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Panama City, Panama
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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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U, 1

WASHINGTON, April 25 (UP)-4
dional leadermretryii. t stave off
qqfry of Korean otrofr es for far. -t
prI~ls against Amerilan Gis still l i
it was learned toduo, i s
Congressional aieab were sold to i
policy on the advice of top militry off
flat past publicity etrocities us.N
.mk sisn 'There was some feeling



wo wesa1tohas tara
ellni power to the f
R., oerg plant, plant
5kld today.

John Koppman, gnr super-
intendent, o the JPa plant,
said udlt No. 1 was ending pow-
er to the atom plant on a test
basis p wouldd begin sending
& "full-scaj load" within two
or three da..,
* Tl tu boiler was damaged

to whether an 'inquiry would

Direct Rotation
To Start May 1
SEOUL, Korea, April 26 (UP)
The Army announced today
1 that soldiers will be rotated di-
rect from Korea to the U. 8.
starting May 1.
Th. new system will eliminate
a stop-over in Japan Wad ge.thb
men home from four' tO jven
days earlier. '

vice Personnel TrOin

Damage Control C

mn times a year, A y,
*r force and
foat ranks at Fort A.
* a' thr-week course

mut sta
11aQ MJA

9-'BP5UfWI3: ~r
C~. -..


tat noa
the laI
that tha n
mitate to
before theIN

m that thIdW

is expresad-e
'The "rotherhb
.,i.nAn WcuflY A4

- 11

logical defewn
ficeS and, e d
all military b
selected Canal
personnel as w
The School
dfehtly more

r coneerB strocle tte w
tQld a news
arudmyh7 was heavy-
over th reports but
Smatton on how wideup
brutality was.

L ll:-.i ._- *

utes to.
shdiod rm

wMrshwi Low
i JosephI.F aM.w W
Marshal for t
S )masoves*

bm him in-us S%
F- On Th~nUsi~n T

his. mm.'b
d the a MOMi


. I I- V I



CTp s^


1w oade

KM' ,y
S'4 .r**

-r .


. .... -. .
,.-,_. '4-: .,r- .i. .


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.tn tonAu

a iur
e top



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ry 9

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0 -.e

WASHINOTON, April 25. -
A pretty young Korean girl
with a blue ribbon in her hair
walked briskly out of an open
aot market fn Beoul. instantly,
-two U.S. Army military police-
P men stopped her, directed her
to a waiting jeep and drove
p off in the direction of M.P.
f headquarters. th
At the same time on the
, other side of the globe-a long
line of refugees were filing in-
to a sprawling brick building
just across the no man's land
Sdividintg East and West ,,r-
many. U.8. Army M.P.s were
Firing questions at a thin, bent
man with a youngish face
who shifted nervously on a
t folding chair.
I Where did you go to
school?" asked the M.P.
t "I To dlin Nuremberg and
tMune t reply.
I The :AhOtw interpreter
;~ tan 3 nil A. on the
SnsoH d aIU

1 Thei.W.bcasea ooeofnif
eoUe a the "refnfu

4- A th of th

t *ly yaD SLhd a road block
the aan-Austrian borr
and Uim to a stop.
4 t UA,.= Uilitary. poli
Smen the eredentals
the A met m man behind t
Hits aek felt hat was pull
down over his right eye a
he nervously tapped a ciga
ette on the steering wheel.
One of the M.P.'s waved
S white-gloved hand In the ,
reaction of the rear of the c
and two other military poll
Smen Immediately started
methodical search of the bs
Cleverly eomealed und
the upholstery was a IO
white envelope stuffed wi
te hands or dollars wor
.A,, d A n scrip and ba
an". several Bseurpe

These scenes are repeal
a every day as Communist spi
smugglers and other crimin
i are caught by alert U.8. An
Military policemen all oV
th. te world.
h Sa.MUY.P.'s have had sI
A *m. es e damocrac
) 1' ty received their-tra
t at-the US. Army, Euro
ence and MP:.-school
Oberammergau, Germany.
There soldiers, saisn a
airmen rn how to prevy
eime t put the finger
- r erlfas, escl
ed tVand oth
Ind In.
.N sreat at t

S towns. "'
American Interpr eter,5-are-
fully schooled in dialeets and
other distinguhng nners

c S S Speech --Care OUSto
the rmUm sproesa.w Sor-
polioe to pl~p detect susfMidu*

sq smcious

auspicious acUlons and neryoun
air alerted the M.P.'s so they
ransacked his car.
Amorican military pollee
students at the Intelligence
school are trained to watch
for smugglers at all border
The school also gives thor-
ough Intruction on methods
dealing with guerilla warfare.
Students learn that gueril-
las operate far behind com-
bat zones where bridges, rail-
rod tunnels and the like
might not be carefully guard-
They are taugbt to watch
for parachute drops of sup-
plies for guerillas to conduct
raids in areas where the pop-
ulation Is friendly to the en-
emy cause.

of *c z roblaries and
Me s a 7r staged to
S tes a-ttijt4 bowe to collect
ed evidence' and conduct Investi-
nd nations.
Wrecked automobiles are
used at the school to stage
faked accidents which give
students -experience In alct-
a dent investigation.
41- Students studp ,traffic prob-
;ar lems in both combat and rear
ce- areas.
Lck They make traffic surveys
in neighboring towns and
der propose method of handling
ag, problems 'n those areas.
ith They alo learn the use of
rth Army vehicle formaltons and
nk other methods of quelling
Ian O ts.
Main principle taught It
ted this course Is to use the least
es, force necessary to do the job.
aih Students are sent on "shad-
my owing" missions in neighbor-
ver ing towns to learn the tech-
a nique for aurveUilance of sus-
e- picious haragter4.
y. anmoles o~ t various kinds of
I- narcotles-aft on display to
pe. teach students the odor and
at appearance of the drugs. They
also learn habits of drug ad-
ld dits and different methods
ent used to administer drugs.
sp- This thorough course of in-
ers struction Insures a well-train-
be- ed body of police and criminal
investigators to carry on the
the Army's war against crime and
its constant vigilance against
Cormunists agents.



There Are Good War Records

Among Men Of Capitol Hill

WASHINGTON, April 25 (NEA) Lawyers qoel dJminoate the U. S4. udtW ,
according to tabulations made from the new, first edtia of the 83rd s6uio Con-
gressional directory. I
In the short autobiographical sketches whidV i of, Cona ere 1.1rmlt-
ted to insert in the-directory, 53 of the 96 me#m* f f lso f r es Iewnrs It
figures to 55 per cent,
This is, however, something of a drop over tii rs. In tO 7h Con-
gress, 1941-43, there were 60 lawyers. In the ed there were 70.
What the legal pfression has lost in SMEe p hao n J I
made up by an increase in the number of businMM. -two of lf
Senators identify themselves as having some ciWiic hsines. Te
the number was only : "'
Sixteen of the senators Men- Maguson and ackm, ef. ing. confreutan
tify themselves as being em- Wlsngton state. "I fin-d te *
er., This is )Wli- e.d 'aw "note enatg ,e en
political advert M g line. ut tw"oI of the ted,. l8t of
most of the son run their war veterans. t to to get
farms as sideines, or a-4b- Wwti War I, 17a InIae afteri
senterlandlorda 11f and four In the S l nat is a ipme'.
Aside fro these the ain Aerlesa War. mlemif r
~nesman a r ipuIat- WAR RECORDS te lwe ii
tIs difficult t i leY y WM atlvk. t-
swharp c aton (gt e Holland of Florld an Only two ala the
new innate. tin of Pennsylania t
They are awye and D- t.uhe. Seit d more tha-
era, or businesmen and e- Martin rowe om thea e are sev ws
thing elb at the same e. major general. Doul ttwho have -
But among the princit a or linpls and Cooper for mo t St
part-time careers listed the hold the Dronme d 1 more whIM
senators are these: Potter Of .ila here between 30o f: w
wounded three tlme 7, o a i Ut ofi t Mr
BUSINESSMEN both loeg, and senator con of a mem
glass was wounded tw present House mare t
Eight bankers, even pub- Sen. Mike Maield or tan* era.
lishers, four authors, four re- tana quit the igth to
porters, two printer, two en- join the Navy in Wor AVERAGE
gineers. then served iL the Ar .and .
'Mogt of these are =Inluded Marines. He skipped igh our average
in the bread elassllteatesn a- schooL but passed eoll & erefe iS k .a6 011 A M106
above as buslesisema. If there trance exaiums and be S, a e arador, tO
is one thing abet the har.- profegar. Sector B Ot of teraon sand wiaem
acter of the new Senate- wbilh hio wu a chaplain In World Coatr po"tn 2M.
disting 7shes itre ethel. lb war. L lai 'i
the past, it uis th gd a er pr- t" 69Un oag "Be ng g
portion of bashdse. Three senators lost seas in despite the t
seventy-seven of the sana- action in World War 1..- lal- ea- .t.. .. fo -t ..
tors say they are college grad- tonstalu of Massachusetts, ey t. "
uates. This la 80 pbr cant of Lehman of.NOew York, O ge
the total. of GOeoria veT of the altont Wa. w
Eleven of these college men stall children were in World inamuo b
boast that they made the hon- War U.. -
orary scholastic ftaornty, Only 1i'shndirmth, aiy
Phi Beta t One i lem e uis afftilluat.. the
was. fessy olar M. iar
Twenty-three senators list i t4 ng. IIr*
membership in Greek letter .upper of prowr ;,
social fraternities. Four of tWh e
them must have been BMOC w.2.4.
big men on the campus -
for they list membership in ta M. elM r n .re ,
the honorary ledearhip fra- ar .
eternity of Omicron Delta Kap- ih w MoVf t
pa. r 'o War
BACHELORSf ~two from Korea -olt
orna and Bleandski al
There are seven bachelors in yb6t. asenat r 0ew Jersey.
this Senate, which is a greater Georgia 3t ye3s.
number than u.nal For the ti muih w 0vim It IssAtrAMuO J.

numu* Gann Uajow. Fur We UU 4 wwj All As
benefit of any designing fe- safe to assuMe 6,-
males that might be interest- cupatipn, t~iy are prpt on-
ed, the single men's society is al polltlwlahs.
made up of Green of Rhode It Is common pratte topk
Island, Russell of Georgia, of a cong aa as t hough
McCarthy of Wisconsin" Ken- he were a parcIdar pes of
nedy of Massachusetts, Coop- individual. Ansone givean
er of Kentueky, and both -sslgnment to eascribe L av-

Eq .-uaor To----- -

Equator To Arci

One Saturday evening recent- reanen and tie actual running enough I
ly the entire population of time of the car over the land from .i
Jokkmokk, a small town Just sections was accomplished in on MaW
north of the Arctic Circle in 160% hours at the average speed Cohen
Swedish Lapland, assembled un- of 47.8 m.p.h. er w
der a banner which stretched The three drivers who made 862 fll
across their main and only this unprecedented journey were the
street bearing the legend, "Wet- Ken Wharton, British hill climb at a
come to Jokkmokk." champion and racing driver, A- crow
This was the recetplon await- lan Hess (team leader), holder the
tag the three tired drivers of of 148 speed and endurance rec- The
the Austin A40 Somerset which ordi and Ron Jeavons, tester from
had left the Equator south of mcA .of the Austin Motor March.
Entebbe in Uganda elewn-a- Compa% o had previously thq tet
half days earlier in an effort to takh Hess in a num- In 6 I
1 .e from the Equator to the ber of. .' bids with Austin lyeon
Arctic Circle n under a fort- cars, IIng a round-the. The
tight. world-li 4 e-weeks drive in was arm
the total land mileage covered 1951. and the
S this uar was 7, mllesand The RusL:tla -on this Jour. ferry .
teir high-speed Journey h ad nl carried-Ucth, special e-had to1
occupied 27k bow& 0 minutes qtment, some of. It prototype the
giving an overall -avre df 28 under test for the first time. started
m.p., The object of the expedition, At Juo
Some of this Vin b1d been was to submit the car to the not to
absorbed In stops for refuelling most arduous test which could rhlno I
and ferry roeslnp anda.Ao In be devised. Ungaone
fn air hop across.the q dlter. It all started ptasantly e- weapon
i wound
them V
who WeI


and I





hem ~*~'



over ouse.
P. B. I. MEN '
There are six doctors
Hou"e shout the
number --SAd onef
so a. -s tator an a


Br. .


.'I 1

7 to

I ad to

1wJr ---
d bff
ot jut

oil Wi --B *-

iriy l "''iB%-'..:dt

6~ari~i~i~p ~r

" v? --A.- 'w

;-' -.

.,w ,

7 1'' 1- L"imb.
^-" >,,'' f..^ """ l^ ^ ^ T '.r.. ;

r of the
i, World's.
Wr of wrM

MAfr fjAmI



" BliTn Min I

er m ,x M a. r. r ... .... "z 1, j lBta b le.
:o f *'- tit aaidet^ abie. of tha'WEUeornuwha up
tha nn r me teent or s m ral wlin MAIN TS*i ONLY
mert. B* op as dier. Mac, D of the Col
I818,000 4f s rh lele of Artl and.
ght,'. -J, _do 7 .1 10au h D aeck D n t eC-

"111a 1 gent" 'o e Fthat CASAI FASTLICHS A

:.A5 A. ciees wra )rdul.-
ons g being bcau.t slmoJdd feaan o
Bp -S'Bumptd tmps u ,,ld ad th m o"rbm di NNUAL "ONE OF A KIND" O
anedl d i t c fu the mest of life ., o u
tm .5 A fa bn oa j o.b t WATCH..CLEARANCE
wa's smosswoe is supot o0f thenoo ande- w'7O MORE REDUCTION ON ALL
a"to v aesa mmm as that NAE BRAND WATIIES ON

tSmesiKs fist atome undies mae thauls
*'^^ ,Saels t. _hlp ed. de- ,. M k. .Wat-u" o ."t .n S .prd-4
A-SeOduO t to de- en--age be-C L
ant'Bum. "r"t ulgnin a :als yhen mo showeto& a oife. STe A
.f ld roads-- doe tsc

p ,^Ig ^^!^ ofs speeders SAfleu that/ w Oic added at
ba jolt diet pattern e-
.l poorer utl
U laws. r ompt .rk at his level iWnC. 7 AAC
moor" v W1 I th p a ro cdrawiag bUndr came n l urtunatel m e a nrt- I MD&
betr home 4epou, Htkh s, U sill p uardian of Fd and
-at n: unity to sl di bnBletrg o wt n eea th
me Theven abits aed at and
se.ish A -h f n ories i lid. gunded a youthful appearace"
sthse aM lede in Dr. Mack's latest study was
oI -invested mare tj p underwrittep biy the
W )ter- pr e den lsaloA of thbe Lever
.r" n little '.- bsn and rural communities and
le + the .T.,P.z..over $100, NI -I. (tWirV -- It from low and high income
returned Cuti to ex raketu.
C n p'nsit e .ae raie br naca l ability to provideet.
: n. thoon thflnw1tn hlm auto- food does not insure a good .
WWle diet," Dr. Maok aid. "Serious
h Yo r =IW he ar t'llos of obieam. te tie ut of e of under-nutriwon re
STht mett ietd to catch found in the highest I come .Bere NOW
.w e na ierr'qnrol of thegroups." .r own.g B r N
hi. wi p d a 2- Stm ana Ce tng MOVADO Witches for men.... 37. 21.60
"Ia ; .'.,o" lite S re covered the denture. otinq enouol to e Lear MOVADOn
la | from the.wrecked Vehicle. nalf tue grls ra otef oy EBEL Watchns fIr mmen..... 42.50 19.3
'amof.Bues. EBEL Wam lor ldieu... 56.M w
The 0t tos r also were rebakt
.... ,.,r' .. ." a edboe on rand fods W he *r ad1 ..,9 2.. A

ope Mo n- eMneWheh a ncal abliy toprovi

An'2ro-irr '21 afdd o r cent of the boys
Ss ets. s than hl the MTED STOCK ALL ALES FINAL
o h.W I i of eagae girls, she said. made,

Aamu p o shong than
Tays'Inngood eatine bi
4-_ fthM -, basi0 ( oc The nuritionist cale for
.ifeA1 wNOLL* &*&ane ohf them.rchanges In teen -ogers' eating
tltr hnargselection and proper Cookingd POD U .E U
qrVt-ero.rn the addifron of I P3 '
II.. .h,.er wa highly expensive foods."
W INI N I f h t & : 4.t t a v th o r iza d b y th e -- --h-d-t- -
: 1aft arei dkfurtroftegroup w ere

"m "h ,h, fuN pefrfrman. of wplch hils owda'sip is C/Of u .s Al 'l RlOW US.
ph Ie.JasiRntlyn ho r. w. Wiilamfon arranjged cia.. of"
ar .o the manufacture _o, watt hamplifier Incorporat- ic lu S tte hnome o
.. a .....eit latil SIlatest refls fwlbn circuitry and con-.I4..
)4_.we'pontne, pn produced :In I d under his perBonalf /

suprvision,. ~cah of m i bears his sig-
S dA0 thtyou ffrt Mf41tiroe e below for a A, a p
demonstration of th Ae Williamson design 0 70 0 L FEEBT OF FLOon P "C 4
,- C.' Nf 4-ri OIC FULfLOF NEW

S o oldexclm JPinama AN D A TTRACT/VE /TEM'I ,
.sadthe CW#*ou- by

No. S l 5sllSW Na Thista .

DTEX u fi
** .Iy^uteafwS

-~ eAa6 '
SK'91 a-

Betw e t r "

.. .", ,, n ..


susr .** t as

Q. .. .. .i
'" "Qqaf-lpw ... ... Si usa J *l-v' -
do s3 0.

,' ., v ..- -.-
*e TA sV$

' SJ t .;
- .ft't






: ," it
^. ', : ., ,

q ''-

*1 AL"v
. .* "'_, -,...
S+. **,'i hfc


. ; .

. t

g.oIlg Ot I

aiing Children A lone

F 1;.


fe '1'
1' f+.

