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The Panama American
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Weekend American
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Scott Family Library Fund ( donor )
Panama Times, Ltd.
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Panama City, Panama
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daily (except saturday and sunday)[may 12, 1973-]
daily[ former oct. 7, 1925-dec. 4, 1966]
daily (except saturday)[ former dec. 10, 1966-may 5, 1973]
normalized irregular


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Newspapers -- Panama (Panama)   ( lcsh )
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Panama -- Panama


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Oct. 7, 1925-
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On Saturday published as: Weekend American, Dec. 10, 1966-May 5, 1973.

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University of Florida
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I 1' -

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APR 20


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a no-la
p-ua and
imp the a9t
a is to.77,



0 -
.- .WASf.tlItON, ApiI l18 (UP).- D@"m ic Se".
OW Attw J.uh eMder tonight promised tq coefln*. AM
fight t coam. vee ahd on the floor of ,teS f
,ee qry e"t what he described as "
Sr ler ttounts almost to criminal
bilk, Na q4 lZone.
UmB.ur ,Iis speaking on a regular w wek.. mi
to. Im constituents in Louisina ..
the Canal Zone operations 'e am
tWdm,ce, specially omn our miewy, to caetl
**I iu and dz licating fyci4 a rpvAt to

t' said there was d e Zone '
Mny, Navy and Air Force. every

"t fand (on a retentrip, '*'.'" "
aut h militia,, -aini -J
oat-e fact that in nMay latas-
qp adeujateskidiar .tacW~i .art Nata


SM U@IA W u z ? shal n medtedveM as J
Sall vft of the T vmiu h
tingpre-tt nf ancits and $I Jday in the
age facility, ^stores, rub A the Haber Cat#,
,wP"U.)M9 pr. l |.>and many ew opera- maci plant. 0
Ttr0 at id he appeared to r
t the oft Recan ancesty
try. intention o p ue was iuoln. ,
,:pro.rr. wil l lI. S hE th Ay '" i _r< ehp-ted to tfa the
a mm chrome and t rema of the blast
i pr of ta8 gte under a. t Ih p e of
cJtaken hiy4i De- rubble At hi ,ear of the de-
I. Dr. S t.rl U is to put an,and vastated fur building
onan InstRon. waste." Eght of thj are than 100
Film, whsh was- made by employes wto warm at vrk In
rG H. Stewart R te Na- 'M TidiJ the plant wear the blast turk
aph will -,. were atl mdasiz.
ted to Dr. TIDE Officials bel ed the cbarrC
p. director of the Panama w Low bodes of three of them were
t at the close of the pro- 7l-zd -, 1:30 a.m. the ontry morue, await-
1_________ 4 1:54 p.m12)* Ifntificatton.

popular r Lt. Fole

S' "
21 BI A.".F

tves U
the best known of Ca-
will be leaving the
Sose other than L,.
y, whose name wae
with 4he Canal
force for 33 year
"rMred In 194S.
-1 health lately. TomM has
treatment at Gorg0 s
for sometime and has
to enter the Old SoldierV
.A Was Wilngton, D,.
Se Ins entitled a a ,-a
p~ to b oqtauazlon bene,
.IaT Tuesday... and
t of Istmlan friends
he old copper was 0o'
was one of the moat
on the Zone. He
ftOetront to all tom-

ASt District Com-

Gua r
tBlba t a thime


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f Atlantic'

Moves 15 Miles

WASHINGTON, April 18. -
he "Crossroads of the Atlantic"
as moved 15 miles to the east.
The famous Nantucket light-
hil. first Unite*. States light




4.,.. -

name "of NaoNioi

'Ne are

armed and well-t.n
potential is obvi
The U.S. wants RW
arm and take over
of her homeland.
We a1 *a#At ICA .f

-from Burope, Da Pln i upor war oCa tIo n
a new position by the Coast h tedNatons
Ouard. It s nOw 50 miles south- effort thin Korea and tos
east of Bankty ad h n arsenal for Westrn
Massachusetts Nantucket Is- Aans. A __
land, says the National Oeo- e
graphic Society. -. Many informed Japanese are' anti-
The Cotast O Gard ezPl favorabe to these IdMA but
that 1 woas=60M'o .to more are not: The U.S. Idea
I4**e it y on the clashes head. on. with a paclf, .
Ciro% -- P est minove born ; Pitter e-
to.m perience. TieJa
It ts tytor o
i e ecauwe OPPOSITIOl today lt n
ser than any -*a ea a .
her d Ughtship pposition to lweW
statlom a Uniersity U116
Not only European traffic, but *tua w ,pra a nat- hghYpr
seIpping betweebft ew england lonal at, and others,
artsnd tha'Moth fnds whe tt t te their Worklsa
92 46 gaide in rvolding "aMs vk another iog at M
Caue'Cod!# shoal water.. ..war v..d,,adttY A
Cahe has beea mo defe
beiire, b not always by dj The= T- I Japanese Communlsts account o
In 193.& astorm blew It 7 courage these conceptions attack th
off station. the wel-iatloned grups .
In p- es a on tae 4a l ,m odBe to kM upotLon The J;
iptrang a leak ana sank before opinion llag otg e *
she could be towed to port, and ehd the reality of defense. t
in 194 the awt Olympic fol-
flowed the Nntucket radio Moreoeet, Australia, New er" attit
Section a m so well she Zealand and Southeast Asian ng sea
rammed and sank the beacon
vessel with the los of seven
tucket light is one of 36
z. pa statlorOd around the
east, uarkif shoal wpter,
ala, harbor entradoes and

cIs trans 0lante t"nip
Reck lghthouse, about 49 miles
off the British mainland, and
Ambro WIN
--emgrare sturdy

their name, they are eaulppedO
wih radar and send out radio i in n
dretnal nal. In toggy
.- er they sound pwerul air
The sh held in place by
Iny tnushroom-shaped an- s.i
0on ~aslve ca The '... -
*at.w ry in lepth with the (NEA potos y I
eachr u as monou ut be paid RISING SUN FLIES AGAIN fra t-w
In i heavy seasto allow the called Coastal Safety Force. Thesee M .8. X
movement on the water.


pmma, National
s am one real
l to be ace
0it Is a.

-wfth two U.S
og* In Jaipa
R oomd give a
r shom~ld n

mass 9Wavy" I
a dimar "'bi b
!elj i the
WfM h<'



re the

ON to an Amerlesa obmervr.
To date, 10 of the 17 shi
turned over to the JapnemI*.
= In,_ a loan-lie- "
S are ,.type roc*t
fin sou wt ships, ironkeary
enough declined for Invasion '
of Japan' ome islands In
World War IL
The other seven ships w "
frigate, Jxz of which wen
loaned to Russia during the
war mpd.returned. to the UA.
lasty r In far from shipshape

0 -

'Army' Of The Rising Su

Now Numbers 110,000 h

TOKYO, April 18 (NEA)- Oot here, where
Japanese chain of islands is right next' door to
munist lri.f Rt.w aess cold b fataL But the
pneue Cen.titt'i touted by the. MacArthur oc
i 4 xreamament in any farm.
re r ~ Japanese are rearming,

an A-
i hag

The proorm shown by the
& euTW ro7m I du
head start n when it was
first orgape. under the
MacArthur occupation, .

e e table ., r-
t ... ".' ,* 0 .n.m^

SIn KCoa stal at *
ashs of a real fighting


R"w uwwr ai u 6 for M* .S
aidp n he-ar ae. .
rf you lke the Id '_of
Ropce, but ,4601 AAs a

The spox4ar tfoartics, a new
breed, were going from one o-
del to tile npt, entranced with
the latest desgus in eu. me-
ebhanlse pemut b oells Sme of
the desulgrAat. tbt casugt thei -
fancy weet l eite: i

turned out to. hre b motor 4a
the rear., ao ft ttli s, a
leather srap. .
A long., low, dleek Ferrarl, Itu
fire engmln red carried the loVO
trend to an ezireme.. Net onLVb
can you over It, bit if youe n
no eareu, you canrp over t, .
tooe a

Ala-keomo, blled as
ng 11aer" ;iodel, w
justice.The model is aim
A gentleman tried to get
aig.,' apd finaly, threq


Slowly In the ar Japan le Is 1
,, than 100 light planes, all typed f t
for art~ngli obstrtion and
.t rescue pottig. That comn-
2 *l prises the ar force. And Jap- e
S ane now dread air attacks a- -
ty bor' all others.
"." Tley ully support a
l p a goodly number-.
ell- e _- Japanese Inter- -.
all-" eep@a that m .M be
I the r=I.t*'ms any invader who 1-
might flhalenge Npon e sleS.
SU.S. ,jr such a defense win,
inside- the e I an ample cadre of pr. an
apa1- lotaw 4p would re e only q
S re~fhOr Uae training. ,
,Ur- Tb. tool up for increased war
ot dustr ".- t firm commlt.
S o far, thw'Uj. can promise
only short tam orders to sup- -A
porthe m ea effort. There-
fore a Industry Is A-
af- wUlng to aWdon .
-Asz_ tureoof ctlln consunmr Mui ,
power oods, f.aa~gthMSa cesat -'.I
Ott of hostillttletuld leave the *it
t- stuc Wk with ortaged war MM
toug plants and no e.l>imers. .
Without the fanfare accooms IA
pan in lATO rearmament tg
div- leaderof the' VS. and Japan ua
n for are qultl plodding along,
good pvn the wy fr a dayw
_Or. _M from now when i
RAuss. Jpan" will b le A to defend mf
-iteelft. tO

* ---4

-Mlk ;.Iapsaf Is delanlp
Bu! thNSU l 8aety --f
la m g a bid for ra
a strong line

;( i,1.., K.

;t ~W.,h; ~&:

* (Wtor's Note: The author of low repute among their subor- ter of p
S|article, which Is dinates and others? In the
Theolw Morale E- Why does there exist
g a,1 eue h AdmiAls- much criticism of sibperv W Aor
S the Jereal of the So- with respect to their relation- ll.
SPrsee AMai- hpe with subordinates
Sa member of Leosl For one thing, juat as In the yea
Daas, Te. ,case of baseball Oe a
a a d te to the at- boys In the bleach@ersa a
S_.Le F.oer a number of call a ball or a strike m h -
he has bee. Fle Re- better than the umpire on the
u Btatlve in Dalls of the spot.
Sof Civllan l emsel, Seem from afar, my
eirtment of the Army. and visory actions appear
plet vfsly was with the Wae been the result of shea l
l Bems Dvie of l0e08- neas of thought, poor
g*.armt of Labor and with intolerance, impa&toe,
0e former Publie Works Ad- what not. tt
iabotratiom.) Employes, became of .il0
--Oo very scarcity, haf
By PIR TAMBUO more and me wond
Thine was, long ago though It die, have made it
seems, when the supervisor monplace to
S as held In high esteem by his all the ill tUat ay '.
superiors and his subordinates. agerial problem O0 & 7
Of almost as great significance supervisor.
ws the prestige which the sup- To Isn't t quit
evisor enjoyed among his fel- pastime now, as ina
awr citizens because of h super-have a capegat
viury privileges and prlroga- any crisis or dvere
tres as an important cog in the In any kind Cati
Saivities of a good concern in Constant harping a&
U community. finding with pl
SThat bis general ructft up vios is
ne holds True, generally, s a rt a
K ber to be deplored, both be- ervisors Is hara
it Is in itelf unfortuate, sheer absence of
i t Is In itself unfortunate Ideals for
because it need not have esttMon.
In the first lace. than for
drop in p or achieves no better
,'aor coame drwted tow

formerly a man sought bM .ve e at
Soa in many ee. h al-m
d aimh mush a
etn consideration than tman
ease many years ago, or, v theeo
as it should be, beSs ou wilg unable
is a human beng to
m pervisrs ta o-
Of -f thaogs Wl A A e
angy eases to *M w Sa a

