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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
newspaper   ( marcgt )
newspaper   ( sobekcm )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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Itahia~ ~er

Angry Teher

Prsb' P^L

NE WORK, Ma 6 (UP) A
iged defiant schoolteacher witness
~i S before the Houe Unpamerlean
were Actvlties Committee called its
* T' it one of hearing into cog .tununm in
de," Hl arlo education and entertainment a
.. "cihu4W today and tlbed his
k ob, .a. few accser "U a "stool piteo."
a .n. id flacks, a the~cr with
i dutifull 31 year tenure In the
ih~bu:U~i unl- schools, was the first of W per-
I ~r lit a Long sons named yesterday bY *KE h 00 14- matted former Commuinlst MfW.
n d .' Dor othd y co Fun a afelow Parjy
'' -,* member to appear before the
i i o|__ conuptittee.
o ahleader ArUe Shaw ales
B W apple'ae6 yesterday.
u s-" "This hearing Is Just a cir-
[rW M ~cus." flacks said. "The people
m ~who testified yesterday were
.' stool pigeons and I would be
! i-E ashamed to be associated with
. W" their"
':_ r. or other witnesses questioned In
s fon ter scoapd day of heaslng in
0-,,, AIUy tb1fderal court building here
QP1r*?-.1.*"_ ttrt Cohen, Brooklyn, as-
?. S B blatant to the principal of junior
he high school 227, Brooklyn; and
..-, nJ1- ullu laeobs, a physical edu-
J~ aS e[ catI, teacher in Brooklyn's
a~ay Hig Hh School.
*t : Cofin and Jacobs who also
hisf 'os. .]M~ wetud to say whether they
S1?r iS wsre'ommunists, objected to
'SSSL~i13rK teiqielon lights and cameras;
iSglnff .f' W axa4.U committee granted their
"T,' shm' ~o teelt without be-
^<~fie h the ~ baA h.SWIA*l that


Th-st On Ps

Loaian Capital

Toward Thailand



- 0 -

HANOI, Indochina, May 5 (UP) Heavr-omMra
security guards were thrown around the royal pala.e In
Luing Prabang today as Communist-led Vietmish tr
f$Mked French and Laotian defenses to push south l
toward the border of Thailand.
French officials here scoffed at rumors of O di.
pIrotd rebel plot to snatch bed-ridden King. i j
Yeg from the surrounded royal capitol, brisfleuh
Ieousands of French Union troops, but they tartise
new southward thrusts as alarming.
They said the reinforcing of guards around the roe
hielsehold' was a routine security measure.
.eIal ns stabbed toward the b and hard-presed for am4
.MIog River on the Thai bor- power, would be at a great
der, after overrunning Ta Tom, advantage in pluting suea '
30 slles south of the. air-sup- bold strategy. -"i su
bastion on the Plamne des .
Jarres which lies 90 miles south- France has withdraw her ..
eat of Luang Prabang. quest for the supply by Drfl
Directly In the Invasion path of transport airplanes to he..'
was Pakskne which straddles the the Laos emergency, authwpr
Mekong 80 miles east of the ad- tive sources in London saidtot
ministrative capital of Vien- The French government
tiane, that the supply of planes b
Authoritative plitary sources atoPwill be, sff,
said ta' to kee ly tFrenech Uiuo a^i| en!m flyjft *'r-

RP f '0 i '
1 -

TB Mouidfty bae

RP Down 60 Per

t'U4 ~f WUIA4 4
tim in 21 aOl
I ~alatIoa:of 4~
~giIberu @1
ted the eLm
V m~i'taKtu

Imifer of

SA- .S '


iHB.troNle o8ggiceaari the s i would
had cut in two parts and enable Hl--|I .....,. J ,
01 fits5* club or any OesM team o V Nguyen OGapliiUI S
tP JP1W *^ aito his. Laotian operation
St Hu ,o a c to 4y'ead of a M50-mile-long 0 i Ol
g-tS it a Cohen rated t rthwar to the borders
A st akWedt alaaEd ano e t, de;tt 'hto o tdna ." Vin s f n e re- TAop P[ fllar I lt r
Ht|* .*W.BRMWWIT' WW~sm [ v slmamture on the 1aoument. bel Mfte oa Vietnam. V- ruHmLl LL *
S'' e committee Txa pected Fartermbre, according to return to the 4fl.lnmeit these. atne sourest, the rebels NEW YORK, May 5 (UP)
,R J, A t iweld lt-. y. orrow. m t y-paus Luang Prabang Novelist Ernest Hemingway
t ;., .. ACtIeSS s go far, shaw l the only big- and reach the Mekong River just the 1953 Pulltaer award for o
S.....' name to appear.' Isouth of the royal ca tal. ahort novel "The Old Man _d
c -,May 5. (.TQP )- Ac- -T-h- lTa would give the divisions tbe sea." It was his first Pul
S ..... 1o r Dunrt discoed today Car M irv Pmoving down from the north a prie..
C [htL Reaee Adshe~none. oe o Seretary oEdio water and valley cor rdor
's foremost aret eages, werel : "," through the heart of northeast- William Inge, playwright. Won
S"atI secretly yesterday. C a inia jrejgth er t Ia'Fs, greatly eaing their the 1953 drama award for
S *te star. o "'Goodbe- MBr. supply..problem over mountains play "Pnc, set In his nate
C, ashd er moviQ ftonah- LONDO May 6 (UPy For- which shortly will be practically Kansas.
rumn n T. 8. Eliot's dgn CMy A ony Eden impassable during the rainy sea- The judges this year departed
fitered. aon the Cathedral" at "had, 'aiI eightt and has son. from tradition in making two*-
Pen preferably I ~' 4 famed old Vic Theater gaDp' ml~mt,'.. he Medical The French, deprived of their wards "for .cal news report,
,t etta today. air power during the rainy sea- one for "initiative and reuoue-
....""--_ ....... -r. .. .. fulness and oaitructlve per-
,, ..-., Ipose" in a story developed bi a
J t H m reporter, and the other for -e-

S Prisoners of War Resent La
.' '- The $1.000 award in the
category went to Edward J. *
OI Communi t Ind ctr i nat'o n of:' the New York Worldth TenS
,from prison of L.aouis R1ofl r ,
". L James L. Ball, 21, Eall- *I .-idple had 'nothing to their names were printed in the who had been sentenced to a 'iB
Dl W. Va., said the reports ahow ss, comparedd with what camp newspaper and that he term for a crime he did not colR-
no 5 ad been won over to Coren- 'e h t h the United States," had not spoken 'to them him- mit.
a va made the men ',feel like h ,' self. Reporters and news
S ." B E id'l the Communists The mnn were brought here In raphers of the Provide
*wek Jid he belLeved so gl'-ii0vett tll the prison- three groups-three on Friday, Journal won the other
I .,.l l regency ,medical, surgical or -e apers, magazines 20 Friday night and two more award for their sponta1epn*
Stic treatment woul trinaton school unday. The 20 who were flown erge of a bank robbery b
ifor the men. but "the A Eigllsh-slp aking in Friday n-lY baud been said lice chase on Sept. S3 IRX .
&& would hurt their W< ce was not to Include some possible victims Twelve ndivi d ats I
odmi ht recovery." -'aid, "but high- of Red Indoctrination, worked on the tmey
.Arply l 3 The nien were intrviLwed in named to share the $
)f the ,i e said the men at first pM-.on of 10o-Com- pairs by newami,. and nearly all meaey. .
aM L "the typical depressed, originated with expressed anger at the thought Other awards in the fieldef
ea B hetic appearance of .z*os' w ch brought 20 of they had become pro-Comnin- letters included:
iSaK ykoners of war, but their spite- P Wie in a nist while held .cptive. For a distinguished book ea
'tion-- tbega' n to lift when they saw flight from Tokyo. The "It's a little .arly in their hos- the history of the United SP
their relatives and all soon be A ( Ome" of the group pitailsation to make any cific -"The Era of Good Feeio "D
lBame cheerful." a come under the. in- statement regarding any ndlvi- George Dangerfleld.
i William R. Hbickle., 31af utawmunnsm." dual member of the poup. For a distinguished
.tonville, W. Va., who .- *se Dcpartment had Smith said. biography-Edmund
Sr by the C~oam w a ,Meveral days ago that "But I can say that they have 1721-1802," by David.
*A iifR r5i. 5. ,,110, said that wifW victims to Red all undergone extreme hardship For a distinguished
5d idsle M 'm l' his trhath tm-h" Miatwould be taken and have been for a period of of verse "Ceede
ge pretendje tr Time without steep upon arrival 1917-1952," by Arehi
A1t1d-9t5,a t s .. at the hpapital. leish.
i'rwso- t 1asr Mk "ert W. lsaw. 44. of "All seem generally In good Other awards in the ftald
i^ ,c" heh said hMeM- a Waahanother of the condition, and no emergency journalism included:
nMI att B any charf tb f i. Pews, said the medical, surgical of e trl For distinguished repo
'had been eprisera in Korea treatment is t national affairs Don
,lfNeio saiud he had j i to stand on a parade "These men ate not restricted head of the Association F[.
llT lll"peace *a W ameer al hours because In any way. There resolve the for his account of the
pirisRL^I.o but that heT Welt 'to sign "peace pe- same treatment the other pa- security precautions s.
eof prison rOa ". ticn at the aptal. the trip of then Pr
indite a ch li "he was forced to w"All seB w rto remain Eisenhower to Korea. .
f thght. tr on" lectures with us 4 medical care has For distinguished repr
13in it was }ust but he added he felt been taken care of. however. International affairs-
bow.' he pMi i IS I being called Comr- t.v iar.e all angous to get Wehrwein of the
S er He Journal, for a
,lll. Ne en accused of Asked f he had -found any vie- Canada.
dHe ,Hpwaln s-fl 5.-& N I haw said. timn o{ Communist propaganda For distinguished edLt
al(,the lR -et1e oily prisoners In the tup. Ibith replied: writing Vermont Co
who signed the "None that I have seen. I have Rovster of the Wall Street
were S Brlah no *any definite n for his raglar I
.lI., rM i 2 .., a." 5B .as atemet aiat ewpect." __ view and Outlook." ,

.0 -
* .'~ -.

