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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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g- aupaus uw.vy cquynuwe. w qinuI
mUe of froAt a Laos,
J r U '" "' .

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ttack on Laos.
mat military p,
in Ort a-n

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-Y ^ ^ *1

MARKE MAN U. LGa. Olenn 0. Barcus, 41
mandivag Gmn o.the Fifth Air Force in Korei
strumnt. I fbe itn., off on another bo
Rte, clearly marked "I
lie .ato'the Reds and threat
heaviuw and'teMit_ retaliation for their

Red Invaders S

T xp, May

istt f|A awAi Menn d igr.l e 17 buildiungsq four a e
the pressure an boxcars. e th
of L- ThRe Air Force said the, Reds submarine esaine now
Phabd Mtenre huge quanit I ddn prototype form
WtoW t Wmtathe Raeds pp" in buildings'at the foot o -sbeen
heir an =IRweight the dam which has not *be enine fwor the carr
PM" .louthwWrd pr b i Th poUkomanfl. s ad the hth thunderjets dropped bopib J t actWas been working
lqt- witch rail' sekbus problem alter bomb on the center, o oWt-dW o carrier itself.
tar th'e conmead. already i raU lines as wellU as
o the hard .-to ef reinforee- bu in o I A f .
orms the mernts for kMyr g r of the Force's deepest petaatons r
S. Ifndochonese doeffen. CommunUit territory. .
Jean LeTourneau. FAach min- The thunderjet attek f ilow
UW1J ftrench high corn- later for elwenam sent word ed a devastating B ,f a rdn 0
MANOMdenled iports of to the RAed commander that troop and supply a .hean- ""
that the invad- more help from, the United Nin near sna f
the MUeont. States might be soon. midngt, leaving atlg& To L
and, In a- StO Pari. "burniu- and exploeS .. a
LeTournega iOi a brief i TOR, May (UP) -
W I m Statement, he h dWmeeived a- AA-cc VciM 0 mea t sore raq
WNil9Wid ton. "i ti atAccident Vic. s,,.,
Assurances from tenton that today
American aid w=0 O "stepped 0W er to visit Macy's,
UaP. u Still On Serious tweve. n?^
-. a i List At G.rgas, aa. an oop-,
Ce tbft bs wtd, On he* hdrido-,o.d i me a In ti Ujg-rutnnlsg rivalry
ci ,fthe wimth aindrive Two recent ccolde' between th two bi stores. The
M 6 (UP)- a the -fak Valley Marilon Alvin Kenn Woaslon was a stupendous flow-
nlsaton Ch elded rice. Ican nmotorcyclist. er show at Macy's.
en Elisabeth l lIad that aw Drake. a anam Gimbels executives dropped In
mne 2.In a two-ht 1 ane were still'on the i ll list to see the Macy's extravagana
ed from a m Ih, at.Gorgas Hoat yesterday and were orwhei
bob ,Kennedy, 24v4 the ad phains
an Bble hiad c :*1h W com m tutego "pirH or
sely old carriagt laaw fracture, and theaom ) can boa,"
.- W ,one of 10 .. l..wrist as a result aebel announced,'"...the Ms-
through London n the in which he we cy'a flower show Ut. leatert
reearsal for- i.1 tKi 1 his motorcycle ami Ie to hit 34th it ince
ps shouted W 4Prabang wee over in a culvert aIn. tt 4i Street-and miraees ( e. t route td Saturday night. Oimbels and Macy's) were (% n
hoes to the ex ook that as Drake. 23, wh s 9 to vented."
lal S nb that the invaders fell 20 A Jimbels official commented
r *IMIUhte their l6 r Luke's that the store thought the ad
rm oer Sir Ale l cathedral MoW would he "a nice gesture." #
Stpall the
Used for thea,

on Times, US' Dulles,

aasodemn McCarthy's Policies
,terests of I


Economy Drive

Engulfs Plans

For Atom Power

WASHINSTON, May 6 (UP)--The Defense Depert-
ennt has about decided to suspend work on atomic air-,
craft as well as atom-powered carriers, it was discl

~ An official atioucement that both the AMi,
'the A-carrier are t for the time being
T ing latittn the' day.
NEA Telephoe Theo United Priss first reported April 10 the* or-
-yeao C tr work on t carrier might be indefinitely ovr or sonqmy rsoS. '
Iarcmus Care," Official raes confirmed teday that the onqq
"ees" about thbOM i also is eeced m to hit the plane project.
Deputy Defense BeretuR ON,

ong a e two projects now-
W *1~ gb n bpmtn than made up later
priva te enterprIse i gle .
~r create role in atomic power -
Split RN *a*'sI nt
8EOUL ay (UP) Waves ener act to hpert tat
of American dlebomber ripped in the works. *
DE I apart a strategic Colmnst A deciaion
dlo eaC:

Might the lot,
id them if tbeh
whilel, they b i
many tfilmss


- The tries engaged as to the Commu-
day the nasts." tre Timei added.
MhcCar'- "The McCarthy polley, ,if'-eb
h Com- can di- y it by such a e,

McCarthy. who described the
officials testimony as "Iconceiv-
able," asked that Dullesi cdlhy
administration policy.
Without mentioning M.sartl
or anyone else by name, DltaB
said in a prepared statekuA M
President Baenhower'a sew for-
eign aid program that "thWre e
,many forces at work within the
ted States which would Wult
in a further abdication of .loado
.lhtim "

He said he referred to
ho want to rate tartil
or frtem d*




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PB Pania CRtY oek
000 of s 4Bof

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PAif cm'T "

THE PANAMA AMERICAN.. rnere ---ww4.p, r
S. |. Labor News
OWNO4 N1D puLIGNOEn o OrTHE PANAM A Ple M 11I111,1" ,.borLN'ws,
M ARODIO ARIA. aoIm And S ""rn
T7 T.r',,m P o so- 0 34, PANAMA. I '
rrIELEPHONo PANaA NO U-0740 Li m se
COLON Opie. Ia t 7% CENmNAL AveNUP sI twUeN 'arms a N 31 I t auFt STE. .
345 MaDISON AvS. 04W YORL. 17 N V. *
L*UL aw % L a .. I
ii ONE VYAR. IN ADVANCE..-- ---- 30 4 00
There on the Senate wbdaep
chair sat this slx-bwck-st"ek
and Copacabana chasM. l wiwo
calls himself a S .
Telling the Senators tel-
IAQ evitlon audience he t 111 i
munist cause. :
He didn't know that
knife-and-baseball bat t S
^ UWAI and giun lingers were taau
the llitary P t r
world defenses, he sld, .
7 I IRAN r'hs chara ~o am
not only asd 4 1 I ,ti.
too far back, d eefed 'do
nothing about cleaacutn Up,
very piers on which Motr
--operating as his am isaim
AUDI lieutenants-deliberatet par-
ARABIA IS A I alved shi pments ofL
AREINfor our *trat 8 a* m
around the
S' 'While mob fought Mib for
control of the lcaitv bood
on the New ersewy t in
New York harbor S
.r 'ec.. tar project
at our F'emch- ariea a
P Fi ..A. base at Nounassur.
'."-...... ou ernaent
S ..-:.:..:. ed for the buldiag ai a .
":""' -**^":-iS~ CitY" t Were. We it up In
... .. harr E imU0 the
cial Air Pore itan.
TIUCAIAL OMA But the Air n o
had to walt wh il S
MORE TROUBLE FOR BRITAIN?- NewM indicates where played Ru iafor
Iran is reportedly massing troops along its Oi ast. opposite control of the T-
the three British-protected islands of Tunb, Abw-Mass and SirUIL minal from. wleh 0
Iran has long claimed the islands, together withAt-rich Bahrein forces. Iatpped m attiWt
Island, farther north. Britain recognizes the adverelinty of the There were t a noasit r
Sheikhs of Trucial Oman over the three islands, had any invasion the tent city. 0 for two Mwe
Of the sparsely populated bits of land, used m iny for grazing. while Joe pym' lOl pUlm -* .
would ureiumahilv involve BtriliA. lieutenants earll nh
Some loud auld l ptt -
each other with- gre1ades usi
brass knuckles, Om Air ree
waited-because the le weo
tied up in the C Mle ng ang.
house by a "srt..ers
Had this been the wrong mo. o*"O
meant mn history we'd have made
good the ancient legend ab out -
the losw of a kingdmia far want
'of an~ail. And Ath wl a J$1 T t psychiatric front amal spr*t busy a gin"'
o rtenaet. At her $a dys,, sinc, i notw etha w, -arm .oc nW

equipment w dela e fr t the natives can blame their sft nations on d
Sweeorksr last yerewearthdt lye dlalike for palm trees and T nkee- al-
workers waied in Nortt Af ic lr
SMoenohod neeu&i old a Yousee also where one of i t eers h a
Joe tn ,his light agist onow e t I oM '
ik as,. A n d rtw known touO la i not an d ca fUm i so 0muchI i '
Small Uwonder Bridgesr-y as byA r wife, onde do ayr ea a t- ti
as he sat there in theA nagging
MoD listening to Sen. ed all the time, as can a sasV. I.da
Tobey's hearings to g now serviS nese .oni adt Js a s
Iront rackets. That was that they. boetr treat ms sea ato
first easy moment ed I woult work at alk and 'the
Su1crs have had in y-esr. .
There *ere at lesal th.agp But the W I lo tw l a v h it ioDi .
PARKING PROBLEM SOLVED--Parking was no problem for with recors at C iar when are am t4 -
-the driver of this car whlch me to rest squarely on top of the Army feiatly pulled be- .t iI
another hi 3 t., re drd -v. -, c ease to ,cause it coul4n'b iept mobs.
t hnd.Aear tg n toAt least 60per cent iy-n'
ar this way. h oil i la ba u..._ -_. a