Louise eklbon lKie and her ebhildrenm eJsy epam e p in
kitchen' of old family homestead in which she
returned after 20 years in Maine woods so that Dinah (left) and
Rufus (right) could go to school with other children.
NEA Staff Writer
-NEW YORK -(NEA(--Louise you, of the wonder and mira-
nsoon Rich, famous for liv- culous quality of even the sim-
S as she pleased deep In the plest and lowest forms of life,
inc woods in an. era when while adults habitually tend to
iVs, pe o p1 e tie themselves forget to care even about hu-
wn with self-made material man life, especially in far-off
Ssis a mother who is bring- lands.
up her children alone. Like
angry such mothers, she is corn- "Young children n, unless
romising her own desires for thoughtless adul ts condition
heir sakes. them otherwise, are constantly
e making selfless gestures, doing
For them e s given up the co compas-
flerI er way oite, .known slonatE -".""o have
t On through her best- nothing o but, themselves:
seller, "We Took to th Woods." They tch ,w* n ,d to
think of ty,,as connect-
te mot -recent bo ked withotba erdng a 1pos-
-V f ear t,"/'she 'ell* 'us all, aesxmi .'eaut (u r e

P=i was sudd-nly left a widow
wn they ages to wand
en and now she is wage-
i oiearver disciplinarian and com-
..nJlfA in outings and sports as
We a4. homemaker and com-
"T lre's one advantage to
thi tattun," asa Mr s.
Vh e *' U no possible
but In peley.
There is no having the buck
0~,~zted to you with the remark,
wW.a.ask. your- mother,' and no
eh&ni3 to play the coward with
"b"h threat, 'Just wait u nt I1
your father gets home and I
tell him about this.'"
When a'mother must face a
life in which there's only one
. advantage-and a host of disad-
vantages; Mrs. Rich advises her
to make up her mind early that,
as, a t4-hour combination par-
ent, she has to adapt her time,
activities and environment to
what is best for the children's
development-i she wants to
enjoy the blessings of parent-
When your children are very
g, you gain two great
From association with
"Young children," says
SRich, "constantly remind

W aS a4 4t1 41 tww djik. nd
can do no w t g.
But, f she has taken her
responaibilltlts as mother and
replacement for father serious-
ly, she'll find, in many concrete
ways, that she has been ac-
cepted as the children's closest
friend, not as one from an-
other, adulet orld. TMh has
been Lo -te MDickmin Rich's
"An only parent has sole re-
sponsiblltty as Well as sole au-
thority," Mrs. Rich tells us, "a
terrifying thing to face at first,
because there is o one with
whom to share blame or sor-
row when things go badly with
the children." But, because of
this, MtrRlch wars, the com-
bination. parent against- the
tendency to become overanxious
or coddle the children.
"There Is too,, a natural tep-
dency to try to make a boy
take the place of his father
and become the man of the fam-
ily. It's unfairt.t 4- .& boy t iot-o
let him have a formal child-
hood because, through no fault
of his own, he .father.
So. if you're an onl npamnt, I
suggest that you doft Jela. on
the boy to make declatonk not
train him as a father to the
younger children.".


Here Are Bachelor's Gripes

About-Unihte s-Like Wives

n. 7 ,;, ,
j.r.* t., +- ,. .. .. .- +
*.,- ".., ":,., "., ,..**T '.,,_ --*: ... t; '.-.,.v -i .-t(r ^ ^ ^ ", ->, ..:, *<:^*^ ^

',,*... ...4j 'A '
+ ,'" .. ,.d. + '.., .,
i" *' *" v +,. '.o '. <- ..* f .Y .- "* *- .
.... ..... _...._. ... -.. _,' --<, _. __ ..1 ..

^ if-.f, f y ".;.' r ..

Women .sq W~ord
,' .

7- "--.-- ---- "-"--wi^B- -
Spring" Slend hAe _.

Lne demand a'

J -.


\,.'. r-~ -


. ; '* 'g". L"
P, Mnkle.... l -hwkdam*1. 1


makes a dbe a
design <.t twT pie
taffet, can be. woe w o
maid slmhouette (Me w -is

NEA Womans' hitter
way you look In your sults and
dresses depends, to an greater
extent than you may know,. do
your lingerie. A sllp that
bunches, a bra that's wrong In
out and line, a girdle that fails
to accomplish what it hould--
those can spoil perfection o #
Bprin'a, f n ae lare-t
ulWa. dem iWg becaWi _4o
WH U- of qn.* aiw slosA
slim. This means no. bulges,
shallessnesa It means thatt
the slit, bra and girdle Itb t
are rigt for one dress may Be
all wrong for -another.
To demonstrate what is
meat y all. thW we picked
three abn from top design-
era (above a teamed tee
clothe with t ght lingerie.
The result ii the kind of p-
fect fit that nearly every wo-
an has a right to expect of
her. clothes.. she may not ha*e
a model's figure but she can
have real figure control.
For. the two Cassinl designs,
we picked a new strapless bra
that controls uplifts' and stats,
put Waffle embroidery helis
to keep bra in perfect shape
through countless laundering.
It has a,. otly-covered center
wrhi. and Calael-lined inner
bmnl fr added ease of wearing.
strapless or bare shoulder
fashions are the most difficult
ft-woar becomingly. But the
problem dlappears when the
bra fit is right.
The Vera Maxwell two-piece
dre.s-.isworp with a bra that
provides special curve control
for all small to .above-average
figures, It emphasizes natural,
feminine lis.

Jor Soppers9' Feet

A bachelor who thinks the average wife has a lot to learn
about being a charming hosted has these criticisms to make:
"All too often a hostess doesn't turn off the telys!Ilon set be-
ere 2he goes tb ,the door to greSt an expected g=A0t Sbe dither
Soves. it ,on until after he .p seated in the living roo making him
S hattio whole ?Amaking a big sacritgei
1, nan. tWm- ed aff, d ue leaves it on and the uit(lsu to
ai he can't tand because he didn't get in 'o
e start.
"It's kind and considerate for a hostess to chatter alohg and
g~oes ae. B. Aotf women over tle riva=ous hM&.
St-aet-p tigp.e chatter op all eveBnlagtnever,10 this
,est a chance to do anything but listen.
1B A 0'lXl1ffttUOWWWWO

.meal shae wt to = WbtItms. ut husiands
don't dare Muig home an epectd guest just for a drink or a 8,
'ee at the Snacollecev.
If th= do the wife i anything but cordial and usuay bsags !a'
F7fyIn. so kltehm, mai it obvious that she wants-the go st
t"4^aot M141w sw o M tht ltse can get the 4nner an the table.

atmh andior Wcl w I a he-I

lf. I.MOwho .read what Man s Woy have a -r
,, ,he.i are bard to enterta.
"W*ve e complained MKbot lir b-o.
L._imm now when to Ig w _eer
Available ashe gi
=-- ..
.. _i- .

pmay 'ask*.mke- 0
Switch onepece look. It
r with t at. e .. .-' '


k. r -,

,v ,. .-' ",

i9F > 't


,+!t l,.* i ;g: ~ '.
'- -y+ : "' +* i.., +i+'.:

dried-ut h w at a,
(ce p e h n ad
hers ren a

N3AL qa. piter
Youei' gwebmu more otat of
garden a flow- of
ers ald. It'st
a re laxlpg, ,.aelthful and o
beautifying activity. The fresh
air eAm erclqpdo 4 dderd in
bringing. a n gl ow tosu e
your l i 'ping .ar :
Hoveter, 1ow certain pro-
tective can toG
take a fygou0-
Even On o day g
when th1We be d clouds
be, sure MU d your skin
from. burning" with a good sun- ng' tr
bur prov -If your are a
tanner, you can use an oil.
Even a tanner, If she's been
indoors m of the winter,
should beh ll at first.
On days the.sun beats
down m -rc ula wear a light.
weight hat or scarf on your
head to pmpleet. yourself from
sun dish Nem to. keep your,
hair from 4tg tt. .-
Befele your hand
Into the tae a few min-
utes to wt nabl Into a
cake of a p saps
This will. hem from
blackenlag, M -up time, it.
takes but a seconds to
brush the out. If your
brush top at
your halllm it f
you ha gveiot ino

!..*t I A.

;. -. \


One ..J14a~day


---~ ;. --_-----

__ _._______




1 "





SAms T I ics 41
Serves The line.skcs ith~

5 W

Lit arraigg
to vent t
of the I
Post as
Motor AppM

the we

Ea m a-s.

diret wviporf he

' r 4

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1F prL

I 'L

i- -;,- : '. .

t *'*~ ***** *:**.*ll ; ^^^^J:
ijr *^'* .** **i~ik '^ J1 '*.** .4

^.; <.."*'li ''! ^' ,

4k... *'0 *a *. s ~ ^'
I, ,,a'4 1 '

,.f., .*U. ....
^^^*^ii,*' ', l~ '' ^i^-
E- "'V ? *.' <-*". <* i'-,. B ^ K ,'

2 .. .: S...

,.* ." : .. A

"04A ^ "
'M% .

Deluxe 4-motor Douglas
Skymaster service

eld Olk
* la4
poh. mI

butiwwp W ore 5ftim
d -. Vpo
b A~mgh ~e
beh I .1 ou

3133 P24lY

P I'.., 4 .-o .
-^ I

o or

--' XS '. ..S EDITION A

j u SALE
.. APRIL 29

EK -.'


A .


'rW ^ ^i H. u."ii i .. ... -..r-
w*. ... r j '-A


Ut y, 1vm m or to trwde e, i' yotr i ain s' Acceptable
.*. ., \ _h*_b S. i ".i. aM. h '*-"

*Ul mSE V....US .FoR A :




.* 1.'

CLO" R .-

g o.,7"
JN ,.,.

|lW5. ct vry little f a"t id the
' ,mnu. (UP),- ace of hearts, bht it would laDn
ea~~t 8 moky meat deal if Wet had the ace
mee 6S e their As It happened, West did hatve
ven though the ae of eata and put It
become confu at owOe. Now duB king a
eaiOta could funlab a dia d
br IaoreC .t discard to d ,elaer, and South
th' Cw at ne only the normal f
Sof the quee fi 1t diamnonds late
6o f a deep finesse.
After winrta the see of
hubth. Wret ledf another tru
to a t's king. South w as
atip abl e to dksw a
B-ua of trnmp and aneM t
fkwm v' atksss-ff af

(ula qut dft renetww-bt- *.
en down One and ak-
an exta trek.

ATLANTA. a, ((IP) Jck1-
bate ofcokduty, but p b om ..BI
ly aftnr he returned home he .-
e o6mftaed to bed with one
int ina ,ceeln ,,am$. He had,
men hit by a tricycle ridden by
I three-year-old son, Michael Nook "=

IT'S The Military

thing to wear

a lOVAo

Waterproof Watch

Winners of 165W bw IT4
,. /.\ Awar&, MbdO W tche ..
.R ;. famous si4ce, :
1 MOVAPO W"rpoof Wu
i; are unsurpassed in performance
("as safe as a turtle in its she) )

and their stwdinss is attWes ed
by Bill Beddet, Congressonal .
Madel of Honor Winner, who his
used a MOVADO in his prof
^ as Master Diver, of the ePaG M *
:., Conol for the lost 10 Yra, ,

-,. A -"

" .t '..- ,









Wdix olr

. Jr.

S./ ., .

! r,
1., ', *,
'as -a

Iij" -..

ou Sell 'em... When You Tell 'em thru P A. 1ass

Leave your Ad with one of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 "H" Street Panami
| No. 12,179 Central Ave. Col6n

SLewis Service Salon de Belleza Americano Carton Drug Store
, No. 4 Tivoli Ave.-Plhone 2-2291. and No. 55 West 12th Street 10.059 Mel&ndW Ave.-Phone 255 ColMa

"-Morrison's Agencia Internacional de Publicaciones Popg? dh, S. A.
S"H"Btreet corner Estudiante St.
S"".Fourth of July Ave.-Phone 2-044! No. 3 Lottery Plaza Phone 2-3199 Phones 2-2214 and 2-2798

- '. '

":,:" imrl


* .-

: ay:. '.I
Sunday. April .1"

-SiUn On-- Musical

Household Automobiles De o ,-eve a driuhig preblen
....IWriAli se Assnymv us. Se&
FO ,VJt*t and dresser, a wardrobe, a lion. Speccl price due ironsfer.
"Ntden dinctie a tocbe and foui CGorge C arr, PAA. To:umen DR. WENDEHAKE Medical Clinic,
ir).a.iv.ngico..uite, a Sit.- --- Central Avenue & K Street Corner'.
,aa. o lhv.ngicom suite, o Sr.- FOR SALE. 1952 4-cocr DeS-to Telephone 2-3479 Panan..
W e'-wrg machine. I te'ephcne Firedo-ne V-8. exccilent cfL' lion.. -- -
tle, a d an Ad.rirol refrige.otor, ECG ro l~, i h extLas U.S. tax SPECIAL EXCURSIONSI Al ,n i ood condt.on 1d. Coil Cr..:bo 3-1--40 after FROM PANAMA TO MEXICO
R cny 1 .--ormatio. i coil Pani.a p n, or all aoy Saturday cnd cne way $85, round trip 135 115
2051 Feci 5 cd 6:30 p.m. Sunday. Idoy-limitI 169.00, good one
FOR SALE: COne Frigido re, e.-cycle FOR SALE:-1947 Chevrolet s-don IruLd i A ES, ne. 0 ay, $1 -.1
8.5-cu. ;;. 19,9 r-cde!. 110-A, 5SO0.C0. Ccn be seen. 4 p.m. to aiP e Disptc Setvice 36 A
ladwin S;re:t. Gambcao. CZ. 8 p.m Qts. 540-8. Coco~i. ioalW (Aetemitale w..T.
Fe ) SALE:- Ccuch ar.d ch:,r like FOR SALE:- Jaguar MK VII sedon Pmue 2-1655. _
new) S30.' brrbco coffee table S6; cnd XK 120 Super Sport. Both TRAINED NURSE, speciolizirg i n
.rrboo hIbrary table S; 2 fiberj 1952 models. Duty paid. Consider general baby care, food, diet, pet-
rugs $12 & S3: chartreuse screen trade. Phone Albrcok 6207. sonal core of aged person. Will li4vi
5; 3- Q.;crtrn a_:er ted .25-1
p'e rer;e'ct:- .Frg o.e' 560 .-OR SALE: -1947 DeSoto seden. ro- in. Address R. Small, Box 522, Pe-.
CU..Bboa 3"S2 cl;o- 6 p dio. flud-drive. Excellent condition. _dro Miguel P.O.___________ h
OE--L- SL R;, -, A3 ,r P;'one Panonia 3-5093. ___ Travel via "AREA.' "the Route of the
i. b'- '. .r t e- FOR SALE: 1941 Oldsmobile Sx. Good Neihbor." NO INCREASE
it1 fr. ,-'. V,-'. V. But er Excellent cond~t.on. Jut ove.hzul- IN" PRICES:...FREE MEALS...
,,d. 9 to 2 daily. All day Sunday. COCKTAILS!. One-way to:MIAMl,
S h e C433 Frcngcni St., Aon, 7000. ..NEW YORK, $114.00.
FIL.'SALE erc-.. lrg. om Tel 2-4214n ...GUAYAQUIL, $80.00.. .QUI."
a0d4 d'nga-om +.-n ure. ,t_:e :- TO, $86.00. Round ttip to
a id k. thrn uten,-ie. ti App'y FCR SALE:-Ford 1952. perfect con- MI, $126.00.. .NEW YO;*
Geore. Juso Aro--er.a Aven-u_ c,:&on with rad;o S1.650.CO or $214.00...GUAYAQUIL $144.00,
"i PaA ,'Warvsol Aport-erts ccmcr, r- akeon offer. Tel. Balboo 2696. ...QUITO, $154.80. BOEING 4-
gf,1I37t'i :rett. Prn:.= --FOR SALE.-1951 Ford 4-dcor se- engine planes. For more details see
,FCr-S AL -Su. -r'. cue d' oon. Excellent condition, S1400. PANAMA DISPATCH SERVICE. 36
citn E elet on t-on A Avenido Nocional (Automobile
r -. 3 erctcr, 2 Gic g rg CarO 62bo?, or see House /Row'. telephone 2-1655.
F.,SALE:-Mcden cg- t.- OR SALE:-947 Dodge 4-oor e- iThe Gonodero Industrial offersho
f rbb:r nmatres:. :, cy- cIan, good ccnditon, new paint, new delivery service of pasteurized "Es
;,acls $75.00 each; 9'een :trp- tires, new battery, new seat covers trella Azul" (Blue Star) milk in
e iS G Lecving Isthmus. Phcne 3-2876, Margarita, Fort Gulick, Fort Dovi
d bed preads S15.; lcbet and Fort Shermon. Wrte to Apr-
e-peed record ployz re- 98-D, New Cristobol. ado 52, or calll 1204, Color
550.00; nCw mohogor.y bar FOR SALE:-1951 Chevrolet 4-door r 4
S .50. Tel. 3-0692. El Cangre o sedan P.G., low mileage, beautiful
.-treet. Nc. 53, Apt. 1. condition: $145.00. Phone Cristo- PI D AI I

F- .E:-Dininrgrocm aet. m:hog- bal 3-1411. .. .
8 pieces S65.00; two b-ds., F SALE:-Joagur Mark VII Solo=n
p'.e' w;th :p.:ng- crn :, :tr 1952, 4 doors. Excellent
C.itcb-l 3.-1C CaoJGurdia y Cia., S.A., 3-0025.
VF5t"AL ,Or trace for EO-c-.c'e. FOR SALE: 1952 Ford two- tone
rgerG0.or 25-cycle 9 cu. ft.. ex- Custom, practily new radio ex-
t condition. Foreman, 232-A, tras. Phone Novy Atlontic 588.
___-.. __._ --oA FOR SALE:-1949,White Chevrolet
F s E -Metal dining table andl sedan, radio, new,seat covers. Ex-
.p rs metal library table Rt- cellent condition. Phone, after 4,
boo choirs nd e 2-4323; working haios, 21087.
c6ndtonr. House 1502-B, I__
lah. one 2-3401. O Of red
fok P

ri v m 'llr -.-

FOR SALE: Emerson portable bat-
tery rodio, like new $15.00. Phoste
2-3750: House 647, Coscados.
Lester Piano, studio upright three'
years old,. like new" $425. Tel. 3r-
3903, Ponomi. Call Mrs. Lott.
FOR SALE:-Radio, mobile equipment
complete, Elmoc transmitter. Car-
ter genemotor, 'Morrow converter,
Shure mike, Whip antenna, power
supply. Phone 2-0104 or 3-0887.
SOR SALE:-Sealed bids will be open-
ed April 30 at 10:00 oam. for com-n
dplete set of Dictaohone Equlomenl


PHILLIPS Oceanside Cottage. tl
only court in Santa Clara vwith-
O.Ceonview from all cottages. Stq"1
to beach. Rock Gas. efrigeratioen
bo.i:ecue and shuffle board. ,Pi -
amo 3-J877. Margarita 3 .-4
BoX No. 435 BoIlbo.
Spend your week end at Casingm
Clore. cabin $4.00 o couple. t
music by Casime Aces.
Willantsm' Santa Clar Beach

fiaml kitSachen, CporMd, m
*bo us-i dead. rate T for lai
6-441 Gofn 4t. 7


FOR RENT: Beautiful fr .
chalet near ocean, hgh I
Sswinmming pool, walks 1id,
bedrooms, two baths, p tolr, d
sngenom, kitchen, porch,
room and bath, two-cor f
beautiful furniture thr
Terms: onne year rewoble ue le
Rent $250.00 par month,p b "
six months in advance, optiCn
buy house if desired. Write for Q-
pioahtment lax 5043, Ancon, C1 ,
rI lZone.
FOR RENT:-Enoy nice pweat
during your vocation. Cbmp
Sfurnished 3-bedroom house o- w
qete. One block from busine dis
triCt. "Coll PnomA 3-321.

aided wiok Itelt*enieftecl. Ci
Phea. fenem5 -470. "