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J> W
kllLM. .



peuu al In NLSm IOUN5UVULL I was
nAIgle smaARaIAme aTon
7. NH TasRi P 0. BOX 14. PANAMA. I. W P.
SAL ow-IV9*1

~. 1~


1010 %00 By ,,oBy CTOlt
; s .I xI MONTHS., I ADVANCE go 2 Oil
n oo vnO YAR. ,N A.VI D ANCE
The fast money hfthots
TH ISi YOUR PORUM THE READERS OWN COLUMN who've disdainfully turned their
union offices into perMnai for-
tunes and big businesses are
being!privately investigation and
THE MAIL BOA publcly demeaned national
AFL chief George me's
letting them know he
T i..... .....nor mfrTh- PanamaAmer. didn't take over the rid

If ye a lette r dqon t ber h amp t it d st a r the ,re- ap'r t.iddna. .
madtant crLetters. Mym published In tsheder arnatida

Ings In the Canal Zone. Telthtere I decided to do a ltt gone 'w hen
research and task a the foends linlte in companies their the woodwork hi h
views on the r writers s met byin stony gases and what p olit d AFLerican abe r
I dont getwspaper eThey stick a comparatively f small tementscrease pons n rfetracs, bow l-
Scompraes and in nothing is from said. leys, waterfroship t has !t, e1-
I have concluded that tng shakedowns and rent
p THE SHIPPING COMPANIES DON'T s CRY shop partneraips ando run
Sare tuck" here, thlucrative hih erefore take advanta the situation

1 I read with avid interest the recent announcements of forth- The huskgry tGeI .
coming rent incre thes on quartersghly and hae fear tened to their ln't adding. Thof 150,000
sultant crumbll descends. My mind flthem hed .baxtrac k to the ebucks flier an- comb for a owe
Snouncement of land rent increases of up to 00% which are to those wealthy
be imposed on all shipping, oil and other companies with build- ctal labors ea
ings in the Canal Zone. Then and there I decided to ds a little disgracommittee -

viurvey madon the by States-side expert I have by stony gaskeand what his yard- Mcetrdge, and l oavbor,
nets kept from being absolute silence. of td t seems t hat such e k nationei n' .
I don't get t. They stick a comparability." But whvely small increase bailn beforeiwick. the
Susand we yell our heads off. They throw 400% at the shipping. Bluntly, t h& eroi i m
companies and nothing is said s.. leadership H P utter

pack our toba s a shipping town.ime, but that the away the shipping build- ce Union
are stock here, therefore take advantage of te situation wh ich the charter b
accordingly. -AFL at he ea
Should bhe hin keeping eole realize the arbitrary prrotie which, I of the hon, reg ard DthUD

T believe, was last painted in Groe Cleveland's time. The ship- When ti.e Po nvcIu
Heights and are thoroughly intimidated for fear that yet another loss of I150,000 nvI ei
"expert" will descend on them to extract more bucks from them Federation.
r to restrict their privileges in some way for enhancing At the same te e of the newspapers some when
properThis is what I call Gestapo methods. remembers of which I truly fu t for the fun ofthe
From what I understand the recent increase is Iased on a, raket committee
survey made only aStates-side exert. I have hase what hs yard-ogic Maetrge, had Dn.
stick-was for determining land values and it seems that such sky- has been poHll'i .
devaluation was made on "desirability." But who else desires th#ibal1iwick"
land? Can the PCanal use it? Could you even pay grow me tatoesx, When fDers, ot ollt ee
on it? If they keep up this line of reasonlg, pretty sn have, themselves a. i
to pay or loving my wife and kidU.S chvernment employe, the world Labor News, of which he is edi- ife hould Know," and n print, lie this: It P utt a er way to
Cristobal is a shipping town. Take away the shipping buldIarried to a helpless Unionhusband" also kt n who
t It'gs and what have you got? Weedcovered vacant ol whichthe c investigator to tat on the one I encountered th lead begins: Do- taking things apart and
p would be in keeping with the Administration B diZoneg which, as we do. When the o d r y bAll you agRKn
believe, was last painted in Grover Cleveland's time The ship- When thecomm e, need r most of them a screwdriver and corn
ping buildings are certainly better kept thanany PanCanal t did run't ha invest Buiding Service Union Prei- And then goe on to talk about
ture, however, it appears that they must pay lor enhancing Canal veteran chi#f Ith NEW YORK.---Oxe of the Brlhiti newspapers is min29 I know some when
proper ization of y. e shipping company. Their only real ad- dent Williamonshocking department, whch I truly e t for the fun of t
The only argument tat Ihave earoxim that even hints at logic Zone Marel,d there were egulat L knows what all.reep row ournalst the electrical not tamper 1

Sfaciltes which permits them to cooperate more' efficiently with in some De troi t locals, he. I can Imagine whole bIpcks of London going a variety o s andj
s the dog-anCanal. -the-anger attitude of "We pay income tax, this dumped the y nation eader there blacheme. It el a steadctricity thing called: What Every sonty. a
wouldn't they pay?" Any U.S. Government employ, thde world Labor News, of which hesedi- Wife Should Know," and in fi e print, like this: .t bo o ar way to
ver, pas rent income tax. the astronomical sMeanalaries of the "genius- but four petro she's married to a helpless husband." s oud, ro een who
It's high time that thswe realized that the shipingor's de oil com- totalinvestigator to that oig Inthe one I encountered, the lead begins: Do- Laking apart and
S Dnies perform as essential a fbody d nation on the Canal Zone a s we do. When the a showdown arrof it-yrsel electrical obe can be fun. A you a
t We live off the proceeds of the Canal and there neverwas a the AFL eantcrime commttpe. Indeed for mot of them is a a rew- river, and com- .vi them .s"e rea
charge made against a ship, y the PanCanal that didn't have Building. oervce nion rei mon sense." And then goes on to talkaboutfuses and some sharp tools to c
the authorization of a Their only real ad- dent William Mcret ri d.g e,iand conductors and screw terminals and the Ir dloteallf. and are I
mntae of Canal Zone residence is proximity and the use of Zone learned there were Iregularitiedrd knows what all. ds should not tamper t
facilities which permits them to cooperate more efficiently with in some De tro. locals, hel Whcan imagine f whole blocks of landon going a variety of
S way. ho etridan loae discovered that aburni thedown thehode as soon as I ermndy 1 c ut
My onlconclusion that the Heights will neethe proceeadsa Carroll who ranot ne dandylittle haust thingdes toare do er y h tto e of
Sren hike to pay the tropomical salaries of the But tenius-but four troit .locals, had The helpdange r ohusba end det of to sound, ofro
Ss" who dreamed up this foolishness. tki e ane hifrom an e ualon of course, since that they're me nough in hority or the t
S I hope that this letter makes the governor'takes dadk for think tot al 0,00 .M etr most thing no and when y rob te lot of clft
t's about time somebody did some talg about a much perse- Calld for a eshodow any er mal of his last stronghold aveon, that of put grl' clothes ad

cted minority gro cago. MePetridge then pang and son wl wither away. matter what
Pi in a s, ihopo sent In auditors -who he tells him nblow what to wear a o
who ran locals covering aceo the plumbing jams I merly
The Observant Amerlean tracks, bowling alleys am some h= asd go for a walk. I dont e0mp 'It o' o leave the
e thvered that under rec tells me thatow things areo n d der in dawtttle wofe

ft bgse ra where to go and when to comie npMi' o s tbe # or
Answ to Previou P lha what the dango with other of money hure earnt of a to whbev helpful
S otmm o hinsn gThis rave him an enorme a where eetan re the basemen that they're med enoug h in theory, or the flay, "Y
I take and h I u e had on et Gentlemen. most things no and when y rob"lt.e 1t nai onsof gte noum
rainbow" blow no Carroll dida d peanyqued. al6 of hislast stronghold Save one, that of put- girls' clothes and wgoes a
3ORONTAL VRTICAL frWom his natiolofflt in tHe organic he hasown conceded epthen-utt, -- -m-at-er el-A -do aredle-la bI
15 Chio.poverhed etridge than ape ng, and soon will wither a way.. o e eA ter wna
17 "Stuanf hands Rome covered that- dr "e no at Fetrdge and how to vote and how to run mHetvworse, of
mischief for 2 Stove part greal big prolo"tar leader and where to go and when to come bibmll th r or the
S- hands" IWos oi P e anythis e aderthe unlonha what to do with the money he earns. ut W l being helpful.
S"Let the county 30 trdge and one h lte has left him alone in his triple stronhold, un

o ntaifersebat" Sea eg le vice-prsidents. New York's d
St of the ba" II Song flavor 33 Region i 51 "reman, through these ar n re he basement, the attic, and the garage .. "Y
S12 "SoTwhort "It's an Africa or wre alculatendhad not kept Gentlemen. being odd beasts, they A a o enour h
Sthe wind that 3a proper the goonoccasiwhoonal bolster t the eao, and afittl DIT female
rainbow" blows no 25 r 2RNoblemen ro Carroll was sushpened.So what being a strong, masterful beast in sorudulent, goes a

13 Dro Heunsuccsful protector -He tor operatnised a s own indepen-r ma .
14 terr scrap Excavate 26 Most. 4 "Wath your dentbod hwhat of a lar. After edtounion. And

26 rou &i i 711-nd this Is it No locals in Coat unist Leae; testified beceSena
2 --mpoverish- ed u tb heirt he will have no AFL label ve ill lt.'omit e'
17 "mpStuloyand Majesty" 28 "The -- sid "T re's no if McFertidge or Meany have e Ii
-- "ene' geWocems .oh fes p__a la anything tt do with it.atr
s ,Icmea s otae ti upone TMcFetridge and one of hise an- ler (wlocallled hs At w iIl '
1 "A-- Tom. centlsrs time aic vice-pruldents, N ew YorIk'sa .

