E, Pedro wll be received until 3.00 p. m. FOR RI
-',re. original, Gold Band Miguel. June 2, 1953. in the office of the bedr
ig 4wa 47e. knick knocks, miscau- 9 o General Manager, Commissary DI- Bldg
it* ...: 2-447.5-FOR SALE:-Vauxhaue l 195l 4-door vision, Mr. Hope. Canal Zone, for No.
E l -- Hollywood bed with a whit well tires, duty pid. empty rice, potato, dairy food, and or 3
'"Inr;erprfg mattress, one excellent condition. Call Sm other sacks Invitation No. I FOR
' Eouchly with mac-hing chn r no y Hunnicutt S. A. 16th. St. & which lists in detail the various ar
, eveer for both, one Q. M ioble CenrlA.l. ,Colo.__ quantities and sizes of socks aval- Phon
"'Aft can be seen at. house 5619-E.'FOR SALE'-1950 BUICK SUPER. able may be obtained from the
Dicb o, after 6 p. m. Phone 2. CONVERTIBLE. Radio. W--,-': office of the Supply and Service FOR R
4430. Tires Car in very good condition Director, telephone 2-2678 or 2- June
PO ALE-ne dobl bd c Tel 2-4966, Panama, R P. 1825, or the office of the General Hold
PO., SALE :-One double bed, custom -Manager, Commissary Division, after
made, 2 youth beds, I crb, w,th FOR SALE-Packard '41, Transporta- telephone 3 -2674.
mattress, Q. M. dinlAtable with tan. $100. P. 0. Box 666, Fort
S4 choirs, I Kenmore washer 25 Clayton FOR SALE:-14 Ft. Runabout "Stray-
Cycle, 2 floor lamps, Encyclopedia. lamb," 5 12 HP 4 cyl. outboard
'r0 ,yol. kitchen utensils, best seller FOR SALE -1950 Ch let I motor, boat trailer, 25 cycle elec-
novels. Must sell now, levng FOR SALE-190 Chevrolet Special tric clock, Argus C-2 camera, au- FOR R
-so6n. 175-C, Rio Grande St, Pe- Coupe. 21 000 miles. radio, offer tomobile spotlite, large tool cab- FOR R
.d-o Miguel, C. Z. over $1.000 00 See McKenna. Ft met, large work bench, with 4 $
SDavis, Fire Stafon, Sundcy Mai inch machinist vie, wood ise and 5
W2SALE:-Maple diningroom set 10th. 9-12 A.i M Q3 uat chrst to-A, wood isoe and chairs, 2 double beds. -I3 Inch hardwood top, m. tools.
, un:t;g de3k, new deep freer. OR SALE--1951 Plymouth 4-door1-A, Albrook hone
tables and r.iic. 5 H.P. John:on ecdan, radoO leat-er upNolsrv 1
,,,.or $75.00. 1457-A Los Crucs, Amt~on 0775-G W.lIIam'on Plao:e CR SALE -Female Dachshund dg.
4 4:a,. Z. Call 2-4122 Ba boa. one year old, tred color. Inoculted.
'SALE:-Tzpcngas range, u.aFOR SALE -1949 Croslc, Stct on Albrook 86-3194.
two nr.ornths, four burner, sio.nies. Wagon, new tires, rod a and FOR E
steal appointments.' visulite oven hector Can be tnonccd. Phon; R AL
'o.ic'Erful buy. Phone Aibrock Navy 3684. _______ Boats &Motors
I83. FOR SALE -42 B.Ack convei.b'e. P--_ al8 otors
...'.LE:-Ex oil porcelain refriger- Duly paid Call 3-07-4. $150 00 FCR EALE -20 x 6,. ft. Boot V-,
t, washing maoh:ne, ex mrchan- R SALE-197 Dd Conve.t Engire Party converted New Cab-
Sacc.' tbch 25 cyc!e. 6179 C'c-' in excellent chope. For only $800. n $45000 Gmboa Yacht Club b
on. 0844 qGyilan, Balboer, Sunday oG FiLid drive and ':dio. Smoot or call 6-490. ttoi5
nd Evening. y Hunnicutt S. A. 16th. St. Con- FOR SALE: Craftsman, 3 whoeea J
SALE:-Woven rug, 6' x 10' trol Ave. Tel. 800 Colon. bandsaw. Coaftsman jointer, also
reen and beige $20.00. Refrager- -- 5 inch circle saw, 2, 25 cycle mo-'.
,te Westinghouse 25 cycle $75 lors H P. 8208-A. 6th St. Mor- n.
lshes. Phone Amador 4176. WANTED garita. Cristobal 3-2396.
* ii 931-K, Balboa Road
Misclla u a RMiscellaeou. LESSONS O
d.a WANTED ---Cook with 'ood refer- FOR SALE:--Oil painting and water-
en-Es to hlie in premises. Apply color classes, "ting k n d week- f.
SF, 31 St and Justo Arosemena Ave Balboa. ForInformtion call 2-
lNo 38 t1712. ca -
WANTED. Sofa-b4-. ffwo singe
$ q, beds or one double bL.. good con-Tuna "
NDO, ay ~ton Nix, phone. .$030
version Tua"Ametun i
ch chef, is ft the
Swas the cBt of -y Pa
a vited ilple U
t be aer to Corona- en.yerteopainoffSO HIOtaMa.I, ted.a 4'er thpaIfIJa S#inkY ee a
S vArtrts by ^tr Neui.ri.. Lumbago. H c. terday 40 mtlea south of Cap3r
.rsa e .f e :?Eir mg onurl<. no eotlfer Belaco and the 13 flaherme
ort ntq make your druicabe .ge' aboard were ydI when tlhcy
Joc.that, -" follU.Ie r. vscre picked up by the Japanese.
J tto" dtI, r e d te In o 1rYori o. registered 8. 1 aw. M aru now t
a iaSleI. I is dlessly.n Gt ROM ,.ufer en route to the U,8. to
k! 1a'bi.e.'n1 We e atehe- o *n Distress al. "g n.nt out by
',er ~Cousin! 1 .the sinkdig e picked o.: b
.t thng -. s because of an a erlc freAk.
?UIj 'it several DiaOta In the St4a t1 Pe-
-ging b the broilednd t' gP. e w-_ played'to
el A all th bothIE Ihe AlDui[ue .Cloordination be
Sof the :while BATTERIES :. -
canB a are in
t4r a. a 0 Are nmanufactlured in e st cu an Sa-, en.
*yontho tak on 'Pov. pTw nntflf B ,. erlcan urd
mmenuS 6 wl Pa.nama's only modern I nsu] s, cost .o ent r
a lobster BalteryP l. three shing to. a e
-- :WBt thiystdfled rvivors had 4 dup by ine
rer r -Batyrc- the Japanese at- l the I!
rmde lrslQ M corn .... y8t ye

pa f t, t eclared." Court deca red
"erica in tnl wre mys- Ir 'Ljoe, l .h
-y the ho. e chef t 10
Standout explainPthat the -A used car Wh' new on lr
w bee, "with }, loudly proclRitqd he ot tp Thi
S the n i nmU- leo" hs been ib-eed frnmt i
f eing pa of home Cabell County tdcr an 1- u
m re ion of Iurction iwsed hIy OtQretfta
S tl t4Bi. Juden W HSe' n,*

MiSaed athat theEW W a --. I =
&MtO w guaWantee whto.aaint* tPA C-- with rIXw
eyeuld spend .re,+- '*Th, C N,-,T.,
O n opr,'oducin la SEE your Dealer l and"The P. ,yf.
Lee, Thh One. a__,
"e -- t .