Aoaste enn t May
Tw "d M rem f ,as1
cou.t. Iontep,

FOR RENT:hVs iton ero4
mnthsa'--beginning ,Mry 8th, Cal *
5-,472. Ga hwk *"y S

; enest of dr wts eth and accessories in working cond-FOR, RENT.-To couple Wlthod~t~
omper, 8 feather pIl tion (5 units). 20% refundable drei,, fumis-idapg ,t.iMn~t .
Is, 2 lang mirrors, I loe,. dng/ *. deposit requir-ed with bid. TEXACO room. diningroom, bedrem,
.16. gabaedhne 2a-3o2e. '' .(Panorrn) across the street from fy Cuba Avenue No. 12, Ap 6
*16. Telephone,25-3 521.Coca Cola.elo Building4
:--Onepholstered divn k No. 7, Coca Cola. melaBu
r Re rico B d.Referereei:, bsob te y Wiz bEkT
g cir Reasonoble. required. Apply 8 9 FOR SALE: -R Whizzer motorbike, FOR RENT
10-M, Fort latcn, 3133.
-NTEDO.V.Z f-.kit f- good running condition, just over-
Sacficr:- 2 fine czrvedA6 ..cis hauled. Fhcne Cristobel 3-2173. "OOM
rm choirs, m ohogcny ... .." .. .. .
r chairs. a lo-n o .o' how FOR RENT:--Furnished room 540 -.
1 .-07, .h.,Stre.t. Te.. Build ng. El ''I' BrARBER CHAIR, like new. Will ex. 00. For information telephone 3 '
o.--- *--- change for beauty shop chair. Coil 3103, Panama.
LE: i 9-f-ct Kolbe 6117.
Wa thin refrerot c '.uOn a eraSALE:- Meissner model EX. PERSONALS
peta 82113-A Hete P:ace. i a A g shifter with NM 25 cy- 3EGINNPAERSna
-t83-A7e..... o M ee cle. R7BRousseau, 3120. profsGeor Gege Washington Uni-
To- MeetAr OR SALE: 25-cycle i:ndix, fui!y versi ty graduate w gv
IIT, .. .. "au omotic, perfect condition; 2 in BegihnersSpan'lf every
I^VANTED At Pedro Miguel u",, ,.o,,.. ooo,.,,'',7'.... .
1 7 1r M uirls' bikes; I large tricycle; 6-ft. day morning from 8:30t n
mahogany coffee table; single beed U S. Inforrration Center audatari-
w t Plans have been completed for Snday and eenings. s4 t ng May i2nd. Registraeionay
R- Cetr al Zon rou- 'hn e senli-annual meeting of the ,- _- .... 2nd.
to cct as caretakers and 1-rc. ?3anama Federation for Ch i-lian~ 'R SALE:-fle:tric ironer, 25 cy, -- ----- _____ _
es-man at Coronado Beach. Sal 1Service which is to bW held on ,e; steel filing cabinet cnd off.c
free house and utilities. Good Thursdav at Pedro Migtuel desk; Seth Tio'mos ship clock; cu. -
rtunty appointment call The Pedro guel Union toins; draperies; glassware; dishes
bor 3 TherPeogter Uio n kitchen equipment; English wool L
bo o 3146.1 hurch. together with oa yrn; books, etc. 2-hp. ; 60- cl
tires, for recon- IN ad C mo w p -cycc UNITED Sc YCA
iAL ru Avehue No. 7, Tel- res h Om Of Ba'botor;5-volt DC generator 761 .
e2-0406 '< the Isthmus. .Sj .)
IMD -:- The session will open witm dof- a 1) o.N
.ED: Furnished two-bedroom fee from 8:15 to 8:40); '&l Waro llY ORCHID corsages for MMothers' as m
jrtent, elo Vsta area. Ring ship Service formally oians the" Day ard every day delivered any-
Legotion 2-0912. meeting at 8:45. Offi~ieraand1 where United States, Canal Zone AcTIox o DiyoaUa
Om"' SAL Deletates' reports will be hear anod Ponam.. Telephone Panama 3- MIble .9.diidi ,
VI SALE The Program Committee will 0771 and Cristobol 1033.
L d. 'eset e the Rev. Raymod A.FOR SALE:-ArandMne-wNC-125 with To .oovei.^ "*'' 12
8 Es!$aile Gray, aoloest. Mrs. ,Jebaj M.[ Ispeaker, 25 cycles, hot receiver *'I 7h mS to apper BIa d
--'---- Lct"'of"nd,8'5-00 -- rofl of r Mgrarirta wil chair-. 8061 -D, 3rd St., Morgaritao 3- *elistI ll 1it~Iod as tr 0
Lat oran 1.500 ian the Panel IDlscussion on' 2496. KZ5DE. netfed sello l fter
.1ters at Lhs Cu n rcs th r i* t'r.I pubua s... ,
Lto By.-Roosevelt itnship Our Christian FO SALE:-Mvie camera H--16mn. p, p lM to p Cr
5 o m.ter. Telephone 3- er Bo'ex with 3' bst lemes, ran 1 -
or 2-0188 Members of the Panel are Rev'. st lenses, .,rang? asr.n-t you 16for the tVlhf tn
n f -M /Chals. 0. Butler of Panama City:, tnder, case. like new $280.CO; the ..,m.mluin. .
-ottage inSantao C'ara. r. Dorothy Moody of A 16mm. cinelgr makes 21x3. JWTN e U"sai Iebl, .trfe it.
1ors, Ro CIall 4 28&. and Mrs. Chase. Whittaer of Co- bApt. 2-4 opposite Camero this April 12 s
~I Bdet Committee r D rts H. ORMICK. Jit,
IFO SA LE A I C lad the election and installation Jo10SALE4-6 T retreads Good- r SEAT) ,*- .
FOR SALE oY officers for the nextyear will', rich Silvetown 4-ply 7-10-15, one SirAt ).. H ... e N
dfo RTdl0low. o : never used, one slightly used, both .' Deltr clerk. "T
M. olreycles I.ncheon will be served at for 12.00. 764-A, Los Cruces St. T ,,er Alemeus .u
on you by pi aift waftunat to the
ALE: b d 200 .l:30 at a noinal t. -__Balboo. on t to_ t
Snew. Class winner Naton: ,J 4re. 1oredr 6 tags Jiftt Courtfor
Cost $385. sell $285 O.? IV T .. ri.-t of,, ea ll. f n. d."ted
1950 Cu:hmcn motor u friend idte Dtrict Cortor
tb..urn .corstipaclon, 1_ bii D. rof hibmrAp.rI22.idds.the
x et e mechanical 1rtt' dInins.UNTEDO bll BA f .MC M il .n C
0.i. May' 'Be 'seen at Auto *:ln bleInlhep. eIt IStl CANAL Zge= -. MICK, J'eh
viceh. Inc. Owned by Ponoma In- fi'_nr your ehentlitLtir f United S- bta tle'Cowt fLr theo Cc) Las
ronce Cen-any, r Phone n- ....: .to fe o t r
,oo-to.ay a*,nd -ls B --ei- F:0. -b.1. 4

I. j

I1.W Iq yard
No. 11 Central Ave. ( TeL

ris. mnd the M.V. Arini.
' eoUM of Ceutrst, O I Karl-
WHEREAS. es tie SI all tf April
1l J, Carl. eaiA, P- Ca rrM
.On*. Prnctr Fee or..b tie PlfaWsI
tEsa Llbei i~ be
ge r'orEfi
Cw"-I 'S S~3*r~

i (1 l

rNovey, I

moving ...
and crate
;,* 'Phone, 24
I' ll' i >.iu i il





LoiCz OF v:

tA Mg i t 0
GE V.,

Ll*eln ,. o /^
and ,i g ".

:" *

, I .. ,.
* O The -f.

U'ti i i t' Pf A .-

. El

(NNLATTIN ofme -. di


6 to 1 2 Me
KRegtger: 11 *I L to 2.:.
3 to 4 i

$ t- 4 '*



l .
I- ^

" -'





- ~7

-- -r~- -f,--- **. f '1-1 11 1 -- *

k i *

... A




wI -- i .-."
- 5 *g -^ ^ "' "* 'r -^ ^" .' -:-.. '. ^ l~




.w U

sweens^m ^ ,

Clab" s~^aki^~F rg


. -E.* .- fi
.. /ahn Wf'CKChris
when ...
Bo^pe telON-^rJan
ww ppa~'m'i*p
a pre-

'b gsfto.rt'cp
a0 tetlly *srr licauyw

. -p A

1^. ~ ~ .5 -l'l''f

M Horic

.. .

One q .Jnortant
-ereb*A ~ a mt-
anthi ne. kgo d and.

of Ga

swamftlte in

el Aew color
, q Robert
a=, and NI-
MW t;al produc-
m4eKWrnere In3-
hr UB~im ar sftn. R

In Nw Comedy Coming To

'Sma Town Girl Stars
Sl r.

PoweZl Granger At Balboa

Jane Fwead o MissPowell, wfo hasn't been
g-r a- 1' the seen on the screen since her
ist .in --l new Appearance In "Ri%, Young
Technicolor mu L, "M maIl nd Pretty.," i. given her best
Town Ol" to at the .al- in oppIrtunty in the NI-
boa Theater. luB. dn-Leo Robin mu-
It's the latest tuner from thel sc w such songs as
hands of Prodwer Joe Paste r-L a, .taa, 1ine," "The Fellow
nak, who has you such rd Follow" asd "Small Towns
put hits as meU You're Are Smile To*s." Bobby Van
Mine,"y W ow," Ibs q secialty dance In Take
kti ts. i. .d "The Great e to _aday." Ann Miller
Carqmso.P has two numbers, a Gaucho
Supporting the 1tar in the dance and the spectacular pro-
lna i town da nulmbn y er. "I've att
~5AAWU JAIU5 .E~7 W i~. ~ ..-."

-e K TWO- 9I.w oll,, ,...azory air aas u m o,, e, % ,
tnU by girl who sweens abig city boy Hear That at," and Nat King
sa5y A< t^op tech- off his feet td h ht as to get Cole scores with "My Flamming
alelaIs. him out of Jail to do it) are Heart."
Ann Miller as a' Bsadway mu. "Small Tqwn Girl" was film-
It M- t er-re- ala headliner, bra come- ed from a screen play by Do-
tqr Arch O "W ua the dian I. i U, W obert aelth, rothy Cooper and Dor othy
'"M e.41f tolW Vs who singing Nat Klnr.Cqle, Mle Kingsley, baed on a -tory by
00gd t -make I fI rst Burke, Pay Wray- and M-G-M's Coe. It was directed by
three a talented newcomer, Bobby Van. Ipeale kros.
ail ttlag and
"Bwansa L eI alt. I M 1,
epho rro Fynn Mkes Things
*Man Ift11 etrue-
H Hum In Wes Indian Empire
f .the pair
of maa-i1 whose fe-
rodtlmni* Anti. fUre un- PORT AN'TONIO, t aa. they will be rubbing shoulders
'dst ianse co ster- BXW., April 35 -(UP) 2RwI a host of vacationing mo-
natn t Bth Parli- Flynn has become the herw of te stars before long.
ment.this old Jamaican port to p The Titchfield's food supply
by restoring some of Jts glWir pm from Erro'Ps Nay Island,
of olden times. a 70-ace patch of wilderness
t-refully cuitated by a s(-
Od Ew* bco l The noyle star's exten14e man crew under a burly Ja-
On ecor .-pie here includes an i* *alcan, "Governor" Fitagerald
[ coastal Island known as havy obnaon. They tend a flock of
t Island, a 3,000-acre cattle r 00D. chickens, partridge. phea-
Svu IIOL(- and the Hotel TitclBM"d the isat and docks which are fat-
SI a ni smanl resort hotel. tend on imported grain for
fl mt "Errol aMd Pat (PatriPlA Wy- hotel guests.
film ~P more, Errol's actres-wif> spend
7 tuous Mignlao Is 4 as much time her as they ca# "We don't run this island
S uyar"1 Iptween making movies," pal. farm for profit, but Just to
'T Theynn's father, Theodore f ep the hotel applied with
M-A th n former zoology professor fl t ood," the father said, pointing
00 ^the -Of te Ireland and Tasmania. "Mt. to the patches of vegetables,
.t euynn and I look after things baanaa and acoonut trees.
t while they're away." "In fact, I 'think each egg
y *ke -AMU .-AMll- costs us about a dollar." Mrs.
.-.. ...t. The swashbuckling star's in* baynn added "but there's no
RWSAy ,, redter t- in oe in this town, once one better fqoo Ip aalica."
e of Jamaica s busiest ports an
e ,od "Anna" 'l- Han:is large hold-
m, an hr & rh fcomn IM, which he acquired in 10
i- wI oft have virtually made w nmnlt
Sert an la d. baron t out of ong
-Artb4r' -J*y and of lijown. .

e at ma la one; his island oomnmands
ea moth rae lmb ted the a r2ch to the awnsr-
mon, ),' b"r. hotels also own
Columbi. e a hFlynn's12nn overlooks tB
entire Perfm*m o aItown, the sea aPad the harbe
Zeon aeGd- ad his famed two-m aste
WK. Arth r Gow. s .e.Zaca, rides at anchor
mI d melody for i aeh om "i -I M .
on for The Professor," as the elder I A ST
are nsorSs ssaid
S d arlowehost at the wTit.chteld tel on
S Tt-5 Lu which he rently spent a tidy
and i.e l sumiI realovation. A typOal I
andll oratt.pSow fn te Is th double swim-

Itca rding "That Old n d oto commemorate the .o iL AI VISTAA
t" and t W a Captain Bligh of | L 5 14. ?1L *C..m 5 w
t in e ro S off beaches o bB f aTr ret-caulk-
a,. Incidentally. Intro-
I t Oe lro dL d, Jainle ma the now-po-
PTaUlp and '"ome en- aln on
Cthe stay-at-homes with ga fine th Y
.single among the new j the swirl-
et "tr 'o'a"* s" wife has her own

reelblent Decca of another resort ho-|N
||R so Dg broin Cro.s1b?'e Petit, cl( by the I y? C
10 n withh "And the eo --9p -
a ne teamsSCAund ad th
v t -r p la. tte r, a p e @i v t," W."on and
The rambler do W.Uam D. Ladon. hO CAMO
'fro Va s.- (.UhT em iH Af' tU

vhI bamad comedy t
ud Abott and Lou 01
emabb their talt= -o
what Is rp .e
West an to%. UN
b-o mad smoi

and then Becomes Inv
two tavern walters. 11
mistakenly receives a
and themap to a hi
sure falls into the
the waiters, hilarious
cations result.
As the tavern waited
with Captain KIdd
search for buried treat
Ics Abbott and Col

years go. T e turning I
their Careers occurred J
*Kate Smith signed
her radio shows. They lie
an instant sensatlen. I=
Kate Smith program. ,
went e Broadwayo e
cal, "Otreets of Paris." As 4
sualt of their performances, 6
were signed to a film coats
ind bare been in the m"
ever afnce.
Co-starring with Bud a.
Lou Js Charles Laughton, w


-"TODAY'. -- .
Shows: .7: #-:i
WILL R00o Jr-
and '
in -

Ssr..n..tin-la'^ 7 ofeleA Tbsef
nonePhonc:.4 -M T -111
u.' "l I 1R :1S x "


, "HONQttu;-.

1WO AM D A UW Y IN 'K ,D WlR..-. .
w f G sipe r lIi e m, W ,
Abo: Aeo in O O I ... I
."LAST Tw w*iti

L f

* a

( '?

S. --

*.. 7



,*1 .

1 F
~? -1
m.s U

* .. g

I" i
..Aw .I

- 49,q

e Co
^"^a A,


" IV

i:. %. *

.' "t'..~: i






I. ft


SA wide open Class "D" $600 seven furlong NATIONAL LEAGUE
rt race features today's eleven race program at Tileas W L t.
Philadelphia 7 2 .778
be Juan Franco Race Track. Chicago 3 2 oo0
SSt. Louis 4 3 .Jl
Any entrant in the nine-horse commandd three furlongs out and Brooklyn 5 5 .50
Ad could come out the inner ,o ueeied home. Scotch Chum Milwaukee 4 4 .00
This evenly matched contest came irom the ruck to rup the New York 4 6 .400
%--r4ngs together the Chablis-Ben- albo fast closing Prestiglo for Cincinnati 2 4 .333
..deguz entry. Rathlin Light. Min- pace. Toletazo paid $5 to win. Plttsburgh 3 6 .333
,o, Piropo II. debutante King's, The six-and-one-half-f urldng
-rize. Rose Hip. Newmrinster and special for two-year-olds was TODAY'S GAMES
-.,Beduino ,.on by Cara de Gato for Bias Cincinnati at Milwaukee (2).
I. King's Prize is an expensive Aguirre's third victory of the New York at Brooklyn
British thoroughbred brought uay. Aguirre had his other win- Pittsburgh at Philadelphia (23
.,here especially to participate in ners aboard Lady Caren and St. Louis at Chicago
rthe rich President's Classic and ruego. Gomez ano Ornando Cas-
.1ndependence Day iNov 3' Clas- .Illo were runnersup in the YESTERDAY'S RESULTS
alc. However King's Prize did not saddle depainment with two t l I
re-pond to ne cl.o. of 'is rai- r.iuumphs each. New York 002 001 220-7 10 1
ner in time to rece in last Sun- The dividends: Brooklyn 014 100 000-5 8 0
day's $15.000 added race which Maglie, Wilhelm (6) and Y-
aWas won by Amorio I-Opex $16, 4.60. 2.20 vars-Calderone.
,. Carlos "Chichi Diez. a veterann --Campesino $4.40 2.20 Meyer, Black (7) and Cam-
-and known horseman trains --Villarreal $z.20 panella.
,Xing's Prize and is sure to get the SECONu RACE -
est out of the four-3 ear-old son .--Lady Caren $5.40, 3.80, 2.80 Cincinnati 000 000 004-4 9 2
p9f Ba Game. --dion Pitin $340, 3.40 Milwaukee 200 003 0fx- 8 0
., tcduniao, an impreive winner .-Daniel $3.40 Wehmeler. King (61, Nevel (8)
-.aSt wee''. mrv be the mitiuels Far.t bouole: (Opex-Lady Ca- and Seminick; Antonnelll (1-0)
.,.&eive bcau:i-e of his known ren) $54.6U. and Cooper. Home trs: Ma-
4-ism and del'ite r-t'irn to top THIRD RACE thews (5th and 6th), Idgan (1st)
.f .1. -" r-.'c .-" crack' 1-Fuego E xcluded from 'bet- and Seminick (1st). Losing
,ArjPfk rier B'as A-rurre. Linmg. pitcher: Wehmeler (0-1).
:Alw rating hervy m- *",el play 2-noii.eridad $2.40, 2.20, 2.20 the Chabli. 'B. Pr;idoni-en- J--Buiay Bear $5. 2.20 St. Louis 00 000 300-- 6 1 1
.,ez 4A.VPsque7) entry., unpre- 4-Harapienta $2.20 Chicago 010 810 00x-10 15 0
:Aletable Rose Hio iR Gomez,. One-Two: (Smeeridad-Buddyj Miller, Collum (4), Boketana
*J'"opo II IR Lopez Gill, and Bear) 518.8. 41. Fasahola (5). Yuhas (i,
,4-.wmnJnster iBiravoi. FOURTH RACE Clark (8) and D. Rice, AnfBr-
t A'1 in 1ll. tb- racp hold be I-Plola $8, 2.60 son (71, Fusselman $,I MIlm r,
a real thrl'l.r from start to fin- 2--Con Valor 11 $2.40 Leonard (7) and Atwe'L. ore
th. Th-e bct'"rs who are lucvy quiniela: (Piola-Con Valor II) run: Ward (2ndi. Winning
erm:gb t'fpi-k the vwinrer of '.5.-8. pitcher: Minner (1-0).
Atis ne F'- '1 rl- e rnme i c-r FIFTH RACE Pitcher: Miller (0-1).
a subs:. nt ial d'vi'derd.-Dalida P $5. 2.20 1
,.,, -o"- r r:er'-- A--Wmisaba $2.20 Pittsburgh 100 003 020-- 10 1
the Class. E" -ixF nd-one-half SIXTH RACE Phlla. 110 220 10x-7 6 2
.rlog sn-;nt in which promis- 1-Jepperin $11, 3.40 Lindell, Dickson (8) and ad-
Quo Vedis. with Bravo in the ,-Esparno $3.20 lock-Fitagerald.
. Edde. miatche:i trades with the SEfENTH RACE I Simmons, Hansen (8) and
r s proved Mir-wloats ,Agujirre, 1-Alabarda (ei $4.40, 3 Burgess.
. &j- -~reI Green (G Alfaro' 2--echIzo $3.60 ---
L- P;n pun, .B p,-i,-, Second Double: (Jepperin-A- AMERICAN LEAGUE
*" --r 's a'"c,:- r-oten- :bl'arda) MS3.3. Teams W L Pet.
S --. E-'d -"r.v !e-re the E 'iTil RACE New York 9 2 .818
Sf" h-rce Q-o Vnnis wi'l be 1-Goyito (e $5.80, 7, 3.80 Cleveland 5 2 .U71
oth t"1 mutuels choice but he 2-Alto Alege (el Chicago 6 3 .0p7
cohid be upset aeain. .I-Black Bull St. Louis 5 4 .5M
S rf*terday mutuiels favorite To- Qulntela: tGoyit (e-1ak Philadelphia 6 5 .545
,'ieta p raved to his 1st local vie- Ball) $4S4S. Boston 4 1 .400
'* osr ver 7 furlongs in the fast NINTH RACE Waahbngton 2 .
',tiae qf 1:30 while defeat a fair 1-Cara de OGatfl. 3.0, L60 Detroit 2 9 .182
field of Class "G Imported thor- 2-Regal Chum P1.60, 5.20 ---
01l-ebret to grab the major 3--Mallin $6.80 TODAIS GMIES
% pr~ioa'c4-the :.0 pur& One-Two: (Can de gafo-R#-, Chicago at 8. Louis (2)
-4 '.is Cifl-an bred sevre.year- 'al Ch*ml 9 Detroit at Cleveland (2)
Sol-: ch:Fnut son of Row To Me-1 TENTH RACE Philadelphia at Boston (2)
Four Baggr, under good hand-' 1-Toletazo $5, 2.80, 2.80 Washington at New York
Sing by Reinaldo Gomez, was 2---Scotch Chum $3, 2.60 ,
well up from the start, took 3- estigio 24,0 .- W X BP5Ay'S RESULTS
W hhingtol 000 200 000-2 7 0