S4 rn t10 Soon 31 Equal 50 Bard Garment Workers leader, David i s d
S1DItr .ss- kinraon mvor 3eonore compleT i neman through these wars. They know' .

4"Tit for A- m the calculated r infested with the ling CETAGWITH Aa SENATon. teanBI

1 4 t Sl7 p to27eat mobs of al hoe desrv contempt. A AN E
S2 Puts on decrees 5 Scents child the goons whopinch quarters AND AN EDITO R doed Dean Ache
21 -l,- ]ook ,d20 Sheriff's- 40 Dress 52 Revi e from charwomen, ushers, eleva- ..... .. a I Wes convil
lin .. 22tisunsuccessful protectorso. n5"W iln tor operators and the oth er ThanIe lsth-g4gowrqtched as amA -itt"
SGetsup 4 orbdden 43 M wa"lttle fol" Lmp to defy facts. "The truth' ev
134 Hebrew But they say somebody has him somewhat of a Afthr er I ,recordwhich m
I iasce7ic Ugot to make a stand sometime W Qler (the former high official of .-onmunla
3~ Pr-ocu- I ~and thi Is it.l No localstino gunltLe 'etestifiedbeorel Sna" .The Uni
27 Punish by Gad IL their field will be run for the "arthy's Inve .ng committee -hiL AD-d.
38 employed membership. ese men need ra t reg
S One and ath ublc backing. Let's give it o sent, threftto amnd ca t reh prv g u At \Id'. pa
S. a" a o me higalm deple himself as a joure amea mr. '
I41 ( ian weiohI The third member of the anler (whocalled himself Arthur hLw

S42 Boy te tirs aC d et committee, the Ladles cwa--awe

j3 "-- th tOegheat mobs of all, those dese ves o p, 'Co
emarkcI' twhoae bought poUlca prateen- th

ra is t unraen l th e maze. Then he'll r ,ua v a c .n. ., 10

UZ i I ,.-,, WVI 3* ---ge in. I~m'ItI I .u _ShaIi iC l I.llqm ~iVql~ ~

Dog Tired Oc.v

David was a bas nOll*
e*hepplag eer left bII meieowi
Wer' et, emets e frod and brave
Wh *set rea4 i'm t Iei s?
*rO MS Wo mi wav


who dellberatdil blow
taking over the helm of
easerting Papa'l per-
find ha, emS, but I
spend .e weekends
putting tem together
to rubn .their naes
LUt off fnlgers and th
amuwed or hours. he
too much with this, for


D w Pearson Says: Retmedp
S'. mN.; Sm, Watk l.twi

for Cofaie

boutd bllp
but what
ea-a' t

And tb

K-1 *1

= *erfI
.0t0t el

burned to tr
t a nw.


spy-hunting t
ion's defense
ortio at the
akes editor W
M" seem like

~' A

ii ~tiJ

, ..p- a"
. X ,
iA^ :AL^ ^ J I I .

:.r ..4:

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It .Alft ~hA1N1-.E1

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,*J *r. -* 'f *lr.



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P.-- -- -- --

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, .1 .. .

, W. ,..;" *... .... 3..," !
,fn j.. A -o"** ... .. ... t. ... ... 1,.1, (.
.4.4.. .l.,*y-#.i-
F,,L. o -6

'4. *Iw *4,,' .'4x -'- f .-4
4. 11e, 4 ,-

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4... -. -,

I _Ail eyi.b Any out or io reg In
H .gl OW.. ... t. Cafl Zli =iL eS
I .. o ---.y

The Junior:
heIr Blue and
mt 'Wtedned
Isny future i
The Gold ti
l6. eMiRuf,

iuoy zuqW r

a-at, 5 % t
mg .orn !. Iol

ir the Blue. tea
Whot tak thJ as

BID Badders,

Master Diver,

Winner of the Congres-

sional Medal of Honor for

saving the lives of many

sailors from the sunken

submarine "Squalus"-



a ca ml o WO MasII ,.-
. Mr a*y eb3Im mi_


* l- IDIw

', :I.

-i :. ,-
*: '" -' -
Jt'i.; 4. .

*4J; ) 4w)


.i., #.-:

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* ~ I.
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.4I .

t following g about his lMovado Watc,

' .- -' -- -----------.---

Salwe Depet, Diving Sohee

" i .. .. I .

FabNrpi. Ao,
La ObeMr de Fondw,

Feb. S, 1s3.

I wan-to infoan you about the performunoe of the Movade
Waitrproof wrist watoh with owse No. 984 whleh I bought more than
10 years ago from yoer lotl distributom, Cas FMatil.

During thM.perld. of time I have been using it continuously In
my diving operttom sfor hours at a time In depths of from 10 to 120
fot of water, boh freh anu salt water. I cannot exactly tell how many
times in theee 10 years I have taken the watch under water, but my
oonservatveetimate is thatI t was at leat one thousand time.

rnoee I pureased it the watch was cleaned and choked twice.

t might J)ptrest you to know that, during the war, me. of my
crew ofi dropped-his Movado waterproof watch in 30
feet e'~ Iatesr I brought It up and weren't We surprised
When. it ; away after winding!
:. .t. ,
Y.urs very sinority,

Master Diver.


,* ;, .- A i(

'aurtle in its ell

' ..'. .
.- F i

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.4 ~. .4.4 .4
11.1 '~4

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'* "r i it ,.e. 11-





r -

ACm wO n .. ... .... ,... .

Shipping & Air Line News unII pUIT'o0W

ta H s White Fleet


.S S. "JULEON ............... ....... ........... 8
S.S. 1MAI 4L41" ",.:.................. 7

S.S. "LIMON ...... .............................Z y 12
Frequent t oigh i eaoge from Cristobal to
Won C e= Cetsrml Amerlea ports.

Passenger SaIdn sp 14 Nq Orleans Sailiag at
f via Santa lar C b: .-I.t
S.S. "JCHIOqW" ...........................may 19

Weekly sallings on 'Wo e a4%msager Ships l s-ew TYrk, New Orleans.
meWlL o m Ageles i an Fracee and ea"te.

New Hotel Opeed in Bogota tor to provide electric power if .
SA npteworthy link will be add- I the celty -powep fails five high- .(RISTORAL.' 1 PANAMA 2-2804 COLON 20
ed the chain of luxuty hotels spe-ed' elevatbrki4 round-floor
beW developed in Latin Ame-i- space for 2i e b cite fig to the
ea ethe Intercontinental Hotels needs of both Colombians and
the iibunte aroun the and. 8:l dqg.
corerA tion (IHC), subsidiary of travelers.a
$Pan American World Airways,!
with theo opening f the $8750,- There Is a 'laIrgebA llroo fqr h '
000, 400-room Teq uendama Hotel foma l dinn ersoc events and y 1
,Bogota, Colombia, in the near conven tion aid e lt a ote. ROYAL CHARTER 1NG
the cs i tory $otanl t el T oaLe e n dama's public, a TAdor
SThe 16-stoery hotel, product of roomsafdtieude l et vie barLo he "'
leading architects and eng ineers an informal. Th o y dgrilln and
cu n the United Stat esnd a Colom andi FAST lPREII AND PASSENGER SERVICES