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eh'- Sontq Clara b "eh-cot-
.l^.ectric Icebx'es, ga.stpvws.
'rate 'rates. Telepl S&441.
W 4--N7, Pedrd Uj --
S Cottags.-One ril bbtyond
S(claro. Compl flyifrntmished.
. Gas Refrigerators and Stoves.
g ypur linens. Phone Doggmr s
70., ,
IPS Oceanside Cotttages. Tw,
court in Santa Clara with'en
nvrew from all cottages.' Steps
beach, Rockgas refrigeration,
'ecue and shuffleboard. Pano-
3-1877. Margarito 3-1673,
No. 435, Balboa.
ns' Santa Clara Beach cottages,
bedrooms, refrigerator. Rockgla
,es. Balboa 2-3050, except

1ENT -Furnished house. Liv-
om, dAningroom. 2 bedrooms,
hen. wash tubs. hot water.
93 Via Epanoa, besid "Radlo
Omor 9 a. mn. to 12 p. m.
m to 4 p. m.
RENT.-Or sole house in Las
bres, 4100. Phone-. Gemboa
ENT:-Furnished residence, 2
oam, livingroom, diningrapm?
ien, 2 maid's rooms, Idunry
r, playroom, garage, Iorden
. Jose Martin street Et (on-
0" telephone 3-2724,

ad "five roam furnisr and
hhed apartmenth; prb't *en
gardena. 8061, 10th Street,
Crietebol. Telephone Cdelop
ENT-Comfortable /urn d 2
oom apartment, Calffornia
. No. 13, 49tn St., apartment
1. Call Mrs Leonard. 3-2034
NT:-Vocation quarters Mar.
o. three monthsfrom May 30.
ne Cristobal 3-231,96.
ENT: Vocatlon qWortmer
12 to Aug. 28. 1463-b.
ten St, Bolboo. Phone 2-10.B,

Rooms 0

'.i -t. I t ,

GoS. F. No k
a Sntral AVg -4 fS.

SMtng, mothb ,
Wpack and cr y e
M.nlZng. *PIA a
a Pan
P-- ** fat*

Tel. 30 '


Hour: ,9 aM It
3 pjt. o 4
Monday to FPril ,-
Tvl.l140 -1o 6I4i.4P


from 11:30 to 4 Djn.
Served at all h ,
Potatoes. Salad, Vegt4blea
a G .,.A N '

I.-... .M' 9- fI di .j
ui*i W ^ ^ i" *^"I. ...... L'"

ENT:--Gatun. vocation quar.
July Ist. to September Ist.
00 per month. 5-447, "

sn Touch IM "f

55 Pe Avemno Tal3 13-I

Sresawin: IKo
an attempt p
a administra-I Tr
*give al touch to 000.
sh between I d U l

ther viw- Troops .
OR S Whkih re- Trv^o B. t .. a gl
oewhigh is ner eB.
future: v an in care- o
States of wound .
'0n.fCyro v
1i10; that A ud Me wind
FOo aral a sea at
state and th hel
8 m.en- talanMA
United Mo., pplt#t a
hesoli -d the
land bis and then t b
lower flight .
_Sts to

,aft, -
to aOURj,-rum (UP)-
d Judgeo.

"Se,. libt. Id
SAME t41 find it 'e9t,41 Pal

low ciih O

e '=
itate ote h S go

from long aor een
the docks. The
State Crime go
other evils. -s-..
The vote, w1 h i
gents c 0-... X
7,000 In favor of
pf the b speaSS
bere arn
you satialspd-vlh
method ofts lt.'f .
... ... ,. '.t .w
Many were reported to have
states y aguua .ilfl tion w. union
off .i ,is s
didn't md asnd the question
a. kOiw bfhO t they

Oeo .qa', resleat qf the 4 'i, ..
AL. tQi eh.te conerQ
AIPL Mjjj1j^g ssiqssyC r
yesterday".'th W Yorl s
vote wao "a loaded qtaon--oft
forin the I Onghore en the a f
te lfe Rot or nothing." f
i meetMay 20 andw U i A.
^pitdbgfedly Bct on te Wfttter i. fZ
o(ltttemM the ILA IftM the r be for th.
ot gnization. ht "me w be dit
Prbvliualy the AFLb had venU
the A until May 15 W st rid ,1 .
IM4eBpe-up. be uar idb

Berlin Airlift
Sts i Record
. A record number of re
were flown out of
camps near HanvY Ftank- t s oo le
turt and Hamburg b In A. put i program t
merloan World ArW s==r for .GOT-
round-the-clock f urging a *ttilt will I
April "
flown out ofet'"I .
-more thau. 0e
In March.


,ir ". .tI.~
'_ -' '5- -


- -r

:2 -

......, .-..



r .' .'
',S t t4 1 f. ,

. %o


'It ,.-
f, 'ti ". '-.
* N > : .

ii 7 .* i- V .

S.* -. .4
p .. -^ ..4A. ..c..

i.4br4 -
-. .. -
J9 l/ : 1' -. +. "r .;' '

;1.- g ,.r.-=r,

L ^4IF.ll
,.:.', B Bi l

if.. /;~s .-


:" .. ,-
,.,.:'. A



m /iiimm


r o- .!w-, It

I. L


'i1 .'*


R-W, .:.

u,' st(



-~ Ct L
ska4S~%yv ? W -

: ~ -tt4lftn'- -r

, "',, V ... : U s' j. C.. ".,, "
. ., "** ., ; ..m j .' -.. .. .'..- .
*.... ..., ...... ,. ..,; -,
.* .. ... -* ..
'.' '1*
-. -
*. ,-', *. ,' ,'- -'*3%a ia
* _- .'_=. J L.,e ... .- -'.. :-.J /J, -


IK ,. o :," ".' r

. .
"2'- .-A.


Wi r-

I .' -4 .
At Wble-b a d1ats

her's -'Co bo '

ByRi JA Av* 'GAVE *
S AY A--o.- *..'. ,
only okim f i of 'ang-
s M &etA &te J -Inm m| u astute
.ct t -at i ot.- since.
r aft. n S u frt
S theater '-i_. the
k aa t. ,. or *

a job.
p1 was
Abah ort
,a some
, -He did
,rt Oar-

tOe Om *y duing t t Para-
_ mount B gemat when Mar-
t* had t /, absnt, Eddle
t iat bl piano Jule Syne,
Sq* 0noer-: such Broadway
d ua .as "Pal Joer' and
'GWa r and a top com.,
twlevialoU and
i d ro a on NBC-with
wealthiest appnsors,

&l, too F.IUstral

itcnr is on eche, who
ined 0n Fisher's
d f M r on tr p
T~to Per. iXti
A -- M. tod. reproducer of
S 7011I nman would seq

q -. t 1- t^' ." .,' n

Is Hbllywood s mtl.,e.-a ss in the pres-
'esacipq of 3-D is ksaew 'expression
, a film w-t. revolu-
tdonize thefit

"mn The May 15th

.... 0.60



ast To x Te at

heat b world '
Ie n n

T" Mlaray t s "thoea

comparable wsnext.