,. a e

- t W'h.-a if t .it4 .NGS TOO
tribmtes sh Ualublla va w ide tra.i Ia Ah mweI.5.. bh

t Ind d
the o


J*..- ~ -

- -

-- -.- :1.. -- **
.1 ** -, *r "j; '. ",.- "
^ ^., oo*-., ..*. .; ; ..
-.-.. p.. C ~r~.-1


am tlrTI

.*.* .. ,, v -, *y ff t

__ -__ -*__ __ .. .." '.* ^
4 ^ '' *'^ v 117


t-v rti

I. Viory
SlLduld be TMven and
at s v--ory of thl
do stm.rents do of i

itafit la
tla b ovlt
K. thel te h

to 1611,;-o
ta l^ ** r a n

S.No Sampling Maine's Animals J.w, Jaw, Yep,
OPARIS, (UP)-There is a man Hit By Manges aJw, p,
.- "- ,in Pais wbo, in his 82nd year. i a Dixe bee l t
D O" e P o'n d. is one of the. mio popular per- KOKADJO, M e. (UP)-A corn pone and kblo l ..t--
bons In towX. n rnge epidemic Is threatening peas because *he
."N TIts are $.s Gouarmel. ek out Raymond Maine's fur-bearing animals. ternoon on the
d ay be Brunet not nly because he i OGus Harris, a Greenville drug- apn blime it on her
n M ,' president o ear Internatlon- gist, saw a badly infected rcd heritage
S or = ally known gastronomic soci- fox In this northern Maine. HMin Phxlill DeBerar, of tht" '
the Colle PARI Ater- t about te other 9b- ties, but alms became the eel- report confirmed the fact thjt ern Dell Telephone
Scardi, pl ei, Ity-ridden l t tak- 60 ire Trnclnan e ve a lar of his home con- the disease had spread from erraph Co., told a niilM
n aditi t th' a tan probeb y world's great- Kennebunkport in southwest- the Exchange Club h t
tickets, JA Put btus- Witade. Most -t colleetlm ae old cog- ern Maine where It was first people below the MasM tac
Bthes'. fir g in ilU be W ud to nmake hata."' nacs, gathered or a 30-year reported. ine se their phones l
m7 ''ch name The was q sr e i o Other person have told o d while the rehkehs
one01 0 Or whit on'taeagefveLarabbit; Threeado noorthl'e go Ic r.peroushamst ondto t r.fally s we- Swifte* i S to M.0th e e and scores of seing numerous c es be en won't average five l d .
mU~h rs..._. ie~tm i ra dfl. lys have But .a m h furi dld1ut.Y others follow mfacoa ively. The the two points.. The afflicted
l st I era dy have will gourmets who vit Brunet fe okanimals lose all their hair And Ing 'e snow cover
8saly ^ ='e' e"allned pe t t or er-at ch o ingly, become virtually 'helpless, dy- sources of food
a"'^urt robi tlh'l titled mle lAe .- end trim- l neverW ino and elach
pf jm r d to Leopold ghpthe~ asaa f oub f cognac is care a putlback
ot oi _]ay a talfnml S. ey n o l t hwiners, l rol e t e lo the t ye i m it ane s p dIts oracle.
oe s evat Vona but rncawl Al"These cog Will never be
amrmste- o purchase Wcc tiam dirturbed" he says. "The arek
'pFromIL a'e m ofneormy er memories. of a wonder ful
am abseO $t Tips than the malf thabt aoU Saountr
tB.a Mngeel h tgeo later real expert qap tel the dif- .1 mu...

SMA W hol- Swiners e f.o o oke tbook .,,,
f n sbheowlmh e raN Td eachSyear vying wit- F

M. to Iw b. o fo m the kn- Bri.;Shlmal of b , ,o. are cdoran of u and. th e "dS fat that oh riny a dASY pS country
uw ,f,-T~her her ^ bit?" h forgetgIs
erb Dotho th eag i.V -ie"m ttaad tAeerica'sFe iino
12L.7. bTwror pBr i I UP

toad "P0 anafmendt of tertai 7 oausd teri ey aX.C Ar hparsi fernL
Wmare'cor dioll Inritu Anse ate uld he ns lsufmag rymemr-
thls 'u a Ru ss ian I a t ajelrlnr oo & --lte i n lNationalt
r were Do roen _. mee& a oo e ti Dor l l F renh eo aneai nmD
oI& VAL-atwew a / eatm n h r tb- ti. f m m5o esp. and
deblt?"bestm't" orietl ar ean&wi y ti cs year's
eT Meetrfroe, leor e StLean p* etro atiTAHITr

cassWoeenbo ofhrittnh Be- or- dhe odas neWi u opaeL-
no, an cordiallyngm dthfrmtd hes opro i t memo- EASY TERMS

A t Group ofo tmine. ateihe-, ~. ed' th -- ln
.-. t W-- 'CluRAb B JtWt ( p WtOst Asked i"f, -o., d -o" reathtruedt iisaho Ih em.
and 3"olaoho n a fte rnoonbow or'Wshyoutdwo rdish..
andTO wela Ue r.Oldr ,ifo 3,O ~ t.m I p ex. flduondrlSay reMin, b naw l oilf tet or01 0 al ue, tele isonum -be
w- ail.l-0 IUMt r meeth tewilllw ra, tioyna rfte n help,- d t en e o nowe i lm,- "
l5. Il, .ld sad Mll oJ:. Mon y~I an dMh Wh Slhre8 yh new .Th eumiarcd.-nen h or- 4 a ramers ptbelm pro e ssmone nq Uliuty omene sic ta$pe
MrsAndi o tde fri0.ed t ori the co- Know the let ters e mprutmuc I si oqTe

t. SO ml To artic Ip the notrd b heg, c on berfamr- ter tre cordiandiprise dIr
Mr.dTn l.OaMr als"o fd4,r is oriled n i he d. performance. Hands1omwely cba-i-
uang am, Mr fr h p n selfe_"_"frtem h a u." ",e let ters k," ntehd and finVshed blond or dmk

Sto rfeeltlMondherae no U s to ly Geart a !dUzi-ouofr
,% u. Vr, t .cam., f.._._. and some ofeotrai his yhOftenac--n ly of I w o don't Uli i eu re
in.- "I tnge19em.cann-w dd'tb the eow. a .ram d pO
& K 4 _o.b, -wmet I arti ofwi tall to take odtid =e b ump I* we t through d ition- a .l. k a e 10l o r-od ilf
3. 0ih, Int e BX r -t "rs. ins tate a -quiet no ro.,li dt kUt ner m -I. "O t. ee)ae three a r t er eon hl e t

r .. .. 'A W tah, aie .topar e 4. h o.s,
W. of 3 M., oi ,:o. ... ul d.u... t.. ,.w it Thwo

dAgm 4A dI -
of the Vana-
laleto favel. left hUe
by Plane Wsduiday
view pW poetw b Caraos

I attaitnnt Rs.'

ilaom e I
u's' "'u
1. y* 1t O N ..... .... i a n." .

oWb ,sd0 htt4 e
Mnozt on ly
a I a could .
'W" and te
i.p s w een sri
J sh not only a

iC~iliml^ f*^*^ ,^"r.,^JK Apj


r* dto U

ibia" "It
7. .E y of
.16fe of
1i,3 rc-

j*s.W leveLed AD.


dow n Ja, 8 Tivoli Ave.
TiL 3-4fT7 Tel. 2-3121

..,- t iY LOW RATES!



vbI. ,'- o f e se"-bI.
-. O
^,B .WJ SnL ....... 8.00 U .
:: ..... -. 1 .00 S4

M G' d b.l v t A M R M iss ".L $









AVIANCA Aerovias Nacionales de Colombia, S.A.
BOAC British Overseas Airways Corporation
BRANIFF Braniff International Airways
COPA Cia. Panamefla de Aviaci6n, S.A.
LACSA Lineas. Areas Costarricenses, S.A.
LAV Linea Aeropostal Venemolana
PAA Pan American World Airways, Inc.
PAL Philippine Air Lines, Inc.
PANAGRA Pan American Grace Airways, Inc.
TACA Taca International Airlines.
TWA Trans World Airlines, Inc.




"S" Street No. 1 (Near the Lottery Office)
Telephem PamA 2.1661.


. .m 5 11 ..1.11
-, 4

i, mWON



- -

'' ./ '

** if.


/- ', V .,

*". ,T .. .* .

I ", ,'. \ *
*> -,e.fw(^ ^ ;..;." .., .. i .



MI I--- -=meow

M. eann nem rarus, UUrbns, aa daInte;r, amla, .ay
erely spring uUahbe olide their new hem. ee(ore tb radeh
tyle home was bUt, the Parks tfnly Mseat tx mnatu tetar
I different eer pl in the ae e la6raHtry hoe e( the
SM,, l kem Counael on the Univenlty ft InBaeb e OMML. L ed 1
by a pietmre window, the Ivia room f their new m bea fme
the rar of their Ml d
NEA Staff Writer

URBANA, Ill. -Floor plans three decent sized bedrooms
for a castle in Spain have giv- and no basement. I miss the ex-
en way in our dream-home file tra storage space but it's won-
to more realistic figuring on derful to have the washing ma-
ew to get the most for our chine on the main floor. We a
money. We worry over ques- put a sliding door in the gar-
tions like: Do we need a base- age ceiling and use that space)
ment? Should we e.o m b I n 2 for out-of-season storage."
kitchen and laundry? Can we
get by with two bedrooms? "What about the wash ing
They furrow the brow much machine?" It's hooked up in
more deeply than wondering the garage and clothes are
what grade of marble to use hung up to dry out there;
Unfortunately, b u ilding a There's room for' the ma-a
home isn't like sewing a dress, chine in the kitchen but Mrs.I
We don't usually get the chance Parkp' test experience confirm- n
to try floor plan for size, let ed d suspicion of mine -that h
alone alter it to fit. But if we if you do three or four. loads i
could we'd probably avoid many of laundry three days a week,
future regrets, t'ere's Just not space in a
So when I heard that the kitchen to sort and stack soiled
Kenneth Parks family in Ur- flh..g. .;.
bana, Ill., had been able to try -
out the liveability of several -..Jflor plan had theq
home plans before they built wash ai Iw matic dr yer
their own, I went visiting to (thae la equipped with
i se what I could learn. Theal.i anes ) in the
Parks' a young couple with ba = I lt," saya Mrs.
two children. tested six differ- Parks, "E a real labor and time
eat floor plans in six months saver." Clothes go from hamper
last year. to machine to dryer, then back
to linen closet and dra wers
To do this they volunteered with a minimum of hauling.
and qualified as a test family "But, as much as I liked the
to live in the space labor&- convenience and efficiency of a
tory which is not, as it sounds bathroom-laundry, we rejected
devoted to interpla near y the idea for our own home. With
Shouting,. ist one bathroom, we didn't
The laboratory is a neat want it to be used as a workshop.
completely flexible house built Besides the appliances are pret-
by the Small Homes Council of ty noisy and disturbed& after-
"I .e University of Illinois for noon naps."
enu of famlles fre A sensible feature the family
adopted 1s to leawq room for
Mr. and Mrs, Parks agreed to expansion. For examsle,- th e 1 r
assiab research by keeping a itcn Is 13 by U eand,
daily chart of their activities only one wall s f with cab-
and how much each room was inaets now. But there's plenty of
used Mrs. Parks, a brisk, petite room for more as the need arises
blonde, wore a pedometer to without crowding the kitchen
check the number of s t e p a or overflowing into ano their
she took in household routines. room. Five-y ear-old Pamela's
An electric eye counted the room has a full eight foot
number of times passage ways wardrobe closet. Only a third of
were used. Each month they It is being used now but by the
reported fully on what t h e y time she's a teenager it won't
liked or disliked about certain be a bit too big.
Their own brand-new home Another feature that T men-
follows the floor plan they liked telly starred is the use of folding
beft. And I must say that their doors in entrances from the
S19W,000 home compares with hall to this kitchen, and from
many houses I've seen for near- the kitchen to the living. rool.
ly twice the price. It's a long. They take less space and cause
low, ranch-style home with fewer accidents than ordinary
t bedrooms, seven big clos- doors which racing children n
ets, an entrance hall and 1 can push open at the wrong
t' kitchen moment, such as when you're
The living room faces the holding a tray full of food.
back. This is an idea Mrs, One idea we've heard .advo-
SParks liked before testing, and cated is the large combination
S liked better after she'd lived bedroom-playroom for two chil-
Swith it. The roomy attached dren.
g rage will eventually be ton- A test floor plan that Includ-
. averted to a utility room. ed this feature did not prove
"How about no basement, do practical, in Mrs. Parks'opinion.
Y; ou miss it?" I asked Mr s. E'he discovered very quickly that
SParks, who had tested both children have fewer disputes
.rys. 4nd play and rest better If they
'We decided-that If we had to have the privacy of .separate
le ^ rifle, *e'd rather have rooms.

autws m es lkd aim-
Iue wdeh Is lpnsM to he
towd. The namu ww U thea
embrn dered nla dark Me
hread an the sewingf mhla.
i au e Imn aRbove.