The TeLo da- mbatn e elaborate hotl. The lobO ining roo | 8.. "gi0 ...;..............................eMO M-y
n:nthUnitd tlanes.. ,- A 150ndwi window sevias asa ndAi AR T6 AND P ASP-ERLL RICAE
;bia, features innovations in ho- an intimate boI e Whvd the Moq- BETWEEN %IWPE AND WEST COAST
Itel construction, including guestserrate Room, a combInation for-
1rooms "built around the furni-. I al diL VningrOj ... u. O UNIr *l AMERICA
l b ooms1 ar e walls' on cta section oifth te1 a___-_________________________ **vMay Mth
.*...rooms s Ig t Huge glass petP and parti- TO COLU O E AND CHILE
a ng rooms as well ions are used extensively as MV. .......................... th
The Teea s elaborate hotel. The lobby, dining room ............................ ay
facilities include a $100,000 push-and lounge, which share one TO UNITED KINOIlO5 _VA CARTAGENA, KINGSTON,
Button electric kitchen, complete huge roon, are partially separai- N B D
lwth bakery and deep freeze ted by glassNA, NA A, BERMUDA, CORUNA,
lits: a $50.000 stainless steel 150-ot wl Aidow ervesasANTAD/ LA PALLICE
IaunAdry. which ]o provides su- an outer wall for the nightclub, M.V. "REIr NOARI" P (II e ns)...May 0r
erspeed dry cleaning; a roof-, providingg a mgniftl6e4t view ofh TVT M th
-orsrl-r ldOn S a t-o-dSy -- .... ...
Topprservoifr holding atw-day-the hotel. The lobby, dining. TO UN m 'KINGDOM DIRECT
upply of water; a diesel genera- room and lounge, which share
pone huo room, are art%*A adse S.. "DIE'SAR D.. .
moun.e y Senp- V.. 6 .. ..........May 17th
aarted y glass partI Ls. N A .............................
Ao 150-foot Window n a..h ROYAL MA.iL .I b'LTD./HOLLAND AMERICA LINE
outer wall for the nigh eh prIo- I TO NOR*HI PACIFIC PORTS
Dividing a magnificent v10,wiXthe "1 V1OT"........... .....May Ith
tains In the background. Three S.S. "LOCH AVON" ............................. May 11th
e of glass, presenting a spectacu- TO UK/CONTINENT
lar pamorma of-lOelty and-he S.. "DIEtMERDYK'................."....
mountains MV. "DRINA" .............. T ..1
All front desk employes andl i.
telephone operators will speak!Alings hr.Ep tmbjeot 1I#C edig Wthonlvlee. t
both Spanish and English. The d ais opn i t e tpm
staff will also include French, PACIFIC STEAM C O.. TIl .ee er ar .bal TeL -1k o/5r
2000 sp 6ss rms- German, Portuguese and Italian-I C AAl i ., Cer* bai TeL 3-27/ C
.speaking employes, eORE CO INC. 1BA1 Ami-emt1' 3ldg1 Tel. 1 -1915
d hesm rowe Ihedde radoh Construction work on the Te- .
yroso w: NEWY K quendama was begun late'I in '
IAWY rOGMroos witTolkvksio* 1950. Most of its furnishings through the Export-Import Bank. rding to 'an advance paegMII&
$ Twereflown to Bcota fromfac-o theUnited States. 0e noo t received at Balboa Helght
SAe HTT tor les in the United States by President of the company 1Lo n addition to these, 15 passed.
It L PAA cargo planes in order to Dr. Jore _querra Lopez Ernest r are bookeatosaU for Ha
Ownership of the hotel. isvest- dama. bound for the Canal Pzone- 11.
Tth cd i Ban Diego Hotel Company, Iowa:
7th ., AVE,,. NEWYORK S.A., a cOrPO--rat -re-teo". by .Sailing Tol"a From New York Ceell M. Banan; Mr. and Mrs.
Ca.5mORK ja de Retiro d1l ' SLxty-three passe n g e r a are William Vj 3rqgV ;. Mr. aRt
IN TUS SIUARE AT RAMS IDC Militares, which financed the scheduled to sail this afternoon! Mrs. John F. Campbeli and
, Cable Addre,: THETAIr .project with the aid of a.$4,00O,-1from ,ew York for Cristobal on three chil4rme; Dr. and Mrs.
__________000 loan negotiated by the IHC the- Panama Liner Panama, ac- I ( In n.u?.o en Pa@e FIVEI

* I i... .- ... .

.'- .4' ,s.$i

.L4 ,


ALLE O *0 0'




f.~r'- a

liii-' r


ir TA

*1 ~.h.i.n- A qc'

Guns--u u 'a
:. 'w


As Advertised




wflh I~VIW&3. -
C. 'j.4~'

.4 ~

..q .,.,-


* 4




*.PA MA. .. A N
F" -\--- WM W K ^A



~:r;i6k 9.

, ,'.

. ... .. .

. ,

-- ---'"~

i :'


"".. .




lili ~-


. ,. ,- .- .

.J. B i B


Fe -. a
i-.ifi. *> ,' *.-' r .-' ^ A ?it ~u"cf-l^y '' '

-^ .:'4"
"..- *.. ,r ,, "

*A iJeh

1 "- i..
i u

SS ,Ft.

d "rtion s E'coormes

May Bring Lower Draft Calls
WASHINOT-N- ."Ma -'(T)- t aify se thethery .tiaiMe by talks of a Mde
President Eisenhower a economy that U eMta $5,01 a yew to tte In military spending.
plans call for a $2 100 ,00000 km.iaIA anierm. i. lseiMowr ad other ad.
slAsh in military apeng-and-a "VH.".TL of the estimated $2,_- bnleratah he 4ld
reduction of nearly 200,000 men 100,,0 ending cut would th M rnl
In the size of the armed forces, be a-" l' procurement. iah latanks
defense officials said today. presented to Con- gua dWlag e.Wrd 7Wr.
These officials said th man- as b former resident Tru- A
power cuts during the fl4el ar aab efoea hbe" et officeL
starting July 1 will l Umptda&=outc defense spending of DOW T
250,000 men If the Koran war $4550090, b for f0@ca 19l4.I -
should end. officials said the
Most of the tedurtd ex- ndrte ewad- IL
pec ted to be born e UhN omcoay drive isa d
The June draft caLaMtely th'aso plans ae
for the Army, e 1 6 to ,00 com to 000,0n0 Mr. tWhe talboa
1 pared to 53A.000 for U0e viou te a r m*d te00,000,-O .
months of this yeor. 00" ofohe armed at the Pacife
I BS ei agev(e Cr It was d idersoea S jp* seI5 This would beginning a

r s .a .oti erD dst. t 01i-a There now are A 500,000 3 1tr ent e New. He will ad,
e.. fatnel f e hera o e Th te r e n a fN
fahoberdays9home men in the armed 16with. to members, how thW
hid 120-nI", "roughly ,i, ,000 thbm ArYanatomiepffn .
_z for t IV, A800,000 in the Navy, 45,00 in the Report on OlN
SIC Marines and 975;00f In the Air balih Got'.
The proposed reduction would aMO U ea e- abtd opl o=B
bring overall strength down tc w, ,ted -of t locas
A. 3,300,000 men and Womn. How de ,Som-e .o -,.l-
n4 much of the cut would be ab- *induy
evV 10tS sorberdeby each serve haT not
1h on. Vo been decided.
A.1-o-'Officials said thi reduction
toe ,. -b "would mean E an et f-

forelhi1 lte ort least bujt the 0 rem
For ee ew bue by ast as your finger-
Den d raglto Mihae prints differ f r o m
Wt rbeol (ckey -,-ome everyone else, your hearing
t HWa' evasuloe. Cabbm must is individual and personal.
de we sw ourtse a his b y e o u or restored.ahearilWn Fore4- Fm.t Cymuht.
"n o m n arf oI0o..lDeni e dueAs ta ot ahe l ptr-t*gr ifeates p ol m

. S l d o i wi benefits of new ha rlig
Nteland Mr..da. 11. Lwiaristoffel dee uerewasealtheuA
Sthe devotional. HoweIvser, the l sent olfay

,3 3. at caser bak to he l lower
ba- The UInI ,flur -elve atut .Unfor mpo5tIoq., of u lighter. It n r-ti "

iece e ab ,r 0 = 1nThe lob.r1g law. regugen r e i o 8 E h W-e t tY W O v t o
efeer lSadltedX e of lobbyott tend tN. $ g A I t

-tdon.coreporm i by persons
eOr receiving money to
"dol cty or .dty r -' ""."indirect-
Ty" the "pseoage or dSett #J
33 p In- ofpic@ tat MYku#AW*11d 1

Of &

ma, be'


w suqw aw
Vm li

to be eo
bs Vo- MN
ray track t6
spot, 20 ml
iuce said 1
ons bad iN
objects 'on0
it was .no
* n 1tnel

.,a., -'

or NWrw DohL
,?pou said the
elos wm taiLedm
awoe gxpertu few"

Alb I. "., I"

~tJS'* ~

PrA sW s and f as a WA ds p s d U r

e "v s *S R a re pf w 4 ment ofmen s

g '/: .nan W t dimi sto ised The
Sr -milt ot the government ap-

S!Tell gc ate GovernOrs "Calisheen'

SB Thelr>:Responsibilities

e Central Intelligence Agency,
Slolled off for the administration
M ith report on the wd sit -
0tht changing times NaO&ummariz2d ikomMthe .
V tha qto help s uper-swr Pa omnt-
U" in 19=As of tfit session tbro~eup

session h a rrenam of Calwfo-
St .tat. could not help bet -

on so!. .& t i *y W 1 "
lolw nation is cIIIeruI s. we are ca
w.' AaZn.a E. Dewey of
or k ad James F. Byrnese
Sth Cai rolina left thp con- ,
tj'^II i^ i l's elkers included .
&eW obis, Army chlef a .
ft: tgLkry of State J
teaf c 9.16 Mutual

O Abt Ge
orJr.: by RO

a B





o U
I ~Ii


I) ':'j ~
& .2



nstuMig our
: ..


- .1

-m w-mm -w mp--+;-


Ftee In Our Lot. Ar S"rcr 0w-O 4th Of1 Jdy Av-o
.- Vi. 0*





L 1

_.-, ,,


.v. *

; ., -_ .4
_ ..4-J .. --...... -_- I. l ..

1-J -, ,

po- 0
?5.4 ^ *

S You Sell'em.

