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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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f1 ..-. *. '.--

F^T O .,

u^H::ir wn

of England (left) begis the htardous
gi round. Her mother, Queen litbeth I,
*aiches from the battlement at left. But
wny brother Chaklie brings up reinforCe-
i.frst entry complete (right photo) and
r.glnh to make his own way up to moth-

rsOf iD debate

1 own. Tidentds
..e-t ,fo b. a los..._ _i a _
rfit ^A e~ir." 'ji / f/yree a !l-i-'iide m ajoiy


PrtbcsU Mart

mav EOW (Cmm


Likely To Grab

AH US Boys

Within 1 Year




The calling for induction within one year of slsv %
ed States citizens on the Conal Zene registered fe iI
tive Service was considered highly probable
informed sources.
The first Americans to be called since .e.i
draft board was set up in June 1951 ore to report oi
19-20 this month.
On these dates a total of 60 boys the Cas"
Zone draft quote will report for ind ucHe itr
Ampdor. If that monthly figure is
Americans on the registered liet mo-st'e I-
exhausted inside-of 12 months. -...-
At the present time there are
41 American regtesed here .. ,.
for-the draft, but this number Z.
wll be whittled rapidly unless .
dU rw M or e i ""HJB A
nai 240, noun a niBti'' "?^!1!,.

F. .

i nte is eI

S90 to .owta nd
I V' oe time to be gtg
Shi Ato ltreaare bM0 de3
hbe i M of state v.
mfe ocean of the lande
TwtuaHy deeded by a SWeI
Mt voteas is week. Stath
- miorces won w esta sFs
At a two-to-on margin.
he bill wou lve coastal
Cite.. lnds out to
r historical eaaward bound-,
i. These extdpd three miles
tihe ocean o the Atlantic,
ft. and soma Ongl states
18-YR miles off west Florida

Dipu ats returnlAg from
London -ay the Pricmss has
tue toward relgon more
and more sine the death of
her father, King George VI,
UP News said in a story from
WaiiAngton by Ruth Montgom-
* er
i'e News said the Princess,
Who wai oten aen in Britibs
,inht ll and once danced
the Can-CAn at the American
*Bbassy in London, hardly ever
gWi out except t4aUll gather-
iaa of close frien p ,

.lyii twia mta4 a

Roncho Casino
Closes Tonight
Tonight is the lbat for the
benefit gambling cAsho at El
Rancho Garden.
The affair, sponsored by the
Club Los Tigres to aid in the
erection of a Mother's monu-
ment in Colon, hau been held
over, the weekend.

-tar al.t~ Am |

Burnett Sqfered IWN mbd
cuts about tie leg andje i.
McFarland suffered up(i55
burns about the face and.
two other wdrfers aboard W
a bl o r e c e i v e d I- A.
Od S S tld
Sand Jair. ai~y,
an, wa htt gn the
h m"tese.
1 m tpn were, tfafn to
orgEsI where their co-
dition we aconaldered as

1 Sk;. k al U lian 1is


,tt -
- 4

!" icatioeO

il avy helps supply power for
Ai a Forces of the Uned
Sthe "Power for P
Is the theme for this yearga

d be left for the

especially when .li8.
b.eaptedwith which tii
df leas In
.. ,an.. carrie d .*4& a

r mUSUV -am n
-en to hlsp ;ban
-*,game aiwuIt uh

Iteeath Naval Dis-
Sonstantly in touch
at the Navy, Army
e4, Stationed in every
i globe:
Luons, large and
keep in contact with
q- paval and every
Shag.been com-
I civilian ships in
waters ,around
iwrs~a on 24 hours
md up many dis-
I: the past and con-
>iOt vivid incidents
aqkphant ship travel-
Pcifli coat of the
Sradloed that it had
Itebaber aboard.
was picked up by
at Farfan who
the merchant-
Imadoctor. Unable to
the ship quickly
1as notified the doc-
at the Naval Station.
penbarv who came
on being summoned
ft:Kd the doctor was
e the cause of
heart attack-
given and
eStid be done to
to easw
Whom in dl"
u andengine
I t.c or help
WINE~i ma kwi onei or


broadcast prize fights and ball1
games in which Puerto Rican
troops have taken part from the
Canal Zone to Puerto Rico. This
hook-up with the Island provided
Puerto Ricans at home with a
firsthand account of the fights
and games.
The men who operate a com-
munications station vre them-
selves a rare breed.
They learn to work all kinds of
hours and get their sleep whenl-
ever they can. They work while
others sleep; sleep wbUle others
work; and play while others work
and sleep.
But the play part, like the
sleep, comes whenever they can
get it.

SW. d
They start aa, a t4le 1 I
their world th Ma
conaating @od.
office and. bg
of the dum a .
expertly over.1ft s TFOMM,3m
the teletp m
If they

I e ni biA to
the code room, d
higher class mesago.-
And If they lve evn m ,
they'll end up heaRdb i
station. s

.ha." ,
rm Js u Is -- ~mm


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* -. .,...~. .**;,


SAR FORCE GUIDED MISSILE, the "Matador," is one of two
that are classed as pilotless bombers. It's made by Martin.



-- 0-

-The future use of guided
missiles has become the source
of a new inter-service Penta-
gon dispute.
A group of Army and Navy
experts contend that eventual-
ly the guided missile will rele-
gate the Air Force to a glori-
fied military air freight and
passenger service.
Air Force experts scoff at
this and claim that missile de-
velopment and future use are
an inherent part of the basic
Air Force mission.
The cancellation of a public
demonstration of the Army's
antiaireraft mitile, tle Nike,
is considered part of this dis-
A tight security lid on news
of all missile development has,
kept talk of their, future use
behind closed doors.
But announcement of some
details on missiles, such as r-
cent offlelal stories on the Na-
Tv'v Regulus, have brought the
fight moee Into the ops, whe e
it even threatens to reach the
proportions of the ,1 squab-
For this and other ftasons,
It Is reported, the apartment
of Defense cancelled the Nike
show in hopes of containing
the brewing missile fight Ma
much as possible.
ma Army-Navr line on the

interdiction and close-support
mission of the Air Force.
Other so-called latere0nti-
nental missiles, perhaps. guided
by the stars. plus the Navy's
Regulus, tend to more in on
the Air Force's strategle bomb*
ing mission, they say..
Thus, the argument sums up,
the ultimate and logical result
of guided missile development
will leave the Air Force with

UI I -~---- ~

The Cost Of War-In Teris Of P" e
In his "show me" foreign policy speech to the American' Society of N"p.per
Editors in Washington, Pusident Eisenhower, in the Wies of iple, dm q*c com
prisons illustrated below, underlined the waste of wr. H _poi l.e out tht "Every
gun that is made, every warship launched &;,"every rocket fid signife... a theft
from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed."


The cost of one modern heavy sWe pay for a single fighter
bomber represents a modern plane with half a million bah-
shool nla mere 1no SO cites. elS IM whbt.