.So e power or 'well per- ,
o ny of the nmobs that lUAst year feltOg f I
.the Cost Guard was unable cla the a l tg
u Willing to fng int the m, tcbbve A8 DA
,,., the Treasury Department didn't. Th1is iss.
move, the FBI wasn' otsaimon-If The ^' te
ed and the Army finally had to pho3 shlda e olJsII
retreat southward. nreu p sa m t( t
Nowhere else was the "'Bye- lpd While fagee, if
tem" so powerfuL In other ports, Ned sugar oftl pd tough talk to =re
when locals of Ryan's interna- im &668 a 9SagOsL.
tional Longshoremen'd Ass. 4a I rec all h oary oldsters of
struck-they stiUll moved mill- marly livlMng~ more sout @
tary cargo. But not these Ne1 ple out of nall the spade he"
:p*k money-mad men of Ryan a tant Par he
cause. They were anti- OldP Darher, who raised me whea
tMunist-when it paid off. d thr .h mo st minor miseries, t m.EWg l
It now the Army has found .-. ....
at last. When, some time
the Boston 16ngshoremen
R sk, the Massachusetta men
oweiM military cargo.
When the Philadelphia t h e
HOT Tl'EM-Designed to operate oin as as 5 longhoremen's union struck
degrees below zero, this gia6t bulldozer tracdr tested by twle, on the docks and tug .
the Army has beaters beneath its hood which cQuld .ihot three boats, for wages and benefits,
Nve-rom houses in a moderate climate. Driven bys!, moved military cargo. ".M
Power diM"e ine. the massive machie on tW s hen In New Orleans negro e ,.
load at 25-miles-j~er hou. longshoremen struck against m.
,.. .. .W_ b ein fo rc e d to w o rk In th e '
__holds while their white col-- w s w
"nIrMtohad the fresh a ir of "the""e
I- ehere we a settlement. a lirs." tM ,
MOBI.ONTAL 5 Burmese wood h" e ,- iaOpy1'
I l0gicoin i -' ible When In Charleaton. South-l to
se items vars Carolina, the longshoremen de- Wal
used for fares ball term cided that they "didn't want to
V Pasteboard work" (they can't strike because ....-
passage lee C.a of regional regulations) and -
b3 Biblial U Canadian post .o. a didn't hw for commercial ta thea ne can still
mountam n oice (ab.) IOadlainl.1tM. moved military "
m o4Surface a lcounto earg a, e first da. mon,
15 Roof of the 12 Gull-lke bird 29 False god 46 Allowauce for b c1 u thec d th we
....pss 21 Plays 31 German riven 47 Anglo-Saxon these ays wbere a union chief psid our '
17 C campus point22 Slgrnficance 37 Weapons slave makes a stand and calls on the "bl'd we
iCleopatraa 23 Expunger 38 Edit 49 Sick national AlL for help, ell
S slake 24 Chastens 40 Sun 5od 50 Scottish Thereta. example right in Thl e of thlt $$5
todes eagl e o u Parts of 4 iScottish4girl ssiloid Ryan's oIn Iort, I Cap t. w B-"sM $9L .f.a
diptemtions 28 Horn (comb shrubs I3Towu (Cornish l rivisIonf ol..

met' s anew is bewet
.3 A st_, ,. ..

A -'violatIo.

*8ThaM who
hook asedly




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1. *

om bunnar tih
EKB beifrieA S




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kdmw t

A S A .0iM 0 Am A



"; 1, '11w m

16 lookvpoc
btiatg ea

^. S.. .* .*" ...; *..*',.8p*"T .t
^ *' 1* -* '* -.

.5 ll .1 .4 *I *

endorsed a bill

any o or p .
Charles I= The DM
of naval in rsie
Judiclary subc
bilL spon ored .
B. Keating (R-
to enhance" the inAW
The Congresiman tt ei the
me of Judith lo .r
government girl. tr .o on
charges of Pu-l_.. W..a I
assian United WAIWol mVd.
Baut the appeals ~do f dC .1e
deserved a new tri_ au t4hr 4t
of evidece obtnedt
Keatlg subcoaMtttes ir-
the bill that Con
,be nrgsoft or
garden wtire-ta-pop-
orove his legllast AM 3-
lution to a "hol
While wire'ter
or less illegal," he
ernment and rivadTs
.t -Ors are doing t ou t
t I all right so IIn-
.f ) formation i not dii the
;Ja owherMund he note,
Suha t.,Sd. "ent cannot use srhn e o t-e -
e* tion In court.

S ff ^f d y f a b o
working onsera~sehoulor.

ntlXe atOrder.u mhoi 4
it. couldobeused am ddll M

tio r00 nI oir. .oId t prv ql. "

FroaTwsc rs;c. es sf C und retapping dbul
tkto May W He said theldepathe
Vktheattorney general or armed
.e .rci ..forces secretaries ab should b-e

one I meayiosa MM M UNSIGHTLY

dike P1 ItorJO lat % "BULGES?
t oWine vi m A MMtOr eS or l t beO W a* oaal Ad -



.11 dit Testmebt

Ol, 5 *,

|.J I'. A




Toel w 1whe=6
toe"ellsU not.



- p
C ombdWI

*e wal-


h* W

Cbtm NOMOD"o....
tlbt's jaildwioh fwe
.B* which oid ",hIr

fW ai S *-ao 1d l i
Take yo shoal* brom th
amna's *10attsdu
p m *aince"ol





... 'I -'e"l .- ,,~ ii. i;. *






~4. -~

AS ADVWt4 S ",

V4 -^

d~h~ ~

;' '^i- k.

*sa 4.








before NOW

175 1.00

1850 6.50

12.50 4.95

30.00 15.00

35.00 13.50

14.50 8.75

150M 70.00

Ratta F0

PkLa hesik sar
u"0 LT, O A has r

n opOUR LoT h CoBkEa ON 41 4 J.y AXVfh

!* bwd~U4U

IFr A1,

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3'3' '.','.fR :
'...f I A p,' .t. ^ .s.;
). ...., .

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-r;--- -- ----------


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VI '

^ ^.- *.~T : *3 -a J. i i. .1 .- "
' ", -


Shipping & Air Linv News

Shrimp Boat Feliz, and Mrs. William Leffler; and
Destroyed By Fire Mrs. Maxine M. Logan.
Insured For $20,000 Mrs. Alta Montgomery; Mr.
The 65-gross ton shrimp boat and Mrs. Carl Moses; Mr. api
Feliz, which caught fire- and Mrs. Louis Myers; Mr. and Mrs.
burned off the Perlas Islands Chester E. Nesheim; r. and Mrs.
last Thursday, was insured for Fred A. Newhard and 2 children;
$20,000. Mrs. Madeline T. Oak s; Miss
According to one of the owners, Gall L. Oaks; Mrs. Teresa 0'-
Howard C. Riley, the fire started iDonnell; Misa Christine Oper-
below deck shortly before inid- steny; Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Pa-
night. With fire extinguishers checo; Mr. and Mrs. Juan J.
and hose, the crew of four put Palomo; Mrs., Margaret Peter-
out the fire in five minutes. son; Mr. and Mrs. Richard B.
However, they noted there werdePhinney ano 2 children; Mr. and
no lights in the engine room. Mrs. Clarence E. Priest and son;
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Purvis
Presuming the fire was out, the Jr., and son; and John W. Pur-
men hauled in their shrimp nets. vis.
Then one of the crew members.
called out the fire h'ad started Mr, and Mrs. Furman Rich
again. This time. it was impossi-. yards: Miss Frances Rotolo; Ru-
be to combat the blaze. Th6 dolph W. Rubelli; Mr. and Mrs.
captain ordered the crew over Frances V. Ruether; Mr. and
the side into a dinghy. Mrs. James A. Russell and sonj
Two other fishing boats the Frank J. Russeh; Howard L
Mermaid and the Norma stood b# Sampsell; Mr. -and Mrs. Richard
and picked up the survivors. It 5. Schneider and 1 daughter;
was believed the fire was due to Mr. and -Mrs. Max M. Schoch
a short circuit, and 2 children; Mr. and- Mrs. H.
Doyle Snyder Mjr. Ililda Solo-
Panamanian Ship Wiali mon and 2,childrean Mrs. Louise
Arrives In Havana M. Sorrell fatd son; Mrs. .Signe
With 18 Survivors Suiter; and Mr. and Mrs. Charles
HAVANA, May 7, (UP, The i. Stepp and dOughte'.
Cuban Immigration Office said .
today the Panamanian MotorshipI Mr. and J'rs. Herbert H. Ta-
'Wiali." with 18 survivors of the bert and soft; Mrs. Lucille and 3
Ecuadorean ship, "M e n a bt,"chldre Dr, and Mrs. Henry P.
which ran aground in the Cape! Webb; MU'lUan L. Will;. Mr.
of San Antonio in the extreme: and ,M*. Been'ett J, Williams;
West of Cuba, arrived at Havana and Ms, ZvenWutfke. ..
Harbor. -
The "Menabi." which was en |L
route to Ecuador out of Newi k wl -SetU-1 4
York, took in water in her held 1 ..
It was. carrying a shipment of r
two thousand crates, of Ameri- I
can-made cigarets. O t
S,S. Ancon To Sail Friday O Whit, HOue