Leave your Ad with 01

S Lewis Service
No. 4 Tivoli Ave.-Phone 2-2

1 Morrison's
S Fourth or July Ave.-Phone

. 0

When You Tell'em thrdu PA. Classifieds!

ue of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 -.. "H" Street Panama
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Col6n

SaI06 de Beeza Americano
9L. and No. 55 West 12th Street


Carlton Drug Store
1009 Mel6ndes Ave.-Phone 25H Col6a

Agenda lternacional de Publcaidonel Pr pa ad, S. A.
o. ttret corner asudiante SLt
No. 3 Lottery Pluas Phone 2-3199 22i-t 1o a n i-dl

. 1

Ml aWim


Household Automobile soP"p d OC' otOg an- 45. ta PROFE L,

t & Pr" DR. WENDEHAKE. M nic. Williams Stianta Clara BeachN ra
Smoot C Parede" C EY Central Avenue, K ne. 2 bedrooms, refrigerator, Rockgai .i.os.
J K n CHVd CHVR Telephcne 2-3479, el1e enBalboa 2-305 except LUTI.
FOR SALE Flydbol a stic- FORSAL.L Pmo uthp9b
drawers, Quartermaster table. Call interior, just del tr9 s- Smf i m loefto P
u. -- a deaf, cill CrIstobal I. other- UClB sad CK NV.4- BUICK end (UROLIt E
FOR SALE -Used reftrigetor F.- se don't waste both o_, A VISIT TO THE SI UICKand S VRO Farm l
din a feet for $13 5 00. Calle -- I Farm
FORroCe SALE: t ab 2 ISLANDSMay 15. 46. 7 Gramlich Santa Clara -c
L: ota !brn o6.N.6.Paa door 9 do7 49c,.U k 2The trip of your li, .an .tages. Electric lebox, ", o nsAoven%
$A ALI E: U sed st ave i n 9 d 1 e rs. radio, excellent 0 15rdii oar A Jung le Jim Jau.. tr ...the P an m oderato ra tes. To le pro M -.-1
OR SALE: Ui 049 Ancon. Phone 2 r6 ama Canal to Colon, n 1 and Gamboa; 4-567, .Pedro Migu el.
SYLVANIA STORE FR Ch r Porto Bello! First ou of the year. FOSTER'S Cottagee. One mile beyond
i. YUaiSa No. N.I lCasil FOR SAE:-1949 ChAvrolt, 2 door (Sponsored by hotel El Penqpt l. A Santa Clara. Completely furnished. I1* ;..
Ssepo o _dan, $ 1,000.00. R 5A Rouseau three day trip aboard "Peodore." Rock Gas Refrigerators and Stoves. i l
SFOR SALE.-3-piece walnut dining- Tuesday pnd Wesdoy. Leave Balboa Friday 6 np Bri yo linens. Phone Degmar's
S, room suit: table, buffet and ChinaFOR SA .' a'e '49 Lincoln Colen 2:30 p. t n 2-070.
roomet. x h scenictapestryFOR o4') LtonIColon 2:30 P. g2-0
Scored. Terms torepube prty. duty pa. cust m for ca B FOR RENT .
Call Albrook 5114. F ___ ''Through the CanAl 6 m.
SAL-Ei- Bdroomsets, stoves. FOR SALE:-. r Ford, one returning to BolbO. Mf a termed HOni
.SALE: Bedroom sets.. toves. sHou
1 rrigeroRors,l nPwt Chorrera. Cent owner, Good El Panama. horts, lln
S, No3 Puncture. 7 x 6 bath sut, ket, flipped and FOR RENT.-House in Los Cumbres,
ral Avenue. House No. Telephone 0252 'Q" spersfor underwter fshihg, and $125.00. Phone Gamboo 105.
FOR BETTR. USED CARS Gamboe. your camera and rolls of color film.
et Parde FOR SAL: -952 Ford Vctoa Price ofCanTr 10San BIOS FOR RENT: Beaufu I'
Smoot Pari IFOR SAlu: I.4 52 Ford V.cloreio ^ round trip froamo 40e; round chalet near ocean hi lferied
..Hunto mileageExcel-- ,p, e
BUICK nd CHEVROL lent ditio. llephone 2-6323 lltrip fro -itc" S-1---- swimming pool, walks tlrEd, di- e o' ftl l" ,.
t-woroundrMahog ny hourip) $50. Please make l ns om, two baths; par,
.ORSALE '-Two round mohoga"ny1 "w .....-Bearly through your Travel agnt, or oom kitchen, pq'.f ;.md1s lInDSe'
t.",bles, baby stroller. BalbO De i Sid you e Jungle JimarPanan 3-1 .-o. room and both, two-car or ,
"' _ __ O n t h e A t l a n t i c S i d e y o u h o v e b.a u t i f u l f u r n i t u r e t h r o u g o .
nofor SPECIALerms one year rene
i ALE -Frigdaire 8 cu .. 25I rM r ~' FROM PANAMM!.A, TO CO Rent 20.00oer mrenewble
e ,. 3 yrs. old, perfect condition. Or Por. M eth ssoe one way $85, roun trip 51 I( six months in advance, opti tof
nd oil Parts es' e e-s wlay $85, -_
.. .Cr Pboa.~a Mecholtol ll j ct sore. Iy-lmit $169.00, good e ver; buy house if desired. Writ for wp-
LE: FrigIdaire. 25 Cle, Plenty of tking space to LOS ANSLE. one way 149.15, pontment Bo 5 .Co
r* un.. excellent. ccnditon, $65. Autooc wid m ..t n1 al iZone.
( General Electric sewing m 15th & MelAndez. Tel. 1336 Colon em om i. l
C.... "..table. never been used F Oo ? _R T, m VU LBEAPN BALLT .M M 1UM
S in 0 0 Wiillam'on Place, 0776 FOR SALE:-1950 Renault, 2 new Penama iSet R,
S Co oires. 40 MPG. excellent coion. Travel v A n.

-, Orher beds Icomplete) FOR SALE:-1951 Studebaker Sedon COCKTAILS! Lefre, 4th St. Nq ce
fr o. D.n.r ch" 2 00, 16,000 milet, original owner $I,. $70.00. .NEW' .00. .
iner adose Rattan. fi0o5 4 Caboo ... .ciT .$ va
- ro and ne-d Rattan fn,rure 75 Dr. Errnar, Fort Clayton. T .U Y _.
Wardrobes $15 00 Cribs S35c'" 5144. Can befinone. T ,.ipFOR ENT
, borga'n ,;n New a nd Used Ar $21,. 4W.G ..0'""1- .
at Household Exchange. 4 1Auto- -4~,, Pa:, .. r ,' ..41wenti
mobile Row. Tel. 3-4911. C3:h or|, e; CHEVROL.T _nine plaes. .. TM-
SCP SALE sel b T O FR SALE.-Portsf, fPlymouth carns Rowi telephone 1-I655 claed n dme 6am
"" I rrl iFnn~dQ Rrit .ca'on-I No 3. 6lh street. Vsta Hermosa'..p ,-1,5 c la, aer) l fen
o offer takes it. Phone 2.2780 Tu.I FOR SA E c .
"7-D. Carr St Balboa IFCR SAL -195l f lymouth 4-oorR Al
S2.. c iratr sedan Rado. Leather uphol y. .'
l IFr~i rel}p6ifje box, si t CWIITmson PCi C,
I nlr, vanity table, chest of FO RSALE -1949~ Lincoln 4-door Snmeet Pa'ed
powers lamp desk. Call 2-2311. Spcrt Sedon, new tires, new brakes, .
excellent condition throughout BUICK gd CHIV T I fing
S1,295.00 Sh! 0 olo 8491. -^Co,1o
F S, O .ALEr .Help Wa ede lamps, complete .f4loi -l w d .-
S BOtST & MOU l WANTD id for mn oldst, material, all new -met Iton W o la -
FOR ALE--10 H.P. Johmonout- baby. Good salary. but must fur- Panamar 3-310, belor 9 e m,
b ll d motor $70.00. Balboa 2444. nlsh rernces. Just Arosemna RENT:
SSLALE.-12 ft. sailboat, run- Avenue No. 75-A. Tel. 3-1086 FOR SALE 1941 Oldsm'obil ** 14 qri ooms. all-c' lrt
"aut combination with new sai WANTED-Part td-.-- oor, new tires; 1949 Kaler, 4 th Street. Ask f r s5ne a
u' tiT general door, new tires: "Craftsm C n. 5 t sreet. Tele s
Ond lust overhauled 2 1',H P out- housew.ork and ironing' 18 Avenida pressor. 100-lb. capacity, V2r NH.P. P ma
ile, $8. 2-3406 or 078-Wl- motor new 2 Acelen ks
rife, $8.a2-340P or 0768.J W_= ., one Oxvgen Tank with meters,
am-on Place. W nter PoitiO' oses and soldering tips. C ll Tel FORRENT
LOST & FOUND WANTED. Experooen bngul mi .
ED. Experienced bilingual FOR.BETTERUSEDCARS- F, 1 NT"-FurnIsd
SAccountant Secretary. Available TER USED CARS
hAe l.i. Bteg se Monday m i r enegagemenI. Excellent refer- Smoot & Paredes spectlble family home, private an- iL
lm s M mingences. Write AccontantBox
&ad can't been home since. If I1402. _BUICK end CHEVROLET .....onO two persons, cw--
hea found the little white td rd. Su_____i
wih its brown sptel call WA T FOR SALE --Tractor Allis ChalmersWr" f i on. rite' 850 S.1
4130, they wi lmake o-I E HD-10, with 'Carco" single drum Miam Florida..
IVi emr-lde very much h a p- l winch, in perfect mechanical condi- F -l-lll- 4.
pier them she is rihte now. 100111U_ Ition. Priced very low. ApLMplyuto0,-Stree No.-lm"

O fCI1-1 8 Stre t N o 11
tuna and M mntunascr.r'tomeon to -no-- -. -. ---
Of n Of Dilld make them Call 2-,1 FOR SALE -4 Brand New 15 x 8 20
Eblk N. re$. n$80.00. Call Balboa Ss L.e Pad'es
-_ -.. ".7?,LESS'300N. -rorai .-
painting and wantwee o or cli-_ ses Plano Call 3 -Fu-s drnished oom L
starting next week in Balbo. For ings. Cst sell.m 0 unlver iain.dn oo o r

n ohe bonu t ao thr tUr. i mattls. oahep. Tel. GMulck 88
ALE:-teiffonoeth'U5 ou 39 A GvarOea No.
Steel Corp., told the nation'i (Cominufed frei Page ,y Fa Hou 9-dt.avl drBO
S houAew ve today that r- Gulick...u ,
abrd cost a Omistia approach had been FOR SALE:ElectrcPOrtabligr
"a m i uch ]a a pound of01Wde o far. sewing machine, Practicall new
Iat- the mill. When sked what ,ie limit Telephone 3-3594, Panama.
.e had in ind when he told FDek ste
ts apigut twice as much as i e- f, t executive., mahogany in nish. excel-l
8. 8teelr e frda m pound .h. 3don at d tl stock l assr. top an,

a nd milk eople in Wb ne /ry -- h i
I iW l ,lco allCa- fu,

_s r. o -eA wta no ll in i--,--.

f ,,d=aa 0ort d. _l thive will pay 14
Ithe trite p
i ilseatins were bev- U4 cud ortled beef hhe RetmI
IUagalilt"t a in. of I Ministr- of Fotld a relLas of



~SlU:~a rUm

Z:f*. h

Zr3, Ii.