We lfr I& i
wth new bnasN-
w*h* n M*


Ii --

only a freight and passenger, nwI
or troop transport, mission: A n cer
VANDENBERO Ancestor -Tracing Ou ittf
Gen. Hoyt 8. Vandenberg, d s
Air Force Chief of Staff, re, d
cently argued that "aircraft th
and air-misslle, both inhabited
and uninhabited, all contribute r ri in
to the Air FOrce minion and
are essential" parts of an air
weapons system." BY WINDY HALL Then, In addltlin, information lly to be ucesmtL, he does
Air Force guided missilepreo- about uncles and aunts hI the want full pedlgrw t.lme, sq d ee
ects include the Sparrow to be LONDON, May 2 (BIB) U.S. furthest traceable generation Is t1 this seems pOS"ible, c.W .
fired from fighter against servicemen stationed in Britain requested. will recommend a t
bobers, th*el eal and Mata- are being offered free help in Many servicemen have ked g loglt to .m f
r which are classd as pilot- discovering their British ances- for these forms, and then fund work.
es bombers, and the Snark, tora. that they were unable to fill Th W.V. does a S for-
Falon and Bewmark which This is belngdone by the Wom- them up without senn home ar tracing of ee
ae essentially pilotless fighter en's Voluntary Services, an or- for more details; it Is n It Of It asks tb i
planes. ganizatin devoted to Civil De- thought that most of the ol to re-im
Little has been said about fense and welfare of many kinda, have been mailed home to the Charged by some o .t
These projects. The Ancestor Tracing Service United States, and the W.V.. ex- for looking up record,
T Matador sla reported to got into its strild early this year. pets an avalanche of completed amount to more thba a
hav the same.titrbl-et engine The W.Ve. w ortuate to en- queries to descend on them any w n one shbillg quAl
as thNavy's Regulus.: list the help a distinguished time now. 14 esnts.)
5 4iMeMN"n ,woman ge et who for
AOoveMENr toye been profes- A faster which often mabes ottish forbelm auset
slonally engsageon work con- It easier to trace the ancesry tnrc e by is me e, s n me 1
8p6tkamen f6r ll three serv- nected with family history and of people of the United States &ottl rerds ae e
Ices agree that It will be many genealogy and s now retired. is the' habit of giving a son his a EabuibOrh, and the WV.,S T
years before any guided mis- S he insists on deserving a mother's maiden name as a gesJoSlest h not th time a
sils make completely obsolete strict anonymity, because she middle name. In many eame Il'ftrla the 1 a01s3 Sm
any of the current convention- knows from past e*pefience this has helped to trade im s Ws rdsw0 1 r o trfu
alw we0ona. that, oeac tcr name N nuilg tonr on the maternal sMde. 4 "IN
What they are really fit- ed,. hundreds is write to herl At the moment, it I not not 'n
4_44 .,sf w .thought that the W.Y..oaa ati-a
0 tempt to Mideo l fhMythM1N udn rg_'Bj^P &
Saother cdelet Ion o f sted tes tree. meb
a l pstfatiSh ( BrStL t Ancestor hunting can rarely be i
sp .cia c1 aiw done by any but trAined research If ftSi
7. ,. ." Five Women's Voluntary erv- workers, and the WV. geealo- loslityU1wic. relat
I clubs lti4 fivie information rlst has to rely on the help o are thought to Uve, it ca
States Camps in Britain have colleagues who do this work9 brlchis, through the I: l
bureaus near Mthe major United three or four of her professlan I bn g
Au trabeen cult with details other spare time, on a voluntary th are, andtou
thebservice.And with the forms basis. newspapers, I whih an. adver-
which must be filled up before Usement may be 0erted,
SI i the hunt for ancestor can betin. She has found, however, that
UK U Rllln Th W.V.e8. Li very insistent on most servemnenare le in- U|D |w"lt
this point; as their genealogist terte In their iee tan BUR M SE U
says: In finding the pie where
"If a man's. name is Jones their forbears lived.
Sn he doesn't know what part Then they often I e to visit it, The long. smlde problems of
I 1 oRBfltain his people came call perhaps on the vicar, who MYint Th t to the a
R ket R. from, there Isn't much that we is usually glad to show them the to deio l glov
a-n do for hia. church records where they may He claiM I,000 es
LONDON, May 2 (BIB) A "We must have one or more find the names of their families. Formosk w6e1J to overTthsow
secLONDON, May 2 (BIri) -ti-controlled rocket good clues. The best are those They may also be able to see T. F. TeAfn orNu
second British-controlled rocket which ive some hint where in the tombstones o their ancestors saying thi Ant
range has been opened in Aus- Britain the ancestors lived." in the churchyard, and possibly the regular in fores. Map an
tralla. Hence the form asks for infor- meet people of their own name some of t persoalties involve
TLcate I$ miles north of Adel- motion about the serviceman's still living in the place.
aiocdtes l tl Anor o h e father, mother, paternal grand- Naturally, not all searches for -
Woomera range is cple' of father and pAtrnal great-grand- ancestors are u s l I
hundred miles further north), father. Sometimes thetyeyoe iouckl
h ded mlsf urt hr fnor ; I known, te address of any to a full sop,? .in Soti oBf
the new station is a private dire ancestor living in Britain in the wealth of Ss aaUable
t f p thec ndr h de 1851 or 141 is especially impor- in Britain, no reference to- the
airn f raeft manfcer s.dee taut, since a national census family can be tM4eI;Ii
Group of ieraft manufacturers, was taken In each of these Generally, an interimm report Is .
direct comuni be fat en er inth th years, and these recrds are sent to the serviceman akinD IPAIKI
dCovetry (mant he qu particularly valuable to gene- the Inquiry, g him an idea
terg, where basic research intowhther or
rockets and guided missiles has
been going forward since the
. war, under heavy security pre-
. cautions.
Armstrong Whitworth, a com-
. pany within the Hawker Sidde-
y framework, was responsible
for the experimental work on the
flying-wing Vulcan bomber. and
the delta-winged Javelin fighter.
They have for some years spe-
cialized in experimental research,
H. M. Woodhams, managing
director of Armstrong Whit-
worth, said recently." We plan to
carry out exhaustive shooting
tests into the strato and lono-
spheres beyond. Our work is a
race against time. We are on the
threshold of great newa develop-
Recalling the 1951 statement
of the company chairman, Sair
Frank Spriggs, that this work on
guided missiles and roek I ts
"staggers the I m a g nationn"
Woodhams said: "We are now at
the stage where we can .bring
these one-time fantastic dreams
into reality."


'~ *'~: '1 M..

Comet Ce

* LODON, a The flt
anniversary of e ttorie t

,ft marta thne of tion of a
mfea nu d fa w am

rpl on t hea ntam-
Biburur route on jno 2,
Vomitoutts have bMenoNn
eG-fIsm London t Seem- to .
Wngapge and to Toi..
27,700 Pa"sW.
wurli"be 12 meafis,od all
its routes, the. de. Havlland
Domet haJ flown 104,ou.OO
revenue pgsepg miles; has

- Xn.



i-eenr t~h '


Waft. *ai




LK, tb 1 s"
-surface wx eu,3

JT A -Thats t M
<("* n Qii~tii'^g-lThe wie burned *f
mon'* txpito.'elhina*mwh Cr~in's bluoto I
*.Po! etermb i. M (S bm the ship up,
- A of t

i&Oa Two



* ON

'~ '' ~':-I' '~





t. ,. r ..*
,*... .- --.' '* ^I. M M H f^ ." ...,t ,

;,, ,:, .. .^ : .' .
...* ., .. If *',, f '. '*.

.~~ ~ ~ : ... .t a .

IIwi- i
.^ fB < -. p~

I *l~ -

;,'?.- ,.a

Official Pority

"InConneo tjutI

-y OAY7 PAULtY NW ^)he Mu- State Police E
Sn t ha o ward J 1. ihe's
'Am SI.IT IV"'Mhve tOf .glad t:at
1 hos-is s ,. o popublaonwh.ile
a tre aO tha e cons t pri-
o, o in th ion@ dtaI1 C N-

to. ina. I I n .t ha Ct- .
S "about "e IeA in hifor
Br ai n ar- "We in

atan, d arx sB a ndor

Se ad ntoked t wSPe

tv ernAM ent as9a etth
tt rate. and: *

atheF ar be ttaltp isp sFE

Malayan "au iret e s 1 Si-
the on oo character.
g b- In Kores Md ,renc in sort-of

h.adn' t" s t t t rep-
latdst pitting me andn wot-
o a t t t l a b n In tinudi-

esaid, idualen

k .. .a. w 1 I


Will be held by Army Lodge, A. F. & A. M.'
at The Scottish Rite Te*ple, laiboa. Cka Zoqe,
at 4:30 p.m., Mur May 4, 105t.
The Lodge will be opmnpd at 4:15 p.m.
All Master Masons 't Friw de arem t'ftd.
Joseph 1. Lukas Paul M: ;Jmsmm
Secretary. Maswr.


hO de by h ...e lect ing MMe to eaL
your skinbfm, sMi. Io diB the rews it may Iapk..C
9wiighMg e 1wih in.ile sem...
t*en hmad h, igd loth mt r oge Wntto
*4 one (ace powder designed for you adent"

e 8 Thtoi Avue
Pbhoe 2-3121

h~ ~

g nr(ftgPo 'Li
o .. | SSSE .,SU

qAVE F .

". -._.,,, f --------
ir daae eYe, July and August
en" lt Wlti advantage (o d .4 pgM t1 and get on- the
-s a '^i.ll 1 uagand the latest
W i ,.te-tJ wM. Peabody, La
t Via Qn Ouaraemha,
ifhba. Tano Maab.' mil s all the funi
Mine oe* triendil iterestal
'* w adulo seas. albes
T.if" 5 p.m., 2-2L-

VE 25%r


,o. .t


., .. -.. -.*

.... *^
* 1-
~ -/. '.
*^ 44

.' -









-I.-' P

...- .

-d d".: *
a'-Jrtf j'~u




7urnmiture al
(Otepr .Attrac'i*I inas


I MX bMP vouw YR




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..4wt -FswT L*



,-'. "

y s-



* .* *'w
,. ,,* .. .,,t


i J
I .e

E oka


influence uadland/

lave (Checks on ealth


,, ,;^ T .***

IK Momen s W *i

L: L, '. a': "' '
._ *. .,(- At ij '-. .


.~ 1
I. ~
'I~' '.~.
**g ~
:.~ -A'