E N 'ofik A L

1:15, 3:10,
7:00, 9.00

Sima and Orasso.
Ford, Gorman (9j and Berra.
Detroit 010 100 010-3 10 0
Cleveland 001 000 21x-4 7 0
Newhouser, Erickson (7). Wight
(8M and Batts; Wynn (1-0) and
Hegan. Home runs: Simpeon
(lst) and Hegan 1st ). Losing
pitcher: Erickson (0-1).
Chicago 003 210 000-- 11 1
St. Louis 000 000 400-4 5 0
Byrne, Dorish (7M and R. Wl-
son, Lollar 18); Plllette, Hollo-
man (4), Cain (6), White 8 and
.Loss. Home runs: Rivera (1st),
.ox Isti and Kryhoski (Ist).
Winning pitcher: Byrne (1-0).
Losing pitcher: Pillette (I-1).
Phila. 210 000 000-3
Boston 200 020 000-4
Beheib and Astroth.
Parnell and White.

Christenberry Flays

Referee Of Carter,

Coflins Title Bout
NEW YORK. April 25 (UP)
Chairman Robert K. Chris-
tenberry of the New York
State Boxing Commission to-
day attacked the Jimmy Car-
ter-Tommy Collins lightweight
title match in Boston last
night as "the wont exhibition
of stupidity and calous in-
difference I've ever seen in a
prize ring."
Christetberry, who watched
the bout on TV at his home
here, referred to referee Tom
Rawson's action in allowing
the match to continue when
Collips .apearpd helpless.
"It WaS a terrible thing."
Christenberry raid. "Any re-
feree In New York State who
would permit that fight to
continue as long as it did
would lose his license as soon
as the Commission could as-
semble for a meeting.
"The nilllmos of fans who
viewed the fight on television
and the tbhouands ta Boston
Garden watch all er efforts
to make oing eompettlve
and safe as p e trew to
the four winds"
took 6S0 i tt!Nd'ji

- n -




aflelder of t
se atting Cha
winning pC I=
Curty Sc1uw
ha. pawn

Mingo, Piropo I, Reduinr "g

watch Strides For $600 9A

~A. RVju

tn 1.n'


' I ,'s e" I
[.W he, 1.0

4 C *8

6 14
7. 7t
8 12
1 0

* 13
5 11
5 14

s 5 1 l

2 i

* 9 .*53

*[ It
3 1 2

FI. .



M .C



us a -


Dalsey- Elksl
Barnes, B.- P
WataOm, Boy -
McKeown 8e
Webb FPrem
2bemre A
Reece AFoBr
Ammlrattl -- P
Debsinger Pc

lsenmann -. I
DuRfee Bean
Priest Police
Rigeby W.-k
Morris --inAf
Crawfordm E
Engelke, J. M
Snodgrass Al
Randel TIM
Laatz An1Q04
Terrley Elft 1
Dubolsne Un
Thomsot 211
Watson, J. ON
Huddleston -
Terry Fm
K",ne fM
Adams, D. -
Pedersen- -

Caldwell --h
Hall AVON4
Scott, W. w
Snyder N
Pearnsu -
Wallac :- 2

Feenexl.7 l-.

Corrigan, L. -.'
Klelhafer -
Barnmds, J. -
Bailey -- Jea.
Brownp# -
Brandon -a
DeVore -*_
Roe.- .
Bradaha -J4 .
Flumanch --J
Browder -
Hern, D.--
Elliott -
Morris F7"M
Hunter Linuc
Cotton -- 8 S.
Pajak -
Steiner A!


=14 ..1,', u' ia. at.

1414... 16 3i s
Polee... 48 13 19 2
Bear... 64 27 2 S.
aOB.6 10 7 71
en ....M 10 t 2
314... 11 2 0
14..... 4 4 17
oe.. 4 T 6
iE14.. 4 2
ldce... 6 0 I i
Il Life.. 18
1414. 447 1S '
1414. 54 .1 l 2
SLe. U 5 1. a'
14 rs... 4 8 6 12
1. 2 1
14 ..... a W 3 2
I4 .....41 1221
men... 3 4 0
14. .... u 0
ars. .. 54 15 5 .
eolna ife 54 7 1 U5
PO 14. 41 10 11 2
n 45 5 13 2
lfe.. 45 11 12 1
.4. .:. 15 2 4 0
i 'Life. 49 7 .1
l 1414.. 38 8 $
ars. 81 12 10 1
Firemen. 14 14
p. 54 5 1
5O 10 M T
kA 1414. 47 7 1
4. 7
w Rfe. 40 a is
IcOon Life 8 I
DW:Life. 45 .'. i
...... 31 1.
.1T4.; 14 1
4L .... 8 ,1.
?1414.. 44 8 .
o 10.. 40 5 f 0.
. ... 10
, 14. 5 '.'
meN.. 53 6 .
14. : 1
.. 55 1 0
14. ... 622 4
1 2 2
E1 1414 I7 2 1
I e .. 41" "

1414ee. .. 0 .2
. 22.
..... 9. 1 '- 0'

1414. 10 S "
... : ; .1
lmn Lfe 15 '
S.i.4. 18 1 t
e. 540 6. 1 B
e .. 4 19 2 .
1144. 10 .: 9
....... 9 "
.ca 7

1 .. .. 3 1 't

; _^_ .. 2 -

i Jlie ..- 1 J..#fm ~

Dog fired Dav'

UDaid Wu a bms fellow.
ho~Br ar mews left him mellow!
W*m ouO w '. tired end nrave '
r *h. "9 Ou -Ieas ,o, si p U gmP y P.


4-Jam. Helmehe
A1SI Jai "^ J.

A*e*ens Meld

--^el*d'b Jimai 'Nm
John Le iBtti NgCiki

000 Assf--Ysig a -

Jolh Lewis B ttmg CI


John Lewis. a" IW
team won the 1953 Pae
wth .491 average .
electing t ta In 55
year-old sar of Bears waa-
bdg the batte n Is i wts
Roy Watson, Sears shi
Cexain, McOrtff led t* if
IL obby PreIet of the Pa
Id with moat walks ath



_- .I.,- .

Ill 1 Io-.omp.

. T.i .

*y.-e. .. 3

- I


~qIsp -- ..


Li ,~F~P~~I_- -

r 0fo J orrnc ls, -I i 'o'rah X

_ ~__a i _


iransito Kid, Syl Wallace

Ny "Go In Semifinal
'. Ailp*and*coming Rodolfo Francis, who formerly
fought under the name of Beau Jack II, tonight sets
i se stifftst test of his career when he tales with
Ianstmweight Champion of Costa Rica Julio Farah
S the tenround main bout at the Panama Gym.
i The haft hitting Farah, called weight championship on a TKO
tie "Little Turk" by his fellow over fodolfo Ampudia.
Costa ftcans, should prove a The experts" seem evenly di-
Serltable stumbling block for vided in their opinions on the
,Francis. Fasah will be outweigh- outcome of this battle. The ma-
pd by Francis but is by far more Jorlty. however predict that the
experienced and is accustomed to bout won't go the limit.
Aitlng awny weight in almost all The ten-round semifinal be-
Shis fights. tween Sylvester Wallace and
The Costa Riean must be ralf Tranalto Kid at a 138-pound
fod because he emerged the limit Is sure to be a humdinger.
'Cinner 31 times In 34 fights In The first time these two boys
hsl native country, In other Cen- met Traqslto won after taking
trml American republic" and in everything Wallace could dis
South America. out then opened up with a two
,.s t fisted attack whih he kept up
SFranes is one of the most pop- to end of the bout to 3take a
ular young fighters in action lo-, Onanlmous decision.
-cally and has a large following. Both the Kid and Wallace pack
-1is snappy boxing style has sleep producing wallops and It Is
caught the fans' fancy and they almost certain thatin this contest
t1rno out In droves to see him won't go the full ten rounds.
,each time hefightr. Four round bouts between 118-
fRodolfo has been beaten twice founders Young Gittens and Me-
M'ftce turning pro, One of these lanlo Pacheco and Baby Prtrol
whippings was at the hands of and Tony Oavilan round out the
unbeaten Isidro Martinez, con- program.
-todered by many the uncrowned The fights get underway at 8
r tatherWialat, champion of the v.m. Admission prices are pre--
,lRepubllc. The other loss was to erred, ringside, *2, general rinl
IM#elvin Bourne. who last Sunday side and one dollar general ad-
Ilepped the .Isthmian bantam- mission.

JOE by


uThe piu boe had one of those grade B Hollywood tar
e. ke giig for it in. Kbbets Field the other day. The old-tler
SloT one last flingr fider the big top. A wash d up outfielder
) turnedd pitcher. A one time World Series heri giatetul etw
another dbanOe,,even with the dreadful Pirates.
Only the happy ending cliche was missing. Johnny Lindell
,, went allthe way but the Dodgers beat him when Pee Wee Rtese
+, tot abases-loaded single through the box to break a 2-2 tit in
the ebhth. Up to thin Lindell, who once hit.O,500 for the Yankees
In a memorable World Series, wo holding his own with Blowtop
-')$uss Meyer.
S.Maybe not holding hi'owd in q artistic sense, because the
+.ST-yeaw-olu rlght-%hp611 Was val noto many men and there
saidthigteg orde k or sharl or donant about this .per-
;ormance: veh o,' e managed to keep the fight even for al-
most, eight innmgs .asd it was own sold home run that kept
it that tight that ldng,
And when it is considered Lindell has only one pitch of
. big league prestige,. a knuckle ball be used last year in the
Padiftc Coa4 144age_ where ho won 24 and had a fine .52
" earned run average& ,.dt mLnw k nIlrW th much les than
hls strongarmfd,-slt-ol -a-v.
S This Wa'Ltndell's first imIortaitet with hi knuckler. He
hadn't had too much trouble winning on the Coast but, this
g as the Big Time... "I'll have to see it I can fool the men with
," now," hme saidbefore the game. As the records show,, he had
been able "to foot the boys. .
A .' + -. 4 : s ,, .

, An old-timer with only one pitch could have asked for a
softer 'tarting assignment than to face the defending cham-
pions and the heaviest slugging team in the league, even' with
Its preponderance of right-handed hitters. There will be after-
,' .*oons against other pitchers when the Bums will find it easier
to win than they did yesterday.
S' Pitching for the Pirates, it is not going to be simple for
-Lindell to make a forceful impression. They don't help a.pitcher
much at bat or in the field. Like the other day, the pitcher is
most yon his own. Fortunately, Lindell Is capable of helping, him-.
self. One year he led the AL in triples, hit 18 homers and drove in
"03 Yankee runs. .
Fred Haney, the Pirates' new manager, brought Lindell with
him from Hollywood. To give him something of a break he also
brought along Mike Sandlock who caught all of Lindell's games
4'. 'and was accustomed to handling the knuckler, the toughest pitch
in baseball to control or 'catch.
S. Like Lindell, Sandlock's been around for ages but mostly
In the minors. They loved him in Erie, Pa., and Mobile,. Ala.
History may remember him solely as the first catcher to -ride
Into the big league on a knuckler. Of all of Lindell's well wishers
, there can be none more ardent or sincere than the old bush-
league catcher. If Lindell goes back so does he.
Even with all of Sandlock's experience, Lindell's uninhibited
knuckler got away from him at times that day, once a pitch
that broke in suddenly for a -strike. The fact is the knuckler
defies full mastery and 4s young Smoky Burgess said (he'd just
warmed up the Cubs' Dutch Leonard) "I'd rather catch
There is nothing extraordinary about a fielder switching c
to pitching and achieving success. Or vice versa. Bucky Walters o
should always remember the late Jimmy Wilson in his prayers;
it was Wilson Who converted Walters from an ordinary third
baseman Into a 20-game winner who led the NL three times-
and Wilson practically had to use force to change him over.
S The Indians' brilliant Bob Lemon wasted five years courting t
big-league attention as an infielder. I suppose it was Lou 9
'.roudreau who first recognIzed the latent wizardry in his right
Sarm but: whoever. It was did him a wonderful favor; Lemon's
,'won 20 or more the last four-of-five seasons and hits for him-
There's a slight switch in the Lindell narrative on account
of he came up as a pitcher and Joe McCarthy said it was all I
a mistake and handed him an outfielder's glove. Lindell's 23-4
with a gl ttering 2.05 earned run record demanded profound
respect but McCarthy said he wasn't fast enough his curve was
too obvious and that his only'chance to make the YaYkee varsity
was In theioutfleld.
That was a dozen years ago. What if McCarthy had advised
Lindel Ito develop the knuckler then? (It wasn't beyond himn l
as we've W 1.). 9uttt there would have to be a Sandloekl c
wouldn't there? :. well, the 'Story's good enough as it stands Is
and let's hope the two old men manage to stick around, win I
some games and have some ifun.
> *

Samuel Smug :

,aMeel smus W ssrt 'te Blne
OV **M*er he TyO wUeld r
edam always f buyd seee hnysa
.,fo g t is to adveruses
S^ 5 .






VARTICIPANTS Z1 D C(HAMPIONSHIPS (First row. k el latleft to righty) teltiMl-
- man, William. Olbsta, cMhael Brians, John Hat gi, Tommy TettinbiUa, David Harris, Fred tM~ue,
Paul Olassburn, All Pinto, Daniel Kissam. (Middle row) "Tutfy" Jllman, Mrs. "Bobble"
IFear, Maggie la, Alexis Vila, Douglas S asfy, Norine Dilhan, 'anny gglston, Agnes
Dube, Donna OyrAn Maocubbin. (Back row) Joe Copello L. E. Stevens, John Schmidt, Bill
.Stevens, Paul S th, ,lm bchelbler, Leo Constantine, Cody Stapls, Bll Derr, Jy Clemmoqz,
'Eugene Derr, BirLnghn, W.L Jafray, Noel E. Gibs=q. -' o ^ .




C2 JUTNIOR RIFLE TEAM CHAMPIONS Medal and merchandise-winners of the Balboa Oun
Club's Junior Division who won the Canal Zone Sectional Toutrnament of the 1953 Annual Junior
Shoulder to Shoulder National Rifle Association Championships fired at the Ft. Clayton indoor
range. Left to right John Schmidt, Tommy Tettenburn, Danr' Eggleston, Dick Dillman,
Paul Smith, Norine Dillmaah, Jim Scheibler, Leo Constantine, John Hatgi, Daniel Kissam, Cody
'Staplesand Alexis Vila. .. ...."
'a i I-- A R i T'M l i.."o,-r ^ -

Catcher Rice Tabs Mizell For Greatness,

Says Cards' Three Young Pitchers Will Win

NEA Special: Correspondent -
ST. LOUIS -April 25-Take
it from the man who has the

likely to dQ. the job for the h
Del Rice, the St. Louis Na-
tionals' No. 1 receiver, figures i s
he's catching aces in Wilmer
Mizell, Harvey Haddix and Stu
Miller. He believes these three By FLACO
kids can win this year just as
they did at the tall-end of last Fishing this last week in the inner bay area was, as usual,
season. good exercise and little more can be said.
S, z, o -
> Vkiegar Bend MI z e ll, the The International Game Fish Association has come up with
coUntry boy,. is going to be a the answer to the Allison tuna question. The Allison and the
great pitcher, says Rice, who's yellow fin tuna are the same fish. We have believed that the
not only the youngster's catch- long streamer dorsal on the Allison identified it as a different
er, but also his roommate. specie but the committee states that it is a scientifically esta-
,blished fact. The new scientific name is THUNNUB (Neothun-
"He can't miss," he says. "It's nus) ALBACARES
merely a matter of time. r
."Wilmer has more stuff than
any pitcher I've seen in a long
time.' Not only that fine fast
ball and the good curve, but ..
also the change up. The -.- /
change-up is a fine pitch, one '
of the best he has. Ow

"Vinegar has a lot more con-
fidence than he had a year ago.
Knows the hitters better. At
the first 'of last season, he'd
get into early inning trouble.
Waks would get him in trouble.
ie doesn't walk 'em now.
".ie's twice the pitcher he
was When I first. saw him when
e "-reported to the Cardinal
amp at St. Petersburg two
prings ago.
"What does Vinegar lack?
ust a little time.
"Control is the answer. It's
ots better, needs a little more
consistency. Finesse, craftiness
i the other thing he needs.
is fielding is okay now.
"When he's as experienced, asn
mart as Haddix is now, Wilmer
will be a truly great pitcher,
le'll win quite a bit this year,
but those big years are coming.
"Haddix is rough. A smart
pitcher, has the finesse that
Misell lacks. He's several years
ilder, more the finished pitch-
er. He should be a real win.
ner. Fine control. He's like Bar.
y Brecheen. Has better stuff,
better fast ball than Harry. He's
lable to be one of our big ones
bis summer.
"Miller is a cute one He mine
em up, works on hitters. hasm
lot of slow stuff, messel up
he batter's timing. He'99 ry
According to Del b. eI'
ian who showd know
MardinpIs wont % mn
#%adp vtemng.