The bride's first name is writ-
ten on one towel and wash-
cloth, the groom's on the other.
You'll need to get a sample of
their signatures, which can be
copied in pencil on crinoline.
Crinoline is basted to towel or
other linen and the embroidery
stitched on the penciled out-
line. After the name is finished
cut away the crinoline.
Embroidering the names can I
be done by hand. It's also a
cinch to do it on a sewing
machine. The girl who showed
re how just set the dial to the
numeral four on her zigzag

Test your Voce

Iror leasl in one

Career girls, many of the
oople you know get theli
main Impression of you over
the telephone. Why not make
a test to find out whether It'J
a charming impression?
If you want to know what
your voice sounds like, put your
hands behind your ears and
cup them forward in your
palms, curving the fingers in.
Then read something aloud
preferably some naturalistl.
dialogue In a novel or play.
Listen for pitch, rh y th m,
breath control and signs often-
Pion. If your voice is too bhila.
you can, by thinking 4bout t,
Sive it greater deptL If it
pounds monotone,. try break-
Li the pattern of the speech
with slower and fas ,s e.-
tonces. Give special smphsd
to words and phrases Wht aH
Jar It.
Lift your volie at 4he ad
of a sentence whenever t
sense allows you to. Th B
R eaeser for jpeple to gh
words ad& tas feel n ore
replyg w NPMu.
If your voiee sounds la
try maintaining better
as you speak. Then yew t .
wIll have the full str4
your diaphragm mueal ii
Speak as you exhale.
practice by yourselLf
over any feeling of
solo aness. Remember

it M bJwa



Here Is How Husbands Feel

About Junk-Gathering Wives

i= .. I I


I ;.

I 'E


..... __









NEA Staff Writer

for a little price is the tricik
these days. That's, whr I grasp
at any deas that u he
importance of m its.
More economical, and fr 'e.'
timent's sake more endear, It
thb6 gift that bears your pern
swnal touch.
A tilt of hand sewinw, for
ey.ample, transforms plain tow-
els, sheets, oases and t.-
ble linen into cerhe0ed one-of-
a-kldnd gifts, If the hand-sewn
touch points up the bride's
new status, she'll be thrilli
Monograms a or a single initial
are popular.
SClever new variation of, the
monogram is a scipt-embroid-
ered copy of the bride's ant
groom's own- handwriting -to
trick up household linens Good
quality, unadorned t trkAsh
towels and washcloths, for ex-
ample, are not very expensive
and you can add the fancy
floUrishes yourlt to ,Imake a
standout gift.:

n the

I J'

tMU. fm

mm anwau-m
mn at,

ft *E

a s reatfeMatewam w5ictnaem
tex espevt er

Mtth machie an-- Wrote" her ol lwIMe
name In thread, .fit h enm
Even with these up-to-the- so

gaL^ e

not, i t bit tt' Wlital 'h a :
wrong with white C em '
broldered in black, dark blue t ate .
or red. n B in-fg
rd avoid- th# wild. or or a1e



L:'UIP;S wr ~.

, .. :, -. y- ',.1, ..


According to my men readers, what the American home needs
S Snore than anything else is an annual "throw-away week."
The way we women hamg onto useless junk, according to the
men, 1s a crime and a shame.
Their letters poured in after a recent column of mipe decry-
Ing the lack of storage space in-the average modern home. Even
S an architect Joined in the chorus, writing: "No much
S storage apace a woman had Me would never have enough (or all
the Junk she insists on saving."
S Here's a typical letter on the subject:
S "You ought to write an article on the women who save
things, all kinds of things. They manage to fill desk drawers,
elowets,. cellars, attics, and everything-else that has a horizontal
surface, with a variety of objects which could only be duplicated
in a museum, a curshop, or a .tak collection.
"My wife collects m rm I -thesm on radiator
*to e closets. do n |e truk. b W
.in part with o su he doesn't
.them after reading tb.t ePs them here .
and everywhere.
"She also asves d1P4_ aaB nkd on all sorts of subje,
SThey stick out .oItf la qi Ila.t At least they preet
drawers from rattVg. -d od e keeps bite of string, men-
S.s, theater programs, l Mem, aamlveTrmary cards, ribbon from
packages. *
"I mustn'tfm th4e slo fW adllaM and. shallest1 tho
cellar. Oh yes, ana the a jIn #nto do but haw't n-
tn around to yet All Stboe aiM aply mut., be w
because 'Everythlng hu a an- s2* 4i1 long enough1 to my
S wlfe's motto." *
S "And here', Pli ll : .
.t rPleasee, pleae, Ise a p. I aove my wife. But
I weald abate, Omm~dg/ alasellus'do vtn r wa sea
no t d theie iwor..;
Well, h 11110.]-

S f.*.





Jn Aome Planning

.. ... tSewL 6,
Wedding Ql/ts M/Uth :wed.3vOnj~~u
f ,, ,,,.: .. a. i: ,+ m c j ..... --. ". .^. .. ." :"... "*

I M.

0 I I -' !-I
Washll.. ens--

-almifar -fS *k: f
a -,
I ".e, -" ...= ,= -* -

^mu/l/- "M

* 6
* p.

.... i .-. .
a 6*aSWI

vs *

In a


I 'Most Beautiful

S Gets aoky
wJ-. ,

tr.-? s

et ea.
Tbe D 1whtf .Sb shm ofh0

Wing mTtt y Mmper

C.m. I..n-..*.. the
boo an-cn

.4 I
18 -

of 05k-

kAt S.
k h~a-
at s

wurs rtr-


. --- _L

Structure' 1 2I-

f Repaired "__f ;

Pour years later, een tmtp e
we aa-ding bu idin were
aabed, Prine AAuranaMb re-
ported to the Shah, his fatthr,
that "tU doJ e of the bho1y
taMb lise aI two places...arnd
SfAdo the fpir smo-domed
mnMy of the wgaleie on
the second story, the four
ANl qir the four north-
Sr ~spad the ewv-
n ound chambers,
vwhl~d .ham developed craic."
ammts have been rso ai1

cme tthat taw
tve dinas.
tvrr E. Kimble sM N us
tomatic nenag msrl fl
sheB out 50 '" u"
ute. They IewW$oS3V j
wibtnh tide pof -
trto, "the Atfe 1
the museum with a

Wf. WI to 1sr wf Fd rt off y 1h
aht he ed r rry a- stne and besW M Mt
nan a r dL Me kpt myrtle carving.
oth p ad is tmb Travelers from all l m
lir n hers In the mault- the world o cra ma m abeti
ffrt tstruret dedicate to dusty entral platit' Un
hier memory. the TaL Mihal agree S t 5it
Mahal, ,meafn. "Crown of the .enchantment gorow ai tt t"
Placee" being one of her court rptame of moonlight

Sbe. John

>Mtl S he r t te a
et eenn athe we T II

i toDi 16 and r r n
I to rlmi
o ti tee. K d a t inatS l*,;h
@A to Dil "On lhhe 1916 and ,

.tt larrlem
-i Br-u ?


for Um

- o f uKHnh* n




* Automatic
* Waterproof
* Shockproof
* Anti-Magmetic


"' Citizens Save City
Money; Clean Park
a woodland part need
Sto ut

.aOt j11-ac uirPmak
year they am e-
e ke woods and

tK lM~ spre-edu&t

b .'

.r*' .. .












i Car ak es cnow sihe. Car mOenS kM
S ti pmf-oma.-- And both the asprwt
who mnw dsre and the motorimt
who driw a fn wrd'.s automobula bay
eGo iaerU than amy other
Next thin you ased tires,
s i yote Gebdyiar tire dealer!



S, ,and other ),

. .
,, ^ -., J. L

.. -

iantpe oh weruM sWu- mhie4:

inwe sre mdm a -r .ae

sa UR *. 4V)e Tepheam 1-&33
&sitS: -

k,. ..A<< ..^edm ^ A.W"S. S* 3-MWt -i
S a -
-Am a *'- -; -- -^



"V A.-.O. ; .' : -.



w urn

* SW


,if. ,u5 u. 0*
w and

lety wlU B1


- -


RT, --titf
azA^^^.; -- ag ,l


-- ~-



*. .- A


:~I :~I

a -I





- o;-f mi, 7in
I -". '* '' **

Tra -seek

I.a SX ... *.

'You Sell'em... When You Tell.'em -A. Classifieds!

Leave your Ad will, o,e of our Agents or our offices in No. 57 Street Panam
No. 12,179 Central Ave. Co 6: -


-1 -I
-. .~Iij *~47
I 51.


Cdiori D Auff Store

'Lewis Service .saon ue r~csi wa. -- -- ... -.
No. Tivoli Ave.-Phone 2-2291. and No. 55 West 12th Stree d. .-Phn Co.n
A. or w a on nt.
Agencia Internacional .4 Poiw ciofl Pi
Morrison's Agencia nternacional.d P icacionuane at. 3c. e additional n. o.f
Fourth of July Ave -Phone 2-0441 No. 3 Lottery Plaza Phone b 41 2-2214 and 2 8 :B VO 1w SI O,