ro *an

&upan ie (uittii -
WardrObe Suitabe /o L"
** ., / .** ,, .. nif V V

Wife (above) has succeeded In.getting her, ha to the doctor.
S She undertook personal campaign, to educate him to fact that
male deaths from cancer are climbing yearly while female
A deaths are declining because women are less likely to let per-
sistent symptoms go uninvestigated.
NEA Staff Writer
zo -0-
NEW YORK-(.NEA)-Women Before he undergoes his phy-
iave listened well to the edu- sical examlhation, tell him to
National efforts of cancer con- be sure that the doctor in-
:3rol groups. They've gone to eludes the prostate gland in
e doctor despite fear when- his checkup. Seventy per cent
yver the symptoms which might of men over 50 can expect
cInean cancer have shown them- prostate trouble, statistics indl-
Iyelves. As t heir reward, the cate. Some .studies .show
oReath rate from cancer among that over 10 per cent of men
omen has steadily decreased in this age bracket develop
ce 1936. prostate cancer.
Bfut It's no great happiness
r a woman to have been saved Doctor say they could cure
rom cancer if sh, must watch at least 85 per cent of larynx
er husband die from this baft cancer cases but cure only 15 Tweed .takei its irt jI a t
ing disease. per cent because of delay. So, hammer. As shown here
That is what too often hap- if your husband is hoarse over women plans ng to be a
;cnAs. Men have riot listened as an unreasonable length of time, With .bmple silk ble ao
*W'omen have. They still resist influence him to see the doc- white straw hat (left), thbs
4oing to the doctor with symp- tor. Seven' times as many men tame. For ear travel (center)
R~nms which to them seem pet- as women die of larynx can-
t-y. cer.
*a They'd rather go on com- BY GAILE DUGAS,
inning to their wives about The wife, traditional guar-
ir indigestion, shortness of dian of the home, can help NEA Woman's Editor
ath, "smoker's" c oug h, keep the. family circle from NEW YORK-(NEA)-Amerl-
arseness, constipation or at- breaking up if she is mindful can women who are going to be
ks of diarrhea. As a result, of the everpresent danger of in England for the coronation
cancer death rate among cancer aud with calm regula- festivities iI June undoubtedly
n climbs higher each year. rity, takes herself, her husband are planning their travel ward-
1 your husband complains of and her children to the doctor. robes.
y of these symptoms, boldly
nd him of the statistics on Rosette Hargrov reports from
cer among men. He'll prob- England that helping thep lan-
counter that these symp-t (" "=t Je-- nlug' comes f=t Lady lar,
c meannythin"Su-Ig comes fi Lady lrfea
S-..can mean anything. "Sure- psident of Incorporated
you will reply, "but let me Society of London Fashions
we peace of mind." Deigners; She has worked out
(Compiled by Publishers' a model wardrobe based on,; a
S any husbands and wives Weekly) minimum of five pieces (not
e made working arrange- Fiction county acc t ro' equal-
ts to get each other to the Fictiono g cep ).it'vs eqMl-
r r gular e up ex- DM, by or peopl teair.
nations. The husband is re- Annemarie Selinko. b
ible for Insisting tb the For the Very full-dreus e-
e keep her appointmerntand THE SILVER CHALICE venU such s the Coronation
-wife is responsible itllarlY Thomas B: Contain. Ball at Allbo$,a ul May
the; husband. Or they Ar- 27 .nd the ,O0(nt a4lrdenhOp4
ie to have checkups at the STEAMBOAT GOTHIC er gala aon June 8, she sug-
time.' As on wife put it, Frances Parkinson Keyes. gesfs "grand pAcion" gown
finld it much better to corn.m as don Thi
notes on operations." EAST OF EDEN is turquoe-ndold brocade
But if your husband com- John Steinbeck wit trapless bodice and wide
with es andwid,
of symptoms, don't let srt. Over t goes a
wait for his annual check- THE GOLDEN A L ared ur-trimmed eve-
er your feminine wiles to F. van Wyck Mao o t in. san.
him to the doctor at once! Non-Fiction rga to the Bu nam
Tell your husband, when he P arty, a woman
ristntly complains of, indi- ANNAPURNA it E -Jlha s ik tr linen
So that, s .cancer l urice Herzog. 0su jhn Cavaba haP done
s more t any other, t in ll -and,-wfdite
of cancer, and persistent THE POWER OF POSITIVE ",Or, ,. for the
dgeston--lasting more than THINKING -wa ua er 40. Lady' Clark
Sweeks-may be an e a r y Norman Vincent Peale. i recom ndsMati's romantic
yptom. Don't rest, even after model of wbtfe organza Work-
's seen the doctor, unt I THE SILENT WORLD .edi cheron tuc. This has
a-s defhdlnte dagnol J. Y. Cousteau and. Frederdc it1 irt and tailored bodice
Ask for X-rays if you' Dumas. with wIde lapels.
.__,p at Ascot,
iad, further tests are necessary. Gold Cup at ot
STHE HOLY BIBLE for the sai d
of the lung killed Six Revised Standard Version worn at the .rol garden
As as many men in 1948
t did in 1933. That's a sam- THIS I BELIEVE ed dess Or, in
That you can give .y ard Murrow. lk or wool iS rit iut the
husband when he tuns .. Wo l sehdidsd ra Ietn at
of bory I ,Goodwood. John ,Cvanho,'s
says that cigarts keep white ribbed wool tailleur would
oh Remind him MEMPHIS, Tenn. (UP) T- be n excellent choice here.
three times more mes Man via 8 Stacks challe one to St are a mipat for country
en- who go to the doctor make a list of weekends, preferably' in the
theroughs so much more using less than 28 ,a new and soot green, yellow or
tde of lung cancer. including the ent bege tweeds. Or, If the weath-
If your husband has the laxa- His ist, in which ".l and r turns really hot, the suit
Shabit. see to it that he"e" appear twice, Is: Qua* might be shantung or alpaca.
the doctor for p 'he'kun. sylph, mown, jack, vex g, bed. ome short and informal
S-- party dress are essential, just
SS 7as emi*ntlrl as the chic rain
coat.'Lndon has some elegant
rain ot l s in lovely faib.
Series tVat1d with the new
water-repllent finish. These can
be slipped over a summer dress
Read These Reasons W y or t forany formal daytime
He's a Stay-at-HomeMan HELPFUL HINTS

to Here is a letter from a man who describes himself as "one of A shellacked or varnished
: tWe stay-at-home husbands that wives, Including my own, are hardwood floor can be washed
. w aays omplnl Bout. occasionally if the cloth, dipped
afo He continues "Bat why don't wives ever stop to figure out in hot soapsuds, Is well wrung
a Igme of the reasons fot our preferring to stay at home rather out and theflo, done a lt-=
* than ging out at night? In my case there are several reasons. tie at a time, s dried maMe-
"I work hard and have to get some sleep at night. So what diately. In this way, water
b hiwnS when I do take my wife out? She sulks if I suggest get- cannot soak Into the wood.
s b home at a reasonable hour and so we stay until the last dog
u To judge the jqhtalty of wool-
S Next morning I get up and get my own breakfast and start en fabric, squeeze It in your
I| for work tiUred out and rental while my wife sleeps on until hand for a Ilawte. When yo
"Aolter thing ts that my wife lkes to dance and is a good good If theM s o uesed- ol b
dancer. She makes fun of my da g even though when we mains spri and mooth with
w'u. _rat married ..took a course of dancing lessons just to pleas no flg,

elookla r are sprosd wi
j5E3 IEES PEOPLE, 33 MVSU TO B LONE c8'ar for

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ay 9 beoimie, toB, but o, I netd r me to be able to m eow rhye I.
-. .-M a -ab tipaop tAtome "no ihff

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ta for ethl woeon io
Sally Victor's
salt i an attaetil-.Iulel
, the model wears a black

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deserve, three, cheers tr ad
decorative g
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Hence: that esi

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ing, .,o
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surtace,e ,-
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Oe"ie am.s an4
ppmark. But thy do stand *

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trated, the wear a
tear ti cost of a st
7 'wall cpvertag. Today;' with *lb

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size, starkwtes, t
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rade if wcroas a
Woopp-w ound.
I 'c when it
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mU leons with f

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'kyntanum was fond<
inlii A& 10 7W- .a t nbM Cb hj

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3f-r, .ttcnMssm

;0 dmWn," Duplbi ail. "We
renhmen an Mtoa a-
bOut ditall."
Workmen are already nalst-
Ing the top section. The mad-
dle is due for ts turn next
year and the bottom the year
"It's. low Job because the
weather permits paIten to
dangle up there only th
spft and aukun *
explained. "We mght
touriats, if we worked thaouf
the summer. Besides all Frenc-
men tale a holiday i. July."
Dupree isn't worried that the
"mottled look" will offend any-
one. The Uffel Tower startled
the world when it wu built for
the Interlnational ezpositon
188. and offended "purwta!"
have been campaigning ever
aipce to have It torn down aas
Du to people al ovuW the
world the Eiffel Tower, ugly,
though It may be. Il the symbol
of Part It draw more vlaltorq
than Ioer 'trastipn here

AdUMtn plua the compa-
M tak m r thn plush tea-
turant on the ftruplattorm

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By po'pular.demnand our sheets an6

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Ladies Dreas LIjagri
Oir's Clothes ey's bes
Cotum. Jewsy YIts


SORROY: reamn No daerosia 's

21 Cetrel AvWsm Oly
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Emnilo Palomerau




Enormous a ortment. .. otrt quaBy mwe M*
at ensatioal Priaem t .
L. AMBS DRESSES ...............$.......wer $7.95 s w 54.9"
I.ADES SKIRTS ..................................w 2.95
*,ALF SLIPS .................................... w 6 5
FINESLIPS .......................... w u
H PFINE NffIGHTGOWNS ................MW fr ,
PLASTIC HANDBAS .......................Mw 1.95
6A"MANTLU.AS o .................ew iroa m.93
LAIES NYLON OW ..............3W 3.5
HIJ SE -i sa ....... ....... ....... *
CIlR S PMM SOCKS ......Ma R'
S SMALL MLLS .......w a te ; LS

.. ,
+.. .+. *> ,. -. *; ,* *...
I *^,:.,. :* '0*<" ^ ,

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II-~-1;..~--;-.`. ---~-------- -~- -I~..- -I I

we aue bdf to er to p.bewg y
AT is IN1W CUT r
50 dresM: b R, Tl*et, OMinii,

Prkes of them Ireuo evqvyw re ..... SliM
Our regulate price ................... 1 2.
One fowtrf |y9--?1, ^



: ', .1
m i M .-

- Wa S'rr fl ,rfl~~ M .Y LI-

You Sell'em... When You Tell 'em thr dassifie3s

Leave your Ad with one of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 "H" Street PanamA i"
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Col6n

Lewis Service

Salon de Belleza Americano

No. 4 Tivoli Ave.-Phone 2-2291, and No. 55 West 12th Street

I" Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-0441!