a ebx The oerta P ,
ro Plmer, David WIr

an an the

O"been interested the
H rlgrqsusp .hce L945 t
hi" Is a tloutl us

Oa orspendes of lh
of, 0 nstt lea
Sonoo con
arva aer id me ar d of Tr

elusively Yours: 85fft fuie wieta of jam-puhej buSim\",laW,,, "Boris Odudeno
skating right out .trcl..odi- wi Van"ut wibif, n ad ud"adlma Butterfly, "Th'
wene in 3- t ll.c h y hcomparaater. "Bat tble mus and a
Bre Roberte with Peters, Annerry
will make her movie .o b..% OIe just Stand u. then with a Oeorge Oppenbeimer W S
under .la bann er In a l-l taf-al3ok-I'm-a-m -rat-,ee rm, amt- e4-
musical extravafal4Uw : mf e-" ,]Eakf, a playd, im-i s
"It's a mattr. i w tratter, now produe- a~on Pa ner, David
wnand the told t the lavish shows at The

show and dM a Yk two years ad Now he'si er George

for several mont), already on fr Marie Wilsone i
enthuslte abe b Id." Milene Dietrich. Bill Benagdix.r" s
Laword nd others. p ntoeed ith ther
expect Mloaup of tratteu wys on the Iti t ilt
the Arlene Da.-eernando La- .,.s for auper-gorg_ o donls to antg Wu. tS--.f.
mna romance Is near. kAree's dibats his shows.. but even in woHd'a liMt T &ve os.
been seeing Rayfmond H. l, R'wood It isn't as to ..d Undeter Mtay L am
whom she dated lon fore x t. h admire. Thiry girls o We
Barker came into er e with move hold experience swo fo' o a multial
---skating rigturne ou fr w Van's ast audition, donar Btton "n
Lil St. Cyr, 'the" strip queen, He hired only two of the lasale.r. and dand l ,ftal"t.
ba only one page of dtao e In A movle. "Butera can hide an- L n do
John Huaon' "ichard the tl ca withtalent.The." ta ral
will be the first mall-length 3- juststd up there with aOppend hemer
flicker to be made In London. Sir SLPAbATION DID IT -at-'h r on a et mmant&M';
Ferrer as the star. Jose .don't The aeparattion caused by their lodu ht. who danca A
wBrnt to leave Hollywood-and careers, Director Don Slegal la p ain
Rosemary Clooney. s aying backrolurdedlthe break- l- "
mbia. upof ha Senanae to Vilesa .. .. d- .y
ON w anE P AND UP Llndors. Now dyears ago. Now he'Clia la .I ,
SVenture."d to n told movie eo&names:hiM l

sonu and dance man by Ja* Zn- at apposite ends of the tat of The Sand Hotel in L. try-lThcas career took negotia to nsr new
forgotten Vanl..,e.ntaa rtudl ly amiable. ThETeis no mitter- ,,,,,c.t .. .. .
exocutr several mony eNeaed to ness on either sMarie Wilson, a s ot'
ackThe lon-expectred lt stature of tI Iep riaon th t ttheie.
movie atans -tear. Ard, Mona Freemahi n's owsbu r teen Maeven in Davies and
been sht-cl e tertalne poked for that easy to fid Morndriver the JoL
'whom she dated long before hm admitted. Thirty grls the irty.
"The Son of Sbad' at RKO. .. fects," he told me. "A nightclub .y,

M a nama, Canal chea

E4L/tO rTS.. 2:30 6:15 8:25
Oe lIU useNr a mnley cmtnnI

2:30, 4306

-' ;~,~.,A








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s -. a

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Nt Vs

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9on iJ^S~ aa |

F :4a -----JtelUd---



i .**, ,


Race 5
i a* .' ** '.,'