,Wthn 10 Aboard Bouna for N. Y.
A large number of Canal em-, WASHINGTON, May 6
ployes and their families will sail: -President 4enhower is
?riday on the Panama Liner An- with the threat of str*i
con, according to the advanced some of the nation's key 1I
passenger list. tries but is determined to
the dispute out of the, 1
A total of 160 passengers are House, according to federal
booked to sail on the S.S. Ancop, diators.
of whom four are to debark in
Port-au-Prince. The four passei- David ,. Cole, retiring d
gers for the Haitian port are Mr. tor of the Federal Medl
and Mrs. A. Guerrini Maraldi, Service, told a Housie A
Lawrence P. Marion and Max priations subcommittee
(temple. ,"the outlook is not good
The 156 passengers sailing for industrial pace. He ref
'yew York are: specifically to the _-.Ei ri
Mr. and Mrs. Solomon Acoca; and hkrtitm ineIirfI.
Mr. and Mrs. Carles Aubert; Mr. Chairman. inclS A O0
and Mrs. Robert Beatty; Mr. Jr., .6f the NatIW al Medi
Ind Mrs. Charles E. Belden and Board, testified t'at "we
son:.Roy A. Brown; Lee Roy Bo-, plenty, 61,daf" i"t
irp; Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. railroad andfh1 r '.buswi
Brennan; Mrs. Nell Buechele; Thoir -,Atlionyi ,was
Mr. and Mrs. Harry F. Cody and public. todly. Cole" said
son; Robert '1. Costa; Mr. and Elsenhower. intends to, rel
Mrs. Jesse Crawford and 3 chil- "preventive" medialon Lin
'dren; and Mr. and Mrs., Richal pff0l o kiep any and all
'H. Crowell and 4 children, bu romw ttI at
Mr. and Mrs. Georg C.L Dun- Whr' Hous4 6 i iaid
lap .and 2 children; Mr. and Mrs. thought It w "the wtis
Thomas J. Egger and 2 children; to do."
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Erifson -
and 2 children; Mr. and Mrs. Ot, But e dd A aqt-it wl
,ville L. Evans and daughter; pos a burden. o
.Mrs. Phyll A. o Everso Ronal A. Everson; Ronal &sc

!W4 In

Knox; Mr. and MVLfe-
ClaI; Mr..and Mra
jahtr James J. La
ciUS WELKEI. Mlaael
I :++ ,

Lddwitlom, he sawid,11ib'.sr I
cts "an additional amount
04 in airline dispute

* 0-


-Edo.8 ---
... 4' B


"I like to sit through them twice because you notice
things the *eod1t." you didn't the first-,ke
bojsr,rg i ofus, .for example!"j

%." T" -WI-t T 16 A 1 TT U1,
(A Lbhim tein I r ra .. antor)
S.s. amyeux .......................................... M hy
S.s, PeI t l4 eque ................ ............,,. 1 Il h
M S. ti. W ........ ............................. May 4
S.S. Antlas .......... ......... ....... .. ... 4
S.S. _anir ........... ............ay lI)b




ow A
* pg* c

AND ion subooIm

j .. -. ."" ;
iSB i.n


I 'nsIhacIKC

II 10... /


Weiy rFn c* s mer tw*m A im wat ctm
M4 (S. a Came

11 | Crirstwl: raneNCe U Po. am s Tel. -24Ts a 1ni
onPanmA: Lo O ADr4 IA. N. Oea 163
Is f zPa71 4 3-sii

- -- *

- -:,. ---tp', -~

Samuel Smug 1

Same Smug toMart 'ti tree,
U yeo were be. you wo u be tel


fa ean alwave find fedg bys,
I cret b to advert ._al

No AMsawu

caiw4T QEomtJ




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] .. -., : m ; ,.. ;- *,m a... ..,. l.
-r *.. .'y.,*

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z HEAg4 ',Ou, Mi-Ez..


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* S' -a

1 601, ff u


* n i

eVmiiadtt '
*? *

lbulth D

Pdint 4 faltMre
Fr Colep- Group
. Robert Awi rd-of In

ioe, 2 eupy
kea him '


Ea'na m I sni 4.flowrp and

2A .

; ^ .t >^. pp


*|U*** -
.t *

K F? T'>

o groe Organ-
pa will erve reo-


tb nC.a

a We a OUR '"* usa.

: -* P amp"
. '.* ')"" '. i
I "' W + .'. .

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y WlcL~y $3tso

oNT "-e

$ EeeS ::mz.. Amb


igy ounY poi
and a yung
Ins -. nf "


p *jmuam
w repeKe
mim nhure


Miaulinl M 'l
Xi nauiteidp
.1..- ....

Siillemrn Courses

W at oMay 5 I .

MPO.--- T &

S1 we misery of heat rasbh
e with Mexoana. Soth.
lg i education in special ,
4tptl s am* R oh
* Ta= feel maivelols relief-
Sa el it fiast! Useitoftesm.

iyr .^;w.
J, ". ,


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N1 -.
* .-. a..-.-


I.- -



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;^ri*rr~ rc

S*' ., .



!W oert 1 r .l

LA.W.V. inWibdayARTaiG S I atS730
M ".A utelater-Aeolem eh llbe mda o during
an's Club, babuet10 09Kes give at the aCO aNesem
to homer M 5r. redmntof .the Club, am -
Um. F. W Nd. The CoMUmity, Club of Ga.m
Bobt o fie W s ogthe 11mm hl bs a eikaoal49 1ave biagoya,
tp tew of kSp S ipMatle. of the week sr- AU shurday May 9as?7:
asoe by th asl the gue t an" boe-p
Weeos r dl man buie
| The .uedta the All parents and friends of there 11SOWI g ill be MU
Members oaf itad students are invited to attend. "
l0p DBranchodt Mr. Andernee Wins Prize
^ ^e-wo^'^^^l c an W' It MP+ : Mr. Howard G. Anderson, ofLlrll
SMr. Iua Gatun, was the winner of the
16 mini'trasA M- handsome crystal vase, donated
:p^ a, Mrs,'s. Jl1n ]I I 3.y Shaws, at the May Dayr w 1o
el Jar- CaePr htd tat the n MS I-
CImoWtoce ArtI"emen ,.Mrni. Tyre Addresses Atlantic
Thelma OodlwR i.S Marcel COaMera Cl06 BOSTON Nay 6 (UP)-tate
Oringolr" Mai. Nw aw- The Atlantic Camer a Club en- Pris onictai tod ay rads1nS
ti!X IM .lomre, M. Ipel, Joyed seeing the Diablo Camera ed con1 alnd gurds In ,
.s Mr "Dorothy .Ola Club annual black aid white effort to band out who hceds
"r* '11_ LAinadivr n, Mr. .:'tlianl. print salon at their meeting dangerous bank robber
!_ .luJ Mrsn. Pen;1ape Mrs. Monday evening. hinelf to freedom In a P
MarthaSM .Mr. Pat Tyre was th.e Ins caIe.
Tayl- speaker and talked a dthe Warden John O'5da mi
Pd Ji>I9(,\ ;,.or, MrL eosdpwwi"l.Mbisl. Maki onofea Good olos Print." h- wouUInterr^ogate jt"-
Amelia Ogflg e4 Nr Anita He had served as d of h mighteroaab havepytin
'mak bpt'r in Cerve. All nr1 the sulm and he ean ho* w 'a idwtoh. ere (voef i
time t, M. YMr s.thedecision'wee e IIhis cunningly Cmieg w ty. Add irt. catitna eorieu t- Following his talk month- I -
Com- maa t shIW.- riette Whltaker, fMltail4cn, ly black and vblt, pifat mcom- he lBI t..eda y.
;Fea r ely. he Mrs. Marie Wll, tr. Anita titlp of Flora a"n warrantand the searchI'-
t.hies,._ .. Neff, Mrs. Canon AMr e Isthmus was held. Dy,pop- -adrto .gud the ast.e
t. rrin Mrs. Doris"o s .1 Ulu V0 r n?.u thogL % t s,
eet- wore cQoutloned that ,
4" srto rrizaas capable of kkillinge
r. .It mv .the Hurtado, Mrs. with second sfor "Hermit Crab," Theom seh for hitom

i .tAmorong r c
W i t t--The next meeting be held the- --" .... udrq ra t

in to aunnme v M s. R. Hanna ad mily "People of Pan&ma." w snled danrw aThe
oln a.s .aled. and wired shut
ountl of Now Oriltoba 1 gre Mr. Carl B1rown of Blbo w ill -agle ougt of theprison
S. WithF I ... to the Gavilan Aresn a leute mai demonstrate how to pususeng civilan trucer

"""oi 'Otll a" e', O -v .-a no- e-, New orlatab-l.. sbject S fc Es p
1 i et h week. She W make te recordings. ee tri flu afi- Mcl MOB

Op have wgt Pbotogaplhy and mcfor over hd

co-h s 8CrOt prle .t of. i l- ha e a of tame to ea
ho ed'a tan u beThocStudteroIn orolpoi -l alrta gt h yeet sist el tahi t Oe wa ito.