Carito Drug Store
10.0 Meldndam Ave.-Phone 255 Col0d1

Agenca latenrmioal de Publicacones y n, S. A.
SPhone 21 ., r e rner studlante St.
No. 3 ott' ,~1sa Phone 2-319 3- 14 aad 3-2798

Household Automobiles a SIpIs. ceanside cottages, Sant
OUbWri la- |2 0 Clara, Box 435. Balboa. Phone
Qf SALET-Used stoves in good con- FOR lETTER USED CARS 0 As e C Panama 3-1877. Cristobal 3-1673.
edition. Smmot r Paredes DR. WENDEHAKE. Medical ic. Williams' Santa Clara Beach cottage,
Your Silvania StUICK Central Avenue, IC Street- er. 2 bedrooms, refrigerator. Rokgaos
Via lepena No. 1 .Ci .) BUICK and CHEVROLET Telephone 2-3479,. ranges. Balboa 2-3050, excep,
R -SALE:- -Refr;gerator, G. E. 2. FOR SALE:- 1950 Nash .Statesman FOR BITTE, ..' week-ends.
cycle, motor atop, excellent me-1 5$1.195: 1950 Harley- Dovidion Gramlich Sonta Clara beach-cot-
7chonical condition, S40.00. Two' Hydroglhde $750. D W. Kellts Cu- Smoot & PaJ,, tages. Electric iceboxes gas stoves.
'14' HP motors, 6.00 and 4:00 ruinau Fre Starion Phor863-2212. BUICK d CH moderate rates. Telephone 6-441
Tel. 2-3211. --- FOR-SALE -- Plymouth 1941. Deo BUICK -a- CH Gamboa; 4-567. Pedro Miguel.
FOR SALE:-Dninrng set. table s Luke B.:;ness Coupe, no elegant A VISIT TO.T ATE' D iS
chairs and buffet $30.00. Quarter.iS ,ien.or. ,usc deor.lableron- ISLANDS .- FOR
537-8 Gulick, phone 88-875. p..taton II you hoce $ST99 for The trip ut your life, nd Oy 50.
FOR SALE:--9 cu. ft. West.i- : a deal, call Cr.sjobal 1300. other,, A Jungle o au h P HOuses
,t 2i e cn't ,io'.le b -h our time. arra C anal so ColoA S1 blA andI
r.-rgerator 2? c,.le. Per r:t c.- '- "--i c.. t .e our t. Por_ Belle I-rst to,,r bt. tr y'ar. FOR RENT.-For two months. Very
c. L S2.00. "1 2 C- .'S L .-lic'.crlet 50 B:1 A r, 2i bf hotel 'El POiroml.-A comfortable modern bungalow. 2
: II. e 15T'7-G. B1 bo. ione A-2 crnd.ict radio, s't.t-I hiee day fr.p c.Lodrd "Pscadora." bedrooms, 2 baths, completely fur-
i5-SAIE-Philiopine Ra'ten i, g. co'e& oVur pr,:e. Tel. 3-0273, Leave Bo.boa Friday 6 a. m.,''rrive nished at Los Curr.bres. Phone 3-
vr n 9sc. 9 xi e 6. :r r.. d CColcn 2 0D p. m., leave CeNon.,9;30 1581 3-0542. Erneslo Valen-
hr:- cha i.-bv b'd. acrs A' S .: ,a_ 1941 C'd.llac ro-a'P m. for S. Bis ond j B .o cia.
r tr Cler:. G:cJ cc -. ... c. a co'. ion 1948 Wesi mg- Lo.on Suhday V FOR RENT: Furnished house. 2
F -28 Ft Kob, ... 9 cu. f. rer gr.- iHougn tne Lanql bedroom. to gentlemen or respcn-
FC .: ... ............. r 2-39* .returnng to Bab'ooJeae d able couple. Phone 3-4462. From
.A.. rr. -F... .. y E mRer.-ma. n-drin latc Is, s, 4 to 6 pm
..b :.: trr =rar; FOR BETTER USLD CARS Lbat,, g isut, Jacket, flipper$ and
k : :n' rcwer oi.d I- .s :r ,for underwater f,.ning, wart FOD D l
.t:,- u C '- r Smoot & Parades r ccmera end roHs of cilOr-f'il FORm.ENT
s An.on. Tcls. 2-1 3.. BUICK and CHEVROLET Pr.e of Conal Trap $10' Scn B.a-
Sound ir.p from, Colon $40: round Apartments
F A L -s rcr P L- 99 C rot 4 c.or. ,rp tr Elboo .nc ng ALKAMIRA APARTMINTh
7-:., ILvngc. ,F v- i -:n. G.: :1 t" "r'e 'r.-" i ti.p $50. Please make resevctiertS Two and five r amFurnsed
lng, oio -e r r -, rI. Exi.:c 'ert ccdion C:" ue,eori, Iih o. gh your Travel Agent, or Twi and five rom fumiled el
T:i 'on t-.b:e, 6 ch;r, ':- : i d..' ato ,quI no de la'Jungle J.m at Pcnamia 3-60. ed gardens. 061. th Se,
S 21 r .. SPECIAL EXCUSON New Crietebel. Telephone Ceal
F cA' Dr.---o -: 9 -- ,PL SI .7 'O0 Blaok Buick Sr- FROM PANAMA TO MIXICO I 1386.
c."" nol Clhppc -':'- .:.', <_ ,. .'\e,, ,o-J c.rndrt.on. ..:;0 cre zy $85, round tr.p- $135 11'TER D CA
r-- ,l. Cc t $500; lwi : I.: E a 3782. A t:r 6 p r 'day-liI $69.00, 'good one year, FOR BTTERUSED CARS
.';3'- Ear,-boo livingrocm S .- 9-142 Foid 4 Dr. Sc-,n to LOS ANGELES, one way, Sl49.1~, Smet Parede
p:. h.c new, Liv nqrcorn setr S e..: -l'nr conc,ir. o 5611 C round trip, $252.35. (90 day-ilmitlB
rood ccnd:t'cn. Swing n. :- ...Ce 'ogcs St. Daob:o, fhone 2-3 1886 Ponoma Dispatch fr0vic .e Avnm BUICCK aend CHEVROLET
f'telI des!.. Zenith rocia. Loc,- 3Q0 00. Nocinal Automelale Rewl. Tel. FOR RENT: Furnished apartment,
Desk lamp. Single bed: R g 8 n- 9A--' ..... -. .- Penama 2-1655. new. Residential section, $140.
12. Cedcr chest, Lane, crib C FO.'1 SALE 1949 Buick Super e- -Telephone 3-0082.
rnclhogany tab:e cnd c:.airs. M .: n. exelicnt ccnd.t.on, only 29.- FOR SALE
'O Tea set. C:o!k i.j.) J. CIu m,:e. T.,-e g.,oo 867 M..r- FOR RENT: Two bedcomrn new
P k t.nei thle. M, c.r gi.r A.e or p.ione Balboa 171 nfisensano hed apartment at "El Con-
kp" .i'-er UAL 92 door.. MirCt- i- u gre-o." all conveniences. Call 3-
f. l. Wd.'v )" CAL' --9 -92 fo..r door. 6-
r -:'." P c : -'c r" r" i 2 C .' ,,-, 1. 9 .' Bids wll be received in the office of 1861,. Pancma '
r. Bchi ',e cid Ef. i9, F ,- 'e 8 cu ft. $125. 9 lhea r ,, Curundu CLubhouse. Ln- FOR RENT: Unfurnished 2-bed.
C-L:e Hq g!.ts, An:cn, C:r,- x' I i nrc. um nrug $S3. 1402-C. I May 15th, 1953, f r the cpera- room apartment. two baths, .id's
w.- .,-.- C, rr Sr CoIl 2-243 hlion of the Curundu Beauty Shop con- room, garae hot water mSflla-
8':-_ --CorrRg SaveI-- 23 cess.on in the Curundi Clubhouie. tio'n.44thtNo, hot water l nsl.-1
"fjjALE: -L 8'-x 10' FibEr Rug Savemoney and time by purchasing Further information may be obtained. No.32, Tel.. 3-01 15.
'.osy-beige reversible, $12. 7 cu your Auto Parts at, from the Clubhouse Manoger, Cu- FOR RENT: Unfurnished Z-bad-
.T Frigidaire, $75. Balboa 3782 Autoac rundu. room apartment, two bofthu (oa
fer 6 p. m. 15th. & Melendez Colon 5 ORj jCARS- roam, @ip hot water la-
FO rSALE:-Hollywood-bedplo,,c. I t. l motion. 44th St..No. 32. Tel.' .3 '15:
covered head board, metAl chet ofa Position Offered sw ...& P.... 01 T'TUR Ep CA' 5
draws, OQu roster t6ble. Cal FOR ETTER UD CAS BUICK nd CHIVROLT .

rSmoot & Pared FOR SALE:A- 1952Alk9 Itate motor gBuik ,
n inrrib Pa scooter. Albrook 6143.
Sot.crfoh.o and btth- & UICK and CHMVRL1T FOR SALE:-Troctor, Allis Chalmers
.all Albrook 4113 FOR SALE .- 96I1 r P, HY'-1O, with "Corco" single druri
:- e bamboo -st: 1 C Coupe. a winch in perfect'mechanical condf.
i-3r iece bamboo' set: 2- F c '' tiron. Priced very low. Apply to On- -.
Ccchoirs with cushonsl. mond L. Madura, B Street Noa Ii, -"
-- Complete furnish F R SALE, Pnom City, Telephone 2-0420.
bed ro $17; n -que FOR SALE FOR SALE:-9 piece walnuts dining-
bed with springs &' mat- room suite, tables buffett and BCK *F i
; miscellaneous books ond' Boats & MOllo N China closet, six choir, s.cenic- WANTE-: -, d 'lf ,A

Fort Clyton 5214, Qtrs E. ... Iry coverea. trrm to reputoale
r... SALE:. W w .r.-,b,ke, WANTED. -Vasm ,. Queeute, At-
'.. g .. good running condition, just over- party. Call Atbrook 5114.
hauled. Phone Cristobal 3-21 13. --
K .l. haled Phone, 4Clstobal 3-21 .FOR SALE: One Thoc automatic
S, washing machine, with dish washer
eal Estate e l No attachment. Call after 6:00 p. m.
RaLmiNUKU g WW ITel. Ft. Clayton 2146.
SAE utifu concrete cot- C f FOR SALE.-Rattan 6 stWond bo-
SALE,3iiB etifuI concretedrot-s Wboo set Very goo dcondition, $225.
beach 3 bedro owing le 00. Call 3-0498. Panma.
Soretn Fridy through ruitSin &are
r. -icf ,l" suen Friday through Smn.. & Pius..