,. .. ..
p a Game, Mirzatoats, V Franc

Soyonder, Quo Vadis Meet 5

An exceptional program is on tap for Juan NATIONAL LAG.: .. .
it nee fans today. Four of the track's topnotchers st w.kin Fleet) ,.
reappear in a $1,000 seven-furlong sprint for Class xphiladelphia Fleet)v.
A" imported thoroughbreds and four of the track's gwau e 10 6..' .
E4 recent arrivals will match strides in an eagerly Pittsburgh 9 'la t A. Thi
0,4ited $750 "special" also over the seven-furlong Chago '
distance. Cicn nti 3. n T a Nt l
The four top flighters slated T .- n TODAt .--' "
!T1 match strides in the Class TODAY'S ft- 1-ly arena 1" i
"Chica oa .... ... l ---La Caren R *O i, -
-A'" race are Amorto, winner of Phila eolphi atS 3I .n .-1
the $15,000 added President's Pittsbuhia at Ne- .oandia .
,+1assic; Comodor, second l the Pittsburgh at No*,. 2 Ontlkl- F
$'bi ng moM n second ,St. Lous at Cline (Wqtts 1
,"Wound up a poor fourth in the ESTERDAT p-Mfleco B. A re
*;resident's Classic, and Booji, FirESTERDATSme 7-B gua M. O rrC. 1
third in the big race. Fist Game T7-igual orte E. GiCrrmp. 106ta
to his splendid victory will Pittsburgh 000 10 oOO 0 .
again have the leg upon the New York 000 000 000-40 n 0 "
u.t Santa Cecilia's six-year- Lcnder <2 2) aad 4ad 7 .1 .
rad Argentine chestnut horse. W Lindell (2-2) ad f Rc N N
,Abino Vbidia will ride Como- Jansen, Wilhelm (8) -. .
dor, Reinaldo Gothez has the rumCaldero ).p.
* In up on Main Road and Os- (4th). LP-Jansen 135. :--1udy Bear .A .
race shan pes up as anguide ooj. Second Game 4-Rkela A. VaAques 110 a-M. 1-2 t
enlmatched thriller on pa- COMODOR Pittsburgh 000 400 11 0 nridad B. Agul. l1t 17 .
r e majority of the track's dly and was apparently the Pettit, Heti () (, Z
S Amoro. Ho a fair stroe anial atth minih Hall (7) and Oee "" imported T1 5.. 'l M
mol.Hoevr, firbut youngJimenez barely man- nl K-o6 Race """ In" -rte-
are have also picked Booji. aged to hang on to the reins andl e) ; '
omodor and Main Road to while Bravo rode for all he was WP-Wilhe (2-1) t :1-Pordo J. i recently "-
umph. worth to gain a head decision. (1-1 2-Roacrea B. 1.R5 fit
Scotch Chum, the mutuels (11 ) Br--spartno R. ulB 13M5. Ig. 1_' .f tg
choice, returned $4.60, 2.40, 2.20. Fit Gae 4.ed F. &1. 5ghown
This race was run over a sloppy Phila. 101 y rey l. 1*.
track the track c ioditions PhiBrooklyn 1012 u ono-a A. n103 ut 4-.
changing following a steady ,. -'t
and .heavy downpour after the Roberts (4-i?
sixth race. Burgea () ) "A"
The day's best win dividend Campanellk. 1H l00 ""-!I. 1-Amor.o 3. A9r6l'il form
was $33.80 paid by newcomer (1st) and Catmp1USl. m(7t 2-c- o 4 b r t4 firmhtko flt
Salustio as he raced a post- -Wade( 3( .a" id-%. oru
to-post victory in the one mile ". C 'iS to .o ,. -
'nightcap. Another good payoff St. Louis 001 0on0 7 4-Doo 0 bi 1 to go4.1
was the $22 returned by Rosa B Cinciltnat 000 2. 2 3 ''
^. I' in the fifth race In which Don Haddix (3-2) -ad D. Bh e.
Temi was excluded from the Fuasselman (6); hPddRSeR, Nace- Baee "2t1eaO6 d 26 0.1 M
o betting. The third best win di- hall (51, Smith (9), P9Ne.l (J 8% Furlongs "'
vidend came in the second race and Semitnick. LP- P.dbltelln or
Son second horse Lolito in a race (0-4). ss Ch E. 1 at door S-
in which Rlqul was not includ- .- -. A EB.tUls-t lot. lt-
AMORIO ed in the betting. Chicago 000 02 ,_0-2 $. 0 *3-Floe F. 64
Alfredo Vasquez was the day'4 Milwaukee 000 e3 0 4-Pacho Falcato I. 11 win in 54-
The; secondary attraction on leading jockey with three vie- Rush (3-2) end el; Wil- 5-Pebatero C. 91j ,1 i 1
day's program brings together stories Don Pitin, Marfil and son. Jolly (9) and Caadall, LP 6-Tllama A. Me" 106 .- U.OU aU 6
e starring Great Game (Bel-; Don Temi. -Wileon (1-1). .
in Puildo), Mirzatoats iBlas '
0:c, Quo Vadis (Albino U-' The dividends: AMERICAN LEAWOU 7th RBae "F" Imported I7 FV*~m'- I i. e*; L:
and Goyonder (Jose Bra- Teams W L Ptt. Seped f the
FIRST RACE New York 14 7 i.
.ie owners of three of the I-Don Pitin $4.20, 2.40. 2.40 xCleveland 11 s .41 1--Miss .birfu B. AuL 10 took -t.
oTementioned horses were 2-Consentida $2.60, 6.20 Chicago 13 9 .591 2-PoftiOVteh J. 11 i
to make th1 contest a 3--Oaaveral $2.80 Boton S--i n .. li .
nner-take-all" ewe at Louis 1 500 o 4-omeland A. 1
owner Augusto NEW- SECOND RACE Pliadelphia 1i '11 .7 -I 's Prim Vsi. 11,g .
refused to race. his horse 1-Riqul (Excluded from bet- Washington 9 13 .409' < '- S
o Vadis under this condition. ting). Detroit 5 18 .217 .
Goyonder; winner of 5wo of 2--Lolito $17.60, 11.80, 5.20 Dodsenot Indlude al n t game. "h ]e',", hpedi
three local starts, packs the 3---Diez de Mayo $4.40, 3,40 e4$-
p weight with 120 pounds. 4-Domino $3.60 TODAY'S GAMES '. .-s
rest Game and Mirzatoats First Double: (Don Pitin-Lo- Cleveland at 8t. Louis 1-3Bolo J Tan J. Br M 13t i14
ners their last times out and Ito) $7e.60. Detroit at Chicago' (2) 3 Ah a .L li. .
t j thag- victories New York at Boston. O. W !
jtto V1dia -wll eah tote THIRD RACE Washington at Phila. (2) Gamber ..A. 1 -
pounds while Quo Vadis -Marfil $3.60, 2.20 Sath R. V. Cs. 152
AU. An with the feather of 105 2-Con Valor II $2.20 TESTi1RDAl 8 RESULTS V. Orteg 115 1-
pouildh. One-Two: (Marfil-Con Valor New York 301 000 200-6 10 2 '-Po'4 r iz 118 f
r II) 54.60. Boston 100 001 200-4 5 1 ,
Great Game, Mirzatoats and Blackwell, Gorman (T), Ku-
Goyonder are four-year- FOURTH RACE zava (8 and Berra, Silvera (1); 1 isee ,"B" Native 7 FP.FPm: $U 1.i e p el: oli
Quo Vadis li a three-year-old. i-Panchlta $2.40. 2.20, 2.20 McDermott Werle (1>, Free- -
On the occasions that reat 2-Proton $3, 2.20 man (7), Ienneedy (7), Kinder ON. .
Game and Wirzatoats edged Au- 3-Malaya $2.20 (9 and Whte. HR-Mantle C 1 d
gusto Newman. tar, Quo Vadis (5th). WP-Blackwell'(2-0). LP J1Chan b05o-Not in ti o
slowed them wehts. FIFTH RACE -EcDerrhott (2-3). 3-p A .106g-1W S
Another thifg tat has made 1-Don Temi (Excluded from -- AS3S ; 0 A.V 118" tl out
race ana%-exo ted about this betting. Wahgton 00 000 11 0 J. Brav
contest la the fact that Bravo, 2-Rosa B 522, 2.60 Phil. 060 000.000-0 2 1 S Bida. 105Z-Al a
ire and Pulido conSider- 3-Marilu $2.20 Materson (2- I and Grassuo; ,.
Sb many the track n thre Kellner, Scheib (%) and Murray.
t ockeys will be riding SIXTH RACE HR--Orasso. LP-Kellner (4-2). -
e apparently evenly match- 1-Valley River..t 30 1 l e" 7 5,.8s.20 T r el
horses. This wide open af- 2-Delhia $3.20, 2.W Det. 000 0 00 120- 3 7 1ll 12 -
could turn out to be the 3-Curaca $5. Det. 000 0 00 120-- 3 7 1 E 112 --D r' .S
"ace-of-the-yar." Chi. 000 (10)00 02x-12 15 0
Yesterday Scotch Chum be- SEVENTH A0C Houtteman, Erickson (4) 'and 12 t
si*flted from a good ride by Jo 1--Esoandalo $4.40 .530, .20 Batts Fornieles (2-01 and Lol- vo 1 .
as "Pa Bravo to barely last 2-Mimo $2.20, 2 .,, lar. i-Lollar (3). LP-Hout-.
tgn the poorly ridden Vam- 3- Vaaria $2.20 ,mn.-
-in the fetured $450 one- Second Double:. Alley l-- Ith '"( 0 Mile-P3re1 I eleg -p
i-th race. 1. '' m e us ree
irmeflesn-one-eighth lau 0 ver-Escandalo) $ Cleveland at St. Louqs (Night -' .
ath re. "'' Game). ze 1s 15 -MuWill A
Scotch Chum showed unusual EIGHTH RAC 1 -Mu
Speed and was already -Apretador $9.40, a. -s.,.-Horsae .
ond going past the lub--Gaywood $2.40_. .11uf
se turn. At tis stage Choice Quiniela:Ja (A imis py Ti9 y W --Ca
d le and Vamipirema w- wood) $5.80. .... .U I.-.,. .-.

sfZ a close third. *
wice Julio Jimenez Jr., up NINTH RACK
P Vampiresa, ran smack into 1-Scotch Chum $4.60. 2.40, 2.2
Spocket behind Choice Brand 2-Vampiresa $4.20, 2.40
le Bravo carefully bided his 3-Galante II $2.40
J*me on Scotch Chum. At the One-Two: (Scotch Chum
. pole Sqotch Chum took Vampiresa) $17.80.
A_*d, tk-en Vamipresa fi-
n eot pat Choice Brat l and TENTH RACE
t er cotch Chum. 1--Salustio $33.80, 6.20, 5
In the run down the home- 2-Prestiglo $5.20, 3
tch Vampiresa gained rap- 3-In inme $2.80




LO-Gemd rea~t



::.:...... ..........";
~flLD yi

",ORSE CAPTAIN" ........... ... may'
"ORANJESTAD" ................ ue
"BOKOOP" ...............Jul 1

S'B o .....................May 2

.......... .. Ie r O xly )

I though en"gr uad lo
v MOI th,.l. .a'"
, +* ,.y, ;.* .'.f ,v ...',

4-. -^ '. '- s

]' +,'s -.> 1 "

D^- 53


-. ,. V


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. &t + ;N

-p." .
-'-.,+' I ,.