The tuna being caught at Cabo Blanco is a ieg eye' tuna and
will be listed in the New World record chars 'as such. The Tec-
ord will revert back to the old holder of tht AliMs tuna record.
These fish are so near by alike that the Association has re-
quested that anyone claiming a record follow theqs instructions.
Submit a photograph plus when possible the entire gill-arch
showing all the gill-rakers and one pectoral fin the second dor-
sal fin and the anal fin. These parts can be dried and mailed.
Up to 40 or 50 pounds the big eyed tuna and te Allison or yel-
lowfin tuna are very difficult to tell apart and the above fins
'and gill-rakers are needed to establish speaie.
The world record for Allison tuna is'2bw'65f pounds. The
record for big eyed tuna is 332 pounds. The big eyed is known
as THUNNUS (Parathunnus) SIBI.
We hear that in the near future a houseboat capable of
refueling small boats will be in Cocas Point. This houseboat is
to sleep thirty some old people plus having Ifatg#e dining room
and bar for'up to 75 or 80 people. ..I "..;
It will have ice for the smaller boats' plut ghs, oil, fresh
water and all the other things the smaller boats need. If this
project goes thru it will be the biggest thing for: tfihing in Pan-
amA that has happened in many a year, Withb *oi- odations
of this type it Will be possible for any small seaworthy boat to
fish for 10 days at time in fishing waters that hiae until now
meen closed to all but the larger more expenlt- beets.
It will also change the fishing as a smaller aster boat has
an advantage when fighting -a large fish. If PnAnai Is to be
developed into a sport fishing area it needs a base In the good
fishing area. For many years the cost of building and maintan-
Ing a boat capable of fishing this area has kepft.Jnat a fisher-
man from enjoying the sport.
Whatever it takes to put the houseboat in docae Point should
be done and without delay. If possible for it to e. finished In
time for the July 4th to AUgust 4th tournament-t should do .
much to make the tournament a huge success. .
The Panama Rod and Reel Club will have aitbe dopp ready
for their tournament so that we can give sompl 'details next
week. It promises to be one of the best ever hb aMB this area.
Sare -off for black marlin, ur, i striped
a, ko dolhbin. wah4,. W.Ish. tunp
P M V4 *A,

R d ction "h .... Ro't

(B LOW T t.E +,lE w +) .,.,.,,

* 4


A. :


asy way to

Lk for jie e

"Blsck f Whitt" h~ifry1fb Sc 0 Me
abetwvoindidsa he ooys bsl

ryC&* .S .

of &*ow atfM

- -77
D tiled'
* .- .. .

I .*
<.3 .

:* 'A O. IT. .LAOS. )O'8tA01LA s

-. 1'.- s.-,L. -I-

4.. "; '

^ 7' 'W;a- : ,


_ __I~

(a Is

S jOa M dams any of r ta jor sport
Nd A Staff Carreoedent Salesman eel's .Al*
STAIB COLLtiBO, 2aPprlt a" 7 U
5 -Th i a tow s
-residents with a single ml sle ie began i 1926.
industry -d airy faan del ha dev d
a booming religion-the Pa tdua. champions "
nsylvAnia State Cllege w I t rip
% helks here ae simply SUAr's A its e
dotty about their grunt-"n- tidtl-e, I I wf
roaners, who halted Oklahoa l i.khom
and M.'s lonish donanc es, giving that at
y winning the National CMile- iaP Of 19..victorles
Pate Athletic Association A aflaT .o t
o piostp.. tol"The east is Just __nlng
Wrestling actually out d r e w to move," lares VlA
basketball at Penn tte thisany evet, Lionsare
past season, averaging 6100 to Ing. Their unbeaten -dAal meet
4200. The gymnasium ho I da string now stalidsat 29 aad
6100. With 12,000 stUdents, they three ght eastern titles.
take turns W*atchin tt.e .ah. o aa
matches. The pubio is al- There's n6tling when the
ed in only ftr tournaments.- mtch Will. stop. Penn. State's
Th CAA tournnt eld tlented tract of
at State College, attracteA Torae alt hoee grown,
than 16.000 addicts to fur isA- T. is cted In a belt

bo to tch fansb
los. wohool wreAtling f
Why Is It that enn: tte ,,mt. 7, collegians.
grapolers do SRO bout, s I aes Ioma h t
While at other campus ec me o oo 11 e A westI o*
rootbal pra" tice draws, bett Jn the pr1-
an. n the atmen? or-S~eflt .I
tn l, it's r dhere d ghto 0 p-- 4 .l
lie peldels. e ble eda- Te money r lanks t
on program. bu of their f
"you've, to teach f a ns bt Ited
It's aboutI," stresses the iX
t cai o. ga ve the eastVe
i nat ieol chamnplohipt h ,
estlng team. "It takes 'ie. Ue S6 d
ut once ty he bug you Dame In fo b
't keep 'Im away." a bit, J ,
cated In the wrestling belt What b' y t
nnsylvaia, where high graceful?. d trailerr Le
have gone overboard pushig'? wold JtIbl
customer pick UIf te o4 see: L1An

and scisslors, ab- ,e can have
Over a weli-ex- their Ua ChCarlvie

|Pam j enthu- straut + .;* g ia


ab *1w

- I

-. lT*Qlf\

ATS^ ;


q .

. I

l. 1 1 4

.i 1

f"t.- ..

i.' -

Sb risten berry ..8

ritish Beat

alayan Reds

ith Theories

By ELENOR SPALDING "' etth people know t truth and c h country isae vzUneo .
vi1 25 (NEA) Wirh cold logic I
the steaming jungle here. the
ritish are fighting communism
the theoretical level.
was June of 1948 when the
the Western World. They're stillFoe GtH
shooting today, but the roundsW.

Since that same June fiveTo GreA rb
years ago, Britain has built her
weapon here: a middle class. By Sit. ART MYERS ideM of organiLatlon anoftgh
In Kuala Lumpur, in Jin Jang, thod of jingle taqtise ines t hi m
and even along the back roads of The Army expects company the use of standard tlir 7el
Malaya, you find scores of newly tomorrow but the visitors are equipment undern if 'in6
villages of neatly spaced frame not going to be taken them. on Jun'Ie Qombat.
hoUses with shining tin roofs, a trip through th Panama Can- Elmentary and Izor o
w~idows. gardens and clean wa- al. They won't have uaich time fatst oa surviVal In .he le instructions
wipdor garden s and clean N n~s hin. w b s s dur,, _i be^ gg... .^^.

S These are not the hovels the over 900 off icer@s and e ted c'i : n f h

S ok in on JinJa which ha "the cream ofte airborne crop," So ri r llt a:
S laced part of jungle 13 miles and will join, with elements of combat 6 *at isBB
SKuala Lumpur with 30,000 local Amy unt- RCT of Ater wtogeeran
S* middle class Chinese. Fort Kobe, t 4th Recon-units o plato
T e Nlean, bright stores sell ev- nassance Battal fro Fort company size units l ..of tafft s e rtoogioeensd e ito operation

a erything from bicycles to, bene- Clayton ando e Eineer u4te int'operations ont t an ''
d d e, red peppers to lod-year- A amphibious w Os R i meant tall onlb o mm
,beas K ea n Lmfrrom th 3, Fort Shuni or "Opbr-, DuRT f ng afrtdhesq ad laPtagi io.

to, wn main street Is a Chinese action Brush company, abd battalionamp, where
S ine theater, a beauty parlor, Ten Globe will bring cises. at least one-third of ng tr
3n1 e te a rgg ,Brit inThas.uilt hertact ic alo eae iA at- m ill oe at it 4..1.fL.a.i ."".
eternity home. And outside the Airborne Combat Team to tactical trying wl be at t ha bee d locate
There' a football field. the Canal Zr6y tomorrow. The A total of 34 field prc lel a t Sundl the
S' Nget Kwel, who lives, here planes will laid at. France Field have been, prepared fot t e e;- pal l n obf of the. .Char e
b her five children, has whIea Coce '801n tva Statio n grcise. Wh e ung people of t. bh
lht radio and is thinking of the first sobeditled to touch Only one exercise will use Peter's chur La Bo will be
Refrigerator. After all down at 3 p.m. aid one every live ammo and will be et- i en an opportunity orofflcla- durn World
ty will be installed this 15 minutes th fter. Army ducted on the Fli liht a. ug at the services, -
and one must be prepared. trucks to tra 0ithe troopers tille range, on the O-atbh' .
Sa n from the a to "Brush extremity of the "Bruhnah y of thyouth Penow-,
WThe inhabitants of Jin Janr, Bay." will be area. i g er a ake
|t '^ ig m~t^^ ^ The G(o3 will re- Fifteen! training ariaa 'ar up e e t both the 1i
'.- taw tin miners, pottery mnain on t asi until ready for use and three spares hota' ad thek
r ekt. These people built early Tuesd, are available should the need 730 pm. e n
t eir homes with government "Brush Bay" airing exer- arise.
the tin for roofing and $33 cise designed epare Army Present plans do not call for F Uow the
Shof curreicy units for junglerfare opera- heavy weapons and tanks to be prayer, to be
S' ions. will be c ted on the used during the maneuver, but Clark, it h
Sn n the deeper. bandit- military reservcriIo of Fort a few special train.ig- prtods read-l l .
p e m n jungle, new villages are SheiLan fron Aprit 29 i to such as "bulldozer op" ope d p
S e May 29.- l use of boats and rafts, and PeWBr
Agricultural agents, teachers, Besides providing jungle alt- construction of foot bridge r drd
nedics have gone in despite the ing. the operation will tt new in ed.. p
.Vnper they must sign to release:
.British government fro m Fre-tThe
h"dnsibillty In case they arel-:
..I W'11, '1h44",b
In the end, each family will
get free title to three acres and
,, take in the future of Malaya. e
The British do not pretend be
that all villagers like the new
SBut recently, authorities say
with prid theree have been many
bandits who have surrendered to
return to their now-middle class
amlies.Parking ters

El Panama May Stige I
i i l Per Pop w Co ernet "
CassH arrison c re t popmu- -o -myou're rgh i
o1,td so successr the hotelW hile, Justk r!e,1i1h
announced phother may be he re tertom
ed soon.
garrison foptied the first 23-
ma forpreent single nwig in the area, the adpr*12e crew has built several pera t model finding It. r
aa- o y night,, besides two foxholes. Here ,Bran e Intel enot a nd Re- in. a lotelsi
ar no campola tons of- connairs an. he oPration 4 ,e. RayondO ory of the weudt t. 8p5 "e
,he band leader, nine Heavy Mortar doviin mea- rate the o on a for thet'bres him 3i r
esa included Panamanian dropped Th
er Armando eBac and w.ill. Te'ew
saxo f hone, featured in Duke
trombonist of the BM da lay.l..k n
pe'. was heard ini Lecuona's prldd .
az, d songaters Tito Contre- bo
and sherriRogerar
hotel announced today .l i d
ifp there Is suffelenant re-yo n
anotherr concert will be e" nn


WId leader Harrison Is ex-! Teew-.-" r de
d to leave May 5 for Bog r
t. e concert will be plan-, ,
,to taelace before is de- Sy A e
interested in hearing Byer
her- concert, may contact
Di Scala at Hotel El Pana- 1 25 P)-
Pollce wan a tQ to a

rarotilan w na
217th From o.
To Suicide nether to tto
One the lik side Wi
'RAI8CO, April 25 hrepairman. the reald
-ate highway patrol- t hIte' hetr or" 'thre
.1mes Morgan took a look Or The
private record today and
that l the last nine ,
he ilad printed 217 per-
JM "0d-on It all" by
tW off the Golden Gate
27 was Mrs. Sharon Stett-
VWho rieM d to diye ver the
rda. Morgan Ater
.iaaH ^ort^"p n
thie 4ean Side of the
I e was booked
of attempted suicide.
S bo Tida CA r THE DENSE St
Low 82nd Air to learmabout jungle
A ............8:15 am. tUto ta.LCbarlesMcC
S ..... 8:42 p.m.


eA tract

i.., .,
* .~' ..~ kiln
~ ~**

-_, .. ;, 1 -. ,'

eT'i.1,.-.. '. .<, .,..-. .>. ,w **>.."
...L .. -' -
. ..- .
, i '^ ,i
., .. ^ i-- ^" .' ;* .i'
a .i .a o" A,.s *' *.... ,,


i -
S~-lum-t|^ ^^
.tot M ^^^ ^

you, Id am.
So th a
AMa. Th aby
wm~me -esye
imawla thigfn

kre YourMom

, Jtgw, .,

i bait .,io b oa
! o lstraty ith in
,cx LInOtn ot.
tg, Wht. giftw -wy 0 hi
floewbat .s, tmip" ume o the

IWhWi, B mWm. m.g .
mtta far ym flid*t.
W'ani 9t mommom flu
seo bwiPna the boardu. te

wIM o W at=

w., t -

. -toiw#ea*

--- -- -. .
3Tl Mt.
W w^* T^^ bw ^fbr^

g. Ba gbg.hl lt a6t a wl
SlB w fite 4fO; i f t I w

a m tofm it *. ue .

-,M .. ,,,.
loft. *- ,- .
9. F la. amw

lo. f-.ear t -I" 4e
cel i the i th anem rhey
I. MUW a otary In w.
t m or *I de)o"* L 6uE
Pt tft

6M At nu-bo


*" -
.5. *

r ii.

Dividing d Wine
AIas$ a1 wie Seua
auD e rd H M-e Iarte. Bie i
iIvYi up bt v T frd hbutaem
aIie m tW dW 9 theMU
ald wea mo thre ameW ad
so wata to de thlewithout mix-
lag, winb w 1a 1g a
t vtae t t i

eqwl ml wt ae enIS ad i

twmaftt ma t.
V.Woll1* *^"Dba



Ie T t two "" rt
d a the On Ba3awe

at IMsJ.b ut 11a bete
an" VW -

w ,ttoSi 4 at a tr, t bM wh

m0A, hea m uo h o t sphen
t-.o e "
.Z.Aop.hatat ." Ona~.e ppt. he eAs

~' aK, ut 3-- be Di
,, .. e.,. Ioob h aie. y fiakof

m eh b ma 1
oz M Waae: wqdoiP OWe R abte-
som.0- 90 Eft ROL 20 bntw bet him

aur terc e botfas t a"ay

Poo i=e weimk deb the vimt due

a kUmf Yu0 C man
,~~G raw waB &a as Mbd ofw of



o *troy*& U
,w'yo doo eIt
**rreetly, yoa
w1* hues to ab

we 3?ate"ky
P ,M A fin tb

oa* -you glad
wsm S

& BAI to m

tkbt aal or

them lot amm
do try.

More on Cyptograms
pURTEN Short word, thee of them repeate
nmake thUi au MAr art to golvo When ye
ha dieMovered how the leem have bn Msu
Uatued, yOU can red tho gtotemB ftrm p a
6 jMu oft ohe advantage of tImthb.fton,
=* W *B u m = tags
mUmaime Hfv Doqm m u m
pI WLTa2WI11ss Wcq r EWSW

nemembe, the le atu of wer p vital el.
oe OWNw i nordsi ho-a, are uar&~ e
oINWtte wO.s ommr two4etter wawd ar M:
SF ." lyto b "the or "a." OtdAm : .Or, who.
n .d ..fAa

=P'AP= a W a i

Teaching an Old Bird So

WWI .H _e. ** .W -; of f trials i JV
et h H -' ....
on Mw. m.beay. l l

m n V> E N .t" --o'' .n n
With "t. af oh. 'u ts'.

-ay to At antd yet d ever

-a I ot at t D, an

yigut, h06 44ek toll you 'e o a o&. hinp Sit .

aWhit Is It? 4 0 SIP U|aO OwUh w c twe apeAir
womes eat or me pgA R3vSu S W
Wht todt re t) pote fIn g to Ids speA0* r ,-ME
11 g 1 1 1 1"1

qqWM -- -- ---f




Birdbained? R

IVB optrkb ftame have dt.L
d, A erft nombe ofr brda. Can
a you fguri out bop many eac
b. hia bromU the act thet ti so
n mttami of two Sodi tn e
Mpoiwk wmemywdoiprodu i
lowitg totab.
17 5 I SI 1
U U 0 ,3dI045

A and B Compil I
s1 U tawiovfn -n of
A PhD B 0quals1M.'
A divIded by 3a qal 1.
A UmW 3 qi6M K .
A Mmia N. eqakb 143.

me New Tricks


Vu "A ,m 'ea i tohin Io
S rln i t he misami
"U". ... by" I
*pta a o tter. Fit ea o
vd yom so se witht he
thsro tees T andn 4eans
t: Jr* iteample. SOING
mawreU abd5tioUon VWARN-
tmo. Now -o on froa theS:
T .. emin'
. T U... Spir.
..Ta3.T U a
. TIe so
... .. Tm. u4t

S....TB. Apht
. T B alet

R-- ,is..^ wl ,ge.,

.*^so ass sig qS-- -s eg ..



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7.-'. I>


* '-....

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* -V



p i
"' *


60 w-^
tt- .k



svea so


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_*',.. ,"J




.U.l~r-.p -....

. 1

* j.


ON A PRECARIOUS perch atop the rudder of a B-29, a main-
Stenance worker repairs antenna of the bomber in Tokyo.
;:'Twin .50-cal. machine guns add a grim touch to the picture.

EVEN A GOOD MUDDER would find the track too rugg
mass. Two Koreans are trying to remove their lQad

where spring ralhithave
rh.'* y get some bell*4"i difga

.terrain ino a nidy
qir:.alfurled hbase

T.A iFIC tUL" "are made for small try drivew-4a
Dunne finds out when he ~arksu-is car too ejoa
pldg in New York. The car, create. soRla foria*
O6inches long, Thb auto is powered bWa*lp


it cbmer

ELECTRIC TRAIN owned by John Walther of Oconomowoc, Wis., stops for red
gers and-a squirrel. Flip, the squirrel, isn't content to be a spectator. He
the tunnels, steals items from the flat cars and sometimes.even causes a minei

r" : ^K^ -^

U. msg~-i.O.*

aa rifY u

L ht tanks are Patto

transforaz-clay into beautffully- I
masks Persian .jrs and other spia
and closings Uosed by these artists ig
, ,pottery have attracted a Heavy flow
The potters are almost all natives at:
-toheitel _oth' kdowledge and too -3
Wandrathei a A lo from the f tii
,aoi( ohe tsuburbA families are beayr
pottea#n.s a smatl scale. And, W1 *
U1eIrntc i- pe ")niwork* diplh

*oOm ll vNr wdo weMrim to 0noe *nd theM o womr Wof tioquoplqag omi-. Human hew e amd wid

~jCa[7 *':


IU.4 -

S -. -, .-.'- ... *-. .
A. -- -
,.. .., ..*-? ., ,; *, .
- _..* 1. *. SS' .-^_ V _2 -. ,-'*.T ,-1

.* .. I"
.. .. '.; .:. .:

t; l;^v *


.W t

: :

S -


Sr Wb.'-44e'


*- .* C: ,

./y', -."~

I -.