ndby. a ftor, call Colon 11 18-J There Is now on- y in the BUICK and CHEVROLET
ilo_ UI United States Nttionaf 'Museum
USED CARS in Washington th, an 3slmn l FOR SALE:-"Tropicol Fish." Mon
Paredes collecton which l 1 761"-A. Boneby St. Balbo o I&,
i14t 0 CHEVROLET and is on loan from Malcolm 2-3363
MacGregor of Bronx lleJNewI
SA'K.SmnIl house in El Valle York. U.S.A. This eolleeton d' FOR 5ALE--Wicker choirs, tables,
nipletely furnished. All con- fears from the usual Atamp col- settee., teams. Silver plated
Teis. 2-3644 2- election in that it ompried ea set. A. C. Med,inger,209, Gor-
exclusively of po ita ( gas Rooad, Balboa Heights.
W.4-Cottage in Santa Cla- which are autograph a by cei CAMERA FOR SALE:-Kodak Signet
fT floors, Rock G.(_ stove. brltles who have beefo3ored 35. "Wo months old. Call 85-3236
9s.tuM. Call 4-288. postal history by haWto th b week 4ys.. .-
i d ,'-" .... portraits or names shown on the FOR SALE:-Archery set and straw
dSalesm.n stamps displayed. o ont rley bawith ukelele
ired Salesman scopee of the ole if, t,
N lworld-wide and it comprises no Guatenl an settee, chmair,-
n No Be-Voter tables from all walks of life' table 25e settee, c r,
cluding aviators, artists, clergy- r, otrs. 81. Ft Clayton,
HILADELPHIA (UP)-Fran- men. composers, explorers, royal- 77 2289. ,
S. Smith worked as a sales- ty,. Indian and Malayanr rule
i all of his adult life. When end statesmen of many lagSd. j.
aton day rolled around. he even includes the thumb print U se Movie
always "on the road." autograph of an Australian ei o Want
dSmithE c' t hisash 'nwhCstampissedSe A oOt ..Wants
in the. May primary in, Cotmonealthninn 150. tam Changed
4ow I'll have to find out autographed by many Latin
Sto Vote," he said. "1I don't. American statesmen, whose par- IO (UP)- The theatre
w anything about using a traits are shown thereonjnc sid- OWata soclation here has
Smachine." in President Getulio D. Vargs asked the Portuguese govern-
of Brazil. President J. M. Velas- ment to ease a controversial
e was the- firpt person to co Ibarra of Ecuador. President new Jaw strllngenUl restricting
ster whea the ~itys travel- Juan Manuel Galyes z -Hendu- theat s -or nlb and plays
giastrars showed .up in his ras. General Anastaslo Somoza that Mayj Be d by children
r46d ree e. e. I o Nicaragua. and.a .number. of .A M4 Tettk..
Id as a Democrat but con- others who are no longer In of-
hice "inde.endent." fe as well as Harry 8. Truma-, wb the law,
(BDIA na Eleano RooseveL_ Winston O i lmt IttO effect last Jan.
Chuchlll, Anthony Eden, Geneal I the moral In-
SDougla-s MacArthur. Generalises ter w. but"' has seriously
SEE TiE NEW amo Chiane Kal-shek. General slashed ,-'ht revenue..
t ifE' RO UI.II V Franco and Marshal Tito. f. te ,o. .. -
ELE TROLUX -r o opinion faw-t
.l&U vear. the Award Medal lg the 0Ir Include the Catho-
DE&t NEVER of the Fundacion Internalet- Uc, reB, Catholic circles gen-
g0*8 15h4M nal Floy Alfaro was betWe4: el:r anad lversity student
on MacGregor in recoatltiOh groups.


'. of his collection of ategrapheltl -
stamps of Latin A mar tcan I The government said "all
statesmen and for his lateret dlins or suggestions" would
In Latin American affairs. .O carefully attudd, but added
MacGregor is recognized as the moral Interests of youth
Being the leading and most en- would be upheld above ma-
terprislne collector of autograph- tarWil Interest. The new law af-
-ed stamos in the Americas. He Is, fects movIe-oeeMr up to 19 years
gu the author of a number of ar-'of age.
cle go0 the subject and has dis-
cussed his collection over the ra-| SIAIAlI. OTSHOT8
dio. He is a certified Public A&r : .*. .
e oountant of New York and la Ftl _wI'IS. .A1- Five of
IS. rincipel in the international or.* tai nedle winning
ianlaztlon of Peat. Marwicd. ROo o AH time-- Citation
Mitehell and Co. with whom t be, Anal, Asiult and
L Tpun fand Young s tte -1Na e,. a- -4a9.e*'
We *ffiliated. i wS or anoMR.

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Will be cosd F y,

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.il,1" -" ,x ."
we c iteonda^, b 4."

3:SO-~I On S It

10:0--Off the Record
nl :o00--News
11:05--Off the ROrd (contd.)
l2 :30--.Meet the a4
12:00- Newt
p i
Is L b-.-, .
9:IS o~f~~~ *J,

if.,L -. "

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12;. -..-n
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twoeen p pm... Pp .

LOST -Pet 1 -i A paroet bird In
"lc'nitV of' *V nb nd A
4dtY St. C W.. 46 .
. .... *U *

'.~i B;~-

Parke, Davis a
board of -.dtq5 .
45-cent per share
the 262nd conacgutiv
tent by. t p
1 Payment Wu as la- AZk
15S3. to stockhoten, M -*
April 153 ..',.
The 4vIdid,,
over $
ed to mor I
Shoulders nll
much- W four,
8 r94,780 share ou
'Last eY r U
'turnnd1^ekeia en



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,'. .. .... < '- :. .. -'.- -.. ., ...T. ."
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mier. But
Mrood, O AY,-

-note: Ce=4 i' .a.

named Tyke a b In a

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Aa .Baehio. "A4rt- ollela sal
",'C ?:'Tih# R ,TE (-IWT.. .

:- ., -. u .

Imrn *terd a o ar 4

Producer -
Koster, "My Cousin
comes to the
the amous
keeping intact
became an In
seller. Scenarist
made no tt
mystery. of w
wu a murderessor
stead, he piles
evidence all about her
ing her here--convict
Shere-4-onvicting aer t
"Rachel" iall t
people, a charming *
scheming murderess, a
hungry adventur
beauty. a ruthl
n IA saltly nr.

or anznoaact Is left fprI
s udmence t
To play the difficult
via de o a lknd.twq.
erof the Academy AV1l"
~ u The Hel ~a l" nd "To
,His Own," returns to
agD fter a four year hiatus to
i y re ytow D i g e ae o avi and
t "psnmce at Two
1t76 In England Ta-x An ,rf.
.it," in- lntedd would
Ien ong.a May relterni to films until the-

., Bra yton, who died at her o ui. .Rachel"
..a e aged.7.Co.sin-achacrel"
duces' tAft American films1,
T.. he triumph of her long year-old R hM N4oton,
careerr was the Irt of zhart- England's flnes( e stag
-KUlub In Chu-Chin-Chow'" the man who vows
_.h she played 2,000 times cn Rachel" a tao .fll
1916 to 1. Jeasly in love
Featured In other Imp
I Do" and 'iX May Not Au rtaa A U 4 .y
d ember tour,,leame" byP Fe- DitIe ro "8ue, a '
on wonders ( Columbla nOwenz, Jn l. eodm ia nw .
a, BplusIe oefdo'" anmd springg __en er o en
WiMi o Tr Little Late-This Year" o
Sa Vaughn (nooumblaI. mum"pat
A well known Calionia rue- NEW RAVIN. Cm n& (UV
reviewer guesesM that "Big Police arm tng x-to take so
ou," title of a Pete -HaVley the sting0c f paying
mom. M oan an Okeh label, reft' fines Thytieveloped & new
&a plac of that name in ticket t*O form of an env
121' Ot aGnda. rThere's a amnou. in Alltke v0Ma ha tod-
. I" 3 ;R, ,too. In ,tW I-cd a -t_
'd -Aila .DW. W... :,,. .. ..n ,

. t.. ,-:i, r' -7,J. -IM 7*Pg?,t iiT'N1 j,..i

ee "Ib s 'i'

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Lw '


1 xi w go
*- *'tMr Zavua

p .l



k1... A Hidden

'Ab atd Costello
with -


- c gyj MO -

1:; XJI.,SS- ase se-s

lat Is how I aft miu
'e VIA lttwa fmt
ie coatlunt,M too, l
es t, e ut%, d.f
nton nd tm

Iny." 104 A..


sp-G'cs lr' I The last flaming days dt.
spetul ~,~ ,r the mighty cattle baroM
-Ct41coK U I...Whep the rane wacf*
Musicit rocked all of Txat



, 'M r .a~lelr s ?s "


..... ..L D S A R R EO





I .

VICTIar ..
" j4^hkk -f^b- B R- 1


-'U ~~ -L'---l-- ~---'-- -I --~- -Y I-'-CUL ~

y^I a.r1
.k. ";^.-



-sa.a ,n.



ovyonder Choiced


Bendeguz, Petit Pois.