S Household Automobiles ,s !s. _... Wme n l.S g ..O e m s -
R SALE:- 5-p d m FOR SALE -1950 Ford Tudor sedan. 1 A ces. C. Rockgol ra rs
gFny bedroom 0utt 75 0... excellent condt-on. radio. $U900.00. ______r N___
eh.- 3-1848, Panam.h Central Avenue & K Street Corner, Gramlhch San Clareea
CbPhone 3-1848, Panama. Pone C c-I2 h8o. h -DRn.p W A Medca lc wm L e I A
'FO SALE: -- Noa tonall SW I; iad-FOR SALE 190 Chevrolet Club Telephone 2-3479. Panornt. NWt agees Ebl edr l 1 h e SS 1
$35.00, 9 cu. ft. 25-ccle West. oueexcelent condition, radio
r..0gho ue efrg at r K5-cyce W a r e Purpe reasonable. Cail Albrook SPECIAL EXCURSIONS! 6-441 Guir e l s.T4-567 Pedie h ANDM L TABOR Y -12 .
inghouse refraertr, 105-A 5183Ke orri2 FROM PANAMA To MEXICO 3 OAIforL Ct
sweeper $10.00. House o0-A 51 or 51one way $85, round trip 135 115
.G,6mboa. Phone 6413. FOR SALE 194" Ford Corvertible. dy-limiti, $169.00, good one yewr; Phillipi. Ocelansid cottages. Samo PRESURE SP i r,
tiguse 25-cce good cndon. $25000 Call 3- to L ANGELES, onew py, $149.15. Clara, Box 435Balboa. Pho- or
rigeratSLE -Wi4s- 07 82or 51cs SI. No. 38. Bella aound trip, $25Z.35. 9rthr-i. Panama 3-1877. Cristobal 3-1613. Marm a Gardmm." ir 1.-. A
refrigerator wi50th 46 1ez0ga w &mgGard
,'unit, guarantee Jan. '56 $215 00: VstaPnma Diosla ,cu l held .. ..1T
mirror 30x48 $20.00; QubleFr m- ei FOR SALE --FordT e Tdr A952 it N*n A E
.ter lc top 2tab0le .0. 20 n- rad-. $1190. 0. 0 e0.To Tme 296. P"- 2"FOR RENT Z. 1 4*.
l record changer, 3 speeds$ FOR SALE --1949ahDud Pannigon tingm
-O,. May be seen Friday. Saturday FOR SAE -1949 Nah Du p id Plnnng getting m ried sun?"OF .N
'-and Sunday after 10 am 30-A Le gcout. o eg Industral. With pleasure buying your rn
Pedro Miguel.Phone4-3 23Pedreglcost Wthpeue d ihw
Pedro Miguel. Phone ..---- we will figure out what You FOR RENT: Excellent residential
FOR SALE: --Vcuum cleaner, rug. FOR SALE -1949 Chevrolet 2-door need to be comfortable according house for vacation ie. near F
Chinese red 10x12; Bendi was edan, black. Priced for quck sle to our mea space and payment Volcn" on main road to Cr llie
Ing machine; RCA radio Fc.rt Gu Excellent condition House 115-C plan. Muebleria Europeo. CeniTalo House completely furn -
lihck 88-440. B-r" alboRa. Phone 2- 1819 Avenue & East 2 1st St No. I Tel- edS. powe a eletl fi-' a;,- '
FOR SALE:-B2-Cycle wahe FOR SALE -1952 Chevrolet sedan phone 2-1 3, gerator stov, andl other hour ll V i. t i ,
c8- ,with powcr-gide. rodio, directional F appliances. Beutiful view and w Wwicrk and flt "
chin@ $36.00. 0582 Mind.t Ar.Ond
.gre 6 0 M R and other extras Like new R SALE cellent climate. Facilitiel for Ia -. cA
'5n. 2-4491. Sti IF
con. -f449 C Quaiters I 5-C, Fort Amador. Mr ngMiscellaneoueatnd groceries. etc. 20 6.O 'Phne d -'
FOR SALE: -Simmons steel bed Isher. 4127 sela Osminues from tru fiing. a"
50.00 with mattress; small bed Tel. 3-0253 after 500 p.m..
.$)5.00; Pye radio $5000 small FOR SALE 1951 blue Plymouth 4 FOR SALE -Phico freezer 60-cyce, C. Bo 374-P
ish car $250.00 dos. Call door sedar leather upholstery re- 92 cubic feet with quick freezin,-g ..1 C' '3.e r vei
Param, -2402 e4. o d.o. Amason 0775-G, Williamson unit. ike new. Reasonably priced. FOR RENT. -Comfortable; cool ch "W *I
anam-402- --O- pslPlace. Balboa. Phone Amador 5207. let to party who buys fumituie. Ex
-PR SfAE7 Five-piece liv~ngroom N.-1*-48thN1IebbOId ma
set $20000; five-piece d.nrgroom FOR SALE -Modern mahogany desk, No. 48th Stree. a:ah n *
set, mahogany$50.0;SSA Eupholstered swiel choir. Tel. 2- U,, "IN
set, mahogony $50.00; Sertel re. 4902 'B" Avenue No. 99, Pan. a.eUSED FURN e ,t
frigerator, 1 yrs. old, ver good Boats & motors ma R.FOR
condition $200.00; three-burner 490 ",tsllAvenue a.R RENT Lutolla..tB''"
'gas stove $20.00; double bedand FOR SALE One GM-6-71 Desel FOR SALE -Scorch Terrer puppies, '
chiffonier $80.00. $450 00 takes engine with numerous extra parts 2 months old. AKC registered. Also 'A i BU ANDr
all. Must sell. Leaving sthmus. In- .all B W. Forgeson, Home 4-116. play-pen, maple bedroom set. Will
quire Calle 44 No. 9, Apt. 10, Be- Office 2-2867. trade for sofa-bed or divn that AL AMMRA APARTMENTS I
la Vista lony time). opens into double or 2 single beds. Tw o ad five room flmris hedl iJ
Vista nytime. FOR SALE.---6-ff. power boat. Ve, N.x,. phone 5-230. nlagshed lpan"tmen l l'priva 'A ..
SALE:-Beautiful 7-p-ece trap- seaworthy. -8 marine convers,on -0 ll. o"an d 0, .a i
ical type livingroom furniture. 3- Rehcensed until Apr. '54 for 10 FOR SALE OR TRADE.-'49 Mercu- ee Cgres. e6l hel, -1 ll
strand, deep spring cushions, fish- people. $775. Phone Albrook, day- ry in good condition, plastic seatA co r l
ing rods, reels, etc. Albrook 86 time 3268. evening 6203 covers, radio. A steal at only $895. t-
_2280.Call Cpl Sorenson. 92-1866 or 82. FOR RENT-Nce cool
OR SALE:-- Solid op ,rgny "- WANTED 95200. or see at Qrs. 5464-C, Di-FOR RENT.- cool mode
FORSAble, beautiful piece oo "oo bu blo or Qtrs. 42, Ft. Amador. Alse bedroom apartment. Bella Vist
,bneeds brefiniahing. Ct $7W4 0T 3 Venetian binds. p.sce $10.00 Must buy furniture. Call 2-2621,
.;.needs refinishing. Cot$74 00 each or all for $25 00. plastic type r0 0
will sell for $30.00. Cne Ecuado- Miscellaneous each or all for $25 00. plc t :00 00 p.m.
.reen hammock $6.00. One par --- ---- FOR SALE- Fish, several colors FO RENT--To espnsible Amer,- -' hni..
ocars, ash, 7 "/2 feet $5 00 House WANTED.-RetIred Canal Zone cou- Very cheap. No. 6, 52nd Street. can family, furnished apartment g r urp
,764-C. Balboa. Phone 2-2705. pIe to act as caretakers and land Apt 6, Telephone 3-1904. 36th Street & Per6 Ave. No. 67- '
l E l salesman at Coronado Beach. Sal- 7:00 to 9:00.
SSALE:- Six-strand Ration set ary. free house and utilit;es Good FOR SALE -Piano $300.00; wicker
tonal $425.00; Venelian blinds opportune For opponrment call set, dining set. gas range. Quk FOR RENT:- Co etely furnished
Chest of drawers. 5543-B. Dablo Bboa 346 sale leavn. Colegi, Industrial, apartment for married tup
Sa ro o, livingroom. WANTED: Furish oprte nt for outQil4 n. Residential section.
S room se separately. Bar- Americon couple. TelephonPona- FOR SALE -- Movie camera H-16r 0 At ti'
A f 1. 1r"3'. f 1.4-15 mm., "Switar" wide aA.-
.r Ft .f C t n t 0--- for hft- gle f 2.8- 15 m m. "Youor" Tele "
radio. Ft. 'liytmr 4W. t catl p opfo f.2 5-75 mm.m. "Youqr" Me.-Z'IP
rado.F were over A erc n a c onew yer range finder mounted on cam- M
Si te NorcPhaone aIlba te.i ero, 1rke new, with case,.M 52 5.' '" A
Sat Snta Clara mayno TED: -Second ha Arel P M. flip flop movie filter
Pstj CIti abd call us-il jhe llor;'f flower shop, gad -.ondi- $ 00, 16 m.m. Cine larger for
ai a cls not yours. We tion Tel Panarn 3-0making 2'4x314 negative. 5716 ROC I N. (UP)-A,.
We---,-- Shonts St.. Apartment D, Diblo nia
exchange it. WANTED: Completely,. -c ent Heights Road, opposite CameraUiveiy o ]hst e-,
Englisth-speakirM hou se ka ei p er Club. 2-4R35 CS_ i k rI p roufessfor has desistin cL- Dmr I J
IpcWanted (cooking. laundry, o-;Pougl clan- rvo-round" for aslstn chi- _.- 4 EBO h-i Dr.'r
ing) for two people. Must Jiis in Leiter Piano, studio upright, three dren with cerebral palsy. 4lPd (d3.te)
G.ood-cookar anid house- Apply Sunday morning to Apt. -n years old, like new $425. Tel. 3- 9B i. E@iiAve.
USt live-in. References No. 21, AMe. M. J. Hurtado, La_ 3903. Ponomi Call Mrs. Lott. Dr R Plato Schwartz, the in-
1e1e 2321 -A Contractors' Cre-va _FCR SALE -Baby Boos alive, good ventor, said the device was ftM-s : Heam: 9 a A t I as a
SWANTED-Young woman seeks po- feeders. Excellent pets. Do not uLed the Edith Hartwell Cl- I .. .,l. .
stian as nursema d or 3en eraI bile. Or correctly preserved n celW in nL eRoy,I y .I
ousewo k. reference Telcoded n gars. lat forever Many To -s
Balbo 23orrernce Telephon e other specimen. Bradley, 239-B. It consists of an overhead
_B 2 -rPedro Miguel rolley-like conveyer. Tricycles,
^ k 6ring I Babo 230 1Mr'ndoresO 2AL B cMg ree ing hammocks and other
FIR SALE Y oung Hamsters (Toy Ch :-ren's cales are ra.hed
FOR SALE Btirs Ideal house pets Amusding. !uthe overhead and geilY p:oP
odorless. 239-B. Pedro Mguel polled along, thus permitting
Real Estate FOR SALE'-The moat complete se- the child to-ride her cycle o:-
FOR SALE OR RENT.-6-room c:n- Pion of Hi-Fidely equipme t in e'ltP
create cholet 4 miles fo4Colon, anama, pck-up. speakers tape Dr
... electricity, 4runng water. Ft GuC & wire recorders. 45th St. No. 3. Dr.S Behwartsaid the device
lick 88-440. Bella Vista. permitss the d41to reco-
ASHIN-TON -April 18 FOR SALE. 12- gauge a -om-i- nize t oIingmpahlin enftR
red herring, refuge of poll-and Pacific -1C. merm- Remington shotgun Polychoke," Oandf thel]e4 a of 1ay Dtl mne-..
on the hi sl o Lasr.a, differing bIologically btnt raised ventilated rile, extra barrel ofme of ; -
,. but arn nt proo- Classed together commercially, Good condition. $75 00 La Parn-0
of a fishery w ch for ce.- Netther enters fresh water. sain. 113 Central Ave. near the in l ., ,le ha Oi .
as has made history a n d Atlantic coast anglers who take Savings Bank. Since bler has
t geo py herring with snag hooks durin PANAMA CANAL COMPANY OF- palay centers in the
ipawnIng runs in such river FIRS VEHICULOS AND OTHER U .S,it ,I
Ikings crossed the N o r t h as the Potomac and the Hu4'- MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS a. n W pe
to X0 4l4ab Islps largely son are catching glut herrinno Sealed bids, for opening in Public.and
~ se t l hrring, their another species known maent will be received until 1030 am.,
I food, had forsaken the finally as Pomolobus aestlvalft May 4. 1953. in the office of Super-
v! With the At'antic and Pacific herring re, intendent of Storehouses, Balboa, pe
b l rpr=1W9osper`ity-Of prbdi ce at sea. Only a quart sterilizer. launch, motorcycles, trucks Meta re Ladder
eatic League In the ,nch long when hatched, bher-, rdaons, transmission line towers ar' AL A
cetuyla whenn the d hay live for 20 year. A-frame Invitation No. 25,rwhch SA
of theseGemai then, the lists the location of the above et Crea HoH ord
of these Germanic mer- In Its complete r e paor t o may be obtained from the office of -
t barons declined. t e plankton feeders, theN Superintendent of Storehouses, cl NEW ( '
tional Geographic Society's 1IM phone 2-2777.
oasn of Arc might never have BCook of Fishes says that mum FOR SALE:-Zenth Trn-Oc n en irn ct 'dutiai
ne famou If the French takes 11 bl]ion herring a year, dig, 3z 2 months old $70. Ft. Clay- d, t TRY OUR 75
S in 1428 British besleters cent of the total eaten ba'Olh s 8 trhr e n '"..."
Orleans needed herring for er fish, birds, and animals If FOR SALE: .- Pedigreed pups Ama- milnum d.
Letern diet of their army. the 30,000 eggs laid by an alter- loas IToy Terriers AKC register-
bench sortie against the age female each year were to ed. porentg tour pounds each. 90076. Unlike tber dWo dmn ow- '
yhm b g rrin was produce snilarly protu cti e 9th Street, Colon Phone 723. rparbe ts, co
t l.anu-e n Ln- generations in ten yeas.. t hG Se

seas. -eihr .avaiable now u he 2s t -.M
e of the bitterest dis- As for the red blrring, It in year-ag4 fit necec- n
between Canada and New- merely a special grad of-htayl- sa for .lon w os
dland on the one hand ly salted Atlantic he~,r' Ing: World lE ., "
the United States on t smoked for a long Uile- to give *.

migrating herring it It e cared, whitebait, or bloated, ib .mai, t h.t" re -
-. outh, Nova Scoti.a. e titminI- t. ania feed THE
tsh and Scotch nehlet Sewing is q at

When Charlee I reed- ly flavored foods are ur VO the :
with herring and their u liked. English aqire Valfl t
he sowed meed. mt I .fdr ay reason to mit .
i hse less of his go that houoand- to 1or ;'tm -LJ. "




or l -' .