,,uwere: .ra. L C. ^ t
landl, t res.t. oo o....L pana. Ottel e to G n whos cr and im il ro rd
fotr awt 1t 12,....isCusCrater, Mrs. Pul' Whittudvr wh, .r
-- the anMr.t. Bus otyofaenetw
bkes reMr.LCh.arle Gnme i md .Club e111 haveaofbahfro
cabin IF...a. rninlar ,usAtm meetLng 7z1-7. aw ai t
b,. 2__ICustrM. Se W hitta kb hold j ,. r.
T--_i t &n M J T Anuenus ,- s. he f Nci noa l._ly ud to
Sp -Mrs Kuq 1in ai At Ful, weeWs ag.n Only becausettun
ne dtei r gnln ho ftSl ow nn pu ong tralaq a ba n otth i

Music Wee ti.r the Hgh School cae m anen am.
Old Wold- W a*..-.-p tm. a today.-+ihsA n t-the
On... pl theirthermoemIM,,'o 'o

TheCristobalJnio_,H-,-- .i hmwsw met1- r.soutowasIn
ha~vng te 8=weir wkig em wP

*AGl al

You Sell'em... When You Tete

Leave your Ad with one of our Agents or our offices in No.a "H" Street I

No. 12,179 Central Ave. Col6a

Salon de Bellea Americano

No. 4 Tivoli Ave.-Phone 2-2291, and No. 55 West 12th Street

CariDb O g Stre
ld.pu1elzile Ave.-Phbne 6I

Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441

Agencia Internacional de Publkacionae !i-gl, S. A.

No. 3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2-3199


Istdlht I

Smoet & Paredes
FOR SALE -Used refrigerator Fri-
gidnire 8 feet for $135.00. Calle
Colombia No 6 Panama.
FOR SALE: Used stove in good
Via Espaiia No. No. I I'Casinol
FOR SALE -3-piece walnut dn.nin
room suit: table, buffet and Chi$
closet, six chairs. scenic tapestry
covered Terms to reputable party.
Call Albrook 5114.
FOR SALE: Bedroom sets. stoves.
refrigerators, new. Chorrera. Cen-
tral Avenue House No 13
FOR SALE- -- MavtOg washing ma-
chine, 25 and 60 cycle. Kitchen
table, single bed wth moattress
Dining table with 4 or 6 chairs
buffet, couch and covers wi.h dil-
lows and matching drapes. 2 wicker
chairs. Cot. bamboo coffee able
vith matching knick-knaock Shelf
1723-1, Old Cristobal or call 3-

fOR SALE: In perfect condition
very reasonable modern mahogany
diningroom set. one table with
glass. 6 chairs. I China closet, one
: sideboard, one mahogany. wardrobe
made by Cowes, Via Espaona No.

FOR SALE.-3 metal beds. I Holly-
wood bed. I studio couch 60 cycle
electric clock and fruit luicer, 600
x 16 recap tire, never used. Tel
2-2189 House 5616-C, Hodges
St Dioblo
Smet & Parade
FOR SALE:-Must sell by ThurSday
25 cycle Frigidoaie First reason-
able offer takes it. Phone 2-2780
1417-D. Carr St. Balboa
FOR SALE: Furniture. ail kinds.
kitchen utensils, etc. Osor.o. Ave-
nida Justo Arosemenoa 73-A. ati
corner of 37th Street IMorysol
apartment I.
ibR SALE:-25 cycle Coldspot re-
frgerator. Good mechanical condi-
tnon. $35.00. Call 2-4404.

Position Offered
ANTED:--Alert and exper-en c
car salesman. Good opportunity.
Call Panama 2-3330.

Monterrey Boll
D Momberc of the Monterrey eSo-
cial Club toe now et for their
'Inaugural l10W, to be held on
SBaturday night at the Pacific
en iand the im teM
elub will be hosts to a number
of friends fa both sides of
S the lathmum.
Victor Boa'i La Bonora will
furnish the music for this oc-
S caslon which will commence
*from 8 prn.

Slogers who can dance,
dancers who can sing -
mdst be 5'2" to 5'C'. For
Music a I Comedy Tru.ty
Lady," report to Balboa
YMCA auditorium toelht
at 7, and tomorrow alf3b,
or call Dorothy Chpse at
Balboa 2-1751 or Qracelyn
Jobhnston at Balboa 346L.

m Iteacher


Smeot & Paredes
FOR SALE: 1949 Oldsmobile 2
door sedan. hydromatic, seat cov-
ers radio, excellent condition
0429-K Ancon. Phone 2-3656.
FOR SALE-Or trade 49 Lincoln
convertible, duty paid. custom
finished. Ft. Kobbe 4115.
FOR SALE--1938 Tudor Ford, one
owner, perfect body. Good paint.
Puncture proof tires. 6.70 x 16
Telephone 6-373 0252 "Q'
FOR SALE 1952 Ford Victoria
(Hunt Top). Low mileage. Excel-
lent condition. Telephone 2-6323
Balboa. Between hours 5 8.
FOR SALE:-1951 Plymouth 4-door
sedan. Radio. Leather upholstery.
Amoson 0775-G Williamson Place.
FO RSALE.-1949 ULncoln 4-door
Sport Sedan, new tires, new brakes,
excellent condition throughout.
$1.295.00 Phone Coco Solo 8491.
Organized for the service of the mo-
15th & Melendez Tel. 1336-Colon
Glad to help with any automotive
information. Visit us. No parking
FOR SALE:-1941 Packard, 5-ps I
convertible, new op, '$250.00 I
9215-A, 6th St. Margarltd, phone
3-2189. ask for Bucky Hall.
FO kSALE:-At bargain price credit
note of $1,575 00 on brand nevw
Mercury or Ford Station Wagon
Ernesto Modroro. Phones home 3-
3490 office 2-2844.
FOR SALE -1953 Morris Oxford.
black, perfect condition, under 3.-
500 miles. Can be financed. 1-3
HP 60 cycle motor, new condition.
wdl fit Kenmore washer. Corozal
3237 or Qtrs. 620 Cocoli.
FOR SALE-Packard '41. Transporta-
tion. $100. P. 0. Box 666, Fort

Help Wanted
WANTED:-Maid for 9 months old
baby. Good salary. but must fur-
nish refeernces. Justo Arosemena
Avenue No. 75-A. Tel. 3.10ro

Oil painting and watercolor classes
starting next week an Balboa. For
information call 2-1712.



FOR RWNTi-,.FwjnisbJtmw in re-
spectoble family home, private en-
trance to one or two persons, cen-
trally located, cool, yard. Suitable
for vacation. Write 850 S. W.
5th Street. Miami Florida.
FOR RENT:-Furnished or unfurnish.
ed spacious cool room, residential
sector, to respectable gentleman.
Telephone 5-3192, Panama.
SmeM Pales
REN88ELAER& X. Y. (UP) -
Enrico Cramer, Ill with a heart
condition, listens in gn the
elghth-grade classes he dther-
wise would be attending via a
Meclal telephone system install-
In his home. If he lbs a ques-
aon, he can operate a switch
that permits him to talk to the


1wre -- Ae4hale
20l3 A-e_ ___


Central Avenue, K Stret o
Telephone 2-3479, Pane .'
Smer & Paledq

ISLANDS! May 15.'l I17
The trip of your 1ife, nd Oflly $51
A Jungle Jim Jaunt thru ti a
ama Canol to Colon, Soft h '#se
Porte Bello! First tour.of the y
ISponsored by hotel El PanmelM .
three day trip aboard "Pewadore.
Leave Balboa Friday 6 a. m., arri
Colon 2 30 p. m., leave ColA 9"l
p. m. for San Bias and Ports Bell
returning Colon Sunday aftlnad
Through the Canal Monday 6 a. r
returning to Balboa. Meas cater
by El Panama. Bring slacks, ih6rt
bathing suit. jacket, flipeers or
spears for underwater fibliw. a
your camera and rof of .or f Ilr
Price of Canal Trip $1.0.Sn ,l
round trip from Colon m40; atMsr
trip from B lboo trip) $50. Please make regob
early through your Travet IAf
Jungle Jim at Panomo 3-1.0,

Travel via "AREA," "the Raote oflhe
Good Neighbor." n I
$7000... NEW YORK, $1.14.01
-GUAYAQUIL,. $80.0W... QUI-
TO, $86.00. Round trip to MFA-
MI. $126.00.. N E,WV YQ
$214.00.. GUAYAQUIL $144J
..QUITO, $154.80. BOENG'4.
engine planes. For more details
Avenida Nacionarl ( Autonmobile
Rowl, telephone 2655._



Smoo & Paede
FOR SALE. New Sohmer Grand
Piano. Call Bolboa 3002, rnorn.
wings. Must sell.
FOR SAL --oahgy on h *qhIlrfi
dro se, vanlW, ilt4tbl1e ariJ bed
single with SImions spring and
mattress. Chep. Tel.'( ju Mk"
561. House 539LA &llon Arie,
Ft. Gulick. I
FOR SALE:--Eflctrk portable lnge;
sewing machine, practically new.
$135.00. Telephone 3-3594, Pan-
FOR SALE:--2 Formols, never wor
size 14; G E. washing machine, 1I
months old; dinette set with 4
chairs; chest of drawers; steel bed
and springs; Quartermaster dining
table, kitchen tab,, .der and
wicker chairs. 0777-E Williamsn
Place. Balboa
FOR SALE .-4 Branrd New 15 x 8.20
uonck tires. $80.00. Call Balboae
3002 mornings.
FOR SALE:-Saddle horse, half breed,
good condition, at present, racign
in Juan Franco under name "Go.
Ion." Cheap. Tel. 2-3078.
FOR SALE:-Philco Freezer, 60 cycle,
9 2 cubic feet with. quick freezing
unit, like new. $295.00. Quarters
15-A,, Fort Amador.
FOR SALE:-Singer sewing foo1 .
chine. Underwood typewriter, Mad-
el "A" Ford. baby crib, youtn
bed, stroller. Phone 916. Colon.