1. .~ ~











F4 .-. .


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. ,I .


iI t





fw' : '
- 1

'AL -. 2 --


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. ..f. ..- .-.k

,t Dim

i th moa
They're ldoel
htae run b14 th
erit, o

S.. b,
A 49.WU

iu t

0 soI
*r Mf


abbud '4'


' e
na *

* IA A

S & X

,,. ;:

3 I? Total
4 10

11 1
S 11
I sI a
: Tom add PIlumbo.

am ItanUlngu
Won Last
1 0
1 0
0 1
0 1

,*114. I~

4'. A

~ S

An easy. way to

ask for the best

CArl for "&laciaWe" wmiv Pn iad fbr Scotch

There is no buMr wq ofistiuilt qh omly ve ba
Will defory f ou m .
saunlae product of Au Semid diileries, thb
S t scotch h. mft~S

itwe'4 and Bsitt A' Scotland

"l /l l yB.rfr

maeAUN7 1s ., *L*aasw.. AeN

IMul AifCiA. w,1 W. A..

-". 1 dXMRm-~Awr a s Pse .._ : -.


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- ~.T *t4~S*. -.1 .'.A t'~ ~4* =
.: a.'".


-~ *.uinginywJ

in o ,
10 0

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A1* .. IA' c.-


- -

--------- ---- ----- --- ------

ua eNYYBr ks Ri va lry DNabIn Dou

Swek 2 a.m. last sumamer?,O. PAdp

by hm rh lashd a twbe t 16

;.,S ", D" ,A a' *ito to" leap
Indefot homer to win the ps

seer itt ui n. t h Jtth Par.

2t ": 't ett wta g Yap- steps in aq Mn1 Ma|ue decides -
Ar o h to ren_ i hande. 50 ewvry* When W o inmw
Sin th body boose blhenne te.-

ft uettan um oarom his base coaching ascon. .Tht ain't f
Sbox. Bo viasedly, be- *at' uscle.",
tMay wn't be causeiA^ l has With the
B o -^ and run one-two thM Les, who tain3, but to j
ua the tn th := t44 1 aple theps w .W but Lsoe.
rof st nts w tekpA- Lo i hads a N Oy th Ife t o
B tunetPloy*nB. rom h M i he oia sto.. t Mn'tQhobN

.*t aL Wthinff out tt Dt lie tare tr
Aim ble ..ating wilb rund andsRa y

.a rm Iethings ba i doub. The ati '
be- b-v. o. 1ys w I 'hiO s

- 1- ? V',e In C(rtktt, REPOUSS : b.a

,., ..i 31 Ou (m 1 INTRODUCED IN ISRSY
1 .l A *i 1 1 a

ag"< KIRK "
the-i a Wn h m o nt tM
uthaf p11 e hO r. A AMERCA' OLDEST .

be, n f. t t 9n
tnd Orllttth wM buretdwhtO e

V..- ear smashel thie Iouwtiet ILVERSMITHi n
Sr iThtal tainn wal hl *en Ma VR
N o r e s :o t gm l t lo u t r nt M u- "M'o ,
STheljiThb ab

1 0 Ori who plo d ninth In BEST SELLERr
0 1 T otaui th Aek ht bout ttv
4 l2 when t rh the wall

ft 53 VO1 0d 5 1U 5 f et b a t dt-

ak A .IIn D 1ihed '



* *



CS:i; fll~B~


a, -
* [.1:




^: .^^
\ ; *; ,. **^ ..: **^
' ^ '' .,,,_. *. ":'^:***'*' -.' *' *' **^" ''^

J^7 r --- -J^-
^ 1.^9 if \
'*-:: .. ^ .. .. ..-.




the truth and

Lcrotmed onj
etzz havt N
a 6 hig

"^.:. cw-ft f i s

PRECEDENT FOR QUEEN'S CHILDREN at theCoronatilo thl"is
photo of Queen Elizabeth herself at her fatherL CornaUtion in
1937, when she was 11. Sister Margaret, beude'"e.r, wasrik.
NBW YORK, May 9 (NEA) own mother and othlr members
Among all the Coronation facts of the Royal Family. .i
that startle Americans, the most
gtirtling is this; the peers will The Queen's husband the
1ide a couple ofsandwiches in Duke of Ediburgh, Wi drive
their cowith his wife .to Westmhot r
Mrs. Doris Langley Moore, di- Abbey in the State Coach;,but
actor of London's Museum of will take little part ii the
I tume, has been lecturing a- ceremony inside the Abbey.
Und the U.S., answering ques-
ons'about the big ceremony. I He will be the second to pay
And that business about the homage to the Queen atr the
halr-borne lunch-box is the one Coronation, following th Arch-
ng le oddity that arouses most bishop of Canterbury, and be-
surorised gasps. ing Collowed by the Duke of
S"This isa not an eccentricity," oucester and the young Duke
r. Moore tells her audiences. of Kent.
Wt, Most Lcoronets are fit-
cwith ribbons Inside to keep Americans a also interested,
ndwhes in place. remon Mrs. oore h b llded. In the
FQr most of theceremony, financial aapets of th, Coo-
f at in the laps of the no- natio n. ..
bas. As they have to sit pa- It seem t Ie them,
entl from seven in the morn- she says, fibt .6rea rditain Is
I until late in mhe afternoon, spending s'g.i9iu o~e.y when
we ca hardly blame them for It is str-hagglnni w ih ty
gbbling sandwiches from their 'ThO am6un t spit l Parlia-
ewelled 'lunch-pal ls.' meant on the Cornat1on hel o TIO
I am told that some of the tells her audieres:b"ir likely rto .
=rs bring other sustenance be about $500000ronat of Queen
esi sandwiches." "," "
Mrs. Moore has been pleas- "Thil will be offet large ly by uhform modeled b
ntly' surprised by the wide the sale ofsesi the stands yanpolicemanSns
knowledge many Americans souvenir projramb, etc.;, and, o will seldom bes
have about the Royal Family course the spect clt wIl attract wil be worn b'a special
and history. a itultitud. of isit from ntgent of n polce
h found that several of her overseas. in L no
ue ers knew more abopt "
e ly lineage of Queen E
pbetb, than she did.
,.The" one question most A- i
ierlens asked about the Coro-
t -was what place the "
even's children Pr in ce -'
arlesand PrincessAnne -
have in the ceremony.
.Mr.'Moore says that no final
have been made, al-
there areprecedents.
S the Queen herself was
a, h6r sister, Margaret, was
they attended the Corona-
of their father, King
VI, in 1937. The two
were there throughout
wearying, six-hour
reported afterwards
t sister behaved wonder-
# nd "I oily had to nudge
O ee or twice when she
with tft, prayer books
a present Prince and Prin-
ewever, are much young-
arles Is four and Anne
'probable, according to
quarts", says Mrs.
that. they will witness
the ceremony from a
now conwruct-
lpes Mtthem to
ae without ds-
t19 Coronation wil beNS
ematin ttoul on
th an above-average _/