Phlox Complete 'B' Field
Mrs. Loly de Lazzarin's classy American torse
Goyonder is the choice of the experts to score his
second local victory today in the featured $750 Class
-"B" seven furlong race at the Juan Franco Race

Scheduled to oppose Goyonder
ftre Bendeguz, an impressive
WiWner his previous time out,
Petit Poals and Phlox.
This will be Goyonder's first
start since finishing fifth in the
$15,000 added President of the
Republic Classic on April 19.
J. Bravo will be in the sadd'1
with an assigned weight of 11o
Bendeguz, with Alfredo Vas-
quez up, is slated to carry 112
pounds. Bias Aguirre wil Iride
Phlox with 118 pounds and Pe-
tit Poals will be ridden by Bel-
loin Pulido under 118 pounds.
Yesterday at Juan Franco
Qo Vadis resumed his winning
ways by scoring an easy three
length victory in the featured
seven furlong Class "E" $5501
sew'en furlong race.
Arkansas, which battled with
Rose Hip in second and thirdI
pl.ce for three-quarters the
distance, was second and Rose
Hip third. The time for the
Journey was 1:29 2-5. Quo Va-
dis retyi.'ned $2.20, $2.20, and
The dividends:
1--Dicky $17.80, 24.20; 11.40
.3--_Iarfil $5.g0, 3.60
,-Con Valor n 6.60
,.-Filoin 7.40, 2.60, 2.20
-.Panchita $2.20. 2.20
4-Tap Lady $2.20
First Double: (Dicky-Filon)
1.--Rina Rol $3.60, 2.20
..4nterlude $2.20
-'One-Two: (Rina Roi-Inter-
Jude) $5.40.
1-Don Temi $4, 4.40
i.Annio N $4.80
oldn Bound $3, 2.40
:-AmuoBa $3.80
0iln Darig L 7.60, 3.20, 2.40
A deOato $2.40, .60
--I-Delhl* (e) $2.00
1-Fto a $AgI.6, 6.00
-O.ran' o$4.40
Becin e (Vain Dar-
r-.Floreo ?, 2.40
~-' Irot RACE
'-'tr. Foot $4., 2.40, 2.40

F Haooy Harvey

" iarvey. all is we&.

So6 you found, at we ean teli
6. Want An you aswend to a

president. wit n

2-S--alustio $6.20, 10.80
3-Black Bull $3.60
Quiniela: (Mr. Foot-Salutto)
1-Quo Vadis $2.20, 2.20, 2.20
2-Arkansas $2.80, 2.20
3-rtose Hip 42.20
One-Two: (Quo Vadib-Arkan-
sas) $8.60.
1-Grisu $10.40, 2.80
2-Potinovich $2.40

From The Back
ab rh po a
Martin, 2b 4 4 0 2 5
Rizzuto, sa 4 0 1 2 3
Woodling, If 5 0 2 3 0
Mantle, cf 4 1 2 4 0
Bauer, rf 2 2 0 1 0
McDougald, 3b 3 1 1 0 4
Berra, c 4 0 0 1 0
Berra, r 0 0 1 0
Collins, lb 4 2 2 12 1
Lopat, p 3 0 1 1 2
Gorman,p 0 0 0 0 0
Schmitz, p 00 0 0 0 0
Scarborough, D 0 0 0 0 0
Totals 33 7 9x26 15

ab r h po a
Fox.2b 5 2 2 3 5
Fain, lb 5 2 3 10 1
Mifloso, If 3 2 0 1 1
Mele, rf 4 0 1 3 0,
Rivera, ct' 5 0 1 0 0'
Kranlch, 3b 4 1 1 2 3
Carrasquel, sa 3 0 0 5 2
d-Wright 1 0 0 0 0
Dente, ss 0 0 0 0 0
Bob Wilson, r 3 0 2 1 0
e-Sheely 1 1 1 0 0
Byrne, 0 0 0 0 0
a-Marsh 1 0 0 0 0
Bearden, 0 0 0 0 0,
KretloW, p 0 0 0 1 2'
b-L6llar 1 0 0 0 0
Aloma, V 0 0 0 1 1
c-Bill Wilson 1 0 0 0 0
Harrist, p 0 0 0 0 0
f-Boyd 0 0 0 0 0
Totals 37 8 11 t7 15
abafe on Kretlow's error in 3rd.
blaned out lor Beapden in th.
cOrounded boi for Aloma in '7th.
dFiled out arr l in 8th.
eSingled for Wlon in th.
fGot on base t Harrist in 9th,
xTwo outs wJn winning run
New Yor a 040 002 001-7
ChlcaWj 100 000 124-8
Mrron- Martin 2. Harist.
Runs Batted In-Ml 4ose., Mc-
1quaXld, Collins 3, Rlmuto, Lo-
t-,Me le, Rivera, Fain 3, Wood-
ling, Krsnich, (MifUto scored 9n
Martin'* ertor In 91h). Two ase
Hits-Pox, Mantle, Mele. Home
Runs-Kranlch, Fain. Stolen
Bases-Collins, Mifoso. Sacrifice
-McDougald. Double Plays-
Rimuto, Martin, Coi; 0-
low, Carrasquel;
quel, Fain. Lft
York 7, Chicao0
otf-L t 1,
Bearden 1,
Gorman 1- Boar

3P Scarb ia
Out by-Lopat 1
rid 1. HitO-I-

Aloma 3 i t. ,,

and Earne "
-orourgh 1- w
0-0, Bearden a a (2.
Harrist 1-1. W.
LP--5carborongt .


Great White Fleet


.A STEAMER ................................... May I
.S. "LEON" .................................... May
3.S. "MABELLA" ................................May 7

* BOdl t ef ehscMigted, Chlled ad Germl Car.


S.9. "JUNIOR" .................................Ar
B.8. "COMYAGUA" ..............................May
. GG................................May
. '"LIMON" ...................................May 1

CGAA$ 18| k

SIllar at
:. a.m.

.U l CuMQu" ................................ ay 1'

S- .Tw m. --S Ag ~ w P. na
m Zp h&am" so .. .. .mid .

.~ PlSaM. ~-uso coua


I.. -.

Dark $Str Get

L :,

talking things over with some-toei 2 i,', Th,,;6
luncheon offered sports writer because of 0te great uuUlM of ,ldent0ot
Classic. A record crowd atte d tbe Presiden t's ClCa Y "paeBa- "P '
freshments are (left to right) Tommy Cups Jit, TWir'CUpif.* Iyler, l.
Fernandez, Conrado Sargeat G.Oep e Williams, Chino W Jlmen*
hind glass), Erndm Parr t-i. tuben MereL. '

A 3f

-7 .
71 Prpod(~i

w*.__. *(NOR)
NO~-''i- W '1 R.^ 'l;-<

"uan. WK
am uLs

w I


' :.
... .

recor nwb .tft he 2 i-a .d Draf let' toc
0 aB eod tior = Cmeter free's
Several Now .York"

,rqnye -P

,rY. .

re' noth$n Nke.a.
,^ '
*,:. ,^f

To wamag w Y N
amn key to*Wmd finame. I t'te iaJ t
skyscrapr bilt and vyu'UH h.
uist .a yvAl ^ie a lenibrf d flIP4
S4 aldaior, sruperb DCSf j '
Sto y.

,tH-T: mg.nel Airwb- "-.,

.i'.;[, -,. .. ,.tP' .
., '
'. ; .% ,:. ,,, -,
4 :, _,' .... ., ,, '/".

f- .e -. .



"._o r: "
I-.,. .- d

-I ;** *'S


Se*n you'll be



se-ier FSa~ing to New Orlesa
via seata Mart,. Colombia.

.i. .. .f

.// ^ .. i^1 *.3-:
S.^ ^. *U 'A

~- --





*Q Q
'. .- ^b-^^


. *. **

.,, .;",

.'" ,


P a '

*t,*'* ,,a~J' -

. -
;^ ;t ^, V.

.'3 '.d. R
4 i fy



' ... .


. -
.., _, + ,lf .".. =


'. q


1.,- .. *, -

between 1
tamed its



It Tok Bruton, Hot Rookie, 24

Yeaft Find Out He Was Fi
VA PBraves at Myrtle Beach, S.C. or ahead of, Rible AW-ba
'mA M They signed me for Eau Claire." the Phil.
-e's so obviously father
*A- Moving through Clams C and most of his fellow men
AAA Bruton has lifted hi bpat- you wonder why
ttag average each time. He salow to make te
W'i started with .288, then moved to print tem n
be .303 and .325. Burton hasU ll
Bruton is 23. It" took Mm 20 for that.
years to find out he was fast.
hot t Now the Reds are saying he's "I was too slow," he
swifter than Sam Jethroe, who "because they had fotW
rioSd -- > -played for the Brasw alt ear. men who did the 10OyWd
fBut x, BChe^ A They're saying he can run with, in 9A."
was faat WO l te.d
him. -4

:a Footbal Defense Goes Back i
did a Httlf
hi .^1.Ta What It Was Before Platoons .
-0- 1
I s 'S5edaba bit NNW YORK -May 2-Pla- left guard switches to.
and oBt otatbf.l u h h toon football saw players gradu- guard. The center becomi l
7 a sl e ated .from college without ever right linebacker. The r
Shaving made a tackle. brd becaI the let
mA nes of thoe who en- -qarterback becomes
e tored profesn game are right halback. The lft
bstUl denied that prile, e back becomes the
League Thit tycoache cad, The right halfback
n M together to outline prng left halfback. The
g, set t N L- poratie routines emplseIed coes the left llnebacer. j
St worootsn tacking. nth This sounds,onruu,;.JAA y
tor Amer e eIq conmaetion,.the end If really isn't. Spectatrawth
hi* .a ....A ad ati ititutinn br ulht about a matterl of f B

wee jhme I starteaR
ter and they put I
fleld when he came. Wwi"
Teamg Bruten w taste
football but his mjotber
hi'was too fral Be it
10 then. -
"Then we oranl ant r
basbag 4Uua- the if,.
Wela"e a,, t-d 1 SM
played outfM o nnftild!
lke kids. Play everywhere
the team.L"
Afer -hgh school c o