Wanted Position
WANTED: Experienced bilingual
Accountant Secretary. Available
for engagement. Excellent refer-
ences. Write "Adiountant" Box

Wlflloi' Snia Clamra i
2 bedrooms, refrigertor, I
es. Balboo -30


_BUICK and CHIE j .1

Grpmlich Santa Cloari-bet-
toges. Electric iceboxes gau
moderate attes. Telep o i
Gomboa; 4-567, Pedrom
FOSTER'S Cottages. One mile
nta Clara. Completlafy .h
tock Got Refrigerators u
rin7 your linens. Phone'Dl
_- F170.

TIv p;. rm

SPH1LLIPS Oceanside Cottage.. T
- only court in Santa Cla wI
0 oceonview from all co .1 a M
e* to beach, Rockgos r
" barbecue and shuffleba e
n mi 3-1877. Mrgarrite. 5-tr
Box No. 495, Balboa.
id Iso in, COOL Cerro
Mountain. Phone SHRAPNEL
s boa 1389. '

- --


FOR RENT:' Beautiful
chalet near ocsKn,
swimming pool, walks t ,I=Vt
bedrooms, two baths, z asr,.i
Ingroom, kitchen,
room and bath, two-e. .B
beautiful furniture
Terms: one year renew il
Rent $250.00 p~ae
six months in da p
buy house if desire Wrtfer
polntmet Box 504, Anc e l
rnal Zoe.

is aI

5:30-Whaft's TOOr TOO
=5:15-What's Your Favor *
(Wotd.) .
6.00-4a Paril Musio N
6:30-Parad. of Hita
6:45--LoWell Thomas

II 7:00-Ja


ao Club, U.S.A. (VOA)
hb In the Air (RDF)
P'. CommentaryM.
20 Bing Cror* Show'
'OA) *
n AAIBm(VOp w
ie Owl's -te '
-4gn Off '.
ow, TbwdS, Ma
ok Club
tilni Salon
romin Varieties -
asile Maken rs
rry Sears Presents
cred Heart Prori
I ee It .
ma +Iks B jt ',d'

-.Off the Record ,(M t:.)
-Meet the Band

S1:05-Luncheon Mutio
1:15--Personalty Parade
1 :45--Lum and Abe_ -
2:00-A CalU roXltl
2:15-A Date for'
2:30-Aftenm60l id
2:46-BatOe gt,*h
: S-MhUtNu l for h
4:l5-lBob .. ..-..
S-4:30-What'a ypr Favol

16:1--whtght 7, 9ui
,; ft^-^..JB~loll W^


.r. fm
e 4 -

Modern, vwev co



so IP -

5.00. 0
Phone Pa


40, 5 1i I

& incui





IF$.-D cts ,
fii. U --
.4-~ ~ft

ww, -.~
S U -, -
rid, ~.


A1 .
I ^'.

AMA Wo Apse bile Row

. z

Lewis Service



i~ A

rt '-' ,


,iY ~

IEf ltN RI
^ .1

......-._ T^-_ S I ', ; ...'-


l wt,..

- -


- ---------- .- r;--- -


w r._ i', -'.^

yi *r.', .. .. r "^

a a ..

0 1


. ? .. .J

"s '-

. A. Cbssi, *


, 'LF ,m


11- i .^ .

L' -' '.

F ,


~ wE~r~

- ...r

p w. "

* ;

wo 'a.>B e

Showms; .1

WAfITl' -

aEyrs .






aW '~sin of

- 4.

. '* ... ... ..l



Sme7_ ThebJ nodr-
sae ma in toda i
p and was not espe 0 al
on to his contract. He on
tih Winning two pa1,,
these and probably only onf"b. It
looked as though mb k t contract
onc.3 depended on winxi& Mf dia-
mond trick,
West opened tle dence of
spades, and dummy won with
the king. South hopeful led a
low diamond froM the dummy,
and East stepped up with the
This unusual pI simalated
t. South into serious thought. Xast
was too good a player O tlUow
aWay his ace of diamoads a
Scared unless he oulpnt
himself. South knew m*at th
diamond- sult was hopelM t
East started with a sing a
of diamonds; but thet was a
chance if ast had only the diu
L 3 bleton ace-lack.
With this thought In mind,
S South carefully dropped the ten
of diamonds under Rautk see.
East promptly returned a *pade
to dummy's ace, and doelarr led
another low diamond from dum,r
my to his own king.
The fall of the Jack of diak
monds from the Nast hand wa
exactly what South had been
hoping for: Now he eouli lad
the carefully preserved four
diamonds and win a finesse In
dummy with the eight of dia-
mondo. This left him lit position
Sto cuAh dummy'. queen of dia-
mond, after which It was easy to
fulfill the contract.
South would have gone down
If he had failed to discard the
ten of diamorids, H could win
L the second round of diamonds
with hbs kitg but would then
bave to win the third diamond
with hM tel. There would be no
way to reach dummy's queen of
ilamcpds, since to overtake the
ten with dummy's queen would
kI a- ast, niney.* ,
,Z b" forsed a to
ooth oui cash the
top hearts and lay down
ace of clubs. An alert West
Wul dpromptfy drop the ling of
dl fteroto ld a three-
ti, 'If-TO MIrly kept
is ng he would be forced to
vIA e dab and mtoder
anthe aacof trk to pm-
my' q n of almonds or to
Muth'a Jack of i9&d-I

- LUX THfAT-Er r -
In Tctmleolor !
WpE TSa WOD wois RArmT ar Ie
mmw.: s.:u 4: -J6 *0. pJ. .

WHilim Bendix, in

12:35, 2:, 4:41,4:5, 86:1.

$150.00 in Cash Prizes!
On the screen: -
Claudette Colbert, in
"Outpost In Malaya"

John Wayne, la

Maioe Laa, tIn
and Mir Bres., In

2BtMt *Uchuab. In
a muines.


1:10. :34 li *M
The hockito teth, almt
eay living, easy
loaring young-
sters of
In -

$1.10 per CAR!

It's A Geat Picural


Intripu... aup It ItI
with Jamns Andrems Mart Ter
Al: .wvr Lev" OFCa w ...l
with ana Kowrf Glm wd

A- a e ccdseCA,. int,
al Uibertad L4au.e, In

2=4010 O~

R I An-

ra sioI
m m A a v




op WOeN,

i 'I



* ^ ,' !:

ii R- 1

*^^T" i.^^iyi-^^ *, i

..a. M*-- i^ ^-- a^ aaiirsseii^i iniie^^^"^^

meJIB mjGEljuJthagU@b
- *'A IAM -NRfTM

man ma a



S, .

* *. .!~-

"CUR IARtALL" (t. rtc nWoOE)
Ton AM or MSw -wI te Pa w" -p m .*a



~ .4~.J.
h~' ".1


:, '