. .. ,
'- ; -

S : --


ifrme celin of hrivbr mc h by tSe Sea in
l m,.-. a ff at .,rA. who attri-

.: .


rj *..j:



a- >





~ I



PANAMA'S negotiate v ,itthdmtai
tibe with the tates got Ind c e Tr ri- atockades but wli
day with the a t the lottowho willU ame, hope foro
sit down with n .entatv" WUttO to 'the heart of
.o over the revision ei ,-ougL.t. The return of the
Frmer Presidents 1 uodI.Arld4 and Dr. I- be spea and beI~g
car4o J. Alfaro were pot aIs 'oaltanta to the truce talk at PsftM
+government of Pr.=dat J0e A. Rm n ed the little
Panamanian Amtsador to agi!Ito n Roberto sons to die .
Heurtematte, Dr. ,Quvio FAbrega fa attorney Car- In returning the
los 8ucre were namedtis the negotlo wRfib will seek ed their action _.s I
'the revision, Interpretatiop and appliceSion of exist- for, them, s d stta
lag treaties and 'augr df ta" between Pasma and While they. j
the U.S. Panmtinjom ..
The negotiUtort get down to wor1" down tirutr. I
In Washington some time during next month. conquernng -
Shands inegh t s
The PanamA Secret P9lie made Its biggest haul of ait .the pif d4
marihuana Thursday night aboard a motor launch of ~the 1' 1 rSUi
which piles trade ad asengers between PanamA WS .Muo1 _* ,i
and Saboga, of the Pearl Islands group. m .e ._,
A cargo of $1,500 worth of marihuana was seized 3 1ave ineedI
aboard the Ernestina as It docked at the ramp of the fodLanes out lSO
,central market in PanamA city and the vessels cap- ply at Pall.omdw
thin, Pascual Cafar; his five crewmen and 16 pas- comiabAL to
sengers were arrested and are belitg held on charges cinese nds.
of trying to smuggle the weed .into th.e jty. Some of French and- .VIaM14
the marihuana had "to be fithe-a Oqt of the water -.: -r better
when the crew started throwing the pAckages over- the prisoner exb.nI
board in an attempts to dump the evidence. the i R s were V6e-0
-- b mrlgtaal the maeI
Thirty-year-lde Ama iMior one wet.up t othe proner ot war swap
roof of the -Savin, Balak 'building Monday mon t. ,*en, in uUding
indleThe R e d" r U eIy
Ing and dived iieadfirst toward th aTehet. Red ti s
Me landed t uren i n on t tmper 1 95aee Mand bef-carrid beyond tb
Ale handed olUitrel .on to .hemFl.aL M'rer.
Alfredo Alemin's parked automobile, damaged toWal o-uN primers
the "hard" top adi shattering the, Poer widows. the dia mand
Rushed to the hospital Moren died five minutes T ,. hv,1 betenio
after arrivaL. Police foud d a ote in hia pocket n ci rated- o n*i
which said he was putting an end to his "hanger." Ojnr io r te l
A raid on the Panamal City home Of Canal em- b Fnll a, -
ploye Leonardo A. Coulotte netted police 'over 300 nude eac-sie are. to Nm
and pornographic pictures and negatives.r .Arrested, ,e -,th ,ine, ReS
Coulotte declared that he took the pictures as a hobby. r t s Oct
had not taken any elnce September. 1951 and had .^soehtin, 5WAGOt.
never exported or tried to sell them. sn c tod*t's ream
With the help of the photographs, police arrested -the Reds' thltOatUV1 I
i of Coulotte's "models." that smmetluit new
n e nu h- -, h There have oeen o
A Finance Ministry decree to regulate exports of fi anid eml-ofic
automobiles and. copper awaited the signature of ofCRed iCha. has fto
President Jose A. Renl6n at week's end. On the pre- easted that Red Chit
mrise that stolen which have not been found and he Korean waro
copper wire stolen from communications' lines are w r' ---
being shipped to other countries for sale, the decree r fge oaf the retm
will permit none of these. items to. be exported with- from North Korea at
out a permit from the national poUce. butth- ary ithsa sed,
buthe United Stpals' e
The U S. Point Four programplans- to extend "Other pisone '
Its activities to El. eaft Darin n where a pig,.- their time Iton-cetlt
during farm wi up to supijy pigs at co.t The atrocY te
price to farmers of tne rein. ThereginTe s nf ,- ibe p.ned on the N
.M has been allocated for this program, ann ano- oncenrU tie first two
nouncement from the Ministry of Argriculture nuch the prnloller'
said. -- there has not yDt be
Forty-four of 76 persons arrested for gambling and taste of the Oriental
betting In PanamA City were fined $28 each by In- hunan life, itut as W
eternal Revenue Chief Fernando Alegre, in what seem- did Under the Jwi ?n<
ed to be a renewed drive against illegal gambUng and The beat that can
bolita and chance games, that thief ortental gu
0.-- Koreans, would treat
Another old battle old battle-cry was on in the Senate when ust the way-they tr
Democrat Alien J. Euender denounced the duplea.- 'United Natlot' troop
tion and waste on the Canal Zone as "criminal negli.- Not that that's o4
lence." I ting a rifle batt
.:-Ie pointed out that among the three armed ser. RuleBS hade to Cn
vices here, there is duplication in every field opren- comfortable. clvil.UeB
devor. the conduct in the B
Commenting on the charges, spokesmen for the mi- equipped with a. gU
li*tary sources here admitted that some duplication- to death or suffering.
existoso but added that a study on how to achieve
greater unification of facilities was now underway It was britefy lean
S--- the atrocity stories i
Another solon, Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin ask- trace talks.. -
en the State Department whether there was anv re. Second thoughts h
Jetiorship between them and the Panama Canal Corn- this will not be so, ft
pn.v. a few atrocity stories
At a committee Inquiry he staled that a man now principally a
who was kicked out of the State Department #e.- riots.
cause of security reasons was emnloyed by the The Reds have a
Company as a Si0-a-day cow"ultant. of not permitting slde
Balboa Heights officials, when asked who Me- to Interfere with thl
Carthy meant, remained mum. Events since World
Their only comment was "We know of no such man, that If the Commu
If indeed one ever etiated." power, deem it advise
-- o -- they'll At.rt It. within
A Liberian shio broke all -precedent here When she a Aultaultae etetix t i1
seaked out of Balboa lHatbor the dav after attach- By thi huoe taken
meantt papers were served on her..Neither agent, port w'*r. th6- they'll end
captain or owners knew the-whereabouts of the Aria- the prevall'ng clLtab
na after she violated the law by leaving the harbor. 'abroad.
Thle suit, for 20.649.40 was filed bv the ship's Miami Public. opinion is
agent against the owner International Trading Cor- have long since class
portion a Liberlan company with offices in-New factor Influencing'
York It was learned from New York Ihat the owner tides of-modern hist
P considering posting a bond In the amount of the
Lult. to dismiss the Blot

Meanwhile neily appointed U.S. Marshal for the
Canal Zone Joseph Kinegid began. duty the same day
that the incident of.the sahi occurred. He was ap-
poinled for an eight-year, term of office.
.Iocal 00 of th 090 CIO came away pleased
f o a.recent con tb he GoveRA nq during
wivh both parties hlude the1 "aIr a" learned '
The local-rate union wa A ven assurance thq. their
problems, particularly those which concerned thNir
economic welfare were under constant study by the
Can! ."'AmIn i rtion.
-- 0 -
A damage suit which had drarred areand in
the for ever fN yee rs was flnbbed wIh'h
- .o DhIhet Ceort q4fe Ouhlbie V. CV"e

Runami-al na

S '' "

ge a not m
was that the n wooded nw OmatM st
should Involve W5 Unlted We. be mcored tA I' o' In 131 4V*4
about h Ame.a*ns. 15-n- rid h p bou.t
ils ouumber.,and by. today t.het 7a fedt wa the a&sI a.t .it
i to be returned *111 stand at flBht l ntm. Bourne l | .. t
140aM.; with iAgn aiyp.eIlnt _l- _. $
th o tim e l a e oii he .- 1th ro f '-_ .
S ort theme original wrt aS g r his
of t R .ote ns ato th the to
k. site h A ow A y a nd Ar pdiOa. Mt
today, t4oe n q_ iat sthe._ f-.1mhisat*&*
Sful m r etd m le i ...

?tah er-.itnP R .th &Aliothes s ton oro theo nd and
ti nth -tted .case t i w tht

ilk. W rM II tr. la d ,v. t hi to cal t s o I a -
stton of the. truce. s a "a dp ll_ _s
Scan -be presunied they have NK I In Aehe- o bt and d .pe .
to .talk abet. nf otar aR nine omunt t ae" .
tal worifthoe Perleng tanltol tr bt was
r these se, weeks.' brti ry but was .ed -b .
la would be l d tolS Ed Cof Mie tth.rough the -- tih Oa t- MaOn a aMod

n a --ef+m -sh-- e~r en onfBIWA--Jaws andwou the ,MeW6et mg"-'as.t,
h amio.k.SrJ oi a by iU rsb. 11%. In the i.
Win 6t .. S01Wnt oNor in eafol m2. and s faCim AoisnO

,ot the a r ,H r otfer Den*er eral oobn the who fo
ent b raddi a%' i" "a th draw n the four-- n i ..
u, A id e complml 0gidi bt .
SOr "the t 'pa I.tI to g -hte' t" oale -- ,-
!rhR KranSd anda inmeg eor eu ft apboaiUonsr fo mt o
or ,.t anoe ,ftt. a "... pw 10 .mai *-,m, \ '

Se hels of a the. to t "hs" s "t

w omen a, ae countrer'
ra ter tIops have sand oter 4el ya 7we t A wr mq. .tyear' .__
Wmi at r I the Pl b te.t ut pos ine wasua ta ",tel b c M

labe toitur t, u wa a .it'" te r ul nodt on eR ed f "ChI
e said of -uch brutality 05 4er Dp 3en. enpolealto s becas of lack w
o they Jao eu or North Informtion concerningig t a rI\n thse,
p rs of tmekoW~ race C t o. cioiI

lSted the A verika5se, et o ra ol th _nd other
,A Internaionalt e a. p -

,-l& Wt* for a al -U *.i .hp m

I to s ta rt -w ar Tb, .m.x. c o t toW .. ;u --, .

ot.t -o.. .. ; :' ita .i-_ -,.-
oeArw %hof a nowhS5~ant. ba is forthenw M nert faustbe prb e qd pat
, and victim. averi15 frec 1 zaetlg in Paris.

SThe 0.tMathx" AxlBtqw"s
AIed.that the Raogked I IMo CH L r Ftr io by CarBn '
night say, tippsthe y %tf ing gaesi the gae l shifted to tdffeN

r treacherous b o-taned n1 .States eaSupreme court omr oe favor.
I I o _rt-. .._ .;- Ina *tr -_"u nora mer re a p toi.
If.i. and unwaveG.rg record e 0 b ..a hired .y the .. to
-Aend they wish to ,i. ae0" .- udent was4.lurc

* : **** <

. .. ,,--SgY

r .f-. U..- "aa- i "ghn o1n o .

Ie og .1L
tc am A .0

a tustomtoo s dremnove mini rust *l r

u iS.i v rp3*e a1 solvent, or 2a-Portl pal
W yare 1 trtIi oilH, 2-'-Amnuger 72-Tslnas *r 1
fija jt,, i gInag

9 r=7 10

"lk tfmk _tbl S.a lwI
PWuIr SSn aiPin e or w 2n-a I-WL ..

____.-. __ -. ".__, t.".e

,J '. .-g.r.n- M w I F

"' "f^' -" b -gi I
I* b Mm i wgoa

CM X'X 95-T K 0 K, U U
S.o r a n 10.1.2

Awarag ftr k 13elage

iamwer $sob



I -Se tui

eS---artu a
21- CriouS

13- Trl
o2-Ard er

, 7-alan ,
8-Enemay of


. 14-Itlmguth
Sto bear

3- eatfor







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-3-L-opar .
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01-Form (
92-River in


* worm
opw I
S Industry
,f judge


cuss. sl 'VIpt ROL3.
J, ~ei-~- i',r,,- XDubm mur, pialee
.rpen C
..*di-:.n f 'hi KS dy ~ .

-~ S.. ----- -.~- --

~w~,w' U,
1q !.L,

* ..

est in Fotos & Features

I. t s Ameriap
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K." ,,.%' m '-.i.,

L- L

- --- --





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o' *
/ ,- .


TK0. -..:Ift




Oh the widiAg streets F PanapA whermafl the races m4t,
And mingle, iBtenmJitenily, a humid trpic heat,
The "meltdia pe of natuas" whe men ftrm anl the earth
Eagage *n rbeold rivalry and "lx in maaudn mirth.
Oh the winding street of Pammad abound inla isea s esM
For the students eof Humalty, with hkee, diseenlg eges;
An eboytelered Negro may dinourse tof claMic art,
Though a "White" with eeimatet pee, may pub a thbe-wheeled art.
The Orlnt and Oeeldent am mlgled on the eeme,
With black and white and yellow, and every ahade between;
hto the streets of ami, a reekls Fate has hwmle
The elam of every eontaent, the tribes of al the world.

SMoor., rull

j L A

to;r nt'ta d
: PNle piia meMe are noast b about it, -ay wa. nots fa- *,
sMs a; of-Gerima plained to
....e.. r rfeel ataxp areo e.,-,

*aw .oc -^, A ., _,o, to p" fto p aW* ft L ag,
Mflie dolton anM to L f t.. t pt scewM aI m-

-m s m a- Um.. -. -A, im. -..o.
lbehalof tra, r* is to combat the tmcklig -'u glIe N OeeM Srtso CM an wginl
on Wme o hed aWega ele-su
The othe Iths secret e b the .aame Ol aii to he a a of
ofeemieree lataead at oolBng the pubto te* qSrtititeS the sNele ta mishesion e
aceep~tin a nationasales tat. the iaypei of a umelin" mdminratoin ot a
leading eolege.
8hoafter, head of the fountalW ea company
by Wname, Isthe sesame an who Sbeld up N .ew T.rk VthrourIfsA.oel-Of
a natiual tarer by tingO the director to th bae aiso proola vl er.
Bureau oftandal betaftuse he was allegedly Maro Ittgshltsma,
r. unfair to auto-battery popper-ups. oCaIne Sorthws'mTer., aediaa o i.
hSuch sesdlNe. %Tht waveide IL good pb

Sheafter's seems to ft Into e lon vehicle foir launching a of
3 vy, Malrch 2, Crypteej.lp was a Besav contributor to rable-rousers Mer- Switching to the use of unsuspecting TV and
Y NGOA MrrraTN B AIca win .. a. d t pton Close; nce became in- radlo program. i, ycr rteemended:
SGI o rOUo di lt at th e anyone of his pens was tested by M"A go springboard original a T
an audience Is available, such as a local chamber
Syoir, incidentally, is the same man exposed of commerce meeting.
by a Congressional committee as having receiv- -
"ed 800 a ma nth as a public-relations repre- "The fee for such organizations amounts to
Isent,=e for tae Nazi government before Pearl about $1500 and the topic selectte a general
Harbor. This deal was arranged by George Syl- the one the home groip selects.. one -very W*-
vester Viereek who later went to jail for failure ficlently in PhUiadelpi foA the Mit account.)
to register'as a Hitler agent. "Another forum i ch a ale,
is Keep Posted (TV-Martha Rounmtree). An
H-SOUNDINGO TAX pTIUDY of-town origination wtuld cost about *8,000.
41 16 *- "Those to which the subject would have to
The manner in which the uns ctlng public presented o It mit Include Author Mes
Is fed publicity under the hdigh1indgLname Critle-byr estmlg n econonie book as a
of some civic organisation is oiufltatbd by 1yoIr'a pe,pOn Trial. rn ope rter f u
organisation of "Th New Jersey cithiens tax et the Press aeietTn veryoru
study foundation." '-. Chag mi, URe
The average taxpayer would consider this a MItass. and the croas ctie.O A and Tou
most worthy cause, dedicated tohelng him and the W eld aeaid Yi!e
lower his takes. However, stdy t e Mck.e "An a i a of thla is ain
stage facts shows that the tax-study foundation effective pal" prs a Te -ecture
was actually organized at the time Cartl Byor platforms aMd r TV foru ae leery of the
was launching his New Jersey battle'ofthe.ra ll- smal-ty eeonr om sand off cial (agam ) asmai
roads against the truckers. fry spokes n for business, and turn a deaf ear
i f n-urthermore, one of the incorporators of this to their use-
"," ......g~RBM t ~ supposedly impartial cities ta-study fpunda- ... "
S tton was 0. oiburn Harmy. the man in charge "Sinc, tax subjects are considered proverbials
of Byoir's publlc-relation campaign for the rai- dull, e reqre more than the usual Msaow
od b roads in New Jersey. manmIp .. such programs Inte2reM I
hMss rhuK.G, ea court records reveal a long lsso cheeks wil be to bae Sheaffer or someea
1*Ad Jby SeoBAob iUm to Red W Goodwine0- f m l s aiMlable as a 'star' speaker, and
ecut te dkreetor- hett u l neutral tax oeh as mate.nates.
TWOsar the lateti w number of Important associations a"
------- part ofSl ad totaled 18,a.M. In ad- asdeWi l t o f and offer oa t
ditlon, two check todw tafg weMre paid to ate ._r .I u tha esaLa tlax t ro r"
tx foundation b. the or fin direct tMe Ae t. lade Ap e 'Manlag
Finaly a memo witi *y By' chief pub- u t e CclatBin uCoGmm ea. -
c-realioua operate tNew Jer y to .other eraIl FteratIon of stt Al
muaeibrm of dyor's-stff*arlng the trucks vs. edmie are m f at the nome A of
raifeoaSWbatte, reads: Nlew te* mad' thelsat m O fb et
"W ..We. aio. sinthe fori atim of a l.



eI N M emtEi
Oames Owago 12.99

." MON. | ADVAf
"pp ngigno pe AnU"It
Few Mo"m-TW IN


The Spaniard, IgaMled and crave, retains upon hi face,
The stern ard stately pIretile of an old and vita inee;
Desemdants of casisladeam sUE walk ear dinr uitret.
Whose bold forbears, In days remote, set ferth In Spamlh fleete.
The French, to whoe I l eme sina we bwe eternal debt,
In ever, dwindling numbore, reemhal ame as yet;
The gl*ry f tae great Canal, meoi wm nht s their estnem,
ut bdratle disoludimment, the fading of a dream.
The swarthy son of Italy pumes from day to day,
The toer oa his capable and eargpie way;
The thrity and pmteto G roeek, fam old b kltor Ths .,
On the arrow street m Paoami, mew Lids congenial dplo,.
The staMd and stlid Chmmn, ahem far, rmete Cather,
n, evtry Ir m 1niha y, esSM w*e pest swSy;
es-ite biunmrnding wm an sartee, oqu,
Bne hu irtt moiwa, wil od uateumr smake.

The tan and gacefmul NB4, wIb the i rbun and the beard,

TA nd e waka amo themes temtie, M e 04l1andPoU.
Thme stalmt hispl, bm r *ios y tre M i,

A nd wandi olt e l rumS within wAne dravi
The J u a drs r 0&1 ea NMts, m sit, *M andewe
Theh lok oTe s;ordd 1, 1 eabot wsthe bose in lly alo,

in all this moodw dy pnrat lae takesthS hinbumt place.
*0 yOU wbiUn ing et of Pnn U, withan0whoe abob emala.
Is centered evayr phase o, dusk, i tuhis* mandvain,
ate whose seething vrta, sessdeue rate has hwlurl
The clas of every eomtinmt -- the Irs. an the werw.