,. -I .-i i

3 T.,

man's fortunes ha L. mere di
little to the herring, traiL
54 makes up the
valuable fisher: When
Mw noa M1 of diminish- Iarge a
Y4RN* JM~ethere ar: ,.-aj
Stb (

L '


-. -.5. -

* VI *


. .. ...
,; -,_ ?-



," ;' *

s *-A J- .11a-ow AWo'IkAM'

S" .- '* -. ..e .^ .-. ,.> 4^ ^- rj ... .. ..W" y.
S. .- *
-e "~- '"t ., .* .-G -..e ... ''
... :": / .......... .. '= 'if'.. -r:t. 2T .,'

.~... -.., -. -.**~~*4. .1..'.....
I -. CC .~.4a..,

." '. V..:'. 41 t -

..'.' -' -

Abo.t.a.""" .a&ma 'l two

W late Evita. i w
con out two inWhesn ez.
ba-l-a. _he said. a
Hkrrison will play two ofl a "
own com timonreft the piano

*l j-if

'LA .. I. d1, ,, *;.". >, ..,.. ,.

" *" -i "v ,i*S ty t ,' ,' A t* -
.^ .' ,Jj j~t f_ ,flk
"- X' -1


1 1

s .WuEqw
vea1t to
a man I




- .

el. Can & ipx roductlon,- ia
ey he orr:-
In eY Mz Bait.-
*1 r C arLI
ad MOW uth At-
Sa Charl ingle. Sol
Ab C. f rl .a producer ande
ila Ita T its historical
,e i-tst's Lady "
f-I- tlove story
Stoat who have
0r .: ,,nLrt, the
2 I T .i Jackwson,'
an will re-
a was no
in fhthe .tarins
k- thAt o I A JhaC-
!t ,o. s_

Talent- Cowded

FesWvat ,y

f- j U- A 12,2.I as
-The the l e ..
nr now 0c
t An rak.
r it 9 j 8r theatrical pr o-
al raa de the following:
S 1. T .ord, gpemiers. t A
tlB new pla y, '"e Confiden-
-e tial Clerk," by the Angle,Ame:-
difrAren (can poet, T. USlot.
op. -, 2. h first British p uc-
as and tUon 61f "'The Rake' Pro "
Wte 4*pefa by Igor ra
aid W. .. Auden, which created
aoMer- a sensation atit a premiere at
I the Veicae Festlval and
IMem- ried t, the Metropolita in
i and Noew York. The new p-dluction
ByD s by the Olyndebourhe Opers
Company will be conducted by

rI of performances
h ito b~fap, nylwige
*^a! wyl

if antI- 6. Two programs of dances
by the pa*h treMpb of Flar
the x- TOMpe '
a ome- 7. OlyndeUourne Opera per-
for itn as of Mozarti "Idom:-
oand Rossin's "La Cene-
S. othIn Italian.

sreLqw To Co-Star
Sixth lamour GaCl

M Ni -AratUne actor Fernando La-
4$f.1; IWML be men in a co-star-
S* role- with another Holly-
IlV g. lamour gal, Rbonda lew-
too la, -ila thfn Pte-Thomas ad-
u fil m, "Lost Treasure of
me .Amaxon," which will be
i n the new three-dimen.

1t Wnxf


* .q" *'



.2 .,


Hta d i-M' ,


Uted j.biae rivon .new lue,
Wr Jenitle BRa (Vohumbti)
is "Beas betr Stole My GIl"
a great revival of an all -
time pop classic.
"'omen-Nasal," the Japanese
hit tune that slowly is catching
on stateside, has been waxed
by four more- stars --Gordon
Jenkins for Decca. Harry Bel-
afonte for RCA Victor a nd
Margaret Whiting and Jimnmy
Wakely for Capitol. It's ditl-
a.ilt to say which Is besa?
Buddy Morrow's tro m b o n e
solo In "I. Can't Oet Started
With You," on an RCA Victor
single, is ot qqite up te the
famed Bunny Berigan trumpet
version, but still it s a memo-
rab.- performance.
Sarah Vaughn's newest long-
playing M-O-M platter Is en-
titled "Tenderly, and t h a t
deperibue the manner in which
the qang thereon are sung. In
den. to the title song, Sarah
tender treatment ot 'Tm
With Love" and "The
Stan I Love," among others.
n. KJenton, the hepeat'sl
60o0staMOich, presents five'
eces of progressive music on
-lew ConCepts ot Artistry in
.hythm." Three of the compo-
sttigA are by Bill Russo.
Pancho's fine tango players
have recorded another album ft
Itecca, and all eight pieces are
ibev average. They will mix;
well oh an automatic player
Wt another Decca dance In:-
ter, Chauncey Gray's "A Night
6t the' 3 Motocco."








i:15 Am 6:34 :0 -: *Jv.

In -
"Androcle and The Lion"

!:,5 2:M5, 5:4. 7:10, :u25 g.m.


I A T e ssmar ian I

The Lost World of the -.. 2 BIO P1 IS 01
And t Adveiture of o IN WEEK-BND
"TREAS (OF THE Lana Turner mVAS d
with 12.30.- 4:3. AS M D -I
WI*'T John al &Adl
i E CLI "RASPf7U Twf .
3CUT I' 2"- ML .r I


A E i-

.19 i-

TKr MAVELs OF THt susMAmB ia weast
AlIs: VVinous Voodoo vg. hwaL I.twL
wiMt Saamb WUIUSMiUM -^


Cleaette Colbertk
Joba Uawrmans. In
-OZ N IX 1VsrM msAu

^^^* ^^_** kf

7:96 *:9Wm

~LL~L' '.~



-~' -~FI ` ."^

, .4 .

Paul Gallico Story

Coming To Lux .
N mIs, word capital of bteaU iM Ten
a'd romance, also is the wor'd!npoli the'story
vAital of suspenseful Intrigue siroy a eovrnnest. i
In Columbia Pictures' "Asslgr.- the world, I~t It i
ment-Parlis," which has It goes after t with all t
local premiere at the Lux The- terminatlen of a r er
atr. on next Thursday. wants a story I 1 B
The film stars Dana Andrews, Iolns possession of an
George Sanders. Marta Toren nating strip of mier
e nd Audrey Totter. wch he manages o
back to Paris Just prio
Filmed where, when and the arrest and framn at a l,
way it. happened --In Parl-
),he ew Columbia drama is tle "Assignment ParI" U o
story of an American newspa- written for the creem ,y. i
man who travels from the m Bowers from the
doIra and bistros of Pars pullne Gallico and l
Ia the back-alleys of Budape'., lico serialized In the
following a hunch and a girl Eening Post by Paul
In a plunging eckling, to r under the title "Tr I
merge with a story that can ror." The picture was
SNOW N--llenaat- change the course of history. ny Robert Parrlsh and
terlee, of. Honolulu, won out I"Assignment--Paris" is based edl by Samuel Marx
S over 5I other University of on Paul Gallico's magazine sto- Dresler. -,
Hawaii coeds tfor the title of ry, "Triar By Terror."
Snow Queen. She wall reigrt Andrews in the reporter of A I Fi
over the Walklki Snow Festival the film; so, too, are his fellow- .
when the cold white stuff is stars. Sanders appears as the
brought to the' famous beach editor of the Paris edition of "
from the top of Mauna Loa, the N. Y. Herald-Tribune, ou A'U
is-ld vwhes p. __ which Andrews works as a rash,
brash newcomer from New At FiM Fesiwal
ork; Miss Toren plays a Bu- -
i dapest newspaper woman whcze
On The Records figure has aFrench accent, ar.d CANN1B, France, April 11 -
On Ihe Record Miss Totter is seen as a fashion (UP,--"O Cani celro" a & t&.
expert. Sandro 0glio heads the .liean film about bandit I*1
I________ featured cast of the film. remote reason of that
NEW YORK, April 18--(p, r According to advapee report. a claimed Thursday T".
VEughn Monroe, being -man"O ldlglhw of the se ond 4d .
pro" In the music making Off The Cuff he Caoucin,-et
'usenes ess. a Itop l reepsl fdrit I I Tt length movie directed
cin as a vean reording .alrtis t O lffoThe u lj loa deti ecivedaO ioe s
is endangered by the l atestJ. a i areto. rece Wived i t a t
batch of newcomers. -- official re e Whinda TlT wh
'There's a btig opportunity" w fal hol g
for new names on wax and Jimmy Durante from Las Ve-wlter Jean CoCteau, h
I m all for it," Monroe told U- gas:' In this town when a gy of the festival ljun ea
united Press. "It keeps teUowp es gal in a low-cut drew sought out the only ret
like myself and some others YOU h n decides it's just another movie to attend the festin
could name r t on our toes. place to roll a pair -of dice!" a peotit ognr Vna cOico, to offerS.
hnd the better the coopet-
tion, the better for the record- The mosquitoes are so bad at Miss Orico said It was th.
1ying 1 blic.". the Mexic goingg Wild" to- first time She herself had
n u i."cation thO Qsry Cooper is ask- ed th movie and ,lbolu bA
Monroe'a latest RCA Victor ing people to co.e up and see -waa shaking with stac
tune, "Co-Ed,' Is another hit his itchkegs. ,e aneloed It very ma .
wiuch should rank with "Rid.- -- @rifla believed "0 Caagmewi
ero in the Sky" and "There, I Two comedy writers h e a rd O" would not only r **
Said It Again." thant Milton Berle was feeling for the Weat film p.a, butwTWML
Another performer, w hoae .11 -and decided to send him almost certain to be s 4Ngd e
voice. like Monroe's. defies WmP- a "Get tek" card. lam photographic brila .
tatlon Is Marlene Dietrih. You
would never think the voice
that gings "Look Me Over Pez-
sonally" and "Time for Love"
on a torrid Columbia single is
that of a grandma.