Irl anu ".A


Yanks Smother

Whitey Ford Silences Tribe 9S Is!ilrO rt

Bats While Bombers Explode ClaiO, 7

Teams W L Pet.
NEW YORK, May 6 (UP)-In the first so-called Philadelphia 12 a .706
Brooklyn 11 6 .641
bit game of the season, Casey Stengel's swaggering t. Louis as .61S
1Sew York Yankees last night defeated the Cleve- Milwaukee 8 6 .571
litd Indians, pounding out an eight-run rally in the Chicaugh 5 1 .38
fourth inning for an 11-1 victory. New York 6 11 .35
Ir Cincinnati 3 10 .2
And the .Iy they did it was Washington and Detroit each
almost contemptuous. Clev.-land mace 16 hits in their slug-fest TODAY'S GANENS
offered its best. ace Bob Lemon, but the Senators had more St. Louis at Brooklyn (N)
but Stengel rode along ith his thunder in their blows. In ad- Cincinnati at Phila. (N)
coiky little ex-GI left wander. ditlon to Porterfield's homer Milwaukee at Pittsburgh (N)
Wi.tev Ford. In tils first game Jack'o Jensen hit a double and Chicago at New York
against the club that is supposed triple, and Les Peden and Mick-
To offer the Yank.tes their most ey Vernon also hit doubles. The TESTERDAY'S RESULTI
opposition in the path to a f ith I Nats put together two six-run Chicago
straight pennant. Stengel might innings, at (Postponed (Rain)
have countered with Ed Lapat. YESTERDAY'S STAR: Lefty Philadelphia
who holds an incredible "hex" Whitey Ford of the Yankees,
over the Ind:,ins, or Allie Re\n- who pitched an eight-hit, Ri Cincinattl
olds, who no-hitted them in the to 1, victory over Cleveland in at (Postponed (Rain)
same C'.veland Stadium two a so-called "bi Kgame" and ml- New York
ye rs ago. so delivered two hits, striking w
Ford held the Indians to eight out five. Milwaukee
his., struck out live and con- at Postponed (Rain)
tTuted two clean singles Brooklyn
Phe Yankee hitters in the big Pr rida 1ea m
fourth put together seven sin- St. Loul*
glqs. a walk and a hit batsman T o i n at Postponed (Rain)
for their eight runs. Gil Mc- Sign TWO Linemen Pittsburgh
Doug'ald came uD twice and sin- ,THE WINNER With Jokey BOMr eI10o up,o
gled each time driving in th Froe m Southern e AMERICAN L UE wi h wreth o
runs. They kayoed Lemon and .n L I Teamsr W" L rD m with the wreath ore sthev ;o M
In the following inning, bopped New York 1 Native Daner, who waste nn
out Al Aber. his successor, with (By U.P.) Cleveland 10 6 Native Dancer, who wa -the flu dn
three more runs. A homer by Boston 10 7 --
Wally Westlake gave Cleveland The Washington Redskins Philadelphia lr '
Its-only tally, have signed lineman Walt Ash- Chicago 10 H9
Lefty Mel Parnell of the sur- craft, a lineman from the Uni- St. Louis 9 0 A
prising Red Sox won his fourth versiy of Southern Cafornia. Washington 7 12 How To P
straight game, 5 to 1 at Chi- The 250-pound Ashcraft play- Detroit 4 160
cage, and Virgil Truckspitch- ed tackle for the ojans, but TE
ed the Browns to a 2-1 tri- Washington Coach rly Lam- TODAt' GAMES .
umph over the Athletics at St. beau says he will use him at BoWashington at Ch troitcago
louis. Washington topped the defensive end. Washington at etroit
Tilers, 14 to 4 at Detroit as r Philadelphia at St. Louis (N)
winning' pitcher Bob Porter- The signing of another South- No other game scheduled
field hit a grand slam home ern Cal lineman continues to be 0 -
ran. a matter of dispute. Trojan YESTERDAY'S 3ESULTS
411 National League games Coach Jess Hill said yesterday Washington 000 601 061-14 14 0 First of a Series
were rained out. that Detroit had "sought out Detroit 100 002 010- 4 16 2
The Red sox, who weren't sup- tackle Charley Ane and made Porterfield (2-3). and Peden. By JULIUO BOROS
posed to be much but a bunch an offer he was compelled to Wight (0-1), Jordan, Erick- pen hamlem.
of green kids, made it six vic- accept." Detroit General Man- son. lIytack, Marlowe and Most people don't real3. t,
torles in seven games on their ager Nick Kerbawy says "It Batt. t the primary dferenc be-
western trip with Parnell's fina was just the opposite. We didn't ht the primary diffene -
8i$stter. Ted Lepelo, playing seek him he sought us." Night Game twee good golfer atnd a bad
at third in place of the mnjurea New York 000 830 000-11 12 0 0noe osin' the grip probably
George Kell, hit a home run and Ane signed last month al- Cleveland 000 000 010- 1 8 1 the most basic element of any
Jhimy Piersall collected three though he still had one year of Ford (2-0) Gorman and Berra. player'u game.
hits to give him a mark of sev- eligibility at Southern Cal. Ker- Lemon (3-2), Aber, Hoskins Without a ound f ever e p, od
en in his last 10 times at bat. bawy explains "He said he and Hegan. Cha r Ca of ever beco a ond
S 'trucks ave up eight hits in had a wife and baby and want-gol are quite rote. n-
winning his third game for the ed to get started on his pro Night Game versely, once you havi master-
Browns and Rained his margin m career as soon as possible." Phila. 001 000 000-1 8 0 ed a sound grip, youtt are on, our
of victory over rugged Harry In the Big 10, the University St. Louis 000 002 00x-2 8 0 way toward graduating fromt
Byrd when Vie Wertz hit a two- o; Wisconsin faculty has ignor- Byrd (1-31 and Murray. the classuoSthe duffers.
run homer in the sixth after A ed the wishes of the state leg- Trucks (3-1) and Mosat. Suchry Mddlet and Ils Isa-
single by Hank Edwards, A walk islature voted against continu- CaryMddlecbfando arla-
to Eddie Joost and Dave Phil- ing the Big 10 Rose Bowl pact. Second Game -sit that it a L yer i
ley's double gave Philadelphia The faculty says it 'opposes the Boston 001 100 100-5 8 0 goo 'I anda c'o a
Its only run in the third. Trucks Rose Bowl game because "It Chicago 000 000 0I.1 5 2 a = Wet
eneauntered trouble in the ninth might result in over-emphasis Parnell (4-01 and White. re automatically. '.r-, J
when the. Jrst two batters sin- of football and do possible dam- Rogovin (0-4), Bearden and theol'
sg~d, but he got Ray Murray on age to other sports." It's be- Wilson.. the oe
a pop-uo and pinchhitter Tom lieved a majority of the Big 10 state or th-t, I '
Hamilton hit into a double play. members favor continuance of g ng t w ft" f
..the game. a Blm of this sens than-am .
A. La Boca Senot a great theorist lf I
h &uSU JOCer Rainbow City have a very Iiple ph46 I to
Players Depar May Day Program Softball League s
Chat u h simw aol uout h, ,--a t.'= 1= In -the 4
D YTour Tomorrow IProves Successful TBTA t o,, Ifom.wr 'iUsot rwnI
STOMr T~ OWN !Prove Successful THE STANDINGS the method whichIattemptt t Visit y% own prof*Monal
follow, and relate to uw what early and n
LONDON, May 6 (UP Eng-Won Lost Pet. I think I do when golf .
land soccer players and officials: The Mount Hope Stadium waso 1 0 1P.000 club I t Pah whe as ya you, NEXT: iba- t. aidlck-
were busy today packing for crowded to capacity on Child's Optic osa 0 ....* I will bel as. pit a o u. wto uI. I
their departure early Thursday Health Day with students of the Norge ........... 1 0 1.000
on their 20,000 miles five-match' Rainbow City Elementary Canada Dry. 1 0 1.000.
ou of South America andthe School. Thirty different classes Albrook Flyers.. 1 1 .500 u
l. St tate t were on hand to watch their8 ecial Troops ... O .000 Ul
during the past two days thelesemates perform. West Bank ......0 1 .000-.
th e Hendon Hall Hotel North- In the 220 yards Percy Small,
A Hendoni H naiol Hoteleeonre the tecr ithe iAnMS n ter- os fr O~c' Je We. *
Wsth of London, where the grade six. took the first place. NEXT GAMES Odds O l
Ahgenflne national eleven re-nThe teachers msale ia enter-
udqd during their stay in Eng- training with a 440 yard race. A. Thursday: Optica Sosa vs Norge
dlan g e in Adams, E. Wattley and p. Oren- Friday: West Bank vs Special
players are at peak form away held first, second and Troops NEW YOl' 6 (UTP) say abotet
and their sta at the hotel has third places respectively. Tuesday: Albrook Flyers vs Can- The ink Is-mo the seeId
"get together" than a training "Davis-9" met "Drummond-9." dy YrouFp to s he dir 'ta
jslsion, especially as four of "Davis-9', took the honors with Alb k Flyers 9, Spur Cola 5 Young I. 45Al Welll
the player were in Denmark a score of 13-3. In the boys' Albr layers zoomed to a 9-5 odds-Aipt want to h ,fitOds%
where they played in a football softball game two all star teams vieto er Spur Cola and solid (-- the he
league team which scored an met (First Shift- vs Second bounedba into the picture as Jutl0e 1q K Th0t leb-'e
easy 4e win over a Danish Shift) and First Shift plugged a Loweful contender for chamin- 15-ro the A- g
S combination. In five tallies while the second ionihip he81ore, mertea0, iner
Two of the tour players in shift made only two. After Spur Cola had chalked pionshlp -
match, half-back illy In basketball, the First Shift up two runs in the upper half of
W.. ght, and left back Bill Eck- proved themselves better when the first inning, Albrook. roared Pa
is replacing, the ,n they made 11 points to the sec back with a like number of mark- that
d Lionel Smith in the tour- ond shifts's nine. ers and grabbed the lead in the thing
party, won high be ib third with a three-run rally. A
te oh r tw .- a v, To lone tally n the fourerth andr go
mstey, the olth e two, -bace Mati s ZEb oll .s three runs mthe sixth iced the Y
IMrlow came in for criticism. Itleve game for tCLe aviators.
e d h ackltt of theie I m- a e morning t w Earle. am wpllng hurler. r be- a
tn a r Smoc dolph Lynch toiled all the
lt was disturbing to see A Chelrb r the way Ie.' .pur Cola. 01-l
beaten. so often on the e oftie Zebtes i s scheduil
.aybe he was p ahyDin toh leealt Saan Selvador to- SPUR COLA A1 R H "
at half-spn to make sure m orrw. morning to ame H. Campbell 2b ......... 3 0 0 cuca.
rwee Egong tbm n ngs riding there Zebano was one 0 0
t his S uth Ameica n tri. ~f the leading rreds in El al L'