e.,,Inthe A ELABORATE'
ra6. iThey are rx-
to hv some special Workmen in London mbWh dd, toAI he tO-
me ceremony. W/.estmsinster Abbey l .uao tenipolrsa atrgre (left,
shre l -year-od above known as the *nie In 'f 3 5
Gloucester,u, an f e bth,'s oronaun 4 No art of ee takes plaU
Gloucester, ai' the there ,LtS only Purp, b id fo.m._g of the c -
Kent's younger broth- plicated Procsson ff.ueIe hr of he etm-
-old Prince Michael, Door Into the Nay.-It &lWP OIDes tobin and retlb bt
act As pages to the for the Boverm tZa V OsWTd t; 9od 4re 0W
ases Prince Richard. Os"r.e s o u tWU o
so is .bra. ~*n 7bdr*,eham- ........
I Gallery with the -es, D-or e4d ev ra w f
Neoor t c sMa-. rdkun n...

"hours letter she boarded
hewwhich took hrb'lj k to
Britain anh its sor
,And to tie tread
)WHilpIsofer ade

bas b mtorad It
m Cpent ye.
rA L_,ot a lovin
i wbthaer.n et

a mother. a i'

a day she takesn3
heavy official prr
th, Prince Charl '
I J a eae.
anxlotder tatther ci
ie thldren.

ther 'precincts B ~i
a day she h takes

Prince Cha
h u).as r- ,

date .....

"yal hha
ass he
for the
, appe4
Aftn tar

pW UarJIy du wWaI* mU
lao the nurasery.1
ate other lgas

e first time.
Lhnr a nil a&n.*

hen .,- .

" *.' ."r. ,. -- "*; -.
'.." _, .
.'7 1M* -, AM

"* ? ,L
-* .^ i.. ,. ;, *.o _

~jL~ R

-,i- -U





'i -.. %
r '


L /

', ', '*' *



N .! .-4 ,. ,

k. i ? ," ... ;-
...: --,. ;

9 ,.^


T' .{."

i- **-
'"- M

ps po es.
ir a Xas .


;> '~

Ls A


gon Says 1987, the
WriW est ir i -pl&ded.
(Ai) l4taf Zepp-. (B) mIn.
4almrg, (C) Ldi
S 18. Op May 11,
j 8664,.1-. f. Grant
Ct celebrated
S propose
to It out 'an
MW Is it taof" summer."
Thei~ts at.
(4BiM* Orips% (i) Spot-
s~eq rlUl % Va., (0)

.l|L9,W'na wfa!,, qWovered
DM, ~Ift bou on May 17,
ie, (B) Lids
am" "dter.
lot m, Jeffen

'The pum-

(AY Mf

~t enw~ ~*'
~3.ibv -

en bet

I .

Problem W You to

m roney la
- a large euaeo -.
There's trndle
between pe aps -
and the keper
wants to eosmase
three manke tir
each of toer -
.e. Kys pawing
six straight HM*.
*how how R eON
be done. A gosia
Uon isve eslv se.
where Ina the pSa.

Mt a1 v MaW .
lMm 4 by:

, 10. Our May 20.31.,
St27. tn ft t solo
trautatlgHtl flght
from Nw Trk to
Paurs made by:
a s slid W lby
alemKs urml (C)

future Vtouria
Britatf ib on n
19. ,e 664 yearn

'w ond abh i
13 ..AkE A i


p. 1 Whave
Wh* t ues-

Di *"9 s "n f

a rSSS

r *~

iles ?i)

j:. ; U,
:, ,- .-*^. -.

-. .


Ml, 0 .h
t U. "t,

:.*'J- '''r'
-"? /



idly aloud with
out tripplag ad
your tongue:
Petw per m

pop *p Park
IUmN. cop imp shp
steek sheap

Figure' Itby Ddution
\yLaO1,' Johts s ad tluan are cycle enth-u.
slwsta. Reoitly. thip made a trip frot Aye-
town to Beevlla. it Was.reed that they would
not nemsesarily kep toab tanthe wy.
They started 0p Sttey and each man toQh
four days to complete tite jmerm. Their daily 3nle-
ages dudng the trip w"te:

76.-71-4-40.- 1--4
Johnson pedaled an InuaIag Clage on each
of his four days while Wilson a@ord an equa)
distance oan the Mt and futh -4VS. Uilaso's die-
tance for the third day beat WlW ' fAve miles
and on Tuesday. Sti on beat bi tektulay's run by
eight miles.
From the foregoing clue, y should be able to
work out the daily mileages of eeb m What
are they?

A CMRTAIN number I eleven eM tan twi so a
much am one-third of It"elf pia tprtMe. What
Is the number?
eAg-Awse a aMqup5 eqa ljsaiy

It' Your Mow

By MNiardano r
of books as Ibesers
\t1T7.S basic st eg7 In this
problem Is to keep backinm
away, but just so long; then he
strikes swiftly and effevely.
White, moving upboare, moves
frt and wins In move.
IM *M, ts i i-,i e
'u-u aM 'n-B *n54& smefw3

o H whown
she lrv.

d4 .a was
a 'Walked

he "l a.metdcal
stwdTMe girl Ys left the *o -b h 1 I."
was S A with an ad his WWthe Aer.
He 4ali be felt her writ for her pulse, mi*0 was
ded that be had left the body just as e fund
It.-A to comnse an?"
twosw gentleman said.
_2wi p im up4n aa pop*e m. and
th"Wtlr othnm wentsad oot"all t am e boWdy,
IN atust the foot at the 'tIlk, withflnr mth
'ql-t r-.-law should be marrted." the
nlet to the Heut=ant
it -b& all the eviden" ataato nel
uX Aw.fter m mudylz the aou oae Aytho, wom e
aat houser-iD-le-r aboul strt d? TWhy?

"Tigu.._ Their Agas
g1'. of -tvtr, moei sm,upd daughter
S add up to 11U yerU ande X n& The father
M twie- as4141 a hMisson, and the 00ther, who is
,ves u tn H bhuand, laIs twice her
idhhcbtME'slsg BoMold Istkthar?

What *ical \
note 6 ,always
How go you
telI a btbh d in

Wha.t pra-se7t -
slobal, a are
mie? EMMA C.

JI Ph K a re

l"_. *-
1M^.1 *



1 ~. -

j ;Zfi~i~


&$reek etter.
B.s-y of cheese.
I sta m
7- nt
5..Note to pOudo's seale.
7- mlgh i m "use'
8-oleIn the male

~: ~A
- ~ S

-~ .,~


] 1 a proveb that di-
A .fPu1i the, be of experience
b dm. Bro it a aa a

..*aAIm i A n DIPM
3l *U ) ps aPp e a. iSauey

mwawO -" ro miwn

They're Going Phlaces: Find Their Paths
SMary have
plans for a bg
afte rnoon.
Johnny Intends to

her motber*Sad

At the bottom of
the Orawisg you
see thq two ch.
dri staUma out
tivfres e. sk" *I )
can "d fltanwl -c-^.
oat thwl routes \
without \ 1 L > ^f
your path or
Time limit:
Two minutes .


ro &a

MA ie*t
ssd Sa

Al Your

ON., -l-


- *..;. -.