nm 1'
I5 d
*^m |
e f






Fi eldM\M



, .e A iun ... r

President I

SGoyonder, Amorio Choices" Tl .,

In $15,000 Distance Test -

A group of ten of the most expensive and choice-
bred imported throughbreds ever to race at the
atrace track today will dispute the $15,000 added
esident of the Republic Classic over a. distance of 4
e-mile-and-nine-sixteenths at Juan Franco. Red '" 41
t Panama President Jos Antonio Rem6n C. willP .. .
ent a costly silver trophy to the owner of the 1 s '
n yning horse. The race is scheduled to get under- 2
Vy at 4:40 p. m.
.mar entry of C'oq Au Vin and.'
eure fire mutuels choices for Bendeguz are considered rank
race will be newcomer Go- outsiders. BIooj, the recent win- 3-
er and Amorio because of ner of the Francisco Arias Pa- sro 7- ,
Recent excellent perform- redes Classic, has never shown 8T
s and also because they will liking for route races. However ~
e the two best jockeys in this four-year-olth brown son of 3rd Ras e "D" N I
S parts in the saddle. Chi- Victrix-Trlmness is'in the best .
A I ace Jose "Paco" Bravo will form of his life and would not
dle the reins on Goyonder be the first sprinter to win over ITa, ay
3ale Panamanian crackerjack this distance. ero
7Vder Bias Aguirre will guide A- Booji. owned by the Stud Cin-
4Tar1o. co Estrellas, will be ridden by his pMct a
favorite jockey Ruben Vasquez. "s
er animal sure to be Veteratr Arthdr pDits: is hand-.
vil backed, in the mutuels is ling this g6od sprinter's training
Road. who has been burn- these days.-
the track this week with siz- The duo of Bendegus and C'op a N. .
0l Pworkouts. Antonio Angul- Au Vin are rated' the biggest out- ..
long-striding E n g I sh sides of this race.hBendegu'will "ou"Jaime R. Vwnues 1 1I
e, however, will not have be ridden by' Peruvian jockey. IG k. *.
',:the benefit of a jockey of the Albino Ubidla while Panama- R. -V G
proven ability of Bravo or Agul- nian rider King Flores will han- Bond A. i
rre over a two lap race. Belloin dle C'op Au Vin reins. BendeguMs H (Bod a ak. a
Pulido, a competent local rider pulled the surprise of last year s
who is considered inexperienced when he won the Nov. 3rd In- I 11' .
over this distance, will have the dependence Day Classic-.
,,. leg up on the Henry White endeg s a six-year-old bay 1. 'ase -YeavO:el ~ "" "
trained star. son of Foxglove-Chassagne. C'op Pdl e: "-a. i a
"d r aAU Vin, a maiden here, Is a five- ,, .. .
Goyonder, a four-year-old year-old chestnut son of Call- ) O. li .
brown son of Goya II-Hope ban-Aclarada. He is a half- *T. ) < 1 ,, 1 -
Eternal, is owned by.Mrs. Loly de brother to the great Adrotue ... __ _, _. S. I_.. .._"_.___ 0.
Lazzarin and trained by her Both Bendeguz and C'o1 Au Vin -- 4- ) m 10 ll
brother, Benigno Mandujano. are trainedby Gerald ilverau a. Pe "
This class American bred horse All in all, It'shapes up as ao D oSS .
".-was flown herewfromaMiami great race. May the best horse
ullghtly over two weeks ago when AD.
it' became apparent the t Coynes Yesterday Beduno, under a-7 I "Jg $i7ie -- ca- $**-
mEdgar, anothermgoodn racers fro hustling ride a Bias Agure
stand the rigorous training grind to win the featured Class "E" -E--ant le Volrimru-'.--W 01
Last week oyonderace. made &550 seven furlong eleventh race. W- W a- orAs qU% p 12 I
, umphal entry into local rac-de Bedulno broke well and raced BY RABlIY tGRATSO Red Blalk has ssal- l. -R.k.i .. 1
,lumphal entry Into local head and head with Arkansas In AMERICAN LEAGUE NATIONAL LEAGUE NZA Sports Editor lem at- Amy, whet Pelt Van 4-Gay1ad R. I 1
wh en he whipped a good second place while second choice Teams W L Pet. TWs W L .Pet. IS not stro Sth to00MI 5--Cuar,* I to 0i
utte made' for seven furlongs Cardington Green cut out a alz- New York 3 1 .750 Broo2n 3 1 .7N0 EW YORK -April 18 -The 40 alp uiesRn t
tlmocsaly in several years. He has zling pace. Midway down the St. Louis 3 2 .600 Milwaukee 2 1 .6W1 sm and the baseball-clubs have Van mustuam s Re "1" Ihpe. Pk Ighh elip 4
orallined well for this race. backstretch Beduino moved into Cleveland 2 2 .500 Chica 1 1 .500 worked their way north. srlrusalg re eet ; !" l
B t "ne11 .0 Nti2rce second place and steadily gained Boston 1 1 .500 nsew orc 2 2 .500 People are st a tng to shucks W e *0atl i u, "'"
on the leader. Philadelphia 2 2 .500 St. 1dais 1 1 .500 their- overcoat, warmed up to some means
Turning into the homestretch Chicago 2 2 .00 Philadelphia 1 2 838 the task of second Ina The. d. iffre We is th1 -
Beduno moved to bCardington Detroit 2 3 .400 Pittsburgh 1 2 .3 5 Vhuck "Dre se for puling l- ill ay to, be s
ureen and gradually drew out Washington 0 2 .000 Cincinnatl 1 2 M.11 ly CoN. off third. bobs. c Th. s-1
under a hard drive. Beduino's -i-' mt"t e of t-oh Ivy League, speelk'9 .t -
time for the distance was 1:30 TODAY'S G".lE TODAY'S GAMEI the O*g., football co aches
1/5. He returned $6.60 win and AMERICAN LEAGUE NATIONAL AIGUE don't oa s" watk the calowendar I. .i,
$3.20 place. St. Lou at Detroit Milwaukee t.S. t .W aar T teiii Uptoi Sur i elhom W -
Aguirre was the day's leading Cheveland lb Chioago (2) Chica at CI p1ntl .) tal',6 -vta rn dle alien
cider with three win&. HIs other iNew York at Philadelphia t21 Br'okln. at Pittsbqrgh Ugtl O i.52u01-,jllbacle
victories were registered with Boston at Washington. Philadelphia at New Yrk. end br a filid. runners intO d ;'
Yoslpongo ano Riqul. with the NATIO L LEAGUE Uader tie neV National Col- t.ea a aM I .WI.
lTter rcivngdouto te betYESTERDAY'S RESULTS Y3STE A'S RMS ULTS leglate Ath)et AaboelMe on rule, In rarn
(lst lme, 11 innIngs) Milwau4ie at St. Louis (Night tilhe chamafedr b.ldmaS get no t1"yer"
FIRST RACE St. Louis 200 000413 02- 12 2 Postponed, bad wether). more tha 20 dias of spring oera Ifia d1tta .
1-Duque 1.6 4 2.80 Detroit 00000303001-- 16 3 Chicago at CinellanmU (Post- drill. In that. tl;e, moat of he k 1c't e ng ".
2-.Lady Caren $3.80, 2AO Larsen, White (6), Holloman poned; rain). them must covert Wquadsthey good,"
3--Don Pitin $.80 (7, Cain (8, Paige (8), Stuart Brooklyn at New York (Post- consider weak W. uble Dame f ace a another 'j-"
SECOND RACE (9), Trucks (11) and Moss; Hoeft. poned, bad weather). strenLth itO cmpc t unit t utWjt schedUIS at- 0.6
,-Riqul (Excluded from bet- Houtteman (9) and Batts, Hom Philadelphia at Pittsburgh able too. both wayx klaha 1, no0 less., wk e-
tingi. runs--Werts (2nd) and Niemn (Postponed, rain. a Week-end aoff p 11 -
2-Juan Huincho $7.20, 3.40 (sati. Winning pitcher Stuart t Leage tutors, 1h- must-"
F +. "+1 +'+ 3--Bijagual $4.40 (1-01. Losing pitcher Houtte- st from fall, N"
,, First Double: (Duque-Juan man (0-1). bhae tiPrank T. tro- -a atTechNwA
Huincho) $21. tem Frank with van t at M Dt"Mq
TO PRESENT TROPHY. i THIRI RACE Second Game Stumpy O 0ame e t at re'at &w
will personally present theo ---Recodo $240 Detroit 000 000 200--2 4 0 oin on t 40 Wsh- 9s and Souther..R
eXpensive trophy t w the own- I One-Two: (Esealerilla-Decodo) Pillette, Cain 18) and Moss; ington. UI, 1186, swa: a ,a.rt, ..-t. .
or of the thoroughbred win- $18.80. Marlowe, Herbert (81, Jordan _f ai and ._4_- __t _lelne-. -----_ -a-'
aiMg today's blue ribbMon event FOURTH RAGE i9 and Bucha. W.P.-Pillette backer last- ummadthe per d
which is being runbin his hoen- l-YTefogo 2.0. 2.40 2.20 (1-0)1. L.P.-Marlowe (O-1. heestomj a1r1 'a .-hoo too S 4 a e e'
Aor- o isownedbyR.A.M 3--landga *2,2 'Cleveland 150 000000--8 35 gn l heven nin t h wi... we thC vel a 1"00
and races under the colors of 5S3"3. Wynn, Hoskins (11, Wllks 41, gane, ra causes LWahy. AS. +1+.
the Stud Santa Cecilia. This dt- FIFTH RACE Aber (4, and Hegan; Kretlow he fan be sat the College fe1dal layer have M o .n '
tance loving six-inear-old chest- 1--8un's Moon $2.80, 2.20 2n Dorish d8 and Loliar. W o Is Ie- grown.r
*/Ut Argentine bred son qf Ada- 2-La Loba $2.20 Dorish (1-0). L.P.-Aber 0-1). n 7nl. s To-e. t r a ,i.th1he.
II4-MaJa Mia Is in the best form SIXTH RACE: .iK1 gultinno3--L morn Moe are..
he has enjoyed since he started 1I-Novelera $13.20 B4.2oston at Washington (Night i AyswUn .g nomore 1wh1ownC a'C
ting in Panama. He has won 2-Jepperin $.20I game, postponed rain) tusowh
,our of his six races here and SEVENTH RACE
voUmd up an impressive second 1-Hechizo $8.80, 5.60, 3.20 New York at Philadelphia -' Mrlideson La d t i e i.IsJ
-h'the other two. 2-Bracmour $5.20, 3 (Postponed, rain). Iaut Iar Yet i S L. 94
SMain Road is the only one of 3-Rina Rol $7.40 "a" "e" At
Conte.n .. A
trio who has already gone Second Donbles (Novelera-He- Nelson and Woraley hurled for two
Sdistance locally. k was sec- ehie) 65l, $649, 3.20. the losers. n e Hun ~-orfaro10
in the 1951 Ptest denut's Clasu -ErIGHTH RACE Cliff Thompson led the Pan- ball cuathe Gteene Ca e* i"i., a...
STPhoebus Apollo, was also 1-Vampreaa $74.602.20 ama lads with hits in trips major ,to qu .
d to Pinard in the 1951 In--2-In Time $3.40. 2.20 with the Moses de la Pena of tion Ha o '- Th i g of l- t
4 i m ondence Classic and last Year 3-xWPa10, 02.80 RtheACEecs. clouting 3rfor14. Tcm

-y saraio ht es toru inn t f Bedu9Ao..60. out0 in

Others rated ly bgoodha 2--P-tlneva $"84. 2. 20 B oa s cu r nex 'e-o-.. t o
Oath b ig1 fist plaes wize 3--slo $2.20 day aernoo in o r t
al hope, ..trained by Al--Beduno a. 60. 3 20 2--

fihorse reportedly brought-Executives efea2 ,-... J1 P. ..+ -

the vastly Improved Cuban --oOo-- $--ReOW Chum n*) ,W.- ..'... I...I
key 'Role" Lopez oil. The Administration Executives TMoe a)a
,Yal Allgator, the leading softballers defeated the Pan-
ant to the track champion- ama Retary Clubbers in the 6-41a ,l "
ets into this race with six fourth ame of a seven games P*f ,
less than he usually car. series Thursday at the Ancon 7, Do.,.
The Alligator served that hM Laundry bail orchard by a II to 7VaD
zpady by finishing second to 4 moare. CONO da aL Meo"
a Edgar in the one-mile- The Execs. broke the lee in the I
-five-alxteenths Police Clh. fourth with a runs and added A..i. m
-under 121 pounds. This tlite 4 more In the fifth and 4 in the.
wll carry only 122 and itu aixzh to Ice the game. 9-1 G0 o.-n
ridden byAlfredo Vas.-1 Ray Wilhon on the mound for RunHp *.
&Iyal AIlltor will daetndI Ihe v l:e:'e.,held the Rotar.aA
ri of ljoy Aar-It o- on.0 run and 4 hits up u.l-t,1 '
La tu by A. ixon "the s: c.:h hen the los, -'"
Sand the Stud Montell- pushed across theI r other 3 runs. o.' u'
.. -'J -.

++' ..