1 le, conn1ebang ~h bought at sua- Fraeo by Totals 27 b y who
"d IIad:'"n hand'u soccer Salv ea, s 300. -- 0 L

ru. n ourhg me next montn.
nmer tou has ever. re3- ,, .. 2
A. led a more severe test. .. 3 2
Mhe afternoon newspaper 3 1 0
h, ^ -Id o in W"
the South Amilns
t des stately to beat the '-,..*..
S. The distance. the new ..., 0
tons, the sun-baked fields .
the il crowds will make ... .,'4 "
"a tour." *; .. .
amcllded, "adapt- r .... ,'

S S of idIvIdual-
mE ^ !---25..M"^ ^^ ^

an .. 1

ia May16

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ard, a
101on, p
6im a

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oat for
lout for


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w^ F .111 I '
gift iS.Jlr a

s~w~c~ i~

t '? ~
*4-' 41' ..ZJr .2'? L.
r,~r~' ~' a
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Ies lW wa k wart
s t can now be i
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pkB t U tle it. e AlW
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M ""X port -ionr "
SMzy YOBa *.ga R1e J ".
that rhubarb at tiodl.I ey
BU y the other nall de- o a

and glasses
h band. M
ib tob
baseman AM
aqoe. from
forced play
Bub when
,astd aa



fGrnmda Men's Open Bewlinlg Cart Ti
Lease -- Smumer eaason Cox z1 13 41 M
3,^ ^ ^ Balboa Beer, regular season amft 14f 111 11
phamps, turned-on in the see- Torlan 133. 18
ond week of play to take three Lyons 144 143
;rom WVlly's Bar and go into a Hahdioap 97 ,9
ae with the Painters for league
lead. The peermen, performing Totab lo gk sog
in championship style, poured
the Bart nderu under the table Yv.
by completely out-classing them
in the last two games to roll a ColmRa F .F..
fine 2690 series. tuewe 193 11 M T
The Beeren were sparked by Price 127 l it
B1ll Cunningha W a la200 9oahimpaur 132 1f 1 t
even middle game and 528 Bryan 138 I 1S i
series, the latter beleg high In Walker 141 1406 10
individual competition for the Handica p 156 IM IN .
nine. Close behind Bill was
tZ Joen fbStr with Tetals Mg m W Wa ;
hts in the RtweSwSIlM 1serites. Jot's awgeass high la Isthmian CCstnssee m
Americta Association's be Individual competition o far DuAnelt 113 .'
P r better whmen JI this MeaKn. Looks t the -the Bandra 132 IV.
bI ekey man in the Ne B'eermen Intend to show the Stanley 119 157 1
*rd world champbsi -. folks that their regular ason Murdock 161 130 1 ;
.. championship was oa. iuku Olivr l n 14 iI
a Uglld i- elrk Acme PaintF e eo.. Noay Blnd g11 -- -
SBalboa went into a tie with'the Beer- Handleap 111 Ill 1
men for first place w af.:ols ,M.71
S To Start in this slow-paed cost with v "'
d O f NRAM J. L. Putaturo Bulck-Chevrolet _Me Pinto Geo. F. .
Sran over a land mia placed by Belett 101 136 134 .W,
On Sunday,f May 1,e0- V..W. Post 3822 and lost three R"plCbal 4M 7 7
boa Oi Club will hoT 1mlrj to the Vets as a reslt of the Hest 1 i6 116ll
of a new series of Nation0l aKU. Mt. This encounter was mart- ftheis ill 121 I 4
SAssociation proved d by the unnspred bowlng of Kuwel 141 170 13
Ueart- ttlns de igmeto a ll concerned. handicap 176 175 171
Mingt er on the N.RiA. li lpan Ford jumped from eel-
*w on, ings. Previously, for a shooter I position to fourth place in Teeb T7 3 M 8
b with to earn N.RA. cleaifltadon, it aMn standings by anookerin --
.. was necessary to fire Ji m a'*- U Vieja for all four. The
hylu tain number of NJ t al lSrdmen really turnqd-on to Bato Baom _S
[ tle registered matches, btog r 944 in the middle me, a.Ser 18 l a 1
0 look- do here, because of the aUlt for the nie, and 28 for twhlatf.ker 1 I
t they number held. rs*eries for the season. John ilis lb1 112 I N
This fitst "A.P ". tch ecmeup with a fine M lTtffger 16 : i 149
talick will be over P for the SISon. Johi Cunningham 1560 3 M .
te all prone, any l t en, up with % fine 5V| Handicap 100 100 1 N
a rg 100 yards and M r a u for the o-rdmen far ex- "
yards. Thtis wil be euI his regular smeon per- Totalsa so, nM M j
ioath and not ft bei&m P a fe u ance. Rocky ryan gave Vs. I '
a ,. ru-.od. shh h t wthll be E afaort heling, a 8 -Iv
i sateI and medals for clam =0 Vrian washigh for the gavmlopa .1er
6htet alth ff- pr 8 ummen with 502. Winlmin 1 is 1 1 j
lowia Th% Meb ftt AV p 1 Heim g176 it 1 1 to
fd6A, ;om.:_io.n ftred b m In sme TOP TEN m ilkI I 13N
and the, the lasts mtt e h TOe _N gas. 1S 1s6 1
hl baens;won *1 AT1orisa, Caa yi a 173-5 Hadi is lit 115 ,1
Mly. As he annua I 8tapek, Wally' r ,l -
ie al ne nerr@uTn aej t is Schafer, 7lboa Beer 160- nsa7 'e = I .s
Puttnoth i Ksid tea ?-a..
elm,,t'o r, dCh o nnnhs palbo Beer I4 -e
t 'a.' K A of e Points 118-4
Ar ore o Balboa Have Own t .stn "5w-:' ,-

r, SMae
ah rin

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"aut una from the-
. igaiaet t .peren-
it Inexcuable bottle

i W..tso aino ofts
s ns and bdhave ust
0i .o ra T
ume nogin.
-ahin Outn
kh., W. Va. f(UP)
o Ca o. organized
! a, sa Its main of-
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n rte he nm eare nu wIno
doper..a hsaw ye7t to we a
perfect mwfore fd over this
oiursM hher.e: Pbso this wMl be
the E, U '
4n90ribott whbo geet nto
4 IA th R.It oered TdMiur-
in546. mbget In the
D ftoe sa-biw& thiAin in

the Dew^ (m atch
EI*MIJN~ vnil oenie
rm lackfnt targets





Carts Vieja 2 a
Ithmian Const. 4 i Ll '
V.J.W. Pest 3122 c 0y tow w
Momn 130.1 140 *0 "It o
Lenocker 151I 1 1 _4 001"ItYon 30ott o faw r I
17 1 a1 14.M iUme behe
CommOn. Siim a gaathoa
Handicap 133 133 1832 -l. lanIej

Iwbia Md 7063 a

1. L. PutatuM lekSCk-eweImt
Cain 16 115 14 426
Hicks 11 i 11 370
Sotkup 157 104 I1 -M
Kelsey 178 181 1". 4"
Hovan 144 14 8 13 4
Handicap 98 M M
Totals 8368 75 1

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oy when you .
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S---- awAM Pti ac e -ft .

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nbmWttru *im. fr 1'B ^ ..b ,r'
^ *^~ ne rAnA.FAt Ba-h'w lB u lllnnf *l-WE-^

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1. ^1- ^y ^ ^ ..


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" -. '