* -- ~


of erta In Amin



Sa a

Eu psiua-efM -.; _
oniopi lw ifnin taken 8. B-nor ha na eteopa

Buresa g5ecisMe mad bet aru no bg bw o ,
have beean ^^^^et ...... ..
Th0 e Omt~d i e Q ,e Ano,, however. wnhd Oi
,aif amltlion del rh* Pred wIll f ant ,.8
Walter Rettter h own over Ane opposition in O. -..
Wifthint d matter ta Ug otle.t heo .w, 4.
etstwklle fIin-t4 e-finhsh "ppnant, Dftad leitMd n
of the Uln elhverkTers baUe, a becom two-mab to
running CO. ; ".
In fat, i mi e1l are these mn working ow that theme I
resentment ankt a of the otherleders wh won the
presidency forEhr over IID(mald's canmdate._
At the IM1t 0 I0 high .Command im in Wasingt4.0 one
vice-prudent. Rutbbr Union leader L,. &. Bucknater. openm
protested against being made a "rubber itamp" by "two-man
Reuther must now rewin some of his old friends.
(VOe lrbt 1MS. Peet-mali Syndate, Ine.)
_ I i i"Bi i i

e's e.* m .wlut. : -.

ee a, It(It
1 '." ." "p .,

b owSTSHW a 1

ftt Mt

bry pbo Is N*o f h It to a argum-i during

ab" nonfar ijsge,

AtoN tbe t9deAdt deb as dfuw a IM
, aflEn And 08 BU4i nMS M 1M e -were

-i or a aDOriE Le itwo5 NIat the
seles" to ask him Q euxper
aSenator Holland aof Porida was recognized.
S troundobwved he "din' feel quite M that about
for sv- the matter.*
,therew w. la .tpWI Douga s, No canine W-
lualon Intended.u
ify wed_ teati to art,. and qawOai

f a,. rwon- #a*m 49W



* tale tfeas a
l. I din -

?*-R eMub
i&oh V.M
su5a:if, '-

Ow Na-

pseman* _^-*:

- 5,,

wre not reee

-. il
i~t;.. a.

Sown atrne a
aiso cated h' fend-
Is own .PA,..


4a-0b vo-Z.440BBS1

'~.- ipL~
* TI''- 'Z'~

Notin gives me r
sure tha htradlng htlap
ries, especiay U trateu o I
To read about t .p ala Mas.lag
shot and 'n3*ltby un,
row, ax u. te or Jahe
'wounded W l away ln
the junglei and die in agonf,
strikes a cibrd in my p he
that Is like glorious musi. And
to see a pietrre of some m tpr-*
able little. featuree mard rea
while-still in ts Infancy, cazaeg
me 'to laugh with glee.
What could be funnier and
Snore delightful,, for example,
*thxan thias.harming bit of de-
":sctlpttve matter publihed In a
Recent issue of t hemagasmne
*PANAMA under the title, "Let's
SGOo MitiMnt": "Your shotgun
.has started for your shoulder
and 'has- barely reachWd It. be-
fore you send a charge of buck- One that gt away despite
shot searching the brush for efforts.
the .pig. Then you rush to the
S spot of crossing-' and feverish-
ly thresh Into the bush in over your. finger. and see the
arh*of blood to mark a expression in the deer's eyes.
hi stEacy pure ecstacy, and
or -. better yet to find a far superior to the sportsman
body.with feebly kicking legs who saw the tame deer in his
Now that's what I lkekill. To back yard, went into his house
Now that's what I like. To and got his shotgun and shot
feverishly thresh around In the deer In the head.
the jungle and look for blood,
or better yet, to find a body That's hardly in the class
with feebly kicking legs which with the two gentlemen, from
mark a kill, seems to me the Panama who deliberately ran
highest point to which man can down a fawn in the road, picked
aspire in his everlasting search up Its broken body and threw
for ecatacy. It in the trunk compartment
A snap shot Into the bush at on the ride back to 'toWn.
a terrorized animal, a snap Every time they heard the
shot which nine times out of creature moan. and kick back
ten only wounds and does not there, they burst Into laughter.
kill that's sport. It'3 even That was real enjoyment and
more fun to shoot does, espe- I wih I had been there. That's
cially pregnant ones. Imagine, the kind of fun I really go for.
if you can, the wonderful sen- Yes, we hunters try and try to-
sation it Is to kill with one get the most pleasure out of
shot, a mother and its unborn our sport.
child. Besides, those animals are
There are few things in this .dpagerous. As the author of
type of killing that surpasses the article In PAySMA points
thrt. But many have tried. out, ahant f t nature
The artist who fed a tame brings" meIM late" Wo y7Wr
tebr cigarettes and then slltt Its mind of thp. p4Irdlal f
throat as It reached, for an- when man ai h L
other, really had imagination, against all n Of e
Just think of feeding an ani- And look at the'hndcap t1
anal with one hand and cutting hunters have- to-wok .under. -T&
Its throat with the other and again quote the author "-it
feeling the warm blood gush Is hot in the bush" ad the

Mind quarter of one of the females, dressed and ready for the'
most discriminating taste. ,.

stands :can dq

.Any .ta at 11 what ter-
at nd ipment ad
'once hi. f while one A br vieW Of oc
to. t a bit of oda hunting arid
S-a aan "1m- the oblei c
ea nc .8a 1 not b hdn
lying next to t Ariate e w
sh~unmust have been a vi- C .*u alath E ll
dous .brute from all appear- nclusiv on I. tht
apcee and it's a. ood th to th. e eCilg
shoot them out. Ki thelbabes morsflur It =tI be ui t
and we won't be bothered wth ter. The .. ret '.- e e
the adults and Its mere tona tremtly. u tory.d are w
to kill babies they aqal enlolg enjoyin thoroughly W
louder. There is alo illustrated and have take me i wonder-
a "fine male ocelot killed on ful trophies.
a deer iunt." That was pure .
delight. Was since the
papers hapb tunllof -
rilesre e hidrecss B'I^0sel
oreatuEne' V l.g down Cen-
tral Av tanatil alr
Afybaer kw p.a- .Iat
ot a e a' en- H s
ha IibiesA d cocker.) able
a, thobe ocelots are ;kill-.*
Ing the deer and piglets tht
We sportsmen want to kill an
here is definitely not no
go with o- .. season of 3 .
tday N S "'ear, ack- t

LL~~mlttle h
method it to, s t ,P the-
ourttlr e action ,m nec
Ma-4t -I4ftpkin:gblatilt the de- Pt tare peN
pIedatltns of those cruel oce- ..emeu5 ., Is. Rbe.
lots. the
We are using the several eys-e
In, fact, things. have betkt- tes. outhOed .% twhe- author of pec
ttg so tough of late, tbtjooft" ar*lte in ..AAMA, sqke
of the members of the.t that .he a4veoted Ab,. sona oel
mian Sportsmen's Guild have Iwh hhe, nal2w1 O.l tha
broken away, myself include, nd We ha o he
and formed Otur own local our wh. We 4 not ht.-ith
ter of .,hubtea. We haVe hands and M fo t A
Haw a groups .14ISM' iugit a g I by fOr
doS t staram a m6vAng M lI
9han. frtt rom a t i. r a ,.

S- tthes. ri f.
Sa iat the car eal i
that h o-fvesY aifPMen a s aitne i t
bri t a onserabl and tht the hunter 'bt he
a hoe P m a m t th ee. Hting hip.
ScAR d o quite aisfctry buit on6
theB port of aI I e pac is also gopd and
W that some- and the extra gunI .cgOe Is o0
ig Wg somehow, an iy a band of antag-Balw
our to k" nistle males shotd come anort- with
re etr9- ing over the crest of a ill the
to whic game I opletely re- arm
w Be-oraised tleld trips tostricted to hiumWh be0ig, pre- rocket
th sazigteedhfue ferably females as they are shot
the slagW house n Panama much more tender than the at t
and the morgues. e volun- males and when with tim
tapered for coroner's jry' duty orchids and a tda of e
.. fJ nled f tI orchids ande a ig" t daurs of e.C
and 0 fte Mst MlMest Ma*l.

.. ..


wle o o.

i and lorth,
t rcu s penag

et fof tt OfIt '& Ad lo-
toe o rto
g anda o

b9 aVieou'e ist rv
other SMe
hood. Aftsre a aftof

.epa id ,.i -.

.I II "
gotber -Wuks',
S qp tell yaur, e .e0ad a -

--st a Igry e- h -

lat oupt .ai. *lZ to d
atn nftt

a. weand kl

other .a" us

ia. f wfed hIo "
got a M(W it3pw- twdi.

e -, Wl.&mbe 'went.
Rh'al". Of btkrhot In

he b
0ot and lpt

Te tall. ,- xmp. au .the
e, I u anht d ?e', a d o-

rot ,ai- n -n .o Ings

edng. lad 4 .to W

The samen: quate w is L It earn radliv be seen that 4dreSd
w. .. ,.Adm l 16 a dash bt fr a king. a


'immSAV, S -t i *Li.r'i;wei


O new'.


~ L~V~

* ~
4. -*. ,


m ft Vo r lob evs sm vw
i., Am prV rJ wpave .ri atop h Wa
* and M t srp country ,.ltwMI .m1lp a
a sculptor wo Ivs M n llunMe.

, Mao up loe*e
by Dr.C DW. u.i

alI __ __ __ _




S -c

,*ll ** ;


the t--
>.. .te r ar

M.. ..e:
gbone fo

I ; -.' -

I ,~4 ~.



a e h & t

*- 'h

Ink o

-I r-

_wnt i.a bir-_q t o -

:I n .rso. i

J'5 -.. ..-
S; r

I +. 6. j

r. 4.. .f.- I..1. -. .

... ... .. **' .-'- .,.,.A ... .f W

I ~

hi alM wt buldu the place, pleturei M
-p... t. *,., a. a. re l .irpl,..


I C. goiP
I' lppis.

;~ re"

-S.. -. .

., /" ,-. l .- i ," ?" :-" >-',.
-, ^ '" ,' -1*
:-- *t. 1 *. .:
' *. S.
* '. ,. .. *. .
-y I.. .*;**- *^ i.

I. -,
-t ".
,... i
lllt ,"11 .*' *" .. .,l 1

,y -
|^ "

-* .'

*'r .


* "*~7~z
25 ..




beauty of

on regttf splendor as

two Kuna Indian girl
m" .... ,

she. '
11 .- .z t

1 *
i 1

ub' queen SortI

fid he. :-ti '
-~ni, ... .

. o

, w ,t _,, c r ,' -.

-, 4


Full Text
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REPORT xmlns http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitss xmlns:xsi http:www.w3.org2001XMLSchema-instance xsi:schemaLocation http:www.fcla.edudlsmddaitssdaitssReport.xsd
INGEST IEID ERILZXKO8_I3W3MP INGEST_TIME 2012-09-10T21:29:48Z PACKAGE AA00010883_01575

TU SB up for your summer va-
cation trip with thit musical
geography lesson. It take yon to
place in oJJ parts of the world
via well-known musical composi-
tions and tongo. Boo if yon can
locate tho plaeot by flUing in
mining word* of the following
oong titles. (Score 8 out of It,
good; 10 out of it, excellent.)
1. April la ---------.
S. --------- Bridge la Falling
3. Ob the Road to---------.
4. Apple Blossom Time In -%
8. Springtime la the .
. --------- Mat B Heaves
Can 'My Mother Came greta
1. Whan That Midnight Choo-
ehoo Leaves (or / .
8. Sweet Browa.
- White Cuffs of .
It. Slow Boat a .
11. Deep la the Heart of
12. J o h a a Fit the Battle
Now aee If you can complete '
the nanas of theae on* title* In
which the only clue la a geo-
graphic location. (Score 6 out of
13, good; 8 or more, excellent.)
Bhode lelaad.
Wl man
2I.SB kpoaia J rp4tla
ia fia ^ ',-3?"'* **o
aeon L apio) jo Xpvrj bod
X II -anjio o MMoaTi
awuoeo t -uiqnr 'l -pinion s
-BopBoq x -ire* 1 i***V
By D. K. Woodman
CTLDXNARILY you would aee
what's concealed la this
Clue-doodle either la a night sky
or in an almanac. To find It,
draw a continuous Una crossing,
onoe, all of the Haas In the figure
Which line to mlssT Well, Slg-
mund Romberg gave a clue when
ha wrota a vary wall known op-
eretta called "N M n."
Solution Is given elsewhere on
the pac*.
Figure It Out
VT/RTTE the Bin* digits, uaUg
" each on* only ones so that
the first tares wUl be ons-thlrd
of the last three, and the middle
three win be equal to the result
obtained by subtracting the first
tares from the last three.
in txea\ sb ana) ejual >j*mt**
Its Your Move
By Jessie R. Smith
1 A woman on horseback has
hands, tall, lsgs on left
aids aad legs on the other aids.
*(. A hoy who gives a "shins
for a dims" and a two-bits tip,
would got bow much from 18
customers T
6. Brash the chips from off
your shoulder
Every year you'ro getting
Try boforo it it too Me
To halve thirteen, and wind
up .
7. "Lost soraswher* between
sunrise and sunset golden
hours, each set with golden
9. Sum of Roman Numeris in
Initials: Cynicism Is Intellectual
10. Trick: Placa three sixes to-
gether to make this one-digit
11. A train conductor merits a
star on bis slesvs for each
years of service aad a bar for
By Mtmard Hopper
champ aad anchor of
fHDGKJDR strategy la this
^" problem Is baffling enough to
border on witchcraft In this set-
ting, White gives away sil his
pieces but one, Jumps on* of the
Blacks and wins the (ama
"Witch" mov* wins?that's the
question for you to solve.
Whits, of course, moves first
B* Is moving up the board. Hs
wins in five moves.
T .-""ML.*!!'"4 V-*1 ""*
2J2 2H 3tt "" Vit sjiqS
TC-tl Via nt-tT *JItu* inunr
14. Noah went days and
nights before ha saw Ararat
1. How many hours would It
take a jet plan* (approximately)
to By from pola to pot* at 500
miles an hour?
S. Number of Christ's Apostles.
>. If a pigskin la not a pig
Skin, write 4B20; If it la, write
A, Sides to most questions.
A This can be found la the
number of feet in a mile, bat not
In the number of cents la a
A I laughed lfk* ty whan he
psassd his plats ask for
a aad was told that there was
9. From a popular song:
Toa eVf love and still
ploy tricks;
Ton oan't love and
dream of heaven."
12. Age of Miss Fit who was
celebrating the 4th anniversary
of her fiftieth birthday.
IS. Half a century In years.
14. Nurses say that the great-
sat number of deaths occur
around this hour la the morning.
so?ffi8{rf TI WHY
A man bought
two fishes and
had thrs* when
he got home-
*)|*(u* BO pa-
eeaeo oj piq h
Dividing the Wine
CARLOS has XI wins casks.
Saves are full, aeven are half
full and seven ara smpty. Hs Is
giving up his vineyard business
and wishes to divide the casks
and wins among thro* friends.
He wants to do this without mix-
ing wine by transferring wine
from ons cask to another, end
ha wishes each friend to have an
equal amount of wine and also
an equal number of casks.
How can Carlos arrange the
Solve this without pencil and
paper, if you can.
P "VXi. P*nn"T"' i> v piru
uo o .ti oj pa* fama jdtu* aann
K i*?""' *iw linj ear* a
D5* V**l01 S| X* Jqjo eqj, **3
opnO^eeJsT"?!? ^
p^r^jTsqeenn pa* ear &ar1i
You Be the Detective
" toward a de-
serted part of the
beach from a
vantage point on
the boardwalk.
Sheriff Yarrum'a
keen eyea ob-
served something
"Come on,", he
aid to his dep-
uty, Robert Drasil, who wan late la arriving. "Some-
one's In trouble."
Within seconds the two men stood over a prone
figure, face down in the sand. "Why, It's a friend of
mine, Joe Ekans," exclaimed the deputy. "We were
talking to each other here Just a short time ago."
Sheriff TarniBi felt the victim's pulas. "There's
OH a spark of life, but he's badly out upbeen
bleeding for aome time."
"If yon want to get a doctor, I'll wait here with
nun," said the deputy. But Just then, Joe Ekans
seemed to regain consciousness.
"Who stabbed you, JooT" asked the Sheriff.
The dying man triad, but oould make no reply.
However, he did move his outstretched hand, ap-
pearing et first to be trying to point But suddenly,
strength apparently falling, he laboriously used bis
Index finger to make soms marks in the sand. In a
few minutes he was dsad. Drasil, bending over the
body, brushed send across Ekan'a scrawling.
"Careful! Drasil, don't obliterate the writing,"
the Sheriff warned.
Drasil waa startled, but responded, "Must be the
figuras 13013an auto license or something."
By now a crowd had fathered and a patrol ear
had arrived. For the moment two plainly outspoken
bystanders captured the Sheriff's attention.
"I couldn't stand him," declared pretty Barbara
Elamef, of 180 Elm Road. "My brother beet him
up recently for bothering me."
"One villain less," stated Randolph Rhubarb, of
803 Main St "Ifs no secret he ruined my father's
"No nsed for further interrogation," broke In the
Sheriff. "Certain circumstances lead me to believe
the murderer la right here. I'm arresting him right
for hu-
1 man food Is
provided byat
least six different
animals. Two of
the better known
are lost In this
mane and you are
asked to Bad
To do this, pick
out each of the
Odd-shaped seg-
ments of the
drawing whose
number cannot
be divided by A
Shade in the re-
maining seg-
ments with pencil
or crayon. If
you've done it
correctly, you
will soon be able
to Identify the
animals by their
silhouettes ap-
pearing in the
shaded areas.
How quickly
can you find
pm o.i Miinii
-in n ;inv
DARE In no more
than six steps,
changing ons let-
tsr each step so
that another
word is formed.
Time yourself;
then let someone
else try.
wvp sa'TOS

More on Cryptograms Birdbrained?
P,^.^. T7tvv oetrich farmers nave dif.
URTEEN short words, three of them repeated, ferent numbers of birds. Can
make this an easy crypt to solve. When yoo you ngure out how many each
have discovered bow the letters have been sub- has from the fact that the con-
stituted, you can read the quotation from Pope on binatlon of two flocks in every
the subject of the advantage of truth-telling.
S"3 B_2** o*!" ni* g bbb w r>
Er-vy ,in no -silo op ota
q a2va, oi ej* ejeqi u
Tou be the detective: Who did the Sheriff sua-
peot? Hint: th* drawing above haa the vital clue.
..o., -pana sinItTOST ueqnme 1!,o^,*?2 n8SS
b jno pened paw em b sura .envioc\ma
Answer in Minute if You Gin
IN the year 1088, the first of May falls on a Friday
1 On what day of th* week does the last day oi
May fallt
'/spang se iij n issjkbv
VV/HAT la the
w longest sen-
tence that can be
formed with the
15 letters scram-
bled at right?
Tou'll be sur-
prised, when you
find out 'or the
longest sentence
known to man
can be formed
with Just theae
letters used
only once.
It Isnt neces-
sary to out out
the letters In or-
der to and what
the sentence Is.
Just copy them
on a sheet of
paper and croas
each one out as
you use it in
spslling the
words that form
the longest sen-
What la It?
2 in 1 Dotograpb-Maze forJn
ngnt but dent peek till you've t Boepd oj,., :s**utjd
tried th* poser. '' J_ PJ0* em uuoj oj pjbjj*
*~~* eq Swa u*i oijb iu imsut
Remember, the lengths of words are vital clues.
One-letter words, of course, are usually "A" or "I,"
for there are no other one-letter words except the
poetic "O." Commonest two-letter words are: on, an,
he, in, we, it, us, to, or, of, Is. Three-letter words
are likely to be "the" or "and." Others are: tor. who.
are, one, any, you, has, bis, get, say, aee, man, she.
may, did, but
,_,_ _., .___..""o marra '"if Peaiojeq wnta q jo; :*au*pBn *q an)
bmS -oh -eioitae mb .| *n m*i oqjt *H.. 'aeiiaies
poeslbls way will produce the fol-
lowing totals:
17 51 28 1 a*
t* M M tt
epjiq uiu-i4ii pa*
oKi-xiniiti 'aaavn* "aaeunoj jui
;o JSICB03 *30B eqx ibhbhs
A and B Complex
STUDY th* following seta of
A plus B equal* 160.
A divided by B equals 12.
A times B equals 2.02A
A minus B equals 143.
Now ess how quickly you can
determine which numbers A aad
B represent
imtmrnVW 9%SMST
Teaching an Old Bird Some New Tricks