* .-



k -

I",tIf, .

,'. V..


. ',. ,



IB. *
fiHRu *
"STfl *1
^.^ *
^"*8 ^-
ar "'



' *

THE BRINK of disaster, the driver of this traler-truek was rescued fromtl hI all ta
, after the truck skidded on Pittsburgh's -lanBheiter ibrilge and struck. a -9t 4t



"'U,.' ,.

-'UllES AND MOIE FIGURES occ py the attention oflew Ygrk's Maypr Vincent Tmpelilterl
ii Abrahamr Beapie (left), udgpt 4lrector, as they try to ~Idi ways to slash the budget.

iSf4kEMEN in Boise, Id., are waiting patiently.
will-be opened for boating and angling.'The a
-which is turning nart of the Snake river into

Sfn VYlT tit~ A

*v hpn this man-made lake
t.e new C. J. Strike dam,
wjtawIll alsouse the lake.

roF SHOW" award in a picture contest tpto l
ial Editors went to staff photographer Deasu t th
wem eager-patUnt and his nurse at i +te

*4,sure on 01
ogtcture of a 9
Childen' bojI

, .- H

r. I .~;




Mr w,
t.Ews** ;


jll~slPIL~l~kl*~rul rYsrvr~c. UI*~ ~~*rr ~ra*

[.11.; .

I;3'. #~



71 ^G

-A. **-4
N -

I -

L~ AS.. WI..

~*.~v-*, -~'y~'
-, ~e..

4-' ~-
- .1*''


. 7


Sd inU0 a. 3
enused by Panm6-WOttP"
9fsthe MW1 "twit
a taste for the "U.S. t" d "0o att
tons of workers on the a ak Z on-le
inalon against Panamtanians in
Panamanian Ambassador Roberto IT SOi
lead the three-man delegation which ng ate '
view of problems and relptons beoseen tae UF. and
One day after thousands of children all ovei the itflO
Republic ended their three-month vacation and tart- (*
ed filing back into classrooms came the report that eno :f
the lives.and Jlimbs of some 3,000 students of two Pan- & ptd "
amA City sws were in danger.
The press %iWt, and Provhicial Tduqa
gpector J. M. Moreno confirmed that two acn- .
Smn bad condition, The director of the R w d
Ecuador asc o= iha condemned on"o'f{the p ate a
Ways leading the building's second fJa W it
was in danger of collapsing. At the Juato
School-the stairs were in a little bett .
students were only allowed to use it h .bw
at a time. Here, however, the floors were repodl t E
tremble and shake.
Moreno blamed the condition of the two Sh0ot on,.
the Municipal Auditor, who, he said, bad lth el rtk-
lor material to repair schools bulidlWgt onn-
his desk.
The next day came the report from m*6 b
half of a schools building had collapsed, ortunatly :
no one was Injured.
Ten Bersoes, who bought sU IU ees of abe a
AprilH rime-winning l 570 whsk tmed eat to TI
have been fstlea trem a J 86reet t elt verder, Natiod
f-da their winnings uafre na S thi k wM tt .
Lottery office mmaBger emberte L6 Ae. win "l
elded to pay off altheumh a eeUrt fight ver w- aw trusimo
ruship still s e o.
Leignadler said the ten Individuals bought the stolen "I'The"
Uickets in good faith and therefore were entitldW to' Ot.0o
collect their winnings even though the tleskta t @.L.a
stolen anslid reported before the drawing by tt let Unt d.
vendor Julia A. Calvo.
Leiadler said Im was preteetgc the sAod name
o Of the PanamA lottery and sated Iq the ltiereph hiW
of all buyers when he deelld to pay off. Stt
o -- with
Tuberculosis expert Dr. Amadeo Mastelliarl revealed thl
Tuesday that PanamA City's TB mortaty rate had u th
dropped 60 Der cent in the lasM five year- However. .
he warned that this was no Indication that the l.
eidenee had decreased. He credited. 4olg tib
lntallty rate to new. a I '4
The ftet day Dr.
DP)nartmeht of Public Healtit.
eldence An PanamA OCtv wilt cOt a
cause o the unhealthy cond Il
ulated tenement areas. .'
Bantot also credited the 11Mn in
"to antibletics and to advahobds lurli)J
Accidents over last weekend In
Ibr four. dead and 1 Inlured. The
the drowning sf an elUht-vear-old bq&
who fell nto a river while hrmWaw .w.
er wo was crushed under a f oHlm cl.
wae stabbed in a danee ha fight.
Manule Lardqfio. Colaoblan,.
ist of two men whom e .a.b
Iner down the Cieunul rr vern
Wi'h an.outboard motor. r
't.iorans arITedW tou h
tr.t George Natanson. former 00
Wr serving ax NB4 eorreaoondent it
had been expelled by the Per6n goel' e .. t
--0 -* f i
7"-4rlyv p raises for abobt 1.260 craven of 'the -
,-- r considerably cheered emnloye salnce 4 as one fh("P '
of Ahe highest pay besets An years. .. --.mI
:The '- --'r an ( 1 ts S3 satg an hour and-
lato effect today.
S'he largest group of Cabal amp y

lp rom the Ulectrlcal. a ii
long w41 also get "mor Oo .' .' .; e
__--- 'O ". .
.. Armn personnel were
.:-: week for real top brast, in
of Staff, Gen. J. LaWon
Witkmus fat a' -day vM di
n ctu'ed n. the 's
al on Presldent Re In a
'Op-re tion Brush .B1v." .. ..

:1 ~ a

U- P-

d^r ,^ -4. ..
To, ;.

S1-PertI' 42l-w-. P-Flatfih
S--Inetie (47-maY .. 92-Br.ed'
SIrr6bt toon'uch *4-tir pasfe
verMc 4* mon-e tS-DBthing
WMMtedui W orifdceI
S--ivti'jn ;aw 97-Gambler
*M-lan of t ---Arwhat
,i r ...', ., -. nArd i .. -.
.h -'r .-' "- vm "
L.*- b'h '... .-- i,102-At -all

Sl ,-a-Aehv. i-bon (

i: ,t'Tro:

surf'. ,b W:

S. urf .. .124-iIn ur*
ir au "5 a a. ...A7-Pr fpar..
.A s* .. ..| -.. po"t ..': fltx .


4.':KTVOA Vh ? 6 K !CKQ"h Ryijoczj
,-t. .,- ,. -,'" --" .- -

^.M^Wb.| .^-.

,4, .


f l' ;-
.4 'I.

-.. -

vi ~




L ~
..*~. 4~*4 *~, -


i .-*v



-. +I


I'a e* .-or



-IL L -- -- -
B ^ ,. .. -' *.- : ,.'. ,. l,',..; ," .-

..- I 1- 7

'.' '"E.1


._ -^

. .'*^':\-



!, .' .