- t1U 511

-1 NANA M M IW aiA

. Wi

kw I

---~ --~I ---- CI --




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IhU1~e theC
irbent eam
Ii time
IM* an INt

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r that springtie n
ling out that winow m j
i i r 1 iinfr *

Sm w."MM.AN C.COMa "

mm Isamn .ai u-i mwas
obo ,es.m

*J '^/



Sof Satan!


0 teebnleidler p "Bl-
af S 0S uame,
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~:*tbYU Rype" ain

Murder by amStiy


Shows: 2:40 4:0



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am lovel

Captdver love prize!

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In.Super Cnn-'CDI.RI
-,with --
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of Screen Evcrtainesut!
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It's the rough and tumble oourtitg of a d uiae
man. a lass who is red-haired, iw M amg at
the marriage broker who U als tho. ...


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Siilwaukee Snaps

*i. o -

Crandall, Logan, Goidon

I&ad Brave 15-Hit Attack

Brook1 -

Of Portuguez, Lu6nt .

Future NY' Fe re

United Press Sports Writer Philadelphia 12 .706 A '-
Brooklyn 11 6 .015
I" NEW YORK, May 5 Roy Campanella, who flwfee uis i t
inded like Benny Goodman praising a rookie clar- Pittsburgh 8 10 4
190t player, singled out kid catcher Del Crandall of =wYork S 6 1 3.
AMe Braves today as one of the great future stars of Cincinnati 3 10
fie game. TODAY GAM S
It was pnalse from an old mas- YESTERDAY'S STAR-Vin- St. Louis at Pittsburgh
and Campy waxed enthust- egar Bend Mfell, the CarUnal Milwaukee at BrNeollyn
m i as he w arched the young- lefty, who stopped Pittsburgh's Chincinnati at Philadelw Yorkpha
r's cat-llke. quickness in the winning streak at five games Chago at Philadelphia
pre-game practice. A while lat- With a two-hit, 5 to 0 shutout EKSFERDAI RESULTB
er he watched with a little less in which he also drove in two First Game
epthusiaam as Crandall whaicked runs and struck out nine bat- ~incinnatl 000 100 300- 4 9 ,2
@6 terrific three-run homer into tears. New York 022 100 07x-1 19 0
the upper left field deck to sew RaffenYberger (0-30 USmith,
'up a 9 to 4 Milwaukee decision KiRnf nb adrn 8t h.h
that ended a six-game Brooklyn KA.n J00a insen 2-2d Wilhelm and
wtn-ing streak. Atlantic Hoop Yvars.
andall played brilliantly be-III.
*. hhid the bat and also contribut- Second Game
ed a double in the 15-hit explo- Cincinnati 300 010 401-9 15 0
lbn that alsoo included thr3 New York 000 0100 320-- 10 0
4quubles by Johnny Logan, an-a Church (1-1), Podblelan and
other double b SidGordon. and Seminick.
triples by Andy Pafko and Ed THearn (1-3), LAler, Koslo,
Mathews. Campanella, the ma- CorWin and Yvars.
Jor league leader in runs batted
in, added four more with a Night Game
t aree-run homer and a pair of Milwaukee 210 005 010-04-15 0
SPhillies took over first The Atlantic Side basketball Brooklyn 300 000 100-4 11 0

*Antoneh il e h, "u dta(lmM n
C lace by themselves with an 8 seaon gets under way on Crandall.,urd 1- a
to 4 victory over the Cubs, who Wednesday night at the risto- o an (-1)
lost theirsixth straight, and the bal YMCA-USO. The line up of PoLresHughes and ICampanellka.
teams thmsyear while fewer Dicod nso Hughes a ll.
Cards stopped the Pirates' x- tas.__l... wi f. i
cursion into paradise with a 5 to number boasts a bevy of strong h
0 victory that dipped a five- teams. N'g Gcao
game nning streak. The o- Wenosday's opener will see ha 000 000 031-4 9
gainswn re ak. T heo 1 1Ge-e oamPhla. 002 001 41x-4 10Q3
&ants '.bed the Rd, 12 to 4. Ft. Oulick pitted against V. P.-
then were drubbedr in turn, 9 to 45. F oL Gulick, last year's cellar ppatein (1-1, Jones and
5. In the lone American League dwellers, will floor a strongerAtwell. 2i adrge
ed out 18 hits to upset the Yan- at this stage of the game spmay at.rLouih .0-
keq. I0 to 8. Bosron at St. Loui s upset some of its stronger rivals., 020 200 100-5 9 0
S was rained out and the other V.P.-45, last years runner-up, Pittsburgh 00 000 000-0 1 Y A HEAD Sanluqueflo, the Stud Montelimar's p A
.,o. wcill have prac; cally the same Mipell (r-03 and Rice. ge t ne thoroughbred, made local debut a victroug am
tam were not scheduled. d e-up s. 1952. Dickison (2-3), la, Waugh dayfri the nightcap when h pt edge theft l
4 s tnt pithe neut-s It will be remembered that n the finish shows t hetwo. h at "N W.m Becausel
out ball for seven innsihnbseco rl and pelsto AM.C"ERICAN LEAGUE wqe 0 0 wide apart at a the hf .t i B .1

gave only one earned rn founI nan lost eion la te yopeIn oTeamL L anglesp&doI- f '
win.. ninhissecond g ahmemr, intvloughoSttion l earin p an NewYork 7 8.1 6tlor in
his now role as aitmureforoffgamex.Thingoveraimelbei o utMCleveland 10 5 .667 dr
UselPhila. Del Ennis backedofPhgamerThilteppillbeot8-7 3
B ostonicat th ab lh .56d owillf -

Wnegar Bend Mizell topped Fasron-105 will meet 310th'Washington 6 12 M3
Pittsburghi with a two-hiter. EASR on Thursday and from al Detroit ) 15 %1 1
-Xeldng his first to Carlos Ber- TODAY'S GAMNS ..., ..
fler with one o In the sixth to watch this year. They will be New York at Cleveland (N) .
nd the other torank Thomas coached by Chief Sparks who Bton at Chicago (N
Ind the another strrnk Tou led last year Naval Station team
and drove in two runs with a to three championships, with Philadelphia at te. Louis (N)
single. Golly Hemus hit a St. Dalton returning In Fasron" Washington at Detrit
Louis homer and Ray Jablonski line-up, it Is expeytd that this vwii--I' !' @"
got triple and two singles. teamb will beIn t0%thckOf any N o
championship battle.. Rc0wYorkl e00102 140-- 110 d 1 1
cha is btDetroit nou010 114 21z-iO 13 1
There were 53 hits in theRaschl (1-2), Mir, M.eDonr Tt..6
ansm-bang doubleheader at the Lte i known f the cap- aidsBackwel and Derr. ""
abilitieso .. AR arrd 94o.. eIL rrroowb
, Palo Grounds as Gu Belof. abilities of 370th EASE. Harry aewouser, MarlowerMa. S e *7 46
Red set the pace. driving in Smith, high scorer of the 370th son (2-0) e o, pHoutteman and atts. e .....
ahrse runs In the opener and EASEInnlautByear's-A r m y [ Sr-Bob ,AD.-
five in the second. He hit two League, will lead the tem fa rBoston 3 C6ol"
hm his onIn the second its first year in YMCA compe- at Night Gam (postponed) Ght J
am omin with tition. The Engineers will miss St. Louis Aare ton
k4 DoxylI Spencer also hit a the srvlces of Cherry who has o
S tlk=nhomer for the 01- b~on hospitalized wi n No other games scheduled. .03.
n the'ener. Monte Irvin Jured leg.n ISO
.lomered for New York in Naval Station, last years B*h:,10 4?
priernl andInthensecondBc nForm n1/o
.y usawild of Cincy champion and .,powerhouse of FrNavy teek tee poets from the, .. ....
T o of t 01-the league, had drawn a first CHICAGO Gun Club and jumped 'frou U4 n ..W.. 35
lantsyalso monec t hefor around bye. Boasting such play.- asabrIt ash to fourth n-Pwel
aut trippers connected.forr ers as Belvly, last yearn Most5 0 1 3 3 6 took three points front. t Cafe.Iva AM= .1Z E .
PlayerAwardwinnerPondy,lb50151ireh, while the Wks and Poet ot. 1 ... 1' 171 17
The Tigers scored early and Duvall, Stelzer, MaJael, and Hermansil, rf 4 1 2 1 0-Off ce and Aces-Gatun Electrial 67
Gannon. Coach Stauffer figures Sauer, If 4 1 1 3 0weme taking two pobt',-yde.-n""'
renHatfield.anobe to repeat last year's triumph. Ward, cf 5 1 0 3 0 Benson again too kClan "- A. 16c-w
anbAtwellc, 30050hoorswitha seriesfortheDougan, M lo
lmmnm sod Don Lund collect-Serena, 3b, 2b 4 0 1 2 1 Act, but eV this serie could Wb .-. 1321.
Wuehitsnapiece. NiemanT" Interest in the Sportmyaship Ramazzotti, 2b 1 0 0 2 not overtak& deterin ee- HaI ."ndaca. ',0_ 1 7S.',
and Lurd twodou- Trophy will be high this year. asckson,3 3 00 0 2 trio teM WaI:b twoipoitts. It _.._.._.'
Both Ft. Oulick and Fasron-105S sad t Whlgam h t5 W *
J. o n y Mineoand Irv Noren will be seeking to repeat past,. Jones, p 300 0 as
coming with two on base get the second leg and peria-
"tt Datta drove in four De. nent possession of the coveted Totals 37 4 rthe3 ifDfec tim tot oka Took Slinpey .