% 5e 0 Ro 260 Entrants In Biggest Tournek Stre
SGro th Of Shuffleboard, C me f

Fla. -A

.,,o.. lovtngUn tit llawe l ho
Sip to Boy '260 Entrants i-tory, Pla n Biggest Tourney S

itsBoyA. ,bar Club, te. .at the at, P=urjtBhu .-
trNebroDie Of Sh fflebbarted, C me Aworld

Itof-0"m? W r. the ra productibb a s sponsored
.ISDayt1QD Q, manufacturers of
IN a Ox.Weteshuo equipment.
aeg i;gMoCi oike best ever, $l

i -a te S I& f O tswereu n ush e
l eburgh. ditrt d first Pday.e
e nitonal olart an o n with 6000 members, the firingthatree-
Mmlastlayersd magnifying glasses

M ElecrIal Division
Thera ked In BOYa
dsTotw about theta
s amnipa the gradeit Lo(t orotlash s
1%06s ". .read .
V.%o er o book.P s 'w l th ong em-

o JavfTan- Smplo th of the tont
a- b a PWGA INTER tm j The omplIheted pla the

7"x-ojwellOknown players whoam te haen le te shu o 'ar *o to sy e.
.',L-aix-aounSaiorr fo rsentd tnhLbeiWroresppect ivedivinl wloft-
1wortd to f amito t wn peiw r o t .o m
1hand for ~Z., Bki Fales Cld stateCtprh l aem.
y open the-te employes e divcififc g to determine whether d hot sun on the
.sidte a il on p p o the was over or on th line, sh rced da l t
a Ch iAtlantic side at fi boards version tof the photoofone aame when it
m abat r Anderon mee .CICO Apri& 1%-C of a series of gfed.]fininh. Players weren't taking from t

tha amdlte t b eat moat are outt islear a any fishwm-mPlodbut r ;JavanS t h of h0 tXacht e ws
S1 on ofo mda l e gro ups will be sending a field of Contestants used every trick delays while ourts we
r"Air e eo3mfomtfor he e ba iwee known players who have in the shuffleboard book tostay ed.
tn a r en-for t lemtha y reached Just completed play through rout ofW te eChen

Pgeo ealIlad itnyeareutsohadt theeam kaulfnd e rd aew ns moved
s oalab t thefishing ty thebette n ra tgra o ea oU and cheer viuln.- Finalist6 received cue- pled r@fd N
,1 motherir team willhwnaasthey'-hecalsheorthewoieneatcrownor'theirrtediii...P"bandgdiscs.
n s a bc .sThey are out there, the water istlear n ish swam- Physical direit6r Aste Parch-
S l e gmin all over the place, but then arb l aet ely tot n met has indl ated wi
ey fthe n-.iic e t yreiga nt. t hness to furnish whatever tee Carl Spelman ntead Carl nhivntame
.i.u o, o hean lst 8 ett Reporth fom the one boat i In ithe a Areiea9 n th4is last weelh ervIor r De anedotmtc.1 A
a ra a tnu e owre Taeb more sailfash ac plenty of dolphWn. No marlinara.s- genaloremanFran0,1-b17&.the

ino e.rance riio The b nree.n with n e ningan of the Pacific side claim erfn Holm beat Mrs. Mary uto m a
Sund" ar t e their otes o tanglelstheirteam are always atdo*blacwill win as they aik mar-efteo rn
Gettrgrdeo-lAhec tr fmnedfli suAip spinning tackle spent a few days areoundtohe ready have reelasese d e point t
r67reed flghq Mc wf:UPen- 1c02ort1 the wo1r0. rst day.

-i faraka nbedntle e-enI ` .The Allsland with only a supprerdly being caught off Cabo lancto hand to ir team ould ato
.eond hlalke 3s flaterheiet to be another specie tM e hw' again proves that positive iden- le Gf itsorth a should be maht before claims are madt.
.t sai.e he w. 'd 5. The fishing- for beak fih off Peru s going through a very.,
ad Ar da n owls pan holow n h period. Theyam have 'abnou iven up therolling and are drift.greetedspetularorloi
pi4thert' lii ie ahhfishing. The large tumlfshwas won with are take 98 pound 4 oz In t.his way. The pla

ak.. ) -Te wekPefoThere Ab'I 250
o C ere al nese fisahono oWnof no th"e rThebracko'dinagainst

,on ariel'. w1o- baa ne in thi.eherve a ".kn op
ret, te benefit The eulm d tlsod -at The plans for the saelfiOh and Marlin Tournament for Pan-wf
county.'fCanada south n llhalvo. We are no allowed to enterarn

terraball any angler a bpss aua fran July 4 thru-Aug maS 4 have about been completed. This
t* ow:1 be tgw a cin will be more like the I blu tournaments held In the States
rthe size' of as.AEndllar wheh where you can fis-ah for'cmrdayer the whole period. .
wMi, I be ,.orsThtes certifi r sthe
S To mae It eae, the cham rcaued erofen can hold their fwterh.ofe bet of them and when'Itnerof
r ;-The o hoss experience atuna suppgedt y be marlin than any fisherman In

r" he sr t, a t time pll tell but mnery. Io on the local Insher. ..
... w.r: _--. oipni % Wh ,en tda runcesmd aswusIblentry ree are completrned we will
thee "We aretryig to run another story about tsh ast and thiv r
second rey history h Pa jonshouldmn. beeople have remarked aboutbfctmn

*TLake being .toked witah ba, and several other specae or ylh
weperiod. They hae bou given up troln and are drift
hny Th W blare'tunabss pleasught are ontaknct this columnway. The W
plaA.* fish were supo -to v. putin the lake about 25 a y

p)" .The' Call for "Black & Whit" whenever you ask for Scoth

NETHES t There is no better wby of indicating that only the he

bewlurnA hlInA twill do for you.St
Wrusomiadvancesdopet.iearssuat there will be a great

Fir ivrMTGenuine product of famous Scottish distilleries ti
-W .fine Scotch has nS superior,.

............... Distilled and Bottled in Scotland
.. ............. .

I'-r -....-........... SAEh

490:k 4 .M K in g G e o rg e V I
............................................i "::" 3';22:" "__ __ __ _'_ _

-C A SI NAlmemtmkz

-, ". I r S ""-.. .a
=,:, --.. **m *,..:: A ..ta. .. ""

I *C.A -3
MNO,-" b.. g%-. .. ..': ": .. .a;-.,. .



To da

"Let the people know the truth and the


4 1

Track Event of the Year

One of the mo-t improved athletes on the Balboa squad,
Fred Cotton, in the shotput.

Balboa Relays

The track and field event of
the year on the Canal ZQne -
the Fourth Annual BalbotBRe-
lays are set and ready. '*.
The meet, only one of Iti tys
held in this area, is sponsored bY'1
the Student Association of Bal- "
boa High School.
A total of 2,500 took in the
thrills of last year's meet and
this year's show this coming
Friday promises to be just as
Scheduled are a total of 17'
events, plus the opening cere-
monies, and the presentation of
the championship team trophy
at the end of the meet.
Col. H. 0. Paxson lieutenant
governor of the Panama Canal,
will serve as Honorary Referee
for the Relays, and will official-
ly get them started in the brief
opening ceremonies at 7:30 p.m.
Prior to this, however, several
of the field events will have been
startde. and preliminary heats In
the 100, high hurdles, andI low
hurdles will have been held.
Attractive trophies will got to
the winners in each event, and
medals will be presented to.the
second and third places. Doing
the honors in the presenting of
the trophies and medals will be
the Balboa Relays Queen, Kay
Cross, and her two assistants, ,
Judy McCoy and Pat Quinn.

7 Included in the 17th event
program is a 440-yard relay for
the elementary schools. Last
year it was run as a shuttle race,
but this time it will be just M-e:
the open 440-yard v relay. T'e
junior high boys also get their
opportunity to do some running
in a 7th grade 440 relay, an 8th
grade 440 relay, and then a
t unl6r high school half mile re-




tu sem 'uam MooT on

In the open division there are
the four relays, 440, 880 mile
and medley (440, 220. 220, IM
legs are run In that order).
Five field events the shot
put, discus, broad jump, high
jump, and pole vault make up
this part of the program, and
then there are four Individual
races to top off the program.
These are the 100, high hurdles,
low hurdles, and mile.
Tickets to the Relays seh for
50 cents for adults, and 25 cents
for children or students with
F A cnrc.

now offers de-luxc
4-motor Douglas
,. Skymaster service
direct from




-The Dense _p
houned tay it
the drarnb-', ex
peace comes to K
West tendlona eas
Dr. John A. Um
secretary for m=
the annousne M'
ican -Society of
tors as other'offt
Elsenhower "team

.f i (P .;

yah. "' :' "- ^'

.. .
L ., _-

t bmI
R" at.

1) The
still is .mu
taxes and
reduced to Ab
ernment ting 'n
deeper into the reL.
2) A new security prora l or
government .employes .wI .be
announced "n the naet few

Oen. Jameq A. Van Xfet. re- grm LoinW a
tired comm~4Oer O..-theb 4.qAr- qrr'am E
my in KoreA 4to th editors Potel
we all vit.M a"aa t gnd .- Van
honorable pdae gti5 ed
Korea. .

Korea S

Coniren E'a 1. 16 M.W

to' o ,e-
.' -- --r ,"

*. p eev


U'.na .


N..,. --
'- =. '



* **-~
- ,.ib~.' .4 -

One of'the best schoolboy discus throwers, Bill Roberson,
of C.H.S.

-:,. v -v.,
i. .' ,,

*AB---- ,~1
Parns: 8 n1" a mA -. -. r" sm
(olon' Ith IL. III t i *t T&l Tn

* a



- -- --


-", t r
-\;'. *



*lrW"1S A
fl 'ft

%r ; "


4L *%.

t .
* 14^



L N u:

rue wI aibutw t

a ya -

ts tribsy

to Mudter

i ama




'. F

?"." '" 'R"

S .-' ,: JlC. .- -.
; ': ^ S ^^4 'i '

..aa&.. I




. Y 4' .M eIM.t t t Mhm pA
iUM w!nise^w see atX." nk.. ag aa uwse.u*.
d an l e ua ha M to l M wagab." Mi.r i n"1t6e"
to tmont"t o -mS Tt t ntt w me, Mtla.p te jeby
u* g nto *fee S Ie iflJteOsy. We aught up peuar, Ki Nago.
*.. .e m 4~=. We t i.e. ra w tt ta
sp "* smhet this'
SIM gme a#ed-. .Sensus = Th -.Iq uet mue fu.s i bs p."s as

; W d. o ea.- an fl m M db"b v, t6s

,, nu,,, e, .. I..,,,,,--.a *M, ar,,t, ,|, l a
"'m' "It "a t i a

S" .pWOs ar as en. S TS s eem.

*&an SAe ta

a l b, b an al

"d Ty .P ingIotasw

ba w tafam .wheaty min a" s # 1 ,

C, "ItiM^t N

. a vw i M
o di 4aM.
wfl am
Ilo ag

ft ibee op tW

Da aoat arP.

hae teo Ame A
mtm. mT e
*ptiiqs 61MA *-.
o~f mo


timet t, -,, ad,.
igbs eleeer, St.
' S s itnma Wuhi hbw.
.b4t mift, Y^ a Jel
* ftoW k as Wbd"
0 %p% A own ma Na

. :

t4 7"


"'*': 3

j "| ; 9



b at

* .4



i^, o y .

', -.
9 -



t2~ v:



.-i- .! .
.- -.. 9 .



I' ,- f -

p.4 .


~1 C

2 j .

411 .





= t'am^


X 4~,

AtE9 SOLDIERS carefully unload a wo-unde f ittry*an from a t
waiting ambulance for evacuation to a field' hoftaL He .was hit int
P.P.I P ~ L

CITY OF STONE teinpteuand tower attracts the
tion platform in Utah's Bryce Canyon NationalI

pjul! ou five
ptougehEd -into

thrb oterva-
scenic spots.

IW. K OVer







-. .. ...-...
-. : -* ,* *- ..






-.. .. .."