OM,,W ... .. -,'"'"" ^ "

F S oSKoO ,,S qC S ^ .'r w u l. w c E ..
Tk7. m gxraP ANAMA S .m S S .
845 MADIsON AVa. EW "Ml. ifTT 4. V.
nm SIx mouNts. mIN ADVANO i__


In lues maljety she its and view the passing theg;
The yowg and old, the rich and poor, the weakilng and the streams
Miy Lady at the Lottery, to whom me seem r Iate,
All theoe who'd bok In Pertmae' mile, or tempt re rtanmt Fate.

aht porter and the bootbMack, the wiman of the street,
*** eur and th millionaire, on equal terms cmplete,
Their de Ibelkonn, they hoer the sdren cal,
And, with t jdl ee, My Lady seves thm m 1L

The sweating ne ro lab-or, ws e eaf t aind aeM,'
The brnnmd and hardy mariners, bft u e aeven M a,
Each one arenMely hopeful that his days f O e p,
And that the wheel or Fortume wilfl turn his AOt.

The eptistlet soldier, who preclams he has a "huI "; '
And, In his pay day affluence, proceeds o buy "ch;ehg -"-
The colored maid who lell you that she'd now be reth aMd fl*e,
If that "ote" had been a evenen, and thal "te" had be n a "IStee.

The humble washer woman, with the little crippled sMU
laveds the mod t pt-nce, so lberlely wa;
The smu, bejewejled lady, of tremeendat uppoe eisa,
Here, fheds herself on comment paud, wth the e rdlry ani.

The gray and wrtikled p triae, with venerable beard
Whse, few remaining days on earth are emioaly chewed,
By hoeo e1 maidB rihes, e tl take hikk wethly chance,
And Ily dr.m f woeamh n=told -f fetne@ and ice.

Oh, My Lady of Ie Lettery, with the meota elIetele,
yea serve ye r atees loyally am I t--ray am- wa w
Twr mpreteantis buin ho ae wmold withi li seepM ,
For ora're e qso gme, that rules seren, tM the realro mf ifedmt hpe.

That hope with which the race at oIs tlesol ly blet,

Te hope et lewly ersait, that Ma beyond te skis,
Of aery easrt, a vWal rt the hope omt er rie .
AdLes, Oh desty Lady; 1 t betwem ye self am o,
From the Jlohem at humW lty, bt few at m n he;
And Fate makh me xeepilel at a pest oer a mebar;
I take a limee myself, samemian and em I wee a dear.

Oh rm back monce me in Paess, In the ya fthe MAle,
Where the bh y at t 19 A o tma bs baoIs wIit qheM n U ig -
Where the ft My tut nsyM fteq gam ~ wIt v i ha m
Come whsllhg rnem anGesmsm Wlih dlpt -4mrseMifs

Once agai I Novel .r ..maat th ltmptlf

And hbosld en ied bestes. we e sAM Ieye
Once again I &Uk dligahily the -" e lade tea
And battle Amefletily 'glmt CMrlnb a oeGm *

'Ti good to ramble eely omnegh als eld Maorkr town,
TYo emb up eeh lamlar hl, and Meast satab dow
For Ima Frambeesl seemagm supreme in. thin pestinler'la-
No other e*Mlty the lIad ihs -treat pesoMndillm.
!ew I love to see the 1 mm. mm arise me srm mad bright!
oew his rays softly genal, mm eor s weM dightt
Tim the behowli wind dlples alH the lsies f the der,
As I b ear the mea nl amickof the fogr e h m o Ithe bay.

Oh yea city paradeical, and whimslfl, and que rt
Where there' always something l de ad Uher's laghterf ever
Wiere reformnm a re IadI, they morw dmd imo s,
And th grater grafted s-meml, T"kIsy li the woab galere.

Oh you queen of mirth and teb with yom faelatig ways,
Me sad oast of nme aehlmy m the hrti boM o of year dps;
seatulate eand sow and Uoumr, mllns momly at re, .
Never may your star Pw deim Metrem the GlM Gate l

WHh year egnrgy inessant, that as difflcut y eaUr
WIth year spirit efferpoacet that em smile .bind the teaMs;
Changeful *- the sky above you, wlnmome ias w luative shie,
Will yoer many mulls I love yeo, I did In dky of yorel

-ft JOhN Mane OArTT.

Arwer for Sltday, MMarh tn r9ypto-lpM MAD

*: m m

k *- nlo -0 "'^^ -

g duTog i~f~

c .4

_ 4


- up arP

* .4:.-, f'4"

- .


* -,** I
"~.. tA~

s: tb

_- elow? n.. n

.- I


-- ---- ----

. .,1 .- -,. ...- *^r ..**.<. ."',, ..'. ... -1' ', .

- i

4~. A.~
~ '~~i-~ .-.

t" It- ...on Off-

1.Aa .w l


'e .' "

& ..t. U,
ri- V,
*s ,
Al u-&e

"'1d 'd-a hbin a potter sad qUIpped
"MI"or I put"
I .e plye wd thM a inalster who
a nwhit U to
bhl club and glare at the un-
SoarvTd: "That was the moat
Wl have ever heard."..

Jusst aAs lft l a ur*a amefit: "I think
just am"-S de- a 8 c r ,ougf s than a tree
low; W .bk.l-y baul 'nt fly If on the
^ u h "I t ;6 w ama&d upon that
,hots extremely
"am- exted to kill the

SE ** m j rsema'on: -Poems are made by
Es 'ma t only 0e can make a three.
Sttm one abcot the hambo who
M to the and missed. He
third attempt was
Sto no aL rowd was embarrassd by his
Snettude. Mot ur Meo. though.
t paqupttr ga Spd: '4Ph course, Isnt it?",
SpIRWIN genih was evident when
zx. f .l9-his Nal tourna-
W"as otly And Wan Bobby
Sld age of 14-he was crowned
a ~e o a
orte, vitors aad government or- Jone was repona Ibe for one of the oddest
shots during the W 1 B drSive laded to the
left of the green rtlted italtde an old hoe.

a. .. a. .M haMl. e.u ly ,

'. '__ an. 't A,,,,ne '
,. a Mo......lourlionup"

...A ..


--"- W
:-* "*'. A '- -



a m


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Mae Committee and be put through
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Today ballroom dancing
bringing much more gaiety an
*sparkle to one's social life.
which is due mostly to the popu-*
larity of Latin American danc'w.
During our recent trip to.he
States, where we visted otati,
ballrooms and nite luba, *e aw
more lndividualt responding en-
thuslastically to these rhythmic
strains thin we ever did before,,-
According to the magazine
Best Years. the two largest -
itional dancing school chai
;(Arthur Murray an As-,
Stairp) report that the majority
ot their clientele alwAyy. show
the greatest lntereat.n the I at-
In American dancing.
.Most of their students,
said, were past
this new intere',
remarkable cha4&
We have beenQ,
structom 4for
*igat mth A t
meat rom. thetr a f
, *,ten z W :h eya
dances crrectly!
peoPle. atU tflke" th
.ent variatlop aihd
Ithla,.tt ohO.thg'W
making your

Itpanot mtovheb
$,Sn exaggerated' manner. e ,
'is. a graceful even sway bec wo
you are shifting your wes ht,
and this is control dby a kne
action. which seWfIt 6S
notion. Movement
and hips are .nfee
Te a he ad
bLshdone f
from the w"a-
lfeul you
.allhtly from the

W ard a
pai an4a hoedown

C -Bring a-the
and 9t4P. forward
foot with knee '4
'.igajn shifted yoyr
is now 6R.yo

In all agem the
Sways lead wli his
eg Uhave thrtA1ee.d C
.1o with ee
.go sl yourlSaso
''4p, -t*at-te 0the 7w

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