tyan, 2b 3'12 2 2 5 ells. "Go
AIQ PATQ01d jbum, cf 3 1 1 4 0
'y P. U-,rostek, rf 2 1 0 1 1 .- ..
,Al7 _C'I orgeson, lb 4 0 1 10 1Gli. l. 1ig 461 d"
XWZJones, 3b 42 20 0. ary.1.... 2%, 1 11 '421
.onstanty, p 4 0 0 0 2Arnold 12 157W14 8 44 .
Totals 2 10827 11 "4 -
a-Got base on balls for S. Jones Aw
in 9th.
Z-Hamier, Wyroatek, Ryan, C0. "1XNI
Ramazsottl Atwell. RBI--Sauer, Blind. ..1. 154 154 14"
Wyrostek, Ennis 5, W. Jones, Turner.... J 11.I 1N11 WIIe .

I ,'i "

- l UI


A^ i-_ii~i irf' j \ afc-j 1-


dee1 v.L p

* enues

hik.f to* h
iLi-nde W
S lUtrj-1335

*i" .E '

11. C'.ow

*vV4e .,

ty '!rr 1; r

Olson's toe
te uc arr


iiIj., ~ 4. 9

I- z-,---

^*_ *i'~


- .,r


*. ""

ryw .ajyl

a Wroga, a

p^ nn n '

'at 4



1 ': .
, "+

"?,1:' _

they 2)w* although much more ttfM thal drea Whittlker 39 sec. Cristobal; Cox, Andrea Whittlker,
SM b e 1*15o ldWnot time depends on what 2nd Donna King. Margarita; 3rd Diets. Cristobal; 2nd J
Tiet .g h wa._ running at a nd T udaa hors& ,Jykanontbonelen e,
taw 35 yd free style-boys: l.t Andersotn, amela
& MAL ,,PREANE8 BELMONT TO AL. James Jackson 21 sec. Gatun; tim .
Bob -.0 ..s 'Time Speed Time rleea Rank- -
ii 7w it1.57 2/5 93 2.28 1/5 100
S, ct f *.ir f. 4.52/5 38 2.283/5 N 92 HOW
o'Wvr, V~ b whill 3A, .1.584/5 86 2.31 86 91
church 1.582/5 88 2.303/5 88 86
o. of the ep- 2.02 2/5 68 2.28 1/5 100 83
It 6 t 2.012/5 73 2.30 4/5 97 71
Buon 31 / be 1.53 900 2.17 2/5 84 77 F
S Wlth the races at different "allant o 20 1 3 2.003/5 77 2.313/5 83 76
It tracks, ca daring t41e Triple
S Bu. J fo Slt w@1ti I Nor courSes Dehnont ro were at different B
Be fowattrIr rof 1 ol ha Bel brte amond r t l PAR
ro- bb IL I .'i for tances, than the present.d4-
Walu"" w e B Smor ydekne st a me -and anGOLF
aw "'Sottb a lLe ue .ehatobmes. ,,. au mu
jnhiMt butshLorUMUti. 1/5 three-egths wu easme a-y

TA n m Citatio, ad mot of Unite at Op
oalte Sees .Mae the of them bracket the psiei .TheyyJug h e
l.' t.le. j W going 4tWeAr dm e n record of Man owear, 2.1e 4/5.
,'an..Si a rt a 0 u o V.Br n e t a nrtl.tner' e a oto
S- e heAnd b thesm ancw an' gee aw

.. .. h a, 6 1an- d .at .c Ware A. dialand b t ,
,,....,., Wh she w with Assault, Gal- wer nith .a .g i omar OR a4

n t .in he _o t w _aa ol ba e ru id_ e to PA*
Tom tofo jo intothemW yar Un-s
rkn. a o m thse. o mwers w. i

St hez at he a ut C t I' gsw ab d. Io" A sit w Ia be o nar.

2eelrP Mtch en with Cannrad a d yo baselr nog a n t h bup b al l I ea were estartinglbe e
a fees~P~i ..(5mm 3Ior3h pnIe- '$4 sajt B wa thee a leet toldo om e offths e o nears eun-

one o ts T Y I I'd stayed a ther ed, tlt's notmy problem 11.
A yth cire 2 to 1 in td rend a way to ht rid any mOe. uarter-
"114 A'rM0trrm 97Tframe. bIe'ada no-hital forth

dPROViEs THAT t~,=A1 eow
~ vtat lt w ... It

out by Umppe Kotbeats T
4ea daPlaro fthensrn oun
to k =M F"po"
t.oue tro iana Dry Inhthe

.,. a .. si 6.g
,Iaa rbvS ..... .*. _I o .te
0a an infied

=,~ boa .TH A" ..--100
Mg vd :matd nd opilt .w "*
rm e W, tb,... .-.W1 that
p.:...,. .. ,swarmed am
swr e is

to ',as ':' .. o

lot "0bifti..,S ....I ou

*^ "* ", .. .
:" -" "
- i- k' '. *. *- ":
S^ ^ &^ .. "."'+' -.,++'



Playground Sports

SwI MtAn 3rd D. n
2*1 A Anual Atlantlc eloneb-
tary school swimming meet Wi l glfstl :
he4 atuIaU morning a e
o In o TI is one of e 3I t
many activities sponsored by the Oren wtherne,
Division of Schools, Physical 3d- 2U yd free
ucation and Recreation Branch, rilyn Smtt 1
fo; the benefit of your children. DonnI s lu N ;
The Gatun boys and girls won moma aMeIs.p
first place, Cristobal second 251yd- j
place and Margarita third place. mend Shf0 S
The results were: 25 yd back 2nd N.
stroke boys: slit George laught- 3rd John I
er-. 25,S sec. Gatun; 2pd Eric 25 yd free4 -M
T'~dmi pon. Margarita; 3rd Rich- mela Therml, OMiw
aft Thompson, Crlatobal. 26 yd free
25 yd back stLroke-girls: let Thom Io n e s.
Andrea Whlt$iker 23.6 sec. Cris- 2nd ehard Tbeml ,
tobal; 2n4 .ckie Walsh, Marga- bal; 3rd Gary ,
V H rita; 3rd Helen ,emeiGatun. 25 yd free atyie-gg
A pudn r d25 yd breastnstro tu-boy- : t Jackbe Wad h 17.
up to win, with t, TomIy eItlara 27. jc. Criso- ta, 2nd Judy Hakm o
4,9, --- 1yd breast k s-girls: lst 25 yd free style- :
7 V` Marilyn mlith I.2 .go. Cristo- ry Shirk 21.7 Aec. a4
'_ .i bal; and Ramona Anderson, Ga- 25 yd free sty ia
C tun. Elaine abury 273.-A
CrOWi S d 25 yd free style-boys: lIt Billy Patty Daly, Crifbstl.
oe d Thrift 16.5 se*.atunt 2nd John
Mann n, Or Iatoatr; 3rd D. 100 yd free style feW
de, OThom Magartla. lt Billy Thrift, Raymm
S 25 yt free tyle--girls: lst deg ary Irving, 0
Fro Vm lU iV Brenda Colmn, 18 see. Criatobal; slauhter 1:15.4 sec.
.* C* 2nd Pamela Therlot, Gatun. Richard Thompson, J i
Sports Editor 0 tar of the 50 yd -free sty :boy;s lot ning, Orin Hawthorne, 1
Clovis, N.M., No fiSng- George Slaughter ,.89 sec. Ga- son3 Cristobsl; 3rd RoO
urea that the thtsee atin tun, 2nd Rodney BUilmyer, Mar- myer Eric Tompin D.
tests should about vel 0Of any nr 3 3d Tommy gellars, Cr- on. W. leyer,
circumstances of w track 160 yd free stye re

r rab


- r A..'


Mi g


Ail-. !..
.*. ,-- r*^, .a .'-. .



. ..- ,; ; .'
'JT ,.; ,, '.; :, ,,,



"Let the people know the truth and tlhe county i safe" Abrahlam lincoln."