MAI. -.-.. ..._. W OR M


* THE RECENT FLURRY ott lk set oft by President' .PUT' UP OR shut
Remon a little over a Wonl~ a. o when announcede" the peace-talking Re,
that he would go to Want b negott revIaion was that the Reds
oi existing treaties bep n Panama and the United Of late, since Stalin'4
States took on more o fl0 b .baj. Friday ollowing more talking. about
an announcement by or Mkiter Joaf Ramn6t 4ast few years. But il ti
Oulzado. ... they have done. .
At a p ess conference In ths D gI MinAstry, GOuza- tut peace as
do announced that CoL R 'eans trip to Washington The Russlans, e
had. been posto AM a.-- leat for the time being. *Chinese to exch
Instead, two ieftittiary iegotiators and.two con- war In or ,
sultants-woukd gd to Washangton early next month world hIzpe b
to begin 'negtlatioi with an equal number of U.S was cloe-tu.
representatives. So roa a
Oulzado said the new step was the result of "cor- seeeu~
dial conferences" held irth Assistant Secretary of speatring
State John Moors Cabot, who visited here for two ground ea0M1 6r
cays. and his (Outzado'sp recent Washington visit. in 18 nonmtlt u... _,
Gulsado said President Rem6n's trip to Washing Ae O the a.i m
ton will take place only if negotiations become dead- A qia. ftd
locked and It will be at a time 'deemed most opor- dMtatoefor the ihslac.e of t nS
tune and in common agreement with the President % .
o0 the United States."
0--- o ths we m
During his two-day "Impression finding" visit to am m t
Panama (the sixth of 11 countries he intends to visit). front agmn tJI
Cabot was the guest of U.. Ambassador John C. Wiley, t r m a-j. i
Guizado, and the Panama Newasmenl Uto.n. ,' Uop S
In his only statements to the pxeM. Cabotsaid.the see no e.. ,t tta
1' S. vould be only too happy and ready to examin exhnd ot ek. .ld -
any and all questions which the government of Pan- com a
ami may desire to put before the Elsenhower admin- AMYov th ltt the- -
I ;rat ion. French or s t tA W
-- treat though TA11 e .boo I
Plan; to build a modern. $1.000,000 market in Pan. of iBret h nmmlb ia dusW
ama City were revealed grly In the week by the above the otftle* .i
Republic's new Instituto de Fomento Beon6mico. Two tuned -tj muW Loa it
plans under consideration by the Institute are cen- M-,,Mhabl-
tered-around enlarging'the present waterfront market and disaster tlerle I
and building a floating dock to *ccomodate unload- weary @1 .hears' toO
ing directly from coastal vessels, of Asian life.
0- ,
Plans to ease tratfte eeagestola along Central Little do'ut misted threat f -
Avenae by providing a"tMer thoerfuhtg t- -wtT1 F .awoId .wtere
cessible to the outskirts wer beisa tiN bed by Redsgoed faf but
U.S. Point Four offielas ian eouMetlo with the gn ands iadL sh ti
Panamai foernment These flaas manl Ie flg and age, that t e do I a
in a setio f nama Bay tfom f a ar gestres of friendspp a thlir
the Presldeaela to the ams h the vltdy 4o the
Balboa statue and buiefig the deek at the far To doSIf"wowlI" ban1S0t
end of the fi. A U.S. company I reportedly IB. huipy b m IkP *m1 6..
terested in the project. auio tMVtt1- I
than trtm'q
Panama also had another distinlguhed visitor from Res' ""im OI
the UB. Associate Justice WQ lam 0. DoUgYa. The 'OptUrIUtp -.* u
Douglas arrived Thutsday gave a lecture at the Na- 4 s"llVzoit lm tli B
tonal University Frlday and was sehedled to give. opnS
another Monday before departing for the V.8- Tues, ad Lottel Il J
day tnorning. He also spoke before a joint season of smu ni mnw
the Rotary and Lions Club whleh gave a dinner in his atoh a.
honor. -- __Ii 'M
Other news origgnatig on tae Panama side of LtUcy PWAE ,0
Fourth of July Avenue Iclluded: schoolt of 0p* W
A quiet celebratloaoff Pol esn's Day with.the.
guardians of tfit law r g tulation frorm s. o fk aIro gmtu'sr
their former c4lef, Pteldei i, and a Seret ed' to bi me g Ji-- .
Police report that IS pe nes hbave Ihia e Pan.- e hange. of c and
ama between Deember, 152 aof this y
Four teen-age ir eeaped rom the observed By todaAy il M-o ft
center of the Minors'Court. A two-ay police u h hands were itier Within
has failed to locate them... The arrival of.i orp- etty 0W. o t.oAL
*ment of 150 spraying machines and other equipment e b" n t wit
which will be used to spray all aseas of the Tepubllc agreementt arried out 0
with DDT in an effort to cut downaon the Incidenee all the mora =i UPts Up
of malaria. Spraying was scheduled to begin May. Ing in the or ., In .I
A substantial victory was won in the Canal Zone More nhuprant than gQ
last week by local-raters when their maximum hourly wounded ,lIoner,- due -
wage was raised elght cents. The Incream was ong oompletei' wtte the
urged by local 900 of the Government and ivie am- supreme Far Egat.
ployes Organizing Comhmittee, IO.. .. agreement to resplM "
In announcing the Increase, wItch batth the haurt'. th* R.e f Wit a
ly minimum wase up to 41 ce -W annl otficala said of thie post-aS4 at4eeI
this was one more step In their il-range. program oners. With Sh an ra
to improve the wage status at Im Mter .. nation of the wa in
About 400 employes, *of weW me ft BUi o -ne
workers will lamnediately i=by kaeaesg t The wari n3
two-to-four cents ao hour. l ete~.tmis .prbes for.thze MMit .B.
In reser it was submeled bl1t0i 'tA &e M ". ha oralt sOfW *t.
received salary increases this m th. "-'ea swer itsaim
S-- o -- ..-d glae e: O Got
The thermometer confirmed the verdict of per- vnl1en- as
sniring Zonlans, it was hot, last -wek, to tU tune of In their eagelg to
95 degrees. This was the nottest weSaher i. years, portion of this J
according to the record-mkepers at Jbalba Heights. to be careful to put a co'
--a-- i aforesaid.
A six-day ala search for an Amvicear -e.N*e whbo There's all Uodrts of sa gnut

started out from Tocumen. e tM. .rt
-that they were safe lt CWolm b .-Ait 'lErI U. powers. beaui" ..l 1* M
rece a wain, whoa..weig boltimng*wp.0 .o-4W3r--... be4nsIrrN.n ",,.,
their Navion _liht craft. tuned alted air '
strip 45 m ea flem Turbo. They're '* .tn s t r o .
journey from Monteria, Coloambl. eOrL ad -W.a W toM
o CoL Clifford IMth. -.
three e Canal Zone students gave their parents o
S uite a scare when they disappeared for these days A contract to furnsh fthelt'
fro) their homes. With the l of apag4M.olke, ceases was awargi
WthVFOUths, Joid ,Franolteoid t PamaIV ,,
Toeonan and Clarence Danlel b Ian,-, ,le oa._. .-
in Davi. A. foiurfh boy, Arma nd4' U'm 1U-
r *feMt abll N
*')uara~lls Brush Bawt *AhdB4 i6a6 &4ul VMev tArlei .. aM .aA

--q- a0 --
an' sailse us


':. ~

*"' :. ,

4- -- A -
r^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^HEHBHIB~a^^B-q^ i i~~^'Ti ^''*i

. "A.T- ,

___ a

a' I ii

- liii

A--l~ ,_~4_lllm

.-. tall.

e10 --u mkwheat

fm bx--Xat lne for

i ..oPI ,t ,,m
at 14-:- n cells

9*, 7..

it,. "",






* 'a..

57 ..N -









pe Ioe MH. in AmVAm
Pen eI Mo uWIr, L evaNVag
Pon. a vt. me m

C05 *ABIIOA OT -- O-

The staW hl What d Imapl mssm.
That rmoeue aivemtur, edt w aUnat aellw
The first to crw the "Istbmm" imbb aUdi i feo l f ,
b a tale asubMehea h as b yet bet e sld.
WAlk his haudy hdea o leI Mwes, o i1sdal bhuas Wei-.
He forced his way, b day to day, thMagh ia-50 ImA U
His valint spibM esutuaIMced eo thought ed M*e rerat,
His stalwart cMld temleae failure or da at. -

Thremih the sme and tangled ml. eOv twr aOgp 0 weas". il'
le obstacle could alter his IMadMable will;
Threh muany a dewp and dirk .MOMO, thMOe Mr *a SI* M el k
He fought his bold ad foules wa, ath w Mry w NO$,

And as we v.eW 1s. ezplo l. (teooa IV erW ye yaus,
More slowlea MsomNeutle, bb i~ser paaW
1a could Bats mew dt"ba, -imagt 4i a2110
Al all the ehme*, .i.emiMd.. we% wt ughM t he imedk v.
The eplc Jugle still panist1 O ta fge juele wSU6
The eolase lUiarmit, the tdemp m woed hill
Amd wer m&t admk mtIeme io64 sue gal SpM-
As Nature's weuden as be>d ". defn s Ma med 1 A9Ls.

Th euaerit, e eamrage d salfefe adi=ame,
Is eesid by daies .d me daIse s, 1 ila dmm rommeas
For pfimeres forest yeae hew, ma0e 1e 0ft a ew-
They've eaate4 the taml hMi a ea sel b wS t em penh.
They've Mat a ull~ hmt twal, tso Iolm ObeWr ii;
The*'v e elaed me hiand a itdelae saom1 iuge aaodwe;
The imly dsest 1 ud a me asM tma Mht l tosel m S,
Where PaCdle ament Al tk i a shyMnd timld b.

The tourist kr be WmemM ar, ht 1 aWM eMs -
May hk as hem kern hemes be bsh e iM a hI am ,
ayr oil hM'ie et- hehe spleemi ,red. yeee, -
And gsae a Natami Ms WIU d, tht Mas tu m elbd shee.

J. aV

!. ..^

s i tte -aI
.run .11i-"nbwto*...
I .


-, .,. -'~ i~

*" -*-* **'- .-. 84 *
I"' ^ ^


Whee a oiMeI fMe l UUami.III* Ml t 6 ia4 MMa am%
with Ieeds ii mdetlgl, a lled atoells ekj
Where of tMih e meillHemis flA ie h aie sk.'
n aw gM. ing oBotrs4o a a slo Is ai MM M. m,

,mado ,,,M.. .i ^UW Mi m W -M 94,.M ,
Aad tam ame s No e ga O*. fth" se wl l
,, I ,.' .t wh. n I' .. .'-u I 0

ou be, a i,~ s Is d i m ii,
o-. a s an ,0 -A.. .... at'I'll" 4 naft

Henwts'smweom awdwr Qe aorawl Pq
rI. mwo. M mfIIjh m. te!h.. ., .
ml.,N..416w..W~Ii ~lW -

0 -.- -- .


- | -, -

.. .: : .- ,, .i*

. P^ *

. .WN, A -

lue' i. u Im". OS

milibotil by ~. Fai~4~m S


Samuel Smug!

saonet snanm a quggrt p t 4me
m a ome nawi taw pi-eoet..*

lw-- M i mawa"--

' a*6

COsLM Orr IC 1.

* A.



". yop w ..



lk ; ,- I
^r'?. -'

>a le


a.a -
e MM a b
_^ ^^*^* JlSIwi iilfw lour ^t

iim asw oa

fisdA_. Igmno

it OBut

Im ameM
be sou-

age- amass e M?
A|3P1~O ta tb e-
-to A ne

Haffi ^ j61'*ar

w ~rLI


4,.Fb ~

.a .gk
.~ of his




.41 --The 4ptd a.nnal

Oan.' al$ e" r n '
Oavliazt gbre. to pee $h4
hotele cdp e, fill up a i
S dogs, fried ,beans,
other food and drink to,
fill. All for free ..
For years the
traditional rirv
flalboa and Crliii
the Canal Zone or
disputed matter, QZW.i If'
has the bet lO h..of th
xual shoot nettles e que ly
temporarily. This year it was
CristobaL although "the Arat
S prize went ona tie score to Pal
8tewart who did better on e Whe
selected range than Smhy
Hfayes. Many present would.alex
preferred to see the two Men w
"hoot it ou than to have it mt- r I
tied as it was....
Anyway, there were plein ( o04;
prizes donatea4,by P ~ I.'
Merchant ad private dlf
duals both a ofthel.
New this,-
rial .Tr~ophy
Glud, lo Itl
Roebuck. TIL
will be keA
the wier
This yiear t
bal. Balboa o woi to bttir
it back next'year.'"
Incidentally, the police
rotate from Atlantic to a
ides, so next Year' I antir
be on the Ool "
Beyond the nea t7
I& Zone- :
th inescr.I
the annual A; B!
their wives and ammee. U w
invite guests and the event a-a
friendly gathering with lots of
talk among friends who don '~ -e, ..



J.. ." -

k.A ii, ia rie U ke Al Hemannv
I1 ;
; ** ir *



7 -~

'.r. .1 .. '4 .
. ^ *- ..p- .

^" --'
.4 .

. .
_ .- .'.'!!.-




*-*f A

- -- .. .
.. F W *, s ,t. .- .. .o l.

." -.~ .. -- .- :'' '* ? "S .. .*'-,'* .i? '' '- *' I,,f
,.-t.. .
;a ., ,. ,---

'.. .. .- -_ < o .

hM-,% W ...WfH LH *.' f..





* 1.

.~- .*.~.,

A -


1.*TAkL 1 u


- ." ..1~


I. '
' ,i *

' ,







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4, g





-~. .L

~'~4$~ .?,








m m'.*_q^^



_j__ __

____~/_ __ i __




;i^ l

'* L.Ai 'ts~

S i

c.'. ~

S. -

.^ n'

V a V..
To ll

;.' .* '. _,.



-. I ** -. ..,. 1.

~-I;Z: '


. .7 *

AnA' Ar ir O AGKc I AIN'1
.HoQ-. i L AFrea so -

*.~' ~



.,*.- 3 LOW





4. A.



, '-'i^^^^'H^^^^^

W li "'

.I ... ... ..

- J**. *~f L. l"_