Veteran Actor f' 7:v

Claims Smear 3)i rml ^

By Psychopaths n

NEW YORK. May 6 UIP' lLe th people know the truth end th o ry s /A
Veteran stage ana screen star ..j
Lionel Stander told a turbulent TWENTY-EIGHI H TEA. PANAMAt, ,. DN A.' iA" 6, 1 *. ,'
session of the House Un-Amern- PANA X T. W NEPAY. MAY 6,19M.
can Activities Committee today ""
that he had been sm.?ared as a --- p 3:_
Red by "stool pigeons, psycho- 6
paths, and political heretics." f S I k it:
He accused the committee oL
aiding, perhaps unconsciously, W.
"fanatc.s who are attempting to .
undermine this nation.". ,.-_ "
Red-faced and shouting. the -. B ... .T
barrl-chested actor refused to m e.a. Tm o
answer directly the question oS me as Truman on
whether he had been a member
of the Communist oartv while WASHINGTON. May 8 (UP) do all it can to prevent any "d-le'the Frenchabout 46 pe if Mr
living in Hollywood from 1935 Senate Republican Leader Rob- unity" among sall@s." the cost of fighting there' .
t 01948. ert A. Taft said today actual The lion's share of the funds, Chinese war. Defenses round
spending under President Eisen- or $2,534,323,000, would go to Charles E. Wilson said sad that
But in a heated exchange with bower's new foreign aid program West European cougtris for gram was designed would w
Rep. Kit Clardv R.-Mch.,i would run "about the same" ai planes, tanks and -iKl. weakness with store tlitary
Stander said: planned by former President But 51,401,000 would be Some $469,200,1 $550 ,
"I'm not a Communist today Truman unless Congress does earmarked for e Far fl authorized fbr Midd i or'te6^
and, if you ask me. I wasn't a some cutting. with 5400,00Md for countries and $20,0 fr velopt
Communist yesterday I swore He made the statement as French fa f the Latin Anerica. tary
that before your committee in economy bloc leaders of both Communists in In ,
1940, to a Los Angeles Grand parties demanded major reduc- Mutual Security DIre r ait Ih addition, hundfe4 aall- SI House
Jury which cleared me of these tons in the program which Mr. old E. Stassen said the admnis- lions could go for the support of na Comin
charges, to the United States Air Elsenhower submitted to Con- tration plans to take 'over from Chinese Nationalist forees. 4' the progft
Force and the Royal Canadian gress yesterday. B us of
Air Force-how many times do Secretary of State John Foster maib for a tax.
I have to answ.'r this question?" Dulles and Mutual Security Di- T O ductonU i
rector Harold E. Stassen were ill iws
The third day's session of the called before the Senate eela i l ands O il. Bill WGetso f us O
congressional Investigiaton into House Foreign Relations Com- t said it
communism in the New York mittees (beginning at 10 a.m. S e i r u, u be madi
theater and schools broke up EDTI today for public question- F r T D*en i V onate n
whenchaiman Harold H. Velde ing about the details of the pro- Fsenate By Vo e lt A T
(R.-lllI called a 10-minute re- gram... no comment" owIn
cess. Velde told Stand.r to con- Mr. Eisenhower disclosed that o propoS al
ult with his attorney to decide he will seek about $5.800,000,000 WASHINGTON, May 6 (UP)- the form of federLp te
whether e would ive answers in new foreign aid appropria- The enate finally passed the Thefirst roll ll bro a Otr con
without making speeches. tons for the 1954 fiscal year be- hotly-disputed "tidelands oil" b 60-30 defeat to a substilVt'po.. ladhg Sans. Il
oginning July 1. That is $1,800- today after one of the longest posal by Sen. Herbert 'iH. imaf igne D. bI
Committee counsel Fakn 000,000 less than the new appro- andloudes legislative battles In (D-NY to continue fed f dd l .p
bavenner read t.stee iov t d relations recommended in Mr. the history of Cogress trol of the submerged aI and .baiawe t
bythe committee i inHollywoodTruman's budget. The results had ben anticl- divide oil revenues.-am m n al p ow leading
in 1951 and 1952 which indilts While pleased with this cut, pated even before the debate be- states In the form of aIldto edu- maZn them
fmethat Stander and two of his Taft and other economy advo- gan five weeks ago, but die-hard cation. (D
an actors'cell e o thee ommu-f cates were tdstressed by Secre- opponents of the measure went The Senate then shouted, doAwn na (D-.Ala1
ai actors' cell of the sCo u- tary of the Treasury George M. down talking. They tried hard an amendment by Sen. E t wre
and Mrs. Harold th Ashe. Mar- tual dollar spending for foreign measure with amen0.ieaitA. $65,000,000 in impoudl $1.
and Mrs. Harold J. Ashe. Mar-$..T
tin Berkeley. and Mark Law- aid during fiscal 1954 would run Passage was by voie vote im- fuidas to help reduce theltt
rcsomewhat higher than the new mediately after the Senate ten- i] debt.
en.______ appropriations figure, tatively approved the measure The funds cara fro oil po-
on a roll call vdte of 55-35. ductiln In disp glpt 1nd-' off
Balboa Tides This is possible because there The bill overturns recent 8u- Calrl a, T,x at 4 .a ando a.
now is in he Treasury a backlog preme Court rulings and gives S enat altsodefl tedb 3
Thusda May 7 of about $9,000,000,000 in unspent coastal states clear title to the amenflents:
Thursday, May 7 foreign aid funds appropriated ocean floor out, to their historic By Keftaver to.delays acti for
03 .m ............ "3:4 a".- will be spent in fiscal 1954 to miles off the coasts of Texas and member cOm d e A
10:24 p.m............. 4:30 p.m. meet past commitments begin. West Florida and three, miles q `
fning to fall due. elsewhere. en. Wa n
Congress is more concerned a- Part of the submerged land (D-W.ah.) to fe-
bout actual spending than new contains valuable resoureea, not- boundfrlwor, 4 i
appropriations because it is the ably rich oil and gas deposits off 3 % MUs.
Spending figure that counts in California Louisiadna and Texas.
balancing the budget and clear- Foes of the bill have estimated (D WI) t'o atlIWt. &
ing the way for tax relief, the worth of these resources at eral educ #* to
Elsenhower said the money will up tb $300,000,000,000. the revenues d r v the
be 'spent "Judiciously" and will The bill now goes to a confer- states from the tLW t "The dope on.te
give the nation greater security ence committee to reconcil dif- money would hAve gong' to a4 sov tmlal
than larger sums spent solely to ference with the House version the States ex ept those r c .I ".eAMo. a
S Increase U.S. armed forces. that provided for federal devel- tidelands revenues. e an ,
In a special message to Con- opment of resources on the con-
gress, he warned that the free tinental shelf past the state ,
world is in "a moment, of great boundaries. .
peril when peace and war hang The Senate elected to deal
*. precariously in balance." Thus with that provision in a sepa-
he said, the United States must rate bill expected in about two
It was the third time the
I House and Senate have ap-
P RFormer HOG Radio proveda tidelands bills.
Former President Truman twice
Anno. r llAld vetoed the measure but Pesident
annoul cei l UEipel Elsenhower promised in last fall's
political campaign that he would
Fiuru e isegnh p s t
rom Buenos Airenes lost out after more
than 190 hours and a million
NEW YORK, May 6 (UP) words of debate, including a rec-
... The National Broadca sting ord-breaking speech by Sen.
Company announced today its Wayne Morse (C-Ore.) Senate Re-
Buenos Aires correspondent, oublloan leader Robert A. Taft
George Natanson. has been or- branded it a filibuster.
dered to leave Argentina by to- In a flurry of last- m i n u t e
morrow. speeches, opponents argued anew
.. that the bill was a "giveaway" of
(Natanson worked In Panama resources that belong to all of
as a radio announcer for sta- America 'and that other "raids"
tion HOG in 1948.) on public lands are coming.
4'The packed galleries iadi.
X NBC officials here said Na- eaten the anti-tidelands group
tanson's passport visa was ex- had aehleved its purpose In 26
pining and the network sent days of debate to draw pub-
him renewed credentials and lie attenfl6n to the bill.
other documents so that he The Senate shouted down the
could apply for an extension, first of the proposed amend-
CThe extension was denied and ments, one that had gained some
he was ordered summarily to notice because it threatened to .^r*'. "-T. U -
Sleave, NBC said. split the'ranks of tidelands sup-- A Cou
No explanation for the rejec- porter Re.rt. 5
tlon of hli'aplation has been It 1- a proposal by Sen ala
received at NC's New York George W. Malone (R-Nev tot
headquarters, it was said. give te public land states of the t.h.
. .*.k Natanson reported in his last West the right to mineral devel- @ i
message that he intended to go opment cn federal territory.
S &/e to Montevideo. An NBC spokes- Te.flit roll call brought a 60-
man said the network hoped to 30 defSat to substitute propos-
get from him a fuller account al by Sum. Hutert H. Lehman (D-
Sof the expulsion order. NY) to continue federal control
S oL.the submerged land and divide
t- Christine Goes oU D.r au au strvt inW
fia^ To Los Angeles Drank Driver Who
To Star In Revue Scettered CZ Cops
LOS ANGELES, May 6 (UP) Jailed, Fined
Sa, Christine ene, th ex-GI a Nlea, a civIlian em-
lasgtr you've aver pe to become a woman. was in the UalS te's Court
ecm hrwol. eduled to arrive here by plane rtceD$iY, 'n~weed to serve
5 -. wqIek CUs t y to appear as the star in a te. iS. S drunk driv-
S att St or du. revue. Ai -

teeniin, toe .. < nl2% former GI named George he" rld Aerlean de.
hea htl is e- arrive in Los Angeles from fend euWt, aehnded near
to wasllthtwr TYork at 5"25 p.m. aboard a thel I4W i, 1 last week
Aal airliner. Her stage appear- about Md h tmer a three-car
OM "FebnS may 8 at Los Ange- ada bdourred in the
fpnum Theatre. "- area."
business manager, pray. drew widay fthrouh
said Christine was t ealmtmm.tlng polla who
w York by "a well- = 0 -sle *:
me motion picturewe iamwlw. it IvM
trical appearanceM4 %go V& a to
d." he said, wita .bqby.
of har Pa. ti
.. a,' ..,, -. ;
'-' ,Is .

,.-- -

tiK ?W '

- I .

0<.**, -


* lift.
a Thllr dot
.A. tocruer Il
5. :0'a.

.. .A.. ;
r '- "" -

.. i., .cA g "-S

bheatia R,

tfc-'*' t'I
< 'A"*.



. ,