.w t Uwa I nAtE- 1

=I l camp of

amsing lncidents.l There was knowledge undeitena walN
ed, Maquette offensive man It up in a jiffy. The am l
s who .p P up: 'Tckling? what's will be out there, whtoh
Bit at n *xl idea. This is mat M-l
S V. Like goes so far as to as bewildering as a
that the new rmAe has placed men gallop on the field
i* K 4ns.s combatants on a- off everY time you 1aW.
Sthe suzae leveL and will be much more
It Is just like they all were Ing. .
es stating to make a---
mfor thetnelvs," asserts To explain It1 Miehlgan
4Jay7aw1 er' dri aster. switching without* i
s main objective of coaches position by Dostnae
t get the 11 most formidable left tackle In. ltaVlulu
ertormers on the first team offense must
some position. Beyond that, bile. A key cket, he
m want to determine who move. as qmll as the b
S .M the 33 best complete play- Buch 4 pla Isn't likely
ers. be big enough to play tckl"
The 11 top men will be the effectively on Jefemse.
more accomplished attack k e r s
who are able to defend. Spe- Munn switches from the T
ciallsts will break In from there. the single wing and back
The defense returns to what with la ver Yaratjns a .
St was before the unit system, man in motion. It his
but to art even wider scale. quarterback is fast and taL. -
on This Is because football now de- should be an able defended
mands more speed and the fin- r t halfwbk. r -
the er timing that goes wih it, -r obvious reasons pa~lt
the and is vastly more completed. relationships are fosen.
re The athletes who devoted their If exception We re ade..
entire time and attention to fit Indivdal a the eno
Sone y t trt e tire pattern
S ..... --A *-*. up. -
Watuiallr. the attackers .
be defensively where they can
do. tile most good or harm, de- GMT AROUND
pend on which side ypu are.
e .For example, spring practice East Lansing Mich.-(NA)--
ree- reveals that this is going to Quarterback Tom Teweic ef
nme happen when Michigan State Michigan Btate has three broth-
the loses the ball: ers who starred elsewhere -er
uan- Only the ends and right Paul at William agdoa y, Steve
the tackle stay put. The left tackle at Indiana. Pa. Tech sa
te becomes the left guard. The Mike at West V'l4 f

5 m-w M gur a u a
PlayerW In als
klwaDber. the L mi
rlat- "A sile or enos

broke. bui tudg h.b
numbers It must be a pi
wl'to goI Ad Most of
vtb a p.old age
B notr geTht br a t
..WI& ...... s treet*

S .,. ..'

4 I

;.LE ~

iat-s A1p the f[d. box, and
uwax gi.ena il dwn

ooth t13 6.hen Albertantil
ilth a
er a ti p.
4 t6p post the choice.
# S#Mlp nd Cobb will die
sl0.-'1 Itanding why, with
klln'-stealing second base, the
't hit the ball through
e vacatd by the mia
mr Tri Speaker will lte
mv erstan why every
4in the air within the
D0]ot caught.

ho pl ayoers
die never under-
-t wi l di eonv. r
like In the fifth?

eisman Are

A rWith:

-eague inby

iMite the fact that let iti.



:..> ... ...
* *-'.- .
. ,-.r -..

*f .*., **.. '
.'* '1.

* .... _
1. '
'. '. ,

An easy way to

ask for the best

Call for "Black & White" whenever you sk for Scotch
. Whisky.
There is no better way of indicain that only the best
will do for you.
Genuine product of tfhous Sotish distilleries this
S tee Scotch has no superior.

- to
r and
Ws a h
JAMw "n

i '.m -

Distilled and Bottled in Scotland


I a.. C.o. L
"..s .. .,s. e.,JeeWc... .

.IbDh iiu AiMNCAS W. MEL, S. A.
"*C/ -ax L AVENUE 2.( -7W,

'I- ~ -

I L ,' ,'n
H ,, .... "+ *'r^*
o .: r W', ,.4

C~C~C -- -r--;.-_--- r-

~' ---- ~-~-


--- -- ,,

*- .//
, -1'

i 'i
,* Ki

4 .


: = 0 #


3 More Killed

4s New Twister

Hits Tennessee

*nall tornado skipped through
two Tennessee counties early
today, killing three persons, and
the weather bureau warned that
additional twisters are expected
Sdurinrg the day over a wide area
of northern Georgia and South
The three Tennessee victims
brought to 27 the death toil
from tornadoes over a three-
Itate area during the past 36
fours. Seven were killed In
4 abama last night and 17 died
the middle Georgia peach
teit area Thursday evening.
Iundireds were injured, a thou-
and mad. homeless, and dam-
ge estimates ranged upwards
;o.n $15,000,000.
"Ihe Ttnnes'see Tornado struck
tour separate places in Meigs
County family were killed and
an undetermined number of
persons were Injured. Damage
was reported heavy.
"Severe thunderstorms are ex-
pecrrd over Georgia. Alabama
and South Carolina today and
early tonight." the Weather
Biu: -u aid in a special 8:45 a.
m. bulletin.
"Zc me of these storms will
cause ha' and locally strong
wldfs uo m!i' an hour or
higher. ere is chance of
two or t .-o tor n,.')es in th;
wez'tn i -. cr, northern ha.r
of re?. '- .morning and
the ro :nreri of South Ca-
ro -.;a any time after noon."
The weather bureau said the
atcom are is "moving rapidly
towards the east."
Residents of the danger areas
Were advised to. "watch all
thi-atening clouds to the west
ar:" take cover If you see a fun-
neli cloud."

I dreamed of a
comfortable straw

Maidenette Stra

It's blis. to wear and unbe-
.lievably flattering, Maidea-
form's famous Maidenette*
Strapless! Designed to shape
you superbly ... with dainty in-
m erts and feather-light boning.
In your favorite fabrics.
.Genuine Maidenform Brassi-
eres are made only in the United
States of America.
There is a A '/v /br '
for ever) tl)pe of gure.


Longs/ of

* -I


*"*et i we people knows the truth


Australian Roef R.

Draws US Scifntists,

1 .: a. .

(NEA Telephoto) ,
TIED FOR J & 60E HONORS Manuel J. Pemafao t
deft) of Mlaml,.Flta scored his 12th Mi kill in Koaq to tie ._;|
former commanding officer, Col. RoyaJl Baker (rl.), s the
world's leading jet ace. Fernandes has a good ehrof earn-
ing clear claim to the title as Baker is now out 9f asi and has
returned to his home In McKlaney, 'Te ',,

GOP Chairman To Drop 39

From Staff For Efficiency

ADELAIDE, Australia, May
(1P) American aclen t
w4 armed forces -`WW"I
*d hed Prime Miisr
Menziea. launch a naib-
Strolled pilotla lt lt iil
WOaera rocket range todl.
It was called a "JindivWll"A
was developed as a th getta
hush-hush rockets that we
designed to hunt down al
destroy superaolnlc alrcgafL
Twelve "Jinditks" have .al-
ready been tested at Wo
It was officially revealed b
today that the.' United altSt

The "Jindlvik" Is con
mm the gr6unt or froml..i
other aircraft apd Itsa Iktri
tents radio back readily '
am.,' -
M. a modification f't
Slet known as the Pik



lineering stud
torce'aoo 4
to poison,
t Hayden beg
** with hkvail

w" mu171
the condewlho
i6-old "near El
. matter of fl
gy at Lul'or_ 4

A ro
to car
fired W

SWASHINOTCWI, May 2 (UP) trict In 1940. He resigned In '
Republican National Chair- 1942 to join the Navy. Since
man Leonard W. Hall announced the war he has been with the
a shakeup in his headquarters O*eris-Corning 4betgla Corp.
nderstonds staff and a drastic cut in per- Huimphreys, 47, la t former
n is either a sonnel today to make the OOP paOitleal*riter etor .-Intraaitla
of ona nerve center more efficient and W Service. He .u i natai
economical. ffala dtr
Hall said the reorgaplastlUon g when he beam bi
is intended tu save 100.0O a director or the
year in salaries by cuitAl the congressional cam n,
truly headquarters payroll from 439 tee In 1941, Hetted
o 100 employes,. ety fot the national t* WI
aplesg... tee last fall md returned ew i amn
This would be the net monel the congressional committee sf- .I
(a saving, he explained, after ad4r ter the November election, -
nr Ing some new people, -Inchingl -
91017 Robert Humphreys at public _
director at 30,WO a year a f.-C r ,e f"t
pA. D. Baumhart Jr., former Ohio l u e fo r I *I .CaW
less congressman, as executive direc-
tor at an lundlaclosed figure.
Hall said he will try to fnld 1
jobs In government or prlvat i,
industry for all, the he firres. I *I -
Criticizing quart I
operation as Iefilept, Hall
estabine o ntf th I al DITOR'S NOTE: A pars- feas.
activities group" to Meet nce ds 1of today's booming times the a
a weekwand co-ord* -g Intike t the blemh of
of the women's, veterafn-1datot
era, labor and minoitog fdi-i ammr -the e atin's prosperous
sion.l. -aie. 11are'. th second of two at
d .pat hes that desribes the grant
Hall said his shakeup mtparli nd and what's bei g
an immediate start on t done aebut I b
congressional election. c e WARD ANNL e
y I He said additional steop tohi l' ei y WARD NE ee
Crease the slim GOP i NIA Wall Corrpo ndent
in Congress will be WASNiM N, May 2 (NEA)
,in three or four we.k." WA-NOTON, May 2 (NEA) sai
He also said he iS w*lgl --S40mware in the unmap- use'
S / on patronage problems, includ- ped land between theory and th
l/ g complaints that Republi- cou0ter-14,7, top-r an k ing n .
f.< ., cans In Congress have beek PlaW l. to find the road re
f Ignored or bypassed. r i ri eployment and he
Baumhart. as executive direte-1he Commerce, La- buil.
:or, will be chairman of the bor a* l Defense departments that
special activities group. Miss Who ge to predict either eral
Bertha Adklns of Maryland, nom or bet, ae certain on
,head of the women's dividaloone pol t .S .e overnment can-
.wi1i be vice chairman. not a economy for- meakM
Baumhart. 44, was elected tow., I. .
Congress fiam Ohio's 13th diw- Thq,' to. 35 American
am A -- &t are stilll
Heavy Sun Tan -Cot tUP of natio: n-
Cause Skin Cont ," sto their" '
th.t federal p anneras ri
CHAPEL HILL, N. C. (UP)+;- *0 f te way to na-

Sunlight may give u ,a. v
that makes you apiper t -i
healthy, bt It increases
chances of getting sk cWi
aocerdlng to Dr. Hebr L1
L d vmtt profeor oa it
o0ogy at theUnlvety of d
Dr. Lnd explained to
sclen c, O l here tpi
skin cancer More comma.
the South. Ihan In the Nam
and more onmon to the wen
or parts of the world thba
the colder parts.
that take iee In the

vet a'ee.

b be rough to,
a might see herIdf a
bak force, o -VA u
job, without
ipt beo a dtoe*
tbo 'be

I -

I! :-b' .