Senators Hear Allies'

Not Offi
Ben. Joseph R. Mcuarthy abrupt-
ly broke off a Senate hearing
yesterday when two government
officials testified it "is not the
policy" of the administration to
cut' off all Allied trade with Red
The officials appeared be-
tfqe the Senate Investigat-
ing Committee after assist-
anpt counsel Robert F. Ken-
nedy testified that 193 ships
killingg under flags of the
Western Allies made at least
445 and perhaps as many as
400 voyages to or from Corn-
munist China last year.
Kennedy said 82 of the vessels
were owned by firms whose ships
also carried U.S.-flnanced car-
Some government witnesses
agreed with McCarthy that fed-
eral agencies should stop hiring
foreign ship owners who deal
with Red China.
But McCarthy was aroused by
the testimony of Kenneth R.
an3sn, acting deputy mutual
security administrator, and John
U. IWddy, acting deputy assistant
secretary of state for economic
They told the committee
that the "net interest" of Al-
lied security sometimes jus-
f0es trade with Red China
S the nation in question gets
something more valuable in
~ airgthy described Leddy's

IMS Helicoplter
,r For El Real

TO Aid l Cnr (op
An emergency call for a mercy
ltsdon was received this morn-
l-to aid a Panamanian police-
uik who was seriously injured
W t'.foot as a result of an ac-
Rescue Coordination Center
Ipatched a helicopter and an
L- rom the 937th Engineer
4itaton Co. (IAGS) to El Real
thb Province of Dari6n to bring
bimk LAelano Diaz.
Jf. furer details of the acci-
dent Weregen .
is about 120 ifles east
p. :j. The: planes expect to
reune Pat Patifio Point. They were
s eduled to- take off from Ft.
Kbbe at 12:30 and return to Al.
Air Force Base at about
.pA e l for help was sent out
tarJ a PanamA Police Depart-

Stock-Sale Probe
ts Reopened
WA WTON, May 5 (UP) -
Ttb 4ecurities and Exchange
on today reopeed and
a ot=poned its long-edelayed
iInto Kaiser-Prazer Cor-
Iio+'s unsuccessful attempt
1 0.ell $10,000,000 ot common
After a brief session, SEC Ex-
miner Edward C. Johnson pest-
Ind until May 26 further hear-
volving Otis and Co., the
0leveland brokerage firm which
was to have been chief under-
writer for the proposed stock
l 'is i I

' < "1


Red Trading



cially Disapproved By US
statements as "t7.1 mostunusual fense secretary, te In e t- Sen. W. t
testimony Ihave aer heard." ly that the U. 8. ob t tp s'-Mo.) joined McC 3
He broke 6ff the all-day, hear- cut off all trade with Chtf .- critical questioning .
ing and ordered assistant Secre- Under question n I n g, Hanse Be told Leddy that it the pros-
tary of State Thruston B. Mor- said "that is not the policy" a eDt policy is right, elder states-
ton to find out from Secretary present. man Bernard Baruch is wrong ed
of State John Foster Dulles whe- He said the Unilted plates and Baruch was "the wiseAt man o
their Leddy was voicing the offi- does not want to fsany? I've ever known on controls.
cial policy of the State Depart- thing to increase ReB Chl- McCarthy said he could not
ment. na's military power but "we "conceive of the State Depart- .
McCarthy and general counsel are not seeking at this Unr meant having a policy saying t's
Francis B. Flanagan told Hansen to discontinue all Id all right for other countries to b
and Leddy that Mutual Security shipping to Red China.'* k.- k hip" to Red China. M
Administrator Harold E. Stassen "Someone ought to let Stassen He told Morton: "I dOn't t ni
and Frank C. Nash, assistant de-' know that," Flannagan said. any more testimony frubom
is assured that Leddy was volt- PA
Ing the department policy. Il
Tornadoes, Storms Rampage I dI
w6uld hae much effect to fu

Over South For Second Week o-a w OW
S- McCarthy denounced saekual ti
ATLANTA, May 5 (UP) New The rains eased after noon and ade a tverhear "mdof." in be
tornadoes struck Mississippi and the water was about stationary He se thpossibility that
fldodwaters surged into Baton and "well in hand," police said. the senators may cbllt Pa th a
Rouge, La., yesterday as the Scores were evacuated during Hoffmanaand W. Averell Harrlt-
South's storm rampage entered the morning from flooded South man, formerforeign aid chfs,
Its second week with 44 persons Baton Rouge. -. to explain why the Democratic i
dead and 2,500 homeless. It was estimated 65 dwellers admnilstraton never halted the P
A small twister dealt from had been routed byhe Loulsiana practice. en
$25,000 to $50,000 damage on the floods in the Bftfo Rouge and McCarthy also said that. quite
outskirts of Corinth in northeast Hammond areas Sunday and yes- bit of time elapsed" ce
MiflsssippL Other smallish tor- terday. Damaged to strawberries bit of time has took over thed" ce
nadoes took swipes in Southern and other truck crops was placed government. He urged the t-
Mississippi. at $1,500,000. hower administration to cease
The storm near Corinth uproot- George Campbell, publisher of such trade "Instanter as of to- T
ed historic old trees, damaged a the Hammond Vindicator, called morrow." I
filling statiion apd tore shingles the floods. in that'area the worst _______
off roofs as it Alipped from the in 40 years. More than 500,000 a-
southwest to the southeastern cres were covered,
outskirts. Two persons drowned In a H
Barns and other property at flood near Baton Rouge Sunday
the Tri-State fairgrounds also and near Jackson, Tenn.. Albert I l
were damaged. a Mitchell, 67-year-old retired dob s Ia
"It could have been a lot farmer, drowned when he tell n- r te
worse if the. tornado had hit di- to a flooded ditch. IIH I" A nfto
rectly In towp," sid JohnBell of Damage wf4 close to ,#5.000,- -
radio station WC "it com- 000, with the major losses 'in C. itl h
uletely skirted the heart of the Georgia where the whopper of ',.SAy'"eofs" J040.
business and residential sec- the twisters struck Warner Mtob- J. Lawton Collb ilis due to
tion." ins air base near Macon Thurs- r1v! here-by at-luwT ,id atW.-
Another small tornado unroof- day. About 1 500. were homeless nOOW-for a u" Y A i |
ed a grocery and flattened a in central Georgia and 1,900 which time h1 wi inspect
number of outbuildings near others in Louisville, Alabama W ItalatlO l^
Gloater, Miss., in the southwest and Tennessee. c Ge on .wil be f ehols
part of the state. No injuries were Heavy rains fell across south- guest of U.A. Ambassador abd
reported. At Taylorsville, near ern Mississippi ,but streams Mrs. John C. Wiley durl g his
Laurel, one house was unroofed. there had already created from visit. He will be accomosaled by
A windstorm with gusts uv to last week's storms and the his Wife.
50 miles an hour struck New Or- weather bureau saw no danger The Chief of Staff will be -
leans and ripped 15 window of flash floods. b an honor guard his at-r*
panes out of the storied St. rival from Me ico his. -
Charl Hotel. u e ralfmMeRic 47Y%
Charles Hotel.Painridayerthe ee wil Seriously
Wind-tossed sign bards barely I Sr usl serve "Operation J3r us h Bay" A
missed pedestrians on street. and Saturday m in be: Ien
Heavy rains were falling in the H 7AL-o scheduled to pay an f I Visit
port city,. H 20-Fo I to President Rem6n.
Blinding rains bulged the A- Gen. Collins will leave P a
mite liver out of its banks east i ndde m early Tuesday morning I
of Baton Rouge. The overflow gll Wi U LUd U r Colombia. o.'
surged along Bayon Manchac in- ________ p2
to he city park of the Louisiana A painter who fell 20 feet
capital. with a laddernear the St. Luke's Londoners Look
capita, Cathedral in Ancon yesterday IWW W
was still on the seriously ill list
ILITT Eto ILI dayat Gorgas Hospital, elow Tim .-
Alberto Drake, 23, is suffering "
a from a serious head injury and e_
,^ ,, possible broken neck.
/ / An employee of the Tropical ,1
J0 Paint Co. Drake was painting
S 1 the south wall of the church LONDON, May 5( A) '
.6 ,e when his ladder slipped to the single-engine plane p
right hitting another ladder." n aviatln club mimtaM)
t I f Drake fell About 20 feet onto a tender at leat t
concrete apron surrounding the bridge today
building. Londoners and
The painter on the second amaseienL
Too oftenthe guy with the Sun- ladder managed to jump to the 8oc&_" T
day school face h Saturday ground safely. Ing the
night ideos. y The injured man was rushed lot and tryig t
0: to the hospital by Dean Ray- +ber pt te
S mond T. Ferris. F"- ," :

'The Drunkard'

By, AL LERGIC ably be awarded to the Leeser o., r
two evils). a
With the. cooling of the con- The Drunkard is a departed
troversy over the play, "The from conventional stn g n

Moon Is Blue," attention can be that the audience, if so inclined S4
directed toward another Atlantic can, from their "barroom" tables, one,
side presentation whlch, on Mon- move in on the action itself taie
day night, had a smash-hit berating the leading lush l orf ut
opening before a large and ex- tolly, or scolding the
uberant audience, when that mean man m
The venerable Strangers Club pass at our harassed h
experienced a rebirth of its for- Mary. It's a bunch of fun.
mer glory and animation, as the No partiality of praise
Margarita Players used its hal- be shown with respectto
lowed halls as the backdrop for vidual performances
their current play, "The Drunk- ers are suitably
ard." out their parts to
Though as old as the Director So when youi a
himself, this timetested mellow will agree
drammer is still solid and satis- they are)
flying entertainment, and it is Mary
doubtful if it has ever been stag- Robert M
ed with more verve and spright- Brown, Ntta
linim than by the Margarita Stanley l
group Thomas
Itro a play of which our local Larrison. '
George Jean Nuthin may well For some
app anld conceivably draw a ions, to
moraltberefrom. (In J.G.'s quar- Drunkard
rel wtthe Roy boys over the ship or
mert of "The Moon .Js Blue," this -
the dSgkou, as based on the AnonynOW
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