'TRAINED birds
may do all
sorts of trlcka
but none can ap-
proach this one's
talent*. Ha does
trleks before
your very eyes
and yst never
moves from ala
pressnt position.
He'll alt on the
stump, perch on
the stake, Jump
over it and be-
come twins If you
obssrvs him from
various distances
and anglas. Per-
haps you can add
to his repertoire.
-^M^ssneB^^ata^^seassiaeBiaBassBjTasjs^^ VOU can tee off in tai
VY/HAT attracts the beam? To
vv ta out make your way to
the bottom and fill In the missing
figure. Hint: It's
wall-known falfy tale,
-sasonpree *| nip *q
someone la a
Sy ffupene Shejet
1-Who bought a threshing flooi
from Kins Arsunab In order
to build an altar unto the
Lord? (2 Sam. 24:21)
~BfSK,0B, "." ***<>* to ""
n Book of Ravelsuon
i^-wbom did Joshua ssv* sllve,
becsuss she hed hidden his
.4-^SgbEn*' 'JOh 628>
15 Euchsrlstic win* vetaeL
10Got up.
17Id e mean manner.
18A place in the Journeys oi
the children of Uriel Oium
22-CItrus drinks.
23Careesive touch.
27-Nlghts before bolidsya
28Jumbled tyoe.
30End of a hammer head.
31Tropical rodent
33A on of Benjamin Gen. 46:
38Semi-liquid foods.
38High cards.
48 Whet are we told to cast out
of our own eye before pulling
the mote from e brother'*
eye? (Luke 6:42)
44By much
48-F& eloft
48 What psrt of Peter's sick
mother did Jesus touch snd
make her well? (Mat 8:13)
dH shee?^
37 Admonlsher.
88 Argument for.
64Roman magistrate.
68-One of Noah's sons (Gen. 6:
1-One of the places that Benhs-
_ dads hosts mot* <1 Kt 18:20'
2 Wins,
7-Mvstlc eJaculaUon.
*~ SJif* to Oethsemane
Christ agony (Joba 18:1)
8Male sheep.
10Land measure.
11Inn tor travelers
12On the ocean.
20Roman coins.
23The birds.
28ror whst place did Barnabaa
depart to seek Saul? (Acu
2S Who wrote the 17th book- of
^jh^New TWtoat?
31-Prehtosly neat
32-Pleces of sacriflee.
86Boils or ulcera
88 Arabian garments.
SiCanvas shelter.
42Of whst race was Ithmah? (1
. Chr. 11:48)
43 What heathen god did King
Ahab worship? (1 Ki 16:31)
44Legal charge.
Levltice" city (Josh. IMS)
46-A .
47An Island by wh _
ship ran (Acts 87:18)
48Flying mammal.
50-The bulldina of this tower
wss msrked by s great con-
fusion of tongues (Gen. ll:8i
51-H*rd* of whale*.
52Curved molding.
or of education (abbr.)
Cor drying.
3ypay gentleman
88rrom wbat place did the Lord
bring the Syrians? (Amos 8:7)
88 Large deer.
60 Thing, (a law.
68E/ryptian sun goA
YOU ana tee off in this trss-
* gram by filling in the miasma
lettera Theae ara mcate*- eg
dote each do' a letter Pw aui
word you are srsetdsa wtui in*
three lettera.
REPEAT aloud as swiftly as
HU strap slipped from the sol-
dier's shoulder.
Cearriaki. tssa. Ubs reatare* rUtsmU. Im.
sE '' :
a II' i r i" "
l' I )"T. i ".."!
'W'/sZtZA B B .
r.m ; .i .
Fin k
rcr :r,i : rn
in h iinn i i-, n
i a rrrc 1 nr,
ir-V," li-
li' ) r.'i
FU'ir i
I HRPfi i k ,
rikitrrr p.fc fii<
caoeawoaa rt i

rarutifo Kid, Syl Wallace
JttirH Go In Semifinal
Farah Tangle In Ten Rounder TonigU
Colleges Prefer Straight Wrestling,
So Pros Get Talent From Football
- Up-and-comitif Rodolfo Francis, who ferly
ought under the name of Boau Jack II, tonight geU
B atiffat teat of his csreer when he tagles with
Bantamweight Champion f Costa Rica Julio Farah
the ten-round main bout at the Panama Gjrm.
he hart) hitting Farah, called
"Little Turk" by his fellow
jta Rlcana, should prove a
Stable stumbling block for
nets. Fatah wUl be outwelgh-
|bv Francia bul U by 1far ww
erienced and 1 accustomed to
m away weight In almcat all
weight championship on a TKO
over Rodolfo Ampudla. -
The "experta" seem evenly di-
vided In their opinions on the
outcome of-this tMtt.U. ""jes f>-
jorlty. however, predict that the
bout won't go the limit
The ten-round eemltlnal be-
tween Sylvester WaHe.ce
, because he emerged the
bner SI times in S4 fights In
i native country, In other Cen-
il American republic* and in
Suth America.
rrancla Is one of the most pop-
ir young fighters in action lo-
fty and has a large following.
_Js snappy boxing style has
ught the fans' fancy and they
g^Brn out in droves to see him
ch time he'fightf. ,J
Rodolfo ha* been beaten twice
ace turning pro, One of these
whippings was at the hands of
i unbeaten Isidro Martinet, con-
sidered by many the uncrowned
featherweight champion of the
Republic. Thi other loss was to
Melvin Bourne, who last Sunday
copped the .Isthmian bantam- mission
limit is sure to be a hodinger.
The first time these two boys
met Transito won after taking
everything Wallace could dish
out then opened up with a two
won't go the full ten rounds.
Four round boute between 118-
oounders Young OMtmu and Me-
lanio Pacheco and Baby Patrol
and Tony Oavilan round out the
prThe* nghta get underway at .
o.m. Admission prices are $3 pre-
ferred, ringside, J2, general ring-1
side and one dollar .general ad-
NEA Staff Correspondent
PARTICIPANTS IN JR RIFLE CHAMPIONSHIPS (First row, neellng left te right) Dick Dlll-
Eugene Drr. Bill Blngham, Wi,. Jaffray, Noel E. OlbtOn, ; I : > >-.
^dThenT leered Ugd.llL 1^^ *?\.
r &Ko*i^
25 This Is a town of 18,000
residents with a single major
Industry dairy farmingand
a, booming religionthe Pen-
nsylvania State College wrest-
tllng team. .
The folks here are simply
dotty about their grunt-and-
groaners, who halted Oklahoma
A. and M.'s longish dominance
by winning the National Colle-
giate Athletic Association
championship. ,
Wrestling actually outdrew
basketball at Penn State this
past season, averaging 8100 to
4200. The gymnasium holds
8100. With 12,000 students, they
take turns watching the
matches. The public is allow-
ed in only for tournaments.
The NCAA tournament, held
at State College, attracted more
than 18.000 addicts to four ses-
Wliy Is it that Penn State
grapplers do SRO business
while at other campuses secret
football practice draws better
than the matmen? For one
thing, it's largely due to Char-
lie Speidel's remarkable educa-
tion program.
"You've got to teach fans
what It's all about," stresses
the coach who gave the east
Its first national championship
: wrestling team. "It takes time.
But once they get the bug you
can't keep 'em away."
Located in the wrestling belt
of Pennsylvania, where high
schools have 'gone overboard
for it, customers pick up the
science early. They can distin-
guish between a cradle, wind-
mill, grapevine and scissors, ab-
solutely swoon over a weu-ex-
ecuted lateral drop.
WresUlng Is a tradlUon at
Penn State, matching In enthu-
siasm any of the major sports.
Super Salesman Speidel's all-
tlme dual meet record Is 115
victories, 28 defeats and 7 ties.
He's bagged five eastern crowns
since he began In 1926.
Speidel has developed three
national Individual champions.
Until this trip Oklahoma A.
and M. had virtually taken
squatter's rights on the NCAA
title, copping it 16 out of the
first 23 years. Oklahoma won It
three times, giving that state a
total of 19 victories.
"The east is Just beginning
to move," declares Speidel. At
any event, the Lions are roll-
ing. Their unbeaten dual meet
string now stands at 29 and
three straight eastern titles.
There's no telling when the
march will stop. Penn State's
talented tracts of meat are
practically all home grown.
The school Is located In a belt
where high school wrestling
matches the collegians.
From all this It Is surprising
that more college wrestlers
don't Join the professional cir-
The money ranks get the
bulk of their dragons from foot-
ball. Minnesota has contributed
the most Bronko Nagurskl,
Leo Nomellini, Vern Oagne
and Butch Levy, among them.
Joe Savoldl Jumped tor Notre
Dame in football. Going back
a bit. Jim McMillan performed
with Red Grange at Illinois.
What better way to grow old
gracefully? Ed Strangler Lewis,
pushing 70, would still be gy-
rating if he could see. Lou
Thesz, now the undisputed
heavyweight champion, is 40.
"The professionals can have
their slapstick," says Charlie
-Til take my wrestling
Question: Count U three-two
ion the batter. Pitcher throws
la third strike past batter. Catch-
er drops the ball, lets it fet
past him and the batter, ad-
vances to first base. How Is
the play scored? Richard Al-
ger. *
Answer: Error Is charged to
the catcher. It Is not a paced
ball. Credit the pitcher with a
Q What are the duties of the
field umpire? Jim Young.
j A. To take such position n
the playing field as, In his
judgement, Is bast sailed for
the rendering of impending de-
cisions an the baaes. To make
all decisions on the bases ex-
cept those specifically reserved,
to the umpire-in-chief. To take
concurrent jurisdiction with
the untpire-in-ehief In calling
time, balks, defacement er dis-
coloration of the ball by: the
{Itcher, or use of Ulegal alien,
e aid the umplre-tn-cMef in
every manner In en fore me
these rules and, excepting the
forfeiture of the game, shall
have canal authority with the
umpire-in chief in rombvtnr.
from the game such players as
may violate these rules.
Q Which club led the Aseer-
Ican League last season winning
extra-lnfilng games? Robert
A. The Indians made the best
showing by winning nine and
losing six ramea that went Be-
yond nine innings. Other weta-
lost standings In 1952 extra-
inning competition: Boston, le-
7; Chicago, !-; New York,*-
' This iraaLlndeU's first important te
test with his knuckler. Had
ft iiTMinu KTO1K TFAM CHAMPIONS Medal and merchandise winners of the Balboa Gun
Junior Teflon Who wonttw Canal Zone Sectional Tournament of the 1953 Annual Junior
Paul sm\tt! Norne Dillman, Jim Schelbler, Leo Constantly. John Hatgl. Daniel Klssam. Cody
StapleS.and Alexis Vila. :i _______ ; -} __(*_: --r.*.n
' 'S
been able to foot the boys. "
* '
* in timer with only one pitch could have asked for a
5 mJung toTtheVlrEVt-1. not going to be simple for
' Undell tomake a forceful impression. They don't help a Pitcher
iSch at bit or in the field. Like the other day the pitcher .to
mostl yon bis own. Fortunately. Lindell Is capable of helping, him-
self One year he led the AL in triples, hit 18 homers and drove In
' ,0* &rt Hane^'the Pirates' new manager brought Lindell with
him from Hollywood. To give him something of a break he also
"brought along Mike Sandlock who caught all of Lindeirs games
! and was accustomed to handling the knuckler, the toughest pitch
' in baseball to control or catch.
Like Lindell. Sandlock's been around for ages ^mostly
-hi the minors. They Toved hlin In Erie Pa., and MoWto. Ala.
History may remember him soleras ,U* first c>atabcr to ride
Into the big league on a knuckler. Of a.l of "ndeU Lwi*'
...there can he none more ardent or sincere than the old bush-
"' league catcher. If Lindell goes back so does he. ____ImKIK,,^,
Even with all of Sandlock's experience. Linden* uninhibited
u knuckler got away from him at times that day. once a pitch
that broke in suddenly for a .strike. The fact is the knuckler
defies full mdstery and as young Smoky Burgess said (hod1 Just
warmed up the Cubs' Dutch Leonard) "I'd rather catch
Catcher Rice Tabs Mizell For Greatness,
Says Cards' Three Young Pitchers Will Win
NEA Special .Correspondent
ST. LOUIS April 25Take
It from the man who has the
Job of catching them, the three
spotlighted young pitchers are
llkeh/ to do, the Job for the
Del Rice, the St. Louis Na^
tlonals' No. 1 receiver, figures
he's catching aces In Wilmer
Mizell, Harvey Haddlx and Stu
MlUer. He believes these three
kids can win this year Just as
they did at the tall-end of last
Reduction 10fo Reduction
Until the end of this month. Don't miss this.

t Vinegar Bend Mizell, the
country boy, Is going to be a
great pitcher, says Rice, who's
not only the youngster's catch-
er, but also his roommate.
"He can't mise," he says,
merely a matter of time.
Fishing this last week la the inner bay area was, as usual,
good excerclse and little more can be said.
The International Game Fish Association has come up with
the answer to the Allison tuna question. The Allison and the
yellow fin tuna are the same fish. We have believed that the
long streamer dorsal on the Allison identified It as a different
specie but the committee states that it is a scientifically esta-
blished iact. The new scientific name Is THUNNUS (Neothun-
."Wilmer has more stuff than
any pitcher I've seen in a long
time. Not only that fine fast
ball and the good curve, but
also the change up. The
There is nothing extraordinary about a fielder switching ^^"best^he has! *** M
to pitching and achieving success. Or vice versa. Bucky Walters 0I uie OC8'' "f "-
If should always remember the late Jimmy Wilson In his prayers; ,.vlM_ar has t ^ more con.
1 it was Wilson Who converted Walters from an ordinary third .,ri.v'" 8tt.n he had a vear ago
baseman Into a W-game winner who led the NL three times- *ence than h n ah$*ft
and Wilson practically had to use force to change him over. {1"?wf,P,n'f ," ason he'd
- The Indians' brilliant Bob Lemon wasted five years courting the first 0^nn*"on^)Ubslecl
big-league attention as an inflelder. I suppose It was Lou
Dls-ieague eiienuou n mimun. iuns "- *~
'Boudrean who first recognized the latent wizardry in his right
; arm but whoever It was did him a wonderful favor; Lemon's
won 20 tr more the last four-of-five seasons and hits for hlm-
I self
There's a slight switch in the Lindell narrative on account
of he came up as a pitcher and Joe McCarthy said it was all
a mistake and handed him an outfielder's glove. Llndell's 29-4
with a glittering 2.06 earned run record demanded profouhd
respect but McCarthy said he wasn't fast enough, his curve w*s
too obvious and that his only chance to make the Yankee varsity
was in the outfield. > i.. '
That was a doten years ago. What If McCarthy had advised
Lindel lto develop the knuckler then? (It wasn't beyond him.
as we've Men.) But there still would have to be' a Sandlock,
wouldn't there? Ci. well, the story's good enough as It stands,
and let's hope the two old men manage to stick around, win
some games and have some fun.
Samuel Smug!
Saaseei dm** wurt u tree
If to were he. voa wnald a tee!
dam can alwar. find eoetl baya
His weret Is te advert loe I
Walks would get him In trouble.
He doesn't walk 'em now.
"He's twice the pitcher he
was when I first saw him when
he' reported to the Cardinal
camp at St. Petersburg two
springs ago.
"What does Vinegar lack?
Just a little time.
'Control Is the answer. It's
lots better, needs a little more
consistency. Finesse, craftiness
Is the other thing he needs.
His fielding is okay now.
"When he's as experienced, as
smart as Haddlx la now, Wilmer
will be a truly great pitcher.
He'll win quite a bit this year,
but those big years are coming.
"Haddlx is rough. A smart
pitcher, has the finesse that
Mizell lacks. He's several years
older, more the finished pitch-
er. He should be a real win-
ner. Fine control. He's like Har-
ry Brecheen. Has better stuff,
better fast ball than Harry. He's
liable to be one of our big ones
this summer,
"Miller to a cute one. He mixes
'em up, works on hitters. He has
a lot of slow stuff, messes up
the batter's timing. He's very
According to Del Rice, the
The tuna being caught at Cabo Blanco is a big eye tuna a,nd
will be listed in the New World record charts as such. The rec-
ord win revert back to the old holder of th/Xlllson tuna record.
These fish are so near by alike that the Association has re-
quested that anyone claiming a record follw these instructions
Submit a photograph plus when possible the ^ire gUl-arch
showing all the glll-rakers and one pectoral fin the second dor-
sal fin and the anal fin. These parts can be dried and mined.
Up to 40 or 50 pounds the big eyed tuna and the Allison or yel-
lowfln tuna are very difficult to tell apart and the above nns
and glll-rakers are needed to establish specie. ,,. ..
The world record for Allison tuna ta'ium'265 pounds The
record for hi* eyed tuna is 332 pounds. The big eyed U known
as THUNNU8 (Parathunnus) SIBI.
We hear that in the near future a houseboat capable of
refueling small boats wUl be In Cocas Point. This houseboat is
to sleep thirty some old people plus having a large dining room
and bar for up to 76 or 80 people. .
It will have ice for the smaller boats plus ou-ftjah
water and all the other things the smaller boats need. If this
project goes thru It will be the biggest thing for fishhig In Pan-
ama that has happened in many a year. With com")odjf*|on*
f This type It Will be possible for any sma w*0^,.^*^
fish for 10 days at time In fishing waters that have until now
been closed to all but the larger more expensive boats.
It will also change the fishing as a smaller faster boat has
an advantage when fighting large fish If Panama to tobe
developed into a sport fishing area it needs a base in the good
fishing area. For rnany years the cost of building: andI rnalntan-
lng a boat capable of ilshlng this ares has kept many a fisher-
man from enjoying the sport. houId
Whatever It takes to put the houseboat to Cocas P **">" ;
be done and without delay. It possible for It to be ilnlshed in
time for the July 4th to August 4th tournament it should d<
much to make the tournament a huge success.
The Panam Rod and Reel Club will have all the dope ready
for their tournament so that we can give complete details next
According to Del Rfce, the week. It promises to be one of the best ever held In tms area,
man who should know best, the | They are offering prises for black rnarlln. silver m"'n;.8t"7nr
Cardlnfls wont miss because of marUn, mako shark, aUsh, dolphin, wahoo. roostenisn. turn-
lack of pitching. r.. land manjj others.
Ap *asy way to
ask for -the best
Caifljor "Black & White" whenever you ask for Scot*
Thereils no better way of nmcattof that only the beet
will do'r you. .
Geneine, product of ramoot Scottish dntdknes, that
fine Scotch has no superior.
Distilled and Bottled in Scotland
a aiii
in a
IBM Wet,... ICl
I '
eo. ire., oiasaow. acortan ^_
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