'- .r-


.. V *",'.*

' -' O

.- n aid t
Id gjtshernt
l*ll nf nmli ,,

S. ,o

apla* tti*

.*ed Areas'

and at
e for the

* iveled

a Is15*
-fo. i 4_

-- i

"f r'-,


- *" .1


. r --

| .ob "O A ** .*
nwU.a toe whew p*p* l l*hto
thU tmst poh
nndanMt ,=i .o thgan t o tea
SphatSmS trunk
B(dw't spol S


..7 .y o .,t. : .
'C -- w .-

i. ,' .,. ,, 't
,. 4' m ,/l U J k

" ad -
M" Sth,

PR" n .

s 4
- ,r,.ttr1
mato z-

- Ipath hidi"g to LIvSWS
he elephants
vae ttpa (be' .
been doing fts xpnsozatmP M t ue)
i s mrnost over; Bh mo.t Ite at t

a .' .








HOW'S YYl. Q.?
EAa- oS -h t' cer. owtaan
hmsa" if Bt paq ad@ a
writo In,thf two au i't:M Mt.
A. % I t *^ ~f B
C. -1-5--5 I
D. 1 % s 8 % j ,-

COp' son tfeKeyboar
p9" Osme in t he sp u n Ct M weys e
staid d typewrit. are:

7 Iaue M e t llow -evg4 word ft. Krne or more
lotf tJr t an be wrttm with ths keyC. an
ydu uwrFuait om

l ate (t Trranbgl

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Y if You Can
4e4W Me banm s George*
-I sm"&. Lut year Gerp
Up er I Watb 's* How old I

bbmfugluskbibed s(2 Skm. :)
S1 Chr. .:M)
-g t u trinity.

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\N ) fun by working
It in reverse).
WIdeb entrance
achieves the sa-
plaor's goal? Limit yourself to 5 min-
utes; then let someone else ry the puzzie.

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my D. E. Wosdsms
A LTHOUG thi Chsdodt
may rminad l. a of several
tevlanoa ras -a heavy
wndsto r-iealy wiltalp you
draw a vWtyfraumly annual. To
do o, f courm draw a w ontiau-
ous In etoa cies, oose, al l
tae Ift" to snre wem t am.
It may Welp itu flyn tAS am-
wWr to ts" t ea c ssw ofa
comes to iilwho works DOG-
pdiy. r
A solUtB appears elsewhere.

SAHUEBXARB gave a recipe
for avesig borndem. It is
to be faindby solving thit sub-
alutat cryptogram.

RnMabW.Jr solbIg tis type
crypt. ya subtUtut now ftes
jor tosew gtv. It sobmB Mke
olbeb tandk, but the mame tItter
ip mPutttut*d for the saw letter
Uuao*hdM. The btst p-m to
lv* p
a sharp p .ad a good u .
ft!WY oAmUWI.. IC-t
es -y r Mole

s ot vJbells yt bopsotelL.
not he blt"Ie u ei mtoa
poWIsttM", IaN e hw about as
bo*sd and mestBiwa'ksE Mm.
miteanO a bei d movesW

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^ ,-- -
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?IPJ '. ". .. .^.. '

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* J
* .i

BUCKLING DOWN to business, Ensign Arlo i
eis in the cockpit of an, F9F Pa"ther jet .a
Ron in-N6rth Korea. His plane captaha, H

iwa semen., caur, Q
a carrier, Kearaorge
Lrugn, Enumelaw,


France. -Soni
rt Swept ever;
W~ ere a wr'
it hoise have
|at4 trooM,.

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-_ I-~ i.

ow .,

i7* 1 ^ i
vI ,Y

S. Il ,'-fig I

Clowe to,

tary of we]
date for 3J r r
the latter patL
Ddleal now'.hqnor not
!!#I of
visit aof 0-R
stations withV
FaLast mpet brout only
transient w. ls.1 piAces of ita
the winnl) ,e.i .. .
When they dmWed Up .at th* *tftf'2F-k
morning to0 c
the teikets thby',S rew I ?,
day morning by. .M. ASf
&elLs tickets at r4j
At first Mrs. Calvd r
(Nos. I to 18) / to ,th
she remanibes selling
0.. Boz fai y before
Mrs. BoSa was, p ioff.
bought by the wvnJ
young man who att
held until ownership *.0 B
Some of Use
w "re sh ei A "
e l test h* .B 1o

Pofee quarl^Bt*a J'Al~kor 4Ph"-de la Ouar- Be
foliow, the *att t ,t et PRodct f Hct r'.wn
Vald Jr. to eif i the ral estate tax Bi
division and ttb nei i poetasfter Jergb Lunis K
Ata1ro an hi tlmBt 9. Jnullo Coodves, Pean-
salan ean amo. Ca-, wasnabnead. o
police tbut he. Vald .Wp )e
24 hoV r ter. oi Ardito. Barletta was a mted a
pdatmiater Ai atian Rend Crespo asn eo k. In 'gi
San Franc0tco. w,
-- o -- w
Panamanian labor obdervediLabor pler qletly with
a mnass meeting spenored b*.tte OM aGrtl 'iWMer
Union in apta Ana Plas ,'' .
The Commere oepa2tartMm xlId thai allautmobileu th
saleamen must. have a 4lk b leba k1MAl dent a
of the Rep ,.,. T". .
Armanmo Jmxate sa &*ufaI Sda ..
leader, went acik t I
tour. this tl. wIt an...
hish lat stand,,t4." ,
tract wt

samle I

Tbeft of

Repu.c U b

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? tyraw"e t t ".-


ever, n
pod flMIo $1 ...l.

A Pr .t're
for, th e .f

ed out of Ba bo SU

slash so

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TeM me]
1) An 4
>t risen,
ecis have

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. 7-ODegajn.
. '..flt ci


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,:, ,, ,,,.
: ,}--

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ane owisA ha.u.

Urn wteels ha ta rnih W b hki
A Is a -, 3*1 m .I .

roea sw Uh mains tas
bowwet .0 tosr.. .. e .. ft PUP
Mo Oaks sonas ~i 9 -adi h id -ywea. bsi -lefgr CWel w
k Woft aemo N )e dW -- p "..aso Tom".,
she snsawfer so& "aW"k tON Oampe&w hb%

lA ielllw h a I e
Al lamb helm* ehaiem damn.
oweetmeanoTWA* eow.
La A a esi m -

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mam ew tow a lt r *. rso b -. al re-f
wi"b swkOl magla w en n s as s a i A h a.

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OnIw wi hwailli tha

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ah iS m w w s- .

Well, maIebS agud aicuws. I hate es&8 e6 wee00 miYO
-wb per a04wo m l 10am tlow p -AS qe a twhiZr
wma M e& tn& d &ss ae tuqe~" tnemp ias ofN O& dar.


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,. s,
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.-, ".. 1 -* ... *. ._
' ''."' I
^*' -1 ^

t -r

2~ r.C

'--"-."='.-, --!8
801 HasIt $$r f1@ flA U

ri .. ; .., *-
.S ..

I b-
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same any oe see gowdor b- I r hWg AsHmt IW W hr ef t ^bfl^
l1m U -t asm -- e g m1 ht 'f.lma lee awlma '
Earmonmy ewsa u ess e aS hfw Sas hto
bsee- wim a .m Is li

A1h, s sidesyda 1 e 7Nm, Sao deupd t l0Sla flbd"
Wheim I wi a sa eosk. abled mis,.
WIM ute ta.e an belme me, beaut aub teld ASmpq

at. as was 'm. ie ad r ewht emui w iA?
It sat my beasa toI gIg amndpy heart tb S1msIn yYl;
A. h, the ory abl UK m s uim d m tie glamIrI "all:
The dMM days, thMe giM b S day e am.
-4We J-M abOASrr.

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Anwer t* oppMequip er mlmw, MNW ^ '-

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l u ll '" ,ki 5 t


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- 'A47

on' knlet e up sa a mbO OaweyliW tS i&bat
h -e -tSt moviade bpk shmesmwes a and
a ma dmae" 0. am.,a a

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Asol so
M!~~C iow aftrt~~w.w
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0 as 7neesow
^UMB I IB mlU *ask ~t
4w -00^

W&- OdomA

-'5. a

V8@W. 8. had X bad

o ail,0 s

'**- h i rm

a -h it oil bml. which
now resifted the

* d-U theah ti heri a

L Wt placed;


bb '3

.- ,T

review at *&lbooC
Ssters are Shwa on fU i p
'I. Fi t i a Pi~fr
May 12, at .
At m



3LP 3*

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r,- ,-O.

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I ~ .'-
t.. -* 2 *.


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^'., ....
:, ** ^


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O tion .utla adiet woik i

. -L -^-.,',
"- ~'= "'** '


I ,.

" ;" --

W, 4409

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; ','''* ** f-~'" *
*yi.: '
^";* ;*^ :^ v
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^ '/'^
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.., yt---- ..'^. 'r
^{?^1^ :*..,;*
"w : ''',
t"^ '. ,.-*''
*ft". ,' ^- r'
*t*/- i *'- ^ ^ .

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* *~~- -.
p -





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4* I.

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ir ,'.. .'^ *< *- .-. ; -. ."

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Inc./;, VU riuts ma,.

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